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2 Q V , is E 5 F. 5 53 H1 2? 'E E 5 Q 5 E E 4 QS 5 5 if 2 3 E E fs ' ' 1' 4-Es 333' ' 55132 2 'S 'S -EW, -121 '.!E1'kKI.'j5i'r"3-64.":CfS'mi'!w'?J?:"F.Qf":9F5a!S949KYE'SB2i3"i ' , .I ' ,JJEVHS-R3!.'f'B1iLw.gS"3-TaSIiiii55i 2'2tF!f55fS. 4? ' 'E 123. SZ-FSI! P37435 53 s Mom Ulu' . 923, gm, n , , iifffg N .A l if 1, ., H' .' ,, -.Iii-aY:'Qr!?33 :Q 'nm A - ES! Q- wr Ivmit . . xrk , gag Vg. r 4 i'3:?fal.e' , ' figs? . , i f gfigfgi, L - 112 ,g Q'?k1b5f:s1.:f-.f ' Q, A ,U fgqqrf gui-2Q"5 , "ffiw1r'.uz is lm 4- Q' Arif' f '- Q4x""4fr ' - i?fgfx?3's'r - . Q ' fktvivfifbfa' 7 ,1 x, k . Lf: Y-.1- jfggg 5.0.3, ng X ,af 1 -Q., .V ,...5f"i.v2. ' age-,ga , gfqg... 1' ' ft .af-w ' , ew- ' ,Kg'iaw'.,',.. iiff V 5-.. Y V A , ,,v3.,.',,1:.A5yp,L,-, 1 ' ,F Vfs,iu,cft,fgi,v , V 44 ,.,,v,Q,,N-5.1 1,3 fel' i L I 1 1 V-gy -4 X w "t 1 . 4,.. . ,, , ' ' m,.'1..:f,b4-.4 , - 1 . Q . X-f Yv-' . A-H' .JV-.mga ir, P- Ax? .5 ,- 'L fel, qi ,-Q W. 7 II, X 50,5 7' y. ,,. ,gk ,, ,g,5mm,,A nm, -v ,Q C.. f fy J.: f , Q ' 235: 53-.V l47,.t,:,-as -5 ' , . v,,,,t.f v. , 'EZ'f"?3S1:i':- . ' iii? H, ' Q' 7 1' lj F g 1 if if. ,i 'ig ,. , V T . "1-Tg'21fQ"fffr -. - ?i5.:??""A "? " if ' A ' ' i w n ,, ' Q n . A 1 s . u 1 4 ,5M,, .,,, ,X TL, ff M, LQ ','eg,.. E33 I. ,, ff J J To MISS FIDRENCE E. GREENLEAF Our former teacher, with our fond thoughts and many memo- ries, we affectionately ded- icate this 1916 Gilmanac. IX? I .L U CU 09 ab C -- . 'U rv L, te: 5 L A Q 1 fi' for 'cy '55-9 -Q' 'C Q: RUAA: gi 43' z?"'5"'5,?Q' N Rs- 00 QE w efwgg w 5 Wiaws r?,h'fC'3gd.g' 'Um' 0: S qkwo WUQQ Q O 'fy 'Nf rg, ff-lo fr1.7lf'fg"5w 5 U X 51 n .UV f Q Qgbm -A rx' zz' 5-I 'N Q7 gr -if B' W tg qi 4,7 w, 'I-1 fw G Q e 5 Jw Q Xb Cl? 5 0- I Q7 W' 3 E A 52 A Xl ,Y iw , ggiigfgf INN 5 Q P sf -1 fx S 5 1 I.. N P A? Dj f - s by '-X ISIN! 5 A W P7 W 3 rx F? fo If 7 fV' S Q 5 3 I , ,A Q7 gwlugo Q' 0 cg GJ ,Q D Q .wwf 5 U5 ,sa 6.50 f . Q 5Cwf5QQ SHSH EN Q 'Edge E ASPH SN 5 3 S imgoggw 0 gwgmi wg y ...J if ,q's7wC"8r0bQ'f'fR7 go, 1,59 49 437 gY7Q'g'-fgJ,UJ,5'jg.,,,'f-1fg'xr?dljf,g: fgfb. . - .09 fb .N -S'5fu"U5'+7O -B' 'S' ZS' "' fu'-45:7 Q'-I-1024? ,STO Q W Q 5 5 5 QQEJQQQ 5 Q 3 v Q'5 5 5 5 Q ' L27 '31 an '1' 3' 5 f Xxx Steve Wcod, Wallace Richardson, Patricia Alice Murphy, Marilyn Ryder, U3 -f-1 E v-'J e Gr Jan 11, ette R Jan J ls al e W azier, Fr t GI' ob Foster, R 45 mes, So 8 in lor Graves hn Jo 's indle, Gr SS f-4 'r"l E af no rd 'rf P4 I'-I cd S cn ,Q P as z uf 3 2 nb ai EB as 5-1 Q4 U3 ai 5 5 on Q O mi ni' E' 4-7 O L. 3 lings David Bil McGaVen, lora F . '-'- XTQT' is as W' .2 nil... me GOOD ATTENDANCE IS L HABIT Good attendance and punc- tuality are two qualities that all good school citizens pos- sess. The attendance of Gilman High School could be very much improved, but can only be done so through the effort of each and every student. It should be the pride of the individual to maintain a clean record for the school and for himself. Many students have the hab t of always being present at all types of athletic games and social gatherings. This is all very commendable but anyone would agree that tho students attendance record is far more important. Upon this the standard of thc school de- ends much as does the 'know- ledge and the good habits of punctuality. In this community the boys and girls have asgood a chance as any high school pupil to acquire an education. One of the biggest setbacks to many a young graduate is the fact that he has failed totake the interest in and make the mosteofhis educational opport- unities, Without education one cannot adequately take 'his place in this-'world of 'keen competition. So, underclassmen wake up now and realize this fact before it is too late,and be more .fair to yourself and to your school, Habit is one of the most powerful things in life. So, students, why not' make the . ""' '.-rv. ' ' f N. . . 'A -L -'- IX ff x-- g xx Q- .yy 1,4 - .K .N P . -. .l I. H L g ' sg gg SQ. lg. iwj Shy NS xx .QX gxxxx. .K X. x nxt' .I xxx. 4 cg xy KP... .X 5 xv X .Nt tx Qs txq. lg: H42 ,lv ,jfx K : XQ5- XT "-Q."-fl Q.: .- X . ,a.. " .V 'fs I nj ' ELG, :ibn tsl --' Qsi kill ' lbsfl uncle- ts.if habit having perfect attendance for Gilman High School and youre You will be the -ones of being panw'i1l and self? to benefit in the end. PATRICIA FOSTER 748 WHAT ATHLETICS MEAN TO ME Some of the most happy memories that come from my childhood are the times wheny trudging along behind my daddy, I went to the ball games. gI didnft know much about the game itself but in my eyes,all the fellows that played it were heroes. That was my first im- pression of athletes and it has stuck with me ever since. I believe that the guy who has never participated in some kind of snort has never really lived. There is a contain feeling that you get when you make a good playin a ball game that can't be experienced any- where else. Athletics is also one of the greatest.character builders there is. It is in athletics that you learn the true meaning of sportsmanship. Any man who knows Wboys will say that a good game of ball will bring outthe very best in a boy.' I think that athletics isas important as any academic subject taught in the schools, and if more boys participated in thSm,'m16WOT1d would be the better for it. LORING SOHES 748 G RADUPXTE S X914 3 Z-"X gag!! N. fl ix' i f ' If X fjilwm X RN, - - - ylfkwffwq in V gravy Qian S 6 " .-.. ,glnlh-H. W" 'good N-331 ' ,I I 42- .4 , I , ww- ..g'I' raw. Tfij., im- f ..llfgjl L 'V QA.,- .4 xx ' L 9.14555 M......CTT0 "SAILING NOT DRIFTINGH CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS YeIIow'Rose Blue and Gold CLASS ODE ' Melody: Now Is The Hour Behind we leave memories bright, But always in our hearts thoyfll stay Vivid as they are tonight. They?1l grow each hour- Each night and day. -1- For now is the hour To leave our youthful days: Soon wefll be going On our separate ways. Schoolmates, we give to You the Blue and White, Hold it forever high And shining bright. -2- Now is the hour When we must say farewell: When we shall meet again No one can tell. To all our teachers we Say a fond good-by, Thanks to you for happy days At Gilman High. ANNE WALLS 748 CLASS OFFICERS STEPHEN CARL WOOD COIIEGE PREPARATORY 'Woodie is witty and Woodie is sweet Woodie's a guy who's All Reet.n I Basketball 1, 2, 3, M3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, hs Student Council 33 Senior Play hj President 2, M3 Senior Play Publicity Committee hs Junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Bowling 23 Art Editor of Gilmanac 1, 2, 3, M3 Class Prophecy M. DOROTHY BERTHA TRACY COIIEGE PREPARATORY nDot is pretty, dainty and smart She proved she could take Eddie's heart.H Addison High School Chorus 13 Vice President 1. Morse High School Physical Education 23 Latin Club 2. Gilman High School Cheerleader 3, M3 Secretary 3, M3 Junior Speaking 33 Senior Play kj Junior Prom Decorating Committee 33Chairman Class Trip Fund M3 Salutatory. ROGER SMITH RICHARDSON GENERAL nRoger is good natured and sweet as can be That's our Rog, yes-sir-ee.u Basketball 1, 2, 3, M3 Vice President hs Baseball, 1, 2, 3, My Senior Play M. PATRICIA MARY FOSTER COMMERCIAL uPat is a whiz on the basketball floor And as for the boys-well, tell me more.H Treasurer 3, M3 Basketball l, 2, 3, hi Softball l, 3, M3 Senior Play kj Junior Speaking 33 School Bookkeeper 33 Band l, 23 Shorthand Penmanship Award 33 Foul Shooting Contest 23 Junior Prom Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 33 Editor-in-Chief of Gilmanac M. S 4 1 L4 54 KENNETH ROGER ABBOTT INDUSTRIAL ARTS nHappy Abbott is his name 1 He does well in every game.n Treasurer 25 Baseball l, 2, 3, M. DAVID RITHCIE BILLINGS COLLEGE PREPARATORY ll David is the witty guy, we all know He loves the girls, but why so slow?" Basketball Manager 2, 35 Band l, 23 Glee Club l, 23 Student Council 2, 3, N3 Bowling 23 Photography Editor of Gilmanac U-3 Class Marshall 2 3 Senior Class Marshall 33 Stage Manager of Senior Play Mg Gifts. ' ROBERT HOWARD FRAZIER COLLEGE PREPARATORY "Bobby is efficient, smart and shy And his motto is 'Do or Die.'H Band l, 2, 33 Baseball 3, U3 Business Manager of Gilmanac M3 Head Usher 3, 743 Bowling 23 Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3. JANE BARBARA QANT COMMEIRCIAL nMuff is hooked, so they say ' May she always be happy a.nd gay." Basketball l, Mg Cheerleader 2, 3, hi Glee Club lg Alumni Editor of Gilmanac Mg Girls' Athletic Association 35 Vice President lg Property Manager of Senior Play 1+ g Soft Ball 1: 3, M- N JOHN HOWARD GRAVES INDUSTRIAL ARTS uChummy, we call him Sonny, too Which means a buddy through and through." Baseball 2, 3, M3 Bowling 23 Property Manager of Senior Play M3 Joke Editor of Gilmanac M3 Junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Usher 3. LAWRIS EDWARD GRAVES INDUSTRIAL ARTS HBroz is the quiet, polite sort of guy At basketball we rate him as mighty high.H Basketball 1, 2, 3, H3 Bowling 23 Student Council l3 Secre- tary 2s Exchange Editor of' Gilmanac M. MILES KING GRINDLE COMMERCIAL "Miles is our 'Buddy' he Just came back He loves to play ball, then hit the sack." Plainville High School Baseball lg Basketball 1, 23 Wrestling 23 Chess 23 Physical Education l, 23 Bowling Club l, 23 Boys' Cooking Club 23 Art Club l. Gilman High School Baseball 3, E3 Basketball 3, ll-j Senior Play M3 Art Editor of Gilmanac M3 Student Council M3 Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3. RUSSELL GORDON MANCHESTER GENERAL "G1oomy came back to graduate Typing for the Seniors was his fate." Play ls Physical Education l, 23 Gilmanac Essay Contest 33 Bar Harbor Playhouse Contest 33 Literary Editor of Gilmanac I+: Us So J+h"J+6o FLORA ELIZABETH MCGAVEN COIIEGE PREPARATORY HFlora has a perfectly jolly time She is full of laughs, that seem to chime.H Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Junior Prom Refreshment Committee 33 Odds and Ends of Gilmanac H3 Property Manager of Senior Play M. ALICE GERTRUDE MURPHY GENERAL nAlice is quick, efficient and funny, As a cheerleader, she's everyone's honey.N, Basketball Manager hs Cheerleader 3, N3 Senior Play N3 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Alumni Editor of Gilmanac H3 Secretary of Glee Club 33 Junior Prom Publicity Com ittee 33 Junior Speaking 33 Treasurer of Girls' Athletic Association 33 School Book- keeper 33 Veledictory M. WAIIACE MOORE RICHARDSON, JR. INDUSTRIAL ARTS NSnapp hails from Otter Creek That's what makes him such a shiek.n Baseball 3, M3 Glee Club 23 Boys' Sports Editor of Gilmanac M3 Bowling 2. JAN TTE MARIE RUMILL GENERAL NJay is the happy-go-lucky gal She's liked by all, and everyone's pal.u Basketball 2, 3, M3 Cheerleader 3, hi School Bookkeeper M3 Student Council U3 Senior Play A3 Softball l, 3, N3 Girls' Athletic Association 33 Basketball Award for Most Improved Player 33 Junior Prom Publicity Com ittee 33 Literary Edi- tor of Gilmanac M. DONALD R. SEAVEY INDUSTRIAL ARTS HDuck Seavey, so they say' Is a holy terror night and day." Basketball M3 Baseball 3, M. NATHAN ROBERT SMALLIDGE GENERAL ' uNate is good looking, dark and tall And he is liked by one and all." Bowling 23 Band. 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Gilmanec Exchange Editor A4-3 Junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Usher 3, l+. CHAUNCEY LORING SOMES COLIEGE PREPARATORY nThey call him Chink, don't ask me why, He has a motto, 'Do or Die.'u Basketball l, 2, 3, M3 Baseball 2, 3, M3 Public Speaking 23 Junior Speaking 33 Band l, Senior Play N3 Glee Club l, 33 President of Glee Club 33 Student Council 33 Assistant Edi- tor-in-Chief of Gilmanac M. RAMONA THERESE SPRAGUE COMMERCIAL HRamona is a friend to all, With hair of red, she's cute, not tal1.n Bar Harbor High School Glee Club 1, 23 Physical Education l, 2. Gilman School lst Prize Junior Speaking 33 Stage Manager of Senior Play 3+ 3 Joke Editor of Gilmanac 1+ 3 Junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Gifts. l U 1 P: ,, ii si La r 1 ANNE DUNBAR WAIIS GENERAL HA tricky gal of the Senior Class, She makes a hit with every lass."X National Honor Society 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 1+ 3 Cheerleader 2, 3, 7-L3 Head Cheerleader 3, 1-L3 Vice President 33 Student Council 2, 143 Senior Play 743 2nd Prize Junior Speaking 33 Public Speaking 23 Soft Ball 3, 143 Business Manager of the Gilmanac M3 Captain Magazine Drive M3 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 33 Prize Speaking, 3rd, University of Me. 33 Honor Essay. 3 GALEN LEE WRIGHT INDUSTRIAL ARTS NGalen is the silent partner of the class He's as quiet to the lad as he is to the lass." Stage Manager of Senior Play I+. 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ' We, the Class cf 1948, Gilman High School, Northewm Har- bor, Town of Mount Desert, County of Hancock, and State of Maine being of legal age and sound minds and memory, do make, publish, and declare this our Last Will and Testament, here- by revoking and annulling any and all Wills by us heretofore mU.d6 0 We bequeath David B1llings's ability to crack cornyjokes to Tom y Graves, who is interested in becoming a comedirn,and we hope he brings as much laughter to the school as Daviddid. We bequeath Patricia Foster's ability to sink at least five baskets in a game " We bequeath Flora Harriet Higgins and we to Ruthie chase. y McGavcn's love of the Irvine twins t9 hope she keeps them as happy. We bequeath Loring Somes's ability to get Mr. Carter off the subject to Dale. By the way'Dale, you might use your di- plomacy with those Friday tests! We bequeath Roger since there is nothing family. v ' We bequeath Alice planning to be a chef, already him.. We Taylor. for the We a much better eook,if you don't Richardson's good disposition to Paul like keeping all good things in the to Lewis Moore. He's all know Lewis dis believe it... justask Murphy's cooking you'know, But we bequeath Robert Frazier's managing ability to Robert Frazier has always looked after every little detail progress of Gilman. bequeath Anne Walls's literary ability toSylviaIkuris and if she does as well as Anne'has, she'll make great con- tributions to the yearbook and all the other activities. N We bequeath Wallace Richardson's ability to talk2DOwords a minute to Donnie Grindle. KIt's Snap's defense against women., ' We bequeath Miles McKay and it is a way! Grindle's way with Miss Rydertm Billy Oh, yes, Billy, you can slip a grad- uation picture to her--same as Miles's did, too. We bequeath Stove' Wood's ability to go steady with' two girls at the same time, to John Walls. lThere's quite a trick to 1t.J F We bequeath John Graves's baseball ability to nEbbenWkm- nald-who as you know is the athletic type--to the extreme! 'We bequeath Nate Smallidge's Wave Set to Edgar Walls, It is'N:te's secret to nThe Hair You Love To Touch.' X We bequeath Jane Grant's ability to flirt to Jeanne Cos- ton-we know Jeanne won't have any trouble getting the boys, We bequeath Lawrie Graves' basketball ability to Snicker Damon. If he uses it as well as Broz has, he will be a very successful man on the team, We bequeath Donald and hope that Wally can Sesvey's funny laugh to Wally Reed get as many laughs as Duck has. We bequeath Kenneth Abbott's pitching arm to Sonny'Canms hoping that he will put We bequeath Gordon it to as good use as Hap has. Manchester's typing speed to Norman Walls knowing he will use it to an advantage as Gloomy has. We bequeath Galen Wright's noisy and boisterous ways' to Frederick Billings, hoping he can have as much fun as Galen hflso We'bequeath Janette Rum1ll's sewing skill to Isabelle Pinkham, hoping the skill stays in Seal Harbor after Jay goes to Farmington.- We bequeath Dot Tracy's dainty ways to Mary Richardson hoping that Mary can be We bequeath Ramona worth, only hoping that ' IN WITNESS WHEREOF Last Will and Testament A,D. 1948. as ladylike as Dot is. Sprague's quiet ways to Marion Went- Marion will calm down like Ramona. we hereunto set our hands on this our at Northeast Harbor, this June 13,- THE CLASS OF 1948 gr, To the Seniors of 348 This year--your last at Gilman High Has been just leads of-fung And we, whefll stay when you depart, Will certainly miss each one! So long to Miles, our Carnival Kingg Se long to Dot, his Queen And adios to Chinx and Steve, With a basketball, theyfre meanl And hereis the time to say adieu To Anne and Pat and'Janeg - Too, champions of basketball Who, off the floor, raise cainel Good-by to Roger with his looks, To Flora, with her weighty To Alice, Hornets' managerg Our seniors really rate, Good luck to Frazier with his tricksg To Snap and his pitchin! armg Ramona--with her writinf flairg May they never come to harm, The best to NMusclesn Abbottg Janette, who loved to cheery Gloomy, with his Utwinkle-toesu, We lose alot this year. Success to David with his gring To Sonny, on first base, To Galen with his atomg May they place well in the Races We'11 miss Nate and his fishinl nDuck Seavey and his eyesg Broz and his personality, More than we realizes So we, your underelassmates 'Ere Kelley rings the bell, Say to each and every senior, An affectionate uFare wellin Sylvia-Lee Harris i4 Name Kenneth Abbott David Billings Patricia Foster Robert Frazier Jane Grant John Graves Lawris Graves Miles Grindle Russell Manchester Flora McGaven Alice Murphy Wallace Richardson Roger Richardson Janette Rumill Donald Seavey Nathan Smallidge Loring Somes Ramona Sprague Dorothy Tracy ' Anne Walls Steve Wood Galen Wright SENIOR Nickname llrlappyll WPatU llBob ll "Muff" NSonnyn nBrozn uKingn WGloomyn HFlodieU nAlicen usnapn ll ROS N nJayn nDuckH nNateW nChinkn nMonan il Do t H URedn Wwoodien nGibon Advise StudyeHarder Join the Army Watch that temper Slow Down I Get a Rlymouth Find a Woman Get a car Get a new Route Watch'that new look! Hang on to Coleman Easy on the Chevy Stay off Motorcycles Watch the women Get Some Sleep More work,less play Get some Wave-set Use a Mask! Learn to Cook Get Married Settle D0wn Get a New Line Wake Up SUAQJQS QVQQ S Pet Expression Self Estimate 'Watch that Stuffn Pretty Nice! nSuzzien Nobody Better UDevi1n I'm O.K. nHi Theren nOh Heckn nGee Whizn 'UWha t " nUhI Huhln nSee that new Lookn nGeezn nAre you Kiddin'n nThats what you Thinkn UMy Goshln IIA!-leer!! nShut ya' Mouthn Usoondien nShootn nRea11y?n uHonest?n WRoger Dodger NComing Ebwn Soonn NI don't know The last Word I'll get By' Oh Boy! Fair Not Much The last Word Nobody to Match Me Well Now! I don't think, I know Hm-m-ml Not Bad Hot Stuff Simply Marvelous Near Perfect Not Bad The Best All Rest! Cockin' Nice I'1l Pass Unlikely Future Flute Player Second John D. Old Maid Grease Monkey School Teacher Baseball Player Bachelor Clamdigger Toe Iencer Baby Sitter Lady of Leisure Orator Typist Singer Professor Au ther' Food Sampler Old Maid Man Hater Bookkeeper Minister Civics Teacher ' 1 x L , , I, f -Q If - f ' , x v . J 'P --- N ,' 1 1 F ' ' I ' 0 v A ' l 0 Q , . I . 1 """" I 1 .--.J..i.L.TL.. ' I I L..7..i....... , I I Q M xg. "' "W" "" "' f " f "W" '-A - - Y - XA J 1 J 'T WL, ' 1' , " S I! - V Q X N....a-Q! X 6 Q ,.. -ff. 5- ' . D Q-J 1 4,4- ,.-:N fxx vi... h ',l.xJff.x xl V . Cx xx tW.Nq4- r --..-Q--.xqxx , vi X. .. ' - , I .3 -.xjq-,-wi-x WN .X ,Q 3.-X.-1-,xx ' 'MX - ,N-,.,,-,NY , - x --3 -. ., -Q,-:cj:QQQQ-5:--tk--PES. .--SXQQQQQ:gbixikb-' - X '. .5 I ,x.g.5x:3--it-.:':,,g:Ty'gf: f x- 332:-F3 Ng--fax .M wx. NX. xx. A,.,,,xs,Nx-AX.: xi sv, . .QSXQXXX Q u .s. . -N -5.-.'.x. .s,,- . ., N, X ...nxt XA, .RAW 9.-ph, , xx. 2 'WP ' ' 1if'-fm:-N-9 '-X-Q53-' -' 1:-:-N' xi-.Q-ix 7 , f f Y- ' J-r - --, ,, z , fl Rx l L f- 1 I"4 QD U - -----A- ---..-- --Y.....,.., fk XI 5 mf 1- gy XT , QQ ATING CLASS Roger Richardson, Steve Wood, Alice Murphy, Patricia Foster, FRONT ROW: Rumill. ette Jan 8.Cy, Dorothy Tr Flora McGaven, Wallace Richardson, Jane Grant, Ramona Spragpe, SECOND ROW: SS Grav is Ianr ls e Wal A Ioring Somes, Miles Grindle, Seavey, ld Wright, Dona GR Graves, Gal hn Jo W: RO I' 118 obert F R SS: llidge, David Billin han Sma eth Abbott, Nat Kenn 95 Try: --. ,fi 4 ff' 5 A . ' 2 f V? ruff?--x , w Q Q It JUNIOR CLASS NOTES U - At the opening of.the school year, the Junior Class had an enrollment of twenty-one students, nine girls and twelve boys, ' ' A Our first meeting was held with the following officers elected: A' ' f gl ' , Presidente-------Paul'Richardson Q Vice President---fDonald Grindle ' Q 'Secretary ---- --SylviaeLee Harris Treasurer- ------ Robert Smallidge f- . v-W V - , -The,Junior Classis allowed three delegates to the Student Councilg .Those o1octod'wor6iHary Gunn ningham, Robert Taylor, and George McKay. 'Miss Ryder-was chosen as our Class Adyisor, .b - nqThe following boys and girls participated in athletics: " ' .' ' 'e,, ' 4 ' "' Q Robert ,,., Smallidge Paul Richerdson,:. 4 Donald Grindle, IsaEelle Pinkham' George McKay H Carolyn Buzzell , , Jeenne.CostonfandSylvia-Lee Harris represent- ed our class as Cheerleaders. ' ' t 'Public speaking was held. on may 4,,w1t1enQbert Smallidge and Paul Richardson as contestsntsg The annual Junior Prom was held on May 7, at thejNeighborhood Hall with George FiShCT1S7QTCkGS- tra furnishing the music. A good time was enjoyed by everyone, This ended our activities' for our class this year. I hope to see you all beck next fall to take up your duties as dignified Seniors, A PAUL RICHARDSON 749 I SOPHOMCRE CLASS NOTES At the opening of school this year our class had an enrollment of thirty-five students,twenty- three boys and twelve girls. Soon after school started, we lost from our class Alton Pinkham. We were sorry to lose oneof our members but we still have the largest class at Gilman. At our first class following officers: President - - Vice President Secretary - - Treasurer -,- meeting, we elected. the - Steven Damon Malcolm Graves - -Lewis Moore Stetson Carter Mr. Coates was chosen as our Class Advisor. Betsy Bryant, Ruth Chase, and Nancy Graves represented our class as cheerleaders.w Junior Speaking was opened to all the school this year. Marilyn Jordan and Dale Somes were chosen from our class. Two members from our class were chosen to rep- resent the Student Council. They were, Ruth Chase and Fredrick Billings. , Fifteen members of our class went out for basketball. They were: Katheryn Dodge Ruth Chase Betsy Bryant Mary Graves Ida Leonard Barbara McCrae . Geraldine Merchant Marion Wentworth 5 Walter Wright Robert Suminsby Dale Somes Earnest Smallidge Thomas Grave: Lawrence Cousins Robert Walls ' STEVEN DAIMON u '50 FRESHMAN NOTES When school opened this year, there were 14 girls and 15 boys in the Freshman class. We are sorry to have lost John Lanpher since then. At the first class meeting the following of'- ficers were electedg President ---- Donald Freeman Vice President ---- John Walls Secretary - - - - -Jean Graves Treasurer - - - - - Lillis Joy Our class elected John Smallld e to our mem- ber in the Student Council. We chose Mr. Coates as our Class Advisor. The Freshman boys who played basketball this year were: John Smallidge John Halls Sheldon Damon William Kimball Ronald Dickey William VonDemel1 The Freshman girls who played basketballwere: Janet Freeman . 'Jean Graves Marie Gott Ruth Frazier DONALD FREEMAN '51 FRONT SECOND THIRD FRONT SECOND TFIRD FOURTH FRONT SECOND THIRD FDTRZY ROW: ROW: ROW ROW ,.'OTIRTI?i., Q HOW ROW ROW ROW R OW ROW ROW ROW CLXSS OF 1949 Walton Reed, Harold Coombs, George McKay, Randall Reed. Valerie Frye, Dfmo?.dlGrindla I?au1Riehardson, Rob- ert Smallidge,Sy1viamLce Harris, Carolyn Buzzell. Shelia Carter, Dora Wright, Mary Cunningham, Jean Coston, Isabelle Pinkham, Charlene Carter. James Bowden, Normmu1Walls,.Allan Cousins, Stephen Smallidge. lv A I CLJSS OF 1950 Frederick Billings, Lawrence Jdrdan, Edward Kellqg Thomas Graves, Ernest Smallidge, Ralph Tracy. Ruth Chase, Betsy Bryant, Stetson Carter, Stephen Damon, Lewis Moore, Malcolm Graves, Nancy Graves, Mary Graves. Barbara McCrae, Katheryn Dodge, Mary Richardson, Geraldine Merchant, Edgar Calls, Ihdwin Davis 5 Marilyn Jordan,PaulineGrindle, Varion Wentwerti, Ida Leonard. Coleman Irvine, Allan Fernald, Dale Somes, Robert- Walls,Frmnk Jordan, Albert Allen, Robert Summine- by, Walter Wright. CLASS OF 1951 William Kimball, Carl Irvine, Frank Pinkham, Ron- ald Dicky, Sturges Turnball. Marie Gott, Janet Freeman, Dolores Coombs, Shir- ley'Kelley, Donald Freeman, Pauline Tracy, Lillis Joy, Jean Graves. Harriett Higgins, Ruth Frazier, Hildred Partridge, Mary Jane Phillips, Phyllis Gray, Barbara Blanch- ard, Priscilla Ashley. Arthur Grindle, Clayton Crocker, John'Ferna1d,John Smallidge, John Jordan, Sheldon Damon, John Walls. JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE C LASS FRESHMAN CLASS .A ap. 1. W. -fun V A - GILMAN The school, itself, is a thing of material- wood, matter, brick and stone. A humble ,school, waiting to be replaced by a bigger and better building. It stands alone and aloof on a hill surrounded by green grass. Not beautiful, not ug- ly. Just a simple building, standing for what it is, a school house. - But inside, on days when it is bursting atthe seams, because itfs snowing or raining outside,one suddenly realizes the material side of this build- ing is very unimportant. . The things that go on inside this building are exciting, educational, and sometimes funny! We are like a big happy family here, sharing all our troubles, joys, and knowledge, We look to our teachers for guidance, and we look to our school- mates fer the most precious thing, friendship. Thus the old building stands with tradition and level May the spirit of Gilman and its tradi- tions be transferred to the new Mount Desert High School to be cherished and fostered in the genera- tions te come. TO THE FACULTY . THE FACULTY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of going to school, but of course, we all wish it weren't. Most of us are very unapbd reciative we know but really, we don't mean to be, For a description of the teachers: There's Mr. Kelley who is liked by' one end all. He's the one who has to give everyone lectures. When he stands up in front of .the school everyone shrinks back, but we all know he's only doing his duty. Mr. Carter is the only - teacher in Gilman who has tests every'Fr1day. How' we love to wnlk into his classes and see those colorful words on the boards. Mrs. Herrick is the best English .ten- cher we know. She tries in vain to teach for Ls it learnl us the use .of all those foolish parts of speech. Never an argument does she have. , ..Miss Ryder is next on the agenda and she is new in our school. Her winning smile and quiet ways always seem to win much friendship for her. 'But that Junior Book- keeping class. Oh! Poor Miss Ryder. Next comes the St. Louis Card1na1's scout, Mr. Coates. He has been here for only two years but with his corny jokes and friendly way he has no trouble with any of his classes. But, Oh! how excited he gets at those basketball,games3 sea Mrs. Kenney struggling along with her cheerleaders and Home Ee. seems. to get by with the best of them. She has some 'Q job with those fickle girls. -l 1 to m very Ct Mr. Solisbury, who teachers the boys how ke round holes in a square block is a quiet man. We girls don't ever see him around, those lucky boys! This is our faculty and we Seniors think they're grand. Some day we hope we can prove to them just how much they really did teach us. JANE GRANT '48 GIIMAN HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY SEATED: Grace Herrick, Carl Kelley, Marilyn Ryder, Pearl Kinney. STANDING: Roy Salisbury, Harland Carter, Don Coates ls f, ONE ACT PLAY i - The one act play nTeen Magicu was sponsored by the class of l949 this year. They first presentw ed it at the Seal Harbor Neighborhood HOUSGCX1MaPCh 17 for thc'benefit of the class fund. On March 19 this group of Gilman act- ors journeyed to Southwest Harbor to compete in a contest against Lubec,Pems etic and Bar Harbor, The members of the cast want to congratulate Pemetic and Bar Harb-:xr on their ae' cellentzperformance. The characters consb isted of Bliss Hartley, played by Dale Somes, who found he could never keep a secret from his family, especially his- daughter, His'daughter, Wendy Hart- ley, played by Sylvia- Loe Harris, suspected a change in the devotion between her father and mother, Juliet Hartley, who was played by Anne Walls.Wendy then proceeded to find out what was going on all found out by snooping from be- hind a screen. Buck Harte ley, her brother, playedby Robert Smallidge, also sus- pected something but was kept in the dark most of the'time. Mrs. Mary Hart- ley, B1issJs chalmirlgmother played by Jane Grant, came with the news that her son was borrowing thousands of dollars. Juliet 'thought it unbelievable but knew that it must be the truth. During, their 'discussion, Harriet Marble, played by Dorothy Tracy, came with the news that Bliss wasgp- ing on a trip. She said that Bliss had bought tic- kets and luggage. Juliet was astonished and bewild- ered. Bliss receives aphone call and discusses Uingelu over it. Juliet and Wendy then plot to make him for- got about nAngel.n Greer Brentwood' enact- ed by Jeanne Coston,sporks up the play with a bit of flirting with both the son and father of the family. Finally comes Tyrone Cooperz enacted by Paul Richardson, a star ofstage and,screen to get mixed up in the scheme which Wendy plots. She announ- ces to Bliss that Tyrone has come to see Juliet who was once engaged to him. This big lie astonishes B1iss'and makes him ,very angry. y when Juliet appears, dressed in1Mn'mKming dress and her hair in an upsweep tho whole story comes to a climax and reveals that Uingeln is not another wo- man but an airplane which Bliss had bought in order to make a profit mdth.which to take Juliet on a trip, The curtain finally falls on a happy scene of a happy family, . SENIOR PLAY The class of 1948 ore- sented its annurl slay oroduc- tion after the Christmas ve- cstion at the Seul ,f+Hsrbor Neighborhood Hall. The play chosen was nNild Autumnu. It was s story full of good humor and interesting situations. v The olav concerned the worshisinc love or Mrs. Mellon to her three children.The pert of the mother, Mrs. Mallon,wss olaved by Anne walls.Her three children, a big football hero beck from college for Thanks- givina vacation was none other than Loring Somes, her daufht- er, e teleohone ooerstor, who finds life too funny for words was Janette Rumill. Her young- est was none other than uncom- Uarable Miles Grindle, playing the naughty little bov whojust loves to drive the family cer and finally tries to climb a tree with it. D The play consisted ofcon- tinual innidsntt that seemed to be untangible, yet the end- ing found everyone heavy. Donald,Grindle played the pert of the daughters favorite bovfriend. He was a Hfrease- monkey", who Jer-sisted in being engared to his girl, but with no luck. ' Dick'sCfootbsll herolgirl was olayed well bv Pat Foster. She finds thstD1ck hs-soutgrown her and all her friends,so she returns his fraternity Jin and walks out with his own friend, Steve Vood. Steve plavs the part of on uo endcoming author who has sharn wits ss well as eyes, He welcomes Connieto his consolinp side and tells her of his troubles, which concern the rich and lovwlv .Barbara Csroente!, Cplsved br Dorothy Tracvl. Barbara has completly ignored Steve and has hooked Dick, who accents her invite- tions to ther-fancy -teas and dances at the Country Club. This situation creates a vicious circle which Mother does not like. She is consoled bv her sister-in-lsw,Cetherine Mellon, an old-maid school teacher folaved verv tell by Alice Murnhyl ,who tells her that Dick will come down to earth soon end to be patient. " The conclusion finds them a vesr later all hawuv andcon- tent after Mr. Carqenterloley- od by Roger Richardson! has offered Dick r wood job in his shoe fcctorv and Dick acceots after hsvinf felled'ss a coach at college. Dick, and Connie came back tcaether,Farbcra and SidnevRStevc7 contentwitn each other and Tommy with 9 broken arm and frrctured'skull .feel- ing like a hero. 1 NQTION L HOKOR SOCIETY N Throughout the U.S.A., in high schools 'lsrge and small the National Honor Society re- mains to be the societr of the highest standards and respect. There are four factors of which the Society demands the student to have in order tote- come a member of the National Honor Society.' These 'factors fre Ghsrrcter, Leadership, Co- coeraticn and Scholrrshio. In our smfll school each vefr we ere unable to have ian active Society becfusc of the smell number which bzlwngtoit. In the Junior clzss onlvcnc is usucllv elected 'nd in theScn- ior clfss only three :rc elcce ted. Although wc src notnctivc we realize the honor bestowed upon us end shell carrv itwith us wherever we go. if Bai Q NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY SEATED: Janette Rumill, Paul Richardson, Anne Walls. STANDING: Dorothy Tracy, Patricia Foster. SENIOR PLAY SEATED: Loring Somes, Alice Murphy, Anne Walls, Janette Rumill, Steve Wood. STANDING: Roger Richardson, Dorothy Tracy, Miles Grindle Donald Grindle, Patricia Foster. x g,giQ:q3.3 .V1E, D km ?WQ K ,:52:EiE',' I- ,,, Q-ig'-F 1 x5"""i: WX35 Ny : MM Qx F Nr .--" "i"f" 469 Vxr L' U 5 1,55 .Wi Mme -as i HQ ' IJ? ' y U 1 'AA TERATURE LLUNQEMBM This year the Class of 1948 sponsored a HGil- manac Literary Contestn in which a large majority of the students of Gilman participated. Mrs. Grace Herrick judged the entries and chose the following pieces: FIRST PLACE How Green Was My Island --------------- John Walls SECOND PLACE The Locket ---- - ----------------------- Anne Walls THIRD PLACE Brief Encounter ----- ----------- Sylvia-Lee Harris We wish to thank all participants for their cooperation in making this contest a great success LITERARY EDITORS Janette Rumill Gordon Manchester HON GREEN WAS MY ISLAND From the day of my birth She has cradled meg ' A bit of Godis earth, In a silvery sea. Her lakes shine and sparkle, Her little streams rung The hills lift their peaks To the rising sun, How oft have I wandered, My fish rod in hand,d Among the green woods Of my dear native land, A chipmunk, or rabbit, Surprised at his play, Or a shy little deer Would go bounding away. And wars and disaster, And other things vile Seemed far, far removed From my beautiful isle. But one night I saw her, A land sore distressed, In garments of red flame My Island was dressed, Green.hillsides blackened, Gray chimneys above Mar many a spot In the land that I love. But, boys, wefll stay with her Stick by her, and then, We'll work 'till our Island Is all green again. JOHN WALLS 252 THE LOCKET Jonathan Mills ,admired the locket that he held.iu his hand as he led the Jersey hef- fer out to the pasturco He would give Jane, his lovely wife, the locket at dinner time when little June and George would be there, The pictures in the locket showed Juneis and Georgels 'happy faces smiling brightly, It was their tenth wedding anniv- ersary and Jonathan had always locket promised Jane a golden on their tenth anniversary. As he left the Jersey grazing in the field he not- iced . g jgroup of nRcd Coatsn walking down the dusty road, not far from him. He hated the thought of the URed Coatsu raiding his farm of all the food he and Jane had saved for the coming winter. He thought perhaps if he went toward the open field they might believe hdshouse was across the field, behind the weeds. But before he could lead them'astrayy,one of the HRed Coatsu hailed him with a gruff voice. nYou, sin you must know your way around here. Direct us to the river and tell us how to sail through these rocky straights of Cas- Q N' Jonathan was relieved that they wouldnft go near his heme if he directed them elsewhere. Anxiously he replied, Hlndeed I do know the direction and I know the straight well...H Before he could say more, two of the gruff men had grab- bed Jonathan by each arm and began to drag him ruthlessly in the direction of the shore, nI'll direct you, sirlu Jonathan repeated. - UYou!ll sail us out of f this lonesome, Godufersakcn place. By the grace of our Lord only, did we make those straights coming in. Wevro hungry and home-sick and you know this rugged country and shore. You, my good man shall sail us home! Englandln ' PART II Jane wondered often if it had been that unimcortant lit- tle argument that she had had with Jonathan that made him go away. Or perhaps life with her and the two ebildren had been too much. ind then again, be- cause he had' beer such a per- fect husband, she wouldnft al- low herself to think those terrible things.'She convinced herself, no less, that the man she loved was dead. Perhaps he 'had slipped as he walked along the rocky shore of Castine. That would be fatal in itself, falling from those steep crags. It had happened before. The body being washed away with the tide Neverthe- less no matter whatlnuihappen- cd to her husband,slmawas left alone with two children, a gan den and a hcffcr to care fer. Ten long years found her in- a woman looking forty-five stead of thirty-five and in deep need of the companionship of a husband. She married Bart Berry, the grocer, who had looked out for trying days. her during her She new had a child by Bart and 'they lived on her little farm, she, the three children and Bart, It was ten years later and Jane was in the yard hang. ing out the clothes as she saw a ragged, boarded man coming down the dusty road toward the children as they played by the pasture. 4 Sho took little' notice, for there were many travelers that passed that waygbut semen thing made her wonder who this man was. The man talked awhile to the children and then,aft0r as while he turned and went back from whence he came. Jane saw the 'children looking at something he had handed them. Little Mary ran across the field with it in her hand. A locket was Placed in Janofs hand.. A golden locket UAll out!U lhat, no Gilia that when opened held two pic- tures, one of a very small boy and one of a very small girl. Jane held.the locket close to her heart as she watched a bearded man walk out of her sight and out of her life. ANNE WALLS '48 BRIEF ENCOUNTEH Onetdmel met a live scor- pion. I can't say I met lan face to face, because he was back-to me, which, by the way, is a very advantageousposition for a scorpion. Le were traveling merrily across the Arizona desert,that hot, dry, arid land of Gilia monster, tarantulas, and scor- pions. It was night, and Dad was tired of driving, which is very conprehezsibl Dag the fact that drivln pret,y ste eight o'clock that he would prefer to he fell asleep at , consider- e had oeen dily since morning las drive until the wheel, rather than let Mother take overj. So we stopped, just as the ngolden sunnwas setting in the ngolden westuin a blaze of ugolden gloryh. There were four of us,and the car had a front seat and a back seat, sosomeone was going to have to get chummy with the wildlife. .40 'Hon, tnau's all righth, laughed mother gaily, uWe'll, all sleep outlu The nerve, the very NERVE of her! DnhEjD if I was going to bed down under the hestern starsh! I much preferred the good steel top of our Buick, plus the added advantages of one good sturdy gnaw--proof floor and four good sturdygnaw proof steel sides. nCuddle upwith the rattle snakes if you want toln, I at once cried. Ulake up tomorrow morning with one around your neck! Go aheadlu h UI willn, replied Mother. SHE wasn't worried. We'd never have the luck loan you beat that, the LUCKID to even catch a glimpse of one of those in- teresting little creatures!! Chhat kinda luck is she talk- ing about?J WE'D NEVLH SEE A ONE. Gi nc! That only happens to people in starr books,KYeah and to several hundred others every year. I get into the back seat and rolled up in a scratchyold khaki olanlet. Ji1, doubtless entertaining morbid thou hts ef his mother weeping over his poor inert little forn,crawled The rest into the front seat. of the family prepared totrave the wllds of prim tiveArizona. Next morning, the Ugolden sunu rose in the ngolden Nestu in all its ngolden 5loryu. monster, tarantulcs, or scor- pions?n HCone 'ereH, yelped Jim. Continued -40 There he was, about 'twm feet from the car -- a hideous little leaf-green scorpion? Uhell, welln, grinnedlrd. UIsn't he cute?H, cried Hother,and wondered why I,toc, didn't LO into ecstasies over the sweet little thing. Jim grve him alittle poke with a stick, and the little monster curled his posterior over his anterior and he high- tailed it for the nesquite.The incident soon ceased to be a topic of conversation--but we slept in tourist camps therest of the trip. Sylvia-Lee Harris THOUGHTS OF CHAMPLAIN One night just before the frosts came, the girls and I, having rolled our sleeping gear around our o breakfast, hiked down to where it is be- lieved that Champlain first landed. We spent the night on the ledges that jut out into the rolling surf. Our sleeping bags were spread under a big fir tree, thanks to Mother Nature for having put it there for both our sleeping comfort and for the beauty of the Island. I have learned in the pastsmmrer that it is very unusual for fir trees to line the Maine coast as they do here on Mount Desert Island, We laughed and sang as we sat around the campfire we had built to keep away the flying pests, namely black flies and mosquitoes. Finally one by one we crawled into our sleeping bags, hoping that a stormwould not steal in during the night as our main purpose for spend- ing the night on hard rockswas to observe the beauty of the sunrise, This proved to be a per- fect place to spend the night as 'the dream I had was fantastic, It was almost dawn. The moon was just slipping downbe- hind the barren mountains. The cars of the dorey dipped inami out of the water silently as Samuel De Champlain andthe re- mainder of his crew glidedover the still water. In the lull of earlynnrn- ing the occupants ofthis craft were entranced by theperpetual wonders of this new land, The bare mountain.tops had been visible for many miles away. Then as they drew nearer they were astonished to find that the dark shadows that crept down from the mountain tops were not shadows but a great mass of evergreens. These tall trees stood in formation along the rock bound shore as if to guard the land from any danger that might arise. A monument stood for many years on this point, On the front side it readg mln honor of Samuel De Champlain, born in France, 1567, died at Quebec, 1635, a soldier, sailor, explorer and administrator 'who gave this island its name.H The following selection was taken from Champlain's Journal Sept. 5, 1604, and in- scribed on the opposite sideof the monument: HThe same day we passed also near an island about four or five leagues very highi note so as to appear like a range cf' mountains close Q. long. is ed in places, from the sea seven orfeight together, The summits of ost of them are bare of trees, for they are nothing but rock I named it the Island ef Desert Mountains. il 1' I could hear footsteps. I opened my eyes to find that it was not the great explorer at all, but one of the girls arousing us to watch the beau- tiful sunrise. I was very disappointed to find that the monumtrt that had been unveiled in memory of the discoverer of our lani had been moved te a higgso point, now known as Icy Kilim ln my dream Champlain laniedby ship, not by helicopter. JANETTE RUMILL '48 DO YOU HAVE IT? Tact is a little but sig- nificant word, which is rather difficult to define. Sbmeone has said, nTact is the knack of keeping quiet at the right time, of being so agreeable that no one canbe disagreeable to you, of making inferiority feel like equality.u - Whether or not you liketo call this abstractqualitytact, diplomacy, poise, courtesy, or by any of its other rmnes, nevertheless you find it of great importance in everyday life. There is always the time when you have spoken and re- gretted it later, Witha little thought and practice inplacing yourself in thectherisynsition and in judging his interpreta- tion ofthe statement,you would automatically be making for yourself a more pleasing personality, - It can easily be seen how valuable tact is in the ,world all around us where success depends to a large extent upon the impression one leaves upon others. This quality, nurtured during our school years, would make for better school rela- tionships, and would cultivate a worthwhile lifelong habit. Everyone should attempt to acquire this valuable asset as an aid toward bettering human relationships. The art of being tsctful bccomeseasier as it is exercised, andit pays large dividends inthelcng run. xr I G.H.S. It's a place to learn ofthings About princes and queens and kings, Reading and writing and arithmetic, And there you canft miss - a trick. A cozy little school house is G.H.S,, Happy and a little noisy, we must confess, Like one big, happy family we live, Advice and help to each other we give, All in the building, under a humble roof, Which gives plainly the proof That when we get our building - new, There will always be us few Who will sing, nNevertheless, you must confess There was nothing the matter GUHQSL ANNE WALLS '48 The silver was uneven and THE SILVER BRACELET ' There it lay on the coun- ter, beautiful in its simplicm ity, fascinating in its :rude- nessg an unsymmetrical craze tion of rough coin silver and imperfect turquoise, wrought by the slim, brown hand of a Navajo Indian silver-smith. patched. Here and there many mistakes had been made. Appar- ently he who had made the brace1et,'he who had taken the beautiful, hard, cool silver and filled it with flaws was inexperienced. The single blueegreen stone was far from perfect, Cracks' and holes broke the smooth, highly polished sur- face. Lines of brown, .minute particles of ordinary rock shot through the turquoise in many places. Yet, this bracelet would sell because it was realrthe silver was silverhthe stone was true turquoise, and be- cause much work had gone into it. It had taken a silver- smith long hours to make itg it had not been struck out in a matter of seconds by a cold impersonal machine, Much time had made this bracelet of flaws worth much more than the same bracelet formed perfect- ly by a' machine would ever have been. SYLVIA HARRIS 749 MARCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING HAnd so I told her-that I loved her and that 'weld be married in the summer.U ll ll ' UNO, I meant it.U CLASSIFICATION We have classified living things in order that we may remember them and distinguish them from other kinds. It is for this reason that a farmer doesnft hitch his cow to the plow and turn his horse into the pasture, He has learned that different animals aregpod for different things, This is classifying When a ifies them, simple. In be simple, them. biology bookclass- it is not quite so fact, it ceases to To me when I firststarted this course a cat was just a cat. If he were like mine he had fleas. I now look at himin aweo Why? Because I have learned that this affectionate bundle of fur has 'a very elaborate ancestry, and actually merits a Latin name. To start at thebeginningi He is in the animal kingdom, The next division is the phylum, nTipsyn, my flearidden tabby, is a Chordatas Afterthe phylum is the class. The catis a mammal. A mammal is an animal that suckles its young: lTippy doesn'tworry aboutthis, being a malej, His sub-class says hefs a true mammal. The order comes next: Carnivora, Thatfs because he eats miceand birds instead of blueberries and tomatoes. His family is filidoeg subfamily, felinde. Tippyls genus is Felisg ' his species, Felis Domestica. No wonder Tippy goes around with a smirk on his face, and the aristocratic bearing all cats havei V FREDERICK BILLINGS '50 THE HHUNTED HOUSE One moonless night last fall, Janette and I were walk ing along a dark and lonely road. On this road was the famous, much discussed, sup- posedly Uhaunted houseui As we neared the place we became more curious than ever about it, and yes, even a little bold. We slowly opened the rusty iron gate, which was in very bad need of grease. The crumbling wall on either side of the gate, the rising wind, and the dark shadows added much to the already extremely spooky atmosphere. We hesitated a few min- utes, peering through the darkness at the weird looking structure. The yard was lit- tered withbroken branches and falb n leaves, and the grass had grown tall through years of neglect. ,There were also several groaning oak and crackling willow trees in the Vicini tyo Q Soon we were creeping warily along the irregular path which led to thepartial- ly supported porch. ' As we approached the veranda, we heard a rustling sound in the bushes. We stood tensely and were ready to run at a moment's notice. All of a sudden something ' streaked by us. We looked :after it enxiously,but it was nothing more than a stray cat. We heaved a sigh of relief and started up the rickety steps. Before we had reached the top we heard a thump, thump,thump above us. We held our breath and looked in the directionof the sound, not knom.n, whatto expect. There, suspended by one hinge,wasabroken'shutter, banging against the favorite haunt of ghosts and demons. When we finally reached the porch, we tried to unlmch the door, but it was bolted from the inside.After alittle investigation, however, we found a window that we could open. As we raised it, we heard a 1 terrible znoise, a flutter of wings, and about a dozen bats flaw out from the dark interior, beating their wings against our faces.Sti1l we were determined to go in. Janette boosted me throhgh our novel entrance, then I pulled her in. We left the window open, just in case we should decide tomake a hurned exit. We had entered a long hall, which was quite bare. As I looked down at thefallen plaster, I saw that the floor was humped here and others. The humps seemed to be nearer and nearer to us and the floor creaked, even though we stood perfectly still. it first we realized they were caused by the frost under the house. We cautiously opened the heavy oak door on our right and crept in wide-eyed. The room was full of furniture, covered with yhostly sheets. Flashing our light around, we discovered another door,which we guessed mipht belong to a closet. I walked over to it and pulled it open. Something fell in front ,of me with a THDDI In a flash I was bask on the other side of the room clutching Janette for all my life. we stood a minute looki ing and 1istening.We heard 'a terrifyinp shriek, thatww had heard never before. We also heard little scratcwng noises that sounded -like lfingers, scratching on the floor! - continued When our courage had re- turned and we had docidedthat we were silly to be afraid,we walked' timidly over to the closet. There, lying on the floor, was a human skeleton with several mice runningover it. Suddenly our light went outl We were in a panic. I clutched Janette by the hand and started to run, We stumb- led over the furniture we had forgotten was there and then over a rolled up rug. As we descended from the porch, I steppedoff intospace and went tumbling to the ground below. Finally, dusty and bat- tered, we appeared outsidethe gate. We ran frantically for my house, never again to re- turn to the Uhaunted houseu. BETSY BRYANT '50 BRTAKIN' ER TH' DAM UI was woke up 'bout 'leven-thirty by th' bawlin' er th' calf. Th' barn Winder had been left open, an' when I got out there, th' water was three inches deep an' jes potrin' in! I got th' calf outa there, an' up'with th' cow, where it wuz dry. nThen I thoughta th' dam. Livin' down in th' valley like we were, an th' dam bein' th' only thing keepin' out th' Arkansas, well, natural, it was pretty much on the minds er us folkq 'special, since wefd beentold it had a weak spot. It's a wonder I hadn't thoughta it b'fore. Guess ,I wuz. too worried 'bout th' calf! nEnny way, I thought 'bout th' dam now! An' I made,thetbarnf1oor IE'two hopsl .I. nSis, it wuz awful out! Rainin' pitchforksl Th' :wind wuz screamin' an' Shriekin' like a crazy woman! Them'treo branches wuz aLwhippin' an' lashin' 'round like trapped animals-M-jes' ,like they wuz hankerin' t' git away fromth' treesf, Some of 'cm did, too. Thet thunder! Man-rippin' An' th' lightin'--I got my fullo' thet stuff! Flashin' cg' shootin' 'cross th' sky--one streak right after th' other- lightin' up th' whole crazy, roarin' worldli Worst storm I ever seen'. seemed 's ef th' whole sky 'n' airth wuz fightin'l 'nBut th' lights wuzstill strung' 'cross th' topa th' dam--gleamin' kinda 'blurred through th' rain-but they wuz still shinin' bright, an' I felt a heap betterlu nThen, jes' as I looked, th' lights went out! It took a minute fer th' whole crazy business t' git through my thick head, but when I saw lightin' through a big crack near th' top er th' dam, I woke up quick enough! Half a second later, I saw a big black shape comin' at me--wa big roarin' shadow--shiny on top! I knew what it wuz! Uhon th' lightin' flashed, Icaught a glimpse er trees in it, an' I lit up th' hill back er th' barn like a greased monkey! UI didn't quite make it. Th' water caught me an' I rolled over a oounla timns'n' smashed into a tree. Th' last thing I saw wuz th' big black shadow hit th' barn. It jos' closed in overit. Iheored th' calf blat once, an' thenl hit th' tree, an'I don't remember nothin' after that. SYLVIA-LEE HARRIS '49 H. H. C. Unlike Minniver Cheevy, he's no child of scorn, He,'s very mild tempered, that's the way he was born. He'll get very excited sometimes it is sure, But underneath that excitement the idea is pure. He'll tell you something he wants to do, An he'll tear out his hair if you don't pull it through, But he's a swell guy, no better you'll find, When he throws that nbarn-yardu, you swing like your blind. Mr. Carter is big, and broad shouldered, and tall, Especially in those combat-boots down at the hallg He'll clomp through the door and the building will shake. You think for a minute your in a tidal wave's wake. And in history class, lots of questions he'll ask, We all sit there, with a dumb look, our faces like masks, Then he'll shudder and groan, till you think he will swear, Then he'll start pouring out answers With a stupendous glare . This poem I write with intentions all good, If any school teacher rates, Mr. Carter should. DON GRINDLE '49 H O R N E T'S How about giving a cheer for the girls? Out on the floor they played swelll Ruthie, Pat, Janie, Anne, and Janette Not leaving out Ruth F, and Isabelle, Each did the best that she possible could To really make our High School proud So look to the Hornets of Old Gilman High Come on, noy,kids, cheer good 'n' loud! SYLVIA-LEE HARRIS '49 A TYPICAL JUNIOR ON FRIDAY MORNING Yuh edge into th' classroom An' yuh git an awful feelin' So yuh looks up at th' ceilin' ' An' yuh takes a big deep breath, An' yer knees, they weaken so An' yer heart, it jes' stops beatin' An' yer feelin' mighty lowl Cuz' there fe stanfs afore yuh With th' menacinest grin! An' yer backbone turns t' water An' yer ches', it jus' caves ini Ole' blackboard leers b'hind 'im It jes' glares, and you get het Ups and th' water jes' pours off yuh In great big drops O' sweatl Thenyuh clutch a piece of paper In yer shaky, icy han' An! yuh scuttles to her waitin' seat Prepared fer yer las' stan' Yer gets a deathls grip on yer pen All set t' do yer best-- B'cuz it's come--th' time is here Fer Mr. Carter's History testi SYLVIA-LEE HARQIS '49 IN THE WAY ' Please, God, take me to your Heaven And let me stay with you, For you 'see I'm only seven ' And very, very blue. ' W My mother died when I was two And left Dad and me alone, But Daddy soon found someone new And forgot that I was his own. My new mother is very crossg She doesnft play with me, ' While Daddy hits and'scoldsfme, And sayfs I'm in the way. I'd be happy if you'd let me go r Up there in your Heaven's own blue, Where I could be loved by someone Who knows and loves me too. Some-prayers are really answered As you can .w.. plainly see, -f For thLs little girl was called away To a place where she longed to be. Ramona Sprague !l48ll TIME OUT Ah! for a rainy day, To walk along the watery way That leads you to the raging bay. The water dashing, splashing along Drumming out a warrier's song. Ah! this is where I belong. And nobody's here to deny As I reminisce of things gene by. I am alone with earth and sky. The raindrops dance upon my face With a steady, pelting pace, Yet, of its own, a simple grace. Then from out of nowhere, a breeze Sifts through the tall, slender tr Scattering the multicolored leaves. 668 There are many things so great That we don't find time to appreciate Until wt is far, far too late. Janette Rumill H480 MY GUY When the sun is slowly sinking And the night starts creeping on, I just can't help but thinking Of the one I am so fond. He is tall, dark, and handsome And his dark unruly hair, Curls around his suntanned face With ringlets combed with care. He is such a loving guy Se sweet and understanding, That I bet you, as well as I Would like to do the landing. He says that I'm the only one That has ever caught his eye, And new I suppose your wondering When we're going to make that "tie." Ramona Sprague N48R J if f?::Q:aE55g1'2-E QF 967Q4 1 94i5c9 1 O p . 3 Q f .-ff ' s 71 UZIKZQL 23 , 1 w - f1,04.,'vMIf -,L b1M7"sf1v.'.RJ-4'- -,f 1 C1-'M 1 ,4 .uvf-Q-.1 'X 'l X L ljqifilr 'Lljfft '-l-- 6 ' Ka? wf T-fu Q4 73 2, X' ' CS dx . x W N M.,w if , wg M' I T , ............... .- .Q ,,,,4 , ,.,.:- Nms. ,c..,..-,,A - , ,, ........ ..-.,....... ,., .uf . ' ' qi i i. ' HL ' 5 s - 1 L qu 'vi U Q S 1 ,QL xx, 3 1. Y gy, I i Q J 1 Luif '51, 1 3 Ta -"' ' 2 Lf? uw V al fisylf sm' 3 QI . oo ,.- " K va. I M L lv '31 xx '- f I 1, -173 P 551,41 NK' 1 Q 1 1 W ' 1 1 1 1 1 . ,1 1 1 i 1 C 1 e E E BASEBALL HIGHLIGHTS While the Cardinals and all the other major league teams were in Florida and California, thirty boys re- ported to Gilman Field for spring practice. Co-caetains Steve Wood end Roger Richardson leading the way. After a fine '47 season the prospects appeared bright as line drives were screaming to all fields and the veterans were picking them up and throwing in their old form. Two veterans, Roger Richardson at the Keystone and Loring Somes at the Hot Corner, formed the nucleus of the infield and when Marty Marion fSmsllidge'and young John Walls joined the duo at SS and lst, it appearcdset However, Sheldon D:mon,BHly Von Demel and the reliable Paul Richardson ere around to keep them hustling. In the outfield two veterans else returned, Steve Wood in R.F. and John Graves in L.F. while little Bobby Taylor rooms C.F.,Don Grindle and his left hrnd hitting are making strong bids. Also, Robert Frazier and Stet- son Carter are available for garden duty. The catching department is ably handledfmybig Mihm Grindle who is making his first try behind the masks Steve Wood is also available and a freshman,RonaldDnmpy seems sure to step into the picture next year. An inexperienced mound Corps this year finrlly has its curves curving, the sliders sliding, 'end'the forks ferking. This years Corp includes Southpaws HaroldCocuRs and George HcKam Righthanders Wallace Richardson, Don- ald Seavey and occasionally Loring Somes. To date Gilman hes won 5 and lost 2. Loring Someq John walls and Roger 'Richnrdson are leading the 'hit parade with .597, .365, ,555 respectively, While the R.B.I.'s leader is Catcher Miles Grindle, followed by Roger Richardson. 8 games are left on the schedule. Have you ever hoard them say this? Steve Wood--nNo steal sign for me.n Niles Grindle--UI know I'm doing it wrong.U Snap Richardson--NDid my foot come down right?u Roger Richardson--UDon't you want me to pitch?W Loring Somes-eUI'm a catcher.n John Graves--nDon't give me a take sign.u Robert Fraziere-nBy Chrysler or Pony Express.n Donald Seavey--nMy curve didn't break.n E fl L .1 Q 5215 A1 f,3.'Yr.u"f fn' '5vf'f.-f-, .r,. Vs., 'gif ,UE .1 .f M . 1 I A wx. 4 'Y fi fe W esghsma - f. . ff' L- ,syvggw J.. gf 5 ,rn ' -vp si.'.'-wry ,,-.fffglg-In gp.. 3' ' , an if Y 5. '5 ' A -42 11- ,ww fl V' ., ' xr A x: W, , 1 gf H x .A ,X - if J- Q! . yr - 'rv - ' ' 2 1 ', 4-:gf 'ff : - . 4. . 1 . ,V 5 5fL4?"fam . f fx: Vi? :'.'f -wftfwv iwznffl, , BASKETBALL WRITE-UP On November 26 we opened our basketball season at Sears- port. It was a long trip, but an easy game. 1'Everyene' but Coach Don played. It was a swell start ef a nice yseasen. Chink and Niffy were het with 55 points between them. Score The fifth of December we cruised up to ,'Blue Hill. We figured this would be an easy one, but we were cslittlo wrong That was a tough oneg they really had us worried for awhile, but Chink was again het with Reg right on his-trail. We came back about the last three minutes te win 42m57. Chink get 15 points. , ' A The game with the Golden Bucks at Southwest Harbor was the next one. We had n little tough luck. Although the guys were het and Reg scored 12 points, we lest EHME7. Then came Blue Hill again. Bev! another close one. That Blue Hill team is good, but not quite good enough. Smallidge went on a 22 point scoring spree that night, but even at that we sweat some before the whistle blew, giving us the game by a score of 43-39. l Q Bar Harbor, still the jinx team to Gilman basketbell,was next, and we really worked tc get in shape, We were cerkcd, primed, and ready te ge when we hit the floor, but ns usual, Bar Harbor started with a bang. Brez was the only one 'het that'game. He get 8 points. Oh well, we'll beat them some-- time. The score was 4O-21. 1 T December 19, and Senrsport again in the fish nets. Again the guys shined. It was our game all the way. Niffy was 'in good form that night at the nets, scoring l9 points. lPau1 and Chink were just behind him. We rolled over them ste the tune of 52-29. Gilman didn't shine the night we played Buckseert in their gymnasium. We were eff that night. Niffy was 'high scorer with 7 points. It was a hard game after the close one they get over us nt Southwest. The final score was 48-25. ' The next trip wcs n very long end Qhard one. QBelfest again. Everyone and his grandmother plnyed end almost every- one scered. We were het and they didnft hsve a very good night. But bev, they have Q nice gym, We won 60-48. Jnnunry 16 we were playing Camden in thc fish nets, and were having n het night. You know what thot meens, we rwlled Niffy and Brez rolled n sweet 26 points between them. We won 51.'22c Hussen was the next victim. Somes was high men,with big Miles right behind him. Speaking of Miles, he showed us some fancy ball playing this year ns this ghme proved. It was ne cinch, but we'meneged to held them te Q 43-54 score rt the final whistle. 'Pemetic,Nthe game to remembern. Man, those boys had a team. Ca tournament teamll We played on their floor before a large crowd. We had them 10 points at the first quarters They were a little dazed. The secoddfquarter they started, but they couldn't stop us. Chink and Niffy, Zoodie,Broz and Miles were playing air tight ball. We held to the - end of the fourth quarter when it was tied up 42-42. We went' into an.over-time period that was a honey. Broz sank the win- ning points, 47-46. e January 26, Camden at Camden. A long ride but a lot of fun. No headaches for Mr. Coates that night. An easy one 44-28, Chink again taking the lead. Brewer was an extra game not scheduled at the first of the year. They had a lot of big fellows and a swell team.We took a beating, but it was fun playing in their big gym. The score was 58-25, Hog gathered 9 points. Belfast at Southwest Harbor was a good game with a swell bunch of boys. Again it was Niffy and Chink doing the scoring with Miles doing his usual good ,-passing job. We held the edge on them all the way. 42-24 was ,the final SCOPG e , Ellsworth had a swell team with some fancy ball players It was a field day for them, when they topped us by a score of ., We were back at Pemetic on the sixth of February, the Indians were on the war path and after revenge which they got. They were a hot club that ni5ht.and we were off. The final score was 68-32. "" Bar Harbor again, and we were determined to try harder this time. We put all we had into it. We were only two points behind at the first quarter, but we slowly ' dropped behind. Somes got the scoring honors for our team with 12 points. Husson on their floor was a close one. The lest game and we wanted it, and almost got it. But,thoy were a little too strong. They came out on top 55-28. Speaking for myself and the rest of the guys coming back next year we want to wish Reg, Chink, Broz, Woodie and Miles all the luck in the world. It has been a pleasure playing ball with you. It will seem funny not to have you back next year. DON GRINDLB '49 November December January February 26 5 10 12 16 19 51 2 9 16 20 25 28 50 5 6 ll 15 BOYS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1947-1948 Searsport Q Searsport Blue Hill Q Blue Hill Bucksport Q Southwest Harbor Blue Hill Q Southwest Harbor Bar Harbor Q Bar Harbor .. Searsport Q Northeast Harbor Bucksport Q Bucksport' Camden Q Camden 5 Belfast Q Belfast Camden Q Northeast Harbor Husson Q Northeast Harbor Pemetic Q Southwest Harbor Brewer Q Brewer Belfast Q Southwest Harbor Ellsworth Q Ellsworth Pemetic Q Southwest Harbor Bar Harbor Q Southwest Harbor Husson Q Bangor Eg They Total Punts vov 699 Average Score 59 58 We 64 42 27 42 21 52 23 44 60 51 45 47 25 42 59 52 25 28 Theg 19 37 28 59 40 29 48 28 48 22 54 46 58 24 61 68 57 55 December January, February JAYVEES BASKETBALL SCHEDULE . 1947-1948 10 Bucksport Q Southwest Harbor , gi 16 Bar Harbor Q Bar Harbor 27 31 Bucksporf Q Bucksport 25 2 Camden Q Camden . .21 9 Belfast Q Belfast , 35 16 Camden Q Northeast Harbor I 55 28 Brewer Q Brewer ' 22 50 Belfast Q Southwest Harbor 20 3 Ellsworth G Ellsworth .17 6 Pemetic Q Southwest Hgrbor 20 11 Bar Harbor Q Southwest Herbor 7 ' .,., l We . The .motel Points 255 1551 Average Score' 23.8 34.1 -51 35 56 19 42 26 51 14 54 41 37 THE CANNONBALLS Hail! hail! The gangfs all here! I'll treat you all to one root beer, Sit by my side while I tell you the tale Of a bunch of guys who never fail. Sweetest bunch of guys I know, And holy Joe! can they go. May I start with my favorite one? No prejudice please, but just for fun. This speedster halls from Otter Creek, At playing ball Bog is a shiek. Chink twists around and shoots a fewg He gets 'em too, believe me you. Miles-Buddy-Hero-Champ Reaches up and on the ball will clamp A mighty hand and passes it to Broz, our Captain, strong and true. His pass is received by Niffy S. Who handles the ball the very best. He lets it go to Donnie G. A pivet, a dribble and now seei A beautiful pass! Woodie, take a shot! Higs hoorayl Is our team hot!! ANNE f.'vALLs '48 VARSITY TEAM SEATED: Roger Richardson, Miles Grindle, Capt. Lawris Graves, Loring Somes, Robert Smallidge. STANDING: Manager Allan Cousins, Coach Don Coates, Steve Wood. JAYVEES TEAM lst ROW: Thomas Graves, Ronald Dickey 2nd ROWE John Walls, George McKay, Capt. Paul Richardson Donald Grindle, Sheldon Damon. 3rd ROW: Coach Harland Carter, Dale Somes, Lawrence Cousins, John Smallidge, Ernest Smallidge, William Kimball, Manager Harold Coombs. i A I 4 f 1 1 i k G.H.S. HORNETS The girls that reported to our new coaoh,Miss Ryder, for basketball were: Anne Walls, Isabelle Pinkham, Pat Foster, Janette Rumill, Jane Grant, Ruth Chase, Ruth Frazier,Janet Freeman,Marie Gott, Marion Wentworth,Katherine Dodge, Carolyn Buzzell, Sylvia Hariss, and Geraldine Merchant. During one of their meetings they voted that Alice Murphy Should be their manager. Our girls didn't have as much good luck this year as theyhave had in the past,but nevertheless, their games were usually good and always clean. They met with two accidents,Isabelle's broken glasses, and Anne's sprained ankle. But, believe me, this didn't slow The Husson game son, It was a close they finally beat us Those receiving up the games very much. was the highlight of the sea- game all the way through, but by one basket. letters were: Ruth Frazier, Isabelle Pinkham, Janette Ru ill, Anne Walls, Jane Grant, Ruth Chase, and Patricia Foster. Gold bas- ketbnlls were given to: Anne Walls, captaing.Isab belle Pinkham, most improved playerg Pat Foster, high scorer, Kwith the total score of 209 pointsl, and also one for foul shootingnforwardn,Alice Mu:- phy, manager, and Jane Grant,foul shootingnguardn. Gilman 21 Gilman 17 Gilman 27 Gilman 22 Gilman 32 Gilman 55 Gilman 29 Gilman l7 Gilman 26 Gilman 58 Gilman 19 Gilman 28 Gilman 41 Gilman 28 Gilman 20 Searsport 23 Bluehill 20 Pemetic 27 Stevens 25 Searsport 22 Alwmnae 28 Knight Raiders 45 Pometic 22 Husson 28 Pemetic 19 Bucksport 25 Husson 42 B.H.H.S. 29 Ellsworth 58 Ellsworth 50 . 5..A17j- sg , Q 'T ME? 's 4 , GIRLS BASKETBALL SQUAD KNEEIJNG: Carolyn Buzzell, Jean Graves SEATED: Ruth Chase, Patricia Foster, Ruth Frazier, Capt. Anne Walls, Isabelle Pinkham, Janette Rumill, Jane Grant STANDING: Coach Marilyn Ryder, Marie Gott, Katheryn Dodge, Ida Leonard, Geraldine Merchant, Sylvia-Lee Harris, Janet Freeman, Manager Alice Murphy. VARSITY TEAM Manager Alice Murphy, Ruth Chase, Patricia Foster, Ruth Frazier, Capt. Anne Walla, Isabelle Pinkham, Jane Grant, Janette Rumill, Coach Marilyn Ryder. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders this year have changed from first team and second temns te Qlonde and Brunette teams.They alternated each game so that the Blonde squad cheered the flrst temnone night and the Bru- nettes cheered the first team the next night. This scheme proved ygny suceessQu1ytlis,year5 A.A- and might be worthwhile follewlng enether season. V, ' The Cheerleaders earned enough money during the wlnter tetuy matorlalto make the cheer dresses which were designed and made in the Home Economics Department to slmulate the "new look". Gold medals in the shape of megaphenes were given to the glrls the are graduatlng this year. These to recelve them were Alice Murphy, Janette Rumill, Jane Grant, Dorothy Tracy, and Anno Talls. The other five girls rocelved large blue letters. The spirit of these QlP1S inspired the boys to flght harder and to come tireughwith a success- ful season. UBRUNETTESW Betsy Bryant, Alice Murphy, Head Cheerleader Jeanne Cos- ton, Janette Rumill, Ruth Chase. Mascot nJackien Smith. ' HERB CHEERLESDERS AND HASCOTS ' Jeanne Coston, ?'Jackie" Smith, "Johnny"4 8omes,Anno Willa ' . ' "BLoNDEs" Sylvia-Lee Harris, Dorothy Tracy, Head Cheerleader Anne Walls, Jane Grant, Nancy Graves. Mascot 0Johnny' Somea. HBRUNETTESH HEAD CHEERLEADERS AND MASCOTS HBLONDESH Y, Q, It 3. gx- f xx xxx N a X N A X XX X N x, x N N 1 1 x ' ,. ,ff NM N x X X f Zjff',-pq9'hx ,f, j'Qf5 X -L-1 , f--22 ff 1' Q," 1 -611' ,ZZ . " f 'fy X 4 'X ' ,--'i , 2' 332:55 ' ! s rf .if ll,-"Inf N ,:.x- N' ,I xiff '. X .ul .. .. v, Y ,ff 1 -., X x . ,X , , X' X C' I X' A f .1 1 f X x . 'Lf f"2427 f ,M ff ff x 'k't'Q4' x-G 1 Sept. 16, 1947 b Well, 65 ncektics and 44 hair ribbons ran uc the street this morning, just about six o'clook.. School is fun on the first day, picking serts nnd getting r'gsnder at all of the new terchers. We have two new vets vith us this year, Lewis Moore and Malcolm Graves. 'Jhrt you s'1osc ther think ofcil us untamed enimrls? ' ' Sept. 17, 1947 n I guess Mr. Vsntine will never be late for drtcs.He wrs here bright and eerlv this morning. He's the oicture man yn know. . Scot. 19, 1947 The Glee Club members of lfst year were rwrrded letters todnv in repfvment for all their chiroinp. - sept. 24, 1947. , ' Something wonderful is here1Man's greet invention - ho4 msn's consolation. A TELEPHONE! oct. 1, 1947 ' This vccr's cheerlendcrs chosen were: Anne Walls, Jnne Grant Syliic Hnrris Alice Murohv Jeanne Coston,Betsy Brv- ant, borothy Trscv, fancy Grrves, ffnette Humill, :nd Ruthie Chess. It will never be quiet around here ngpin. ' oct. 15, 1947 1 Mr. Sprague orme from the Curtis Publishing Co,, and he told jokes to all of us. He certainlv gots mroundQn . Oct. 31, 1957 No school - big fire - the brenk thnt com.s once in a life time. It turned out to be vcrv serious though. M Nov. 27, 1947 1 ' 7' V Hmm, Turkev, 'n squvsh, 'n turnio, 'n cr'nberry sauce, 'n Jumpkin vig, end, rnd, nn, rn, n-n. Dec. 11, 1947 ' V Mr. Coates got burned in the L-b'todfv. Guess thftwill teech him not to Olav with fir . ' '- Dec. 17, 1947 1 llc Mr. Crrter went to the hos9itnl'todfv. Ect he vfs some SC I'Gd. nee. 25, 194v Best time of the year. Iota of presents, lots of eats, and lots and lots of time off. Jan. 14, 1948 Senior Play. I never saw so Vitus dance in all my life. Jan. ev, 1948 many people with the Saint The Seniors gave a baked bean supper. I hope nobodyhad to go home hungry. Feb. 2, 1948 New members to the National Honor Society were selected today, Pat Foster, Janette Rumill and Dot Tracy from theSen- lor class, and from the Junior class, Paul Richardson. Feb. 5, 1948 The Gilman Hornets gloriously defeated the Pemetic,geod looking girls, 38 to ter, with 16 points, 7, Anne Walls 4, and Feb. 13, 1948 Mr. McManus was It doesn't matter so dur bones are all ready beginning here to tell much for the Mare 2, H Mr. Carter had the privilege lookina Seniors to Town Meetiny. Mar. 3, 1948 . 19. Our usual high scorer was Pat Fos- then Ruthie Brazier with 9, Ruph Chase, Janet Freeman 2. us about Old Age Insurance underclassmen, but Seniors to creak. today of tak1ng those good Bet he was some proud. Mrs. Kinney and her Home Economics girls did their usu- al good job for the Basketball banquet. Mar. 15, 1948 I guess the ones who Jumped highest for next year were: Jeanne Coston, Ruthie Chase, Ruth Frazier, Nancy Graves,Lil- lis Joy, and Barbara Mccrae. Good luck, kids. It's a lot a func ' Mar. 17, 1948 Another jittery evening, the at Seal Harbor. Mar. 19, 1948 one act play, nTeen Agersn We competed in the one act play contest with Lubec, Bar Harbor, and Southwest Harbor. We didn't win, but it was fun Apr. 25, 1948 The boys tried their new baseball suits today. Do they look sharp! We non by one run over Ellsworth. 0 9 l a Apr. 50 1948 What a day! Kippey Karnival at the Neighborhood Hall, We had a big dance that night at which Dorothy Tracy was crowned queen and Miles Grindle, king. Congratulations, kid. May 4, 1948 ' Junior Speaking, W1ich was open to all the Wwits' again this year, was held tonight. DaleLSomes got first prize and Marilyn Jordan and Paul Rlchardson tied for second. May 7, 1943 ' Another semi-formal. Pretty gowns, bow ties, and goodie eats. June 6, 1948 ' - ' We were some good today. Well, at least the Seniors. We went to church. June 10, 1948 Boo-hoo. Ue're all done now. Twenty-two Senlors. stood on the stage in Seal Harbor, all ready to cry. June llg Everybody gathered at the Kimball House tonight, not for dinner, but for the big Graduation Ball. 1 " 'B . W-N . 1- .- .hu ,fnjl ,gf A- A i.::.' TN 1- ,XXX 'N , f Q ' 'x - 3 I' C23 ,f-v Q f flvljliz, X' ,A " I 'Aly ' 'W bi X .fif 'N""'f 4, Q W" f"h"'w.:.-- x 'AAIQIM1 .U QQ -6- B V ie 1 I9 Z QD LK 'K K ' Q S-' .Y .. I P . W W L.-- gp ' --f? .lzffi gift' ,- 'fx-ff , - 1-II:- '-4'.:. ..-f .g-- ' V -X53 f""'x x-,, 4-, 9 PT 'xfxf' q .. ..,.,. -4 4.-1 ' ef 31' L-' Q- , -,1g, .1 41' ff 111.1 1"f. 'Ir 4..' -'.' z-' 5 Lf , X L, v 3 . . I i. 1 y r , P JOKES Fair Enough While spending a vacation in California in a well known hotel, a lady employed name was. He replied, is too long, I'11 call prised and said, nwhat Your name is too long, Roger: a Chinese boy. She asked him what his HFin Tsin Yu'MersH She said, Hfflf fame vou.John.n The Chinese boy looked sur- is your name?H Mrs. Grace.Fox Herrick. John call you Charlie. ' Policy of Speed My insurance company is so fast that a man rot his check half an hour after his accident. Woodie: fell off a ten That's nothing, my company is so fast that a man who story building had his check handed him as he passed the third floor. speeding Mrs. Herrick was stopped by Leland Foster for going 65 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone. nSixty five miles an hourlnshe said,'why that's nonsense, I haven't had the car out of the garage more than 35 minutesln Good Business A Scotchman had trouble with his feet so he went to a doctor who told him to the sea-shore where he soak his feet in salt water. He went to saw a lifeguard. He asked him how much he had to pay.for a bucket of water. The lifeguard thought he was fooling so he said, a quarter. He gave him the quar er and went home. The next day he came for more water, gave the life- ,uard a uarter, turned around to see that the tide was out. ge looked at the lifeguard and,said, nYou did a heck of a big us ness yesterday di nit you?L Did 11: Pay? - Mr. and Mrs.Coates were going qgma plane ride. Before go- ing ug, the pilot told them t-ey wou dn't have to pay if they didn' speak while they were up n the plane. They went on the ride without speaking a word. V they came down the pilot looked at Mr.Coatcsmnd said, HY ' didn't speak, so you won't have to pay.n Mr.cJoatoslooked at the oilot and said, UNO, I didn't speak, but I nearly did when my wife fell out.n Cautious Mr. Kelley: What are you sitting on him for? Duck: He hit me in the nose. Nr. Kelley: Didn't I tell you to count to 100 when angry? Duck? Yea, I'm making sure he's here when I get through. GILMAN HIGH ZOO Monkey ' Wolf Duck pix . ni Donkey Qnf?EE?LE:jB?6yQw ' x"'xT'-223' :IJNAN Pig E .ZX -N. .. Canary fp f' 5X ,fa Leopard gif? In ,1,......? vtfrix . J . il' gr A' HQHJ, Ape Jil!" Cow , 59? A 1 yfgsf Yjflfl- 6'LMf1'-x A s Rabbit ' Hippopotamns ,X N Ho N ? g flAQx ,gf Sheep nf' .X mfg nxxk' Goat 1 g N NN 4 ' Xu X Peacock ,f Swan N!! .. vw . M- 1 Q . mommnt 'MNA . Crow Tiger BAG Woodpecker A fa 4 . fe' 3 Spider A Q'-1?'j.Lf'fj l f j Love Birds nl? 5 .J .u C 'Q C Horse QVIf',X f .2TfTf7:- Rhinoceros fizgfg' iyiki ' L ' :gf ' Moose X XEQJ ' Snail Rooster Hen Ralph Tracy Miles.Grind1e Donald Seavey Allan Cousins Buddy Small idge Val8Pi6 Frye Betsy Bryant David Billings Anne Walls Carl Irvine Flora McGavcn Loring Somes Galen bright Steve Damon Barbara i-.IcCra on Dot Tracy Harriet Higgins Marilyn Jordan rat 'Foster Rzmiona Sprague Edward Lelloy Paul R Ruth Frank Jordan Robert Suminsby Stetson -Carter Kalter Bright John Smallidgo Kay Dodge ' ff f iq 153 RT!!-.ff WHAT SENIORS HJ' , A 4 WILL Miss fi? ml' f " Q' "'-,L1':' QNLX , X I X Mr. Gerter's Friday tests of fffssh kiwi Mr. Kelleyfs jokes 5 Q X 3, U Mrs. Herrick's patience - iff j gf d xy K Paul's devotion toward Ruth XX5 YQ X lf ii Niffy's sitting with Sylvia eh, 'X-fPQs 7 Y Psuline's quietness QgN.'yx!Cg 1 Q Harriet's singing ,W, 'e nf Frank's foolishness 5,N Qkss'bfX if 'Ihe bus rides ff'-s Q., 'X C! Miss Ryder's good disposition '-', sr f:e,n,X5. Betsy's flirting Mrs. Kinney's cheerleaders Billy Kimball's good rank Quiet main room . w . al--Q A X ,.. ..4 , "W A X V MSS, Q Q fzivg X,v CEE- X N ' N ot Good manners of under classmen , New school house f"w' N' Val's tardiness Paul's laugh Junior's class meetings Tommy's shyness Stetson's quietness Taylor's clam-worms Donnie's jokes Mr. Coates calmness Sheldon's curly hair Ruth F.!s blush1 McKay's smile John W.'s big feet Bowden's teasing the girls I KsN-mEE?,z ?......--ff T , Ck CJ ..--p UHAT GILMAN WILL MISS Jane's giggles Pat's disposition Anne's leadership 4Alice's good rank Dot's troubles Ramona's diamond 1 x Jay's bookkeeping ability Roger's good locks Robert's co-operation fvx Cwx Donald's excuses --pf x,,5 nl jx Flors's leugning f5,ih Xe,g Miles's remarks !fF7A fdffwf' j,'j Nete's singing at ti srozvs basketball ab111ty A ' 'w ,A Sonny's smile fx tl f Stevie's jckes ' y -H j' Gloomy's typing speed -2 J L1 if Snapper's contradicting -..-L-M -L-. ' David's teasing Galen's quietness Happy's slowness n for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for for HSCHOOL ALPHABETU Alice, a good worker is she Barbara, who keeps as busy as a bee Charlene, who has many pals David, who tcases the gals f Edward, foolish as he can be Frankie, Q devil is hc v fat Galen, how silent is he ,xx 1 , Harriet, a sophomore shefllxbea ' Ibby, for a sailor sho runs ' Janette, from Seal Harbor she comes Kay, who goes to the gym every night Loring, whois every girl's delight. Miles, a sportsmen is he Nate a musician to be Opportunity, which everyone has Pat, who the boys like to razz Quiet, Which we always are Ruth, who rides i11Paul's car Stevie, who's handsome and tall Tracy, who is Dot to all Useful, which we all are N A Val, who likes hor candy bar f, Woodie, humorous is he Xmas, which we wait for with glee 1 Yodel, which Sheila listens to that Zero, which makes us very blue Put them all together Count each letter from A to 2 It will mean forever, Gilman High to me. ' Seasons Mixed 'A moth leads an awful life.N nHow come?U uHe spends the summer in a fur coat and the winter in a swimming suit.u One two Many Jimmy B. bought two tickets to a raffle and won a 31,500 car. His friends rushed up to his house to congrat- ulate him, but found him looking miserable as could be. nwhy man, what's the matter wi' ye?u they asked. uIt's that second ticket. Why I ever bought it I can't imagine.W Some Sport "Fi shing? " A nNope. Just drowning worms.n Puppy Love Frank: nwhat is puppy love?n Albert: nThe beginning of a dog's life.n Complete Dissolution A farmer visited his son's college. Watching students in a chemistry class, he was told they were looking for a universal solvent. 'A UWhat's that?n asked the farmer. - HA liquid that will dissolve anything.n nThat's a great idea,n agreed the farmer. Uwhen you find it, what are you going to keep it in?n ' Heavy Job S V nLewis dear,n said the bride, nlet us try to make people think we've been married a long time.U nAll right, honey,u came the reply.nBut do you think you p can carry both suitcases?U CGuess the bride?Du gp Needed Quality An old maid was asked what she desired most in a hus- band--bralns, wealth, or appearance.w She snapped back: Appearance, and the sooner the better.n I U 1 ' A Bachelor nD8ddy, what is a bachelor?n ' ll HA bachelor my boy, is a man who didn't have a car when he was young.u - .Too much Dew Miss Ryder: Oh! Miles, what beautiful fresh flowers you - brought me. I believe there is still a little dew on them, 'A Miles: Cblushingj Yes, but I will pay it off tomorrow, What Nate: Give me two four watt bulbs. Broz, Two what? Nate: No, four watt. Brom: Four what? Nate: That's right. Hefs Game Mr. Carter: Chink, it gives me great wleasure to put 90 on your report cardf Chink: Swell, why not put lOO on it and get a real thrill? Flat Mr. Coates: Open the door Mrs: Kelley. I have your husband here. He was :au over hy a steam roller: Mrs. Kelley: Ifm not dressed to sae anybody, please push him under the door and call a doctor. Ain't it the Truth? Mrs. Herrick: Galen, what part of vour anatomy is your skull? Galen: I dun' know, your head I gucsss I Mrs, Herrick: Alright than whatfs in your head? Galen: Nothing. Speedy i Mr. Carter: My Dodge will go over ninety miles an hour. David: Whatfs the hurry? Baldy Alice: Say Mr. Carter, what makes you bald headed? MP0 Carter: Well, I had water on the brain and my hair fell through and got drowned. Right Idea The canoe was drifting farther and farther out into the lake. . nOh,n Sylvia exclaimed suddenly, U don't you think we ought to hug the shore?n With instant interest Niffy inquired, Hwhy the shore?H I'VE Gow A FEELING I'M BILLY BOY ------ I LOVE A RABBIT - - - ALWAYS -------- You MADE ME LOVE YoU - on, JOHNNY ------ SONG HITS School House FALLING - ---- - Betsy Bryant Jean Coston - Miss Ryder FJean Graves -nnnnunuunnunnuqq YOU'VE GOT ME WHERE YOU WANT ME - ----- Johnny Walls RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE --------- - -Typing Room MADE FOR EACH OTHER M '---------n Ruth E Paul SYLVIA - -' - - -' ----- ------ N iffy Smallidge ALICE BLUE GOWN -------------- Lewis Moore SO ROUND, SO FIRM ------ - ---- Harriet Higgins HUGGIN' AND A CHALKIN' - - - - ----- Coleman Irving CANDY -------------- - - - Recess Refresher JIM ------------------- 'Ruth Frazier I ONLY WANT A BUDDY, NOT A SWEETHEART - - -Phyllis Gray THERE ARE SUCH THINGS 'TILL.THE END OF TIME TO FAT POLKA ---- - HOW SOON ------- THEY'LL BE SOME CHANG OH, HOW I HATE TO GET NOW IS THE HOUR - - - AIN'CHA EVER COMING BA NEVER A DAY GOES BY - THANKS FOR THE HEMORIE - - - - - - - - - -Freshman Class - - - - - - - - - - Carteris Test - - - - - - - - - Robert Suminsby - - - - - - - - New School House Bs MADE f ---- - Carl B. Kelley UP IN THE MORNING - -Valerie Frye - - - - - - - - Graduation Night CK ------ - - -Donny Grindle - - - - - - - - - - Class Meeting S --------- Senior Class SONG HITS THE FRENCH LESSON ' ' LOVE IN BLOOM ---- - - - - - - - 1 Hfxva BUT owfz HEAYT - - --f-' - - - - I'LL WALK ALONE ---------- COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN 4 - - - - - IT TAKES TIME ' ' ' """ ' YOU TWO TINED ME ONE TIME TOO OFTEN THERE'S THEM THAT DO - - ' - ---- GREENEYEs----f--------- ST. LoUIs WOMEN - - - - - - - -.- - I'LL DANCE AT YOUR WEDDING - -G- - - BODYAND soUL- --,---,----- m3ARYoU-------------- WEDDING BELIS -Q1 ----- - - - - - YOU'RE NOT SO EASY TO FOYOET1- - - - YOU'LL NEVER'WALK ALONE - - - - - - GLOOMY SUNDAY - - - - ------ - DRY BONES -- ------ - ----- I WAITED FOR YOU - - - - - - - - - MAKEBELIEVE-----'--' -- WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME - - H HE BEEPED WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE BOPPED an-vnu'-ncuulil than :Cb an . '.., ' ' ' Loring Somes . Nathan Smallidge Lawris Graves - - - -John Graves - - -Donald Seavey ' ' Kenneth Abbott ' Roger Richardson Wallace Richardson ' Patricia Foster - - - Alice Murphy - - - -Jane Grant - - Flora McGaven ' ' Dorothy Tracy - - Ramona Sprague Anne Walls - - Janette Rumill Gordon'Manchester 5 Galen Wright - - Steve Wood - ' Robert Frazier 5 - Miles Grindle 4' David Billings tam? biifii A N fgcx fm J J has 'F ' H :Q .49 XQqogA' MQIA away IJY9 in UIJ Qvrr H Jas uno 4193 QGSJQS UIBN GQYN gssaag oqa Suzaaqem suopsseadxg qnqm I gasog a qaqm Btunuvg SUEQ omg squnqg omog 3DUCLH ' WW.: Llx.-l..4-L sagumlufg 0Aoq Afacqqcgg Addag 69 GQ LQ QQ QQ 52 QQ BQ TQ CQ 68 D-88 L3 98 GZ 53 23 Z3 L3 . sung -' HSOHI 11119913 Q95 11505 usqm Hoag Kam V IGTQUO retnovm EUIKTJ ' Eguog sing GIDUIJDIQUIX A815 Jopueg UI Suyoqg U 1saegeoq H PFABG uopqnupeag Jog Apeeg Suyqqeg uawaoqspg smog 11W39L B QUHM QOTIV SKDDHQ iivpvq aepig qouog X sag pfcuoq T ,J AeA UHJJHHG TOOHOS IITT SI equoA Roy CU H H H '-4 5 0 H w 2'5 59 "F Q3 O W Q SS S D S 11011 5121119 J ega9IeA Ke 911 Q42 5 d C73 H m W 0 'J-V4 ef xuaag Joy U99 IZV1 SH L UOQKBIQ DGJDITH aeqooag PTJQJEJ 92 EEE SP5 D M H O D45 H ,... Q 0 I3 H P'd CDS: '40 5 e -,C W O P45 d'M O rs :J H s+h Q24 Qld gre.. M3 Q Q :s Q '? HE ggn d' 'IJ 5 'PT C4 O H D-I Q fl R t1J EJ HO 'QVEH SAHE QQSIJJEH C3 W '15 P' P-I H 4 5.4. 25 O12 su1US1H Em Z5 O uoga S 9M qqaomqu eaoq O' Q H d' 5 3 52 'DU 5' psf' dh. H PSJL 39 PJU' O H o-'-f-1 1-fl-M coo mcn QF: 5:5 QD' r-'14 cn UD S3 CD CD t'4 P-3 C1 'U CICDH F49 F' m H H W FJP d jl O Vim :Mgt-4 QF'-o B 514 O59 O PT Q W H32 H W S H Dj.:- Xfftr-' C45 O "SC-4 83 UQ- 0-3 --4 Pb 14 W 5 SD F' F' Fu U? Q SQTTH U9 d' T19 3 QAQ IDU 9 O O Q1 ,A wJM UB JI uoqsog auucef euef qumag LNHSEV LSOH 5 z 5 U JI Tae J P9 TEH CD JD 8u1A B DTBUOH aipgaqa '51 pu W Fo O 75 EQ 023 We-r oz' 140 'Ji D' UJ"z1C1 d'H O mmm 42592 GDN' ,.- 1,4 Ulf-a E31 mfs,- 1-'Surf P-23 C1- H p. CY! 0 gc4 D :JE u o PJ nc: eAe9g quuJ K ,,,... F! Sh p. P' Q M CD U 9TPUe EQ i I tr! t-J C9 0-EI I?" P4 2 G1 axooag uoqiafg XOL' Slum -1 555 44 CQ OCS aww CD14 C090 I5 cf U54 4-'-91 r-In-I r-'co '42-'1 L-Jo Eiico 2 . . 11 P- J rv is '-1 M O Ulla d' Q 4 0 SUB queag 5 Q O1 E: ,,-, Hi Q V '5' 'D' I3 b w F m U' Q e 'S Q-In U1 3 O O H 0 U O I5 Q7 P' CL C7 3 ':b Q1 P4 0 pl P' 0 M CD H F. 5 Q4 P' Q CU P4 cw gl I:- cn +5 rr. E E via' I C-1 co Q H ca 4 0 m 'Z O 114' Q 'S SD 4 0 ,UD 1'-4 cu 93 I3 5 co Q O m cr 0 C5 F .5 U o C Q P' F' CD FJ '4 LHITJ TOOHOS QQQTJJBH Lzvq TUDTH E F P' I rn U 3 53 co U S133 r-'cr mcg COW 39? QC4 mm Z3 cr spanqoxg Tung auuaaf UO E QUB CD O m c 1- O 5 efputag sefyw nag - I3 d' waqxuyg xuaag lf g-.1 in CJ UD vi SQ C1 CJ CU 55 2 g'v H 'SI-" Um D 0 "SH- D PJ I-' CDD 4-' mb Sim ob' D'H D 0 'Sid Q. H3151 33 ISH- 'STO I3 C4 O 5' H Q C1-IJ gd- if o H Q n-P 2141 or: O'r4 coo H H crw- co P3 IJP15 148' H'-4 om '1 Bw P-D r-'rr 0 may 0 Gm H cf ww Q H Q- H o TOOHDS K1WH KIIYH IJTUS IIBQWTX aitoy Ko K UCD D S F46 0 U CCC 35 CDM U30 '55 CDO OO 83 U'O U 5 'AUP o w OQP' O :LQ P' 0 m s'c m m am: U-3 o 5 7 F4 t4 I7 CJ I-' 93 '-Q' rr Q Z5 G "S O O PT CD 'S 3 C-4 O '1 Qu SD I3 .11 L S2 I'-' d' O I5 'Ju CD CD D-I m 'IL "3 P-' E E+? PJ m D U3 I-C Cu .D B CD Fi Hi E 5 I P' I-" l"" P-' p. CD C-4 O Q4 U0Il3W' eq qaaomqu OG BJ F5 .mn amiga '-4 5 fs 5 J. SOYI 5 I-I IIOS UT US? 591 8' 5 Q3 F" fu 5 E UPU 990 I-'I'-I CDI-' 94 gb 53 Q5 o. ,"' Q CZ!! OSD EQ E- Ba L12 b' m 5 S' E? w H P' one m w FJ U2 0 354 CD CD 'YI TOOHOS LIM uoqietg SIIIIT H9013 Aof 0 'S wr: 'fb me E'w H D uapaop Of unpa ssl TGQ J EI I maqxu 25 9.4. H1 H3 '4 U2 E D9 I-' I-' 9.4, f 92p ogg HF oA eqqeu L DOO! 'QCHIIIH II 4 JSEH UEOHVG JJ UQUU 'SS' E33 5.4. .,lD SD ,4 pze .IG OS GIVE Sag Asqaq B QU pmoq Kmwyf mg eg1aIaA ua QA P'C4 O PF-4 E CD m ang SOG S Fil '1 ROUGH io gg Jeqsa H121 H-o P15 vfm 14nd DJ -4 O az? Q W g m 324 0 H BH oog s uitga 9.1 KJJIM 5' 4 D. un E KD P4 ,H 9393 snags M poo HOLLISOJSIG JSTH sqmoog saaofoq '6' '3- m 5 U3 14 I-' 4 wh m U3 m H H ,Jn C0 E3 O H KD ra- as 5 4 0 :S SNIHOOT LSEH 9F IIB Anas OA QC E 23 99 H i-' OJ C073 CYS'-7 Gd' 4 U CD fs- 5: OCD D 2955 Cl-" D-'4 f-Ja :USD Fm 53 "5 Q3- IDM O 5 'JUPU OSD Oqcf iff? u uospaeqo aaqs SON L 3 dd LNSIOI PIQUOG QGUUP JJ QLH 99 9 8 Rouen UBLU PQIJ bbq I-JU pam H4 5 m S3 s BW A1 LMI UO UU UT maq9 'ia r F' 5 Q O C U3 P' 5 UI V IT 5' '1 H10 Tim Of! 5 3354 fo 5:1- UQ4 LSEH G GHSSEH Ktttq IISQJ w- "?4m H' qw -rs IIB Ku symgq 27' v-'4 9 AJ aaoom SQABJQ .1 s' 1' 9940? C-'D-Hg H4 I-'-'23 279 Q P' O O '3 'DJ UCS H PTAQG all QOH III Ko qc JJBH m cr H-O w D H0 U UQ m 022: C'O Q O U3 . 0-5 U1 if G OL XTTHI D UB 219 ld D 9l5 S' :s SD P" UBIU9 G P915 KQUBN 0 0 B W 5 p, W0 +44 f ren! 5 Q Un M m 5? 5'Sl :mr ms D c gs: 55. :wi as 5 W 'glib C-4 9 JSOH OI HHTHJ uaef STTUM aA3a9 U' D S aao Imeq 993UO UQUH S OH TUBE 3' 5 :S 0 uospaeqogg uoqs Q O 5 A V anaqg 3 euu P003 SITBL LSELIOO XlIHvTlJOJ 1-4 T. 3 QJNIALS iwvfiffzyesyy CON 3553 Anne Wall! Alice Murphy Dot buy Sylvia-Lee 'Harris Aliee Murphy Flora Medaven Dot Tracy Marilyn Jordan Valerie Frye ng:-in Higgins Dot Tracy ' Marion Wentworth Shirley Kelley Janette Rumill Anne Walls Betsy Bryant Marion Wentworth Marilyn Jordan Marion Wentworth Marion'Wentwortn Dot Tracy MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCOEED BEET DREBSED BEST LOOKING HOST EFFIOIll!.j BESTWDISPOBITION BEST DANCER SCHOOL WIT HOST STUBBORN SCHOOL FLIRT MOST DIGNIFIED BIGGEST TII UIILLER SCHOOL BABY FUNNIEST LAUGH BIGGEST HEART-BREAKER BEST LINE MOST AESENT MINDED SCHOOL CUT-UB TEACHERS' HEADACHE LAZIEST SCHOOL BLUFFER Steve Wood ' Loring Some: lilly Kimball Roger Richardson Loring Sores Steve Wood Gordon Manchester Steve Wood Robert Taylor Paul Richardson Dale Somes Frank J orden Billy Kimball Paul Richardson Miles Grindle Steve Wood Donald Seevey Clayton Crocker Niffy Smallidge Edward Kelley Frank Jordan w.7:' ' w 4 -iff Agp in 5- ,Jq -B CLCLI Z""RqWNoyul 'Q ,-J V01 ,126 E 52 we -Dave' QD xv V5 -5- .QW ,QU f 40 G fficnfgon Q5 Ac . ., ' T '71 A ,WI legfw, J ,,- gxxxbg, QQ' G' 1, N N O y O X K ff 4 4 A! pf 4, , f 11 in 1 K K -I, Q ob ' f tx al QW. of Q4 DU L ,fx fill X0 UXNQ- "Q Q 19 5 -Q Q 0 If-Y fr,-,iZ,,,,,..,,,,.-,,. ,, CLASS OF '45 KATHERINE ALLEY CSawverJ -- Bar Harbor GORDON FALT, Jr. -- Merchant Marines VERA GILLEY CSoukupJ -- Otter Creek DORETHEA GRINDLE CDyer7 -- Bar Harbor MARY GRINDLE -- Northeast Harbor ROBERT HAMOR -- U.S. Navy MARIA NINFI -- Southwest Harbor, Office Work GEORGE FRAZIER RECKHAN Jr. -- University of Maine SHIRLEY REYNOLDS CMcGarrJ -- Otter Creek ESTELLA SMALLIDGE fMCRael -- Bangor JANE SMALLIDGE -- Northeast Harbor REBECCA TAYLOR -- Bangor, Secretary CHARLENE WALLS KStewartJ -- Bangor, Secretary ELEANOR WALLS CDamonD -- Northeast Harbor CLASS OF '46 WALTER BLANCHARD -- Florida FREDERICK BUCKLIN -- Bentlev Business College, Boston EVERETT CARTER -- U.S. Army ALICE COLSON CGravesD -- Northeast Harbor I FLORENCE JORDAN -- Northeast Harbor, Office Work LESTER JOY -- Northeast Harbor ISABEL KORKMAZIAN -- Westbrook Junior College, Portland GRACE PIERCE QWaltonD -- Seal Harbor MARION PIERCE CBealeb -- Southwest Harbor LETA TRACY -- Mount Desert IDA WALTON 6BlanchardJ -- Seal Harbor PAUL WALTON -- Seal Harbor ELIZABETH WESCOTT CSwanJ -- Northeast Harbor VIRGIL WALTON -- Seal Harbor CLASS OF '47 EDWARD BROWN -- Northeast Harbor BEVERLY CARR fKimba1ll -- Washington State MILTON CYOCKER CLIFTON DAMON MURIEL FERNALD NORMA GONZALES JAMES GRANT -- DOROTHY GRAVES DOROTHY'HAYNES -- U.S. Army - New York City, N.Y. Grace Lines CWallsJ -- Seal Harbor CConaryJ -- Hall Quarry Illinois College, Jacksonville -- Office Work, Northeast Harbor -- Office Work, Northeast Harhor BARBARA LEACH KSullivanJ -- Bucksport MARION MaCCRAE -- Eastern Maine General, Bangor JAMES MCGARR -- Otter Creek MARY PARKER -- Mount Desert ELWOOD REED -- Northeast Harbor GLORIA REED -- Northeast Harbor ROBERT SEAVEY -- Portland, Maine JOHN SMALLIDGE -- Mount Desert HELENA SOLARI -- Northeast Harbor GEORGE TRACY -- U.S. Army HELEN TRACY -- Nurse, Beverly Mass. ---- ---- A H Y .zq-assi- - my N.r TT, .T rw CYUNWLMWENTQ f'NX'TW "" jmz' T V7 Sf", ..L. . FTDKQGTT PVWUDE X. ' 1.1! L 1,1 1.1 . xg Q T ,,o ,, ..,, - 6 , 1 i I We wish to extend f SEE our thanks and appreciation t , ALFRED J. JAMES JR. to all those patronizing t ' for our Yearbook. Insurance - Real Estate 4 A N buy '7 P1 f b . nj' Ltf Fire Accident Life Q Tel. 55-2 .- -.J - ..,- - --P. -.. ..-... ......-.Q-........1.......... -.. . -..U ..,'.. ....-.-,..... C OMPL IEIEENT S OF THE O ASTICQU INN ...- Q... NORTHEAST HARBOR Phono COMPLIHENTS OF , H, S. WOOD 1 E- -2 5- Ii - 5 General Store SANDWICH SHOP ' ' Phone 200 Seal Harbor COIJIPLIIYIENTS E. A. PE'i'1'3O3E Cc SON of C ont Tac t or Ek: Builrle 1" FRANC IS ATW OOD , Seal Harb or Insur anc e 115 Seal Harbor I Tel' 95 , I , , .. -. ---..... , , ............. ..-- ,. , . ....--...,. 4 X i 1 3 RTRACY ESRATE fblntmg Uelephone 8 JV. 5. Nbr. JVZ Compfiments Of Uh? MANCHESTER BEDS GARAGE 1 Y u 4 Y ! w 4 V " Vv.I B724 JVSCOM QOALQLUOOD CO. also Range M Fuel Oil Phone 155 N.E,H, Office-Manchester Road All orders should be given 24 hours notice, to insure delivery. 5 s tr 5 wr EAI?-US SUNSET GARAGE Books Auto Rejpai.ringg, Marine and Machines Work Magazines HeWSDaDers icetylene Welding Q Braziirg Phone 225 P.O, Box 176 HAYNES EXPRESS ' L, ELRIE HQLMES Local Trucking Clothing' Also Serving Shoes Ellsworth, Smnesville, Seal M Northeast Harbors Yachting Outfits Phone 150 N.E.H. Tel, 54 N.E.H. H. E. BUCKLIN Contractor and Builder Jobbing and Cabinet Work Northeast Harbor Telephone 221 SWANYS FLORIST Flowerfs delivered at all times and for all occasions also Gardens Made - Bedding Plants Northeast Harbor Phone 2-2 Flower Shop 2-5 House OUR REWARD as Official Eiotographer for the Class of 1948 is in knowing that the Gilman High School has received the finest in Photographic service. .IN YEARS TO COME We would enjoy working with the gradua ting class and yearbook staff as much as we have this year. NEXT YEAR let us assist you, THE WARREN my VANTINE STUDIO, INC. 132 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts N ....-- ..- ...,-1. ..... . ,H -.....v ..,. - -. - --A,.... . -. .., . ,- - -. .-.,.- .- ..7ll4JifJX!,- I E7ll6fZfC!l1IOI7'lCiflCtl fi LQ,,3EfE.43 i C. E. WALLACE Plumbing and Heating Summit Road Northeast Harbor, Kaine C. E. WALLACE Telephone 545 Owner HAYFES7 GARLGEE Complete Repair Service Goodrich Tires Uillard Batteries Accessories Phone 555 ja eine Street I Northeast Harbor Maine I I 1 1 l 9 I I Q JORDANVS UPHOLSTERY SHOP Northeast Harbor, Me. Telephone 105 Rugs and furniture cleaned and de-mothe by Duraclcan Certified Service YJ-, 4,-L,,.. ..g' 441. , Y" .!',:YYn,V::' Y w fzfwfzys B,-4031 g1LJw,4N' Browrrs Qczfczge Uelephone 444 4 11.8.1-i br. Me R T THE KNOWLES CO. gQ6ClffCfS SA L-8314 U5 - QJNIS U R A ,NC ff fxfperfyl cznnqeffrwr and A,Qpfc1Z5c1ls 4 JNl0RI'ic'ffZSQ7 Ji ARBOR jelephones 702--703 ... Lei, 7. .. ..... , .... - ... V- 5- ....,....--. e.............- ......-.-...-- -... . - .-...,...., ERNEST C. OBER Electrical Contractor Refrigerators -- Washing Machines Glenwood Ranges Phil-gas Northeast Harbor Telephone 140 ' OTIS MU OBER CO. Established 1894 Dealer in 1 Fancy groceries, Beef and Vegetables Hardware and Kitchen Goods Mt. Desert Spring Water, Poland Water Mineral and Soda.Water, Malt Beverages Nei-theeet Harbor Telephone 1-sv 1 J Q BASTIAN BROS. CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive Class Jewelry Genuine Engraved Commencement Announcements and Personal Cards Mr. Richard C. Smith, District Manager 81 Marion Street Brookline, Massachusetts CONPLIMENTS OF THE JORDAN POND HOUSE SEAL HARBOR GEORGE E. THOMPSON RETAIL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES t BANGOR, MAINE 197 State Street U Tested Bangor, Maine Impression papers Dial 8441 MIMEOGRAPH A 'Kinney Duplicator Co. Machines and Process Complete Service x , 1 1 1 A , 1 Groceries - Fruit MRS. TRACYIS SHOP Pop - Novelties - Candy Wools Agent Ayr Scotch - Armstrongs for Inverurie Sweaters Watson's Dry Cleaners f Skirts made to order ALFRED J. JAMES JR. I Handmade Jewelry Tel. se-2 stuagi Nye 3, FROGKS i Phone 70 "Stop at the sign of the Orange disk" 'ISCOMPLIMENTS .OF YOUR GOOD GUIBF EELLERN watts' GARAGE James c. 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Suggestions in the Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) collection:

Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Gilman High School - Gilmanac Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 47

1948, pg 47

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