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! 2 E f 1 E 5 5 H 5 Q s E E' 1 1 5 1 E I I ! .Sa .s 5. ,gi-A ,4,Ji?'Tj,y , Af' 5. , . 531. 1 ,Q.k3g. 1 A' 7,95 J. , A XS 5 I5 ,. ,, W , g ., ,,i., , 2 ,Nl . ' 1 ' L A mu 4, 'gys , 61255. .., . A 5 ff-H-sig r 4' 1 ,,,,.. ,1fi.,. Q5-, , , ?"' 4 ,iii 4 fl' 4 - Jzfj ' .gf 1 ,Q H!'fi?2f,i '- ,fray 112: ,f 1 M fyiif. WLT! ' 2? ' A. rw? "-. ill.-'f's-" -fl .- 3, ugfj-. fgg,f,n,v,,.T 5 ,WS 4 f- 4. R524 . :414xT,f1 V in -if f " ' fi?'1if3fv 'f ,Auf 251 ii-ff.-,. sw 1, 1. - iffiiifif ::if:,a'i- -' 315' L5-V.: -1 "' 1-, 1 -V, '- 1- E-Pm. A if ,., ,WU A, iiffflw I P35 ' 'Y- '1 fa .X ,.?:Q'1,1-I' 55? f 13151. A M3119 ' g,,,, hw , ai'- fi 1, l.. -v.'1?f' ' 1 21+ - J rasvfsifgx , ,, . v""f'I"7v fy' gwivr , ff., 1 '11 1 fn'- +. 4 f ,, . " J". 1: 1 9: .fl s . A' 1- ' 1 1, . ,V 1, , ix Q.i.f,. 1 , . V I , 1 ' . , 1, 11 1 1 i . .J 1 1 . 4 1 , 1 Y -,, 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 . ,xv I 4 , 1 1' . 1 , 1 4 1 1 11 1 ' J. 1' A -1 1 -A fr 1 g V, , - 'VA ', I. 1. '1v3QL,f1m:Lf- , Q-gr-, 1 , ,. f -.-'- sr- ' 4 - ,,, 1 1, I! f .'j'."'.2,w .f' ,:g.:'.. . g , f"5Qr,,1Qf? ' In 1, 'L 'KW K' fain I Q! 'Q ex , ::. ' '-,V I . , ,, , . 1 fb 1 f., 9 z A 5 WL wwf. e ,f 4' , ,A A . . Y .1 . 1 J.. , . ,M 953-' "usp, Q ,Y A .11 , , 3 L.. Mr, f ' my 1, ,' W 1, ,H " ' , 'Sf' " J X f ' , '. , - . uv 1-f"a5f-1' A ',,,. .. W ,, ' 4 1-f 1 1-':?1"g 1. Mg ,- .." 1 ni . , Q, '- , 1If:'dZ1+.f-ff- ga Q, 1. -. ' , ,K w - 5.1 54 b ' . .- 1 ', 4. K ,fi 'z XV ' - 43, -,,, 1 J 41 z,, 3 NJ Q , , , 1- - -,- , ' J Q1 - - 4 ,. 1 4: A K , 1 q' , Q . , -1 1 ' . , 4 1 , 131, , , Y , I ' 1 I ' 7 , 4, .. . . ... W . - , ,, M xl , , 1 rf, f . ,. , .. N -rv 15. .tg 'Li 1 Zvi ..,, A., 5 E E1 E .B-W-.,fm,' Q V .s.,H,., .-.,..w,.f',.v1. ,M . 19 4 4 PERCLAWAM Published by the Students of GIG HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL Gig Harbor, Washington Qaaewafuf THIS, OUR ANNUAL for 1944, has been compiled by the Staff to serve you as a chronicle of events during the school year 1943f 1944. It is our hope that the folf lowing pages will bring fond reminisf cences and remind you of the happy days spent with your classmates and faculty in this school. If they do, the aim of this book has been attained. ix X xxx.,-Md. If 'K -k To the Boys who are Serving their Country we dedicate this our Annual of 7944. Georgia Wagner John Kingsbury Eric Peterson Jack Wagner Gordon Hilseth Paul Barnes John Boman Carl Pearson Lyle Edwards Frank Boers John Bryant Bert Perry Herbert Cook Stuart Kelly Dick Graham David Mitts Edgar Best Laurie Graham Bill Holt George Price Nick Lovrovich Kenneth Cooley Ray Edwards Jerry Gauthier Roland Adolphson Donald Luters Don Reid Roland Spadoni John Spangler Lyle Thrall Christian Walle Gordan Secor Ramond Kath Bob Langhelm Robert Ryan Cleve Van Gorder 'f-'FJ' Bill Maloney Bud De Walt Bill Lysell Frank Peterson Mort McKenzie Bob Shadbolt Herb Johnston Clarence Shaw Lewis Campen Richard Smircich Don Ribbe Don Nelson John Swensen Stuart White Bob Merry Charles Edwards Bill Hays Ernest Wight Melvin Johnson Rudolph Spadoni Warren Watson Gene Forsythe Ben Alvestad Jack Jacobsen Eugene Wyman Walt Crosby Leonard Crosby Bob Satterlee Bernard Natucci Joe Eires Julius Smircich Allan Watson Harold Perkins Paul Alvestad Glen Perkins Bob White l5l Dale Sloat Bill Parish Niel McConegy Harry Reid Howard Reid John Peterson Elmer Skahan John Marvik Douglas Stremme Carl Grieb Bill Crandall George Gilreath Jack Coihn Doug Sandberg Bob Packard Einar Husby Francis Hahn Lewis Hahn Harold Case Donald Sehmel Kenneth'Marvin Francis Johnson Allen McKenzie Charles Parkman Roy Edwards Stanley Vinkenes Lewis Scott Leonard Vinkenes Arnold Myers Charles Challende Preston Challende Frank Fouch P Art Arnold Jack Brockhoff Jack Leaf I' I' SCHOOL BOARD Ivirs. Pearson. lvfr. Nordquist. lvlr. Alvestad. Mr, Perlersoii. lvlr. Howe. lvfrs. Graham pai ' ' Meuaqe Seniors of FortyfFour: Congratulations on your fine high school record. I cannot help but commend each one of you on your decision to complete your high school education in spite of the demands of the last few years of war. You have "stuck to your guns" on the home front and have done as much as possible to prepare yourselves for some constructive contribution to our society. It is my sincere hope that your experif ences here at Gig Harbor High will not be just a memory, but that you have had a challenging experience here that has awake ened your conscience to the little things you can do toward a more wholesome and peaceful future. Goodfbyc and good luck. - GEoRoE R. GILBERT, Principal. Jfawe'4 Wfeuage To the Students of J fp ,K , A Gig Harbor High Schoolzlh i' Greetings: There are many things which I would like to say to you in a yearly message of this kind. I could bring your words of praise for past achievements or urge you toward greater eHorts for the future. I could give you a resume of last year's world events or try to open your vision of the future. But one thing seems to push all others to the background in this year of conflict. Every one of us must think in terms of war. We are told on good authority that every boy who is now enrolled in high school must expect to enter the service of his country upon graduation from high school if not before that time. Every girl upon graduation must expect to meet the challenge of loyalty and patriotism by training for or entering upon some useful pursuit. Why must we do this? Because we be' licve in the "American Way of Life," and freedom must be fought for continually. We must face many sacrifices that a brighter future may be in store for all of us. Very sincerely yours, C. H. Howii, Superintendent. fN , If N WARD ALDEN Berliner Hock Schulle, Berlin, Germany: Stern's Conservatory. Teaches Music. EDNA FREDERICK Received A,B. Degree at Colo' rado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado, Majored in Education. Teaches 8th Grade Arithmetic, Penmanship, and U. S. History. W., J , xx T V, .7 ,V fy'7'??.f142 T' f 5' ff' A I ., ARTHUR SKURDALL Received B.S. Degree at North Dakota State College, M.E. De' gree at U. of Montana, Teaches Mechanical Drawing, English, American Problems in Govern' ment. FLORENCE WooD Received B.A. Degree from W. S, C. Teaches Home Economics. . gA!y f 1 CHARLES McGAUo1-i EY Received B.S. at Colorado State College: Majored in Math., Sci' ence, and Social Science. Teaches Geometry, Algebra. Pre'Flightg Athletic Coach. J Wawliff jj? Q, 'al - I T73 ,NLNAN .A ' U- . N x JOSEPHINE AMETER Received A.B. Degree from State College of Education, Greeley. Colorado. Majored in Commcr' cial Arts. Teaches Commercial subjects. 2 J, V ,I,' K-, .,, 4 ,'K ANITA RAYMOND Received B.A. and B.E. De' grees at College of Puget Sound. Majored in Speech and Dramat' ics. Teaches Speech, Drama. World History. Literature and P. E. ' JANET WARREN Received B.A. Degree at U. of W. Majored in Spanish, Teaches English, Spanish. and Washing' ton State History, Librarian. LESTER WEHMHOFF Received B.S. and M.S. Degrees at W. S. C. Majored in Chem' istry. ,ffeaches Chemistry. Biol' ogy and General Math. ffiwff'-Ta. MARY H. MCGAUGHEY Received B.S. Degree at Colo' rado State College. Majored in Home Economics. Teaches Sth Grade History, Geography. Spell' ing, Reading. and Typing I. if jfjf- ff .14 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: P. Oelshlagel. I. Underwood. Beardsley. Dorsey. M. Peterson. Mr. Gilbert. SECOND ROVJ: A. Skansie. C. Woelke, K. Dulin. S. Gauthier. M. Peterson. E. RYAN S. GAUTHIER BEARDSLEY DORSEY President VicefPresident Secretary Treasurer S Gauncfll Shortly after school opened in the fall, elections were held for the Student Body Officers. The following students were selected: President, Ellis Ryang VicefPresident, Stan Gauthier, Secretary, judy Beardsleyg and Treasurer, Jessie Dorsey. Other members who formed the Student Council were the presidents of the classes and the Boys' and Girls' clubs. The group was under the supervision of Mr. Gilbert. The main project of the year was to make out a new point system for earning awards in all :activities other than athletics. The whole plan was based on the scholarship of the students. November 29th was set aside for the students to buy enough defense stamps to earn a Minute Man flag. Because over 90 per cent of them did this, we were entitled to fly the flag. The Student Council also undertook the project of arranging for the sale of milk during the lunch hour. One of the purposes of the council has been to represent the students in planning the activities and influence them in carrying the plans out. We, the Student Body, deeply regret the death of one of our number, Donald Riveness, and extend our most sincere sympathy to his family. ffil I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I NN,,X XXXX SN SXSSX XXXS XXXNX XX XXNXX SXXSSSSNXXX XXX SNXNS XXNX ' I Swim GLM Uffice Charles Woelke Eugene Pearson Jessie Dorsey Carolyn Hansen June Ahlberg President VicefPresident Treasurer Corresponding Sec'y Recording Sec'y Salutatorian Valedictorian L,d'E6SJ 5 ' Elma.-Jla,z'ofuf In the fall of 1940, thirtyfnine enthusiastic Freshmen entered the halls of Gig Harbor High School. It was not long before the group settled down and elected the following students for their class oflicers: President, Antone Skansig VicefPresident, Charles XVoelkeg Secretary, Jessie Dorsey, Treasurer, Ellis Ryang SergeantfatfArms, Ray Arnold, and Representative, Jay Taylor. With the help of Miss Clayman, their adviser, they put over a very nice Halloween party for the Sophomores. Having finished their first year, the class became worthy Sophomores and chose Ellis Ryan to lead them as president. The other officers were: VicefPresident, Charles Woelkeg Secretary, Gertrude Mitchell, and Treasurer, Lyle Edwards. During the term they entertained the Freshman class with a Mixer. They also sponsored a series of National Assembly programs. ln their Junior year the class really came into its own in the social and scholastic life of the school. After the election of their oflicersfPresident, Charles 'Wcuelkeg VicefPresident, Ray Arnoldg Recording Secretary, Judy Beardsleyg Corresponding Secretary, June Ahlhergg and Treasurer, George Murphyffthey started their new year hy winning the P.fT.A. drive. The Hve dollars won from this contest was used to have a class party. Of course the main social project of the year was the Junior Prom. Carried out in the "Wii1ter Carnival" motif, it proved to he a decided success. The officers elected to serve the class during the Senior year were: President, Charles Wcvelkeg VicefPresident, Eugene Pearsong Recording Secretary, June Ahlbergg Corresponding Secretary, Jessie Dorseyg and Sergeantfatffxrms, Nick Jerkovich. Their new class adviser was Mr. Skurdall. During the year the group gave the Senior Ball and Senior play, "House Withcmut a Key." They left good old G. H. H. S. with the satisfaction of four joyful years well spent. U03 ,lL'NIi AiiLBiiRi: "Sonny," Boat- ing. "She loves to live, and lives to love." Class Sec. 3. 4: Band l. Z. 3. 4: Chorus 2. 4: Annual 3. 4: Hi Crier 4: Minstrel Show 4: Alpha Beta Z: Girl Reserves 2: House Witliollt a Key 4. jiziw BliARl7Sl.l'.Y "Rosebud" iking."Generally speaking she's enerally speaking." Entered loin Yakima in 1942: Student B dy Sec. 4: Class Sec. 3: Girls' Cl b Pres, 4: Chorus 2. 3: An' n al 4: Hi Crier 4: Don't Take My Penny 3: Operetta 3: House Vvlithout it Key 4. MARY Dimxii, "Duck." Sports. "Always laughing, and making a noise: loves to dance and flirt with the boys." Entered from Blue Earth. Minnesota. 1943: Girls Athletics 4: Hi Crier 3. 4: Office 4: House Withtutit a Key 4. jattit GRAHAM ",lackson." Rid' ing. "There are two sides to every question, my side and the wrong side." Class Pres. 2: Boys' Club Oil. 3: Football l: Basket' ball 5: Big G Club l. 2, 3: Band Z. 3: Chorus Z: Don't Take My Penny 2: Qperetta 2: Minstrel Show 3: Yell King 3: House Vwlithout a Key 4. E L 11A N o it i-. H o W ii "Flor-af' Sports. "After I have named the man, I need say no more." En' tered from Adna in 1942: Girls' Club Pres. 4: Chorus 3. 4: Don't Take My Penny: Second Child' hood 4: Qperetta 3: Spanish Club 4: Yell Queen 3. Aavianm JOHNSTON "Vida" Sports. "All's not bold that tit' ters." Girls Athletics 1. Z: Cho' rus l: Hi Crier 4: House With- out a Key 4. ,1 J ' x I . i . STD!! lk I r , J Roiarznr ALLEN "Bob" Wtmlniig. "Dear to me are the wee small hows." Entered from Seattle in 1943: Baseball 4: Football 4: Basketball 4: Big G Club 41 Band 4: Chorus 4: Minstrel Show 4. X 1 jessiic 'DORSIZY "jess" Sports. "Could I love less, I should be happier." Student Body Treas. 4: Class Oil. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Club See. 3: Girls Athletics 1. 2. 4: Band 1. 2. 3: Chorus 2: An- nual 4: Hi Crier 3. 4: Office 4: Show Queen 3: Alpha Beta l. 2: Girls Reserve 2. 3: House Witlif or a ey 4. bbyliuf STAN! icv Gairrnnia "Stan" Traveling. "Wovlg fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hows." Student Body V. Pres. 4: Football 3. 4: Basketball 2. 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Big G Club 3. 4: Band 3, 4: Chorus l. 2. 3. 4: Annual 3: Hi Crier 4: Don't Take My Peniy 3: Qperetta 3: . I in CARQLYN HANsizN "Connie" Dancing. "I have no other but a womans reason. I think him so because I think him so." En' tered from Pocatello. Idaho in 1942: Class Sec. 4: Girls' Club Treas. 4: Annual 3: Hi Crier 3. 4: Yell Queen 4: House With' out a Key 4: Girls Reserve 3. NICK .IRRKOVICH "Brud." Drivf ing. "XVhat I have been taught I have forgotten: What I know I have guessed." Class Qllieer 2. 4: Boys' Club Off. 4: Baseball 3. 4: Football 4: Big G Club 3. 4: Chorus 3: Second Childhood 4: Qperetta 3. jiassia jowias 'Ljessicf' Horseback Riding. "I think I'll compete with Shakespeare." Entered from Port Orchard in 1942: Track '11 Chorus 2: Hi Crier 3. 4. BETTY MILLIiR "Batty" Dane' ing, 'Blond wavy locks, and eyes of blue: She has a heart thats not too truefl Entered from Adna in 1943: Chorus 4: Hi Crier 4: Second Childhood 4: Minstrel Show 4: Yell Queen 4: House Without a Key 4. GraoRorz MURPHY "Murph," Traveling. 'i'Ye gods, how I wish I could make a hit." Class Treas, 3: Baseball 2. 3, 43 Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2. 4: Gig G Club 2. 3. 4: Band 1. 2. 3: Annual 3. 4: Hi Crier 3, 43 Library 3. 4: Second Child' hood 43 Minstrel Show 4: House Without a Key 4. BEATRICI5 PERRY "Bea," Music. "I'd rather be little and alive, than a big dead one." Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Chorus 2. 4: Annual 3. 43 Hi Crier 4: Minstrel Show 4: House Without a Key 4: Girl Reserves 2, 17 '. X X, DONALD Scnutz "Domi" Woodwork. "Though vanquishf ed, he can argue." Entered from Clarlg So, Dak, in 1942: Base' ball 3, 43 Football 3. 43 Basket' ball 4g Track 43 Big G Club 3, 4: Band 4: Chorus 4: Annual 3g Minstrel Show 4. jANNEs1e STAIR "jenny," Swim' ming. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in womanfl Entered from jason Lee in 19413 Chorus 3: Don't Take My Penny 3: Oper' ettar 3. .f f I ! '1 YITN l,.' jf w-. 3 If ,. I gf, if 1 V, CHRBLBS lWcmiaL1cE' "Chink," Caniping. HNOZU we men of aff fairs--" Class Off. 1. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2: Football 3, 4: Basketball 1, Z. 3. 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Band 1. 2, 3: Annual 3. 4: Hi Crier 1, 2. 3, 4: Don't Take My Penny 3: Second Child' hood 43 Ever Since Eve 3: Oper' etta 3: Minstrel Show 43 House Without a Key 4: House of Ter' ror 2: Salutatorian. 21 CHARLES IVlLfRPHY "Chunk" Baseball. U1 never hurryg neither do I worry." Baseball 2. 3, 4: Big C Club 3, 4: Band 1. 2. 3: Library 3. f, uoeuia PIZARSON " G c n e Hunting. '4Give me the liberty tolqnow, to utter, to argue free' ly." Class V. Pres. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Min' strel Show 4: Scholarship Award 1: House Without a Key 4: Valedictorian, 'gifts' 'RYAN "Sunshine," Fish' ' g. "King of sports: he played 'so fast we had to nail the floor down between the halves." Stu' dent Body Off. 3, 4: Class Qfl. 1, 2: Boys' Club V. Pres. 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Big G Club 1. 2. 3, 4. J ,,, e , V' 31 1 'F li3NTONEiSKANSl L'Zanie." Fish- ing. "Up, up, my friend, and quit your books or surely youll grow double." Attended Bellar- mine 2: Class Pres. 13 Boys' Club Pres. 4: Baseball 1. 3, 4: Foot' ball 4: Basketball 3, 4: Big C Club 1. 3. 4: Chorus 3: Annual 3: Hi Crier 3: Minstrel Show 4: House Without a Key 4, MAR1oN Sraucio "Mem," Dane' ing, "I came, I saw, I beat it." Baseball 3. 4: Football 4: Cho' rus 2. 3: Operetta 3: House Without a Key 4. W Glau Wd! 'I We, the class of 1944, being of sound mind, high intelligence and of superior race, do hereby and herein declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, by which we give, devise, will and bequeath all our school possessions, our standing with the faculty, all our cares and responsibilities and all our superfluous characteristics to the following mentioned persons: Article I MR. HOWE: We leave the astonishing fact that there will never be another small class with so many brains. MR. GILBERT: We leave the memory of those pretty office girls of 1944. MR. SKURDAL: 'We leave all our desires, dreams and hopes of ever living in North Dakota. MR. ALDEN: We havenlt decided what to leave you but we know that we are taking a lot of good musicians from you. MR. WEHMHOFF: We leave all the dilapidated Chemistry and Biology books. Oh, yes, and one General Science book. ' , MR. MCGAUGHEY QMACJ: We leave the memory of those big brawny athletes of 1944. 1 MISS AMETER! We leave the memory of good cooks and good typists. MRS. MCGAUGHEY: We leave the hope that her eighth grade class will follow in our footsteps. MISS WARREN: We leave the memory of our orderly conduct in the library. MISS WOOD: We will the rights and wrongs of tailoring. MISS FREDERICK: We bequeath all the good times in the U. S. History class, and the hope that she will have another smart class like us. We won't mention the bad ones. MRS. RAYMOND: We leave the memory of all the Romeos and Juliets which was her good fortune to find in the class of 1944. V Article II MRS. HOWE: We leave the hope that next year's Seniors won't bother her to open the supply room as much as we have. MR. VINKNESS: We consent to leave the old gum under the desks although it is very precious these days. BUS DRIVERS: Our good examples of how to act on the busses. Article HI MARY DRAKE leaves her ability to snare Freshman boys, to the Freshman girls. Maybe you girls have a chance now. EUGENE PEARSON leaves his brgns to the Junior boys. We hope there are enough to go around. JUDY BEARDSLEY leaves her halo to Kenneth Duling we believe. he needs one. CHARLES MURPHY wills his shy ways to Lee Ford with best regards. CAROLYN .HANSEN leaves her quick comefbacks to Dolores Solberg. NICK JERKOVICH leaves his ability to get everything wrong to Roy Vinkness, who is always getting everything right. , CHARLES WOELKE leaves his wine, women, and song to the Junior boys. Now, now, boys, don't fight. ' A JESSIE DORSEY leaves her ability to "get her man" to Elaine Crawford. STANLEY GAUTHIER leaves his black curly hair to Coach. ARVEIDA JOHNSTON leaves her matronly ways to Tony Roberge. MARION STANCiC leaves his harem to any other shiek of the school. BETTY MILLER leaves her yelling ability to Barbara Kingsbury. DONALD SCHULZ bequeaths his midnight maneuvers to Floyd Arnold. JACK GRAHAM wills his ability to keep up with a good class to the rest of the Juniors. ELEANORE HOWE leaves her golden voice to next year's chorus girls. GEORGE MURPHY leaves his place on the football field to Morris Langdon. JANNESE STAIR leaves some of her height to Violet Perry. ANTONE SKANSIE wills his manly physique to his brother, just to keep it in the family. BEATRICE PERRY leaves her shy little ways OJ to Carl Veitenhans. ELLIS RYAN decides to leave his athletic figure to Georgia Naterlin. JUNE AHLBERG donates her upsweep hair do to Janice Carlson. BOB ALLEN consents to leave.. JESSE JONES bequeaths his way with women to Adam Ross, with deep regret. U31 FIRST ROW: Mr. Wehmhofi. -I. Boman. P. Uddenberg. M. Prentice, E. Crawford. Hoy. D. Glenham, B. Wing. B. Hofbauer, B. Valley. SECOND ROW: T. Ahlberg. M. Yust. Carlson. G. Naterlin, D. Quinn. B. Major. Austin. Underwood. M. Meyers. B, Kingsbury. THIRD ROW: K, Hedstrom. F. Arnold. B, Lewis. A, Johnston. E, Rutland. K. Peterson. Ross. R. Vinkeness. T. Parish. C 96'SD The Class of "Ali" returned to school last fall to find things quite changed. Besides having lost students and gained many new ones, we had a new class adviser, Mr. Wehmhoff. Under his capable guidance and the leadership of june Underwood, President, Eugene Rutland, VicefPresidentg Barbara Kingsbury, Secretary and'Treasurer1 and Janice Hoy, Reporter, all that the class undertook was a success. The class was represented in thc AllfSchool Play by Troy Parish, and many Juniors worked selling tickets and working on committees. junior boys participating in sports were: john Ross, Troy Parish, Roy Vinkenes, Eugene Rutland, Paul Shoemaker, Dick Valley, Arthur Johnston, james Boman, Klarion Peterson, and Floyd Arnold. Many of the girls turned out for athletics after school one or two nights a week. T'ne Juniors gave a ten minute program in the All School War Stamp assembly, the last of February. It consisted of John Ross playing his saxaphone, accompanied by jean Austin, and Bar' bara Wing playing her clarinet, accompanied by Elaine Crawford. The main project of the year was the annual junior Prom, which was held May 12th in the High School gymnasium. A suitable theme, "Spring," was chosen for decorations. The gym had the appearance of a garden complete with a picket fence, many spring flowers and greenery with pastel streamers hanging from the ceiling. The pastel frocks worn by the girls and the soft strains of the orchestra contributed to the illusion. The success fulfilled all the hopes of those who worked so faithfully to make it so. U41 FIRST ROWS R. NVagner. 0. Peterson. B. Murray. H. Shadholt. H. Asplund. N. Eide. D. Olive. C. Hayward. V. Andrea. E. Severtsen. L. Hofhauer. Mrs, Mccaughey. SECOND ROW: lnsel. R. Boers. C. Veitenhans. I Gilich. N. jenkins. M. Qlahn. A. Roherge. D. Harris. E. Ross. A. Fosness. THIRD ROXV: K. Dulin. l.. Ford. L. Nlarkovieh. A. Ross. G. Lovrovieh. Vw". Samuelson. L. Ahlherg. H. jones. B. Arnold. H, Schulg. C. Rutland. FIRST ROVU: I. Carlson. B. Willizliiis. M. F. Cooper. V. Perry. D. Davidson. B. Sloat. S. Hart. C. Finney. j. Hart. L. Ross. V. Eide. SECOND ROW: L. Nielcolac. V. Covell. R. Dykes. F. Vv'edlund. R. Pmolieu. C. Christenson. L. Murphy. C. Cook. R. Uddenherg. B. Murphy. THIRD RQYV: M. Sehy. S. Gilieh. QI. Pryear. C. Thompson. G. Graham. M. Larman. R. Danielson. D. Allen. C. Hayeoek. E. Cheney. M. Griswold. I. Ulenham. FOURTH RQTW: G. Lloyd. F, Underwood. R. Reed. L. Samuelson. C. Austin. D. Meyers. F. Midtsatre. K. Peterson. R, Jennings. Yust. G. Smith. T. Arnold. D. Riveness. Sapfmmoae 01444 In April of 1943 the "Class of '4o" eleeted as their oflieers for the year of 194344 Kenneth Dulin as Presidentg Harold Schulz as VicefPresidentg Vivian Andrea as Seeretaryg Dianne Lee Harris as Treasurer: and Glenrose Hayword as reporter. During the year the elass sponsored the annual Freshmanfsopht:more Mixer. The class also decorated the gymnasium for commencement exercises. The elass wishes to thank its adviser, Mrs. MeGaughey, for her help during the year. 411 Glau The "Class of '47" entered high school with thirtyfrive Freshies. Under Mrs. Raymond's ahle guidance, they heeame organized as a class with Carl Peterson as Presidentg Earl Cheney as Vieefl'resif dent: Joyce Hart as Secretary. Merle Sehy as Treasurerg and George Smith as SergeantfatfArms. During the year one of the Freshman girls Home Economics classes put on a very sueeessful banquet for the faeulty and school hoard. I'5l FIRST ROW: W. Bolieu. G. Foster. E. Lloyd. S. Barnes, P. Hedstrom. M. Rucker. E. Hagen. P. Babich, N. Midtsatre. SECOND ROW: V. Shultz. P. Oelschlagel. D. Solberg. M. Rouse. M. Gauthier. j. Putnam. B. Paul. W. Hale. B. Skansie. THIRD ROW: R. Eyrish, D, Meyer. Kimball. L. jahn. O. Mitchell. D. Fin' nigan. T, Carrel. Miss Woods. Ryan. FIRST ROVV: M. Langden. I. Renning. D. Shoemaker. P. Grout. L. Balduzzi. M. Hemley. E. johnson. D. Karamatic. Miss Frederick. SECOND ROW: L. jenkins, A. White. Z. Cloud. E. Green. P. Miller. P. Tuttle. C. Powell, Van Gorder. THIRD ROW: D. johnson. M. Peterson, B. Hatch. R. Slawson. B. Uddenberg. j. Williams. R. Ross. P. Rossich. K, Griswold. igftffr- Room 5 Sixty eighth graders came swarming into high school in September, 1943. These students repref sented the various grades of the district as well as out of state schools. The class was divided and given Rooms 7 and 6, with Miss Frederick and Mrs. McGaughey as teachers. The Room 5 officers were: President, Phyllis Oelschlagelg VicefPresident, Phyllis Hedstrom: Secf retary, Pauline Babichg Treasurer, Virginia Schultz: Reporter, Shirley Barnes: Adviser, Miss Woods. Room 5 received HOW membership in the P.fT.A. drive. iglrifn Qaak Room 6 Room 6 chose the following class ofhcers: President, Marvin Peterson: VicefPresident, Don Shoemakerg Secretary, Lucy Balduzzi: Treasurer, Edna Green, Reporter, Zorca Cloud: Adviser, Miss Frederick. Room 6 has been proudly displaying the banner they won for selling the most tickets to the "All School Play." During the Fourth Wair Loan drive the eighth grade sold 354,613 worth of bonds. U53 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N XNXSN N XXXNN XXXXX XXXXSX SXXX XNXXX X XXX XXXSNSXSXSS XXXSXSNXNNN XXXXXNSSXXX SX FIRST ROW: M. F. Cooper. Miss Ameter, C. Woelke. Underwood. B. Perry. Ahlberg. SECOND ROW: L. Balduzzi. M. Rucker. M. Prentice. P. Uddenherg. D. Harris. Beardsley. B. Wing. G. Murphy. H, Schulz. UI. Hoy, G. Graham. B. Kingsbury. B. Hofvauer. Dorsey. T, Parish. A swf The stall was composed of an allfsehool group with all classes represented. Charles Wimelke was Editor, june Underwood, Assistant Editor, and George Murphy, Business Manager. The staff wishes to thank Miss Amcter, our adviser, for her help and cooperation. Due to war conditions, material that has been used in previous years has not been obtainable, but the staff has tried to give you a permanent book of memories and glad experiences of the year. We have done our best and we sincerely hope it pleases you. Gum 8144! The first part of the year the Hi Crier was published monthly under the supervision of Miss Ameter, with Carolyn Hansen as Editor, Eleanore Howe and Norma jenkins as Assistant Editors. After the first two months Norma Jenkins took over the job of Editor, with Lynn Yust as Assistant Editor. Representatives of all classes made up the staff and helped to make the paper a success. Copies were mailed to the boys in service, and they enjoyed hearing from Gig Harbor High School. FIRST ROW: N. jenkins. Miss Ameter. M, Yust. B. Hofbauer. B. Wing. Underwood. SECOND ROW: M. F. Cooper. S. Barnes. G. Hayward. Z. Cloud, B. Perry. Hoy. G. Graham. B. Kingsbury. A, Johnston. DI. Dorsey. K. Hedstrom. C. Woelke. THIRD ROW: M, Drake. S. Gauthier. Beardsley. Ahlbcrg. G. Murphy. U33 FIRST ROW: T. Parish, P. Uddenberg, M. Meyers, E. Crawford, Miss Warren. SECOND ROW: K. Dulin. I. Ross. M. Yust. B. Lewis. K. Peterson. Smal, em The Spanish Club is a newly organized language club. The ofhcers elected at the beginning of the year were: President, Troy Parish, VicefPresident, John Ross, Secretary, Lynn Yust, and Reporter, Maxine Meyers. Miss Warren, the adviser, suggested that the club correspond with students of the South American countries. Addresses were received from the International Students' Society. In April a PanfAmerican Day program was given in assembly. It consisted of a Spanish orchestra, skits, songs, and talks by the members of the class. Buffs' Glad At the Hrst meeting of the year the following officers were elected: President, Antone Skansi, Viceflnresident, Ellis Ryan, Secretary and Treasurer, Milton Roby, and Sergeantfat-Arms, Nick jerkovich. During the year the boys took up the job of furnishing the Basketball team with warmfup jerseys. The money was raised by contributions from the business men of Gig Harbor. The Boys' Club also gave an Athletic dance on March 24. The funds were turned over to the Athletic fund. jack Graham was elected Secretary and Treasurer when Milton Roby withdrew from school. During the year the club was entertained with the hot music of the High Schools own Dance Band consisting of Bob Allen, Saxaphone, John Ross, Saxaphone, Kenneth Dulin, Trombone, and Jah' Glad The Girls' Club began a successful year with Eleanore Howe as President. Other officers were: Judy Beardsley, VicefPresident, June Underwood, Secretary, and Carolyn Hansen, Treasurer. At the end of the first semester Eleanore Howe left to finish school in Seattle and Judy Beardsley very capably presided the remainder of the year. Groups of club members provided entertainment for the meetings, followed by interesting discussions. The club sponsored the selling of ice cream and milk, the Girls' Room, and the planting of flowers in the school yard. Among the highlights of the year were Tolo Week, the War Stamp program, the Victory Dance, and the Mother and Daughter Tea, with the Fashion Show as the main event. Mr. Alden, Piano. U91 FIRST ROW: Mr. Alden. Austin. E. Crawford. B. Perry. I. Ahlherg. B. Wing. SECOND ROW: D. Schulz. Ross. R. Allen. S. Gauthier. D. Allen. K. Dulin. THIRD ROW: A. Ross. A. Skansie. Graham. Mic 2 al' The Miisic Department, under the direction of Mr. John Alden, has heen learning the fundaf mentals of music. Due to the fact that there are so many newcomers the hand and chorus have not taken part in any outside entertainment except for solos and duets. The students in the chorus who have entertained the puhlic are: Eleanore Howe and Bill Arnold, The memhcrs of the hand who have displayed their talents are: Beatrice Perry, Judy Beardsley, jean Austin, Elaine Crawford, june Ahlherg, Boh Allen and Kenneth Dulin. Mr. Alden's classes have all heen held in the afternoon hecause he has music classes at Vaughn High School in the mornings, and as periods are limited, hand and chorus are held the same period E. Pearson. on alternating days, Several students who were not active memhers of the hand or chorus eontrihuted their time and talents to the success of the Miiistrel Show. These students were: Barhara Vwfing, Dolores Solherg, John Ross, Eugene Pearson, Jack Graham, Adam Ross, Antone Skansie, and Patty Uddenhergg George Murphy and Charles Wtielke also took part in the show as cndman and interlocutor, respectively. On Fehruary Z4-th the Gig Harhor hand and chorus went to Vaughn to assist them in putting on a eomhined Miiistrel Show. The following night, Fehruary Zith, the Vaughn hand and chorus came to Gig Harhor and together presented the same show to the puhlie of Gig Harhor. FIRST ROW: H. Asplund, N. Eide. V. Andrea. B. Perry. E. Crawford. SECOND ROVJ: Mr. Alden, B. Millcrf M. Alahn. I. Putnam. Austin. G. Hayward. R. Allen. THIRD ROVJ: I. Ahlherg. D. Schulz. B. Arnold. K. Dulin. S. Gauthier. IZUI l i FIRST ROVJ: E. Ross. H. Asplund. B. Miller. N. Eide. Mrs, Raymond. SECOND ROW: N. Jerkovich. G. Murphy. T. Parish. G. Wtwelke. FIRST ROVV: T. Garrell. M. Peterson. D. Karamatic. B. Skansie. L. jenkins. M. Langden. R. Ross. D. 'lohn' son. D. Shoemaker. R. Slawson. B. Uddenherg. E. Lloyd, SECOND ROW: Mr, Alden. M. Heinley. P Tuttle. Z. Cloud. L. Balduzzi. R. Eyrish. A, Vv'h1te. B. Paul. M, Gauthier. S. Barnes. P. Grout. M. Rucker. N. Midtsatre. P. Hedstroni. THIRD ROW: D. Solberg. P. Miller. VJ. Hale. P. Gelschagel. E. Green. M. Rouse. VJ. Bolieu. K .Griswold Putnam. G. Foster, FGURTH ROW: L. jahn. D. Meyer. Kimhall. I Renning. E, johnson. P. Rossich. Van Gorder. Ryan. 0. Mitchel. E. Hagen. P, Bahich. ,azz semi mm, The tirst dramatic production of the school year was "Second Childhood," given on the evening of Novemher 19 hy an allfschool cast under the direction of Mrs. Raymond. Professor Relyea and his pupil, Phil Stanton, attempt to find the Elixer of youth, Experiments on an old dog convinces them that they have succeeded, and they look around for a human suhject which turns to he General Burheck, who is in love with the Professors daughter, Sylvia, but she refuses him hecause he is tcro old. They give the General the hottle of Elixer, which he accidentally spills. A hahy is found on the chair where he was sitting. Then the Professors daughter disappears, leaving liehind her a neighhor's hahy for which she has been caring. Between the howling of the hahies and the merriment of the audience the play proved to he a rollicking success. The cooperation and work of the stage crew, property committee, husiness managers, makefup committee, dramatic manager, usherettcs and all others who aided, contributed to the success of the play. 9191.14 qw emu The Eighth Grade Chorus was a new organization, and, under the direction of Mr,,,Alden, appeared in the Minstrel Show. 'I l2ll FIRST ROW: Hoy. B. Hofhauer. l. Carlson, V. Covell. L. Hofhauer. R. Bolieu. M. F. Cooper. SEC' GND ROW: P. Uddenherg. V, Eide. H. Asplund. M. Yust. G, Graham. Hart. THIRD ROW: M, Drake. ll. Dorsey. M. Meyers. M, Larman. G. Murphy. D. Harris. L. Ross. . Mr. Vsfehmhorl. Mr. Skurdall. Mrs. Parson. Mr. Finholm. Mrs. Gould. Mr. Miller. gi I q 3 This group of workers has served the school faithfully the past year. Miss Wairreii and her statl of Librarians, Diane Harris, Lynn Yust, Patty Uddenherg, Barham Hofhauer, George Murphy, Francis Holst, Rosy Bolieu, Lois Hofhauer and Maxine Meyers, deserve special credit for their unflinching work and the good service. Strong muscles have heen developed hy the girls who took the Joh of selling ice cream. They were lsahel Carlson, Virginia Covell, Rosy Bolieu, Grace Graham, Lorraine Ross, Joyce Hart, Mary Francis Cooper and Margaret Larman. Thanks also go to Shirley Hart and Leona Nicolac who have sold ice cream tickets throughout the year. Jessie Dorsey and Mary Drake have contrihuted valuable assistance to the office. Jessie Dorsey has also heen in charge of Watr Bond and Stamp sales which amounted to over 514,000 on March l0, Janice Hoy has served as school reporter for the Peninsula Gateway. The faculty and student hody have appreciated the services of this group. Bwifb' Transportation in this district is important and we are indebted to the people who drives our huses, The staif, in hehalf of the student hotly, wishes to thank the Bus Drivers for their services. l'22l 1 572 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXX ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I XX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXNv X XXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX. S C, P. MCGAUGHEY Coach . FIRST ROW: C. Murphy. C. Veitenhans. l, Bo-man. S. Gauthier. Graham. C. Woelke. D, Schulz. SEC' OND ROW: R. Vv'agner. K, Dulin. B. Allen. M. Stancic. Cv. Murphy. T. Parish. A. Ross. THIRD ROW: ll, Ross. A. Skansie. N. jcrkovich. I.. Ford. B, Arnold. G, Smith. R. Vinkenes. A. Johnston. E. Rutland. Gaacfz 'ft llffaficaqe What matters if a man possess the genius of a Curie, the talents of a Rembrandt, all the heauty of Apollo and wisdom of a Solomon, If his wealth of possession he not founded on a well' developed hody and spirit, his achievements will avail lim little. As a builder of healthy hodies and minds, competitive athletics has no peer. Athletics develop two main tendencies. First, the feeling of capahility within the individualg and second, the feeling of loyalty to himself and teamfmates. I have coached many boys. I received a letter from one not long ago in which he said, "Coach, I'm now entering into the big game where the playing is for keepsg the rules are tougher and the penalty for mistakesff-death! Thanks a lot for driving us hard when we were working that hall toward the goalf!-Signed i'Chris." This world of nervous huhfhuh needs and will need in the future more and more physically fit men and women to keep it on an even keel. Above all learn how to play with each other and how to see the other side of a question. Our motto is to he, Play the game-to winf-but win or lose, play the game fuirfbe Ll sport -f-be a liard loser but a gracious winner-V-build a strong body -ti cornbative driving spirit and a clear functioning mind. C. P. MCGAUGHEY, Coach. l24I FIRST ROW: Dick Valley. Ted Arnold, Eddie Midtsatre. Fred Underwood. SECOND ROW: Roy Vinkf ness, Dick Allen, Nick Jerkovieh, Charles Rutland, Marion Stancic, Arthur Johnston. james Boman. Stanley Gauthier. THIRD ROW.: Don Schulz. George Murphy. Kenneth Dulin, Bill Arnold, Eugenie Rutland. john Ross. Leo Ford, FOURTH ROW: Antone Skansi. Charles Woelke, Bob Allen, Ellis Ryan. Adam Ross, Rodney Wagner. Troy Parish, George Smith. 4 The Gig Harbor Bulldogs were the dark horse of the TrifCounty, winning 4 games, losing 3, and tying l, Coach McGaughey molded a fast, rugged, hardfhitting football team from li returning lettermen and a fine group of newcomers. The team used an assortment of plays. Coach lVlcGaughey taught the boys plays from "T" formation and from an unbalanced line. Paul Shoemaker made the TrifCounty first team: Ellis Ryan and George Murphy made the second team, and Don Schulz received honorable mention. As Coach McGaughey predicted there was a definite upswing in Gig Harbor football this year. SCHEDULE Gig Harbor O .... .......... ......... R 4 wy 6 Gig Harbor 0---- ..........-,.. South Kitsap 32 Gig Harbor 19 .... ............... B rcmcrton "B" 0 Gig Harbor 35 ..,A ---Puget Sound Naval Academy O Gig Harbor 6 ---- -------------------- V ashon 7 Gig Harbor 7 ---- --- North Kitsap 'lo Gig Harbor l3-- ---- Silverdale 0 Gig Harbor 0 .--. --- Bainbridge O Gig Harbor ZS ---- --- Vaughn O TQUTAL H78 71 H451 j. FIRST ROW: T. Arnold, D. Allen, C. Haycock, O. Peterson. SECOND ROW: R. Wagner, D. Meyers Yust, G. Smith, L. Markovich. S. Gauthier. THIRD ROW: nl. Ross. Graham. T. Parish. A. Ross B. Allen. G. Murphy. FOURTH ROW: A. Skansi, C. Woelke, E. Ryan. D. Schulz. Baskethall season for 194344 opened with a large turnout of expectant players. Coach Mt Gaughey made up a team that used the fastfbreak on the offense and both zone and manftofman defense The First Team was Schulz and Ross as Forwards, Antone Skansi as Center, Woelke and Ryan is Guards. They won five games and lost nine in league play. The Second Team won four games out of fifteen. Those who earned letters were: Charles Woelke, Ellis Ryan, Don Schulz, Antone Skansi jack Graham, Adam Ross and Boh Allen. Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Gig Harhor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor Harbor 21, F.- on, 9, 41, 20, -s 'v ml, 32, 12, 22, 14 44-- 'v 96, al-- SCHEDULE lQ25l ,--South Kitsap 42, - Central Kitsap 30, -- North Kitsap ii, ---- Bainbridge 22, ------- Vashon S9 -,---- Vaughn 23, Bremerton "B" 40 ---- Bellarmine 69, s s --------- Yelm 48, -- Roy 48, -------,22--- Fife ---------- Shelton Stadium Sophomores FIRST ROW: G. Murphy. C. Murphy. L. Markovieh. R. Allen. A. Ross. G, Smith. SECOND ROW! F. Arnold. D. Allen. B, Arnold. D. Schulz. N. jerkovieh. A. Skansi. M, Staneie. FIRST ROXV: B. Valley. V. Eide. H. Asplund. E. Severtson. C. Hayward. M. Drake. Mrs. Raymond. SECOND ROVJ: R. Bolieu. N. Eide. P, Uddenherg. M. Larinan. j. Dorsey. N. jenkins. Ea Wheii hasehall rolled around this year Coaeh MCGaughey found nearly all of last year's hasef hall team was on hand and some very good looking prospects. This year the league was split, due to gasoline shortage. Our league was made up of Vaughn, South Kitsap, Vashon, and Gig Harbor. We played two games with eaeh team. The winning team of this half of the league played the northern half winner for the TrifCounty League Championship. This was our last year to participate in TrifCounty league hasehall, as we will play in the Pierce County league next year. Basketball was the first sport of the season and the girls found that shooting fouls was not the easiest thing to do. Out of twenty shots the highest numher made was nine, and several aehieved this. The next sport was tumbling, some of the girls accomplished flips, headstands, haekhends and some group work. Basehall, the third and most popular sport, had the largest turnout of all. The athletie award for the girls is a ehenilled There will he several girls proudly wearing their wellfearned emhlem next year. l27l 5nap4 1.-What's the matter gang? 2.fGrandstaiid seat, 3.-'Yes. Mr. Skurdall!! 4,- -Three Musketeers. 5.5-Yell Queens. 6. 'Wli11t purty knees! 7.fWho's winning? 8.-wDigniiied Seniors? 9.--Business?? 10.v0ur Photog' rupheix 11. Ah. Gee! 12.--G. H, H. S. 13.fReady for the kickfoff, l4.- Is it boring? 15.-Bulldogs vs. Silverdale. 16.-UAW. cut it out! 17. 'Our Mcclmzlnie. 18 .-" Watch the birdie! i281 S 1,--jiggs----Our mascot. 2fYcll Queens in action, 3,-Arletta hound. 4.--Is it 21 hIondc?? 5,-f-The Wzirdcii, 6, -Holding thcm on thc 35. 7-Good Morning?? 8.fMorons. 9.---The guard house. Ill.-Wcll now. l'Il tcll yuu - f f I 1.-7-First in. 12,--Next, 13.fAssistant Editor. 14,--'Sopho1no1'c Dignity. 17.---Victuriuus Sth f12f2j. 16- SCL Wlimm?? 17.---Lihrzlry staff party. 18.- -Future athletic stars. l947Posing again IU, Gig Hzirhoi'--in part. 21.--Hen Partics, 22,fNurtun. 134--Aw Fuocy!! 5293 George Ancich ..... Maxine Brockhoff .... Paul Barnes ......... Bernice Christenson ..... John Bryant ........ John Boman ....... Chadeynne Finney .... Sally Gould ....... Gordon Hilseth .... Gloria Hitter ..... john Kingsbury ...... Annabelle Kimball .... Barbara Kopperman 7943 rqfaunni ----------Fishing -----Mrs. Paul Olson ------------Navy - - - - -Business College ------------Army --r.- .......... Navy -- - -Mrs. james Ryan -------Red Cross ----------Navy -------Navy Yard ----Army Air Corps ----------Navy Yard Mrs. Grant Graham Nick Lovrovich ..................... S611 B668 Frances Markovich .... Knapps Business College Mary Ellen Olson ................. Red Cross September September October 1 1 23 .... f14--- October 29 -... November November November November December December December December 10 .... 11 .... Helen Parkman- - - - ---Mrs. William White Eric Peterson --...-. .............. N avy Thomas jerkovich Betty jenkins --- Yvonne Lewis ----- Frances Maloney ---- - .--- Vera McKenzie- -- Bruce Parsons ---..-....-..... Shirley Uddenberg-- Donald Sehmel --- Wilma Rasmussen Betty Valley -------- -... Jack Wagner ---- Shirley Weaver- -- Robert Underwood ............ Oragene Starr ----- CS-9 19 ------ 2324 ----- 6 ------ 20423 ---- 23--- 24--- January 24 ---- February 18 ----- February 2 February 2 2 ----- 5 ----- March 16 ---- March 3 1- April 6f7 ---- April 14 ---- May 5--- May 12 .---- May 27 ----- May 30 ----- June I ---- - - ---All School - -- -------- Fishing -------Navy Yard - - - -North Carolina -Navy Yard Navy Yard - ----------.-.-.-.-At Home -University of Washington Marines - -Texas -Mrs. Ove Asplund ----------------Navy Prairie Bible Institute Wing's Garage -------U. S. O. Scfzaal ealencfafz 7 --------------..-.- .--.-...-............... ..... ----Movie-fiCall of the Wilderness" School Opened -------------------Clash Week -----------Senior Ball ----------------Pep Rally Serpentine -,--,---,-,,,----------Victory Dance Play-"Second Childhood" Thanksgiving Vacation VibrafHarpist ------------Tolo Week Christmas Assembly ---Christmas Vacation Began -----------------New Semester Bond Program -----'Washington's Birthday Vacation -------------------U Minstrel Show Movie-"Gangster Boy" Senior Playf3'House Without a Key" Spring Vacation --- - ---Spanish Program Mothers' Day Tea - -- - - - -Junior Prom - - - Baccalaureate Commencement - - -- School Closed X XXXXXNNXXXXXXXXNNSXXXNXXXNXXXXNXNXXXXNXXXXXX NXXXSXXXXXSXXXXSN XXNXXNXX X I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I XXXXNXXXXXSXXXXX XXXNNXXXXXNSXXXNX XNXXX XXXNXNXXXNX NNXNXNNXXXNXX IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII if WAAAA QAAAXVQAAAXVWAAAAXVQAAAXMAAI5 VVV0fV'1419!Mff!SA66!5AAfV4f5f96fSf'f'f7'AbfS4fV5 5 Qfvfffffvfhfifsff VK! ' 34 WWW MA XVVV sh Mfsfsfwfaffff PRICES GOLDEN GUERNSEY DAIRY on the Gig Harbor--Port Orchard Highway V T'Jffff', fun' Sw ' ICX'fx'l- iw-12 A-' E,',i'xn'X QL , 5X,,1u"21.,viL, .4 : ,li '.' W3 i , . Milk from Guernsey Herds HPJot the cheapest but the bestn X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Q 2 X X X X X NAA i321 !V'f1f'AfV'Af'fWA VVVMAAAAAAXX' ' fl fix' WXSXSAIVVSAAX5 AMAA!! fW4fV5AAAfAAAf4z4!56ffffAf'AfV56 Wf'!3f'A6f5x9Af'h!fMfV'faf'fV5 X Q AA! 90233343 at sy vvea, ss, yy, S 2 Q ' 3 E s Y 0 :s X S ig -D 'Q Q gg E 3 n o 3 B7 E' H X K F- 9-I ' E L- U! E- Q X S: C-1 N Q H- G1 Q Q E- ca gp- a 2 I:-' ' ' Q G, 53- ln ' U. I 3 ? 2 an E if 2 2- E- 2 sa.. 'U 1' E S L-rj 9 1 o X -Q L-11 Q su 2 Q.. G C1 -Q o :I 3 5 5 W S 3 fe 'g Q :Ju 0 E H 2 S '1 lq gn E ' E E I-I E Q.. X Q 5' V5 -1 F1 42 5 2 ru n '55, 9. Q ' zz 9. g -U 5 G ru E5 5- 2 Q H v-0. f o X -.. 5 E- : 5- 5 2 L.. ... Q Q ' 0 91 4 " Q :I K E "1 Q :::: M Q 9. 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Very Best Wishes to the Graduatmg Class I-IAURY S BOAT HOUSE HENRY ALLEN Manager Meet Your Friends at SOPHIE'S Fountain Lunch Hamburgers Our Specialty Good Luck From GIG HARBOR PHARMACY a!s!!!!f4!5!a!a!sf !!!!!!!!lV'!af!!!!!!!!Vs!-rS!e!s!sf! !A !!'!!!!V5 V !!A!'!'A 5VV5!VV' '!'!V'!!!1f1AA!7V'A V!! f vfsf 0 VMAAZAAAA 1A!!AAfA iff VWAAAAISAAA Qfifiikfffff 9f!A!!!!!SfSA !5!!f!'5 0 o o 0 o 0 o 4 o . 4 ' o , . . ' 0 o ' o ' o o I . , o . o Q o ' o . o 4 o ' Q o 0 o o o o o . v ' o O o O o a o o J O o a 4 . o O A 4 . c iw! f-1 OJ A L.: V' '!!!5!Af9 0 A AAA!!! ! AMAA! V5 V3!V!!5f56!! ,Q 4' W! !!ff! MAA! Q if 1 2 0 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 3 FAA !8AA!V!AAAAA 1f9AA!V!A vVfAA!aA!!!!!!!sA VVVVWAAA A!! fb!!! 0 4 . 5 C. P. AINSWURTH Complete Food Market PORT ORCHARD Butcher Shop Congratulations lo the class oi ,44 Gig Harbor Ship Company GEORGE A. CRUSE, Owner Gig Harbor. Washington Gig Harbor Phone 2193 i' KREAM KRUST BREAD cmd TOPS Enriched Always Good Eating TACUMA BREAD CO., INC. ir STOVE AND DIESEL FUEL OILS GOLDEN SHELL X-100 MOTOR OILS SI-IELDON STUTZ SELLING AGENT Phone 2530, Gig Harbor Prompt and Cheerful Service ,000 8? " xx 'AV' i353 !!W!!!! 4 ! !!5!W!! 4 .. . ... ...- ys,sfyff,AAfVs4 .. .. . Q Q... 1f!!!5!!!!A! 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WASHINGTON SCHOOL SUPPLY School and Ollice Equipment and Supplies fsffffffffffff Seattle Washington 1 Q .. .. .. ..fysAAAAAfys . ........ fVff5fVfAf I GLASS SERVICE COMPLETE Auto and All Types of Glass School and Office Equipment and Supplies An Up-to-Date Plant THE snmonzns INC. 926 Pacific Ave. 925 Commerce St. TACOMH 1526 Commerce St. Mhin 2112 I 'VQ f fffff ,A TACOMH 65 4 A' VV' an t37l I A ?Q'39'6t e'mm' "' Q33JC3 Q6-3Jt 3s Af' if S N Established 1888 S 3 Hardware -:- Sporting Goods Q 5 Mechanics' Tools 1. M. LARSEN at SONS X E A Lmge Stock to Choose Pfam MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS K . Y . B ' A - T t - C G d X lg washington Hardware Co' Bgarluggriapliezrt sMari:2vIc'I?rrdvIl?1rZ S I 924 Pacific Ave' Tacoma sos A sneer Rnoadwqy 4341 Q Tacoma. Washington S ' A A A N E S 2 DISTINCTIVE IEWELRY DIAMONDS. WATCHES 3 E Watch Repairing - Reasonable Prices N K A HANSON'S JEWELRY A Y ' A g 257 So. llth St., Tacoma C. MAGNUSSEN MAin 8355 Q 2 5 S g ' S E COMPLIMENTS OF E N TACUMA MARINE SUPPLY, INC. X X Everything for Fishermen Y Q SMITH'S PAINTS 6 VARNISHES - PLYMOUTH ROPE - RUBBER BOOTS R Clothing - Salt and Fresh Water Fishing Tackle S S BRoadway 3223 103 So. 11th St. S S If Quality ls What You wana . . Q GENERAL PAINT CORP. IT Cable Address "GENPA" MAin 6581 S it QUALITY KNITTING CU. 2 3 934 Commerce St. Tacoma. Wash. Q E 10th and A Streets Tacoma Wash. 3 BRoadway 3163 Knit Wear Made to Your Measure 5 Q if vvvf wry-AA ' wfvwnnffnfvvv vv vwnnfwfvvvv- vwfvv vvvvvfnfwnfvvvvv X ISSJ 9 ii PURTRAITS WINTI-IHOP STUDIOS Tacoma Washmgion r A X MECCA RESTAURANT HHH uw is lg L 9 T 13th and Commerce Sis. Tacoma, Washington X' !V!f!!ff5ff!ff'f!!ffff9f5 faffffffff ffffffffifffffffffff 'XV XV!!! Vik!71AAf'f'fV46fV56!5f'!5Af'A X X X X X X X X X X X X 9 9 9 X X X X X X X X X X X Y X X X X X X -f-nnnf-f-fvw vw Q 8tKX?' o o o o o Q 4 o o o 0 4 o o o o ll ' 0 o o o o o n 0 o I o 4 4 0 o 4 o o Q 4 4 o 4 0 o o o o T391 fffsfs I ' !fV'f'Af5f'Af'!VM!-XVMAAAA ' 0 ' ' ' XV VA Qv X X ... ..... .Afyw.AA..,,f.,s ., ff VVXIXXA MAMA! WA S 2 3 X 6 X Q 2 X S S E 2 2 f Q V ff' ff ff fffffvffhfbf XV vsy Optometrists DR. I. A. CASWELL -:- DR. B. L. WOOD 9th and St Helens at Broadway E sf 2 2 F 2 1 F -.. ' 2 g -115,52 2 a. E 5 -1 '11 ru ffflf-.n ':.: msuva- I 5- uu ':.:-9.u fllf' ' 3 gg 252: ,WWW :Q- 0 g' QE-E95 'HIIUW 3 E 9 E905 5 s 1 w i' cz: 4 . C1 tg-I 'S N p 5 N 0 3 'fs :J V: ? Q zu- m Q 2. U E V2 a' H' 9-I C1 1 l."1 ' 8 2- ,, 3 ff, ,4 Q F' '4 4 m "' O 5 2 I Q U O Z ' L" 3 O 2 s bv 2 2 .U 5 0 S . C: 3 L., l."'.l P a "' F3 V' In U' "' 1:9 H " m CID 5 DP' 3 1 C2 2- '-N! W -1 rf! . 'U 3 L- - - U1 2 va Z Z "i n Ei 2' "' z 1- F- I U 52 5-1 .-. 4 2 Q 2 ua ig c': IIE 0 0 m 5 U "lI1 N F" 2 " V3 C- 5 cn O Q as ua E. 2 3- 5' g E Q Eg '11 fn 2 9, 2 U' --1 r-1 ig. E 0 E G 5 cr: O zr Q 'D 0 U :nl Q S n 2, g 5 2' 5 3 " o ' a' 'U "' S 8 F! 2 2 E 3 -1 2 --1 2 'u fs 2. 5 U 2 E 5 E E! 2 9 9 " Egg 2 E n n V4 S- 2- -1 5' 5' 2 'fl 'S 0 s a 2 Q 0 0 0 4 ' ' ' 'A VWAIVS 7 7464451556 45 WA!!! A!54ff9fffV4Af!' 4660436615 'X' i403 ' ff!! VVMAAX MA! Fmholm s Market and GIG HARBOR Grocery HOME CAFE HOME COOKED FOODS Frozen Food Lockers Specializing in Dinner Parties V66 -AAAAfv'f-nAf-AAfv- MAfvy'nAAnfahnfvvwnfwnnnnhhfwnfeennf-A fwfvvvv-xv? O ' S ' X ' X - I X 0 VV 'bfb' ' 'Q , Sf! YQ? xl vvvw"x' ' P11039 2050 Head of Buy Head of Bay Roxana White GIG HARBOR MOTOR COMPANY For Better Service DODGE - PLYMOUTH Phone 2250 Wing and Cadle HSUNFREZE ICE CREAM HAS GONE TO WAR" Let us help to win the war by giving the Armed Forces the best lood possible. When the war is won Ice Cream with all its delightful flavors and quality will be back in plenty. ARDEN FARMS GO. C. 0. AUSTIN The Penmsula Gateway LUMBER 51.50 the Year BOXES -2- MU-L WORK c. E. TROMBLEY, Publisher Phone 2180 Gig Harbor Phone 2121 Gig Harbor M e T413 44. v f Q 0 'Ziff 4 shfvfbfffef QAAXVV AIA!!! Aff 'ff ff!! ROSSER 8: SUTTON School Supplies and Equipment YAKIMA WASH PEASE BROTHERS AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES Parts - Supplies - Equipment TACOMA CENTRALIA MAin 0771 B A R K S MUs1c1AN SUPPLY co. Complete Repair Department Tailored to Measure SUITS AND TOPCOATS For MEN and WOMEN A66 VWXSA 'AAA Q ' iff!!! V546 ' MAA!! 'Aish ' MAA!!! OXYSAISAAAXXX 1 . RADIO SERVICE T. R. 'lDick" Bark 762 St. Helens Ave. Walt Bark Tacoma, Wash. GIL GUNDERSON 749 Broadway Tacoma. Wash Rugs - Draperies - Carpets - Linoleum Window Shades - Venetian Blinds FINEST WORKMANSHIP S E L D E N ' S 1141 Broadway MAin 4141 Headquarters for Quality DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY Since 1889 MIEROW'S WASHINGTON BELTING 8: RUBBER CO TACOMA SEATTLE 101O A. St. 320-O22 Occidental Ave Congratulations to the Class oi 44 A FRIEND Seattle Washington I I I I I I 1 '5 '54 MAAF! 4754 AAAAAX !Wf5Af5!fAAAfVvW6AAA!! Afsffffffffaf . . . . . . . . . . . . yWf,Afy,AAfwf,fwf,f,4x.Afy5A . . . . . . . , fffsffff AfffaffxSf VSXVVVQAXVVXV XQIVV 'A DoN'r BE A HEEL sAvE Youn SOLE STEINER SHOE SHOP Gig Harbor BEST WISHES GIG HARBOR Hardware and Grocery Furniture Store Machine Chris Thompson Real Estate - - Insurance Safety Deposit Hotel Beauty Shop J. H. Galbraith and Co. Shop ' v 4444 STANICH GROCERY, Inc. Phone 2425 Gig Harbor M444 Radio Sales and Service Gig Harbor Phone 2438 IOHN D. EDWIN Best Wishes to fV'6f5f1f7V5f'!7v6ff!'fVSAf7V5f'6 'fffbfflsfaf A6 The Class ot '44 Dr Harold H Hyan Dentist Phone 2432 Gig Harbor Congratulations From Peninsula Dry Goods Gifts tor Every Occasion With a Saving 45 fffffff Aff! VXXXVXXXXXXKZVXVVVXIXWXXXXX or 3 zz H 5 Z '4 U2 u te Q Q 4 cz E .Q SD .- -u P1 0 'u zz. E 9: 9 2 3 Q Q E . 9 A Q. . ..... . ..... ..... . . . .. i431 I Congratulations 5 ARLETTA STQRE Q Complete Food Market . E PHONE 242 - - ARLETTA it ir O o 5 'll B cn E'- ffl o Pl! U QU FU H 'Il rn UP' -4 IU rn 3 'JJ D-I CJ 'J-U cu :r :- 'JU i- S1 IE an UI E5 zz an v-I cb zz 5 Q X . Q Purdy Blllldefls Compliments to the Class of 1944 5 Rooiing 1 Shingles 1 Plasterboard Pefkins Funeral Home 5 E Plywood 1 Doors 1 Siding Q Bricks 1 Cement 3 Phone 5 X 8 PURDY Phone 2.312 Gig Harbor S . 5 2 X Best Wishes Q 3 SUNSET GROCERY 2 H. L. Pederson, Prop. Y Q 5 . . Q General Merchandise Fresh and Smoked Meats Q 3 X K PHONE 315 ----- PURDY X . 'A ,QA A 1f1f'4fiffi!5 KWXVWAAAAAA fllflfffff I5 111714446 X l44l PENINSULA CAFE HOUSE OF STEAKS Ice Cream and Hamburgers 5A4V ' vvsfic A Peninsula Dairy Store Fountain Service -Av Fine Foods Open Evenings and Sundays Congratulations J. M. McKENZIE Distributor tor UNION BURNER and STOVE OIL COAL and GENERAL HAULING Phone 3X3 Phone 2l7l McKENZ1E SERVICE Gas ' Oil 0 Accessories Phone 2171 Gig Harbor Greetings . . . to the Class or 1944 KEITH UDDENBERG Complete Food Market fkfffff 4'V!V!fff! V' AXQAXVWAAXXAAXAA XXX!!! VSA AAAXXA fVHAffff5fff9!f5f ff IVVXVS ?' 9 eu 0 2 3 X' a E' 3 n :1 n in 0 '1 ge PHONE 2400 1 1 1 GIG HARBOR Congratulations i :ms ' Minter Brook and Tyee THE BEST OF OYSTERS ' Phone 2134 1 1 1 1 H. Secor '54 '54 i451 44 'X Q44 5 3' pjydyf M W QM 'Q Vbmxifffsff ' . W7 74 N W if Q fa QAM M JE , 5 uma W6 W Milf , f l-NSW M Qi M Wfm ' rj WZ MW W N W Q? my fqxiigfsjfiffk N if 5.25 H+ N,W5"' , ,X vzllrw My 'N:15rl5g"znfg' ffgggf v , 4 f Y' ' , f 'K V YK. X f + , X X . L . " k : . 5 . v Q , Q. X, , ML Q f !Z V Q. D f . lv r Z 5 5? s ' 'y 4 - f lg l K 1 . fl' fxnigflw J , ,, - ' " I 33' 4 ,tag ' K V if 'x Y , ' . L:- f ' A SM' 1 Y - I 2, , ' I , ,ff , 1 U ,, , 1 -'l1 "1 Hg . ', - . X J P -A , V1 ' A f 1 I 4:.?'a' -Q H r ' , Z. ' 1- -K ' ' 1 1 Y . I X S , ' I ' ' I x' . K - , , V ' ' 1 , -. Y V 'g ,,fy- "4 Q -V ,ff , , I 'L ' 4 A X--1 e ..4 1 'J , hair- f 7 Q fr f 'X f 1 Nye, -4 ,, X L 5 5 N . Wx ' Y ,G ."i',1f6f3'M . W, , fm ..1 -fy .HQ , ew , few . km - v rviqaif , " , .- 141: I , I 5.3111- "x" I - A Znifff 'fL1sfJ:f-JfQ'i!1P:- 6 if . ' Y 2 31-A f 'Q f.',s,jfV,, 2, if ' ' 55' f 1 ., ,mg , qfi d eign s WWW! 1 Q-Aisascfzrlgh 1gsQf3vjjgg,,, 1 1 X N v H L 1 ng.. V., nj ' L ,1J' M -f v , 'Y x f ' 1 , , , . V , i - W L . g 4 ' s XX 5.25 ? ' 9 .. K I ,Y Yi ,H 'fj I ,Ji K , f ,, L ' M. 'f , Jar, . M1 , Q 'S 1, zu - . K . ' 3,-'r1.x,, .V . f Ljqf' 1 Z: I f -4 ' ann . "",15 1 . f. ,X .4 'YL K 4 A . K, , ,.,.L A f x fi TWG' . . 1-A 7 L 1 N 'f In A f ., M J 'ww-4. 1 .'u A 3' . ' : . , 'H .fl ,, ,gy ,SA Y . k :L.,g3,t, -1,4-.,':, ily. , H, ' . E -. ' 1 15 v ':5,Q"13 .. ., .,. .. kk. . 1 , v. f ,-. f1"f7.f"' ,L gh had ' ,,,a.. , wt s, - .rw-, . -1, .. .-bg,-x V ,, .. ,Wi , Ax .. . ,y ,V .,.s..Q.,vA- ,fm ,A .Hy - v fa ,.":., , ,gl-, -f, .. 5, - , x J, 1 ' ' " ' ' f,f1+-f , X, -1' - . . Y 'vw 1 4 A V .fans .ya ,

Suggestions in the Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) collection:

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Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 8

1944, pg 8

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Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 37

1944, pg 37

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