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5bf2a . I 1 3 1 .. h rv '51 1Q.J:f.fU. . .1rL1-.' -Fw 1 - 1 1-341 is 335- :ff S 1 . 1 1 i i J. T1 ,,1.r,N:'fn 4 I .Quin - ,I -1 .jj . . .-if Jn. rr .L-,wt 3 -.,1.. , 1 1 15.115 1 . . it V V -11 114 1.-2 15 -1 -1. 1' -.,-fq'1'- . KV.. 1 , .1 W 11 ,K K3 .' -L' . I 4- , 1 1 . . .135 -wp +1 ,--.Lf - .1 1 3'-if 1 :lb if 1-H 'nf -1'-'2 '- 1:J. P 32' FYI, 'Q ' 31:31 ,1'L1:.1,f' ,1 ifmh ,..53v'g1 " 1'-25315412-'ff 'afff'.-2111430 +3-' iliiwff' .1757 , --, A . +L-11-Z g:Sqq2'3R1g.j',-'- 1: is fig ulfqgf-1 51 " 1.1 1111 - - 3. .-1a1.1?r'1 - 11 ' 1 "az: , 1. ,www 1 1. . JPL ..1.1?.gf'v 1-.1 ' ' fn 13: '1. 1 .i4f"'l?f-:F-1 .NIS ' , 1,:-Qgj f-ff-"'fe'1J' '1- 11. '.-. - 1-1' ,..f . 4. 1 . :ir 4' " '. I1 f'x.4Q.: ag L ,wma .11 ,I ISN.: .-Qr:f15 A-1 -5 e.1e1f'?"' " , .,. 55,11 I' ' .1 ,.!3"' V '111' tu. - ' .11 " P"-.:7 5 . . . "at .Q-115 ' 'fy 1' . , T - .V -1114, :M-. 1:,1 1 .,.1, .1 1- 1 .. ' 1 , 'Q .V V 1 5 I' 11 . ,,111.'g- nh.. ,. ,1 . ., '- 11-wr 1 4'I"1,'-' 1 . az- 1. 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Q- 1.:: 2. 3-1' .zwjfgi .1 . 'fi 1922211 .i . A ' 52311111 1 3, 1'4-1531:- ' 25112.51 . ' s2's::e'I .I .Ez 1515561 11 '- s.-a..':.a 1:3521 ' :'EE'i51 ' 5-151222. - 1 ,gf 112- 1 :,-XE.. ., .1415 1.-1111 . ' '.,1.1Tf,',E,: .. 2,521 , .12-111: -1:51-zfefzz 1- 12211 . 11-1-11111 ... .. "ew 1 :1'::.:x:: 1 " 1 ::,:: . 1 3: filixt. :-' . , 1 11222253 . .. -"Ii-i2125!e1 1 :I-zezsz ' 'i3gj121?s- 322151. 1 '- maze: .. - -11 E?'5ifeEzEg '- ' '- Vif .Q-QL 55-if' WHS? 25511. 1 . H31 525251 1 ' 111511. sail 1 . 1'.,1,'i . :.:-:er " , ...rgcrx- . 11 111 - .1 ,..,.111.. -' H 1 if-21111 '1 - , 111525: 1 1 ' 1 " 1' ' ' -- 5-.:lQ5: f ' 1' 1 1:-5:2115 .1---.154 ' , zfgl-2 A 1 1-2 1. 11 1"1es 11 315155: .. , ,'g.g.g.p ' -s '1 :":a,3f2:111'2'.ia1iE11s5 ,.lEEH'i5'?IEZ1E5. 'zl W" '1 H E GROWLER Published by A THE STUDENT BODY vf GIG HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL Gig Harbor, Washington Entrance to Gig Harbor High School 2 'Q .-X. Jx L ,, f W, ,. ,V Early Spring at Gig Harbor High qv' Foreword ln this edition of our school annual we have tried, through pictures and Write-ups to bring back phases of our school life during 1945-46. We sincerely hope that our aim has been achieved in bringing back pleasant memories throughout the years to come. Dedication We, the Annual Stall of '46, Wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Skurdall, our advisor and principal, Whose help and .guidance we deeply appreciate. MAA C H HOWE Students of Gig Harbor l-ligh School: To the Seniors- lt's an old but ever true say- ing, "you can't get anything for nothing," Four years of war punctuated your high school life with many a day of doubt, even fear, as to the future. Sacrifice made your graduation pos- sible. lt's your job to see that it wasn't wasted. Good luck in whatever you may attempt. The post war era leaves little doubt as to the status of education. The program of the thir- teenth and fourteenth years beyond our present high school program and the common sight of our colleges and universities filled to overflow- ing with students give ample evidence to sen- iors as well as underclassmen that the future and future jobs will demand of you the best education that you can obtain. The war is over, but your struggle for personal preparedness is rust beginning. Make the most ot your oppor- tunities Sincerely, ARTHUR SKURDALL, Principal Greetings, Students of Gig Harbor High Schoolg This is the first peace time spring for several years for which we can all be very thankful. We Americans have heavy 'responsibilities however, in pointing the way to peace as well as providing for a starving world. Our task is truly gigantic during this post war period, domestic as well as international. At home we must do our part to avert inflation by helping to maintain price controls until production has had a chance to meet demands. As individuals we can make our wants known to our congressmen, and set our minds to accept necessary controls in an effort to avert catastrophic inflation-depression cycle. Lets all pull together for better times in a brighter, not too distant future, MR, C. H. HOWE ARTHUR s RDALL f X mais Faculty GEORGE DEWEY LYBECKER Recerved B A. Degree. Attended Washington State College Tcachesilndustrral Apts. ROY ANDERSON Received B.S. Degree, Attended Washington State College. Teaches-U. S Hrstory, Physical Education, World History. ANITA RAYMOND Received B A. and BS Degrees at College ol Puget Sound Marored in Speech and Dramatrcs Teaches-English and Physical GFORGE R ANDERSON Attended University ot Wash- ington and received B A. Degree at Pactfc Lutheran College. Teaches-lfigh Llr Grade Arith- metic and General Science, Physical llducatron and Mechanical Drawing Education. MARY FRANCES LAMISON Attended Eastern New Mexico junior College, Portales, New Mexico, New Mexico AGM Col- lege, Las Crures New Mexicog lowa State College, Ames, Iowa Received Associate Arts Degree, Bachelor of Science Degree Teachesfllome Economics H R STHBNER Received B A. Degree at Minot State College at Minot, North Dakota Attended the University ot North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota. Teaches-l'yprnC1, Shorthand, Bookkeeping and Band. A GlIRALDl If FIKSE Received BA Degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan Received M A Dee qree trom Unrversttv ol Michigan Teaches-U S History, French, Music and Library A ,X t MARGARET STIERS B. A. State Teachers Nebraska College of English, History, Literature A r Penmanship MARION THOMAS Attended Western State College, Colorado Received Lite Certrlicate Teacheselirghth Grade Subrects. LESTER WEHMOFF Received B.S. and M S. Degrees at Washington State College. Mayored rn Chemistry Teaches--Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry and General Scrence. Q . i m it KENNETH DULIN VIVIAN EIDE Student Council This year the Student Council consisted ot twelve student members and our advisor, Mr. Skurdall. These were the class presidents, the boys' and girls' club presidents, and the student body officers. The Student Council sponsored a successful magazine sales drive to raise funds tor a Public Address system, as well as taking care of all ot its other business. FRONT HOW, lett to right: I. Smith, V. Andrea, V. Eide, S. Lybecker, R. Spinney. BACK ROW: D Allen, G. Smith, K. Dulin, D. Meyer, C. Rutland, T. Cloud, R. Werner. 'Q Q CHARLIE RUTLAND H-ARI-AND SCHULZ EDITH ROSS BILL GREEN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Class History If we could turnhistory back a few years, we would be able to see September 1942, approaching, the year well remembered as the year when the present-day seniors began as freshmen. The seniors-quiet, well-reserved, and dignified. But ,to get back to the history part of it, we were new to high school and high school life was new to us. We soon adapted ourselves and went successfully through the first year of high school without too many mishaps. The officers elected for a year's term were: President-Kenny Dulin, Vice Pres.- Lee Markovich, Secretary-Diane Harris, who withdrew in our senior year, Treasurer-Leo Ford, who withdrew in our junior year, and Carl Veitenhans- Class Reporter. Mrs. McGaughey was our advisor for our first two years of high school. i The year we began as Sophomores we were much more familiar with our surroundings and much better adapted than we were as Freshmen. Our class officers were: President--Kenny Dulin, re-elected for another term, Vice Pres.- Harland Schulz, Secretary-Vivian Andrea, Treasurer-Diane Harrisg and Class Reporter-Glenrose Hayward. During the year we presented the Freshman- Sophomore Mixer. The class decorated the gymnasium for commencement exercises. l945-lunior Year-Upperclassmen-and did we feel important? We weren't a bit conceited, even though we did know we were the best class in the whole school-for-I don't know how long. Mr. Miller was our advisor, poor man, he suffered so. The officers for the year were as follows: President- Carl Veitenhans, who left mid-term, Vice Pres.-Lee Markovich, Secre- tary-Lucy Skerbinig Treasurer-Norma Ienkins, and Class Reporter-Glenrose Hayward, who withdrew in our junior year. With Mr. Miller's brains and the Iunior boys' brawn and the Iunior girls' ability to order them around and keep them going, we managed to present the lunior Prom. The theme was "Hawaii" We also presented "Goodnight Ladies," under the direction of Miss Loeb, It was a huge success. We entered our Senior year with only twenty-four students. We also entered with the determination that we would graduate this year. We knew that we were the most intelligent, dignified, and polite .class in the whole school. Our class officers were: President-Charles Rutland, Vice Pres.- I-Iarland Schulz, Secretary-Edith Ross, Treasurer-Bill Green, and Sgt.-at- Arms-Wendall Samuelson. During the year there were many activities. To mention only a few-we presented the Senior Ball of l945 and on March 29, 1946 we presented a Senior Play called, "The Crazy Smith Family," which was a decided success. On May 29 of this year we will graduate, we leave the school with 'saddened hearts and tears in our eyes. lt isn't that we hate to go, it's because we know that there will never be another class like ours. CYou lucky peoplel l l LLOYD AHLBERG "Ahlberq" I came, I studled, I graduated. Hobby-Huntlng Track 3, 4, Chorus 4, "That Crazy Smlth Famtly" 4 SENIORS ANNE FOSNESS "Anne" A little btl ol mlschrel, a llttlv blt of lun, help to make her personaltty a really rare one Hobby-Travelrnq "That Crazy Smtth Fanulyw 4, Operetta I, Servlce Club 3 Chorus I, 2, 4: Pep Club 4, Annual Stall 3, 4 , IOHN INSEL "Ins" The man who blushes rs not qulte a brute Hobby-Butldtng Model Alrplanes. Football 3, Commtttee work 3, 4 VIVIAN ANDREA "Viv" Men are llke streetcars, they come and they go. Hobby-Dancmg Chorus I, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Gtrls' Club Pres. 45 Festival 3, Mlnstrel Show 2, Baton Twrrltng 2, Yell Queen 3, 4, IIIYCFIBY 3, Glrls' Sports 3, Home EC. Club 2 IOHN GILICII "Crll" It ts not Ideas but Ideals that make a man llobby---Vacatlonlnq at Irrrday Harbor Baseball Q1 Ll, 4, Football 3, BIG 'G' Club T, 3, 4 MARY IAI-IN "lam" Always Wllllng to do her share Hobby-lleadlnq Mtnstrel Sllow 2, Festival 3, Annual Stall 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4 'iff KENNETH DULIN "Kenny" Wrne, women and sono "That Crazy Smrth Fam1ly" 4, Class Pres I, 2, Football I, 7, 3, 4, Student Councll I, 2, 4, Chorus I, 2, 45 Sprlnq Fvstlval 3, Mlnstrel Show 2, Opt-retla Ig Student Body Prf,-s 4, Basket hall I, 7, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Stall 4g Boys' Club Vlce Pres 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Spanrsh Club 2, Bug "G" Club Secretary 2 'Q 51? BILI. GREEN l'Blll" Oh, that I had been rlch rnstc-ad ol handsome Hobby-Sports Baseball I, Football Manaqer 'Z 3, Basketball 2, H1-Crler 3, "Goodntghl Ladlesu 3, Bug NG' Club 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, "That Crazy Smlth Famtlyw 4, Yell Klnq 4 v 1 S., 'x- ,Q J 55, NORMA IENKINS "Norm" I ltve tor those who love me I'IobbyiSewlng "Goodmght Lashes" 3, "That Crazy Smtth Famtly" 4, Ht- Crler I, Edltor 2, 4, Asst Edltor 3, NONA IIIAN IIIIJII 'Nona Sllenre ls: qnldt-n, but lt harp no charms lor mf- llnbby Stfwlnq Oprwretta I, Mlnstrel Show 7 Sprung Ft-stlval 4, Surorlfl Clulll- hood 2, 'fioodntqllt Larlu-la" 3, "That Cra,y Srrutlt I'anuly" 4, Ill-Cru-r 3, 4, Annual Stall 4, Glrln' Sports Il, 3, tfluxrus Y, 3, 4, P.-5-I Cltlln Il, 4 LOIS l"lOFBAUIiIi MLC" Good at work, but better at play llobby-fPhotography Chorus I 3, Operetta I, Sprrnq Fr'-stlval 3 Ill-Cruel' I, 2, 4, 'Cvoodmght Ladlesw 3, llome Ifc Club I, Yell Leader 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Annual Stall 4, l'That Crazy Smtth Family" 4, Queen ol Prom 3 GFOHGF LOVIIOVICH 'Blarklcw l'n1 not lazy, I lust don't llke to work Hobby-Bulldlng Model Alrplanes Annual I, 3, Asst. Edltor 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Brg "G" Club Girls' Sports 2, 3, Class Treas 3, Dramatrcs l, Curl Reserves I 3, 4, 'Goodnlqht Ladtesu 3 "That Crazy Smlth Family" 4 II LIIII MARKOVICII "Mark" Work lascrnates me, I can sit and watch it lor hours Hobbyf-Boating Football 3, Basketball 2, 3, Brq "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres I, 3, Chorus 4 ORLANDO PETERSON "Toll" What's the hurry? I-lobby-Fishing. Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Big "G" Club 4, Hr-Crier Stall 4. SENIORS ,,aa.w.. Q, H Q- ,gf ' WENDITLL SAMUIILSON "Blondie" Still waters run deep Hobbyf-Frslrrnq Bas?-ball 3, Football I. IIAHLAND SCIIULZ "Schulzre" Ilere I am, you lucky peoplell Ilobby-Doing as lrttle as possible Class Vice Pres. 2, 3, Krng ol Prom 3, "Goodnight Ladies" 35 Annual Stall 2, "That Crazy Smith Family" 4. Yell King 4: Chorus 4, Dramatrcs I EDITH ROSS "Edie" A good disposition is more valuable than gold. I-lobby-Boating. Chorus 2, "Second Childhood" 2: "Goodnight Ladies" 3, Oper- etta I, Annual Asst, Editor 3, Editor 45 Class Sec. 4 Home EC Club 1, ITVELYN SEVEHTSEN "Eyre" Nevada, here I come! Hobb -Drrving Chorus l, 4, Operetta I, "Good- nrght Ladies" 3, "That Crazy Smith Family" 4, Annual 3, 4, Home EC Club I -2 tl PAT SHANNON "Pat" LUCILLE SKERBIINI "Lucy" Silence rs more musical than My love has my heart, and I any ggng, have his diamond. Iintr-ered from Ellensburo, l944, HObbYAM0TOrCyClrng. Girls' Athletics 3, I'Ii-Crier 3, Operelld lp Chorus IP HQIU9 EC- 4g Chorus 4, Annual Stall 4 Club I,Sec. ol Class 3, Good- 12 night Ladies" 3: "That 'Crazy Smith Family" 45 Hr-Crier 3, Annual Stall 4. CHARLES RUTLAND 4'Bud" I am the master ol my tate. Track 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Brg "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Sergeani-at-Arms 3, 4, Class Pres 4, Student Council 4, Chorus 2, "That Crazy Smith Family 4 r HELEN SI-IADBOLT "Porky" Wming and able. I-Iobby-Brcyclmg. Operetta I, Chorus 1. EDITH SPINNEY "Spinney" Where there's a will, there's Hobby-Men. She entered here in the year of 1944, she finished her schooling and received her credits during the middle ol the year. 7 ff h'-l' 53 W y. fr 'An-'df'-59 Q . Sflmor Dxqmiy Leavmq7 Who Says? Industrwoxxsr Semors Not Agnm Our T'-Alito? Can'l Undf2rs1and It Pause that Refreshes Let If Rau: Ars-n'l We liandsome7' How Dxd You get m HIQYLF' Nona? Is ihe hshmq ileet commq xn Girls? Whats so funny abou? thai? Intsfrestmq game, boys7 Dreammg Comv on oulfthe weather IS flnv I' 1 my +1c1zvuw.w,:fmwf-:wr Senior Class Will ARTICLE I To the luniors we leave our cooperative and dignified ways-also our ability to win the inter-class basketball trophy. - To the Sophomores, our sister class, we leave our excellent grades to be put to use by their valedictorian and salutatorian. We leave also, the memory of the good examples we have set for them. To the Freshmen we leave our ability to concentrate on our studies. To the Eigth Graders we leave the thought that they might become seniors some day. If we did it, they certainly can. ARTICLE ll To Mr. Vinkness we leave the broken down desks, open window, torn shades, open registers, locked doors, and the lights left on. fAlso, the cluttered up senior sec- tionl To Mr. Miller we leave the ripped-up cushions on the busses, the gum under the seats, and the broken down bus routes. To Mr. Skurdall we leave our deepest sympathy and regret that there will never be another class like us. To Mr. Howe we leave our unpaid bills. To Mrs. Raymond we leave the memory of a bright and intelligent English class. To Miss Lamison we leave a lot of dirty dishes, burned food, and our best wishes for her next year's classes. To Miss Steirs we leave the cheerful thought that she was able to get by without having us in any of he: classes. To Mr. George Anderson we leave the old football suits and, we are very sorry that we have to take his best players. We are sorry that we can't leave Miss Fikse some good voices for her chorus and some efficient librarians, but we are all leaving. To Mr. Stebner we leave the battered typewriters and all the worn out shorthand books. To Mrs. Thomas we leave the memory of a quiet second period study hall. llt had to be quiet. The seniors never made any noise when or if we were therel To Mr. Wehmhoff we leave the memory of the best class of which he has ever been advisor. If you are advisor of a class next year we hope that you will have better luck. To Mrs. Graham we leave the old stencils and the mimeograph machine which she may use any time she wants to-now that We have left. To Mr. Lybecker we leave all the mess in the shop. To Mr. Roy Anderson we leave the lost baseballs and broken bats. ARTICLE III George Lovrovich leaves his excuses to Ieannine Pryear . . . we hope she gets out of as many classes as he did. To Iimmy Ryan, Lee Markovich leaves his good looks and piano playing ability. I-Iere's hoping he has as good luck as Lee. Iohn lnsel leaves his shy ways and blushes to Dick Allen. Iohn Gilich leaves his pitching arm to all future baseball teams. Put it to good use, fellows. Bill Green bequeaths his deep voice to Carol Finney. KNOW maybe she can be heardl To all the junior boys and anyone else who needs it, Harland Schulz leaves his love making ability. Charles Rutland is forced to leave Ioyce to the Class of "47". He regrets that he can't take her with him. Lloyd Ahlberg wills all of his past chemistry experiments to next year's chemistry class. Now, Mr. Whemhoff will have a bright and intelligent chemistry class for next year. Wendell Samuelson doesn't leave anything . . . he is taking it all with him. To Bert Uddenberg, Orlando Peterson leaves his quiet and easy going personality. Kenny Dulin leaves his ability to argue with Mr. Skurdall to all coming! seniors. To Ted Arnold, Anne Fosness bequeaths her careful driving ability. Evelyn Severtsen wills her height and halo l?l to Ieannette Hahn. Edith Ross leaves her ladylike ways and reserved manner to Dorothy Shadbolt. Pat Shannon has consented to leave her boy friends to be divided equally among the girls of the class of "49". Mary Iahn leaves her ability to take over any- work that is given her to Dick Kara- matic. Looks as if he might become anlintelligent student, but he probably won't have as much fun as Mary has had. Edith Spinney leaves . . . she just left. Vivian Andrea wills her hair cutting ability to Vivian Eide. Lois Hofbauer leaves all of her sweaters to Cleo Thompson. Helen Shadbolt leaves her ability to get into trouble to Isobel Kaehlerl. Nona lean Eide leaves her cooking ability to Miss Lamison's future cooking classes. Norma Ienkins leaves her typing skill to all future typists this school may produce. Lucy Skerbini leaves her ability to get her man to Gracie Graham. I Class Prophecy 1956 U After an absence of l0 years I find myself speeding across the new Narrows Bridge anxious to see the new boom town on Puget Sound and look up my class- mates of 1946. A warning siren informs me that in my anxiety to get to Gig Harbor I have exceeded the new speed limit of 75 miles per hour. As I pulled over to the curb, a tall familiar man stepped up ready for action. I mentally prepared myself for a tongue lashing. Imagine my surprise when the beaming face of a former classmate, George Lovrovich, greeted me. A few minutes of pleasant recollections with George and I learned the where-abouts of my var- ious classmates. Helen Shadbolt is the owner of the Super-Duper Gas Station 'fea- turing Orlando Peterson's minute-man-service. I was told the helicopter now dropping in at the service station is probably that of Norma Ienkins' Dairy Farm. Evelyn Severtsen had just been through on route to her next performance in the Gig Harbor rodeo. Upon asking where I could stop for a present for my Mother I was informed of Vivian Andrea's Iewelry Shop. She developed such a passion for diamonds she decided to make a busi- ness of it. I was hardly on my way when a large attractive Sea Food Restaurant caught my eye. Being hungry, I decided to stop in. To my great surprise the owner was Iohn Gilich whom I met at the door. As I sat down at one of the tables a familiar sound reached my ears. I glanced around the room and I saw Lee Markovich at the piano playing his favorite Boogie Woogie. A note to Lee brought him to my table. I learned from him that his band, for the evening show, featured the clever arranging and trombone playing of Kenny Dulin and the singing of Edith Spinney. On my way again I headed in the general direction of the 300 foot tower of the radio station of IERK. Even as I approached, I heard the voice of the announcer and owner, Charles Rutland, advertising Harland Schulz's Dancing Studio for Restless Feet. In a window of the many studios I noticed Mary Iahn warming up her vo- cal cords in preparation for a 15 minute radio program. A notice on the studio wall of a speech by the city mayor, Iohn Insel, reminded me I hadn't had a conversaiton with his honor for several years. Unable to get my call through, I headed for the telephone building and the head supervisor. Stepping into the elevator I met the elevator girl, Lucy Skerbini, who has found out life cer- tainly has its ups and downs. Anne Fosness, who I found to be the head supervisor, explained that the trouble was due to all circuits being busy trying to locate Gig I-Iarbor's handsome doctor, Bill Green and his nurse, Nona lean Eide. Lloyd Ahl- berg, trying to prove he could fish for salmon from his airplane, had crashed. News of the crash ,brought Wendell Samuelson, the Harbor's Digby O'Del, to the scene in search of business. While I was at the telephone office a call came in from the reporter of the Penin- sula Gateway inquiring of my presence in Gig Harbor. She also informed me that another classmate, Lois I-Iofbauer, had been in Gig Harbor recently. To my great surprise the reporter was Pat Shannon. Another day has gone and as roving geographic writer I must be on my way to other parts of interest in the world. Edith Ross av, FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Finney, I. Hart, S. Gilich, V. Hide, G. Cook, C. Christensen, I. Carlson M. F. Cooper. SECOND ROW: G. Anderson, I. Glenham, C. Austin, G. Bowles, V. Davidson, G Graham, E. Cheney, D. Allen, T. Arnold. JUNIORS FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Uddenberg, B. Williams, I. Pryear, S. Lybecker, L. Ross, D. Todd, B Murphy, L. Murphy. SECOND ROW: K. Peterson, L. Samuelson, B. Strickland, G. Smith, C Thompson, G, Lloyd, F. Underwood, R. Spinney. ,J.,. I 4lM.Q' df I PM-rm FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Lamison, P. Babich, M. Peterson, R. Burkland, L. Balcluzzi, Z. Cloud, E. Green, B. Ashley, SECOND ROW: G. Foster, D. Iohnson, B. Hatch, M. Gauthier, M. Hemley, P. Hedstrom, S. Carlson, P. Grout. THIRD ROW: E. Lloyd, K. Griswold, D. Finnigan, B. Borgert, I. King, I. Miller, L. Iahn, I, Kimball, l.. Ienkins. Sophomores I I Q 3 3 -nf f 5 1 I FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Lamison, I. Putnam, E. Iohnson, P. Parrell, B Parshall, l. Kaehler. SECOND ROW: I. Ryan, C. Weaver, I .VanGorder, P. Tuttle, B. Skansie, N. Midtsatre. THIRD ROW B. Uddenberg, E, Midtsatre, l... Murray, B, Schoolcraft, D. Meyer, B. Slawson, O. Mitchell. '54 2 3:0 AY' x He? E: ff xmw., 3, ig' 'N ,. wiv K , pm gnmxxmwpwwh. Hang on hgh!! Famlly Reumon. Hungry7 Innoceni Who 1s the Serv1ceman'J Is she cute, Dick1e7 Lovable Sophomore! Statue. Watch xt there, Boy! ,J Nh . sh 4 We yi 5 sw' vf r" W, Q .5 " ' N 1-. A it - ww xl- Vx I w --:S us, Ir ali' as 3 fi .S 4 4 ' 1 ffm:-: ff, 19 FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Stiers, D. Covell, P. Lund, D. Hemely, R. Combs, D. Ford, E. Ben- son, I. Hahn. SECOND ROW: G. Cloud, B. Gowrlie, H. Green, P. Christensen, D. Bell, B. Arnold, B. Hardie, N. Gloden. Tl-HRD ROW: R. Brandt, T. Carrel, Fl. Abel, P. Buyacich, B. Guske, R. Eyrish, R. Hendrick. Freshmen FRONT ROW, left to right: D. Shadbolt, I. Sandberg, B. Mobley, W. While, M. Pryear, I. Middle- ton. SECOND ROW: G. Irvin, M. Mitchell, W. Ness, Fl. Murphy, W. Pine, G. Plancich. THIRD ROW A. Skarponi, I. Ierkovitch, I. Smith, D. Stair, I. Tobey, L. Lonning, D. Underwood. . Aren't We Cute? Aw, 1t's nothm' fellahs! Now Whai? Worrled. Lookmg Up to Hxm FRONT ROW, lelt to right: Mrs. Thomas, M. Berg, B. Valley, B. Carlson, I. Elliott, H. Miller, I. Rut- land, I. Smith, I. Eaton. SECOND ROW: E. Kopperman, I. Campbell, M. VanGorder, T. Cheney, I Harshberger, E. Benson, M. Davidson, I. Roby, P. Healy. THIRD ROW: T. Cloud, C. Hart, G. Cheney I. Schoolcralt, S. Zinovitch, R. Hemley, I. O'Brien. Eighth Grade FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. G. Anderson, D. Wetmore, B. Parrish, F. Nicholac, H. Swayze, T. lnsel, E. Sigmund, G. Finney, L. Satterlee, M. Stevenson. SECOND ROW: R. Miller, B. Ryan, R. Eaton, C. Hayward, R. Strickland, B. Hemley, P. Shepherd, F. Iames, L. Shepherd, R. Werner. THIRD ROW: I. Whitmarsh, B. Babich, G. Griswold, I. Miller, R. Peterson, I. VanGorder, D. Roby 0-warp p-My NN- vi 9. if-ff. J' 1 " The Girls' Club had a very successful year with Vivian Andrea as president, Sally Lybecker as vice-president, and Ioyce Hart, secretary-treasurer. The highlights of the year were the Mothers' and Daughters' Tea, and Tolo Week. The girls also did some Red Cross work. Miss Fikse was the advisor. Girls' Club S. Lybecker, I. Hart, V. Andrea. Boys' Club Officers The Boys' Club got under way this year with Mr. G. Anderson as their advisor. Officers lor the year were George Smith, president, Dick Meyer, vice-president, and Dick Allen, secre- tary-treasurer, Charles Rutland was sergeant-at-arms. Mr. R. Anderson, who came to Gig Harbor in Ianuary, was co-advisor. The Boys' Club also sponsored a dance. C. Rutland, D. Allen, D. Meyers, G. Smith. '-w--..,,-IQ' - ua SEATED, left to right: Dorothy Todd, Miss Stiers, Bill Borgert. STANDING: Dick Iohnson, Mary Frances Cooper, Shirley Carlson, Peggy Lund. . DEBATE The Debate Club was formed this year under the supervision of Miss Steirs, Approximately three weeks after organizing the group went to CPS. to Witness a debate. There they took notes and pointers. One of the members of the debate club left them in the mid-term of debating. Pat Quinn moved to Nebraska and left the club with one member short. Although the Debate Club is still weak and has not met opposition from other teams, next year they hope to do so. This is the first club of this kind to be formed in this school. SEATED, left to right: E. Ross, Mr. Skurdall, N. Ienkins, N. Eide. SECOND ROW: L. Ross, I. Carlson, l... Hofbauer, M. Gauthier, B. Uddenberg, E. Severtsen, A. Fosness, K. Dulin, P. Shannon. THIRD ROW: I. Hart, S. Gilich, R. Uddenberg, B. Slawson, M. lahn, I, Kaehler. Annual Staff Edith ---- I - Edith Ross Asst, Editor - - Norma Ienkins Senior Editor - - Nora lean Eide Snap Editor - - - Isabel Carlson Write Ups - Lois Hofbauer, Kenneth Dulin Advertisements - Ioyce Hart, Lorraine Ross, Sonja Gilich, Bert Uddenberg, Rosilie Uddenberg, Bob Slawson Artist ---- Isobel Kaehler Typists - - Anne Eosness, Evelyn Severtsen, Pat Shannon Circulation - Mary Iahn, Mary Gauthier Advisor -4-- Mr. Skurdall W Q 1 V A . - EDITH ROSS NORMA IENKINS Editor Assistant Editor FRONT HOW, left to right. P. Shannon, N I. Hide, Mr. Stebner, N, Ienkins. LAST ROW: I. Van- Gorder, Z. Cloud, L. Hotbauer, R Uddenherg, M. F. Cooper, B. Hatch, G. Graham, C. Weaver, L. Balduzzi, G. Cook, P. Babich, I. Putnam, K, Peterson, O. Peterson. Hi Crier Staff Edito r---- Norma jenkins Asst. Editor - Nora Iean Eide Artist - - - Karl Peterson Exchange - - Grace Graham Mimeograph - - - Lucy Balduzzi Iune Van Gorder Reporters - Clare Weaver, Mary F. Cooper, Grace Cook, Rosalie Udden- berg, Betty Hatch, Zorca Cloud, Iackie Putnam Typists ---- Pat Shannon, Orlando Peterson 9 f . ws' 4' NORMA IENKINS NONA IEAN EIDE Editor Assistant Editor Chorus FRONT BOW, left to right: Miss Fiske, B. Uddenberg, G Cook, B. Parshall, N. I. Eicle, I. Pryear, P. Shannon, I. Putnam, S. Lybecker, V. Eide, M. Pryear, E. Severtsen. SECOND ROW: P. Tuttle, M. F. Cooper, M Gauthier, C. Christenson, R. Uddenberg, P. I-Iedstrorn, E. Ross, A. Fosness, M. Iahn, ID. Ford, I. Van Gorder, C. Thompson. THIRD ROW: H, Brandt, R. Burkland, E. Lloyd, K. Peterson, O. Peterson, L. Murray, E. Cheney, I-I. Schulz, C. Veitenhans. FOURTH ROW: R. Spinney, L. Ahl- berg, I. Ryan, B. Slawson, D. Finnigan, B. Schoolcraft, G. Smith, K. Dulin, L. Markovich, G. Ianovitch. Band FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Pryear, B. Williams, L. Murphy, B. Murphy, L. Samuelson, N. Midsatre, D. Karamatic. SECOND ROW: Mr. Stebner, R. Uddenberg, P. Bujacich, I. VanGorder, Ft. Brandt, G. Irvin, P, Babich, B. Guske. THIRD BOW: Ft. Werner, E. Midtsatre, K. L. Dulin, D. Finnigan, D. Meyer, R. Ross, I. Ierkovitch. FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Gilich, I. Hart, M. F. Cooper, V. Eide, I. Pryear, L. Hofbauer, N. I. Hide L. Skerbini, P. Tuttle. SECOND ROW: L. Ross, E. Severtsen, I. Carlson, G. Graham, B. Murphy, L Murphy, M. Gauthier, C. Veitenhans, I. Smith, P. Christenson. THIRD ROW: I, VanGorder, M. Iahn K. Griswold, R. Burkland, H. Green, K. L. Dulin.'FOURTH ROW: L. Balduzzi, R. Uddenberg, P. Hedstrom, B. Arnold, I. King, I. Ryan, L. Murray, L. Lonning, D. Underwood. I Service Group The Service Group consists ot librarians, movie operators, girls' room attend- ants, ice cream sellers, and our student store. 'IT Q, we f 'I' Waker ' Pa Smith - Ma Smith - Tony Smith Sally Smith Buddie Smith Betty Smith Aunt Bella STANDING, lett to right' Lois Hofbauer, Evelyn Severtsen, Lloyd Ahlloerg, Nona lean Eide, Bill Green SEATED2 Anne Fosness, Kenneth Dulin. STANDING, left to right: Norma lenkins, George Lovrovich, Charles Rutland. SEATED: Bill Green, Lucy Sker bint, Harland Schulz. Senior Play Cast Kenny Dulin Anne Fosness - Bill Green Nona lean Eide Lloyd Ahlberg Evelyn Severtsen Lois Hotbauer Professor - - George Lovrovich Barbara Wetherby - Lucy Skerbini Stewart Bradon - Harland Schulz Dick lones - Charles Rutland Iulie Weston - - Norma Ienkins Director - - Mrs. Anita Raymond Co-director - - Miss Geraldine Fikse nw... ,i Junior Play Cast Nurse lulie Milton - Carol Christensen Aunt lulie Bingham - - Pat Quinn Aunt Saphronia lmagene Atmore - Evelyn Parnell Pinky Aster -' Goldenrod Mills Emmet Hunting Clement Hunter Howard Atmore Warren Bingham - Vivian Eide Mary Frances Cooper - loyce Hart Isobel Carlson Fred Underwood Dick Allen Karl Peterson Iack Glenham - Ted Arnold Director - - Miss Margaret Steirs a 8-'gg L?-JE - -- - 12 L- mmm ma: - f2ifaf.,Q,ir vawwvwli, w 1 UW W: , 'ga-yi wg 1: R-QPNIMI - I 4 ,,,3.,W, Mm D ,,.-but w-yn ,sN..J .Wei mxlruj, 'hu 4,-35 . IAQ, gg 1. t,...,. 4 4 M ,Q Y 3- wt,-. nm - iq .f ,gif 2 , nr- nil i '- ' aim 71 ws? A4 'Dl"'f'!'f"' prawn, L ,. wyflf! owl fn-vi well n '- ing 4" :Milli Q. li 'U Q U V. 5 'J' ill -. -.,, -, , ..."T,,..-.. I ll ul I ll EI U IH U 1 If. TY at Ted Ahlberg - Iean Austin - Melda Cable Ianice Hoy - Ianice Carlson Barbara Hofbauer Elaine Crawford Frances Holst - Barbara ,Kingsbury Arthur Iohnson Nat Kuhns - Bill Lewis - - Betty Iean Major Donna Quinn - Troy Parish - Klarion Peterson Cynthia Slawson Pat Uddenberg Iohn Ross - Gene Rutland - Iune Underwood Barbara Valley Roy Vinkness - Barbara Wing - Alumni ----Navy - Working in Tacoma - - At home Mt. Rainier Depot - Mrs. Don Dahl - - Fort Lewis Working in Tacoma Mrs. William Hahn, Working in Bremerton - - - - Army University ot Washington - Marine Corps' Working in Tacoma - Mrs. Vincent Naterlin Merchant Marine - - - - Army Mrs. Keith Finney University of Washington - - A. T. S. Working on the Ferry that goes to Canada Working in Seattle Working in Gig Harbor - - - Army - Mrs. Bob Underwood Eighth Grade Chorus FRONT ROW, lelt to right: H. Swayze, I. Smith, F. Nikolac, I. Eaton, M. Berg, B. Parrish, E Sig mund D. Wetmore, H. Miller, I. Elliott, B. Carlson. SECOND ROW: P. Healy, I. Rutland, I Roby B Hemley, G. Finney, M. Stevenson, T. Insel, P. Shepherd, R. N. Strickland, L. Satterlee, M David son, B. Valley. 131- E yfiffpk 'K t f . -. . AVZQ1, "'1'Jj-'ffi . . . 'L5i?fW'vgftQ:m 7 if i "-wa-w 'z , Af:-' 1 ., 7, Q , K: 1. .f. V., , X K 1' --'Qwf'.i55 ve f .Xjf 'gmt , mf Q ,H " 5' ZZVYQ Wk sf '. iffh, . K 1 .f 1 'ni' , ', iw, gfk , ' 4 SPORTS .yd FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. G. Anderson, E. Cheney, B. Schoolcraft, C. Rutland, G. Smith, I Gilich, B. Stickland, D. Meyer, R. Wagner, G. Bowles, F. Underwood, O. Peterson, I. Smith. SEC- OND ROW: K. Peterson, L. Ahlberg, C. Veitenlians, L. Markovich, D. Allen, I. King, B. Arnold, B Green, T. Arnold, G. Lovrovich, K. Dulin. Big "G" club Mr. Roy Anderson and Mr. George Anderson were advisors for the Big "C" Club this year. Officers were: President, Ted Arnold, Vice-President, Rodney Wag- ner, and Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Underwood. GEO. ANDERSON Advisor FRONT ROW, lell to right: P. Lund, G. Cook, L. Hofbauer, V, Andrea, V. Eide, N, I. Eide, E. Green SECOND ROW: C. Christensen, M. Pryear, S. Lybecker, D. Hemley, D. Ford. THIRD ROW: .A Fosness, E. Ross, I. VanGorder, E. Benson, Mrs. Raymond. Pep Club The Pep Club, which was organized by Mr. McGaughey, was taken over by Mrs Raymond ihis year. Vivian Andrea was ,president Vivian Hide, vice-president and Edna Green, secretary-treasurer. They sponsored a dance this year. MRS. ANITA RAYMOND Advisor N, ,,,. .5 V- . 4-:JR A 'Q' 'ive ' E 7 9 1' i I Earl Cheney 2. Rodney Wagner 3 George Smlth 4. Charles Rutland 5 Bxll Schoolcralt 6 lohn Smith 7. Bill Strlckland 8 Dlck Allen 9. Dick Meyer 10, Kennelh Dulin . Glenn Bowles ll 12 Izm Kmg 36 m FIRST ROW left to right: E. Cheney, B, Arnold, N. Midtsatre, D. Finnigan, K Peterson A Skarpom I Krmball SECOND ROW: M. Pelerson, B. Guske, B, Hardie, B. Abel. THIRD ROW R Spmney , R. Murphy, D. Bell, B. Slawson, B. Uddenberg. GIG HARBOR ................ GIG HARBOR ................ GIG HARBOR ,......,,.,...,. GIG HARBOR ........... .... GIG HARBOR ,.........,...., GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR ...........,.I.. O FOOTBALL SCORES ROY .,...... ORTING .,..... KAPOWSIN . EATONVILLE VAUGI-IN ....I FEDERAL WAY FIFE ............. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. G. Anderson, L. Murray, B. Hardie, D. Myer, B. Schoolcraft C Rutland O Mitchell, O. Peterson, I. Kimball, K. Petersqn, I. Smith First Team Basketball GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR ................ 39 GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR GIG HARBOR BASKETBALL SCORES EATONVILLE ROY ............. KAPOWSIN . PIPE ......,,...., VAUGHN ...... FEDERAL WAY ORTING ........ YELM ...... LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. B. Anderson, K. Peterson, B. Skansie, A. Skarponi, B. Guskc, B. Arnold, B Slawson, B. Abel, I. Kimball, B. Uddenberg, B, Brandi, I. Smith. Second Team Basketball FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. R. Anderson, K. Peterson, D. Allen, D. Myer, B, Schoolcralt, G Smith I. Gilich, G. Bowles, L. Murray. SECOND BOWi R. Brandt, D. Finnigan, E Cheney, B. Wagner, T Arnold, B. Arnold, G. Lovrovich, G. lrvin, I. Kimball. THIRD BOW: R. Murphy, B. Abel, F. Under- wood, B. Skansie, B. Uddenberg, B. Guslce, A. Skarponi, I. Ierkovitch. X Track .lfr-5, 7 'ix ! l I 1 1 x FRONT ROW, left lo righli Mr. G. Anderson, K. Griswold, D. Finnigan, T. Arnold, C.lRutland, G. Smith, P. Bujacich. BACK ROW: W. Pine,-A. Skarponi, G. Foster, B. Hardie, G. Bowles, N, Glodcn, 5 A . , 5 .-A qi K Dulm I Tobey L Ienkms '55 I , I M X FRONT ROW, lett to right: L. Balduzzi, Z. Cloud, S. Carlson, l. VanGorder, B. Murphy, L. Murphy. SECOND ROW: E. Green, D. Todd, G. Coolc, M. F. Cooper, C. Christensen, D. Ford, V. Eide. THIRD , ROW: B. Williams, M. Hemely, B. Benson, M. Pryear, Mrs. Raymond. Girls' Sports The Girls' Athletic Club was begun two years ago for the benefit of the girls to Win stripes and letters. Letters and stripes are awarded on a point system, so many points are given for each time the girl turns out. The main object oi the Girls' Athletic Club is tor the girls to develop better sportsmanship and cooperation. Mrs. Raymond is the supervisor ot the club this year. QSW . .wr-1, K m f V ww - 3,5299-W. Maw 1 vw wx. Q H 1 i5i3,:,,. - -im -'E Q W. Q .fgvkih Q 'ww if L , . gifif ,Saw Autographs y w M 3. Ha- ,L Q., H I ,M Q, -. EV,-"' M . Q. w,-,'1. -I' 7. 111' I. f 5 . li Q., .,, xl.. J , 'xii l .-Jw ,. .. ,. i. 1. dz-,. -if wg: Q, '- .'1 r t'?i?,'Q' J. 1 tying, 1 :,- ' -.1,, 1 4- .al ,-. z ,- . . my 4 , 'vu k ,Xml ...MGA . , .Hu rl . emu- , fa , g. .--' in 'A fm" , ,TQQWIEI ' ' ume':.aami'f ' '.1M:.neQml4m?.QsL1.4uMLaf.h2LkLmh A Cmwfwlnfzom fo the Cum of KWWL? QSM 904 Pacific Ave. M!-Xin 0621 TACOMA, WASHINGTON 946 Congratulations! To The Seniors of 1946 PRICE'S Golden Guernsey and Homoginized Milk 0 S URIZED AND OU C FOR Y PRO Price's Golden Guernseg Uairg Congratulations to the Graduates of Gig Harbor High School from Sohoenfelds l5th and Pacific, Tacoma Compliments of Mecca Restaurant it ? .7 - - - , I Q . ' "il 5 1 " 13th d C St Tacoma, Washing J. H. GALBRAITH COMPANY AT GIG HARBOR Peninsula Cafe Gig Harbor Hardware and Grocery Galbraith Motor Co. BREMERTON Galbraith No. 3 Galbraith and Sons AT MANCHESTER Manchester General Store Manchester Cafe Compliments of J. H. Galbraith and Employees Your Electrician - Pioneer Electric Co. Since 1915 H. R. THURSTON H. L. WENNINC General Electric Contractors Marine Electricians PENINSULA WESTINGHOUSE FRANCHISE DEALERS Phone 25l l-2512 South Gig Harbor S fy 5 "' , s 1 'J E1 El Congratulations ROXY THEATRE GIG HARBOR Diesel Gasoline Stove Oil SHELL PRODUCTS Lubricants Motor Oils Sh Id n Stutz, Local Agent Phone 2530, Gig H b Very Best Wishes to the Graduating Class HAURY'S B o at H o u s e Henry Allen, Manager Boats Motors Fishing Tackle Bait Restaurant Finholm's Market and Grocery Meats Groceries Feed Frozen Food Lockers Finholm's Home Appliances Norge Ranges and Refrigerators Circulating Oil Heaters Washing Machines Home Freezers lronrite Ironers Maiestic Radios Hoover Cleaners Ji x if f ! -ix 2' reee e - - Compliments of Bert Uddenberg Motors and Peninsula Dairy Store f 3 r s er . ll ,7 Q ll coNcnATui.A'rioNs THOS. G. MORRIS Office Telephone 242X Home Telephone 4X8 Gig Harbor Realty 81 Insurance Co. ikealtors BANK BLDG. ikealtorsi cnc HARBOR, WN. B EI N 'E Lumber - Hard Materials 'A' PLUMBING suppues - ELEcTRucAL suppues Mu.LwoRK runov auuuasns surnv Phone 5X8 Gig Harbor B E ' coNcnATul.ATloNs TO THE E snuck ci.Ass Perkins Funeral Home B I ' E FIRE -:- AUTOMOBIIQE -:- MARINE INSURANCE FIDELITY AND SURETY BONDS N. CARL NIELSON Notary Public Pioneer Electric Bldg. Telephones Gig Harbor 2500 or 89 Washington qxflll, 5 74 'S f I, 'D BEST WISHES SUNSET GROCERY H. L. Pederson, Prop. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Recapping of Tires Repair Work Batteries Ralph Johnson's Garage 84 Service Shell Oil Products OPPOSITE POST OFFICE, CIC HARBOR Phone 2220 Res. Phone 29Xl ZELLER'S Appliances, Furniture and Floor Coverings PHONE 3100 PENINSULA LIGHT COMPANY Congratulations: Class of '46 Q . CASWELL OPTOMETRISTS SWELL pqldii, Q f m C9 'fs X f f , , 4 ' ' "W, F fu af f S: ox 97' a K s X JACASQ lwninmim 'nrvwt f 718 if NNLNS AT TIUANID NHIIAI1 MAin 4748 Tacoma 2, Washington Compliments of WESTERN FURNACES, INC. 950 Commerce I Tacoma, Washington Ik. P? N' sf- -Aff'--1 4 . - ' COMPLIMENTS OF HY MANDLES 8: SON Graduation Suits 532.50 to S60 X. 5 948 Pacific Avenue Tacoma ,A Ei D i E D A Complete Banking Service E Checking Accounts Savings Accounts W .V i ,, I gommgrcial Accounts t ,ls rust epartment 'ummm PUGET gg SUUND giifififiijgfprftiyf NATIONAL i f BANK or 'rAcoMA T' El El G. W. PAULSON CO. Linoleum Shades Carpets Rugs Draperies Venetian Blinds Tile Phone BRoadway 2I64 748 St. Helens Ave. Tacoma 2, Washington El I3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '46 G. R. GILBERT Agent ALL LINES OF INSURANCE LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES Gig Harbor: 2137 Tacoma: BR. 2229 El El DISTINCTIVE JEWELRY DIAMONDS, WATCHES ' Ii-I L ., HANSON'S JEWELRY C. Magnussen 257 So. Ilth St., Tacoma MAin 8355 El El COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '46 FI IIIIII' THE YOUNCER CROWD IS OUR HOBBY Home of National Exclusive Brands I Ith and Broadway BR 4242 White River Lumber Co. George L. Osgood, Manager Headquarters for FHA Loans Lumber, Millwork, Lath, Plaster, Cement, Sand, Gravel, Roofing, Paint and Hardware WE DELIVER Phone 2340 Gig Harbor E1 E El El Greetings to the Class of 1946 KEITH UDDENBERG + Complete Food Market if Phone 2400 Gig Harbor Standard of California Gig Harbor air Heating Oils Flamo Lubricants if PHONE 2280 Compliments of 1 Tacoma Marine Supply, Inc. Gray Marine Engines Everything for Fishermen Clothing - Salt and Fresh Water Fishing Tackle SMITH'S PAINTS G VARNISHES - PLYMOUTH ROPE - RUBBER BOOTS BRoadway 3223 l03 So. llth St. B B Compliments from Frances Blair Tailor Shop Compliments to the Class of '46 Island Empire Telephone Alterations, Tailor Work ,r and Near Bank Building Telegraph Phone 3022 Gig Harbor E EI El E EI 13 c...,,n...e..t. Stanich Grocery, Inc. Siegner's Richfield Service af CAS OIL LUBLICATION LIQUOR STORE Phone 2290 Gig Harbor El m El If Quality ls What You Want MA' 7472 , CET IT HERE S af Auto Supply MAH, 5531 The House of a Thousand Bargains 'k ' ' ' l I36 P 'f' A co' Tacoma?ClIJgshi:gItloi in m G E1 an MAin 2667 Congratulations F To The Class Jewelry " '46 DIAMONDS - WATCH ES MOQRES C I P. F " me" Barber Shop II7 South Eleventh Street Tacoma 2, Washington CIC HARBOR m na E: B El El E Cog: .Luck :oqghe Service - workmanship - Quality mors o ' , Hotel Beaut Sho Landls Shoe Y P Rebuilding co. , 2 706 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma E f A Ralph Trovani, Prop. Phone 2439 Gig Harbor Phone MM' 63'8 MN" 077' LAUNDRY SERVICE BARKS . . Valle Cleaners Musician Supply Co. :II D Complete Repair Department an Radio service Phone 3040 Pryear Bldg. T. R. "Dick" Bark Walt Bark lk 762 St. Helens Ave. Tacoma 4'Da7 se""'ce Congratulations if Class of '46 Good Luck from KEMP , Gig Harbor Radio Service it Pharmacy Finl'1olm's New Building PHONE 2433 Gig Harbor if El El B m El El Congratulations from R333 lgsgdggxilegs Home and Car Dry Goods Puget Snulld GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION WITH A SAVING Gig Harbor El E E Auto Electric Co. Formerly Puget Sound Battery Co 703-Sl I Pacific Ave. Tacoma 2, Wash. El E El Bl Neal E. Thorsen BRoadway 2219 Theatrical and Masquerade commas J Standard Auto Novelties - Tricks - Jokes 9262 Bf0adWaY Auto and Truck Wreckers MA 486I Tacoma XA, .lf 5 P New and Used Parts for All Cars I 2I4O-42 Pacific Tacoma I ! .- El B E HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS Mechanics' Tools A Large Stock to Choose From El El El Congratulations to the Class of '46 ,., Johnson Washington Cfaff 5ll0P Hardware CU- Sancraft Boats 924 Pacific Av: Tacoma Phone 2240 Gig Hafbof The Peninsula Gateway 51.50 the Year C. E. TROMBLEY, Publisher Phone 2I2I Gig Harbor 'E Q, ' , . ibx. 1 C i U El E Pease Brothers Automotive Parts Supplies - Equipment s' ' ff I ' I R 708 Broadway, Tacoma, Wash. I I4 No. Pearl St., Centralia, Wash El E Congratulations Moler Washington Beaut School - I I39 Broadway Tacoma a Phone BRoadway I42O -Io IOIO A Street, Tacoma 5 R 320-322 occidc-nfal Ave., Seattle B -- E El m 'X NSW GEOG! ZLQVQ . . Aw oopefraiion in esigning, pfanning anJp'r0cluCi1f1,g your scliool annua . JUHNSUN - EUX EUMPANY 724-726 Pacific Avenue mm' . Phone BRoadway 2238 Tacoma 2, Washington C Jifbzil, .. ........-.-A...-..-.1.4i-. Effective Printing Planned and Produced El EI ID Congratulations from congfatulaflons from Glg Harbor Burnett Bros. 10c Store jewelry 'A' HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES 924 Broadway Phone BR 3128 Tacoma, Washington El El E El El B Brown Congratulations I' th Cafe f' e Senior Class ii sk Home Cooked Meals ' r Bottled Beer S Phone 3Ol l Gig Harbor ROSEDALE E1 El Rugs - Draperies - Carpets Linoleums - Window Shades - Venetian Blinds - 'ir Electrical Appliances Congratulations ,k to the Class of '46 Clyde Hobbs l l4l Broadway MAin 4141 E El I3 El El In B' El Gustafson Fuel Oil Service Distributor of STANDARD FUEL OILS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Dr. Harold H. Ryan Gig Harbor, Washington Telephone 2370 t CARL L. GUSTAFSON Phone 2560 Gig Harbor li E1 ia I3 GIG HARBOR MOTOR CO. WISHES THE SENIOR CLASS OF '46 ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD Gene Wing El B El E CONGRATULATIONS ARLETTA STORE 0. A. DULIN, Proprietor Complete Food Market Phone 242 ARLETTA Congratulations SEARS, ROEBUCK and Co. I31'h and Broadway Tacoma, Washington T as. Q 1 T. DESK Compliments to the Class of '46 Luters Electric and Plumbing Company RELIABLE PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC SERVICE WATER SYSTEMS AND PLUMBING FIXTURES DuPONT PAINTS Phone 2470 Gig Harbor TIRES ARE STILL SCARCE AND WILL BE FOR A FEW MONTHS We have a solution for the family car . . . Suiter's "Certified" recapping can solve the problem. Have your old ones recapped before it is too late-Keep your car rolling until new tires are again available. We loan you tires while recapping yours. Lloyd Suiter Tire Co. Tacoma's largest recapping plant Pierce County Distributor U. S. Tires MAin 3ll7 2302 Pacific Ave. ANTICIPATE YOUR NEEDS New Goodyear Tires and Batteries Are Back Again 522: . L. Let us know J as far in advance f-00Dk'f5A? i if as possible, when - you will need new I y a: E .E tires and they will be here for you. ec Shaub - Ellison Co. l9th 6 Pac. Ave., Tacoma BR l l i5 Serving Pierce County Motorists for 26 Years ' ' V ...,I -1.-V... 'HfF3iE?: 4355.15 .g wg' 4-2 4. 37: ., 7 P if ' ' Q L L' , ' YE " ' 1 w K' . si F X 1. l, 1 W. 5' , in 5. 1 n in 9 r-- Z1-

Suggestions in the Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) collection:

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 8

1946, pg 8

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 28

1946, pg 28

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 67

1946, pg 67

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 16

1946, pg 16

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