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WWW Awfw-iffl S1fm14 OWQMMW PLOW WIQMSWWM ' ,I W A New X 'I firifiqmeff xero- 1 ', fiiiwfzfa gfwliv' fi rf V , , Nr 15,4 iff ' W 2 'ri,,f.fw 'eff'r2', iffilmw f , ,- vlfllnifliv feiicavjifm w,1lllm'f5r-'fe 5- JLSW 'fi' W QU-' L 1 ,Nrl'rli'fGw3'T555 i lm 4-rw: f 'Fir "W , 'QNN l f 'J1.,, . L ,, ,, , wily ' N' flimsy e wfwlixffgiitmx, J,-:Q all .QA rg., i, , sri wil llfllmlliqil-' ,- :Hi -- - f ,-H ' i ' -ills +',giZil1li4?gbii'QsilWirif ' i in C -V iw , ,N,rilllllliwliifrwwmlli. , lln ll A' i ri,"c5,il'JvH , ,li 'J' ll liil," 'v1 " we pil 'i ' flnNJc,I-,, , - ' , -W ' l ,"rr,'l-M: no--wi' lriiw - rliiw:if1'f'- ' 1 I f - . - A wir- , iw . :M Lf :ni 1 ,ww,w,wl,i i M 4" W A al nfffmflllllgrmeesez-L '- -, T.,w' U W-relive' fri , ' 'ff Millliilxilri-'i. ,, Wxxx ,,!r,!rggMr,- 1 'l'I0'i E. Ellioi Gilberi, Arizono 85234 Volume +74 Enrollmeni: 2078 1- i 7 .1 Tifle Pclge Exciiemeni ana' unceriaihry New faces, sfrange places A yasi modern face iff, l?oom fo brealhe, room To grow Fun, laughier, gooa limes The parfy happens every day. Alihough changes are in sfore Ola lraaifions will carry on This beginning is iillea wirh promise For we are MW awww! On mY own Varsity band member Nalhan Carroll performs a selecfion from George Gershwin number during half-Time ceremonies af a home foolball game. Tiger pride Several Gilbert figers show their pride and enthusiasm on The day of the big game. -----i - ---- y 559 hdbld Espdflol? The new fuliy equipped language iab was uiiiized by many foreign language siuaentsy inciuaing sophomore Karl Koiz, who is practicing his Spanish. redking Ne w Ground ...J The chollenge is ThrusT upon us Bigger compeTiTion, higher sTokes Glorious yicTories, demordlzing defedTs STreTchrng To The lmiT, going beyond Hours sTudying ore long ond lonely BuT The pdy-off is d golden fuTure Academic excellence Tokes on new medning CreoTiye expression insures no monofony We meeT The chdllenge hedd on For we ore MCM! Filled to p ly WiTh over 2100 T d T The new high h l soon Hlled T p Ty I JW Lk 'WW : - Divider he year sTarTed ouT as jusT a regular year, buT There was one change, a brand new school. The modern high school gave The sTudenT body a new jolT of pride. JusT like The new surroundings, sTudenT life changed. EveryThing was new. The new hangouT spoT was The balcony overlooking The lVlanzaniTa and Tiger halls. ThroughouT The year a varieTy of acTiviTies Took place on and off campus. There were fooTbaIl games, which were filled wiTh spiriTed sTudenTs. The fall play was also a big hiT among sTudenTs. Work was a greaT deal for juniors and seniors. The year was very special. iT was The beginning of many greaT years To come. For many sTudenTs, iT was The year for breaking new ground. Quillln' lime! AfTer a hard d y s work, Brand STe T Doug Carp Ter, Darrell Higgins, H ily Williams, and Lance Williams smile. STuClenT Life FHGVWUS Clflfli CGVTWIOUS FUN iell i ., l' T T reiee T , ' ' T l 1 il reir T rd Af T iiiee 1 l2 i , or l iri . T we ie e ' iill iihii J W l T Evefsi T re re 1 erii ori ll yy yiriii l l l ? l T l Too cool, ladies! Mindy Brown and Trina i MorTenson aren'T Twins buT They cerTainly look look alike in Their 'ihoT rod" ouTfiTs. Hi-ho, Silver! BeTh Townsend rides "piggy back" on David Richardson. Friends l'm a Iillle bil counlry! Nikki KaTich, Eric Kinney, and www Shane Cook enjoy The beauTiful Auiumn weaTher on o Friday afTernoon. mill' Q5 f Jusl girl Ialk! Dawn-Cherie Kruse, Tonya McGee, Michelle Chandler, Charlolle lVlcDermoTT and Becky Lewis chal in The sunshine. il-.l- l You deserve a break today! l William Stephenson and Oscar Hollaway enjoy a lasly hamburger lunch oulside on The pallo. Sludenl life Making The Spiril Swift.-In-.,11f 1 2 1 - . 5, X 1l-:iii,liglwsifiswfifaes rf- .w,.fQ4:5,1:l1ge1l5m fwggazzgqfgf if-riff f A555 f of f' f-fps:Qfflf"sls'ifggsi,211fff1lz',lgf ' 'fi ' 921' fe " L, " ' 'V' 753951954-f7"Lifi -7 'il i pus- 'xii-" ell Wliffisi'illl:M,flI will, ' 15253 lwfilfvm ' ":'m5' k in ,. l. ll . ,LL, , i l, -?52121msiez,mt gasffgwz , 11-'fgsff-' I ' ' SQHEQSQQSQS-'Es Vwf ,fzfvlll -. ww .Hl51i5?Tf?7?rigflf.f zilf-'fx ' , ifiS:21,gg jc +q ,,g,m ' gx15:l Wig?" S51 ',.':,:l',- Q P1573 'glggvfgffs s1,sgzmfgfgl',,-gf ffm- 5 1, , Us-lax-152345, :ff f' 7,1-in 1 img , --M SFfiV5T2!xfIf'v?,fi 'rfj' h eflkrfl sim. ' ,zfffk'932E"ir'i.E'?' -"-A 3 filiwth 'is Wifi :EIDE 5K ' .SE 7 l ,. ,. S . 21' ,ww 'Fifi-lo, lsmfiffoy i"iE'f5T P 1' li f ' I' f ' ,,f iiZffii1!f7g5W X ' A'l?'57,L'ff'i3 :- 1' 'fi ' il 'f ' ' -ff--is-hi:-ff?fY,55Ii'xfla IIS'-'w9f" i" 'f ' fi " k f' 57 'P Sifiiii A. -:,.fw,. 1:1 "1-wel' ' ' ' 34 :1'ifi'fiL iY2QSCfq:-11f,.- s ? l lll l ' I 41 I M 1 if l M s 1 i ils BUSY lA 5 M liil i il l vwf-eil l L M 2 s . M14 Studs on parade Malcom Scoll, Newell Slade, Brian Owen, Mike Zelelel and Cory Nagley gel a kick oul of The zany 1 ,, 'Q " 1 ' Q5 , V 'A ik glee feslivilies during The pep assembly. f il. Oom-pa-pa, Oom-pa-pd fi X Marching bond member Man l - Egg Tresler has a bird's eye view of The - .Q f ag aclivily. The band provided music vii 1 if 5 and excilemenl for all The Y Q A ,- assemblies during The sporls seasons. Pep Assemblies 1 Q S gg . if l V 1 'E ,E 3 - Vg, s yx '- A .z,:.ibie.l " 'T , 2 is it 'ln-. ! Q Winning smile A matched pair Showing her true colors, Showing true Gilbert pride in Mfg spirit squad member Donna Manderino leads a cheer designed to fire up the crowd before the big Mountain View game. ii QI their black and gold during the pep assembly are seniors Matt Amos and Trish Sauerbrun. , ,QR we-fs' y 5 9 s 1, .- W I X gs' if -4 Q ,Age ' L. si "" r E M gs 'd'N it A 5 y ,I A35 Can you spot the freshman? Shaun Dunn and Kenna Elsworth demonstrate how cool upperclassmen can be to freshman Carl Miller, a fledgling Gilbert tiger. Motherly love? Lynne Dodgson surprises everyone, including her son Joe, with a surprise kiss on his unsuspecting lips. :'l 'l: Student Life ,-,,:a,ysv1:-1, -' ' 1 rr.Wfewsw-:ww-1 -- ,..:,,- ., .- ,. , , , ..,,,.. - r 5 vf--- L,-,. 7 .V,eeMs,--sf--ve11'-Hgff-r , :..:.,,-ai,sfsz,f:f,-s-lem.W- .,f,f wi --fk ,MSW..r5,1f1,,:,,5,,U, -- rrr-s1w,f-fM,.f,-s ff.,, Lf..-'f .L , -25,-f k,,L rm,-- ., ,sf,s:.,Qygm5,E:g,m,:EVEN H,:,mi5,,,:rG,,mvkrsiagrwwwgNewA ' ' "2ssrfsflsisffifs,swJC-if 11 wwwsf--wsfm.w w,,,1, V - w,t-ffrsvfssfi--r -1wrw,. rw-we fr 2 Q ,V We -, ms W ,M . r -, .,,.. fr., ssfwarsrfrsrss L+. A ,mms , A.L. ,, .L.. A -rs-,revises - r L .rsh -- we ,7 sw- we . A ,.., , , ,, A L. f - fe rwwrg-ie-.rr.,Ur-M,ffr,ffzs-:Pm--.sw-fs-:-rsgfrgzsm'rawsv 5 N - -fsfw ff , ffm5,Wd, , me of M is , rr Q may - A ss r sf:1QNgfrQ,f151ssvrwr-,141 . f 1 J,f5ig,ifa2s11s2-124355sgL-5,-:fy f - famszisvv :fsssa-ffswi -- H,1147,,'g11m-as,fsssfszsmsz'sneer-fs fr, 1 Q f r , , 1--Blister:-vesffssx:s:v,is-':'I' " ' My ,Ni H ,s-rs:-rs-fm-fm, . s ,,,, .,L. . HH ,, . . ,L rr .f N, , K ,sir s Negro f,., I. ,ssff-,ifgw-:W-,,f-sy Msg, .sq . f, ,Z ,,,., ,J for early was 1222, is f1ffWsGke-Uprl l1 0 l' ' 1 ssssr ' , 4 i r 12 irs l l L' r r Of , Of if s sssrr iw w a srrsssr 42: Transporiaiion Samurai chief. Lance Mclniosh decides To keep his Top on Today on his way home from school. The red hot bug mobile. Found in his red bug, Marcus Nidey smiles for a piciure. The Cricket Squasher Breh Sherwood and his infamous car are on Their way To anoiher adventure. ...said All aboard. Tana Peterson, Regina Nelson, Thomas Scanlon, Brian Owen, and Mike Clabaugh Taking a ride, The unknown trucker. Blinded by The Tinied windows, The masked Trucker gets ready To go home. 3:43 STudenT Life A wave of excitement. I A ' A Going for a ride around the track, Buffy I i I Hernandez waves after becoming a senior N Homecoming attendant. 3 'egn V' g' Shawna Gillespie jumps with elation. ,, g: i Vi i i i i gi g Vg g She hears her name announced as the new I I ,y1fQf.r5igii3l 'iii g gp i r Homecoming Queen, Anticipation and Finaity., the mo- were DSHIWY Clark iigiccgie fi excitement titled the ment that everyone and Jamie Dossey. air. it was Home- coming night, that was the night many surprises taaicmpigace and memasesppwere made. brought spiffittsand pride to Giibert all week long. The foot- ball game was the night most of the stu- dents were waiting for. lt was the night to let the spirit and pride shine. As the Homecoming nomi- nees stood on the field, the crowd cheered their favor- ites on to victory. had been waiting for, the announce- ment. of the atten- UQUTS ii yy F395 Home- C0?0tflf?g9gKfs0.Q Gnd si- ienceifset in. The voice came through the loud speaker, the 4987 Homecom- ing King and Queen were Jeff Bennett and Shawna Gille- sple.ySenlor atten- dants were Matt Amos and Buffy Her- nandez, and Mike Howell and Geri Rowe. Junior attendants Sophomore atten- dants were Amy Clarkson and for the .bays there was a tie srrpiisrii gflween Bfgsiif Gnd Washburn. Freshman attendants were Chris Ruiz and Laurie Cessna. The dance was held at islands Ele- mentary schooi, it felt on the same night as Halloween.. With a variety of couples there lt made for an exciting evening. -'I Zi- l 3 Homecoming Baby Tiger Pride. Tiger mascots Kortney Oliver and Trish Saverbaum hold the mascot for the year 2000, Shining Bright. Geri Rowe takes a ride around the track after becoming a senior Homecoming attendant. ft z- .. .. - 4 51 iw ,dv-in ' 1 f R' , 1, fi 5 1 is 51 af , f W , ff' m f. , 'fig1,, ,JJQEHEF 'iff f' W' w e ff. H W- ., 1 I K f 'CE n ,1 so .b G 11774 mfg ZW11, 1 .L 1 , if if f X QM! 5 -W cv i i , KW I f u 2 Q A ef 'M 'L gy ,, 6 in if 'L 22 Q' , 5 551 nl' '15 All f f W, ig, 743, gl .fx 2- ? 4, Eli Mrs. McNamara? Mr. McNomoro showed his spirii by wedring his dress for Dress-up doy. 1 is 'if , is i iii., if 5? 51 is Pl Qs ng E Black N Gold Ddvid Rochiiffe poinied his fooe To show Gilberr Tiger Pride on Fridoy. Really Twins? :'I 6: Homecoming smiles dboui dressing alike on Twin ddy. No, only sisters. Sisters show , K, . . ,g 4, ss .iE i 5 "l Think il wos reolly cool on Friddy of Homecoming week because whenwve hod The pep ossembiy ev- eryone wos weoring block ond gold," scrid ju- nior Lori Hummer. s l g Spiril week siorledifoff wilh Monday being Twin dey. Various friends, cou- pies, ond even some recil swans dressed Qlskesidna did Their heir The sorne. Tuesday, Sieve Wolver- Qilperl Tiger Spiral ses To The TOD ion wore his big wool irenchcooi and o hor for G-rear Whiiefghlorlh dayf, Siudenls were supposed to dress up in onylning worm ski clolhes, ond wins ter pdrgpheneiidi Wednesday, iigis lvl r. MCNCJVQ more kepi froclirions by wearing his dress whiie making his girls freshmen volleyball ledifnweor 'riesi i Mos? girls wore their dress- es while the guys wore 9' Take off, heh! Julie lvlurroy ond Belh Ldrson ore dressed up for Greer While North doy. TOGA, ToGA, TOGA! Joe Dodgson wonls lo know if There is o sesome slreel in Togo lond? lies, Thursdoy, sludenrs were supposed io dress in sheets ond lrylsy lo look like the Romoris ds much os possible for Togo doy. Numerous ideos were i9GVQS in hcrir send rope belisoround lhefwoisrs of students iogos. This weeks czcrlviiies reeiiy showed Gilbert Spir- it twsifrhe monyisiudenis who dressed up to show Their pride in Their school, Ready for lhe Snow? Dee Roy is dressed in her ski clolhes for Greol While Norlh dey. :'I 7: Sludenl Life Shining wiTh The SpiriT ille wiTh Pride SplriT week was held cluringThe4 week of OCTO- ber 25-34, The armo- sphere was filled wiTh a sense of spirir and pride, ThroughouT The week, There were designaied day off wirh Twin day, fol- GY dress-aprdays. T T Monday starred The lowed by Tuesday and greaT s whiTe norThgday. This was a very inreresring day, because sTudenTs dressed up in ski gear and snow gear, The air condi- Tioning was noT Turned downglwednesdrayrr was dress-up day wiTh T hars- day as Togo day. Friday finished The week wiTh The spirlTed black and gold day. T "li was a really fun week for everyone in- volved. The funny parT was wahshingy The dress- ui:5VTconTesTs Tarball The dressgup days," said Marcy Freeman. WsTsfef'f"Wf'f iii'iii T lwW'T""W AJKA Ml T' N.. RlSlNG I HE I OPJT Q? , .A...... , rr-sr W. , . ...,,s. , , . .W ,... . A . H I' ' so .u Tm'--s 7 S ' so ' f- . X4 T iissssxs K il N -rs-gr T "" ,O jg T X- -. - ss? T . s T s T ' APPX ' 1 - s .1 ' T - 55 F r 4, xl T : 'fam K, a -me ' h i s ' . -2 W -,. ,Q mp 1 E I 1 f 1 .Q N 5 T ff' W fr.s T " T fins, grv. l l A if 4- Q Y ' T N ' T is rr 'l'- f wr T T rrr sri T T T 2 T' ' T l 'rx Q . f t A Q' T ,Y Yi W wr. I sffiu 'W' Xl s it rf X s i g: f , A 5 ' A Y ' 1 ' I ,, . r ,Q 1: N N V. . I ' 1 Q fe 4 ls X , ,gt si K K f , l X ,T ., 'QT it P T ' Q T u T T ' as ' T s " ' sf T T se u 9' . sd js - Q bd I 24 I f w in . 5 A ' ,r, The slomach man. lvlr. McNamara shows his greaT school spiriT during a pep assembly on Friday before The Homecoming game. His prize winning sTomach won him a pie in his face while The sTudenT body looked on. .., is T n 02. X: , 6 The masked Tiger. Rising To The lop. The band of pride. The sTudenT body, wiTh all The GilberT marching band Their spiriT, show up for The plays ThroughouT The halls Homecoming assembly. showing Their spirlT. :T 8 .': SpiriT Week Brandon Sullivan shows his pride for his school by painring his face as a Tiger. ri Who is that painting masks? The unideniified spirii-filled, Tiger-masked siudeni is pciiniing foces for fellow clossmczies, Tiger in disguise. Mark Losier is disguised as Tiger To show his spirii. :'I 9: Siudeni Life . Dedication of Campus .eginning The dedication of the new high schaat 9 CGm9Q5ry took DIGCSX onfftistiiirtifember 'l2.lilfI5fj was can evening at nostalgia for somep with many tang-time residents of Gilbert in occasion. Amongthe invited guesytsgltltglelrfey two graduatesgpto the classes ot?t948 and 1925. Current stu- dents were also on hand toyiew the the introduction of a time capsuie pro ,sect by Mrs Sharon Kiselyk Gtherswwho Etsiarticipated ceremony included student council members. tumor attegdence to witgyf nersssithfe histosricgis? P uefifiieiesion. i Campos was beauti-'fi tutty decorated with tteshftiowers and rg potted plants tor the Community leaders School board members Don Skousen, Norece Hatch and Sam Udall participate in the dedication ceremony. ceremomifslwhach in- cludedf by schooi i iiifdflmem- bers Myiria Shep- pard, Nagece Hatch, Julia McCleve, and Don Skousen, and sfeisfifi Kneuersfsne 9 1350585 of theiilpgas 5991- I MY? HOl'1Ofed QUGSIS 'l9'l8 Gilbert graduate Gertrude Cooper and John Freestone of the class of 1925 were the guests of honor at the ceremony. FUfUl'e leGdel'S Members ot the student council witness the historic ceremony which marked the beginning of a new era for Gilbert High. 20: School Dedication Award-winning speech A new beginning Junior Glenn Knauer School board presidenT addresses The crowd in a Myrna Sheppard accepTs moving speech wiTh his The ceremonial key To The award-winning speaking school from projecT sTyIe. archiTecTs Rob DieTz and Mr. A Hofmann. .. W ,. . ifff A1 me helm In appreciation Superimendenf Wqnef School board member Julia l Delecki and Principal Paul MCUGVG' VGCOQVWZGS The Husion lisTen inTenTly To The dediCGT6'Ci Service Of pfegemgiions during me projecT archiTecT Rob DieTz. ceremony. lllllil zilzl STUCISDT Life l'd like exira cheese, o ancnovies, please! i 7VDoes Burgerfking, Arby's, Pizza Hui, Bo- sha's, or Swensen's sound good? l-low about To work in? i Wouid you iikelflfo vis- ii? 'a day-careoenier because you hap- pen lo love kids? Would you like 'ro in one?uiiiQQ, fwork. For many ii 'meani hard labor, long hours, and some hard fimes, Of- frenfrhough, srudenis Arby'S Cheryl Huniing geis a cusTomer's RC cola. Ldfge pepporoni Lisa Cox rings up one of her cusior'ner's Tabs ai Pizza Hur. 22 Work W" Has, 'sliked inesriiieiiisy "1 have a job so I can afford my car. I enjoy my job loe- oause eyerygone ar fffiBasha's is ooo? A and Quinn is a cool man- ager, said junior Da- vid Brimer. i A need formaney, social ooeasions, ll and mareriayliiems was whai semi slu- alenis on The prowl f0f 0 iob- 5, "Hike are work iss- 'fcause of exfra money. C S want The money io pay for oar insur- ance andygsstuff like final," sai iisenior James Bonof IT seemed when you had alicia, you had no mosey lime. ssyyyfsslfvhaleverigiifiei rea-s Bon you nunflsed for a job for, you go? ine credit for The job you did. C -We W iww Baby Iclk 2 L VVAV ,,,3,,M Tohyo Roberis holds OD To O ,,,' F child GT Mory Moppeis Doy , X Core cehier. You've got a friend Junior Dovid Brimer works horci To bog cusTomer's groceries fosi or Bcisho's. 1if23?3'5 A 'S ,,,. I I VT to Wcni some buns? Senior James Boho Tokes some buns off The shelf oi Swehseh's. :23: Siuciehi Life Poliiics, Religion, Scandal ear in review Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker Twins fake series Afier confessing To a sexual encounfer wifh Kirby Puckefi and Jeff Raerdon of The a young woman, Jim Bakker was forced To lVlinnesTTa Twins, celebrafe Their World Series leave The PTL ministry. viciory over Sf. Louis Cardinals, Xi iw .1 Y ' Q .afo- :2Zl: Year in Review Persian Gulf Pope Paul II President and lvlrs. Reagan greeted The Pope when he arrived for his nine-cify four Q? . is '4 l AS The Uniied Slales began To escorf vessels To profecf Them from Iran. Ollie Oliver Norfh shook up The Iran Confra hearings wifh flair. The Stock crash The Iargesf drop in hisfory, a drop of 508 poinfs, Took place on Monday, Ocfober 49. ii i y ' l 'W r , s s Kos . - s i 2.f:'X ' Zi ff' ENE f 'ig 5 Q fffiii . Lfrkw-fff 'YXL , W Sv' ings , , ,., .1 Q, 41 l fix' OTRY. i it uzh Q 'I' fs s ff ,wffffb W 1l W . .rn :AKEN 4 . Y The garbage barge The barge filled with 3,128 tons of garbage became a national joke and symbol of worsening garbage problem. Gary Hart and Donna Rice Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to drop out of the race after it was reported that he was involved with Donna Rice. l-le later re-entered the race for the presidency. AIDS AIDS had killed nearly 25,000 Americans, millions of dollars has poured into medical research and president Regan has proclaimed the plague i'Public Health Enemy No.'l" :25: Student Life lVloking The mosi of our doys off Who'r's your favor- ite weekend pos- fime? lf you were like mosi srudenls This yeor, you enjoyed going To porries, loking your best friend or o doie 'fo ine ioiesi movie, or doncing your socks off oi your fovorile Teen nighiclub. "i just like going 'lo parties ond some- limes l go 'ro The Devil House," soid sophomore Anihony 265 Weekends 84 Doiing Jockson. Senior Jo? son C-Sonzolos corn' menieol Thor he just -liked going our wilh his friends ond moy- be pioying some boskellooll on o Sor- urdoy ofolernoon. Dick's Drive-ln wos olso o ploce To go. Noi only o ploce To eor, on weekends ihis was ine hor spor for finding ornscom- ming" on members of The opposire sex. if you were inlo lhe o f medern scene. you probololy or' Prisms i Here you voiouid goiher with your friends in ci friendly ormosphere. And whor could be more reloxing lhon Qeriing Togerher wilh your rovoriie person or people To do ine newest ihings forgyour weekend fun? , Learning lo fly Mork McDowell Tokes cr doy off ond heods for The sky. Aflernoon delighl Tiffony Jones ond Doine Ellsworlh Toke o breok, Together, for lunch. ps, -5+ RQ ITL I it ' X P . P x no W 1 , J f ' Q ,A ', I Vw I ' ' 'i'f'iW1W'i , If. f A ,,, , - 'qw , .Q ,W H in ,. W, an , " I ' ' 53555 .,,..f.,nvv9"' Giloeri Ddys Provides Fun On me Weekeliisiesillli in many e ?'?f3f"9Vemb9f34ifx5fifl??i5l?5 W 9lfi5Qfi2 iisl l sirprbedly V903 ifof 9i'be?AiifEsi Sli? gbf2fF5Cdb0OihSf7f MDGVS, 0 rio-fO0fif1'Jf2igg rides Q l rzoofin' ioolin' westf 1 if?5iQf5QQTl3iesGilberl Days s em-style exirolvq- i ueen ogecxni was i and QOGZO' i 3'fsUdef31?Sai2 fyffiiiiifpgn of fhefesfivi- r Could beifoundpcariff ffi??iesL21lJonior Summer 1 fiiit lsiiiilli yl l s l K .ld 'I Gilbert Queen Gilbert Doys royolly includes lsr runner-up Tommy Hodlock, Queen Summer Ford, ond 2nd runner-up Nicole Vermillion. Having a blast Delaney Aslon, Holly Wilcock, Erico Nelson, Shonnon Hosiings, ond Michelle Siephens ore enjoying The boolhs oi Gilberi Doys. ... 28 : Gilberi Doys Show lhose leelh, Jeff! Homecoming roycilly Jeff i L Benneil ond Shownoh 7 Gillespie smile proudly ond ' ' wove To The porode onlookers. -JYYRSQQZWEHQQ TSW Www., Swenson smiles Check oul lhe girls! Dee Ray and STacey Zimmerman work The ice cream carl during The parade. Shawn GifT and Chris CowarT are exciTed as They visiT The many game and food boorhs. 76 lrombones . . . The JV band members mdrch proudly and sTruT Their stuff in The Gilbert Days parade. Gilbert princess Princess royalry include 2nd runner-up Lori Halliday, Princess Krislie Allen, and firsT runner-up Melissa Gledhill. : 29 : Siudenr Life Munch a Bunch of Lunch n and Off CampuS "Closes campus." On campus all day Then noT being able To leave for o break at lunch. This idea popped lnTo many minds during lasT year and parT of The summer. The school boards finally decide as ed To have open campus due To The loss 'of room in The cafeieria. ,When The new school was puilT, They did noT plan on having over 2000 sTudenTs, and The cafereria and paTio were Too smali To accamodcvre ThaT manysspeopie. Lunch. lT was a Time To relax for Those who stayed on campus, and ai sTime To rush for Those who lefT. Tiffany Jones said. 'il enjoy going ouT To lunch To Arby's wiih wmv boyfriend. v Lunch FOOITI pfide. Numerous lunch workers painTed Their faces up To show Their GilberT pride during spiriT week. Yum-Yum James ScoTT enjoys a piece of l'comb"' pizza aT Pizza HuT. Pizza HuT was one of The various popular places sTudenTs wenT To TUDCIW. 99? ,. 1 f T,-53 cha - Say Cheese Hope Reeber chomps inio o piece of cheese pizzo of Ricordo's. Choices. Numerous lunch siudenis munch vorious food iiems. The cofeierio offered o number of differnis seieciions, Pig Out Deonn Borney ond Toro Jones lough os some ononymous person imiioies "The Fridge" during 5Th hour lunch. 1 :i3'I: Siudeni Life 80's Style i. .Zz lifgiiiifttizggliihii :f '::5M5,,3.. jrgfzzztlzi' 4 ,. Q -W ..SiQUf Lg Mm. ... wmg. 5b,5ySs55 55?biQ5Qy3M5,Q?Z ,,wbi,bQb QF5vQb,hm mfezm .QUA m'. e ' t r ' '11 or W,,-- . i ,,1.h- ,Lh.. is Z3 N in I n 5 l , , . . gif 5 g g- .. Walking pretty .l Nicole Virmillin shows off her original style. Samantha Lansaell shows off her polkaclot shirt and jeans. Acid wash and surfin'! Erik Edmlsten, Sally Tapia, Doug Carpenter, David Wollek, ana Doug Pospisal demonstrate the popular surfer and acicl wash look. S323 Fashion Jeff Thorhock, Curl Collins, and Richard Killah wear The comforlable swealshirl look. Comfortable clothes Guess who's coming to dinner? The uncohvehlional Robby Schullz expresses his owh siyle. I' , nv, """"i 5fW1f"'x 1.45. ,... Jusl casual . . . The fabulous Thunderbirds Deahh Barney and Tana Rob Giles, Jonathan Hickman, and Briah Mobley Peiersoh show The dressy model a modern look. DUT cool look, ..-'331' Sfudehl Life i Hot Entertainment Trends ew and old alike . What was hot? What was not? Horst rocker Jon Bon Jovi was in, as were the roppin' Fat Boys and Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. Janet Jackson was nomi- nated fornine Ameri- can music awards, ond. superstar Whitney Houston. maintained BOD Jovl Hard rocker Jon Bon Jovi struts his stuff for the crowd on a recent concert tour. -311: Music her poooiarity with one hit after another. I i in entertainment, Tom Cruise was still a top box-office draw, and who broke hearts everywhere when he married his lady-love. CiharlieiSheen become the new film heart throb after his success U2 y Bono, lead singer ofthe rock band U2 opens a concert in New York City. Tom Crulse Actor Tom Cruise poises with his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. in Piatoon. y in television, The Cosby Show continued to get top ratings, while another one of the hottest shows starred a little furry Alien Life Farm!-W-aiso know as Alf. i KX I The Fai Boys Whiiney Houston The FaT Boys geT Toge-Ther wiTh baskeTbaII greaf Julius "Dr. J" lr- ving during a news conference. SupersTar WhiTney HousTon per- forms aT Madison Square Gar- den in SepTember. ws 'Tr P' f"Nw.l. 'nf 'H s fi rm? I The Cosby Show The l-iuxTabIe family of The Cosby Show pose for a "family" "por- Max Headroom MaTT Frewer is The invesTigaTive reporfer whose compuferizecl alfer ego haunTs The TV screen in The show Max Headroom. W4 Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam Lisa Lisa and CulT Jam opened Their firsf major headlining Tour wiTh Their new album Spanish Fly. Alf One of Televisions hoTTesT new sfars was The alien Alf. TraiT. l : 35 : STudenT Life eniors in aclion?! i a g Nice smlle Hank Hank l-lllberl gives blood reluclanlly in The annual blood drive, Prayer Rick Hillard, Dee Hudson, and Brel? Sherwood pray they graduate thus spring, -xs,-" Swan 1 -so i eeer s .1rd-1 N. Q ,.fg whqfs behind Bennenq Whal's ihe quesllon? The quesll Jeff Bennett was always looking over Stephen Wagner had all The answers, Sara Wheeler is determined To gel an his shoulder, since he was so popular. or al leosl Thought he did. 'A' In physics Look al the concenlrallon, : 36 1 Senior Candids E' R Q- - li wx 5 in My -f .sv :.: if Ng Q i .iiil W lz" K S A K K s The Three dancers Michelle Prichard, Kaley Mills, and Aimee Packard seem To forgel Their names often, This a handy soluTion. Wlshful Thinking Wendy Wilcox asks,"Am I really going To be a sTar'?" F r TJHQQ. T' 2 ,s,,.s T' 1 Ml Qfw sf. Who dal? Punch Ilne Malcolm SCOTT asks, wonders, KaThy Anglin and Leah Guerro give ponders, considers, conTemplaTes, The courTesy laugh To Joel Packard's and Tries To answer The"for who" joke, quesTion, .Ewf,g,,V' LOST and found Sfacy Zimmerman asks direcTions more frequenTIy Than oThers, WhaT's The problem, STacy'1 . Why This now? Chad STephens puTs ouT a fuTile efforT To comprehend physics and endure Mr, Maher, Pen mighlier than The book? Xavier Rodriquez siTs on The fronT row To geT a closer look aT physics, Lets get out of herel James Lindsay and Rand Haswood making Tracks aT The end of The day. :37: STudenT Life a X Q ZW :MSS3 : EKEWKZWW Wmifyfzzifffw AIDS: An old but new Threal A frighTfuIIy growing epidemic of The year was AIDS CAcquired Immune Defficiency Syndromey which cripples The immune sys- Tem, leaving The vicTim suscepT- ible To a varieTy of infecTious dis- eases as well as forms of cancer. Junior YveTTe Velez expressed her opinion by sTaTing, HI Think AIDS is very scary and The ignorance of iT is helping iT To grow." The disease had no apparenT cure even Though some drugs slowed down The repIicaTion of iT or boosTed The immune sysTem. AbouT one-half of Those diag- nosed wiTh AIDS died wiThin one year. IncubaTion period was known To be 3-5 years, This meanT ThaT a person could have AIDS for 3-5 years and noT know abouT iT. Many sTudenTs did noT know The effecT of This infecTious disease because of The uncomforTabIe- ness of The Topic. Junior Jeff Hoenshell has some knowledge of AIDS and agrees ThaT This "will make me careful abouT my fuTure parTners and oTher reIaTed subjecTs." Are you afraid of caTching AIDS? Yes I T No: Do you believe you can caTch AIDS from inTimaTe kissing? 1 yes: A21 T No: sem sc g WhaT is The besT Thing abouT The new school? The fooTbaII sTadium g The WorsT? - The parking IoT gy The Mecham Term He was voTed governor in 4986. He Took office in January of 1987. From The mo- menT he was puT in The governor's seaT, conTroversy was noT far behind. Evan lvlecham had d carefree sense abouT him. He was ouf To run The sTaTe The way he ThoughT besT. He had ciTizens for and againsf him. Affer The firsT monTh in office he had The word 'TRECALLH hanging over his head. The firsT major decision Evan Ivlecham made was To recind The IVIarTin LuTher King Jr. holiday. This in effecT had The maioriTy of The sToTe in amazemenT. He also re- ferred To black children, in a speech he gave, as picaninnies. He defended himself by saying The word was used in a Texf book he used when he was a child. These acTions made by Mecham caused many famous black musicians To cancel presenT or fuTure concerTs in The greaTer Phoenix area. These concerTs could have been very big money makers for The sTaTe of Arizona. Mecham supporTers pickeTed The Ari- zona Republic and The Phoenix Gazeffe. They proTesTed whaT They saw as unfair coverage of The governor. These Two newspapers were considered by lvle- cham, ouT To geT him. He Then declared The Phoenix Gazerfe coIumnisT, John Kolbe, a "non-person", because of his wriTing dIoouT lvlecham, When June of 'I987 came around, The recall movemenf was in acTion. Ed Buck led The movemenT To geT Mecham ouT of office. By November The peTiTions were all in and ready To be presenfed To Rose Mof- ford. Ivlecham Then found himself facing a possible impeachmenf. The impeachmenT came abouT due To The alleged misrepre- senTaTion of d 3350.000 Ioan. In February, Rose IVIofford seT May '17, 1988, as The daTe of The recall eIecTion. The house voTed To impeach lvlecham on February 5. Through The enTire impeach- menT hearing, Mecham swore he didn'T break any laws. Planning IT OuT Speaking Up WhaT are you planning To do This summer? Summer vdcdTion is a Time for relaxaTion, Travel, and recuperdTion. FdvoriTe vdcdTion spoTs for GHS. sTudenTs include Rocky PoinT, IVIazdTlan, The WhiTe lVIounTains, Los Angeles, San Diego, and, of course, and Carrib- bean for The lucky ones. When asked abouT Their sum- merTime plans, several seniors re- vealed some of Their deepesT, darkesT desires: John Cuprak-"I plan To work as an ap- prenfice morTiclan and have as much fun as possible." Lance Williams-"Work wiTh my dad and prepare for colIege." Mike Howell-"I'm going To use my sysTem To win The loTTery and open up an Lebon- ese fosT food chain." Wendi Wilcock-"Work aT The YMCA wiTh IiTTle children." BreTT Sherwood-"Open a drug and alco- hol rehabiIiTaTion cenTer." STeve Wagner-"l plan To smuggle gray markeT iTems Through Tijuana, Mexico, inTo The U.S. for personal profiT." Shawn Forsgren-"I plan To Try ouT for The Phoenix Suns as poinT guard." Teen years are full of embarrassing mo- menTs. Several sTudenTs were asked To Tell dbouT Their mosT embarrassing momenTs, and here are The answers we received. WhaT was your mosT embarrassing mo- menT? April BuTler-"On my firsT daTe wiTh a guy, I was bowling. The firsT ball wenT flying backwards, and The second one sfuck To my hand." Andy Campbell-"When I was IiTTle, my family and I were rdfTing down d river and I fell ouT. I Then sTarTed screaming when I was in calm waTer," Shanie Wells-"When some friends and I accidenToIly walked inTo The guys locker room and I saw a guy in a ToweI." Kim Oliszewski-"My boyfriend, a friend, and I wenT inTo The girls baThroom aT lvlcDonald's and we were Talking. When we came ouT, There were some people we knew ThaT were wondering whaT a guy was doing in The girI's baThroom." Cami Wells-"My friend and I were in The baThroom singing, "I need you TonighT. When we sang The parT "Makes me swedT", we realized we were in The guys baThroom." The More Embarrassing-The beTTer! Advantages Jason WheTTen, a sophomore who Took Physical Educafion during "A" hour said, "l Took iT fP.E.j so l don'T have To Take so many classes my senior year. " There were many advanTages To Taking an early or laTe class. Among Them were geffing an exfra eleciive, more credif To- ward graduaTion, and eliminafed The need To Take ThaT class during summer school. Those Taking an "A" hour may have had To get up earlier, had more homework Cmore books and Tesfsj, and no school busses ran ThaT early before or laTe afTer school. l?esTricTed before and afTer school acfivifies were anofher major dls- advanfage. The reasons for Taking The exrra class ranged from graduaflng early To Taking an exfra elecfive. Some sTudenTs Took an "A" hour and worked in The afiernooon. STudenTs in "8Th" hour were also associaf- ed wiTh sporfs, like Track. Do you have an A-period? T I Yes: 4096 No: 9096 Do you Think Governor Me- cham should be recalled? Yes: 7996 - NOS 421, Do you feel locker areas are small? Yes: 54 '74, No: 11996 Should girls ask guys ouT? Yes: 4705 No: 5396 39 Mini-Ivlag Censorship wins STudenTs Lose AfTer an ongoing sTruggle for years, on January 43, 4988, The Supreme Courf ruled ThaT school adminisTraTors could censor sTudenT publicaTions. Some schools have had serious reper- cussions from The ruling. One ediTor, Mike Calcagno, resigned in California. Accord- ing To Calcagno, California did have an educaTion code ThaT allows Their adminis- TraTors To censor only if maferial can be considered libelous, obscene, or disrup- Tive. While CaperTino, CA, is having iT's prob- lems, Gilberf High School's paper hasn'T been as affecTed by The ruling. "Being funded 10096 by The disTricT, They've al- ways had The righT To look aT our publica- Tions. They hired me TrusTing ThaT I would noT prinT anyThing damaging To anybody or The school, so I operaTe under ThaT TrusT," said advisor, Mr. Abaroa. BuT The yearbook has been affecTed. "lT's a scary ThoughT ThaT school officials would be afraid of leTTing sTudenTs speak or wriTe The TruTh. lT seems To mean ThaT adminis- TraTors jusT don'T like To realize ThaT sTu- denTs really know whaT's going on. The yearbook sTaff has been wanTing To do some Things ThaT we can'T because of fear of disapproval from adminisTraTors," said ediTor ChrisTie Eckelman. WorThy Or NoT? Sophomore BeTh KurTz and Shelly Ander- sen agreed, "Yes, honors classes are worTh The Trouble, and hopefully They will help us geT inTo a beTTer college." Were honors or Advanced Placemenf classes worTh The exTra work? Will They benefiT The fuTure of The sTudenTs Taking Them? Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors Took honors or A.P. classes for dif- ferenT reasons, beneficial or noT. Sophomore ScoT Sfecher said, "I Took my honors classes noT only To push myself academically, buT To geT The exTra poinT average inTo my G.P.A. IT also looks good on college applicaTions." lvlosT sTudenTs do believe honors or A.P. classes were worTh The Trouble because iT raises The G-.P,A., looks good on college applicaiions, and gives some sTudenTs ThoughT ThaT honors were noT beneficial and were only Taking Them To be wiTh friends or please parenTs, V 1 C E Open or Closed? ,L 1 ' 5QffE545i5MVW X- L This year There has been a big conTro- versy over if There is To be an opened or closed campus. A closed campus is where once you geT To school, you are noT al- - V lowed To leave campus unTil school is dis- C, V . A T missed. There is no quesTion ThaT The sTu- denTs of G.H.S. would like iT open, buT The school board and The parenfs would like iT closed. The sTudenTs feel like iT Takes away Their I 4- - V W T , righTs To close iT, buT wiTh The numbers of V - car accidenTs ThaT come wiTh The open ' campus, The school board feels iT would be besT To close iT. 'il Think They should - leave The campus open, buT make lunch Q .V . ' ' V, longer," said junior Julie SmiTh. "I Think iT s T ' if . T T W T r gives us a sense offreedom and leTs us geT Q' V ' . l A a breaTh of fresh air from being inside all day," said Randle Moody. "iT gives us 7? some responsibiliTies and Time To geT away V ' V C ' from school," said Dianna BernoT, junior. V. f Q C , A ' C The majoriTy of The sTudenTs This year 1 V T 1 L ' s"' i T wanTed an open campus, yeT when peo- - ep gp ' - . ple do have an open campus, There is an - . VV' V' excess number of Tardies and absences. - The school board and sTaff feel ThaT They A V - ' V V VV ' wouldn'T mind an open campus, buT firsT ' M - ' . by C V if Q, 0 T , T A sTudenTs should prove ThaT They can han- . 4? f V are The re-sponsiblllries. I This year There was an open campus aT A C-.i-i.S., buT in The fuTure, who knows? -40: There are so many ac Tivlfies Today for us fo choose from, buT Television is jusf one ThaT many people seem To Turn To. All The differenT programs fo choose from makes if hard To selecf a good one wlfhouf ex- perimenTing. There 's a show for every dif- ferenf Time, sfaflon, and day, There are shows for youngsfers such as "Alf", "My Two Dads", "The Facfs of Life", and of course There are always carfoons. Many shows Today are based on Teen- agers and young adulfs. included in This range ofshows are "The Cosby Show", "A Differenf World", "Family Ties", "24 Jump- sTreeT". "Growing Pains", "Head of The Class", and "Kafe and Allie". Then There are The more serious shows like "ST. Elsewhere", "Werewolf", "Mag- num, "MaTlock", and "Murder She Wrofe". Any channel Turned To, has a vari- eTy of differenf shows To please The mosf diverse fasTes. Top Five T.V. Shows 4. "Growing Pains" I "The Cosby Show" Urej 2. "Family Ties" "Alf" 3. 4. "VVho's The Boss" 5. "PerfecT STrangers" ' 'Moonligh Ting " Uiej TV- 'OPS The Year in Qeviewp Happenings in Gilberi In July of 4987. Dr. Richard Riley, GilberT High School principal. announced his repo- siTion aT Tempe School DisTricT. AfTer nu- merous applicaTions and inTerviews. Paul HusTon replaced him. TesT scores of GilberT DisTricT ranked The Town The highesT in The EasT Valley again. July also broughT The fun and games aT The Val VisTa Lakes beach parTy, This evenT had more Than 4000 people show. Channel 3's T.v. newscasT was also broad- casT There. AugusT broughT choosing whefher or noT To have The new high school campus open or closed. IT was lefT open because iT was found ThaT The large amounT of sTudenTs regisTered could noT be served lunch in The pronounced Time. l.aTer. in January of 4988. The school board again faced seri- ous consideraTions of closing The campus due To The problems which accompanied The open campus. SepTember broughT The Pope's visiT. OcTober broughT The so-called no pass no play rule. Academic requiremenTs for sTudenTs parTicipaTing in exTracurricuIar acTiviTies were sTiffened. In November, Jeff BenneTT and Shawnah Gillespie were named King and Queen of The 4987 GHS Homecoming dance. The Tiger fooTbaII Team ended Their firsT season in The AAA-4 wiTh a losing record. GilberT Days was packed again wiTh beauTiful weaTher and The biggesT parade ever. GilberT High graduaTion classes of 4948- 49119 gaThered for a reunion. December broughT GilberT To a success- ful "AdopT-a-FamiIy" projecT. More Than Twice ThaT of 4986 were adopTed. In January. The GHS band was in The Fies- Ta Bowl pageanT of bands and The FiesTa Bowl Parade. The band also sponsored a ChrisTmas Dance. Co-Ed had The Theme song, 'Il Had The Time of My Life." The band. AITar Boys, visiTed GHS and performed a free. live concerT during boTh lunches in February. On ValenTine's Day, carnaTions were sold by The Spanish Club and delivered To many sweeThearTs. friends, and oThers, Coming Home week Turned ouT greaT wiTh many people dressing up every day. Morp was a big success on March 49Th wiTh many couples dressed alike. In May, Prom was also a big success wiTh many boys dressed in Tuxes and girls in beauTiful, formal dresses aT Val VisTa Lakes. 4988 GraduaTion was held on June 3rd. IT was an inTense acTiviTy. like always. Freshman shows Taleni SODIWOIS Dies Many sTudenTs have a varieTy of TaIenTs, buT are noT ofTen noTiced for Their achievemenTs. Freshman Jared Reading was a very TaIenTed and busy guy. Being a freshman in a big new school was raTher hard. Jared played on The chess Team and did very well during The year. He won firsT place In region Two inviTaTional aT Trevor Brown on The Junior VarsiTy chess Team. Jared was also involved in The greaT suc- Do you wanT a closed campus? H ' A cess of The GilberT High School Band. He played firsT chair french horn in The concerT band. Jared also played The cello. "I Think our band is The besT in The sTaTe!" said Ja- red enThusiasTically. Jared noT only excelled in band buT did well in school and was enrolled in an honors hisTory class. He also kepT busy wiTh his church and iTs youTh group. I How does one find Time enough To ac- complish all This? Well Jared says, "I like To be busy and invoved. In order To keep busy you need To seT your goals high buT noT seT Too many high goals ThaT you can'T keep." "He was jusT a nice guy. He never hurT anyone. He was funny. IT was weird, Though. because The nighT before iT hap- pened, we wenT To Devil House. ThaT was The lasT Time I ever saw him. The nexT day when I called his house and his parenTs Told me he was dead, I didn'T believe iT." said David Ruiz. In July of 4987. a Tragic evenT shaTTered The lives of many communiTy members. Tindaro "Rocky" Micchiche was killed while performing a communiTy service for The Town of GilberT. He was hiT by a car while cleaning debris ouT of a guTTer on GilberT Road. He chose The opTion insTead of paying for a Traffic vioIaTion fine. Many sTudenTs, family members. and oThers miss him very much. :M- A FOOd? Lillian Casey conlemplales whelher To eal school food or starve, STARVE! I il Senior Siuds candid look G.Q. l- Mark Carrasoo gives a pose and Tries To acl rnodesi. 4" 3 , . , ,l,ll Don'l Look Astonishing li's c bird ... Sara Wheeler, Geri Rowe and Elyssa Dahl refused 'ro have o piciure Taken. ls This Their best side? 242: Senior Candids lvlr. Maher leads Mike Nloding To enlighimeni on The pulleys. Shad Johnson sieals a 'Fry' while disiraoiing The vicilm. i1.l Intense! Paul Swanson and Clay Hawkins flex their muscles and strain their brains working on world peace. Gotcha! Raymond Lamar Whitehurst 'catches' Aimee Thorpe, and exclaims "hey guys she is a girI!" Control Verbal Lashing Kevin Richards uses his hypnotic powers to seduce . . . well never mind. Shawn Forsgren and Heather Pawloski have a friendly scuffle, which ends . . . or does it? ,..L.: , , l -u,- No Comment! D0h't Smile Tony Mitteer, qt Q rqre Mandi Oase tried to hide her moment, has nothing to say. Smiling face, but to no avail. Look Ma! John Cuprak proudly displays his creation. OOHl - Double check Aaron Vanderpool gets a second and third opinion from Mike Howell and John Cuprak. : 43 : Student Life "Say you will be mine" as we GHCG ine Diehl Sway! Dances were a place 'ro go after many sports activities and a good piaceio meer friends To have fun or jus? dance The nighi away. Same special dances were planned, such as Homecoming, C3amEd,, Mara. and Prom. Homecoming and Prom were The lfadilionals marching auffirs and wen? To an inexpensive restaurant for dinner. where 'fhebay asked The 'wherherli was a for- Qirl. Co-Ed and Nlorp were ffgirl ask, boy'Q i Moravwas unlike The oihers, ll was when U19 COLIOIG WOYG mal or a casual dance, l i had fun." said junior Lori Hammer. l l Wallflowers l.l Friends enjoy conversing wilh each olher and enfhusiaslically read a love noie bul whai aboui dancing? .l- - DODGE the night GWCIY Glberi sludenis celebraie ai The viciory dance, 1 All - DGDCGS . ,,.gf- ,, ,I J 5 r 1 r !' Check your shoes? ,W ' , W, ,, QW ' ff' The firsT dance of The year was a successful sock hop which was held ih The gym. Precious and Few STudehTs share a Tender momehT TogeTher aT The dance held afTer The lasT VarsiTy baskeTball game. Girls, Girls, Girls! Jommin' Tyler Williams is surrounded by girls aT The lasT baskeTball game dance. WhaT fuh! STudehTs "Pump up The Volume" as They boogie down, Making The holiday ,,AsraTi3e holadqiv gE2?m5Qf??9QE? To W? Ii Wcsoffil WGS? Onedef ergjunifyjherigrgiudegggljs , T :-46: Holiday needvq. T eaiiiliifffhelffiisr QSQJGQE? WSW lil? T Qfrfm- l?C1Ch'i?lUSSi?i?i iiii Sgffiilofif? The fresh Yii?iQvr?S?fQLfQl?2TiiQV6F2i Help for the needy STudenTs help organize cans for The canned food drive which was held during The holiday season, Pulling on the rilz ScoT MenTe is decorating The door for The door decoraring conTesT. drive oggi me doo? Thing 11290 TQ fofijiherggghitdregj.. or e T 5 i i V aiiideoriie acl T . ,WWV 3 Christmas wishing Dovid Shields, Sieve Swifi, Gino Flores, Brion Henry, Wendy Aoby, Kirk Wood, Siocey Nielsen ore visiiing Sonio. And whai do you want . . . ? Sonio qPoT Powerj seems reody ond willing To grcini Ms. Christy Po'rTer's Chrisimos wish. 'X 1 What? .1. Heoiher Keiion pduses To find oui who's ioiking To her. She wos decoroiing d door for Chrisimos. Z A 7 1 Siuderif Life roviding auality education for over 2000 students was a goal for the staff and administration. Educa- tion in Gilbert underwent a big change with the completion of the new campus. State-of-the-art tech- nology and the latest equipment combined to make the new campus a modern show-place. Academic subjects including math, foreign Ian- guages, science, and social studies strived to provide the basic knowledge necessary for post-high school studies. Vocational classes such as agriculture and home economics offered an alternative for students having no desire to continue with higher education. Many of these classes prepared students for high paying jobs in industry and for futures as homemakers. Special interest classes were also part of the curricu- lum. Students broadened their cultural horizons by par- ticipating in art classes and in music classes such as orchestra and choir. Performance oriented classes en- couraged students to become assertive and confi- dent, building self esteem in a positive way. - 48 : ACClClGmiCS in A sign of trust As port of c Trust exercise, Mrs. Scmerfhwoife folls into The strong orms of her woiring sfudenfs. 5? drninisTrdTion bredking new ground The cidrninisTroTion wos hedded by o differenT rndn during The school yeor. Mr. Poul HusTon wos The new principol. He hedded The odminisTroTion ond The new school. He wos known To The foc- ulTy os "Toll Pdul" becouse of his heighT, well over 6 TeeT. Mrs. Howkins wos on dssisTonT princi- pdl. She wds primdrily responsible for sTudenT scheduling ond sTudenT ocTivi- Ties. lvlr. Pico wos cilso on dssisTonT prin- cidpl. He wos dThleTic direcTor for Gil- berT. Mrs. Ldrimore, on ddrninisTroTive in- Tern, helped The Honor SocieTy wiTh Their TuToring progrorn. She wos primor- ily responsible for underclossmen disci- pline, ond oTher odn'rinisTroTive respon- sibiliTies. l can't fix it, can you, Sue? Mr. Pico sTiII dTTernpTing To fix The filing cdbineT. Hiding ouT Mr. Pico works on his filling cdbineT, Tesiing ouT his mechonicol obiliiies. 7.50: AdrninisTrdTion yliu.4 gyM,M :mi'um ,. H ' WfzbQ65 ilwf W . I :WW Q , ,Y J f 1 nv 4 ' xi 1-A' ,Imax dr Zfnufi .ehwyx if is I 6 We K E W: M 4-1 I? f ll 2 Q ng The dediccliion Mrs. Hawkins and Mr. Pico waicn in The audience as The aedicaiion ceremony Takes place. Giving an interview Mr. Huston giving Cnrisiie Eckelrnan an inferview for yearbook. yn - --W E N 2 s E X Q is .m'. Giving orders Mr. Husion finas ii necessary To give orders because he is The new boss, :5'l: Acadenncs XS 1 J . ss- , - s- -s-www H- ,ms.x QQQ?3Q F1 5 .S y s sa :QF 1 9R?5M?s3 1 A uiddnce dnd ddvice Counselors consulT wiTh mdny sTudenTs Con you imogine five counselors hondling scheduling for over 2000 sTu- denTs? IT sounds like on impossible Tosk, buT iT wos jusT one of The mony "impos- sible" Tosks underToken ond occom- plished by The counseling deporTmenT. The move To The new high school meonT more sTudenTs ond more pdper- work. Two counselors were odded To The sToff To occomodoTe The lorger sTudenT body. The counselors were responsible for providing services To dll sTudenTs re- gordlng lnformoTion on colleges, schol- drships, jobs, ond schedule chonges. They olso provided crises counseling services for sTudenTs wiTh emoTionol or sTress-reloTed problems. Eoch counselor porTiclpoTed in giving shorT presenToTions To eoch closs To provide imporTonT coreer ond oco- demic crediT counseling. ln oddlTion, o coreer cenTer compleTe wiTh compuT- ers ond college coTologs wos ovoiloble To dll sTudenTs. The coreer cenTer pro- vided SAT TesT preporoTion progroms for sTudenTs inTeresTed in Tdking proc- Tice exoms. The sToff included lvlr. Don Hornbeck, lvlrs. BeTTy HieTT, Mr. Deon Logon, lVlr. Chuck Thompson, ond lvir. Dove lVlorTh- oler. Hclrrled hard workers BeTTy HieTT ond Don Hornbeck Toke Time from scheduling To show Their winning smiles. A new Qddiiion New To The counseling office wos Ms. Jedn Logon, counselor for The freshmen closs. :52': Counselors Compuier pro Mrs. Peg Busler helps inTerpreT The SAT compuTer program for sTuclenTs. Scholarship anyone? Counselor Dove lVlorTholer keeps Trock of ovoiloble scholorships for inTeresTed sTudenTs. Keeping his eye on you! Sophomore counselor Chuck Thompson moniTors The progress of The underclossmen. :53: Academics Keep those lines straight! The marching band exercises during rehearsal as David Johnston, drum major, watches. On Broadway! Part of the avanced vocal ensemble practices a dance. Sweet Melodies Beth Sharp performs a tune on her violin during a performance, 511 Fine Arts MM 'S ' L isii sw s c,,, s Qs N Pt - A X Fine Aris Remember your firsT ploy, bock in The Third grode when you were The wicked wiTch of The wesT? Or when you ployed The finger cymbols for music cldss? Some people ore sTill involved wiTh mu- sic ond or dromo. These closses were offered Through The fine orTs deporf- menT. There were o vorieTy of music cldsses offered in bond ond choir. The orches- Tro consisTed of only sTring insTrumenTs firsT semesTer Then enldrged To include some bond insTrumenTs second semes- Ter. The rooms for The music closses were noT yeT complefed. The rooms s enTerToinmenT ond oudiforium ore going To be com- plefed nexT yeor. The insfrumenfdl groups were reheorsing in porfobles, ond choir wos reheorsing in on indusfridl orfs room. i'The biggesT problem wiTh hdving cldss in The porfoble is being Iofe To my nexT hour closs, even when l hurry," sold Sophomore Befh KurTz. Anofher porT of fine drTs is donce. Donce closses leorn o vcirieTy of sTeps. They performed in ossemblies ond oTh- er school funcfions. The donce closses did o doily work-ouT ond prcicficed donces. One and c: two . . . - What class! The odvonced vocol ensemble reheorses Junior Dovid Johnsfon, drum mdjor, one of Their roufines in prepordfion for o conducfs The morching bond of bond doy of performonce. Arizond Sfofe Universify. 55 ACGCTGVTTTCS Future engineers Freshmen Jacob Sheppard, Andy Bouvier and Joel SenTz puT Their minds To work as They consTrucTiveIy assemble Their works of arT. Candid camera Junior Donny Dorado works carefully To T55 4 V. .vi 1' i ' sw ' ,T . 1,-if , I f if 115, at N-W in iiriiri , T - 9 ' ' T .Mi I .',f f I mm, M f, -1-A Ariisfs in The making Lanelle Waggerby, senior, and Tracy develop film for his Dhoiooruphv CIGSS- Shreve-S, senior, draw diligenily in 56 : Visual ArTs Commercial Design. 5 ,,,,. .. 'E PM a-l K ...D E ' l T L'L" ,,,. I "" A , . ...Q Close your eyes for o momenf ond picTure This: cloy, poinT, film, dnd chor- codl. AlThough These ore jusT mdTeridl objecTs To begin wiTh, when puT To- geTher effecflvely They become on or- TisTic creorion. STudenTs puT Tools such GS These ond Their creoTiviTy To use To dssemble projecTs for visuol orTs cldsses. Visuol orTs included such cldsses os commerciol design, wdTer- color, poinTing, cloy, lnTroducTion To bdsic orf, odvdnced drowing, phoTog- rophy ond drdffing. Commerciol design wds TdughT by Mrs. McCdmmon. IT involved silk screening, colors, ond dn overall dp- precioTion of drT. Mrs. McCommon dlso TdughT woTercolor, pdinTing, dnd cloy. She wds serving her second yedr ds head of he visuol orTs depdrTmenT. nl om pleased wiTh The pdrTicipoTlon This yedr, buT hope To hove even more sTu- denTs enrolled nexT yedr, " Mrs. McCdmmon sold. Advanced drdwlng wds TdughT by Mr. Jdnkovsky, Mrs. McCommon's sTudenT Tedcher. my world , ArTisTicolly TolenTed sTudenTs oT work l 'Things l leorn in ddvdnced drowing ore benlficiol To my fuTure coreer plons," sold senior Terri BunTin. lnTroducTory To orT basics wds TdughT by Mrs. Grence. These cldsses were of- fered To freshmen. Focusing on Two ond Three dimensionol oreds were some Things These cldsses feoTured. Mrs. Grenze dlso TdughT d clcry-cerdm- ics progrdm. ln This progrom, sTudenTs leorned To build cloy objecTs by hond. PhoTogrophy wds o new closs of- fered which wds TdughT by Mr. Fujino. who wds dlso The phoTo club sponsor. Mr. Fujino TdughT five cldsses of pho- Togrophy o doy. Also ddded To The new high school wds o new ddrkroom ovdiloble for sTudenTs To develop pho- Tos. DrdfTing wds onoTher closs offered in The visuol orTs deporTmenT. Droffing I was TdughT by Mr. Brown, ond DrdfTing ll wds TdughT by Mr. Lorosk. STudenTs opened Their eyes To The fuTure ond They Took These cldsses To help Them ldTer in life. Crayolas can be fun! Senior Jesse Fronklin ond junior Orlondo Gronddo draw compeTlTively in hopes ThoT some day one of Them moy be The nexT Leonordo doVlnci. Please, please be okay! Ricky Gray, junior, looks opprehenslvely oT his negdfives. : 57 - Acodemrcs sTiTch of business skills prepare sTudenTs for The TuTure WheTher iT was The aroma of fresh baked cake or The bleep, bleep and The click, click of compuTers and Type- wriTers, The home economics and busi- ness deparTmenTs were always work- ing To beTTer Their fuTure. WiTh The sTaTe of The arT eauipmenT, These deparT- menTs are keeping pace wiTh socieTy's demand. The home economics deparTmenT TaughT our sTudenTs a liTTle biT abouT sewing, cooking, child developmenT, and home making in one school year. These are Things ThaT will be of much use in IaTer life. Also, in home econom- ics we learned To cook some very good recipes for differenT kinds of food. For insTance, pies, cakes, casse- roles, and oTher side dishes. "ln child developmenT classes we Talked abouT moThering, Teenagers having babies," said sophomore Dan- ielle Valenzuela. The business deparTmenT TaughT sTu- denTs abouT compuTers, word process- ing, secreTarial skills, which were con- necTed To The business world. These courses gave sTudenTs a beTTer under- slanding of The working world. WheTher a career person or a homemaker. These deparTmenTs prepare sTudenTs for life afTer high school. Drills, Drills Drills! Find fhuf file! Daily drills were an imporTanT pan of learning The basics of Typing, as These beginning Typing sTudenTs are finding ouT. 58: Home SC-BUSTDGSS Senior Debbie Holden pracTices word processing on one of The business deparTmenTs new IBM personal compuTers. Cough! in the oct inieni on her sewing projecT, Showndh Hood is surprised by The cdmero. Home economics cldsses were involved in many crediive endedvors during The yecrr. Ready . . . begin! Senior Mike Polfus performs d Timed-Typing exercise during his Typing cidss, AUfOl'I1CIfi0l"l Engrossed in her work, senior Dednnd Dunhdm mdkes The mosi of The hour in her OUTOITTGTSCI office mdchines cldss. :59: Academics vercrowding English To Did you have Trouble Trying To geT elbow room in English? Did your English Teacher have To bring a Table in for ex- Tra people? The average English class had ThirTy sTudenTs. Everyone had To Take English, because iT was necessary To have Those four crediTs To graduaTe. Six new Teachers were hired To help conTrol The overcrowding. Mrs. Brock- hursT, Mrs. Bagwell, and Mr. Powell who came from The junior high. Mr. Boba, Mr. Kemmer, and Mrs. Cardwell were new To The disTricT. Sophomore Angela Kiselyk, when asked abouT The English deparTmenT, The max said, 'il like iT because I plan To be a Teacher and This sysTem is helping me achieve This goal." There were a varleTy of classes of- fered in The English deparTmenT. The honors and advanced placemenT classes challenged The sTudenTs in wriT- ing and analyzing. The fundamenTals program was cenTered more on pre- paring sTudenTs for The work place and communiTy. The deparTmenT's goal was To promoTe high sTandards and Teach sTudenTs To expecT The besT from Themselves. First hour blues Neil Zawicki, Laura Adams, BreTT HusTon, and Craig STradling are engrossed in a discussion of The Pearl is Mrs. Sverdrup's sophomore English class. Testing Trauma Mike Abukhader concenTraTes on his exam in Miss Byrne's junior English class. 99.2 l fm Calc me! Rob Giles free falls inTo The arms of Dara Collins and Cami Wells as parT of a TrusT exercise in Mrs. SaTTerThwaiTe's oral communicaTions class. Essays are easy? Frank Sanchez and Rachel Moorer diligenfly compleTe Their in-class essays in junior English. X - ,ld qw!! 'W . an Yi. -I L " ,. sf , la-1-W T ss',ss i sn s I-65" "" ' Videc drone Dara Collins ana BeTh Kurtz are inTenT on The film lphegenia af Aulis. The honors English classes sTuaied myThology as well as The clas- sical pieces of iiTeraTure. :o 4: Academics aTh leaps ahead Solving algebra eauaTions wiTh liTTle room To breaTh and move wasn'T un- usual for sTudenTs in The maTh deparT- menT. Classes were packed, wiTh sTu- denTs spilling ouT of every available space. This caused some changes in maTh. Five new Teachers were added To ease The squeeze. FifTeen years ago There were Two full-Time and Two parT-Time Teachers, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Morgan. Now There are 43 full-Time and Mrs. Morgan parf- Time again, afTer reTurning from her Two year leave. New Teachers This year include Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Erwin from GilberT Junior High. Mr. Hughes was from Maricopa High School. Mr. Kass jusT graduaTed from Arizona STaTe Uni- VViTh no room To spare versiTy. AnoTher change in The maTh deparT- menT was The addiTion of 48 IBM 2 com- pufers. Courses offered included Basic compuTer programming for beginners, as well as Pascal and ForTran for ad- vanced sTudenTs. The head of The maTh deparTmenT. Mr. STone, devel- oped a grading program for Teachers. There is also a new program for sTu- denTs in prevocaTional. T'We enjoy boTh sTaTe and naTional recogniTion for The qualify of perfor- mance of our former sTudenTs," Mrs. Harris sTaTes proudly. BuT whaT's The besf reason for Taking maTh? As KaThy Parry says, "l need iT for college." . :ff if , kj i f z gi Q it y s . ... 9?- Circle YOUI' WGQOHS, DISCSG. Mr. Dudley had an inTeresTing way of geTTing geomeTric posTulaTes and Theorems across To his sTudenTs. He puT Them in a circle and made a game ouT of iT. Sardines in a can have more room than this! A class This crowded was noT unusual in The maTh deparTmenT. This was an average sized class. ff fi i "It's hard, but it's fun!" Monico Lc1Rosk smiles os she gets some help from Mrs. MocPherson in georneiry. Do engineers start this way? Tom Siroko gives his moth 'reocher his undivided oiteniion, hoping To avoid confusion when he Tokes his work home To finish. Can anyone spare ci chair? Overcrowding was o common thing in Mr. Loyden's closs of forty students. As most people found, it wos difficult to find o free sect dnywhere. "He's got the whole world in his hdnds!" This post yedr Mr. Keith Field, with three yedrs experience GS hedd of the sociol studies depdrtment, juggled his mony responsibilities over cldsses in- cluding freshmen world cultures, Ameri- con problems, three levels of Arizono history, ond economics. Sitting elbow to elbow ond dlmost on dnother's ldps, cdused four teochers to be trdnsferred from the junior high, ond one new tedcher hdd to be hired. "My socidl studies cldss is hdrd, but it is interesting ond fun to ledrn dbout other cultures," sold freshmdn Stephdnie Potter. 641: Socidl Studies ocidlly dcceptdble Con you "socially study" with your friends? Another ospect of history wds the diordmd project, which is still in progress by sophomore ond junior students. His- tory tedcher lVlr. Frdkes hedded the project with the help of Mr. Welcher, who tedches drt dt the junior high, ond lvlr. Shdrp from the industridl drts de- portment. lt included on estimdteol two yeors to complete. This project wds done ds dn extrd-curriculdr dctivity without the use of kits or mdnufoctured ports. Involving mdny sophomore ond junior students who wished to pdrtici- pdte, the dioromd depicted d bottle in ltdly during World Wdr ll. Positively slumped! A perplexed Karl Kaatz concentrates on his Arizona history exam. Come on, brain. Don'l fail me now! Junior Mike Buskas struggles to remember what he studied the night before during a history exam. l One more lime, please. Junior Jenny Stormo asks for clarification while taking notes in history class. Anchors Away! The 1986-87 Diorama, depicting a U.S. Destroyer in the Atlantic ocean during World War ll, travelled to New York with several Gilbert students for national recognition. :65 ACGCIGITIICS e a s u re This! we've now changed To meTrics f f . s - .... N Q: T - ., ss- ,, .s , me .W - Imagine measuring in feeT and inches all your life and Then being Told ThaT you have To measure in meTers and liTers. Since The counTry was changing To The meTric sysTem, our science deparT- Trips To KiT Peak NaTionai ObservaTory, The Air Museum in Pima, and The airporT conTroi Tower. The AviaTion class also Took a cross-counTry flighT To PrescoTT, Arizona. TTIGTTT CiGCidGCl Tl"lCIT WG could also. "I Thought' ThoT biology Would be OTher changes in The science de- parTmenT included a new living organ- isms room, inTeresTingly shaped lob sTa- Tions, and plenTy of new Teachers To ease The overcrowding. STudenTs Traveled To new and inTer- esTing places on The scheduled field X sw :U , . :oo: Science more fun Than chemisTry," said sopho- more Angie Kiselyk. "I enjoy animals and Think ThaT biology will help me un- dersTand Them beTTer." The Teachers felT ThaT This year was a good year for The Teachers as well as for The sTudenTs. Paying attention? Y Todd Young is doing a lab with his lab partners in Their ChemisTry class. C6H,206? , Sharon NighTengale and Brooke Hoskinson are checking Their beakers in ChemisTry. s This Sk iiimmisflsi sifq vs, I Irvs gk N 2 Af6f'l'f we hCIViI'lQ fun? Sdmdnihd Londsddle ond Shdne Goddk ore doing o Iob in Their science cldss. "Weight" cz minute Simone Ldndsddle medsures d liquid for ner science Idb. Oh, Really? Tdrd Rodriguez, Kim Cordon, ond Michelie ore engrossed in Tdlking To Their friends during Ldb Biology. ssiss g Acddemrcs wx is WhaT's new in indusTrial arTs'? indusTri- al arTs is Teaching sTudenTs skills for fu- Ture. For example, in auTo, They learn how To fix cars, change oil, and fix brakes. AnoTher subjecf sTudenTs were TaughT was consTrucTion, such as mak- ing jewelry boxes, cerar chesTs. and end Tables. Thaf was only a small amounT of indusTrial arTs, Though iT was becoming more of an educaTional pro- gram Than an arT. AnoTher course for The fuTure was prevocafional program. This program TaughT phoTography, plumbing, auTo, ovlng Cn wiTh indusTrial arTs and pre-vocaTlonal program. upholsTery, and plumbing. Plumbing TaughT how To cuT pipes and fix gar- bage disposals. There was also auTo upholsTery. STudenTs learned To sTrip cars of Their inTerior and make ones wiTh fabric. Sewing was anoTher sub- jecT sTudied. STudenTs progressed, They worked on projecTs such as jackeTs and sulTs. As iT has been shown, These classes were noT only for fun, They were To help sTudenTs for The fuTure if They decided To go inTo an indusTrial arTs profession. 68: lndusfrial ArTs F .J Aa? rf a ' , ,s..s 'F ,IP HEC Tffssggffsl FiX6f'UPef. Clark Brown supervising anoTher sTudenT while he repairs one of The Teacher's car. Is This The way To go? AlberT Munoz working wiTh a band saw, Trying To figure ouT which direcTion he needs To go. 5, 'Q 'E 3 3, . c ,ccc up ,.,,., ig S, ,gas . T ..r - , L Ni 3 ' f 5, 5 55' as ., ff.. X A is Q1 'Q' X Q iw - 1. W i Q N ,' sk W i . . as .Ng X N 'Hx x :N X A Q. s NN sh X s Ks-SX X S' ks X fx .wx N w W ,... s x i ,. -1-,IQ .f 5 I've got c torch for you. Sianley Wniiehursi is iearning how To use a Torch in The inausirial aris class. i i 4s 9' .Q Sewing if up. Tony Vesi is using an indusirial aris sewing machine while making upholstery for an auiomobiie. -69- 1 1. Academics k N i KN wxggxg- NQ fX W . .. . mg N xx Y H w X X F EV A My xx X Bi Q X Q QQQSX T . 5 MM ' -- 1 ,-:x. f,aNN"'x'wvsw .NM 1 ' , Lh xgiflfgg 3 in m ix wwf . , WW-S www +1 WS 3 Q 1? The Physicdl ond Driver's EducdTion depdrTmenTs seT ouT To improve phys- icdl os well ds menTdl dnd defensive skills. P.E. focused on giving sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To sTrengThen wedk dreds in The body while, dT The some Time, occenT The sTrong pdrTs. A vdrieTy of dcTiviTies were ddded when The move To The new high school occurred, in- cluding d super circuiT sysTem. Super uilding peTTer Bodies dnd minds by fiTness dnd film circuiT wds o closs ThdT involved weighTs, new Technology, ond o sys- Tem of derobics. The imporTdnce of sTudenTs under- sTdnding The ddngers of olcohol ond drugs mixed wiTh driving wds sTressed in The driver-ed depdrTmenT. Mr. PdsTor, The STudenTs AgoinsT Drunk Driving sponsor ond The drivers-ed Tedcher, helped sTudenTs reolize This. Buckle up for safety. LoTTo Thorsson geTs inTo o simuloTor in her sofeTy educoTion cldss. :7l ACGGGFTHCS o-Ag's new spiriT As G-ilberT moved Toward a new era, agriculTure was no longer an older, Tra- diTional deparTmenT. During The school year agriculTure broughT in new pro- grams such as agriculTure-business, horTiculTure, animal science, meaTs, agriculTure-mechanics, and vocaTion- al-agriculTure l. GilberT had a new meaTs faciliTy which was known To be The besT in The sTaTe of Arizona. An- Our fuTure farmers forge ahead. oTher big program was horTiculTure. When compleTed, iT provided insTruc- Tions on planT developmenT, propaga- Tion, and managemenT. AnoTher hoT Topic was agriculTure-business which broughT in compuTers and free enTer- prise. Even Though There were fewer farms in GilberT. VocaTional AgriculTure was here To sTay. Where's The beef? AusTin PeTTigrew shows his skill preparing a recenT kill in The meaTs lab for processing and delivering. :72: vo-Ag Chain saw massacre. Senior Troy Skipper and junior Debbie Burro are geTTing valuable experience in meaTs class for a possible fuiure working in a buTcher shop. . X .. . . 1 rigs ' s is-is X Ti' 1 T . . -xx .5-X. .. :gg -- ' QQ. K' T I VL . N s '.' we 5 g E T T. X si nwwevi. Man of Iron. Sophomore Tony R. Prilii is working diligenlly in welding while completing The Task of chipping a metal disk. l Heavy melcl Learning a valuable skill in welding, Tim Dugan works wilh his chipping hammer before welding. :73: ACCld6fTllCS D751 or mosT sTudenTs The school ddy ended oT 2:32. For sTu- denT dThIeTes, The end of The school ddy rndrked The beginning of long hdrd prdcTice sessions ofTen IdsTing unTil dusk. lVldny sTudenTs pdrTicipdTed in sporTs ds pdrT of Their well rounded eduodTion. STudenT dThleTes pdrTicipdTed for fiTness, fun, ond The unpdrdlled Thrill of compeTiTion. SporTs dlso pro- vided sTudenTs wiTh vdlues ond lessons They could benefiT from in redl life, such os necessdry menTdl ond physicdl Trdining ond d winning dTTiTude. Moving up inTo cldss AAA division one wds o chdllenge for dll sTudenT dThIeTes. Bigger schools mednT bigger compeTiTion, which resulTed in dn ofTen frusTrdTing ond diTficulT sedson for mdny Tedms. STdndouT Tedms included The girl's volleybdll Tedrns dnd The boy's cross counTry Tedrn, which finished Their sedsons wiTh d Trip To The sTdTe TourndrnenTs. IT wds d Trying yedr for dThleTics, buT dll Tedms Iedrned from Their experience. No room for whimps Members of The boys cross counTry Teorn ledd The pdck os one of The races for The GiIberT lnviTdTionciI geTs under woy. 75 SporTs Game Q My , 34 - the G , H Toke . Q .wMff,f- -.M .W ,gm my ,,, , , The ,, Y A 'ff, nib' W' L, ' fi il .1 Mk 7 7 SporTs Down Dn The Job. 2nd Ricky Rodriguez 2nd Team, ond Lo- mor Whi'rehursT 1st Team, DL Chris Cowcrt 2nd Team. W..-an - 1 - , h A 1 'N ' 1 -L A 5 . . v . ' l f ' .. 4 w"dZ"i?-iE'i'a"' 5' "i'1"'1'6' - , ,, , ': azgeaaf-111-g1251?47'Aso:is2e,99,, .54 ,, 39510 12 1 Q ivsgffsgfu asf I 'ff 'o - o -W WX ' ' A H5510 , ' 'a 56 3 w,.,4 X355-2 , - ' ",, X .S,- ",1 . Y-. . ,,,55?fj swugmo 1987Vdt'sl!y Footbdlioom K Top L-R: Scart Hdsfhsgs, Mott Amos, Mice Howell, Mark McDoweB, Demy Ciurk. Cory Noegle, Brandon He!mon, Chns Cowon. News! Slade, Ladd Smith, Mark Corrosco. Phib Camocho. 2nd Row: Wee Johnson, Troy Skipper, Mork Chesiey. Shown Dunn, Rick Pew. Mice Zcmfel. Shown Gift Ricky Rodiguez, Jef? Bennett, Loma' Whifehuzsi, Wce Ckctvough. Mark Lester. Sed Row: Sieve Shepard. Pt-Bm Ncxvcxfro, Rich Klrfon, Jason Srnifh, Kent Gberke, Pete Romonoskl. Rick Dunn, Bob Evefeit. Mmcolm Scott, Shane Johns. Joe Pefrone, Mdrfin Suckley, Brion Owen, BoY'tomARow: Ron Thorton. Joe Dodgson, Thofhds Scanlon. ZQIZQ Sticker, RICHQMCJPGH. K -'-AhA ' i ' 1 ' ' Handing Off. Mike Howell going back To hand off To Mork Chesley os The line goes To block, " scnd :78: FooTbdH WHO WON? Gilben Q 7 19 211 23 21 O 26 14 7 Opponem Horizon 15 Wesfwooa 36 Corona A Mounfain View 35 McClintock 28 Marcos de Niza 23 Dobson 23 Tempe 20 Chandler 15 Mesa A2 QMFW 19 on ugm, wifh Mark 79 SporTs , A , rx , f" R A A gh 6, 1 ,rn n H- l f . '45 l l I A ,V . 1 F "Lf L Q , , 4 Q , N. , - , .L 'uw' an n V112, xr isis 5 A ,...f"g A QE ,QU . R om A dk M i A A QL? ,amid SS sfregzafqgallfoofbdix iclpofcfw: RfQiMchc1.adferLlCQfi Malegiizncnowemwf , m llorsgaby.. lsl-meosfewcm. Defek DQhl.iAnciv 1 fi :Af1dnS.QJtS4'nesBoyQ?542loff: -BiHylBQidwlngJedHlglQyg Find gowz Sioveifvluihg 31 if LSQOTF Bl6'Qi5ngglCEli!lQ5?667I5Til?iQf-FY Coodhlsweagsfeb LCQCJCY1 RoQe5S,1CooCh1EmingLSieyQnPeyQz. Andy 1 fflkygifioueak91ii11N1gsi5fus,lSic:nlexqWtaiehuegsf,Iomkflm, ardircqgffaondvismwuizbkeqfney AdC'li'TlSL.ChfI3k A m -5,i35nz3er,'t1gQvmxle11Qg5Tgn5Mor!shLlnenHolcnu1JJ. smiwqmwlo Angktghc1e1.- Jerry l+urQfeq,lC:hrisiRuiggg , I f,4fYl0?1W9TB9mQ'1fiGi1QJ6hf1nv2He1QQiGQ?4Qffilrbwifolllivli Mi' Svsfcwfibfi Hwbalfov f2'6ff16Hf4o TOM Bfefff ' l 1 f5f0F5if5iEQl'Y3TfIl Yeoh h-A -I fi '-i :H ' '::::"1:"' 01 Q:--: ffgsi ,r ge: 5' K -- . :xg 1- ,- -- 1 J.V.fFreshmen FooTboIl Lelling il fly Sophomore John Dillon C143 Throws To Trovis Downs 1225. M.u,,.W.w,MmwW,,, ,,,, , P WN,-Nff, -'mf ,..,,,1W,,, . ,,z,,,,,,,W,P,, ..U.M,,MW,,WWMmmwffm,--Ww,Mw1f:qg-H-we fzazxrs, :'z1,::.zz ':,::igMggggg555Wm,,,, nf MAWWWQ, WF .,,,,,,,,, .,,A,.,,,W W ff , ,M,myMfmqsL1wwmiaWniasme2:25na5wwwflilfffiffwff-fff-wx-'f'f .,.::z:x: ',,,. my-W ,. . , .,,, W,W..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,k,.,,,,, ,,.., ..,,, . . ,..,,, , . ,,,, A ffl, "'-ff fn11g5g1.5yzevfz1m,.gL,,,g1::,m,,,,,M,,,,:,.W ffl- 1,,.:.,, f..-f ,,.:.,,f'm1,,w, ,,,....,,,,,.W,,, ,l,,X,Z,,,f.,,I..,,m,,...,,,,1, mfW..m .,,,, mAMwM,:.,, , .,,. ff jwlgffww VV I' fZTf1Zliiiii5I'ivf5"'C "nL ' kWH57H fl ' , k-" if'fME2iff-E:::?:55i945755EiY'5727,5?'1'f?3Wx 'V'Y'7'977'1ff'll,"u 1' ' " - l 1 f' 11jj:f'f5H"j,1li' . k,,,,,,,,wH V , W :,..:M.:w , lr- in .fc f152J:EY"LETi:V :,Jx2f"f Jwffmi' ,, ...,,,.,, 1,44 , V fQs,:,.::,,zz:s:zf1"- xiffszsh f-., 3 f ., . , ,, , A V H ,, l m ,ox ,,..,, ...,,, .,,...,,,. N , ,, ..,,,..,, tggpga iz? ' Exif' 1' 1' -"' ,, fm an ff , 4, l ,ol,oo l o llll W ll,,l: V .,,. H, . Y 'MWQW ' Q' on Z , . ., ,,,..., my, , f I "' 57-9' f .fl f':,m--,mffffw mm-,W,W,:,,,, JV. Football, Top row' Jose Chavez, Roger Parker, Pat Baurnel, Trevor Walker, Greg Clare, Curtis Sutton, Shane Faulkner, Mike Ray, Pat Alexander, Jeff Funicello, Eric Lindfprs, Ray Stickler, Blaine Hoopes, 2nd row: John Cox, David Rice, Robert Barnhart, Lanny Johns, Brett Hadlock, Nathan Carroll, Aaron Peterson, Gregg Edgar, Chris Parsons, Shane Dille, Eric Fike, Terry Bonner, Brad McDaniel, 3rd rowi Cody Hatch, Chad Peterson, Chris Eaton, Victor Cordova, John Woodrome, Jason Ragland, Coach Meyer, Coach Benner, Shad Sechrist, Juan Rodriguez, John Dillon, Mike Hudson, Travis Downs, Mark Thorpe. Kneeling: Steve Harper, David Ruize, Peter Valasquez, Matt Davis, John Payne, Matt l-levvord, Dallin Anderson, S Jeff Sevison. 5 I ! - A , 7, ,, I 'kf V W ll ? sgsk a .331 B25 j5, ,l2,gS0 .ffl 11 4 M ,222 56 p in 1. i,f,,1,bi ,sry 4: , fi K K g? g ,,, , 1 LE , , V , E ,,,, , -,rf swf? i l Zlv il ? - . i, 5 L L , l lrly l '1"' f " ,,f,,, l llill f A l s l Q T -uffgmg:,,5,5.:":,'Vf:s,, H f- 3Vffi:5g5gsf5,g5:,,,,, , i J 5355221-iflfffi - ,, ,,-IffE!,?ff!"Y' WI-IO WON? l l J.V. Football' WGSTWOOCI Freshmen: Corona Mountain View McClintock Marcos Dopson Tempe Chandler Apache Junc. Corona Willis Jr McClintock Marcos Fremont Jr. Ternpe Chandler Jr. L W L L W W L W W L W W W W W W E: 8 4- Sports .Quai-:las QS . 12' f pgvaz-1,3-1 if ,sms 1-mfs,-.fmm ,q,,,,',, :"i 4 7,l,i7 S -girly r- 1 4987 Boys Golf Team Top L-R: Shown Wilson, Steve Wheeler, Dee Hudson, Steve Babcock, Don Exley, Mike Polpnus. Front row: Tom Beebe, Rick Ashby, Wes Hommon, Tyson Anderson. WI-ICD WGN? is i r lnvitotioncrl 249 lnvitotlonol 232 Invitotionol 230 488 Dobson 205 246 Tempe 244 242 Morcos 244 494 Cnoncller 207 494 lvlorcos 240 202 Mt. View 220 476 Corona 495 204 McClintock 230 224 Corong 233 485 Meso 484 499 Westwood 249 Tempe 478 496 Cnondler 244 247 Corono 223 495 Mt. View 478 Regionols 346 Regionals 340 Medalist Kristen Burk wos the girls gofl teom's 7 time medolist ond ploced 44tn out of 60 , , GWR, , Y 7414fif"iV5Z22i'flfffffiiffyzfi izggzzwmsfggafigffzii,QLLM "gfgr2zifgg:1'4i il 83 Sports The caplalns Elyssa by sensor and Melinda Smilh helped The Team Tremendous- ly. We didn? have a solo slar 'fo build The Team around. We had o greal cleal of lalenl in special areas," Coach Boone added, ladies really young playing .N 3. -...W ,.Ql' :8Zl: Volleyball N Wim -5' E? inf 'lf , T13 " ., fd . Q, I 2012 ear, ' :W 73 Q.-.E n , - 4, .v J A A ' H , bf Ni-Rt. ' -Clin , A L L M y if 1 V ' 'A ' ' . ,A,, ,W iiis issi A A L A w 1 Ace! Senior Melinda Srniih goes up To spike as ieammaie Elyssa Dahl waiches carefully. Wi-ICD WON? Stare Scores Canyon del Oro A-45 45-0 45-'12 Camelback 111-lo 'IO-45 Season Overall 16-6 Horizon L Chandler W Kofa W Carl Hayden W Tempe W Dobson W Corona W Tempe W Corona W Min. View L McClinlock L Westwood W Marcos W Mesa L Dobson W Chandler W . Mn , V,,: .,k, K .,:r,i?:,:lEffylV,, , -,, ii ..:--. W V ,, .- ,f,' I I , f 315, if Z A, j L . 'iil L L L 3 ,ff fff-" L .1,,, -"lQ L, ,V L J' L y Melinda Arcella hiis as crowd and ' L V- L Teammaies waich exciieclly. L an-L .1 ' L ,r,y , L' 772 W: ff' 3: L is A , ,f ' ., Quinn gppabgm :85: Sporis Sw! ' ' A l , T ll TT 8 T 75 9 , , 12 R Junior Varsity Volleyball Top l.-R: Coach Renae EvereTT, Lisa Toenjes, Nancy Hornbeck, Holli Wilcock, Jodie Knapp, Missy BechTel, Marcy Freeman. BoTTom L-R: ChrisTie Kendall, Laurie Fuller, Tonya Regoli, STephanie Dillon, Charlene Thompson, Kari Michaels. BUMP . SET . . SPIKE! "IT was greaT To coach such a fun group," said coach Renae EvereTT. Renae, serving her firsT year as coach, Took over for coach DuTy who had To resign for healTh reasonsf'We had a loT of good individual players ThaT really came TogeTher and played as a Team," said coach EvereTT. Holli Wil- cock and Tanya Regoli were ouTsTand- ing players who moved To varsiTy for posT-season play. The overall season was 43 wins and 4 loss, a very encour- aging year for The lady Tigers."The Tal- enT This year looks very encouraging To build The program on for The fuTure," said Coach DuTy. 863 Volleyball Hii fhclf Ball! Sophomore Holli Wilcock serves up several poinTs for The J.V. Volleyball Team, WHO WON? lawl Junior Varsiry Horizon W Chandler W Kofa W Carl Hayden W Tempe W Dobson W Corona W Min, View W McClinTock W WesTwood W Marcos W Mesa L Dobson W Chandler W Overall 1 43-4 gi l 955 il s- sm-as ,,,-Y ,.- N-sfssfasww U V . . ASM. ,.,ss, X -,Qs A .5--1 WM ssss 'ss ,..... ,,,, 'C l "' 4 S is T . T, sf f,--:s-l1s-- -M ...smiles-Mlm - ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, , X l s ,,,.,,,, so ,.,,,s, T I ...'. Z g x X S lr .. li . K ' xwwl ,. L.:?-::f,'::.:F515'F5- X-if iiw' i -"W ' -I Wi-IO WON? QQI Girls undefeaTeol: Freshman Powell Carl Hayden Tempe Corona Tempe Corona Carson McClinTock Marcos Rhodes W illis Chandler Overall 2 42-0 Freshmen spikers Smash opponenfs The freshman Volleyball Team had a very oufsfanding year. WiTh The coaching of Mr. McNamara and a loT of hard work, The Team had an undefeaf- ed season."We worked hard, had fun and sTill came ouT undefeaTed," said freshman Donna Jefferies. Lacey Miller, Jennifer McDowell and Nikki SmiTh noT only played well buf had The opporfuni- Ty To parficipafe in The Junior Olym- picsf'We were always ready To play a game no maTTer whaT!" said freshman Befh Washburn. Good job girls! Freshman Volleyball J Top L-R: Befh Washburn, Kerry Morfon, Angie Mascaro, Jennifer McDowell, Lacey Miller, Casey ' McKeon, Coach McNamara. BoTTom L-R: Shana WinTerTon, Monica Brown, Donna Jeffries, Nikki Smifh, Bobbie Mahoney. Z8 7 Sporfs 1 ffm. ,. ,,, Q A ,g 3-.4 iii ki like g ,.5.. P K. V 2885'- Swimming i Cefnenfef fiisfefsf-GSS plCJhS1TO furiheriiisiskiiis iniiswimmingbyi Woking? sfcfre in The 400-meter buiierfly and getting ea SChQ???E?h'P TOvf?5?S'U'H' . i Beach Bums-without a beach?! The girls ond boys swim Teom relox offer enduring compeiiiion. BOY'S swim fedml Billy Blandin, Lance Mclnlosh, Ben Allred, Mark Beals, Bobby Basha, Mark Blandin, Gary Wolf, Randy Harward, Candy Mclnlosh, Shawn Mclnlosh, Adam Smilh, Chris Mills, Brian 7 Swain, Brian Marion, Doug Pospisil, McKeII Harward, Doug Carpenler, Jim Lairmore, Juslin ' Cook. gf Girls Opponent AO Min. View 53 McClintock 70 Weslwood 86 Mesa 59 Marcos 75 Tempe 72 Corona AO Dobson 85 Chandler Boys A7 64 52 67 72 'IO1 84 45 65 .L r - K V krrrk ikili lfrix " ' ' K' 89 Sporls Body Slam! Gilbert Varsity players reach heights to retrieve the pall. S i ti? , E -ggi Y E silos 969212 1987-88 Junior Varsity Soccer Top L-R: Dustin Sanders, Darren Skarecky, Craig Stradling, Jose Chavez, Chris Carpenter, Justin Russell. Middle L-R: Coach Mehdi Amiri, Steve Rawlings, Nate Orndorff, Andrew Vanderpool, Mike Socie, Nathan Caroll, Coach Saeid Yahyapour. Bottom L-R1 Jim Larimore, Eric Rosenhoff, Todd Russell, John Gaines, Scott Daniels, Ralph Nolet, Brian Hemp. 'Q 1 T WHO WON? 4, Q Q I Varsity Chandler L Westwood L Corona L Mtn View L McClintock L L Marcos L L mmVV h Tempe Tie it Chandler W - Us Mesa L Dobson L Junior Varsity Westwood L Corona L Mtn View L McClintock W Marcos W Dobson L Tempe L L ,,,,,,,, ,s,,,,,, Clwfldlef L ss 'ss s E 1: ,:fwzizfzsiftzizxifiii yfgzrrry K 90 : Soccer "' I 94 : SporTs The Sfdffihg Line. The boys' cross country taking off To 0 runmng s'rcr'r C11 0 meet . : 2 "4 In Q' 2' I - , . .. ..... 4.5 , . 4 . . , . . . ' n -- .X . A ., ee., Q, . 4 + 'N' e. . , Q. ' K Q' f we -2 ,- x z, .-. -K' ' ii' '- 195-' ' 9 . S ' , vf XQYQ. F:-jg. Q 'W W: 5' fi .Sql 1 W fx liifi' tl' L . n n Q. Q -Q .V+ A ,n .X k-,:,, -- - . .s . .,, .. . - me 4. " Q iv, ' ,. . sf ti'-Q . .., ,xt ,N g rr- , L., K 1: ki. ,X :,QsQ.,. . . ,Q we . ' Q A .f ' - gf' A a,,,..Q, M H 'uh .. ii K-f . Q 'f59's1f3.Ls x"'T1:g5"'7x. . af, J Z " f .J sq! . A - y 1 W 44 J 5 ., ' ' V K i z 'Q ' 1. 'W N , 013 91 ... 5,5151 - x 6 J Q A 1, A .x - - - Q in Q ' " km.. "" . 4 "' 1 L wx 5 Q 0, '? dn. N .tn M," ' Q X Q4 iq: 3 i Top Row L-R: Bob Covington, Josh Daniels, Ricky Grey, Aaron Vanderpool, Derek DeTemple, Bill Hale, Gerald Fougner, Jeff Corn. Bollom Row L-R: Mall DeTempIe, Mall Yazzie, Joel Packard, Brenl Posspisle. Scoll Miracle. L rx 'vs . inf-sv-iQ'E.L,..,s...L 6 1, mu K xtl'-3"-f' axe: JW: C ,z , - x wx ve, K has 'ixf L W '-ess iioo ali' iii, f K: Q. 4, . v, 1 V :. ' , if -Q A L gp- . .,.,, L C . L 5 as-ii 1 V , ' N vi L - L , X 'iii-' .L -L fr -1 . ig-is-ata .A i'-i f ' X ' x':'f,,Q 'i" ,W - , -K ,Ml . 1. .L-S itggyih gi-ws h . A ki.. .. .wx ,W ,S , L, . ,, 1 . ' - 1 H H ,CN wx xg, K. , dig -Ml . .Ku ,lggbrrsis X 5 Ns gpxf 'Q ' 'QW F -:',, ' 'im 4, .,,.., 2 , Qs- Tiw sry. f'1 EL WI-ICD WON? Boys placed 'l0Th in slale 150 150 Boys W McClintock W Corona L Dobson W Tempe W Marcos L Mesa L Dobson L Westwood W Chandler Girls W W W A 1 ww r-.r .f 'v ,f:Qd?E'R,,yXv aw, , L.. , ph 'ff A x K wi K I 4 an Q. ,. F'g...'.,'1S Q ' P iw . L L, C ' my Q- Q .ed , Vlyr. L , ' A V Vi'-is Q' L 'TJ . ' iff? 'T-. Q 5 ' L in W" 1 I ' L L L L ff ' "'l"" ' ' 'L . ' G 32Sh0W'H9iQ3?9'mfNfiGi5?Wl, 1 G 'ri' 1 7fTli1'f F Q -"' in 15 ' ' L ' 'G L 3 1 lc.- '56 ,wifi VA.4 Q ,SX V +V! . , A V, 1 I A . N 1, Ag-. L IA4., L .' 3 'W ffl W 65 wwf i Y if , . ?'531?f'ZM' -"'A "72539"3g .Wfiij 'EU' f L 1' CSV- f KV 599: LLLLG ff 1 - ie ,LL - G C irrr L errd A ' da K f we L G1 L if sfo in L ,L f.ggg,ff.liQ L 3 , f5f?5f0S5 fmeefsfgszfffld - ' 93 Sporls G91 fhclf birdie! wirh seed regronols Them 0 strong and well. ond Bobbi Jo Jo compefed. Best singles record be- longs To Trudy Lemon and besr dou- To Mory Jo Sicilioni ond Lori Michelle Roy. Toyior. forks. : 94 : Bodmihroh E would Sesote, Cheryi Moddock, Bobbz Jo Shownoh Sherman, Trudy Lemon. rolehrs wish The Flying birdie Lori Obermier oirns her rooqueT wiTh eose oi The oncoming birdie. Bird alert! Allison Toylor Tries her besT To gei The birdie QT o home gome. 3 D I WHCD WON? i?EGiONALS- Modciock, SiciIionifTciyior, Ooermeier VorsiTy J.V, Cori i-ioyden L L Aiuornbro W L Pres-:oTT L L Moryvole W W Meso L L Mtn. View W W iVioCiinTock L L Ternpe L L Chandler L L WesTwoooi W L Dobson L L Corona L i L 95 SporTs pari Jeff shows ul like li a loi. The dieT's really To keep on Though! said Jeff cello, when asked aboul how feels aboui wresiiing. This year Gilberi Varsiiy wresiiing Team Took 7Th in The Mesa regional Tournament and Aih ai Doc Savage Tournameni, and wenT on To Las Vegas, where They Took 8Th ouT of all The Teams Thai were There. They also Took sev- eral wresilers To sTaTe compeiiiions. "l Think The coaches should be Tougher Though. To push us harder would make us win more," said Da- vid Ruiz, when asked how he feels aboui The coaches. The wresllers did very well This year, especially since This was Their Tirsi year in a high- er ciivision, and will for sure do even beiier nexi year Then They did This year. 2 T V , ,.,. ,, ff P- ATG he walks Ti-R 96.- WresTling UIZ . Funioello. Blain Hoops. Jarod Moifii, Aaron 'lsi r. L-R: Jaaie Kellis, ssss w,is1:fs:sss..,... K, as we Fif i, .. . in 'fl M. . , .N fl f f W 7. 4 iii-. ,iss T , Nz' ' i k..., ,W , ' l,N,gQ.s.., M 'S . . Vx 4 i Take 'ITT Down Jeff lVlcKlain Trying To Take down his opponeni ai one of Their pracilces. is WHO WON? AWA AW Vorsify Wresilers Giiberi Opponent 28 30 241 46 57 45 24 20 MT. View A2 Corono 38 Wesiwood A4 Meso L16 IVIcCIinTock 48 Dobson 55 Chonolier 37 Morcos A8 Dobson Tourn 4sT ploce Doc Sovoge Arn plooe W...--naar A 1, GO! GO! Two wresilers siruggling To 'roke The oTher opponeni down To The moi. Pin Your Man Dovid Richardson oi o rnofch, pinning his opponeni i 97: Sports G ,aewwfs .gpqawf 'frying 9 r. if i 1 , in 71 , A rf-,ig Q if ww f -L'f'f:9l?'f1ig f 1' :98: Wresiiihg Reversc:I!!!!!!! Ai one of The various mciiches, on of The wresilers sirugglihg To escape The ciuiches of his oppohehi. i ssgs 'Y fi g 'vm " Q i i . '- 2353. f- K: s .ws Q ,K k.s. gs jg , - 'i f' sb L - is A sA.f i s Q s -0 W-3 ,X ,i V,-.ff Q K' KA .ii .ag-5 .s,, ,K- 1-,iw - . Ss-'V .,..... ig 1 f1.!:fE"51f' A ssfrf - Q ss.sss i x. K A .s ., K. xnxx, J.V. WI'9Sllel'S Lasl row L-R Conrad Flake, Ed Sloui, Michael Williams, Don fp Exlery, Billy Walker, Jason Woodberry, Andy Mollo From row L-I? Toberl Domingez, Heilh Johnson, Jed Packard, Chris ' Ealon, Shawn Romerez, Jusiln Slapely, and Alan Newberry. J H ppxl. .L ,, ..., , as-. A ' ' ' ' rl' ' . ' AIX AIX Freshman Gilbrl. Opponenl 42 McClinlock 30 36 Poslon 37 1 1 Tempe 64 'l2 Kino 511 AO Willis 27 A6 Chandler JH. 25 418 Marcos 39 'l7 Corona 111 'IO Fremonl 241 J.V. Clbrl. Opponenl McClinTock Mounlolh View Tempe Chandler Marcos Corona Dobson Mesa Weslwood Qiwlvnw SQ mime Help? David Richardson, varsiiy, looking up for some advice. . Holding on. One of The freshman wresllers in The middle of pinning The olher guy. IQQ: Sporls - T f he y jf . fe Q. - 5 'll enjoyed being on The Team. lhada loT of fun I IT : , T This year, SGICTBFOUGOD Hellman, lunlor. y P55553 ee.xx,e A:e..,,, r , 3.1, . iv ' I u 'QC ' W. M QL ' Top! "Everyone QeTs along really well. iT makes TT fun To go To pracTice," said Jason Gonzales, when asked how he feels abouT The Team. "The coaches are cool. They care aboui The Team members," said Jason. The varsiiy baskeTloall Team had a season of 5 and 43. "This year we had a preiiy young Team. The coaches are Training The sophomores and juniors To be s'rron- ger so we can have an even beiier Team nexT year," said senior Len Flemming. AlThough They siruggled Through a Tough season, The Team feels The experience was worih- while. MaTT McDonald 4642. senior, Turns To pass The bali To one of his Teammaiies. Shol! i""'QE ig ur 3 gi 5 4' it X' .M - 'IOO .. VarsiTy Baskeiball Q! X s :if WI-IO WON? Varsity Baskerball Opponenf Scores Gilbert shadow Mm. co-so L Wesfwaod 56-All L Corona 80-511 L sown 78-54 L Mfn. View 88-63 L 'N McClintock 86-54 L Lake Havasu 65-70 W Snowfiake 6-4-61 L Alcnesay 78-85 W ,AN Marcos 58-69 W Tempe 67-ao L M fi X Chandler 62-641 W in 5 Mesa 72-70 L K ,k:k7 in K Wesrwood 69-112 L , , I Dobson 33.53 L H ' I A Corona 54-59 W K Mfn. View 'I6-L15 W -.:L, L McClintock 56-51 L 151- -ix Marcos 110-38 L Dobson 72-66 L A Tempe 50-119 L K' ,L Chandler 70-611 L 3 it Mesa 77-52 L 5' Q 'gr R Q . awww W, ' , M-Q :, yjfvw' gzr I L ' ALIVA A 5 5 I Y' by Q 85,354 9 'lf' P , if Q 75- 1 .1 , ., I A , ig L,... ,. H ,L f 2 ,, , K ' .,exmsx0NaY'X L . ...., . N ., W. Gs . W, . ,LL,. ,,'L' 7 2 V' 'L 1- , ,,..L I ' ' L 7 LL- Loero rorr 7 7 ff - 7 8 - rrrr 7 ?f,m, LLL., ,L.., L LL..,- . rri. .--..., 1 -1 X . 1: i , ' -ns--ww.,-M. L rea P.-- , 1-aa- ---- .L--me 8wean1afLfer.:1faf953'li,ff-:..L ',1. LQQff:-:maze-::f'L--11+1-L ,::.L 51:11-:L11.,:L f-:L- :L .xi-L,:5E5i:L.L:1, ,LgL1 ff 27 A iw 1215- 8 5222-21iwrzggffg-Oiserr- -f:f.1gz9gf,figrLg N: .,,LL:--,1L I ,Q 1- f 14,-11-wwf' .,..L ----- neeoe 7 7 1' 3 "L' L'L.' .L'- f f- ' Loro ereeeoe ' L Leer 1' 2' ' 7 Ier -7 7-,L 5, M g N- 7 " I " " Block It! Hook It! 'rf- QQ -0 g 2 W , L r' Brandon Hellman and M5111 Mcgongld block Brian Washburn, sophomore, goes ID for a , W1 2 Q K 46412 of Soufn Mounrain during an afrempred snor. nook shof ar The game aT Dobson. :'IO'I- Sporfs if f My - - 'f,- HM, ,z,,.. ii i i A XX 'bgnkl xx 1 Q Ji., : 'I O2 : Freshomn Bc:1skeTboII A215 XLR? sfo 455-Q. 'no- ' ' Shwooshl Yeah' BreTT HusTon sophomore misses +22 s DC1rThy Simpson Throws a successful jump shoT hands and makes The baskeT aT one of The as Paul Dunn backs him up. WI-IO WON? Junior VarsiTy Baskeibail Opponenf Scores Gilbe-rT Shadow MTn 50-5'i W Wesiwood 77-30 L Corona 58-39 L SouTh Min 75-AO L Min. View 78-112 L MCCIinTOck o'I-416 L Marcos 511-38 L Dobson 110-A2 W Tempe A7-30 L Chandler 61-541 L Mesa 77-55 L Wesfwood 60-L15 L Corona 59-63 W MTn, View 58-53 L McCIinTock 52-55 W Marcos 56-A9 L Dobson 79-AO L Tempe 51-58 W Chandler 55-56 W Mesa 61-38 L Freshman overall record was 3 wins 13 losses. Z 2 .Lv Boskefbqii Whcll dribbling! Siiude-ni prcclices dribbling skills oi Tryouis. Taking c Break Milch Dieieririg, Timo Sop, and l-lolli Wllcock woich cis ieommoies run drills. " - S X ,i ,. . ,Q , .1 I . is Q .r iiriii iQq,Q g,1 .rzwfazxfmd K a v-fe ,. K rr rri- I "rr x A f 1 ' - . 'fffflf .1 E ' A we m iiii ,,,, ..r,, ...,.,,.. , ...., .. ff-. . 5:I!Q5LEII5iE!il7, l ,- 1 K' x 6 .... Q i ii rl i A . , ,.k.. ku S . ..r. 5 .qw ..... T 5 Q it vQgMW,,,,,.,.i...iW MWNMFW :'IOZl: Girls' Boskelboll W W 5 72 'ww Mf'W"WWM h MGR, do I D666 G dflhkl Vorsiiy players ore eager for Q sixorf drink and 0 momemf of rest offer working diligenfly. :2lOfJ: I Ihink I can, I Ihink I can! V I W'l: I ' I : 'IO6 : Girls' JVfFreshmon BoskeIooII Liso Toejhes Tokes The ooII down court os she runs driIIs. Reach, Reach! Sophomore Sfocle Luce goes up for The shoT os she procTioes. vf 207 Should I? Junior Jamie Dossey swings reiucionfly. I. u z 6 1. . 1 . K 'W l, .... ., '1 wi if ...mim- Lgjf. . vwgafi, I if f i, W i V. fn .. if 1 V ,A ' Ai 5 J-A-rfqsfi'-s I. f ,:u,,.V.,,:, 1+-gf ,,J,-vfr.q,,,yv:gw i . A . A R - fi., . V2 ,5 , E Q. " 'f -, 'V wif: . wi Xi V' S82 '-1408: Sofiboii 4 I I "KK, , , Lf, n azi 4' ' W P if we ff i si' ,, fi, wi, fwwmwi' , ,wa,.1Hsi,V ,.--., Varsity Softball: Top L-R-Coach Wheeler, Jenni Stormo, Mitch Deitering, Melinda Smith, Wendy Goden, Janni Zaporniak, Loni Vancamp, Coach McCann. Bottom L-R-Tonya Regoli, Kari Micheal, Stephanie Dillon, Jamie Dossey, Kim Anderson, Candy McDaniel, Diane Wiehl, Trish Sauerburn. WHO VVCDN YS? Washington Tie Westwood L Corona L Mt. View L McClintock W Marcos W Dobson L Tempe W Chandler W Westwood W Mt.View W McClintock W Marcos W Dobson W Tempe W Chandler W Mesa L Corona W Mesa L Westwood L '12-7-'I overall record 12-6 conference 409 Sports Despiie this season being Ms. Cardwell's first year ai Gilbert, The iniuries sustained by various players, and noi having a field To practice on, The freshmen had a winning sea- son of 9-7. The freshmen pracliced everyday afier school, working their hardesi. ll all paid off in The end. ' Y 4 'V Q- "2-. V4-,W E15 ' x ' 1 r I 'if I 5 5, ' rf W nk 4 ,r r ', K ' ' ' ' ,fy .sz Zig i .lrr 7 f JU K, ,V M7 .1 grvgiggi ' KVI: , x 1 116,15 ggygizikls . E i Q K ,.. ' A ' K ., Q ga X! . . , V r at ik ' ,. ' : ' 1 "3 ' ' ' - ' . ' . fn: ' .1 i ' ,rr .rm r rl , r no r 1:54 -QL r rx A, .,., A v Lv .5 Q Jr fini . N . i S xt r r l l .rar ki . - V. LA. K r. X Q M ,lx A . g . , M, A by 4 Q r, A ll new s .5f"" 's ssl,,lrs ,Q r ., sssi 2 nee", l s r s ' ' i rlh.l- Freshmen Top Row fl. To nj: Ms. Cardwell, Nancy Brenner. Belh Washburn, Sheri Srandnge, 7 Slacy lvlellem, Donna Jeffries, Amber Wilson-manageru 2nd row: Lisa Yanezg s n Kelly Kaskavage, Sandra Torely, Nicole Bradshaw, Michelle Wilson, Shana Winrerton, Daniela 11 A rirls r ilvlalforbrbb 1 l Top hiller. Chrlslie Kendall hils 'ern hard To The disappoinimenl of her opponenls. :4 'IO : JVfFreshrnan Soflball JV Top Row QI. To rg: Frank Dudley, Jessica Massey, Laura Adams, Kim Maris, Ann Marie Penning- Ton, Jill Borelli, Deanne Woolsey, Mark Carrasco. 2nd Row: Debbi Burrow, Slacey Sesare, Amy Gross, Denise McMurphy, Chuck Thompson, Kim Thune, Collelre Carpenler, Chrisrie Kendall. saw" i . Ti. r Wl-IO WGN? YY Freshmen Hendrix L Kino W Mesa L Poslon L Powell W Rhodes W Sheperd W Carson W Freemoni W Marcos L Chandler W Willis W Corona W McClonTock L Marcos L Taylor L JV CDS MT. View McCLinTock Marcos Dobson Tempe Chandler Westwood Ml View McClintock Marcos Dobson Tempe Mesa Corona Mesa Giving it her besl shol. Collelre Carpenler giving il her all during The Tempe game To bring home a win. :'I'l'I: Sporls Thcal Look! Michael Rosales Turns jusT in The nick of Time :'I 42 : VarsiTy Baseball Only on the field- I-idnk I-iilberi gives The bdli his undivided WHEW! diieniion ds Shown Gift races To be coiled ' sdfe. Mike Compos walks in cifier d 'firing prdciice. :2I'lT3: : 'I 'Ill : Jvfbfreshmon Boseboll The outfielder Freshmen Roger Brooks siTs in The outfield wofching The oTher freshmen ployers. Nw' 4 f ' I . ,F e - gs: K 1 In .in 1 rw -in 5 Q Almost there. AI Munoz finishes his run of the bases. Taking a break. Shane Stuart relaxes against a fence during freshman practice. - :gif 5 -s 'Him QIWM Steerech! Second baseman Daiiin Anderson stretches to catch a tow ball from another JV player. , . 1- 4 ,I f Q, -l,,L:.,,,:,, . "" 'K E7 kki. SQVIQ: Up and away Tom Moniok wofches The Doll soor over The me-T ofTer hiffing IT. S0 1 AD I : 'I 'I6 : Boys' f Girls' Tennis k gg gljgx, LMI: -' , i .Q ww Q 5 2 3 Fe if s . .ngjlf ' A Ria 5 i1, k'., V X x , -,-- 4. 1 1- . W av'-eh ' ' -' '-2-if -17 A Y , ..,. ,, , t . , V .. 4. nt . - ax' get IL S s , " 5 5 2. N xx Y br W 44 Q fm 2 ...' 1 ,-Q-: Q Q M 3 ' af 13? f. ,. g.. W. ., A 15 ? my V A W 'X maswassfeszga , ' fx in A5 Q L Aw' .. MRS 'N Q ,559 - A A . .Q Q QQ- ,, ..:, f , Www ..,- ,..,. x V. ku K an ,,.,,,,.,,z .. K 55: M F f 1 .4 E, F, ,Txkk, x .,,,. E 'fdii-V':,:.:z , ,1, Ax. . X . ,gif -,mmf - 'Oar ..,,. A .. , ...., .,,. . NM. A M NM- .-N V,... .-,N---wb ,, 51. Track Team goes for The GOLD A The T988 bays' and girls? slrack Teams looked forward To The chal- lenge of being in AAA-'TQ Coach 'Romo' believed Thai his Team would do well. When asked, he said, 'Only WesTwood and Mesa have laeasen The Tigers, Tour we also have To look our for Dobson." l-le also fel? ThaT There would be a greaT chance for many school records To be broken during The year. The assisTanT coach, Coach Korn, who was in charge of The disTance crew, worked hard wiTh a TaIenTed group of runners. The girls' Team looked forward To an ex- clTing season. -wi' Reaching for The sky Travis Downs reached for a 20 but still had Time To give a wave. 4' 5 S' 'Nw i !' ,.,.,r.a .. Y, ' sw ,, wmaegf '32 4. .., -s - In N Nfl' The 1 1453- wlTh 1 I , " I !,"""-. 5'--V aff' ' . -tr'-4 .- A. TW , 'X . 'Q f :ei To ' r g, T' wifi M + ., ,il-, J ,JP iff ' ',", .. gn. A Q T pl , V , ' ' fix ., f ' A " ,S . On or Off? A grouio of undercioss girl runners, Took off on o workoui, no giris on The irock. Speed Joe Dodgson zooms posi o group of girls who ore sioriieoi by his form. iw ,. , Q ii Y r r sr A Qi - , i,r. 'V ir-- ,rr, ,r,r , ' W? ' - rr- ,,,," l I 9 +, is siss U i r or ff , V , , , " ,. ,. . 47' -' . 1 is i i ' pi rri i f ,,r, ,,,, ,,,,, 14,514.59 - Hopping Mud ' Gooch Covingion leads The giris irock Team in jumping drills, :gi'If? -'I 20: Orgonizcnions TudenTs were preoking new ground wiTh ouT-of-closs oc- TiviTies Through The rnony clubs ond orgdnizoTions offered oT GilperT High School. A wide ronge of choices included everyThing from The performing orTs clubs To ocodemic clubs. Eoch of These orgonizoTions odded o vorieTy To The sTudenT's school doys, while giving Thern The opporTuniTy To become in- volved. One of The new clubs on cornpus wos The Foreign STudenTs club. Members included foreign exchonge sTudenTs ond sTu- denTs inTeresTed in leorning dbouT diTferenT culTures ond Troveling To oTher counTries. AnoTher populor club wos The ski clup, which mode serverol Trips To ski resorTs. SADD provided encourogemenT noT To drink ond drive To young drivers, while The liTerory rnogozine club worked hord To produce on excellenT mdgozine of sTudenT po- eTry, shorT sTories, ond oTher creoTive work. VViTh over forTy compus orgnoizoTions ovdilople for rnernper- ship, sTudenTs hod o wide ronge of choices when iT corne To choosing on exTro-curriculor ocTiviTy. lT's deadline Time SToffers for The Tiger Advisor sorT ond sTuff popers reody To be disTribuTed. CTW? WLM -'i2'l" Divider om . BQCV PsQt'xcxNiUY6 XS A . GQ XUQQ KGYWX O. Yuxm X0 O glow 5 Cadet I ' 'S OYTCWOXN s O G NWO e O o ion I W Q owe x" rote' oi ri tie, 'i S ted rw of 'Ame SKU' dx Gwex C0mpe'l'tX'0leOK'xco Com rrttexs - n 'lox r- etico we? N099 ks on re To UOXXO no 90 N9 NOK Of' GO ati iw ond Onto meer C ,G FO Ore moprvt ,S O QOOX hotle occ FUN 'nwe de Fatm 6 Z W? , pewdiwe we , N T GMS QOH xc-,Op . ' X00 - .S FO CXNQ . PQ me SNP G5 - elx O O - , 5 smog Coxiov- mars OT Qhxeodiwps. Ymot Gif, has M Qrooto SxOxeS O XJVCGQUKG i2gn.x-OQYSYINOS SCYXOA3 Once' N-QGYXCF S045 2NgzOfdXYiZxengOTi30wN -xs u . of-7 O oO' rS1 vi a . to viC5e5g,xurwttl6? deQleemve 00,-Xous Oviore Sig to 96 OQKXCXS a Nm O99 KGS 00 as ds? KGXOXJOXX OS woddltlsx ,QOVJDQ ce wt O 5 U o 0 a e owgxxlwlegtgoortgimxes avi ieel tx eipjizie iilgoo ,lou ur ' - - e r Qolwmexxxxve Couoxlorftoe ive Quo Plepoeeds of COYGESOCXA SYXOIQNQSXSI Sooxx QYGOXIQSVQK qSO'd0'X9 0 K S . I I l OVXG GQX - the aio . rzo xxe ,. YNO X N0 awe xiixossxx Som Ospgg vwexe dqiele QSOX O om ...Q FFA-Top Raw L-R: George Carlin, John Cox, Mark Thomas, Shane Stewart, Chris Lloyd, Jo Mike Clem, Marc Fleet, Scott Mertz, Danny Baker, Ryan Sketler, Shane Cook, Eric Kinny, Bill Maynard, Scott Bland, Mel Hodkson, Jammie Dykstra, Troy Skipper, Doug Maynard, Second Row Mark Schults, Julie Guyman, Samual Payne, Matt Robenson, Floyd Cook, Santego Serta, Branden Nichols, Brian Kineson, Justin Allen, Keven Wisman, Greg Kerr, Doug Alber, Jodi White, David Hoy, Kristen Thude, Kimberly Maros, Third Row, David Townson, Stacy Sasata, Julie Robker, Shane Huff, Aaron Clement, Jeff Bellous, Terri Bonner, Julie Eglehof, Hiedi Qunineos, Jessica Massey, Robert Bray, Lacey Miller, Dena Cowart, Fourth Row, Jimmy Thomas, Juan Tuentas, Brent Howaly, Heath Foshee, Jeromy Oden, ?David Sheilds, Debbi Burrow, Becky Tarin, Michelle Parker, Johanna Mikinaly, Dana Beeler, Cassey McKean, Christy Smith, Bottom Row, Daniel Sheilds, Paula Teague, -Robert Bower, Jeri Ann Maynard, Danny Harter, Mindy Burch, Julie Hetzel, Mendy Ann Hastin. ii 5 , wg " S Xgfxiw Big Money Entering Computer Era Senlo Danny Harter and Sophomore Julie Hetzel work steadily on a 40,000 dollar farm techniques of working on a Contract. Senior Robert Bray teaches sophomore Trent Tidwell the computer. I x SSS -1 Mme Qs . .M it ss Award Winners Senior Chad Stevens and John Cox show Their proud smiles with two National Champion Plaques. Pooper Scoopers Extrodinare Sophomore Trent Tidwell and junior Rickey Cook showing their agricultural C skills with certain aspects of animal life in the Gilbert Days parade. 4: ,za ,C is-I ,f igllnsr' Q, ,Q A ::'l23: Organizations n evkoenenoe edX XXN oXX uooess oXXX SX es Horn o 'av' Sen1Xoe. CnoXooXe . Leooe - Xe'udXoe oXeX-XofXs oXe-eon- 2 9, X , eeweo Xuogvnen ox ooXnXon, Los somrnew wnXe Xne XnoXoX, onng Xne sufnvne sXo enXs C5XXoeXX wos swxfnvnxno Homo ovew PXXX1onoQoX Xo X - X Xseeoxn sink eXX- e oX XesooXX Xox one week Xo o . , Xsouss XneXX eXsonoX vXe o XooXoX sooXoX onoXeXXgXo e' f 's evenX eoon sm, wmno A we cnxno . 'KD e sXuoenXsXXo oX one wee Xo Xese X oeXX XXXQ Xn o osses oe'5X eo Xo oeXXeX'XnQ oneseXX Xn ne ooove TO oXeos. enX noo Xo ooo Q nxs wosnX o en Xo 'osX onv- SunXnXow oxo vo o ' one eoo onosen sXooenX nod We XNonXeoXo oXXeno. one o e o ovoveo Xo o XXXoXoo e. o Xeoonews Xnen onose who nxs wos on evenX XnoX X- wouXo oX en ono oXX Xnev nXXeX4 oesen1eoXXs eoXneo Xeo- XNenX ore oxeoiov onun e ognXXXon s GXXX 5 ono 'Bo XooXe exoeneno . SXoXe. 5 . . ,X ' 'o 'XX1 . . T X X P X 1' 1 no X X , D X, o Xw oX , X XX gen X Xv.,o X Q, X P , Q X veXXeoX NPXX5 o o ws on 'X XL Xeo nX GXX- , , us oX Xu n X gn X dxoes. X go Xo XXXX o XX4 by X o X ' Q X O Q on nww . XX Xl Ao X X Xa Q 0 X X X oeX X o, X . Q 'Xoxg X , o ' We e 'fa r-1-. :xxx N .Vwigiiyu Q., A 97? lik, GA. 4.. - ,-'L X f mu.. " ff V ' '49ife.f?' 2. X - 'fp A o.,. ,, gf, . A f If I 2 ,335 . X, . A .'X,,A A 2 , A 5,435 A ' AfI5f7WQ-R iii fra, , 9 fir, 'fm' , fi lm :Mis 43' fi .J ' 3 551' Y'-M Q rg if 'if 'NJ , YS K ,if ' X A - 132. . fe 'wfairegwx i Bo yffsfaf 9 . Participants - Ihqude dz Mide Zo M , 'of QOGIHQ' elf John Cup rqk Gm ' dMik G 'F-I Gi,-31 SXBOVS STGT e GirI's State participants included: Allison Taylor, Melinda Smith, and Elyssa Dani VV Anytown participants included: Kitt Tullos, Buffy Hernandez, Bill Blandin Jarni Ball, Snamaine Hatch, Marlo Mannies, Diane Wienl, and Lisa Samaniego. tt tsnxp, te ond d posxttv cets rn mote nt not De wo teode ty to speotk up novtng o good ott-otoun de NNnot tdxnd ot tnxng woutd ot one' s ootxttes? Sopno oetson wostn student cou tnougnt tt woutdoe tun ond my teornxno ootxttes. tt ce to netp mv d tot ottttu . ' oxnucn ttnd o txttes'? tooden X4 cnon wonte titeedont ot tt' s txkest not dent Cou 87 88 Student counot wos tnctude 1 ctoss. Ntt . Ptetd vu os Duttng tne ttt teouxtes rnonv stdtts tnctudxng sponsbtxtv ,tne ootx- os o tttst nou txsten, ond tne gtouos odvtsot. e rneettngs, tne student 'oodq o oxnw ton tne snow. etnoet Ettn Boone couse teouxte s NNnete ooutd you who possesses tnese ouo X1 ttnd tne onswets to to dvnontl tnotetn otso wos rn ctoss nove ulnot tneq noot oottvtttes ' ott tne notd wottc ond post yeofs oc- You V00 e ouesttons on ot 't mevnoet sc Despxte e out on tne ntost ot tne sutts ot tnes student coun . opnornote councx ' ogteed tnot oexng tn X' eocnxng me otessut 'ng student counot, ' ' successes wete te .tonn Dtton student counot ' ts t tesoonsbtxtv . tteotn o tot tcnowx t'rn teptesenttng so vnonv coot twxtq peopte, soonornot es. tnevn. um. . 8 S tudenf Council Lqurei BUffy Bmdv e Hema ' fegg nde-Z M EdQor C ' G11 Am' horlon Os, Som 9 MCD Whee ermm 'er' ' Renae Ike zQuQ,eYViLek, Mr. Field , ri Houido ,BiIIBl Y. Aimie Ondin, Clofkston 1 Erin BO Oriel M. lsSY Becmei J ' Ohm Dill' lon, Kar G Home Y, JQAn n Howe Il, Hem Ther Roge- Thorsss' Mehnd On, I O Sn-TT nken SChLRQG5g TQOWG Mik , ro5 pepe eHow Z-M Gll, ononet, D?:ES?yiighI, Shqwnoh Gillis - ple LOT , To . , if Z Jw , 7, , Footsteps to follow Two generations ot leadership- The 'IQ87-88 student body Young meets old as student body president officers included- Geri Rowe, senior Mike Howell, attends the Gilbert High Alyssa Dahl, Shawnah Gillispie, dedication. Melinda Smith and Mike Howell. Picture Perfect- Sophomore John Dillon and senior Allysa Dahl smile for the camera at the reception for the Gilbert High open house. "Words just can't express . . . ' says Mr. Field proudly, with sophomore Erin Boone, Aimie Clarkson, and Lori Holliday. 427 Organizations dudds 'K Sexfii 5 Gkbet euov. Shdwnoh C5XXXespxe kdm duung we SGOSOOS. oi spws, ues we oi sup N ond XX srixnes sewed ds cdp Gmeu 'xooiboxx ond bdsxcevodxx Uwe cheeueodexs weve 'me 'sdqs' of pep OSSGYTNDXXGS Uyeckwe wds schoo NN e've Q xNe'x1e QOX sem Xmoudh. We sem oi 'me Txgexs w ds xeixeck edm 'me emhuf sgxdsm sxwownm 'me cheeueddexs. 'mdxn s dv 'wixoxa Ws ALL 'sun dud ond mem mdxn o Xl es, YQ Xs 'Kuo 'ouk pxomoke sgjxfu dnd suppod uk Wo dckwmes. We sdudds womed vew hdxd rw we vedr sdxd Mrs. NI . COQXCSXOS wewe 'e Hond- Xlou V0 domes -COX so. mom Xong houxs were Q YOCYXC6 dnd domes. The XNYNOXG expeueoce begdo dufmg the 'mxoug Summa, N usp comp 'me vdvsxw Fusrwmdn. We 5. cheex, under 'me XGOCGYSYQXQ oi Amee Gdwxcson ond Svwx eu Rowe dnd CO-COQXCXO Adm New . Mrs. Fushmdn wds 'me vdxsxw BOXX, Room fxxsk QXOC6 dwdvds 'xo ddxfxsox ond NNs.NeNWenwds we OYGOS such ds: urixw , pcm, ckweew. .N . ddvxsov. dad ,mevekoxe , do ov GYOXX YTNOSCOX f 1957 8 . 8 var ee,- TOD L ROW. -R: Ger' ' W9md-I ROWS - I Wilco I Tino ST Ck, JO .Grp seg ml Boll, Bufglni-iorrison ST efncnij GCG C GZ' El Iuffl 51. V550 DGh"OI2iKeZif'T'1rnerrn Pefer OD, 2 Son DO nd , nr-IG Mgmd Ofimo M A iddle- . Show Hgh Gi Hespie , moscof Konney Olive V KN ,..,.- ,,,,, 2 13? D5-' t 4 f af Q A ' ' ' qu, , -. 1 Mfg , or, ,fyn t. krvf W M g ,, N, 4, L , ,H 4 . 1987-88 Junior Varsity Cheer Sitting I.-R: Sylvia Handley, Carri Vanderpool, mascot Kortney Oliver, Kathy Stevens, Aimee Clarkson, Kneeling: Erin Boone. Standing: Dawn G-odek L , has ..,, rf! ,rfdlm Don't drop me! Snawnan Gillespie holds Geri Rowe up proudly at a game, ian w 1 ,l fir' W K ,,.:, 4 ,I . W a I1 2" 'fiber' ,Q-M' I ,L 2 +A? 6 4' , +4 , f p 7 1, iz fl W r " - jxfw L1 Z I A jwv 4 3 I ,, h wig" wr 7 ,, X ' H J' ' t ' M H 4 5 .. M f f 5 H 4 Vg jg A .. .,,,,,, -- 5 V , , lg V 'K I , , ,. 5 I rj' if if " If 4 Let s get fired up! Carrie Vanderpool fires up the crowd during a fall pep assembly. "Rising to the top" Gilbert Cheer members perform at the Homecoming game. ': 'l 29 1: Organizations 5 Sow fxse X oo Ko We w Mound wkm ev 'mme , o gxouo oi get Xogekhev ond yew fox to om eooh omex KN Sou Boxng o heshmon ok o ne Xixgh sohooX wos dxiiodk, ook fox gms ixeshmen cheeneooexs XX come ooqs who dm owne eosxev .ixweveox wos good to the gwouno Xego . ee: sguooihe suooowi ion? Thok Ks wrxok wok Mdxos os exoekem. ow oooui. Unoew 'me Xeooexskixo eXN. oi Beih Lovson, wks. 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FS l l E S 5 Mat-Maid talk Freshmen Tracy Aycock and Cara Hadley discuss cheers for the next wrestling match. 1987-88 Freshman Cheer Top L-R: Jacy Oden, Lacy Williams, Middle L- R: Melissa Cordon. Bottom L-R: Heather Martin, Laurie Cessna. .ew '44 +93 1987-88 Varsity Mat-Maids Top L-R: Monica Larosk, Katie Mills, Middle L-R: Summer Ford, Kari Brown. Bottom L-R1 Kim Row, Cyndi Patterson, Beth Larson. X e Souho oi Musxc uk -oi-s'so'xe Roux. ckox'-5, Quo SchoX1, e SXUCGOXS Dxo you ey ex COOSXCGY IXCSXYQXOQ youx schooX chowus'? XX seemed so The vhuch eosxex 'shoh covvyKhQ oh Xhf gooxs wexe 'so o bu'i 'Qheve wos ohe No exceXXXh oreos o'Qher 'X 'SXOQNOUY soohs oho ocooerfixcs, oho 'xo XOQ oxoyxoe oh oooohuhxky 'so eowh weXX-xouhoed GCUCOXXOO. Ms o Xhok Ya wos o Qxeok ei peopXe. o SXYUYUGOX, erh, you couXoh Xed o co'x's oy be hoxo o SchoX1 code hoy ex oho me oh Thoxhos oh Xhey QKODX yoxce xesevhb yowxs. fxhhough XX fhoy 'so Dekeye QUOXGSS you 0560666 ohe oi Xhe COOCGYXSS some oeo- woy No oXe coh SQXOQ weXX, oho vhosk oi NNheh Aohhoih 'sherh Xoxhed Xhe oegxhhxhg chow , Pom Neii were osxceo why , ox COOCGYX chow. XCXOGC choxus 'shey xepkeo, "Be ' exiowheo oi Xhe couse Nyce No SXOQ oho choxus Ks 's , 'she iuhf' Thxs eh'QhuSxosv0 cohkhouk es 'so 's success, sdxd Joh- Xhxs success e OXX hom CYNKXSXYYNOS cohc oi okhet schooX oho co iuhchohs. The choxxs, OXOOQ whh Khe wesk oi 'She muSxc depoh- wos sho vhehk , oXso ohehoeoihexx ohhu- oi Xhe choxvs go OX O XOSXYU XXow Xh Xhoh Sow choxoxe Xhese choxxs p ecovdxhg COOCGY eh , oho oyoheky hhwuhvsy 'she group hoihoh Thovhos. wh Xh ieshy oXs, whex X hxgh KOXXOQS, ia I v a W ow ,M My I A 5' 'fff' 2432: ChOil' V OCUI: TOD r o Elhers KVA' Jenmfe gcgry lBeSd?5T'eS'erJi-Cnsonf Pond 'GU S' eco ' mv J v S , lf'T1O nd R Ohm Rmlthf Stepho PW- Kfis-1-'STOH' ebec ROW me Ro 'e Alle Rochecfj Hams ' RHQ Schgefsl Bry U, OI 1-UndQIieNOTQIie Rslzl OUT n, Heo1he?if:?, I on '. Q ! -5iLIL l Choir Singing along Kalhy Anglin, Kirsiin McCabe, Tricia Moeding, and J. T. Thomas keep in Tune during chorus praciice. Palricia Cardon, Befh Townsend, Kim Oliszewski, Chela Florie, Lance illiams. Troy Hamblin. Bobby Basha, Johnalhon Thomas. Adam Srnllh. Laura Slradling, Naiani Rogers, Rebecca Cluff, Tricia Moeding, Tamara Hadlack Second Row- Alicia Thomkins, Marcia Wesf. Krisfie Allred. Anaiasia Paro. Daniel Brown. Rudy Trujillo, Ken Graves, Dirk Tylla. Slacy Zimmerman, Christina Gressel, Healher Bell, Karl Brown Third Row-Lee Monlano. Leslie Pool. Vicki Campbell, Kirsfen McCabe, Shannon Oakes. Kim Oakes, Laila Tharson, Shermaine Hafch, Melissa Canas, Paula Neff, Mrs. l-ladlock Bollom Row-Rila Scholz. Jessalee Draney. Cafhy Anglin, Tilia Halch. Tiffany Jones, Lea Barrow 2 Chorale Krislie Allen. Jennifer Johnson. Randy Ehlers. Paffy Neff. Melissa Bielefeldi. Gabriel Barrios, Rafael Hernandez, Mail Tresler, Anlhony Merril, Nancy Arhendf, Sheri Slandage, Chrisfina Burris, Kirsfen Curfis, Trina Morfenson. Amy Johnston, Mary Beals Middle Row- Slephanie Rogers, G-eneive Perry. Heidi Zimmer, Stacy Mellen. Joesph Duffy, Brian Simon, Sara Simmons, Brandy Zeiflen. Robin Alber. Sarinah Gouoh. Kristi Chapman, Mindy Brown, Donna Vanlrease. Nalalie Robson, Heafher Killon Third Row- Rebecca Harris, Kathy Wallace, Melanie Monfano, Krisly Rush. Dominic Barrios, Richard Parks, Bryanf Pam Neff. Wendy Wallers, Tracy Aycock, Racheal Lundgren, Calhy Majean. Rila Scholz Taking a break Choir members Take a break afler a Chrisimas performance. :'l33 : Organizaiions C0065 A one ' oorooe 'xn Nne U g X Xne Skoke ooo Xnxmo . ,K a ,I bono woes Xne onw nxgn oenox vonng o sonooX 'oono Xn PNYXIOOO 'so go 'so Xng ieskw oX ono Coxon e FXes'soBowX oogeonk oi Dongs 'nonoX.XnoXuoeo onWO0Q GNVYYWG QNX Xosk qeox. Nong wxkn Xnxs oooovn- Kew ond xecognvnon weie ' enk ooqne osuoenow xonxdxng oioonces Xnok sk oneo one vdeevx- Movonxng Feskw ox enoxnko ine suvnfnex ond on Xnko ' ' nox. Deo. '29, ' ex Nong Msn Xne nowo wow oorne ' to Cokioxnxo Rox wo ooqs. gnk noxne o suoen- ' e, vnowcnf pXxs'nn'N SX oke XIXJSOXXO e gm O 'mp o 'or ou onxnkn noe ok ine ono Coxonooo Xn Xnomoeo ornong oXX in ond weoognvnon weve 'novo oxoo- s Xnok skoneo one wevxvx Xnko ine Don onovdenk on unnXDef ox vonng fox 'sne Xng, ono ovexoxx oevtowno o- XNNe noo o gooo veor ono we Xoomng iowdoxo 'so new oonoev How xNXXYxofns. o dose-Mnxk 'ni-e mme! 'sownWn'N 'o owe sdxd Ks We Wet XO u ine so oevnbew '2QX'n. Under Xne dxrednon o xxlNeXXnoo Svnnn ono Dow bono weoeweo veox woxos Sox Wne bond iofnw oxx wovxdxng 'soge est Xnev con No veoewe s - " soxd senxov Skeve X Xors .Xonnsk on ine ony omskondxng o knew noxo wow ond oedxoonon. uw oono woskne onw nxgn sonoox ine D oonoXn Pxn1ono'sogo'soNne Pxesko penov vonngs, Bow oogenk ok oonos. Nong wxkn xN ognex . ne oooofnpmsnfnenx covne - A o he 1 U two, G one ' , - wo t - hre UF' Dgn Ce O D! The G ilben Hi h bqnd effgrm S dUrin Bgn d dancer Show s her S Dirif as she T T19 hglf-Time Q Of I9 O fOOTbOIl go Q me. perform S dklrin Q ham. Ime Ah- time To relax!" Soys The bond oT The UniversiTy of Arizono bond doy. Who is that masked man? IT rnoy be o rnysTery, buT wiThouT him, The bond would noT be oornpIeTe. Blowin' in The wind . . . how else con you describe The music coming from our TrumpeT secTion of The bond? iGfQC1PiiZCi'i'iC3i'?l5Q.f r you h f df performed rozz soho werefhe rozzpohd The ozzpohd fe erformed of cohcerfs oh ohdff wfffpe ye To ed of TO oh ouf of sfofe mess up. As fhe operirhg h er ormohces fhof fhe ofher hrgh ore pfoyed, you wohder ff you yy schoofpohds drd hof pfo or pe opfe fo perform correcffy The you pohd pfo ed of es r XNhof ff fhe musrc sforfs oh yofs ohd cohcerfs for fhe schoo sfohd fhere uhdofe fo remember oh commuhrfy receryrhg rgh your porf.Too fofef The musrc hos ro rhgs dhd prorse T e rozzpoh s sforfed. Thrs feefrhg Ts shored by f musrc cohsrsfe of mohy performers, especroffy fhe hhy o- you chofr, who hod fo dohce oh ' Q. The Tozz chofr performed rfs ohd specrof sefe morhfy su rrse yrffe o sophomore ohd mem of fhe ron pohd sord T r e you mohy ohd pecouse rf Qryes me o ffme eyehfs Th- ohd ouf- d escope from choosfh The Tozz chofr' s goofs os sfofe py Rho Schofz, were fo ehsue o feeffhg of semf-professrohofrsm ' chofr wos fhe mosf e mosf TO X MSO, ' ' ohd prom e chorrs ,lf ofrce o smof pohd Thefrghfs cehferohy , s'7 hey drehce fs wdrhhg, There ore ohy o yy peopfe performrhg wffh you ry hoffcopfe rf you ofes choh o row Ke per srh cohce of sfo e refox oh schoo fhe rozz yrsrpfe, ofed fh pupfrc TGTOTTOOS for fh T he foutine Rudy T V .. G-rovesguz lJOmce William reheorse G rOO'T0r1ThOn Thi' Ken Vocal em Uflne for Gd mos emble. Vor-reed ou fhe ou Song and dance The advanced vocal ensemble prachce a dance and song rourine in preparafion for a performance. Jazz Ch0if Top Row- Tamara Hadlock, Ken Graves, Laura Srradling, Danrer Brown, Rebecca Cruff, Johnafhon Thomas, Chrishna Gresser Second Row- Rudy Trajrrlo, Trrcra Moeding, Lea Barrow, Lance Wlrliarns Third Row- Pairrcia Cordon, Kirsren McCabe Fourrh Row- Shernaine Harch, Cathy Angiin Keeping in step The jazz choir keep in srep as They work on Their rourine. ii 437 2 Organizations yzv X4 GOXC5 Shuo STTTTWQS Sxvhmy Syrhphohxo Ovohesho '9oToeh AA Th 'v Thshurh T6 Thch hopes o hoy e s .pry Ti you ohehoed ohy of GT SchooX's COOCGTTS, o The Dxo you eyex wohoer how ohs couTd oToo Thexx hh- heh Hxgh e TTQXTT pXoce'? you vhoy hoye heov 'soho ohesho, 'sheh Totem, ohokhex TOQS gvoup oevioxrheo. Thxs ooTTeo The GoToeh ey wewe usxox QGTS owh oh Th K how They ooh UOGGTS Those Txihe 'oTocT4 dots oh The sh rhu5xc'? STTTOQGC5 Thshuvhehks gxouo ydos hoye keys To show ox Showxhg Smhgs. Th we To out stoned Thxs yeor Th GToex's.The T Thshuckox , T15TTT5xhev, DGQO0 The ohex TWGOTTUQ ohokhex fh. Mx. T5Met's os h'T eyeh hs whe Dexs o gvoup petiov 'xhxs gxoup ho do Th vhusXoTo x The TTWGYU Toyeo Showxhg To skotk K Gwoevs o e ge s. oye p Tout OX ydos hs ox yhoexy Them hh esho h o'0ou's go ' veToho ooy he em- e Ovch ehi for puDXxc To some GNIGTOTYTW 'shex yeoxs. The Ovcheshohos rho ooumeo 'TO smhg rhevhoexs SQXOCG 'TQ37 . WST sevheskev, ohTy vhowh oh vhusxoxohs pToyThg STTTUQ Thshu- 'oex Thyoweo. YTWGOTS wexe Th Orohesho, out The GoToeh Swhgs pXoyedo some hoho xhevhhexs Toxheo TT vhohy oohoev'ss.They oToy eo o secohd serhesiev. weookhgs, The hkgh Schoo N The Oxohesho oToyeo oi To- oedxoohoh, 'sox oihex sohooTs, oho ouk-oi-skoke ie-shyoTs. oho ok o yoheky oi oohoevis. Toyeo ok sohooT The vhevhoevs mei ok Teos 'Ty oev- hmce oweexdow ohhoux GUTTOQ The couvse oi The yeov. 414 cox Nao, They p oohoehs ohd COYTWYTNUOT ohces. f TOKYO Go 'den Strings TOD re Beth KOW: DQVid Trud UfTz, Ch , Moddis V Qulive flsfy M 9111-O r N I Ofrill Th- m G-O oT Plcfuredgciesowi ggrgfeidi Leg ' Sh ' CQ Q' H GTD, Kim Kuiggderl Benneh Se r, Elizqbeillwillol STCZODG ROW' errill Be V Small ' f n Allred ev, Orchesjflcgag : y en Sffings its Orchestra Top Row Derek Madsen, Angela Kiseiyk, Kari Peterson, Kim Nolet, Michelle Prichard, Wendy Gross-Rhode, Shad Johnson, Matt Durraanee, Neil Hatier, Ben Cooper, Matt Johnson, Darrel Blau, Chris Palmer, Patrick Lavoie, Shanna Sherman, Brenda Bruington, Dara Collins Second Row, Scott Hurler, Kari Saveli, Angle Xocnihua, Melissa Desanmartino, Kenny Saveli, Shane Godek, Dena Ison, Tom Hicks, Scott Marks, Eric Martin, JenniLyn Brimhali, Ben Allred, Sheldon Blurning, Teri Hernandez, Stacy Sippie, Trevor Bardger Third Row: Kristi Allred, Christie Morrill, Beth Kurtz, Amy Brown, Joanna Flake, Shawn Dunn, Tim Price, Scott Hastings, Darrell Svyinford, Sherri Spriet, Jeni Tarhovicky, Jeanna West, Harry Bennett, Tom Gaylor, Cami Carpender, Beth Sharp, Tracy Lambie, David Moddisett Fifth Row Heidi Legg, Melissa De-Vries, Emily Done, John Swinkowski, Elizabeth Merrill, Kristen Straka, Kim Krueger, Trudy Culiyer git Sturdy Concentration Cami Carpender studies her music during a performance with the Orchestra. Stringing Along The Golden Strings performs the background music for the Gilbert High dedication. Directional Cues Bill Bitter, Orchestra instructor, conducts the G-olden Strings. :fl 39 : Organizations ,,...r - - X humid 060' i ESQ QYG i VO 6 in emma in O55 WX . h dub -6605! Xhe S9096 CYXQOQG X X96 i0 me ei , Q5 Yengh club ordei Eugenia inf' mogexl Q ,Xing P otha! O-Xhel' XOOQUOQ - Kdxsed Xdxn- gif: O - 'XO Q XO' QXSYX - CXUD Oid 5 D iw on Q, O ish S me Mem OVOKXUU o Comm ond pine 5900 ov- may wld x - iwOCme goo SWG Cn SUNG iiyiw O micive Wwoiry- Weior OPOSSX' C 'O 'G ey Ig in fgrcdl NOG' X355 5 Y069- - XO was G-me BQUSP de -iioncx -ewew xo iyletlco' roi Owpdin i109 - me . odl l io ev ' iigiwe ciugixnei Wiiln ii md, Dlevjpie gdiSl0Q LQiJfXpXQ00?2n?' ' U UX6'iiC3NiOOdl D66 OXSO Q2 De, Meixcol Xhexgxlois reS,iO H600 mb mem iogii Qom Odisii Y OX MOC T06 U O x1Oll9xl ,O ond me O X 905 4- 4' weep Xclub- P"'7 French club: Top Row QI. to rj: Cothy Stevens, Kerri Morten, Sunny Rdgldnd, Elysso Dohl, Billy Bldndin, Mike Modein, Erin Vdnderpool, Michelle Fisher, Keif Hough, Mike Howell, Jdmi Boll, John Neibich, Robert LdFdufe, Ddvid Palmer, 2nd S , Row: Pould Christner, BobieJo Moore, Kriste Forsgren, David Rudd, Sordh Lilly, Tom Mirdcle, Toro Jones, Tonis Roy, Cldrissd Chofey, Jennifer Henderson, Lond Peterson, Michelle Pritchard, Missy Becktel, Denise Pike, Advisor Mr, Guggisburg, 3rd Row, Kdtd Drozrnovic, Jennifer Kott, Kellie Chdrnpdign, Mory Jenkins, Erin Long, Amy Cubel, Taro ROCIIQUSZ, K5iH'N5tson, Chair s, Brockhurst, Ath Row: Collie MBIS, Becky Williams, Diane Booth, Annette Perry, Michelle Neilson. Dee Ray. Erin Boone, Melissa Gibbs, Rori Hawthorne, Kathy Hosset. Jody Simmons. Spanish Club: Top Row Cl. to rj Leslie Fraley, Jonny Zeborniak, Melinda Smith, Jenny Stormo, Mall Amos, Marc Carosco, Stacey Lane, Will Ray, Teresa Alger, Patricia Olgin, 2nd Row: Marrisa Guerrero, Evelyn Alger, Monica Lal?osk, Marcy Potter, Mike Campos, Carrie Smith, Tracey Reed, Angie Xochiua, 3rd Row: Mr. Carrizoza, Jullie Chalaes. Renee Walac, Ann Wolverton, Aaron East, Troy Payear, Joe Dodgson, Kirsten Meyer, Kortney Olover, Ath Row: Lilllon Casey, Arlene Valentine, lrma Erran, Michelle Varrios, 1 ' .., Vkiyi ' Whal fun' Club meeting Dee Ray leaving A French Club meeting IT S like QGTTWWQ 0 QVOUD TOQGTTWGY at the end of the day. just to meet other people," said Tara Rodriguez of the French club. 'xo io yo To ok 'io s o ocNoes De ow, eowoooxc skoki foe'i ev 60A vhxsfmlexoxoo YQ ok oeoo oox Xoew ovo'N . exoo , seei ooovx . oxeovo oeoxo oo Kox 'sew 'so ooo oxNxoQ kxoox go, o Xl oo ooXo Ko qoox oooos o xleoo Xoxs qeowooovx 'xs Woo vJX'Qo ooxl s, oooieows oi osef EoQYxSoKOO . ' okeo Noefo- Xxoo 'fxqoepwos oelxo woo, woe ooe 'QooXe woo sk ooxk K o oox oov ooog XX .XN'oeo XX XN os Neo oem .NNKs.Sx1e1oxoo xesoo, ' oooeoeo vookeooxe, soooXoovxe oxsosf oooes, Neck Kew woo sew es 'xox 'soxs ooovx o 'Qoo skooeok. Yoose seXeo's ioeo Nook oedxodooo ieoXN eoko 'sox xfxsox ,wow Sv eo 'so 'xoe 'xxoox Koo xewoxe We Noe week ok 'soo xoo K Kei. eixoe 'Qoxs 'ooovx 'ioowe 'xs o Qieok xv 'sooi oos oeeo oooe 'io 'ioe woooe ooooeo XeO eook. 'oo O OGXN Od oxoo, ooo ooew sk oii ,Noe sovoe oofxooxk qooqoeoks. Px Xieo f ooxc ok oxoo oooww wos oxoookf No vow ooo ,ixofokoo sooeoo- ood ok wo 'oxs'uoKoxs, ooo Koo Nook 'xs ook v'xeSKDXe woe, oo, Yoo ooxkoxs ooo skoii ox oov 'xoxs ooovx 'so Noe oosis ok 'xoexx ooo- N .Xooq ooioo oooo 'soew xhsxoo oo 'xfoooXso. Toewe weie oeo 'Qoev oev ex 'soex ogoxo. oo e keooooi. skooeoks. Toe ox Goo woo 'xfoooxoe o X4 xN'x'Q ook o ooo'soQ,ioo'oei'? XX oooooooo, ook Kxooxw 'xoxeo oo Skeve Xlxloooex, Aoo ov eo 'ofo Skeooex wexe woo'2oo'Ko see e ooixoo om 'soeq oxoioxs dxoooo 'soo xooo Now oxos oxeoxdxoo oe Year book Sian ff! W W., OSX XN we Koooo. Ooogsoo, ooo Sook 'Koo vooxo oeooXe seeo o'i oe Xfoe. Yoo 'ofoe 'ioxee oi Koexo soeok oooxs o's o 'so Xooxceo oo 'xo o ovooo . Woo woofo, oxooooxog 'soo oxomx es oeeoeo Rox o veowoooxc. 3rd R 'mfs OWI . S ISS DOG Vefdru Y Vale Te .QSODI p' Kirgfnzuelg fn Buminchrisfie gn Thong Marcy P . cke'm Dson ' offe om, Sh' LEG BI V, DOW Gnie Wcgerf Jerg.Ander5 ls, SC ' Tgrh On, ST OT Ste Ovick Sve VV Chef Y' 2nd C'Qn ' 131 R ROW ef, De QW4 f He. l niZB 'MGH5 'dl Le VOCK SQ Ar QQ J f jf Tech, Oo I 9 :MQS Yeflfbook e oofox essoxe eoxo OX' X4 o oo W ' es oooo ooeo NN xx: Working out cr problem. Deniz Brock ond Liso Bloser Trying To work ouT o propiern on Their ioyouT. ssxikkgs 'T Q s i' Q hh N wi S PM . ,R ey-L T Is ii picc or elite? Heidi Legg Tries To figure ouT wheTher she is Typing in pico or eliTe. Under Pressure. ChrisTie Eckelmon under pressure, Trying To compieie o IoyouT for The upcoming deodiine. Working during deadline. Shonie Wells works on her yeoroook loyouT. whiie rushing To geT iT reody To moii. : 'I 43 : Grgcinizciiions esk Skop k'ne Pkess apex New se kne pap was neak aea ups. ana wnen kk was neke was kkaskka- skokkes Nknouan pkokeseixond news, paske- apek skakks may nave skakks ok kkfne ko edxk .1 knekakw Qno panknkenaech nun- kkon ana anaek wnen akeas, Gkkbekk kkxan Scnooks wekenk pabkxsnea aue ko kacvx N967-S8 skakk won kneknkekna- ok space. Nkosk skokkes weke kkonak'5econa?kace Awakakok wnkxen me nom 'pgkoxe Q QM ancyickokkanakneknkekna- aeaakxne, accokaxng ko Vxekkk kkonak kfkonox Socxekq kok kfkxan Caaaek. 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Top row: Michele Priichard, Torn Gray, Shawn Linsay, Ginger Tresler. 2nd raw Heaiher Bell, Deann Dunham, Tanya Ortega, Mary Jenkins Advisor: Mrs, McCammon. vw ix Venderpool, Tara Rodriquez, Rosie Craig,lVlary Jenkins, Symon Lansdale, Heidi Obermeir, 4 if l f 5 The morning meeting i-leaiher Bell and Shawn Linsay wailing for The morning meefing Cogiia, igiiur sum The breakfast munchie Deann Dunham during a morning meeling, ' .M I kr: I S 1 5 V , ,, iii Q 2, 5 li js 1 eine, g, s Club, Sloeolol Weresr Clubs '15'OO'O07OSLO7'lhO exrsrs QD Cl , WO, ' rnreleoruol endeovor esroblshed food boxes fofigy iglpro Vide fo WQUSCSDCY fhe mundone ond ley fQl77fWQ3 ' OWOW osblrollon lo levels of 'so- berl H' blenrlonmosr oflen relegoledslne ' UfOffVbJf fhe 'lolebeculou conoebllon rofher lkdrlon. on seeks s or . The b ookle HUGO' ole V on Wh' , one 07770 ocepl Glle oxes cone Sfrofn Ne wb ' hom from SQSfdbles rch which de rehenslon Once: one exlsr sll'n,oly buf huge berr ond!-lg. 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Carrie Brummel preparing To leave for speech club cornpelilion. 'WI D tops Chess Ctu ttttes C s C have Chess ts the tOt.tQV95J' game on Campus C the 'oest reczorcii ,AGSOG WSW, Chess TOUYOOYUGUX th Prthequer- Chess teorrt sotd Qotd r prthted oh Soturdoy, February 't3, 'tQE58. Gttbert t-trgh's chessteorh, top rot- que, the edth the vottey , wort the YGQGOT 3 tohk tops wtth o ttge ' 'stohot by wthrtrhg 3 strotght the troht tor S650 ond Qroduottoh s. they theh eh- mugs Wtth evervbodtfs home th orrteht the Qroduotthg ctoss ot '88 prtht- d oh one srde ond the schoot oscot Ort the other drxlr teorh rhotche tered the stote teorh YOUTH 27 ohd TUYUGO th o e ce. Chess erhbtem ohdrrt tor 56.00. ptovers were Nltctor dStevehs oh February usuot terrtttc pertorrhoh teorh wttt host the rtext drvtsrohot ourhomeht th the tott ot M988 De- The top couse ot thetr wth ot drvtsrohots. 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Germain, Samanalha Mellon, Stephanie Meade, Chrisline Pasco, Jody Braiihwaile, Sherie Burrow, Karim Lamoreaux, Robby Bray, Rachael Clemel, Kristene Almosl finished Sam Dana concenlrales on his hislory assignment in Pace. avis, Klan Flayes, zlTl'TRow: Danelle Maggardflvlglanle Cake, Fleafhef N'l5hr, lonya Flursl, Caroline Duran, Dawn Meraz, Wendy Clancy, Amy Moore, Lisa Samaniego, Edna Cordova. C 59: Organizations C the tooo oyy oy Vhot ootophtho Oh oess to SUC t to rhohy tub WSU hoto o shoot s . oedxx otttp urhs oho XGOYU th othet stotes. Thts ye went to Soh Dtego. to eoth the mohey, they soto oohoy, ohd ot ts the ptesx Ch' ,pdxhteo wthoows. thto photogtophy yy t how she tett oofhetotot etghth gtooe, ohd th eh- ptotutes t took wtth tt woh tttst pt e th stote oorhpettttohf' t p hoo o pooth ot t he tuh- Eyety ye ot dxttet t tes ot 0 Zoo, osoh. 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'ii 6 4: Orgonizoiions Erh 'do Showoxrds Rouhd CoW'OoV5T -Y The ShoworrdST4r Guowos oo xThe C5TToerT T-Trgh Rodeo Teorh A oxh From sms To oTes The wos rhovkhg up wrrh oh OQOTOXT COYTWOGTTTTOU wos ev er Wh re YTWOTG hurhoer or 268 oohve hrgr GUTTOQ 'rhe sohooT eor e s sohooT rherhoersf' sand Mg o u oTohhe 'rhree svrirrosro Qrve RevhoTds. The Mzoho T-Trgh Sohor s'ru GU 5 o ohdhoe To GXOGTTGUCG Rodeo Prssoomhoh hos su o r erervr ourdoor oohvrhl T e evehis os 'reorh rookhg, ooh rc hos rhduded wo vrsrrs 'ro SUOTTSG Xhg. oroho udrhg, 'ouTT hdrhg, bor ohd ohe'ro howoovu The Show TOCTOQ. goofr heThQ, oreoxc ox orr 5 hod 72 oohve rherhoers ohd ouihhg. 'T eh3ov Toekhg uhror Dowh A dersoh sod deo, oeoouse TT Qhles rr Thrs sw seosoh wos ruh Thod hev chohoe To meer drirereh e UQ 'our rr wos os ' ohd oohreve my godskrurie Th The NdhohoT FThoXs Rodeo Dedh uw. uwhoah Semof Mort 'the 9XDfeSS.ReVf1OId5 4 Ovson Higrlons On niSrgUT'f'hg in GH SCIWOOI ROJSQC fide OT To if' z .xi Ride Um Cowboy. Hang On senior Kosey ridwen, puiiing To Senior TfGviS COOIGV Showing i he use ehe of his hsiehy ieehhiques one of his mony skills on Spider i 3 iii iopeihe his eeif ei Orme i.iieh in Willioms Arizono, oi o June f M Schooi Rodeo- high school rodeo. 1 2 Ss.: . K ii rirrr s 4 QP ' : . 5. 7 .ig fr 4: 1 sms .. H i -T.:- , f"' 1 C' if Look ci me go. The unideniified ski club member shows his siuff oi o ski irip To Sunrise. I ...... Qggcrnizcziions FHA Members Fronl row L-R: Joann Howell, Jennifer Tarnovncky, Brenda Woolnouse, Maryann lv1cCar1hy, Monica Brown, 2nd row L-R: Kim Owens, Kris Palmer, Peggy Wagner, Carry Srriharsky, Mrs. McKean. .1 ya- . LS? Vica members in GCHOI1. Clark Brown and Russell Burnham working on CIark's Truck engine, "-S-'I 64 "" FHAfVlCA 5 Y. w!Q7,7 S17-,O S17 rQ,S 777001 ksr S I77 S Cf S W S O W Oljey Off D sers 9819 SW if held fo' Cfubfomlcfs, f Slflfo fb eq O e ,O Self, M Cfub ,D 0cfiV,',,e 0 efafof em0kKiOr Cgorlcpofgs plymliimplbs' lflycbcf' F7 U'7O'r 9 1 V7 fh CS We ln'7Sr3 Q f S SOZISQ ' S I7 SOifofMe'77bZr:VOf'b"r3 ig fo a . 7 C flfefg Club gErCeQlCf,?c3rffCbQ7fjS Veg, S fo be Ocffvf. Q89 ff er mC,-S H, i N S VICA Members Top row L-R: Russel Burnham, Dana Daily, Lance Molniosn, Tim Dugan, Brent Incardone, Clint Sanborn, Troy Brown, 2nd raw Mr. Balls, Reese Pinkerton, Jim Trusfy, Ricky Cook, Steve Purimoni, Terry Bonner. Shawn Hastings, 3rd row Tony Gonzalez, Mike Arrella, Clara Brown. 5 R f iigamzaiions ondndxnd 3 s vc Ov GYSGGS nd Cdno 'Kopooon . sovneone NIGXXS to ivom X-XoXXdnd, o you horn ocxoss ine siveek . xlxlnoi Mdndrnei from Sodxn. oouXd XX oossxow YTWQOUQ CouXd XX wmewxcom OYG venl open Xo- e o cui down? wowds ioweXQn peooXe, wnXcn Xvnogxne oexndxn OSXYOOQ6 new vndkes XX d Kok eosxev to Ywe Xn ine oouninf wnewe oeooXe Now ond sooxew. Knew con 'oe ndvdev io dot dxiieveniw ivoxn wndi you OY6 QGX io vxnow more XOJYKYUOJKGN , out used No. Tnxngs wouXd oe ndxd 'so Xn QGUGYOX Xnev OY6 venl inendw Gguve out. oeooXe." commented Xnkcen Ldsi vedv, four students horn A Scnum. dxiiexeni counines OVYQUCGG ouv Tneiorexdn exondnge QYOQIOY0 scnoowlnxon rndde kne NIGOY more rnov oe d good wow to onng nv dX Xnkeresnng ond ouXXurdX.Fxovn Gen oounknes dosev iogekner Kn ine fnonv wos DW NXXO, Xnxaen Scnuvxz iukuve . Tnxs vnxgni oe d sk ep Xn new enrndnc Lokkd Tnovsson oXYxdnoes. F0re- lgn ex Chan Qe stu den is Dirk T YIIG Ink ' e n ShuI'rz, LONG Thfbrss On CG ' rlos Pe Veg- 2 T Foreig, Qe 1 s Pere horn D West Germany Dirk Tylla, from Wesi Germany, had The sTrongesT accenT of all The foreign exchange sTucienTs. He iefT aT The beginning of second semesTer, January 24, 4988. K' Fair foreingner Inken Shuiiz giving a presenTaTion on her home couhTry, Denmark. ove you ever felT more like o number Thon on individuol? Did you ever hdve The experience of meeTing o new friend only To ldTer lose Them in The crowd due To The sheer size of The new cdmpus? Did you geT Through The enTire school yeor wiThouT ever seeing some of The people you used To know? Being one of whoT seemed like herds of new people mode iT edsy To feel losT in The crowd. Going unnoTiced Through The high school yeors wos eosier now Thon ever before on The mdssive new compus. As The school populoTion grew, The numbers seemed omdzing To people who remembered less Thon one hundred in eoch grddudTing closs. WiTh over 2000 sTudenTs, iT wos edsy To become o non-enTiTy. For seniors, Their Time wos upon Them. IT wos Their yeor To be The leoders of The school. AfTer eleven yeors of hord work ond dedicoTion The closs of '88 hdd eorned Their grodudfion. For underclossmen, iT wos o yeor of woiTing To be one yeor older ond odjusTing To so mony new foces. Juniors were lying in wdiT for The chonce To be ledders, while The sophomores ond freshmen leorned survivdl skills ond yedrned for d Time when They could Tedse The young ones. WhoT bound everyone TogeTher wos o common need for friendship ond componionship, which is o sTdple dT ony dge. 468 : People need friends Jackie Scoii and Terrie Reynolds realize The imporiance of friendship. wp-fc : 469 AT The l-lelm: DisTricT Leaders The school board and superinTendency had The enormous Task of dealing wiTh explosive growTh in The disTricT and The opening of The new high school cam- pus. The elecTed board was responsi- ble for making policy and financial de- cisions, while The superinTendency de- signed The curriculum for all grade levels. SuperinTendenT WalTer Delecki was assisTed by AssociaTe superinTen- denTs Leona Shreeve and Brad BarreTT. School board members included Julie lvlcCleve, Sam Udall, Myrna Sheppard, Norece HaTch, and Don Skousen, Civic duty Enjoying The sunny ride, assoc. SuperinTendenT Bradley BarreTT parTicipaTes in The Gilben Days Parade. Comparing speeches School board member Julia McCleve compares speeches wiTh SuperinTendenT WalTer Delecki. Leadership AssociaTe SuperinTendenT Leona Shreve discusses The DedicaTion ceremony wiTh a member of The audience. 979 School BOClfd L To R: Julie lvlcCleve, Sam Udall, Myrna Sheppard, Norece HaTch, Don Skousen. Q ,fig ...Q f 1 hu... L"' ' ' 54 ' h A ',, L 4,4 -- ifewqkv s 1" " Q--ks. Z' -,, ii 4, A V f ' . . .,5. , f .VKL :N 5 " , Q " if if gyy : J, Liiiy g y g E V 0 f , Jae w - H will in A , 1 eff? MM' "" 'J - M x it I ' , ,' J ' Wm-- ff ,, J , J . ,fTQJi...g: , ' L , ,rzyyy : I VVVL V , A W h-V , ,VVV NN , ., r ., l or f A : " Q it ' i irrl ? A W: W w l ,. f' iii if gif: . 1 I .ir- f' pina., V , i, . . W 3 Lv ' f, f ' I 1 J .,,... ,s A B l L l ' Ei ' , ai .llcf :V it as Steve Abaroa: Language Arts, Journalism Joni Adams: Special Education David Ashley: Social Studies Bobby Averitts: Custodian Diana Bagwell: Language Arts Lynda Baker: Cafeteria Nancy Beauddin: Cafeteria Earl Becker: ALC Darlene Boggess: Clerical Maria Bond: Language Arts Jo Elyn Boone: Physical Education Ruth Boxley: Language Arts Jodi Brade: Cafeteria Becky Bradshaw: Special Education Jacqueline Brockhurst: Language Arts Yolanda Bryan: Cafeteria Betty Burger: Custodian Dennis Bushong: Vocational Agriculture Peg Busler: Career Center Lisa Byrne: Language Arts Cam Cardwell: Language Arts Larry Carisle: Building Manager Ruben Carrizoza:Language Arts Jim Chavez: PACE Jeri Chapman: Math Sue Childers: Clerical Estella Chirae: Cafeteria Joyce Collins: Home Economics Jeff. Compton: Science Eileen Cook: Cafeteria Lucia Cordova: Cafeteria Bob Covington: Business Mike Cowart: Custodian Randall Crum: Cafeteria Dave Davis: Science lil 7ITlI 57? Tom Dees: Science John Dole: Science Diane Drazinski: Science Frank Dudley: Math Rick Dunn: Social Studies Pam Duty: Language Arts Steve Erwin: Math Tricia Euen: Business Bob Everett: Social Studies Keith Field: Social Studies Barbara Fischer: Science Glen Frakes: Social Studies Mary Frishman: Math Gary Fujino: Photographers Nancy Gallaugher: Library Carol Garcia: Clerical Yolanda Gename: Special Education Kent Gierke: Physical Education Tharon Gierke: Physical Education Ted Glanders: Science John Grown: Custodian Mark Guggisberg: Language Arts Renee Gwynn: Business Joan Haley: Clerical Cindy Hanson: Cafeteria Barbara Harris: Language Arts giifffiifi L 1 '-'::'?N , - - x,,-..-- Y '43 . xp New Surroundings K .X 0 as H' C232 ' .1 x E: 31 - 4 ,fx H DUfS6'S O 5 in it Em il ' ,,,,.4r nw! g ' Q ,K Sb S 3 . X 1 QMS -df' Nurse Trujillo seems to enjoy the spacious new tfice. Photo by Douglas Adams me ,,. 51,9-fs if . r , 'Q' l -'qi Hz: ,-0, i 4 is n .0 J ,. K 1 J .. L - .. . , K ,E 'fi .. ,f-- -1 . - .sl 5: .,:L . K '-r: it a f li. K . K W.. sn, . ssllssl ' A llss , 1 ' .L . , "kk"' A . ssss J . N L llii l ' f -1 :till--1 'Z' 1 if if ll fs .K ,E . m,L. s, . vm :' ': 1 ., M .sz i 'I it - LKL- -' - k : ' " ' I Serious conference Special Educational teachers Christy Potter and Joni Adams discuss lesson plans. 55255111-F111 iz?-iESr?!E55"'41E A ,: : Qi S ig? tw ww '55 Margaret Harris: Math Rene Hellman: Security Dewayne Herren: Custodian Betty Hiett: Counseling Mary Ann Hoopes: Clerical Don Hornbeck: Counseling Paul Huston: Principal Jim Hughes: Math Patricia Hurst: Cafeteria Tammy F. Jensen: Library Melodee Jones: Physical Education James Kass: Math Marlin Kemmer: Language Arts Sharon Kiselyk: Language Arts Jean Laursen: Cafeteria Mark Law: Custodian Loraine Lerma: Home Economics John Lillard: Social Studies Jean Logan: Counseling Daniel Loyden: Social Studies Shirley Lull: DCE Judy Macpherson: Math Ray Martin: Custodian Sandy McCammon: Art Terry Maher: Science Dave Marthaler: Counseling :gl 7531 W Torn McCann: Home Economics Sandy McKeon: Home Economics Jack McNamara: Social Studies Bud Mettinger: Custodian Terry Meyer: Math JC Middleton: Special Education Paulette Morgan: Math Deann Mortensen: Business Gary Morton: Language Arts Raymond Nelson: Special Education Teri Norton: Clerical Vanita Oakes: Cafeteria Chuck Ofenloch: Custodian Sharon Orr: Clerical Jim Paster: Safety Education Christy Potter: Special Education Dennis Powell: Language Arts Dale Renault: Language Arts Steve Rogers: Social Studies Pete Rornanoski: Social Studies J. Royce: Special Education Nancy Rutledge: Cafeteria Manager Rena Salvidgei Math Tally Satterthwalte: Language Arts Sharon Scott: Clerical Troy Searnster: Custodian L. Sf 1 V ,- ik s ?f 3 I ,. ,,,. Q S asf' -,sl -' - ' s. S . . , if 'BF' X 1' - "-.,,,. . E : :::::. N ,ff ::::: ::::: ., : ::: :fiitiillii :ii: li::: fijff sg S X -J' Q Mr. Dole proves this by dressing up for Spirit Week on Great White North day. 11" is KX Q. N.. 5 , sg, N K kg.. .f--:: : Q WW 2,559 ax ME Q J 'tw L11, 3. ' 4 mmz. . V, ., . SI , .ei rmgizssi, HU sl T. . w1.:f.s:'-if-Bf:!1f .. if as 1 gifs 'if ,z its 1 ,f"' " .. 3? 1-3' S, m,,L,m,,LL,,LLL A 'S I' xx if : S Jack McNamara is all over David Ashley during a pep rally before a football game. Tina Shipley: Cafeteria Rita Scholtz: Fine Arts Larry Sirnkins: Social Studies Lloyd D. Smith: Business M. Southard: Science Beverly Stelter Dan Stone: Math Betty Stone: Cafeteria Mary Sverdrup: Language Arts, Yearbook Olivia Tautimez: Library John Thiele: Social Studies Chuck Thompson: Counseling Margaret Trujillo: Nurse Robert V. Valenzuels: Custodian Floy Vanluven: Counseling Mary Warren: Library Miner Webster: Physical Education Ann Marie Williams Jody Wilt: Cafeteria Mrs, Wofford: Attendance Song Woonkim: Custodian Eileen Young: Clerical 37? 'G MQ N .W TA 3 4' 6 W wi :ZIY6-: Sffengfh in hUl'T'lb9f5 Members of The class of '88 owcmif groduohon cicy wiTh impmiemcel Andrew Bustos April Bufier Andy Compbe-it Michoei Campos Melissa Canes Cdfpenfef l , 11,-Q,.. . N7 .nv Sl: iw. my .a..2,,a..21 ff.-Q. ,ff11,' 4- -.,.,., , 5 xv. ff.. I Q" ' if 4 'wg 3 , ,. .,, ---- .WQ,w,.i,.1e:1Mf,1,.-vs:W-S -- ,,-:f--.15-.,.::: Hgsm.gg2,, . 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She loves modern music and has a large varieiy of Tapes and albums ai home. i-ier cfavoriie group, however, is The group Soil Ceii because The lead singer,1Marc Almond, sings he feels, Qgeis older, Anasiaoidiiwiouid like io own nighi club. When askeoilwhai she liked mosiaboui The new campus This year she replied, "I loved being inside all day because i could wear my winier cloihes year round!" . ., Q ,- gs A' -'D' Q7 ' -if .ii- 11 V. -Uv SR? Be R Us If ii Y W, ,if , N ik 'Owen 1 ,, 7ff'mbe"V Gwefis iififidsiocio i .i Christine Posccgi Qijigciiher Pcwiggigi k.,,., ig! Arr.. . , .,.. . i,,...1 1-r-wmv. -ff ' .,.r,fm:fm..ff wr:-,frf,i,. f . i ' - - . .ff..rwg,3r2,5f5 ...Ms -.,, . , ,. - Peiiersdwii:?a25ffi5 r.iri ' i i Christine Pneips Brandi Phiiiips , Reese Pinkerrqri, Jeffery Poeckd. 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P9099- I Jeni Adkins Cris Albrighl Palrick Alexander Teresa Alger Jenni Allender Vicki Allender Kris Alpin Dallin Anderson Dawn Anderson Jason Anderson Shannon Anderson Tyson Anderson Melinda Arcella Loren Aslan Kimberly Alchley Korina Bacilla Chrislie Bagshaw Michael Banks l-lealher Barcon Sieve Barnes Andre Barriga Michelle Barrios Bobby Basha Vicki Bales Roberl Bauer Kimberly Baum Mark Beals Laura Beck Shawn Beeboul Harry Bennell Phil Benning Diana Bernal Lisa Blaser Darel Blau Michele Bollinger Terry Bonner Diana Boolh Tracy Boolh Jill Borelli Rick Borough Al Bouvier Carrie Bracamonle Derec Bradshaw Samaria Bradshaw Tari Bradshaw Laurel Brady Richard Brannen Nikki Braasch Zeke Bricker iq? rw, ll llll F l il W.. 25""i' Vg .,.. N L ,. f K le 'T V-v-4, Q A 5- - -- . - -, lg, Y of I- .-fg snr L ' ff 5- is A figs' L I Q. x - ': ' . ia? 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T A Jess Corrosco H5 " fx Norman Carroll -499 Lorraine Castillo Jim -Calhey Charissa Chafey Julie Chaides Michelle Chandler David Chen Philip Chesley Leslie Choale Shawn Chrislensen Regina Cilvik Troy Clare Denny Clark Debbie Clawson Joe Mike Clem Aaron Clemenl Rebecca Cluff Debbie Coglianese Brandon Conner Floyd Cook Jeff Cook Brell Cooley Ben Cooper Sylvia Corona Alyssa Cory Deanna Cowarr Jason Craby Amy Cubel Jacelyn Curris Melissa De San Marlino Lori Dahlsledr Dana Daley Kim Daniels Stacy Daniels Tara Davenport Melanie Davis Michelle Deason Milron Deherrera Melissa Devries Darren Dibble Jeff Dieken Dave Dillbeck Lori Dipierro Joe Dodgson Jeff Done Dan Dorado Lori Dorrer Jamie Dossey Ari Douglas Ben Dover lm CC C CC ..., ,,,,CC,,,CCCg,, .,,.. CA,IfriQQ-Cfs,1C--Cfwzifivrs C , -- CC CCC C--CWCCCW.. sf 'ig,IR.CCCmHC-wi:wCC,:e:fswf ::':1m: Cm " CC k,,LL , ,,LLL in ,,kW,: ..,,......,,s...,,,. ..,..,, , 'ii fn XC 'MCC Q -11 QQ.-fa: - Y 45 .,, X R X 'ai MX' li x E Q F " K f Gr ,Er H ,,:". 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Kids slill cheal, bul who gains? "Whal's number five?" queslions Tina Hilbert junior, as she casually looks on To junior Angela Brue's quiz. '395 Angela Easlerwood Glendora Ferguson Sieve Fisher Joanna Flake Mark A. Fleer Andrea Flofo Eslher Flores Yvonne Flores Victor Florie Peler Forrer Richard Fosier Lesley Fraley Jeff Funicello Jeremy Garcia Jennifer Gardner Steven Genlile Brian Gentry Jason Geymonl Shawn Gifi Monica Gloria Winde Godin Jeannerle Godwin Tony Gonzalez Kip Gosney Lisa Goss Melissa Graf Orlando Granada Ricky Gray Melissa Grigsby Elizabelh Guerrero Lesa Guill James Gusty Melissa Gulhmiller Rafael Gulurriz Lori Hammer Mendy Ann Haslin Tiria Hatch Brandon Hellman Palrinia Hernandez Janel Herdon Wendy Heyer Derrel Higgins Tina Hilberl Jeff Hines Darcy Hogan Shanna Hood AI Hooper Jeff Hooper Gary Hornbeck Nancy Hombeck Brooke Hoskinson iss- X X ... ' ,: fl s 0 if ,.., T I Y s WSW fi? Q X X W . ...., 5 " .. 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David Palmer if A KrisTa Park 52?'Mg.ll.nY1 :iffy 5335212 s " K s vii .1 Q , -n A' MR T 'ff 1 , if .X 4.1 . figffy -iq ' 'T LaTe For A DaTe The firsT week of school was The perfecT Time To be laTe for classes. STill kids had The need To give ex- cuses. Some of The mosT popular ex- cuses were l'The lockers were really crowded" or "My lock wouldn'T open." The all Time favoriTe excuse was "I couldn'T find The class." GranTed, These are all good ex- cuses, puT leTs see if anyone can Think of beTTer. "My zipper broke and I had To go To The nurse To geT iT pinned," was Jeff Flncello's favoriTe excuse. "l was in The pdThroom and my zipper goT sTuck. While l was fixing iT one of my enemies came in and we goT inTo a fighT," said Todd Russell. Taking Their Time Jeremy Judd and Luls PeralTa, on There way To class, louT a liTTle laTe. -gl 9?- Michelle Parker Kathy Parry Cynthia Patterson Erin Paulseen Stephanie Payne Melissa Pennell Ann Marie Pennington . L' Annette Perry :ii L . Jennifer Peterson 'iri .f lf. Yrs' Leslie Peterson A ' L ..,,, vw Joe Perrone l isl . Joe Perry L Tana Peterson ' L Austin Pettigrew m.LLf,LLLff Shane Phelps Lisa Pico Nathan Poe L L Leslie Pool tt" fa Michael Polfus A ' it April Porter - Lori Porter '-325 'if Ls' 1922 vs.. L i,ss L NPL ,lf S L A -sf. LL ,, l e Lg . L, L ,K L, s Q sf- L' 33 1 4. lv 'R 'lm W. Glenn Knauer- Basic? If you saw him in the lead role as Dr. Faustus, In Dr. Faustus, you would know that Glenn Knauer has real talent as an actor, but "l'm not going to be an actor, life's too hard. l'm going to be a starving writer," he laughed. He looks up to the poet T.S. Elliott and said about him, "No one knows who he is, no one cares." Glenn's attitude about school was, "I don't care much about grades. l'm here to learn what l can. l'm not going to drive myself into the ground." He would like to go to college after high school, his major-English and minor-communications. The college of his choice is, "The one I can get into, My grades are terri- ble." Glenn Knauer being his usual self. "I'm just a basic boring person," he said with a shrug. ?09: 1' Z ""lM J' K A Y 1' LM. .L-4 I L X14 ak K, Q ' ie E' , s .ffl .-an 'J Q l Xin.: 1 W.. A K U 3 ...- , ! S- ff' sk i -so -' -fu ywigs sw, 'iz 95 9 s a' 1' i ,4 S 6, mfs "' - .N M '- , K. ", s. I 2 H 'jx U f R S 6 R l 93 swmmi w dt sfi B ijk5S ' sd as K , 2 gig, its . Ig is Q 69 f f"'9m - L in 'igg f '17 . : S' .J .sw ix I ,IN 4 We -1: f 2 T11 f i llsn or , lnnn s A9 ' . Q 4 as is is W an i - 'I a . 1 Q K . ---L , r J .s -1 , -- r ' 71 f5 libgsskwggs gg 5 VI- J ft S xf 3 f s .1 ' sg S S ' NS 'crab ., f,.:.:- :T ,,.- yin, 1 : rzs:.-'iii,11:E2E1s3f- -iii its ' I V Brent Pospisil Amberly Potter Derek Preston Andrea Printz Fred Proctor Steve Purtiman Troy Puyear Joel Quetschenbach Heidi Quinones David Rawcliffe Bradley Ray Tracy Reed Chris Reedy Denis Revering John Richards Sherry Richardson John Rienberg Jennifer Riggs Becki Ripley Chris Roberts Matt Robinson Geri Ann Rodriguez Jennifer Rodriquez Nataani Rogers Kim Row Sunny Rowe Janes Rshele Bernove Ruiz Eric Russell Justin Russell Todd Russell Clint Sanborn Frank Sanchez Dan Sansom Paul Schmidt lnken Schultz Mark Schultz Robby Scott Mike Serrano Tara Sevinford Michelle Shaffier Teil Sharp Scott Shepard Steve Shepherd Darla Sheppard Shanna Sherman Daniel Shields Norma Shreve Stacey Sipple -204 Adam Smiih Julie Smilh Evi Springfield Cluff Siacy Tracy Slanddge Tina Slarr Leanne Slauffer Casey Siechnij Bryan Sleller Cari Sievens Donna Slinnell Angela Slonefield Jenni Siormo Carrie Slriharsky Eddie Suarez Sandy Sullivan Ford Summer Sieve Sumner Brian Swain Darrell Swinford Melissa Tanner Becky Tarin Andrea Tavormina David Taylor Pauline Teague Aaron Thompson Mike Thornock David Thorpe Charloii Thorsson Kirsien Thude Kim Thune Bryan Tice Jill Tidwell Kasey Tidwell Scoil Tilley Joey Tomasic Belh Townsend Jeany Townsend Lambie Tracey lvloeding Tricia Becky Trombley Rudy Trujillo Kim Uhles Kelley Vaillancouri Arlene Valenlin Caroline Valenzuela Andrea Vandevoorde Andrew Vanderpool Jill Vandevoorde ..?O2: T G5 -""' -S I .., , I YQ K li . .. 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" i li B Q ,,,: I ! -f-fr: 5 4 W J B27 'RBVEYDII ifl f . ,:.: B iscllc ,B J l sss ss s sssi l 9 ' ' - i.E jg Q is iJT1 1 91 . -P if 'th A' j ' :fs ' J' ,. is twig gm? sseiB Q sell l ' l ? tfggg il ll gy icwwf r l 6' ....a..E 'gf , E A1,f ,,A!A L ,gi2f,X X A N' fi 1 , ti Peter Veldsquez Anthony Vest Peggy Wdgner Justin Wdite Amber Wolker Tom Wdlloce Dovid Webster Nldrlee Wertin Jody White Michelle Whiting Shown Whitmer Doni Willis Dovid Wilson Renee Wolek G-dry Wolf Ann Wolverton Dednne Woolsey Colene Wright Kelly Wroble Sedn Ydrger Todd Young Sdntiogo Zdrote Jeremy Admds Ddmon Beldnger Kim Biggs Chris Bldke Greg Brdndon Jdred Brown The Lunch Bunch Out lo lunch Nikki Brddsch ond Alicici Thompkins dccompony two friends to on off-cdmpus lunch ddte. -30? Cindy Aaron Brian Adams Laura Adams Nancy Ahrendl Robin Alber Tommy Almeida Rhonda Alex Evelyn Alger Amie Allen Juslin Allen Jusiin D. Allen Kristi Allen Ben Allred Monica Almeida Krislina Anderson Shelley Anderson Sonya Anderson Tammy Anderson Teresa Anderson John Anglo Meinda Arcella Mike Arriga arisa Arfeche Deanna Arvallo Laura Asbury Jenni Ashby Delaney Asion Troy Atkinson Nalhan Babbiil Sieve Babcock Joseph Banks Bill Barneh' Roberi Barnharl Gabriel Barros Ericka Bales Pal Baumel Mary Beals Missy Bechial Kandi Bedford Pricilla Benbrook Debbie Benge Paul Benner Shyla Benner Amy Bennell Kelly Bennell James Bauernfeind Missy Bielfeldl Roxl Blackburn Carla Blades 204- mW,,,,,,.. .,, :wig wx .im-ee ff- :sea - ff-zxzes md' Q , .J X. VA? f if ui ww, b , ai . M 'NO BK rj- ,A Y W Q . 1- x -Q. 3 xx Q55 . Q s s A f ll N A as . ' llcy A V f.- ,fiw ' , , -2 all A T , Ji Q K. kg i 1- NP' ' s. I f 3 .1 I' 9 I -, :M f A l is A fy .K I . 's I - - -kglsg , ., .. h .x , , J . lgwe , 551: ,.ss .-.s,..,..s.-0--A-Ni'QA is B 'X ,L 1 H ' ,. 7' ,mr Q L s f. . ,ir s B .A Sophomore Closs Officers WhoT wos your fovoriTe school dc- TiviTy This yeor? ThoT ocTiviTy ond dll of The oThers were plonned corefully by The sTudenT council. They checked every sTep of The ocTiviTies To insure sofeTy, securiTy, ond, besT of oil, fun! The sophomore closs offi- cers ployed o mojor porT of This plon- ning ond developing. They Took sTu- denTs' ideds ond mode improve- menTs. One of The gools of The sopho- more sTudenT council wos To roise money for fuTure proms. Also, The sTudenT council wonTed To geT The building compleTed To sTudenTs' needs. Lori Hollidoy, sophomore represen- ToTive, soid "We wonT To unify our closs o whole." Sophomore class officers Aimee Clorkson, President John Dillon, Vice-President Missy BechToI, SecreTory: Erin Boone, Treosurerg Lori Hollidciy, Repre- senToTive T B, ., ' , .. ' - A ---'- sg- -- T 5 T i : ,- .-- flj - .- of--as fs 1 N M' . W- s. is fy ,. I - . . - -ap., uh 1. -Q-L., B B P Q Q ,f Q V to X 'Q ' sosiss 1 at-3, Q ' , T is B .-SITES if-Th sm X -s- 1 1 A -r W I Ar. 1: .- ...... V eg AN -S ,ff 2' - J N CoThy Blades ,T - c.V ScoTT Blond . " N JusTin Bleyle gf. , .. , ' Kim BIounT f - ' H Michele Boncodo - If y - j i s Fred Bonnen ,N ff' s - Q Amondo Boone ,- , ssss if i B- T - Erin Boone .4 s Qoz, 'ifs John Borfkun A B V h s 'P 0 R Aliso Brodshow T A' K' Brion Brewer 'sr' -- Q. fs? ooo Wendi Bfimef T Cheyenne Brodshow ' --- ii.. y, is T' Jenni Brimholl X ir-f - ssii - 'I' ' KrisTi Brimhcill RusTon Brimholl 1 f Sherri BrisseTTe A 'G' Gino Brock Q s y , fs h 'B ChrisTinc1 Brown Q .T , T T , ,A K K , ls -'- Mindy Brown Roymon Brown : 205 : Sophomores Bridget Brue Keri Brunit Jack Bryon Rhonda Buckley Joe Burchett Scott Burns Christina Burris Peter Burrows Yvonne Bywater Carrie Caddell Mary Calvan Fernanda Camacho Stephanie Camocho Brian Campbell Vicki Campbell Avid Campos Craig Canerday Ana Cano Jose Cano Victor Cordova Chris Carpenter Colette Carpenter Doug Carpenter Robert Carpenter Beth Carroll Lynette Carter Michelle Cascante Shawny Chadwell Dena Chanley Kristi Chapman Javier Chavez Jose Chavez Lori Chavez Dean Chimonas Paula Chrisner Greg Clare Melinda Clark Aimee Clarkson Shannon Cochron Jennifer Coers Raquel Colagrossi Laura Cole Tony Cole Travis Collins Traci Combs Art Contreras Justin Cook Kim Cordon Mark Cornelius :2Oo: Sophomores lffes N s A C Nik 1 A 2 1 fi XC -If N is "if' C . .jfmm l Q I -:- 5. L Qx AQ s -' ' 1 ' . 1 ' M Q ' fig' '1o4sl X 3 .sais iss f liws JVE1 C121 as gn R ,QC :fix C Q X C fig. C J Wii T 9 C l Q QQ ,,,CQ3QQQ A, KLJ Q Q QQQQQAL Q 3 C C 1 C 'ak ll.s. ,lll .C ef T QQ? mf r'r. Lriii ff -ii. ' zz, ..,,. C C C.fsfi QC W F 6fTC3 We 'gli xi if is wif J C' ,Q 'ts rf' .Cs s C55 -A 'sts .C.- sin. - r r it E C f 5 Q Q ,,., Q pppg 3 Q C Q s C sl Q JC C Q QQ. ,-of xt ff 2 A SQ EE if X r . Q S ,,,: A ,J ... 1: " -f J J .. if ,gi A ..hh 5 T ,-g' I - srrr ,,m.h ' 1 ' -IAV V AAA ,,::: , T 1 ff ipsi y is siii s .Q r J 3 , A "LL .. ' 3 - ff? ' .- A .15 .fkylgzp ' 6 '-1.A A , L",.L ".. I K'K: I": '1"" i -:,- -- ff i 'k:':: -:-" -- :" - ' 5 , .:-f' -. -. . . . . :" i I L"L ww ST? Qi Q .: :g ifiE:a1 .1 kkrkkk A V I, -N . J V W :- N. A , fd W J 'F if if i K"f:: "Lk A A isssi as , ' 'A:"AA r ' " J "AA ix "A: A'iA:A' i W'i, .N ' ' .3 .. "A ' A "hh T. , ' " h 'X 1 ...I 1 ..., ' , --1: . 50- .-,,, is . Q.. T " -' -:f, . h ,lf ze j , 33,3 X fm S it e E. , "L:L' iii . K'--: Y 1 'M it L "L1 ..,, . .-.,. ,,,11 1 H . + .- A E E C T A s w'--" - A A V IA. - .,, . .. K AAiiV ,,11 .. . ,LL' ,11 ,L A , i W'Lgg W ' ffi , y ' l -T -' - - 'i .: ' A ".g lfflffl -- K L ifiiiffi M is was: r ,C . ,, gg, t if' 'f" 1-2, ..f, 14123 B 5 f lew, :.s3,..:f,,: FUN. ftp., April Corum Moses Coury Jenlle Cowart David Cox John Cox Rose Craig April Crum Amy Craig Ben Craig Heather Cummings David Curwin Tricia Cushing Joe Czarnicki Denise Dalton Monica Dame Jared Dandie Alan Danforth Candace Dani Mike Daughty Tammie Davenport Matt Davis Rod Davis Karen Daley Cody Deakman Kim Deaken Darrin Dillard Shane Dille Shannon Dillman John Dillion Stephanie Dillion Emily Done Robert Dominguez Rachelle Dosvar Travis Downs Jesalee Draney Paul Dunn Shawn Dunn Chris Eaton E.J. Echiveri Christian Ecker Eddie Barganski Erik Edmisten Randy Ellis Tom Ellsworth Cory Emmett Tana Eshelman Patrick Espinoza Cory Evens Joey ForGuson :QOZ Michael Evans F T Donald Exley 3 g 'T M S w A g l?oberT Ferrin 5 T if- 'X 'Q 'T' " V Eric Fike J g " - li ..,. , sr: 'W' f Brion Fish 1 T T as if 1 "' ,lf X, lg Conrad Flake 5, ll- y K- ,ws lfrl 111 T . 5 I .4 KrisTen Flake d T' - K .gf .- J if S.. ' T f' iio, c ,ffm xx X 5 Jason Flanders . Jake Forrer . KrisTen Forgren ' ' is fi. I f Jason Franklin 'i.. r -3 Shyla Fredick ' .F Marcy Freeman Laurie Fuller Brian G-alindo Maria Galvan Julie Gauman Tom Gaylor Todd Gehrke SuzeTTe G-enTry Melissa Gibbs i'i. S Working OverTime WhaT did you do when you goT home from school? Like mosT you probably waTched Television or aTe. Some people didn'T go home afTer school. lnsTead, They wenT To sporTs pracTice, or music lessons, or some oTher acTiviTy. Sophomore Angie Ki- selyk did all of The above. She had golf pracTice, chess club meeTings, was a represenTaTive for STudenTs AgainsT Drunk Driving, orchesTra re- hearsal, and was Taking a dance class. AcTiviTies ThaT were noT school relaTed were karaTe, playing The pi- ano along wiTh The oboe, and was a member of 41-H. All-around sludenl GO' 1 f r X ayafx c . R Q ,.. ,.. 3, ,,, ,,,, 1 gf, it if V .f 3 X c.., . X Ni as Q hs J H., gi 'S 'ill' ...f . RNS AfTer lisTing all of her acTiviTies, Angie asked, "ls ThaT enough?" H S 208 .. Sophomores 'NP' , G as , , 5: 1? -E- uv 'EMIS' I 119' s 3. fr sv .N 1 Q K' s F -., g ,w i s . F HE ' N X J sais QE? G k i . F J mi ,.., t g- li - .EN K -111 :H ' 2 .www 5 a ff. .B EEQREQQFS? "r 1 iii J 11 J , G Z . . s f ig L kiz K -33 -nf tt t kiif 2 : I f ' GG , , 5 iii G GG GG I ' K newfik simggf SQWQTE y5fss.3?1 sszz iiif is iff lazsxf sfwgxss efeszwsas asses I ' :LL 5 IV: ," A .f , 1 'G Q, I 1 a J 1 ,, ffe.sse+Q Sikh sv+AQ if -' ' 1Q , K'--- ' ' ' I my gj j i? gi . Q . -my QP' ff . i by siggwe J yazz lssl . r Iss b 'ff z z r'., zz Q ay . g yyrzz ' K.B' 1 .W L ' Az l y LLVLL T - 2 i'fi T ss ss zr s z iffi I .. , J . f' ff5Fss s?smQiy e-s f i ni? LQ1W" I r f -'Q .l J. il s l J x fieii ss :-, 1 ' ,wee-G css rsss . zzkemdm : i f my f iilgigslli Greg Gisl Deanna Giitings Corina Gledhill Melissa Gledhill Angie Gloria Felicia Gloria Dawn Godek Gus Gomez Jusiin Gonzales Mia Gonzales Sieve Gonzales Dawn Good Bobby Graffius Krisien Green Breni Grever Julie Gring Merediih Geiser Amy Gross Wendi Gross-Rhode John Gruforad Jose Gutierrez Breil Hadlock Debbie Hahn Cheri Hale Jeff Hall Tania Hancharik Sylvia Handley Sieve Hansen Krisien Harelson Gregg Harmon Sieve Harper Mike Harier McKeII Harward Shannon Haslings Cody Haich Wes Hawkins Wes Hayward Jenifer Heideman Jennifer Henderson Tracy Henderson Shawn Herberger Jose Hernandez Rafael Hernandez Teri Hernandez Julie Helzel Mali Heward Bobby Hicks Scoii Hilberi Julie Zimmerman -202 Jimmy Hill Melissa Hilton Lori Hiner Matt Hipps Misi Hogan Melisa Holbrook Lori Holliday Ty Holliday Stefanie Hollingsworth Jon Homan Blaine Hoopes Michele Howard Rob Howson Mike Hudson Scott Hulsey Chris Hunt Chelsea Hunton Brett Huston John lnfanti Dena lson Bryson Jack Anthony Jackson Todd Jackson Jeff Jecker Ryan Jennings Lori Jenson Kyle Jerkins Lanny Johns Eric Johnson Heath Johnson Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson Kathy Johnson Lisa Johnson Paul Johnson Mandy Joiner Becky Jolly Brian Jones Boe Jual Karl Kaatz Tracey Kalepp Tyler Keith Christie Kendall Joe Kepler Ty Kerr Bethany Kerfoot Kathy Keys Kim Kieken Jennifer Kinghdm :2 'I O : Sophomores 55-az. X X X -.-v UV I3 H T i,-is 4 V i C K K y Q s i5 3 ' ,J ,Q L i 4 .An C A N x 'Q x ,6-N yyfr ff .4-ss iis is CC .:.s - ,s.. C T ,C gb b K 'Q l . K it li l C ' C ' Q C ., l . C .. K C , hi kib K 0 KJ : lM9lCfLIh5 ,X A f , .C. Cz-"" 'Sf -XT' if is gk Eff A s Q 5 C ! Cb C lift is ' S' if K .lsc.,: I lll ilfll T T H e T ss ...K X C x .,s, y N if T C :.', K 1 Ji C it Q fs ' X ss', in it sl it K y , y y S :i ngs 'H V Ci g, a 'sk an C ,C sg, vi? 'H 'iff Irr ifi' i iiliiils u ns " 'X ' X- -'-s- sr' " T' C C ' 1 C lrs C 9 J Q 'Q C C .,.... AYJV AAA A Q VX , C . .C C C ' " ' 2,5 -r" F C iiif h' : N. , -.el fog. - .f,-:-' M.: .. .lg - ...Q --- " .. . :Z . ., x . . . ,- so ai' X' W5 X X is 2 h i Q Q ke hi . .... X ' z. R u s " x ::1 s'::- .- 1. -- 3 if ' S., ' Q 6 xl x X i X 5 me X Sees ks 1 V ,K N:. :.ek .:ig. A 'E K 'S Q 6 sf' X Q S .AA D J' x E ' iiil rf ..,,, , 5 : 7 'H .. f'-.Q ,L 1 if iiiii ' or s.iir sfN?'s.:'. . ., . L rf is s s f Q. i ---' Yf'- -- ff,- ' L ' ., ' 3 1. if5. fLf.g.g:' -i iffr ' 'I f-f 5.21 ...Wu " " ' Q " 5 R 'S 55, sf MN-:ss N 1 X Y Q E ss P- X 5 X x x X 5 . , 7-R L -' :M X5 5 if ,. 3 . X: . k , m . K.. 1k5,k..,,.- 11lf..fifkl.,,., .- swiss is me ..f , S Angie Kiselyk Eric Kolrz Jodie Knapp Aaron Knode Shane Krider Belh Kurlz Gregg Laananen Shannon Larnoda Jason Langford Julie Langselh Jennifer Larson Tony Lavine Roy Layron Heidi Legg Srephanie Leonard Helenna Lewis Healher Light Dean Lilly Laurie Lilly Eric Lindfors Stacie Luce Derek Madsen Erika Mannikko Brian Marks Tonya Marshall Tedi Marlin Michael Maughan Tyler May Teresa McCabe Justine McCriTe Heaiher McCullough Nancy McCur'rain Brad McDannel Michelle McGaughey Mark McHugh Allison Mclnlire Denise McMurphy Nicole Meade Sieve Meaney Sam Mecham Janae Mechling Troy Meeker Kari Micheals Shelly Miller Tasha Miller Chris Mills Jeff Miracle Chris Morls James Phelps :gl I'I.. W O Scott Miracle Derrick Mitchell Pearl Moffett Jarrett Moffltt Teo Molina Chris Monberg Carlos Monoivaiz Kim Montano Bruce Moore Melissa Moore Trina Mortenson Roland Mosher Donny Munoz Chris Munton Rhonda Muntz Michael Murray Gary Myers Tia Nance Patti Neff Joey Neibich Cherie Nelson Kelie Nelson Todd Nelson Erica Nielson Michelle Nielson Ralph Nolet Brett Nordin Gina Nyberg Buffie O'Neil Jeremy Oden Carrie Ockomon Lance Oden Kortney Oliver Oove Orozco Tanya Ortega Shawn Orton Rachele Overfield Eric Oxford Kent Pace Joy Packard Amy Packer Terry Pagano Matt Pagne Chris Palmer Kristie Palmer Roger Parker Richard Parks Todd Parlow 2 '12 - Sophomores P r OO- wif? O Vii., .O O I if as A ,O -x,-1 y sf J -1 'YQ 5 1" y Nf' fi , 3 D f x o vw? Q s Fc L f" fs U5 is rw 3 XX 1 3 K ff' , O we 3 ,Si if i yrrlls 4 ' 1" 1 Yv O O Oi r 122 , X' .- , s of V as s. as N.. x. s .' O ,fx Q ,, i it ? WH if X ,.-N? si.,, OO iii,,,.. O, k:.,,, f k v 35 Ax s xi? ..".. Y in O i t- ,Q 3, 'Lx -Q df O O. P O K , s Mr k A K A 9 ,s l m ON ii- - ' O .O is , 4 . O , i O K V 'J R ff, 4 ' " O 4 A P if .s O W . ' ,sy 1-OO 9 V , - O O 1 O. L N P :OS A A fifty K kkrk I O: K E Q si O O ' ka K If W! X " gd' O O k H K E ss X i ix O P Q O ' H f" L -1 5 XO . if ij riyi- ff, ii, OO AR cf: -. K - " i--- OO OOO- OLQQO O 'fs ' fs fi- -' Q 5 w ' Vfr .. -OO O O .P s OO 'P AAO- 1-- 1 ' few - - gr 9? X is O , 1 O sf 5 isi ii F2221 524,912 O R. OOO O -is O 2, O M Ol s N vi:-O as sw' ' ' it S' c 'TO i - ' . O N V A ,,, f J f+. , Q-A ,, 'K - 2 '49, . . . . ,. . .. . s . i r .. . lm XML Y 2 kkbk 4 Craig Paro Chris Parsons Kelsie Pate Brent Paustian John Payne P' is , A ' 3' 'Zn f' M we S' ' f Q X my af -.'f, 'iq 13:3 N A. Q K Sam Payne Kenny Pearce Jesse Perez Gini Perry Aaron Peterson Chad Peterson Shawna Phillips John Pieper Shane Place ' It k-f'V' ' ,5:ff1:-fEr'zn-:EE'i'::i J ' T 'Qtr - . Joseph Poiomares '. 'Sl y its ' Doug Pospisil ix ,, " iq? Theresa Powell "" Jennifer Predmore X V 4 Tim Price -X M- A,:. - " Tee PriTCh6TT ff my Don Pruitt License Dilemma. Curtis Sutton planned to get his license soon so he did not have to walk or ride a bike on a date. Welcome To The Wheel World Sophomores learned to drive When asked, "What kind of car would you like to have?" Shannon La- moda replied, "A black Corvette!" Have you ever given any thought to what kind of car you would like to drive? Most sophomores have a very good idea. When you were at the age where you had either your permit or license, can you remember when you first got behind a steering wheel, how scared you were? lf you were learning to drive manual, how many times did you stall? There is much more to driving than sitting there pushing a couple of pedals. Most people tend to forget about the little things like gas money, insurance, and repairs. Dena lson com- mented, "When my dad buys me a grey BMW he is going to pay for my insurance, gas and car repairs." Dena, does your father know about this? John Dillon confided, "lf nobody else was in the car with me l would listen to KNIX. But don't tell anyone." Sorry John. When asked i'How important is a car for dating, relationships, etc . . . ?" Sam lvlechan stated, "Very important, a Porsche can turn almost anyone on." Curtis Sutton said, "lt is very important, because nobody wants to ride a bike or walk on a date." Here are the questions that were asked to some of the sophomore classes. How would you have an- swered them? i. What kind of car would you like to drive? 2. What color? 3. What will your car be used for main- ly? Cschool, work, etc.Q. Do you want it for practical reasons or to impress your friends? 24? Jason Ragland Marlin Ramirez Andy Rapps Chris Rasmussen Sieve Rawlings Korie Ray Mike Ray Sandy Ray Jericca Redd Tonya Regoli Terrie Reynolds Hazzel Rico Kim Rivera Kim Roberts Julie Robker Elsa Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Rena Rodriguez Tara Rodriguez Jason Rogers Chad Rolland Alexa Ropp David Rudd Carrie Ruelle David Ruiz Krlsiy Rush Sharon Russum Toby Rulh Julie Ryan Chris Sabo Lorena Salinas Amy Samaniego Jodi Sammons Brenda Sapp Ken Savell Diane Sayre Mike Schatz Tim Schell Mila Schlink David Schneidl Robby Schuliz Jody Scoii Lorraine Scoli Shad Sechrisi Crsial Seibel Susasn Sellers Slacy Sesale :2'IZl: Sophomores risks X :eff sf' ss ff l 4 'Y - Q- Reiss, is .,.. " X sNkfi'3N?' Qi 6 . F 'v Si . .M ..,ss..,, X X i is S . V . in ' L g K - is 4 .L S ,it if r .,. if ,- , K .. t. Ltgg lk ,, Q Q E- Hi gt t :I lg s is i , A if E xi I gg,X X K w M ..... K U 5 is S Zi. , . . li ii-' ' i ,i--- Eff, . ..,. Y is i is r iirr J . --Q- 'W f- 71 'ff . Q Q- at s ux if C I A ' Q nh is 5' is N , .. ... , ,Xiu H ,M ,,, i N .-. 4' gf' ,mais ...,.,... W, .. ,,,,, T5 - w. H SRM:iifm-zzfw--fg:11S',fff1 2292 Ss if S s s Q is X l Q -dh F s ff' rs JW- .5 Q K X A 5 N We ...- sk ' ,. Q . S , . .. X . is L in ...: - . XS A s s S g . i J --., fi ,,.r., , I., J S S is E M -F' N X A XL ss X QS fx XX i x s Q '-...f .ns Q --'.: Cf? .1 S sk S. T, lf, - ., ,ss- , - ' 2- .wr sw :,,. , N5 S , ,gm my K, , , ,S X .. ,,,. :wr xx s.:-in ss, , " .. ' X-- , , , Q. si, wma 56, S z ,S is ..., .. .,. N, df, Q .1 . S5 i f,-:'ff,iT5lf S .ff 2 1-ifiiitdiis x x X x x X TE ESQEQX SQ ws -:f,s.1s,w, 1, Q- ,WR X kid? 'S 'W 4 K X X 'Sm Q W sr 3" x K 5 1 S P as .Ml-V-.1 , N, H :..1,,,--:fr ' J ff A mh" AhA" 5 ' S I W H h K L r . ef- ggi ' A - I , I , 5, . ' w 'h ' - ' ,X r igid., ,.x?l'p5 1 s 7, Q W bf , S 1 S , S 3, X' X X J .Mg r f -,N X jklt lxffk t X? T ' gs, Y 397' 1 fi ,, , X , ,,, S , by sg ' fs.-,ss A J S fart so . .- A .,. ii " g X V-l - J' ff" --fr: . ,,, S ,, J VKLA -- .. , t ., ....:, L b s o Q , ,, . .,,, I S 'J . K S i' "" S ' ,. ii T ff : Q -1 'T "xg J . 'S' .. 1 .,1i J wi. f :Zi S ' it , . A ' N kx - L - . ,, J - fs E 'J . D At? OSP -nk Jennifer Sharp Jeremy Shea Karen Shedherd Steve Sheeler Mike Shepard Darren Sherwood Eric Shinn Matt Shura Jim Shuey Scott Simmons Brian Simon David Simon Danny Simpson Tim Sisung Darren Skarecky Cynote Slaker Stacy Smalley Carey Smith Carrie Smith Dione Smith Jeremy Smith Rachel Smith Mike Socie Bobby Sorace Justin Stapley Scott Stecher Mark Steele Michelle Stephens Shawn Stephenson Scott Sterling Kathy Stevens Williams Stevenson Brand Stewart Ray Stickler Tim Stock Addam Stone Ed Stout Craig Stradling Michael Stradling Danny Sugrue Curtis Sutton Mark Swanson Amy Swartz Sally Tapia Jeni Tarhovicky Jason Taylor Tanya Taylor Jennifer Thayer Jimmy Thomas -245 Johnathon Thomas Charlene Thompson Brian Thornock Ron Thornton Mark Thorpe Ronald Thorton Heather Tidwell Trent Tidwell Trina Tipton Lisa Toenjes John Toile Matt Tresler Chris Trout Shelley Turley Jason Turnage Kenetta Turnbull Tim Valdy Danielle Valenzuela Maria Valenzuela Missy Valenzuela Carri Vanderpool Randy Vanklompenberk Donna Vantrease Nick Vasquez Crystal Vegh lida Veioz Wendy Wagner Jason Waldrom Scott Walker Trevor Walker William Walker Bryan Walkers Brian Washburn Sam Webster Jeana West Tami West Steve Wheeler Jason Whetten Aaron White Marc Whitney Monica Wikman Holli Wilcock Amy Williams Holly Williams Michael Williams Tyler Williams Donna Wilson Todd Wilson Ginger Wilt 2 'l 6 : Sophomores ns i,M? 0 , , xt - 1 . 5 on 4 y, ... Q , ..... f. L as I K " li U if , 'K ,ss ,wi kl' Q is ' "1 . s.'f . H ' V I K a' if , -4 C , .A K Q- v huh, S I XJ, fs gs - V .za L , i 1? IV: if 11' 9' Q .V 1 V t A R . , ,f . .mf 1' Q' 9 . 'Q Qt C Q V E 4 2 exp A .2 1i ...X ii-' , is W gs is? xg M .. K a s va X V , , Je .. as ,,.. V? T3 'U K FW: . .. R ig' J A NFS . . . J. 5 s, s 1 f i 1 , ,Q Ti .. , , .filfyif mm l E P Sophomores- a unique race . . . Sophomores are an "in- TeresTing" people. They have moved up from The freshman level, buT are sTill considered underclass- men, each having his own idea abouT school, fun, and learning. WiTh Three more years of high school lefT, whaT keeps a sopho- more's mind Ticking? Sophomore Carri Van- derpool shows pride by boldly sTaTing "The soph's of '87-88 may be young, buT we are The besT you'll find!" Pride and spiriT keep This class going. Girl fdlk "There has To be someThing beTTer Than coming To school To learn" is The look sophomores ColleTTe CarpenTer and Jenni Brimhall, and junior Joanna Flake show. si X Kevin Wiseman Paul WisTe Michele WiThee David Wolek Jill Wolman Sfeve WolverTon Michell Wonden Couriney Wood Trevor Wood Jason Woodbury Jon Woodrome ScoTT Wolford ScoTT WrighT Amy Wyman DaneTTe Young lvlindi Young Alicia ZaraTe Neil Zawicki :gif- Wendy Aaby Kearney Adams Jill Adams John Adkins John Ahlander Ramon Aldeca Mike Alexander Yvonne Almeida Dawn Amborn Micah Amos Chad Anderson Paul Anderson Anytime Andromeda Hudson Anglin Chris Ankrom Nalasha Apodoca Julie Arave Tracy Aycock Brian Baker Ray Baker Bill Baldwin Trevor Barger David Bargman Sherry Barnes Jennifer Barney Ben Barrios Dominic Barrios Jason Bares Aaron Balson Tanya Beavin Krisia Beck Greg Bell Jo Bell Michelle Bellows Donnie Bench James Beverschorf Leroy Black Brian Blacksher Mark Blandin Phil Blankship Scoll Bleuins Sheldon Bluming Kevin Bosworlh Andy Bouvier Bridger Boyle Nicole Bradshaw Kelly Brandon Becky Bredahl Nancy Brenner 24? is el ' S . . . . J ,... . ,,,.... ,,.s,.,,. lsrrrs isls ss'ls .slsr' 8" X J lrlll- B l,,ll is s J J srrs z J. X - , A J J e J Jr if - iir l.l V J - r . J ' ,,,.. B I J rrl--, Ns 2 in ' i f 1 ,J 4 U - ' . sw , gl llil rs'i l J 1 , I J . z K kkh . , J me 3yy 1, s 5 Y ll 3 s J kkkrr K f sssl s l-- lil'i' 'iil B A i f J yll h 5-J ff J L MQ, J Wo I KW s ' - A 5 li'JJ ' B l M ' 2 ' i ""- K' "'k JW Lk .N ' 4 ' Z' , J V-A K . .. We if slss 5 J J lsssll J ssfl liss - A is if .ssrf A - Q A QF A ,r"- H K A K 3 ai ir" ii: A .s,l J .llss J b b J J J lg, J ss J ,J svr A A A .J .J 1 ,Q J ' ffl "J' 'L B -J 1 - Z J J J. . H .si . Q , i"1 -s1i'i ff J K A J syy f J -. ...J C A Y JJJJ 'l A ' ' ssrs A sis' 1 is .. " s. is-iefsss si we ,- srJ JZBJJBI s'sr I f ' :L- - ' f K "': I . JJJ J JJJJJJ sl X s or illls A f wif .f we-Q ,Q ,r- Q Sis K J.. ..,. .,'.. 4' B .,,. x C., sam'-s g g. J .4 f A' 1 . K Q , sv "5 Ti. :fr .J on st fn C. Y 1 ,, M! kXf"k In .-h.f f ik J . -- . Xi: N rim K . kk A Y 1 'W' N EQ. 3' l -.S - '. A s l M I ri 23 sewage-N . :Tu L . , if E k .. K . 'riff' ' f 9-,-sr 'V ig!!! fi H. .V n . Ulm A step ahead-in leadership. Coming up from eighth grade to high school is a big step in responsibil- ities. Leaders begin to step out and the future starts becoming reality. Everyone adapts to the changes of being a fresh- man and each freshman class has different views. This class is no exception to the rules, and with the leadership of its class of- ficers the year was des- tined to become a great sucess and example for the arriving freshmen in the years to come. Freshman class officers Heather Rodgers, Joanne Howell, and Cara Hadley stand firm in their positions. Roger Brooks Barry Broom Karl Brown Monica Brown Brandon Buckley Brian Buell Michelle Brunmeier Tonia Bryan Jennifer Bryson Clint Burklund Doug Burnham Heather Burns Paul Bustos Josh Butcher Corey Butler Brenda Cable Matthew Camacho Nick Campbell Jennifer Canas Elsa Cardenas Bill Zimmerman F219 Melissa Cordon Tiffany Carl Jamie Carrasco Jason Carroll Erin Caseldine Todd Cedersfrom Laurie Cessna Shad Chadwick Rick Chafey Jess Chaidez Marcos Chaira Kelly Champagne Cruz Chavarria Nancy Chesley Casey Chesfer Andy Ciofli Jamie Clem Troy Clem Trevor Clevenger Jennifer Cline Brig Cluff Tyler Cluff Aaron Coleman Anissa Confreras Sherdon Cordova Sarinah Cough Brandon Craig Jason Cranblil David Cranney Lila Cresap Bill Crifchfield Jennifer Crum Debi Cubel Trudy Culver Maff Coprak Krisfen Curfis Mark Czarviecki Derek Dahl Sfacie Danforfh Scoff Daniels Dana Danlancourf Kevin Dee Linda Delgado Stephanie Delgrosso Wendy Demler Mafhew Dfemple Jennifer Devore John Dodgson Sfaff Dolecki :22O: FFGSHTTTSD N . 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" -r 5' Q . all 0 Q' .., .w ' sa Q it ,L .H-'V+ ,ns Q. at . X. .Bits f L it in ,, -fu ai . LJ, I IL1 - 0 Rv A if X x if X A is s X in DQ X A ss X , i "" X AL M' Aw, 'f J , wr , X T ,,,- ,. X 1 N Q X Sandra Donato John Done Esmeralda Dorado Ricky Dossey Darcy Doty Barbara Downey Keith Drafton Kathy Drozonovic Joe Duffy Danielle Duke Lisa Dunlap Joe Eberling Jennifer Ecker Tom Edgar Randy Emlers Lanal Ellsworth Trish Emmett Cory Engelhardt Nate Everett Claudia Ficarra April Fields Nick Fiori Colleen Flaherty Gina Flores Kizmet Ford Heath Foshee Tiffany Foster Leanne Fox Mellissa Franklin Kris Fresteadi Juan Fuentes Ben Gabbard Randy Gailfus John Gaines Christina Gallegos Janeen Garcia Sergio Garcia Randy Gardner Richard Garcia Nicole Geegan Jason Gillette Jeff Gillette Paul Gloria Jon Gomez Jeff Gosch Tyler Graham Tom Gray Clarles Green Matt Guellch -ggi Becky Guerrero Jason Guilliam Kiko Gutierrez Virginia Gutierrez Cara Hadley Layla Halfhill Lori Hallberg Kim Hamilton Magan Hamilton Sean Hamilton Jodie Hamman Jodi Hancock Mark Hancock JW Harris Tim Harrison Todd Harrison Matt Harvey Cami Harward Kathy Hassett Laura Hastings Tauna Hatch Robyn Haynie Brian Hemp Ogle Henney Brian Henry Aron Herndez Christina Hernandez Jim Hernandez Johnny Hernandez Maggie Hernandez Manny Hernandez Leo Herrezo Aaron Hills Lori Hines Donna Hinkle Dan Hisel Jason Hoke Jennifer Holder Jeff Holland Brent Holloway David Holt Larry Homihan Brandi Hornbeck Joanne Howell Jenny Howerton Phillip Hoy Shane Huff Tori Hullenaor Louis Hulsey F222- we ,fry I , . jf - ", W 0 9 r Q, Q.-vw 4 ,iw - sv- , fw , W i A A 5 M- J fx V 4' .i-M.. ......., 5 Q 4 gi 5 if J X ' x I :xi 'S yi ff-519 1 1 Ni 6' + lf- A s.j5f1Sgyf-i L. ., .. , Y Eflsis. i-f"f!'3if9!Qi' -fm .ff sr J, ef s if 4 R fi it 'wr r. . .. 1 B is , si J ,f..c. , 'VN 95 V , W rg W , 'vga K ,L i In J i ii ' , J ssss r 3. i L . f' , ..., ' 1 . x X155 i "NA we J sa 'E li , lv' ix. R , J U r 'ti sg,-, . . Nl ' gi., 'itil' ,pf B .1 in , s ,Mare ..,f 4 Qha. R- .. .- ,.. 'I M' If : bfi sl.: 'A' , W4 Jerry HunTer Tom HursT Erik Huso RoberT Isch Tanya Jacobs Manuel Jaime , ee a . I' I Sfevefi JC"0m"'0 I - eeaaa . aa ' ' Dovlewfvis -. USC' JOY I 1 aj: Q qq Donna Jeffries , . A - "9 ,Q , John Jeffries X IW, ,..a, . area I if Ray Jem T- K MaTThew Jenkins Michelle Jenkins Joel Jenfz Mi Jin Liz Johncola ML 1-- -I Melissa Johnson I J Tk. . Mike Johnson 1 Som Johnson s,.rl Zsl Sfephanie Imperial Freshmen fears . . Turned around "Like many oThers, I was scared, because The school was so big and There were so many people. IT was bod enough being in a brand new school and noT knowing where To go, buT To be a freshman in a new school was even worse. Walking down The crowded halls knowing you were noT wanTed by The upper- classmen could make a person feel real small. Then when I wenT To my firsT fooTbaII game, I saw everybody rooTing for The same Team, IT made me happy To know ThaT our school was so spiriTed. As a freshman, I knew This was an experience ThaT I would never forgeT." said Jennifer Ecker. The Firsl Year. "My freshman year Turned ouT beTTer Than I expecTed," said Jennifer Ecker. 22? Shanon Johnson Veronica Johnson Amy Johnston Chris Johnston Steve Johnston Kelly Joiner Clint Jones Kevin Jones Kristi Jones Willie Jones Kelly Kaskavage Chris Keizer Jaafe Kellis Brian Killion Heather Kilton Gena Kinney Kari Klesner Anyn Kling Kevin Klink Brian Kloss Chuck Klotz Kris Klotz Toni Knight Jennifer Kotte Kim Krueger Tamora Kwiatkomski Jim Lairmore James La Marco Jennifer Langford Janell Langston Erana Lanier Jeff Larson Stacey Lavine Rickaye Lazenby Jennifer Lee Sheri Lehman Brent Langseth Robert Lester Tara Lewellen Felicia Linafors Leslie Lines Damien Loeker Charles Long Chrissy Long Clancy Long Tiffany Long Veronica Lopez Jeremy Lorentz Amy Lorimer 224: R - g ittrgr :- K if iscs tJ 5 K. k':k-: ii as s,.... -. . my , If ig Q5 if 5 , 0 Hi 'i5g!gfiLg5ff"""N" it , s Q rf-...M Q jg A N ss. xx -r X P .K C sk s A is 1 X is is .,. L iissi sY,i': S se " 'Y Y s ji. -5 sg V. if QX if ':1ii. 2t '- 1: LLx... N., r ies V ,F s X ss Q is STE f . m ,,, .. 1 ' Q' . ""9 F AP si s 'F' is .iw dirs 1 sgggffx, ss is ki f 4 K xx .k:.x 1 ff' ., N X f -.. A if 4 . ' gg. m5,. Q 5 X 5 . ' so i . a T ' R xxx .. Q N. A iiii ' 4 . sus, s,' , A- ff A , r -1 . 5 N. V, . , K.: .5 .- ,Q W K .f s Sm x x c K 5 ix S W A , 5 S ,,. A i X 1 Sf' .s.. s. wA.A I K .,, . i if K X f li Q.. 2. . . W EN 4 Q ig 9 .K ,..A ,I . kg..l S. ... . S M 1 Q f b ' L Z " :' A A ,,,, N Wt kk fl K f . 534 g,.. 1 .,,.. , Q .- , X .J -QQ? '-ff'-sf if AEK . k X S Maria Lovry Rachel Lundgren Shari Lunt Bobbi Mahoney Cathy Majean Eric Martin Heather Martin Laura Martin Lisa Martin Tim Martin Ty Martin Daniel Martinez Michael Martinez Pedro Martinez Daniela Marturano Angie Mascaro Jessica Massey Justin Masterson Robby Masterson Jessica Mathews Jennifer Mayberry Sean Mcavoney Marianne McCarthy Lee McCleve Tracy McCleve Kim McCollum Mehana McCracker Russ McDonald Erin McDonnel Jennifer McDowel Shannon Mclntosh Casey McKean Monica McNatt Jori Meade Mike Medowicz Jerry Medrano Pat Meek Stacy Mellen Mike Mendias Amy Merker Elizabet Merril Cristy Micciche Angelic Michaels Becky Middleton Shawn Middleton Carl Miller Lacey Miller Ryan Millett Heidi Zummer :225: Peopb Christo Mitteer Dovid Modisett Melonie Montono Floro Montes Kothy Montgomery Mike Montgomery T.J, Morgon Christy Morrill Steven Morrison Kerry Morton Eriko Morvoto Albert Munoz George Munoz Steve Muth Jim Nossor Shonnon Nosser Connie Noumon Pom Neff Shown Nelson Billy Newbern Kosey Nichols Tom Niebrzydowski Stocey Nielson Donny Nirntz Cliff Nino Steve Normington Angie Nunez Jocy Oden Greg Olizewski Jeff Osborne Note Owendoff Jenny Pockord Derick Polmer John Polten Joson Porker Corolyn Potterson Mcirk Poyne Spring Peil Koren Penfold Steve Perez Brion Perrone Bryont Peters Brion Peterson Brent Phor Chod Phelps Stephonie Phipps Dondelyn Pinkerton Mott Porter Stephonie Potter F226 - .if 4 "se Q V J ss J rzts 1? J sa s amz' K- ,L k Q wg 'Q 2, 'iiij - . A ...Y J J W., J. I N . ,wr ...f an ..-.., K S' 'San '- Q-Q, 4 tx is J 4,55 - 0 5-fm ii,'. set s N' J r NH X mfg, :ii i 1 , 'Qs w 4 1 as E Ez., Q' new rsss 4' sw M W 'T sw . - 1: .--0' 'X 1. ,Aff 13 J X 1,-"mie1?f . ' I KI! "ak -4 , .. -. Ai X . .4 4-is 1 5 if .s -fe' N! gi Q sv sssiss i ' . .... 3 g N .Iv ssss fx A WVVLL A H ' u f: K if .- L ,A l ., h.k, ,.,jlg? K .' t - 5 K f, 'wif In I C ,,., F Q , .f -' Qs- 2, 'W .'-f- " f Q , N' , L 'E E111 1 WT? XG 'i TT f-. T 9 T f as . X 5' fi' T ' W .Q T R . -.4 if -an , X' 4-4-gn " gr , T .s Q, - T X J Q , l g b , , g 'JF . 'O fs? .y Adam Predmore Tony PreTTi Jon Price John Rawcliffe Even Ray . rgw, . Jared Reading Brad Rechichar .S T eee n l n e enn nen nnee' Q George Reed V ooh, g , Leslie Reed T ' ii , Craig Revering Q h i my g 'k' 1 i-, . . Tonya RiboTTa - -Q A - Joe Ricard sf-if ii , hh MaTT Reidlinger ' R' R ' Wiliiflffl RTQSDY s is - 'iii T iii i'iiii' il K a T T TTfl T T iiiil T f Charlie RiTTlinQer 'Y Eii Allen Robberson f .. Colin RoberTs T NaTalie Robson K. " s ,"k Any Rodriguez T 1 BrenT Rogers :, Q-'if ' Brian Rogers Job Training For FuTure "Hove being The Trainer. IT gives me chance To meeT The players," said Brian Perrone, Freshman, The Trainer of The varsiTy fooTball Team. Brian said fooTball is his favoriTe sporT, and afTer he gradu- aTes, he hopes To go To San Diego STaTe Universi- Ty and become a professional Trainer. When asked whaT he Thinks abouT The Team, he replied, "We moved up inTo a higher Team division This year. lT's much harder Than years before and we wenT in expecTing iT so we'll Take sTaTe nexT year. You know, for a Team ThC1TjusT moved up, I Think we're doing preTTy good." Brian is noT only good aT fooTball, he likes To play soccer and baseball, Too. This year he hurT his knee ligamenTs, so he'll probably be ouT for The baseball season, buf he says ThaT hopefully he'll play on The Team nexT year. Brian really liked being The Trainer of The fooT- ball Team. IT gave him The experience ThaT hardly anyone else would have. The Team members conTribuTed To his fondness for his job. He said ThaT he likes Them all and They TreaTed him like he is one of Them. Being parT of a Team and sTrug- gling Through a Tough season has prepared Brian for TuTure years as a Trainer Tor The varsiTy fooTball Team. He is looking forward To a winning season nexT year. 327 Heather Rogers Kristi Rogers Stephanie Rogers Eric Rosenoff Jim Ross Robert Ross John Rowe Stephanie Row Bryan Ryan Chris Ruiz Holly Russell Edilia Salinas Alex Sanchez Cody Sanderd Bobby Sap Jordy Schaefer Jamie Schmitd Steve Schude lvlellissa Schuetz Kristen Sellers Joel Sentz Carissa Setness Jamie Shahan Erica Shelly Jennifer Shepherd Jacob Shepperd David Shields Brenda Short Brad Simmons Sara Simmons Audra Simmons Joanna Singletary JT Sirrine Marc Skousen Clint Smith Jerry Smith Kristi Smith Melissa Smith Nikki Smith Shai Spriet John ST Germain Scott Staley Brian Stan Sheri Standage Ryan Stephens Skipper Sterling Jeff Stevens Shane Steward Kristi Stewart .-F2281- -,fa if A J 'A fx 'Ny , , 5 Trax Q ,Q , . e ,kill R .1 ' KA N 'A .:L P' 4 'hi fi .X 4--4 g V iff-'f J- I A ,sv y iss is Csss J at f s - iw . A. g y xr 1415E..iaL ..- 1 .- -V . . cl J tiff? fl it L xv Q , Q I, I, W' R - ssss it wi? Q- ,I R X J t k , xx 1 fy K : bl .. "-s , ll.. sllzz f X I ' , M 5 is gf is is ..c, xi! A X H A U ' E S. H .. L.Al ,,ls , ri S J f r.." i E s X " -- r. 'h A l, ffm K ' . - , .Q 'L " . . t EK' ' .ask j V C k g sp! A My 'mb Vw-' scsi s-...X Q! Q X :': Y' 'vi x-gr if Laurie STewarT Shane STickler Tora STiles Craig STraka KrisTin STraka PaT Suh Jason Swencki s W., 'R . , . A ,, I xi .z ,,, 1 isa, s x. -'Lg . 0' f -A a STeve SwifT John Swinkowski g ' g Tiffany Tanner 4 1'-Cf! Kelly TanT ' Jennifer Tayan Chad Taylor Melanie Taylor Jennifer Todd Breni Toone Kerry Townsend Tina TroTher Terry Tucker Sharlee TurcoTTe . 5' . fx Laura Thompson 3 5 LaughTer and AcTing Are in his FuTure "I like making people laugh," was freshman Aaron BaTson's response when asked abouT his fuTure plans ouT of high school. "I Thoughf abouT being an airline piloT, bui being a comedian would be fun," Aaron also likes acTing, which he proved playing The second scholar in The schooI's presenTaTion of Dr. FausTas. Aaron commenTed however, ThaT he would never like a lead role. Also, he said ThaT acTing is aloT of work and playing The lead mighT be Too much. Aaron's favoriTe class was drama, and he likes The Teacher, lvlr. Power. When asked whaT his favoriTe parT of GilberT High was, Aaron laughingly answered, 'TThe girls." Footloose and fancy free . . . freshman Aaron BaTson looks re- laxed in an oTherwise confused aTmosphere. :g2f?- Jennifer Turley Sandra Turley Jason Valley Jason Vandevorde Dawn VanersTvelde Laurlnda Vanwormer Tammy Uhles 2 'lnii In- Marfy Vela BreT Vesey Ivan Vesley Mike Vesli Chris ViTaIe Kelly Wallace Moneaue Walker -if f .-. .. ,,.., ,. ,il Y: Wendy Walters 1 L K, A w, Kmny word T- , BeTh Washburn ' ' Z Tony Washingfon f, Paul Wafson li 'K Brenda WaTTs -s . ' Shawn Webb Surviving On Your Own The freshmen had a hard Time geT- Ting used To The wide open space of The new school. IT was a change from The years pasT when sTudenTs used To see Their friends afTer every- period and everyday for lunch. Freshmen had To learn To survive. lf Thaf meanT spending your lunch pe- riod in The library jusT To have a place To go, ThaT's whaT They did. The vasT library even Took a liTTle geTTing used To, because in The library, one could even geT a liTTle lonely. The Lonely Freshman ln The wide open space of The library a freshman waifs for anoTher class To sTarT. A ., r.. ' .. WH, . , -, X ... E . ig '- . -if sssss 2 3 T T g.a g - , ' Sf ' iff ." ie' V A f ,ov ,N Z ' ff f""f 45' ik X ,X . -2305 FTSSTTTTWGD 3 wc-4 . F'- gxg. .,.. 151133. , L , ' g D A ,,L, f laws S fl 'S Y 1 4, ..., ' T New - . A ' all Q W 9 s l if fs X AQ X '49 l"-if f M i . ' f Sl., LL,A A , , , , I .. . . . 1 .. f L f li p M 46 Qm" T A J I. g ,,,L T 7' xf g g"?l W T' zz' ' Keeping close friends in The new school wos o hord Tosk M for some of The sTudenTs. Trocy Aycock Took some Time of lunch To be wiTh her close friends. Mony sTudenTs de- pended on Their lunch hour for sociolizing ond being wiTh Their close friends. Keeping friends in The wds difflculT due To The focT ThoT bumping inTo Them wds very unlikely in The huge school. lvloking new friends Took o liTTle exTro efforT, buT iT wos worTh iT. Zock Websfer Tommy Weick Shdnnon Weidemonn Jomes Weidenbener Mike Weis ClinT Weishon Cody West Mddeline WesTbrook Roberf Wesfrofe Sfonley WhiTehursT BrenT WhiTmer Beci Willioms Locy Willioms Rondy Willioms Kelly Willis Amber Wilson Michelle Wilson Shown Wilson Shono WinTerTon Sondy Wishon HedTher Wolf Becky Wonderling Alon Woods Lousfin Woods Brendd Woolhouse Joson Wrighf Liso Yonez MQTT Yozzie Terry Young April Zimmermon :23'l: Freshmen Jr..-L 1 'Ti' 'tj it Corigrolulotioris Closs of 4988 892 3990 Si- Ji Ji A-Q l Reslouroril 84 Lounge 459 North Gilbert Road l Gilbert, Arizona 85234 X F ? Sip " A, 'li' ,, A 1 xl- t ' 4 D it i.l1"' o.W'ty N It x x I wmv! n I T A I 3 'A Xa N Zi' i iivr - it 0 WI tw' Wf"'x'Z cis r GILBEF-IT SPUISETS CARE A L TL JE E2 Y SPORTS MEMORABILIA Buy - Sell - Trade Fountain Plaza 610 N. Gilbert Rd. Suite 315 I Gilbert AZ 85234 l602j 892-0703 lx XIII' I I I - BASEBALLXFOOTBALL CARDS - 1 ' . IAJV -1 X ISL X X ' I I D3"!f' 1 will 'LBE - Al I - te s' lc Q L . Qeorgzo 892-4114 I it M . 1034 N. GILBERT RD., sa GILBERT, AZ 85234 fg tifiimtlli ana H15 locat d th blocks so th of Baseline Rd. W llllilltiiylfkl I Ll E I RIIIWMSIIIFIIEIIIIRS Wi III lfq if V1 I I .I License 460373 Bonded Gilbert High School Students Will Re- - ceive A 252 Discount On All Services CA P. Electric ,I vviin Proof Of A eiiben High Student ID. ELECTRICAL coNtRAcToFI CARL CHUCK 892-3438 985-5005 233 Ads WALT'S JEWELERS Xmtllano N Serving Arizona Since 1956 A Fine Jewelry 0 Gifts 1 Custom Creations Watch 8 Jewelry Repair 5amuef9andfCWleZissaffQdolnf 34 4 924 N. Alma School 522 N. Gilbert Road SW CornerofFlay8tAlma NW CornerolJuniper8tGilbert Chandler Arizona 85224 Gilbert Arizona 85234 899-9199 926-4801 x prima! H03 ,Sod Pipe! 892-1554 309 N. Gilbert Rd. Arromru ms Gilbert Arizona 'R-EFERFE 85234 Robert Evans DVM yy courmw Mm: fa-Q..- 1 - nnsrnxmnur FEATURING HOME MADE BISCUIYS Br COUNTRY GRAVY 14017 SO. GILBERT RD GILBERT, AZ 85234 ELEANOR LARSON Postal services I Pnvate Postal Box Rental Check mall by phone ' 24 hour access ' Street address wrth su1te number I Sh1pp1ng v1a 0 UPS ' EMERY Worldwlde ' FEDERAL EXPRESS n Shlppmg Supphes ' Stamps and Envelopes Custom Packmg BUSINESS SEHIICES 24 hour Message Service 24 hour Coprer Service Business Cards Statlonery Rubber Stamps Secretarial Services Money Orders Postal and Business Services MAIL BOXES ETC USA MAL REEN ARNOI D C0lI1llIl.lI1ICCltI0l'lS SEYVICES WESTERN UNION Electromc Mall TELEX Sendmg and Rece1vmg Facs1m1le lFAXJ Transnussrons Passport Photos Film Processmg Keys Made Flowers Sent Overnight Etc etc etc ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE AT MOST LOCATIONS , H1 ' ' it l , ' MLN ,. itz ' ff' 4 ,,-1 Q 0 I G E n D I . O O - 5 . - I I O . , . I . l . - ' . ,.lht,ftR.l.m 1114 fb' .. llvl1.1851'44 llvlll lw'l, . ! - . - I I Q . . . I . . l 0 ' I . . . . l Q - . . . . I I I I - . l - l . l l . l I l l I l ., ., . I . 2311 Acls LLOYD SPRAGGS ffoydi Comfnfsfe cquto cg . P.O. Box 849 0 151 S. ARIZONA AVE. CHANDLER. ARIZONA 85224 16027963-6627 Office 8. Ya.'-1 Location: I , - Co. ner of McQueen Rd. 8. Germann Rd. , . Unlted Hay of Arlzona Ltd K ' H M '-fu 1' ' , Jn' I P.O. BOX 395 Chandler AZ 85224 1602, 732-9040 FREDDIE CHAVEZ JR. T.F. FRED CHAVEZ Piling Ihem in. Ms. Lermo Takes her Turn QT puTTinQ marshmallows in her moufh. fhif 4-W--at gn-if Qfsigg, "Flowers Make the Momenlu :- . ' I f Qountry Blossoms Florist E I 50021892-8877 DENNIS'S GARAGE J One Block South of glliot on gilbert Rd. I 302 N- Gilbcft Road M gilbert, fqrizona 8523-4 1 Gilbert, Arizona 85234 "R vo S - 5 13m!n,H 10 4 W' Dem-is Charlene 392-9325 7 RENT 3 FLIK f rw mm gl ' 51,5377 Qgztdflfzarzca a sAs'r PALo VERDE KK 5 yowebe su.aERT,Az asa:-14 ff K' H -. P' ft . V NJ ts N of -' ' 1 t 5555920 Phone 892-3032 it . AZ PHONE - 963-Sm largest video selection in town! AG ' YOURDXEQQEQSENTS SUSAN Kmsow MANKAT 235 Ads Aaron, David 477, 204 Aaron, Cynthia 204 Abaroa, Steve 444, 445, 474 Abukhader, Emad 64 Abukhader, Marwan 205 Aby, Wendy 46, 248 Academics divider 48 Adams, Brian 204 Adams, Jeremy 436, 204 Adams, Jill 248 Arteche, Marisa 442, 204 Arvallo, Deanna 204 Asbury, Laura 204 Ashby, Jennifer 204 Ashby, Richard 82, 83, 477 Ashley, David 474, 474 Aston, Delaney 204 Aston, Loren 96, 492 Atchley, Kember 492 Atkinson, Tamara 477 Atkinson, Troy 204 Austin, Dax 477 Averitts, Bobby 474 Aycock,Tracy 430, 434, 433, 452,248 - Becker, Christina Becker, Earl 474 Bedford, Kandi 204 Beebout, Shawn 492 Beeler, Dana 477, 482 Belanger, Damon 203 Bell, Brandy 248 Bell, Gregory 248 Bell, Heather 433, 450, 477 Bell, Jo 248 Bellow, Jeff 427 Bellows, Michelle 248 Benbrook, Priscilla 204 Bench, Bonnie 248 Benge, Debra 204 Benner, Paul 204 Benner, Shyla 204 Bennet, Amy 204 Bennet, Harry 438, 439 Bennet, Jeff 45, 36, 78, 477 Bennet, Kelly 88, 204 Benning, Phillip 492 Bernot, Anthony 492 Berrow, Lea 37, 436, 436, 477 Berrow, Lea 433 438 Beversdorf, James 248 Brewer, Bryan 205 Bricker, Mathew 78, 96, 492 Briggs, Joelayne 493 Brimer, David 493 Brimer, Wendy 205 Brimhall, Christi 205 Brimhall, Jennilyn 439, 205, 247 Brimhall, Ruston 205 Brisette, Loni 478 Brissette, Sherry 205 Brittdin, Kathryn 478 Brock, Deniz 442, 443, 478 Brock, Gia 454, 458,205 Brockhurst, Jacqueline 474 Brooks, Roger 249 BTOOVU , Barry 249 Brown, Christina 205 Brown, Clark 68, 454, 478,205 Brown, Daniel 38, 433, 437, 493 Brown, Jared 493, 203 Brown, Kari 434, 433, 493 Brown, Karl 96, 465, 249 Brown, Kevin 493 Brown, Mindy 8, 433, 205 Brown, Monica 87, 464, 465, 249 Brown, Raymon 205 Camacho, Philip 77, 78, 493 Camacho, Stephanie 8, 206 Campbell, Andy 478 Campbell, Brian 206 Campbell, Nicky 249 Campbell, Shannon 493 Campbell, Vicki 433, 206 Campos, David 206 Campos, Michael 478 Canas, Jennifer 249 Canas, Melissa 433, 478 Canerday, Cano, Ana Craig 436, 437, 206 206 Cano, Jose 206 Cardenas, Elsa 249 Cardon, Melissa 220 Cardon, Patricia 433, 437, 438, 493 Cardwell, Cam 474 Carl, Tiffany 220 Carlin, George 422 Carlisle, Larry 474 Adams, Joni 474, 473 Adams, Kearney 248 Adams, Laura 64, 204 Adams, Michael 477 Bibbs, Mellisa 440 Bible, Sonia 477 Bielefeldt, Melisa 433, 204 Adkins, Jennifer 492 Adkins, Johnny 248 Administration 50 Ads 232 Aglin, Katherine 37, 433, 437, 438, 477 Ahlander, John 248 Ahlander, Richard 477 Ahrendt, Nancy 204 Alber, Doug 422 Alber, Robin 83, 204 Babcock, Stephen 82, 83, 204 Badilla, Korina 453 Badminton, varsity 94 Bagshaw, Christie 492 Bagwell, Diana 474 Baker, Brian 248 Baker, Danny 422 Baker, Lynda 474 Biggs, Kimber 203 Billy, Joanne 477 Bishop, Sandra 477 Blackburn, Amy 204 Blacksher, Brian 248 Blades, Cathy 205 Blake, Blake, Bland. Bland, Chris 203 Wade 477 Jeffrey 204 Scott 422 Baker, Raymond 248 Blandin, Billy 89, 425, 426, 440, 494 Albright, Christine 492 Aldecoa, Jesus 492 Aldecoa, Ramon 96, 248 Alex, Rhonda 204 Alexander, Michael 248 Alexander, Patrick 492 Alger, Evelyn 92, 204 Alger, Teresa 492 Allen, Amie 204 Allen, Justin 22, 204 Allen, Kristie 432, 204 Allender, Victoria 492 Allender, Virginia 492 Allred, Benjamin 89, 438, 439 Allred, Kristin 433 Allred, Robert 492 Baker, William 477 Baldwin, William 248 Ball, Jami 428, 440, 446, 448, 449, 454, 477 Banks, Joseph 204 Banks, Michael 492 Barco, Heather 492 Barganski, Eddie 207 Borger, Trevor 439, 248 Bargman, David 248 Barnes, Kevin 477 Blandin, Mark 89, 477, 248 Blankenship, Phillip 248 Blaser, Lisa 442, 443, 492 Blau, Darel 492 Blevins, Jeffrey 248 Bleyle, Justin 436, 204 Bloomer, John 477 Blount, Kim 204 Blumling, Sheldon 439, 248 Boggess, Darlene 474 Brown, Troy 493 Brue, Angela 495, 206 Bruington, Brenda 448, 478 Brumit, Keri 452, 454, 206 Brumit, Todd 493 Brunmeier, Michelle 249 Bryan, Tania 249 Bryan, Yolanda 474 Bryon, Jack 206 Bryson, Jennifer 249 Buchanan, Shelby 493 Buckley, Brandon 249 Buckley, Martin 78, 450, 478 Buckley, Rhonda 206 Buell, Brian 249 Buell, Tonya 452, 459, 478 Buksas, Michael l65, 454, 456, 493 Buntin, Terri 442, 478 Burch, Melidna 422, 458, 459, 493 Burchett, Joseph 206 Burdett, Jennifer 493 Burger, Betty 474 Burk, Kristin 82, 83 Burklund, Clinton 249 Carnes, Denice 493 Carpenter, Cami 438, 439, 478 Carpenter, Chris 90, 206 Carpenter, Colette 440, 444, 206, 247 Carpenter, Douglas 7, 32, 63, 88, 89, 454, 206 Carpenter, Rebecca 493 Carpenter, Robert 206 Carr, Steve 493 Carrasco, James 220 Carrasco, Jess 493 Carrasco, Mark 78, 478 Carnger, Tandy 478 Carrizoza, Ruben 474 Carroll, Beth 206 Carroll, Jason 220 Carroll, Nathan 2, 90, 493 Carson, Christina 458 Carter, Delann 478 Carter, Lynette 206 Cascante, Michelle 452, 454 206 Caseldine, Erin 220 Casey, Lillian 464, 478 Castillo, Lorraine 494 Cathey, James 494 Caderstrom, Todd 220 Cessna, Laurie 45, 88, 220 Chadwell, Shawny 452, 454 206 Chadwick, Shad 226 Barnes, Sherry 248 Barnes, Steven 492 Barnett, Bill 446 Barney, Clarene 34, 33, 477, 204 Barney, Jennifer 2 4 8 Bollinger, Michele 492 Bona, James 460, 477 Bonadio, Martin 446, 477 Boncada, Clarise 205 Bond, Maria 474 Burnham, Douglas 249 Burnham, Russell 464, 465, 478 Burns, Burns, Heather 249 Lauri 448 Burns, Scott 206 Burris, Christina 432, 206 Chafey, Charissa 26, 440, 494 Chafey, Richard 220 Chaides, Julie 494 Chaidez, Jess 220 Chaira, Marcos 220 Champagne, Kelly 440, 220 Almeida, Margaret 477 Almeida, Monica 204 Almeida, Thomas 204 Yvonne 248 Alpin, Kristopher 492 Amborn, Dawn 248 Amborn, Matt 44, 78, 426, 494 Amos, Micah 248 Almeida, Andersen, Richard 96, 477 Andersen, Shelley 454, 204 Anderson, Chadwick 448, 454 Anderson, Dallin 444, 448, 492 Anderson, Dawn 57, 420, 442, 464, 462, 492 Anderson, Jason 492 Anderson, Kimberly 477 Anderson, Kristina 204 Anderson, Paul 96, 248 Anderson, Shanan 492 Anderson, Sonya 204 Anderson, Tamara 204 Anderson, Teresa 204 Barnhart, Robert 204 Barrett, Brad 470 Barriga, Andre 492, 495 Barrios, Benedict 248 Barrios, Dominic 433, 248 Barrios, Gabriel 433, 204 Barrios, Michelle 492 Bartholomew, Wes 477 Baseball, freshmen 444 Baseball, J.V. 444 Baseball, varsity 442 Basha, Bobby 88, 89, 433, 492 Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball , boys' freshmen 402 ,boys' JV. 402 Basketball, , girls' freshmen 406 , girls' J.V. 406 . girls' varsity 404 boys' varsity 400 BGSNCO, Bl'lOl4 94 Bates, Ericka 204 Bates, Jason 248 Bates, Viki 444, 445 Bond, Melissa 27.448, 464, 478, 494 Bonilla, Ernest 478 Bonnell, Frederick, 205 Bonner, Terry 96, 422, 465 Boone, Erin 84, 426, 427, 429, 440, 205 Boone, Jaellen 470 Booth, Diana 440, 492 Booth, Tracy 492 Booze, Amanda 205 Barelli, Jill 492 Borough, Ricky 492 Bortkun, John 205 Bosworth, Kevin 248 Bouvier, Andrew 56, 248 Bower, Robert 422 Baxley, Ruth 474 Boys' State 425 Boyer, Nevin 478 Boyle, Bridget 248 Braasch, Nicki 492 Bracamonte, Carrie 492 Brader, Jodi 474 Burrow, Debra 72, 444, 422, 493 Burrow, Sherie 459, 478 Burrows, Peter 206 Bushong, Dennis 474 Business 58 Busler, Peg 474 Bustos, Andrew 478 Bustos, Paul 249 Butcher, Joshua 249 Butler, April 444, 445, 478 Butler, Cory 249 Byrne, Lisa 474 Bywater, Yvonne 206 Anderson, Tyson 82, 83, 492 Anglin, Arnold 248 Angulo, John 204 Ankrom, Chris 248 Anytown 424 Apodaca, Natasha 436, 248 Araye, Julie 248 Arcella, Melinda 492, 204 Arcella, Michael 465, 477 Arnet, Nancy 432 Arnold, Eric 477 Arriage, Michael 204 Art Club 464 Batson, Aaron 248, 229 Bauer, Robert 492 Bauerfeind, James 94, 204 Baum, Kimberly 492 Baumel, Patrick 204 Beals, Mark 89, 96, 97, 492 Beals, Mary 32, 452, 204 Beauddin, Nancy 474 Beavin, Tayna 248 Bechtel, Kathleen 86, 426, 440, 204, 205 Beck, Krista 248 Beck, Laura 492 Bradshaw, Alisa 205 Bradshaw, Becky 474 Bradshaw, Cheyenne 205 Bradshaw, Nicole 248 Bradshaw, Samaria 492 Bradshaw, Tavi 492 Brady, Laurel 426, 493 Brady, Robert 459 Braithwaite, Jody 459, 478 Brandon, Greg 203 Brandon, Kelly 248 Bredahl, Rebecca 454, 248 Brenner, Nancy 248 Cable, Brenda 249 Caddell, Kerri 88, 444, 445, Calvin, Mary 206 Camacho, Fernanda 206 Camacho, Matthew 249 2 Chandler, Michelle 7, 494 Chapman, Jeri 474 Chapman, Kristi 433, 206 Chapman, Mrs, 62 Chastant, Dayne 478 Chastant, Douglas 478 Chavarria, Cruz 220 Chavez, Javier 94, 206 Chavez, Jim 474 Chavez, Jose 90, 478, 206 Chavez, Lorie 206 Chavez, Mr, 459 Cheer, freshmen 430 Cheer, J.V 429 Cheer, varsity 428 Chen, David 494 Chesley, Mark 77, 78, 79, 478 Chesley, Nancy 220 Chesley, Philip 494 Chess club 456 Chester, Casey 220 Childers, Sue 474 Chimonas, Constanti 206 Chirae, Estelle 474 Choate, Leslie 494 Choir 432 Christensen, Shawn 26, 494 Christner, Paula 440, 452, 454, 205 CIA 444 Cilvik, Regina 494 Ciotti, Andy 220 Clabaugh, Mike 43, 78 Clanccy, Wendy 459, 478 Clare, Greg 206 Clare, Troy 494 :2g36: Clark, Clark, Denny 15, 78, 194 Melinda 206 Clarke, Bryan 178 Clarkson, Aimee 15, 126, 127, 12 129, 205, 206 Clawson, Deborah 194 Clem, Jamie 220 Clem, Joe 122, 194, 220 Clement, Aaron 122, 194 Clement, Rachael 159, 179 Clements, Scott 179 Clevenger, Trevor 220 Cline, Closin Jennifer 220 g 242, 243 Clothier, Eric 179 Cluff, Brigham 220 Cluff, Rebecca 133, 137, 13 Cluff, Stacy 128 Cluff, Tyler 152, 220 8, 8, 194 Cochran, Amy 179 Cochran, Shannon 206 Zoers, Jennifer 206 Zoglianese, Debra 194 Zolagrossi, Raquel 152 Cole, Anthony 206 Zole, Chris 179 ole, Laura 206 olebank, Michelle 179 oleman, Aaron 220 ollins, Curt 32, 179 ollins, Dara 61, 152, 154 ollins, Joyce 171 ollins, Travis 96, 206 ombs, Tracy 206 ompton, Jeff 171 onner, Brandon 194 Iontreras, Anissa 220 Zantreras, Arthur 91, 206 look, Eileen 171 Iook, Floyd 122, 194 Zook, Jeffrey 194 Zook, Justin 89, 206 Ioak, Ricky 22, 165 Book, Shane B, 122 Dooley, Brett 165 Zooley, Travis 163, 179 Zooper, Benjamin 136, 194 Zordon, Julie 153, 179, 191 Zordon, Kimberly 67, 206 iordovo, Edna 159, 179 iordova, Lucia 171 iordova, Sherdon 220 Zordova, Victor 91, 206 iorn, Jeff 93 Zarnelius, Mark 206 Dorona, Sylvia 194 Zorum, April 206 Iory. Alyssa 153, 194 iounselors 52 Zoury, Maria 206 Iovington, Bob 171 Iovington, Robert 93, 146, 150 Zowart, Chris 78, 96, 179 Zowart, Deanna 159, 194 Zowarf, Mike 171 Zox, David 206 Zox, John 122, 123, 206 Iox, Lesa 22, 179 iraig, Amy 92, 154, 207 Iraig, Benjamin 207 iraig, Brandon 220 fraig, Rose 92, 150 iramblit, Jason 220 Zranney, David 220 Zreek, Sivi 179 Iresap, Lilliana 220 Zritchfield, William 220 Irofford, Shawna 179 iross country 92 Iruden, Shelly 179 Zrum, Jennifer 220 irum, Randall 171 Iubel, Amy 140, 194 Zubel, Debi 220 Lulver, Troy 180 Zulver, Trudy 138, 139, 220 iummings, Heather 207 iuprak, John 124, 180 Iuprak, Matthew 220 iurtis, Jocelyn 194 Iurtis, Kristin 133, 220 Curwin, David 207 Cushing, Patricia 207 Czarniecki, Joseph 207 Czarniecki, Mark 220 Dahl, Derek 220 Dahl, Elvssa 84, 85, 126, 127, 180 Dahlstedt, Lori 125, 152, 194 Dolancourt, Dana 220 Daley, Dana 165, 194 Daley, Karen 207 Dalton, Denise 207 Dame, Monica 220 Dana, Samuel 159, 180 Dance 152 Dandie, Jared 207 Danforth, Alan 207 Danforth, Stacie 220 Dani, Candle 207 Daniel, Josh 93, 150, 180 Daniels, Kim 153, 194 Daniels, Scott 90, 220 Daniels, Stacy 194 Dasanmartino, Melissa 194 Doughty, Candace 207 Davenport, Tamara 207 Davenport, Tara 194 Davis, Dave 171 Davis, Kristene 159, 180 Davis, Matthew 207 Davis, Melanie 194 Davis, Todd 16, 180 Dayley, Ruthie 180 DCE 159 Deakman, Kim 207 Deason, Michelle 152, 194 Dee, Kevin 220 Dees, Tom 172 Deherrera, Milton 194 Deiken, Brent 160 Deitering, Michelle 180, 194 Delgado, Joyce 180 Delgado, Linda 220 Delgrosso, Stephanie 220 Demler, Wendy 130, 220 128, 140. Detemple, Derek 93, 150, 180 Detemple, Matthew 150, 22 Devore, Jennifer 220 Devries, Melissa 139, 154 Dewey, Jason 91, 180 Dibble, Darren 194 Dieken, Jeffrey 194 Dillard, Darin 96, 207 Dillbeck, David 194 Dille, Shane 136, 207 Dillion, Tony 160 Dillman, Shannon 207 Dillon, John Dillon, Stephanie 86, 207 Dipietro, Lori 194 Dodgson, Joe 11, 17, 77, 78, 194 Dodgson, John 96, 220 Dole, John 172, 174 Dolecki, Starr 220 Dominguez, Robert 97,207 Donaldson, Cary 180 Donato, Sandra 221 Done, Jeffrey 194 Done, John 221 Done, Emily 139, 207 Dorado Ill, Daniel 56, 194 Dorado, Esmeralda 221 Dossey, Jamie 15, 194 O 142, 144 Dossey, Richard 221 Dosvar, Rachelle 207 Doston, Justin 180 Doty, Darcy 221 Douglas, Charles 194 Dover, Ben 194 Downey, Barbara 221 Downs, Elizabeth 194 Downs, Scott 180 Downs, Travis 221 Drafton, Keith 221 Drama club 153 Draney, Jesalee 133, 207 Drazenovic, Kata 140, 152, 221 Drazinski, Diane 172 Driver education 70 Dudley, Frank 172 Duffy, Joseph 133, 221 Dufresne, Nancy 144, 180 Dugan, Timothy 73, 165, 194 Duke, Danielle 221 Dunbar, Robert 194 Dunham, Deanna 59, 150, 151, 180 Dunlap, Lisa 221 Dunn, Paul 207 Dunn, Rick 172 Dunn, Shawn 11, 78, 207 Duran, Carolina 159, 180 Duran, Irene 180 Durrance, Eric 136 Durrance, Matt 180 Durrance, Tim 195 Duty, Pam 172 Dykstra, Jamie 122,180 East, Aaron 195 Easterwood, Angela 195 Eaton, Chris 97, 207 Eaton, Lee 180 Eberling, Joseph 221 Echiverri, Ernesto 96, 207 Eckelman, Christie 142, 143, 180 Ecker, Jennifer 221, 223 Edgar, Gregg 26, 91, 193, 195 Edgar, Thomas 114, 221 Edmisfen, Erik, 32, 207 Edwards, Richard 195 Egelhoff, John 195 Egelhoff, Julie 122, 180 Ehlers, Randy 133, 221 Eldrige, Jill 159, 180 Ellsworth, Dain 27, 180 Ellsworth, Kenna 11, 195 Ellsworth, Lanae 221 Ellsworth, Thomas 207 Ellsworth, Tyler 195 Emmett, Cory 207 Emmett, Trish 221 Engelhardt, Cory 221 Erran, lrma 195 Erran, Lydia 180 Erwin, Steve 172 Eshelman, Tana 207 Espinoza, Angel 195 Espinoza, Patrick 195 Euen, Tricia 172 Evans, Cory 207 Evans, Jennifer 195 Evans, Michael 96, 208 Evans, Shannon 180 Everett, Bob 172 Everett, Nathan 221 Everett, Renae 86 Exley, Donald 82, 83, 97 , 208 Faculty 170 Farley, Matt 195 Farnsworth, Daniel 152, 195 Faulkner, Shane 195 FBLA 146 Fendrick, Shyla 208 Ferguson, Glendora 195 Ferguson, Joey 146, 207 Ferrin, Robert 208 FFA 122 FHA 165 Ficarra, Claudia 221 Field, Keith 172 Fields, April 221 Fifita, Finau 146, 159, 180 Fike, Denise 140, 195 Fike, Eric 208 Fine arts 54 Fiori, Nicholas 221 Fisbeck, Angie 181 Fischer, Barbara 172 Fischer, Michelle 140, 159, 181 Fish, Brian 208 Fish, Larry 181 Fisher, Stephen 196 Flaherty, Colleen 221 Flake, Conrad 97, 208 Flake, Joanna 139, 196 Flake, Kirk 181 Flake, Kristen 208 Flanders, Jason 208 Fleet, Mark 177, 196 Fleming, Leonard 159, 181 Flores, Esther 196 Flores, Gina 46, 221 Flores, Syeven 181 Flores, Yvonne 146, 196 Florie, Chela 133, 152 Florie, Victor 156, 196 Floto, Andrea 140, 196 Football, freshmen 80 Football, JV. 80 Foote, Aaron 96, 181 Ford, Kizmet 148, 221 Ford, Summer 33, 131, 196 Foreign exchange club 166 Forrer, Peter 156, 196 Forsgren, Kristin 140, 208 Forsgren, Shawn 149, 181 Foshee, Heath 122, 221 Foster, Richard 196 Foster, Tiffany 221 Foughner, Gerald 93, 150 Fox, Leanne 221 Fox, Lisa 181 Frakes, Glen 172 Froley, Lesley 92, 196 Franklin, Jason 208 Franklin, Melissa 221 Freeman, Marcy 86, 208 French club 150 Freshmen 218 Frestedt, Kristopher 221 Frishman, Mary 172 Fuentes, Jon 221 Fuiino, Gary 171 Fuller, Laurie 86, 208 Funicello, Jeff 96, 196 Gabbard, Benjamin 221 Gailfus, Randall 221 Gaines, John 90, 221 Gaitan, Jamie 181 Galindo, Brian 208 Gallaugher, Nancy 172 Gallegos, Christina 208 Galvan, Maria 208 Garcia, Carol 172 Garcia, Janeen 221 Garcia, Jeremy 196 Garcia, Richard 221 Garcia, Sergio 221 Gardner, Amanda 159 Gardner, Jennifer 196 Gardner, Randall 221 Garwood, Leslie 181 Garwood, Wesley 181 Gauman, Julie 122, 208 Goylor, Wayne 138, 139, 208 Geegan, Constance 221 Gehrke, Todd 208 Geiser, Meredith 208 Genome, Volanda 172 Gentile, Steven 196 Gentry, Brien 196 Gentry, Suzette 208 Geymont, Jason 196 Gibbs, Melissa 208 Gierke, Kent 172 Gierke, Tharon 172 Gift, Shawn 76, 78, 79, 196 Gilbertson, Robin 181 Giles, Rob 33, 61, 181 Gillespie, Shawnah 14, 15, 126, 127, 153, 156, 160, 181, 182 Gillette, Jason 221 Gillette, Jeffrey 221 Gin, Debbie 160, 181 Girls' State 124 Gist, Gregory 209 Gittings, Deanne 209 Glanders, Ted 172 Gledhill, Corinna 209 Gledhill, Jeana 181 Gledhill, Melissa 88, 209 Gloria, Angie 209 Gloria, Felicia 209 Gloria, Monica 196 Gloria, Paul 221 Godek, Dawn 129, 209 Godek, Shane 67, 159, 181 Godin, Winde 196 Godwin, Jeanette 196 Golden Strings 139 Golf 82 Gomez, Gustavo 209 Gomez, Jimmy 221 Gomez, Marc 181 Gonzales. Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales. Gonzales. Antonio 165, 196 Jason 26, 181 Justin 209 Maria 209 Steven 209 Good, Dawn 209 Gosch, Jeffrey 221 Gosney, Kip 196 Goss, Lisa 196 Gough, Sarinah 133, 221 Graf, Meliss 196 Graffius, Robert 209 Graham, Tyler 221 Granada, Orlando 57, 196 Graves, Kenneth 133, 136, 13 182 7, 138. Graves, William 182 lkdw :2g37: Kruizenga, Karrie 197 Gray, Richard 57, 91, 92, 93, 150, 196 Gray, Thomas 150, 151,221 Green, Charles 221 Greever, Brent 209 Gressel, Christina 133, 137, 138, 182 Grigsby, Melissa 196 Gring, Julie 152, 209 Gross, Amy 111, 209 Gross-Rhode, Wendi 209 Groves, Luanne 159 Grown, John 172 Guona, Cathy 159 Guelich, Matt 221 Guelich, Trina 132, 182 Guerrero, Elizabeth 196 Guerrero, Rebecca 222 cuggisberg, Mark 172 Guiil, Lisa 146, 148, 196 Guilliam, Jason 222 Gum, Brian 182 Gusty, James 196 Guthmiller, Melissa 196 Guthrie, Richard 182 Gutierrez, Daniel 196 Gutierrez, Frankie 222 Gutierrez, Jose 209 Gutierrez, Rafael 159, 196 Gutierrez, Veronica 222 Gutierrez, Virginia 222 Gwynn, Renee 172 Habib, Michael 182 Hadley, Cara 126, 130, 131,219,222 Hadlock, Brett 209 Hadlock, Diane 133 Hadlock, Tamara 33, 137, 138, 182 Hahn, Debbie 209 Hahn, Randy 182 Hale, Cheri 88, 89, 209 Hale, William 92, 93, 150 Haley, John 172 Halfhill, Layla 222 Hall, Jeffrey 209 Hallberg, Lori 222 Hamblin, Michael 133, 182 Hamilton, Kim 222 Hamilton, Megan 222 Hamilton, Sean 222 Hamman, Jodie 222 Hamman, Wes, 82, 83 Hammer, Lori 196 Hancharik, Tania 152, 209 Hancock, Mark 222 Handley, Jerry 222 Handley, Sylvia 129, 209 Hansen, Steven 209 Hanson, Cindy 172 Hanson, Eric 182 Harelson, Kristen 209 Harmon, Gregg 209 Harper, Sally 182 Harper, Steve 209 Harris, Barbara 172 Harris, Margaret 173 Harris, Rebeka 133 Harrison, Sean 128, 182 Harrison, Timothy 222 Harrison, Todd 222 Harter, Danny 15, 122, 123, 182, 183 Harter, Michael 46, 140, 148, 209 Hartford, Mike 46 Harvey, Matthew 222 Harwara, Cameron 88, 222 Harward, John 89, 151 Harward, McKell 209 -5238: Harward, Rand 37, 88, 89, 182 Hastin, Melinda 122, 196 Hastings, Laura 222 Hastings, Scott 19, 139, 182 Hastings, Shannon 209 Hastings, Shawn 165 Hatch, Cody 209 Hatch, Norece 170 Hornbeck, Brandi 222 Hornbeck, Don 173 Hornbeck, Gerald 196 Hornbeck, Nancy 86, 196 Hoskinson, Brooke 66, 144, 145, 148, 196 Hough, Kief 140 Howard, Michele 210 Hatch, Shamaine 125, 133, 137, 138, Howell, Joanne 22, 126, 164, 219 153 Hatch, Tauna 222 Hatch, Titia 133, 196 Hatler, Neil 160, 182 Hawhorne, Lori 140, 148 Hawkins, Clay 182 Hawkins, William 209 Hayes, Alan 159, 182 Hoynie, Robyn 209, 222 Heideman, Jennifer 209 Hellman, Brandon 78, 196 Hellman, Rene 173 Hemp, Brian 90, 222 Henderson, Jennifer 140, 209 Henderson, Tracy 209 Henny, Obie 222 Henry, Brian 46, 222 Herandez, Christina 222 Herber, Scott 136 Herberger, Shawn 209 Hernandez, Aaron 222 Hernandez, Barbara 14, 125, 1 Hernandez, Johnny 222 Hernandez, Patrina 196 Hernandez, Rafael 133, 209 Hernandez, Teri 139, 209 Hernandez Jr., Jose 209 Herndon, Janet 196 Hernndez, Sandra 159, 182 Herren, Dewayne 173 Herrera, Leo 222 Hetzel, Juli 122, 123, 209 Heward, Matt 209 Heydenreich, Alan 182 Heyer, Wendy 196 Hicken, Tara 182 Howell, Michael 76, 78, 126, 127, 140, 183 Howerton, Jennifer 152, 222 Howson, Robert 210 Hoy, David 122, 197 Hoy, Philip 222 Huckans, Nichol 159 Huddart, Casey 197 Hudson, Dee 36, 83, 183 Hudson, Michael 115, 210 Huff, Shane 97, 122, 222 Hughes, Jim 173 Hullenaar, Victoria 222 Hulloway, Dean 197 Hulsey, Louis 222 Hunsaker, Kristina 197 Hunt, Christopher 210 Hunt, Crystal 197 Hunter, Jerry 91, 223 Hunter, Taveekul 197 Hunting, Cheryl 22, 197 Hunton, Chelsea 88, 210 Hurler, Scott 197 Hurst, Patricia 173 Hurst, Thomas 223 Hurst, Tonya 159 Huso, Erik 223 Huston, Brett 61, 210 Huston, Paul 173 Hutchinson, Peter 197 26, 128 Hickman, Jonathan 33, 159, 182 Hicks, Bobby 209 Hicks, Tommy 161, 182 Hiett, Betty 173 Higgins, Derrel 6, 7, 196 Hilbert, Henry 36, 182 Hilbert, Scott 209 Hilbert, Tina 195, 196 Hill, Jimmy 210 Hilland, Richard 36, 182 Hills, Aaron 222 Hills, Natalie 182 Hilton, Melissa 152, 210 Hiner, Lori 210 Hines, Jeffrey we Hines, Lori 222 Hinkle, Donna 222 Hinkle, Jeff 182 Hipps, Matthew Hisel, Daniel 222 Hisey, Marie 183 Hogan, Darcy 196 Hogan, Melissa 210 Hake, Jason 222 Holbroke, Melisa 210 Holden, Deborah 58, 159, 183 Holder, Dawn 183 Holder, Jennifer 222 Holland, Bradley 183 Holland, Jeffery 222 Holliday, Oscar 9 Imperial, Stephanie 223 lncardone, Brent 91, 97, 165, 197 Industrial arts 68 lnfanti, John 210 lnfanti, Nichole 159 lsch, Robert 223 Islas, Steven 197 lson, Dena 210 Halliday, Lori 126, 127, 206, 220 Holliday, Ty 210 Hollingsworth, Stefanie 210 Holloway, Dean 222 Holt, David 222 Homan, Heidi 183 Homan, Jon 210 Home economics 58 Homecoming 14 Homihan, Larry 222 Hood, Shanna 59, 196 Hooper, Al 196 Hooper, Jefferson 196 Hoopes, Blaine 96, 210 Hoopes, Mary Ann 173 Jack, Bryson 210 Jackson, Anthony 26, 210 Jackson, Todd 71, 210 Jacobs, Tanya 151, 223 Jaime, Manuel 223 Jamieson, Jennifer 197 Jankowski, Michell 197 Jaramillo, Steven 96, 223 Jarvis, Amy 183 Jarvis, Dayle 223 Jay, Lisa 223 Jazz band 136 Jazz choir 136 Jecker, Jeffery 210 Jeffries, Donna 87, 223 Jeffries, John 223 Jen, Ray 223 Jenkins, Mary 92, 140, 150, 197 Jenkins, Matthew 223 Jenkins, Michelle 130, 223 Jennings, Lori 197 Jennings, Ryan 210 Jenrt, Joel 223 Jensen, Loretta 152, 210 Jensen, Tammy 173 Jerkins, Kyle 210 Jin, Kwan 96, 146, 197 Jin, Mi 188, 223 Johncola, Elizabeth 148, 223 Johncola, Lisa 183 Johns, Landon 210 Johns, Shane 78, 183 Johnson, Chad 183 Johnson, David 54 Johnson, Eric 210 Johnson, Heath 210 Johnson, Jenifer 210 Johnson, Jennifer 133, 210 Johnson, Katherine 210 Johnson, Lisa 210 Johnson, Matthew 197 Johnson, Melissia 223 Johnson, Michael 183 Johnson, Michael A 78, 79, 223 Johnson, Paul 210 Johnson, Sam 223 Johnson, Shad 96, 184 Johnson, Shanon 223 Johnson, Veronica 223 Johnston, Amy 133, 152, 223 Kepler, Joseph 91, 210 Kerfoot, Bethany 210 Kerr, Gregory 122, 197 Kerr, Tyson 210 Keys, Kathryn 210 Kilburn, Michael 197 Killian, Brian 210 Kilton, Heather 133, 223 Kilton, Richard 32, 78, 184 Kingham, Jennifer 210 Kinney, Eric 8, 122, 197 Kinney, Gena 223 Kiselyk, Angela 60, 66, 82, 138, 148 156, 209, 211 Kiselyk, Sharon 173 Klesner, Kari 223 Klesner, Leslee 152, 184 Kling, Allyn 223 Klink, Kevin 223 Kloss, Brian 223 Klotz, Charles 223 Klotz, Eric 211 Klotz, Kristine 223 Knapp, Jodie 86, 210 Kanuer, Glen 21, 152, 154, Knight, Bonnie 197 Knighton, Nathan 197 Knode, Aaron 211 Knode, Monti 184 Koatz, Jennifer 88 Kochihua, Angie 159 Koerselman, Sherri 184 Konkel, Kimberly 152, 197 Kotte, Jennifer 140, 224 Koura, James 197 Kouts, Michael 159, 184 Krider, Shane 221 197, 200 Krueger, Kimberly 92, 138, 139, 224 JOl'1DSlOl"ii Christine 223 Johnston David 197 Johnston Sherri 197 Johnston Steven 223 Joiner, Kelly 223 Joiner, Mandy 210 Jones, Brian 210 Jones, Clinton 223 Jones, Jared 197 Jones, Kevin 223 Jones, Kristie 223 Jones, Melodee 173 Jones, Rashele 197 Kruse, Dawn 9, 61, 197 Kurtz, Beth 61, 82, 138, 139,211 Kwiatokowski, Tamara 224 Jones, Tara 31, 140, 146, 184 Jones, Tiffany 27, 153, 197, 233 Jones, Wille 210 Jownkowsky, Joe 57 Judd, Jeremy 184, 188 Juhl, Boe 153, 210 Juniors 192 Kaatz, Karl 4, 65, 210 Kalepp, Dawn 197 Kalepp, Tracey 210 Kaskavage, Kelly 223 Kass, James 173 Katich, Suzanne 8 Keitelman, Denise 154, 197 Keith, Tyler 210 Keizer, Christopher 223 Kellis, Jaafe 96, 223 Kellis, William 152, 197 Kemmer, Marlin 173 Kendall, Christie 86, 111, 210 Kennedy, Russell 197 Kennison, Brian 91, 122, 197 Lad, Stephanie 159 LaFavre, Robert 140, 197 Lairmore, James 89, 90, 224 Lake, Melanie 159, 184 LaMarca, Scott 197 Lambie, Teresa 139, 197, 202 Lamoda, Shannon 211, 213 Lomoreaux, Karen 159, 184 Lamoreaux, Trent 184 Lancaster, Jeremy 197 Lane, Stacy 197 Langford, Jason 211 Langford, Jennifer 224 Langseth, Brent 224 Langseth, Julie 211 Langston, Jenell 210 Language arts 60 Lanier, Erana 224 Lansdell, Samantha 32, 67, 161, 184 Landsell, Symone 67, 92, 150, 161, 18 Larosk, Monica 63, 131, 197 Larask, Paul 184 LOTSGTT, Jennifer 211 Larson, Beth 17, 107, 131, 146 Larson, Jeffery 224 Laster, Mike 19 Latin club 140 Laursen, Jean 173 Lavine, Stacey 224 Lavine, Tony 211 Lavoi, Amy 260 Law, Mark 173 Matthews, Jessica 225 Miller. Layton, Ray 211 Lazenby, Rickaye 224 Lee, Jeffery 159 Lee, Jennifer 224 Legg, Heidi 138, 139, 142, 143, 152, 21 1 Leggett, Derek 197 Legron, Suzy 88 Lehman, Sheri 224 Lemon, Trudy 148, 184 Lenards, Kristi 197 Leonard, Stephanie 211 Lerma, Loraine 173 Lester, Mark 78, 197 Lester, Robert 210 Lewellen, Tara 140 Lewis, Becky 9, 153, 197 Lewis, Dean 184 Lewis, Helenna 120, 211 Light, Heather 210 Lillard, John 173 Lilly, Dean 162, 211 Lilly, Laurie 211 Lilly, Sarah 140, 198 Lindfors, Eric 211 Lindfors, Felicia 224 Lindsay, James 87, 184 Lindsay, Shawn 150, 198 Lines, Leslie 224 Literary Magazine 154 Lloyd, Chris 122, 198 Loecker, Damien 224 Logan, Dean 52 Logan, Jean 173 Long lv, Charles 146, 224 ong, Christina 88, 224 ang, Clancy 224 ang, Erin 198, 240 .ong, Tiffany 224 .opez, Veronica 224 .ord, Stephanie 184, 198 .orentz, Jeremy 224 ,oraie, Pat 198 .ovell, Craig 198 .ovey, Marie 217 .oyden, Den 173 .uce, Kristian 217 .uce, Stacie 211 .ull, Shirley 173 .undgren, Rachel 133, 160, 211 ,unt, Shari 152, 211 vlacpherson, Judy 173 llladdock, Cheryl 146, 198 vtadsen, Derek 136, 211 vlaggard, Danelle 159, 184 vlaher, Terry 173 vlahoney, Bobbie 87, 224 Jlajarian, Shannon 224 Aalean, Catherine 130, 133, 224 Jlajean, Nathaniel 144, 184 Jlaldanado, Shawn 91, 198 Aananet, Carlos 166 fiandarino, Donna 11, 128, 153, 184 flangus, Amee 198 Aangus, Marilane 184 fiannies, Marlo 125, 151, 184 flannikko, Erika 211 flaramonte, Ann Marie 184 rlarching Band 134 flarion, Brian 89 1aris, Kimberly 111, 122, 198 rtarks, Brian 211 rlarquez, Margarita 159, 198 Marshall, Tonya 211 Martell, Heather 198 Marthaler, Dave 173 Martin, Bobby 225 Martin, Eric 136, 225 Martin, Heather 130, 225 Martin, Kandra 27, 198 Martin Laura 225 Martin Lisa 225 Martin Ray 173 Meek, Patrick 225 Meeker, Troy 211 Mellon, Stacy 82, 225 Melton, Samantha 153, 159, 185 Mendias, Michael 225 Mente, Scot 46, 139, 198 Meraz, Dawn 159, 185 Mercer, Amy 225 Merrell, Anthony 133 Martin, Stephanie 198 Martin, Tedi 211 Martin, Timanthy 211 Martin, Timothy 225 Martin, Tyrone 225 Martinez, Cindy 198 Merrill Merrill Elizabeth 138, 139, 225 Merrill. , Scott 153, 195 , Scott 105, 185 Mertz, SCOTT 122, 185 Mesa, Riga 159 Meseke, Stacy 198 Martinez, Cynthia 184 Martinez, Daniel 225 Martinez, David 198 Martinez Martinez, Michael 96, 225 Martinez, Monica 198 Martinez, Pedro 225 Mascara, Angie 187, 225 Mason, Ruby 154, 184 Massey, Jessica 111, 225 Masterson, Aaron 96, 184 Masterson, Justin 96 Masterson, Robert 225 Mat Maids 131 Math 62 , Enedina 146, 184 Mettlnger, Bud 174 Meyer, Christine 198 Meyer, Kirsten 198 Meyer, Terry 174 Micciche, Philip 185 Micciche, Phillpa 198 Micciche, Roseanna 225 Michael, Kari 86, 225 Michael, Angelica 225 Middleton, JC 174 Middleton, Rebecca 225 Middleton, Shawntel 225 Miller, Carl 11, 225 Miller, Lacey 87, 225 Miller, Michelle 198 Mattson, Rebecca 98 Maughan, Christine 184 Mauter, Michele 159, 184, 211 May, Tyler 211 Mayberry, Jennifer 152, 225 Mayer, Michael 198 Maynard, Billy 122 Maynard, Douglas 122, 184 Maynard, Jeriann 122, 198 McAvany, Sean 225 McCabe, Kiresten 133, 137, 138, 198 McCabe, Teresa 211 McCabe Jr., Ernest 57 McCammon, Sandy 173 McCann, Tom 174 McCarthy, Marianne 164, 225 McCaughey, Michael 217 McCleve, Elizabeth 225 McCleve, Julia 170 McCleve, Tracey 225 McCollum, Kimberly 225 McCracken, Mehana 225 McCracken, Troy 198 McCrite, Justin 211 McCullough, Heather 211 McCurtain, Nancy 211 McDaniel, Chad 15, 185 McDannel, Brad 211 McDannel, Candace 198 McDermott, Charlotte 9, 126, 140, 193, 198 McDonald, Russell 225 McDonnell, Erin 225 McDowell, Jennifer 187, 225 McDowell, Mark 26, 78, 185 McGee, Tonya 9, 153, 198 McHugh, Mark 211 Mclntire, Allison 88, 89, 146, 211 Mclntosh, Lance 12, 88, 89, 165, 185 Mclntosh, Shannon 88, 225 Mclntosh, Shawn 89, 122 NcKeon, Casey 87, 88, 225 McKean, Sandy 174 McKindley, Johannah 122, 146, 198 McLane, Kelly 198, 148, 153 McClean, Jeffrey 96, 198 McMurphy, Denise 211, 111 McNabb, Sheila 198 McNamara, Jack 174 McNatt, Monica 225 McNeely, Richard 198 Meade, Jori 225 Meade, Nicole 211 Meade, Stephanie 159,185 Meaney, Christine 185 Meaney, Steven 211 Mecham, Samantha 211 Mechling, Janae 211 Medowicz, Mike 148, 211 Medrana, Jerry 225 Shelly 211 Miller, Tasha 211 Millett, Ryan 96, 225 Mills, Christopher 89, 211 Mills, Kaley 37, 140, 198 Mills, Katherine 139, 198 Minster, Todd 198 Miracle, Jeffrey 139, 140, 152, 154, 211 Miracle, Scott 150, 152, 212 Mitchell, Derrick 212 Mitteer, Christa 226 Mobley, Brian 33, 154, 185 Modisett, David 139, 140, 226 Maeding, Tricia 133,137, 138, 202 Moffett, Grant 185 Moffett, Pearl 212 Moffitt, Jarrett 96, 212 Mohr, Heather 159, 185 Molina, Ted 212 Mollo, Andrew 97, 198 Malnar, Jack 185 Monberg, Christopher 96, 212 Moncivaiz, Carlos 212 Moniak, Thomas 61, 185 Montana, Reyna 212 Montana, Kim 212 Montana, Lee 133 Montana, Melany 4, 133, 226 Montes, Flora 226 Montgomery, Kathy 226 Montgomery, Michael 226 Moody, David 185 Moody, Maurice 198 Moore, Amy 159, 185 Moore, Bobbie Jo 140 Moore, Bruce 212 Moore, Melissa 212 Moore, Tawnee 185 Moorer, Rachel 61 Moreno, Michelle 185 Morey, Rebecca 198 Morgan, Steven 198 Morgan, Ty 226 Morgn, Paulette 174 Morrell, Rick, 78, 185 Morrill, Christy 138, 139, 226 Morris, Chris 91, 212 Morris, Sean 159 Morrison, Cheryl 152, 154, 198 Morrison, Steven 226 Mortensen, Deann 174 Mortenson, Trina 8, 132, 212 Morton, Gary 174 Morton, Kerry 87, 140, 226 Morvoto, Erika 226 Mosher, Roland 212 Moyer, Heather 198 Moyer, Heidi 198 Moyer, Mike 199 Muhsman, Harold 183 Munguia, Christina 199 Munguia, Jamie 185 Munoz, Albert 28, 114, 226 Munoz, Don 212 Munoz, George 226 Munoz, Leonardo 85 Munton, Christoph 212 Murray, Julie 17, 199 Murray, Michael 212 Muth, Stephan 226 Myers, Gary 212 Myszewski, Stacie 185 Naegle, Shawn 10, 78, 152 Nance, Tia 212 Nasser, James 226 Nasser, Jami 185 Nasser, Shannon 226 National Honor 148 Nauman, Constance 226 Navarro, Phillip 78, 185 Neff, Pamela 133, 226 Neff, Patti 133, 212 Neff, Paula 133, 185 Neibich, John 140, 185 Neibich, Joseph 212 Nelson, Cherie 92, 150, 212 Nelson, Kelly 40, 212 Nelson, Kurtis 199 Nelson, Michael 186 Nelson, Raymond 174 Nelson, Regina 13, 146, 152.1 Nelson, Shawn 226 Nelson, Todd 212 Neukirch, Karma 199 Newbern, William 226 Newberry, Charles 97, 199 Newspaper 144 Nichols, Branden 122, 199 Nichols, Downie 186 Nichols, Kasey 226 Nidey, Marcus 12, 186 Niebrzydowski, Thomas 226 Niederstadt, Keith 226 Nielson, Erica 212 Nielson, Kurt 186 Nielson, Michelle 67, 140, 212 Nielson, Stacey 46, 226 Nightengale, Sharon 66, 186 Nimtz, Daniel 226 Nino, Clifford 226 Nolet, Cynthia 136, 186 Nolet, Ralph 90, 212 Nordin, Brett 212 Normlngton, Brian 198 Normlngton, Steven 226 Northern, Michelle 199 Norton, Teri 174 Nunez, Angelica 226 Nyberg, Leglna 212 O'Dell, Christina 199 O'Dell, Marc 199 O'Neill, Buffie 212 Oakes, Kimberly 133, 186 Oakes, Shannon 133, 186 Oakes, Vanita 174 Oase, Amanda 186 Obermeier, Heidi 92, 150, 186 Obermeier, Lori 186 Obolewicz, Raymond 186 Ockomon, Carrie 212 Oden, Jacy 131, 226 Oden, Jeremy 122, 212 Oden, Lance 212 Ofenloch, Joe 174 Olgin, Patricia 199 Oliszewski, Gregory 226 Oliszewski, Kimberly 8, 133, 186 Oliver, Kortney 14, 128, 129, 148 Olsen, Tiffany 186 Orchestra 138 Organizations divider 120 Origer, Amy 199 Orndorff, Jodi 153, 187 Orndorff, Nate 90 Orozco, Dagoberto 212 Orr, Sam 199 Orr, Sharon 174 Ortega, Tanya 150, 152, 212 Orton, Shawn 212 Osborne, Jeffrey 226 Ostrander, Michelle 199 Overfield, Rachele 212 Owen, Brian 10, 13, 78, 187 Owen, Jacy 88 Owendoff, Nathan 151, 226 Owens, Kimberly 164, 187 Oxford, Eric 212 53, 186 PACE 158 Pace, Kent 212 Packard, Aimee 148,193, 199 Packard, Jenny 88 89, 226 Packard, Joel 57, 133, 187 Packard, Joy 212 Packer, Amy 37, 212 Packer, Dean 199 Packer, Jed 97, 199 Pagano, lngrid 212 Pagano, Jerry 212 Polio, Felicia 159 Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Chris 146,150,212 David 140, 199 Derick 226 Kristie 212 Kristina 164, 187 Palton, John 226 PGVTTCJSO rri, sailor 187 Park, Krista 199 Parker, Jason 226 Parker, Michelle 122, 200 Parker, Roger 212 Parks, Richard 133, 212 Para, Anastacia 133, 186, 187 Paro, Craig 213 Parry, Kathy 62, 200 Parsons, Chris 96, 213 Partlow, Todd 213 Pasco, Christine 159, 187 Poster, Jim 174 Pate, Leslie 213 Patterson, Carolyn 131, 200 Patterson, Jennifer 200 Paulseen, Erin 200 Paustian, Brent 213 Pawloskl, Heather 153, 187 S2239 : Payne, John 243 Payne, Mark 226 Payne, Matthew 243 Payne, Samuel 422,243 Payne, Stephanie 453,200 Pearce, Kenneth 243 Peaton, Shari 487 Pell, Spring 452, 226 Penfold, Karen 226 Pennell, Melissa 200 Pennington, Ann 444, 200 People divider 468 Perez Jr., Jesus 243 Perez, Estevan 226 Perrone, Brian 226, 227 Quetschenbach, Joel 204 Quinones, Heidi 204 Quintero, Susie 459 Perrone,Joseph 78, 200 Perry, Annette 440, 200 Perry, Genevieve 433, 43 Perry, Jennifer 243 Perry, Joseph 460, 464, 200 Peters, Bryant 226 Petersen Aaron 243 Petersen, Brian 243, 226 Peterson, Chad 243 Peterson, Jennifer 200 Peterson, Leslie 428, 200 Peterson Richard 243 Peterson, Tana 43, 33, 440, 200 Ragland, Jason 8, 244 Ragland, Sunny 446, 487 Rainwater, Jimmy 487 Ramirez, Martha 244 Ramirez, Sean 97, 422 Rapps, Andrew 244 Rasmussan, Christina 244 Rawcliffe, David 204 Petterson, Kari 436, 487 Pettigrew, Austin 72, 200 Pew, Richard 78, 487 Rawcliffe, John 227 Rawlings, Steven 90, 244 Ray, Brad 436, 204 Ray, Dedria 47, 70, 440, 444, 446, 453, Phar, Brent 226 Phelps, Chad 96, 226 Phelps, Christine 487 Phelps, James 244 Phelps, Shane 200 Phillips, Brandi 459, 487 487 Ray, Evan 227 Ray, James 244 Ray, Leann 459, 487 Ray, Lori 244 Ray, Sandy 244 Rodriquez, Ricky 78, 488 Rodriguez, Tara 67, 92, 440, 444, 450 244 Rodriguez, Xavier 34, 448, 488 Rogers, Brent 227 Rogers, Brian 227 Rogers, Heather 426, 249, 228 Rogers, Jason 244 Rogers, Kristi 228 Rogers, Nataani 433, 204 Rogers, Shari 459 Rogers, Stephanie 433, 228 Rogers, Steve 474 Roig, Heather 244 Rolland, Chad 244 Romanoski, Pete 474 Romenoski, Pete 78, 96, 450 Ropp, Alexa 244 Rosales, Maylean 244 Rasales, Michael 488 Rosenoff, Eric 90, 228 Ross, James 228 Ross, Robert 228 Row, Kimberly 434, 204 Row, Stephanie 228 Rowe, Geri 49, 426, 427, 428, 429, 453, 488 Rowe, John 228 Rowe, Sunny 204 Royce, Jay 474 Rudd, David 440, 244 Ruelle, Carrie 244 Ruiz, Bernave 204 Ruiz, David 96, 244 Ruiz, Mary 244 Running club 440 Rush, Kristy 433, 244 Rushing, Shanie 453 Schatz, Michael 244 Schell, Tiimothy 245 Schlink, Mila 245 Schmidt, Jamie 228 Schmidt, Paul 204 Schnepf, David 228 Scholtz, Rita 475 Scholztz, Rita 433, 436 Schude, Steve 228 Schuetz, Melissa 228 Schultz, Anastacia 489 Schultz, lnken 426, 204 Schultz, Mark 422, 204 Schultz, Robert 33 Science 66 Scott, Jacauelin 222 Scott, James 30 Scott, Jody 245 Scott, Jr,, Robert 204 Scott, Malcolm 40, 50, 78, 488 Scott, Sharon 474 Seamster, Troy 474 Sechrist, Shad 245 Sechrist, Shannon 488 Seibel, Crystal 88 Seiness, Carissa 228 Sellers, Kristin 228 Sellers, Susan 245 Seniors 476 Sentz, Joel 56, 228 Serrano, Michael 204 Sesate, Stacy 422 Sevinford, Tara 204 Sevison, Jeffrey 245 Shaffier, Michelle 204 Shahan, Jamie 64,228 Shannon, Kent 497 Sharp, Elizabeth 55, 438, 439, 488 Phillips, Shawna 454, 243 Phipps, Stephanie 226 Photo club 460 Physical education 70 Pico, Lisa 200 Pieper, F John 243 Pinkerton, Dandelyn 226 Pinkerton, Reese 465, 487 Place, Shane 243 Poe, Nathan 200 Poecker, Jeffery 487 Polfus, Michael 59, 83, 439, 200 Pollard, Keith 459, 487 Pollomares, Joseph 243 Pool, Leslie 433, 448, 203 Porter, April 200 Porter, Lori 200 Porter, Matthew 226 Pospisil, Brent 200 Pospispil, Douglas 89, 243 Potter, Amberly 204 Ray, Will 484 Reading, Jared 439, 227 Reber, Hope 34, 448, 452, 460, 487 Rechichar, Bradley 227 Redd, Jericca 244 Reed, George 227 Reed, Kathy 444, 487 Reed, Leslie 227 Reed, Tracy 448, 204 Reedy, Christopher 456 Reese, Dean 444, 445, 487 Regoli, Tonya 244 Renault, Dale 474 Revering, Craig 227 Revering, Denise 204 Reynolds, Mott 462, 488 Reynolds, Terrie 244 Ribotta, Tanya 227 Ricard, Joseph 227 Ricards, Justin 488 Rice, Darwin 488 Russell, Eric 204 Russell, Holly 228 Russell, Justin 90, 204 Russell, Mark 488 Russell, Todd 90, 499 Russum, Sharon 244 Ruth, Toby 244 Rutledge, Nancy 474 Ryan, Bryan 228 Ryan, Julie 244 Ryan, Sean 488 Potter, Christy 473, 474 Potter, Chrisy 474 Potter, Marcy 442, 487 Potter, Stephanie 64, 226 Powell, Dennis 474 Power, Tracy 487 Pre-vocational 68 Predm Predm Pretti. ore, Adam 227 ore, Jennifer 243 Anthony 73, 227 Price, Bridget 487 Price, Jon 227 Price, Susan 487 Price, Timothy 439, 243 Rice, David 244 Richards, John 204 Richards, Kevin 488 Richardson, David 8, 96, 97, 488 Richardson, Sherry 204 Rico, Hazzel 244 Riedlinger, Matthew 227 Riggs, Jennifer 453, 204, 227 Rigsby, William 227 Ruiz, Chris 45, 96, 228 Ripley, Rebecca 204 Rittlinger, Charles 227 Rivera, Kimberly 244 Robberson, Allen Jr,, 227 Saba, Christopher 430, 452, 244 SADD 448 Salinas, Edilia 228 Salinas, Lorina 244 Salvidge, Rena 474 Samaniego, Amy 244 Samaniego, Lisa 425, 459, 488 Prichard, Michelle 440, 450, 487 Pritchett, Tirrionne 243 Pruitt, Donald 243 Purtiman, Stephen 465, 202 Puyear, Troy 204 :2gl0- Roberds, Tanya 23, 453, 488 Roberts, Christoph 204 Roberts, Colin 227 Roberts, Kimberly 244 Roberts, Shirley 488 Robinson, Matthew 422, 204 Robker, Julie 423, 244 Robson, Natalie 433, 227 Roche, Shawn 488 Rockliffe, David 46 Rodeo club 463 Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, , Amy 227 Elsa 244 Geri Ann 204 Jennifer 204 Juan 244 Michele 244 Michelle 488 Rena 244 Sammons, Jodi 244 Sanborn, Clint 465, 204 Sanchez, Alex 228 Sanchez, Franco 64, 204 Sander, Kenneth 488 Sanders, Cody 228 Sanders, Dustin 90 Sandquist, Michele 446, Saneom, Daniel 204 Sap, Brenda 244 Sap, Robert 228 Sap, Tina 488 Satterthwaite, Tally 474 Sauerbrun, Trish 44, 488 Savell, Kenneth 436, 244 Savell, Kerri 36, 444, 445, 488 Sayre, Diane 244 Sayre, Elizabeth 488 Scanlon, Thomas 43, 78, 488 Schaefer, Jordan 436, 228 488 Sharp, Jeremy 245 Sharp, Teil 204 Shaw, Julie 488 Shea, Jeremy 245 Shelley, Erica 228 Shepard, Michael 90, 94, 454 Shepard, Scott 94, 204 Shepherd, Jennifer 204, 228 Shepherd, Karen 204 Shepherd, Steven 77, 78 Sheppard, Jacob 56, 96, 228 Sheppard, Myrna 470 Sherman, Shonna 204 Sherwood, Brett 42, 36, 488 Sherwood, Darren 245 Shields, Daniel 20 Shields, David 46, 47, 422, 204, 228 Shinn, Eric 245 Shipley, Tina 475 Short, Brenda 228 Shreve, Loena 470 Shreve, Norma 204 Shreves, Tracy 56, 488 Shuey, James 245 Shura, Matthew 436 Sicrliani, Mary Jo 489 Simkins, Larry 475 Simmons, Brad 228 Simmons, Sara 228 Simmons, Scott 433 Simom, Brian 433 Simpkins, Audra 228 Simpson, Danny 245 Singletary, Janna 228 Sipple, Stacey 439, 204 Sirrine, Josiah 96, 228 Sisung, Timothy 245 Skarecky, Darren 90, 446 Ski 462 Skipper, Troy 72, 78, 422, 489 Skipper, Sterling 96 Skousen, Don 470 Skousen, Marc 228 Slade, Newell 40, 78, 489 Slaker, Lucinda 245 Smalley, Stacy 438, 439, 454 Smirke, Jaime 4 Smith, Adam 89, 433, 202 Smith. Carrie 88 Smith, Clint 220 Smith, Corey 245 Smith, Dyone 245 Smith, Gerald 228 Smith, Jeremy 245 Smith, Julie 460, 202 Smith, Kristi 422, 202 Smith, Ladd 78, 489 Smith, Lloyd 475 Smith, Melinda 425, 426, 427, 459, 489 Smith, Melissa 87, 228 Smith, Nikki 87, 228 Smith, Racheal 245 Smith, Richard 245 Smith, Sara 88 Smith, Jason 78, 489 Soccer 90 Social studies 64 Socie, Edward 90, 446 Softball, freshman 440 Softball, JV. 440 Softball, varsity 408 Sophomores 204 Sprace, Robert 245 Southard, Margaret 475 Spangler, Albert 74 Spanish club 450 Sparenga, Laura 228 Speech team 454 Sports divider 74 Spriet, Sharon 439, 228 Springfield, Evi 202 Sraka, Kristin 439, 229 St Germain, John 228 479 sr ee-rmoin, Melissa 459, 489 ' Staley, Scott 228 Stan, Brian 228 Standage, Sheri 433, 228 Standage, Tracy 202 Standifird, Kathleen 489 Stapley, Justin 97, 245 Stapley, Shane 489 Starr, Tina 428, 202 Stauffer, Leanne 202 Stecher, Scott 442, 444, 452, 454 Stechnij, Casey 202 Steele, Markus 245 Steller, Beverly 475 Stelter, Ryan 472, 202 Stephens, Chad 423, 489 Stephens, Michelle 28, 245 Stephens, Ryan 228 Stephenson, David 9 Sterling, Scott 245 Sterling, Skipper 228 Stevens, Jeffrey 228 Stevens, Kathleen 429, 440 Stevenson, William 9, 245 Stewart, Brand 7 Stewart, Kristi 228 Stewart, Laurie 229 Stewart, Shane 96, 97, 445, 422, 2 Stickler, Raymond 245 Stiles, Tara 229 Stinnett, Donna 202 Stock, Timothy 245 Stone, Addam 245 Stone, Dan 475 Stone, Ronald 489 Stonefietd, Angela 202 Stormo, Jennifer 65, 444, 448, 202 Stout, Edward 97, 245 Stradling, Craig 90, 245 Stradling, Laura 433, 437, 438,202 Stradling, Michael 245 Straka, Craig 229 Straka, Thomas 63, 489 Striharsky, Carrie 464, 202 Stuart, Brand 6, 7 Student Council 426 Student Life 6 Suarez, Eduardo 202 Sugrue, Daniel 245 Suh, Patricia 454, 229 Sullivan, Brandon 48, 454, 489 Sullivan, Sandy 202 Sumner, Steven 245 Sutton, Curtis 243, 245 Sverdrup, Mary 475 Swain, Brian 489, 495 202 Swain, Steven 489, 202 Swanson, Mark 245 Swanson, Paul 456, 489 Swartz, Amy 460,464 Sweezy, Kelly 489 Swencki, Jason 229 28 181,189 Swift, Ronald 46 Swift, Steve 229 Swimming 88 Swinford, Darrell 202 Swinford, Tara 139, 151 Swinkowski, John 229 Tanner, Melissa 202 Tanner, Tiffany 229 Tant, Kelly 229 Tapia, Celestina 32,215 Tarhovlcky, Jennifer 142, 164, 215 Tarin, Becky 122, 202 Tautimez, Olivia 175 Tavormina, Andrea 202 Tayah, Jennifer 229 Taylor, Allison 125, 150, 151, 154, 161, aylor, Chad 229 aylor, David 158, 202 aylor, Jason 215 aylor, Kimberly 215 ayior, Melanie 152, 229 aylor, Tavya 215 eague, Pauline 122, 202 Tennis 116, 117 Terstegge, Stephen 160, 161, 189 Thayer, Jennifer 215 Thiele, John 175 Thomas, James 215 Thomas, Jonathon 133, 136, 137, 138, 152, 154, 216 Thomas, Mark, 122, 189 Thompktns, Alicia 133 hompson, Aron 202 hompsen, Charlene 86, 216 hompsen, Chuck 52 homosen, Dallas 189 hompsen, Kirsten 142, 148, 160, 189 hompson, Chuck 175 hompson, Laura 189, 229 hornock, Brian 202, 216 hornock, Jeffery 32, 189 hornock, Michael 91 hornton, Ron 216 hornton, Ronald 28, 216 horpe, Mark 96, 216 horsson, Eva 71, 126, 133 horsson, Lotta 166 hrope, David 96, 202 hude, Kirsten 153, 202 hude, Mitzi 122 hune, Kimberly 111, 202 hurrnan, Missy 159, 189 ice, Bryan 202 idweii, Heather 216 idweli, Jill 202 idweli, Kasey 202 iawell, Trent 122, 216 ipton, Trina 216 odd, Jennifer 229 oenles, Melissa 86, 216 alle, John 86, 216 omasic, Joseph 202 oone, Brent 229 ownsend, David 122, 189 ownsend, Elisabeth 8, 133, 201 Townsend, Jeany 202 ownsend, Kerry 229 rack 118, 119 resler, Ginger 52, 150, 160, 161, 189 resler, Matthew 10, 133, 216 rinosky, Candy 189 risko, Jason 156, 189 rombiey, Rebecca 202 Trotter, Tina 229 Trout, David 216 Trujillo, Margaret 172 Trujillo, Rudy 133, 136, 137, 138, Truong, Linh 189 Trusty, Jim 165 Tucker, Stephen 229 Tuiios, Karmen 125, 153, 191 Turcotte, Sharlee 130, 152, 229 Turley, Jennifer 230 Turley, Sandra 230 Turley, Shelley 88, 216 Turnage, Jason 216 Turnbull, Kenetta 181, 216 Turner, Michael 191 Tylia, Dirk 126, 133, 180 Udall, Sam 170 Uhies, Kimberly 146148, 202 Vidal, Rachelle 190 Villalobos, Claudia 8 Visual arts 56 Vitale, Christopher 96, 230 Vo-agriculture 72 Volleyball, freshman 86 Volleyball, J.V, 86 Volleyball, varsity 84 Waggerby, Lanelle 56, 146, 190 Wagner, Peggy 164, 203 Wagner, Stephen 36, 142, 144, 150, 190 Wagner, Wendy 152, 216 Waite, Justin 203 Waite, Shawna 190 Waldrom, Jason 216 Walker, Amber 203 Walker, Moneque 230 Walker, Scott 146, 216 Uhles, Tammy 230 Vaiilancourt, Kelley 202 Valdez, Tim 216 Valentin, Arlene 202 Valenzuela, Caroline 202 Valenzuela Danielle 216 Valenzuela, Elizuanda 148 Valenzuela, Maria 216 Valenzuela, Melissa 142, 216 Valenzuela Missy 142 Valenzuela Robert 175 Walker, Trevor 216 Walker, William 97, 216 Walkers, Brian 216 Wallace, Kathryn 133, 216 Wallace, Kelly 230 Wallace, Thomas 203 Waltenburg, Anthony 190 Walters, Becky 145 Walters, Wendy 133, 230 Ward, Katherine 230 Warren, Mary 175 Washburn, Beth 87, 110, 230 Washburn, Brian 15, 216 Washington, Ernest 230 Watson, Paul 230 Watts, Brenda 231 Webb, Shawn 231 Webster, David 203 Webster, Miner 175 Webster, Samuel 216 Webster, Zachary 231 Weick, Tammy 231 Weishan, Clinton 231 Welch, John 64 Wells, Cami 61, 190 Wells, Ron 190 Wells, Shanie 142, 143, 148, 190, 191 Wertin, Marlee 203 Valley, Jason 230 Voncamp, Loni 190 Vande Voorde, Andrea 202 Vanderpool, Aaron 90, 140, 150, 190 193 Vanderpool, Andrew 202 Vanderpool, Carrie 92, 129, 150. 217 Vandevoorde, Jill 202 Vandevoorde, Jason 114, 230 Vanerstvelde, Dawn 230 Vanklompenber, Randal 216 VanLuven, Flay 175 Vanorteghem, Andrew 96, 190 Vantrease, Donna 133, 216 Vanwormer, Laurinda 230 Varsity football 76, 78 Vasauez, Nicholas 216 Vegh, Crystal 216 Vela, Manuel 230 Velasauez, Peter 203 Veloz, lida 216 Vermilion, Nicole 32 Vesely, Bret 230 Vesely, Ivan 230 Vest, Anthony 68, 203 Vest, Michael 230 Vlarengo, Leah 190 VlCA 164 West West , Cody 231 ,Jeana 139, 216 West, West, Marsha 133, 190 TOFYTGTCI 216 Westbrook, Dylan 190 Westbrook, Madeline 139, 231 Westrate, Barbara 140, 190 Westrate, Robert 231 Wheeler, Sara 36, 126, 190, 191 Wheeler, Jason 216 White, Aaron 216 White, Jody 122, 203 Whitehurst, Raymon 78, 190 Whitehurst, Stanley 68, 231 Whiting, Michele 203 Whitley, Marcus 216 Whitmer, Brent 231 Whitmer, Shawn 203 Wiehi, Diane 125, 190 Wikman, Monika 216 Wilcock, Holli 86, 216 Wiicock, Wendi 37, 128, 152, 190 Williams, Amy 216 Williams, Anne Marie 175 Williams, Holly 6, 7, 216 Williams, Lacy 231 Williams, Lance 133, 137, 138, 190 Williams, Michael 97, 216 Williams, Randy 231 Williams, Rebecca 140, 231 Williams, Terry 136, 137 Williams, Travis 159, 190 Williams, Tyler 152, 154, 216 Willis, Kelly 231 Willman, Suzanne 150 Wilson, Amber 231 Wilson, David 203 Wilson, Donna 216 Wilson, Michelle 231 Wilson, Shawn 83, 231 Wilson, Todd 216 Wilt, Ginger 216 Wilt, Jodie 175 Winterton, Shana 87, 231 Wiseman, Cynthia 190 Wiseman, Kevin 122, 217 Wishon, Shana 231 Wiste, Paul 144, 217 Withee, Michelle 217 Wofford, Jean 175 Wolek, David 32, 217 Wolek, Renae 127, 193, 203 Wolf, Gary 88, 89 Wolf, Heather 88, 231 Walman, Jill 217 Wolverton, Maryann 82, 148, 203 Wolverton, Steven 217 Wonden, Michell 217 Wonderling, Rebecca 231 Wood, Courtney 217 Wood, Kirk 46 Wood, Trevor 217 Woodbury, Jason 97, 217 Woodrome, Jonpaui 217 Woods, Alan 231 Woods, Laustin 231 Woolford, Charles 217 Woolhouse, Brenda 164, 168, 231 Woolsey, Deanna 111, 148, 203 Woonkim, Song 175 Wrestling, J.V, 98 Wrestling, varsity 96 Wright, Colene 203 Wright, Jason 231 Wright, Scott 217 Wrobel, Kelly 148, 151, 203 Wyman, Amy 217 - - Xochihua, Angelina 190 - - Yanez, Melissa 231 Yarger, Sean 203 Yazzie, Matthew 150, 231 Yearbook 144 Voung, Dannette 217 Young, Eileen 175 Young, Marinda 217 Young, Terry 231 Young, Todd 66, 203 Zaborniak, Janet 171, 190 Zaletel, Michael 10, 78, 79, 124, 136, 190, 191 Zarate, Allsia 217 Zarate, Sant Zawicki, Neil iago 122, 190 61, 152, 154,217 Zeitlen, Brandy 133 Zimmer, Heidi 132, 231 Zimmerman, April 231 Zimmerman, Julie 209 Zimmerman, Stacey 37, 88, 128, 133, 146, 190 Zimmerman, William 219 :2gi1: Yearb00k Siaff Co-Edilors Christie Eckelman Shanie Wells Advisor Mrs. Mary Sverdrup Pholo Edilor Sieve Wagner 4987-88 STaff Dawn Anderson Lisa Blaser Deniz Brock Jamie Ecker Heidi Legg Marcy PoTTer Melissa Valenzuela Rhofographers Joe Dodgson Jeff Hoenshell ScoT Sfecher Sfeve Wagner Ofher ConTribuTors Marisa Arfeche Shelly Parsons Leslie Peferson Acknowledgemenfs Mr. Paul Husfon Mr. Geir Sverdrup Mr. Reg BaTT PorTraiTs by Reg Ms. Mary Sonius Spring sporfs and acTiviTies will be covered in The 4987-88 supple- menT. Breaking new ground was The name of The game for The yearbook producfion sTu- denTs who dedicaTed Their year To producing The 4987- 88 edifion of The Nger. Volume 74 of The firsT9x 42 book was prinfed by Herff Jones yearbooks in Logan, UTah. The pages were prinT- ed on 80 lb. glossy and spe- cial eurogloss paper in The opening signafure. The press run was 4700 copies of 2441 pages. Colophon The cover is black em- bossed wiTh gold foil applied. The Type sTyle on The cover is Cooper black and MisTral, and The grain is Cordova. The cover is a variaTion on a de- sign by several sTaff mem- bers. EndsheeTs were made up of naTural colorTexT paper and had special ink applied in MisTral Type To represenT The Theme. Saffron spoT color was used on The opening Theme pages. Copy ThroughouT The book is Avanf Garde Type, wiTh The opening pages in 42 poinT. Copy is seT in 40 poinT, and capTions are in 8 and 6 poinT Type. The yearbook sTaff was as- sisTed by Herff Jones repre- senTaTive Mary Sonius and in- planT consulTanT Shirley Cole- man. Official school phofographer was PorTraiTs by Reg of Tempe, Arizona. Qiosine 2 2. Breaking New Ground Moving inTo 1988-89 IT was a year of change, of breaking new ground. The new campus, The new sporTs division, The new principal, a new 'feeling' on campus made This year unique. lT was a year of 'firsTs'. There were disappoinTmenTs, buT a new spiriT aT GilberT High School seemed To emerge. This spiriT seemed To say, "we are in The big leagues now." Never again will GHS be recognized as smaller or less significanT. 4988 will be remembered as we did The ground-breaking for gen- eraiions To come. Slave for a day Mike Hudson and friend Take a spin on a Tricy- cle during lunch. 243 on ww A tranquil scene The campus is erhpfy, owoifihg hexf yeczfs crop of STLJGGDTS czhd The ocfivhies of The 1988-89 school year. 2114: . V Closing

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