Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY)

 - Class of 1957

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Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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L L mcmm rSVIL I-H mu EFIGR CL'SS s THE , 11155 L, To AIFUA HJR THIS ' or. Dmlum SCHO ' mmm OUR BEEN o H45 U wsEN9 WH v LLA LUUE Lmms sCF0o THROUGH U R HEIPER LID .:"'i-Y A .-.I ...,.. ..-lfiyyu -..--..- . , an-. ...1...?A OlOlllIIlIl"'0l -3.1.3-5:.tW4' ....,s.3::1:::' ...... 11fCZ'1,i.,.... . . , ... .51 ,.,,3'1 ..-... . .nh .ZZZZ3 ,,. un.. .. ... .. 01: , :.a.:" - 1 oo. 'iff' w 1 A . 1 o -1 I f , . I f 0 1 .1 ' 4 0,1212 ,..21211""' ' ,Q . . . . .TILL . - ouu.uu.u ..f. ,qufnun 1,?':.zz.... f2oZ::1ra1l:::' IJOIIIIIIOIDCI f .... . . .. n .Zfuuniiu ...-ul.-ff.. urrzonaon 'vera' B AL? 72,345 JOIN Hu'l'.cLeNS 69' W' 4 WMM QM fy 6 Wig y , ,, 1 - 3 2 '5 9 X N W , xg' - ' N hir. MZ L , Q - -u F A A :T 1 152.51 1 , k mmol zi f I X , 2 N W Q iq T0 THE GRADUATES OF 1957 Congratulations 2 You have cleared the last barrier for the present and have been graduated from High School By this time you should be aware of some very significant facts. You have learned the importance of hard work and per-- severance :ln this four year effort. Certainly you know that high marks do not come by 'chance' or by "luck". You have dis- covered that the ratings you receive are very closely related to the amount of real effort you have put forth. You have learn- ed that a reputation for being dependable is one of the most val- uable things you can earn. These lessons should be of great use to you in all your endeav- ors :I.n the future. You have my best wishes for success and happi ness. 3 lmalnf I Lfm lflfill ,19- 119 .gl Inft to ri ht Row 1"'51:anEey Wi1ber,Raynond Seaman ,President ,Albert DeC1ue Row 2 George 'l'obey,C1erk,John Gilbert, Yernar Lent PLM C1 O0 6076 d,'y 77g4f1UZ,.,23H aka' Row 1 V Musson,C Smith, J Fitch A Smith,Prin , M Honser,H Veres Row 2 D Jones,W Tarbe11,R Winsor,T Meera, R Hay, G Hughes 34 hi Row 1- D. Whitnang H. Keeneg R. Rodgersg L. Husson Raw 2- J. Hassalg K. Yagerg L. Vincentg H. Yager 5 0-09 X wh C me Sv 0 5 ll? -xo 61 5 l 14, 475, 0' 92- ' C' ig v MQQQX .7- .E if - 30? is S if" 'Wx 'Vx C W .J chfkk. ff- W.. , L PM1F'Q0lfW 'U Mr Jones 1 R- nr I worm' 11 U-45, 7' Cl GSS VIS org SJ GERALD SMITH Basketball l,2, , Baseball 1 2, , Football 2 3, Class Plays 1 2, Track Student Council Vice Pres Class RAYMOND MUSSON ,N 'JN ETTY WYCKOFF HA 3, Secretary, Class 4 Editor, School Paper4 K Ed itor ,Yearbook Basketball 2, B seball Football Class Play 2 3,4 Senior Play JOAN HUTCHENS Class Secretary Class Plays 3 4 Yearbook Staff Art Editor,Yearbook 'f'o01"no.. Hatch Track Volleyball Football Basketball Baseball Class Plays Class President Yearbook Staff 11 3,4 1,2,3,4 ,za 4 2, 2!3! l LEON LOBDELL Football 2,3 4 Baseball FF 2,3 4 Sec'y FFA Dalry Club Volley Ball EDWARD HUSSON 0 . ll Y kxxl V' V 1' f . h 2 , A I 2, , W H 4-H 3929394 3 i. i I ,Mi x 4 3 19 1 4 X 4 2 2 ' 'il bg gl 1- - 1,2 , 4 1, 3,4 ,XV 4 5 WILLIAM MOORE Student Council Football Basketball Baseball Boys State Yearbook Staff Safety Patrol 1.2,3, 4 4 CQ , ff K-X J Q 044' WAYNE ROSEBOOM Basketball Baseball , 3, Class Play Track 1 2,a, 12 4 HARY WENTWORTH Secretary FFA 1,2,3 Secretary FFACCo J Girls Class Class Class Class Volleyball Plays 1,2 Secretary President Vice Pros VINCENT STARK hseball Basketball Class Play Senior Play Chorus 4-H Club Student Council Volleyball 23 39 2 4 4 1 234 11314, 3 13 SOPHIE POCHY A11 State Band President Class Treasurer Cheer lead ing Capt Cheerleading Chorus Pep Band Class Plays had Area Music Festival Contest fllusicl 1,2,a 4 2,3 4 1,2,3 4 1,2,3,4 1,2,s 4 1,2,a 4 'f n at ll l 4 1 4 I 9 . 4 ' a 1 A Yearbook Staff 4 +56 ' SRXXQKX M I -S "N J ' 'I fb9iLM Agga 1:5 .4f f L, Our glorious High School career began with seventeen members in our Fresh man year We selected Hr Hughes and Hrs Shaw as our advisors During this year we did quite well financially, netting a profit of approximately one hun dred dollars we sponsored the movie, Hagambo , and a dance wiich was quite successful We also participated in the three one act plays, presenting,'Love Hits Wilber' We took part in the Junior Carnival In our Sophomore year we lost Frances Lindberg and Billy Perkins, but we gained Billy Moore Then in January, Louise Hurlburt left school We spon sored another dance and the movie,'Pinochio ' We again participated in the three one act plays, contributing 'The True in Heart we had a bake sale at the Junior Carnival Our treasury balance was slowly climbing and we now had about two hundred and sixty dollars Our advisors were Hr Souders and Hr Seaman After Hr Seaman left, Mr S1kora took his place We began ou Junior year with twelve members Betty Wyckoff,Bernt Hansen and Richard Lown left us Then as the year progressed, we lost Elias Van Val kenberg This was our year to sponsor the Junior Carn1val The title of the movie we sponsored this year was,'The Atomic Kid ' Our dance and one act play were quite successful Our Junior Prom,'Stardust' was a very nice event with two attendants from each class, grades seven th ough ten We received our class rings at the beginning of the year and were very proud to wear them We chose Mr Hamilton and Hr Kozloski as our advisors Central began with eleven members back to us It has been a very enough money to have a n1ce time on our Senior Trlp We are going with the South New Benlin Seniors in April Our Senior Play was entitled 'Two Days to Harry' We sponsored a dance and again took part in the Junior Carnival Our two very helpful advisors were Mr Heers and Mrs Sm1th We have had a wonderful High School history and will look back on these days at GCS w1th fond memories Our last wonderful year at Gilbertsvllle We lost Leonard Brink, but Betty Wyckoff came busy year We have been working hard to make 14 Y fb I 5 1 I U . I I - e , 0 " I . .I . . ' I , . " the crgwning of the klng and queen, Gerald Smith and Sophie Pochy. There were , 0 2 1 W PERSONALITY CHART NAME NICKNAHE HOBBY AHBITION Betty Wyckoff Be Dating Secretary at BH Mary Wentworth Cherie ColorPhoto Indian Agent William Moore Charlie Model Cars Bus1ness College Leon Lobdell Toot1e Draw1ng Farmlng Vincent Stark Stub Chasing Farming girls Sophie Pochy Sof Making Elem Teacher friends Joan Hutchens Hutch Drawing Housewife Wayne Roseboom Rosie Going to the movies Coast Guard Gerald Smith Rat Going to Electrical Shantoz Engineer Ray Musson Thunder Basketball Machinery Dealer Y Iwi 'lk 55 fgg? -10 EC' lm, Q., f Edward Musson Edd1e Golng to Electrical Shantoz Engineer x srl 41 XA Win FAVORITE SAYING Ignorance gets you nowhere I'm still kicking I don't know I don't know You can't defy the law of nature That burns me up Gee Pers If you don't want to do it, don't' Live and let live Live without fear Let's go to the Shantoz FAVORITE FOOD Ice cream EPizza Venison ce Cream ce Cream A11 kinds A11 k1nds Fried chicken Ch1li Roast beef mashed potatoes Spaghetti Beans , at 4 fxk - t I - ' I - ' ' ' I - . 0 , o we ,ffry-Z, ' Q Z' " A M ffl I ' , 4 S ft X A ' ' ' 'WH ex ZF 1 l x.. , vi' V' l N KJ pdl F x 3 . y A FN vt S , gif ..- P - ff- ,JZ - wt 1 qv' Xt . - ,257 f- -1 G 2 ff ' ae-fa PSU S I Q 9' I 15 Dust willamil Glestummrt. WE, The Seni0!' Class debug of sound mind md memory do make, publish ma' dedam fhismfv lust in mmmer fdlowzhg that 8 Muay: Gerald Smith wills Winf1eld Christian hs ambition to succeed Raymond Husson leaves Ascenlth Stark his height Leon Lobdell wills his even temperament to B enda Winne Betty Wyckoff wills her ability with the boys to Betty HcReyno1ds The Seniors leave a pair of barber scissors to Lois Osborne Joan Hutchens leaves her nail clippers to Mary Faber Sophie Pochy wills her great ambition to Evelyn Gregory The Sen1ors w1ll Rlchard Bresl1n competition in every field Vincent Stark wills his romantic ways with the women to Leon Rowe William Hoore wills his ability to keep his mind on his studies to David Lawson Edward Husson wills his little red ford to Lyle Pearsall Wayne Roseboom 'Do I have to leave, or can I make it?' Mary Wentworth leaves her Indian stories to Mrs Veres, the Librarian will Hr Tarbell a soundproof music room ur Smith 'We leave ' 'Aln't you all happy?Is you is, or is you ain't?' will Mr Heers a new history textbook and classes that LOVE to take notes will Mrs Smith silent typewriters and a larger room to put them in leave Mr Hughes an apple tree on the front lawn of the School so will stay out of the Homemaking Room will Hr Jones an interview with the Globetrotters will Hrs Fitch a larger home for a growing family Hrs Crumley we leave perfect English pupils leave nr Hay a large shop for his own use the Juniors Perfection so that no one will criticize them Hrs Husson We leave her a 'Latin Lover " To Hrs Wassal we will more and better records for dancing class Miss Urbaites We will more advanced art classes To Miss Van Dusen we will another book of crossword puzzles WITNESSES m'Zli?Zwy,ZJ 16 , We . . 'ro . , . We . We . We will Hr. Winsor a more intelligent Chemistry Class. We . he , We , , We . . To . , We , , To -- , 1 opbecy This summer I was going to do something different from loafing in my yard so it sud denly dawned upon me that I hadn't seen any of my classmates in several years Thus I decided that I would tour the United States in search of my classmates As I was driving through Schenectady, I suddenly realized that perhaps I had time to take a quick tour through 'General Electric' When I entered the research department a flash and a cloud of smoke greeted me When things had cooled down and I could see, I recognized the dust covered face of Edward Husson His assistant was none other than Lois Osborne When I left Schenectady, I headed for Oneonta but a thunder storm blew up and some way I found myself on the outskirts of Otego I stopped at a model farm house to ask directions and,to my surprise, the occupants were Leon Lobdell and his pretty wife Joan Hutchens Leon, not only owned his farm, but was also President of the Dairyman's League One evening as I came into Washington, D C , I stopped at the Capital Park Hotel for dinner As I came into the dining room, I ran into William Moore and several of his business associated It seems that he had just finished a banquet with some of the top business men of Washington and was now hurrying to keep an appointment with the Secretary of State In Georgia, I stopped at Savannah to buy some souvenirs As I was looking over some toy monkeys, I saw Wayne Roseboom's face in the mirror Apparently he recog n1zed me for a grin covered his face It seems that Wayne was on furlough from the National Coast Guards and had stopped here to buy a souvenir for his girl friend Outside of Deland, Florida, my brakes screeched and the car came to a sudden stop A large Jersey herd was leisurely crossing the highway At this moment, Vin the cattle He said,'O, nothing, as usual, I spend my time on more interesting sub jects 'I knew what he meant because he had always been a wolfe in high school and my radiator was sent for a garage man to his private secre boss as well What Near the southern estate in New Orleans, I had a flat tire boiling I went up to the house and a very nice gentleman to fix my car While I was waiting, theowner introduced me tary, Betty Wyckoff Betty not only liked her job but her more cuuld a girl ask for? I drove along the ribbon Now, I was in open country and Kansas looked inviting As highwa , I spotted the RH circle brand on some fine looking beef cattle As I drove along he ranch, Raymond Husson was telling his neighbor how well he liked his new International Tractor It seems that Raymond's opinion was well respected by all surrounding ranchers ,and they considered him an expert in his field One afternoon I turned onto the wrong road but reached,by chance,B nnings Air Base in Texas Just then a jet went past and shook the earth like an earthquake I de cided to take an airplane ride but the General informed me that it could not be done Just then Gerald Smith stuck his head around the hangar and beckoned to the General Jerry had just finished some airplane sketches from Ove of the newest gigs Jerry had w rked from an airforce engineer to become one of the top airplane gners The Arizona desert looked so intriguing that I decided to take a walk After I stumbled and fell over cactus and was sick from the heat, I came to an Indian settle ment The sign over the build1ng read 'Indian agency' As I walked in the door Mary Wentworth was giving some orders to her Indian assistants It was the truth that Mary had become the Apache Indian Agent and her Indian husband was taking care of her seven children and the household chores. 4u,1Q4 Just the thing to end my vacation! a nice rest on the California Beach.As I was x walking down the beach, I heard some children giggling. I turned around and who ' should I see but Sophie Pochy teaching an outdoor Kindergargen class. What a nice day to teach a class, in a bathing suit along the beach, I thought. I found that ggggie was married to a promising movie actor,Sa1 Hineo and had th ee lovely chil- ' may MWZZMEQ f if f' 4 , z' I cent Stark rode up on a beautiful horse. I asked him what he was going to do about l . , . D 44 ra, 1' 7 cs Yee ffms Afmw 'Q Illlllllt A f 'V Ol-LTI is Sec Sfudenfc P'-as WX' an ab' ,. Teas 5'f'uo' -.74 C My-C 18 afft'-e See, 40 I' , v' 1 k'," ' gf " E .yi 3 ,ly A ' 'A v 1 or . 1" A 4. v xg, I K . W Y I U3 W AV Q V . x K f , V - Q 45 Q. :gr an i' 'j Q 1-2 7' L ' - 731 ' V' U : A mf hglqif " ' f ffl ,Q W WJ' Q P ' - 5 M'A- V A Q, 1 " AQ ' , r 1 , E ' ' Y X f Q 4 i H K Q S M,fkf 1 -- .1 . l ' A .., , ' ts, .Q iw 2 f j ' xii we , V if 1 M ,f A 5 X X T ' " '1 LY ea so 7' N I 1.1 T -1 S d-rqe Izfffwifv nz f 'Fl 19 Sixth G1 1 Row 1 B Macumber,P Porter, J White, B Roseboom,A Sampson mmt K Hm'h J P Y Row 2 A Lamoree,B Livingston, P Miller, A Burk, D Winne, D Eaton, H Crumley , B VanDusen,Mrs Crumley Row 3 J Stark, L Eldred, R Wi1son,R Pike, R Saunders J Tobey, T Smith, KabsentlC Burk W9 E KX Row Row Row Row G Breslin H Head G Pike,G Edwards,G Hughes V Layman,H Canhan,B lent H Husson,B Carey Hrs Keene,S Ho11enbeck,S P0st,P Lennox,L Husson G Rowe,R Loitsch,K Li11ey,R S1oan,R Earl Cabsensg A Fazio,H C1ul,l Ianfair .' ,,k,,.,,P! 1"""" I A K V A , - ' IP . 1 v. I " J . x ' 9 A P- 5 fe- - ... ' 0 . 2 . 5 Q , Q Q, , , C . 4 v- .. vs I :V K V J, v B , . ' w u, xii' - , L " ,wk ,V ,Ky ,M I 75,1 , 4- A '9 5 , ku , ,- - . , o 0 ' Q O - 0 0 0 I U 0 0 ' . - , , 0 1 0 7 0 0 ' , '73 0 I li! K e"" ,fel V3 -, I .4 .... .vm-7 V3 . N -:::..:,,.. ITL, Q .M 1 1 a . B '? me ei 5- err: 1 - f nf . ff' . ' x A M I B '. -Sw . ,, 1 , xr-.f M . - 1 ,:v- ' f 2, f.,.j ' Q , - - . X, B --' -- . .1 NY' - .'j1 . 'fs' A .I -, 1 fgf ' .IE K ,I V' L , W tp. . b ,ngs , . I .' A .' 1 I X 'x v . , 1' o , 0 , ' 0 ' c o 2' o 0 o , o a 3' 0 0 s 0 1 4' o o I 0 Q o o 0 Row 1 L Smith R H111er' D Bennett,J Barber-,T Brannick W Li11ey,D Brown L Hillias, R 318006 Row 2 L Eldred S Irwin C Locy,C VanDusen,S Hi11,L Barber,J Lent H Happ1e,D Dunwald C Haggerty,A Smith Row 3 P Butenhoff,L Briscoe,H Sti11man,C Haggerty,H Willey, J mrber,I Eaton ,P Sloan ,D Gilbert L Robinson,E Dunwald Row 4 C Burk C Lindberg,P Smith, H HCA ams,G Sampson,D,5w1f1,R Swift P-3 0 9 O B' Q '3 und!! WK! 0012 'S P0111 flv CmmQ Teacher Row R ow Row Row Hi11er,D Kerney,Y Wa1'ton,G A1ger,J Sienkiewicz C Cor-des,L Carey, Stark, E Earl Husson,D Livings1:on,D Tobey,R Ha1bert,L G:l1bert,F Hu11,G Simmons, Springett W Wood Jones A layman E Stark, S Yager, R Osborne, D Meera Hopkins, D Crotfy,lI McMu11en,T Stea.rns,L Rowe ,R Hur1burt,G Smith 21 A ef-L 4 . A ?lC4 o S 133 Q., I Q , i X 8 ... , A ' 7' N' . '- . X X 1 fm S 'H- MA ' 5 rv x . A 5 ' 0 o . ! 0 0 o , 0 0 " 0 , o , Q q o o o o e , c o ' o , Q 0 o 6 0 . 0 -V 'S . I ' 7 M MMAHAJ D S1, P . . S I R . V, b 0 U A g f N e A ,3 I' S 1 ti'- 'x gh N 2 ! ,f f 4 1 iw fy Q - ' A - 1-'S' 0 0 0 0 o 0 A. . ' 2"So U 0 o 0 o O Ge , o 3'Ko , 0 a 0 0 0 4-3. 0 0 n 0 0 o Row Row Row Row Suomi Click! Teacher ...J Fazio,R Crotty,D Bart1ett,T Birdsa11,R But1er,L Carey,D Jones Gi1bert,D White J Tarbe11,C Sidaway C Rowe I Ulm,P VhnDusen Edse11,B Keene,A Tobey,S Springett, HcHu11en,L Osborne Wade, Wi1son,D Bennett J Porter,M Lamoree C1 I LZJL Teacher D WB1ch,J Robinson,S Foster,L Lamoree,J Wi11ey,R Jensen,H Brown, K Hoyt, R Birdsall T White J Zimmerman,J Dunwa1d,J Be11,G-Fazio,E Wh1te,D Butler, S Brlenza C Lent L Loitsch,L Eaton,L Brooks,J Lawson,A Hu11,K A1ger,L Freer P Barbgr,C Honroe,G Porter,P Irwin,F R1ChaFdS,G Latham,C Happle D Hill, B Irwin 22 Row OW Row Row - V K -fx 4 n . M e . ll P --- 1 I h A X i Q 3 5 , 1 A f, '23 V H 5 N, u ,,. , ' Q 'T S , I , 'I S 0 . 0 n g"lgl o o o 0 5 Q 3-C . . 7 . . 0 6. o , u . o 4'Gc Lo o , o 0 2 . ' ' i I Y 4 A Ai L. 1 YV I Y it 1 N 1 I f ' ' 'K ax, ll! - H h , ' r t e , n S 3 . f X, W ' it A , In , h e l f 5 K+' 1 .i , ' f t In S gl 'X ' A 2 , 4 I1 Q A "W, Q ' 1' 0 0 4 0 0 0 I if , . R 2- g ! Q o o o 0 o 3' o o 0 o o . 0 o 0 4' o o o o o n s I I iff Row Row Row Row .Larsen,R.Wi1son,C.Foree,T.B es1in,G.Danie1s,R.Wa1ton S.Hughes,D.Bennett .Smith,H.Stearns,R.W21ton,L.Rowe,S.Iamoree,D.Sea1e,G.gmith,D.Cu1uko,N.B rber .Turner,W.B ooks,H,Edse11,K.Richards,R.Hur1burt,H.Lamoree R.Todd E.We1ch N.No1an .Horris,C.Lurd,C.Wade,R.Bai1ey,J.Van Dusen,R.Bouren,TeachSr,Mrs.'Yager , Smith,R.Ketchum,J.Gi1bert F'0SYlal'li,S.Davis,M.Stebbins Q, , 1 Pope,M.Edgett,S.White Wi1son,R.Bouren,R.Hoag ' Q , x .Winsor,L.Wi1ber,K.Richards,H.Hoyt VanDusen,P.P0st,S.Carey,K.Edwards Layman,D.Beach K.Wi1d,B.Keck :Cordes Cabsenti B.Wood,D.Loiisch Teacher,Mrs.Vincent 6111 Elaine Lawson 2L Carol Smith Ruth Christian Martha Musson Hdfflll Y 111'1'1'A'1iv 111111111 1311111 25 .-- Nw. i K Q. ,J HRW QM 'X 1 K NS "'3'J ,W Jfff . . in .A. -1-1 1- ' . 4 , 1,-x:'?vg 4 -1 S v X 5 4 ' L 'Is- .3 ,, .Kiwi ,V.. ,, L , ,, , ' ,N ' , G. Wxoi' filo ,QQ , . , Nl 1 J ia ff' 2 E f 4 Once again the G ville Bulldogs are nearing an undefeated season w1th an overall record of 11 wins and no losses There are four Seniors on ' C oynb. the team They are Ray Husson Wayne Roseboom Ed Musson, lf 8 45 and Jerry Smith ffr or-pls v I e Quad!! MHC 'O L, Vin H H15-',,J Q HH!- Vin' 6 mic 5 6415:-J Su fgrj Il Emilia' 'rr 0 48 36 MJ Lhren Hcrfubl GIG 28 J' V Tecufx 29 .-A ltalx N 0sborne,S Pochy,J Johnson I Johnson,B Winne ,D Livingston eo Q " 49 45 .wc I -Zia-. 12- Lawson 30 i xl 25? fl Al- , f 31 X 'Mun Dork 1 Q rp M IN! 51 l LLLI J Q Ml If 1 32 9- H C?u.lJ 'r"OvfNlC6 33 73" "5 C-C456 wf 'if -X 'X h- 'a '-4 WW.. ' Simi muuliinq .Ev X ! l rh'bg,Wq ALL MAK S I Typewrfcers X! Add ln M Ch ,ne 5 mvnvrmua ron AUDIO VISUAL IDUOATION' Slwlkanunumniov Z LEW L ILLER BELL H HOWELL COMPANY Appmvod Factory Scrwcc 98 Cl esinui St Oneont New lorl. Nnguhy y may 1 N 1 36 x ex 1 , 'Iii A-L V L .. - 1 O 00 ' 1 . T + Widltdl X , - x Q . 2: a . , 1 f ' H - i sl, ' ' ' b . , f . . . Ji- COMPL IMENTS OF G E O R G E H O I. D Gilbertsville New York E H 0 T Phone 16y2 T V ,Radw 8: Electrical Gubertsvxue N Y 3 Appl iances Phone 17 "Best W1 shes Always SEVEN S CLIFTON M SHERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY FREDER ICK SHERMAN Masonville N Y Phone Masonviue 2711 I TATES GAS SERV ICE 4 Riverside Sidney, New Ya-k L..-"' NC COMPLIMENTS C I' ll 3 S 1' Ollll 8 IX Q-'QUfff3'2s if Fr1end1y Serv1ce sxnce 8 Phqng Sgdney 3 Oneonta, N Y Phone 2400 J MERTON MOORE General Dry Goods Floor Covermgs Clothlng Boots Shoes COMPLIMENTS Rubber Goods Ladles' and Gentlemen s Furmslungs DIBBLES BSO SERVICE Gllbel-t,gvll1e,N Y G11ber'I:sv111e New York 3 E N T H E M P I R E E L . n .0 I 0 I RX Q Q - ,Ill l'l . ' xx1""- ' xo ' l it h b a d S 't h 1: p 1 e a e OF a e f d 1 r 4. I, r tx 45N "1 11' 1 ,- kffuyf o . - . 1 I I J iv ' ' ' ' OF - - , I I . . l Q . . I , 7 1- '- Our prebound ch11dren's books look better last longer cost less CHARLES M GARDNER 8: CO i Scranton 9, Penna New Berlm Cleaners COMPL IMENTS HOLBROOK 8: HOWEY EI ECTRIC CO ,INC 14 Lake St "Modern Krtchen Headquarters Free Estimates NEW EIRLIN, NEW YORK Y Tel 232 COMPL IMENTS ONEONTA MUSIC CENTER 273 M8111 St Oneonta, New York Tel 1485 COMPL IMENTS H N The Natwnql Cha1n Wholesale Grocers P O Box 423 G P 0 New York,New York Butternut Valley Hardware Galbertsvllle New York Best Wishes Class of ' Hugh 8: Hettxe Gregory HARRIS GARAGE GILBERTSVILLE N Y nun A r-umm: TILZHONI I 38 . .X X W il be ' . to X Q X X, x OF Dietz St,,Oneonta,N. , " OF OF - J 0 S E X T O N 8 C O, Co. ll H 57 . EASTERN ROCK PRODUCTS, INC. Producers Of Crushed Stone Sand k Gravel Agricultural Lirnestone Asphaltic Bituminous Concrete Types 5A and LA Ol' Roads Play Areas Parkxng Areas Tennis Courts 404 Court Street Telephone 4 6107 Ut1ca New York A W F 0 R D S A L Overhead doors for every need FRANK LEWIS 8: SONS I DON HULL., MGR 10 Manx St P11006 3444 Unad111 N Y a, GENERAL coN'rRAc'roRs BAIN RDGE N Y xNNo TCHK A I ALI Delivered BV Your U C HOTCHKIN Route Man 3? f C R D O O R E 5 A - , NC f "1xQ 'Q H o 1 N D I R Y N c, ' 2t.':i. , .. . '40-' - Z n, 253. .., Q U T Y 1. of ' " MILK AND MILK PROD TS 4 ' MILLER 8- SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Congratulations Seniors Monms N Y KORNER KITCHEN MT UPTON, NEW YORK RELIABLE SERVICE ON ALL TYPES OF INSLRANCE COVERAGE E MOR 208 S T A L K E R S U P P L COOPERSTOWN, NEW YORK "Bu-'thplace oi Baseball TAKE TIME TO THINK ii 15 the source of power TAKE TIME TO PRAY "IT IS THE GREATEST POWER ON EARTH" TAKE TIME TO LAUGH xt 15 the musxc of the soul TAKE TIME TO WORK FRANCIS G THOMSON DELHI, N Y NEIL R NIELSEN UNDERWRITER General C,,,,,,ac,0, MUTUAL OF NEW YORK Phone 158 ONEONTA NEW YORK T I W N S U R A N MERTON T HULL Phone 3 G11bertsv111e A0 HON I RIB Y C 0. ff YV o N no Q 0 U 'it is the price of success". IB WOODIIDE AVENUE N A 0 N I D E I C E H 5 . ' ' , N.Y. 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Suggestions in the Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) collection:

Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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