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PEARISBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY pearisburg public library K I all things must pass !i contents Part one activities 16 sports 30 organizations 52 part two eight 108 freshmen 114 sophomores 120 juniors 126 seniors 131 part three administration 158 guidance 159 faculty 160 part four advertisements 170 shield 1972 giles high school pearisburg, Virginia sonya e. taylor editor deane t. davis associate editor “all things must pass” is the thought sadly prevalent in our minds at the end of the school year, but even with the passing of time and experiences, there will always be an outstanding figure in school life to whom students may turn for help and advice, the enumerated distinctions of this man could fill pages of this yearbook, every student at giles could relate an instance in which he has been of service to them, but to do so would be useless, even presumptuous, his personality speaks for him. In respect, the annual staff proudly dedicates the 1972 shield to james d. worley. 3 defeat will pass to triumph 5 the storm will pass 6 peace will come 7 . j Wm, m : expressions change with i n the passing of every mood f-’i ;? ' ; • ' bitterness will 12 turn to love 13 she smiled up at him, shyly, at first, then she grinned at him outright, as if there were no reason to hide this thing they both felt. it was a moment, filled with the greatest wonder, “the big dance of the year is coming up soon,” is what he said to her. she knew that he’d ask her, all her friends had told her so. she spent days in anxious wonder, thinking, “oh, what will i say?” but the time was here, and she wished to hold it to her forever, knowing hopelessly, it would soon pass. she’d give him her answer, which he knew would be “yes!” all his friends had told him so. their first dance together, it too would soon pass. but they would hold it in their hearts, a special moment, now gone. sonya taylor activities page 16 sports page 30 organizations page 52 15 bv % Jv 8th grade princess mary dehart freshman princess kathy hess homecoming 1971 sophomore princess kim montgomery junior princess rachel mcguire senior princess carolyn taylor 18 homecoming queen miss treena mann 19 key club sweetheart miss sue songer 8th grade princess leslee mutter freshman princess sabrina pearson snow court 1971 sophomore princess diane ratcliffe 21 junior princess sue long “t’was the night before Christmas” senior princess sherri mutter V ' 4 1 rs] K - j L L [ J - ■ IB ‘ M@psisss$Sg «»iSJSj «»»»?lf«l»V4 I .. , ■ i - a? tig -t’- ' » - ' : = Sn is !:?:tSs! 2i£3sl jg’lglisair t-iV ’ 3 !S?s»£» ' ‘s»5Ri-r. f -5iS54s }JJ£ ;s ' » “ JiS 55S 1 , , i = sL -is«ii;?;?23:j«5?2 e ,5S2f= t ' , - ? - : - e? 1 : 7,. , Mi a gg8Sia pgS3 ' 3»fj ' 5»S2»jjef»«! ffiSfeSB sSSi WssStteswtfMSsSsia ? 2a C 2 5n • « f 5? Sin ; ; S f®5n5!i-V. i? ' ; ..tfl ' s Sff r lSisHKtKsi saaMr ' -sss-: ?! !: ■ •.■. ■ EstJ r77;«77: ; 7-KT7?7f : : . •I®!;: ■ - ..a ii J;„ l „ ,«(|p»iLp( C ' . ' aJr |fl if| n!fSj£:|it£32JSjU; i 2iM?- . . i .aiaiX jiirn ' 5 Spur - ' Pi r i r si sl? E l s “a a ' S s !! I i 4 l i s«» 3 rSM»«=ali 5 ssS«KBiS»sfis|:g«S =?S«S5ier?i5rS?»si!!sF2?Jla«?:!iiisirJ5‘Isijlfs?s3i?fsliltSfi2 i! !?jsf!5 5;SjfHrol . jssat-ssss u ;•; ... • ' .%tr • . 7s£iii!s3iK$sw!‘ yi ' ,.. 0 J ' • © ■ i ... .... — »»,►. ujjTtjylt.jk’ ■» « iiKSEs:. ' , is ' aisSJftSiiasfsiiWS :{;5T!:;J!W2;“i;:j s:f21: 1 «!ste.:5t:;’!;.- • Ss 55 sss?£«wf? 5 j|$ 5 S 5 S 3 stts : i: 2 }tt :s 5 a?s 5 s 3 ss 5 tessr.q|nK 2 ss 5 . , s;? 7j- “tj- j ’ ,,-o2.. t _o. u . f 3 » . ] -i - n I ’sSIstsrh riif s7-5-f3S?4 , 55«n5f2i5fssmit=s5i 2 !£?»5; s£’5? Si!(- " 1 : ;ij! SS 3 i!ai 2 ii 3 !!!S?Siisi 3 Sig :S|iij !S!iigis 5 !E 2 !SU!S£a: a i- ar ::: iSfiS!;!!;!5 .3iifB:8S iS:!sss;Ki!!ii:W •isiaSW8 s n 1 s ®!8 a5 5s Sg»Si Ilf ’i- jj; -i ;;r}s?ywf 5 ssS 2 i;. ' aisii!sgiJ " SSi 5 j::!««!s-r:fi ' alstfSiSt 5 :si ijHs f«£is 5 s« 2 fS 5 jr si 5 ;S j=i£sai-:s»:s-it 5 rs f: 5 ?ini££ : i2?E«f3 «£SSsJ£2s»ff5«a22is5J;5fs?«5sf®?SKs»f?jjS525s2SJi;rr5L ; f!fr? {L si 5 S| 5 i 2 BgsJ 3 g| 3 J«£? 55 s 2 i.S 5 . ' 2 l; a 2 t?J 5 » 5 iS 5 :isy 5 S? 2 - 5 ”;t u j j 5 S»jt|;ss 2 :siifji!»:«i i 5 ? sssSs;? 6 , 5 ji!:?i! 52 ij 1 s»Jr Jjt ;r :.? i t » 5 5 J 2 iS- 5 StiS 5 ‘ 2 JseIJti; :if ::pTSjS» 5 =:fJ Uii 2 ■naiiiw isBS SSUS ;U;S«Upi:5|| H5 s ■ ffigsife.ItjSBjiiij ' Sijnt : 5 -- 3 ?S 5 |? 3 i 5 S; 5 if|I=?! 5 fli!fe? 55 Wsa 53 S 2 S 3 l 5 ?cit 35 i£-U£. Si-«: ,a.H.. ' a.i. ®i 1 1 l «LEBa aci3.4H4R4) Bt.. i ' »jl J2; S’i: r;e ' ,1 ci a frS l • ... ■’ 54» »3 i»JS ‘ ! i ii J » jii jsi ’i ?2S8!S!tK , i ;ElB”.iSSsESi I c -limits- :s if ; ifi2!£e " a«(6if - : .i " 0if 4Ba ( a4. k a|lf|H2.a3.ti Qa|. :: 5 i ; ‘ b ! J ?oa £ ; i: h. t. ' ft3 5is ‘ r!i£s55 , ' |, i , i!r a 2;i!r , £2i , 5! i:. !ii!!5;:ti:!i;:!S|;[l2RKJ3iSj;!i3; ; v-;»sS£Ss srfss?ls£? 2S?2s p3|stfjs«ssss3r5Ss«£;s» »«;:s " f ’2!5««iJr4«22K5«ii 52Jifc225!8«8rf57«5i " H5iii i:i • p«-i fin 1 • ,i ai , .-a PI. ..«n 4« .ai -jit!., iir J1D. ' -m n ‘t., , ; . i StiSSSSS ' iSSaiSHBjfflSSSIESiSSSsJiisB •I aios: . ' j’lai-.n ,a.»_ ; l!i|r:s ' SfSSS?K{ 5 ! 3 ii 5 i| 5 :S !!«sf •£S![:Sj£;ir awSaii psisflanSlsijisiif:. s , t. ■ J 0 j J 0 j • » c . I- , r f . i, :iSP!SE«!!gB|SSS ' s!!:j 1 ‘ 6 r:“!:!K!‘S!!!!: 2 !, ■Ssa|di:tiS!BnSi£iSiltsR|;«g!S!iii!iil!: I’.El. ' StltSfljfftlsSS. ' iKJ ' .ISiifliytitliU!!::, ' : aisISiiiffSSJSgiSilStniiS. ' ISiiiiSajiiSi; " a • ! 3»‘2£St OJ “ T . B: ’ ; 2 i! S::J 1 i ' H6»aH-aiA aa-aa»r3; 4 »a;«»t ' 5j{5»»1; ;i ' i ' S ' - ®V‘ a B a “.I M 2! A . .B ' I • •.-a»»- 2SW!» «iiKS‘?.-r fi:MtS5» s2 SsSi sJ;SpS 5? H3 ft 1 , ;‘T-di|.=itf».lS0 . i " D -9- : ;a • .. , ,1 - ■ -J " o - ,.-Oi fl.otl.. ■ 0 . - . - I ‘ t Q ■ ‘ • j»ti.|I« " Sa. ;tJl»l a ••.“Jaef ' Saa-, ' ' -lae ?? 2 fc 3 « 5 sjitSs a?ra;» 5 = 2 £j«;«fts?a 5 sr£|?ilSff»«s ; . sS nsr i ifsswaisssSSv- ;::, e ?;j 6 r, ' t»A ' -r— r»»-. i— sIt-4l. , 4Sa10jio t - rv ’si? -av S i$K s:i r3J!;;;:::3: j;:; J : Jj;.; !g! ij ■ ■7 ? I 4 ?’.»t.j ' i2aiIS ?o24 ' ' " . ““a; snow court queen miss vickie martin tifiSSIsijlSgiiSEjfftJ: ' ' ) ' , bS ! 4 i | al ' ® ‘. 4 ' S a aj!Sllc»!irS! ;t ' 23 miss ghs 1972 celia ann martin ♦.vC J s3£ j??s ■ 2nd runner-up erma hill 1st runner-up rachel mcguire somewhere my love april 29th “smile” first place — manteca “smile” was the theme of the 1972 senior talent show, tom sawyer, emcee, and 15 acts truly put “smiles” on the faces of everyone on the evening of march 25. student honors newly elected sea officers president — ike andrews, historian — lori harding, vice-president — jeff morris, reporter — russell perdue, parliamentarian — dick Steele, chaplain — rachel meguire, secretary-treasurer — donna knickerbocker. boy’s state representatives william Stafford — alternate, edd sibold, craig athey, doug pearson. girl ' s state representatives faye sartin, debbie mccoy, Sylvia tickle — alternate, jackie dickerson — alternate camp enterprise debbie mccoy 30 big blue rebuilds under new coaches first row — david Stewart, buck anderson, randy Stephens, jay butler, buzz johnston, rick ballard, ricky taylor, freddie fields, leslie williams, second row — coach kincaid, miles hylton, marvin fletcher, george hughes, geoffrey alien, doug pearson, gene jackson, teddy neely, chuck parcell, coach price, third row — paul li lly, mgr., mike lucas, doug dean, greg kanode, jimmy el I is, tom robinson, edgar moser, lyle griggs. under new coaches and with only 7 returning starters, the spartans of giles ended the season with a 3-5-3 record, the spartan’s new head coach is al kincaid, former va. tech player, bob price, also in his first year at giles, is the assistant coach, with the players returning next year, and with excellent material up from the j.v., the big blue looks to the future with optimism. defense!! PEARISBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY 31 buzz leads jay against galax 3 M | P - » PwjHp defense stacks ’em up big blue scores 32 tom finds going rough rick looks for receiver jv’s tie for district title first row — william dirico, kenny dickerson, luther reed, fred munsey, rodney morris, jerry smith, paul mullins. second row — billy scates, mike ratcliffe, kelly mulheren, frankie green, phil dickerson, arthur jackson kenny booth, thrid row — joey martin, harvey givens, jay williams, jimmy mullins, vince alexander, bruce white, paul oakes, bruce saunders. behind a tenacious defense and a precise machine-like offense, the j.v.’s of giles rode to a highly successful 6-1 record, the season was highlighted by 2 wins over narrows and by the victory over previously undefeated pulaski. the spartans look to be tough in the future. not pictured — coach frazier coach dark 34 8th grade ends season unscored upon first row — frankie sexton, mgr., lenny kelly, johnny montgomery, alan bishop, eric keffer, donnie marshall, david johnston, marco jones. second row — Steve martin, mike williams, mike freeman, david tice, lloyd johnson, alan stevers, randy dark, not pictured — scott Stafford, barry link, jeff ratcliffe, rodney jamison. the 8th grade grabbed a share of the district championship by completing the year with a 6-0- 1 slate, the offense was seldom stopped, the team having to punt only once all year, the defense was the real hero, however, yielding no points and very little yardage, the single blemish was a 0-0 tie with christiansburg. coaches o’brien and wilburn 35 varsity finishes third in district tourney standing — buck anderson, gene jackson, ricky ballard, kurt marcussen, vince alexander, doyle snidow, darrell caldwell. kneeling — roger roller, tom robinson, rodney houchins, george hughes. the giles basketball team roared to a 12-9 record for the 1971-72 season, coach dark’s team also finished third in the district tournament, scoring was led by rick ballard’s 21 point average while george hughes chipped in with 10.8 points per game, kurt marcussen led all rebounders with 11 per game, rick also set a district single game scoring record with 47 points against floyd. 36 things are look- ing up for coach dark ■NKUO, rick scores 47, sets district record 37 coach wilburn taylor scores against radford j.v. has down year 38 first row — john alien, freddie taylor, arthur jackson, kenny dickerson, lenny radford, gary alexander kim o ' farrell. second row — phil dickerson, joey martin, joel draper, dale williams, randy hale, paul oakes, roger wagner. not pictured — mark williams. 8th grade finishes with even record first row — lenny kelly, alan bishop, cliff snidow, Steve noble, mack miller, second row — mike williams, mike debusk, david johnston, eric keffer, alan stevers, perry mortez. third row — lloyd johnson, david tice, william link, scott Stafford, Steve martin. under the able leadership of coach o’brien, the giles 8th grade basketball team compiled a 4-4 season record that featured two wins over narrows, the team was well-balanced and many players gained experience that will be valuable to next year’s j.v. team. coach o ' brien 39 cheerleaders combine rachel mcguire — alternate susanne dehart by cheering at football and basketball games, pep rallies, and parades the varsity cheerleaders have increased the spirit of ghs. kim montgomery myra shelton — co-captain mrs. floyd — sponsor 40 skill with enthusiasm I deane davis sarah mcguire carolyn taylor debbie dupell captain donna Knickerbocker alternate 41 jv’s cheer their way into mrs. mann — sponsor rhonda morris — - captain teresa fisher the j.v. cheerleaders cheer for all j.v. football and basketball games, they participate in pep rallies, parades, and the bonfire. cathy taylor — alternate 42 diane ropp susan davis the hearts of fans 43 the spartans participate in pep rallies, ballgames, and parades. they increase school spirit by being spirited themselves. dreama epperley debbie day spartans yell for giles mrs. miller — sponsor 44 left to right — david hagy, lenny radford, ken carter, tommy medley, joel draper, doyle snidow, jeff williams. golf coach gary dark cross country is 13 th in state first row — freddie taylor, david hunter, philip hicks, phil lilly. second row — sammy wilkinson, ike andrews, randy hale, mark lamb, glen marshall. the spartan cross country team ran to a 21-3 dual meet record for coach jackson’s most successful season, the giles harriers also finished second in the scarlet hurricane invitational meet and capped the season by taking 13th in the state cross country meet, with six of the top seven runners returning next year, the big blue of giles could be a force to reckon with in the new river district. coach jamesjackson 46 graduating seniors most dedicated senior most valuable runner spartan top five first row — mike williams, billy roberts, alan stevers. randy Clark, mike yost, mack miller, Steve martin, eric keffer, mike freeman, second row — marco jones. lenny kelly, doug pearson, larry falls, philip hicks, phil lilly, mike saunders, gary day. third row — gary alexander, mike furrow, freddie fields, jay williams, robert niece, freddie munsey, david ding, fourth row — roger wagner, freddie taylor, arthur jackson, paul mullins, mike williams, greg williams, lyle griggs, gary lucas, john hoge. fifth row — robbie coleman, paul oakes, randy hale, doug dean, randy Stevens, kurt marcussen, jackie vest, gene jackson, buck anderson. coach al kincaid i field event squad 880 relay team giles distance runners g.h.s. track — 1972 spartan sprinters and hurdlers spartan tennis team first row — rodney houchins, mark williams, vince alexander, mark lamb, marvin fletcher. second row — Steve mcguire, harvey givens, robin jennelle, kent penington, johnny tice, kenny yost. MM Jbhr j pjJB tennis team ' s first six coach bob price ) 0 50 baseball first row — frankie green, darrell leonard, edgar moser, jerry ell is, randy mcguire, barry link, paul lilly second row — miles hylton, barry price, geoff alien, danny talbert, bobby sexton, bruce white, third row — rick ball ard, joey martin, craig athey, mike vaught, brice mccall, tony dirico, bobby shaver. coaches gunnell, frazier, and wilburn. big blue pitching staff 51 52 sea: the listener and the voice miss croy — sponsor debbie dupell — secretary-treasurer ike andrews — vice-president serves as a link between students and faculty . . . sponsor of the trip to “who knows.” miles hylton — president 53 sammy Wilkinson — parliamentarian lynda hagy — chaplain sophomore representatives freshmen representatives 55 mm ftte SIM | ®r life y v v y i ■’ " " " m . IH III; III [111! ' ll ii ' §1 k Iff} joyce parcell — vice-president myra Shelton — president; mrs. danahy — sponsor national honor society encourages 56 sonya taylor — treasurer the development of character admits juniors and seniors . . . junior candidates must have a 3.5 grade average . . . seniors must have a 3.2 grade average . . . tutored fellow students . . . awarded a scholarship to a graduating senior who planned to further his edu- cation. debbie dupell — secretary 57 1 A ■ y , 1 1 1 9 » 1 1 IH f Mm «■ Ar 1 1 % a Vjl key club develops mr. jackson — sponsor 58 mr. johnston — recipient of teacher appreciation award. awards teacher apprecia- tion award . . . sponsors miss ghs beauty pageant . . . presents annual slave day . . . holds dinner honoring the club sweet- heart . . . presented the school with $300 for school supplies matched with $300 in federal funds. miss hypes- — recipient of teacher appreciation award. initiative and leadership glen marshall — president; roger roller — chaplain; sammy wilkinson — vice-president; doug pearson — trea- surer; david Stewart — ike andrews — historian; hoge mcclaugherety — It. governor, div. 3; gary hicks — secre- tary. 59 sr. tri hi y becomes involved joyce parcell — president; sharon irvin — treasurer; bonnie bales — chaplain; debbie mccoy — secretary; donna knickerbocker — vice-president; pam ramsey — reporter. district officers: pam ramsey — secretary; linda johnson — vice-president; dreama epperley — hi-y council repre- sentative 60 with social concerns sent delegates to model general assembly . . . sponsor of marion patient . . . host of district hi-y, tri-hby meeting. mga delegates: anne Stafford; donna Knickerbocker; debbie mccoy; bev cruise; dreama epperley; debbie dupell. 61 jr. tri-hi-y means Christian service sharon parcell — vice-president; susan davis — president; terry albert — secretary; denise estes — chaplain; diane ropp — reporter; susan law — treasurer. sponsor of a float in the mrs. hylton — sponsor Christmas parade . . . Christmas gifts to the needy . . . sponsor of an easter assembly . . . do- nations to the head start program . . . sponsor of the heart fund drive in school. mr. collins — sponsor “create, maintain, and extend” . . . service to school and community . . . promoter of Christian ideas and character within the school. hi-y places others before self kenny yost — reporter; rodney hamblin — chaplain; rodney houchins — sergeant-at-arms; roger roller — president; jeff Stewart — vice-president; miles hylton — treasurer. 63 promotes the joys and sat- isfactions of homemaking . . . sponsor of the sadie hawkins dance . . . held open house for fha members and faculty. mrs. wheeler — sponsor fha involves youth and 64 susan law — reporter; jackie dickerson — secretary; debbie atkins — chaplain; sharon parcell — song leader; missy powell — president; paulette dixon — treasurer; debbie williams — historian; debbie day — vice-president. adults through activities 65 . ■ 1 V H fellow athletes promote Christianity sponsor of car in homecoming parade . . . holder of church services throughout the county . . . promoter of Christian character among athletes and coaches at g.h.s. mr. mulheren and mr. williams — sponsors myles hylton succeeded glenn as captain. 67 fbla creates understanding in wanda carbaugh — historian; barbara day — secretary; sandi vest — treasurer; vickie martin — recreational leader; debbie day — president; kathy atkins — reporter; sheryl parr — recreational leader; betty parcell — vice president. 68 the choices of business careers mrs. tice and mrs. jamison — sponsors sponsor of a family for Christmas . . . attended radford convention in march . . . visited new river community college and radford arsenal . . . entertained guest speak- ers with business related topics. bill vincel — sponsor ffa “learning to do doing to learn’’ greg williams — president; barry price — vice- president; jay williams — sentinel; barry col I i ns — treasurer; jeff morris — reporter; rodney morris — secretary. 71 fta cultivates leadership vickie ratcliffe — parliamentarian; lucy ferrel — historian; donna knickerbocker — vice-president; debbieday — secretary; debbiemccoy — treasurer; sharon irvin — reporter; dreama epperley — president. convention delegates: dreama epperley; donna knickerbocker; linda johnson. entertained guest speak- ers in the field of educa- tion . . . sponsored teach- er’s coffee . . . held se- nior observation day . . . made and sold pep tags for ballgames . . . mrs. robertson and mrs. shiflett — sponsors 72 held pot luck supper . . . sent representatives to district and state conven- tions . . . sponsored se- nior coke party. mrs. francis — sponsor david ding — parliamentarian; lois Stephens — secretary; kirn montgomery — president; pam ramsey — treasurer; linda johnston — vice-president; terry taylor — historian. jr. fta prepares for teaching careers 73 randy beasley — president; gay holt — reporter; penny jones — secretary; kenny sharpe — vice-president. d.e. develops future leaders educational field trips . . . fall rally at carroll county . . . seller of programs at football games . . . assistant to state associa- tions in the growth and development of deca . . . promoter of understanding and appre- ciation for the responsi- bilities of citizenship. mr. fisher — sponsor. ill I !■ 1 ' LI Vs 74 I , ujj 1 1 r ' A. tVJ J A k ... » debbie mccoy — vice-president; sandy harrison — secretary-treasurer; mr. wilburn — sponsor; Carolyn long — historian; carolyn bostic — president; doug pearson — parliamentarian. visitations of hospitals and laboratories . . . typing of members’ blood . . . edu- cational programs with in- teresting speakers . . . explorations of various fields of medicine . . . stimulation of the medical interest among members. future physician’s club stimulates medical interests 75 ' iUiii vica teaches hands to work mr. brookman — sponsor preparation of members for leadership in the world of work . . . development of deep respect and pride in professions . . . sponsor of a spring picnic . . . entries in district, state, and national vica contests . . . sponsor of a dance. 77 library club reads to learn I i la conley — secretary; faith scott — chaplain; pat noble — vice-president; coletta neice — reporter; vickie pack — president; wanda caldwell — treasurer. stimulate reading inter- ests . . . assist in routine functions of the library . . . encourage students to consider librarianship as a career. miss hypes — sponsor 78 Carolyn long — secretary; myra Shelton — treasurer; lynda hagy — vice-president; hoge mcclaugherty — president. sponsor of annual giles county science fair . . . interesting field trips . . . programs of scientific nature. science club looks to the future 79 ecology club seeks paula wood — secretary; mike warner — reporter; debbie williams — treasurer; dick steele — president; patricia philpott — vice-president. mr. wilburn — sponsor 80 Wmu. answer to pollution kent pennington — parliamentarian; mr. miller — sponsor. promote education concerning problems of pollution . . . sponsor of a paper drive . . . distribu- tor of anti-pollution pam- phlets. 81 german club uncovers explorer of the “past and present” culture of germany through interest- ing programs, songs, films, and magazines . . . seller of spudnuts . . . sponsor of a Christmas party for its members. mrs. helm — sponsor 82 doyle snidow — vice-president; myra shelton — secretary; deane davis — reporter; carolyn taylor — president. the wonders of germany 83 french club stresses 84 ken carter — vice-president; jackie dickerson — president; debbie fisher — reporter; kim montgomery — secretary; melanie Sigmon — parliamentarian; lila conley — treasurer. knowledge and culture mrs. winstead — sponsor selling of doughnuts . . . purchase of classroom supplies . . . sponsor of social for members and guests . . . furtherance of understanding of france, it’s people, traditions, and customs. 85 Spanish club furthers communication suzanne dehart — treasurer; sheree chat in — vice-president; debbie hamlett — reporter; vicki dickerson — secretary; rachel mcguire — president. further understanding of the Spanish speaking countries and their peo- ples and culture . . . “forward for culture and conversation” mrs. snidow — sponsor 86 miss wingold — sponsor; sandy vest — business editor; ann Stafford — feature editor. debbie mccoy — assistant editor; betty parcell — editor-in-chief. spartonian brings news to life information to the student body about g.h.s. events ... a chance for students to express their opinions and display their creativity . . . news, features, cartoons, items of interest. 87 sammy wilkinson — sports editor sonya taylor — editor sherri mutter — activities editor deane davis — associate editor shield deadlines cause miss croy — advisor representatives and edi- tors sell ads and annuals . . . staff sponsored basketball game between men faculty and arkansas lassies . . . editors form yearbook to be both attractive and informative. debbie day — subscriptions manager dreama epperley — business manager 88 representatives varicose brains mmm debbie mccoy and debbie dupell — organizations editors johnny tice and sarah mcguire — ciass editors hoge mcclaugherety — photographer 89 blue masque views different miss wingold — sponsor aspects of the theatre treena mann — treasurer; rodney houchins — vice- president; kurt marcussen — sergeant-at-arms; roger roller — president; sammy Wilkinson — parliamentarian; barbie woodbury — secretary; melanie sigmon — reporter. helps students learn of drama yesterday and today . . . held an interpretive theatre . . . sponsor of snow court and Christmas dance. further understanding of art . . . sponsor of valen- tine dance . . . field trips to art exhibits . . . discussions of historical art movements. pat philpott — vice-president; sonya taylor — president; rodney hamblin — reporter; rodney houchins — parliamentarian; kim moran — secretary; kent pennington — treasurer. 92 miss ratliff — sponsor art club explores our cultural heritage 93 the peppers 94 sarah mcguire — president; rhonda morris — vice-president; debbie dupell — parliamentarian; cathy taylor — secretary; kim montgomery — reporter; pam andrews — treasurer. attended all home games . . . supported the cheerleaders to promote sportsmanship and spirit . . . sold pompons . . . sponsored pep bus to basketball tournaments. mrs. miller — sponsor are hot! 95 monogram club strengthens athletic program buzz johnston — vice-president; doug pearson — president; edgar moser — secretary; kurt marcussen — sgt. at arms. assists lettermen in getting reduced rates for jackets and sweaters . . . consists of athletes of diversified sports . . . sold programs at basketball games. mr. dark — sponsor 96 mr. snyder — director miss lowdermilk — accompanist attended summer camp and presented one summer concert . . . presented fall, winter, and spring concerts . . . toured west Virginia and entertained high schools . . . held tag day. 97 ' Mm W giles high senior band percussion woodwinds participant in homecoming, shrine, and Christmas parades . . . entertainer at football games during half time . . . performer at Christmas and spring con- certs . . . entry at winchester apple blossom festival. 100 continues excellent performance brass Steve pegram drum major 101 lynda hagy head majorette gail williams bev jennelle performed at all parades . . . participated in pep rallies and bon-fire . . . presented- half-time shows . . . sold balloons for homecoming. zoe winston security is 102 j celia martin bar bara woodbury lucy ferrel treena mann being in step 103 jr. band exhibits ability presents concerts during the year . . . prepares for senior band. mr. snyder — director 104 student assistants 105 the sounds of laughter fill the hallways, footsteps — walking, sliding, running, then the last student clears into the classroom, and there is silence, the lull after a storm. the storm will break again, confusion will reign, supreme; then again — silence — final and deciding. there are only remnants in the hallways, the clutter of pencils, and crumpled papers, to stand as a visual memorial to the year’s work. this will be quickly swept away. quietly, the mind’s eye roves from the hallway, into the classroom. here lie the same memorials; but here, a sense of accomplishment still hangs in the air, accented by a broken formula upon the blackboard, a question and its final answer. were cluttered papers and broken pencils the only evidence of a whole year’s experience, the year would have been spent in vain. the real treasures of the year are carried away inside someone’s mind. experiences — happy, sad, confused — — but learning none the less. sonya taylor eighth page 108 freshmen page 114 sophomores page 120 juniors page 126 seniors page 131 107 eighth grade e[ a fod 0 nerperd P uT ident ’ SC ° U Stafford: vice president ' david johnston; secretary, cecily brown; treasurer, lloyd johnson; report- terry alien george atkins patsy bales rebecca barnett alan bishop allison bishop tommy bonds ann bostic lisa brotherton cecily brown cynthia brown larry brown Charles buckland Clara caldwell robin carter 108 randy dark Charles clemmons robbie coleman donna collins donna covill wayne croy gladys cumbee robert cumbee daniel dalton elizabeth danahy judy darnell becky davis sheree davis mike day mike debusk mary dehart barbara dickerson gary dickerson mike dowdy james eads russell epperly sharon epperly patricia eaton shirley farley teresa fisher mike f letcher patty frazier roosevelt frazier michelle freeman mike freeman anita french pam fuller darlene giles becky gilmer mike green 109 patricia griggs wayne hall mike hare berlin hayes jane hicks pamela higginbotham eugenia holt suzanne karen holton sandra hopkins diane huffman rodney jamison brenda janey cindy jennelle lloyd johnson lydia johnson barry johnston david johnston sally johnston teresa johnston howard jones marco jones mark jones sally jones timmy jones Caroline kane arnold kast eric keffer lennie kelley Stephen kerr diane kessinger alice king patty lafon ann lang Virginia lang Vickie langford 110 harvey leist eva marie lester eula lilly linda lindsey barry link william link brian long barry lucas edward lucas lisa lucas dana macdonald donnie marshall albert martin denise martin elliot martin Steve martin barbara mccroskey greg mccroskey judy mccroskey martha mcdonald jimmy meadows mike merrix bill miller mack miller donald morris freida morris william morris johnny montgomery cathy munsey marvin munsey pam murphree leslie mutter kathy myers teresa myers larry neice 111 randy neice keith niday steve noble rodney perdue randy peters terry porterfield joey price danny pyles jeff ratcliffe mary lou reed jane reynolds harold riggs vera riggs willis riggs patricia roach billy roberts drema robertson debra sadler randy sadler beverly sanders james sanders sherwood sanders connie sartin clancy sarvis rosemary scott david shaver betty shepherd carolyn shrader sherry sigmon james smith barry snider tammy snider cliff snidow anna spangler terry sparks 112 scott Stafford lucy st. clair mary st. clair roger st. clair ed steele lilly Stephens alien stevers debra stevers drema stevers cynthia strader gloria stump david tice gary turner donald turpin mantez vaught anita white joyce Whittaker carolyn williams dale williams dennis williams gala williams johnny williams karen williams mike williams alex wilson rodney wilson mike yost 113 freshmen class officers: president, russel perdue; vice president, cathy hess; secretary, sheree chafin; treasurer, sherry jones; reporter, cathy day. ruth adams herbert akers terri albert cynthia alexander john alien pam andrews edna bailey vickie bailey linda bales linda barnett kathy beck daniel blankenship jerry blankenship mike bonds Catherine brown 114 sharon brumfield ernest burton oakie cahill kathy caldwell john cecil sheree chafin barry col I ins brenda collins mildred conley sandra cumbee sheri davis susan davis wilma davis cathy day alma dean donna detamore phillip dickerson vickie dickerson tony dirico debra dowdy frankie dowdy margaret dorsett joel draper patricia dunn denise estes debbie fisher joan fletcher greg frazier barbara furrow edith gilmer harvey givens pamela gordon joseph green barbara gusler beverly gusler 115 paul gusler connie hamilton debbie hamlett otis hardy jill harless mike harris patricia harris cathy hess john hoge randal holdren teresa hudson darlene hutchinson kath y hypes arthur jackson sandy johnson alice johnston michael johnston doug jones sherry jones joey journell patricia kelly pamela lafon susan law harold leist debra link sylvia link karen long brenda lucas janet lucas jeff lucas Charlene mahaffey clarence mahaffey tim mcmahan alfred manning carol marcussen 116 james martin linda martin ronnie mccall Steve mcguire joyce meade tommy medley 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reporter carolyn taylor jimmy wayne adams kathy jean atkins thomas lewis bane sheryl elizabeth atkins drema lee barnett geoffrey lynn alien Christine anderson richard dean ballard kathy darlene barnett 132 randy beasley daniel miller blankenship douglas eugene brooks lena gail brown sandra merrix brown carol jean brumfield birdie mae burton 133 wanda lou caldwell linda marie camper wanda gaii carbaugh rebecca jean carter tracy alien clifton william early collins donna kay croy barbara dale day debra jean d ay 134 barbara gale dennis deborah lynne dupell dreamajean epperley karen fisher falls larry Stephen falls marvin vance fletcher freddie alien fields vickie lou french Charles thomas fisher 135 mike randall fuller william michael furrow lynda dianne hagy james william hale rodney lee hamblin kathryn susan harless barbara gay griffith margaret arm hale vickie bradley hetherington 136 wanda gale hetherington gary wayne hicks Stanley michael higgins roger lee hilton veneva gay holt 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parcell joyce ann parcell » diane rose parks john hoge parks sheryl lynn parr melissa lee powell Steve daniel pegram patricia ann philpott 143 roger jordan roller greg dale sabat mary madilliane sanders vickie lynn ratcliffe sandra kay reed peggy darlene riggs 144 joan elizabeth sessor i larry james sarver david rayner scott judy faye snider randa! kirk snidow camellia sue songer 145 i peyton mack st. clair i john leslie spaur joyce ann Stephens rhonda leigh Stafford joyce delane Stephens jeannie marie stout david darmon Stewart randy eugene Stephens danny ray talbert 146 john yates tice drema kay trenar carolyn ann taylor ricky lloyd taylor sonya etta taylor diana lynn tickle thomas frank tickle 147 carlottajo underwood randolph lee viars james joseph webb douglas samuel wilkinson doris snidow williams gregory kyle williams leslie kenneth williams 148 kenneth david wilson Charles kenneth yost not pictured eugene anderson robert lee burton john donald butler diane harless evans david lee frye Charles wayne havens carolyn hayes johnson scott ean macdonald kenneth eugene maupin connie gusler mccroskey 149 senior directory adams, jimmy wayne — vica vice pres. alien, geoffrey lynn — monogram club; drama club; v. football; base- ball. anderson, Christine — fbia. anderson, eugene — tea; vica; monogram club; v. football; v. bas- ketball; track. atkins, kathy jean — fbla repor- ter; icc. atkins, sheryl elizabeth — vica. — b — ballard, richard dean — tea; key club; monogram club; symphonic chorale; sr. class pres.; baseball; v. football, most valuable player de- fense: v. basketball, all district 1st team basketball, district scoring rec- ord — 47 pts.; boy’s state rep. bane, thomas lewis barnett, drema lee — vica. barnett, kathy darlene — fta; fha; fbla; sr. tri-hi-y; annual staff rep. barton, michael lee — vica. beasley, randy — deca pres.; art club; monogram club, britts, william michael — key club. brooks, douglas eugene — vica. brown, lena gail. brown, sandra merrix — fta. brumfield, carol jean, burton, birdie mae — fbla. burton, robert lee. butler, john donald — v. foot- ball, offensive player of the year. caldwell, wanda lou — library club treas.; fta; fha. camper, linda marie — art club; annual staff rep. carbaugh, wanda gail — fbla historian. carter, rebecca jean. clifton, tracy alien. colli ns, william early — vica; ffa. croy, donna kay — fha; fta; drama club; sr. tri-hi-y. — d — day, barbara dale — - fbla secre- tary; national honor society, day, debra jean — fbla pres.; fha vice pres.; fta secretary; drama club; pep club; sea; icc; subscriptions edi- tor annual staff; spartan; snow court queen 1970. dennis, barbara gale — fbla. du pel I , deborah lynne — sea sec. -treas.; pep club parliamentarian; national honor society secretary; fta; sr. tri-hi-y; drama club; capt. v. cheerleaders; symphonic chorale; co- organizations editor annual staff; mga page, senator; homecoming princess 11th grade; dar good citizenship award. — e — epperley, dreama jean — fta pres.; sr. tri-hi-y southwest district conference (presiding officer); pep club; national honor society; drama club; business manager annual staff; mga delegate (1971); mga secretary to governor (1972); 2nd runner-up miss ghs beauty pageant (1971); hi-y council 1972; spartan 1971-72. evans, diane harless. falls, karen fisher — national honor society; assoc, editor annual staff 1971; symphonic chorale, falls, larry Stephen — monogram club; fca; track. fields, freddie alien — Vica; mon- ogram club; v. football; track, fisher, Charles thomas — vica. fletcher, marvin vance — key club; fca; national honor society; v. football; tennis. french, vicky lou — sr. tri-hi-y. frye, david lee. fuller, mike randall. furrow, william michael — vica; hi-y; fta; v. football; track. g griffith, barbara gay. — h — hagy, lynda dianne — sea chap- lain; sr. science club vice pres.; na- tional honor society; annual staff rep.; 150 symphonic chorale; head majorette; homecoming princess 8th grade; snow court princess 11th grade; miss ghs 1971-72. hale, james william — vica. hale, margaret ann — vica. hamblin, rodney lee — drama club chaplain; art club reporter, sea; sr. science club; ecology club; sym- phonic chorale. harless, kathryn susan — vica. havens, Charles wayne - — deca. hetherington, wanda gail — fbla. hicks, gary wayne — key club secretary; hi-y; german club; boy’s state rep. higgins, Stanley michael — na- tional honor society, key club; na- tional merit scholarship commenda- tion; national council of teachers of english achievement award; 1st place local bland music scholarship com- petition; chosen for merit’s who’s who in american high schools; vale- dictorian. hilton, roger lee — deca. holt, veneva gaye — deca re- porter. huffman, benny lee — vica. hughes, linda gail — french club; national honor society. hungate, donald howard — hi-y secretary; sr. science club, hunter, david harris — mono- gram club; key club; cross country, most dedicated runner, hunter, deryle sonner — vica. hylton, miles talbert — sea pres.; fca capt.; hi-y treas.; drama club; monogram club; national honor society; symphonic chorale; v. foot- ball, most dedicated player; baseball; dupont scholarship; boys stat rep. hypes, roger dale — art club; sr. science club; hi-y. jennelle, robin blaine — tea; tennis. johnson, carolyn hayes. johnson, cathy ruth, johnston, nancy jo — vica vice pres. johnston, robert alan — mono- gram club vice pres.; key club; fca; icc; symphonic chorale; v. football capt.; jr. class pres, jones, mary ethel — ■ deca sec- retary. — k — king, paul kevin. kirk, kenneth reed — vica. lawson, donna jean — Vica sec- retary; snow court princess 9th grade. lucas, hazel maxine. lucas, james michael — vica. lucas, roger lee — vica. — m — mabe, Charles grady — deca. macdonald, scott ean — art club. mahaffey, shelby lynn — fbla; fta; sr. band. mann, treena carole — drama club treas.; national honor society; annual staff rep.; symphonic chorale; majorette; homecoming queen, manning, ricky alien — vica. marcussen, kurt samuel — drama club sergeant of arms; mono- gram club sergeant of arms; fca; art club; hi-y; v. basketball; track, marshall, glenn alien — key club pres.; icc; sr. science club; monogram club; cross country, martin, heida ann- — fbla. martin, james michael — vica. martin, paul dean — vica. martin, sharon jean, martin, vicki ann — fbla; paper staff; sea; fta; snow court queen 1971-72. maupin, kenneth eugene. mcclaugherty, samuel hoge — sr. science club pres.; key club It. gov.; national honor society, mccroskey, connie gusler — fha; deca. mccroskey, franklin delano. mccroskey, norma jean — fha; fbla. mccroskey, thomas edward — vica. meguire, gene lynwood — vica. meguire, sarah Catherine — sea historian; pep club pres.; sr. sci- ence club; art club; drama club; fca piano player; symphonic chorale; v. cheerleader; co-class editor annual staff; girl’s state rep. meadows, william eugene — vica; ffa. meredith, larry bryant — vica. merrix, david lee. miller, raymond phillip — vica. mills, patricia jean, morris, dana lynn. morrone, sharen sue — fta; fbla; art club; sr. tri-hi-y. moser, ira edgar — hi-y chap- lain; monogram club sec.; fca; key club; sea; v. football; baseball, moye, debra darlene — vica. 151 mutter, sharon ann — art club; national honor society; fta; activities editor annual staff; snow court prin- cess 12th grade; girl’s state rep; betty crocker homemaker award, myers, norma martin. neice, patsy jean — library club. — o — oakes, jane — fta district vice pres.; art club; pep club; sea. — p — pack, victoria sue — library club pres.; fha; sr. tri-hi-y. parcell, betty ellen — paper staff editor; fbla vice pres.; vica. parcell Charles david — fca; monogram club; v. football, parcell, joyce ann — sr. tri-hi-y pres.; national honor society vice pres.; annual staff rep.; sr. class vice parks, diane rose — fbla. parks, john hoge — deca. parr, sheryl lynne — fbla. pegram, steve daniel — drum major. philpott, patricia, ann — ecol- ogy club vice pres.; art club vice pres.; icc; fta; drama club; fbla. powell, melissa lee ■ — fha pres, chapter and district; sr. tri-hi-y; dra- ma club; fbla. price, sharon elaine — fbla. pyles, raymond ray. ratcliffe, mary ellen — vica. ratcliffe, Vicki lynn — fta parlia- mentarian; drama club; sea; sym- phonic chorale; majorette; 2nd run- ner-up miss ghs beauty pageant 1969-70; homecoming princess 9th grade; snow court princess 8th grade, reed, sandra kay. riggs, peggy darlene — fbla. roller, roger jordan — hi-y pres.; drama club pres.; fca vice pres.; key club chaplain; monogram treas.; v. basketball. sabat, gregory dale — vica. sanders, mary madilliane. sarver, larry james — vica. scott, david rayner — hi-y. sessor, joan elizabeth. sharp, beryl kermit, jr. — - deca vice pres. shelton, myra page — national honor society pres.; sr. science club treas.; german club treas.; pep club; fta; annual staff rep.; v. cheerleader asst, capt.; 3rd place science fair, smith, harvey leon. snider, judy faye. snidow, randel kirk — vica re- porter. songer, camillia sue — fbla; sr. class treas.; v. cheerleader; key club sweetheart. spaur, john leslie — fca; key club; track. Stafford, rhonda leigh — vica. st. clair, peyton mack — key club. Stephens, joyce ann — fta; sr. tri-hi-y; drama club; paper staff, sym- phonic chorale. Stephens, joyce delane — fha; fbla. Stephens, randy eugene — key club; vica; v. football, most dedicated player; track. Stewart, david darmon — key club; fca; monogram club; v. football, stout, jeannie marie — drama club; paper staff. talbert, danny ray — sr. class re- porter; baseball, tate, Stanley clay — vica. tawney, debra dunn. taylor, carolyn ann — german club pres.; fta; pep club; sr. science club; art club; future physician’s club; drama club; national honor society; sr. class reporter; v. cheerleader; homecoming princess 12th grade; snow court princess 10th grade; 1st runner-up miss ghs beauty pageant 1970-71. taylor, ricky lloyd — fca; mono- gram club; v. football, most valuable player. taylor, sonya etta — national honor society treas.; art club pres.; fta; sea; drama club; editor annual staff; salutatorian. tice, john yates — art club; drama club; symphonic chorale; co-class editor; tennis, tickle, diana lynn. tickle, thomas frank — vica. trenar, drema kay — deca. — u — underwood, carlotta jo. vest, jackie wayne — vica; track, vest, sandra gayle — paper staff business manager; sr. tri-hi-y; sym- phonic chorale. viars, randolph lee — vica. — w — webb, james joseph. Wilkinson, douglas samuel — ■ fca secretary; drama club parliamen- tarian; key club vice pres.; sea par- liamentarian; icc; monogram club; cross country; track; national merit commendation; sports editor. williams, gregory kyle — ffa pres.; key club. williams, leslie kenneth — fca; monogram club; v. football. wilson, kenneth david. — y — yost, Charles kenneth — hi-y parliamentarian; fca; tennis. 152 ! ■ honor graduates debbie dupell, dreama epperley, myra shelton, joyce parcell, karen falls, sonya taylor, sherry mutter, Stanley higgins, hoge mcclaugherty, lynda hagy, miles hylton. senior awards president (s.c.a.) miles hylton valedictorian Stanley higgins salutatorian sonya taylor head majorette lynda hagy varsity cheerleader (captain) debbie dupell drum major Steve pegram editor of yearbook sonya taylor editor of newspaper betty ellen parcell future teacher award sandy brown key club award hoge mcclaugherty dekalb agriculture award greg williams art sonya taylor band treena mann business debbie day business-new river community college barbara day drama missy powell english Stanley higgins home economics debbie day girl ' s physical education treena mann journalism jeannie stout science award hoge mcclaugherty john phillip sousa award lynda hagy crosscountry sammy Wilkinson tennis marvin fletcher track kurt marcussen baseball dannytalbert basketball rickyballard football jay butler sports manship dreama epperley marvin fletcher school spirit myra shelton randy Stephens citizenship dreama epperley gary hicks service debbie day hoge mcclaugherty outstanding students sonya taylor Stanley higgins leadership qualities lynda hagy miles hylton contribution to school activities karen falls alan johnston typically, best all around debbie dupell marvin fletcher " i dare you ' award joyce ann parcell jimmy wayne adams 153 “all things must pass’’ celco credit union scholarship — celco achievement award — miles hylton. j.c. scholarship — joyce ann parcell. treena mann. 154 georgia kirk nursing scholarship — sharon ruritan scholarship — marvin fletcher. salutatorian — sonya taylor. martin. f.t.a., n.h.s., pembroke woman ' s club scholarships — wanda caldwell . delta kappa gamma scholarship — myra Shelton. 155 left standing alone in the middle of the room he scratched his head and peered thoughtfully, sadly, over his glasses, the bell had rung; the students certainly went out faster than they had come in. they left him standing there, mouth still open trying to make the night’s assignment, he caught himself thinking back — — was it only ten years ago he had come to this school? wearily, he sat down at his desk, cluttered with notes, the objective form of his dedication. is it worth it? he thought for the hundredth time. just then a student from his first period class walked in, shyly, almost embarrassed. he pulled up his shoulders, not to be seen in his lonely dejected sta te. “uh,” stuttered his student, “uh, i’ve been working ahead, and i’m stuck on this problem. do you have time to help me?” he looked into the earnest eager face, laughed, much to the student’s amazement, and thought to himself, ‘‘he’ll be a teacher someday.” sonya taylor administration page 158 guidance page 159 faculty page 160 157 administration co-ordinates activities atgiles mr. james worley, assistant principal mr. curtis coulson, principal 158 mrs. margaret houchins mrs. joyce hubbard counselors help students plan future mrs. jean bane miss pamela croy secretaries work hard at giles english broadens road of communication miss elizabeth wingold mrs. jewell francis 160 mrs. lorena leist mrs. linda winstead mrs. kathy flattery mrs. martha snidow mrs. betsy wood miss carnelle hypes mrs. june miller find job security through business math builds a foundation for learning mrs. regina quinnell mr. albert coleman mr. jerry miller mr. dale coll ins mrs. anne danahy mrs. carol johnston 162 social studies prepare for a world in action m hi ms mrs. ruby hylton mr. james jackson mrs. ann shelton mrs. grace robertson mrs. arvenia shutt home ec. — builds pride, dignity, and character mm mrs. sandra rebert mrs. marian law 163 mrs. rosetta wheeler in shop we build scientific thinking develops scientific minds 164 encourage self expression miss francis hypes mrs. faith plummer miss carof ratliff mrs. norene harding mrs. sheila mcdonald mr. bob price mr. joe gollehon mr. archie snyder 165 physical education — road to better health mr. gary dark mr. al kincaid mrs. judy mann i mrs. eugena floyd 166 cooks and custodians keep giles running smoothly mrs. jewell weiss mr. bud davis our cooks and head cook, mrs. naomi gordon 167 discover individual skills in voc. school mr. jack lewis, principal mrs. mary heslep, secretary mrs. nancy dowdy mr. donald brookman, counselor mr. everett moye mr. james ellis mr. john perkins 168 mr. Washington elitchko mrs. bette gibbs mr. edwin brewster miss barbara buckland 169 advertisements " man, i wish he ' d give me a bite.” “but mr. jackson, it says here . . “and for his next trick . . “english drives me nuts!” “i was here first.” “yuk! ! !” 170 Compliments of PARK DRIVE-IN THEATER Pearisburg, Va. WILLIAM’S GARAGE Newport, Va. CORNER DRUG STORE Blacksburg, Va. HIGHLAND PRECISION CORP. Christiansburg, Va. NEW RIVER TRADING CO. Clothing and items of social interest Main Street Blacksburg GILES CLINIC PHARMACY Personalized Professional Service Phone 921-1732 Pearisburg, Va. Across from the hospital 171 fiELCO PLANT ELANESE FIBERS COMPANY NARROWS-PEARISBURG, Virginia 172 Machine Design Inc. Engineering Precision Machining • Route 460 E. P.0. Box 1300 Pembroke, Virginia 24136 B.B. Powell President David B. 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DUNMAN Compliments of FOOTE MINERAL COMPANY Kimballton, Va. Congratulations to the Class of 1972 J. Bentley Hall Insurance Agency Compliments of CLOVER CREAMERY CO., INC. Pearisburg, Va. Meadow-Gold Dairy Products Phone 921-1342 All kinds of insurance Pearisburg, Va. 921-1233 Compliments of BRITT’S Appliances Records Pianos 512 Wenonah Ave. Pearisburg, Va. 187 Compliments of Mountain Lake Hotel Mountain Lake, Va. Phone 626-7121 Compliments of BARTON’S 5 10 Pembroke, Va. PEMBROKE MOTOR SALES Pembroke, Va. Wheeler Furniture Co. Fine Furniture Appliances Carpet Free Delivery Easy Payments Narrows Virginia 188 CHEDS DISCOUNT 1812 Compliments of LEAS AND McVITTY INC. Over 150 Years America ' s Highest Quality Leather Sole Pearisburg, Va. 1972 Compliments of INGRAM PONTIAC CORP. Pearisburg, Va. BLACKSBURG SUNOCO Blacksburg, Va. 1115 Lazenby Ave. Princeton, W. Va. Rt. 460 505 Orchard Dr. Blacksburg, Va. Pearisburg, Va. , — " ' WE 80Y WITH CAUT I ON ' SELl WITH CONFKJENCE ' V ' , J7 W. St Mepe SZtu. £3 ac£tkAitAp. PHONE 189 HERFF-JONES Giles High School Official Jeweler Buddy Moses Representative McLean Drug Company Croy Motor Sales Kiwanis Club of Pearisburg J. Bentley Hall Insurance Agency Motor Supply Witten’s of Pearisburg Tastee-Freeze Town and Country Market Pearisburg Pharmacy Hoges Chapel Grocery Virginian Restaurant M W Supermarket First National Exchange Bank of Va. Ingram and Taylor Atkins Brothers Equipment Co. Timberlake Hardware C S Oil Company Giles Auto Parts Ingram Pontiac Brink ' s Giles Carpet Sales Rushbrooke Cleaners Robo Auto Wash Cuddington Studio Western Auto of Pearisburg First National Bank of Narrows Co-op Department Store Barton ' s 5 10 Britts Service Company Mann’s Car Wash Ballard Furniture Co. Community Beauty Bar Leggetts Department Store Rainbow Drive-In. 191 the road is long and seemingly dismal. we approach a fork in the road, with confusing signs pointing in all directions. we stand at a place through which all things must pass. the portion of the road which we’ve traveled was strewn with laughter, successes and sorrows. big events stand as blinking lights in the distance passed, mapping a different life pattern for each of us. the many roads ahead of us are marked in glaring lights proclaiming the accomplishments of others who have passed along them, before our time. some of us will go one way, others will take a different road. perhaps among us, there will be one, who will strike out into the darkness to carve his own road, to light the first lights in a new direction. it is here, at this point, we must part; but not forever, for the roads are interlacing, crossing paths, where we will meet again, saying, “i know you from someplace, yes, you were with me, at the place through which all things must pass.” sonya taylor PEARISBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY

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