Gilman High School - Owl Yearbook (Gilman, IL)

 - Class of 1956

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Q., . f. -. . HI. .'11'I:l,-vi. - 1,zf"1115 'ygf1g'q5, ?14run5fv:,1s, ,f ferazygqfgzyf--ng1"41p , A - gms vxlgoul, ,gfgmf ff 4 ,Tig , .--Q fyri 'h!7.-, v x 1 - . , 1 0 1'- a 1, 1-A 111 f A- ,9 .4 ' -a U lk X -V x--- ' if ' - . .- ' .Y '11-.1 V , 4, . , L5 11111, F -1' i,-'Phi' -' " X, , X , 6' "" -4-' W " f '- V J' , . ,, . ,L , f ,. . V - - , - -. -'-' -- -'-, ---'Q'-3-ff:-5-:Q-7,-.3.y,14- - 1--: ' U? 1' F4 H. PI ef- M . 4 !l'1l"Q'lljfi ,gn p f Q 1-Gy X 3 s 2:52 Q. gig?-fi, V vc' x '47 -. 1 ff 4. fllomevnt 5 !I'1u 5LCClL SC Hu bert v we. wish 1. Andante this geo.:-Q annual to our music. depo., t h' h In th H the ygarrrg gel: theashagpfws mysscad standards For which Gslmann has So Iona been H0126 1.11 1 V1111 1,.1 U 11 11 4 Qigfg 9. gig., i np. '1' 5' 11' 11 51 TWP ?!!95WY1'f 1 "K, 3? ,1 1.1, 11 Q 1. -151 1 " 'M1' 11 t I 1 .11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 11 111 31 2- 1 1 1 112 ,1 3,1 1.51351 1 qf .1 .,,1111g, A-111 I "1""f 1 ,,1f 1,11 . 1f'1 1 , 1 ,,1 i.1.,' 1 1 . ni.: , t , 1. x ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 , gl 1 , 1 A113 17, ' 'f :"11i.1 ,. ' 1 1 ,,,:1 :'1Xf1.f. , l .S Q21 1 I V116 11 1 ,1 1 1' F':'J :1 1 1 '11-,Z1 311111 1 . 11 if 1' 1' 1 1 1 . . , - ' 1 1,11 1 . M , 1 11 k f 111-21 l .521h1:1'fi1'- 1 1 Fi' I '1 1111 I "7 1 F1111 1,1 3 1 1' 1 1,111-111 1 .4-1,r I 1 1 11 1 1 1 .151 1 1g-fi 1 A1 ' 1 1 F3 ' M1 1 1 . ,, . .L 11 1:1 111 11,11 1 '.1 11' 1 .1111 1 151 1' 11 1,11 Y 1 1- ,f 1 1 , ,V N 1 1 I l 11 1 1 . . 1'1'5' 1 ' , 1 1 1 , ,hs 1 1 1 1 51 1 '111"1.1 1 1 1 JH" 1 15 I3 1 1,9 1 .1 .. 1, ix 1 "1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 .. ,. 1 ' 1 1 I 1 ' 7 .YT1 .wwf 1 1 '11 5-A111 11 1 1 .1 11 UTY: 1' . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 X , , 1:1 15 M S, 11 , 1 1 12 I 1 1 1. 1? 1113 QQ 112 1:52 1'1- 11? 1 1' 1? 115 Y, 1 i 15 113, 1? 1 X, 5 1 i 1 Q 151 13' 111 115 1? 1,1 1 f""'7 6 X., 7 4 Y O ., THE QHANDS TH T 0 DUREQT v S: 1, Nw? ' ZA' if . A 5 1 Mb . Q X, fl? ,Laika wwf. ,. K I 4.5 v' 9 1 STUDENT CQUNCIL Left to right. sitting: Kay Movem, Beverly Zeedyk, Gloria Reighel, Shirley Wilken, Virginia Zachgo, Clifford Schoolmang Vice President, Jerry Tammeng President, Gerry Orrg Secretary, John Buckner, Richard Arends, Judy Read, Wayne Saxsma, Standing: Mr, Kessler, Faculty Advisor, xx ,Inn ' If 'Q sg , W l , . ,- 1' X-17,,,.5. ,,3"f t.,l K Q ,,, X . WTS? MR, LEONARD BURT MR, WM, DOUGLAS MRS, LUCILE EDWARDS MR, ROBERT FREEMAN B, S, , M, S. , U. of I. 5 B. L. , ISNU, Band. B, S, , Education, ISNU B, S, , M, S, , Western State Math, Football, Track, Central Junior College, Teachers College, Industrial Assistant Basketball and One Year, College Prep, Arts, Baseball Coach. Baseball. English. E X. 'N 1. MR, HAROLD GENT ES B, of Ed, , Normal Univer- sity, Vocal Music. MR, WM, LUBB EN B,S,, M,S,, U, ofI,, Vocational Agriculture. fl , J f 'x., A r MR, GLEN RILEY MRS, JEAN STANLEY B, S, , U, of I, , Math and A, B, , U. of Missouri, Home Science, Ee. .,...-.--.4-up--S L MR, ARCHIE STEWART MR. DONALD WIECZOREK MRS, BERNICE WILKEN MISS DELORES ZAJICEK B, S, , M, A, , U, of l,, B, S, , M, S, , U, of I. , Math B, E, , I, S, N, U,g Gregg B,S,, U, of 1, , English and English and Latin, and Science, College, Commercial Sub- Girls' P, E, jects. W f s wf. lllllflfiii nuns .fr u-.mimi ROGER DREYER 'Dodge' Football Bas- ketball 1. 23 Annual Staff 3,43 Track 33 Baseball 1. 23 Band 1. 2,3,4: Brass Sextet 2, Brass Quartet 13 Boys' Chorus 1, 2.3.43 Mixed Chorus 1. 2.33 Boys' Octette 43 Class Presi- dent 43 Mixed Double Octette 3.4, 5. SENIORS LEROY PERZEE 'Sam' Class Vice President 4 Owlette Staff 4s Track 1, 2.33 Basketball Man- ager 2.33 FFA 2.3. GLORIA REIGHEL MARCELLA LAMBERT 'Moe' 'Sal' Secretary-Treasurer 2, Secretary 43 Band 1. 2.3.43 Drum Quartet 1, 23 Band 2.3.43 Girls' Chorus 13 FHA Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Class Treasurer 1, 2.3.42 President 43 Homecoming 43 Latin Club 1.2.33 FHA 2.3.43 Queen 43 Co-editor of Owlette 43 FHA Secretary 4, Student Council 3,43 Honor Society 3.4, IOHN BA RGMAN IO Football 1.3.43 laaallolball 1. 2.3.42 Track 1. 2.33 Baseball 33 FFA 1, 2.3.43 Band 1.2.33 Boys' Octette 33 Boys' Chorus, Bom-ue BORCHERS "Boney" sand 1,2,s,43 sb Clarinet Quartet 23 Latin Club 2.3.4. FHA 1. 2.3.43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls' Chorus 1.2. , KATHLEEN BROCKMAN 'Kathy' Band 1, 2.3.43 Flute En- semble 2.3.43 Girls' Chorus 13 Mixed Chonls 2,33 Annual staff 43 Owleue Staff 43 FHA 1, 2,3,4: Prom Committee 3. IUDY CAWTHON N,H,S, 3,43 FHA 1.2, 3.4: Vice Pres, 4s Band 23 Girls' Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2.3, 43 Girls' Sextet 2,3,43 Class Sec. 30 CHARLIE CLASSEN Band 1, 2,3,43 Brass Sextette 3,43 Boys' Chorus 3,43 Boys' Octette 33 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Football 1.2, 3,43 Track 13 Prom Committee 33 Owlette staff 43 Boys' State 3. PAT FLESHER Girls' Chorus 1,3,43 Mixed Chorus 33 FHA 1,2,3,43 Latin Club 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Owlette Staff, DON GERDES "Pudge" Football 1,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 2, JOYCE HAMILTON 'Hami' FHA 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2,33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,35 PTA Play 23 Class Play Committee 3. DOROTHY CHASE 'Dorth' Owlette Staff 33 Girls' Chorus 1,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Girls' Sextet 43 FHA 1, 2,3,4. JOYCE DECKER Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 13 Girls' Sextet3 Cheerleader 43 Band 1,2,3,4Q Homecoming Queen Candidate 43 FHA 1, 2.3.4. JOHN 'Red' FRUIN FFA 1,2,3,4, FFA Vice Pres, 4s Track Football 1.4. GERALDINE GUREN 'Gerri' Band 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1.2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,43 Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 13 Annual Staff 3, 43 Baton Captain 4, Baton Twirler 3, Drum Majorette 43 Mixed Clarinet Quartet 2, 3, 43 Clarinet Quartet 2, 3,43 Girls' State 33 Mixed Double Quar- tet 2,3,43 Girls' Sex- tet 2,42 Pep Band 43 National Honor Society 4. IANET JOHNSON Band 1,2,3Q Mixed ' Chorus 1, 2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Girls' Sextet 3,42 Girls' Octet 23 Clarinet Quartet 3.4. BILL JONES 'Bono' Football 1.33 Track 2: Baseball 2. MARILYN KEENE FHA GAA 1. 2.33 Library Club 13 Girls' Chorus 1.3.43 Girls' Sextet 4. RUTH LAKE 'River' Girls' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 2.3.43 Girls' Sextet 2.33 FHA 1.2. 3.42 Prom Committee 33 Annual Staff 4, JULIA McMILLAN 'Julie' Band Prom Committee 33 Home- coming Queen Atten- dant 33 Owlette Staff 43 FHA 1,2.3,4. DONALD MILLER 'Blow Man" Football 2.3.43 Track 2.3.43 FFA 13 Basker- ball 1. 23 Baseball 1.2. 3.4. BETTY KEENE nlon GAA 1.2.33 FHA 1.2. 3.43 Prom Committee, HELEN KRONES "Kronie" FHA Treasurer 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2.3. PATSY LEISURE 'Pat' FHA'ls' Chorus L GERALDINE MEDENDORP 'Gerry Ann' F1-IA 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1. 2,33 Mixed Chorus 1, HOWARD MILLER "Hod" Football 1. 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 1, 2.3.43 Track 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1.2. 3,43 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3. WILLIAM MILLER 'Bill' Vice President 33 FFA 1.2,3.4, Sec- retary FFA 43 Class Vice President 33 Prom Committee 3. RYLAND REILLY 'Ghostie' NANCY SCHRIEFER "Schrief" Annual Staff 43 Band N,H,S, 3. 43 FHA 1. 2.3.43 Girls' Chorus 2.3.43 Girls' Sextet 2.3.42 Prom Committee 3. ED SMITH Band Basket- ball 1, 23 Boys' Chorus 1, 2,32 Track Football 1. 23 Baseball 2. IOANNE STROUGH 'Strousie' N,H, S, 3.4. Vice Pres, 43 FHA 1. 2.3.43 Girls' Chorus 1. 23 Owlette Staff 4. Picture Not Available GERRY ORR .90 O... Class President 1. 23 Band 1. 2.3.42 Trum- pet Trio Brass Sextette 1. 2.3.42 Boys' Quartet 1. 2.3.42 Annual Staff 3.43 Owl- ette Staff 2.3.41 Football 1,2,3,4Q Basketball 1. 2,3,4: Boys' Octette 33 Baseball 1. 2.3.42 N, H, S, 3.43 Student Council 2.3.4. RICHARD SAVOY 'Reb' Football 1. 2.3.4. DEAN SIUT S 'Juice' Boys' Chorus 1. 2.3.42 Track 1.2.33 Basket- ball 1.2,3.43 Baseball 2.43 Football 13 FFA DALE STRASMA 'Gabby' Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Track 1. 23 Football 23 Prom Committee 3. BEATRICE TAMMEN 'Bea' Girls' Chorus 1. 23 FHA 1. 2. 3. 4. JERRY TAMMEN .Jef Class Vice Pres, 2s Class Pres. 33 N, H, S, 3.4. Pres, 43 Student Council 3.4. Pres, 43 Owlette Staff 2,3g4: FFA Treas- urer 43 Prom Commit- tee 3. GERALD WHITTLER ..Ger.. Band 1. 2. 3,43 Boys' Chorus 1. 2.3.43 Mixed Chonrs Foot- ball 1. 2.3.43 Basket- ball Track 1. 23 Baseball 23 Boys' State 33 Trombone Quartet 193: Trombone Trio 23 Brass Sextet 2. 3.43 Boys' Quartet 23 Boys' Octette 3. HARLEN WINDHORN 'Windy' FFA Pres, 43 Football 1.2.33 Boys' Chonrs 1,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 3. VIRGINIA ZACHGO 'Gin' N, H, S, 3,42 Student Council 2,3,4: Latin Club 1,2.3.4. Pres, 33 Girls' Chorus 13 Mixed Chorus 43 Class Treat, 3. Vice Pres, 13 Band 1.2,3.43 Mixed Chari- net Quartet 1,43 B Clarinet Quartet 2,3,4: Annual staff 3.4. Editor 43 Carnival Queen Can- didate 33 Prom Com- mittee 33 Pep Band 4. MARLEE TI-IOLEN 'Tojo' Band 1.2.33 Girls' Chorus 1. 2g Mixed Chorus 1. 23 FHA 1.2. 3,43 Latin Club 4. SHIRLEY WILKEN 'Shir' N, H, S, 3.4. Sec,- Treas, 43 FHA Band 1,2.3.43 Girls' Chorus 1.2.33 Mixed Chorus 1. 2.4: Latin Club 3.4. Sec.-Treas, 33 Class Sec,-Treas, 13 Owlette Staff 1.4. Co- editor 43 Annual Staff 43 Student Council 43 Sax Quartet 4. PATRICIA WOODARD " Pat' Girls' Chorus 1. 23 Band 1. 2,33 FHA 1. 2.3.4, SHIRLEY ZILLENS 'Sure-Shot' FI-IA Girls' Chorus Sex- ICI 23 Prom Committee 33 Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. LLOYD ANDERSON 1. ,i Si I, :gi KAY MOVERN E CEC GERALD KIMMEL ViCe Pfesideflt Q A.. 3 i A: f Sgcretary .3, f Q 1 ERNEST scl-IULER X . ,i,A C ROBERT ARENDS PIe8id6l'lI S Rik 'iti' Treasurer ' fe Z KAY BAKER DAR!-ENE L g E'. f DENNIS B001 '. A CONRAD KA THLEEN CAMPBELL KEN NETH NANCY COTTER CRAWFORD JUNIORS JIM DEXTER JOYCE HENRY GOCKEN DUITS BETTY HANSHEW DONNA LEWIS IOSEPHINE HAN SE-IEW ?ASAi5k:5515XiZiQ:w2E:i'f5i1lSiM3Ri32E Hlikliikkgigi.,L'RE'ii:T?s,.f5Qs1 E -J.: 75353 HANLON HA NSON JOAN HENRICH S LAWRENCE HITZ DONA LD MA RTIS BOB SMA LL CAROL KAISER CAROL MUNSON HM SANDRA KUIPERS LAMBERT GWIN MCILLWAIN DAVE HA ROLD NEELA ND PETERS LARRY LANDERS LOIS JUDY RADEMACHER READ TOM SCHROEDER RUTH SUNNEN CLIFFORD SCHOOLMAN DONALD ANNE WALSH WARNKE NORMAN SIEDENTOP ROY WILKEN BEVERLY STEMKE SOPHOMORES Belfllfdfffdyk Ken Kuipers Secretary-Treasurer Angie Anderson Richard Arends Jackie Bogard Barbara Billingsly Carol Boebel Charlotte Zachgo Vice President L 9, . fe Betty Booi Phyllis Bull ,Ga mv 'Ge - wr r ,rf 4 K -B X-S. .. --X R, S gb 1 . i 'W , .IRQ :if 3-if or N w kieyr, 2 rrr,e ,Q rf 5 :fir LL Sandra Busch Robert Bushman Dennis Chase David Conrad Norman Cotter Barbara Crawford Bill Dexter Carol Dreyer Gretchen Zachgo Maynard Geisler Ronnie Hanson Paul Haskins Dale Huested Kenny Huizenga Janet Koen Ryland Koen Jim Krone: Pat Lake Bob Lange Gene Lange John McMillan Earl Meyers Diane Miller Dick Minard Marlene Monk Naomi Monk Marge Peeken Sam Perzee Ken Saathoff Dennis Schriefer Harold Schriefer David Schroeder Ronald Sims Lois Seipel Barbara Sly John Smith Marilyn Smith Edwin Tammen Jane Ulrich Joyce Whirtler Bill Willrns Gloria Windhorn Larry Bruurd John Buckner Pat Chase Janice Clausen Harry Clasaen President Phyllis Orr Vice President Sharon Eimen Secretary-Treasurer mth mer H M E N Kathy Boebel Ruth Dexter Ruth Dorothy Cotter Craven: Roberta Dexter Roy Dixon Shirley Bxetzmen Marvin Bull Richard Chase Dorothy Davis Royce Gif fen Teona Hoogstrat Phillip Hurt Elaine Kraft Ruth Kremer Jerry Fordyce Judy Sandra Hanna Hamel! Devanna Barbara Kuipers Lambert Sharon Francis Kay Ferichx Patty Mitchell Jeannie Noy Jack Pence Dorothy Heidernan Garyon Hurt Lane Johnson WW Kreeb Glen Leisure Phyllis Phillips Sue Selling Maurene St, Peter Carol Tholen Linda Ulltszch NNIU8 Perzee David Perzee Sandra Peterson John Read Wayne Saxma Ruth Mary Jean Wilken Willms Sylvia Sandra Zachgo Zea Jim Schroeder Pat Sly Judy Tammen Sandra Tracy Floyd Wilson SCIENCE MATHEMATICS SCCIAL STUDIES INDUSTRIAL ARTS cLAssRooMs HOME ECDNOMICS COMMERCE LITERATURE AGRICULTURE 3 COLLEGE PREP ENGLISH IV LATIN H'--I ENGLISH III LIBRA RY CHEMISTRY V . ' l"""", P7 BIOLOGY GENERAL SCIENCE COMMERCIAL TRIGONOMETRY ALGEBRA HISTORY l if-an GEOMETRY ON' we X40 69 AGRICULTURE X S U FA q DRIVERS' TRAINING SHOP GIRLS' P.E. Back row, left to right: Anne Wamke, Dorothy Cravens, Patsy Flesher, Barbara Sly, Carol Dryer, Joyce Gocken, Marilyn Keene, Gloria Reighel, Phyllis Bull, Marcella Lambert, Helen Krones, Joanne Strough, Bea Tammen, Judy Cawthon, Darlene Booi, Carol Kaiser, Kathleen Campbell, Ruth Wilken. Fifth row: Shirley Zillens, Naomi Monk, Jackie Bogard, Bev Zeedyk, Sandy Busch, Angie Anderson, Lois Seipel, Sharon Francis, Judy Hanna, Ruth Baker, Phyllis Phillips, Pat Chase, Shirley Bretzman, Judy Tammen, Mary J, Willms, Devonna Kuipers, Gloria Windhorn, Norma Perzee, Janice Classen, Betty Keene, Marj Peeken, Fourth row: Janet Koets, Sandy Hansen, Pat Sly, Pat Mitchell, Jane Ulrich, Marilyn Smith, Joyce Whittler, Sandy Peterson, Sandra Zea, Elaine Kraft, Dorothy Heideman, Sharon Eimen, Elaine Kraft, Phyllis Orr, Linda Ulitsch, Barbara Billingsly, Julia McMillan. Third row: Miss Zajecek, Ruth Cotter, Sylvia Zachgo, Teona Hoogstrat, Barb Crawford, Marlene Monk, Ruth Kremer, Sandy Tracy, Gretchen Zachgo, Judy Read, Nancy Josephine Hanshew, Betty Booi, Marueen St, Peter, Kay Movern, Joan Henrich, Joyce Decker, Mrs. Stanley, Second row: Dianne Miller, Jeanne Noy, Roberta Dexter, Bonnie Borchers, Betty Hanshew, Ruth Lake, Dorothy Chase, Kathy Boebel, Charlotte Zachgo, Caroline Boebel, Janet Johnson, Joyce Hamilton, Donna Hanlon, First row: Virginia Zachgo, Marlee Tholen, Pat Woodard, Lois Rademacher, Gerri Guren, Kathleen Brockman, Shirley Wilken, Sue Seiling, Ruth Dexter, Carol Tholen, Barb Lambert, Dorothy Davis, Nancy Schriefer, Pat Lake. BOYS' P.E. uqun-uuuyuqy e 7 k W Back row, left to right: Floyd Wilson, Ronald Sims, Ed Ramen, Royce Giffon, Jim Schroeder, Roy Wilken, Rom Schroeder, Bill Miller, Dale Srrasma, Marvin Bull, Gene Lange, Jerry Fordyce, Third row: Mr, Burt, Teacher, Glen Leisure, Dennis Chase, Richard Chase, Richard Arends, David Perzee, Harlen Windhorn, John Fruin, Larry Kreeb, Jerry Tammen, Paul Haskins, Dale Houstedt, Second row: David Conrad, Lloyd Anderson, David Schroeder, Gerald Kimmel, Ed Smith, John Smith, Dave Neeland, Bob Hilgert, Henry Duits, First row: Jim Dexter, Wayne Saxsma, Bill Willsm, John Read, Ryland Koets, Kenny Huizinga, Leroy Perzee, gg, . "H-'e. wi ,. ' I -?'-,sz , f , 3 W f-3:15.-?,u fu ,ia,' I I A ' 'ffff 4 +.. .. ,vgig5:...,,,-h Q 5:4,I4.Ugg-?V,.AEfznzg-yivil'yy, ,, T4-,2,m.. s A ' -' bv" Y ' Jai. 1. av 1 1 V ',:-,H7 X"'g7kT:r?-LJ "Q F4 '.' 'Then W 54. fix!!- 'V' f7ilLi. Qf6ie5 1 - ,g' ,j. LN' i .2giv.,': ,- . 3 wr ' 'nv- ,.-.,.. ' . ,-4 i i -? ' if 5.545 - E4 .1 ' 1 . 5 5 5 51, we f . , 1 . ' 1 wir? 'i,i.. .1if1'i rv 4 +f.. f1 w i. ,ef ew 1' vs . 1 A .321 3 5 ',i-',ff. g,'g-, ,fg ,,ggg' ,, -,yi.e+ 5. 119, , ..,, .,i,',L. M , -V .,,, - , ,Q ,..,.,f, 5 ff. ft-f f . gb fm' 11114 iris-.1 .fm -1 igfwiffir. . 3 s ,u 3 17- - tr Af. I1 Irv. I ig, h Fj,,. "fin ': QM..'.f::EL. . '-i f -n s. V--ff 4 1 41- EC ,ry -' . ' V.,-W3 w 1.59,-' . I - 5445, 5 ' I .. '1 rg!! 21 'ff t. 1 "we -5 ', v 44,1 fs ' - 1 1-.. 1' 4 -. 5. . . - .,.1 ,Lit f y W arf I ,X :ii I .f :gg gg - , ug, 1 Tin g ff ,C 1. 'LM jifl . ,V yn i.1A- - -I .,1-,. .4 M- filly. ' s "' . X1 in av. , 5' , Vi 4: 1 S21, f 3? I- 2, f I V . .,f Eff Nj? ' E' t if LQE1' T"', 4' 'g 'W Z' . ...X n I si 51. ' ,V ff ' vw KL- If fp-V fh l ' 4 ,sd . : qi, Q ,fig 41:5 -.- ' ,- '. - '.' ' A.-gf I 'af 3-2 1 1 , -. . Q ,-, ,!?l' 1Ti-j,.- -Q 1 ,DVI qu Sz., Ma tfg f?-" Q 'f-Y,1,'. lf?-5. Q- 'yr' A. "wif '!gi2...- , ,,..,,. ,, ., - I .. rv.-. ., , . .. - - ff... , . Q -1- f A -11-ff ' f' F552-,' 1 .41 w. 14151614 .2- 5, I Zig' . ,gtg .,, 1443.51.51 , A. -5, . " Q ,fi ills A' .' "Ji I 3 . .fn -f. 'Kiwi-Q.,-, - v-fa "Tis '-rf ffl' if it .kai as ' . .IM--1E:,f-. ' ,1,,f:'Yj','.4iL7.E. P, :gif wif, . 133 . if v"f1'rfff 'L LZ' L'p,,7"f. ff . ' M jr- V ,gy I fjltih 54. 1. , N AkLFj,.I ? 2 ', fc Kai' 2 age, ' - K. 1' L ff? ' ' Q.: 5,61 ' I 4m-1 rgqgj, 1 fr fy b 6' ..,.f:,a2fT2f,'. P 1 ' Q J. Q' 1 f1':- 'z I 'i 9' - X' r ', ., , .fy .. "'4::.. Q V ' ,Q ' , ' i13ff9 V 7 '-175. "1' , '. f'- ' . - O .Q ' ' 1,ff,1fgf-Q . 0 5 Ms: .1 ip I ggfajqi lmyfl k A T '??7 A' 3. 51? , riff? ' ' - -r ' :T , .. .1 '. FQ? O 41 ik ? .. Q " 43 'Q-f.,i " i X . . P K Ana, , 1 1 xvk F 1? W -2- . A ,lvl bu 9 Y if ' H' A 4 1 8 ', f. . Ti Yiwu-N ,,,g,,, , i 1 1 4 .i Y ii' ' 5 ,.5"E'!--fx afrtmvx ,. A, V q . ,W i wmqm N .4 1 . A a ,fgqma ., ...S 11, . 1 X, ,J 3 "" - ' 'sig ' M1 X' 'V .M 'Aw XWWWQXYHQNNQ' X' ,?.k..A .-. 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QV 4 , .N ,,- l S A ,J X rm 7, Q.-,gin 8 H x L. lt. xx . R .J ' x , . J..',J"3 fV"W.,.,:'i",.? M " N xx ' ' -5 ' - f - , J-3"'a" 7 k ,w 'ZW A 'filE2f'ikQZfh,2gl:L'a Y - - - ' K, ' fx ffA-Axfxw .L-' 'fig x A ' Qaffigys - - v 1 ' ., 'Liv K 7 M7 x' + , s 1 - ' .wvxxly t m . . k .33 . - - - 1 . wifi 1, Q . . his Y . 5. . ,L - . ,WL ,Az , gx. -- K - J' A 1 4. jf. A Z . . . .f'1 - X 5 S 1 ' f' 'V x' ay' , W Y 77 X A gf' it A B g I . I Q f if 'I xt . 0 . K . 0 . is ' . K W' . A 2 . Q Q ' ' i... gs LWg.' 4 ' V. gif -I 5 , ' .1 ' f ' 0 Y' t I, ' B t Q L 1 Q 4 A V 1 . .- '- X G ox ' ' 'gif' UW s 5'-'Q 'Q' - I , 4 Q 5 uf' A . 'tif' ,X ! f fa. px! 5 I 4, , ,N .. J . 'Q dp, V. . .1 f Q , o . , - 1 3 ' I 'Q Q-1- 4 'SA 5 wl- 'QQ' ,s N4 mbsf? A 4, ov! .Q 134 ff wik m AT "MA .4 -fx X5-vfi'1Tf"'T'i 3'4'i .Q v ' A , V A L' v QF! U J. gl. S Y v . x,i:L . IA 5 : 'jigg :BAAE . If is 'l ""5, 'xiii "1 54 2 + ' 1 -5 J! by NEI . .sf X VN if VK if if 3 1 My ' , S ,Qu HL ' .. l,.,..g.M.las-:urn-.Q--,M CONCERT BAND Back row, standing: Gloria Reighel, Patty Lake, Marcella Lambert, Carol Tholen, Ruth Dexter, Mr- Douglas, Fourth row: Donna Hanlon, Harold Peters, Sandra Hansen, Jim Schroeder, Lane Johnson, Richard Arends, Kenny Kuipera, Ryland Koen. Gerry Whittler, Third row: Bormie Borchers, Devanna Kuipers, Phyllis Bull, Janet Koets, Angie Anderson, Beverly Zeedyk, Don Martis, Don Walsh, Lane Saxsma, John Snith, Ronnie Sims, Roger Dreyer, Gerald Kimmel, Jackie Bogard, Julia McMillan, Shirley Wilken, John Read, Second row: Mary Jean Willms, Patty Mitchell, Judy Tammen, Nancy Schriefer, Sandra Peterson, Teona Hoog- straat. Barbara Lambert, Joyce Whittler, Carolyn Boebel, Normon Siedentop, Ed Smith, Ruth Kremer, Sharon Eimen, Lola Rademacher, First row: Geraldine Guren, Virginia Zachgo, Joan Henricks, Charlotte Zachgo, Joyce Decker, Sandra Busch, Sylvia Zachgo, Kathleen Brockman, Judy Read, Phyllis Orr, i-Es 5 5 , W W W3 12 1 S is N W A I if .M 2, NW mf? .. 'ff ET? .' fl M .K if . , X x '. A Z' Y R5 M , . Vinum xi li 'FQ , I E y .aw yju 1 gi ' T?, T ii NX . 5 r 5 N4 + ,S SSS iii? an r 1 M I ' if il H .,. f .Asks A .. . .. ,. x .Q .k.,,,Mn,x .aww Q -N X - A Y o Y I 4 H Y 1. Q 5 f si .P V . Q 'S f o Q v M f Y' 3 xx a X X f f . , Q, 9 I We i K- f i RTS echo red Qfld blue I-pc? rx r'hO5i,'s gon ' H he zwxdg gonna' 27 be Qboy i9Ht, ,ci 170,562 ,Q 96 A Q!! W -f 01 Vx-xqhg Z th Q 1' 'Z M060 A XX of 15 we are , .' We 9 9 QQ' ,342 ebanflafds Z-e"f71owSeS1vQ"'! Qof . pq Qor . We'pe he QMGLQ - YQ o-was on 1- 90 lv qw 9 QCXEQV Qglm he 57,7 610' N Q V7 gh Q,bhe ow! O 0 46900, Cha H '95 e f Cho. HQ, Ciao. HQ H , Umar: Hg nah ichocj . ah! pah! 9 FOOTBALL Back row: Bob Small, Don Martis, Dennis Conrad, Jim Kxones, Charles Classen, Lewis Hansen, John Buckner, Harry Clanen, Richard Minard, Ronnie Hanson, Garyon Hurt, Second row: Bob Arends, Don Gerdes, John Fruin, Kenny Kuipers, Don Walsh, Gerry Whirtler, Earl Meyer, Gwin Mcllwain, Paul Haskins, Lawrence Hitz, Dennis Chase Ovianagery, First row: Don Miller, Richard Savole, Bill Dexter, John McMillan, Gerry Orr, Norman Siedentop, Roger Dreyer, John Bargman, Clifford Schoolman, Jim Kuiper. Coaches: Left, Leonard Burt, Right, Glen Riley, : ., RF 5-A 0 49. mi. " ,sw 3 ,f .1 ..,. stu, 1 f M , if nf 1 4' -- , M, .PQ ' 2 :F 1' X X, m ' 5' 5 'f 5 X 'Sn 'nt , as iw f K , " v 1 Q FJ r :href , if X ,A 4 1 "ali V K t kffifi ' 24:55 -- ' f ffrfwrw as ,,.gA was ' X - 3 gl., ' 1 3: . 'A efwwfar.-fun-f ffs mv f I x if- Q-,law f x . 8 if , 4 - , -iw . . ,, 1 1' M 1 X S L x 1 X .af ,K fri 1 3, 4 ? 1, was wr my 3 mvusw y. Sk wing N kim' X ,nw ,f 5, Saws: GERRY ORR E in mm mf Jas,-V 131' :Aw ib M 1 . 'R' 1 an f, ff ' ff, .nv- ,H .131 Q' J V 5 4' U . 'ww w., af ,v .N ,L 4, , gm '2 -Q ' F P Wfflflh' 'mf' zlkuffhf--gvy-w-.Q-ravi' W:-f Wrwfu ,f4f1aesef4y:4 , Nm' . vw , , Q, ,L g,..,.,..., ff 22.13 ' I Af, 115,455 ' 5-1 .Ma , .pg ,. f- wuzg -I ,L rg ,+,,gQ,w.,r A' fr in A 3 'Er + . X ff Ri' mf , A, M 5 4 wif iQ,E ,g W if f jxi ?' msg . an if 2: LV Q 1 L uf? s ,ei ? vw, . q.1, , prix X X W4 - .fif Qv zz- vii " SM., A X. X ,, sf X X Xxx . wif 'SS w Q. w Ni 13' as 1 Y . ., Q if , . x,,, E, X my fpwwamssg . W. W .W Nw ,WW N . 2 Q ,Qs- O yt Ek x .Mew 9 X N X, Q QE 5 Q xl 9 1 '5lf5'.IY:iT' Q Q 4 X Ei K x x X x S2 ss X Q Q1 Q , hmm N s,.,,LQ N- - x ., ,. ' L w- Q. H we .5 J G .E ., G , x V 5 X an J V s EX xx 5 W 'W M Q I izgg-'..: 1 ,x, M,' i Rf ' 24 IHOP' --ill' I-x F5 Rf Q We 'M5W 9i3 N -vi fi ls - X 5' . 2? E E 2' v r 5 K . iii-W i F' TRACK BASKETBALL SCORES Central St, Pat Momence Onarga St. Anne Watseka Buckley Milford Bradley Crete-Momence Momence Central Watseka THEY 62 '73 54 6'7 '7'7 66 62 62 88 59 '70 68 48 Onarga-Mil Onarga Central Paxton Sheldon St, Anne Onarga Bradley Cissna Park St, Pat Paxton WE THEY 62 40 52 61 35 5'7 45 59 '74 '78 68 99 64 60 6'7 80 5'7 '78 59 66 5' iii 1, 282 1, 600 Coach Manager Coach HC v I 5 ANNUAL STAFF Second row: Mr, Stewert, Advisor, Judy Reed, Kay Movern, Joan Henrichs, Bob Arends, Jlrn Kuipers, jerry Tam men, Roger Dreyer, Cliff Schoolman, Gerry Orr, Ernest Schuler, First row: Virginia Zachgo, Lois Rademacher, Geraldine Guren, Marcella Lambert, Kathleen Brockman, Shirley Wilken, Ruthann Lake, Nancy Schriefer, SPONSOR OWLETTE STAFF Second row: Miss Zajicek, Sponsorg Carolyn Boebel, Gerry Orr, Leroy Perzee, Jerry Tamrnen, Charles Classen, Lois Rademacher, Donna Hanlon, First row: Joanne Strough, Patsy Flesher, Dorothy Chase, Gloria Reighel, Shirley Wilken, Kathleen Brockman, Julia McMillan, EDITOR Eg 'ff co-EDITOR SPONSOR HONOR SOCIETY Back row: Geraldine Guren, Joyce Decker, Lois Rademacher, Kay Movern, Jerry Tammen, Harlen Windhom, Gerry Orr, Judy Read, Sponsor, Mr. Stewart. Front row: Bonnie Borchers, Virginia Zachgo, Gloria Reighel, Shirley Wilken, Kathleen Brockman, Darlene Strough, Judy Cawthon, Nancy Schriefer, Joan Henrichs. LATIN CLUB Back row: Joyce Gocken, Patsy Flesher, Sue Seibring, Carolyn Boebel, Mary Jean Willms, Sylvia Zachgo, Elaine ' ' Sh' I B t Kraft, Judy Tammen Carol Tholen, Josephine Hanshew, Third row: Sandra Hansen, Anne Wamke, tr ey re z- I man, Gretchen Zachgo, Marlee Tholen, Barbara Billingsly, Phyllis Orr, Kathy Boebel, Second row: Joyce Whrrtler ' b Mr Charlotte Zachgo, Gloria Windham, Kary Movem, Harry Classen, John Buckener, John Smrth, Larry Kree , . Stewert, First row: Lois Rademacher, Virginia Zachgo, Geraldine Guren, John Reed, Charlie Classen, Shirley Wil- ken, Bonnie Borchers, Judy Read. Back row: Betty Keene, Julia McMillan, Patsy Flesher, Sharon Francis, Judy Hanna, Angie Anderson, Kathleen Campbell, Ruth Sunnen, Beverly Stemke, Jackie Bogard, Joan Henrichs, Carol Kaiser, Darlene Booi, Marilyn Keene, Carol Munson, Dorothy Heideman, Norma Perzee, Fourth row: Shirley Zillens, Bea Tammen, Lois Seipel, Marilyn Smith, Jane Ulrich, Anne Wamke, Patsy Leisure, Ruth Baker, Pat Sly, Pat Mitchel, Ruth Dexter, Naomi Monk, Janet Koets, Pat Lake, Beverly Zeedyk, Devonna Kuipers, Ruth Cotter, Ruth Wilken, Janice Classen, Third row: Jeanne Noy, Marlene Monk, Linda Ultizsch, Carol Dreyer, Dianne Miller, Phyllis Bull, Sandra Zea, Sandra Peterson, Marlee Tholen, Sharon Eimen, Maureen St, Peter, Lois Rade- macher, Nancy Schriefer, Janet Johnson, Joyce Hamilton, Joyce Decker, Second row: Betty Booi, Roberta Dexter, Barbara Crawford, Barbara Sly, Phyllis Phillips, Joyce Gocken, Teona Hoogstraat, Dorothy Cravens, Sandra Bushc, Kay Movem, Judy Read, Ruthann Lake, Nancy Crawford, Betty Hanshew, Josephine Hanshew, Barbara Lambert, Mrs, Stanley, Sponsor, First row: Ruth Kremer, Pat Chase, Shirley Wilken, Sandy Lambert, Judy Cawthon, Sally Lambert, Joanne Strough, Gloria Reighel, Helen Krones, Donna Hanlon, Kathleen Brock- man, Bonnie Borchers, Marge Peeken, tw I F.H.A. i " i"' 'I' ND fl K Y. Top row: Dennis Schriefer, Richard Arends, Marvin Bull, Jim Schroeder, Gayron Hurt, Ed Tammen, Lloyd Anderson, Roy Wilken, Jim Krones. Second row: Norman Cotter, Dale Hustetd, Bill Willms, David Schroeder, John Mclviillian, Don Miller, Bill Dexter, Dean Sjuts, Harold Peters, John Bargeman, Sam Perzee, Jim Dexter Ernest Schuler, Paul Haskins, William Lubben, Instructor, First row: Jerry Tarnmen, Clifford Schoolman, Bill Miller, Harlen Windhorn, John Fruin, Don Gerdes, F.F.A. HOMECOMING CARNIVAL 4'?40lf all ,uf-:, :-" 'M 1, 41 ra e V 1 l l-' JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM saw ,XY "X wx xx x, gk ef 4 M. .! AV G lx -2. TINPAN W "V ff ' m A . 4 ALLEY fi-ITA X X ? V . 1 iv . Q Lx' - 2, if I I ' l X , A S V0 SL V 52 Q, if Q I2 'L if :. asf. is 12 i E' 3 l Ig' vi fi. f alight? gig .Y-9.4 L wnmlwmuum fx L 1 M S . sf' ,, 5232 2 X S -f E. ix as N .V - VJ., G R, N N by S J HONORS B, BORCHERS American Legion Award L, PERZEE American Legion Award J, TAMMEN Drynan Award Normal Scholarship SAR Award G. GUREN Vocal Key G, ORR Ryan Music Award Normal Scholarship G, WHITTLER Cone Award, Athletic Key, Band Award i V. ZACHGO Cone Award DAR Award STUDENTS J. MCMILLAN Home Ec Award G, REIGHEL Valedictorian Frey Award Girl Good Citizenship Award S. WILKEN Alumni Award Normal Scholarship Salutatorian Girl Good Citizenship Award -Q 'vt' ff MJ Sjl IS rx 'O n A! iQ X IA PilQ.f'H IN! if . F . ar s LIN Q IVIIA GLORIA lcl,IC3iHl1.' JANET JOHNSON E xx 3 . PUDDGIE and BEA li M I3 SAXOIU ! 'Q 'Q , H, X' . JY CQAW H ROL? 'Sf Qi' ,T :fx ,.f .2 S A . 1 MILION JOHN VRUIN p A'rsY1r1QL'mQ bmw Jmmm O 'if vga- ik . f J , ,1 , . ,ID ' .4 r A ' L -... I XX: ' 5 'N.4,!iVx'i,ii Ima: R ' N53 smmgg W? Y WILK EN DON N iv 1-Q K ilk L K ' JN N vw xvoomxnz 'A - GALE STRASMA ' ' I .. ' 'J ' Nvf5...v--via U L LHR JOANNI ST NA NC I Y SCI KRIIEF ER ROUGH in-P 'Kip-nv--' ' HELEN KRONES CLASS WILL We, the membegs of the senior class of 1956 of Gilman High School, being of sound mind and body, do here- by publish our last will and testament revoking any previous will or wills made by us: To the high school, we leave escalators to help re- duce wear and tear on shoe leather. To the seniors, we will a body for the senior play. To the juniors, we will more hours of sleep during the period of prom preparations, To the sophomores, we will a great many unchap- eroned parties. To the freshmen, we will all our potential but un- developed athletic ability, To Mr. Burt. we will a drivers' training class composed of nothing other than good looking gals. To Mr, Stewart, we will a giant bottle of blood to be used in carnival skits. To Miss Zajicek, we will a blue car, a stupid look- ing shirt and the guy who goes with them, To Mr, Gentes, we will twelve sopranos who can stay on pitch, To Mr, Kessler, we will more infomation on jokes, To Mr. Freeman, we will low life insurance rates for teachers afraid of drivers' training students, To the cooks, we will beef, gravy, potatoes, and bread so that they might serve us hot beef dinners more than twice a year, To Slim and Ray, we will a jet propelled, remote con- trolled lawn mower and fifty gallons of fly spray, To Irma, we will a shorthand typewriter and an auto- matic number selector, To Mrs. Edwards, we will a Hercules and Wilbur who can remember lines. To Mr, Orr, we will another to replace his son, Gerry, To Mr, Riley, we will another pair of pants to replace the ones that got eaten up in chem class, To Mr, Wieczorek, we will a lifetime army deferment, To Mr, Douglas, we will a governor for his car, He's too young to go. To Mrs, Stanley we will a ten-pint hat since she is too small for a ten-gallon one, To Mr, Lubben, we will a hat that won't crush and a tack detector, Good Luck! To Mrs. Wilken, we will some new plants to replace the I. I. I. 1. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. ones Kathleen and Ruthann almost killed with kindness. Jerry Tammen, will my unlucky hunting and fishing ability to Mr. Orr, Bonnie Borchers, will my place in Honor Society to my sister Betty, Ryland Reilly, will my everyday ninth hour nap to Maynard Geissler. Bill Miller, will my perfect attention and interest in English Class to Jim Kuipers. John Fruin, will my appetite to Kenneth Cotter. Gerry Whittler, will my good physique to Kenny Cotter, Shirley Zillins, will my lost pounds to Pat Mitchell, Geraldine Guren, will my ability to be a grandmother at 1'7 Qsenior play, that isp to Carol Dreyer. Virginia Zachgo, will my last year's peroxide hair to any girl who thought it was a disgrace. Betty Keene, will my study halls to all who need more time for sleeping, John Bargamnn, will my ability toskip football and bas- ketball practice every Wednesday night to Don Martis. ' st I, Gerry Orr, will all my power and influence at Gilman High School to Mike Dillenger, I, Bill Jones, will my ability to get along with my P, E, teacher to Marvin Bull. I, Ed Smith, will my National Guard uniform to Larry Brassard. I, Marlee Tholen, will to Jackie Bogard, the ability to get the mumps on the day before the prom. I, Don Gerdes, will my collection of shirts to Kenny Cotter. I, Pat Flesher, will my ability to keep ahead in my bookkeeping assignments to Sam, I, Richard Savoie, will a copy of the Confederate Constitution and a Confederate flag to Mr, Kessler. I, Helen Krones, will my fingernail clippers to Janice Classen, ' l, Bea Tammen, will my ability to give a right- hand signal and tum left to Josephine Henshew, I, Dale Strasma, will my safe and careful driving habits to Kay Movern. I, Joyce Hamilton, will my height to Joan Henrichs. I, Pat Woodard, will my ability to go steady with the same boy for five years to Sharon Francis, I, Ruth Lake, will my naturally curly hair to Dorothy Cravens, I, Howard Miller, will my D.A. haircut and low levis to Dean Kessler. l, Julia McMillan, will my ability to get the car at any time to Pat Sly, I, Harlen Windhom, will my "A's" in Ag to Dale Hustedt, I, Roger Dreyer, will my ability of not missing any school in four years to none other than Dean Kessler, I, Kathleen Brockman, will my ability to be an old maid fsenior playj to Joan Henrichs, I, Don Miller, will my straight "A's" in English to Dennis Conrad. , I, Dean Sjuts, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Dennis Conrad. I, Dorothy Chase, will my luck of getting an engagement ring in my senior year to Sandra Peterson. I, Marilyn Keene, will Mr, Kessler's sociology tests to anyone willing to take them, I, Patsy Leisure, will my ability to receive an engage- ment ring in my senior year to Carolann Kaiser. I, Leroy Perzee, will my flat-top haircut to Mr. Stewart, I, Charlie Classen, will my ability to use a slide rule which I carry all the time to anyone who wants to learn to use it. I, Judy Cawthon, will all of my used typing shorthand pads to Joan Henrichs, I, Janet Johnson, will a steady boyfriend to Lois Rademacher, I, Marcella Lambert, will my "A's" and "B's" in P, E, to Dorothy Cravens, I, Joyce Decker, will my ability to attend school every day for four years to Kenny Saathoff, We, Gloria Reighel and Joanne Strough, will our smear-proof stencils to any poor kid thinking about taking office practice next year. I, Nancy Schriefer will my dishwater-blonde hair to anyone dumb enough to want it, I, Shirley Wilken, will my co-editorship of the Owl- ette to my brother John, PROPHECY It is now the year 1966. Ten years ago began the incident conceming Bridey Murphy and her reincarnation, Much research has been done on the subject and now everyone knows who he was in his previous life. Let us drop in at a party, a 'Come as You Were Then' party which the classmates of "56" now have in full swing. As we enter the ballroom, amid the voices and gaiety of the party, we first see Adam and Eve, Dorothy Chase and Charlie Classen, sitting under the nee of forbidden fruit and eatlng kumquats, Kumquats? I 1 Could it be., , 2 Yes, it is. He hasn't changed a bit. It's Johnny Bargmann, Sheik Haja Baby, and his harem of gorgeous wives. They are accompanied by Harlen Wind- horn, maker of baby shoes, It seems Harlen, in his previous life, had a great deal of business as the Sheik had 500 wives, Well, for heaven's sake! Sure enough, It's John Fruin attired as the mighty Atlas, In a wheel-barrow before him he pushes a globe, since he, in his present state, does not have the strength to carry the world on his shoulders. At the east doa appears Bill Jones attired In a dowdy brown patched robe of burlap, He claims that in his other life his name had been Brother Sebastian. At his side is Sis- ter Bernadine, Kathleen Brockman, who claims she joined a convent to get rid of a string of money-hungry men, Harkl I--there is the sound of clattering hoofs and the cry of "Whoa, Horse, Aw, come one--Whoa, I say." You see, this is Don Gerdes. He is a centaur-half man and half horse, Now the two have separated and are Living together. Oh myl I didn't know about this party when I decided to tell you about lt, but I suppose I musn't miss a thing, Madame Francine, who is Marilynn Keene, a French coiffeurlst is giving a new hair styling to Ruthann Lake, Yes, I do believe it is, . . yes, lt's a poodle cut, This is terrible, Lady Godiva should have kept her long hair, I think, How sweet, by the fire sits Gloria Relghel, She is Grandma Moses' great-grandmother On hef lap sits Bill Miller, her beautiful silky Persian cat, He purrs contentedly as she strokes his ears. A It seems that it is show time, Let's take time out from our tour to watch the show. Why. . . I never knew, There's Shirley Zillins and Geraldine Guren dancing around the stage. Shirley was a hula dancer, Swivel Hips by nameg and Geraldine was the first dancer at Minsky's. Bonnie, who was once a bar maid, is now serving mint julip to Richard Savoie, the former Ulysses S. Grant, leader of the Union army, Look out, Bonnie, here comes Carrie Nation, who is now Joanne Strough, She's still carrying her hatchet and tearing up the saloons. It appears that Helen Krones had an interesting life. What a flapperll Dig that Charleston!! Go gal, go. We can't forget the sports women of the preceding era. There's Sally and Julie, the first women wrestlers. All right, Sal, no illegal punches. . Oh brother, get a load of this! I I There's Joyce Hamilton gnawing on a human leg bone. I think she was a cann1baL Better still, take a gander at that painted-up witch doctor dressed in feathers. Ha, that's Don Miller trying out some of the old charms on the females. You know, I can't believe it, Nancy Schriefer always had a terrible fear of birds, but look at her over there stuffing that owl. Can you believe that she was once a bird taxldermist, Good old Roger never changed a bit, There he is, Gregor Mendel, standing in the corner still arguing 'Which came first, the chicken or the eggr' We have a baby among us, Patsy Flesher tells me that she is just now living her first life, Well, watch what you're doing with that spray gun, Patsy Leisure, I don't care if you were a cockroach exterminator in old southern mansions. Oh, oh, it looks like a brawl over by the fish pond. Who is it? What's going on? It looks as though Jack the Ripper, Howard Miller, and Mad Ludwig, Betty Keene, are having a fight. Mad Ludwig just knocked the Ripper into the fish pond. Do you remember how small Pat Woodard always was. She's here tonight, but look at the size of that woman, She's an absolute Amazon, Watch out, Jack, your wife is making time with the caveman Uggh, Dean Sjuts, inventor of the stone ax. I say, Uggh, for what purpose did you invent the ax? Yes, I agree with you, Every well-dressed caveman should carry one. These two certainly make an interesting couple, Eric the Red, and Davy Crockett. Eric, Jerry Tammen and Davy, Leroy Perzee are discussing their exploits in travel, 'Pieces of Eightl Pieces of Eight! Awk, Shrivel their bones, cut off their ears, walk the plank, Awk, Avast ye landlubbers, here comes Long John Silver. " All right, Judy Cawthon, climb up the foremast and let's have no more squawking out of you. The match-maker, Shirley Wilken, who was previously Venus, Goddess of Love, is proposing a match between Cicero, the great orator, Dale Strasma, and Joyce Decker, a Spanish woman bullfighter. If that match ever came about y Cicero would do enough talking for both of them and Joyce could be the bread' winner, Would that suit you, Dale? Amid the clatter of pails and the cry of 'Sooie Piggies, Sooie,' we see Janet John- son out slopping the hogs. In the house yard is her mother, Marlee Tholen, doing the family washing, She's gone, boyl She thinks she is the original Irish washer woman. In the distance I hear the sound of trumpets. List, I do believe they are coming nearer. It's a spectacular sight. Gerry Whittle: draws nigh in his Roman chariot, I say, Gerry, who are you supposed to be and who is that with you? Ben Hur--well who is that with you? Virginia Zachgo, what is she doing with you? Hmmm' What a screwball occupation, Do you mean to say she accompanies you on your chariot rides and continually grease the axles? I wonder where the smoke is coming from. Look, it's Gerry Orr. Run, Gerry, the revenuers are coming., Don't forget to get rid of the evidence. Here, give it to me. Who is that gaudy dame with all of the drapery over her face? Sie looks as though she might have come from Egypt, Let's listen to the conversation which she is carrying on with the man in the loincloth and the head crown, "34fqt?8zS"leff'fS"," said she, "8l'0'S'ldH?4-'8LX'S-'i2iQ7." Said he. I I don't get it. I can't understand what they're saying. Is there in interpreter in the house? I'll be, it's Ed Smith. Do you know what that Egyptian dame and the half-naked fig eater are talking about? You ought to know since you, in your other life, were a world news correspondent, Do you mean to tell me that that gaudy doll is Bea T ammen? Well, who is that guy she is talking to? Reilly, you mean Ryland Reilly? That's too bad about Bea's husband. Do you mean to say she is actually making plans with Ryland to mummify her poor deceased husband and then lay him away near the tomb of King Tut? I'm sorry, friends, but I must depart, The evening is waning and Morey Bernstein will soon be here to undo his hypnotic trance, It has certainly been an interesting and informative evening, I only regret that I must leave so soon. Perchance we shall meet again in a later life. PATRONS A, F. Kietzman, Radios, TV, Gilman Al's IGA, Gilman A8r P Store, Gilman lrends Barber Shop, Gilman Arnold Drug Store, Gilman Ben Franklin Store, Gilman Bemard Reilly, Undertaker, Gilman Bradbury Plumbing and Heating, Gilman Bradshaw Beauty Shop, Gilman Bucksteep Meat Market, Gilman Church, 0,E,, Veedol Oil, Gilman , Clyde Coyne, Gilman Conrad, E, and Son, Trucking, Gilman Dale Tammen, grains, coal and feeds, La Hogue Danforth Hatchery, Danforth Decker Electric, Danforth Douglas Twp, Library, Gilman Dr, E, V. Henderson, Gilman Dr, K, C, Rowe, Gilman Dr, K. G, Talbot, Gilman Dr, M, L, Rodda, Gilman Eden's Store, Danforth Emst and Son, Contractors, Gilman Fairview Cafe and Lounge, Gilman Farview Service Station, Gilman Farmer's Elevator, Danforth Farmers State Bank, Danforth Farr's Motel and Restaurant, Gilman Freddy Cook Shoe Shop, Gilman First National Bank, Gilman Frey Hybrids, Gilman Frobish Photo Service, Onarga Fruins's Secure Insurance, Gilman Gamble's Store, Gilman Gerdes, B. J, and Son, Contractors, Gilman Gilman Bowling Alley, Gilman Gilman Lumber Co. , Gilman Gilman Motor Co. , Gilman Gilman Sales and Service, Intemational, Gilman Gilman Star, Gilman Gray, Charles and Son, Insurance, Onarga Green Lantern, Molly and Mac, Gilman Grills, Mr. and Mrs. , Gilman Hoover Soil Service, Gilman Hubert Produce, Gilman I and D Food Market, Danforth Jones Barber Shop, Gilman Jones Dairy, Gilman Koets and Son Body Shop, Gilman Kuipers Sales, Gilman La Hogue Grocery, Orval Black, La I-logue La Verne Reitz, Gilman La Voie, Buyer of Eggs, Gilman Lewis M. Walker, Gilman Mahoney Office, Machines, Kankakee Marion Roberts, Gilman Midwest Soil Testing, Danforth Miller, Fred Raney, Gilman Miller, Ray, Chevrolet Sales, Gilman Modem Beauty Shop, Gilman Mize, Mr, and Mrs., Gilman Mulder, Albert, Gilman Palace Theater, Gilman Phillips 66, Gilman Preisser Machine Shop, Gilman Redenius and Albee, Gilman Roberts Texaco Service, Gilman Roeders Hardware, Gilman Sad Sack Drive In, Gilman Shepherd's Flower Shop, Gilman Siedentop Hardware, Gilman Siems Welding, Danforth Sager Glove, Gilman Solomon and Son, Gilman St, Peter, Frank, Trucker, Gilman Strasma's Kitchen Motels, Gilman S and S Appliance, Gilman Superway, Gilman Swede's Cafe, Gilman Truman Brown, Real Estate, Gilman Walgreen Drug Store, Gilman Walkers Egg Grading Station, Gilman Weber Real Estate, Gilman Wesley Harms, Gilman Wessel's Flying Service, Gilman Wm and D, wys Wilken, Alvin, Danforth Woolsoncroft, AG, Gilman Zeedyk Service, Gilman Walker, L,M,, Compliments of, Gilman I s w , i Q i - i f 1 , W i r 2 I - r v i 1 L, P A -i s f 1 ,.. V F ' i v w - 1 1 1 V 1 1 ' 1 1 ,' 1 - Y . I '23 A ., ' .f F" ' 1 . . -if . ' ' .K , .' r I N fn ., . W , 5 ! v, 1 , ' if 1 .' w M . . 1 .mf ,- ' Ma.-'1 , . ' ,V w 3-vii.-, . w . "fu --f 1- 'gf ::3:'g,5" ' .. , ,V L 1 ., .Q Mrk. . W Q i 1 1 s i L N I . - , 3 K 11 A Ali, f .whit ,-J' r V' aalfiszafiuw .f .c,ZQ-,.M.1Q?"J , ,fi 3 I 1 Vi J 9 I I a r 1 lm f .1 1 4-V i ' W5 1' '-4 ifl . , 1 ,K 412 , ,. Y T. I, Q, 1 Y 3 QA , I . H 'EH I1 '-2 w -F si'f?Q F 1 fgg

Suggestions in the Gilman High School - Owl Yearbook (Gilman, IL) collection:

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Gilman High School - Owl Yearbook (Gilman, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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