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.A:'G.:,i"'- , ,mu ,.:,J,,gf " ' . A XJ? - ,J-rr".L ,.', JL: 3" Qikf 3.51 ,gr 'e ' - x.,w,,g,lgg'-,.,f .Lg Q .,i,,,,..:.,-. . r 9.m'Q:i - M. Y-f' T.. ul Sie! Emu w -' .Email :JL 'ming 1?:i,.' Q EEF LECTO12 l957 VOLUME 27 'u G11 504 calves wa L E CEN TEA L Alma Mater Far above the sparkling water Neath the sky of blue Stand Gilboa Central High School Glorious to view. CHORUS Lift the chorus, speed it onward Let her praises tell Hail to thee, Gilboa High School We will serve thee well. All the world proclaims our glory And our colors grand: For the purple and the gold We will always stand. We forever shall be loyal To our school so dear For her colors we shall toil And her name we'll cheer. ADMINISTRATION Page '7 1 v I ORGANI ZATIONS Page 35 W X CLASSES Page 51 ff Table 0 Contents I K sEN1oRs P ' I Page 15 5 5 0 P I UNDERCLASSMEN 3 Page 23 sd 9 ATHLETICS ff Page 43 . i ' ALUMNI Page 57 First row: D. Proudman, D. Freeman, F. D. Hallock, Miss F. Ogbin, I. Bailey. Second row: P. Rossi, P. Humphrey, I. Dewitt, L. Buel, S. Plankenhorn, P. Mueller, L. Becker The Reflector Staff' Drew Up Plans for the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief - - - - FLORA DEL HALLOCK Assistant Editor - - - - - - DONALD FREEMAN Junior Assistant - - - ------ LAURA LEWIS Literary Editor - - - SONIA PLANKENHORN Alumni Editor - - ' ' ' ' ' JOYCE BAILEY News Editor - - - - PATRICIA MUELLER Sports Editor - - - - PAUL HUMPHREY Art Editor ------ - - - LARRY BECKER Assistant Art Editor - - - ----- PETER ROSSI Photography Editor - - - - DONNA PROUDMAN Subscription Chairman - - - - JANICE DEWITT Business Manager ---- ------ LE SLIE BUEL Advisor -------- - - MISS FRANCES OGBIN The REFLECTOR staff, elected in the latter part of the Junior year, is concerned in the Senior year with the preparation of the yearbook. Although it is the Seniors' responsi- bility to compile the book, it covers the life of the entire school. Dedication MRS. HERBERT EDWARDS We, the Class of 1957, wish to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Herbert Edwards, our guide in Junior High, and Mr. James Gallagher, advisor in our Sophomore and Junior years. During the two years that Mrs. Edwards was our advisor, she did much for our class, directing us in our efforts. Mr. Gallagher, who also was our class advisor for two years, helped us in our social and money making activities. We shall never forget them. MR. JAMES I. GALLAGHER F Princnnalis Message Gilboa -Conesville Central School Gilboa, New York I une, 1957 As you leave high school this month your paths begin to diverge. Some of you will enter other institutions of learning, some the Armed Forces and some will go directly into your chosen occupations. lt is my hope that the past four years have provided you not only with the basic skills but with general knowledge, habits of morality, principles of good sportsmanship and the practices of citizenship which will enable you to build a satisfactory career in your chosen fields of endeavor. The problems of our country have never been more serious than at present: in a time of unprecedented prosperity, we must struggle to preserve our way of life. As you settle in various communities and take up the full burden of responsible citizenship, may it be given to each of you to make those contributions to the welfare of the community, state and nation that our democracy may survive and improve and that you may pass on to future generations the blessings of freedom which you have en- joyed. As a group you have made an enviable record. The same application to work and duty which you have demonstrated here will assure your future success. It is my earnest wish that your lives may each be full, rewarding and filled with happiness. Sincerely, Vivian B. Peckham l X WILLIAM F. SPENCER VIVIAN B, PECKHAM District Superintendent Principal They Administer the School. ELIZABETH MERWIN Secretary ROS EMARY RICHTMYER Secretary and Clerk Board 0 Education First row: Mrs. M. Wyckoff, Treasurer: Mr. P. Moore, President: Mrs. V. Csontos, I. Wyckoff, Mrs. R. Richtmyer, Clerk. Second row: Mr. V. Stewart, Mr. B. Spaulking Provide for Uur School und Its Activities First row: J. Lutz, Treasurer: L. Smith, D. Hallock, President: B. Stewart, K. Clark, Secretary. Second row: F. D. Hallock, P. Giesin, L. Fancher, L. Buel, F. Glavin, C. Persons, Mr. V. B. Peckham. Absent: L. Lewis, Vice President. Student Council 9 Flrst row: Mrs. H. Peckham, Mrs. H. Carson, Mrs. W. Keyser, Mrs. N. Parliman, Mrs. A. Lutz, Mrs. M. Negus, Mrs. F. Marquit. Second row: Mr. G. Carman, Mr. J. Marquit, Mrs. A. Carman, Mrs. H. Mattice, Mrs. M. Jackson, Mr. E. Buell, Mrs. I. Silvernail, Mrs. A. Nickerson. The Faculty Help Us Through School, ENDWELL BUELL - Oneonta State Teachers College - Grade Four ADELE CARMAN - Plattsburg Normal - Grade One GEORGE CARMAN - Oneonta State Teachers College - Grade Six HELEN CARSON - Oneonta Normal - Kindergarten MILDRED JACKSON - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Two WILHELMINA KEYSER - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Four ANGELINE LUTZ - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Three JAMES MARQUIT, JR. - Oneonta State Teachers College - Grade Six FREDA MARQUIT - Kingston Hospital School of Nursing - School Nurse HILDA MATTICE - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Five MARGARET NEGUS - New 'York State College for Teachers, Albany - Grade One ARVILLA NICKERSON - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Two NAOM1 PARLIMAN - Oneonta Normal School - Grade Three HAZEL PECKHAM - Oneonta State Teachers College - Kindergarten JEANETTE SILVERNAIL - Eastman School of Dental Hygiene, University of Rochester, Buffalo State Teachers College - Dental Hygienist First row: Mrs. M. Ames, Mrs. E. James, Miss F. Ogbin, Mrs. M. Wright, Miss J. Macdonald, Mrs. H. Hubbard, Miss G. Conner, Mrs. E. Merwin. Second row: Mr. J. Hopkins, Mr. L. Negus, Mr. R. Dowitsch, Mrs. H. Luongo, Mrs. P. Hopkins, Mr. E. Hubbard, Mr. F. Wickert, Mr. L. Neil, Mr. W. Hunt. and Have Been Our Leaders VIVIAN B, PECKHAM - Syracuse University, Teachers College, Columbia University - Principal MARGARET AMES - Keuka College - Junior High English GRACE CONNER - Oneonta State Teachers College - Homemaking CLAUDETTE DELAMATER - Brockport State Teachers College - Girls' Gym ROBERT DOWITSCH - Fredonia State Teachers College - Music JAMES HOPKINS - Williams College - Junior Mathematics and Science PAULINE HOPKINS - Skidmore College - Art EVERETT HUBBARD - Cortland State Teachers College - Boys' Gym HELEN HUBBARD - New York State College for Teachers, Albany - Commerce WILLIAM HUNT - Lehigh University - Science ELSIE JAMES - Alfred University - English LEROY NEGUS - New York State College for Teachers, Albany - Mathematics and Driver Training LEONARD T. NEIL - Springfield College - Social Studies, Guidance FRANCES OGBIN - Hunter Collegeg Columbia University: New York State College for Teachers, Albany - Librarian FRED WICKERT - Syracuse University, Cornell University - Agriculture JANET MACDONALD - New York State College for Teachers, Albany - English, French MYRTLE WRIGHT - Oneonta Normal School - Junior High Social Studies, English Mrs. S. Moseman, Mrs. F. wiedman Mrs L Dewrtt Mrs C Hughes Mrs R. Miller. They Maintain a Mr. G. Fredenburgh Mr. H. Regular Mr. O. Csontos Clean, and Healthy Mrs. F. Marquit Mrs. J. Silvernail School 'Qr l First row: Mr. C. Castle, Mr. S. Slater, Mr. E. Fancher, Mr. G. Shaffer. Second row: Mr. S. Fredenburgh, Mr. O. Wright, Mr. G. Oakley, Mr. K. Cook, Mr. F. Wyckoff, Mr. G. Bailey, Mr. N. Gramotin. Bus Drivers and Bus Patrolmen, Transport Students to and From School Safely. First row: D. Brown, D. Cammer, E. Goodfellow, B. Briggs, I. Brown, C. Decker, R. Bagley. Second row: E. Keith, J. Brandow, D. Proudman, L. Lewis, L. Smith, M. Castle. Third row: L. Brainerd, M. Kohler. Fourth row: J. Traulsen, V. Moseman, P. Mueller, B. Snyder, R. VanAken. Fifth row: M. Cornell, S..Brown, K. Clark, J. Law, D. Vanwormer. The bus patrolmen help the driver care for his passengers. f M21 5 , A Dana lf "1 IQ ' T l. in 'Q is I !'! 1 iii T 'ife .1 tif li Calendar of Events September October November December January February March April May June County Fair Soccer Games Cross Country Meets School Fair Halloween Parade Magazine Campaign Basketball Games Cheerleading Tryouts All-State Sectional Seniors' Thanksgiving Dance Seniors' Christmas Dance Christmas Party Mid-Year Exams Schoharie County Legion Oratorical Contest Regents Scholarship Exams Juniors receive rings Close of Basketball Season All-County Festival Juniors' Dance Seniors go to Washington Baseball Games Junior Prom County Music Festival N. Y. S. S. M. A. Festival Final Exams Class Picnics Grade Commencement Senior Graduation ,410 3 ff' y .5-,.. r r'- , 0 X1 ' X 1 2 .I it Q JN Kr- "' I 1. 4 lat-- ga ,1 If .Q ,Mb W o Ib 'ii i l in The Seniors JOYCE ARLENE BAILEY Band 7, 8, 1.2, 3,4: Chorus 8, 1,2, 3.4: County Band 2,3,4: Class Vice President 3: Girls' Glee Club, President 4: Dramatics 1.2: Newspaper Club 3: Student Council, Treas- urer 1, Secretary 2: Reflector Staff, Alumni Editor 4: Oratorical Contest 4. Sell Magazines LARRY ROBERT BECKER Basketball 1, 2, 3.4: Baseball 8, 1,2,3,4: Soccer 2, 3,4: Cross Country 2, 3,4: Volleyball 3, 4: Model Club 1: Varsity "G" Club 2: Newspaper Club 3: Science Club 4: Junior Prom Attendant 3: Class Treasurer 1,2: Class President 3.4: Re- flector Staff. Art Editor 4. and Cards, MURIEL HATTIE ETTA BRAINERD Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Dramatics Club 1,2: Sports Club 3: Glee Club 4: FHA Secretary 3, President 4: Class Play 1, 2: Latin Play 1: Student Coun- cil 1. IUERGEN HENRY BRAREN Band 1,2: Basketball 2,4: Model Club 1: Boys' Home- making Club 2: Science Club 3: Wrestling Club 4: Essay Award for Fire Prevention 4. DOROTHY FRANCES BUCCHIONI Chorus 1,2, 3,4: County Chorus 1,2, 3.4: All State Chorus 1: Sports Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 1,2: Girls' Glee Club, Vice President and Director 4: Class Secretary 2: FHA Talent Contest 3. MILDRED NINA CASTLE Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3,4: Newspaper Club 1, 2: Baton Club 3, 4. Hold Dances, LESLIE ALLEN BUEL Basketball 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3,43 Baseball 4: Rifle Club 4: Boys' Homemak- ing Club 2, 3: Model Club 1: King Junior Prom 3: State Cross Country Run 3, 4: Student Council 4: Reflector staff. Business Manager 4. RALPH WALTON CUTLER Basketball 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 1: Class Vice President 1 Art Club 1: Boys' Homemaking 2, 3, Secretary 4: Coble- skill Judging Trips 3: Second Prize Poultry Judging. AUDREY JEAN FANCHER Chorus 8, 1, 2, 3, 4: County Chorus 8, 3: Dra- matics Club 1, 2: Newspaper Club 3: Science Club 4, Secretary: Bus Patrol 1: Dramatics Club Play 1, 2: Reflector Staff, Assistant Alumni Edi- tor 4. IANICE ELAINE DE WITT Chorus 8, 1, 2, 3: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4: Baton Club 1, 2, 3,4: FHA 2, 3, 4, Secretary: Class Play 2: Magazine Salesman- ship Award 4: Bus Patrol 3,43 Junior Prom Attendant 3: Reflector Staff, Subscription Manager 4: Graduation Usher- ette 3. and Sell Refreshments IUNE ELIZABETH FREEMAN Band 1,2, 3,4: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Cheerleading 3.4: Dra- matics Club 1, 2: Glee Club 4: County Chorus 2, 3: Sports Club 3: Student Council 4. DONALD HENRY FREEMAN Soccer 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Newspaper Club 4: Photography Club 3: Model Club 2: Boys' Home- making 1: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Reflector Staff, Assistant Editor 4: Graduation Usher 3. FRANCES ISABELLE GERMAN Violin 7, 8: Chorus l,2: Cairo Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 4, Secretary: Library Club 1, 3: Newspaper Club 2, 3: Christmas Play 4. EUGENE DAVID HALLOCK Band 7, 8,1, 2, 3.4: Class President 2, Vice Presi Homemaking 4: FFA 1,2, 3, President 4: Boys' State 3: Student Council 2, 3, President 4. at Basketball Games FLORA DEL HALLOCK Band 6,7,8,1,2,3,4: Chorus 8,1,2,3,4: Dra- matics Club 1, 2: Newspaper Club 3: Science Club 4: Student Colmcil 2, Vice President 3: Junior Prom Attendant 3: School Oratorical Con- test Second Place 4: Reflector staff, Editor-in- Chief 4. PAUL D. HUMPHREY IR. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3,4: Volleyball 3,4: Art Club 1: Science Club President 3: Rifle Club 4: FFA 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3: Ag. Play 3: Driver Training Play 3: Reflector Staff, Sports Editor 4. dent 4: Model Club 2: Photography Club 3: Boys' Soccer 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 1, 2, 3.4: Newspaper Club 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Class Secretary 3: Dramatics Club 1.2: Newspaper Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 4: FHA 3,4: Bus Patrol 1, 2, 3,4: Class Play 2: Dramatics Play 1: DAR Citizenship Award 4: Student Council 3. WILLIS PAUL LUTZ Basketball 1. 2: Boys' Homemaking 2, 3, 4, President 4: FFA 1, 2, 3,4: Art Club 1: FFA Play 2: Best Work in Shop 8: Class Reporter 3. to Raise Funds JOAN MARIE MOORE Band 1,2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Cotmty Chorus 4: Model Club 1,2,4: Photography Club 3: FFA 1,2: Soccer 2: Baseball 2: County Band 1,2, 3: Reflector Staff, Art Edi- tor 4. PATRICIA ANN MUELLER Chorus 8, 1, 2, 3,4: Band "I, 8, 1, 2, 3,4: County Chorus 8, 1, 2, 3: All State Sectional Chorus 3: Baton Club 1.4: Future Teachers Club 2: Bus Patrol 2, 3,4: Freshman Class Play: FHA 4: Re- flector staff, News Editor 4, Sports Club 3: Junior Prom Attendant 3. PETER THOMAS ROSSI for Their Washington Trip. SONIA FAYE PLANKENHORN Band 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: A11 State Sectional 3, 4: County Band 2, 3: County Chorus 1.4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: Captain 4: Dramatics Club 1: Newspaper Club 2: Baton Club 3.4: FHA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4: Frenchl Play 1: Driver Training Play 3: FHA Play 3: Bus Patrol 4: Junior Prom Queen, Graduation Usherette 3: Reflector Staff, Literary Editor 4. DONNA LEE PROUDMAN Chorus 8, 1, 2, 3,4: Girls' Sports 4: Baton Club 1 2.3, Captain 4: Bus Patrol 2, 3,4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Driver Training Play 3: FHA Play 3: Reflector staff, Photography Editor 4. MISS GRACE CONNER Advisor MR. WILLIAM HUNT Advisor D0 You Remember When.. . . One of the usual procedures at the time of a great forward step is to take a backward look. What have been the events which made the greatest im- pressions? Who were the people whose influence determined the development of the members of the class: What gave the group its character, its identity? A search of memories should reveal these lasting factors. The teacher of any class exerts a great influence over her charges, partic- ularly over young children. The class of '57 remember their early school days as they began their formal education in Miss Stryker's class in the main build- ing or Miss Wyckoff's room in Manorkill. That seems to have been a long time ago. World war II had just ended. Vaccinations and whooping cough shots are always associated with Mrs. Nickerson's second grade, while the thrill of a first train ride, all the way from Stamford to Roxbury, distinguishes Mrs. Fernand's class the following year. Mrs. Maben took the class, then fourth grade, to the Catskill Game Farm. Everyone enjoyed the trip so much that the group voted to return the next year with Miss Lizette. She took her young charges to see the operation of a lock on the Erie Canal, too. The year which opened with a polio epidemic ended on a happier note. An assembly program intended to portray the nations of the world was a highlight of the school year. Beside the play itself, there was an exhibit of imported articles, and refreshments including cakes made and frosted in the homemaking department by members of the class. Mrs. Wright was the guiding hand at this time. Seventh grade brought departmentalization of classes. Mr. Dahlberg climaxed the local and state history covered in social studies by taking the class to visit the Old Stone Fort and the Schoharie Jail. No one has forgotten the whiff of tear gas encountered at the jail. Mrs. Edwards started the class through eighth grade but left at Christmas time. A big farewell party for her was a major social event of the year. Mr. Moyer took over briefly but was soon succeeded by Mrs. Ames. The class motto, colors, and flowers, selected this year, were retained by the class throughout the remaining years in school. Like all Freshman classes at G. C. S. , '57 sold seeds. Under the direction of Miss Macdonald, class advisor, a play, "Bobby Socks, " was given as one of the three one-act plays. Highlights of the Sophomore year, with Mr. Gallagher as advisor, includ- ed another play, "No More Boys, " and a hayride. A major event in the history of G. C. S. occurred in the fall of 1955. The new addition to the building was opened. In the Junior year, with Mr. Gallagher continuing as advisor, magazines were sold during the fall and dances scheduled in the spring. The weather interfered as much as possible with floods and snowstorms, so that riot all events could be held, but the prom was held as planned. The class took over candy sales in the spring, and started the 1957 yearbook. The final year saw the class, now advised by Mr. Hunt, engaged in more money raising activities, starting with the sale of magazines and candy, and continuing with greeting cards, refreshments at ball games and P. T. A. meet- ing. The Washington trip was the focal point for the planning. After that, of course, all thoughts turned to graduation. 'af The Junior Class carried on a lumber of activities this year, in- cluding their first dance, the sale of magazines, and the sale of candy, all to raise money for the Senior trip. The Juniors received their class rings of which they are very proud. Juniors First row: J. Kingsley, Secretary. Second row: L. Fancher, Treasurer, B. Every, Pres- identg S. Lutz, Vice President. Receive Their Class Rings First row: M. Simpson, B. Snyder, S. Lutz, J. Kingsley, B. Every, I. Benson, B. Parliman Second row: T. Scutt, V. Moseman, Y. Merwin, L. Brainerd, L. Smith, C. Merwin, D. Pearsall, D. Ferris, P. Dunham, E. Keith, C. Castle, Miss I. Macdonald. Third row: Mr. L. Niel, R. Ehlers, P. Scannell, L. Haskin, R. Wilkens, R. Fancher, R. Keith, J. Law Absent: L. Lewis, L. Fancher, M. Van Buren. 41 First row: W. Barkman, Vice President, R. Mansfield, Treasurer: K. Clark, President. Second row: L. Quackenbush, Reporter, B. Stewart, Secretary. Sold Felt Emblems The Sophomore Class sold felt emblems to increase their funds toward their Washington trip. Also, they planned to produce a one-act play in the spring. Besides these money making activities, the treasury is built up with class dues. Sophomores First row L Quackenbush, E. Schermerhorn, B. Kingsley, J. Traulsen, S. Brown, R. Lafferty, B Stewart R Mansfield, M. Hughes, H. LeBarron. Second row: Mr. F. Wickert, P. Giesin, K Clark R Keith, R. German, H. Forsell, W. Barkman, R. Young, W. Stryker, E. Brainard, D Van Wormer, E. Goodfellow, Mrs. H. Hubbard. Absent: C. Smith, D. Bliss. First row: E. Klenow, P. Valenti, M. Cleveland, M. Cornell, M. Scutt, C. Persons, R. Van Aken, C. Brainerd. Second row: C. Victor, R. Wilkens, B. Everett, G. Tompkins, H. Boh- len, B. Dahlberg, N. Warner, J. Lutz, L. Stryker. Third row: L. Mattice, H. Braren, R. Bag- ley, R. Perry, E. Moore, F. Glavin, P. Lewis, S. Jackson, S. Slater, M. Haus, D. Van Buren, Absent: I. Brandow, R. Freeman, Advisors: Mrs. E. James, Mr. L. Negus. The Freshman Class sold seeds as their first money raising activity towards their Senior trip. They planned to produce a one -act play in the spring. The class decided no levy a charge of two dollars for class dues. Freshmen ,loin Clubs First row: R. Van Aken, Secretaryg B. Dahlberg, Reporter. Second row: J. Lutz, President, R. Wilkens Treasurer. First row: B. Bevins, S. Stryker, J. Moore, R. Moseman, S. Bendtson, R. Parliman, R. Del mar, S. Roe, B. Young, E. Quackenbush. Second row: Mrs. M. Ames, W. Briggs, G. Va- lenti, R. Benjamin, G. Fancher, E. bee, E. German, E. Bohlen, D. Miller, B. Roach, A. Jaeger, R. Rathbone, P. Konnelly. Third row: G. Every, S. LeRoy, A. Lutz, J. Slater, T. Rossi, M. Traulson, C. Decker. Absent: J. Beers, E. Newcomb, I. Manon, M. Stryker. Eighth Seventh Graders ,loin High School Chorus First row: W. Truesdell, L. Mower, W. Craig, D. Winston, R. Cook, D. Van Aken, D. Plankenhorn, J. Scholl, R. Glesin. Second row: E. Klenow, P. Van Buren, L. Mattice, M. Moseman, L. Jackson, C. Tompkins, B. Fredenburgh, E. Quackenbush, S. Kingsley, B. Conine, C. Proudman. Third row: W. Law, C. Stryker, G. Snyder, N. Bagley, D. Wil son, K. Wyckoff, L. Pearsall, H. Vroman, R. Schermerhom, D. Hubbard, E. Weidman. Fourth row: Mr. I. Hopkins, E. Chatfield, R. Becker, R. Haus, D. Martin, J. Carman, E. Schmitt, I. Brown, Mrs. M. Wright. I 5 First row: M. Enderlin, President, A. Peters, M. Goodfellow, S. Majoris, D. Cammer, I. Moseman, J. Clayton, B. Young, A. Lutz, Treasurer. Second row: I. Wallace, R. Forsell, R. Castle, M. Lafferty, E. Roe, M. Riedl, Vice President, M. Sinnott, Secretary, D. Hub- bard, R. Briggs, H. Bevins. Third row: Mr. Marquit, L. Scutt, L. Truesdell, H. Snyder, P. Pisarri, V. Bailey, C. Lee, W. Crandall. Absent: J. Mattice, A. Tompkins, D. Damm Six A and B Study World History First row: F. Marion, P. Brainerd, C. Holcomb, L. Mattice, R. Kingsley, D. Brown, S. Dahl berg, B. Becker, S. Crandall, C. Snyder, S. Peters. Second row: L. Clark, E. Fancher, S. Wamer, C. Carman, S. Martin, M. LeBarron, E. German, C. Huttman, H. Taylor, R. Perry. Third row: C. Place, A. Vrooman, R. Schermerhorn, J. Roach, E. Newcomb, L. Lee, Mr. Carman. Absent: L. Steiner. First row: E. Decker, E. Shaffer, F. McCumber, J. Mattice, G. Haus, S. Van Hoesen, A. Hoyt. Second row: M. Cross, J. Jaeger, B. Majoris, D. Plerce, S. Plankenhorn, H. weid man, B. Young, M. Smith, C. Sinnott. Third row: D. McCumber, J. Chatfield, R. Roe, M. LeBarron, S. Cammer, J. Germond, C. Lutz, M. Clark, R. Rossi. Fourth row: Mrs. Mattice, J. Peifer, W. Hubbard, F. Acello, W. Brandow, J. Cronk, D. Doyle, M. llwvcomb. Absent: M. Tompkins. Fzfh Graders Increase Their Knowledge of the World About Them JC- .1 ' 45 X95 fe, Grade Four A Flrstrow: I. Conine, R. Brainerd, D. Reed, P. Quackenbush, M. Stryker, J. Pearsall. Se- cond rowg R. Stewart, L. Koerner, P. Brainerd, K. Huggins, R. Bevins, P. Plankenhorn, B. Smith, S. Kirk, C. Snyder. Third row: L. Hoyt, G. Becker, K. Kohler, D. Kirk, C. Flores, L. Erbe, N. Tompkins, W. Case, P. Slater, I. Mattice. Fourth row: Mr. E. Buell. Absent: N. Kishpaugh, S. Truesdell, V. Crandall. Fourth Graders Start Instrumental Lessons First row: H. Lee, I. Ostrander, R. Vroman, D. Wood, J. Briggs, J. Riedl. Second row: P Peters, P. Clark, C. McCumber, R. Manon, D. Klenow, L. Marquit, M. DeSa1vo, L. Hug- gins, C. Giesin, P. Sinnott. Third row: L. Hill, R. Brown, C. Glavin, I. Cleveland, D. Every, D. Whelan, S. Fredenburgh, I. Wayman, G. Huttman. Raurth row: Mrs. W. Keyser Absent: K. Damm, R. Quackenbush. Grade Four B 30 no imfw Grade Three A First row: R. Taylor, D. Conro, C. Mattice, G. Merwin, I. Decker, R. Doyle. Second row: M. Young, I. Cleveland, I. Scholl, L. Gibson, M. Curtis, A. Giesin, G. Helmers, N. Csontos. Third row: G. Warner, W. Piefer, G. Porn, I. Hughes, J. Cleveland, R. Riedl, E. Cole, W. Stewart, C. Brown. Fourth row: Mrs. A. Lutz. Third Graders Use the Library First row: V. Lord, I. Brandow, T. Lutz, K. Pearsall. Second row: L. Clark, G. Shaffer, L. Nickerson, M. Cleveland, D. Truesdell, D. Cronk, J. Clark, D. Cammer, R. Ermlich. Third row: T. Gibson, E. Erbe, P. Rivenburg, L. Higgins, G. Murray, K. Lackey, D. Hill. Rmurth row: Mrs. N. Parliman. Absent: A. Jones, G. Wyckoff, J. Steiner. Grade Three B Grade Two A and B First row: J. Hughes, D. Ingraham, L. Dahlberg, D. Stewart, R. Cleveland, L. Manon, R. Holcomb, N. Jones, D. Reed. Second row: L. Cornell, M. Doyle, D. Parker, C. Brink, M. Carman, Mrs. Nickerson, J. Peck, D. Sinel, R. bee, A. Jones, T. Peifer. Absent: W. Lac- key. Are in the Grade Wing Firstrow: V. Cross, L. Bevins, L. Hill, S. Cross, S. Smith, M. Moseman, D. Fancher, S. Kirk. F. Clark. Second row: L. Crandall, W. Marquit, G. Castle, A. Mattice, S. LeBarron T. Jordan, K. Wayman, R. Reed, W. Tompkins. Third row. Mrs. Jackson. Absent: F. Hig- gins. Grade One A and B First row: C. LeBarron, I. Higgins, S. Shaffer, M. Scholl, W. King, D. Carman, C. Har- rington, V. Cross, M. O'Hara, I. Enderlin, M. Majoris. Second row: B. Buel, Y. Nichols, D. Hilliker, V. Miller, S. Wamer, R. Wilson, R. Smith, L. Sutton, D. Cammer, D. Becker J. Manon. Third row: Mrs. M. Negus, B. Bevins, L. Mattice, C. Wyckoff, B. Cleveland, M. Campanella, S. Curtis, L. Klenow, G. Foland. Absent: E. Cleveland, A. Lee. Learn the Three R's First row: B. Dunham, S. Bevins, T. Traulson, K. Peterson, E. Warner, C. Hubbard, L. Kingsley, P. Glavin, L. Hill, G. Stewart, W. Quackenbush. Second row: A. Quackenbush, R. Slater, L. German, R. Kingsley, C. Quackenbush, I. Bagley, G. Young, P. Koerner, H. Lee, L. Mattice, C. Ingraham. Third row: Mrs. A. Carman, D. Conro, K. Lee, J. Smith, R. Morse, T. Quackenbush, C. Jones, V. Tischmacher, L. Wickerson, D. Fancher. 1T---w - First row: Dara1Foland, T. Mattice, S. Warner, R. Merwin, L. Carman, L. Briggs, K. Powell, D. LaTourette, David Foland. Second row: D. Peckham, A. Lord, L. Hundertmark, M. McKenzie, Y. Jones, D. Koerner, H. Cleveland, B. Schermerhorn, P. Clark, C. Mace, B. Campanella. Third row: Mrs. H. Carson, T. Marquit, G. Wyckoff, H. Wyckoff, D. Pierce, C. Schaefer, C. Manon, S. Speanburg, A. Benjamin, W. Haines, K. Hoyt. The Kindergartners Get Accustomed to School Lyfe First row: L. Youngs, I. Jordan, A. Schermerhorn, M. Buel, D. LeBarron, M. Marsh, D. Becker, B. Cleveland. Second row: B. Reed, P. Slater, N. Crandall, G. Buel, Richard Bellinger, Robert Bellinger, M. O'Hara, W. King, Gary Cole, Glenn Cole. Third row: Mrs. H. Peckham, E. Slater Judy Rathbone, lack Rathbone, D. Porn, D. Usher, J. Kirk, M. Sinnott, D. Neil, C. Helmets. Fourc row: K. Csontos, I. Majoris, M. Carman, M. Cammer. J .5 l 34 - r -F- Chorus Entertains on Special Occasions .FJJJ First row: B. Dahlberg, M. Scutt. Second row: Mr. R. Dowitsch, D. Proudman, B. Everett, S. Bendston, R. Parliman, G. Fancher, F. D. Hallock, A. Fancher, D. Bucchioni. Third row: D. Van Wormer, R. Cook, D. Rathbone, A. Jaeger, W. Law, D Plankenhorn, J. Scholl, W, Craig, C. Victor, P. Rossi, J. Lutz. Fourth row: P. Mueller, R. VanAker1, H. Bohlen, E. Quackenbush, G. Tompkins, C. Persons, B. Conine, S. Kingsley, C. Proudman, J. Moore, D. Miller. First row: D. Pearsall, D. Proudman, J. Dewitt, Second row: S. Plankenhorn, L. Smith, J. Bailey, F. Glavin. Third row: P, Dunham, M. Scutt, K. Wyckoff, H. Bohlen. Fourth row: B. Conine, D. Miller, S. Kingsley, D. Hallock, P. Lewis, A Lutz, R. Cook, D. Van Wormer. Fifth row: P. Rossi, J. Lutz, D. Kishpaugh. M. Hughes, J. Moore, L. Pearsall, K. Wyckoff, H. Vroman, L. Smith, Y. Merwin, J. Kingsley, E. Schermerhorn, C. Merwin. B. Every, S. Lutz, D. Martin, E. Wiedman, G. Every, M. Haus, T. Rossi, I. Lutz. M. Cornell, S. Plankenhorn, P. Dunham, E. Bohlen, S. Stryker, D. Wilson, E. Keith, M. Brainerd, B. Kingsley. B. Stewart, R. Lafferty, M. Castle. S. Stryker, B. Dahlverg, F. D. Hallock, T. Rossi, E. Fowler. J. Freeman, S. Lutz, L. Stryker, W. Stryker, B. Every. J. Brown, R. Ehlers, P. Mueller, M. Haus, Mr. R. Dowitsch. .A YQ, x X 'tv y X X And Band Plays for Assemblies The Science Club Experiments and First row: A. Fancher, Secretary: B. Every, E. Fowler, I. Benson, B. Parliman, Vice Presidentg F. D. Hallock, M. Simpson. Second row: R. Wilkens, R. Ehlers, F. Galvin, R. Bagley, L. Haskin, W. Barkman, J. Braren, President: Mr. W. Hunt, Advisor. The Science Club attempts to increase students' interest in science by bringing together those interested in that field of knowledge. The Newspaper Club Publishes School News Functions of the Newspaper Club are three-fold. In the first place, they gather the news and prepare it for the area newspapers. Secondly, they publish the school paper. Finally, they keep a scrapbook of school publicity. First row: H. LeBarton, P. Dunham, J. Kingsley, Editor: L. Brainerd, Miss F. Ogbin. Second row: T. Scutt, L. Quackenbush, B. Kingsley, V. Moseman, D. VanV1iet, M. Schaefer, E. Keith, C. Castle, Y. Merwin. Third row: P. Scannell, R. Keith. 38 N D. Bucchioni, L. Smith F German J Moore E Schermerhorn M Bram d B. Snyder, Mrs. E. James Glee Dr on Lib First row- M Scutt B . . , . Dahlberg J Traulsen R Mansfield S Brown MissJ Macdonald Second row: R. Fancher, S Lutz D Take Part K-in First row: D. Proudman, Captain. Second row: D. Pearsall, J. Dewitt. Third row: B. Stewart, R. Laf- ferty. Fourth row: M. Cas- tle, S. Plankenhorn. Fifth row: B. Everett, M. Cleve land, M. Hughes, C. Per- son, M. Cornell, H. Bohlen P. Mueller, P. Valenti. Sixth row: Mr. R. Dowitsch School Activities FFA. ization intended to train leadership among farm boys. The motto of the nation-wide group is: "Learning to do t Doing to learn Learning to live Living to serve. " First row: P. Giesin, Reporter: D. Vanwormer, Mr. F. Wickert, E. Goodfellow, E. Klenow. Second row: H. Forsell, Sentinel: P. Humphrey, P. Lewis, L. Fancher, Secretary: R. Bagley, R. Young. Third row: R. German, D. Hallock, Presidentg W. Barkman, D. Freeman. Vice President: J. Law. Fourth row: L. Buel, Treasurer: R. Fancher, W. Lutz. Uur Nation- Wide Organizations F H. A. The Future Home- makers, a chapter of the national organi- zation, includes girls interested in home- making and related occupations as voca- tions. First row: I. Benson, B. Snyder, D. Proudman, M. Brainerd, President: J. Dewitt, Secretary: B. Stewart, Treasurer: S. Plankenhorn, Vice President. Second row: M. Simpson, B. Parliman J. Moore, Miss G. Conner, B. Kingsley, J. Traulsen, C. Merwin, J. Kingsley, D. Bucchioni, P. Mueller. 40 The F. F. A. is an organ- Boys' Homernalcing Boys who like to cook and serve ' meals are able to do so through this club. First row: E. Klenow, E. Goodfellow, P. Giesin, Miss G. Conner, Advisor: M. VanBuren, E Brainard, D. Vanwormer, C. Brainerd. Second row: E. Moore, R. Perry, Vice President: R German, P. Lewis, W. Lutz, President: D. Hallock, H. Forsell, Reporter. Boys Learn Cooking While Girls Learn Craps Girls 9 Shop Girls' Shop Club gives the girls an opportunity to learn something about craft work. R. VanAken, Secretary: G. Tompkins, Vice President: Mr. F. Wickert, N. Warner, President. 4I lr First row: Mr. L. Neil, R. Freeman, P. Humphrey, Treasurer: L. Bael, President: L. Becker, R. Youmg. Second row: I-I. Braren, M. Haus, L. Fancher, Secretary: K. Clark, Vice President L. Haskin, B. Everv. I. Law. The Rifle Club was formed for the purpose of creating within its members, skill, safety, and sportsmanship in the use of firearms. The Members ofthe Kyle Club and the Model Club Develop New Skills 3 il AA 9' Q Qs First row: P. Rossi, Vice President: Mr. L. Negus. Second row: D. VanBuren, L. Stryker, W. Stryker, R. Wilkens, L. Mattice, J. Braren. Absent: E. Geng, President. Model builders are able to work in company with other enthusiasts in this club which exists especially for their enjoyment. X A First row: D. Freeman, W. Micha, B. Every, P. Humphrey, W. Drebitko, K. Clark, R. Fan cher, M. VanBuren, S. Lutz. Second row: Mr. E. Hubbard, P. Scannell, D. Vanwormer C Smith, R. Pickett, C. Wyckoff, R. Young, W. Barkman, L. Becker. Baseball is played during the spring season 2 X BASEBALL scomzs ,EQ I 2 'ik Spring SS WE Y: ' 4: if r - 1' C TEAM Richmondville Sharon Middleburg South Kortright Berne Knox Grand Gorge Jefferson Duanesburg South Kortright Grand Gorge Schoharie THEY 4 9 4 1 17 I ' ' P, 2 21 . 3 14 4 1 ' 1 14 I 2 8 14 If 0 8 1 4 The baseball team won three of its games during the spring 1956 season. Bill Drebrtko Charlie Wyckoff, Larry Becker, and Kenny Clark were the pitchers. Q A! .,.: ?'fTfT'-friiilillll ' ' V- ' Tgf7..FY, V' V l Sea First row: L. Fancher, D. Freeman, P. Humphrey, L. Becker, L. Buel, B. Every. Second row: R. Wilkens, S. Slater, E. Moore, W. Barkman, R. Young, K. Clark P. Lewis, E. Brainard, C. Victor, I. Lutz, Mr. E. Hubbard. Soccer Team Shows Promise for Future Victories. SCORES T EA M WE THEY Sharon 4 2 Duanesburg 2 3 Schoharie 2 4 Cobleskill O 2 Berne Knox 6 0 Middleburg 1 5 Gilboa succeeded in winning two of their six games played this season. Next year, the team will lose four Senior members: Leslie Buel, Larry Becker, Paul Humphrey, and Donald Freeman. The Varsity Has Worked Hard to Win. First row: P. Humphrey, L. Buel, L. Haskin, L. Becker, J. Braren. Second row: R. Fancher, B. Every, R. Young, W. Barkman, C. Smith, Mr. E. Hubbard, Coach. The Varsity Cheerleaders Have Encouraged Their Team. First row: D. Pearsall, J. Dewitt, J. Freeman, S. Plankenhorn, Captain. Second row: L. Smith, Manager: Mrs. H. Hubbard, Advisor. Absent: D. Bucchioni, P. Dunham. The 1956-57 Varsity cheerleaders have re- ceived new uniforms that have improved their appearance while performing. f. V. ,s Have Had a Successful Season First row: E. Klenow, C. Brainerd, R. Wilkens, D. Vanwormer, J. Lutz, R. Perry. Second row: C. Victor, R. German, R. Wilkens, Mr. I. Marquit, Coach: K. Clark, M. Haus, L. Fancher, E. Brainard. J. V Cheerleaders Have Made Up New Cheers First row: C. Persons, B. Stewart, Captain: J. Brandow. Second row: I. Traulsen Manager: E. Schermerhorn, R. Mansfield, R. Lafferty, Mrs. H. Hubbard, Advisor. The Junior Varsity cheer- leaders have been doing a splendid job in encourag- ing our boys to win a series of victories. Both Varsity and I Vi VARSITY GAMES WE THEY Middleburg 57 51 Schoharie 50 54 Jefferson 43 51 Duanesburg 57 51 Berne Knox 32 51 Rlchmondville 57 58 Sharon 54 48 Grand Gorge ' 39 57 Middleburg 48 46 Schoharie 44 47 Roxbury ' 65 46 Jefferson 63 77 Duanesburg 61 58 Berne Knox 47 106 Rich mondville 7 5 42 Sharon 64 43 Grand Gorge ' 40 53 ' non-league games Gllboa Varsity succeeded in winning seyen of the fourteen league games to take fourth place in the league. Next year the team will lose Larry Becker, Paul Humphrey. Leonard Haskin, Herman Forsell, and Leslie Buel so that the new squad will be made up mostly of '56-'57 I. V. players. Teams Placed F oarth J. V. GAMES WE THEY Middleburg 40 45 Schoharie 40 27 Jefferson 37 28 Duanesburg 23 35 Berne Knox 24 37 ,I Richmondville 40 34 F Sharon 38 14 fgggfr i Middleburg 44 33 I 71 . Schoharie 36 29 6 Roxbury ' 26 27 Q 9 Jefferson 25 35 Duanesburg 25 6 48 Berne Knox 33 57 Richmondville 43 36 Sharon 51 33 The J. V. Team likewise won seven of their games this season and ended in fourth place in the league as did the Varsity. Next year a number of its members will be moved up to Varsity. Junor High Boys First row: M. Stryker, L. Stryker, J. Scholl, R. Cook, R. Buel, D. Plankenhorn. Second row: R. Giesin, I. Carman, R. Becker. I. Brown, E. Wiedman, E. Chatfield, A. Lutz, R. Benjamin. Third row: G. Every, T. Rossi, Mr. G. Carman, F. Glavin, D. Rathbone. Enjoy Basketball E r' .f 'f in 'Em sconas Q 4 5 TEAM we THEY .S 'X Duanesburg 45 24 Middleburg 2 0 27 5 Jefferson 31 25 8 ' Schoharie 26 30 b Sharon 33 24 Duanesburg 27 18 The Junior High team had a very good, season, losing only two of the six games played Next year's team looks to be very promising. Ii ,J In Run! Boys! Run! L Mattice, E. Klenow, P. Giesin, B. Every, M. Van Buren, R. Fancher, P. Humphrey L Becker, L. Fancher, C. Victor, S. Slater, R. Young, K. Clark, R. German L Buel Mr Hubbard. Make the Sectionalsf The first cross country meet of the season was held at Middleburg during the latter part of September. Gilboa was successful in winning with a score of 23. Middleburg had 37. On October 3, Gilboa and Cobleskill met at Jefferson. Again Gilboa came in at the top with the score of 28 against Jefferson's 83 and Cobleskill's 29. On October 10, Gilboa was host to Richmondville and Jefferson but remained undefeated. At the end of the run Gilboa had 28, Rich- mondville 29, and Jefferson 87. At the Cobleskill Invitation Run, Gilboa came in in third place behind Richmondville and Waterford. Again at the County Run at Cobleskill on October 25 Gilboa took third place following Richmond- ville and Cobleskill. Middleburg and Jefferson also participated in the run. November 3, at the Sectional Run in Schenectady, Gilboa took second place in Class "D" Section. As a result Leslie Buel again re- presented Gilboa at the Intersectional Run at Baldwinville. Leslie thus became the schoo1's first member ever to take part in the Sectional two years in succession. Although the team will lose Leslie Buel, Paul Humphrey, and Larry Becker by graduation, next year's squad looks very promising with good runners coming up. 5? X Q XVQW 1. ' x .2 XZ-Q .,- X Girls Learn to Play Volleyball First row: M. Cleveland, R. Lafferty, B. Dahlberg, B. Everett. Second row: R. Mans- field, I. Brandow, R. VanAken, L. Quackenbush, E. Schermerhorn. Third row: M. Hughes, N. Warner, P. Valenti, I. Traulsen. In gym class, the girls develop their skills in basketball and volleyball, and they learn to referee a game. and Basketball in High School Gym. Classes First row: T. Scutt, V. Moseman. B. Kingsley, F. German, C. Merwin, B. Snyder, D. Bucchioni S. Plankenhom, P. Mueller, Mn. H. Luongo, A. Fancher. Second row: L. Smith, C. Castle, E. Keith, J. Kingsley, Y. Merwin, I. Moore, J. Freeman, F. Hallock, E. Fowler, M. Castle. Third row: D. Pearsall, D. Ferris, M. Schaefer, P. Dunham, L. Brainerd, D. VanVliet, M. Kohler, D. Proudman, J. Dewitt. 52 People Need Training in All Walks of Lzfe - L. Becker, Mr. L. Negus, J. Dewitt, C. Smith, P. Rossi. The driver education course enables the licensed driver to improve his techniques teaches the non-driver how to operate an automobile, and instills in all a sense of courtesy and safety necessary to good highway conduct. The auto mechanics students learn to take care of and repair vehicles and other mechanical devices. With Their Hands as Well as With Their Head First row: R. Keith, L. Haskin, W. Barkman. Second row: Mr. F. Wickert, E. Good- fellow, P. Giesin, E. Brainard, R. Young, R. Wilkens, K. Clark. Chemistry First row: J. Moore, M. Brainerd, F. D. Hallock, S. Plankenhorn, D. Van Vliet, D. Ferris, Mr. W. Hunt. Second row: B. Parllman, I. Benson, B. Every, S. Lutz, J. Braren. H CI -I-F eS Vanishing Class K H 2 S1 Chemistry students learn the fundamentals of chemistry, scientific methods and the use of equipment. The members of the French I class learn to speak and write French. In addition, they learn interesting facts about France, her history, and her famous people. Parlez-vous Francais? F re rich 54 I First row: R. Mansfield, B. Stewart, F. Glavin. Second row: B. Dahlberg, J. Traulsen, L. Stryker. Third row: J. Lutz, D. VanBuren, R. Wilkens, R. Perry. Fourth row: Miss J. Mac- donald. Tran- seription First row: M. Simpson, V. Moseman. Second row: L. Smith, C. Merwin, E. Fowler. Third row: Mrs. H. Hubbard, J. Kingsley. Students Prepare for the Future Members of the junior class enrolled in Shorthand II are required to have one period a day for transcription practice - changing shorthand notes into mailable letters. The art department gives students an opportunity to develop their special talent and express themselves in art media. They also learn a number of crafts so that they will know how to beautify their surroundings. Others Develop New Talents Art l First row: P. Rossi, L. Becker, Mrs. P. Hopkins, W. Lutz, D. Proudman, M. Schaefer, J. Dewitt, P. Mueller. Second row: D. Bucchioni, F. D. Hallock. 55 Hornernaking II Girls Learn How J. Traulsen, R. Mansfield, B. Stewart, R. Lafferty, L. Quackenbush, Miss G. Conner, H. LeBarron, S. Brown, M. Hughes. Homemaking II girls spend their year learning about clothing and housing. Here they are seeing how to use a pattern. While Ag. Boys' Learn Farm Management S to 81,0 R. Young, R. Fancher, W. Barkman, P. Humphrey, J. Law, W. Lutz, L. Buel, Mr. F. Wickert, D. Hallock, D. Freeman, H. Forsell, L. Fancher. Modern farmers no longer need to know how to make two blades of grass grow where one grew before, but how best to manage the farm and market the product to best advantage. 56 L l - They Made the Grade CLASS OF 1931 Cecil Beers - Married Marion Enderlin, one dtr. , farming in Pratrsville, New York Lynn Cammer - Deceased, April 14, 1956 Paul Mac Lenithen - Married, teaching in Long Lake, New York Mary Myers - Mrs. Walter Cornwell, three children, Maryland Gladys Schermerhorn - Deceased Agnes Tompkins - Mrs. Earl Coons, Cobbleskill, New York Helen Wler - Secretary at Albany Hospital, Albany, New York CLASS OF 1932 Sarah Lafferty - Mrs. George Gertstner, two dtrs. , Rochester, New York Mildred Stryker - Mrs. Maurice Frazee, Jr. , three children, So. Gilboa, Kindergarten Teacher at Roxbury Central School, New York CLASS OF 1933 Hazel Beers - Mrs. John Briggs, six sons, Prattsville, New York CLASS OF 1934 George Buel - Mechanic for International Harvester Co. , Houston, Texas CLASS CI: 1935 Raymond Fredenburgh - Married Evelyn Delamarter, three children, Orange peel oil operator, Fruit Industries, Bradenton, Florida CLASS OF 1936 Vernon Bailey - Married Peggy Clark, two children, Guard, N. Y. C. Water Supply, Gilboa, New York Marion Brandow - Mrs. Charles Hapek, Jackson Heights, Long Island Perry Chatfield - Married Virginia Gray, three children, Prattsville, Manager Grand Gorge Victory Store John Crippen - Married Eleanor Bell, Civil Engineer, Rensselaer, New York Shirley Cross - Mrs. Elwin Moseman, five daughters, Prattsville, Cafeteria worker at Gilboa Central School Frances Layman - Mrs. Sherwood Tompkins, one daughter, Prattsville, New York Pearline Layman - Mrs. Frederick Glavin, four children, Prattsville, New York Paul Lutz - Married Alberta Colwell, three children, Assistant Co-Ag. Agent, Schenectady Co. Ex. Service, Balston Lake, New York Raymond Pearsall - Married, two children, Milford, New York Daisy Regular - Mrs. Gladsby Shaffer, two children, Blenheim, New York Robert Shaffer - Married Marion Gallagher, two children, farming, Blenheim, New York Geraldine Southard - Mrs. Harry Chase, two children, Schenectady, New York Miriam Stryker - Mrs. Kenneth Petonke, two children, Cincinnati, Ohio Clara Thorington - Mrs. Alton Kingsley, fourdaughters, Gilboa, New York CLASS OF 1937 Louis Faulkner - Married Gertrude Warner, three children, self-employed, Radiator and Glass Shop, Stamford, New York Gladsby Shaffer - Married Daisy Regular, two children, farmer and school bus driver, No. Blen- heim, New York CLASS OF 1938 Harry Chase - Married Geraldine Southard, three children, cable splicer, New York Telephone Co. , Schenectady, New York William Leger - Married Laura Wright, four children, USAF, England Jeanette Neahr - Mrs. Wilfred Silvernail, No. Blenheim, Dental Hygienist for Gilboa and Schoharie Central Schools Doris Vrooman - Secretary for Comm. Educational Finances, Albany, New York Marian Wally - Mrs. Stanley Brown, two daughters, Gilboa, New York CLASS OF 1939 Frank Chalifour - Married, two children, Electronics technician, Syracuse, New York Vera Faulkner - Mrs. De Witt Cook, three children, Potter Hollow, New York Thelma Fuller - Mrs. Pierce Fitzgerald, four children, Registered Nurse, Albany, New York Joe Gallo - Married Gertrude Hadden, one son, lumber dealer, Grand Gorge, New York John Leger, Jr. - Married Betty Smith, three children, USAF, Nebraska Ford Mattice, Ir. - Married Jean Comstock, one daughter, atomic research work on guided missiles at G. E. , Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Gerald Sutton - Married, three children, farmer, road maintainer, Jefferson, New York Marion Wyckoff - Works for Time Magazine, New York City Rosemary Wyckoff - Mrs. Richard Richtmyer, District Clerk, Secretary at G. C. S. CLASS OF 1940 Ruth Kilian - Mrs. Donald Cronk, four children, Prattsville, New York James E. Myers - Married Viola Soehl, three children, Levittown, Junior Manager, Hoover Co. , New York City Freda Schermerhorn - Mrs. Lyle Marquit, two children, Prattsville, Nurse at G. C. S. Robert Todd - Married, two sons, Chief Accountant, Gen. Lab. Assoc. , Inc. , Norwich, New York CLASS OF 1941 William Barton - Gen. Supt. of Saratoga Dairy, Inc. , Saratoga Springs, New York Savella Beers - Mrs. Robert Maben, three sons, Prattsville, New York Helen Buel - Mrs. Roger Germond, one daughter, Gilboa, New York Venzi Ciaravino - Mrs. Walter Wickman, Jr. , four children, Schenectady, New York Carlton Conro - Married, two sons, restaurant owner, Gilboa, New York Helen Cook - Mrs. Herbert Herring, two children, Wells Bridge, New York Roger Germond - Married Helen Buel, one daughter, farming in Gilboa, New York William Gregory - Married Genevieve Buel, two children, Game warden, Hyndsville, New York Ralph Knox - Married Dorothea Evans, three children, salesman, Spaulding Bakers, Schenectady New York Robert Leger - Married Virginia Hartline, three children, Inspector in plywood plant, Asotin, Washington Robert Maben - Married Savella Beers, three sons, farming in Prattsville, New York Irene Mace - Mrs. Carl Rivenburg, three children, Middleburgh, New York Stewart Mace - Married Clyda Bailey, farming in Mackey, New York Irene Mead - Mrs. Alfred Layman, four children, Gllbertsville, New York Louise Peckham - Mrs. Caleb Watkins, one daughter, Otego, New York George Schermerhorn - Married Lillian Steiner, one daughter, farming, Grand Gorge, New York Semilda Slater - Mrs. Edward Tompkins, five children, Prattsville, New York Kieran Spencer - Married Mildred Van Wormer, one daughter, Sales Engineer, Lamson Corp. , Syracuse, New York Eileen wilson - Mrs. Stephen Sindoni, Billing Clerk, Schenectady, New York CLASS OF 1942 Dorothy Brandow - General Duty Nurse at Andover Hospital, New Hampshire Marjorie Keyser - Mrs. Donald Pfeiffer, I. B. M. key-ptmch operator, Schenectady, New York Lillian Steiner - Mrs. George Schermerhorn, one daughter, Grand Gorge, New York CLASS OF 1943 Robert Buel - Married, five children, Die apprentice, Ford Motor Co. , Derby, New York Ruth Case - Mrs. Asa Sutton, four children, Bloomville, New York Barbara Hess - Mrs. Arthur Patierne, three children, Schenectady, New York CLASS OF 1944 Olive Mead - Student, State Technical Institute, Delhi, New York Henry Peck - Married Dora Schermerhorn, two children, truck driver, Prattsville, New York CLASS OF 1945 Franklin Clapper, Ir. - Married Phyllis DeWell, three sons, owns general store, Preston Hollow, New York Phyllis DeWell - Mrs. Franklin Clapper, three sons, Preston Hollow, New York Donald Dunham - Married Arlene Samascott, three children, Accountant, F1nke's Ice Cream, Ravena, New York Katherine Lossee - Mrs. B. Leighton Scudder, one son, Flelschmanns, New York Mlldred Van Warmer - Mrs. Kieran Spencer, one daughter, Syracuse, New York CLASS OF 1946 Robert Brownell - Married, two children, barber in Schenectady, New York Wilma Cole - Mrs. Robert Miller, one daughter, Prattsvllle, bank teller Fanchon DeWell - Mrs. Lyndon Cornell, two children, No. Blenheim, New York Kathleen De Witt - Mrs. Theodore Dart, three children, Syracuse, New York Irene Ferris - Mrs. Robert Harrison, three sons. Oneonta, New York Marjorie Foland - Mrs. Robert Olson, two daughters, Medusa, clerk at Myers, Albany, New York Wilma Haverly - Mrs. Ben Shultes, one son, Middleburgh, Stenographer, Schoharie Co. Wel- fare Office Betty Hubbard - Mrs. Thomas O'Hara, three children, Prattsvllle, New York Glenda Keyser - Mrs. Richard Eltelman, three children, Gllboa, New York Kathleen Latourrette - Mrs. Francis Mlller, two children, Schenectady, New York Florence Layman - Mrs. Gene Dunham, one daughter, Prattsville, New York Dorls Menusan - Home ln Gllboa, New York Rose Mlller - Mrs. Donald Mace, three children, Grand Gorge, New York Thomas O'Hara - Married Betty Hubbard, three children, gas station operator, Prattsville, New York Charlotte Pommerer - Mrs. Richard Roardman, one son, Public Health Nurse for Greene Co. , Prattsvllle, New York Robert Pommerer - Mrs. George Berenzy, Commercial artist, Elmhurst, L. I. Elsie Schermerhorn - Mrs. Howard Mlckle, two children, Middleburgh, New York June Thorpe - Mrs. Edward Durschel, Baltimore, Maryland Irvln Tompkins - Working in Schenectady, New York Mildred Waterman - Mrs. Charles McMullen, three children, Ashland, New York CLASS OF 1947 Lincoln Faulkner - Married Patricia Gray, one daughter, working for Spartan Air Service Limited, Canada Nicolas Juried - Married Dorothy Cox, Managing Editor, Business Manager, Cooperative Digest and Farm Power Magazines, Trumansburg, New York Harry Van Wormer - Married Terry Relsner, one son, works for gas co. , Cairo, New York CLASS OF 1948 Donald Buel - Manied Coralie Sickler, two children, farming, Gllboa, New York Robert Fancher - Married Doris Germond, two children, farmer, creamery laborer, Gilboa, New York Barnett Fuller - Married, three children, No. Blenheim, Mechanical equipment processor at Army Depot, Schenectady, New York Elizabeth Kohler - Mrs. Daniel Underwood, two sons, Roxbury, New York Arlene Taylor - Mrs. Harold Steadman, one son, Augusta, Georgia CLASS OF 1949 Cecil Brockett - Works for Insurance Company, Albany, New York George Carman - Prattsvllle, New York, Teacher at Gilboa Central School Esther Case - Doing housework for Clapper's, Preston Hollow, New York Carlton Hallock - Married Ann 0'Connor, one son, farming, Gllboa, New York George Haverly - Mechanlcal Engineer, Cinclnatri, Ohio Edward Lozler - Married Marion Engler, two daughters, repairman, Bell Telephone Company, Hackensack, New Jersey William Thorpe - Married Anna Smith, one daughter, Station Agent for United Airlines, Suffield, Connecticut. Eleanor Van Aken - Mrs. Herbert Thompson, Windham, New York CLASS OF 1950 Carlton Fancher - Married Shirley Smith, two sons, farming, Gilboa, New York Leah Hand - Mrs. Ivan Turk, one child, East Durham, New York Stanley Haner- Married Leona Tompkins, three children, working in sawmill, Prattsville, New York Grace Jackson - Mrs. Winston Lewis, one daughter, deceased April 12, 1956 James Marquit - Married Annemarie Kuhn, one daughter, Prattsville, teacher at Gilboa Central School Phyllis Myers - Mrs. Leland Hulbert, one daughter, practical nurse, Prattsville, New York Lyle Newcomb - Married Judy Barber, student at Cornell, Ithaca, New York Maureen Saupp - Mrs. William Snyder, three children, Grand Gorge, New York CLASS OF 1951 Kathryn Becker - Mrs. Merel Hubbard, Jr. , two children, Gilboa, New York Kenneth Becker - Working in New York City Virginia Becker - Mrs. William Cross, two children, Lexington, New York Paul Clark, Jr. - Married Estella Rogers, one daughter, Gilboa, Construction worker Shirley Clark - Mrs. Edward Diamond, one son, Preston Hollow, New York Chauncey Dent - Married June Edwards, one daughter, milkman for Prospect Dairy, Gilboa, New York Barbara De Witt - Mrs. Kenneth Stryker, three children, I-larpersfield, New York Jane Edwards - Mrs. Charles Stahl, Jr., one son, Lodi, New Jersey June Edwards - Mrs. Chauncey Dent, one daughter. Gilboa, New York Leon Fuller - Plumber, windham, New York Beatrice Haskin - Mrs. Paul Mattice, Gilboa, New York Joan Haskin - Mrs. Jack Burton, one daughter, Redhook, New York Loretta Haskin - Mrs. Wilfred Latta, Gilboa, New York Merel Hubbard, Jr. - Married Kathryn Becker, two children, farmer, Guard, N.Y.C. Water Supply, Gilboa, New York Cora Keith - No. Blenheim, Clerk at Schenectady G. E. Janet Kingsley - Mrs. Glen Hallock, Gilboa, Steno-typist, Schenectady, G. E. Alfred Lewis - Farming in Gilboa, New York Floyd Nickerson, Jr. - Married Alma Robinson, farming in Gilboa, New York Vernon Pickett, Jr. - Farming in Gilboa, New York Catherine Pommerer - Merchandising, McCurdy and Co. , Rochester, New York Robert Raso - Attending television school, New York City John Reuter, Jr. - Farming in Grand Gorge, New York Thelma Schermerhorn - Mrs. Raymond Nichols, Gilboa, New York Marwood Simmons - Mechanic, Thorpe's Garage, Tannersville, New York Shirley Summers - Mrs. Raymond Leger, one daughter, Schenectady, New York Elizabeth Van Aken - Doing charting work for bank, New York City CLASS OF 1952 Franklin Brown - U.S. Army, Germany Norma Cross - Mrs. Paul Ellis, one daughter, St. John's, Newfoundland Preston Fancher - U. S. Navy Elizabeth Granby - Mrs. Roy Foland, one daughter, Part-time Secretary, A. L. Parsons, Inc. , Central Bridge, New York Glen Hallock - Married Janet Kingsley, farming in Gilboa, New York Frederick Haverly - U.S. Army, Ft. Devens, Massachusetts Raymond Leger - Married Shirley Summers, one daughter, Apprentice machinist at G. E. , Schenectady, New York Betty Jordan - Mrs. Vemer Tait, two children, Syracuse, New York Victor Mace - Breakabeen, New York, driving truck for Mobile Gas Co. , Grand Gorge Coralle Sickler - Mrs. Donald Buel, two children, Gilboa, New York Audrey Snyder - Mrs. Clifford Case, Ir. , two daughters, Grand Gorge, New York Frederick wlckert, Jr. - U. S. Air Force, Japan Priscilla Wickert - Mrs. Charles Guyett, Mecklenburg, New York CLASS OF 1953 Paul Ellis - Married Norma Cross, one daughter, USAF, Flight Engineer, Newfoundland Fred Ermllch - Student, Christ The King Seminary, St. Bonaventure, New York Beverly Fancher - Working for Link Air Craft, Binghamton, New York Florence Hoyt - Mrs. Everett Conine, two daughters, Prattsvllle, New York Laverne Hubbard - U. S. Army William Knlskern - Married Virginia Palmatler, farming, No. Blenheim, New York Miles Kohler - Married Lois Beers, two children, west Conesvllle, New York, working ln No Blenheim Creamery Burton Mattice - Farming in No. Blenheim, New York Clara Rogers - Mrs. George Stapchuk, one daughter, East Durnam, New York Myrtle Young - Mrs. Carmen Seabury, Selkirk, operator ln Ravena Inn CLASS OF 1954 Lois Beers - Mrs. Miles Kohler, Ir. , two children, West Conesvllle, New York Marjorie Brainerd - Mrs. Fred Husted, Schenectady, New York Comella Braren - Airline work, San Francisco, California Arlene Conlne - Secretary, I. B. M. , Kingston, New York Hilda Dent - Mrs. Stanley Fancher, one son, Gilboa, New York Maryann Ermllch - Clerk for Shell Oil Company, Albany, New York Charlotte Haskln - U. S. Navy, Oahu, Hawaii Reginald Haskln - Gilboa, New York, working ln Greendell Packing House Thomas Haskin - U. S. Marines. Washington, D.C. Marilyn Hubbard - Mrs. James Harris, San Diego, California warren Hulett - U. S. Air Force, Paratrooper, Germany Hanford Keith - Working in A. 8: P. , Coxsakie, New York Carl Leger - U. S. Air Force, France Robert Mace - Student, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Loretta Merwln - Pennsville, New Jersey, file clerk at DuPont, wilmington, Delaware Eva Mower - Mrs. Charles Greenleaf, Middletown, New York Arnold Murray - U. S. Air Force, Algiers Frances Nickerson - Mrs. Bruce Hall, two daughters, Mt. Marion, New York Mary Pelfer - Mrs. Clarence Loucks, one daughter, Middleburgh, New York Claudia Traulsen - Mrs. Royland Vonderheide, two children, Ontario, California Phyllis west - Accounting Department, Telephone Company, Albany, New York CLASS OF 1955 Shirley Brown - Student Nurse, Kingston Hospital, Kingston, New York Clayton Buel - Student at Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York Mildred Burns - Student at Russell Sage College, Troy, New York Nancy Cutler - Secretary, I. B. M. , Kingston, New York Diane Denny - Stamford, New York William Denny, Jr. - Photographer, U. S. Navy Air Force, Florida Florence Le Roy - Gllboa, New York Nancy Parliman - west Conesvllle, New York John Peifer - Working for fruit company, Cocoa, Florida Annette Stewart - Mrs. Ross Rivenburg, one son, Manorkill, New York CLASS OF 1956 Camilla Acello - Student, Albany State Teachers' College, Albany, New York Rose Brainerd - Telephone operator, Kingston, New York Bonnie Brown - Long Distance Telephone Operator, Kingston, New York William Drebitko - Student at Union College, Schenectady, New York Gerald Hubbard - U.S. Army Peter Hughes - Student, American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts Ioan Marquit - Student at Oneonta State Teachers' College, Oneonta, New York Walter Micha - Student, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York Shirley Mueller - Student, Oneonta State Teachers' College, Oneonta, New York Carol Pullman - Student, Mohawk Valley Technical Institute Evelyn Proudman - Telephone Operator, Kingston, New York Lucy Roe - Gllboa, New York, c1erk's helper at Kirk's Store, Conesillle Elizabeth Snyder - Mrs. Richard Mattice, Gllboa, New York Donald Tompkins - Student, Morrisville Technical Institute, New York Charles Wyckoff - Farming in Gllboa, New York CLASS OF JANUARY, 1957 David Klshpaugh - Post graduate at Gilboa Central School Sonia. Roma' Margie' Rosie, Donna. ' ML DavenP0Il. 33111001 Bonnie ' Larry and Sam Margie and Joan Held . and X Ytanoes June wwe ' r TAVIOR MADE ALLAS. TE g,,,w 5 .v s J ' Q --,M P - 'ni ' Ronald, Herman, Kenny, l,awre:nce, Carl and Uavrd l u Audrey ' har I 'S S X Frances 'Ll F' -r""' -l' . '31 1 516:11 BM " Q ri z -fr y W-fr Y and Par - ix: . r m ,. 'MN' A L L wr r.,:.,'r .,a'.im,, ff wi Muriel ll r Sara Mr . M nn C pany, Slllilty Liam and A Y',?J urdfed r 'T AT GU? V30 Par, Flora Del, Janice, Muriel, loan. Soma and David Adrienne, Joyce, June, Sonia, Jessie, Mr. Dalrlberg and Mr. Vrornan "'A"w ' P ' . - X Q e - , ' ' ' 3 9' ar is ' , I W V ' , H 1 at X v i , Vi , . ,M , , , L ,, x ,,. -0 . 1 ,J 4 , Hi' f ' Q W, 4 ' R. 1? U 8 W1 av Q " l r p f 'U . D X A 4 . H, 'Hx FW " v ,Ji A aug' -f , p X f wr, Yi "' 'v 1 if i ,,,. I at I V ' .q!sGff' s .I Nm F' Y D ,. 64 l X 3Hd3l1dF1 , Leslie and Sonia ora Del

Suggestions in the Gilboa Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Gilboa, NY) collection:

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