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fp TIM. is ' ' f ' X ' X .m",,.s--- 4' ' f'-.27 ' f Wax?"- fma 5-ii? lr TheYeI 0 Jak mt Bttyffz G gg R Gb 111-IghShl Gb 11 N thC 1 Q 'Q is 1 Q- , Diggs U .. 'Q f' -'-h'f B' M g ' L A11 FORE fORD Sfhool day dear old Golden rule days' We face the day Deiore us and eep forever those Vwh1Ch are behmd us those Chemshed days hat seem we hope to br1ng a small part of our happy days Spent here w1th you the reader and to keep ahve for ue, tue Semor Clase, of 1952 all the premous memorxeb that these oays naxe held 2 , -- o O '. ' S' ' ' k ' f ' ' -- ' t so many but are far too few. Within these pages DEDIC T10 Mrs R. H Wynne Wrth the dedlcatlon of th1s annual we the semors of 1952 w1sh to express our deepest apprec1at1on and most smncere thanks to Mrs R I-I Wynne a former member of the Cnbson v111e I-hgh School faculty for her contmnuous struggle and effort to prepare us for the future 3 , , Y I Q u , ' 1 . ,mac ACULTY a. ur 1... MR. GERALD D. JAMES Principal U. S. History MR. THEADORE BOWEN Mathematics Sponsor of Debating Club .if s ,rr MISS CATHERINE CHIFFELLE English and Library Beta Club Sponsor X MR. G. RAZ AUTRY, JR. Coach Physical Education -. Q 5, if J l MISS ESTELLE BROWN English and French Advisor of Black and Gold Q S- ri- fNot Picturedp MR. I. F. RANDALL Replaces NIR A I ABDALLA MRS. MA RLENE TOLER Secretary MR. HARRY L. BOWLING Trades and lndustry Annual Staff Sponsor MISS DORIS NANCE Commercial Dept. Advisor of Black and Gold Cheer Leader Sponsor MRS. MABLE L. OWEN Home Economics F.H.A. Sponsor Annual Staff Sponsor MR. A. J. ABDALLA Science Student Council Sponsor Science Club Sponsor - eww g if '::' AR 'VX 'W 'Q "3" N.. YELL-O-JAK STAFF me " iv , l SITTING, Left to Right: Annie Brothers, Lloyd Apple, Billy Creasy, Betty Andrews, Boyd Greeson, Betty Grigg, Nancy Clapp, Celia May. STANDING: Elsie Clapp, Erma Dell Friddle, LaRue Allen, Charles Sockwell, Elaine Baldwin, Richard Brothers, Jean Isley, Barbara Smith, Shirley Dawson, Sylvia Wyrick, Nancy Gilliam, Mrs. Wallace Owens. '1y'X., 1:17 if SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kr' President, Billy Creasy Vice-Presidenl, Jim Gfiflg Mascots Seared: Tanya Apple, Standing: Jim Overman Secretary, LaRue Allen Treasurer, Betty Andrews fi 4+ i SENIORS 4 .Y ' 'itstf' 1 .... f' 'T' 51 LARUE ALLEN BETTY ANDREWS "Lash" Come what may, she will catch a man some day. Hobby Club 1,25 Beta Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1, Historian 25 Black 8a Gold Staff 35 Assistant Librarian 2, 35 Junior Play Marshall 35 Glee Club 45 Yell-O-Jak Staff 45 Sec- retary 45 Superlative 4. x'V-'gun 1 5 Z S "v-nm, EJ ELAINE BALDWIN "Flonnie" Agreed by all, she's on the ball. F,H,A, 1, Treasurer 25 Hobby Club 15 Dramatics Club 15 May Court 35 Black Sa Gold 3,45 Glee Club 45 Assistant Librarian 45 Junior Play5 Homecoming Queen 4 Yell O Jak Staff 4 Superlatrve 4 LLOYD APPLE "Peanut" Little and loud, yet always proud. Beta Club 3,45 Photography Club 1,25 Hobby Club 15 4 H Club 1,2, 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Science Club 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Black 84 Gold Staff 3,45 Yell-O-Jak Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 25 Junior Play5 Base- ball 1,2,3,45 Superlative 4. 7 "Betsy" She's pretty and fair But her smiles are rare. Basketball3,45 Softball 35 Junior Play Marshall 35 Art Club 25 Hobby Club 15 F.H,A. 2, Treasurer 35 Treasurer 45 Yell-O-Jak Staff 45 Black and Gold staff 45 Super- lative 4. itil N K V hllllltfll ARNOLD BECKOM " Peck" From all reports, he's the best of sports. Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 President 15 Glee Club lg Safety Patrol 1,25 Junior Marshall5 May Court 25 Dramatics Club lg Superlative 4. VZ? If 1""'s N, HERBERT BELVIN "Herbert" Sometimes late, but why hurry, it always causes worry. Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2.3 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 President 25 Glee Club 45 Marshall 2,35 May Court 35 Superlative 4. 1? ,Z 5 n , xxx ! ' . ,707 VA LLIE BRO WN "Val" "She may not be tall, But has a smile for all." Dramatics Club 15 Hobby Club 25 French Club 2,45 Beta Club 3,45 Alpha Delta Sorority 3,45 Black 8a Gold Staff 3, Co-editor 45 Glee Club 3,45 Softball 35 Student Council 45 Junior Varsity Basket- ball 35 Junior Play 35 Superlative 4. E IORS RICHARD BROTHERS WDOC.. He is never seen without his queen. Glee Club 3,45 Student Council ANNIE BROTHERS "Dutch" It's hard to find one of her kind. Basketball 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4- F,H,A, 2, Vice-President 3, Mono- gram Club 3,45 Black gc Gold Staff 3,45 Yell-O-Jak staff 45 Hobby Club 25 Junior Play Marshall 35 Art Club 25 Superlative 4. f f A - I M X 145 ELOISE BULL "Eloise" If silence is gold, how rich can she be. F,H.A. 1,45 Cafeteria Helper 2,3, 45 Library Assistant 3,45 Dramatics Club 15 Junior Play 35 Black 85 Gold Staff 45 Superlative 4. Vice-President 3,45 Photography Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Yell-O- Jak Staff 45 Junior Play 35 Hobby Club 15 Superlative 4. 452 Q79 f "N ar-'53 Hariri ELSIE CLAPP "Elsie" It's no doubt her smile will take her down the aisle, Though it may take her a while. Beta Club 3,45 French Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1,25 Hobby Club 15 May Court 15 Marshall 2,35 Alpha Delta Sorority 3, Vice-President 45 Black and Gold Staff 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 15 Yell-O-Jak Staff 45 Superlative 4. I l BILLY CREASY "Bill" If there's been any mischievous work And you didn't catch the jerk The person to see is me. Hobby 15 Photography Club 1,25 4 H Club 1,25 Science Club 45 Black and Gold Staff 35 Yell-O- Jak Staff 45 Junior Play Marshall 35 Substitute Bus Driver 3,45 Baseball 15 May Court 35 Superlative 4. W A .,,, 'Z' .K si SENIORS 3 ity' fu.. POSIE CLUBB "Posie" He is blessed with wit And sure to make a hit. Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 3,45 Art Club 25 Mono- gram Club 3, President 45 Junior Play5 Photo Club 25 Superlative 4. 9 NANCY CLAPP "Blackie" Her flirty ways keep many men in a daze. Dramatics Club lg F,H,A, 1,25 Art Club 25 Black and Gold 45 Yell- o-Jak Staff 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 35 Superlative 4. ARTHUR DAVIS "Lover" He is not a flirt But just attracted by every skirt. Glee Club 1,2,35 Allied Youth 15 Dramatics Club 1,25 Une Act Play 25 Football 25 President 35 Junior Play 35 Student Council 35 Black and Gold Staff 3,45 French Club 3, 45 Superlative 4. 1 SHIRLEY DAWSON "Shirley" Her imagination, which no one else possesses Will someday reward her with successes. Glee Club 1,3,45 Alpha Delta Sor- ority 3,45 Art Club 15 Black8t Gold Staff 2,3, Co-editor 45 Student Council 45 Cafeteria Helper 1,25 Junior Play 5 Superlative 4. NANCY GILLIAM "Nancy" Near the top she stands Willing to give a helping hand. Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 1, 2,3,45 Assistant Librarian 15 Sec- retary 25 Treasurer 35 Basketball 2.4, Co-captain 35 Black 81 Gold Staff 35 French Club President 3,45 Beta Club 4, Vice-president 35 Student Council President 3,45 Monogram Club 4 Marshall 2 Chief 3 Junior Play 3 Yell O Jak 4 Softball 1 2 Superlative 4 'cr QW SENIORS S . ,sl J, MILS 9 ERMA DELL FRIDDLE "Ruby Dell" She seemed to favor a blond So she picked out Don. Hobby Club 25 Black 81 Gold Staff 45 Glee Club 45 Junior Play 35 Dramatics Club 15 Superlative 45 Yell-O-Jak Staff 4. rl Qtr IO f " N 4 PANSY DUNN "Pansy" She is a great story teller, Maybe someday she will get that feller. Art Club 25 Junior Play 35 Science Club 1. f 7 ff f W BETTY GRIGG Hpug.. True to one and one alone Just sitting and waiting for him to come home. Marshall 2,35 Junior Play 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,4 Secre- tary5 French Club 35 Alpha Delta Sorority 4, President 35 Yell-O-Jak Staff 3, Editor 45 Black SL Gold Staff 2,3,45 Assistant Librarian 3,45 Student Council 45 Superlative 4. JIM GRIGG .. Jim.. Be serious if you may, but he will usually have something comical to say. Basketball 2,45 Vice-President 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Marshall 2, 35 Superlative 4. fs 5 JEAN ISLEY "links" Sometime Serious, Sometime gay, is the making of her pleasant way. Beta Club 45 Secretary 35 Treas- urer 15 Glee Club 35 President 45 Black Sr Gold Staff 3,45 Yell-O-Jak staff 45 Alpha Delta Sorority 3,45 Treasurer 35 Superlative 45 Mar- shall 3. Q'-AJQW 'gb' J. fa oy 4: 3 SENIOR . fluvluh f X 5 . iff' 'Q "' ' X 'F .Q I M 4 .iv A. 'i HAYWOOD INGLE "Haywood" Little work, plenty of fun, keeps a fellow sleepy and on the run. Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Football 2,45 Substitute Bus Driver 35 Monogram Club 45 l-lobby Club 15 Arr Club 25 Superlative 4. ll Q '25 f CHARLES EDWARD HAMILTON "Buddy" His hillbilly voice will no doubt someday be a nation choice. Junior Play Marshall 35 Glee Club 45 Science Club 45 Debating Club 45 Superlative 4. , W. gf mg, i t MARIAN LEDBETTER "Sis" She has a smile for all who pass her in the halls. Glee Club 1,2,3,45 French Club 3, 45 Reporter 45 Alpha Delta Sorority 3,45 Junior Play 35 Superlative 4. in W:- CELIA GREY MAY "George" She will rise high This small fry. Yell-O-Jak staff 45 Secretary 35 Black 8L Gold Staff 153,45 French Club 3, Treasurer 45 Alpha Delta Sorority 3,43 Glee Club 253, Treas- urer 45 Junior Play5 Superlative 4. DONALD OVERMAN "Nookie" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 President '25 Sec- retary 15Gl6e Club 1,2,3,45 Safety Patrol l5 Superlative 4. fills, .T""j'sX SE IORS rl lv 91 ll ak 'CT' SUE REID "Long Distance" Her virtues far excel her height. F,H.A. 2,4, Secretary 35 Basketball 1,35 Softball 15 Black Sr Gold Staff 45 Junior Play Marshall 35 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Superlative 4. C? MARY REA VIS ,. BO.. To worry little, to study less ls my idea of happiness. F.H.A. 2,45 Art Club 25 Glee Club 15 Dramatics Club l. ZX K TX, BARBARA SMITH "Babs" She's always happy, carefree, and gay. And ready to help in any way. Alpha Delta Sorority 3,4, Secretary 35 Beta Club 35 President 45 Junior Play 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Vice- president 15 Marshall 2,35 Black 8L Gold Staff 3,45 Assistant Librarian 3,45 Student Council45 Yell-O- Jak Staff 45 Superlative 4. 'x ,,,., 'W' ,Dx Vx T519 CHARLES ROBERT SOCKWELL "Charlie" He never does today wl1at he can put off 'till tomorrow. 4 H Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Substitute Bus Driver 35 Glee Club 25 Photography Club 1,25 Hobby Club lg Science Club 45 Yell-O- Jak sraff 45 Black 8r Gold Staff 35 Baseball 1, Manager 25 Superlative 4. A ya y L X" 1 I 1,7 P lj X JAMES REID THOMAS "Jimmie" Our No. one hillbilly Always flirting with some little lillie. Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Bus Driver 4, Substitute 35 Public Ad- dress Operator 2,35 Superlative 4. E IDRS -Q fi In .t -if 'Z' RACHEL SUTTON "Rachel" "Not very tall But considerate to all." Glee Club 2,3,45 Black 85 Gold Staff 3,45 Alpha Delta 35 Assistant 5 .L M GEORG E SUMMERS "0scie" "On him you can always depend For his favors have no end." Glee Club 35 Bus Driver 253,45 Football 45 Junior Play 35 Photo- graphy Club 2g Hobby Club 45 Superlative 4. X ew J O REBECCA WALKER "Becky" lt's not every day That you find one so gay. Glee Club 1.2,35 French Club 35 Alpha Delta Sorority Vice-pres- ident 3, Secretary 45 Beta Club 4- Student Council 45 Cheerleader 3, Chief 45 Junior Play 35 Black 81 Gold Staff 45 May Court 25 Dra- matics Club 1,25 Student Council 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Writers' Club 2. v Librarian 45 Cafeteria helper 15 Junior Play 3. Ji SEN IORS VIVIAN WICKER PAUL WYRICK " Vivian" " Paul" Short, sweet, and hard lO beat. Quiet, short, but he is a good sport. Glee Club lg Art Club 15 Black 8: Band 1,25 Photography Club 15 Gold Staff 45 F,l-l.A. 2. Junior Play 35 Debating Club 45 Superlative 4. SYL VIA WYRIC K "Sizzle" No matter what you say, she has a most delightful way. Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,3,45 Monogram 2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Vice-President 35 Beta Club 3,45 Vice-President 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 President 25 Black 85 Gold Staff 45 Alpha Delta Sorority 3,45 Vice- President 25 Yell-O-Jak Staff 45 Superlative 4. i" A G BETTY IDU YOUNG ER "Luella" She is quiet and shy, but the man who gets her will have a good buy. F.H.A. 1.2.35 President 45 Basket- ball 1,35 Dramatics Club 15 Black 8: Gold Staff 45 Softball 1: Junior Play Marshall 35 Superlative 4. S.. ' CLASS HI TORY We the class of '52 have been gu1ded throughout our four years of h1gh school at G1bsonv1lle by a very capable progress1ve and beloved pr1nc1pal Gerald D James Under h1s gu1dance many new fac1l1t1es have been added whlch we have had the pleasure of us1ng Changes for the better have come about and many of our class members have played lmportant parts As we look back over our last years here we can see some of these changes and also the changes 1n us In 1948 we became Freshmen 68 strong Our homeroom teachers were Mr J S Casey and Mrs I H V1ckery Jr and we elected as off1cers Arnold Beckom Presldent Barbara Sm1th VICE pres1dent Donald Overman Secretary and Jean Isley Treasurer L1ke all Freshmen we got the blame for most of the m1sch1ef that went on and lt seemed that we were not allowed to travel anywhere However most of us became members of an act1v1ty or two some made the athlet1c teams some were on the "Black and Gold staff one of the fmrst progress1ve steps and we got our p1cture 1n the annual for the f1rst t1me By the end of the year most of our green ness' was gone R1s1ng to m1ghty Sophomores ln the fall of '49 45 of us entered the homerooms of Mrs V1ckery and Mr Casey who returned w1th Herbert Belv1n was elected pres1dent Dur1ng th1s year more extra curr1cular act1v1t1es were added one of them bexng the f1rst school band 1n the h1gh schoo1's lustory and a few of our class mem bers Jolned the outflt Becky Walker Jo1ned us toward the latter part of the year when we were beg1nn1ng to th1nk about the Jun1or play class rlngs the banquet and a new gym maybe Th1rty seven Jun1ors walked no1s11y 1nto M1ss Bermce Odom's homeroom on September 6 1950 and the same day elected Arthur Dav1s who had moved here from Crewe V1rg1n1a as presldent About a month later after much d1scuss1on another step of progress to our school began a student councll so that the students could have a say so 1n the affa1rs M1ss Odom was sponsor and two of our class members had the honor of be1ng 1ts f1rst leaders Nancy G1ll1am presldent and no one could have been more capable, and Bobby 'Red Gerr1nger v1ce presldent Our school football team had a hghted f1eld of our own on whlch to play for the f1rst t1me 1n the school's hlstory Later 1n the year a few of our boys felt the need to go 1nto the serv1ce of our country and left us fgladly or sadly? One of these was Red Gerrmger and elected to take h1s place on the Student Counc1l from our class was Rlchard Brothers Our ruby lass r1ngs carne somet1me 1n February The play ' Deacon Dubbs" was g1ven 1n March and was a huge success Then on May 4 the cl1max of lt all our banquet for the Sen1ors "H1tch Your Wagon To A Star g1ven at the Bl1ss Restuarant 1n Greensboro We had 15 1 1 1 , . . 1 . 1 1 -- . . . . . . . , ., 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' , . 1 1 ' ll l K J, ' ' n - I I . . , US. . 1 , - 1 1 1 4 7- 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 -- . , 1 6 1 I ll ' ' ' 1 ' - If ll ' ' 1 . . . , C . -- , H --' . . . much fun but hard worl 1D prenarmg for these events The Oyrr was not con ple ed entuely that year as ant1c1pated but sevel al non conference basketball games were played 1n lt Qu1ckly these day d1sappeared September ol 1051 arrmved and 39 tudr-nts were at last Semors We could flnally sat under Mr James nose 1n the aud1tor1um We began loolung forward to the Senror play the .Tumor Semor banquet aga1n and the Washlngton tr1p We elected as offmcers Bxlly Creasy pres1dent J1m Gmgg v1ce pres1dent LaRue Allen secretary and Betty Andrews treasurer We elected our mascots Tanya Apple and JITIIIYIY Overman We play d the part of leaders ln many 1n stances be1ng led ourselves under the gu1dance of our homeroom teacher M1ss Catherlne Ch1ffelle The class of '52 as one of the largest graduaung classes of all t1me w1ll not forget the many wonderful experlences at G H S Now lt IS our arm to go out mto the world and to go forward so as to re fl ct credlt on our 'Alma Mater lo AX A . C I , F 47 ,V . . Y . . Q I c V L. ' , ' ' ' " A - . A S r ' . ' A - 5 - . . . I . . . , .. . . A . . . - 3 ' J a 1 ' 1 s : 7 ' ! . D . . - . x. Q , . D , . . . e ' I ll 770404-A pee. .L UN IORS Rebecca Allen C W Allred IVQJIAA-A-9 9m 'U'--. I-I11da Apple H A Bradsher Bertram Brady B1l11e Jean Clapp f7p,fuu.12 A f Dila, Qs.. 'W-bv sue Clapp Donald Curus Edna Curus Maryorre Englebrrqht "-T if gf Oscar Gasque Maynard Grllram Boyd Gregson Rarhel Hammer I7 - 'Y Sv! 'ii Cf' xl ,. Yr ,fly X Y N , if . . Q ' 1 . N 'F' Af lf, x. K :xy X f Q ' Q ' A A Q., Samuel Helms 0nn.M4.D D0:JY T Ga11 Isley Q5 Jerry 1810126 71a,'u...d7 lQLe, s Charles RIQQIDS UN IORS V Bobby Long 'Ufawul-D Dv: Lydla Morze Q7 Marlon Shepherd Duo pn Jerry Mad en Ruby Murrell D44- Betry Smuh J MMLD- PN Shrrley Huffman mra.fu.qJ .x Peggy May mapa-I doe .a Curry Rldge Yrvy,i Shlrley Sum 'ners f X . , . A V - D -Y u 1 -Ky x A 1, 5, S Q3 5-x auf ' - .Jf l ' -S! . , S x ,N 1 Q 4, s. ', 6 , j , b V x 5 , Yi wkfag' , ' .. 'Y ' - - 'S' Us ii 'L-N Q, 1 ma ,,,4g.Nu-4.40 Days!! -R A 'V Lena Taylor 'QL Jim Nancy Turner fx ',E!, Mary Fanme Whrte JU IOR Kyle Torreyson 44g,puA.DD14.:Jf afvsu-400499 :XDR v ,NV Dalplune Webster Shrrley Welch Earnest Whrte Geraldme Woods Vlfglnla Wootten Irvm Wrwht 4 mmf I9 04 y, y , L , r A' X A . , M . .Y . Q . an -ar , ' s F' fi 'tr " N? X 5 fm vm x , 6' N v Q 4. oy' f 3 X 'A+ by 1 A PROPHECY The place was crowded mostly k1ds from hlgh school dr1n.k1ng sodas and eatmg hot dogs after school They probably had a forgotten respons1b1l1ty tucked away 1n the back of the1r mlnd somewhere But they could do that later rlght now the only thmg that mattered was we're at Pop's 1t's t1me to have fun we can work later Mus1ng I wondered 1f they ever would get around to Then a g1rl w1th shght f1gure and a fun lov1ng look on her face sa1d Let's hear someth1ng old walked up to the Juke 1nserted her money and sauntered back to her booth wh1le bars of Lou1s Armstrong's "I Get Ideas " floated out and flnally qu1etened the roll1ck1ng youngsters I Get Ideas 1951 I could be back 1n Boone's bobby socks saddles Sklrt sweater why that qu1et g1rl over there w1th the br1ght brown eyes mlght have been Betty Younger who was nowmarnedandkeepmg house w1th George Smlth and the tall g1rl Wlth her could be Sue Reld who was marrled too and ra1s1ng her own basketball team These thmgs started me to dream1ng and the m1sty ra1n outslde only made my 1mag1nat1on stronger I looked across the no1sy room 1n Cal1forn1a now Then ponder1ng to myself I wondered where cute l1ttle Ela1ne Baldwln and V1v1an W1CkCT were Gee they used to exc1te the boys They were probably secretar1es for some elderly man now who h1red them to look' Just then my thoughts were 1nterrupted by the entrance of a sa1lor who was undoubtedly well known by the welcome the crowd gave h1m Bell bottom trousers I suppose J1m Gr1gg Arnold Beckom and Arthur Dav1s are help1ng Uncle Sam too Herbert Belv1n and Haywood Ingle both b1ondeRomeos were understud1es at M G M for John Lund and Denn1s O'Keefe' The bars of mus1c cont1nued and my dream1ng wandered on remembered the mus1cal talent we had 1n ole '51 Probably Mar1on Ledbetter had completed her tramlng and was w1th the Metropol1tan and Posle Club James Thomas and Buddy Ham1lton were taklng over J1m Hall's show as the Famous Three Thmk of the housew1ves too' Gee our class was really st1rr1ng up Wash1ngton w1th the problem of over populat1on Betty Gr1gg Cella May and Becky Walker are all wlth the1r sa11ors now The Navy"w1ll"have the1rway As faras that's concerned c1v1l1ans too V W fa1rly snatched Nancy G1ll1am to the altar andthe twobeaut1ful gals from Wh1tsett Irma Dell Fr1ddle and Anxne Brothers met the1r match too' 20 1-g , . ' :un it -- 1 . ,Q H . , " H - n box: ll ll -- . -- ' -- s 1 ' ' "' n D . 1 -- why, wasn't that Rachel Sutton -- no, it couldn't be -- she was . . . -- I . , , . . ' ll .ll . 0 n . , I ' . . . ' - 9 Nook1e the great football player had f1nally solved N C 's problem of losmg Just1ce for he was now Capta1n and hero on the1r football f1eld wh1le st1ll hero 1n Gerald1ne's heart Also at N C Charl1e Sockwell after us1ng h1s "charm" to graduate was "study mg?" Never say we let the Agr1culture of our state down for George Summers and Paul Wyrlck may be found any lovely summer day wh1le fluffy clouds float overhead plow1ng' fMule Tra1n'7j Those were the days and the work Vall1e Brown and Jean Isley put on the school paper had pa1d off for they were both study1ng Journahsm now w1th a great career ahead Sylv1a Wyrlck our own sweet was now All Amer1can at Elon College be1ng surpassed only by LaRue Allen who was studylng to be a nurse wh1ch 1S the only th1ng her baby face could represent help1ng others Mary Reav1s who d1d make lt after all was half owner w1th Pansy Dunn 1n a baby cl1n1c The1r love for ch1ldren 1S a great asset to the mothers 1n Burl1ngton Dreammg dream1ng red halred Barbara Smlth was now a great model for ' Look Magazme and st1ll f1lled Lloyd Apple w1th awe as he went about h1s Job as photographer on the same magazme Ol1tS1d6 the ra1n had ceased and v1s1ble through the m1sty w1ndow I could see several hot rods pa1nted v1v1d colors I sm1led to myself they had noth1ng on Rlchard Brothers and B1lly Creasy who were two of the best bus dr1vers 1n the U S ' It's funny how you can look back funny how l1ttle th1ngs that meant noth1ng at the t1me they occurred were so lmportant now Why Nancy Clapp probably never dreamed her amb1t1on to be an a1r hostess would really come true and Els1e Clapp whose sm1le and flashlng eyes could hold up to Esther W1ll1ams was now a top rank1ng rnovle star at Warner Brothers I came to w1th a start Why my dreams had carr1ed me through a p1cture of all my classmates except why com1ng through the door lt was' Betty Andrews dressed 1n nurse un1form and ElO1SC Bull that shorthand tablet could mean but one th1ng secretary' After a br1ef chat I looked at my watch Gee Wh1z' 5 00 I'd m1ss my tram! Anyway lt was fun dream1ng what out me 'P I'm Just a reporter on the Gazette gotta run now b1g pow pow 1n Wash1ngton I've gotta cover' 21 l 9 3 ' 0 A S ! U I C 'i S I ' ' D 9 3 . . , , - . 1 ! . , . . , . , I, . U- . . - , . . . D . I I I . I ! . . , - . -- -- 7 --' , , 3 ' -- --8. ' , . , '. 2 , ' , -- -- oh, -- ab ' ll ll -- -- QQ .Sx W Nlary Edna Apple Vera Ann Fobb Nlarlene Frrddle Jake Helms -vu. Clude Loxx L SOPHOMORE iaky.. '55 Q-rv ' "' "tv YY-uv ef Bobby Bennett Clara Brown Fred Cook if 6- gfxliv Buddy Gerrrnger Lucrlle Huffrnes Ixancy Dalton Peggy Gerrrnger Y Tix Ann Ingle gi TLITIDIC Lowe John O'Br1ant Q7 Dean Butler Don Dawson Brlly Greeson g ik '99 Q-'Q Douglas Lhrrsmon 1 M Mary Lors Dow d Witt Eur Bobby Greeson Mary Jarrett Donald Johnson cvs Herman Randolph Susan Randolph OPHO ORES no-4,5 T'-7 """ x K Howard Ray Tommy Reld Berry Rlggms Peggy Rlgglns Roland Shepherd Glenn Smrth Nlancy Spence Larry Thomas Utd Lx. .vh- Jan1e Trckle Irma Walker Nancy Walker Gerald Wallace W1111am Welch Lourse Whrrsell Barbara Wrlson Faye Wyrlck Q1 'Huy Floyd Younger Glenda Yow 23 1--f-' C' Frank Shepherd Rachel Thomas Donald Weaks 1? B1l11e Ann Younger ' at .M , -1 'B ,A Ax , 6 4 5' A I 1 A fyy' 5 I J 1 ll cb ' , yr ra ' f X W' an 459 M ' 4 Nu W f l T1 L 9 ff' 33 y 'V v 1 L lx ' , 'X A AST WILL D TESTAME T STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA GUILFORD COUNTY CITY OF GIBSONVILLE GIBSONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL We the Sen1or Class of 1952 real1z1ng that our super1or1ty over all other classes 1S com1ng to a close w1sh to leave our cher1shed possess1ons and pr1v 1ledges to those we thlnk deserve such honor We do hereby declare th1s to be our last w1ll and testament to be executed 1n the follow1ng order ARTICLE I TO THE FACULTY Item I To our pr1nc1pal Mr James we leave our school w1th hopes he w1ll cont1nue the 1mprovements Item II We leave Mr Bowl1ng aga1n th1s year w1thout a w1fe We smcerely hope she w1ll accept h1s proposal 1n the near future Item III To M1ss Ch1ffe1le we leave our deep apprec1at1on for the help she has glven us th1s year Item IV To Mr Abdalla we leave our hopes that he w1ll d1scover a way to prevent so many flat t1res Item V To M1ss Brown we leave her headaches w1th the 5th perlod study hall Item VI To Mr Bowen we leave h1s pleasure of "chunk1ng the wood" to h1s brethern Item VII To Mrs Owen we leave a much 1mproved home econom1cs department and our apprec1at1on for the work she d1d on the annual Item VIII To M1ss Nance we leave the ' newspaper headaches" and our hopes that she gets a d1amond 1n the near future fCheer up Coachj Item X To all the teachers we leave our hopes of better years to come ARTICLE II TO THE CLASSES Item I To the '52 '53 Sen1or Class we leave our hopes of a happy senlor year Item II To the '52 '53 Junlor Class we leave the good t1mes w1th the Jun1or play and hope 1t's a success Item III To the '52 '53 Sophomore Class we leave ' Sl1as Marner " Cheer up' It's not so bad Item IV To the '52 '53 Freshman Class don't take lt so hard you only have four more years ARTICLE III TO THE INDIVIDUALS Item I I Elame Baldw1n w1ll my ablllty to get that man" to Joan Bennett QGood Lucky Item I Betty Gr1gg bequeath my love of gomg steady to Cooter Casque Item I Barbara Sm1th bequeath my short romances to Shlrley Summers Item We V1v1an Wlcker and Cella May bequeath our favor1te spot on the curb to Edna Curtls Sue Clapp and H1lda Apple Item I Rachel Sutton bequeath my plumpness to Lyd1a Molze Item I Anme Brothers bequeath my basketball talent to Pegg1e May 24 an l l . Item IX -- To Mr. Autry we leave our hopes of a better football team next year. -Q . . , . . . ,, i H U , . , . . III -- , ' , ' . IV U , . . . . . V " 1 , 1 , . I I . VI -- , ' , ' . Item I Betty Younger will my quietness to Shirley Welch Item VIII I Nancy Clapp bequeath my flirting ab1l1ty to Dalphine Webster Item I Sue Reid will my m1les" of tallness to Mary Fannie White Item I Betty Andrews bequeath my dimples to Betty Smith Item I Becky Walker tearfully leave that beloved chemistry stool to Don Curtis along with the memories of trouble I got into in the lab Beware Don' Item XII I Erma Friddle bequeath my talking ab1l1ty to Lena Taylor and Avis Kimrey Item XIII We Billy Creasy Lloyd Apple and Charles Sockwell leave our "Ups and Downs with Mr Bowling and our ab1l1ty "to get out of trouble" to Harvey Mann Bobby Long and Curry Ridge Item XIV I Sylvia WY1Ck leave my hook shot to Ga1l ' Hook" Isley and Kay Young with hopes that they hit the goal more often Item V I Paul Wyrick leave my task of shaking the floor to Jerry Madren Item XVI I Nancy Gilliam bequeath to Helen Friddle my interest in the National Guard Item XVII I Elsie Clapp leave my fast talking ab1l1ty to Marion Shepherd and Rachel Hammer QSpeak up gals 'D Item XVIII We Marion Ledbetter and Jean Isley leave our ab1l1ty to tell Jokes to Becky Allen Geraldine Woods and Ruby Murell Item XIX I Pansy Dunn leave my curly ha1r and big feet to Virginia Wotten and Nancy Turner Item XX I Vallie Brown will to Billy Clapp and Shirley Huffman my deter mination Fogleman Item XXII I James Thomas will my good looks and ab1l1ty to get girlfriends To Bertram Brady and Sammy Helmes Item XXIII I Jim Grigg leave my girlfriend troubles to C W Allred Item XXIV I Shirley Dawson leave my beloved shorthand to Marjorie Engle bright Item XXV I Eloise Bull leave to dear little Verna Morene my bright freckles that shine like stars Item XXVI I George Summers leave my good driving habits to Ervin Wright Look out' ' Item XXVII I Pos1e Clubb leave my good looks and excellent physique to Boyd Greeson Item XXVIII I Mary Reavis willingly leave my s1lly giggles in study hall to Jeanette Yow Watch out Jeanette you might get caught' Item XXIX I Arthur Davis will my ' way with the g1rls" to Junior White who seens to be having a hard time' Item XXX I Herbert Belv1n leave my ab1l1ty to wreck cars to Charles Riggins Slow up' Item XXXI I Buddy Hamilton leave H A Bradsher my singing ab1l1ty Item XXXII I Arnold Beckom leave my football ab1l1ty to Joe Thomas Item XXXIII I Donald Overman leave my ab1l1ty to gain weight to Jerry Moize Item XXXIV I Haywood Ingle leave the shop and Mr B wl1ng's "duh" to Ke t Thomas and Kyle Torreyson Written signed sealed and delivered this the lst day of January anno domini one thousand nine hundred and fifty two Elsie Clapp Witnesses Charles Sockwell Testators Mr H L Bowling Advisor Mrs Wallace Owen Assistant Advisor 25 VH -- , , . . . 0 IX Q--, , u , 1 , . . e . ' X -- , , ' ' . XI -- , , ' ,I . ' . ' . . ' , -- u , I ' n ' Item XXI --.I, LaRue Allen, will my care-free ways and flirting eyes to Bennie -Q , 0 u , g , ' . u I n . , -- , , 1 , o ' n. Don Allen 0'5 Q- Patsy Butler in-v Kelth Dennls 4 FRE HMB l 1 ov- 50 Q51 1 Garla nd Barber Ehzabeth Beal Q Alv1s Cheek George Da us Brlly Draper Barbara Englebught 3 W Elmer Hall Frances Hawklns Curus Hrnton 5' z Gary Beckom Jean Dawson Molene Fesperman Hal Hlnton Clyde Ingle Pr1sc1lla Johnson Deanna Lewls Howard Lutle 26 I V0 , bs A 4 4 I C .. . Lx - Y? D fy' Q 5- a - 4-L. 'F 5' , ' - fvx Virginia Nobles Dezree Thompson Carl Welch Mary Lou Wyrick FRESHME 9 'in v-5 Glenda Shepherd Madeline Tickle Sarah Westmoreland Faye Young, -iq 'G' Jimmy Summers Faye Waynick Richard Whltsell Georgia rounger C 1 5 2 C. ylbx if Patsy Tate Bobby Webster Billy Wilson . I ,,, ' w 4 4- . y Q L s I y ax 1 . ...Y X , its Q. L. Little Hilda Lowe Patricia McKinney C. W. Miles l l '2 ' TTL' l " Sa wx I x 27 Ill! ' r I l 2 u 4 . qvnuuui l s MAR HALLS From row Lefrro nghr BettyGr1gg lean Isley Second row Left to ught Elsle Clapp am Chref Barbara Smrth Nancy G1ll1 101 BETA CLUB Seated Left to nght Hllda Apple Becky Walker LaRue Allen Valhe Brown Sylvra Wynck Vrce Presrdent Berry Grxgg Secretary Ceha May Treasurer Barbara Sllllih Presrdent Grandma Lcftto rrght Peggy May Lloyd Apple Mxss Cluffelle V1rg,1n1a Wootren Nancy G11l1am Jean Isley Elsre Clapp Benme Fogleman and Becky Allen Qc . 5 ' 2 -. - Q ' X ? 2 3 , l f . I 3 f B' L af I Q - V, K I , 5 4' F is . K u 5 r 5 I U v 'YX R R' K A ':7 " 119'-" , S . X 1 4 , n . 5 - K.. N V ,far , 1 ' . A A A r' QQ 3 if C' CAFETERI WORKERS Leftto rrght Mrs Clarence Morton Mrs Paul Waynrck Mrs John Wllllam Wagoner Mrs Dewey Baldwln Mrs Flynn Yow and Mrs Marlene Toler N! T DE T COUNCIL Seated, Left to rrght Betty Grxgg, Richard Brothers, Nancy G1111am. Peggy May. and Irma Walker Standrng, Left to rrght Barbara Srruth, Becky Walker, Clyde Ingle, B111y Creasy, Boyd Greeson, Shrrley Dawson. Mr. A. J. Abdalla, and Va111e Brown 29 ,x 'E -' ' ' -3. sq" , v y , H V ., " .,.. . 5 . Q ' ' -1- . 'Q Yah M if I H I ,N J , I - I I I I l 0 I I I n . I 1 y - V u . -9 S ., 4 I as 9 9 ' ' 4 x k f 5 ff '1 I BLACK AND GOLD STAFF Seated Left to rxght Sue Rerd Annre Brothers Betty Younger Nancy Clapp Jean Isley V1rg1n1a Wooten Valhe Brown Shrrley Dawson Ce11a May Becky Walker Erma Fnddle Elarne Baldwin and Ruby Murrell Standrng Left to rrght E1o1seBu11 Mrss Brown Arthur Davrs C W Allred Bobby Long Boyd Greeson Irma Walker I-hlda Apple Bar bara Smrth Bennre Fogleman Peggy May Lloyd Apple Edna Curus Rachel Sutton B1111eIeanC1app Sh1r1eySum mers Berry Grrgg Sylvra Wyrrck Betty Andrews MISS Nance and E1S1C Clapp ff our 'f- H -A-1 lx 'M-1.Q'f' WA BUS DRIVERS Left to rrght James Thomas George Summers Curry Rrdge Rlchard Brothers and Lloyd Apple 3u 1 I ' - I I , I I I I . I . I . 1 I Y I I l I l ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y I Y 1 I l , -' I 1' ,qs 'Q . ' 1 1 - U .X , Q. ., .pp ' - -.h A - ,51.."9 Q," .A gg J 1 , t ' 4 4 - ' X 'Vx ' I l . , T. QL 1 -- ' 0 ' I 5 . I - C x f ' ,. uf, . '- ff""v"'. .. p tg ',"1.k .Y ':-11? ,Q --1-Rf, .' 5.rf . " 1'-' 4 4- 'l A' EQJUA, ' - 31 9.63.1--t 14- '-.-"fi-:www-. 4-:. ,, 4.1. I ' R 1 1 I 1 A 1 - Srttrng Frrst row Lefttorrght Frances Hawkrns Patsy Tate Molene Fesperman Pamela MeK1nney Sarah Westmore land and I-hlda Grey Lowe Second row Left to nght Sarah Bradsher Nancy Spence Mrs Owen Sponsor Patsy Butler Vrrgrnra Nobles Glenda Yow Mary Edna Apple Marlene Frrddle Lotuse Whrtsell Brlhe Ann Younger Lu crlle Huftlnes Standrng Left to rrght Faye Wyrrck Barbara Wrlson Betty Lou Younger Ehzabeth Beal Helen Frrd Shepherd Mary Lou WYIICR Faye Waynrck Faye Young Deanna Lewrs Barbara Inglebrrght Georgre Younger Peggy Gernnger and Prrscrlla Johnson CIE CE CLUB Seated Left to nght Bobby Long Brlly Draper John O'Br1ant Pat Welch Q L Lrttle and Pat Chrlders Standrng Left to rrght Lloyd Apple Jerry Madren Brlly Creasy Charles Sockwell George Summers Carl Welch Boyd Greeson Howard Ray Curry Rrdge Elmer Hall and Mr A I Abdalla sponsor 31 I ' ' I 4 L "f -as ' If I ' 9 N l dle, Molene 'l'ickle. Mary Jarrett. Shelby Dawson., Sue Reid, Vera 'Ann Cobb, Corky Foust. Rachel Hammer. Glenda .si v F if , E, Q A F I. ' X X . V X: A . z A 4 X, 1, 4 fb I + VARSITY CHEERLE DER Srtung Leftto nght Nancy Walker Becky Allen Becky Walker Chref Mary Lou Wyr1ck and Susan Randolf Standlng Left to ught Kay Young Faye Waynrck Nancy Gzlham and Slurley Summers ,IU IOR VARSITY CHEERLE DERS Srtung Left to nght Eleanor Allen, Lmda Cates btandmg Left to rrqht Dorothy White, Ann Younger and Edna Krvett 72 0 D 6 D 5 Q "' x 5 5 Y ,L fn A Q ,V a . ' ' P 1 ' ' '34 ' ' "W A e 'X Q ..- .- ' , '.: ., u .- " l n 1 . GRAMMAR GRADE TEACHERS A Q "' gjw bs Y Seated Left to Right: Mrs. Theodore Bowen, Miss Ora Scott, Mrs. Luther Tickle, Mrs. B. C. Boyles, Miss Aileen Pegg and Mrs. Jean Smith. Standing: Mrs. Sallie Boyd Cheek, Mrs. C. A. Walker, Mrs. Arthur Ferguson, Miss Ola Walker, Mrs. Carolyn Horne, Miss Theo Edwards, and Mrs. Wade Ledbetter. FRENCH CLUB , K-5 an , A , 5 .M 1 ,'Sx 1 Q1 I Y, Seated Left to Right: Ruby Murrell, Marion Ledbetter, Hilda Apple, Virginia Wootten, Bennie Eogleman, Nancy Gil- liam, and Elsie Clapp, Standing: Marjorie Englebright, Edna Curtis, Peggy May, Miss Estelle Brown, Sponsor, Vallie Brown, Billy Jean Clapp, Sylvia Wyrick, and Arthur Davis. 33 ffl.. X ,L..w':2,-I, 'ff j,f,af2f,'- - 1 f A-,, ,N-V, ALPHA DELTA SORURITY v Y C' Seated left to right: Elsie Clapp, Nancy Gilliam, Barbara Smith, Becky Walker, Betty Brlgg. Standing: Sylvia Wy rick, Marion Ledbetter, Jean Isley, Shirley Dawson, Vallie Brown, Celia May. GLEE CL B j .T .. .ESQ , '1 4, , , 1, A 5 99 R Seated Left to Right: Elmer Hall, Bobby Greeson, Larry Laughlin, Irma Walker, Peggy Riley, Curtis Hinton, James Reid Thomas, Etta Burke, Bobby Younger, Nellie Thomas, Lynn Small, Claude Lowe, Don Blalock, Billy Beckom,Carl Whitsell, and Vance Apple. Standing: Majorette, Sally Jo Brown, John Huggins, Jerry Madren, John Creasy, and Maj- SAFETY P orette, Susan Randolph, ,4 at 'Q L , ,a.+f---b--- ,:.. B Q- bv.- -:- ,f"'r,, .S I I 'Y A ' Civ '. Qs 5 Front Row, Left to Right: Tommy Solomon, Bobby Younger, and Eugene Kimrey. Back Row: Bobby Greeson, Bobby Webster, and Weldon Solomon. 35 IUNGRA QHQIB First Row, Left to Right: Posie Clubb, Becky Allen, Virginia Wootten, Annie Brothers, Peggy May, Sylvia Wyrick, Nan- cy Gilliam, Coach Raz Autry, Second Row: Howard Ray, Herman Randolph, John O'Briant, Charles Riggins, Herbert Belvin, Arnold Beckom, Haywood lngle, James Grigg, and Nookie Overman. Third Row: Don Curtis, Richard Whitsell, Glenn Smith, JoeThomas, Boyd Greeson, C. W. Allred, Bobby Long, and Gerald Wallace. Back Row: Robert Tickle, Bobby Johnson, Clyde lngle, Roland Summers, jerry Madren, and Shirley Summers not pictured. DEBATIIICLUB T 'lt undef f X 6 ' In Y Becky Walker, Virginia Wootten, Jeanette Yow, Betty Smith, Mary Fannie White, Kay Young, Standing First Row Left to Right. Carl Welch, Billy Wilson, Keith Dennis, Don Allen, and Mr. Bowen, Advisor, Back Row: Kyle Torreyson, Buddy Hamilton, Pat Welch, Jerry Moize, Billy Draper. .QC x 'Za .6 Qx Q e 'ff X Q6 QQ Owl' O i f is . CQ5 3,0 fc, Q Q v C 6 X ei? 'oi' 4? life - X Q, Xb 'Pee o' 6' U CP '5 O 'vom O 0 E Most Likely T0 Succeed Friendliest Jean Isley, Lloyd Apple S I I I 7 I 'I Y 7 I S Becky Walker, George Summers GQ 660 J' GO O4 QQQOJI 6521696 Q 'O ax E500 99 wx Q5 Q0 at O Q, Qi- Q03 r 40 fb 250 'D Q I Ov OG Sv 1? V Qoziqofix QQ, 0516. - Q5 .X Q Q6 si, o, .1-, 90 lx ' X X I XXX f A Biggest Flirt Cutest Nancy Clapp, Arnold Beckom S Betty Andrews, Posie Clubb 1, Q 0 4 .41 . 33' O 640 xo 5 i Q. 'o Os 1?-cb MQ' Vx, '17, 0,06 49- Q0 , A '59, 5 '6' '19 , x 9 ' 'N al' 01' Og' 96 , 'Poo 6 N560 I "of XS 0 816 J :fs X -EX 5' 4' iv X' f X XJ if X -D ' X, ' 38 V sf, s 6 qi J' e C 0 'ff S Q '91, Om . 250 Q5 JO, ,JP N K I 0 O40 eg . 6 op 0,39 obs -ko 'o' oi '59 400 --""' a . .g W I w , :www 5 'E 5 s mst, H, Q s an , X SENIOR f' ' sue A V B' ' S - I Q Q Q I H' 55244 alksa Most Dependable Best Dressed LaRue Allen, Richard Brothers S Elsie Clapp, Jim Grigg i 6Z9,ig6,-I A CJSQPS G Gefy'-9 0902-cox ' V 0'1,,.'?Q' X sh? Xu Q- I0 jew, Xbx gy XX. x ' e 4 eh. 0' , I, " . 166 0040? 90 'pf . Xe' I 0671? -M X x L, ,X Front Row, Left to Right: Don Blalock, Managerg Carl Gerringer, Keith Dennis, Don Allen, Buddy Gerringer, Richard Shockley, Jimmie Summers, Q. L. Little, Billy Wilson, and Jerry Madren, Manager. Second Row: Bobby Webster Cooter Gasque, Pat Childers, Gary Scoggins, Glenn Smith, Gene Jones, Haywood Ingle, Robert Tickle, Paul Dean Butler Richard Whitsell, and Arnold Beckom. Back Row: Coach Raz Autry, Nookie Overrnan, Boyd Greeson, Joe Thomas George Summers, Posie Clubb, Roland Shepherd, Herbert Belvin, Charles Riggins, Howard Ray, Karol Kimrey, C. W Allred, and Don Curtis. FOOTBALL This fall Raz Autry, our new coach was given the task of re- building the Gibsonville football team. Coach Autry had to start from scratch and as a result the seasonwas none too good. He did not have the strong defense line or flashy offense of last year to work with, but despite the losses, the team was spirited and determined to do their best, which they did. 40 rf, ' . ,x 1 . 0 ' 97 G i , Seated Left to Right: Howard Ray, Boyd Greeson, James Grigg, Herbert Belvin, Gerald Wallace. Standing: Haywood Ingle, Roland Shepherd, Don Dawson, Buddy Gerringer, Nookie Overman, Charles Riggins, Robert Tick1e,Coach Raz Autry, - Il BOYS BASKETB LL Under the guidance of coach Autry, our boys, although not winning the majority of the games, have proven to be a spirited, hard fighting team. We are looking forward with soaring spirits of a brighter future in basketball. 41 GIRLS' BASKETBALL ...ff Co-Captains - Sylvia Wyrick and Annie Brothers Seated around left to right, Dalphine Webster, Nancy Walker, Irma Walker, Glenda Yow, Nancy Gilliam, Vera Cobb, Peggy May, Kay Young, Betty Andrews, Virginia Wootten, Bennie Fogleman, Susan Randolph, Sara Westmoreland, Ruby Murrell, Becky Allen, and Shirley Summers not pictured. Standing left to right. Marge Englebright, Manager, Coach Raz Autry, and Edna Curtis, Manager, Under the leadership of a new coach, Mr. Raz. Autry, the girls have shown high spirits and great hopes of being champions this year. So far the girls have had a most successful season, but are yet to show their best in the tournament. Sylvia Wyrick and Annie Brothers were elected co-captains by a unanimous vote. We are proud of our girls and hope they will have many more successful years in basketball. -12 5"'0 tv 'QL-J I A I' 1' WN. BEN CompIlments of The Chrldren s Friend EGERTON WHOLESALE COMPANY We Sell Protection and Give Service WAYNICK INSURANCE AGENCY Paul D Waynuck Glbsonvllle N C OWI'1ef HARPER S JEWELRY Phone 352I D I M Hamilton and Elgln Watches Insurance of all Iunds Diamonds Real estate and rentals Anythlng you need un lewelry See Harper first before you buy ENGINEERED PLASTICS INCORPORATED CITY TAXI SERVICE Phone 3211 Glbsonvrlle North Carolina Compliments of MCDAVID S STORES C0 INC SARA S BEAUTY SHOP Main Street Dial 3661 Gibsonvllle North CaroIIno Glbsonvrlle s Best Store J ll I I 0 Il . . . ' ia 38 . . . . ' ' . . . I I . I .' . Y ' I U . . g lr BURKE S DEPARTMENT STORE Grve Us The Opportumty To Serve You COBB MOTOR COMPANY For Friendly Service can 3541 One-Stop Service Station WICKER S SELF SERVICE Phone 6-7326 Cor Church and Davls Sts Glbsonvllle I C Congratulations Seniors! THE BANK OF GIBSONVILLE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GENERAL TIRE SUPPLY INC Dnstnbutors General Tnres and Batterles Kraft System of Tlre Recapplng 301 N Mom Street Telephone 6 7019 Burllngton N C 115 U U . . In ' o Bur ington, N. . I I o l - . I O l CONE MILLS CORPORATION MINNEOLA PLANT BUS STATION GRILL P hone 3501 A Good Place To Eat Compl ents of KIVETT MOTOR SALES Burllngion N C Nash NCQSY ul I SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY in hi Loseammufe saveu life SMITH FUNERAL HOME im f 'ko 'fu' u 1' . . 0 0 ' ' Compliments of I Greensboro, Norfh Carolina Dial 46 PAYLOR TAXIE SERVICE Dial 22Ol For Prompt and Courteous Service Ask for Sydney Dawson, .Iames Davenport Wilson Oliver or Mr. Garland Paylor, owner WADE'S JEWELERS Watches Diamonds Hamilton Hearts Desire Bulova Keepsake Elgin Orange Blossom Parker and Sheatfer Pens BOONE SODA SHOP Refreshment Center Moms Candy Kodaks - Films Phone 6-6634 423 Worth Street BURLINGTON SPORTING GOODS CO DWI 3561 Sundaes Max Wilson and Curry Bryan Fountain Service GIBSONVILLE DRUG COMPANY Drugs Phone 4161 Prescription Headquarters GIBSONVILLE FOOD CENTER Phone 38II Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Meats Groceries Fountain Service House Electric Co Expert Radio an Television Repair Compliments of The Annual Staff W A S estern uto Associate tore Field S Young Men S Shop Davis Tlres and Tubes Dress and spans wear Wlzard Baffrles Things fo wear Wesicraff Tools Western Flyer Bicycles and Parts or Auto Paris and Accessorres men who core W1 zard Appliances Sporhng Goods Glbsonvlue N C phone 340 Compliments of Field and Cox .13 . f I Main Sfreef Gibsonville, N. C fff,-v t P'?5i""9'-"i' Q.,-fri? t'1 , -, v V' ,- 2,-Lzfrz ,, If-,V f - ill: ,.f, 1 Wa-' .- A . 1' I f.:w' , . ,. M - -, ' .3 UQ nf ,. :3!'.p'Tg iii: "7 Y ' WL 4 :J , y .

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