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I9 I J THE GISEMO STAFF GIDEON HIGH SCHOOL GIDEQN Mlssounl 4 ublis ned bl Of 2,6 , Yb 'Z J s nf: 1 Lf? Qi 45? ff -2 ,UQ a 1' I. ix 'bf 1,11 x. H Mkt .1-.1 nEnlcA'rloN 'Q Q ISN 1949- ,,..-671 To one whose mtegmty serves as an example for us whose teachnmg slfts the graln from the chaff whose presence IS a StEib111Z1l'lg mfluence whose scholarshlp 15 an 1nsp1rat1on and whose mdustry has made thls yearbook poss1b1e to MRS I-IAZEL G NICHOLS the 1951 GISEMO 1S respectfully and affecuonarely dedxcated :V I 4 - -we M ,r , P A I 4 H . , r I'-3' XX if? D is A . , Q ' ,t , f Q F ' ' - ,.,, 7 ' . K x fi? A , 1 ' , . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . I ADMINISTRAWQN X xnxx X 7 N N X mx X W ffdw I f f .ful Z f I f II Z Z - Z4 'X ' ff U X, 'Ing lllrlfj I' W Z iff i 1 'Vi , 5 lzfwfa Q!! f 'i P Q I k ex'-r j 'uae BOARD OF EDUCATIO BACK ROW Donald French Harry Sharp Drck Owens SEATED Eafllones Presrdent L B Hoy Super1nter1dentR T Stokes W H Lunbeck The Board of Educatlon 15 composed of s1x members elected bty the c1t1zens of the school d1StF1Ct Each Aprll two people are elected or a term of three years The pos1t1on of the board rrught be expla1ned 1n th1s way The super 1ntendent of schools 1S the executrve off1cer of the system the members of the board of educatron are the dlrectors the teachers are the offxcers and the c1t1zens are the stockholders These gentlernen donate therr trme and effort rn helprng to du-ec? not only an educatronal rnsututron, but one of the largest buslness concerns rn the communlty . 7--45 X A I V'ilL,,'., V X r X xk : -, , ' ' ' X L. B. HOY B. S. in Education S. E, Mo. State College A. M. University of Mo. Superintendent During Mr. Ho 's administration, the faculty memgers have increased fromeleven to forty-six and the en- rollment from six-hundred to six- teen hundred. Five faculty mem- bers now hold Master's degrees. Mr. Hoy is recognized as one of the outstanding educational leaders in Missouri. He was president of the Southeast Missouri Teachers Assoc- iation in 1924 and 1925. He later served onthe Advisory Committees of State Superinten ent Lloyd W. King and State Superintendent Roy Scanthier. He wasa member of the Legislative Committee of the Mo. State Teachers Association. Mr. Hoy organized the S. E. Mo. School Administrators Association. C7 -A .f' V f-wg, . si"-,s 2,1 ..' H " ' , .Q 'ew' ,. , , I no JM. T MAXINE PATTERSON CLETA NEL COOK Secretary Secretary C7 Q ?' 715 CARL D. GUM B.S. inEd. S. E. Mo. State College A. M. University of Missouri Columbia University High School Principal Mr. Gum returned to Gideon in I9 to become principal of the hig school from which he gradu- ated. In the intetve ' years he X, received a Bachelorgudezgree and done additional graduate work in Columbia University., His major graduate work was secondary school administrator. Hiswork asa school administrator includes fourteen ylears as principal of the Nevada igh School, four years as princi- pa of the Independence High Schooland three ears as principal of the Shawnee Mission High School Merriam, Kansas Mr. Gum has reor anized the school so that the stugent council and home rooms have become functional units in its administra- non. C X- IohnB1zze1l Darrel Bledsoe RayE Breedlove John Suttertield Raymon Braden RUTH ALLOWAY B. S. in Education University of Mo. Colorado University Vocational Home Ec. JAMES BURRELL University of Mississippi Veterans Agriculture 1981 iv FARRIS D FORTNER University of Missouri Murray Ky State College Librarian WESLEY GRAGSON B S Western Ky State College Music ROBERT PAUL COOK B. S. in Education S. E. Mo State College Industrial Arts Mathematics HAROLD DUNN B S in Agriculture Umversrty of Mrssoun Veterans Agriculture MARYANA GUM B A rn d S E Mo State College Columbia University WILMA JEAN HOUSTON B S in d University of Tennessee Physlcal Ed and Health L E HUCKEBY B S Peabody Colle e Murray Ky State Co lege Z Mathematxcs and Chemlstry WILSON KIRK B S Western Ky State College Phys1cal Educauon i 9549 DORA MABREY B S 1nEducat1on S E Mo State College SOCIKI St udles MARADA MABREY B S 1nEducat1on S E Mo State College Soclal Studxes SUE H MCCUTCHEN ln Educatlon S E Mo State College La State Un1vers1ty Enghsh ARNOLD MATSON B S 1D Agnculture UHIVCISIIY of Mxssoun Vocauonal Agnculture HAZELG NICHOLS B S 1nEducat1on S E Mo State College M A Peabody College Soclal Studles x 1' FERN RICE B S 1nEducat1on S E M0 State Colle e Enghsh and Soc1a1 Stu les 191950 G. B. SELVIDGE I B. S. in Ed. S. W. Mo. State College A. M. State Univ. of Iowa A Clark University Science ,R ELMO SHUPE ' B. S. in Agriculture Murray fKy. J State College ,J-5 Veterans' Agriculture VELBERT THOMPSON, IR. A. B. Western Ky. State College Social Studies VIRGINIA THOMPSON Western Ky. State College Art MAE W. WALLACE B. S. in Education S. W. Mo. State College Peabody College Commerce ALMA IO BROWN Elementary School Secretary JOYCE SPARROWKS Vocational Agriculture X Department Secretary '- I I ' BACK ROW: Mrs. Edith Waters, Mrs. Virginia Thompson, Andrew J. Zupka, B. Ray Henry, Mrs. Sue Davidson, Mrs. Ida Meentemeyer, Mrs. Martha Daugherty. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ruth Day, Miss Annie Barnes, Mrs, Mildred James, Mrs. Louella Huckeby, Miss Maycle Truelove, Mrs. Mildred Cook, Miss Bess I.. Watlington, Miss Nancy Mabrey, FIRST ROW- Woodfin Hutson, Sr., Prin., Miss Lorene Caudell, Mrs. Ella F. Rhodes, Mrs. Marguricte ' Penrod, Miss Daronda Walker, Mrs. Ray Henry, Mrs. Francoy Fortner, Mrs. Johanna Gragson. f't'f' -ff '-,ff FAY ETTA GAMBRELL -- MAY QUEEN MAY COURT Ronald Wilkerson, Berry Sparrowks, Richard Reynolds, Glenda Sanders, Harold Kerr Deloma Puts, Homer D3V1SfKlIlg,, Fay Etta Garnbrell, James I.1P5lllCf'CI', Dorrls Leirer, Don Ashbejf, Joyce Jones, Ellls Gemberllng, Lois Blaneilard, Nom: Bevlll, Gene'.'1ex'e Hall. Jr-fur LUNCHROOM During the last six years lunches have been served daily to six to eight hundred pupils. A federal subsidy of seven cents per plate enables the school to serve a wholesome lunch for twenty cents. A half pint of milk is served with each lunch. This lunch room is among the largest in the state and is also a- mong the best equipped. Facilities are now provided so that students can wash their hands in warm running water before entering the lunch room. The food is well prepared and is served with dispatch. The first grade is dismissed for lunch at 11:45 A.M. Other elementary pupils are dismissed in order of grade. The High School is dismissed at 12:10 P.M. The following women have the responsibility of preparing and serving the food: Mrs. Carl Vaughn, Mrs. John Schatz, Mrs. Steve Lipsmeyer fMana- gerj, Mrs. Dan Ryalls, Mrs. Kenneth Bell, Mrs. Loleda Allen, Mrs. Delmar Dell, Mrs. Henry Freeman, and Mrs. James Lawrence. KM.. V . X fff' x ptldui H. H. PARROTT Chief Custodian The job of this group of men is to keep seven buses in gtpod running order,transportseveral undred boys and girls to and from school dailyg and look after the care and main- tenance of our buildings and equip- ment. They mustbe up early every day and out late on many occasions for school activities. A 2 i .'-of, . 'Kar H3 ,Tfbx 4-93' .-.1109 BACK ROW: Alvie Abernathy, Lester Triff, Tom Braden, William Nortncutt. FRONT ROW: Noah Abernathy, Garnett Bennett, H. H. Parrott, Carl Moore. ...4 , .QX AA ' 4 nt' lx Jug.-L 4 Mil! ,QQ SENICRS Vxce Presldent Presldent 3 FAYETTA GAMBRELL Treasurer Z HETTIE GRACE RICHARDSON Secretary V f K., , ' 'xx , I I "' 1 . A' DE1?OMA PITTS REBA VAUGHN - ' I Q7 2 a . I 53 C I ,, ,kg 9 .is I K W NORMA ALLEN GLENN CAMPBELL NANCY COLEMAN CHARLOTTE CORBIN Band 1,2,3,4l A Capella c ou3.4 Home Ec. Club 3,4 P f 3 4 Class Play 3 School Paper Staff 4 Miss Gideon Queen 4 Debate 4 Pe Club 2 HOMER DAVIS Student Council Pres. 4 Debate 3. 4 Student Council 2, 4 Class Play 2, 3, 4 School Paper Staff 4 Class Vice-Pres. 2 Track 2, 3, 4 Softball 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 , 4 May Court 2 Algebra Award 2 Member of Club 2, 3 Escort of Basketball Queen attendant 3 -4 Assembly program 1.2, 3, 4 l ROBERT Drxou F.F.A. r,z.3 Production staff of play 2 3 Basketball Manager 2 Softball Manager 2, 3 School paper staff 4 School Assembly 2 Boy's Athletic Club 4 CHELMA DOCKINS Library Club l,2,3, 4 T' e BARBARA FLETCHER Pep Club I,2 fRe . , PCP C1UbIf2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 1lT2,23Pre1s. 3 3,4 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Archery Club 4 C1355 SCC- ' Tfeas- I CHRISTINE FAULKNER Student Council 2nd Vice-Pres. 4 Sec. - Treas. - Library Club 4 Class Play 2 Visa-Pres - Library Club 4 G. A. Style Show Model 3,4 Li fafiafl I,2. 3, 4 2nd Place Miss Gideon Gfflce He1Pef I-213 Committee Chairman- 3 VOHSY B811 Team 4 Student Council 4 ALBERT FLOYD zQ" FAY ETTA GAMBRELL Yerbook Club 4 School Paper Staff 4 Class Treas. 2,4 Officer of Home Ec. Club 2 Home Ec. Club I,2,3,4 Pep Club 4 Art Club 3 Usher for aduation 3 Assembly gogram 2, 3, 4 School Paper Staff 4 A Capella Choir 2,3 CHARLES GODSEY Production staff of play 2, 3 Assembly Program 2 Camera Club 2 School Paper Staff 4 BERNICE HANDLEY Home Ec. Club 1,2 Rep. Pep Club l,2,3.4' Camera Club 2 Library Club 3 Yearbook Sta f 3,4 Home Room chairman 2, Vice-chairman 3, sec. 4 School Paper Staff 4 ' Class Pres. 3 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 3 May Court 3 Typing contest at Cape 3 Home Ec. skit Cape 2, 3 Miss Gideon Contestant 4 Production Staff of Play 3 Honorable Mention-Typin 3-4 S3 LEROY HEDGE BILLIE HOLYFIELD Pep Club 2,3, 4 Home Ec. Club 2, 3,4 A Capella Choir 3.4 School Paper Sta f 4 Cheerlea er 4 Miss Gideon Contestant 3, 4 Assembly Program 4 Daisy May Contest 3 LOIS HORN JERRY IAQUES JAMES JOHNSON 7 , , , , r HAROLD KERR Class President I Softball 1.2.4 Track 1,2 , 4- 2? s F. F. A. 2, 311 NETA JOYCE MCCULIJOCH Sophomore P lgrimage 2 Class Play 3,4 F. F. A. Dist. Public Speaker 3 Student Council 2, 3, 4 tst. Vice-Pres. -Student Council Debate 3 May Court 2 Home Ec. Club 1,2 fHist.j 3,4 Pep Club 1.2, 3,4 Camera Club fSec.j 2 Library Club 3 Editor of School Paper 4 School Paper Staff 4 Class Secretapy 3 Yearbook Sta 3, 4 May Queen I Class Pla 2 Student gouncil Member 4 Reporter-Student Council 4 Archery Club 4 May Court 2 Home Ec. Skit-Cape 2,3 Miss Gideon Contestant I. 3, 4 Home Room Chairman 3 Production staff for Play 3 HETTIE GRACE RICHARDSON Home Ec. Club Pep Club I,2,3.4 Us er 2 Library Club 3,4 Student Assist, to teacher 4 Home Ec. Skit-Cape 3 Beginners Choir t A apella Choir 2,4 School Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Typing at Cape and award 3 MELIDNESE RUSH Home Ec. Club l,2.3,4 Pep Club Maid of Honor-May Court 3 Usher I,2 School Paper Staff Member 4 DELOMA PITTS Pep Club Home Ec. Club Student Council 2 Yearbook Staff 3 School Paper Staff 4 Class Vice-Pres. 3.4 Library Club 3 Library Club Sec. Q3 Production Staff o play 2, 3 English Award 3 District Eng. contest 3 Yearbook lub 4 Volley Ball 3 Home Ec. skit-Cape 2 Miss Gideon Contestant 3 Honorable Mention-Shorthand 3 GLADYS SEBOURN Home Ec. Club I,2,4 Pep Club Li rary Club 1.4 Yearbook Staff Member 2 Production Staff of Play 3 Shorthand at Cape 3 A Capella Choir 2 2--A 'FQ EVYLON SHAMBLIN MARY SIMMS MARY SPELL Pep Club I,2,3,4 Home Ec. Club I,2,3.4 Class Treas. 3 Basketball Queen 3 ELINOR SUMMERS Junior P1-35' 3 Student Council 4 Sexfefte 3 Yearbook Club 4 Cheerleader 3' 4 School Paper Staff 4 Clarinet Quartette 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Miss Gideon Contestant 4 Home Ec. Club LZ, 3.4 School PHPC1' Staff 4 Art Club Officer 3 Dance Band 41 I Production staff of play 2, 3 A CaPe1la C OU 2- 3 Honorable Mention-Histor 3 Honorable Mention-English 3 District History Contest 3 THELMA JOY SMART Home Ec. Club I,2,3 Pep Club 1.2, 3,4 Of ice Helper 1,2 Library Club 2 Usher r,2 Home Ec. Skit- Columbia 2 Beginners Choir I A Capella Choir 4 'M GLENDA THORNTON Home Ec. Club 2,3,4 Peg Club I, 2. 3, 4 Us er 2, 3 Band 4 Library Club 3 Volleyball I, 2, 3 School paper staff 4 Basketball 1,2 VIVIAN JEAN TRUELOVE Editor of School Paper 4 Class Play 3 Class Pres. 2 4, School Paper staff Member 4 REBA VAUGHN Home Room Chairman 4 Miss Gideon Contestant 3 Senior Marshall 3 Home Ec. Club I,2,3,4 Pep Club I,2,3,4 A Capella Choir 3 Typing at Cape 3 Basketball Varsity 1,2 Home Ec. Club 2,3,4 Pep Club r,2,3,4 Library Club l,2, 3, 4 Usher 2, 3 Class Pres. 4 Band 1.2.3 fSec. 3 4 Student Council Sec. 4 Music Contest 3 Class Awards I 2 - -3 Home Room Chairman 3, 4 Club Officer 2, 3, 4 Debate 4 Volleyball 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3,4 HELEN EMMONS Student Council 3 Class play 4 Assembly program 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Pep Club 4 JOYCE WARTH F. F. A. 2, 4 Student Council 4 Pep Club 3 Sc ool Paper Staff 4 Production staff of play 2, 3 Usher 3 Assembly Program 2, 3, 4 EMMELENE WOOD Library Club 3, 4 Library Club Pres. 4 Library Club Vice-Pres. 3 Pep Club I,2,3,4 Home Ec. Club 2 , 3, 4 Pres. Home Ec. Club 4 Student Council 3 Intramural Volley Ball 4 Manager of Intramural Volley Ball Team 4 Miss Gideon Contestant 4 Librarian 3, 4 -fl 09? EUNA MAE FREEMAN xfww 41" rf RAYMOND VAUGHN IAMES LIPSMEYER Vrce Presrdent Presrdem JUNICRS fi cv BETTY BELL Treasurer 93 ALMA BEAN Secretary E It ,ffayr W ' W , VV . K I ' f i: A I s ' I 1.-Q, I I A L L 2 Q :V f'l" " 'QP Lf IEAN BEASLEY -1 'f' ,Q fd , '91 1 1 J DONALD ASHBY WAYNE BEEGLE lf' PAULINE BETTERTON HELEN BELL JUANITA BIZZELL 'QW L fa' ' 'R 'gp , L Xi , 1 R A fiv, A' E HERTHA ausnsos f x RUBY BIZZELL BILL BRADSHAW U LILLIAN BROWN RAY DEAN BREEDLOVE RUBY CAMPBELL W 0 'N-sf ALVERNON DYE FLORA BELLE COGER LORETTA EARNHEART ,f-Q, 415 NORMA HANKINS PEGGY GURLEN DOUGLAS HEDGE 7'- .ani RONNIE KITCHEN '23 DWAYNE LUNBECK BETTY MORSE 4 RUBY KNOX DORIS LEIRER S5 411 JOYCE MANNING in if 19' MARGIE OWENS GLENDA RUCKER BARBARA MCCROY NORMA SCOTT , I 1 , a .LI ,. nga 'T N ' DICKIE SMITH MARGARET SISSOM LOUISE .SMITH MAXINE STRATTON HOMER STINNETT JAMES TARKINGTON .-uf' BETTY WALKER HUGH WILLIAMS IIMMIE WOODS JANE wooLvERTON WYMAN BENNETT Pres1dent RICHARD REYNOLDS SCPHCMCRES PAT THOMPSON Treasurer 9 1? RUBY GREGG Secretary Vice Presxdent 4. f- . - 5:55 - 2:24 .1115 ' -.L - X1i?423.if Y I 5 ' , , 'f fi z 'C I DOROTHY AKRIDGE PAUL ASH DON AVERIL ALPHUS BARFOOT Y' I I Ji -1 Q --av -""""' .2 ff .g, - .. Z LOIS BLANCHARD EUGENE BRITTAIN PATRICIA BROWN VINIE COLEMAN ff' 47 X li f X DEWEY COOPER ROBERT DELL GERALD DOCKINS LAVERNE EDWARDS 'H .J 91' 3' EULA LEE EMMONS JTRRY FOSTER ELLIS GEMBERLING RUBY GILKEY 'IUC ,J EL r 1' ,L IANET HAWKINS BOBBY HUFF GERALD HUNT W. H. JOHNSON X ' rv if ID IC THOMAS JORDAN LILLIAN KELLER SUE KIMBRELI. IOHNNIE KING 1 my f i A 1 ,JF . fu .. '13 f Y. ft' ' ,Q 035 , -I I :VTE .1 . f ' ' . A S X A CHRISTINE KITCHEN KULLMAN LACKEY BOBBY LAMARR J. T. LECROY ff' ff , BILLY LITTLE FREDDIE MCALISTER ERUIE MCMILLAN VERNA FAY MARROW 1 RUSTE NANCY? WA YNE REED 3' at GLENDA SANDERS 71 .4-v f Zi. YN VERA THOMPSON 41 ,Cl PEE WEE NORTHCUFT' PATTY PATTEN Y -'Y '1 il LOREVA ROBERTS LOIS ROYAL 11' 'U 1 BARBARA SPARROWKS EUGENE STREET V f' fs 5 -sv ,,... RITA WADSWORTH IANICE WALKER f-no ,JN V ' O RUSSELL PETTIGREW ev gf GERALD ST. CIN IRQ, IOANN TAYLOR ., 7 xl ,I :ei f' IMOGENE WEATHERLY fp ,AQ L GENEVIEVE HALL RONNIE WILKERSON Vice Presldent Presldent fv- if wel' BETTY SPARROWKS Treasurer NANCY CLARK Secretary FRESHMEN W R ADA MS BARBARA BENTLEY BENN Y BRA DSHAW RUBY CRAFTON DORIS DANIEL ANN BEASLEY HAROLD ALLFN LOIS BIRD BILL BIRD LOY COLEMAN CHARLES HULIN 1 .r-4"" Aff? BILL CRYE CHARLES CRAIG GERALDINE DELL BETTY DELL Q BARBARA BEEGLE LOUISE BLACKWOOD lf' KENNETH COOPER 5 Nh DOROTHY CULLUM R '1' N :A IOHNNY DELL BARBARA BELL 'U- DARRIEL BLEDSOE f-wh JAMES CRAFTON WILLENE BEEGLE l C ORENE DePROW , A F limi I I H' rl? 3, K2 V h 4 -1 y . T, Q ,AA' W I A X ,ff . A A h B,tf x A Y A' i V , 7 - , E A 9 I 5, , ' 45" 1 A Q A A A' t dp -:,V L' , fi , M W f. I fl I far' 4 2 .,.- , ' , ,. S V VI Z, K V , :fl rzy. fl t - -2 X I s..,x,,f 'x G -.:.- In f I , blunl V I ggi.. . y 4: ,L ,J I 7 A ' ' 1' A v if 3 4 if -'41 - 7 ,Q 5. I f ' ll A -3 E O 'J A Q H xx 'Q EARLENE DUIEY 47' WAYNE FISHER Q fl PANSY GROGAN 'i 10 fa' PEGGY HENSON fy! EARLENE INGRAM JAMES EAKEN 15+- "l 4 "' MARGARET FLOYD Q ff: ROSS GURIEN fa STANLEY HENSON PAUL EMMONS f-Q.. ff' PAT FREEMAN ,sag if ...l DELOY HAWKS CLAUDE HICKS 1' M HARREL JARRETT PAULINE JACKSON E 1412 L. U PAULINE EMMONS PAULINE GAINES 11'-hu. IWW? BEAUTON HEITMAN I W HOLMAN JAMES JOHNS ALBERT FARRIS Z za- FU -4 cu E E Ui ww Gym , as JOE HENSEN rw J? .3 MARTHA HOOKER fu WILLIAM JOHNS , , vi I I V ff- T ' ' A , , . A 'T :Z ' All .1 ,JJJ K 1, X A ,J X f c wi' . , A Ve ' ., ,.f y I , L, A r - h N pw f"'N'h, .K If p 'Q 0 f A ' J , . f 3 'V Tiff ' "' jx, W., f , , JX, X 2' - E . 1 ,G ' J 1 ' , 'f J Q ff ' A, 'A 44 3 ' f 1 ' 5 f , 5' -Y A ,- .,- 5 .71 . V f '23 'lf ' Q V, fri ri ' " 1 A 't , H I ' I E A f" - , 'gf Q 5 bf 1" f' 5 ' ' A fl , X-V kg iiax It ty V, ' Q ' 4 J , A X nf' , fi ' v ' ' U 'ww J H- ugh JZ ea, , J iy ,Q A ,A A 4 "" Q . f V , E gg A tiff! ' ' 'V J ' if J J J A A iz ,My Q , ti' : '. Qi -Qgflff I BRYAN ONES , cz BOBBY LESTER BOB MCDANIEL NORA LEE PAYNE Y? MARY IO PYLAN D f- ,. ALTON IORDON OLA FAYE LIGONS BILLY MCCURRY GERALDINE PHILLIPS X CARLUS REDDER CARL KENDRICK Q HELEN LIPSMEYER RALPH MATTHEWS CALVIN PITTS 'Q MYRTLE REDMON DWIGHT KTNF fa fb BERRY MCA LTEE l Q CARL MEESE NINA IEAN PRESLAR '45 NAOMI REEVES HARLES LEADFORD Z 'Ph JLADYS MCCRORY MAC MILLER .W DAPHAN PREWITT 49 FERRY RHODES .I ,Q , .ls "' ' A 'B E, 4. 2 -j Y, " ' ' ' K ' V ,,, 2 A x I C A v c . - - Q. I I I I-J Kg I' , ,.. ,A QM . I' I ' A 1 X' ' . 1 3 Y, 1 ' '- , -3 'N f ff ,. - ' Q Q I7 I - Rf'I A . I if .A W A 1 I in m I A ' 2 +V I H I 'E' "h2' '9 A, A X, I ' -'l YA cg: 4 A ' 1 I 'lv Y f W vi-fr QA a', K' fi' f' , -' K ,I fc ' ' 1 4 . ' 1' I A ' 1-3, ' f FRANK SISSOM NELDA SELF MILLIE SKAGGS PATRICIA ROLLANS THELMA SMITH BONNIE SMITH I L STOVER LYNDELL TODD PHYLLIS WATSON 3' SHIRLEY SMITH MARILYN SMITH GUS SPRADLING fv- if MARY JANE STOCKTON 'W' RUBE SUTTON GLENDA LOU SUTTON WANDA TARKINGTON Z EUGENE WALLS PATTY TODD CARL WARD pv- f at LOUIS WITHROW BONNIE WII.SON IIMMY WOODS 11' TOMMY RONANS SHIRLEY WARNER TOMMY WOODS -'s - ll' ' Q -s ,,,n A -k -r Q .,' 'Q .f-V3 ' A , 1 , - i- ' A nf? 9 2 5 A ,J , I A-4, Q A A ,-- , 1 A 1 A ' M" -Q, V , Q D 3:7 MV' , ' 4 as - , .. f - 1, . f . A V XV Y I , " V,SS J ' " 6' In A ,, I i M V1V,VVV Vi , Y! 2, , 125 'MV' Y ,f A ' 'fa 0 bi I r 4 I E 'A A 'ww X 1 I 05 K ' , , qt ' A I A N I 'Y I ' "Ap, ' Z ' ' , , I ' 7 ' I, ' 0 K .. . , CQ' ,N Y f 1 ' I -H f J . -7 t A , 1764441 9 A A xv' is - A ' I I "ISA:-:pI A . , I A we , Lf -I I I'L ' R ,f' , .,,-' f M W-3 , ,., f' I ' A..i""'4?-' ' , ' L M v Nw WM, , 'A ,pf Y ' H' A - 1 411 W " - ,, an - , WMI Q ,.,. W' v Q... ' . , .1 G -1 I ' . f -Q QA ww I . N W7 3 .nf-""' , Q 9 ws' e 424' 1101 W! J fl 9 J?- :flu E n ' n V Q 1, -his-n ww . 1 I ,,i an -4 PATTY ALLEN BILLY ASH ,.,l' SHIRLEY WARTH CLETTIUS BARNETT Secretary MARY LOU TAYLOR Treasurev Presldent '17, 3. ff J JOYCE A BELL KENNETH BIZZELL RAYMON BRADEN JERRY Asn FKISCH BARUEK MQ IERRY BEEGLE .TEAN BELL NORMA HANDLEY 1 49 JACK PIERCE V1ce Presldent -l Q. Q 151 "' 1 J X FAYE BREWER BILLY BRIDGER IAMES BRIDGES THOMAS BROWN w ' . , A f '- . Q . I f' N 'Q .vs ' 44' I 1 ' . 1 N O , 0 V- 2 ,V A ff A ,A 1' 'L . Z4 ' Q V ,hu 1 .A ' I 1. A. n E V 4 ,fny ,J WM , I L f if JAH xt 1 film' -1 f B ' 4 f f . , .4 I .3 X A , I , ! '5- J A , oz E I Q , E .L ff all ui if 'U 'fir ,pn-an i 'K I 35 ,NN T, 40' V! fh EMMALINE COOK ALBERT CRUTCHFIELD PAUL DAVIDSON BOBBY DEPROW WESLEY DEPROW DERAL DOCKIN' SHIRLEY DULEY KENNETH EARNHEART JOYCE EZELL BILL FULKERSON CHARLES GRAMBRELL EVELYN GARDNER RUBY GILKEY PEGGY GLOZIER ANN GODSEY LINDA GOODRUM PEGGY GREER MARY HAMILTON CHARLES HANKINS GLODINA HANKINS PEARLY HARDY PEGGY HARTWICK SHIRLEY HENSON ROBERT HERRING SHIRLEEN HESSELBEIN ALTA HUDSOIN BILLY HUFF PATSY HUNT PAULINE JOHNSON SHELBY JOHNSON l like 2 hu: -ei' iii! 3, .Q J' Q ff IS! 'VU' QC' ...-1? WILMA JOHNSON CURTIS JONES PURVIS JONES ALICE JOHNSON WANDA KELLY DWA YNE KENNEDY CHERRY LEE KINSEY ROBERT KINSEY DORTHEA KITCHEN MARY FAYE LESTER RAYMOND LUNBECK MARY IO MCCLURE RONNIE MCCULLOCH ANNA MCGINLEY SHIRLEY MCGRIFF GERRY MCCARTER LOU ELLEN MACLIN LOUISE MARTIN GLADYS MEESE DAVID MIDKIFF LUCY MICHUM LOREVA MOLENS TERRY MOORE RUBY NEAL WILLIAM PAYNE THIRL PAVY DONNA REYNOLDS BETTY RHOADES DAIRL RHINE ARBRIDELLA RUSH 1 1, f E f 'r A 45' 7 X ,gg I' ,Oi ff? ' I X 'C S .Q A -A 'Q if A CTD' f.. ,119 A BARBARA ST. CIN EDWARD SANDERS CLEO SHAW WINIFRED SKINNER MARY I. SMITH V.. "4 A A THOMAS SPELL A ' A A rg- A , .. CORINNE STEPHENS A A if .f EVELYN STOCKTON . Q A ,A b ' WALTER STREET ' " M4 -9 JOHN SUTTEREIELD S: A , J , 9 1 1 if 'N IAMES TACKETT EVELENA TAYLOR ,.,Q aww ""' WYONA THOMPSON DAVID THORNBROUGH LEONARD THURMAN 409. HMMY TRIPP FRANCES TUCKER JOHNNY MHCTUCKER MARGARET WALKER ULYS WARD ,K-'Ae cg T, -1, N. -' s 3 BURLIE WARNER ' ' 1 VIOLETTA WELCH A A S JACK WHITLEDGE 1 " Q. gi , , rf, if F F A 5 ,Q , A VONDA w1LcOx1N L A DAVID WOOD GUY ASHLEY CHRISTINE BANKS A """ x f A Q-4 A-3 4 I IOHN BIZZELL CARL BLANCHARD BARBARA BAKER Treasurer '9- .fv 'nw X M' A 1 4, - A fr u 5 JOVALENE BRANSCUM IVA BREWER 'Sh yi . r ' Q3 .er . -..- ff? ' 5' I -hd I LOLA M. BURTON BILLY CAMBELL A al TRUMAN RICHARDSON President bl SHIRLEY ADAMS Vice-President OTTO BEAN LEONARD BE NANCY BOOK LOWELL BOS! DOLLY HEDGE X 1-v I ,,-r X 1 ol BARBARA BROWN BIL 53 , ,h I 45 THELMA CARTER PERRY CLI MARY CLUCK I. T. COLEMAN DONNA COLLINS WANDA COLLINS ERCIL COOPER VIVIAN CRAFTON HM CRYE HELEN DAVIS LAURA DROWNS KENNETH DYE ROSELLE FAULKNER BILLY FISHER KATHLEEN FLURRY PEGGY FOSTER CLEO FREEMAN EARL FREEMAN GENE GARDNER WANDA GILKEY EVA LOU GREEG LARRY GURLEN WILLIE HAILE RUBY HALL VONDA HARRIS DONALD HA SKINS DELMAR HE DGE BILL HICKS LAFAYE HILL RAY HOLIFIELD EVA HOLLANDSWORTH ANNA HOWARD PHYLLIS HUNTINGDON JOE INGRAM EDWARD JACKSON C. L. JOHNS CHARLES JOYCE BRYAN KARNES RICHARD KINSEY JOY LITTLE CARROLLEE LIVINGSTON NOLA MCCAMERON SHIRLEY MCMILLEN ORVEL MCELROY WANDA MANNING RAYMOND MAY SHIRLEY MIDKIFF LORETTA MILLER CLAUD MONTGOMERY MARTHA MOORE DONALD ORTON EDITH PATTERSON ,-f""9b pg ,.. 5 A' I 1 A J' f 1 4. , 1 pi-I' ' . -I' ,,:,, . In ,ff Q ' -2 .r I I ' ix, M 4"'f I I J f ' a 4 f K' . 4' A M-41' af .gil'i-F , A , f,,, .,,, ,128 L 'w' , Q Wm , .--9 5 4' I OSCAR PAYNE RUBY PAYNE ULA JEAN PAVY DAVID PRESIAR EARNEST RACKLEY VELMA REEVES BETTY REVELLE GLENNA RHINE ROSALEE RHINE BILL RICHARDSON BETTY RUSSELL RUTH SKCIN 1 LOUISE SHAFFER LARRY SHARP CLEATUS SILMAN ARNOLD SIMPSON M. L. SHORT DOLLY SMART DEXTER SMITH JOE SPARROWKS LOLA FAYE STIDHAM KATHLEEN STOKES LUCILLE STREET PATRICIA STUBBLEFIELD ELNORA TAYLOR 1 A-0 1? ""'? "' Iv' 4? 5 ,Q ,-4 fd 1 RA-sr ans : V DAII: IAYLOR DEXTER THOMPSON BENNY TTI I GARRY TOOLE SHIRLEY WADSWORTI-I TERRY WALKER VELMA WALKER MAXINE WALKER HELEN WALTON JESSE WALTON JOHNNY WILDER .TOLLY I WILES CONNIE LOU WILHELM THOMAS WILLIAMS GERALD WILSON IEANETTE WINDHAM CHARLES WINEINGER BETTY WOODCOCK GLENNA WOOLVERTON BETTY WRIGHT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X! Q 'UK O""'x f? G. B. SELVIDGE - Sponsor HOMER DAVIS BARBARA FLETCHER ,Q 1501 iq, 4,'Fb. BERNICE HANDLEY WATHENA JACKSON A A -'iv A57 5 .V N -X , . CHELMA DOCKINS if CAMILLE JOHNSON JOYCE JONES HAROLD KERR NITA McCULLOCH DELOMA PITTS ,""'x - 5 I af an lp - I ' A Y ' ff ' N . 'f 49' " 'A' A J., 1 X -q . 5 ' ff , Q . X 5 i A ELINOR SUMMERS VIVIAN TRUELOVE RAYMOND VAUGHN HUGH WILLIAMS ATHLETICS X x i aug K Joan Taylor Alma Bean Glenda Sanders Mary Spell af 5 W 1 " Q af FZ'fs-gil Ziff if Mm! 49 g, N 'W' Ponnuie Wilkerson Glenda Sanders Alphus Breedlove Mary Spell ,loan Taylor Hugh Williams Alma Bean Ronnie Kitchen. nd- BACK ROW Charles Hankrns manager Ray Breedlove Kulman Lackey Alphus Barfoot Ronald Krtchen Coach Krrk FRONT ROW James Lrpsmeyer Homer Davrs Hugh Wrlhams B111 Bradshaw Drckre Smrth A TEAM Campbell 53 G1deon Essex 70 G1deon 36 Grdeon 51 Canalou 48 Porragevrlle 33 G1deon 29 Dexter 42 G1deon 41 Clarkton 52 G1deon 5 G1deon 49 Kewanee 34 Rrsco 53 G1deon 54 G1deon 57 G1deon Parma 37 Marston 26 Morehouse 99 Grdeon 5 Matthews game forferted to G1deon Lrlbourn 46 Grdeon 39 Berme 53 G1deon 41 G1deon 55 New Madrrd 36 Sub Reg Tournament Grdeon 58 Hornersvrlle 28 Clarkton 48 G1deon 38 County Tournament Morehouse 95 G1deon 51 f.?a4Lef6af fProspects for the Bulldog s 1951 52 basketball team look good 5 Because we shall lose only one letterman from the 50 basketball team looks good Thrs year s season opened wmth a team havrn very httle not daunt therr sprrxts and the1r wrll to wm Although our op onents out scored us rn several games we feel that we ha a suc cessful season and are proud of our boys The Bulldog fans are lookrng forward to one of the best teams for qurte some mme next season GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAMI expenence Lack of expenence however d 0 --4 ' 51 v --- . ' O - Malden 65 Gideon 54 '51 basketball squad with the '51 graduating class, the future 6 44 "' , . . . . . 1 . , ,g I - , . . . 4 . . D ' I P ii f BACK Q 3 Front BASKETBAL Row C Hankms Manager R W11kerson B Jones C HICRS W Bennett A Fowler E Gember Img I Rhoades Coach Kuk Row B Little R Breedlove K Lackey I Bell A Barfoot Gzdeon Cudeon G1deor1 Dexter Clarkton 62 G1deon 44 CJIGCOD Malden Gxdeon G1deon B TEAM Campbell 34 Canalou Z9 Portagev111e G1deon G1deon Rlsco 38 Kewanee 37 G1deon 45 Parma 47 Marston 34 Morehouse 54 G1deon 49 Matthews game forfe1ted to G G1deon 48 Lmlbourn 45 Bern1e 43 G1deon 41 Cudeon 56 New Madr1d 48 1de on ww 6' Q f X f fl h 2 ,4" ' A Nw 43 Q 5 x 5 " ew- 3 f -4' 3 ' UI' ' 36 .... I x M A Essex 33 .... Gideon Z4 '- xx , ' 41. . . if ,xx W J ' gg. . . D 37' 39 3 ,T v .. ,X f-1 Q B 'ff Q 48 'NT' 3' 'C 57: Q1 . 5315. .. ' Nxt ' 49: ff . K 3 3 3 - C tc X . ' ' I lx W Nuo' ,Q 'so ilk' an Q90 tba!! Back Row Coach Kuk Wyman Bennett Harold Kerr Homer Davts Robert Dixon Charles Hanluns Manager Front Row Benn McAtee Ixm Woods B111 Bradshaw Dtckre Stms Ray Breedlove Ronald A Team Parma I 3 Gldeon 2 Ltlbourn I8 G tdeon 3 Rtsco 8 Gtdeon 4 Risco 8 Gldeon 3 Marston IO Parma Io Matthews l 1 ""lQlnluuuun-q s 0: N N5 F0 'U ii ff B .ww ff KW 0 .Ls 310501 9 0 BACK ROW Coach Kuk B an Jones C ude Hicks Ralph Matthews Robert Dixon Charles Hankins Manager sogtazz Parma 5 Gtdeon 4 Gideon 7 Ltlbourn 6 Marston 7 Gtdeon 2 Gideon I4 Parma 8 F3 in n 4w FRONT ROW Benny McAtee Bob McDan1e1 Ronald Wtkerson Pee Wee Northcut Wyman Bennett Charles Leadford Nj' 'lib,..r"-' s""' JUNIOR PEP CLUB TOP PICTURE - BACK ROW: W. Johnson, V. Harris, R. Rhine, R. Hall, E. Gregg, L. Hill, S. Wads worth, L. Baker, M. McClure, K. Flurry, E. Hollandsworth, B. Baker, L. S afer, B. Wright, N. Book, H. Rackley, C. Livingston. SECOND ROW: I. Windham, A. McGinle , S. Johnson, L. Burton, W. Manning, N. Stokes, E. Patterson, D. Collins, I. Bell, S. McGrif?, D. Reynolds, M. Smith, B. Rhoades, R. Gilkey, M. Moore, E. Cooper. FIRST ROW: W. Gilkey, B. Brown, G. Rhine, B. Revelle, C. Banks, S. Midkiff, W. Haile, D. Smart, W. Collins, M. Cluck, N. McCameron, A. St. Cin, P. Hunt, D. Kitchen, J. Little, R. Payne, P. Huntington. LEADERS: A. Howard, C. Wilhelm, T. Walker. BOTTOM PICTURE - BACK ROW: H. Walton, L. Goodrum, M. Walker, P. Greer, S. Duley, C. Kinsey, G. Meese, V. Welch, P. Foster, W. Thompson, L. Street, T. Carter, P. Johnson, C. Shaw, M. Lester. SECOND ROW: L. Miller, L. Mitchem, C. Freeman, E. Fowler, U. Pavy, J. Walton, D. Dockins, P. Jones, P. Allen, I. Bell, A. Godsey, A. Rush, J. Tucker, E. Taylor. FIRST ROW: S. Henson, R. Neal, V. Reeves, S. Adams, S. Warth, L. Maclin, L. Martin, B. Bell, F. Tucker, L. Sharp, V. Wilcoxsin, D. Hedge, P. Glozeler, E. Gardner. LEADERS: I. Bell, A. McGinley, S, johnson, ""ff ,zdflekfzcd A BACK ROW B Crye B Jones W R Adams R Dixon B Bradshaw H Williams K Lackey J Wood R Breedlove C Montgomery B McCurrx W Street THIRD ROW I Bean K Fowler D Haskins M Short A Barfoot B Little W Bennett B Huff C Charles B Bird G Spradling W Kirk Sponsor SECOND ROW I Brldges I Dell U Ward I Sutterfleld G Dockins B Fulkerson I Pierce P Northcutt E Gemberling R Kitchen D Smith FIRST ROW C Leadford R Matthews J Holman C Barnett D Thornbrough C Hankms R Kinsey T Woods C Jones F Barge: GH C50 BACK ROW- C. Gambrell, L. Gurlen, R Simpson, B. T111, J Rhodes, F Srssom, M Shoemaker, D. Mrdkiff, I. Eubanks, T. Richardson, C. Lrlman. THIRD ROW: MI. Cook, K. Earnheart, B. Bridger, J. Ash, R. McCulloch, D. Pickard, I. Tripp, I. Whitledge, J. Griffin, C. Blanchard, T. Spell, R. Masters. SECOND ROW: V. Thompson, D. Orton, E. Mallelty, B. Karnes, K. Dye, J. Bizzell, J. Tackett, G. Ashley, T. Moore, R. l-lolifield, J. Sparrowks. FIRST ROW: W. Deprow, R. Thompson, K. Bizzell, J. Wilder, B. Richardson, W. Smith, G. Toole, K. Cooper, L. Thurman, W. Skinner, R. Herring. I f 5 l 5, PQ! XX-I 2 'Sgt ini' C I 'X TR CK S0 AD BACK ROW Left to R1ght Coach Wllson Klrk Charles Hankms Homer Snnmtt Jonme Kmg W R Adams Raymond Vaughn Claud Hlcks Bryan Jones D1ck1e Smlth FRONT ROW Charles Leadford Jerry Foster LutherCagh1e Bxll Bradshaw Homer Davxs Hobert Qumn Q ACTIVITIES Gamez! BACK ROW Lola Faye Sttdham Billy Ray Ash Ruby Gre I T Coleman Betty Bell Don Ashb Ronnie Wtlkerson Claude Hicks Glenna Woolverton h3l'1CSH8l'lklflS Elmor Summers Ivadel Brewer SECOND ROW G B Selvrdge Glenda Sanders Shrrle McMi1len Lois Blanchard Joyce Warth Imogene Weatherly Erv1eMcMl1len Carl Kendrrc W H Iohnson Mary Lue Taylor Mary Lue Hamilton Martha Hooker Patty Todd Polly Handley Mrs Nichols TABLE Raymond Vaughn Parliamentarian Jimmy Lipsmever Treasurer Barbara Fletcher 2nd Vice President Reba Vaughn Secretary Nets McCu11oc.h Reporter The preamble to the const1tut1on sets the students of G1deon I-hgh School 1n order to 1ve the students a practrcal knowledge of emocracy, by 1nst1tut1ng student par t1c1pat1on rn government ln G1deon I-hgh School do orda1n and establrsh f th1s const1tut1on for the student body of ,J Grdeon I-hgh School 7m In order to be el1g1ble for a place on the counc1l a student must meet the fol lowrng requ1rements Must elther be elected by hrs home room or be a class off1cer Must have had at least an M aver age 1n all Jubjects the precedrng semester C Must agree to serve h1s home room to the be st of h1s ab1l1ty g 0 forth the purposelof the organization: "We, i 3 ' . . A. ' v ' B. 4 - 1 . U - Ma,.r,,,r 52 ff Back Row Camrlle Johnson Wathena Jackson Gerald St C1n Margaret Srssom Ruby Gre g Patr1c1a Brown Mellonese Rush Josre Herndon Second ow Farrls Fortner sponsor Doms Lexrer Glenda Sanders Lots Blanchard Glenda Thornton Imogene Weatherly Ehnor Summers Fay Etta Gambrell Eula Lee Emmons Joyce Jones Mrs Hazel N1Ch01S sponsor G B Selvrdge sponsor Table Norma Scott Deloma Prtts Reba Vaughn Neta McCulloch Bernrce Handly Thelma Joy Smart I ll Q1 X - 'z' Z G Sz N. '- 2 .' .I , ' , . ' A ,f A, QQ' ' Jsf J X 'C XI5 Q' V ' X I C Wi. X f ' , rx 9 x filly I X f 21 G1semo Heral GIDEON HIGH SNHOOL GIDEON M0 March 19 1901 -1'9" as ad px Q .f N SENNTRS ATTEND SUPNTTMURE IS GUIDANCE MEET CHUSEN EUR IN SINESTUN PILGRIMAGE UN MARCH Conferences wrll be held IU Stk cston March 20 1901 1n chstussxon of professxons and voea tons for Hrgh School Students Gxdeon Hxgh School Semors w1ll leaxe at 830 to attend these Con ftrtnte 1000 there vt e an rssernblx of rnuste 'ml announce ments The address After Hxgh Sthool What" xxrll be delrvered by XX Parker Preslt ent Stutheast Nlrsfoutl State College Cape Gtrardeau D Parker vull then ln reluce dlseussron leaders Students xxxll hate the eho1ce of txxo topres from 24 VOCTTIODS that utll be d1SCUSS9d Grdeon Hrgh School Semors have s1gnel up for these conferences Aprrteultute Forestry Art Beauty Lenell Gardner was chosen hx the sophomore class as representatne or h Sophomore Prlgrlmage Three sophomores were chosen b the faculty Wyman Bennett Rus sell Petttgrew and lenell Gardner The clas ho e one tepresentatlve from the three She w chosen on cttxvenshxp scholarshlp nd person alltx enell wxll sp nd e nlght n Jefferson Cltw and w ll XISIE the caoltal the governor s mansron anal other pornts of lntexe t ln Jefferson City The Sophomore P1lGr1m'1ge sponsored by the Womans Club Representatwes from omer schools wrll be there also NIAN TAYEUR CURUNNTIUN JOAN TAYLOR GISEMO HERA LD STANDING Glenda Thornton El1nor Summers Fay Etta Gambr 11 Bernice Handley Wathena Jackson Charlotte Corbtn Blllxe Holvfxeld Jovce Worth Mary Spell Mellonese Ruch SEATED Brllte Holvfteld Joyce Worth Mary Spell Mellonese Rush Hetue Grace Rlchardson, Vtvtan Truelove, Deloma PIIIS, txeta McCulloch, Barbara Fletcher, Robert D1xon Jr - 7 LJ , . A . , Y 1 - t i 1 T I H :"1s2:5:s,:a,i,Ezff ,. , - - - . - ' - v A 'fiifffifffffieifri ' ' Y Y f :sa-21 15265515325 ' - ' ' + ' ' Ziff'-' " ' A - . 3 J T ' -1f535?E5E35f?l5Q32, G ' ' ' ' ' ' '-1:1-r:1:r:k1-22? ':- . . . . , - , , ' 2 T 5. At . , 111 b c , S 3 S a 4 G - A 2 . 7 - ' 1 I ' . ax ' .1 V . . . . -- 1 A - 5 , N r 9 - ' . ' v - 1 -' ' - ,. . . DI . . . 1 v , T of L A , Q ,ll ' 1 -1-2:21:g::q:::3ggggggg15 1 . g . . , . . 5E5E5E5i5fE2fE5EE5?ff3 4 -J' - - A -f ' ' 4 .' 1 ' sara ,gt I , - . , ' ' - - , - - 3:gg5g::::5:1:fr:ffr: . . e- . . U , :Q :Az-:-::?:""5'f:i: , f . . -' f ' -' - M - N - 2255g3gE52I' f5 ' 1 ' C . TS V:-::::., 5. - . . gg A- ,.:.::5 . . N 'Q ' .-:Ziff QT I ,QF . F , , .. .ui , K , . -- l g.. A , - D - ' I I 5' 1 I , . . T ' 2 I , I 1 - 0 1 1 1 v v I . . . . , legate Seated Helen Ltpsmeyer Hugh W1l11ams Peggy Gurlen Charlotte Corbln Camxlle John son Homer Davxs Dons Dan1e1s Standtng E111sGember11ng Reba Vaughn Jerry Rhoades W H Johnson A1phusBarfoot Joyce Jones J1mL1psmeyer Raymond Vaughn Mrs Gum Sponsor iff! 77X Q! XM 3 DEBATE ,f X X X Qi 1 Z!! ' ff Q! 437 ff- Z7 .SZ Aomore A I9 ? The Sophomore Class presents WILLlE'S WEEK END by Felicia Metcalf Mrs. Edith McDonald -------------------- --- Owner of Bide Awee Nursing Home Janie Lou ---------- Maid Mrs. Ophelia Winkle Over-dressed woman of forth-five Willie Winkle ---------------------------- --- Her semi-invalid son Hanah Mulligan ----- A practical nurse Mr. Ozro Sanders ----------------------------- A patient who thinks he is Captain Kidd Mr. Jose hus Pos P Y """""""""""""" A patient who thinks he is Napoleon Mr. Samuel Preston Hodges ---------------- --- A retired business man patient Eva Wood ---------------------------- -- A student nurse Brenda Burton ----------- --- A graduate nurse Shirley Linton ------ A graduate nurse Mrs. Wood --------------- --- Mother of Eva Two orderlies ------ Directed by ---- Joan Taylor Imogene Weatherly Ruby Gregg Wyman Bennett -Loreva Roberts Ervie McMillen Bill Little Richard Reynolds Glenda Sanders Lois Blanchard Rita Wadsworth Lillian Keller Jerry Foster Ellis Gemberling Mrs. Fern Rice unior lgfay The Junior Class presents SPOOKY TAVERN by Jay Tobias. Lon Hacker - - - CAST owner of tavern Gho st Woman ---------- Lucy Hacker ---- Joyce Wingate--- Florable Wingate who haunts tavern a mediunn college girl younger sister Bedelia --------------------------- Ne gro mammy Ralph Channing -------------------- Terry Tanner--- Willie Worgle--- Blackie Simms-- Farone -------- in college a Junior stutte ring fre shman a gangster DIRECTOR MRS. FERN RICE James Lipsmeyer Camille Johnson Wathena Jackson Joyce Jones Dorris Leirer Lillian Brown Raymond Vaughn Hugh Williams Bill Bradshaw Dickie Smith Jimmy Wood PH! I-Iildegarde ----------- - - Mr. Dolsor1f"Father"j--- -- Mrs. Dolson f"Mother"j--- -- Sally ----------- Bob--- Jimmy--- Paige ----- Ellie-May ---- Jill ------------ Freddie Shernier Mr. Shermer--- Mrs. Shermer- Director ------ Place ---- Time--- Y From the novel by I-Iildegarde Dolson Charlotte Corbin Homer Davis Barbara Fletcher Neta Joyce- McCulloch Hugh Pankey Williams Raymond Vaughn Mary Elizebeth Spell Billy Hollyfield Elinor Summers William Bradshaw Harold Kerr Deloma Pitts Mrs. Carl Gum -- The living room of the Dolson Home 'Q' Back Row: Front Row Standing: Table: 5 ill :Fl lvl! 1: .J ay fm N FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Norris Beville, Carl Ward, Alex Fowler, Dwayne Lunbeck, Bill Bird, Billy McCurry, Pat Freeman, Ellis Russell Gemberling Jr. , Harrel Jarrett, Ralph Leon Matthews, J. W. Holman. Sherman Barnett, Bryan Jones, Jackie Hillis, Tommty Rollans, Arlis Pickard, Gus Spradling, Stanley Henson, James Cra ton, Carl Kendrick Gaylon Weaver, Kenneth Cooper. Loral Johnson-Reporter, Oral Johnson -Sentinel, Joyce Warth, Harold Kerr-President, Gerald Hunt-Treasurer, Don Ashby-Vice-President, Arold Matson-Advisor. X nfl EPZ ' X J 'ia f 1 9... 4- 4? li 46? n 0'5" ..'-, 1 QU , 3,1 -r, X H 4' ,. , 'NN ,il -Q41-Z'.a1fA1,f4 :mf ,.,., Q, . .,1.'iv-H e..,"',g .' f.-.4 fu- e flew-145, Nh mf Mgt' M3 Bryan Jones, Patty Todd, Joyce Jones, Barn Warming Queen, Patty Patten, Ellis Gemberling Iames Tarkington. -3 A-'M .. 1 H- , A A, A fi if ,.' X' Ad' Y 1 uw,e?,, "Q-.. ,,e. qv ,M A- ' Q , tying. 1 xii' k V ,,,A , M .Y ,Eur '-f ff 059 . f1f..a"i we SCRAP BOOK CLUB BACK ROW: P. Grogan, C. Freeman, L. Stidham, E. Fowler, E. Ingram, D. Hedge, S. Warner, N. Book, S. Wadswarth, D. Collins. SECOND ROW: M. Mabrey, E. Stockton, B. Brown, B. Baker, B. Fisher, K. Flurry, R. Holifield, L. Baker, L. Molens, H. Rackley, B. Russell. FIRST ROW: P. Huntington, W. Gilkey, R. Payne, W. Collins, D. Preslar, N. McCameron, M. Cluck D. Smart, V. Crafton, E. Gregg. ART CLUB BACK ROW: W. Tarkington, L. Bird, P. Jones, J. Bridges, D. Woods, C. Montgomey, B. Fulkerson, B. Ash, P. Greer, G. Sutton, W. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cook, C. Gambrell, N. Preslar, L. Shafer, R. Rhine, S. Johnson, E. Taylor, G. Meese, M. Taylor, W. Pavy, L. Thurman. FIRST ROW: B. Richardson, I. Little, C. Wilhelm. T. Moore, R. Masters, R. Braden, G. Toole, P. Hunt, D. Kitchen, G. Rhine, R. Herring. Q IUNIOR RED CROSS TOP PICTURE BACK ROW L Goodrum P Johnson C Bohn F Srssom C Hrcks P Freeman F Tucker V Wrlcoxson SECOND ROW Mrs Alloway J Tucker I Taylor A Godsey G Dell C Leadford M Floyed D Damel FIRST ROW 1 Bell S Henson I Bell S Hesselbeln C Deprow P Emmons BOTTOM PICTURE BACK ROW W Thompson M Walker L Mrtchem P Spam S Warth M Hamrlton G Woolverron C Krnsey A Rush E Hollandsworth V Hams SECOND ROW W Haxle A St C1n R Neal M Lester A McG1nley N Stokes P Glo zrer E Gardner L Burton B Wrllrams I Brewer FIRST ROW E Cooper E Patterson R Grlkey Reporter D Reynolds Secretary P Allen V President, P Handley Presrdent S MCGI1ff Treasurer V Reeves M Moore Mtss Dora Mabrey Sponsor r - . .. . ' .. 1. ,. 1- r- n- 1 . ,. .. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,. ,.. ,.,. ,.,. ,. ,. . - :. .. ,. ,..,. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,.. :. ,,.,. ,. ,. ,. ,.- ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. - ,. - .- ' . . ' ,. ' ,. ,. , LIBRARY CLUB BACK ROW: Faye James, Betty Ann Morse, Deral Dockins, Dorothy Akridgc, Glenda Sutton, Nina Preslar. Homer Stinnett, Ervie McMillen. SECOND ROW: Hettie Grace Richardson, Wanda Tarkington, Sue Kinbrell, Gladys Sebourn. TABLE: Farris Former, Sponsor, Chelma Dockins, Secretaryg Reba Vaughn, Vice President, Emmelene Wood, President. CAMERA CLUB BACK ROW: D. Lunbeck, J. Bizzell, C. Tuggle, G. Jordan, G. Rucker, T. Smart, M. Skaggs, L. Cole- man, P. Henson, L. Hill, E. Patterson, J. Windham. THIRD ROW: R. Bizzell, J. Herndon, N. Clark, M. Smith, C. Shaw, B. Murphy, L. Martin, H. Walton B. Russell, I. Walton, L. Barnett. SECOND ROW: J. Wilder, R. Braden, B. Till, W. Johnson, J. Rhoades, R. Wilkerson, L. Smith, F. Cooper, L. Todd, L. Sharp, M. Johnson, D. Taylor, V. Thompson, Jr. Sponsor. TABLE: A. Bean, Reporter, P. Patten, Vice President, L. Brown, Secretary-Treasurer, B. Bradshaw, D. Ashby, Vice President. B. Bell, Presidenrg H. Stinnett, Parliamentariang I. Manning, Secretary, Treasurer. CAMPING CLUB TOP PICTURE BACK ROW Farr1s Fortner Sponsor Tommre Woods Jack Prerce Irm Llpsmeyer Presrdent R R Adams I1mm1e Wood Brlly Crye Carl Ward Ronald Kxtchen Vrce Presldent Harrel Janett FRONT ROW Wmfred Skmner Kenneth Earnheart Calvrn Prtts Johnny Dell Ralph Matthews W1111am Payne Clettus Barnett Ulys Ward Dan1el Bledsoe Paul Davrdson BOTTOM PICTURE BACK ROW Charhe Wrnhnger Kenneth Dye Iun1or Bean Lowell Boswell Jolly WIICS Donald Haskrns R T Srmpson Earnest Rackley Larry Sharp Carl Blanchard FRONT ROW Ray Thompson Bxlly Campbell Gerald Wrlson Raymond May Jim Crye John BIZZCII Thomas W111l3mS Dale Taylor Gene Gardner Wayne Smtth Perrv Clark i lfgmll Bryan Karnes. I . ' ' ' ' ' 4 , 'KS J x YJ ' X N abkf WL x'v - L. ..- X f , X n l , I I ss J isfff 53' ELECTRONICS CLUB Russell Pettrgrew Ra mond Vaughn Hugh Wrllrams Loral Johnson Alvernon Dye L D Huckeby Sponsor T omas Jordon ARCHERY CLUB Back Row Douglas Lee Ronme McCulloch Alton Jordan Jolly Wrles Nlera McCulloch Josre Herndon Tackett Jzmmre Trrptp Thomas Wllhams Flrst Row John Sutter reld Jack Whrtledge Charles Cralg Paul Emmons Wayne Reed Gene Gardner Barbara Fletcher Betty Bell Joyce Herndon Lourse Smrrh Second Row: L. UB. Huckeby-Sponsor, Jimmy Reece, Thomas Spell, Billy Hicks, James FHACUB TOP PICTURE BACK ROW F Ligons G Hall S Wamer G Dell L Coleman M Skaggs P Rollans G Phllhps P Watson F Tu le G Sdtton B Bell J Beasley THIRD ROW G Thornton M Spell H Bel R Knox E Emmons R Bizzell A Beasley L Edwards G Shultz E Summers L Keller N Reeves SECOND ROW F Gambrell H Lipsmeyer B Sparrowks P Grogan P Todd M Pyland P Patten M Smith M Grimes C Deprow I Handle B Handley N Clark FIRST ROW D Prewett D Cooper B Dell S Kimlrelly T Smith M Redman P Henson BOTTOM PICTURE BACK ROW L Gardner E Wood President L Roberts B Bell R Gregg D Pitts H Richardson B Fletcher L Bird I Blzzell C Tuggle G Jordan I Taylor Tl-IIRDROW M Rush P Betterton I Weatherly V Truelove ri Emmons 1. Royal v fhomp son R Wadsworth L Brown L Earnheart F Cooper N McCulloch R. Vaughn SECOND ROW B Holyfield L Smlth H Bledsoe S Smith C Johnson M Sissom V Morrow F James W Jackson B Sparrowks M Stratton G Rucker FIRST ROW B Morse M Hooker N Scott L Blanchard B Walker A Bean N Hanluns J Jones D llelrer B Bentley W Tarltlngton C Docklna I Manning .1 . . L Floyed, R. Giljtey, N. Preslar, I. Walker, D. Daniel. CONSERVATION CLUB BACK ROW: Betty Rhoades, Vice Presidentg Loretta Glover, Delmer Hedge, Sue H. McCutchen, Sponsor Leonard Berry, Herbert Fair, Violetta Welch, President, Shirley Duley, Reporter. FIRST ROW: Bobby Branch, Ioe Sparrowks, Charles Bell, Mary Io McClure, Presidentg Vivian Crafton, Jerry Ash, Charles Joyce, Paul Davidson. BACK ROW: Mrs. Sue McCutchen, Sponsorg M. Grimes, B. Dell, Parliamentariang H. Lipsmeyer, Reporterp C. Kenrrick, G. Weaver, N. Bevill, J. Crafton, R. Wilkerson, J. Rhoades, J. Holman, B. Bradshaw. FRONT ROW: K. Cooper, M. Smith, B. Sparrowks, Vice Presidentg G. Hall, P. Todd, M. Hooker, F. Tuggle, M. Pyland, O. Ligons, N. Reeves, President, D. Prewett, D. Baker. , ramafica Q 5 N. 1 I W A f . ,f ,,j,,,,Q9' I ' ,, tw! , 4 53 -1 "-Q1-4.1 f..jh 4:4 M' "fi i 4 5 - ' 'nuff' .P 'r N -"'- 'ig P vt-, M? V If If . I t ,. I I' '- '-z'f:"5?S5'--31455 . - If 0 Juli ' - , ' X, vl M ' ,l'2f" rf ,fs I 1 li, -T' i ' F- . xifs.l " 1. 'jg A fa.-. f ' -1 , . " -' 4: , . . X f V 'Q' : F - Q I 74 A 'I wh X Y L ' ,A ,,. LAR lvl. --4 , xQ qi 45-1-9 if ' ' I I . sr. N v' X.. with 'A' 4 5 I I.: CHOIR BACK ROW L Blanchard I Weatherly P Brown V Morrow L Brown H Richardson R Gregg L Roberts C Johnson L Royal D Leirer SECOND ROW J Jones H Bell B Sparrorks M Sissom C Corbin F James L Smith G Rucker W Jackson J Bxzzell G Schultz FRONT ROW W M Gragson Director G Sanders D Cooper J Walker M Owens A Bean N Scott B Holyfield L Keller T Smart L Edwards R Bizzell ' M Q' . 'Z ff- BEGINNING BAND BACK ROW: Mr. Gragson, Director, Lois Bird, Shirley Smith, Vanda Harris, Glenda Lou Sutton, Peggy Greer, Edward Mallett. SECOND ROW: Betty Rhoades, James Bridges, Mary Grimes, Shirley McGriff, Joyce Ann Bell, Anna Ruth St. Cin, Louise Shafer, Nina Preslar, Frances Tuggle, Patty Todd. FRONT ROW: Patty Allen, Benny Till, Joy Lutle, Donna Reynolds, Connie Wilhelm, Violetto Welch, Larry Sharp, Joyce Manning, Patsy Hunt. 'xx-,-nf ,Af X Q I-xl?-44,g,,. ' 13 N X 97!2z og 1 xf AW- I .. as B -fvwff ..- , ADVERTISING XX fx I I , I x X Q I F'-gay .f ' ' IM HX I S ' f -fb I - PEPSII - COLA ANL LAYNE S SOD.-'XS Tl 5 F OUQ 3 n Whx fa s 6 I Thx Big Mig 1fv1?lf Sfsvffzn Uflici . Fl voir: For AE 1 'lqhf Par 1 L1 1' T. l-Q ' Lvs -N Than Thx Url ht COHgf3tU13t1OHS V15 es The SCHIO asQ 1 eon 1 Sc oo 1951 our Endeavors OZARK DAIRY COMPANY J Dexter ' and Best ":h . .0 ' 7 ' r C1 . of G'd H'gh h 1 of Mwe Wish You Suzces in Y Future ' . f if Dairy P" M155 u Gldeon Ande son ng stu The en W shes Th God pee F rd a They May Choose to E You re Aiwa, o Thar We ere If F GIDEON ANDFBSON LUMBFR O G de Co t- 'LBIES S i3.? And 'L lem s d In Any ield of E. e vor ' ' nter A ' vs M re M . y lccme At Gid63HqADd6IS'D s ' You Will Find Good Qdillfy ari A . ' , C '1 sn Mgszouri Congranulat1ons to the Sen10r Class HILFIKER S GEN STORE 2 G1deon Compllments o J PAT roc an ea Notary P bl c Offl Phone 2951 Gldeon SQUARE DEAL MARKET Wllder 8 on G1deon Compllments of t e JUANITA FLOWER S GIFT SHOP Day 430 Ma den M Phone N 415 Congratu1at1ons SCDIOFS G1deon H1gh School Compllments of ADVERTISING COMMITTEE RENNETT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ' f ' I, . TEN ' G . d M ts ' , ' u ii ice Phi 941 ' ' Mo. h ' S Groc,mMeats-Produce Flowers for all Occasions 1 Mon l , oo m ' item of PEWISCOT OIL COMPANY P one 2551 Texa S 0 1F qoa Q 1 A Har The Texas Company ex 3 d G de BLYTHF SERVICE STATION W Aiwa 1 e S oo 'Ofg 1l1ty e IQWO Ser 9 BN Na ng Efto s e wen y Se en S 6 b BROADHACkER CLEANERS G od d 7 he e 1 eon PDU 3 h ' , vo R1 Z3 M Serv'.g C 'th'a3t M,3souri ut. ized Diszribuiors for T aio P: duccs Sol in '1 on as C. O, 4 Ae " V5 L,k Q0 C33peT,:e With the -Zh Q ai fa? ag our L ' Hain allons ' ' Wlll Peimiz Gt stings fo the Class Gf . C ani 1951 'l3T3 of L 51 May Yout N ' Field be L Happy and p733p57GJ5 Une MCNEIL S MACOM GHUCEHY We Stflfe Q0 PQa5z, and ave 1 ki 5,eTv Q M: C3 Mike SCHQL, and Fgfly GTQLATL ou: ServLce B Eze: t R- v Yearg of SeTAu:5 Fiegh Meais and Y g L3 L o '5 theJBeszh - Phine L644 Better Than 1 H st G-d W Mlgsoufi G1d,' M152 url C mpl ment CRENSHAM 1 e DISTHIBLTINC CO son McCAUL CHEVROLET COMPANY es and e O L1 7:1 Kenwett Phone mol COMMERCIAL BANK OF GIDEON ? 7 o LENTZ FURNITURE STORE n e 1 H li CDDB Y. O E F DELANEY S S NS We Aug d Tra JOHNSON OIL COMPANY Shell odu Wholes e Fetal G1deon Phone 2727 BOSTIC NOTOH COMPANY Id1U D Ph S'k sion M15 'ri C3 l lmELfh cf Sal S rvice ms, pr d cts C dillf: A' . 9 Ph .2 1 Gideon, M ,, , ' H O AlQis Chalmei C D6il'?,.f'S 207 S Mal S feet Halgsmb M1sseu:Q K Z., M 4 ' AQre:1a:e Ycur BU5LY8'3 an de A1 Y ul lv ' Pr cts Che i 'et al - 'l 116 E M '. St:-e- Missouri 2 'f'T 5 LD 58 Malden SEMO GAS CO INC omple e Bo Gas Sy Heaflng Cooklng r1ge a Wa HBBIIH Malden ss CAMPBELL FORD SALES INC mpbe STOKES MOTOR 8 IMP asse U s es e Malden THOMPSON MOTOR CO u Nabu r e Maider ou Cong a e S r 0 W W SHEBWOOD CIN T 1apoJ a mo 0 PLANTERS GIN CO Q Phor 2592 KID RALPH ANDERSON LUWBER CO N N C Z tile stem V Ref m hionh me, Sales Ford Servl . g Ca QL. Mo- Miv cufi , co, 7 C M YMHBTTIS Fail Imp, G'M'C' TT Lkgnpjntlac Old T Sal HS 37118 and 'TS TTELLETS Ar,eNSDm W Joh. D ere Traczo MISSDHTI '. 'h MISS r zulatganz to Ca ullmSLfS f th ell -3 of I9S0m5l G1'epn Mxssouvi A A we A al' 'S , Mis5'M7' Cg1LIim8Hl7 1 l 7 2 Madfed M1s'o1T1 TBUCKEHS S1mpSOH s P em1 m Ca Especlal Clarkton SERVICE COMPANY afties r asollne a LO Nee s u Compllments DELTA GAS CO Kennet? Mlssou Comp71mer FRED FRAY JI1 Ad n a THE GIDEON NEWS THE CLAHKTON NEWS Der Publlshe Newspaper Defo n o he Communl omm al n Gldeon dr Ll 3 mpd h R Syvp n R U Dea RUSSELL MOHTUAHY m eon r 2 I1 Cliff B , ' Mg ' ' I 'u G ' s nd W Qor Oils We te: ' ' 'ly to the Truzkers Y' d Misso ri U 4' .E., of of 3 V derwsod Typewriters V K ri d1.g M LhlU8S O 7 Buagness is Built Ups the TU1H Fgundazlgn Stance G, R -by . of my '3-y axd espezt S R :ed an aihy for :he Ll7l g and to the I Ceres: f esie.L fe: the d C 'ty , C erci Printi g To Bfadshaw Mgf ' Cl' kton Gld MQ Ph3.e '322 Congraiu ations seriora of 1951 Wlsh od 1n W w Ven are MAlDEN BAKERY alder u Phone 10 Glde Com MAJE O pllmen STIC CLEANERS Phan 223' M1LLFR S MFW ADD ROY S ald WEAR ll O Glde E DA IS Q eg leg n abi e C L S and L 5 D 34 G deqw 0 We y 1 Sugaens ' Your Le' t M ' .. Mlsso Fl 1 ts of ,Y A - . M I , - I .' . ShDN1Ilg the Nezusp Fgrffp on, Al E Ti N1 ' en NV.3fO-+Q H, T V Qmjlxmenzs sf Grocery S Hardware GIDEON MERC, CO, Fr it V et ies C-t7fClub Velvet -Zep1 Gr :er4,n -- M atx Cor 9 Feeds Wealjif R1'i fh.e4 ' on Mlssourx Ph 2 nl Ei' -1 M WILCOXSON 8 SONS FURNITURE COMPANY r1g1da ppI1an QUGII sf 1 on sou ecrea n as, F 1d 3 e S uffi b Poo Nex I G de n M SDJ ' ' ire A I' .ies 8 Zengih Radg 'ty First La , and Alwahs G de l Mis 'tl STAFFORD :J WILLIAMS R ,-DR Ce.:-r 'EA ' to ia Hard 2. L av' h 's samd Q A L -3 the 'heater '1 3. .1s'f TI ICG 0 FF PATRONIZE OUR ADVER 1 ISER S

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