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 - Class of 1949

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. ' R HM- M, .,,. , ., , a A 1 L 5,-mga. A. I.,-L. , . gg, ,,1,,2g:5g:,pg,2,,g.f.,gg,25q5.',,p5,f,45,' ,,1,,Qg:5g:,H,2,,55.,g,25j5.',,p5,f54,i 5,1!,ig:5g.'5,p!.1g,g.1 :nn 1 1,- 1 x , I Atv . 5- v Q :Y . Ji' 4 2 gffi. V -. .X . . wg, ' Wyfhxxsy ' 4' - A U, I , ,, f. -5. Q A f-" 5' ' tiki? 4 ..: -ul. X: - . . P' ' KW 'W G . i naw- .Q Q f 4: , A IN., . " ,sw . , w . ' 'fy ' - -4, -an , . L 4 ,. - 'L if '75 W 4 it " 4 A f nn, .. . ...R 4. ,1-M, 'sn wr "H if T' -, l 1 11" U , -1-1 pm? .75 ,D- 1 : . sl' Ny! -f ,J js Q, 4,,-'g,A,., .4 mi Q , fi, 'vu 1' . .F . f ., ,N ,, - ,W -mf , . ,Lf - - , , Z -' ' 1 'Yf'f L- , "fl-. , fm ' 'ai' I .- , W,- ' an , -, X ' ' ,. 4 4 in ,,,., qi- , -,, - 'V uf- ,fr 1.1 1 ,.,, 'I-mx. .f T . 'QA ,A 'N u - .ga-Q , A H ,gl E .. w 41- - ' ff- - if-f-'- - - 'L Mm N , . ' H I -7' . br, J- 4 Q Y l ' K qw 'lx' ' VV 6 "9 V ' A W' " ' I idk 1 we L, - ' a V ' V ,J-. 1 . , Ai, 1 , ' 1 M -f ,. A ,. 'IPI ., 1 " , -.- 5?-:--.-.. rl -.2 -FK ,ef wt kg , , -K vs ' 4' mr Wi ., W 'Mb' - W' V ' -Q hw 3... s vii- 'E' -.156 7 V 5 1 an V f -' . J' .. b'f,v'Q. Cf' ll A V: - ,QL 'K -5 -H 1 ,,,,,. , ar . - 'ff ' N 5. Q' ' -- D T 1 iff ' A -ef 'K ' A ff- ' , u ' 1 ' .W , - .gq 4. ' 'Q' f' , . rf ' ' ' M ' ' f . . .- - - ., '- zu .45 W 'ul 5' I v f, MA . H , , , . Q' ' L, ', nv' P 1' V - . - . in 1 1-. ,, '5.r":" " fe: . .. 5' Y '- K- ' Qu' ', Q':l"""'T':u' f- -a 31 nu- 34 -Q -- tpf, , , N, - . . ,,, . .N 5- ' 'N 3-M fs we-. 4' ' - . -"L 1' Y '- ' -1,1 'kfm A .fm . rl Nl M '- - r- P? . f . W- ' - H Q f ' .1 , uv M A xi. , . 1 H' S ' a . , ". ' ' . Xl 1, L' Q' . 3 - ff: 'I " A 1- ,sry , 4 1' ,f ' . M- . .. - i ' in X Q -39. X Xa 442-K 52 -: 3 .. - , 5 Q 1 , gg' V A Q ' 'M 4! J , 4 4,-Q -' X H0159 gy' Y Av in A S w -as - H" ,L . v.-J., .. YI H' A , w g - , gh- ff .- ., Wg, A -.sw 'P-"w'f-iv-Qhf. 1 9 ' f P ,Lf Mf' gk lluwv ,nw ,Z2d07,4,44Z1?acog, JWw.Ifj5ac,Zf -dui -fdfgfflawl' AMAL7.. 546444, 7'6b59 Ax E 4, 194 A ff A3 4 , .. N.. -M , f J, , . N. . 'AI . Q M at 6 J -! "" -' A ' A ,,,, H ,, HWWQQ MMG , , 5 5 f1fWEQf2'37lmfZf5EM7fb , M435 f7ff2M, xg J66iZ2Z3ZZ,,auZ4az7Kv ! , JZZAWvQJ6LMZ' KIA' , L2Z23?g25,Z2xZfZ3LZiZf?iaaQv1adZ.Auf fZmQ?Zf?7h 1 1, - 4: ww ff+we , X33- L 4.44 fimWfgyMg"f?w,x ,JVa,,,fU,f.,wwflf0' ,1,,9gfzwffVZff- JMWL 0' wvwfdfff ' h 'f 'Q .amz QAQA, , f dffvfrnb. Nix! I 10, fff,z5?fM ff,4,9rru4f, ? 12 Akai, AZLZZ ' Wimfaf ,J , Hcgdflf H I0 41411 I livdagff -4,446 C4-554651 730' 3 I I FT' -Zig Mm '? 5' wx O ,I s 3 ffm mpdadMMywm M ,,m,ff.2fzMif Imam' W' at zfwewc UAW: Mafia .am mmf amd Qfwidawm WMMWXMW xwwMZ?,WaQCm6wQ'2ZffM 7411.0 iff gf W, 2 wfffwwfwfw M .- 1 f I EW ,I I gl, Q J. H1-BSCHEL MORGAN Principal Bo S0 Concord M. S. West Virginia University ' JJAKAL, I .,4,LAA01"'U 4, 46142 ' we K 1 6 g A X K. N Au S63 , qlb V Y: ' 553' 1 f X . 'JS 1 i for MIP! Cl X422 Gamma! ' I ' 7 - ' . gg LQWELL PHIPPS md? 4,1220 a 1 1 A. B. Marshall Science and Math Graduate student I 51.14 ww ,Uw jALg..n71.4.1-0" AJLUW H75 flu, e fzwflfm f- !ixlv4"""4"' ' ptadiaf ff MAMIE BROWNINC- Librarian A. B. Marshall Grad uate student Q VUJENE WHITF A B rarshall Physical Educatlon ani Biolobical Science 7721a7Vam.Da ,,,Q,.,0f?'7l-Qzbj-'L4f'M'D LENA HOOKER HONTOS g My JWAW, f A. B. Marshall ' ' ' ' .,Qfn1l717" Reading and Journalism 2 Grad uate s tud ent ,Ifw - We Q 5 Z' X fm. , ,amd ,W ' fhkv 4241661 ,ww M, 'WWW' wav JM ' PIERCE FOX Social Studies--Asst. Coach A. B. Morris Harvey and Marshall FRANK HATFIEED Biology and Science Concord A. B. in Physical Education . 5 wmyb .J .sg gi f G., .-ff? , Hamm 4: wvwwzpv my mm izffhk E N , as 5' A - ii MARGARET HATFIELD Senior High English A. B. Morris Harvey 3 X JANICE LESTER Commerce Pikeville College Two Year Certificate , H1 MILDHED NALL f Physical Education and Hath A. B. am Mo A0 ' Marshall and West Virginia ' My mwzwvcg Im ,4,iLiff',Z.w,-C ' U7 'IQ ff ,awp Mm ,aw Jawa if ', ' I 'life MM jwfe if ob99A4y QE THELMA B HATFIELD Junior High English A B Marshall hmmwSwMm i 10 xy f' .udwm mwlffwi-wjyC'f4,0f jgfbfvruwub, E i I jv74UW7U- wwf ' 'Amg4jf ?i:Z2l2l3??i0LCZh4JZ 11 J,mz,.,4,4f'77Y4.4514fwA0 OQAAJ1AJ,d.. .,w'ru.Zo U ,, fhwavfb .,UL,U-'U-f'-Ufwf A -MM .Malia ,Z9ief - BOY CLINE Coach A. B. B. S. Social St ies Marshall, Concord, West Virginia University ESTELLE ELLIS Home Economics A. B. Marshall M. S. Ghio University art Work in and science GEORGE ELLIS Social StUd19S A. B. Marshall Post-Graduate work at Harvard Ifl 'X I -J Q? XX MLM 3 3,1 F C N zmifmmvg THELMA HATFIEID CLASS SPONSOR 'PRESIDENT : VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Cline Rita Walker "L dd 'dd' dd Ia dignified YOURS man" A kind hearted girl Has the build of a 3, good politician! with 8.I"UiSt1C t8.lSI1'b V-magnificent brute? gh na es somehow to lho will make her mark' ATh 1 all fgexgg timings ticking- Don't doubt 11:1 ' fffgiily cuff: 13 N s-0' NC' . ,Thr 'Ci ' sf BLAKE HATFIELD Could always be follnd J? with Harry and Dave And skipped school from E day unto day. ll PAULINE NOE HATFIEID A jolly girl we like to be nearg When with Tennis she says naught but, "Oh, dearl' X N ARLEY BLANKENSHIP p A gay little fellow with plenty of brains Who will make a fine fn '5- husband for a certain little dame. JANICE HXOWNING To kiss this peach requires some shoving Since to her all the world owes a loving. CLARENCE 'BUDDY' COLLINS A pleasant young man who before he is through Will be bound to say he is 'fixin' to do. 3 KEILCIE LESTER Loves that certain ex- . Q o cons ers er s . wnGI boym n ni I ' Q1 JL pride and Joy. Q sku- fl it 14- 'J E 3 E HAXINE HATFIELD When she's around one is always Wgladder.' We'1l remember her as FloSS1e'S shadow. iff a 5OHNNY Tora A tall young man.who loves his " p0KSI'- " Not a bad idea if he doesn' t get "broker. " ' JEnN GWINN Not Kelc1e's sister ELLIS In working he is never worth a dimeg But when ma sets the table he is always on time o ""'Y"'P 15 FLOSSIE HATFIELD Beautiful and quiet and queen of the class-- We'll surely miss this darling lass. DONALD CLINE A dapper young gentg loves a good timeg Flirting is his greatest crime. , pick a fight with one you'1l fight them both, mister FRANCES SCARBHIRY Always laughing and full of fun-- Her days of happiness are just begun. GARNH3 W EIR Tall, handsome and very politeg Likes Sleep in the day and fun at night. NETZEL CLINE A business-like man to the ladies no strangerg Nith one amiblton--to be a Forest Ranger. ICY BLANKENSEDIP at A nice quiet girl whom we all loveg Boys long to call her: "Little turtle dove.' 1 P 1 AV MARJORIE BELCHER She's popular in school with even the boys As she gaily indulges in hoydenish Joys. .3 Q , . o 'AQ' LUBERT BLACKBURN A h nd e young man who loves all the women Andawoglgl love to be pitcher for the Cleve- land Indians. ALMA GLANDON Would make a good wife for some fine preacher Since she dreads the training needed to prepare a teacher. ' g MORRIS MUSICK To him someday his classmates may come ' For help with decoration of their little dream homes. A. MILA BROWNING LOIS WHITED A cheerful young miss An attractive lady who with pleasant smile hopes to be a pilotg Will make some man feel To catch her with a boy- more worthwhile. drop around at twilight . RAY LESTER A great detective he hopes to beg He'll catch Babe, just wait and see. f t p 1' f' l FORMAN BLANKENSHIP BOB L---a- According to him he is a An attractive YOURS man g-eat woman hater W1f1O Will make 8 S3-'99-t And on this subject he's trader? a great debater. But everyone hopes he will be second Clark Gable. GENEVA TRENT1 This little lass so very neat has personality just as sweet. 18 5 JULIA BLANKENSHIP A dark-haired girl who is more than shy eww For giving an oral report can make her cry BENNY GRAVELY A blond headed boy who hates all women His two favorite sports are boxing and swimming. Q TETTY LOU SHULL A kindly nurse Betty has ambitions to be- Full of cheerfulness and dignityg GRETA FLO HATFIELD A girl with such wit and such grace Can be fully expected to get someplace. ' 19 ,Y JAMES HINKLE A short ducky boy who always helps the school And likes all ki ds of sports but never shoots pool. VIRGINIA MOORE A village postmistress she will be Always sociable and pleasant to see. F' 5' mg' RICHARD ELLIS A tall slim boy who is a basketball whizg When he shoots he makes the nets burn and siz. EMILY STEWART ' o I -if A gay young miss with a pleasing smile 5 Who will always chat for just a f little while. BOB ALLEN DORIS HATFIEID With a twinkle in her eyes She will always smile just a little bit. And who wouldn'y who has Her quick and easy wit. Picture not availables VILEMA CAMPBELL 21 Bob Allen--a woman loving boy Nho is out for fung But when it comes to studying books 'Xb He's an A-l bum. 2 n,n XL. tl EILEEN Toms A sweet-natured girl We'll remember for lifeg It won't be long before She becomes a good wife. DAVE, MULKEY About his basketball They always raveg But the girls they rave Just because it's 'Dave Q MWWWWQ J cami? mmmi t am!! ,dad 7206 5:1225 2353335222122 MM My W J Banquet. ' -A,dA,LL Aww? QA ?,,d Zfmxf. M66,mmJM' ,adymfvj oamflffgbwz' bmw Mxlfiw zfwZf.fzif27fv7o'u- fmldfiwffpwm I --vi . A ' " x '- , I-F F 5,43 i1 - azz i Pictured above are a SPOUD Of the Junior Class of '48- ,4,4,i,dZ,Z!cz, mwfkmw Zafwdf 1141, ,Azmwf The banquet must be held in the gymnasiu to accommodate the two classes. Gilbert's student body y.has rapidly outgrown the building. l.AK!iDlH 11.1. V BHD gubbed nthe play with the most interest- J .,44,4,4,4' A1 ne PJ-Ot" to be shown in Gilb t 1 - eral Years, Legg Rivers was psrtragegegy CuaQ4K7 Cmllfkd 1 vfnnxuuwfedblf szzju C www .:'.1..l.'av nun. ........,.,..- ---nl I., Gra Nichols Maxine Rita Walker as nny , Hatfield as Aunt Milly, Clarence Collins as Caesar, Second Row: Mila Browning as Lucy Graham, Charles Cline as Frank Graham, Betty Lou Shull as Anna Livingstone, and Morriss Musick as Malcolm Everett. Third Row: Bob Cline as Durward Bel- exploits will not be mont, Janice Browning as Caroline Living- enumerated here. Gagm, stone, Ray Lester as Junior, Pauline Hat- Weir, Bob Allen' and Jr field as Mrs. Livingstone and Simon Perry Rubal Browning ' as John Livingstone. Q' Fourth Row: Greta Flo Hatfield, Kel- cie Lester, Lois Whited, and Emily Ste- wart, supporting cast. 1 Uhree YOURS men have done mammoth shares of work to keep things op- Grating in the Senior Class. With Benny Gravely and Forman Blanken- igirlgsgivggmggtriots they elected ' e name ' - of Gilbert creek. of Uhlverslty 23 Vffff ,af fl l f 4 K- 353473 fpffdl, 9 A Cyfgf' , u ff IIA' If 'ju I cl 'ff f'?'f4',i 'ff ffl ff ff! Leading the commencement procession in May of 1048 were Floesie, Morris, and Ann. Ray was not available for the picture. X va,,,U,c,fi,a.fb,-f2v1.ov1b, ,zyzevcrfmzi if my In 1948 the F0rty.y1nerS lost Manning, one of the Darrell Brumfield who is no, st popular cl-ss mm f in the Philippines near Manila rs, left the class in with an ordinance outfit. "' e summer of 1946 to at 1u f:4JWMl6zAijaM cififa end Ceredo-Kenova. 1 ,Q 4"'fg55 V UW 'ggi 'g'. - "' it k' it ti Pictured above is a group of 'boys and A gfrls who planned to continue eduoa 9 tion tor ther Some were droDPed and otherx added but those who remain can . find familiar faces here q I . 4 --1 -or-v f -' A D ' t 'I L - 1 EE- ' 'E .':.."1-'lt .Qs 5 i .x , ' - E-'Z r, " 4"r -- q vvp' ' w . X Qu '3'j tx , gig' we kd ii ,f Q, r X - 4 ', Q 'ff e - , r page -L e 1 l 1 ' Fm- r . C1 ' lv, , '.- I g ' l 1 i 'Iv 'I A9 'I '. 'A ' A N 1 1 - 'fe 1 X -- w gh Q !-Q"Qy . " l - -. Q A . V, V - N g', V i X A I 3 if X 1 3 0 O 24 W 1 PX 1 W Views? f "f f .f ' J 7 f f-W5 ' 1 'I f w - A f sfw . .Aww 4, , ,sf 1 MNA. fa. , f - Z. .3 0 I fu, V ,L 1,3 V ,kg 4 ' , ,Q Wwfmf' 7,1 WW' I .Abu-M ,W ., .. V , . X -L Q, ' Z ,f X A .A I G an-f 'ff ,Q - ' We ' . Q. s if -Wi, . , 1 W'-11:7 A l B 3 ,. V AU f 2 ,fly ,,,,,,,, ,,,. ,,,... G ..., , .. :gp " , ' 3 ffl-1 - g f 'g , , ' 'f K! ,. 'A.fl:f ,- U X K Q gf f 1 W. I g gp L ,Ll i -f A , . 1 3 ' I 5 i , X 3 I , 0 Z , rms Dearest of all memories of Gilbert scenes is tne high school building which houses 396 pupils. I 'ff vu Aww X. V V I v . , of JZ? ,rf - u , x, 3 Qing.. ' X z z " f-,fgswqg f + S 5 I Q k . , -- fxfiff f, f .. 'S ' 5 ff. f ff ff ', 4 11 ,fs , -wr ,f e Q - f W .. ,lv I . ff 1 ,25 ., fy, ? H of ,n,.np2, . M- V ,Q L,,- 'V , J., , f ' ff 9 'w a 2 4 Q ,rig ' au, ,Q ,,., ' ' 'aug' Q, .42 . M .,w,,,,1.u H ' f '- . ' 5 ' 'L 1' itat began f - Un Gilbert' H0111 5' """- 00th N" "J-OD www tion in t're 5 n gr d has ?du2:w frame Sgigiluin use- eed more spage? and highgggzzol have 'mich is Familiar scenes to every student lie along the creek, the river, tee highway and the railroad. T1 o 25 ' QYQSVU gfigfovg The long-awaited and yet much dreaded day in September of 1945 came at last and once more the halls of Gilbert High School were resoun ing with the noisy chatter of students who were back in school after three months vacation. Unnoticed by the rest of the school was a group of shy boys and girls, the seventh grade of '45- '44. There seemed to be consternation on the face of everyone who belonged to this group. While wondering what to do, they were soon hustled into a big room which they learned was called the auditorium. The class was composed of boys and girls. Yet wondering what to do, they were divided into two divisions and each division was given a spon- sor. One sponsor was MRS. THELMA HATFIEID and the other sponsor was MH. JAMES HARLESS who was later replaced by MRS. ETHEL TRENT. Highlight of this school year was the Hallowe'een Carnival. JAMES PEAK and JUNE MANNIN3 were elected king and queen of the carnival. During this year, these boys and girls acted like a bunch of scared jack-rabbits. When asked a question in class, each was afraid to answer even though he thought he knew. But somehow, as seventh graders always do, they finally struggled through the first year. School bells, when they rang the following fall, found that many of these fledglings had become discouraged and had fallen by the wayside. With solemn face, the boys and girls talked in low tones about one of the outstanding members of the class, JAMES PEAK who had been fatally injured when he fell while swinging on a grapevine. New members of the class this year were BENNY GRAVELY and WETZEL CLINE. Class sponsors this year were MRS. THELMA HATFIEID and MBS. MAMIE BROWNING. The year proved very profitable and the eighth grade was so much wiser, or so they thought. The next year brought additions from Glen Alu three of which remain today: JOHN TOTH, CLARENCE NBUDDYW COLLINS, and AUBERT BLACKBURN. That year, these future-geniuses were becoming very wise indeed and much more familiar with the rest of the school. Before realizing it, they found group was starting in the tenth grade those who were missing from the class VIRGINIA VINCENT, and CHARLES CROWDER history of the school, the Sophomore another year gone and the in the fall of '46, Among this year were JUNE MANNING, . For the first time in the Class had to be divided. By this time, these boys and girls who had been timid seventh graders at one time were quite worldy-wise and prided themselves upon the following characteristics: ability to talk, good looks, magnificent personality, and the ability to drive teachers crazy. Three mem- bers of'the class: BOB CLINE, SIM N PERRY, and LENNIE CLINE were taken into the National Honor Society. ANN CLINE was elected to a three year term as cheer-leader. When these boys and girls returned as Juniors in '47, several 26 started to study in earnest and the m membership of the Honor Society. Thi longer divided. All were gathered toge ost industrious boosted the s year the class WSS DO ther un er the motherly Wing of MRS. THELMA HATFIELD. SIMON PERRY was elected class president ANN CLINE vice-presidentg and FLCSSIE HATFIELD, secretary-treasurer DAVID MULKEY was outstan ing on the basketball courts and RICHARD ELLIS and LOUIS RCBINETTE showed signs of developing into future stars. This SCARECROW best play Also this among themselves that it was one of th given at Gilbert High School. A new club, a branch of the Be Gilbert High School this year. Severa Class became members. Juniors belonge which was a great success. The annual year they presented the wid CRREPS and all agreed among ever to be given in Gilber year they gave the Junior-Senior banquet and again agreed ely talked about playg THE themselves that it was the t High School's auditorium. e best banquets ever to be ta Club, was organized at l students from the Junior d to the school boy patrol class party was universally enjoyed. As a whole this Junior year was more successful than any preceding year. In the fall of '48 the group once of their beloved school. This time th happy voices, but they realized it was the happy sounds of an opening day of four new-comers: LOIS WHITED, FRANCES and VILMA CAMPBELL. Two had been lost and LENNIE CLINE. Of the students who entered scho more gathered in the halls ey led the noisy chatter and their last year to join in school. The class gained SCARBERRY, EMILY STEWART, by marriage were: RUBY'DEAN ol in the seventh grade 51 pulled through safely. This class is the largest class ever to be graduated from the high school. Tho' stormy winds may rock That we shall sail upong the ship Tho' billows make us toss and tip So we sink like the stoneg Tho' we are rocked both to Cut on life's chilly brine and fro, S Courageously we'll onward go-- This class of forty-nine. Ten thousand bags of wind may roar And try to sink our shipg And tho they blow us all the more on On this oceanic trip-- They cannot Since we'll That we all Way back in forty nine. 27 make us lower our sails still have that shine hailed at Gilbert High fx-J C . L-, if A fig 3 Ulu G WUW5 ii Jean Jonita Toler ioger Adkins W 3 2 A .ff ' 4. 'n Jean C011inS Lena Belle Smith J J e, J f f an B111 J Blankenship Christine Bowman Mildred Spence SPONSOR Roy Cline Rubal Dorothy BTOWDHIS Fortner Enryd 166 Joyce Ferrell Perry Rachel Morris Hatfield Faries ,, 4 , W! W r,,, B111 Aker J Frankie Y , Hatfield -as .ffl'x 1 1 l 5 Bid Conley Leona Piper Eiward Clay Nira Roberts Donald Ellis Collins .5 f 'W 4 1 I' ll.: or ' Marvell Colangelo Alice Smith Carol Weir Troy Browning Del Rae HB 615 Stone Faye Harris Anna Bene Brewer Re una ' wend Bowman Kem-,ed y 'Q A Jimmy Fletcher lquilerl 3 1 Pictures not available Ronald Hatfi eld Thelma Blankenship J'l1l18.Il Hatfield B111y Kegley Louis Robinette 15iE5Q X525 is 7 S ww XUXJ f HUIMETTEES 31 Mildred Nall ------- Ten A E 4 K . Q ty.. Donald Cline Marjorie Ellis Ruth Hatfield Eloise VW -P vi WY! A ' ,sf Gene White ------ Ten B Calla Mounts Arnold Murphy Frances Ann Trent 5 rv Q fd Mary 3m1th Sara Lee Janet Ellis V 1 3 I' f af? layona Smitht .51 3,5 Norma Grubb Willard Dessie Mae Ritchie lj Lorraine Justice , ry, WL ,W ,gf U ,, J I ,, , ,Ur 5 4 , , ,N 5 I :lg V, Clarence Hatfield Clarice Mounts Franklin Noe I ,d8,I'1'1 9 D 68-I1 Curtis Pauley Jane Brumfield Hillard Harris Freida Mae Dickmeyer Dwaln Cline 'Fw fp f-'Ph fy w ff ll hioggfla l i+'? t 'tY,fY of J Qt 'Q tif J 9 V if J J Q Gladys Lester Franklin Shuue l HEY CI'8WfOI'Q Rhoda Ellen Bragg i- TSM? FV 7' FL fC'fY'f 32:5 V55 'ffl f' 'HS WF ' 7, ,Q ,X ,- AG Mfavflwy sw ,wx 4, ii f, ww- za .S2,ft,f,4 2, .-'vw-sz ov 41,22 gm of .2 few ' LCS - A Milf : ml W ' . 'ml 2242? 4 S X f ff, 'I Lffizjli .J , 2 Mi-z J K, , ,Q A , ,ff .,,,4-'A TW gf--'ICFWF ' "Vw 'E f-t7Z.2" J e f ,. , 2 MF J. - X, V X wgfsbgtywfq- V. ' as - A Qbxci V , B111y Trent -Jean Eleanor Fox Boyd Johnson Jean Brumfield 33 Bonnie Hatfieldl Richard Cline 'S - .. SI. ...' -- ' N ' Q.LsgEMQWW V 'fwfywwmwwwm . dwremwsmwwm: . Janet Justice Glenda. Grubb Marie A 'N L . . .N 2 x...w vi elf N' Starlln. 'Collins Eloise Browning Buddy Hatfield - Browning anice Hatfield Lorene Nester Martha Sue Walsh' Madeline Trent f ' . Cline Helen Brown 'Q 9 , if , E ,If X 4 ,. vi Alton Blankenship Farles DOI'18.ld Joan lay Alma Jean Trent Pictures not available: C Fred Owens ' Jack Cline ,,.4 f-1 4 WW f J 5 , nrt W'f,:fwwww , ' W5 X f f f 9 f ffm f f 74 .. fm if 1 W f :V I ,V ,V g ff?" f ff V'-.hut 49: N n 1 K . ff , A rw I ' ' f 7 Fha: ' A Frank Ellis- ' 1 A, fm ,3 M . my Aw, ., W4-,Q Q., . ' ' J ' ' n gmegikzijif, L . .f Nancy Justice 7 ww 4, f gr .V n seen 'WWwwM In X f Lloyd Hatfield 46" Joan Blankenship CO-SPONSUHS Mamie Browning- ---------- Nine A Pierce Fox ----- +Nine B Wafezkywde V K? 4 4 'ak Z. ,. 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All X I NN ,J evo Mai,e,wem,W.Va. 41 5 .-N., , ,W sf E Vx r XX C ' f'iQlQ ndlh., Ronald ' Merriman Jahet Ferrell Goad Blonnie Blankenship I CO-SPONSORS Jan ce Lester--Seven A Margaret Hatfield--Seven B Tina Inu Spence V JE r-,v :LJ Russell Blankenship .-fr -Q I 4 f r 'Y 2' Zella Faye Ellis Harold Cline Qaeda T f E - 3-. 4 fi 1? 1 nv L11 ,E for U Judge Mullins Jean Lester h K ipik ' ffl Qlff 5 , x 'Ng Bomaine Hubert Browning Endicott ,Q pr , W J ft B111 L Car0lYn y ester Collier sms? y 1 'S fa .'- Q Shirley Davie Collins Ronnie Musick Essie Perry ,f - , :gore "if f e- a -eaf sqm 44MQ:t1Q ,W emfe4fJ5w? kg granny , i Kenton Snodgrass Carol Ann Browning FTanKlin' Dye , , v"'rnZU4fW7Q I W 'imannlllu-..,:ff VX? Norma Murphy Robert Allen Irma Murphy Ernest Johnson rHvfe2,65Qi B ra,aenMn ,K , ,.,, Naomi Ruth Browning Chester Hatfieldf Dolores Harless 'VW Charles Hill Sylvia Walker l Pleasant Browning i Evelyn Hatfield: Billy Peak ni an 1 I YQ. If M? I Lois Lester Homer Kitchen Emma Gail . Murphy If Q S z f Av be pp Donald Hatfield .- ig, mC L- X ' ' :QW Louise Thompson .0081 .,.. ,sg -WM . , , Emerson Taylor Gracle Browning Divlght Hinkle N Phy1lisMCl1ne 'ru it-vxll X,,, N .A J 1. W .QZQVY J Larry Lester I 'fe '. ' r 'J Margaret Smith Junior Jud e .ly Opal Hatfield ., ,IG ff-y ..f 1- fx 'IKE' Jack Hatfield - .wk- .f Uv N 1 f 1 fX is MgfyLDotson Harold Noe Lila Perry . p pf? - an .p X Q' 4 in A . 3 3 . :Al 1 .J pp E 5 If L I and X Charles Dotson f J Imogene Browning 1 fo 1- I Lowell Gibson Lavelet Thompson Raymond Cline Marie Dotson , 44 3 2 Mildred 'Elkins 9 t' f 4 C MQQ4 3 Gail Billups W Mm rfi gigs wwew 'WW f ,f . if ' 5 -, I C , 1, V, , f I -if x"7f"N:",' .ww I jf' I ff Z YJ f ' 2 C 4 I Jean Collins Y ' ? C , 'Z ,fri seven . 1 qu mmm X . ' ' .,, Aff 5 r-?Q Q ig 3 lg 'Q fish 'll' 3 Martha Ann Johnny Brewer Dove C 'rf WQZ rf'W1hC Jhnior Dawson, Gloria Brown :fl Q ,C V w 'six ,,9 S MQ i f 'H ' Allie J h R Blankenship Eilggy ay gfaffell B111 Pictures not available: n Chris Smith Elmer Mullins Robert Nichols 45 ,,, ve, I K j? 5 I C Ni - Iffx Helena Baize Donald Glllilani Bonnie Blankenship Bert Cline. Q- Q V510 jff L9 C xffw L M2 TQ 15603 QSX ky 'WM Aman 'ln' Wy -THE NBW TEAM Left to right, first row: Buddy Hatfield, Don Cline, Jack Clineg Seco d row, Jim Hatfield, Ray Crawford, Rubal Browningg Third row, Hillard Harris, Slmen Perry, Mgr., and coach Boy onine. Winning 15 games a d losing only 5, this group Qflboys had a very good recordz' They never lost twice to any single team. Among the teams they defeated 'this year were Grundy, Matewan, Sharples,, Man, Chapmansville, Chattaroy, Kermit, and others on f The team was paced in the scoring department by Don Cline and, Jack Cline, the forwards who scored 256 and 250 points respectivelyg Center Ray Crawford handled his, position and scored approximately 175 pointsg Hillard Harris and Jimmie Hatfield were at the guard positions most of the time, and showed plenty of promise for next year on the Varsity squads Also alternating at the forward and guard positions as subs were Buddy Hatfield and Rubal Browning. ' 47' THE CHAMPS 4 5 Front: Troy Browning, Hillard Harris, Donald Dye, Barry Cline. Second: Jimmy Hatfield, Bill Blankenship, Richard Ellis, Coach Roy Cline. Third: Manager Simon Perry, Donald Ellis, Dave mulxey, Louis Robinette. 7711. ".J4.e7 Ana! Jp.7am,' 64-QCA 5 L41-all f wi ,,i:':L ' 2232 ia THE CHEERLEADERS , ,M W' W X -0 v QQ Ll ix gn 'SD D.L.ccu1ul' FOX . Christine Bowman, Ann Cline, Jean 48 l S ' '- W T ,, A WA A N , , A A, h ,4 ff i 1 ffwx y " I 1 ' W n QZQ w1 .QES MI. yew V lf '1 4 R Si A W' vfegigfwg vi 5, om ff? gggyggf Q 'L 6 E 4 if . N r6fhe",, Q W 7Of"'fdQ1,vwgff 0'J:Kr"'? 44 4 I 11 SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL One of the best teams ever to play for Gilbert and probably the one which will be remembered longest walked off the floor with the section 50 championship under their belt on February 4 and 5 in the Logan gym.. They knocked off the highly louded Iaeger team in their first game by the score of 51-40 and came back the next night to overcome Chapmansville 54-50. The Iaeger team could not discover the L1on's defense. They thought it man to man but it was coach Cl1ne's fastly becoming famous 'Sliding Zone.N The defense worked very effectively against Iaeger but man to man was necessary to stop Chap ansville. n the Iaeger game Richard Ellis probably could be picked as the boy whm 'saved' the game. He played a brilliant floor game and figured pro- minently in controlling the backboards after center Dave Mulkey was pulled out for last minute use. Cline was the high point man with 19 points. Donald Ellis certainly played the best game of his career at the Chapmansville game. Placed on the all-tournament team from Gilbert were Cline, Mul- key, and Blankenship. Robinette of Gilbert would also have been placed on the all-tournament team had it not given too much rating to Gilbert over other schools. INDIVIDUAL RECORD OF PLAYERS PLAYER YEAR IN Pos. No. or eaves FG sa' FIA :F TE SCHOOL PLAYED IN H. Cline Sophomore f 24 ll? +2 68 ef 276 Browning Junior f 17 s2 19 fl ei 101 D. Ellie Junior' f H 21 6c 29 66 Q2 1L5 R. Ellis Senior f fl 31 12 33 Q9 7b D- Mulkey Semor c L57 29 78 61 12. F. Mulkey Junior g ll 7 15 21 L. Robinette Senior g 31 18 56 50 go B. Blankenshlp Junior g 92 56 122 82 Zbo D, Dye Sophomore g 7 U 20 18 IF n, Harris Sophomore gn Q 1 2 6 Totals 458 211 482 416 1087 TEAM RECORD Gilbert ju Sharples 29 Gilbert eu Vatevan ul Gilbert eu Grundy to GllD9Tt on Ch3F'V11 Q8 Gilbert 39 Grundy 27 Gilbert Q5 Phelps 50 Gllbert 36 Burch 69 Gilbert fb Nan 20 , Gilbert 49 Chatlroy 46 Gilbert Q9 Chat'r0y U? Gilbert 32 Uhap'v1l Nj G11D9TI 53 Sharples 53 Gllbert 22 Kermlt nu Gilbert 46 Lenore 40 ' Gllbert 57 Lenore M8 Gllbert 50 Kermit 22 Gilbert 41 Phelps 39 Gilbert 62 N tewan 74 Giloert ul Burch M7 Gilbert 40 Nan g 5b SECTION 50 TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS: Gilbert 51-Iaeger 40 FINALS: Gilbert 54-Chapmansville Hg REGION 8 TOURNAMENT Hatewan 70 Gilbert 55 50 H V Y r 1 Y W JUNIUR HIGH cnammxnms Martha Ann Dove, Phyllis Davis, and Kitty Cline JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Left to right: Front Row: Auldie Collins, Bill Goan, R. D. Allen, Cli e Lynwood Davis Seco Row- Jack Jackson, Mgr. Ray Gary n ,r . . , Bragg, Jack Phipps, Bill Dove, Bud Cline, David Weir, Coach Pierce Fox. Third Row: Ivan Trent, Mgr., Bob Thompson, Carl Wilson, Jim Blake Hatfield. 51 STUDENT COUNCIL C1948-19495 The Student Council of l948-49, although having many experienced members, has not been as efficient as previous ones. This has probably been due to sev- eral changes in the principalship. The Council, however, supervised the election of the Carnival King and Queen. In addition to the King and Queen, a Prince and Princess' contest was also held. Financially, it was termed a success. The Council, also sponsored the election of Junior and Senior High Cheerleaders. As usual the new members were initiated before the student body in mock ini- tiation ceremonies. F future plans the Council hopes to cooperate or with the Journalism Class in starting plans to raise funds for a football team. 53 ROARING LION STAFF First Row: Rita Walker, Art Editorg Flossie Hatfield, Layoutg Maxine Hatfield, Club Editorg Forman Blankenship, Asst. Artg sec- ond Row: Ray Lester, Business M nagerg Charles Cline, Editorg Janice Browning Class 121511101-g Ann oline, Publicity, and Simon Perry, Editor JOUHNALISM CLASS The Journalism class writes articles and stories for the L1on's Roar, Gilbert High School's bi-monthly school paper. These write-ups are edited, corrected and rewrit- ten by members of the Press Club who print and publish a duplicated paper. Beginning left to right by rows: Benny Gravely, Fran- ces Scarberry, Eurydice Perry, Rita Walker, Jim Fletcher, Edward Clay, Clarence Collins, Rubal Browning, Pauline Hatfield, Vilema Campbell, Richard Ellis, Billy Kegley, Aubert Blackburn, Lois Whited, Simon Perry, James Hat- field, Blake Hatfield, Dave Mulkey. 54 'Ui' NRTIONRL HONOR SOCIETY Reading from left end of second row aroungathe table: Richard Ellis, Bob C1ine,.Charles Jimmy tfield, Jimmy Fletcher, lSimon Perry, Ray Lester, Flossie aatfield, Mrs. Estelle Ellis, - lbrris Musick, Virginia Moore, Betty Lou Shull, Greta Flo Hatfield, Geneva Trent, Benny Gravely, Retha Bowman, and Emrydice Perry. S Absent when picture was taken: Ann Cline, Alma Glan on, Jonita Toler. The National Honor Society which is sponsored by the Association of Secondary School Principals granted a charter to the Gilbert Chap- ter in 1945-44? Based upon the four cardinal principles of service, leadership, character, and scholarship, this organization 'is a chal- lenge to those who excel scholastically to excel in service and lead- ership as well. Students' who are eligible by scholarship are votedw into the organization by members a d a faculty committee. N At present, members of the committee are Mrs. Estelle Ellis, Chairman- Mrs. Thelma Hatfieldg Mrs. Mildred Nall, Mrs. Lena Hontos, and the principal who is a permanent member of the committee. Officers for the present school term are: President Charles Cline, Vice-President Bob Cline, Secretary Greta Flo Hatfield. 55 , 5 I Q I L I Fi ' if"x 1, .W ffl t l ls 9 4 2 A 4 f hi' THE BETA CLUB The Gilbert Chapter of the Beta Club was formed by M . James O. Greene in the school term of l946-47. This club promotes honesty, character, and achievement. Its unique characteristic is that those students who do not rank highest schslastically but who yet have attained worthwhile citizenship may hold member- ship. At the end of its first year, the Beta Club held a balance of sixty-two dollars. During the current year, the Club sponsored one square dance and took care of the cloak room at the carnival. The Beta members have voted to use the entire amount of their treasury to purchase a clock and bell system for Gilbert High. AXWAYS Boosrma A FINE HIGH SCHOOL A FKNE TOWN Si no ere omplImerLtS From DSNEBDOIJUIID G30 UIQUUUUMDOS or, H!!! s a personality of many interest S S ,Q EQ- Left to right: Principal Morgan, M153 Margaret Leckie visited and 4-H Leader Moses Hensley, Asst. taught a special reading demon- Superintendent Ferrell, Reading stration class at Gilbert early Supervisor Mattie Varney, Super- in February. Members of the re- intendent Troy Floyd, and Asst. medial reading classes taught by Superintendent Grant Kennedy. Mrs. Hontos participated. ' 7 Christine Sue Elizabeth Ann Jean Eleanor Jb,lrl r Cleopatra and pets. 57 Compli ment'3 of S3125 SC-EYVQCG The mon beautiful buy cf' al' Itg the new CHEVROLET ifor 'H GiIbevt'W.Va. 58 NQL Q , .xf X ,Q X W2 M my Q w afwwxwxi VUHNRTURE CG. GUbEYf,WVa. , .U rv '40 IQWWES IH Ogfijm Gyms Q WMEBQVQVQ Q WMS 7 Mww Qmm Maqlag pradaelzs vffome Furnishings Supporting an god School GM It Wva au the, time! I cr 7 ' ' i Logan ,W.Va 3, 1 A'W31jS W E The QEOEZZTET Mmm Smcgjst DRUG CC. Wkshes 1594 aldloganftrcctf t phdll-8 175 ' 'qmsomwva' wffffamsm MV1. mounbsx Ckarage Harley Davidson Sales Qlgervfces Gilbert, W.Va. ERAWFORD19 Food MarK6'o Fancy Meats and groceries -'Tf5pIamehts 09 W mmm Sid H135 UPNCDUCDDO S QeneralStore 0 CHU E S Groceries Cold Drink? Umcc. Q05 Hampaen, OJ Make our Store. your Stove CCH oyfo Super Market Alwa3S BBOOSTEY Of Qfinkft Uhreo Moy Um LUNCH COLD DRINKS GaS Oil lvlrs. Hobofb DCIESOH QLI.herb..WM:x.. ' !'l WU W x Fri! F. IWXVHQHWS GILBERT, wvfm. E !vvE, 'ThHQQ5 hkll N-2. THE Qmmfgwmss FV1C3qJgiIGlouMIgiifglligilrtgj Gilbert, W.V3. Phone lK+ Compliments of 1 in mlyerli ng ie Com, QQMPANY Gilbert,W.Va. u 1llElWVl!EUMLRlU3 EHNK UF QOMMEHCE ' Ir UmassumfQ1raRs SUUDUDUXY HUG Mine and Mill Supplies Williamson,W.Va. CEUMD Ikmumx CIQQU Efmmwmw Seniors of today . make the community of tomorrow X ForThe Finest inguxulrj 'We qtmewt, MWBMS xYli2EYQS'bC,d Wk Pwome Qnbemoum and m Q3S CIMDQYVS FLLMLYQ 8 Sh UULBAUUFUGF CQYHQQQJ Enfineer Gilbevt W.Vcx. . . ' For CN!! Coal d fbh yv. ener ine Yi Ymo Zeekogeeaaty A da al Eng e ng Dotsorx Bal Ning Qest Wishes 5, , To the Senior Class oc .wa 00061 LUCK Hom x v Namnal me ? C680 Nr Russell Mxjexs Glen Alum,W.Va. CBQJQK ears ERQQ-ebucla and COTUPGUH E v ervdt hi ng For the 510mg Hfamglg Williamson, W,Va, Him Furmb ure Co. alta Easg to P33 The Lewiswagw Wi Hi am 3or1,W.Va. Com lime-,nts 045-1- ILLIHVHSOH W H LY W Q , Ms V WILLIAMSON, w.vA. fimfdywewmdmnjlalzawf UNH Mining Company Phone 3K C5ilbert,W,Va. 333orO3r1iOlerB Drug C ompong 'lxmliamsonj Sundaes Cosmetics School Supplies lOreScr-lftfon Speciaffsts C omp liments of: Alba E30 mickel HO East Second Avenue Compliments of : Williamson? New lVl0tl6ITl MENS SUITS Solln Br-ot he rs,-nmely Clothes Knox. Hats Jiayson, :Skirts A 1 lllCOlWDXl Special Shop Ear Ladies Phone nomo Williamson Wva. Sscouo nvsuue 23 l lilifesx ll. Cornpliments Of: The all Furniture Company Willi amson, W.Va mob ?, IHCOTVHEEUQTSE U.UmbGV E00 T.-DRUG STORE Fun Line E Where thelxjons Mee of Building . L-I N megan I Fl A EBGVWYWSY cxvijwemore UfATFnELDx5 Q I I bert EDEPARTMENT STGRE Vg -ENN W 9 G Q3 eww . THQC13 res Ummwmm QEQWCQQ Cornplivnents QP: EUUUDCECQSS Mimmmfa MQUO QLOMH1 NG STQR15 wearing Appavel I Loganvwydy Logan,W.Va. U V I V moggg I Q U3UmmUJceUss " Logaris Fi nest p hotogmphsn 71 Sheviwcfl of Mingo Countg my Us UMEG BQQLFL3 ghop Om imevx San oo uc romvf' I UMKC Iglmwcfww PROSECUTING ATTURNEY g!cA.aa.Z,a.QfQ ,4Mfm.h,,rfLq1l1w,sfLa4-Zwwwfwfawt 4f'f'ML'J"i5md1'w'7MfZfL"'A' gmmz ' dw wfq,f5wffWW 'f ! 5' ' fiiif , Q Q W A 353 J H 5 -1. -' f .49 Q, 4, ' Rl, ., .. V Ka .5 'gg , ,.. 1, fy 1 r Y Y l is 4 5 ,, . ' I ff K , A 1 6 A I x -I 1 5-' W, Z I f K I Y u""'?3! -1- A w,-yn -1 ,ny- , - A ' , g f -""'.. ,-f v ' .V 1 ' ' ' 19 . - . f .a

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