Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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Gilbertsville Central High School - Valley Memoirs Yearbook (Gilbertsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Lf ' SX R B LMS fly mv 5 . L!vVvf.x I bl J 'A A5 . v X ' 1 X ' Q eg 'Qi 6' 9 ,fa a5if?'f ?iii:Q - ' ' , f f1 l41 ? , V V K I - QA! ' ? I r -., V A ' "' 1 Q? ' A ,ff DEDICATIUN We wish to dedlcate our T051 annual to Nr Souders, 1n re coenltion of h1s untlrinv efforte on our behalf Un Thls lS Jn rememherance of him our teacher and friend selfishlv he has qu4deH us through our Hivh School vears x ,f77'1 . - : rx' , ,ivy 1, V -ff j N ' ea. X'-, N ' eg D ,fx X '31 xrni xX! 'Qs-1M Hg' if fav Q. f p I f if-gg' '... Q ,p i T QV 1 n S N J n at x 2 nhl! K f I X Rx XXX 41. , 3 X' :rf 4 Vl' V"-- X NN " ,Q . sw fs 'X A N 'V sm' + 2 ' F N 5 N V 1 fvg 3' :J vi, ng, ' my , ,flbxxw xg, X X N' Y, . K 's 1 1 1fS1bi'wbM?u,2 . V lj! 4 - . ' , N , f 1 :" v 7 ,f V l-QQ' If ig in v':S:g?.1..:v?,nA4 I E 1 , ,' - In 7 , a Y XX. Sl J -X wi ' , 3 4 , ff W wx :iii Jfuvlmll 'Na in fvfff-f.Yti Q Lk' Q, 7 M .JM-w5,.x f' Q-lift, L I ,L f Q... ff W.-J g .x Q 1 EW .4 Q I 1- X ,jfs X ,044 4 V -- 1. , . I X K WA v ,, Q f-ffl! X51 ,lgjaii - L. I ,, XE?gg1QV!3sLT , 'I xl if Nm X Z 2 Skip 9 1 . ' xi I . , ,. N-J 1 , X 5 A ' fs 5 SV .xl W 1 11 m 77? li ll llllil H II Ill u ri -L.. fzrell-in-n-1:15 G11bertsvi1le Central School Board of Education First Row: George Tobev, Joseph Keene, Helen Brown Second Row Stanlev Lobdell, Merton Lilley, Stanley Wilber Mr Smith A B Facultv Princinal, Vathamatics Hawllton Colleze 5 Phvslcal Education Ithaca College Nr Hughes, B Nr lasky, B S Agriculture, Veterans Program Cornell Unlversltv Mrs Dean, B S Cornell Unlversity Mrs Shaw Cortland State Normal Mr Souders, A Homemakinr English Soc1al Studies Hartwick College Mr Tarbell, B S in Music MuSlC Ithaca College Mr Seaman, B S Syracuse Un1vers1ty Mlss Benton, A Hartwick Colleve Mr C11ne, M S Hartwick College Mrs Jeruald Penn State, Mansville Mrs Yager, B E Oneonta Mrs Rogers, Oneonta Niss Greene, B . Oneonta Mrs wh1tm8h Oneonta Horton fannex J Oneonta Huvck ffirst half! Oneonta Mrs Mrs State State State State State State Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Mrs Whvbrew lsecond half? B.S. Oneonta State Teachers Sclence, Mathamatlcs Colleve Colleve Colleve College College Colleve Colleve Librarv, Lat1n Commerclal S1xth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade First Grade First Grade ' f QI A . ., M.s. h' S ' .B. S ' ' .B. . ' , ' .s ' V B E ' , xx ...Za Z . K 1' W, . 7, s j S 4' Ju ic:- Q- , s.,, X , 49X Q s YQ X . M 1 QR V' H :xiii W ,jf X f --,xii-.M X if hh M X 1 2 Mk X 9923 X 7' 'Wh X .5CU E x E! ' XXX , XX A A E fx H X XEK . wt: -Q -is Q, XNN 'N X: 'A j I R XX Nl . as 5 in Xb V 0 X ll LEE! XX f . ' 1 , .' N , af 7 fl, N ' f-1 9 ,, 1 ff ,i,.?,. X , f W X 51" QQ: ',x "xx , ' ' " X R 5 X E f , wx f ' a na XX f K J fr yuh If ,IQ I 6,495 N if 1 XJ wif f -J we 'X ' 'T N, N- X 'X , 5' H 'i-, 1 k 13 E? -2"-fi?' ' V , 2 ' P ' X . 4 . " 5 fn fn 95 f g f . I . X' x tx, , A lf. 5 1 4 V ix , V ' P 'Tum A is ' -7 1 "W xx X . VII Q ' 7' ' . ! 'xxy - 1 L 1- A , fy: K 1 3-,ffl X , N VJ ,rxx A 7 .114 Au F sv X xx 5 41" J Senior Class .. WU y4n"""""' 'm ,E R so 5 O I-' ID UI L0 3 O CY CP 0 'UD-1 CIW '1 UV4 OO DC Q-O OSD DD C913 0 md' DJ WM KD SDR4 C3 '49, :YB 3"4 P-HCP 53' UQH :I NW Cf UQ WO I-'O I-'Il W O' O C Cf W Class Colors Gold and White Class Flower Wh1te Carnations Class Song So Long Class History Freshman We started off our Freshman year with twentv one members The following officers were elected President Charles Daniels Vice President Bernadette 0'Hearon Secretary Barbara Hamilton Treasurer Wilma Breslin We sponsored a movie 'High Barbareeu and a roller skating narty in Februaryf We out on the olav,'Dafes Incorporated' w1th the Sophmores and Juniors 1n May Soghmore The Soohmore Class consisted of ninteen members In the beginning the year, we elected the following officers President Charles Daniels Vice President Steohen Bailey Secretary Doris Blankley Treasurer Bernadette O'Hearon During the school vear we held two bake sales and have sold candy and oopcorn at the Saturday night movies and at the baseball games. Also, we snonsored a dance in May. Our class particlnated in one of the three one act plays. The name of the slay was 'The Nvsterv of the Tapping Keys'. ' ! ' as 5 - . .. ? Y .Hd Y N V U .. H 4 .i f , .. 2 ig . ' I - O , , I f , 1., A R ' Q , .. I x 'N ft' F , . ' .' ' K 4 v Q 5, 4 , , ' I V.- . ed.. . ' l ' 3 5 I' . , . : .K -Q-ia .'. -1 l Q-, , . ' nf y J Litsyy I. O . 'I s' -1. "Y 'W Bernadette O'Hearon Bern1e The hest wav is the easv wav is Yi - Norman Saunders Norm Life has gust begun Laura WIDCOR Jet It hapoens once in a life tlme L H Club 1,2 Scouts 1 Chours 1 Student Counc1l 2 Dates Incorporated 1 The Fystery of the Tanning Keys 2 Apple for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken my Door A Annual Staff A Class President L r- . - .Q ix N ,X X 1 A 'XJ w -A . n. . .- u . N -' 1- . .I L Celeste Winne - 'Pestyn HLove is not Blind L-H Club 1,2 Scouts l,2,3 Choius l,2,3,L An pple for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken my Door L Annual Staff L Assistant Scout Leader 3 Cheerleader 2,3 Commercial Club 2,3,b Band l Girls Basketball l,2,3,L Oratorical Contest L County Festival l,2,3 A muam Bedient MB111 Silent but Deadly Basketball l,2,3,L Football l,2,3,L Baseball l 2,3 L Janet Wilber 'Hoot Live Today Tomorrow is not Band l 2 Cheerleader 2,3 L The Mystery of he Tapoing Keys An Aople for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken my Door L Commercial Club 2 Girls Basketball 3 L All State Band l Countv Festlval 1,2 HOmCm3k1hU Club l,2,3 L Nev York State Music Flnals l A H Club 1,2 Annual Spr1nr Music Festival l,2,3 L W1nner of Salesmansh1p Troohv L 9 I - In 1 i l DBDL Chorus l T A 2 9 - h ew V 1. ' - 9293 - i ,3 l , u ' . 7 Doris Blanklev Dog Life can be trying Band l 2, ,L, Band President L Band Secretary 3 Chorus l,3,b Chorus secretary Cheerlead1ng 3 L H Club l,2,3, L H officer 2,3 A A H Congress 3 Basketball 2 3 A Journalism Club 2 Annual Staff A All State l,2,3 Dates Incornorated l An Apnle for Teacher 3 Don't Darken mv Door A F F A Sw etheart 3 Allen Rowe Bubble Cool, Calm, and Collected Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 1 2,3 L Football 3 A Vollevball 2 3 L Basketball Captaln 3 Basketball All star 3 Baseball All star 2 Football Cantaln A Volleyball Captain L A l 2, F F A President 3 F F A Vice President A Class Tresure 3,L An Aonle for a Teacher 3 Don't Darken mv Door L Annual Staff L Elmer Filler Emo Early to bed early Basketball l, Football 2 3 Volleyball 2 Basketball Allstar l A l,2, F F A Tresure 3 F F A Presldnet A Annual Staff A Class Pres1dent 3 Class Vlce Presldent Student Council 3 Dates Inconor ted l to F138 Mvsterv of the Tappin Kevs 2 An Apple for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken mv Door L ll A -., 1 2!31b7 1 F.F. . 3,b 1 A 1 br Class Secretary 2,3,L , 3 A L . ,h - A ' 9 D D ,3 L 9 9 9 . 7 I. F.F. , 3,L 'IP' Donald McMullen 'Mac Skipping school doesn't Basketball 1 2,3 L Baseball l,2,3 Football 2 3 Volleyball 2 Basketball All star 2 Baseball All star 2 F A 1 2, F F A Secretary A Annual staff L Class Vice President 3 Student Council 3 L Student Council President A Dates Incorporated 1 Mvstery of the tapping Kevs An Apple for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken my Door A Pauline Stensland Tink 'Better late than Never L H l,2, L Scouts l Chorus 1 2,3 L Band l,2,3 A Twirling l,2,3,L Drum Majorette 3 A Mvstery of Tapping Kevs 2 Apple for the Teacher 3 Don't Darken mv Door L Cheerleader l,2,3,L Annual Staff L Com erical Club 2,3,L All State Band 3 Girls Basketball l,2,3,h County Festival l,2,3,L 37 Wilma Breslin Red Variety is the so1c life Cheerleader l 2,3 L Basketball l,2,3,L Band l,2,3,L Chorus l,2,3 L Commercial Club 2 L H Club l 2,3 L L H Council 2,3,L A H Leader 1 Student Council L County Festival 2 Class Treasure 1 Club Congress l 2 Scouts l All state band 1, The Mysterv of the Tapping Keys 2 An Apple for the Teacher 3 Annual Staff L QQ i- 4' t ffl, gi' .f ' - ' e of N -ew , 5' - 1 l ex' ' , 2 ,3 A 1, . 5, , .4 2,3 el A Q . I P 1' 9 I 5 F. . . , 3,14 1 v - 2 - 3, I I , Q P- ' -E9 C Lenora Hoag Nonie 'Look before you leap Mr Frank Cline 'Dustv Live Haopy Advisor Mr Frank Souders Scrubie I'm a frlendless man 'AJV'5oT 5 as I , 0 Senior Class Historv Junior At the beginning of our Junior Vear, four of our class members left for different schools We now had fourteen members left in our class We elected the followinv officers President Elmer Miller Vice President Donald Mc Nullen Secretary Doris Blankley Treasurer Allen Rowe During this vear we sent overseans packaves, held two bake sales, tried noon time dancing, sponsored a dance, 'the Junior Hay Hop', sponsored the Junior class Carnlval, Uhlch benefited everyone and participated in the three one acf plavs Evervthing turned out very successfulhand helped bring our treasury balance to a new hivh fivure The formal dance of the vear, our Junlor Prom was held in May and the three one act plays were also held 1n May The play we out on was, 'An Apple for the Teacher' The Freshman, Sophmores, and Juniors all benefited by them Our class advisors for the year were Mr Lasky and M1ss Nanoni This Proved to be a very profitable year for the class of 'Sl Seniors We started our most important vear w1th thirteen members in our class Our officers this vear were Vice President Norman Qaunders Secretary Doris Bl nkley Treasurer Allen Rowe Bernadette, Norman, and Lenora graduated in Janu rv leavinf a number of ten We had to elect a new Presldent and Vlce President The were Laura Winton and Elmer Mlller, repectively Our advisors were Mr Souders and Mr Cl1ne Our student counc1l representat1ves were W1lma Breslln and Donald McMullen We sponsored a SU8EhQtt1 supper, September 20, sold candv at m0V1PS, basketball zames, football vames and our dances We had tvo dances with the Trailblazers, which were verv successful We sponsored the Senlor Plav 'Don't Darken my Door', a three act comedy given Apr1l l3 It benefited our class lmmenselv We also had two bake sales, two talent shows, two movies and sold writing paper and magazines We all had a wonderful year and we shall all remember the trials and tribulations of it . ' 1 , President Bernadette O'Hearon . a . . O . . . . l . A . Me, the Hlvh school the state of posunv mer declare this June Uraduatinz resldlng 1D the New York HEIHP Class Mlll class of GilBPFCSV1116 countv of Otsego, an of sound mlnd and d1s 4o rake, ordaln and oubllsh, and to he our last Will and Testament First of all Allen w1lls fo Jack Nlckerson his abmlltv to vet uo early 1U the mornlne Celestcwllls to Donald Post, her strength so he can becore a second Tarzan To Kate Gllbert, Don wllls hls gulet ways To Julla HGIUF, Paullne wllls her nays of b91HZ late once 1U avhlle The Senlors wlll Dan Halev thelr good humor and soreone to lauvh at h1s drv wokes To V3F1F Dan1els, Janet w1lls her wav of keeolng her mlnd on her school vork 1nstead of OUC9ldE act1vittes Laura Wlllg Joan Holden her ah1l1tv to pet thlnvs Hone To Arlene, RPTU1G O'Hearon leaves her oersonalitv Blllv M1115 Nancv Nurnv h1s sober wavs To B111 Ulm Norm Wltb the U1F1S leaves h1s ahllltv to 'make outn lmer leaves Neal of Dlav Brown hls ahlllty to work lnstead To Lewls lamolere, Mllma M1115 her ablltly to make up her mlnd Tre Senlors wlll Phll Seaman thelr h1eh scholastlc record Cnot the one 1U redl To Barrv Slaughter Dorls leaves her small Stature Lenora wllls Rover S 1th her ablllty to have a good tlme To the oophmores, the Senlors leave thelr abiltlv to studv hard all through thelr future vears T the Freshman the Senlors leave thelr 8h1l1CV t get alon vlth others The class of N5l' wllls Mr Huehes adeouate snace and tlme to run hls lntramurals 1U To hrs Shav the Senlors leave a ton of coal to keen her warm durlng school hours To hrs Dean the SGH15T vlrls mlll a more co ope 8t1V9 Horemaklng class Nr Tarhell the 18UlOFS mlll a few more oerlods for muslc rehe sals br Cllne The S9UlOfS vmll hlm U od luck next vear A 4 - ' K . , . , h , d , l . . . , - an . 'N " , r . , .. r , J . . I u A . , , . 3, 4 t O . Q . . , . v . -' - v ' , - . A . 3 N .V 'u - l 9 . V 1. s Q - Q I 1 no . . , . v A . 1 . . .w u S, . . , . l . ,. . . . ' 1 1 f n - . 3 9 . . , , . , . a 1 . W. . . . C' I n s a , ,. . , o , .. A e'. , ' 0 7 ' o . o.. . , . . . l . . . I . . . r ., . , . , v. . . . 4, x, - ,T , .1 . - . C, . V. . ' v- , l . 1 . . Y. . H A A K A . Mr Seaman the SCHIOFS w1l1 h1m more time to pump gas at Ted's Gas Station To Mr Souders the Sen1or class vill some ALL ANEPICAN ATHIFTES To Miss Benton the Seniors wlll you a microphone so vou can be heard better Class Prophecy The class of 51' has come to the t1me when we must bid you our farewell Before we go, ve would l1ke to give you a g11mpSC of our bright and happy future, five years from now Laura Winton and Bernie O'Hearon are busy mak1ng their homes now and lately they have been quite active 1n the Ladies A1d Society Norman Saunders is nom president of the 'P1nk Pills for Pale People Co He merged with Lydia Pinkham Captain Allen Rowe of the U S Airforce is reallv dazzl1ng the girls everywhere Doris Blankley has worked up to the position ot private secretary of the 'T Browns' Associat1on, no QUPSCIOHS, how or whv Elmer Miller has made the head lines by 1nventing a new tractor that plovs, drags and plants at the same time bv use of atom1c energy W1lma Bresl1n is still struggl1ng through college to try to become a Homak1ng Teacher, so she can land a Job at Morris Central School Janet Wilber 13 on a magnificent stage 1D the costume of a clean1ng woman, lean1ng on the handle of her broom, As she looks 1nto the vast sea of emptv seats, Janet still hopes Celeste Winne has finally worked her way up from a mere DEHCIS1 Hvg1enist to a npalnless' dentist Calmostl But yet all her pat1ents come out with swollen jaws From the F311 reports we see Paul1ne Stensland is still ma1l1ng her makeup work 1n Bus1ness Math to Mr Cl1ne Don McMullen 15 now top 'Crooner' of stage, screen, and radio He 15 the greatest success s1nce Frank S1natra, when it comes to 'send1ng'the girls From all reports, B111 Bed1ent 1S not qu1te so shy and ou1et as he used to be s1nce he joined the U S Navy because we hear he has a girl 1n every port We now see Lenora and her husband Duke slaving the1r f1ngers to the bone 1n order to make a living Mr Souders has ret1red from CC8Ch1QE8hd is now proprie tor of the Mayors Inn H15 most fa1thfu customers are the former 1050 51 Varsity basketball players Mr Cl1ne has also retired from teaching since teach1ng on vear in G1lbertsville Central School and is now T9SlH1HF in r1s former home in Johnson Citv V e . . 1 L '- O Y . . J . . U V . . . , , . u . X s A . M . to play that role someday. ' n Q I Q M . . A . V I 4 . 0 . 0 p-3 0 . . I I . I I ., I . 'I pl f ' o 0 C I A I 3 , ,' , .l. . ' . Class Yoem Ua in our room 202 Sit tle Qeniors, vfrv few, Each of whom vNu'll hear ahout If vou'll read the noem rhrouvhout DIFSC comes laura W1UfOU Better known we Wlnt Nov she 13 our oresident Hur her thouehts are all of F Next comes our ex pres Bernle Better knwwn as Qeans who from school took a vournev To sunnort herself hv hetter means Class was solemn halls vere sad When we lost our oldest lad The weddlnz b lls rane and Norman went So ve lost our v1ce presldent Vlmer Nlller, our QUl9t boy, Whom no vlrl he can enwov He'll never do anvode harm But vlll nrohablv run an excellent farm Don Nchullen toucled at last bv fate Reallv found hmmself a date, He comee schoolward, lf he has t1me Nothlnf could he wore subllme Next cones our frlend Bubbx Who lS verv chubhv, lg n e nd has a c But wlthout as he c1n't ve far Dov our eecretarv, 5 2 Is the shortest of our C ev u when 1+ came to the 9en1or Tl She was reallv full of nZ1Wn Wmlma Bresl n, netlte nd sveet, Has h1P hlue eves lS mvvhtv sweet, She thlnks of June vlth a worrled frov And lonvs for Flovd 1D a far awav town Janet learned to 1r1ve a car So th t she oule travel near and ar Vhen her lessons she ioesn t know e este Wlrne 1e known as NPestVN Sore people thlnk she's verv hasty, rrv uo and he a uSl1Ck chlck' Then vou'll surelv get vour Dlpk Ve hone lenora 1s satlsfled Now that she's a ha ov hriie In he home of tle drear Vlth the blue and wkmte color schene T1n She But She er 15 our Pa'est one 15 alv us full of Pun from the Sen or tr o k ot us all on the o Blllv Redlert s en' or a Plfl o cook ls he hash? 15 he shvq Well us MQCCV inc hx d V vou know Q011 'I lhe nenlors had a erand old t re Parnlnp rone', dlre 1 dlre But now 1t's tlre to sav adleu A I I J V. fx 1 C. '. I , , 'nl ,. U . llint. V . I . g ,- , , -V . X D w n ,ll , . K' 5 Q T I A L, . -, H ' . ' ' r . K , He 'M ic a A , ar l I :Y Al, ,f, ,,, f g V I ll ,. h ,., r 1 B t A ', .a., H. t i T 'n . .', .- , rn' f ,lH. . h X . W .a ., c I C . ,a f To far-avay olaces she likes to no , Y C 1 . V'n , 'l.,. , U Uuu A ' J.1 ' .Q I , . .- , . "' K' , .- , e ' ra' N A A l ll A -Q , ,, . , .. . .e e . ,., sl. ' l .,-' M .n l'e no tire in l lin' F .'- t do his . Ln' . .lul, ' ... ......j tt " H I 1 3 un h ... . f ' . , ' " i.n Q . l y . hw ,, . Advice to the Junlors Barry Slaughter Our adv1ce to Barry 13 to at least to try to to get a licence to dr1ve that llttle black Ford, or before you know lt you will land in the 'Jug' Jack Nickerson Our advlce to Jack is to try to Pet to school early just once in a while, to break the monotony Katie Gllbert We advis Kat1e to stlck with oneguy for at least one week next year Marie Dan1e1s We adv ce Yarle not to take so manv long walks on cold nights, or she is liable to get rheumatlsm Neale Brown Our advice to Neale is to hire a back scratcher Donald Post Our advice to Donnle is to drive around the trees, lnstead of into them Daniel Haley Our advice to Daney is to be more careful what chemicals he mixes Arlene Lewis We advise Arlene to come to school three days out of five next year Nancy Murphy Our advlce to Nancy 18 to NLIVQ Today Tomorrow 15 Not' Joan Holden Our advice to Joan is not to let her sister beat her at the game drafted Lewis Lamphere Our advice to Lewis os to mend his ways in school hours Julia Haigh Our advice to Julia is not to study so hard and break down and have some fun Roger Smith We advise Roger to make a little more nolse so people will know when he's around Phil Seaman We advice Phil to be more socible and less studlous Junlor Response St Peter 'Hum, according to mv ledger, the class of 51' should be arriving anv dav nown Lookmng up at another angel 'You know Mike, that the class remlnds me of a televlsion set, always out of order Maybe, if we studied them separately, we could find out what was the matter Now take Laura Winton, the president of the class of '51 She remlnds us most of a televlsion antenna Like the antenna, she stands at the head of the class of the airways and D1CkS up all the gossip of the airways and transmits it on its sundry ways We also hear that she picks up programs beamed from New Jersey Pure entertalnment, no doubt' 'Next the l1ve wires of our T V set, Paul1ne and Dor1s No machine will run without energv and these are the gals who sunplv it If they should suddenly short circuit, the whole class would go out Also we've heard some shocking things that I wonder who crossed the rest ouf'7 Bill Ulm: We advice Bill to get a woman before they are all ' I . .H . . " , , 'Ah here we have Celest W1nne, the plug She serves fo bridge the Pap between the w1res and the rest of the class that doesn't do anvth1ne from exoerlence, ve know she's nothlnz to trigle wlth when her v1re's are crossed Her true self shows forth in chemlstrv vhen she trles to blow us and the school a up 'Ho, Ho here we have a counle of tubes, Donhld and Allen. Better known as Mac and Bubbv We chose these two as tubes because thev are so uxet that nobodv fh1nks ahout them althoueh thev hevan t hlne more hrivhtlv thls n st vear Also l1ke tuhes thev don't vork hard unless thev' e m de to Usuallv thoueh, thev re handv to have around Well, Janet Wllber, the loud sneaker in our set that sort of sneaks for itself doesn't 1t9 She alwavs knows Just vh f to do and she alwavs has somethlnz to sav Besldes all thls, she has a hobbv of breaklng the sneed record from here to Oneonta Thats whv she's here W 'W1lma 15 the most unnredlctable one You never know wh t she's golng to do next She mav elope or be the flrst woman to parachute off the Umplre State Bulldlng She TCPlH1S us of a cat hode tube She trles to unscramble the messes the class vets into and formulate a clear deflnlte 1dea from lt Often, though, the 1dea is dlstorted and needs a lot of regulation W WWell, unon mv soul, 1t's Flmer, the tone control We called him th1s because of his GUICUHSSS We never sew hmm racing un and down the halls l1ke a decanltated chicken Occaslonallv 1n class meet1nvs, which are usuallv ll mlxed un, he M111 lose his calm ness, and trles to keen the nomse dovn Most of The tlme, he onlv succeeds ln add1nv to the confusion W WWhy Bernadette O'Hearon We had qulte a t1me fieurlng on what vou might be Finallv ve decided on a vase of flowers on too of the set It adds the f1H1ShlUP touch WHere's the bra1ns of the class If vou don't know anv thlng, ask B11lV We thlnk of h1m as a T V servlceman He' nefer around when vou want h1m He's llkelv to he off wlth the E1TlS, s1nce he's found thev are n1ce, too ' 'Well, here's a nueer nart 1ndeed Ve ch s he dlal as representatmon of Norr Saunders If vou work him around enough vou can get anv nrovr m ou wish, from WHow to keen vour w1fe haoov' to 'Saunders Joke Hour ' Nlncidentlv, we're going to N158 those Tokes 1U srudv hall W WWell, the Dutchess Hoa? We hunted all over the televislon set trvlng to f1nd a nart for vou We thought of the screen, the condenser and the leg But we wust couldn't flnd a spot for vou So ve flnallv declded th t vou vere an extra piece left over from the last shipment Don't worrx though, that set d1dn't work either ' nwell, That t kes care of them None o them seem to be the 'blinkn But vou knov hmke, the more I think about 1r, 1sn't what's wrong w1th these parts lt's wust the wav thev were put together ' , A . . , , . . . w I I . Y , . H A , . , , , Y! YI W N , - . . . , - A . . , . , . , .M , V , o f-' M ,' 2 . ' , , . , F P - . , 4 ' 0 - Y 3 A Y VI ' . g , ' . , A F K V Zi 1 -. O . . . I 1 . . A G K ' - Q K A I , ' . 1.1 ' . . . ,. ' - . . , , , . . O .I ' 1 . , , , - . . , , . M , , . , . N L 5 . ,. x - . V . b D A J!! . H V , , . ' ' ' Q . ' - V . . . N e . , 0 . 0 V .- ' ,,. -. . . . s 1 Nr . . . I I . . A , . ' , I, , e.e t. ' , a . . , A . , . , ,D , . , 5. V , . h , . V , , . , H . , . . ,. , . F . ' ' r . qs . V , 0 1 ' ' , a 1. , . 1 7 ' , . . , . ' e, , . m f . . on . V r, T . , it ' e ,. -, 1 . X XX Hr .L c .f j " I , 4' Q '2 352: X "1 X N ' L 3 if Y J K Z1 .psig 'Q- if- 3 ff'-Q '1-mxiii.x s E21 ff! M' fQf Q J! VY mf S .44 X 11 - X A 'I M K n sgfu, L' X: J X ' xx 53 ,V Jzxygskli X Xf ug Q- max A W X 'xx V' 'I X -F , JJ, 1 5 X 1 K , W 2 X ., :fl A ff I ,W W Q ' 5 'N -9 XY Q - ff . Ai: I lx X X ' xx X M '-. . X ' F I iff- .XV f ., x M 3 ' 1 X X '15 f Xi f 1 N 75 X3 -5 n - ,V Ng ', . 1 J gr, Xb 1 2'-L 9 W ,I 3 M P! Q f X CL.-23 'S Q:-Q- 2 NX ,f I Q A 1 . h I, XQ xl . h ! ' K ' 5 - 4 x X' X X if ff ' AQ -N Q. , f Y J X 9 z '- ,fM ,I , ' l H i is fx. "Lily ,fi xy A f ! xgzx' 'ACP 'X 7 .s 'V . n .QQ X A 1 E7 SPN 'X ,L X v n I Af f 8 V '1 'Y ff if rr , K ' ' 'R f 5 ,ff A X .M , 55 ,L x A J 4 X I 5' ' M51 - .. l, Q. , ll 1 , - 1. ' 'X Q 5 f 'ri T, rx A A b , , X 'Q' 1 3-ma-N, H X V, '11 : Vf 7,1 53 H N3 f J ' X U ' f V ' X. X X Qliv ,,44 Junior Class Hlstdry President Jack Nickerson Vice Presldent Dan Haley Secretary Katherine Gilbert Treasurer Phllip Seaman This year we have ga1ned one member and lo t two Bill Ulm, from Queens, joined us in January Floyd Anderson left us 1n February for Long Island Dean Veres went to Manlius Durlng the year we held two dances and sponsored the movie, 'Cinderella' Also we sponsored the three one act olavs held in the spring We produced 'She Stooos to Conquer' for our share of the orogram Altogether, th1s year was enjoyed bv all W hone next vear w111 be even more so X ,-f Xi, gg?" "' ' . I ' Q a j f 1 X 0' 1 4 :Sal :gal X . ""--.,.. , - SSQX Yilliix QW T 'Q m X, L lu ZF x 5 iff! ffxx-.Rai-RX? I I ' X 5 X Q55 im :Aw X" kia- K f ' Q 'N - ' Af?-v X2 Nfl? f 0 H v X ff kg? A X ' AX . ,Xi AEA. X .5 lj x I X A Ng V J Q U. ,ff J X R Y s Q X if x f v 1 , K 0 ' X. Q ' .4 L3 T: f ' ' x 7" XZ "Q R 1 'iv' l ""i X : ax 1-.r H ADW ' - Q V, I if Y 'Y id, s X, , X V Q E W A xx ff . f F -Q 5 ff' it H," V- if '41, NRE' ' 'X T' V fl f 'Q x 1 if - -- x x , - Ig R A V' v ,Q , ' 1 X 1 '57 f f " ' If p Wg ' 5' A l ' ' V' N ff ' XXX ' f .. 'kg ,fy ' X U f: gf """'f4 . W Y ,XS k A X ,, J M XXQK fZKv Mtg 5' Sophmore Class History In our freshman year we had twenty members Our offlcers were as follows President Clyde Tilley Vice President Robert Rowe Secretary k Wanda Filer Treasurer Terry Slaughter and Pat Sw1ft were chosen to represent our class 1n the student council We sponsored a dance, a bakesale and had tvo booths in the Junior carnival They all proved very successful In our Sophmore year we started out with 16 members In the course of the year we lost Darw1n Conrow and gained Martln Eaton Th1s left our class total st1ll at 16 We elected our Off1CeTS as follows President Robert Rowe V1ce Presldent Verla Holllday Secretary H6TH1C8 Hansen Tresurer Wanda F1ler Th1s year we also had two booths' at the Jun1or carnival They both were successful We are plan ning to sponsor a dance, a bake sale, a movie, an perhaps a spagetti supper We hope that these w11l also be successful All 1n all, we can say that we, as a class, have a fine start toward our sen1or year and our trip. '21 x ,J K XX-1 A sb-J' I I Q s l r' f S 4 f.- A 2 UP WJ , 473, ' ,X X, he Q S, 17, f X ww-NX I P xxx 1 QD? h x Q45 " STH K' 'gf X N 9 , Q K X 1 If -- , , , x in 'Q Xi, 'Af f x R- XwSlL'lE'fifgi 7 ' 4 f X Dy' ', gigb W mm ff' 9 Yi' .A Ii 1 Q X X X ' LH I ! W X - J r Xxx at XR , N ' S X 3 W l ,lf X 'X ' - 1'l -' Q y In k N L f f x f S A XX ,x fi 1 X X 'fx Q n 353 1 I XX , 2 N X' ' I . ij , X , 1 . - 3 i i l A V ' N . r 7 .X E X ' . X f' 1 X' rl 1'-Z , A , ! X , , Q-Rr.. x x '. 7 1- 31: i ' 1, , . X AX M , ,E-6-2? L' ' 'X N 54 , XX. K ' " ., 4 1 Q , 4 X x f -if 1-s Qi I 'JV 3, , X ' ' M X ' ' f , n Z , X ' ,lx ,,. wf, ,I f A , gf? 5 L 21? As --rs x X 11" . , I- Lili' v 1 . 5 . - .f 4 H 1 l . ' - ,N x f S k 14 f' ,lr W' ' A f' Af ff' I fl X ix VA ' X ,T X 1 4 -1 ,' ga?" X' - V 1 -Q f ". 7' . 1 Xxx! jj : Q ff! V f N ? gQ? . W A X iw . 1 f". V N' va I , X xx 'Y f, 6, B In , 1, Ei X fiiv JK! Qgq.-a-a.x3, X The Freshman Class Members Jean Dove, Cvnth1a Moore, Jan1ce Nusson, Shlrlev Fazzone, wh1rlev Porter, Charlotte Johnson, Irene Brewster, Norman husson Gordon Smlth, warren Lllley, Donald Gllbert, W1111am Porter, R1chard Sorenson, Robert Brewster At the bezinnlnz of the vear the Freshman Class started v1th flfteen remhers later Janet Hencrlckson moved to Sherburne The class elected the followlnv Off1CPFS PFeS1d9nt Jean Rowe V1ce Presldent Donald Gl1b6TC Secretarv Irene Rreveter Tresure Janlc Nusson Shlrlev Porter and Gordon Qmlth were elected to reoresent the class 1n student councll In the fall ve snonso ed a booth at the Junlor Carn1val wklch we decorated ani had dlfferent names In Aprll we snonsored a one act olay NHold Evervthlnvn On mav 18fY we soonsored a dance anc 1U June we sponsored the movle called, WRacK to Batmm' Our cl ss advlsors for the vear were Ir Seaman and Nrs qhaw IG Seventh Grade Advlsor Ir larren Tarbell ff Uisrhfh' ri n5IlSCF-K ',r1on Hu? ee I 11' ll Flfth Grade Teacher Yrs Kathrvn Yazer Smxfh Gr:HP Toqchov Nrs V Tl Dru J corn Second Prade Teacher Mrs Doris Wh1tmen Th1rd Grade Teacher Diss Lillev Greene Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs Ruth Rovers I f f 4 Q 2 -x 1 ' Q ,, ' R Y 'e 4 'Q . . ' 0 5 1 af 4 , . . N ,V Y , .av I - ' 4 .L 1' . lf 1 i U I h 2 G I 3 1 3 i E- ' 2 2 1 , , ll 1 N s , .7 G. Y QT -"3 I Y . -A Z ,, 2 f -3- I Q e '9 ' K 1 5 , K A . A r,,,e. 0 I - ' G . s v . 7 ' ' A I u f - 'H First Grade Teacher Mrs JacoueJ1ne Huvck First Grade Annex 1 Teacher-Mrs Mary Horton 4 a .x .z., 3 , i X x in E l d Ni ,Q 5.'-s fsxwx -.g.,,,,. , Q, -.Qt-5 - u -, ii 1-if-+45-fifr . is-si EQKTX Football P'V11l9 Hartwick South New Werlln Laurens Nount Unfon Gu1lford NOPPIS Thls vea th fdothall squad came out of the Wdumnsn to vin half of tleir six sheduled v mes, and also to out score their ooponents The Right end Center Left end Quarterback Halfhack Fullhack Jack Nickerson Flovd Anderson Donald Post Norman Nusson Barrv Slauvhter Robert Teed Ph111D Seaman Allen Rove Terrv Slaughter Neale Brown Tom Brown Clvde I1lleV Darvin Conrow Blllv Bedlent The tvo tbF1l19FS of the season were the Nt Upton and Morr1s games From NOPPIS, we won back the dummy, the svmhol of rivalrv, after a three vear absence from our portals Much of the credlt for th1s fa1rly successful year goes to Mr Cllne, the coach, for mO1d1Hg the grouo 1nto a team W f ' --.. I 1 1 ' lL n 32 A VI N 32 A , N 6 ' " 20 1 ' line-ui, was has follolnszk S F Basketball G'v1lle Laurens G'v1lle Laurens Hartwltk Hartwick Guilford Guilford Mt Upton Mt Upton So New Berlin South Town MOFFIS Varsity basketball suffered a depression th1s year Out of 10 games played, 3 were mon and 7 lost Thls was attrlbuted to many reasons One was the inexperience of the team fmore than half played Jav Vee ball last vearl as compared to some their oooonents Another was the absence of players at dlfferent times due to inel1g1b1l1tv or other reasons The excellent coach1ng of Mr Souders was certainly not a reason or the slump The Jay Vees, under the flne CO8Ch1Hg of Mr Lasky, made better showing than the vars1tv They came through the season undefeated and untied, to win the Jay Vee championship, undlsputed 8 L- wig-. l wg!! f 'T 3 ' 1 V v N ' , 33 28 ' 20 ' 19 " 63 ' 37 ' 33 36 W 22 " 37 . 39 ' 28 . " bl . 25 " 33 " 33 ' 52 , ' . I of ' . f -4 A ix, E Aims lfjn 4 . 4 I 9 tx--1 6 ,' 5 -1- 3 U- .K M I fx fy In N 5 , ft 'H W K Vi 1 -rdf x i ,gt , X L U T ' ix I 41 , , . K 57 p, X :f. ' - . I. l'g,.-g S JUHIOP Varslty Cheerleade s ff? X, Varsitv Cheerleaders 9 A Q' Q7 'W Student Council N ' ,V ' ' 1 - Q id .jj 2:11. AN, Q -N 5-'X' x Srtfi bi +L L I 4 I. ...L..J.-.,4....A-.1.....1.......-JL--1-L .i-141+- li i 'W + f J ' .L x-QXL Q my fa IX ' Sem or Band Dlrected bv Warren Tarball HW160 G1'1Q Vhfwrui Dlrvcfod bv Yethrvn V8"'9I" Us B ij., A-.. ,..,l. ,,,4..i2fi..,- ...,A,---"""1"3.A- A- A .. 4 -W., T J W - 1 fi h fs Q 9 rg - -, , 9 ll- I D - 'fl Lf ',.,' I . qv , , Q . A , I . w - ,3 -X' -.gqqt - 'pr fp-f,,.r 1-' 'V fx' .-1-" ff .-. L - ' . R M 1 14 qv A .. 1 ,. ,, ,fC , ii, rl. xl! 1x45Nf'vi ,tg-. wv. HL I -xl' , f. - I . aj 'f4 -- AS-Q b -if 1 " Lf . f 'ML ,' ' x - I ' J , - ' 1 " ' dx A . 'A I -u 5 A V' V 4 1? 'Y avi fix f, - ' Q ..,e", f x i gif x - . .Hx -,Q rp, ' i D f i A 1 3 gh gg Q' , ' Q G ix T' .- , A 5 Y i U " 3 if ' ' li F3 0 q9F1OT mV1T16TS I5 .l...3L Junlor Hand Dlrecced bf Marren Tarhell Junl r wlrlprs F F A D rected bv ATfrnd Iaskv AN llg if-I or ercl L wlVPPf9H kv rrank u11UP N1c Nacs ann 00 0 H Clubs 1 Dazry Club Or NX - - fsa f, -4 Y Q in 3 ... ,si , , 'afyl I 1 f' 8' gf! gnil X 'If l 5- X 'X 1-1'QX'xn Q 2 f 1 9 S539 '25 firm' v. Kf- X K 5 n wfkgnbg I i 1 4-1 A Mai' L W W h 'R M X 9211.1 NJ kg f ggy. ,. K J J H X , . X R , xx g in :fa an X 1 x QV :mga-i X ' B -a Q31 Q2 fi u N e . A Rx ,fr n W X f . Nj 4 , 'L E A N9 x X , ff 1 . f u 4 fn X , xx 1 'J X , X xg i In X xx 'xl'-J A , , .' 5 ," xxx, i X , 5 Xi' Q nm- 5 ' ,. . Q 1:5 i, X xii ,A X x it lull X few. 1 1 A R I fl , lk x -Ejii ia s '.k N XX ,IM . A-, f xx N ' if Jai 4 I T . ,X X f ,X V X- ' V W ,X g g I--X wg Q f , ff LQ . f Ill M - ' I ' X51 f f Q "JL 4 A' I' , ' in in Y I X- - I E I f fwf - :I W " ,. K Mid. ' . Q ' fl, x 1' ,V I ,., DAV-SON CORK BACKE.-i BULLETIN BOARDS DAV SON cork back and changeable letter bulletln boards are constructed wIth Ilght walnut fInIsh frame The cork postlng surface consIsts of it Inch cork mounted on W Inch 3 ply veneer The changeable letter Insert IS of grooved wood felt covered These buIIetIns are made to endure as only the flnest of materIaIs are used In thelr constructlon FOR USE IN BuIIetIn board wIth two set SCHOOLS In glass doors One Slde cork CHURCHES the other changeable letter cor FAC:-I-ORIES Insert STYLE TWOSETIN GLASS Letters are not Included S30 OO STORES 52? 40 BuIIetIn board wIth two set In glass doors Both sndes 3? 33 CLUBS 36 25 PUBLIC ALL PRICES F' O B CHICAGO SPEgDA1L'IQg?4OLRE-I-Q-hs-Egg gfzegc? THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS DISTRIBUTORS SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 4925 GLENDALE V. KANSAS CITY 4 MISSOURI WI IIIVI A CIIANGIABII IIIIIII UR CIIIIII BIIIIEIIN IUII IVIRY NIIU CUNBIIII IS I . . . . Q' . . 1 . 3O"X49" .sI.. ,..,.,.. ,wrss . 3 owne" ,,,,, , I,,I L,L, , I, .85 30" X 60" A, ,,,, ,,,,,, I , . 3O"x 60" H . .. . .. .K 9- do 36.. AB., g g gggf D 361: AISI: . 4 , 36. 60, b 36 60 59,35 I I X ff .Sm NCW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LCDCAL FRANCHISE DEALER FOR NAME CF CLOSEST DEALER WRITE TG 'Iohnhans 608 DELAWARE KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI au. . A 1 Cf I 5 i .J " 1. nu- .JJ ,,,. - ll V-"' ins cz, ionszy YGUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY EMwweQ de 5.444054 jf? 0 4054qem GRADUATION by the Za Z a meubd ffl,-MTV YEAR C S

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