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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1973 volume:

AS SVC REACH THE END Cf THE BECINNIN6 A . CORINTHIAN 1973 Table of Contents page DEDICATION 1 APPRECIATION 2 LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT 3 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY 5 WE BEQUEATH 16 SENIORS 18 CLASS POLL 59 ACTIVITIES 61 UNDERCLASSMEN 71-72 CAMPUS QUOTES 73 SPORTS 75 REMEMBER WHEN? 85 AS Wt REACH THE LSI CF THE RESINNING CORINTHIAN 1973 lAJe J£)eJicate Our ihhooh to Every man must have a close friend, a person on whom he may depend. When a man has a few close friends he is indeed lucky, and he should be thankful. But when a man has 39 friends whom he may count as brothers, he has more than enough reason to be grateful, and he should tell everyone he knows just how grateful he is. It is for this reason then, that the CORINTHIAN is dedica¬ ted to each and every member of our Class, the Class of 1973. 1 MR. PHILIP W. HICKEY 3nA fppreci a ti on cjCetter Jrom Our [- resident Gayle K. Lawrence To the Graduates of 1973: VVith 12 years of formal education behind you, I hope you’ve learned something of what ed¬ ucation is about. It’s not cause to be haughty or snobbish, it’s no guarantee of happiness and success, it’s not a royal road to romance, and it should certainly be more than an avenue to a higher personal incoma Education is self- enlightement and self-renewal. It’s personal growth, I hope you’ll be¬ lieve, through greater understanding of one’s self, one’s cultural and natural environment, and of one’s place in the universe of time and space. Of course, not even the wisest man knows the answers to all these questions, but education is the beginning. Without education a human being is less humane, less understanding, less sensitive to the feelings of others and the nuances of life. Education should make one feel more compassion¬ ate toward others, less self- serving, a little humble in the presence of great men and women past and present, and determined to do all that one can to leave this world a little better than he found it. Wouldn’t you agree that education is discovery - -discovery of one’s self and the wonder¬ ful world that is ours? Discovery is adventure, and I wish each of you the kind of exhilarating life that is full of adventure. With personal effort and any luck at all, each member of the June 1973 graduating class should at some point in the fiiture discover his true self and come to know something of the meaning of life. Fare thee well. Kingsley Lawrence, President Mr. Frank Sabol Director, Student Affairs Mr. Donald Jones Special Assistant to the President administration Mr. Jerome Ennis Director, Secondary Education Mr. Ernest Ogden, Jr. -1920-1973 Director, Elementary Education I Mr. Joseph Wileman Director, Discipline Residency Mr. Emil Zarella Director, Admissions Student Relations 6 Mr. John Abel Guidance Counselor Mr. Ralph Mendenhall Business Manager L science department Mr. Henry Berkowitz Science mathematics department Miss Mary Louise Schoppe Mathematics Mr. Phillip Lowenstein Mathematics Francendese, (Mrs.) Janet English Mr. William Stein English Mr. Robert Greenberger Chairman, English Department Halpem, (Mrs.) Evelyn English english department Mr. Emory Swift Remedial Reading 9 social studies department Mr. Robert Long Chairman, Social Studies Dept. Miss Jo Anne Wallen Social Studies Mr. Edward Vavalo Social Studies Mr. James Snyder Social Studies languages business education Leonard, (Mrs.) Rosalie French Kravitz, (Mrs.) Nancy Ruth French Mr. Joseph Sungenis Chairman, Business Education Department Mr. Kenneth Hill Business Education vocational education Mr. William Moore Chairman, Mechanical Instruction Department Mr. Paul Davis Machine Shop Mr. Rocco P. Serluco Print Shop Mr. George Shuster Drafting Mechanical Drawing 12 art department Mr. Philip Blackman Electric Shop Mr. James Sypherd Auto Shop i Zeil, (Dr.) William Art I.S.P. Coordinator Daniels, (Mrs.) Mary Ruth Arts Crafts Mr. Reid Watson Chairman, Physical Education Department Mr. David McKay Physical Education physical education music department Mr. John Baji Instrumental Music Mr. Carlo Curley Vocal Music Mr. Douglas Hess Physical Education library Front Row Left to Right -Mrs. L. Holman, Mrs. S. Menkowitz, Mrs. P. Abrams Mr. J. Caldwell, Mrs. J. Faulk, Mrs. M. Nimchuk 15 ' e ' ecfiueci Miss Stacks.Honest Dan George Mr. Schott.Moby Dick Dr. Lawrence.The Governorship Mr. Vavalo.Tony ' s Report Mr. Ennis. " Q " Schedule Mr. Konopka.Bohner Mr. Sabol.A pound of Cocoa-butter Mrs. Halpern.11-2 Mr. Wileman.Capital Punishment Dick The Willie.Toilet Paper on the fire escape Mr. Hess.Elevated Shoes Mr. Able.A " Peace” Sign Mr. Schwartz.Gino ' s Mr. Earle.A Cookbook “Murr”.A Customer Mr. Hickey.Mrs. Halpern Mr. Lowenstein . " Poker Chips " in the fifth race Malloy. A Cheesesteak . .Fertile fields Doc. White.Anna Greenbaum Mr Long Undivided Attention Mr. Serluco. 0ne Ma,,ini 17 ARSHAN, ELLIOTT (Arsh) August 28, 1955 1511 Coachman East Apt. Lindenwold, New Jersey 08021 Varsity Wrestling 11th, 12th, Karate Club, College Bound. People can be so cold They ' ll hurt you and desert you And take your soul if you let them Oh, but don ' t you let them J ames Taylor 18 AYJIAN, THOMAS GEORGE (Age) September 15, 1955 387 South Carol Blvd., Upper Darby, Pa. 19082 Varsity Wrestling 9th, WCC. Auto Shop. Don ' t forget the Bull Farm! 19 I BIONDOLILLO, STEVEN HUNTER (Bion) July 24, 1956 41-21 42nd St. Long Island, N.Y. (212) 784 - 2709 Student Body President, President of Junior Class, Associate Editor of Writing On The Walls, Associate Editor of Corinthian, Soccer 11th, 12th, Wrestling 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Baseball 10th, 11th, 12th, Varsity Club. Captian of Marine Physical Fitness Team. World Affairs Council, Dramatic Club, American Legion Award of Merit, American Association of Outstanding High School Students. Brief were my days among you, and briefer still the words I have spoken. But should my voice fade in your ears, and my fraternity vanish in your memory, then I will come again.-Now we must go forth and meet the future without fear and with strong hearts. 20 BOHNER, JEFFREY SCOTT (Creep) February 6, 1956 836 Hastings Court Northridge Clavmont Dpi. 19703 National Honor Society, Chemistry Award 1st Prize, Herman Horn Award. Pre-medical. C.A.P. Will a lucky break break even? 21 BUJCS, DAVID PAUL (Buj) November 16, 1955 313 E. Church St. Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 865 -0068 Soccer 12th, Glee Club, French Club, Corinthian, Stu¬ dent Library Assistant Photography Club, College Bound. All positive change is always good; but remaining, growing to that spot is always bad. Kingsley Amis 22 .J If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is real possesion in the changing fortunes of time. Max Birmann 23 CAHILL, GEORGE THOMAS (Buzzard) October 10, 1956 5563 Wheeler St. Phi la.. Pa. 19143 Sa4-0660 Vice President of Photography Club. 11th Grade Photo Course, Wrestling Mgr. WGC. Auto Shop. When a friend deals with a friend, let the bargain be clear and well-penned, that they may continue friends to the end. Ben Franklin 24 t CASELLA, ANTHONY SALVATORE (Cos) Oct. 28, 1955 1931 Wolf St. Phi la., Pa. De4-7193 Glee Club, Pagent- 72, Track 11th, 12th, Soccer 12th, Rifle Club, Hair and Dress Code Committee, Student Council, President of Freshman Class, Machine Shop. You come in like a lamb. You go out like a lion. 25 28 Could it be you ' re afraid of what your friends might say If they knew you believe in God above They should realize before they criticize That God is the only way to love. Black Sabbath 29 ELMO,. SAMUEL GEORGE (Sam) February 22, 1956 1529 Liberty Ave. Reading, Pa. 19607. Karate Club, Wrestling 10th Grade, Carpentry Shop. If you want it you can get it. 30 FEELEY, KEVIN ANTHONY (Kev) November 11, 1956 767 Central Ave. Hammonton, N.J. 08037 561 - 2830 Cross Country, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, Swimming, 10th, 11th 12th, Track 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Writing On The Walls - Ed¬ itor, Corinthian - Editor, National Honor Society, American Association of Outstanding High School Students, Henry Newinski Award, Varsity Club, Student Center, World Affairs Council, I.S.P. How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? Nay, not without a wound in the spirit shall I leave this city. Long were the days of pain I have spent within its walls, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret?.... It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin which I tear with my own hands. The Prophet 31 Bp GALVANI, ROBFRT (Bob) March 10, 1955 1 507 Gerritt St. Phila., Pa. Ho8- 5837 R — - A) Soccer 12th, Glee Club, Writing On The Walls, Corin- thian. Dramatic Club, Print Shop. What a man thinks of himself, that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate. Henry David Thoreau 32 July 9, 1954 GEORGE, DANIEL JOSEPH (Dan) 47 West Mill Road Maple Shade N.J. 08052 1 609- 779- 1691 Varsity Wrestling 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Cross Country, 10th, 11th, 12th, Varsity Club, Weightlifting, Corinthian, World Affairs Council, Edward Henry Sportsmanship Award, Glee Club, College Bound. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. The Beatles 33 i J 34 GIBSON, CHARLES W. (Charlie) September 17, 1954 1559 48 St. Pennsauken, N.J. 663 -9442 jEj Conservation Club, Girard Instructional Television Mf H1HB Club, Student Library Assistant, Band, Physics and Electric To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abe Lincoln 35 GLIDER, ROBFRT (Bruce) July 9, 1956 155 E. Godfrey Ave. Phila., Pa. 19120 Apt. C.-106 Wa7- 6984 Vice President of World Affairs Club, Fencing Club, Writing On The Walls, WGC. College Bound. Those who do not remember the past are condemmed to relive it. Santayana 36 Meet someone halfway: to CRADWOHL, THOMAS ALLEN (Tom) November 2, 1955 Box 39 Rd. 3 Nazareth, Pa, 18064 759 -3037 Soccer 12th, Sports Editor of The Writing On The Walls, Sports Editor of the Corinthian, WGC, Carpentry Shop. communicate is the beginning of understanding. Anonymous 37 HARDING, WILLIAM PARNELL (Ding) April 14, 1955 125 Navajo Trail Medford Lakes N.J. 08055 (609) 654- 4913 Soccer Mgr. in 10th, Guitar for " Rag " (Rock Group) WGC. Tech. Electric Shop. Change and improvement are relative to the passing of time. We must pass through bitter waters before reaching sweet waters, and upon graduation, we will have passed into the edge of the sweet waters. 38 MALANDRA, JOHN GERERD (Mauls) Sept. 23,1955 1912 So. Fitzgerald St., Phila., Pa. 19145 De6-5095 Soccer 12th, Corinthian, Biggest Nose Award, Writing On The Walls, Glee Club, Student Council 9th, 10th, Drill Team, Pagent - 72, Rifle Club, Dramatic Club, Band, Print Shop. There are places I ' ll remember all my life, though some have changed, some will go, some will remain. All These places had their moments with friends I will always recall. Though I will never lose affection for people and things I have lived with, I know I ' ll often stop and think about them. MALLOY, JOHN JOSEPH (John) Dec. 30,1954 521 W. Ashdale St., Phila., Pa. 19120 Da4-2031 Student Council, Glee Club. Writing On The Walls, Var- sity Club, Soccer 11th, 12th, Wrestling 10th, 11th, 12th. • Co-Editor of the Corinthian, Weight Lifting Club, WGC. Track 11th, Photography Club, Pagent-72, President of Homeroom and Varsity Club, Marine Physical Fitness Team, Echelon. Print Shop. One of the greatest pains to human nature is pain of a new idea. Walter Bagehot 40 June 15, 1956 MANN, HERVE THOMAS (Herve) 2320 Kensington ST. Harrisburg, Pa. 17104 Second Lieutenant Band, Glee Club, Track 11th, Temperance tends to procure coolness and clearness of head, necessary to constant vigilance. 41 MASON, JONATHAN MORGAN (Mas) February 12, 1956 Edamy St. Easton, Pa. 19042 (215) 253-1322 Swimming 11th, 12th, Soccer 12th, Varsity Club, National Honor Society, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Secretary of Student Council, Corinthian, Writing On The Walls, Typing Award of 11th Grade Students, Chem¬ istry Award 11th Grade. Business Course. When I think of all the worries That people seem to find And how they ' re in a hurry To complicate their minds By chasing after visions And dreams that can ' t come true I ' m glad that I am different I ' ve better things to do. 42 MILLER, JEFFREY JOHN (Jeff) April 3, 1955 4000 De Mainonneuve Apt. 2913 Montreal 216, Quebec, Canada (514) 932 -2038 President of the Conservation Club 9th, 10th, Student Center Mgr.-Writing On The Walls, Tennis Team Captain and Most Valuable Player Award. Library Assistant, Herman C. Horn Prize, Tennis Club, Glee Club, World Affairs Council, Corinthian Committee. ISP. Men do not fail, they only stop trying. Unknown 43 OESTREICH , JAMES RAYMOND Jr. (Oze) Sept. 21, 1955 4145 E. Cheltenham Ave. Phila., Pa. Pi4-0921 Swimming 11th, 12th, Baseball 12th. Drafting. Hey! Bruce, open the door! 44 REUSCHLEIN, JAMES WILLIAM (Rush) June 29, 1955 2924 Glemmour Ave. Pittsburgh Pa., 15204 (412) 331 -7856 Vice President of the Conservation Club, Choir, Tennis 10th, 12th, Student Center, Student Library Assistant, Scouts, Clee C lub. ISP. If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears. Henry David Thoreau 45 46 SIELING, JOHN ERIC (Horse) Nov. 5, 1955 12900 Evanston St. Rockville, Maryland 20853 (301) 946 -5869 Soccer 12th, Writing On The Walls, Student Council 11, Corinthian, Typing Award 12th, Pagent 10th, 12th, Band 8th, 9th, 10th, Student Library Assistant 11th, Student Center, Glee Club. Business Course. Be yourself. It doesn ' t matter what other people think. Also, accept others for being themselves. Live your life and let them live theirs. If your paths cross, adapt yourself to theirs and learn from your experience. Use this ex¬ perience to make your life better and to make your life bearable for those around you. you. SISLER, CHARLES RICHARD December 11, 1955 2171 Joshua Rd. Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444 828-6520 Soccer 12th, Machine Shop Award 11th, Glee Club, Rifle Club. Machine Shop. The poor man is never free; he serves in every country. 48 STEFANIK, JAMES EMIL (Beaio) September 12, 1955 323 Lincoln Ave. Edgewater Park, N.J. 08010 387-2059 Corinthian, Glee Club. Carpentry Shop. Some men see things that are, and ask “Why? " But I dream things that never were and ask “Why not? " R.F. Kennedy SUTPHIN, GLEN (Walt) August 6, 1956 2401 6th Ave. Boothwyn, Pa. 19061 485-2443 Corinthian, Photography Editor, Herman C. Horn prize 10th, President of Photography Club. Choir 9th, Student Library Assistant 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Writing On The Walls, Girard Instructional TV. 11th, 12th, Glee Club. I.S.P. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Max Ehrman 50 THOMPSON, DONALr BRUCE (Donald) March 31,1956 4622 N. 9th, St. Phila. Pa. 19140 Ga5-5406 Band, Secretary of Photography Club, Swimming Mgr. 11th, 12th, Track Mgr. 11th, Choir, Corinthian, Girard Instruction¬ al TV. Auto Shop. When daiseies pied, and violets blue, and lady-smocks all silver-white. Come to the time where peace is true and live a happy life. 51 THOMPSON, RANDALL S. (Marbs) March 31, 1956 4622 N. 9th St. Phila. Pa, 19140 Ga5-5406 Conservation Club, Student Center, Chemistry Award, Girard College Choral, Glee Club, Student Library Assistant, I.S.P. War is an invention of the human mind. The human mind can invent peace too. 52 J ust open your eyes And realize, the way it ' s always been. Just open your mind And you will find The way its always been. J ust open your heart And that ' s a start. The Moody Blues 53 VASILIOU, PFTEP JOSEPH (Pete) April 4, 1956 59 Union St. Lodi, N.J. 076441 1-201-471-6691 Dramatic Club, Karate Club, Wrestling, Track, World Af¬ fairs Club. College Bound. A false friend and a shadow, stay with you only while the sun shines. Ben Franklin 54 i VENAFRO, BENJAMIN ANTHONY (Ben) December 27, 1955 2009 S. Beechwood St. Phila. Pa. 19145 Ho3-1858 President of Sophomore and Senior Class, Student Council Rep. 9th, 10th, 12th, Writing On The Walls, Corinthian Staff, WCC. Varsity Club, Baseball 11th, 12th, Basketball 11th, 12th, Soccer 12th, Drill Team. Print Shop. The time has ended for me. I looked around — everyone was experimenting. Riding the waves of time. Minds altered — life changed. This foolish time has left. Reality takes over again. I wish it could have lasted, but then, it ' s about time it got here. 55 VON REICHE, WILLIAM J AMES (Rich) September 30, 1955 Rd. 2 Vincentown Post Office Indian Mills, N.J. 08088 1-609-268-0761 Varsity Soccer 11th, 12th, Baseball 12th, Glee Club, Corin¬ thian Staff, Writing On The Walls, Print Shop. Our grandeur lies in our illusions. 56 WISELEY, STEPHEN CHARLES (Turk) June 13, 1956 442 S. Fourth St. Colwyn Pa. 19023 Lu3-9064 Student Council, Dramatic Club, Varsity Club, Varsity Swim¬ ming 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, Track 9th 10th, 12th, Soccer 11th, 12th, Writing On The Walls, Corinthian, WGC, Student Center, Carpentry Shop. Live up to your own expectations and not others, accept every individual for what he is, not for what he isn ' t. In every friend we lose a part of ourselves, and the best part. -Alexander Pope 58 Ctu, Pod Friendliest.Sutphin Biggest Eaters.DiCampli, Stefanik Class Radicals.Malloy, Sieling Class Clown .DiCampli Best Dresser .Miller Best Athlete.Biondolillo Favorite Class. Harry Fougner ' s French Spanish First to Marry.OestreiCh First to Bald. Venafro Smallest.Arshan Typical Harvey .Gibson, Glider Richest.Miller Quietest. Burns Never to he Forgotten.The Class, George Porter, Doc Summerville Best Musicians.DeAngelis, Mann, Harding Best Looking.Glider Favorite Meal . Beato ' s, Terry ' s Most Carefree.Ayjian Most Studious . Bohner Most Boisterous.Malandra Foggiest.Burns Class Bachelors.Sutphin, Glider Wittiest.Feeley Most Ambitious.Mason Coolest .Galvani Most Gullible.Trickett Class Ham.Wiseley Class Politician.Miller 59 1st Row Left to Right - D. Collins, E. Gill, J. Mason, B. Venafro, S. BiondoliIlo, E. Harding, J. Casella, G. Lane, J. Kinderman. 2nd Row - R. Fulton, S. Adams, W. Tillinghast, G. Saunders, L. Hook. 3rd Row -G. Gardner, J. Dollar. 4th Row - Mr. W. Stein, Mr. B.J. Konopka. The chief goal of the Student Council this year was to raise school morale, and the general atmosphere thus far speaks for itself. Communication between the students and their represen¬ tatives is essential for the operation of a successful student government. This year’s Council did manage to establish effec¬ tive communication within the Student Body through numerous meetings held by our President, Steven Biondolillo. A solid constitution - one that insures stability and uniformity in student government - is also essential to a successful student council. With this in mind, our Council drafted a constitution. Although much work and waiting became involved in the effort, a constitution was finally ratified by the end of the year. As is the case every year, the Council worked with the D S. One major accomplishment was the gaining of the Seniors’ privilege to take their breakfast and dinner meals in the cafe¬ teria. Other Council endeavors included numerous campus clean-ups, and a pro¬ ject by which the Council utilized its budget to send a financially needy stu¬ dent home each month. Despite a few drawbacks, school morale has steadily risen this year. And if general trends continue, future councils will become more and more useful in helping to make Girard a bet¬ ter school. I L 61 ozcoO HzmoCHCO glee club 1 st Row Left to Right - T. Mason, D. Thompson, J. Malandra, A. Casella, E. Gill 2nd Row - G. Sutphin, J. Miller, R. Thompson, P. Stewart, J. Malloy, J. Silliti, C. Gibson 3rd Row - E. Stringfel low, H. Mann, J. Reuschlein, S. Elmo, J. Stefanik, J. Oestreich, Mr. C. Curley wgc 1st Row Left to Right -W. VonReiche, A. Casella, B. Venafro, S. DiCampli, J. Malloy 2nd Row - G. Cahill, A. DeAngelis, W. Harding, T. Ayjian, R. Glider, T. Gradwohl 62 1st Row Left to Right -C. Cahill, D. Thompson, J. Bums 2nd Row - C. Sutphin, J. Malloy, D. Bujcs, J. Dill The Photography Club was organized and maintained this year by the hard work of its members. The club existed as a base organization for the Corinthian and also played an essen¬ tial part in the preparation of The Writing on the Walls. The main project of the club had humble beginnings early last spring when the Corinthian Committee decided there was a need for a collage to display a pictorial history of our various memorable occasions and candid shots of classmates. We en¬ deavored to do our best, and, in essence, we achieved our goal. Beginning the year without cameras or equipment was a major obstacle to overcome. With the assistance of Mr. Rocco P. Ser- luco, we were able to acquire two new cameras-and an assortment of lenses. Mr. Serluco acted as our part-time sponsor, and an able one at that. The club has been able to build an ade¬ quate assortment of equipment that hopefully will be used for many years to come. The members of the club were Glen Sutphin, President; George Cahill, Vice-President; Donald Thompson, Secretary; Jeffrey Dill, Treasurer; James Burns, John Malloy, and Jeffrey Trickett. 63 oocrO - i d 3JooHOI“D 1st Row Left to Right - Mrs. J. Francendese, G. Cahill, G. Sutphin, K. Feeley, J. Sieling R. Glider, T. Gradwohl 2nd Row - S. BiondoliIlo, J. Miller, E. Arshan, D. George, A. DeAngelis, Mr. R. Greenberger 3rd Row - J. Mason, D. Coll ins, S. DiCampli Another important tradition of Girard College was rescued and revived by this year’s Senior Class: The Writing on the Wall. Under the enthusiastic leadership of its editor, Kevin Feeley, and his hard-working staff the WOW again became an important channel for the expression of students’ ideas and opinions on a wide variety of topics - - local, regional and international. For the first time in recent years the student journal began to appear regularly, at monthly intervals. Moreover, it contained fresh new features: columnists, contests, coupons, reviews and literary articles, as well as the straight news stories about events tak¬ ing place within the school community. But the success of WOW this year would not have been possible without the unflagging energies of its many contributing writers and the welcome response of its many readers. Here’s hoping that next year’s Seniors can keep up the good work this year’s Seniors got started again. T H E w R I T I N G 0 N T H E A L L 64 1 st Row Left to Right - J. Dill, K. Feeley, J. Malandra, Mr. R. Serluco, J. Malloy, S. Wiseley, S. Biondolillo 2nd Row - J. Miller, D. Collins, D. Thompson, W. VonReiche, D. George, T. Gradwohl 3rd Row - G. Sutphin, J. Mason, D. Bujcs, J. Burns, J. Trickett, P. Vasilou, J. Oestreich R. Galvani Essentially this yearbook records life: its sorrows, joys, and successes. The sorrows of the first days and the joys of the last days (and many of the days in between) are affectionately recalled in this pictorial tribute to the class of 1973. Scan the leaves of this book and you will discover the lives of forty Gir- ardians, whom we think, have brought distinction to their school. The production of a yearbook has been an invariably hectic, often deeply moving, and thus a perpetually eventful experience. From the initial meeting last June through the final planning stages of the last pages, the seniors under the direction of Kevin Feeley and Mr. Rocco P. Serluco of the Print Shop have worked diligently and selflessly to produce the first yearbook in two years - a yearbook, we hope, that will not be greeted with chagrin after so many long, often quar¬ rel-ridden hours have been spent in the efforts to produce it. 65 n _T l HCO Z -HZ-3)0O 1st Row Left to Right - J .Dill, J. Sieling, D. George, D. Bujcs, R. Glider, D. Thompson B. Venafro 2nd Row - S. DiCampli, W. VonReiche, S. Biondolillo, J. Malloy, K. Feeley, S. Wiseley 3rd Row - E. Gill, P. Vasilou, A. DeAngelis, H. Mann 4th Row - W. Harding, J. Malandra, D. Collins This year the Dramatic Club presented two fine productions. The first, which was given in December, consisted of two short plays. Under the competent direction of Steve Biondolillo and John Sieling this Christmas production was quite a success. In June there was another production. This on the whole was more involved than the preceeding show, but the actors, under the fine direction of Pete Vasilou, exhibited excellent stagecraft on opening night. A special note of thanks must be given to Mr. Robert Green- berger and Ms. Mary Ruth Daniels who gave unselfishly of their own time to see that the plays went smoothly. It is the hope of the graduating class, as well as the Administration and faculty, that the younger students become interested in dramatics, as this is a very educational, exciting and constructive activity. □Demo o— 1 1 J 3HO varsity club 1 st Row Left to Right - D. George, S. Biondolillo, J. Malloy, S. DiFuria, B. Venafro 2nd Row - D. Collins, N. Manchor, S. Wiseley 3rd Row - K. Feeley marine physical fitness club 1st Row Left to Right - T. Hicks, E. Arshan, S. Biondolillo, Capt., R. Preston, D. Bishop 2nd Row - T, Jones, V. Quinones, P. Vasilou, J. Malloy, D. Collins, O. Carbone, A. Tobia W. Harding, A. DeAngelis, D. Thompson, H. Mann, Mr. J. Baji When an organization experiences a change in leadership, such as this year’s retirement of Mr. Robert Morrison and the entrance of Mr. John Baji, it is often hard to cope with the change that the new leader makes. Usually it is necessary to wait a period of years to evaluate success, but this year the Concert Band didn’t have to wait to adapt to the new ways of Mr. Baji. They caught on right away. Determination was evident in every member and certainly it was in Mr. Baji. Because of this determination, the Concert Band progressed greatly. Evening rehearsals were held three times weekly to avoid interference with extra curricular activities after school - an improve¬ ment welcomed by every member of the band. The officers were William Harding, Captain; Anthony DeAngelis, First Lieutenant; Herve Mann, Second Lieutenant; and Donald Thompson, Ser¬ geant. Being the sole senior members of the band, it was truly up to these four to see that organization and order prevailed at each session. The Band found itself playing a great deal more concerts than it formerly had, including the Christmas and Spring Con¬ certs, programs for the younger students in Junior School, a Music Week Concert, Chapel Services, and various outside functions. The 1973 Concert Band had a pretty good year. Changes have been made, but they could only improve the band’s selec¬ tions of music and its performances. 68 oz CD —nozoO , 1st Row Left to Right - T. Mason, R. Bohner, C. Hicks, J. Burns 2nd Row - K. Feeley, S. Biondolilio, J. Trickett, Mr. J. Sypherd, J. Mason, D. Bujcs, W. Harding D. Collins The ski program this year, in terms of enjoyment for those who experienced it, was a big success. Skiing at Girard began last year largely through the unselfish cooperation of Mr. Frank Sabol, who organized, directed, and carried out every facet of the program. We want to thank him for continuing his efforts this year. There were two different kinds of ski days this year. One was for the beginners, who were taken to Ski Mountain in Pine Hill, N.J. and given lessons by trained instructors. They also had time to practice and enjoy what they had learned. The skier with previous experience spent weekends at larger resorts, such as Elk Mountain, in upper Pennsylvania. The highlight was a trip to Vermont during Thanks¬ giving where we skiied at Mt. Madonna and Mt. Stowe. This type of program is very rarely found in schools and is most valuable as an introduction to a sport some of us may never have discovered. 69 DDcrO — CO 1st Row Left to Right - S. Biondolillo, D. George, J. Trickett, R. Glider 2nd Row - P. Vasilou, Mr. R. Long, K. Feeley, J. Burns. The ’72-73 World Affairs Club started out with many mem¬ bers. This was due in part to the fact that the club was at that time planning a trip to Russia. However, when the trip fell through many members went with it. Eight members stayed, and with these students the club continued to carry out its purpose of giving first-hand experience in world problems. Sponsored by Mr. Robert Long, who unselfishly gave con¬ siderable amounts of his own time to the group, trips were plan¬ ned and forums scheduled. These programs were both enjoyable and informative. The highlight of the year was the trip to New York. While we were sup¬ posed to go only to the United Nations, many members chose to take side tours, just to make the excursion interesting. The Club provided many interesting experiences, and the lessons learned will certainly be of great value to the members. 70 cocii O co o— - n - n] oruo 71 SOPHOMORE CLASS I. Lane - Vice- Pres. J. Kinderman - Pres. E.Harding - Sec. J .Casella - Ires. o 72 Ca Yipud Quoted You got the test? SQUATS!!! Today we’re on “Q” schedule. What a joke! Well, ahh, hello there — I am the President. Let’s go smoke. Nutsss!!! Remember the Bull Farm! Know what I mean, Horse? Ain’t you got no pride? . . . gimme, gimme, gimme. This type of thing. Me and my Pincheot button. What’s happening? Who stole the rolls? Steak and eggs at Mount Girard. TSB! My stars, don’t waste paper. So how is it - alright? I’m not aftaid to beat you up in front of your mother! Back off, buddy! Teachers beware! Greenberger: “As a matter of fact, you all got “A’s”. Keep fighting, Dif! Ya hammer! Mud-M-U-D! Vasilou, you jellyfish, got you for posture! You got any grits? I’d rather be President of Girard than President of a Junkyard. You got five minutes to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life - Time’s up!! 74 K. Feeley-Co-Capt. D. George -Co-Capt. R. Fulton N. Williams C. Hicks cross country Oct. 3 Harriton High School 10 George School 24 Germantown Lutheran Academy 26 Pa. School For The Deaf 31 Germantown Friends Nov. 2 Valley Forge Military Academy 7 Mitchell School 9 Akiba Academy Cross-country is not an easy sport in which to partici¬ pate, but it is definately a vety rewarding one, as many team members learned this year. Running so many miles each day is certainly not the most enjoyable thing to do; one may ask, why do they do it? They do it because they want to work, want to get into good physical condition. Cross-country means sweat, pain, and hard work. It is unique then that anyone can stick out the season. However, every year a squad of about fifteen students do stay with the team, and this past season was no different The team had a total of five returning lettermen - a good nucleus — and ten new runners. This team had a lot of talent, and this talent was fully brought out by Coach Doug Hess. Doug’s winning ways brought the runners through a very tough schedule with a 4- 4 record. He knows how to win and he gave eveiyone the confidence needed in order to do just that The co-captains were Dan George and Kev Feeley. It was their job to lead the team in whatever was done. The job was well carried out. The future too, is bright because there are many good young runners at Girard. If they continue to work each season, the school may look forward to many winning cross-country seasons. ). DePue R. Kistler Mr. D. Hess-Coach 75 1st RowLeft to Right - R. Galvani, S. Biondolillo, J. Sieling, S. DiFuria, J. Mason, B. Venafro 2nd Row - H. DerVartanian, V. Quinones, J . Malandra, D. Collins, C. Sisler, W. VonReiche 3rd Row - R. Merenda, N. Manchor, J. Malloy, A. Casella, T. Gradwohl, Mr. B. Seeber The 1972-73 soccer team started out with high hopes. Injuries hampered the team much of the season, taking away the services of many key players who were needed to win. Nevertheless, Gir¬ ard battled its way to respectability. Led by tri-captains Ben Venafro, Chas. Sisler, and Bob Galvani, Girard compiled a 4-8 record. Of the 8 losses Girard suffered, over half of them were by one goal. Because of the teams fighting desire to win, Girard was not looked upon as an easy win, but as a tough opponent. Despite missing two games with an injury, John Malloy was chosen as the Most Valuable Palyer, recognition he thoroughly deserved. Charles Sisler, always hustling and around the ball, was the team leader with seven goals. The team wishes to thank Coach Seeber, who stuck with us during the rough stretc hes, for the fine job he did coaching the team. soccer Sept. 19 St. Joseph ' s Prep 26 Westtown 28 Harriton High School Oct. 3 Conestoga High School 10 Friends Central 12 Swarthmore College J.V. 17 Germantown Friends 21 Wyoming 24 Valley Forge Military Academy 26 Friends Central 31 George School Sov. 4 Alumni 9 Moorestown Friends 76 B. Venafro Capt. Mr. B. Seeber—Coach C. Elliot R. Helder basketball Jan. 5 Perkiomen School 9 Westtown School 11 Friends Select 13 Phelps School 16 Moorestown Friends 18 Friends Central 25 Pa. School for the Deaf Feb. 1 Friends Central 6 Friends Select 8 Tower Hill 20 Valley Forge Military Academy 22 Faculty 27 Moorestown Friends N. Manchor S. DiFuria J. DePue The 1972-73 basketball season was dismal. Due to some problems, the basketball team didn ' t start practicing until the end of December. With only one returning letter- man. senior Ben Venafro, and lack of height the season ' s outlook was bleak. When the first game rolled around, the starting five was composed of one senior, two juniors, a sophomore and a freshman. Because of their lack of ex¬ perience, height, and depth, Girard was the underdog in every game they played but this didn ' t stop them from hustling and giving a hundred percent of their effort. Des¬ pite all these problems, the team played like a team and had poise. The underclassmen on the team gained valuable experience that will help them next year to put together a winning season. Coach Seeber deserves much credit for inspiring the team to fight and for his patience. J. Dollarton 1 st Row left to Right - M. Dailey, S. Frith, S. Gorham, D. Bishop, K. Catalano, M. Oestreich, G .Saunders 2nd Row - S. Catalano, N. Dudley, D. Coleman, J. Kiss, R. Kohler, E. Buck, D. Pickering 3rd Row - D. Collins, K. Feeley, J. Trickett, V. Quinnones, K. Matthews, J. Mason, Mr. D. Hess, S. Wiseley With a core of five Seniors: Kev Feeley, Steve Wiseley, Jon Mason, Jeff Trickett, and Dave Collins, this year’s swimmers spelled competition for all opponents. The team had a total of seven returning lettermen and plenty of new talent. It was strong in every event except free-style sprint¬ ing. The youn ger members of the team who swam the free-style sprints should be given credit. Surely in future years they will become even finer swimmers than they now are. Our coach, Doug Hess, who has been with the team two years, should be commended more than anyone. His “never say die” spirit has turned Girard swimming into formidable competition. With the departure of the Class of 73 the future looks dim for Girard swimming. Hopefully the younger members of the team will stick with it and work hard, so they may have the same amount of success we have had. swimming Jan. 11 Harriton 18 Valley Forge Mil. Academy 23 St. Joseph ' s Prep 25 George School 30 Ocean City High School Feb. 9 Perkiomen 13 North Penn High School 23 Ursinus College 27 Westtown 78 1st Row Left to Right - R. Bohner, E. Arshan, R. Kistler, T. Hicks 2nd Row - J. Silitti, N. DerVartanian, D. George, S. Biondolillo, J. Malloy, L. McLaughlin Mr. F. Sabol For a team that had so little with which to work, the Girard wrestlers must be commended. Having only nine men instead of the normal twelve man squad, and finishing with a dual meet record of 6-7 was a feat in itself. The people who were dedicated and interested enough to go out for the team gave one hundred percent throughout the entire season. Had there been a full squad it might have very well gone undefeated. The wrestlers did very well in the Girard Tournament, although entering only eight men. Out of ten teams Girard managed to capture third place. There were three individual winners: Rusty Bohner at 101 lbs., Dan George at 122 lbs. and Steve Biondolillo at 129 lbs. El Arshan placed second at 108 lbs. Later, near the end of the season three of the more experienced members of the team entered the National Prep School Tournament at Lehigh University. Because of a late start and lack of practice during the season these wrestlers were at a definite disadvantage. They ran into stiffer competition than they had ever faced before, but did not have the endurance needed to win. Nobody won or even placed at Lehigh this year, but the members who did participate had the personal satisfaction of knowing that they had done their best under the circumstances. The four Seniors on the team were outstanding in their varsity wrestling careers — probably some of the best wrestlers Girard has ever produced. Next year’s team will have the task of re¬ building a strong , solid squad. They will only achieve this through practice, determination and a desire to excell that has been the trademaik of this past season’s wrestlers. wrestling Jan. 5 Perkiomen 9 Friends Central 11 George School 18 Church Farm School 23 Episcopal Academy 25 Friends Select 30 P.S.D. Feb. 1 jenkintown High School 6 Overbrook School 8 Moorestown Friends 13 Germantown Lutheran Academy 20 Valley Forge Military Academy 24 Girard Wrestling Tournament 79 1st Row Left to Right - S. BiondoliNo, S. Beyrle, (M anager), B. Venafro 2nd Row - Mr. R. Berta, S. DiFuria, E. Gill, N. Manchor, W. Frydlewicz, A. Stash, V. Quinones, R. Andrews, H. DerVartanian, R. Thompson The 1973 baseball season started out with a crowd of new faces. With only three returning let- termen the team was faced with the task of rebuilding. With alot of new talent and a great coach, the team’s outlook was bright. The pitching staff consisted of Ben Venafro and Nick Manchor. It was one of the strongest staffs that Girard has had in the past four years. Due to the small turnout for the team, the bench consisted of only three ballplayers. The lack of substitutes hurt the team considerably; they were often needed but the spots could not be filled in. The team’s hitting was not up to par this year. No matter how well the pitchers would throw, the players could not bring too many runs across the plate. This poor hitting factor caused the team to come out on the short end of the stick in many games. Each player went onto the field with the confidence needed, and the desire to win. There was always 100% hustle, and next year’s team will have many fine returning lettermen. The team would like to thank Mr. Berta, a fine coach, who put forth every effort to make the team a winning one. baseball April 5 St. Joseph ' s Prep H April 10 Friends Central A April 12Montg. County Community A College Freshmen April 18 Phoenixville High School A April 27 Valley Forge Mil Academy A May 1 Valley Forge Mil. Academy H May 8 Penn Charter A May 3 P.S.D. H May 10 P.S.D. A May 15 Germantown Friends H May 16 Harriton High School A May 18 Delaware Co. Christian Acad H June 2 Middle Township H. S. A 80 1st Row Left to Right -M. Gorham, R. Mummy, T. Hicks, S. Gorham 2nd Row - G. Lane, J. Miller, Hansen, R. Shast fnot present) J. Reuschlein Tennis is a relatively new sport at Girard and its popularity has grown immensely within a few short years. Unfortunately, the tennis program at Girard is not extensive enough to allow for Junior Varsity and Junior High teams. This is much to our disadvantage. Consequently, the Varsity team is bur¬ dened with the job of recruiting and training new members. This year eighteen students turned out for tennis, but within a few short weeks the number was down to twelve. Unlike other years, this year we had a well defined set of drills to which we readily adhered. Mr. Benz displayed uncommon zeal and enthusiasm in working with and encourag¬ ing the team. Good teams with reputable seasons do not become so within days. It is a hard and tedious job, putting together not only winning seasons but developing good players. Sometimes it takes years, as is the case with our tennis team. Fortunately, many younger students came out for the team which will give the coach an opportunity to develop better players in the future. We can look for¬ ward to an even better tennis team within a few years. Much of what we accomplished throughout the years must be credited to Mr. Tennis himself- Jack Benz. Through the years he has given unlimited hours of tennis training and infoimation to students. tennis April 9 Friends Central H April 12 Perkiomen School A April 18 Phoenixville High School A April 26 Church Farm School A May 3 Valley Forge Mi I Academy A May 8 Germantown Friends H May 11 Delaware Co. Christain Acad H May 17 Church Farm School H May 22 Moorestown Friends A 1 st Row Left to Right - K. Reed, M. Masters, B, Coffee, T. Stredney, K. Small, P. Bradley, S. Frith 2nd Row - L. McLaughlin, B. Tillinghast, N. Williams, T. Mason, O. Carbone, K. Catalano J..Silliti, Mr. Bartholomew 3rd Row- S. Lorenz, K. Matthews, W. Reed, W. Bradley, M. Benish, J. Plessel, J. McCurk T. Mason, A. Stredney, R. Fulton, D. Pickering, Mr. Cash 4th Row - Mr. McKay There was a time when track was one of the most popular sports on campus. Every year forty or fifty people would come out and give it a try. However this was not the case in 1973. The turnout numbered about twenty-five. Within a week it was down to seventeen. And from here a varsity team was to be formed-a respectable team. It was hardly possible. Those who stayed out though, gave their best whenever they could, but it was not enough to compensate for the lack of depth. Consequently those who sacrificed suffered because there were never enough players to fill in the empty spots. If there is a bright aspect to the situation, it is that most of this year’s team will be back next year. With such trackmen on campus, track ‘74 should be much more interesting and exciting for the members. track April 5 Mitchell School H April 9 Delaware Co. Christian Acad H April 11 Haverford School A April 25 Jenkintown High School A April 27 Valley Forge Mil Academy A May 1 Germantown Friends H May 3 Harriton High School A May 10 Church Farm School A May 8 Moorestown Friends H May 12 Church Farm School A Invitational Meet May 15 P.S.D. H May 22 Moorestown Friends A May 24 Gtn. Lutheran Academy A 82 LETTERMEN " 73 " FALL SPORTS Cross Country Feeley ' 68, ' 69, ' 70, ' 71, ' 72 George ' 70, ' 71, ' 72, Soccer Bujcs ' 72 Biondolillo ' 71, ' 72 Casella ' 72 Collins 71, 72 Gradwohl 72 Galvani 72 Harding 70 Malloy ' 71, 72 Mason 72 Malandra 72 Sieling 72 Sisler 72 Venafro 72 VonReiche 71, 72 Wiseley 71, 72 WINTER SPORTS Basketball Venafro 72, 73 Swimming Collins 71, 72, 73 Feeley 71, 72, 73 Dill 71 Mason 72, 73 Oestreich 72 D. Thompson 72 Trickett 72, 73 Wiseley ' 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 Wrestling Arshan 71, 72, 73 Ayjian 70 Bums 71, 72 Biondolillo 70, 71, 72, 73 Cahill 72 Elmo 71, 72 George 70, 71, 72, 73 Malloy 71, 72, 73 Vasilou 72 SPRING SPORTS Baseball Biondolillo 71, 72, 73 Gill 72, 73 R. Thompson 73 Venafro 72, 73 Tennis Miller 71, 72, 73 Reuschlein 71, 72, 73 Shast 71, 73 Track Collins 72, Feeley 70, 71, 72, Malloy 72 Vasilou 72 Wiseley 70, 71 Casella 72, 73 83 84 I J I I

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