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JANUARY-R50 1 0 0 0 TVe S ttcnect ta The High School All educated men are not college graduates, nor are all college graduates educated men. An educated man is one who is useful to humanity and to himself. —HUBBARD (Lite (llnriuthiau Girard College Philadelphia, Pa. ■ ' Mr. Jefferson ' s scholars will be useful to adorn the world of letters, Mr. Girard ' s, the Republic Itself. " —DAILY ADVERTISER ' S L ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Page The High School.Fly Title Page.1 Dedications.2-3 In Appreciation.4 Tribute to Stephen Girard.5 Allen Hall Life.6 Faculty Introduction.7 The Foculty.8 The Administration.9 Thonks .10 Senior Introduction.11 Gloss Administration.12 The Class.13-27 Gloss Picture.28-29 The Gloss (cont ' d).30 Who ' s Who?.31 Picture Ensemble.32-33 Gloss Will.34 Sports Stors.35 Lettermen in Sports.36 Sports at Girard.37-40 Activities Introduction.41 Activities.42-49 Swing Bond.50 Con You Imogine?.51,54 Cortoons .52-53 On Deporting.55 Autographs.56 CORINTHIAN STAFF Co-Editors-in-Chief HOWARD R. WHITEBRED THOMAS E. KELLER Associate Editors JOSEPH D ' ERMILIO HAROLD D. SAULSBERY DANIEL L LYNCH GEORGE D. DOWDEN Photography Editor ROBERT N. PARELLA Art Editor NICHOLAS L. ROCK Cover Design by JAMES WAGNER January 1950 TODAY So here hath been dawning Another new day; Think wilt thou let it Slip useless owoy? Out of eternity This new Day is born; into Eternity, At night will return. Behold it aforetime. No eye ever did; So soon it forever From all eyes is hid. Here hath been dawning Another blue Day: Think, wilt thou let it Slip useless owoy? —T. CARLYLE WE DEDICATE TDIS BDDK Her warmth towards each of us as indi¬ viduals and her acute interest in the class ' affairs impels us at this time to express our gratitude and affection. Her memory goes into the future with this Class Record. To GENEVIEVE GARRETSON, B.S.,A.M. Teacher WITH GREAT PLEASURE For a goodness surpassed only by his de¬ sire to serve the class in every way, and for an effort which has made our last two years at Girard a fond recollection, we say, " Thanks, Doc! " A TOofiet To MRS. GENEVIEVE GARRETSON DR. WILLIAM F. ZEIL MISS PAULINE RANCK MR. A. CARL PATTERSON MISS MIRIAM C. McGhee Throughout our final years at the College our hosts and hostesses have done much in developing a social poise for which we are grateful. With them we have laughed and enjoyed many a pleasant hour. We ' ll miss their guidance and friendship, and forever call them wonderful. THE CORINTHIAN | 4 }» January We feel unequal to the task of expressing our thoughts of you adequately at this time. We know you only through the medium of this great school and home which you have giv¬ en us. For more than a hun¬ dred years boys have entered Girard College as eager young children to be almost miracu¬ lously transformed into staunch and civic-minded men. These, your sons, were proud to call themselves Girardians, and we of the class of January 1950 vow to bear your name through life with the unquenchable fe¬ rocity of sterling pride. You, a Frenchman, came to this country in a troubled time You struggled for leadership as a merchant, mariner, bank¬ er, and innovator. Many others struggled to excel, too, and most fell by the wayside. Theirs were feeble hearts but yours STEPHEN GIRARD strong. For that reason we Founder respect your memory and cher¬ ish it above the recollections of any earthly joys we have experienced. We often think of Girard ' s 15,000 alumni and their achievements of which you would be justly proud. Nothing has the power to mitigate the grandeur of this living evidence of your supreme gift to society. Yes, Stephen Girard, you were a great and good man. Your memory will live forever in the hearts of your boys. It is they who know you best. Today our class graduates. Each will go his separate way. Some may not be heard from for years, but once a year at least we will return in spirit on Founder ' s Day to the Girard we love, our home; as brothers we ' ll walk the campus and meditate, thinking of those pleasant moments we know as " Hummers ' ' And then we ' ll pause at the base of your statue and gaze up into those gentle eyes and say a prayer for you. Thank you, Stephen Girard! Thank you for giving us a home, an education, a foundation of firm moral and mental ideals, and above all a life. Though some may wander many miles away, none shall forget you, sir, for we are proud that we are your foster sons. ' ' With deepest appreciation. THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1950 Dr. Zeil Dr. White The end of summer came none too early for our class. We were moving up to Allen Hall; something we hod waited a long time to do. Thrilled and anxious, we weren ' t quite sure what to expect, but soon realized that we were walking into something wonderful. Another newcomer to Allen is Dr. Zeil, one of our class hosts, who relieved Mr. Zarello as head housemaster of the building. His genuine interest in the affairs of the boys and his willingness to help out has won for him our lasting thanks and respect. " Doc ' s " diligence in planning our socials has given us many enjoyable moments. Aiding him are Dr. White and Mr. Grotz. What can we say about such a grand person as Dr. White, whose friendship was always ready when needed His room parties provided no end of fun. Though he helped out only on week-ends, Mr. Gratz has made our stay at Allen just that much more enjoyable. If anything has prepared us especially for what the future may hold, we feel it has been our life in Allen. So, as we bid a regretful farewell to Girard, there still lingers a cherished memory of that last term in dear old Allen Hall. TH£ CORINTHIAN January T6T 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ilV i THE ADMINISTRATION Mr. Zarella Dr. Cooper Dr. Odgers Dr. Wolcott Mr. Donecker • DR. WILFRED B. WOLCOTT—Director of Secondary Education In his first term os Director of Secondary Edu- cotion, Dr. Wolcott has exhibited sincerity, earnestness, and faith in the possibilities of the new system at Girard. • MR. JOHN HOUSTON—Director of Primary Education Mr. Houston is a quiet, modest gentleman with a natural talent for handling children. His fine qualities will carry him far in his chosen work. 0 MR. MALCOLM NICHOLSON—Assistant Di¬ rector of Primary Education His knock of dealing with young boys ond his keen sense of humor hove endeared Mr. Nichol¬ son to all who received his guidance. • DR. MERLE M. ODGERS—President Though we never hove dealt personally with Dr. Odgers, we oppreciote his influence and the Wed- nesdoy Chapel messages which gove us o chance to know his greatness as President of our school. • MR. EMIL ZARELLA—Associate Director of Secondary Education Mr. Zarella is the person who so obl i mode past graduating classes feel at home during their last six months at Girard. Loved and re¬ spected by oil who knew him, Mr. Zarello ' s leadership was a great help to us all. • MR. JOHN C. DONECKER—Assistant to the President Mr. Donecker has won our lasting admiration. His ability to keep calm in handling us in the Office is the sign of a real gentleman. • DR. E. NEWBOLD COOPER—Vice-President In Dr. Cooper we find a God-fearing gentleman with a sincere interest in the betterment of the College and the welfare of its students. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN cce Occi MR. J. HOLLAND HECK For the many, many excellent photographs you took, we extend our warmest and most sincere thanks. MISS RUTH NORTH For your expert advice and artistic discrimination which you so gen¬ erously gave us. MR. M. ARNOLD DAFFIN For the very capable guidance you gave us in printing this book and for your undying interest in its outcome. MR. ARTHUR P. BONEKEMPER For the efforts you put forth in advising and directing the students in the Print Shop while they were setting up the Corinthian. THE CORINTHIAN Janmry 1950 THE CORINTHIAN CLASS ADMINISTRATION J-i Darrold Williamson James Costello Joseph D Ermilio Fred Petrone . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer J-2 James Costello Darrold Williamson John Schiech Fred Petrone S-1 George Hopkins Darrold Williamson John Furr)’ Fred Petrone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer S-2 George Hopkins Darrold Williamson John Schiech Fred Petrone NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY George Hopkins John Furr)’ Harold Saulsbery President Vice-President Secretar)- George Hopkins STUDENT GOVERNMENT President of Student Body STUDENT CABINET George Hopkins Darrold Williamson President Co-Chairman STUDENT ASSEMBLY George Hopkins Duaine Williamson President Co-Chairman THE CORINTHIAN 12 ;- January GEORGE DAVIS HOPKINS (George) 453 North 63rd Street, Philadelphia Bern; February 20, 1932 President Course: Regular and Clerical Activities National Honor Society, J-2 to S-2, President, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2, Lieutenant in Battalion, S-2; Track, ' 49; Basketball, ' 48, President of Closs, S-l, S-2; Girard Magazine, S-l; Girard News, S-l, S-2, Associate Editor, S-2, Monoger of Student Center, S-2; Stu¬ dent Cobinet, S-2, President of Student Body, S-2. In George we find o fine scholar, o good athlete, and a gentleman. Never afraid to shoulder responsibility, he acted as both closs president and President of the Student Body, o new office in Girard history. And still he remained unaffected. " Hefty, " it ' s difficult to soy goodbye. Dear Classmates: Can you remember when you first came into Girard? I can. We were youngsters then when Mom” left us at the gate. I am sure we all secretly cried and wished to go home. The years have passed and now we are ready to leave home again. This time there will be no mother at the gate. Instead we must bid faretvell to dear friends. We have passed from childhood into young manhood. As we remember our childhood joys in later years, linked with it will always be the name of some friend whom we grew up with in Girard. Then, as never before, everyone of us will know why we have loved our foster home with a love that can be duplicated in no other school. Maybe one reason is the beautiful Christ¬ mas Concert or the Christmas play in which we all had a part. It may be due to the apprecia¬ tions we have accumulated over the years. But for many of us it is the result of inspirations given us by our teachers. They taught us to build castles in the sky, to reach for the thing above us, and in the end to find happiness in accomplishment and in friendship. Some people may call us dreamers, but we shall always build these castles in the sky and fill them with love, purity, honesty, and respect for man. Build strong these structures and in some closet store your memories of Girard. Eventually our hair will turn gray and we shall grow old. The aspirations and ambitions of youth will not be dimmed for, as life advances, we shall discover new goals to conquer and fresh loyalties to embrace. Thanks, thanks, dear school, for such joys as these! And now as we leave, dear classmates, we can see that our home and heaerts are here. Until we die its flame will be kindled by its glorious name, Girard. Good-bye, dear school! Good-bye, dear friends! Sincerely, iuy DARROLD G. WILLIAMSON (Willy) R.D.l, Comp Hill, Pa. Born; October 14, 1932 Vice-President Course; Regular and Foundry Activities; American Legion Award, 7B; Swimming, ' 46- ' 47, ' 47- ' 4S, ' 48- ' 49; Track, ' 49; Co-Captain, Track, ' 49; Soccer, ' 48; Co-Coptain] Soccer, ' 49; President of Class, J-l; Vice-President of Class, J-2, S-lj S-2; Girard News, S-1; Sports Editor, Girord News, S-2; ( " entennial Pageant; Color Guard, S-1; Sergeant Major, Color Guard, S-2; Asso¬ ciate Chairman of the Cabinet, S-2; National Honor Society, S-2, WGC Announcer and Scriptwriter, S-2. " What a kick! " Who wos behind it? That ' s right—Willy ogam. " Dor " and sports just seem to go together. Yet he still had time to be o class leader and a creditable worker. Thonks for the help, " Dor " JOHN B. SCHIECH (JOHNI 317 West Ruscomb Street, Philadelphia Born; January 25, 1932 Secretory Course: Practical Arts and Auto Shop Activ.ties: Sober Squad, ' 49; Basketball Manager, ' 48, ' 49, ist Sergeont in Battalion, S-1, S-2, Secretary of Class, J-2, S-2. Though a torget for much friendly ribbing by his classmotes, John was more then able to " dish " it right bock. His happy ottitude mode him olways liked. As an officer of the doss he served foithfully ond helped at every opportunity. Good luck for ever, John FRED R. PETRONE (Fred) 2241 McClellan Street, Philadelphia Born; February 3, 1932 T reasurer Course; Regular and Clerical Activities; Band, 7B to S-2; Girard News, S-2; Centennial Pageant; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Treasurer of Class, J-l, J-2, S-1, S-2; Corporol, Band, S-2; Baseball Referee, ' 48. If you heard o baseball orgument in process, you could guess that Fred would be right in there defending the " Yonks " and the American League. One of the hardest workers in the class, Fred has forever been ready to aid his classmotes in matters concerning their welfare. His perseverance will carry him for. WALTER RAYMOND ANDERSON (Walt) 3434 N. Bodine Street, Philadelphia Born; May 1, 1932 Course; Regular and Machine Shop Activities; Activities Night, ' 48; Sergeant in Bottolion. When it came to electricity, Walt shone forth like a bright bulb. With a few tools he could repair anything from a tennis rocket to a radio. As a swimmer, he disployed a fine talent and persistency. THE CORINTHIAN January JOHN C. BAIRD tJohnnyi 602-1 Mosler Street, Philadelphia Bom; February 14, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Carpentry Activities: Centennial Pogeont, Activities Night, ' 46; Dramatic Club, S-2, Sergeant in Bottalion, S-2; Convention Hall Exhibition, S-2. Exacting ip all he endeovored, John has definitely found his place in the class. In him we have our best dresser and most skillful furniture moker. We know he ' ll shape his life os well. JOSEPH MICHAEL CHOCLOS (Chicki 522 Eost Kiefer Avenue, Hozelton, Po. Born: Moy 27, 1933 Course Regulor ond Clericol Activities: Girard News, S-2; Supply Sergeant, S-2 No matter what the weather mon predicts, every day is sunny for " Chick " His cherry, well-rounded character hos mode him admired in every circle " Chick ' s friendliness ond desire to get oheod con ossure him a successful and fruitful life STEPHEN JOSEPH BARBERA, JR. iStevei 6130 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Bern; April 2, 1933 Course: General orxJ Printing Ac?! ' . 1-1.; Beni, 7-A to 1-2. Swing Band Vocalist, S-2, Lieutenant of Recruits, S-l; Staff, Captoin of Recruits, S-2; Firing Squad, S-l; Glee Club, J 2 to S-2, Activities Night, ' 47; Harmony Club, S-2 Steve ' s fine voice ond good locks hove won for him the odmirotion of many o young lody. W:th us it ' s his floshing smile and friendly ways It IS hard to soy goodbye, Steve. ROBERT THOMAS CRISCUOLO iCrisi 227 S. Melville Street, Philadelphia Bom: July 27, 1932 Course: Regulor and Drafting Activities: Dromotic Club, S-l, S-2, Girard News, S-l, S-2, " College Previews ' Column, S-2; Firing Squad, S-l; Lieutenont of Recruits, S-l; 1st Lieutenant in Battalion, S-2; Monager of Boseboll, ' 49; Glee Club, S-2,- S ' udent Center, S-2. Bob ' s persistent efforts hove corned him to the top more than once. On the drill field and the dance floor his smooth prerformonce hos brought forth praise. Earnest in school also. Bob proved himself unreservediv 1950 ■fHE CORIN ' miAN { 15 ;■ JAMES FRANCIS COSTELLO (Cocky) 215 Washington Avenue, Sellersville, Pa. Born: June 18, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Baseball, ' 49; Soccer, ' 48, ' 49; Basketball, ' 48, ' 49; Athletic Council, S-1; Dromatic Club, S-1, S-2; Essay Contest, 2-2, 2nd Prize; President of Class, J-2; Vice-President, J-1; Captoin Inspector, S-1; Cadet Major, S-2; Girord News, S-1, S-2; " Ho Hum " Column, S-2; Girard Magozine, J-2; Captoin of Soccer, S-2. One of our most versotile men, Jim has participoted in three major sports, written for different College publications, and often has been c class leader. Above all, Jim ' s loyalty and doss spirit hove endeared him to us forever. JOSEPH D ' ERMILIO Uoei ic ib Sigel Street, Philadelphia Born: July 19, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Printing Activities: Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Dromotic Club, J-2 to S-2; Casts: " She Stoops To Conquer, " " Les Miserobles, " Student Council, 1-1, S-1; Secretary of Class, J-1, THE CORINTHIAN STAFF, Echelon Platoon’, S-1, 1st Sergeant in Battalion S-2; Assistant Monoger of Swing Bond, S-2, Assistant Manager of Gym Team, ' 47; Vice-President of Glee Club, S-2; Harmony Club, S-2; WGC Announcer, S-2; Soccer, ' 49; President of Dromotic Club, S-2; Cost; " Maid of France, ’ S-2. Joe combined on outstanding talent for acting with the knack of making others happy. This mode him a true friend onj classmate Keep loughing, Joe, ond you ' ll carve your niche in life as you hove in our heorts ANTHONY T. DEFRANCISCO (Defey) 809 E. Hector Street, Conshohocken, Pa. Bern: November 29, 1931 Course: Practicol Arts and Carpentry Activities: Soccer, ' 48, ' 49; 1st Sergeant in Battolion, S-2; Student Council, J-1; Echelon Platoon, ' 47, ' 48, Dromatic Club, S-2; Girard News, S-2; Centennial Pageant. " Tall, dork, and handsome, " " Defy " could relote many on incident with the fairer sex. His naturally pleosant and cheerful ottitute make him o clossmate to be remembered GUSTAVO DOMENIC Dl LAURO (Gusi 1124 Linn Street, Philadelphia Born: August 10, 1932 Course: Regular ond Electric Shop Activities: Band, 7A to S-2; Sergeant in Bond, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Swing Band, S-1 S-2; Activities Night, ' 48; Student Council, 2-1, Dramatic Club, S-I, S-2, Concert Band, J-2, S-2; Cast: " She Stoops to Conquer " Gus never comploined and obondoned a conviction. His sincere but witty personality has always made life easy for him. Never did the bright side of a situation fail to linger foremost in his mind. THE CORIMTHIAM January 161 JOSEPH N. DIRENZA (Joe) 2517 South Iseminger Street, Philadelphia Born; November 14, 1932 Course: Regular and Machine Shop Activities: Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Music Prize, 68; Lieutenant of Recruits, S-2; Echelon Platoon, S-l; First ploce. Individual Competitive Drill, S-1, Activities Night, ' 47 You hod to like Joe. Nothing is quite equal to his timely stories and songs An unreplaceable cog in our class mechanism, Joe ' s smiling feo- ,i,az nnH friendly octions will never escape our memories DANIEL S. DODD (DANi R.D. No.I, Alderson, Pa. Born: June 25, 1931 Course: Practical Arts and Patternmaking Activities: Captain in Battalion S-2; Student Council, S-1; Dramatic Club, S-2; Centennial Pageant, Glee Club, S-2; Track, ' 49; Student Center, S-2 Donny ' s raucous ontics ond carefree nature have frequently enliv¬ ened a dull moment. Despite his superior size he could be gentle and appreciative of his clossmotes. Don ' s love of the woods is natural. So long, [Jonny! Don ' t forget us. GEORGE DUNCAN DOWDEN (George) 27 West Word Avenue, Ridley Pork, Pa. Born; September 15, 1932 Course: Regular ond Stenography Activities. " What Can We Do To Improve Girard? " Essay Contest, 2-2, 1st Prize; Band, 1-1; Girard Mogazine, J-2 to S-2; Dromatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Costs: " Jeon Voliean, " " She Stoops To Conquer, " Echelon Plotoon, S-1; 1st Sergeant in Bottalion, S-2 Activities Night, ' 47; Asso¬ ciate Editor of Girord Mogozine, S-2, Student Council, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2; WGC Announcer, S-2; Vice-President of Dromatic Club, S-2; THE CORINTHIAN STAFF, S-2. Where there was laughter, there was George A talent in acting ond o suave manner of speech have often put him over the rough spots. H s fine talent in writing hos ployed no small part in his success. DAVID ALLEN DOWNING iDovei 559 Both Street, Bristol, Pa. Born: October 24, 1931 Course: Generol ond Automobile Shop " A friendlier fellow I ' ve never met " might best describe Dave. " Little Man " could ever see the bright side of life. His gay witticisms and im¬ itations did much to keep the class in high spirits. THE CORINTHIAN 1950 PASQUALE R, FEUDO (Pat) 2546 South Holbrook Street, Philodelphio Born: December 3, 1931 Course: Practicol Arts ond Potternmoking Activities: Lieutenant in Battalion, S-2; Centennial Pageant, ' 48 In Pat we find a fellow who can say the right thing at the right time Always cheerful and considerote of others, his warm smile has burned on everlasting impression in the memories of his clossmotes. HARRY EDWARD FLOYD (Horry) 6115 North 7th Street, Philadelphia Born: September 14, 1932 Course Regular and Clerical A-t,vines Band, 7A to S-2, Concert Band, 2-2 to S-2; Swing Band, J-l to S-2 Sergeant in Band, S-2; Centennial Pageant; Activities Night, ' 47, Girard News, S-2. A musician of worth, Harry was a " whiz " on the trombone. Though he steered cleor of the spotlight, his value to the class was quite ap¬ parent Horry never neglected his school work nor did he ever fail to have a complimentary remork for a deserving buddy RUSSELL F. FLOYD (Russ) 6115 North Seventh Street, Philadelphia Born: September 14, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Orchesfro, 7A to J-2, String Ensemble, J-2 to S-1; Glee Club S-1, S-2; Photographer of Girard News, S-2. Russell ' s pet interest is photography. With o camera in his hands he was not excelled No slacker with a cue-stick either, Russ could clear the table with the best of them. A notural congeniol monner has made him a fovorite. JOHN ADAM FURRY (John) 1715 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicogo, Illinois Born: April 28, 1932 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: Dramatic Club, j-2 to S-2, Glee Club, j-2 to S-2; Orchestra, I-I to j-l. String Ensemble, J-l, j-2; Band, S-2, Activities Night, ' 47, Centennal Pageant, ' 48; Gym, ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50, Trock, ' 49, Lower Merion Invitation Medal, Third place on High Bar, ' 49; Vice President of Nationol Honor Society, S-2; Girard Magazine, j-2 to S-2, Band, S-2; News Editor of Girard News; Purchasing Manager of Student Center, S-2; Cheerleader, ' 48, ' 49; Co-Captain of Gym Team, S-2; Cabinet Member, S-2; Harmony Club, S-2; W.G.C. An¬ nouncer, S-2; Secretory of Dramatic Club, S-2. In the gym ond in his studies John headed the list. An ordent worker, he just didn ' t hove it in him to quit. His thoughtfulness ond devotion to his classmates hove won for him our sincere admiration and ap¬ preciation Well, John, it ' s yours for the taking. THE CORINTHIAN January GLENN D. GOBER (Glenn) 1110 Lincoln Avenue, Prospect Pork, Po. Born: December 27, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Captain in Battalion, S-2; Gym, ' 48,- ' 49; ' 49- ' 50; Co-Cap- tain of Gym Team, S-2, Saber Squad, S-1; Student Council, 2-2; Cen¬ tennial Pageant, ' 48. Glenn portrayed leadership and spirit in the gym and the battalion. Never lacking a keen sense of humor, he was always ready to lough ot our jokes and hear our stories. It is with regret that we bid him farewell WILLIAM BOWEN HEACOX (Billi 42-F Longfellow Drive, Homestead, Pa Born: Moy 9, 1932 Course. Regular and Patternmoking Activities: Activities Night, ' 46, ' 47. " Moe " could reach inside o broken radio, tighten a screw, reor- ronge o few wires, turn the knob and it would work. Here we find a fellow ever willing to help us over a rough spot in moth. He has given us mony a humorous moment, too. RICHARD HUTCHINSON (Hutch) Follkill Road, Hyde Park, N.Y. Born: June 16, 1932 Course General and Sheet Metal Activities: Guidon in Battalion, S-2; Second Prize, Metallurgy, S-2. A corefree fellow, " Hutch " is a fine clossmate. He has proved himself on the othletic field and in the Sheet Metal Shop, where he won o prize in metollurgy last term. Friendly and winning, " Hutch " will be missed THOMAS WRIGHT JACKSON iTommyi 127 North Bellevue Avenue, Langhorne, Po Born: Moy 17, 1932 Course: Regular and Electrical Activities: Sergeant Armorer, J-2; Lieutenant Armorer, S-1, S-2; Dramatic Club, J-2, S-2, Fencing, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Cultural Olympics, ' 47 ' Activities Night, ' 47, Engineer, W.G.C., S-1, S-2; Glee Club, S-1, S-2, Costs: " Jeon Valjean, " " She Stoops to Conquer, " " Maid of Fronce, " ond ' The Boy Slave. " Whenever Tom ' s ottention wos drown to a difficulty in the function¬ ing of a " mike " or radio, his qualities began to shine. Known os " the man behind the scenes, " he will be sorely misseed not only when electricol problems oppeor bockstoge but also when we need o true friend. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN 19 !- DANIEL JONES (Dan) 413 De(X)t Street, Scranton, Po. Born; April 23, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Candy Trade, J-1 to S-1; Lieutenant in Battalion, S-2. Dan has always been an easygoing, unperturbed fellow with a cheer¬ ful character. Becouse he is amiable, Dan has won for himself the reputotion of having " what it takes " EDWARD SAMUEL JONES (Eddie) 27 Hamilton Street, Staten Island, N Y. Born: December 6, 1931 Course. General and Clerical Activities: Girard Magazine, S-1 to S-2; Secretary of Magazine, S-1, S-2; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2, Artist of ploys " Les Miserobles, " ond " She Stoops to Conquer, " Captain of Junior Bond, 2-1; Bond 2-2 to J-1; Concert Band, J-2 to S-2; Centennial Pageant; Activities Night, ' 47, Baseball, ' 49; Swing Band, S-1, S-2, Color Trade, J-1, Cheerleader, ' 48, ' 49; Girard News, S-2. In " Eddie " we see one of those fellows that ore forever moking new friends. His happy-go-lucky manner and easy smile hove achieved for him just that. " Eddie ' s " ability to drow has given us m any fine covers for dance programs and class posters. THOMAS ENT KELLER l Barney i T7S North Croskey Street, Philodelphia Born: May 14, 1933 Course: Regulor and Electrical Activities: CORINTHIAN STAFF, S-2; Glee Club, S-2, Dramatic Club S-i, S-2, Activities Night, ' 47, Bond, 7A to S-2, Sergeant in Bond ' S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Contributor to Girard Magazine ' f- ' ' S-2; Co-Editor-in-Chief, CORINTHIAN, Concert Band ' ' She Stoops to Conquer, " " Maid of France " and The Boy Dove. Tom ' s congenial way with all has been a steady asset of our group His witty, good-natured ways have given us a lift often when we felt low As a creative writer he also has displayed fine talent JOHN JOSEPH KELLY (Oats) 1245 West Westmoreland Street, Philadelphia Born December 19, 1932 Course Regulor and Printing Activities Basketball, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Soccer, ' 48, ' 49; Candy Trade, J-1, J-2, Color Guard, S-2, All-Scholastic Soccer Team, ' 49. UneKcelled in organized sports, John took " our best athlete " honors His extraordinary work on the soccer field and his skill in bosketball will never be forgotten. How could we ever forget John ' s towering frame, his sparkling personality, and his typicolly Irish monnerisms. THE CORINTHIAN January DAVID MORGAN KLENK (Dave) 363 Hamel Avenue, Glenside, Pa. Born: July 5, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Machine Shop Activities Band, 1-1 to S-2; Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Manager of Soccer Team, ' 48; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Officer in Band, S-2; Girard News Reporter, S-2. When you heard on outburst of boisterous laughter in Allen, more likely rhon not it could be traced to Dave. Enjoying life to its utmost, he refused to be caught in a bad mood. For many joyful moments we thonk vcj, Dave. ROBERT PAUL KLINGERMAN (Bob) 122 South Fifth Street, Hazelton, Pa. Born: April 18, 1933 Course Gcrrcral ond Carpentry Activities Activities Night, ' 46, ' 47. Bob ' s quiet but stalwart nature has commanded our respect. He would accept the duties placed before him ond stick to them until they were discharged. His strong Hvp of beauty has often led him out into the woods on hikes We say goodbye. Bob, with real regret. DAVID L. KURTZ (Dave) P.O. Box Punxsutowny, o. Born: January 21, 1932 Course. General and Machine Shop Activities Activities Night, ' 46, Contributor for Girard Magazine, S-l. A regular fellow, Dave knows how to take a little ribbing and hand It right bock Many was the time he had us in stitches with his original slang ond " dry " jokes. When Dove leaves, his loss to us will be " Pounkschetauny ' s " gain. RICHARD HOWARD LIGHTKEP (Duck) 1830 East 87th Street Cleveland, Ohio Born: September 23, 1932 Course. Regular and Drofting Activities; Bond, 7A to S-2; Swing Bond, S-l, S-2; Trock, ' 49; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2, Activities Night, ' 47, National Honor Society, S-l, S-2, Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Student Assembly, S-2; Corporal in Band, S-2, Girord Magazine, S-2; Cost: " She Stoops to Conquer. " " Duck ' s " quiet, unassuming manner wos in reality o disguise which covered o staunch and noble choracter. We recognized in him a po¬ tential leader. The truth of his worthiness wos recognized fully when " Duck " was elected to the National Honor Society lost term. THE CORINTHIAN 1950 RONALD G. LLOYD (Ron) 5609 Nicholson Street, East Riverdole, Md. Born: May 28, 1932 Course: General and Foundry Activities: Lieutenant in Battalion, S-1; Captain in Battalion, S-2; 1st Place, Individual Competitive Drill, J-2; Gym, ' ' 46- ' 47 ' 47- ' 48 ' 48- ' 49; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Sober Squad, S-1; CentenniarPageant; Rope Climb Record, ' 49. Ron ' s unusual ability as a gymnast has carried him to a new rope- climbing record in Girard. This is not the only accomplishment in which we, his classmates, have learned to respect him. Always willing to lend a hand or give a word of encouragement, Ron has proved his mettle. j DANIEL LANG LYNCH (Don) 415 Blockman Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa I Born: January 30, 1933 I Course: Regular and Stenography j Activities: Nationol Honor Society, S-1, S-2; Girard Magozine, J-2 to S-2; Editor-in-Chief of Girard Magazine, S-2; Bond, 7A to S-2; 2nd Lieutenant in Band, S-2; Concert Band, J-1 to S-2; Vocal Music Prize, 5A; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Casts: " Jean Valjean ' " She Stoops To Conquer; " Centennial Pageant; 1st Penmanship Prize, J-I; I Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; " Operation Blackboard " TV Programs; Candy Trade, S-1; Business Manager of Girord News, S--2; Activities Night, ' 47; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; THE CORINTHIAN STAFF, S-2; WGC Announcer, Script Writer, S-2; Cast, " Boy Dove, " S-2. Dan ' s goals have been sky-high. His talent has carried him to the top in his studies. A knack for writing prose has gained for him the editor¬ ship of the Girard Mogazine—a well deserved post. We wish you suc¬ cess, Dan. ANDREW EDWARD MAHOWSKI (Mejl 175 Wilson Avenue, Newark 5, New Jersey Born: December 1, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Band, 7B to S-2; Corporal in Band, S-2; Centennial Pageant, Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48; Activities Night, ' 48; Girard News, S-2; Girard Magazine, S-2. Perhaps the grandest quality of character is a generous heart, and " Mej " certainly possesses that to a very notable degree. You could always count on him to help. Keep smiling, " Mej, " and you will find on eosy world to face. JAMES L. McMullen Uim) 5306 Lorchwood Avenue, Philadelphia Born: January 31, 1932 Course: Regular and Carpentry Activities: 2nd Lieutenant in Battalion, S-1; Captain in Battalion, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2; Glee Club, S-2; Vice President of Student Council, S-1; Swimming, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Holder, 25, 50, 75, 100 yards Breost Stroke Records; Athletic Council, S-1; House Committee, S-1; Saber Squad, S-2; National Honor Society, S-2; Captain of Swimming Team, S-2. It seems that every time " Mac " dove into the pool he broke a swimming record, and we know that if he continues with that enthusiosm and perseverance, he will succeed in life. His willingness to serve the doss has made him one of its most popular members. THE CORINTHIAN January {22 1 » LEWIS H. MENGLE (Lew) 105 Sunset Avenue, Ephrato, Pa. Born; September 17, 1932 Course; Regular and Foundry Activities; Student Council, J-2; Sergeant in Battalion, S-l, S-2; Glee Club, S-2, Echelon Platoon, ' 49. Lew ' s likeable ond vivacious personality and good looks have made him stand out in the doss. His ability in shop work cannot be overlook¬ ed. With his many other good quolities, he makes us expect bia things of him. JUDSON N. L. MEULSTEE (Jud) 2414 North Fifth Street, Philadelphio Born: December 21, 1932 Course: Proctical Arts and Mochine Shop Activities: Centennial Movie Operator, ' 48; Trock, ' 49; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Costs: Jeon Valjean, " " She Stoops To Conquer " Soccer S-2. " Jud " was never locking in sportsmanship and helpfulness. If you ever had a technical problem in electricity or radio, here was the man to see. As operator of the College ' s movie projector, " Jud " became a well- known and popular worker on the campus. CHARLES LEWIS MUHLBAUER (Chid Brewer Avenue, Verga, New Jersey Born: Morch 17, 1932 Course: General and Machine Shop Although Chorley is an apostle of silence, his real character was con¬ veyed to us through his unselfish willingness to give any fellow a lift. You will not be forgotten soon, Charley. GEORGE EDWIN MURRAY (Sarksi 3402 North Second Street, Philadelphia Barn: May 23, 1933 Course: Regular ond Stenography Activities: Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Dromatic Club, S-2; Echelon Platoon, J-2; Lieutenant of Recruits, S-l; Firing Squad, S-l; Lieutenant in Bottalion, S-2, Activities Night, ' 45. On the dance floor " Sarks " was one of the class ' Casanovas. His eosy-going manner made our socials just a bit more interesting. Never abandoning a conviction, he formulated his own opinons and stuck to them. THE CORINTHIAN {23h ROBERT VINCENT PARELLA (Bob) 402 Sonsom Street, Upper Darby, Pa. Born: July )3, 1932 Course: General and Stenography Activities; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Bond, 7A to S-2; Photographer, Girard News, S-2; THE CORINTHIAN STAFF, S-2, Basketball Referee, ' 48; Station WBMJ, S-l, Corporal in Band! S-2; Harmony Club, S-2. When It came to photography. Bob couldn ' t be beaten. There are few scenes on the campus that he hosn ' t taken pictures of ot one time or another. This wos his hobby, but what we ' ll remember Bob for is his ability to keep smiling in the face of disappointment and bod luck FRANK PAULSEN (Stubby) 6021 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Born: September 24, 1932 Course: Regular and Printing Activities: Student Council, 1-2; Bond, 1-1 to S-2, Officer in Band, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49. Be sincere and honest in all you do " was the slogan that governed Frank ' s life as a Girordion. His straightforwordness ond relentless spirit were traits of character which we have oil met in Frank many times. ANTHONY ALBERT PELLEGRINO (Tony) 1457 North Felton Street, Philadelphia Born: September 3, 1932 Course: Regulor and Printing Activities; Band, 1-1 to S-2; Concert Bond, J-1 to S-2; Cultural Olym¬ pics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Casts: " Jean Valjean, " " She Stoops To Conquer; " Girard Magozine, S-2; Centennial Pageant; Activities Night, ' 46, ' 47; Basketball Referee, ' 48; Salesman, Student Center, S-2; Swing Bond, S-l, S-2. One of the noted Thespians of our class, Tony is always anxious to help out on an auditorium program or in a new play. His acute sense of humor has carried along many a bull session. Tony ' s good speaking voice and other attributes will see him through his difficulties. You ' ll see. JOSEPH M. PHILLIPS (Joe) 864 Perkiomen Street, Philadelphia Born: Jonuory 19, 1933 Course: Regular and Drafting Activities: Band, 1-1 to S-2; Orchestra, 1-2 to 2-2; Centennial Pageant, ' 48; Centennial Activities Night; Cultural Olympics, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2; Cost: " Boy Dave, " S-2; Officer in Band, S-2. Joe ' s wide knowledge of politicol ond economical affairs and his fine power of expression will assure him of success in his future work. Voted the most rodical, Joe ' s ideas often differed from those of others, but if he believed in something nothing could sway his opinion. THE CORINTHIAN January MICHAEL J. PINTO (Mike) 829 N. 64th Street, Philadelphia Born; January 2, 1932 Course: General and Stenographic Activities: Band, J-l to S-2; Swing Band, S-1, S-2; Glee Club, j-2 to S-2, Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Librarian of Glee Club, S-2; Corporol in Band, S-2. Combining a loviol ottitude with o really friendly disposition, Mike hos hod no end of admirers. With the girls he was always at complete ease. It was his trumpet that helped bring a successful finish to this term ' s Swing Band. RONALD REUBIN PODOLSKY (Poodle) 4 ' vK) bast 20th Street, New York, N. Y Born May 12, 1932 Course Regulor end Clerical Activities: Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Cost: " Les Miserables; " Ser¬ geant in Bottalion, S-2; Girard Mogozine, S-2. ' Poodle " loved to wisecrack His sorcostic humor has brought forth meny a friendly groan from his buddies. Long will be remembered his cuts " and " supposes " in answer to o question in school. So long, ' Poodle ' " Keep smiling ' " Robbie ' s " versatility in all fields of athletics has kept him before our eyes. Restricted from varsity sports, he wos unable to lend his talents to the College teoms. Nevertheless, with calm determination he has refereed games for obout two years and unceasingly enjoyed many happy sociol hours. JAMES ROBERT ROBINSON (Robic) 6 Marlborough Road, Upper Darby, Pa. Born: January 20, 1932 Course: Regular and Drafting Activities. Glee Club, S-1, S-2, Echelon Platoon, 2-1, Activities Night, ' 47, Manoger, Soccer, ' 49; Cultural Olympics, ' 48; Dramatic Club, S-2. NICHOLAS L. ROCK (Nick) 303 Fern Street, Freeland, Pa. Born; December 17, 1932 Course; Regular and Drafting Activities; Student Council, J-l; Treosurer, J-l; Notional Honor Society, J-2 to S-2, Track, ' 49; Lieutenant, Recruits, S-1; Firing Squad, S-1, Co-Art Director of Dramatic Club, S-2; " Do You Know That " Column, Girard News, S-1; Editor-in-chief, S-2; Girard Maga¬ zine, S-1, S-2, Art Editor, S-2; THE CORINTHIAN STAFF; Lieut¬ enant in Bottolion, S-2; Cobinet Member, S-2. Nick never seemed to have a worry in the world, but as editor- in-chief of the Girord News we know some of the problems he had to face this term. In this capacity, Nick hos shown just how good the News can be. With an easy, handsome smile like his, nothing should be very diffi¬ cult. THE CORINTHIAN 1950 WILLIAM J. ROTHMAN (Bill) 3101 Bancroft Street, Philadelphia Born; May 27, 1932 Course; Procticol Arts and Clerical Activities; Glee Club, S-2; Bond, 1-1; Centennial Pageant. Perhaps one of the most enthusiostic sports fans in the doss. Bill will alwoys have an array of cold facts for onyone challenging his technical knowledge. What o debote when Fred and he got together. HAROLD D. SAULSBERY (Souls) 604 Glenfield Avenue, Glenolden, Po. Bom: September 22, 1933 Course: Regular ond Automobile Shop Activities: Bond, 7A to S-2; Coptoin, Junior Bond, 2-2, Activities Night 45, 47, Swing Bon J-I to S-2; Leader, Swing Band, S-2; Culturol Olympics, 47, 48; Centennial Pageant; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2- Sec¬ retary of (3lee Club, S-2; Student Council, S-1; Notional Honor So- Secretary of Notionol Honor Society, S-2; Buying and Ihng Manager, Student Center, S-2; Girard News, S-2- THE COR¬ INTHIAN STAFF, S-2; Captain of Bond, S-2,- Harmony Club, S-2. a musician " Souls " was unsurpassed. As leader of the swing bond he mode our donees bright. With his wovy, red hair, good looks and straightforward outlook on life, " Souls " is going to make a loud bang in the world outside. ROBERT MORRIS SPECA (Specs) 720 Howard Avenue, Havertown, Pa. Born; May 9, 1932 Course: Regular and Printing Activities; Activities Night, ' 47; Centenniol Pageant; Glee Club J-2 -2- ' Band, 7A to S-2, 1st Lieutenont m Band, S-2, Girard News, S-1, S-2; " Compus Strolling " Column S-2 Entertainment Manager, Student Center, S-2; Manager, Swing Band ' 5-2; Jesse B. Manbeck Prize, J-2, Cultural Olympics, ' 47 ' 48 Girard Mogozine, S-2,- Harmony Club, S-1, S-2,- Soccer, ' 49; Social (Zommit- tee, S-2. Forever cheerful, good-looking, talented in music, and industrious, " Specs " stands before us. He was never too busy to lend a helping bond. He hos many distinguishing qualities which will undoubtedly lead him along the road of success. So long, to o great classmate. EDWARD SUAREZ (Eddie) 125 Kenilworth Street, Philodelphio Born: Morch 30, 1932 Course; Generol and Printing Activities; Lieutenant of Recruits, S-1; Firing Squad, S-1; 1st Lieuten¬ ant in Battalion, S-2; Centennial Pogeont; Gym, ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Cheerleader, ' 48, ' 49, Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2,- Glee Club, S-2; Girard News, S-l; Activities Night, ' 44. Eddie has captured the real significonce of " Smile and the world smiles w)th you. " A popular member of the class, he has also been a lettermon on the gym team. And what obout the magnetic charm of that smile? THE CORINTHIAN January { 26 JOHN VINCENT THOMPSON (Tom) 2219 East Susquehanna Avenue, Philadelphia Born; February 6, 1933 Course: Regular and Patternmaking Activities; Band, 7B to S-2; Officer in Band, S-2; Concert Bond, J-l to S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 46, ' 47. Tom ' s possword is cheer. Forever ready with hearty laugh, he was welcomed by oil A hard worker, Tom never fell behind in his studies or lost his fine sense of values. He is going to have a happy and prosperous life. BARTON DEAN UPLINGER (Dean) Reynoldsville, Pa. Born: August 2, 1932 Course: Regular and Machine Shop Activities: Swimming, ' 48; Orchestra, 1-2 to 2-1; Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Glee Club, S-2. Deon was one of the class ' " nature boys. " What he doesn ' t know about birds and animals isn ' t worth knowing. " Reds ' " diligence ond pwtience in everything hos won for him our lasting admiration and respect JAMES WILLIAM WAGNER (Jim) Carl Mackley Apartments, M Bristol Streets, Philadelphia Born. June 30, 1931 Course; Proctical Arts and Drafting Activities: Guidon in Battalion, S-2; Glee Club, S-2, Cultural Olym¬ pics, ' 48; Student Council, 2-1; Echelon Platoon, S-l; Activities Night, ' 45, ' 47; Sergeant in Battalion, S-2. An easy-going fellow with a real talent in dro. ' ting especially, Jim has other superb abilities and a warm smile. We shall be surprised if Jim doesn ' t become a greot orchitect after he leoves Girard LEE A. WEAVER (Lee) 1102 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, Pa. Born: Februory 2, 1932 Course: Regular and Auta Shop Activities: Band, 7A to S-2; Concert Bond, J-2 to S-2; Cultural Olym¬ pics, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2; Soccer Referee, J-2; Ser¬ geant in Bond, S-2. Lee ' s noturol smile and handsome features have made him a favor¬ ite omong the girls. At the dances his presence has meant lots of fun. A fine auto mechanic, he is an industrious worker ond an asset to any organization. 1950 THE COftlN ' miAM ' {27 r m There is a destiny which makes us brothers, None goes his way alone. —MARKHAM THE CLASS OF CORIHTHIAM January NUARY 1950 " I have only to take up this or that to flood my soul with memories. " —MME. DELUZY THE CORINTHIAN -{29 I 1950 HOWARD RONALD WHITEBRED (Howie) R. D. 1, Hazleton, Po. Born: September 9, 1932 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: Sergeant in Battalion, J-1; Star Scout, ' 45; Echelon Plat- toon, 48, 49; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 46 ' 47 ' 48 ' Night, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Bond, 1-1, 1-2; Dramatic Club, J-2 to J ' A Les Miserables; Associate Editor, Girard Magazine, S-2’ Assist- Manager, Girard News, S-2, Alumni Prize ' 48- CO¬ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, CORINTHIAN, S-2; " Operation Blockboard " TV Programs, S-1; Color Trade, J-l to S-2; Manager, Color Trade S-2 ' Girard Mogazine j-l to S-2; Lieutenant of Recruits, S-1; " Campus News, WGC, S-2; Announcer, WGC, S-2; Harmony Club, S-2. " Howie " is one of the finest cartoonists in the class. His ' conscientious work for the CORINTHIAN has done much to moke it successful. His vivid imagination has mode him one of our best fiction writers With o joviality oil his own, he will go o long way in anything he undertakes. KENNETH NICHOLAS WILHELM (Ken) 753 Lincoln Avenue, Pottstown, Po. Born: February 11, 1932 Course: General ond Machine Shop Activities: Echelon Plotoon, ' 49; Sergeant in Battalion, S-1; Track ' 49; Activities Night, ' 45; Student Council, J-2. Ken ' s inherent wit ond sticktoitiveness ore beacons for oil to recog¬ nize ond follow. Doing the brood jump brought him his letter. If Ken gets os much enjoyment out of life os he puts into it, there will be nothing to stop him. DUAINE C. WILLIAMSON (Will) R.D.l, Comp Hill, Po. Born: October 14, 1932 Course: General and Printing Activities: Swimming, ' 46- ' 47, ' 47- ' 48; Track, ' 48, ' 49; Soccer, ' 48, ' 49; Centenniol Pageant; Girard News, S-2; Color Guard, S-1; Sergeant Quartermaster, Color Guord, S-2; Athletic Council, J-l; Cabinet Mem¬ ber, S-2; Student Assembly, S-2; Candy Trade, J-l; WGC Announcer, S-2, Associate Chairman of the Assembly, S-2. " Dor ' s " twin, Duoine, has proven that lightning con strike twice in the some place. " Will " has equaled his brother in everything from sports ond schoolwork to service to the school. In the pool and on the soccer field he was great. It will be hard to forget o friend like you, " Will. " JOSEPH P. YATES (Ben) 7263 North 21st Street, Philadelphia Born: April 22, 1933 Course: General ond Machine Shop Activities: Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Soccer, ' 48; Conference Committee, 2-1, 2-2, J-l; Sergeant in Bottolion, S-2. Behind o carriage of nonchalance, Ben possesses o strong compet- ititive spirit and devotion to his classmates. A great soccer player, he could deliver when the chips were down. This man has a way of making and keeping friends which he will never lose. THE CORINTHIAN January 0 0 TOila ' i ? 1950 Most likely to succeed.. Most popular. Best athlete. Best musician. . " Har " Saulsbery Best looking. Biggest " diesel " . Most friendly. .Dave Downing Most boisterous. .Tony DeFrancisco Best dancer. .Bob Criscuo lo Best dresser. .John Baird Most typical " hummer " .. .Jim Costello Best built. Most noted seeker of recognition. .Bob Parella Most bashful. .Dan Jones Biggest smile. Biggest " stoker " . .Danny Dodd Tallest. .John Kelly Shortest. .Joe Choclos Heaviest. Quietest. First to be married. Biggest feet. .Dave Klenk Best singer. Biggest " wolf " . Best actor. .Joe D ' Ermilio Most radical. .Joe Phillips Most emphatic. THE CORINTHIAN iilh Personalities of " Jan. ' 50 " THE CORINTHIAN January i52]r 1950 Among our Memories THE CORINTHIAN • » 4 Ti cU We, the Class of January 1950, being of sound mind and body, do hereby present our last will and testament. We do, therefore, bequeath the following to; I.on efficient work squad Dr. Haskell.. pQjr of shoes Mr. MocGregor.. new hot Miss Goodrich.. simplified roster Dr. Dunlap.. rozor-shorp memory Prof. Foust. snappy prep school Dr. White.a pen that works Mr. March.goggles, gloves and khakis Mr. Grotz.. yellow " zoot " suite Mr. Bowman. q dignified courtroom Dr. Mcllhotten. .calm rest Mr. Schoel.o bag of peanuts Miss Aimes.o blind bodyguard Mr. Friedmann.o pupil who " really " did his lesson Mr. Martin.a timid voice Mr. Dennis.o Junior Chemistry set Dr. Presson.o flea circus Mr. Stevens.a scientist Mr. Miller.peace and quiet Mr. Leydon.a man who knows Miss Frey.o trip to Caen—all expenses paid Mr. Ruthrauff.someone to say it like a Frenchman Dr. Wolf.o serious public meeting Mr. Wagner.a new jokebook Miss Deininger.on amplifying system Mr. Andrews.o good cast Mr. Shirley.a new meter Miss North.a TONI permanent Miss McGhee.a bigger handbag Mr. Jones.a brief case Dr. Banks.a foir deol for once Dr. Wolcott.o set of Walt Disney Comics Mr. Zorella.fond memories of Allen Mr. Nicholson.a mild cigor Mr. Wilson.a course in mental telepathy Mr. Compbell.a curly red toupe Mr. Croig.someone to nome the " mystery melody " Mr. Joll. . .Q stroke of modesty THE CORINTHIAN -! 34 January THE CORINTHIAN -{35h ettenmcK SOCCER J. Costello. ' 48, ' 49 Dor. Williamson. ' 48, ' 49 Du. Williamson. ' 48, ' 49 J. Kelly. ' 48, ' ' 49 J. Yates. ' 49 A, DeFrancisco. ' 49 J. D ' Ermilio . ' 49 R. Speca . ' 49 J. Robinson . ' 49 GYM .Co-Capt. ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' b ' 0 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50 ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50 . ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49 FENCING T. Jackson . ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49 BASKETBALL J. Kelly . ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50 J. Schiech .Manager ' 48- ' 49 SWIMMING J, McMullen.. . ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50 Dar. Williamson. ' 46- ' 47, ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49 Du. Williamson . ' 46- ' 47, ' 47- ' 48 TRACK Dar. Williamson . . ' 49 Du. Williamson . ... ' 48, ' 49 J. Furry . . ' 49 K. Wilhelm . . ' 49 G. Hopkins . . ' 49 N. Rock . . ' 49 J. Meulstee . . ' 49 D. Dodd . . ' 49 BASEBALL J. Costello . . ' 49 R. Criscuola . . ' 49 CHEERLEADING J. Furry . .Capt. ' 49 E. Jones . . ' 48 G. Murray . . ' 49 E. Suarez . . ' 49 G. Gober J. Furry . E. Suarez R. Lloyd THE CORINTHIAN January JANUARY 1950 IN BASEBALL Costello E, Jones ■■ ——7— • Though Jim Costello, our lone starter, handled the " ho corner " like ' Tbtg- eoguer, we know that in another season we would hove some reel folent to offer e Yates WOS o hustling shortstop of great promise and " Big John " Kelly ' s bot sent posing fielders for bock in the meodow. We also mention our other " botsmon " ofthTSirn ° shortstop, end Bob Criscuola, who did a fine job os monoger JANUARY 1950 IN GYM John Furry ' s breathtaking perform¬ ance on the high bar have thrilled many a spectator at the meets. Proficient in all other phases of gym work also, he has always been a high scorer. Glenn Gober specialized in the rings and side horse. His flawless execution of diffi¬ cult exercises on all apparatus made him indispensable to the team. Ron Lloyd brought glory to himself and Girard in the rope-climbing department. He set a new record of 5.2 seconds for the 25-foot rope climb. Ed Suarez traveled gracefully over the apparatus in a way that won points from the judges. Joe DiRenza, was out most of the season with a leg injury; his ab- sense was a loss to the gym team. Much of the credit for the high cal¬ ibre of these gymnasts must go to Coach A. Carl Patterson, whose untiring ef¬ forts to better the team are greatly appreciated. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN 37 }- JANUARY 1950 IN TRACK Under the expert coaching of Mr. Otto and his assistant, Mr. Reiff, we found this sport exciting. In the distances George Hopkins and Jud Meulstee gave o good account of themselves. Tom Keller ' s perseverance in the long run has also paid off in the big meets. In the sprints Darrold and Duaine Williamson tore up the cinders with their flying feet. Chalk up five more points for Girard! Doing the hurdles, Nick Rock has proven a valuable asset to the team. He holds the record for the 220 lows—all right in any league. John Furry soared to new heights in the pole vault, also doing the broad jump and high jump. Stretching their legs in the broad jump also were Ken Wilhelm, Jim Wagner, and Joe DiRenzo. Dan Dodd put the shot while " Ducky " Lightkep threw the discus. Others deserving of praise were George Dowden and Dick Hutchinson in the high jump, and Steve Barbera in the pole vault. JANUARY 1950 IN SWIMMING Williamson, Dar. Uplinger McMullin Williamson, Du. As a just reward for his perseverance and great prowess in the breast stroke " Mac " McMullen was elected captain of the team this year. " Mac " has shattered all " Hum " breaststroke records from the twenty-five yard to the hundred-yard swim. Once again we find Darrold and Duaine battling for supremacy. " Dar " has picked up three " G ' s " doing the backstroke and crawl. Duaine ' s breaststroke and crawl have earned for him two letters. THE CORINTHIAM January JANUARY 1950 IN SOCCER in me backtield tor our class was John " Irish " Kelly, star center-halfback, Jim Costello, captain and right halfback, and those terrific twins, Darrold and Duaine Williamson, two great fullbacks. Their defensive work in soccer was outstanding. On one of the strongest lines ever produced at Girard were Tony DeFrancisco and Joe Yates, noted for their scoring ability and fight. With substitutes like Joe D ' Ermilio, Dick Hutchinson, and Ed Jones on the line, and Dan Dodd, Jud Meulstee, Bob Speca, and Dean Uplinger in the backfield, the team was never lacking in reserves. Nor can we forget Jim Robinson, restricted from varsity sports, who put his heart into the managing of this great team. To coaches Wolstenholme and Otto we wish to express our sincere appre¬ ciation of all they have done in develop¬ ing these fine booters. Their under¬ standing and inspiration have carried the ball for Girard in no small way. JANUARY 1950 IN FENCING Jackson is the only member of Jan¬ uary ' 50 to lend his talent to the Fenc¬ ing Team. Tom gave an excellent ac¬ count of himself. In his four seasons with this sport he managed to walk off with two letters and a fine record in league meets. Thanks, Coach Rothberg! 1950 Jackson THE CORINTHIAN ■{59 ' r THE CORINTHIAN January JANUARY 1950 IN BASKETBALL With a season of experience under his belt John Kelly was once again the big gun for the courtmen. Others were Jim Costello, that fiery forward, and George Hopkins, the reliable guard. These two fighters were responsible for many o victory for the Steel and Garnet. Schiech served os o very able manager. THE COACHES Mr. Otto Mr. Wolstenholme Mr. Patterson Mr. Rothberg Mr. Severy It is Mr. Otto, Mr. Wolstenholme, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Severy, and Mr. Rothberg who hove pledged themselves to the developing of finer teams in the " Hum. " As we leave today, coaches, we want you to know that respect and gratitude for what you have accomplished will forever remain with us. -( 40 }- 1950 THE CORINTHIAN Socccdii, The music is sweet and low. Softly it floats over the still night air. The lights ore dim. As we slowly drift about the floor, we realize that our career at Girard is just about over. Yes, this is our Graduation Dance: our final salute to Girard, whose portals we entered nearly nine years ago and through which we shall pass for the last time on January 26. There are mixed looks of doubt, de¬ termination, and expectancy on the faces of our classmates; we do not see them. No, we see or hear little for our minds are lingering over our lives as " hummers. " Who can forget the 1-1 party? Those Hoop Relays, the Nail Driving Contest, and the ever popular Junk Race? Who can forget, as that eventful evening drew to a close, the inspiring message from Dr Melchior? One-two was next. Two-one, two-two; girls at last! Then came that long-awaited term. J-1, and with it Mr. Keenan ' s " Slide, close, slide " routine. After giving our fancy steps a last once-over, we hastened off to our J-1 dance with Joe D ' Ermilio acting as M.C. We were, of course, uncertain in our social graces. But time and the J-2 dance took care of that. Bob Parella supervised the tedious job of Master of Ceremonies. His touch added gaiety to a grand evening already full of fun. Under the name of the " Holly Hop " this dance marked a milestone in our social career. S-1 ! Seniors! Through the kind generosity of Mr. Wilson, we had our first house party. Following this came our S-1 dance with George Dowden acting os M.C. The term came to a close too quickly. Summer ended and along with this came our last term at Girard. " Moonlight Serenade " was the highlighting event of this term, opening the social season at Girard for the fall term of ' 49. George acted as M.C. again, performing even better than before. Two Allen Hall house parties followed. And now, as the strains of " Goodnight Sweetheart " magnify the stillness, we bid a fond farewell to Girard socials and their bubbling happiness. THE CORINTHIAN January iE iPrutiop (Enmmittpp On entering S-1 we recognized the capability of George Hopkins os a leader. Since then he has been our class president. His well-qualified colleagues were Darrold Williamson, Vice-President, John Schiech, Secretary, and Fred Petrone, who has served as Treasurer since our j-1 term. We were glad to share George Hopkins when the rest of the College found his influence extended beyond class limits. His worth was recognized by the entire school when they chose him to act as the first President of the Student Body in Girard ' s history. As usual George worked diligently and efficiently, and turned in a spotless record. Assisting George in his tremendous undertaking, we have the Williamson twins, Darrold and Duaine. Darrold, who was second to George in the election for the President of the Student Body, served admirably as Co-Chairman of the Cabinet. Duaine kept the new government on its toes as Co-Chairman of the Assembly. We are proud of the fine job these chosen leaders of January ' 50 have completed. THE CORINTHIAN {43K JANUARY 1950 IN THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Saulsbery Lightkep Williamson, Dor. Hopkins Rock McMullin Furry Probably our most highly selective organization in the College is the National Honor Society. It claims only the most deserving boys—those who have met to a high degree the society ' s four requisites, Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. We were well-represented with eight members, led by George Hopkins, this term ' s President, John Furry, Vice-President, and Harold Saulsbery, the Secretary. Others of our class who were inducted into the Society at the two previous elections were Richard Lightkep, Nicholas Rock, and Daniel Lynch, joining these fellows through this term ' s elections were i two other worthy classmates, Darrolci Williamson and James McMullen. We look upon these leaders as ones who have crossed a goal of which they must be proud. But this should only be the beginning—only a stepping stone to larger and more honorable positions in the world. We feel assured that these fellows will set their sights on the stars and give Girard ' s National Honor Society an even more amazing significance than it now boasts. DR. DAVID MclLHATTEN Sponsor THE CORINTHIAN January d44{- JANUARY 1950 IN GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, in which our class was well represented with twenty-eight mem¬ bers this term, enjoyed one of its best years in the history of vocal music in Girard. Its busy term was highlighted by the annual Christmas Concert, unsurpassed in beauty and originality. Do we take all the credit? That would be impossible. Only through the pains¬ taking efforts of our talented director. Dr. Horry C. Banks, and our excellent accom¬ panist, the charming Miss Juliet E. Stacks, could the Glee Club have accomplished what it did. These two talented people were ever ready to give their utmost in en¬ couragement and professional advice. Robert Speca served admirably as president of the " Gleekie. " Backed by Joe D ' Ermilio, vice-president, and Harold Soulsbery, John Furry, and Mike Pinto secretary, treasurer, and librarian respectively, he kept the morale of the Glee Club riding high. The inspiration and thrill one receives from ' There Is A Green Hill " and " Hymn of Freedom " cannot be easily ex¬ pressed. Never will we forget the rich experi¬ ence and inspiration we have gained in this or¬ ganization. MISS JULIET E. STACKS DR. HARRY C. BANKS Accompanist Vocal Music Director 1950 THE CORINTHIAN THE CORINTHIAN Janviary JANUARY 1950 IN THE BATTALION In the Battalion ' s task of turning raw recruits into polished cadets and molding stronghearted men to face life, a capable and active staff of leaders is absolutely necessary. We feel that our class has produced just that kind of leadership this term. Jim Costello was a natural for the highly responsible post of Cadet-Major. Aid¬ ing him on the staff was Captain of Recruits, Steve Barbera, who handled his job like an experienced soldier. In the companies we had Daniel Dodd captaining Company A, assisted bv Lieu¬ tenants Bob Criscuolo and Dan Jones. Giv¬ ing the orders for Company B was Captain Ron Lloyd with lieutenants Pat Feudo, Ed Suarez, and George Hopkins. Company C worked hard under the leadership of Cap¬ tain Glenn Gober and lieutenants Nick Rock and George Murray. Jim McMullen did a splendid job of leading Company D through a successful term. We wish to express our thanks to Colonel Hamilton for his willing advice and interest in developing this fine outfit. Also deserving of a word of appreciation is Mr. Jerre Gratz, who gave up some of his j,„., M. " Batty, " JANUARY 1950 IN THE BAND As another term draws to a close, we find that the Band has had a highly successful season. Its many concerts, parades, and trips on outside engagements have been whole-heartedly enjoyed by its members ond by those who were entertained. Much of the credit for our excellent band must go to Harold Saulsbery, the Band ' s capable leader. Aiding Captain Saulsbery Robert Speca and 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Lynch. Other officers were sergeants Gustavo DiLauro, Thomas Keller, Joseph Phillips, and Harry Floyd. The Bond will miss such young artists as Michael Pinto on the trumpet, Lightkep on the saxophone, Porella and Paulsen on the trombones. Furry on the bass fiddle, Petrone, Machowski, Thomp¬ son, ond Weaver on the clarinets, and Tony Pellegrino on the drums. The members of the musical organ¬ izations wish to express their deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to Dr. Ralph V. Horning and Mr. Robert W. Morrison for their patient guidance in helping them advance and for giving them a real ap¬ preciation of fine music. two alert assistants, 1st Lieutenant Director of Music THE CORINTHIAN 1950 JANUARY 1950 IN THE DRAMATIC CLUB The first Dramatic Club production in which our class took port was Victor Hugo ' s " Jean Valjean. " This year ' s President, Joe D ' Ermilio, Vice-President George Dowden, Secretary John Furry, Tony Pellegrino, Don Lynch, Howard Whitebred, and Ronald Podolsky, not quite ready for leading roles, displayed blooming talent in minor parts. In S-1 the Thespians put on one of the most successful plays in Girard ' s history, Goldsmith ' s " She Stoops to Conquer. " Among our representatives in this hilarious comedy were Tony " Muggins " Pellegrino, Daniel " Marlow " Lynch, George " Aminadab " Dowden and Joe " Stingo " D ' Ermilio. In June, 1949, an exceptionally fine group of actors graduated, giving our stars a chance to shine in the plays given in December 1949. The evening featured a highly dramatic story of Joan of Arc called " Maid of France. " Soaring to glory in this show was that un¬ beatable " dogger, " Joe D ' Ermilio as the English soldier. Bob Parella appeared in a minor role. The Christmas play, " The Boy Dave, " an Irish comedy, found o newcomer Joe Phillips, doing on A-1 job as Dave. Taking the part of Dave ' s guardian, an old man, was Dan Lynch who -did an excellent interpretation. Credit must surely go to such " behind the scenes " artists as electricians, Jackson, Cris- cuola, and Keller, prop-men DiLauro and Light- kep, artists and carpenters E. Jones, Rock, Kurtz, Baird, and DeFrancisco. To Mr. Henry V. Andrews, our mentor, we say " Thanks for the many joyful hours you have trained us in your organization. " MR. HENRY V. ANDREWS JANUARY 1950 IN PUBLICATIONS Girard ' s three publications, the Girard News, the Girard Magazine, and the Corinthian all reached new heights of achievement this term under the leadership of members of our class. THE GIRARD NEWS, which was fortunate in having as its Editor-in-chief the ca¬ pable and diligent worker Nick Rock, ranks with the most original and most interest¬ ing Girard newspaper so far printed in the College. Associate Editor George Hopkins, News Editor John Furry, Business Manager Dan Lynch, and columnists George Dowden, Fred Petrone, Bob Speca, and Har Saulsbery were valuable editors. Under the efficient and very able editorship of Dan Lynch, the GIRARD MAGA¬ ZINE this term collected laurels for achievement and excellence which future editors may wish to use. Howard Whitebred and George Dowden were the MAGAZINE ' S two associate editors, and they too should be congratulated for their part in making the MAGAZINE a great success. Eddie Jones served as secretary, while Reubin Podolsky was one of the active contributing editors. The CORINTHIAN ' S Editor-in-chief, Howard Whitebred and Thomas Keller, deserve the grateful thanks of all of us for the splendid class book which they have produced. In the difficult task of planning and editing this book, they were very ably assisted by five of our class ' best journalists: George Dowden, Daniel Lynch, Joseph D ' Ermilio, and Harold Saulsbery. Bob Parella did a fine job as photographer. We also wish to thonk Mr. Foust of the NEWS, Dr. Dunlap of the MAGAZINE and Dr. Haskell of the CORINTHIAN for the valuable aid they gave us this year. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ■{49h JANUARY 1950 IN THE SWING BAND Furry D ' Ermilio DiLauro Floyd, H. Lightkep Borbero Jones, E. Speco Soulsbery Pinto No class organization has been more diligent than the Swing Band. Harold Saulsbery ' s constant effort and continual encouragement has produced one of Girard ' s better swing bands. Harold and his singing alto sax served two years in the saxophone section, during which he was quietly preparing himself for the leadership of the aggregation. Dick Lightkep and Eddie Jones capably filled in the saxophones, Harry Floyd, a two-year veteran and Gus DiLauro played sweet trombones at dances, and Mike Pinto filled out the brass section with a hot trumpet. Providing rhythm were John Furry on the bass fiddle and Tony Pellegrino on the drums. Steve Barbera, vocalist, did a very fine job. Bob Speco and Joe D ' Ermilio served as managers. The Band will always remember the nightly sessions after supper, the thrill of playing at a dance and watching the dancers enjoy their music. They can never forget the friendly snacks following a dance, and, above all, Harry Saulsbery ' s steady encouragement. THE CQRIMTHIAM January T50T Anderson.without his " friends " ..wearing a colored shirt Barbero.growing old alone Choclos.All-American tackle Criscuola.. gy instructor Costello.. watchmaker DErmilio. Danny Kaye ' s double DeFrancisco.. English teacher DiLouro.singing soprano DiRenza.selling snowballs in Naples .playing a piccolo Dowden.Promoting " Be Kind To Teacher Week " Downing. office executive .an undertaker Floyd, H. bouncer Floyd, R.. cruel husband the dug-out Gober.. grdent lover Heacox. private detective Hopkins.without responsibility Hutchinson.g taxi driver Jackson.breaking a track record Jones, g hurry Jones, E.modest Keller.illiterate high society Klenk.rustling steers in Texas Klingerman.a janitor Kurtz.a " city slicker " Lightkep.without the " boys " (Continued on Page 54) THE CORINTHIAN i3iy ' ftABS " , ED, AAIKE, DAR , " DUE ' tuZW , DANNY, dee; WgUS, PETE, ANDK MOE THE CORINTHIAN January TsiT 7 A ORA VDIjy 1950 THE CORINTHIAN (Continued from Page 51) .not exer cising .not " barneying in " Machowski.. rough, tough sailor McMullen.without Sally (the dog) Mengle.calm, cool, and collected opera singer Muhibauer.boisterous Murray.completely awake Parella .broke Paulsen.without his troubles shorts Petrone.emancipating the slaves Phillips.a preacher Pinto.a barber Podolsky.immaculately groomed Robinson.taking orders Rock.flunking art Rothman.raising shamrocks the " batty " bell bottoms Speca.with his hair mussed Suarez.a laughing bandit Thompson.batting with Zelda Uplinger.lost in the woods Wagner.thinking himself in health to chanty Whitebread.a good chemist Wilhelm.reciting " Glamis thou art. . Williamson, Dar.a 97 lb. weakling Williamson, Du.not sleeping Yates.not confused THE COftIMTHIAM January -{54 ' r 0 1950 The Road Looking East Is this goodbye? Why must we soy goodbye? I clasp vour hand, a tear drop in my eye. Is this the end? Must I ne ' er think of days gone by? Must love and friendship die? No, dear friend, the time is not yet nigh When my thought of you, like a wilted rose must fade away. Take my hand; guide me down the aisle. If I should stumble, let me see your smile And I will rise. The time is nigh. Farewell my friend; but not goodbye. GEORGE DOWDEN January ' 50 THE CORINTHIAN ' 155 }- THE CORINTHIAN (56 ' r January m s. .4 Founder ' s Hall Never again shall we gaze upon that massive structure as students of Girard. In years to come, when we see its majestic form, it will bring back memories of happy days. Great in symbolism and architecture, it has inspired many, but few comparatively have seen Founder ' s Hall through the thankful eyes of the Girardian. Once cold, and foreboding, this building welcomed us to Girard. As we leave for the last time, it is warm and pleasant, bidding us farewell and godspeed. We entered to learn; we depart to serve others. When we build, let us think that we build forever. —John Ruskin (El|f (llnriiitljiaii Girard College Philadelphia, Pa. STEPHEN GIRARD One of the few, one of the immortal names that were not born to die. —Fitz-Grcenc Halicck T.kBLE OF CONTENTS Page Founder ' s Holl . Fly Title Page . 1 Dedication . 2-3 Appreciotion . 4 Dr. Odgers . 5 Faculty . 6 Dr. Wolcott ' s Letter . 7 Tribute to Stephen G ' rcd . 8 Letter to Stephen Girard . 9 In Appreciotign . 10 Senior Introduction . 11 The Gloss .12-26 Who ' s Who in ' 50 . 27 Class Picture .28-29 Class Will . 30 Sports Introduction . 31 " G " Page . 32 Sports .33-37 Socials. 38 Activities Introduction . 39 Activities .40-48 Allen Memories . 49 Ensemble.50-51 Con You Imagine? .52-53 Cortoons .54-55 In Porting . 56 CORINTHIAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief ROBERT S. OWENS Associate Editors ROBERT E. DRAWBAUGH EDWARD J. REYNOLDS DONALD R. EBERHART ERUCE C. SPRAGG Photography Editor FREDERICK A URSINO Art Editors PASQUALE R. PROFETO EARL K. GUILES Cover by ROBERT S. OWENS June 1950 PREPAREDNESS For all your days prepare, And meet them ever alike: When you are the anvil, bear— When you are the hammer, strike. —Edwin Markham This book was printed in the Girard College Print Shop. With the sincere ap¬ preciation of the Class, the Editors extend their thanks to all those who worked on it. Mr. Chester B. Sweigart Housemaster THE CORINTHIAN June WE DEDICATE TDIS DDDK to Mr. Chester B. Sweigart, B. S. Housemaster whose counsel and friendship were always sought after and enjoyed, and whose wisdom and foresight guided us in all our undertakings. We thank him again for all this and assure him that our appreciation is deep indeed. WITD GREAT PLEASURE A parting expression of appreciation is extended to Mr Chester B. Sweigart Miss Phyllis Rhodes Miss Janet Deininger Miss Miriam McGhee Dr. Raymond I. Haskell ... for the thoughtfulness of us that mode our life so pleasant and so enjoyable in our last years at Girard. We assure them that we appreciate all their efforts and hard work. We hope in return that they had the same pleasure in guiding us. THE CORINTHIAN June MERLE M. ODGERS Ph.D, LH.D, LLD. President of Girard College Over the fourteen years of his able leadership as President, Girard College has met its problems of education and management with renewed success. As our friend and in¬ spiring leader, the Class of June 1950 will long remember his good will and many contributions to our welfare and happiness. THE CORINTHIAN 1950 Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. -Tennyso DEPARTMENT OF SECONDARY EDUCATION AND LIBRARIANS To the Class of June 195c: We are sorry to see you leave Girard College. So many of you young men have still so much to learn. For one thing you have to learn to apply in the outside world a lot of the principles which you have been learning in this inside world of Girard. To a cer¬ tain extent you will succeed in propor¬ tion to your success in here. Those who have acquired the art and pleasant habit of liking people, of getting along with people, of respecting and being re- speaed will fmd outsiders just as pleasant and as unpleasant, as reasonable and as unreasonable, as thoughtful and as thoughtless as those of us who work and dwell inside " the walls.” You also have the extremely difficult task of learning to live in a world whose sense of values has undergone a tremendous change in just the eighteen short years of your lifetime. You will have to learn to make your own personal adjustments to the something-for-noth’ng philosophy which has become a major component of your her¬ itage; to contribute your opinion, backed by your own action, toward a solution of racial problems, of class problems, and the problem of political and economic ideology. You have to learn to survive in a world still cowering under the turbulent shad- dow of the A-bomb cloud. You will have to fight—will the H-bomb on the draw¬ ing boards—for the survival of the ideas and the ideals, the truth and the beauty, which have been the inspiration and the strength of mankind since it recognized itself as civilized. Good luck, boys! A lot depends on your generation. You can lead well, follow well, or just fizzle. We’ll be watching and so will the world. Good Luck! W. B. WOLCOTT Director of Secondary Education 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ' IT!- StE p h E n Girard The name Stephen Girard implies wealth, splendor, generosity, and a love of mankind. It signifies ascent from poor boy to humanitarian and the foster-fathership of more than 15,000 orphans. As a banker, mer¬ chant, and mariner, Girard amassed a great fortune which he left for the care and education of poor, white, male orphans. Many have reaped the benefits of his generos¬ ity in the college which he founded. He was a lover of mankind. When the yellow fever epidemic broke out in Philadelphia, he remained with few indeed to help sufferers. He loved his country. While the United States was at war with England in 1812, and the outcome was in doubt, he gave of his fortune and subscribed heavily in buying bonds to assure victory. The spirit of Stephen Girard will live with us forever. j6A. vt- :An. a tt ' ?Kj .4Z fty - 3 1 fU 7n . z ra 7 , - a ?T! t z ' Tca ' t cx. cZ ' Tza iZ . o e3a.cu3£. C Lo ay C-z AjiL y H y7i ' y7ta . • 5’- z - - AxcrCTta e6!H.Cyyt. £Z 1. MA - i. SjAfi -K OyTfU. - ZOyTOdo,. a. a 7‘e z: c: 2 L. Jd aynJs u - u .,cc , ca ;d sj-ccota de. Ji . X ' 7UZy3 Ji.... ' T iyo jU2 2U ' 7u: -u f-c(. .i£a.. -z . .yc :H c 4k -rv -oc y 7 z i .-d oi -nU tzyyC: JZ jOy d o u z €.. i;d -Az D Zl.k Ad.d7ZA.diAd ' ppilztcCd. .k£d p2.cA At Az ipe. zkc JsAacjz pdAz .p MtAc . S pd a JdAe. ypzo ; jAf ' Xi y.d pAdAt.j : zzaAz, (:ZpydiAadft Az z pztdLd C y dia. d d £ ayc ( 9tt .kc " ' ' AAy dejz pdd ?zzy ' .Ac ; upAut. adZi. dd duA -zz acAiA ady iOd AoA l p , Ja Jridyc d TLza . J2 Zi!Hc -- z £ i£c JtAjL MJZopzti i d ddUde. zk zZ ' zAd yptd :d4aft aujud a nAy tCd (:ZzAddzz dy frtdi Ai0d cdicAd yo d Ao2 Ad._ Aocd -?x j ■ ' da ! Aa ?tdf-y . dT oJ jdAodyda -Aod aCfTU. A:d7mdke. HLd ' AC iy zzPi77AAk Mlded yA a yy 6Cd v6dZrL d ZZzUd A t?7 t dAe M lZd ZK£ ■C Z?‘7l£ a. (J: ce A iiie, JdAaAuzd. - AaJ Adzze C( d aidjS: p=t£cd zd dd?7Ua dc zzt cdde dyzc . " JAaa dta .dA (Ada ? .A -z ddaA d)AcAA, , 1950 C-Aiid a p dcatjiz SO THE CORINTHIAN t 0 To Mr. M. Arnold Doffin and Mr. Arthur P. Bonekemper goes our unfail¬ ing gratitude for their pains and pro¬ ficiency in directing the printing of this book. To Mr. Edward Anderson for his time, effort, and skill in taking the photo¬ graphs for this book. THE CORINTHIAN June 1950 till CHARLES PETERS (Pete) President 140 Morton Rood, Springfield, Del. Co., Po. Born: February 23, 1932 Course: General and Machine Shop Activities Echelon Platoon, ' 47; Lieutenant in Recruits, J-2; Isl Lieutenant of Co. D, S-1; Captain, S-2; Activities Night, ' 47, Cen¬ tennial Pageant, ' 48; President of Class, J-2; Vice-President of Class, S-l; Basketball, ' 49- ' 50; Soccer, ' 49; Vice-President of Cabinet, S-2. Pete is a symbol of leadership, service, and character. After accept¬ ing the task of leading us, he went head on into his duties, and has emerged unsurpossed by any who have gone before him. To you, Pete, our thanks comes from the heort Dear Classmates, It is hard for me to write this letter because I realize the time has come to say good-bye to Girard and, most of all, to you. We have grown through the years; yes, we have grown through xvhat seemed to be never-ending school days. I remem¬ ber those little brawls and happy times that have added their share to make our days in Girard full. It is impossible for me to say all I feel in my heart. As we leave to adapt ourselves to life outside the walls, let us not in our eagerness to fulfill our own ambitions forget the prin¬ ciples and ideals to which we have been so perfectly molded. The things that seemed hard to us at times during our journey through the " Hum” will he more fully prized as we go into the careers of life. Some of us may never see each other again, hut we shall never forget those faces that have made our life here so pleasant. It will be only natural to shed tears for that is a true sign of brotherhood. Classmates, I want to thank you for the honor that you have bestowed upon me as President, and for your helpful and generous cooperation in carrying out our activities together to a successful climax. In concluding, I would like to say, " May God bless each and every one of you, and may He also assure you of a suc¬ cessful and fruitful life.” Sincerely, Charles Peters COftlMTHIAM June ' 112 MARVIN WEISS (Cheese) Vice-Presl(dent 1-422 N Franklin Street, Philadelphia Bom: August 12, 1932 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: American Legion Aword, 7B; Conference Committee, 2-1 to J-1; Athletic Council, 2-1, President of Closs, S-1; Vice-Presi¬ dent, j-2, S-2, Secretary of Student Cobinet, S-l; Student Council, 2-1; Chairmen of School Committee, S-l, Intramural Soccer Num¬ erals, J-1, S-l; Basketball, Softball, J-2; Manager of Con- ' y Trade, J-2; Magazine, 2-1 to S-2; Editor of Mogazine, S-2; Band, 1-1 to S-2; Lieutenant of Band, S-2; Notional Honor Society, J-2 to S-2; President of Notionol Honor Sixiety, S-2; President of Student Body, S-2; Gym Manager, S-2, Swing Band, J-2 to S-2. " All the world ' s o stoge, and all the people merely players. " Cf " Morv, " it can be said thot he will be one of the herces of every drama His cbundonce of common sense in leadership is the beacon (hot m ! , hm the leader of the crowd. Secretary 272 W. Laurel Drive, Altadena, Col. Born: April 12, 1933 Course. General ond Stenography Achvihes: Girard Magozine Staff, Associate Editor of Girard Maga¬ zine, S-2; Assistant Manager of Candy Trade, S-1, S-2; Publicity Manager, General Secretary of Student Center, S-l, S-2;’ Sergeant in Battalion, S-2; Activities Night, ' 47: Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Class Secretary, J-1, S-2; Student Council, 2-2; Student Court, S-2. Perseverance, dependobility, and on unossuming manner hove en¬ abled Lou to achieve recognition in his many activities at Girard. Never too busy with his other interests, Lou was ever ready to serve the class. ROBERT S. OWENS (Jess) Treasurer 74 Kent Street, Newark, N. J. Born: December 15, 1932 Course: Regulor and Drafting Activities: Student Council, J-1; Flomborough Sword Dance, J-1, J-2; Secretary of Class, J-1; Treasurer of Class, S-2; Intramural Championship Numerals, Soccer, J-1, S-1; Softball, J-2; Lieutenant in Co. D, S-2; Editor-in-chief of Corinthian, S-2; National Honor Society, S-2. On the athletic field, in closs affoirs, and in publications, Je;s exhibited his greatest abilities. If personality ond knowledge con¬ tribute to success, " Jess " will moke the grade. EARL KENNETH GUILES lEorl) Cabinet Member 4723 Smick Street, Philadelphia Born: July 15, 1932 Course: Regular and Sheet Metal Activities: Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Guidon of Co. C, S-2; Class Treas¬ urer, S-l; Student Cabinet, S-2; House Committee, S-2; Baseball, ' 50; Soccer, ' 49; 1st Prize, Metallurgy, S-l; Magozine Art Stoff, S-2; Notional Honor Society, S-2. Tolented as well as good looking, Earl is well prepared to cope successfully with any obstacle that may arise. He will eventually reach his goal. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ROBERT KARL ALBRIGHT (BuckI 3592 Indian Queen Lane, Philadelphia Born: March 30, 1933 Course: General ond Machine Shop Activities: Echelon Platoon, 2-2; Guidon of Co, C, S-1; Sergeont Major in Color Guard, S-2; Baseball, ' 49; Soccer, ' 49; Bosketball, 49- 50, Captain of Basketball Team, ' 50; AII-non-League Soccer Team, ' 49. In the Machine Shop ond on the athletic field, " Bucky " did every¬ thing to the best of his ability. As he has triumphed over obstacles in sports, so will he do it in life. JOHN RICHARD ALLEN (Als) 4537 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Born: June 14, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Treosurer of Class, J-2; Dramatic Club, j-2 to S-2; Girard News, " Ho Hum " Column, S-2; Student Council, 2-2; Echelon Pla¬ toon, ' 49, ' 50; Guide Sergeant of Co. A, S-2; Manager of Swing Bond, S-2; Gym Team, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; 2nd Prize, Individual Com¬ petitive Drill, S-1; Activities Night, ' 45, ' 46; W.G.C. Announcer, S-2; Cost; " Cyrano de Bergerac; " Gold Typing Award, S-2. " Als " ' good nature and active interest in class affairs always livened up the conversation wherever he went. His ready smile and witty humor have earned him the title of " most typical Hummer. " We know " Als " will have everything if he continues his Girord success. NICHOLAS ARCARI I Itch I 1515 S. Newkirk Street, Philadelphia Born: December 22, 1932 Course: General and Patternmaking Activities: Activities Night, ' 49; Soccer, ' 49; Echelon Plotoon, ' 49; Lieutenant in Bottalion, S-2; Dramatic Club, Art Staff, S-2 Base¬ ball, ' 50. When we soy " Farewell, ' Itch! ' " we shall miss a swell classmate His smile and friendliness, will bring many a tear when we reminisce in years to come. SYLVANUS HARRIS BEAHM (SquirtI 1144 Minsi Trail Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Born: November 29, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Printing Activities: Supply Sergeant, Co. C, S-2; Activities Night, ' 47; In- tramurol Championship Numerals, Soccer, J-1, S-1, Softball, J-2, Basketball, J-2; Echelon Platoon, S-2; Assistant Printing Adviser of Girard Magazine, S-2. Speed and agility kept " Squirt " in the sport ' s limelight Although small, he could eosily hold his own in any sport. Class affoirs also took much of his time. THE CORINTHIAN iuy EDWARD BEITEL (Fish) 1101 Ridge Street, Freeland, Pa. Born: Jonuary 19, 1933 Course: Regular and Pattern Shop Activities: Swimming, ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Captain, ' 50; East¬ ern State Swimming Championship Team, ' 48; Track, ' 49, ' 50; Stu¬ dent Council, J-l; Echelon Platoon, J-2; Contributor to Girord Magazine, J-2, S-1; Girard Mogazine, S-2; Exhibitor, World Hobby Exhibit, S-2; Assistant Manager of Swing Bond, S-2; Girord News, S-2. Ed ' s bright smile ond winning ways coptured us os they captured the girls. He proved his othletic prowess os a swimmer and a shot- putter. Most of all, his easy-going good nature will moke us remem¬ ber him os o friend. KENNETH ALLEN BEYNON (Keni 901 E. Mahanoy Avenue, Mahanoy City, Pa. Born: August 21, 1932 Course: Practical Arts ond Foundry Activities: Activities Night, 1-1; Vice-President of Class, J-l; Eche¬ lon Platoon, ' 48, ' 49; First Sergeant of Co. A, S-2; Track Squad, ' 48, ' 49; Intramural Championship Numerals, Soccer, J-l; Basket¬ ball, J-2; Softball, J-2. Ken ' s athletic ability shines through his modest and unassuming personality. We all remember the talent and good sportsmanship which he so ably demonstrated on the athletic field. With this ability ond sincerity, Ken should go far, GIRARD S. CUSATIS (Jerry) R. D. No. 2, Greenville, Pa. Born: July 7, 1933 Course: Regulor and Stenography Activities: Bond, 7A to J-2; Second Prize in Essay Contest, 2-2; Glee Club, J-2 to S-1; Manogor of Student Center, S-1 to S-2; Dramatic Club, S-1 to S-2; Manager of Color Trade, S-1 to S-2; Jusiness Manager of Girard News, S-2; Cabinet Member, S-2; Mana¬ ger of Fencing Team, ' 48- ' 49. Cne of the most remarkable boys in the " Hum ' " Wilhout h.s ingen¬ uity many student projects would not be os successful as they ore today Thanks, Jerry, for everything ' GLEN RICHARD DAVIS (Dave ' R. D, No. 2, Windber, Po Born: May 26, 1932 Course: Regulor and Drafting Activities: Orchestro, 1-1 to 2-2; String Ensemble, 2-2 to J-2, Ac¬ tivities Night, ' 47. Dave never found it necessary to talk excessively; his outstanding qualities spoke for themselves. Amioble, quiet, and sincere, he wo ' liked by everybody. THE CORINTHIAN ' Pa { 15 , GIRARD JOSEPH DIPIETRO (Petel 1327 Christian Street, Philadelphia Born: October 4, 1932 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Band, 7A to S-2; First Lieutenant in Bond, S-2; Swing Band, 2-2 to S-2; Lender of Swing Bond, S-2, Glee Club S-1 S-2 Treasurer of Glee Club, S-2; String Ensemble, J-1; Hormcny Club ' , S-2; Girard News, S-2; Girard Magazine, S-2, Centennial Paceant ' 48; Activities Night, ' 47; Cultural Olympics, ' 47 to ' 49; Drcmatic Club, S-2; Cast: " Cyrano de Bergerac " ; W.G.C. Announcer, S-2, Pete ' s keen sense of humor ond good looks hove made him a popu¬ lar clossmate. He found time olong with his music for varsity soccer and active participation in the publications. We wish him success in his chosen field. DELBERT DOUGIALLO (Doug) 202 Van Loon Street, Plymouth, Pa. Born: July 10, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Foundry Activities: Gym Team, ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50, Captain, ' 49- ' 50 Sergeant Quartermaster of Color Guard, S-2; Centenniar Pageant, ' 48; Echelon Plotoon, ' 48, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 47; Vice-Presiden of Student Assembly, S-2; Rope Climb Record, ' 50; Third Pace, Lowe- Merion Invitation Meet, Rope climb. Over the years, Doug hos certainly endeared himself to us all by his ever friendly manner. His gymnastic ability is exceeded only by his handsome features. ROBERT EUGENE DRAWBAUGH (Bob) 1109 Holmes Street, McKees Rocks, Pa. Born: September 27, 1933 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: National Honor Society, J-2 to S-2; Foreign Policy As- lotion J-2; Dramotic Club, S-l, S-2; Cast: " The Boy Dave " Girard News, J-1 to S-2; Associate Editor of News, S-2- Associate Editor of Corinthian, S-2; Manual Arts Prize, 6B; Secretary of Stu¬ dent Counal, J-2; Conference Committee, J-2; Calendar Committee S-l; Flamborough Sword Dance; Harmony Club, S-l S-2- Culture ' Olympics, 4 - Girard Mogazine, 2-2; Soccer, ' 49; Lieutenant in t ' c Battalion J-2 ' S-l; Coptain of Co. C, S-2,- Intramural Championshin Bosketboll Numerols, J-2,- Scholarship Pin; W.G.C. Script Writer S-2; Bronze Typing Award, S-l. What Bob lacks no one wonts anyway. In short. Bob has everything good looks, intellect, and a way with the girls. His quiet mcnner of getting things done without fuss added many honors to his n m? Our loss will be McKees Rocks ' gain. THEODORE SCOTT DUNKLE (Scotti R. D. No. I, New Providence, Pa. Eorn: March 25, 1932 Course: Practicol Arts and Auto Shop Activities: Echelon, ' 49; (Numerals) Intramural Soccer Champion¬ ship, S-l. Scott Is a quiet fellow, but many times he has proven his worth to the class and to the College. The automobile business is at his command. Go to it and do as good a job as you have done here THE CORINTHIAN June ii6y DONALD RALPH EBERHART (Ebsi R. D. No. 2, Downingtown, Po. August 2 , I9 t3 Course r egulor and Stenography Activities Bond, J-) lo S-2; Corinthian Staff, S-2, Girard Maga¬ zine, S-2; Girard News, S-1, S-2; Glee Club, S-1, Harmony Club, S-l, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2, Costs " Maid of Fronce " ond " Cyrono de Bcrgcra: " : Student Assembly, Secretory, S-1; Scholcrshn Aword, ' 48, " Personalities " , S-2, Flamborough Sword Donee, ' 19. Ebs os a witless lover in the spring ploy was quite in confrost VI I; h.s natural abilities His pcelic nature and story -a riling sk ' ll set the doss egog A voice con be heard colling " Ebs " to greot things. THOMAS FRANCIS FLYNN (Tomi 2935 Victoria Street, Philadelphia ‘ .:n October 28, 1932 ' " ' .rsc- General ond Clericol A: ' ,V ties. Lieutenant of Recruits, S-2, Basketboll and Baseball Ref¬ eree, 49, Activities Night, ' 46. Here IS Q fellow who tries until he succeeds. Tom ' s abilities on the soccer field ond his knock of making friends are known by us all. We will find it hard to forget Tom. ARTHUR DANIEL GALLAGHER lArtI 600 Copley Rood, Upper Darby, Pa. Born: October 18, 1932 Course. Regular and Electrical Activities Lieutenant in Recruits, S-1, S-2; Firing Squad, S-2; Mono- cer of Student Center, S-1, S-2, Cultural Olympics, ' 49; Activities Nght, ' 48 Continually striving to further his knowledge of science. Art was forever tampering with some scientific gadget to see what mode It tick. But Art was never too busy to aid his classmates. With his qualities how con he be anything but successful? ROBERT EDWIN GAUGHAN iBobi 3741 81st Street, Jackson Heights, N Y. Bom: April 4, 1932 Course- Procticol Arts and Foundry Activities: Color Guard, S-2; Swimming Team, ' 49- ' 50; Corporal in Battalion, S-1; Activities Night, ' 46; Cultural Olympics, ' 49 Bob ' s quiet seriousness always fitted in well with the class. He gove us a feeling of security with his sincere friendliness. We feel sure his winning ways will find a rood into others ' hearts just os they have secured o warm port in ours. 950 the CORINTHIAN iin RICHARD HARRY GEBELEIN (GebI 3805 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia Born May 27, 1933 Course: Regular and Drafting Activities: Track, ' 49; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Dramatic Club, S-2, Cast: " Cyrano de Bergerac, " S-2; Girard Magazine, J-2. Junior Science Council, J-2; " Operation Blackboard, " WPTZ, J-2; W.G.C Announcer, S-2; WBMJ, S-1; Harmony Club, S-2; Cultural Olym¬ pics, ' 50. On the stage, in the classroom, or on the athletic field, " Geb " will always stand out omong our many memories. A newly tied knot has bound him to our class and no one can ever untie it RONALD EDWARD GERHART (Gcrsi 406 Walton Avenue, Altoona, Pa Born: October 24, 1933 Course: Regular and Machine Shop Activities: Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Harmony Club, S-1, S-2; Intra¬ mural Championship Numerals, Soccer, S-1; Activities Night, ' 47 Dramatic Club, S-2, Cast: " Cyrano de Bergerac " ; Echelon Platoon, ' 50; Magazine Art Staff, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 50; Manager of Baseball, ' 50. Always willing to listen to somebody ' s corny jokes or love offa rs, " Gers " has what it takes. His many abilities and his friendliness made him a classmate we shall never forget. GEORGE ANDREW GOLIAS I George I 3409 E. 105th Street, Cleveland, Ohio Born- May 24, 1933 Course: Regular and Pattern Shop Activities- Bond, 1-1 to S-2; Captain of Bands, S-2; Glee Clu ' ?, S-1, S-2; Vice-President of Glee Club, S-2, Swing Bond, S-1, S-2,- Har¬ mony Club, S-2,- Track, ' 49; Soccer, ' 49; Culturol Olympics ' 45 to ' 48. George is one of those lucky people who can always see humor if It ' s there. With his sweet trumpet and soccer talent, he made a high place for himself in our class activities. DANIEL HALCHAK (Holch) 228 W Wildey Street, Philadelphia Born October 9, 1933 Course: Regular and Electrical Activities: Echelon Platoon, ' 49, ' 50; Supply Sergeont, Co. B, S-2, Cultural Olympics, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 46. " Halch " IS one electrician who really knows the wires. Although his eyesight may not be 20-20, we feel sure he will see through the obstacles of later life. THE CORINTHIAN NEVIN BRANT HALLACHER (NevI 1131 Bultonwcwd Street, Reading, Pa, Porn May 23, 1%2 Course ' General and Machine Shop Acnv ties Echelon Plotoon, ' -19, Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2 Act.vities N ' ght, ' 47, Corporal in Co. A, S-l, S-2 Thct smile hos enlightened many a dark hour. Go into the world end vear it, end everyone will be at your command Please don ' t forget us, " Nev " We ' ll never forget you. WILLIAM JOHN HEIDER (Billl 720 Howard Avenue, Havertown, Pa. i nm August 15, 1932 Course. Regular and Printing Activities Gym Teom, ' 47- ' 48, Cheerleader, ' 49; Dramotic Club, J-2 to S-2, Casts. " She Stoops to Conquer " , " Maid of France " , and " Cyrano de Bergerac " ; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Harmony Club, S-l, S-2; Printing Advisor for Girard News, S-l, Editor-in-chief of Girord News, S-2; Concert Band, J-1 to S-2; Swing Band, S-l; Activities Night, ' 47; Centennial Pageont, ' 48; Manager in Student Center, S-l, S-2; Girard Magazine Staff, S-1, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 47 to ' 49; National Honor Society, S-l, S-2; Cobinet Member, S-2. Cur class is proud to boast of our able disciple of Terpsichore. Bill ' s artistic sense had everyone running to pile new duties on his shoulders. It seems inevitable thot Bill will be a success on the stoge of life too. RAYMOND CLEMMER HILL (Billl 1828 W. Ontario Street, Philadelphia Born: June 9, 1933 Course: Regular ai.d Electrical Activities: Concert Band, S-l, S-2; Swing Band, S-2; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2, Secretory of Glee Club, S-2; Folk Dance Group, ' 49; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2; Casts: " She Stoops to Conquer " and " Cyrano de Bergerac; " Harmony Club; Girord News, S-2, Activi¬ ties Night, ' 46; Cultural Olympics, ' 49, ' 50; President of Harmony Club, S-2; WGC Writer, S-2, Officer in Band, S-2. You were sure Bill liked you. Wherever there wos noise, he was there; despite this joviality, Bill hod a serious side ond faced his problems willingly. He proved himself a good leader in the Harmony Club. LOWELL BECKHAM JACKMAN (Cabol Box 122, Mill Hall, Clinton County, Pa. Born: November 17, 1932 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: Junior Band, ' 46, ' 47; Dril Band, 2-1 to J-2; Activities Night, ' 46; Gym Team, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Glee Club, S-I, S-2; Guide Sergeant, S-l; Lieutenant in Co. D, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 48, ' 49, Photographer, Girard News, S-2. As one of the most diligent workers in the class, " Cabo " has always manoged to ronk high in school os well os in our hearts. With his persevering end friendly manner, he is bound to get the best in life THE CORINTHIAN 1950 FRANCIS KOPRIVNIKAR (Kubs) 533 Grant Street, Springdale, Po. Born: May 16, 1932 Course: Regular and Clericol Activities: Fencing Team, ' 48- ' 49; Captain of Fencing Team J-2 Basketball, ' 49- ' 50; Lieutenant in Recruits, J-l, Stoff, J-2 S-1 Cadet Mojor, S-2; Student Cabinet, Secretory, S-2 Cu Uira ' Civ - pics, S-l. Toll, coMble, and sincere best describe ' K ' ubs. " He demonstroted his service this year definitely by guiding the batfolion throjnh q outstanding term. Good luck, " Kubs " ! We hope you can " rack up " Vn life as eosily as you did last seoson in basketball EMMcTT MARIO (Mike! 2324 S. Percy Street, Philadelphia Born January 1, 1933 Course: Regulor ond Machine Shop Activities: Band, 7A to S-l; Culturol Olympics, ' 47 to ' 49; Dromo- tic Club, J-2 to S-2; Cast " She Stoops to Conquer, " j-2; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Centennial Pageant, ' 48, Leader of Harmony Club, S-l, S-2; Student Cabinet ond Assembly, S-l, Photographer for the Girard News, S-2 There may be other boys named Mike in the future, but none shell take our Mike ' s place. Who else excels in doss octivities and student projects os he does? In memory we shall never let him go PAUL EDWARD METROKA (Russion. 58 London Street, Kingston, Pa. Born. August 10, 1932 Course: Regular and Corpentry Activities: Band, 7-A to 1-2; Lieutenant in Recruits, S-l; Captain Inspecto r, S-2; Boseboll, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Basketball, ' 48- ' 49; Activi¬ ties Night, ' 47, Echelon Platoon, ' 48, Student Council, J-l; Ath¬ letic Committee, J-2, S-l; Co-Coptain of Boseboll, ' 50. Alth h " Russian ' s " knee put him out of oction in his lost yeor at the " Hum, " he is undoubtedly one of the class ' best athletes. H.s good-natured attitude endeared him to us all. " Russian " is o closs- mote who will olwoys be ours. JAMES ROBERT MILLER iBob 169 Hall Street, Spring City, Po Born: March 23, 1932 Course General and Automobile Shop Activities: Activities Night, ' 48, Track, ' 49, ' 50; Basketboll Mono- ger, ' 49- ' 50; Dramatic Club, S-l, S-2, Echelon Platoon, S-l; Color Guard, S-2, Assembly Representative, S-2. Bob IS the most boisterous member of the class, but urxter this is a sincerity thot we cannot overlook His able shotputting mode him an athlete Persevering, Bob is ossured of the best in life THE CORIMTHIAM ' ! 20 ;• BERNARD JOHN NAROLEWSKI (Bernic) 127 S. Putnam Street, West Hozelfon, Pa. Born February 20, 1933 Course Regular and Clerical Activities Cultural Olympics, ' 48, ' 49, Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2 CQn.,y Trade, J-1, Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Guidon of Co. D, S-2, Stu¬ dent Center Monoger, S-2, Student Council, 2-1, Assembly Marn¬ ier, S-2. Intramural Championship Numerals, Soccer, S-1, Basket- ball and Baseball Referee, Secretary, Student Assembly, S-2. In class affairs and other activities, Bernie was never satisfied wi h anyth ng but his best Add this attribute to his optimistic viewpoint enj you can readily see why we ' ve come to love him. HARRY FRANCIS NAUGHTON (Harv) Pennel Apts. A31, State Road, Pennworth Avenue, Bywood, Po. Born: November 28, 1932 Course. Regulor and Sheet Metal Ac ' ivities: Captain Adjutant, S-2; Captain Inspector, S-1; Echelon Platocn, ' 48; Commander of Echelon Platoon, S-2; Soccer, ' 49; Dro- motic Club, S-1, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 49; Girard Magazine, ' 50. " Horv ' s " high code of sportsmanship dominated his great goal¬ tending for our soccer teom. His thoughtfulness, interest, ond perseverance in the battalion made the success of that organization last term. Even though we can ' t cheer him on now, we know he II uphold Girard ' s finest tradition. EDWARD ALBERT OTTO (Ed 2927 N. Third Street, Philadelphia Bern . July 28, 1932 Course. General and Electrical Activities; Bond, 7B to S-2; Corporal in Band, S-2; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2, Glee Club Librarian, S-2; Centennial Pageant, ' 48; Cultural Olympics, ' 47 to ' 49. Ed ' s the fellow anyone would be glad to employ. His willingness to work ond his versatility soon had him doing things for everyone His long strides and dreamy tenor voice identify Ed anywhere. PHILIP POMEROY NEWLYN iPhill 2 Bartol Avenue, Ridley Park, Pa. Born: February 26, 1933 Course: Regular and Carpentry Iniramurol Chompionship Numerals, ' 49; Echelon Pla- tcan, ' 49; World Hobby Exhibit, ' 49; Corporal in Battalion, S-1, S-2, Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Guidon in Co. B, S-2; Numerals, Gym, S-2. Seme people say that freckles are caused by the sun, but from Phil we would soy that it was just one way of distributing friendli¬ ness. Popularity is his middle name. i 1950 THE CORINTHIAN i2iy GEORGE ALLEN OUNAN (George) 1200 Kerlin Street, Chester, Pa. Porn February 17, 1933 Caurse: General and Printing Activities: Band, 7-A to S-2, Lieutenant in Band, S-2; Swing Bond, S-1; Glee Club, J-2 to S-2; Harmony Club, S-1, S-2- Cultural Olym¬ pics, ' 47 to ' 49; Activities Night, ' 48. George ' s talent with the trumpet ond his accurocy at pool oie samples of what he has accomplished. With his quiet friendliness and amiable nature, George is assured of all he wonts from life ANTHONY ALBERT PELLEGRINO (Tony) 1467 N. Felton Street, Philadelphia Born September 3, 1932 Course: Regular and Printing Activities: Band, 1-1 to S-2; Concert Band, J-1 to S-2 Cul ' uro ' Olympics, ' 47 to ' 50; Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2, Casts: " Jean Va ' - jean, " " She Stoops to Conquer; " Girard Magazine, S-2; Centennial Pageant, ' 48; Activities Night, ' 46, ' 47; Basketball Referee, ' 48 Swing Band, S-1, S-2; " Operation Blockboord, " ' 49; President of Dramatic Club, S-2; Cast; " Cyrano de Bergerac. " It certainly didn ' t take us long to get acquainted with you, Tony. Your helpfulness and friendly personality soon won our hearts. Now we find it hard to soy, " Good-bye, Tony, and good luck) " DAVID JAY PIVAR (Pivsl 6058 Webster Street, Philodelphio Born: June 6 , 1933 Course: Regular and Clerical Activities: Co-captain of Fencing, ' 48- ' 49; Captain of Fencing, ' 49- 50, Bond, 1-1 to S-2; Sergeant in Band, S-2; Girard Magazine, J-1 to S-2; Associate Editor, Magazine, S-2; Dramatic Club, J-2 to”s-2, Subscription Service, Student Center, S-1; Manager of Candy Trade, S-1; Glee Club, J-2 ta S-2; String Ensemble, J-1 It ' s not for his many honors that we love Dove, but for whot he really is. Always ready with a witty remark, he has well earned our respect for his jokes. Always of ossistonce to us, Dave will be sorel missed. PASQUALE ROMEO PROFETO (Pot) 5317 Delmar Road, Upper Darby, Pa. Born: March 17, 1933 Course General and Pattern Shop Activities: Girard Mogozine, S-1, S-2, Art Editor, S-2, Art Editor of Corinthian, S-2; Lieutenant of Recruits, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-2; Art Work for " Cyrano de Bergerac " ; Convention Hall Exhibition, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 49. Pat ' s art work has adorned nearly every one of our publications and he was active in class sports Although he was sometimes " dogging it up, " Pat is a straight thinker and a sure success THE CORINTHIAN June { 22 EDWARD JOHN REYNOLDS (Ren) 2027 S. Salford Street, Philadelphia Born. February 3, 1933 Course Regular and Drafting Activities- National Honor Society, J-2 to S-2, Vice-President S-2; Drum Major, J-1 to S-2; Glee Club, S-1, S-2, Hormony Club ' S-l, S-2, Foreign Policy Associotion, J-2; Manager of Student Cen¬ ter, S-1, S-2; Associate Editor, The Corinthian; Girard News S-2 News Editor, S-2, Student Council, 2-2, Dramatic Club, J-2 to S-2 Cost ' The Boy Dove, " " Cyrano de Bergerac ' ' When It comes to versatility, Ed cannot be surpossed He " shrne ' n publications, in the musicol orgonizotions, and in dramatics Mony of Eds honors may be forgotten, but how con we ever forget his bo ' m- ing boss voice which odded to every conversation. BENJAMIN ROSEN (Ben) 2546 N. Newkirk Street, Philodelphio Corn November II, 1932 Lo.jr:- Generol and Carpentry Corporal in Concert Bond, ' 50; Bond, 7-A to S-2; Con¬ vention Hall Exhibition, ' 49; Glee Club, S-1, S-2, Cultural Olympics ' 47 to ' 49. Een s active interest in all thot went on made him a very popular clossmote. His able debating obility wos rarely disputed. He should go far with this oratory. WILLIAM SCHOEL (Bill) 127 Haverford Rood, Milmont Park, Po. Born September 8, 1932 Course: Proctical Arts and Corpentry Activities: Student Assembly, S-1, Christmas Concert Ploylet, ' 49; Exhibitor in World Hobby Exhibit, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 46; Cen¬ tennial Pogeant, ' 48; Lieutenant in Recruits, S-1, S-2 If humor flowed os a rippling brook, floods would hove occurred. Bill will be remembered os a classmate, ond for his jolly appearance You ' ll keep on loughing when he wonts you to; thot ' s all. HENRY FOSTER SMALLACOMBE iHonki 203 Rushbrook Street, Jermyn, Pa. Born: October 1, 1932 Course; Regular and Sheet Metal Activities: Guide Sergeant, Co. B, Echelon Platoon, ' 49, Cultural Olympics, ' 48, ' 49; Activities Night, ' 47; Intramural Champicns ' - ' ip Numerals, Basketball, J-2, Baseball, J-2, Soccer, S-1. Honk is the kind of o fellow you like for a friend. Always willing to take odvice os well os give it. Hank will soon be ot the top. To sav good-bye always is hard, but to say good-bye to Hank is border still. THE CORINTHIAN 1950 241 - THE CORINTHIAN J«« ANTHONY SUPRA (Sups) 2419 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia Porn October 1, 1932 Course: Practical Arts and Carpentry Activities: Activities Night, ' 47; Exhibitor in World Hobby Exhibit, ' 49; Centennial Pageant, ' 48; Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Intramural Championship Numerals, Soccer, J-1, S-1. Sups IS a hondsome guy who has carved a niche in our hearts that the roughest sandpaper can never erase, His prowess on the athletic field and in class activities has supplied the sharp edge. BRUCE CAMPBELL SPRAGG (Bruce) 117 Washington Avenue, Hovertown, Pa, Born: August 29, 1933 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities; Student Council, 2-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 48, ' 49; 2n-l Prize for Penmonship; Class Secretary, J-2; Soccer Referee, ' 48, ' 49; Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2; Track Manager, ' 50; Girard Magazine, ' 49 ' 50; Lieutenant in Recruits, S-2; Corinthion Staff; Exchange Editor of Magazine, ' 50; National Honor Society, S-2. Bruce contributed regularly to the Girard Mogazine with excellen ' results. He managed the track team efficently for three yeors and filled the spore minutes refereeing our intromurol gomes With ol! this ingenuity and ambition, Bruce is heeded for the best. DANIEL ANTHONY STELLA (Danny) 1118 Annin Street, Philadelphia Born: FeLruory 4, 1933 Course: Generol and Printing Activities; Fan ' ), 7-A to 1-2, Lieutenant in Co. D, S-1; Ceptain of Co. B, S-2, Baseboll, ' 49, ' 50; Soccer, ' 49; All Independent Soccer Team, ' 49; Monbcck Pr.nting Award, J-2, S-1; Printing Adviser of Girard Magazine, S-2; Sports Editor of Girord News, S-2; Activities Night, ' 47; Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Athletic Committee, S-2; Copta n of Baseball Teom, ' 50; Basketball, ' 49- ' 50. As a leader in the Bottalion, os an athlete, ond as a doncer ann personality, Danny proved exceptionol. These qualities will always make Donny welcome in any group. We hope you ' ll be os big a suc¬ cess in life as you were in the " Hum. " " Good luck, Don! " WILLIAM JOHN STRATTON (Bill) 3064 A Street, Philodelphio Born: November 27, 1933 Course: Regular and Stenography Activities: Soccer Referee, ' 48, ' 49; National Honor Society, S-1, S-2; Manager of Student Center, S-1; Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2; Guide Sergeant, Co. D, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 48; Secretory of Notional Honor Society, S-2; Echelon Platoon, ' 50. Bill devoted his faith, loyalty, and helpfulness to our service. Although inclined to be quiet, he showed up at every dance and at most class activities. Copable, conscientious, scholarly, and sincere, he will be welcomed wherever he goes. FREDERICK ALFRED URSINO (Meats) 1228 Emily Street, Philadelphia Born: July 20, 1933 Course: Regular and Drafting Activities; Orchestra, 7-A to 2-2; String Ensemble, 2-2 to J-2; Drill Bond, J-2; Student Council, 1-1; Cldss Treosurer, J-1; Glee Club, S-2; Activities Night, ' 45, ' 46, Photography Editor of the Corinthian, S-2. As " Meats " corried the brunt of mony a joke, we find it easy to carry him in our memories of happy times. Not all his time was spent boosting us; however, if service were meosured in rain drops, " Meats " would be (he owner of on ocean. We won ' t forget you; hat ' s sure. NORMAN CHARLES WAITE (Norms) R.D. No. 1, Box 695, Altoona, Pa. Born: June 10, 1932 Course: Regular and Printing Activities: Echelon Platoon, ' 48, ' 49; Band, 7-A ta 1-2; Girard News Staff, S-2; Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Soccer, ' 49; Baseboll, ' 49, ' 50; Cc- Coptoin of Bosketball, ' 49- ' 50; Activities Night, ' 47; First Lieu¬ tenant of Co. A, S-2. Norms is one of the best athletes that our doss produced. Whenever we think of having fun, we think of Norms, for he Is a true socialite He has the leadership and personality that brings success. ANTHONY WATKA (Tony) 1740 Juniata Street Philodelphia Born: December 2, 1933 Course: Practical Arts and Pattern Shop Activities: Glee Club, S-1, S-2; Student Council, J-1, J-2; Firs: Sergeant of Co. B, S-2; Exhibitor, World Hobby Exhibit, S-1; Activ¬ ities Night, 1-1. If friendliness and quietness can be judged in money value, Tonv is one of the richest. Our loss is somebody else ' s lucky goin. ALLAN LEWIS WATKINS (.Ml 215 W. Market Street, Mohonoy City, Pa. Born: July 31, 1932 Course: Regular and Machine Shop Activities: Bond, 7-B to S-2; Lieutenant of Bond, S-2, Swing Band, S-1, S-2; Harmony Club, S-2; Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2; Casts: " Mold of France " and " Cyrano de Bergeroc, " Candy Trade, J-1 to S-1; Glee Club, S-1, S-2, President, S-2; Cultural Olympics, ' 48, ' 49, National Honor Society, S-2; W.G.C. Announcer, S-2. Al ' s really " on the beam " and our loss is someone ' s lucky gain of a tolented musicion. There are many good jokesters in our doss, but Al ' s contagious smile and witty humor is outstanding A personality like his needs no boost to the ladder of success. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ■{ 25 : LESTER ROBERT WATKINS (Bob) 128 Greenwood Street, Cooldole, Po. Born: July 22, 1932 Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Echelon Platoon, ' 49; Activities Nigh‘, ' 48; Intromurcl Championship Soccer Numerals, S-1; 1st Sergeant of Co. D, S-2. Many people ore well-versed in only one subject but we can boost of Bob ' s skill in two—mechanics and electronics. He hos also proven himself as a football player and a well-informed fan. BERNARD YAUCHUCZEK (Yaki 3 Blewitt Avenue, Dallas, Po. Born: August 15, 1932 Course: General and Machine Shop Activities: Dramatic Club, S-1, S-2; Art Work for " Maid of France, " ' ' The Boy Dove, " and " Cyrano de Bergerac; " Echelon Platoon, j-2, Sergeant in Battalion, S-2; Activities Night, ' 47; Basketball, ' 49- ' 50; Soccer, ' 49; Track, ' 49. In " Yak ' s " character we find good sportsmanship and friendship. On the athletic field he was one of the strongest links in the chain nf teamwork and fair play. His modesty and ability to get along with other people will surely lead him to success. It ' s good-bye now, " Yak, " but we ' ll neyer forget you. JOHN YOHEY (JohnI Llewellyn Road, Box 177, Minersville, Po Born: August 26, 1932 Course: General and Printing Activities: Track, ' 49; Intramural Championship Numerals, Bos- ketboll, ' 49, Soccer, ' 49; Lieutenant in Recruits, S-1; 1st Lieutenant of Co. C, S-2. " Laugh and the world laughs with you, " is especially true of John, for when he laughed we all laughed. Not to be forgotten is his ability in sports and class activities. We say " Farewell " with regrets " What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. " THE CORIHTHIAM hne -{ 26 TOiia ' i. . Most likely to succeed... Most popular. Best build. rin, nmlU Best dancer. Biggest " stoker " . Heaviest. Shortest. Tallest. Happiest. Wittiest. First married. Biggest " diesel " . Best athletes. .. . " Norms " Waite " Bucky " Albright Least studious. Best musician. Best singer. Biggest feet. Most friendly. Most typical " hummer " .... Most boisterous. Best looking. Most noted seeker of recognition.. Best politicians. ..Art Gallagher Ed Reynolds Most bashful. . " Kubs " Koprivnikar Best dresser. Most radical. Biggest " wolf " . Biggest smile. Biggest " dogger " . .Pat Profeto THE CORINTHIAN ■{ 27 THE CLASS ; June THE CORINTHIAN " We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. " — Wordsworth I . ' Go on, and the light will come to you. " JUNE 1950 1950 THS CORINTHIAN ■{ 29 }■ » 0 We the members of the Graduating Class, being of sound mind and our lost will and testament. We do, therefore, bequeath the following to Girard College. “ body, do hereby present the undergraduates of ALBRIGHT ... ALLEN . ARCARI . BEAHM . BEITEL . tENTON . BEYNON . CUSATIS. DAVIS . DiPIETRO .... DOUGIALLO .. DRAWBAUGH DUNKLE . EBERHART ... FLYNN . GALLAGHER ., GAUGHAN ... GEBELEIN .... GERHART .... GOLIAS . GUILES . HALCHAK .... HALLACHER .. HEIDER . HILL . JACKMAN .... KOPRIVNIKAR MARIO . METROKA .... MILLER . NAROLEWSKI . NAUGHTON .. NEWLYN . OTTO . OUNAN . OWENS . PELLEGRINO . PETERS . PIVAR . PROFETO . REYNOLDS .... ROSEN . SCHOEL . SMALLACOMBE SPRAGG . STELLA . STRATTON ... SUPPA . URSINO . WAITE . WATKA . WATKINS, A. . WATKINS, L. .. WEISS . YAUCHUCZEK . YOHEY . .his appetite .his gymnastic ability .his happiness .his speed on the track .his diary .his sunshine state .his many girls .his businesslike manner .his airplane models .his rhythm .his magnificent build .his brains .his shadow . his poems of love .his " pro " style .his senatorial manner .his seat in the club .his high I.Q. .his practical jokes .his trumpet .his pitching arm .his remarkable memory .his operatic voice .his dancing shoes .his high ideals .his club .his military manner .his way with the executives .his big feet .his motorcycles .his job with Dr, White ... .his ability to " sling it " .his Irish temper .his quiet mind .his sarcastic manner ..his friendly attitude .his accent .his leadership .his sense of humor .his artistic obility .his booming voice .his " skinnies " .about 200 lbs. .his typical manner .his writing ability .his complexion .his typewriter .his pompadour .his gong .his natural ability in sports .his gentle manner .the Glee Club ,. .his love of classical music .his studious manner .his obiiity to find food .his unusuoi laugh THE CORINTHIAN -{30F THE CORINTHIAN 31 h SOCCER Albright, R. Arcari, N. Drawbaugh, R. Naughton H. Peters, C. Stella, D. Waite, N. Yauchuezek, B. Guiles, E. Golias, G. REFEREES Mario, E. Narolewski, B. Pellegrino, A. Spragg, B. Stratton, W. SWIMMING Beitcl, E. BASEBALL Albright, R. Gerhart, R. Golias, G. Guiles, E. Metroka, P. Peters, C. Stella, D. Suppa, A. Waite, N. FENCING Koprivnikar, F. Pivar, D. Cusatis, G. BASKETBALL Albright, R. Koprivnikar, F. Metroka, P. Miller, J. Peters, C. Stella, D. Waite, N. TRACK Beahm, S. Beitel, E. Beynon, K. Gaughan, R. Gebelein, R. Golias, G. Naughton, H. Spragg, B. Yauchuezek, B. Yohey, J. GYM Allen, J. Dougaillo, D. Heider, W. Jackman, L. Weiss, M. CHEERLEADING Heider, W. THE CORINTHIAN iune JUNE 1950 IN SOCCER Our class was very well represented in soccer. Holding positions on the starting eleven were " Norms " Waite, left wing, " Bucky " Albright, inside right, Danny Stella, right wing, and " Harvey " Noughton, goal tender. These four members played impor¬ tant roles in helping our team reach the play-offs. " Bucky " and Danny received special distinction by being named to the All-Independent League Team. As for excellent reserves, the team was fortunate in having Nick Arcari, Bob Drawbaugh, Charlie Peters, " Yak " Yauchuczek, Earl Guiles, Ken Beynon, Tom Flynn, Ben Rosen, and Girard DiPietro. Serving in the capacity of assistant manager, Jerry Cusatis exhibited a store of growing energy. " Credit is given where credit is due, " so we wish to express our sincere appre¬ ciation to coaches Wolstenholme and Otto. 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ■ 33b JUNE 1950 IN GYMNASTICS The fine record of the gym team this year was due in no small port to the representatives of June ' 50 on the sr.uad. " Doug " Dougiollo, the team ' s captain, not only placed very well in the meets but also broke the rope¬ climbing record in his last season at the " Hum " bringing the mark down to a spectacular 4:9. John Allen and " Cabo " Jackman were the other two members of our class who strengthened the matmen in the lost two seasons. Marvin Weiss capably handled the difficult job of managing the squad during his senior year. As a sophomore, Bill Heider helped the team, too. Much credit goes to Mr. A. Carl Patterson, their coach, for coaching these gymnasts so expertly. JUNE 1950 IN SWIMMING A small but strong representation from our class bid for fame in the pool. The team ' s captain, Ed Beitel, brought home many laurels for the Girard tank¬ men while " lying down on the job " as chief backstroker. A member of the successful relay team, which included Ed Beitel, was Bob Gaughan, who has a crawl which is something to see. Much of the credit for the work of these two skillful swimmers goes to Mr. Frank Severy, a fine coach and a wonderful person. THE CORINTHIAN d34F JUNE 1950 IN BASEBALL Not just the desire to win boll gomes, but sincere cooperation and good team¬ work are what have made this year ' s baseball team outstanding. With fellows like " Bucky " Albright, Earl Guiles, and Tom Flynn so capably handling the hardest job of pitching, our team had to be exceptional. We all admired Co-captain " Trokes " Metroka who was receiving the ball as catcher. The entire infield was well covered by Charlie Peters at first base, Nick Arcari at the key sack. Captain Dan Stella at shortstop, and " Sups " Suppa ana " Champ " Yauchuczek controlling the hot corner. " Caks " Golias in left field and " Norms " Waite in center field were just as dependable at fielding as they were at batting. " Gers " Gerhart carried out the important job as manager of the team and was largely responsible for its success. The class is proud of Dan Stella and his men. liIMP IKI TPAn Co-captain " Fish " Beitel was one JUINt IVDU I IN IKALK e team ' s " sparkplugs " in putting the shot and managing the team. Bob Miller, Harry Naughton, Glen Davis, and " Caks " Golias all proved their strength behind the shot, too. The dis¬ cus was hurled by " Gebs " Gebelein Faithful practice paid off well for our three 100-yard dash men " Yak " Yau¬ chuczek, Ken Beynon and " Squirt " Beahm. Those flashing spikes flying low over the high hurdles were worn by " Yon " Yohey, and the high jump boys were " Pete " DiPietro and Bob Gaughan. Hank Smallacombe was one of the team ' s most dependable broad jumpers. " Kaybo " Jackman ' s late switch from the gym team to the pole vaulting for the track team was a gain for the cindermen. Bruce Spragg ' s managing kept the team on its toes. THE CORINTHIAN 35 ]- JUNE 1950 IN BASKETBALL What our class lacked in numbers on the basketball squad, we made up in quality. Captaining the teem was " Buzky " Albright with " Norms " Waite as Co- caotain. The fact that these two were chosen the best athletes of the c ' ass speaks for itself Charlie Peters ond " Kubs " Kopriv- nikor were two of the starters in the quintet. Contributing to the first team as the reliable substitutes were Dan Stella and " Yak " Yauchuezek Paul Metroka, who would have added much to the team, was physically unable to play. In our junior year Paul played first string and was expected to be the keystone of this year ' s team when he met with that unfor¬ tunate accident The task of m.anaging the team was carried out by Bob Miller, who could olways be depended upon for a fine showing. To the coach, Mr Wolstenholme, we convey our sincere thanks for the con¬ scientious labor he put into training our basketeers. JUNE 1950 !N FENCING Fencing is not to be passed by in our class since two fellows earned two letters each in it. Francis Koprivnikar won a " G " in his sophomore year and served as cap¬ tain in his third year in the High School. " Cheese ' s " skill with the foil saved many a meet for the " Hum. " His fin¬ esse was sorely missed in the lost sea¬ son when he retired from the strip to play basketball. Although Dave Pivar didn ' t have so much reach, he wos a man to be reckoned with in any match Dave ' s aggressive style marked every meet with thrills. As Co-captain in the ' 48- ' 49 season he brought home points as he did while acting as captain in his last year. Coach Benjamin Rothberg must be cited for his diligent work in making this team into an efficient one. THE COfUNTHIAM 4 36}- COACHES As our teams trot off the field, victorious and jubilant, the man to whom mo.t of the credit is due is usually an inconspicuous bystander—the coach We have been fortunate in having for coaches such able men as Mr. Severy, Mr. Groff, Mr. Wolstenholme, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Rothberg, and the head of our athletics, Mr. Otto. Mr. Severy took over the swimming team and his efforts have made it what is is today. Coach Groff was the mentor of our promising track team and Mr. Wolstenholme taught our ballplayers the ropes. Mr. Wolstenholme also served as both soccer and basketball coach very capably. Coach Patterson was the mentor who made the gym team a real winner. Mr. Rothberg coached our fencers to success. Until he was appointed Head of Athletics, Mr. Otto served as soccer coach. He is the man who molded the fabulously successful " Hum " soccer team. These men we have learned to love and respect, as the years go by we shall never cease to appreciate their efforts. THE CORINTHIAN d37 S ciaC Diary of a Hummer, Class of June i95o Friday, January 28, 1949: Our class took o vocation from exams tonight and were intro¬ duced to a new type of pas¬ time, dancing. Dancing is such sweet bliss even when you ' re not too good at it. The success of " Winter Serenade " is due to Jerry Cusatis ' timely sense of humor, and ab ' e leadership in " emceeing " the dance. Friday, May 6, 1949: Our sec- ST-TT - ond donee, " Springtime Dreams, " was not only a successful experience but also a sl mulating one. The Swing Band seemed in excellent form tonight. Bill Heider performed behind the " mike " as Master of Ceremonies. Friday, June 3, 1949: What an enjoyable way to collect funds for a worthy cause! Some fellows say that tonight ' s Caen dance was one of the best dances in the history of Girard ' s social program. Miss McGhee and Miss Frey, along with the " emcee, " Mr. Leydon, helped to make the affair the success of the year. Saturday, October 22, 1949: Seniors at last! But even with our recently acquired maturity we are stilhtripping on that " light, fantastic toe. " As we danced, we listened to Charlie Peters, who ably filled the job of M.C. Friday, December 3, 1949: Our first house party! This is what we ' ve been waiting for and with good reason. I found one fault with the party though; the time went too fast. Special thanks goes to Mr. Wilson and all the Bordeaux housemasters for a swell time. Saturday, March 11, 1950: Our last class dance, but it seemed that no one had that thought in mind. Everyone was too busy having a good time. Guiding " Musical Dreams " was witty Mike Mario. Saturday, April 22, 1950: " Canteen Capers " was the title of tonight ' s affair. Held in the Student Center, it was enjoyed by everyone, including the waiters. So many people had so much to do with the dance, room on these pages keeps me from listing them. Friday, April 28, 1950: Our first Allen Hall party, with others to come, was quite a " shindig. " Say, Doc, what ' s the recipe for that punch? It was darn good. Saturday, June 17, 1950: " Tears in parting make us forlorn. " This evening ' s Com¬ mencement Dance is the final treat in store for us on our social calendar. I have been saving my eulogy of certain people till now so that it will be worth all the more. I am speaking of that wonderful group of hosts and hostessses who have done so much for us in the last two years. Miss Deininger, Miss Rhodes, Dr. Haskell, and Mr. Sweigart. Miss McGhee ' s ceaseless efforts in our behalf will forever be appreciated too. THE CORINTHIAN -{ 38 } flcnvn!: •9,0 THE CORINTHIAN •{ 39 iE iprutiup (Enmmitlpp In J-2 we recognized the leadership, character, service, and sincere devotion that were so handsomely becoming to Charles Peters. Since then he served as Vice- President of the class in S-1, from which position he rose to become President of the Graduating Class. To assist him, we found Marvin Weiss in the Vice-President ' s spot, Lewis Benton ably handling the Secreterial duties, and Robert Owens as treasurer. Leading the new Student Go ernment, was Marvin Weiss as President and Charles Peters as Co-Chairrnan of the Cabinet They were assisted by Francis Koprivnikar, who served competently as Secretary, Earl Guiles, William Heider, and Girard Cusatis, who proved able as active members Fellows, you have completed a good job as leaders and rep resen tati es of the class. The Class of June 1950, is proud of you. THE CORIMTHIAM June d 40!“ i4l ,!- 1950 THE CORINTHIAN JUNE 1950 IN THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Character, leadership, service, and scholarship are the four qualities desig¬ nated by the National Honor Society as the attributes of its members. Nine mem.- bers of our class were found to hove them. The President of this organization, Marvin Weiss, along with its Vice-Presi¬ dent, Edward Reynolds, and Robert Drawbaugh were the three men initiated into the society in the J-2 term. In S-1 two more members of June ' 50 were found worthv of membership in this national organization They are William J, Heider and William J Stratton, who graduated as Secretary of Gir¬ ard ' s chapter of the society. As we completed our careers at Girard, four more fellows were brought to the stage to re¬ ceive the pins which mark them as members of the society. These four boys were Earl K Guiles, Bruce C. Spragg, Allan L. Watkins, and Robert S. Owens. In future years these boys will be our best leaders and show that they were worthy of the honor of membership in the National Honor DR. DAVID MclLHATTEN Society. Sponsor JUNE 1950 IN THE DRAMATIC CLUB To dramatics our class contributed more thon an average number of boys. Serving as president of this organization was Anthony Pellegrino. Donald Eberhart and Bruce Spragg were Vice President and Secretary respectively. The first members of our class to make an appearance on the stage were Bill Heider, Ray Hill, and Emmett Mario, who made their debut in our junior year in " She Stoops to Conquer. " Bill Heider portrayed one of the main characters while Ray Hill and Emmett Mario held minor parts. Agoin in S-1 Bill had a leading role in " Maid of France. " Another top part went to Don Eberhart. In the other play of the same evening, ' The Boy Dave, " Ed Reynolds depicted a main character while Bob Draw- bough had a minor role. In the final ploy of our stay at Girard, " Cyrano de Bergerac, " the leading roles were filled by such prominent actors as Anthonv Pellegrino, Donald Eberhart, William Heider, Edward Reynolds, Allan Watkins, and Dick Gebelein. Assisting in the form of lesser roies were Ray Hill, Ronald Gerhart, and John Aller ' As we leave Girard, we know we shall never forget Mr. Andrews. Under his direction the toys hove produced great plays which will never be forgotten by his audiences. THE CORIMTHIAM June JUNE 1950 IN THE STUDENT CENTER We ore lusfly proud of the port that the six members of our doss hove ployed ■n the success of the Student Center during ,ts single yeor of existence They hove won the admiration of all who hove visited the store. Toking oil the heodoches of o Generol Monoger, «,e find thot short-fellow Gtrord Cusofis who hos done much in bringing the shop to present success The mony pleosures we now enjoy ore due to Jerry ' s iniotive. Jerry, if you ever own your own business, we hope it will be os successful os this one Assisting him was Art Gallagher, who has done his shore in managing the store and also the dances. Bernie Narolewski handled the business transactions and records, and Bill Heider acted as decoration manager. Many of you may have bought the Girard Calen¬ dar, but few of us realize it was designed by Bob Drawbaugh and Bill Heider. Mr. Caswell MacGregor represented the College in the management of the Center and gave much of his free time to supervising the work of the store. We wish to thank him for his interest and help in the project. Mr. Caswell E. MacGregor Sponsor THE CORINTHIAN 1950 JUNE 1950 IN THE BATTALION This term ' s combat team soon proved its ability to cooperate efficiently and pro¬ duce precision drills and splendid parades. Cadet Major " Kubs " Koprivnikar has every reason to feel proud of this organization judging from the large number of out¬ standing officers our class contributed. Captain-Adjutant Harry Naughton and Captain-Inspector Paul Metroka were in there at all times helping Colonel Hamilton and " Kubs " guide the battalion toward a successful ending. The boys inside this organization that really made it click as a team were Captains Dan Stella of Company B, Bob Drawbough of Company C, and Charlie Peters of Company D. Our fellow classmates who capably served as the officers closest to the men were lieutenants " Norms " Waite, " Yon " Yohey, Nicky Arcari, Bob Owens, and Lowell Jackman. The sturdy fellows supporting and guarding the symbol of the " Home of the Brave " were Sergeant-Major " Bucky " Albright, Sergeant - Quartermaster " Doug " Dougiallo, Color-Bearers Bob Miller ani Bob Gaughan, and all of the Color Guard. The tough job of training the raw tender¬ foot recruits fell to Lieutenants Art Gallagher, Bill Schoel, Tom Flynn, Bruce Spragg, and Recruit-Instructor " Pot " Profeto, A major portion of the success of this term ' s battalion certainly belongs to Colonel J. M. Hamilton and Master Sergeant J Gratz. We gladly take this opportunity to thank them for all they have done for us. THE CORINTHIAN JUNE 1950 IN THE BAND In the band many members of our class found an activity that was both fun and service. The trips to Atlantic City and New York, and the annual May Day con¬ certs at the Zoo stand out. Then came the drud¬ gery of practice which led to the roar of applause as we concluded a number. Such music! “Finale from the New World Symphony, " " Bolero, " and " Sequoia " are pieces we can never forget. George Golios served as leader during the past term and under him were Girard DiPietro, George Ounan, Marvin Weiss, and Allan Watkins. Our first Sergeant was Dave Pivor. Under these leaders we completed a highly successful term. The band ' s personnel was Marve Weiss, Al Watkins, and Benny Rosen, clarinets; George Ounan and George Go’ias, trumpets; Dave Pivar, flute; Pete DiPietro, drums; Eddie Otto, horn; Bill Heider, bassoon; Bill Hill_ bass fiddle; and lost but hardly least, Don Eberhart, tuba, Ed Reynolds was our capable drum major. To Dr. Horning, Mr. Morrison, and Mr. Frey, who developed in us what abilities we may possess, we say sincerely, " Thanks ' " Homing Head, Department of Music 1950 THE CORINTHIAN JUNE 1950 IN THE GLEE CLUB Our class found in the Glee Club on organization dedicated to helping us attain a mature appreciation of music. This it did, but at the same time it gave enjoyment to both members and audience. Along with the hard work of preparation, we found time to enjoy this work. We shall remember Dr. Harry Banks as the man who started us on our musical way. After he left on a leave of absence, we found in Dr. Ralph V. Horning, his successor, a new kind of leadership and inspiration. Under his tutelage we rose to new heights. To Miss Juliet C. Stacks, our wonderful accompanist, we owe a debt of gratitude. We cannot easily forget her quick sense of humor and her confidence in us. Our officers were responsible for keeping our enthusiasm and spirit high. With Allan L. Watkins as our President and George A. Golias as Vice-President, the Glee Club had real leadership. Other co¬ operating officers were Rq- mond Hill, Gerard DiPietro, and Edward Otto. These leaders, in¬ structors, and fine com¬ panions made the Glee Club one of our most en¬ joyable activities. Miss Juliet C. Stocks Accompanist THE CORINTHIAN -{46 Dr. Horry C. Bonks Director of Vocol Music June JUNE 1950 IN PUBLICATIONS As for literary and artistic talent, our class possessed more than its share. Three of the most capable editors-in-chief the school has had in years manned our three important school publications: William Heider, THE GIRARD NEWS, Marvin Weiss, THE GIRARD MAGAZINE, and Robert Owens, THE CORINTHIAN. Assisting William Heider on the GIRARD NEWS were Associate-Editor Robert Drawbaugh, News-Editor Edward Reynolds, Sports-Editor Daniel Stella, and the columnists, John Allen, Richard Gebelein, Girard DiPietro, and Edward Beitel. The positions of typist, business manager, and photographer were filled by Lewis Benton, Girard Cusatis, and Lowell Jackman. Marvin Weiss ' staff consisted of ossociate-editors Lewis Benton, Bruce Spragg, and David Pivar. Heading the art workers were Pasquale Profeto and Earl Guiles. As a result of the efforts of these competent staffs, the three publications stand as examples of the best in Girard ' s literary history. Without the guidance and assistance of the faculty sponsors and printing in¬ structors, producing these publications would have been impossible. Thank you, Mr. Foust, Dr. Dunlap, Dr. Haskell, Mr. Daffin, and Mr. Bonekemper. THE CORINTHIAN JUNE 1950 IN THE SWING BAND Starting this term with a new and inexperienced group, " Pete " DiPietro, with a lot of hard work and encouragement, worked up one of the finest bands of the past several years, Pete himself started out two and one-half years ago, and he has built his band on the experience of the five bands in which he has served. Marv Weiss and Al Watkins played in the sax section, and the two Georges, Golias and Ounan, lent their trumpets to the brass section. All these had had previous experience so they became the nucleus of the band. Joining the last term. Bill Hill thumped the bass notes on the fiddle and Ed Otro ably handled the vocals. Jack Allen and Ed Beitel served in the humble position of manager. To these members of the band who worked many long hours to play for our dances, the reward came in watching people enjoying themselves. To all who worked so hard " Thanks! Thanks very much! " THE CORINTHIAN 148 Our Life in Allen Hall This Allen life too soon did fly Post joys that ore still crystal clear; It ' ll linger through our long career For it the future ' ll bring o sigh. Those happy faces will linger still Though earthly pleasures moke them hie; We ' ll hush our sorrow with a sigh— " Farewell, dear temple on the hill! " Yes, it is hard for us to soy good-by forever to our happy life in Allen Hell after so thoroughly enjoying these lost six months. Although some of us will never again see it in reality, we ' ll always treasure it in memory. Its imprint upon our minds has been set like a heavy footstep in the sands of time. To Dr. Zeil, Dr. White, and Mr. Gratz, our guides and friends, we express our appreciation for a sincerity and true friendship which have made it hard indeed for us to say farewell. We ' ll never forget our after study parties in Dr. White ' s room, our house parties, the fun we had in the pool room, the daily morning inspection, the " temperamental " showers, and all the other little events which were a part of our routine. They were never too busy to greet each of us night and morning; these and other small courtesies have made our relationship intimate indeed. And now, dear Allen, highest in our hearts at Girard, we sadly but fondly bid you good-by. mo THE CORINTHIAN •{ 491 - 50 .. .not in the club .with a pug nose .standing still .afraid of water .in the " hum " .restricted from sports CusQtis .efficient .weighing 97 lbs. .os 0 square Dougiollo .a second Boris Karloff Drowbough .flunking Dunkle .without his shadow Eberhart.acting his age Flynn .an amateur Gallagher .doing something right Gaughon .serious Gebelein .without mung Gerhart .out of the cradle Golias .with a sense of humor Guiles .a hobo Halchak .being able to see Hallacher .without his muscles Heider .playing football Hill .a preacher Jackman .civilized Koprivnikar .going to a dance a Mr. Nobody THE COftIMTHIAM 52K Metroka . j .. a toe dancer .. a commercial student Narolewski .beyond imagination ' ° 9hton . his stories .with black hair .without Evelyn .teaching .not in love ' ' ® " ®9rino .telling a good joke .unpopular .doing manual labor . boy scout ' y ' o ' ds . chemist .pitching pennies .losing weight Smollocombe .without white socks Spragg .agreeable .with a white complexion Stratton .doing something .without hair Ursino.alone Waite .without wisecracks Watka .OS Hopalong Cassidy Watkins, A.bashful Watkins, L.on time at breakfast Weiss .with a one-point average Yauchuczek .lending money Yohey .head of the S.P.C.A. THE CORINTHIAN ;«« - 153 )“ 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ' 54 1950 THE CORINTHIAN ' {55h —And Depart to Serve Others " In everything you do consider the end. " THE CORINTHIAN June ;4utO ' UlfrA4. I

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