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NINETEEN SIXTY-FINE THE SHIELD a 3 -b; ' , Pearisbury Public Liuiary Giles High School Pearisburg, Virginia Volume 4 1965 ' ' . j-i ■ John Baker Roller — John Lee Tozzi Co-Editors-in-Chi f .4? - i n m Athletics . . . Activities . . . Each of these is an integral part of life at Giles. A life in which there is always . . . Quickening . . . Changing . . . Growing . . . Overwhelming . spirit! It is in this aura of mind that the 1965 Shield Staff presents the Shield, for it is the staff’s realization that SPIRIT is the guiding factor of youth. Youth who actively challenge today’s belligerent precepts and who will hopefully end them tomorrow. Contents Dedication - -- -- -- -- -- -- 6,7 Faculty - -- -- — — ______ g Appreciation — __________ 20 Memorial 21 Seniors - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 22 Graduation - -- -- — ______ 54 Underclassmen - - — - -- -- -- -58 Activities - Organizations ------ 80 Alma Mater - -- -- -- -- -- - 133 Sports - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 134 Advertisements and Snapshots ----- 162 5 Mr. Stafford, you have been a true friend to us. You are among the fine teachers who take the time, patience and sincere dedication to impress constantly upon your students the im- portance of knowledge. Such a teacher has the quality to make a student feel that he is al- ways on the brink of a great discovery. These discoveries mount and grant to each individual the precious quality of understanding, which is the end purpose of knowledge. This gift is the greatest that any teacher can give. We appreciate you for leading us along this path of knowledge and for chaUenging us to complete our journey. May God bless you and may you enjoy every page of this yearbook, for sir, it is dedicated to you. 6 7 PRINCIPAL - Mr. Harry N. Foglesong Mr. Foglesong is the bulwark of Giles High School. His determination and sense of pur- pose convey to the student body the knowl- edge that all is in capable hands. 10 QiL ScU Pearisburg, Virginia Class of 196 5$ You have approached another mile-post. Your progress in education to this point has been with the helpful guidance of your parents and teachers. You have learned that as you grow older and wiser your life is more of an individual responsibility. How this responsibility is met will deter- mine success or failure. There will be many successes and many failures. We hope successes will be accepted with humility and the failures with courage. It is hoped that Giles High School has given you some basic background for learning, a sense of moral values, and a desire to acquire the additional knowledge and skills necessary to create a good home and take your place in a useful society. Success depends on good physical and mental health. Your time must be planned to provide for some relaxation as well as work. There is so much to do and so little time left — Plan Wisely — Begin Now — MR, ROBERT DUNN Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Dunn graduated from Concord Col- lege and received his Master ' s Degree from West Virginia University. The students of Giles High School silently ap- preciate his inherent ability to encourage organi- zation and competence. MR. SAM ROBINSON Guidance Director Mr. Sam Robinson graduated from Emory and Henry College and received his Master ' s Degree from the University of Virginia. Mrs. Jean Bane graduated from Radford College and did her graduate work at the University of Virginia. The students of Giles High School yield confi- dence and grateful recognition to the assistance of these two fine and capable persons. MRS. JEAN BANE Assistant Guidance Director MR. D. L. ALLEN V.P.I., B.S. Voc. Ag, II, III, IV, GenMech. MRS. MILDRED B. ANDREWS Westhampton College, Radford College, B.S. : V.P.I., M.S. Latin Sponsor - Latin Club, S.C. A., Senior Class MRS. CLOTILDE RODES BALLARD Madison College, B. S. ; V.P.I., M.A. Biology, Chemistry MISS PATRICIA BIETERMAN Fairmont State College, A.B. in Ed. Physical Education Sponsor - Senior Class MRS. JACQUELYN CANTLEY University of Vermont, B. A. Eighth Science Sponsor - J. V. Cheerleaders MR. PANCO CANTLEY Morris Harvey College, B.S. ; V. P.I. World Geography, Physics Coach - Tennis Team MR. JOSEPH L. COLEMAN Illinois Institute of Technology, B.S., V.P.I., M.E. World Geography, Government MR. LEWIS D. COLLINS V.P.I., B.S. Eighth Grade Math, Business Math MR, LARRY CONNER Concord College, B. S. to Ed. Sponsor - Letterrn’en MISS PAMELA CROY LongWood College, B.S. in Sec. i Spohsor - Varsity Cheerleaders Ed. MRS. ANNE G, DANAHY Westhampton College Univ, of Virginia, B.S. Eighth Math, Pract. Math Sponsor - Nat ' l Honor Soc, MR. ROBERT FARMER Concord College, W. Va. Univ. , B. S. Eighth Math, Phys. Ed. Coach - Football, Golf MR. JOHN R, FISHER V.P.I., Univ. ofVa., B.S. Driver Education MRS. JEWELL C. FRANCIS Concord College, B.S. English MR. CEDRIC H. FRAZIER Emory and Henry College, B.A Physical Education Coach - Baseball MRS. RUBY M. GIVENS Lynchburg Colle] ,. A.B, Univ. ofVa.: M.X: Math, Algebra MRS. NORENE H. HARDING Lynchburg College, A.B. English Sponsor - Jr. Tri-Hi-Y MR. CHARLES HARTWELL Blfd. State College, B.S. Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing MRS. RUBY C. HYLTON Mary Washington College Marshall Univ., Concord College, B.S. English MISS CARNELLE SUE HYPES Radford College, B.S. •English MISS FRANCES HYPES V.P.I., B.S. Radford College Librarian, English Sponsor - Library Club MRS. OLGA S. JAMISON Cedar Crest College, B.S. Radford College Typing; Senior Sponsor MRS. GRACE D. GLENN Concord College, A.B.; Univ. of Va., M.A. Senior English MR, CLAUDE GOODWIN West Liberty College, A.B. Government, Economics MRS. JANE P. JANEY Radford College, B.S.;,V. P.I. Home Economics Sponsor - F, H. A. MRS. DOROTHY W. JOHNSON Radford College, B.S. in Ed. English a MR. HURLEY C. JOHNSTON V.P.I., B.S. Voc. Ag. , Gen. Mech. Sponsor - F, F. A. MR. RONALD L. JONES, JR. Concord College, B.S. in Ed. Art Sponsor - Art Club MR. S. L. KING Emory and Henry College, Univ. of Va. , Radford College, Univ. of Ala. , B.S. Algebra, Math MRS. MARIAN G. LAW Elon College, B.S. Home Economics MISS SHIRLEY McCORMICK Concord College, B.S. in Ed.; V. P.I., M.Ed. Shorthand, Typing Sponsor - Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Class MR. CLARENCE MU LHEREN, JR. Concord College, B.S. General Business, Bookkeeping Coach - Track, Cross-Country j MRS. VERNA PRICE Concord College, B.S.; West Virginia Univ., Marshall University French MR, ROBERT RICHARDS Concord College, B.S.; Columbia University, M.A., Juilliard School of Music Senior English MRS. GRACE C. ROBERTSON Radford College, B.S.; V.P.I., M.S.r Univ. of North Carolina United States History MRS. LOUISE M. ROBINSON Radford College, B.S.; Univ. of Virginia Librarian Sponsor - Library Club MRS. KAY RAKES Radford College, B.S. in Ed. Physical Education MRS. ANN P. SHELTON Madison College, B.A. English MR. RONALD SHOMO Concord College, B.S. in Mu. Ed., Columbia Univ., MJ . in Mu. Ed. Band MRS. ARVENLA W. SHUTT Marshall Univ., A.B.; W. Va. Univ., M.S. Sociology, History MR. ARCHIE G. SNYDER Marshall Univ. , A.B. in Music Ed, Chorus, Band Sponsor - Symphonic Chorale MR. R. PORTER STAFFORD Emory and Henry College, B, S. ; Radford, Univ. ofVa,, Columbia Solid and Plane Geometry, Trigonometry MRS. NANCY H. TAYLOR Concord, B. S. in Ed. English, Developmental Reading Sponsor - Varsity Cheerleaders MRS. VIVIAN Y. TICE Radford College, B. S. Business, Typing MRS. SUSAN S. VonPECHY Marshall Univ. , A.B. English, Developmental Reading MRS. ROSETTA A. WHEELER Radford College, B. S. ; V.P.I., Univ. ofVa. Home Economics Sponsor - F. H. A, MR. BOB D. WILBURN Concord College, B.S. in Ed. Biology Coach - Eighth Football, J. V. Basket ' ball; Assistant Coach - Track MR. JAMES D. WORLEY East Tenn. State, B. S. Industrial Arts Assistant Coach - Football, Baseball MR, RONALD D. WORRELL Concord College, B.S. in Ed. ; Marshall Univ. , Duke Univ. , Univ. ofW. Va. Algebra SECRETARIES Mrs, Virginia Frye Mrs. Irene O ' Dell Mrs. Naomi Gordon Mrs, Ruby Spangler Mrs, Estella Stump Not pictured - Mr. Frank Perdue Mrs. Verna Snider COOKS Mrs. Mary Albert Mrs. Rachel Cumbee CUSTODIANS Mr. Perkins Mr. Robertson Mr, Cole Mr. Peoples Not pictured - Mrs. Weiss Each of us is familiar with the aromas which fill our school every morning. We know that antic- ipation of lunch builds until it overtakes the last minutes of third and fourth period classes. This is routine at Giles. It is routine that Mrs. Britts and her assistants begin and continue until the last of the thousand patrons are fed. For this ef- fective effort we, of the 1965 Shield Staff, wish to take this opportunity to express sincere grati- tude on behalf of the entire student body. Mrs. Estella W, Britts Mrs. Britts, thank you for the best food and friendliest manner " served " in any cafeteria. 20 My life someday must fade As fades the setting sun, Earth’s cares aside be laid My earthly labors done. 1 trust that there may be, Wh en life ' s ev’ning sun sinks low. Lingering after me A mellow afterglow. --Ora W. Garber Seniors — Underclassmen EDITORS - Ellen Hope Cooper, Sandra Rae Pennington Memories to Cherish . . , EDGAR LEON BARNETT SALLIE ANN BECK CYNTHIA LOUISE BISHOP DONALD LEE BISHOP GEORGE RUFUS BLEVINS 24 LINDA ANNE ABSHER CARL MELVIN ADAMS LINDA MAE ALBERT BARBARA ANN ANDERSON CLAUDIA ETTA ANDERSON BRENDA GAIL ATKINS BRENDA SUE ATKINS GEORGE CLARK AUSTIN PAUL WEBSTER BAKER SANDRA GAIL BALLARD Forever and Forever . . . MARY ANN BOWLES SHIRLEY ANN MARTIN BR EEDING RICHARD SAMUEL BREEDLOVE BILLY HUGH BROADWELL MARILYN SUE BROTHERTON Palm Trees, Murals, Leis, MARTHA CHRISTINE BROWN RICHARD JACKSON BURK NANCY ANITA CALDWELL DORA ANN CAMPER JOYCE ANN STAFFORD CANODE JAMES MATTHEW CARBAUGH MARY CATHERINE CHAPMAN MERLE LEKETA COLLEY ALFRED LEE COLLINS DANNY DALE COLLINS Huts, Kingsmen . . . LINDA JEAN COLLINS ROULET WAYNE COLLINS MARY KATHLEEN CONLEY ELLEN HOPE COOPER CORNELIA ANNETTE COPEN The Thrill of Being a Senior? . . ELLA MAE MYERS CRAWFORD IRA LEE CUMBEE, JR, RICHARD SHERIDAN CUMBEE EMMALENE DALTON JOHN ROBERT DAVIS ROBERT ALAN DEAKIN BETTY LOU DEAN MICHAEL ANDREW DE HART MARY LOUISA DILL MARY CATHRYN DILLON 28 “A” Senior Privilege . . . 29 Worley’s Line . . . CONNIE GALE EPPLING FISHER FRANK PATTERSON FISHER SHERMAN BRYANT FISHER BARBARA SUE FLETCHER BUFORD STEVE FULLER 30 CONNIE ARLENE DUNFORD BETTY JEAN DUNIGAN LINDA SUE EATON GEORGE WILLIAM EVANS SHELBY JEAN EVANS MARVIN DAKOTA FARLEY PEGGY LOU FARLEY VIRGINIA HOPE FARLEY ROBERT WAYNE FIELDS CLARA REESE FISHER Giles Beat Floyd 49-0! . . . WILLIAM CAUDILL FULLER DOROTHY JEAN GILLESPIE KERRY GENE GILLISPIE PHYLLIS MARIE GILLISPIE KATHERINE FERN GILMER Confiscated What? LOUISE KNIGHT GIVENS NEDRA THEOLA GRAY SHIRLEY ANN HABERNIGG ALPHA DIANNE HARLESS PATSY JEAN HARLESS EILEEN CAROL HARRISON JAMES ODELL HARRY VIVIAN CHARLENE HARVEY EDWARD LEE HECK CAROLYN ANN HICKS Your Lunches! . . . 33 ROGER HARVEY HICKS, JR. LARRY BROWN HIGGINBOTHAM PATRICIA ANN HILTON IRIS DELAINE HORTON LINDA DARNELL HUFFMAN “3V3 and a Trip to the Office” . . . MICHAEL PENN HUFFMAN RONALD HARVEY HULL CAROL JEAN CALDWELL HURST DAVID LINDEN HURST CONSTANCE LEA HYLTON GLENN PARKER JAMISON JAMES ROBERT JANNEY GARY WILLIAM JOHNSON JAMES ROGER JOHNSON LARRY WAYNE JOHNSTON 34 Mr. Stafford’s Math Class . . . 35 Class Rings at Last!! . . . EDWIN WAYNE LAFON THOMAS CLEGG LANG CHARLES ALLEN LEE CLETUS DALTON LEE JOHN EARL LEE 36 MARTIE ELLEN JOHNSTON MICHAEL LEE JOHNSTON STEPHEN ALLEN JOHNSTON MARJORIE LYNNE JONES MILDRED JEWEL KAST EDWARD DALE KENDALL GARY GENE KERR JAMES GORDON KIRK BARBARA ANN LAFON DOUGLAS EUGENE LAFON Parade . . . Bonfire Dance . . . 37 GEORGE CREED LEVEL LA VON LOUISE LILLY JEAN ELIZABETH LINK JEAN ELLEN LINK MARTHA LOIS LINK Homecoming Against No. 1 Team?? . . . LUTHER EMMITT LONG, JR. ROBERT JENNINGS LUCAS TOMMY LEE LUCAS NANCY JANE LUCZAK BARBARA GAIL McCROSKEY ROBERT MILLER McGUIRE TERRY LYNN McMAHAN RHODA VONDIENA MABE JULIAN DWIGHT MARSHALL BRENDA LOU MARTIN WE WON! 39 WALTER ALVIS MARTIN LARRY RANDOLPH MATHENA SHERMAN MILLER MAXEY REBECCA ANN MEADOWS GARNET DWAIN MEREDITH And We Might Call Them . . , JOHNNY OLIN MEREDITH TYLER EUGENE MERRIX PHILIP LEE MORRIS RUTH KAREN MORRIS BARBARA MICHELE ST. CLAIR MOSER GEORGE EDGAR MOSER TYREE IRVIN MOSER, JR, EMEREL DIANA MUNSEY BRENDA DARLENE MUSTARD LINDA LOUISE HAMBLIN MYERS 40 A Class of Scholars . . . 41 Can’t Expel They All of Us . . . Can They? ! THOMAS EDWARD PRESLEY BRUCE CANTRELL PROFFITT BR ENDA JUNE RADER DARRILL KERMIT RADFORD LARRY MICHAEL RATCLIFF 42 DELORES RAYE SHORT NEELY VADA JOSEPHINE OREY MARY CAROLYN PAINTER CLAYTON ELDRIDGE PARCELL, JR. JOYCE ELLEN PEARSON SANDRA RAE PENNINGTON ROSCOE DALE PERDUE MYRNA JOY POFF ALDON ALBERT PORTERFIELD ROSE MARY PRESLEY Krispy Kritters Klub . . . 43 LILLIAN ELLEN REED SAMUEL HALE REYNOLDS BEVERLY FERN ROBERTSON LINDA LEE ROBY THOMAS EUGENE ROLEN, JR. Fears, Triumph . . . Our Last Football Game . . . JOHN BAKER ROLLER, III STEPHEN FRENCH ROWE MARY LOUISE RUNIONS FREDDIE RAE RUSHBROOKE BETTY JEAN SADLER MARTHA ELIZABETH SADLER SHELBY JEAN SADLER EDWARD EUGENE SARVER GEORGE HERBERT SAUNDERS CHARLOTTE MARIE SCOTT More Tension, Excitement . . . Spring Holiday 45 MARTHA LEE SELDOMRIDGE ELIZABETH ANN PENNINGTON SHAVER EMORY HOBERT SHAVER, JR. LANGSTON JESSE SHELTON, III HOBERT LEE SHEPHERD Eighth Grade, J.V., Varsity, Too . . . CHARLOTTE IRETTA ROBERTSON SHRADER JAMES MILTON SHUMATE WILLIAM MATHEW SHUMATE, JR. ELMER NEWTON SIMPKINS EMORY LEE SIMPKINS, JR. JAMES DENNIS SIMPKINS DOROTHY REBECCA SLUSHER BONITA ELAINE SMITH JANET YOUNG SMITH JERRY WAYNE SMITH 46 All Our Teams Beat You 47 Arabian Nights . . . CHARLOTTE PAULINE STEVERS RALPH LEWIS STUMP MARY ALICE SUTTON CLARENCE WAYNE SWEENEY JAMES DAVID SWEENEY 48 REBECCA JANE SMITH ELEANOR ELIZABETH SNIDER SAM BURTON SNIDER, JR. BARBARA ANN SONGER NORMA JEAN SONGER BETTY MASON CANODE STAFFORD JAMES WALLACE STAFFORD LINDA KAY ST, CLAIR CLYDE WAYNE STEPHENS GLENN HERMAN STEPHENS Measuring for Caps and Gowns . . . MARVIN WAYNE TAWNEY NINA FAYE TERRY EDNA MARIE TICKLE ROBERT NORMAN THOMAS DAVID CARREL THOMPSON When Was the Last Time Giles Beat Narrows? ROBERT HARREL THOMPSON THOMAS RANDAL THOMPSON JOHN LEE TOZZI RONALD EUGENE TURNER DOUGLAS LINWOOD VAUGHT LINDA ELLEN VAUGHT DAWANA LEE VEST LOIS JEAN VINCEL CLAUDIA LEE WADE ELIZABETH SHARON WALDRON January 19, 1965 9:05 . . . 51 ELLA ELIZABETH WEBB RUSSELL B. WHITE, JR. CAROLE ELAINE WILLIAMS FERRELL LIVINGSTON WILLIAMS, JR. JAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS Roses, Carnations, Diplomas, . . . MARY CAROLYN WILLIAMS MILDRED VIRGINIA WILLIAMS NANCY LOUISE WILSON STEVE EDWARD WILSON LARRY EUGENE WOODS GARY WAYNE WOOD YARD 52 And Together We Know . . . 53 The Spirit of Victory THEME " To God, thy country, and thy friend be true. " PRESIDENT - - - - - VICE-PRESIDENT - - SECRETARY - TREASURER ----- REPORTER - SPONSOR CLASS OFFICERS ____________ — Tifn Moser Linda St. Clair _______ Cindy Bishop — Freddie Rushbrooke ______________ Carolyn Painter ______ jgan Bane The I Class of 1965. i GRADUATING EXERQSES June 1, Eight P. M, PROCESSIONAL - - - Grand March from " Aida " Verdi INVOCATION - Edward Kendall CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN Rodgers and Hammerstein Symphonic Chorale SALUTATORY Ellen Hope Cooper YOU ' LL NEVER WALK ALONE Rodgers and Hammerstein Symphonic Chorale VALEDICTORY John Baker Roller PRESENTATION OF AWAlLDS AND DIPLOMAS Harry Foglesong, Principal ALMA MATER Class of 1965 RECESSIONAL - — Pomp and Circumstance — - . — — _ Elgar 55 VALEDICTORIAN - John Baker Roller John Roller, valedictorian, challenged the Giles Class of 1965 to live with the courage and SPIRIT of Sir Winston Churchill. He reminded them of the responsibility incurred by the class motto. Ellen Cooper, salutatorian, suggested that each graduate propose to live a life as purposeful and fulfilled as that of a rose. The fourteen honor graduates maintained a 3.5 or higher average for five high school years. Diane Munsey was recipient of the Celanese Award. Diane had previously achieved notable success by securing numerous scholarships and a commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Foundation. Connie Hylton and Randy Mathena were honored for citizenship by the Daughters of the American Rev- olution. Connie’s recognition included a scholar- ship. John Roller received the John Philip Sousa Award and Alfred Collins the Key Club scholarship honor. HONOR GRADUATES TOP ROW: Alfred Collins, Diane Munsey, Cindy Bishop, Tim Moser, John Tozzi, Larry Higginbotham, Charlotte Scott. BOTTOM ROW: Barbera Fletcher, Louise Givens, John Roller, Ellen Cooper, Steven Rowe, Richard Cumbee. 56 Diane Munsey - CELCO AWARD D.A.R. - Connie Hylton SALUTATORIAN - Ellen Hope Cooper D.A.R. - Randy Mathena KEY CLUB - Alfred Collins 57 Junie Adams Nancy Ahalt Sonya Albert Linda Anderson Pat Arnold Cindy Atchinson Dorothy Atkins Frankie Atkins Garland Atkins Susie Atkins Sue Bailey Shirley Banks Ronnie Bartley Justin Brown Sarah Beck Iris Blankenship Margie Blankenship Wanda Brumfield Douglas Caldwell Sharon Carrier Roy Clark Fonzie Collins Virginia Collins David Cooper Juniors Billy Crouse Nelva Cruise Becky Cumbee Donnie Cumbee Katherine Cumbee Joyce Dennis Susie Dennis Brenda Dickerson Sue Dodson Bonnie Dolinger Dicky Douthat Brenda Dowdy Pam Duncan Gloria Dunford Brenda Eaton Billy Elmore Boyce Falls Tim Farley 58 Linda Fisher Wallace Fletcher Sandy Frye Inez Fuller Sidney Fuller Betty Furrow Richard Gilmore Deborah Going Thomas Harless Ernest Harvey Bucky Hendrickson Freeman Hill Emma Sue Hilton Rebecca Hinchee Joe Holpp Honore Holton Michael Hunter David Hutchinson Jerry Hypes Betsy Ingram Loraine Jennelle ’Brenda Johnson Charles Johnson Edward Johnson Class of 1966 Patsy Johnson Erma Johnston Jerry Johnston Emory Jones Jerry Jones Larry Journell G, W. Keffer Gloria Kerr Aubrey Kirk Carol Lafon Brenda Lang Linda Lambert Jean Larkin Dewaline Law Sandra Lawson Sally Lee Jim Lewey Robalene Litchford Janice Long George Lucas Hilda Lucas Judy Lucas Lois Lucas Rebecca Lucas Freddie McGuire Jim McMillan Carl Mabe Janis Mahaffey Sandra Marshall Chink Martin Donald Martin Donnie Martin Jennifer Martin Roger Martin Roger Martin Roy Martin Juniors Bernard Mason Bonnie Meadows Aleta Meredith Clara Meredith Janice Meredith Kenny Meredith Richard Morgan Hope Morris Dennis Moser Sue Moye Billy Munsey Freddie Munsey Jenny Munsey Libby Munsey Allen Myers Frank O ' Ferrell Ruth Ann Owens Linda Parr Loretta Patterson Dwight Perdue Jimmie Philpott Judy Pliner John Porterfield Wanda Porterfield 60 Becky Price Stephen Radar Billy Ramsey Gayle Ramsey Carolyn Ratliff Teressa Reed Carrel Reynolds Charlie Richard Gwen Robertson Charlotte Rogers Mary Alice Rogers Jean Rolen Roger Runions Mary Jane Sadler Wanda Sadler Barbara Sarver Rita Sarver Shelby Sessor Class of 1966 Diane Shaver Shirley Shaver Richard Shrader Don Simmons Kay Smith Roger Smith Steven Smith Clyde Snider Sandy Snider Gary Snidow Mary Francis Snidow Shelvy Snidow Jane Stafford Janice Stafford Sandra Stafford Joe Stephens Danny Stewart Brenda Stump Cathy Stump Henry Stump Lena Mae Sumpter Pattie Talbert Juanita Taylor I. B. Terry Freddie Thacker Francis Thompson Ann Thornhill Patty Tickle Gary Turner Joyce Vaught Kenneth Vaught Stephen Vencill Andy Weaver Lewis Webb Judy White Ralph Wilburn Barry Williams Bobby Williams Buster Williams Juniors Jimmy Williams Lorraine Williams Ruth Williams Skipper Williams Tommy Williams Willard Williams Judy Winston Brenda Young Linda Young Nancy Zell CLASS OFFICERS NOT PICTURED PRESIDENT - -- -- -- -- -- Donald Martin Leon Athey VICE PRESIDENT — — Skipper Williams Martin Lucas SECRETARY - -- -- -- -- -- Brenda Dowdy Kitty Martin TREASURER -Betsy Ingram Glenn Myers REPORTER - -- -- -- -- -- - Sonya Albert Arnold Radford 62 Jerry Albert Mary Glen Allen Betty Anderson Jimmy Bales Becky Bane Mildred Blankenship Sue Bocock Drema Booth Bobby Breen Barbara Brock Walter Brooks Lance Brown Mary Etta Brown Ronnie Brumfield Becky Buckland Joyce Caldwell Sally Caldwell Marlene Canode Dorothy Carter Sheila Carter Brenda Clifton Ann Coleman Brenda Collins Erma Collins Sophomores Josephine Collins Linda Collins Phyllis Collins Sallie Collins Tommy Collins Gail Combs Allen Conner Lynne Cooper Becky Corell Betty Cox Sheryl Cumbee Judy Darnell Marian Davis Susan Dean Carl Di Rico Butch Dowdy Harold Dowdy Linda Dunman 63 Brian Dupell Gay Earnest Mary Lewis Eaton Jody Falls Roger Farmer Helen Farrier Vicky Fleenor Jackie Fletcher William Frye Martha Gillespie Barry Gordon Barbara Habernigg Margie Hale Paul Hale Bill Hamilton Carol Hankins Judy Hankins Linda Harrell William Harris Paulette Harrison Kenneth Harry Robert Harvey Effie Hill Erma Hilton Class of 1967 Fred Hilton Brenda Hodge Mary Beth Holton David Huffman Clarence Hughes Joann Hutchinson Mike Hutchison Terry Hypes Linda Ingram Howard Irwin Earl Johnson Earthel Johnson Gloria Johnson Carol Johnston Lahoma Jones Roger K anode Benny Kast Janet Kast Steve Kelley Darrell Kessinger Yvonne Kessinger Arwanna King Madeline King Richard Kirk Betty Lafon Jackie Lafon Judy Lafon Imogene Lafon James Lambert Kaye Largen Sonya Lawson Bonnie Lester Sammy Level Carolyn Link Sally Link Tommy Litchford Sophomores George Lively Danny Lucas Eugene Lucas James Lucas Kattie Lucas Nellie Lucas Jackie McCall Kitty McCormick Dornie McCroskey Tommy McCroskey A1 McLean Sherwood Mahaffey David Martin Deborah Martin Elva Martin Nancy Martin Donnie Medley Coretta Meredith Sharon Meredith Don Merrill Mary Merrix Steve Miller Kent Morris Linda Morris 65 Bonnie Moser Lawanda Mdye Wayne Moye May Belle Munsey Jack Mustard James Mustard Billy Myers Brenda Myers Ernest Myers Arnold Neeley Jennifer Nester Carole Nuckols Cathy Painter David Parks Linda Pennington Cheryl Perdue Dennis Perdue Jerry Perdue Class of 1967 Judy Perdue Carolyn Perkins Debbie Porterfield Brenda Ramos Barbara Ratcliffe Darrell Ratcliffe Hazel Ratcliffe Martha Ratcliffe Susie Ratcliffe Connie Reynolds Larry Reynolds Authur Rice Donald Rice H. C. Rice Bobby Richard Roger Robertson Scottie Rose Ellen Rowe Pat St. Clair Wanda St. Clair Jan Sabot Donald Sadler Ronald Sadler Betty Sanders Charlie Sanders Willard Sanders Ralph Santolla W. T. Santolla Marvin Sartin Larry Sarver Leonard Saunders Mary Lois Shaver Sherry Shelton Chuck Shomo Barbara Shumate Bill Simpkins Ruby Simpkins Dale Smith Gerald Smith Sophomores John Smith Judy Smith Lana Smith Mike Smith Billy Spangler Betsy Stafford Margaret Stafford Daniel Stephens Kermit Stephens Ronnie Stewart 67 Jimmie Straley Henry Stump Willard Stump Ted Sutphin Fannie Tabor Wanda Tate Jackie Thompson John Thompson Jane Torp Ronnie Trout Class of 1967 Judy Vaught Will Vest Brenda Waldron Billy Walkup Nancy Webb Cathy White Dale Williams Marshall Williams Roger Williams Barry Young NOT PICTURED Larry Day Larry Goad Mayo Higgs Linda McCroskey Terry Moye Duke Reynolds Jerry Scott Bobby Williams 68 Barbara Adams Chipper Adams Judy Albert Gregory Allen Faye Amos Janet Atchison Frankie Atkins Larry Atkins Penny Atkins Randy Bales Mike Ballard Linda Bane Donna Barnett Carol Bell Martha Bishop Karen Blankenship Barbara Blevins Charles Bonds Freshmen Patsy Bostic Jerry Bowles Nancy Breedlove Br enda Brown Dennis Brown Harvey Brown Regina Brown Kathy Burk Frances Burton Sandra Cahill Clayton Carbaugh Pam Carr Coy Carter Jimmy Carter Sharon Casey Mary Cawley Graham Clark Jackie Collins Linda Copen David Coulthard Connie Cox Pat Crockett Mary Margaret Croy Barbara Cumbee Bobby Cum bee Mildred Dalton Billy Danahy Becky Davis Charlotte Davis Lucie Davis Steve Donovan Donald Douthat Allen Dowdy James Allen Dowdy Gary Dowdy Larry Dowdy Peyton Dowdy Nancy Dunn Mary Beth Edwards Monte Eppling Barbara Evans Brenda Fern Class of 1968 Kathy Fields Drema Fisher Johnny Fisher Jackie Fletcher C. B. Forrestel Linda Foster Harriet Frye Terry Frye Tommy Fuller Jerry Furrow Judy Galliher John Genadopoulas Elliott Gilmer Martha Gilmer Tommy Givens Ruthie Groseclose Sharon Hall Dennis Hamblin Barbara Hammons Gary Harless Marshall Harless Brenda Harry Jerry Harvey Min Rose Hendrickson V Betsy Hilton Betty Ann Hilton Pete Hodge Gordon Hodges Roger Huffman Steve Huffman Linda Hutchison Sharon Hutchinson Theresa Jennelle Betty Johnson Charles Johnson Teddy Johnson Jimmy Johnston Hotshot Johnston Rusty Johnston Tom Johnston Carolyn Jones Tommy Jones Freshmen Mike Journell Joyce Kast Elva Marie Kelley Linda Kelly Patsy Kelly Robert King Becky Kirk Bonnie Kirk Judy Kirk Ernie Lang Patricia Lee Audrey Lilly Betsy Long David Long Joe Lucas Sarah McClung Betty Jo McCrosky Connie McCrosky Rex McCrosky Eddie McGuire Carol McPeak Marsha Mann Brenda Martin Diane Martin 71 Donna Carol Martin Eugene Martin Geraldine Martin Jimmy Martin Roger Martin Sonny Mason Margaret Meade Carolyn Meredith Linda Merrix Gladys Midkiff Margaret Miles Jimmy Miller Brenda Moore Linda Moore Linda Morris Roger Morris Sandra Morris Lanny Moser Class of 1968 Mike Munsey Carolyn Myers Steven Myers Alex Neeley Lawrence Neice Willis Oakes Frankie O ' Dell Kathy Osborne Katy Owens Marshall Page Steve Patterson Darrell Payne Shirley Perdue Gary Price Kathy Pyles Dennis Raines Wayne Ramsey Steve Ratcliffe Beverly Reed Doris Rice Janice Rice Margaret Robinson Brenda Rolen Mary Margaret Roller Earlene Runions Danny Sadler Marlene Sadler Rhetta Sadler Sammy Santolla Eddie Sarver Sylvia Sarver Jerry Sexton Darrill Shrader Jimmy Shrader Billy Shuler Dusty Slusher Donna Smith Linda Smith Loretta Snider John Snidow Mason Snidow Pat Songer Jimmy Spangler Anna Marie Stafford Freshmen Pat Stafford Charles Steele Richard Steele Barbara Stephens Gary Stevens Howard Tabor Brenda Tawney Daniel Terry Betty Jean Thompson Betty Lou Thompson 73 Gary Thornhill Arbie Tickle Billy Trenor Sandra Viars Karla Jo White Linda White Shelby White Linda Whittaker Karen Wilburn Gilbert Wilkerson. Allen Dale Williams Bonnie Williams Daniel Williams David Williams Diane Williams Class of 1968 Gary Williams Kathy Williams Jerry Williams Jill Williams Mike Williams Billy Wilson Tex Wilson Claude Wimmer Mike Witten J. W. Woods NOT PICTURED Sylvia Caldwell Barry earner James Collins Mar vin Collins Douglas Crockett Iris Cruise Brad Fawcett Norma Jean Lang Ronnie McCormack Tom Pyles Larry Sanders Gary Stephens 74 Johnny Adkins Steve Albert Raymond Amos Helena Anderson Marilyn Anderson Virginia Anderson Jimmy Bailey Mary Ann Ballard Debbie Brock Roger Brooks Wendell Brown Tommy Butler Eddie Caldwell Lewyn Caldwell Russel Caldwell Becky Carrier Bonnie Carter Nona Carter Eighth Grade Ernest Caudle Melvin Caudle ■ David Chapman Douglas Clark Yvonne Clatterbuck Jimmy Colley Arnold Collins Joyce Collins Edna Conley Sarah Conley Patsy Conner Jerry Covill Chris Cramer Pris Croy Karen Cruise Brenda Cumbee Jody Cumbee Larry Darnell Joyce Davis Roger Davis Diane Day Carol Deakin Cathy De Hart Sherry Dennis 75 Toni Dennis Danny Dickerson Linda Dickerson Debbie Duncan Sharon Dunford Jeanie Dunman Jimmy Eaves Linda Fields Christine Fortner Linda Frye Deborah Fuller John Giles Melinda Goad Ann Hale Bobby Hale Joy Hale Wayne Harless Janice Hicks Class of 1969 Michael Hicks Becky Higginbotham Joe Hilton Larry Hodge Juanita Holt Elizabeth Hostin Arnold Hudson Jean Hutchinson Bruce Irwin Rosa Jackson Bucky Janey Roger Jennelle Judy Johnson Connie Johnston W. R, Johnston Barbara Jones David Jones Edgar Jones Francis Jones Elizabeth Kast Steve Keffer Derhonda Kessinger Roger Kessinger Wayne King Eighth Grade Darwin Mason Kathy Mathena Emery Meadows Brenda Meredith Donna Merrix Joe Midkiff Bobby Mika Anna Marie Mills Phillip Morris Joyce Mosburg Barbara Moser Bill Moye Dickie Moye Tommy Moye Delia Munsey Donald Myers Pam Neely Jimmy Oliver Olivia Parcell Sandy Parcell Everette Parks Mollie Parks Teresa Parr Bobby Peoples Ernest Lafon Rita Lester Reba Lilly Tommy Lindsey Gene Link Mary Link A. J, Lowe Clyde Lucas Ruby Lucas Chuck McClaugherty Patty McCrosky Stevie McMahan Karen Marshall Betty Martin Donald Martin Freddie Martin Kenneth Martin Ronald Martin Eleanor Perdue Gary Perkins Phillip Perkins Maria Poulos Tommy Powell Norman Price Gary Prillaman Bonnie Pyles Judy Ratcliffe Larry Ratcliffe Patty Reed Charles Reynolds Gloria Rice Brenda Robertson Joyce Robertson Linda Robertson Betty Rogers David Rowe Class of 1969 Shirley St, Clair Phillip Sabat William Sadler Bobby S anders Eula Sanders Betty Sartin Calvin Sarver Barbara Saunders Peggy Schultz Emily Sharp Billy Shaver Iris Shelton Barbara Shephard Allen Simmons Roger Simpkins Sue Simpkins Mike Smith Pat Smith Brenda Snider Freda Snider David Stafford Diane Stafford Eleanor Stanley Jeff Stanley 78 Richard Stephens Mary Stevers Danny Stowers Juanita Stump Martha Stump Barbara Talbert Alma Tate Joyce Terry Lois Thompson Tommy Torp Linda Trenar Mark Vaught Larry Vest Norman Vincel Doris Waldron George Webb Helen Weiss Pat Wiley Eighth Grade J. H. Whittaker Shahn Wilburn Barbara Williams Bobby Williams Dorsey Williams Drema Williams Peggy Williams Rebecca Williams Sharon Williams Shag Woods Denny Woodyard Joey Woodyard NOT PICTURED Randy Fawcett Clay Hill David Hilton Mary Johnson William Smith Linda Patterson Dorothy Whittaker Betty Lou Williams 79 Sam Robinson ' ' r ? - -v Activities EDITORS - Constance Lea Hylton, Freddie Rae Rushbrooke 81 S.C. A. OFHCERS Andy Weaver, Vice-Pres. ; Connie Hylton, Sec.-Treas.; Carolyn Williams, Historian; Richard Breedlove, Chaplain; Ella Webb, Reporter; Dicky Cumbee, Pres. ; Tim Moser, Chaplain, S.C. A. President The S. C, A. is a democratic organization of all pupils in school. It coordinates student activities, and strives to foster better understanding with the faculty. The S. C, A. is interested in the general welfare of the school, and has several projects. One is to plant shrubbery on the grounds. There are commit- tees which are busy with improving certain condi- tions around the school. The council meets each month, and there are nu- merous committee meetings. tMiniiiMMiiKinnii " gj Student Cooperative ‘fj -1 ,e ' - ■ MIT Kf 11® ’ SS® 1 " ' im™ Association V- J 1 ' Campaign Posters Landscaping Plans Plans Fulfilled 83 Interclub Council FIRST ROW 1. to r. - E. Cooper (FBLA), K. Largen (Art Club), J. Roller (Shield staff), S. Rowe (National FJonor Society), K. Gillespie (DeMolay), E. Webb (Tri-Hi-Y), C, Robertson (D. E. ), S. Pennington (Spartan- ettes), P. Morris (Lettermen), F. Rushbrooke (Pep Club) SECOND ROW 1. to r. - M. Johnston (Key Club-- Sr, Band), E. Kendall (Spartonian staff), J. Tozzi (Shield staff), D. Cumbee (SCA), C, Williams (Cheer- leaders), G, Woodyard (FTA), not pictured G. Combs (FHA) The Interclub Council is a new organization at Giles High this year. It was created by the S. C. A, for the Club presidents and group leaders. Its purpose is to unite the organizations and to prevent activity conflict. 84 1st ROW--L to R Carrol Thompson, Gary Woodyard, Buster Williams, 2nd ROW--L to R Nancy Ahalt, Ed- die Kendall, Deborah Going, Jackie Burk, Theresa Journel, Nancy Caldwell, 3rd ROW--L to R Carole Wil- liams, Billy Elmore THE SPARTONIAN STAFF Editor Editorial Assistant News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Photographer Business Managers Art Director Eddie Kendall Jack Burk Nancy Ahalt Deborah Going Gary Woodyard Roy Clark George Level Harold Williams Carole Williams Reporters and Typists - Nancy Caldwell, Sally Caldwell, Becky Correll, Bill Elmore, Fern Gilmer, Theresa Journell, Joyce Kast, Teresa Parr, Betsy Stafford, Car- rell Thompson Someone doesn ' t like our editorials! 85 86 CO-EDITORS-IN- CHIEF; John Tozzi, John Roller nington, Diane Munsey, Libby Munsey, Tim Moser, Sandy Ballard, Carolyn Williams, Louise Givens, Freddie Rushbrooke, Jean Vincel, Pat Hilton, and Judy Winston NOT PICTURED: Eddie Heck, Skipper Jamison, Kaye Largen, Linda Pennington; Associate Co-Editors, Nancy Ahalt and Betsy Ingram 87 Key Club FIRST ROW--A. McLean, A. Collins, R. Mathena, T. McMahan, D, Cumbee SECOND ROW--S. Williams, F, Williams, J, Porterfield, J. Davis, D, Merrill, B. Proffitt, D. Bishop, T, Moser, J. Mc- Millan, C, Shomo THIRD ROW--B, Hendrickson, J, Falls, K. Gillespie, S. Rowe, J. Albert, D. Cumbee KEY CLUB OFFICERS --Gary Woodyard, Treas, ; Gary Johnson, Publicity Chmn. ; Mike Johnston, Pres. ; Andy Weaver, Vice-Pres, ; Lewis Webb, Sec. ; Jimmy Philpott, Chap- lain Key Club Sweetheart KEY CLUB Club Emblem Auction - Slave Day The Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Pearisburg Kiwanis Club, The activities of the club include, Slave Day and the Miss G.H.S, Beauty Pageant. With the money received from these events, the Key Club has purchased reading machines for Giles High, The club’s motto is " We Build. " Key Club Junie Adams listens and thinks. Miss G.H.S. 1964, Libby Munsey and Mr. Robert Richards - hostess and host. The judges hold the audience in suspense. Barbara Songer selects her question. Beauty Pageant Miss G.H.s. BECKY CUMBEE First Runner-up: CAROL JOHNSON Second Runner-up: BARBARA McCROSKEY 91 National Honor Society 1st ROW - Freddie Rushbrooke, Carolyn Williams, Connie Hylton, Sandy Ballard, Louise Givens, Carol Har- rison 2nd ROW - Ellen Cooper, Sue Habernigg, Charlotte Robertson, Ella Webb, Linda St. Clair, Jean Vincel, Cindy Bishop, Barbara Fletcher, Diane Munsey, Charlotte Scott 3rd ROW - John Roller, Randy Mathena, John Tozzi, Cletus Lee, Tim Moser, Steve Rowe 4th ROW - Alfred Collins, Terry McMahan, Dick Cumbee, Eddie Sarver, Larry Higgenbotham, Steve Johnson OFFICERS - L to R - Steve Rowe-President, Patsy Johnson-Treasurer, Betsy In- gram-Secretary, Tim Moser-Vice President 92 FIRST ROW - Linda Parr, Ruth Ann Owens, Judy Pliner, Linda Duman, Nancy Martin SECOND ROW - Sonya Albert, Nancy Ahalt, Betsy Stafford, Carol Knuckles, Linda In- gram THIRD ROW - Betsy Ingram, Patsy Johnson, Deborah Going, Gail Combs, Judy Winston FOURTH ROW - Andy Weaver, Jennie Munsey, Dickie Douthat, Brenda Dickerson, Irma Johnston, Lois Lucas FIFTH ROW - Howard Irwin, Donald Martin, Boyce Falls, Brenda Young SIXTH ROW - Brian Dupell, Scott Rose, Lewis Webb President- Stephen Rowe The purpose of the National Honor Society is to rec- ognize outstanding students. Membership is based on Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. Candidates must have at least a " B " average and must have spent one semester in Giles High School. The faculty determines what candidates meet the qualifications for membership and those having the highest rating are chosen to fill the class quotas. 93 SEATED: Ella Webb, President; Honore Holton, Vice-President; Erma Johnston, Secretary; Carolyn Painter, Treasurer; Carolyn Williams, Reporter; Linda Dunman, Historian; Betsy Ingram, Chaplain, SECOND ROW: J. Hankins, B, Stafford, L. Pennington, K. Largen, C. Painter, D. Booth, J, Munsey, N. Ahalt, J. Larkin, K. McCormick, L. Moye, C, Lafon ' E, Dalton, C. Hylton. THIRD ROW: Sponsor, Miss McCormick, M, Davis, S, Cumbee, A. Coleman, S. Frye, B. Eaton, M. Seldomridge, J. Vencil, L, Givens, E, Cooper, S, Ballard, F. Rushbrooke. FOURTH ROW: B. Bane, L. Lucas, R. Williams, L. Lilly, M. Kast, B. Smith, J, Mahaffey, D. Going, L. Munsey, S, Dodson, S. Dennis, B. Correll, G. Ernest. FIFTH ROW: G. Combs, N. Webb, K. Dillon, D. Munsey, J, Winston, E, Rowe, L. Ingram, N. Zell, J. Torp, M, Merrix, B, Hodge, P. Talbert, W. Sadler. Senior Tri-Hi-Y The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is the Y.M. C. A. for girls in high school. It is a non-denominational Christian service club devoting time to creat- ing, maintaining, and extending throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. 94 Junior Tri-Hi- Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y club is a non-denominational organization of eighth and ninth grade girls who desire to belong to a club interested in moral and spirit- ual values. Their purpose is " to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " The club platform is Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship, Clean Scholarship, and Clea n Living. FIRST ROW: Karen Cruise, Becky Davis, Secretary; Carol Bell, President; Diane Williams, Treasurer; Linda Copen, Chaplain; Mary Beth Edwards, Vice-President; Mrs, Norene H. Harding, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Linda Foster, Margaret Miles, Terry Frye, Brenda Fern, Regina Brown, Barbara Blevins, Mary Margaret Roller. THIRD ROW: Toni Dennis, Marie Poulos, Linda Robertson, Ann Hale, Frances Burton, Shirley Perdue, Audrey Lilly, Kathy Burk. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Collins, Diane Stafford, Debby Brock, Linda Frye, Carol McPeak, Martha Bishop, Ardelia Munsey, Carol Deakin, Catherine Mathena, Symphonic Chorale FIRST ROW: Becky Smith, Nancy Ahali, Betsy Stafford, -Nancy Webb, Linda Absher, Mary Beth Edwards, Gloria Dunford, Patty Talbert, Sue Bocock, Judy Hankins, Freddie Rushbtooke. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Bowles, Lillian Reed, Beverly Reed, Janice Stafford, Linda Dunman, Carole Nuckols, Pam Carr, Brenda Atkins, Becky Correll, Gail Combs, Ruth Morris, Martie Johnston, THIRD ROW: Ernest Myers, Ronnie Brumfield, David Coulthard, Ralph Wilburn, Tim Moser, Richard Breedlove, Buster Williams, Butch Dowdy, Benny Kast, Kitty Dillon, Ella Webb, FOURTH ROW: Bobby Richard, Howard Irwin, Dale Williams, Will Vest, Gary Woodyard, Jim Lewey, Steve Johnston, John Roller, Mike Johnston, The forty-three members of the Symphonic Chorale are individuals who enjoy singing and performing choral music. The group is entirely voluntary; no credit is given. Each member has auditioned to secure a position in the Chorale, During the year the Chorale made many appearances both as a community service and as money-raising activities for the annual spring tour. Included in these are the annual Christmas and spring concerts, presented cooperatively with the choral department. On May 12th the Chorale left for a five-day tour in Central West Va, The group stayed at Jackson ' s Mill State 4-H Camp, just outstide of Weston, where the Chorale stayed on the 1963 tour. They presented concerts at Weston, Philippi, Buckhannon-Upsher, and Glenville High Schools, On May 14th the Chorale broadcast a half-hour television program over the local Weston station. Culminating the year ' s slate of activities were performances for the commencement sermon and graduation programs. The Chorale is under the direction of Mr, A, G, Snyder and accompanied by Miss Re- becca Lowdermilk, 96 May 12-16 Pretty Bev, Devilish Bev Go down the Wishin ' Road Boo, Sophomores Jackson’s Mill Sleep, Sleep, Sleep 97 DIRECTOR-Mr. Ronald Shomo DRUM MAJOR — Mike Johnston HEAD MAJORETTE Freddie Rae Rushbrooke MAJORETTES--Sue Habernigg, Ellen Cooper, Barabara Habernigg Sonya Albert, Sandy Ballard, Barabara McCroskey Giles High Senior Band 98 Michael L, Johnston Drum Major, Majorettes Sue " Sock " Barabara Vada Ellen Sonya Sandy Freddie 99 1 The Junior Band is a Workshop for those wishing to enter the Giles High Band, Each year it provides stiff competition dur- ing tryouts and provides the performing band with fine musi- cians. 102 Library Club The Library Club is an active aid to the school’s library. It is efficiently managed by Miss Frances Hypes and Mrs. Lou- ise Robinson. ROW 1; Lewyn Caldwell, Wanda St. Clair; Pres. - Brenda Johnson, Vice Pres, - Linda Roby, Sec.-Treas. - Carolyn Perkins, Reporter - Becky Cumbee; Linda Vaught, Earnest Myers. ROW 2; Mary Alice Rogers, La von Lilly, Betty Sadler, Barbara Ratcliffe, Jean Link, Gwen Robertson, Clara Meredith, Robaline Litchford. ROW 3: Mrs. Louise Robinson, Miss Frances Hypes, Jack Burk, Richard Breedlove, Mary Ann Bowles, Tom- my Lindsey, Betty Johnson, Rosemary Presly, Brenda Waldron, Sue Sutton, Lena Sumpter. ROW 1: B. Brock, D, Porterfield, B. Bane, S. Beck, H. Farrier, S. Banks, L, Ingram, B. Dickerson, B. Stafford. ROW 2: E. Rowe, B. Dowdy, C, Lafon, J. Vincel, S, Bocock, L. Dunman, B. Waldron, J. Poff. ROW 3: J. Torp, C. Nuckols, J. Hankins, L, Moye, G, Combs, A. Coleman, I, Fullen. ROW 4: C. Anderson, S. Dodson, E, Johnson, J. Thompson, S. Beck, B. Corell. ROW 5; C. Hylton, B. Thomas, J. Brown, F. Hill, L. Brown. ROW 6: H. Thompson, G, Level, C. Thompson, G. Lively. ROW 7: B. Dupell, D. Merril. ROW 8: C. Shomo. ROW 1: J. Winston, P. Atkins, M. Roller, T. Frye. ROW 2: C. Stump, C, Link, L. Parr, C. McPeak, M. Bishop. ROW 3: J, Miller, B. Mason, A. Weaver, A. Martin, R, Gilmore, C. Wimmer, ROW 4: D. Huffman, J. Pliner, B. Blevins, K. Largen, J, Albert, N. Ahalt, D. Going, R. Owens, ROW 5: G. Atkins, S. Rose, P. Hale, J, Fletcher, J. McCall, H. Holton, G, Robertson, M. Rogers. French Club OFFICERS: Reporter, Brenda Dickerson; Sponsor, Mrs. Price; Presi- dent, Linda Ingram; Secretary-Treasurer, Linda Dunman; Vice Pres- ident, Judy Winston N»US N»US AMU The French Club was organized at Giles High this year, Mrs. Verna Price and the club officers have laid the foundation for a worth-while organization. Their projects included raising money for S.C.A, Landscaping, 105 Latin Club The Latin Club is affiliated with the Junior Classical League, which is a national organization. Its pur- poses are to instill a love for the classics, and to learn the basic fundamentals of Latin by use of movies, slides, pictures, maps, lectures, and mythological reading. Mrs. Mildred Andrews is the club’s sponsor. OFFICERS FIRST PERIOD PRES. Dale Williams; VICE-PRES. Mary Beth Edwards; SEC, Becky Davis; REPORTER Sharon Hall SECOND PERIOD PRES. Carol Bell; VICE-PRES. Audrey Lilly; REPORTER Shirly Perdue FOURTH PERIOD PRES. John Roller; VICE-PRES. Terry Hypes; SEC. Betty Sadler; REPORTER Wanda Martin 106 107 Future Teachers of America Mrs. Olga Jamison, Sponsor; Gary Woodyard, President; Cindy Atchison, Vice-President; Ellen Rowe, Secretary; Diane Munsey, Treasurer; Margaret Miles, Historian; Sandra Ballard, Parliamentarian; Mrs, Grace Robertson, Sponsor. Not pictured- -Mr. Dale Collins, Sponsor. Giles Future Teachers received their charter in February. Mem- bers learn about the teaching profession and its role in democra- cy. Students explore their own interests and abilities in teaching and cultivate qualities of character, personality, and leadership essential to good teaching. 108 FIRST ROW: Tommy Thompson, Lee Cumbee, David Hurst, Linda Huffman. SECOND ROW: Bobby Jan- ney, Joe Lafon, Buddy Shaver, Sherman Maxey. THIRD ROW: Emmitt Long, James Harry, Steve Wilson, David Sweeney, Newton Simpkins. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Shumate, Wayne Fields, Danny Collins, Larry Woods, Wayne Sweeney. FIFTH ROW: James Simpkins, Jimmy Johnson, Donald Wilburn, Hobert Shepard Billy Broadwell. OFFICERS: Charlotte Robertson, President; Ann Meadows, Reporter; Re- becca Smith, Secretary. SECOND ROW; Mr. John R. Fisher, Sponsor; Dwight Marshall, Vice-President; Linwood Vaught, Treasurer; Wayne Stephens, Parliamentarian. DECA DECA identifies a program of youth activities relating to Distributive Education (DE) and is designed to develop future leaders for market- ing and distribution. It is organized on local, state, and national levels to provide incentives and recogni- tion for DE students. It encourages group participation, and is recog- nized as a vital part of the DE pro- gram . 109 President, Darrell Kessinger; Vice President, Mike Hutchison; Secretary, Mar- shall Williams: Reporter, James Lucas; Treasurer, Pat St, Clair; Sentinel, Duke Reynolds; Sponsor, Mr, H, C, Johnston THE NATIONAL STUDYING VOCATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR BOYS AGRICULTURE The Future Farmers of America, F, F,A,, is the national organization of, by, and for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary school. The F, F,A. is an intracurricular activity with its origin a definite part of the school curriculum. The members experience public speaking, buying and selling, personal finance, and civic responsibility. The foundations of the F,F,A, are leadership, character, sportsmanship, cooperation, service, thrift, scholarship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship, and pa- triotism, Their fine sponsor arid instructor is Mr, H, C. Johnston, 1 10 Mi FIRST ROW: Sponsor - Mrs. Jane Janey; Chaplain. Lavon Lilley; Reporter, Lawanda Moye; Historian, Gayle Ramsey; Fed. Officer, Nancy Ahalt; Song Leader, Patty Talbert; President, Gayle Combs. SECOND ROW: Vice-President, Joyce Canode; Treasurer, Diane Harless; Fed. Officer, Janice Mahaffey; Secretary, Helen Farrier; Fed, Officer, Barbera Brock; Spon- sor - Mrs, Marian Law; Sponsor - Mrs. Rosetta Wheeler, TheF. H, A. project this year was " Stay in School. " The club displayed bulletin boards and presented programs on " The Value of Education for Future Roles. " In March it sponsored a Mother-Daughter Banquet and in April a " Bag Supper for Daddy. " Other activities included a Blacksburg Fashion Show and cookbook and stationery sales. Charlotte Robertson Shrader recipient of the Betty Crocker Award. 113 SEATED: Hope Morris, Vice President; Ellen Cooper, President; Sandy Ballard, Treasurer. STANDING: Miss McCormick, Sponsor; Lang Shelton, Reporter; Linda Parr, Historian; Louise Runions, Parliamentarian; Pat Hilton, Secretary; Mrs, Tice, Sponsor. F.B.L.A. 114 MISS BARBERA McCROSKEY Valentine Queen The new Giles Future Business Leaders of America is composed of sixty-four members. Its purpose is to develop competent, aggressive, business leaders. Its first year activities included a tour of business offices, a money-raising Valentine Dance, and the Noma Spelling Contest in which the entire student body participated. The club ' s strong beginning is leading the way to an ac- tive future of service to the school. UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA 115 a hd The Pep Club is a lively organization. Its purpose is to increase school spirit and instill in all students a feeling of enthusiasm. Officers Pres. Freddie Rushbrooke V-Pres. Carolyn Williams Sec. Ellen Cooper Treas. Louise Givens Reporter Sandy Ballard Sponsor Mr, Robert Dunn crc Junior Varsity FRONT ROW: Jeanne Dunman, Carol Bell, Becky Davis, Terry Frye, BACK ROW: Penny Atkins, Mildred Dalton, Brenda Fern. Sponsor Mrs. Panco Cantley Cheerleaders 117 Varsity Cheerleaders SPARTANS Mary Margaret Roller and 119 Kaye Largen Linda Pennington Judy Pliner " 1 Spartanettes This year a new pep group has been added to Giles High. This group, the SPARTANETTES, consists of five girls interested in the sole purpose of obtain- ing and promoting pep and school spirit. They gave their time and ability to form a colorful group and to cheer the SPARTANS on to victory. Miss Martie Johnston Homecoming Queen ’65 Miss Ellen Cooper Senior Princess 123 Miss Barbara Habernigg Sophomore Princess 124 Miss Min Rose Hendrickson Freshman Princess Miss Priscilla Croy y Dm Ti) ■RT Eighth Grade Princess 125 decorating . . . measuring . . . May 7 taping . . . 126 finishing . , . 127 Art Club SEATED: Carolyn Meredith, Linda Anderson, Sandra Frye, Brenda Atkins, Lucy Davis STAND- ING: Annette Copen, Barbara Lafon, Sue Dodson, Brenda Eaton, Mike Johnston, Tommy Col- lins, Marion Davis, Carolyn Johnson, Lana Smith SEATED: Sheryl Cumbee, Terry Frye, Ruthie Groseclose, Brenda Martin, Carol Bell, Linda Copen STAND- ING: George Level, Carol Williams, Nancy Zell, Libby Munsey, Tom Torp, Linda Ingram, Linda Dunman, Linda Pennington, Susan Dean The Art Club, a new organization at Giles, has approximately thirty members. It offers art assistance not only to the school but to all Giles County. The club aids school spirit by making posters during football and basketball seasons. School activities such as dances are sponsored by the club. It is led by Mr. Ronald Jones. Kaye Largen - Pres. Gary Johnson - Vice Pres. Ruth Morris - Sec, Mary Ann Bowles - Treas. Judy Hankins - Reporter Lillian Reed - Supplies Mr. Jones - Sponsor 131 Lettermen ROW 1: L. to R. Stephen Miller, Marvin Farley, Earl Johnson, Bucky Hendrickson, Lang Shelton, David Huffman, Tom Lucas, Brian Dupell, Skipper Williams. ROW 2: L, to R. Marvin Tawney, Skipper Jam- ison, Don Martin, Don Bishop, Jackie Mustard, Bob Deakin, Alfred Collins, John Davis, Webster Baker, Mike DeHart, Pat Arnold, ROW 3: L, to R. Steve Johnson, Larry Journell, Boyce Falls, Tim Moser, Gary Woodyard, Dickie Douthat, Bruce Proffitt, Dickie Cumbee. ROW 4: L. to R, Randy Mathena, Jimmy Stafford, Ferrell Williams, Stephen Rowe, Philip Morris, Tom Rolen. Far above the broad horizon near the Angels Rest, Giles High School stands defiant facing every test. Hit him kind of hard didn ' t ya? Giles 49 Floyd County 0 Giles 27 Fort Chiswell 7 Giles 12 Narrows 20 Behind 20-0, the Spartans put on a last- ditch rally only to fall short 20-12 to their cross-county rival, Narrows. Donnie Mar- tin and Philip Morris led the offense while Jim Stafford made a great show for the de- fense. The Spartans opened the ' 64- 65 Football season by beating the Pioneers of Fort Chis- well 27-7. Paced by Randy Mathena and Philip Morris, the Spartans built a 21-0 halftime lead and were never headed. Fer- rell Williams was the standout in the line. Ferrell kicks off. After the loss to Narrows, the Spartans were in need of victory. Unfortunately for Floyd County, they were next in line for the Spartans. The boys put together an all-out team effort in tram- pling the Buffaloes 49-0. The first team played only half the game. Donnie Martin and Webster Baker led the Spartans both on offense and de- fense. 136 I told him not to tackle the cheerleaders. Giles 7 Christiansburg 7 And Philip scores again . . . The football boys ran into a stone wall when they traveled to Christiansburg. The best they could get was a hard-earned tie from the Demons. The Spartans got the ball late in the game on the Christiansburg 48 yard line and rolled down to the four yard stripe before running out of steam. Jim Stafford led the Giles defense while Randy Mathena led the offensive effort. The Spartans had a rough night of it, fall- ing to powerful district champion, Blacks- burg. Taking the ball for the first time, the team grounded out seventy yards for a 6-0 lead. The Indians then regained their composure and scored three touchdowns be- fore the final buzzer sounded. Skipper Wil- liams led the offense and Skipper Jamison the defense. Giles 6 Blacksburg 20 Powerful Spartans ramble. t37 Giles 14 Pulaski 0 Let me go, let me go. The fired-up Spartans upset highly favored Pu- laski on the home field, 14-0. This was the best all-out defensive exhibition the team put on all year. Donnie Bishop played the best game of his high school career in leading the defense as Boyce Falls ran rings around the Ori- ole offense in one of his finer efforts. Randy Mathena and Philip Morris scored the two Giles touchdowns. Giles 27 Dublin 7 Touchdown SPARTANS! 1 ! Th,e Giles High Spartans won their first homecoming ever in crushing the Dukes of Dublin, 27-7. The Dukes had previ- ously lost only one game and that was to Blacksburg by a single point. The Spartans completely stymied the Dukes ' ground and air attacks. Alfred Collins led the offense while Tom Rolen was tremendous on defense. The scoring punch was mainly due to Coach Worley ' s gigantic front line. 38 Hurry, gang, the banana splits are half price! ! ! Get the cheerleaders out . , . QUICK! Giles 14 Princeton 7 " The South Shall Rise Again, " and that they did when the Spartans journeyed to West Virginia to edge a fine Princeton team by a touchdown, 14-7 The Giles attack was led by Ferrel Williams and Randy Mathena with Mathena scoring both touch- downs and Williams playing a great defensive and offensive game. Giles 12 George Wythe 14 The Spartans were riding high until George Wythe knocked them off their high horse. Giles tried to rally after trailing 14-0, but fell short by two points. Steve Rowe was a demon on de- fense and a thorn in Wythe ' s side all night, while Boyce Falls contributed many fine runs. The touchdowns were scored by Philip Morris. The goal post in sight. Giles 39 Peterstown 0 In the final game of the season the Spartans went all-out in stomping the Peterstown Pirates, 39-0. The game was a team effort all the way with even the linemen getting into the scoring act. Coach Farmer once again cleared the bench. This was the final game for the big line and some of the fine backs. Spartan Victory! 139 History Made The Giles Spartans finished the 1964-65 season with a fine 6-3-1 record. This was the best record for the Spartans in the short four-year history of the school. Giles knocked off four district teams, including once-beaten Dublin 27-7 and a 49-0 trouncing of Floyd County. The Spartans also upset Pulaski and ran over Princeton, Peterstown, and Fort Chiswell. Princeton and Peterstown were the only two non-district teams the Spartans played. The Spartans played with an all-senior line whose loss will be felt. Next year ' s team will have some good lettermen returning which will be of great asset to the 65- ' 66 squad. Filled with emotion . . . 140 Manager J. Spangler Trainer G. Woodyard Managers: C. Adams, D. Woodyard Varsity Football BOTTOM ROW: F. Collins, C. Martin, S. Miller, W. Fletcher, R. Stewart, P, Morris, A. Weaver, B, Falls, T. Rolen, ' B. Hendrickson, MIDDLE ROW: S. Rowe, M. Farley, T. Lucas, B. Ramsey, D. Hutchinson, D. Douthat, J. Davis, K, Meredith, A. Collins, D. Huffman, M. DeHart, J. Stafford. TOP ROW: S. Wil- liams, W. Baker, J. Albert, S. Jamison, L. Journell, F. Williams, D, Cumbee, D. Martin, R. Mathena, D. Bishop, B. Proffit, T, Moser. ASSISTANT COACHES: L. Connor, J, Worley. HEAD COACH: B. Farmer. 141 SKIPPER JAMISON Tackle FERREL WILLIAMS All Dist. Guard WEBSTER BAKER End LARRY JOURNELL End JERRY ALBERT MIKE DeHART Tackle DAVID HUFFMAN Guard ALFRED COLLINS Back FONZIE COLLINS Tackle CHINK MARTIN Tackle KENNY MEREDITH Back DONNIE MARTIN Back DAVID HUTCHISON Back JOHNNY DAVIS Back DICK CUMBEE Center BOYCE FALLS Back JIM STAFFORD Tackle WALLACE FLETCHER Center STEVE MILLER Back SKIPPER WILLIAMS Back ANDY WEAVER Back RONNIE STEWART Guard BUCKY HENDRICKSON Back TOM ROLEN Guard PHILIP MORRIS Back MARVIN FARLEY Tackle TOMMY LUCAS End STEVE ROWE Guard ' mm- ' BRUCE PROERTT End TIM MOSER End RANDY MATHENA Back 148 J.V. Football BOTTOM ROW; M. Witten, T. Johnson, T. Collins, G. Dowdy, J. Shrader, G, Hodge, D. Slusher, L. Dowdy, B, Danahy MIDDLE ROW; W. Oakes, S. Kelley, T. Reynolds, D. Terry, R. Martin, D. Douthat, S. Donovan, F, O ' Dell, J. W. Wood, Manager - G. Thornhill TOP ROW; Manager - D. Chapman, B. Richard, M, Ballard, J. Johnston, R. King, L, Neice, G. Lucas, D. Merrill, J. Fletcher, D. Lucas, A, Neely Sth Grade Football Varsity Basketball BOTTOM ROW: B. Ramsey, A. Weaver, D, Perdue, R. Martin, R. B. Hendrickson. MIDDLE ROW: H. Thompson, W. Baker, S. Williams, B. Thomas, S. Miller. TOP ROW: R. Mathena, A. Martin, J. Falls, D. Martin. TRAINER: Gary Woodyard. HEAD COACH: Larry Connor. MANAGERS: D. Woodyard, R. Steele, B, Walkup, G. Woodyard. 150 Andy Weaver Alvis Martin Steve Miller Bucky Hendrickson 151 1 f Skipper Williams Jody Falls Donnie Martin Randy Mathena Webster Baker 152 Billy Ramsey Dwight Perdue Roy Martin Harrell Thompson Bob Thomas George Wythe - -- -- --77 Hillsville - -- -- -- -- go Dublin 38 Pulaski 101 Ft. Chiswell - -- -- -- 32 Radford - -- -- -- -- - 53 Blacksburg gg Christiansburg -68 George Wythe - -- -- --65 Hillsville 54 Narrows - -- -- -- -- - q 2 Pulaski . 72 Ft. Chiswell 65 Radford - -- -- -- -- - 43 Narrows ------69 Blacksburg --------110 Dublin 48 Christiansburg 82 Tournament Pulaski 59 Won 6 Lost 13 153 J.V. Basketball BOTTOM ROW: B. Crouse, M. Hicks, B. Richard, B. Danahy, Coach Wilburn. MIDDLE ROW: J. Fletcher, B. Dupell, J, Johnston, D, Douthat. TOP ROW: H. Irwin, B. Dowdy, P. Hale, R. King, Managers: D. Smith, D. Medley. 154 Mgrs. : D. Medley, D. Smith Coach Bob Wilburn Captain Bob Richard 8th Grade Basketball 155 Baseball BOTTOM ROW; Manager Butler, I. B. Terry, L. Higgenbotham, S, Johnson, B. Richard, D. Meredith, K. Meredith. MIDDLE ROW; A. Martin, W. Fletcher, R, Trout, S, Jamison, C, Martin, R. Martin. TOP ROW: Manager Shrader, P. Hale, D. Martin, S. Williams, W. Baker, R. B, Hendrickson. Giles 4 Christiansburg Giles 9 Christiansburg Giles 6 Blacksburg Giles 4 Narrows Giles 1 Blacksburg Giles 4 Radford Giles 9 Hillsville Giles 13 Narrows Giles 5 Ft. Chiswell Giles 8 Peterstown Giles 2 Radford Giles 1 Peterstown Giles 0 Hillsville Tournament Giles 2 Hillsville Giles 3 Radford Won 9 Lost 6 Assistant Coach Connor; Head Coach Frazier 1 2 3 3 11 8 6 3 4 5 5 2 4 1 5 156 New River A Spartan opponent hangs his head in defeat. District chappy naps before game . . . Runners-up Spartan takes a mighty cut. 157 Varsity Track BOTTOM ROW: H. Brown, D. Cooper, J. Mustard, B. Ramsey, B. Williams, D. Reynolds; Managers - T. Martin, N. Vincel, E. Parks; C. Adams, J. Shrader, B. Schuler, G. Austin, R. Brumfield, D, Hut- chinson. MIDDLE ROW: B. Spangler, W. Simpkins, J. Stephens, J. Lewey, D. Merril, B. Dupell, R. King, E, Sarver, J. Bales, D. Perdue, D, Parks, Peoples, B. Falls. TOP ROW: D. Cumbee, F. Wil- liams, W. Williams, H, Stump, P. St. Clair, B, Cast, S. Miller, C. Parcell, D. Williams, S. Rowe, B. Proffitt, R. Mathena. Up in the sky . . . lt s a bird . , , It ' s a plane . . . It ' s Superman! ! ! 158 Captain Randy Mathena; Coach Mulheren Oooo! ! ! it ' s STUCK! ! ATTENDED STATE MEET Bruce Proffitt Ferrell Williams Dickie Cumbee Randy Mathena Boyce Falls He flies through the air with the greatest of ease . . . Boyce Falls, district pole vault champion. Bottoms - up boys 159 New River District Champs The Giles High School golf team won the New River District championship with a playoff win over Blacksburg, Bruce Proffitt was medalist in the 13 1 2 to 4 1 2 win by shooting a 71. The team also faired well when they took second place honors in the unclassified division of the state tournament. Golf Team BOTTOM ROW: Coach Farmer, B. Thomas, B. Mason, C. Shomo, C. Richard. TOP ROW: A. Weaver, B. Danahy, B. Proffitt, R. Gilmore. Tennis Team BOTTOM ROW: J. Brown, L. Brown, L. Shelton. MIDDLE ROW: D. Doulhat, G, Level, D, Huffman, T, Collins, T. Givens. TOP ROW: Coach Cantley, J. Davis, L. Webb, B, Munsey, B. Dowdy, D. Bishop. 161 162 Advertisements and Snapshots 163 Giles High School Senior Class 1964-65 Boys Adams, Carl Melvin Austin, George Clark Baker, Paul Webster Barnett, Edgar Leon Bishop, Donald Lee Blevins, George Rufus Breedlove, Richard Samuel Broadwell, Billy Hugh Burk, Richard Jackson Carbaugh, James Matthew Collins, Alfred Lee Collins, Danny Dale Collins, Roulet Wayne Cumbee, Ira Lee, Jr, Cumbee, Richard Sheridan Davis, John Robert Deakin, Robert Alan De Hart, Michael Andrew Evans, George William Farley, Marvin Dakota Fields, Robert Wayne Fisher, Frank Patterson Fisher, Sherman Bryant Fuller, Buford Steve Fuller, William Caudill Gillispie, Kerry Gene Harry, James Odell Heck, Edward Lee Hicks, Roger Harvey, Jr. Higginbotham, Larry Brown Hull, Ronald Harvey Hurst, David Linden Jamison; Glenn Parker Janney, James Robert Johnson, Gary William Johnson, James Roger Johnston, Larry Wayne Johnston, Michael Lee Johnston, Stephen Allen Kendall, Edward Dale Kerr, Garry Gene Kirk, James Gordon Lafon, Douglas Eugene Lafon, Edwin Wayne Lang, Thomas Clegg Lee, Charles Allen Lee, Cletus Dalton Lee, John Earl Level, George Creed Long, Luther Emmitt, Jr. Lucas, Robert Jenning Lucas, Tommy Lee 402 Wenonah Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Box 113 Narrows, Va. Box 81 Ripplemead, Va. Box 33 Ripplemead, Va. 606 Wildwood Drive Pearisburg, Va. Box 86 Ripplemead, Va. Route 2, Box 162 Pearisburg, Va. Box 449 Pembroke, Va. 505 Fort Branch Rd. Pearisburg, Va. Box 36 Eggleston, Va. 302 Sunset Drive Pearisburg, Va. Route 1, Box 173 Pembroke, Va. Route 1, Box 27 Pembroke, Va. Route 1, Box 109 Pembroke, Va. Box 98 Pembroke, Va. 206 Tazewell Ave. Pearisburg, Va. 302 Mountain Drive Pearisburg, Va. Box 63 Ripplemead, Va. Box 24 Eggleston, Va. Box 5 Goldbond, Va. Box 66 Goldbond, Va. Box 34 Goldbond, Va. Route 1, Box 361 Pearisburg, Va. Staffordsville, Va 103 Elm St. Pearisburg, Va. Box 615 Pearisburg, Va. 111 Elm Street Pearisburg, Va. Mountain Drive Pearisburg, Va. Pearisburg, Va. Box 289 Pembroke, Va. Route 2, Box 16 Pearisburg, Va, Box 484 Pearisburg, Va, Pembroke, Va. Route 1 Pembroke, Va. 604 Wildwood Drive Pearisburg, Va. Curve Road Pearisburg, Va, Box 22 Newport, Va. 328 Mountain Drive Pearisburg, Va. Mountain Drive Pearisburg, Va. Route 1, Box 42 Narrows, Va. Box 64 Eggleston, Va. Route 1, Box 83 Pearisburg, Va. Box 84 Newport, Va, Route 1 Pembroke, Va. 408 South Woodrum St. Pearisburg, Va. Eggleston, Va. 507 Tyler Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Eggleston, Va. 310 N. Painter St. Pearisburg, Va. Route 2 Pearisburg, Va. Route 1, Box 26 Pearisburg, Va. Box 313 Pembroke, Va. 164 McGuire, Robert Miller Route 1, Box 206 Pembroke, Va. McMahan, Terry Lynn Box 127 Pembroke, Va. Marshall, Julian Dwight Box ' 192 Pearisburg, Va. Martin, Walter Alvis Route 1, Box 16 Pearisburg, Va. Mathena, Larry Randolph Box 431 Pearisburg, Va. Maxey, Sherman Miller 711 North Giles St, Pearisburg, Va. Meredith, Garnet Dwain Pembroke, Va. Meredith, Johnny Olin Box 313 Pearisburg, Va. Merrix, Tyler Eugene 408 Painter St. Pearisburg, Va. Morris, Philip Lee 509 North Dennis St. Pearisburg, Va. Moser, George Edgar Pembroke, Va. Moser, Tyree Irvin, Jr. Box 25 Goldbond, Va. Parcell, Clayton Eldridge, Jr. Staffordsville, Va Perdue, Roscoe Dale Route 1, Box 105 Pearisburg, Va. Porterfield, Aldon Albert Route 2, Box 213 Newport, Va. Presley, Thomas Edward 304 Maple Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Proffitt, Bruce Cantrell 510 Country Club Drivfe Pearisburg, Va. Radford, Darrill Kermit Pembroke, Va, Ratcliff, Larry Michael Route 1, Box 194 Pembroke, Va, Reynolds, Samuel Hale Route 1, Box llA Newport, Va. Rolen, Thomas Eugene, Jr. Ripplemead, Va. Roller, John Baker. Ill 1100 Henson Ave. Pearisburg, Va, Rowe, Stephen French Eggleston, Va. Sarver, Edward Eugene Route 2, Box 165 Newport, Va. Saunders, George Herbert Staffordsville, Va Shaver, Emory Hobert, Jr. Curve Road Pearisburg, Va. Shelton, Langston Jesse 402 Woodrum St. Pearisburg, Va. Shepherd, Hobert Lee Pearisburg, Va. Shumate, James Milton 417 Easton Road Pearisburg, Va. Shumate, William Mathew, Jr. Route 2, Pearisburg, Va. Simpkins, Elmer Newton Staffordsville, Va Simpkins, Emory Lee, Jr. Box 123 Pearisburg, Va. Simpkins, James Dennis Route 1, Box 127 A Pearisburg, Va. Smith. Jerry Wayne Route 2, Box 213 Newport, Va. Snider, Sam Burton, Jr. Goldbond, Va. Stafford, James Wallace Pearisburg, Va. Stephens, Clyde Wayne Box 66 Eggleston, Va. Stephens, Glenn Herman Route 1, Box 72 Pearisburg, Va. Stump, Ralph Lewis Newport, Va. Sweeney, Clarence Wayne Box 26 Kimballton, Va. Sweeney, James David Box 26 Kimballton, Va. Tawney, Marvin Wayne Route 2, Box 208 Newport, Va. Thomas, Robert Norman 406 Willow Circle Pearisburg, Va. Thompson, David Carrel Route 2 Pearisburg, Va. Thompson, Robert Harrel Route 2 Pearisburg, Va. Thompson, Thomas Randal Hill Street Pearisburg, Va. Tozzi, John Lee Main Street Pembroke, Va, Turner, Ronald Eugene 415 Montgomery Street Pearisburg, Va. Vaught, Douglas Linwood Route 2, Box 138 Newport, Va. White, Russell B. , Jr, Kimballton, Va. Wilburn, Donald Randolph Pearisburg, Va. Williams, Ferrell Livingston, Jr, 201 South Buchanan St. Pearisburg, Va. Williams, James Robert 202 Fort Branch Road Pearisburg, Va. Wilson, Steve Edward Route 1, Box 5 Pearisburg, Va, Woods, Larry Eugene Box 386 Pearisburg, Va, Woodyard, Gary Wayne 607 Easton Road Pearisburg, Va. Giles High School Senior Class 1964-65 Girls Absher, Linda Anne 606 Henson Ave. Pearisburg, Va, Albert, Linda Mae Box 165 Pearisbutg, Va, Anderson, Barbara Ann Route 2, Box 87 Pearisburg, Va, Anderson, Claudia Etta Box 272 Pearisburg, Va, Atkins, Brenda Gail Route 1, Pembroke, Va, Atkins, Brenda Sue Box 391 Pembroke, Va, Ballard, Sandra Gail 218 Sunset Drive Pearisburg, Va, Beck, Sallie Ann Box 195 Pembroke, Va, Bishop, Cynthia Louise 102 N, French St, Pearisburg, Va, Bowles, Mary Ann 201 Hobson Ave. Pearisburg, Va, Breeding, Shirley Ann Martin Route 1, Box 205 Pembroke, Va, Brotherton, Marilyn Sue 707 Curve Rd. Pearisburg, Va, Brown, Martha Christine Ripplemead Rd, Pearisburg, Va, Caldwell, Nancy Anita Box 312 Pembroke, Va, Camper, Dora Ann Route 1, Box 151 A Pembroke, Va, Canode, Betty Mason Route 1, Box 145 Staffordsville, Va, Chapman, Mary Catherine Box 162, Pembroke, Va, Colley, Merle Leketa 508 North Giles St, Pearisburg, Va, Collins, Linda Jean Kimballton, Va. Conley, Mary Kathleen Box 343 Pembroke, Va. Cooper, Ellen Hope Route 2, Box 36 Pearisburg, Va. Copen, Cornelia Annette 1504 South Pembroke St, Pearisburg, Va. Crawford, Ella Mae Myers Route 2, Box 3 B Newport, Va, Dalton, Emmalene Route 2, Box 62 Pearisburg, Va. Dean, Betty Lou Box 133 Pearisburg, Va. Dill, Mary Louisa 712 South High St, Pearisburg, Va, Dillon, Mary Cathryn 512 Fort Branch Road Pearisburg, Va. Dunford, Connie Arlene 5n North Monroe St, Pearisburg, Va. Dunigan, Betty Jean 804 Church Ave, Pearisburg, Va. Eaton, Linda Sue Route 2, Box 18 Pearisburg, Va. Evans, Shelby Jean Box 24 Eggleston, Va. Farley, Peggy Lou Box 36 Pearisburg, Va. Farley, Virginia Hope Box 5 Goldbond, Va, Fisher, Clara Reese Route 1, Box 85 Staffordsville, Va, Fisher, Connie Gale Eppling Ripplemead, Va. Fletcher, Barbara Sue Box 31 Ripplemead, Va, Gillespie, Dorothy Jean Box 53 Hoges Chapel, Va, Gillispie, Phyllis Marie Route 1, Box 242 Pembroke, Va. Givens, Louise Knight 205 Woodrum St, Pearisburg, Va. Gray, Nedra Theola Box 45 Pearisburg, Va. Habernigg, Shirley Ann Route 1, Box 171 Pembroke, Va. Harless, Alpha Dianne Box 92 Ripplemead, Va. Harless, Patsy Jean Box 115 Pearisburg, Va, Harvey, Vivian Charlene Route 2, Box 226 Newport, Va. Harrison, Eileen Carol Box 335 Pearisburg, Va. Hicks, Carolyn Ann Virginia Heights Pearisburg, Va, Hilton, Patricia Ann Route 2, Box 246 Newport, Va, Horton, Iris Delaine Box 30 Kimballton, Va. Huffman, Linda Darnell Box 458 Pearisburg, Va. Hurst, Carol Jean Caldwell Box 484. Pearisburg, Va. Hylton, Constance Lea 1516 Cabot Drive Pearisburg, Va. Johnston, Martie Ellen 311 Johnston Ave, Pearisburg, Va. Jones, Marjorie Lynne Route 1, Box 307 Pembroke, Va. Kast, Mildred Jewel 315 Crile Lane Pearisburg, Va. 166 Lafon, Barbara Ann Route 1, Box 3 Pearisburg, Va. Lilly, LaVon Louise 615 Henson Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Link, Jean Elizabeth Route 2, Box 233 Newport, Va. Link, Jean Ellen Route 2 Newport, Va. Link, Martha Lois Route 1, Box 138 Pembroke, Va. Luczak, Nancy Jane 1111 Curve Road Pearisburg, Va. McCroskey, Barbara Gail Box 3 Kimballton, Va. Mabe, Rhoda Vondiena Route 1, Box 241 Pembroke, Va. Martin, Brenda Lou Route 1, Box 165 Pembroke, Va. Meadows, Rebecca Ann Ingram Village Pearisburg, Va. Morris, Ruth Karen Pearisburg, Va. Moser, Barbara Michele St. Clair Box 113 Ripplemead, Va. Munsey, Emerel Diana 500 Woodrum St. Pearisburg, Va. Mustard, Brenda Darlene Route 1, Box 103 Pearisburg, Va. Myers, Linda Louise Hamblin Box 84 Pembroke, Va. Neely, Delores Raye Short Box 68 Eggleston, Va. Orey, Vada Josephine 505 Tyler Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Painter, Mary Carolyn 403 Orchard Drive Pearisburg, Va. Pearson, Joyce Ellen Box 45 Pearisburg, Va. Pennington, Sandra Rae 605 Wildwood Drive Pearisburg, Va, Poff, Myrna Joy Pearisburg, Va. Presley, Rose Mary 304 Maple Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Rader, Brenda June Box 63 Newport, Va. Reed, Lillian Ellen Eggleston, Va. Robertson, Beverly Fern Kimballton, Va. Robertson, Charlotte Iretta Route 1, Box 14 Pembroke, Va. Roby, Linda Lee 410 Orchard Drive Pearisburg, Va. Runions, Mary Louise 413 North Painter St. Pearisburg, Va. Rushbrooke, Freddie Rae 208 Hale St. Pearisburg, Va. Sadler, Betty Jean Box 227 Staffordsville, Va Sadler, Martha Elizabeth Box 232 Staffordsville, Va Sadler, Shelby Jean Route 1, Box 21 Pearisburg, Va, Scott, Charlotte Marie Route 1, Pearisburg, Va, Seldomridge, Martha Lee 606 Easton Road Pearisburg, Va. Shaver, Elizabeth Ann Pennington Curve Road Pearisburg, Va, Slusher, Dorothy Rebecca 413 Fleeman St. Pearisburg, Va. Smith, Bonita Elaine Pembroke, Va, Smith, Janet Young Route 1, Box 227 Pembroke, Va. Smith, Rebecca Jane Route 1, Box 38 Narrows, Va. Snider, Eleanor Elizabeth Box 54 Goldbond, Va. Songer, Barbara Ann Box 123 Pearisburg, Va. Songer, Norma Jean 806 Church Ave. Pearisburg, Va. Stafford, Joyce Ann Staffordsville, Va St. Clair, Linda Kay 612 South Main St. Pearisburg, Va. Stevers, Charlotte Pauline Route 1, Box 230 Pembroke, Va. Sutton, Mary Alice Route 1, Box 285 A Pembroke, Va. Terry, Nina Faye Staffordsville, Va Tickle, Edna Marie Route 1, Box 295 Pembroke; ' Va. Vaught, Linda Ellen Staffordsville, Va Vest, Dawana Lee Box 196 Staffordsville, Va Vincel, Lois Jean Route 1, Box 143 Newport, Va. Wade, Claudia Lee 609 Easton Road Pearisburg, Va. Waldron, Elizabeth Sharon Route 1, Box 266 Pembroke, Va. Webb, Ella Elizabeth 505 Giles St. Pearisburg, Va. Williams, Carole Elaine Newport, Va. Williams, Mary Carolyn 400 Willow Circle Pearisburg, Va. Williams, Mildred Virginia Route 1 Pembroke, Va. Wilson, Nancy Louise Goldbond, Va. We congratulate a segment of fine peo- ple of the state of Virginia, dedicated to the improvement of their position in society. EAST COAST FOODS COMPANY, INC. CALDWELL-SITES CO. Distributor of A. B. Dick Duplicating Machines and Supplies A. B. Dick Duplicating Papers, Inks, Fluids Roanoke, Va. Waynesboro, Va. Winchester, Va. Princeton, W. Va. FOR QUALITY WITHOUT QUESTION QUALITY FOOD COMPANY, INC. Roanoke, Va. 168 Get the Best . . . PURITY MAID Get SEALTEST Bread - Cakes DAIRY PRODUCTS Pies WM. P. SWARTZ, JR. CO., INC. Roanoke, Va. Kitchen and Janitor Supplies and Equipnnent 169 For Fund-Raising Items for your Chapter, your Group, or your Club, Consult MORRIS SALES COMPANY 227 East Ross Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania (since 1950) The Daily Newspaper is a living text- book that is completely written every day and has the most up-to-date infor- mation on a great many school subjects. The newspaper provides young people with current, practical and necessary information to satisfy their interests now and to enlarge their understanding of the adult world in the future. THE ROANOKE TIMES 170 One of our more serious students. Compliments of BROWN HAYS HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY C. J. NEELY, Staff Manager UNDERWRITERS C. L. Nolen, W. E. Going, R. H. Stump, R. C. Bradley, R. B. Myers Maytag Washers Simmons Mattresses Rowe Living Room Furniture Unique Bedroom Furniture Secretary - - - - FANNIE MEREDITH 112 South Main Street Pearisburg, Virginia Phone 22 5 Caudill Building Pearisburg MODERN MATERIALS CONCRETE, INC. Over 150 Years America ' s Highest Quality Sole Leather Pearisburg, Va. 171 ONI yrm Department Store 1 903 VV£ INVITE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT INGRAM PONTIAC CORPORATION INGRAM PONTIAC CORP. NAHROWS, VA. CALL PA 6-2321 BIG STONEY GROCERY S, L. 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Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Giles High School - Shield Yearbook (Pearisburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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