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ff I! We the Class of 1951 dedicate this annual to Ralph K Calabrese because he has been our friend and counsellor these past four years He has never failed us when we have needed him He has set aside his own work to help us when we have asked for guidance This is a mark of a true friend a sterling quality which few possess We thank you Mr Calabrese for your kindness thoughtfulness and your guidance To The Senzors of 1951 You are on the threshold of life you are eager for life It has thrilling possibilities for you You have dreams of adventure success conquest of greater and greater satlsfactions as you grow older Do not be daunted by the admomtions of experience hold fast to your dreams remembering that the most is achieved in life by those who have the courage to dream and the perseverance to give reaLWt reams cgdlfi-1 The Seniors of 1951 wish to give their sincere thanks to Mrs Maxine Gray Wlthout her untirxng assistance and co operation in creating this annual it could never have become a reality May we say to you Mrs Gray Thank you and we will never for get you 3 that life is difficult and full of disappointments. It is my fondest wish that you will Fri gg 'i - 1 ' 1 v ' GILPIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Central Czty Colorado Retort Staff EDITOR IN CHIEF FRANCES WARREN BUSINESS MANAGER ELEANOR PALLARO SPORTS EDITOR WALLACE NELSON PI-IOTOGRAPHER GEORGE MCCLURE LAYOUT COMMITTEE JUNIOR KNOLL JOAN GALBRAITH .TO ANN TURNER TOM CRYAN ADVERTISING COMMITTEE ANNA MARIE MORRIS NAN DEE EVANS ELIZABETH BLAKE LOIS CHASE VERNA MAE SMITH BEVERLY PALLARO SENIOR CLASS EDITOR. . . .... DONNA JEAN BITTICK JUNIOR CLASS EDITOR. . . . . . . . . ELIZABETH BLAKE SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR. . . . . . . DONNA LEE PERSON FRESHMAN CLASS EDITOR .......... . .................. BETTY SOTHMAN SPONSOR....NIRS MAXINE GRAY 4 h V 9 66 79 ASSISTANT EDITOR .... .... D ONNA MAE MITCHELL RALPH K. CALABRESE, B. A. St. Benedict-Atchinson, Kansas University of Colorado -'ani' 43 1 I I ! MAXINE Q. GRAY, B. S. E., JACK A. STEVENS, B. F. A. University of Colorado University of Colorado Science, Home Economics Music fo if-. J I 41,3 . .s 1 7-, A ifkx is Mwasw GAILB s KB AJM B A Unlveralty ol Denver Economics Commlrclnl DONALD VERN MATTIVI B S IP EJ University of Colorado Science Physical Education PHILIP DeGREGORY University of New Hlmplhlre Physlcal Educatlon. Mnthematlcs 8 f x7 HELEN JOAN GALBRAITH DONNA JEAN BITTICK JO ANN TURNER FRANCES ELEANOR WARREN 1 1 ELEANOR GRACE PALLARO WALLACE IRVING NELSON FRANCIS HOWARD KNOLL, JR. DONNA MAE MITCHELL I 7:9 . par 14.-Q I A .A Z.. yn., Pt' .h ' ,- -'TP-Q--v-,.,.,, "L fff?PvAf- I. f .M 'J MQ' f ' 1 ' wr- i "' ,K ' Tv if 'x ll r 19? N xx T 4 . , 4 Q. 2 if "'. -5 H 5' Q Y A . - v',t.'r,I.P JO ANN--OH! WHAT EYES! ELEANOR IS STILL SWEET FRANCES, YOU ARE INTRIGUED! IS IT GOOD, WALLY ? Senior Nursery 9 -,,, , I 'i - V 4 I . , - nf S ' W'-gd - -I . . . ' 5M 3 I Q25 - . . A- ' Q." " .:. v ,A I 5 , -. 1 ., r.fLi.fl'9 , ,- ' A , ' 1 . I ' Am MLK" JOAN IS sru.1.. A "Pr-:A 13 DONNA JEAN, IT WASN'T THAT BAD ..-el FROW NING 7 ? NOT DONNA MAE ,,f JUNIOR, Tl-IE GLAMOUR BOY Senzor Farewell Message We the Senxors of Gilpin County I-hgh School this being our last year here wish to say farewell to our underclassmen and teachers We have enjoyed your guzdance and companionship throughout our four years of hlgh school Freshmen we consider ourselves lucky to have been ac quaxnted wxth so fine a group of people Although you have only been here for one year we have found you friendly socxable and co operatwe We are sure you will succeed ln anythmg you strxve to do Sophomores during the past two years ln high school we have noticed your progress toward the preparation of future lxfe Cdreel' Junxors next year you wxll take our place as Semors of good old Gxlpm High It gxves you a feeling of achievement to realize you have attained thxs goal at the end of your hxgh school career We are pos1t1ve you wxll fxll the posxtxon well and enjoy xt as much as we have Faculty nt s hard to fxnd words to express our gratitude for the patience you have shown mn helping to make us better cltxzens Somettmes we don t reahze how lucky we are to have such a well educated sympathetic faculty to guide us m preparatxon for life www Yffllffcr 2,1-6070 .5L.Q 14 We wish you luck and happiness during your remaining high school QL r benzor Class H zstory We the Senior Class of 51 must soon say our farewell to Gxlpln I-hgh Sprmg 1946 May at last the exghth grade graduation and next year high school How excltxng we were really growmg up Now Mother can t say You are too young for th1s and that The summer vacation was much too long that year We were a group of eager youngsters to become Freshmen an the year of 47 48 There were thlrteen class members en rolled They were Frances Warren Donna Jean BlttlCk Joan Galbraith Ilona Menegattl Eleanor Pallaro Donna Allen JoAnn Turner Wallace Nelson Lars Nelson Francis Knoll Donna Mae Mitchell Patrxcla Starbranch and Catherine Redman Tom Cryan Joined us later Eva and Margy McCool joined our number but did not contmue through the term We also lost Pat Starbranch to Golden Colorado Ah' It was gmng to be such fun nn hzgh school and then came the lm ttatxon Oh dear' Lots of fun' Our only actxvzty as a class ln our Fresh man year was the Chnstmas party for the school Mr Allen was our class sponsor One long to be remembered by all We really gave the gentleman a hard txme too much for h1s venerable age We were happy when our Freshman year came to a close We started our Sophomore year not so eager but a httle somewhat wxser We had our same group Ray Yehle and Marte Roof Joined us Later we lost Lars Nelson to Golden and Ray to Denver We gained back better we gave a Halloween party and later ln the year we sponsored a dance which was very successful Mrs Covault was our sponsor When we entered school in our Junior year we were feelxng our su perxorxty Up an the clouds on the goal There were eleven Juniors enrolled Wally Donna Mae Donna Jean Joan Tom Ilona Frances Eleanor Junxor JoAnn and Donna Durmg the school term we lost Frances Warren to Jal New Mexico Our actxvxtxes were many and dx versxfzed card selling Junxor Prom preparmg for the Senlor graduation Mrs Gray was our sponsor Our Semor year whxch began wnth an enrollment of mne Tom Wallace Jumor Eleanor Joan Donna Jean Donna Mae JoAnn and Frances Mrs Gray was our sponsor At the hrst of the year we gave the tradxtional xmtlatxon week pxcmc which we are sure the Freshmen thoroughly enjoyed and found entzcxng We are publashlng the school an nual and we have presented a play Damsels In Distress with the hopes that the flnanclal returns of both will be sufficient to finance a Semor trip l5 V O l U ' ll IO I . . . , . . , tl ' Ol o ' I . . I , I I I I I I I . I . 9 . . , . , . I some of our self-confidence during this year. Our entertainments were . S ' . . ., . .. . : I I I I I I I I I . I I ' . I , . . . . .- . . I . , . , . . . , . . . : ' I . I I I I I I I I ll ' " ' I Sen 1or Class Prophecy Gllpm I-hgh had mne Seniors Wonderful people you all know What happened to thxs happy group We ll now attempt to show TOM a Jolly lad Not too good not too bad Met h1s waterloo one day Whxle rxdmg on a bus He sat by a blonde Who thought hxm a handsome cuss l-Ie got rxght up never tarrled She said yes now they re married Many kxds ? I say yes Over a dozen? You can guess' For JO ANN a snappy lassle Full of pep and awful sassy Wanted cars jewels and money But she couldn t get a honey Now Jo Ann s a workxng girl All her hair has lost its curl Fxngernaxls are broken Her heart IS too We feel sorry for Jo Ann Don t you 9 WALLY a lad who liked to chew gum Grew up to be nothing just a bag bum All he does is sxt an the park Flxrt sleep and make like a lark A small little dolly Came ambhng by one da More woe unto Wally' Thls smart little dolly Hooked htm and snatched ham away DONNA JEAN a sweet lxttle thing Who like a bird could truly smg Left Central City took to wing Arrived at New York had a bxg flmg In Club Zl sang mmuendos At the Morocco hit the crescendoes Abroad she went and back she came Here in our country she met her flame From the crowd she drew awes and sxghs Alas now she s home sxngxng lullabyes JOAN had an xnsplratlon To be the best nurse in the nation But this goal how xt crumbled For poor Ioan how she stumbled A handsome doc down the hall dxd stroll There went poor Joan along with her goal As has instruments she sterilized All her dreams then materxalnzed As she changed each patnents bedding She saw visions of her wedding In the hospital bones a healing And for Joan wedding bells are peahng JUNIOR handsome and serene The soberest man ever seen No thoughts of love had he For a mortzczan he wanted to be I-le had a dull and dreary hfe No one would share xt as his wxfe All he had was corpses and caskets Embalmmg fluid by the flaskets At mght mto the cemeterxes he d1d creep For at his daxly work he lxked to peep But hxs lxfe was not so bad, Even though you thmk it sad He was happy for you see A mortxcxan l-e wanted to be Being fond of P E Muscle bound she grew to be When xt was time to graduate She had no choxce tn her fate One day she boards a northbound tram We wonder 1f we ll see DONNA MAE agaln The logging camp It comes m sxght Poor young maid she shnvers wlth frlght Her future she has finally found The price to pay for being muscle bound The trees are strong tall thxck and green Wxll she make nt? Yes for now she s mean ls she strong enough? Don t fret or fuss She IS only gomg to drwe the logging bus ELEANOR longed for the bright lights She dreamed of bexng a movle queen Watchmg herself make love on the screen To see xf she could make good She traveled off to Hollywood She was given a screen test and faxled She was brave but still she paled Then back home agam she traveled She was sick wxth nerves unraveled Then to college she d1d go lt was tedious and very slow She made her gam not her xdea of heaven She now teaches grades fwe sxx and seven As you know from songs you ve sung A tavern in the middle of town was slung But ho' Who s this we find ln here ? What ns FRANCES doxng drawing beer ? After putting lh college txme What ns she doing messing with wxne ? Let s go in and xnterrogate Surely this can t be her fate' She has two kxds Mortxmer and Meg This she replxes as she opens a keg Her husband bought this pub with a GI loan Then he was drafted she says with a groan Soon he s returmng Tall then she s yearning For has quick and safe Journey home 1 I ' . o v I Q a n . . l , 1 ! l , a ' . , . . - . But woe unto Wally, Stage door Johnnies and fun-packed nights. . yi . V i . I D : ' ' . . y Q - - . ' . ' o ' 0 Q ' Q u a . I ' ' I ' . - ' Q - 0 ' - 16 Tha Semors Last Wzll and Tevtament We the Semor Class of l95l bexng of sound mmd and body I hope do hereby bequeath Wallace Nelson H15 harem to Roland Cole Donna Mae Mltchell Her sunny dlsposltlon to Beverly Pallaro Frances Warren Her love of the school to Donna Lee Person Donna Jean B1tt1ck Her smgmg ability to Mrs Gray .Tumor Knoll Hxs ability wxth the punchlng bag to Gene Anderle Joan Galbralth Her frlendllness to Betty Sothman Tom Cryan I-hs abxhty too mlss school to George McClure Jo Ann Turner Her dancing techmque to Margaret Ress Eleanor Pallaro Her place ln the band to Nan Dee Evans Thxs serxous and s1ncere document sworn on the fifteenth day of February ln the year nmeteen hundred and flfty one by WM, +5456 JM f1170'7 JAM QZ,,,,,QQ LW Lwmw 17 4 my :-- I l , X9 Q C G . e 90 Q7 Ng N 93122-'1 4. mtv Q AQ' f-4.44.11 19' J 18 THESE KIDS OF OURS ROBERT WR GHT DONNA MAE M TCHELL TEM KA ME SS K 0 HONOR OF ST UE TUR JO ANN FRANCIS KNO JANE STERL THOMAS CRY TRESS OF CEREMONIES In the fall of 48 seventeen little grernlms took time from their everyday jobs to attend a blg festival which was held at the high school rn Central Cxty Each little gremlin was more frightened than the next for you see this was the first trme they had ever come to high SCh0O1 lt all seemed very strange to them The1r faces were painted wxth odd colored red and every one looked at them as lf they were something to dread Everyone laughed and gxggled at them but this fun did not last long They were finally gwen papers to wrlte and books to read Each gremlm studied very hard but It was difficult for them When Santa came that year, the gremlms had a mce Christmas party but it was very sad because by this time seven of the tiny fellows had been overcome wxth burdens They left the school The remainder of the class contmued throughout the whole year Although when vaca After a nice long vacation the gremlms were all ready to start school agam rn 49 Now they were very mtelllgent Sophomores Not long after school had begun the gremlms planned a very spooky Halloween party lt was so frightening in fact so much so that three of the grem lxns were so scared that they left the party and for all we know the watches got them that night for they have not been seen smce As school continued the gremllns grew ln knowledge and understanding After a few months they tried and were ready for the tradxtxonal vacation As time went by the gremlms developed into dagmfxed .Tumors who were strwmg to be little more than just the little men whom we never saw nor heard So they all say shouting Good Luck to the Semors from Lois Chase President Nan Dee Evans Vxce President Elizabeth Blake Secretary Treasurer, Anna Marie Morrxs Gene Anderle Leonard Bramng and Jay Smith Secretary and Treasurer of the Junior Class Z1 J U N I O R S 1 9 5 T C C I tion came they were the first to be out among the new green fields. . - . . . . . . . . . . a O Sophomore Class H zstory ln the year 1949 50 the Freshmen were Beverly Pallaro Donna Lee Person Verna Mae Smith Barbara Knoll Jack Bonkowske Joe Anderle and George McCure The Freshmen gave the traditional Christmas party Everyone had a gay and wonderful time Later on during the year we lost Jack Mr Gall was class sponsor This year the Sophomore class had a new member named Margaret Waterhouse who came from Washington The students of the Sophomore class are Beverly Donna Lee Verna Idaho Springs The school then returned to the I-hgh School for the tradxtlonal pumpkin ple and clder The Sophomore Shxndlg was given January 12 1951 The dance was gwen to raise funds for the class treasury The Sophomore class and lts sponsor Mr Donald Mattxvl wish the Seniors the best of luck in their future careers fa, Qs , ,fame zz ' n v n Mae, Barbara, George, and Joe. The Sophomores gave the Halloween party, a free movie at ... . . gg . . . , . Freshman Class H :story The Freshman class of 1950 51 began its hxgh school career wxth ten students seven girls and three boys Jo Ann Prouse Betty Sothman Mary Sothman Margaret Ress Dolores Cleloha Lucille Chase Andrew Erxckson Roland Cole and Paul Smith Coming to high school was a thrlllmg excxtmg and adventurous experience for us Becomxng acquainted with the students new teachers and new subjects certamly proved a new and somewhat bafflmg experience Of course the most novel of all experxences was our ex cxtmg adventurous and sometxmes bedragglmg days of xmtzatxon Bexng of strong minds and bodxes the Freshmen conquered these many new horrors and settled down as all good Freshmen should to a quiet but mterestmg school year Our outstanding accomplishment of the year was our old fashioned Christmas party given on December 14 1950 Our class offxcers are Jo Ann Prouse President Andrew Ernckson Vice Presxdent Betty Sothman Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Mr Donald Mattwl Secretary and Treasurer Freshman Class Z3 W . -I I ' l I D I I I I I ' 1 1 - . . . . . I . , - . . . . . . . . I I I ' . . . 1 D I ' . . . . . , . . D . I . . . . . 1 1 p " o ' ' 1 ' o s I i rv-W. .. rw 4,-, N Q M J... . 4 ,.. , - - . I H ' W kb rf : A' i .r 1 1 -M hh. 5--q-. . I "' ' ' ' Wm' J M, V ' R f ... " 2-W jgrrf- 3 ,.,.-fm M' - ,. ,ff --fn-v""" , Y - ,AK 1, 1 qw A-: 1 .-, 1 ,. - .-,gg 1 A.. yr 'LW Jr. .. ju X ' Qi' 5 r V ':4?- ' ' Q , 1? 1.-ee.: 1 , 2 ,, .ww Quai? VA iv' L 4 1 N an pn- an --1,- un Cnr!- 4-'C Grades 7 L 8 BACK ROW Mr DeGregory Colleen Neff l ms Olson Czne Me-negattx Cn-raldme Knoll John McClure Roberta Galbraltlx .Sally bmlth FlRST ROW Kenneth Bramng bylxxa Prouse larry Jon. s .lo Ann Powers Bat Cryan Donald Mxller Grades 5 C6 6 BACK ROW l.1onelBeggs Garnet Perkxns Glen Branmg Davxd Calabrese Joe Olsen Mr Bennett FLRJT ROW James h1cClure Robert bmxth Catherxne Beggs Alxce Ress Barry Thomas -s..7- -in-n .4aL..4 Grades 3 Es 4 BACK ROW Joe Mxller Inez Dudney Joe Oberosler Vlolet Perkms Jxmmy Powers Mrs Parfet FRONT ROW Irene Bramng Juamta smith Pamela Belford Penny Belford Fernetta Olsen Danny Beggs Grades I E9' 2 BACK ROW Mrs Ernckson Bobby Mxller Carol Branxng Larry Smxth Patty Calabrese Buddy Perkms Wxlhe Calabrcse FRONT ROW Sharon House Dune Steckdaub Dal Rxce Harvey Haagenstad Mxchele DxBenedetto Achzefvements of The Senzors Eleanor Grace Pallaro Secretary Treasurer 1948 49 Band 4 years Glee Club Z years Cheerleader 3 years Band Representatxve 1948 49 Welcome Danger The Late Mr Early Damsels In Dlstress Sluice Box Editor Annual Staff Donna Jean Bxttxck Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 3 years Band 4 years The Late Mr Early Damsels In D1stress Slulce Box Assxstant Editor Annual Staff Donna Mae Mltchell Vice Presxdent 1947 48 Vice President 1949 50 Secretary Treasurer 1950 51 Student Council Secretary Treasurer Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 3 years Cheerleader 2 years Here Comes Charlie Welcome Danger The Late Mr Early Damsels In Distress Slulce Box Business Annual Staff .To Ann Turner Class Representatwe Secretary Treasurer Pep Club 3 years Glee Club Z years Cheerleader 1 year Band 4 years The Late Mr Early Damsels In Distress Slulce Box Reporter Annual Staff Manager 1948 49 1949 Frances Eleanor W ar ren Annual Staff Editor Pep Club 2 years Glee Club 1 year Here Comes Charhe Damsels ln Dxstress 9 - -- - vi - ' -- -49 -- ' - ' -- -51 - -- - Rifle Club--1 year an lb . - I.- -50 oc f ll ze Helen Joan Galbraith ce President 1948 Presldent 1949 50 Band 4 years Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 3 years The Klsslng Link The Late Mr Early Damsels In Distress Slulce Box Exchange Annual Staff Z years Thomas Joseph Cryan Vice Presxdent 1950 Student Councxl Vice Basketball 3 years Rifle Club 1 year The Late Mr Early Damsels ln D1stress Annual Staff Wallace lrvmg Nelson Presldent 1947 48 Basketball 3 years Band 3 years The Late Mr Early Damsels In Distress Annual Staff Francxs Howard Knoll Edxtor Chaxrman Jr Treasurer 1947 48 President 1950 51 Student Council Chazrman Boys State 1 year Basketball 3 years Rlfle Club 1 year The Brzde s Stand In Here Comes Charlxe The Kxssmg Lmk The Late Mr Early Damsels In Distress Annual Staff -QP' .aim RELAXTION AFTER A BUSY YEAR SANTA BROUGHT SADDLE SHOES THINKING? JUST PRETENDING MUSCLES LOOK WHAT THE MILK DID' PAROLE DAX NO WARDENS CAREFUL DONNA YOU LL BE FISH BAIT 29 - , v I if L fmuvne. ul- -- . ikhnus WHAT WAS LEFT OF GRADUATION GENERAL ELECTION FRESHMAN STYLE ff W 6 THE BOYS ARE GETTING THE BOOT BEAR HUG JO ANN YOUR DIGNITY 'rx-is Goon OLD DAYS an wA1.1.y v f FANCY srurr 30 A , ' I A ' X 4 , 1 I E Y if pk N- . ' iz. 1 b I. 'ATI 4 3 ' f if T' I s , . BALLET ? ? ? REDUCING HIPS MAKING THEM LIMBER AND GRACEFUL OR KILL THEM' 33 HEAD STANDS PYRAMID OF CHEOPS NO OF GILPIN I-ll OH' MY ACHING BACK Mattzfvz s Muscle Men TOP MAN THE PlNHOLD??? lSlT??? 5 CHECKING SLUICE BOX ASSIGNMENTS SLUICE BOX STAFF 37 PREPARLNG THE ART SECTION Sluzce Bbx Snqnuns 1950 1951 WORKING ? ? ? ? 7? V, A ,Ar VME HAVE THE TEAM' BUT NO PLACE TO PLAY' SOTHMAN PERSON CHASE TURNER CHEERLEADERS 1-if 4' SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS 38 ROLAND SIT UP' MR MATTIVI PLEASE' CONTROL Y OURSELF V , . ,.l, , . tffv, ' , . fs, . I gp- . -- L... , f4'Q :HQ 1, . 11, 1 A ' I .4 I ,,, . .,, ' lt' . -9 1 I ",. I A I . ' ' . , ' Q I 4 ul, .- - ,.' W ,. . s '. , ' A if' 1 in 439' -I " n' ps ' ' sl, ' ' . , .aI - '- " 4 ,V x - ,, 1' ' I i ' 5 f L, b. ' K' ' .1 - , 191. - in " f I .O '17, -- .. L.,1...'-f . . . . 73 .2 ' . If 4 p 15.11, - X I 1 , '-4 ..x X Wu. . .W J i V -4A uf" , 1 ,. , .. ! J 4 . J . lb 1- TH.E TELEGRAM7 1' 4 THE LATE MR EARLY JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1951 ffm, E' OH SHE FAINTED 1 EVELYN DON T KICK JAMES RE ST KN PEACE 'Te JUNIOR PROM AVIATION COUNTRY CLUB JUNIOR PROM MAY 1950 -'F' 4-1 GRADUATION 1 950 THE NIGHTINGALES OF 1950 40 NOT A FUNERAL GRADUATION "7lL1fOLf'Z..Lfjf'N K' - I-sling:-nphqlllssnliy 'lLlYTll1'll'i -nbias,-n Ull. 44 K I h 1 Black Hawk Grocery MEATS GROCERIFS FRESII FRL ITS FROZEN FOODS POLLTRY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS Compllmerwts of ROBSON LUMBER CO Idaho Sprmgs Colo YE OLDE FASHIONED EATING HOUSE Home Cooked Foods Eureka Street Central C1t5 Colorado Oppos1te Teller House Phone 2697 Mertrand Mattlve BOB Sz JEWEL BLACK HAWK, COLO. Springer s Pharmacy Try Our Fountam Phone 2431 Central Clty Colo Black Hawk Trading Post Congratulatwns to the Semors of 1901 from the Turners Shoberts Garage Batter1es and T1res Ign1t1on Seruce General Repalr Best W1shes - I Black Hawk, Colo. KRUEGER MOTOR CO Futurannc Oldsmoblle Phones Day 310 Nlte 349 J 1701 M1ner Street Idaho Sprmgs Colo THE CORNER DRUG STORE Drugs Tollet Goods gLlIldI'1CS Kodak F1lm Q U I L L E R S Meats Grocerles Frults Vegetables Poultry Flsh and Prov1s1ons Phone 2051 Central Clty Colo MUSEUM GIFT SHOP Souven1rs Ant1queNovelt1es G1fts Lemon Lake s Flrst Model of Submarme Manal Roble Phone 3131 Central C1ty Colo George L. Yeager, Proprietor Idaho Springs, Colo Best W1shes CHAS CRABILL AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Phone 60 J Idaho Sprmgs Colo ROBERTSON JEWELERS At the Blg Clock Idaho Sprlngs Colo THE JENKINS McKAY HARDWARE CO Shelf and Heavy Hardware lldlnlllg and M1ll1ng Supphes Gasol1ne and O1ls Central C1ty and Black Hawk Colo A 8: G SERVICE Black Hawk Colo . ' a 7 ' Q , . , . omph IIQIIIQ of GRUBSTAKE INN Centl f1I Clty Colo Compllmo Its of Idaho Spxmgs Colo Comphments of The Hammermg Indlan WELL S CURIO SHOP Idaho Sprmgs Colo Comphments of LOOKER S DERBY Idaho Sprmgs Colo C ' '1 . TOMFORD MORTUARY CENTRAL BAR CAFE WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Phone 2751 Central City

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