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Gibsonville High School - Yell O Jak Yearbook (Gibsonville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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OV X v M x N V WW jk fag UVM . l KV JU Ri VL XM X a Q, W A A YAXK M RN XM H I 1 UML Uv' J 1 I M J V n X Q Y x J M F'-'!,,.. f gaflf.,-ff' P THE YELL - 0 - JAK if 7957 hnhtor m Chl f Busm ss Manager LARRY HLGHES H XROLD IOIINbON GIBSONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Gubsonvxlle North Carolma NN fy... ies' l Foreword lf through the years tms book helps you recall x alued frxeuds and pleasant e,-,perlences 1" lt helps you tn relnember the gold and forget the bad lf you Lan p fmt Wmth prlcle to page and plcture and say That v as me when ' then we the Yell O Jak Staff have in hxex ed our voal ,L , ' . l , fr Y' 3 , 1 y 5 5 JD 3 , ' ' , ,- - ' ' . H 1 x Y' l - y A ...-.., , X u 7 O , Dedication It 1S wlth great pleasure that we the seruor class ded1cate thls annual to MR HARRY L BOWLING Mr Bowhng IS co sponsor of the annual and superv1ses all the scenery work for the stage He has done much for our school w1th httle recogn1t1on of h1s SCTVICES Wlth th1s ded1cat1on we W1Sh to show our appreclatlon for the splend1d and numberless th1ngs he has done for us 1n the past few years. f I o a 1 0 ' - n Faculty f'F?"4'K To row rert to rrght MR GERALDD JAMES Pr1nc1pal NlR DOUGLAS DIC K l:RSON Hc alth and Athleuc Drreetor MRS l H VICKERY Commereral Ds. pt Xduser af Black and Gold NIR Gl l N MPCY S Hrstory lv and Xlgchra Not Plctured Nlrss Bernrce Odom Alpha Delta Sponsor French Club Sponsor lumor Class Sponsor Student Councrl sponsor "4-m.a.a. lvvrwf bottom lert to rr ht MR I H VICKERY Sc lenee Dept Lconomlc Dept Cheerleader Sponsor MRS R H WYNNE Englrsh Beta Club Sponsor L1brary D1rector MR H XRRY BOWLING Trade and Industry MISS DAWN BOYD Home Economre Dept F H A Sponsor 'lm Yell O Jak Staff Left to ught ILAIN. W ELCH JO XN HOUSE ILOYD APPLE GRACE LOY LARRY HUGHES BERNARD BUTLER BETTY GRIGG NTR GERALD IAMLS LUGENE XX HLLLER N1R HARRY BOWLING HAROLD JOHNSON ILANETTI: YOUNGER Proof Rgadu Productron Managgu Photographer Busmess Photographer Edrtor 1n chref Adverusrng Manager Ass1stantEd1tor rn chxef Sponsor Advcrusxng Manager Faculty Advxsor Busrness Manager Typrst Semors ,- -4131- KI Class Officers LLFT TO RIGHT Jem Welch Secretary Joan House Vlce Prestdent Gene Wheeler Presldent Jeanette Younger Treas urer Glenda shepherd Mascot JEAN WELCH Beante Not too scrtous not too bay a won derful hlfl m cveryway French Club 4 Yell O lala Staff 4 ASSISIHDI Edltor Black and Gold 3 lzdttor 4 Alpha Delta4 Glec Club 1 2 3 4 Class Plat 5 ASSISIHUI Mar shal 3- Superlative 4- Student Coun- cil 4- Class Secretary. 6 963' Yun, BOBBY GERRINGER e lle seems possessed xx 1th potent charms that draw the ladles around ID h1s arms Football I 2 Co Captamg 4 Bas c all I 2 aseball I Q Seniors gp-. LARRY HLGHFS Grsr H s true to 'us nork hrs xx rd and IS frrends Photocraphy Club 2 bClCllCC, I lub 2 Foot ball3 4 NlonogramClub 4 Ed1tor lll Chlef of Yell O Jak 4 Student COLlllLl14 Black and Gold Staff 4 Class Play, 3 Superlatue JOAN HOLSI: b8lLlJlllS6l'1OUS lounq fun Look out world utre lcome Glee Club! 2 3 4 Basketball! 2 3 Co Captam 4 Nlonogram Club Treasurer3 4 Class Play 3 French Club 4 Cheerleader 2 3 Ch1ef4 Lrbrary Asslstant 4 Alpha Delta Sororrty 4 Assxstant Marshal 3 Cheerleader Club3 4 Superlatrwe 4 Stu dent Counexl 4 Cl rss Vrcc Presrdent 4 an 'ET'- 'NORMA W EBSTER BUEZY lt IS hard to frnd one of he krnd A I 2 3 Hobby Clu 2 an Gold staff4 Basketball I Softball 1 Class Play 3 ldap. 'Na-Q. Butter Hrs actlons speak louder th lus words Band 2 3 Baseball 3 4 Baseball Manager 2 Football Manaber 3 Monogram Club 3 4 Assrstant Marshall 3 Yell O Jak staff 4 Black anclGold St1ff4 Class Play 3 Bus Drrver 4 Glee Club 3 4 Class Presulent 4 Superlatrwe 4 student Councrl 4 ,, . tl. -V , -V ' F,ll. . , , Q ' b gBlack ' d O ' as ' " ' l 1 - ' : : ' : 4. .' ' ' EUGENE WHEELER am., .. .. Seniors ZX HAZEL MURPH Murphy. L1fe lS what you make II F A I 3 Cafeterla elp r Hobby Club I Black and Gwld Staff 4 KENNETH JO m.bON Loolxe sluw lule and umuneerned He went to claus but newer learned "Nr 3 in WZ., 3 BOBBY FARRINGTOIN Beefx He IS known fur lus wus Xnd surely makes L1 lut Baskerball 1 2 Capraln 4 F urball 4 B eball 1 1 PLLJGY JOHNUON ls unk Lbill X Cluu W ul and Q wlll smft .1 trench Club 5 lberlullu ,.. .H. . ,2,g 'll 'Cj,4g ' ,- - '- I L i . . : . ' 5. fa -o ase ,.., 3. v v vv 11 v If' ' '- ' . . . A . . "Q ', ' 1, 'N e , , "Silence is one .mf the virtues uf the wise. 'f ' ' 1' Sal 4 lgll0lWbj'CllllW2gF.ll.1. l .., jg BlL'i 'll Q' V gr" 4 ' 1 ' gl, Z 4,-4, AUT' . El V fa ' X Q' N, Seniors it M Bl:RN XRD BL FLER, JR RACL I OY Barny ard C racle If bustnes rnterlers mth DIQSSUIS cut out Dun t let her quretr ess hal yan busrness she has her share of fun Glee Club 3 4 Monogram Club 3 Pres Glee Club 2 3 Black ann Gold staff 3 4 tdent 4 Beta Club 3 Pres1dent4 Scrence Yell O Jak Staff 4 French Club 4 Class Clubz Photagraphy Club 2 French Club 4 Play 3 xssrstant Marsnal 3 Yell O Jak Staff 4 Student Counctl 4 Black and Gold btaff4 rdenr I Basketball 3 grptarn 4 JLANET FL YOLNC LR BOBBY MAINLS5 NCI Meatless HGH! 8 515,511 Gfld 21 Sllvlll I take lrfe as rt comes and enjoy rt Thefl YOU 11 KNOW She 15 about Beta Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Chtef Marshal GleeClubI 3 4 Classbeer tar I 3 Class 3 football r 2 3 CO Captgm 4 Mono Treasurer 4, Bl3Clx alld Gold staff .4 Yell gfamfjlubg 3 4 C1355 Play 5 Superlatlvg O Jak 4 Xlpha Delta 4 Class Plax 3 bup erlatrve 4 fl-Q -in-n-qw' 'hu' 9 O 1 f wf N if 3 , err l t , ,, 1 r I . . 1 " ' - S ' , ' -' s , " ' , ' I , V, My . , . 4 , - I i . : ' ' : A A 'Q ' . -' ' 4 ' - - 1 Class Play 3g Baseball 45 Class Vice Pres- ' g 2, 5 NL I . 7 A. , T :T ,I K. ,. my 3 ? ,A . , . . v - 1 i 'W C Y - 2 1 ' . , Q - ' 'Q - - : 1 Q j 1 'l - 4. If , Seniors h XRL HAXLOC K 'Q ANN MXBl:LL SMITH Fhrlftx Tonsxr FIS th rftxmbs may no R 11111 um ers NJ frlend Hx haxe cx r found 15 mcer tu haxu around Glee Club I 2 Clubs Treasurer 3 Black amd Gold bl ff4 C1asbP1ax 3 Superlatue in-'A II XROLD JOHNAON OID ll- IDWARD CRADDOC fx Town Nuer daeb In shlrk II TJ mum g wr 15 nsluned wark mnmg Lluw 0 L1 en C'ub 'u11O ak f C ' y 3 sup rlmx 1 rm u Jr ha K . ,. - , . 1 , , L A A' I."l. ,A I. .I 11- .Kd '-v --Av, ' ,H , .L - - N . 4 1 A : ' fi : ' j : " 4. Q jf 4 Q4 .2 Aww Nj! .. ,, ' ' " b' "1lJw',u-rk, A ' " uv: Fr. U 11" L' 'Y 3 " I ' ld sit au' wutch it tl urs, " 'B Q L..gq1r . 23 " - '-I" Sruf, 4g lass I ln' g' Q 4 "c 4, Class History The year of 1947 found us th1rty n1ne freshmen grow1ng as all good freshmen should 1n Mr J S Casey s home room Hohnme Faye Wllson was elected as leader to the crew and the year proved to be rather successful We entered 1nto a few aCtlV1t1CS and tr1ed to be a part of hlgh school but we made only a start Thlrty two of us managed to surv1ve that f1rst year and were ushered 1nto our sophomore year along w1th the New Look' a new pr1nc1pal Mr Gerald D James a new home room teacher Mrs J1mm1e Madren and a new pres1dent Horace Isley By th1s t1me we had overcome that stage of be1ng green Several of us were show mg a keen 1nterest IH sports and the brand new subject of b1ology Enghsh was worse than hard but IH the end most of us came out on top In the fall of 1949 we met our new J Everybody was changmng the ha1r styles g1rls had the1r ha1r cut short and the boys were lett1ng the1rs grow Many thought the boys were goxng to have to start paymg excess tax' e were twenty Jolly Jumors w1th Mad1son Klotz as our presldent The f1rst h1ghl1ght of the year was the fxnal selectlon of our class r1ngs We wa1ted long and 1mpat1ently unt1l they came then we suddenly developed a hand complex The stagmg of our f1rst play 'Grandpa Goes to College ' was a b1g th1ng for us but even that was pushed 1n the background when we attended our f1rst Jumor Semor Dates w1th our dreams corsages long flar1ng evemng frocks, and a full course d1nner 1n Meyers new Banquet Hall was ch maxed by danclng to the thr1ll1ng tunes of a real orchestra There was noth1ng that could surpass such a n1ght At last there came the ture Sep tember 1950, when we had reached our coveted goal We were Sen1ors A change had come over us We had a new ser1ousness 1n our manner and some of the d1gn1ty wh1ch all sen1ors by trad1t1on 1nher1t We were really s1tt1ng 1n Mrs Wynne s home room Though now only nlneteen 1n number we were taklng Semor Englrsh and had resolved to pass' We d1d lt too Fmally we could s1t ln the front seats at chapel wh1ch are always ass1gn ed to the sen1ors All of us had looked forward to th1s pr1v1lege Th1s year proved to be the bus1est and happ1est of our ent1re h1gh school career We sponsored a "Popular1ty Contest" at the Hallowe en carmval and went over the top Before Chr1stmas hol1days Carolyn Dalton who had come to us from Florlda found that her present cred1ts were lnadequate for graduatlon 1n North Carolma so she left us On New Year s Day three of our semor ton and Toble Craddock declded they had rather volunteer than to let Uncle Sam draft them 1n the 1nfantry e reluctantly sa1d Good bye' truly re grettlng to see Semors who were pass 1ng the1r work leave us Wlth only flfteen left we gravely face the POSS1b111ty of be1ng able to g1V8 a play but trust we re not too small 1n number to be entertalned at a banquet Only two b1g w1shes seem really foremost now f1rst that there w1ll stmll be a Wash1ngton D C for us to tour 1n the sprlng and that we w1ll go on record for hav1ng the smallest graduatmg class 1n the last score of years We leave h1gh school Wlth the hope that only tr1als w1th1n our power of comprehenslon awa1t us Bobby Gerunger H1StOT1dn Completed by Harold Johnson . I ' l . . . . I . . C ' ' -J . , . ' . ' I . . i I , . ' big man teacher MY- If H- ViCke1'Y, boys: Bobby Gerringer, Bobby Farring- r. ' ' ' ' . ' - ' ' . W Q ' VI I 0 W . , Q - . . . i ' 3 6 Rue Allen 1 G' Herbert Belxtn Llo1se Bu Xrthur Dav1s Lrrnan Dell Frrddle uw Betty Grey Xndreus Annu. Brothers -of H1516 Clapp 'Gt Sh1r1ey Dawson U Juniors QW? Lloyd Xpple Y 1 Q' R1chard Brothers wa 0,3 Pos1e Llubb Pansy Dunn 12 7-53" JK' A Llarne B1Idtt1n qf"7" alhe Brown 495451 'CM' My Brlly Creasy 'Rr' Nancy Fobletnan Bobby Gerrrnger f 4, L' ' ' 33 +A l L 4 I I Y - B? , B , c U' B ,flo f N rl I 1 3 ' ' y . y Y iq 'wgtxy .. 'K , Y L24 , A , ll, V ,ij V yvn H V , : ' ll . ' ' ' ' V y" ' i 'i :"A' ,. ' 5,5 3 eb. E' 'Y 'xancx Grllram z Haywood lngle Que Rerd Rachel Sutton Sylvla Wyrrck .lunlors ii M in- Betty Gene Grryog 7K ean Isle Barbara brmth Rebecca Walker hm Gugg fs Marlon Ledbetter Ch lrles Sockwell Vrvran Wrcker M469 Y-nr 591:- Edvw ard Hannlton Celra Grey Ma 1' flf CU rn Q -. on :- Cf E 5 rv -. .A 43 Sr' Paul Wyrlck Betty Younger I , r , N W 5 r r Q r x . I at ' K , V 3 be I A ' N - N . r' r.:,: o . ' . - a .a llull ml l , . l . E rr..---.Q Q 1 Class Prophecy Several years have now past s1nce we have last heard from the graduat1ng Sen1ors of 1951 They are scattered here and there around the Un1ted States but are st1ll w1th1n a rad1us of 1000 rn1les Each has now began a l1fe of h1s own and 1S f1nd1ng that lt 1S not so bad after all The one we th1nk of f1rst 1S thr1fty Earl Hancock He has saved h1s rusty penn1es unt11 now he ovsms a f1ne mans1on on Sunset Boulvard 1n Wh1tSett Grace Loy has talked h1m 1nto gett1ng marr1ed by agree1ng to con t1nue her professlon as a nurse to keep Earl rol11ng 1n the dough Dur1ng her h1gh school years Annabell Sm1th was voted Snow Queen and part1c1pated 1n several other contests Now she has Slgned a contract Wlth M G M and plays OppOS1te M1CkeY Rooney The1r latest re lease A Rendezvous W1th A Thr111 ' 1S now rock1ng the country as one of the b1ggest h1ts of the season Because dur1ng Engl1sh class Bobby Maness n'11nd was always a thousand m1les away from no where he f1nally dec1ded to V1S1t some of these places He heeded Uncle Sam s call and Jomed the Un1ted States A1r Corps Joan House has recently completed a buslness course at K1ngs Bus1ness School Almost 1mmed1ately she obta1ned a pos1t1on w1th the Sm1th and Barnes Law off1ce 1n Greensboro Dur1ng spare hours she dr1ves a sporty, new convert1ble wh1ch she won for be1ng the "fastest talker" 1n a rad1o contest For several years now Norma Webster has held a pos1t1on w1th Mays HOSICTY M111 1n Burl1ngton She has worked hard and fa1thful unt11 recently she was made floor lady From every class there 1S usually someone Wltll pol1t1cs on the bra1n Eugene Wheelar has held several m1nor Off1C6S I4 and dur1ng the last spr1ng he was elected to the Umted States Senate Imrned1ately after graduat1ng from h1gh school Jean Welch obta1ned a pos1t1on as typ1st w1th the Sears, Roebuck Co Jeanette Younger also works there Jean and Jean ette now have a three room apartment 1n Greensboro and are happy 1n the1r work Harold Johnson, the farmer of the Sen1or Class was always a good student He has now put h1S m1nd to work and made h1S farm turn out wonders Bernard Butler has tr1ed several d1f ferent k1nds of Jobs but could not f1nd one to su1t h1m Now true to h1s name he 1S a butler 1n GfeCnW1Ch V1llage where he contlnues h1S frequent fl1rtat1ons For several years noth1ng was heard from Peggy Johnson Recently It was learned that she marr1ed Roy H111 w1th1n several months after she graduated Now she has tw1ns a boy and a g1rl who are only SIX months old Kenneth Johnson always had some crazy 1dea runmng through h1s head wh1ch usually got h1m 1nto trouble Now he has become another "Hot Rod Happy" as he races aga1nst t1me Hazel Murph seemed to l1ke the boys but she was too shy to show lt much She has over come that a l1ttle now has marr1ed and has t1m1d tr1plets of her own Larry Hughes always a great be11ever of the say1ng Be Kmd to Dumb An1mals had several d1fferent k1nds of pets Last year he won a thousand dollar PTIZC at the Worlds Fa1r for h1S pr1ze turkeys And so that br1ngs to a close another chapter of youngsters who have gone through school and out 1nto a l1fe of the1r own Jean Welch Class Prophet . . 9 . . . .. . . . , . . ' . ' ' vu ll ' ' ' . 1 - 1 s 1 , . 0 - I H , , I . . . . a 9 . o i . I - - . . I . . , , . . . , . 9 . . . . - up - ' H , v s . . . , . . . Sophomores 24? Becky Allen C' XX Al ed tv, B1ll1e Je11 Llano ' sc' ""' Hmla Apnle Ioan Berme A , a Cx C1111 bue Clapw 'IOI3 Dohy Benme Fo lema g ll Helen Frlddlc 4'1- 15:5 Boyd Greeson Raeh el Ia111111er Max lloxull Shlrley fluff111a11 'Z lg tt Be tr 1 ad 1J1111a1d Lums Ldna Curt viga- X42 Osear Gabque 11 C ra 95 QW 1311 es lngle QQM., Marjorle In 1 b 15 e ugh! Gaxl Isle X 5 VIS Knwrex Bobby 1,011 SA.. 441k Jerry Nladren Hal' In Vey Mann , . A . ',, ' sa 1 s.. v 1 4. is ,, ', lr " D . ' 1 2.1 1 Br ' ' 1 . i A FN 5 1' 'z p I ' 1 ' ' Y ' is ' l 1 421 4 ,gf f we Q ,, ,.- 1, Q f f W Y' - ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' Sl? leg' Q ysou 4... I M l - an ,A I' 1 ' ' kv '1 ' 1 I ' ' 1, J' ' K' .Ill . Lung SL." '- ' .1 6 1 si 15 C mrlcg Q 5- 350 If , Q 5 " any X . Q G1 K K 1 f L -it M ff Gsm A ls, , ate 5' L- 'gfl F itz, 'K f y it-Fee Kay Young 'U' is- Rpxy iv 5,vm..,,b I in-. MQ 'su Jeanette Yow V ZW Ll., A :ze :N 42 an ,,, : : R t F 2 I lt T i n N 'Ei 1 7 - R few- ' L Peggy May Donald Overman Alton Rumley James Reid junior White jerry Moize Herman Randolph Marion Shepherd Kent Thomas Mary Fannie White Lydia Moize Mary Reavis Wayne Shepherd Kyle Torreyson Virginia Wooten Verna lxlorene Curry Ridge Betty Carol Smith Daphine Webster Geraldine Woods Ruby Murrell Charles Riggins Shirley Summers Shirley Welch Ervin Wright I6 Last Will and Testament STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Cru11ford County Clty of GlDSOHV1116 G1bsonv1lle I-Ilgh School WE TI-1E SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 real1z1ng that our super1or1ty over the other classes IS commg to a close wlsh to pass on to our schoolmates the th1ngs most dear to us We hereby do make declare and pubhsh th1s our last w1l1 and testament Art1cle I To the faculty Item I To our pr1nc1pal Mr James we leave our gratltude for many thlngs he has done for our llttle group along wlth our best wlshes for the success of the Student Government Item II To Mrs Wynne we leave our undy1ng apprec1at1on for her pat1ence dur1ng our PUb11C Speeches Item III To M1ss Odom we leave a large bottle of French reduc1ng p1lls by next year may she be a perfect 14 Item IV To Mrs V1ckery we leave our hopes of even a better basketball team Item V To Mr D1ckerson we leave our football umforms along wlth the s1ncere w1shes for a good team someday' " Ite'n VI To Mr Vlckery we leave the most pleasant memor1es of our Jun1or play Oh what a headache' Item VII I'o Mr Macy we leave our dear general bus1ness books along w1th hopes for abr1ll1ant class 1n1952 over nd serve the Semors next year Item IX To Mr Bowhng we leave our best of luck wlth h1s board of educatlon why don't you use lt more freely? Couldn't you score that dame to ay1ng 'Yes'? ' Art1cle II To the classes Item I To the sen1or class of 1952 we leave our pr1zed notes on "Macbeth Cheer up nothmg 15 as bad as lt seems Item II To the 1ncom1ng .Tumors we leave our old compacts and combs ln order that they may keep 1ook1ng pr1m Item III To the new Sophomores we leave our ab1l1ty to march outs1de for a f1re dr111 w1thout talkmg or shov1ng Item IV To the 51 52 Freshmen we leave our hopes that they w1l1 enjoy the1r four years of h1gh school as much as we have Make the most of lt Freshmen t1me passes qu1ckly Artlcle III To the Ind1v1dua1s Item I Joan House leaves to Nancy G1ll1am and Rebecca Walker her cheer lead1ng ab1l1ty Her crazy g1gg1e she w1ll1ngly leaves to Sylv1a Wyr1ck Try lt one tlrne Slzzy 1t's good for you 17 ' cv: . up Item VIII - To Miss Boyd we leave our yearning for refreshments - fBreak a ' - . ' ' ' ll ll . - . a C in s ' ' .'j - - o q . . 6 - 1 Q 1 .D Item Z Peggy Johnson leaves to Valhe Brown Pansy Dunn Elo1se Bull and Nancy Fogleman her shy and t1m1d ways Item 3 Jean Welch leaves to Barbara Smlth Cella May Jean Isely Betty Gr1gg and Els1e Clapp her ab1l1ty to make good grades ln hlgh school Glrls stop fa1l1ng your work Item 4 Grace Loy leaves to Betty Andrews Ermma Dell Fr1ddle Ela1ne Baldw1n and Betty Younger her brunette qual1t1es Item 5 Annabell Smlth leaves to Ann1e Brothers and La Rue Allen her fr1endly smlle w1th the hopes they Wlll stay happy next year Item 6 Norma Webster leaves to Sue Reld her short stature Come on down to my s1ze Sue' Item 7 Hazel Murph leaves to V1v1an W1cker her love of mystery novels and her l1ke of Mebane Rats" to Rachel Sutton Item 8 Jeanette Younger leaves to Sh1rley Dawson her cute Jokes May she always crack them and to Nancy G1ll1am her coquettlsh use of brown eyes Item 9 Bernard Butler leaves to P0516 Clubb h1S he1ght May you use It to an advantage dear POS16' Item IO Bobby Maness leaves to Arthur Dav1s and Paul Wyrxck h1s football Item ll Larry Hughes leaves to James Gr1gg and George Summers h1s awaken1ng struggle 1n Engl1sh Boys you had better work lt can be done' Item 12 Eugene Wheelar leaves to glamorous Charles Sockwell h1s dear old school bus and to dash1ng Edward Ham1lton he bequeaths h1s ways of fl1rt1ng w1th the g1rls Beware Edward Item 13 Harold Johnson leaves to Haywood Ingle and Herbert Belv1n h1s good looks and to Lloyd Apple he sorrowfully leaves h1s Engl1sh book Study lt every n1ght old boy you'll need lt Item 14 Kenneth Johnson leaves to B111 Creasy h1s abl1l1ty to crack Jokes Except 1n Engl1sh class' Item I5 Earl Hancock begrudg1ng1y and tearfully leaves to R1chard Brothers h1S surplus cash Open my purse R1chard but don t spend a penny' Wrltten s1gned sealed and del1vered th1s day December 8 1950 W1tnesses Mrs R H Wynne Senlor Sponsor Eugene Wheelar Class Pres1dent Hazel Murph Testator lo 4 . , Q 1 . D ' ll ability. Why don't you fellows use it. c Q . I, ' ' C ' , ' -D Freshmen 'M 080. 'Yu Bobby Bennett Clara Brown Paul Dean Butler mpeg Mwffw-J Vera Cobb Fred Cook Nancy Dalton 'Wm -214. "x 'Y7 64 Wayne Frtts 'WY' FV' W, bf' Bobby Greeson Nancy Greeson Lucrlle Huffmes L Donald Johnson Bobby Jones Claude Lowe I9 Janet Cass1dy hs Don Dawson WY 4. 45.4. Catherxne Foust Marlme Fr1ddle Buddy Gerrmger 359 'cf nn Ingle Glenda Yow 1 W Mary Edna Apple Zafuunj J Y Gary Chnsmon 9 '7YCVL Dean Beal if i Jean Clayton Mary Dowd Eltzabeth Dunn Peggy Gernnger Larry Ingle if 'kt' B1lly Greeson 77.011.1- Mary Jarrett Tempre Lowe Bernell M11es raw, J Q GC MJQ , I f AV v lv l I 0 7 :ei J L -f alt. 5" 0 'i . . . . . . 6 IM Q I I ml ' ,5 ' J 'ff 'L ia.. . . A f 1 Q or no . A C as iff" 1.6 1- 'fy by If I J L 1 J L eff Freshmen j I X 'A M. h 1 Susan Randolph ohn O Buent Mane Pasc e J 9. -ii 'CS' S Gary Scoggms Betty Rlgglns Peggy R1gg1n 1? in, 1 X14 W' Glen Smnh Pau St ar Jame Tlckl "--. l ma Walker Nancy Wal Gerald Wallace lr 48 Louise Whltesell PastyW11l1ams Barbara Frank Shep e Larry T Bllly Ray 4kf herd Rolan Emma Jean Nlchols Qs G' ,Q ir' Tommy Reld Howard Ray any 40 At... d Shepherd Nancy Spence ff -in 13" Q """-vu. AZ A ivy... hel Thomas Roger Vmcent homas Rac 7-75 4:3 L bby Webster ker Don W rlson 20 Weaks Bo r 'N F w k 511116 F10 ay ync Ann Younger y , I I 9 J 3 l -M fc X 6- ll K ff 3h N 'W f A KY e., gc .-,Is Q ' K 5? J, .A Z ' I it A"-Ji! 'iz EL, 3 M Y 5. , L .. ,151 Mirza.. 1 ,.,, T' v W S S eyre W ettl +el 4' 1 de fl an-ef H- 4 f W- , , Sv . f r ,3 'fin ik: '51 4 me ' A f - P- 'X V .Q 8 U 4 mg ',,,, V lg. 1 W ' "' na My A 1 '- . nt: KA "V ' FW ' V 3' . , M Q N as QM' 2': r-. , M g . I V: l "N" . 1 gg , . , gf? N1 ,Mp :gg y S J QA K Wk Pat Welch W 5. V W A .5 W L f , fipg, Y f Q- X ,. Q.. D A l v 4 M 4 M 1 D ' d Younger Superlatuves l Most Dependable LARRY HUGHES Best A11 Around HAROLD JOHNSON 21 Quletest PEGGY JOHNSON JOAN HOUSE BOBBY MAN ESS Su perlatlves Best Dressed JEAN WELCH EUGENE WHEELER Most Athletic Y O IEANETTE YOUNGER Superlatlves Cutest ANNABELL SMITH EUGENE WHEELER Wittiest AY O 23 Nl I Il H Ilix Susan Rumlulph hm lu! lr '-,mulls s hu 1 1 was iurnnd md nm nd bx 1 I IUTUH Q Nt u.-Ad x 5 u uf' lnburerx c nllvd the l lhsnn shui louple thunk that the 'HUHIIILTII Rul was owns the Ilnc from C1115 mnulh to eanuxlln 'lhex xxlll own ll for wears then ll xxxll be turned mer Us 4 1b omllle Phe tram mn lhxuugh her? hem een lb w and 1850 lvuo churrhes and three more which :gold ww hlgkow 'Ihe oldest bulldlng m bib uxllh l 0 em 1 lhe 01 ul IOTEQ an B I- Goodrwh md XIcD'u1d More The fxrsl school house VK8i1OC3l0d .xr the 1 hr of me old Xie-zhodm rihurch and had onlx one room The 0'dcQl chulches xre the Nlerhodlsz .And Bapuu Back then mail of the town was on the north sxde uf the raxl road trackb Ore of the Ud fllllng Stations www Ill the Hllddlf' f Iam Street and ll had Iwuy in In Il 1 hru 4. wax located un Pl 1' mrxuns smro mx r li d f xhuul the Slit of 1 1114 Xlwon 0 un L vhmrl hun w sm xor l u A d Q K mx x up I Ihrrx It IJ.n1d on 1 112 , on u 6 lu. u x A xx ma L md hoard IL 4 uyeu 'lx ll xx Ile 1 re '-ni nod d f. ulx or Gmwm 1 Q IQIIIN As A :eat deal uf rxk mio 1 llllbl xx KlXlU bs Uawox Bonne durmp Nix' Xuh UN K1 1F Q fld s x Ihxul-. hlm fm h effurw md I1 e Gaowneef .Queen of Jlaaaeu' Qulwal Qhlrlox Summcx xe-'krx Ulm J mxxunn S1 14 4- un un 1' rld IX Or mba r xrl x ummm! ll 1 0 or f run eu n xmlc nur N ud u xu N mx 814x111 r x 1 Q 1 r 11 mir A 1 mu mer up N e :rm nan Xhc I-xn 1 1 surf xl er umlv I xx 14 nu u Annxbcllg nth Q kx 111 6 0 ln: Xhmd mn x ex Ixdld Fam 11111 1 Lx ch su 111 Randolph Ill! BLACK AND GCJLD STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT suung Jeanette Younger Rachel Sutton Ann1eBrothcrs, typ1sts Grace Loy Busmess Manager Jean Welch Ednor 1n Chlef Nancy Gxlham, ASSOCIHIS Eduor, Barbara Smuh Make Up Ednor, Joan House Managmg Ed1tor,B111y Creasy ASSISIHIII Adverusmg Manager Lloyd Apple Photographer Ruby Murrell Feature Edltor Shlrley Summers Alumm Ed1tor,Sh1r1ey Dawson, SOCICIY Edltor Vallle Brown, Copy Reader STANDING Norma Webster Ass1stantC1rcu1at1on Manager Peggy Johnson, As sxstam Feature Ednor Annabel1Sm1th Exchange Ed1tor Ceha May Charles Sockwdl Sports Ednors, Betty Gugg Copy Reader Jean Isley Reporter Mrs I H V1ckery Advxsor EISIC Clapp Reporter Vlrgxma Wooten Reporter Elame Baldvvm ASSISIBRI Adverusmg Manager Bernard Butler, ASSISIHUI Clr culauon Manager Mary Lou Wyrxck, Reporter Irma Walker Reporter Eugene Wheeler, AdV8l'I1S1I1gfN13I'l ager, Larry Hughes, Cuculauon Manager 1-R4 " 1 ' 1- '0NYIl.I.l'I - lip S .' , , - r Gxbq ' - wap v a 'I -r 'ri in INITH, 1lyuh1I4lx1I1gposl fur thx- rlv - leir I " ' I 1 1 1 ,' am nizan mlm-dl hursn-s lu .- X I ' ' X Th, f1rsl Jail 1 5- ' ,- ber! . , , 1, 1 Th f, I. N I VL Q 1 ' 5: - 1 IW A u ml, b. I 1 1 M I- . , . -'s. ,Ll h . J , ax I ffl ml' 1. ff' diff 1 W 1 2,-S. ll wus! i mr- my .,fI11mmn'1114- man 3 '1 'ml I I , nu, and was Hmm: uf tm- ,. I A in xmxyxufrv xx 1:1-dl Qu -I-I un! ilu- I-iznlxqsl-1115. , I K L- , , : 1 Hull was HIS F. ,d as 1 se. Um: IU fn11111.14,1l.11lmu--An 4.nu1mI " ,' ' .' , I .. ' ' lm' about 32 jears. i 1' Q X "" Q MCL I .- - 1 . , . - . 1.5, H hh Ly 5 -As uzlxlpvte-d wllh -glit- . , , - .- ' . I A! H - f1r.' nlzxj was Mr. la 'l'n pm ph - 3315, Th- - 1 F . SIM sg!-.Ad .- t ' ,V , , X Su- -Vs fit! A 'H 1- sstmlni :mv 'J XI '. by Nlrf XX j -'P Sm Fluff, law - fur - X1-5. ' ' . ' ' S - X rl1r-- -vl-as ,fh.- wr -i od T, Vs. ' V I V Y Th ,5 md nm hint any Vlomrn, ms: Th- n'r'mxl11l1x:, xx s 1114- climax of Ill- 'BQWQPU 1N.f'04dfld 1900 Iliff? Wg9Y'9"1v1!3 1 ft F U I :L Im ,V hm US d ml ,mx Ilzxllmu-'n-uw Vurnlxnl Xlr, .lznues 1,-ruwnf-d Q - 1 V I W- ' llw qu -on and pw-sn-rllvd her wivh the- ' I' -' ' ' I H K -1 'I'1 - firsl sisic- v' lks 'vrv 'dh nf! In I .I ml, ,HMS fu - 15 hi G -Nl ll. df. mmd Q ' . J,,41,.u,. Y, un, ,-U, -, in ,hp f P r ' A- I 'Q I- 1. S 'I-I A WWI: and WMU. Sys A L-.1 id' v-mu-sl xxzzh Siu mu-s.H Th um :A . I Q U ' ' N 'QL V wb -1 - 1,4 I and 10211. Tl S 'us I 1, " "Y lm1"A 'i"Hl'Y'N' . Xl f v Pkw' . f F , A ' ,mn sl 1110K S: 1 po urm ' the his- X Pm -WT' ' "bb Ufmli 2. 3' Ll! K ' ' Q Q - V - - I- yt .Y 1 - 5. .IHA ,nc-. Inplnfsl Ihv 'nh s ants ' ' 5 A ' -- k V V ' 'Q-'-: Ju H sv, lwliu M1 . 1 - - ' I . I ' ' , A Ll' ' ' 11: rl 1: 1 'asf SuA , B 11- , .Kill , Poupy May, 1 ral, I 'A ". S. "'-'d - ' S. J-. I.'I,, '- 3 . 1 . ' . ' fs lv' ,s Mans Th - X whos IOL XI ,g Sifrl H31 ' . ,' sg ' 0 7' ' - ' 1 ' ' k if V i 'IH' P01415 Hmm-11121-r. :mai A I:.zlf- f 3 1 . 1 1 . I I ' ' I ' n ' ' v . . i . , . . . 1 I 5 . S , ' I ' . ' ' ' . 7 - . . , , ' z . 9 . 3 . ' ' . : . Q . . . . s . 1 ' ' ' . : ' . ' ' 2 ' I G . S ' Monogram Club ... 0 gall BACK ROW left to rrght Mr Dlckerson sponsor Bobby Maness Curry Rldge Bertram Brady Herbert Belvln Char11eR1gg1ns JoeThomas andjerry Madren SECOND ROW Nook1eOverman Erw1nWr1ght Pos1eClubb Eugene Wheeler Bernard Butler Howard Ray Donald Overman FIRST ROW Larry Hugh es Boyd Greeson Becky Allen Joan House Sylv1aWyr1ck Bobby Long andC Vl Allred Cheerleaders "' g oo 4.-J UF Q? F, S3 FRONT ROW left to rrght Becky Walker Ass1stantCh1ef Joan House Chlef BACK ROW Susan Randolph Nancy W alker Nancy G1lll3.I1'l Kay Young Shlrley Grayson and Becky Allen 5 1' 5 1 " r run- .W - A 1' n Z - 2 ' 1- S , - - B A a UI . f AM- J . ea A , 'J 1 L.-. 'ao I I- - , - r 4-...Luv . 2 - ' . : , ' . . ' s X. W yf no ,B ssss ,sro oss " W ' r 29 - -f 4 ' 7 - l if 1 I f ' - ff l l l 1 , f . K M " N, 4 N W J 29 F .4 'Q fb xx ' 1' - x I at- ' , . ' 1 . ' ' : . ' . 'I V 1 v Y ' ' V ' - , I I A I I I ' 2 Grammar Grade Teachers Ll:FT TO RIGHT Mrs Wade Ledbetter Mrss Pegg MISS Scott Mrs Arthur Ferguson Mrs Horne Ms C A Walker Jr Mr Marshall Rawlrngs Mtss Theo Edwards Mrs Hardy and Mrs Sally Boyd Cheek Nlary Dowd Nancy Greeson Luerlle l-luffrnes and Mrss Dav.nBoyd Sponsor STANDING hmmaJean Nrchols Helen Frrddle Marlene Frtddle Mary Apple Sue Clapp Vera Cobb Erma DellFr1dd1c Joan Bennett Barbara Xkrlson Nlancy Spence Fay Wyrxck Jean Carol Clayton Loutse lkhrtesell Mary Jar rctt Clara Brown Nancy Dalton and Cat Foust 26 r . . . ., . ' ' , ' , . , . F. H. A. , . Q 1' SliATEDg Billy' Ann Younger, Sue Reid, Betty' Younger, Annie Brothers, Betty' Andrews, Glenda Yow, 2 V' , r ' v ' ' ' V ' ' v - French C ub FIRST ROW left to rlght Betty Grrgg Becky Walker Bennre Fogleman Secretary Sylvra Wyrrck V1ce Pres1dent Nancy Grllxam Presrdent Shrrley Summers Peggle May Hrlda Apple Mrss Odom Sponsor Joan House SECOIND ROW Marjorre Inglebrrght Vrrgrnra Wotten Els1eClapp Bxllre Curtrs Bernard Butler Vallle Brown Arthur Davls Rachel Sutton Celra May and Jean Welch Beta Club WV! I FRONT ROW left to rrght Bernard Butler Presrdent Nancy Grllram Program Chalrman Jean Isley Secretary Bobby Maness Treasurer SECOND ROW Larue Allen Barbara Smrth Sylvra Wyrrck Vallxe Brown Brlly Creasy Elsre Clapp Celra May Betty Grxgg Mrs Wynne Sponsor 27 Sv R Jean Clapp, Marion Shepherd, Peggy Johnson, Grace Loy, Marion Ledbetter, Ruby Murrell, Edna ! 'lil ra. Q f lil 4-.... Alpha Delta Club Hrstorran Celra Nlay Chaplarn lwancyG1ll1am Sergeant at Arms Jean Isley Treasurer BarbaraSm1th Secretary Becky Walker V1cePres1dent Betty Grrgg Pres1dent Mrss Odom Sponsor THIRD ROW Sylvra Wyrrck Maman Ledbetter Joan House Jean Welch Jeanette Younger Bus Drivers LEFT TO RIGHT Nlax Howell Curry Rrdge George Summers Eugene Wheeler Rrchard Brothers and Lloyd Apple 2 Q.. 9 at J. S .k Q, V if If M E' Z Y N 1- . 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Dawson, Vallie Brown, Elsie Clapp. SECOND ROW: Rachel Sutton Junior Glee Club FIRST ROW left to rrght Bernrce Wrcker Sarah Westerrnoreland Ethel Mae Parker Clartce Johnson Ltnda Cates Sally Brown Betty Jo Barber Shrrley Byrd Etta Durke Patsy Tate l-lrlda Lowe Betty Txckle Peggy Smrthey Sh1rleyRandleman Annre Craven SECOND ROW Nancy Andrewes Eleanor Allen, Elste Mrles Peggy Rrley Nancy Jo Boone Nellre Thomas Anme Younger Patr1c1a McKenney Dorrs Davenport Judy Paylor Iva Ruth Ledbetter Hazel Turner Mary Johnson Patrrcla Hudgrns Carolyn Fogleman THIRD ROW Vance Apple Don Blalock Howard Tysor John Creasy Georg1e Wrlson Ruth Anne Bateman Patsy Butler Frances Hawkrns Mary Low Wyrtck Dezree Thompson Shelby Dawson Dorothy Wh1te Deanna Lewrs Betty Madren FOURTH ROW Dav1d Hlnton Paul Thomas Rrchard Shockley Carl Whrtesell Bobby Ferguson Jarves Whttesell Curtrs Hrnton Georgra Younger Faye Young Faye Waynrck Glenda Shepherd Mary Lou Brown Mrs Vrrgrnra Ferguson FIFTH ROW Don Allen Elmer Hall Rrchard Whrtesell Brlly Draper W C Mrles Clyde lngle Carl Welch Hugh School olee Club fi f WN. Lk K FIRST ROW left to rrght Nancy Spence Hrlda Apple Dalphrne Webster Jean Isley Jeanette Younger Margle Inglebrrght, Nancy Walker Susan Randolph Marlon Ledbetter Gall Isley Marlene Frrddle Barbara Wtlson Glenda Yow Mrs V1rg1n1a Ferguson SECOND ROW Lloyd Apple Edna Curtls Shrr ley Welch Jean Clayton Vrrgmra Wooten Joan House Marlon Shepherd Bettv Grlgg Ruby Murrell Mary Edna Apple Shrrley Dawson Clara Brown THIRD ROW Dean Butler Vera Ann Cobb Irma Walker Shtrley Grayson Els1eClapp Sylv1aWyr1ck Peggy May Becky Walker Vallre Brown Rachel Sutton Geraldlne Woods Brllre Ann Younger Nancy Turner FOURTH ROW Glenn Smtth Jean Welch Nancy G1ll1am Cathr1neFoust Shtrley Summers Kay Young Lydla Motze Barbara Smtth Jeanette Yow Verna Morene Nancy Dalton Ccha May Larry Thomas FIFTH ROW Brlly Creasy Nook1eOverman George Summers Roland Shepherd Arthur Dav1s Eugene Wheeler Bernard Butler Howard Ray James Re1d Thomas Kyle Tarreyson Rrchard Brothers Bobby Bennet 2 J l I I I I I I I D I . I I I I I I I I - 1 . s, . . ' ' I I I I I . I I . ', '. - : ' ' . I I . I I I l I '. ' : I Y I ' I . I 0 U . I I O -f Q, J W f . . 5 1 f Vx Q, ' i, 1 r . 2 " I -,, . ' 2 . ' , ' . . . . I I I ' I I I I I r n ' .. 1 1 ' 9 , l u . ' . . 1 . . I ' I . I ' I I I I . I 1 I , D I ' I . I I l . I ' I . , . ' . . 1 ' . . I I I -I I I I A I I . I ' 9 Band 5 -'wg-, :alll ymnnpvwu"""' CHE FIRST ROW Arlene Shepherd Sarah Westmoreland Edna Jo Krvett Peggy Rlley Gary Scogglns Jerry Madren Buddy Gerrrnger Don Blalock SECOND ROW LarryLaugh11n WayneScogg1ns TommyGree son Erma Walker Elmer Hall Claude Lowe James lngle B1llyBeckom Vance Apple THIRD ROW Etta Burke Curtrs Hrnton John Rogers Creasy James Thomas Wayne Shepherd Bobby Younger and Mr Rhodes Drrector Student Council BACK ROW left to rrght Bernard Butler Larry Hughes Jean Welch Vlrgrnra Wooten Mary Lou Wyrrck Arthur Dav1s Eugene Wheeler Robert Trckle SEATED Joan House Erma Walker Nancy Glllram Peggx May Peggy Gerrrnger and Mrss Odom Sponsor 1, ' f J ' S . 1 , 2 1 1 1 1 1 . , . V . . - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . 0 do Q' ' 'i 4 X, ' ' :1 a, Y . - WN 1 , 11 ' l 3 1, x A 2 , I 'Z -' 1 ' ,J 1 .W v .4 1 S - ... L 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ,V 1 V 1 1 - J Stnce we are unable to get a ptcture of thrs years varsrty we present a prcture of thrs years Jumor varsrty BACK ROW left to rrght Rolano Shepherd Paul DeanBut1er Robert T1ckle Don Allen Dean Beal and Bobby Long FRONT ROW C W Mtles John O Brrant Wayne FIIIS Gary Scoggxns Q L Llttle Carrol Ktmrey and Howard Ray MY' R fe Football Th1s fall Coach D1ckersor1 was g1ven the task of rebu11d1ng G1bsonv111e s football team As a new man, 1n G1bsonv1l1e's sport p1cture, Coach D1ckerson had to start from scratch and, as a result, the season was none too good He d1d not have the heavy defense l1ne of last year to work w1th but, desplte these handlcaps he f1e1ded a better than average offenslve team The boys proved they could do tt 1n the last game by defeat1ng Bessemer 7 6 31 2- L 1 1 , - 1 ,' , " A :fb-. Q A Q- ., J lf." , fm fr .1 . 1 . ,- 7 V, ,x 5' ' A A V I ,tv 7 6 fy, ,"'9' V t-1 'mfws Qggaf ' 2, ' M JM " "iii 'M ' " 1 if 'iff' Q' it f 2 V 1 4195" ' ,QL ' r' f' .1 "Siu fwfar V , M0116 , , .1 . .4 -'fl 'H' ,, 0 , "fa, 7-A U ' " V?-f"'fif" M . h - n 1 5 A , - . A v v , . I . . . 1 ' . 1 ' 1 1 y . . , , . sa 1 B . 'sf' Fl r ii ig f -f ' I B 1 : ff , A A j ,f A , T 1 I G K -- ff, 5- E' - if f 5 fi" V ly E 57 f V ,wibfxi , , ffi lf 'v if " . s:WA2 .:.- - 4 of' . . ' a BACK ROW Mr Doug D1ckerson Coach Haywood Ingle Bobby Long Roland Shepherd Glenn Smlth Paul Butler and Jerry Nladren Nlanager FRONT ROW Boyd Greeson Howard Ray Bernard Butler Jr Captam Nookre Overman and Donald Overman X Boys Basketball J G1bsonv1lle los1ng only one letterman from last years h1ghly successful squad showed prom1se of be1ng the best team 1n years The prospects were dampened, however by the loss of all county Bobby Farmngton and Bobby Gerrmger Desplte these losses the team looked good to us We may not have won as many games but the sp1r1t was hlgh W1th a new gym and the gu1dance of a great coach we see a br1ghter future for sports They are truly on the upgrade 1n Glbsonvxlle 2 xg iwl, ' in 'f l , Q 1 'i l If R y L -.-A 2 BACK ROW Gail Isley Assistant Manager Mrs I H Vrckery Jr Coach Shirley Summers Manager SECOND ROW left to right Becky Allen Bennie Fogleman Margie lnglebrlght Sylvia WyI1Ck Kay Young Sue Reid Vera Ann Cobb Peggy May Emma Jean Nuckles Betty Younger Virginia Wooten Grrl s Basketball As always, basketball has played an lmportant part 1n our act1x1t1es th1s year Under the 1eadersh1p of the1r old coach from last year, Mrs I H V1ckery, the g1rls had a tough struggle but they did not loose as many games as they thought they would s1nce only one member of last years f1rst string remained Again th1s year a large number of g1rls went out for basketball They d1v1ded lnto two teams, the Vars1ty and the Jumor varsity Joan House and Nancy G1l11arn shared honors of be1ng Co captains of the Varsity team Whlle Ann Ingle and Betty Grey Andrews led the Jun1or Vars1ty We are proud of the g1rls th1S year and are expect1ng a repeat per formance 1n years to come 33 , ' . z ' . ' . . ' . . ' and Annie Brothers. FRONT ROW: Joan House and Nancy Gilliam, Co-Captains. ' i Cur Gym Anyone that has been around G1bsonv1lle no doubt has heard pup1ls talk1ng about a Gym I can not remember when I f1rst heard lt but lt was long ago Noth1ng was ever done about lt It seems that one thlng or another prevented 1ts erect1on The war and f1res were perhaps the ch1ef reason Last year we agaln began to hear of such a project however most of us had heard lt for so long we had llttle fa1th Then there came out art1cles 1n the paper about lt Th1s gave us encouragement and we began to thlnk that at last someth1ng was be1ng done It was golng to be erected along Wlth two other such structures 1n the county, one at Sumner and Bessemer Contracts were let and constructlon was under way At last the dreams of many G1bSOnV1111aH were com1ng true By the tlme school started lt was well under way The add1t1on of th1s w1ll mean not only many actlv 1t16S for the school but a long ant1c1pated dream came true Our New Lighted Field One of the b1ggest events 1n G1bSOHV1l16 last year was the complet1on of our l1ghted football f1eld On October 6 1950 the G1bsonv1lle Yellow Jackets played the Ossxpee team on the new f1eld At the half t1me the Homecomlng Queen Peggy Gerr1nger of the Freshmen class was crowned W1th the help of Mr Bowhng and the boys ln the shop bleechers were bu1lt on the f1eld House Electr1c Company helped to 1nstall our l1ghts wh1ch we thought would never go up The L B Shepherd Radlo Sales Servxce asslsted 1n puttlng up our loud speakers We also have a fence around our new l1ghted f1eld wh1ch 1S a great help 1n keeplng accurate the number of pald attendants Surely noth1ng else has ever come to our Hlgh School that 1S a greater asset 34 V Qu no e ' , if' If ' ' '- ' . . . . . 3 . . 2 s ' . N . . . . . - , . O O . 1 1 O - , , . . , . 1 . . . . . . A af J dm 9 ez ,4 K 4. .TL I , If -'Z WE 5-ff 2' A535 N, ,wxk BURKES DEPARTMENT STORE Gxve us the opporturuty to serve you Boone Furruture Store Comphmems Phone II G1bSO1'1V111C N C General Electrrc Xpphanees Clty Cafe -Crosley TS1LV1S1Ol'l Complete Home Furrushmgs Field s Young Men s Shop Dress and Sports Wear ' h1ngs to wear, for men who ca e Mam Street G1bsonv111e N C Comphments of Freld and Cox m7 of Gibsonville, N.C ' 7 7 'T ' r ." P9616 ElCCtT1C 11 C4 mpany Inc Hllff1T'1CS S1106 SUNG shoes Hostuy and Shu. Rtpttrs rtugtm N Gtbsomtllc N C tat it mt sttctt Pham FJ 41 For Men aid B J s Caroltna C at IPIIIULHIS nfl URTI5 C' XNDY COMP XNY Muglc Serxtce BL au mont Surratt Dtsttthutor Burlmgton N C MINNEOLA MANUFACTURING COMPANY 35 ' 2 1 4 , D Bu 1' , C. 221 W -' f f 1 Ftnr Bust Buy Curtis and Peters Shaes ' ' '44 A A 2.1 '- XI .',.-,' ff ' 7. ' ' 1'. . L B SHEPHERD Racho, 'Ie1ev1s1on Sales oervlce ast rm' 5trettBur1 ngtnn IN Dral o C rupluututs rt o up lIIlf.l s Your Studetmker Dealer Ken Hughes Motor Co Burllngton N C Bur rngtnu lx C Wash Klvett Mc tor Sale 5 use a mmure save a Irfe Engneeered Plastrc Incorporated PhOne 159 Glbgmvllle N C 24 hour serv1ce Smlth Funeral Home Lxcensed erupltyets an Funeral Dlrettx an Insurance Flre Accldent Llablllty Autornobrle. Careful attemron grverr all busrness entrusted to us It r-ay t b fully protect d GIBSONVILLE D EVELOPEM ENT Phom 28 Glbsonvllle IN C 9 I I . , . , ,. . l zrxrg re .5 1 ' fr-71 8 N U U . L X, Ll l rut of 1' L, '. . .. L I . .x ' ' , L'. . I d " M, S o e e ." CO. . . T PA YLOR BROS Tau Seruce Phone 83 COBLE SPORTING Goods Co 113 INorth Green St Greensboro N C GAY TIILATRE G1bsonv11le CAROLINA MUSIC SERVICE Burhngton Newest Reeord Store 315 Worth St Phone tn 2543 Burllnbton N C SERVICE CLEANERS G1bsonv111e N C MCDAVID S STORES CO INC Mam Street G1bsonv111e IxorthCaroI1na Glbsonvllle Best Store TAYLOR AND WHEELER GFOCCYICS Feed Seed Feruhzer Comphments Phone 54 BETA CLUB Gtbsonvllle N C r Y ', North Carolina . Y . . . of JC .i as 8 In ,O u o 0

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