Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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-'UQ' DEDICATION We, the sen1or class of 1953, ded1cate 'The Annual" to Mrs Katherme Shaw, for her help and gu1dance through our most lmportant years our four years ln hlgh school BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row Left to Right Stanley Wilber, Joseph Keene, President, Mrs Helen Brown Second Row Verner Lent John Gllbert, George Tobey, Clerk Verner Lent Joseph Keene Mrs. Helen Brown John G11bert Stanley Wilber Term of Off1C6 Explres 1953 195L 1955 1956 1957 TEACHLRS F t Q M T Burtonlrs ow: r arbell, Mr Seaman, Mr Smlth' Mrs Vlnc nt, Mrs gusson, Mr S d R M W Mrs PZCZZS ow rs 'hvbrew Mrs Harris, Mrs Wbltman' Mrs Yarer, Mrs warren Mr Smlth, A Mr Hughes, B S Mr Burton, B S MISS Dayton, B 5 Mrs Shaw Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Hrs Hrs Mrs Urs lr, Souders, A B Seaman, B Post' B A Curtis Warren, B Yager Rogers Musson, B S Whitman lhybrew, B 3 Vincent Tarbell, A 3 Thlrd Row Mr CUFt1S, Mr Soudersx hrs Lost Mrs Lost Mr durhes Ham1lton Colleve Ithaca Collepe Cornell Universltv Plattsburg State Teachers Cortland State Normal Hartwick College Syracuse University Cornell University Hartwlck College, Albany State Teachers o Oneonta Oneonta Oneonta Oneonta Oneonta Oneonta Oneonta State State State State State State State IthacalCollege Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers 1eae.ers Teachers College College College College College College College Prlncipal, Nathamatics Phvsical Education Agr1culture Homemakinv English Social Studies Science, Mathematics Library, Latin, Spanish Commercial llege Sixth Fifth Fourth Third Secona First Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Combination Grades Music . ',- L- I ' A ' - - - ' . ' i ,r ' 2 . ' A 1 1 , . . ' ' 9 ' ' I U - 1 s , ' .B. - . L, u .A ll . . -ee E Mr, ' ee Mr, .SL ur. , B.s. h.s. ' ' c .S. , , B.E. 0 1 . ee . - . ' ee 6469 1? .QE Mn M6152-57? ,A M.. ,HA Eiga SEQ I Nl R CLA:-S rms ur 15 e nc 11er erl llollldaj 'lohert eed 'lernlce Ima n, Ielerv Gre ory Seccnd 'fox Dou lns Nurphj 'fohert ow , 'mlc d'11r 'U tr1c1 'iwlft Durw-1 d 1ll1w.1 er v 1 u er SENIOR CLASS HISTORY At the beg1nn1ng of our Senlor year we had twelve mem bers Clyde L1lley Jolned the armed forces Then Helen Gregory entered our class from Edmeston Our offlcers were as follows President Verla Holllday Vice Presldent Robert Teed Secretary Bernlce Hansen Treasurer Wanda F1ler Student council members were D1ck Keene and Helen Gregory During the year we sponsored a ham supper, sold c ndv at mov1es, basketball games and football games, sponsored a movie and a play night We had two very successful dance with the Trallblazers We put on a three act play 'Raggedy Nan' which added much to our class treasury we all had a wonderful year and we would like to thank everyone who helped make it posslble for us to take our Senior trip to Wash1ngton S UL.:-ul ' -4-, .V v ' '1, - ". T" T ' " .7014 Yr.C't ,D1C:ff-.., 7-1rv!ay..,',, Q' ,1,x 'Y' ' '-vu ' ,. A , . ,.wlI 1, .- ,O , , ,.'f: cj .. ',g.. I?'e D. Ae' , Cl ' 'a " , - "" 'vw rf- ' 1 -I' . -,S,T Y, Sdght , Irs. Test . . 0 I . - - . - . . Q . . . . I l Wanda Filer-nhappy' Class Treasurer Band h H Pres1dent Band President Oratorlcal Contest All State County Fest1val Class Plays M Five School Festival H Driver Trainlng Student Conductor Pep Band Robert Teed 'Teedien 2:39 2,3, 2,3, work in farm Class Vice President machlne main Basketball All Star Baseball A11-Star F H A Secretary F H A President Basketball Captain Verla Holliday 'W Vice President Student Council Class President Editor of Annual Oratorical Contest Ban Chorus All State County Festival Claes Plays Adala Apple N I S I A Five School Festival Cheerleader Conmercial Club Girls Basketball Driver Training Pep Band 1:2s3sh 1,2,3,U 1x2:3nh , l 2 3 D l:3:h, l,2,3,h 1,2,3, 1,2,3,h Wanda wants to try the teach ing profession iggles l2!3Ih l,2,3 1n2n3nh l,2,3,h 1,3,h 1,2,3,h 1n2s3nh l,2,3,h 9 2 h 1n2,3,b Verla 'ill go to technical school to be come a Chemi cal technician I Fx Dick would like to attend Cornell for training in h-U extension work. Bernice Hansen-U3are-kneesn Class Secretary Band Chorus Annual Staff Commercial Club All State County Music Festival Class Plays N.Y.S.M.A. Band Secretary F.H.A. h-H F.H.A. Treasurer Scouts Cheerleader Girls Basketball Pep Band Five School Festival F.F.A. Sweetheart Richard Keene-'Mufty' Basketball Baseball Football Boys State Class Plays h-u 1:2n3nh l,2,3,h l 3 3,h 1,2,3,h 2,h Student Council Basketball All-Star 2 Baseball All-Star 2,3 2339,-1 l,2,3,U l,2,h 2 ,3 h 1:293ah 1339? is-3,4 if ,-. h 1 1,2,3vU 2 1t2:3nh 1,2,3,h 2 1 I H Helen Gregorya'BlondieW Junior Red Cross Rep. Student Council Oratorical Contest Annual Staff F.H.A. Student Council Pres. Business Club Girlsqvolleyball Basketball, Softball .hldor Pro: Rep. Claes Plays 1,2,3 h h h h h 1,2,3 2,3 2,3 3 1,h Bernice would like to be a buyer in a large department store. Helen would like to be an airline hostess. Robert Rowe Basketball Football , Volleyball Class President Basketball Captain F F A 2,3,u F F A Treasurer F F A President Class Plays Patricia Swift Pat Student Council 1,2 F H A , Band Vice President N Y S M A Pep Band Student Band Conductor Pat Swift's secret Twirling desire is to be an Dru Majorette undertaker All State Area Music Festival County Music Festival Class Plays Annual Staff Commercial Club Cheerleading 2, l,2,3,4 ,H 1,2,3f 12: l,2,3,'+ 1,2,3,l+ 1 2 3 1+ 1:21314 Five School Festival Twirling Teacher Terry Slauvhter Football Baseball Volleyball Student Council Commercial Club Oratorical Contest Annual Staff Boy Scouts Class Plays M-H Club Student Council Treasurer Drivers Training County Oratorical Contest Wsnifter Robert Rowe wishes to be a gentleman 2, ,lr farmer Rip 3 1,2:3:7+ s ,3 991+ 1+ Terry Slauvht would like to a dentist - ll 1 35+ 2 213 1 T 1 1 : 5' 3 ' I l O 3 1 3,1+ ,, n ll . I , 1+H 2 . - 3 N- Q Band i,2,3,H 'Q 0 0 0 o I+ 11 -3 1+ as 1+ . 2 3 3 . V - uh n 1,2 L+ 2 1 2 2 , QW Q 1,2 , 1 2 5 ' 1+ Douglas Murphy Murph Basketball Douglas Murphy would like Class Plays l,3,4 to be an electrician 1,2 F F F F A Treasurer F. F. A. Secretary Do Adair 'Donnie Football , Baseball 1,3,7+ Basketball Donald Adair intends Ban l,2,3, to e roll in a liberal 1,2 arts school Commercial Club Club Congress Pep Band l,2,H Durwood Williams nEars Basketball Baseball Volleyball All Star Basketball 1721 7 1 7 R Durwood Williams intend to enlist 1F the Navy Gordon Smith Uordie Basketball ,2,3, Baseball , ,3, Student Council F, F A Vice President F All Star Basketball Gordon Smith would like to be a race horse owner and trainer. Football Baseball Basketball Volleyball Class President forces 4 4 Norman Musson 'S ' 1,z,s,4 l,2,'5,4 1,2, ,4 Norman Musson expects to enter the armed Ts Post lcfl er pUTt1 'Ill er - n l I 2 2 . . 3 F. . A. 2,3 2 - i 3 3 ' 5 Scout 1 CL SS V M The Seno1r Class of '53 F1V6 lass s and seven lads Nould llke to lntroduce themselves Before b9COm1Ug grads Helen, our newest member Has cheered our class no end Her merry glggle, heartv laugh Makes evervone her frlend Lean and tall, Bud Wllllams Better known as Fars Class, F F A and sports We'll miss Bud throuvh the years Verla Hollldav, Presldent Ranks hlvh among our class Cheerleadlne band and chorus Are all credlts fo th1s lass F F A w1ll lose next year Thelr presldent, Robert Te d The school 1S bound to mlss h1m too In sports he dld exceed Terry and h1s llttle black Ford Are most famous to us all You can see h1m dP1V1HF up to school Chemlstry class wlll certalnly lose An actlve member next year Wlth odd solutlons and exploslons Dlck has brought us cheer Robert Rowe 15 plannlng to be A gentleman farmer someday We hope that he and h1s fann'll succeed That He'll have good luck every way And here 1S Mlss Patricla Dwlft Student conductor of band To 3gF1CU1tUP9 she wanders When HomeFc Nvets out of han Bernlce Hansen is a w1nsome gal Xll fellows she seems to please Whlle Neale 15 far away at school She flles about llke a h eeze In class meetlngs tnexe never was A sound from Donald Adalr He was so very qulet We never knew he was there Douglas Aurohy, a bashful guy Away from E1P1S he keeos Only two remembrances he leaves A blg bass horn and a jeeo Nanda Fller, whom we all l1ke so well Has done much toward our success So to the ad hor of th1s noem, I8 all w1sh the very best And now that you have met us e must be biddlng adleu Ve ask of vou, remember us As we'll remember you A -TE ' e R 13 'vr ' . A in ' K 7 . . . . 5 Most mornlngs AFTER roll call. s . l- d.N I ,, , . . rl! . Y ' . . A vt ' v,y , - . I YV SENIOR TRIP TO WASHINGTON Early Monday morning, we left home by a chartered bus On our way we stopped at Gettysburg and Annapolis The fxrst evening we were on our own to get acquamted with downtown Washmgton Tuesday we left early for Mt Vernon Here we had a group plcture taken We were allowed free t1me to wander through th1s hxstorlc and beautlful home of Washmgton We toured Alexandria, seemg Chrxst Church where Washmgton worshzpped and George Washmgton Masomc Natxonal Memorlal We returned to Washmgton by the Pentagon Bunldmg, pausmg at Washmgton Axrport That afternoon we left the hotel to V1S1t Jefferson Memonal, Arlmgton Nat1onal Cemetery, Curt1s Lee Mansxon, Tomb of the Unknown Soldler rn t1me to see the changmg of the guard and a cxty tour of Washmgton parks and govern ment bu1ldmgs Tuesday evenmg 'we went on a moonllght Potomac crulse w1th dancmg Wednesday mornmg we left the hotel for Washmgton Monument, 555 feet 5 1nches h1gh, for a comprehenslve v1ew of the Clty We toured through the U S Cap1tol and to do That even1ng we left the hotel for Lmcoln Memorlal and saw the beautxfully lllumxnated statue of Lmcoln For the remamder of the evenmg we went to Glen Echo Amusement Park Thursday, we left early for the Bureau of Engrav1ng and Prmtrng where we saw paper money, postage stamps and bonds prmted We also v1s1ted the Sm1thson1an Inst1tut1on, Museum and Alrcraft Bu1ld1ng In the afternoon we v1s1ted the Nat1onal Ep1scopal Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, 1n whose Bethlehem Chapel are mterred Woodrow Wxlson and Adm1ral Dewey We also v1s1ted the Nat1onal Zoo, Francxscan Monastery, Shrme, Catacombs and Gardens That evenmg we also had free to do as we pleased Frlday, the last day of our tr1p, we v1s1ted the Botamc Gardens, Mellon Art Gallery and F B I Bu1ld1ng and the Old Ford Theater where Lmcoln was assassmated In the afternoon we started packxng and gett1ng ready for our return tr1p home Everyone en1oyed our tr1p to Washmgton We w1ll never forget the good txmes we had on thls sprmg vacatlon We thank everyone who helped us to make our tr1p a success. saw Congress in session. That afternoon we had for shopping or anything we wanted i1u519"'W X 1 7 JUNIORS Seated Cynthla Moore, Janice Musson, Jean Rowe, Norman Vusson, Irene Brewster Richard Sorensen Standinvx Mr Burton, ordon Smitk, Robert Brewster, Caryl Hutchins, Donald Gilb rt, Warren Lilley, Mr Souders We started our Jun1or year w1th twelve members, having lost Shlrley Fazzone 1n our Sophmore year and welcominv Carol H t h f L We elected the following Off1CeFS Presldent Norman Musson Vice Pres1dent Jean Rowe Secretary Irene Brewster Treasurer Janlce Musson Student Councll Cynthla Moore, Richard Sorenson Mr Souders and Mr Burton were selected as our advisors for the year Dur1ng the year we put on a spaghett1e supper ln Decemba' sponsored a movie called WThe Jumplng Jacks' wh1ch proved to be a b1g h1t, and on Feburary 27th we sponsored a dance by the 'Woodhull'sn whlch increased our treasury over 5100 We also put on a one act play called NHrs O Leary's Cow ' I K, . , G . , 2 . 1 . U o . .A 9 5 u c 1ns rom IVIDQSUOH Manner. We later lost Sh1rley Porter. I C O O I . , D , I I I SJPH.f'L'2.ES lu' t Dex 111 Ioeno, Sl1V18 iunt, John Stensland, Pergf Seaman, neat rlce Plke, Roberta Eu son, 1l11am Slaufhter, John Rove econd Wo Us xarrls, Ann olden, Lucy Mrnhy, Sherry Dxlmer, barbara art J lce Dec er wT1OH lller, Ann a gerty Glen oster, John WIFJSQI1 Tnls year the soyhomore Clase hae elected tfe lOllOWlDg Off1C8FS :re 1 e t f8FWdF t oeaman V1Ce Ireolxent Bedtrlce Plke Secretory Roberta Musson Treasurer John otensland otuoent Councll Qylvla Hunt Wllllam Slauvhter Ann Haggerty, from Otego, 19 the only new menher Je sponsered a mOVlL, hdkesale, dance, ini a 0 e act play, HThe Blyver and Better Bables Contest', unher the ex cellent dlrectlon of Mr Burton Xll of tnese events have contruhuted greatly to our tredsury The class had a dlfferent ldci of mdklnf Chrletnas wreaths NLlCh we hoye to carry out more aucce fully next year are OIi9F1UP our l1,e P1HgS eo thev wlll arrlve here ln Sept rber f 1,1 , . .. A - ' w., . ' ' ' 7 flex.: J Ye 1 -, ' j A g, I .. s .. . V . ' . F' wr V 'v . 'v ' A ,, 112 L. L .A ... A -f - I f-.. Mc 1, - ' -1' 1' . Y' -' ' ,4 , ,M N . .. n 5 , 1 1 . - - - . . . . fc J " H. ' .',' rl . . 'W . L: .1 fl - 41 ,, 3 -- .. Q - , - X ,, . . - C, . . . ,j - ' 1 , , ,J . , .. , . ' A " f ' r- - l 341 " ' L 0 e I . ,C 0 . ,C . K f. t s ' 1 P '.f 3 .' ,-3 ' , . 7q',- -, ' rv pw I Q ' . "' , e . K, f . .., e, . - LlYy , , .,.. , 111' T 'lo Gordel XrC'Pr N llnor 'ue on, Pe j 11 e + 0, Lecd, "1I'11j1'1 Tlllev Carol 'Yut+e'1ho , Joel "1 1 11+ r P1 edlert D r y Jones Llllef 'lll r, Domm rut , 0 FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY We elected Off1C9FS at the beglnnlng of the year follows PP6S1d6Ht Mar1lyn Lilley V1ce President James Teed Secretary Carol Butenhoff Treasurer Margaret Haggerty Student Council Ellnor Musson Joel Slaughter Ve elected Mrs Shaw and Mr Smlth as our 8dV1SOPS DUFIHE the year we had a bake sale whlch proved very successful We have also had a QUIZ show, a mov1e, and a dance whlch helned to bring us closer to our goal The Senlor TFID I YHHP' !"xv -'..4JJll.i.4.. ' 57 f L, T-'2 'X . .U SLR, E ' T. . 5' A lf' 1, : pg- ,y, J H195 .., . . . ...L ' A U, 1 , el ff' , .,:'1'j.,:', Second Tic?-V: Tir. Smith, Richard Fields, Clara. "end, Tay jjgtnn, jev "1-Y E 'fl 1 'i Wh .Q ' I 9 9 fl 7'r'S. fE1f11'.'. ' ' ' as ' 1 -I O I . . O , . O Q9 'Y Aw 1-EQ bg L .J Aan. If IW, , E 'i .T L.."'ifIi 1 ,wg in f. -2 1 gf- N'-":'giiit 3' l 'Q ,,lE. - 12 z.....-7... :rx.4 yi s A 1 - -li' i 42- ti' il?" -A-Q---f L. --Q Q-.A 3"'2 ai A--Q in -.. ,,,,.J-me-,Ji .5 , Q 1 -2- p--. X.- 5.5 lg 'mir Q, iw -E' X .g l iz, L, 2-2, Al' args:-P -'is"g -if ., -1- Shi- ?i -11.- -n ia... Pi' + iam. 'i--2 -r- 3 " ..! 3 3N4 ' + Q 5 -Q s 'Q vi ii, -Q.. i -gg. ii- xi Q., 5. Er: ,, -NX 2 : S -i-R F-:E i vi i 3 igt -Q 'Wig -., k I S ,fffff 'Q ij! 2- fqifwl ff 1 ffif 'af WW! Q iv' --T-'E' ear,-, i, .531-7 5 -.:" -nf' iii ' L LJ: A VV ,- E L3 1- Lis L 5 Q' ' - .911 HE- .3- A . V 5: 4, n -,jlxr 51 N 1-1--- Hi, , xl, ig , ,F ,. , fs- L - ..:. .,,-V , , Y 5- X, T ig L' 3 --.,. l g r .1 ':2- V Qi- 5 4 -" " ,- E . ' ' ". Y - ...V , , AW Aff 7-ir ,L 'T, Z ,.:' , - .?' f:f' - ' L: '- ' 5 A ' -,. V. TL17' 57 , , . - - V Vftii I ' g I I . A ,za .K ,, . f-.5 lg 4 '-' - - Y --.. - b f- - spar- Y: , E ,N ,, . H-- ig -4 N, 4 - 1, .....4'iL 'Nr-' . -. , -f, .Lf - 3 - .. " -fb 2 1 ,' - ' " ,J O ? T R' 1 - . v -- Q1 A . Q.. EE ,EE S22 -, T- -1 2-gig. 5229 . a f' F if '17-, -- , f' ' '22 ,, 'Til -.E -... ':,.L,: ijtqifff wrf - --A? W ,1 ' '-- - .7213 Q' 11- -ff V v -1' - :f ' K.-ff - -, if f f f S - fx. + 1 Q 1 --431 -H-.. , Q , " Y , 1- if -A wr. ,-. , T - - ' ' ., P T- i, Q y , f- ,. ak 3 4 A - sw , - .gs k -,-- - -x,: E 2 7.5.1 t st -v Y , 1 X : 1 " ' - A wr- bi Q - Q-Q '- , ,,.,., .ZF C V S - - .. - ix xg t L -Q L ' f ' -- - y 1 L, ' , - it x - Q-15 1, Lax-.z D: i Q- V A R -: 'l T ' - A fx, ' .. VV . - MY wt S 3 A 1 , - f 2 '5 -4 ,, ' ' -xi R I 5 'L : 4 -- S ,X - - - - - ' i Q ' -,xf 531:- L- T ' Q' i 5? rx i 'i -I Q if "" : ex . - , 194 fy K -- - F522 X K-I A -' - - - -i' gf ff egg '- - Y -if "I 1' fyf 5, '1 1 4 -T " " "K V- - 1 f ,f .-3-,J-A " , T, , , , ,.,, ,1 L Q -' ,- Q Q 'jg g a-' 55 ff , I 1, ,Z-Y 3-5,5 Nb ,- ' ," ii f '-4-1317 4,7 l , fig ? ,AY W.,-:j,,, ., ,zz ,fjg ,4-g.'-3-7 f ' . ..- ' . 5? 'f' -21 .x 'WI' T -:...- 5.4 '44 '-1' --- - x..-J ...-.1 ,, 111 ,f Y -3 - . , A K x ' ? 1?- X ,s'4 ,g fir, ,-:7':4' if - - .' 'ti f ' T ' ,N T'- -- f - '- ' .' i lvl, SEVENTH GRADE First Rows Daniel Fontanez, Leon Rowe, Leon Ray, Richard Breslin, Ascenith Stark, Douglas Satterlee Second Row: Ann Landefeld, David Lawsyn, Brenda Winne, Evelyn Gregory, Joan Macumber, Mr. Tarbell Back Row: Rosie Hollenback, Lois Osborne, Arlene Foster, Marlene Eaton , Betty Mc Reynolds m' ni C. . .1 . EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Gerald Smith, Frances Lindberg, Edward Musson, Bernt Hansen, Mary Wentworth, Sopnie Pochy Second Row: William Perkins, Leonard Brink, Louise Hurlburt, Virginia Williams, Leon Lobdell, Vincent Stark Back Row: Mr. Hughes, Augustine Fazio, Wayne Roseboom, Raymond Musson Robert Preston, Paul Smith SIXTH GRADE F1F5t Rowe: Sandra 51oar, Barbara hi1118mS, Narx Furlrurt, Rat? Lhr1et1an Tom Vurphy, P1ke Lrannxcl, Gordon LTHUD1Ck, Donna L1V1PFStOI, Gerald Palmer, Elmer Palrer Second Nowe2Mary Lou lanVranken, Ph1l1p Lord, K1ChRFd 5ean, Janes Carr, 'illj Tusson, Davld Lamoree, Richard Foster wrtha lusson,Hona Slaughter Th1rd Howe: Cheryl Lawsox, Lois Wllley, ball larbell, Marpcrle R0blHSOF, Plke Veres, emi FIFTH GRADE First Rower Dorothy Husson, Dianne Stark, Patricia W1lliama, Jean Phetteplace, Edward Perkins lawrence Barber Second Rowe! Elizabeth Musson, bharon Lilley, Barbara Porter, Elaine Lawson, Robert Parr John Tobey, James H aggerty, lorgan Roseboom Third Rowe! Carol Smith, Janet VanVranken, Henry Gregory, Raymond Ulm, John souders, Frank Fontanez, Robert Stearns, Clark Grey, Donald 5immonl Fourth Rowe! Anna Fazio, Virginia lclullen, larjorie Horan, Hilda Edwards, Carol Stillman Richard Sienkiewior, Gene Robinson, Irs. Yager l Y ' ' ' . ' . A ' - 3 Y - . '. '- ' , . . ,. . Y .,: - , . h . .Aw 1 . A A f ' - ' - ' ' 5 , .1 1 I.. l ' T ' . , . , - ,. D A . . - . 1 . 1. . - A - ' 1 .A , . H , Murray Bell, Fred Lanfair, hrs. H, Warren ' WWYISWEL' ' YY . 1 I V - FOURTH GRADE F1TS+ Rm: rv1n ur why, Penald urne, Jwe och! D nnld Um Chi les .zlenf LUICZ, Flay hlson, J ewh 111+SCllP IPCDVZC- ow 1r1f2 'lrcof , T rw, me dee FY' TGV a"1elurlbur+, nero. efne, rotn Dev-mrs r, '11 la e 'll 1 1 n r.1scctt,I Ta lead, ose 'c allen, '5-1 orar Cl P ue o Gen I lrohv, urlel .wtlll an Vo rth Wow ola re 1 'T'1 ran, ber cllenhecc, f'h'nle': x HOVU19 18210, Allen Lauoree, Jcne 'a.c1rme , v'nf'rL C 11 len, d ers THIRDGRLD! First Row: John Stark, Lee Bunce, Thomas Smith, Jomthan White. Second Row: Dor-na Wilber, Beverly Van Dusen, Patricia Porter, Dorothy Williams, Shirley Post, Erna llacumber. Third Row: Keith Lilley, Lesley Koran, Anna Mae Burk, Darla Winne, Bonnie Roseboom, Betty Livingston, Patricia Hiller, Harry lead Fourth Rout Robert Saunders, Bruce Truscott, Roger Pike, James Brown, Lynn Eldred, James Tobey. ' , . 9-: Liu ' x ' , vsi 1 . L.. s TT 1, .,g ..,ve, ,r ... ?iU. K 2-. wx V. .ml 9, 1. ' 2 : fia ', L, .",s Dlflllfl 21:1 f . Jn. , . ll, An: Edwu:-652, arf, 7ll,-"I U15 ,' H , Sn 'L IJ Ds ,'y, ."',. Third Row: Susan vcn 'Tuesele C5 th' 3i'f11'k, .a'th. Sli 1 -1 ter, 'or' 'F' ' H 15- ' 'P' '. 'f' -., .iricia ' L, Lu '11-. II .1 I1 Tfafihl 2 -r ' F' : ,., ll u . ' : " 1 " 1, .1 'w . 'lo +5 'T - , l e-. - . 'Eu' T . ,' ' , Y. Tl. IW 1' Lu ,, V Vx- WTS. ', 3 . SICCID GRADE L1TSt Pow: James Barber, Carl Burk, Cordon Breslin, Wllliam Tru cott Second Row! Cathy Hagger+V, Lucy Jane Uusson, Edith Fbntanez, Linda Satterlee, Catharine Barker, Jud1th Macumber Thlrd Row! Holly Musscr Barbara Carey, Barbara Lent, Sandra Pahner, Shirley Hallenbeck, Viv1an W1ll1ams, Jody Hughes Fourth Row: Mitchell lcHullen, Jerry Pxke, Anthony Fazzio, Henry lc Adams Ponald Sloan, Carl Lindberg, Gerald Rowe FIRST GRADE F1rst Row: Lhomas BF8Hh1Ck, Gary Sm1th, Frank Moran, Larrv Hlllias, Gary 5pr1nvett Wavne Llllev, B1lly W1ll1ams, Douglas Tobev. Second Pow: Carol Hayyerty, Joyce Barber, Marmlyn Hapyle, Susan Plll, Pattv Sloan, Lorreen Briscoe, Gail Alyer Susan Irv1n Marlon Stillman, Caro' VanDusen, Lorra1ne Ba her. Thlrd Holt Susan Souders, Janet Lent, Kermit Jones, DBVIC Brown, Janes Porter, Carol VcVu'1en, Margaret W1l1ey Fourth Fowl Peter Buttenhoff Richard Osborn, D8Vld Meers, Donald Swlft, Lvle Eldred, Stanley Wllber f- 1 . , , . I 1 Nr' l. ' O . V , . '.v - O -' 1 ' - , Q . . m . V . . - . . I - . , '. I . I A. 1 . . - . . . . I ' . ' . 1 9 - 1 . 'I . - - .. , . , , . O CLFETERIA Mrs Wlnton, Mrs Westcott JA. I1 ohh "Omer ' an Art aww? f L frg X qs FOOTBALL First Pow: Glen Roster, Robert Rowe, Norman Musson, Warren Lilley, Terry Slaughter, Donald Adair Back Pow: Coach Souders, John S+ens1anF, Joel Slaughter, Robert Rrewster, Richard Sorensen, Janes Teed, Coach Hughes 1lli 4-D BASEBAIJ. Seated: Terry Slaughter, Richard Keene, William Slaughter, Gordon Smith, Glen Foster, Warren Lilley Standing: Mr. Souders, John Stensland, Robert Swift, Norman Musaon, Robert Teod, Richard Fields., Joel Slaughter VARSITY BASKETBALL Seated: Warren Lilley, Mr. Souders, John Birdsall Standing: Norman Musson, Gordon Smith, Robert Teed, Durward Williams , Glen Foster, Robert Rome, Richard Keene J. V. BASKETBALL Front: John Stensland, Mr. Soudsrs, James Teed l Standing: Richard Fields , William Slaughter, Robert Swift, Richard Sorensen, Donald Gilbert VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Bernice Hansen, Irene Brewster, Janice lusson, Cynthia loore, Roberta llusson, Verla Holliday J . V. CHEERLEADERS Peggy Seaman, Ann Haggerty, Ann Holden, Sylvia Hunt, Beverly Keene, Jean Rowe BAND First Row: Roberta Musson Janice Musson Carol Buttenhoff Peggy Seaman, Elinor Musson Donna Smith, Wanda Filer Second Row: Sherry Palmer Martha Musson Betty McReynolds Gall arbell, Darthy Jones, Cynthia Moore Patricia Swift Verla Holliday Third Row: Donald Adair Bernlce Hansen Sylvia Hunt James Carr William Sorensen, Glen Foster, Douglas Murphy, Irene Brewster, Beverly Keene, Lucy Murphy Ann Holden Our band has thirty members this year. The following officers were elected: President Wanda Filer Vice President Patricia Swift Secretary Bernice Hansen Treasurer Verla Holiday we had a pep band again this year and played at all of our home basketball games. All of our members partici pated taking turns at each game Our student conductors were at Swift and Wanda Filer We also performed at our home football games Along with our regular officers we appointed a social secretary, Richard Sorensen, who with the help of a committee planned social activities for the band members One of these was a hayride, which was enjoyed by all present On February 26 we had our winter concert, and on March 27 the Area Festival was held at our school With all things considered, parades, concerts, and performances at games, the band had a very prosperous and successful year. ' I I I I O I I 1 1 I I . . I I Perkins, Mr. Tarball, Barbara Start, Richard Breslin, David Lawson,, Richard , o Q C' O I A I O 0. CHORUS First Row! Darthy Jones, Lilley Miller, Derma Smith, Carol Buttenhoff' Bernice Hansen, Ann Holden, Ascienth Stark Second Row! Mr Tarbell, Joan Macumber, Betty Lou McReynolds, Marlene Third Row: Elenor Musson, Barbara Swart Janice Decker, Arlene Foster, Beatrice Pike, Brenda Winne, Margaret Seaman J UNI OR BAND First Rom Elaine Lawson, Donna Livingston, Ruth Christian, Thomas llurphy, Sandra Sloan, William llusson, Barbara Porter, Ascienth Stark, Joan llacumber, Second Rout Philip Lord, lary Lou Vanllanken, Arlene Foster, Hilda Edwards, Robert Perry, lr Tarball, Nona Slaughter, John Souders, Edward llusson, Richard Beans, Michal Veres, Robert Sterne, Vincent Stark, llarjorie Robinson, Sophie Poachy. - ' I Q Eaton, Sylvia Hunt, Ann Haggerty, Roberta Musson, Beverly Keene. I I 4 U . TWIRLERS Elaine Lawson, Carol Smith, Gail Tarbell, Marjorie Robinson, Patricia Swift, Roberta Musson, Martha Musson, Ruth Christian, Sandra Sloan, ANNUAL STAFF Patricia Swift, Mr. Curtis, Verla Holliday, Terry Slaughter, Bernice Hansen, Helen Gregory. n. Ulil' Newpork 'li ful P.V.A. First Row: Dir. Burton, Robert Swift, Dux-ward Williams, Robert Teed, Gordon Smith, Robert Rowe. Second Pow: Warren Lilley, Gordon Anderson, Rooert Wrewster, Glen Foster, John Birdsall, John Rowe. ' LHQA. First Row: Helen Gregory, Darthy Jones, Lilley F-filler, Janice Decker, Bernice Hansen, Donna Smith, Lucy Murphy, Wanda. Filer, Mrs. Harris. Second Rom Elenor Lfusson, Margaret Haggerty, Ann Haggerty, Marilyn Lilley, Carol Buttenhoff, Marion Miller, Patricia Swift, Jean Rowe. GIHl.S4H Firsf Row: Mrs. Farris, Marlene Eaton, Daz-thy J0nes, Lillie Miller, Lo1s Osborne, Joan Vacumber, Ascenith Stark, Rosie Hollenback. Second Row: Verla Holliday, Ann H lden, Wanda Filer, Lucy Murpky, Cynth1a Moore, Peggy Seaman, Roberta Musson, Sylvia Hunt, Beverly Keene. Th1rd Rows Betty McReyno1ds, Soph1e Pochy, Brenda Winne, Arlene Foster. J xJ YCLJ 11rs+ 'lov ymdra wlocm, f' re U1 1, ' rf m -L. H er, Qs ,,fU"' "' 1 - W, c -ner , Jene 'R 1 we 'fwrence Shx' ' '19 r c'f 11 c W s . oecfnd 'Wo 1 .forotny fuescr, 7 rwaza '30 er, ff T11 ef, l1zsne+ wsu' .Janne La on, Jenn "he+Le'vlD lr ox n 1 9. .1 elle L .neue er, '1 r' Q .JorL+ ' Per Jus '1"1e durl'uu ut f' rn r 0 J 'mf 'x' n c .. of c ullel, June E se' lr nun. f' J l o 'fem A . O 1 - I - , Nijflj 4-1, BS T" ,L ': "f 7 -. ,lil l ' ,1 Slzfjlt, Jw-1 . T A, , :i lifqn 'fu io.. John Sm' w ' .Q-.lI.lZ1, -. V. :1:, 'a. ' f C ..s, 'lri rx TW: cott f' x 1-: F ' .. ' - , of QHQF ,W '41 w E ' ,' L1 '-,.- A. Diane Tgarlf, Cynthia Wtarlz, 'larltnrn 'ffil1ia:.'.s, Janet Van 'fr'-rltezi, l'G.t1-iciu "'illia'1s, 'l . ' ,.. Q oo lee. If 5 TZ 'xg 'yzd ri, Suffix ',"n 1' ' 1 'zrrif-l '3till..4n, .1112 Qjdvri . ,,, " feng , .l":. , T',..' ' , ri, ff:'h'1 v".1.zF,.., Mil 'Tr' "ll, Ti . : fl .Q.., 7,1111 Tin", I .Je 'TIT 1' -l, Ai' ' "-'T' l on, D r1:1aLivinj:,-. DAIHX C.1..UB First Row: Beverly Keene, Brenda l1nne, D1ck Keene, Donald G11bPrt son, Wllliam Frone, Third Row: W111iam Musson, James Carr John Stensland, lnrent Stark HEY SCOUTS First Row David Perry. James Peachy, David Lawson, 'iichal Ver-es, Roymond Ulm, Charles Sienkievricz Second Row: William Perkins, Clark ray, Wilhan Husson, Dernt 'Ian son, Jams Carr, Richard Beans, John Souders, Edward Perkins, Third Row: Philip Lord, Richard Breslin, Denian Fontanez, Jerald Snith, Raymond Musson, Edward Perkins, Ri-chard Foster. Second Row: Mr, Burton, Roberta ldusson, Sylvia Hunt, Varjorie Robin- . n H , , ,l,. I . I .r I DRIVERS TRAlNING Donald Gilbert, Richard Sorensen, Robert Swift, Warren Lilley Irene Brewster I Cynthia Moore, Robert Brewster, Glen Foster, Douglas Murphy, gordon Smith, Robert T d Do 1 A ee , na d dair, Dick Keene, Wanda Filer' Verla Holliday, and Mr Hughes Y BubLS AND THE BUS DRlVEno ' Y ' Q I 0 me " " Q CLASS WILL We, the class of 53, Gllbertsvllle Central school, belng sane Cwe thlnk so at leastl and never fa1l1ng memory do make, orda1n and publlsh th1s last W1ll and Testament Flrst to Warren Llllev, Don Adalr w1lls hls he1 ht To Janlce Nusson, Wanda F1ler w1lls the ablllty to get school on t1me To Caryl Hutchens the senior ElF1S w1ll a man to hold her HERB next year To Bob Brewster, Robert Rowe wllls h1s quletness and the abllity to stay out of trouble To Irene, Bud leaves his class rlng Bernlce leaves Jean Rowe the ab1l1ty to catch her man Pat Swlft w1lls Clndy Moore her frlendshlp Terry Slaughter wllls Don llbert a car to buzz around in To Dlck Sorenson, Bob Teed leaves h1s set of false teeth, a COMPLETE set To the Soohomores, the beH1OFS leave a qulet and d1gn1f1ed To the Freshmen, we leave a school sp1r1t such as ours To Mr Curtls we w1ll a ben1or Class who won't bother h1m To Mrs Post, we w1ll a Span1sh class who knows everythlng The Seniors wlll Mr oelman a n n 1 m nbersh1o 1n the Faculty Coffee Club Mrs Shaw, we wlll a class who appreclates revlews Mr Tarbell, we will students who come to band on tlme To Mr Souders, we will a new suit of clothes that w1ll fit after his diet The Senior Class wills Miss Dayton classes that won't m1nd her housekeeplng duties To Mr Burton we leave Home Ec students who can find the rlght room The Seniors leave Mr Huvhes what Verla left of the Driver Training car To Nr Smith, we leave a Senior Class that won't tax h1s memory To the Entire School we leave , . . 4, . I 1 . . . . . .U . fa ' . 1 A . . . . to A.J 0 , O . n. . J . . . . . . . . home room. . . O - l ' . ' f ' 1er.a.e:i er,. ' To . ' ' ' . To . ' . . . . . I l . . , Ln . " e

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