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VIKING GIBRALTAR HIGH SCHCOL FISH CREEK WISCONSIN 1957 Gibraltar High School-our school To the eorly or lote student I the corridors ot Gl-l.S. seem strongely deserted ot lite ond the ioyous sounds ot it. There is no eoger student body recidy tc occept the chollenge of onother doy-there is simply o wide rib- bon ot spoce tull ot nothing. Be- hind the cldssroom doors stond rows ot unoccupied desks. Noth- ing punctuotes the complete empe tiness but the echoes of every loud tootstep tolcen by the "ine truder"- . A symbol of "0ur Golden Age." No longer do the footsteps echo-they ore lost ornidst the noises ot onother doy being oc' cepted by o host ot young hu- rnons. Lockers slorn, students hold "gob tests," boolcs ore dropped ond the buzzer gives its horsh summons to closs. Still, the holls ore oliyeg questions ond onsvvers dritt out ot open doors ond the Sponish closs breoks into song. The whole school echoes the sounds ot ioyous living. ax DEDICATION The Class ot '57 pays a tribute to you, Mrs. Neil Kinsey, for being our advisor and teacher, but most of all for being our friend. We express the voice of the school in saying "thank you" tor serv- ing so well as advisor of the Student Council ot '56-'57 and of the "Vikings"-especially this "Viking" of '57l We wish to thank you also tor helping to guide us Through four formative years ot our youth, tour years in which you have been one of our examples of people nice to knovv! For these reasons, and for all the little things that mean so rnuch to us as individuals, the seniors dedicate the Nineteen Fifty-Seven issue of the "Viking" to you. 4 TABLE OF CCNTENTS ADMINISTRATION 47 SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES SPORTS 23 31 Esi"g argl SQQQ H i EF alll-,,., """Nv-,,.,k ROWT Mrs Kinsey Advisor Jonl Runhard Editor ROW 2 Arlene, Dykstra Asst Edlfor Judy Jensen Art Edztor Anno Johnson Make up Ednfor To recapture every one of The unforgetable moments of a year of G H S In one book rs rrrpossnble but The tremendous Task has been attempted There have been many good fumes and we shall remember many Things The memories fha? will last The longest perhaps are The prlvate ones Those that can never be wratten on The pages of a book THE VIKING a book of memories FEATURE STAFF AND TYPISTS M McOlash CJ Larson M Soderberg K Rogers J Olson F Flaeschel 4 Macaw' ' A-or ff? s ML. V 'WR' I K K , Z " I I is we rw I - I ' flaw : I. Q, V .. 4. , A 7. . v "" ,K,, - Z ..., 1 T ' E K S. Q 5 'L - Y P . Q A fi A3 32 rrrye eeer . -Q My T' , I ,iv Viyg V , - N! 2 V' ' 4-,iytfrif 5 t --v A y J: i f Q f fr , U .sf f 'L 3' 4- gil e r rf xy, T1 Tie ' 5115 fb L' T ref- A A K Q' 3'-f-u GEORGE KLINGLEHOETS Science Photography Club Semor Clcss Adv: DRINCIPAL sor Rlver Falls State College B S THOMAS J BIRMINGHAM Brology Llbrory Drnvers Educuhon Senior Class Advnsor One Act Play Mrlton College OFFICE SECRETARY DONNA ORSTED I rw A sr ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Forfunaie are we 8 BOARD OF EDUCATION FIRST ROW Mrs Wllbur Bertschlnger August Koepsel Mrs Wm Ebbers Martin Olson SECOND ROW Gordon Nelson Lawrence Relnhard Wlnfleld Anderson if? FROM THE PRINCIPAL Congratulations sensors' In the years to come you wall have many h wmemornes when you remlnrsce about your school days These will be memornes of dly compan nonshlp enloyment hard work and the good feeling of a 'ob well Your hugh school days were a period ot transutnon from the ence ol chnldhood to the understandlng and responsnbllntnes of adulthood Yes or unwnllnng they are placed upon your shoulders The manner In whlch ept these responsabulstre wnll mean the difference between a happy or unhappy ccept them bear them not as a burden to be cast oft at every opportunity but Upon them as a cloak ot honor and respectabnlnty Always remember your duty to God and QP ountry Oo through lute happuly with t our side Remember without r lm ave nothlng it 5 F3211 M921 fs to have administrators luke these Us Mrs OLGA WICKMAN Mrs SELMA A KINSEY Mrs PATRICIA EASTMAN Englnsh Forenslcs Freshmen Advtsor La Commercnal Vtkmg Sensor Advtsor Stu Home Economtcs FHA Sophomore Crosse State College BE dent Council Advisor Whitewater State vtsor Unlverslty ofWlscons1n BS College B E Gladly would he learn, Muss VERNELLE JOHNSON Commerclal Englnsh Journalnsm Jumor College B E FRANCIS CHASE Mathematics Physical Science Freshmen I0 To the faculty of Gnbraltar we say not goodbye but wherever we may go In life you shall be wlth us always You have provlded us wtth mvaluable lnformatlon that ts helpnng us to face the responslbnlt tres of the future vvuth confidence courage and understanding You have helped us torm our lndlvtdual personalmes and you have been our frrends 2 0 O . A O A, 'f ',- ', , ACI- Advisor, Chatterbox. Whitewater State Advisor. Stevens Point State College, I 'II'II,Im. , . . B.A, yfzftlllllm " -1'II,IIQIlI'I,I "uw ll Ili' ' . I , 1 1 f As we prepare to close our hugh school career we realtze what a teacher means that you have worked long alter a school days end for our beneht and that you are domg a vatal task tn prepar :ng Amernca s youth for becomnng strong crtrzens We reallze the countless thtngs that a teacher does and we thank you for them JOHN BORDEN Band Chorus Spanish Freshmen Adv: sor Northern llltnols State College B S Qi c f CHARLES TVETEN Soclal Studies Geography Jumor Ad vtsor Rwer Falls State College B S CALVIN FISHER Agriculture FFA Junlor Aclvusor Platte fllle State College B S cl gladly teach RODNEY BILLERBECK Ccuch Physical Educatlon Sophomore Advlsor Superior State College B S ll JAMES ROBBINS Soclal Studtes Athletrcs Sophomore visor Ripon College BA M. - . il 15 1 ' "' . I mg .. 2 g ' ' ' ' l 'w t rt' 'E V - - - . A 332 'aa . L gg V gg: ., - lll ' 'Nuys 1 7 G I1 . BUS DRXVERS: J. Bell, A, Krause, R, Anderson, E. Nelson, f B. Long, L. Olson. , -an 'ww SERVICES-A iob well done! 1 my .wi iw ' K .1 Q x. ' A-, , ' , SENIORS SENIOR OFFICERS VICE PRESIDENT Joh Oson YW SECRETARY Glorxo Olwnesorge wld' 'Q if 55? .nn MMMS' 4 if Q aiiglm 'E sis! PRESNDENT Myron MCUIGSH a we leave our hugh school days behmcl TREASURER Judy Jensen ,.-,S J"""n nl vs TQ 1-I 'ww KAREN ANDERSON PAUL ANDERSON Cookue Wlld oats wnll get sown sometlme and one of the arts of lofe ns to sow lt at the rlght time n l 2 4 Pep Ba 2 C er l horus 3 Glrls Club l 2 Student Councul 4 Vtkmg 3 4 Chatterbox 4 Lzbrarnan 4 Class OFH cer 3 Prom Attendant 3 Homecomlnc Attendant 3 Homecoming arrlved IU the mellow ness ot early October and we swung into the tradltnonal sensor actuvutles ot our hnal months ot high school The football team gave nts most and tts sensor mem bers sand Goodbye to the grrdxrcm uf O H S as they played tor the ids? time on home ground The days of autumn faded qelglwly and wa turned our thoughts to wwf We familiar routlne ot school 'mr' be mf!- wg, X RICHARD BERKHAHN Andy Dlc An Amerncan lS tree to choose hls own Spare your b eath to cool your por form of government blonde brunette rldge orus l A 4 Baseb Track 2 3 4 or redhead Chorus l 2 Boys Glee Club l 2 A l Student Councnl 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Track2 3 4 ELEANOR ANN BERTSCHINGER Annie There as nothnng more fun than a man Band l 2 FHA l Vknng 4 Chatterbox 4 Lubrar lan 2 QC 313' JOANNE BRIEN Shorty I could have danced all night 4 Lubrartan 4 Pep Club 4 I7 "'if,t1f L. L. 'K - 7 I , K Y 1 ' QAM' -fl! . I xi' 5 fl' H , ga ff W. tk.f- Rigs , , r gyillf flgs!'fg'fWf'ifi L X 4 C . 3 4' ,Sf-'V-14.1 D91 ' , ' 'EV ,lei 1 . 3 I ' X , . sfifg-ll fi- e 3 H - H ,, H H v ku ' ' ." ," Ch g FF l, 2, 3, g all 4g Bad,,3,g ndl,gheer- ,, f ,FFF l9OCl 2 C lt 2, 2 V ' Glee p I 2 , , I 2 1 A J - A If - - - - fl ' ll ll ' ' - H H - - . A ' ,J 3 C l l . ' 2 Chorusl 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club l 2 3 Fl-lA l CLAIRE CHRISTENSON 'God made o heart of gold." Band 4, Pep Band 4, Pep Club 4. MARY JEAN DUQUAINE DELORES ERICKSON "Is not lite a hundred times too short "l.ory" for us to bore ourselves?" "I'm no angel." Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, FHA l, 2, 3, Librarian 3, Pep lg Girls' Glee Club l, Twirler l, 2, 3, 4. Club 4. we realize that it remains 4. --Ifsfssliifiiif' " ' S..,5E.5.,se7 P'-1, ..5?gi?s.s1 i' ' Lgiigfgigffs ,keg . ,jj egg? - in Q1 1" -M - GH? 1.1: 1 ifzsefs ' E I 1 Qi V 1' a:,.a1: s Sl-HRLEY ANN GRAFF "ShirI" "The only way to get rid of a tempta- JOEL GRASSE tion is to yield to it." "Webster" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus i, 2, 3, Girls' f'Sure I hate Republicans!" Glee Club l, 2, Viking 4, Chatterbox 4, FFA lg Football l, 2, 3, Librarian 4, Prom Attendant 3. 2, 3, 4, Basketball l WARREN GAUGER "He wore black denim trousers and maf torcycle boots." Chorus 4, Football 2, Track 2, Baseball 4. MARY ALlCE GOSS "Let every man mind his own business Chorus 3, FHA l, 2, 3. if fy , With the end of summer, the "Hogedorn's Studio" where senior tures are token began. The of the importance of year at Gibraltar had and there was future on in our minds contemplating the or us, lone I 3, 4, JOHN EDWARD HEQ ARTHUR HENQUINET "God sent his singers kk 'ith with "Art" songs of sadness,agj2ifif2fiiTlrth." "For every schoolboy with a spark Chorus I, Bqltwslee Club I, FFA I, of genius, there are a dozen with 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Photo ignition trouble." FFA I, 2, 3, 4. MARIAN CAROL JEAN HONOLD "Portrait of ci Lady." Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, FHA I, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 2, 4, Viking 4, Chatterbox 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. ROLAND HONOLD "Rollie" "I know everything about agriculture?" Chorus I, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club I, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, FFA 4 Officer 3, 4, Viking 4, Chatterbox 4, Football I. ROBERT HILANDER "Cousy" "He is a superlative!" FFA 3, 4, FFA Officer 4, Chatterbox 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Class Ofticer 3, Prom King 3, Homecoming Duke 4, Homecoming Attendant I. GUY HONOLD "Honol" "He could hardly wait to hear what he was going to soy." Band I, 2, 3, Pep Band I, 2, 3, Chorus I, Boys' Glee Club I, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, FFA Ofticer 3, 4, Student Council 4, Track 2, 3, 4. afwe-. 4'-f . x 'ix ' JUDlTH JENSEN "Judy" "There is no substitute for tal, ent." Band l, Q, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Twirler 2, 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, Viking 4, Chatterbox 3, Class Officer l, 4, Prom Attendant 3, Homecoming Duchess 4, Photo ANITA JOHNSON "Oh, wonderful world that has such peo- ple in itl" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, FHA l, 2, 3, FHA Ofticer 3, Student Council 3, Prom At- tendant 3. Club 4, Forensics 2, 3, Ski Club to achieve Plans for graduation are early. There are many "impromptu" class meetings to decide on various senior activities and so many things to come to a group agreement on. The cafeteria filled with chattering seniors as we met to pick out our "announcements" of the big day, and there were many arguments caused by so many to choose from. The task was tlnally done however! Qs s Xb GERALD KNUDSON "Mayor" "Why should the Devil have all the good times?" Chorus 4, Football l, 3, Track 2. A 5, gif' T7 cnmaiotts KROWAS ffslondeff "Little friends may prove greatYTT4Qig'4 , , Band l, Viking 4, Pep Club 4. GARY LARSON "Peanuts" "Four be the things l'd been better without, Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt." Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club l, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 4, Track 3, 4, Class Omcer 2, Prorn Attendant 3, Homecoming Attendant 2, Photo Club 4. ,ie-up PATRICIA NELSON Hpmn 'IA girl with high blush pressure." FHA I, 2, 3, Librarian 3, 4. ROGER LARSON "Timmer" "I regard the pub as a valuable institution." FFA 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Bas, ketball I, 2, 3, Prom Attendant 3, Homecoming Attendant 3. MYRON MCOLASH "Mike" "My Model T and I understand each otherI" Band I, Chorus 3, Football 3, 4, Baseball I, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 4, Prom Attendant 3, Photo Club 4, Ski Club 4. PAUL MICHAEL LENT "Mike" "l'll live to be a million-only the good die young." Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band I, 2, 3,!4, Chorus I, 2, 3. 4, Boys' oiee Club 1, FFA 2, 3, ii, FFA omcef 4, Student Council 4, Chatterbox 45, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Pep Club 4. 33' MAE HELEN MERKLE. . "Dan't tell me what I Mean-let me figure it out for myself." Band I, FHA I, 2, 3, Chatterbox 4, Pep Club 4. our goals in life. LARRY NELSON "Specks'f ul dm a lover and have not found my thing to love." FFA I, 2, 3, FFA Officer I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Class Officer I, Prom At- tendant 3. DAVID NELSON "Dave" "Girls are always running through his mind-they don't dare walk." Chorus I, 2, Boys' Glee Club I, FFA I, 2, Football 2, Basketball I, 2, Track 2, 3. GLORIA ANN OHNESORGE "Glo-Coat" "This lass was ever a rover, loving, and laughing and free." Band 2, Twirler 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, FHA Offi- cer 2, 3, 4, Chatterbox 4, Librarian 3, Pep Club 4, Class Officer 2, 4, Prom At- tendant 3. 1 .. it 24,5 ,. ' IW JOHN OLSON "No task's too steep for human wit." Entered from Glenbard Township High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, l954, Band 4, Pep Band 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 2, Student 4, Track 2, Class Othcer 4, Club 4. LOIS UI laughed till I cried Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls I, 2, FHA l, '2, 3, Librarian MARIETTA PASCHKE "Etts" "The most become much more the better for being a little bad." Chorus I, Girls' Glee Club I, FHA I, Chatterbox 4, Pep Club 4. TOM PATZA "Great White Hunter" "When I read Shakespeare I am struck with wonder." Student Council I, Footballl, Base- ball l, 3, 4, Basketball l, 3, 4, Class Officer l. As we are measured for our caps and gowns we think of the approaching date of our graduation. There is a feeling ot mixed emotions as we go through this ritual, tor we are looking forward to taking our places in the world after graduation and we are re- membering the friends, traditions and happy experiences we shall leave behind. We leave E LOREN M. PEIL rl' "The whole of my life has passed like a razor-in hot water or a scrape." Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, FFA Otticer 4, Viking 4, Chatterbox 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Prom Attendant 3, Photo Club 3, 4. SANDRA PERRY HARVEY POLSTER, JR, JOANNE REINHARD "Snooks" "Fritz" "Joni" "I have been one acquainted Wnh the "More kngve qhgn fool-'f "lt is generally better to cleal by speech night." FFA l, 2, 3, 4, FFA Officer 3, 4, Football Yltfln by letter." Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Bond I, 2, 3, 4, l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Band 2, 3, 4, Pep BONE! 3, 4, Chorus l, Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Qheedeod, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, FHA I, er l, 2, 3, Chatterbox 4, Class Otticer 2' 3f 42 FHA Olllfef 21 32 Student COUN- 2, 3, cil 3, Viking 3, 4, Chatterbox l, Pep Club 4, Class Officer 3, Prom Queen 3, Homecoming Attendant 2. KAYE ROGERS W- "Be the best of whatever you are," 0 0 g Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, m l, 2, 3, Viking 4, Ski Club 4, Forensics F ',,' - 2, 3. emotions JOAN SOHNS 5 A "Jo" f k-hf, 'K V' V,k', "Moderation, the noblest gilt of heav- SHIRLEY SUNSTROM MARY SODERBERG en," "Fair words never hurt the tongue." "Love is the iewel that wins the world." Band l, 2, 3, Pep Band 3, Twirler 2, 3, FHA l, 2, 3, Homecoming Attendant l, Band 4, Pep Band 4, Chorus l, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club l, FHA l, 2, 3, Chatter- box 3, Librarian 2, 3. Chorus l, Girls' Glee Club J, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, FHA Officer 4, Librarian l, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, SANDRA SWENSON BETTY JANE TANCK PHILIP VOIGHT "Sandi" "Tinker" "Pee Wee" "lt is also possible that blondes prefer "A quiet mind is richer than a crown," "A vast expenditure of human gentlemen." Chorus I, 2, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, FHA voice," Band I, 2, Pep Band I, 2, Chorus I, 2, I, 2, 3, Chatterbox 4, Pep Club 4. Chorus I, 3, Boys' Glee Club I 3, Pep Club 4. 3, FFA 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketbal I, 2, Track 2, Photo Club 4. With sadness and anticipation, Another school day is over as the last bell rings, but forthe seniors, it is the end of our high school days. Suddenly, we wish that this end had not arrived so soon-to go so quickly-for now it is time to say farewell and take with us the diplomas and honors, the tangible evidence ot successful eltorts and countless friends, both young and old. DONNA MARIE ZAK "Order is a lovely thing," FHA I, 2, Chatterbox 3. JAMES ZAK "Jim" "The flower of our young manhood." Chatterbox 4, 'v f' ,QQ LASSMEN JUNIORS PICTURED BELOW, PHOTO I-SEATED: A. Anderson, M. Bergwin, C. Anderson. STANDING: B. Becksrrom, C. Anderson, J. Beckstrom, D. Anderson. PHOTO 2-SEATED: N. Doubner, M. Churney, A. Berkhohn STANDING: A. Dykstra, F. Berns, W. DeRemo, J. Fczndrei. A3 s xz 5 - -Q -A-..,, 11 is K .K vw G- -f l. K s .5 "is-A.. 'iv If 'tv-Q CH C 5 'K--A, PRE5'DEfvr DI k Ol on 5 rf-v...,, . J. , . r 4 if PRESHDENT r me Dykiifrq ROW 'l: B. Nordeen, D. Olson, D. Meekmo. ROW 2 J. Orsfed, C. Mann, L. Mayhew. ROW 3: B. John son, E. Langoehr, D. Olson. ROW 4: B. Pofzc, B Oldenburg, L. Lundquisr. if PICTURED BELOW PHOTO 1 SEATED M Gerdmon N Hass C Gcuger PHOTO 2 SEATED E Knudson L Lundstrom D Koessl C Jung WIVJJW STANDING O Honold R Klclves D Johnson 3? fx gf I ' yy. f PM M 1. .. 2 J P . il A Hoefert, F. Flceschel. STANDING: A. Griener, J. Gannett, D s . - gx Z J 9 J 9 MU QR Sf nk Omed o Rig u xvetxsndsuom LOB xo iz ROW 'l: K. Sohns, D. Peil, J. Vertz. ROW 2: M. Pt1eI, J. Polster, J. Seller. ROW 3: K. Wesc, A. Peterson, D. Polster. ROW 4: N. Weborg, D, Sitte. Left io Right: M, Hanson, L. Fondrei, S. Kloves, J. Hoen, C, Honson, B. Holond, J. Hoss, J. Jor S. Lorson, W. Koepsel, 3 1 J' H. 1 'Q if K-2 .R 3 mon, K, Houck, B. Kesler, K. Kodonko, K. Johnson. STANDING: I' ROW 1: R. Ohmon, R. PIUH, G, Reinhard. ROW 2: C, Peterson, J. Osfron, R. Peterson. TREASURER, P. Gundersen R . ik. Y K .A PRESIDENT Q M ssckswev, R. Boeck R. Stieglifz R Ji WC E PIQESID ENR S ROW 1: J. Swenson, D. Tesnow, T, A D Qublve, Simon. ROW 2: L. Tesnow, R. Tonck 26 . W- . W ,- .' 1 W 1 yn rf, -u!'f!K ' A 4 I gm-9--,. 4- 4 .xiyr ' W ev - V f.. Ri DENY' W EC,-TREAS ' illiqm B ., LoVerne Ne, efker son 4- xr a. 9 5. Q N A. - M 5 M., S .-4-W 'fy M me '. K1 509 ...i if . Mei' I 5 xon Ps C096 nas. NN QVXX' 1 ' Nu SXO 0,44 '1 X gd Yygi MYWUXONR ORN M 1 QXC Be' va R L' Kona nv .oou 'xiienso VK- , . . ow V,L-SCN'NLsn6e,503:4VG4hXXxs Y- 3-. ' news R0 .ww vl 5' " 50' FRESHMEN 9,0 ROW 1: M. Tesnow, C. Voeltz, ROW 2: G. VonVorous, C. Smith. 1 Row 1. E. Hoefert, 1. Henry: ROW 2: D. Hickey, J. Graff. ' f M ROW 3: C, Hess, P. Holond. nk ROW 4: D. Huen, M. Goss. ROW 5: R, Hcss, D. Hilonder. 'xg 28 lm iHmw R Shine H Polsfer R Simon J el mer R Rell C Perry RCW . 7: 5 qulsh J. L, MCOlQsh I f nden, o, Lehi. ol,o,,, L fe, at I ' Nejso efmb ll, S- P och. eil. Ro W2. Nefson Lund. ROW 1: C. Swenson, S. Sitte. ROW 2: N. Wickmon, C. Woldt. ROW 'lz J. Johnson, ROW 2: R. Kramer, ROW 3: D. Honold ski. ROW 4: D. Johnson. ROW 5: J. K. Ladewig. J. Johnson. D. Honold , J. Kwofe r- LaPIcnt, D Hugenrofh, ACTIVITIES 4 . 1 4 lf' A 'xi ii ', f - +2 -. t iid. Q, ' b , , f ff - - W-,1 19 ., , 1 i r sw., , "' ' 3' .A .u., 'R' ,- ' ,,..,,, X -f A 2, -. s .3--fr1,gg'-ij., I "vQ,f!.- xg, f ' ZW-.L4,sgw-at K "tile 'ii-, , f' W . . .,,,.np5?i3,-9: - in at Q ,4 1 MEF' ,Qgiga ' 1? f -'E 212 B King: Bob Hilander. Queen: Joanne Reinhard. Long hours at work and careful planning were put into the preparing of the highlight of our Junior year at Gibraltar-our gala prom. The theme ot "Fantasy Land" gradually developed into a land ot beauty and softness as the gym took on its tairylilce glamour. The walls were adorned with beautiful murals depicting visions of make-believe and reality and the corners turned into forest glades. Pink and white spotlights threw their glow upon the setting tor the high point of the evening of May 4, i956 and the clock struck ten o'clock. We danced in Bob Hilander, Joanne Reinhard, Garry Larson and Lomadell Weborg. W'l H Polster L Pel es a L Nelson M McOas Ho o R W 2 S Pe ry A o so esonJ e e ages Sons Boe SGaflMHoo FATHER OF THE BRIDE Senior Class Play One sometimes wonders if the strain ot an approaching marriage is more evident on the tvvo involved or on the "Father ot the Bride." Mr. Banks tlnds that the situation is going too tar when the guest list reaches astronomical figures, the house has to be completely renovated, the spirea bushes have to be removed, and a tent must be erected, As Mr. Banks remarks, "It's spring. . .Boy meets girl. . .lt should be simple. Two young people want to get married. But intead all pandemonium breaks loose. The system gets you. You get on a moving belt, and you never get att again." Kay and the rest ot the family temper father's emotions, and Banks is finally rewarded with the realization that his daughter is geting what every bride should have-a happy day to remember. CAST: Mr. Banks . . . Mrs. Banks . .. Kay Banks . . . Ben Banks .... Tommy Banks . Buckley Dunstan Buzz Taylor ... Peggy Svvitt . . . Delilah ,...... Miss Bellamy .. ..... Loren Peil Mr. Massoula .... ....... Mike Lent Judy Jensen Joe .......... ... Joanne Reinhard Mrs. Pulitzki . .. .. Myron McOlash Red ......... ....JohnOlson Pete.................. . .. Guy Honold STUDENT DIRECTORS: ... . .. Gary Larson Harvey Polster .. Joan Sohns . .. John Heise . Larry Nelson . Shirley Graft Patricia Nelson . . . Kaye Rogers PROMPTERS: .. .... Sandra Perry ... Anita Johnson Karen Anderson DIRECTOR: Mr. John Borden Marion Honold v Carole Jungwirth, Nancy Hass, Jack Gannett, Jan- Schreiber, Judy Jensen, Arline Dykstra. NPN- FORENSICS W? t Y, N , S .0't'f . . iv, N . A, K S -, Arline Dykstra as Mrs. Zooker, Peter Gundersen, Eugene Tesh, Karen Sohns, Lena, Jack Gannett, Reverend Rigley, Catherine Hoefert, Mary, Richard Olson, Student Director, Mr, Birmingham, Director, Margie Shine, Student Director, Linda Mayhew, Promoter, Mary Jane Gerdman, Promoter. "The Flattering Word" Everyone at sometime or other has experienced the desire to be on the stage. Even the pompous Reverend Rigley resolves to the tact that the stage holds some fascination and message, although it took the Htlattering word" from actor Eugene Tesh to break dovvn the Reverend's false ideas. On November 7, the one act play received an A in the league contest at Brussels High School, and then earned a B award at New London High School in district competition. Q63 a 5 3 ROW I: M. Gerdmon, K. Sohns, S. Doubner, P. Voight, J. Becksrrom, Anderson, J. Orsled, T. Pofzo, M. Mc Olosh. ROW 3: D. Olson, J. K, Rogers, J. Jensen, ROW 2: Mr. Borden, J. Seiler, L. Mayhew, A Olson, C. Mann, B. Beckstrom, G. Lorson, K. Kodonko. SKI CLUB 2 vi s Y F-if F 1 -1. '- ROW I: A. Griener, O. Honold, C. anderson, J. Beckstrom, B. Beck- son. ROW 3: J. Seiler, D. Anderson, G. Larson, M. McOIash, Mr strom, R. Kramer, E. Peil. ROW 2: I. Jensen, L. Mayhew, K. Sohns, N. Klingelhoefs, K. Weborg, J. Gannett. ROW 4: E. Berns, D. Peil, D. Doubner, J. Osfron, C. Jungwirth, M. Gerdman, K. Hoeferr, A. Ander- Olson, J. Olson, D. Peterson, R. Kloves, R.u Beno. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB36 i if 1 . .. W1- NL , ,V kt!! W7 ROW J: J. Jormon, K. Anderson, A, Anderson, J, Johnson. ROW 2: J. STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES. ROW I: B. Holond, M. Gerdmon, J Gannett, B. Williams, L. Londstrom, Mrs. Kinsey, P. Gundersen. ROW Fcndrei, K. Sohns. ROW 2: G. Honoid, J. Jensen, T. Potzo. ROW 3: R 3: M. Lent, J. Olson, R. Reil, D. Hickey. Kremer, S. Peil, D. Tesnow, D, Hoen. STUDENT COUNCIL ROW I: K, Anderson, S. Grofi, M. Honold, P. Nelson, ROW 2: M. Brien, L. Olson, Mr. Birmingham, D. MECLUTUO, LIBRARIANS em: ,, I 'lr ROW 'lz C. Smith, J. Sohns, M. Tesnow, C, Swenson, M. Du quaine, M, Honold, C. Mann, J. Gannett, R. Erickson, R. Peter- son, J. Olson. ROW 2: S. Klaves, P. Holand, E. Peterson, M. Brien, S. Leimbach, B. Holand, J. Ofsted, S. Daubner, J. Jar- SENIOR CHOIR No school is complete without a band to lend its spirit and do its share in keeping the student body Uenioying itself." Nor is a school complete without choral groups to give of the beauty ot voices in song. Gibraltar has these organizations. The music de- partment is one of the most active in school and from it come many worth-while benefits. The partic- ipants in the various vocal and instrumental units play an important role in the development of a cultural program essential to our growing up. Not only the student body, as a whole, reaps the rewards of pleasant listening, but the members of the music department itself have benehted indi- vidually by playing or singing in it. They have not only given-they have received, There is a great value in learning to work with others and belong- ing to the band, pep band, senior choir, or glee clubs requires great co-operation and understand- ing among the members. Under the capable direction ot our music instruc- Ev I x 1 blew man, A. Copiskey, M. Barncwski. ROW 3: J. Johnson, N. Vtilick- man, C. Peterson, J. Peterson, E. Hoefert, J. Kvvaterski, L. Nelson, S, Peil, R, Honold, K. Kodanko, C. Hanson, J. Hass. tor, Mr, Borden, the music groups present the Christ- mas concert, a spring concert and take part in the "Contest" each season. Here they put forth their best ettorts in competition with other Wisconsin high schools. The choir also does its part during gradu- ation vveek each year by singing at the baccalaure- ate and commencement exercises. The band adds much to enioyment of all home football and basketball games with its pep music. Either the full band or a smaller pep band is pres- ent at all ot the pep sessions in the gym and at the games. ' Under the pep section of the music department is included a group of six girls who do their share in entertaining the fans at half-time of the games and leading the band on parade. These six girls are the Twirling Vikings. All at the music groups deserve the credit that is due them tor contributing to the cultural side of lite at Gibralter High! 5- 0 K. vf . fs ir 0 l is Off - I I ,As v .- ROW l: D. Olson, R. Kloves, D. Olson, J. Schreiber, D. Hcien, Zohn, R. Sohns. ROW 3: M. Lent, L. Pell, J. Linden, J. Johnson, D. Sille, T, Henry, N. Doubner, B, Anderson, R. Boeclq, C. Ander- J. Lundquisf, C, Hoss, C. Voellz, G. Ohnesorge, J. Reinhorcl, son, J. Osfron. ROW 2: J. Knudson, C. Heise, L. Olson, L, Co- H. PolsTer,'D. Honold, S. Lorson, pislcey, L. Noyhew, K. Chose, F. Floeschel, R. Shine, N. Hoss, B, FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHOIR ,, 4 4 L ROW ln E. Hoeferf. P. Holoncl, J. Johnson, L. Nelson, S. Sine, H. Polsler, K. Christensen, S. DcLbner, ROW 3: C. Woldf, J. S. Leirnbofh, C. Hoss, D. Grosse. ROW 2: L. Berkhohn, N. Wick- Kwotewlll, S. Pell, C. Srnifh, J- Lundcuisl, J- l-lfldeflf -lv Reimer, -l- rnon, M, Tesnow, C, Swenson, R. Shine, R. Sirnon, S. Anderson, Johnson, D. Honold, C. Voelw, D. Lelvlere 39 gli L . f' 5 1 P ! TWIRLERS fs .1 W 1- li' . S x J X .J . , 1 ,F 5' 'QQ F ' 5 J yksk Q as k Q Q ss. .ff .f :li ,P . f - sie! gg , J.-s Delores Erickson, Christine Woldt, Koy Wesci, Judy Jensen, Sandro Perry. ROW 'lz D. Tesnow, K. Rogers, A. Johnson, L. Mayhew, K. Sohns. ROW 2: J. Jensen, B. Zahn C Hass, L, Londstrom, D, Koessl, R. Erickson. ROW 3: Mr. Borden, C. Christensen, D. Erickson S. Perry, K. Anderson, N. Doubner. 40 435 - 1,4 X ALL CONFERENCE BAND ROW 1: N. Doubner, D. Olson, N. Hoss, M. Lent, L, Mayhew, K. Sohns. ROW 2: A. Johnson, D. Olson, J. Gannett, J. Olson, D, Erickson, S. Perry. ROW 1: K. Weso, D. Olson, J. Schreiber, N. Hoss, M. Lent. ROW 2: D. Olson, J. Olson, C. Jung- wirth, R. Peterson, J. Seiler D. Grosse. ROW 3: J. Gannett, S. Graft, E. Knudson, S. Dclubner, J, Sonns, J. Reinhord. BAND " X M Q1 W ,L+ 1 , -M. 4, 77 - ., , 1' ' ..- ' ', L' ,I J A 1413, , ' Q V A ,K ij . f ,V ' I 5, 5 ' K' L Q mt Q' I ,Q v K J A' 'Q is 1 Y . . J 4,1 .A 15 ...,"1.,:, f 1 9 . f , ' .. 0 'x 4' I I L., g -, . 4 5 if -ll 5 ' 1 . Y ' -av" 6 , T E Y' In '-1 J. Tux 759 qx'f?4 vi if 'S ROW 1: G. VonVorous, D. Floeschel, E. PeiL K. Johnson, R. Kromer, T. 'V Henry, ROW 2: L. Tesnow, J. Hoss, R. Tonck, G. Filles, R. Tonck, R. Grosse, JM R, Hass. ROW 3: G. Reinhord, H. CurLson, R. Steiglitz, K. Lodewig, J, Hugenroth, D. Hilonder, T. Simon. ROW 4: L. Fondrei, A. Copiskey, R. Beno, B, Olson, C. Hanson, R. Doubner, D. Johnson. 1 3 -x x , F' .N-' M.. - ROW 'lz J. Seller, B. Pofzo, M. Lent, A. Henquiner, R. Berkhohn. ROW 2: O. Hon- oLd, D. Pell, F4 Berns. L. Nelson, L, Pell. . N taxi., :R fa. jr, Vw Is, .sf-L' , 7 1 sf, f . , A .. ra 3 F. A. OFFICERS: R, Hilonder, G. Honold, R, Honold, Mr. Fisher, H. Polsfer rf ' ax' 5,1 51 sl- A A X x . , , 42 sl Q. O rlego DYkS1'rQ, M FQ C HOeferf, K. Sohni Eastman M Homo, ROW 'I J Osfron M Bruen C Anderson D Koessl, M Tesnow N Wlckmon L Nelson ROW 2 M Honold M Shine S Doubner C Hoeferf S Sunsfrorn, J Jormcm J Reinhard C Jungwlrth ROW Ohnesorge A Dykstra K Sohns L Mayhew L Lcndsfrom S Larson J Orsied K Chose Vi' , f si X .J all fi fy s 41" f -wi-s.,h an . D t, jew, ' :7 W , 4 'Q' A. ' A v' f . - Q., . Me- f , ' .- J V wwf fn-df, WE LOVE A PARADE! , AA-,Q , ,X tn.. ,' . A A 1 A , '. u -aw A A A WW , ,-aa" AND AWAY WE GO! i U ag, Q 4 M.. WE'LL BEAT 'EM PLENTY! Us anim HOMECOMING The date of October 5th will go down through the history of our senior year at Gibraltar as the day of Homecoming 1956. It was the day that the senior students played or saw their last football game on home groundp the fall day that proved how very beautiful autumn in Door County can be and the day that followed the traditional "Bums' Day" at G.H.S. The sights in the halls would have caused a bit of confusion to a stranger entering school on the doy before Homecoming. Chosen as "King" and "Queen" of the Bums at a pep rally were Bryan McOlash and Dennis Olson. The Homecoming day's festivities opened with the parade to the football field led by the band and the "Girls' Court." The chosen court was: Judy Johnson and Bill Beckerg Cindy Peterson and Bill Williamsg Elaine Knudson and Niles Weborg. Reigning as Duke and Duchess for the day were Bob Hilander and Judy Jensen. Gail Shepherdson's orchestra played for the "CANADIAN SUNSET" in the gym and the day ended with a pleasant and lasting memory. DUKE and DUCHESS: Bob Hilander and Judy Jensen GIRLS' COURT: Judy Johnson, Elaine Knudson, Cindy Peterson, and Judy Jensen. ON Hoe c HEERLEADE Rs BO XO OX xocso SX E900 O O O H00 L r 5 ,ry fi' Mi, R71 U 'Y T 9 Q, f' , 4, , us Y. sf' x " 3 if .X-if la X Y 9 L-H, f-af' PQRTS M. ,YY Y v.-, ,W . .,..,.-,.. 7 1 . 1 ar , 2 , X ROWI L Nelson M Goss B McOlosh B Becker W DeRemo D Larson H Polsfer ROW 3 L Tesnow L Pell R Larson L Nelson Hickey M Lent Mr Bellerbeck ROW 2 N Erickson P Vought K G Honold L Lundqulst J Hesse J Grosse B Grosse Weborg N Weborg B Hnlonder M McOlush B Oldenburg G FOOTBALL SCORES Luxemburg Brussels Mlschocot Cosco Sevosfopol Gnbrollcr Gnbroltur Gnbrolvcr Gubroltor Gnbrollor ff'-'fi -ef..-w ff 1 .zs," N" 4? 4 710,34 I '1 4 jig ,, 'YW -:QP Was M MA Lf, 4-1 ,V Luxemburg Brussels Mnshucot Cosco Sevcslopol Luxemburg Brussels Mlshucot ml? 4,1 Luxemburg w..."f?vi'3: fmlfgyvu Brussels 1 Mnshucot Casco Sevastopol Luxemburg f ' ! am? Brussels Mlshucot 2 ,X ,, 4-8 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Gibraltar Gibraltar Gubrollcr Glbrullor Glbrclfor Gnbrallcr Gubrcllor Glbrollar J V SCORES Gubrcllar Glbrcltur Glbrallor Gsbrollur Glbrollcr Gubrcllor Glbmllor Glbroltcr ----A---,,--32 ' ---,-------- 6 -----A------75 ' ------------57 ---------,,-,,13 ' -..--------,26 ------------60 I "'---"""5l . . -------------26 - --,--------' 6 ' ' -------------- ' ,,,,........ --------,----,,-19 ' ------------ 0 -----------A----74 ' ------------54 -----------33 ' --------.-,. 18 ,,- ........ 4 ---------- --42 -----.----.-65 ' ------------38 ' ............ 50 N H A .... - ....... --65 V ' '- , . ,-1' "' ,, ' ' ' ,,--,,.,.. .... 9 6 .......----- 59 '- 'iff' ', -- 'G fy ,-,, " ' - gawk, A KA 'V 'uw T , Jgkxsfgv r,.g"1llf:4lll'!. 'Q r' B. -4 ,V .Jjf7?SH :veg ' ' ' , .,,4s:44C23, V f ' .Q M x .V ' " E 5'.:ig1QEl-3737" M . ,. ' - 21 X. ' '- ' , f T ,. - " ' M l".s:-'f-.Mfr ., A ' ......... -.-ao ' V , ' L fn? ' J-lla V' '-if f -H ---- ---25 ' --4--,-- H039 , . -' a - . 'y ' " ' .,,, ' Q '-- ' "' - "" 3 W- vi I f .N"r,w -y,u5,4 . .- I . . -----'--n-36 - ------------45 ? " ff 5 We-.. 0 I -- 28 . -. - l ------------- ---33 . ,T -' -T Vw- . ,,--- ,,--A,, 3 9 ' ..,....... ---43 f"1flZf35Qi.1,fQyi. '.,-fx-1-av , ' "" - ' ,- """""" A? I -U'--nn'-Z: 1- ".:'1J.-in-21:" ." " .- , ,, V, ' '. , 11 , . -U .... -.--.--, W! 3' .f ji'-1 "..' ' V ', :' - V K u 1 s ly! s 4 R ls IW l w ea l VARSITY ROW 'lz B. Wil'licms, R. Sreigllz M McOIosIw F o T Pc1Tzo .I Grosse ROW 2 B Becker L Nelson, B. Oldenburg, G. Larson Mr Blller"neck BASKETBALL lUNlOR VARSITY: ROW 1: J. Berlschinger R Slrondell Mr Robblns D Roy B Grosse ROW 2 C Perry H Carlson, W, Birrorf, D, Honold. -53. 553' We WL, K , l ffifg ,, gxls T spi- 'U was SSP-M .www aw Em' WWW! iq-,gi . UW M- Mmm-in 1 i' ll 'li Hmmm! IW K 1 if 'N Ro W D 'I FI R D oe B Polsschel efkh 1 R Ch er D SQW Zn C M "fe L ca Mr FG nn .lor ndre P A gens' N we on We 'So bor n M L em D Pete rson M MCO lush L Pe I D Ne Ison TRACK M Yro Permgn Mcolcsh proc E d In St are com on eo vor, X oXo ,lm Wee 0 XA Q4 XX xo so e, oX wie We O90 x OX Xom Mo X so SemoooX w O S0 oc. e wx X x XXX 6600 Q, OX Xv X O eo S O Rem Roo: 6 SXOQ N9 Xeo Xx 01 YxeXox1 Con eo 'om ex! O XX Xu Xoq 'Rox px o 6 oXo Xoc be ok S XXXQ 1 e s C1 C,XogwqXovX Q img Y amos N Q XXoxocXoos Q XX X1 oomw. oo oveoo be We X069 moo on We we QHQXQQGX Xkxe, SBD GND XXX xo Xmsxo 'XXXQ XINXG ce, Wed QM NXXQOXQOX 0 Qxoxnoo Ko og QIXXYX mn eq woo XNXXXX oo ook xo Y0XXs, Xxoo ek ooo xv Skov x eo ooo 1 soo 0Xo Q Xo axo Xo We Z Xe soo me ooo os XXX xo nov e ce O G Q4 e GOW- QX Yay We fm X: wit YN?-suit. W my M 9 R Gro sse P Gu nder sen J Se,Ier J Go nnetr W Bm off Co Doo Y o We so Xooxq, il oeo oqo A ok O code: o vegowo, qkexeon X vveex ooxsoo ev o XN 6 XJXQO o 'Lv we XXooX O CO M060 X NX Xeoxv Nxqxoo OXQSYX oXoc,e 0gxXq 'MSX X0 Q new sc, coxo, ooo OK We Sec. Kow 6Xe,eK o o Oec.oKYXXofX eo moo Roc NX: voXxov's domq so, seX goo 'boi Nod- 10 YXQ oXso oXoeeo MSX Ynooooek Ko QXSOXQN 'ROY '06 5 vlheie X'Xe oXoce6 SXXX Doo Yexev-,oo woo we meisowo :0eooX www ?oX:X P-ooexsoo ooo xJXcOXo 'Z-no QE. A'-fn I 51 yawn' K5 l . "' 'M QL ,VN A - A N Won! , WN Nga? , ,N ' af , 0 aff ,f f, , A ,. Q A Q e . V V I mi 1 'H VA 1 if' . my D I . ,aw N E -Q., S 3 fag . L- 'zkUky3T- U ' ,A rf. vm A - N vw, get I ' Awami ,K Q A is mf. D 23 li Q x Q . f , I . I I H 4 I I . ' l A I ' ' . ,, . I I A ' I , 'Gs ser, 6 N1 1 0X AN-, GXOY if OQOW . - O Kbx ' 6 ' 4 1 . ' ,5 Q X 'o' oo ' GO 5 I ' go 5 no oX ' QQXXA Q 6 :ods mea 1 - ' XX 'xo e coo- ' ' - ' XM- Y . KN ELING C Mann B Walllams R Stelglntz L Sltte P Volght N Weborg G Larson B Pa a H Polster B Beckstrom STANDING B Oldenburg W Smith J Lqndstrom B Hllqnder J Smnh 3 Arend J Grosse Mr Susdorf Grbraltar Gibraltar Glbraltar Glbraltar Gibraltar BASEBALL Brussels Msshlcot Casco Sevastopol Sturgeon Bay Sports IH Amertcan hugh schools are something that guves youth tts flavor They proynde an outlet for some of the enthustasm and spnrtt that all youth ns full of they guye to a school a feelmg of togetherness and develop ID tts students a Wlllungness to learn to wan or to lose To be a graceful wxnner and a good loser IS somethxng that s desurable of all humans If an athlete learns thus and nothlng else he has been a uccessful one for nts not who Wins or who loses that matters The feellng of team fvorlc that a season of friendly competition practice and fun brmgs to the athletes and fans alike as the thing to be cherzshed The heartbrealong defeats and the ex htlaratung wrns are manor tt s the lesson they nmpart that should rematn The teams that are ours are our ambassadors In seasons of hard fought and well played contests that are fllled vvuth tense tnrnllmg minutes of excnternent and of them Wm or lose who wouldn t be proud? 'nl A ........ 4 .... ' .,...... 5 ' ' . . . ' ....,... 3 ..... Gibraltar . ....... ll Luxemburg . ' ........ 2 . ' ........ 3 Q x 5?6i"s 'G vw x 'IF fin. f 4 i '53 K x ,. I sn- A A M Yah, f'?' '-'H . 1. 'KJV-' s MBE!!! g 1 3" . ,Z im Zfzikikwwaf -if 2 4 V Q Qagau Vg,9qkx VT A ll, , Q 5 A .:,. ' 7' V 1 1 1 A J F' ff":z.z 'r"t Q 'S 2 ' x X i 1A i S m ik M W , .AQ .km ff' 1 ,xa- f 5 5 4"F! R 3 5. fi X is' ,,.f' . ff tf s ,fs . h ' v 1 3 WSU- kw gi 'i Ns ih5,k V Y ,' a-" an ,, - 4 I AS Compliments of ELDON S BEAUTY SHOP H b Compliments of BIRNSCHEIN S GARAGE H h Best Wishes to the Class of '56 VIKING GRILL B y W SCHREIBER S STORE C GREENWOOD TAVERN h C FISH CREEK GARAGE ALWES RED OWL AGENCY C HARVEY HAEN Service Station H 1 MEL O DY GRILL AND MOTEL F H L TRACY S TAP E H I DAHLSTROM HARDWARL H P 601211 JERRY S FLOWER SHOP C CGC CLUB SOHN S GROCERY Eg h LARSON S SERVICE STATION EI h Klenke s Standard Service Station 8. Cottages BVW MOOSE S MOBILE SERVICE B V W WILLS GENERAL STORE B v W NELSON S STORE B y W THE PARKWAY C IRENE S BEAUTY SHOP KNUDSON HOUSE P CHIEF OSHKOSH Indian Trading Post STANDARD SERVICE STATION ANDERSON STORE I-II V HOTEL EPHRAIM CABIN CRAFT 1 I 1 Ellison a , ist Egg ar or. Wisconsin Egg ar or. Wisconsiri Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of , V I Fis reek, Wisconsin 1 X Fish reek Fish reek, Wis. Compliments of Wisconsin Reinhard 81 Stenzel, Props. ' ' Compliments of Egg ar mor, Wisc-unsin AEE HF HPF. WISCUIISI 9 , ' Fish reek,Wis. Egg arbor. Wisrffmrisirl gg ar ror, Wisvonsin hone l ek N . Lg I Compliments of ' ' I raim, Wis. ' Fish Creek, Wisconsin , 1 raim, Wis. 1 Compliments of Stop and Cris with l's 1 . Q T ' - Compliments of Ellison al , is, Ellison an is. V L. 1. f Fish .reek, Wisconsin Compliments of 'UITIP 'ments 0 , Ellison a Q i. Ellison a , is. B+-st Wlishvs from , . . E hraim, Wis, , ., , Siqpl- Bm- WQS' Egg llurlror. wlSl'lIII4lll Compliments of X Coiiiplimpms uf' Ephraim. Wlisvonsiu Ellllmlnl' W lsllmlglll Ephraim. wll5l'UIISlIl lmiraim. Xisvonsin Compliments of LITTLE SISTER RESORT Sister Bay, Wis. Compliments of Al Johnson's Restaurant Sister Bay, Wis. Compliments of CASPERSON S Funeral Home Sister Bay Wis Compliments of WES S BARBER SHOP Sister Bay Wis Compliments of LUNDQUIST HARDWARE Sister Bav Wis Compliments of ROHDE S FOOD MARKET Sister Bay Wis Compliments of BUNDAS Sistt r Bav Wisconsin Lompli ments of The Cozy Nook Beauty Shop Sister Bav Wis lompliments of WITALISON FURNITURE Sister Bav WIS Complim nts to The Class of 1 SISTER BAY CLEANERS Sister Bay Wls Compliments of SWENSON MOTOR COMPANY Sister Bax Wls IUI S The Cottage Restaurant BRODD S ELECTRIC SHOP AND LOCKER PLANT Sister Bav Wls Compliments of asterfreeze Corporation Sister Bav Wisconsin Manufacturers of 'Vlxllc Coolers Walk ln Freezers and Refrigerators WILKE FOOD MARKET BERNS BROS LUMBER CO Your Home Headquarters Sister Bay Wis Compllmfnts of ERICKSON ELECTRIC Sister Bav Wls Compliments of Logerqulst Service Station Sister Bav Wisconsin S PISHA S RESTAURANT fr Bax W HOTEL DU NORD Sister Bay Wis Compliments of Jungwrrth Ace Hardware Sister Bay Wls Fire Star Bottled Cas mplimf nt KELSTROM AGENCY Sl It x ins Dt sl V4 lshf s from ROGER S ELECTRIC Lompliment of RUDY S GRILL AND BAKE SHOP Slstl 1' Bax Wist onsin I 1 v . ' . . , . I ", . I , D . , 1, . . ' P . - il 'TT , , . Co vliment., of . M ' Sister Bay. Vliisvuusin ' 2 ' , . 9 N V - . 7 ' A ,, - lirmipliim-rits of n ' Sister Bay. Wvist-onsin A ' ' . . . .t . . -I ' l . . llmnpliine-1ll.'of ' ' ' .lv ' ' . , , Sis! ' ' V . YISVUIISIII Cu i ' s of " 'g- 'Q ' 5 1 1 . is 'r Baa Wisct :in Sister Buy. Wi." sn , - -4. ' Compliments of y v i I Eff' g ' A.1-L .-'- V fmi,.iL,,., ig-.3 M ,Pj Baileys Harbor Egg Harbor NELSON :"' L W , A i ' -lTIL'!fi"" "ff f. V k,,,.,,,.. . .,, , .. ,,,,..W xr 25' HARDWARE 1 l I E 1' f ' Y d I' gl 1' I at . Wis. Q Mg? -ge e ' '?: W THE DISCOVERY SHOP Baileys Harbor, Wis. Phonograph records Albums, Needles Record Players Dinnerware, .lewelry Compliments of BALLO MOTORS Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Compliments of DC OR COUNTY MOTORS Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Compliments To All of You MIDLAND LABORATORIES Dubuque, Iowa Compliments if GENE S APPLIANCE Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Compliments of NORTHERN FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY Wholesale Produce SI Groceries Manitowoc Wls Compliments of ROEN SALVAGE Sturgeon Bav WISCOIISIH JOHN SEXTON 8 CO National Wholesale Grocery P 0 Box ,l S Chicago 90 Illinois Compliments of LEE KRUEGER IMPLEMENT CO ,lohn Deere Service Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Everything ln Sporting Cds DENIS SPORT SHOP 922 Main St Green Bay Wisconsin fompllments of Coleman School Supply foleman Wis Compliments of BANK OF STURGEON BAY Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Compliments of DR R .I GORDON Sturgeon Bay Wis Compliments of Worley s Bowling Alley Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin From FRIEND Compliments of CHRISTY CORPORATION Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Compliments of ACE HARDWARE Sturgeon Bav Wisconsin WILKE S APPLIANCE 8. T V Sturgeon Bav Wisconsin Compliments of SKYWAY DRIVE IN Between l'lsll I malt and Ephraim Compliments of PENINSULA FISH MARKET Sturgeon Bay Wis Compliments of THE BELSON COMPANY Home of Bclson School Supplies f reen Bay Wis C mpliments of BOSMAN'S AUTO BODY REBUILDERS Sturgeon Bax Wls . . . 'm , , . 1 , , . , . ,, I . . . , . ' v . , . ,, . , N . I - , s ,. . I o l 4 1 , 1, .' . , r - I . . 1 j,, ' VK. 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Glrlue s Tavern Noreen s Shoe Store Paul and Jen s Sawyer Beauty Shop Eurena Beauty Shop Hollywood Hat Shop Congress Bowlmg Alley Cundy s Badger Pamt Store Eames Restaurant Larson Sanltatlon 1 i - . 1 r . S , , Gerdman's Variety Shop Hendrickson's Garage Vi'S Feed Mllfllif THANK YOU T Tne cornplellon ol he nnncTsen TT nd ed dnd I seven ednuon ol our school yeurlvoolc Tl e Vrk g we wrsh To exTend To The persons who dm o greoT Q QI or IusT o luTTlc porT In The p oduchon of our book oT nwenorles our deepesT opprecuohon To Them we soy o profound und deep TelT Thonls you To honol TlTC, T kof pu Trng down rn block ond vvhne To The sToTT ond Then odxlso Mrs Nm K nsey To Bernord l-logedorn of Hogedorn s STuduo To Mr Mllce O Brodoylch oT The Arnerucon Yeorboolc Conwrohy To The Journolusm closs lor dolng The odvemsung ond To Twe ToculTy who o poTnonTly vxnh stood The pndure Tolcung doys go o specrol TnbuTe STUDENTS OF GIBRALTAR As The Vrkung goes To press ond we os Senlors prepore To leove lgelnnd us The yeors we ve spe TT os sTudenTs oT G H S we wlsh To bequecnh To you Thus school ond oll ThoT IT hos meonf To us unTorgeTTc1ble rnonmenrs rnornenfs Ahen our ThrooTs Hlled vvnh loughTer or our eyes overflowed vxnh Teors honor wisdom Couroge ond sTrengTh hope ond sodness hours oT work ond Tumes of ploy loy ond love frxendshnp ond TruTh We leove To you The Trodmons ond The splrn The colors ond song The Vllong emblem ond our prnde rn our school our olmo mofer We oslc ThoT you rn reTurn resped ond hold deor The Thnngs ThoT we leoye laehnnd Wle osk you To uphold The honor of Gubrolfor ond we wash for you The hrghest degree ol con TenTn1enT from your yeovs here Snncerely Class of 57 lull VVlTl ' 1 1' 7' A A T 21 lu r l5TTy- , A - 1 , 1 an , r , H lf li-1 ' 4 ' ' r ' DT A ' . . - ,g A , T 3 - H " r Ungf. was T' ' ' our losT yeor or T. T'fT.l'T". 'v 1' v- g'l I . T ,, . e , , , T. . , . , J X I . . A. . L Q . f. , u ,, A - H . f , ,1 V E ' I 7 ' b I Q! 1 ' A - Tl . , Q f, g , , I - , , , I

Suggestions in the Gibraltar High School - Viking Yearbook (Fish Creek, WI) collection:

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