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 - Class of 1940

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Gilroy High School - Las Animas Yearbook (Gilroy, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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,Lu n X 1 v 'S 1 r ,x -x 11 -4 U iz H ig? 4 -all Ce!! 3235 f-zz iii? IZLQ TEE. ,sm 12252 rms 4712 3524 1532 f .....,- 4.1. 1 'Y -', J uv X Thi' . M, 2 -pl'.!,M.g . ,. "'i?i5m "i ' ' X T'3'c75'fY. .F . f ,ul H5 A , v 45. .3135 at 'T . ,.' .V ., y,v.f:g1 ,::- , '..veL,,. ,A .5, ,. '-ww . 1 --1'-mc.. ,A MJ,-!,.. , " fi wx' +-1:3 K , ,W .wg--Q v 1. w , xg,-f-L -tw. , A-jf ,w?f?l'w:r:. , .4 . , mn. - ' I P y 1 ' I 4219?-,-1 Y Kfg.. fzfffglg-, ' 'Mi-X5 , .,-My , .-M:-if' ,W ,V I -,xx ,,,:n , F fTm'fL.,.GTf I 'ix fj,.5,Q,35!v v 1 ,MI am. --,F-5,-:,n' ,zf-,mm Q: 'N K .,"vf,x1 w. 'LT - f ms nlmmf PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF GILROY HIGH SCHOGL 7 OO cg-1256! of Jfmf 121.14464 EDITORS ........... --- .... PAT MCLEAN '40 ASSISTANT EDITORS ---- --- PHYLLIS EUSTICE '40 SHIRLEY BOOCK '42 PHOTOGRAPHER ............. ....... H ENRY FORD '41 ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER ....... DICK SHUTLER JR. '40 BUSINESS MANAGER ....... --- HERMAN HEILMANN '40 ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER --- --- BLAIR HARRISON '41 CLASS HISTORIAN .......... --- HOWARD MULLEN '40 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE ...... ........... J OE GUBSER SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE --- --- ELAINE BYERS FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE ......... HARRY' SIMONSEN ADVISORS EDITING ..................... MARGARET CORNAI-IRENS BUSINESS AND PHOTOGRAPHY ........ CHARLES GUBSER COMMERCIAL WORK Photography, Gilroy Photo Studios Engraving, Fresno Photo-Engraving Company Printing, Gilroy Publishing Company cjevllfcaffon To Our Days at School l'5e ffiPfld.f'1l'6','UE made, the fun we'1Je had, the work 106,06 done To Our Faculty wbof have' Eeen our friefzdy, helped .uf play, and made HJ work. To Mr. Hadley our principal and friefzfl. bg 'S :Rh 1-4 5 F ' ', 'Q' ' AI.. -::1:3i?5EE5r2: 2I:::E5E?::5 'ks " :E5E5z5E5EjE5E5:, E:E5E55E5E4' ' ' ., Z . .... .,., . mags-sgsg'-wgigsgags X - Q ' .fs 5' 2' Q N , "'3,,.1 -s,:2- Q if , ff? Olin C. Hadley, Principal Irvin S. Sflillllilill, Vife-Principal D. K. Akey - Wviaiz Barrbinger - Ilffargaret Corizabrem - Violet Kirkwood C ook Kaihariiie Crufoe - Wymz IV. Davidson - Genevieve Ericyon - Verda Frame Howard' Glandorz' - Charlef Glfbrer - Henry Knight - Mildred Mendia Forex! Rycraft - Vera Arm Swoboda - Paul Thompfon - Edward Towner I Rvllo Martin A' Confenii THE SCHOOL IN THE CLASSES EXTRA CURRICULAR SPORTS , - ni-,E -J x x W fx +21 i., ik v, I K " 1 Q i.. - - - ' x' ---42. " x sss -"""' 8 u .'Z'."...P"'- 1 Q46 CSCA00! 6lfli0'C.4 Alhert Atnip Charlotte Byers Vinrent Bozzo Frank Bozzo Arthur Bannister U'7'arren Byers Lorraine Brent foe Bettencoitrt Dorothy C hiesa Ezfel yn Cotta Annette Caliri Francis C hich Nora Chiesa Anthony Costa Margaret Crawford Gloria Crisp V irginia Cline Yvonne Corhett Reginald Desiderio Virginia Davis Raymond Dishmon Bette DeVine Helena Dirks Italia Dresti Phyllis Eustice Rex Dztden janet Eustice Merle Duden is 5 151 ,X Xl X x X X wx X -Q. C Xi if 51, .gr N X , XX 5 wx X35 " , 1, Q fa X X gy E -x. ,Q Xf1,Xi-NNN, ., X i A x C35 ft x .Q X,xh Q vii K gf f- will 'kh' Q' t ii ,,, I Q -Q1 N sx :Iv X X Ng 5: XS gg x ,-QQ lst mqsgs xy N51 5: :Il N W .X 'sis 1 is X . .X , , U ...N X. QQ .QQ - N - QY..-a.N ,. ,,,,, ..,N...t,...,.: X .. X xx X N X vx S S ww XX I S s X Sp X X fl is ..., SSG ' Ish-:-Nav " Y :s::::'-"N iw 3 , - -:gg-::: -, 3,-.j M. .wma . xx X ' it :xi ff to Q fr ff 1 1 I fff, gf JV is :., 2 , GQ! I A If ff I Q :Im ., .. : -if? ' A e e etee Geee '- ESL. 'xll ' lm-X .X .xt xx 4 .... we x Qt .Y N, .....X is K A WNQ X . Xx x NWN ,Q L X N ,,.,,,,,, A E XF X X .- LQ' X N vw NN Q-Hg, ., q xx. 2 X X QM ' '-:-EREFEVFE''S:.I":'Iff'5:3Ef:!1':, M , ,, X N X X Y Q Q X X 5 W x X X S W N xxxtbx X' jewel Fair Stanley Filice jane Farotte Bob Franklin Eytber Filad ora Clara Filice Melvin Galer joey Galoan Eleanor Garcia Lorraine Gubfer H ernzan H eil mann Aliee Higaxbi fnliay H zibbard Marilyn H ollifter Francey H orlin g .Norma H oncla Gloria Iobnfon Albert Kaifer Mary Kato IValter Kannely Dortba Keller Linton Klitelt foe Lacaze Aileen Leirnaf Garvin Laykoffby Mary Loizife Lernoy George Lawton Mary Ann Lernos Ellen Lyfle Allee Lemof A721241 Mae L7l!96f0I'ff fobfz MHIYZO FIZZYZCEJ Mezzfzrlich Sfifarf McHenry Pat M6L6dl7 12111 Mc'Cm2alle.rJ Hozzfard Mlfllezz Grave Morrif Domzlcl Mitchell Em Nfofzdelli Doroflay Nagle Hiromi Nezgreala Sfmzflye Nakafloiki Toyhi Nezkavzzfm Ima Ogfzzzzf II'Il'll? Ofzmlel El-'6lj'lI P6Iff6l'J'01I Nlfzry Pfzfane Bob Peek Bill Qzmle Alla Roberflaotte Nelda Radtke Evelyn Roni Carmen Rona Evelyn fame Sezrzrhey jack Semderf X"-P 2 " "l' "'-"' N'-' -" H , W --P - l . ,. V.xe' l l MGM' WX XS .... 'X ,V U '." ..., -X X , ' X X ' Q' , , :,:,5:,M:.,,.x, x S , 1 5-f CD Belly Slaczrpe Paul Scott Imbel Scheme! Dorothy Sonia: .Mczrie Smifb Edna Silczcci Dick Slozzller, fr. Bernice Silva Clyde Spofforcl Yooizize Sizliiwziz Bill Sifffoiz Aimee Spczllczrom Herbert Szztfolz Bernice T lumber Robert Tlaompfon Lzicile U yebalcz Lefler W7ef1g!ey fczize lVbiiel9izrJt llyefley UVEEQJ' Beiz Yczrmzizo elliot C-Ima idllotza- Way back in 1936 we, the frosh, were welcomed into Gilroy High School at the Freshman Reception held in the gymnasium. As befalls all freshmen, there were many laughs at our expense, but led by Shirley Wilkinson, we managed to survive. Our sophomore year taught us expert technique in cut- ting class, chewing gum without arousing the teachers suspicion, and getting into a room just as the last sound of the bell died away. When assemblies were held we sat tar back in the music building and craned our necks in order to see. We elected Wesley Weeks our president and were capably guided in our heated class discussions. Upper classmen! No longer could we be classified as "riff raff". We began to recognize our responsibilities. Our meetings were sometimes near-riots, especially when class dues and other pecuniary problems were discussed. In spite of a consistent financial embarrassment we rallied and made the wild West wllder by presentinv to the public a rip roaring drama entitled Howdy Stranger The memories of our rehearsals our town wide search for cowhand outfits and finally the plays ultimate success will never be forvotten Another milestone was the Junior Senior Prom The setting was colonial and here we learned how to conduct ourselves at a formal party student activities and were well represented in ex ery ath letic team On April 12 and 13 we dressed up in our stiff collars and ruffles to present Pride and Prejudice The play was one of the most beautifully costumed ever presented to the Gilroy public Finally the last day has arrived For twelve years we have looked forward to Commencement Day but as it dawns we are sorry it means the conclusion of our high school life We have arrived at a fork on the trail The time has come when we must travel separately so reg et fully we bid farewell to Gilroy High . . . . U . b i Seniors! Led by Linton Kludt we entered the swirl ot . 5 I - Esther Carlyle, Barbara Bannister, Santi- ago Barcola, Lloyd Bjork, Bobbie Chap- pell, Henry Alverez, Dorothy Auser, jane Atnip, Josephine Bettencourt, R i t a Barcola, Mercy Barraza, Marie Burbank, Laurette Avancina, Toshi Awaya, Marian Armstrong. Don Goodwin, Blair Harrison, Randall Kannely, Edmund Horworth, August Gubser, joe Honda, Manabi Hirasaki, Kuichi Koga, Mildred Happ, Pattie Harp, Nancy Fulton, Margaret Hawes, Viola Holloway, Eleanor Holloway, Laura Furtado. Pascual Valencia, Wesley Zamzow, Eston Smith, Dick Tryor, Warren Sturla, Ralph Santos, Helen Yamano, Helen Stevens, Frances Stevens, Esther Valbusa, Orma Waugh, Mary Dolores Sanchez, Haruyo Toyoshima. ' N .NR 'naive 1: C Aide! at is Doris Donahue, Tom Cimino, Richard Conrotto, Henry Ford, Tom Fillippetti, Tom De Carli, Betty Cullen, Marian Franz, Cornelia Clark, Josephine Emlay, Stella Fortis, Genevieve Filice, Irene Filice, Josephine Filice. Kenchi Nagareda Pastor Mata Harxey Linder, Gabriel Losada, Sam Mazzuca, Manual Lopez, Sam Moritomo, Angelina Merenda, Medori Maruyama, Pansy Luchesa, Ida Pearl Moon, Joyce Miller, Chizue Nagareda, Nae Nagareda, Rinko Matsumoto. Don Weeks, Robert Oretega, Victor Rizzi, Ernest Rohm, Kenneth Sanford, joseph Nelson, Bill Pirozzoli, Ituso Nakasaki, Nobushige Ouchida, Lillie Salas, Helene Renz, Eloise Oswald Beverly Robershotte, Marjorie Nickola, Viola Patterson, Edna Nagle, Norma Phipps. Ernest Bellezza, Eugene Avery, Paul Alverez, Clarence Boyd, Carl Boyce Glenn Brem, Maurice Byers, Eddie Cabanne, Delphina Acosta, Shirley Boock, Margarette Boyce, Helen Bussert, Dolores Benato, Rose Bava, Elaine Byers, Garcia Arnberg, Dottie Byers, Betty Benton. Bob Hayes, Manual Galvan, Eddie Lawton, Malcolm Kaiser, Bill Lane, Jimmie Kelly, june Holloway, Mineko Hirasaki, Marilyn Huffhines, Geraldine Horling, Frances Holmes, Gladys Kludt, Phyllis Lake, Toshiko Horita, Mary Galvan, Manako Koga, Barbara Kickey, Gladys Higgins, Ruby Kato. Matt Ramezane, Gerald Rizzuto, Kenneth Stafford, John Radin, Lawrence Rocchi, Wfillard Simpson, David Sanches, jean Pruett, George Rodriquez, Lloyd Silveira, Frank Parra, Albert Vairora, Robert Rogers, Courtney Smith, Mildred Romang, Mary Ann Rodeck, La Vern Simpson, Mary Isabel Scherrer, Carmen Sanchez, Elsie Rocchi, Hazel Scolari, Lillian Phetfer. C5 :Hifi GIS' L I Pat Caporale, james Dalcin, Peter Filice, Ernest Filice, Laurence Caillau, Robert Dexter, Bruno Filice, Dave Galtman, james Curtis, Albert Galiardi, Theodore Floros, Edwin Codiga, john Dalcin, Florence Elmore, Mary Frances Fulton, Kathleen Fravi, Ophelia Daniel, Dorothy Dishmon, Helen Furtado. Yukio Ogawa, ack Nelson, joe Manzo, Emilio Orsetti, Tom Maltman, Leonard Oretega, Louis Masoni, Tamaye Ouchida, Frank Masoni, Walter Mathison, Albert Pacciorini, George Pappani, Morisu Morimoto, Virginia Mazzucca, Patsy McCutchan, Frances Martini, Eileen Matulich, Uri Matsumoto. Ni... Shigeharu Yamaguchi, Pat Sutton, Leo Teani, Ernest Woon, Norman Sturla, Roy Tognola, Sadaichi Soda, William Whyte, Nettie Vigna, Grace Uyeda, Muriel Winter, Violet Vanderleith, Beverly Sorenson, Velma Vanderleith, Helen Takahashi, Kate Young. john Borba, Vincent Bravo, Leonard Abruzzini, Ray Atnip, Oscar Abruzzini, Paul Abrillo, June Clark, Peggy Bailey, Marian Bettencourt, Nellie Alleman, Gloria Baird, Lillie Barnes, Ina Avery. Helen Bowman, Akiko Awaya, Nelda Bariola, Catherine Caillau, Mary Ann Carliri, Mamie Caliri. Kenneth Hales, junechi Imagawa, Donald Howell, August Happ, Ronald Howell, Sylvester Howell, Paul Hart- shorn, Robert Hayes, Patricia Howorth, Norma Kaiser, Ella Howe, Lou Keller, Betty johnson, Tatsuya Higashi, Fusako Horita, Fumigo Hiraske, Rosie Ito. Leland Rianda, Lee Silveira, Ed Mullen, Billie Newton, Clifford Sarmento, Richard Pelin, Prudencio Ortez, Clayton Sargent, Satoru Morita, Alice Scolari, Yuko Nishijima, Tazui Nagareda, Dorothy Ray, Chioko Nakamura, Mitsuye Ouchida, Rose Ortega, Francisco Oyao. lil ki- C. ffilriaf Raymond Gurries, Gordon Farotte, Pete Fortis, Clarence Goodrich, Everette Conley, Charles Griffin, jack I-lailstone, Carmen Filice, Mary Ann Duus, Eleanor Gagliardi, Betty Gubser, Louise Clark, Louise Codiga, Marianne Furtado, Margaret Eustice, Charlene Clutter, Lucille Gimenez, Marian Felich, Nadine Clark. George Milias, Albert Mosso, Andrew Mercer, Bernard Miller, Richard Lane, Yoneko Morimoto, Salvatore Masoni, Lindy Koga, George Kitagawa, Alden Larsen, joe Mata, Kishiko Kishimura, Yee Law, Esther Mendez, Dollie Moon, Henrietta Langstaff, Ellen Morehouse, Lucille Matsumoto. Raymond Sullivan, Roshio Takata, Den- ton Wolfe, Harry Simonsen, Anecito Vasquez, Norboru Yamakoshi, Ben Tsusaki, Elvira Soares, Bette Tharpe, Rayma Waiigh, Virginia Smith, Hisako Tsusaki, Sueyo Toyoshima, Palmer Zottola. PX K A S' !f ' . X X n -, " -, fl' JI' , 4 ff! wx " X 5' va Njlff , - + I ' I B' Q X ' 1 xx :N X,'f X rg .XI 1 V A 1 X . . . A 8 X 1 5' ,xxx -- .viii-0 N ill?-,,, g N Jn Me C-!a4.4e.4 wwf Zxfza Cnzzicnfaz -Yagi i- Y 451 2-2-1' ' U-J, X:-:REX ff. ,- WSIIIZ , ,,N:',1 :'1Q , ...kzx 5 ..X.x X at .:::--:X.. E. X N X ,X S Wiz " X x XYX X X-:::Qmsgx X X ..., X .XX .... : Xgx X X X Ex X x .' Xx xX X X Xxw . .,..,, ,..,, , .. XXX ,,,:, ,X xx X NX X X 1 Q0 X X '-f5::s:'f-f.-zi.-QE2ia:5si: Q H ' N' ' 5 X X lx X S X X XX R x Q X X N xx X X X :.,x . X X Sag X X NX X wx X .Q X X ., .fY.ff':i?:- X.I'Z.5: Q - .,-.- ::..r,:: , XX, x XX xX X X X x X x :.. . 15,g5:fq::15g-egg:-ssiffb X .Qi -5 vc.: -. N S X X 5? SQ Q X X X ' XXX- XX fgiiiii N :fy xx .. I N"' x x X X X X X XX X X X X X 3: x .:..., . . :X XXX , Q55 X x :XX XX NX X xx X xx Q XX xX X9 X X . .,,. N.,, xx XXX 7 W1 g X W x, X xi X. W MXX ix ,X ' -X X Q .,,. X X XX X is X 5 2- agrees: ' Xx X S ',,, x X X XX X X fig 3,3-'tx S5 N X X X X SX 5 iw x Q X X x IX .,.. T9 X XXxx:mxXmwxxX- 1 X Xmmx mild T Qzcleafm fix Osram ,ejzgortkg Q21-1' and .. xxx 4 h 0 mc?'Z5E?2' mf Qi? Qzpbarzb 1? f'fI2e'Q?S .pxrfig s f2f2gcQ fx amp por or . IQCF. ' QI? .s ISOI' vsstzzzbdficas' ICG JL71Qwi114'1 .JJQJCQIPX x-rdfff! of X aifggzifl Gfg'1?0Il?0Q"1Q1 9351 jk va 1 Q ' xr x b s clvfvfpvfjoflfc is to fa.Ss1,s?' 1:2 fi!! dqszerfztkb Pfcgfzpynl-S 15' trzkgy pof 50 flfzfrzzfifg 6116 fa . 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L s ,s T."L""'.:-'- 1 -vw' A .gg :S o'cf.4 ,,,,,..-..-.i....l. J ll! ff Herman Heilmann - Donald Miachell --.- ........ Co-Captuains 00 Q Marmbe M1faSakl .......... Captam of the Llght Weight Team 3 s E . f f Z! joe Gubser, Varsity Captain - - Bill Sutton,. 13O's Captain H-4 lei 5 Tom Fillipetti, 12O's Captain - Edward Cabanne, 110's Captain Jolla!! fallen!! Chmaxmg if Season of uPhil1 gridiron Passing and shooting with uncanny ac- Eagiis tie 5-sggsgr 3 IIEEQEIGEQSZX curacy the four divisional basketball teams igg foig three quazciters? The iieserves told had 3 Vefl' Successful 563509, Considering the th - e stoly, small turnout. elm I4 Zena! Bob gilaipeli - Captain of the fem and Despite the loss of numerous stars, Gi1roy's 1 g s s ar. ' Tom Maltman - Singles Star' undefeated track team and C. I. F. State Willafd Simpson, Joe Lacaze ,-,, Clarence "BU champs look hke the class of the valley Boyd, john Radin - doubles teams. again for 1940. Y I L 4 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 3 1 f 1 1 , .xl X ' 1 1 1 1 1 Q0 Gm: gj4on.40'c.4 Without your most kind cooperation this issue of our yearbook would not have been possible. We sincerely thank you for your help and hope that it brings you dividends. X 6170115074 GOLDEN POPPY BAKERY' GILROY STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP CIMINO SHOE STORE THE FREEZER THOMAS AND BOLTON, FLORISTS HALL'S CLOTHING STORE SPENCER CLEANERS AND DYERS WENTZ PHARMACY MARTIN HARDWARE, INC. LAWTON'S GEM SHOP G-ILROY PUBLISHING COMPANY JOHNSON DRUG COMPANY GILROY STATIONERS !90l4,40'c.4 KEEFE'S VARIETY STORE A. PIEDMONT, REAL ESTATE ROYAL MARKET CALIFORNIA MARKET ROTH-WINANS ART SCHILLING'S CANDY SHOP LADIES' TOGGERY A. W. BROWN, INSURANCE BATTERSBY'S CHESBRO AND EUSTICE RECTOR'S GROCERY MILIAS HOTEL i0j'Cdj7 x , ,- A I 'Y . , W .1 ,, 9: 5 if M -- ' '- '-1 .,.. , .51-.v:.-u-nn-sur: - f r 1 -1' ,...,.. 5 S m .AfM'-w- 0 4 i 1.1. xi 'y t V" . 7 ,L 1.- , ,, -' , lfagmwr -Y 'W' ----ffan MJ Q 21. 4 f:.s,R-.Lf-113 ig 4'- ". I I-Y lx. A 6 ..4,,. L,H,,,.,.,:,,5. L ,V Jn Q .. W W U Q' Q . .-,, X '1 v ,.. .a f Q.. f -- V 1 , .T , lv ' i":llf'T73a3"E1"1f'f' -M 1 ,..' 1. .. 1, . - . , ..59ff1'?fr'N lisa! I, ,. ' ' 'wr 'f-' .51 7:1 .om -1.7 K " X V A A 4' l " . ' -.1 I- ---- , V . ...-5 .- nw. l, --HM' " ' ' Q. V ' mu... .'-..- ul . gin? va- 4 q f . fp? ,Sf ..a.Ane .g'.,. - ' 'eh -.1 h 5 L 6 L, t,- .kff-'31 nf -.152 ,kv V ' ' .. , ... , Pfhxnu .. " :jf 'Q' 5' j O 'U ' ft - N-. ll T J., ' 1 x'- , ,-,,. ,.,,., 41 M ' M. .. Lf!! ' 'Z' ow 51 ' .. 1 -... 4" 'E-.QC-.,.. UT' s' .H.rr. hx 'N ,.-A N VX P.. " - ' ' 1 if W.-: ,,f, 5+ XL .35 1 , ..,.,.. . V ,. J'- fre' 1 - -. . X 5 ' I 'L"mf:-v-,Q .U l V ., , M, Y ' I. a ..e.f! L k"3'V - - - '05 'Q hw - 'M ' .V ' ' -17" 14 V -' 'Hx My ,- . . -1 V 'H f . 1f+wi3,3.g:g. , 4 'I .4 ff- A f.-w W ff.1JI.!'.'4 I A.. .. .v ,V 4 5, x ' '-'- 4--K., " f..Q 4,--.., ,wJ P rg' r ,, V, N - 1. ..- .A ,L rv, ., . vw-f wg .. '16,-, 'w-,.i- .ffl .T .,. -. a ' 321' .st 1.1.5, 9, , .J 3.-if L .L QL gi: ., I.. 1- i ,.,, Q. ,I L.. -.A . f .S U 'F' x V "' .. ,,,. 6.. " -jf V., .5-: .nm I ,l.'.,. 5 ruff v 'W " .9 'Q 4 u I3 rg ' " " 3' ' 'v NI 53 1 LMLLE' --. f -Q 5. F ,I .1 A. ' I . . N 4-1 - A -, . -an--4. u ,QL-,Q b. .T Q , 4. kj re fy" 01 Qi' Q .A ., . - 'ml--M --.M 'A-. 55" Q4 ' ', .. ..igF'. A ,H P '3' v xl '. Y g j rf-N '- .. - . 4. 5 '. . - .- a, , , 1 u, ,g, ,. ..-13. A 3 ,Q ,.,,' 1, yn-N f A-i K- -N. -Y ,ct 133: . . ,pq ,sg u - I A '..i 3111 H." 3 C.-1 Q, ,P, if ru '2' 5? Q 'ff 'X ' V - Q5 frm . 'sf 'gg U. '7?'.gx--.11 .. 'I-'-f 'ff -f-,G+ A 'lm -:M -- ai' Lf if--X ,gb . 1-51 A 'LJ rv' - ..- . , ' 1 ' fgvwz 5 Q - , -,- Q if TTR. '- -,. -W: .msg VM' : ,yfj. YQ-,551-:x','g'i3fV , .h - 1, H., 3.1, .I,JL-I ' 31' "' 'u' ' 1- 1'1" .-'-p v.-Y " If 3 1 1 I 2 .Q E .z F 1 5. -', ,W gp: L5 .'- 'L X. f pf.-, T .. .. L . . Q - ' 4 - , , h .rg :,. by C- A.. .w 1 .f 1 . -. .. fx gf 3, wx 1,7 2, 5 x... xi. li 9 k 'u .W x rl .. 4r1L,7xvi'g 'F mf. .. . .+A

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