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if .15 :,w ,i.g1 if i n L .' . , Y L . .. .A in xg, 1 4 - 24 fjj,gg,qp5 A. ,j" ' ' xt' 2- w. 1Jw ' - .X H " w A l Q-'f af ' ' ' ' ' f 4 . 1 4 .xr f' , , LS . n' 'if 5951 'E 0 I u ri Q v -11-Ginwu-:...,::..':v.-535,,. 1 Vt I its 1 it I M . In ,M -A - - . K .Y 1.u1"'ln.-1. 1 14 ag n . -'!-..? ,Tyr-. i'ETff"1 yTm5f?3 9 F2 Ci Eb X db m mfwfgrmmriww W 42 ' JN , Q High School Faculty ROBERT A. BELLIS Superintendent ROY E, ROED MRS. MIRIAM HEIN Principal Home Economics HERMAN E. WILKEN HAINES CROSBY Coach Music 2. Qlxx ,J i Q FJ fa Kb X JE GMU WAVES 52 if mlb x f I J Q MAR JORIE WOLCOTT 3 Basketball -------- - l-4 Glee Club --------- 1- Mixed Chorus - - - 1-Z Band ----- - l-4 Quartetbe - - - - 4 Class Play -------- 3-4 f"God bless the boys, I love , them all.' 'I DORIS NELSON Basketball ----- -"' Glee Club - - Mixed Chorus - - Sextette ---- " Band ---- ' Quarzecte ----- ---- Class Play - Q"Nature has but only one mouth, darn itl given us two ea. GLADYS ODLAND Basketball - ----- - - -2-4 Glee Club- - - - - - .2-4 Mixed Chorus- - - - 2 Sextette ----- ---.- .. 4 Class Play ----- .... 3 -4 l"She's not so quiet when you get to know her."j 4 1- 1- 1- 3- 1- 3- T5 "J ELDON JACOBSEN Baseball --------- l-4 Basketball --------- l-4 GleeClub--- -----3 Mixed Chorus -------- 3 Class Play ----- A - - 3-4 f"Anything for the sake of an arguxnenhn, ELDEN LANNING Baseball ------- - - 1 Basketball- - - 1 Glee Club- - - - 1 Mixed Chorus- - - - - - 1 Quartette--- - ---- Class Play --------- 3 f"Beware, I may do something sensational yet."l DEAN HOAG Baseball ------- - - -1-4 Basketball ------- - - 1-4 Glee Club ------ - - 3 Mixed Chorus ---- ---- 3 Class Play- ----- - - - 3-4 f"Wlxy must life all labor be?"j 5 Class History We, the Senior Class of 1950, look back upon the year of 1938 as a very famous year in the history of our class. This year was the beginning of our quest for education and we started down the trail of knowledge which would extend over a span of what then seemed to us, twelve long years of hard toil. As we look back upon this twisting, winding,path,,up hill and down, and over many obstacles, we will note numerous changes in the members of the class and also in varied types of guides who were so ably chosen to direct our wandering minds, that we may safely reach the end of the trail. In September, 1938, we found a timid, bashful bevy of ten tots in the first grade, beginning the first lap of our journey under a very competent guide, Mrs. Lula Blair. The following members assembled at the starting point and began the long, weary tramp: Gerald Blank, Conley Daniels, Dean Hoag, Joan Jergens, Tommy Law, Marilyn Whittlessey, Marilyn Neilsen, Audrey Seaman, Doris Nelson, and Marjorie Wolcott. This first year had brought us through considerable swampy ground and undergrowth, nevertheless, we began to make some headway and we lost only one of our number, Marilyn Whittlessey, but two others joined us at the start of our second year, Elden Lanning and Deila Mae Sinclair, and we continued onward with the same expert guide. After a short period of rest, June North took the responsibility of guide. Another member of our company, Conley Daniels, pursued a new course and Evelyn Zeman joined our party. We were slowly but surely making progress and with the same guide and party, with the addition of two new members, Virgil Burris and Lois Gatch, and for a very short way, Jimmy Fox and Leroy Gist, we advanced down the fourth year on this trail of knowledge. We were apparently getting our bearings and learning the fundamentals of education and as we pushed on, we recall many joyous occasions and happy times together. In this, our fifth year, we lost the companship of Gerald Blank, Evelyn Seaman, Jimmy Fox, and Leroy Gist. We adopted no new members but a new guide, Annabelle Johnson, led us down the trail. Soon after the next start, Lois Gatch departed from our midst but later on Eldon Jacobsen joined our happy party to make eleven and we trudged on to explore still more of the unknown possibilities of the trail ahead and with Margaret Larsen leading us through this treacherous strip, we emerged to another opening where for the time being, we sought rest and enjoyment from our wearisome travels. Before we reached the end of our next hike, we found our number dwindling and four of our group, Tommy Law, Marilyn Neilsen, Audrey Seaman, and Delia Mae Sinclair, left us to follow other lanes of adventure. The remaining seven struggled on greatly encouraged by the capable support of an older and more experienced guide, Mrs. Nora Hecht, who was deter- mined we would all reach the end of the trail in good standing and with this goal in mind, we resumed our travels under her guiding hand. Then, in the eighth year of our tedious trip, we bade farwell to Joan Jergens but we still had the same efficient guide. On May 13, 1946, we adopted as our motto "Do Your Best" and our small group of six valiantly completed the elementary training of this course and perhaps covered some of the most important phases of the trail. We were now at the crossroads but we dare not tarry long, we must continue with eager anticipation for the new adventures we would meet down the winding trail that leads only to the security of Success. As our courses became more difficult to pursue, we were required to have more guides along the way. We were fully supplied by the aid of Superintendent G. W. Berrier, Kaleb Sunwall, Mrs. Clappison, and Edwin Jones. Our members were again increased part of the way by the addition of Joan Jergens, Frank Jensen, and Richard Seaman, and before we completed the freshman drive, we gained the acquaintance and friendship of Gladys Odland, who stayed 6 with us to the end. As we call the roll at the end of this lap, we find Frank Jensen and Richard Seaman have fallen by the wayside. Again we our adventurous way as sophomores but found Joan Jergens was absent from our file at the starting line. We continued under the same supervisor, G. W. Berrier, with Mrs., R. A. Holm, Herman Wilken, and Erwin Jones, his helping staff. Our company, now only seven, assembled to proceed down the trail through our junior year but were confronted with a complete change of guides, Superintendent O. B. Taylor, Clarence Hartman, and Jean Blessing. The same party continued down the homeward trail but here we reached our goal another member, Virgil Burris dropped from our group. Another change in guides gave us the efficient leadership of Superintendent Robert Bellis with the aid of Herman Wilken, Roy Roed, and Mary Garver, whose physical condition forced her to abandon the trail and her duties were placed in the hands of Mrs. Hein. Now with the never failing interest and assistance of this faculty, we, the class of 1950, numbering six, three girls, Marjorie Wolcott, Doris Nelson, Gladys Odland, and three boys, Elden Lanning, Dean Hoag, and Eldon Jacobsen, are approach- ing the end of the trail. We will climax this journey's end at our commencement exercises, May ll, 1950. Class Night BRADGATE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM May 92 Salmtatory - - - ------ - Eldon Jacobsen History - - - -Elden Lanning Poem - - - - - Gladys Odland Will- ---- - - - Marjorie Wolcott Prophecy ------ ----- D oris Nelson Treasure Chest ---- - - Eldon J. and Dean Hoag Presentation of Hatchet - ------ Elden Lanning Presentation of awards - - - Mr. Bellis and Mr. Wilken Valedictory - 4 ----- ----- - - - - - - - - Doris Nelson Song ----------- ----- --- ---------Class -Q- Class Roll Dean G., Hoag Doris Nelson Elden Lanning Gladys Odland Eldon Jacobsen Marjorie Wolcott -O- CLASS FLOWER - - - - Sweet Pea CLASS COLORS - -------- - Lavendar and White CLASS MOTTO "In Us Our Future Lies" 7 Stan Gray .... Charlie Norris . Sid Pressley . . Ray Cryder . . Peggy Brooks . . Hazel Wilton. . . Prudence Ouimby Sibley Shepard . . Sarah Boggs . . . Senior Class Play STEP ON IT, STAN: Characters . . The town's leading failure . . . Elden Lanning . . The town's leading Romeo . . . . Eldon Jacobsen . . The town's leading loafer . . . The town's leading citizen . . Who inspires Stan to "step on it" The object of Charlie's affections . The town's leading old maid . . . The town's richest girl . . . . In search for her fortune . . Story . . . . Dean Hoag . Delmar Lanning . . . Phyllis Curry . . . . . Doris Nelson Marjorie Wolcott , . . Leona Anliker . . . . . . . Gladys Odland The scene takes place in the new town library. Hazel Wilton is the new librarian and Charlie is the new owner. Prudence Quimby and Peggy Brooks appeal for church funds. Prudence's nephew, Stan Gray is broke and slept on the park bench overnight. .Ray Cryder came to town, wrecked Stan's business and started courting Stan's girl, Sibley Shepard. Sarah Boggs, from Willow Springs, identified Cryder as Potter, who swindled her father in a deal at her home town. Stan knew that Cryder was the man who swindled him. Sarah found a mineral spring and Sid Pressley decides to become mayor of the town. A mayor should have a wife. This brought up some exciting incidents. The land where Sarah found the mineral spring was owned by Cryder. Fast work was preformed to get the option to the land. Peggy secured it and all was happy, Stan soon finds out that he can drive a racer for a thousand dollars. Stan's racer won the race. The land was paid for and preparations for a hotel were being planned. As the curtain falls there is prospects of wedding bells to ring out for Peggy and Stan. 8 Junior-Sen ior Banquet The Junior-Senior Banquet of '50 was held at the Warden Hotel on May 6. It began at 7:00. After everyone was seated the pictures were taken. Our theme for the evening was "The Garden of Tomorrow". The table decorations were water sprinklers filled with a variety of flowers as the center pieces. The nut cups were miniature pink and silver sprinklers. A small "memories" book was used for the programs, menu, and the names of the faculty, Seniors, and Juniors. The girls were presented with corsages of two carnations and sweet pea. Boutonniers were given to the gentlemen. Following the banquet, everyone attended the dance at the Laramar Ballroom. The Menu: Fruit Cup Swiss Steak Whipped Potatoes Green Beans Perfection Salad Hot Rolls Celery Olives Ice Cream Rolls Coffee Program: "To Tomorrow", Darrell Benjamin: Response, Elden Lanning: Solo, "Garden of Tomorrow", Phyllis Curry, Poem, Delmar Lanningg "Planning Life's Garden", Mr. Bellisg Song, "Moonlight and Roses", Boys' Quartetg Group Singing. 9 Senior Trip The Seniors and Mr. and Mrs. Bellis started out at five for a long journey to Chicago. We were all interested at the various sites on the way. Our first stop was at Dubuque. We were thrilled to ride the Fenelon Place Elevator, the world's steepest, shortest scenic railway. From top we could see the Mississippi River, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. We arrived in Chicago at two o'clock. Our first night in the second largest city in the world. That night we walked to the lake and also visited the large aquarium. For enter- tainment we went to the Oriental Theater and floor show and the movie, "Captain Caray U. S. A.". Friday we went to the radio program "Welcome to Travelers". This program was very enjoyable and interesting. Mr. Bellis and the boys went to the baseball game in the afternoon. Mrs. Bellis and the girls went to the show, "Three Came Home". That evening we went to the Trianon Ballroom. Ian Garber was the orchestra. Everyone was very thrilled and enjoyed the evening immensely. Saturday morning was spent visiting zoos and the navy pier. In the afternoon we visited the Museum of Natural Science and Industry. That evening was spent at the movie "Riding High" Sunday morning at nine we started for home. We were all tired after an exciting week end at the large city. In speaking for the Seniors, we enjoyed our Skip Day trip, for it was both educational and a lot of fun for all of us. One of the rooms of our hotel suite? ? Plenty of fresh air...and good milage, tool 10 . W 301 4 P 3'x 3'1 f fm w e .. 1 S ff 2 Q 1, 5' , e i . K .5 Q W . 3, -, , , fmfzxw ' I . . ,M M N fm I ""' , AW 1' 1 v Q R 4 ,A ,: . , M if ii , wegpjzalo xx ' ,qw NZ 25? We A yqgifggfgigw Q-if v Wim XR aiiflg 1 EW Jgwik I .1 W 05 V, G X 5 5 9 ,xy fs, .. 1 'K -Q.-1 -iff, , :,, Museu.m ox Natural Sciences Jay . IG: E253 ffifif fi, ' fe 4: -QW - .,., . e e ..,,,.., .4J. , lg Qfrifk fi , - '33 I ..,., V ,, ., ,,,, 'A " eeee e f .... ., " '. ., f '- - '-I f .Q ,, f,,, 4 ,, ,, - Q7 - , at .- ---- . 1 Z: W1 .. 4 Y- 5 g , l eeee Y A ' . . ,h z gk ,. . ,.., ,.,,. .. mi- . , iv i f , lk , Pm 4. if N , ' if? H R 4 FW Q ,N ' a .v N I I Q X , mit? A -51 'lk ,, , H Q. H .vggjl is we X' W ' M gb 1 . 2 A , ii 5 fx yi K .fex yi ff 4 4 2 W if?-I Q 9 4 is if 1-EQ X Q , ' ' . 5 .. 4 L .Q gf K 2 if Q if 23 s .W S , f , , w 3 A fa 1 1 2 'P 3 ,Q 9 Q f WZ eye V 'Lab 5 Y - ' c " " '- w1:V, ':'?y'1: V- Q 11 535:25 : U M, N S51 EX? ' " A W liz' iff " fi gif' H2 W ...V fi' --'- , 5, fm 9 'iY':f5':fES ah? fg ,gin 3 ,, , 1 M 1 alfa K ?seW2f H51 ' s H Who's afraid of who? Science and Industry We d0n't have this in Bradgatef 1 G ,A 4,0 ee . 6 B:-rr. Gee it s cold. am Where s everyone going. 11 I Said My Pajamasi Now after twelve long years, I'm going to graduate. And I am telling you now It makes me feel great. Chorus -------- Oh! I'm so excited, Can't even think, Put milk in my pen, I drank up my ink, I chewed up my books, And gave my gum a slam, All because I've passed my exam I sat on the aisle, And walked down my chair, I oiled the earsers, And dusted my hair, I spread on my coat, And buttoned up the jam, All because I've passed my exam I'm so glad ----- my head Is spinning around and round When I climb up the stairs, I meet myself coming down. I punched Mr. Bellis, Greeted the gong, I'm still all here But I won't be for long, I kissed Mr. Roed And called him "honey lamb", All because I've passed my exam 12 Bradgate High School BACCALAUREATE, SUNDAY, MAY 7 Eight O'Clock P.M. COMMENCEMENT, THURSDAY, MAY 11 Processional Invocation , ,, "The Children's Prayers" Baccalaureate Address . "Lord's Prayer" . Benediction . Recessional Processional Invocation . "Morning" . . . "Prayer for Russia" Commencement Address . Vocal Solo .... Presentation of Seniors . .Awarding of Diplomas Benediction , Eight O'C1ock P.M. A Baccalaureate May 7, 1950 - 8 P.M. Commencement Mayll, 1950 - 8 P.M. 13 . Reverend Anderson . Girls' Sextet ., Reverend Share . Miss Phyllis Curry Reverend Anderson . Reverend Share . Miss Phyllis Curry , . Brass Quartet Reverend Buckwalter . Miss Fern Adams Superintendent Bellis . Mr. Morris Fuller . Reverend Share Class Poem Twelve long years ago, we started off to school , To us it seemed like, an awful foolish rule. We cou1dn't see why, our folks could treat us so, When they stayed at home, and "simply made" us go, But now as the years have quickly slipped away, It's like a dream back, to only yesterday. We wouldn't think of trading our fun for our tears, Since we've leaned that teachers are friends and not our fears So through the task of lessons, tiresome, dull, and hard, We managed to raise cane, while teachers weren't on guard. I bet we missed a lot we should and out to know, While playing tricks on those who sit across the row. Doris took up home economics to learn to cook real well, She's tried most everything, and it turned out swell. When she serves potatoes, she has a secret nack, For not a one of us can soak them in a sack. Now Marge don't have to study hard, it's easy as can be, I guess that's why she always smiles at everyone she sees. Of all the things she's learned about, spelling is the best, But please leave out "Bologna" or she'll surely miss her test Gladys always had a dislike sitting in a seat, After all, it's better than standing on your feet, To Mr. Roed's amazement, when coming through the door, Is to find that she would rather sit down on the floor. Jake doesn't like the color green, I'm positive, I know, Because it says to hurry up, don't drive so awful slow. He really likes the color red, it always takes his eye. If you will look, you'll see I'm right, Oh: What a pretty tie. Dean takes to sports, I think the best of all, He goes all out, while playing basketball. But' when he plays at Rutland, somehow he fails to think, I wonder, do you suppose, it's just "time out to wink" ? Flick is our president, a handsome guy is he, He won the vote of every girl as you can see. To hold this office long, would pain and ache his head. He would far much rather go with the gang instead. By now I know you're thinking, have we really gained success. So speaking for the entire class, I think the answer's yes. And may we proudly say to you, about that foolish rule, We are so very happy that our folks sent us to school. 14 Sophomores Norman Madsen Lowell Jennings Richard Jarvis Farrell Wright Leona Anliker Mrs. Hein Junzors Darrell Beqiamin Mr. Roed Donald Lanus Denny Hildman Phyllis Curry Delmar Lanning 1 5 w Q F5Qx?5Ay 3 Q KJ we Bb Q SE g Mmm fzamsymgm N Q5 Q E1ghth Grade Tommy Jolliffe Daryl Sittig Marvin Olson Paul Anliker Gary Fallesen Esther Gehrt Clarice Nelson Arlene Benjamin Roberta Foley Patty Jacobs Janiece Larsen Mary Dall Fresh m en Marvin Anderson Larry Pederson Mr. Wilkin Duane Fuller Paul Jennings Stanley Benjamin Muriel Foley Edwin Sittig 4th 89' Sth Miss Kruse Larry Bellis Gaylen L. Glen Sittig Phillip B. .Terry Taylor Richard F. Paul Wright Tommy Nelson Roy Larsen Byron Naeve Richard Curry Gerald S. Elmer S. Larry H. Dennis J. Sue C. Karen Helle Rachel A. Dorothy J. Karen B. George Ham Rolland J. Durane Olson Sharon S. Virginia J. Dorothea F. Patty T. Sharon N. Sharon M. Loana F. Mary I. 6th 39' 7th llr. Hannah Allen Bonde Charles C. Gary Naeve Merlyn A. Jerry J. Dennis F. Harlowe W. John Burris Glenn J. Roger Madsen Floyd K. Janice Naeve Mildred S. Lyla C. Kenny Hildman Danill A. .Terry Curry Beverly B. Eleanor S. Carmalika J. Nancy Wolcott Janice Beam Bernice D. Audrey B. Barbara P. Ist Mrs. Jensen Ronnie F. Terry Lee I-I. Gary S. Deral B. Hubert Vote Saevar Ellis De Wayne H. Billy B. Wilma D. Jerry B. Terry D. Richard C. Camilla C. Joan Madsen Sharon B. Frances M. Max-jorie.J. Patty P. Phyllis J'. Linda Ham 2nd E? 3rd Miss Hansen Perry C. David S. Ronald J. Claire H. Eugene H. Robert B. Dennis K. Richard B. James L. Micheal C. Irvin Hansen Dennis P. Ervin J. Raymond D. Rolland L. Diana W. Linda B. Shirley S. Deloris S. Carole H. Audrey O. Daryl H. SENIORS Mr. Bellis Dean Hoag Eldon J. Elden L. Gladys O, Marjorie W. Doris N. Before And After Z0 PRIMARY Mrs. C. Jensen Richard Z. Robert L. Donald H. Craig E. Sandra B. Richard B. Ronald D. Opal Davis X f Z fyZTm?fi5 3 5 2 I a W mrwggzfnes K Q db 9 Larry Pederson, Duane Fuller, Laurell Jennings, Mr. Wilken, Stanley Benjamin, Edwin Sittig, Norman Madsen J Donald Lanus, Delrnar Lanning, Darrell Benjamin, Dean Hoag, Elden Lanning, Eldon Jacobsen .Norman Madsen, Delmar Lanning, Stanley Benjamin, Lowell Jennings, Mr. Wilkin Darrell Benjamin, Dean Hoag, Elden Lanning, Eldon Jacobsen, Donald Lanus 22 Basketball We had a fairly good season, winning 12 and losing 6. The first six are Dean Hoag, Eldon Jacobsen, Elden Lanning, Darrell Benjamin, Delmar Lanning, and Donald Lanus. Other boys out for basketball were Norman Madsen Lowell Jennings, Stanley Benjamin, and Larry Pedersen, SEASON GAME RECORD Bradgate Opponent 28 LuVerne 42 24 Ottosen 40 39 Havelock 43 30 D. M. T. 27 30 Gilmore City 26 29 Rutland 24 31 Varina 25 36 Bode 30 42 D., M. T. 38 47 Ware 32 38 Rutland 27 36 Ottosen 24 38 Ware 2" 24 Gilmore City 217 31 Varina 21 38 Bode 30 37 Faculty 24 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 31 Woolstock 36 Baseball The boys out for baseball are Dean Hoag, Eldon Jacobsen, Elden Lanning, Darrell Benjamin, Delmar Lanning, Donald Lanus, Norman Madsen, Lowell Jennings, Stanley Benjamin, and Edwin Sittig. 10 Rutland 3 16 Ottosen 5 13 Rutland 5 3 Plover 2 3 Gilmore City 451 12 D. M. T. 8 S.ECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 0 Humboldt 5 23 Boys' Junior High Mr. Wilkin, Merlin Anderson, Jerry Jennings, Glenn Jacobsen, Dennis Fuller Harlowe Wright, Daryl Sittig, Marvin Olson, Floyd Knutson, Roger Madsen Girls' Junior High Audrey Benjamin, Berniece Dall, Janice Naeve, Carrnalita Jarvis, Barbara Pedersen ' Arlene Benjamin, Nancy Wolcott, Roberta Foley, Clarice Nelson, Patty Jacobs, .Tamece Larsen Z4 Girls' Basketball Coach--R. A. Bellis Chaperone--Mary Garver REGULARS WE THEY Forwards: Clarice Nelson Z9 A Bradgate Luverne 72 Doris Nelson 25 Bradgate Ottosen 50 Marjorie Wolcott- 29 Bradgate Havelock 69 Guards: 30 Bradgate D. M. T. 37 Leona Anliker 47 Bradgate Gilmore 56 Muriel Foley Z9 Bradgate Rutland 39 Roberta Foley 38 Bradgate Varina 42 17 Bradgate Bode Z7 RESERVE SQUAD Z9 Bradgate D. M. T. Z8 ZZ Bradgate Ware 46 ,Arlene Benjamin 2.1 Bradgate Ottosen 46 Mary Dall 30 Bradgate Ware 4l Esther Gehrt 39 Bradgate D. M. T. 51 Patty Jacobs 50 Bradgate Gilmore 61 Janice Larsen 38 Bradgate Varina 42 Gladys Odland 19 Bradgate Bode ze year per game per game Doris Nelson 208 13 Bradgate points 467 Z9 Marjorie Wolcott 193 12 Opponents points 728 45 Clarice Nelson 56 4 Patty'J'acobs Z 0 Esther Gehrt l 0 Mr. Bellis, Esther Gehrt, Gladys Odland, Arlene Benjamin, .Taniece Larsen, hPatty Jacobs Muriel Foley, Leona Anliker, Roberta Foley, Mary Dall, Marjorie Wolcott, Doris Nelson, Clarice Nelson Z5 yW33 9 F2 Ci K5 E 65 I mcszfjwngs KF ,X db KZ I N J Senior Band Phyllis Curry, Patty Jacobs, Darrell Benjamin, Norman Madsen, Floyd Knutsen, Muriel Foley, Marvin Olson, Mr. Crosby, Marvin Anderson, Leona Anliker, Merlin Anderson, Doris Nelson, .Terry Curry, Clarice Nelson, Marjorie Wolcott, Delmar Lanning, Janice Beam Junior Band Audrey Benjamin, Karen Benjamin, Clarice Nelson, Patty Taylor, Glenn Sittig, Arlene Benjamin. L3,l'l'Y Bellis. Mr. Crosby, Rolland Jacobs, Merlin Anderson, Daryl Sittig, Dennis Fuller, Jerry Taylor, Carmalita Jarvis, Gary Falleson, Rachel Anliker, Tommy Nelson, Richard Fuller Z7 Girls' Glee Club Arlene Benjamin, Clarice Nelson, Doris Nelson, .Taniece Larsen, Janice Beam, Leona Anliker Muriel Foley, Roberta Foley, Gladys Odland, Patty Jacobs, Phyllis Curry, Mr. Crosby Boys' Glee Club Gary Falleson, Tommy Iolliffe, Marvin Olson, Daryl Sittig, Paul Anliker, Marvin Anderson. Z8 Brass Quartette. Doris Nelson, Leona Anliker, Marjorie Wolcott, Delmar Lanning Girls' Sextette Clarice Nelson, Doris Nelson, Janice Beam, Leona Anliker, Roberta Foley, Phyllis Curry 29 Junior Class Play GOOD GRACIOUS, GRANDMA1 Characters Henry Breckenridge. . . who hates to work any time . . George Breckenridge. . . . his cousin, who hates the same . . Mrs. Lennox .... . . . who wants her rent . . . . Helen Allen . . . a daughter of a family friend . . Cecile Allen . . . Helen's younger sister . . Clancy . . . . a police investigator . . Wiggins . . . . . his assistant . . . P-Sam . . . . a Negro house boy . Delicia . . . . a Negro maid . . . . . Story De lma r Lanning . , Donald Lanus Marjorie Wolcott . . Doi-is Nelson . . . . Phyllis Curry Darrell Benjamin . . Walter Schuur . . Ronald Doerning' . Gladys Odland Henry and George Breckenridge, with more ideas about how to spend money than how to earn it, find themselves in a state of financial embarrasement when their landlady, Mrs. Lennox, demands a deposit of a long overdue rent. Available money arrives when an old family friend sends money to entertain the friend's two daughters, Cecile and He1en,,over the week end. Henry's father is on a trip so they have to find a chaperon. This problem is solved, however, when they produce "Grandma" for the perfect chaperon. While every- thing is going fine, Mrs. Lennox finds her false hair missing, and suspeets the boys. Henry begins introductions and explanations - each one becoming more involved and farther from the truth. "Grandma" has many narrow escapes of which a few involve the police. Finally "Grandma" disappears permanently - in order that Mrs. Lennox can have her clothes back Then Delicia, who has decided to make a matrimonial excursion with P-Sam, demands to be an honest woman if there had been no real chaperon during the week end. The cur- tain falls as there are prospects of three sets of wedding bells ringing - or three sets of necks wrungf Mr. Bellis, Mr. Crosby, Mr. Hannah, Mr. Wilken, Mr. Roed Miss Hansen, Mrs. Jensen, Mrs. Hein, Miss Kruse 30 Z fylT?R35 in 5 3 X Hb SGW? M4 HUM x Xw ff V db X QT ,J Q Winter Scene Who ? Me ? Our Custodian Schoo1's House Silhouette in the Room Ready - Set - Pull Where's the Competition? Oh! My Aching Back A Clean Start 3 Z Soup's On Not All Finished "Heave-Ho' ' High On The Hill. Top They're Off: Nature Study Let' s Break Clean Gee - But It Was Good A . 'wg h X JQQM ,5-new M Miygfflyz e 1 LQ, A R iv a, J W Mmgia, ,NNW M mx Mi ' g,f1,gsva 7 er f V via-. QQ Look - A Turtle Marvin Up In The Air Evel-ything's Under Control wp , Ng 1111921 f . ww f'- ,, iw , A a Q in .gee fa .. M ' , - , . We 1 We-W' awwnw Lmw,g3.'-Aff f -1. .-- M , L 4 QQ- ,, 2 , LSS??Vgi.?S X" Q' L'kh51131nk,hE2f7 121 7 3's A M ' 1,-1 ww, ' ff- sie W 1 wfszawzpl f' VW'wF,1a':'fzvQm3:1 we 4, " is, ' an 2,-wi iv. M I 2: 13, 2 QA V ' 2-5' ' ' Hqpggg jig-Ty Y j A ,h k , Mk X ,L . if 4, In f E ,Y ,A . wif ,ff 2 VEWVI' 43525 A was f 1. . -Q Q wwf f , '. - g ma. ,a , . , wh .. 'iw .' . ', Q ., fm. w4qS"?,?fy m aZww iY4' N- ,- . if " -I-Iv " ".,v' lf, vE," 'fWi' -+1 ..,. 1121 fi :5fif1'fV 1-mis?"-1' 1fi5.fQf'sFf1:i"E-"Y-FI-IN':ef ' - ' I H' ' - Study Hall ,gf .-"avr V rv-wr-L, .,-. wALswoRTH L.m.,., A B-my-A by WALSIORTH IIOTHERE lnnvhnn. lo. U B A 33 Let's Practice This Again W x dw me C fi Q5 mm wgffgzfwnmce if 1 . db x Z fx QQ, Brodgofe Co-Sp. Excggzmge DEALERS IN GRAIN-C OAL-FEEDS FARM MACHINERY-GAS AND OIL-SEED ESTABLISHED IN 1921 THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE FARMERS ELEVAT OR IT PAYS TO TRADE WITH YOURSELF PHONE 2451 BRADGATE IOWA l ROLFE Rolfe Sfofe Bunk MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION GUY G. BUTLEREPRESIDENT MORRIS W. WEBB -VICE PRESIDENT E. P. LOMEN-CASHIER RODNEY L. HUDSON-DIRECTOR N. A. WILSON-DIRECTOR WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS IOWA lowcs Sand SQ Gravel Co. WASHED AND SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL PLANTIPHONE:BRADGATE:2682 OFFKEIPHONE:HUMBOLDT:13 BRADGATE IOWA MCCORMICK FARM MACHINERY PARTS AND SERVICE INTERNATIONAL E O 3 E sv g E v-J :E m C! O IN Cn T 1 Q Q.. U- C 1 3 5 -2. CD 3 CD 2- Q 9 ROLFE IOWA Humboldt Implement Co. MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT PARTS AND SERVICE INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS OFFICE PHONE 69 HUMBOLDT IOWA l t l t l 1 l 1 Humboldt Co-op. Creamery Association PRINGFIE LD DAIRY PR OD U A. B. White Co. ARTMENT J. E. RICKARD AND SONS Electrical Wiring-Hardware-Plumbing Radio Sales And Service Phone: 237 Rcllfe Iowa This Company Is Happy To Serve You CENTRAL STATES ELECTRIC CO. Rolfe Division Phone: 260 HUMBOLT TRUST 8: SAVINGS BANK Phone 60 Humboldt Iowa Congratulations And Good Luck To The Class Of "50" BURKE AND CARLSON John Deere Sales And Service Phone 382 Humboldt Iowa WALLAC E D. X. Gas And Oil Candy And Pop Batteries And Tires Phone 2.7 91 Bradgate Iowa THE -B -LINE Trucking And Hog Buying Long And Short Hauling Lee Burris Phone 2413 Bradgate Iowa FRIENDLY CAFE Meals-Fountain Service-Short Orders Open Week Days 7:30 A. M. To 10:30 P. M. Wednesday And Saturday 7:30 A. M. To 12:00 P. M. Bradgate Iowa LARSON STANDARD STATION Gas-Oil Tires-Battery Bradgate Iowa C ornplim ents Of IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Light Heat Power Humboldt Quality Merchandise Hart, Schaffner And Marx Clothing Munsing Underwear-Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts -Freeman Shoezs The Place To Go For Brands You Know LANE CLOTHING STORE Phone 68 Iowa Humboldt LINHART CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet And Buick Sales And Servic e Phone 543 -544 Iowa Hurnboldt NELSON CLEANERS Quality Dry Cleaning Made To Measure Suits 1750 South Taft Street Phone I6 Iowa Compliments Of .TAQUA PRINTING C O. Hurnboldt Iowa QCGNSUMERS ECONOMY Your Friendly Store Retail Meats And Groceries Humboldt Iowa VERNE HARDY C LEANERS Expert Workmanship Ladies' Work A Speciality Cleaning-Repairing-Pressing We Sell Made-To Measure Suits Phone 39 Humboldt Iowa DIXON IMPLEMENT 8: SERVICE MasseymHarris Machinery and Parts I-loneymead Feed Phone 58 -J Humboldt Iowa EVANS'-STARNER FURNITURE CO. Furniture, Rugs And Linoleum Phone 45 Humboldt Iowa C ompliments Of - G. P. RUSE Humboldt Iowa EATERIA NEW CENTRAL CAFE Meals-Short Orders Complete Fountain Service "Meet And Eat Here" Open From 5 A. M. To 11. P. M. Everyday Air Conditioning Phone 43 .T Humboldt Iowa HUMBOLDT APPLIANCE C OMPANY Maytag-Kelvinator Shellane Bottle Gas Wiring Service B: Supplies Phone 136 Humboldt Iowa BRADGATE LUMBER CO. Roy Ellsworth Building Material-Hardware Phone 2261 Bradgate Iowa Cleaning And Pressing We Try To Please ROLFE CLEANERS Phone: 112 Rolfe Iowa STRUTHERS IMPLEMENT Minneapolis Moline Modern Farm Machinery Rolfe Iowa C ompliments Of ROLFE AUTO C OMPANY Sales Chevrolet Service Davidson And Davidson, Proprietor Phone: 267 Rolfe Iowa --affe- J. F. ANDERSON LUMBER CO. Building Materials Sherwin Williams Paints C. W. Echelberger, Manager Phone 59 Humboldt Iowa ROBINSON'S FARM EQUIPMENT .TE'AN'S REPAIR SHOP John-Deere General Repair Tractors Implements Tractors-C ars Oils -Parts-Greases Of All Makes Phone: 30 Phone: 2741 Rolfe Iowa Bradgate Iowa Thanks To The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible -f 'wg 92 'sg-cw' "'r ' 'ff' r -X ' 14' ggi: 'gn 11 F1--2g41"'W' . -,0."'.,,igA'- I .wi N ' -, fwa,qx'wg '12-3 -, lvinwlnln-f V lu 4 - 1 Rl- '7--WA fi f' . A. - ,, ' I , ' 1 ., 7 ' . "' ,U ' ' '-I V Q i , , K' ' 'ff " , f - 5 ' . A . da 'fm' H5 ' .:,fg4" K . f1f"- ' i. 'rh ,, . .Z"Ji... .,w-ws. I , , , , . ..,, ,.., ., .M . if Al ef. if s . . .,, Liv, . A S u I ' . u R

Suggestions in the Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) collection:

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 5

1950, pg 5

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 27

1950, pg 27

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 14

1950, pg 14

Gilmore City High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Gilmore City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 52

1950, pg 52

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