Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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xx Q . 55?-1.,., Lf,-.A Q ww' . 9f'f:Q'iTj,s,k - ,i ,g , ' iq 1 7" W 54,4 Agjnur-vvp-'rs-wrfw 5... L--.- ,... ...W 2' 3 fr 1 1 fx 'u kin. V- A - .wall N . . . --A lidog., fl: . -----5.-....-..-. ,-W "gnv""""k r 'yu :'r.--r-.-r-.- tfffvfb-'P""i 4 ' 'ra ' .VH lgiqiif L? Q-ffl Y 1 'f lkfvffii , -5- awk? JA .r ' A X 2L........ H f ' La f x ' , of , ., R. J M' rg xg' . A 'ff' f'1f,3g fa, 'ay ,E if ,A ls ' H' 1 is , WJ' V5 , aff. eh! - ' sn it .fe 5-5 j in , 61 ir L sd v Y ,gm Q., , , ,2 FA-v , Q 4 ,J i if ,V . 112, 1? ' Qu sa? .fi ' R an .Q n , w A ., . .Ax - X. H f 1 " QV- A if 1 lf' ' 51 . .K K It , ff' felt .. K Q? 5212 gg L1 V., 4 4 ,,i.. - :Z ibn i fy ,Q QV , ' iii, if as ' f - ag.. M, V 1 1 1 f ,. ' 4 A f' . , I: ' Q, , A 1 4 ig 1' V A A I, 1 3 -f f, 4' ,. , Li m -, wmv- xv F - hh -g.5l, r ,, 3.5, .. , iw. ,JV as 1. ,lf - 5 xl , f 1, g Qt . 5 . 1, ' 'Q . , I 5 , . .1 N 2 . ,. Y X ,. W EA Y 4 ' 5 ,if ' zz '- 7 Y 3 4 xy u .. I , A Q ' x 4 ,Va- Q xx . f. V i .3 ,af , 3 . ,L .Q 1 , . 1 lg' I A ii , , . . .',x n' 2 " , 1 an VK, , 1 . x "-,Q ' , 'S Q x f gi I x '- ' . X , ,N if ,w 'ur 4. 'Q:wwmm'vqyJdFg S. 'fic ,ffzwz cya 3 L 'C'S4, 5 I? G .4 1 fiivt Nag xfaaag JT ,gf gg., fe 'f-r 'was Q1 fqafun fag L ani' ff 5 9 QI iqxs QT e ' eff fe' f W Mwffzfv fmif-' f-:wa me ?':,'f ,,'Wi.f:E'21zab. If ' 915'-2'g,c'..'.3'5-,,5,w -.,d'-QQ"-19,3-Bd"gcJl -' 1, I sie 1' 'QV L 'Qfs '. ,ikgqf Dedzmizon !EQga vnv nam QQQE dh ,S 'W f3,ti'f.9?,'1,,f7,a'31y',1ALTFr'4P'-r-? 'vv-wwf-. eb-ff.-'rf-'1 we MP' 2599 f t """J'h"'1'q"5"Z'3f':?.y55"ff2'f'-F37'9H'.e" 5 ug WH eq" Q.: 44- fs "' .-,L afw 1"l'-1'-f. .r if 5 c 5 .1 'tl -1' drag we 1 f - 3, I .57 Us YN -".a"' D' .Al llnllllllllllllgllill Fl I Illllsilmmfif- .mf If I nf-r. ..-a 'H'.'u, ..,, lHDA:LiJglll wfmz?Ill1lllll""U IUHHFIZIESQHMIEETIlilHlll!lE! . 'IGF I l"l'l u '5'M.v1luu1u'i-EL I-my-. ggg il' :man ----1 1: rv 'F I lllinkll FQ PI II ills ll...1ll1,, y,r',gil We, as the fifty-ninth class to graduate from Gilbertsville High School wish to dedicate our Annual, with pride and sin- cerity, to the first graduates of the Academy, Mrs. Lynn Deitz and Mr. Walter Cope. Their faithful service and loyalty to the community will long be remembered ,rr f-gg-f"e-1 --rt f A' Tf' ' A ,r-,.s,,:- , y,.,.34,t4 v at Ju a I -: 1 I 1. V J 31 v 0 2? 1+t+ffex,t,g!'ff23f1'f1qg:4f32,+gf-H fiarw "x"la4.-A -J: aa?-1 ' '-3,35 jybqz-fs-qs-,.a6g.. 'Q'-nge. 1 H?-.4 ,fa J' G .fr p ,N -7 Jvlus 'W vw 1 3,9 .une ,, fn ,xr 1 up J 1, 'm.. .h ,ci a- DDM-e '-1-'x-ft K szffefnae wa ' my 'J Jie xv' sf 7KlFl?,5lnA' 'r at 5, f43i',2'T' 1?-'52"-- "A if . '1,'?"-72-gzra.-S-',3 4 "'-4 'e 4fi"' -.v-9M 'IS J up .1 5-"Jf'yS5-'ff' ' e'f"""' ' eff ' 'IPM r k .A nf ,W wa 'Qs' j QA-fha' 55, gn Q V' f"fev.,.'? .fm ' 'O f '-1 'A 43 "f-'+1a'F-r-" ' 3lt,,l'l- "' 1 '-1' 21-" "."'3"2u-WJ' 35 ,fn ggi 2. 'z .fa ven',?Qjaa 'gf M5-.1 ' N -J I 1 'N'-Z, ggi? 2 'e'j,jl'F' 1':5..:f"2rix",y:': " , 'W ts'-s'1'.2,1,,?,,,'? Jag .f 1 YEAR BOOK Editor Margaret Seaman Assistant Editor Roberta Musson Sports Editor - William Slaughter Art Editor - Barbara Swart Yearbook K MP1 A5 ' Ln, J ...S 1955 Typists Sherry Palmer, Ann Holden Activities -Beverly Keene, Beatrice Pike S TAFF' Advisor-Mrs. Smith N, u -, ,gin . Q My -yr. ,f if' 1 4 , "'l.?.- Tk 13. 'pu-elf 'x' :' " 'M' ',' , . gd' -..e- L' 'Vg .gf-I Q., - " , -2-' .. 1'1?ge2ff2.":-.,, mee.: - -it :1f?m- .--:lf up ,. 'F '7' 2134 1 "b"'1f' J. "5 ffl: 'B' if-ii-exft' L.. 1 If. - ' JF I wr? .-'H wifi.: if' 45' N :-e'a'1"- 5 -.-f.-.'-.4412 L'?z'qf'7'- sem. v 145- ' i3,ias?f.:.32a' 1 " .. pp! '. , - 3 n s ' -v.gFv.p.'.'41v.v flax.. , gg. ru' ,yi.Q3e.ig.,z.' Aa ..w.a 5953: .1 3,y7",.'3Q?,.-1i'5'.,.. 1542202 '. ' gg. ' I ff, 'A A" .' .i- 4- f"': LEM: 13.51 "" 'a 5.- "-vw: 4' f' J-a":"l . ' 'Ha 'nf' - --BGS "'9Z. 'Li 5 '1- ,'11?!!3'f33. 1:21.95-:'fu Yikffaipfci-F3-i'.,3Q--:C..g1i4h- 'Lf-I ' 251.gif ,.1.A5:9?.E J? ,Qi -..3,,ii12H" I wg? ,6t',,535.L,::l .,. N.-gf, -av 3-915 h ,R-i?g,5f3,eQ,n:p,5f':QrQ:,:,'y1:53 . -hh 3:..'z,.. ' av. I V. s4,..L.- -.4 ' ser V 3 -fe . K R V x wx , V '..x,i- 4 MMM 'MA x , ,Mi x, , , S S - .ew We Q. 1 Q, bi v Xe in . - - .. - Board O Educafzon al First Row John G11bert, Joseph Keene, Mrs Helen Brown Second Row Verner Lent, Stanley W11ber, George Tobey Przncgzml fee ffetmfy ff Mr. Addison Sm1th Miss Luella Van Dusen E emen Y' Faculty gunman fv- Flrst Row Mrs Whybrew, Mrs Yager, Mrs Whitman Second Row Mrs Vincent, Mrs Musson, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Warren H HSLOQ FiI'Sf ROW: HPS. Shaw, Hr. Souders, Mr. Smith, Mr. Seaman, Mrs. Smith Second Row: Mr. Tarbell, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Hamilton, Hr. Hay, Mrs, Fitch 5 fembr Claw Hikiofy Freshman Year The class of '55 started out their high school career with twenty members and elected the following officers early in the school year: President William Slaughter Vice President John Birdsall Secretary Lucy Murphy Treasurer Ann Holden Mr. Smith and Mrs. Shaw were chosen as advisors. We put on two bake sales and sponsored the movie 'Red Badge of Courage.' With the Juniors and Sophomores we helped put on the three one-act plays by producing 'Teacher's Pet,' a schoolroom farce, under the able direction of Mr. Smith. On the night of May 29th, we sponsored the Frosh Hop. Sophomore Year This year the sophomore class elected the following officers: President Margaret Seaman Vice President Beatrice Pike Secretary Roberta Musson Treasurer John Stensland Student Council Sylvia Hunt, William Slaughter We gained one new member, Ann Haggerty from Otego. We sponsored a movie, bake sale, dance, and a one-act play, 'The Bigger and Better Babies Contest,' under the excellent direction of Mr. Burton. All these eventsgreatly contributed to our treasury. 6 5671157 fam Hzktory Junior Year The Junior Class elected the following officers: President Ann Holden Vice President Beatrice Pike Secretary Roberta Musson Treasurer Margaret Seaman Sylvia Hunt and William Slaughter were chosen to represent our class in the Student Council Mrs Fitch and Mr Curtis were our advisors During this year we sponsored a movie, bake sale, carnival, dance and play under the able direction of Mrs Fitch Senior Year We started the most important year with sixteen members in our class Our officers this year were President Sylvia Hunt Vice President John Rowe Secretary Margaret Seaman Treasurer John Birdsall Our Student Council representatives were Ann Holden and William Slaughter Our advisors were Mrs Smith and Mr Hamilton During this year we sponsored the movie 'Quo Vhd1S,' a dance, a pork supper, sold candy, magazines, Christmas cards and stationery All of this greatly added to our treasury and thus made it possible for us to take our Senior trip to Washington A91 ff? FW 7 ,. A6 ,I Q N Sylvia A Hunt With a personality as bright as her hair when you need a friend, Suzie is there .lb 1 I1 Margaret R Seaman Our gal Peggy is very alert For in the class she's done fine work Her reliable friend ship and cheerful smile will rema1n in our hearts for a 1ong,1ong wh11e O l I lg: John S Rowe Don't be m1s1ed, he seems so quiet, but when he's w1th his friends he is a F10t I 956 'I' Mun, Ann H Holden Ann the gayest one she is always full of un but from our school years we know, she has kept the guys on the go is " A 5 wg x-fg X 1 'U WT y he . f 3 1' ' I' . , jx,I1 fx! 'SMML Hwiwmq, ' WS? "L, " k'ki we il John G Birdsall John,the 'Romeo f the class ,pursues every lucky lass and 1f he gets her on the hook, he'l1 mark her down in h1S little black book 4!!", Roberta L Musson Robbie, our soc1ety dame,hopes someday to achleve great fame Also to snare a honey who's rolling in lots of money E 'TE X 'ima SW Sherry D Palmer I could be better if I would but it's awfully lonesome being good Ann E Haggerty Though Ann is only half pint s1ze she still tries to chase all the guys he sez, 'chasing is so much fun,I hope never to catch one FW , C ' ' . ' 'Ill r 'ff f X. , X I . W 0 . 43 . 'Lf ha L h 4 I me 33 'E?Nf , . S J K W fn .k X 'R J 5' Q Beatrice A Pike Beatrice used to be our quiet girl, but lately she seems to be in a whirl What caused this change? Our answer have ready, for we all know it's none other than Eddie s Janice R Decker Now here is Janis, with lots of pluck,who gets out of mis chief just by luck Her laugh ing 15 p1easant,her giggling sin, but somehow her actions attract all the men Xe! Marian R Hiller Marian is the quiet type, Seldom is she known to gripe Her talent for homemaking is surpreme high is she in everyone's esteem fs I A John C Stensland A Joke, a smile for every one meet John and you meet fun QE? y 1 gal ilk .. we ' . - ' x- " 1, Ill' F V ,N - ,l riifff. , I nj at ,.,, ,., i1 ' gg Jgoou gqip 'iq , if . , ,x X o 9 .- , . ,IQAQ-gt l 1 A xksl lf , William H Slaughter Bill is happy go lucky all the day, '11 succeed in every way X5X 19 +ve aa L49 msec' Beverly L Keene Bev the redhead 5'2' the shortest of our crew, but when it comes to the cheerlng squad, she's the one to lead the mob Barbara A Swart Barbara is tall and slender of form, least of her dreams is to be in a girls' dorm Like most girls she has a gentleman friend, to him our Barbara, we may have to lend 9: V41 N'-u f1""" 4l!!l'Q Glen E Foster Glen 15 our mechanic, tall and slim, no task seems to bother h1m He's been i plays and athletlcs too and h1S fF1ehdS are man his enemies few 'lr-H' 1672 J " -:'4' 4 e'l "Half XJ x ,izygldgi I 74.356 f fl! lgggl Ill I . X n Q I I - ' . I He , , 0 ' . x t ' D f l Q1 X 1 , -XX 5 Q U52 JE fy f w - A Y 5 kv 12 r Mt Q P3 t ,,., ,Ai , s A ' ' ' ,5L1"2 U O ' vis. t . n . O O , ya , f 'f ,IQ , . 1 X Q? ' , " l if Px - V z Odg.:o?n?l:J? K X I nf ' Mrs Cecil Smith Mrs Smith, our adv1sor so sweet and gay, has helped us immensely along the way We shall remember her we go, as someone whom it s nice to know 9 I W3 m f' X fg 5 Mr John H Hamllton Our advisor, tall and slim, Is full of fun and very tr1m We are entranced by h1s New England ways, He's added sp1ce to ur Senior days 2 x 5 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 1 via Hunt rggret Seaman Class Pres1dent 4, Band 1, All State 3,4, Band Treasurer 3 Pep Band l,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2 NY SHA 1,2,3 4, Area Fest1va1 1 2,3 4 Band Comm ttee 4, Student Counc11 2,3, Driver Tra1n1ng 3 4 H N1c Nacs l,2,3,4 Sect and Treas 3 President 4, 4 H Dairy Club 1 2 3 Vice President 3, Cheerleader l 2,3 FHA 3,43 FFA Sweetheart 3g Piano Accompanist l,2,3,4g 'Teacher's Pet' lg 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 2, 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 3 John ggwe FFA l,2,3,4g FFA Treasurer 35 Driver Training 4, 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler Janice Decker FHA l,2,3,4g FHA Secretary lg Chorus 1,2, 'Bigger and Better Babies Con- test' 2g Driver Training 33 4-H 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4, Area Festival l,2,3 4 NYSSMA 1,2,3,4, County Festival l,2,3,4, C orus 1 2 4 H l,2,3,4, All State 2 3,4, Class President 2, 4 H Assistant Leader 3 'Teacher's Pet' 1, Cheerleading l,2,3 Chorus Sec and Treas 2 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 2, Class Treasurer 3 Ground Observer 3, 'The Ghost of Pun k n Holler' 3, Class Secretary 4 'Sophie From Sandysville' 43 Editor of Annual 4' Pep Band 1 2,3g Pep Band Conductor 43 Driver Tralnlng 4, 4-H Student Council 4g Band Committee 4 John Birdsall Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,4g Dr1ver training 3, FFA l,2,3,4g County FFA Reporter 43 Chef's Club 33 Chorus 33 All Star Basketball 3g Class Treasurer 43 Volleyball Tournament 33 'Teacher's Pet' lg 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 23 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 33 'Sophie from Sandysville' 4 fm. " jp 43 fx as. I . I . 0 2 X' , ff Slin g ,p X P ex Hggss 55 J 6- 4, A X , , ' S 125 03 ., 4 . S 1 N2 ,,,,,,w ' - 2,3,4g ' . , s ' - D : :S h I: - , - , U i ' . '. " 3 s ' . T : ', ' . 1 9,3 . 5 . . , - 9 ! 1,. Roberta Husson Class Secretary 2,3, Da1ry Club l,2,3,4 Dairy Club President 1, News Reporter 2 Treasurer 4, 4 H Nic Nacs 1 2,3 4 Nic Nacs Vice President 4, 4 H tudent Council 4, B nd l,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2 Pep Band 1,2, County Festival l,2,3 Area Festival l,2,3,4, NYSSMA 1,2 3,4 All State 2,3,4, Cheerleading l,2,3 Tw1rler l,2,3,4, Hajorette 4, 'Teach er's Pet' 1 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 2, The Ghost of Punkin H01 ler'3, Ass Ed1tor of Annual 4, Band Secretary 3, Band President 4, Driv er Tra1ning 3 Ground Observer 3 Band Committee 4 herry Palmer Chorus 1, NYSSMA 1, F1ve School Fes tival 1,2 Band 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Pep Band 1,2 FHA l,2,3,4, FHA Pres ident 3, School Paper 4, Driver Training 3 'B1gger and Better Bab1es Contest' 2 'The Ghost of Pun kin Holler' 3 'Soph1e From Sandys ville' 4 W1l1iam Slaughter ball 1,2,3,4, Class President 2, Student Council 3,4, Student Council President 4 'Teacher's Pet'l, Boys Chorus 3 Chef's Club 3, 'B1gger and Better Babies Con test' 2 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler Driver Training 3, Ground Observer 3 Vo1leyBa11 Tournament 3, Sports Editor of Annual 4 'Soph1e from Sandysville Five School Festival 3 Ann Haggerty Otego Class Treasurer l, Intra murals 1, Chorus 1 Gilbertsville Cheerlead1ng l,2,3 4 Cheerlead1ng Capta1n 3 FHA l,2,3, FHA Vice President 3, 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 2, Ground Ob server 3, Dr1ver Training 3, Chorus 1 Marian H111er Chorus l,2,4, FHA l,2,3,4, 4 H 1, Drivers Train1ng 3, Ground Observer 3 'Bigger and Better Babies Contest' 2 Barbara Swar t verly Keene Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2, NYSSMA 1,2, , Pep Band l,2,3, Five School Fes tival 1,2 3 Annual Staff 4, Cheer leader l,2,3,4, FHA 3,4, Drivers Training 4, 'Teacher's Pet 1, 'Big ger and Better Babies Contest' 2 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 3, School Newspaper 2,3, 4 H Nic Nacs l,2,3, News Reporter 3, Treasurer 3, Dairy Club 1,2,3,4, President 4, News Re porter 3, Treasurer 2, Secretary 1 4 H Student Council 2 3,4, 4 H lea der 3,4, Girls Club 2,3,4, Jr Dairy Club Leader 3,4, Ground Observer 3 Ann Holden Class Treasurer 1, President 3, Student Counc1l Vice President 4, Band l,2,3 4, Chorus 1,2, Annual Staff 4, County Music Festival 1,2,3,4, All State 2, NYSSMA l,2,3,4, Band Vice President 4 H 1 Cheerleader l,2,3 4, Varsity Captain 4, Pep Band 1,2, ,4, Five School Festival l,2,3,4, FFA Sweet heart 2, 'Teacher s Pet' 1 'Bigger and Better Bab1es Contest' 2 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler ' 3 'Sophie from Sandysville' 4 Driver Training 4 John Stensland Class Treasurer 2, Student Counc1l 1 Basketball l,2,3,4, Valley Ball 4 Foot ball l,2,4, Baseball l,2,4, FFA 2,3,4 FFA Treasurer 4 4 H 1,2, Driver Train ing 3 'Teacherss Pet' 1 'Bigger and Better Bab1es Contest' 2 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 3 Beatrice Pike Chorus 1,2 Class Vice Pres1dent 2,3 FHA 3,4, FHA Secretary 3 Driver Train ing 3, School Paper 4, Annual Staff 4 'Teacher's Pet 1, 'Bigger and Better Bab1es Contest 2, 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 3 Glen Foster FFA 2,3,4 'Hold Everything' l,'Big ger and Better Babies Contest' 2 'The Ghost of Punkin Holler' 3, Base ball 1,2, Basketball l,2,3, Foot ball l,2,4, Band l,2,3, Driver Training 2 Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2, Art Editor of An 'mal 4, NYSSHA l,2,3, Cheerleading 1 Pe Band l,2,3, Five School Fest1val 1,2 3 CD FHA 3,4, FHA Treasurer 3 'Bigger and Better Bab1es Contest' 2, Driver Training 4 ",Ja Teacher's Pet 1 School N 4 5 manship Award 4' ewspaper ' ales ........ .......- Be ,,,,-,, 1 ' S g - 30 . 3 . , . - g 7 3 y 3 ' ' a s 0 , U Q - 9 ' 143 3 ' 9 3 ' .' ' v43 ' " 43 g 0 I 9 ' 0 Q c 0 g . . . - , . , , ' s s ' S ..,.......... o 0 . an ' o , ' 3 3 3 ' ' . S . . ' ' . ' ' 22 . 3 - . I Q , - . s - I . g 5 ' z """" 5 Football 1,45 Basketball 2,3,4, Base- : 3 1"h""-1-1-"'--P" . - ' ' ' ' 2 Q " 3: . . ' ,' ' S - - - - z ' ' 4s ' ' Q : ' - 3 ' 3 I . ' : 3 0 S 0 , : . . : : 4: . Q . ' . ,2 ........L.... F ' - I ' o 3 A , - Q f - - , . ' . 1 v CPL r . ' 2- ' 5 ' ' if . O . 1 I' Gm 13 4 ast wxllzndl estnmmd WE, the Senior Class Gilbertsville an thr County of Otsego ,md 53,136 of New York bang of sound mmd md memory do make publzsh mul dw-lmr ilusnuv last zn mmmer fdlowmg that w Nfgy We will Peggy Haggerty lots of 'lilies We will Marilyn Lilley a guy named 'Joe Marian Miller leaves her quiet temper to Donna Smith Janice Decker leaves Leona W1ld her car so Leona can get to Oneonta whenever it runs Bill Slaughter leaves his loud voice to Lillie Miller so she may be heard from one end of the hall to the other We will Darthy Jones a box of tacks Beverly Keene wills Carol Butenhoff flies The Seniors leave Joel Slaughter an physique Sylvia Hunt leaves Joanne Faber her Peggy Seaman wills Jane Christian h for next year her red hair to attract men like athletic team to go with his prowess to catch the 'thunderer er corny jokes The Seniors will Shirley Porter all the answers to get through school Sherry Palmer wills Jane Christian the honor to do all the dirty work on the yearbook next year Robbie Musson wills Beverly Bedient a dozen ushers for the Palace Theater next year That enough, Bev? We will Jim Teed someone else to laugh at his dry jokes The Seniors will Hugh Canham a slow physics class next year so he, too can become one of the 'brain' Seniors We will Mr Souders an American History Class who knows that their parents weren't born during the American Revolution We will Mrs Shaw two fur coats so she will be warm in school next ye ai' We will Mr Smith a student body which will 'clam up' when they hear the words, 'Attention, please We will Mr Tarbell a Band Committee that sets a good example for the other band members We will Mr Hughes a new car which has extra width between the drivers Seat and the wheel We will Mr Seaman an intelligent Chemistry Class which knows the difference between a hydronium and a deautonium ion We w11l Mrs Smith a Senior Class which is 'loaded' with money We will Mrs Harris the ab11ity to learn the rules of the Faculty Coffee Club We will Mr Hamilton students who say haven't 1nstead of ain't We will Mr Hay a Senior Class to up hold the dutiesof gettlng to their homeroom on time in the morning, noon and night. To the Juniors, we will our left-over ambition. To the Sophomores, which in Greek means 'the wise fools,' we leave the Seniors' left-over romances to pep them up. To the Freshmem, the Seniors bequeath their charming and magnetic personalities. Witnesses: PM mmm mm had ' 0 9 of ' I. .II .lv John Stensland leaves Duane Moore a sense of humor enjoyed by all. I .N I .n LO Wolfing Indefin1te Name John Birdsall Janice De cker Glen Foster Ann Haggerty Ann Holden Sylvia Hunt Marian Miller Robbie Musson Sherry Palmer Bea trice P ike John Rowe Margaret Seaman Bill Slaughter John Stensland Noted For Eating Giggling Cowboy boots Eating Going Steady Personality Driving See1ng?Movies Being with Bob Blushing Strong Silent Gabbing Egot1sm Sleeping Prqvlaegf Intended Future Housewife Mechanic Secretary Nu se Piano organ teacher Housewife Dental Hygienist Housewife Of f ice Worker Farmer Russian Interpreter Doctor Fisherman Predicted Future Sells used ponies tails Stock car racer Supreme Cou t Judge Boss's favorite Interviews sports heroes Wife of a Veteran Driving Instructor Destruction of Civi11zation Woman President Hairdresser for T V Stars Ike's Caddie Local Gossiper Educated Bum Afrlcan Game Hunter Barbara Swar t Beverly Keene Glen's P1ano Tuner T V Cooking School Housew1fe Home Ec Teacher Height Red Half !MWl07' Aglmce We advise Jim Teed to start moving in on Darthy We advise 'Dainty' Moore to get back 1U training next year when the Senior boys won't be around to carry the load We advise trees advise advise advise advise advise advise advise Oneonta We advise 'Jane' Bedient to talk to 'Tarzen' on the sidewalks instead of in the Joanne Faber to quit ram ing around on a tractor Lillie Miller to stick to her man Darthy Jones to hit the books by 'Jiminyl' Hugh Canham to go 'over the hill,' and sing carols Carol Butenhoff to pick on somebody her own size Peg Haggerty to 'look before she leaps ' Leona Wild to quit burn1ng up the road between Maple Grove and Elinor Musson to remember the saying, 'If at first you don't succeed try try again ' We advise Marilyn Lilley to remember that her actions speak louder than words We adv1se Jane Chr1st1an to find somebody else to pick on for the Senior boys will be gone next year We advise Donna Smith to become a lawyer to put her law intelligence to work We the 'High and the M1ghty' Senior Class advise the Junior Class to buckle down and make as good a 'record' as we did It w11l be hardi' 1 We . , We . We We advise 'Pod' Slaughter to do more 'studying' on books, not -----2 We . We , We . we ' 5 ll1'11OI' S President Joel P Slaughter Vice President Margaret Haggerty Secretary Carol Ann Butenhoff Treasurer Marilyg Lilley Student Council Hugh Canham,Joanne Faber Advisors Mr Hay, Mrs Fitch Our class gained two new members this fall, Hugh Canham and Shirley Porter, bringing our total to sixteen Although there are 12 gig-15 and but 4 boys, the boys hold their wn The class is working extra hard this year in order to build up the treasury to in sure a successful senior trip next year During the year we have held a Junior Carni val, sponsored a movie and a dance and we are planning a Junior Prom to be held toward the end of the school year We also participated in a One Act Play and are planning a supper We thank our advisors, Mrs Fitch and Mrs Hay for their help throughout the year, which has furthered us along the road of knowledge f 195'-, It 16 1 A . '-sq ' O 1 5 I O O O O 0 . 1 . - O I Q O O ' s fx ' 'A "eff A g-"' . .415 ' 4- ,A 55 A - X V . Y ,.. fir' ,,f?,fj, EM fr' ,P NNN 6 1 ffm, Rf ophomore started school this fall with a total of sixteen members We lost Billy Perkins but we gained Billy Moore Then, in January, Louise Hurlburt left school Our Class Officers are President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Student Council Advisors Edward Husson Gerald Smith Sophie Pochy Mary Wentworth Vincent Stark, Hr Seaman, Hr At the Junior Carnival this year we made In March, we sponsored the movie, 'Pinochio,' Also in March, we put on a play, 'The True In 17 louise Hurlbert Souders about S3 oo an a Bake Sale which turned out pretty good Heart S 5 WE , . I I C . . 0 n . X J .K . 7' . JA " - Y N J VY, E , 1lY' Fmlcmen - , r When we came to school in September of 1954, we had lost one member of our eighth grade class, Leon Ray, and gained a member, Mary Faber We now have a class consisting of seventeen members Our class officers are President Ann Landefeld Vice President Mary Ellen Murray Secretary R1chard Breslin Treasurer Leon Rowe Student Council David Lawson, laurel Lown Advisors Mr Hughes, Mr Tarbell 011 January 22 we sponsored a movie 'Living It Up " During the year the Jun1ors held a carnival We had a booth of basketball shooting 1h whlch we made a prof1t of S9 45 18 Ezgbila Grade 'BGG F1PSt Row, James Carr, Thomas Murphy, Will1am Musson, Michael Brannlck Second Row Janet Johnson Sandra Sloan, Mary Hurlburt, MaryLou Vanvranken Marjorie Robinson, Cherylyawson, Martha Musson Th1rd Row Ruth Christian , Nona Slaughter, Gail Tarbell, Patricia Ray, Lois Willey Carol Sampson, uonna Livingston, Ida Johnson Fourthkowg Gordon Brannlck, Richard Foster, Michael Veres, Richard Bean, Murray Bell, Phllip Lord, Elmer Palmer fenfenlla Grade First Row Elaine Lawson Jane Faber, Dianne Stark, Janet VanVranken Sharon Lilley, Barbara Porter Molly Musson, Betty Musson Jean Phetteplace Second Row Lawrence Stark, John Tobey, Richard Sienkiew1cz, Carol Stillman, Hilda Edwards, Carol Smith, Anna Fazio, B uce Barber, John Souders, Raymond Ulm, Dennls Lockwood Third Row Willlam Hutch1ns, Gene Robinson, Gerald Palmer, Clark Gray, Morgan Roseboom, Donald Slmmons, David Iamoree, Robert Stearns, Henry Gregory 19 T M , ug. B A 4 QU , : . . , B- R ' 'V I . 1 1 . 5. ,iii-flixf, A Mm: M . , ' W 1, 5. A I :U - a A I 1 1 4 I f 1 Y I ., rfex, yv gn g Q J 3 9 1 . 9 I - ' , 95 S M19 Grade R F1rst Row Lila Mead, Rose McMullen, Lucille Husson, B rbara Dunwald, Sharon Lown, June Edsell, Marion Truscott Mar ie Hur lber t ' Second Row Jimmy Pochy, Susan von Haeseler, Sandra Keene, Lynda McMullen, Marie Brooks, Cynthia Stark Mary Ellen Gray, Ann Edwards, Hurial Stillman, Claire Ulm, Charles Sienkiewidz Third Row Marvin M h Goor e Wille Jimm Ha ert Robert Hallenback, Thomasuggzio, Gens Macumbzr, Dongld ggborge, Dennis Layman, Ronals Rowe, Mrs Warren Ejwa Grade First Row Henry Gilbert, Jonathan White, John Stark, Allen Lanoree, Thomas Smith Second Row Patricla Porter, Kathleen Murphy, Donna Wilber, Andrea Sampson, Beverly VanDusen, Barbara Macumber, Erna Maeumber Third Row Michael Scofield, Patricia Miller, Betty Livingston, Bonnie Roseboom, Darla Winne, Anna Mae Burk, Diane Eaton, Lynn Eldred Fourth Row Mrs Yager, James Tobey, Robert Saunders, Thomas Murray, Charles Burk, Ray Lee Wilson, Roger Pike, John Hunt 20 I R x I I . . . 2 . . 1 v ' C ' 1 - . . . . Q 3 0 , v. ,, H Fourth Grade First Row Melvin Lanfair, Keith Lilley, Anthony Fazio Robert Loitsch, Gorden Hughes econd Row Molly Canham, Barbara Carey, Edith Fontanez, Virgina Layman, Judith Macumber, Catherine Haggerty, Shirley Post, Linda Satterlee, Molly Husson Third Row Gary Edwards, Gorden Hresl1n, Barbara Lent, Pamela Lennox, Shirley Hollenback, Lucy Husson, Wayne Hoag, Edward Dunwald Fourth Row Ernest Wh1teman, Bruce Truscott, Ronald Swift, Henry McAdams, Robert Earl, Harry Head, Gerald Pike, Tbzrd Grade Q First Row David B own, Larry Sm1th, Wayne Lilley, Rex Briscoe, Stanley Wllber, Richard Hurlburt, Larry Hillias Second Row Susan Souders, Carol Van Dusen, Dolores Dunwald, Marilyn Happle, Susan Hill, Lorreen Briscoe, Joyce Barber, Susan Murray, Dona Gilbert Third Row Gary Sampson, Marion Stillman, Carol Hagge erty, Margaret Willey, Patricia Sloan, Susan Irwin, Janet Lent, Lorraine Barber, Kermit Jones Fourth Row Thomas B annick, James Barber, Henry Ray, Ronald Miller, Peter Butenhoff, Lyle Eldred, Carl Burk thur Layman, Robert Lanfair A , . X V ' 5 3 9 Ar' 21 Second Grade First Row David Heers, Gary Sprlngetta Dnnglas TOUGYQ Lyle A1 A ifa stark Laurel o11ber1 Betfy Earl Gail Th?id'Rog James Borter, Dora Mae'Kerney, Glenda Simmons: Carol Meuuiien, Carole cor-aes, Judy Scofield, Gafy gmgfg ne Fourth Row Bruce Hopkins, B111y Wood, Richar S or ' Stephen Yager, David Crotty, Scott Musson, Angelo Hoag ggggnd Row Roberta Halbert, Linda carey, Joanna Sienkiewic Em' Grade Third ROW! Brett Gilbert, Richard Crotty, Gerald Porter, Leonard Wilson, Ronald Butler, Lenford Carey, Tommy Birdsall, Mrs. Whybrew Second Row: Kent Hoyt, James Robinson, Linden Lamoree, Carolyn Sidaway, Irene Ulm, Dorothy White, Christine Edsell, Michael Mills, Denver Jones, Paul Van Dusen First Row: Joan Bell, Ann Tobey, Judy Tarbell, Cheryl Rowe, Anita Hull, Bonnie Souders, Joanne Dunwald, Betty Keene 22 , .. . . . r -' , - Q , we V .I -B f , ' E f fs ., I ef, H ' 4 xv. , .li- ' f . W , 1 X ! Q . . C . Z . i ' . o 0 , . Q - a is i1,5l -1-I 9 X AZ 4 ..v CUMBINATION GRADE inf F1PSt Ron Ronald Husson,Thomas Sterns,Dav1d L1vingston Frank Richards, Elmond Stark Second Row Sheran Miller, Sandra Pa1mer,L1nda Osborne Linda Robinson Third Row Carl Lindberg, H1chae1 Lamoree,Dona1d Swift, William Truscott Absent Joseph Fazio, Sherry Springett,Mitche11 McMullen Teacher Mrs Vincent 5 jf Student Comm! President - William Slaughter Secretary - Hugh Canham Vice-President - Ann Holden Treasurer - Joanne Faber Advisor - Mr. Smith 23 ,ating V 'V V ? 5 . ' ,I H ' 72 S 'ekm-fr -j x J 113 1' 2 ' AJ ' he 2 ' xl V z it av Y I Bmebazff H Cagaggt Row R Foster, W Slaughter, J Slaughte Second Row Mr Souders D Moore G S th R HUSSOH, E Musson, B Hansen,'J Stensland ml ' ' Football! First Row: E. Musson, J. Slaughter, J. Birdsall, D. Lawson, W. Slaughter, G. Foster, G. Smith Second Row: L. Lobdell, B. Hansen, J. Teed, J. Stensland, R. Musson, L. Rowe, L. Brink, R. B eslin Coach: Mr. Frank Souders After a years absence of football, Gilbertsville was again represented on the 6-man gridiron. Our players worked hard and with able coaching put up some fine battles with neighboring school teams which were much enjoyed by both players and spectators. Next year we hope to send out a squad which will do even greater honor to our Alma Mater. 24 X :K V f 'Z Q g if W L -"A : . , ru C . , : . , , - A 5 . I - 5 1 1 3 f Q Y W ...-.SL-F ,I Bezfkeibezlf Bernt Hansen, Gerald Smith, John Birdsall, Raymond Musson Edward Musson, Duane Moore, James Teed Q'v111e scores South New Berlin come first Mt Upton Hartwick Guilford Unad i11a Mort 15 Morris Ote go Gu 11f ord Cheerleaders Ann Holden, Captain, Ann Haggerty, Robbie Musson Beverly Keene, Peggy Haggerty, Marilyn Lilley 25 Morris Morris Otego Guilford A.. llh f Bmkelball First Row Dav1d Lawson, Richard Foster, Leon Rowe, John Stensland Second Row Mr Souders, William Slaughter, Wayne Roseboom, Hugh Canham Mount Upton q2FtW1Ck Guilford Front: Sophie Pochy Back: Mary Ellen Murray, Brenda Winne, Arlene Foster 26 ,w at A Unadilla Eg-gg South New Berlin ' 43-12 A ' 33-22 44-13 Pape, tf Editor Jane Christian Typists Jane Christian, Sherry Feature Editor Lois Willey Palmer, Beverly Bedient , Beatrice pike Sports Ed1tor Joel Slaughter Assistants Marilyn Lilley, Mary Art Edltor Barbara Swart Faber, Margaret Haggerty Advisor Mrs Smith yfgknj CIQSS M Q: Sh I S QF - rv' X 5611107 Bama! This year the senior band consisted of about forty members. At the beginning of the year the following officers were elected: President Roberta Musson Librarians Elaine Lawson Vice President Ann Holden Gail Tarbell Secretary Margaret Seaman Quartermasters Martha Musson Treasurer Donna Smith Betty Lou McReynolds Social Sec. David Lawson Stage Manager Donald Simmons A band committee consisting of the first chair musicians and the dir- ector adopted a system of merits and demerits. The band performed at the half of the home football games doing spe- cial formations and playing marches. The pep band under the direction of Margaret Seaman played at all of the home basketball games. With the cheerleaders, the pep band arranged novelty fight songs. At the Christmas program the band played the following: The Serenade of Carols, The Christmas Suite and Jingle Bells Mambo. The four members that were chosen to go to All-State at Stamford were unable to attend because of hazardous roads. This was a great disappoint- ment because it was the last opportunity for them to attend. fumbr Bama' Majbre le ,S i 1 PEP Bama' First Row: Martha Musson, Gail Tarbell, Barbara Porter, Carol Smith, Elaine First Row: Martha Musson, Gail Tarbell, Barbara Porter, Carol Smith, Elaine Lawson, Donna Smith, Elinor Musson, Lois Willey, Sandra Sloan, Brenda Winne Second Row: Sylvia Hunt, James Carr, Philip Lord, Arlene Foster, Ida Johnson, Donald Simmons, Jane Christian, Betty Lou McReyno1ds, Donna Livings ton, William Musson, Sophie Pochy Third Row: Margaret Seaman, Student Conductor, Nona Slaughter, Richard Bean, Richard Foster Ballon TWZMZEVI Q 2 P Y Head Majorette Roberta Musson Left to right: Ruth Christian, Carol Stillman, Carol Smith, Marjorie Robinson, Martha Musson Sandra Sloan, Elaine Lawson 29 H, A H1 W , nr, Y fy ? . , , 4 , , , gg F-14 f'a. 0 ' Fjrq Q7 I i5k'mW' 7,f' W rQff LQ!rd!,.ZnMM LQ5Ei Q:lRfw f Future atomic scientists! huns: Chorus 56161456 Club or , First Row: James Carr, Michael Veres, Thomas HUPFHY, Richard Bean, John Souders Second Row: Richard Foster, David Lawson, William Husson, Clark Grey Third Row: Duane Moore, Hugh Canham, Gerald Smith, Richard Breslin, Edward Musson 30 ,gf rf- 'N in Home Makerf First'Row: Carol Butenhoff, Donna Smith, Margaret Haggerty, Beverly Bedient, Beatrice Pike Second Row: Elinor Husson, Lilly Miller, Marilyn Lilley, Louise Hurlburt Third Row: Joanne Faber, Evelyn Gregory, Arlene Foster, Janis Decker, Sherry Palmer, Ann Haggerty, Sylvia Hunt, Beverly Keene, Barbara Swart, Betty Wycoff, Mrs. Fitch Fourth Row: Jane Christian, Lois Osborne, Ascenith Stark, Marian Miller QJx,b1,.1s1-slit, y Ncwilork ,- F' ' ANSYIIHQ Future Farmer! First Row: Elias Van Valkenburg, John Stensland, John Rowe, Leon Rowe, Mary Wentworth, Leonard Brink Second Row: Leon Lobdell, David Lawson, Glen Foster, Raymond Musson, JOhn Birdsall, Hr. Hay 31 99 40 Ls I .A President - Sylvia Hunt L1"fi Secretary - Joanne Faber Vice-president - Roberta Musson Treasurer - Beverly Keene News Reporter - Marilyn Lilley 4-H Council Representative - Margaret Seaman Deir Chib President - Beverly Keene Secretary - Vincent Stark Vice-president - Sylvia Hunt Treasurer - Roberta Musson News Reporter - Brenda Winne 4-H Council Representative - Beverly Keene 32 L' Ds-ever ma K5 TID ff' YW alia' ' 0--1 U7 ' Our driv1ng instructor, Mr Hughes Cfar rightl, is a very brave soul Future Farmer! ix The Ag boys and girl working 'strenuously' on the garage 33 4.-. . . m U., 39, I , . , N'M , A .-1,-I .4 . xll, N '4::, :"l yu ' Y X 3 ,'. 1 Q Y KU lu. N -i 'S-' V an: 3...-..., . l , r xv I a mo -:Ax J I -N.. Au .-- I Ca eiemz 4:11 OH r-ff' MMV W K5 :Bug Drnvevs """""""M' d vig? Cufiodzam A ails A Sq! A . '7 f jim' 09 I I Q ' Vx Q l E:-iillllgvq , 0 A clk 4 f"V fn, P' 54 'W I as f - -ff' 4 - 'A 'A ,hly E' S - - .. . , W A l g sz ' Xia"- Q ,J O M out'-' , a ' L I - ..' XR L to X ' X3 r XR " f , j 5 IWQ ' fl" ff ' -45 fly ' I Y A 0 A 'x xl ll! " Puff X -- V- .... 'Q l if AW? f J' -. ' 2 A ' , . - N J 4 f , , ' , 4 o km W M v v-- 0 u . f. L..- g t,L' bv' get I A f . G1 .1 4 My , gk 5 A 4 AE l X3 1 Q? , sg- 1 K 5 x 1 I ., A . 15 l 0 , ft '43, Ad- f r A4 i L x E55 gif x, 5 - 1-,I , he X' q.!x Q ,lf A ' ' .Q l 41, ' E ' 4' J gf. . T 5 fx Q I , XX X . t ' vw . 1 X ' ' - Ly? 1' A! V.' A I " f Q' U . I K. B : ff' 5 f Q - -1 Iflfyaf WW '14-a ,HM A tw nv, T I .ffm 'nnnskghc' LJ f' ll - x f r f? MAF H e? ON TO WASHINGTON! 2 As our yearbook goes to press, we are unable to share with you our experiences of the Senior stay in Washington On Monday, May 2nd, we leave by bus, in company with the South New Berlin Senior Class to en of four days and five nights in the city looking forward to the trip with much en and wish to thank all those who have help lt possible forus to go joy a stay We are thusiasm ed to make m e-an q X me ff It is with regret that we note the leaving of Mr Preston and Mr Seaman from the Educational and Teachlng fields,respectively Each has h s and 1 s GC Our ur The The The served the School Distr1ct own capac1ty long and well w11l be grea ly m1SS6d by pup and Adm1n1stration a11ke ADIEU AND OUR GRATEFUL THANKS f1rst 1n our hearts,forever Pr1ncipal,Mr Smith for his friendship and counsel Teachers for the1r pat1ence and guidance Board of Education for the1r part in making our school a pleasant place to Custodians for keeping our classrooms orderly Cafeteria Helpers for all the good food they fur nlshed thus helplng our brains work better The bus drivers for bringing us safely to Q Alma Mater everyday The members of our community for their loyal support of all our enterprises nnt ng Sole pr ucer m e er nc uiTalo N Y ther pnntzng firm as uthonzed to u e the Velv one method ff' 1 Sfyjgtv? U W' Q IV I ' 1 J jnrkmy !M,g" JZQ M .- X . U' ll W - , ' ' - A - , M., sl ' A I Q V u lf , ,hd 541i N if Af K, a J -ya N -R ' ,ll -'il -M - I 5: - nun ff' N i l '. ,in ' i ' - .1 . . , . ff f - I , T f ig .3 B - K ,f 6 Qwft ' ' T03 S- . . 0 3 To: I 0 "' ' QE 1 K' TO: O - ' ' 'A TO: ' ' be. To: - 0 T : ' ' 0 ' ' to To- ' To: - 36 Th' kp'tdbyVlat as ' ' ' p' i . od s:W'.J.Kll 1 WB , . . N o ' ' ' a A s at lS boo nn e c v one, pccxal process of hthographzc Cl

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