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Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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L.. JEF'-I' GILMORE VOCATIONAL - BELL HIGH SCHOOL "HOME or THE cHAMP1o1vs " M933 Bessemer-Johns Road, Bessemer, Alabama Phones U25-6172 - U25-88145 .,, 1 - Astigglf ,ff .,"" -V. ,-rv-W. V-1 'Ji V . - ?', ,:.l+- ff' - ,1QQfb:'f, -1' ' . '-iff, ..-N ,lg .:?'5i'f' - 331 - K .- 4332 . A fl sf -'iff' - Bm, M. ,N , .4'fs,,. -X - - . 'Q ,, . ,v,1. -1'.-1 ' Vg-:H - L- ff' .Q f- ' -,gm .'-'E LI-?4w.L'.'::2H .-f- 9243: , 1. af W4 bs-1.-' , l'N+1X':. '-, 51: 1 1 1' eff' - . . .Y ' -. ., -f' H--L. ' iv - " -gk-L ,ig - H- V I , 'f - .' H -9- -Q:-2-.ry X L - 5452 .3 1. 1, ,.: .1 FILL' . A -:Q-Q' I--"T .. 195 55,4 4,.'-:gf . ,a --' V-1 wqd, At"..' Y-'L ,,.5:,4 , ,Eg-. MTL, 1" ' --fflx' 4" S V' ""- ' ' ' L ' f.-- L ' 'f f TT-" 1 , 1' X f' Ski? " Ll' -, " ' A H f wif' Qi? T Q I . - 4 ' v. .,., ff-.M p ,- 'Y .- , ,M-Q - .pn -. V , - 914, ' K ' fn -in ' Lf-gwf, -ff 1'+.y..f ,. . -- . 1 .1 . . -, .1 1 -. , f'1. , A '- a-1 xx ,,,,,, , A ' . . -1, -' r ff V. ,f nv V, L L.. if U Q fe. 13"-'i'Ir-'1.u." 'f ' 4.15-f-Q'. .4:-,,, - , ze " ' . 1- fw,-: f' -rx. " 'E'1E' :SS L ff .-ff-in ,."" -1' - -,.. pq. ' ,'N --Q-A - ..: , ,, 4' ' "--'4 5 . -gf 1 '-Q '- ' . 5' - + , . . ..,, iff ' 1 ff-4 '-'1 "f Lia, Q -if Y 11 -. 55, ' al L Q "-- W- . ' ,- . .ij . F. . L1 ,4.V.N ,fa ,- Q - ' 4-Q. "L I L 'Mm' X x .Md-A-5.5: aff.-A . ,mn 'S . . , 'Sv ,- 1 ., 'L . ,N , U . . . f,l1l,-2115--':,+ '- S f L, Q? -.4 ,. f 1. ,, ,TWV 5 fum ' fx if vKvl0l0l0t0K7l0I0l0l0l0I0lf "The JefCOEd Board" JKJIOKDIMOKJKDKJKJIOKJK Dr. William E. Burkett Superintendent tt it Jim Hicks I president Mrs. Harrlette Gwin Vice President n 3 gl E2 Mrs. Mary Buckelew VMF V k Dr- Kevin Wabsh Member s. .Jac ie Smith Member Member Olvlfvkvlfvlfvkvkvkvkvlfvkvkvlfvkvkvk vkvkvkvkvlvkvkvlvlfvlfvlfvlfvlvlvkvlfvkvlvlfvkvlfvlvlvl O O CD FS O eQ?ae65Uae6?asQ3Bae69ae65BasS5Bae69aQ6aBae6Q?aQ6aBas6C?ae6a 4 O Dcd1cat1on 10 40 10 YO 10 1 10 w O O 1 O O Mr. Raymond W. Lewis 0 1 0 1923 1988 1 0 Ray Lewis was a dedicated master teacher who was a O positive role model for young people. He will be remembered f- fondly by students and faculty for his kind, caring concern , O and personal warmth. He loved his work and he loved people - O his teaching, his students, and Gilmore-Bell High School benefitted from these qualities. y O We are glad his life touched ours. 3 ke? O O O O O O O O O O O O Qfffgwqs99Qe,99QQws9QQvs9QQY99QQ,s9QQYWQ,s9QQY99QQss9Qegs9QQ's'9 O O O O O , 0 O O Faculty - f . ,'kj5:ifflLfLi:f A , ,.,. A.,A .Q . . I W, ..,:-, M.w ii iymj. ' 'K ' " ' . f - 2. .-if,--Q-an .- W f F1 -'--3g:5iEi5ggQiQ, 5-SK wr f' I ,I-I . 3 SE--E RD V --5 if A ,.,:. w,..fv., - -- -- -5- -.L-2-m1g--:aQs'- . --.mga-:Z f f , ,QMS -2. -,XL NRM. . M ,S WS S If: -' 5. - ,. " 'liffgfii swinfisilb-' Y, f .ff-iii jlii' , A M. . 3...-f Xsj gg -4... ig. nm' -I ?R I 4 L' wi. . -E 'E W I-M1111 -: , .sm ....- ,, fffgm, fig? 1 1 S wh ' 1 N . x X Xxx . - xx Y S fH"fN Picture HOL avallable AW , . .sr ,W 'ffl' 'T x ' K 5, I-.m r 1 .. f . . Y 4 M .-5. ' 4 3 - - A- Tiiazsf . T A A X 1 i i fqgfgrssg .. SS - f",Qif E :gg iiiiiiiii LQ is f 3 mu .... 1 . I... W. ,. .. , 5-1 2 15-Mg ' Efh . .. .Wm- 'vim-wvliw iieffisssg K. , .nf . -f.. fe--wg-.- - .- -, 55 . - I n .I - - , .- -,,. ,5- .. M , ff. - , . '51 , -- f- .lm ,:... . . .N ..s, .E 1 . . sir X 12555523 Q X akxxs XQ X I 1 XXX X x W .2 Y ,I s 9 F99 A . I Q S Q S Q M 5 92? 3 .,, f5Qsfiw.,Eq.l2fQ Q Nw-fzsizfisiigsfwwzzzse -S' PRINCIPAL J . LANELL GUYTON VICE-PRINCIPAL BETTY STEINER EARL ALEXANDER JANICE BARRONTON KOLB BERRYHILL LYNN STEPLEION LINDA BRASSELL ROSALYN CALMA MARY COLE MIKE DAVIS CHESTINE EVANS JO ANN GARSIDE KATHERINE GOODGAME BILL GRANT RUBYE GUTHRIE RONNIE HAYES HERSHEL HILL GWEN LACEY xxaenavnxxacaoxaexxaexaeavnxxxxacx xmxxx FC1CUlfy RAY LEWIS R I I R., gggh fu K R GLIDA MAGNANI ,P I D A JUDY MATHEWS f Y R 1 SAM MCEWEN at HAZEL MILLER JOHN MOORE I 'ff' SAM PEAVLER CARMELITA POINDEXTER .. .Li am q ,, 1 Q , :,. gg , O OO GLORIA RANRIN GEOFF REEDER R I J f 6 ix O. :.S JANE REID 'iff 5, 5 .. I O' ' 5 JOHN REID Xi OOO A ,, ,QQ LI Y R D s xx N N YM, RUBY RICHARDSON O I GERTRUDE ROSCOE LYNN SIEPLETON JUANITA TAYLOR 1. ' A O S R iqi Q A 3- kia a s I 5' HQ .2 I JERRY THRASHER REGINALD TURNER JOYCE VINES ' WALKER Y . M.. .N , A R'RQR SW . .fs 5 W .:.q I V R. 4 . - -.-:k X E ' w-IFR -1 ' Faculty RUTH WARD CANLY VNDRLEY staff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxor Q1 ,. . X I . N., QNX X . .I 3 Y. . Qs X A x Ng v : Q ' - ' ':..' ',,. I I A QS' Q K. 5.15. - Q sv S SSS A A SSA FSA. .9 S XS 9 S QI S X 5 . -41" .X ,g,'.x, REBECCA JACKSON TROY SMITH JIMMIE STOKES ROSIE TERRELL PA'ITY TOWNSEND BARBARA TROITER EARLINE WHITE 'Foster 6mndyar2112fS' M MMMMMMMMMMMMMHMM mf- A A A H fill? g,sg. sia2i: 4 H L A . , M I -. M K. Ei .,.,? W ....:,: ,W ,,, Z 2. TAQQH NY A'?I 'W A my if 'fix Q5 A A - xgu . F5 ' I A mu? 54 I gg. "H 2. ., ,E h . 3 NETTIE CHRISTIAN ANNIE HOLLIS AH SADIE PARSONS A JAMES SMITHERMAN gif!--.i vu' vvvvuyk X I A f I ,sv l .dflf 1-19114 fx I Sl , 1 422' .nn lfll ' ln - x I ' " Y 0' MR . HAL HODGENS 'THE WESTERN STAR' I " ' x ff Q If an I 5' if M WX, . 23 X' ' '12 :ll f' ,,- 'f.94"? ., i f :Wil f 6. . ' Wqlv yf 9' " M 1 f V 7, I 1' I I-ff Q 1 I 'lb Lf, ' I 1 M ' B2 f ff , 3 an N ' ff, 1 y, CALENDAR GIRL DANCING WITH SANTA .SX H H55 ' ' . o'!'?v" - ,:g.f,25Z2v G in :?.,Q,gez'E5.,-gif.. ' 'anon' oaafr af-huY"'V -H FI' or40' gap'-'hr' ns K" --- - 1- :"'6""'o"',o.v5v'u"il' "-- I .:3'-195'-1 - hw. '1'?u:... . '- " D' Gr -43" v ' v-.,:1.:,. '- N THE MARINES HAVE LANDED SENIQR CLASS rx-xrfwnrxnnr-:riff -""' 1 P L 1 L QM' CATHY BANDY MARSHALL BEASON KYLE BEAVERS TAMRA CLOWDUS TOMIKA DUFF WILLIE EPHRIAM irti'ir'kirt'ki'i"k1kir'k'k1kiri'idri'ir'k1kir1k1kiriki'idr BOBBY HICKS JIMMY HOOD 9 SE IDR CLASS fffxaradffxxfff-kim 'af il' +V NATHANIEL JACKSON KENNETH JOHNSON DONNA LEWIS 'Ulf A ,4 THERESA MARTIN VALENCIA RICHARDSON ANGELA PARSONS 10 fffffffffffffffffffffffffftfffff A, S CHUCK ROGERS SS LYNNE ROSSER SHARON SCOTT JOHNNY TAYLOR ANDY RUSSELL 'FUN TERESA TEER 1 1 .Q n'i"Nw-N SE ikikttttikakirttkkt ig K Visa -w - w ,X 1 ANGELA TRAVIS ALLEN WORD A TRIBUTE: Mr. Lewis was a very loving, kind-hearted man. He was always there to give an ear and listen to our problems, whether he could help us solve them or not. He will be extremely missed and even harder to replace in our hearts. "THE SENIOR CLASS" 1 H0mel'00II1---- Miss Barronton Bill Brakefield Sherry Carpenter Charles Hickey Tricia Evans Trevaris Little John McDonald Davin Moore Leroy Ivbore Omega Nollie Tim Norris Shelley Pate Lisa Shaddix Qin XR x ,Q ,Qr"'5.' 'N - 5 X I 5 , .. ..- . . ,f , .,1i' 2 ,.- , I 3 xi x ks xl--A :gk xi . .. 'S K Xb Nw ' v, if ' Xl' " Not Pictured: HERMON SMITH Homeroom.... rs.. Boostrom ra 1::gQ,:s::'::::-him. ,. 5, I , 'FISH . J 7 Iii u Y , . AhE Qngg. A.l 41 Y' 'Xu .f""M 'IIE'-JZ: x wM'5Q32QfM w-VA X . 5. .ek S6 JOEY DAILEY TIMOTHY DONALDSON PHILLIP DUNKLING WILLIAM STEPHEN HOCUT ALEXANDER HOLMES THEODORE LARKINS BRUCE LEWIS PAUL LOWE CHARLES MILLER CECIL POPEE JOSEPH RIVAS NORMAN ROGERS ANTHONY SPEAKMAN WILLIAM DOUGLAS WORD S.. .14 L- -,A S kQ?Qf" ffu' Ljglzf- . 'I M ' 0, 4 V aff-Ziff" , .f 3 I an fax 'ill .5 47 J 1-1 - 1 I I N , Homeroom.... Mrs. Brassell Stony Bigbee Patrece Cotton Jonathan Davis Marcus Duff Christian Moore Donni Ray David Saylors Darren Scott Mark Young CATHY BANDY FRANCES BARBER STEPHANIE CALL SHARON COLE taiwan fswwl , 5 in H D A tim" C r Xp' fn Q A Q s fs K s XX Q ' NX -"Km I . I ' 'F V' N5 -fr igkim at Ig -F r. , X M'x , 1 1' ,QW s R N1 HOMEROOM MRS. CALMAxxxx:u HOMERO OM ---- MR S. CA L MA xxxxxxa , ,x,, A Q---nnns1q 1131 ROBERT CUMMINGS .. .,:., g A CHRIS EIT-IERIDGE SHAKIRA HORN W 'Q Q" -- . 1 H l 5 Q A 'I' ,gg "ff J A. ":: i 'AAA+ JILL FALLS O 5 W lil is is A II- , Q In ,M ,sg V ' A-' DONNA LEWIS if 5 A C . 'Q JEFF MARTIN f 51 Q 1.?1 1- L 4, N Q, Q L PEAL S L L L I A f' I I in ,A R 5- I A A I Not Pictured: . -R. JOHN RAYMOND SAMANTHA RICHARDSON CHRIS ROBINSON STACEY SANDERSON w . A ,X ei! Q? 5+ SE We IN E 3 1 1 -1 N A gl " A f ,.:i 5 IS LLOYD SOUTH A A HOWARD STEPHENSON I Z L L .C5,5 , .Lb LE LINDA SWAXNIE HARRY TAYLOR 8 A 'NP as PHILLIP WALTERS DIANA WAUGH IAN BATES Casey Dailey, Derrick Henton, Jason Jones, Sherlicia Small HOMEROOM ---- DR. GARSIDEL:n:n:a:s:s:a:a::l:s::l::l: KYLE BEAVERS TAMRA CIUIVDUS BARRY FLEIVIING JIMMY HOOD KEN JOHNSON ANGELA PARSONS VALENCIA RICHARDSON LYNNE ROSSER JOHNNY TAYIOR ANGIE TRAVIS PHILLIP HOLLEY 3 M fs- X4 3121! f is 1. 'lf' Ufiaf ' 5 I i if sw' ff I N WY ,V N Homeroom .... Mrs. Goodgame MUHAMMAD BOONE ROVIAR FINCH PATRICK FISHER LANDRUM GAINES 3 . Homeroom .1 1' 'Nh .N -zz, we . ,, W Q x N Q X N 5? N xx N xy J tx Q 555 X N: W-Q N N Q QQ N N N RQ N5 N N NF X W W www-R I B -N: N - 'hm mf X A, Y Us Q Q .fx X N Qiii N . Ni L M Q 3 R xxx x sl X .. F U Not Pictured: rs. Goodgame s 3 X agxggggh 5 ARES? X W 35? in T I . U CARLA TAYLOR N '8- X mam X ' .mv-55 Ai? X E VERONICA GREEN QUINCY HARRIS PAMELA HARRISON SUSAN HENSON JOE HUDSON 'IONY JACKSON CLINTON KEMP BRIAN MCCREAR EVITTA NOLLIE PHAEDRUS PAITON ERIC STALLWORTH AMY SULLIVAN JAMIE SULLIVAN DARREN WILLIAMS REGINALD WILLIAMS RODNEY WILLIAMS fs 'v ff' s U' X o nh. Q59 nguluu I, J 5 Q Homeroom NICOLE ATKINSON DERRICK BOUYER JONATHON BRICE BOBBY GALIOWAY SHAWN HASTINGS WILLIE HOUSTON ROSLYN JACKSON BRADFORD JOHNSON ANGELA JONES JANNA IVDLDE SCOTT NEWSOME TIIVUIHY PAIR PERISSIA PEOPLES CARLOS RAINES JOSEPH RICHARDSON RENITA WEAVER Just q A camerw Y sh Mr. Gr8r1I wnxaonxxacx JSO Iii IJ I p N 'SI , , 4 I lf IS: an C t - , Q V I y O xi' s I I ish' , -K QW 5 . , ' I - V 'ir' 1 1b S' Em. E. P 4 . ., ani QNX :NJ :E rx- ,Q HOYTIGFOOITI ..... MYS. Guthrig xacxanxxcaokxx ' fe ROBERT HEJLMS SHAUN JACKSON WILLIAM MARTIN ANGELA MA R QA IQ: F A ..."i'-"J, N .gn-ni ...---an A f if Gan? J 'Fr ,ix K I f Af 'il' , if , 5 ff V ' V N I, f , ,kt Zi' QQ. K 1 I 7! '1 A-' 1 Y ax bm i . 2 N I ,, f BRIAN NORFLEEI' TRACEE PROVINCE EZNTERRIO SPARKS LAWANDA TAYLOR Sli " MICHAEL THOMAS F, ,. BRIAN WEBSTER 34, I Hadio NIKKI WILEY , -. A .c W -..'. Y I- I Homercxbm ..... Dr. Magnani xxswxawkxmx mx ERRY CROWDER DANIEL DELMORE RODNEY MILLERING ROOSEVELT PEOPLES JERRY PUGH PAULA SIMS WILLIAM TAYLOR w .1 I f F sg :Ilia , . Q ' A .. L, I I S' 5 3 f 3 I 5 x Y ,Y .... I P ' 'limi F.: HOMEROOM- - - MVS. M iller xxxxxxxxx TAMMY BENNETT TRACEY COLE SEAN DIXON DARRELL HARBIN JACQUES HENDON JAMES HOOD JENNY HULGAN TERRI LYNN INGRAM fifgf Ns Y I A I - . Ps N NN Q 42' A -f QA5,,E.K.9 QNX S, .Q 1 X Y K it if 9 . S N- 3 X .. .,,,,,33 XX 'Q 1 ff I sf ' K 5 ,A R 5' uf Y LJYI ,, Homeroom ..,., Mrs. M iller 111111111 GEORGE KING DEANDRE MOORE JAMES MOORE ANGELA NELSON Q i f 3 WWE TELISHA NUNN CRYSTAL PARSONS ALESIA PEOPLES REBECCA PERRY CHRISTY POLLARD JOHN RIDDLESPERGER 'IOMMY SANDERS PENNY TWIGG 3 jfs' X JOSEPH WHITE F, X 1 F, 'ind L1 fa 14 bffiz- - 'S l yn Un4ff'fj 1 'o Lay' Q9 Mir' Q Q? v,5'M" 'M n Al' U. i IFJ. """"""""k"' 'N' HGYTIGYOOIT1 ..... MTS. RSHKIU xxx: J GhmnA.Qmmr c WQQ S yep Q1 Erica Lawson ,J JW asa Q , Lakeshia Marshall ' as ,M W ML.. Archie L. Pate Carey J. Reach Jerry W. Sims Jenny Smith Mary J. Wyers Gloria Dillard April Whatley i K, -,X ,vga E -K ' ww: ' K ii Q' V' i f if up mf, N . 4, 2 was f , , A , .sw a A A .- "' J, Q Ev JQ4 R ' 5 sawii f 5 2 I.-f X Aux,-x-gg' 0 413- .y awww lg.- .... M i"ii. ' --LAJ C A 'f JF ' J il f"""'-Q as saw.. JT '- , K.,. Qiffs? gg .,,.:. t w, x x 'Sv 5 Homero om . . . . M rs Reid .wrwkwvrwlvkwlv .S K! NS 2 A B' ima? J Y , 1 I WALTER LESHAWN BRUCE ROY JAMES HASTINGS BOBBY DOUBLIN HICKS MARK EUGENE HILL REBECCA JERVONDA HOGAD NATHANIEL LEE JACKSON TE-IERESA DIANE MARTIN TERESA RAYLENE TEER ALLEN JAMES WORD I-lomeroom ..... Mrs. Richardson mmmmm TIIVDTHY DEFOOR TOMIKA DUFF GINA HENDRIX JEFFERY IVCFERRIN JACQUE NORFLEEI' RONALD RUSSELL SHARON SCOTT ANDREA THOMAS LACAROL WADE TRACY WEBSTER SANDRA DAVIS CURTIS JONES if in X x jifffe Siam RI A fgfs mmssmfsax AQ N X X 3 55 V H? E- 'Q X fi. A- 9 1. F A N. 'U' . a ' U I N v RSS AI Q-. :Nunn Wi .IN ,,,..........-..--- N 111153 -. W ,.., in-uname' . , '-N 5 g..m...X..,,W..,x W - RN 25 Homeroom .... Mrs. Stepleton . ..:,,, .. 'k" il ,.,, , h if 1 1 Marshall Beason . ST h f 1 A Lx N it .wh L., A A i Amy Carter f,: M Q Y " Q 1 Deana Cuffen 2 Willie Ephraim :.: we a arper X Q ,,,,,,,,,g,,,,,,,g,,g,,f Homermom ..... Mrs. Tavlor ,,l,,,,,.Q ELI ZABETH BOARDMAN MARK BRADLEY JOSEPH BROWN ANTHONY CARTER DONNA CRAWFORD JERRY DAILEY JODIE HARPER CURTIS LAWSON DIANE MCGOWAN DARRYL MCGRUE MARY PERSON KAREN STANO SANDRA TAYLOR TOMMIE TAYIOR ANTHONY TEER ' I 3 RA R R dl fffgl ,RJ vy 'Nl "U xi- f - 0'- v fb 4 ,, 'h A I 0 -.555 ,- -5 X4 h . I 'A , LL.-Ipl ' .- -, 1 7a?l",j ',fXf1z' 'L r- 1- ,B Z. V QQ 4 K I fic' I 5 1 .Wagga-Q gr A 3 ' W 36,55 I5 'gQgf1p '5nv' .rf , A-' ' MFNI ' , - I K X W RQ X f g , 5 ,j uit didnf. j 1, have 'L' m 3 A 'yhmq to "'K' Wea? 5. .J Basketball 1st Row: Jacques Hendon, Walter Bruce, Tommy Sanders, Phaedrus Patton, Trevaris Little, Rodney Williams. 2nd Row: Coach Reginald Turner, Derrick Bouyer, Paul Lowe, Sean Dixon, Tim Pair, Coach Bill Grant. CHEERLEADERS 1st Row: John McDonald, Tiger Mascot, 2nd Row: Latonya Hubbard, Theresa Martin Sponsor: Mr. John Reid. CJil131oref'Q9ell C aptain Tl Tfav 5.15 Littl Q 'i5ASKETi5ALL'-' Muhammad Boone Sean Dixon Bobby Galloway X i i Brian McCrear Pnaedrus Patton Rodney Williams 29 H. .ld A. M. AIR CONDITIONING 84 REFRIGERATION lst Row: Mr. Alexander, Rod Millering, Cecil Popee, Phillip Dunkling. Not Pictured: Odell Larkins, Bill Brakefield. P. M. AIR CONDITIONING Sf REFRIGERATION 1si Row: Barry Smith, Mike Granger, Dean Sanders, Bill Batton, Jeff Warren, Joey Martin. 2nd Row: Mr. Alexander, Don Watkins, Mark Hill, Scott Lindsey, Phillip Dunkling, Ken Johnson. Not Pictured: Steve Ozburn, Steve Roberts, Kyle Beavers, Jack Wilkes. A. M. BUILDING TRADES 1st Row: Antono Winston, Carlton wells, Derrick Buckingham. 2nd Row: Thaddeus Roberts, Ricky Vines, Andre Washington, Kerry Oats, Dwayne Hunter, Karlos Thomas, Terry Lipscomb, Kenneth Henley, Chris Brown 3rd Row: Davin Moore, Daniel Webster, Keith Young, Harold King, Marcus Duff, Malcom Little, Levotus Hutchins, Mr. Berryhill. Not Pictured: Trevaris Little, Richard Thurman. P. M. BUILDING TRADES ' 1st Row: Eric Stallworth, Dwayne Fortenbury, Jimmy Foster, Darrell Cone, Barry Gleming, Marshall Beason. 2nd Row: Chuck Rogers, Rodney Williams, Brian McCrear, Clint Kemp, Mr. Berryhill. S Com ercial Art QA.M.J Mr. Davis 1st Row: .Cleo Jones, Roosevelt Peoples, Johnny Taylor. 2nd Row Joel Martin, Chris Shadrick, Greg Ashcraft, Tommy Walton. P. M. COMMERCIAL ART 1st Row: Donna Lewis, Matt Timbs, Darren Williams, Joe Hudson. 2nd Row: Jason Bergstresser, Lynne Rosser, Tamra Clowdus, Mr. Davis. Exploratory Shop qA.M.y Mr. Hayes, Mr. Turner v .v"'-'A"Y-'A 'lst Row: Kenneth Willis, Jerry Witherspoon, Anthony Teer, William, Martin, Anthony Carter, Perez Sparks, Brian Norfleet Robert Helms, Andy Russell. 2nd Row: James Canada, Chris Hill, Curtis Lawson, Mark Bradley, Corey Williams, Marcus Duff, Darryl McGrue, Tim Defoor, Jeff McFerrin, Nelson Acoff. Exploratory Shop - Mr. Hayes, Mr. Turner 1st Row: Phillip Walters, Jerry Dailey, Jeff Martin, Edward Alexander , Willie Houston, Bradford Johnson, Joe Richardson, Teddy Larkin. 2nd Row: Jamie Akers, Jonathan Davis, Mark Young, Steve Hocutt, Bobby Nemanik, Alex Holes, James Hood, Tim Pair, Harry Taylor. 3rd Row: Mr. Reginald Turner, Jesse Akers, Donnie Ray, Joey Dailey, David Rosser, Bobby Galloway, John Raymond, Lloyd South, Stoney Bigbee, Chris McKinney, Doug Word, Gearld Edward, Derrick Bouyer, Charles Miller, Jon Brice, Mr. Ronnie Hayes. A. M. WELDING 1st Row: Alfonzo Miller, Jeff Payne Joey Graham, Clinton Hill, Paul Lowe, Chuck Langley. 2nd Row: Bo Crowder, Jim May, Donald Jones, John Smith, Shane Spradlin, Keith Booth, Bruce Lewis, Michael Crawford , Dee Franks. 3rd Row: Tim Norris, John McDonald, John Marcum, Michael McMillian, Mr. Hill, Tommy Cromer, Allen Patterson, Scott Singleton, John Carroll. Not Pictured: Dale Brown, Daniel Delmore. P. M. WELDING 1st Row: John Riddlesperger, David Harrison, Brett Wood, David Saylors, Jimmy Hood, George King. 2nd Row: Mike Hogg, Joey Morris, Mark Bonds, Mr. Hill. Not Pictured: Kenneth Shoemaker, Roviar Finch, Jock Hendon, Scott Sandford, Johnny Taylor. A.M. BANKING SERVICES 1st Row: Pam Parsons, Ann Caffee, Shelley Pate, Tricia Evans, Terri White, Becky Stringfellow. 2nd Row: Yulonda Brown, Patty Elliott, Robin Collins, Angela Wilson, Mrs. Judy Mathews. Banking Services KP. M.7 Mrs. Mathews 1st Row: Alesia Peoples, Telisha Nunn, Tracey Cole, Toni Harbin, Tammy Allen, Angala Dodson, Tina Johnson, Jeanetta Harper. 2nd Row: Mrs. Mathews, Lynn Ingram, Tasha Stanton, Veronica Green Connie Ellis, Lisa Cole, Terri Whatley, Beth Lindsay, Miss Walker, Interpreter, Deana Curren, Angela Travis. Not Pictured: Tammy Bennett, Kelli Echols, Evitta Nollie. X A. M. MEAT PRCIYESSING 1st Row: Marcus Acoff, Darren Nbore, Mike Blackston, Melissa Ethridge. 2nd Row: Valerie Jones, Mr. McEwen, Cam Hamler. Not Pictured: Joe Parker, Qnega Nollie. P. M. MEAT PROCESSING 1st Row: Walter Bruce, Tonmy Sanders, Tabatha Hembree, Vickie Bishop, Deandre Moore, Reggie Williams. 2nd Row: Steve Jackson, Charles Lewis, Sean Dixon, Nathaniel Jackson, Mr. McEwen. AUTO MECHANICS fA.M.J MR. JOHN MOORE 1st Row: John Nbore, Jerry Pugh, Jason Godfrey, Kelvin Corbett, Jason Shaw, Brian Stringfellow, William Scales, Ronald Percy. 2nd Row: Charles Hickey, Reginald Davis, Darryl Thomas, William Henson, Marco Hancock, Robbie Lawson, Greg Myrick, William Abercrombie, Shane Rainwater. 3rd Row: Curtis Poe, Joe Logan, Britt Hester, Randy Hamaker, Mark Watson, Grady Singleton, Heath Higgins, David Cannon, Chris Waits. AUTO MECHANICS KP. MJ MR. MOORE 1st Row: NR. Moore, Drew lovell, Robby Wallace, John Teel, Phillip Sauage, Brent Wilson, Wilbur Adams, Mike Adelburgh, Ron Curren, Joe White. 2nd Row: Bill Pierce, Richard Jones, J inmy Patton, Vondren Wrencher, Chris Clayton, Phadrus Patton, Aaron Patton, Darryl Harbin. AUTO BODY CA.M.J MR. SAM PEAVLER A. 1st Row: Andre Thompson, Curtis Pack, Frank Moore, Mickey Travers, Joey Hilburn, Instructor Sam Peavler. AUTO BODY QP. M.p MR. PEZAVLER 1st Row: Greg Kramer, Anthony Speakman, Jeff Wallace, Chris Green Tim Donaldson, Tyrone Davis, Janes Reynolds, Jade East. 2nd Row: Instructor Sam Peavler, Randy Mosley, Ryan Bellsnyder, Greg Hawkins, Brian Price, Chris Hatfield, Dennis Avery, Mike Land, Roy Hastings, Bill Bradefield. Cosmetology QA. M., Mr. Reid 1st Row: Kewanee McCoy, Terri Robinson, Cristy Wiley, Vanessa Eaton, Rhonda Edwards, Stacie Ingram, Tracy bowden, Teresa Banks. 2nd Row: Mr. John Reid, John Harris, Catessa robinson, Quantrice Ashford, Karrie G.. DeBerry, Tracy Howard, Patricia black, Lisa Williamson, leroy Moore. Not Pictured: Deanna Stallings, Nina Rainey, Shirley Gutherie, Paula Sims, Christie Payton. 1st Row: Toyia Hibbler, Lisa Gundlach, Seana Goodson, Penny Twigg, Kelley Riley, Tammy Alley, Sonya Cooley, Debby Holder. 2nd Row: Jenny Lowery, Renee Stewart, Gina McBride, Angela Defoor, Crystal Parsons, Susan Davison, Kim White, Patricia Black, Angie Parsons, Mr. John Reid. Not Pictured: Jenny Hilgan, Stefanie Woods. Food Services CA.M.j Mrs. Gertrude Roscoe 1st Row: Sandra Rainey, Karen Davis, Sherry Carpenter, Kelly Burton, Sherrell Witherspoon, Michelle Palmore, Valerie Canty, Sabrina Steele. 2nd Row: C. Poindexter, Freddie Jones, Jeanita Conway, Lori Palnore, G. Roscoe, Michelle Ruffin, Charles Cunningham, Lorenzo Lyons, Micheal Washington. Not Shown: Lisa Shaddix, Lacondria Jennings, Timothy Pleasant, Bruce Steele, Mary Griffin. Food Services KP. M.J Mrs. Roscoe 1st Row: Cathy Bandy, Teresa Martin, Amy Sullivan, Amy Carter, Roslyn Jackson, Sharon Cole, Rebecca Perry, Diana Waugh, Frances Barbe Rebecca Hogan. 2nd Row: Willie Ephriam, Stephanie Call, Mrs. Roscoe, Michelle Dodd, Daisy Goodwin, Renita Weaver, Rachel Peal, Perissa Peoples, Angela Jones, Shakira Horn, Ms. Poindexter. Not Pictured: Jamie Sullivan, Chrystie Pollard, Lynn Ingram, Linda Swayni, Cecil Popee, Bobby Hicks, Shelley Street, Samantha Richardson, Janna Moldi, Sherlicia Small, Nicole Atkinson. I' RICHARDSON 1st Row: Andrea Thomas, Andy Russell, Tomika Duff, Gina Hendrix, Sandra Davis, Jacque Norfleet. 2nd Row: Ms. Richardson, Jeff McFerrin, Timothy Defoor, Curtis Jones. GUTHRIE 1st Row: Gloria Dillard, Glynn Carter, Carey Reach, Jenny Smith, April Whatley. 2nd Row: Lakeshia Marshall, Archie L. Pate, Jerry Sims, Mary Wyers. l 41 Electricity qA.M.y Mr. Worley lst Row: Tim Golden, Wayne Franks, Felix Quates, Jason Clevenger, David New, Greg Hyche, Robbie Ethridge, Dayrl Green. 2nd Row: Mr. Worley, Bobby Hancock, Eric Bush, Edward Brown, Robert Nesmitn, Lee Mcglaughlin, Doug Wilson, Morris Waldrop. 3rd Row: Steven Canoles, Ben Morris, Rodney Northcutt, Mark Williamson, Jonathon Knight, Jeff Woodard, Darren Scott. Electricity fP.M.J Mr. Worley 1st Row: Tony Holman, Mark Am ons, Rusty Moore, Tom Herring, Brian McDougal, Cecil Popee. 2nd Row: Toney Hereford, Doug Dickey, Vance Goforth, Albert Dudley, Eric Jackson, Mr. Worley. S' - .w.MNWf.-MTWWwwww k 3 K iw- w f--kvwwxvx ' MW N 'V+ 14 549 F333 A -.:.:-,. . 3. I - g.A- ,bgl THERE'S A CHAIR BEHIND YOU IT WORKS NN AIR CONDITIONING HEADLESS BROOM DANCE AUTO M CHANICS 1982 4983 1984 1985 H186 SENIOBS 1987 SENIORS u TIGER FANS 1' I 1 -,sf FIGHTING FOR THE MIRROR MEAT CUIT ING BUILDING TRADES KEEPING SCCRE 5, WATCHING THE CLOCK .za I UNDER THE RIM 49 tttttirirtukktitir Tim Golden 'lst Place VICA District Electrical Competition Instructor: Mr. Canty Worley 44444444444444 CU RLING MAGIC 50 X X91 wk Q5 Q Wk QQ V955 E is WW M WW QQ? jQ Sify 36 3 Md? Clwiljjyb Q fx QQ 55' C? Q3 Nam W X5 an wwxf 59553 QW W Yf gy 552352 WC! xg 5 M Q9 QQQWL lj W Qi ki Tomlggfjfj I Q X f M353 ?7 '72 7 J-UXw,vjvQ9N The Congratulations 5 Home Ec. Class 5 Compliments of: I Tl-H3 HOME ECONGUC CLASS Z MR. I-IERSHELL HILL TeaChe1fS2 Mrs. Guthrie 8 Ms. Richardson Q 'E ALL TYPES OF STONE WORK C2055 6148-52-39 Hwy. 78 w., P. 0. Box 701 ' Sumiton, Alabama 351M8 i ! NATURAL l l 51092 company -1 v TEN COLORS OF NATURAL STONE Sales G Installation - New 6 Existing Fireplaces - Retaining Walls - Patios v N L rioioioioiavioioi-4:14 1104 N Looking Better Than Ever With Q I Modern Method Cleaners 1921 26th Ave. 1701 24th St. SW Hueytown - 491-6171 Powderly 925-5273 Ed 5 Dianne Dill, Owners ED DILL CO., INC, M' .ff .f ,f ff' ,- , ff ff' 'E . '- teee e s K ,A ' Q . X ii MUDEIZNMEIHUIH h i Xi!! kki, K tg CLEANERS , 1 VNV 9' 2 ,J In Appreciation of Miss Guyton Te'achers8z Staff GO Tige1'S GO Nggunal Bank By Appointment Only 491-9292 THE HUNT C. 81 D. ACADEMY, INC. 3309 Warrior River Road Hueytown, Alabama 35023 'B 'xqflf' 56599, J WE REPAIH EDUCATIONS Junior and Senior High Schools - College SPECIAL PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS: Re--entry Job Markets? GED., Back to School Programs a Must, Walter J. Hunt, A.B., M.Ed. FREE: Interview and First Lesson Licensed Counselor CHRISTIAN FAMILY COUNSELING YOUR NAME .1- ,,.,,? TELEPHONE av M .....l ADDRESS CITY ST PLEASE RETUFIN THIS CARD R6O ' In Honor of My Student Jgiifi QZMZWM VCE pffmwi-L3 Wfffffff ,vom f JQQWKMQM . C7 1qPf,,,1eWf mmvwmw 'Q N 1110111 MAJ Q26 C Jw W Mp W fig? 2 GM? YQ avgjuiiwy 1 MQTQQJ A, Q QGQQB ,Qceoofskwwbg 1 ' BANKING SERVICES 1 ' Level I S. II I 1 1 I . 1 ' Q 1 1 U D , . 1 dp . D 1 1 1 . I - 1 . 1 I X 7, : 0 jf ' 'S Lf"---mf 'yj Lf ----X . hvv. 4 ' ' ,,., J" 1 ' . E! Q 5 1' ' ' 1 wf 1 1 , O 1 O' Z' o f ' jf ' 1 f . J 0 CI? ' I OX ag : u 0999 AJ fl I . i A : 0, QV 1 0 ' ' Sf D 5 Q - gg o ' I K ff if : 'Q "" ""' """ WW my Goo US sxxs Wx I Il fy irg It s A Small World 1789 D Huewown Road Huewtown AI NON 497 1440 TWH U hzvenanl Slze 0 IM GlFlS 7 Po s Blrmmgham Saw Works 910 28th N I252 9757? B0 T hurston sxsggxxssgxsxxssusss THE VICA CLUB A.M. Alr-Condltlonlng a Heatlng E. Alexander, Advlsor BIRMINGHAM GRAPHICS INC Srrrrn Erxnhng Jiwaadb TROPHIES 497 0604 3300 F WARRIOR RIVER RD HUEYTOWN AL 35023 X I DRS RENAUD Et CROOKS P A 1511 4th Ave North P O Box 456 3099 Warnor Rlver Road Bessemer AL 35021 Hueytown AL 35023 Phone I205I 425-2401 Phone I205I 491 8755 ssmssssssxsxxssssxxss THE VICA CLUB P.M. Alr-Condltlonlnq 5 Heatlng E. Alexander, Advlsor - I I I I ?I I ha 1 . I 5' I If li I JQQ I Z sPon'rswEAn PL - E-1 ' ' 4 1 If- A Q , - I , I I I l - - I ,II I A ' I . I 1 I . - . , O - y I I I I I I I Rx Q' I o D I I I . . , 5- - - I -1- I I . . - I . t 56 sssssxxxxsssxxsss s sssxxssxxsssssxsxssS 0,11 sssxxsssssxssssssssssssssssssss'-SSSSSS THE ONE Fresh Fruits Zi Vegetables Low Low Prices meat p1'0CeSSinQ PHILLI,PS PRODUCE 802 WARRIOR RIVER ROAD oon.oMuTE, ALABAMA 35061 PHONE 744-4600 S. M 5,55-5 xsss sssxs ssssssxs xssssss s R 9 P Y k h Big Boned . . . Sound J SID HOG FARM PHGNE 205 - 428-3597 Thrifty, Meaty, Top Quality and Performance ' 1.0 3 4352? 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R 81 "HUNDREDS OF ROLLS IN S OC " MISS WALKER SWWROW Im a:so'I34N.'s:F:III PU oAvfIIIa Pu 1 R" "7 " 320 BROOKLANE DFI. - HUEYT OWN 44444444444444-4444-Y-444444-444444444 5 A I FI R , B2 UI I 807 ern st. No. 0 BESSEMER, ALABAMA if , ADJACENT TO ZAYRE I j 428-4642 fl N 73' I, I "' """" J' . X xv .- 6936 CARLINE ROAD --f .X A FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA ,ZS3 ,X I ' 781-3221 ,Q S ' If . S I 268 FOREST ROAD I HUEYTOWN, ALABAMA J 1 744-5770 HIGHLA NDE R 2710 North 19th Street Hueytown, AI ' 491-5551 491-8524 FOOD STAMP WE GLADIJY ACCEPT SHOPPERS WELCOME W.I.C. VOUCHERS Lfatislaclion Quumnzccd Su S ' Selecqgn 8?genr?f?ce J 'm Limlgau h ' CHRYSLER ' Plgmoulh ' IMDEIQIAL I-59 West at Ensley Ave. Exit ' Open Nights Till 8:30 ' 780-3680 I I I PUTNAM'S j n.oms'r "DAILY DELIVERY TO BIRMINGHAM AND ALL OF JEFFERSON CO." I I ' FLOWERS ' . SILK Q crfE ' - PLANTS! DISH GARDENS I 'FRUIT BASKETS LJ I3 E , . . 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Q' ' 0 0 O 0.0 0 O 0 I I-I-I-I-2-I -3-:-:-3-3, 4 f THOMAS PATTERSON, D.M.D. HOME: 744-5143 ZH amilg Eentizug 3098 Warrior River Road Hueytown, AL 35023 491-2161 OR 491-2222 : VIsa!MC Serwce Calls Avaffablu ZQIIIIII E , 8- Autnonzed I 2 F'n3nC'fWQ fServIce All Brands! :' O O Glenn TV Sales 81 Service 6 :-: A ,., ,142 Brooklane D I 1, ' OFFICE Houns gtg Hueytown, AL 35923 BY APPOINTMENT EMERGENCIES WELCOME jig ff: Jonnny Nelson 5 Year Warranty 2. :o:o:n:o:o:o:o:o:s:o:a:o:u:o:o:o: :o:s:o:o:o: xozo:n:o:o:o:o:o:c:o:n:o:o:o:o:0:o:,','.:n:s:o:a:E 12053 491-4633 Available On New Sets 'Hi-Ii: 0 32 QUPLITY BMT MADE BY A PHONE 324-2596 FISHERMAN FOR FISHERMEN TITLE BOOKS, INC. I ,0 RED S 2:2 WHOLESALERS TO SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES YELLOW JACKET :': CSPINNER BAITJ ,- HERMAN MOORE 3013 - 2ND AVE. SO. 2: PRESIDENT BIRMINGHAM.ALA.C-35233 G OL DE N CORRAL . ..i....iig David Trelles ' Famity Steak House - ' ' Amon BAIT co and We Km 791-1985 SIE PartnerlManager : - . 'Ig Phone 3048 Warrior River Road I Bi 892 Ei R-S22 Dr 15792 25: 12053 497-0605 Hueytown, Alabama 35023 E g ' ama 5 14 2:2 Hpzeasurabzeninmg Made Affordable" E PHONE 491-7224 491 -3808 Dabbs Florist, Inc. 3135 WARRIOR RIVER ROAD HUEYTOWN, ALABAMA 35020 DENNIS DABBS ETHEL DABBS :-:-:-:-if .I o.a g szozoxoasoznz 5-0539- Hester Barber Shop? 1363 Huaytown Rd.g 'z 491-5996 ag .... xxxxxxx xxxxxxs xxxxx ssxxx xxx x Weldon Pharmacy 1280 Hueytown Road Hueytown, Alabama 35023 491 -2805 ONE STOP FOR ALL THE NEEDS OF HOME CARE PATIENTS! DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SURGICAL SUPPLIES PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS OVER THE COUNTER PERSONAL NEEDS Weldon Pharmacy 491 2805 NA FI D CERTIFIED DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT PROVIDER m l 4 HUEYTOWN CYCLE 8: MOWER D J S RESTAURANT bales and Seruzce Mze L Znwgf f Iawnmo er-S Blcycle F Ka t o E s 9 -,- 5 1931 27th Avenue Charles 81 Pam I-I1 JOHNNY MCKENZIE SR E Brooklane Drnve 491 66661 DAVID WEAVER E TO ' I If I '1 xxxxsx xxx xsxxx sQ'sssiS5555'sxsssssx I I I I I I C I ' x' ,Y -. 2 L.: ' I ' I , . . - - I 4 - I 0, w EAT IN on TAKE our 0 Chain Saws Weed Trimmers 0 I 0' S 10' 'rs' I WNR: PHONEA1- I I V I . . 3-261-HAVEN o H I ' . 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Suggestions in the Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) collection:

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 24

1988, pg 24

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 22

1988, pg 22

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 51

1988, pg 51

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 12

1988, pg 12

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 46

1988, pg 46

Gilmore Bell High School - Home of the Champions Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 13

1988, pg 13

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