Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA)

 - Class of 1959

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Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Y 1 ,-, 12 ., Q, 2 ,f I 1 ru v :wwf 'vm--eww:-mmm 'vs 'mmf ,M ,Y a ,-:V M, 1 ,. M 7, 5 1 x 5 J - , X . .:,,,,,, ,Qi I ' "N,-,I-wk.. f' 1 1 , f i 4 , Q5 iii , L' I f-xi 15, 5,-,L .1359 ff, '- ,QE ,vib- nr, 15-1 'ii ff Rf Qi, K. , 1 -46 5 1 if W..- Q vw.. , , FL "Sie -. in L-1 W Q-F . gf- J ' P232 .xy 1 Q, 53 lr? QW" 1 1 Eff! 3 2:1 1 if ' 153 WE. ' Sf Q., wt, v- sn rg, : " w, . .,.y I, ' 523-f 'iiiff ,Sag 5551.5 r I 1 1-9 "-'1- 'ii:f:pA,,x.s. .. gmumn A, Lk ,iM1.gmr.-.nur-M Dedication To Our Parents ---------- Strength and wisdom hast thou been, A stronghold in the storms of life, Guiding our footsteps straight and true And drying tears in times of strife. Gentle, loving care thou hast given, Guarded us from tended bud, To the full-blown, radiant flower Nourished ever by thy love. May we n'er forsake thy teachings- Fulfill thy every hope and dream, For gifts of parents like to thee we thank our highest Parent Supreme. Annual taf F Row l-S. Boore, C. Martens, J. Goodrich, B. Davis, M. Gleason, L. Julius, Row 2-Mr. Jensen, J. Ford, W. Bunz, G. Jacobson, D. Frickson, C. Stamper, L. Tammen, Row 3-J. Tammen, L. Abens, D. Tool, R. Anderson, K. Bernard, D. Sabo. .Ziff .jf EDITOR Board of Education Mr. Truesdell, Mrs. Mullen, Mr. Juelfs, Mrs. Wolcott, Mr. Kleen, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Oberhelman. FRANK S. TRUESDELL, SUPERINTENDENT B. A. Upper Iowa University M. A. Drake University RAYMOND F. JENSEN, PRINCIPAL A M. S. Drake University Psgs sponsored by H nboldt Trust 5 Savings Bank Sowell Van Alstins High chool Faculty CARH N PETRILLA B. A. Nebraska State TC Coach, Colmereial, Dr. Ed. WILLIS SHANNON B. A. Parsons College Math and Science SHARON WALDRON B, A, Clarke College English MAE KOCH B. S. Nebraska Woslysn U, Home Economics DARREL ACKER B. S. Iowa State Voc. Ag., Shop KEITH HART B. S. Buena Vista Coach, Soc. Studies, Science and Jr. Hi. Missing SHERHA ERI-IOLH Music Instructor Mr. Beeler, vetermvs Ago Belva Wolcott, Secretary The Cooks Bus Drivers Eva mv-ia, Fern su-nt. Mary V811 Alain' Mr. Locke, Elmer Tool Don Coleman, B111 Shannon Joe Tool Janitor Hr. Looks Janitor mek Hmm nm: Janitor nun hmm l x X 1 vnevuw "" P' A I ,J-4-Y 1-nur ,,., , .. .....1.,:-5 ,.. .. 5 Lf..-"""""l .I , I F eV,f,x,M,gV gf .x 5.15, Mgt W ., Law 4 AILW' fi,,1' ., ff. 54, muff , ,f ,,,,.., ' f xx.-gun '? QL' . J 4, , ' r ' il? r X f tn fl' , ri", -2 Q 9 - , fl I' Q if uxbwlfmy 1 ww- sm 1 bJy"7f7lW WN ff CLASS C oLoR5 Aowvwcms mo 1 Ls CLASS Houck: CAmA11oN Q Lili! FT . if bl' H' -NX. KAN 7 X4 , I A -gbf' Q. , oummxws ! X x, - Y S u.vER CLASS MoT1'o: I I Known-1vse1.F KEITH BERNARD PBESIDEIT 'Laugh and I'll laugh with youg study and you'1l study alone." Boys Chorus l,2,3,4 nina chem 1,2,3,l+ Basketball 1,2,5,4 rwtml 1,2,5,h nn: 1,2,3 Student Council l,2,4 Class President 2,4 Cls-ss King 2 lu-z l,2,5,4 clans Play 3,4 Annual 4 MARGARET GLEASON YALEDI CTORIAN 'What someone else von't think of, I will." Concert Band 1,2 Marching Band l,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Softball l,2,3,4 Student Council 1 GHAA 1 nu-z 1,2,5,4 Class Officer 5,4 Class Queen 4 Class Play 3,4 Groups 2 Annual 4 BARBARA DAVIS SALUTATORIAH "If silence is golden, I 'm dead broke. " Girls Chorus l,2,5,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,5,4 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Softball 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Queen 3 Ku'z 1,2,5,4- Class Play 3,4 Annual 4 DON TOOL "He can drive better with one sm than most men can with two." Hired Chorus 1,2,5 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,l+ Concert Bela. 1,2,5,4 Groups 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,5 Football ll- Baseball 1,2 Track 2,3 Homecoming 4 nu 1,2,5,ll- mu officer 2, 5,4 Class Officer 5,4 Class Play 4 Annual 4 SHARON MORE 'It im't what you do, it's what you get by with." concert ma 1,2,5.'+ mu-snug ma 1,2,3.4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,f+ mxad Chorus 1,2,5,lP Fu-Z 2,3,f+ Groups 2,3,l+ Class Play 5,4 Basketball 1 JEAN GOODRICK 'Late hours't good. for one, but they'ro all right for two." Marching Band 1,2,5 4+ Girls Chorus 1,2,5,L Hixed. Chorus 1,2 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Softball 1,2,5,4 Class Play 3,14- Student Council 1 Class Officer 1 Class Queen 1 Ahnualff CB.ARI.BHARTH'S 'Class periods should be ten minutes long! five to come, and five to go." Hixbd Chornl 1,2,3,4 BOT! chow' 19293 Blsketbtll 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,5,4 Bllebtll 1,2 5,4 Track 1,2,5,L St. Conn. 2,53 GEM 1 In-Z It Class Play 5,4 Annual 1+ Class King 1 WAIIEER BUNZ "I'l1 make ly home out on the fan--to keep me from the cities harm." Boys Chorus 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,l+ Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,4 FFA 1,2,5 Class Officer 5 Class Play lo- Cless King 5 Annual 4+ DIANA SABC "A keen sense, a common sense, and plenty of room for nonsense." Concert Band 1,2,5,l+ Marching Band l,2,5 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,L Girls Chorus 1,2,3,l+ nupz 1,2,3,4 Nu-Z Co-Editor ll- Class Play 3,4 Cheerleader 2,4 Class Officer 1 Class Queen 2 Contest l,2,5,l+ Annual ll- Valentine Queen 1 RONALD ANDERSON "If school is liberty, give me death." cms may 5,4 Annual 1+ DAN EHICKSON 'Whenever I feel like exercising, I just lie down until the feeling goes away." Mixed chorus 1,2 Boys Chorus 1,2 Basketball 2,5,4 St. Coun. 2,3,l+ Nu-Z 5 Class Plgy 3 Marching Band 1 Annual 1+ Page sponsored 57 Gilmore Oil C0- LLRR! ABHS "I'd do great things, but it's too meh work." Mixed Chorus 1,2 Boys Choms 1,2 Football 4 Class Play 5,4 CAROLYII STAHPER 'She was out out to be an angel, but someone lost the patte:m." concert Band 1,2,5,'+ nu.-ching mm 1,2,3,'+ Musa chem 1,2,3,4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3p4 GHLA 1 HUPZ 1,2,3,4 Hu-Z Co-Editor 4 cms Play 3,4 Contest 1,2,3,l+ Football Sweetheart 1+ Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Majorette 1,2,3,l+ Annual 4 JAHES FORD "I know a lot, but I oan't think of it." Mixed Chorus 1 Boys Chorus 1 Football 5,4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1,4 rmk 1,2,3,4 FFA 1,2,l+ Clan Play 5 WILLIAM SMITH 'Why hurry to school, ith still there when you arrive." Hired chem 1,2,5 4 nay. cum 1,2 5,4 meml 1,2,3,l:- Basketball 1,2,5,4 nueml 1,2,5,4 Track 1,2,5,I+ St. Com. 1,2,5 Class Officer 1,2,5 lu-Z 3,14 cms nq 5,0 Annual 4 Page sponsored by Tool Cate JOHN TAMMEN "I go to school to get a general idea of things." Boys Chorus 1,4 Mixed Chorus 1 Track 1,3 Baseball 1 FFa 1,2,3,4 Class Play 5,4 u Concert Band l,2,5,4 Marching Band 1,2,3,4 IDIS TAMMEN Honwara, go onward, on time in thy flightg make the bell ring before I recite." Concert Bona 1,2,5,4 Marching Band l,2,5,4 Contest 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,5,4 Girls Chorus l,2,5,4 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Softball 1,2 Nu-Z 2,5,4 Annual 4 closo Play 5,4 HICILLE JULIUS "She looks quiet, but looks are deceiving." Concert Band 1,2,5,4 Marching Band 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,5,4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Contest 1,2,5,4 cumornyaw nu.z 1,2,3,4 Softball 3 GARY JACOBSON "I use to be a woman hater, but the Bible say, 'love thine enemies." Football 1,2,5,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,5 Class Play 5,4 Boys Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Annual 4 Page sponsored by Reeve Service Station H Barb Don Gary- Walt W. R f e 'ef 121.1 4 --', ' W? .,,, e ui A Lois ow We Looked Then enior Class Will We the Senior Class of 1959 will the folowing to the members of the of the Junior Classg I, Ronald Anderson, will to John Dwyer my 74 Harley, if he thinks he is man enough to drive it. I, Larry Abens, will to Eldon Abens Iy 55 Mercury, if he won't pile it up in some place drag racing. I, Chuck Martens, will to Jerry Miller my sports ability, use it well Jerry. I, Don Tool, will to Roger Finney his own private road, so it's safe for me to get home. I, Jean Goodrich, will to Bruce Linn my ability to go steady. This doesn't lean to play the field Bruce. I, Chuck Martens, will to Gary Kirby my ability to get along with out a car. It's cheaper using your Dad's. I, Gary Jacobson, will to Jerry Ries my place in the two-mile relay. I've had it! I, Diana Sabo, will to Ron Jones nw sister Jan, spank her if she gets out of hand. I, Carolyn Stamper, will to Darlene Hagestad my ability to grow the Lite dn Bright out of my hair. I, Lucille Julius, will my shorthand text book, practice set, and typing eraser to Marjorie Powers. Be sure to keep in practice. I, Jean Goodrich, will to Carol Meyer uw ability to get good grades, pretty good, that is. I, Gary Jacobson, will to Larry Moore my suit on the basketball team. Somebody once said it was better than nothing. I, Diana Sabo, will to Marla Hodgell my real moles--they're much more pemanent than paint. I, Barbara Davis, will to Sherry Lou In babysitting predecessor so you'll still get the warnings. Also my ability to eat constantly and gain nothing. I, Jim Ford, will to Dale Anderson ny ability in track to run a mile for a Camel. I, Lois Tannen, will to Jo Ann Allard my ability to get along with Mrs. Kwh, and II sewing ability. Good luck, Jo. I Keith Bernard, will to Dennis Trowbridge my ability to go with girls longer than two weeks, to wreck 1950 green Fords, and to stay out of trouble with the teachers. I, Carolyn Stamper, will to Doug Malcolm myself-most of the time! I, Lois Tannen, will to Ramona Peltz my ability to play a French horn. I, John Tannen, will to Victor Durbin my bowling ability and to Carl Helter ny driving ability . I, Sharon Boors, will to Diane Dwyer my enjoyment of dancing. Hay you have a lot of fun, Diane. I, Bill Smith, will to Dennis Murphy w ability to always be prompt. no latter how long it takes. I, Dan Erickson, will to Pat Fitzgerald my football ability and to Myron Scott ny little black book. I, Barbara Davis, will to Connie Gehling q njor letter in football. I, Margaret Gleason, will to Linda Jacobson my black basketball shoe- strings. I, Walt Bunz, will to Kieth Orr my job at the Co-Op. Hope you have fun 2 cycle. I, Sharon Boore, will to Norma Dornath W ability to finish my Home Eo. projects. I Signed enior Class Play Quick a. glass of water!! 'BULL IN A CHINA SHOP' Dennis O'H.nn- ------ -Don Tool Alanths.--------Lucille Julius Elisabeth ----------- Iois Tannen Birdie ---- -------Jean Goodrich Nettie- ------- -Margaret Gleason Hildegarde- ---------- Diana Saba Lucy -------------- Bar bare. Davis Kransr---- ---------- B 111 Smith Stretcher Bearer--Chuck Martens Stretcher Bea.rsr-Gary Jacobson -------- -Carolyn Stanper Johnson ------- - ---- W alter Buns Director--Miss Sharon Waldron Hold Still Good-by Katt ic Dress rehearsal Activities Banque f Ski? Day Senior Break fast Eat up! Look at Commencement Nap K ,wwf 671 Salutatorian 8: Valedictorian Know Thyself 1 The big moment Congratulatory line We've made it! Arch to the future Pbxm Q ee me .,,, fe , 1 ev e . F,-J., Am hh L 1 V,l,u,.f,,fT,,,.,nf'f. , ., A, 1-, .,.,,--.1 . -- . .., -.1 yung -:::,-,.g'. - U- ,'.','Q-- --':,:. v::4Qf ,,,..4A 3 uk 'Wifi' , , run ,g-L x 11:35, u':.5::'. F.-1 .J J-xii". .""',, 1 ""-.-1,5 --gif E:-3-,,1,1 'I ."", -J'-1 i'-9'.f.2f-,-. '-3 -ff1:,1-fr.-' Q. f-i-Zf.- 1:-.. ,. ..'.- .45 . .--- -...N , Q EMM 1 ,W , , ,,,A ,,., .. , , Y Q fix H-55 A W pjggni V,-' , ,, A , K. 1 ' r . ,V "1ff,. X- xi, . . Y ,f 49.2. A .Y ' z-, ,1 x K . V ' W I , ,S .X -,J .1 '-,QW ' .V ' , 'Q Q. ,, . ,L ,uf ,5 , . ' A fi' . ,, 4. , ,. f f . , 4 w. V. 4 .w , K 1 1 . , X K Ik ww H K r , MQ- , .1 V X v iii, --'14 in-1 s., sa. EG ' 1 Junior Class Row l-Miss Waldron, C. Wallace, C. Gehling, D Dwyer L Jacobso S . , . n . Gangestad, M. Powers, Mrs. Koch. Row 2-D. Malcolm, R. Jones, J. Miller, D. Trowbridge, J. Ries, R. Finney, C. Heiter, M. Scott. Row 3-N. Dornath, C. Meyer, P. Fitzgerald, G. Kirby, D. Murphy, R. Peltz, J. Allard. Row 4- S. St " ' ralt, K. Orr, E. Abens, J. Dwyer, B. L1nn, V. Durbin, D. Anderson. mug'-. s? Amen-surons 1003116 for 'mt gig: 3P0nsored by First Place ore city Locker' Junior Class Play Director--Mrs. Sherma Erholn "THE PERFFXET 1'DIO'!" Margaret Tenzgvson---Diane Dwyer Jmckie Tennyson ---- --Bruce Linn Rhodora ----- --Sherry Gangestad Roger Tennyson ----- Doug Halooh Walter P. Latherby--Carl Reiter Daniel Tennyson ---- Ronald Jones Arthur Barnard-------Ga.ry Kirby Miss Baker- --------- Carol Meyer Linda Barnard ---- Linda Jacobson Jennie Welson ---- --Ramona Paltz G'tti"8 feed? Puff wiwmau ----- n annie Murphy 016 Blwk M8118 Carla Carlson----Connie Gehling Eeek 8 mouse! Production mmdervey Junior- enior Banquet A Song In Ib' Heart The enteranoe A d'1ici""' dmm' Why S0 Solemn? How could one cat aismu-fall these peaceful people? Speaker's table Don't everyone look this way at once! , ophomore Class Row 1-L. Jensen, J. Sabo, D. Pouelson, K. Weaver, J. Sorensen, J. Jensen, H. Ford. Row 2-B. Stamper, M. Dornath, B. Gehling, L. Tool, L. Anderson, V. Larsen, Mr. Hart. Row 3-P. Egli, L. Davis, M. Baughman, G. Willet, L. Allard, J. Jensen. Row 1+-D. Henrichs, J. Thurston, D. Weaver, R.. lhrcellus, J. Miklo. wdro looking for a. Victory world History Freshmen Row 1-J. Woodbury, K.Cavanaugh, P. Stamper, S. Halligan, D. Allard, J. Jacob son, C. Campbell. Row 2-Mr. Shannon, M. Kirby, B. Hartman, B. Stamper, K. Lynch, M. Hoefing, P. Orr, J. Goodrich. Row 3-L. Jensen, D. Cirks, D. Brown, E. Landolt, R. Scott, R. Stougard, IL. Meyer, R. Baughman, A. Wiegert, T. Gehling. ao.. some-io. Let'l Have a Party! 'A Tout to Victory' Initiation Is Everybody Ready!?9 Look at us!!! Uhlmmm Good!!! cross Fire oh lo!! Does your Mommie know?? i 'c. i l. S. 07012648 x., .x..:'.:,L 11" .'f-.'1 ,s'::'Q.3'fY.-2. .ly ". .Milf '.-:Ei.'A.-.ef.'. E "-'ggi-E',' '.:f'11Lz.,.1 'I'-'ff 7':.,uE'c:.-L.1f': -'UA 1f'.--'11--::z'.:. E: """--" , tk V e.. .13 4 n ' L3 Y, 5 , in . 1, 15 ' ,. - -'mf-1 :P-11"- '.-q:e1:'L-1 .:a-.A.1':.'Jf.- 1- A-uf.:-,'u '1'4'1s-1.4'+-Q".-,-'r3'.'.-L:'iK1'f,v'-,u4.5-.'. .5al'1'---,mg-11'-f-.f.1f-'-g,-'fy fa:-.2:1'-f-.-"ig 11.2-1-fpfc. if-'-'. my - - 1. Lx.u.1.f.u,-1.-Q .nm-1.wK.zv.r-Y - N ewspaper faff Row l-B. Davis, Miss Waldron, D. Sabo, C. Stamner, M. Gleason, R. Peltz, Row 2-S. Gangestad, D. Malcolw, K. Bernard, L. Jacobson, C. Wallace, D. Gehling, L. Tammen, L. Julius, J. Reese, M. Powers, C. Martens. Row 3-S. Strait, M. Scott, J. Dwyer, GL Willet, R. Jones, S. Boore, D. Dwyer, C. Campbell, M. Kirby, K. Cnxlnangh J. SOTODIOB tudent Council Row l-C. Martens-President, E. Landolt, J. Jensen, K. Bernard. Row 2-Mr. Jensen, C. Meyer-Secretary, D. Weaver, L. Davis, D. Frickson-Vice President, R. Jones- Troasurer J. Dwyer, J. Goodrich. Peg. sponlorsd H! Boite: Hardware 5 Funeral Balm F. F. A. Fuming programs are ilP01'tmt to Futura Parlor! Corn picker hazards pointed out The line up! Row l-G. Willet, M. Baughman, L. Davis, D Tool J Tammen G Kirb M . . . y T. Acker. Row 2-J. Lanus, J. Ford, P. Egli, J. Ries, R. Stouggrd, L. Jeosen, Row 3-D. Ci k J r s, . Miklo, L. Meyer, R. Baughman, J. Thurston, L. Allard. Homecoming ., ..,L Kg fm- jig . 1 wg U A V. V I ' Q 1,1 , ,AMN ' , awimmwgwf Carolyn Stanpar Who will it be? , 'MSE 2: ., P P. Q , x ,Q X f I X fx W 4 W, ::-.. - ' 1 get X M. f , K5 ww ,Q M kgglgk' - W' FRA SHEEIHEABI Connie Wallace V - k-f-. , 1 1-:.fq,m,m7 , ..,A. is 42:15- .,: : , . , " .e':iE1'fI'.: 2 'E .156 :.1'X!.::E' I-5. "' 27' ,Q . ' ' 1 aka Wagga: -ff -saga? x l ssiff :s ' j'f"' HW QQ a a s s'iQ: ,W ia,-1.1365 I1 gf jiigik fu Jwigiii K ki ny 7 ' . if . It 3 ag , Qwvivwfwa , 3 atv ..., K M K, Q .. ,,A. ---- ,h-a., - - A,,. A 4, ., L K K 3 -4315 ' -'-' . 5 i A A wg ,WUQMQWQQEL a ,ai.V1fmQ ' Qsgkifa A vii 'fi fwmwmaf KIIU AID QUEEN Qi ' wwwfw' a Don Tool and Linda Jacobson Junon Pls' lponaoroa by Laraonfa Barber-ahop SOPICHDRE GH HAHCHIIG BAND BARBARA HARTMAN Saxophone I FLUTE QUARTE'1' I CONCEIH' BAND Page sponsored by Standard 011 Co. Fay Anderson Agent Dwyer' s Beauty Loungo I so1,o1sT ' s CAROLYN STAMPER Vocal I Flute I ' I lr S or us ""QQ'f ' M Hg - x- - DIANA S ABO Vocal I 1 ' lj , ' + I , 3 JANET SABO Vocal I Accompianist Mixed Chorus B LUCILLE JULIUS Clarinet I Accompianist 0 ' C h 0 r u S I MIXED QUARTFZT Cheerleaders cloachdg Girls' oftball Row 1-S. Halligan, L. Jacobson, B. Davis, M. Gleason, C. Campbell, H, Ford, Row 2-Mr. Hart, J. Goodrich, B. Hartman, J. Woodbury, J. Jacobson, C. Gehling, V. Larsen, J. Goodrich. Football N 1 Row 1-K. Bernard, L. Abens, G. Jacobson, J. Miller, J. Ford, W. Bunz, D. Tool. Row 2-P. Fitzgerald, M. Baughman, D. Malcolm, C. Martens, R. D. Trowbridge, L. Davis. Row 3-A. Wiegert, E. Landolt, D. Murphy, Finney, J . Jensen , R. Stougard, D. Cirks. Row 4-Coach Mr. Hart, Manager T. Gehling, D. Brown, K. Orr, Manager D. Erickson, Manager D. Weaver, Coach Mr. Petrilla. ABSHT JAMES FORD AID BILL SMITH Boys' Basketball Team R1 - a- eau aa.. a. a, a . D . . Trowbridge, Row 2-A. Weigert, J. Jensen, D. Malcolm, D. 1901, G. Jacobson, L. Davis. Coach-Mr. Petrilla. ALL CONFERENCE TEAM Dennis Tron-fbridge. . . . . . First Team FOI'l.'1J,I"7, Charles T-'Tartens . . . . . IIonorL.ble Vent ion Bill Smith. . . . . . . . Honorable Ventiogg QWTN Till W ' 'fTCE W L ,lbsrt City-Troosfl "2. le 1? 2 Twin Rivers 1? 2 Gilmore City 9 C Rolfe Q S Laurens C C Roclzvoll City C C Tocahontes W 17 Hanson C 17 Strftch Captain Chuck liar t on Up Bill!! Pago sponsored by W. H. Goodrich Girls' Basketball Team Row l-L. Jacobson, D. Dlylr S. Halligan, B. Davis, L. Julius, M. Gleason. Row 2-L. Tammen, B. Hartman, J. Woodbury, H. Ford, C. Campbell, J. Goodrich. Row 5-L. Tool, J. Jensen, J. Sorenson, M. Hoefing. TWIV LnIES COHFE,JH A 13 nyc 17 YJ L Rockwell City l2 O Laurens lO 2 Albert City-Truesdale 8 5 Gilmore City 5 7 Pocahontas 5 9 Twin Rivers 5 9 Henson l Consolation Winners in the Consolation 'iunors in the 10 Little Nine lectional Hippin5??? ALL CONFERENCE TEAM Margaret Gleason...... Second Team Forward Barbara Davis.... .. Honorable Mention Linda JaCObSOH........ Honorable Mention 'W it fit : , : L ChCT5ing??? Captain Lucille Julius Baseball Team Track Team QYBLPA' .1 ,f E- ,.-N1 .1-.-. '.-,gfsnfvzli i::::"U lu. - -1 .i- .'r,:-5-ff . -"". 4 f- Jw : ' -.Ffh-.-. '75,-:-F'7'f':: I-.I-J" X -dar ffmvfwcvfmf Xafwx S , . ' A if, ,V ,rsh .,.:Q . , . Qu- many 1 k Q ' if Q K ,, 1, 1 A - 4 , ., wf f vm 'rr ,M-5, .5 V- fl X K , "' f 0,4 , Eighth Grade Row l-K. Malcolm, T. Linn, N. Deppe, G. Gleason, E. Finney. Row 2-D. Stougard, P. Stamper, L. Willet, M. Abens, S. Hartman, L. Peters, H. Trowbridge. Row 5- Mrs. Anderson, D. Pisel, B. Boore, G. Stevenson, D. Thurston, J. Anderson, D. Miller, G. Pederson, B. Davis, R. Kee. Row L+-C. Henricks, R. Durbin, J. Boom- gaarden, P. Frank, K. Peddicord, J. Woodbury, J. Wallace, D. Strait. evenfh Grade Row l-D. Allard, M. Sutton, J. Henricks, L. Stamper, L. Presler, M. Higgins, C. Larsen. Row 2-M. Graham, R. Stauffer, L. Neimeyer, J. Hunt, P. Oberhelman, W. Stamper, J. Saathoff, S. Jensen, M. Anderson, Mr. Hart, Row 3-Ifrs. Jensen, R. Walsh, J. Andersen, B. Scott. Page sponsored by Scott'a Phillips 66 Station Junior High Basketball Row l-R. Stauffer, G. Gleason, T. Linn. Row 2-K. Malcolm, D. Pisel, D. Miller, R. Boore, B. Stamper. Row 3-J. Saathoff, R. Kee, D. Thurston, G. Pedersen, P. Oberhelman, J. Hunt, R. Davis. Row I+- M. Anderson, S. Jensen, E. Finney, N. Deppe, M. Graham, L. Niemeyer, Mr. Hart. Row l-P. Frank, L. Peters, R. Trowbridge, M. Abens, L. Willet, S. Hartman, K. Peddicord. Row 2-J. Anderson, B. Scott, C. Henrichs, J. Woodbury, J. Wallace, J. Boomgaarden, R. Durbin, D. Strait, Mr. Hart. GIRLS SCHFDULF BOYS SCHFDULF Gilmore 16 Bradgate 22 Gilmore 25 Pocahontas Cath. 20 Gilmore 1 3 Laurens 30 Gilmore 36 Brad gate 8 Gilmore 21 Bradgnte 23 Gilmore 30 Laurens 23 Gilmore 28 D.M.T. 31+ Gilmore 20 Pocahontas Cath. 18 Gilmore 25 Pocahontas 11+ Gilmore 33 Brndgnte 1 5 and Gilmore D.M.T. Pu' 'FN ' by Gilmore Pocahontas V. B. Cllpbell. Ilvllililil Thli Pl! DI -ll nl- I- Row 1-D. Jensen, F. Hodgell, J. Lanning, J. Beddow, J. Weaver, J. Graham, Row 2-C. Shimon, J. Naeve, J. Taylor, L. Baughman, M. Martens, C. Anderson, N. Peters. Row 3-D. Steiner, R. Johnston, R. Miller, J. Young, P. Lynch, W. Travis, C. Hoveland, G. Weaver, Mrs. Dwyer. Row 4-B. Trexel, J. Tammen, C. Shimon, J. Crotty, S. Davis, R. Miklo, R. Marcellus, K. Sabo. Absent- V. Miller, D. Sale. Junior Band Row 1-K. Skow, J. Crotty, C. Anderson, C. Lothian, N. Peters, B. Trexel. Row 2-L. Niemeyer, B. Stamper, J. Taylor, J. Hunt, M. Martens, W. Travis, Row 5-A. Beiter, M. Christensen, C. Jensen, K. Habben. Page sponsored hy Gillor. Coho, co. h Pishe 5 Thornton Store Fifth Grade Row l-T. Powers, P Telfer S. Jadobson C Lothia C W' - 1 , . n, . illett, R. Durbin, L. Sock. Row 2-J. Ripperger, L. Shimon, G. Baughman, C. Powers, R. Juelfs, D. ensen, G. Thurston, M. Wallace, Mrs. Malcolm. Row 3-D Ricklefs K Habben. C- Jensen. K- Skow, A. Beiter, M. Christensen, D..Strait, L: Allard, B. Conlon, P. Topliff. Fourth Grade Row 1-R. Davis, J. Hess, J. Jonson R. Msr+ens. Row 2-F. Christensen, J. Taylor, B. Davis, K. Petersen, R. Pisel, N. Fowler, J. Shimon. Row 3-J. Neel, B. Travis, G. Gleason, G. Myer, S. Thurston, D. Stamper, W. Jensen, A. Frank, Mrs. Stevenson. Row M-R. Jensen, P. Lanning, J. Thomsen, R. Naeve, D. Stauffer, D. Claman, S. Stamper, R. Boomgaarden. Absent-K. Minor. Third Grade Row 1.M. Niemeyer, M. Siefert, M. Jensen. Row 2-M. Shimon, B. Sorensen, J. Juelfs, K. Peters, B. Sorensen, V. Tammen, J. Woodbury. Row 3-W. McCo11ey, C. Claussen, D. Ricklefs, J. Telfer, J. Powers, C. Lang, D. Coleman, B. Lanning, D, Shimon, Row M-D. Larson, M. Harrison, D. Monson, S. Stearns, J. Fowler, I. Beiter, N, Larsen, S. Ripperger, J. Christensen. Miss Goll. 00004 Grade , Row 1-T. Stearns, R. Johnston, M. Jensen, P. Passow, C. Heidt, P. Lothian, P. Lanning, K. Sorensen, M. Christensen, Row 2-D. Trexel, S. Myer, B. Miklo, C. Weiss, M. Petersen, M. Graham, S. Oberhelman, C. Hess, J. Saathoff, C. Cook, T. Beddow. Row 3-G. Lynch, D. Cirks, D. Peters, F. Thurston, S. Steiner, C. Miller, D. Gangestad, D. Lyon, C. Sorensen, J. Wallace, R. Jones, Mrs. Hovland. Page sponsored by Gilmore Lumber Co. First Grade R0 , -. . - Y- -----1. N. Lanning. Row 2-Y. Davis, D. Cirks, S. Siefert, M. Minor, P. Smith, W. Fresler, M. Passbw, Z. Pisel, A. Sorensen. Row 3-D. Monson, J. Hunt, R. Sorensen, A. Hove- land, V. Stoulil, B. Shimon, D. Nielsen, S. Cook, S. Larsen, Mrs. Rokenbrodt. Kindergarten Rr -Y V , v , ,,.,,,ns, S. Whiemers, D. Flammang. Row 2-L. Hall, D. Wolcott, C. Passow, P. Miller, V. Davis, S. Myer, S. Skow, Mrs. Rossnberger. Row 3-K. Thurston, T. Shimon, K. Stearns, R. Fowler, M. Fort, F. Higgins, J. Topliff. Pago sponsored by Qi1l01'O Drug 8: Jewelry ,-1 PIII! 1-K A Fl 'Fl - onsuwn fr. .xv i . 4 .-. ,. 4 ia f. :. 'a ni L. E -1 -Q 9 E. ! 31, '.- 52 4 c. Q: -? 'f. 5. k, 1. ' ,fz',,.,1 :yA1.-..', -...ggng-1.x 1113, ,g.j:. ,:,. ,.'!,l.--up .- gif.-J" "-LI-H 24.-gf .N-1 :Jah v- - , L-1 ,I .. , n-. w ,. 1 v up -mn, ' f , . A .Wk ' , ,Ht . Advertisers Beiter Hardware k Funeral Home Gilmore Drug 5 Jewelry Sabo Motors Gilmore City Lockers Scott's Phillips 66 Station Gilmore Oil Co. Reeve Service Station Larson's Barber-shop Tool Cafe W. H. Goodrich Gilmore Lumber Co. Mineral Springs Coca- Mid-Bell Music Co. Herff Jones Co. Jostens Humboldt Co-op. Creamery Gilmore Co-op. Co. Kautzky Sportings Goods Co. o Fisher k Thornton St Humboldt Trust k Savi Standard Oil Co. Fay Anderson Agent W. B. Campbell Investments That Pay Cola Bottling Co. Sewell Van Alstine re Dwyer's Beauty Lounge ngs Bank Seven Up Bottling Co. ' 'Qiw 7:54 's , Z1 nf' . rf 1, H-"1-. X ilkf31?Ea3I,.a ,gr.,u.. f x- J,-,, 4 Y wa - -gy - .. ' , ,-,,5,,- - Q - r 1 4 X, ly fe M I H ,, 7, V ,ru .X 1 ,4- - .XM J. ,. 1 X . e, , . w'kv3:ee1f.'. l , iVS1i3!?E,iii::?7Sif':a3.g:?..5fL l 251 Q, . jiivfi-vw. 1 4 " x L, -Qi? elf' 1 1 , a, 8. .1 4 ,S " 13 Lia f I S I of I If 3' Q49 INTER-COLLFGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcaments Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. 'cpff-I4 FL- VW , 'ir . ,W LL lk xt r 1 Y , 3,3 4 A 1 M, 5 A1 it .ff 'Z ., 'IVA 5. 'P fy: 'f .XL G .5 vc: 92 "2 5 if uf 151 -wi! 'VG 1- Q: lf L .- c V1 Y 4 , 3' W w 1 14 get W 1, .1 :I hug Mwwwwf ,MHMN pp-mr-.fn F' milf -Q '. it 4 1 I i -v F 5 Y i l I I Q ! -Ii P I l. K ,I I I R I 5 fn 3 ,. Q 3 Z. .I i . . Ii I 5. 4 'r '. R 2- J :I , I . I, h. ,. 3 X Lx If I . f -1 S, C i fn -i : 1 , , i L. 1

Suggestions in the Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) collection:

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 17

1959, pg 17

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 13

1959, pg 13

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 28

1959, pg 28

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

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