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,iff 1 I ' 1 fu W , 0 vvzfdfffybg, ' U K ,M W W V Lf f,, .f ffV M dfg wbj Wi if gl MMM . M 'f awk! ,N lwfmqgjffw , QW 'af 'QL J. 1- Dwi 1 war wffdfy ' ,fw, ffffV"A!! .Aww WML LV, VLJJLYLLI 7L,,,,, .,7ZQU,vQ lk '- 1 5. ,Ai f' -.Y -..--L "- ' .3 F,-,L-,. - fr. g ---I-,l,, ?,,.f fl.,-N ,fi-fd .1 ,....,.-.Q I ,,.l.--- x, ii X, 4, , 19? - - - ---3 Ti ... 'Tuf- X ,. --'QW4 - -2 "' L ' 1' N -Q '-Q' k... -1 '1 il .: - wg 1-iz-' -.4 fl H x- . wg .-fit, , ... E E 1 2 j x ata f I X. ,- --..,,. .. ,Y- . 1' RQ4' .., - -Jw-,. -ii 4 -. ,..... ..- -- ',,.... if. - f':. Q.: . x J - x in ff .f ,I fy 3 .fx K 1 -V" ?i f ffjdgl 145 N .L ' 1 f Za - 3+ 4 yf - W A - ,gg W fi f 1 V I, ,I ,. , ' -Q- Hi: YA ii . A f. fT 2 1' iii? 8 ' 1 fi i - ' Q ..., 7,,,, , Y !! ' K 17:6 394 ' g4f ' 'Ti' Z-?,,,ff 116 1 4' ,-. Q if -' C A -r Q fa . f f " . , . f . nw' , W , 'i ' ' , ' 114-? f 'f ,,-?- 7' ,fp ' ff, , 4, ,ff,a, : - , , - ' , 5 1, ,., -34, . 2+ 'ff' A., 1 , - S ,-2:-Ig-gir l J ff , p- 1.. -l " A- .- , ..f2 "K f f 2 1 'ff - ' if L,!4- ' f ,4 if 49, ' X 4 , fy L X -,f , 4 ' f Cf: I 1, ' ' ' - " 5 z-fiffff-A ,.,f ' if 1-'- -- f ,QA 1 - ff: . f - W - lf ,, i-4 ,f f ' 1' If , 'f- ' -L - Q 'Tiff s 1 - ,, iii f gf - -" -- Q T R :-f i " 'E' ' If " ff: "?i' ,il Q4 'iff 5 f f? 1 - 1 Li -1 fi- -f - L 1 - v i 14.-'T--. ,Q-f,, ,evfiia-Qfgfpgff 5h ' 1 A ' izf- - 'Q'- Y if-'Vg ,Q 1YT"'f' -- - 'l'- ,g..,QjEiQ--3: - ,Q E 1- 1 1: , i -1 R ,.,. is Senior Class . . . Laura Klepitch and Jean Torala Qaaewafwf Gone but not forgotten-the time spent in study hall, math class, and chemistry lab, those hours spent in the cafeteria and main hall, precious minutes between classes and during assemblies, pep meetings and gym classes, basketball games and danc'es-memories of school days which seem so ordinary now but will live with us for all time. To hold these 'memories in a more tangible form, we, the senior class of 1948, presents this MiKana as a pictorial review of the time spent in our last year of school. Art Editors Ruth Kangas and Ruth Lalli Picture Editors Administration . . . Frances Hiti and William Kozel Junior Class . Sophomore Class School Life Editors Clubs . . Girls' Sports . Boys' Sports Business Managers Literary Editors Circulation Editors Geraldine Thomas and Lorna Gulbranson . . Marie Nanti and Ann Erchul Joan Ahlin, Ruth Jacobsen, and William Holmes . Jean Torala, La Verne Leif, and Lorraine Nyquist . Wesley Niemi, Sabatino Leoni, Floyd Olson, Robert Niemi, and Frank Suhodolc Wesley Niemi and James Moren . Mildred Potocnik and Joan Ahlin . William Butala, Arvo Vuori, Edward Poderzay, Warner Mattson, and Armas Ruotsi Z1fef25'e MR. JOHN ROBSI In the three short years since he has come to Gilbert High School he has proved himself not only a, capable teacher and coach, but also has been a true friend to all of us who know him. His patience and willingness to cooperate have made an indelible impression upon us. Even though Gilbert High School is losing his services, the things he did will live forever in our memories. To this teacher, friend, adviser, and leader, we, the graduates of 1948, dedicate this MiKana to Mr. John Rossi. Qsxww 4. Av V ' IQQYE 'I L W., W f zz.-gkgwm A ,VW X! I , 7 I A M Y MMM- pgixgy, -, X, I I WL ' 'A ' ' e mswk, R. www X W ,A N u - , .- L f? MP , 5 W 'W f f M,,,wLV.mQ', s Q 2 , 4 f ,, 2, , v A S V A.--wif --VV , V 4 L Q 'Y fi- i 'z 'if-'IMI f,:w"FffH73 Q fggz- .I Ag L 6 5 :Qs A I gf my i i Q Z aww" 9 W' - lv' rs Inf. R Hi 7fze WW., Cold but happy Those were the dayswwhen we be- lieved in Santa Claus and Easter bun- nies. When a game of hop scotch and' jacks occupied the spare time we now spend on dances and movies. When we worried about who would be the fairy quen in the operetta instead of who would take us to the junior prom. Yes, those were the days! Aren't we cute Bundled in stocking caps and snow suits, we faced ,old man winter with a smile and built snow forts for entertain- ment. But all the time there were the spring picnics and marble games to look forward to. And we couldn't forget those Halloween and Valentine's Day parties. Never a dull moment during those pre- cious grade school days. Witches and goblins I hope Santa's good 3, kk ,Gm ,W Q 3, at 'A 'Qff'35w'Z5f . 41? ' " ,E A5 ' 'f-N255 FA ff M ,f,L WN A , m A Q ffiwmizg 5 f 5' Wy 9 ' V7 f. MQW?-af gk "" ' fff::g:'4?i.c H ,ps fy, r f x ez Eff N552 Superintendent George A- M09 Much time and effort have been spent by the members of our Board of Education during our years at Gilbert High School in helping to make it possible for -us to attend wel1-equ1p- ped, modern schools- the pride of our com- munity. The Class of 1 9 4 8 expresses its gratitude to these school direct- DTS. 'I'he main spring in our timepiece is our superintendent, Mr. George A. Moe, who has spent eight years of his time maintaining high educa- tional standards in our school. Mr. Moe, who graduated from the Moorhead Teachers' College i n 1927, has a Bachelor of Science de- gree and Master of Science degree in administration and supervision. In passing, Mr. Moe leaves us these words of advice by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Do not say, an- other hour of life is gone, but I have LIVED ANOTHER HOUR." We, the class of 1948, express our thanks to Mr. Moe for the inter- est he has shown in our classes and extra.-curricular activities. 80-G!LCZOfg ' G. Moe, H. Holmes, M. Marolt, J. Ocepek, E. R. Isaacson, J. Moron, A Rankila. When a fellow needs a friend he can rely on an understanding at- titude from our principal, Mr. John Sekula. His friendly counsel and cheerful encouragement have made difficult situations tolerable. A man of action is our principal who works along with the students in all curricular and extra curricul- ar activities. His very presence in our midst gives a feeling of confid- ence and well being to all. Mr. Sekula has unceasingly at- tempted to make us aware of the necessity of working to our fullest capacity at all times, and has given us vocational guidance throughout our high school career. It is with grateful appreciation that we, the seniors, thank Mr. Sekula for his interest and friend- ship to the Class of 1948. Z N I MR. JOHN SEKULA C ,e Senior High Principal I- KW f.. .W ii Ko- ' - - L! is f V 1 -, . r ,ff if I gr! fl X, y 1 y pf y 1 , aff' MISS NELLE SI-IEAN Principal of Junior High Building ii Time has marched on, but the seniors can never forget the influ- ence of Miss Nelle Shean, our grade school principal and junior high school supervisor, who has helped to develop young minds to meet the great tasks which lie ahead. Her guidance and skill in forming our educational habits during these years have made her an outstanding figure in our school life. She has won recognition by her excellent work with the Safety Council, which she capably heads, and is the state president of the Association of Childhood Education. She also serves as president of the Range Kindergarten Primary Asso- ciation, a branch of that organiza- tion. Miss Shean has the qualities which assure her of a prominent place in the hearts of students and people of the community. W Fifi," iaiifd? f' ' +V nl' i V . ' 'nn' N ,J N uf 1 , ' 'M Samba idfh 62 First Row: E. Kieren, E. Pakola, M. Feyerelsen. J. Sekula., E. Qhtala, M. Ryan. W JJ! Second Row: A. Frilllci, E. Jacksha, J. Rossi, J. VVOL-zstehoff, T. Sneide, D. Sullivan. ' HJ 9 L sv WMM Our Journey through school is capably guided by memberQW faculty, whose time and efforts are devoted to molding the minds an character of their students. In addition to the many hours of instructing they do each day, many of them also make it possible for various extra curricular activities by unselfishly spending after school and evening hours as advisers. They have inspired us to high scholastic attainments, and, in the words of Lord Chesterfield, "to do everything we attempt well." The sincere thanks of the members of the class of 1948 go to the faculty of the Gilbert Schools for the example of righteous living they have set before us. First Row: E. Jacksha., M. Feyereisen, J. Woestehoff, E. Huhtala, J. Sekula. Second Row: J. Rossi, T. Snelde, M. Sullivan. , Y qv 'E 1 1 X Q ff v 1 K 1 :1,fs 'f X vw, fw.m,.x,1 Wilffz 'fin A Em ' fix- wpw ,, 1- ff fn 42:5 'I il sz ad' .. ga, NA . ,.., ,W ,hi as ASQ f ,J . ' , 1 If, If A l X ,H r rf! wi! if . ,uf 'W' ji nf , 1 il ' F 1,1 jk! F f XV j A ff cr xx rl, J !Mv"f iv! I1 If l I , ' n nf N j ly "'g'jv ' V 'f' 2 -I Xngf , xiii M a 1 vwe-Presfdemg-w.'Knze1, President: F. Hifi, Secretakyg .'f' if , ' if' V Kan s T easurerl 'Q ip X ' Af yi ,. iv Sf I: ij If I ,tel L-A3 , , ' W ' 4 'jx i ,rf V I' K ' if V l .T 'df' ' 1 f X ' f L if Y! ,JV . Our time in high school is almost finished, but as we look back upon the records we established we feel a certain pride in our accomplish- ments. The most successful class project was the Carnival late in February to raise money for this annual. Several dances have shown the cooper- ation for which this class is known. Seniors have been outstanding scholastically, and have been active in sports and speech work. They form the nucleus of most extra curri- cular activities. William Kozel was elected to serve as class presidentg Marie Nanti, Vice Presidentg Frances Hiti, Secretaryg Ruth Kangas, Treasurer. Miss Mary Ryan and Miss M. Magdalene Feyereisen are the class :V V advisers 9 , O is royalty tak ' ' Come on shorty stretch as a. bow Late a 0 , l , J JIM f 1, 1 jx, Y, flfijgjff ll ' fffjrgfizffv 'lv' swf! WW wffbffg L, iw Ruth Jacobson William Holmes u ' Ann Erchul U 4 1 Frank Suhodolc Lorna Gulbranson Warner Mattson LaVerne Leif Wesley Niemi Ruth Kangas William KOZQI Marie Nanti Edward Poderzay , , Jean TOrala Floyd Olson Joan Ahlin Robert Niemi Geraldine Thomas Sabatino Leoni K 1 'Q 2 ' 1 ,., .Hx 1".,f,f'- " , ,sl A4 ' , . , f 'P' "unix Mildred Potocnik Arvo Vuori Frances Hiti , A - ' ni, ,. 1,,. , 5 Laura Klepitch James Moren Lorraine Nyquist 1 . - ,-11,4 . ANTHONY INDIHAR 1930-1940 It is with deep regret that we look back upon the death of Anthony Indihar during our fifth year of grade school. The cheerfulness and good sportsmanship of this bril- liant student made him loved by all who knew him. The empty desk in our classroom holds for usmany pleasant memories of a former classmate and friend. First Row Second Ro fffffQzfJ"Cf.'.i.'Y""i., oudlftdflfcg 'fJ,7Z,f,0 .ffyf Mildred Potocnik ..,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 5.00 g Joan Ahlin ....,. Frances Hiti .... Wesley Niemi .. La Verne Leif .. Marie Nanti ...A William Holmes Ruth Kan-gas .. 94.56 91.77 91.33 91.25 90.86 90.50 90.00 90.00 Floyd Olson w Leif, M. Potocnik, R- KHHEHS, W. Holmes, F. Olson, F. Hill C .,-1 p V 0 i J ' . , 21, A W F . V M , x . f, if x V ,gil pix. r ,V '- A. 'N A . AJ lf fr' A l 4 " 1 L ' f , ., f ., f p 1 - f I ' pi 1 X N V -4 .. ,, M , ,I V I K 1, . ' l ff Jn. CLASS or-mcnzns F. Indihar, Vice-President, R. Harrison, Secretaryg W. Richardson, President: J. Burger, Treasurer, F. Mihelich, Safety Council. , ' 1 ' A T ' , ff, . Lively juniors haven't stayed in the background in school activities h,,. this year, and we can rest assured they will take good care of the va-, uf kj. " cancies we will leave behind. ff' 1 5 The elaborate decorations over-all success of the Junior-Senior Prom ,F are an example of what these hard-working, but mischievous juniors , I. ff Jw J f can do. They also worked hard on a paper drive to earn money for the ,H ' W 4 ' prom. T . .yf ' A They are members of all school organizations, and are active in bas- Y ., - ketball, football, and track teams. al V X Early in the fall the juniors elected William Richardson as president, M 'LN' . if Fred Indihar, vice presidentg Robert Harrison, secretary, and John Bur- ' UG' . LU' ger, treasurer. lf 1 Miss Eleanor Huhtala and Mr. Donald Sullivan are the class advisers. N K E' ,J fjs i , fx" . NV! J UW "L -LP First Row: J. Folkedal, M. Nanti, E. Sissala, H. Novlan, E. Homala, V. Gulbranson, K. I ' l r XJ" , I J' Lopac, M. Kralich, M. Moren, F. Erchul, B. Biondich. J , f K Second Row: A. Jadka, D. Leif, E. Ambrosh, R. Ambrosh, R. Smith, F. Samsa, F. Mihelich, ' 5 F f ., L, F. Pershern, I. Saari, F. Gripp, A. Brula, B. Strah, R. Lalli. ' 4, Third Row: W. Richardson, J. Burger, R. Semeja, M. Vukelich, D. Omersa, R. Ferkul, R. , kj Harrison, R. Lammi, R. Tahija, F. Indihar, J. Nolan. -W, JV X 'N X 2 Ll ui X V 5' L . LU' v....1 L, sex S! e 01. Y :OW 0 ef ' V Us Se gmi Xbu Yi the ' f Q bo ,KC 'I Oster Din L A--1 - f 1 ' J f , , X J I Kl4'p f ,kl'M!LV"lTt , M' " XM' ' Q1 l 1' f Ll, ,.1fU'YL' .77 L 1 1 f' ' bu E I 1 VL! ll ' ' xp! he for 1 Gilbert Sch 001 Junior s 36119. B s sqm , - Q 49 First Row: C. Veronick, L. Laukonen, R. Leoni, G. Ahlin, Vice-President: J. Krause, x9 President: C. Hiti, Secretary. R. Kozel, B. Moe, R. Kodunce, R. Nikunen. Second Row: A. Jarvis, J. Leif, R. Peterlin, J. Kraker, T. Marolt, C. Spehar, E. Micheletti, - M. Polocnik, E. Devich, L. Jacobsen. - A Third Row: D. Sandstrom, R. Hietala, Y. Leif, M. Buncich, L. Indihar, K. Elg, E. Skalko, P. Churchill, D. Webb. 6 'A Yllfgf i . . Msfffb Plenty of work, but time for fun 1S the sophomore outlook onv ,f M , school life. These new additions to the senior high school made us sith, frm" if ' ' ' up and take notice. Membership in clubs greatly increased and from ,, A allindications they will make a name for themselves scholastical- ylxi' 7' ly and athletically. flyfgy ,, , Their Valentine's Day Dance boasted some of the most beautiful de- corations we've seen and was very well attended. . s"i9i"g,f'.Q 4, Jack Krause was elected to pound the gavel as president with assist- ,f ,ff W ance from vice president, Gerald Ahling secretary, Charles Hitig and , treasurer, Lawrence Kochevar. ,C fff fi .Q "1 Miss Ellen Pakola. and Mrs. Ellen Jaksha are the advisers of the sophomore class. Maybe I'll be president Awkward fm gers b . I bl ut One Heart" some day' A eoome n m e E3 23 S. 4? Nl vw-,. 3 1 s X Q' if wig i WA . 4 ,X , s wf 5, ' f ,pf w ,.n-fe-vnu-Mi Smarties work on dummies Photographer Carl poses. Pictures, pictures, everywhere. 7f1e luilfaua Student life held forever through pic- tures has been the objective of this year's MiKana staff. The entire senior class worked as a. unit to publish this yearbook. Picture schedules, making a dummy, typing and re-typing copy, cutting shiny pieces of black paper into odd shapes, ap- proaching businessmen to get ads, con- ducting a sales campaign with "Have you bought your MiKana'?" being seen on every homeroom board all were a part of the chain which linked us to the finished pro- duct-our yearbook. Business conference with Mr. Carroll You won't find a better buy. We never thought we'd finish. 0 Our All-American newspaper, the Orange and Black, has become an entire student publication with requests for copies being received from colleges, writers, and high schools. Our bi-weekly publication has been cap- ably edited by Mildred Potocnik assisted by Joan Ahlin, assistant editorg Floyd Olson and Wesley Niemi, sport editorsg Marie Nanti, typistg Dorothy Omersa and Kath- ryn Lopac, mimeoscopeg and art, Ruth lsangas. Members of the Press Club have acted as reporters for the editorial staff through- out the year. Miss Mary Ryan is the adviser. ,M M 7 'X r ,X t cfs" w' Hot off the press! st' ff fc Q . f . I V 4 ' ff! W K IU!! QL x w In ,ff Q,o"'1 V fb rf, I N9 x K' ex' xr V ' Wzgw, v 5713- Like, HC I L L 'Glad First Row: Lfrlflepitch, R. Kangas, J. Torala, J. Ahlin, M. Potocnik, B. Moe, E. Sissula M. Nanti, J. Folkedal, R. Ferkul, M. Moren, L. Indihar, M. Nanti. Second Row: L, Gulbranson, L. Jacobsen, A. Jarvis, J. Ueif, R. Leoni, L. Laukonen, V. Gulbranson, C. Spehar, T. Marolt, I. Saari, F. Erchul, L. Nyquist, K. Lopac, L. Leif. Third Row: R. Lalli, F. Hiti, R. Jacobsen, Y. Lf-if, M. Buncich, D. Omersa., I-I. Novlan, E. Indihar, A. Erchul, M. Potocnik, B. Biondich, B. Strah, M, Kralich.,z.L. i First Row: L. Klepitch, R. Kangas, J. Torala., M. Potocnik, B. Moe, E. Sissala, M. Nanti J. Folkedal, R. Ferkul, B. Biondich, M. Moren, B. Strah, M. Nanti. Second Row: L. Nyquist, J. Leif, L. Gulbranson, F. Gripp, Y. Leif, R. Leoni, E, Indihar K. Lopac, H. Novlan, E, Micheletti, T. Marolt, C. Spehar, L. Leif. Third Row: M. Krallch, W. Richardson, J. Nolan, J. Olson, W. Niemi, D. Omersa, A Erchul, M. Potocnik, F. Hiti, J. Ahlin, I. Saari, R. Jacobsen. n 4-J! 0-'ui First Row: K. Zips A. Gregorich, K. Klepltch, I.. Champa, L. Klepltch, L. Angeloni, N I. Saari, J. na , E. Biondlch, A. Vuori, C. Nanti, S. Indihar, M. Stupca. secand Row: CI an, P. Omersa, J. Mackie, A, Nanti, M. Milovasich, N. Sereno, E. Skalko, JJ R i, N. Laukkonen, C. sm-har, L. Fugina, F. Kern, H. Kokko, W. - Erchuh R. Per ch, r -' .- 1 1, ' W! . . . . od. r paration demonstrations, radio speaking contests, plays, ips ith' C hty and State Fairs, a winter festival and a summer picnic maliae up e activities of this vivacious group. , La Klepitch, Irma May Saari, and Celestine Spehar are junior ilea s 'who have taken charge of meetings, parties, and participated in jor events. Highlipxts of the work of this busy group were the junior and senior one- ct'p1ays which entered the 4-H One-Act Play Contest this spring anime Snow Carnival held at the Eveleth Golf Course. ' .iss Eleanor Huhtala is the adviser of the 4-H Club which is com- p6sed of students of the senior and junior high schools and boasts a membership of sixty-five. Practice makes perfect. 4 gutch In time. First Row: iT. Potocnlk, E. Marolt, J. Ahlin, M. Potocnlk, R. Ahlln, G. Thomas, E. Michelettl, M. Zganjar, J. Krause, L. Kochevar, J. Lakso. Second Row: M. Stupca, M. Potocnik, L. Indihar, B. Strah, A. Sissfala, J. Niemi, E. Sissala, N. Laukkonen, J. Tomsich, J. Erchul. Third Row: E. Biondich, J. Purkat, J. Nolan. F. Hiti, E. Skalko, R. Erickson, M. Lakso A. Kostelic, S. Indihar, M. Nanti, J. Folkedal, L. Leif, A. Costanzo F Nosen J Gorsha. Fourth Row. Mr. A. Frillicl, J. Leif, A. Nantl, J. Heikainen, L. Fuglnaf, 1. sairif v. Gull branson, Z. Lundstrom, R. Kodunce. bfi., N O U v , ill Q If ,U .. fy J! F' J 1 U ii l.1J. ll - ,v if l .1 W! ,il 1 I 'N X nfl Evelyn Mlcheletti. Rose Marie Ahlin, Mary Ann Geraldine Thomas struts her stuff. Zganjar stand at attention. ' First Row: Ruth Kangas, J. Torala, R. Leoni, L. Laukonen, I. Saarl, V. Gulbranson E. I Homola, J. Folkedal, M. Nanti, M. Moren, F. Erchul, R. Jacobsen, H. Novlan, E.' Sissala. Second Row: B. Moe, M. Potocnlk, A. Jarvis, J. Leif, T. Marolt, E. Mlchelettl, L. Jacobsen C. Spehar, A. Brula, F. Grlpp, L. Nyquist, M. Nantl, L. Klepltch, J. Ahlln, L. Leif. 1 it J J ll v A-f W" Lf I Iva 91W LJ I M1535 glee Glad 1.".Lv If .J 9 1" 5 S .w K First Row: E. Micheletti, A. Nanti, T. Marolt, I. Saari, M. Potocnik, J. Ahlln. Second Row: V. Gulbranson, L. Fugina, M. Klink, D. Indihar, A. Sissala., F. Hiti, N. Laukkonen, C. Hiti. Third Row: K. Aho, B. Curnow, A. Stupca, K. Klepitch, E. Skalko, R. Ahlin, R. Kodunce, L U - J. Nolan, R. Nikunen, M. Nami, L. Leif. J. A 1 M Z 7 fr. L . I W,f,' . A .y X A SENIOR TRIO , , f.l.Llw f' . !-' .I JUNIOR TRIOZ444 . . I f. . 1 I ,' J. Torala, L. Gulbranson, M. Potoc- nik. Mrs. Woestehoff. P! Wav- . A . Mrs, Woestehoff, I. Saari, E. Sissala., V. Gulbranson L. Leif, J. Ahlin, L. Gulbranson, R, Jacobsen, F. Hiti, M. Potocnik, AM,rs. Woestehoff. fe at JM Wil 'V ge A-,' V55 an uw ,LLL f :1 E l T .,,, if 3' is L 2 - X J lf K W ,,,.fv""' ffl' -f Q3 , bi 0? x 6' "-' i ? 33 ' 2 ,F 1 52 H f ' YQ' 4 'fx it 1. 'Q heerjor the champs yn -'Q X5 Q WM, at ,if?'5ff1iEfZ. ifzyllil H, fag,-M, ' f', . ,,Aff-gmgiff-i V. wiv My W,,fQA,,5 ",L E I 3 , ,, Q 51,-1-,v,. A -X17 f f-k' , kk l f A ' h M Lkggg. Am ' iw, 15, -vm, H4 ffwf K, M1 MM H ,W,,MM 33"-L' H A .,.,.,,. R M .f W ,.., gas www, W Myfyfwnug, Q .fu WW wlwfwww CHEERLEADERS giolldeirondich, M. Nanti, J. Torala, M, rj Cidvk dlp I Halftime activities at many season and tournament basketball ganigq' riagift, were made colorful by the marching routines of the Pep Squad. K The thirty three members of this organization wore snappy blac div skirts and jerkins with white blouses, and orange and black emblems added to the outfits. if? These pep boosters composed a, major part of the cheering sections 5455 at all sports events. Recognition was given to the group by newspapers"s.1L and individuals both for their outstanding performances and their fine support of the team. Capably managing the Pep Squad were Jean Torala and Ann Erchul. Mrs. Ellen Jacksha was in charge of the group. First Row: J. Knaus, F. Kern, R. Ferkul, B. Moe, K. Lopac, J. Torala, M. Nanti, B. Blond- lCh, M, Moten, H. Novlan, A. Omersa, J. Olson, M. Russ, A. Gregorichx Second Row: A. Jarvis, F. Grippe, L. Laukkonen, R, Kangas, L. Nyquist, J. Kraker, L. Gulbranson, E. Indihar, A. Erchul, M. Buncich, R. Leoni, Y. Leif, F. Erchul, L. Klep- itch, L. Jacobsen, M. Thomas, L. Raati. 534. M4-.xi 3 Y QM :fp 5, vi M FK Q, M , J' ,- 1321 Alukjrkm 1- 251 R f gl . WT X kj Ziff: S.. . Y ' ., ww' 5 w gy1fff ' 4 Q : T 'wi iff , x , 156' fm 3mW4ii'f. 5 Vt" m,..f.eqz.X ' A iff. 'V ' 1- A , ,, h ' 1 3 ' M , Q, 2 '-. f H " Lf wif 1 fm V' Us , W .. qi , . . Q M, f - , ' M- , ,A ' s Q W' . ' " gf: ,., ' N fm as H f A Lf ,Q dp K yy sw 5: A 2 , . . X Wm X, A W . j ' " X V A fffsvmiw i.x , K ,A R N Ry I rx f kk L 7' .L , f' ' I f. R A nf 5 2, . 'Q QQ' 5? E wi X W 92 ,M ff, Y K-xg 155 W Vrt wwmwmmvm 4' X 'mm E, ' ill s i 3 5 HIE f E Ei www:-f A0189 wk? 1 new?- 'L W , , 4 nn, g g. YV ZW., W-Nw 4 M, W, 9 , 23' u 1 E my 14 Q30 and-mlm! we ,M N , gn me 'Q-N Af' lm wi Q E1 XSS .'-., Q., ',,, ,L . fi Q f ,f f' ,Jr f. First Row: W. Butala., F. Indlhar, G. Ahlln, D. Sandstrom, R. Niemi, W. Kbzel, S. Leonl, . E l, F. O1 , W. Ni '. Secoxixd Coach icoxhn Rosshegll Elg, R. Nikunen, J. Krause, L. Kochevar, P. Churchill, A. Jacka, R. Peterlin, E. Skalko, R. Kozel, C. Hiti, F. Mihelich, Mr. Louis Erchul. Third Row: W. Richardson, D. Webb, R. Hietala, R. Smith. nf- I Afn' ' I 'f' ff 1' L A small fighting and scraping football squad was fielded by Coach John Rossi this season. The team lead by co-captains, Bob Niemi and Bill Kozel, faced a. tough schedule with the undaunted spirit, which is found in every Gilbert team. Journeying to Deer River in the first game, ,the Buccaneers outplayed the Indians and returned home victorious. In the first home game of the season, the local squad folded under the terrific pounding of a heavier and more experienced Mt. Iron eleven. Coming back strong the Rossi- men nearly upset the dope by pressing a heavily favored Morgan Park team to the very limit. The Bucs again met defeat at Buhl and Kee- watin. In the Homecoming tilt the local eleven dumped the Tower- Soudan Eagles and the following week end surprised everyone by push- ing a heavier and stronger Nashwauk team. all over the field, but still bowing by a lone touchdown. The season record of two victories and five defeats does injustice to the Buccaneers. In many of the games they outplayed heavier and more experienced teams, but through tough breaks and lack of reserves went down in defeat. I to co-captain Bob Co-captain Bill passes X. K . ' n .- R Nleml J Erchul, F.1ndihat J Moren G Ahlln WV Butala D Sandstrom W Nieml W Kozel S. Leonl F Olson 5 XS Qaailall Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert strategy l First Row: R. Semejag J. Burgerg R. Niemi: F. Olson: W. Holmes: W. Niemi: K Els.- Second Row: F. Suhodolc, managerg G. Ahling J. Moreng M. Vukelichg D. Sa. Vds' Om E. Skalkog VV. Kozelg Coach Rossi. M - The Gilbert High School basketball team's record of seventeen vic tones and three defeats, through tournament competition is a record f h' h o W ic we can be proud. Under the guiding hand of John Rossi the Buccaneers came through the regular season with only two defeats at the hands of Ely and Aurora. This year's team worked together as a skilled and smooth machine VV Lfliob Niemi and John Burger made up the forwards. Bill Holmes was in Al the pivot spot and Wes Niemi teamed with Floyd Olson, the captain, at the guards. uf The Bucs played one for all and all for one, which paid off in the winning of the district championship and runner-ups to I-Iibbing in the Regional finals. Fast Action In The District Tense Maman' In The John Burger William Holmes W wifi f.. Wesley Niemi 710 fb BASKETBALL SCHEDULE af Gilbert 48 Biwabik ....,.....l..... Q Gilbert 37 Int. Falls .........,.... Gilbert 53 Eveleth .,..,... Gilbert 38 Cook ............ Gilbert 59 Virginia ...... Gilbert 49 Mt. Iron ...... Gilbert 31 Aurora ..... Gilbert 38 Virginia ...... Gilbert 55 Chisholm .... Gilbert. 46 Ely .....,....,............. Gilbert 30 Eveleth .................. Gilbert 54 Two Harbors Floyd 015011 Gilbert 23 Buhl ...,.......,...,...... Gilbert 53 Tower-Soudan 48 ' ' Gilbert Biwablk ..,......,...... Robert Niemi David Sandstrom DISTRICT 27 TOURNAMENT REGION 7 TOURNAMENT Gilbert ............ 45 Eveleth ........,......... 28 Gilbert ,,,,,,,,,,.. 53 Cloquet ...---- -------- 3 4 Gilbert .,,,,,,,.,.. 55 Aurora ...v.., ....... 4 3 Gilbert ,,,,,.,,,,,, 40 Hibbing ....- -------- 4 9 Gilbert ......i..... 44 Cook ........ .-..... 2 0 James Moren Kenneth Elg Rudy Semeja VVilliam Kozel First Row: Jack Krause, Frank Suhodolc, Floyd Olson, Robert Nleml, James Moren, Rudy Semeja, William Holmes Wesley Niemi, Sabatlno Leonl, David Sandstrom, Jack Nolan, Vvllliam Richardson. Second Row: Ralph Nlkunen, Frank Mihelich, Robert Heilala, Dennis Lief, Lawrence William Holmes Kochevar, Merlin Gulbranson, John Burger, W'illlam Kozel, Gerald Ahlin, Edward Skalko, Pat Churchill, Charles Hill, Alfred Jacka, Richard Smith. 'hack An up and coming track team will represent the Orange and Black this spring. A host of returning lettermen will lead the parade to the finish line with additional help coming from a promising group of sopho- mores. Bill Holmes, Bob Niemi, and Floyd Olson will form the backbone of the squad. They were the placers at a last year's district meet and are again expected to make a good showing for our school. Robert Niemi Floyd Olson fwmz. af '7ime Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. October October October October October Nov. Nov. Nov. 1 4- 7-- 2-Students eagerly HJ enter classrooms with many vacation stories to tell. 16-Seniors hold class elections. William Kozel, class president, brushes up on parlimentary procedure. 22-Class rings arrive. Poor juniors, they're green with envy. --The Orange and Black makes its first ap- pearance. The stafi' has also become steno- graphers for the paper. 7-Report cards. Oh well, there's time to raise those marks. M.E.A. vacation brings us a four day week end. 'Gilbert students 'were on the air in the first of a series of programs. Talent galore! 17-Queen Frances Hiti reigned over Homecom- ing festivities. A 19-0 victory over Tower added the perfect touch. ' 24-Dramatic Club honors football boys at a dance. Did those rough and tumble players look dignified in their suits and ties! Juniors made us farmers for the evening by holding a bam dance--and we liked it, des- pite the storm. --The doors of G.H.S. open to parents for Open House. Let's hope we've been good. -Basketball season opens at Biwabik. That 48-22 victory promises a good season. Nov. 27-30-Dreams of turkey with all the trimmings Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. come true. Long awaited Thanksgiving va- cation finally comes. 3-Students become pirates at the Press Club "Buccaneer" party. A good time was had by all. 16-Faculty members drop their books to make merry at a Christmas party. Wish we could have been there. 18-The Christmas Pageant again ushered in the holidays for Gilbert. The beauty of it left the audience speechless. 19-Two whole weeks of leisure, but never a dull moment. 5-Santa certainly was good. Now back to work. Wfaacfa of 7ime Jan. Jan. Feb. 7 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Feb. 27 Mar. 4, 5, 6 17-The basketball season reached a peak when Gilbert defeated the favored Chisholm team by 19 points. 21-Seniors hold another dance. Overalls and plaid shirts are in the fashion spotlight. -Playing hosts to the school for the first time, the Sophs sponsor a very successful Valentine's Dance. Yes, Cupid was there too. -We all celebrated the birthday of Lincoln by a one day vacation. --Junior high students display their talents at the operetta "Green Cheese." Girls "oh'd and "ah'd" at the voice of Dick "Frankie" Cham- pa. -Carnival Capers, complete with fortune tel- lers, melodrama, House of Horrors, and re- freshments, helped the seniors publish this Mikana. -Pulses race as Gilbert defeats Eveleth, Aur- rora, and Cook in three successive nights to become DISTRICT 27 CHAMPIONS. We've waited for this for eight years. Mar. 12,13-Off to the Regionals. Will we win? March 18-The 4-H Club members again treat us to one of their prize-winning plays. March 20-'Future statesmen take part in the District Speech Contest. Mar. 25, 28-Easter vacation. Gives us what we think is is a much-needed rest after the exciting tournaments. April 2-Juniors hold another shindig. Profits are used for prom decorations. April 16-"Fun Nite" is a suitable name for the lacti- vities of energetic students. April 26-Track season opens and muscles are display- ed. May 7-Students "slick up" for the prom. Mighty decorations! May 30-First step in our biggest week-Baccal.aur- ate. June 1, 2-Why didn't I study before? Exams. June 3-The long awaited moment! Commencement. Dry those tears and tell us you're happy. June 4-We close our textbooks for a long time. J1 ill, 5. I 1 ,If ,lv Yl- ...V A' 4' v ra lf' 'fri VV l O ' F' X' rf' 1'. ,' 'I 'f' gl . xl r , lk" 8 ,l I' . ' U J gf' I 'r 'V A Y' ,x u 5 1 -' - 1 , -,.1' Q- 'A ink ' 'T' , ' I X I V: , . N ' S u ' J' 5 I .J 5, lx.. s '5 o lf' ,iffrf yew , 5 Y M ,DVM Q f .5.'9a.,, 5 if 5 , 9. X . , I I Sag, N j it lr 9 2 3 Q a wash Q M26 045' 'Q SSW 400 W4 - .gf ' SK Q ww eww' W I ass gg wade, I V1 'E f Q, xl S K .MM Q, K ':L L1Z' Q , E A it 1 R1 Q M fit N Zi 'W 5,i L , ' ,F n g ffl... 'Nfsg-. ., :nuff mf ,,f'.Q'x,1..Q GX g was ..,, - ' L-"' ":?f:.5'1!:-S. .,.. V ': mf 'rf A , 'fd J D I-dxf! if' 'ff 313 It by YJ X b K3 V Jr, CW 'I Q31 'xv Al- li div' V! :',J'lX"0'vl v' xy 61444 W' We, the graduates of 1948, do hereby leave our prize possessions to the lucky juniors with the hope that they will be used to an advantage. Lorna Gulbranson leaves her noon-hour trips downtown to Eileen Sissala. William Holmes and Wm. Kozel will their place in fourth hour study to John Burger and Fred Indihar. Jean Tlorala. bequeaths her singing ability to Verna Gulbranson. Warner Mattson wills his car to Rudy Semeja so he won't have to walk up to school every day. Frances Erchul receives La Verne L.eif's Spanish vocabulary. Armas Ruotsi leaves his seat in the Hutter bus to Dennis Leif. Ann Erchul and Lorraine Nyquist hope Florence Grippe and Angeline Brula can be as close friends as they are. Ruth Kangas Wills her artistic ability to Ruth Lalli. Edith Homala will receive Ruth Jacobsen's quiet nature. Floyd Olson and Sabatino Lreoni give their knowledge of physics to William Richardson and Robert Harrison. Laura Klepitch leaves her 4-H Club work to Irma Saari. Wesley Niemi and James Moren will their trigonometry textbooks to any juniors who have ambition and brains. Arvo Vuori leaves his friendly smile to Frank Pershern. Mildred Potocnik, Joan Ahlin, and Frances Hiti gladly hand their steno notebooks to Dorothy Omersa, Barbara Strah, and Kathryn Lopac. Marie Nanti bequeaths her .seat in the trombone section of the band to Julianne Folkedal. , Robert Niemi, William Butala, and Edward Poderzay leave their places in the auto-mechanics shop to any mechanical-minded juniors. Geraldine Thomas leaves her hearty laughter and ready smiles to Margie Moren, Betty Biondich, and Rose Ferkul. Frank Suhodolc wills his biology text and workbook to anyone who wants them. 9gf5fB,014f,1U4,1 fi! 10,53 vwflffu-fe? yan ZJJJ ,AMA 17 ,1Za4,4, pm IA!! fYvf,f,a,, .ff-j,qA V 1 , S X . awww ..- ,lb A... e The magic power of the crystal ball tells the members of the class of 1948 what the future holds for them. Marie Nanti is making dresses for America's ten best dressed women. She is now called "Madame Marie." William Holmes is coaching a winning basketball team and enjoys giving "chalk talks." Joan Ahlin and Mildred Potocnik are working on a small town news- J WMHQW dx paper. Joan still gets juicy stories for her gossip column, and Mildred ' I still complains that nobody reads her editorials. ' Ruth Jacobsen, a nurse, is holding the hands of her patients and caus- L ' ing their temperatures to go up. Laura Klepitch works at a nearby hos- J .Hi J pital and entertains her patients with stories of her complex personal re time she flies to China and Africa LVJQ life A ,Lf Y GV ,E Jltuth Kangas's dream of being a forest ranger has come true. In her ' La Verne Leif and Lorna Gulbranson have settled down to be happy housewives in-you guessed it-Sparta. 0 Ann Erchul and Lorraine Nyquist own a hamburger stand in Belgrade. NU, 3 Their customers say they use their home ec. knowledge to an advant- V I, . N age. 'l ' Ui-J ,510 Armas Ruotsi has an thriving potato farm in Hutter. His mana er, 1 1 gi j ,2 Frank Suhodolc, advertises them as "an entirely new, scientific potato." LU' F, ' Frances Hiti is a secretary, and her boss complains that other work- , . 1 ers have a hard time concentrating on their work. W r William Butala and Warner Mattson are running a used car lot. Most I of the models can be traced to their high school days. , 'xl 1 William Kozel has a coast to coast comedy show and gives Bob Hope F , X stiff competition. His manager, Robert Niemi, laughs at his jokes more ,fm ht than anyone else. QL Wesley Niemi and James Moren are engineers, but they are forced I ,to work in different companies because of their many "friendly" dis- U' cussions. 6 B5'4sXifl, Sabatino Leoni is managing a hotel in New York. Ilis specialty is ' OSXAD-7 Spaghetti a la Suba. Q? Floyd Olson is'a big time movie director and occasionally visits the old home town in a Cadillac. Edward Poderzay is a disc jockey over station WGIL.. Many requests come from Arvo Vuori, who especially likes polkas. Geraldine Thomas and Jean Torala own a school for instructing drum majorettes and cheerleaders. Their pupils can out-twirl and out-yell anyone else for miles around. . Y ' . A ' ' 49' I ' " --4'-:1 o . J, zh e J, vzyf. r I ff 0-'rx' I Z 1 fi' ivy rf ,M I' 'A WWX I 'Aff M 'MJ nf' ff"f'i'j,7""' 14 'P JOAN AI-ILIN Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: Christ- mas Pageant 3, 4: Color Com- mittee 4: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Mikana Literary Editor 4: Operetta 2. WILLIAM BUTALA Football 2, 3: Basketball 2. ANN A. ERCHUL Dramatic Club 3, 4: Press Club 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: MlKana 1-icture Editor 4: Pep Squad 4. LORNA J. GULBRANSON Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: 4-I-I Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: Trio 3, 4: Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Operetta 2: Flower Committee 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Safety Council 2. FRANCES HITI Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Class Secretary 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Color Com- mittee 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Operetta 2: Homecoming Queen 4: Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4. 'VVILLIAM HOLMES Football 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Boy Scouts 2: Vice President 2: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Color Commit- tee 4: National Athletic Scho- larship Society 3, 4: Mikana School Life Editor 4. RUTH E. JACOBSEN Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: 4-I-I Club 3: Mikana School Life Editor 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2: Operetta 2. RUTH E. KANGAS Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Safety Council 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club 3: Pep Squad 2, 3. 4: Class Treasurer 4: Ml- kana Art Editor 4. LAURA L. KLEPITCH Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: G.A. A. 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2: Mikana Picture Editor 4. WILLIAM KOZEL Safety Council 3: Photo Club 2: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Football co-captain 4: Class President 4: Speech Contest 3, 4. LA VERNE LEIF Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: 4-I-I Club 2: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. SABATINO LEONI Football 2, 3, 4: Mlkana Sports Editor 4: Flower Committee 4: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Basketball 3: Track 3, 4. WARNER F. MATTSON JAMES MOREN Vice President 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 2, 3, 4: National Athletic Society 3, 4: Safety Council 2: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Mikana Business Manager 4: Band 2: Orchestra 2, 3. MARIE NANTI Vice Presddent 4: Dramatic Club 2. 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 2. 3,4: Safety Council 2:Photo Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mi- kana Picture Editor 4: Pep Squad 2: Operetta 2. ROBERT NIEMI Basketball 2, 3: Track 2, 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Mlkana Plc- ture Editor 4: Christmas Pageant 4. uv'-66. 1' . . I J f WESLEY NIEMI Class President 2: Press Club 4: 'Mikana Business Manager 4': Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Flower Committee 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: National Ath- letic Scholarship Society 2, 3. LORRAINE NYQUIST Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Mikana Sports Editor 4. FLOYD OLSON President 3: National Athletic Scholarship Society 2: Speech Contest 3: Press Club 4: Ml- kana 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: Sate- ty Council 4. AZ. -.f J .412 0' Dwjzii Pon RzAY f If VJQFGQA1 2. MILDRED POTOCNIK Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Chrl tmas Page- ant 3, 4: Motto Committee 4: Mlkana Literary Editor 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: Trio 4: Oper- etta 2. ARMAS RUOTSI FRANK SUI-IODOLC Student Manager 2, 3, 4: Mi- kana Sports Editor 4: Track 3, 4: Motto Committee 4. GERALDINE THOMAS Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Orches- tra 2, 3, 4: Photo Club 2: Press Club 4: Drum Major- ette 2, 3, 4: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Flower Committee 4: Speech Contest 3. JEAN L. TORALA Class Treasurer 2, 3: Cheer- leader 2. 3, 4: Trio 3, 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad Manager 4: G.A.A. 2, 4: Photo Club 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Prev' Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mikana Picture Editor 4: Mlkana Sports Editor 4. ARVO N. VUORI 4-I-I Club 2, 3, 4. :::::booc:::::::::::::::::l::::pooq:::4::::::::::: BEST WISI-IES FROM zZ6wz'E'44 HOLMES BARBERSI-IOP .".,.-1, +1 CARLSON'S CUT RATE MURPHY'S CASH AND CARRY KOSHAR'S FOOD MARKET STERK'S GROCERY CRISTIANO'S GROCERY PETE'S CAFE BRULA'S CAFE COLVIN LUMBER COMPANY CARROLL'S FRANK'S GARAGE WARDROBE CLEANERS 4 171, LYCEUM ANNEX, Carlo Paciotti, Prop. LAINE'S CLOTHING STORE DR. M. L. STRATHERN GILBERT SHOE REPAIR DR. E. R ADDY BROADWAY CAFE KUKAR'S HARDWARE Sz FURNITURE KOBE'S FOOD SUPPLY TOMSICH MOBIL SERVICE SHUSTERICH GROCERY NESTOR VOURI, Barber INDIHAR INSURANCE AGENCY o::::pooo::: ::::::::::::::::::::: Qqooooookoooooooooopoog Q :ooo F I P ::::::1hcf::hoooo4::::: A ---- :rc---A:bc---A- I Congratulations Ana' Best Wishes g To Class of1948 , RANGE COOP FEDERATION A nd VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE SOCIETY ' VIRGINIA MINNAESQTA I I BEST w1sHEs TO You BEST WISH ES CLASS OF 1948 OF u I JOSTEN 'S - TROY jg it :E AMERICA'S FINEST SCHOOL JEWELRY I 1 COMMENCEMEDIT 1Nv1'rA'rIoNs -AA----ff-A---- ---- ------0-----:--c COMPLIMENTS OF Range Dry Cleaners OUR TRUCK CALLS TUES., WED., FRI., and SAT. VIRGINIA MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS OF 'XS Dr. F. J. Zallar DENTIST GILBERT MINNESOTA ::::::::::::::::::::::o::::::::::: BEST WISHES SENIORS Pontinen Supply Appliances-Hardware-Gas and Oil GILBERT MINNESOTA ,--- COMPLIMENTS OF Gilbert Chamber of Commerce 'A-o-A---------------, -... ---- COMPLIMENTS OF Virginia Floral Co. . PHONE 419-W 329 Chestnut St. VIRGINIA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1948 Singer Sewing Machine Co. 410 Chestnut St. Phone 2843 VIRGINIA MINNESOTA :::::::oo::::::::::::::::::::::::: COMPLIMENTS OF Ormonde Hotel and Cafe VIRGINIA MINNESOTA ---Q---9,v,,-,,vvvvvvvvv-Y v ------------- AAA- -------,------ F 0 0 ll ll li ll ll ll 0 ll ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll II ll ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll II ll II li ll 0 ll 0 ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll ll ll ll II ll 0 0 ll ll ll 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll II ll 0 ll 0 ll 0 ll ll 0 ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 A- "THE RANGE'S FAVORITE EATING GOOD LUCK SENIORS PLACE" lu I Q' Holland Hotel Tufen-Welsh and Cafe Jewelry FINEST AMERICAN AND CHINESE REGISTERED JEWELERS DISHES AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY VIRGINIA MINNE TA VIRGINIA MINNESOTA so BEST WISHES FROM SMART APPAREL FOR ,050 A I ff WOMEN AND CHILDREN Wff ,0 MODERATELY PRICED 316 CHESTNUT ST. VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS FROM COMPLIMENTS OF John Soderholrn Art L. Mattson REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE AGENCY BUICK - PONTIAC - G.M.C. TRUCKS Vermillion Lake Shore Property For Sale VIRGINIA MINNESOTA VIRGINIA MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS OF Palace Clothing Co. D. SCHIBEL 8z SON COMPLIMENTS OF The Hub Clothiers RUBENSTEIN BROS. Joe Rubenstein Class of 1919 Men's and Boys' Wear of Distinction Max Rubenstein Class of 1922 I Harry Rubenstein 'Class of 1925 IRGINI MINN TA V A A ESO VIRGINIA MINNESOTA pQooo0Qc0o0o0000QQCQ0Q QQ0o000Q00oaQooao9QoQooQoooQoooo l I ll tl U U ll ll 0 0 0 tl U u U 0 U li CLUETT, PEABODY AND Co. U ll IV QE Makers of Arrow Producis M U Q 0 0 3 H Il 0 U 0 H U H U II Ji II IN U 0 U gg CONGRATULATIOINS AND if BEST w1sHEs To THE CLASS OF 1948 0 U H H 0 4+ 0 , F zrst NATIONAL BANK OF GILBERT 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 1 1+ U H 0 0 0 nl as nr II 'r I x Member of Federal Reserve Bank System 0 U up 1 0 4+ nr I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 'TO CLASS OF 1948 CITY OF GILBERT ANTON I. LOPP, Mayor WILLIAM KOHLER, 'Councilman JOSEPH VUKELICH, Councilman LARRY PAUN, Councilman FRANK J. INDIHAR, City Clerk ANTHONY TOMSICH, Treasurer FELIX NOVAK, Assessor 4 Y YA N777 YAYAA AAAAAAA ,,AA,A- 5:::::L,::::3i:l3i:::.:::1::L: ::::::-v:::--::::::::: Y v..-...... - -------v-- ,,,,,,:p4: .... -----1ooc,-1c-Joc- v COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST NO. 4456 GILBERT MINNESOTA Best Wishes Seniors SEARS, ROEBUCK 85 CO. VIRGINIA, MINNESOTA ::::i :11o4::o4:::l:'::s :::oQooqoo:::pc::l:::: ::1-:tee Aw. iff? ------------,------ COMPLIIMENTS OF 7anq'4 U , BEST WISHES I if CLASS OF 1948 Coffee Shoppe and I gf QV I 5 T. L. -'nm ' TRANAAS, 1100 VIRGINIA 4 iflllgu' :2:3::--::,:::::-,:,:::::::,:: II Ii THE BEST IN MEN's WEAR Moe-Indihar Post No. 138 n ' 5 ' 0 ' X55 1. AMERICAN is, QMS, L es ' ' . " ri n lore J ,0,l,,dTHlFp SIRZINILMINN. li U HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED gg BRANDS ll lb l A::::::::::::::3t::::3:::::::::::::::: zccccts ' F IRESTONE STORE 0 Across from Ball Park :E RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING ' Phone 858 Virginia l I in ::::::::::::: 3:53:::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2:::::::: 4 ig Best Wishes Seniors 0 I 1, Lopp Food Market ii 120 South Broadway I 1: Phone 78 GILBERT II o..-::: '3::::::::::::i:o::::::::::::::ccccttz:::::::::::::Ll:::A 55 "' BEST WISHES FRoM U 1 VIRGINIA BUSINESS FIRMS I DR. MACDOINALD, opwmetrist ZIMMERMAN'S MEATS gl GROCERY I LARSOIN sTUiD1o LAULEY'S If SMART sHoP SAPERO'S H BOYLE AND MATHER GARAGE II --- :::::-::::::: ::::::::::::::::l:-::::::::: oo v-- 4 I COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR A COMPLIMENTS OF ll Q 0 . 4 VIISIIIIH ' Wolf Dry Cleaners Rexall Drugstores gl AND --WHITE Cnoss PHARMACY" I Wolf Sl'1OC Repall' AND "VIRGINIA PHARMACY 8z ART SHOP" 1: 428 CHESTNUT STI VIRGINIA I l 1: COMPLIMENTS OF ,g Il 0 Bill Dodge Garage EE Bill Dodge, Manager Corner of lst Street South and 2nd Ave. it PHONE 84 VIRGINIA 2, 420 CHESTNUT ST. VIRGINIA ll ll ll Congratulations! F ROM The Eveleth Retail Merchants Z0 Graduating Class of '48 of Gilbert High School ::::o::::::o::::o9Q::::ooos:::o:::::: o:::::::::oo:f MOREN'S SERVICE STATION TYDOL - VEEDOL T' 420 Broadway, Phone 31 Gilbert Minnesota :::o:::: :::: oz:1o:::::oooo::::::::oo:::::::::o::eouQ::::::: 3 ----A---AAA-A- -- -------- o---- COMPLIMENTS OF I-Iogan's Garage YOUR DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH DEALERS PHONE 55-W GILBERT CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1948 Lyceum Theater GILBERT MINNESOTA v1ooe-o- .... ---v ...- V .....-.... ,Y-:::9, Q COM PLIMENTS OF Modern Motor Service FORD DEALERS PHONE 44 GILBERT COMPLIMENTS FROM Dr. A. Kent DENTIST GILBERT MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS OF KETOLA'S THE MODERN STORE DRY GOODS FURNITURE 324 Chestnut St. 302 - 310 2nd Ave. VIRGINIA MINNESOTA OOMPLIMENTS OF Hervi A Photo Studio PHONE 2020 103 2nd Avenue North WILLIAM TOROLA, Proprietor VIRGINIA MINNESOTA ::::ooo::o::::oooooooooooooooooooo Qoooaooqoooooo ---o,--o--Q-,oovv-,vo ,f f vw, by ' ,QVMM mfg, xfW7,f5Wg,Q7WmW4 I jf!!! J wffffaf ,g77i Cifmrtn-4 Z!f!uy6.if!l'fr:JL,QL .hp 7 ,,i,,,,,,,A..444 5141 f,,, ,, 1 ff M Mwfi Lf ff M Wff ff fQ ff f gi ,zifiii 7 sw!! , .Z - ,,Lv-A f"" W,f,A,,f..,f fg?"v"" 'f"' f' 5: i l - AM? if yy 4'4"7'1-f"' Wvc---. , M MAWJM Jaw. 4,,f .,f 1 ,zvw ,Zfwf off! Mf'7A4'67' 77W 'J if. vi, ""dL'M' fav-V-fl! M,'..4,,.,",C.44' f ,TI Q, My 4.4. .,,g,,',,. gaff , ,afmb g5.1,94.a,LA! My fab' 'jay Lulu., QW fwwe . MW7M ZffMUffwyff fgyfyfgggf L , 1 W ,A Q13 ' I , .1 x ,Awww Zgffvx, ' v 64Jfv4v -if A 1 I 'vc I.: , -W- af-QXXJA' 411 g,,.,4f.fLf -onfyglhjg-Qw'4,.n-T7 ,.,. ,f, .Q,M. Qfw Mff' 7Mf'7 QffU'f' M J-ww A V fi -xv, ff-v--rf---:y!4"' Xjufb--f'.,,,f 0 . A-f'-fr F' 1 q7,5!k4A .,',, "f""'f'A""""Q9f W My + f'2iwnz'f,-,,4,fff- Af"w ., JZLR' "'i'l 1, . ".' , P - V I, .., ' 3 7 1 J.LA'l,J,',Zg,,7,,,-,A ' 4--,,,, P V A Jjug, -XQA.-,.A,,1' ,M-,M WA, ,,Ag..., A W, ,.4...Jf.,4, ,g, p,,MLw f -ff-1-aff "" ?"""' "Q'f 7f9d'f"" MJAJ7 - Y'-21.111-'arf' f--ff Q ZLL, . ,' ' A 17 5 ' 1' A, WM A' . A A .. ff! 4-L-' 414, ,AZ-f-f'-" A ' 'A 'IAI ,Ap - ff " ' f . g E' ff , ' . 1 4 Q If-.v,,.,,Vf4-11, ficvdvvm -'ff 1 ,fbg-My , , QMffV,aC - ., mf fr 41,f.,-Def:-fff,,...,!cI'A,,,,,!M,j R-J, ,'fy..zf,gf1fL r A' -4 Q X -5 ,D . ri ' ' ., MA" " 'Q 'l 'H .. ..., , , .! I Y Y ' ijt W h

Suggestions in the Gilbert High School - Mi Kana Yearbook (Gilbert, MN) collection:

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