Girard High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Girard, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Girard High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Girard, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1958 volume:

?"f!W "T"' 'T 'Ii L' "-"L 'f ,,, .. ,.'f..,2-MPS: 5.?"S5g',--iiav.-,A .59-f'5,qL gag., 1. uv ay: fn. gg:-a 4,3-r,.,,,:f.::gg-41.4 TH CARDINAL 958 GIRARD HIGH SCHOOL G d T E I DEDICATION gs Qs' :gr pal. .,,.,?g I Q42 V ts,- Jxfty Y 1 5 f V .rv-IJ '-V? ca U hx? N011 ,CCR ,Qtr ?r',,"4b Iwi' s ,345 Qwpagrltics Ayn Q ,xxougxs ,.,6?'t-'L 01911: . Q ,M I' AF. ry' 18255. vs 4532? G -Egfpag Q3-jr 1, -in-sz-pg 2511 .-grams, nie g I, v v" n. wh I .2-5 'ifia-rms sr' " "' N Hz P , 1 3 'P ww: 354-figs. SN-Of 1'2"Qs:'?x4 GG'-r - 's -'fw"-- -- fp I gf' 'hflig' C 'I fS'l'ld-69 :P-fc,--? 'm f"f.r't' . -f 'Q' '-,kg ' ' 37,-"-M31 Liv., 1.1-if f' " fi ' nga' 4' We the Senror Class of 1958, rn apprecratron of the great help and rn sprratlon you, Punk and Ruth have grven us rn our few short years here at G H S do dedrcate our last effort, THE CARDINAL We have found you always wxllrng to help us w1th our banquets and other actrvrtres Your delr crous homemade rolls w11l always be remembered We have found you al ways to be honest and loyal to us We hope you w1l1 accept thxs yearbook as our token to you for berng two wonderful people Smcerely, The Semor Class of 58 N :S nys -ef? 5'W?se -V 1 'Tv' ,-fy I 'HQ' 4' o-I J 7 -.Flu vi' 69,4522 jf Jin! 3 ,.! ,, . I 3. ,tg.s.'-1: glgag -111 "J, .zz ' I -If , s"'f3I7' I: QL 'Ti :VZ fi,:, 'X 4:51, :.. 1. H f,-r 5-E: , -:gig fl ' ' U"-5 v 13:24 '. 5 gd ' - 'ij -11915: '?5-lf :5'Sv'4' F' 3? - "M: ' :G-f-:. fir' '3' 4 f . 'qi . at icuii .53,,:1:z" ,, -. . ,Qu ,dia 'I rig-3,':,' 4 I w" ""-"-'f'-- V." ... -. ' -- cfiif' H' :- -- 'ifefff' va ' "l- - a- . -2.54 1 .-- "2 -f.-:' nn . a . fl rf. 'A ,r L,l tx Lapin v.s4 . ,':.lf, 5 ' iq, A .gd'f'Si 4.4 i"5.?' 31523143 5 .4 Navi. Q., p . ' M 1 'eb' "-F: I J" f-Zvi-4 g EIN' 'iff .gfwi " 5533? .5 1-2.2542 WJ 'f' . . . . . ' -1 , ' ai J 53572 , . ,fi .4 . . . . . ' l CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ELEMENTARY FAVORITES ACTIVITIES A DVERT ISERS X- FOREWORD If rn turnrng the pages of thrs book you re call some of the happrest hours the best loved scenes and the valued frrends of the past year and rf the PICIUICS we have chosen wrll help to make your memones of your hrgh school days more v1v1d throughout the passrng years then our purpose rn publrshrng thrs annual has been fu1f111ed The Annual Staff 'S Back row left to nght Earnest Perkms T H Holhngshead Geral Gallagher Roy Don Hodges Ann Brown Snapshot Edrtor Irmmre Lee Morrow Typxst Charlene Rudder Ed1tor and Joyce Long Busrness Manager ANNUAL STAFF Z., I67 9202 zsfzs 26 27 28 Deadline MRS GALBREATH 'Q-.ov W.. Sponsor 1 --A. 1 Q x S , F 5. . frnnw -41. -""' ' 4 iv' V W I 2 . . F T f -" , ' . 24. ' "77::'f'-19-m ,,,,,.,,pr "" " 'W V F '--mQ., "?""' , '7',' ' fg ---ha Q A .,--- a' I 'X f,....L ' YI PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE The trme for your graduatron rs drawrng near The adrrumstratron and the faculty charge you to grve your best efforts Conduct your selves lrke men and women Ac cept our challenge to be loyal truthful honest and deal justly wrth your fellow man Yours M H Galbreath It IS agam my pr1v11ege to ex tend my personal congratulatxons and best wrshes to you the seruor class of Guard I-hgh School A1 ways grve of your best and you can expect the best 1n return S rncerely A1 W Frncher I , wg, rf an 1?'5"'?"! '11 -ww H!!! Nr Q f.,,,.!1!!, -anis al?-Ld' f' -.ef Y- ,GNU I 5 w B3 anag- 1-' W Em AL W FINCHER B S Sul oss Prrnclpal Enghsh MRS GALBREATH B S South West Texas State Teachers College Busrness Senror Sponsor MARGARET WILLIAMS B S Mrdwestern Un1vers1ty Homemakrng Junror Sponsor LON MCDONALD B S Texas Tech Agriculture Freshman and Sophomore Sponsor C, W. FINCHER IR, B.S., Sul Ross Scrence Coach ODELL MCCOY B. S. , M. Ed. Hardrn-Srmmons Math Erghth Grade Sponsor IUANITA CATLETT M North Texas State Teachers College Seventh Grade GLADYS M BUCKLEW B S Hardrn Srmmons Flfth and Srxth Grades PEGGY NESKORIK North Texas State Teachers College Th1rd and Fourth Grades MARGARET ELLIOT M West Texas State Teachers College Second and Th1rd VIRGINA WILLIAMS B S Mldwestern Unrversrty F1rst and Second Grades FLOSSIE DEWEES Stamford School of Nurs1ng Hardrn Srmmong School Nurse Nun 'D ?g-i 0- an vu---sv mm Q3 Mme: E f' 3' 'S-'-as .Z s Nf' T"'-Q1 PUNK RUTH JAN ITORS COOKS AND HELPERS COOKS SUG LONNIE GERAL WAY NE GALLAGHER Basketball 4 Years Football 3 Years Football Captam Sophomore FFA 4 Years FFA Presrdent Sophomore Jumor FHA Beau Jumor Sophomore Representatlve, Fall Festrval Semor Representatrve Fall Festlval Semor Play Semor ANN BROWN Basketball 4 Years Volleyball 4 Years Tenms 2 Years Track 1 Year Pep Squad 3 Years Twuler Semor FHA 4 Years Parhamentarran Sophomore Second Vrce Presrdent Semor ROY HODGES Basketball 4 Years All Drstnct, Semor Football 3 Years Captarn, Sophomore Iumor All Dlstnct Semor Tenms 3 Years All D1str1ct Iumor FFA 4 Years Secretary, Sophomore Iumor FHA Beau, Sophomore Class Favonte, Freshman Freshman Representatxve Fall Fesuval Semor Play O . ' . . D . . ' . I I . . ' . . . . Carnival Queen, Junior . , . - . . D . - . . ' . l I IANICE SUE LONG Basketball 1 Year Basketball Manager Semor Tenms 1 Year Pep Squad 2 Years Cheerleader Sophomore FHA 4 Years Secretary Semor Class Reporter Freshman Vrce Pres1dent Sophomore Sophomore Representatrve Fall Festlval Most Popular Grrl GHS Senror Annual Snapshot Ed1tor Semor Play T H HOLLINGSHEAD Basketball 4 Years Basketball Captarn Senror Football Sen1or FFA 4 Years Treasurer Sophomore Jumor Class Presrdent Sophomore Senror Carn1va1K1ng Iumor Announcer Fa1lFest1va1, Sen1or Class Favor1te Senror Most Popular Boy GHS Semor Senror Play JOYCE IAN LONG Basketball 4 Years Basketball Captam, Semor Pep Squad 3 Years Cheerleader, Semor FHA 4 Years Parlramentanan, Ituuor Presrdent Semor Class Reporter, Sophomore Vrce Pres1dent Iumor Football Sweetheart, Sophomore Annual Business Manager Semor Representauve, Fall Festrval Semor Play Football Manager, Sophomore 'H IIMMIE LEE MORROW Basketball 4 Years Volleyball 4 Years Tenms 4 Years Track 1 Year Pep Squad 3 Years FHA 4 Years Treasurer Sen1or Class Secretary Freshman Pres1dent Iumor Freshman Representatrve Fall Fest1val Class Favonte Jumor FFA Sweetheart Semor Annual Typlst Semor Play EARNEST MACK PERKINS Basketball 4 Years Football 3 Years Football Captam Sen1or FFA 4 Years Vlce Presrdent Jumor Sentmel Sophomore Class Reporter Iumor V1ce Presrdent Sen1or Class Favorlte Iumor Semor Play C HARLENE RUDDER Basketball 4 Years Basketball Captam, Sen1or Volleyball 4 Years Tenms 1 Year Pep Squad 3 Years Cheerleader Sen1or FHA 4 Years Vlce Presrdent Sen1or Class Vxce President, Freshman Secretary, Semor Class Favonte, Freshman Semor Annual Edrtor Semor Play .Rf-3 i I . -hr ,iv T17 LQ f? l"" ff' 'Vs 1-' 4' 'Q ev" N-ai SAUNDA BINGHAM IOANN BROOKS BARBARA CHEYNE GARY DYER BERNIECE FINC HER DOMINGO MARTINEZ. IOANN WILLIAMS BOB WILLIAMS he H Q , . 'wa , .ig 'ft -Qi, ,I 9' J' 3 ggi? 9,-,FQ if' 54 5193 Malia' fifygf' . 'hi'1'f"' 4 M- - ' ?1'He'g4 'fri T wi- - A A ,Y 211' .JN 1 ,A H e GF A . 3535 :QTL O 720' .. 5? A' 2? ul. ' ov' I 1' in r Q A eq A -sf'- , 'nf . xv 4, -?"nf-A fn, ' I -P" 454. 315 Jerry Don Cheyne Charlotte Hagar I amce Holhngshead Don Russell E1v1s Spradhng Lmda Swarmgen Veda Thompson Lucy Webster Sharon Wyatt Jimmy Sherer Kenneth Clark Jerry Drxon Patrrcra Charlene Perry Montgomery Wrlham Perry FRESHMEN if 'T s-.Y ,I 54-in 51,5 ., 4' NE? 3' if 3 if . 'N A . I f ,wr Troy Carr EIGHTH GRADE I, ,- Ceceha Cheyne 1-"'9' Jean Hagar Arnold Hollmgs Dwayne Hooser Joe B111 Ph1111PS Betty Scott Neal Westfall Della Dyer head Nga 'Q' 'UD ,,..-.- M! 'E 'iff' SEVENTH GRADE Sammy Bmgham Eddre Cantu Phrlhp Cheyne Zanny Ch1sum Estella Martxnez Karon Myers Golda Scott Cec11 Spray George Webster MXTH GRADE .--7 441 Iii 'J' 1 1' "ll I wlrnia Arnett Hooser Douglas Smrth Shuley Long Darlene Perkms s Q i I f v -1 1 . -v" A' 'jg . . 1.11, I A . J , eq D 1 5 .,..- -- - -- - . Q ' , . Af' . y ' 3- 'I 'AQ 'VIVH Q 5 .-'iv-E ' , - ' E , X ,Q Q, , I 4? ' :,f' ,4 -3 V. -. 5 F?-1' 1' I h Tn' . 1 ' ix . 0 we QP FIFTH GRADE E1leen Cheyne Zelphla Cheyne Dee Dlckerson Delores France Darrel Hollmgshead Bobby Ray lowers John Martrnez Lenora Martmez Lrnda Neskonk Arlene Perkxns Randy Westfall Brlly W1111ams FE' Hermxma Cantu 5 .Nl nv l. 'Ox Nl" a.if ri' U 'D 'Vg V -0 Wx 'Q-Winn Bruce Browning '1""9' Ronnre Gregory Sherry Johnson W Carolyn McCoy Lrnda Melton FOURTH GRADE Monte Dale Cooper Donna Dyer fix r-w.w,.,,5 --w...,, 'N 1 to-1 iq, 400' fl" Mana Gonzales H" Y A' 1 Mary Martmez Dale McFad1n Judy Kay Perkms Denms Spray Sandra Beth Wade Ehzabeth Wlllxams THIRD GRADE Brenda lowers Lmda I owers CTN X T74 6 f-A vv THU' 311 vcd L 'H I es, of if , gf 1 'ss ' x o ' " ' C. ' aa' :Q ' I ,.'OaQ. .,:u-f', 40 'iq O . . g 5' Q . . . I ,'. 1 v ff ' J , 'ss g. -ill' i s -'T V , , 44 it I , :fp 0 V t L I C' ef' . 'I - 0 qi I - , -A . . . J . Y!! SECOND GRADE 0 "'Y"5? .:li " rl.: .ii K gt, Ka Ronme Darrell Gary Cheyne Dxckerson Dyer France 'Nav 1? 'CCW' xx.- if JV4? Salvandor Debra 1801416 Elaine Gonzales Goodall lowers Melton Johnny Roy Don Alex Stephens Tatom Taylor FIRST GRADE Gayla France Adelma Gonzales Tsrdro Gonzales 1' 'T' -no iv- P'- if-f iii' if Rondal B111 Johnson Robert Morrow Wayne Perry Helen Reyes Arthur Vargas Pamela Wade SENIOR FAVORITES JUNIOR FAVORITES Charlene Rudder Joann Brooks T H Hollxngshead Bob W1111ams SOPHOMORE FAVORITES F F A SWEETHEART Jxmmy Sherer Ilmmxe Lee Morrow Sharon Wyatt 5 MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL IN HIGH SCHOOL l ROYALT Y FALL FESTIVAL Klng Gary Dyer Queens Bernxece F1ncher and Elxzabeth w11113mS and Grade School Klng Bernlece Fmcher Ehzabeth W1111ams ANNOUNCERS Joann Brooks T H Holhngs of Dale McFadin, " head 4 4 , 41 3'5" 4 '44 4 "4 4:'44' 44 54 an fi. I' in 1 q , 2,434 f 'N' A 4' N if Y' 8 av if QI I HODGES 1957 CARDINALS ERKINS C P - it '-NV! Captains K iv' , P L 5 3 Q F' .ny Q GRADE SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM i GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Manager Captarn Captam "-A i JANICE SUE LONG Semor CHARLENE RUDDER JOYCE IAN LONG Guard Forward Senior Senior BOYS BASKETBALL K I " ! Xa V Q J f Ab' x I ', 4, S L C 1 . H aprain X i Captain X - - c. w. FINCHER X D -W Coach A ' Q. 1 ',f W FFA Rf 1- 5 v If P533 wu- ...J 1 'N S 1.1! UIURF QMAKERS 1-0 'Q FHA J ' , Q 31.1 I A '."- 'M '.'A I-1.1 4 h 4, . - L- we , ff' Q U4 fr ' LIBRARY WORKERS E H .I --nl 4' ,wp T3 .ann-r Left to ught Mrs Galbreath Jean Hagar Ann Brown Saunda Bmgham and Sharon Wyatt Newly elected Asslstant Lrbrauan X . Ji. l . fI' flssvb fn :,u', :ff gl MRS. EDGAR HOLLINGSHEAD I A ,J ,ff J him? I J 9 N. ll 5 .. KIWX W 5. B P' full ' .- Yi CHN f f A .K .A ,A ,, - ...,4,..,v,,,--f..,.-,4 . , A .1 t x f Jarle. -'Juni 12 1. . ,V 5. fi fi 1 1 1 f 2 " f -4' x . if ,Mr 1 RZ 'L 5 1' -' L .- 1' wig' ' VK, e gfjrf N ,W ,, . -EM . .. '51 5: . -. . 1 -,., . A W, . . .,,. L -+1 Q - by 5. it 'Q 6 ' S . , 'ch ' 1: ' --u, .K ., . mmf an 4 ' 1 A-flk... eff- 'I ' wp 5255" J J, 'E -we 45 -,.,, 5 ,. . -- ' .ii f- nf. . ' 'E373' gf' A if a- ., VV Lf.. f Q if " V , -.2-,tg P WA. -.V 4 -A ,N Q. - :ffm 1-ew 'ni 'f va: .L7-,a. - fig 4. ...,.. 5 , , A . ,hwy L., T - vhs -.,- ,. .L f A , W., ,JV 9' Y f g',,.-'Flay -N M ' Mig if , rl 'DQS-5 l, . ,vlvffk ' 'XX 7 gmac, X 'xx . X S 5, H 45 71" ZS B 3 X , I g .-P x fl fx 'I ff Q 2.3 , J AFR W f- www -A Y J y 5 in 1, x X ',,. I A5551 K+ 1 Nw N X f .1 v ,N at N f ffm LAM. lf I gif, L : ly Q 37 3 X 4 xi Q i f Q9 4 if Y? NJ' I . x ,- frv- -,X s v. gl K.. x Vik 71' .ii .Q I J' -Vi , -I ,yf - ,X :S 3 fi 152 S I X x f gs 15 9:1 2 T bi 'sv SW. ifjx. ' fe "f X is k V GRADUATION FX XQX X, N..ff J. .yn xx . 3 1' Sf' , Ak 5 22 1 Q fkxiif by A l A ' , it S N q 3 ,. .alb f , ,ug 42 ..., L Q, h gg Q" , i ' ' I ' ",' 5 Q Q A 1 ,4 Al 4 Sl xv t v fs :,,5 - ., e , , f, ffw 99 An lk M 4 an wg! 1 , 5, Xi 1 fkxisji . X xi., 3 l A w VV B FEAJXICIS CSHXI 1 ' Q! W 14 :AJ - 'm. SE Slow Careful Gmnm G g 1ves Many More Pounds Per Bale Glrard Texas fi!-Hzldlz E6 C-SF Nl- QXXL. STOTZE Welcome Faculty and Students Make Our Store Your Bus1ne ss Headquarters No One Can Please Everybody But We Try PETE BONNIE AND JIMMY Glrard, Texas A xyl Xl gala,-L2 I if 3 Q , I, 2 . : X h IW T T ' ,M 1 'i ff' I 'n...I,,1-L - - v I "., f E "I I 'Wav' ' sf- ,. -. rffffQy: " 'fs 'v e -' '54 " !'vFg1li 544 47-V ,flfjfg l f I N 3 SDLJQ QFFK JPITY Spur Texas Member Federal Depos1t Insuranee Corp Federal Reserve System "Bank Wlth Us and You Can Bank on Us' BANK ma W ZPQQQW COMPLETE INSURAINCE SERVICE Real Estate and Auto Loans Congratulatwns to the Students Faculty and Commun1ty of G1rard on the1r fme School System It has been our prwllege l1c1t the opportun1ty to serve you 1n your future msurance problems CON DAVIS AND JACK RECTOR Spur, Texas C-SDL. LAG HER GROCERY AND MARKET Phone 3623 Jayton, Texas We GIVE S 8: H Green Stamps DAN PAT DANA Comphments of 12oBE12T KOONCE Jayton, Texas I T . 9 3 to service your insurance needs, We so- RICKE LS CHEVROLET CO Spur, Texas Spur Get More for Your Money at GCJD1- QL-V XGBHUIHC Ford Parts 4fFactory Tramed Serv1ce IFA 1 Used Cars and Trucks "'Comp1ete Body and Glass Shop '4'Wrecker Service Backed by Our 45 Year Old Guarantee Texas For the Best Meats, Groceries, Trade With ESMITI-115 Phone AT 4 2306 C5126 and Notions Glrard, Texas Z DEPT STORE Spur, Texas Extends Best W1shes to Guard Schools Wwwdcys Shop Dun1ap's F1TSt for the Fmest Phone CR 2 3383 Spur, Texas T1t1e Insuranc e I Offlce Courthouse W'T' DEPARTMENT STORE Jaytgn' Texag Jayton, Texas 0ff1CC Phone 3392 Dry Goods and Ready to Wear Re s Phone 3164 Qf, I Comphments of H Q DACRVVSCDN VVI L13 CHEVROLET OO AND Sales Servlce FAMILY Phone 2182 Jayton, Texas ROBERT HALL CHARLES WILD JAY MOTOR OO FUND l Sales SCTVICC Qr-1. Phone 2102 Jayton Texas Qfcabw Phone 9602 Jayton, Texas 'QANDV C L.I4:'l'CD IX! TV AND APPLIANCES Zemth Westmghouse Phone CR 2 4301 Spur, Texas LEON ICE LOCKER CO Ice Lockers Custom Slaughtermg Phone CR 2 4371 Spur, Texas WEST TEXAS FURNITURE CO R CA TV Kelvmator Maytag Complete Home Furmshmgs Phone CR 2-4421 Spur, Texas 1 3131.112 ELECTRONICS Packard Be11 TV Serv1ce A11 Makes Phone CR 2-4481 Spur, Texas ' 1 - SERVICE STATION DQQWM LQKE Where Most People Flsh MR AND MRS G H BROWN CITY DRUG COMPANY JOE B LONG JERRY ENSEY Spur Texas Phone CR Z 3394 'DT2 W C G-QUEEN OPTOMETRIST Spur Texas We Gwe S 8: H Green Stamps GRUBEN JEWELRY STORE CK RUBBER WELDERS Tlres, Tubes and Batterzes Phone CR Z 4271 Spur Texas CLEANEVS Phone CR 2 4561 DryC1ean1ng Altermg Pressmg Repau-mg 203 Burllngton Spur, Texas JEANS CA1:-E 's Meet at the "Y" East Hy 70 Spur, Texas W 1 cw? Cemiiisl- LUMBER C0 smce 1909 Phone CR 2 3111 Spur, Texas Spur, Texas cu-rv , . . - . . . Let Ckcaefckz IMPLEMENT 8: HARDWARE John Deere Ph CR Z 452.2 Spur, Texas 5Dil2CZ LAY HA LEE. GULF SERVICE 6th and Cowan Ph CR 2 4131 Complete Lubr1cat1on et Spur, Texas gwyevwzfzgd Spur, Texas 'DIXIE DCDG DRIVE INN "Where the Gang Meets" LOUISE AND DICK WALKER Phone CR Z 3171 0706? IMP LEMENT COMPANY Water Well Drllllng Turn Key Jobs A1115 Chalmers Tractor and Implement Box 1107 Ph CR 2 4411 Spur, Texas We Wash and Grease to Please Txres and Batterles Serv1ce Ph CR Z 4151 Spur, Texas 5l2CDC'I'CDT2S Spur's Fznest Department Store Where the Best Costs Less Spur, Texas 54 104 54 10? M675 "A Ben Franklm Store" Good Luck to Guard School and Its Students Home Owned Store RED HOLDER, Owner Spur, Texas . . S Wo' . . ' I f Makers of Spur Irr1gat1on System 5 . - - I MQW 90067 MO TOR COMPANY Dodge Plymouth Dodge Trucks Sales and SCTVICC Ph CR 2 3161 Spur, Texas 'QITETZ HARDWARE COMPANY Spur, Texas Ph CR 2 3773 SPUR BARBER SHOP and BERNICE'S BEAUTY SALON Spur Texas Ph CR 2 4431 BELLE CAFE Slnce 1919 Ph CR2 3713 M AND MRS R J' BELL MOTOR COMPANY Pontlac GMC Cad111ac Box 267 Ph CR 2 4551 Spur, Texas We SCTVICC A11 Makes SUPER MARKET LOUIS ARNOLD JOHN DUNA WA Y Ph CR 2 4511 Spur, Texas VVILIZSON YOUNG LUMBER CO Ph CR 2 3212 Spur Texas 512i-RSI ICAT2 SUPPLY CO Ph CR 2 3733 Everythmg for the Home and Automobmle Spur, Texas TZEAGCN E'::13'LJ12 PALACE THEATRE HI HO DRIVE-IN Entertainment for the Family Spur, Texas WWW BARBER SHOP Your Business Appreciated LOYD WOMACK, Mgr. Spur, Texas Eat With Us I-I LJ l25T CAFE Jayton Texas Compliments to the Seniors ODELL AND LAVERNA HARRISON RJAXYTCDN GROCERY gl MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables BRANTNER AND MORIN Phone 3988 M2056 CA FE AND DRUG Where People Meet and Eat Steaks Lunches Short Orders .IEWE L RA LDO Phone 9442 TD Q YOUNG Agent MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO -QA.-2 ICE HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Kent and Dickens Cou ities Phone 2.2.23 Stop at the Mobile Sign Girard, Texas Jayton, Texas 5 in ! Jayton, Texas MILK AND ICE CREAM Dlstrlbutors of Foremost and Tennessee Dan-y Products Ph CR Z 4331 Spur, Texas EDWAQD6 IC-E L. LY IMPLEMENTS COMPANY "The Farmall House' Ph CRZ 3353 Spur Texas O L KELLY M M EDWARDS PARKER BUTANE APP LIANCES Ph CE 7 2489 Jayton Texas Qwfnez K WMZW Spur, Texas T -,1-1 - ,. 6 , , . ,f -fi ' if f - ,vi I I J. . A . Q .A 1 I 1 'K I . .. , I C ' 1 I I U THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES 1958 SENIORS J' MWMM 9f?if9w Amy 09 f wwf A QM fmfwgff AUTOGRAPHS +-war:-M-,.v:af1Qz .ev is .1-' .Q ,wr-ef, wg-g i,.q-Ala?-1-"ii:'70.5. 1 rv H - -f :sw

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