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. Life is the game that must be played : This truth at least, good friends, we know; To live and laugh nor be dismayed As one by one the phantoms go. —Edwin Arlington Robinson (liie (llnrmtlftan Girard College Philadelphia, Pa. Table of Contents The Faculty Tribute to Mr. Girard Dedication Mr. Friedmann’s Letter Allen Hall Activities Dramatic Club Corinthian and Girardian Girard News Glee Club and Student Center Battalion Concert Band Swing Band Rifle Club and Photography Club W. G. C. National Honor Society Class Officers Seniors Senior Portraits Faculty Quotes We Bequeath to Can You Imagine? Hum Daze Socials Sports Soccer Baseball Swimming Track Basketball Wrestling Gym Fencing Intramurals Lettermen Remember 6 .7 8 9 10 11 12 1 } 14 15 16 .17 18 19 20-45 46 47 48-49 50-51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 Corinthian Staff Editors-in -Chief William A. Briggs Anthony J. Diorio Assistant Editors Jon Newton Howard Anton R. Kent Lydic Abraham L. Sheitelman Anthony L. Bralczyk Photography Staff Howard Krachman H. Frank Pearson Art Staff James V. Erario St anley Wybranski Printing Advisor John Smyth Class Theme—Sportsmanship " Keep coming back with all you’ve got and take it with a grin, When disappointment trips you up or failure barks your skin; Keep coming back, and if at last you lose the game of right. Let those who whipped you know at least they too have had a fight.’’ Appreciations • Jack Smyth and the students of the Print Shop, who gave unselfishly of their free time to the actual printing of this booklet. • Mr. M. Arnold Daffin, whose careful planning and advice have helped immeasurably in the past months. • James Erario and Stanley Wybranski, whose art work make up an important part of the Cor¬ inthian. • Howard Krachman and H. Frank Pearson, whose photography has made this Corinthian so attractive. • Dr. William Zcil, who helped with the selection of the cover design done by James Erario and gave suggestions for art improvements when they were needed. • Dr. Raymond 1. Haskell, for his time, effort, and many helpful suggestions as our sponsor. At this hour of parting from the home and school of our past decade, the Class of 1956 salutes those wonderful people who have been our teachers, our friends, and our guides. May they live long in Girard with the energy, the good will, and the wisdom which have inspired us to do and to think our best at all times. 1750-1831 Dear Stephen Girard: In a short while the ninety or so boys in our class will turn their backs for the last time to the age-worn pillars of Founder’s Hall. It seems but a short time ago that each one of us looked at that building for the first time. Its towering columns and massive stone blocks were ominous and foreboding. We were dwarfed by its towering height. Today Founder’s Hall means more to us than its designer could possibly imagine. It has a warm and sentimental glow and not the dim shadow we once beheld. Founder’s Hall is the symbol of our days at Girard. Those happy hours when we play¬ ed and worked with our friends or prepared to leave on vacation, and those unhappy times when we longed for home or maybe received a poor report card, lie along its galleries. Among them are the pride in that first soccer goal and that swollen black eye, the mishap of a disagreement with a classmate. But beyond the huge, brown doors of Founder ' s Hall there is another mon¬ ument of deep meaning—a statue of you, Mr. Girard, standing as you were when we entered Girard as little boys. It seemed that you were watching each one of us every day. You reminded us that we were your sons, and we left obligated to make you proud of our heritage. Now there are new challenges ahead, and we must leave our Alma Mater be¬ hind. But as we leave, Mr. Girard, each one of us will take along the spirit and the meaning of the school and home that we knew as your foster sons. But, most of all, we will take with us the image of you standing on that pedestal and the expression on your face that seems to reflect your unforgettable wisdom: " My deeds must be my life: when I an dead my actions must speak for me.” Yj aii ( jYunr, 956 4 The Corinthian £ V{C y Jlou.ii.£. tnund, Teacher of Social Studies j -faX’Lij C.. iSa 2 1, Qx., a,, ' jboc., c4.cA. 3.Q. Director of Vocal Music 1 Vz Jd EclicaiE tfii± US oofz vvitfi (f hatihuU to: 2V JWonLi Wo(f, =4. zV{., iPL2 Head, Department of Social Studies Sponsor, National Honor Society Class of June, 1956 5 To the Graduates of 1 956 : When you receive this book, you will be in the midst of the emotional excitement and the activity of graduation. Not now, perhaps, but later, after " the shouting and the tumult dies,” read this letter very care¬ fully and ponder a bit, as we who work with you are now pondering, over the measure of our success in your education. This is our deep concern for the members of your class even as it has been for all the Girardians who have preceded you. There is no great question over the adequacy of your academic or vocational preparation. The thor¬ oughness of your knowledge in the various academic fields and the soundness of judgements based thereon have been tested so frequently and the skills developed in your vocational courses have been observed so regularly and repeatedly that, in these respects, we are confident you are well qualified to find and fill successfully a satisfactory place in community life. Many of you are well equipped by ability, performance, and motivation to continue in the field of higher education; all of you are prepared vocationally to make a good start in bus¬ iness or industry. What we ponder over is the degree to which you have become men. Have we helped you enough along the way? In the classroom, in your dormitory life, and throughout all the many activities in which you have been engaged, have we taught successfully and emphasized enough those principles of living and traits of char¬ acter which make the " good life” possible? Are you men of integrity? Are you honest, reliable and trustworthy? Are you fair and kind and un¬ selfish? Do you have the courage to do that which you know is ' right? Do you persevere in your efforts to im¬ prove? Do you practice the Golden Rule? Will you be friendly and cooperate? Will you be reverent? These are among the major questions you will have to face not once but over and over again along the road you travel. However worthy your present intention may be, you cannot give an immediate reply; the answer will be found in your reaction to the innumerable situations, great or small, you will meet in life. The answer is your life. Therefore we ponder sincere, we hope confidently that you will keep unsullied the Girard reputation for building men of character, and we pray that our instruction and influence during these formative years will be of use and help. May God bless you. Sincerely yours, Karl R. Friedmann Vice-President 6 The Corinthian First Row: Mrs. Zdanowicz, Mr. Zdanowicz Second Row: Mr. Lander, Dr. Zeil, Dr. White When we entered Allen Hall to take on one of our many new privileges, we noticed something that we had never before experienced. All through Girard we were used to living and working in groups. However, with the title of " Senior " , we had to adopt a sense of responsibility and indiv iduality. Allen was something altogether different. As we moved through the College, the thought of living in Allen became more and more real. Then, after those patient years, that dream became a reality. We soon became used to bells ushering us off to the dining room, or chapel, or reminding us that study would soon begin. " Good night, men, scholars, and friends, " were little sayings of our housemasters when they checked the rooms at night. PHONE RUSH OF ' 56 The writer of the song " Forty-five Men in the Telephone Booth " got his inspiration after he saw the Allen Hall phone booth the night before a dance. The phone calls, however, enabled us to get dates for our dances and house parties that were a big success due to the efforts of Dr. Zeil. On Friday, February 13, 1956 Allen Hall enrolled the first co-ed. The little girl, Ann, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zdanowicz. Now, on Commencement Day, everything that we experienced in Allen Hall lives in the cher¬ ished past. Class of June, 1956 7 The Corinthian THE DRAMATIC CLUB Third Row: Miller, Chadwick, McCabe, Walendziewicz Fourth Row: Schoffstall, B Lewis, McGhee, Anton, Smeader Fifth Row: Corridoni, Erario Sixth Row: Diorio, C. Brown Our class is one of the few that can claim participation in Dramatic Club plays in their soph¬ omore year. In " The Statue " and " Nicholas Nickleby, " Bill Darling and Howard Anton made their debuts on the Girard College stage with major parts. Four plays were presented in our junior year. The Christmas play, " The Pharmacist ' s Mate, " took Bob Roach in a major role as the pharmacist ' s mate himself, with Tony Bralczyk and Frank Pearson portraying two of the ship ' s officers. Although all the major parts of " The Christmas Carol " were handled by the current seniors, Bill Darling, Howard Anton, and Bob Melvin did well in supporting roles. " O ' Halloran ' s Luck " and " Captain of the Gate " were billed as our spring plays. Bob Roach again excelled here as a very Irish Tim O ' Halloran. Richard Chadwick, William Smeader, Gus Pela- gatti and Abe Sheitelman performed well as supporting actors. Howard Anton, Bill Darling, and Tony Bralczyk headed the cast of " Captain of the Gate, " and were convincing as officers of the Roy¬ alist Army fighting against Cromwell. Bob Melvin, Bob Roach, and Tony Bralczyk as Seniors were elected as president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer of the club respectively. Immediately after these elections, work was started on the Christmas play, " The Ghost of Benjamin Sweet, " which had Bob Roach, Bob Melvin, Frank Pearson, Carl Havira, Abe Sheitelman and Tony Bralczyk in important roles. It is appropriate that we should mention the " unsung heroes " of the Club, the make-up staff, and the stage hands. Jerome Batalsky did an excellent job as chairman of the make-up staff. His as¬ sistants, Don McGhee and Mark Miller, are also to be commended for their expert services and ad¬ vice. The stage hands, headed by Bob Newlin, merit applause for preparing the scenery as efficiently as they did. Mr. Henry V. Andrews, Dramatic Club coach, deserves much of the credit for the success of the plays. Without his excellent guidance and training, the plays could not have had such success. The Club was also happy to have been associated with Miss Fern McCracken, who took many of the female character roles. Class of June, 1956 9 First Row: Erario, Briggs, Diorio, Newton Second Row: Lydic, Krachman, Anton, Smyth Third Row: Sheitelman, Chadwick, Pearson, Bralczyk, Wybranski After much labor and debating over policies and procedures in meetings under the direction of Dr. Haskell, we have this to offer as our finished product. His strictness in making us work on sched¬ ule has made this " Corinthian " what it is. Without his rigorous and helpful, appreciated sug¬ gestions, we would have failed. Copy, as it was handed to Dr. Haskell, was sent to the Print Shop. Here, under the direction of Mr. Daffin, the linotype slugs were cast and the presses rolled to complete many months of tiring work. As you see here, Mr. Daffin, directing very capable Print Shop students has produced the ex¬ cellent job which he has always done on our publications. N First Row: Havira, Miller, Chadwick, Flanagan, Newton, Carola Second Row: D. Lewis, Breault, McGhee, Jones Third Row: Briggs, Costello, Corridoni Fourth Row: Darling, Shiels With a late start " The Girardian " organized and elected Richrd Chadwick editor-in-chief. In a succeeding meeting assistant editors Carl Havira and Joe Flanagan were voted into office. Mark Miller and Larry Carola as art editor and printing advisor respectively completed the staff. The Print Shop boys helped us with unselfish and unending efforts. Their skills, directed by Mr. Daffin, combined speed with accuracy till the last run came off the press. Mr. MacGregor, the capable sponsor, tied the loose ends together when any situation arose. He spent many long hours in correcting and editing copy, and in helping the editors. All worked hard side by side contributing their work to the Magazine; the result was two completed issues filled cover to cover with wri tings of literary quality and great local interest. 10 The Corinthian THE GIRARD NEWS Class of ' 56 on The News First Row: Shiels, Smith, Morgan, Wood, Roach, Pearson, Anton, Daring, Carola, Diorio, Titus, Stalford Second Row: Holzinger, Miller, Havira, Walendziewicz, Sheitelman, Newton, McGhee, Smeader, Zimring Third Row: Lydic, Fritz, Pelagatti, Batalsky, Ronczka, Wybranski, Lyons, Silavno Fourth Row: Smyth, Lewis, Bowman, Corridoni, Bertino This year, as a result of hard work and fine quality, " The Girard News " was accepted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a high honor for any high school newspaper. We wish to congratulate the entire staff and Dr. Haskell on this merited attainment. Our " News " was headed by Editors H. Frank Pearson, Howard Anton, Eugene Walendziewicz, and Abraham Sheitelman, all of whom kept the p ublication running smoothly. The " sports world " was always up-to-date with fine detail through the efforts of the Sport Editors Kent Lydic, Carl Havira, and their staff Fred Wood, Joe Morgan, John Smith, Ed Malumphy, Gus Pelagatti, and Bob Holzin¬ ger. Jerry Batalsky wrote the " Personalities " column, while Bill Darling and Stanley Wybranski kept us laughing with their " Ho-Hum " coulmn. John Smyth managed the exchange department so that other schools might enjoy the paper and Jon Newton ' s " Allenite " as much as we did. Special credit goes to Fred Zimring, Business Man¬ ager; Don McGhee, Printing Advisor; Mark Miller, Illustrator; Bill Smeader, Photographer; and Tony Diorio, Distribution Manager. Reporting on everyday facts and occurrences were Larry Carola, Pete Corridoni, Barry Lewis, Mitch Lyons, and Bill Stalford. The class and " News " Staff deeply appreciate the efforts of Dr. Raymond Haskell, sponsor, and Mr. M. Arnold Daffin, printing instructor, who had a great part in making the paper what it was. Special thanks go to the Alumni who have financed " The News " for several years. Class of June, 1956 First Row: Pelagatti, Dornbach, Silvono, Darling Second Row: Bertino, Nelson, Morgan, Hovira, Stalford, Batalsky Third Row: Smith, Flanagan, Taylor, Linthicum, Miller, Schoffstall, Walendziewicz Fourth Row : Corridoni, Worrell, Roach, Newlin, C. Brown, Walker, Wiggins, B. Lewis At the end of June, 1955, boy after boy tried his luck in gaining admission to the Glee Club. However, only a few made it. These, under the direction of Dr. Harry C. Banks, Jr., provided the student body with anthems on Sundays and during the Christmas Concert. Bob Newlin, a member of the Glee Club for two and a half years, presided over the group. Rich Linthicum, with his melodious voice , took on the job as Vice-President. The position of Secre¬ tary-Treasurer went to John Smith. Chuck Brown, the tall red-head with a deep voice, served as Li¬ brarian. The combined efforts of Bob Newlin, Dr. Banks, and the rest of the boys have made the Glee Club an outstanding organization in the College. STUDENT CENTER It is hard to thank Harry Price enough for the many hours he spent working assiduously in the Student Center. For more than half the year Harry had to act as bookkeeper, assistant manager, and manager—a heavy burden for anybody to carry. Despite these handicaps Harry steered the Center to another fine success. Working at his side were Bob Jones, Barry Lewis- and Ralph Bruno, who had the laborious jobs of counter heads All of them devoted many long hours keeping counters filled, workers in line, and customers happy. Martin Pustilnick also did a fine job as advertising manager. They deserve more praise than we can give them. Under Harry ' s leadership, plans were made to move the Center from Founder ' s Hall. This is the first major change proposed in a number of years. Sincere thanks are also extended to Mr. MacGregor, whose guidance and keen interest were in¬ valuable. Lewis, Bruno, Mr. MacGregor, Price, Jones CADET OFFICERS Back Row: Richner, C. Brown Sixth Row: Smith, Jones, V. Brown Fifth Row: Newlin, Lyons, Lydic, Newton, Wood, Molumphy, Anton, Smeader Fourth Row: Tevin, Diorio, Gorman, Pudimott, Morgon, Harbison, Walker, Lawson, Houghton Third Row: Botalsky, Hodgson, Worrell, Craun, Chadwick, Havira, Steinhoff Second Row: Carola, McGhee, Briggs, Corbin, Pelagatti, Steinhoff First Row: Flanagan, Boell, Stalford, York, Shelesky The Battalion was led this year by a competent staff with William Stalford, who worked constantly to better our military organization as Cadet Major. Captain of Recruits William Boell, Captain Inspector Joseph Flanagan, and Quartermaster Raymond Shelesky backed Major Stalford through a succesful year. Sergeant-Major Richard Houghton gave the orders for our snappy Color Guard assisted by Sergeant Quarter-Master Robert Harbison. Marching in front of their respective companies were Company-Commanders Donald McGhee, William Briggs, Carl Corbin, and Gus Pelagatti. The tension was high on the afternoon of January 13, as the first Competitive drill of the school year was held. Although every company gave a fine exhibition, there was a rearrangement of positions. In first came Co. B, followed by Co. D, Co. A, and Co. C. Founder ' s Day found the Battalion in close-order drill displaying its fine military qualities. The Echelon Platoon commanded by John D ' Alesandro thrilled Alumni and guests with an outstanding performance. With " Officers Center " , the battalion was commended by the distinguished guests of honor for a job well done. On June 8, competitive drill brought to an end the Friday afternoon drills for the school year 1955-56. We sincerely wish to thank Colonel Hamilton for working so hard to make the Battalion the fine organization that it is. CONCERT BAND Members in " 1956 " First Row: Ronczka, Wybranski, Becker, Nelson, Stone Second Row: Corridoni, Schoffstall, Miller, Taylor Third Row: Walendziewicz, Breault, Costello, Pearson It will be no easy task for the future Concert Band of Girard to surpass the record established by our band under the leadership of Captain Ralph Becker. The Concert Band of ' 56 has left us something to be proud of. They have left a good impression. The memorable music of the Christmas Concert will live in our hearts and minds forever. The resounding notes of " Sleigh Ride " drifting over the chapel at Christmas time, the inspiration of " Washington Post " and " Semper Fidel is " over the drill field, the popular music of the Saturday morning quartets, the band sounding off, the pass in review, our national anthem—these are the memories of the Concert Band that the Class will carry with them after graduation. The band, however, could not have been a success without the capable and experienced hand of our good director, Mr, Robert Morrison. We are all deeply grateful to him for all he did to make it a success. The officers chosen to lead the band in the school year ' 55 and ' 56 were elected with great care and consideration. They were Captain Ralph Becker, first lieutenants, Frank Pearson and Harry Taylor; second lieutenants, William Stone, Bruce Nelson, Mark Miller, and Peter Cos¬ tello. The drill sergeant was Peter Corridoni; the drum sergeant, Ted Breault. The remaining ser¬ geants were Joe Ronczka, Gene Walendziewicz, Allan Schoffstall, and Stan Wybranski. To these officers goes the credit for a job well done. The Corinthian SWING BAND Costello, Pearson, Becker, Breault, Nelson, Miller The Class of ' 56 will never cease to marvel at its Swing Band. The " Serenades " gave one great performance after another until they climbed to the top of the swing band history here. The Swing Band was led by the " King of Music, " Pete Costello. Pete was elected to his job in May, 1955 and he led his organization from the bottom to the top on a trail of musical glory. Pete wasn ' t just sat¬ isfied with a regular dance band; he searched and experimented with music and arrangements until he found the right effects. Pete covered the bass spot in the band with Ted Breault on the drums. Mark Miller, Bruce Nelson Ralph Becker, and Frank Pearson played the mellow notes of the saxophone section. Not to be overlooked were the capable managers of the band, Bernard Pudimott and Bob Wiggins. The vocalist was Bill Darling. A special feature of the Swing Band was the quintet of progressive-jazz musicians. It featured Ralph Becker, Mark Miller, Pete Costello, Frank Pearson, and Ted Breault. When intermission ap¬ peared at the " Flum " dances, the quintet took the floor to give a jam session that never will be for¬ gotten. The quintet captured the student body at the Revue with great favorites like the " Saints " their own rendition of Boch ' s " Fugue " , and " Christopher Columbus. " The quintet contributed to the reputation and accomplishments of the Swing Band. We appreciate all they did to make the " Seren- aders " a success. The " Serenades " gave so many wonderful performances that we will remember their music years after graduation. Remember the Senior class dances and Officers ' Hops? Remember the favor¬ ites like " Intermission Riff, " " Saint Louis Blues, " and " Joshua ' ? This is the music that will ring in our ears for years to come. It will echo through the ballroom of Founder ' s Hall long after we have left Outclass is proud of them all. Thanks a million, " Serenades, " and all success and good luck be yours after graduation. We ' ll not forget you. Class of June, 1956 15 W. 6. C. PROGRAM First Row: Pelagatti, Zimring, Darling, Newton, Anton, Smeader, Sheitelman Second Row : Pearson, Roach, McCabe Third Row: Schoffstall, Wiggins, Havira, Flanagan, Miller, Bertino, Smyth, Holzinger Fourth Row: Walendziewicz, Stalford, Batalsky, York, McGhee To the tune of " Jumpin ' Trumpet, " the W. G. C. theme song, the student radio program was brought to the High School each week. Broadcasting from the backstage of the high school audi¬ torium from 8:30 to 9:45 AM. on Monday mornings, W. G. C. gave all the up-to-date sports and campus news. Here the " Hero of the Week " was crowned for his glorious deed performed in the service of his fellow " hummers, " and the Student Center offered its specials to its patrons. The news, always the latest, the records the newest, and the jokes the oldest. The weekly broadcast was looked forward to by all. W. G. C. could not have been the success it was without its hard working staff of writers and announcers. At the head of the writing staff was Tom McCabe, along with Pelagatti, York, Smeader, McGhee, Holzinger, Bertino, Smyth, Zimring, Miller, Newton, Schoffstall, Walendziewicz, Batalsky, Sheitelman, and Malumphy. The announcing staff was headed by Bob Roach, with Melvin, Havira, Darling, Pearson, Flanagan, Taylor, Anton, and Stalford assisting. The Class of ' 56 is extremely proud of W. G. C. and its accomplishments. We feel that this was the most successful year the program has had since its organization. Our appreciation goes es¬ pecially to Mr. Henry V. Andrews, the faculty sponsor, and to the W. G. C. staff for the fine job that they did. 16 The Corinthian NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Bralczyk, Roach, Walendziewicz, McCabe Second Row: Price, Batalsky, Lydic, Sheitelman Third Row: Chadwick, Briggs, Pearson Fourth Row McGhee, Anton The National Honor Society consists of students in the secondary schools of the United States who possess the highest qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. In the Girard Chapter thirteen members of our class qual ified to maintain the high standards of this society. In our Junior year seven of our classmates were recognized by the preceding seniors. The in¬ ductions there brought in Tony Bralczyk, Kent Lydic, Tom McCabe, Harry Price, Bob Roach, Lou Sheitelman, and Gene Walendziewicz. In the following semester, after weeks of condensing, six new names were entered. They were Howard Anton, Jerome Batalsky, William Briggs, Richard Chadwick, Don McGhee, and Frank Pear¬ son. Under the sponsorship of the popular Dr. Wolf officers were elected during both the fall term and the spring term. Bob Roach and Richard Chadwick became acting presidents while Tony Bral¬ czyk held the vice-president ' s position during both terms. The secretary ' s job went to Gene Walend¬ ziewicz and Frank Pearson. To the members of the N. H. S. we tip our hats for they will be the leading citizens in their communities as they were here in Girard. ‘loss of June, 1956 17 RIFLE CLUB First Row: Loewer, Dornbach, Becker, Newton, Mr. Conklin Second Row Krachman, Roschak, Wybronski, B. Lewis, Smyth, Malumphy The Rifle Club, a new organization in the College, has been in existence about five years. Striving to hit o " Bull ' ' ot fifty feet, its members combine a sharp eye with precise co-ordination. Under the capable sponsorship of Mr. Howard Conklin, the Rifle Club held its practices in the Armory. Although they had only a short time to practice, they won their meet with the Haverford School. Special thanks go to its sponsor, Mr. Conklin, who has built up a valuable and interesting club here. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Krachman, Smeader, Smyth, Pearson The Photography Club works tirelessly toward the betterment of our school publications with their " on-the-spot " photos. In addition, the members are kept busy with the great demand and pressure of seniors wanting their films developed. Howard Krachman is the photographer for the " Corinthian. " We wish to express our thanks for his hard work and fine pictures. Bill Smeader is " The News " photographer. He also works very hard to have pictures ready for " The News. " Frank Pearson generally helps Bill and Howie with their work besides doing his own jobs. John Smyth is also a member of the club under the spon¬ sorship of Mr. Robert Gleason. i 18 The Corinthian Class Officers Junior Year Anthony Bralczyk William Stalford Robert Roach William Boell President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Senior Year Robert Melvin William Briggs Richard Chadwick Bernard Pudimott President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer National Honor Society Richard Chadwick and Robert Roach Acting Presidents Anthony Bralczyk . Vice-President Eugene T. Walendziewicz and H. Frank Pearson Secretary Student Government President of the Student Body Anthony Bralczyk SEniORS 20 The Corinthian ANTHONY LEON BRALCZYK (Tony) Born : July 2, 1938 321 W. Cherry St., Shenandoah, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: American Legion Award, ’5 3; President, Junior High; President, T. S. R. C.; President, Junior Class; Student Council, ’53, ’54; President, Student Council, ’5 5, ’56; Corresponding Secretary, Student Council, ’54, ’5 5; President, Student Body, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: The’ Phar¬ macist’s Mate, Captain of the Gate, and The Ghost of Benjamin Siveet; Na¬ tional Honor Society, ’5 5, ’56; Secretary, Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Corin¬ thian; Intramural Soccer Champs, ’5 5; All-Star Intramural Soccer, ’5 5. A great student-body leader and a pillar in many extra-curricular activities, Girard will miss Tony. His wonderful personality, his interests in his class, and his friendliness to all made him respected by the faculty and students alike. So long, Tony; the class will never forget you. Dear Fellow Girardians : Today marks the conclusion of my duties as President of the Student Body. Leading a stu¬ dent group is not an easy job, as many of you well realize. Through your individual support and con¬ fidence, however, many of our difficult problems were solved to the satisfaction of the students. A new Student Body President has aheady taken office. The burden of student government does not fall on him alone; it falls on each and every one of you. As students, student government is as much your job as it is his; he alone can not overcome the many difficulties that will arise. He needs the faith and confidence of the boys who elected him to office to enable him to perform his job well. Without such important assistance he can hardly be expected to do the required job. As undergraduates you will also be faced with the task of upholding Girard’s high stand¬ ards. The thousands of graduates who have gone before you have established a standard of educa¬ tion that is desired by many other high schools in the United States. The excellent reputation of Girard College goes before its graduates; it’s up to you to see that Girard keeps that reputation. Girard College is a great school; its students make it great. Now, at graduation, we are facing the golden door—the door to opportunity. And we know, deep in our hearts, just as you will know, that Girard has given us the material to mold its golden key. Class of June, 1956 21 ROBERT THOMAS MELVIN (Mel) President Born: December 21, 1938 1011 N. Main Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Course: General and Bookkeeping Activities: Student Council, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56; Chairman, School Committee, ’54, ’5 5; Chairman, Social Committee, 5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’53, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: Nicholas Nickleby, Christmas Carol, and O’Halloran’s Luck; Pres¬ ident, Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Student Faculty Committee, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; W. G. C., announcer, ’56. Bob, with his jovial personality and good-natured sense of humor, has been and always will be regarded in high esteem. A capable leader, he has filled his position with utmost efficiency. We sincerely hope that his future will be one of happiness and success. Farewell, Bob! May God bless you always. Dear Classmates, For ten years we have lived here together at Girard. During that time we have absorbed a fine education and the best principles of right manhood. We have completed our preliminary training and we now stand on the threshold of adult life. Perhaps the toughest years of manhood are the ones we now face—the first few. In these years we will make many decisions, decisions which were previously made by teachers or instruct¬ ors. These decisions soon fall into habits and the habits represent principles. If we are to select sound principles for our later life we must make sound decisions in our younger life. As we go forth into life, we leave behind our teachers, housemasters, and friends. But in a sense we can never leave Girard behind with its good name. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we are a product of this college. It is our ob¬ ligation to convince everyone with whom we come in contact that the product of Girard is ma¬ ture in every sense of the word. Before we depart, let us pause and thank the entire staff of Girard College, thank them for instilling in our minds the purest principles of morality. I would like also to express my sincere thanks to you, the class, for selecting me to serve you in the position of president. God bless and keep you always. [ inceve sif y,otwd, $oler ■Kelvin 22 The Corinthian WILLIAM ALBERT BRIGGS (Bill) Vice-President Born: March 18, 1939 1107 Tatum St., Woodbury, New Jersey Course: Academic and Carpentry Shop Activities: Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Editor-in-chief, Corinthian; Recruit Lieu¬ tenant, ’55; Captain, Co. B., ’55, ’56; Intramural Soccer Champions, ’55; Dramatic Club, ’56. Big in body but his heart was bigger. Broad in mind, his smile was broader. His effort on this booklet and other class services deserve onr deepest thanks. RICHARD ALAN CHADWICK (Chads) Born: March 23, 1939 605 Patton Avenue, Homestead, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Editor-in-chief, The Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Corinthian; Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Battalion, Echelon, ’5 5; Lieutenant, ’55, ’56; Intramural Soccer Champs, ’55; Gym, ’54, ’55. Athlete, scholar, leader, and true friend are all synonymous with the name Rich. He has made an outstanding mark here, and he has a place in the hearts of everyone of us because of his rich personality and fine qualities. BERNARD CHARLES PUDIMOTT (Puds) Treasurer Born: August 11, 193 8 406 Maple Street, Nanticoke, Pa. Course: General and Sheet Metal Activities: Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 56; Guidon Bearer, Co. A.; Battalion, 54, ’55; First Sergeant, Co. A., ’55, ’56; Manager, Swing Band, ’56; Gym, ’53, ’54, ’55. Earnest and hard-working in the gym and in everything else, he made a great treasurer. His devotion made him our friend. Good luck. Puds! HOWARD ANTON (Howie ' Born: July 27, 1939 113 S. 37th St., Philadelphia Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: First Prize in Herman C. Horn Essay Contest, ’5 3; Girardian Staff, ’52, ’53, ’54, ’55; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Editor, Girard News, ’5 5, 56 ; Book¬ keeper, Student Center, ’54, ’5 5; Recruit Lieutenant, Battalion, 5 5, ’56; Recording Secretary, Student Council, ’5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, 5 2, 5 3, 54, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: Nic rolas Nickleby, The Statue, Christmas Carol, Captain of the Gate, and Kings in Nomania; W. G. C., announcer, ’56; Editor, Corinthian, ' 56; National Honor Society, ’5 5, ’56. A tireless, capable worker with a quiet sense of humor, Howie is noted for getting things done in The Girard News, The Corinthian, and in Student Government. Despite his many activities, he was constantly on the Honor Roll. Class of June, 1956 23 JEROME N. BATALSKY (Jerry) Born: January 13, 1939 4868 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Battalion, ’52, ’53, ’54; Commissioned, ’5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’S3, ’54, ' 55, ’56; Student Center, ’S3, ’54; Assistant Bookkeeper, ’55, ’56; As¬ sistant Manager; W. G. C. writing staff, ’54, ’5 5, ' 56; Glee Club, ’54, ' 5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’54, ’55, ’56; Girardian, ’54, ’55, ’56; Third Prize, Ginger As- socation, ' SO; Herman C. Horn Essay Contest, Second Prize, ’54; John A. Campbell Third Prize, ’5 5. A congenial fellow and always ready to lend a band, Jerry was much treasured. His good judgment aided us many times. RALPH JOSEPH BECKER Ralph) Born: August 19, 193 8 5615 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, New Jersey Course: Academic and Stenographic Actitivies : Concert Band, ’52, ’S3, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Captain, Concert Band, ’5 5, ’56; Swing Band, ’53, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Secretary, Rifle Club, ’54, ’5 5; Rifle Club, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; President, Rifle Club, ’56; Intramural Soccer Champs, ’5 5; All- Star Intramural Soccer, ’5 5. Always ready for a little fun, bis sincerity and cheerfulness leave a lasting memory. NICHOLAS JOHN BERTINO (Bert) Born: February 11, 1938 145 W. 5th Avenue, Conshohocken, Pa. Course: General and Print Shop Activities: Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Cast; O ' Halloran ' s Luck; W. G. C., ' 5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’55; Glee Club, ’55, ’56; Battalion, Sergeant, ’55, ’56. Bert has always found time for fun all the way. Even when the going was tough, his was a smile. Our class will surely miss his friendly wit and good humor. THOMAS EDWARD BILHEIMER (Tom) Born: December 8, 193 8 1110 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, Pa. Course: General and Electric Shop Although timid and shy in social affairs, Tom was enthusiastic and aggressive in other activities. 24 The Corinthian WILLIAM HENRY BOELL (Reds) Born: August 25, 1938 4626 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Pattern Making Activities: Treasurer, Junior Class, ’5 5; Echelon, ’53, ’54; Lieutenant Quarter¬ master, ’54, ’5 5; Captain of Recruits, ’5 5, ’56; Swimming, ’53, ’54, ’5 5; Soccer, ’53, ’54; Senior Life Saving, ’54. " Reds” is small in stature but big in heart. A true friend, his athletic ability teas exceeded only by his sense of humor and loyalty. WILLIAM ARTHUR BOOKER (Bill) Born: June 11, 193 8 121 Green Street, Malvern, Pa. Course: General and Electric Shop His promptness earned him the nickname of " Speedy. " A reserved personality, he was always in perfect harmony with every activity he attempted. THEODORE EDWARD BREAULT (Ted) Born: March 7, 1938 612 5 Broadway, New York City, New York Course: General and Stenographic Activities: Concert Band, ’52 to ’56; Swing Band, ’5 5, ’56; Drum Sergeant, Concert Band, ’5 5, ’56; Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; First Prize, Manual Arts Award. An excellent drummer, Ted gave freely of his time and efforts to both bands. His joviality helped us smooth over many difficulties. CHARLES LEE BROWN (Chuck) Bom: October 6, 1938 R. D. 1, Penn Run, Pa. Course: General and Auto Shop Activities: Glee Club, Treasurer, ’55, ’56; Lieutenant, Battalion, ’55,’56. " Chuck " was in good voice in the Glee Club and full of tricks when wrestling. His careful attitude and calmness will be a benefit to him in the world outside. Class of June, 1956 25 VIRGIL ALFRED BROWN (Virg) Born: January 13, 1938 29 E. Gay St., West Chester, Pa. Course: General and Auto Shop Activities: Sergeant, Battalion, ’53, ’54; Lieutenant, Battalion, ’5 5, ’56; Junior Life Saving, ’54; Senior Life Saving, ’5 5; Echelon, ’54, ’5 5; Cheer Leader, ’5 5, ’56. A happy-go-lucky but a devoted friend. Trusting everyone, he earned our highest esteem. Good luck, " Virg”! RALPH GEORGE BRUNO, Jr. (Ralph) Born: June 5, 1938 1617 N. Lang Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Sergeant, Battalion, Co. A., ’54, ’5 5; Echelon, ’5 5; Second Prize, Joseph G. Simcock Award. When congenial Ralph Bruno leaves, classmates and his numerous " flames” will miss him. Whenever a helping hand was needed, Ralph supplied it gladly. LAWRENCE DOMENIC CAROLA (Larry) Born: August 10, 193 8 416 University Boulevard, Oak Valley, Woodbury Heights, New Jersey Course: General and Print Shop Activities: Band, ’51, ’52; Echelon, ’5 5; Jesse B. Manbeck Prize for Printing; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Sergeant, Battalion, Co. C., ’54, ’5 5; Lieutenant, Battal¬ ion, Co. C., ’5 5, ’56; Junior Life Saving; Senior Life Saving; Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Printing Advisor, Girardian, ’5 5, ’56. Larry is the smallest in stature in the class, but not small otherwise. Here is personality plus, friendship everywhere, and willingness to work hard. With these great gifts, he can’t help making good in life. CARL WILLIAM CORBIN (Bill) Born: March 25, 1939 516 Reganhardt Avenue, Moorestown, New Jersey Course: General and Auto Shop Activities: Battalion, ’54 to ’56; Sergeant in Color Guard, Flag Bearer, 54, 5 5 ; Captain, Co. C., ’5 5, ' 56; Junior Life Saving; Senior Life Saving; Swimming, ’54, ’55. . With good looks and carefree nature, Bill will always be a remembered class¬ mate and friend. Great luck to a swell guy. 26 The Corinthian PETER LAWRENCE CORRIDONI (Pete) Born : July 28, 1938 498 Broad St., Pittston, Pa. Course: General and Electric Shop Activities: Concert Band, ’53 to ’56; Glee Club, ’54 to ’56; Sergeant Drum Major, Concert Band, ’55, ’56; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Girardian, ’56. In the band, on the campus, and in school, Pete proved himself to be a hard worker. PETER FRANCIS COSTELLO (Costie) Born: July 7, 1938 439 N. Irving Avenue, Scranton 10, Pa. Course: General and Bookkeeping Activities: Concert Band, ’52 to ’56; Lieutenant, Concert Band, ' 5 5, ’56; Swing Band, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Leader, Swing Band, ’5 5, ’56; Photography Club, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Contributor to Girardian, ’5 5. Pete’s musical ability and sincerity made him one of the most respected and best liked. His merry mood and willingness to help out will enable him to go far after graduation. WILLIAM GORDON CRANE (Bill) Born: August 26, 1938 2928 Elliott St., Baltimore, Maryland Course: General and Electric Shop Activities: Battalion, Co. C., Sergeant, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Band, ’51 to ’54; Senior Life Saving. Bill is a quiet hummer with an interest in automobiles. His quietness, many times, is overcome, but one can hear him cheering wholeheartedly for his swimming-team mates. He will be remembered by the class. JAMES EDWARD CRAUN (Reb) Born: November 23, 1937 2943 Dinwiddie St., Arlington, Va. Course: General and Sheet Metal Activities: Senior Life Saving; Sergeant, Battalion, ’54, ’5 5; Lieutenant, Battal¬ ion, ’55, ’56; Student Council, ’55, ’56; Echelon, ’54, 5 5 ; Wrestling, 55; Dramatic Club, Cast: Where ’er We Go, ’56. Eddie, with his carefree ways and southern personality, has made life a happy one for himself and his innumerable friends. We can never forget such an amiable fellow, and we hope that he will lead a happy life. Class of June, 1956 27 WILLIAM TOWNER DARLING (Bill Born: March 22, 1939 102 Clay St., Tamaqua, Pa. Course: General ar.d Sheet Metal Activities: Dramatic Club, ’J3, ’54, ’55, 56; Cast: Nicholas Nickleby, The Statue, The Christmas Carol, and Captain of the Gate; W. G. C. announcer, ’55, ’56; Girard News, ’54, ’55, ’56; Glee Club, ’54, ’55, ' 56; Sergeant, Battal¬ ion, ' 52 to ' 56; Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’5 5; Junior Life Saving. Bill uas the " perennial joker.” No difficult situation could keep his sense of humor down. Bill will certainly be missed. ANTHONY JOSEPH DIORIO (Tony) Born: December 22, 1938 506 East Avenue, Glenside, Pa. Course: General and Print Shop Activities: Dramatic Club, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: The Statue and O ' Halloran ' s Luck; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Editor-in-chief, Corinthian; Sergeant, Battal¬ ion, ’53-’56; Guidon, Co. A., ’55, ’56. An important figure in the printing and publications department, Tony’s time and effort were always needed and given generously. At home on any dance floor, Tony was the " ladies’ man” from every angle. So long, " Mr. Personality.” GEORGE SEBASTIAN DORNBACH (George) Born: September 13, 1938 819 Walnut St., Shamokin, Pa. Course: Academic and Machine Shop Activities: Glee Club, ’55, ’56; Rifle Club, ’55, ’56; Concert Band, 53, 54; Sergeant, Battalion, ’5 5, ’56. Bidding for first in the race of smallest class members, George was neither small in friendliness nor in activity. A typical " hummer " all the way, George will remain in our hearts forever. THOMAS HOMER ECKARD (Tom) Born: August 10, 193 8 2106 4th St., Altoona, Pa. Course: General and Drafting Activities: Rifle Club, ’5 5, ’56; Sergeant, Battalion, ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’5 5. Tom has proven his worth both as a marksman on the firing range and as a Thespian on the stage. Best of luck always. Keep aiming for the best that life holds. 28 The Corinthian JAMES VINCENT ERARIO (Jim) Born: May 6, 193 8 2 512 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey Course: General and Drafting Activities : Battalion, ’51 to ’56; Lieutenant, ' 5 5, ’56; Firing Squad, ’5 5; Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: O’Halloran ' s Luck; Gym ) ’5 5; First Prize, Poster Contest, ’56. Always the object of a lot of teasing, Jim has taken it good-naturedly. Unself¬ ish, friendly, and of extremely high character, he will go far. ANDREW JOSEPH ERMILIO Andy) Born: May 7, 1939 2208 S. Darien St., Philadelphia Course: General and Carpentry Activities: Student Center, ’5 5, ’56; Battalion, Co. B. Andy is the jovial, easy-going type of friend who can always brighten any situation. For his amiability Andy will always stand out among our happiest memories. JOSEPH CLIFFORD FLANAGAN (Joe) Born: July 29, 1938 3228 Tilton St., Philadelphia Course: General and Pattern Shop Activities: Glee Club, ’55, ’56; W. G. C. announcer, ’55, ’56; The Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Lieutenant, Recruits, ’53, ’54; Echelon, ’54; Lieutenant, Co. C., 54, ’5 5; Captain Inspector, ’55, ’56; Student Council, ’54, 5 5; Chairman, House Committee, ’5 5; Baseball, ’5 5; Intramural Basketball, ’5 6. Joe will always be remembered for his leadership in both sports and school activities. His sincerity on the baseball diamond and jovial sense of humor make him one who will not be forgotten. EDWARD JOSEPH FRITZ (Ed) Born: May 18, 193 8 3220 Wellington St., Philadelphia Course: Academic and Drafting Activities: Lieutenant, Battalion, ’5 5, ’56; Color Guard, ’5 5, 56; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Track, ’54. Ed’s carefree personality and happy-go-lucky spirit tabled him " tops " with ns. Always ready for a good time, he will be long remembered. Class of June, 1956 29 ROBERT DAVID HARBISON (Herb) Born: February 12, 1939 28 Evergreen Avenue, Mantua, New Jersey Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Corporal, Battalion, ’5 5; Echelon, ’5 5; Second Place, Individual Competitive Drill; Sergeant Quartermaster, Color Guard, ’56; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Gym, ’54, ’5 5; Soccer, ’54; All-Independent Team, ’5 5. Herb’s various athletic achievements, plus his fine spirit, have made him an able co-captain of the soccer team. With his friendly personality, he has made good with the fair ones. CARL RAYMOND HAVIRA (Huv) Born: August 9, 1938 503 Blackman Street, Wilkes Barre, Pa. Course: Academic and Pattern Shop Activities: Lieutenant, Co. B., ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’54, ’5 5; Girard News, Sports Editor, ’56; Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’5 3, 54, ’55, ’56; Cast: Nicholas Nickleby and The Ghost of Benjamin Sweet ; W. G. C. announcer, ’55, ’56; Senior Life Saving, ’54; 150 yd. individual medley record, ’55; 150 yd. medley relay record, ’5 5; Swimming, ’53, ’54, ’5 5. The class record-breaker in the pool. Sincere and generous, Carl gave of his time and efforts to the betterment of the class. We wish him the best of everything. DONALD HEMPEL (Don) Born: October 28, 1938 20146 Runnymede St., Canoga Park, California Course: General and Electrical Shop Activities: Rifle Club, ’5 5, ’56. Don is the quiet worker and wide reader. His interests in radio and electronics will help a lot in future years. GARY IVOR HODGSON (Hodge) Born: September 16, 1937 22 Central Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Course: General and Bookkeeping Activities: Sergeant, Co. C., ’53, ’54; Sergeant, Color Guard, ’54, ’5 5; Lieu¬ tenant, Co. A., ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’52, ’53; Basketball, ’5 5; Baseball, ’5 5; In¬ tramural Basketball, ’56. With a bright smile and funny remark, Gary could always be found where there was fun. A well-rounded personality and a true friend. 30 The Corinthian ROBERT HOLZINGER (Hose) Born: December 11, 1939 348 Church St., Reading, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Battalion, ’53 to ’55; W. G. C., ’56; Girard News, ’55, ’56. Although Girard’s answer to George Mikan sometimes came in for some occas¬ ional " razberries,” he has earned everybody’s respect by taking them with a grin. The Coach tvill find it hard to fill " Hose’s” shoes on next year’s basketball RICHARD HOUGHTON (Rich) Born: January 30, 1939 2518 N. 5th St., Philadelphia Course: General and Pattern Making Activities: Battalion, Corporal, ’54; Battalion, Sergeant, ’5 5; Echelon, ’54, ’5 5; First Place, Individual Competitive Drill, ’5 5; Sergeant Major, Color Guard, ’56; Gym, ’54; Senior Life Saving, ’5 5. An Adonis of the class. Rich proved to be an asset in any athletic competition he entered. Along with this athletic ability he has a well-rounded personality and a great sense of humor. Good luck to a swell fellow! HARRY JOHNSON (Johnny) Born: November 18, 1938 45 5 S. 60th St., Philadelphia Course: General and Sheet Metal Activities: Sergeant, Co. D., ’5 5, ’56; Intramural All-Star Basketball Team, 54, ’55; Soccer, ’54; All-Independent Team, ’55; All-Scholastic, Second Team, ’5 5 ; Baseball, ’5 5. Here is another of Girard’s energetic athletes who is a bag of tricks on the soccer field and an almost flawless baseball player. He ivill be remembered as one of Girard’s best ball players. ROBERT WAYNE JONES (Jonesy) Born: June 25, 1939 329 Ezra Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Sergeant, Battalion,, Co. C„ ’55; Recruit Lieutenant, 5 5, 56 ; Girardian,’ 55,’56. . There are many New Englanders in the College, almost all of them on tin Faculty. One exception is reliable, tenacious Bob Jones. Bob is a good example of Yankee dependability. Class of June, 1956 31 D ONALD JAMES KOLTISKA )Kuz Born: May 5, 1938 219 E. Patterson St., Lansford, Pa. Course: General and Print Shop Activities: Echelon, ’15; Sergeant, Co. A., ’5 5, ’56; Baseball, ’5 5. Tell " Kuz " a stale joke and you’ll think you’re the best comedian in the world. This quality is one that has gained " Khz " many friends and one that will continue to help him in life. HOWARD ELLIS KRACHMAN I Howie i Born: June 12, 1938 406 Moore Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Machine Shop Activities: Rifle Club, ’54, ’55, ' 51.; Senior Life Saving, ’54; Photography Club, ’54, ’55, ’56; Swimming, ’53, ’54, ’55. Howie’s photography ability and willingness to dig were a great asset to the class. A great help in the success of this book, Howie’s efforts will not be forgotten. JERRY LIVINGSTONE LAWSON Jerry) Born: January 12, 1939 2324 A Chamberlain Village, Quantico, Virginia Course: General and Pattern Shop Activities: Ethel and Harry Daroff Memorial Prize, ’5 5; Sergeant, Battalion, Guidon, Co. C., ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’5 5; Soccer, ’54; Basketball, ’5 5. Girard willl look bard to find a better basketball player than ferry and twice as hard for one who trusts everyone as he does. His constant sincerity isn t limited to the court alone; it covers all his undertakings. BARRY EDWARD LEWIS (Barry) Born: January 12, 1939 1228 Wright’s Lane, West Chester, Pa. Course: Academic and Carpentry Activities: Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: O’Halloran’s Luck, Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Glee Club, ’55, ’56; Rifle Club, ’54, ’55, ’56; Junior Life Saving, 54. Anger is rare here, fust a happy-go-lucky pal—that’s Barry. 32 The Corinthian To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize, To honor while you strike him down, The foe that comes with fearless eyes CLASS OF Class of June, 1956 33 To count the life of battle good And dear the land that gave you birth. And dearer yet the brotherhood That binds the brave of all the earth. —Sir Sidney Newbolc 34 The Corinthian DONALD FREDERICK LEWIS ( Don Born: October 29, 1938 Box 6, Lyndall, West Chester County, Pa. Course: Academic and Sheet Metal Activities : Rifle Club, ’35, ’56; W. G. C., ’56; Girardian, ’56; Sergeant, Battal¬ ion; Echelon, ’5 5. Don’s undying perseverance finished many hard tasks, and he was always ready to face another. He’s a certain success. RICHARD WILLIAM LINTHICUM (Lin) Born : October 21, 193 8 4400 Teesdale Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Course: General and Pattern Shop Activities: Corporal, Co. B., Battalion, ’5 5; Glee Club, ’54, ’5 5, 56; Vice- President, Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Battalion, Echelon, ’5 5, ’56. Rich has been one of the " brighter flowers’ ' of the musical world with his fine bass voice and success in the choir. The ease with which he makes friends will carry him through a full and happy life. ROBERT GLENN LONG Bob Born: May 29, 1939 1723 Hunnell St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Course: General and Bookkeeping Activities: Echelon, ’53, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Single Competitive Drill, ’56; Junior Life Saving, ’5 1; Senior Life Saving, ’56; Sergeant, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; All-Intra¬ mural Champs, ’5 5; Intramural Soccer, and Intramural Baseball, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Rifle Club, ’56; Swimming, ’5 5. S ailing and being willing to have fun made Bob a true friend to all. RICHARD KENT LYDIC (Kent ' Born: November 20, 1937 518 Keystone Avenue, Cresson, Pa. Zourse: General and Bookkeeping ctivities: Girard News, ’54, ’55; Co-Sports Editor, ’55, ’56; Edward Henry 3ood Sportsmanship Award, ’53; Echelon, ’54, ’55; First Sergeant, Co. B., 55 56; National Honor Society, ’5 5; Student Council, ’5 3, ’5 4, 5 5, 56; Corres .onding Secretary, Student Council, ’56; Athletic Committee, ’56; Commis ioner of Intramural Soccer; Corinthian, 56; Track, 53, 54, 5 5, as it sail, ’5 J. , . , I is genuine concern for the class endeared him everywhere. And Kent new et it get the best of him. Class of June, 1956 35 MITCHELL LYONS t Mitch Born: August 7, 1938 4820 N. Warnock St., Philadelphia Course: General and Sheet Metal Activities: Sergeant, Battalion, Co. C., ' 54; Recruit Lieutenant, ’5 5, ’56; Firing Squad, ’56; Junior Life Saving, ’54; Echelon, ’54, ’5 5. Mitch possesses a sense of humor not found in many people, for he can take a joke as well as make one. If he uses the determination he has shown in gym, Mitch will go far. EDWARD DREIFUSS MALUMPHY ( Ed Born: March 4, 1938 5308 E. Yale St., Phoenix, Arizona Course: General and Drafting Activities: Sergeant, Co. B., ’54; Non-Commissioned Lieutenant, Co. B., ’5 5; Echelon, ’55; Recruit Lieutenant, ’56; Rifle Club, ’55, ’56; Intramural All- Star Basketball, ’5 5; W. G. C., ’56. Unselfishness, good judgment, athletic prowess, and character gave iis this fellow we are so proud to call " classmate and friend.” THOMAS McCABE (Moc) Born: June 29, 1939 225 North 9th Street, Allentown, Pa. Course: Academic and Electric Shop Activities: Chief Writer, W. G. C., ’56; Dramatic Club; National Honor Society, ’56; Echelon, ’56. His superior ability made any problem easy. With everything else came his profound integrity. DONALD BRUCE McGHEE (Don) Born: September 7, 1938 30 E. Harris Avenue, Moorcstown, New Jersey Course: Academic and Print Shop Activities: First and Second, Girard Ginger Association Scout Prizes; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ' 56; W. G. C., ’56; Lieutenant, Battalion, Co. A., ’54, ’55; Captain, Battalion, Co. A., ’55, ’56; All-Intramural Soccer, ’5 5; All-Intramural Champs, ’54; Rifle Club, ’54, 5 5 ; National Honor Society; Gym, ’54, ’5 5. Don is a rare combination of dreamer and " dynamo.” No issue of The Girard- ian was complete without one of his fine poems. But Don was more often seen aggressively captaining Company A or bringing glory to the gym team. 36 The Corinthian MARK WAYNE MILLER ' Mark ' Born: July 18, 1938 768 E. Mario Street, Ephrata, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Concert Band, ’52- ' 56; Swing Band, ’5 5, ’56; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’54-’56; Illustrating Editor, ’5 5, ‘56; GirarJian, ’54-’56; Art Editor, ’55, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’54-’56; 2nd Lieutenant, Concert Band, ’5 5, ’56; W. G. C., ’5 5; Entertainment Committee, ’54-’56; Chairman, ’5 5, ’56. Mark has two great assets: sense of humor and artistic ability. Coupled with his sincerity and friendliness, he will go far. JOSEPH JULIUS MIRON ' Joe ' Born: August 5, 1938 1441 Summit Avenue, Lin wood. Pa. Course: General and Clerical Activities: Sergeant, Battalion, ’56; Senior Life Saving, 5 5; Student Center, ’56; Wrestling, ’55. Joe ' s happy-go-lucky mood and helpful attitude made a big bit with the class. His wrestling ability and bard work in extra activities will always be re¬ membered. JOSEPH ROBERT MORGAN ' Moe ' Born: October 5, 1938 65 Franklin Avenue, Tunkhannock, Pa. Course: General and Clerical Activities: Echelon, ’5 5; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; First Sergeant, Co. C-, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’54- ' 56; Wrestling, ’53, ’54 ’55; Track, ’55; Second Prize. Poster Contest. Joe has the distinguished honor of being Girard ' s first wrestling champion in the school ' s history. Once off the mat he ' s a ball of humor constantly bubbling over with energy. WILLIAM LOUIS MOROZ ( Bill i Born: September 21, 1939 11762 Percheron Road, Shamrock Park, Garden Grove, California C ourse: General and Automotive Activities: Gym, ’54, ’5 5. If Bill will build his career and life in the same perfection model planes and ships, he will be very successful. We will cheerful smile and wit. be has attained in miss Bill with bis Class of June, 1956 37 JUNIUS BRUCE NELSON (Brucel Born: November 15, 1938 1587 Independence Road, Camden 4, New Jersey Course: General and Auto Shop Activities: Swing Band, ’55, ’56; Glee Club, ’55, ’56; Concert Band; Dramatic Club; Cast: Our Town; Swimming ’53, ’5 5. Bruce’s musical ability and willingness to have fun labeled him as a true friend. He will be remembered by the Class of ’56. ROBERT MARKS NEWLIN (Bob) Born: June 23, 193 8 149-18 Bayside Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. Course: General and Carpentry Shop Activities: Battalion, ’54-’S6; Sergeant, ’55; Color Guard, ’56; Echelon, ’54; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; President, Glee Club, ’56; Stage Manager, Dramatic Club, ’55, ’56; Student Center, ’56; Track, ’55. Bob can often be seen practicing with the gym team, exercising his vocal chords in the Glee Club, or running his legs off at track work-out. This tall, good-looking classmate has a wonderful personality with his cheerful smile and happy attitude. All of us wish him success in the years to come. JON VALIANT NEWTON (Jon) Born: July 22, 1938 116 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, N. J. Course: Academic and Carpentry Shop Activities: Battalion, Sergeant, Co. D., ’54, ’55; Lieutenant, Recruits, ’55, ’56; Echelon, ’5 5; Girard News, ’54-’56; Corinthian, ’56; Winner, Charles W. Law- ser Prize, ’55; Winner, Daniel Fink Essay Award, ’55; Rifle Club, ’54-’56; Girardian, ’5 5, ’56; Firing Squad, ’56. An exceptionally clever writer, Jon gave us many chuckles with his disserta¬ tions on " Hum Life. " His sense of humor smoothed over every difficult situation. THOMAS JOSEPH PANFILI (Tom) Born: January 14, 1940 3143 North Fox Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Drafting Activities: Echelon, ’56; Battalion, ’54, ’55, ’56; Intramural Basketball, ’56. We will remember Tom for his friendly smile and manner. Behind his quiet facade, there’s an interesting mind that can brief you on the latest cars and on what the sharp dSetters are wearing. 38 The Corinthian HERMAN FRANK PEARSON (Frank) Born: December 2 5, 1938 204 Barker Street, Ridley Park, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Concert Band, ’52-’56; Girard News, ' 55; Editor, Girard News, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’54-’56; Cast: Pharmacist ' s Mate; Photography Club, ’56; Girardian, ’56; First Lieutenant, Concert Band, ’56; Intramural Soccer Champs, ’54, ’55; W. G. C., ’55, ’56; Corinthian, Photographer; Secretary, N. H. S. A great success in everything he undertook, Frank was a respected and well liked classmate. He was a friend too. GIUSTINO PELAGATTI (Gus) Born: October 31, 193 8 6154 Webster Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Carpentry Activities: Intramural Soccer All-Stars, ’5 3; Echelon, ’54; Battalion, Recruit Lieutenant, ’54; First Lieutenant, Co. D., 5 5; Captain, Co. D., ’5 5, ’56; Jun¬ ior Life Saving; Dramatic Club; Cast: O’Halloran’s Luck; W. G. C., Soccer Writer, ’5 5; Girard News, Assistant Sports Editor, ’5 5, ’5 6; Glee Club, ’54- ’56; Swimming, ’5 5. With his musical talents, athletic achievements, and quality of leadership, Gus has made his life at Girard most successful. We extend wishes for the best that life can hold for a swell fellow. HARRY EWART PRICE (Harry) Born: October 28, 1938 99-12 65th Road, Forest Hills, Long Island, N. Y. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Battalion, ’52-’5 5; Student Center, ’5 3- ’5 6; Student Center Man¬ ager, ’55, ’56; Student Council, ’55, ’56; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’53-’56; National Honor Society, ’55, ’56. Our memories of Harry will always reveal the great job he did in the store. His character sparkles with undeniable honesty and whole-hearted cooperation. MARTIN PUSTILNICK ( Pusty) Born: October 23, 1938 719 West Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia Course: General and Print Shop Activities: Sergeant, Battalion, ’53- 56; Guidon, Co. C., ’5 5, ’56; Echelon. 1 5 3_’5 5 ; Intramural Basketball All-Star Team, ’54; Intramural Soccer All Star Team, ’5 3; Advertising Manager of the Student Center, 5 5, 5 6. His all-round knowledge, superb ability in sports, and " one-and-only " char¬ acter here made " Cat " a friend of all. We shall never forget him or his unique statements. ;|qss of June, 1956 39 GEORGE BENJAMIN RICHNER (Ben) Born: April 12, 19J 8 806 Bunker Hill Avenue, Trenton 8, New Jersey Course: General and Clerical Activities: Student Center, ’5l-’S3; Band, ’S1 53; Recruit Lieutenant, ’54- ’56; Fencing, ’5 5. One of Coach Rothberg’s fencers, Ben turned in a fine performance. On the dance floor he was smooth and popular with both sexes. ROBERT ALTON ROACH (Bob) Born: July 2, 1938 21 Franklin St., Clymer, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenography Activities: Dramatic Club, ’5 5, ’56; Cast: Pharmacist’s Mate, and O’Halloran’s Luck; Vice-President, Dramatic Club; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, ’5 5; National Honor Society, ’5 5, ’56; President, ’56; Student Council, ’54-’56; Vice-President, Student Body, ' 56; Secretary, Student Coun¬ cil, ’54, ’5 5; W. G. C., Director of Announcers; Swimming, ' 5 3, ’54, ’5 5. Bob is the epitome of friendliness. Perpetually gay, humorous, and athletic, he was also famous for his scholastic achievements. RICHARD BRAMWELL ROBERTS ' Colonel» Born: August 1, 193 8 110 Virginia Avenue, Appalachia, Virginia Course: General and Auto Shop Activities: Concert Band, ’51 -’54; Battalion, Co. D., Sergeant, 56. " Colonel” is a persistent fellow with many fine, humorous traits. JOSEPH PETER RONCZKA (Joe) Born: November 22, 1939 154 N. 24th Street, Camden 5, 1934 Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Sergeant, Band, ' 55, ’56; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Girardian, ’55, ‘56; Rifle Club, ' 54,’55. Joe ' s sincerity and interest in " Hum " life made him popular and respected. Lots of luck to a swell classmate. 40 The Corinthian ALAN MILTON SCHOFFSTALL (AH Born : March 20, 1939 319 Geary Avenue, New Cumberland, Pa. Course: Academic and Clerical Activities: Concert Band, ’52-’56; Concert Band Award, ’5 5; Dramatic Club, ’53S6; Cast: Nicholas Nickleby, and The Statue; Glee Club, ’5 5, ' 56; Ger man Club, ’53; Student Center, ’55, ’56; W. G. C., writer, ’56. Not often in the limelight, Al was engaged in many Girard activities. The Concert Band, Student Center, and Girardian benefited from h ' s efforts. Industrious and intelligent, he’s a sure success. ABRAHAM LOUIS SHEITELMAN I Lou f Born: May 17, 1938 1430 North Franklin Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Stenography Activities: Girard News, ’54-’56; Girard News, Editor, ’5 5, 56; Corinthian, ’56; Echelon, ’55; W. G. C., ’55, ’56; German Club, ’52-’54; Dramatic Club: Cast: Nicholas Nickleby, O’Halloran’s Luck, and Kings in Nomania. Quiet, reserved, and friendly, Abe’s sincerity and good judgment made the man. There will never be another like him. RAYMOND JOHN SHELESKY (Shoz) Born: May 29, 1939 60 Pearl Street, Lock Haven, Pa. Course: Academic and Pattern Shop Activities: Sergeant, Drill Team, ’54; Life Saving, ’54; Recruit Lieutenant, ’55; Lieutenant Quartermaster of Staff, ’56; Baseball, ’55. The quiet, scholastic athlete who attacks all problems good naturedly. " Sinn ' ' is the picture of modesty every place he goes and in everything he does. ROY STEWART SHI ELS (Roy) Born: May 10, 1939 510 Garfield Avenue, Folcroft, Pa. Course: General and Pattern Shop Activities: Rifle Club, ’54- 56; German Club, ’53, ’54; Girard News, 54- 56; Research Editor, Girard News, ’56; The Girardian, ’56; Battal.on, Sergeant, quiet lense of humor and a friendly manner were Roy ' s most distinguishing hallmarks. Our class will miss him. Class of June, 1956 41 NICHOLAS JOSEPH SILVANO (Nick) Born : March 31, 1939 2604 South Hutchinson Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Sheet Metal Shop Activities: Battalion, Sergeant, Co. D., ' S3, ' 54; Lieutenant, Co. C., ' 55, ’56; Echelon, ’54, ’5 5; Junior Life Saving, ’54; Senior Life Saving, ’5 5; Glee Club, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’5 5, ’56. Nick’s soccer ability and friendliness made him a classmate never-to-be- forgotten. Easy going and always smiling, he will be missed. WILLIAM GEORGE SMEADER (Bill) Born: September 9, 193 8 1520 Louden Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Electric Shop Activities: Dramatic Club, ’5 5; Cast: O’Halloran’s Luck; Senior Life Saving, ’5 5; Photography Club, ’54, ’5 5; Treasurer, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’5 5; Photo¬ grapher, ’56; W. G. C. writer, ’55, ’56; Sergeant, Battalion, ’55; Recruit Lieu¬ tenant, ' 56; Student Center, ’5 5; Echelon, ’5 5; Wrestling, ’5 5. Never a thoughtless word to anyone. Bill’s skill on the mat and his fleasing and helpful personality leave an empty spot in our hearts. JOHN WOODROW HARRIS SMITH (John) Born: February 11, 1939 2241 Comegys Avenue, Scranton 9, Pa. Course: Academic and Clerical Activities: Glee Club, ’5 5; Secretary, Glee Club, ’56; Echelon, ’5 3, 54, 5 5 ; Recruit Lieutenant; Student Council, ’52, ’5 3; Girard News, ’56. John is the personality of the class. When he’s around, he’s the center of every conversation or activity. The person isn’t born who can’t smile at his antics. JOHN SMYTH (Jock) Born: June 22, 1939 5602 Stewart Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Printing Activities : Rifle Club, ’55, ’56; Photography Club, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ' 5 5, Exchanges, ’56; John E. Rogers Prize, ’5 5; Echelon, ’56; Printing Advisor, Corinthian, ’56; Intramural Soccer Champions, ’54, ’5 5; Writer, W.G.C., ’56. The quie t smile that carried Jack dutifully through his activities sparkedi friendliness at Girard. It will be this unchangeable mood of gaiety and simple integrity that will linger in our hearts forever. 42 The Corinthian JOHN PAUL SNYDER (John ' Born: June 26, 1939 2267 Kennedy Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Carpentry Activities: Dramatic Club, Cast: O’Halloran’s Luck, ’5 5; Treasurer, ’54. John’s sense of humor, serious ways, good working habits, and personality will be his assets. WILLIAM JOSEPH STALFORD (Bill ' Born: March 9, 193 8 7008 Oakley Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Pattern Making Activities: Glee Club, ’55, ’56; W. G. C., ’55, ’56; Battalion, Echelon, 52, 53 ; Sergeant Quartermaster, Color Guard, ’5 3, ’54; Captain-Adjutant, ’54, 5 5 ; Cadet Major, ' 5 5, ’56; Vice-President, Junior Class, ’54, ’5 5; Second Prize, Manual Arts Award; Student Council, ’5 5, ’56; Reporter, Girard News, Sec¬ ond Prize, Single Competitive Drill, ’52; Soccer, ’54; Baseball, 55; Gym, ’54, ’55. Bill was devotion itself to school and classmate; a leader on the athletic field and in the battalion. GEORGE ARTHUR STEINHOFF (George) Born: April 28, 193 8 1549 West 27th Place, Cleveland, Ohio Course: Academic and Drafting Activities: Battalion, Echelon, ’54, ’5 5; Sergeant, ’5 5; First Lieutenant, ' 5 5, ’56; Ethel and Harry Daroff Memorial Prize; Penn Relays; Gym ’54, ’55; Track, ’5 5; Senior Life Saving, ’54. George’s athletic ability and friendliness made his ideal personality. His be¬ coming smile and yet serious manner made traits we would be proud to possess. WILLIAM HOWARD STONE (Bill l Born: October 8, 193 8 2007 N. Marshall Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Sheet Metal Activities: Concert Band, ’53-’56; Second Lieutenant, Band, ’5 5 Quiet, friendly, honest describe " Rocky.” He bothered no one but helped Class of June, 1956 43 HARRY JOSEPH TAYLOR (Hari Born : April 10, 1939 2644 N. Fairhill Street, Philadelphia Course : Academic and Sheet Metal Activities : Concert Band, ’52-’S6; First Lieutenant, Concert Band, ' 5 3, ' 56; Glee Club, ' 55, ' 56; Swing Band, ’53-’56; Announcer, W. G. C., ' 5 5, ' 56; Girard News, ' 5 5, ' 56; First Place, Yale Trophy, Sabre, ' 5 5, ' 56; Intramural Basketball All-Stars, ' S3; Fencing, ' S3, ' 54, ' 5 5. Besides being the " debonair” Casanova who could give an extemporaneous speech on " How to Get a Girl and Keep Her” Harry helped bring the Yale Trophy to Girard by capturing first place in the sabre competition. His trom¬ bone was an asset too. JOHN WILLIAM TEVIN Bill» Born: April 29, 1939 4300 Marple Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Carpentry Shop Activities: Junior and Senior Life Saving, ' 54, ' 5 5; Echelon, ' 53, ' 54, ' 5 5; Guidon, Co. B., ' 5 5; Dramatic Club, ’5 5; Cheerleader, ' 5 5; Sergeant, Battalion, ’54, ’55. Here is " personality plus " in a garnet cheerleading sweater. Always ready with the things we didn ' t know, he will be remembered for these and other talents. EUGENE THOMAS WALENDZIEWICZ (Gene Born: December 21, 193 8 605 Jones Street, Nanticoke, Pa. Course: Academic and Stenographic Activities: Concert Band, ’52-’56; Glee Club, ’54- 56; Girard News, Reporter, ’54-’56; News Editor, ’5 5, ’56; Dramatic Club, ’53, ' 54 ’5 5; Cast: Nicholas Nickleby, Pharmacist’s Mate, and Captain of the Gate-, Sergeant, Band, ' 5 5, ' 56; National Honor Society, ’55, ’56; Secretary, N. H. S., ’5 5, ’56; Secretary, S-l, ’55; Joseph A. Campbell Award; Student Center, ’5 5, ' 56. Scholarly, hard-working Gene has been in many activities and has done very well in all of them. It will not surprise us if some day his address will be Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, N. J. CHARLES GREGORY WALKER (Chali Born: January 14, 1939 2302 B. Beachend Road, Philadelphia Course: General and Clerical Activities: Battalion, Echelon, ' 54, ' 5 5; Sergeant, ’54- ' 56; Dramatic Club, ’53-’56; Glee Club, ’55, ’56; Student Council, ’53; Track, ’54. Charlie was a success in everything he attempted. Well liked and friendly to all; that’s Charlie. 44 The Corinthian WILLIAM LOYD WEHRUNG (Bill) Born: November 28, 1938 1946 Elston St., Philadelphia Course: General and Drafting Activities: Intramural Basketball, ’56. Although restricted for several years, Bill has attained an amazingly natural ability in all sports. His warm and radiant personality has contributed to a friendship here that will never die. ROBERT SAMUEL WIGGINS (Bob ' Born: November 11, 1937 1405 South 5 8th Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Electrical Shop Activities: Glee Club, ’53-’56; Dramatic Club, ’54-’56; W. G. C., 54 ’55, ’56; Girard News, ’55, ’56; Swing Band, ’55, ’56. Cheerful, unselfish, always smiling. He never let a tough situation get the best of him. The best of everything should be his henceforth. EDWARD JOHN WITKOWSKI (Wit) Born: March 7, 1939 1209 Reynolds Ave., Scranton, Pa. Course: General and Cabinet Making Activities: Echelon, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Sergeant, Co. A., 5 5, ’56; All-Intramural Soccer, ’5 5; Commissioner, Intramural Softball, ’56; Basketball, 5 5. A synonym for " Wit” is neatness. On and off the basketball court he has everything in order. His thoughtfulness also is a quality that will carry him well though life. FREDERICK WILLIAM WOOD (Woody) Born: October 28, 1938 444 Butler Street, Philadelphia Course: Academic and Clerical Activities: Recruit Lieutenant, ’5 5, ’56; Echelon, 54, 5 5 ; Girard News, 54- 56; Baseball, ’5 5; All-Independent Team, ’5 5; All-Scholastic, First Team, ’5 5. " Woody’s ” friendship toward all of us and his scholastic honors are exceeded only by his fine athletic contributions to Girard. He truly is a good example of Stephen Girard’s greatest expectations. Class of June, 1956 45 JON TIMOTHY WORRELL (Tim) Born: August 26, 1937 1S8 Main Street, Vincentown, New Jersey •Course: General and Pattern Shop Actii Hies: Battalion, Echelon, ’52, ’53, ’54, ’5 5; Corporal, Co. D., ’53, ’54; Sergeant, ’54, ’5 5; First Lieutenant, Co. B., ’5 5, ’56; Glee Club ’54-’56; Secretary of Class, S-2; All-Independent Team, ’5 5; All-Scholastic, Second Team, ’5 5; Basketball, ’54; Baseball, ’5 5. Always willing to take a joke and have fun, Tim was a great friend and classmate. His terrific soccer ability and good looks will carry him far. STANLEY ANTHONY WYBRANSKI (Stan) Born: December 6, 1938 288 N. Main Street, Ambler, Pa. Course: Academic and Drafting Activities: Concert Band, ’52-’56; Sergeant, Concert Band, ’5 5, ’56; Girard News, ’54, ’5 5, ’56; Student Center, ’5 5, ’56; Rifle Club, ’54- ’56; Girardian, ’5 5, ' 56; President, Conservation Club, ’56; Corinthian, ’56. S tan was responsible for a lot of the fun we had. Sincere in everything he was never too busy to listen. MICHAEL EXAREZ YORK (Mike) Born: April 24, 193 8 5 536 Litchfield Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Battalion, Clerk, ’54-’56; Student Center, ’54-’56; Senior Life Saving, ’54; Water Safety Aid, ’5 5; Writer, W. G. C., ’5 5, ’56; Swimming, ’54, ’55. We will remember Mike for his cooperation and his dry sense of humor, which were not affected by being one of Coach Jones’ best divers. FRED RICHARD ZIMRING (Fred) Born: February 13, 1939 2107 N. Hobart Street, Philadelphia Course: General and Clerical Activities: W. G. C., ’55, ’56; Girard News, Business Manager, ’56; Girard News, ’54, ’5 5, Lieutenant, Recruits, ’5 5. Fred is our authority on almost all sports because of his active participation in them and keen knowledge of them. He is one who has suffered because we don’t have football, but we’ll be looking for him on a college roster in a few years. 46 The Corinthian Vak uttij Uyujotzi. . . . Tap, tap, tap, credit. I mean what? It’s automatic. Why don’t you take a walk down the hall, get a drink, and change your attitude? What’s troubling you, mister? Iz zat impor’ant? Take the part of Cascar. Take the part of Portiar. Now the Colmstock lode. There I go again getting my hands dirty. Please boys, let’s co-operate? Look in your Woolley. Intake, compression, power, exhaust. My Machines! Fellows, some one is chewing gum. Say, fellows, I mean I don’t have the authority. Can’t talk to me like that; I’m a housemaster. Don gimmie dat stuff. Hey! Hey! Hey! Those who wish to continue their education on a collegiate level feel free to make yourself known at any time. It will manifest itself as a given amount of guff! Apples! Apples! Apples! You’re slipping mitder. Get me a vanilla Mister Big and a box of Helps. I have a letter from a Girard boy’s mother. Phht, hold it, gaw ahead. Why do they call him Zimbo? A riding Academy, a beach, and an amusement park. Bankah Hall, clap, clap, Lafahettc. We arc not maids. We arc waitressess. No schteemies! Battery to button, button to bell, bell back to the other side of the battery! The bundles are falling! Mr. McCloud; the bundles are falling! O.K. girls, let’s play house. Whoa! Heart! OOOO Ah don’t know theah, professah. Explode the preposition and put a box around its object. Miller’s the name. I’ll buy that. Hit that ball hard. Gimme a chocolate-covered stick and a candy bar with nuts. Tomorrow will be too late. Ah know, see. Take five. I don’t give a rap! How do you get that way? This is a Democracy, mister. I’ll go on with Macbeth, but you have to take notes. I ' ll chase it see. Fellas! Fellas! Anyone who talks during this examination may his Thanksgiving vacation. Class of June, 1956 47 144 iSzcfUzatl’i . . . Mr. Dennis . a relative in perfect health. Dr. Zeil . a rap. Mr. Zdanowicz twins. Dr. Wolf . . a seat in the U. N. Dr. Haskell . a " Tom Brown at Girard.” Dr. White . stock in the Plaza Hotel. Mr. Sungenis . vaca-shon. Dr. Presson escalators. Mr. Wagner a pack of Rameses cigarettes. Mr. Schoell . a year’s supply of life savers. Mr. Holman . a complete book of answers. Mr. Andrews . automatic hand raisers. Mr. Miller ammunition. Mr. Shirley . .... a second mistake. Mr. March . a closet opening form the inside. Mr. Heck . buttons and bells. Mr. Shuster a gold mine. Mr. Focht . “ dictionary of exclamatory remarks. Mr. Morrow . elbow grease for his hand engine. Mr. Daffin . helper. Mr. Rotan . safety devices. Mr. Conklin a ten-point buck. Mr. Pereira . someone who didn’t get " that way.” Miss McGhee . a tea party at the White House. Dr. Dulebohn . a St. Bernard. Mr. Wilson seven ram’s horns. Mr. Morrison . a musical contract with the Wilson Line. Colonel Hamilton . anew megaphone. Mr. Wolstenholme . the r W ht combination. Mr. Jones Johnny Weismuller. Mr. Bradley enough gym shorts. Mr. Nicholson the Concert Band • Mr. MacGregor . 2d ' hour scho ° l da ‘ Mr. Lander une demoiselle. Mr. Cunningham . Bermuda shorts and plaid knee socks. Mr. Newhard ' « P eas - Mr. McCloud . authority. Miss Goodrich red sails in the sunset. 48 The Corinthian Anton Batalsky Becker Bertino Bilheimer Boell Booker Bralczyk Breaulr Briggs Brown, C. Brown, V. Bruno Carola Chadwick Corbin Corridoni Costello Crane Craun Darling Diorio Dornbach Eckard Erario Ermilio Flanagan Fritz Harbison Havira Hempel Hodgson Holzinger Houghton Johnson Jones Krachman Koltiska Lawson Lewis, D. Linthicum Long Lydic Lyons a convincing actor with a limited vocabulary a " well-rounded” fellow . lost in a snow storm . boisterous tall, dark, and handsome a gay continental visualizing the flag looking alive a ballet dancer losing his head not checking oil not mumbling a center for the Warriors sending for the " Atlas” course . neutral working over the week-end chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission . dieting with a New England accent contented bald not dieting master at the S-l vs. J-l spelling bee . class singer . conservative . cringing starting a youth movement on a Latin-American cruise a landlubber enjoying classical music in his crucial moment at Yankee Stadium off the floor a timid lingerie salesman following Tarzan with the Cassius look . with 20 20 vision a fluent speaker . mannerly a suave cosmopolite . a soprano a Martian down-to-earth under a bridge Class of June, 1956 49 1 may Cue? Malumphy without a girl McCabe thrown to the lions McGhee one of the crowd Melvin losing an argument Miller dating " Tokyo Rose " Miron one °f the Budweiser horses Morgan pinned Moroz with earrings Nelson . .. practicing Newlin borrowing Newton wrestling unlimited p an fili abstaining from ca e Pearson mixing bugles and caviar Pelagatti at Waterloo p r i ce a Wall-Street magnate Pudimott . a second " Schultzie” Pustilnick refined Ridbner i° n g !n Hallahan Roach caught for words Roberts a Southern colonel Ronczka a live-wire Schoffstall a " bouncer” in a night club Sheitelman with a manly stride Shelesky hairy SHids emotionally shocked Silvano among the corn rows Smeader a Metropolitan Opera star Smith " tassitern” Smyth not explaining bis impersonations Snyder replacing Walter Wine hell Stalford without bis " f ellas " Steinhoff ma y° r °f Munich Stone filibustering Taylor gift-wrapped Tevin . without Nancy Walendziewicz prompt Wa lk er self-sufficient Well rung . in,h duU Wiggins , 1™ “ Witkowski trtppmg tin light fantastu Wood sha ? e Worrell ., Wybranski playing reindeer games with lockjaw Zimring. selling watermelons 50 The Corinthian Class of June, 1956 51 52 The Corinthian Left to Right: Mr. Wileman, Mrs. Wileman, Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Bradley, Mr. Bradley, Miss Knapp Joan Kimmel, Bob Melvin In preparation for our social life, dancing instructions in the small gymnasium first put the Class of ' 56 diligently in step. After eight weeks of " slide, close, slide " and " dicky, dicky, one, " we were ready to demon¬ strate our skill at our first coke party. Everyone agreed that it was fun and that we should have an¬ other. At our second party we found that we had gone far in overcoming clumsy feet. Our afternoon parties soon became evenings of fun and frolic when we had our first Junior Dance on November 5, 1954. After that it was easy. Soon we approached our February fourth dance with confidence, and we were sorry when our Junior social life came to a close with the completion of our June third dance. September 30, 1955 found us stepping out to our first Senior Dance. With great anticipation our second Senior Dance came on February third. Scattered in and about our class dances were the Canteen, Swing Band, and Cadet Officers ' Hops. These delighted everyone be¬ cause the Seniors and Juniors got acquainted on the dance floor. Now, as we approach our Commence¬ ment Dance, we would like to extend our sin¬ cere thanks to our hosts and hostesses, Mr. and Mrs. Wileman, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, and Mrs. Hartman. Deep gratitude goes to Miss McGhee for her sincere interest and tireless efforts in making our dances the success that they were. Miss Miriam McGhee Director of Social Instruction Class of June, 1956 53 54 The Corinthian SOCCER First Row: Pelagatti, Silvano, Boell, Harbison, Fritz, Pustilnick Second Row: Hodgson, Smith, Taylor, Houghton, Flanagan, Lawson, Newlin, Steinhoff, Stalford Wood, Shelesky, Johnson, Worrell Our victories came against opposition such as Frankford, West Chester, Reading, Westtown, and Swarthmore high schools and the Junior Varsity of the University of Pennsylvania. The rival game with Northeast was played for once on our home field; a large crowd viewed one of the best high school games of the year. The only score that could do justice to the teams that played that day was a 0-0 tie. It was that score that honored the effort of the two teams. Another scoreless tie was recorded after two extra periods of play with the " Plebes " of Annapolis. The one game lost was the one viewed annually by our student body on our opponents ' field. In this game North Catholic scored the winning goal in the final seconds to break the 1 -1 tie. One of the highlights of the year came when we punished Upper Darby 3-0; on the following day they became PIAA Soccer Champs. Offensively we scored 33 goals in 13 games, an average of slightly over two and a half goals per game. The three linemen whose combined scoring included more than half of the goals were Jerry Lawson, Bill Stalford, and Harry Johnson. There were nine others who scored and showed the depth of the line. " Reds " Boell, co-captain, Joe Flanagan, Nick Silvano, George Steinhoff, Gene Buck and Cliff Crosbee combined their goals to make our line a dangerous offensive attack. In the back field we had one of the best bulwarks of defeats the College has ever had. The four goals that were scored upon us averaged less than one-third goal per game. Half of our defend¬ ers attained a position on one of our city ' s honored teams. In the halfback positions were Ray Shel¬ esky Martin Pustilnick, John Smith, Ed Fritz, Joe Mancuso and our other co-captain, Bob Harbison. Playing behind the halfbacks in the two fullback positions were Rich Houghton and Fred Wood, these boys deflected many an offensive threat. Tim Worrell and Gary Hodgson topped off the ster¬ ling defense in the v ital position of goaltender. On the All-Scholastic and All-Independent teams chosen to honor the year ' s outstanding performers, we had four members. Fred Wood, was first-string All-Scholastic with H°rry Johnson ond T,m Worrell following on the second squad. On the All-Independent team were Bob Horbtson and the three mentioned above. Class of June, 1956 55 BASEBALL First Row: Mr. Hartman, Crosbee, Gruerio, Skojec, Evans, Wood, Johnson, Flanagan Second Row: Havira, Shelesky, Hodgson, Malumphy, Lawson, Worrell, Wybranski, West, Stalford The baseball team of 1956 was composed of almost all the lettermen of the previous year; a squad that finished with a 5-5 record. Old blood in the line-up along with a new coaching staff of Mr. Hartman and Mr. Cooper were the chief factors is this year ' s successful campaign. In the batting order, Harry Johnson, Joe Flanagan, Bill Stalford, Gary Hodgson, and Tim Worrell led the offense with batting averages all over .300. On the defensive side both the infield and outfield were complimented again and again by the opposition for their fine fielding and ball hawking. Fred Wood captained the team and led the superb infield net of Tim Worrell, Harry Johnson, Joe Flanagan, Jerry Lawson, Stan Wybranski, Bill Skojec, and Don Koltiska to a highly successful season. The fleetness of Ray Shelesky, Bill Stal¬ ford, Nelson West, Carl Havira, and Ed Malumphy caused many to call this year ' s outfield the best we ' ve had for some time. A pitching staff of only three members would be the downfall of many teams but not with our varsity hurlers. Cliff Crosbee, Gary Hodgson, and Dick Zenda retired many a side in relief and held the opposition to innumerable hitless innings. Not only will graduation be a sad day for the Seniors, but also for the baseball team, for they lose 12 of their 14 lettermen. However big the loss may be, Mr. Hartman and Mr. Cooper will again drive through with another fine year that will be typical of Girard baseball teams. 56 The Corinthian SWIMMING First Row: Cuningham, Lally, Hansen, Angell, Barrett, Davis, Keiser Second Row: Hartman, Krachman, Long, Havira, R. Roach, Boell, Batalsky, J. Roach Third Row : Mr. Jones, York, Crane, Tevin, Pelagatti, Lewis, Nelson, Wherry The ' 56 tankmen proved they had record-breaking in their blood. Guided by Carl Hovira, cap¬ tain, and Bob Roach, co-captain, they smashed seven records. Carl had a hand in breaking four records and Bob three. The real power of the team came in its size. The Seniors contributed thirteen " fish " to its number. Strong in every event, the team grabbed eight wins in eleven tries. Proudly we point at the claim they hold to fourth place in Pennsylvania, which they secured after edging out the tradi¬ tional rival, Allentown, for the first time in the last decade. To begin a new relationship, Bain- bndge barely fell at our hands. Among the other opponents to drop meets to the mermen were Northeast, Merchantville, Reading, George School, Westtown, and Germantown Academy. The first of the marks to fall was the 150 medley with Carl Havira breezing through in 1 -47-7 Not leaving well enough alone, he brought it down to 1:47:6, 1:47:5, and 1:47:3. Bob Roach had the 100 freestyle record, 55.9, and followed up by bolstering the 200 freestyle relay team. The rest of the relay team, Boell, as well as Juniors Hansen and Hartman, forced the record down to a blazing 1:41:0. In a ' new event, the 200 medley team of J. Roach, Pelagatti, Krachman, and Hav¬ ira set a respectable mark of 2:03:7. Producing the body and experience to guide the team to such an effective season were Nel¬ son and York, the capable divers; Long, backstroker, Crane, Lewis, and Corbin. Doubling as Junior Varsity coaches were Bill Tevin and Jerry Batalsky. Nothing should be said about the team without a word of praise for Coach Jones. The exper- jence he gained with a previous Girard team was aptly applied to the tankmen. We pn the coach in saying good-bye to a bunch of strong athletes and to one of the greatest swimming teams that ever hit the pool. Class of June, 1956 57 TRACK First Row : Hansen, Stidham, Cusatis, Pharo, Castle, Blizzard Second Row: Young (Mgr. i, Fritz, Pelagatti, Perazelli, Hartman, Schley, Wood, Johnson, Buck, Woomer, Walker, Erario Third Row: Mr. Bradley, Lydic, Steinhoff, Newlin, Wiggins, Jones, Morgan, Darling, Chadwick, Briggs, Wehrung, York, Pearson, Zimring With the dawning of March and the completion of winter sports, the ' 56 track try-outs and pre-season warm-ups began. The most many could boast of in these early practices were fatigue and sore muscles. Soon the kinks left and we were in reasonable shape to enter our first meet. While the stopwatches were clicked and tapes were stretched, an assortment of good times and distances appeared. Kent Lydic and George Steinhoff were elected captain and co-captain respectively. Kent, living up to all expectations, came through wilh a fine exhibition. He and Gus Pela¬ gatti were responsible for many of the places we got in the sprinting events. Gus also contributed thoroughly in the low hurdles. George Steinhoff showed us his stuff in the 220-yard dash, but main¬ ly in the 440, a grueling run for anyone. In another difficult event, the high hurdles, Bob Newlin excelled. When the mass of half-milers crossed the finish line. Bob Wiggins always appeared with those in the lead. The " find of the year " was Frank Pearson, who, running the mile for the first sea¬ son, always managed to come near the five-minute mark. Matching him stride for stride was Joe Morgan. We were equally fortunate in the field events. Captain Kent Lydic led the team in both broad jump and the pole vault. For the second year in a row, Kent bettered the school record in the pole vault, ending well over eleven feet. Putting the shot over 40 feet, Rich Chadwick and Fred Zimring combined form with force. Charlie Walker contributed a fine showing in the high-jump, continu¬ ously looming around the five-and-a-half-foot mark. This successful season would never have been possible without the help of many under classmen, for instance, " Ace quarter miler " Bruce Perazelli, and sprinter Johnny Hansen. More than any other though, we owe a great deal of thanks to Coach Bradley for both his fine know¬ ledge of the sport and his deep-rooted interest in all of us. 58 The Corinthian BASKETBALL First Row: Wood, Lydic Second Row: Guerio (Mgr.), Worrell, Hodgson, Witkowski, Shelesky Third Row: Lawson, Vrable, Holzinger, Pearson, Koltiska, Mr. Zdanawicz Recovering from opening heortbreakers, the 1955-56 basketball team regained its stride in the February campaign to establish the best record in ten years. The closing record of 10-4 con be trac¬ ed back to teamwork, experience, and the superb coaching of Paul Zdanowicz. The season began when several of the weaker opponents turned the tables into hair-raising one-point upsets. By the end of January the 4-3 record dropped the optimism of the squad to a bit¬ ter determination After the sole loss in February to Temple Prep, teams of all calibers were pushed out of the armory. Beginning with Church Farm and then in rapid succession Germantown Friends, at the lime 9-1 George School, Haverford, Central, one of the city ' s best teams, and finally West- town the total of six straight victories were achieved. In th course of the season other notable teams were beaten: Penn Charter and Episcopal; the champion and co-champion of the Inter-Ac. To have an outstanding season, there must naturally be certain places where the team is outstanding One of these was in rebounding. Fortunately we had four fellows: Jerry Lawson Bob Holzinqer Kent Lydic and Frank Pearson, who captured over 75 rebounds. Scoring honors followed the some pattern every game with Jerry Lawson on top followed by Ed Witkowski and Bob Holzinger. As an exception to most teams the defense is what broke most of the opponents. Harassing forwards such as Fred Wood, Ray Shelesky, Tim Worrell, Ed Witkowski, and Kent Lydic backed up by the heights of Don Koltiska, " Chuck " Vrabel, Frank Pearson, Jerry Lawson, and Bob Holzinger forced the opposition to make their one shot count. To the team of next yeor we leave a string of six v,clones, an excellent manager. Tony Gruerio, and a collegiate coach, Paul Zdanowicz. Class of June, 1956 59 WRESTLING First Row: Drasher, Dornbach, Aldinger, McDevitt, Senick Second Row: Morgan, Craun, Wood Third Row: Mr. Bradley, Abele, Zimring, Smeader, C. Brown, Di Batista The Girard wrestling team, growing like a weed, has established a name as one of the most- feared, up-and-coming teams in our area. Evidence of the fact arose at the Episcopal Invitational Tournament, in which the number of points was over twice that of the previous year and the very strong and powerful Junior High team that turned out a " terrific " season. Under Mr. Bradley and the morale building of the captain, Joe Morgan, the varsity squad once again came out with a winning record of 6-5. The five big leaders in scoring for the year were Captain Joe Morgan and Girard Senick, each of whom had 33 points. Joe Morgan was the champion of the 127 lb. division the previous year, and Girard Senick is the only undefeated, untied, and present Episcopal Invitional Champion on the team. George Dornbach, then second place man in his division at the tournament, followed by leaders with 29 points. Behind them came McDevitt and " Chuck " Brown, two members who were consistent throughout the entire year. Behind these constant winners were Ed Craun and Fred Zim¬ ring, both of whom captured third place at the Invitational Tournament. Other members of the team who did not place in the tournament, but who turned in fine season records, were Bill Smeader, Carl Drasher, Bob Aldinger, Rocco DiBattista, Wilbur Abele, and Gene Buck. The job of manager posed a big problem since this year ' s squad was so large but Glenn Ritchey and George Young did a very capable job in all phases of the position. 60 The Corinthian GYM First Row: Long, Pudimott, Stott Second Row: Erario, Moroz, Morrow, Steinhoff, Zenda, Staiford, McGhee Third Row: Corbin, Newlin, Bralczyk, Chadwick, Wehrung With the passing of every new year at Girard, words like, " semis, " " stits, " " planches, " and " carems " became a little more familiar to us. Of course, these terms could have come from only one place—the gym. For the last four years our class has had heavy participation in this sport. Al¬ ways ready to try a new trick, we learned fast and gained valuable experience. By the Junior year, we had eleven members on the team. This large squad produced its share of stars. " Puds " Pudimott, the able captain, led the gym¬ nasts on the mats; unexcelled tumbling routine dazzled all the spectators. On the horse and par¬ allel bars we had Rich Chadwick and George Steinhoff respectively. Don McGhee and Bill Staiford took most of the honors on the rings. To support these, we had Bill Moroz, Rich Houghton, Bob New¬ lin and Bill Wehrung. The Class of 1957 helped us along with two good gymnasts, Dick Zenda and Pat Kerry. Dick helped us on all the pieces and Pat with excellent tumbling. The ' 54- ' 55 season saw the gym team with a 5-2 record. With a tougher schedule in 55- 56 and some bad breaks the team still maintained wins over losses with a 5-4 record. Some doy, perhops in the not-too-distont future, you will be reading one of these athletes ' names in the sports section after he has won a gold medal in the Olympics. We expect |ust tha . Class of June, 1956 61 FENCING Third Row: Heany, deCamera, Finn Second Row: Colland, Markauskas, Vanderoar, Mr. Rothberg First Row: Toylor, Richner Again Mr. Rothberg ' s team of talented fencers accomplished a successful season in their climb to the Yale Trophy, Pennsylvania ' s equivalent of the state championship. The trophy and final record of 6-1 climaxed Captain Harry Taylor ' s and Ben Richner ' s magnificent performances for Girard. The combined record of the two state champions is 46-6 with the losses coming from college competition only. Supporting help was given by Wayne Vanderaar, the third state champ¬ ion, Al Markauskas, " Chuck " Finn, John Colland, John DeCamera, and the very capable manager Jim Heaney. YALE TROPHY WINNERS, ' 56 Richner, Taylor, Vanderaar 62 The Corinthian First Row: Wybronski, Haviro, Becker, Chadwick Second Row: Briggs, Pearson, Roach, Schoffstall, Smyth, Bralczyk For two years in succession the Class of ' 56 has taken the intramural soccer championship. J-l got the " bacon " in ' 54; then S-l, with almost exactly the same team captured the title for the ' 55 season. Firing the ball at the opponents ' goal were Carl " Ace " Havira, Bob Roach, Frank Pearson, Richard Chadwick, Tony Bralczyk, and Jack Smyth. Playing the middle of the field were Bob Hol- zinger, Stan Wybronski, and Al Schoffstall. Our defense was composed of Bill Briggs and Don McGhee, fullbacks, and that renowned goaltender, Captain Ralph Becker, guarding our goal. The peak of the ' 55 season came when the redoubtable " Black Knights " were challenged by the Junior Varsity team. Rich Chadwick dented their net with a hard left drive, but shortly after that they retaliated. " Ace " Havira made the next scoring drive. At the end of the last quarter the " Black Knights " were victors again. Front Row : Flanagan, Walker, Hodgson Back Row: Bruno, Wehrung, Ronczka, Shiels, Newlin The final whistle of the play-off game found the S-2 team the Intramural Basket¬ ball Champions for the 1955-56 season. They claimed this victory over the S-3 team with a final score of 48-30. The team consisted of center C. Walk¬ er, guards Gary Hodgson and Joe Flanagan, and forwards Ronczka, Darling, and Shiels. Bill Wehrung and Bob Newlin played several limes also. The team played fast and fair throughout the season, with C. Walker, Gary Hodgson, and Joe Flanagan the average high- scorers respectively. Class of June, 1956 63 LETTERMEN OF ' 56 First Row : Harbison, Taylor, Wood, Roach, Havira, Morgan, Pudimott, Steinhoff, Lydic, Lawson Second Row: Hclzinger, Nelson, Craun, Batalsky, Silvano, Dornback, Pelagatti, Johnson, Richner, Walker Third Row: Houghton, Fritz, Long, Hodgson, Stalford, Flanagan, Moroz, D. Lewis, Smeader Fourth Row : Worrell, Wybranski, Koltiska, C. Brown, Boell, Shelesky, McGhee, York, Malumphy, Wehrung Fifth Row: Krachman, Erario, Wiggins, Corbin, Witkowski, Newlin, Bralczyk, Chadwick, Pearson BASEBALL Flanagan .. ' 55, ' 56 Havira . ' 56 Hodgson .. ' 55, ' 56 Johnson . ' 55, ' 56 Koltiska . ' 55 Lawson . ' 56 Malumphy . ' 56 Shelesky . ' 55, ' 56 Stalford . ' 55, ' 56 Wood . ' 55, ' 56 Worrell . ' 55, ' 56 Wybranski . ' 56 SOCCER Boell . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55 Flanacan . ' 55 Fritz " . ' 55 Harbison . ' 54, ' 55 Hodgson . ' 55 Houghton .. ' 55 Johnson . ' 54, ' 55 Lawson . ' 54, ' 55 Pelagatti . ' 55 Pustilmck . ' 55 Shelesky .. ' 55 Silvano ... . ' 55 Smith . ' 55 Stalford . ' 54, ' 55 Steinhoff . ' 55 Worrell . ' 55 Wood . ' 55 TRACK Chadwick . ' 56 Fritz . ' 54 Lydic . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Morgan . ' 55, ' 56 Moroz . ' 56 Newlin . ' 55, ' 56 Pearson . ' 56 Pelagatti . ' 56 Steinhoff . ' 55, ' 56 Wiggins .. ' 56 Zimring . • ' 56 BASKETBALL Hodgson. ' 55 Holzinger . ' 56 Koltiska . ' 56 Lawson .. ' 55, ' 56 Lydic . ' 55, ' 56 Peorson . ' 56 Shelesky . ' 56 Witkowski . ' 55, ' 56 Worrell . ' 55, ' 56 Wood . ' 56 WRESTLING Brown . ' 56 Craun . ' 55, ' 56 Dornbach . 56 Miron . 55 Morgan . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Smeader .. ' 55, 56 Zimring . 56 Total Varsity Letters —152 SWIMMING Batalsky . 56 Boell . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Corbin . ' 54 ( ' 55 Crone. ' 56 Hovira . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Krachman . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Lewis, D. ' 56 Long . ' 55, ' 56 Nelson. ' 52, ' 53, ' 55, ' 56 Pelagatti . ' 55, ' 56 Roach . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 York . ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 GYMNASTICS Bralczyk . ' 56 Chadwick . ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Erario, Mgr. ' 55, ' 56 Harbison . ' 54, ' 55 Houghton . ' 54 McGhee. ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Moroz . ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Newlin . ' 56 Pudimott . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Stalford . ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 Steinhoff. ' 54, ' 55. ' 56 Wehrung . ' 56 FENCING Richner . ' 55, ' 56 Taylor . ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, ' 56 64 The Corinthian The booming voice across the Junior School playground : " Worrell, your mother will meet you on the other side of the bridge. " Hum clothes — knickers, khakies (kikies), and caterpillar coats Messers’ night Farewell to the camp among the Poconos Cure-all pills for broken ankles The music-filled, noontime air. Merchant and its midnight " bayonet” raids The ones who didn’t make it Timing the Chapel speaker The flashing flash bulb, the stumbling of feet, the clicking of lights, and, " What’s going on in here? " Friday night academy award winners and special short selections Bordeaux’ mirrors The youth movement Backstage goings-on at Wednesday play rehearsal. Punching holes with Mr. Corrigan A pianist who wouldn’t play without a written program for all The echoing voice of a mysterious loudspeaker in the third floor singing, " Don’t let the kittle get in! " Forty-five men in the telephone booth—Senior Class dance tomorrow night WGC—Thumping of balls, stvishing of nets Room Inspection Cake That abominable third floor Elsa — extras, tirades and operatic solos 6:58 Morning short-cut for all the late risers Those downhearted expressions following mailcall Studying in Center—Pool sharks, soda sops, and popcorn The orderly Basic Ec. classes Friday afternoon strict disciplinary training with the " Batty " Our social life—fixed elimination dances and ivarm cokes The " Slop Shop " Keep off the grass contest The invincible Black Knights of S-l Exams, bum week, Commencement, and Farewell When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name He marks not that you won or lost hut how you played the game. —Grantland Rice

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