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, A ,,V,. gr' if I , if V Q H, 1 A 4 N3 W' .3 ., Q ,V fzffi gi? , .4 ,' ,fix .smgfejfv 'ik " 45? .. jr N U V ' ' 'H . fi' 'W W X 'Z' Km W , f r , 5-5 4 1' W f'fM"'f5? f 1 x - ' 5 ,. Mg, 4 fb ,W b , - 4 , 5 ff ' Q Q, 1 1 Sfwem 1 Q, W 1 Q.,, - ,. A N ' Ez? 1 Q- , , A db x ' 'Eg dx., 3 i T? is I 4. X ! . N 1 1 Y 5 L, 1 , ,E 5 A ' W D , f ,H mf- 'gffsgffgj ' 33955 g Q J f ' L ' 1- . ' L1 my 'Nm df if 7" - 3 f H ' 35 - ' W 0 Q 2 ' t ' 1' - ' .1 sv 'TA ,Y e ,, , ., QV w I 'Q' , V .Aix , Ku A , ,. M V . E M :V . , ,V ,. ,a J' N ,ph . N ca 4 - 1 ' ' Y vw als 1 ' 4, w - 'N Lfiffspqs "J Y 2 ' . ,Q .K ., , Y, Y ' - -A ' ,- J. N- Selig X. , Lx 1, , ,. 6 'E -1 ,fm ,A fm J' is N K -55:4 7 fs , wwf . QZMLZZZ! Vfyotwd MQ MW Adagajlfwfgemfg, A Q 61556. 4040 Qfiiwwqhf KMLWQ H- mfhm, glgyf Z0 AXMZMU 62445, V Q, 7 C 404 Q M9694 jfs-ff-Z JLIQWQ K J Q1 f46,Z'T4 QQQOW . X K if -Q ff? gawk, M447 45 Cpfffi f FQ I GQQRK g ZZXQH -CQ Dio. di' G I9 O0 OBQ, in I XC y Vsffkffyf N ,, wi x Ly I . 40025 Q gf AQ- Q4 0 6 yu W qv' Q9 ,43 , 'N' f gf gf 5 V U C651 JB' VN QQ o , sw. T 7 uv +0 K X helgzgiger Volume 67 PO Box Drawerl Gllbert Ar1zona 85234 A-.L 'Gal Title Page 1 ' by so G' GM XCN qi " " 4 . X , .I of . - . ' it Q J Av ' 0552 sg 903 GMC? li Student Life ........ U Sports ............... N Activities ....... 5 Clubs ............. Academics ........ Seniors ........... Ads ................ J uniors .............. Sophomores ......... Details .............. Closing .......... was Diana Trujillo supports French club by buying a snow cone. Content Tiger, Mlm! Davie, at home m her nat- ural habitat. 2 C ntricate Varsity cheer, Michelle Huffman, shows her pride by dressing in a toga during Homecoming week. Detail The years have passed and we sometimes wonder what we are still doing in school. What is it for? Why are we here? There are reasons that we come to school. We may come to see our friends, to be with them and to share with them. We may come to learn what to escape from our house, our parents or reality. When we are busy we tend to forget the bad times, the sad times. All of these things may be good or bad, fun or sad, but they all are part of our lives. We learn to cope with our electives. It is part of our lifelong process of growing. We must learn to deal with the intricate details of our lives. Opening 3 ,a ,X XXXXWXXXXXXXXXXW,,XXXXXXXXXXXW XXX ,XXX XX XXXXX W XXXXX XXXXXWXXXXXXWXXXXXXXWXWXXXXXXXXXXXXQ-XXXXXXX X X. X1 1 XXWXUXXXXXXXXFWSXWXX X 'XX' ,WXEWXXWXXXWXXXEWXXWWXXX-XXXXPIXWXWEXXS'WEXWIX'.W X1IXRXXLEWXXXXXEXXXXXXXXXXX'X,X'XgwXXX QE"XXXX1Xw XXXXXXXX XXXXWX 'XXX'XXX',XX:XXXfXXWXXXXXXXXXW wwx., WXQXXXXXXJXXXXXXQXXXXIXXXXXXWXXXXXXX.XXXX' XXXXXXXXXXXX XX X XX, XX X !,,x !,!,. NX,-,XNXXX,X ,XXXX XX w,,1 XX XX XXX vxxx ,,,1 X 'wxxx , "!x, X 'X X X X X XX X XXX XXX XXXXXX ' XTIIXA PXX,'XXXWX3533WXSXXXXWWXX''3X3XN5JWXXliXXXXQXHXX NX " X ' J'fX'XXX' 'FNXXX?XXXX"X1X'XXYXXXXX:3fXXXXXfXXXX1,XXXXffXXXXXXfXfPXrXXX ' XX X XX XX ,QW XXNXXX, ,XM XXX 'XXX X 'X 'XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXNX X X X X, ,N X X XX X ,XX u x . A 4- X 1 Www YASA n iq 'A , L , Q Nw X-4, Si f A an X. ,f w Fx ,W MX., N,--f...v-v-ff 'WN if Y X .--it-.XXX 54?-+Xw ., . Ti X .XXX . ,, s Q , ,. 513 ' , 3 l' 9 1 ,f .. f 1 Ag X, . 3, I .yeas ,. s in line it seems like hours. But actually the 15 to 30 is a short time compared to the 13 years of school. As we went. ' all a part of life. time seems to pass more quickly. you were in first grade and each year was like a first grade seems like it was yesterday. When we are we will look back on our high school years and wonder in lines is all a part of Gilbert High School. We wait in class registration, to buy our books, to get pictures taken, I.D. Cards and yearbooks and finally to receive our Life Division 5 of Dr. Tom Edwards and Mr. "Doc" Savage wrap Brian Giles leg during the scrimmage game. Alee M 3 6 Student Life 'fem-. 61 K C' W g f At the scrimmage game, the Tigers show their ability. -rv: H nm, 3 Lorie Burnham, a rifle for two years is sm il ing pridefully at the first football game. Gloria Vasquez plays her instrument with outstanding Gilbert Pride. Greg Turner and Scott Waldrop, both seniors, play the fight song at the first pep assembly. E Student Life 7 Juniors Jenny Wolf and Amy Ray anxiously leave school on the day of a game. Juniors Robin Salisbury and Joy Billings share one week of their summer at yearbook camp. 8 Student Life 'ws .Vigil 4 s Q5 s "Have you seen my horse?" says Will Rueth, a junior. Sophomores leave the pep assembly with a touch of class. Carlos Castro, Diana Trujillo, Lisa Torres, and Brian Selvidge say, "Really, we're just friends!" Gr I ll' hi is Student Life 9 Kim Wolf, a senior, takes a break during Enlish. DQ UGC-C, meg, woes Lance THIS gene as rmollq 00531906 YW5"""l45m Lui!! rise eiqt-IT' U-MCE we Gmc on 1-Opt rms P1470 wnv17'2'0 '52- rcg '55 ,qgl-lL4fl'iE we 'r'H5"1 if CU! Esecnfloscf HERE I 907' H145 t T QFF. GQQCSLLCK mqxft eygoi V002 Lim na Dnxfy, And All Fzemes 10 Student Life Qlwmff GCI Cao-fan 155 Lori Cook, Lori Hamblin, and Lisa Thompson, all seniors, and Lisa W sophomore, pose pretty for the camera. Posing for GQ, juniors Art Gonzales and Alvaro Peralta show their sexy style. i' Ji ww. Stephanie Singleton, a senior, sits and daydreams about her Prince Charming. The students at Gilbert High are individually unique. Their oneness and gratitude for each other grows day by day throughout the year. That explains the tears of joy and sorrow experienced by the graduat- ing class during their annual departure. Therefore, in- dividuals who attend and participate in pep assemblies, sports, and audiences find themselves filled with a sense of confidence, not only in the team members but within themselves. There's just something about GHS students when they see excitement in the expressions of their fellow classmates that gives even the underclass- men inner pizzazz. Bright run off the field. Student Life 1 1 Varsity football players Dennis Weissert, Kent Carroll, and Tim O f' 'Qu ol 5 Junior, Lori Gaura, and senior, Jill Farley, came to visit Gilbert High all the way from Michigan. 12 Student Life Juniors, Stefi Evans, Jenny Wolf, and Shannon Sellers, are on their way to Honors English. l l l l I X S ,ml 1 D P in Terry Rowe shows her spirit by dressing up as a snowbird during Homecoming Week. Wow! Look at all the snowbirds visiting Gilbert High. 6'Romans, they're my kind of people!" says juniors, Barbie Moltz and Carrie Sage. Juniors, Steve Hamblin and David Jones, are having a royal Roman feast. Student Life 13 H e Kenny Allred, a sophomore, takes a break from school. l4 Student Life The GHS mascot symbolizes the pride and excellence that the students strive for. 2551 631' 'ffl i ,pm Seniors Terri Falduti and Sherrie Coffel and junior Jackie Jones sit on the bench between classes. Mr. Guggisberg shows Terry Rowe the answers in Honors English class. WE THE TIGERS ,Qi football players stretch out and practice hard. "Gilbert High" is more than a name -- it's a symbol of pride and unity. As students of Gilbert High we strive to make our school pill! From the first pep assembly we could tell this year was going to be a year to remember. The spirit was unbelievable as we planned to stomp all over Indepen- dence at our first home game. Our team played a great game and won 12-6. As Tigers we made 1983-84 a very successful year by working together and showing our school spirit! All these Intricate Details are what makes Gilbert High fill! Student Life 15 The Jumor Class partlclpates m class competmon at the first Pep Assembly Lal... "Hey Brandon, how much homework do you have lOl'llghI7U 16 Student L1fe A semor s l1fe ns so tough Let s see what do I have next" Lunch or Release T1me" gg" "' If s tg. I "' , . ,-,' -,gtg or 1 1' Q 6 ., ,, - H M 5 ...,,. .,.- 1' - . f . of If . f ff . 9, Mt. Q' ...rg Q Todd Hill and Kim Ferris, one of many G.H,S. couples. Y K Ron and Bennett munching on Doritos. M W vs f-1 '11 I if - adfdfl' N., ' eff I . A . Junior sweethearts Doyle and Mimi. ,qqurr A--an The Mad scientists. 5 X W Seniors Sandra Bradley and Heather Brady relaxing during lunch. Student Life 17 '.-!'- . ..5. - xv, X 1' V . Q33 ' i . f . ' , . ' , . AW. I ' R - - sf ' h K Q? . . 9 , E, , -' g Q 1125 -1 5 , lf i s V Qui? pr 'QL S 1 ' .ngiffkffls ' as V . we?-ilgg'5.L' m 9 fT5T?f9gQ?fx-S Q 1 gff35. '7iT4,f wp .cffiikil Ag , ,..,...f ,:,,'g,,5. A .. K ' Q . K X i f rr? . 5. ' ff. ,g.vj5 vjg' m ff gg .Q . f ,Ji x I Y. X f'QWn"wfS'k ' ,S ...J mp' .rw t. 1 5 lf A , Y .L ' v :ff 3 15.9. f 1 X X SQ ' Q " Ex A Q sf ,aw Q, +R. .Q - - 'ii Sports are a large part of high school activities. If there weren't any sports then there would be no way for students to relieve the tension from homework. Sports are a way to be a part of the school and many benefits come with sports. It's a way to keep from crawling into a shell away from other students. Also, sports allow people from one school to make friends with other people from other schools. To receive these benefits, the students involved have to train hard. They also, must have self-discipline and determination to be successful in sports. The time that is spent on practicing a sport gives you the feeling of participation and that alone is all some people need to be involved in sports. Although some people need more than just a committment to get involved with sports, some need a chance to show their hard work by getting a school letter. Perhaps the outcome isn't that great, but to know you were a part of it is still a good feeling. .Ag ,fwfr 4 ae we l ' Sports Division 19 -, 4 4 f""""""'f 'Q-Mesa it 4 it 2 112+ W Ave MQSTS 4f"'3fi: '?-Yr bw'- Alvaro Peralta congratulates Carlos Quintero after successful d u , . 83 -f I N -A . ' 'Y' f- . A 4 . J 5 .- f 1 , ' J ,I . 5 S51 "' fs-M t ff . ' .7 .,. . aj, - ' f I 4 I, i . 5 . ' " e H ' 3 :V i g .5 i f V V X ' ,.. ,,,'1.t if ,A ' vyjysfgjw. - I K' K , 1, k W ., V ,gf , A K I ji h 1 F wi ww '5"" " -A .- if fr ' ff i ' , Q-'+,f-,+I 1 g ,-f. 4 ,f - Y , +-gf ar- - 1 1 ,, , ' ii. SWL 9 'sr V T ' L p , ",, .1',,..",g.,,,,,...,,Q..,.' 'i 6 ' 1 . W ...-,M,ie:2f1'fW"""i" ' ,lf-fi? it e 1 ' - mm-1, 1, ,., 6 Q.. ' QM ' - N rf- W' Q , .. , o 52, fray-1 ly scoring another Tiger touch own.. lst row: Jim Rusk, Jeff Harrah, Steve McCollough, Edward Howard, Brian Gile, Brian Zimmerman, Carl Johnson, Steve McDowell, Stanton White, Burke Nichols, Tim Bright, Brian Selvidge, Art Gonzales. 2nd row: Carlos Gomez, John Burris, Alvaro Peralta, Reme Carrasco, Leland Baker, Dewey Sutton, Bud Willman, Garth Overly, Carlos Castro, Eric Sellers, Kevin Davis, Charlie Peloso, Andy Koch. 3rd row: Coach Romonoski, Coach Gierke, Bill Downing, Jeff Regnell, Richard Granado, Doyle Wofford, Kent Carroll, Dennis Weissert, Tyrone Meighan, Rick Riley, Coach Everett, Coach Dunn. 4th row: Carlos Quintero, .lon Andrews, Glenn Oliver, Chris Zinke, Kent Wil- kens, Kevin Thompson, Toby Murphy, Doug Wofford, Mark Koch, Eddie Lewell- ' A ' f'--..,.ll 'fWe'1'e Proud of our Football Cfut'-boljn l: any of several games played with a football on a rectangular field having two goal posts at each end by two teams whose ob- ject is to get the ball over a goal line or between goal posts. This may be how Mer- riam-Webster sees foot- ball but to a Gilbert citi- zen, student, or football player the word football has a whole new meaning. lt is A: a seasonal sport event, B: a place to go on Friday nights, C: a chance at being undefeated, con- ference champs or state champs. This year's Gilbert High football team had an excellent season. Start- ing the year with only eight returning lettermen, it was a whole new foot- ball team complete with 20 Sports Qi-1 GHS 33 Peoria C li ,. A x 'fi t , 2 .ww :": V .. X Q lllff t - g . .. , ,X S L A ppyyy, . M .q ,tial -gg. , new faces, new plays, nei ideas, new hopes net goals and a new accorr plishments. Second yea head coach, Rick Dun had to start the seaso3 teaching the new player what varsity football is a about. After defeating th Peoria Panthers, in th season opener 33-0, ori can see the guys learne quick. This was the begin ning of what was an unde feated season of 9-0, it regular conference play . 0 A l 2 Independence 6 l 6 Gerard 6 36 Parker 17 21 Marana 6 l7 Flowing Wells 14 35 Douglas 6 l 4 Nogales 7 38 Globe 12 222 I p nference Champs? When asked about the teve McCollough season S Laid, "iWe seemed like a zpecial group who worked iard and wanted to suc- :eed alia we did." Rich- trd Granado, Dennis Weissen and Carlos Quin- ero, had bitter feelings about the season saying, 'We would have been, :ut we ain't cuz we lost." The Tigers had a great eason and achieved their goal of being undefeated ,nd being conference i m 1 1 l . ' -' 4 4 W..-rr champs. Unfortunately the Tigers were stopped short of a chance at the State Championship when they lost to Peoria in the first round of Arizona State Playoffs on Friday, November 4. The game ended with a tie score of 14-14 and the teams had to play an Arizona Play- off. The Tiger offense had a loss of 6 yards after four downs and Peoria was able to gain l yard win- ning the game I5-14. Ev- eryone on the field and on the stand was devastated. Running through every- one's mind was the thought, "lt isnit fair, 9-O, it isn't fair " No it doesn't seem fair but it happened however we all know one other thing - We are proud of our con- ference champs!! 3. 9' n-I a sr Head coach Rich Dunn watches the Tigers in action. S it .-. fg- cf If N Above: Senior Steve McDowell takes a break from the game. sure off quarterback Brian Selvedge , ' 0 W - W . ,... ,, 4 ' X ' .' . A ,-A . . . ..,, - 1. X ..... 1 - Q It Below: The Tiger offensive line keeps the pres f ' M . an ,ak , f 'lf . '- 5' 1 E , X I 'ly t .1 X c 2 y x- . if v Q Defensive back Steve McCullough awaits the coming action. Sports Scores OPPONENT GILBERT Dobson 14 16 Mt. View 2 6 Mesa 0 20 Chandler 14 0 Mesa 0 21 Westwood 14 17 Corona Del Sol 7 24 Chandler 0 32 This year's Junior Varsity football team was very suc- cessful. They completed their season with a record of seven wins and one loss. This dedicated group of athletes were determined to have an excellent season, and they did. The coaches were blessed with their performance, and with the outcome of the season. After all the sweat and injuries, they felt it was all worthwhile. 22 Athletics J .V. Tigers in action The J .V. football team was guided by three fine coaches. Coach Vogt worked with the linemen, and Coach Fields spent his time working with the backs. The receivers were coached by Coach Degrow. Victorious J.V. team taking a break from the season. L.. r jf ,P La-'cTf'T:"?:',,t ..,. V Q -- - - - H ' ' E A ' el , g,, T . JH' U ' HHH-' 5 Q! ,J 1 -. 1 H gmmmntpmwmwsv uname. sf ---A , ef- '- 5 1 , V , ' '1' - ' :Qiff -, ' V iff '- img, ky ' " uv un . A qlif J '-.g Y 49s ' qw C i 5 ,Q ., V- 1 ,. Y 1 ', E' l if' 5 lg, Q J" , J -J A A ' jf , '- ,fx , L ,,,, J , U Fw 1 , gf- X I1 t , 1 V in J t if a, te' , J f A , f A,-JR i D EB V , - i, AL , .i f ' 'L ,fi " if iv . -. ' k i t " - X 3 L V 'R , , 'T ' of 4 fi , ,. ,"' YWVO ' f f , "1-3 1 'N 2 1 , :X , 'H , X, A, fx. 4 M: , ,J ,,.,,.,. It., w X . is .M i ,A . . T. A L "SEEK-51v.Z5 W m. w Left to Right Top: Coach Fields, Coach Vogt, Benett Baron, Burke Nichols, Richard Minyard, Steve Schmidt, Ron Townshend, Coach Degrow. Fourth row: Sean Ellsworth, Kevin Heaton, Chris Zinke, Steve Dunn, Greg Knapp, Scott Allen, Juan Zamora, Jeff Claire, Tim Gisscl, Rocky Chapman. Third row: Scott McLouth, Tim Munoz, Cory Allen, Bill Downing, Andy Held, Scott Richardson, Steve Davis, Lyle Burton, Bill Coleman. Second row: Leroy Gilliam, Brian Ravensaroft, Bill Milhouse, Mike Ball, Jimmy Oliver, Buff Davie, Mike Rapps, Brad Lester. First row: Steve Amador, Jared Garcia, Mickey Smith, David Parsons, Lem Hill, David Warren, John Erikson. J .V. FOGTBALL ICTORIOU Athletics 23 ar it olleyball Lynette White says while at a Volleyball game against A.J,, Nancy Trevino, ajunior on the Varsity Volleyball squad, gives a "Amen"! pep talk to her fellow players. Gayla nervously awaits for the ball at the A.J. game. 24 Sports Ms. Boone, the coach of the Varsity Volleyball team explaining strategy to the players. . , ,, ,...o""" 4 N Mt.: Christian Munoz and Lisa Willman saying, "Hit the ball over here!" The 1983-84 G.H.S. Varsity Volleyball team had a successful season with a l0f4 record. Much hard work and time was contributed by all the team members and the reward was a second place finish in conference. They also went to state and finished 2nd. The seniors will be really missed, but strong pride remains which, when com- bined with upcoming junior varsity members, would provide for even greater accom- plishments next year. Seniors: Julie Faherty, Cheryl Negley, Lori Cook, Gayla Jorgensen, Nellie Ro- sales, Jackie Mangum, Lisa Thompson, Michelle Whatley, Christina Munoz, Lyn- ette White. Junior: Nancy Trevino. Sophomore: Lisa Willman. Lori Cook making a good play out of a little scrape. Sports 25 Skill and dedication were the main fac- tors that the members of the Gilbert Junior Varsity volleyball team had this year. The J.V. volleyball team was one of the most important teams on campus, mainly be- cause these girls set the stage for the future varsity team. When asking Mrs. Gierke how she felt the team as a whole worked together, she said, "Overall, the team improved. They have the ability to be a good varsity team if they keep working at it." The team finished with an overall record of 8-5. Having Sonia Ruiz as the most im- proved player, and Bobbie Gabbard as the hardest worker. Alisen Jorgensen gets ready to serve the ball to the opponents. 26 Sports J.V. Vo Denise Wiehl waits for the ball to come down. Waiting for the ball to come to us. leyball i A tiger in action. 1 gy Top: Mrs. Gierke, Dawn Warren, Cheri Cluff, Debbie Spaulding, Renae Everett, Rochelle Deal. Bottom: Denice Wiehl, Alisen Jorgensen, Kathy DiCiccio, Sonia Ruiz, Sandra Mangum. Not pictured: Bobbie Gabbard. Sports 27 BUYS' VAR ITY B SKETBALL Calm and Cool, Tom Dugan dribbles onto the court. Ready to Pass the ball, Kent Carroll anxiously awaits. 28 Sports Jeff Harrah, Junior, slyly goes for 2 points as the others stand in awe. Steve McDowell jumps for two points while the Flowing Wells Cabelleros try to rebound the ball. Shooting baskets is a favorite past-time for many people, but for our Boys' Varsity Bas- ketball team it is an important part of their lives. The team practices every night after school and on Saturdays. During practice, the team practices free-throws, fundamental skills, and scrimage situations. This year's team consists of 8 Seniors, 4 Juniors, and 1 Sophomore. Steve McDowell has the best free-throw average this year, and Jeff Harrah has made the most baskets in one game, he made 17 baskets against Tuba City. Though we have had some bad games, the team always came through with all their Tiger Pride to represent Gilbert High School the best way they could. Top row: Tom Dugan, Jeff Harrah. Carl Johnson, Reed Watson, Steve McDowell, Brian Zimmerman, David Cluff. Bottom row: Kent Carroll, Steve Dunn, Jeff Morton, Mr. Morton, Kent Phelps, Alvaro Peralta, Jeff Oakes. can K-Bffr xN-5 Sports 29 UNIOR VARSI Y BUYS' BASKETBALL 30 Sports rf' ...,,, K . 'W raff- K I w,,,,,,.,.....-- ..,..,.,.,..,,. m,.,,,t,,.,.,.N..Ew N5 rib, 'rf ,,, sail !"""'w 'a 1' . Jeff Bingham, a sophomore, showing his expertise at a free throw shot. . X, il I f 0 '..- A x 'T fy rj M f LY' i I , 5 , 7 . - 5 X X I' I ,X Alvaro Peralta, George Valles, along with Jeff Clare and Jeff Bingham, show off Gilbert's great defense. .l.V. players watching and waiting for the other team. Gilbert has a lot of pride for sports. and J.V. Boys' Basketball is no exception. This year's team proved to be one of the best in the past few years. Success doesn't come easily. These dedicated young men prac- ticed a month before the season even started. They also practiced every day during Christmas Vaca- tion. During the season, the prac- tice every day except for the days when they play games. This all shows up in the way they show their almost perfect style of handling and shooting the ball. As Coach Carrizoza put it, "They're Winners!" . 'fw,.,..,.,N ""+s-..,,,w..4, MN ,.., K K One more for the Tigers 'www ws-s....,. The J.V. Boys' Basketball team con- sists of: Five Juniors: Tony Howard, Tony Martin, Toby Medley. Alvaro Per- alta, George Valles. Six Sophomores: Scott Allan, Jeff Bingham, Coby Brew- er, Troy Guelich, Wayne Johnson and Tony Rojas. The team itself is great, but there were a few players who deserve special atten- tion. Alvaro Peralta was the player with the best point average. Tied for best free throw average were Jeff Bingham and Troy Guelieh. Together these young men make a team that is Great! Gilbert's Junior Var- sity Boys' Basketball team is another ex- ample of GlLBERT'S PRIDE! .l.V. BOYS' BASKETBALL top row. l tor: Tony Howard. Jeff Clare. Tony Martin. Jeff Bingham. Troy Guelieh. Scott Allen. Coby Brewer. Bottom roxy l to ri George Vales. Tony Rojas. Coach Carrizola. Alvaro Peralta. Toby Medley. Sports 31 Scores - Gilbert 38 30 Buckeye Gilbert 39 34 Peoria Gilbert 31 22 Apache Jct. Gilbert 59 08 Gerard Gilbert 75 23 Coolidge Gilbert 63 31 Bradshaw Mt. Gilbert 34 30 Payson Gilbert 41 33 Florence Gilbert 36 16 Buckeye - Gilbert 43 27 Flowing Wells Gilbert 28 48 Marana Gilbert 43 32 Globe Gilbert 51 46 Nogales Gilbert 54 49 Douglas Gilbert 50 25 Flowing Wells Gilbert 42 33 Marana Gilbert 46 23 Globe Gilbert 56 47 Independence The Tigers anxiously await for the rebound. The Tiger team shows great comeback from the previous shot. - i' .iris 3 , ,gp g,,,:-,ss mm 6 wa, ,s w ....,..,.- r 1 .1531 1 4... ,, ,. 8... N ' if ti 'X Mi' Cindy Burton, Lisa Willman, Kim Pospisil ffghoot for two Julie, pm it thmughy- Miracle, Tracy Hunsaker, Stephanie Bilow, 32 Sports Out of all the sports offered at school, girls' basketball becomes one of the most competitive, not because of what goes on during the season, but what happens in determining who plays where. They do this by having practices everyday. They practice for at least 2 hours each day in order to accomplish what they need in order to beat their competitors. We are very sorry that we could not include all the scores from their wins and losses, but the season was not over, and we needed to make the deadline. I'm sure that these girls are very proud of them- selves, and they should be, because they have done a very nice job. We are going to miss the seniors that won't be with us next year, because they will be gradu- ating, but the team members that will be coming up from the J.V. team will lead us to victory also. The Tigers get together in a huddle in order to build up a sneaky plan to beat the other team. Sports 33 GIRL . .BASKETBALL - w . Back row Shawna Bradshaw, Elodia Maldonado, Tanya Van Horn Middle row Brenda Moore, Brenda Oaks, Paula Cook, Cheri Cluff Lori Zimmerman, Coach Boo Rutledge. Front row Rochell Deal, Kathy DiCiccio. They weren't the type of power- house team you would see on televi- sion, but the girls .I.V. Basketball team proved that they were capable of playing an exciting game of ball! The team practiced two hours after school everyday under the instruction of coach Boo Rutledge. They prac- ticed free-throws, sprints and many basketball skills. There are some very outstanding players on this year's team who will keep preforming for Gilbert High on Varsity in the future. Some of these outstanding players were Rochelle Deal, Cheri Cluff, and Paula Cook. This team represented something that all Gilbert High sports teams have which is a lot of Gilbert Tiger Pride! The team huddles confident of a victory. 34 Sports i . Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert As Van Halen would say, "Might as well Jump!" 19 30 Buckeye 45 43 Peoria 40 19 Apache Junction 42 14 Gerard 55 12 Coolidge 33 28 Marana 38 33 Globe 41 40 Nogales 32 34 Flowing Wells 39 10 Marana 39 26 Globe The winning J.V. team in action. Paula Cook sinks one in' Sports 35 Soccer ft Danny Bliss and Sean Ellsworth use their skills to control the ball. 36 Sports George Page jumps high to catch a flying goal point. This is the second year for the Gilbert High School Soccer team. The returning players are Mike Crary, Steve Bledsoe, Danny Bliss, and Chase Bradley. The team consists of four seniors, two juniors, three sophomores, and seven freshmen. They practice two hours every day, Monday through Friday. Wednes- days are game days. The four schools they play are Cactus, Tolleson, Arcadia, and Agua Fria. They play ten games in the Metro Di- vision. The most valuable players are "Captain"g Bee Phausuk, "Best Offen- sive Player"g Steve Bledsoe, 6'Best De- fensive Player"g Mike Crary, "Most In- jured"g Greg Bradley and Phil Hening- ton are "Best Freshmen Offensive Players." "Goalies"g are Juniors Chase Bradley and George Page. Clinton Brown is manager. Shooting for a goal! Bryan Daniels being tripped by opposing team player, but still keeps "What Talent!" control ofthe ball. Top Row - Clinton Brown, Barak Reece, Brandon Hiner, Dewey Sutton, George Page, Danny Bliss, Bryan Daniels, Treg Bradley, Doug Lieurance, Bee Phasouk, Coach - Kcven Fagan Bottom Row - Terry Page, Jimmy Jayne, Mark Turley, Phil Herrington, Scott Megley, John Kerchner, Sean Ellsworth. Not Pictured - Chase Bradley, Mike Crary, Stephen Bledsoe Sports 37 Anyone who has ever been an athlete knows that participating in sports re- quires a lot of self-discipline. Wrestling is a challenge! The sport of wrestling can be very strenuous in the sense that some wrestlers have to cut a lot of weight, and wrestling is a one on one sport. You do not have the team members there to help you out if you get in a jam during your individual match, but the team support and spirit is always felt. On the wrestling team this year there was a tremendous amount of self com- mitment. This commitment is what made the team so successful this year. "Rat" Riley taking his man down. 38 Sports ar ity Wrestlers Sophomore, Greg Knapp wins the championship for 179 lbs at the Doc Savage Wrestling tournament. Twist'em like a pretzel. Tom. UP Ji? K, Top row Mr. Vogt, Mr. Lee, Ernie Filut, Tom Miracle, Leland Baker, Steve Schmidt, Burke Nichols, Greg Knapp, Doc. Savage, Walt Favre. Bottom row Dan Richardson, David Parsons, Mike Rapps, Rick Riley, Steve Whittle. Vernon Eaton. David Parsons wrestles his man to the mat. Who is this masked man? Sports 39 . . Wrestling Back row: Steve Nichols, David Udall, Lyle Burton, Donald Wester, Gary Guillman, Chad Wilhoit, Billy Melhouse, Managerg Vernon Eaton, From row: Cary Pobstman, Paul Stricklen, Wrnie Gallegoes, Cruz Martinez, Scott Johnson. 40 Sports Adam Hellman really shows his teammates how to wres- tlc. Anyone who has ever been an athlete knows that participating in sports requires much self- discipline. Throughout the wrestling season, most of the wrestlers have to go on very strict diets. Some even have to practically starve themselves in order to get down to the weight they want. Whether they had to lose weight or not, all wres- tlers went through strenuous training to get in shape for the season. There is a tremendous amount of self commmitment. Wrestling is a skilled art that can only be achieved through hard work. "Being a wrestler relieves a lot of aggres- sion. Sometimes wrestling can get rough, and you have to remember, "What won't kill you, will only make you stronger!" according to Varsity Wrestler Leland Baker. J.V. was at a disadvantage this year because they were only Scheduled for five matches, which were: Nogales, Marana, Flowing Wells, Globe, Antelope, Marana, and Douglas. wrestler. You re gonna die now," says Joe Jimenez. Oh no, get the security guard, there's a fight on the floor!" Gregg Knapp shows us his muscles that he has built up since he has been a Joe Jimenez uses "Brutal Force" to pin his man. Sports 41 The 1983 cross country team finished their season with a 7-1 overall record. The girls took second in division, and ninth in state. Rene Riley placed third in divisionals and fifth in state. Three of the boys made All State. Ron Hines took fourth place in state, Jay Carroll placed fifth, and Richard Downing took seventh place. These three outstanding run- ners were invited to run for the United States in Singapore. Letters were given to Grace Hernandez, Rene Riley, Dorcas Carroll, Kay Lee Smith, Bill Flanagan, Bob Corey, Jay Car- roll, Richard Downing, Ron Hines, George Page, Ron Rackley, Dolly Begay, and Teri Whitewater. 42 Sports irls and oys Cross Kay Lee Smith pushes herself to the finish line! Rene Riley, one of the many outstanding runners of X-country. Countr Team Succeeds Top row Left to Right: Tina Tackett Cmgrj Jay Carroll, Richard Downing, Ron Hines, George Page, Chris Wood, John Dayley, Ron Rackley, Chris Trombley, Mr. Grabowski Qcoachj Bottom row: Dan Richardson, Courtney Brown, Grace Hernandez, Rene Riley, Dorcas Carroll, Kay Lee Smith, Bill Flanagan, Bob Corey. A 2 'ta 4 A . . ,K .,,. , ,V Q- N - , ,-f i X f , 2 , .,,- . H g --il.. .-i -sw. " Q 1 'A "-L., Gilbert Tigers off to a-good start. Grace Hernandez gives it her all. Sports 43 Coaches Steve McDowell and Kent Caroll show they 1-..iif.z3F . -' . . Coaches Field and Dunn closely ob- serve for the choosing of players who will start thc next game. have the winning feeling! Mr. Ficld ready to te ach, "What a colorful guy... "w!, , vu...- Coach Dunn watches with a close eye on a play being made. The coach in the corner is first year "teacher tigerw Mr. 44 Sports Field. Mr. Field is a coach for the J.V. football team. He teaches American History and Arizona History. His favorite sport to coach is basketball. Mr. Field has been coaching for approximately thirteen years. His most embarrassing mo- ment while coaching occurred when he was giving a half-time pep talk to a girls basketball team and ending the talk by telling them that in order to win in the second half they would have to "hustle your jocks off"! "Needless to say," he said, "lt broke the tension." uTypica1 answ Barbie Moltz and Tina Tackett in the cheering section. l George models the typical Gilbert High School student. All heads are turned in interest at a girls basketball game. Rusty Callicoat, Joey Gutierrez, and Brian Martin "checking out" a girls basketball game. Fans do play an important part in helping their team win by giving their team support. When a team player is down, the sounds of people cheering him or her on, builds endur- ance. On away games, the fans become even more important to the team. The team depends on the fans attendance to give them a sense of backing. They help build strength, encourage- ment, pride, and occasionally someone's ego. So if you are a fan instead of a player, yes, you do serve a definite purpose. So don't feel left out. Go support your team! . if.,. '-.1 ii 'ivflsflzil Lori Clement, pooped out from cheering at an ex hausting football game. As we progress through our high school years, we find that the time seems to go by faster if we become involv- ed in activities. Becoming involved helps us to realize what it is like to be a part of a group and to rely on team work to get something done. There are many different activities to choose from. Everything from Fall Plays to Dances to Gilbert Days is offered to all who want to sign up. Of course when we sign up, there are things we must do. Club fees, practices, and responsibilities become part of our daily lives. Many times we have helped or participated in an activity, and then benefited from see- ing the finished pro- duct. Many hours of work and dedication are all accounted for. After seeing the work we put into some- thing, result in a finished product or a well played game, we realize that it was all worth it. The people who have become in- volved have helped to make Gilbert the best school around. Having fun times together helps to unite the student body and produce an out- standing spirit of pride. Together we have made our school great. As time passes, we may forget the little things in life. But we will always remember the fun times we spent during high school, "the best years of our lives." 46 Activities Activities 47 Suzanne Ray plays the mother and Cindy Alberts plays the part of a child. Fall plays contribute a quality of excel- lence at Gilbert High School. The young men and women who participate in these plays work long and hard to make "their', play the best it can possibly bel It takes a special type of person to take time out of a busy schedule to work on studying scripts, memorizing lines, and sharpening their acting skills. These actors work terribly hard, but the people behind the scenes have to take some of the credit. The lights, the curtain, and the background give the play it's finishing touches. 'sDirty Work at the Crossroads" is the 1983-84 fall play. uDirt Work at the Crossroad The villain, Miss Dean, threatens the life of Suzanne Ray. 48 Activities Brian Slade, the father and daughter Cindy hold their ground to the villain Rebecca Kleiman, a rich lady, Steph- anie Mobley, a maid, Tiffany Buckley, the mother, and Carol Peloso, at friendly farmer, confront the villain. Pw- l ' Vx .liz 3. . . Q l . Miss Dean as the villain holds the audience in suspense as with thc life of the father beneath her foot. Activities 49 Homecoming week is probably the most exciting time of each stu- dents entire school year. It's a time of being rowdy, being brave, and of course, being very supportive. Ev- eryone at GHS knows the impor- tance of making this time memora- ble and fun. Dressing up, working on floats, voting for the royalty, and prepar- ing for that big nite, creates a unity that is experienced between every- one because it shows the true need that fellow students share in com- mon. omecoming This year, the Homecoming Royalty were Queen, Heather Brady, and King, Steve McDowell. The senior attendants were Jon Andrews, Maria Lopez, Carlos Quintero, and Kelly Mof- fat. The junior attendants were Doyle Wofford and Mimi Davie. The sophomore attendants, Sherri Thompson and Scott McCloud. The senior float fwhich won first placel had a capturing theme of "No one escapes the wrath of the Tiger", and the junior float said "Any last words" as the tiger be- headed a bulldog. The sophomore float celebrated the week with an advertisement and stated "Sopho- mores" as if to say "shall we say more?" Everyone had a lot of fun and great times while working on their masterpieces, and further de- veloping the closeness of the indi- viduals in each class. Homecoming Royalty: Senior Attendants Kelly Moffat and Carlos Quintero smile as they ride through the parade. Steve McDowell 8a Heather Brady ll'-aw. Maria Lopez and .lon Andrews, Senior i Junior Attendants Doyle Wofford and Mimi .',,-'ivfib Davie sit proudly during the Homecoming pa- L . t 7 V rade. t ' ' .. ' t J- ff' ff ' L ' S . 1 t ' t,ti:3f5e 1 t - 1 -l . .- K ' . II. K KL -. , . 5 -K A isftfti - W. N -- . .-Y ' ' . , tv vel x t t I yppESCA P55 em? WRATH it i 'R '--,-., , ma it The Sophomore and Junior floats celebrate the victory to-be with spirit. . ,, v. ' ., The Senior class float says it all. Sophomore attendants Sherri Thompson and Scott McClouth are honored us they ride through the Home- coming parade. Activities 51 Ei? -til uri fPoWder Puffj ' Every year a group of girls get together to play a game of football to prove that they're "just as tough" as the guys. The Sr.-Soph. team put the Jr.-Soph. team to shame by defeating - them by the tremendous score of 30-6 at the 1983-84 Powder Puff football game. After allowing Monica Martin to score the only touch- down for the J r.-Soph. team, the Sr.-Soph. began the actual playing. Showing their ability and skill, they scored 4 consecutive touchdowns and ran in several extra points. Touchdowns for the Sr.-Soph. were made by Lisa Willman, Christina Munoz, and Julie Faherety. Adding to the excitement of the evening were, of course, the beautiful cheer- leaders. Setting out to prove their cheering excellence, the guys found it a little more difficult than it looked. No matter if you're a spectator, cheerleader, coach, referee or , player, the annual Powder Puff Game insures everyone a good time. Danny makes his move on a cheer- leader. 52 Activities The Srs. could be seen laughing at the Jrs. . 0 O If asked, these players would say the class of '84 is "fl ." And they all came tumbling down. Edwina, Jeffiner, and Lorena drew some attention with their perfor- IIIZHCC. Activities 53 GILBERT D Barbie, Hee haw'in at Gilbert Days Every year the people in Gilbert start getting ready for the big weekend of the Gilbert Days Celebration. The bands are warming up, poms are practicing, and horses are being bathed for the big parade that will start the weekend off. Some of this year's guests are the Budweiser Clydes- dales, Mayor Reed of Gilbert, Mayor Wen- dell Clark of Apache Junction, Mayor Pat- terson of Chandler, and U.S. Representative, John McCain. Many of our students are involved in the Gilbert Days Celebration. Some in band, some in rodeo, or some in booths working on fund raisers for different clubs. Along with the booths, there are rides for the public to enjoy. The weekend is full of friends laughing at, and with each other. The celebration creates unity as a school, as friends, and as a community. 54 Gilbert Days "Let's Eat!" .4-"' Scott Hilbrands sets up an art exhibit during Gilbert Days. 1.- The Gilbert Tiger Pride Band marches through Gilbert Days, and then on to receive a rating of "SUPERIOR WITH DISTINC- TION" at state finals. Tracy Satterthwaite, a rifle, and Brenda Smith, Theresa Gilmore, Cris- scy Cooley, and Dena Riggs, Poms, march through Gilbert Days Parade. Gilbert Days 55 66 here We Qwmet, Lge-gs eww smog DNQAQ 2,6130 KDU3 Lfqrww lfxoxpfi LDC! Q,owfN Belong CC'N'wJQpYxcA-X J5At,z,vCLJ 61, 5 ,fN'NCJ79'l' LjQQex. K o ACL The theme to this years Co-Ed was, "Up Where We Belong." The dance was held on the evening of Saturday, December 17, at Patterson Elementary School. The colors were purple, laven- der, and silver. The DJ, and videos were provided by Thunder and Lightening. 'Lip QLWNNVYYZV The girls treated the guys to dinner f itf. ,, ,fi 1 P. S, and an evening of fun. The excitement started early in the morning as a select group of students decorated the room where the dance was held. then the long awaited evening started and promised a fun time for all who attended. U page nswet OVCQUL "What a wonderful evening! My compli- ments go to everyone who made this pos- sible and a successful opportunity to communicate with fellow classmateslv 2 - Lisa Thomson - 'ilkao -d0wNU"kD"The videos really added a lot to the DIL, evening." J ' , 59 ' W - Robin Salisbury - QJ4 tafctmm-il blcdd I A' Q, f ,' , " t was a in ate . .. promise." Wuxi -- Kim Wolf - lyko V "No ant music for us "---" people, but the Stray Cats made it bearable!" - Joe Wallace - l Kevin Thompson and Terri Faldutti, seniors, enjoy a slow dance at the Co-Ed. 56 Activities Cecilia Martin, senior, and Tim Gissel, junior, enjoy each others company at Co-Ed. Michele Martin and Bud Willman. juniors. walk in to Co- Ed for an evening of fun. Couples at Co-Ed dancing the night away! Dawn Buckner. junior, shows her date Gary Eaton, from Mesa High, Gilbert students at their best. Activities 57 Jennifer Clark Above: Dewey Sutton Below: LuAnn Smith 58 Activities An Our Kind of Town Every year there is a camp - Any town that is held three times over the summer. Delegates are chosen their sophomore or junior year to attend camp. Unfortunately not enough people know about or under- stand Anytown, and so not very many peo- ple attend Anytown. It is a one week camp held at Sky Y and Mingus Mountain camp- grounds in Prescott, Arizona. One spends the week in cabins away from home and everyday life. Anytown is a "leadership and human relations-hips experience." What does this mean? As a delegate one learns of and discusses the many issues and problems of todays society. In this years camp we discussed knowing yourself, your friends, family, community, the world, awareness of prejudice, male and female roles, and cul- ture. There is a lot of discussion so you can learn how others feel about certain issues while you express your view point. Anytown isn't all just discussion. There is a lot of fun activities held throughout the week that brings the delegates closer to- gether. Diana Trujillo Above: Greg Turner Below: Katy O'Barr 5. Dewey Sutton Maria Lopez Boys and Girls State is a program of education for citizenship. It is sponsered by the American Legion Auxillary and open to junior boys and girls. The purpose of boys and girls state is to educate young people in the duties, privi- . ledges, rights 6 and responsi- bilities of Ameri- an clt- izen- ship. The dele- e gates learn the functioning Q of government and learn about the re- sponsibilities they may Wish to assume once they Steve McDowell QD' Tracy Sattcrthwaitc 1 1 t become adults. To become a delegate you must be selected by local school authorities and meet all eligibility requirements. Juniors are suggested to see their counselors for more information. 'i-is . .f ct- .. af! llll t Activities 59 .R n F' '??s,m,.'f' as ltr' ' l 4 .JT The groups and Clubs at Gilbert High provide chances for involvement and student participation that may maintain or improve skills and inter- ests in any particular area. Whether it's Band, Seminary, or Newspaper, the possibilities of really learning and applying knowledge are unlimited. Not only do clubs allow students who aren't interested in sports or physical activities to become active and spirited, but it also helps those who are interested to be more in- volved in their school. So get involved if you think you can contribute to industrious and enthusi- astic school functions. It's always a lot of fun and supportive of Gilbert High School. gf- K 5 Q f , e , .4552 -tl l' l' i it 'it X A X Q ami any YQ Ji X Q X ' " fx. ,Q 'ii 5 tgfifes' wk 1' 7 X-.. L AN 12957 I WSWS pM' x 1' EDU' RZ 1' , il' L E ,A X I x X ii Y 4 ' I i it tg, WI f A X 'L 4' 'vol ' ' ggi' Clubs 6l OUK to Cal 5 I l i lil X Kelly Moffat, Senior President, takes time xg J X f ' ' l X I Teresa Gilmour, Sophomore Rep., is an out-going student for student council. R.l - Heather Brady, Rick Riley, Teresa Gilmour, Maria Lopez, Lisa Willman. R.2 - Carlos Quintero, Mimi Davie, Dewey Sutton, Kelly Moffat, Robert Hisey, Mr. Thiele, advisor. 62 Activities Heather Brady, Student Council Secretary, shows her spirit by dressing up as an Indian on Cowboy Mimi Davie, Junior Rep., in her mascot suit. and Indian Day. Kelly Moffat getting in on pep week. QSW The dedication of the Student council is a reason why our school is so united and respected. People rarely realize the sacrifices the Student Council makes. They not only give up ""---.l-- Rick Riley, Junior President, and Dewey Sutton, Student Coun- cil President, examine doughnuts. J a whole credit hour, but a lot of their spare time after school is donated to the school activities that they often perform and organize. Many times the Student Council lacks support from the Student body, but at other times they find them- selves highly appreciated. Let's all put in a few good words every once in a while just to keep their work going strong with reason. Activities 63 l- ART AND PHOTO CLUB Gilbert high school has a very active Art and Photo Club. The club meets every other week. One field trip a month is planned. In October students went to Galleries in Sedona and did Photo studies at Slide Rock. In November we went to the Heard Museum. In addition the club has several Fundraiser activities. These include Painting windows during the holidays, a booth at GILBERT DAYS, Photos during Homecoming Week, selling refreshments at basketball games, and a dance during Coming Home week. In order for the club to be successful, it is necessary to have reliable and dependable officers. They were President - Everett Lee, Vice President M- Keith Creiglow, Secretary and Treasurer - Vivica Hill, Student Council Representative - Deanna Jordan and Newspaper Representative -- Lori Clement. These students made the club run efficiently we're proud of them! Names of students: Top Row - Mrs. Boyer, Stephanie Golden, Richard Creiglow, Mr. Dole, Everett Lee, Mr. Middleton, Keith Creiglow, Ross Edwards, Mary Jo Beaver, Vivica Hill. Middle Row - Brenda Gin, Carline Ryan, Penny Owen, Cathy Hunt, Anna Rushing, Barbie Wiste, Jeff Morrow, Donna Paul, Lynn Tinkham. Bottom Row - Cindy Vega, Deanna Jordan, Lori Clement, David Harris, Loren Miles, Susan Curwin, Kim Coughi, Nikki Kiesler. 5 N , f'! 2 1 i E mg i V, X . 64 Clubs ,,....-f i Cindy Vega hard at work. Mrs. Boyer says, "Clean up this mess!" Z -xx Greg Brown and Rod Ross are in the Art Club andthe picture on the window is an example what the Art Club does. Clubs 65 IHH13 "To be or not to be. . . " That is a question the Dramaf Theatre Club will never have to ask. The DramafTheatre Club is going very strong. The Club itself has grown a lot since last year. It has also gained a new sponsor, Miss Dean. The DramafTheatre Club gives students the chance to express themselves through their acting. It also lets stu- dents learn the behind-the-scenes look of what may seem, to an outsider, like a very glamourous job: trying-out for a part in the play, learning scripts, the long practices, open- ing-night jitters, and even learning to apply make-up. There are rewards like remembering all your lines, andthe applause of the audience. Students that are in DramafTheatre Club aren't prac- ticing to be future actors and actresses, they are students who are interested in the Theatre and everything that goes with it. Sixth hour Drama Class give a pose for the camera. tv. R, l A Mike MeCarville, Jennifer Sprout, Debbie Diehl, Jodi Williams, Marci Hardner, R. 2 4 Rebecca Keliman, Lisa Heydrenrich, Reme Riley, Melanie Evans, Stephanie Mobley, Tiffany Spaulding, Suzanne Ray, Kathy Stark, R. 3 - .lennifcr Clark, Bobbie Gabbard, Julie Faherty, Cheryl Negley, Tonya Anderson, Katy O'Barr, R. 4 - Devon Stinnett, Tiffany Buckley, James Diccio, LuAnn Smith. Tracey Satterthwaite, Robert Crannery, Sondra Lindros. 66 Activities James Diccio, Robert Cranncy, Mike McCarvillc and Devon Stinnett show their acting talent. The Speech team show off their winnings after a tourna- ment at Holbrook. Emotions flow when Beth Walhert, a sophomore, linds out she double broke in finals. Y ,t 4 fill, Katy O'Barr, Lisa Heydrenrich, and Cindy Al- berts wait, with other students, for the announce- ments of the finalists. Speakers Tell All The 1983-84 G.H.S. Speech Team is one of the top AA teams in the state. They've proved this by taking a First Place Sweepstakes at the Holbrook Invitational and by making a strong showing at oth- er practice and trophy tournaments. Four very strong Seniors lead the team, but the overwhelming success is due to the large number of strong new members - mostly Sophomores. The group meets and practices all year, with the old members coaching new ones. Speech may not be for everyone, but for these talkers, it's a great way to spend Saturdays: meeting people, traveling, and winning trophies. Row l: Katy O'Barr, Lisa Heydrenrich, Stephanie Mobley, Beth Walhert, Suzanne Ray. Row 2: Melanie Evans, Kevin Beals, Mike Morrell, Katy O'Barr, Suzanne Amos, Cindy Alberts. Row 3: Mr. Lilliard, David Udall, Tracey Satterthwaite, Greg Tumcr. Tiffany Buckley, LuAnn Smith, Mrs. Satterthwaite. Clubs 67 Varsity cheers practice new movements for a cheer. VARSIT CHEERS Varsity Cheers: Mimi Davie, Shannon Sellers, Jenny Wolf, Amy Ray, Monica Martin, Michelle Huffman, Stephanie Evans, Maria Lopez, Terry Rowe, Robert Hisey. ascot, Robert Hisey, and Monica Martin practice for a Pep Assembly. 68 Clubs The title of cheerleader is very glamorous. However, no one realizes the sacrifices they make. They give up a class credit, many hours of free time, Friday nights, and much more. The cheerleaders practiced long and hard hours during the summer. There was A.S.U. Cheer Camp where they received many out- standing honors and practiced at night during the week. By the time school started, many of the cheerleaders were tired of the work, but it was all worthwhile! Amy Ray looks on at the Varsity Football game against Douglas. J .V. CHEERS They work well as a group. Each has something special that adds to the squad to make it outstanding. Even though many of us fail to compliment them, they are greatly appreciated. Each cheerleader is filled with a certain pride that adds to the overall pride of our school to make it what it is. 3? -wk.. 5,-,...... ""l 4 Varsity Cheers pose for the camera. Varsity Cheers looking good. J.V. Cheers: Debbie Cranney, Cheryl Petterson, Gina Garcia, Debbie Bliss, Leisel Brown, Angela Murphy. Clubs 69 1983-84 P0 Top: Lisa Rose, Dina Riggs, Dori Deskins, Raeni Harper, Crissy Cooley. Middle: Theresa Gilmour, Kelly Mercer. Bottom: Brenda Gin, Dena Bringas, Shawn Dees, Sherri Thomp- son. The Gilbert Pom's happy smiles and creative routines kept the audience entertained. The 1983-84 Pom line really tried hard to please the audience. They practiced routines for assemblies, and other functions. During football the Poms were known as Dancers. They performed with the band at football games and band competitions. The Poms are led by Seniors, Brenda Gin and Lisa Rose. The 1 1 member squad worked togeth- er to make up their dances. They all attended the Pom and Cheer Camp - which was held at Arizona State University. The girls stayed in the dorms at the university. They were up early every morning to learn more rou- tines and late to bed after a long day. The Pom squad had a very successful and fun season. This yearls Pom line is very united which is the main reason that they are so successful. I LJ f Caught unaware Poms are people too! The Poms keep time during the Gilbert Day Parade. 70 Clubs at-maid motivate The Varisty Matmaids cheering during the Doc Savage tour- namcnt. The twelve member mat-maid squad was headed this year by captain: Tresa Jackson, and co-captain: Dean- na Jordan. Each girl who wanted to try out for the squad was welcome to do so. Of the 40 girls that tried out only 20 girls made the first cuts. Out of those 20 only twelve lucky girls made it for the 1983-84 mat- maid squad. Mat-maid Diana Trujillo says "Being a mat-maid is not all fun and games. A lot of time and effort go into the making of a good mat-maid." Mat- maids have a lot of school spirit and pride. They work very hard to be the best in what they do. During the wrestling season the mat-maids make posters, cheer and participate in pep assemblies, spend endless hours on perfecting cheers, and cheering for the J.V. and Varsity wrestlers. Sr. wrestler Leland Baker Matmaid co-captain Tresa Jackson urging the wrestlers on. says "I really appreciate the support that the mat- maids give the wrestlers. I always know that they are supporting us 100676 and I hope they will continue with their support." Top: Gina Copolla, Anita VanVugt, Tresa Jackson, Rhoda Ross, Dawn Cessna. Middle: Lori Gauna, Lisa Forsgreen, Kathy Stark, Beth Whalert, Diana Trujillo. Bottom: Deana Jordan, Colleen Ryan. Tresa Jackson congratulates sophomore Greg Knapp. Clubs 7l , A W., , 5 ' 'Hr Q Barbie shows her pep club has spirit! l i "lm..... Sorry Charlie, Pep Club only takes good tuna! 72 Pep Club R-O-W-D-I-E! That's the way we spell rowdie! The Pep Club is a highly spirited group of students which have supported our sports and activities. They yell and cheer to bring our Tigers the encour- agement they need to keep up Gilbert's reputation of being fl. Around the holidays, the Pep Club decorat- ed the library and bought Christmas records to get us into the Christmas spirit. 155 Top row: Mrs. Carasco, Stephen Bledsoe, Michael Crary, Ross Edwards, Carl Cowart, Mrs. Crawford. Bottom row: Cristin Page, Belinda Oler, Barbie Moltz, Sheri Nichols, Shawn Collins. Gilbert Honor Society is 3941 Top row: Julia Trent, Albert Higashi, Ken Cloud, Dewey Sutton, James Myers, Mike Crary, Richard Griph, Scott Waldrop, Danny Bliss, Phil Rudd. Third row: Laura Koopman, Luann Smith, Tracy Satterthwaite, Stephi Evans, Terry Rowe, Robert Hisey, Joyce Rhode, Kathy Hunt, Jeanne LaFavre. Second row: Jeff Sapp, Belinda Oler, Sherri Nichols, Roxanne Beyerly, Crissy Cooley, Lora Webster, Blair Holt, Veronica Cuprak, Jennifer Clark, Gloria Vasquez. Bottom: Bud Wilman, Jay Carroll, Richard Downing, Julie Eastman, Brenda Gin, Jenny Wilson, Eric Patterson, Rick Riley. To be eligible for National Honor Society a student has to maintain a was or amzed for to Stu 3.5 grade point average and have good teacher recommendation in dems im have a disl 1, e to Q! the areas of character, class leadership and service. The final character and schooland commu Mrs. Warren and her fellow directors, Dr. Riley Mrs mt Service O Fischer, Mrs. Harris and Mr. Lillard. y Some of the things Gilbert High's Honor Society decision is made by the Honor Society board which IS run by does are run the snack bar and have activities such p Q, as this year's Academic Bowl. The money they raise goes towards scholarships for students with exceptional academic skills. An honor student and you can t even feed yourself? Honor Society 73 O What do the students get out of Na o tional Honor Society? They have a f great time, and gain Honor and G Pride for being selected for this prestigious group of young people. ff Ski Club is one of the most active and exciting clubs at Gilbert High School. The Ski Club members worked hard to earn money to pay for transportation and costs for ski trips. Each member was asked to sell candy during the months of November and December to raise money. Another fund raiser Ski Club had was the Powder Puff Football game. This was a huge success. The Ski Club profit- ed greatly from ticket sales. The Ski Club has plans to go skiing twice to Sunrise this winter, and with the success the club has had in past trips it's sure to be a lot of fun. Ski Club 74 Clubs -lk Peer counselors Wendy Grundstrom and Chrissy Cooley chat about how exciting it is to be a Peer counselor. Peer Counselors Peer Counselors escort new students to the district around school. If the new student does not have a schedule, the Peer Counselors introduce the student to other students and teachers. The purpose of Peer is to help new students get adjusted to Gilbert High School. The counseling office tries to choose students who are interested in educations. The counseling office is hoping to get a class for next year's Peer Counselors. The class will train the counselors, and teach them counseling skills. If anyone is interested in becoming a Peer Counselor just send your name and a copy of your schedule to Mrs. Simkins. SENIOR PEER COUNSELORS ARE: Jennifer Clark, Charles fKentJ Carroll, David Cluff, Kelli DiCiccio, Carlos Quintero, Pa- trice Legault. JUNIOR PEER COUNSELORS ARE: Shelly Liles, Wendy Grundstrom, Debbie Thorton, Dina Riggs, Crissy Cooley, Peggy Meyer, Tim Gissel, Kevin Beals, Jim Green. SOPHOMORE PEER COUNSELORS ARE: Lara Cook, Sherri Thompson, Tina Brown, Mikell Conklin, Eileen Eisele, Kelly Green, Crystal Halling, Sandra Mesa. Sophomore Peer Counselor Lara Cook shows this new student the science room. Wendy Grundstrom and Lara Cook worked hard to make this new student feel at home at G.H.S. Clubs 75 Loren sets his mind in gear. L-R - fback rowj Mike McCarville, Kenny Allred, Ray Luevanos, Scott Russell. ffront rowb Mr. Thiele, Loren Miles, Kent Booker, Mike Morrell, Kristi Bledsoe, David Udall, Dan Bliss, Mike Lewellen. Chess Club Like any other sport, chess requires practice and workouts to develop the skill and excel- lence seen within the members of the Gilbert High Chess team. Devoted members could be found practicing through lunch hours, after school and at home. Throughout the year, the team competed in tournaments competing for team and individ- ual placements. Who's winning? 76 Clubs Mike makes his move. M.E.C.H.A. CLUB What is M.E.C.H.A.? M.E.C.H.A. stands for Movement Educational for Chicano De Aztlan. Members of the club met twice a week where they dis- cussed fund raising and learned of their heritage and opportunities for hispanics. Throughout the year, the M.E.C.H.A. Club raised money for various communi- ty service activities. The profits made were given as scholarships for the club members and donations for the needy. While the Spanish Club worked with the Spanish language, M.E.C.H.A. strived for the betterment of Mexican people and sharing of their culture, past and present, with the rest of the school. 1 -' We ' I ' gwffli Mary and Mary get some helpful advice from Mrs. Simkins. Listening during a meeting L-R - Cback rowj Sonya Gloris, Monica Guerrero, Trisha Granillo, Carlos Benitez, Cynthia Espinoza, Sandra Mesa, Andy Garcia, Irma Gomez, Mary Quintero, Maria Ruiz, Eva Mesa, Victor Gutierrez. Mary and Mary discuss activities together. Clubs 77 IM 'iii 5: , 3. QL? Bill Savage and another one of those weight training pep talks that keeps up our weight training morale. . f .alan 8 Us P- +V lr Another one of those days in science class when the teacher gives a lecture. Hey! Nancy, what's the answer to no. 5? 78 Academics n 5 3 sl Q Q o ' . , ' , '.', , 1, Q g qu as Q uuer,,.,.. '.?,.9doggs-l In "ff : 'I' "2 - 2,2 ", UE ' If: '.' ' ':' :Q ':"P"':lS-'fa Uv'-"I 'u:'n'v a ll' 'P ' 0' ' ' " '0'0l p no"'l"f" 'v' "a:..'-:'. I' v "I: 'wa' ". . of 'Jeb 'O ""'..'-"1-' 0 's ': Q, 0. ' .',' .sl V f .Q I I . I I ' nu" u U ""x po. ::'u. '."l:' 3 ' !.o'.1.p.o:.' l." 'Z .F ' 'o:'.?' 'u"' :'a.: '.: .s.:s':.' 'Q'-'II ,. . , , p..':'.0 -. .u .:r:.'.3 sv. .ss., c 1 rl 1 0 I I ' 0 ' " " Q . v 'S' "e vu ' A "s"'-' ,, Q ' ,a n . ,..n.n, l,,'ua,0. .. 'elf' :.'.:'...- 9' e'::'e' 0' ' 0c'Uf'.'.'n' whiz' """:"" Academics effects each student in some 'Q . . . 'I' ' 9 0 ' I soQ Q 0 u":o..-'cgi' 5'- atc...-.Q-Q. :Q . '- vq",s X c Q, - . 1 Q 9.1 D nn .Q 0' o'Q'n: 'f,':,:.lsSn-io., "sZ.1g. 0 " ov. .""c,we4 Q Qs.n'n s 4axQo'l 'lsq'.1', 'n' - Q Q ' 'Q-'Q -vq-bp . . ,Q ' Q I 1 Q -, .eq ,D P-Q all u -'on an I I " UCI :2:'::.f!1,-Q..-0,'! 'g' 43 '-.Ei ,Q 2 ...Oliva 'Q :Q - . -.v.v. ::-'- -s'-'-':.-:L . . .'.'. - -- -. -....- - an Q s - . - '. 1 9 s P5 g I.-0 ', our g"'p"s:'o::...,q, u5'u'.'.: 'O' 'l"o's.4,'. 0 ' ' .za.:.o.'. 'vi 5.4 " ' 0: 'N la' -'1-f:'-'- 1.1" f.'1"'2'22'11 '. 1'.3 ' ' 3:7-'4'-3.1:-"35:.' ':':-:-1' --'-'5f:':1'z?'.X If I -'.-' af-1716 5331- Ff+?:"'1 '20, .L 4-.-556: :.,g.j.1,1: 5:53-21151::I:y.:..:,:..5-,.:,f3:j.,2.-2 ard.: fs.. s .5 35- N' s-,:5'5:,glM.13 QLX ig, .lfq,'.f-ff .',:i .. 0:1 . ,':.'.: .2 ,'. uf I : 6.1! 'gf 3.2: If.:-.2 11" 1' ."o.' -Tj zu: ",."PfSt" NIS' 2.0 52 :V '-X",'?1T 0. L. .' .. , t.. ,in ,::,, , ..o.. . : no , .:, -Jrtlasy: :,?.n....:w Sf:t:p ,, ui. frnulsr 1 adavotxateeg :I '.: -'.:.f., - . .. v:',-if-" .211 ,::Z1'.".h.-, '' 'u2vI',: I s: vig gl' .g'y, 51, HS . s' - 'f'I l'. ,.-'n' '11, . . vugn' 4. . nv 'o , Q , .S.5' ' .-.5 I ,:a, 0 ' v'. O.. 111'.,zu'..'. s ' ".:u ':q',:'I' f :s::. .-2 'I' '.:. ':p.'g'.o.Qg'.':v 3 ::.x':?.:5 ,fg':x, sS'a : ::p "'i.' ' .: ... za . ' .l"5""'. :.'l .Q S -I. ..l. 'H n.n :'?, N'0c'n'Il, I 5 'Q:.l.' ."s N' ' . 't".N'-'. nv,,,, , - ole'--,..,vf,'- ..', ,o.'., . ,l5,t.V 'nS...,-nw.s,s. 0. If: 11 1 -'-.1-J - . hr .-:::--: -'T '-.x 1':4'7 2 -'2 JPY:-':.-.-.1-ra-N-2'--.E"f f ' ' v u u u Q . . u ' ' Q Q 0 U ' ' Q ' ' a9t.l" " "X :l1"""u 0. ' J ' ,' i .L::'.'k:s':-a'g.sR:x'., 'xg' .:. ln " 4' :"':Z'f,o ',":'5h . ' 4 ' g 1.-' 1 '::."'f1'.'.'.'Qs 0 1s'P-'ix' 'ape' og-lg..-:.::.:. '.-o:0- ' fl A f I 4 d - x'1,':sml:1uj:i4's ',::'.1":'v:X':a'. is-..t 0,-,- ,:': .3 ' If E f x',.',' gynfo, -"Y'4s.n'3'ny, .sJ.:.'.:o..... ,':'.g.. l . xga.:,.'oso:.n::i.,o'.g,.a,, - Q s ' g,' . 'o a 0 5 - .- ' s .-,:n '.'-. 'v ,g '." '.'- J'-.' f', f'--32-31 5 -' ' " ' ISI- .-z-:?-5Q'c . -,-.- 1- - fx '- .-, ' 1,'o."'2 0 . , " 'x' "Y: '."':'.::! l 2. . f.!- N. 4 I c gunfn.. . -. :: - av. e- 1. s -N W -,y.-:,:'.'-:':2 0 a 0 ' ' 4 ' j , , .' 0 , c ' 'say-73 f ' T : - 5--1E:f.." If ul -H :.-,rl . I M l Q' . I:,y.,::Q,'s os,, 5,1 -1, or..--v -Braid" e ' X f . 1-5-'11 ,.o :L-2-.O - -- Q . 1 , , '42, ' ' a"v'-s ' . q, v i '. 'v'-' ' ' AS, . ' L . 5 . 1 . a., , nt mu i f - . NIP in 4,2 X uvl '1' 9 .4 V ' ....... LLM ' O X a - g,.:,...:.:g 4 V 14:23:25:-' ff .1-:pr--fzi 1 and X 552123213 . X ' :2:3:Z,-fir: ' ':'.g.- ,za l I , Q- giieg I Q , Ilgfgt' on f- , .!...,!gQ.. X ,A :,,::gg:f f. -- f .: X 1 fI:7Ig'f!'5: 15:-1:2 gfiiig ' 1' .12-.. .'-'.-."", H . . o...g..' y -:5,.g:I::. 'X tr' A N .-'-:-1-:gage .1 g lw'," ., . .W Ot 7 : V fl' .feisty f 3' way. Each individual has his own goal and plays a unique role in the classroom. Whether it is Physics or foods, each will fulfill a student's goal. Academics is more than just taking classes and receiving grades. It is a means of preparing for the future and careers. It provides for the strengthening of friend- ships and furthering school unity. While academics is mainly associated with the school day, it goes beyond that. Of course there is homework like math and term papers, but there is also on the job training and more. Whether it is solving a math problem or a lab in physics, or a dress in Home Econom- ics, academics effects every student. "The Future of American Academics 79 "ff, . .space . . .jj . . .space . . . " Ifyou have had any experience in typing you probably remember this easy exercise, which may not seem so easy at the time. The Business Department offers a lot more than typing, accounting and shorthand, it gives stu- dents the chance to learn some very important skills that will help them in later life. The Business Department has really grown since last year. All the typing classes got new electric typewriters. Students seem to like the electric type- writers since it gives them the chance to practice on the type of machines they would use in regular of- fice. Don't think only future secretaries take business classes. Students that are taking these classes are taking to learn a very useful and practical skill. Mr. Covington, one of the Business teachers, shows off in one of his typing classes. usiness A student typing takes a look at what she is typing. 80 Academics Mr. Covington during a typing class. ,gunf- Kimberly Farris, a Senior, typing in Typing class. Not only can these classes help students in related fields, it also helps students in other classes as well. As one student pointed out, "lt helps me type faster on the comput- er keyboard in Computer classf' says Joe Wallace, a Senior. "Typing reports for other classes makes the reports look neater which can help you grade wise," comments a Junior, Joy Bill- ings. All in all, Business offers students a chance to learn a useful skill while having fun at the same time. 1-Tv: , Senior Debbie Orozco, checks over her typing. Nw ACCOUNTING CLUB R. l: Yvette Rojas, Lorie Burnham, Shareen Ellsworth, Julie Townsend. R.2: Lori Cook, Michelle Walker, Terry Rowe, Debbie McNully. R.3: Kevin Beals, Chris Kubiak, Sandi Adams, Theresa Oden, Debbie Thornton, Sheri Nichols. R.4: Susan Clark, Kara Ross. R.5: Kathy Collins, Valerie Hunsaker, Mr. Covington. Not Pictured: Steve Bustos, Kelly Louthan, Todd Nance, Dan Owen, Robert Heslin. Academics 8l 82 Academics . s l Mr. Morton teaching his 2nd hour students. English may not be the most liked subject in school, yet it's the subject we will use almost everyday of our lives. English gives us the chance to put our thoughts on paper to show our teachers what we really can do. English isnit just commas, verbs, and adjectives. We also learn a whole new world of literature from some of the worldis greatest writers. English helps us, not only in communicating better, it also helps us in other classes as well. There are reports to write in other classes, such as in History class or a lab report in a Science class, or some kind of extra credit in a P.E. and Art class. English may be hard to learn, but once you grasp the basic ideas it is a very valuable tool to a successful future in whatever you may do. Middle classmen participate in english Newspaper top row - Ray Wallace, Laura Coopman, Danny Bliss, Ross Edwards, Amy Zimmerman, Mrs. Kiselyk, Bottom row - Mike Morrell, Denise Wiehl, Jackie Jones, Greg Anglin, Dawn Cessna, Wendy Grundstrom. -1-1,1 5 ti Last year as a Jr. High teacher, Mrs. Kiselyk teaches English Threasa Gilmore, sophomore, studies enthusiastically. and newspaper at the High School. Academics 83 Singing is a talent that is not often given recognition. Choir members work hard at what they do and de- serve more attention and compliments than they receive. Each of these special students have some- thing worth more than any praise or approval could possible mean. lt's pride. They have something to strive for, and they go for it. ltis a lot of hard work, but they are steadily ac- complishing goals by sticking with it to the end. Concert Choir: Top row: Michelle Whatley, Carrie Cowart, Greg Bennett, Bill Luekfelt, Jim Rusk, Tim Bright, Tim Stewart, Brian Salde. Middle row: Ms. Scholz, Jennifer Clark, Terra Dimitt, Sherri Thompson, Suzi Frazier, Ann Christel, Peggy Meyer, Kristen Brady, LuAnn Smith, Mem Sanlaeid, Robyn Harper, Connie Basha, Dionne Morris, Katy O'Barr, Candy Cluff. Bottom row: Monica Creasman, Beth Whalert, Cindy Jones, Bobbi Gabbard, Jen Sprout, Blair Holt, Helen Beas, Stacie Smith. Choir .ft ww we gg Jazz Choir: Top row: Blair Holt, James Meyers, Ms. Scholz 2nd row: Rob Keslin, Suzi Frazier, Amy Done, Charles Allen, Terra Dimitt. 3rd row: Greg Bennett, Gina Coppola, Lynette White, Beth Whalert, Tim Stewart 4th row: Jennifer Clark, Cindy Jones, Nlellissa Krumm. Daryl T. Sturgeon, Michelle Whatley, LuAnn Smith. S4 Clubs Respect is wh these individuals r ccived this yea through their joyf' performances, an 1 they earned every b 3 Q' is l l . O l. x t .. . . . .ees Q -. -.. , -l 1 . .hh .. 1 W Marching on home field, the band presents at half time performance. For those of you who have taken your first year of typing, you real- ize how discouraging it can be to learn where to reach for keys, stay in rythm, not look every two sec- onds to see ifyou missed. and prac- tice over and over until you finally get it right. This isn't even half the .. problems of a band or orchestra member. The orchestra and band mem- bers at Gilbert, had high rated per- formances by their audiences, and were certainly impressed by .the mature and glorifying sounds. Here the Gilbert High School Marching Tiger Band perform at state levels at Mesa Community College. 2 S ....1!w,j'e. ,,,, Back row - Bill Mehlhouse, Joe Mente, Bobby Rowe, Richard Creiglow, James Meyers, Rhonda Muncy, Viveca Hill, Jon Tavormina, Front row Y Monse Wallace, Brenda Lieurance, Ernie Gallegos, Beth Thomas, Maria Lopez, Mark Palio, Blair Holt, Lisa Green. Clubs 85 FLAGS The flags and Rifles play an important part in making the G.H.S. Tiger Band appear to be as spectacular as it really is. They add that special, bright distraction to make the band seem even more colorful and bold. The girls this year have worked hard and accomplished much. The routines were amaz- ingly eye catching and were great at keeping the audiences' attention. Twirling rifles and waving flags is just one small part of it all. These hard workers dedi- cate themselves for hours a week to help make the best of the Bands' performance and the spectator's interest in good entertainment. Most will say that this years' Flags and Ri- fles did an outstandingjob. Their participation seemed to reveal what true pride is all about. FLAG LINE: Barbie Wiste, LuAnn Smith, Katy O'Barr, Kim Witmer, Daryl Stergin, Tanya Anderson, Nancy O'Barr, Laura Cook, bottom, Chris Lopez, Debbie Higgins, Christy Vega. Rifles X -eq, Performing on home ground, during a football game's halftime, the Ri- fles do their stuff. RIFLES: Mary Jo Beaver, Brenda Lieurance, Lori Burnham, Tracey Satterthwaite, Melanie Evans, Lisa Henydrich. 86 Clubs The New ance Club The new dance club was actually one of the most ac- tive clubs. Every day, first hour, these girls danced and worked hard for their perfor- mances and presentations. This year, the members had a terrific attitude about rehearsals and practices. They knew that it was the only way to achieve perfec- tion and applause. The students in the dance club mainly develop better techniques and skills by thinking up creative ideas to put together for a perfor- mance, or even just for fun. The great thing about being in advanced dance is the freedom of dancing. Dancing not only helps improve your physical body, but also the mind. Making it up, memorizing the dance, and determining what looks good and coordinated are things that can easily boggle your mind, so that is where the patience part of it all comes in. Mrs. Gierke is highly ap- preciated by all ofthe dance students, but especially the advanced class. Before a per- formance, the students find themselves nervous and real excited. But, you can always count on Mrs. Gierke stand- ing right along aside of them feeling the same butterflies in her stomach. Without her great support, devotions and dedication, the dance club would just be another club that never had the fair chance to further itself as something interesting and terrific. The dance club was not purposely developed. In or- der to be allowed to sell any item as a fund raiser, or raise money in any way or activity, the students had to form a club, or already have one. With the need of costumes and outfits, they decided they had better start the new club so they could cover the expenses. This is the first year at Gilbert High for there to be a performing dance club. Clubs 87 Foreign anguage Club . r +L. ' ' 5 t Names of Students: Top Row LtoR Sherrie Coffel, David Parsons, Phil Rudd, Mele Calmelat, Cheley Grigsby, Julie Townsend, Gregory Bennett Bottom Row LtoR Julie Eastman, Jeanne Lafavre, Tami Gillilland, Tessa Reber, Michelle Nichols, Carol Peloso, Terri Oliver. The Gilbert High School French Club is an organization of students taking or have taken a French class at Gilbert High. The purpose of the French club is to improve the overall knowledge of the French language and culture. This years French Club sold snow cones and they plan to sell them again in the spring. The club also plans to have a Croissant sale, with the profits made by the French Club they plan to go to a French restuarant. The French Club had planned a trip to Paris, but they have not made enough profits from the snow cone sale, so hopefully with the help of the student body the French Club will someday go to Paris. There are approximately 20 people in the club. This years officers are Sherrie Coffel, President, Julie Eastman, Secretary, Phil Rudd, Trea- surer: Julie Townsend, Student Council Representativeg Mark Guggis- bcrg. DlClL1lOr. Boy Mr. Guggisberg this snow cone sure is good. The French Classes are taking a trip to La Chawmiere in the spring, lets hope they enjoy themselves. Congratulations Graduates, Felicitations Gradue's CFrenchJ Felicidades Graduados tSpunishJ Spani h Club 1 wonder who she's writing that letter to. Names of students in Spanish group picture Top Row L to R Alvaro Peralta, Renee Everett, Kathy Vega, Dewey Sutton, Amy Zimmerman, Toby Medley, Lisa Willman, Bret Borchcrs. Middle Row L to R Jeff Sapp, Becky Kominski, Gloria Vasquez, Cathy Hunt, Ray Luevanos, Beth Gurney, Bobby Edgar. Front Row L to R Lisa Green, Jill Farley, Lanac Turley, Kristin Page. Kathy Vega listening attentively to Mr. Carrizoza lecture to the class. Spanish Club The Gilbert High School Spanish club is an organization of students who are taking or have taken a Spanish class at Gilbert High. The purpose of this club is to improve the overall knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. This year the Spanish club plans to be an active club on campus. The club also plans to attend several Spanish or Mexi- can cultural events, such as listening to music, participating in dances and watching movies. The Spanish club is also going to try to take a trip to Nogales and Sonora Mexico. This year's officers are Kathy Vega, Presidentg Patrice Legault, Student Council Representative and Bobby Ed- gar, Secretary and Treasurer. Some of the club's fund raisers are burrito sales, raffles, Carnation sale for special occa- sions and anthing else of interest. Clubs 89 66Home Economics" Miss Lerma, Child Development, Clothing and Foods teacher, shows the way it's done in 3rd hour foods class. 'V Ss .XA Z 4,7 lr N -tl a. iii l . 1534 J i "1 ,.1.' 1 V' 6 rgfflji 1 s F mf ffl When most students hear Home Econom- ics, they think of Clothing and Foods. As well as these courses the High School also offers Creative Home Arts, Child Development, on Your Own, and Human Relations. Clothing I, 2, and 3 starts with simple topics like the proper use of a sewing machine and understanding a pattern to broader topics such as preparation of delicate fabrics and pattern alterations. The students in Clothing 3 will even make a pair of designer jeans. Foods l and 2 and Gourmet Foods start with basic cookies and teaches the students to prepare a nutritious meal. Gourmet Foods covers meals preparation from foreign coun- tries. This class also gets into career opportu- nities. Creative Home Arts teaches skills such as quilting, embroidery, cross stitich, and needle- point. Child Development is a study of chil- dren and their social, emotional, mental and physical development. On Your Own helps students acquire skills that they will need after they leave home and are living independently. Human Relations is a study of effective meth- ods of improving skills in getting along with other people and learning how to improve abilities to handle conflict situations and de- veloping positive family living skills. Each Home Economics class will allow each student to benefit in some way. Mimi Davie and Dawn Cessna, juniors, and Nellie Rosales, senior, study hard in Home Ee. 90 Activities Sheila Wilt and Dawn Warren, work on sewing projects in 7th hours. Shelley Moore, senior. and juniors, Dina Riggs, and Terri McDowell, show how much they enjoy Human Relations. N ,I -,rv 3rd hour Human Relations performs Z1 mock wedding with Amy Done as the Bride and Kevin Beals as the groom. Activities 9l I Jw L Aly Doug Lieurance working in drafting class. Back row: Paul Caspersong Quartermaster, Eddie Lewllingg Vice President, Jeff Kitch, Craig Burnham, Tom Funicello, Mike Murphy. Middle row: Glenn Oliver, Dave Riordan, Bill Downing, Dave Brannum, Gary Mor- gan: Secretary. Ifront row: Doyle Woffard: President. 37 Acidcmics Indu tria Auto is one of the most popular industrial class, there you work on engines of cars, tractors and anything that runs by an engine. Woods class you learn car- pentry, and you learn to make different things such as chest tables, houses, and tables. This is a good class for someone who wants to be a carpenter or just create wood projects. Ron Brunning and I rt Electronics is a class in which you are involved in using differ- ent electrical fuses. You make electrical circuit boards and dif- ferent projects. Last but not least, there's Drafting. In draft- ing you draw things in propor- tion and in a 3rd dimension, for example blocks. These classes will be very helpful to you in the near future and it's a very good experience for everyone. num smiling while working on a car Jackie Jones is enjoying herself in Electronics, being the only girl in class. Craig Carrol and Chris Zinke working hard on a project together. 534 Academics 93 Dance class develops poise and balance. Here, the students practice ballet. mg xv-fi' Q K 6 K5 George Page demonstrates an expert way of lifting in his 3rd hour weights class. PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Brian Gile lifts in 6th hour with style. 94 Academics What does physical education mean to you? Do you picture sweaty bodies, sore muscles and a lot of dedicated conditioning? Most people do. But, physical education is an opportunity to fur- ther your physical well being to either a healthier or stronger point. These classes provide a lot of chances for en- durance and sportsmanship. It helps an individ- ual to discipline themselves from laziness by opening the doors to see their physical awareness. Students are required to take at least one year of P.E. at Gilbert High. This helps students, and most students remember their activities and fun they had in this class throughout their lives. Therefore, this encourages them in later years to stay active and fit. Girls P.E. stretching and preparing before taking a run. Mike Rapps shows what lifting weights does for him. Teacher dedication is what is most appreciated in the physical education department. They fthe teachersj are what encourages and helps the stu- dents overcome obstacles and mental blocks which often occurs in these classes. To the students, the teachers provide great coaching for their fit- ness and healthiness. We all have a lot of respect toward them for their con- fidence in us. Doyle Wofford working out and improving his skills and abilities. And here's Mr. Buckles Himself. What a great teacher! Sixth hour weight works hard at becoming stronger individuals. Academics 95 athematic 96 Academics Mrs. Harris smiles for our Photographers. Mathematics is the science of numbers, their op- eration, the relationship of space configurations, their structure and measurement. There are many math classes to choose from, everything from basic Math to Computers is offered. Two math credits are required for graduation. There are students, howev- er, that go beyond this in order to go to college. Math can be a very difficult and strenuous class. Paula Arave says, "Math is the hardest class I've ever taken. Everf, But, if you do make it through the course it will prove to be useful in life. As a new technological age approaches, Math is more and more important to know. Mathematics is becoming a part of our everyday lifes. Gilbert High has many qualified teachers that help students in this area. It just proves what education can do to a person's lives. Mrs. Harris explains the basics in her Algebra class. Debbie Diehl thinks to herself, "What are they doing?" Terri Rowe sings her new song for some of the students in her class. D . ' '?',y. 4. - 4 ' .,gf.g.:rM i ,vt , Uk 1 - s , 1 iii fi in . ,jg q , E ,Q Y n , .mr ' 43' I' in- Mr. Stone shows that computer class can be fun too. Shawn Crawford and David Gowey look macho for our camera. Academics 97 fIENCE Winans f Mr. Dole instructing his Lab Biology class. The Science department is being led by a real fine staff which consists of Mr. Dole, Mr. Grawbowski, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Davis. These teachers show the basics of Chemistry, Lab Biology, Physics, and Earth Science. These teachers help the students understand Sci- ence. Science is a very good class to have as it helps you in many fields ofjobs in the future. Rob- in Salisbury, a Junior, says this about Chemistry, "It's hard, but l'm glad I took it.', Kent Wilkins, Lisa Torres, both Juniors, and Ross Edwards explaining the basis of the experiment to fellow students. Coleen Ryan, a Sophomore, doing an experi- ment in Mr. Davis' seventh hour Chemistry class. 98 Science SCIENCE CL B E i 5 i x . Row l : Greg Anglin, Michelle Blair, Jennifer Hurst, Brenda Gin, Jeane Coprak, Blair Holt, Veronica Coprak, Belinda Oler, Peggy Meyer. Row 2: Laura Koopman, Robert Hiswy, Mike Crary, Mr. Davis, James Myers, Ross Edwards, Richard Fairchild, Mrs. Smith, Vivica Hill Stephen Bledsoe, Kim Grey. u The Science Club does more than just do experiments. They have schol- arships for these students that are in- terested in science. You don't have to be a scientist to be in the club just a little interest and spare time this doesn't mean that the club teaches you about Biology and Chemistry. The Science club has special guest speakers to speak about some of the skills and jobs involved in Science, such as Medical, Technical, C.P.R., etc . . . To be in the Science Club you don't have to be in Science classes to get in just contact Mrs. Smith or Mr. Chemistry also includes writing up experiments Davis and get the CXp6riCIlCC yOLl,rC looking for. Science Club 99 Social Studies xhcmhr ' Jw-ui A N we Chuck Sikes making sure his hair is neat. Roy Combs being camera shy in Free Enterprise. 100 Academics There are many different history classes being taught in Gilbert High School. All of them are re- quired to graduate and a lot of students don't think they should have to take these classes because they won't be useful after they get out of school. These classes will become a great use to all the students sometime in the future. The history classes that are offered are World History, American History, Ari- zona History, Free Enterprise, and American Prob- lems. Mr. Romanoski giving his class a few facts about America. The teachers who have been a great suc- cess in teaching these classes are Mr. Ever- ett, Mr. Thiele, Mr. Lilliard, Mr. Roman- oski, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Field, and last but not least Mr. Simkins. We students at GHS give many great thanks to these teachers. They have helped many students in the past years understand what history is all about. I'm sure they'll continue the good work that they've already done. Kristie Blessington reading a love letter from Gary, with one of her classmates help. Mr. Dunn lecturing on how important history is. Academics l0l 66 ro ing for the Future." lst row g Lannis Deal, Jodi VanCamp, Ron Campbell, John Gebrich, Tom Cress, Curtis Deal, Robert Beyerle, Jason Holliday, Cary Deal. 2nd row 8 Kathy Rackley, Cary Potsman, Philip Boyle, Randy Beyerle, Jason Lutjen, Ron Power, Craig Skipper. 3rd row - Lori Williams, Shelly Wilhoit, Jenice Byers, Kelly Mercer, Kelli DiCiccio, Kathy DiCiccio, Stacy Baker, Dawn Pepper, Kim Farris, Wade Vail. 4th row A Chad Wilhoit, Kent Taylor, Mike Jenkins, Chris Zinke, Greg Kennison, Lynn Marris, Carol Parsons, Rhoda Ross, Carol Daniels. Dianna Kornbacher, Charlotte Sandquist. 5th row - Rusty Cocke, Andy Hartwell, Kelly Wilson, Rick Riley, Frank Hetzel, Ron Blount, Thad Strait, Paul Casperson, Leroy Guilliam, Mike Young, Jeff Orndorff. 6th row - Todd Hills, Kim Gray, Kevin Curran, Devin Guill, David Miller, Scott Lloyd, Colby Brewer, Burke Woolsey, Pete Greenfield, Brian Smith. The primary aim ofthe Vo-Ag and the Future Farmers of America is to develop agricultural leadership, citi- zenship and cooperation. It is an or- ganization for students preparing for careers in the industry of agriculture. They will be leaders of farm market- NR ing groups and livestock producer or- ganization. Solid roots of training and agricultural experience in FFA and Vo-Ag will enable these young agri- culturists to assume agricultural leadership roles in the future. Mem- bers take field trips, participate in lo- cal, state and National contests, earn money, compete for scholarships and awards, exhibit in shows and fairs and serve the community. When asked r t1l3OL1t the Ol'gal1lZ2ltlOr1, OHC mCmbC1' Welding is a Vo-Ag class which teaches welding said, "It's an enjoyable, worthwhile SWS and Safmy for fvtufejobs- eXpeI'l6I'lCCl', A Vo'Ag class learns tractor management. 102 Academics l983-84 Gilbert FFA Chapter Officers. Bottom Step A Parliamentarian, Scott Lloyd, Student Council Rep,, Stacy Baker, lst Step - Secretary, Kim Gray, Sentinal, Mike Jenkins, Vice President, Shelly Wilhoit, President, Kelli DiCiccio, Chapter Sweetheart, Kelly Mercer. 2nd Step - Treasurer, Rusty Cocke, Superstition District V.P., Rick Riley, Reporter, Carol Daniels. Kelly shows off her prize dairy animal. F.F.A. members can always be seen working with a smile, Standing proud by her newly won awards is Kelly ll - . . ll 115011 Dianna gets hand on experience, ademics l03 DC - Special Ed ' . - Names of people in DEC group picture, Top Row L to R Mrs. Lull, Cathy McNett, Tina Lilly, Lisa Deskins, Kelley McConnell, Danny Wilcox, Kenneth Cloud, Clinton Brown, David Penningto Maryann Martin, Crystan Mclntyre, Bobbi Smith. Middle Row L to R Terri Oliver, Maryann Cress, Jackie Hilliard, Connie Axtell, Monica Palomo, Penny Freeman, Mike Keisler, Cheley Grigsby, Vick Watson, Kelley Carpenter, Debbie Udall. Front Row L to R Karen Call, Shareen Ellsworth, Teresa Langston, Cindy Bunch, Jeanne Lafaure, Kim Thomas, Laura Zavala, DeeDee Rhoades, Kari E crett. Cindy Hadkleman, Jeanne Willison. DCE, Diversified Cooperate Education is a program for any senior who would like to be on Ll work program. They still go to school, but they can either get out of school early or go to work after school. They have a DCE class dur- ing school and students can take this class or do it on an individual basis. If someone decid- ed to be in DEC they would go and talk to Mrs. Lull and she finds the kind of a job that they would like to have. DEC class lasts for a year and then your job is over unless the people want to keep you on. The advantages of DCE ure, you go to school, get paid with a job through school and you could have a perma- nent job. l think DEC is a very good exper- ience that GHS students should get into. Mrs. Lull is the students director of DCE and she has been very helpful and has done a very good job with the DCE program throughout the wears. 104 Academics Tina Lilly, Cecilia Martin, Kenneth Cloud, Jeanne Lafavre and Kim Thomas. Students of DCE pose for the camera. A Gilbert tiger student showing her talents as she does her project in Mr. Middleton's class. Special Education is a class for students having ddhculdesinlearning.SpecnH Ed mudentsgetthe special attention they need in reading, writing and other subjects they have difficulties in. The special education classes offered at Gilbert are Respect, Adapt, Social Studies, English, Math, Vocational English and Safety Ed. The Special Ed teachers at Gilbert are Mr. Ford, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Curby, Mr. Middleton and Mr. Nelson. l think Gilbert ovves these teachers a great deal of appreciauon, these teachers show a unique way of working with studentsxvho need extra help. Gary Stout in deep concentration, doing his work. Nlrs. Crawford cxpalins how the Special Ed class works. Academics l05 106 Editors Wendy Grundstrom, Editor and Photography Editorg Diana Trijillo, Business Manager, Robin Salisbury, Copy Editor, Joy Billings, Assistant Editor, Eileen Hayes, Layout Editor. Wendy Grundstrom and Lisa Black talk about photography for the yearbook. Yearbook Talk about hard working people! This group of young, talented students worked harder than most people would imagine to make this book one they'd consider a masterpiece. Their dedication is what keeps this yearbook ad- vancing to better student representation com- pared to many other schools. From their first deadline to the last, they worked together as a team to produce a yearbook unlike any that has come out of Gilbert High School before. The photographers accomplish more than most people ever could trying to make it to each game whether it would be football, vol- leyball, or basketball in order to make their picture deadlines. The layout people struggle just as hard to write copy and to get their layouts finalized before the deadline dates. The typist worked just as hard to get all the copy typed correctly in order to get the layouts all finished so that we could mail the layouts. The editors spent many long and fun hours over the summer going to yearbook camp so they would know exactly what to do, and how to set up the yearbook. Many long hours are spent by everyone on the staff in order to meet the deadlines. On our first deadline the Post Office even stayed open five minutes after closing just so we could mail our first deadline in on time. Now that's what I call TIGER PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f 'fm Dawn Buckner, a junior, sits and Julie Maat, a senior, takes a break from waits for something to do in yearbook writing copy to look at the camera. class. U' l ,,, in My B M al On her way to yearbook class, Lisa Torres, a junior, stops to load up her gun. Wu Top row: Rod Ross, Eileen Hayes, Kelly Moffat, Joe Wallace, Anna Rushing, Donna Paul, Mrs. McCammon, advisor. Middle row: Wendy Grundstrom, Lynn Tinkham, Lisa Black, Brenda Smith. Front row: Kathy Hyslop, Julie Maat, Dawn Buckner, Robin Salisbury, Lisa Rose. Not pictured: Leland Baker, Mikell Conklin, Theresa Gowey, Brandon Hyslope, Lisa Torres, Diana Trijullo, Kim Wolf. Yearbook 107 The Personally Accellerated Com- puterized Education program is made for ndrop out" students as another al- ternative to finishing high school at rar 3 n d A their Own fare. some ofthe students go to the PACE classes full time, some part time, and others carry some PACE classes and regular classes. There are seventeen different sub- jects available to PACE students. The areas cover math, English, and history, fthe required credits to gra- duate from GHSJ. Micro-computers are a big part of this program. This helps students to not only make regular subjects easier, but to prepare them for the required computer skills in the future. So far, this new program has brought 65'Zi of the students to return full time to the regular classrooms. Mr. Romanoski cruising through the library. The World of Silence. IOOZ p21SS the GED tests, and 3576 The look of sur- prise. 108 Academic enroll to graduate. The designer and coordinator of PACE is James Chavez, who is also the teacher. Up to now, this new op- tion has been very successful and will continue to aide students in the more complicated areas: the prerequisides of graduating. Carlos, Helen, and Hilda, "The Gilbert High School Friendly Mod Squad." PACE front - Mr. J. Chavez, R.l. - Scott M. Dose, Gabe Soto, Sam Parkes, Mark Laseter, Andy Garcia. R.2. - Magdalena Bar- bosa, Shelly Lcfkowitz, Paula Nichols, Reisha Duenas, Cynthia E. Guzman. Not Pictured - Carlos Benites, Wanda Lapp, Norma Laughery, Paul Madril, Chris Phillips, Fernando Roqueni, David Rosas. W - Gene in his senior year has mastered giggling. Jeff Marrow, junior. shows his enthusiasm for ln House. HOUSE X1 lulle Bona md Brian Clawson spend a long five hours with Mr. Becker, the ln House Rocky Chapman. junior, looks forward to the next three minute break. "Our school has adopted a new tardy policy," is all we heard about forthe lirstweek of school. After four tardies or unexcused absences a student is as- signed to two days of In House. Everyone dreads ln House. lt's five long hours of silence. There is two, three minute bathroom breaks and a small lunch break. As one student said, "lt's like a prison." The purpose of ln House is to make students hate it. That way it is a threat to get to class on time. It works!! iii, T Academics 109 Cathy Adams Wayne Balls Earl Becker Gretchen Boyer Frank Buckles Dennis Bushong Ruben Carrizoza Bob Covington Steve Cole Joyce Curby Dave Davis Paula Dean Cindy Edgmon Bob Everett Keith Field Kay Fisher Tharon Gierke Ed Grabowski Joe Granio Mark Guggisberg Margaret Harris Don Hornbeck John Jennison Melody Jones Sharon Kiselyk Loraine Lerma Shirley Lull Dave Marthaler Sandie McCammon Leslie Medley Gary Middleton Jim Paster Dale Renault Pete Romanoski Tally Satterthwaite Rita Scholz Shirley Simkins Pat Smith Sue Smith Kathy Taylor John Thiele Martin Vogt ll0 mf x,- C L Xie' 'Q W' "'L Q 'W "" 'M ir'J u,H0S'1 ,s, , Q W'J"1'l"'f""5'V"'lW1'K ' "l"'C'FlWi JMWW F3'VE'Tf' www mt Wifi wwf W M ' + 9' J y -,, J , I 1 1 , V. ll ' .i 1 aculty J ts J of W 4 f V 'V is 4 l A .L tl , rig i. 4 Q it ' 4.5 Alll A ef , A t vw K: gg., M5995 a M fe C 'vi , " '1 ,- l Sl 'f l Tom Beebe Gary Bitter Jim Chavez Pat Crawford Tom Dees John Dole Rick Dunn 3' V s ' L1 ,N gt f -' , it 1 I' A 'N wh . ,ml JAJ if rx 51 Charles Ford Margaret Harris Phil I-latler Sharon Kiselyk John Larosk Kieth Lee John Lilliard fs? Gary Morton Ray Nelson Tom Profitt Bill Savage Joe Savage Larry Simkins Dan Stone , t mg 24? Will 'Y 90 H M mimi , ,, ,nw A W a if-If ' K 1 Admini tration Principals and Assistant Principals Qs Maintenance 9. frigi- .J l Office Secretaries Q Cafeteria Staff Principals: Dr. Riley, Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Pico Office Secretaries: Mrs. Wofford, Mrs. Boggess, Ms. Bennett, Miss Tautimez Aides: Mrs. Carrasco Maintenance: Gordon Engle, Mac Herndon Cafeteria Staff: top row - Paul Vallez. Rick Dunn. Paul Casperson, Robert Covington, Bob Everett, Nancy Rutledge, Betty Gin, Elaina, Taulimez, Carolyn Lewis, Cindy Hackleman, Pat Seamster, Jean Laursen. Cindy Kirkpatrick Academics page lll C Back row: Scott Riordan, Kim Daugherty, Neil Watson, Danny Bliss, Kim Wolf, Rick Riordan. Front row: Belinda Oler, David Riordan, Carline Ryan, Julie Maat, Christy Howdle. The new Christian Seminary is a progra that any student can take. lt studies the Bibl and covers many different Biblical grounds f every day life. The teacher of this class is Mr. Neil W' son. He is very involved with every stude and reaches out to them in a lot of differe ways. Almost every Friday night, Neil ope his home up to his students, and their frien He supplies snacks and entertainment. The get-togethers provide a chance for close f lowship and opportunity to meet people fro other schools such as Mountain View a Westwood. Neil is very supportive of every student. lets them know how concerned he is with th lives and every-day problems, and is alwa around to help sort things out ifyou need hi This year, the Christian Seminary took trip to California to visit Disneyland and Ma ic Mountain. They loaded in R.V.'s and va with other schools' classes and came back wi a lot of new close friends and great memori ofa funfilled weekend. Overall, the new program was very succe ful and should bring in a lot of new faces t next school year. Misty Splittorf, Beth Gurney, Neil Watson, Mary Jo Beaver, Jennifer Sprout, Jennifer Clark. ll2 Clubs Senior Officers: Kelly Moffat, Presidentg Tresa Jackson, Secretaryg Carlos Quinlcro, Representativeg Kim Wolf, Vice Presidentg Diana Trujillo, Treasurer. Senior Officers l 13 As a child takes his first step in life, he has to let go of that protective and guiding hand. Likewise, the 1984 graduating class moves their tassels and take that first step. Looking back on the simple life fthat seemed so confusing at the timej of Scooby-Doo lunch boxes, coloring books, jacks and marbles, we won- der how things got so complicated. We realize we have great memories and good experiences to treasure, but each of us hopes the success of the terrific times continues throughout our lives. Senior Division 1 15 l 16 Seniors 5. , Aaron, Daniel Althouse, Shaun Baker, Leland Baker, Stacy Black, Lisa Brady, Heather 'Y' Bliss, Jr., Danny Bright, Tim Buntin, Shawn Bureau, George .,,., ' film ii Andrews, Jonathan Arave, Paula Axtell, Connie ,, 1 QS ll ' . 1.-P 'ua -fx. Begay, Dollie Bennett, Gregory Beyerle, Roxanne 11"-Q' v,,.,. 1 Y X , 5 1 if . tx Bradley, Sandra Branum, David Bledsoe, Stephen Qi Bringas, Arnie Brown, Clinton Bunch, Cindy 1 s,- ,1 'x Q- , l 1 Burnham, Craig Bustos, Steve Butz, John Call, Karen Champlin, Leilani Clement, Paul Cook, Lori Corbiere, Darren 1-, 1 xr X ful Carretta, William Chapman, Scott 91.3, X Q Cloud, Kenneth Cook, Timothy Cowart, Shelley '.i'k, ik Carroll, Craig Choat, Cassie Cluff, Candace Coombs, Roy Crum, Christopher Carroll, Kent Carpenter, Kelly 5. Cionci, James Clark, Jennifer ! Cluff, David Coffel, Sherrie 'Q i ,, 4 S3 W "' e - fr Q Jon Andrews and Charlie Peloso show proper eating etiquette. Seniors 117 Cranney, Robert Crary, Michael W! 'llnlv-K Cuprak, Jeanne Curwin, Susan 'Ml' 24.3 0 Senior Deanna Jordan, left her dentures at home for gummer and snow- bird day. Dose, Scott Dugan, Tom 118 Seniors N Crawford, Shawn Creiglow, Keith 5 S Davis, Kevin Davis, Richard Deal, Curtis Diciccio, Kelli if U Dumars, James Deskins, Lisa Dotson, Loren Y. . - Edwards, Ross Cress, MaryAnn Daugherty, Kim Dexter, David Done, Amy 'X Ellsworth, Shareen Eppich, Carl ' Farley, Jill Gallegos, Beth i Gomez, Irma Greegan, Carolyn , i l Everett, Kari Faherty, Julie Fairchild, Richard Falduti, Terri 1- X s ' . , s W- , CN 'Yi 1- i l A , . I i I lil NN I JA Farris, Kimberly Filut, Ernest Fitch, Larry Freeman, Penny li' JV , Gillespie, Gina Gillette, Greg Gin, Brenda Gomez, Carlos C5 1 4 Hr' izzggxr -. XX l'r. of f Gordon, Tammy Gowey, Theresa Granado, Richard Gray, Kim JYJJ Greegan, Corinna Green, Rose Greenfield, Pete Grigsby, Michele Seniors 119 120 Seniors Griph, Richard Hamilton, Robert '65 1- Heydenreich, Leslie Hill, Viveca Holt, Blair Gustavson, Mark Harper, Earlene Hida, Kyoko Hilliard, Jackie Howard, Edward Hackleman, Anna Harper, Robin Hickcox, Steven Hills, Todd Huffman, Michelle Hackleman, Cindy Hamblin, Lori Heath, Dwight Hensley, Carrie , l Higashi, Albert Hill, Sheryl Hines, Ronald Hisey, Robert Hunt, Kathy Jackson, Tresa Jarvis, Wayne Keslin, Robert ffm ' l 5 Koch, Mark Lane, Michael Legault, Patrice . w ' ,J Johnson, Carl Jordan, Deanna Mr. Thiele, Student Council Sponsor, discusses some ideas with Student Body President Dewey Sutton. Langston, Teresa Laughery, Norma Lewelling, Edward Lieurance, Douglas ff , alll Jorgenson, Gayla Kerr, Michael 1' King, Tom Kitch, Jeff lfeillf Koopman, Laura Lafavre, Jeanne Tw? Lee, Everett Lefkowitz, Shelly is it , Q' I w si Lilly, Tina Lindros, Sonya Seniors 121 122 Seniors 'ffm 'fr Lopez, Maria Louthan, Kelly Maat, Julie Ann 'Qin- Miracle, Tracy Moffat, Kelly Mole, Kristine vi Madril, Paul Madril, Ruben Melow, Ann Mettinger, Rich 5 'Q A Yr' ra' 1. Miller, David McDowell, Stephen Mclntire, Crystan McNett, Cathleen McNully, Debbie "ui, D- J f- " 'X Meighan, Tyrone Mangum, Jackie Martin, Cecilia 'lb I Martin, Mary Ann McCo1lough, Steven McConnell, Kelly Winner of the 1983 Cafeteria Pretty Face Award, senior, Richie Fairchild. Moore, Shelley Munson, Jim 'D Nance, Todd O'Barr, Katy Ortiz, Randolfo Morgan, Gary Morsen, Jimmy Morton, Jeff 'X at ap. , ' -Q.. 1 N, J' r , ea. Munguia, Julio Murphy, Mike Murphy, Toby E 4 . , -4' r ' V fa Navarro, Roxy Negley, Cheryl Nichols, Michelle Oler, Belinda Oliver, Robert Oliver, Terri Overfield, Richard Polk, Gene Pino, James Munoz, Christina -ff, Myers, James Oakes, Jeffrey Orozco, Debra ,nm fbi Phelps, Kent Seniors 123 124 Seniors Palomo, Jeff Palomo, Monica I y Paul, Donna Peloso, Carol Pennington, David Perow, Kip 40 ff' Rader, Troy Rapps, Laura Rodriquez, Ermida Rosales, Nellie . Panasewicz, April 45 N 1 9, ' f ,-jf-C r ev ,A I .A "gi-595' i J- Av Ar A A . A- . N f, ,f"zLji55 " s Xi R L e ,f ' x -' ' , f ,N ,Q an - , . ' ' i .f ,Nm A l""5 M- , i li Ross Edwards, a senior, jumps rope in 3rd hour PE. l Wx 5 Peloso, Charlie Persak, James Quintero, Carlos Rackley, Ronnie Reber, Tessa Rhoades, Melody Riordan, David Rose, Lisa Ross, Kendra Rousan, Robin Q.. -P Rowe, Terry if-v Salinas, Roger Scott, Jodi Shahan, Kim I 'iri- ,fag Rowland, Dewayne Sandoval, Sandra Scott, Todd as Sharp, Kelly .ab ' Sivigny, James Smith, Bill r iz, - fb V' 5 l I l.. ,. Q -B i fx 1 !' - l S Ml! Rudd, Philip Rusk, James Ryan, Carline 1-'Wu Satterthwaite, Tracey Scheibe, Charlie Scott, Jeff 'WY- -r "l Ag r ,Ip l 4 J Scotten, Cynthia Sellers, Eric Settle, Robert Shoultz, Mike Singleton, Stefanie Sikes, Carl Smith, Bobbi Smith, Brenda Smith, Chris Seniors 125 126 Seniors .rv- Smith, Darrel Smith, LuAnn Smith, Melissa Springfield, Curtis Stark, Kathy 4 fn Stout, Gary Strait, Thad Studer, Steve Sutton, Dewey Tanner, Sean ll IU- Thomas, Kimberly Thompson, Kevin Thompson, Lisa Tinkham, Lynn Torres, Daniel .li ' 9 K N. Townsend, Julie Trent, Julia Trujillo, Diana Turner, Greg Udall, Debra Ns...-Q P xl l - ' , nfl! Vail, Wade Vasquez, Gloria Vega, Kathy Waldrop, Scott Walker, Michelle Wallace, Joe 1 Weeden, Terrie rQc Whatley, Kevin White, Stanton Wolf, Kim G-nl' Walworth, Jody Watson, Vicky 11 1 1-..-. N X Miss Dean, the new drama teacher, demonstrates stage make-up on Debbie Wayman, a senior. Wilcox, Danny Willison, Jennie hs. l '. N. Wright, Janet Zavala, Laura Wayman, Deborah Weiss, Alexander Whatley, Michelle 2 Qu- Wilson, Timothy Weber, Lisa Weissert, Dennis White, Lynette 'bn Winkler, Cary ,Z Seniors 127 '-Q. "Genius at Play," graduating senior Danny Bliss works on the computer in the library. 1 , A A b 213' ' ZS: 5 754511 , lfiwilbfif Q,-15155 :li Carlos Quintero, senior, would stand out any day in his toga. Kim Wolf, senior Class vice president, shows the proper way to pu on a toga on Ioga Tuesday. 128 Seniors THE SENIGR CLASS GF ...Ill , T41 s 4, it S , 1 . N"sn.. N 1, v. 5. ffl., -- K in 4 L.-.Qi I i I :EF-i Jimi L- J' I ' ' " , 1- - E-:ai .4 .., in 'fvuk A aa . ' ' J ' J ' ' 1 . irq , -a.-,,..mtH-MM ' 1 :Ai Q we l 5 2 s 1 5 x it f s i 2 Wim? Vt gist? .t I .,,r Finally, the moment we've been wait- ing forg 1984 GRADUATION. When asking seniors what steps they're taking after June 6th, the responses are incredi- bly various. Some are having full time jobs, some are going to college. Within each step, most seniors agree that leaving high school is one of the scariest moves some- one could make in their life. "But, hey, we can handle it!" Friends, to everyone, are an important James Julie and Kelly 55+ 'Wg' J 1 Q Q' J X .. H Bobby Mike part of living. Grade school friends were basically friends to occupy your time with, junior high, clicks and groups start and you lose the closeness of certain rela- tionships and in high school you usually find that there is one special someone who sticks with you and gets you through the hard times, and survives the fun and exhausting challenges. Jeff Ks, Lisa Jean, Jeff, Howard, Roy, Alex, Arnold, and Jim 130 Details im W x I Lisa FT Mark Remember how the two of you solved the problems at the oddest places and talked for hours about almost nothing? Yet, at this point, you could state what their best qualities are, because, that person is the one you have shared the details of becoming an adult and all of its adventures with. It's now time to rely only on yourself to make the dicision that will decide which way your life will go. That friend is still their for support, but the rest is up to you. Best wishes and good luck. Jennifer De ails 131 Maria and .lon N. 'iw VIDEC Your Famlly E 'L t t CURRAL lllll BETA AND VHS VIDEO TAPE RENTALS 1 MESA SGUTH CENTER 892 9004 The corner of Southern and Gllbert just to the west of Peter P1per P1zza 6 C 7 7 SSXQXXyxxx ',,'glIr', I ll I I 1 "v I 3 'v I 0 1 5- : ', ' 2 . f 2, E V! 4 1 2 L- J A ' 26 MACHINE Ga -,ic ' Q 4 Q L Ze SS 2 QQ, Q 6 2 III., 8.18 qlllllilllll ' 132 Ad at the lakes formerly Spencer Photography Reg Batt C6021 839-3709 5450 Lakeshore Dr. Ste, F-l MI 8 di? 983-B169 . ,.,v I, HA' SALON 13634 E. Williams Field Fld. Gilbert KELLY FWER VICE PRESIDENT ,I V ll 4- . .IA -. 7 REALTY 8: INVESTMENTS, INC. Tempe- Amona 85283 15E GUADALUPE no, - sums 101 - GILBERT, ARIZONA 85234 OFFICE: 892-9115 RES: 838-9391 Lb traits 65 ON PROM NIGHTQ LOOK LIKE YOU'VE nous 53555 FIOWGS YOUR HOMEWORK- GARY 8: SUSAN WILLIS There rsn t a store In town that ham more great lmlung prom tuvedoe to Lhoose from remember to look smart on the night of the brg test gmgiss formalwear center than Gingiss. And thats all you have to I CHANDLER. Az. 85224 Gilbert Deli 301 N. Gilbert Rd. 590 N. ALMA SCHOOL Rn. PHONE 963-6500 Ads l33 8ll S Maple Tempe Az 85281 THE CRISIS PREGNANCY W' CENTER Joh 84B ky Halr Perfecnons 899 7300 218 North Arrzona Avenue We re the Cr1s1s Pregnancy Center and Chandler Afllofla 35224 what we share rs support carrng and workable alternatlves to abortlon pregnancy testlng call us counsellng Well hsten 24 hours a I NATIVITY a X f Lutheran Church referral servnce 967 6275 lod rno no fees LISA SUTTON Drrector DAVID GEO LAFISON PASTOR 16021 892 5750 B 500 Glb 85234 Z Q.. 'W XX fl? T neraffwme Tlm Falconer Funeral D1rctor 257 W Jumper G1lbert ATIZOHH 892 9411 . n ec , . lb , . . - 3 . , . i 2' 0 ' ' 9 P.O. ox - i ert, Arizona "the WORD became flesh d d It among us..." I Q .. ...... . D 1 I '- , llll' ' 4 I - " --"' ' .542 "1 ' :Iv ,- - Y v A - f " 'yi xxx-. U -.X 1, h I I ..z '-F ,, , R 8 - ap ' 9 I34 Ads n A 5 UI v' VIIS VY MINUI IA K1 SL AK L I' 7 BESE E SOL GO - SIGMA BE LR: 0 I OI K E Y ING PHOTOGHA JWIIITF R I' I HVI K Roller Skates ,R 60559 Roller Skate Rentals . M 0 Q30 Skateboards Blanks Trucks Wheels Safely Gear Skate 84 Surf Wear 1229 North Gulber1Road Mesa, Arizona 85203 VHHS Sh0CS 7373 Scottsdale Mall Sandie Qi..-1? Bus 833-7700 Scottsdale Az. 85251 602-994-1017 TR CITY CAMERA EXCHANGE INC. soowssr SOUTHERN Ave IVIESA,AZ. 3 907 R' FLAIR Fashions 1 IFormerIy: 1216 West University, Mesa, AZ. 852011 I tgoglngsga-1322 PHONE l602l B92-7984 , O 'po r, ' on OA GQ 0 C6 .A g , H , +0 . 0, , . D 1650 2023 West 1211 North 7 East Broadway Guadalupe Country Club Palo Verde 969-2605 831-0077 835-0330 892-6934 Mesa Mesa Mesa Gilbert Ads 135 16027 963-0139 Rancho's Del Sol Feed and Seed JULIA REMPEL CORNER GILBERT AND RAY ROADS M g GILBERT, ARIZONA 85234 Q4 .Zilla ni'2'i'1 ' , l66,.'.auf5f"'i lu. " 1 xx A f Q 0 1 4 X. 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Smn Sports Center 964 1319 892 7791 Rivera Plaza Mesa South Center 1900 E UHIVCISIIY 1316 S Gilbert Road Mesa AZ 85203 Mesa AZ 85204 DONUTS LEEANN INCORPORATED 1016 N Arizona Ave B111 fSa1tyJ Mangnall Chandler AZ 85224 899 7134 THE ADVENTURES OF CAN vou make mg p PINERPPLE P1zzA N THREE Mmurss M NUTES7 V THREE Z-D Q are as XS THERE YUU E WHEN Hrs-r Lac: gas E THAT S YOUR P NEFPPLE M, La - -16' PIZZA 1038 EAST MAIN . 7 L. I, llbvzuvlunuvm- Q 4 1 O. 74 A - NN I !- lf x Q nr' I '. 111 - - If : 'L xx :,. ,-. . " - 4 - - - . .4..:.... 4.1 - , I ' ' L , Xx 1 ' , " 1 L . , .G : : 1 , "" "" 1x:'Q?'1'f"'i5'-fn V' A l 'AT '- 'I 'N A LU""" I B S ' , . 0 1. +1 1' ff? ' , 1'-1 V ' 11' 'N :" 1' .rj5111-aff-f5,QLi::"'i1?:135Z3'i' Q ' L N. A L5 ' um , 4- "V ' , ,. O v l Sew . 1 1, " . 9 -1-112' I . 0 4 Y.-,',l , ' ' 7 M -,..,-,-,,i,,,- 1 , - , Ads 137 RICCARDO'S PIZZA 1 M RESTAURANT Fountain Plaza 610 N. Gilbert Rd. Suite No. 313 Gilbert, Arizona 892 8999 Delivery Service Available PIZZH Subs Salads Dinners 55 Seat dining room Banquets discount for all sports teams churches etc wine and beeer on tap SPORTS SPECIAL Pizza sub and small drink Sl 99 PPH The Best Pasta Pizza House in the West cliff 1. KEN HOLT S school of GYMNASTICS Recreational Classes 3 days a week lf hour classes 'MV 20 00 a month 834 6528 or 969 2679 Chrlstian Seminary dby E tVll A Ch t N IW E tM t 3101EC ! M 85205 85203 832 4814 832 7251 ff a 9 9 1 , , . . . . Q TR a ' '0- 1, - f Q ' - f l 366 Y' - 1 is, I 4'-'B -2 12 ' 64 - fn x 1. 74' '. ' 'S iff! 4 q ' e V A - - X - - Sponsore as a ey ssociation of Evangelicals The ris ian Layman's Association Rev. ei arson 4815 M ainSreet,Suite25 . ovina NW, esa. Arizona Mesa, Arizona ,,,,w""" 138 Ads 963-2975 Yanmar Diesel Tractor WE SHIP H0f1daDea'ef GIFTBOXES - cnrriuslfnuir Housv - Nuts Wheel Horse 'WC - . . tpU,,D0,IT RENTAL Jlowzfazfa ,Move 6945114149 sALEs a. REPAIR Adam Van V gt 3001 E BASELINE RD Frgm Baby Beds to Backhoes Wilma Van V gt PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85040 Arizona Ave- wntnusnig MAN Phone 275-0270 Chandler, AZ 85224 mlzl CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Best Wishes For Your Future Success 437 N. Gilbert Road DAIRY BARN Gilbert, Arizona 85234 "we treat you right" mu in me blanks: First School 3 First Frsrri First Teacherl.-.. First Stea 1? s , F t i . dy Q5 First Kiss Q..-1, First Dissected Frog k, First Football Game T First Car-i,T First Date t.,,.,,,t,.rt,G-G,-Est First Batik tio, First Interstate Bank of Arizona F B k Anzona,NA MemberFDlC -FederalReserveS F yF N Bank olAnzona EaualODDOr1umlyEmDloyer Ads I39 LuAnn Smith, who sang "Out Here on My Own!" and danced to "Hot Lunch Jam." GILBERT VARIET Michael Rosales performing a Break dance to "Heartbreaker," The Gilbert High students not a lot of pride, they also have a lot of talent. The Gilbert High School Variety Arts Show gave students the chance to show their stuff. The Variety Arts Show was held February 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. The show had singing and dancing and was divided into two acts: Act one consisted of an instrumental of the Love Theme from Flashdance per- formed by Kevin Beals, Danny Bliss, Blair Holt, and James Myers. Lori Cook, Lori Hamblin, Cheryl Negley, Lisa Thomson, Lynette White, and Lisa Willman performed the song "I Eat Cannibals." Even teachers got in on the act. Science teacher, Mr. Ed Grabowski played his guitar and sang "Scarbor- ough Fairf' Juniors, Shelly Liles, Misty Splittorff, and Sharon Trent performed a dance to the song "Manhunt,'. The ballad "Two Less Lonely People in the World" was sung in a duet by Chrissy Cooley and LaNae Turley and accompa- nied by Paula Arave. Michael Rosales and Robert Rosales did a break dance routine to the song "Heartbreaker". Act two consisted of a dance routine to 'fThriller", performed by Dena Bringas, Dori Deskins, and Monica Martin. Sen- Qcontinued on page l4lj 140 Talent Show Michael Rosales and Robert Rosales show-off their talent of Break dancing. ARTS SHUW .i Cheryl Negley, Lori Cook, Lisa Willman, Lisa Thomson, Lynette White, and Lori Hamblin, performing their hilarious song, "l Eat Cannibals." Variety Show participant, Beth Walhert singing "Think Summer." ior, LuAnn Smith accompanied by Blair l-lolt and James Myers sang, "Out Here On My Own." The duet of Kayla Brown and Dina riggs and accompanist Amy Zimmerman performed "What's For- ever For'?" Danny Bliss, a senior, per- formed his own original composition. So- loist Beth Wahlert and accompanist Jen Sprout performed the song, "Think Summer." A combination of Jazz and Break Dancing was performed to the song, "Hot Lunch Jam." The Break- dancers were Steve Amador, Anali Beni- tez, Mike Contrares, and Frankie Duran. The Jazz dancers were Julie Eastman, Renae Everett, Shelly Liles, Terri Rowe, LuAnn Smith, Misty Split- torff, Sharon Trent, Nancy Trevino, Diana Trijillo, and Janet Wright. The show may have had a few mis- haps, but all who participated performed like professionals. This is just another example of Gilbert pride! Showing their ability to sing are, LaNac Turley and Crissy Cooley singing the bal- lad, "Two Less Lonely People." Talent Show l4l They say the Junior year is considered the hardest throughout the high school years. There are many pressures put on the Junior class such as raising money for prom, making good grades, setting a good example for the sophomores, but in the same respect living up to the standards of the senior class. With all the pressure put on the junior class, they learned that you can't lay the responsibilities on just one person: you have to work together as a team and thatls exactly what the junior class did. Many people took time out of their weekends to work in the concession stand at the football games to raise money for prom. Some students took time after school to work on the Homecoming float. Still others sold calendars and key chains. There were also the junior class sponsors: Mrs. Curby and Mrs. Crawford. o ly! aw QW X off! T i WQQQ me UMW' Q4 CO0 dawg AS torsolvia ,Lima UQMQJWHJ WJEQ 'M W gr tw W 7 IN' 'P 1-AT it 525 ,ai Nm u"-I-'."'-..'f'g,,""gf i'C'!' P WR F Junior class officers und sponsors: Miss Curby, Crissy Cooley, Rick Riley, Dina Riggs, Stcfi Evans, Mimi Davie und Mrs. Crawford. Juniors Division 143 5 N4 Redding, Roy Riley, Rick Roberts, Donna Rojas, Yvette Rust, Richard Ryan, Kevin Sandoval, Dubin Schlosser, Tom Sparks, Chris Stewart, Tim -' f 3 -K -- .. ,... ,, ,V W N. QM-.. F , fm: ' it W:'i: ti-' h ,1" J 4 7 iii . , , J' ii" l ,i.. J- f l ssoo at 13 1 Juniors hard at work. ig. 151 Juniors giving their full and individual attention. 144 Juniors Mike Dillard beating his heart out. Scott Hilbrands, biting his tongue with excitement. Like WOW! Lisa says. I Ore.. gl-1' Ji ,Y i Juniors, Yeh! Juniors 145 Adams, Sandi Afman, Craig Alber, Tammy Alcantar, Sylvia Allen, Charles Allen, Corey Amador, Steve Anderson, James Andress, Angela Austermiller, Jasen Badilla, Gilbert Baker, Janette Basha, Coni Beals, Kevin Beaver, Mary Jo Becker, Frank Becker, Scott Beyerle, Randy Bieberdorf, Brett Billings, Joy Bilow, Stephenie Blaire, Michelle Blessington, Kristie Boehmler, Ken Boyle, Phillip 146 Juniors 1 Inv, I vu ,li 4... all N' fy N -yr 1 , A .3.i9sv,ft C J' ilk Bradley, Chase Brewer, Sandi Bringas, Dena Bringas, Patti Brissette, Loi Brown, Greg Brown, Kayla Buckner, Dawn Buehner, Jim Bunning, Ron Burnham, Lorie Burton, Cindy Butter, Mike Carrol, .lay Caspersen, Paul Castro, Carlos Cessna, Dawn Chaira, Joel Chapman, Rocky Choate, Lisa Clabaugh, April Clark, Susan Clement, Lori Cocke, Rusty Collins, Kathy Juniors 147 Contreras, Micheal Coppola, Gina Cooley, Crissy Crabtree, Wendi Creasman, Monica Creiglow, Richard Crofford, Teri Cuprak, Veronica Curran, Kevin Danelowitz, Mark Daniels, Carol Davie, Mimi Dayley, Jon Deal, Rochelle Delavina, Dan Deskins, Dori Diehl, Debbie Joan Dillard, Mike Dimitt, Terra Doherty, Kevin Done, Becky Doughty, Kim Downing, Bill Downing, Richard Drexler, Jill 148 Juniors l ' 'Q if J- A-Q Y " . ' ,. ,,.. l K i K at Lf' :g. .A4- Duran, Frankie Easterwood, Kim Eastman, Julie Eaton, Vernon Ervin, Rena Evans, Brian Evans, Stell Evans, Tim Farnsworth, Rick Ferrin, Shari Flores, Hilda Ford, Brent Frazier, Suzi Fuller, Shane Funicello, Tony Gabbard, Bobbie Gaiton, David Garcia, Jared Gauna, Lori Gile, Brian Gilliland, Tami Gissel, Tim Gloria, Thomas Golden, Stephanie Gomas, Joey Juniors 149 Gonzales, Art Grantham, Todd Green, James Green, Lisa Grundstrom, Wendy Guill, Devin Guillermo, Danny Gulliam, Leroy Gurney, Beth Gutierrez, Joey Hamblin, Steve Harper, Joi Harper, Raeni Harrah, Jeff Harris, David Harvey, Kaley Hawthorne, Joyce Hayes, Eileen Hayo, Eric Hernandez, Gilbert Herst, Ray Higgins, Debbie Hilbrands, Scott Hilland, John Holbrook, Jeanette l 50 Juniors 2 , i L ,,,,.,,, .,.,,, J J s t .,,, , , ,.,,,,. eeit at H, . , D ,, lltytt J J 5 . 5 l .i....-Asa.. wo- tsta , M., , , ,L T i 'K r 14 1 l V Hogan, Wendi Holliday, Todd Howard, Kim Howard, Tony Huckins, Tracy Hurst, Doug Hyslop, Kathy Isabella, Mike James, Crystal Jenkins, Mike Johnson, Raymond Jones, Cindy Jones, David Jones, Steve Judge, Danette Kissler, Nikki Klesner, Jon Koch, Andy Krumm, Melissa Kubrak, Chris Langdon, Julie Lamoreaux, Troy Laseter, Mark Leitoh, John Lenhart, Mike Juniors 151 Lewelling, Sonia Liles, Shelly Lindsey, Tonya Little, Diana Louthan, Kris Lutsen, Jason Madril, Randy Mangum, Sandra Markley, Bob Martin, Brian Martin, Michelle Martin, Monica Martin, Tony Mauler, Jim McCarville, Erin McCarville, Mike McDannel, Brenda McDowell, Teri Medley, Toby Mendoza, Helen Mercer, Kelly Mertens, Patrick Mesa, Eva Meyer, Peggy Mobley, Rhonda 152 Juniors Moffett, Rodney Moltz, Barbie Montogomery, Georgette Morgan, Deedee Morrow, Jeff Muncy, Rhonda Mungia, Teresa Murphree, Pat Lyn, Maris Newsome, Bob Nichols, Burke Nichols, Sheri Nichols, Wade Odekirk, Mike Oden, Theresa Owen, Penny Page, George Palomo, Ricky Parsons, David Patterson, Eric Payne, Doug Peralta, Alvaro Prince, Kelly Quintero, Mary Quintero, Ray Juniors 153 Rackley, Kathy Ray, Amy Ray, Suzanne Reece, Barak Regg, Lorie e nolds Allen F Riley, Richard Richardson, Joey Riggs, Dina Roberts, Don Roberts, Lee Rodriguez, Ramon Rohde, Joyce Rojas, Yvette Roqueni, Tom Ross, Kara Row, Bobby Rueth, Will Ruiz, Femando Ruiz, Maria Ruiz, Sonia Russell, Scott Rusti, Richard Ryan, Kevin Sage, Carrie 154 Juniors N nv, X' Q, f ,f of U ,,,..... .--4 f 5 Q 'bas at 1- X Salisbury, Robin Sapp, Jeff Schifferli, Erik Schmidt, Steve Schultz, Tom Scott, Jennifer Sellers, Shannon Selvidge, Brian Sharp, Callen Silvas, Andy Sisk, Carey Smith, Michelle Sparks, Chris Splittorf, Misty Sprout, Jenny Steele, Doug Stelter, Tony Stewart, Tim Stinnett, David Stinnett, Steven Stock, Tony Stolter, Mark Sturgen, Daryl Swain, Sandra Tackett, Tina Juniors 15 5 Tenney, Kirk Terstegge, Lisa Thomas, Colleen Thompson, Tim Thornton, Debbie Torres, Angelo Torres, Lisa Trent, Sharon Trevino, Nancy Trombley, Chris Turley, Lance Urenda, Lance Valles, George Van Alstine, Mike Van Vugt, Anita Vega, Cindy Velasquez, Martha Warren, Dawn Watson, Janice Watson, Reed Watts, Pam Webster, Lori Webster, Scott Whited, Jolynn Wilde, Jeff 156 Juniors oi ' :1 f,'.Q 7. ga',..QjT-'- i2t. lgs,j .... f A v ' -a s 11-,ima Q' Q' . M . ,L 2-im.. y , . 1 ,Q ' 1 . 4 . i t fi X ,S lupus.. Nancy Trevino and Patty Bringas eat their snowcones, a welcome treat after school. Kelly Mercer, a Junior on the Varsity Cheer squad looks on at a pep assembly. Wilhoit, Shelly Wilkins, Kent Williams, Lori Willman, Bud Wilson, Kelly Winnegar, Jack Wofford, Doug Wofford, Doyle Wolf, Jenny Worren, Dove Zamora, Juan Zimmerman, Brian Zinke, Chris Juniors 157 QEEQ. ff,-:-..Tf"""""' 5525? . - 1 ,J X r. ,h .V .Q -. ., 5 5 "-wa. Everybody is a sophomore at H lj-A Pt' - -.1 j-,ies -1-'I-"1-'1:f:'.-'-' . Til 3 158 Sophomore Division one time or another, but no one likes to admit it. The soph- omore class has life rough! They are picked on, put down, and laughed at, and few upperclassmen take time to get to know them as real people. Actually the sophomore year is the easiest high school year. There are hardly any fund raisers to worry about, there are no big tests to take, like PSAT or SAT, and there are no applications to fill out for college. Stepping up from the Junior High is actually a step down in rank for the sophomores. With the change howev- er come many advantages. The high school is an open campus with fast food restaurants close by. For many it means a later curfew and even a li- cense. As one sophomore put it, "Be- ing a sophomore is fun because of older womenf' This is only one of the many advantages. So remember the next time you put down a sophomore that you were one too. 1- I 5 E A if .. rt. , ' 4 , ' 159 Elf' 2' L l ,INK ,K , . AHFOI1, Greg Adams, Nikki Alberts, Cindy I x Amaya, Joey Amos, Suzanne Anderson, Tonja gre, ,. wg, Env- Aston, Noraly Baker, Jenny Baldwin, Dana -w... Beals, Helen Bellisomi, Steve Bellows, Eric 160 Sophomores rf ,uw Cmwor' DAM S N N 1 Bingham, Jeff Blain, Michelle Bledsoe, Kristi Allan, Scott Allred, Kenny Anderson, Trent Anglin, Greg Ball, Mike Barney, Jason .t J its K 'A M ,,. .' f Barcon, Bennett Beyerle, Robert Blessington, Tami Bliss, Debbie Bona, Julie Booker, Kent j l l I 5 :,i, . J 1' ,i ', ,ll l Branum, Lana Brewer, Colby W M if Buck, Mark Buckley, Tiffany A . BX 1 - 1 8.3 254 Burton, Lyle Byers, Jenice 5 Carrasco, Remy Carroll, Dorcas Borchers, Brett Borough, Michele Brady, Kristen Brown, Courtney Brown, Leisel Brown, Tina , V , ' Bunch, Debbie Burger, Judi Burris, Jim Calmelat, Mele Campbell, Milisa Campbell, Ron , wr I N , Chapman, Tim Chapman, Tom Christell, Ann Sophomores 161 1-'X ifil ,, Cilvik, Kathleen Clare, Jeff Clawson, Brian Clements,Kevin Cluff, Cheri Cole, Wendy Coleman, Bill Collins, Shan Cook, Lara Cook, Paula C0frid0H, Deanna Cory, Bob Cowart, Cari Craig, Dee Ray Cranney, Debbie l J' ' . ' f . K ' P , - A 1 x 1 Q jg I L... I . , e' , to D i ii Cress, Tom Daniels, Bryan Davie, Buff Davis, Steve Deal, Cary 162 Sophomores Y, .D -X, 13" J- , t XXAMQ , E 1 1 S g ' , 5 5 5 1 1- , if -' . F2 2 13 7 S C Deal, Lannis Dees, Shawn Detherage, Scott DiCiccio, Kathy Doster, Dean if Dugan, Tony Dunn, Steve is R'-s. ,f 1 1 . 123 ' I ls ,sl F5 I Elder, Darlene Ellsworth, Sean N! X Everett, Renae Farnsworth, Rick Forsgren, Lisa Fox, Carrie Frestedt, Eric Gallegos, Ernie Riff Dyer, Craig Edgar, Bobby N I Eisele, Eileen ff, 5 ffl ft ll Nfl X Il igffl,'E,li:lf5vl'TW k 4, ' I, :jj 4 J Erickson, John Evans, Melanie fraflifsm rw 5711, V2 l' t vt Everett, Tara rs I Q X I v itil, , t 3 Farnsworth, Wayne Fike, Brian Frazier, Malynda Freeman, Betty Garcia, Andy Garcia, Jeana 5. 1 ,Q X., .an f Flanagan, Bill Freeman, Kelly 1 A Gardner, Marci Sophomores 163 1 164 Sophomores i S 1 1 l Geiger, Danny Gilchrist, Jackie Gilman, Gary Gilmour, Teresa Gloria, Sonya Gomes, Tanya Gowey, David Gray, Holly GfbCiCh, John GFCCH, Kelly X K ., 3 f A i Q Gregory, Curtis Grimmett, Kim Guelich, Troy Guerrero, Monica Guzman, Leonard saw., ham ,Wil ,,,,,., MWAV Y VW, 'I' 'M vj , V- .T ' 5 Ly L4,, . W ' TY iifvff eerr - 2 G Gydesen, Susan Hackleman, Sonja Hale, Mark Hannert, Dolfie Harelson, Melissa - 1 ' . A-if If L...a,. K. Ml- .,.f.e,,,, .. 3 A W Hartwell, Andy Harvey, Roberta Hastings, Debra Hastings, Kevin Hayo, Roxanne ' Nui I I lfw -tw Ax s I t j 1 Helm, Craig Hembree, Terry Hernandez, Grace Heydenreich, Lisa Higashi, Randy Hill, Lemuel Hills, Michelle Hiner, Brandon Holden, Rob Holliday, Jason .9 1 I ff! Holling, Crystal Hurst, Jennifer Hyland, Glenna Hyland, Tony Hyslope, Branden K-X 1 S ,.. - 6 ' it . ir flu A fl Hunsaker, Tracy Jenkins, Greg Jensen, Dereck Jesperson, Spencer Jimenez, Joe i T M Johnson, Christine Johnson, Jan Johnson, Katie Johnson, Scott Jones, Jackie Sophomores 165 E V 1 X i I 1 Jones, Jennifer Jordan, Lyndie Jorgenson, Alisen Juhl, Brad Kennison, Greg l- Kitch, Julie Kleinman, Rebecca Knapp, Greg Kominsky, Becky Kornbacher, Diana in z 1 f u 2 - 'V I kiwi if . is "- fr. K , is J 3 H N , . . ' -,f 5, 95, Q ,. ' ,sm 1 f 1 x if Q 3 Lane, Julie Laughery, Loretta Lawerence, Bill Lemaire, Paul Lester, Brad 166 Sophomores J p - i V we r l 1 i Lewellen, Mike Lieurance, Brenda Lloyd, Scott Long, Mike Lopez, Chris Lopez, Kris Lopez, Michael Luckfelt, Bill Luevanos, Ray Martinez, Cruz Martinez, Danny l .,',,. fe.tll'.Y"-fl' McHugh, Patrick Martinez, Martina Matracia, Lisa McKenzie, Patti Mc1.outh, Scott Maynard, Kathy McGee, Kim McWhirter, D. Medrano, Joe f lil-'I A K r Melhouse, Bill Mente, Joe Meza, Jesus Michael, Traci Miller, Mike 1 E . i Y l x K li Minyard, Richard Miracle, Tom Mobley, Stephanie Moffett, Melanie Montoya, Berta 'l lx N' y Morris, Dionne Moore, Brenda E N l - S 9 Morrell, Mike Munoz, Jimmy Munoz, Tim Sophomores 167 ,,,- MF' XA .Mk , f 168 Sophomores ,Q - fx x Q I .3 j Murphy, Angie Myers, Phillip Navarro, Paul Nichols, Steve Nidey. Andy , ' 0 Nolet, Kim Nulph, Shelley O'Barr, Nancy O'Dell, Colleen Oliver, Jimmy ,i P - f . ,H s Orndorff, Jeff Overley, Garth Packer, Angela Page, Kristin Palio, Mark , f 'f rg - 'M ' 1' , p 4 4 P' 5 1 P, 'T . Palmer, Jeff Palmer, Marsha Parkes, Sam Parsons, Carol Pearson, Lisa Y Pendleton, Travis Penfold, Doug Pepper, Dawn Perry, Mike Peterson, Cheryl 91" 3-.5..... Q41 Petitto, Toni Phelps, Starlyn Pinkerton, Lance Power, Ron Putman, Suzi Ramirez, Carmen Rapps, Mike Ravenscroft, Brian Ray, Candy Regnall, Jeff -f 1 ' X IS-TC 4" .iii 'f' x IZ" ' N X, ,Z ' S ,. , M W--N.- N l Q Richardson, Dan Richardson, S. Riley, Rene Riordan, Rick Riordan, Scott Roberts, Dane Rocha, Mauro Rojas, Tony Ross, Rhonda Rowe, Frank .- f i . vt- ? Yi A.. !e W 5 I f le l Q' i t I Q E l , Rowe, Tracey Ryan, Colleen Rycroft, Don Russell, Missy Sammons, Ron 'i Sophomores 169 170 Sophomores Sanchez, Stacy Sandquist, Charlotte Sanlaeid, Mem f Sellers, Julie Shackleford, Steve Sikes, Troy Slavin, Scott Smith, Brian Smith, Carol 'Y V. K - V nu, --" zzuz.. 1, ir Q 4 if f- a, , if sims 'J' , B F Q38 w in s ls fs lg wi E . .,., ,. wifi Llsiggsftgfrh fa " wfiegwwfv N55 .Wh .,f- ,, ' N ve 4 Hs mic , i wa ' A H 5 N Sodd, Kim Sparks, Chris Sparks, Missy '38 isit ,,,, i if up ..:. ..E,.,- ,.... 2 ...... ., , I gm? ,aw 1 -- - :i5::,i: . . :' ff!T?Ei:iQ2sIi'f?" ' - 1., -.:f.f.- :I"???5::iMi51E"' 1- If' 4, , ,,ii ,rtt,Ar Mr, I. 5 'Y i Standifird, Wade Stephenson, Don Stricklin, Paul N, Sanlaeid, Yem Skipper, Craig Smith, Kaylee f I - 1 Spaulding, Debbie Swadling, Darcy l ' nr, Schultz, Matt Slade, Bryan Smith, Stacie Spaulding, Tiffany Tant, Brian Tavormina, .Ion Thomas, Pam Troost, Samantha x , Valenzula, Ray Vega, Christy Taylor, Dawn Tenpenny, Brian Testa, Sue Thomas, Beth Thompson, Sherri Thorpe, Jason Torres, Franky Townsend, Ron GSK' gb ,QQ wi px Q ,, gutsy -, vf tg - ' , wisiiaifig e,,' M ., 1 sgiw Y, 4 , , '- 'g . fvg f' ' if 'F If A t Udall, David Udall, Roby Vail, Suzy Valenzula, Krista Valenzula, Rico VanCamp, Jodi Vasquez, Esther Velasquez, Tony fm ' l I 1, f if Vega, Ernie Vitela, Parris Wahlert, Beth Wallace, Monse Sophomores 171 X Wallace, Ray Watson, Debbie J 1, , 5- Wester, Don Whatley, Danielle 172 Sophomores Whittle, Steven Wiehl, Denice ,S I f' 7' is Willman, Lisa Wilt, Sheila Ps 1" 'rl X. 'T "ffl Yi-.TENT fi Watson, Paul Wax, Larry 1,- . v if. 5 LW Q ALX ,LZ 'EV X. White, .Ion Whitewater, Teri Wier Theon ,sm 'gan- Wiste, Barbie N H s 7 Welch, Connie . Q.-mmf, , i . ,z f.QQ,'fgg,,,J3. H nf " -gr 'ze 1 " - e , W , y ' ' 'L K5 b y WN ig ,953 iii - .xx Whitmer, Kimberly L ,J Wilhoit, Chad Williams, Jodi , "' . Q 3 2 Wagner, Heidi Wood, Chris 'Q N l its Y X l Woolhouse, David Woolsey, Burke Wright, Phillip Wyman, Angela Young, Mike Amy Zimmerman Lori Zimmerman LMC T FGRGUT , 2 'r' ' N , K5 , .I Lori Bradley Morgan Brown Cheri Burns Q , I John Buss Victor Gutierrez Rachel Martinez Loren Miles Charlie Scheibe Kim Sodd u Il Laura Holst ' ' , V I . ii l' 'v Craig Peaton Raul Valles Art Hunt Greg Johannsen I 5 K . A Cary Pobstman Rod Ross . .. I Sean Webster Sophomores 173 :V M, my Q K is MX' ve 74? W I74 Details Division ,g-s..,,,5i.s We an .5 ,, qi, -ft SPL! WO. School. The one word that all of us have hated and loved at one time or another. Whether we were taking a critical exam or cheering a team on to victory, Gilbert High is and always will be an important part of our lives. Being a member of a 1,200 family, we often walked alone to classes or sat quietly observing a rowdy pep assembly. Even so, when a day went wrong there was always a friendly face that would be found. Together we stood tall and were proud to be from Gilbert High. We challenged our goals and expanded our destinations. We involved ourselves in clubs, friendships, and special relationships. School. The one word that will bring back cherished memories of our priceless moments spent at the home ofthe TIGER! Gilbert High School students enjoying a lunch time picnic Details Division 175 Gilbert' ride and Jo . . . Car . Acting very calm, Mike Pennington, a Junior, watches his car. The Driver's Ed. car gives students the thrills and chills of real-life driving. 176 Details f fqz.. , . 'au 9 ' ' ' A Wirwt.. -ft Hill. irrfi. .M ,-. !T"',x?-' ' , f i. ' - 4 .I Atv' gf. ' 'vu One Saturday, Kevin Davis, took his truck and went ATCing up at Granite Reef. Gilbert students have a lot of pride for it's sports and academic achievements. They also have a lot of pride and joy for their cars. Whether it's an '84 Porsche or '57 Chevy, the students at Gilbert prove that they love their cars. Some more than others. "I love my car, I'd die without it." Some feel their car is a means of getting there. "It's just a means of getting there, it's not very nice to look at, but it gets the job done." Still others are praying for the day they can quit riding the bus. "lt is embarrassing riding the bus with the Jr. High kids. " "I hate having to catch a ride with my friends." "Not having a car means not being able to go places when I want IO. Gilbert students aren't the only ones who treasurer their cars, the teachers do too. Gilbert teachers seem to value their cars as well as their grade book. Cars aren't the only means of getting to school. School buses, though some students hate to admit, are another way of getting to school. The buses aren't the most comfortable and fashionable way of going places, yet it does the job. It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as it does it's job. Cars . . . Gilbert's Pride and Joy. va The Assistant Principal, Mrs. Hawkins' car, a Mazda RX-7. Gene Polk and Jay Persak, both Seniors, showing off their pride and joy. .mm Senior, Kelly Carpenter listening intensely to his radio. Details 177 G'Cloek 8a Allis Well! Gilbert High after a long, hard day of school. Tired students head for the long ride home. .lag 'eg -": . Travis Pendleton and Steve Studer would rath er walk than be seen on the bus. Some people just like to hang around. 7 bg, l. i ' SEQ' These guys just don't want to leave. Steve Schmidt and Bennett Barcon can be seen after school cruising the campus hunting for women Anxious students crowd the locker entrance. ...Q "What time is it? It's seven o'clock - wake up you weenies!" This famil- iar voice of Dave Pratt starts off the day for many students. Then it's off to that treacherous first hour that either wakes you up or puts you back to sleep. After making it through the school day people are ready to start the areal" day. Who knows what happens to stu- dents once the final bell rings. The campus clears of most people while others must stay and fulfill their re- sponsibilities. Throughout the year people stay at school for football, choir, dance, basketball, cheer, band, track, or any other activityg while oth- ers go home or go to work. You can see people race out of the parking lot or running to catch the bus. There is practice after school al- most everyday for different sports throughout the year. Other students have jobs or just go home. Lisa Rose said, "I go straight to work at the movie theater right after school." Dawn Buckner said, "I go home, lis- ten to Van Halen, and catch some Z's!', People do so many different things, but whatever it is it's fine 'cause it's after school!! Weekend What do GHS students 1 Junior Steve Schmidt likes to show it all . . . Well almost all. Senior Kevin Davis is ready for the weekend. WM nl Some of the senior girls look for something to do. Some people get all dressed up with nowhere to go. 180 Activities Life do on the weekend? Skid row seniors Senior' Tresa Jackson gets a boost from the guys after her car gets stuck in the river bottom. Have you been eating long Kathy? Senior Kelly Moffat just gets up! Activities 181 ln small towns such as Gilbert, people tend to stick to the norm. This year Gilbert High Students took quite a few fashion risks. Hair- styles changed drastically. Guys as well as girls had tails in their hair. Ankel boots, Con- verse hightops and plastic sandles were the cool shoes to wear. The oriental look was also popular. Tattered sweatshirts splashed with paint could be seen on campus. Leather jackets, stylish hats, and oversized shirts were in fashion. Along with these new styles, remained the old styles. Faded levi's the preppy look, and just normal clothes were still acceptable. Fiesta Mall was the place to go for the latest styles, best music, and to just hang out. This year our school saw many radical changes, and who knows what will be cool next year! 182 Closing are To Be ifferent Me' 'E Youth is free from worry. Night Life Tonight - Go-Gos's The street lights are shining bright The billboards are shedding their light And my crowd's out hanging around Tonite There's a charge in the air lt's kind of electric out here And we're all out on the town The boulevard's crowded and loud Ml- v' Midnight movies were a fun place to go. Fiesta Mall at night was always exciting. lt's time for excitement right now There's no better world to be found If there was we'd give it all, for a lifetime like Tonite Closing 183 184 Details Despite his age, tive career. style Kings 'ii di if ski gi ss' Jigs! Nfl, Wk iiigxjw about by students were ZZ Top, Def Leppard Jackson, toured in the spring of '84 with his for higher publicity and originality through Videos began appearing on regular T.V. with with a few staying in the spotlight such as a favorite pastime for high school students England's Duran Duran rises in popularity. to tiyy stss .T kf ,., Q up g ,sf t,' -N .y , i . ft s3,.,J:T:i'Mb1L, p 1 iiii t Q A' l iaise . px K was A L ix, xkxk K - V' K t 1 y e as 5.5 Boy George of Culture Club exhibits Britains influence in the music world. Van Halen rocks. -. Y . 'd"l fe.- f on fl Long time reggae singers, The Police. Ns Ar i if I f wlfi :wir ' M 5 New to the music scene with their rockabilly The Stray Cuts. Lead singer of Journey. Steve Perry. Details 185 Every individual faces an identity crisis. It's so important to fit in no matter where you are in life. High School is no exception. Each person seems to play an important role in high school whether it be "Joe Athlete," Ms. Student Council," f'Mr. Gui- ness," or any other niche. Remember your first day of high school when you had that gorgeous senior in your second hour? that was the time you said that you'd do anything to be their friend and would faint at anything more. Your Junior year rolls along and you find yourself friends with a lot of upper-classmen and ALMOST equal. But, you're not. This idolization stage finally disappears in the midst of your senior year. Your mind seems to show you that every- one has the same opportunity in life to be what they want to be, do what you want to do, live how you Q want to live and, most important, be who you are. X Q Joey Gomes and Richard Minyard social- ize in the Ala Carte before ordering their lunch. Connie Axtell and Laura Zavala give a smile just to show they're super seniors. Students take advantage ofthe lunch hours to talk, rest, and study Details John and Scott say "Hang Loose" and others do just that. Carol Peloso waits for someone to buy tickets to watch Mrs Hawkins kiss the pig. Maria Lopez waits for Jon Andrew, both seniors, to sit down and study in the library. X Q' C937 Lunch time seems the perfect time for shooting the breeze. Details 187 Congratulations Kim Youlve come a long way baby the best is still ahead!! Love, Mom and Dad - Congratulations Todd We so Love st,b You diploma From diapers M0111 Dad Petflee J e Helen t Dad, Mom, and Heather seet 188 Details To: Terry Youive only just begun Congratulations Diana Through L M . Oggd Dogg From High School Kindergarten Love Mom Dad, Maria With Love Mom and Dad From a a Man Munchkin To: Blair We're So Proud of You Sunshine!! Love Mom Dad, Ty, and Matt D 1 189 Congratulations, to a very sweet daughter. May your future be bright with promise and fulfillment, and happiness be forever with you. David, You have all our love and best wishes And that all your future life will always be a happy one. We Love You Mom and Dad 190 Details Tracy, Love is having a daughter, Joy is watching her grow. You have given us both. Be yourself and allow yourself to be special For you have always been so special to those who know y Love, Mom and Dad O v RVN , , s 'A l Y K-Q. ,WE s ka .wil A E gi - f 4, Vx , NSY . 5 x QQ Q sf K + Xa QQ A f 109' . is ns X W K K Q "'5"V'igM C .ay , H' X Q Q A Q, 5 g,,,t, Ai ' S sl x W ,g . :L N . K L 'SQ x' 2' S ,X N. ,, 'f'Q: ' 1 ' QL ,451 L ' I 'M . ' if I Q5 ilx 'fy' X '57 'A HSV ., ,wi x f'l'S'V 4. sggxnah Szxiffqkv Vi x c School colors Black and Gold School mascot Tlgers if N wx X X XXX y I X X X 6" Q f fy- X X G H S FIGHT SONG Onward Trgers Onward Txgers Flght on for your fame Proud we are the mlghty tlgers Vlctory sure th1s game Onward Tlgers Onward Tlgers F1ght on for your fame Flght Trgers Flght Flght Flght to wrn th1s game New X' Nm ALMA MATER We hall thee G1lbert l-hgh School Forever true are we For rn your halls of mem or We pledge our love to thee We hall thee Gllbert l-hgh School Your colors black and o They are for us a symbol of our trust 1n you so bold xc ' Y G I X17 ' x ll . , ' K "H Y , . l '94 v S ' ' A 141 f xc ,ff if If L i Z I A il XQ XX t I lib Qi' ' N 5 ,Z-fl , 1 ' :,:f7 If r .G . ,.-., -V 1' I tl xt-K If g?,1, 1 J lj' I AI. ll Q Q R X I '-H, ll., ' g ' or Xxx XX - ,f 27' '.1l. ff-'fx XA N ., 1 1 S A .f . - of-X ff, W f' ffff x N N, -fllsi s K . V. , K... X XXX V9 X X-,X gk 2 ff, ' ,4 Y u xr x ff! l W.. X Xl' xllvl Ill . N ' -77 If X V - Q X ' X, . . -X 'x 1 X. XXX. ' x . 1 9 192 Closing .Xv f v- 7x x." ' x MJ .v Mrs . I - 4 ...H . A . N V, 26--f' X ' . "3 - V, u Ni V ., ,.............. .. .1-:Pg .- . M. ...... .. ,....,..........-.......-....-... -. . .---Q 1-1-up ascii ' X f K Z 'j K'y'gi5i':i5" ,, 1 - ,.-- . , . . M -' -""' I . . . so ends the detailed memories of 1983-84. l94 ami ff'-" Bobbie Gabard shows her excitement to be in Mr. Davis's chemistry class. Chemistry buddies, Joy Billings and Robin Salisbury, show the famous buckwheat smile. M , r . Once a Tiger As the year came to a close, Gilbert students looked back over the year to see the achievements they had made and the places they had fallen. Both would affect their lives in the future. The Seniors, class of 1984, took a long look back, way back to the year when they were freshmen. They had come a long way since then academical- ly, physically, and mentally. They had their year on top, now it was time to take another step ahead. Some went to work, still others didn't know what they wanted to do, but as they looked back they realized that Gilbert had prepared them to take one more big step forward and what they had learned at Gilbert would always stay with them. The Juniors, class of 1985, got to take over at the top of the ladder. They had already started planning their Senior year. Graduation was the biggest question to new seniors, what would they do after they graduate? Would they still be with their friends? Would they even have enough credits to graduate? But as they looked back they also had come a long way and do not have much further to go before they too graduate. Junior, Jeff Morrow, being his own unusual self. W"""ei li. -il:--3 Al ys Tiger The Sophomores, class of 1986, were looking forward to becoming upperclassmen, preparing for prom, new cars and a lighter sched- ule. This was their first year at Gilbert High and they anticipate many things to happen in their future years. Each and every student had learned something to take with them as they moved up in life. Whether it was what they wanted to do in life, where they wanted to go to college, an equation in algebra, or just how to make a clay pot, each achievement pushed them for- ward. Many took a fall when they failed a class, didn't make a sports team, or lost a close friend in all the hustle of high school life. But they still pushed forward to the day when they would graduate. ln all the excitement, happiness, and hard work, each student left G.H.S. in the spring of 1984 with pride because . . . Once a Tiger ... Always a Tigerllllllllll Allison Jorgensen and Paula Cook, both sophomores, enjoy the freedom of high school. Junior, Mikc Isabella. daydreams during some free time in the library. - fn? me Brenda Smith, yearbook photographer, finally gets a picture taken of herself. Cecilia Martin and Michelle Huffman. both seniors. pose fora pic- ture. RE BER 1984? Senior, Kevin Davis, gives a final farewell to football and school. Homecoming Bonfires will be just a memory to the 1983-84 seniors. A personal yearbook goodbye from Kelly and Ju- lie. As we look back on 1984, we see a lot of crazy, serious and distinct experiences. Remember lighting your desk on fire with an alcohol burner in Lab Biology, ditching for the first time CAFTER your sophomore yearj, staying home Prom Night, and of course, overcoming those hard classes isome- times with the help of the kid sitting next to youj? High school provides a lot favorable memories for many people, regardless of the consequences you pay for having a little "too" much fun. With parental support, teacher encour- agement, and patience from your peers, the laughter and good times get you through it all, even though you somethimes seem to get lost in the confusion of pace-setting. lt's hard to forget those silly and embarrassing things you do, but, it's the daring and exciting challenges you set and overcome. That's what makes life easy to handle. Remember 1984! 196 Closing . :. gl.. E J iiigf- - jx-.,f.-2 I .,s.. :yylex .itv ,..,b x 1 K :U T F QWNQAJMJ -A I IVNOVC OPCPVIE Of Whali fad- O19 L10fn9fnQ Cifcfcfnd l,,ff 'f'L, VOVJ buf X J Cfmjoyeaf fd- whfn 50,06 youve Cmhjoyacf Pugh Jckaof C13 VVMJCVX CRS VNQM6. P363-P Wnghgf Bekmcjg Ucqgygf ff Y K Q X'wC1:C:fX XXGWQ, Q3 Q KIiXlCQR'N4NQgf C' k""X-L' XFN' 'xK,f'xij.ffl-f "'NfxllfTf5i g Nt 5 X -J If ' ,Rf i xl Q 1 N l T 54,-sm . "T, ! - J 1 O 0 X A gs Xgakffix ,X 9 Q N ju x Jf'Nf"'f W! N y ,W ' X' xg, gg-, W w1vQ,,x ,UN FX NW L- Q K NCN13 . Q ,csv Qgfx Z ,X 'fY,,NfCj, Cf' -j tx-15 iVXJQ4..fW f wxgkd KE XXL-1- xii?-5'x" " L ff' X X X Q W 'S k mg A S N R NLQAX Q n 1 A Q f + Ni - wx t. X , X Q. EQ 5 Q- D ,Aix wafllhcovvmuvwoh 006 x wk. Q16 if Qfwsflgmvllfy irguddjyggwnqwu Ngxcomxi WQQQS ,uJ.cL'vQdmn,Q Lao hh f, Ei,x,f3mA, 'AMWQMWJWME MWWLJAQQJ hmm lw8AT.Xg,g,L..l,0JfwwhbA0UJ,lCLUX, Mnwwfmdwmwqbfigwwwm fmcfmma WWW. ,gm bww .fum ,wwfjkfyldpiwkfqki WW C-M625 Nlwxo, MN UK 5-'ffm wwf 6 "sg jfilwfjxvijfii gym Q09 956:25 dw M5 Q 550 Jdbudopl ,, W Xgwi wwwajigiymkw zi ff W wx W 'iWS315yf"p'30wf M1400 1 . Away' jifzfou 0vwV647'! Wife V al-0' Zwvvtflflifwi-i J .Vf ' 0'L C I L! 11?emx w ffffbgff WQWZWMM M WLWM2 fffflf WMU Qmxeibh, ff"5f,Ja4w0QQ7,wfgMfX'5YLff'Q'Z'N ' ,1z,,J3Qm M5WWffynffwfQ'fWjw ,adm M72f'fWMJfLdJM 4Q2wW7ffW45x ,J-IWW. if-Aff X S 2CQzN 'C ,Ex QQ! f 5 NO' Q52 5' if Agfa 5 X2 fix Qs 5 0303040999 my GJ fo KO 52333 Qiimwisf M ge, Q 3 E55 ffifiw it , . W " 3 is ' Limifi Rf? xgigiifl K? U VQSQHQTE E ' iEfQms5Q, Q fg w gmgg X V9 my Eivggsvgjj x W 599 fQi5' k "' 'Qu V ,S Q: Q 'fl,5, M , W K2J,fmmJ4 5 wg 'Q ! fy? A J J WJ, A fx qyw M?XiiQfc,L xxx, X 'V 5 I W Wx Giyvwwsbili Gb V5 ,1,mQ,QL , W4,,fV1,,LM- R ,NJ Q U0 ww W PR GJ ll JQpf X ' x 1 3. 5 4 1 1 F 5' 5 2, ff -Q

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