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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1955 volume:

Q A 5 1 A, MM L E Vw W5 5 N X 0 'w A -'-""',.....- EZ.Df?fQ,2j3Ci3 X 'FN ? ,ww ?f XKQ. -wx " f ,. V f - fwj, A,., giifgliaw' ,f ' i i 3 a fm G s s ,Q ' "A' ,. an N--w , - al' 9 k,,: S ' 'L A . - ,. ' k K W 3, 4:1 ' ' f ' ,,.--f-V' 1 f w 4 .NW gl- --"H ' Y , A .. . . my I JV A J A 'K A :-k 'A' K . J53,,, 51 . W ff? . 19 'T ,-,.. ,. Na- , - I . V h , wmi V i Q R W .W 5 . W , 1 ' Q S 55 V in L ' W , ---" " R f wg' , g. ,..... :.,: ,ww--f-"""""' Q ' L uf ,, ' Wg ' .x..Wwwf"""'l"'L' AA ' ? 3 1 f I ' , K ,www Q' X F 5 K w L 2 . X I , , Q 4 E A , Mwwfg , 3 I 5 , 4 .,.A 5 S ' E L ' f ' - -1 L , 2 it . ,,,.x, ,, , .VVL .A- . 5 4 g .N 1 5 E A M,,,,.,.M., X - W .. Wh, A K' , I 4 Akkk rw ,,... -. f - , W"W' " '41-' K. Nw f ,. n, :, -...... ffwa-,5.Q., V V H mq1Mw,f,,,,,,:,,,MWmk -- I V, , ,MEYEZJT ,. ' ww- ,wg--b--' if h h 1. f " KW-fwggq, x.., k - . . , 'Wmsrac A . - a ., ,, S ,. ,.,.......: . 4 I S I 5 , ? L 5 9 , ,, 1 . , I. , .. A , , .V ' ' , " 41:6 - A I D if .ff ,N , L s V L , 1 I, A .1- V..i grgg-.wg...,.,,.,,., V, ..Y., -. , . .- .,.,, , W 4, , ,.,, ,pu-q,-..,,,,.-,Y. ,.,,.,. ,,Jgp.,,,,qqwpq,,,,, L 1 l E l i r 1 A. ISABELLE BIGELMAN 193 5 - 1 95 4 To you, A. Isabelle Bigelinan, we, the Editorial Staff of the 1955 Miracle, dedicate this book as a. token of our gratitude of your friend- liness and understanding, an expression of your untiring efforts on our behalf, and your cooperation during your many years of service. 4 mn, CORPORATORS AND TRUSTEES OF THE GILBERT REQUEST ROBERT E. GAYLORD, Prefidenl OTHNEIL G. WILLIAMS, Vice-Preiident CLARENCE H. BUNNELL, Secretary and Treamrer ROBERT L. NOBLE, Affiftant Treaxurer IRVING J. WOODWARD, Anixzant Secietary D. FLETCHER ALVORD ROY V. SANDERSON LUTHER L. CHASE WALLACE W. TAYLOR ELBERT G. MANCHESTER RALPH V. TIFFANY HARRY E. NORTON DUDLEY L. VAILL WILLIAM H. PHELPS IRVING C. VALENTINE C. WESLEY WINSLOW -FINANCE COMMITTEE- ROBERT E. GAYLORD, Chairman D. FLETCHER ALVORD LUTHER L. CHASE WILLIAM H. PHELPS CLARENCE H. BUNNELL WALLACE W. TAYLOR -SCHOOL COMMITTEE- IRVING C. VALENTINE, Chairman HARRY E. NORTON OTHNEIL G. WILLIAMS 5 1 T 1 I 1 I I Q I 1 W i I 3 . PRINCIPAL HENRY S. MOSELEY VICE-PRINCIPAL DAVID B. NICHOLS 'xh- FACU LTYW MARION E. ALLEN Librarian MARGERY E. BAILEY Mathematics DOROTHY L. BARTON Mathematics ELISWORTH BEECHER Physical Education Driver Training MARION L. BUZZELL Shorthand and Typing CARL A. COLEMAN Agriculture ADA S. BENEDICT Book Department EVELYN S. DEMING English Dramatic Club CHARLES J. FECTO History Mathematics Athletic Association Guidance RUSSELL GRANDER EVELYN M. HAWLEY Science Ifafifl Ski Club Hlsrory WILLIAM D. FLAHERTY Science Science Club Basketball JAMES B. FORTUNA Bookkeeping ' Football WILLIAM G. GRAVES English Yearbook Chess Club STEPHEN JOHNSON Woodworking Mechanical Drawing Camera Club DOROTHY LE GEYT English ELIZABETH L. MUTCH Languages CHARLES F. MOORE ANN C. PARDO Machine Shop and Drafting Physical Education KATHERINE MOREHARDT English Commencement Speeches MARY E. MURPHY Homemaking Future Homemaker's of America HAMILTON PITI' History Guidance NANCY NORTHUP English ' Tri-Y Student Council HELEN N. SCHAEF ER Librarian Cheerleaders and Pep Club HELEN M. SHELDRICK English Gilbert School News Future Homernakers of America MARGARET H. SPEERS DONALD WALKER Homemaking Mathematics Future Hornemakers of Basketball America ' EDITH B. SMALL CLARA L WHITE Science Secretary to the Principal Dramatic Club ELIZABETH C. SONIER Music Glee Club and Girls' Chorus HENRY TIRRELL Physical Science Hi-Y CLARA S. WING Languages CLASS HISTORY It was September - 1951 - A warm pleasant day. Excited, happy, proud, scared. It was our first day of high school. We were now members of Gilbert. We'll always remember the feeling we experienced on that first day at Gilbert. How big the school was. Oh! So many kids -- kids we didn't know. Trying to find our way to classes was an ordeal we hadn't encountered before. The homework - it seemed like so much to us - on the first day. We thought we'd never get it done! High School opened a whole new life for us. We joined the various clubs and some of us tried out for sports. Our first year was exciting. As we look back we think of the pleasant memories that went along with each event - the dances, the Dramatic Club's play, the football, basketball, and baseball games, report cards - oh those report cards - and the never-to-be-forgotten exams. Then came june - how we longed for summer vacation. In the fall we reentered Gilbert as old pros. Re- member all those little freshmen? How we gave them wrong directions as to how to find their way about the school. The excitement and drudgery began again. This was the year we had to learn our World History. All those dates just didn't stick with us. Yes, all our teachers had a terrible time trying to pass knowledge our way. Our year quickly passed and soon it was june - loveable june - for vacation time was en- joyed by all. Some of us went off to camp, others worked during the summer, but most of us just loafed. Our junior year - we were big shots now. And the freshmen - weren't they smaller than last year? Did we shine in football, Led by Bill and Glen, our team hit a record by winning them all. One more trophy for the trophy case. Thanks fellas. This is the year we adopted our famous last words - "Care," "Sane," "Chance," "Pretty," "Agile," "Legal," Oh, yes, we'll never forget that wonderful performance put on by the faculty. Basketball was now in full swing - Pep Rallies held in the gym brought out many new fans. Did we have the team! Again we made history - imagine us - we finally won our way into the championship games at New Haven. Our boys worked hard to gain that recognition. Thanks to our cheerleaders -- your support helped the team tre- miendously. Remember those Driver Training classes? Mr. Beecher had to put double insurance on the car after we took over-Ah!!! We now are full-fledged? "drivers". This was the year we all got our class rings. How we treasured them. Summer vacation was all too short. Our last first-day at Gilbert. Excitement buzzed in the halls - homework piled up. We were Seniors. How long we looked forward to being Seniors. Re- member how excited we were to have our pictures taken? We were so anxious to get our pictures - at last came the day -- Senior pictures were passed out. Our football team did very well this year. Boy! Were we famous. Our games were broadcasted over Station WLCR - a first for Gilbert. The faculty play proved to be a huge success. Basketball took over. The kids sure loved those games. The Prom will be long remem- bered by all. Time quickly passed. Graduation was coming closer. We realize for the first time that we'd have to leave the Golden Halls. There wouldn't be another September when we'd all get together for that first day of school. We hated to leave - but we were anxious to go looking back on our past four years of school. We'll all have many memories to keep the Golden Halls alive. We'll all miss those wonder- ful school days spent at Gilbert. Sylvia DePaoli c L wf Q5 EQ X N 'R 5? V.,,,r,--., ,, 1 l l 5. L l V s l 1 "THE SEEDS OF TIME" During our Freshman year, we looked toward the senior class and sighed gently to ourselves, "Will we ever be seniors?" The prospect seemed quite dim from our point of view. Our subjects were so hard andlour teachers were always "picking on us." Most of us spent quite a miserable fall, trying to grasp our new way of life. However, by the middle of the year, we discovered that our teachers were really very nice, and if we honestly tried to concentrate on our home- work, it wasn't so bad after all. We made all sorts of new friends and gained several new interests. When we became sophomores, we felt that we knew all there was to know about school life, and we had great fun teasing the freshmen. And why not? They were just children! We even added to the story about the elevator in the basement to our freshman friends and then laughed at them as they patiently trudged downstairs to find it. Our Junior year loomed suddenly, and wonder of wonders, we were upperclassmen. Gosh, but it was a wonderful feeling - we were superior! We ordered and received our class rings with pride, for the shiny gold rings were our mark of distinction. Now we are seniors, and we look back and say, "Were we ever freshmen?" It seems so long ago and yet so near. As each day passes, graduation approaches and becomes more exciting. We are now looking forward to the future with mixed emotions. We are eager for graduation yet we hesitate to go out into the world on our own. And so it is, that we now take leave of the "Golden Halls" where we have had so many good times, made so many friends, and gained a good amount of knowledge. V. Parks SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sh-sim First Row, Left to Right: Rose Genziano, Glen McLellan. Second Row Left to Right: Miller Dayton, jane Moseley. 'l5 Albert jerimiah Allison March 4, 1957 "Al" Colebroolc College "Happy-go-lucky, Eary-go-freeg Nothing on earth hotherr me." Quiet, but we wonder-always with the fellas? Snappy dresser. Activities: French Club 1, Base- ball 1g Tennis Club 1. Awards: Scholarship "G", 5 years. o A ffflzl . . john Francis Arcelaschi November 21, 1936 "Archie" Willow Street General "The Happy Wanderer" Very witty-dark-good sense of humor-has an answer for every- thing-seerx almost everywhere Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Fish and Game Club 2g Camera Club 53 Varsity Club 4. Awards: Football "G" 3, 4. Roddy Vincent Amenta February 22, 1937 "Gutzo" 98 Rockwell Street College "Up with me, up with me Into the cloudr."' Likes music-always good for a laugh-likeable Activities? Band, Glee Club, Key Club. Awards: Scholarship "G", Glee glub lyre, New England "N. Theodore Charles Aust January 17, 1937 "Chicago" New Hartford General "If book: were girl: I'd study all the time" Friendly-seen with Pat and Buck - always smiling - Barkhamsted guy. I6 Anthony joseph Bazzano February 27, 1937 "Tony" 83 Meadow Street Mechanic Arts "In school or work, he'J a friendly fellow." Always has a joke-found with the boys-worlc??? Eh-only if I have to. Activities: Volley Ball. A Pasquale Sal Bazzano August 25, 1936 UPHYSYH Pleasant Valley General "Ar good ar gold." "Card shark"-easy to get along, with - an outdoorsman -- alway: ready for a laugh. Howard Stewart Beardsley Dctober 25, 1937 "KiKi" Slew Hartford College "Still water runs deep". Very quiet-good looking-well dressed-liked by all--studies. Activities: Basketball. Thomas Leo Beaudoin slovember 18, 1937 "Tom" S1 Upson Avenue College 'Whatever he didg he did well." itudies hard - Ladies man - tudious? - nice personality. ctivities: Basketball. wardsz' Scholarship "G", 3 yrs. Jeannette G. Beecher April 2, 1937 "jeann"' 131 Florence Street General "Softly rpeak and sweetly smile," Quiet, active in clubs-class li- brarian-known for her "crino- lines." Activities: Girls' chorus 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 35 Glee Club Lyre and Bar 2, 3. Edward Franklin Bennett February 29, 1936 "Ted" Norfolk "Nothing worries him, Nothing hnrrier him." One of the Norfolk gang - quiet, girl shy??? friendly-likable. 17 Thomas john Bonadies October 28, 1935 "Bouncer" 47 Main Street General "A great one with the faculty." Friendly, always busy - works hard - keeps all laughing. Activities: Football, Managerg Mi- racle Board: Camera Club. Awards: Football Medal 1953. Rose Marie Brady April 27, 1938 91 Williams Ave. Commercial "Nothing ir more useful than .filenre." Diligent worker - friendly -- usually with Lorraine - always lends a helping hand. Activities: Camera Club. Earl C. Brazeau October 4, 1937 "Curly" 19 john Street Scientific "Good to he merry and wire." Well-liked - good student - friendly. Activities: Fish and Game Club 2: Camera Club 33 Asst. Mana- ger Football Team 3, 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2. , . . Roger William Brown December 4, 1936 "Rebel" Norfolk General "The great plearure in life ir doing what people Jay you cannot do." Seems to be quiet, but we won- der??? When does he smile??? Nancy jean Busher October 12, 1937 "Nan' 77 Wheeler Street Commercial "The .fame who har been The belle of all place: in which Clare H. Bunnell December 24, 1937 "Bunny" 173 Gilbert Avenue College "Silence if Wixdorn, and gets friends." Quiet manner - a good pal - studious. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Girls Chorus 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 5, 4, Aff Club 5, 4. X 'S Awards: Glee Club Lyre 2: Glee Club Bar 3, Margaret Marie Burke November 6, 1936 "Peggy" 350 W. Lake Street General "Speech ir xilver, Jilence if golden." Quiet, liked by all - smart dresser - cute. Activities: Tennis Club 4: Tri-Y 3, 4: French Club 2, Pep Club 3, Dramatic Club 4: Art Club 4. Awards: Dramatic Club Charm. 18 she is reen." Pretty blond hair - swell dresse - popular gal - True to thd Army - Cheerleader. Activities: Cheering 5, 4: Pep Clubll, 2, 3, 4, Miracle Board gQ4G1flS, Chorus 1: Art Club Awards: 40 Word Typing Cer- tificate, Cheering Charm. Patricia Anne Canty - January 5, 1938 "Pat' 13 Thibault Avenue Genera "Sport that wrinkled care deride And laughler holding both hi rider." Newcomer to Gilbert - hail from Maine - friendly - Wann to be a nurse. Activities: Pep Club 45 Art Clul 4. Richard Lee Capocefalo September 27, 1935 "Cap" Norfolk Scientific "AlwayJ leave them laughing When you :ay good-bye." Friendly redhead - Rose keeps rim busy - looks forward to Eraduation. cgvigiesz Dramatic Club 1, 2, Mild red Joyce Carrozzo May 5, 1935 "Minnie" 13 Wallens Hill General "Mischief lurk: in her eye." Popular with all - new hairdos - known for her pretty clothes. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 4g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Assistant Librarian 1, Librarian 2, Glee Club 1. Awards: None. Robert Martin Carrozzo january 1, 1936 "Croch" 43 Wallens Street General "The uforld if my oyfterf' Neat dresser - ha o-luck PPV-g D Y- draws well - always looking for a laugh-loves fenders. Activities: Glee Clubg Art Clubg Miracle Boardg Dramatic Club. Marcella Mary Casey May 25, 1937 "Marcie" 19 Park Place College "And more than ufinlom, more than wealth A merry heart that laughr at care." Always talking - fun to be with -- bound to be a teacher. Activities: Tennis Club 2, 3g Pep Club 1, 2g Miracle Board 2, 33 Gilbert News 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Treasurer 3g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 4. Club Lyre 2, 3, 43 All-State Award 4. 19 Theodore Frank Church June 29, 1937 "Ted" Barkhamsted Scientific "Happy-go-lucky." Activities: Science Club 4. Winifred Emily Colbourne September 12, 1935 "Winnie" 21 Munro Street General "Gentle of Jpeech, heneficent of mind." Quiet - very friendly - likes roller skating. Eva Ferne Conklin April 13, 1937 "Honey" Barkhamsted General "Calmly do I go my way." Usually seen with the gang - friendly - pleasant to know - good natured - hails from Bark- hamsted. Activities: F.H.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4- William Harold Connole April 4, 1937 "Willie" 71 Rockwell Street Commercial "Thi: life ir all chequered with plearuref and woexf' Always smiling -- good worker - loves his jokes - dislikes homework - favorite class - typing??? Lorraine Ann Cote April 4, 1937 "Lorry" 530 Main Street Commercial 'A happy-go-lucky young lady." Always laughing - hardly has any books. Activities: Future Homemakers of America 1. Awards: 40 Word Certificate in Typing. Marianne Susanne Curcio September 9, 1937 60 High Street Commercial "The gentle mind hy gentle deed: is known." Elizabeth Curtiss May 7, 1937 "Betty" Norfolk General "She add: .rpice to life." Wonderful Irish sense of humor -- cute hair style -- grin for everyone, including herself. Activities: French Club 2. Awards: 40 and 50 Word Typing Certificate: Girls' State. Always working - kept busy in the office -- capable. Activities: Miracle Board 2, 3, 4: Identification Editor 39 Editor 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 1. Awards: Scholarship "G" 2, 33 Dramatic Club Pin 4, Miracle Club Pin 4: 60 Word Short- hand Certificateg 40 Word Typ- ing Certificate. 20 William Joseph Darcey 1 August 22, 1937 "Bill' 206 Oak Street Commercial "To know him if lo like him."l Nice guy -- pals with Bob -1 likes to have a good time. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 5 Miller P. Dayton November 21, 1937 "Skip" 85 Hillside Avenue College "No Jain! but a jolly good fellow." Liked by everyone - laugh a minute - active in school affairs. Activities: News Board 3, 45 Asst. Business Manager of "News" 35 News Editor 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club Trea- surer 45 Key Club 1, 2, 3, 45 President of Student Council 4: Class Treasurer 45 Prom Com- mittee 3. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1. Eugene Frederick Dietlin 26 Coe Street Mechanic Arts "I don't drive fart - I fly lata!" Brains?!!! hot-rod! Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Football "G" 3, 4. Lucy Lillian DiMartino Lucy Lillian Di Martino November 25, 1937 "Lu-Lu" 7 Chestnut Street Commercial "What mifchief lie: behind those eye: of hrown!" Here's a gal we all know - friendly - quiet??? I wouldn't say that. Activities: F.H.A. 15 Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Miracle Board 3: Art Club 4. Sylvia Louise DePaoli April 11, 1937 "Syl" IE. Wakeheld Blvd. Commercial "A mild manner and a gentle heart." riendly to all - hates to be a rain? - Loves her fellow work- rs - dependable. Activities: Typist News 45 Mira- cle Board 2, 3, 45 Asst. Editor 45 Leaders Club 15 Girls' Sport Club 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 35 "G" for Girls' Basketball 15 Miracle Board Pin. 21 Noreen DiMartino june 27, 1937 "Nor" Smith Hill Commercial "A petite package of pleaxantnettf' Beautiful hair, attractive - plea- sant personality - has her hands in many activities - Alway true to the Navy!!! Activities: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 News Board-Book- keeper 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 2. Richard Marcus Dings July 21, 1938 "Dick" 152 E. Lake St. Mechanic Arts "Fun, frolic and sport." A party? There's Dick - Always on the go - happy-go-lucky - friendly. Activities: Footballg Glee Club. i.4......kL,,,AA,,...........4 Elizabeth May Doty May 18, 1937 "Beth" Riverton Commercial "Quiet . , . pleasing dirpotition . . . and not unnoticed." Usually seen with Gail - One of the Riverton gals - Activities: Future I-Iomemakers of America 1. Awards: 40 Word Typing Certi- hcate. ..f Robert Francis Eisenlohr August 24, 1937 "Robin" john Street Mechanic Arts "At Buty At A Bee." Usually seen in the gym - Well liked - Always with the boys. Activities: Fish and Game Club 1, 2: Volleyball Tournament. john David Dyson january 20, 1937 "Lambie" 56 Mountain Ave. Scientific "No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madnet.v!" Popular - hates to be an athlete! - Friendly to all. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: Science Club 3, 4, President 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4: News Board 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 45 President 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4: A.A. Trea- surer 3, 4, President 4: Presi- dent of junior Class. Awards: Football "G" 2, 3, 4. Connie Rose Fichera June 27, 1936 "Connie" 19 Center Street General "I'd rather have something to remember than nothing to forget." Gullible?!!! Cute Clothes - At- tractive. - 22 Theodore Ellsworth Fiske August 2, 1936 "Ted 83 Wallens St. Mechanic Arn "The day: that make ur happ make ut wire." Short - Sincere - A goo clraftsman. james Bristol Foster September 25, 1937 "ji Colebrook Genet "He it quiet, he it thy, yet the it mitchief in his eye." Good Hunter - neat dresser - likes outdoor sports. Activities: Hunting and Fishin Club lg Science Club 2, 3. Leo Peter Fracasso May 2, 1937 "Moose" 265 Pratt Street Mechanic Arts "The laws of behavior yield to hir energy." Very nonchalant - always talk-. ing - crew cuts. Activities: Science Club 3, 4. Robert Leo Garrepy August 4, 1937 "Bob" Norfolk College "The world ir to full of a number of thiugr, I am .rure we .rhould all he at habpy ar kings." Popular -- likely to succeed -- does good work. Activities: Glee Club 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 3. Rose Marie Genziano December 26, 1936 60 Stanton Avenue General "All around girl, Her life if in a whirl." Friendly personality - lends a willing hand - active - neat dresser -- dependable. Activities: Tri-Y 2, 3, 4: Vice- President 3, President 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Manager 2g Glee Club 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3: junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Laurel Girls' State 3: Hi-Y Youth and Govt. 3, 4: Art Club 3, 4: Leader's Club 2: Girls' Sport Club 3. Awards: Scholarship "G" 33 Music Lyre 2: 40 Word Typing Cer- tificate 33 Sports "G" 2. Harold Fredrick Gillette, December 29, 1936 "Harry" 10 Perkins Street Commercial "MiJchief is my pastime." Hot-rodder - carefree - likable - good looking - Don't rush me attitude-"What's the story?" Activities: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2. 23 ,f.2',,L Judith Ann Gregoire May 15, 1937 "Judy" 7 Rowley Street Commercial "I'm quiel, till you know me." Wonderful dancer - sparkling eyes - pleasant personality. Activities: News Board 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Glee Club 2: French Club 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 3. Margot Russell Guest November 3, 1936 "Marg" Torringford Road College "A world of miichief lie: behind her eyes of hluef' Attractive - active - happy-go- lucky - easy to get along with. Activities: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: All-State 4: Newsboard 3, 4: Alumni Editor 4: Miracle Board 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club 4, Secretary 4: Pep Club 4. Awards: Dramatic Club Charm 4: Miracle Board Pin 4: Scholar- ship "G" 1: Gilbert School News Pin 4. A.-. ...,.,,,+,.. --,-... ,.... ,..,.4...... l 1 Edith M. Harding January 26, 1936 "Edie" Elm Street General "Quiet but we wonder." A big smile for everyone - lik- able - seen with the girls. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2: French Club 2: Future Nurse's Club. Josephine P. Hart August 8, 1938 "Jo" Z9 Chestnut Street General "Little, but ob my!" Talkative, friendly personality, al- ways busy - attractive. Activities: Pep Club, Future Nurses Club. Karen Ruth Hitchcock September 19, 1937 "Kay" Glendale Avenue College "Perronality if the recret of wafers." Attractive, friendly - active - diligent worker - reliable - fun to be with. Activities: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-Y 2, 3, 4g Tennis Club 4: Cheer- leader 3, 4, Manager 4: Sec. of junior Class: Dramatic Club 4: Laurel Girls' State: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Girls' Sports Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 35 Student Coun- cil 3, Sec. Prom Committee 35 A.A. 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 3, Glee Club Lyre 2, 3. Edgar Craig Haythorne july 30, 1937 "Acorn" New Hartford General "Seen but not beard." Good looking, friendly, seen with the boys - calm manner. Activities: Science Club, F.F.A. 2. 24 Robert Dwight Herdling january 13, 1937 "Bob' 59 Hinsdale Ave. Commercial "Worry and I have never met." D.A." - Drives a blue Chevy - seen with the boys - happy- go-lucky. Activities: Art Club 1, 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1. - l Linda Ann Hine January 27, 1937 Pleasant Valley Commercia "If .filence were golden, Jbe could retire." Quiet, rather shy-diligent work er - active in F.H.A. Activities: Club Song Leader 2 3g State Song Leader 3: Futur Homemakers of America 1, 5 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Asst. Manager 2. Awards: 40 Word Typing Certi ficateg 60 Word Shorthand Cer tificateg Girls' Chorus Award. Donald Holland July 22, 1936 "Don" 128 East Lake Street General "Take life at it comes, if: easier." Tall, blond, bashful? Found with the boys - why work if I can help it: Activities: Miracle Board, Glee Club: Dramatic Club. Marie Ann Indomenico October 7, 1936 Bridge Street General "A 'nice gal,' a good pal." Dark hair and eyes - pleasant smile - always on the go - independent. Activities: News Board 3g Pep Club 1, 2, 3: President of Fu- ture Nurse's Club. Robert Ellis Jenkins August 19, 1937 "Jenk" 8 Case Avenue General "Quiet but - we wonder?" Newcomer to the Golden Halls - quiet nature - easy come, easy go. Barbara Ann Johnson May 6, 1937 "Bobbie" 15 Curtice Street College "To know ber is to like ber." Tall, attractive, on the quiet side - friendly, pleasing personality. Activities: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, 4, Tennis Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Honorary Member of Womens Club 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" lg 40 Word Typing Certificate. 25 .....4n............................,a, ,.,, , ...- ,. ....-.A..-, -L-..-,-., Judy Lee Judson October 8, 1937 "Judy" 55 Munro Place General "Not too serious not to gay - a rare good sport in every way." Friendly - nice dresser - liked by her classmates - diligent worker. Activities: Art Club 1, 2, 4: Ten- nis 2, 3, 4: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4. William Anthony Julian November 5, 1935 "Bill" 135 Elm Street General "Sometime: devilish, sometime: shy, but acclaimed ar a real .swell guy!! Lives for athletics, found in Tor- rington, drives a blue Mercury - nonchalant - liked by everyone. Activities: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, Prom Committee 3. Awards: Varsity "G", Football. Madeline Hope Kilbourn August 12, 1937 "Mad" 257 Oak Street Commercial "When eye'J of hlue, come .rmiling through," She drives??? Snappy dresser: al- ways a smile for everyone, good dancer. Activities: Miracle Board 45 Art Club 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Cheering 3, 4. Awards: 40 Word Typing Certi- ncateg 50 Word Typing Certi- ficate, Cheering Charm. Dorothy Elizabeth Kittle January 18, 1937 "Dotty" East Lake Street General "I never think of the future, il comer Joon enough!" Cute - hates to have curly hair - hangs around with Connie. Activities: Pep Club. Richard Earl Kittredge November 10, 1936 "Kit" Mooreville General "He may he small, hut oh, hr0ther." Friendly -likeable - good look- ing - swell personality - gets along with everyone. Activities: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. Awards: Baseball "G" 2, 3, 4. F Fred Francis Lataif October 19, 1936 "Lou" 207 North Main Street General "Book: - thingr divired hy the enemy." Wonderful dancer - good artist - hates to be legal. Activities: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Cam- era Club 1, 2: Miracle Board 4. Sylvia Marie Landi August 23, 1936 "Sil" 16 Chestnut Street Commercial "If .rilence ir Golden, the mutt like Silver." Seen everywhere - talkative - takes life as it comes - friendly. Activities: Bowling Club. 26 Daniel Lavieri February 24, 1937 161 East Lake Street General "Speech if great, hut :ilence ii greater." Quiet - dilligent worker -- sin- cere. George Robert Lewis February 16, 1937 "joe" Norfolk Agriculture "There if a time of speaking, and a time of being will." Quiet - baseball fiend - one of the Ag boys. Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. Anselmo Charles Locascio September 27, 1936 "Sal" Torrington Road Mechanic Arts "He'll Find A Way," Drives a Chevie - at home in the machine shop, Norma Elaine Lovely December 6, 1937 "Norm" 50 Bank Street Commercial "An all-around gal, who? really a :well pal." Friendly, attractive - diligent worker - talkative. Activities: Pep Club 4g Art Club 4, Tri-Y 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" lg Short- hand Certificate for 60 Words. Thomas Harry Maccalous May 6, 1937 "Will" 5 Chestnut Street Mechanic Arts "I'll Tell The World." Pleasingly plump - the joker -- plays a good game of volleyball. Activities: Science Club 4g Fish and Game Club 1, 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" 2. 27 Glenn Arthur Madison June 14, 1937 Riverton Scientific "Take life at it comer, -lf: earierf' Good looking - "legal!" - us- ually seen in a green Plymouth - hangs around with the Nor- folk bunch! Activities: Science Club. . ! RQ- YQSZS. .... A 'li ' - . :-. Ann Manchester March 19, 1937 43 Spencer Street College "Live and let live!" Quiet, attractive, neat dresser, three cheers for the Marines! Activities: Tri-Y Youth and Gov- ernment 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4g Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Tennis Club 2, 3, 4, Honorary Member of Woman's Club 4g Art Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 35 40 Word Typing Certificate. Carolyn Dorothy Masters july 22, 1937 "Carol" Norfolk College "Be good, .tweet maid, and let wbo can be clever!" Small blond, one of the Norfolk crowd! Activities: French Club 2, Girls' Sports Club 3, Science Club 4: Future Nurses Club 4. Ellenjayne Ann McCurdy October 27, 1937 10 Birdsall Street College "We walk by faitb, not by right." Quiet, pretty smile, good taste in clothes. Activities: Glee Club: French Clubg Girls' Chorus: Art Club: Tennis Clubg Pep Club. J.-.A+ .,,, A4 rn-- , I Glenn V. McLellan Alex Byrne McDonald June 21, 1937 112 Hinsdale Avenue College "On wbat strange Jtaj ambition feeds." Real brain - keen sense of hu- mor - hard worker - always knows the latest gossip. Activities: Science Club 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Newsboard 3, 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 35 New England Pin. Michalene E. McDonald October 21, 1937 "Mickey" 331 West Lake Street General "Smile, and the world .rmiler with you." Newcomer to the "Golden Halls" - friendly - nice dresser - cute smile. 28 February 4, 1938 "Mac" 34 Stanton Avenue General "Play up, play up, and play tbe game," Handsome - seen with Sally - football - admired by the girls. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. Awards: Football "G" 2, 3, Base- ball "G" 2, 33 Scholarship "G" 2, 3. Roger Burnett Monty October 13, 1937 "Rog" Norfolk Scientific "Silence it the motber of truth." Quiet - likes to study - agree- able -- always busy. Awards: Scholarship "G". jane Arnold Moseley anuary 6, 1937 "Jamey" 5 South Main Street College "'Tufar her thinking of otherr made you think of her." ttractive - has many friends - 'n many school activities - nice ersonality. Activities Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Girls' Chor- us I: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Li- brarian 3, Vice-President 4: All- State Chorus 1954: Arr Club 1, 4: Gilbert School News 3, 4, Assignment Editor 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1: Glee Club Lyre 2, 3. joseph Patrick Navin September 27, 1936 "Joe" 34 Adams Street Commercial "Ar good luck would have it." Nice Guy - always with joan - ambition is to be a C.P.A. Activities: Student Council 3: Junior Class Treasurer 33 Key Club, Secretary 4: Hunting and Fislging Club 1: Tennis Club 3, . Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2. Hoyt Holmes Nelson March 23, 1937 "Groucho" West Hartland Scientihc "Ambition har no ren." Ambitious blond - everybody's pal - West Hartland's gift to Gilbert. Activities: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4 :Bowling Club 33 Ten- nis Club 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4? Miracle Board 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 3, 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 3. Louis Anthony Nero August 10, 1937 "Lou-Skip-Nut-Luigi" Mary Ann Nycz DecembCL15, 1937 "Mar" 43 Bank Street Commercial "Naughty, but nice." Attractive, neat dresser, sophisti- cated, dep serious eyes, full of fun. , Activities: Tri-Y 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Art Club 4. 27 Front Street College "Patience ir a necermry ingredient of geniurf' Fair-haired fellow -- ambitious f friendly - popular in school activities. Activities: Band: Dramatic Club: Student Council: Key Club: Glee Club. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2: Harvard Book Award: New England Pin. 29 Kevin Michael O'Connot September 21, 1936 Norfolk General "Trurt the man in nothing who has not iz conrcience in everything." Quiet, but beware that mischiev- ous grin - one of the Norfolk kids. Activities: Dramatic Club 2, 3,4. Mary Catherine O'Connor , January 25, 1936 Norfolk Commercial "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Devilish?!!! cute - laugh a min- ute - never blue. Activities: Miracle Board 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 4. Awards: 40 and 50 Word Typ- ing Certificates: Miracle Board Pin. Hubert Edward Parmelee Philip Walter Ostapko October 17,1 1937 "Phil" Norfolk A Scientific "Fortune truly help: thore who are of good judgment." Hates to have a brain - where's Phi1??? - Springfield Exposition. Virginia Marcia Parks May 29, 1937 "Ginger" Colebrook Road College "Never too hury to he gay!" Smart dresser - active in school affairs of gab - friendly - attractive. Paul Joseph Onion April 22, 1936 "Bucko" Barkhamsted Mechanic Arts "Laugh and the world laughr with you." Some credit in being jolly - hails from Barkhamsted - us- ually seen with the boys. Activities: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 4: Miracle Board 2, 3, 4g Art Club 1, 4: Tennis Club 2, 3, 4: Honorary Member of Footlight Club 3, 4: Honorary Member of Wo- man's Club 4: Pep Club 1. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club Charm. Miracle Board Pin. 30 November 3, 1937 "Hube" East Hartland General "Knowledge comer hut wirdom lingers!" Personality plus - quiet - one of the brains. Activities: Fish and Game Club lg Science Club 3, 4. Awards: Scholarship "G' 1,' 2. Patricia Ann Parris January 30, 1937 "Pat" 25 Baker Street Commercial "Quiet - hut we wonder." Very nice and willing to help - not very talkative. .l Joan Elaine Perkins October 8, 1937 22 Curtice Street General "Quietne.r.f tempered with humor." Where's joan? Find Joe! Attrac- tive clothes - quiet. Activities: Girls' Sports Club 29 Girls' Chorus lg Glee Club lg Art Club 1, 23 French Club 25 Tennis Club 3, 4. 1 Daniel Pranka October 2, 1937 "DOH" Barkhamsted Mechanic Arts "Take life ar it comesp it's eatin." Short - diligent worker - en- ergetic - likes a good time - well-liked by all - easy to get along with. Activities: Baseball 2g Dramatic Club 3, 4. Awards: Scholarship "G" 3. Josephine May Radocchio May 25, 1937 "JO" 711 Main Street College Allan Poulsen ovember 26, 1937 "Smalley" t Hartland General "The reward of a thing well done, ir to have done it." Very tall - an asset to the bas- ketball team - intelligent. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Co-Captain 45 Football 1. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2g Basketball "G" 3. "lt'r nice to he natural, if you're naturally nice," Has an interest in sports -- well liked by many -- pleasing person- aliry. Activities: Art Club 1, 5, 4: Sec- retary lg French Club 2: Ten- nis Club 5, 4, Secretary 3, Pres- ident 45 Girls' Sports Club 3, Secretafy 33 Science Club 4g Bowling Club 3. 31 Richard Grant Roberts February 6, 1937 "Rob" Norfolk Scientific "It ir not good that a man .should he alone," Where's Richard? Look for Mar- gie! - one of the Norfolk gang - Chevie hot rod. Activities: Science Club. Awards: Scholarship Roy joseph Roberts August 4, 1936 68 Elm Street Mechanic Arts "Live for today, for tomorrow may never come." Happy-go-lucky - good sport - congenial - drives maroon Che- vie. Roberta Nancy Rowe April 30, 1937 "Shorty, the Rebel" Barkhamsted General "Full of vim and vigor." Newcomer to the Golden Halls of Gilbert -- pleasant, nice to be with -- nice looking - ready for a good time. Activities: Future Homemakers of America 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. Marilyn May Schaefer September 20, 1937 "Mar" Riverton Commercial "The charm .of a quiet perfonality IJ your.f." Reserved - well liked - dilli- diligent worker - easy going -- pleasant to know. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2: Girls' Softball 2, News Board Typist Ronald Eugene Royer October 3, 1937 "Ron" 2 Torringford Street Scientific "Goth, Ronny! I guest you're jurt naturally bright." Usually quiet?!l! - watch out for that glint in his eye! - likes to hunt. Activities:,Key Club 3, 4: Science Club 4: Tennis Club 3. Awards: Scholarship 4. Awards: 40 Word Typing Certi- Ecate. Odile Anna Schaller January 4, 1935 "SiS" Shore Drive Commercial "A smile brings happiness to everyone." Swell kid - always seems gay - congenial - good worker. Awards: 40 Word Typing Certi- ficate: 50 Word Typing Certificate. 32 Elaine Marie Schlapak October 14, 1937 Riverton College "Life if not Jo Jhort hut there it always time for courtesy." Quiet - pleasant to know - pleasing personality. Activities: Pep Club 2: Art Club 2: Bowling Club 3, Tri-Y 4. John Emil Schramm June 22, 1937 Norfolk Scientinc "Patience if power." One of the Norfolk gang - drives a hot Chevie - the quiet type. Activities: Science Club. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2. Garry john Skaret Jovember 15, 1937 "Professor" last Hartland Scientific A quiet tongue Jlaouur a wife head." 'arzan - studious - difficult to et acquainted with. tctivities: Baseball. i ff ' f f at a. A N , 234+ f Robert Edward Sparks Dctober 1, 1956 "Bob" 4 Cottage Street Mechanic Arts "There il alwayt mirth."- lull of fun - not a care in the world - drives neat Chevie. tctivities: Basketballg Baseball. twards: Basketball "G'. x Q ' i f 1 ff . r-if 'X' l t . , If ' -if ' Q 4, ,fini-sg Qu." 'X- my F 31.5 "'fl5,-'X f '1 ni 'Q f f 5 Nrrgfegf , gy? g g lt "rt if v 2 -- -v ff.. x r E Q S ..... lr' X fm N s .ai x, -"' Hx f r " VM ' f xy- .- . ,, -' 5558- iv 'S' . -'L , , -f ,llx.Ql1.ii..3Qv'gtS1 fi f ' l"fi2l5Q5ff1"f'f Robert William Sturm February 25, 1937 "Bob" Coe Street Scientific "I count onfj' the houfr that are brighlf' Hates to be a hot rod! - hangs around with Gene and Tick - likes cops?!!! - 1941 Fort that's Blue, it's hot. ,Ioan Elizabeth Sullivan September 17, 1957 54 Wheeler Street Commercial "lay riser in me like 4 Jummeriv dream." Never a dull moment when she's around - friendly - dresses nice - not afraid of work - usually with Marianne. as Richard son Gerald Sultaire July 16, 1936 "Jerry" 89 Stanton Avenue General "Newer a duff moment." D.A. -- always with the boys - doesn't care to exert himself - friendly. Activities: Football, 3, 4. Y 'f f 1' K fr W. 'f?Zff-xsff. 3.51 "f:"' :!Eff lisa Harold Franklin Thrall june 18, 1936 "Sunny"g "Buddy" 24 White Street General "He was ever precife in promixe- keeping." Does work given to him - seen with Daniel - ambition gets him ahead. Activities: F.F.A. lg Art 1,'4. Joan Beverly Thurston April 2, 1937 "Jo" 20 Rock Street General "Much learning doth make thee mad." Generous, understanding -- al- ways with Lorry. Suzanne Bretherton Turner December 12, 1936 "Sue" Norfolk College "Pretty to look at, delightful to know." Blond -- talkative -- friendly - works hard at all she undertakes. Activities: Girls Chorus 2, 3, Scribe 2, Manager' 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Scribe 45 All- State 3, Miracle Board 3, 4. Awards: Girls' Chorus Lyre, Glee Club Lyre 2, Bar 33 All-State Letterg Miracle Board Pin. 4. ,. , Sandra Allyn Whitney October 3, 1937 "Sandy" 36 Walnut Street Commercial "Serenity hetrayed by mirth." Good-natured - carefree friendly - has many friends - a good student -- nice dresser. Activities: News Board 3, 4, Alumni Editor 3, Fashion Edi- tor 4, Miracle Board 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 1, Art Club 43 Pep Club 1. Awards: Scholarship "G" 1, 2, 3, Glee Club Lyre 2, Bar 3g 120 Word Shorthand Certificate 45 50 Word Typing Certificate 4g Rosemary Anne Whitman June 26, 1937 "Rose" 5 Brookside Avenue General "The mildert manners, and the gentlert heart." Sociable - neat dresser - am- bitious. Activities: Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4, Secretary 25 Glee Club lg Girls' Chorus 1. 34 Lucia Mary Tycienski October 21, 1937 "Ll 191 Oak Street Gener "Full of aim and vigor." Friendly - liked by everyone - can be found cheering for tl team. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Cheering 2, 3, 4, Nurses Clt 4g Future Homemakers 1, Tri- 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Cheering Charm, 1 Word Typing Certificate. Conleith Michael Whyte January 29, 1937 "Conn 32 Grove Street Gene "Life ir what you make it.' Our boy Digger - good sp - seen driving his truck or Bui Activities: Fish and Game Cl 1, Science Club 1. Truda Amelia Wilbur June 28, 1937 "Trudy" R.F.D. gil College "If: her manner and Mnile. That maker her pretence Jo zvorlh while." Nice personality - likes fun always lends a helping hand - active in 4-H. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 53 Pep Club 2. Awards: Scholarship "G" lg Glee Club Lyre 2. Nancy Lee Wrigley March 15, 1937 "Wrig" Highland Lake General "Seen but not beard." Amiable - carefree - neat - full of fun - attractive. Activities: F.H.A. Veronica Caroline Zecchin May 12, 1937 Moore Avenue Commercial "In her tongue is the law of kindnesrf' Quiet - co-operative - cour- teous. Activities: Girls' Chorus 1. Gregory Lawlor Woodworth December 21, 1937 "Woodie" l99 Walnut Street General 'None but lyimrelf can be his parallel." Watch out! here comes Greg - vfischief personified - good guy! kctivitiesg Science Club 3, 4: Fish and Game Club 1. James Blaine Zbell August 19, 1936 "Zeke" Norfolk General l nz all right, the worlzir all wrong!" Real crazy kid Indian' legal 35 Paul Felgate january 8, 1957 "Squire" 97 Hinsdale Avenue College "Britannia ruler the waverf' Hooray for the British! - Hard Worker! - Neat Dresser! Activities: Camera Club. .. , - -M l THE CLASS '55 The class of '55 is now leaving the "Golden" halls of Gilbert. They are taking their last look at Gilbert remembering the good times they have had, as well as the work they did which has prepared them for the world they are now entering. Also, they are remembering their favorite part of the school where the gang would meet. Will others have that place now, or will it be just another empty space in the school. The graduating class is talking about which teachers are well-liked by them and which ones have helped them the most in their work even though they didn't seem to think so then. At times the class thought the teachers gave them too much homework, but actually it was for their own benefit. As the years go by, the class will appreciate the work they had to do more and more, and they will remember the teachers and thank them for the hard work that they had given them. In the class of '55's memories, there are the many exciting football, basketball, and baseball games that they have seen during their four years at Gilbert. The boys that played on the teams have much to remember as they have helped a great deal in giving the opposing teams good competition. The cheer- leaders, that have cheered at the games, have shown good school spirit as they spent many hours practic- ing the cheers. The pep rallies and dances will also be long remembered as part of the good times here at Gilbert. As the seniors look back at the good times they are leaving, they are thinking of their many under- classmen who are struggling for the same goal that the class of '55 has already reached. Will the under- classmen succeed? They will, with a lot of hard work and studying, reach the success they are looking for. The class of '55 hopes that they will reach this goal. The class of '55 is now saying good-bye to the faculty and underclassmen with all the above thoughts in mind, and they are hoping to make good in the business world. if 9 Wm? V ,,,, A , jg, t X 13s fNFK,f V W .MMM I 1 ,V x ,. PM ' f-,,, an. x . . 1 ,A NW 3, 35 TOP MOST -N-...N MOST POPULAR CLASS MAN HATER MOST COOPERATIVE Karen Hitchcock--Bill julian Suzanne Turner, joan Sullivan and Miller Dayton-Jane Moseley Linda Hine Ctiedj CLASS WOMAN HATER MOST RELIABLE Allan Poulsen Miller Dayton-Jane Moseley CLASS COUPLE Joan Perkins and Joe Navin A MOST TALENTED DONE MOST FOR THE CLASS MOST FRIENDLY Roddy Amenta-Suzanne Turner Rose Genziano-Louis Nero Karen Hitchcock-Miller Dayton BEST PERSONALITY Karen Hitchcock-Miller Dayton SE IORS CLASS 'HEARTBREAKER CLASS JOKER CLASS GOSSIP Howard Beardsley and Glenn McLellan Jim Zbell-Betty Curtiss Margot Guest-Bobby Carrozzo Ctiej Lucia Tycienski V r i r N N 1 W BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC Nancy Busher-Bobby Carrozzo Karen Hitchcock-Glenn McLellan -f 1 L .af x ALI.-AROUND SENIOR BEST DANCER MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Karen Hitchcock-Louis Nero Madeline Kilbourn-Fred Lataif Sandra VVhitney--Louis Nero MOST ADMIRED Karen Hitchcock-Louis Nero E 1 gm 'Vi B8 '-I1 :w HJC 55 2 I-4 em. Q' co N3 N 2553 -523 IJ 8 '75 'Gigli SEQ? SHMS, Enuvfg Sgxo vibqggz KNECMQ ,EFEEL ,g ,co QQSQT '::l'g.:3 54893 4-I VZ.-ge Lfffl 56029. "-4 I-4 216552 QEEEI-1 ECE nga' B "" cd m5169520 .,.r-3-Sbggq 1'?5r:,iiw2 f. e'-..r- so 56253 ua '-'M -Uma-1 ,N .vim - ETQQ:-sg dw Q ULJUJL' 4e"'5D"'g.2 eS,g5a Eidr-Q35 cd 352523 'UCI'3g,,s5..Q an QE q,V3u-au" :A awww ,,, tis-wc . dd -4C 323328 .ogigog 'imaging 20's---'Gum -26132: 55253 E925 "' .. --fx , 035235 ., x-451'-x'U "'mOm-5 N Eargmffvtb Mrggas Q-3-oi: :xo +- la -CI'-'qu -LIEZI-'LDD-. THE MIRACLE BOARD EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief-Marianne Curcio Business Manager-Hoyt Nelson Literary Editor-Sylvia DePaoli Photography Editor--Thomas Bonadies Art Editor-Robert Carrozzo Typing Editor--Sandra Whitney Identification Editor-Frances DePaoli Assistant Business Manager-David Light The purpose of the Miracle Board is to encourage and stimulate school spirit. Its members have devoted many hours of thought and time to the preparation of a year book for the class of 1954 - 1955, which will ever recall memories of its four years at The Gilbert School. The faculty advisor to the Miracle Board is Mr. William Graves EDITOR-IN-CHIEF What Next? Now that we have reached the turning point in our lives, what next? Congratulations surely are in order for we have come through some twelve years of hard work and many experiences. 5 There were times when we were ready to give up, but we kept on struggling to keep our heads all the struggles. At this point our education is every- thing. We had our proms, football games, basketball and baseball. Now, we have our yearbook. This is part of our past. Also our "Miracle" will be with us to face the future . Now that we have reached the turning point in our lives, the mystery is slowly being resolved: "What ,H above water. But now that we are about to enter this Next. wonderful world of ours on our own, it was worth Marianne Curcio THE FRESHMEN The freshmen came to Gilbert last September not knowing what the school was like. After a year's experience, they know what is expected of them. Now, that the freshmen year is at an end, each one is looking back and thinking of his new experiences at Gilbert. Each is also looking ahead at the good times to be enjoyed until the goal is reached, graduat- ing from the "Golden Halls" of Gilbert. SOPHOMORES Our second year at Gilbert promises us much. We have outgrown our childish atitude toward school and homework. We used to fret whenever given an assignment, but now we realize that much of our learning depends on that homework. We have a wonderfully planned course of studies prepared for us to give the background needer for a particular career. It's up to each of us individually to cooperate and to be willing to learn everything possible in our chosen profession. Our experiences at school help tremendously after we are working. Remember, your future depends on your education. JUNIORS Once more we find ourselves in the "Golden Halls". It is up to us here and now to really buckle down and put ourselves to some hard work. This year we are older and wiser. Our education should mean a lot to all of us. We are at the stage now where some of us will be looking for jobs. Our ability to hold those jobs will depend on our education. Education may mean the difference between holding a good job - the job you always dreamed of having -- or merely working at some other job because you lack the necessary education required. So don't be hasty. Let your education pay off for your future. U NT 0 Y y J 'K E . min 5513331 ff-. k www 'W' fm 'xx W w Q 3233 +222 L 215112. ,,k. me-4 . xgf MSE: F3559 Q gig M 'W S S if 1 Q 3 4331 imwf U3 PJ D: P14 Uv D: 2 Z3 IQ H, Qian cuff ,g 23055 GJ U 5Fi md.-. E55 Eoig-J, Hzlffs-4 0 P-nog QPNE3 55GUE owm O Ucga ag EE 'UNL' -E 392-Ejm ,Qian E M55 QCICI va MGS qg El g? U Ngggyg w3.g2.f: i5:aF 23535 y7c Src' wid QDUOC A'-4 Hiding GS Ezoiigx rs EELU .Hg U G :U-gf D-XO.: :f':'a,:2E EBUQES Swv? 2 53EwQf CEN-gl-2:3 cn53O.-B H23 H2 tt! E35 a-45 vi P-lfug-D3'g: .QUSSE ,C1,.Uw :dbx-4 27:1-4:n?'5o""5 HOU U32 'Gonna land' 0334153 g::,D4c:'M3 Ewa'- avi? .-.5 ...ww ffffzi ,E.-,QQSCQQ Qxu: .42 :smug M.2u"EEgA S333 G 'cwjvgi gfaamrcssm SLEEN afx.. u8E iB53m5 EQMCQ RZ 53 N823 Ngaigg vig A V, Exo-9,55 2dQE2E OU .5-tc U - QFg.gQ,5f3J SQEEHE Q Q use Mimwmg E563 'y1s:.00-,253 gf' I-.LD-4 . ZUSS' maui Z JUNIOR GIRLS Fifff ROW A1706 SCN'-Cfef, Rufh MHSYCFS, DCIUS5 5h0PeY, Bfifbaffl vieri, Marian Brown, Madeline Wright, Florence Ranson. Third Row: Bailly, Connie Miller, joan Miller, Mary Starks, Cynthia Rathbone. . - l- B ll P - G El' b h Second Row: Charlotte Whyte, Angela Fazioli, Jane Raymond, Jeannine Gall Pelkey' Gall Morgan, Ju let D wwe , amce uest, lza et Goulet, Lucy Negri, Joanne Hannafin, Margie Lovetri, Beverly Herd- MOOt1ey, Ruth Joyner, Helena Hamilton, Sally Crossman, Barbara Bush- ling, Alice Simoneau, Barbara Gillette, Priscella Mangan, Frances La- nell, Loretta Dyson, Ellen Curtiss, Nancy Silvernale, Susan Baker. i,M . . MNH 51 JL? xr 4 QMQW , gr ,wyr Q, gh! Us H ww s wager ff iz... . M, gp: LENS, f. ':. Z ,N . . 5 rg ,, ., 2 Q, ' . ., ., Q , A. :F iw Q ,I .73 .3 , ,, T 1 .4. I i ,A f WM. , 'f l. . T 4 m mf i ' V.,,. e w ., .A www? mwwl 4 - f f ' .MMM . Qwgw ff iw, fa Laurence Hcnrickson, Williarn Barrett, Maurice Langlois David Light, erljamin Mulville, B john L riscol mD lia 211W ,... .-4 Hold Zlfl IH 01' Fin! Row: N 52 E2 QE I-1 vf- E8 M5 o 7'5 fb.: CU C1..Q E2 Z as E in Q-5555 Q13 E-Dm 'QC QM! IN AE 2 EE cuiu Q52 C EE ,eg L4QqJ 552' -FE z: - 522 f-CM 55 A .-4,332 .-1 GBA!-1"-4 OQUJU gig? ergxgcn' Mai? ooooo MSQH fri? 3522 P-WCTMM cz - gig? PCD 4352 U' vu 1-4 E2 ,EP Efuc-O up-'CGOJ EAEU cvSCIx-4 A ASL! ::vU..,E m""1-4'-4 QUESUN .Q 2152 5 u Eg-b mage EEMM C"U-Q'-4' --cgi! NU VTIAVJE Eisw Qswgo LOGO HQZM 'Q Qi V 35 fi 3, i 5 f EN, Q1 F , , ? i ,I 2 5 4: 2 K ' 3+ ii S Wu K 3 s ii ' . .Q R Q, y ,461 41- 3 I A LU -Ee' NL4 32 GJ PAS Ill"-4 QJEE S-'in -55 5:26 Qi: 1352 QEAQ GPN- O 1: Q-Cv 693 wifi Sim 'U va l'3!n,,L'5 225 va"4j1'. ww-H ESOP A535 gp-'39 L: Q22 r: E-EL N?O xx P-N, Sand Como 9155 c -U cv c: FEE42 PES 5:5 HBS, ua. E135 5:11 p-ugqc. EW -wif C5 p- 15545 .215-AL!-1 Cd OES c:c:,,Q A526 -wad vfsfff 4400-S mow und: 91' Mu eng!-L 0.24-'vm ::n'5'v I-A 9 E 521 vfgosh Emi awe C, 'Gia VJ mggo EW: ESM I""'gf ,Eg SQ: Gm..-: 06.55, 22x gm U-'LD Putt ein jones, Judith Senese, Dolores ngan, . -4 E .E .E C-O 3:1 5 Eh xl rn CI .CI O P-u '6 L4 N U Cu F u I3 v-I J A.. 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Washingto avid h Rizzi, D CHUCK ow: K R F int di, ld ld ,Macs NCC 222 54x www 81029 r-5510.1 0,55 CU c: cn-go one C mE 'Bda 52? :Hug 222 sim Q va E22 E'BA Big 502. oonflim :4EW'E FU N NE c: .twgaz i.3As -gg?::'tf cu SEE D235 U EN on-, Endunn-. d.'g""Clof: 55335 2EQf,,2as 'EU'-Q r-3 ocfggmnc z-T EEE V1 Owfffcl.. gi 'Co Q6gJn,c::Q O 'Gow Us-T3-',,T3 E'ZSfE.ES JSEMQ M" GE cn-ood - ...Um 9256: ob .-."" ,owl.'JwB o cz MQ-o- hmmm 4:23 25 9f..'cf3g3o -fPw..!I4.'-u HQUQJ 6 c:::c: A u 3263 3.9. "U,,g:,"'s'ur-I gwggd CQ.-P 3: C:'?1d:':n'E OEEQH we-av. ""-'COQJQ OD-43019 n:'Z'mM'E GNQZQG S0254 Sbigggdh E201-1,-1 THE CLASS OF '55 The class of '55 is now leaving the "Golden Halls" of Gilbert. They are taking their last look at Gilbert, remembering the good times they have had, as well as the work they did which prepared them for the world they are now entering. Also, they are remem- bering their favorite part of the school where the gang met. Will others have that place now, or will it be just another empty space in the school? The graduating class is talking about which teachers are well-liked by them and which ones have helped them the most in their work, even though they didn't seem to think so then. At times the class thought the teachers gave them too much homework, but actually it was for their own benefit. As the years pass, the class will appreciate, more and more, the work they had to do, and they will remember the teachers and thank them for the driving force they established. OUR The answers all boil down to a few basic wants and needs in life. The words "success" and "happiness" are predominant factors in everyone's life. just about everyone in our world today wants successg yet what is success without happiness? One can have every- thing that he wants and still be unhappy because something is lacking in his life. Perhaps, he had In the class of '55's memories, there are the many exciting football, basketball, and baseball games that they have seen during their four years at Gilbert. The boys who played on the teams have much to remember, because they helped in giving the oppos- ing teams good competition. The cheerleaders showed school spirit, for they spent many hours practicing and delivering cheers. The pep rallies and dances will also be long remembered as part of the good times at Gilbert. As the seniors look back at the good times they are leaving, they are thinking of their many under- classmen who are struggling for the same goal that the class of '55 has already reached. Will the under- classmen succeed? With hard work and studying, they will gain the success they are looking for. The class of '55 hopes that everyone will gain the goal. GOAL wanted success so badly that he forgot to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Knowing this, we seniors, who are graduating from high school this year, want success in our chosen fields - and above all, we want happiness in our future. i S X ' A X ...,,- x, f i 1" XN, XX 1 f' X'N XX x X NN X "5 1" XX N N X X f X X f I x I I Y , XX ,..MErxeun.y 1 xxx.. -.-z , ,' f 4 x I Ymus xg fr k 'Vieux f 5 if 5 70' f Lung-if I I I ERR'u'N,f fl- X ,- ,- 1 2' S X K -f -,f- If 'LY 1-.,,.,1 Z ,O ? il! Q- N, , Nuns sis--.-'-"f lf' J' I Y-i-41 4' if " , fl ' 5 lf? 1 yi?" ff E X r, X ?i - - .. ,, - .. 4- .1 Y S bt f... '1 ...S -7 'V' fn ! I 1 1 1 X i ! X f A f V ' 1 5 f , X pf f , , f ,K X ZZ? I '5llCY.uwq-f If A. ,, , " X f Z QRRNU5 .., ' 4 I 1 f X f ' 1 , ff ff Z? 1 ,- ,,..n ,,,,,.,-"' ,X , -PIQTO ,' I First Row: Margot Guest, Sandra Whitney, John Dyson, Marcella Casey, Sylvia DePaoli, Second Row: Noreen DiMartino, David Light, jane Moseley, Miller Dayton, Judith Gregoire, Marilyn Schaefer. Third Row: William Barrett, Madeline Wright, Loretta Dyson, Ellen Curtiss, Gail Morgan, Susan Baker, Anne Schaefer, Thomas Amenta, Miss Sheldrick. NEWSBOARD CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Circulation Manager - William Barrett JUNIOR BOARD Parade of Youth -- Anne Schaefer gusjgjss Liana-gif E ?aVidSgfIhtt.n Loretta Dyson, Ellen Curtiss, William Barrett, OO Giigiiie O een 1 am O, Ju 1 Madeline Wright, Gail Morgan, Susan Baker, Typists - Sylvia DePaoli, Marilyn Schaefer Thomas Amenta. SENIOR BOARD Miller Dayton - Editor-in-chief jane Moseley - Assignment Editor john Dyson - Sports Editor Alex McDonald - Novelty Editor Margot Guest -- Alumni Editor Marcella Casey - Exchange Editor Sandra Whitney -- Fashion Editor Alex McDonald -- Proof The purpose of the "Gilbert School Newsl' is to inform the students and faculty of the various activi- ties during the school year. The News is published every other week, and the members of the board strive to make each issue better than the last. Reader The News was originated in 1955, and until 1947-1948, was published in the Citizen. Through tireless efforts, it was made into a school publication. The staff is composed of eight seniors, and eight juniors. This year, the members journeyed to Milford to attend the Connecticut Scholastic Press Association, at which they learned much about journalism. 'M 'Nt vm Fzrrt Row: Susan Hall, Bonita Parsons, Teresa Matula, Stephanie Simon, Patricia Youmatz, june Cadrain, Noreen DiMartino, Ann Manchester, Hoyt Nelson, jane Moseley, Miller Dayton, Margaret Burke, Marianne Curcio, Lucy Negri, Paula Negri, Jean Williamson, Dale Dombrowski, Kenneth Rizzi. Second Row: Mrs. Deming, Thomas Byrnes, Stacy Hatfield, James Williamson, Donald Pranka, Peter Madden, James Beeny, Joan Phelps, Susan Baker, Priscilla Caso, Carol Dombrowski, Burton Tiffany, Alan Gaber, Thomas Amenta, Raymond Royer, Gay Sisson. Third Row: Marcella Casey, jeane Garrepy, Loretta Dyson, Jeannine Goulet, Joyce Cadrain, Patrice Guest, Elizabeth Mooney, Virginia Parks, Louis Nero, William Barrett, Jack Noyes, Larry Hendrickson, Anthony Angarano, james Madden, Faith Waldron, Carolyn Dobbs, Marlene Caton, Cynthia Rathbone, Madeline Wright, Karen Hitchcock, Ellenjayne McCurdy, Margot Guest. President - Hoyt Nelson Vice President - Jane Moseley Secretary - Ann Manchester Treasurer - Miller Dayton DRAMATIC CLUB The purpose of the Gilbert Dramatic Club is to create and promote an interest in dramatics not only in the club but throughout the entire school. To the people who are interested in dramatics, the club oflfers many opportunities to actively participate. For in- stance, the Gilbert School Dramatic Club presents an annual spring play and Christmas Pagaent. The mem- bers of the club are given every opportunity to take part in these performances, both in acting and in the technical aspects such as sound effects, lighting, stage- setting, and makeup. Several interesting skits and speakers are presented during the year, and a banquet is held at the end of the school year for the initiation of new members. Each year, certain members of the club are given an honorary membership to the Winsted Footlight Club. Mrs. Deming is the advisor for the club. 'fa ss f . First Rout Beverly Peterson, Patricia Sorel, Jean Williamson, Maureen Chapin, June Cadrain, Laura Gallant, Joanne Hannafin, Angela Fazioli, Jean Hannalin, Barbara Gillette, Jane Davis, Mary Sherman, Dorothea Sultaire, Marion Kucineski, Lind Hine. Second Row: Pauline Turgeon, Ellen Rosati, Carolee DiMartino, Marian Brown, Frances Lavieri, Patricia Linkovich, Beverly Jenkins, Gail Pelkey, Gaile Morton, Beverly Herdling, Margie Lovetri, Elizabeth Seslco, Sandra Whitney, Margot Guest, Karen Hitchcock, Ellenjayne McCurdy, Patrice Guest. Third Row: Theresa Ippolito, Charlotte Whyte, Lucille Caton, Karen Duyser, Ann Chamberlin, Judith Athorn, Linda Fratini, Patricia Kelsey, Helena McDermott, Lucille O'Neill, Sandra Garrison, Elsa Clark, Nancy Rzepie- iewski, Priscilla Caso, Nancy Piclcard, Elizabeth Mooney, Miss Sonier. Fourth Row: Eileen O'Connor, Betsy Smith, Cynthia Rathbone, Madeline Wright, Clare Bunnell, Truda Wilber, Susan Baker, Jeannette Beecher, Jean Chapman, Jane Moseley, Marcella Casey, Loretta Dyson, Jeannine Goulet, Barbara Bushnell, Helene Hamilton, Jane Raymond, Gaetana Tarascio, Shirley Jeffers. President - Louis Nero Ass't Manager - John Negri Vice President - Jane Moseley Librarian - Maureen Chapin Secretary - Alex McDonald , , , Treasurer - Madeline Wright Ass t Librarian - Loretta Dyson Manager - Thomas Amenta Scribe - Suzanne Turner Senior Glee Club consists of senior, junior, and The highlights of the Senior Glee Club year were Sophomore girls and boys from all four Classes' The participation in the Choral Festival, Spring concert club under the able direction of Miss Elizabeth Sonier, meets in the school auditorium at 7: 15 on Wedned- day evenings. tives were sent to All-State and New England Festival ..r,, .,.- 1 , ,-',-,,' sz .'.- i '-',,f raaaawwwwwv and several trips made to other schools. Representa First Row: Jean Williamson, Beverly Peterson, Teresa Ippolito, Judith Athorn, Nancy Fines, Patricia Sorel, Elinor Kelley, Carolee DiMartino, Ellen Rosati, Carol Flotat, Yvonne Dulude, Marie Cardano, Virginia Mangan, Mary Mongitore, Camille Radocchio, Mary Sherman, Joan Bassett, Betty Jane Maccalous, Natalie Nanni, Barbara Bensle. Second Row: Elizabeth Jones, Eleanor Bailly, Juneth LaGier, Ann Sturm, Joan Whyte, Mary Ann Lachat, Regina Carlson, Sally Morehouse, Jeannette Dulude, Jane Davis, Loretta Dyson, Patricia Kelsey, Faith Waldron, Carolyn Dobbs, Frances Lavieri, Virginia Sesko, Judith Vaill, Jane Frink, Margaret Mackoul, Clara Dings, Jane Cardillo, Barbara Young. Third Row: Leona Barreotis, Sylvia Heath, Clair Marquis, Judith Rakyta, Gloria Washburn, Vivian Royer, Carol Shaw, Carolyn Loomis, Noella Holcomb, Joanne Finn, Ellen Rosansky, Karen Van Seters, Jeane Garrepy, Cecelia Murphy, Helen McDermott, Nancy Pickard, Vera Goodenough, Shirley Bassett, Carol Vincent, Joan Bauer, Martha Manghue, Ann Chamberlin, Karen Duyser, Jean Hannafin, Miss Sonier. Fourth Row: Florine Beebe, Lynne Chamberlin, Pauline Turgeon, Dale Dombrowski, Patricia Thiery, Lucille O'Neill, Nancy Rzepiejewski, Sandra Garrison, Cornelia Brunelle, Elsa Clark, Carol Helbourg, Jeannine Goulet, Betsy Smith, Nancy Dobbs, Eileen O'Connor, Ruth Davis, Truda Wilber, Marlene Caron, Sheila Finnegan, Lucille Caron, Elizabeth Washburn, Priscilla Caso, Joan DeMar, Zeruah Helbourg, Vera Placo, Laura Gallant, Charlotte Whyte, Linda Fratini, Sue Hall. President " Loretta DYSOH Assistant Manager - Jeannette Dulude Vice President - Pat Kelse Secretary - Faith Waldron Y Librarian - Frances Lavieri Treasurer .... Carolyn Dobbs Assistant Librarian - Virginia Sesko Manager - Jane Davis Scribe - Sally Morehouse Girls Chcarus is eligible for any girl in Gilbert. Miss Elizabeth Sonier, and meets Monday afternoon Freshmen an sophomores compose the majority of - - . - this club as two years of Girls Chorus is required for af the dosing of Schofyl In die auditorium Pamclpa admittance to Senior Glee Club' tion in most events with Senior Glee Club is enjoyed The Chorus is under the competent direction of by the members of this Chorus. 61 KEY The Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis. Its members consist of boys of high scholastic and moral standing. The objects of the club are to provide experience in working with others, prepare boys to be good leaders, to serve the school and community and to be a better person and useful citizen. First Row: John Mulville, Hoyt Nelson, Dane Manchester, Robert Lekang, Eugene McMahon. Second Row: Ronald Royer, David Light, Louis Nero, John Dyson, Joseph Navin, Roddy Amenta, Miller Dayton, Gary Sullivan, Third Row: William Barrett, Robert Jones, Raymond Arthur, Thomas Amenta, Allan Gaber, Burton Tif- fany, Eugene Forster. President-John Dyson Vice-President-Louis Nero Secretary-Joseph Navin Treasurer-Roddy Amenta CLUB Meetings are held twice a month, one of them being a dinner meeting to which the boys look for- ward. Guest speakers and entertainment provide a good time for all. Last year the Key Club made wreaths for Christ- mas, collected boxes for the Heart Fund, and spon- sored a dance for the benefit of the Joe Gillette Fund. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses Club is in its first year. The advisors for the club are Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Downie, and Mrs. Nelson. Field trips, out of town speakers, speakers from different lields of nursing, fashions shows of caps and uniforms, films on nursing, and making gifts for the sick are being planned for the year. Anyone interested in nursing as a career is wel- come to this club. President-Marie Indomenico Vice-President-Jane Davis Secretary-Beverly Peterson Treasurer-Noella Holcomb Fin: Row: Dorothea Sultaire, Carolee DiMartino, Katherine Green, Justine Marek, Ellen Rosati, Denise Shopey, Beverly it Ill Peterson, Jane Davis, Marie In- domenico, Noella Holcomb, Eliza- beth Doty, Rosemary Whitman, Lois Kellogg, Loretta Rae, Pamela Gregoire, Patricia Sorel, Judith Roberts, Mrs. Nelson. Second Row: Florence Ranson, Mrs. Downie, Jean DiCaprio, Marion Brown, Juliet Burwell, Joan Mil- ler, Priscilla Mangan, Josephine Bazzano, Mary Sherman, Carolyn Masters, Sandra Garrison, Loretta Flotat, Josephine Hart, Patricia Mangan, Elsa Mae Clark, Sylvia Heath, Patricia Menard, Connie Miller, Charlotte Whyte, Mrs. Williams. Third Row: Teresa Ip- polita, Patricia Kelsey, Dorothy Kittle, Clare Bunnell, Jean Chap- man, Connie Fichera, Jeannette Beecher, Deanie Cole, Cornelia Van Altena, Edith Harding, Shir- ley Jeffers, Dawn McLellan, An- drea DeMars, Elaine Schlapek, Elizabeth Sesko, Helena McDer- mott, Joan Bauer. j'Af.j'?'. First Row: Carlton Roberts, Ro- bert Gillette, john Ransom, Wayne Plante. Second Row: Wil- liam Warriner, David Ellis, Mau- rice Gabelmann, Donald Knox, Vernon Jewiss, Donald Hotchkiss, Lester McDonald. Third Row: Mr. Coleman, Robert Lee, Homer Coan, Peter Prelli, Richard Lovett, Paul Stotler, Albert Goldstone. President-George Lewis Vice-President-Donald Knox Secretary-Maurice Gablemann Treasurer-Vernon jewiss F.F The Future Farmers of America was organized in 1925. Membership is limited to boys who are en- rolled in the Agricultural Course. This year the group went to the Eastern States Exposition to see the choice animals and new ma- .A. chinery. Twice each year the boys go to the University of Connecticut to enter into judging contests. Mr. Colemen has been the advisor since the or- ganization was started. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The main goal of the F.H.A. is learning and teaching others to contribute toward better living at home and in the community. This group is a non- profit national organization sponsored by the Home Economics Branch of the Office of Education and co- sponsored by the American Home Economics Asso- ciation. Membership is to anyone who has had home- making or is taking it now. Miss Murphy and Mrs. Speers are the advisors of the club. President-Charlotte Kittredge Vice-President-Marion Gillette Secretary-Nancy Rowe Treasurer--Ferne Conklin Reporter-Nancy LeGeyt Parlimentarian-Vivian Royer Recreation Leader-Linda Hine Historian-Rosemary Dunn Fin! Row: Pauline Targeon, Le- ona Weaving, Clair Marquis, Virginia Mangan, Lillian Fuller, Janet Hazzard, Donalda Morrison, Janice Heath. Second Row: Nancy LeGeyt, Vivian Royer, Ferne Conklin, Marion Gillette, Char- lotte Kittredge, Nancy Rowe, Rosemary Dunn, Linda Hine. Third Row: Miss Murphy, Bar- bara Bailly, Orene Slater, Carole Shaw, Judith Senese, Eunice Kit- tredge, Patricia Patterson, Julia Lewis, Mary Starks, Cecilia Mur- phy, Elaine Kascenska, Mrs. Speers. Lt. M., . N .Q . 4 , V D X. First Row: Elaine, Kascenska, Thomas Bonadies, Antoinette Lazzarro, Elizabeth Green, Raymond Arthur, Benny Nero, David Light, Ernest Holmes, Roberta Allison, Robert Osborne, Norma Godenzi. Second Row: Mary Wheeler, Mr. johnson, Hunter Davis, John Burke, Charles Day, joseph Carpentier, Fred Lataif, Franklyn Provan, john Lappin, James Conden, Philip Parsons, Zeruah Helbourg. Third Row: Betsy Smith, Jacqueline Carter, Eileen O'Connor, Dane Manchester, Paul Kelly, Ellen Curtiss, Marlene john, Nancy Silvernale, Maryann McMahon. President -- Benny Nero Vice-President - Raymond Arthur Secretary - Elizabeth Greene Treasurer - David Light CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club shows the newcomers of the club, how to develop and print films, and how to operate the different kind of cameras in school. It tries to teach many of the new methods and of what help they are for photography. The club gets infor- CHESS New this year, the Chess Club boasts six faithful members who show up regularly in Room 8 Wednes- day to "polish off" several exciting games. It is hoped that other interested players will join the club. mation about the different contests, through the Photography Society of America which they joined this year. The club is sure that this society will help them very much in their work. Mr. Johnson is their advisor. CLUB W. Colbourne is chairman of the group. Other members are B. Thomas, W. Bowles, C. Brunelle, W. Lavieri, and A. Italia. Mr. Graves is the advisor. ri f aff. .. 'ff t, .,... P , v , . The Science Club is under the supervision of Mr. Flaherty. Often speakers are obtained for the club and SCIENCE CLUB weekly experiments are performed by the members. whole. Members of the upper classes may join this club. The Tennis Club is one of the newest clubs in Gilbert. Anyone interested in tennis is eligible. The TENNIS CLUB 4 Club meets at the Winsted Y.M.C.A. at 8:00. The ll IW bfi First Row: Mary Mongitore, Mar- got Guest, Margaret Burke, Josephine Radocchio, Jack Noyes, Betty Jane Maccalous, Camille Radocchio. Second Row: Hoyt Nelson, Judith Vaill, Patrice Guest, Priscilla Caso, Elaine Shla- pak, Joan Perkins, Karen Hitch- cock, Jane Frink, Natalie Nanni, Ann Sturm, Anthony Angarano. Third Row: Elizabeth Sesko, Su- san Baker, Elizabeth Mooney, Virginia Parks, Judy Judson, Cornelia VanAltena, Barbara Johnson, Ann Manchester, Mar- lene John, Ellenjayne McCurdy, Virginia Sesko, President - Josephine Radocchio Vice President -- Peggy Burke Secretary - Margot Guest Treasurer - Jack Noyes Firxt Row: James Venezia, Hu- bert Parmellee, Richard Roberts, Angela. Fazioli, Jane Raymond, Judy Judson, Carol Helbourg, James Zbell, John Schramm, Lee Capocefalo, John Dyson, Thomas Beaudoin. Second Row: Thomas Maccalous, Roger Dobratz, Ron- ald Royer, Anselmo Locascio, Leo Fracasso, Conleith Whyte, Craig Haythorne, Roger Fletcher, Theo- dore Church, Roger Langois, Ro- bert Sturm, Gary Jamison, James Foster, Robert Eisenlohr, John Arcelaschi, Mr. Flaherty, Gregory Woodworth. Third Row: Albert Allison, Robert Garrepy, Michael Kilby, Alex McDonald, William Ritchie, John Casey, Roger Mon- ty, Glen Madison, Philip Ostepko. President -- John Dyson Vice-President -- William Ritchie Secretary - Hubert Parmelee Club Reporter - Tommy Beaudoin It has proved beneficial to members. The main aim of the club is to promote an interest in science as a advisor is Mr. Perkins. Tennis is taught to anyone and the club is enjoyed by all. W ...Y ...Y ,-, .l..., -- ... ,AR - . u CHEERLEADERS june Mitchell, Maureen Chapin, Nancy Busher, Madeline Kilbourn, Lucia Tycienski, Alice Simoneau, Karen Hitchcock, Pinky Crossman. H me Q 'Wk V X W C, c. . N. N, E ' .n . Lucia Karen Madeli n Captain-Lucia Tycienski Co-Captain-Nancy Busher Business Manager-Karen Hitchcock The cheerleaders are instrumental in giving moral support to our teams, and promoting better school spirit among the students. In their untiring efforts, the cheerleaders have been aided by the Pep Club, composed of students who practice with the cheerleaders and attend all the games. There are seven cheerleaders with Lucia Tycienski acting as captain. At "away" games the Athletic Association provides milk, and the cheerleaders provide sandwiches for the players. New members for the squad are chosen at the end of the school year at tryouts. When trying-out, these things are looked for: ability to learn, attitude and appearance. 66 S 11, J Ol UBC First Row: Thomas Amenta, Elizabeth Mooney, Miller Day- ton, Ellen Curtiss, Donald Sorel. Mr. Moseley, Frances DePaoli, john Dyson, Louis Nero, Rose Genziano, Dale Dombrowski, Mr. Fecto. President - Miller Dayton Vice President - Elizabeth Mooney Secretary -- Ellen Curtiss 'Treasurer - Thomas Amenta STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is made up of eleven mem- bers of high academic standing. They are the repre- sentatives of the student body. Last year the council decided to change the scholarship Their outcoming was well liked by the students. This year the council is working on two major projects. One is to provide uniforms for the band, A. A. OFFICERS and the other is to improve student's dress and ap- pearance. Also, the sale of book covers will be held again this year in order to protect our books from getting too worn, and dirty. Mr. Fecto and Miss Northup are the able ad- visors for this hard working organization of fine students. 3--f 4 3 it lr - 1 l . F 5' First Row: john Casey john Dyson. Second Row: Karen Hitch cock, Mr. Fecto, Lucia Tycienskt ' an A 1 President - Mildred Carrozzo Vice-President - Barbara Gillette 68 Firit Row: Lucia Tycienski, June Mitchell, Sally Crossman, Karen Hitchcock. Second Row: Joanne Finn, Carole Flotat, Marcelene Brazeau, Clara Dings, Delores Centrella, Nancy Fines, Jeanette Dulude, Jane Davis, Jane Cardillo, Elizabeth Gillette, Eleanor Bailly, Yvonne Dulude, Marie Cordano, Martha Cherney, Mrs. Schaefer. Third Row: Carolee DiMartino, Judith Athorn, Josephine Hart, Florence Beebe, Jane Frink, Shiela Finnegan, Karen Duyser, Ann Chamberlin, Vera Good- enough, Julia English, Joanne Hannafin, Noreen DiMartino, Josephine Garbukas, Katherine Connole, Elinor Kelley. Fourth Row: Jean Hannafin, Barbara Gillette, Patrice Guest, Margot Guest, Beverly Herdling, Barbara Bushnell, Mildred Carrozzo, Rose Genziano, Patricia Canty, Helene Hamilton, Lynne Chamberlin, Linda Fratini, Clare Bunnell. Secretary - Rose Genziano Treasurer - Patricia Linkovich PEP CLUB The Pep Club helps to promote school spirit among the students. It is one of the most important and efficient organizations in the school. During the meetings, the cheerleaders teach the members cheers and songs to be used during the games. Moving pic- Fzrrt Row: Alice Simoneau, Nancy Busher, Maureen Chapin, Made- line Kilbourn. Second Row: Nancy Jenkins, Judith Miner, Sandra Johnson, Louise Raabe, Judith Thibodeau, Elizabeth Jones, Barbara Lamoreaux, Sally More- house, Rosemarie Locascio, Martha Manghue, Judith Wetmore, Doro- thy Thurston, Ann LeFranchise, Dorothea Sultaire, Janet Thibo- deau. Third Row: Margo Jarvis, Barbara Young, Ann Nero, Judith Vaill, Karen Van Seters, Madeline Wright, Ruth Masters, Charlotte Whyte, Carolyn Loomis, Margery Lovetri, Ann Sturm, Betty Leme- lin, Dawn Maloney, Patricia Thiery, Virginia Sesko. Fourih Row: Vera Placo, Dawn McLellan Carol Vincent, Anne Schaefer, Gaile Morton, Elizabeth Mooney, Elaine Tullar, Beverly Jenkins, Patricia Linkovich, Juliet Burwell, Carol Kearney, Faith Negri, Norma Lovely, Cynthia Rathbone. tures based upon different sports are enjoyed by the club. The Pep Club recently purchased a large blue and gold flag upon which is printed, "Gilbert School." Meetings are held during the club period. Mrs. Helen N. Schaefer is the very able advisor to the club. 3 6 ala LYPVYVKW -"'f"'V'VV"'3"'i B "mf First Row: Susan Baker, Burton Tiffany, Gary Foskett, jane Davis, Mary Sherman, jean Williamson, William Barrett, David Light, Kerry Paxia, Teresa Matula, Louis Nero, Carolyn Dobbs, Andrea DeMars. Second Row: Thomas Nelson, Richard Jones, George Koenemund, Thomas Amenta, Thomas Light, Kerry Hutton, john Negri, Roddy Amenta, Kenneth Rizzi, Eileen O'Connor, john Benedict, Mr. Gibb, Benny Nero. President -- Thomas Amenta Treasurer - William Barrett Vice-President - Louis Nero Librarian - Mary Sherman ' Secretary - Susan Baker Assistant Librarian - Jane Davis B A N D This is the second year the Gilbert School Band is eligible to enter into the Band. has been organized. The members meet every Tues- During the year, under the direction of Mr. Paul day afternoon from 1:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Gibb, the Band gives several recitals and plays at school for rehearsal. Anyone who plays an instrument the games. 69 President - Rose Genziano Vice President -- Anne Schaefer Secretary - Ann Manchester Treasurer - Barbara johnson First Row: Patricia Youmatz, Ann Manchester, Barbara johnson, Rose Genziano, Anne Schaefer, Madeline Wright, Mildred Car- rozzo, Norma Lovely, Maureen Chapin. Second Row: Miss North- rup, Elizabeth Mooney, Patricia Lincovich, Karen Hitchcock, Mary Ann Nycz, Lucy Negri, Lucia Tycienski, Gaile Morton, Margaret Burke. Third Row: Gail Pelkey, Sally Crossman, Virginia Parks, Judy Judson, Cornelia Van Al- tena, Elaine Tuller, jane Ray- mond, Juliet Burwell. TRI The aim of the Tri-Y, which was organized in Winsted in 1935, is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian conduct." Throughout the year Tri-Y sponsors dances and foodsales. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, Tri-Y gives aid in the form of good to needy families. Members are taken into the club in the spring and the fall. They are given a banquet followed by a candle-light service. -Y A senator and two representatives are sent each year to the Hi-Y Youth and Government Program held in the state capitol, Hartford. The Agma Dhi-Tri-Y was organized in 1936 and gives money to several organizations throughout the ear. Y The Tri-Y is one of the most important and prosperous clubs at Gilbert. The advisor to Tri-Y is Miss Nancy Northrup. HI-Y , The Hi-Y is composed of a group of boys who wish to promote good will throughout the school and community. The members are chosen and pledged in the fall and early spring. They sponsor dances to raise money. This year, a very successful Pep Rally and dance was held. The Hi-Y is a very active group. This year the club was represented by delegates at the Hi-Tri-Y convention. President - Glen McLellan Secretary - Donald Sorel Treasurer - Richard Kelsey Vice President-John Dyson First Row: Harold Gillette, Thomas Basceta, Richard Kelsey, Glen McLellan, Donald Sorel, John Dyson, Frank Venezia. Sec- ond Row: Thomas Beaudoin, John Arcelaschi, Fred Anderson, Wil- liam Julian, Benny Nero, Fred Lataif, Mr. Tirrell. Third Row: William Clauss, joseph Navin, Garry O'Keefe, Vincent Buzinski, Kurt Sceery, John Burke. JM..,...4.,...,.,,,,-,, , W. ,,,. Y,-.....,...T.,....gAi...........,,C, ,AL ,, . , , , ,, , rr , -,..A,,,7, ,,, H, HA ,,,. ...M , ,,,, L ,,-,,,, ?...MA,r,L,, Y, Min, , HONORSTUDENTS Firrt Row, Left to Right: Francis Kane, Thomas Light, james Vene- zia, James Madden, Hoyt Nelson, David Light. Second Row, Left to Right: Mr. Grander, Gary Jamie- son, Norma Godenzi, Connie Mil- ler, Peter Madden, Joan Miller, Jane Raymond, Roberta Allison. Third Row, Left to Right: Gail Morgan, Richard Jones, Lee Ca- pocefalo, Laurence Hendrickson, William Ritchie, Rose Genziano, Charlotte Whyte. SKICLUB Firxt Row, Left to Right: Sandra Whitney, Sylvia DePaoli. Second Row, Left to Right: Louis Nero - valedictorian, Roger Monty, Hoyt Nelson, Thomas Beaudoin - salutatorian. Firxt Row, Left to Right: Margaret Burke, Alan Poulsen, Betty Cur- tiss. Second Row, Left to Right: joseph Navin, john Dyson, Louis Nero. PROPHECY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE 72 Firft Row, Left to Right: Donald Sorel, Karen Hitchcock, Glen McLellan, Rose Genziano, Miller Dayton, Alice Simoneau. Second Row, Left to Right: Gaile Mor- ton, Thomas Bascetta, Joseph Na- vin, Richard Kelsey, William Julian, Patricia Linkovich. 'F X Sl 3 Z Q L Q V- QD --g.-T 53 -ii Q5 B55 Q 4: Eg! .Q--... O0-'H M23 2.00 2594 TJ 6 mga: 3 Z N 'va Div?-E .E'E3.-1 .fgb-432, GJ Q23 5753 QOMQ wmv.: SEE? EPM OJ go fu a-.::J-31 Ol-4 M5 UO A-:tis Q26 .Legal bv . U25 1-4 .352 U.. ""L'7a. 5, c: .fc E55 ESE. - CDPLQ Vi 35.453 652' gg? no 'cz 5-5 Que EQ , O c: 555.22 HB.-3, gunna wif: U Q .530 mb E-cz Bc FGOTBALL Led by co-captains Bill julian and Glenn McLellan, the Gilbert football team ended the season with a record of four wins against two losses. They lost the opener to Canton, 19-0, and then dropped a squeaker to Plainville, 22-20. The gridders hit the winning trail in the third game, beating Sacred Heart of Waterbury, 20-6. Their second win was against Farmington with a score of 33-0, while Wilby fell to defeat, 29-O. The seasons finale saw Housatonic Regional defeated at the hands of a spirited Gilbert team. The score read 20-6. The average score for each game was Gilbert 205g opponents, 8.8. The totals were: Gilbert 122 points against 53 for the opposition. The 1954 football season was regarded as very successful. l l 117 75 BASKETBALL Led by co-captains Smalley Poulsen and Bob Sparks, the Gilbert basketball team got off to a f l ' ' ' ' success u start by beating Alumni, 58-57, in overtime. During the regular season Gilbert , y, Goodwin Tech, and Regional. scored double wins over Litchfield Simsbur The team split with Rockville, Seymour, and Torrington This was the fir ' ' . st time in nine years that Gilbert had been victorious over Torrington, and the first time in twenty years that Gilbert had beaten Torrington's team on the latter's home court. Gilbert lost two games to Terryville, but beat Windsor in a single game played in Windsor. The Gilbert over-all record was 13-5. Its Class B record was 9-2. Gilbert qualified sixth in a field of eighteen qualifyin team Th g s. ere are thirty-three Class B teams in the state. The first tournament game was played at New Britain Teachers College. The Gilbert rooters made a wonderful turnout and saw their team defeat Shelton, 59-43. G. ilbert was put out of the tournament in the quarter finals at the Payne-Whitney Gym in New Haven when they met up with fourth-ranking Stonington. Gilbert made a terrific attempt, losing by 58-54. 77 BASEBALL As this book goes to the printer's shop the 1955 baseball team has not yet been organized. The team will be almost completely new. There will be three veterans performing. They are Rick Kelsey, Anton Lekang, and Glen McLellan. Gilbert belongs to the Naugatuck Valley League. Since the league has been in existence, Gilbert has won the championship eight times and coaches Carl Coleman and Charles Fecto hope to field another championship squad. 78 , A ,...-.A..........rb,..,,, A ,, ,-,AA-g,,,A M W i 4 an Ng 'Q ,, x,krV V 1 gk xg , kv A K K V 5 'J S 49 K 5 Q 1A QAQ gp ' fgaiq w 'T , V Mg ' i . , m m ' TEX, f 3,-2, , L, 1 AM iff, if 4' L Q,:, 4 t' Y V A S 'Y ay A JJ X W 255fl' i' R, 9 f'Q 1 1 MQ X fs ewfi 1- , 'Q Q 5 , wuggfggik '35 "L M ita - I i. 1 V i 3 k 1,.7'2gw3f' . k g 12? 4, K I W 35 sb gi nf 1 afP x I f 1 l bx ,Q tk' W' 5 A .wh ,Q T- X W ff' x' 'fa 1- 1 f' P ? ,, llxw Q 1 V... L Q. ,.,.w ffgyf T'-2?-Qgwr Q 3-, I ., wry' my 'kv .,rrKgf--AM. lr-wwfvafgg K K 2, f 3 f m Q as ' ' ' j :? 'w ,N f 44 ' L. K QMMY L ' tk 0, . Q, ' 'K Q ff: 5 J, dw ' ,gsm f . rw xisvvgkxr M .m'. - 35' . 'fii , . I - 'M- bw.: ,Q-U Sim? lD"'EC Z1-10 'SQ int Row: Russell Cassese, Raymond Royer,William Casey, Paxcia, john Dyson, George Nero, Roddy Amenta, racy Hatfield, john Barretr, james Williamson, Michele Jamieson, James Beeny, Thomas Amenra, John rancis, Raymond Sisson, Alberr Marquis, David Sinclair, Third Row: Kerry Hurron, John Noyes, Robert G homas Byrne, Robert Carrozzo, Burton Tiffany. Second Paul Kelley, Benjamin Thomas, Donald Holland, F S F T :mai l QL Sify W 'mi e 'X 6- f s2 s:x Call Me Louis Nero Betty Curtiss Al Allison Noreen DiMartino Roger Brown Peggy Burke Dickie Dings Millie Catrozzo Bob Eisenlohr Clare Bunnell John Dyson Ferne Conklin Bill Darcey Beth Doty Gene Dietlin Judy Judson Lee Capacefalo Marcella Casey Patsy Brazzano Rose Marie Brady Ted Aust Ginger Parks Glenn Madison Norma Lovely Bob Herdling ' Rose Genziano Craig Haythorn Sylvia Landi Bob Garrepy jo Hart Hugh Parmelee Edith Harding Leo Fracasco Mary Ann Nycz Bill julian Joan Perkins Ted Fiske Connie Fichera Paul Felgate Marie Indomenico Glenn McLellan Linda Hine Dan Lavieri Judy Gregoire Paul Onion jo Radocchio Bob Jenkins Margot Guest Joe Navin Karen Hitchcock james Foster Nancy Busher Ted Church Lucy Di Martino Tom Bonadies Miller Dayton Known To Be Popular friendly cute short shy cute friendly a good friend building model cars with Dawn football player small with Puge and Bob engaged up the station tall with Rose with the girls with Paul helpful wearing dungarees reliable from Norfolk petite ubumming around" with Lee energetic forward tall with Marge from East Hartland amiable sportsman with the gang athletic pretty with the boys quiet blonde ambitious good sport dependable optomistic studious "Bucko" with Trudy lazy motherly friendly busy hitting bull's eye smart dresser with the boys cooperative plane spotter part Indian Apt To Be at the A 8c P driving the baunchy with Ginger writing letters working at a party water skiing with the gang playing volleyball playing the piano Hater To Be having his picture taken washing windows studying doing homework with girls in Chemistry class unfriendly doing homework kept waiting waiting for someone working at the A 8: Pwriting a novel report with Patsy working with jimmy working on a car listening to jazz at 60 Stanton Ave. singing up Sam's traveling reading hot rod magazines driving around doing homework riding around with a D.A. Skiing riding his horses with Edith with Marcie writing to Pete with Hartland boys reading fooling around with Fred playing football with Joe riding around spending money traveling at the hospital with Sparky playing piano with Winnie dancing with Pat painting playing baseball tickling the ivories with joan laughing skindiving cheering riding around reading working hard smoke peace pipe with Indians 84 alone doing homework called Elizabeth studious up early called "Red" ' without Bob with girls walking slow without Shirley bored kept waiting without Bill working teased doing book reports without a car with gossips away from Pete behind a woman driver washing dishes in English doing homework Gonna Be in college making a million at UConn Secretary in the Air Force a nurse bachelor married machinist in college in college married accountant married in college in college Army General teacher help his dad secretary automobile mechanic studying dramatics in the armed forces secretary in army nurse dairy farmer secretary in forestry married engineer ? Air Force married away from Bill's stationin college waiting without Smalley Laboratory technician in the Air Force doing a book report Air Line Hostess kept still in college waiting for phone callsnurse without a football in college game late secretary doing math in college make a mistake happy women shopping in electronics giving oral talks in medicine studying rich fast without Sue or Karen ? idle C. P. A. bad sport in college poor shot wealthy at home work at G. Fox doing nothing I tree surgeon without crossword puzzle dressed sloppy smoke peace pipe with white men! getting a good job armed forces UConn reservation Call Me Winifred Colbourne Tony Bazzano Jeannette Beecher Ed Bennett Marianne Curcio john Arcelaschi Sylvia DePaoli Alan Poulsen Sandy Whitney Roddy Amenta Michalene McDonald Garry Skaret Pat Canty john Schramm Veronica Zeechin Fred Lataif Sal Locascio Lucia Tycienski Howie Beardsley Nancy Rowe Bob Sparks Elaine Schlapak Gerald Sultaire Marilyn Schaefer Bob Sturm Joan Thurston Don Holland Trudy Wilber james Zbell joan Sullivan Don Pranka Lorraine Cote Harold Thrall jane Moseley Connie Whyte Mary O'Connor George Lewis Pat Parris Kevin O'Connor Carolyn Masters Hoyt Nelson Ellenjayne McCurdy Ronald Royer Madeline Kilbourn Tom Maccalous Ann Manchester Phil Ostepko Barbara johnson Richard Roberts Sue Turner Roger Monty Roy Roberts Greg Woodworth Tom Beaudoin Known To Be Apt To Be persuasive flying good' for a laugh at Sam's with Clare working a Norfolk guy musical reliable in the ofiice good looking arguing with with Sandy blushing tall playing basketball cooperative in a convertible talented with Skip with Patsy and crew writing letters argumentative sleeping blue eyed attending weddings from Norfolk loafing very quiet with Lorraine 5-year man driving a cab dark eating unpredictable having fun handsome with Alice short writing letters working with Howie with Betty dancing a pal traveling cooperative driving hot fodder working on cars quick tempered with the gang with Jo reserved with the girls humorous with Veronica with George admired friendly "Real Irish" interested in agriculture with Marilyn with John big eater in a rush blonde with the fellows cheerleader with Bob, Leo and Sal on the phone having a good time writing to Luke doing a little of everything at the movies watching TV write letters at the movies painting fishing teasing for the car in baseball listening to music smiling at 'Casey's at the Riverton Inn listening to radio working dancing at the movies working at Clinton's ice skating from Norfolk tall driver? talented Dodger fan reckless rifle shooter with the boys tinkering with motors with the kids getting out of homework finding excuses at ball games enjoying himself at a party playing records 85 Hate: To Be without Dan working without a good book with reckless drivers arguing doing Algebra dominated on dance floor argued with called his real name without records without certain girl stay in without money with loud people Gonna Be Air line hostess in Air Force nurse barber in college in the Air Force secretary engineer secretary lawyer ? in college nurse in the Air Force secretary sophisticated art education walking in Air Force not cheering nurse singing teacher moving nurse without sports ? doing nothing nurse working army doing homework traveler behind women drivers at General Motors Institute doing homework ? bored drama education without Luke in college without Norfolk boys ? with an oral talk armed services unfriendly in business stuck up married at home in college without spare time in college big shot undertaker without joe nurse waste time farmer insulted sort of career??? get locked out with gossiper's miss the bus doing novel book report 3rd class singers doing homework told what to do with people who put on other drivers conceited with girls? not talking lill out questionnaires 5-year man! kept after school without hershey's in Doc's class in air force nurse electrical successful pharmacist model engineer Michigan State College engineer medical secretary in air force in Vassar trillionaire in air force electrical engineer in college THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1955 We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Five, now being of educated mind and sound body, do hereby leave this, our last will and testament: Albert Allison leaves his quiet manner to Benny Nerog Roddy Amenta leaves with the secret of his real nameg john Archelaschi leaves his hanger near the radiator in Room 1 to a lazy fellowg Ted Aust leaves on the first train to Chicagog Tony Bazzano leaves Gilbert to enjoy unemploymentg Pat Bazzano leaves with a hot tip to Las Vegasg Howard Beardsley leaves his basketball ability to Rich Kelseyg Tommy Beaudoin leaves his way with the girls to john Negrig Jeannette Beecher leaves her crinolines to Gail Morgang Edward Bennett leaves Norfolk in the hands of Johnny Mulvilleg Tommy Bonadies leaves his pull with the faculty for all those who need it Rose Marie Brady leaves Gilbert as a menace on the roadg Earl Brazeau leaves his enormous size to Bob jeffersg Roger Brown leaves his red shirt to the cleanersg Clare Bunnell leaves Dorothea Sultaire with the problem of finding someone newg Peggy Burke leaves her good personality to Anne Schaefferg Nancy Busher leaves her cheering ability to Pinkyg Pat Canty leaves her flirtatious ability to Beverly Herdlingg Lee Capacefalo leaves - his final attempt was successfulg Mildred Carrozzo leaves her distinctive walk to Susan Bakerg Bobby Carrozzo leaves his artistic ability to the Miracle's Art Editorg Marcella Casey leaves enroute to teachers collegeg Teddy Church leaves his "crew-cut" to Bobby Marting Winifred Colbourne leaves with the secret of winning at chessg Ferne Conklin leaves the Barkhamsted boys to Ruth Eckhartg Bill Connole leaves the First National to Jimmy Andersong Lorraine Cote leaves Gilbert with pleasureg Marianne Curcio leaves Gilbert enroute to Hollyokeg Betty Curtiss leaves the fun and frolic of Norfolk to her sister Elleng Bill Darcey leaves to make his first million selling carsg - Miller Dayton leaves the "News" to a frustrated new editorg 86 Sylvia DePaoli'leaves her secretarial studies to her sister, Frang Gene Dietlin leaves his crutches to an unfortunate football playerg Lucy DiMartino leaves her pretty black hair to all envious girlsg Noreen DiMartion leaves in search of big city glamourg Richard Dings leaves Gilbert to his sister, Clarag Beth Doty leaves, taking her diamond with herg John Dyson leaves his ability for writing sports to all hopefulsg Robert Eisenlohr leaves behind the good times spent in English classg Paul Felgate leaves his briefcase to Kenny Rizzig Connie Fichera leaves her silks and satins to Cynthia Waldg Ted Fiske leaves all athletes his physiqueg James Foster leaves Gilbert famous after his expert display of marksmanshipg Leo Fracasso leaves his ability to talk to all the girlsg Robert Garrepy leaves his bass viol because it's too heavy to carryg Rose Genziano leaves her popularity to Gail Pelkeyg Harold Gillette left Gilbert for the Air Forceg Judith Gregoire leaves her dancing career to make room for marriageg Margot Guest leaves U. S. History to all poor sufferersg Josephine Hart leaves her constant chatter to Beverly Naving Craig Haythorn leaves with all the girls' heartsg Robert Herdling leaves his hot-rodder title to "Tickg" Linda Hine leaves with a broad knowledge of homemaking to make someonea good wife Karen Hitchcock leaves her charm to Fran DePaolig Donald Holland leaves his taxi service to a fortunate Juniorg Marie Indomenico leaves in search of a young, handsome doctorg Robert Jenkins leaves his quiet ways to Vinny Buzinskyg Barbara Johnson leaves Gilbert to her brotherg Judy Judson leaves for the glamour of college lifeg Bill Julian leaves in his Mercury for Torringtong Madeline Kilbourn leaves in hope of becoming a top New York modelg Dorothy Kittle leaves with the secret of how to cut classesg Fred Lataif leaves Miss Sheldrick the key to the closet in Room 3g George Lewis leaves the F.F.A.'s Presidency to an ambitious farmerg Anselmo Locascio leaves his head of hair to Burton Tilfanyg Norma Lovely leaves a member of the Junior class to no oneg Tom Maccalous leaves his wit to all grumpy underclassmeng Glenn McLellan leaves football for all benchwarmersg Glenn Madison left Norfolk for the "big city" glamour of Rivertong Ann Manchester leaves her pretty smile to Barbara Lamoureauxg Carolyn Masters leaves Casey's Restaurant to Joan Hannaling Ellenjayne McCurdy leaves her laughter echoing in the Golden Hallsg 87 Alex McDonald leaves his hat to the statue in Room 2g Micilene McDonald leaves after only a few months at Gilbertg Roger Monty leaves studying to all brainy underclassmeng Jane Moseley leaves in a new Fordg joe Navin and joan Perkins leave togetherg Hoyt Nelson leaves his eiiicient business ways to David Lightg Louis Nero leaves his musical ability to Sam Amentag Mary Ann Nycz leaves the good times behind to all fun-loving Juniorsg Kevin O'Connor leaves with a large fan club of girlsg Mary O'Connor leaves in her green Plymouth for nursing schoolg Phil Ostapko and Trudy Wilber leave for the Eastern States and more Paul Onion leaves with a supply of borrowed pencilsg Virgliinia Parks leaves her acting ability to Madeline Wrightg Hubert Parmelee leaves with a brilliant knowledge of chemistryg Patricia Parris leaves her shyness to Beverly Naving Allan Poulsen leaves his height to Frankieg Don Pranka leaves that "big" town of Barkhamstedg Josephine Radocchio leaves gym classes to all girls who skipg Richard Roberts leaves his hot-rod driving to Pat Linkovichg Roy Roberts leaves wth his side-burns and flashy clothesg Nancy Rowe leaves her real name of Robertag Ronald Royer leaves his good looks and shy manner to Skip Sceeryg Marilyn Schaefer leaves history class with pleasureg Elaine Schlapak leaves Riverton and the Inn to Ann LaFranchiseg Bob Sparks leaves his basketball skill to Tommy Nelsong Robert Sturm leaves his hot rod to john Negrig joan Sullivan leaves with fond memories of oral talks in English classg Gerald Sultaire leaves Gilbert -- a football herog Harold Thrall leaves his bottle of bleach to anyone who wants itg Suzanne Turner leaves her accent to anyone who can match itg Lucia Tycienski leaves her cheering ability to Maureeng Rosemary Whitman leaves to enjoy married lifeg Sandy Whitney leaves her gigantic wardrobe to Lord and Taylor'sg Connie Whyte leaves in his Black Maria for parts unknowng Greg Woodworth leaves, peeking over the steering wheel of his Buick Nancy Wrigley leaves economics to the birdsg james Zbell leaves Miss Sheldrick with a stack of library slipsg Veronica Zecchin leaves her quiet manner to Shirley Hayes. prizes In the preceding clauses, we the Seniors of 1955, do leave all our natural and super natural virtues to those of the underclassmen whom we consider needy and deserving Signd, sealed, and delivered this twenty-third day of June, 1955. 88 1 R 'W' if xA-YM 'Vu a"Q A 5 'XJ '7' sc Q. -., 4 3 22- 5 wx: vi ' 55 H gk K V ,M W, Ea -ski I 191, dsiayxk Q Z" ' ,ls : :X ab, 1 A f Z QVQ, 'iw' Q' K wp jim A W sf 1 ci icy i - f 3? 0 1'-.A 1 Q? figs ' 0 M--F.,.x....4 ma 'MQ' Ez! direct sales personal service original layou retoucgng composition halftone and line ne film and plate stripping plate making offset printing folding complete bindery service packaging rw? delivery t. o'toole and sons, inc. fn., stamford, connecticut stamford 4-9226 new york me 5-4112 1 .' W NW -,y , ,WWW vwpilw ' My Wx Compliment: of The Brown Company Scfffy S Dealers in Building Material, Lumber, - - Delco Heat, Coal, and Oil-Founded in 1891 Atlafmc Station Phone Kimbau 2-5262 Norfolk, coiiii. 47 MAIN STREET Cvmplimwff 01' WINSTED, CONNECTICUT Pete's Steak 8: Lobster House 13 Elm Street Winsted, Connecticut C ompliment: of C ompliment: of The Old North Road Gift Shop Bafkhmstedf Connecticut C1ark's Flower Shop Compliment! of PROSPECT STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT Gur1de1ach's Upholstery compzimemi Of MOORE AND ALVORD INSURE AND BESURE 94 A011010-01020 Baby Chicks Hatching Eggs Compliment: of C. S. Roberts 8: Sons Breeder: of White Rockf 0 WINSTED, CONNECTICUT Sterling Theodore W. Roberts C0f15t1'UCfi0n Phone Fr. 9-6218 Riverton Road Company C ompliment: Excavating and Grading Contractors of DeLuxe Cleaners WINSTED, CONNECTICUT THE UNION PIN COMPANY 170 LAKE STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT - Over F arty Years of Manufacturing in Winsted - 95 4011010-WN-0f'0 Compliment: Of Endicott-johnson Shoe Company Bert Wirber to The Class of '55 And Lotr of Luck Forever More Isaacson's, Inc. C ompliments of Compliment: Of THE DAIRY QUEEN 59 MAIN STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 1 '-'7?'l- Q l I9 1 I l 24 GSM I fflvl' S5 1 n ' I Gaber's Cleaners 551: Hlfil! C on gmtulaliom Clan of 1955 THE C. LAVIERI AGENCY, INC. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Mrs. Margaret M. Stannard Frank N. Sollitto William E. Mulcahy Prosper F. Lavieri 2010-'0' 96 4631 4051040 '04'0N0 40110027 N9 f0'G0'0-Z0'0N0 10I0 Compliment: Compliment: of of STERLING ENGINEERING THE CORPORATION - OLD RIVERTON INN Bent Wifbef 5 from -- ONE GILBERT TO ANOTHER I ebc5ma4GeMhll:enai4hn4Znccl807 THE WM. I.. GILBERT CLOCK CORP. wmstso, connecticut f05'0X07' 97 3 -'-0K0Y?'-0"0"0 K BURKE 81 N AVIN With Compliments . of Sundries - Cofmeticr Film! WINSTED DIVISION Prompt Delivery HUDSON WIRE COMPANY Phone FRoncier 9-4126 305 MAIN STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 5 Q C omplimentf Q 9 of T. WAYNE WHITE THE JONES MEMORIAL HOME 59:9-f0xaf0x01 c00'00v00Q0W1f0 J 98 4-0N0Y0-f0"0H0 E. G. Jordan GROCERIES FRIUT MEATS SHURFINE FOODS RIVERTON, CONNECTICUT Telephone Winsted, Frontier 9-6344 Barreuther Bros., Inc. "Compliment: of your Chevrolet Dealef' Phone 9-2748 7-11 LAKE ST. WINSTED, CONN Riiska's Taxi and Bus Service . . . TAXI . . . Frontier 9-2325 403 'MAIN STREET VVINSTED, CONN. dill linFU"5m HE Ann CAMERA SHOP WINSTED. :CONNECTICUT C ompliment: of Comiflimmn of THE BOSTON STORE COLBOURN E MACHINE J. P. Davidson 8: Son, Inc. COMPANY The Home of the Swim Suit of The Home Izmtzen - See them in - Seventeen, Vogue, Harpers Glamour and Life 0l0k0Y 21 MUNRO STREET VVINSTED, CONNECTICUT Manufacturers of Insulating Wire Equipment When it': Flower:, Say it With Our: Winsted Flower Shop Young Fashions Everything from Tot: to Teen: Call 9-2629 627 Main Street Phone Fr. 9-5166 560 Main Street Mari-Etta Gifts The Jewel Box Mary Nm-SIE Fine jewelry, C o:metic: and Acce::orie: Gift: for Every 0cca:ion -- Greeting Card: 536 M I S W, d C t te , onn. 613 Main Street Winsted, Connecticut am tree ms Compliment: of Al Garbus Compliment: of Irving's Smart Shop 373 Main Street Winsted, Connecticut Silvester's Food Market Meat: - Grocerie: - Frozen Food: Prop:.-Paul Silvester and Edward Morton For the latest in popular and classical music Bob's Electric 454 Main Street Winsted, Conn. FRontier 9-3337 Compliment: of The Superior Manufacturing Co. 30 Elm Street Winsted, Connecticut Compliment: of Hayes Bakery 637 Main Street Winsted, Connecticut Compliment: of Joe Gillette 33 High Street Winsted, Connecticut Compliment: of Meyer's Style Center for Smart Clothe: Compliment: of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sharfman Be:t Regard: Army-Navy Stores "Clothier to Young Win:ted" 120 Main Street - 399 Main Street Winsted, Connecticut Compliment: of Hayes Motors Colebrook Road Norfolk, Connecticut -0'0N0' Cote's Fuel Heating Oils of All Kinds Phone 9-4619 Prompt Delivery 19' . el. ,Q , .-v-- V: M' nr l, ,, X :ut fs 'Busy ww Je ,N ,. cv' if i :QP 1+-'nf '17 AMY 5. .WW my 4011010-'0I'0l10 Read A11 About - Your City, Your Schools, Your Churches, Your Societies, Your Athletics, Your Neighbors - and Yourself in THE WINSTED EVENING CITIZEN Ertablixbed in 1888 and now in in 68111 year. Bert Wirbes to The Clan of 1955 THE HIGHLAND HARDWARE COMPANY 20'-0"-0Y 1 02 Compliments Of WOODIN'S TAXI 405 MAIN STREET Telephone FRontier 9-4125 or 9-4123 C omplimentt Of ROSCOE BENJAMIN , INC 44 ELM STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT CA? Of' P553 2,5 ' l TS' - P'mfff1"f"' R? dry sf Q1 gf f Q ff Q dcgogfeel? Q5 Q 91,5 'Yi' ku -rg ..v6fff" Q ,fyx I-0N0"0'40l'0""0 C ompliment: 0f THE HUTTON BROS. CO. 9 UNION STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT C ompliment: of C o t e ' s MEATS AND GROCERIES C ongratulation: to the Graduatex Strand Sweet Shop "Student Paradiren 349 MAIN STREET Compliment: of Haw1ey's Market Sexauer jewelers "Where Every Curtomer IJ A Friend" 440 Main Street Winsted, Connecticut Compliment: of W. E. Bushnell 8: Son 716 Main Street C omplimentx of A Friend Winsted, Connecticut C ompliment: Compliment: of of A Friend A Friend i 1 1 4 1 1 3 A 4 5 1 L ,J .. ,J 15 E ki gi U, IQ 3 :Z 40'ff?'0'-4-0N0f0' DO YOU KNOW HOW LIFE INSURANCE WORKS? It is one of the largest business enter- prises in our country. Learn about it at this Savings Bank. THE WINSTED SAVINGS BANK 654 MAIN STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT -'-01Ww6'n0H0'0 x C omplimentr of Lovetere's Second-Hand Furniture Store Cook's Pharmacy J. T. Pallone, Reg, Pharm. Telephone Klmball 2-5225 Norfolk, Connecticut Best Wirlaer From The Park Hotel Diner to CLASS OF 1955 C omplimentf Of THE STANDARD CYCLE AND AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 17401'0" 106 X 9 -'0Y f-01-'01 47610 A-010' K9 f0f1046'4?f0f0 10R0f'0'r00'0M0i610 40' C ompliments of Formica's Market Bm of Luck to the Compliment: of Class of '55 RAOUL'S COFFEE SHOP . from 249 Mam Street The Dowd Printing Park Place Hardware Tom Nero, Proprietor COITIPHIIY Tools - Moore Paint-Housewares Telephone FRontier 9-1274 WINSTED, CONNECTICUT Park Place Winsted, Conn. 9 C omplimentf Of THE WINSTED HOSIERY COMPANY WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 6"0'G0" L0'0'0f 'I 07 f0f10040f0'0 ENGLISH AMOCO SERVICE Complimentr of 161 Main Street Winsted, Conn. 24-hr. Wrecking Service SON -CHIEF ELECTRICS, INC. A,A,A, Phones: C. J. COMSTOCK Day-9-8098 Nite-9-4793 Complimentf Of THE CLARK 81 VAILL INS. AGENCY INC. Don't Delay . . . Insure To-day LLOYD W. WHITNEY Prexident 108 40"0"7"04'05'0 C omplimentx Of THE MASON SILK COMPANY WINSTED, CONNECTICUT WINSTED FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS C omplimentf THE DANO ELECTRIC COMPANY WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 10'H01f0f ri' ""' Y' ' """'i""'i"""'-" "" ""' T ' 'ti ""' T' 'F' L S 40510'0f20"0"0-'0' 40'l7'0P'05!?0 49 Compliment! of Compliments of Colt 8: Company Students' Clothes for over 57 Years Leslie Beach Dairy Winsted's Self-Service C0mPlimemJ' 0f Laundry Center Gus, Barber Shop Launder-Eze System ' t 556 Main Street WIHS ed, Conn The City Pharmacy Pete s Servrce Statlon 118 Main Street ll' .Pla . Socony Products Italo Scarpe 1, Reg ur Complete Prescription Servic 6 Complimemf Of 5 FAIRCHILD SCREW PRODUCTS, INC. WINSTED, CONNECTICUT 6 XQK0' 10"'0"-0"0X0"?f0N0K0N0"'96'N0"-0' 110 If.-9 Q Q if Q2 XZ 5 af M ff 0:5 f ! M47 swf f f' JWWW ,X fo -'gf 2514 " X Qu Sw Ns wp' ' M, ,ff M ox NY" ? 7 Q 'Y ,m ' My df N 6 W' - Ex A-g,.:f-,QEJX Q pf U-9 R59 N g? ' V , f ASN gi' 53 E X, ' mi W? Z fwkwg X? -3? isdn Z 2 . I k Stkw CW6d,,w'Q J 1 . , 1 ,, f 'Q .W 2 . :V re" Wu Q v .W Y 2' 41. 6 4 L 5' 4 1 51 ' rf , EA V . 4 1, ,m QW ,, . .xr X. ff, fmvx fr A E Q i 5 3 5 if ? 5 LQ ,, 3 1 fe , 5 v. ,, ? 2 E 5 x li 5 1 E i 5 I 5 i 9 Q 1 5 1 r 6 e 5 f 4 r l I E

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