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x. .,..,Yqf3- ' ggi, Y a . V . i. . . ,LIQLEZF I i. G2 , V, l' ' . . .14-'+.4i5Y?A5?f:" , . 73, . , 1' EL ' I M, . ..- - 5 Q Q5 ,arlpi 2315, ' .5 , 1 2 . , .FQLZW -5, I 12. s . L. 1:53 A 5'i'15..Ffs If v " 'T " :Z-.' .A -, -- va V-Y, . fsfiffiff ' .1 'P 5,4 31, , r " :H-.' ' ' R .-,f . , V -'gfwv ..--I I Mix .-5557 - gf'-fr . '23 A 5 Qu, - - A' , , ,T 1. zz - . gif' SI 3,12 ,. 5 :. ,lf g " pyi: , - 3- fir A -5 3 I 'E 44955. ,' ,gsm I ' 9.5: , .4 'v ' S- ' ' ' I, , 1 + -ff . X Jgvgui , 2 ' ,Ig-A5 ,i 5 mfg . ' filigi -, K ' MI-ff .3 "Q ' 4' V 74 ' X uf ,f iii fi' 4 5 f,1-544,525 'rt 1' V ,- .Cs-4 -ff 1: A gf 5,-w-JS ':..fi1ir"i' 'S -A 5 al -. E --5,1 . E , I , " W -,-1:-.., ,J- 1 958 Q Q9 A I l ,Y .. K x . wi' GIEQONEUIZG EPC. VILLAGE SOI-IOOLQ GIBQONBUIZG, OHIO issrsss t D eoiomio N 6. We, the Senior Class of 1958, dedicate this edition of the "Bears' Tale" to all of our teachers in appreciation for their help and guidance during our school career. 2 ADMINISTRATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. L. Rose, Grade Principalg Mr. E.W, Brau- field, Superiureridemg Mr. J. Smith, High Schoo1Pri11cipz11. BOAIZD OF EDUCATIO FRONT ROW: Mr. H. Potts, Mr. F. Reineck, Mr. W, Damschroder, Mr. E. Branfield. BACK ROW Mr. R. Schuett, Mr. W. Richard, Mr. M. Smith. ' WI ll Y., T.: 1 I , nga- hm L..-4-1 N lla k 3 Q , ,..Jl- A T i is - SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Mr. Jon ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Mrs. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Mr. Vickery, Mr. Dan Rose. Nellie Loertscher, Mr. Paul Ross, George Rohleder, Mrs. Jean Richard Miss Addie Holcomb . ll. I-HGH 1 R QC!-IOOL 4? 1 ' I 1 , if g . A 'Zhh lf' ,Q , ,f :af HISTORY DEPARTMENT: Mrs. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT: Mr. Eleanor Welter, Mr. James Parker, John Roberts, Mr. Jim Burris. Mr. Herbert Redding. P DRrvER's EDUCATION: Mr. Robert INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Mr. steve MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Kr . Madarasg VOCATIONAL DEPART- . - M . mer MENT: Mr. Melvin Pippertg Music Mrs 11818 Vlckery' I Om Kopp DEPARTMENT: Mr. Larry Schaufel- Mr- GJ- LMHP1- bergerg HOME ECONOMICS DEPART- MENT: Miss Patricia Latham. A f 1 SIXTH GRADE: Mrs. Margaret Heiser, FIFTH GRADE: Mrs. Edna Hughes, Mr. Leroy Rose, Mrs. Esther Richard. Mrs. Grace Maule, Mrs. Mildred Casteel. GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY THIRD GRADE: Mrs. Florence Borlsi Miss Sue Shockey, Mrs. Carol Keesecker. FIRST GRADE: Mrs. Margaret Bowlus, FIRST AND SECOND GRADE: Mrs., Mrs. June Keiser f2nd Sem.j, Mrs. Isabel Brogang KINDERGARTEN: Helen Bork, Mrs. Kathleen Hicks Mrs. Betty Bronson. flst Sem.J not pictured. 5 ,rn ...Z FOURTH GRADE: Mrs. Francis Neeb, Mr. James Hilfiker, Mrs. Cecil Hilt. SECOND GRADE: Miss Ethel Davidson, Mrs. Lucy Hart, Mrs. Georgia Miller. 1 on MUSIC: Miss Dorothy Hochg ART: Mrs. Juanita Lampl Qlst Sem.J First Grade, 12nd Sem., Sixth Grade. 1 :J SECRETARY Gerry Pertner Cl' mf? R A :V -.4 BUS DRIVERS QOHOOL EMPLOYEES CAFETERIA HELP 3 Mrs. Liskai Mrs. Henline Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Kerr fb CUSTODIANS Ray McCullough George Unger Dick Schlea R. McCullough, G. Unger, D. Schlea, J. Rapp, A. Green, A. Taulker 6 5. 22' fb be ii 'R "WE BUILD THE LADDEIZ BY WHICH WE IZIQE lt seemed this time would never come, But the day is here at last, When we must face the future, With memories of the past. The beloved words of "Auld La Many voices sing, "Good Luck, Good Health, To your Success," Other voices ring. ng Syne, " Our hands are clasped in parting, Warm tears fill our eyes, And each minute it gets harder, To say those last good-byes. But pleasant thoughts within our hearts ' Will never die. Instead, they will be cherished As "We build the ladder by which we rise." CLASS COLORS: Green and White CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation President . . . . Vice-President , , , Secretary. . . . Treasurer .... . Sergeant-at-Arms , I 8 CLASS OF-'FIOEIZQ Dick Kimmet Betty Clark Alice Borton Carol Baker ,Larry Ellis DONNA AHLE "A1zie" Chorus 1, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4, F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3,4 Uunior Vice- President 31, Biology Club 2,4, Class Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 2, Student Council 2, 4 fReporter 23, School Revue 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Library 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4, Girl's State 3, Office Staff 3, Cafeteria Staff 1, Lime Lite Staff 4, Science Day 2, Senior Play 4. ELIZABETH BAUER "Betty" Chorus 1, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4. I CAROL BAKER "Bake" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, F.B.L.A. 1,2, 3, F.T.A. 4, Biology Club 2,4, Class Treasurer 4, School Revue 1, 2, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Pep Band 4. RUTH ANN BALSIZER "Susie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident 45, F.B.L.A. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Biology 2,4, Class Reporter 4, School Revue 2, Annual Staff 3,4, Office Staff 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Pep Band 4. PATRICIA BEEKER "Pat" F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3,4 fTreasurer 3, Secretary 41, Biology Club 2, Library Staff 3, Cafeteria Staff 4, Lime Lite Staff 4. 9 WILLIAM BELCHER "Vo1cano" Varsity Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Football 2, 3,4. Q. 191 . 564- M ',if.,.11 3 , i1'?,.'!,-, Q .f... '- Q . . . - V4 I 'fl y ' - 24:52 JAMES BELL "Jim" Biology Club 43 Science Club 3,4: Varsity Club 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Baseball 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 fAll Conference 413 Most Valuable Lineman 4. BETTY CLARK "Clarkie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 qTreasurer 353 Chorus 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 3, President 433 Biology Club 1, 2, 4 fSecretary- Treasurer 1, 2,3 Swim Club 1,2 1Secretary 133 Class Vice-President 43 Class Reporter 33 Student Coun- cil 13 School Revue 2, 33 Junior Play 33 Annual Staff 3,4: Office Staff 3, 43 Pep Band 43 Science Day 1,2: Senior Play 43 Valedictorian 4. ALICE BORTON Chorus 43 Swim Club 23 Class Sec- retary 43 Class Treasurer 13 Library Staff 43 Office Staff 4. If nge' s HAROLD CARN "Gus" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4 fReporter 13 Chess Club 1, 2. LARRY ELLIS Neg Biology Club 1 4 Swim Club 1 23 Varsity Club 4 Class Vice Presi- dent 2 Class Sergeant at Arms 43 Class Reporter 4 Baseball 4 Basket ball 1,2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 Track 3 Basketball Co Captam 4. DONALD CLAYPOOL "Don Art Club 13 Baseball 4. 10 WALTER ELMER "Train" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Varsity Club 3,4 fVice-President 3, President 43, .Class Sergeant-at-Arms 1, 2, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 'fS,B.C. 1st team 3, Honorable Mention 2, 3J, Football 1, 2, 3, 4 fMost Valuable Back 3, Honorable Mention 2, 3, Captain and Most Valuable Back 41, Basketball Captain and Most Valuable player 4, Conference 2nd team 41. NAN FOUGHT Band 1, G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 fSergeant -at-Arms 4j, Biology Club 1, 2,4 fReporter 23, Science Club 4, Swim Club 1, 2, Class Treasurer 3, School Revue 2, Office Staff 3. MARILEN-E FOOS "Foosie" Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Biology Club 1, Class Vice-President 1, Class Sec- Retary 3, Annual Staff 3, Office Staff 3, Homecoming Attendant 1, 3, F.F.A. Queen 4. IUDITH GROWEG "I udy" Library Staff 4, Lime Lite Staff 4 ll 1, RX r 5 1 LARRY FOREMAN "Walt" Swim Club 1, 2, Varsity Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1 . BARBARA HARSANY "Barb" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4 fReporter 41, F.B.L.A. 1, 3, Biology Club 2,4 fSecretary 41, Class Secretary- Treasurer 1, School Revue 2, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Pep Band. Q' JACK HENLINE "Peanut" Swim Club 1,25 Varsity Club 3,4, Baseball 45 Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3,4, May Day Attendant 3. DONNA HOY "Don" Chorus 1gF.B.L.A. 1,23 Library Staff 33 Office Staff 4g Lime Lite Staff 4. vnu. 'fit WILLIAM HOLCOMB "Bi1l" Baseball 4. '59 JOYCE HUFFMAN Huffy Band 1 2 3 4- Chorus 2 3 4- G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4 qSecretary 41, F.B. L.A. 1, 2, 3 Uunior Vice-Pres- ident 2, Vice-President 353 Biology Club 2 4- School Revue 2- Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 45 Office Staff 3,4, Lime Lite Staff 4g Pep Band 4. 12 ANNA HOUSE "Sue" Band 1,2,3,4g F.B.L.A. 1,2,3, Biology Club 23 Office Staff 3,4, Lime Lite Staff 4, Pep Band 4. ROBERT HUMPHREY "Bob" Football 1, 2. RICHARD KIMMET "Dick" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 1, 2, 4 fVice-President 41, Science Club 3 fVice-President 31, Swim Club 1, 2, Class President 4, Class Vice-President 3, School Revue 1, 2, 3,4, Cafeteria Staff 2, May Day King 3, Chess Club 1, 2, Pep Band 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 4. MARILYN LONGANBACH "Mert" F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, Library Staff 3,4, Office Staff 4, Cafeteria Staff 1, Lime Lite Staff 4. JANET KRAFT "Ian" Chorus 1, F.H.A. 3,4, Cafeteria Staff 1, 2. NORMA LINKEY "Jeanie" Library Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Lime Lite Staff 4. CAROL MCCULLOUGH "Cullie" Chorus 1, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 1, 2,3, Biology Club 2, 4, School Revue 1, 2, Junior Play 3, Library Staff 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 1, Lime Lite Staff 4, Science Day 2. 13 JUNE McKINNEY, HEMINGER "McKin" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, Biology Club 4, Swim Club 2, School Revue 3, Library Staff 4. MARY MILLER F.H.A. 4g Office Staff 45 Cafeteria staff 1,2. ANTOINETTE MORELOCK "Toni" Band 3,43 Majorette 3,4g Chorus 1, 3,4g Swim Club lg School Revue. DENNIS NOSS "Acorn" Biology Club 2, Swim Club l, 2, Junior Play 3, Library Staff 4. DONNA ORTH Chorus 1gG.A.A. 1,25 F.B.L.A. 123 FHA 1234Swim Club 1,2g Cafeteria Staff 1. i w ikis 1 1. fi Q' if -Q " i b Fe- K X X -h VICTOR NEISET "Vic" F.T.A. 4, Biology Club 2,4g Science Club 3,43 F.F.A. lg Club 1, 2. JUDITH PALMER "Judy" Kxigfsgf - 'rif 3 Chess Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 QVice-Presid CHI Club 1, 2, Student Council 2, 3 QSecretary -Treasurer 2, Byg School Revue 41g Biology Club 1, 2,4g Swim Junior Play 3g Library Staff 3g Annual Staff 3, 4g Office Staff 1,2 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 43 Che leader 4, May Day Attendant Senior Play 4. CI' 3: MARY PASCH Library Staff 3g Cafeteria Staff 3. MARLENE PAUL Chorus lg F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4g Cafeteria Staff 1. CHARLES PAUL "Chuck" Football 1. f E O ,ug X ...Q ' 1 CATHERINE REINECK "Kate" F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4 QI-listorian 45, Office Club 4. I5 LARRY PAUL "Mouse" Chorus 1, 23 Biology Club 1, 2, 4 QSergeant-at-Arms 1, Treasurer 43 Science Club 3, Swim Club 1g Varsity Club 3,4 fkeporter 3,4jg Art Club 35 Student Council 3g School Revue 1, 2, 3,4g Junior Play 3, Boys State Altemate 33 Baseball 2, 3,4g District Science Day 1, 2, 3, 4g State Science Day 1, 2, 33 Senior Play 4. CHARLES REINECK "charlie" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. DAVID RICHARD "Dave" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3,4, Biology Club 1, 2,4 lVice-President 1, President 41, Science Club 3,4, Swim Club 1, 2, Art Club 2, Class President 3, Stu- dent Council 1, School Revue 1, 2, 3,4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Library Staff 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Boys State 3, Dance Band 1, 2, Pep Band 4, Science Day 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, 2. SANDRA SCHLEA "Sandy" Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fTreasurer 41, F.T.A. 4, Biology Club 1, 2,4 fVice-President 1, Reporter 41, Swim Club 1, 2, Class President 1, 2, School Revue 1, 2, 3,4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Library Staff 3,4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Girls State Alternate 3, Office staff 2, 3, Salutatorian 4. BARBARA RUGGIERO "Barb" Chorus 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, Biology Club 4, F.H.A. 2, School Revue 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. as s HAZEL SHULL "Haz" Chorus 1, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4 fCorres- pondence Secretary 43, F.B.L.A. 1,2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3,4qPres1dem 45, Swim Club 1, 2, Annual Staff 3,4, Cafeteria Staff 1, Lime Lite Staff 4, Senior Play 4. I6 4 CAROLYN SABO "Sab" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, Office Staff 4, Lime Lite Staff 4, Senior Play 4. ROBERT SHULL "Slingshot" Biology Club 1, 2,4, Swim Club 1, 2, Varsity Club 3,4 fVice-Presi- dent 43, Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3, School Revue 1, 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 1Captain 35, Football 1, 2, 3,4 Qlvlost Valuable Lineman 3, S.B.C 3, 41, Track l, 2. 'Q-. 'YQ Q mg' ME, f L 5. if A 9 S , ' , L 655255 . q'3i'f13,'--'Fi WARREN SMITH "Whitey" Band 1,2,3g F.T.A. 4g Biology Club 1, 2, 4 fSergeant-at-Arms 41: Science Club 3,45 Class Reporter 3, Play 33 Library Staff 4, Annual Staff 3,43 Chess Club 1, 2 flvlanager 1, 2jg Senior Play 4. DANIEL SOUDER "Dan" Chorus lg Science Club 3,4 QRe- porter 31: Swim Club 1, 2g Varsity Club 35 School Revue 2, 3,4: Junior Play 33 Senior Play 4g Library Staff 4g Baseball 2g Basketball 1, 2g Foot- ball 1, 2, 33 Chess Club 1, 2 Nice- President 27. BONNIE THOMAS Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 1, 25 Cafeteria Staff 4. GENE TILLE "Ted" Biology Club 1, 2,4 fSergeant-at- Arms 413 Science Club 4 fSergeant -at-Arms 4Jg Football 1, 2. 'I7 JAMES STEVENS "Louie" Baseball 3,4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 CIAUDETTE VALLANCE "C1aude" Band 1gF.H.A. 2, 3,4, Student Council 1, 2. N WILLIAM VICKERY "Bill" Science Club 3, 4 Wice-President 413 Annual Staff 33 Boys State Alternate 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1,33 Chess Club 1, 2. IRVIN WELLINGTON "Irv" Science Club 3, 4 fVice-President 3, President 43, Varsity Club 3,4g Student Council 4 fVice-President 415 School Revue 3,4g Junior Play 3, Senior Play 43 Library Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, Boys State 3, Foot- ball 3, 4. ' , .40 ff-'7 Y ,rua 17 -A ,nh , iw ,Y ,, ,, W 1 ,,, ,iw Q, , Y., ' i A ti 5 JACK WATTS "Wattie" Biology Club 23 Swim Club 1,2g Library Staff 4g Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2. I8 2 U11 v f"? ,MA g ML, . nqlulql -,-...lui . 4- -4 - ---Y, v-f-7-xi F GLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1958, of Gibsonburg High School, being at the present time of sound mind and body, and as nearly ri ht in memory as possible after a steady diet of education for the past twelve or more years, realizing that our higir school career is comin speadily to a close, do hereby make this our last will and testament, declaring void any statements made by us in the past few years. WE, DONNA AHLE AND SUE HOUSE, do hereby will and bequeath all the ood times we've had in our high school days, even though they usually ended up getting into trouble, to Diane gllebel and Diane Richard hoping they have as much fun as we did. I, CAROL BAKER, do hereby will and bequeath my--uh, bequeath my--oh, I'm just leaving. I, SUSIE BALSIZER, do hereby will and bequeath my liking to tease Mike Stump and my brother to my sister, Mary. One thing, you're gloingj to have togrow to defend yourself, Mary. I, BETTY BAUER, do ere y will and equeath my ability to be engaged to a Penmberville guy to "Chevy" Jividen. lt's simple to do "Chevy." Find the right guy, which you already have done, and make him fall for you. I, PAT BEEKER, do hereby will and bequeath my interest to a certain Fremont guy to myself because I don't want anyone else to have him. I, B LL BLECHER, do hereby will and bequeath my car to my brother. Keep the doors closed Jack. f l, JIM BELL, do hereby will and bequeath my interest on Madison St. to my brothers, hoping they have as much un as I did. I, ALICE BORTON, do hereby will and bequeath my job at the Bakery to Marlene Friar hoping she will put on the pounds like I did. I, HAROLD CARN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to waste time in Agriculture to Jim Dolweck and Dave Rood. They already have a good start. I, BETTY CLARK, do hereby will and bequeath my oboe to anyone who doesn't mind being stared at as though he were a snake charmer. ' I, DON CLAYPOOL, do hereb will and bequeath my motorscooter to Richard Claypool "Ichabod" and Frankie "Archbo1d" Honaker. If neither oflthese two want it I will it to Mr. Burris, hoping that he has fun riding it to school ever da . 1,1 LAYRRY ELLIS, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Burris my set of crome head bolts hoping that it will make his car a little hotter. I, WALT ELMER, do herebpf will and bequeath my trips to Ba lsizers to Phil I-lart, who seems to have a good start already. Oh, Phil, watch out or Butch and Mike. ' I, MARILENE FOOS, do hereby will and bequeath my interest in a certain senior boy to myself, because I don't want anyone else to have him. I, LARRY FOREMAN , do hereby will and bequeath my height to Ronnie Ellis. These few extra inches might come in handy on the basketball floor, Ronnie. I, NAN FOUGHT, do hereby will and bequeath my three-year interest in the "Tille Family" to Ellen Damschroder, who already has the other Tille hooked for aathree-year term. l, JUDY GROWEG, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to always manage to have seven kids that want to go uptown when the car only holds six, but we manage to g-let the seventh one in. I, BARBARA I-IARSANY, do hereb will and bequeat my seat in band to Marilyn Wichman. Good luck in fingering those high notes, Marilyn, because I sure had a hard time at it. I, JACK I-IENLINE, do hereby will and bequeath the pictures of my sports cars to'Mr. Redding in hope that he will borrow one to rush home between periods to change the baby's diapers. Good Luck! I, BILL HOLCOMB, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in Government class to anyone who wants it. I, DONNA I-IOY, do hereby will and bequeath one of my nicknames "Liberty-bell" to anyone who wants it knowin they're cracked. ' l, EOBERT HUMPHERY, do hereby will and bequeath my trips to Fostoria to Butch Burns, who already has a good start. See you there Butch. I, JOYCE HUFFMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in band to anyone who wants to sit on the outside so that everyone can hear your mistakes and squeaks. I, DICK KIMMET, do hereby will and bequeath my seat as saxophonist in the senior band to the Sophomore girls in hope that all that hot air doesn'tdgo to waste next year. I, JANET KRAFT, do hereby will an bequeath my height to Janice Weber. With mine plus hers, she should make gxpod use of it. I, ORMA LINKEY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get art work done on time and have as much fun as I did. I, MARILYN LONGANBACH, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to argue in Law to anyone who wants to take the chance of either lose the argument or who likes the quiet atmosphere of the office. I, CAROL MCCULLOUGI-I. do hereby will and bequeath all the fun I've had in school to anyone who doesn't worry about their grades. I, MARY MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my position as graduate to Shirley Saam. Here's hoping she makes it. I, TONI MORELOCK, do hereby will and bequeath my position as majorette to the two new ones, hoping that all the majorettes practice more than they fight. I, VICTOR NIESET, do hereby will and bequeath my job at Vehs to lchabod Claypool. The dead ones won't bite, Ick, it's the live ones you gotta watch out for. I, DENNIS NOSS-, do hereby will and bequeath my place in the Senior class to Jim Kirsch in hopes that he will have as much fun with it as I did. I, DONNA ORTH, do hereby will and bequeath my boyfriend, Bob Langley, who is 6'8" to no one. He's mine and no one else can have him. I, JUDY PALMER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to come running into homeroom every moming just before the tardy bell rings, to my sister Jane, especially since we live so E away from school. h I, MARY LOU PASCH, do hereby will and bequeath my perfect attendance record to anyone who likes to go to sc ool. 19 I, CHARLES PAUL, do hereby will and bequeath my coon dog to Mr. Krotzer. He is a good coon dog, Bob. I, LA RRY PAUL, do hereby will and bequeath my Biology Club trips to Lake Erie on stormy days to anybody who wants to comfort a scared girl. I, MARLENE PAUL, do hereby will and bequeath my frequent trips to Bradner to Glennie Baker, who already has a good start. Good Luck Glennie, you'll need it. I, CATHERINE REINECK, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in seventh period study hall to who ever doesn't like to talk. l, CHARLES REINECK, do hereby will and bequeath my seat to anyone who wants it. I, DAVE RICHARD, do hereby will and bequeath my tympanies to Carol Stumpp in the hope that she takes darn good care of that cowhide. I, BARBARA RUGGIERO, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to lose my temper at the wrong time to Larry Felhaber. If you know what is best, you'll learn to control it before you accept it. I, CAROLYN SABO, do hereby will and bequeath my interest in a certain boy who drives a 56 Studebaker to my- self, because I don't want an one else to have him. I, SANDRA SCHLEA, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to break water faucets in Chemistry lab to anyone who enjoys takin a bath in the middle of the day. I, HAZEL SHQJLL, do hereby will and bequeath a lock of my hair to Mr. Branfield, as he needs it more than I do. It curls best with bobby pins. I, BOB SHULL, do hereby will and bequeath my football and basketball abilities to Sam Moyer. I, WARREN SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath the results of my Probability survey to Mrs. Vickery, hoping that she can use them to come up several levels from the fifth grade level. I I, DAN SOUDER, do hereby will and bequeath all of my prtviledges to Mr. Smith hoping he will be able to find tiem. I, JIM STEVENS, do hereby will and bequeath my liking for freshman girls to Corky House because those are the ones he always picks on. I, BONNIE THOMAS, do hereby will and bequeath my interest in the Marine Corps to Jane Leggit. Jane, they are prettly nice, aren't they? I, T D TILLE, do hereby will and bequeath my car keys to Mr. Smith. Have fun in Columbus. I, CLAUDETTE VALLANCE, do hereby will and bequeath my past interest in the Marines to Rosalie Boots. I hope you have better luck than I did Rosalie. I, BILL VICKERY, do hereby will and bequeath my practically new football shoes to Wayne Garn. I, JACK WATTS, do hereby will and bequeath my "5i Ford" to my brother Joe. Hope you have money for repairs Joe. I, IRV WELLINGTON, do hereby will and bequeath my Pontiac to my brother Milton, hoping he will have as much fun as I did with it. AUTOGRAPH 20 V C ' 'x q A fax Sl A , 1. K x Q? A fl? x x N, 'Q x xx 'x -XX Ewa , as P! 310 F0gl1Sh ,xw mn gk My W N '31 ai, x if W '33 ff A X Q' vi ,W K X X :I xi' Ai:-1 256 - I A 4 , ,522 - 2 P,- CLASS OFFICDEIZ JUNIORS President ...... Don Schade Vice-President . . . Betty Haubert Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Sam Moyer Secretary ..... Virginia Sneider Treasurer. . . . Lynn Haslinger l SOPHOMORES President ...... Jerry Srodes Vice-President . . . Scott Krotzer Secretary .... Ellen Damschroder Treasurer ..... Connie Miller Sergeant-at-Arms .... Dan Todd sr f E I FRESHMAN President .... Karen Kaemming Vice-President ..... Stan Jones Secretary-Treasurer . Garret Holcomb Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Dan Schade EIGHTH GRADE President . .... Dennis Younker Vice-President .... Roy Balsizer Secretary-Treasurer . . Dick Krotzer 22 1 SEVENTH GRADE President ...,., Pam Price vice-President . Dennis Swartzlander Secretary-Treasurer . Linda Lawerence Sergeant-at-Arms . .Walter Shreffler .S- A 'Q elk I? ,jg .33 . Bi-1, . R . , 5 .W asf! . I vu. 2 Qg, Q S 5. 9' ... ' t E. if NS i '.I 1 i of.. . A v, Qi is si ff I ns? " WP 'SJ 'Qu' iv an Y ' .1 L. J. W. R. H. C. E. P. D F. N. D. J. M. R. L. M D. W B. P. L. B. A. J. F. B. I. P. P. I. S. D. R. 1. C. Aldrich Baker Bork Borton Bradshaw Brinkmeier Burns Clark Clink Copley Davies Diels Dolweck Emerson Eversole Fehlhaber Foreman Freeborn Gam Harpel Hart Haslinger Haubert Helle Hoffman House Hoy Ickes Jones Kirsch Kroeger Kutzli Lamb La Salvia Leggitt Love J. Mathna R. Mc Collum K. Minich S. Moyer J. Pressler D. Rapp B. Reineck D. Rodd J. Rodriquez A. Ruggiero D. Schade M. Schade M. Sherrard D. Shimp G. Snieder E. Spanfellner T. Specht A. Taulker L. Villarreal K. Whetsel B. Wilhelm R. Williamson J. Wolf JUNIOR CLASS B2 ge .,.',ai V M. 5 9.2 1 7' 'Bef ' nn! ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE TAKEN: I. Kirsch. QOPI-IOMOIZE CLASS Q 'Qi e 233 QQQ 5 l I as " :Q 9 ,Q v rv ' I V' I 'T .9 Q 3 -4 . 'Y if: TY ,, a 1, . -",. D --.-s T Y -1 M J. Aldrich R. Angelone L. Apodaca I. Baker I. Baker M. Balsizer P. Beeker J. Belcher J. Bell M. Berry L. Biddle C. Bond R. Boots C. Bringe M. Brown W. Buck I. Clark D. Claypool J. Cornes D. Cunningham E. Damschroder I. Damschroder E. Davis C. Diab W. Falk S. Feighner J. Foos M. Friar K. Gadjalski K. Gnepper J. Goucher C. Grove E. Hammer R. Hammer M. Henry M. Holcomb J. Hughes B. lckes M. Kaemming J. Kayden B. Kirsch C. Kirsch S. Krotzer L. Kutzli C. LaFountaine C. Landis J. Lechman L. Leemaster M. Leggitt C. Linkey R. Loertscher G. Markin C. Miller D. Miller H. Moch I. Neeb S. Noss M. Ottney T. Paul R. Rearick L. Reimer I. Reinbolt N. Rodriquez G. Rogers C. Ruch R. Ruggiero S. Rupke J. Rutledge S. Soagm P. Shammo C. Shue M. Spanfellner J. Srodes R. Stanfield T. Stricker J. Swartzlander T. Tille R. Underwood H. Van Ness H. Villarreal I. Vincent I. Watts J. Weber B. Wheelock R. Whetsel M. Wichman A. Williams J. Wolpert D. Younker 1 Q e 'r v is 2 QRS lf. ' -Q i222 3 Y -.a .s1. -B gg 'ag -sf Q ix? J ta , 4.3- W LL' .. 3, ,A 'lx F L4 'IS :gg ..- .A -1 1, 1 x L Q if is 2 s Q t, ir - L' -.r 6 ' it R i A X S G V".,r . . .5 tmp, ,, 3 a v I .A 2 L -a ,tha 5 A 2, -' ' iff' 3 Fix I Q , 45 R N K 9 Q' lf fn 1' ff-ff 9 ei l, jg, L - W' it Q 7 K' V ig' L 5 s - an 3- Q S517 Q' I 0 5 -- f , Q X J 4 L-4: S Q3 E'-1' K.. Q9 war sz' 'fe' .1 'F Q " 'kv X5 .tg 'L i' 'J' k ' sary Arnold Balsizer Barringer Bechtel Beeker Belcher Brinkmeier Busdeker Clark . Claypool M. Clink Cobb Emerson Fairbanks Falk Fehlhaber Feighner Fisher Foster Fought Gangwer Gam Garza Hammer I Haslinger Haubert l-leffner Herman Hoffman Holcomb Jackson Jensen 'Jividen Jones Kaemmking Kreuz Laney ' .'Lechman Linkey Linkey Liskai' Loew Lohrbach Malone Markel Markin MCC oy Miller IZEQHMAN CLASS Moll Myers Newcomer Ottney Palmer Paul Paul Porter Posey R2 PP Reineck Reyes I Richard Roberts 'Rodd Rodriquez 1 1 Ruggiero Schade Schuett Schuett Swartz Sha mmo Shimp Shoemaker Smith Stufnp Tornow Underhill Vallaryce Webel Weigman Wellington Wells Wolf Wolpert ' in 'Q , kg. xl-Q A - in ,., f In L ' gr. .bfi - 'M GZ- if as C 'A we if " lid. M N if' S fi " 1' A A r I- sql K ' ' x 15 , S fr H wr Ea . iv-N A gg, ,A , f , ... I -4- 2 K ' QV , M J af 1 ' " 6 fi A A ,S O' 13 "Lx x - Vv - r 7 'I' 'Nfl 'mf my , at x S Q' -Q 7 .H -3+ .fin AT.- EIGHT!-I G-IZADE 9 2. if .. 5 qv X. .f .152 2.9 5 ,4 . 'C wr , 29 f? 41-L 4 . Q .J 0 Aldrich Ameling Balsizer Bateson Bauer Beeker Burkett Busdeker C astillo C astillo C lark M. Conrad Crispen- Crispen Da vis Diels Ellis Emerson . Evetsole . Fisher Flahiff Foos Foos Fork . Fought Fox Garn Garza Garza Gnepper Groweg Haslinger Haubert Haubert Hilt Honaker Kerr Kim met Krotzer Landis S. Lechman L. Linkey R. Liskai I. Loertscher W. Longoria I. Magrum L. Mc Collurn D. Mc Coy K. Mendoza S. Mendoza E. Mintz K. Mintz J. Mock P. Moyer K Myers D Nehls D. Nieset R. Oberhommert D. Rahe M Reineck D. Richter N. Rodriquez R. Rodriquez H. Rose R. Ruth J. Schade N Schlea I. Smith G. Snow L. Soldivar K. Stevens F. Tucker J. Underhill J. Valdez K. Walder C. Wasserman H. Young J. Young D. Younker Fi 'P ' X s L . I X 'N l ks 3? tx f S' A R M RF Q 'iw ! X . itil ' ivsi ... -inf S E . XM ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE TAKEN: M. Baker A. Cisneros H. Cisneros A. Hernandez JH' is . ii? 1. M in 2. S Q .N gg. Keri. . si i. S. H . f S Q. S B tg -5 l,s..f,. 8 fM as -fr? s Sit? r R .. . w -mr 'hx ...fa Q Q 'FS' Mr if sr . ff 3. V+ F ws? Wm 1 .1 it M ... L- , f .i q . Q r K . - ' ff f fl. I ,,., is xg" . .. 7 i I . in W-- . gg xv F . 5 a.. W... F. Almanza C. Aldrich J. Alleman J. Anderson M. Angelone C Bair S. Bauer B. Bell D Bell D. Brubaker R. Claypool L. Clink D. Davies T. Diab M. Diels R. Ellis N. Eversole R, Freeborn C. Fisher C. Fisher F. Friar P. Gambill D. Garn I. Garza C. Goucher M Hammer B. Haslinger P. Helle D. Hemminger J. Hoy S. Hoy I. Ickes J. Kaemming V. Keppler R. Kimmet E. Kline J. Klotz M. Kruse L. Lawrence J. Mendoza K. Morelock B. Murray M Newcomer D. Neiset F. Palomo K. Paul R. Pressler P. Price J. E. D. T. M N. E. W B. W M B. S. D. K. M R. D. B. F. S. T N. N. J. R. N. S. D. SEVENTH Promenschenkel Reichert Reino Rodriquez Rutledge Saam Shanfelt Shreffler Shull Smith Soldivar Spitna le Stanfield Stein metz Stevens Stump Suter Swartzlander Tucker Unger Vallance Vance VanNess Villareal Wa tts Wet jen Widmer Younker Zorn as I at 1...-9+ , Q Q ' . 4 fr M33 J y Y I f fi' 'f n ' L v T ,Yew A . ., 4 ,, ' '-- 1' rv ' my Jie V, . . X llizrzzi A H Q L V an ll .v,' ' ,a Q ' Y A -. ' v QUCTI-I GRADE D. G. L. H. J. J. A. Y. T. J. N. D. D. C. L. M. C. R. K. A. I. R. G. I. P. I. H. R. L. C. L. H. D. S. R. I. S. L. L. S. W. R. I. L. R. B. G. Adams Arnold Arnold Aspacher Aspacher Bateson Bauer Bazan Beaverson Beeker Bender Brinkmeier Bliss Carr C astillo Celestino Cicanese Conklin Crofoot DeLeon DeLeon Depner Diab DiFonso Dudley Fairbanks Falk Fires Folk Garza Garza Croue Hansen Haubert Haubert Heffner Henderson Henry Hicks Hilt Hohlfelder Honaker Hoy Hughes Hughes Ickes Kehn N. Kerr T. Kline A. Krumnow J. Lechman N. Leemaster L. Leiske D. Liskai J. Liskai K. Lohrbach P. Maddy R. Magrum P. Mauch A. Mendoza B. Mock R. Myers R. Myers J. Nieset I. Plumer M. Posey J. Reineck P. Reino G. Richard J. Richter R. Risenberg E. Rodriquez M. Ruiz D. Sanderson S. Sarle A. Schlecht L. Shoemaker L. .Shoemaker S . Schoendorf S. Sebring T. Shimp D. Shue C. Steinmetz N. Sting G. Swartzlander M. Torres M. Valdez J. Villarreal J. Wieczorek K. Williamson P. Williamson D. Wolf T. Younker i .. .N ,E L K K Q Q 6 - i -is X Q X . 535' V as K as 35--: - Q . S . is 2 ? 5 s. i sg' i A Ti , S 4? A x i' ,Q SRA S V K 3 X 45 Q Sass ,H A.. V i xi. , .. i .K I . 's 'Sf w I vas. . R A L. I if " A .r so wi Q is - k . A i , - ii .r A-Q s A I Q Q Q 'R ' A 1 N N K: K: 31? S5 2. fs rg hrr Fa v ' Ls :A .. C A b u , L, Q , . .,..., 1 P ' ii K' 5-fs' s ui I XA,z .A 'JK 3 5 R.: y.:.1,1, A ,it Sl im Fl . . .. if FIFTH GRADE Aldrich Aldrich A ngelone Arriaga Baker Balsizer Batey Bauer Beck Behm Berucha Boots Bork Branfield Busch Celestino Clark Clark Copley W. Cunningham Da mschroed er Damschroeder Ernstha us en F errenb er g Fork Fry Garza Garza Gerwin Hart Hart Haubert Henery Hiberling Hille lngwe-r Kaseman Kayden Kerrigan Kruse Lawerence Lee Lieske Linkey R. Longoria R. Magsig P. Mendoza P. Miller J. Moll L. Morelock S. Myers B. Neeb W. Nehls J. Oberhommert C. Ohm M Paloma B. Parlette W. Paul P. Pertner C. Phillips S. Phillips W. Rearick H. Reinbolt T. Reineck P. Reino S. Repack G. Rodriquez J. Rodriquez I. Ruggiero M. Ruggiero R. Ruggiero J. Salazar L. Salazer B. Samson S. Seiple P. Shoemaker M. Soldivar L. Stevens A. Swartzlander V. Thomas V. Valdez P. VanA1st R. Villarreal C. Walker I. Whetsel L. Widner P. Williamson J. Younker 6 KH, S V Z V sz. '- rm ' f?" . as ' QI.-f 1. w C Yin 3 'PS HE- if .P -- H. ., . ,i , P.. I ,X 'ilsfi' m H, ,sv 1' as 1 Em gm. 21 . fw- .,,, . Q' ' 8 xl a 4 Q. Sai V9 42, . M ff e sf T 4: ei ' T K ., ' , -31,3 i f f 3 it J , 2 iq 2 I Q a I l R I? l fo 4 I ae: 'G I . , ,M 4 9 K 2 .f3. W" f O Q .1 5. A-4-an 0 K, ',"' ' X Cf FOURTH D. Adcox A. Aguilar D. A drich D. Balsizer J. Balsizer P. Batey C. Bell J. Berry B. Bliss S. Bocanigra D. Bork D. Bowlus B. Brockschmidt P. Bronson S. Brubaker B. Buck K. Burkett R. Busdeker J. Celestino S. Clark R. Cole G. Couch D. Damschroder G. Darr C. Diekman G. Driftmyer D. Fork T. Fork L. Gadjalski B. Gambill N. Gam C. Garza U. Haslinger S. Hathaway F. Haubert S. Hemminger S. Hetrick L. Hickman N. Hoddinott D. Hoffman N. Hohlfelder R. Hoy R. Hughes C. Ickes G. Jividen D. Johnson N. Kaemming T. Kaseman C. Keiser K. Kerrigan L. Kirsch D. Kline 30 GRADE D. Krotzer L. Krotzer J. Krotzer J. Lauer K. Lauer H. Leow R. Liskai D. Loertscher D. Machan J. Maddy D. Magrum C. Ma one B. Mauck D. Mendoza D. Mendoza M. Mintz M. Moch V. Morelock D. Neeb S. Oprie T. Orth D. Paul M. Paul L. Popp R. Potts V. Pressler P. Reineck J. Reino I. Richter D. Rodriquez F. Rodriquez C. Rolf K. Ruggiero C. Saam D. Salyers R. Samson L. Sanchez T. Schoendorf A. Sears M. Sheffer R. Smith I. Soto R. Suter W. Turco M. Underwood J. Valdez D. Weber E. Welling R. Young 2" Q s 5. 6 I Q R N. R T S .3 3 X as is 'fs .Q 5 F. i E C fa if- . ' a .Q -as ,s S . B as . as--cha. ..,, , G 211:.... si J -5 A - S41 fig 'CF , sf ,U i ' xr Y Q92--' Q G. in 3 Tl-HIZD J. Alleman D. Arnold D. Beck D. Beeker B. Behm C. Bell S. Blausey O. Bocanegra P. Bowser J. Bradner W. Branfield B. Burns C. Carr R. Clifton N. Crofoot D. Damschroder S. Damschroder W. Dudley S. Durso T. Egbert S. Emerson D. Fahle P. Fairbanks C. Faist G. Falk K. Fox K. Garn D. Garza R. Garza T. Garza B. Hall R. Hammer B. Harpel I. Haubert R. Haubert S. Haubert L. Helle L. I-Ieminger J. Henderson E. Hicks C. Hoffman S. Hoffman B. Huber M. Hughes S. Ingwer R. Jurllerat R. Kirsch B. Kirwen GRADE C. Krotzer B. Krumnow B. Lauer J. Lieske F. Longorio M. Mathna L. Maynard L. McCoy A. Miranda J. Miranda C. Ohm M. Paloma T. Parlette A , D. Paul , P. Picciuto W J. Popp B. Reineck w J. Ritchey Twill D. Rodriquez 'rr-' .Q r I. Rodriquez ' D. Roth B. Ruggiero I. Ruggiero D. Saam J. Salazar d W. Schmidt J. Schmoldt I. Schuett C. Shoemaker E. Shoemaker Q 5 ,r.- ri ,, Af. we Q law.- .F '3 '25, .gal lt' 3 JE rf 22 - .Q r- ?2 1. Shull T. Shull V C. Smith r' . D. Soto ' ' nf S. Spencer 'cc J. Steinmetz if ' .. D. Stout , t . S. Taulker " " S. Tijerina r Q A . R. Torres ' S D. Turco i. f I . Underwood ' A B. Vallance R. Van Alst J. Villarreal in W. Welling W " 'f' M. Wieczorek 3 L H. I . M.B. Williamson wi' ' ,A D. Zorn 1 5 SECOND L. Aldrich 4. J A. Aguilar M 4' ' R. Arndt J A. Arriaga IQ 1 J G. Berry D. Bolin , J A J P. Bramblett A 'J J. Brinker B. Brockschmidt B. Bronson P. Brown , i 'J B. Busch V A ' ' S. Carr 5' H .- B. Clark ,- ' s 9' . LN .JZ C. Clark D. Damschroder , A J. Damschroder V ' L. DeLeon , .5 'QI' P. Diekman 4 E 4 N C. DiFonso M. Driftmyer D. Durso 'J K. Edwards S. Egbert M Ernsthausen D. Fahle qi H. K T. Fisher A C. Follman K. Foos K. Fork R. Fork I. Foster M' L. Fox P' J. Fry D. Gambill 4 . ,, E. Garza G. Garza .5 A W J. Garza 'ILL' .Ji C. Gerwin P. Green W. Hart t D. Haubert Yea- K. Haubert G. I-leberling b r V. Hernandez 1, .2- It iam S. Herring M. Hickman E. Hilt C. Hoffman N. Holt D. Ickes D. lckes ' J. Jones J. Johnson GRADE C. Kayden M. Keiser K. Kitchen B. Krotzer L. Krotzer N. Kruse M. Lauer P. Lee P. Lee S. Lee L. Leovy M. Lieske S. Liskai B. Lopez D. Magrum J. Malan D. Marsh T. Massie P. Mauch V. Miller S. M011 W Moll L. Neeb L. Neeb J. Paloma R. Price M. Rahe L. Rapp H. Reinbolt B. Reino L. Reyes T. Roberts S. Rodriquez A. Rossi A. Ruggiero P. Saam J. Salazar S. Salyers V. Sanchez M. Sarle J. Sears J. Swartz R. Shue G Smith L. Smith S. Smith M. Soldivar C. Stahl K. Stahl J. Thatcher J. Torres L. Tores M. Villarreal B. Ward M. Warner jaws is 'gli its , . J : xx ..,2. 5 . I-QA 1. J, :, if .C Q X .L t ks ' sz. I :L Q 6 'Ss Ciara-R1 LA a 5 4 if ,, E. s ' l il I, - so is 'N GG ...T..,. ...Nm 5- Sgr S A.: "' V.-PA. , Lil!-Q! 51 . 'lf-L , V .an IE' as .Ah 3 Aldrich Angelone Arndt Aspacher Aspacher Bazar Beeker Blausey Bowser Brown Burns Busdeker Celestino Clark Clifton Couch Crone Da mschroder Damschroder Damschroder Da vis Deleon Diab Donnell Durso Fahle Fires Fork Fox Fox Friar Green Guerrero Halladay Hamilton Hammer Harpal I-Ieberling Henery Hickman Hoffman Hoffman Holland Holcomb Holcomb Holt Huber Hutchinson Ickes Johnston Johnson Johnson Kirwen Krotzer Krotzer LaP1ant LaSa1via Lee Lepley Lieske Love Martinez Mathna Maynard Mendoza FIIZQT GRADE 33 . Phillips Miranda l Moll Moll Nash Neeb Neeb Oprie Perry Pertner Picciuto Picciuto Plumer Ptacek r Radtke Recny H Reinbolt Reyes Risenburg Rodriquez Rodriquez Rodriquez Rolg Roth Ruggiero Salazar Samson . Sander HI t MYPQW' Sanderson Schlea Schlecht Schlecht Schoendorf Seiple Smith Soto . Spencer Stahl . Stahl 13 ' b Qu K Stevenson Toral Torres Van Alst r , V , Valdez Lsse L ,H nr M i f , 1 V, LDA' 4 1 , rss Valdez Vallejo Ward 4' s' X' Weiczorek Wellin ton Whetse 'M F gf l Younker fig! xl ' :tr ee : S ,4 x, , P. Aldrich ., ff 'QW 3' 1, A .45 4 ya 1 5 M ff Y , If J X V 'iq gf r ina !2l We hiv H af 'lim A, ICINDEIZGAPJTEN Avolos Balduf Balsizer Beeker Bolin Bramblett Brown Brown Bruns C arrizalcs Cicanese Clark Clark Clark Clark C lark Clifton Crispen Ctone Q Diab Ernsthausen Eyler F elkey Fish Fisher Follman Gerwin Green Hart Heberling Henline Henry Herman Hicks Hoffman Hohlfelder ... ,Y.,Y - WV, Y ,,YV Y W a...v . V-,-.,.., A . Holcomb Hutchinson . 5 Y Jackson ik Kaemming sg Kayden Kline LaP1ant Love Manoylovich McCoy X L if Miranda Nehls Ohm Palmer Pertner Pertner Pittenger Plumer Rapp R6iI1bO1I A Remo . i s - 5 J Reyes ,...,... y . i E Schlect Schuett Sheffer if 'xg Shively Shoemaker 1 ir--r 'W ' P Shull C Smith Spanfellner Stevenson Suter Stout is X S9 Taulker Williams Young 1 . I Zorn L C H -1, K X i 4 , L 4 X, 5?ffig?Q 'Www QENIO BAND FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Baker, D. Rapp, M. Friar, B. Hauberr, S. Noss, B. Clark, B. Wheelock, D. Kimmet, C. Bringe, K. Gadjalski, S. Rodd, P. Kirsch. SECOND ROW: J. Huffman, D. Richard, S. Myers, R. Loertscher, A. Talker, D. Jensen, J. Shimp, C. Stump, D. Richard, G. Baker, J. Kayden, D. Rearick, C. Schuett, R. LaSalvia, D. Clink, J. Watts. THIRD ROW: J. Palmer, B. Harsany, M. Wichman, J. Leggitt, N. Lechman, J. Bell, J. Neeb, D. Younker, B. Rapp, C. Landis, J. Clark, S. House, E. Davis, V. Sneider, FOURTH ROW: S. Balsizer, C. Kirsch, K. Fairbanks, T. Claynpool, H. Saenz, J. Palmer, J. Haubert, B. Kirsch, C. LaFountaine, E. Burns, N. Bus ecker, D. Webel, H. Bradshaw, J. Clark, J. Cornes, Mr. Schaufelberger, C. Diab, M. Clink, M. Sherrard, S. Feighner, L. Bechtal, C. Miller, M. Balsizer, NOT PICTURED: S. Weigman, W. Buck. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Paul, R. Boots, G. Baker, D. Jensen, D. Richard, D. Webel, S. Shoemaker, M. Clink, D. Miller, R. Wells, M. Balsizer, S. Rodd, K. Kaemming, B. Arnold, K. Kruse. SECOND ROW: C. Landis, B. Kirsch, J. Swartz- lander, A. Borton, C. Baker, M. Schade, S. Schlea, D. Hoffman, B. Rapp, W. Falk J. Wolfe, N. Busdecker, R. Wolfe, J. Clark, C. Sabo, M. Foos, C. Kirsch, K. Gadjalski, G. Feieliner, S. Balsizer, S. Meyers, Mr. Schaufelberger. THIRD ROW: T. Morelock, R. hetsle, B. Lowe, A. Taulker, B. Harsany, J. ughes, J. Comes, R. Underwood, D. Rearick, H. Bradshaw, J. Neeb, L. Reimer, J. Clark, E. Davis, B. Clark, J. Huffman, B. Ruggiero, K. Gnepper, P. Beeker, S. Feighner, C. Diab, C. Stump. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Hemminger, V. Sneider, C. Miller, T. Claypool, S. Posey, R. Stanfield, B. Falk, J. Shimp, D. Rapp, B. Beeker, S. Noss, K. Fair- banks, R. Hammer, C. Schuett, S. Jividen, M. Friar, J. Bell, B. Wheelock, C. LaFountaine, J. Palmer. NOT PICTURED: D. Richard, D. Kimmet, D. Souder. QE-.NIOJZ I-JOIZUQ JUNIO BAND SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Haubert, J. Clark, J. Fork, J. Landis, D. Busdecker, P. Crispen, J. Promenschenkel, R. Suter, T. Diab. SECOND ROW: E. Shanfelt, J. Loertscher, D. Swartzlander, D. Garn, L. Lawrence, J. Schade, J. Mock, P. Price, C. Wasserman, J. Young, K. Stevens, Mr. Schaufelberger. THIRD ROW: D. Rahe, S. Younker, R. Freeborn, B. Crispen, M. Davis, A. Diels, S. Hoy, B. Tucker, D. Steinmetz, M. Plumer, S. Ellis, R. Ruth. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Diels, R. Liskai, K. Myers, M. Davis, J. Foos M. Conrad, J. Loertscher. SECOND ROW: J. Fork, N. Bateson, L. Kimmet, N. Schlea, J. Smith, R. Rodriquez, F. Unger, J. Anderson, P. Gambill, J. Kaeming, N. Widmer, S. Bauer, D. McCoy. THIRD ROW: R. Ellis, J. Amling, B. Crispen, J. Schade, S. Ellis, R. Aldrich, P. Moyer, S. Fox, P. Crispen, L. Linkey, G. Snow, N. Flahiff, L. Salvidor, M. Beeker, F. Tucker, H. Young, Mr. Schaufelberger. FOURTH ROW: W. Longora, J. Clark, R. Burkett, M. Salivor, D. Busdecker, L. Emerson Emerson, S. Lechman, P. Price, J. Magrum, J. Hilt, R. Oberhommert, C. Blair, K. Stevens, B. Spitnale, F. Honaker, Y. Castills. FIFTH ROW: H. Rose, S. Younker, D. Nieset, D. Nehls, J. Underhill, R. Gnepper, D. Bell, M. Eversole, J. Castillo, F. Friar, S. Haubert, L. Kerr, D. Krotzer, D. Davis, W. Fisher, W. Groweg, M. Reineck, M. Newcomber, R. Balsizer, B. Bell. Jumro I-IOIZUQ QENIOIZ BAND MEMBER SEATED, LEFT TO RIGIIT1 S. House, B. Clark, J. Hemminger, T. Morelock, I. Palmer, B. Harsany. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Richard, C. Baker, S. Balsizer, J. Huffman, D. Kimmet. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Clark, T. Morelock, B. Harsany, S. Schlea, J. lluffman. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Baker, S. Balsizer, J. Hemminger, B. Ruggiero, A. Bortou, M. Foos, C. Saho. NOT PICTUREDg D. Richard, D. Kimmet, D. Souder. SEN IOIZ I-IOIZUQ MEMBER LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Morelock, C. Landis, C. Miller, W. Buck, Drum Major, J. Hemminger, R. LaSa1via, J. Palmer. GT I UO EN MAJOPJETFEQ MASCOT: Connie Smith SITTING and KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Ottney, J. Neeb, H. Brinkmeier, A. Liskai, T. Specht, B. Rapp. STANDING: J. Leechman, R. Underwood, G. Foster, C. Linkey, W. Smith, Mr. Rose, D. Freeborn, H. Bradshaw, B. Ruggiero, P. Jones, B. Shull. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Latham, C. Reineck, R. Whetsel, L. Haslinger, H. Shull, L. Kutlzi, R. Boots, G. Baker, C. Vallance. SECOND ROW: M. Leggitt, P. Shammo, J. Paul, N. Davis, S. Feighner, L. Apodaca, G. Rogers, B. Arnold, J. Cobb, S. Paul, R. Haslinger, K. Kaemming, S. Shoemaker, G. Feighner. THIRD ROW: R. Hammer, P. Beeker, J. Swartzlander, K. Gnepper, N. Wolpert, M. Clink, R. McCollum, M. Paul, H. Jackson, C. Gangwer, M. Sherrard, B. Bauer, J. Goucher. FOURTH ROW: V. Malone, B. Loew, S, Jividen, J. Pressler, L. Belcher, D. Balsizer, J. Kraft, J. Hoffman, F. Tornow, P. Herman, M. Miller, N. Leechman. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Holcomb, D. Rapp, B. Clark, P. Beeker. STANDING W, Smith, B. Haubert, S. Schlea, C. Baker, S. Balsizer, V. Nieset, D. Richard. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Miller, B. Rapp, L. Reimer, J. Damschroder, D. Rood, J. Dolweck, J. Wolpert, R. Williamson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Pippert, A. Liskai, J. Underhill, E. Hammer, B. Shammo, W. Buck, T. Striker, H. Brinkmeier, D. Clink, J. Reinick, W. Garn. TOP ROW: R. Underwood, A. Williams, S. Rupke, C. Reineck, D. Shimp, H. Carn, W. Elmer, J. Reinbolt, M. Henry, B. Fisher. P SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Dolweck, D. Rodd, I. Damschroder. STANDING: B. A Rapp, R. Williamson, L. Reimer, D. Miller, R. Wolpert. Q L Pl IZA OM OE EN TDT EUA Al-ZF-Z MEY BIOLOGY GLUE LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Ottney, S. House, J. Palmer, B. Ruggiero, R. Boots, D. Richard, D. Kimmet, G. Baker, J. Palmer, G. Rogers, B. Kirsch, K. Gadjalski. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Watts, J. Swartzlander, C. Baker, S. Balsizer E. Davis, J. Shimp, P. Shammo, E. Spanfellner, C. McCullough, I. Huffman, B Clark, B. Harsany, D. Richard, Mr. Rose. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Shull, B. Harsany, J. Huffman, S. Balsizer, J. Palmer, S. Schlea, N. Fought. SECOND ROW: 1. Bell, J. Pressler, B. Reineck, M. Wichrnan, D, Ahle, C. Diab, C. McCullough, B. Clark, C. Baker, Mrs. Richard. TIIIRD ROW: C. Bringe, C. Landis, C. Miller, E. Davis, R. Loertscher, B. Wheelock, C. Kirsch, M, Balsizer, S. House. QOIENOE CLUB BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Rahe, M. Reineck: B. Haubert, B. Vickery, R. Borton, N. Fought, T. Tille, I. Wellington, D. Nieset, B. Ruggiero. SECOND ROW: Mr. Vickery, J. Landis, M. Wellington, R. Ruth, D. Ottney, M. Plumer, A. Helle, D. Diels, K. Fairbanks, P. Crispen, R. Oberhommert. THIRD ROW: J. Schade, B. Crispen, J. Smith, T. Specht, L. Paul, J. Vallance, V. Nieset, I. Bell, D. Freeborn, D. Schade, D, Souder, W, Smith. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Hart, P. Jones, J. Henlin, W. Elmer, L. Aldrich, J. Kirsch. SECOND ROW: L. Fehlhaber, L. Ellis, I. Belcher, A. Ruggiero, J. Fought, B. Shull, T. Spect, L. Paul, Mr. Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Belcher, J. Mathna, F. Copley, J. Bell, D. Freeborn, I. Wellington, L. Hoy, S. Weigman. VAIZQITY CLUB LIME LITE STAFF BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hoy, C. McCullough, D. Ahle, H. Shull. SECOND ROW: M. Longanbach, N. Linkey, J. Groweg, P. Beeker, J. Huffman, C. Sabo, S. House, Mr. Burris. LIBIZAPJY STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Watts, D. Noss, T. Specht, W. Smith, I. Wellington, D. Souder, Miss Holcomb, J. Watts. STANDING: N. Fought, N. Linkey, J. Groweg, R.'Borton, B. Haubert, C. Brinkmeier, N. Davies, D. Ahle, S. Schlea, V. Sneider, E. Damschroder, P. Kirsch, M. Schade. N ' ...- SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Posey, S. Myers, J. Paul, H. Saenz, P. Beeker. STANDING: M. Rodriquez, K. Kruse, H. Brinkmeier, A. Liskai, K. Fairbanks. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Schade, P. Kirsch, C. Sabo, J. Palmer, B. Clark, A. Borton, B. Thomas. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Miller, C. Miller, S. Balsizer, M. Longanbach, P. Beeker, D. Hoy. 'B' OFF-ICE STAFF- BOYS' G-I HIGH MAGAZINE SALESMAN Paul Helle IZJLQ ' STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Irvin Wellington, Donna Ahle David Richard. ALTERNATES: Larry Paul, Sandra Schlea, Bill Vickery. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Wichman, R. Borton, M. Balsizer, P. Kirsch, I. Wellington, Mr. Smith. STANDING: A. Diels, J. Landis, S. Bauer, D. Webel, D. Ahle, B. Pressler, R. Wolf, S. Younker. ANNUAL ADVISOR: Mr. Roberts EDITOR: B. Clark V. Sneider QTAF-F SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHS AND ART J. Huffman, B. Haubert, D. Richard, J. Hoffman, D. S. Balsizer Kimmet, D. Schade, N. Linkey, W. Smith. ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING I. Palmer, D. Rapp, B. C. McCullough, P. Kirsch, Harsany. D. Ahle TYPIST BUSINESS MANAGERS H. Shull, M. Haslinger, M. S. Schlea, K. Minich, C. Schade fabsentj 47 Baker. QF-N102 Ol-A99 TIZIP DIVII ANY '53 www ACTIVITIES JUNIOQPLAY , he , .. i S0 CIZEWOUTQ AND LONG!-IAHZQ Elwood Drooper. . . . . Jim Kirsch Biff Watherspoon . . Howard Bradshaw Corney Watherspoon . . . Joyce Kroeger Sam Vigor . - - - Fran Vigor . - - - Louise Fuller. . . Gloria King . . . . Archer Renford . . Rock Thornton . . Dr. Lee Balance Director . . . . Anthony Ruggerio .Virginia Sneider . . .Pat Kirsch . Margie Schade . . . .lim Wolf . . Tom Specht . . Judy Pressler . . Dan Rose QENICPJ PLAY Iv If YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING- Bridget Mulquoon . . . Barb Ruggierp Kim Waller . . . . . Dan Souder Tommy Upton .... Dave Richard Levi Hackett ..... Irv Wellington Augustus Caesar Jones. . . Larry Paul Peachie Chrysanthemum Jones . .Betty Clark Otto Swartz ..... Warren Smith Diana Dalhart .... Sandra' Schlea Miss Marilla Dalhart . . .Donna Ahle Mrs. Kitty Pike. . . Carolyn Sabo Iona Pike. . . . Judy Palmer The Ghost Girl . . .Hazel Shull The Ghost Man . . Dick Kimmet 5 Y iv . u . D ,Q 55 ' f . 'E 1 my 6' V 35, K Mxv is , 'fm w FI-I E QTA F219 DP 'ss . 2 - wi ,....m---H ., .f mQ V W U. 9 I 24 55.55. 5 - -5 Q 1 g A -J i . :mswfg M: 9' ' 29 . .Q i -N, V.: Q ' M' M' M? ' . ' K k 1 X W. .W ",gA.,M.,,,f . 1 S Q' f K Q V S A 2 . . . ww Q . . K"': :fx g 'Inu QUEEN: Susie Bolsizer 4 I BOTTOM ROW: Jim Bell, Jack Henline, Judy Palmer, Mary Balsizer, Betty Haubert, Karen Kaemming, Larry Ellis, Bill Belcher. SECOND ROW: Bob Shull, Susie Balsizer, Walt Elmer f A V :,,: .,.i r , 'if f -J J f'1 ra era PROM JAPANESE Q-AQDENQ K I? 'ixxx Q . X 5 u, ,- fx 5 V Q Jr , if is o QQGQ' 1 git.. l, lf' It 'gl' Q BACJGA LAU IZJEATE MAY 25 J ,L Q'-'05 R' Q g po' A - -Q-. K , wx, Q F Sponsor l A dclie C. Holcomb o owl'-.Q-. FN NM 5 f ' 1 Sa luta toriau Sandra Sclllea Vuledicroriau Berry Clark . ' - 5':- 1 V! -.-if xv- :B . - 2 . gjfy--1.9 COMMENOEMENT MAY 28 ff ,V-5, . - 3: Sponsor Paul Ross s 4 FXW- Q Q 'MNDEQGAPJTEN GRADUATION MAy 18 'NQXUWQ www EQ W wx f',. VALENTINE DANCE SQUARE DANCE GLASS QNAPQ -P. Q., s. , m ! 1 fs -.. s' Y, 1,. '4 A-.":6M, xx 5.fy,gwk-5-:W 32 , X. fe: ,?g5w:.v. A ' -nf' f"...,a1, . . -- Y fm 4, A ' 'ni,,g,'i all .K X f .4 1-' . W 2. sg 1, -,-- IV. . ,a-,. A .4 , 3 QW? V, puff ,ia ef ,lei ,f 41 b" 1 .gx . 'QWXX' fl " Q .LL . 1 Q 13 . A .Q Iv A wi . 'A N K 'rv I Q., 128571 .qi- Kf4X'f 1 f' ' . . L" ii K ' .ky 1 K. , 2' V.- t x. 'i"fJ""'Q-N X K 'ligx ' , 1 . 4' - p in A 44 ,g 1 '4 X 'Q he U N P- vt knisxx -Nui, A I -+ Q VARSITY F-OOTEA LL Q Q16 TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT J Srodes H. Van Ness, D. Younker J Foos M Harpe' C House T T1ll1e J Belcher S Wergman I Fought J Lechman, J. Wolpert J Baker D Rodd D Swartz MIDDLE ROW Coach ll Reddmg B Hoy S Krotzer J. Kirsch, P. Jones W Elmer A Ruggerlo J Mathna I Wellrng ton Asslstant Coaches G Rohleder I Parker. BOTTOM ROW W Bork L Ellrs L Fehlhaber D Freeborn I Bell J Henlrne B Belcher B Shull J. Kayden, Managers M Newcomer B Bell B Ruggerlo FOOT BALL SCORES Opponent Bloomdale Lakeside Sf. Marys Genoa Elmore Oak Harbor Clyde ST. Joe Sf. Wendlin COACH H Reddmg ASSISTANT COACHES G. Rohleder J. Parker BOB SI-IULL End A11 Conference QENIOIZJQ WALT ELMER Fullback Captain A11 Conference Most Valuable Back JIM BELL Center A11 Conference Most Valuable Lineman I - f ' F , f' S IAC K HENLINE LARRY ELLIS Guard End K A-ind' f 3 Q IRV WELLINGTON BILL BELCHER Guard Tackle 63 ,Afva ' ii 54: .. ' .5 ,Z F 3 WJ N 1 T! -. i I I i x 3' I Ili' 5 + . , 'QQ-W-3 M ,vff Q' 66 ' , , I ,A 5 1 Q . fa ' I, ? X' If lf, Q 'Q Q sr f rg.: Q, ,A , ,, v 4' , 'a, , 'L 'fx v:ng,1 K i V 1 :4t.uifEfn'f' I '-,L N sg. s . !, 3,- ,vl ' . g i"'99 " 'V wg' V A ' Q 6 .-. Q. ... .1 L ea, 6 6 ii ' F . - - TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Srodes, I. Kayden, D. Younker, C. House, M. Harpel, T. Tillie, S. Krotzer, I. Wolpert, I. Foos, I. Baker, H. Van Ness. MIDDLE ROW: P. Heffner, W. Bork, D. Rodd, J. Lechman, J. Vallance, S. Weighman, J. Fought, J. Belcher, D. Swartz. BOTTOM ROW: S. Moyer I. Roberts, S. Jones, S. Newcomer, D. Schade, E. Moll, I. Fehlahaber, D. Ottney, D. Hoffman. RESERVES SCORE EIGHTH GRADE SCORES Home Opponent Scores Home Opponent Scores 6 Clyde I3 0 Genoa O 6 Genoa 26 7 Oak Harbor O 7 Oak Harbor 2 7 St. Joe O O Clyde 20 O Sf. Joe I9 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Bob Krotzer, Y. Castillo, J. Foos, K. Walker, E. Mintz, L. Kerr J. Castillo, R. Mendoza, Assistant Coach O. Kopp. BOTTOM ROW: E. Bauer, W. Fisher, D. Rahe, D Younker, J. Underhill, H. Rose, H. Young. 65 1 D VAIZQ ITY BAS ICETBALL 1' LL1 NIA R A LD RIC H Juuior Guard 'WCY1 Ap , PHIL JONES Juuior Guqml A JIM STEV 1 5 Suuior Guquml BILL VICKERY I Scuior Ccmcr Q5 X 'uv JIM KIRSCH Junior F Guard ,XNTHONY RUGGIERO IRIEID COP Juuior jimmy Guurd Cculcr g VAPJQITY BASKETBALL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Jones, L. Ellis, F. Copley, B. Vickery, W. Elmer, Coach R. Krotzer. BOTTOM ROW: J. Bell, J. Kirsch, A. Ruggiero, J. Stevens, L. Aldrich. IZEQ EIZVE BA Q ICETB gg, A LL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Redding, L. Reimer, D. Rodd, W. Buck, S. Weigman, I. Hughes, S. Jones, S. Newcomer, T. Specht. BOTTOM ROW: P. Hart, J. Fought, J. Damschroder, P. Clark, D. Swartz 67 FIZEQF-IMAN BASKETBALL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach H. Parker, T. Ruggerio, M. Wellington, N. Busdeker, B. Rapp, D. Ottney, J. Vallance, E. Moll, J. Roberts, I. Schuett, P. Heffner. BOTTOM ROW: J. Clark, S. Jones, S. Newcomer, O. McCoy, S. Weighman, I. Fought, D. Swartz. Je. ure-:fu QAQIQETQALL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Ellis, B. Tucker, D. Hemminger, L. Clink, R. Freeborn, K. Morelock, W. Groweg, D. Rahe, C. Aldrich, S. Younker, Coach O. Kopp. SECOND ROW: B. Balsizer, T. Vance, K. Walker, L. Kerr, W. Shreffler, H. Rose, M. Newcomer, J. Watts, D Bell, B. Bell. BOTTOM ROW: M. Stumpp, S. Underhill, M. Diels, D. Younker. T. AN To U ra CE To DIsr:rA M E N TQ ff'l' mn"-- FY 1" G0 'TO YNM-S GBX-W-1 5 7 'W ' I y I M if -I1 Sjg "'f Q Q M i 3,85 Si' fm WW M5594 gmt? 'Nik his Er Xa Avila L.Lf...,.n..lJ .,,, , P' . , a ,, 'As' 'S iHXn4 3 -w i ... X k I ' . u 'l x M-oof' ' I Ak.' 1' ' k ' Y' va-: , A 5 .. ,f xx A x 'Nw YK sv E. :Fw x W , ' is , ' Q A' I U' I5'I"i','X APO! 5,XCI.Vx I-IEEIZLEADEIZQ Jllllilbf Iifx RISK KX XVI IILIZLUCK Snpllox more Reserve 1 lV'x'1"l'Y KI NC II Junior -M, 1 s W JUIJY l,'xl,fX1IiN N.X.lG1lf SQQHXDI ,wxziur I-INOI' Vzusily, -fl JUNIUII HIGH CQlIIlIfRLI2.xIJlf'lb lfRlZSIIIx1.XN CIIEERLIMIWIZQQS II IMI' 'i U HIGIIT: fx. Uitls, J. Llllldis, U. G XFN, N. Ilfltrl' TO lQlGlIl': C. SCIIHCII, D, Wclwl, C. SIMM Wx mm-r, K. KHCIIIUIFQ, B1 Q il .- fix.. ....... -d"" CLAS Q DAY ii M. 'ss I QENIOIZ MEM IZIEQ , V' -W ..x , . I . ' an - 5 4 ,QQQ X'-x x NXv.,x-Q xwxx x ' -N-' ' AMYN- fe-'X ' ' ' XS X.. ,.'f-ff --X - - :X 3' if-5 -6 vb f X, X:-rx, Atlas lndustry, Inc. B 8. W Electric Ben Franklin Store Burkett's Gulf Station Chuck's Super-Dollar Market Cunningham Plumbing Dale's Shoe Store Dandale Chevrolet Dunmyer Dairy Enid's Flowei' and Gift Store Faist's Jewelry Store Fred Potts Insurance Gibsonburg Banking Co, Gibsonburg Canning and Coal and Fertilizer Co. Gibsonburg Derrick Gibsonburg Dry Cleaning Gibsonburg Farmer's Elevator Gibsonburg Gordon Lumber Co. Gibsonburg Lime Products Harold's Sohio Service LET'Q BOOST OUR! BOOQTEEJQ Helena Grocery Herman's Grocery Store Home Banking Co. lrma's Beauty Salon Keller's Garage Kirwen's Red and White Len's Restaurant Leow Implement Store Madison Garage Myer's A Station Nuhfer's Flowers Paul's.Plumbing and Hardware Pete's Marathon Pete's Sales and Service Smith's Market Texaco Service Station Veh and Son W 8. R Truck Stop Walker's Electric William's Drug Store Zorn Hornung LEN'Q IZEQTAURJA NT DUNMYERJ DAIIZY DIVISION BEATIZIOE FOODQ IZOUTE NO. 1, LINDQEY, OI-IIO MOI-IAWIQ 5-2142 OHUCKNQ QUPEIZ-DOLLAR MAI-ZIGET HOME BANKING OO PETEJQ QALEQ S QEIZVIOE ATLAS GWQONBUEJG rNDuQTr2,v,rNcQ LIME PIZODUGTQ eresorusuzze evseomeurae cmameras cf-mums eLevATora AND erseomsurae M- COAL AND FERTILIZER OO. LEOW IMPLEMENT STORE SALES S SEPJVIOE MYEPJS A STATION ZOIZN I-lOl2fNUNG'S WlLLIAM'S DRUG STOPJE I-lAPJOLD'G GOI-HO QEIZVIGE ICELLERJQ GARAGE GIBGONBUIZG DEN CLEANING PAIQT' Q Jeweuzv QTOPJE Kfll2fWEN'G QED G WHITE THIS YOU CAN DEPEND ON . . . In whatever line of endeavor you engage-business or industry, the pro- fessions, science--you will use more electricity to do more things easier, better, cheaper. And this, too, you can depend on: business-managed, investor-owned electric companies like Toledo Edi- son will continue to plan and build ahead so you can LIVE BETTER, ELECTRICALLY. , Low cost I ' - E. K, 2 Lscrnlc - ' ld :nuts . MADISON GAPJAGE GIBGONBUI-'LG BANICING OO. DANDALE Cl-IEVPJOLET VEH AN D Q O N BUl21lCETT' Q PAUI-'S GU PLUMBING AND O N HARDWARE BEN FRANKLIN STORE ' Locally owned Nationally Known K . N . Deerwester 134 W. Madison - Gibsonburg, Ohio GIBSONBURG FRED POTTS GORDON INSURANCE LUMBER Gibsonburg, Ohio HELENA DALF5 SHOE C-:ROCERY STORE W.R. TRUCK STOP RESTAURANT 5 8 W Cornor Rt. 6 81199 ELECTRIC Open 24 Hrs. SMlTH'S MARKET Home Dressed Meats NUHEER'S Custom Butchering Complete Line Groceries FLOWERS Phone Mohawk 5-2302 Hessville, Ohio ENID'S WALKER'S FLOWER 2, GIFT SHOPPE ELECTRIC 'RMN5 CUNNINGHAM BEAUTY SALON PLUMBING HERIvIAN's TEXACO OROCERY SERVICE STORE STATION GIBSONBURG PETE's IJERRICI4 MARATHON ggxgmz gvunsooxs A ,- . , f 4:2574 , " 1, , " Mm, 2' 'qi-g:':, - " ,, . Lawns. 1,-- f N51-.4 ., , 44.15, f ':--:Z-:.-: -.-, . ,. A.-..,, 1- my -- -- QE. - , '--.-,Q -1, fi, - r ."N.1-jg ,QV H .-:I-5-MZ - - --s..-, x , Ap. , ,.,, . 4274: A 9 .- ,, - " 'L . 'A-'1'-fi-'.x:. , wp 211- - ' - L' -'4-a s, 0 3, . , 'ff 51-4-.1 W, '-j-wf:,,, ,. ' -.,., ' 1 W - ' " - i -RE Q, Q V ' 'L 11,1 xxifig kr I i - '-L' ,- .--., , , ' N. , '- ' . A1 xi- - .Y H-Q , ff 1 , 5 ' Y,--,., U -'ur-.ta , f KA .v -. . A -----,- - f fa. J mf 5, L Y A vf. K -..,,,,f1 "'f'--f - y ,Jw -' '--1 221-54. ., .-Su a -, fy 15' . , - , A , 15,1 1' f ' L1i,,,,, " , . --:Q . - -- -,L A g 5, Wil:-,nk ' Q ' 2 2' . : vc- ? , V- , ,gy fn- L ff ig- ig . '- peg , . 'Qi , - -V-. -- I , , 1- 11 -.- . - - .iv . --.- - ,- s 5.-, -:jfi ' F - ,, ,- - .',gff.g.3i3 V, .-:-, 'f' ' 2' Q-H "lf4"ff-1' - ,vw .Q ' ffgggfe, - . f-Qu-,wg-,, . .1 - 'Q1-NQF.-0,1 5fE.,a..: 1 if gg., -- fiyfh- ' ,- ' I, ' gf' '- ' lg QL- gpg Q, l '7 'eifg 5- 1 -2 'wif 1 :fry ' " - ,FQ w QA , Q f EM '77 '- E' cf '- gz- - - J, sa. 1:--5 ' 1- - ' ",R:f...',, ' Ac. ' 1' 5 -, a. if -V ,KF z. Y 52' fig- 'fz nv. nf - ,X ' f 'Ei , P 'Ti ' it -fr -, 'in V 'il , E-13 , ,. .gg 5 f. , I -S: f 5 1' ' 'hay ': .k, 'Wi QE? -' :uf ,Q- 32 'gi 'f . 5 f-g -' 5 , -Em'-' - I'- Q Qfif, 1 1 A-Q Q' -'st ' e EQ ma ' - ' 1- t , ' P5 4 'PLS Q If L" ,-. -,ii Mg V -f ' ., , g ' q ?"'7 f.i - 3 i nk A ' -,.,.: 4 ,. WL.. -- '--. , 2. -4 -3 "Lf-' -.. '-, .. .71 TA 1 -- ' 1655-La: , f . ' 4 ' ' ' -iff Q- ,,,. -, 995 2 'f':'5':r-,- " 2-M, ' L xl-L : ,H-,,... J, . ,I . , "K-'a:,:.:f. ""-'-'il " "4-frgggwg l v I--V .rw fi: - 4, 512 'f-.1 ,Le , as -, V lv, ' '-fwfr,-Qs 9' " '-han., ' ,f , a, - --'ffz-gfifffggl .. - , '-..-Q.-5 gi . , V , ' 2-'s-gp . . , 5- ' " '-'?'iErf3-5 14 A 2, w"-1':'T?f5- :P , A g mv.-1: ,, ,. 5 V ' ,yu - ' -AQ- N .K .--V "'A'1?": :-2"-,Nm V A-if fm, T--Z' it -, -V --,V ""i"'-T355-,,: , 'bl-v 3.-Q n , ,. ' ---,:1::?:v4. ' -Q .- , , f - - "'-f::".1, 2 .f . ,,,,. . 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Gibsonburg High School - Bears Tale Yearbook (Gibsonburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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