Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN)

 - Class of 1960

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Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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t xfiifx' 6'1" ,lv ww, 9 e H 'U S XL' 1 1 A 13 Y n -155 1 'Sq' 1- Q1 Z has .-,Y ..'? xv Q B 4 . 1 M0191 King 1 W.:-0"-'Z' 5 4 gn-.,,q 7 "W ' - x 1101, .A K .l 'vt L, . , K - V, , , , QF 'N K ' 4 . U1 x y 3-'P 1 , l 'K J ' A - fi J' AW , , as :ful iff. W t - ' V',M,f'f,il ' 'nb' Tuff 993' V' ' "5 "aff" x ' wa J3!f"""i , P-'W xfui- lat! ,tw n 4- y .K I D ' MLM , 3' 'f '- H' 45 r, f+Yff7!V' K .?'1:53 . 9 f K L ,eV fx - Q a ' V 'iv .f f B ,FA o'. 5, K 3 Ll Q R'M1EK1vw.-M. I , wma jlfiuzg --, 'K -an V-a,,1.g V W-sm.n au. .-.... Q. G 1 ., s NYS fm 45 GMM 5 Ji'-J'-li'lf ' 'W E54Pfi3i9rFMKuseM?QYo1-'w34'irWW'+'HwU-mz-v QQ w.V.aa.:.-4VV1:' i23 .?,.V..f,,. VV J..- .V Q 5- ' ' ,f ,fa Vw...w, 'IM , KK, K V H'v:'.."..1'f,, Aww em 4-Ai 0' "'fzQxw K A K Q 7' 1 ' K. V , V , 'mf ,-.1,. .. -Ha. .rfV- 1,511 1 5 . 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V x . - V ff ' V ,,',' 'Q " ' Vi, ' ' H -LW" JS' . ,' .51 " i, , , V -' KK K , Kai, " ,gf .4 K .V,,35KVKljVfQVQ,gig,gK"K K ,- I V ' ,Kifg V V h- K 'KK 'K., Q - . ug 5, , ,' V . .,x.KV.K:K,V 1' 5 1. " 31' 'KV-. A " f 1' . 'K ff - ,K H.-.K '.K ', Q 4, Q, f". , af K' AW Us- , KKK. K .K ,. K ,K V .MK ,KK , -K J K K. 5,5-fgw-,w .M ,.',VVK Kr :K , KK Vw uf -' 'V , " .,- .,f2,,.,M'- ,Yi figs-fV-4, Vx, w y.nQ,,gM VN! . V W, xg, ', K N' K ,, . K, x f f ..,.gV v- ,, ,QQ ,V -f+l.,,p ,, -1,5 in .qrmm xl gt, .m.,,A . 'V . - ' 1 - ww., M v-mm, , "f '1,'lV,.w,V"w.w Q mf -,Xu 51 " 'M My-'g,,"2 J - ,Q-xx . V K A D, 1-,K K , K t It , K-e5,'N,'4SKKKJK? KfKw?KK-:KW W K,,.XKK.iK!fL-4:!v,,,,.-,:KK,,j'+f- - , K 51,KK K. KKK , mg' .ff .--' . V: .1 ' 'il .g,,V'-'jwN","mVVa ,: f"'Z'hGi Marv-V ' ,V K 1 4 , 'K , .K A55 "Kr ' ,, 1 'V 0'.':n 'f if ,bkfnp .. .VKI .,-K-4 V, ', Ng f QAKK "H , Q 'M ' A ' ' -. ' 'A V5 A ' .' fa L 'f f'.37'l' RMS TY' ?:m:'P':Q"'Gw 73' "Pi-"5Wn Qi'Vfw"' ' Y K - , A K M.. 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N , ,X KK KKQK, .M ,V-4. ,, , ,- '-Q uh ,KVM 4 N'-V' , N 4 ,V Q as , X- K , 1-K K Q. A ' ,v,fKwfgKK KQKK-,Ki .K ,K ,K SK U KK . - V. U .w?:1!?' '-1'4" 5-ff. 15. aff . ' 5 .' .XF TV ,Vv3'fY'z-ng a':.QxQ'a'.?x. HM: 59" Law Q, "V: ' 'El 9 'Q' IILE I96O GILES COUNTY III GH S CH O OL PULASKI, TENNESSEE VUL UML' XXII mx A.. Agn! F' ivgfgi W PUBLISHED B Y THE SENIOR CLASS Meeting the challenge of tomorrow . . . This is the theme of the 1960 "Crest" In our world of today, We the future leaders of our nation Are challenged by new horizons. Our fathers have created a fast pace for us, And we must continue that pace. In the age of mechanization and atomic energy When sputniks fly over our head, What could be more frightening Than to be faced with continuing man's pace to the moon? So we look to tomorrow ' ' for wisdom, , for happiness in life, for faith in.God, for lasting friendships. We must learn to live our best, to act our best and think our For today is for Let us .ww ,A2 .'sQ.v.f xgfls X i Contents , Title Page Dedication ' Administration Student Body Organizations Athletics Student Life Honors and Activities Graduation Advertisements JUDY BUTLER Editor JUNE HARGROVE Assistant Editor ln the years of tomorrow this annual will be a record of our preparatory years at Giles County High School. lt will renew old experiences and recall light- hearted incidents. Faces of friends will recall the sound of happy voices, the spirit of good sports, the molding of ideals and aspirations, the warm friendships of campus days. All these will strengthen the golden cord which gives the only real meaning to life. Beyond all memories of the past, we sincerely hope this book will serve as an inspiration and guide to others who will follow us in the world of tomorrow. No greater tribute can we pay our beloved teachers, than to live according to their teachings. "Not enioyment, and not sorrow, ls our destined end or way, But to act, that each tomorrow Find us further than today." We feel that your satisfaction with this volume is our compensation, and with this thought the Staff presents to you the 1960 CREST. Judy Butler, Editor June Hargrove, Assistant Editor 0 no .'0s'. face "'-'fff'I Z'I'Z - a o - MRS. GARLAND DEASON Secretary MR. RAYMOND PHILLIPS Assistant Principal B.S., M.A., Coach, Chemistry MR. L. E. MANSFIELD Principal, B.S., M.A. You, the youth of our nation, are its greatest resource. How well parents and teachers assist you in your develop- ment will determine the quality of our culture and society of tomorrow. A life rich with opportunity for achieve- ment, service, and personal enjoyment, beckons each of you. These few and fleeting years which you spend in high school will determine to a large extent the measure to which your mission in life shall be fulfilled. We urge you-and challenge you-to make the most of the abilities which you possess. off' Raymond Phillips 2X+lj'32- MRS. WILEY T. ABERNATHY JR. A.B., Tenth Grade Sponsor English, Latin, French MRS. WALTER ANDERSON A.B.p Eighth Grade Sponsor English, Arithmetic MRS. FOSTER ARNOLD B.S., Eighth Grade Sponsor History, Arithmetic MISS FREDA BASS A.B., A.C.A. Eleventh Grade Sponsor Commercial MRS. ROY BROWNLOW B.S,, Eleventh Grade Sponsor English, Mathematics MR. WlLLlE BRYANT B.S., Ninth Grade Sponsor Biology, Vocational Agriculture MISS MARGARET BUTLER B.A., M.A., Bs., .n L.s. Librarian MR. WALTER COX B.S., Biology Physical Education MR. ROY GENE FRAZIER B.A., Band Director General Music Course MR. BOBBY HAMLETT B.S,p History, Geography Coach MRS. EDWARD HANEY B.S.g Tenth Grade Sponsor English MRS. E. A. Hendrickson B.S., Seventh Grade MISS ETHEL HOLT B.S., Seventh Grade FACULTY r" li 'Sl Rise WQQ A an-..,R' isis il' MRS. SMITH HOWARD B.S.p Ninth Grade Sponsor Vocational Home Economics MRS. LEON JAMES A.B.p Twelfth Grade Sponsor English MISS EVA PETTY B.S., M.A.: Seventh Grade Sponsor MRS. RAYMOND PHILLIPS B.S.g Ninth Grade Sponsor General Science MR. BILLY PIGG B.S.y Eighth Grade Sponsor Science, Coach MRS. JOE MATT RACKLEY B.A.g Tenth Grade Sponsor Mathematics MRS. BRADFORD ROBERTS B.S.p Ninth Grade Sponsor Mathematics MRS. FLOYD SMITH B.A.y Tenth Grade Sponsor Mathematics, English MR. URBAN SMITH B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts cm Q7 MISS LEILA WHITFIELD B.S.p Seventh Grade MRS. EARL ZUCCARELLO A.B., A.C.A. Eleventh Grade Sponsor American History Mathmatics MISS JAMIE EDMONDSON Speech MRS. CHESTER LUKER Dietitian ,l Wo Uld this be b 'ibefv Mr jlrr TWO 10: ----H 'true for , ' S. James? A TBP Your's hooked now, Mr. Pigg. Moon bound? P 1 A. Pfesldenk K., ,ffd 'Y' Mas MAN MCKM BUS Drivers Vlce Preslden' MRS, me DME PERSONNEL Custodians x I Cafeteria Staff 3 STUDENT BODY i.---1 - Y-- ---:-:- q ..i.l- -1 With swift feet and sure steps, youth walks onward, to face the future with optimism, courage, and determination. We are am- bitious. We vision tomorrow. We have feelings of self-confidence, "When Duty 'Thou The youth 'I can'." " 4 Q ,957 f U1,,ig? 5 if-mn f . ,A ,f 5 f " ' fwaefw Arkxbj 'ff , ' 'NIH 41 U74 ,. . Aff 'i '?7,r,", 1 1, , Q A if '1 WWI' 'ef , 5 , ,1 f Qfzfbi, 7. ff? M ., ' ' 14i?zZ In A A , nf K S1 K if 1 ,K qv-we Q. ' x elif' 3 M 1 SS RQ- -Q 1. M 'E V455 1 f. K :L SQ ' ' K, Q QQ Q if S3 L Y .f Yfifv Lax - 'XT ,W , I: ww , mgQ,, 144 K Q uyisv- ss if .va-fx? S '5 3 W 11- QWQQXWN QHLwFQK kai? LESXS X Sag A kwNi f QQQ iXQf N A X A -ew w Q -1 iwsx X X Sxc XRS W S. f x XX X N NN K X xi ' E-if f L E E S LARRY COLE Senior Class Officers EDWIN MOORE President HERBY TAYLOR Vice Presidenf DONNA BARNES Secretary JIMMY WORSHAM Treasurer Senior F afvontes MARTHA SUE LANIER Seniors BILLY BALL GENE BARLAR DONNA GAYLE BARNES FAYE BASS LARRY BATCHELOR LARRY BEE Seniors ROBERT BEE PAT BLEDSOE .W wifi-k2W:s'Xf3?TSi E I -W Lf,:,,f,,,M ,,fi.L..,k,: .,.L g:,:.T:-wk.-Q.Q ,fmt DAVID BOWEN JULIAN BRUMIT JUDY BUTLER BILL BUTLER JOYCE CHAPMAN SARAH COGGIN LARRY COLE MARIE COTTRELL CAROLYN CAMPBELL SUE CHAPMAN Picfure Noi AvaiIabIe MARTHA FELKER MARY LOUISE FITZGERALD Seniors FAYLA CRAIG JOHNNY DAVIS JIMMY DUGGER LARRY DUGGER FAYE FOGG JANIE FOSTER SANDRA FRANCIS LINDA GARNER JOE GLOSSUP JAMES GRIGGS Seniors GLENN HAMLETT PATSY HAMELETT JUNE HARGROVE JERRY HARMOND CLYDA HARWELL EDGAR HARWELL BARBARA HENDRICK ISOM HOLLEY BECKY HARWELL La DEVA HASTINGS HELEN HEUVXICK EVELYN HENDRICKSON Seniors BOBBY HUGHES ROSE MARIE HURST JERRY JENKINS ANN KIMBROUGH RONNY LANCASTER MARTHA SUE LANIER JOHN MCKINNEY RAY MANSFIELD ALICE MASON BOBBY MILLER DELENE LEWTER WALTER LU KER BILLY PRESTRIDGE JOHNNY PRINCE Seniors RONNIE MILES EDWIN MOORE J EANIE MOORE WAYNE NEWTON mai - -! APRIL PUCKETT MARLIN REYNOLDS MARTHA ROLLER MARIE RUSSELL LINDA RUTHERFORD ROBERT SHELTON WAYNE TARPLEY JOHNNY TATE HERBY TAYLOR TOMMY TAYLOR t awa Seniors BUDDY STAFFORD NORMA JEAN SURLES BILLY TEGARDEN LINDA THOMPSON JANE TILLMAN DAVID VANDIVER CAROLYN WALLS JAYNE WATSON Seniors HENRY WHITE ELAINE JENNETIE WIGGINS ELAINE WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIAMS JOE WITHEROW JOYCE WONDER JIMMY WORSHAM fill.. ' -l cgi? BEYOND LlFE'S GATEWAY Josephine Byrom June 26, T941-August l6, T956 There's an open gate at the end of the road Through which each must go alone, And there in a light we cannot see Our Father claims His own, Beyond the gate your loved one Finds happiness and rest, And there is comfort in the thought That a Loving God knows best. ff ---f - - " i i -ff ,N H-if F V .Sgr- .:.,n ,... ' +-1 en, WI N-....,. I :1 r S President President Secretary Treasurer NAOMI STEPHENS PAT ALEXANDER ELIZABETH APPLETON JUNE APPLETON ANDY AUSTIN 5.33, I . rs Ab UQ UJALL0 ,. - WMV TOMMY BALL BILLY V. BARBER DANNY BARBER JANICE BASS BARBARA BAXTER BILLY BERTRAND LINDA BEVELS JIMMIE BIRDSONG RICHARD BOWEN LINDA BRINDLEY DIXIE BURNS BARBARA BUTLER BILLY CHAPMAN 29 HUGH CHAPMAN RICHARD CHEATHAM ROBERT CHEATHAM RUSSELL CHURCH 5 E PAUL CLIFT RAY COBLE JEWEL COLE PATSY COOPER Juniors RENEE COX LINDA DEFOE ANN DOWNEY BRENDA ENGLETT LINDA FAULKNER RODGER FOX RAYMOND FRANCIS VIRGINIA FRY KATHERINE GRIGGS 30 ETTA RAYE GROSS MIKE HAGAN ROGER HAGOOD RONNY HARDY AXVu 71 Y BUTCH HUNTER Pidure Nof Available GEORGE HURST BILLIE JO HARGROVE CAROLYN HEWGLEY TERRY HICKMAN HELEN HOLLEY JERRY HOLLY DAVID HOOIE DOTTIE HOPKINS TERRY HUGHES DONALD HUTTON JERRY JOHNSON DIANE LANIER 3l FAY LONG EDWARD MARKS VIRGINIA MARTIN MAUVELINE MARTIN Juniors ALAN McKAY BARBARA MCLEAN PEGGY MELBY CLYDE MILLER BARBARA MINATRA TONY MITCHELL THOMAS MIZE LARRY MONTGOMERY MARVIN MOORE FAGAN MORRIS CAROL NOAH JOHHNY OLD MARIE OLIVER 32 4 ff f W W '15 1 we L GLEN SIGMON SHIRLEY SIMMONS JUDY SMITH X f Juniors v . kfffvgyh x P LINDA SMITH ALLEN PARKER DON PARR GARY PARSONS JOHNNY PHELPS RICHARD PHILLIPS PEGGY PRENTICE DAN RHEA JOYE SAMEL BARBARA SANDERS PAULETTE SHELTON VERONICA SHORES RUTH ANN SHUM FAGAN SNEED ROYCE SPRINGER NAOMI STEPHENS FAYE STORY WOODY STRAWN NV, 'qw JIMMY TARPLEY LEMA TARPLEY CHARLES VANZANT BILL WALL JERRY WHEELR MARY FRANCES WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMS RONALD WILSON NANCY WINFORD LINDA WORSHAM CHARLOTTE WRIGHT JIMMY YOUNG 34 Juniors ,gk 'H 1 . ,.., X Af W., ",,i JY, ' , , ,,.V.W rm I wa-fwvggf' " "HW 'wR'v', ' 1, .,ZY"?'f1'5'.f,,wgf:?"f'+x:f', wwf? f , mm vlzgg' ff' H , -ggaiilkmvfff.-:,.",' f - M' ,ujl ,' .Q ff , ,, I Likywyfjrf . ,,. W an E. If V f fi 2 - 2 X Q: --h Q x .L S , X A 5 x X555 S NRSX . gi R X wif X al i gm Nw . .Q S, - X X an 'N Sandra Campbell Bill Cates Joseph Childers George Coble Bobbie Cole Jerry Cooper Kenneth Crook Jimmy Davis Linda Davis Wanda Davis Bobby Dodson Bonnie Doggett Donna Dorsey Billy Fleming Wayne Foster Charles Fowler Larry Garner Bobby Goats Larry Gray Walden Green Martha Hamlett Wanda Hampton Jimmy Harmond Bobby Harwell Carolyn Ables Janet Alsup Charles Alvis Ronnie Attkisson Jerry Aymett Linda Aymett Charles Ball Gayle Barber Faye Barlar Kay Barlar Johnny Bass Ray Birdsong Jim Blackburn Larry Brashears Thomas Britton Mary Ann Brymer Margaret Butcher Joyce Barlar Campbell Ed B. Hayes Ronnie Holland Betty Holt Jerry Holt Gilbert Howell Ann Hughes Harvey Hurst Sandra Ingram Brenda Jernigan Judy Johlnson Barbara Jones Emily Jones Ronnie Jones Kenny Lawhorn Linda Lewter Mickey Malone Terry Malone Don Mansfield 'S' ina af" Jerry McLean Willard McElhiney Dwight McNeese Sandra Miles Tommy Moore Connie Murrell Mary Ann Newton Jerry Nix Shelby Parr Duane Peden Alice Pollock John Prince David Puckett Patsy Rich Annette Richardson Robert Rose Patsy Rudd Charles Sanderson Allen Scoggin Caroll Shelton Carole Smith Claire Smith Sue Elizabeth Smith Billy Smithson 37 Tommy Watson Edsel Wells Billy White Gary CButchl White Keith Wilson Danny Witherow Kay Worsham Billy Yancey Linda Yant All set! Look! oplwmores Mary Smithson Sue Sneed Mary Toby Speer Mary Ann Stafford Tommy Stagner Johnnie Steinfath Johnny Stevenson Martha Stuber Edgar Sumners June Tatum Sue Thomas Buddy Thompson Don Tinnon Houston Tosh Jane VanDermark Tommy Walls Wayne Wall Lyndon Ward 4 ab, ,l,, - sz iehwj- 49"- Flying to second! as -Q f 9 3 an. ,g...,,,f . 11- lv 9 , S 5' s 151-"""' -L-if Sherry Agee James Allison Carolyn Appleton Sammy Banks Marie Baxter Betty Bee Carolyn Birchetf Billy Blade Danny Bowen Linda Brady Gary Brock Faye Brown Merry George Bob Tommy Bobby Eugene Don Merle Burrow Butler Campbell Chaffin Childress Christopher Bunn Freshmen Elaine Christopher Anna Clark Sandra Clifton Alan Cohen Jerry Cook Carol Cope Cathy Cope Lydia Cox Cheryl Crabtree Sandra Crabtree David Dale Bill Davis Don Katherine Larry Nancy Eddie Sue Carol Davis Daws Derryberry Dodson Doggett Dunnavant Fogg 40 Thomas Fortenberry Jim Freeman Danny Garner Janice Garrett Larry Gibbons Freddie Glossup qi.-l Peggy Griggs Linda Gulley Pat Hagan 'Af Terry Hagan Joe Haney Q., Sandra Hargrove 'Q-v If' Joyce Bobby Woodrow Ronnie Nita Linda Barbara Harwell Hasfing Hasting Hayes Hazlewood Helmick Hollingsworth ..., 1 Bill Holt Jerry Horn Pat Hughes Larry Hutton Donald Ingram Larry Jones vw, Otis Kimbrough Jeanette Kolle Jane Lancaster Lonnie Landrum Linda Lanier Linda Locke 554 Judy Sue Dwight Jackie Marsha Martha Shirley Luna Mansfield McConnell McEIhiney McKay McKinney McNeese 4I Patricia Shirley Alma Jean Denny 5l1lfleY Steve Rogers Shelby Shelton Shelton 50Ufl1e"land Speer Freshmen Paula Clyde Dwayne Glen Doug Bobby White Williams Wise Wiser Worsham Wynne 42 Shirley Miller Roy Money Beth Moore Jane Needham Jane Nickell Glen Payne Larry Phillips Nora Phillips Bobby Prestridge Linda Price Ricky Raines Roger Reecly Wayne Stafford Carolyn Stogner Dennis Story Don Strickland Tommy Tegarden Linda Townsend James Wallace Gary Walls Joan Watkins Patricia Watson Mary Lou West Ernest White 1 A Q ' QB ig g , Q 3 6 ii fr 1 if fi g .X 7 zz .f . 1 5 , .,l gf. V, . Q 2 z f :' is Y 5-' . 4 m Q , K Q 'Q 3 5 2 E ,, E . .. ,kA , A 2 Z 2 ,',, A U , , 2 5 , 4 f f . 1 Z ? wg M , V , wk V V 2 .. 3 , ,Li H, 77 , QM' ,W 1443 3 , SS S wwf , S K . S nw Q 1 N X Q, an NO a. - xwyx vm 'N Y ' In f M W M M Don Adams Don Alexander Evelyn Appleton Steve Aymett Charles Bee Dennis Bowen Don Bowen Michael Brandle Mary Alice Brazier L. A. Brown Martha K. Brymer Bobby Burchell Mary Ann Burks Nettie Butcher Henry Butler Keith Carver Johnny Chiles Phyllis Christopher Jim Collins Patsy Cornett Brenda Crosslin David Curtis Betty Davis Eugene DePriest Mary Jo Dugger Frances Duncan Joyce Ann Dunnivant Loyd Eddie Don Edmundson Larry Elder Paula Estes Bill Evans Gable Ferguson Jennie Sue Fly Sherry Foster Foster Fralix 44 LK T1 Sylvia Garner Edward Gordon 12" rf 'ta' W s..4 David Peden Billy Pollock Charles Glover Sandra Gooch Linda Hagan Shirley Hampton Earl Hardiman Byron Harmon Linda Harmond Karla Harris Gail Harwell Jerry Harwell Pam Hight Jim Hiie Shirley Hobbs Don Holly Laurence Howell Ann Hunter Tandy Jackson Dixie Johnson Albert Jones Randy Jones Sammy Loyd Myra Luker Teresa McNeese Janice McPeters Beverly Malone Dennis Malone Kay Malone Charlotte Mansfield Mary Jane Meyer Bruce Mitchell Jimmy Mooney Ted Mullins Carolyn Musgrove Judith Parker Gary Parsons Bobby Payne I Q r Tommy Pollock William Boyd Ralston Mary Alice Rich Barbara Richardson Barbara Russell Ronald Sandridge Carolyn Sue Scoggin Don Seagrove Martha Shelton Nancy Shelton Joan Smith Bill Smith Julian Sneed Paul Sprouse Loyd Stafford Alice Ann Stevenson Vivian Stevenson Sue Stockard Carol Ann Stone Dennis Strickland Cheryl Sudberry Earnest Taylor Jimmy Thompson Barbara White Barbara Ann White Bobby White Linda White Jimmy Whitmire Carol Williams Harold Williams Nancy Williams Carole Wilson Seventh 90 1 Grade F afvorztes JERRY TAYLOR CELIA MALONE Seventh Jean Ball Carol Ann Barber Paul Barber Patsy Barlar Freddy Beard Betty Bennett David Birchett Robert Birdsong Lorene Bishop Beth Blackburn Eddie Blackman Jean Blade Paul Brewer Terry Burgess Margaret Byrnes Phyllis Carpenter Fenner Carver Jerry Chapman Linda Chapman Geneva Cheatham Linda Cole Danny Collins Frankie Cooper Don Crane Buddy Crosslin Anne Crowder Judy Crumley Kent Curry Linda Curtis Ray Doggett James Eddie Wade Eddie Patricia Elder Steve Eubank Ken Felker Frances Fielder Louie Fite Russell Fox Judy Francis Bobby Fry Wanda Garner 8 Dorothy Gordon Cindy Abernathy Danny Alvis Peggie Appleton Betty Aymett Carolyn Ball .gi .Q psi' ', pa ., V yarn Aj, 'x ,, ,N Q P Seventh 1 , 'Q-wr 'B K John Hagan Linda Haney 5 'E s Q' pa, it ts f' ' '.Q Q fl l -,yt y fx 'A , T is N ,tllttttss ttyl 4- U 0 , ,, it T ts, -Q A ,-, X-0 'Nwr 4 . L. 'KS' 'N I if I 8 sub, t 1 5 ' K ' s ,QVA T j J 'T ls as ,-----1. il 2 .Tm f T tt A in X . a T sa T . 55, 'Qu .fx ., J ' 7.--. M - V , B. M U K :H 3 N x is , ' x r E 1 Wayne Grisham Evolyne Hall Norris Hamlett Faye Harwell Charles Hayes Ronnie Hazelwood Bernice Hern Patsy Hedgecoth Joe Henry Linda Sue Holder Jerry Holt Rusty Horne Terry Hughes Robert Ingram Donna Jernigan Terry Jernigan Terry Sue Jones Theresa Jones Margaret Kimbrough Judy King Glen Lamar Bob Lovett Celia Malone Amy Maultsby Alice McCown Ronnie McFarland Steven Medly Danny Miller David Miller Ralph Millican Mary Beth Minatra Mickey Mitchell Stephen Moates Jimmy Money' Sims Montgomery Linda Muskgrove Harold Wayne Newton Claudia Oakes Harry Old Tommy Old Betty Sue Owen Jimmy Palmer Tony Parsons Farrell Patterson Lester Phillips 49 Seventh Grade Mary Lee Phillips Floyd Pratt Carolyn Rainey Jimmy Rayburn Latricia Redd Rascoe Rhea Johnnie Rogers Steve Rogers Linda Rose Morton Rudd Susan Sellers Linda Shackelford Denair Shelton Steve Shum Bernard Sirten Jerry Sirten Fred Sisk Ann Smith Clair Smith Wayne Smith Brenda Solomon Jackie Story Gary Sumners Ronnie Tarpley Tommy Tate Jerry Taylor Billy Thompson Terry Thompson Marion Thorne Kaye Thurman Dwight Tucker Margaret VanDermark Thomas Wallace Robert Walls Darius Watson Sandra Watson Betty Wheeler Terry Wheeler Ronald Wilsford Mike Wilson Sheryl Wilson Randy Wise Ronnie Wiser Nela Word Eclde Worsham Marilyn Wynne Sam Yarbrough Harold Young 50 Hail, Alma Mater lu-N U gav- .1-, On Pulaski's western border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the yearslgo by. "Forward ever" be our watchwordg Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Giles County High, all hail! 1 H , CV Q. s f"f-'qgfqst xi X Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng 'Round our hearts, our Alma Mater, As we sing this song. "Forward ever" be our watchword, Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Giles County High, all hail! OR GANIZA TI ONS Q NN 95 as f W Q - 9 xf if 0' gil R -is XX Yxemvfyqvo A HX X f rf x W, 0 fl Y 5 , v I Q! 'qi E -f- X X -v X x X F 00 X X OWS X WOBQPK5 Bed QNX rv .AHLGLW4 Ffggv f MJ L jimb lg ii 5 1 1. Z u -. r , .- . bln , I 1 5 .- w QUE E A am X V ,H Q13 S? Ui 1-A 4' ,,f , X 1 1 .'Z'Z' 5 Q f I ak N -. '17 Z xfxx : A 1 ' A , kfmg f A if Q V f Axx 1' NG . :Sl ' 60 W X ,Q Auf fi: Q ' 2 6 . Kg L.. 17 N flfw L- x 5 Xxx X A Xi 1 XR K W 6 ,X if V11 Q-fix -- .. 4 i guna Q f ,- 4 - X4 'Egg-fix 756411K Qiifjiixk GHT READ' . .FI 19 M1-'S'B0 . 'X N' I ? H 5? 7 T ' -- In 5 Crest Staff June Hargrove, Assistant Editor Larry Montgomery, Junior Editor Mrs. Roy Brownlow, Sponsor Judy Butler, Editor Charlotte Wright, Junior Editor Tommy Taylor, Sports Editor Mac McKay, Photographer Charles Fowler, Photographer of Faye Bass, Business Manager Mauveline Martin, Junior Business Manager Jeanie Moore, Copy Editor Peggy Melby, Junior Copy Editor Richard Bowen, Arr Editor CNof Pictured! QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS Joyce Wonder Faye Bass Delene Lewter Carolyn Hewgly Alice Mason Charlotte Wright Bubcat Herald Editor-in-Chief, Joyce Wonder Assistant Editor, Delene Lewter Feature Editor, Alice Mason Sports Editors, Donna Barnes, Nancy Winford REPORTERS Carolyn Hewgley, Elizabeth Smith, Johnny Stevenson, Linda White, Joseph Childers, Judy Johnson, George Coble, Elaine Christopher, Carol Smith, Terry Hagan, Kenneth Crook. ART STAFF Richard Bowen, April Puckett, Linda Lewter, Alice Ann Stevenson. PRODUCTION STAFF EXCELLENT rating for Bobcat Herald, Sponsor, Miss Margaret Butler. Linda Garner, Carolyn Walls, Evelyn Hendrickson, Henry White, Royce Springer, Faye Bass, Elaine Williams. 55 all fl ,-.J It xl l Ni FRONT ROW: Jeanie Moore, Elaine Williams, Glen Hamlett, Senior Representatives, Johnny Tate, President, Delene Lewter, Girls' Vice President, Ray Mansfield, Boys' Vice President, Nancy Wintord, Secretary, Donna Barnes, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Herby Taylor, Senior Representative, Edwin Moore, Senior President, Billy Bertrand, Junior President, Jerry Holt, Sophomore President, Glen Wiser, Freshman President, William Ralston, Eighth Grade Pres- Johnny Tate President ident. THIRD ROW: Jackie McElhiney, Freshman Representative, Judy Johnson, Sophomore Representative, Ruth Shum, Barbara McLean, Richard Phillips, Junior Representatives, Bobby Dodson, Jim Blackburn, Sophomore Representatives, Elaine Christopher, Freshman Representa- tive, Billy Barber, Junior Representative, Bob Butler, Freshman Representative, Karla Harris, Eighth Grade Representative, Edward Gordon, Eighth Grade Representative. Mrs. Helen Zuccarello, Mrs. Joe M. Rackley, Mr. Raymond Phillips, Sponsors. tudent Council Q x t Q 2 I Program Committee lntramural Sports Committee tudent Council . i 5' V ix ,lj ,T V: :Cixi 2 W . g n,,Vl:.:, .Q V ::: fl: as clit X Song Sheet Committee Fire Drill Committee Student government is a means by which the iaculty, ad- ministration and students establish a closer relationship in an ef- fort to attain the highest good of the entire high school group. lt desires to provide for every student the opportunity for mental, social, and spiritual education. This year the T959-60 Council provided many hours of enter- tainment and relaxation through the intramural sports. Through their sponsorship the students again gave Christmas gifts to the Welfare Department to be distributed among the needy. Stu- dents of the Week were selected by the executive officers of the Council. Three full length movies were presented, one from the English department, one from the science, and one from the history department. Several short movies of educational value were also presented throughout the school year. f" is i tl f its , x ,. s Election for l96O-ol officers. New officers and campaign managers. Election Committee Beta lub Beta telephone booth Beta Beauty Parlor. Next??? FIRST ROW, from left to right: Alice Mason, Treasurer, Pat Bledsoe, Secretary, Delene Lewter, Vice President, Donna Barnes, President, Mrs. Walter Anderson, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Judy Johnson, Carol Smith, Sue Smith, Joyce Wonder, Annette Richardson, Ronnie Holland, Martha Roller. THIRD ROW: Ruth Ann Shum, Carolyn Hewgley, Nancy Winford, Charlotte Wright. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Mize, Ed B. Hayes, Charles Fowler, George Coble, Pat Alexander, Billy V. Barber, Charles Vanzant, Billy Bertrand, Johnny Davis, Johnny Prince, Johnny Tate. Pictured at upper right: Linda Rutherford and Carolyn Walls. 58 Future Business Leaders f America 'a DICTATION Janice Bass, Renee Cox, Linda Faulkner, Fay Long, Delene Lewter, Peggy Prentice, Fay Fogg. Faye Bass, not pictured. Maior obiectives of the F.B.L.A. are to give the student an opportunity to further his knowledge and promote interest in the many fields of business. The F.B.L.A. seeks to develop leadership for tomor- row's business. ff., :Q v MACHINES Carol Noah, Diane Lanier, Marie Oliver, Dixie Burns, Rose Marie Hurst, Jane Tillman. Barbara Baxter, not pictured. TYPEWRITING Dottie Hopkins, Brends Englett, Joyce Williams, Virginia Martin, Miss Bass, Jewel Long, Carolyn Campbell, Joy Samel, Marie Cottrell. OFFICERS Carolyn Walls, Secretary-Treasurer, Program Committee, Joyce Wonder, Becky Harwell, Program Committee, President, Linda Garner, Reporter, Program Chairman, Miss Freda Bass, Sue Chapman, Vice President, Donna Barnes, Patsy Hamlett, Sponsor. FILING Jayne Watson, Elaine Williams, Mary Louise Fitzerald, Martha Sue Lanier, Norma Jean Surles. EO Future Teachers 0 America FRONT ROW: Jane Needham, George Coble, Nancy Dodson, Carolyn Birchett, SECOND ROW: Lydia Cox, Martha Hamlett, Janet Alsup, Patsy Rudd, Ronnie Holland, Carol Smith, Ruth Ann Shum. President: Nancy Winford Vice President: Etta Raye Gross Secretary: Donna Barnes Treasurer: Sue Smith, not pictured Sponsor: Mrs. Floyd Smith Left to right: Sherry Agee, Sammy Banks, Merry Merle Bunn, Carolyn Campbell, Tommy Campbell, Sue Chapman, Alan Cohen, Lydia Cox, Sandra Crabtree, Sue Dunnavant, Larry Elder, Charles Fowler, Linda Garner, Karla Harris, Becky Harwell, Evelyn Hendrickson. President-Joyce Williams, Vice President-Donna Barnes, Sec- retary-Treasurer-Faye Bass, Miss Margaret Butler-Sponsor. Left to right: Jerry Holley, George Hurst, Delene Lewter, Linda Lewter, Alice Mason, Mary Jane Meyer, Jeanie Moore, Jane Needham, April Puckett, Martha Roller, Sue Sneed, Alice Stevenson, Vivian Stevenson, Nancy Williams. Seventh Grade Assistants gg ,, , Future Homemakers SEATED: Martha McKinney, Linda Yant, Connie Murrell, Mary Stafford, Sandra Campbell, Shirley Shelby, Bonnie Doggett, Wanda Davis Carolyn Ables, April Puckett, Brenda Jernigan, Linda Price, Paulett Shelton, Linda Defoe, Barbara Butler, Emily Jones, Nita Hazelwood, Janice Garrett, Linda Worsham, Marie Oliver, Marie Baxter, Alice Pollock, Shelby Jean Parr, Delene Lewter, Advisor Mrs. Smith Howard. STANDING: Sandra Clifton, Donna K. Dorsey, Johnnie Steinfath, Gale Barber, Joann Watkins, Linda Gulley, Katherine Davis, Sue Mansfield Martha Felker, Sarah Coggin, Annie Margarett Clark. 1 1 STATE DEGREE GIRLS Linda Smith Ann Downey From left to right: Linda Defoe, Helen Holley, Linda Worsham, Mother-Daughter Banquet Aprile PUCli9ff- TOP ROW1 Bafbafa BSXTSYI Emily Jones, President Linda Lewter pins corsage on her Mother. Paulette Shelton, Becky Harwell, Ann Downey, Linda Brindley, Linda Smith, Sarah Coggins. 62 Of Amfffiiw DEGREES FIRST ROW, left to right: State Degrees: Ann Downey, Linda Smith. SECOND ROW: Chapter Degrees: Helen Holley, Linda Brindley, Sandra Miles, Martha Hamlett, Ronnie Holland, Linda Lewter, Barbara Jones, Sue Sneed, Sandra Ingram, Martha Jane VanDermark, Linda Aymett, Advisor-Mrs. Smith Howard. THIRD ROW: Junior Degrees: Jackie McElhiney, Alma Shelton, Carolyn Stogner, Elaine Chris- topher, Mary M. Bunn, Linda Lanier, Pat Rogers, Fay Brown, Beth Moore, Barbara Hollingsworth, Judy Luna, Linda Helmick, Linda Town- send, Not Pictured-Rose Marie Hurst. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Griggs, Jane Lancaster, Betty Bee, Sandra Crabtree, Jeanette Kolle, Carol Ann Fogg. FIFTH ROW: Carol Cope, Sue Dunnavant, Cathy Cope, Linda Brady, Cheryl Crabtree, Pat Watson, Joyce Harwell, Shirley Southerland, Jane Nickle. From left to right: Mrs, Smith Howard, Advisory June Tatum, Vice President: Linda Lewter, President, Linda Rutherford, Sec- retary, Sue.Sneed, Historian, Becky Harwell, Reporter, Clyda Harwell, Treasurer: Martha Hamlett, Parliamentariany Not pic- tured, Merry M. Bunn, Pianist. Welek Contestants From left to right: Sue Sneed, Paulette Shelton, Margaret Shelton, Martha Stuber, Shirley Shelby, Ann Kimbrough, Clyda Harwell, Linda Rutherford. 63 1laf1l.TD n,1'rnPTQ' nf f4Tfl,PTifTfI, FIRST ROW: Lyndon Ward, Bob Butler, Mr. Willis Byrant, Sponsor, Edwin Moore, Marvin Moore, Bobby Dodson, Jimmy Worsham, Edsel Wells, Don Tinnon. SECOND ROW: Ernest White, Buddy Thompson, Larry Brashears, Roger Reedy, Gary Brock, Larry Derry- berry, Jerry Johnson, Johnny Bass, John Prince, Charles Vanzanclt, Mickey Malone. THIRD ROW: Billy White, Terry Malone, Hugh Chap- man, Wayne Stafford, Don Christopher, Keith Wilson, Larry Bee, Willard McElhiney, Billy Blade, Larry Gibbons. EDWIN MOORE-BEST AGRICULTURAL STUDENT .-v""" Where will this gate hang? In-door farmers President-Marvin Moore Vice President-Terry Malone Secretary-Larry Garner Treasurer-Roger Reedy Reporter-Mickey Malone Sentinel-Bob Butler , 64 A Y I1 H A- x I! aff . sf: ,Q 31? "H wig 5 M f il Dramatic Club FIRST ROW: Eugene Depriest, Tommy Pollock, Johnny Chiles. SECOOND ROW: Sherry Foster, Robert Cheatham, Royce Springer, Peggy Melby, Etta Raye Gross, Ruth Shum, Nancy Winford, Elaine Christopher. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Birchett, Sandra Crabtree, Merry Merle Bunn, Nancy Williams, Virginia Martin, Jim Blackburn, Barbara McLean, Mary Smithson, Johnny Stevenson, Lydia Cox, Sherry Agee, Terry Hagan. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Williams, Janet Alsup, Carol Smith, Sue Smith, Jane Lancaster, Miss Jamie Edmondson CSponsorJ. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Dixie Burns, April Puckett, Alcie Mason, Myra Lucker, Judy Parker, Linda Hagan, Sandra Campbell, Carol Ann Stone, Shirley Hampton, Brenda Cross- lin, Patsy Cornett, Jeanie Moore, Donna Barnes, Martha Van Dermark. DRAMATIC AND THESPIAN AWARDS Junior High Reading and Declamatory Contest I Claudia Oakes Jimmy Rayburn sss, L ,,s,, ,, First Place Winners Senior High Reading and Declamatory Contests Peggy Melloy Johnny Prince cs,,s,,,s,, ,,,,,,,s,,s,, F irst Place Winners Winners in District Four of Tennessee High School Speech and Drama League Ruth Ann Sl-tum ss,s I ,S ,J as First in Humorous Reading "God and the Empress" , Third Place in Acted Drama Contest Etta Raye Gross L s,,,ss,, Second in Original Oratory for Girls Best Thespian of the Year L, ,, ,,.,s, , ccccccccc ,V,, L H Peggy Nlelby Best Actress of the Year s,ss,,, Nancy Winford Best Actor of the Year sscc cssc, J ohnny Stevenson Best Play of the Year W fffffs "Dark WIFICIH C531 Yfgf , Ruth Ann Shurn Royce Springer Etta Raye Gross Charles Alvis RUTH ANN SHUM First in Humorous Reading 66 Thespicm lub FIRST ROW: Carol Smith, Alice Mason fMurfreesboro Playl, Peggy Melby CMurfreesboro Play and President of the Thespian Troupe, Best Thespian of the Yearl, Royce Springer 1Murfreesboro Play and Vice President of the Thespian Troupej, Donna Barnes fSecretary of the Thes- pian Troupel Etta Raye Gross CMurfreesboro, Original Oratory for Girls, and Treasurer of the Thespian Troupei, Ruth Ann Shum CHumor- ous Reading, Murfreesboro and Clerk of the Thespian Troupej, Robert Cheatham, Jim Blackburn. SECOND ROW: April Puckett KMurfrees- boro Playh, Joyce Williams, Carolyn Birchett, Merry Merle Bunn, Sandra Crabtree, Nancy Winford iMurfreesboro Playl, Elaine Christopher CMurfreesboro Playl, Sherry Agee CMurfreesboro Playl. THIRD ROW: Dixie Burns, Shirley Miller, Lydia Cox, Sue Smith CSound Effects, Murfreesboro Playl, Janet Alsup, Terry Hagan, Mary Smithson, Johnny Stevenson, Miss Jamie Edmondson CSponsorJ, Sandra Campbell CProperty Manager, Murfreesboro Playl, Virginia Martin, Jane Lancaster, Jeanie Moore fOral Poetry, Murfreesborob, Martha Van Dermark, Barbara McLean lStage Manager, Murfreesboro Playl. "God and the Empress" Third Place in the Acted Drama Contest, Murfreesboro. 67 Latin lub , OFFICERS-President, Ed Hayes, Vice President, Marsha MacKay, Secretary, Betty Holt: Treasurer, Allen Scoggin, Parliamentarian, Lydia Cox, Sponsor, Mrs. Wiley Abernathy. Kenneth Crook-President of the Junior Classical League of Tennessee. presents SLAVE SALE MONDAY, APRIL 18, 1960 Devotion: Judy Johnson Lord's Prayer in Latin: Led by Johnny Stevenson SALE: Auctioneer Charlie Fowler Introduction of Masters and Slaves: Charlie Fowler C LATIN FACTSJ 1. The month January is named after the god Janus. 7. Tempus fugit means time flies. 2. Rome was founded 2713 years ago this Thursday. 8. "Alma Mater" means kindly mother. 3. The initials S.P.Q.R, lsenatus populusque Romanusb were the 9. Discord means hearts apart, concord means hearts together. symbol of Roman power and influence. 10. E Pluribus Unum means one out of many. lt has 13 letters each 4. Caesar revised the calendar to its present day form. representing the first 13 colonies of the United States. 5. A. D. means Anno Domini, the year of our Lord. 11. The fasces, a bundle of rods enclosing an ax, and carried by 6. The ancient name of Switzerland, Helvetii, is preserved today in the king's lictors which symbolizes supreme authority is found their stamps. today on the United States dime. Latin Club Banquet 68 bg SENIOR CLASS Faye Bass Pat Bledsoe Sue Chapman Johnny Davis Delene Lewter Alice Mason Jeanie Moore Marlin Reynolds Linda Rutherford Johnny Tate Joyce Wonder Johnny Prince JUNIOR CLASS Billy Barber Billy Chapman Jewel Cole Ann Downey Thomas Mize Mauveline Martin Peggy Melby Allen Parker Richard Phillips Ruth Ann Shum Linda Smith Charles Vanzant Nancy Winford Charlotte Wright Pat Alexander Linda Bevels Renee Cox Virginia Fry Mike Hagan Carolyn Hewgley FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL Fay Long Danny Barber Billy Bertrand Richard Cheatham Robert Cheatham Ray Coble SOPHOMORE CLASS Ed Butler Hayes Linda Lewter Annette Richardson Carole Smith . Gayle Barber Janet Alsup George Coble Sue Smith Tommy Walls Kay Worsham Kenneth Crook Charles Fowler Ronnie Holland Judy Johnson FRESHMAN CLASS Sherry Agee Tommy Campbell Linda Locke Judy Luna Pat Hagan Jane Needham Patricia Watson Glen Wiser Dwayne Wise Lydia Lee Cox Roy Money Jane A. Nickell Dennis Story Linda Brady Elaine Christopher Patricia Ann Rogers Bobby Wynne Sammy Banks Bob Butler Alan Cohen Terry Hagan Larry Jones EIGHTH GRADE Vivian Stevenson Linda White Randy Jones Gary Parsons Shirley Hampton Joan Smith Johnny Chiles Don Alexander Karla Harris Linda Hagan Byron Harmon Edward Gordon Alice Stevenson William Ralston Nancy Williams Sherry Foster Janice Foster McPeter Mary Jane Meyer Judith Parker Bill Smith Carol Wilson SEVENTH GRADE Claudia Oakes Susan Sellers Ann K. Smith Margaret VanDermark Sims Montgomery Rusty Horne Danny Miller Wayne Smith Betty Wheeler Linda Chapman Marilyn Wynne Carolyn Rainey Jimmy Rayburn Cindy Abernathy Denair Shelton Alice McCown Celia Malone Scholarslup Club A ' I Q- ",:,, 1 ,:, T S i 2 'R' l 1 J . A'2': C F i ., j u. ' V i i 1 ,.: i ' s,ra FIRST ROW: Dwayne Wise, Pat Hagan, Linda Brady, Jane Nickell, Tommy Campbell, Bobby Wynne, Roy Money, Linda Locke. SECOND ROW: Charles Fowler, Ed Butler Hayes, Sue Elizabeth Smith, Kenneth Crook, Judy Johnson, Carole Smith, George Coble. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Hewgley, Billy Barber, Danny Barber, Billy Bertrand, Ruth Ann Shum, Charlotte Wright, Thomas Mize, Mike Hagan. FOURTH ROW: Alice Mason, Linda Rutherford, Delene Lewter, Johnny Davis, Henry White, Joyce Wonder, Faye Bass. FIRST ROW: Johnny Davis, Johnny Tate, Bobby Miller, Bill Wall, Buddy Thompson, Wayne Wall, Johnny Phelps, Richard Phillips, Terry Hick- man, Bobby Hughes. SECOND ROW: Fay Fogg, Jewel Cole, June Tatum, April Puckett, Peggy Griggs, Martha McKinney, Judy Johnson, Annette Richardson, Nancy Winford, Joye Samel, Mauveline Martin, Sue Mans- field, Royce Springer. THIRD ROW: Donna Barnes, Patsy Hamlett, Judy Luna, Barbara McLean, Jimmy Tarpley, Tommy Taylor, Terry Hughes, Raymond Francis, Tony Mitchell, Billy Bertrand, Johnny Davis. FOURTH ROW: Larry Cole, Robert Rose, Jimmy Worsham, Glen Ham- lett, Jerry Jenkins, Herby Taylor, Ronny Lancaster, Jerry Wheeler, Fagan Morris, Robert Shelton, Ronnie Miles, Not Pictured, Bobby Chaffin. BAND DIRECTOR Mr. Roy Frazier 72 Giles Count High ,f., F l Nl ,il Q link -., ,gr W 'I-W' ff C5 H 504 ,X A if FIRST ROW: Sandra Miles, Mildred Baldwin, Rose Marie Hurst, Paula Fay White. SECOND ROW: Sammy Loyd, Tommy Tate, Terry Sue Jones, Nita Hazelwood, Don Davis, Billy Fleming, Jimmy Harmond, Julian Sneed, Amy Maulsby, Lawrence Howell, Marie Baxter. OFFICERS-President, Johnny Prince, Vice President, Henry White, Secretary, Glen Sigmon, Reporter, Charles Fowler, Li- brarian and Student Director, Walter Lukerp Quartermaster, Charles Ball. 1 'NE Imam School Band 0- wa Y HV" JUJWO THIRD ROW: Carolyn Ball, Glenn Payne, Doug Worsham, Barbara Hollingsworth, Charles Ball, Harvey Hurst, Danny Garner, Merry Merle Bunn, Lonnie Landrum, Kay Malone, Betty Bee, Charles Fowler. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Cook, Eugene Depriest, Randy Jones, Steve Rogers, George Hurst, Pat Alexander, Billy Joe Prestridge, Bobby Presfridge, Henry White, Glen Sigmon, Ronnie Attkinson, Alan Cohen, Jimmy Young, FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Freeman, Wayne Foster, Bill Cates, Billy Ball, Kenneth Crook, Johnny Prince, lsom Holley, Kenny Lawhorn, Walter Luker, Larry Gray. Johnny Prince and Billy Ball, All-State Band SPOR TS -Z Y i l wig ig PM Q 'if A K If 'J u,xQ1x- 1 kt ,W XR CQ X E K X 5 -Q 1 l - ij Q 1 7 ' X if DIS' F910 C I 5 R If' I' , , .. r 'I k 4 r . X .JP X2 f Kb X I' x s ' 'wav ' 4, W' fa :gum 3 if t' ' rg, K N f :NYU A Milli s P04 T5 x 1 X -5 I 11 WN GCHS GCHS GCHS GCHS GCHS GCHS GCHS GCHS COACH RAYMOND PHll COACH BOBBY HAMLET .CO, O,.,A,, O GCHS ,,,O,, ,M,C,,, 6 Football Shelbyville Waynesboro A Loretto Lewisburg W Hohenvvald Winchester Mt. Pleasant , Fayetteville Lawrenceburg FIRST ROW: Ronnie Lancaster, Glen Hamlet, Robert Shelton, Herby Taylor, Bobby Hughes, Ronnie Miles Larry Cole, Woody Strawn. SECOND ROW: Andy Austin, Danny Barber, Don Williams, Terry Hickman Tony Mitchell, Dan Rhea, Jimmy Tarpley, Raymond Francis, Billy Barber, Billy Bertrand, Bobby Dodson 1959 CAPTAINS Captain Glen Hamlet Y, .,,,, , ,, Guard Co-Capiain Larry Cole W ,,,. End THIRD ROW: Jimmy Davis, Robert Rose, Richard Phillips, Jerry Wheeler, Billy Wall, Fagan Morris Allen Scoggins, Johnny Phelps, Tommy Wall, Dwight McNeese, Terry Hughes. wr gif iz, ,Aw JR ., M iw , ml My 'S '14 X 3 . f fur 6' ' ff m, f 5 2 5 fb g N X A3 ' 'wif' , ',:LfVWL I 'Q 4? i . ,Qian .x 43,5943 H " ' . 'f ef VW! ,Q fi' 1. ' 5 ik 4 ir-f Q' . 1 uw ' 'fi ' 4 tl B ,y Q Senior Football Players RONNY LANCASTER LARRY COLE RONNY MILES GLEN HAMLETT an HERBY TAYLOR ROBERT SHELTON BOBBY HUGHES 5, ks All Tennessee Valley Conference Players All-Regional Basketball Team All-Dzstrzct Basketball Players Herby Taylor Larry Cole Herby Taylor Ronny Miles Larry Cole 80 Robert Shelton Johnny Tate Glen Hamlet? Boys 9 Basketball FRONT ROW: Jimmy Worsham, Richard Phillips, Tommy Taylor, Herby Taylor, Johnny Tate. SECOND ROW: Coach, Mr. Bobby H mlett Bobby Hughes, Larry Cole, Jerry Jenkins, Bobby Miller, Johnny Davis. Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Elkton , Lewisburg Y,., ,a,..,,, - Lawrenceburg Campbellsville Cornersville ,a,,,,,,.,,.,,,, Lewisburg ....,.,.. Mt. Pleasant ,,,,, , aaa,a,.,, . Lawrenceburg Lynnvllle ,, Beech Hill ..,a Bodenham aaaa 2 a,.a,a U Loretto Waynesboro ,,a,,,,,,,,,,.sa Mt. Pleasant aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa Minor Hill aaaaaaa. .aa.aaaa . Fayetteville ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski High Scorers Jenkins 250 Hughes 136 Cole 242 T. Taylor 106 Tate 205 H. Taylor T69 District 36 Lewisburg . 56 Bodenham no ,, 6l Cornersville Christmas Tournament ,. 52 Collinwood W Summertown March of Dimes , ,,,aa H77 Blanche . Regional 662,53 Summertown 622,48 B.G.A. Top Rebounders Cole 252 Jenkins 234 Hughes 199 T. Taylor 96 Girls 9 Basketball FRONT ROW: Jackie McElhiney, Royce Springer, Manager, Aprile Puckett, Manager, Alma Shelton. SECOND ROW: Joye Samel, Peggy Griggs Sue Mansfield, Mauveline Martin, Judy Johnson, June Tatum, Ruth Shum. THIRD ROW: L. E. Mansfield, Principal, Margaret Butcher Patricia Watson, Jewel Cole, Faye Fogg, Annette Richardson, Marsha McKay, Betty Bee, Raymond Phillips, Coach. Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 4 82 Elkton lclc....s.... ,,,,,Y, Lewisburg .,..,,,s.. ....,.v Lawrenceburg Carnpbellsville Cornersville l,,.. ,. ,,,ss, , Lewlsburg ,......sY, ,,,,,,s Mt. Pleasant ,, Lawrenceburg Lynnville ,,,,,,,, Bodenham ,,,,, .,,,,.. Loretto .s,,, , .. Alumnae .,.,,..., .,,,,,, Waynesboro e,,, , ,,,,,, , Mt. Pleasant .,,,., Minor Hill ss,ss, Fayetteville .s... .,....c Twenty-Third District Tournament Minor Hill ,,,.,,, ,.,.,.., FAYE FOGG, Senior 4 4 . RAYMOND FRANCIS High Jump THOMAS MIZE 880 yard dash JOHNNY PHELPS 100 yard dash, lI.2 seconds BOBBY HUGHES 220 yard dash, 26.3 seconds FIELD DAY WINNERS Finished with 35 points. 440 relay-50.5 seconds. Bill Walls Charles Sanderson Bobby Hughes Johnny Phelps 50 yard dash-Johnny Phelps 5.9 seconds. 100 yard dash-Michael Brandle, third. 220 yard dash-elementary-Blade 29.6 seconds. Elementary broad lump-Keith Carver I6 feet 2 inches Seventh and Eighth grade Tug of War First Place-Girls Second Place-Boys 880 yard dash-Thomas Mize. Q . as IOO vard dash. secon JOYE SAMUEL d In R2 junior Football Pulaski ,.......,,,,,,,, 20 Lewisburg .. .,,, ,,,,,,, 0 Pulaski ,,Y,,Y,,Y,Y,...., 6 Franklin ,,,Y.,,,,,,,,. ,,,,, , , Pulaski ,,YY....Y,,,...,,, 6 Lawrenceburg ,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 Pulaski ,,.... ,.,,,,, 2 7 Robert E. Lee ,,,,,,,,,, Pulaski ,,.,.. ..,,,,, A O 8th District ,,,,.,. ,, ,.,, 6 Pulaski ...,, ,,,,,,, 4 0 Loretto ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W Michael Brandle was captain of The Junior Football team and was Junior Cheerleaders also KIDDIE BOWL Pulaski ,,Y,.. ......,,, 7 Lawrenceburg ,,,,,,,,,, 'I2 e leading scorer, and named Alice McCown, Celia Malone, Ann Hunter, Mary Jane Meyer, Kafhy Wynne. Junior Boys, and Girls, Basketball 'nan Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Michael Brandle was the team's leading scorer with 315 points. Michael was also named to the Mid State Elementary All-Tournament Team. Lewisburg , Minor Hill , Campbellsville Lawrenceburg Lynnville Fayetteville Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski ,,,,,,,.,..,,, Pulaski gr ,awk Campbellsville ,, Lewisburg ,,,,, ,..,. , ,, Lawrenceburg ,.s,,,, , Fayetteville ,,,, New Prospect W , Prospect , Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Pulaski Evelyn Appleton led the team in scoring with 85 points. Dixie Johnson and Sims Montgomery each tallied 75 points. Lewisburg , Minor Hill Campbellsville Lawrenceburg Lynnville ,, Fayetteville , Pulaski ,, ,,,,,,,,,, W Pulaski ,,.,,, ,.,,, Pulaski ,,,,... .H9 Pulaski ,...., .,,,,, l 9 Pulaski ,...,,, ,,... Pulaski ,,,, Campbellsville Lewisburg ,, Lawrenceburg Fayetteville .. New Prospect Prospect .,,,,, Pulaski, Pulaski, Pulaski. Pulaski, Pep lub PULASKI, ALL OUT TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT IN LEWISBURG KEEP STRICT! gfggm 'HER X'-Qi 5? pftllww-G we rxrrazim is curses? wg my new ,LL M55 HAS FWS-1' mqegwggg gp pig RULE 'H 3 Wk 4 QFNFNTE APE PENMJZED M 14 eff .ui 'MT SHWRS New ,. '1 1 ' iff Quzqfgt President Johnny Prince Vice President Linda Garner Secretary Pat Bledsoe Treasurer Judy Butler Sponsor Mrs. Roy Brownlow People, bbceitement, Pep an " Pep Club CHEERLEADERS Donna Barnes, Paisy Hamlefi, Judy Luna, Nancy Winford, Barbara Mclean August 29 A , . .4. O pening Day of School August 31 First Ball Game vs. Shelbyville September 7 u,u,,.,, ,u,,u,,.. F air Day September Y 7 uu,,u.,uu Clubs Organized First and Third Mondays Chapel Devotions by Ministers October 9 Y eereefe ee...... 2 :3O Football Parade-7:00 Crowning of October 20 October 22 October 23 November 3 November 5 November 20 November 27 December 1 December 14 December 14-17 December 1 5 December 1 8 December 18-January 4 January 5 January 6 January 12 January 28 February 2 February 19-27 March 1 March 3 March 15 March 24 March 29 March 30 April lc cccc ,, April 2 April 4-8 April7, c,,c April 8 April 15 April 18-22 April 18 April 19 .c..,..., April 19-20 c....,,c. .c.vcc.. April 21 ...,., ...,..., Football Queen-7:30 Football-Pulaski vs. Hohenwald-10:00-12:00 Homecoming Dance F.B.L.A. Dinner Meeting P.T.A. Meeting State Teachers Meeting-Nashville Class Favorites Election Junior High Kiddie Bowl-Lewisburg vs. Lawrenceburg F.H.A.-F.F.A. Party-Crowning of King and Queen Thanksgiving Holidays First Basketball Game vs. Elkton-"President's Lady"-Movie Sponsored by Student Council Senior High Music Recital Q Semester Exams Seventh and Eighth Grades Piano Recital Christmas Assembly-Gifts Collected for Welfare Christmas Holidays 1 School Dismissed Because of the Weather No School! Weather!! "Madame Curie"-Movie Sponsored by the Student Council Safety Program Pep Club Program-"Good Sportsmanship" Basketball Tournament at Lewisburg- Pulaski Boys Winners Speeches from Student Body Candidates Election of Student Body Officers "Tale of Two Cities" Movie Sponsored by the Student Council Career Day at Martin College Murfreesboro Contest Speakers Yearbook Seminar at Murfreesboro T and I Convention in Chattanooga- F.H.A. Convention in Nashville Field Day-Sam Davis Park National Library Week-National. F.H.A. Week National Library Week Program in Chapel Holiday-State Teacher's Meeting in Nashville Chapel-Easter Program by the Student Council Latin Week Latin Club Program-Slave Sale Junior-Senior Banquet First National Bank Day for Seniors Latin Club Banquet April 22, ,,,,,.. .,,,.... B and Concert April 26 ,,,.,,,,, ,....... A thletic Banquet April 27 ,-,,.,,,, ,,,,,... J unior High Speaking Contest April 27-30 April 28 May 3 May 5 May 6 May 10 May 11 May 15 May 16 May 16-18 May17 776,,. . ,. May 20 July 11-15 Secretaries Week District Math Contest Senior Play "Money Mad" Senior High Speaking Contest Senior Trip to Mammoth Cave and Bowling Green Reports of Convention and Seminar Delegates Library-Journal Club Party for Seniors and Faculty Baccalaureate Services-First Baptist Church Senior Class Day Final Exams Graduation Closing Day of School Approximate Date for Coke Party in the Gym and Distribution ofthe Yearbooks N . is :M ., ,, 5 ff ,2fsf,,,M . f 2 2 2 S I J ifQiiifff2325f?5??iZ1f1 . f'1rrffX3Et1'Ft "MLK -5 ,gffw A K.:. S, i I 2 Q f fe ami' W :Www VM. Aa.. nano iii!! mil Wink' if Wm,- ,M I .W 33231 53, Hi aw U .. . K ii KK Q N -121 . - 1 'Y f 51 QE ' K fs Ks, ff - 35 an 4325 K x 52 Kai ' 5 f' JL ,, . ss v QQ- .f K is as Beta" 90 nrgyilif Q-arf If 4 V. . , fm , was 4 v -V ocked ihelr cages? 0612, 0 Xif-'P 59 7g5gf N Z' 1 71 - .Int A real stmker!!! Thanks, Lawrenceburg, for the cow bell!! Maybe next year?'?? . K Annual Staff Salufes Bobcats The cats didn'1 win the Kitty fbowll. This ,-ing mums OI F.B.L.A. Pose A-w-f 41' Ki5uEN55R 5 9 + ' M 'I Z 5 43 12 75 14515 I6 17 754 pq 20 21 zz 25 24 25 + gil? 9 9 M '14 za 27 2 X , for tomorrow you may make a 99 Well earned???!!! Seniors get the bug head Something corny's going on STUDENTS OF THE WEEK Glen Hamlett Tommy Taylor Elaine Williams Joyce Wonder This is the deep South? T 1. 17,py Business is poor When is the deadIine?? STUDENTS OF THE WEEK Faye Bass Jeanie Moore Ronny Lancaster Herby Taylor 47' 73, 9a Future Housewives??? Who started this fighI??? Look what I got, Ma!!! 9 5 6 Q1 4255 L v ,-9250011 +60 4 Aff 'W 213 1' 5+ Jr ld 71 724 b+1iF15fffg1 73 74+ gglr +A? 7 32 752' W 20+Z + 9+5lI7 A.-J E Was it payola??? Q 12 YT f lg 5 6 7 8 Q, H011 7275'q1516f V 19 79202132 35+ gk 5 ze, Z7 A? im V Easfer Program Top Ten Senior JOYCE WONDER DELENE LEWTER MARLIN REYNOLDS JOHNNY DAVIS LINDA RUTHERFORD 96.06 93.75 93.39 93.07 91.863 ALICE MASON FAYE BASS CAROLYN WALLS MARTHA ROLLER BILLY TEGARDEN 91.862 91.75 91.50 91.17 90.85 ff 60 of 225 """'f"V 98 Q 3313114 5617i 2 9 '0 7' 71751774 5f6 17 fs Best Actor and Actress of the year: Nancy Winford, Johnny Stevenson. American History Medal: Joyce Won- der: Eighth Grade History Award: Edward Gordon: Danforth Foundation Award: Alice Mason, Glen Hamlett. Best Homemaker of the Year: Linda Rutherford: Library Award Winners Best Future Farmer: Edwin Moore. Senior Directory BILLY BALL Band 57, 58, 59, 60, B-Sight Reading 60, All-State Band 60: Shop 56, 57, 58: 4-H Club 56. GENE BARLAR T8-I Club 59, 60, Treasurer 59, Convention 60: Mech. Drawing 58. DONNA GAYLE BARNES Transferred from Campbellsville 1958: Stu- dent Council Treas. 60: FBLA 59, 60, Pres. 60: Library Club 58, 59, 60, Vice Pres. 60: 4-H Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Vice Pres- 60: Honor Club 58, 59, 60: 4-H Round-Up 57: Beta Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Pres. 60: FTA 59, 60, Sec. 60: Class Favorite 57: Class Vice Pres. 57: Football Queen 57: Miss Giles County 57: Basketball 57, 58, Medal 57, District Tournament Team 57, 58, High Scorer 23rd District 57, 58: Cheerleader 57, 59, ,60: FHA 57, 58, Reporter 57: Pep Club 59, 60: Bobcat Herald Staff 59, 60, Sports Editor 60: Letter Club 57, 58, 59, 60: Magazine Sales Certificate 59, High Sales- man 58: Typing Certificate 59, 60: Dramatic Club 59, 60: Thespian Club 59, 60, Sec. 60: Senior Play Cast 60: Miss GCHS. FAYE BASS Latin Club 57: Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Sec.-Treas. 60, Convention 58, 59: Letter Club 58: Basketball 58: Science Club 59: Vice Pres. of Class 59: Election Commis- sion 58, 60: Honor Roll 60: Senior Superla- tive 60: Senior Cast 60: Alternate to Girls' State 59: FBLA 60: Typing Certificate 59: Bobcat Herald Production Staff 58, 59, 60: Crest Staff 59, 60, Jr. Business Mgr. 59, Business Mgr. 60: Intramural Sports 59, 60: Annual Staff Convention 58, 59: Student of the Week 60: Quill 8- Scroll. LARRY BATCHELOR Trans. from Athens Bible School, Athens, Ala., I959: T8-I Club 60: Intramural Sports 59: Shop 59. LARRY BEE FFA 59, 59, 60, Convention 60: Shop 57: FFA Skills Contest 58, 59, 60: Mech. Draw- ing 60. ROBERT BEE Pep Club 59: Shop 57, 58: Letter Club 57: Football 57: Magazine Sales Certificate 59. PAT BLEDSOE FHA 57, 58: Beta Club 58, 59, 60: Pep Club 59, 60: FTA 58, 59: Homecoming Queen 60: Miss Giles County, 3rd Place. DAVID BOWEN Shop 57, 58: T8-I Club 59, 60, Convention 59: Intramural Football 58. JULIAN BRUMIT Science Club 59, Science Fair: Shop 57: Mech. Drawing 60: Typing Certificate 60: Perfect Attendance Award 59. BILL BUTLER Shop 57: Mech. Drawing 59, 60: T8-I Club 58: 4-H Club, 57, 58. JUDY BUTLER Latin Club 56: Pep Club 59, 60, Treas. 60: Mag. Sales Certificate 59: Crest Staff 59, 60, Jr. Ed. 59, Editor-in-Chief 60, Conven- tion 59: Intramural Sports 60: Election Com- mission 60: Senior Superlative 60: Senior Play Cast 60. CAROLYN CAMPBELL FHA 57: FBLA 59, 60: Library Club 58, 59, 60, Convention 58, Award 60: Magazine Sales Certificate 59: Intramural Sports 60. JOYCE CHAPMAN FHA 57, 58: Choir 59: 4-H 57, 60: Typing Certificate 59. SUE CHAPMAN FHA 57, 58: Library Club 58, 59, 60, Con- vention 59, Award 60: FBLA 59, 60: Latin Club 57: Semester Honor Roll 60: Bacca- laureate Usher 59: Intramural Sports 58. SARAH ANN COGGIN Dramatic Club 57, 58: Pep Club 59: FHA 57, 58, 60, Home Nursing Certificate: Typing Certificate 60: Perfect Attendance Certificate 59. LARRY COLE Football 57, 58, 59, 60, Co-Captain 60: Letter Club 57, 58, 59, 60: Mr. GCHS 60: Mech. Drawing 59: Class Favorite 59, 60: Typing Certificate 60: Mag. Sales 59: Election Commission 60: Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60, All-CTC 59, 60, All-District 59, 60, All-Regional 60: Intramural Sports Coach 60. MARIE COTTRELL Band 56, 59, Maiorette 57, 58, Drum Maior 58, 59, Dance Band 56, 57, 58, 59, Twirling Festival 58, 59: FHA 57, 58, Choir 57, 58, Convention 58, State Choir 58, Jr. Degree 57: FBLA 60: Latin Club 57: Simplicity Fashion Show 58: Intramural Sports 58, 59, 60: Student Council 59: Mag. Certificate 59: Typing Certificate 60: Pep Club 59: Dairy Princess Candidate 59: Butter Bowl Queen Candidate 60: 4-H 57. FAYLA CRAIG FHA 57: Choir 57: Intramural Sports 58, 59, 60: Typing Certificate: Mech. Drawing 60: Senior Superlative 60. JOHNNY DAVIS Latin Club 57: Science Club 56, 57, 58: Beta Club 58, 59, 60: Science Fair 57: Mech. Drawing 58, 59: Basketball 60: Letter Club 60: Math Contest 57, 59, 60: Senior Superlative 60: Magazine Certificate 59: Pep Club 59: Intramural Sports 57, 58, 59: Honor Roll 57, 60: T8-I ,Award 59: Chemistry Exam 60. JIMMY DUGGER Trade 81 Industrial Club 59, 60. LARRY DUGGER T8-I Club 59, 60: Shop 58: Intramural Foot- ball 59. MARTHA FELKER FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, Parliamentarian 58, Vice Pres. 59, FHA Queen 59: Student Coun- cil 57: Pep Club 60: Senior Football At- tendant. MARY LOUISE FITZGERALD FHA 57, 58, Parliamentarian 58: FBLA 59: Typing Certificate 59. FAY FOGG FBLA 59, 60: 4-H Club: FHA 57: Basketball 57, 60: Letter Club 58, 60: Pep Club 59, 60: Intramural Sports Coach 58, 60: Honor Roll 58, 59: Mag. Certificate 59: Mech. Drawing 60: Senior Superlative 60. JANIE FOSTER ' FHA 57, Treasurer 57: Intramural Sports 57, 58: Basketball 57, 58: Mag. Certificate 59: Typing Certificate 59: Usher Baccalaureate 59: 4-H Club 60. SANDRA FRANCIS FHA 57, 59, FHA Choir 59: Intramural Sports 57, 58, 59: 4-H Club 58: Pep Club: Perfect Attendance Certificate 57, 58. LINDA GARNER FBLA 59, 60, Reporter 60: Typing Certificate 59, 60: Pep Club 60, Vice Pres. 60: 4-H Club 58, 59: Simplicity Fashion Show 58: Jr. Representative King and Queen of Hearts 59: Bobcat Herald Typist 59, 60: Intramural Sports 57, 58, 59, 60: FHA 57, 58: Library Club 58, 59, 60: Honor Roll 58, 59, 60: Election Commission 60: Baccalaureate Usher 59: Senior Play Cast 60: Senior Superla- tive 60. JOE GLOSSUP Transferred from Bodenham High School: Mech. Drawing 59, 60: Shop 58: Sportsman's Club 57. JAMES GRIGGS Intramural Sports 57, 60: Mech. Drawing 59, 60: Pep Club 59, 4-H Club 57: Foot- ball 58: Shop 57: Science Club 57: Senior Superlative 60: Baccalaureate Usher 59. 99 GLEN HAMLETT Shop 57, 58f Mech. Drawing 602 Football 57, 58, 59, 60, Captain 60, All-CTC 60, All-TVC 60, All-Mid-State 607 Letter Club 57, 58, 597 Student of the Week 601 Student Council 607 Pep Club 58, 59, 607 Basket- ball Mgr. 59, 602 Election Officer 607 ln- tramural Sports 59, 601 Science Club 597 Senior Superlative 607 King and Queen of Hearts Attendant 59. PATSY HAMLETT Transferred from Bodenham 19581 FHA 57, 581 Choir 57, 582 4-H Club 577 FBLA 59, 602 Pep Club 607 Cheerleader 60: Senior Superlative 602 Letter Club 60. JUNE HARGROVE Latin Club 577 4-H Club 57, 587 Science Club 597 Typing Certificate 59i Mag. Sales Certificate 59f Pep Club 59, 607 Intramural Sports 59, 602 Senior Play Cast 607 Usher Graduation 597 Basketball 57, 581 Crest Staff 56, 59, 60, Jr. Editor 59, Assistant Ed. 607 Class Favorite 57f Academic Diploma. JERRY HARMOND Shop 57, 587 T8tl Club 59, Vice Pres. 59, Contestant in T8-l Regional Convention, Dele- gate to State Convention. BECKY HARWELL FHA 57, 58, 60, Jr. Degree 57, FHA Con- vention 57, 58, Chapter Sec. 57, Chapter Rep. 607 FBLA 60, Program Committee 607 Library Club 57, 58, 607 Queen of Hearts Attendant 581 Mag. Sales Certificate 592 Football Queen Attendant 597 Senior Su- perlative 601 Simplicity Fashion Show Model 58. CLYDA HARWELL 4-H Club 56, 57, 587 FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, Jr. Degree 58, Chapter Treas. 59, 60, Choir 59, Simplicity Fashion Show 58, Home Nurs- ing Certificate 607 Typing Certificate 597 Perfect Attendance Certificate 59. EDGAR HARWELL FFA 57, 58, 59, Judging Team State Fair 58, FFA Basketball 587 4-H Club 57, 58, 59, lst Place Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at Swine Show Giles County Fair 597 T8tl Club 60. HELEN HELMICK FHA 57f 4-H Club 607 Typing Certificate 59, 607 Perfect Attendance 57. BARBARA ANN HENDRICK FHA 57, 607 Library Club 572 Band 587 Dramatic Club 57 587 Speaking Contest 577 Thespian Troupe 57, 58. EVELYN HENDRICKSON FHA 567 Pep Club 58, 591 Math Contest 582 Bobcat Herald Staff 57, 58, 59, 601 Li- brary Club 58, 59, 60, Convention 60, Award 607 Mag. Sales Certificate 587 Senior l00 Superlative 601 Typing Certificate 59, 607 Girls' State 597 Senior Play Cast 607 Com- mencement Usher 59f Science Club 58. ISOM HOLLEY Band 57, 607 Intramural Sports 607 Latin Club 572 Perfect Attendance 597 Bacca- laureate Usher 591 Pep Club 59, 601 4-H Club 57. BOBBY HUGHES Senior Superlative 607 Senior Play Cast 607 Basketball 57, 58, 59, 607 Football 57, 58, 59, 607 Pres. Class 581 Letter Club 57, 58, 59, 607 Student Council 57, 582 Pep Club 59, 602 Dramatic Club 592 Track 57, 58, 59, 607 Shop 58, 59f 4-H Club 58. ROSE MARIE HURST 4-H Club 601 FBLA 59, 607 FHA 57, 58, 60, Song Leader 58, 60, Jr. Degree 60, Home Nursing Certificate 602 Typing Certifi- cate 601 Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Medal Sight Reading, First Maiorette 58, 59, Head Maior- ette 59, Drum Maiorette 602 Pep Club 59. JERRY JENKINS Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60, All-Tournament for District 597 Track Team 592 Letter Club 58, 59, 607 Mech. Drawing 59, 60. ANN KIMBROUGH FHA 57, sa, 59, eo. RONNY LANCASTER Football 57, 58, 59, 607 Letter Club 59, 601 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 4-H Club 57, 587 Pep Club 59, 601 T8tI Club 597 Intramural Sports 57, 58, 59, 602 Typing Certificate 601 Election Officer 607 Baccalaureate Usher 59. MARTHA SUE LANIER Transferred from Beech Hill High School 597 FHA 57, 581 Jr. Red Cross 571 Basketball 57, 58, 597 Letter Club 597 Class Sec. 592 Miss Giles County Contestant 577 FBLA 607 Class Favorite 607 Intramural Basketball 60. DELENE LEWTER Quill 81 Scroll 58, 59, 607 FHA 57, 58, 59, Convention 57, 58, 59, Historian 58, Pres- ident 59, Jr. Degree 57, Chapter Degree 58, State Degree 59, Home Ec. Award 59, Betty Crocker Award 60, Attendant to Har- vest Festival Queen 592 FBLA 601 FTA 582 Pep Club 607 Vice Pres. of Class 581 Sec. of Class 59f Honor Roll 607 Bobcat Herald 57, 58, 59, 60, Assistant Editor 607 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Secretary 59, Convention 58, Award 607 Beta Club 58, 59, 60, Vice Pres. 60, Convention 582 Student Council 57, 58, 59, 60, Girl Vice Pres. 60, Convention 59: Mag. Certificate 591 Typing Certificate 59, 60, 50-Word Typing Pin7 Latin Club 57, Senior Superlative 602 Girls' State 597 Rotary Award 6Of Salutatorian 607 Senior Play Cast 60. WALTER LUKER Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Librarian 58, 597 Stu- dent Director of Band 60, Dance Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Solo and Ensemble 597 Science Club 59: Typing Certificate 607 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 4-H Club 57, 581 Shop 57, 58f Pep Club 59, 60. JOHN MCKINNEY 4-H Club 571 Latin Club 577 FFA 587 Perfect Attendance Award 58f Mag. Sales Certifi- cate 592 T8tI Club 60. RAY MANSFIELD Latin Club 561 Student Council Boy Vice Pres. 607 Student Council Convention 587 Boys' State 592 Academic Diploma 607 Typ- ing Certificate 597 Mag. Sales Certificate 592 Mech. Drawing 607 Letter Club 57, 587 Citizenship Award 601 Pep Club 59, 601 Intramural Sports 58, 59, 607 Senior Play Cast 602 Commencement Usher 59. ALICE MASON Beta Club 58, 59, 60, Vice Pres. 59, Conven- tion 58, Treas. 607 Latin Club 571 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Convention 59, 597 Bobcat Herald Staff 59, 60, Feature Ed. 602 Quill 81 Scroll 6Of Dramatic Club 59, 607 Thespian Troupe 59, 60, Board of Directors 60, Honor Bar 60, Region IV Tenn. High School Speech and Drama League, Oral Poetry 59, Play Casti 601 High School Declamation Contest 597 4-H Club 57, 587 FTA 572 Pep Club 59, 607 Mag. Sales Cer- tificate 597 Cap. Mag. Teamj Typing Cer- tificate 592 Alternate Girls' State 592 Aca- demic Diploma 607 Civitan Award 607 Sen- ior Play Cast 607 Commencement Usher 59. RONNIE MILES Pres. Class 57f Dramatics 57i Football 57, 58, 59, 601 All-TVC Football7 All-CTC Hon- orable Mention 607 Letter Club 57, 58, 59, 602 Mech. Drawing 59, 607 Intramural Sports 607 4-H Club 577 Pep Club 59, 607 Student Council 581 Mag. Sales Certificate 591 Senior Superlative 60. BOBBY MILLER Basketball 57, 58, 59, 602 Football 57, 587 Letter Club 58, 59, 601 T8tl Club 59, 60: Latin Club 57, 587 Academic Diploma 607 Commencement Usher 59. EDWIN MOORE 4-H 57, 58, 59, 60, Honor Club 57, 58, 59, 60, 4-H Congress 58, 4-H Round-Up 58, National 4-H Congress 592 Intramural Sports 59, 607 Pres. Class 601 Student Council 607 FFA 57, 58, 59, 60, Vice Pres. 58, 59, Pres. 60, Judging Team 57, 58, 59, 60, Skills Contest 60, Creed Contest 57, Speaking Contest 58, 59, 60, Parliamentary Procedure Contest 58, 59, 60, Speaking Award 60, Chapter Farmer Degree 581 Tenn. High Speech and Drama League 58, 597 Declama- tion Contest 587 Senior Play Cast 60, Senior Superlative, Rotary Award 607 Election Com- mission 607 Easter Program 607 Usher Bacca- laureate 592 Latin Club 571 Dramatic Club 57. JEANIE MOORE 4-H 577 FTA 587 Annual Staff 59, 60, Copy Editor 607 Intramural Sports 607 Honor Roll 58, 59, 607 Basketball 597 Letter Club 597 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Convention 57, 59, Vice Pres. 57, Pres. 58, Award 607 Alternate Cheerleader 601 Mag. Sales Certifi- cate 607 Typing Certificate 607 Latin Club 577 Dramatics Club 607 Thespian Troupe 607 Contestant in Tenn. High School Speech and Drama League 607'Student Council 60, Election Commission 607 Student of Week 607 Academic Diploma 607 Senior Play Cast 607 Easter Choir 607 Commencement Usher 59. WAYNE NEWTON Band 57, 58, 597 Typing Certificate 597 All-State Band Alternate 58. BILLY JOE PRESTRIDGE Band 57, 58, 59, 602 Attendanoe Certificate 597 Shop 57, 58. JOHNNY PRINCE Beta Club 58, 59, 607 Band 57, 58, 59, 60, ,Vice Pres. 59, Pres. 602 Pep Club 59, 60, Pres. 607 All-State Band 60. APRIL PUCKETT FHA 58, 59, 60, Jr. Degree 58, Chapter Degree 597 4-H Club 577 Pep Club 59, 607 Intramural Sports 57, 597 Letter Club 59, 602 Basketball Mgr. 59, 607 Bobcat Herald Staff 59, 601 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Award 60, Convention 58, 597 Mag. Sales Certificate 592 Latin Club 577 Dramatic Club 59, 602 Thespian Troupe 59, 607 Senior Play 607 Tenn. High School Speech and Drama League 59, 60. MARLIN REYNOLDS T8-l Club 59, 607 Shop 57, 58i Senior Su- perlative 607 Honor Roll 58, 59, 60. MARTHA ROLLER FHA 577 Latin Club 57f Beta Club 58, 59, 607 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Convention 59, Award 607 Typing Certificate 597 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 Science Club 597 Honor Roll 57. LINDA RUTHERFORD am Club sa, 59, ao, FHA 57, sa, 59, eo, Chapt. Rep. 58, 59, Sec. 60, Jr. Degree 57, Simplicity Fashion Show 58, Home Nurs- ing Certificate 607 Student Council 577 Honor Roll 57, 58, 60. ROBERT SHELTON Shop 577 T8-I Club 58, Sec. 582 Mech. Drawing 59, 607 Football 58, 59, 607 Letter Club 58, 59, 607 All-TVC 60. BUDDY STAFFORD Shop 57, 587 TBI Club 59, 60, Convention 59, Spelling Contestant 59. NORMA JEAN SURLES FHA 57, 58, 597 FBLA 59, 607 Typing Certifi- cate 59. WAYNE TARPLEY Mag. Sales Certificate7 T8il Club 59, 60, 2nd Place Current Events State Contest 60, Award 607 FFA 57, 58, Skills Contest 58, Cow Judging 58: Graduation Usher 59. JOHNNY TATE Pep Club 59, 607 Class Favorite 57f Jr. Class' Pres. 591 Science Fair 58: Honor Roll 607 Letter Club 57, 58, 59, 602 Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60, All-District 607 Beta Club 58, 59, 60, Treas. 592 Student Council 58, 59, 60, Convention 59, Pres. 607 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 Mech. Drawing 601 Math Contest 597 Football Queen Escort 607 Sen- ior Play Cast 601 Alt. to Boys' State 597 Commencement Usher 597 Shop 571 Butter Bowl Attendant Escort 59f Election Com- mission 58f Intramural Referee 59, 607 Intramural Football 59. HERBY TAYLOR Student Council 607 Vice Pres. Sr. Class 607 Latin Club 571 Senior Play Cast 607 Letter Club 58, 59, 607 Boys' State 597 Mag. Sales Certificate 582 Football 57, 58, 59, 60, All-TVC 59f Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60, All- District 59, 60, All-State Hon. Mention7 Election Commission 602 Mech. Drawing 601 Student of Week 607 Academic Diploma 607 Queen Attendant Escort 60. TOMMY TAYLOR Latin Club 577 Letter Club 57, 58, 597 Stu- dent of Week 607 Basketball 58, 59, 607 Senior Superlative7 Mech. Drawing 607 Aca- demic Diploma 601 Mag. Sales Certificate 59f Pep Club 59, 602 Annual Staff 607 Election Official 607 Intramural Sports 57, 58f Intramural Sports Official 60. BILLY TEGARDEN Science Club 57, 58, lst Place Science Fair 587 Exhibitor State Science Fair 581 Mag. Certificate 597 Mech. Drawing 58, 597 ln- tramural Sports Committee 607 4-H Club 57, 587 Senior Play Cast 607 Middle Tenn. Math Contest 59f Jr. High Basketball Tour- nament Official 607 Pep Club 597 Honor Roll 597 Bobcat Herald Production Staff 597 GCHS Movie Committee 57, 58, 59, 602 Football, Basketball Clock Operator 59, 60. JANE TILLMAN Transferred from Bodenham High School 'I958i FHA 587 Pep Club 59, 602 FBLA 59, 607 4-H Club 577 Glee Club 572 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 Intramural Sports 57. LINDA THOMPSON Transferred from Athens Bible School l9587 FHA 58f Pep Club 59. DAVID VANDIVER Science Club 57, 59, Treas. 572 Pep Club 59, 607 Football 597 4-H Club 57, 582 FFA 58, Cattle Judging 587 Mag. Sales Certifi- cate 597 Mech. Drawing 601 Senior Play Cast 607 Baccalaureate Usher 597 Intra- mural Sports 58. CAROLYN WALLS Band 57f FHA 57, 58, 59, Jr. Degree 582 FBLA 59, 60, Sec.-Treas. 607 Honor Roll 57, 58, 597 Bobcat Herald Typist7 Beta Club 58, 59, 607 Student Council 597 Mag. Sales 59f Typing Certificate 597 Baccalaureate Usher 597 4-H Congress 607 4-H Round-Up 59. JAYNE WATSON Transferred from Beech Hill High School 19597 FHA 57, 58, Jr. Degree 587 Chorus 58, 597 Perfect Attendance 597 Intramural Sports 57, 58, 597 FBLA 60. HENRY WHITE Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Quartermaster 59, Vice Pres. 601 Shop 587 Bobcat Herald Staff 607 Typing Certificate 607 Latin Club 577 Mech. Drawing 587 Senior Play Cast 602 Easter Choir 607 Middle Tenn. State Solo and Ensemble Festival Trumpet Trio 59. ELAINE WIGGINS Library Club 57, 58, Convention 587 Latin Club 577 FTA 577 Letter Club 57, 587 Basketball 57, 58j 4-H Club 577 Homecoming Queen Attendant 587 Intramural Basketball 607 Honor Roll 607 Academic Diploma 60. ELAINE WILLIAMS Choir 577 Latin Club 577 FHA 57, 58, Camp 577 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 FBLA 59, 607 Typing Certificate 59, 607 Bobcat Herald Typist 607 Student Council 60, Election Commission 607 4-H Club 57, 587 Pep Club 59, 607 Intramural Sports 57, 58, 59, 607 Senior Play Cast 60. JOYCE WILLIAMS 4-H 57, 58, 59, 607 FHA 57, 58, Treas. 58, Convention 58, Jr. Degree 587 FBLA 607 Choir 597 Intramural Sports 587 Pep Club 597 Library Club 57, 58, 59, 60, Con- vention 59, Pres. 60, Award 597 Mag. Certificate 597 Dramatic Club 59, 60, Tenn. High Speech and Drama League Representa- tive 597 Senior Play 60: Perfect Attendance 572 Baccalaureate Usher 59. JOE WITHEROW Football 57, 58, 597 T8rl Club 59, 607 Mech. Drawing 57, 58f Intramural Sports 607 4-H Club 57. JOYCE WONDER Bobcat Herald Rep. 57, 58, Jr. Ed. 59, Editor-in-Chief 607 FBLA 59, 60, Vice Pres. 607 Beta Club 58, 59, 602 FHA 57, 58, Pianist 58, Convention 577 50-Word Typing Pin 597 Math Contest 582 Quill 81 Scroll 59, 602 Mag. Sales Certificate 597 Typing Certifi- cate 597 Honor Roll 57, 58, 59, 607 Valedic- torian 607 Senior Superlative 602 Assistant Director Senior Play 60. JIMMY WORSHAM FFA 57, 58, 59, 60, Basketball Team 57, 58, 59, 60, Green Hand Degree 57, Live- stock Judging Team 57, 58, Parliamentary Procedure Team 58, 59, 60, Convention 58, 59, 60, Chapter Degree 58, State Degree 59, Rep. Crimson Clover Subdistrict 607 Library Club 577 4-H Club 57, 58, 59, 607 Letter Club 59, 607 Basketball 59, 602 Pep Club 597 Senior Play Cast 607 Perfect At- tendance 59. l0l HO OR The Iunior Class ol Giles County High School Presents AN EVENING AT THE STOHK CLUB" High School Gymnasium Tuesday Eveninq April Nineteenth Nineteen Hundred Sixty PROGRAMME Welcome . . . Response . . . Invocation ..... Smorqosbord Music .............,... Master ol Ceremonies Iazz Singer ...,.,... Man from Way Out Music Dessert Ladies Choice ..... Gay Nineties Trio . . . Charleston . . . . , Music .......... . Billy Bertrand , , . Edwin Moore . .. Marvin Moore . ..., Voo Doos . "Pat Boone" Bertrand "Keely Smith" Strawn , . . "Beatnik Daddy" Crook VooDoos .. Music, Voo Doos . . "McCholr Sisters" Evelyn. Ellen, Minda . "Clara Bow" Iones ..........VooDoos lmpersonations ...... "Andy Hooper" Griffith "Wlll Rogers" Greer Music ....... ............ V oo Docs -- -IQWYJ ,- ACTIVITIE If kin' I MONEY MAD by Kurtz Gordon The Cast Edgar Blakley la real estate agentl , Cora Blakley this wifet ,,,., .. Janet Blakley lhis daughter, ..,. ,,,, , , , Barbara fBabsJ Blakley lanother daughterl Larry Hobson lnext door neighborl , Maude Hobson this witel H ,,,,,, H , Keith Hobson lhis sont ..,... ...,,, ..., . Rickey Hobson lhis sont , , Effie Fuggle lpart-time domestic helpl Maggie Murphy lpart-time domestic helpl Mr. Grant Ia Business munl , Tony Smellero Ia lish peddlerl . , ., Jimmy Collins Eddie Brock , Bob Turner , Gloria Horton Bobs' high school gang Alma Gilmore Dotly Regan Susie Jones .. Jack Brooks ,, Phil Jackson Directed by H , STAGE PROPERTIES COMMITTEE Make-Up Chairman , Properties Chairman Curtain , Stage Equipment . . Dean's USHERS Carolyn Campbell Martha Felker Martha Roller Linda Rutherford Henry White , Delene Lewter , Fay Boss Alice Mason Ray Mansfield Evelyn Hendrickson , Johnny Tate Herby Taylor Joyce Williams Jeanie Moore Billy Tegarden David Vandiver Bobby Hughes Edwin Moore Jimmy Worsham June Hargrove Linda Garner Elaine Wiliams , Donna Barnes Johnny Prince Walter Luker Mrs. Leon James Joyce Wonder Aprile Puckett Judy Butler Ronnie Miles Furniture Store Billy Ball l.arry Batchelor Jerry Harmond Wayne Tarpley l l Valedictorian, Joyce Wonder Honor Students Salutatorian Delene Lewter The Student Body Selects il Mr. G.C.H.S. Larry Cole Miss G.C.H.S Domta Ba mes Y O The Senwrs Elect QL. BEST ALL-AROUND Linda Garner Tornmy Taylor 'E wang 45 fp! 56 by 1 sly MOST PO PU LAR Glen Hamlett Faye Bass 'W' Mosr LIKELY TO SUCCEED Johnny Davis 4 Delene Lewter 'k Q9 ,X FRIENDLIEST Patsy Hamleft James Griggs MOST COURTEOU5 Evelyn Hendrickson Edwin Moore X! WITTIEST Fayla Craig Joe Glossup MOST ATHLETIC Bobby H ughes Faye Fogg MOST STYLISH Judy Butler Ronnie Miles MOST STUDIOUS Marlin Reynolds Joyce Wonder R13 Kl"""N-. ,X-...Q The Faeult Presents My -, ' rr E' 0 f'iff"i J. "itil A, :LJ PQI! , 11 an ' Q ?'7f'A5"' - A:.'f..J, E... -L" Q1 ,,t,.,7.,,g , , K ..v-,,- a'. W K f' ', PRINCE OF PERSONALITY PRINCESS OF CHARM Johnny Prince Becky Harwell ROTARY AWARDS Delene Lewter Edwin Moore CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Ray Mansfield Alice Mason accalaureate Qrogram FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday, May 15, 1960 8:00 P. M. Organ Prelude Mrs. Thomas Booth, Organist Processional, "Pomp And Circumstance" ..A...........,. Elgar Invocation ...,.......... ,,....,.,....,............,... R ev. Wallace Carr Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Pulaski, Tenn. Hymn, "O Worship The King" .... ...,,.....,.,........,... P age 20 Congregation Scripture Lesson ..,.....,,..,.......... ......,,,... R ev. Wallace Carr Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Pulaski, Tenn. Anthem, "No Man Is An Island" ,.....,..... Whitney-Kramer Choir Directed by Mrs. E. C. Collins Sermon ,.,... .,... ,..........................., T h e Rev. George F. Regas Rector of the Church of The Messiah, Pulaski, Tenn. Benediction ..,...,....,......,.........,... The Rev. George F. Regas Recessional, "Marche Pontificale" ,.,,, Gounod Janice Bass Dottie Hopkins Fay Long Barbara Minatra Marie Oliver Veronica Shores Shirley Simmons USHERS Ronny Hardy David Hooie Terry Hughes Tony Mitchell Thomas Mize Jimmy Tarpley Bill Wall W E REMEMBER GRAD A T10 Q . . Qracfuatron. xercrse GILES COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Tuesday, May 17, 1960 8:00 P. M. Processional, "Pomp And Circumstance" ............. ,....,. E Igar Giles County High School Band, Mr. Roy Gene Frazier, Director Invocation ....,............,......., .,.... D r. R. B. Stone Salutatory: "Life's True Aim" ......,....,............ Delene Lewter Class President's Address: "Loyalty To High ll0 ldeals" ........,,.,... Trumpet Trio Edwin Moore Walter Luker Johnny Prince Henry White Valedictory: "The Challenge of Tomorrow" .. Joyce Wonder Graduating Address .........,,....,.....,.. Mr. Robert Abernathy Director of Field Activities, Middle Tenn. State College, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Presentation of Diplomas .,... .... L . E. Mansfield, Principal Renee Cox Diane Lanier Mauveline Martin Joye Samel Judy Smith Naomi Stephens Faye Story Recessional, "Coronation" ,....,................ Joseph Skornicka Giles County High School Band USHERS Richard Phillips Billie Vernon Barber Billy Bertrand Mike Hagan Jerry Holley Larry Montgomery Marvin Moore Fagan Morris f s .Q ws W Q Elaine Wiggins Herby Taylor Alice Mason Johnny Prince Judy Butler Tornrny Taylor June Hargrove Ray Mansfield Jeanie Moore Bobby Miller XUNQ-fQs. AD VER TISEMEN TS Four things a mar If he would make To think without To love his fellow To act from hone: To trust in Gocl The torch of civilization is not passed on b pastors, teachers, friends. Let us be your frien The Banks of Pulaski are ever ready to serve yoL i- s T H E, U i a i E VH, .,.W.,.w ,, 3 fl 3 nust learn to do tis record true: :onfusion clearly, Tien sincereiyg notives purelyg and Heaven securely. accident, but by the sustained efforts of parents, ind help you with all your financial problems. W.. c M. N. ' ' i . . K Nr .S II3 Parhenas Cox W. M. Rainey, Ci+y Recorder Walfer Fosfer S. W. Brindley Tom Moore, Cify AH'orney Tommy Harrison Fos+er Gordon HERBERT SMITH, MAYOR James Sims Mayor and Board of Aldermen The roofs of civilizalion are elemenlal +rai'rs - goodwill, neighborliness, fair play, courage, folerance, open minded inquiry, pafience. A people rich in +hese qualiries will develop a grea'r civiliza'rion, wi+h grea'I' ar+, science, indusfry, government If +he basic qualilies fade, +hen no maHer how greal' +he wealfh, how brillianf +he learning, how polished +he cul+ure, lhal' civilizafion will crumble. These finer underlying +rai+s, which we recognize as +he essence of civilizaiion, are no'l' inborn: nei+her are lhey besl' acquired in rough-and- +umble business or poli+ical life. They are learned in +he in+ima+e, friendly world of +he family and +he small communi+y. May 'Phe seniors and s+uden+s of Giles Coun+y High School develop +hese +rai+s. 215 - 'BL f if ,,----5 I y -4 If ,....-'-I.: Eisitil? 11- ,filfi-:'E' ' ' 1' ffi-'! ' """" ' ' 13:27 I If ,133 ,f E -E I J C 'J 'Q "" -e:f:Xa,'Ix' I . . . --,--I-ii. :i xii! 5E CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 308 Wes+ Madison Sireel' Second aI Jefferson REv. GEORGE REGAS-ReaI+or REV. w. H. Moss, Manager HRST BAPHST CHURCH FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Firsi' aI' Magnolia Place Second a+ Flower REV' W' FLOYD GATES' Mime' REV. s. WALLACE CARR, Manmer A MORNING PRAYER O God, for ano+her day, for anoI'her morning, for anolher hour, for anoI'her chance +o live and serve Thee, I am I'ruIy grafeful. Do Thou Ihis day free me: From fear of 'l'he fu+ure: From anxiefy of I'he morrow: From bi++erness Ioward anyone: From cowardice in face of danger: From laziness in face of work: From failure before oppor+uniI'y: From weakness when Thy power is a+ hand. Bu+ fill me wi+h: Love +ha'l' knows no barrier: Courage +ha'r cannol' be shaken: Fai+h s+rong enough 'for Ihe darkness: Sirengfh sufficienl for my 'l'asks: LoyaI+y +o Thy Kingdom's goal: Wisdom Io mee+ IiIe's complexifies: Power +o Iifl' men un'l'o Thee. Be Thou wi+h me for anoI'her day and use me as Thou wiII': in ChrisI"s name. I pray. Amen. PULASKI'S The good American +ries 'ro gain and keep good heaI+h. OPTOMETRISTS The welfare of our couniry depends upon 'rhose VETERINARIANS who are.physicaIIy fii' 'For Iheir daily work. DENTISTS AND PHYSICIANS Dr. G. W. Shivas, D.D. Dr. R. B. Dr. J. W. Berry, D.V.M. Dr. J. H. Dr. T. W. Harris, D.V.M. Dr. W. J. Dr. C. W. Hari, D.V.M. Dr. K. M. Dr. A. M. Ballenline, D.D.S. Dr. S. A. Garner, D.D.S. Dr. H. J. Lynch, D.D.S. Dr. W. W. Mar+in, D.D.S. Dr. W. R. Winford, D.D.S. Dr. J. U. The Adminis+ra+ion, Faculfy, S+aff and Trusfees Apprecia+e +he Gradua+es of GILES COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Enrolled in MARTIN COLLEGE Together We Grow Founded I870 Agee, M.D. Hi+e, M.D. Johnson, M.D. Kressenberg, M.D. Dr. W. A. Lewis, M.D. Dr. R. W. Money, M.D. Dr. W. K. Owen, M.D. Speer, M.D. Dr. D. M. Spofwood, M.D. PULASKI PURE MILK CO S g This Area With Quality Products for 23 Y LEE-MAR SHIRT COMPANY Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class! PULASKI TENN PU LASKI ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES FOI' Service : FLQQR COVERINGS HARGROVE'S GARAGE I RADIOS Square Pulaski can EM 3'46I6 HUNTER-SMITH FURNITURE STORE CEDAR GROVE LIMESTONE CO. Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Telephone EM 3- I 576 PU LASKI TENNESSEE Serving Giles and Lawrence Coun+ies in Tennessee and Limesfone and Lauderdale Coun+ies in Alabama. Q .. RICHLAND ou. co. FII AIISOIIQ li- E Mr-Nm Jobbers PULASKI -- LAWRENCEBURG FAYETTEVILLE An Independent Locally Owned and Locally Opera+ed Company I Es+abIisI'1ed I 946 PULASKI, TENN. Soulh Side of +I1e Square EM 3-5l53 R. L. IDICIQ LESTER JAMES IJiml THOMPSON NU-WAY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS "One Call Does I+ All" EM 3-4555 334 Wes'r Popular Pulaski HARRIS MACHINE AND WELDING CO. MARY'S DRESS SHOP PINE TREE CAFE Piece Goods Ready-'Io-Wear EM 3-Il62 Nor+h Side of Ihe Square HARWELL'S R. L. ROST, Jeweler Hamilfon, Wyler, Elgin, Bulova Walches Orange Blossom Diamond Rings Sheaffer Pens - Walch Repairing China - Silver - Glassware SOUTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE EM-3-l24I EAST H I LL MARKET 5l5 Easl' Jefferson PULASKI. TENNESSEE Phone EM-3- I 579 ROSELAN GRILL JOHN E. ROE Professional Photographer ' II8 S. Second S+. PULASKI. TENNESSEE Phone EM3-2440 Nighl' Phone EM-3-I I25 NATIONAL STORES RAYBU RN MOTOR CO Case and Ferguson Trac'ror Ead Side of Square SALES AND SERVICES EM 3-2656 Phone EM3-2624 ZUCCARELLO-RACKLEY Insurance - Real EsIaI'e PHONE EM3-I50I DRUG STORE PULASKI FLORIST MRS. HAYES HOLLAND, Prop. Phone 506 Prescripiion Druggis+s Phone EM-3-256l EDD EZELL PAUL HARDY CHARLES E. LOYD Buy aI' I'he ESSO Sign PULASKI, TENNESSEE "I can'I beheve +his." SH ERRELL-STONE CO. Dry Goods, Furnishings Ready-Io-Wear and Shoes Norfh Side of +he Square PHONE EM 3-I2b4 PULASKI, TENN. QUALITY Foon STORE 6l8 Norfh Firsf Sfreei' PHONE EM3-2I00 4+'w.Eo'c PURE J, to"'4nv.0i'y NO. 6 TIRE 8: BATTERY SERVICE Pure Oil Producfs 24 2 WAY RADIO AIR CONDITIONED -E A EMERSON 3-455l If No Answer Call EMERSON 3-5266 MARTIN STON E COMPANY Chas. W. Marlin, Owner "Supplies for fhe farm and home," field and garden seed, Knox ferfilizer, Hardware and plumbing supplies, Purina feeds. PULASKI, TENN. Phone EM 3-4587 A BENNET-MAY AND COMPANY MOONGLO A Drive-In Theatre The Besl in En+er+ainmen+ PULASKI, TENN. RALPH NALL STAR ENGRAVING CQ. Hous+on, Texas Rings, Invi+a1'ions Diplomas, Caps and Gowns Annuals, Band Uniforms Have Seed . . . Will Sell See BRYAN PIGG 81 SON Besl' in Price, Quali+y and Service Nor+l1 Isl Slreel, Phone EM 3-2l86 PULASKI. TENN. SWS SSE RECAPPERS Bryan Pigg James Pigg see sfi sfs, A RECAPPERS Call EM 3-35l6 TORE S 435 N. Firs'I' S+ree+ Pulaslci "Your Rexall S+ore" PHONE EM 3-l7l5. 5. K , ALL-STATE PEST CONTROL SERVICE 453'N. Firsl' S+. Phone EM 3-459I Pulaski, Tenn. CAMPBELL'S WEST SIDE ESSO STATION Experl' Lubrica'I'ion PHONE EM3-469I Wes+ College S+. PULASKI, TENN. COLBERT BROTHERS Public Hauling 43I NORTH FIRST EM 3-2637 DIXIE MAID ETTA RAY'S GEN ESCO A Company You Can Counl' O PULASKI, TENNESSEE GILES FARMERS' CO-OP Pulaski EM 3-2563 Phones Lynnville JA 4-3923 BEE-LINE DRIVE IN FAUTT MONUMENT WORKS Eree Eslimales EM 3-377I 702 W. College Pulaski BOWERS-BROWN MOTOR CO., INC. Chevrolel' Dealers Sales and Service Third ancl Madison S+ree'I's PULASKI, TENNESSEE Phone EM 3-3555 BRINDLEY AND SON COAL AND LUMBER CO BEE AN D WARREN FOOD STORE BROOKS Wesl' Collage Sheer Pulaski M 3-2578 Choice Meals - Frozen Foods C I + lrsurors . Fruifs Vegefables omZIZciN:s::AaTj58iervlce Groceries - MONROE BUGG ELECTRIC CO. Appliances General Molors Delco Heal' GE WEATHERTRON All-Elecfric Healing and Cooling ELAINE'S wmwasmsmM,., S .. k.,,k , . uccess to the graduating class COCA-CCLA BOTTLING C0. PULASKI, TENNESSEE RICH LAND SAUSAGE CO. Wholesale Meals and Provisions PULASKI. TENN. STANDARD DRUG ,ml-A A mm L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings and Pins Commence Invifafions Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia-Medals and Trophies Represen1'a+ives: IRVING HARRIS BOB GILBREATH TOM YOKLEY P.O. Box 496, Jackson, Tennessee CALLAHAN'S SOUTH END GROCERY 700 Sou'rh FirsI' S+ree+ PHONE EM 3-3525 In ... COFFMAN OIL COMPANY Lawrenceburg Hi-Way EM 3-2529 -L MIDDLE TENNESSEE S"""' "W BUTANE co. -.31 E5 24 noun 0 .E-'T'-'E",.f1Q.-'g1":---.-Z' ROAD 7122 rfittsifm ' RECAPPING ROSE 8. SMITH fi coMPzErE SERVICE ,M,5C5gEgg,RQERVI CE NI-'WK ww III-K I :SSIEIAESESE ACCESSORIES '9,5i5f?'! I EMEnsoN 3-3481 I z. B. POLLOCK TEXACO 81 SONS Day and Nife Wrecker Service CompIe+e Wreck Rebuilders WOODROW HAYES THOMAS C. POLLOCK ABERNATHY HARDWARE JAMES F. WALL, COLONIAL BREAD SKYLARK BEAUTY SALON Ju-Fran ROAD . EM 3-2 I 73 SERVICE Amoco -Tires Washing, Polishing, Lubricalion HARWELL HEIGHTS AMOCO I Congralulalions Io I960 C-3radua+ing Class GULF STATES LIFE INS. CO. G. W. LANCASTER Manager HARRISON'S "One Slop Shop for Men" MOTOR COMPANY "Your Friendly Ford Dealer A SHARP J L A W I N Nl GIL T. MAY Women's Apparel MALON E'S SERVICE STORE Specializing in CounI'ry Hams SI'ore Hours 6:30 A.M. 'Io I0:00 P.M PULASKI, TENNESSEE DEAN'S FURNITURE EM 3-5676 I YARBROUGH-YOKLEY JEWELRY CO. Wa+ches - Diamonds Giffs for 'rhe En+ire Family "See Y and Y Before You Buy" Phone EM 3-5672 DAVIS 81 ESLICK FOOD STORE Giles Coun+y's Largesi' Supermarkei' BRowNLow-c:ARDIN DRUG co. E Q9 aan f M.G,.:f-'1"V"'ri-A J if in 'ii Q Rn DEPENDABLE 0 A, DRUGGIS1' CROSS ROADS SERVICE STATION Roy Vansani, Cperaior can EMe"50n 33563 Gulf Producfs Highways 3I and 64 STAPP'S MARKET EM 3-257I 3 I4 Mill Pulaski SIMS OIL CO., MARKETER Sinclair Producis PU LASKI, TENNESSEE SCOGGIN BEAUTY SHOP EM 3-I23I I08 Soullw Firsl' Pulaski SPOTLESS CLEANERS Shirl' Laundering Aliering and Repairing Pick Up and Delivery Dial EM-3-I546 HERBERT McNEESE, Owner MOORE 8: WILLIAMS LUMBER CO. Millwork and Building Maferial SUNSHINE CLEANERS lI's Sunshine Every Time MR. AND MRS. ROY SPRINGER PHONE EM 3-2576 PULASKI, TENN. Phone 3-I594 LEV'N50N'5 PULASKI LUMBER co. Everylhing You Need for Building "MosI' for Your Money Always" 400 WEST POPULAR PHONE EM 3-I535 GORDON BROS.. DIST. Pure Pep and Pure Premium Gasoline Super-DuI'y- Purelube Molor Oil PHONE EM 3-I586 PAULK'S CRESCENT BAKERY EVELYN'S FLOWERS YOUNG 8. MCALESTER S. 2nd S+. Telephone Phone X-21 "ANYTlME" PULASK' BLUEBIRD sPoRTlNe eoons AU-ro SUPPLY Co' RESTAURANT NEWSSTAND 20I Easl Madison Sfreel EM 3-468' PULASKI, TENN. Boon-rs LCE PLANT EM 3-ml WINDSOR VILLAGE MOTEL Depol Pulaski EM 3'22l5 3Il SouI'l1 Firsl' Pulaski MOONEY'S SHELL SERVICE STATION BECKHAM MOTOR CO. MO EM 3-I272 eds MQ 303 W. College Pulaski if complimenfs CHRISTOPHER'S of WEST END SUPPLY CLARENCE CARDIN Building Malerials General Conlracling THOMPSON'S SUPERETTE A Qualify Sfore PHONE EM 3-4546 For All Your Insurance Needs ESLICK 8: ABERNATHY AGENTS Phone EM 3-3558 Pulaski, Tennessee Sl"llELD'S FLOWERS 2l9 So. Third' S+. PHONE EM3-l542 P. C. EDMUNDSON AND SON PHONE EM3-3 nan ABERNATHY CONCRETE COMPANY We Build and Deliver SepI'ic Tanks EASY PAY TIRE STORE Field Tile Ho+poin'I' Appliances EM 34527 PHONE EM 3-I37I Soufh Second Pulaski Phone EM3-537I RACKLEY BUILDERS SUPPLY KUHN'S 5-I0-25c STORE PULASKI, TENNESSEE PULASKI SERVICE STATION 227 Sou'Ih Firsf Slreel JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY Mercury - Edsel - Renaul+ EM-3-II76 ROBERT O. HOLLEY, Owner EM 3-2599 ABC CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY HARWELU5 PICK-UP AND DELIVERY REALTY AND AUCTION OO. EM 3-3454 Phone EM-3-4555 2 I4 Norfh Firsi Pulaski ERNEST PROSSER CONTRACTORS - GENERAL REPAIRS 2I2 E. Madison Pulaski Phone Em-3-I43I PULASKI GIN AND GRAIN COMPANY CoH'on, Corn Coal and Feeds Pulaski, Tennessee Phone EM 3-I5II M. COHEN AND SONS Wholesale Grocers EM 3-2566 II2 W. Washingfon Pulaski COX 81 CURRY INSURANCE AGENCY Pulaski, Tennessee WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Where You Exped More for Your Money . . . and Gef I+! MORRIS HARWELL 81 SON "A LITTLE BETTER Fon A LITTLE LESS" Easl' Side of Square Shoes - Dry Goods - Ready-To-Wear "THE HOME-FOLKS STORE" LAKEVIEW RESTAURANT Overlooking ABERNATHY LAKE THE PULASKI CITIZEN Phone EM3-3544 M. S. CHURCH AUTO PARTS CO. 322 NorI'h Second SI. Phone EM 3-3535 PU LASKI FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CO. Phone EM 3-I544 Pa'H'erson SI. WHOLESALE ONLY E3 'X E 3 2426 BEN FRANKLIN ""' 58II0STORE SH C 8' B EM 3-35.9 L I If Il o TIRE 81 BATIERY COMPANY Easf Side of Square Pulaski C. L. MEYER WATSON-EDIVIUNDSON HARDWARE CO SERVICE SIGN SYSTEM Hagdware ElSpor2ngrGoods WWanen 528V2 Nor'I'h Firsl' Sfreefl' alms ec'SysI:5,.::nceS der Phone EM 3-3226 EM 3,5202 WYNNE'S SERVICE STATION Tires Tubes Vulcanizing Phone EM 3-4643 RICHLAND MILLS RAILROAD EM 3-J58I THOMPSON MOTORS PULASKI. TENN. Phone Em-3-2232 W LUTHER THOMPSON New and Used Cars DIXIE FURNITURE STORES Complefe Home Furnishings Eleclric Appliances EM 3-2539 30l Norlh Firslf Pulaski THANK YOU, MERCHANTS AND PATRONS The Giles Coun'I'y High School CREST Sfaff wishes +o express ap- precia+ion +o Ihose who helped sell ads. Fay Bass Johnny Tale Johnny Prince Henry Whife Joyce Wonder Jeanie Moore BeH'y Holl- June Hargrove Delene Lew+er Linda Brindley Dale Ronnie Miles Billy Fleming Jimmy Worsham Aprile PuclceH' Clyda Harwell CharIoH'e Wrighl' Mauveline Marlin Mary Toby Speer Sue Sneed Richard Cheafham Marie Co'H'rell Johnny S+evenson Jerry Harmond Joe Glossup Ladeva Haslings Johnny Davis Janie Fosler Larry Monrgomery Bill Tegarden Gene Barlar Bobby Miller Carol Smi+h Mac McKay Judy Johnson Sandra Francis Judy BuI'ler Faye Fogg Linda Rufherford Richard Bowen Edgar Harwell Roberl Chealham LEGO!-Q .QU-bp-EOv0'lj-CQ, a?UQw0w1v6 Qwiwioij MW M WM,Ww! MM wfwfffwg 'Wx WW 1,f5,'f',f2'fw if me MQ M so WM W' f M ff? 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Suggestions in the Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) collection:

Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 14

1960, pg 14

Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 28

1960, pg 28

Giles County High School - Crest Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 68

1960, pg 68

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