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APPRECIATION 2 RETIREMENT 3 LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT 4 ADMINISTRATION 5 faculty 8 WE BEQUEATH 18 CLASS POLL 19 AND THEN I SAID 20 SENIORS 21 ACTIVITIES 52 UNDERCLASSMEN 67-68 CAMPUS QUOTES 6 $ SPORTS 70 REMEMBER WHEN 80 TABLE OF CONTENTS T Mr. Joseph Shuster % Je 1,dedicate Our (I ook to 1 2 RETIREMENT Mr. Samuel Shirley “Sam”, as Mr. Shirley has been called affectionately for many years by the Girard Family, surely has brought to his service at the College a dedicated sense of responsibility, a creative approach to teaching, and an almost unfailing sense of humor. His current error was always: “the first mistake I ever made!” much to the delight of his students. This is not a man to have an opinion after thoughtful consideration and keep quiet. Many a constructive suggestion he offered. He was never able to tolerate mediocrity and felt strongly that a false separation between ethics and academics could result in chaos. This “old war horse” leaves the field to other younger contenders to whom he must surely urge the highest kind of commitment to the re¬ storation of excellence at Girard College. 3 rJdetter Jrom Our President To the Class of ‘74: You have lived through some rough-and-tumble years at Girard—and survived! Congratula¬ tions! As you grow older vou will discover that your Girard experience, both within and outside the classroom, will help you in life. I hope that each of you has grown tough and resilient in mind and body. You will need all the resources you can command for the years ahead. The world, I believe, is likely to make increasing demands upon the individual. You will have to be prepared to withstand the onslaught of mass collectivization in order to save your own identity and freedom. High school graduation is a step forward and upward, as social progress is usually visu¬ alized. You have reason for pride in this accomplishment. However, you will not be fully sat¬ isfied unless you can leave Girard with a sense of contribution to its welfare. If you have only received during your years on campus, and not given, your victory will be shallow and your momentary success will sour. Although adults as well as youth have difficulty in fully comprehending the concept, a person grows only as he gives of himself—his talents, his energy, his good will. Girard is not an inexhaustible well of resources. As with all institutions, it must be constantly re¬ plenished and supported with new ideas and unremitting effort. If you are committed to the notion of continuing growth, as you surely must be, something is required of you before and after graduation. Loyalty to Girard and personal dedication to its ideals must be first, of course. There¬ after, it would be seemly and proper for each member of the Class of ‘74 to pledge himself to the further strengthening of the College. The forms of individual contribution are manifold: excellence in study, model deportment in the halls, citizenship in the community, high stand¬ ards of dress and appearance, tidyness in maintenance of buildings and grounds, generosity toward fellow-students, leadership in volunteer programs. The list is endless, and each senior is free to choose the areas in which he is best suited to serve and contribute of h imself. Of all the lessons which the Class of ‘74 might have learned at Girard, none is more im¬ portant than that simple homily enunciated quietly by the Bishop to the thieving Jean Valjean in Les Miserables: “ Life is to give, not to take.” Best wishes to you all! Gayle K. Lawrence 4 administration 5 1 Mr. Donald Jones Mr. Phillip Stetson Mr. John McKay Director, Elementary Education administration Mr. Joseph Wileman Dr. Andrew Weidener Director, Secondary Education 6 administration faculty 8 science department Mr. Robert Farber Chairman, Science Department Mr. Ralph Matz Mr. Brian Seeber Mr. Henry Berkowitz 9 mathematics department Mr. Samuel Shirley Chairman, Mathematics Department Mr. Peter Lambon Mathematics Mr. Joseph Shuster Mathematics Mr. Adam Demchalk Mathematics 10 english department Francendese, (Mrs.) Janet English 11 Mr. Edward Vavalo Social Studies Miss Jo Anne Wallen Social Studies social studies department Mr. Robert Long Chairman, Social Studies Dept. 12 languages Mr. Eugene McLaughlin 13 vocational education Mr. Rocco P. Serluco Print Shop Mr. William Moore Chairman, Mechanical Instruction Department 14 15 physical education music department Mr. Reid Watson Chairman, Physical Education Department Mr. David McKay Physical Education Mr. John Baji Instrumental Music Mr. Carlo James Curley Vocal Music 16 17 AJe dSecjfUeatb Mr. Serluco.A double martini. Mrs. Halpern.10-2. Mr. Moore.A pet giraffe. Dr. Zeil.Some seedless grapes. Mr. Konopka.Frydlewicz, Elliott and some real " gents " . Cannon.The gout. Mr. Sungenis.The Evelyn Woodhead Speed Readin ' Course. Dr .Weidener.181st Armored Division. Mr. Jones.How to write and say " no " . Beato ' s.The over -the-wall gang. Mr. Wileman.Anything he wants. Lou Pigliacelli.Another chance. Dr. Lawrence. " Young boys with keen eyes! " Mr. Shirley.Edgar. Mr. Vavalo.A Sopwith Camel. Hum Security.The solution to the keg incident. Mr. Demchalk.A bouquet of daisies. Mr. Long. An awake class. Mr. Seeber..A winning season. Mr. Stetson..Scrum!! (Yuk!). Earl.Driving Lessons. Claw.Respect. Mr. O ' Rourke.A trip to Mexico. Mr. Sypherd.Something he doesn ' t have. Dailey.A nevv cheekbone. Mr. Bradway.A successful bust. The J uniors.More members. 18 Pfromm CU Pott Friendliest. Biggest Eaters. Benish, Matthews Class Radical .Frydlewicz Class Clown.Quinones Best Dresser.Bathurst Best Athlete.Manchor Favorite Class.9th Period First To Marry.Dollarton First To Bald.Til I inghast Smallest.Merenda Typical Harvey.Pfromm Richest.Manchor Quietest. Lorenz, Hero Never To Be Forgotten.Lou Pigliacelli, Walt ' s Opel, Louis Smith Best Musicians.Kinderman, Quinones Best Looking.McLaughlin Favorite Meal.Beato ' s Most Carefree.Frydlewicz Most Studious.Casella Most Boisterous.Tillinghast Foggiest.Lorenz Class Bachelors.Pfromm, McLaughlin Wittiest.Quinones Most Ambitious.Lane Coolest.Elliot Most Gullible.Matthews Class Ham.DiFuria Class Politician. McLaughlin 19 AND THEN I SAID An old guy, a bald head and a crew cut Shave my blade Cold shore Frow flew venalation Don ' t forget to flush the pot when your fishing Which way do you hang the poster? Flower Show Last year Beno hit a kid in the stomach because he hit him with a squirell Hey sir, ya want some housemaster? Glaf club Spitting shoot balls Metchupand kustard My pants are getting small because I tuck in my shirt Milk and tartar sauce Ya mean ya want some more? Hey, John Allen, what ' s your middle mame? Cot any soda for Chop Sale? I was fixed up with a make believe Chick! He takes off his shirt and his hair is all chesty! Peep Durple Snow furys Doesn ' t Clark Kent look like Superman? Hey, did you say I could have these? Girl Scouts Cookie What ' s for dinner? Food! What flavor? Load his salt Hickey caught me throwing squirells Dave griggers Camaline motion Ellis trix The whole senior class clacked up Excusley Turn off the mirror Sad peppers He ' s got his shade oft and the lights down Look at my new snoot It ' ll sock youi knocks off Naven Hooke 20 seniors 21 Bathurst, David F. (Pete) 8805 Cottage St. Phila., Pa. 19136 January 26, 1956 (215) DE 8 -9455 The Writing On The Wall, Big Brother Program, Photography Club, World Affairs Club, Drafting. Like one that on a lonesome road Doth walk in fear and dread A nd having once turned around, walks on And turns his head; because he knows a frightful friend Doth close behind him tread. 22 Benish, Michael (Bundo) April 27, 1956 1112 Phillips Ave. Mays Landing, N.). 08330 (609) 625-1610 Soccer 1, Swimming 3, Big Brother Program (Chairman), Machine Shop. Let all the children lose it Let all the children use it Let all the children boogie. David Bowie 23 Casella, Joseph F. (Cos) November 14, 1957 1931 Wolf St. Phi la.. Pa. 19145 (215) DE 4-7193 Student Body President, Student Council 11 and 12, Student Dress and Deportment Committee, World Affairs Club, Big Brotner Pro¬ gram, W.G.C., Dramatic Club, Essay Prize 10 and 11, Wrestling 1, Band,Glee Club, Jr. A.M.S., The Writing On The Wall, Corin¬ thian, Business. And now we come to our parting ways. Knowing we have little time. We can ' t just live on yesterdays. But to let them fade would be a crime. The winters and summers have come and gone. They leave me memories that were so kind. But now that we are finally done. The memories stir embers in my mind. The laughing, playing and crying we ' ve done. For sure was not in vain. But now that the time has come and gone, I would like to do it again. But now leave to start a new life. Thanking God there was a Girard. To teach us to be men and to live without strife. Always grateful that it wasn ' t so hard. I 24 DerVartanian, Harry Harootun (Har) May 8, 1957 2454 North 2nd St. Phila., Pa. 19133 (215) GA 6-3011 Soccer 2, Wrestling 3 (Captain), Baseball 2, Band (2nd Lieu¬ tenant), Dramatic Club, Big Brother Program, Corinthian, The Writing On The Wall, Union League of Philadelphia Good Citi¬ zenship Award, American Legion Award, Ski Club, Carpentry Shop. Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of ambition is merely the shadow of a dream. Hamlet 25 - DiFuria, Steven B. (Dif) 2 5 29 Chestnut Ave. Ardmore, Pa. 19003 August 15, 1956 (215) Ml 9-2188 Soccer 2, Basketball 1, Wrestling 3, Baseball 2, Band, Big Brother Pro¬ gram, Dramatic Club, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian, Varsity Club, Weight Lifting Club, Glee Club, Print Shop. When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the sides. Then I start and I turn and go for a ride Till I get to the bottom and I see ydu again. John Lennon and Paul McCartney 26 Dollarton, Joseph A. (Joe) August 21, 1956 l4 3401 Amity Rd. Phila., Pa. 19154 (2IS) NE 2-4711 Jp Basketball 2, Photography Club, The Writing On The Wall, Cor- inthian, W.C.C., Dramatic Club. Auto Shop. If a man does not keep pace with his companions. Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears. However measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau 27 Elliott, Caryl R. (Speed) 2106 South Shields St. Phila., Pa. 19142 August 3, 1955 Soccer 1, Basketball 2, Baseball 1, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian (Production Manager), Varsity Club, Student Council 10, Dramatic Club, Print Shop. Why don ' t we listen to the voices in our hearts. ' Cause then I know we ' d find we ' re not so far apart. Everybody ' s got to be happy. Everyone should sing. For we know the joy of life. The peace that love can bring. Uriah Heep 28 Frydlewicz, Walter J. (Walt) 2320 Easl Boston St. Phila., Pa. 19125 September 14, 1956 (215) RE 9-6452 Soccer 1, Basketball, 1, Baseball 2, Corinthian, The Writing On The Wall, Varsity Club, Big Brother Program, Wood Shop. We must recreate memories because the worth of Girard is the worth of the people running it. Goldberg, Craig Allen (Goob) February 22, 1956 6125 Chinquapin Pkwy. Baltimore, Md. 21212 (301) 435-3004 Baseball 1, Explorer Post, Big Brother Program , W.G.C., Corin¬ thian, Photography Club, Bike Club, Ski Club, Auto Shop I ' m a cross roader Speeding from time to time. I ' m a cross roader Speeding from time to time. I never ride the main road so Nobody can slow me down. When Things ain ' t moving fast enough I gotta pick up and move. When things ain ' t moving fast enough I gotta pick up and move. They say it ain ' t no way for a man to be living. It ' s the cross roader blues. Mountain It ' s a tough league. 30 Harding, Howard Edward (Ed) December 8, 1956 125 Navajo Trail Medford Lakes, N.j. 08055 (609) 654-4913 Band, W.G.C., Corinthian, Dance Committee President, The Writing On The Wall (Co-Editor), Student Center Manager, Stu¬ dent Council 8, 9, 11, Secretary (Senior Class) Life Scout, Dram¬ atic Club, Junior Assistant Scout Master, Big Brother Program, Print Shop. 31 Hero, Jeffrey L. (Jeff) September 17, 1956 3 24 East Susquehanna St. Allentown, Pa. 18013 (215) 797-8197 Explorer Post, Drafting Award, Society of American High School Students, Student Center Manager, Drafting Shop. The road goes ever on and on, Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone. And I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet. Until it joins some larger way. Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say. Bilbo Baggins; 3001 32 - September 19, 1956 (215) VI 4-5317 Hicks, Charles W. (Brew) S758 North Beechwood SI. Phila., Pa. 19138 Cross Country 1, Track 1, Ski Club (President), Society of Outstand¬ ing American High School Students, Union League of Philadel phia Good Citizenship Award, George H. Dunkle Award, Explorer Post, Photography Club, Band, Alumni Band Award, Life Scout Bike Club. Truth inspires change. Mitch Gilbert I was needing and I found gifts I was unhappy and I found caring I was lost and I found light I was lonely and found friends I was groping and I found a stronghold I was crying and I found peace I was looking and I found life I was thinking and I found understanding I was doing all these things and I found a new meaning in life I found a glint of hope I found J esus. m.-j.t. 34 I ambert, John C. (Chop) 9872 Lackland Dr. Phila., Pa. 19114 April 17, 1957 (215) NE 2-6509 Tennis 2, Band, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Big Brother Program, W.C.C., Carpentry Shop. It ' s over, will tomorrow be the same? I know that they ' re really not to blame. If they weren ' t so blind, then surely they ' d see There ' s a much better way for them to be. The Moody Blues 35 April 19, 1957 (212) 347-4563 Lane, Gary D. (Gorgeous) 270-03 83rd Ave. New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040 Tennis 3(Captain-M.V.P.), Soccer 2, Basketball 1, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian (Editor), Explorer Post, Band, National Honor Society (President), Tennis Tournament Chairman, Student Council 10 and 11, Ski Club, Bike Club, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Jr. A,M.S„ Varsity Club, Life Scout, Math Award, Daniel Fink Essay Prize, Alumni Band Award, Chemistry Award, 10th grade Essay Prize, Outstanding Teenagers of America, Outstand¬ ing American High School Student, Business. Ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what ' s a heaven for? Robert Browning ' Pray God your voice, like a piece of uncurrent gold, be not cracked within the ring. ' Hamlet 36 Lorenz, Sigmund J. (Zig) 628 East 4th St. Chester, Pa. 19013 October 31, 1957 (215) TP 2 -8783 W.G.C., Explorer Post, Band, Big Brother Program, Corinthian (Cover Desipi), Society of Outstanding American High School Students, Dram¬ atic Club, The Writing On The Wall, Ski Club, Photography Club, Drafting Shop. Take enough time, you can do anything. 37 Manchor, Nicholas (Manch) 106 Jacobs St. Mont Clare, Pa. 19453 May 15, 1956 (215) 933-1384 Soccer 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian (Co-Editor), Varsity Club (President), Senior Class President, Big Brother Program, Dramatic Club, Print Shop. In Girard, as in all other aspects of our daily life, we are the products of a great school. Some broad features of our school such as leadership, brotherhood, and gratitude, have been common in our everyday lives. These, in combination with specific ideas developed by our successors and us, comprise the foundation of our Girard College. Matthews, Keith W. (Keith) March 16, 1956 218 Jamestown St. Phila., Pa. 19128 (215) IV 3-4279 Varsity Club, Swimming 5, Soccer 2, Track 2, Auto Shop. Man is not a creation of circumstances. Circumstances are the creations of men. Anonymous 39 McLaughlin, Lawrence John (Larry) January 21, 1957 3413 Wellington St. Phila., Pa. 19149 (215) 338-9099 The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian, Wrestling 2, Track 2, Cross Country 1, Varsity Club, Union League of Philadelphia Good Citi¬ zenship Award, The Society of Outstanding American High School Students, Chemistry Award 11, 11th Grade Essay Award, Henry Newinski Award, Explorer Post President, World Affairs Club, Eagle Scout, Carpentry Shop. Girard is the ' best thing that ever happened to us. I 40 Merenda, Ronald J. (Ron) June 29, 1957 52 Bruno Ave. Haddock, Pa. 18201 (717) 929-2841 Soccer 1, The Writing On The Wall, Big Brother Program, Photo¬ graphy Club, Dramatic Club, Carpentry Shop, Goodbye! Farewell! Good Luck! 41 CLASS of 1974 I J Patterson, Lamont J. (Mont) April 1, 1956 2501 Parke Lane Broomall, Pa. 19008 (215) EL 6-7743 The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian Staff, Volunteer Univer¬ sity of Pennsylvania Hospital, Big Brother Program, Dramatic ' JP Club, G|ee C lub. Print Shop. If anyone tells you fire is light. Pay no attention. When two thieves meet they need No introduction. They recognize each other without question. Anonymous 44 Pfromm, John Allen (John) March 24, 1957 R.D. 108 Nescopeck, Pa. 1863S (713) 379-3064 Corinthian, The Writing On The Wall, University o( Pennsylvania Hospital Volunteer, Dramatic Club, Machine Shop. And indeed there will be a time to wonder, and time to turn back and descend the stair. T. S. Eliot 45 Quinones, Vincent J. (Vince) 1038 Van Kirk St. Phila., Pa. 19149 August 24, 1957 (215)831-8362 Soccer 2 (Co-Captain), Swimming 2 (Co-Captain), Baseball 2, The Writing On The Wall, Varsity Club, Marine Physical Fitness, Corin¬ thian (Sports Editor), W.G.C., Band (Assistant Student Band Director), Explorer Post, Big Brother Program, Alumni Band Award, Senior Class Vice-President, Ski Club, Dramatic Club, Carpentry Shop. God is a ventriloquist and we are all his dummies. 46 Ruth, Edgar W. (Ed) 1682 East Cheltenham Ave. Phila., Pa. 19124 February 2, 1957 (215) Oi 4-4606 Big Brother Program, Dramatic Club, The Writing On The Wall, Auto Shop. I want to live I want to give I ' ve been a miner for a heart of gold It ' s their expressions I never give That keeps me searching for a heart of gold. hfeil Young 47 M Ski rim, Joseph C. (Eye) January 22, 1957 133 Fairview St. Lehighton, Pa. 18235 (215) 377-3177 Band, Photography Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Star Scout, I The Writing On the Wall, Corinthian, Ski Club, Bausch-Lomb Science Award, Outstanding American High School Student, HP Outstanding American Teenager, National Honor Society, Union League Philadelphia Good Citizenship Award, Auto Shop. The mud elephant Wading in the sea Leaves no tracks. The Fugs 48 Stash, Andrew C. (Andy) 217 Andover St. Wilkes Barre, Pa. Decemoer 14, 1457 (717) 829-0493 Soccer 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 2, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian, Dramatic Club, Machine Shop. If I could go back the same way l got here And see the people that I once held so near, I ' d do my best to find an answer for you. But first, I must wait till I ' m set free And I don ' t know how long that ' s gonna be Cause I ' m a man with a whole lot on his mind, I ust out there somewhere travelling in time. Uriah Heep 49 Stringfellow, Earl B. (Earl) July 21, 1956 1839 Hart Lane Phi la.. Pa. 19134 (215) 427-1079 Big Brother Program, Glee Club, The Writing On The Wall, Cor¬ inthian, Print Shop, Dramatic Club. Give each man thine ear But few thy voice. Take each man ' s censure, But reserve thy judgement. Hamlet 50 Tillinghast, Bernard R. (Bernie) October 24, 1956 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. Croydon, Pa. 19020 (215) 785-0437 Cross Country 1, Swimming 2, Track 1, Marine Physical Fitness, The Writing On The Wall, Corinthian, Big Brotherrf rogram, Glee Club, Dram¬ atic Club. Machine Shop. Don ' t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don ' t waik behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. A. Camus 51 activities HzmocnC ) This year time wasn’t wasted in forming a new council. The class representatives worked hard to implement the wishes and needs of the students. Although the Council faced stiff op¬ position, the members were persistent and success was evident. The Council took part in activ¬ ities that proved to be beneficial to the general welfare of the College: the United Fund Drive, the completion of the Student Council Constitution, and participation in some of the committees necessary for effective operation of the College. Through committees set up by the members of the Council, the Council tried to bring better understanding and closer relations among students, faculty, and administration. Although many may not think so, the Student Council accomplished many of its objectives and continues to be an essential organization in improving Girard life. We wish the best of luck to Student Councils of the future. 53 ozcoO oocrO mmr O 1st Row Left to Right-J. Skirim, E. Harding, H. DerVartanian, S. DiFuria, J. Hero, J. Casella, J. Dollarton, V. Quinones, J. DePue 2nd Row-E. Stringfellow, L. Patterson, J. Lambert, J. Pfromm, S. Lorenz, A. Stash, B. Tillinghast, C. Elliott, W. Frydlewicz, D. Bathurst, J. Kinderman, C. Lane, N. Manchor 1st Row Left to Right-J. Skirim, S. DiFuria, J. Pfromm, J. Casella. W. Frydlewicz,. D. Bathurst, C. Lane 2nd Row Left to Right-L. Patterson, S. Lorenz, E. Stringfellow, B. Tillinghast J. Kinderman, V. Quinones, J. Lambert, C. Goldberg, H. DerVartanian, R. Fulton 3rd Row Left to Right-Mr. C. Curley 54 S. Lorenz, j. Skirim, j. Dollarton The Photography Club’s main activity this year has been producing pictures for The Corin¬ thian. Led by Joe Skirim, who also taught the members of the club the many “tricks of the trade”, the club worked around the clock, day and night, as the deadline for pictures approached. By using personal cameras as well as Girard’s Konica, all pictures, including senior informal pictures and photos for collaqe pages were turned in on time. In not only meeting photography deadlines, the club also turned out quality photographs similar to those done by professionals. Another job of the photographer, which is so often for¬ gotten, is being in the right place at the right time. Being able to do this so well, Joe and the rest of the club supplied such famous candid shots as Beato’s Boys enroute to an undefeated season. Many thanks go to the club for their tremendous effort in supplying the vital pictures neces¬ sary for the many student publications at the College. ODCrO - X-D JCK)HOX " Q T H E w R I T I N G 1st Row Left to Right-S. DiFuria, J. Pfromm, H. DerVartanian, L. McLaughlin, E. Harding, J. Hero, Mr. R. Serluco, J. Dollarton, J. Kinderman 2nd Row-D. Bathurst, L. Patterson, C. Lane, V. Quinones, A. Stash, E. Stringfellow S. Lorenz 0 N T H E Upon inheritance of the school newspaper, this year ' s staff accepted a challenging and new re sponsibility. Under the leadership of editor Jerry Kinderman, the Writing on the Wall offered sound reporting of events as well as skilled columnists who supplied intriguing “food for thought.” A L L In the various issues of the Writing on the Wall interviews of student and faculty personal¬ ities along with a concise account of sports activities contributed to the newspaper s success. Feature articles as well as the regular columns added to the quality and diversity of the paper. Due to the talents of Sports editor Vince Quinones and Associate editor Ed Harding, outstan ing articles were forthcoming. As the presses come to a halt, this year’s staff can be satisfied with the fine job they have done in producing our scliuoi newspaper. ! a 56 1st Row Left to Right-C. Hicks, H. DerVartanian, Mr. R. Serluco, C. Goldberg, R. Merenda, E. Harding, J. Hero, S. DiFuria, J. Lambert, G. Lane 2nd Row-V. Quinones, E. Stringfellow, K. Matthews, L. McLaughlin, N. Manchor J. Casella, W. Frydlwicz, J. Dollarton, C. Elliott, J. Skirim, J. Kin derm an, S. Lorenz, A. Stash, M. Benish Upon taking a bold step into Senior life, this 1974 graduating class realized that, like their predecessors, a major part of their time would be spent in producing the Corinthian, the Mein Kampf of graduating sen¬ iors and the epitome of literary excellence at the College. With this thought in mind, positions were decided, jobs assigned, and deadlines set. Under the direction of editors Gary Lane and Nick Manchor, the Corinthian was off to a flying start. As time progressed, however, and holidays were left behind, the hard work lying ahead be¬ came all too evident. Lengthened deadlines had not been met and the time had arrived when the book was to “sink or swim”. Thanks to the sponsors, Mr. Rocco Serluco and Mr. Phil Hickey, and the hard work put forth by the printers, draftsmen, writers, and editors, the book was finished by press time. Through careful planning-and un¬ ending diligence on the part of the whole class and the book’s sponsors, the 1974 Corinthian was published with the first color class centerfold in Girard’s history. Special credit goes to photog¬ rapher Joe Skirim, sports editor Vince Quinones, production manager Caryl Elliott, and Sig Lorenz for his cover design. Our many thanks for the immeasur¬ able time and effort sacrificed by our sponsors to make this book possible, and we the staff feel that this 1974 Corinthian is a great personal success as well as a longstanding memory of our years at Girard. 57 - n -r| -iCO z -nz-3ioO 1st Row Left to Right-S. Lorenz, B. Tillinghast, J. Kinderman, J. Casella, C. Hicks 2nd Row-A. Stash, W. Frydlewicz, J. Lambert, G. Lane, E. Harding, J. Hero, S. DiFuria 3rd Row-V. Quinones, H. DerVartanian, N. Manchor, J. Dollarton, J. Pfromm Mrs. M. R. Daniels, Mr. J. Baji The Drama Club started its 1973-74 season with a bang, a Christmas pageant entitled “The First Christmas”, written and co-directed by Mr. John Baji, Chairman of the Music Department. The pageant, highlighted by superb acting, stage direction, make-up, and special effects, was a sensational success. Our other “coach” who played a big part in the pageant, as well as being greatly respon¬ sible for the success of our second production was Mrs. Mary Ruth Daniels, formerly of the Art department. The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch, like the Christmas pageant, was the result of hard work and fine direction. Ed Harding played a particularly fine role as Sneaky h itch with supporting roles by Vince Quinones, Andy Stash, Gary Lane, and John Lambert. Despite sched¬ uling conflicts with the College-sponsored opera The Marble Guest and the re-decorating of the High School auditorium, the play was ready by curtain time and was enjoyed by both actors and audience. Much work was put forth this year and, thanks to the aid of Mrs. Daniels and Mr. Baji, the 1973-74 Dramatic Club is proud of its fine performances this year. 58 0-0 00 oocrO nroG) • eft to Right from B ottom-N. M anchor, W. F rydlewic z, S. DiF urla. K . Mallhews, L. McLaughlin, C. Lane. M. Bemsh. V. Quinones, H. DerVarlaman. j. Casella, J. Dollarton S. Lorenz 59 0DC=r " O - H— CJOZOLUQTH QQ 2Q 1st Row Left to Right-J. Skirim, E. Harding, H. DerVartanian, C.Hicks, J. Kinderm an 2nd Row-C. Lane, V. Quinones, J. Lambert, S. DiFuria, j. Casella 3rd Row-Mr. J. Baji This year ' s Band, unlike many other activities on campus, was not hurt by the loss of last year’s graduating class. The bulk of the Concert Band has consisted of this year’s senior class, ' " he Christmas and Spring concerts and monthly programs the Band have played in the High School and Junior School auditorium have been outstanding performances. Under the direction of Mr. John Baji and Student Bandmaster Jerry Kinderman, the Band’s membership was approximately 35 members—10 of these in the senior class. Much of the music played in concert was written and or arranged by Mr. Baji. Among these were “Christmas Med¬ ley’’ and “Fanfare and Hail Girard”, a variation on the Alma Mater played at the start of eveiy concert. Other popular pieces included “Water Music” by Handel, “The Minstrel Boy” and the “Rakes of Mallow” by Leroy Anderson, and the ever-popular “Fidgets” by Eugene Brusiloff. Next year’s Band will undoubtedly feel the loss of graduating seniors, but under Mr. Baji’s fine direction, one can look forward to another solid season of band performances. 60 2i i—oz _i lozotr Left loRight-J. Casella, D. Bathurst, H. DerVartanian, Lambert, R Merenda L. McLaughlin, Mr. R. Long Left to Right-P. Stew»t, J. Sillitti, Dr. W. Zeil, J. Skirim, C. Lane 61 1st Row Left to Right-J. Dollarton, L. McLaughlin, B. Tillinghast, S. Lorenz, H. DerVartanian, V, Quinones 2nd Row-J. Lambert, C. Hicks, ). Skirim, D. Bathurst, J. Hero, C. Lane The 1973-74 Ski Club had a surprisingly good season this year. This winter, colder than last year, provided the club with enough snow so that traveling to Schwenksvilie’s Spring Moun¬ tain was possible almost every weekend in December, January, and February. With such a finely tuned organization, we accomplished many things such as cancelling trips, denting our chests, and even running out of gas. Thanks to the punctuality of our head sponsor, Mr. Jim Sypherd, we always had a fuil day of skiing and were also familiar faces at.the ski area as well as at the food counter. Even though the club couldn’t accommodate all the students who wanted to join this year, they will most likely have a chance to participate next year. Although the weather wasn’t very predectable, we still had a good season of skiing and we would like to thank Mr. Rick Wooten for his prompt assistance. We would also like to thank Mrs. Shelley Menkowitz, Mr. Ron Iannuzzelli, and Mr. Alan Ellis for their inspiring help. 62 odci-O 0 Student Center C. Goldberg, R. Dollar, E. Harding, R. Merenda, A. Sivak, J. Hero In contrast to last year, the Girard College Student Center has seen miraculous changes. For two years, there had been no established organization known as the Student Center, but through the skills of Mr. Richard Wooten, a student center was formed and operated for the entire year. New ideas included the redecorating of the Center and the selling of hot food. And who can forget the afternoons spent playing pinball and pool, or those evenings waiting for the pizza or hot dogs, not to mention the dances also held in the Center? Naturally, as with any store, there was much work to be done. Tasks such as putting new decorations up every month and keeping the machines full of candy went sometimes unnoticed. Under the management of Ed Harding, Assistant Manager Jeff Hero, and Weekend Manager Jim Dollar, things went smoothly. Many things would not have been accomplished without the help of the part-time employees of the Center. Next year, the Center hopes to obtain another pool table and expand enterprises to cover the entire campus. This year the G.C. student store still served students well and was, most of all, standing proof that such a store could be run and maintained by students. 63 Bike Club 1st Row Left to Right C. Goldberg, J - dollar, F. Howley, H. Dudley, V. Quinones 2nd Row-J. Hansen, C. Hicks, J. Zelazny, J. Bradley, G. Lane, B. Tillinghast This year’s Bike Club proved to be a worthwhile activity to many, especially to those on campus on weekends. Originally organized by Mr Richard Wooten, the club is now sponsored by Mr. Henry Berkowitz of the High School faculty. This year, the club maintained ten 3-speed and four 10-speed bikes. On weekends, these bikes were available for use by reserved students. Trips included a Fall cycling to Valley Forge as well as a “Bike-a-Thon” sponsored by American Youth Hostels in the Spring. In addition to using the bikes on campus, some club members attended training sessions at Simba Bicycle Manufacturing Company where they received instruction in care and fnaintenance of bicycles. The Bike Club has provided many hours of enjoyment to its members and will hopefully do so for many more years to come. 64 M. Dailey, C. Ruth, B. Tillinghast, E. Harding ' In past years, Girard dances have sometimes been prepared with no guidelines or orientation and have resulted in drab dances lacking vitality. But this year, a committee to handle these social affairs was set up, and primarily through the efforts of Ed Harding and Mr. Rick Wooten, I the tasks in organizing these activities have been completed quite efficiently. Although primarily concerned with dances, this year’s Dance Committee also offered another form of entertainment: the rock concert. The Committee arranged for candy to be sold at these performances by the Student Center as well as providing decorations for dances with the Ellis school and the Senior Prom, one of the most enjoyable in Girard’s historv. These events would not have been possible without the full cooperation of Mr. Wooten and his budget. We the Seniors, as well as the other classes in the high school, owe many hours of enjoyment to this hard-working committee. 65 .. OCZOLlJ 1— I— LlILjJ LlIxq— loorujo: CLOcoh- 1st Row Left to Right-C. Hicks. L. McLaughlin, j. Hero, C. Goldberg 2nd Row-G. Lane, V. Quinones J. Dollarton, S. Lorenz In September the Explorer Post got off to a smooth start after a year without senior partic¬ ipation. Many seniors preparing for a more experienced and rewarding Senior year were active in the Post. Exploring is a division of scouting dealing mainly with the career interests of young men and women. Each Explorer Post has a specific career in mind when it is founded and is usually sponsored by a company or profession. Members in the post learn about the career through per¬ sonnel of the participating company or profession. After the post has been well established any new members may join, primarily, because they are interested in that specific career. Although most Explorer Posts have an interest in a certain career, not all do. Not all are sponsored by companies or professions either. Girard’s Post 414, a unique type of explorer post, has no specific career interest. At Girard students interested in Exploring can only join one post. This situation has created a wide diversity in the career interests of Post 414’s mem¬ bers. This year, the Post contributed its experience to the rest of the Scouting program by helping to organize activities and outings. Its other main purpose was to raise money to maintain a re¬ spectable treasury in order to pay for its activities. Among the activities this year were a skiing weekend at Spring Mountain Ski Resort, two co-ed weekends, a bowling party, skating party, and various camping trips. All in all, we had a very satisfying year. It is hoped that next year’s post can continue despite the lack of membership in the lower grades. 66 JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS c ampul Eeeeaaah! I’ve had just about enough! C’mon Lou, you won’t get caught. 1-2 3 pull - It Fell! Test! What test? You never told us that. I’ll wait! Keith, what’s in the bag? Amplifier!! Let me check my wallet. What is it? An A or B? You peegs!! What math? Young boys with keen eyes. Ahhh! Keynones. What’s for grit? Claw And you’re a boy scout??!!! How much did we lose by? Wake up! Give them a week. Are you going down the armory? Homework Tipping down shop? Remember Captain Noah and Kris the crow. Mezz. Lights out here. But Walt, it’s only a scratch. Snoot! Who has the D S key? Keep coming! Anybody got a smoke? Let’s hit theD S. Hey Walt, can I use the Opel? 69 70 cross country Coach - Don Reese L. McLaughlin D. Belsito T. Markley With only underclassmen on the team, the season start¬ ed out slowly. After the first meet a senior joined, but lack of interest drew a sad conclusion. Mr. Reese, the coach, had no previous cross country coaching experience. Even though his interest and effort were more than could be ex¬ pected from any coach, the season was still hampered by the fact that the team started with only seventeen members. For anyone to run several miles a day and keep with it all season, drive and determination are required. Cross country’, depending on endurance, is a tough sport. This is one of the reasons why the season ended w ith only six ded¬ icated runners. A decline in membership is expected for this demanding sport, but usually the team starts out with more members. In comparison with past years the turnout for cross country was poor this year. The team will only be losing one senior, so the team’s future looks bright. Since sixty percent of the team is in the 9th grade or under, there is room for optimism. With this in mind Girard may look forward to next year’s season. B. Coffee K. Small L. Hook Sept. 20 Mitchell School. H Sept. 26 Church Farm School.A Oct. 2 Penn Charter.A Oct. 9 George School.A Oct. 16 Germantown Lutheran Acad.A Oct. 18 Harriton High School.A Oct. 23 Valley Forge Military Acad.A Oct. 25 Pa. School For The Deaf.H Oct. 27 George School Invitational.A Oct. 30 Akiba Academy. A R. Asjian 71 1st Row Left to Right-S. DiFuria, C. Oestreich, f. Howley, J. Hansen, M. Cartwright A. Tobia, H. DerVartanian, C. Ashjian 2nd Row-O. Carbone, K. Matthews, V. Quinones, R. Andrews, C. Elliott, T. Foras R. Andrews, N. Manchor, Mr. C. Fallon New life and new faces were part of the 1973 soccer team. Girard had the privilege of having Mr. Chick Fallon as soccer coach. With the exception of the Senior members, the rest of the team played Junior Varsity ball last season. This year was a rebuilding stage for this young team. The record doesn’t show the stamina, fine attitude and never-say-die spirit the team dis¬ played on the field. Mr. Fallon was able to unite the team. With Mr. Fallon to lead the pack the Girard team will make the going rough for many oppon¬ ents. Mr. Fallon is already looking forward to next year’s season which will have five returning lettermen. The 1973 Varsity team can’t thank Mr. Fallon enough for his time, patience, and very fine coaching. With Mr. Mills coaching Junior High and Mr. Cash coaching Junior Varsity, Girard will have the team she once had. Sept. 18 St. Joseph ' s Prep. H Sept. 21 Frankford High Schoul. H Sept. 25 Conestoga High School. A 8:00 P.M. Sept. 28 Valley Forge Military Academy. H Oct. 2 Harriton High School.A Oct. 9 Moorestown Friends.A Oct. 11 Swarthmore College J.V.H Oct. 13 Annapolis Plebes.A 10:30 A Oct. 17 Perkiomen Prep. A Oct. 19 Valley Forge Military Academy.A Oct. 23 Penn Charter.. H Oct. 26 Friends Central. A Oct. 30 George School. A Nov. 2 Germantown Friends. A Nov. P West Catholic.H Nov. 9 Abington Friends. H soccer 72 1 1st Row Left to Right-N. Manchor, C. Elliott, C. Lane 2nd Row-R. Howell, R. Helder, C. Walton This year the 1973-74 Varsity basketball team, although suffering drawbacks as well as defeats possessed fine potential and the will to win. Plagued by lack of support, the team was forced to adopt Junior Varsity members. But, all in all, the team retained that distinct high quality of morale that only Girardians can display. Highlighting the season were close, tense games with Cedar Grove Academy, Abington Friends School, Valley Forge Military Academy, as well as the always friendly faculty game. Led by veterans Caryl Elliott, Gary Lane, and Nick Manchor, the team, going into every game with heads held high in optimism and never giving up in the eyes of defeat, played its utmost. Much credit is due Mr. Reid Watson and Coach Brian Seeber for the long hours spent at prac¬ tices as well as in game preparation. We would like to thank them for their inspiring help. This 1973-74 basketball season was one of hard work in building, teaching, and molding fine basketball players for the future. Hopefully, this hard work will be manifested in seasons to come, and will yield a team high in spirit and ability. We look forward to the time when Girard will once again be called “number one” on the basketball court. Dec. 5 George School . Dec. 11 Pa. School for the Deaf. Dec. 13 Cedar Grove Academy . Dec. 18 Bryn Athyn Academy (Scrimmage) Dec. 20 Kimberton. 1974 A A H A A Jan. 9 Perkiomen School. H Jan.11 Valley Forge Military Academy .A Jan 15 Friends Select . H Jan 17 Valley Forge Military Academy. H Jan 23 Phelps School .A Jan 25 Mitchell School..H Jan 29 Abington Friends .A Feb 1 Moorestown Friends.H Feb 5 Booth School H Feb 7 Tower Hill. A Feb 14 Moorestown Friends.A Feb 20 Abington Friends.H Feb 21 Faculty Came.H L 73 Left to Right from Bottom-M. Oestreich, B. Buck, D. Bishop, H. Dudley, J. Oestreich C. Saunders, K. Catalano, F. Buck, Mr. M. Cash, V. Quinones, S. Catalano, K. Matthews, B. T illinghast swimming This year the performance of the Girard College swimming team surpassed the efforts of previous teams. From the first day of practice until the last meet, Cash’s boys had fun and ex¬ perienced some very tough workouts. Even when the scores were out of reach, the optimistic coach said, “Let’s not give up and rack up as many points as possible.” When Girard was in the lead, however, no team could touch her. With a nucleus of ninth graders, Girard surprised many teams. The few low scores resulted because most teams had over 25 members while the Girard team had only 12 swimmers. Since the 2:1 ratio was an obvious disadvantage against Girard, you would never have realized that the meets could be so close. Next year, Girard will lose three Senior swimmers including co-captains Vince Quinones and Keith Matthews, but optimism next year will not be stifled. It’s just the beginning of a great young team. The coach, Mr. Mike Cash, who deserves much credit, literally drove the swimmers through the bottom of the pool. Under Mr. Cash’s direction, the team will likely work even harder next year. If Girard has only nine swimmers to represent them next year, who can work up to the title of being called a varsity swimming team? Support your team next year. We can not afford an un¬ supported team of 26 losers. Dec 6 George School.H Dec 13 Harriton H.S. at Lower Merion ' s Pool. A Jan 11 Valley Forge Military Academy . A Jan 16 Perkiomen School. A Jan 23 George School. A Jan 29 St. Joseph ' s Prep .H Feb 1 Ocean City High School.H Feb 7 West Catholic .. H Feb 13 Perkiomen School.H Feb 20 North Penn H.S. J.V. H Feb 26 Westtown School . A 74 £.3.3.£»§ j e i § ' ' 3 1 1 Row Lett to Right-1. Hick . L. McLaughlin. M. DerVarlanun. R. Preston 2nd Row-Mr. J. Slevenvm O. Carbone, |, Sillitti, |. Catella. S. Smith, R. Bohner wrestling At one time, the Girard Wrestling team was considered a strong contender against any oppon¬ ent. In recent years, the number of participants in wrestling has dropped, but for the ones who have stayed with the sport there is still a great sense of achievement for those who win, as the majority of Girard’s wrestlers still do. After losing four seniors last year, this year’s team had the task of rebuilding a strong team. Through the efforts of the six returning lettermen with the help of a few newcomers, this year’s team was formed. Only being able to place nine wrestlers on the mat gave Girard a definite handicap every meet. Even when the chips were down, every wrestler gave his best effort. Besides the lack of participation, there was also a turnover of coaches. At first, Mr. John Stevenson, our new coach, demanded hard work and a winning attitude, and always respected the team when they strove to meet his expectations. Through the respect which he gave to the team, they learned to respect him and work all the harder. This year, four Girard wrestlers managed to place in the Girard College Invitational Tourna¬ ment. They placed as follows: 115 Russell Bohner-3rd., 122 Joseph Sillitti-3rd., 135 Orlando Carbone-3rd., and at 157 Harry DeVartanian-3rd. Much credit must be given to those who placed in the tournament, as well as to a team which could go out and win. Next year things look promising, but with the loss of four seniors-Captain Harry DeVartanian, Larry McLaughlin, Joe Casella, and Steve DiFuria-the remaining members will have the task of rebuilding a stronger, better team than this year. Dec 6 Germantown Friends. A Dec 8 Archbishop Carroll, Germantown Academy Triangular Meet - at Archbishop Carroll, Mayne .. 1:00 P.M )ec 11 Pa. School for the Deaf . H )ec 18 Friends Central.H 9 Perkiomen Prep. H 11 Mitchell School. A 16 Church Farm School. H 18 George School. H 22 Germantown Lutheran . A H 24 Phelps School. H ■ 29 Overbrook School for the Blind. H I 1 Friends Select. A jg 5 Valley Forge Military Academy H 7 Moorestown Friends.A M •b 11 Jenkintown High School . H ■ b 13 Delaware County Christian Academy. A • b 19 Episcopal Academy. lb 23 Girard College Invitational Tournament baseball T 1st Row Left to Right-C. Prior, S. DiFuria, R. Merenda, H. DerVartanian 2nd Row-R. Helder, A. Stash, V. Quinones, N. Manchor, C. Gardner, C. Elliott; R. Andrews, R. Andrews, B. Ehrig, M. Aron, Mr. B. Seeber Power, ambition, a new field, and a new coach were all part of the 1974 Girard baseball team. Girard was blessed with 7 returning lettermen — all of whom were part of last year’s starting string. Nick Manchor headed this year’s pitching department, permitting few batters to get on base, let alone score. Girard added excitement defensively with a lot of Dutouts. With Girard’s infield personnel, few balls with the exception of an occasional pop-fly reached the outfield. Many opposing batters, underestimating the throwing power of Hum outfielders, tried to stretch singles into doubles. Offensively this year, Girard had power to spare. With Andy Stash hitting clean-up and Walt Frydlewicz batting 5th, baserunners tagging home platewere not an unusual sight. Thanks to Coach Seeber’s skill and playing experience, the team benefited by good coach¬ ing which, in turn, rewarded them with a successful season. April 2 Pa. School for the Deaf a April 4 St. Joseph ' s Prep H April 16 Chestnut Hill Academy A April 19 Valley Forge Mil. Academy H April 24 Friends Central H April 26 Cedar Grove Academy H April 29 Mitchell School A May 2 Pa. School for the Deaf H May 7 Episcopal Academy H May 10 Valley Forge Mil. Academy A May 15 Harriton High School H May 18 De.l County Christian Academy H May 21 Germantown Friends A 76 tennis First Row-J. Roman, F. Howley, T. Hicks, C. Hicks 2nd Row-G. Lane, ). Hansen, J. Dollarton, J. Dollar, C. Oestreich, J. McKenna J. Zelanzy, Coach J. Benz The Girard tennis team, plagued by the loss of four veterans last year, started the 1974 tennis season with members high in spirit and optimism. Under the leadership of captain Gary Lane and seniors Joe Dollarton and Charles Hicks, the team met tough opposition and inclement weather. Although the team was comprised of members new to the game, the team performed surprisingly well. Most scores were unusually close, the result of many matches ending in a third set. Some of these close meets, filled with hard, good tennis, were with the Perkiomen school. Valley Forge Military Academy, Church Farm School, the Germantown Friends School, and Phoenixville High School. Much credit is due coach John Benz for his fine instruction and guidance. The 1974 tennis team can be proud of its achievements this season and hopefully will look forward to the same next season. April 3 Perkiomen School .A April 19 Valley Forge Military Academy.H April 23 Moorestown Friends.H April 25 Church Farm School . A April 30 Del. County Christian Academy.H May 3 Abington Friends.. H May 7 Germantown Friends.A May 10 Valley Forge Mil. Acad.A May 14 Church Farm School.H May 16 Phoenixville High School J.V.A May 18 Founder ' s Day Invitational Doubles Tourn¬ ament .H May 22 Friends Central...A 77 1st Row Left to Right 0. Carbone, C. Insinger, l. McLaughlin, G. Saunders, H. Krause, C. Walton, D. Frith 2nd Row-Mr. D. McKay, R. Ashiian, M. Sanford, J. Casella, K. Matthews, M. Benish, E. Insinger, J. Bradley, R. Fulton, Mr. M. Cash The 1974 Varsity track team this year, although hindered by a lack of members and talent, was a 100% improvement over last year’s ten-man squad. As usual, at the start of the season, things looked promising. The team bubbled with enthusiasm, and with many returning veterans, the team began the season with 58 members. As time wore on, however, many dropped from the team and coaches David McKay, “Iron Mike” Cash, and John Stevenson were left with a nucleus of 12 track men. Although now hurt¬ ing, the desire to win still remained and those who stuck it out took pains to practice as much as possible. It would not be surprising to look out the dining room window during lunch and see them hard at work. Seniors Larry “Funko” McLaughlin, Joe Casella, Mike Benish, and Keith Matthews led the team with strong first and second showings in both the Church Farm Invitational and the Girard Invitational track tournaments. Many thanks go to the coaches for sticking through a hard season while training stars for the future. April 16 Valley Forge Military Academy.A 3:30 April 19 Germantown Friends..A 3:15 April 25 Tri. Meet: Church Farm School, Pa. School for the Deaf and Girard at Church Farm School. 3:15 April 30 Tri. Meet: De. County Christian Academy, Mitchell School and Girard at Mitchell School . 3:3 May 2 Moorestown Friends.H 3:30 (Some Junior High Events) May 7 Jenkintown High School.H 3:30 May 9 Valley Forge Military Academv.H 3:30 May 11 Church Farm School Invitational Meet... 1:00 May 14 Tri. Meet: Germantown Stevens Academy, Pa. School for the Deaf and Girard ....H 3:15 May 20 Harriton High School. A 3:30 May 23 Moorestown Friends. A 3:30 78 LETTERMEN " 74 " FALL SPORTS Soccer DerVartanian, 72, ' 73 DiFuria, 72, ' 73 Elliott, ' 72, ' 73 Frydlewicz, ' 72, ' 73 Lane 72 M anchor, ' 72, 73 Matthews, 72, ' 73 Quinones, 72, 73 Stash, 72, ' 73 Benish, ' 72 Cross Country Dollarton, 70 Hicks, 70 McLaughlin, 73 WINTER SPORTS Basketball DiFuria, 73 Elliott, 73, 74 M anchor, 73 Lane, 74 Swimming Matthews, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 Quinones, 73, 74 Tillinghast, 73, 74 Benish, 71, 72, 73 Wrestling Casella, 74 DerVartani an, 72, 73, 74 DiFuria, 71, 72, 74 Frydlewicz, 71 McLaughlin, 73, 74 SPRING SPORTS Baseball DerVartani an, 73, 74 DiFuria, 73, 74 Frydlewicz, 74 Goldberg, 70 M anchor, 70, 73, 74 Quinones, 73, 74 Stash, 73, 74 Track Dollarton, 72 Matthews, 73, 74 McLaughlin, 73, 74 Benish, 74 Tennis Lane, 72, 73, 74 79 remember when? 80 oooocoo o ooooooq ooooooo ooooooo fcUEHOWIM IwWmm} ' • 7 ' FEB. v 6iOOMtt3f®2.7 B JMlHTtt f MFPTHANT H mariner hall IIHUNDERBIKDI I AI i.KITIr WIM t STOCMB J t » ! Jl I ' TWfl W V| !=i rn i . hS| 1 III f rJfl

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