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Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 1 1 1 1 4 1 mmawonn It is the hope of the entire staff of this, the first edition of THE HERD, that it will permanently record the wonderful memories and events of this past school year . . . It is the purpose of any yearbook to record the deeds and events of the students and teachers, who during the years embody the spirit of the schools of America. YOU, the students, faculty, and friends of Giddings High School, have made this edition a pleasure for us to record, because of the many achievements in the various activities, whether scholastic, literary, social, or athletic achievements . . . In the years to come, this yearbook will keep alive the memories gathered during the past year. The future years should and will bring new faces and changes to the scene of the Giddings Schools, but there shall be for us, the record of the friends we knew, the things we did and the mem- ories that are so dear to us . . . We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the fine citizens who make up our school board, our superintendent, Mr. Don B. Slocombg Mr. Everett Schmidt and Mr. Henry Lawrence, our principals, and last but not least, YOU, the students and faculty of the Giddings Elementary and High Schools for making this yearbook the success that it is. Also, may we tell of our special gratitude to the many merchants and individual citizens of Giddings, who made it financially possible for the publication of THE HERD, by sponsoring the various pages and sections of this yearbook . . . THE STAFF This page sponsored by PTA 2 ,....,..l DE DICATION As in evidence of appreciation for the many years of service to our school . . . for the sincere friendliness, genuine humaneness, and for the countless little things that have added up to a lifetime of generous unselfish thoughts and deeds of kindnesses to us all, the staff of 1957 should like to respectfully dedicate this edition of THE HERD to: ANNA AND LOUIS GAEKE This page sponsored by PTA 3 , l 1 l 1 CULT AND Z ff r F :l Z-Zig., ,-Z.,-"""'i-n "- A , 9-- .,.- Q - 4-1-Ziff: ' .:,?i USZA , 7'7w,S Pao! 5'AoN'.S'a2f0 By Pqazis' -Snap 4 -,--.qc-1-1 ,,,.4-.-- -11- '-3-1'1T -,...... H IMI TRATIUN , E ki'-1 X5 '25, X ' Q54 X - X '53, q X Q.. Q52 ' xix - 3- '- - X R X 'Q ,fkwfl 9 w,,k 1 , 1 - K +123i3l iT- Y-YW,-.ifT-jiL5-Y E 'Ziii-st i its ,d-,.f,ff-,,,,,Zf::-ii,--, iff YW 5 W aiffy ' NN W' ff I ' x -- Yigx 7 j Q l ' , xii? ' - --V. Y f I N Xxx ii? ,, g P ' xii X f J, in -L VV 1 Y i . , S- -- , '-7--ii - , .. g. ddf 155194415 oem 5 y garaxvo 7775 Nlfflllllf 5 I Sven TO ANNUAL STAFF AND STUDENT BODY: It is a pleasure to have the privilege of being associated with you. Your very fine spirit and cooperation makes our job as teachers and supervisors very enjoyable. A very high type of student morale and conduct is desirable in any school. When this is achieved the learning process becomes easier and more pleasant. Congratulations to you for this splendid annual publication. The history of your school days, which are recorded in this book, will be a source of enjoyment for you in the many years to come. DON B. SLOCOMB Superintendent This page sponsored by ,PTA 6 T0 STU Ollgh th, -K thi- One da S: SO1net. Is lm . If - anna 9 In days atls our w- al and m the fulur 1, GH Ish U, emo, e, y Opey S as . afy les w' OU wi akj OUI' ha beln Ou will 111170 11 page Us yo Ppy 5' Dr - be W- U . In 901 ab1 St De your Tllfe r, Oments OHS and e t0 rec 1' d 1011 11 -211 Unger. Isappoilltmer and Wi? ha ve Ii2urp0sefu1 yollr the A D606 aVe In 9 of hand We phys. Ssary age mind In Xfg 1031 916 'V Ou - ' W r which Plant or 'Dent for wzser ande We ,, W6a1 E1 Jalilfg th, but good S Al NTS: DE GRADUATES AND STU HE HERD records Pic' This 1957 edition ot T n the past school , hves during . torially a little of yolguve forever in your memories Year' P1 Year Whlch W1 7 as one of the best. h 01 in a large measure The success of this Past SC C2001 vour classmates. reflects your attitude tovgigi sto Saidyour commend' and Your teachers. Eliefor this most successful Year- ' has U1 bl attitude . d el Zoxigratulations f0f 3 Job Wen on 1 ENCE HENRY LAWR A ' . . 1 Elem erxtary School PI'l1'1C1Pa l This page sponsored by PTA , 4. a Soul, Chool dschool S 1101 ' T Hlgh Principal 4 l 1 l 1 i A 4' .., ., ,. I I I I tnmwrr.. r. . GIDDINGS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION GIDDINGS SCHOOL BOARD STarYdihQ? Herslil DOSVIE CharliFieldsi1nd Sujierim- in r O tendent Don B. Slocomb. Seated: Bill Pieratt, Herbert Walther, Oscar Placke, Fred Placke and M. Y. Tate, Sr., present Board President. GIDDINGS PUBLIC SCHOOLS PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION PTA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Left to right: Mrs. Emil Richter, Mrs. Herbert Walther, Mrs. J. Earl Hill, Mrs. Marvin Jones, Presi- dent, and Mrs. Henry Droemer, Secretary. This page sponsored by PTA FACULTY ALLIE MAE BROWN Fifth Grade FLORENCE CHERRY IRMA AVRETT Sixth Grade BESS BLACK Social Science Ale Commercial TOM C H E R RY Agriculture This poge sponsored by PTA A 5 S R if . 5 WY' 3535 we aw, ' as Q Q ,W i a 4 v C, .::,.:.,- piggy ,gi 2 'W Q New .,.. I if , X W rw 0 A I - 5 M234 Tl it ' ,ix 32921132 L I 2 5, . at K Vi ff A f Q I if Viiisfi ' . GRACE DRAKE Librarian ' ELEANOR FLETCHER English FAY HATTOX Homemaking KARL HICKFANG Choir Director BOONE JAC KSON Athletic Director and Head Coach GVONNE KNIPPA Substitute Teacher MAB RY KNOX Third Grade HENRY LAWRENCE Seventh Grade EUNICE LORENZ Secretary i - I - 4 J WILLIAM MICHALKA Math and Baseball Coach TRUETT MOBLEY Science and Basketball Coach MAX I N E M00 DY First Grade VESTA MAE MOORE Second Grade ANNA LORA MUELLER Third Grade MERVYN oFFuEI.o Eighth Grade 7415121:1f,viiflEi,iLLTi' 1 'i .4 1 'L ,U sam af I'.:. . "-Zr wwif l2 "s i, . 1 1 . - ,U i W Nwfisx "2:' 57, if-21553, :::I:"':" 'll' 4 ' rt I, mf: 1:i,,gti1 iv - 2 L wg lg 5, 5 ,tl ,:1 - W ef an wax 'f-' .ar -ri ' " A9 -.'ii ' ha DOROTHY OGIER Girls' Physical Education C ECELIA REAT First Grade RUBIE ROUSSEAU Second Grade EVERETT SCHMIDT Band Director RUBIN SCHNEIDER Shop ELLIE VANDERWERTH Fourth Grade ALLENE WILLARD Fourth Grade FRED WILLARD General Science and Freshman English MARY ELLEN SIMMANG Special Education This page sponsored by Pc1uI's Food Store s 2 '53 - we ., Q V ...,, .X F E 5 , E' vi-5 Wifi? ul "' n 1 Q ,..A ,.,, ,, YE H 'i'-fsf.:a:f.:i f QUE? f qwww ff ,X ff -mnmww rg -W-.mmf 4 'Iii-,.. - ., !i,,,,f- X: -A 1-4?-,df-7-,.-, -- V flJ,-7 fl f f Of X- XZ T -uP' -X f L' ...-f'- f,,,- 432 ,,,. rg , N ooo ff X . If ff X nd., S .-li -,,ff-'-' pf!-,,. 'I'-,., I,-Ig,-, L..i... I-nd-t ,-fl-ni --ll . - , Q k.-....- N ,'--4-1-il xv 'U z- A 7Jw.s Rec: Jiwvsoeio 5x - OK 544-4-'J , 1 2 i.... .-.- ,fi- ? f ff, Q 4" 1 4' -lfixzm 4 HZ' u 1 L EXE-,-L :Qi X -2' ?..,. -'Q'-,,, .- ff' G '23 X X Z. f 'M .M , 1 x X X kg 'L'lT' XO! X ' F.. sz F-A LY 5 - .,,......Ti.. . ,.i.... ,,f - ,,,...1---f- - 761.5 P465 5' Pa1va'a.0f.0 By Q L4 54455 13 i r i r B GIDDINGS HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL BOOSTERS Barrett's Beauty Shop Fancita Beyer Bess A. Black Maggie Bobo Bill Brademan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cherry Dr. and Mrs. D. T. Childress E. M. Collier Maury Crow Hershel Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Henry Droemer Florence Fields A. E. Fischer Barber 'Shop Fred's TV 8. Radio Service Giddings News Pub. Co. Fred Hannes Karl A. Hickfang O. P. Heilscher Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Hill Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hoffman Boone Jackson Walter Kasper Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kelly M. F. Kieke Koslan Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. E. Kriegel M. G. Kurio Henry Lawrence John Longley Margaret's Dorothy McKeown William Michalka Albert Miertschin Truett Mobley M. A. Moerbe Pontiac Bill Pieratt Robert Pieratt Mr. and Mrs. M. Placke Preuss Cleaners Schkade's Jewelry Milton Schroeder, Jr. Michael Simmang Don B. Slocomb Martin Spitzenberger Kenneth Stevenson Tommy Stevenson Mary Tate The Vanderwerths C. W. Wagner Western Auto Store This page sponsored by Doctor's Clinic 14 NIOR PY 951 Je QQ iff? sf vs ' 5 gif 5 jf is fe'Frcsfvlf"1'f -I W -5' , , fi 'l yw f f -23. Q I f 1 N ... EQ Y H " La , ' M xv l up dl -Jifrff 4 ,,...-1 , 77415 7,46-E .Snpomroeeo ,ay rms -Docroniw Gdvziz ,.-... .... .. -1-:mud AUBRY BOSWELL FFA 1-2, FHA 1-4, Junior-Senior Banquet Host 2, Football 1-3, Track 1-3, Basketball 1-3, All-District 3, Baseball 1-3. JOHNNIE CHRISTIANSEN FFA 1-4, FHA 1-4, Football 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Track 1-4, Baseball 1. zwm FISCHER PA 1-2, FHA 1. ARY ANN FISCHER lass Secretary 1-3, President 2 O 5 FI ' . a 1 nor Student Valedictorian 4 A 1 4 Junior Degree 1 Chapte -gree 2, State Degree 3, Treasure Junior-Senior Banquet Hostess 2 nd 1-4, District Band 2-4, Sexte 4, Quartet 3, Nurses Club 4, Se or Play 4, Merit Award 1-4 . This page sponsored by Leonc1rd's , KAREN FRICKE FHA 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- ter 2, Parliamentariang FFA Sweet- heart lg Choir 2, Messiah Chorus 4 Cheerleader 3-4. WESLEY FROSCH Class Vice-President 2, Favorite 1 Student Council Vice-President 4 FFA 1-2, Vice-President 25, FHA 1-2 Sweetheart 25 Football 1-4, All-Dis trict 4g Baseball 1-4g Track 1-4. ARIO GONZALES Staffg Volleyball 4. ENTE GONZALES English Assistant 4. Thus page sponsored by Louise s Beauty Shop . 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- 2, State 35 Nurses Club 4g Trav- . 1-4. Parliamentarian 354 FHA CAROL JAEHNE Class Treasurer 24 Assistant So cial Science 3 Elementary 4 FHA 14 Third Vice President 4 De grees Junior 1 Chapter 2 Choir 24 Messiah Chorus 4 Traveler Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Valentine Princess 3 Salutatorian 4 Honor Student 1-4' Merit Award 1. HERMAN JAEHNE FFA 1-2, FHA 1. This page sponsored by Monroe 's A. C. HILL Class Representative 1, Math Assis- tant 4, Choir 1-4, Quaret 3, Octet 4, Messiah Chorus 4, Football 3-4, Manager 2, Basketball 3, Manager 1-2, Baseball Manager 1-2, Traveler Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Merit Award 4, Intramural Co-- ordinator 4. , ELAINE HOFFMAN Class President 3, Office Assistanq 4, FHA 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- ter 2, Choir 4, Messiah Chorus 4, Band 1-4, Majorette 3-4, Nurses Club 4. LAVINE JENKE Class Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Fa- vorite 1, 3 and 4, FHA 1-4, Historian 3, Degrees: Junior 1, Chapter 2, Of- fice Assistant 3-4, Junior-Senior Banquet Hostess 2, Choir 2-4, Sex- tet 3, Gctet 4, Messiah Chorus 4: Perfect Attendance 3, Citizenship Award 2, Courtesy Award 2, Annual Staff 4, Intramural Co-ordinator 4., NANCY JOINER Class Social Chairman 1, FHA 1-4, Pianist 3, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- ter 2, Commercial Assistant 3, Hon- or Student 1-4, Choir 3-4, Messiah Chorus 4, Band 1-4, Majorette 2-4, Sweetheart 3, Traveler Staff 4, Cafe l iAR.i0RiE KRUEMCKE fffice Assistant 4, FHA 1-4, Pianist , Civil Defense Director 4, Degrees: unior 1, Chapter 2, State 3, Band -4, Sextet 2-3, Nurses Club 3-4, Se- ior Play 4, Honor Student 1-4. lRTHUR KURIO 'FA 1-2, FHA 1. JOYCE JURK Library Assistant 4, FHA 1-4, Par- liamentarian 3, Degrees: Junior 1, Chapter Choir 2-4, Double Octet 4, Messiah Chorus 4, Nurses Club, Per- fect Attendance 3, Junior-Senior Banquet Hostess 2, Valentine Queen 4. TWILA KIEKE Class Representative 2, FHA 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chapter 2, Ju- nior Senior Banquet Hostess 2, Band 1-4, Sextet 2-4, Solo, Traveler 4, Annual Editor 4, Typing: District- Regional 3, Poetry Reading, District 4, Senior Play 4, Merit Award 3-4, Honor Student 1-4. LARRY LERCHE Choir 2-4, Messiah Chorus 4, FHA 1-4, Sweetheart 3, Football 1-2, Track 1-2, Basketball 1, 2 and 4, Of- fice Assistant 4, Traveler 4, Most Handsome 4. HAROLD McDONALD Class Representative 4, English As- sistant 4, Annual Staff 4, Traveler Staff 4, Choir 3-4, Quartet 3, Octet 4, Messiah Chorus 4, FFA 1-2, FHA 1-4, Merit Award 3-4, Honor Stu- dent 4, Senior Play 4, Class Favorite 3-4, Baseball 1, Football 1, Basket- ball 1-2, Volleyball 2-3, Tennis 4. -I 5' 5. 'cs Q no co UI 'U o IJ CD o 'K cn Q. U' S4 cn Ui -O' F11 3 Q. o -O' TEL i ,ffm - Q .-,,. ., Q ,,,. A " Swifif a .Nu 53. Q Q: 3 -11 .0 uma, . H LOIS NAUMANN Transfer from Burbank High of San Antonio 25 Choir 3-4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Messiah Chorus 45 FHA 3-4, Junior Degree 35 Choir Sweetheart 35 Library Assistant 45 Traveler Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Citizenship Award 3-45 Most Beautiful Girl 4. DONALD NEWMAN Transfer from Travis High of Aus- tin 35 Library Assistant 3-4. EARL MUELLER Baseball 1-25 Football 1-45 Track 1-25 Golf 25 Courtesy Award 45 Traveler Staff 45 FFA 1-35 Algebra Assistant 45 Senior Play 4. FLORIS MUTSCHINK FHA 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- ter 25 Library Assistant 45 Traveler Staff 4. RUBY REDKEY PIERCE FHA 1-4, Degrees: Junior 1, Chap- ter 25 Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 25 Volleyball 25 Office Assistant 3-45 Traveler Staff 4. EDWARD REINHARDT Library Assitant 45 FHA 1-45 FFA 1-45 Choir 1-4, Messiah Chorus 4. This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Burns DOROTHY SCHROEDER FHA 1-4, Parl. 2, Degrees: Jr. 1, Chap. 2, State 35 Class Fav. 25 Cour- tesy Award 35 Hostess, Jr.-Sr. Banq 25 P.E. Ass't. 45 Eng. Ass't. 35 Travel- er Staff 45 Merit Award 1-4' Stu. C Sec. 45 Honor Stu. 1-45 Sr.,Play 45 lst Pl. Dist. Meet. Shorthand 4. MILTON SCHROEDER Class Rep. 1, V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Host for Jr.-Sr. Banq. 25 Commencement Ush. 35 Choir 1-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Soloist 3-4, Quar. 3-4, Dbl. Octet 2, All-State Chorus 3-4, Messiah Chor- us 45 Good Citizen Award 15 Merit Award 2-45 Football, Basketball and Track 1-45 Baseball 2-45 Travel. Staff 45 Valentine Prince 15 Sr. Play 45 Poetry Reading Dist., Reg. Sz State 45 Honor Student 1-4. RICHARD ROCHE Choir 1-4, Solo 3-4, Octet 3-4, Mes- siah Chorus 45 Merit Award 3-45 Football 1-4, Basketball 1-45 Track 1-4, District and Regional 2-4, State 2-3. HAROLD SCHUMANN FFA 1-45 FHA 1-4, Junior Degree 1: Football lg Track l. MILTON TATE, JR. Class President l, Officer 25 FFA 1-4, Officer 25 Band 1-4, District 1-4, Regional 3-4, All-State Band 3, Al- ternate 4, Solo 2-4, Sextet 2-45 Trav- eler Staff 4, Business Manager of Annual Staff 45 Basketball 25 Re- gional in Declamation 45 Merit Award 45 Senior Play 4. CLIFFORD TEINERT FFA 1-35 FHA 1, 2 and 45 P. E. As- sistant 45 Choir 2-3, Messiah Chorus 45 Mechanic Award 35 Valentine King 45 Host for Junior-Senior Ban- quet 25 Football 1-45 Basketball 1-25 Track l-35 Honor Student 1-4. This page sponsored by Prc1tho's CHARLES RUDY WEIGELT FFA 1-45 FHA 1-45 Baseball 15 Bas ketball 15 Track 15 Class Represen- Ltative 35 FFA Vice-President 35 Se nior Play 45 Traveler Staff 45 Li- brary Assistant 4. FRANKLIN welserz lFFA 1-25 FHA 1. JOHN CHARLES TONN FFA 1-25 FHA 1. CARA LYNN VAHREN KAMP Band 1-35 Softball 15 Volleyball 35 Office Assistant5 Traveler Staff, Edi- tor 45 Annual Staff 45 Merit Award 45 Honor Student 1-45 Number Sense, District 1-4, Regional 2. RAYMOND WENDLAND FFA 1-4, President 25 FHA 15 Foot- ball 1-25 Track 1-25 Choir 2-4, Mes- siah Chorus 45 Student Assistant 45 Class Representative 45 Traveler Staff 45 Valentine Coronation5 Se- nior Play 4. JOE DAN WENDLER Band 1-45 Choir 2, Choir Assistant 45 Annual Staff Assistant 45 Traveler Staff 45 Golf 2. This page sponsored by Giddings Drug'S1ore l,,...1,,. 5 ,, FRED WOLF FFA 1-45 FHA 1-45 Football 15 Bas- ketball 1-25 Track 1-25 Baseball 2-45 Traveler Staff 45 Library Assistant 45 Senior Play 4. CAROLYN ZSCHECH Class Social Chairman 3-45 FHA 1-45 Degrees: Junior 1, Chapter 2, State 3, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 45 District State Degree Chairman Choir 1-4, Sextet 3, Quartet 4, Solo 4, All-State 4, Messiah Chorus 45 Nurses Club 3-4, President 3, Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Merit Award 3-45 Annual Staff 45 District Decla- mation 45 Perfect Attendance 1-45 Senior Play 45 Honor Student 1-4. Gia 5.4 .JJi5fory In 1945, fourteen little bright-eyed tots who graduate this year started their careers in Giddings Elementary School. They were Johnny Christiansen, Maury Crow, Mary Ann Fischer, Elaine Hoffman, Nancy Joiner, Twila Kieke, Margie Kreumcke, Harold McDonald, Loretta Mantzel, Earl Mueller, Ruby Redkey, Milton Tate, John Tonn, Charles Weigelt and Joe Dan Wendler. Miss Frances Daily was our teacher. Miss Rubie Rousseau was the lucky C?J teacher who taught us in the second grade, as Rosario Gon- zales became one of us. Elroy Geisler joined the class in the third grade, although John Tonn, Rosario Gonzales, and Earl Mueller didn't like it anymore and moved away. Mrs. Ellie Vanderworth was our teacher. Mrs. Vanderworth couldn't bear to part with us, so she was promoted to the fourth grade too. Nancy Joiner couldn't make up her mind whether to stay or not. She moved to Elgin, and in a month she moved back. Miss Allie Mae Brown assumed control of the boisterous fifth grade class. Fred Wolf became one of us and Nancy Joiner lived in Elgin seven months this time before moving back. Erwin Fischer, Rosario Gonzales, and A. C. Hill joined the well-behaved OJ class in the sixth grade. One teacher couldn't stand us all day, so we now had four, Miss Marjorie Henry, Miss Irma Avrett, Miss Martha Brogdon, and Mr. Darrell Blackman. Miss Avrett, Miss Brogdon, Miss Henry, and Mr. Blackman were also given the pleasure of teachingxus in the seventh grade. Here the class was increased by sixg Aubrey Boswell, Karen Fricke, Carol Jaehne, and Ruth Meier. Earl Mueller and John Tonn decided to rejoin theclass and help drive the teachers insane. Elroy Geisler came back to join the class in the eighth grade. Miss Mervyn Offield was our teacher. OUR FRESHMAN YEAR! Gee, wasn't it exciting? We really expanded that year. The parochial school gave us fourteen new members, Robert Faske, Herman Jaehne, Lavine Jenke, Arthur Kurio, Larry Lerche, Floris Mutschink, Edward Reinhardt, Dorothy Schroeder, Milton Schroeder, Harold Schumann, Clifford Teinert, Cara Lynn Vahrenkamp, Franklin Weiser, and Carolyn Zscheck. Three students, Helen Medack, Marjorie Mertink, and Benny Mitschke came from Serbin5 Vicente Gonzales and James McPaul came from Paigeg from Fedor came Raymond Wendland, and Joyce Jurk came from Warda. Richard Roche joined the class all the way from Nashville, Tenn. Miss Bess Black, Mrs. Tom Cherry, and Mr. Bill Brademan were the bewildered sponsors. Lois Naumann joined the class our sophomore year, while Donald Newman arrived just in time to help decorate for the Junior-Senior Prom, "In a Jaoanese Tea Garden." Now, here we are in our senior year. Along with it comes a happy yet sad feeling that we will not be here next year. Senior rings, invitations, robes, and the Senior trip. We are glad Bobby Glenn joined us this year from Cameron. gharillis certainly go to our wonderful and understanding sponsors, Mr. Willard, Mrs. Cherry, and Miss ay attox. This page sponsored by Highway Cafe . i 24 ,, V,,w, I X P 1 5 s f L 1 1 E Moy! .55 ff f1'i15gf5u5 fflgvr 7"'xQii1'Jz P9245 j W1'lS'Z H .f f A K i V l I Y Y . w r 5 i l w 1 2 W 'El W i 'Wig' g W A ' if1f'w2v.3" ,LZ N 1 1 I ' 4 r 2 1 . FK 513 ,, .151 if fifff waffwm i'C1?2'm"E 1524 wi 1' , 3' Q x ff . - ' H . f f if if iii wi-,fi il, , if ,V fryfiq fy? iff? S' M is 'Jim Flffiiy' ' Q' ' J K 'M 'W' A, qifff Lffgmgf TMS 5114 P071 SQ Yee! ,Rosie 684 , , , ,,, Aff "" gk V' X Q' yn . 'I f fcfifyu f':7f,,:'.fpL2"aff:5?f,426 FYQS 'x - :E" Q A fb 14 CQ ff '? Q UN 5 1 1 if E Ref esevfat' 05 5 X X X X XX XX XE x ' X ,4 f Z .t -S U S, .U x Q iw Q X X X X X X xx? mi THU' PACE Sponsvxeo B3 52:-uvsfbea. 01-0SMOB.lLE Co. Adeline Arldt Walter Arldt William Arldt Milton Bage Joyce Bell L.i......... Robert Barrett Fancita Beyer Roy Lee Bol ing Hugh Durrcnherger Glen Eichlvr Jackie Fzirrias Helen Firasuk Lena Mac Frosc-h Fred llznnnvs This page sponsored by City Meat Market 1 Joyce Beisert Leroy Bieberstein 1 'I fi f' -'W 1 'f Janelle Hannes Donald Henderson Jimmy Hill Wayne Hurst Nancy Jaehne Erwin Jenke Geneva Kilian Lois Kissman Floyd Koslan Delta Koslan Janeene Kowerske Charles Kriegel Alice Kuehn Bobby Lehman G. A. Lindncr Jerry Mclnis This page sponsored by Fc1rmer's Supply Company w KW .Le ,, . ,gl Walter Ponfick Carolyn Rachui Kenneth Reimers a Edgar Richter Viola Medack Clarence Menzel Charles Mersiovsky Bernice Mitschke Jane Moerbe John Newman s Q X sz37sigfg:f.N:1g:gg::rf Q4 s . f fy I , -- Yzn,5i5x.xqiP0U.l.fvwU"1w K: - - i aawergweztuw " .. 5 ggrggrtgzg' ,- ,. . , ,. . , ffifiii , A , , zg. , 'V ...L K . 7' 7 '. ia - - 'ffililhl ' viii' Ji '2' 1 5 David Riffe Carol Riske Marilyn Saegert Michael Schmidt This page sponsored by Emmrich Mill Joe Dell Orts s-rn' V , gsf-5 w H - -.3 ':g,-:,. -:-EH, 1-fN,. '. I-L, Ai 1. H : .:.,:. .fi fi, P, sf 'f:.:a 22 1 15 -:- ::2.::..-Q Q - - 'lv gm x f rr ,5 agxrllb ' his Wg egg? 1 ,Q A 1 5 it I 1 Mi 3 Monroe Prellop :zz , an 1 V x.f:.'QR V. Bruce Schroeder Melvin Schulze Cynthia Slocomb Tommy Stevenson Curtis Urban John Wagner Edgar Weiser Alice Wenke Edward Witte George VN itte Dean Stuess5 La Vern Symank Allen Woll' Lhailene 'late Eunice Urban Lovie Zoch This page sponsored by Giddings Meat Market i ...i fy: waz: 09" 27' JE' DF' fnlfld' Pl 4,-fp near c-'J 'f s CH 23 Case-As Eeeam S P1-1 noses A0-'B -C c -R Ca ,f"" d 177 7 a L .i X Ns .: ,f ,fs ff f yff W DE5UTn 1 Z., if , 'Z f' 'Y y , 7 X x h ES 33l1lxxEET.':' --H- - ' ' S Z f X X ---H f , ls, uleeiiiz-nzzzii s A V f. ., Q! f 1 J X f I I I 4? X I 72113 P44: -S,POAf-S0ffD By Dacroek Ccnvzc, 33 Mildred Dabhs Royce Deaver Robert Droemer Ruth Droemer ' Wagga, -'rr 575: ffjvz I 5171 1 I 0 if R i 3 ,-l--: E if ..,. 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Janet Kipp Judith Knobloch Carolyn Karcher Bernice Lehmann This page sponsored by Ben's Feed Store Bobby Mutschink Violet Miertschin James Namken Jesse Perez Ruth Redkey Betty Reuther Curtis Riske Mignon Rhode Peggy Pieratt Billy Placke George Pohorelsky Barbara Proske Michael Simmang Martin Spitzenberger Kenneth Stevenson Florence Symank Henry Saegert Earl Schulz Helen Seelke Betty Schroeder This page sponsored by Gruetzner's Diane Tate Betsy Tginert Billy Teinert Jo Ann Teinert Delores Wagner Cecil Walther Becky Willard Eric Winkler 1 Marcia Toppel Judy Vahrenkamp Peggy Volkers Carolyn Wachsmann This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. H, Q, Willard 'ix Goralcl Zoch l"rz1m'c's Zach fllznrvin Zoch E i 3 3 L l 5 t I l 38 6 'iw llzs A A,...,., . f . We? Q v ay 1 Q-' A, S., 3 S. E' X 'Ez 'S ,L fy, ' " A Q x X ' X Rx X XS-X X 'Urs 73,4765 SENSOFED a nm ji. 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Funeral Home 1 l l Carolyn Walther Howard Weigelt Doris Weise Carolyn Weiser Ellen Woelfel Dorothy Zwernemann Marilyn Zschech Ralph Ponfick ' Marilyn Richter Walter Sandoz Edward Schkade Priscilla Schneider Emil Seellre Francis Smith Otis Stiewart Elizabeth Tonn Calvin Vahrenkamp Betty Volkcrs Janice Wagner This page sponsored by Elkin's 5, 'IO 81 25c Store my yeh, , 4:2 Em, ffsfilzcj 15,5 lgyfeffo 0 fi 39? fri 21 f' " ,! Gam I ffffiiyf L61 3fQ2.fMc: 1gz't5P lrglifffftyfaffb, 'guy ' J x ,jf FRESHMHN -S'fY'4 P-'HOT-2, '---"7'Ai.r P-Ige, Spontvrfwx by C Llratfrlvwel- Shep 4 3 I YVV V AV .. ,Q-if L-1 ' Y '4, Q ' ' - 4 ..-.. - ' - , ' X ,-. -,-4 "' -. f . - -2 2:2 - -L -- ' 'fs i X? 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Seole First Grade Dancers Entertain Royal Court Royal Tumblers Entertain Royal 'Court The King and Queen Descend From the Throne This page sponsored by Mr. John Knox! 1 I 4 N: JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES rwin en e an meffa .jCo5fan This page sponsored by Croy1on's Studios SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES ofauine genlfe auf! .Nara Wclona I 5 21 3 E SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES Ceci! wafder an! garlara pro5Le :RESHMAN CLASS FAVO RITES Sefmarie WaffAijefz and geomey .ilarmzi This page sponsored by Fcuske's Jewelers ,,......,,...,,..-,-w,--,,,-.-,..,.T-.7 M 'sig Fvgs 'erin' M 0-"' 43, ,li Y 1' 2 7 f , f , H 4 L-:.'i"f5'-M - X - M J- XX gtg K.-,L-.-I , X .1 Y - , i .- r , 1.-.- , 7'-'HS zona! SPONSORED gy Cfoofuas Nor-ofa Co. 7 J -su-ii-1 M.-,11 SQ? U C w e 'I 8 , '.A1 AJ, ,X 0 P' ' QA I 1 525 1 if A ,., - A. 2 3 Q " i fl!-Y Scifo C WL Y V .,.,,, I x - A 0 .13 A - 49 L , QQ? Fv-05th i . i7ff7ffffffffffA72wf,zMy wf , f X u QURO ,,.+ fpua I ,-,,-,T- - Z- ,v.1...,. 7v1,3' A465 '5Ponf.5'b2ED 37 61001435 !Va7'o1Z Ca 2 5 1 9 r E Loretta Manuel Wesley Frosch Dorothy Schroeder Lena Mae Froscl President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Council Boone Jackson Sponsor 5 K F L x Donald and Harold enjoying the chow! Student Council Banquet This page sponsored by M 81 M Contractors g......... Li.,, on Cara Lynn Mary Ann Fischer Margie Kruemcke Vahrenkamp Assistant Editor Feature Editor Editor THE TRAVERLER STAF.F Editor ,..,,..,...,,...,..... ..,...t,,. e .......................,,.,..,.....,..........,..... C ara Lynn Vahrenkamp Assistant Editor ......, ,.,,,.,,,..,t...,.,...E,...s.,....,.....,..,......,.., ..w,,,....,... M a ry Ann Fischer Feature Editor .,.,.. ............ M argie Kruemcke Art Editor ...,,.,.., .......,,.,,,v,,........... , . Lois Naumann Sports Editor ........ ,i,,,,t.. . , .............Y..,,t, Bobby Glenn Assistants .,...,.,.. ,.stt,... A . C. Hill and Maury Lee Crow Music Editor ..sY.. ss,ss,........,.,,,,,,.,,,..,,,l.,,,,s.,,s,si,,...,......s..,e 7 ,,,,. N ancy Joiner Alumni Editors ,,.t..,.....,.,.......,,t, , .,,.t, Ruby Pierce and Marjorie Mertink p Columnists ...... ,,,,l.., L arry Lerche, Charles Rudy Weigelt, Carol Jaehne, Rosario Gonzales, Dorothy Schroeder Photographer ,,,,,,,,,,e,e..................,. . .,..., .e,,,, J oe Dan Wendler Typists ...,..,,..... ..,,,l...t...,.....,..,,,,,.e,....,,,,eeeee, M ilton Schroeder, Fred Wolf Reporters ,,eee ,,.,... H arold McDonald, Earl Mueller, James McPhaul, D517 Newman, Elroy Geisler, Raymond Wendland BUSINESS STAFF ' Circulation Manager ..,,, ,eee,,,.. . ..,,. .,,,,e,,.. , A ......,..,,,,ee,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,..e,.., M ..,.. ,Milton Tate Assistants J .....,.,,,,e.,,,,e,,,,,se,, ee,,.e, B enny Mitschke, Ruth Meier, Floris Mutschink Advertising Manager ......,, ,....,...,,..,,,,.,,..................,..,,.,,,,,,, ,,...,....... . ..e, T W ila Kieke Assistants ....,,,,.,,,,,,,ee,,,e,er , ,,l,,....rl,,..e...e.,e,,e,,,e, Lois Naumann, Helen Medack Sponsor ...,..,,,,,e,.,,......, ., Miss Eleanor Fletcher Milton Tate Circulation Manager Eleanor Fletcher Sponsor THE TRAVELER STAFF EDITORS AND SPONSOR This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Heitmcmcik,....-..L Twila Kiuku Editor THE 1957 HERD STAFF Karl I-llckfung Sponsor THE HERD STAFF FOR 1956-1957 Editor ....................... Business Manager ....... Art Editor ,,,.....,.,.......... Assistant Art Editor ...... Feature Editor ..,...... Sports Editor ............,...,,,., Student Activities Editor .-.,.. ,,,......,,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,,,,.,, Ruth Meier and Senior Class Editors ...... Junior Class Editor ........... Sophomore Class Editor Q , Freshman Class Editor ........,,, - ,-,--,,-, ----,,,, Elementary Division Editor ........ ....,,. Sponsor ....,,...,,..,,.,,,,..-,........,. ,,.,,,,, This page sponsored by Citizen's State Bank Millun 'llzxlu Business Manage Twila Kieke Milton Tate Cara Lynn Vahrenkamp Lois Naumann Lavine J enke A, C. Hill Harold McDonald Carolyn Zschech Carol Riske Ruth Droemer Janice Wagner Carolyn Zschech Karl Hickfang FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERICA Benny Mitschke Tom Cherry FFA President FFA OFFICERS Sponsor '1 Giddings High School Chapter of the Future Farmers of America with their sweetheart, Miss .hnice Wiqnor This page sponsored by Ci'rizen's State Bank 1 nan-J FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Th pg p dbyC S B k Carolyn Zschech F. H. A. Council F. H. A. President Carolyn Rachui, Adeline Arldt. Carolyn Zschech, escorted by and Carol Riske F. H. A. Sweetheart. Recipients of State Homemaker Curtis Urban Degree of Achievement Home EC I Class Preparing Cookies. Last minute check for FHA Christmas Party This page sponsored by Citizen's State Bank ,, , Y in 1 Some Snapshots showing some of the activities of the Band during the school year. A portion of Band in Marching Formation. Mr. Schmidt rehearses the Band for the Commencement Exercises. The Band in Concert Formation for one of its fine concerts, The Giddings High School Band under the direction of Everett P. Schmidt, for the fourth time in the last five years, Won First Division Honors in both Concert and Sight-reading at the Regional Music Festival. This page sponsored by Hermcm Hilsberg g...L..,L.,,,,m i,,, H AMA .Y AY Y W Y Wk H V ,W was Ai gi J' an w Q if lternates t iilton Tate . iii aw 1: X ra , . , I 2 ,gg Q1 Q4 iw' QW 2 A R ri ' if pil? Q' ii' Q9 W -N' '1""'aw at ff" 'M Qs fgf, 5 5 Q8 i 17 4- i GIDDINGS HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT CHOIR FIRST DIVISION, REGIONAL COMPETITION FESTIVAL GHS CHOIR, 1956-57, Karl A. Hickfang, Direcior This page sponsored by Citizen's Sfcde Bank 65 gi W Hifi. fb B 5 if E ,, Ei 5' 1 Q gg S, , 1 is EIZ1: 5 ,::. if qggi A ,W I Y , FIRST DIVISION WINNERS - 1957 REGIONAL SOLO COMPETITION FESTIVAL Joyce Beiserf, A110 'Carolyn Zschech, Soprano Janis Cowan, Soprano Class I Solo Class I Solo Class II Solo Henderson, Baritone Cynthia Slocomb, Alto Gerald Zoch, Tenor Class II Solo Class I1 Solo Class II Solo This page sponsored by Ted's Svlgeef Shop Durst Nnmc fi 549 ggi 51 Xiirf w zi VCO AQ K I ,. , 3 Q w S X -ff WAS - -,fff-+ 7',-My Pace' .S'na.v.s've.e'.crQ Hy 624: 51--ewcfe' Envoy .mo Can-ina A 68 S Iunlmtrs Y xf5 XS N xx ZF K XX f x 42 ssh' - -gif ' .Sx 4? ,ii X gx 5 X - .,..-- A j Z IV fron! By ffdcadzla 43.4414 574 P' gf Shar.-mein Z'-115 44 69 Carl!! JGZAIIQ SALUTATORIAN page sponsored by Giddings Rofcnry Club VALEDICTORIAN ary .xgnn ji5cAe BALFOUR AWARDS Wesley Frosch Rosario Gonzales B0y'5 Athletics Girl's Afhlefics A. C. Hill Benny Mitschke Science F. F. A. This page sponsored by Giddings Rotary Club R ix, kv W gw 1 62. 2:,:f:sE:zx1:f:':ff-z,:,:1 w :EEIEEES "" ', Li "" Carolyn Zschech Ruth Henderson Balfour Award for FHA Most Outstanding Citizen Award in G HS, 1956-57 Good Citizen Awards Nau row El Row: R. Naumann, Frosch, 1957 Merit Awards Quill and Soy-oll man, Henderson. Awards Row: Kriegel, Hannes,- nd Placke. This page sponsored by Gicldings Rofory Club ATHL X jflvfl ' lu' , M-"M -5 " ,f 4-f3"' Wrl-J' Q . f 16- f Y - -'!' - 7 7 . Y L Qi'-"""-4 Y' X Qs h,Z,,,,- - cf , f,X,,,. -fl.--i t-,il--1 iilg- Q11?-,,..,,-ff" Tm: P905 .Snwvsmfp 'gy 7Zv:'75.esr 74 4. Emma TCS ' W m,,,w , .ff A? :xx S ' lf, f iiff, ,,, -"' ,fin ,of ff' ,,.f--1 ",,., Eff., 1-,111 , - .vi-f., 1 n ? li- ,,- V' 4 K " 5531:-ik - ":5555i:,. ,....-ilk? ,lf- .. .,,.-,-- if-"" fl 3-fri " ,ff 'T' 720.5 Pace' Snaaswae-'o By Iv: ,Gear Afarfaarnz, B-wwe A 7 5 ffl, 1 This page sponsored by Firsi National Bank THE GIDDINGS HIGH SCHOOL BUFFALOES GD 4 E4 -Ir- EI -0 uw, 52 r-Q SEE '34 UI Luv '23 P-22 ID Buffs who made the All-District Squad: Second row: Reimers, Schmidt, Crow, Placke. First row: Hill, Bieberstein, Frosch. Urban, and Richter. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Seniors members of squad: Second row: Frosch, Crow, Teinert, Faske. First row: Christiansen. Roche, Mueller, Schroeder, and A. C. Hill. This page sponsored by First National Bank 1 , Edgar Richter Bobby Mutschink Jimmy Hill 160 Lbs. - Halfback 175 Lbs. - Fullback 145 Lbs. - Halfback A11-District A11-District Michael Schmidt Wesley Frosch Maury Lee Crow 185 Lbs, - End 165 Lbs. - Quarterback 195 Lbs. - End All-District Co-Captain, All-District Co-Captain, All-District Kenneth Reimers Billy Placke Milfon gchroeder 175 Lbs. -- Center 195 Lbs. -- Tackle 170 Lbst - Guard All-District All-District This page sponsored by First National Bank Richard Roche Charles Kriegel Earl Mueller 145 Lbs. - Halfback 160 Lbs. - Linebacker 155 Lbs. - Fullback Leroy Bieberstein Fred Hannes Curtis Urban 170 Lbs. - Tackle 180 Lbs. - End 175 Lbs. - Guard All-District All-District J M I ' Robert Barrett Melvin Schulze erry c nnls 230 Lbs, -. Tackle 170 Lbs. - Tackle 220 Lbs. - Tackle This page sponsored by First National Bank ' nl"A-f ..1..1. ,, .. ..,. ,. ,V Y K , .-.L ,,.,-an-.,..... . 1 ,. L., 1 A. C. Hill Johnny Chrisfiansen Hugh Durrenburger 140 Lbs. - Halfback 155 Lbs. - Halfback 140 Lbs. - Halfback - .,..,, ,, . sm S a 5 5 Bobby Faske Alvin Hirsch Charles Goodson 165 Lbs. - Guard 135 Lbs. - Quarterback 175 Lbs. - Tackle E,-win Jenke Ge,-old Zach Clifford Teinerf 160 Lbs. - End 165 Lbs. .. Guard 165 Lbs. - Guard This page sponsored by First National Bank Edgar Richter skips for 9 yards Action late in the LaGrange-Giddings Battle against La Grange. The 1956 season for the Giddings High School Buffaloes is a story of rags to riches. The Buffs under their new head coach Boone Jackson, suffered many injuries and had plenty of hard luck thrown in and went down to defeat in their first three games. It was then that the Buffs finally had their squad intact for the first time in the se ison, and began to roll. They won the last seven of their regular scheduled games, crushing Bastrop, fthe only loss the Bears sustained all seasonl, 20-12, and rolling over the four district foes without giving up a point. The Buffs edged Lockhart 20-19, stopping a fourth quarter rally by the Lions after having lead at one time in the game by 20-7. Next, the B iffs began to create state-wide notice by defeating a very strong and high-scoring Navasota by a 19-13 score. The Buffs trailed 13-6 and later 13-12 before pulling it out of the fire with a fourth quarter 68-yard drive. In the quarterfinals the Buffs met the rugged Brady Bulldogs, a team which shdwed itls championship ability by taking advan- tage of the breaks and Buff errors and piled up a 33-0 lead at halftime. The Buffs fought back hard to play the Bulldogs on even terms in the seconl half, but the season ended for them that night as Brady went on to become finalist and take second place in Class AA football. The success of the 1956 season goes to a tremendous comeback spirit of the team and the wonderful job of coach- ing of Boone Jackson, Bill Michalka, and Truett Mobley, and the scouting of Henry Lawrence. If there was one thing that made the '56 team go, it was because they didn't give up on themselves after the first three games, though many of it's followers did. Maury Crow picks off a LaGrange pass A Buff pitchout goes astray. to stop a Leopard drive. This page sponsored by First National Bank I -3 I957 BUFFALO BASKETBALL TEAM - DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Trueff Mobley Coach Michael Schmidt Richard Roche Maury Lee Crow Forward -- A11-District Guard - All-District, Center - All-District Second Team This page sponsored by Fir? National Bank GIDDINGS HIGH SCHOOL BUFFALO BASKETBALL TEAM WINNER OF DISTRICT 21-AA CHAMPIONSHIP Gerald Zoch Edgar Richter charles Kriegel Fred Hamm Guard Guard Forward Center All-District Second Team Despite the fact that the Buff Cagers were not able to start practice until December 10, be c u f F b ' ' ' ' ' a se 0 oot all going until December 7, the boys opened the1r season with one day practice and defeated a good Bellville team 47-38. The Buffs proved that they meant business as they won the Sommerville Invitational Tournament and swept all eight of their district games without a loss. U The Buffs disposed of Weimer in Bi-District, but lost out to Marlin in Regional. EIVOY Geisler Jackie Farris Billy Placke Alvin HIYSCIW Forward Guard Center Guard I F This page sponsored by First National Bank ul BUFFALO TRACK TEAM ANNEXES DISTRICT 21-AA CROWN! THE 1957 BUFFALO TRACK TEAM BOONE JACKSON Wesley Frosch COACH Discus and Shot DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 120 Yard High Hurdles 15.9 Maury Crow 180 Yard Low Hurdles 21.5 Elroy Geisler 100 Yard Dash 10.2 Edgar Richter 220 Yard Dash 23.1 Edgar Richter 440 Yard Dash 51.0 Richard Roche 880 Yard Dash 2107.5 Kenneth Reimers One Mile Run 5102.3 Brucie Schroeder 440 Relay 45.3 Relay Team Mile Relay 3:35.23 Relay Team High Jump 6 feet Elroy Geisler Broad Jump 20 feet, 81!2 inches Donnie Deaver Pole Vault 10 feet, 6 inches L. Gonzales, B. Mutschink Discus 145 feet, 3 inches Wesley Frosch Shot Put 41 feet, 10 inches Wesley Frosch Bobby Glenn Sprinters: Richler, Hannes and Urban Brucie Schroeder and Ken Reimers 220 Yard Dash M119 880 Yard Dash -......A .,,A ,,,, ,WH , This page sponsored by First National Bank Elroy Geisler and Qonme Deaver Elroy Geisler Elroy Geisler B1 Oad Jump High Jump-eState Meet and Mal-'VY Crow and High Jump Hurdles Relay: Christiansen, Roche, Geisler, Sprint Relay: Rlchlerg Roche' Hannes Durrenburger and Reimers and Duffen Urge' L. Gonzales Edgar Richfer and F,-ed Ha,-H195 Christiansen, Roche and B. Mufschink 100 Yard Dash and Durrenburger Pole Vault 440 Yard Dash This page sponsored by Firsf National Bank 1.-.J THE 1957 GIDDINGS HIGH BUFFALO BASEBALL TEAM CAPTURES SECOND PLACE IN DISTRICT 21-AA E. in P I , i i I I I Coach Michalka and the Buffs Buff Infielders: Geisler, Schmidt Kriegel, Deaver, and Dube. The Outfieldersz M. Schroeder, Weigelt, Richter, ' Placke, Harms, and Brucie Schroeder. n i i E Buff Pitchers: FI'OSCh, Wolf and Hill. Buff Catchers: Zoch and Kriegel i This page sponsored by First National Bank L.......,,A,,, , , S 5 1 rs 5 i is W . K., J I eg:g::.: ,.'-'- ix K 'Yule Q5 ,.-,:,,. g I,.kvA.- lun ... .... . i A-ff W y M Y, Q, 1 N, f xy 5,3 2 Z 1 nw.. Q ,, x Q 3 K ' if ,, -f vw.- mrwvy S TUDENT f , 1 75' fp J I .59,g,! X - k -5-ff gif k - .- H 751 IK ff lf E . 369 xg! 1- Z ,f--'F' ,515 GS INDEPEIVDQW' v5L'll00L 015 TRIII7' S E HUUL BUS X i g '1i....--- 7015 PAGE Spomsoffo Hy Pa vb' MAGNOLIA .S'r4r-,oy 88 fi..- i-j,,.... ...- TIYITIE 4' A h gg l ,FX .. -.-r I ff! ff4f 5 h' X " XZ -5 f ff'fff f , 1 l T!! ' gf QD 1 ff- 'M 71: . X, 6 Eff ff? il. - h,,i,-f- -l Tw: P465 Spa?-2'Z225' .Gy ffgpbonascfrr .lamsfa-3 Ce 89 f- JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET AND PROM FEATURING This page sponsored by Cifizen's Sfczfe Bank ESSx5fdi5ggg jgnpggg, a fjaufuzvei ff5Mef'!fWnEl-f aff Hmexfcfv f'7arwa18-DHm:.':.f-rxre-'1c-,5'afv QF,-4 xv q aes ,1- Nfi'?.g Effie M, , Ep-i 5-A Y z 2 5 , ,Mm . K , ,V V 22616 fvmvroxrxso Hy OaE'.5ff?G'ISi'K7RD1::spN0 72 92 FOOTBALL BANQUET HONORING THE GIDDINGS HIGH SCHOOL BUFFALOES, QUARTER-FINALIST oach Jackson presents me 1956 Buffalo Squad Mr. Slocomb salutes the Buffs! FOR 'I 956-57 tr V .M Sit u u, Curtis and Gerald entertain with duets? The Kieke's and Jackson's at the Head Table Coach Jackson having his say. Judge Kieke undoubtedly pulling the coach's leg. Some of the Band Co-Captain Wesley Frosch Booster Prexey Crow and Iembers enjoying the Collects for the Team. Super Don posing. B t. , , , anque This page sponsored by Cmzen's State Bank minimal THE SENIOR cLAss PRODUCTION: ".7Ael9e,!eCf J1Jf.,f" -LIS you takin, my pitcher-gn O Charles Rudy, emcee Acting CAN be fun. Maury Lee sleeps through it all. . The "idiot" seeks help. Q "What's with the bag?" A. C. is real gone. This page sponsored by Citizen's State Bank 5 5 fa Z INTRAMURALS 5 FUMS, Intramural Champions, 1956-57 Levine Jenke and A. C. Hill Intramural Coordinators FiNAL iNTRAMURAi.. TEAM STANWNGS: FUMS .,.,,r.,,vv.v.,..,.,.... ..r...,.,.o, . .. ,.r. . FOES .r.., FEES ...r,.. so ,7 5 650 625 545 FIES 540 Loretta Manfzel Janfme K0We"5kY D Splashdayu, Lagrange '57 Duchess IH Brenham M31f6St. This page sponsored by Citizen's State Bcmk 1 1 Ai ,.........vr-iifvn -.7 .SQFKIIVG1 fvffafff' 7-ffwfl' fa -'hw--,,,.., WWW' 72,5 2955 fpgwygggp 3 y E P7 C2144 Iam ffexnco WJ O07e'Aa, If Ca, me, M.7"'E' 'f"'i"5'G 'If-54' Zoreffa. Jmeems fa oovafd Qujlv-"'7"o 58 fiaV1'nj Q.. iixfli "e7"'4'?2-' 4' fvffffeff? 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SIXTH GRADE Irma Avrett, Teacher FIFTH GRADE Allie Mae Brown, Teacher FOURTH GRADE Ellie Vanderwerth and Allene Willard , Teachers This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Kieke FIRST GRADES Maxine Moody and Cecilia Reat Teachers SECOND GRADES Vesta Mae Moore and Rubie Rousseau Teachers THIRD GRADES Anna Lora Mueller and Mabry Knox Teachers This page sponsored by 290 Mognolio Sfofion GIDDINGS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SQUAD, 1956, HENRY LAWRENCE, COACH This page sponsored by Lee County Lumber Co. fgffifif fp gf ,fgrffkf if 44 . . , ,V..,W, g 33-K. 3 - ziivr-C. ' Ill W7 AUTOGRAPHS ,. V 7 K , . Q , W' : f3gf5LWi, fW'fWN if M WWW .gif QW Xwgwje 69935, ' dj W 1 ,WM 2? QA , WW' 9 gjgif . WM W F f4VJ'Z QQ? 8 ow Q3 S Qi I 9 W 5 wiv 35 fwfdfziiw 3333 Qwf'fyf1f'jjk,P HMM W Si m1,

Suggestions in the Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) collection:

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 105

1957, pg 105

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 113

1957, pg 113

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 93

1957, pg 93

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 60

1957, pg 60

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 28

1957, pg 28

Giddings High School - Herd Yearbook (Giddings, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 91

1957, pg 91

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