Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA)

 - Class of 1935

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Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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1 g,,,s-.--YQ,-gr .-'-- - -- A-V. 1 - -' '- f- - , . .... . . ., .. . AM. 4,.:f..,-- ,7m. i,.:f.M--- gm. J,.:f.M,f- .-,Q-.51 .f 5. .1 4- . ,:.:,y,.. ,N 11.53. 1-nt,-' nu --f--if-f-1,f1.3, , ,X ,,.,.,-gm.: Q:-,.f,i...,h ,-.-x-:Q1-.-'f1,:,.:,.'f,"v1 - -'f1,:..:,.5-12 -1 f 'f1,:v.:,'-:'v -r ' 5 ,,..'..w,-,5.,,1: ,-Xx,:-,,:,.:,5...,'f ,--.-1-:nz-.'-4.1,-.:,'-:'f--- f :ru A5 .1,,,y-..,-29.4-. -,.4-g::,f. , ' H' . ., ..,,.,... , ...MW ,- ,, r---- .A-- ., .,., .A- ., f ..-. .w,.,,.. , ..-.--,W ,- ,, f ..--. ,-.,-, ., -.,M,M, .,L'.,, . ,., ,,,,s ,,, L.. :T 5. J, S Le IL i 1 Publis hed by th pet cfa ufam 1935 9 Senior Class of Gig l-lorbor Union l-ligh School Gig Harbor, Washington I Of thc mam fravekm M ghwax rw A Gulf? Shady soo one cow fm Psfwcturm Lake 7'o'cewo'wl rx I-XDHX5 VL vw T 1 N H V ul W Tw 1 fx L L WL w H VU NC Ufl r H Q w x r r mum T1 v ev L K Huw rx 1 fb S mlm ffm Lu gust rw si ww Mig rs STVLQ 9 ucv HGH 'WP r 'flSf1FY Q0 UL v fnurmsf rw Lf L NTL ms s Qu hom that Cwcw vuw mmul 1 Ufu than the S N Lv rms Our Anmn JW pecllcatzon E THE CLASJ 51 vw ITL rua 1 Tss L Aqngs Dunn wud r Law L an New rw , ' rw J r dass uf uk G fs mwderwk rw V um is OL adw r 'V T V0 NCEV ,ut W C911 1 e S Q I 1 fri f the QONQVVWYTUQVXT Mwas Dunn then stepped forward v Hervd Her S rwcca C 3: MISOY 0 was gran U v v6 mi thrfvuqh hu wg Qu hm Q pL1fmM5hmg 0 1 " Q P wsu D44 I tl Q. btw' SS- a Nestled among the evergreens at the very foot of the mourwtam that was Codflvhrror Lake--a paraduse for fsshermen The scene of many happy, Thrnllmg hours--the Toboggan Slade at Longmnre Springs. ,nuns 7 'fy K 'wwf QM if wwiuvnditb if T ,N-af' N'-Q - 4 1 XA W ' 1' 55? Y 2'-f3w:L JE: l U V W., - x ,if v,i'W ' q.y - . V . ' .gffhf V ilu 41-I1 murmm X1 A I 1 1 azz? Ss 'L . , AW eo M my W . - XV N, Q , Q All' ,K ,ff me Oksrwcss mm L1 x 12 mnnsota fnghpi 0 mi! ch nu Coming to Washwvwgforw S 1 4 Vik FW Q 12,11 MM Q :Ju w rwxrw urru, msc W ,Tu VT' K A w W f AGNES DUNN ml inw rw X r + Vxfu na, x TH CVM C X Cm xswcwl Edumt XXUCE OKYNESS Puget ur mxCriwIx 15 T 'N lh E MAH' urxn ftul, L va-.f LCC L r vw r- um nr x 'WS L 5 Q! U LW ' EQ w rg vw rw, ww L Q, mg? rf mx QRVLQ tm Ln 5 Tx x M k , X Cwxfk 'X-f ?',T' H Nl K L, rw M hgh sd?-1' Jam, to R A mor , 5, Oo! f rw I yr . iw- rgccwcr' Fl B A deg frm Th, CMNILQQ Cf pl 1 Sf,'LAVNf1 mm mm N1 A 1111 'ffm Www U w 4- sh C4 XVK "to" N4 3 us hor Pwfnbx, Amit Pax? ff cw' W3 ' c ww up we Wm' 12 'ir .L mf :ar awry? f' 1 wg 3 Fwy CPMEQCO1 ' A ' SC mi, B A Ur , 0+ Wg W 1 A Emgln, aff 4 fc+ + L J , Ov ELTCV :mv an by K' 55 Dgnvf az ffl? rw APT X'x'1:C"5f1 Hu hott w5 iw mg mr Sh- r C-md - M u1uH.t1:'vv JT NN N' ,fFu.r N41 J! Qui TF L' xi'vTx Cf Wkgh- 'U , VCC ,rug A E A Af A 'fjrr A 1 mefw I , 1 L ,vp 7 ' Bc!! -hc, NUWV' 3 ' ' "' " ' UU xp' S Yx C . P f'TCr1B A E 4.1 . Hui , JVN1 PPV . . .rm 1 ,f I . ,1.., Ll f, , . IRENE l RussELL W O SHOWALTER Unlyers ty ot Washlngton B S Oregon glue Colligo B S Latln Home Economics Llbrarv SOUTH FOOfba'lCO1fh n lustrnl acu ty W W THOMAS Washlngton State College B A Engllsh Ctylcs Physlcal Educatlon Baseball Coach R SHOWALTER was born ln Elkhorn l.fV:s onsln l-le cum west and completed his educatlon at Llnfleld College Oregon Unlyerslty of Washlngton and Oregon State weeds and h s hobby lS eatlng wlth tennls and huntlng next l-le has charge of the Sclence department succeedlng Mr Laurl l-le would rather teach Algebra than any other subject but has hrs nnalor an Physlcal and Vocatlonal Educatron Mlss Russell head of the Domestlc Sclence department of the hugh school was born ID Troy Iowa and completed her educatlon at the Qu en Anne Hugh School Seattle and the Unrverslty of Washlngton She teaches Latrn but her tayorlte subjects are sewlng lwhlch IS also her hobbyl and coorclng Swlmmlng and playung tennls are her tayorlte sports She has her Ilte certlflcate a B S degree from the Unuversutg ol Washlngton and she loves chocolates Mr Thomas lolned the ranks of the Clg l-larbor Unlon l-lrgh School faculty an l934 l-le teaches tlrst and second year Engllsh and Vocatnonal Ctylcs The Band and lvluslc class are also under hls dlrectlon l-las hobby IS readlng and hrs tayorlte pastnmes are yacatlons l-le w s born an Seattle but completed has educatuon at the Wwshlngton State College recelylng from that lnstltutuon a B A degree The boys baseball team under hrs dlllgent coachlng took many laurels durlng thls season l l l r. t Arts, N l N College where he recetyecl a B A. degree, Hrs fayonte pastlme lS to "bum around In the a , I , a ' C , ' Q. juan- LYDIA W MORAN W A LAURl Unlverslty of Wa hun ton JX Unlverslty of Washlngton B S Peru Normal Coll raska Science Football Coach Mathematlcs E l h Left at end of furst month acu ty Q 1' Qxva ISABEL STEAD Unrverslty ot Washrngton B lvl Commerclal Debate RS MORAN was borr an Kansas Cty Kansas Her hobby as olantung flowers and travellng udglng from her talks on her vanous traxels and from the appearance ot her yard she holds true to both ln all her classes she has kept students IH a state of amuse ment by her travelogues of her many trap through the eastern states and ot her experlences as a rurse durlng the world war 'Mrs Moran has charge of the mathematics d vlston of the hugh school and her mann dellght IS housekeeplng l lvlr Laun was born ln Flnland and when just a llttle boy he came to the Unlted States to receuve hrs educatlon from the Unlverslty of Washlngton where he recelved a B S degree Mr Laura was the Sclence teacher here and class advlsor for 3 years Hts classes were kept DD a constant state of dellght by has unendung supply of pokes He was called away lust as we entered our tourth year and all we have To remember htm by IS has autograph wrltten ln Flnnlsh ln every autograph book Mass Stead lS the Commerclal Instructor of Unuon Hugh School She was born In Man chester England and came to Canada at an early age where she recerved her elementary and secondary educatlon She then entered the Unuversltv of Washlngton and there received her B M degree Hlkung IS her hobby her dog comes n xt She has three awards for her scholastuc educataonal and muslcal record from the Unmersvty the Mu Phu Epsllon pun of Muslc the Ph: Beta Kappa key of scholarshlp and the pl Lambda Theta of educatlon 1 , rl if . A 1 I J . . 6 cy ' I I l awe , . ,' ng s A . f V X . ,f l l K Xxx, Q 1 ' X, Y .- ll 53X I iv-ag X -i-li K I - kr ' . t LI 4, . I ' ' .gtucfent goofy TUDENT bODY OFFICERS for l 114 5 rc clcct hc r n 4 wr 1 Szytcmhcr L c 1 rs e F rs dc rt r Jhns n Vrcc Prcsroent Hnlcn urstorff ,u cretwry Dorrs Schmcl Trc wsurcr Margaret Cranrhl ws lscprrttr Amy Borgcn r Lt 111 Kay Norrrs Opdl Berg The Stutlcnt body unwnrmorrslx tlccrcleu to tclopt thc ur ent ounc l stcm of wt ment thus r sc wool hrs systcm is Jccn cwtcc n many r s wocls wrvug cut t L stwtc nr rs morc successful t n thc tormcr systems Nlcmbcrs of the Student Councrl arc H thns n presrzcn Dtr s Sehrnc secretary l-lc en urstortt 'Vlrlc1rcclCrosluy Alrcc Wrqht Arthur Petersen arx n N1 u cr Frul urstor Alrcc Pc cr ru on c e ty Hrro sri 1 c tn ic 1cJlJscn he icu x are mrcscn ull mcctrngs hue no vote The four students who attcndecl the Hrgh bchool Lcaclers Confertnce at the Unrxersrty of Wa h rnqton werc lvlaryrn Natuccr presrclent of the senror crmss Nlsrg2reTCr1ncl3ll eclrtor of the Perclzwim l-lclen Qurstorff prcsrclent of the Crrls Club and Carl johnson tlc Crrs Club accompznred them Reports were grven x thc rlclegatcs on the zrwcrous reccptron gryen them thc onfercnce meetrnes thu attended and many humor s rncrclchts such is Vt rqurr ng f hc should eut the crust on hrs pre and Carl replyr at he nu r fl e rrus r- hrs squash and he thoug It about e s mc t ow c en c ucn c nrnmr ccH 1 young man was starung at er Aprrl 5 thc Crc l-ltrlcr Unron H gh and Crcscent Valley Schools prescnterl an hcurs prmgr m on thc Iunror Browrlcwst hour oycr stwtron KMO rn Tacoma Carl lohnson L cnt uck r ent ec c rcm nrcs frr the hrgh sch I Thc program nsrstecl of yocal selcctrons by ack 1 ousfn c ompanrccl J r srste Elsre Lauren Campcn and r-lzroltl l-tcpkrns prcscntctl rnstrurnentwl sclcctrons Kathryn Thu ston played a selectrcn on the Drano uno Arthur Petersen accompunrefl by Maryrn Nttuccr on the gurtar sang scycral sclectrons Thrs s thc second tme that the l-lrqh School hug pres ntcd such 1 proaram incl both trmes rt his proyen to bc very successful Dorrs Sehmel was hosen to wrrte the weekly news for the l-lrgh School News Reyrew oyer statron KVI Several rmproycmcnts were mcaclc durrng thc wear 1 seconcl tennrs court was mwclc and the Class of 33 uscrl rts class funcls to Luv 1 steel tennrs net Mr and Mrs B Brrntnill prcsentecl a set of encyclopeclras to the school and a number of rnterestrng frctron books were purchwsed Wrth funds left by the Class of 26 Last year s class -l brought us two large m rrors wncl also 1 Drtto machrne whrch the faculty made espccrally good use of wlaout fmm trmc rnuch to our drscomfort However rt h s proycn yery useful to thc sturlcnts edrtrng the school piper I l F 'F V71 we f H- ec: at t H frst Slutle t BO lx n Jctrr gg rn "W H H Tho Hl.rcO ar fri r or - Ca l It :- , X r, , , r s Q 7 ff- VVV7 E w H ' Q 4 1 tl Ni, W s c i 7 7 u Ye l H. fers - - . r ' . 1 V r ' W R w J K x A St l C, r sy X gc urn H rn h gh ' , ,r T H he to aclu trr 1 hgh :l ,, tl c 'h hH . H a l , 'H ha Cul O , r lr t, H Q "l, H r, al gif Q ' . H H H. r C . . ." I lfhn Lxsell, Mc r tt c , H Q ff., 1 HtH - t sf , T, w Rwfcl, B t f Ct ll, Clt . S.trH, 4 cl It k l lt 1 X T f. lt . 1 H H t at .. HH k but , ,, presrclent of the Student Body Mrs Moran, aclyrsor of ,ltlr tr Q""""' ss ' s 51-lm r. ' l L Q cr.-,em ,, s 2 , r Q r l Ou 4 r . rxrti s X r 1 r H . rig th .' nlrdnt ls 'W but he Arn 't eat th , t Ur . K ht th 5 am' ln H rl o l'l 't 'rat her l A ot uuse K j L . h Zq. 'iff 'H 1 1: r 1 H H St .1l- Eco' pres cl act l as master of e - o H w K oo H A co f L 3 I., l.c l 7 a c rt H ly h s r, , ce . , . A , , . , L K V 1 L V L Am 211101 l.1f0'ly 10. -fx.. I I Mi i VV,T ' ' QF' V, VV V -V - V ,,,-, 4 4, V, f A , , . K, . , 4, . . . - , v V V1 rm VV' V ,V V V V ,VVVVVVV VVV V Q, V ,, V, .i V, V ,, , , .... ,, 1 , V, ' uma, H ,VV rV,.Vg VVVLV 4. V- V V ,LV . VL.. ,A..,,, ,, -. , V, VVVV, A V - , V Q J , 4' V4 'VV VV' '. - . V' VV - V 'V V s- , VVV, V. ,- - Q' ,V D V x,,, - , ' ,V . 5 rw VV ' - V ' LVVv' 1VV V V , ' 'X' V . , .. A. . Vx' , .- LW ,,f"V 4' ' 'V'V ,,,K, .,- ,. ,, ,,L ,LX gx, , b ,K - 4 V . ,, ,r V. .,.' , ' ,, . ' V Q 1 1vVV4VV1 1 "1 '- " ,rg I' ' ,V' V1 ' V V V M ,V 1 VV, , , .V , Q, ,, . . , . , . . A t ' v AA' ' Y , - v, . f' 4 , v -, X1 . .V , Vw VL .. V ,, V VV , , . .. H ,,, V ,V V ,,,- , V, 5 ., , . l N V f 'fa xv, VVVV,, , .,,t, Vrxlxik . K, .T .zxm "' "- ' "V 4-X 'af' ' 'L " X VV V -,-,V , ,, , 1 4,5 , ey- ,Y V -, ' ' f" ' TV4 V . A . .Q . ,1 , ,U X -I ', VN, V wgw ' tk " , ' 'V " ' f-V 'J -' 1 "1-.MV " ' ' "' A VKQV , V- ,V L44VV E ,,, f, , , Q, " , AV,,, , In AXE! ,Vg ,gig - VV. V.-L . , R, , 1, ,, . 1, MN, V V+, ,, V, ,,., X, x. .., .. -4, , . , , B ,. KV VM- 'V 'Wi IT x ff ', ' '- ' .x . ' 1 L VV rw' Yu i 7 ' 1 if ' ' A W .1 Ikwng yy X.x,,, ,,, V .,, V 1 xx 4. . . ,, s. . U .N . , , , , , , . , A V . K, V . .. .. V . W, K. xg, V '11 " AV V 'V' ':'..V"z.1"'0" -L ' ' 'V ,V 5, V' - 5 ,. ,N 3 XV R, M' LW.E'f. ,NH ' ' + VV.VVV-.V .V' .1 . LV- VVnw,1rT,,.u , "EV ,w 5 Twxpr 1 Vw: 1 AV V 5 - g,,V wmii ,xg . , . I, xg, A L :P V' ' gm hahx ,V -0 1 ,V ,,, Vx -,, ,, X- 4, ,' ,VV 1,VV ,X 4 ,- - N A , . . . , A ,V V ,. -X 1 llc 4 Q-r "- 1 MARIE NELSON Nelson 1111 I11k1 L Rva1I1 fur I1r' con Crwr S I r a 1 nnycr 11111 IVIELVIN WEST Melv 1 4 n In ra 1 111, Harbur rrmn I 111 1111111 111 S11pI1111111r1 1 11 adm nb R1-pnru-r s .4 'Aj ,CHN LYSEL Iohnme 1,1011 XVIIWAII 4 RN 1 x111...1 T11 111 MILDRED CROSBY M Ilne I 1 am. """ F 0 I1 1rn111 1 11111 Rppww 1. II 1 r-1 Iiurwa XnnuaI ra MARY MAKOVICH Kate .1 11 111111111 . att 4 IN111-me an N 11111111.11 a1I1 1 1 Ioan II 1ln,,1'r Q ARTHUR PEI-ERSEN Ar! H 0 I Hr! 001 A A 1-a 1 nr II11' non 11 1 rc-s1dc-111 of 111 11 1111 1-r ERNEST IVIATSON Emae o hx Iwolop Debate- 3 31-1Ia111a1m1 1 N 11- mr and oonI1,,I'1t 1 1111111 111 110 rr 1drn1 4 I- o1I'1aII VIRGINIA FLEIVIINC Ginger 111 Il: 111111 4 XX1ld Glngrr 4 Sperm MARGARET CRANDALL Muggs a I-dutnr Crue tat? 4 onor Award 3 UvIat1- 3 Rrafh I0r IIN' Nloon 3 SaIu1a1: rlan Sporh PAUL ALVESTAD Paulv I Y 1a11c1n,,, A nual Srafi Crwr Surf 4 D1-Inc 4 Dm 111111 11 Hn 1 trnnl Annua 11 I11 xport on1I1aII 4 Ban- a I4-1 rr 1111-11 fIuI'1 Rf-pnrtvr 1 1111 1111 E CHERRY Io1c 11 11 1 vamp 1 1-111, 1101 Staff R Dr xvr RAL BERC Dot 111 1111 1111 x I"InIvI'1x anfvm, nnual Staff url r IIN' M0911 r 'mb f r 0 Stat? 4 Spar 1 MINNIE MODUN Mm 11 n x s 51111, ar Ba Icf a n f'1IaII I 11111 In IOHN MURPHY Murphy 4.4111 rl 11 1111 Hn Ix sports r1mIwaII 4 srva rd Gxngcr 111111 In LEWIS CAIVIPEN Louue -,. HnIwI11 stamp mllc-111r1g Iomhall managvr I 3 aw Iva manager I Pr 4 Iiaslu' a DORIS SEHMEL Redhead 1111 11 111: 1 .111 0 by in 1:n1 Honor wird a 1 or I on u:11l1n'on I 1 S111 1 xngvr 3 r X nlrd: mrlsn CARL IOHNSON Romeo 1 1 111.11 Hu 1 te11n1 Annual tafl :sx Nl wllv r o W :ld Cnngvr 4 1' 3 4 Student Bod: Pre :dent 4 finer Stall HAROLD SWENSEN Swens u 1 11.11 Hoxn por: Ha kuha vu P Q 1 1:1 1131: lk 00:1 4 wrlnl 'x11:1u2l :2 Vw-1-if Aram, ALICE WICHT Sallue 1111 1 1: 11 1 na :ng l:l1rar1 0 ev 2 fun 1lr:1: I11un::l :r flul Senrvtarx ANNIE WALLE Anme 1.11 .1 1 .1111 l-lulvlwx nadlm, 1IalI No 11 a v lele GEORGE MCTURNAL Mac rslfvznp o lx 1 1: lnrerrl g Harl la 1 loo PETER SKANSIE Pere 1 I 11.1 Hohlw: por: :nr all H e a 1: P 9 :da-n: I ox u na unr 4 Annual tn NICK COSTELLO Neckne 11 1 ,1 111 o bs drau:n,, -'xnxma gurl frwr an -I I7 la1n1:: n lia rlall :n.1:1ager a 1ll SARAH EDWARDS Eddae 11 Hulk: lx: 1:15 :wr Stall -I zn:1: 1 ln! RICHARD EUQUA Duck 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 d o bs J 1: ng C 11 Club Pre 1 rn: Nl: :Irma an NI1m1:l:gI1: 4 lmorball 4 PAUL RIDLEY RID 1 .11 Ho 1 4 :11x:l:1lL:gT52::': u :er :a :ld Gmger X!! Lx HELEN QUISTORFF H .1 1 .111 Ho hs mm ::1:11g a 1 or : e oon r io -I X 1 xlngvr 4 Curl u Pre 1dvn: 4 G rl Re Prw Pre 1 11: 4 re an :I Cla KAY NORRIS K O uf .11 11 1 .1 141114 ul! 1x Hobbs dan :ng f1n mu1: :::1 The S :enust 1 olls Dm lam 1: :er Staff 5 1 e Pres: en f lu MARVIN NATUCCI Tmy .111 1: 11 1 L111l11 H11 1 or: lla Pres: en: Rea 1 tor :lw Moon 11111113 r o W :ld Gmgmr 4 loot 1 BRADY MUEHLEN B Il I1 1 1 1 111.111 Hu lu drnmg De lan11::o:1 ur 4 A ::v1:: lu: ev J AAI fzguxif ..., 11 cy .fbi Ji! Q4-Q. ,It an A 1 vt 1 1,1 1 1 1 an t 1 1 S11 t 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 arx u 1 wr 1x w 1 tt 1 tn 1 1 1 ur 1 1111 1 LU!! 011 N SEPTEMBER QET flfty srx l'11ppy tut sllgbtly bewlldered members of the Class of V336 started one of tne most lrvoertant games ef cetr lnes Under the superxlslon of our coach Mrs Moran our team was soon orgunlzed 1nd re1dy to twekle my obstruetton nn the pathway o Craddatlon Dur ng the f st dtnrter tl'1e e1rne we spent most Cf tne trme on the sdbstutote bench l-lowexer sorne of our more tilented rnerntuers were on the frelcl for 1 few rnunutes of Hetuye plawnsg The second quarter wws more exentfol ln Mm we que 1 plcnle at Horseshoe Lake ln onor of the gmduatlng eliss S rne of our vlrs serycd st the untor Sensor banquet rdrnber of our boys took part 1 tne lnterscnelast e wtlwlet cs Thus Quarter has been a nappy one although we suffered 1 great loss wnth the death of one of our beloved players Frances Plele The team wall remember ner as a cheerful player who was wllllng to Carry her stvre of the burden ln March we gaxe our etntor Play The Ros of EI Monte under the dlrectlon of Mlss Russell The end of the tnlrd quarter lSKlI'3VVlf1g ne1r A few of our players l'1aye been elnrnnnated lot the malorlty of us are strll strwfglma fg reach fhqt not far dlstant goal of Craduatton Presldent Fred Qutstorff Vlce Presldent Helen Erlckson Secretary Allee Petersen Treasurer Amy Bergen Reporter Dons Scott ll I rl of W s 9 e. 3 ? t il 1: il W X Y f J N ' S - a Nl 1 T X gel ll fly x . nl , . 1 l .X 'll b 5' f- nu -lw Xl1fiu11:1t-ll, C'-trh St-l-ntl. Alt-lm Szzntltl. l.11:rr1.w C.-'pw l?.tlu1'.i Klttlrt-ll. slut- floods. l'r4'J Qnvstnrd Rn fnelw 1, Ralf--r: Tl.11rsm11, fxliwrvx Nnrtlzl-1, -Xrrlrtlr Nltw XX1lur1 fmsl-.Q Ill-rlwvt Kmplzr .Mt-wJ rl-11 Nlur: Nltlif-:11w -Xnrlt-1:1 X11eiv:s1r:1, livru Xl--:rx N111 Szrxtzlr. X:r,gv1.1 Nlams 01.11-s Hutt ,-X1111 liner-11. Paul Xlllt-r. llltdut-1: lkstl. Xl. Inu ltltw, Xl s Xlt vu. klnlxr 'Xl wma. l,1iu1r.l Tlrvs ll xx rw r, :1 Altrst-pl1111r I. ren '. lttlzrrzvu- ,-Xl11er.1.l, 'kia P4-tvrs 1. linrvs Sturt, Xlxmrtt- llx.111, lwlltlr K-nlw. IX rs K.-t1l1.m1 llt-vnuv Strtt. ld s l'-1:11, Nl Inv Nlt"t.1:wl., Hel--11 l'.Ls.w11 C l e 1 1 1 ' 4 ," 1 1 . , Q l tl' e T ef ' ' 1 ' ' ,r f 1 . lw . A . . o 1 5 l 1 'H e I - A , ' K l'1 3 T T ' e l 1 ,A 4,5 4 ' . un upk w rr t r :rx tml frlwrt t u rl l tw nurssn ml tw t um 4 ll ul 1 1 up rpm H r ln m X 1 nur 1 tt Nts rl 'll 0,26 001 at 21 HE ophornore class proadcastln ther earns 4 uwr er ox Q second as almost ended and we re rarun to eo tor the thnrd ruarter Be prepared to sec these narnes as All Amerrcans ln the tuture Paul Nfluehlen Ames Hople ns E wart Trornblex Ernest Wrght Our class also possesses some real future Dr x and Dattx Deans Thex are Edson Bahr leur star' C-ene Forsxthe Herbert Cook Tom Reed and Allan Vxfatson We als ha 4 scrne tune glrl athletes wrth Betty Peterson captarn of the Baseball Team In March we entertalned the Student Bodv by Quwne thern a glrrnpse of Hollxwoofl We also eaxe the Hollxwood Rewem at the Checkerboard The annual Senlor Sophomore olcnlc was held at Horseshoe Lake rn Vax The tvxc classes aecompanled by thelr class advusors and our prlnclpal Nfltss Oksness spent an enlos able exennng dancing and plavune games after 1 lellehttul plcnlc supper We hate also to express our sorrow rn losrran one ot Our rnernbers lnhn Olutson who passed away In Aprll We have spent an enyoyable and truuttul wear under the cea hrng of Mlss Stead and our class otfleers Presldent Tom Raed Vvee Presrdent Patsy Wlnrwex Secretary Batty Peterson Treasurer Pegqs Plke Reporter Paul Muehlen l ' ' n rl vs If "ns lrnvst XX :elm -Xl. :z Viv. sm 1.171 Nlullrr. l'1L.l Xlm-l .r 'z l fs:-:f Hal ' l :wird 'I rt mth '. Xl. .rt rl N. fl' fn li. C 'nr lurvtlm, ffm--r Slm'::1.4lu' T' rn Rm-tis Suu-.1:1 Xxvlzxtn Y -5 r xl HQ-ll-rx Nvv Ht-Hx P- f n . 'lm ' Ylnuhs xx, firltx M13 t lrl, ltflvn 'I' rr -r, lm l'L:lwvL, lt-umm Vfxlrnn. tin. K D' 1 . lin- it ffarrwll. 'Nfl' v Svlrx 'l PI-'ln-rx Pm-tvrsun. X ",g:n:n ',ulH'x:- Klzss S'--:ti lr 3' r ' .1 fn-ufpnzr. fsltf uma -Il. Kailxnrvnv -Xruul. ll'-rnxtv Pu-.lersvu lmvrm Xlzlll-rs Ihvrlvtht Karr . Pats. Wlmvu'-, l'-11.5 l lc- fm Pvtvrs 1:1 X1.r,1Ar' ,' r ,xl-1 K. larxn Tlltslun HIS lS T S . w -L ' Th- tlrst Q1 L t ls er, th' L - - - , ll , 1 , gi . 1 . wx g X, tmm urx ml mum It xx um t ldmu lc lc a rr a 1 tn r tx wt mx l Htnrx url Cnr an nn tu t lr v u t t lrvm lrl nu rn nrt 1 t yn rn r x 1 r r ul trr Nt er Q?-12.16171 211 HAT S Tl-llS9 A rest pertod9 We have played the game wtth well dtrected effort and we deserve one Whether we have won the game or not can t be determtned at a tlme when tt ts but a fourth of the way over but l belteve that we are vtctors thus far Stnce these rest pertods come so tnfreouently we should take tame to Observe whxt we have accompltshed and set tt down tn the Class l-ltstorv The Ltly of the Valley ts our emblem flower and green and whtte the colors whtch represent us Under these rcpresentattons we have produced many stars on the sports ftelds tn debate and especlallx on the honor roll where the names of 1 dozen studtoug Freshmen can be seen At the Sentor Checkerboard we had a good tzed square where we held a successful sale of all sorts of strange shaped stuffed antmals The ftrst and second pertod Engltsh classcs hive cstabltshed respecttve clubs namely The All Amerucan Engltsh Club and The Llterary Club The two clubs competed tn debate and the All Amertcans proved supertor tn thls Also there was a spelltng contest between the clubs lt cannot be doubted that many bcneftts were gatned through the frnendly com petttton that these clubs afforded Extendtng our slncere comrnendatton to Mtss Russell our coach for thc. Interest she has shown tn our endeavors we vxtll leave off our htstorv untl the end of the second Quarter of thas game of educatton Prestdent lack lacobsen VICE PVSSIUCVIT Elgte larjgbggn SGCVQTSVY leinette Uddenberg Treasurer May Petersen REDOVTGV Cordon Secor ll Xl C X 0 .5 .N WJ LX J x yt, X l Inf' vnu Ra t cl Kult. A " H' uv . . l5r. I tus jolrnson. U. ul ll- ng. ,lnlm flltrlsu-usvn, Stl est.-1 1 . mls. Nxt Ala muh, Sr.: rl Kr tlmll, -l tk ,laiolwst-n. ,la-ll Stl -r, ffnrl I5 .alum Kurt-tlt K4 iles. D1 .ltl Gil All. ' St- - sen X...rrlJ r la Clurdnn bmnr. X dt Hr slvx. Ra 'mul .-Xr:'tsrrnmy,:, N1 rrlt- lf. lmn. l'lsw -latclvwn, R ll Sclmrprggv. llxa S.-ltmt-l. Xlax Pvrurs.-n, Duns Pmrwn. Nltrtlv lwnltolt. lim-nm .-Xlwsuti, liulrltx Nlvrrx, Alt Stu-rxwtt. Rl ss Russell If 'II 'rx rttn Nl. '5 dgrs. Ylmnrwttv Lltltl' hurni. lxlltll WK .nt Nl. W' clt, .-X' vs A vs Hrlvn Nlzx r.l Clam SJ v. -X .l .1 lfnuult, lillnvu lirfg, hlnrmn llalrllw-ru. ll. wt 'Yr-xv. l'n-ggx . l ll , C . T 1 L , rtmt nt ara ar: mtmrm n ta lr ar Slraf tw 1 a n n a xv vw 1 1 w r a um 1 muy, a andherp. l lrr r lvrm Form! at 1 1: r r at ur: w u Q mn x lr 1 r annul lrt Hue 1 Zyhth grade HIRTY TWO PUPILS assembled In vl ss Dunn 5 room September 3 l93-l to take our places on the sldelunes but we hope to be rn the tlrst quarter ot the game next wear At tlrst naturallw we were qurte lost around school but vwlth a few helpful hlnts from the upper classmen we soon caught on to the regular routlne of the school Our Speedball team under the guldance ot Alfred Teuscher Captaln was unoeteated and we made credlble showung ID baseball wuth Blllw Lvsell as captaun The gurls wlth Dorothy Wagner captaln the tlrst semester and Bettw Wehrham captaln second semester helped uphold the laurcls ot the class We also excelled an other forms ot athlf-tlcs as rs shown bw our twang wrth Ltncoln tn the Trackmeet A hletucs are not all we hawe done well ln We we shown our ablltw n he academlc lane bv takung fnrst second and thlrd an spellung at the Trackmect Cecella Under wood Florence Layton and Beatruce Danuelscn be ng the champ on spellers Our dramatlc abnlntw was shown wwher we entertazned the student bodw ID lxlar h and it the Christmas program We wlsh to thank Mass Oksness our clwss adwrsor tor her kindly ettorts ln helpmg ug make 1 success ot our manw endeawors and also we wsh to thank our teachers, who hawe worked wuth us rn our academuc course Presldent Alfred Teuscher Vice President Roy Edwards Secretarv Lenabclle Seabrand Treasurer Row Shadbolt Qeporter oe Carroll x ff I D J I . I I LA' Y I l 1 f ltr r rt Arlw Nl. -. C,l ants- C' sv, Hrllw last-ll. Cl rlvs liar js, Rm , It-olr, R is-rx H E: , Rt lwlu rds. lfaxrtu-Id P. kr ant Ilmd Hum, Rndtlpl Spdunz. la Ye-rnr I, wrt- X,.t-md vnu MW Oksm-N.. Dv rl X S. r. -or C. ull. -Xl! 4-tl 'llrtzstlrl-r, lit-uw XY:-. lam, l xln 'N' 'rr-r, Aer -s lull-, Sr-lr Gln.-r. Tlx-nge I-nqury llxll NLT tal. l'lm.l la-umml li.x,'.trn r.-tt ll-wrvntr lntnv: ll.-xr-rlv XY':ll:wlr. lmsala-ll Sval'rnnd. ,-Xlztr Nlxuplxx. N. t llnrwu, Sh lr-w Hovimult-r, lift: :tr I3 -mn. lwlwn H ws. 1-wt-lm l'ndn-rwwtmwf. ' .il ll.E,r I f f 1 . , 1 C . T f , ' I w l' C X , w f , K pr Lacy PROPHPC f C ,f 1tW'l! L"Cf.yl1f1VlU -gfumm of f934 ,. , x Cmmflnuvd AW? xfng. x.. f , , , -,WX-XkY,. . A. -1,-:,,ywfg V , . .,-...- :A ,j ,..,. Seniors Snnnors umors SLUIOYS Su-uors Sensors onoz po!! umors Fushmgn Sophomorns Sophomouu. Frnshmkn LIHIOYS Sophomorcs UTNOYS Sophomoros lumors Sophomorcs FrCSHmLn Frgshmcn Frcshm n N I . . X I H . I , oczety JUNIOR SENIOR PROM SENIOR CI-IECKERBOARD SENIOR EUN EEST MIXERS SENIOR DANCE QQ. K :APRS a qi l 'N 1 v lr' V 5-J ff 7oot6af ECAUSE of the graduatlon of several of our star players almost all of our team had to be replaced by :nexpenenced men The team started slowly b t flnlshed w ll and a sold foundatlon for a good team next year was made Our coach lst Lueutenant W A Laura was called away on offrclal duty before our flrst league game and he was replaced by W O Showalter who acted as coach for the remarn der of the season Our flrst game was played October 5 wlth Frfe on the home grounds The first a breathtaklng scene of lane plunges runs Neither team scored ln he Clg Harbor 5 rnexpenence was shown won the game by the score of l9 to ha an ast an O was en ha r e Our next game was October l2 wlth Roy Thus game was played against a better tranned god much heavler team Ong Harbor made Roy flght for every lnch of ground but could hardly be expected to hold them The game ended wrth a score of 33 to O In Roy s favor October l9 Ong Harbor met Kapowsln on Kapowslng fleld Gag l-larbor was a much better team than It had been and the game ended l3 to O an favor of Kapowsln October 24 Gag Harbor went to Vaughn T e game whrch as the bug game of he season promused to be good The game was played on a muddy fleld and many fumbles were made by both sudes Cug Harbor showed supenorlty rn the flrst half and the half ended 6 to O ln favor of Gag Harbor ln the second half Vaughn opened up an aenal attack and put over two touchdowns and the game ended l-l to 6 rn favor of Vaughn Our most successful game was played No member 2 wlth Ortlng at Ortlng The reams were evenly matched ln both welght and e perlence ln the flrst half Gag Harbor had the advantage The Second half proved to be lust the opposlte and the game ended In a 6 to 6 tue Although we ded not do so well thus year we gained In experlence and expect a better team next year :he EDWARD THElS Rlght Halfback Klcker pass er and end runner HAROLD SWENSEN Quarterback Bralns and llne plunger OHN LYSELL Fullback End runner llne plunger blocker IOHN MURPHY End Defenslye rnan ALBERT NORTHEY Guard Three year lunemarw and dependable guard EDWARD TROMBLEY Center Keeps cool at all tlmes and IQ an excellent center FRED QUISTORFF Tackle Opens holes ln op ponent s llne BOBBY THURSTON Fullback Klcker passer end runner PAUL ALVESTAD End Rellable tackler and blocker and fron man of team MARVIN NATUCCI Tackle Crltty tackle good blocker ROY SPADONI Guard Stops a hole ln any me ERNEST MATSON Rlght Halfback Played we ln backtleld posltlon Substltutes this year are Erancls lohnson Sylvester Edwards Paul Muehlen Raymond Armstrong james Hopklns George McTurnal Wlllle Arneson Bull Muehlen and Duck Fuqua Managers are Stewart Whlte Cordon Secor and Herbert Cook if at'- iv 1341- 4. ?'l 'frfff' - ly,,4,l" Kaya' faiedaf HE BASEBALL SQUAD thus year proved to be better than was expected Under the trarnlng of Coach Wulllarn W Thomas the players showed abuluty even though they were lnexperlenced The tlrst game of the season brought to gether the ancient rlvals Vaughn and Clg Harbor The game was well played from the begunnlng and terrlfuc huts were made by both sndes Clg Harbor showed excellent abrlrty Vaughn was held to only a few hats by our star putchers john Lysell and Peter 5l4anSIS The fnnal score was lO to 8 nn Clg Harbors favor The second game was played with Eatonvulle at Crlg Harbor Thus game was a putcher s duel from begunnung to end Both teams showed splrlt and abuluty but Gag Harbor lost the game 8 to 6 The next game was played wuth Port Orchard Thus game was very thrlllrng Gag Harbor scored lO runs In the second lnnrng Port Orchard dud tts best all through the game but could not stop Ong Harbor and the game ended wath a score of l2 to 8 nn favor of Crg Harbor Wrth thus victory under thelr bonnets the team gourneyed over the water to meet the strong Kapowsun nrne They started the day an superb fashron by holdrng a lead of three to O over therr aggressnve opponents But the shut out ball pntched by Cy Creenlaw took our men off guard and from that tlme on checked the local nlne About thus tame we wonder what Thels dad to cause all the excrtement7 When all the shoutlng was over Harbor was on h los ng end of the l l to 3 score Then ln a practrce game Gag Harbor met Poulsbo lt was a valrant struggle to the end game Poulsbo was vrctorlous At the present tame the team has two more games to play One wlth Flfe and the other w th Roy The llne up thas year consisted of the follow mg players Catchers Edward Thers Herbert Cook putchers lohn Lysell Peter Skansre Ed son Bahr farst base Arthur Petersen second base Allan Watson thnrd base Edson Bahr shortstop Carl Drake center fmeld john Mur phy rlght fleld Paul Alvestad and left fueld Albert Northey , e Although Gag Harbor trted every truck in the nl: Inaba! PRIL 26 a very excutung game was played at Cuug Harbor between Vaughn Hugh School gurls and the Cug Harbor gurls The lune up for Cug Harbor was as follows Mary Makovuch catcher Muldred Crosby putch Dorus Sehmel fulled the posutuon of urst baseman very effucuently Opal Berg played second base and Munnue Modun covered thurd base Elva Sehmel and Vurgunua Zulyevuc were the shortstops Elva rnussed three hard hut balls un successuon but on the next play a Vaughn player fauled to touch thurd base and Elva had enough presence of mund to touch thurd for the funal out thereby preventung Vaughn from scorurug the tyung run The outfuelderg were Mary Lovrovuch Mae Petersen and Ruth Schar pe ge The funal score as lO to 9 un g Harbor s favor The furst of the unter class games was be tween the eughth grade and the freshmen The teams were very evenly matched and three games were necessary to decude the yuctors The eughth graders won after a hotly contested The rest of the serues has not yet been com pleted although the Senuor lunuor game has been started The latter game has proven to be very humorous One funny sutuatuon o curred whule the Iunuors were battung Muldrecu Crosby was putchung and Dons Sehmel was playung furst base for the Senuors The lunuor s batter ht a ha d bouncer to Muldred who thought ut was too hard to handle so she booted a perfect spural to Dorus who made a faur catch to reture the unuor runner For three years the gurls of the Class of 1933 have been school baseball champuons and the underclassmen are tryung hard to make tnem surrender the crown before they graduate Often the luttle eughth graders are forgotten by theur upperclassmen but thus year theur achuevements have been so noteworthy that we connot forget them Last fall the eughth grade gurls were undefeated un the League Baseball play They won games from Rosedale Luncoln and Crescent Valley I y I cr. f g . vv Cu thurd game, u r 'A l' I .. .. I . I l"',J ,,.f- Z zluurzy y a VERY YEAR an uncreasung unterest us beung 1 en un the tueld ot gurls athlet Cs I year a new feature was added the Play Day The purpose of the Play Day us to create a bet ter unter s holastuc understandung and to elum unate the udea that often exusts that there s glory only un wunnung Delegates from Cug Harbor attended seyeral of these play days and reported them to be most successful un theur obuect October l5th a bus load ot gurls chaperoned by Muss Dunn attended a Play Day at Vaughn Volleyball tennus deck tennus pung pong and horseshoes were played Cuug Harbor came home wuth a fee-lung ot Comradeshup for Vaughn gurls and the sense of havung had a yery good tume On Noyember 3rd sux gurls accompanued by Muss Stead attended the Fufe Fun Day Thos attendung from Harbor were lvluldred Crosby Mary Makovuch Dorus Sehmel Peggy Puke Warren and Patsy Wunney Between one hund red and two hundred gurls and leaders partucu pated un the Froluc At noon a delughtful lunch con was seryed and later a program was pre sented by Fute un the new audutoruum TENNIS Aprul 26th a group ot Vaughn tennus players unyaded Cuug Harbor courts Peggy Puke repre sented Cug l-larbor un sungles and Patsy Wunney and Maryun Natuccu un the muxed doubles Both were vuctorues for Vaughn The only Cug Har bor yuctory of the day was un the gurls doubles where Vurgunua Flemung and Margaret Crandall reugned supreme james l'lODlsuns and Tony Anderson represented us un boys' doubles, and dud commendable playung although they were not vuctoruous. VOLLEYBALL Early un September a number of enthusuastic players gathered on the volleyball courts to begun the class games whuch would determune the school champuonshup, The present Senuors had been champuons sunce they had entered school un l93l and the underclassmen were anxuous to dethrone them, The Freshmen lost to the Sophomores and the Senuors defeated the lunuors un the turst round ot play, The Sopho- mores lost two out of the three games necessary to determune the champuonshup and the Class of '35 contunued to hold the crown, 3 perfect record for four years. :me ut UR CAME has progressed unto the closlng mlnutes of the fourth and flnal quarter The slde has been badly brulsed and battered but we have pushed steadlly onward untul the goal llne IS tn slght and a touchdown seems as sured Our Captaln calls for tume out so that we may refresh ourselves for that fnnal touch down drrve that will culmlnate In victory The crlmson touches of an early sunrlse streaked across the sky as twenty sleepy eyed Sensors chaperoned by lvllss Dunn met at Purdy Brldge on Aprll l2 headed for the great open spaces Wlth much haste we started out wlth an eagerness that was contaglous Lllllwaup was soon reached and to sharpen our appetltes a clrmb to the falls was accomp lashed Here among the beauties and wonders of nature an early breakfast was consumed For amusement plctures were taken and base ball was played the ball havlng to be rescued many tumes from a watery grave Departlng agaun we sped merrlly along and about noon Port Angeles was reached A few munutes were taken to look the town over Lake Crescent was soon reached t s st uated amld the foothrlls of the beautlful rugged Olymplcs The scenlc drlve around the lake was very pncturesque and awe lnspnrlng lt was tlme to eat agaun and the welcome call to dunner was soon heard l-lavlng partaken of a sump taklng plctures runnung races and playlng base ball Tlrlng of thus we declded to vlslt Agate Beach and here we busted ourselves huntlng agates The boomlng surf echoed around us as the breakers of the Ocean came rolllng ln Twlllght was approachnng when we wended our way towards Port Angeles The movle house was vlsuted and an enloyable plcture was seen The trap homeward was very peaceful and uneventful However Speedball almost ran cut of gas and a great many servlce statlons had to be vlslted before the Dreclous fluld was ob tanned-due to Marne s courage to face danger gust for some gas We arruved at Purdy about twenty four hours from the trme we started and dlspersed golng to our respectuve homes We can truthfully say that this tnme out was one of the greatest events of our Iuves and we feel that on no occaslon has any other class enjoyed ltself so tremendously zlwn t vt ' 0' Q I I I - tuous bull of fare we lazlly wandered about Q13 61 6 CIXLS LUB c 5 u L J VNI CLF? rg, mn? L pus Secmfary VL WSUVLT xnpr rfCr LI r Quwffr Prmx AML W EW Mred U05 vx Om! Bug 1 k Y N XNL N1 If 77L wg C11 mmm Thmf M vwhc as xuir W N x V fs uv I wx x xx po1k1 cot curtvns WUC Lmrchismd suit fussorms mimic Tim form s xux Cheerful slam mp cf The gms mack 1 Hcnwcr gwwrniuw L multu colored Tuiupg AtTH1nkSgmmQ me gurls Nlcd bwskcrs for the rmcdy and M155 'Vlaw ana Turnu dwstmbutnd them fm Us At Chrmmas we ugwm dwstr bured cheerful bas kms and 1120 with the am of thg boys we put up 1 Pvwstmws HCL H the frfmr C 1 c sc oo wd Dratui W cc lights The r Cub VNC Chwrge Cf mg Chrwstmis gwfts vnrmch wcrc Cxchwngec' rw the C met OVVC 3 mqnth mf i C FNSCLASS 1 Cm busvwesg we Umm N hyd 1m mtgregtm faik hx, persons M10 had trmoled 1: Wcrcnt parm mf the vwodd Some of these wow gwcrw f U J v L om Hu two DEER our ani down to Cvis 11 wrwfm mi Bcrrw cc Pcctcrscn on mr tru ff Ms 1 L 1 en Oxec Thesc H ks xcw mm K m rwcr we cu at we 1 s nt wcc s u h v Yu x r ...I Where are the Two MDS? Il V XII I C , HE V ' C W 'W 'ESQ Pm teen .11 fc prjgwssww ami th tho am of Huy prL'swd1mg "ff: ' , ' P '14 ' Hcivw 3 YH Vwc- fmwr - - Km Nl, , T " N1 11 'M 2 p. X Y FK N , A 5- :rm mn .1dv5.,nr N' s Mcgmr, 'H rm -4. cm , ' C41 L gr . , gs, ' Thc mmm! qw w h wg made last A D 11 mm me m my won gu K ' rm w M fem ! Nc R- 1 L 1 1 A 1 w hesc ak 1 x K u u J C 1 x K Q SO 5 Q X . H W .rw Th' Wont of The schooi ami pmntod daffcmu gm: ri.-1.Qf-cp.1,Xf.+ if-,-x,.f.,m K..-, x.ff1. x ...- za.-N..a.-M 1 X . ' ' 1 ' ' .Mme XX .x:E::, Sv.:vz.u. " f V I N W xlvzy.-,a 1 W-X 'I'-.fur-I A L C C W x ff P1 PW 3 1 dom 1 xt 'MH l ctrmc Cx ig' K 1 4 x I " 1 ' ' 1 K , A XV , L . .1 1. at V 1 ,rg ,f ' g .IV Q K 1 E1 , . A . , , A 1 f , K. X C . f V by Mrs Bwxi on H' tr U TP EL. Opt, 'vhs Pwkw ' 1 'R 1 q f Q b. 1 C1 X,a N- H p Jfkkl WXLIN 1 i 'LZ ' hh In th, A . 'V H' TH PM .Q DC a . 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L , ,L I ': V k"' 1 g"zfiQe1e'zve1 STLJNTS BETWEEN I-IALVES 01101 'gufdid L SCHOLARSHIP ORCHESTRA I S ' '.,, 1 A G 4 ar v a 1 zrczr r pehrte EBATE was an rnterestmg and tmoortant actmrty ln Gag Harbor Hugh School thls year as the questron for debate lnyolxed atfarrs drrectly assocrated wrth school lfe The questron for debate thus year was Resolved That the Federal eoxernment should adopt the polrcy of equallzlng educatronal ooportunutues throughout The natton by means of annual grants to the several states for publtc elementary and secondary educatron Those who were on the affrrmatlye were Margaret Crandall and Ernest Matson The negatrye team con slsted of Dons Sehmel and Carl johnson The debaters were dfsappoanted thls y ar when they were Informed that the teams would consrst of only two men each Thls meant two debaters of the club would not be able to debate rn the league Praclnce debates were held wxth Staduurn and Port Orchard Hugh Schools The debate season opened wrth a flurry on De cember The negatne team rn therr league debates defeated Lnncoln and Port Orchard The affnrmatlve won Over Stadlum and Kaoowsln After the results of the league were Dublushed Ftfe and Org Harbor had tted for thc champlonshro The two coaches met and tossed a corn to decrde whuch slde cf thc questron each school would debate on Org Harbor receryrng the affrrmatlve srde of the questlon On February the L6th the affrrmatuye journeyed to Frfe and won a smashing vuctory neak ng Crlg Harbor H gh thc CHAMPIONS ofthe PUGET SOUND B LEAGUE Also th s year wc sent members to the debate Tournament held at the College of Puget Sound Those rcoresentrng Cuz Harbor at thts tournament were Dons Sehrnel Carl johnson Margaret Crandall Ernest Matson Patty 'Vlller Bobby Merry Vlrgunna Elemrng leanette Ldocnberg Althruqh the teams Duf forth a yalrant effort they drd not get very far rn the Tournament but they must be gmcn a good oeal of credtt for partlcrpatrng especually the good splrlt of debatnng shown by the Freshman team On to xlctorx Stonocrl by a cop? 'rw- JY L, rl '24 "' 'fit is ' 1 c l f X I C I C 1 V r , . . , 2 , Ji .. ' 1 . .1545 W f V ,,-a-nts , , , . Q C . . . , Q , ig I . is , A . f T vrl Ylolzrsan 7 IJ. rs S.-lt..-i ' lrvos: Nlmson M. V. .- c,m.l..:: ' c . 1 ' r , L a 4 . . T L ' c . 1 , ti ' ' 4 W " H U , s J W r 1 'Q , V A . x .. 4 Q l c . . , , I ,ll N . I. .. L 1 5 , , A 1 X T . 1 I, v . L! . . -4: I . i ,H I -I X ,ff l ' Q - il r,..Ml xl AJ I i 1 , , K y lfazloz M-611 'z HE ORCANIZINC of the school paper stuff lnto a class has afforded thc opportunrty of makrng a bugger and better school paper Under the able supcryrsron of Mlss Stead our ournallsrn Instructor the Harbor H Crrer reached 1 total of one hundred and slxty sub scruptrons New features were added among whlch were Adyertrsrng Communuty News Romeos Rornancln and jos So Sadle For thc flrst semester Kay Norrlg was chosen as Edrtor Carl johnson as Assrstant Edrtor and Margaret Crandall as Busrness Manager and Treasurer The Staff was appornted by thc Edrtor and Assrstant Edrtor Abrllty to cooperate and wrllrngness to work by all thc member of the staff made the paper 1 brg success Durtng the frrst semester the paper was Dubllshed twlce a month on the mrmeograph For the second semester Carl johnson was elected Edrtor Dons Sehmel Asslstant Edrtor and Margaret Crandall retarned the posrtuon of Busrness Manager and Treasurer The staff was changed so as to glye the Mt Na dr of news wrrttng Durrng the second semester the paper was publrshed 1 Drtto Machlne that was grven to the school by the Class of 3-l Thls change made the paper much more attractrye because rt afforded an opportunlty for orrgrnallty and colorrng Durrng the second semester the paper was changed from a bl monthly publrcatron to a monthly publrcatlon Thus rs the frrst year we have had ads rn our school paper and by dorng so we haye pard all of our expenses STAFF Ads Art Moe Art Petersen Paul Rldley Artlsts Betty Merry Tony Anderson Commun rty News Mary Makoyrch Nrck Costello jokes Opal Berg Kay Norrrs Cossrp Helen Qurstorff Margaret Crandall Sports Dorls Sehmel Peter Skansre Exchange Sarah Edwards Vrrgrnn Flemrng School News Ruth Kendall Margaret Crandall C-eneral Vrgnla Elemrng Sarah Edwards Crrculatron Opal Berg Mrldred Crosby Dltto Bull Mu hlen Mlm ogrwph o Cherry ust So Sadre Carl johnson Mtldred Crosby Romeos Romancrn 'Vlargaret Crandall H EXTRA EXTRA On Tnme I I Q O . l . l s c, V F ' gk E, . , Q Q t E U Y Carl vlolxrlsnu - t . 'Tlx students an opportuntty to practrce the dtfferent types WI cd UWM DMN 5'j"'j"' . c on Q ' l ' V l I V 3 3 . 3 1 2 , e S . , j 2 H 3 j 1 , Q 1 k t Q r rs 5' v r 1411-.QA aol LU NCI-IEON FOR SIX OSBORINE Dons Sehnnl 1t her d u11ht1r L 1 1 her 111 ustu 1r1 wiper IU Mr Barton Ld storft1 CIW I5 su t1s 1 drns 1 11r1gr1Ix n wers the doorb Il 1 d 1n1person1tes 1 1111111 he un I WH t whom she thought to be 1nothU s11esm1n IS Mr Bwtrn rder to Q11 out of he 1 1 1 Ben EHCIQSCHI I S L Osborne QITLIg,ITI'CV 1ncI to I t L N r Osborne ,ack Cottm h1s TVTIXCKI VIOIWWC w1th Northex Lo1s must now prepwe Iuncheon for f11L 1 141 eI1tIVI1r1 W1lc1 rv ML 1nw II L mother gu1st George Stevmrt Alpert vor Geergn 1m N IFN rmg 1 C1 1ch other IW thur own nanu s s 1I ed 1nd B1rtJn Iwho h11sIo1u1 I.o1s secre ButIer n the Osbcrng household 'HIWFIOLIUCCS Luncheon tor Sx MISTLTETOE AND MOON LIGI-IT Dors R1ncI 'X 1ru11 C Lr1n NIISS XV1nters oe Ned Strong v-vQi VV1de Rmdall IC Ch1rI1e Co 1n Cor1st1IJIe Mart ns J.. VST I e parm 1t her home for r schooI SrhooI I5 r1uar1nt1ned Dons har churn Cenn and her Er1qI1sh te1cher Mus -f r two 1e1rs who1snow 1Ct1ng 1s L P1 11, VIII er Ame Petersw Ix'l1r1 M1ko11ch Ernest Matson on Thurston ohn Srn1rC1ch W1Iter Crosby D1cI4 Fuqua Agnes churn IVIGTCIEJ W1nterS I I were the onIw ones who were HIJIS to get Durmfg the past few davs sevLr1I hous away es had ll YI RS. ' 1 1 11 11n 1 a, . 11s'C1t111AI11I'111 11 g , 1Fr1 QLII tor I1 ner Lo l rires 11 III an oIrI 1 I11oneI rs .nd Cao 1 a s 1 1 1 , e 1n 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 son e11rr tI111 the c11IIer 11 w I1 L w In o x1 t XIV cI1ft CL it es Lo s and Mrs Oshorw dec I1 t 1 1 fx II-I I - ac a th1 1 j' 1 e o1s 11Ct as the 1-WI H I I 1' ' 1 1 1 1 As e 111s 11111 I 'I. 11tthQ "Cat IS out of the bag" because than arf- old tnenris ant .II e1 1 V 1 1s LC1 11 c1I 1 1 1 r 1 tI1Io , 11 1 . 1 th' 1 'I I 1 'K 1 H 11 11 1 ---- 1t, I X qc 1 K 11 ,Y,Y 1 1 1 I Q 1 , Y-vAY- , ' . 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A- " if I , ' Fl. playa Vlrgnnua Tillman lake Tallrnar Vvozy Walker Mtz Walker lvlsrwood L kcy Ceoffrey Freeman Mtss Rachel Lcc Mtss Stanley 'Vlr Petersen Bonrta Lakey Sanford Lakew WILD GINGER After 1 month of hard and busy practlce the Sertlor Class a realrty on May l-1 The play was a success tn eyery sense of audtence was treated to a play whtch wlll ltye long ln tts memory Tallman called Wlld Ctnger lryes wlth her mlserly father ake shack In Squattertoyxn f-ler mother left her when she was a tlny of stnce Crnger becomes acduatntecl wtth Marwood Lakev who rs a lazy spotled rrch man s son She also learns to know Geoffrey Freeman Vlrgrnlas father doesnt lrke Geoffrey D9 cuse he thanks hlg wrfe ran away wtth C-eof frey s father Wuzy s an tgnorant squatter who adds many an amdsrng tnctdertt as the story Vtrgtnta Flemlng Ctr lohnson Erncst Matson Mine Nelson Plul Rnd ey lvlzryln Natocct l-lelen Qulstorff Dorls Sehmel Arthur Petersen 'Vlary lvlakoxlch john Morphy Play Wtld Ctnger became the word and an enthustasttc Brlefly the story IS Vlrgtnn Tallman tn an o d dtlapltated baby and has not been heard G ,3 progresses A mystertous Mass Rachel Lee who comforts Vtretnla turns out to be Vtrgtntas mother Other characters who add ltfe to the Nfl plot are Mtss Stanley Mr Petersen er Sanford Lakey and Bontta Lakey z Walk ll pg . 1 Vf., , I t ..,,. , L l , L ..,., , , ' ' 7 ' ' ' 4 1 a H - A - a - A L I L -ff-f L t .,.s, 1 . 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Suggestions in the Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) collection:

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 35

1935, pg 35

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 30

1935, pg 30

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 61

1935, pg 61

Gig Harbor High School - Growler Yearbook (Gig Harbor, WA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 35

1935, pg 35

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