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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1970 volume:

the corinthian 1970 staff Editors ANTHONY BLASE, JOHN TONTI Photographers DOUGLAS JESSER, EDWARD MULLEN Advisor MR THOMAS A. McKF.NNA — 2 — the Corinthian 1970 Table of Contents DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ACTIVITES SPORTS UNDERCLASSMEN SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS SENIORS SENIOR DIRECTORY page 5 6 8 17 29 39 43 47 57 — 3 — — 4 — w • V! dedicated to . . . GAYLE K. LAWRENCE, Ph D President HELENE W. ORITT Director of Social Planning Who, in the Year 1969, Brought the Future to Girard. administration CASWELL E. MacGREGOR Director of Secondary Education DR. GAYLE K. LAWRENCE President CHARLES T. CUNNINGHAM Assistant Director of Secondary Education — 6 — JOSEPH T. WILEMAN Assistant Director of Elementary Education EMIL ZARELLA Director of Admissions and Student Relations ERNEST L. OGDEN Director of Elementary Education ALFRED MOSCARIELLO Business Manager — 7 GEORGE H. DUNKLE Chairman L C FRANCIS P. CAUTHORN General Science science department ROBERT L. FARBER General Science, Physics faculty HAROLD F. HOLMAN (1901-19701 Former Chairman, Science Dept. Teacher at Girard, 1936 - 1969 HENRY F. MAZALESKI Chemistry mathematics department ALBERT H. SCHOELL (Former) Chairman VERA L. GOODRICH Arithmetic English JOSEPH J. SHUSTER Senior Math SAMUEL R. SHIRLEY Chairman PHILIP L. LOWENSTEIN Plane Geometry KENNETH W. CRAIGO Algebra — 9 — english department J. MICHAEL WILSON Senior English PHILIP W. HICKEY Freshman English EVELYN HALPERN English Andrew McCaffrey (Former) Junior English THOMAS A. McKENNA Chairman — 10 — DONALD M. JONES American History ROBERT W. LONG Chairman ELSIE D. McDANIEL Geography, World Cultures DOUGLAS A. CLARK (Former) American History JOSEPH E. M. HASLAM American History social studies department — 11 — languages JULIET E. STACKS French FRANCIS J. PRESTON French IRENE POMPETTI Spanish music department ROBERT W. MORRISON Chairman WILLIAM RILEY Vocal Music ANTHONY FALATICO (Former) Vocal Music ELSIE D. CHENEY M902-1970i Former Chairman, Library Librarian at Girard, 1931-1969 library HOWARD EMLER Chairman art department WILLIAM F. ZIEL Art — 13 — vocational education WILLIAM A. MOORE Chairman HERBERT S. EADLINE Electronics PAUL L. DAVIS Metalworking M. ARNOLD DAFFIN Printing GEORGE A. SHUSTER Drafting JAMES SYPHERD Auto Mechanics — 14 — business education JAMES D. WHITE Chairman admissions and student relations office LYNDA KOLYNYCH DEBORAH CLARK MILLIE R. THOMPS ON EDITH FELD BEULAH D. HICKS ERNESTINE L. BLACK MITCHELENE DAVENPORT president ' s office activities — 17 — student council The first half of the year was a little on the slow side for the council, but in January it was revised. Among seme of the projects for the council were the Christmas gifts, fund raising, Goodwill and similar endeavors. For the first time the coun¬ cil showed enthusiasm towards other events besides its own goals and privileges. If this trend in thought keeps going, Girard will reach new heights in student government. HAR COSTELLO BOB DUCKWORTH DAVE FEELEY KEV LAWRENCE MARCO MALANDRA JOE PILLO CHARLEY REED BARRY ROSENBERG MR. JAMES B. DUFFEY — 18 — student court BOB DUCKWORTH CHARLEY REED STEVE SEDOR CARL STASH MR. HENRY MAZALESKI The Student Court was not really as powerful a court as it should have been, though there were some eight hundred cases through the year. The court this year revised its rules and functions and made defined punishments. Unfortunately, how¬ ever, the court handled only the smallest misde¬ meanors. For the court to be more effective in the future, it should add faculty members and handle all the discipline as the Judical Board. — 19 — BILL BOYD BILL BROSEY GREG BUTHUSIEM BOB DUCKWORTH MARK ELKINS DAVE FEELEY LAR GERSHMAN MIKE GRACE CHARLEY REED MR. FRANK SIEFERT student center Experimentation was the theme of Student Center’s activities this year. Innovations such as the hot dog counter and the soda fountain provided the staff with ideas for future improvement. Due to several mid-season personnel changes, the center lacked the organization necessary to make the year a complete success. We hope that on the basis of our successes and failures next year’s staff, with the help of Mrs. Oritt, will make the center an im¬ portant part of Girard’s social life as well as a " profit-making” organization. — 20 — The GIRARD news began the year covering the M-Day protests with a fervor few would have an¬ ticipated a year ago. Editors Joe Pillo and Fred¬ rick Clayton not only told ir " like it is,” they also managed to escape the carping scrutiny of censor¬ ship. With an altered lay-out, new balance in re¬ porting, and a continuing Letters to the Editor controversy, the NEWS aroused the interest of everone, but most particularly of the Seniors. BILL BOYD BILL BROSEY BOB CLAYTON FRED CLAYTON MIKE GRACE HANK JESIONOWSKI MARCO MALANDRA RICH MANASEK JOE MANUOLA JOE PILLO GIL POLSKY CHARLEY REED BARRY ROSENBERG JACK TONTI DAVE ZUCCO MR. THOMAS McKENNA girard news — 21 If this year’s CORINTHIAN attempted to create an unusual approach to the year book, then, hope¬ fully, the 1971 edition will be a continuation. The ideas begun by the staff of the 1970 book have been borrowed, at times enhanced, sometimes sim¬ ply confused, and frequently improved. Perhaps it is the nature of an annual to reap con¬ fusion; perhaps it is the nature of the staff to en¬ gender that confusion. Nevertheless, with a multi¬ tude of false starts, too many promises, and a fun¬ damental belief that " somebody will do it,’’ the 1970 CORINTHIAN has been completed. At times, faced with either lethargy or a dearth of material, the staff looked towards the gloomy pro¬ spect of not producing a yearbook or simply pre¬ senting a list of those seniors graduating (and where they might be found). While such a di¬ rectory may have had a pragmatic approach, it would not have had that inestimable quality from which memories are taken. Since few others seemed interested in the final re¬ sult, it is not so much that the editors should be held responsible for what appears here; rather, it is to their credit that they completed what is here at all. Printers Producers WILLIAM BOYD ROBERT KEELEY PHILIP MICHAELSON JOSEPH PILLO BARRY ROSENBERG MR. M ARNOLD DAFFIN corinthian Technical Editor Copywritcr WILLIAM BROSEY Business Manager MICHAEL GRACE — 22 — literary magazine ANT BLASE DEN FIOCA DAVE FEELEY MARK ELKINS DAVE RIDDLE GIL POLSKY SAM FLAMMINI MR. MICHAEL WILSON BOB KEELEY STEVE SEDOR BAR ROSENBERG MIKE HAYES JACK TONTI HAR COSTELLO BILL BOYD The GIRAJRDIAN, as always has been a crea¬ tive outlet for students who wish to demonstrate their literary skills, and experience the satisfaction of having their work published. Throughout the year the ma gazine staff attempted to extort wor¬ thy short stories and poems from our small student body. After much hard work the 40-page girardian became a reality. Thanks must go to faculty sponser Mr. Michael Wilscn for his valu¬ able advise and assistance. An organization with one of the most demanding schedules on campus, the Photography Club is a major contributor to Girards’ publications. This year’s Corinthian layout confronted the Club with a new challenge, that of being able to sup¬ ply the book with enough really good shots of people, places, and things associated with our stay at Girard to make an interesting book. ERIC ENGWALL ED MULLEN DOUG JESSER KEN SETZER Quality and quantity began to lag as the publica¬ tions’ demands for pictures increased, and the lack of supplies, equipment, and effort became evident as the year progressed. Working right up to the deadline, the Club managed to get its photos in, just as the school year expired. — 23 — dramatic club GER BLASE BOB CASPER FRED CLAYTON BOB DUCKWORTH DAVE FEELEY MIKE GRACE MIKE HAYES MARCO MALANDRA GIL POLSKY STEVE SEDOR BARRY ROSENBERG MR. NORM SHERMAN From late Monday night Dramatic Club meetings came the ideas for such projects as X-rated movies and three act, two hour plays (with real girls). Although these revolutionary attempts never pro¬ gressed to their completed forms, the Dramatic Club did give its audience several finished produc¬ tions. Late in January the slightly delayed Christ¬ mas Play, The Secret Sharer, was given. The story of six British sailors aboard a cargo ship in the Orient found favor with many of the students who were tired with the usual Friday night thrillers. The Spring Play, Bury the Dead, was an anti-war play which hit the Girard stage expressing the feelings of most of its students. The members of the club sincerely appreciate the time and effort Mr. Norman Sherman provided to make rehear¬ sals both enjoyable and productive. — 24 — concert band Blending talent and interest with newer, more pop¬ ular music, the Concert Band this year achieved an unanticipated degree of recognition. Aside from the annual concerts, the Band also performed in a television program in April. The guidance of Mr. Robert Morrison and the capable leadership of Captain Anthony Blase were effective in producing a rewarding and successful year which will leave a favorable impression on all those who have heard the Band. ANT BLASE HAR COSTELLO LAR GERSHMAN MIKE GRACE KEV LAWRENCE STEVE SEDOR MR. ROBERT MORRISON — 25 — Through the past years the choir constantly seemed to be plagued with a communications gap between the director and the choir. This year the gap was bridged because of the fine personality cf the new director Mr. William Riley. Mr. Riley’s constant attempts to improve our Girard Choir should not go unheralded. The members of the Choir were willing to give up their free time, and they worked hard to give better concerts and performances. ANT BLASE HAR COSTELLO MIKE GRACE jim McGrath CHARLEY REED DAVE RIDDLE MR. WILLIAM RILEY — 26 — A lack of interest hindered this year’s broascasts of WGC, but the organization did function successfully. The efforts of a few compensated for the lack of interest by many to produce the entertaining Monday morning programs. WGC bright¬ ened many a " blue” Monday morning, and we will regard it as a memorable and enjoyable facet of our Girard life. wgc ANT BLASE GREG BUTHUSIEM FRED CLAYTON HAR COSTELLO DEN FIOCA MIKE GRACE MIKE HAYES HANK JESIONOWSKI BOB KEELEY KEV LAWRENCE PHIL MICHAELSON RICH MANASEK GIL POLSKY RICK SOBCHACK JACK TONTI DAVE ZUCCO MR. NORM SHERMAN — 27 — GER BLASE ERIC DeWALT JIM McGRATH DAVE RIDDLE After several years of inactivity, the Ex¬ plorer Post has finally been revived. As a result of hard work put forth by James McGrath, Dave Riddle, and Eric DeWalt many programs have been started. One fine example of this is the exchange pro¬ gram with a Senior Girl Scout Troop. In order that the organization may function successfully, responsibility rests on future members. — 28 — ANT BLASE BILL BOYD FRED CLAYTON BOB DUCKWORTH MARK ELKINS SAM FLAMMINI HANK JEStONOWSKI MARCO MALANDRA PHIL MICHAELSON HARRY PFISTER JOE PILLO GIL POLSKY CHUCK REED BARRY ROSENBURG STEVE SEDOR RICH SOBCHACK DAVE ZUCCO MR. FRANK SABOL MR. DAVE THOMAS MR. DAVID C. WOLSTENHOLME soccer September 18 H Frank ford 1 — Girard 1 September 25 H Conestoga 2 — Girard 0 September 27 H Harriton 3 — Girard 0 October 4 H Hill School 2 — Girard 1 October 16 H Swarthmore 2 — Girard 0 October 18 H Chestnut Hill 3 — Girard 1 October 23 H Volley Forge 3 — Girard 1 October 25 A Westtown 4 — Girard 1 October 10 A Penn Charter 5 — Girord 0 November 6 A Gtn. Lutheran 0 — Girord 1 November 8 H ALUMNI 0 — Girord 4 November 15 H Gtn. Academy 0 — Girord 1 November 22 A George School 3 — Girard 0 ROMAN BENKO BOB CHOATE ERIC COBELENS JOHN DEPUE BILL DICKENSON JOE DOLLARTON JAKE ERNEY KEVIN FEELEY CHARLEY HICKS JIM McGRATH BILL MICHENER jim McLaughlin BOB STOCK JEFF TRICKETT JOHN WALLACE DAVE FRITH MR. AL MAURER September 25 H Chestnut Hill 33 — Girard 22 September 27 H Bishop Shanahan 41 - Girard 20 October 2 H Valley Forge 20 — Girard 29 October 9 H Gtn. Lutheran 15 — Girard 49 October 16 H Episcopal Academy 38 — Girard 20 October 23 H Haverford 40 — Girard 20 October 25 A Bishop Shanahan 39 — Girard 19 October 30 A Penn Charter 30 — Girard 26 November 6 H P.S.D. 26 — Girard 31 November 13 A Williamson 32 — Girard 23 November 15 A Westtown 39 — Girard 21 cross country wrestling TOM AYJIAN STEVE BIONDOLILLO SAM ELMO BOB CARROL BOB DUCKWORTH DAN GEORGE BILL KILLEEN KEV O ' CONNOR JOHN SCHOLL KEN SETZER ROMAN WLODARCZYK MR. JOHN HOAGLUND December 4 A Episcopal 35 — Girard 21 December 13 A Chestnut Hill 24 — Girard 28 December 11 A Penn Charter 32 — Girard 20 January 13 H George School 33 — Girard 19 January 15 H Father Judge 8 — Girard 38 Jonuary 22 A Gtn. Academy 19 Girard 29 January 24 A Bryn Athyn 47 — Girard 3 February 3 H Valley Forge 34 — Girard 14 Februory 5 A Friends Select 11 — Girard 37 February 12 A Haverford 54 — Girard 0 February 14 A Perkiomen 23 — Girard 28 February 17 H P.S.D. 26 — Girard 28 February 21 H Pennington 41 — Girard 12 February 26 H Overbrook 16 — Girard 34 32 — basketball December 4 A P.S.D. 69 — Girard 46 December 11 H Chestnut Hill 68 — Girard 30 December 13 A Episcopal Academy 63 — Girard 35 December 16 H Germantown Friends 69 — Girard 37 January 8 A Friends Select 53 — Girard 45 January 13 H Mitchell 48 — Girard 40 January 15 A Germantown Lutheran 104 — Girard 40 HAR COSTELLO January 17 A George School 94 — Girard 30 JAKE ERNEY January 22 H P.S.D. 61 — Girard 37 SAM FLAMMINI January 24 H Perkiomen 54 — Girard 46 KEV LAWRENCE February 3 H Valley Forge 41 — Girard 27 PHIL MICHAELSON February 19 H Friends Select 63 — Girard 47 RICK SOBCHACK February 24 H George School 85 — Girard 40 MR. BRIAN SEEBER February 26 A Mitchell 61 — Girard 45 — 33 — swimming JAY BARR JOE CAPWELL BILL DICKINSON DAVE FEELEY JIM GORDANIER TODD FERWERDA RALPH HACKETT RICH HUMES KEITH MATTHEWS BILL MICHENER PAT NOLAN BILL SOKOLOSKI BOB TROSTEL MIKE WAINWRIGHT JOHN WAKER STEVE WISLEY MR. AL MAURER December 13 A Haverford 63 — Girard 32 Jonuary 20 H George School 62 — Girard 33 January 22 A Gtn. Academy 54 — Girard 40 January 24 A Westtown 64 — Girard 22 February 7 A Pennington 64 — Girard 31 February 10 H Volley Forge 61 — Girard 33 February 14 A Perkiomen 54 — Girard 40 — 34 — tennis STEVE SEDOR ERIC ENGWALL JOHN FOREMAN JOHN PEKAR April 23 Varsity Germantown Friends Home Moy 5 Varsity Volley Forge Military Academy Home — 35 track TOM RUPP BILL DICKINSON ROMAN BENKO STEVE CASTRONI BOB LAMBERT STEVE WISELEY KEV FEELEY JOHN DePUE MR AL MAURER April 7 Varsity Germantown Lutheran Academy Away April 9 Varsity Haverford School Home April 11 Varsity Perkiomen School Home April 16 Varsity Chestnut Hill Academy Home April 21 Varsity Mitchell School Home April 23 Varsity PSD. Away April 28 Varsity Friends Central Away May 9 Church Farm Invitational May 12 Varsity Volley Forge Military Academy Home May 21 Varsity Germantown Friends Home BILL BOYD KEV O ' CONNOR JOHN ERNEY JIM McGRATH HARRY COSTELLO KENNETH SETZER ROMAN WLODARCZYK BILL MICHENER BILL KILLEEN — 36 — FRAN BELSITO FRANK BOYTZ BOB CLAYTON MARK ELKINS BOB KEELEY NICK MANCHOR STEVE McDONELL CHARLEY REED RICK SOBCHACK CARL STASH BOB TONTI baseball April 7 Vorsity Harerford School Away April 9 Varsity P.S.D. Away April 14 Varsity Valley Forge Military Academy Home April 16 Varsity Friends Select School Home April 21 Varsity Chestnut Hill Academy Away April 23 Varsity Germantown Lutheran Academy Home May 5 Varsity Episcopal Academy Home May 7 Varsity Williamson Trade School Home May 19 Varsity Germantown Friends Away May 21 Varsity Friends Select Away — 37 — lettermen, 1970 BASKETBALL Harry Costello John Erney Sam Flammini Kevin Lawrence Philip Michaelson Richard Sobchack WRESTLING Robert Duckworth Kevin O ' Connor TENNIS Eric Engwall Steve Sedor BASEBALL Mark Elkins Robert Keeley Charles Reed Richard Sobchack Carl Stash CROSS-COUNTRY John Erney James McGrath FENCING Dave Riddle SWIMMING David Feeley SOCCER Anthony Blase William Boyd Frederick Clayton Mark Elkins Sam Flammini Marco Malandra Philip Michaelson Harry Pfister Joseph Pillo Charles Reed Richard Sobchack David Zucco TRACK William Boyd Harry Costello John Erney James McGrath Kevin O ' Connor — 38 — — 39 — CLASS of 1971 DANIEL PUZO — President JOHN FOREMAN — Secretory JOSEPH GARBARINO — Vice-President ROBERT CLAYTON — Tresurer CLASS of 1972 President — PATRICK NOLAN Vice-President — JOHN WALLACE Secretary-Tresurer — ROBERT LAMBERT — 42 — — 44 — — 45 — — 46 — seniors class officers C. DAVID FEELEY Secretary CHARLES F. REED President MARCO J. MALANDRA Vice President ROBERT G. DUCKWORTH JOSEPH J. PILLO Student Body President Student Body Vice President KEVIN O ' CONNOR T reasurer student body officers — 48 — ANTHONY BLASE, JR. WILLIAM T BOYD C. WILLIAM BROSEY — 49 — — 50 — A. DENNIS FI OCA SABATINO D. FLAMMINI MICHAEL D. GRACE LAWRENCE B. GERSHMAN D. JOHN GORDANIER — 51 — PHILIP L. HARTMAN MICHAEL W. HAYES HENRY E. JESIONOWSKI — 52 — — 53 — HARRY K. PFISTER PHILIP J. MICHAELSON HOWARD L. McKEAN — 54 — CARL A. STASH RICHARD T. STERN RICHARD C. SOBCHACK — 55 — JOHN L. TONTI, JR. DAVID P. ZUCCO — 56 — senior directory — 57 — BLASE, ANTHONY, Jr. (Ant) February 27, 1953 504 Elm Avenue, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082 215-352-5714 Socaer, Wrestling, Track, Vice President Choir, Captain Concert Band, Corinthian Editor, World Affairs Council, Seminar, WGC-AM, Literary Magazine, Junior National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Girard News, Basketball BOYD, WILLIAM THOMAS (Bill! November 18, 1951 208 Nassau Boulevard, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania 19076 215-532-5771 Homeroom President, Track Captain, Soccer, Basketball, 2nd Lieutenant Company D Girard News, Literary Magazine, Student Council, Student Advisory, WGC-AM, Seminar, Worlds Affairs Council, Student Center, Dramatic Club BROSEY, CHARLES WILLIAM, Jr. (Bill! December 22, 1953 520 Terroce Drive, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania 17070 717-774-2432 WGC-AM, Battalion Clerk, Student Center, Track, Cross-Country, Corinthian, Girard News, Student Advisory, Student Body Advisory Committee, Math Club BUTHUSIEM, GREGORY ALEXANDER Greg April 24, 1954 721 West Moyomensing Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148 215-334-3989 Swimming, Track, Conservation Club, Concert Band, WGC-AM, Seminar CASPER, ROBERT EDWARD (Robi December 19, 1951 Buchert Read, Rural Delivery 1, Gilbertsvi.le, Pennsylvania 19525 215-326-1161 Rifle Club, Swimming Team, Track, Baseball, Band Sergeant, Student Council, Radio Club. Seminar, WGC-FM, Dramatic Club CLAYTON, FREDERICK HENRY (Fred) Ju, v ,0 ' 1952 660 Waring Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116 215-773-2379 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, WGC Technician, Student Center, Dramatic Club, Math Club, Girard News, Captain Company D Battalion — 58 — COSTELLO, HARRY THOMAS (Hor» December l, 1951 4844 " A " Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121 215-457-1876 Vice president Junior National Honor Society, Basketball, Student Council, 2nd Lieutenant Concert Band, Secretary-treasurer National Honor Society, WGC-AM, Girard News, Student Advisory, World Affairs Council, Track, History Club, Seminar, Glee Club DeWALT, ERIC WOLTEMATE i Herbie i March 20, 1952 133 Forrest Avenue, Southampton, Pennsylvania 18966 215-355-0211 Track, Boys Scouts, Explorers, National Honor Society, Girard Science Laboratories, Student Council, Color Guard, Corinthian, World Affairs Council DUCKWORTH, ROBERT GILMOUR (Till STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT March 12, 1952 Route 1, Smithsburg, Maryland 21783 301-293-2306 Corinthian, Girard News, Literary Magazine, Vice President Dramatic Club, Seminar, World Affairs Council, Echelon, Student Court, WGC-AM, Educational Cabinet, Student-Faculty Senate, Soccer, Wrestling, Cross Country, Powerlifting Club President, Student Center, Student Council, Track, Cadet Major Battalion ELKINS, MARK SCOTT ( Borshe i November 4, 1952 98 Holmes Avenue, Darien, Connecticut 06820 203-324-7964 Student Council, Powerlifting Club, Soccer, Baseball, Seminar, Student Center, Literary Magazine, Track, Swimming, Cross-Country, Lieutenant Company D Battalion, Glee Club ENGWALL, ERIC WILLIAM (Ink) September 11, 1951 42 Eost Bettlewood Avenue, Oaklyn, New Jersey 08107 609-854-8246 Photography Club Vice President, Bugle Sergeant, Concert Band, Rifle Club, Soccer, Choir ERNEY, JOHN JACOB (Jake) June 23, 1952 427 Second Avenue, Deptford, New Jersey 08096 609-227-7407 Captain Cross-Country, Girard News, Basketball, Track, WGC-AM, Student Advisory, Con¬ servation Club, Dramatic Club, Seminar — 59 — April 17, 1953 FEELEY, CHARLES DAVID (Dave! 767 Central Avenue, Hammonton, New Jersey 08037 Wrestling, Swimming, Track, Student Center, Battalion-Executive Officer, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Secretary, Literary Magazine, World Affairs Council, Seminar, National Honor Society FIOCA, ANDREW DENNIS (Fioc) January 8, 1954 120 Milton Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042 215-253-2941 Choir, Sergeant Concert Band, WGC-AM, Track, Literary Magazine, Seminar FLAMMINI, SABATINO DANNY (Sam ' August 17, 1952 201 South Willow Street, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348 215-444-4561 Basketball-Captain, Soccer, Track, Baseball, Battalion Company B, Student Council, Seminar, Literary Magazine GERSHMAN, LAWRENCE BRUCE (Lor) May 4, 1953 Presidential Apartments, A919, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131 215-878-6172 Sergeant Concert Band, Literary Magazine, Seminar, WGC-AM, Student Center, Math Club, Girard Science Laboratories GORDANIER, DOUGLAS JOHN (Gorg) August 9, 1951 2481 Gerald Street, Rochester, Michigan 48063 313-852-2894 Swimming, Conservation Club, Color Sergeant-Battalion, Rifle Club GRACE, MICHAEL DAVID (Micheel November 4, 1952 1530 South Hollywood Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvonia 19146 215-462-8166 Band Sergeant, Choir, Girard News, Corinthian, Student Center, Dramatic Club HARTMAN, PHILIP LEE (Phil) Au9ust 24 ' ,952 121 East Hazeldale Avenue, New Castle, Delaware 19720 302-652-4908 Basketball, Track, Soccer, Choir, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Girard News, Radio Club, Battalion-Sergeant Company C HAYES, MICHAEL WALLACE I Mike) November 29, 1952 7531 Buist Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153 215-729-4666 President of Homeroom, Band-Drum Major, Baseball,, WGC-AM FM, Junior National Honor Society, Semiriar, World Affairs Council, Student Center, Literary Magazine, Student Advisory, Dramatic Club JESIONOWSKI, HENRY EUGENE I Jess ' March 20, 1953 115 South Vermont Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401 609-345-5726 Soccer, Track, Swimming, Battalion-1st Lieutenant Company B, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Student Council, Girard News, WGC-AM FM, Rifle Club, Literary Magazine JESSER, ROBERT DOUGLAS ' Dougie ' August 6, 1952 74 Barberry Lane, Churchville Pennsylvania 18966 215-357-2330 Photography Club-President, Battalion-Captain Company A, Baseball, Choir, Girard News, World Affairs Council KEELEY, ROBERT VICTOR i Bob November 12, 1953 46 Cosperson Street, Gibbstown, New Jersey 08027 609-423-5905 Baseball, World Affairs Council, WGC-AM, Girard News, Student Court, Battalion-lsr Sergeant, Seminar, Rifle Club, Corinthian, Literary Magazine LAWRENCE, KEVIN LEE IMelvl January 22, 1954 40 East Jefferson Street, Media, Pennsylvania 19063 215-566-2149 World Affairs Council, Seminar, Concert Band, Literary Magazine, Corinthian, WGC-AM, Radio Club, Choir, Student Council, Girard News, Basketball, Dramatic Club MALANDRA, MARCO JOSEPH (Nootch) July 21, 1952 1433 South Hicks Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146 215-336-5095 Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, WGC-AM, Dramatic Club, Choir, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Band-1st Lieutenant, Junior National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Student Council, Literary Magazine-Editor, Girard News, Math Club, Hisrory Club, Homeroom President, Cla;s Vice-President MANASEK, RICHARD JOHN (Dickey) June 9 1952 143 Dimmick Street, Throop, Pennsylvonio 18512 717-489-1419 Track, Seminar, Poster Club, Literary Magazine, WGC-AM, Battalion-Istt Lieutenant CilRARn TSIrwc MANUOLA, JOSEPH, Jr. (Joe) October 28, 1952 354 Zeralda Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144 215-329-3907 President of Homeroom, Concert Band, Choir, Wrestling, Baseball, Rifle Club, Seminar, Girard News, Color Guard McGRATH, JAMES PAUL (Jim) 226 Cambridge Road, Clifton Hieghts, Pennsylvania 19018 Explorers-President, Cross-Country, World Affairs Track, Seminar, Choir February 26, 1952 215-626-8762 Council, Student Center, McKEAN, HOWARD LEE (Howie) May 23, 1953 726 Fern Street, Yeadon, Pennsylvania 19050 215-62S-2450 Concert Band, Seminar, Student Council, Literary Magazine, Girard News, WGC-AM FM, Swimming, Track MICHAELSON, PHILIP JOHN (Pickle) October 17, 1953 804 Fern Street, Yeadon, Pennsylvania 19050 215-626-7272 Corinthian, Soccer, Swimming, Track, Girard News, Seminar, Conservation Club, Choir, Recruit Lieutenant, World Affairs Council, WGC-AM, Literary Magazine, Student Center, Basketball O ' CONNOR, KEVIN JOSEPH (Oak) July 23, 1952 8030 Walker Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136 215-338-2210 Battalion-lit Lieutenant, Class Treasurer, Student Council, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track, Powerlifting Club, Student Center-Assistant Manager, Seminar, Echelon, Junior National Honor Society PFISTER, HARRY KENYON Har) 6502 Walnut Park Drive, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball Battalion-2nd Lieutenant December 1, 1952 215-924-3907 — 62 — PILLO, JOSEPH JAMES (Joe) July 16, 1952 1347 East Lycoming Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140 215-744-8471 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Editor-GiRARD News, Vice President-Student Body, Battalion- Staff, Literary Magazine, Student Counci, Student Court, Dramatic Club, Seminar, Student Advisory, Homeroom President POLSKY, GIL HOWARD (Gil) Morch 6, 1952 239 South Haviland Avenue, Audubon, New Jersey 08106 609-547-2030 Soctfer, Girard News, Student Counoil, Literary Magazine, WGC-AM FM, Battalion- Lieutenant Company C, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Track, Student Advisory REED, CHARLES FRASER ( Charlie SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT October 28, 1951 2143 Kenneth Avenue, Arnold, Pennsylvania 15068 412-337-8878 Choir-President, Educational Cabinet, Student-Faculty Senate, Battalion-Captain-Company B, Student Council, Student Center, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Girard News, Home Room President, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Student Advisory RIDDLE, DAVID STILLE (Stille) Jonuary 9, 1953 Box 196, Rural Delivery 1, Onanocock, Virginia 23417 703-787-1565 World Affairs Council, Boy Scouts .Explorers, Choir, National Honor Society,Girard Science Laboratories, Fencing, Battalion-Color Guard, Girard News ROSENBERG, BARRY ALLEN (Bar) March 21, 1952 157 Ervin Avenue, Linwood, Pennsylvania 19061 215-485-0075 Soocer, Battalion-lst Lieutenant Company D, Student Council, Cross-Country, Seminar, World Affairs Council, Girard News, Literary Magazine, Echelon, WGC-AM FM, Student Center, Rifle Club, President of Homeroom, Student Advisory SCHMIDT, EDWIN GENE Ed) November 10, 1952 314 East Ridge Street, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 18634 717-735-7219 2nd Lieutenant-Company B, World Affairs Council, WGC-AM FM — 63 — SEDOR, STEPHEN EUGENE I Steve July 7, 1952 4901 Seminary Road, Apartment 409, Alexandria, Virginia 22311 703-578-0079 Soccer, Tennis, Band-2nd Lieutenant, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Dramatic Club, Student Court Secretary, Basketball SOBCHACK, RICHARD CHRISTOPHER Sub) October 15, 1952 823 Cedar Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102 717-435-0040 Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Band-Sergeant, Radio Club, World Affairs Council, Seminar, WGC-AM, Dramatic Club, Literary Magazine STASH, CARL ANDREW JOSEPH iCorli November 4, 1952 153 Vine Street, Plymouth, Pennsylvania 18651 717-779-9284 Baseball, Soccer, History Club, Seminar, World Affairs Council, Battalion-lst Lieutenant STERN, RICHARD TIM (Rich) April 20, 1954 1322 Passmore Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111 215-533-4872 Homeroom President, Battalion Company A, Track, Math Club, Seminar, World Affairs Council TONTI, JOHN LOUIS, JR. I Jack) April 2 ' 1953 525 Euclid Avenre, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317 412-745-7326 CoRiNTHiAN-Editor, Glee Club, Literary Magazine, Homeroom President, Battalion-Company C, World Affairs, Soccer, Baseball, WGC-AM, Girard News, Junior National Honor Society, Rifle Club, Student Advisory ZUCCO, DAVID PAUL iZucI June IZ, 413 Deepwocd Drive, Longmead ow, Massachusetts 01106 13 567 0592 Soccer,Swimming, Baseball, WGC-AM FM, World Affairs Council, Seminar, Rifle Club, Battalion-Captain Company C, Girard News, Literary Magazine, Student Council, Dramatic- Club — 64 — epilogue This book is really the culmination of a year’s planning. This too is a tradition, for the Corinthian is truly an annual, a yearbook which essays to recapture, however selectively, those moments which are history, however lim¬ ited, for those who have pursued knowledge, however fleetingly For no class have the throes of change so af¬ fected the course of decisions, for no single group has the world become so real, for no generation has the different become so accept¬ able. Girard has offered the Class of 1970 everything or nothing. The Class may turn to erudition (which a few may do) or to fighting ( which some have already done) to seek a certain unspecified, misundersrood idea. Sometime in the history of each class, someone labels it with an enduring word. The word itself may be mundane, but its application to a class serves to enhance the memorable qualities of both the word and the class. In this case, the word is unique. The Class of 1970 is unique in its composition, in its attitude and in its talent. The diversity of the first, the unpredicability of the second, and the originality of the third make it truly a singular part of Girard’s history. Rarely has a class exhibired rhe qualities of rhe Class of 1970; rarely has such a relatively small group left such an indelible impression on so many. The Class of 1970 leaves Girard with not only the- common knowledge that they may be for¬ gotten, but also with the cognizance that their uniqueness will long be remembered.

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