Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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'N N N fx 'XXX C, lfg X Wim -T 'W F J W N3 f fx ff- , IIIJ N f ,K FH lt w ,W Xl ' If f,, ,U A b..l1 '41-5 K, 'Q'aYd'0 JU ,,' 1 i ' rx V X JSM A 2 P '1 X-'Ml ill . Eflrfrgi-lik 'L Jig: H :fa ' ' ..-fL,, g- Q-. 5- fg J: .', -ln..-P-' jg 1 O53 U X Q 11,1 ff E a pe Z 31!iA1Si12fI! Aff X111 xHI'H!'I1!' 674115 fl Y J V ' ff 1 XMI 100 Ol UIUOI C Q rm 'y 7 YY L fd '7 VJ 'N I 'H rfb fx F9 x 1 n ' I but .ii-rg1CrgQ3 if 1235! .i fzrx' fiiffrdzz "re it jrcserf :Sink Q ly indehhl fl .x, 'ptr f..Q:'df: hu' 11:0 fzh Zim-I Q-fzrfxly thiffff ZPL- rfqffs 'emi if dlm the hri'ghtQ5t. N' icpzhi ffm? erfrjf-riefwtif: :hfrglj 13,2 1' liuffd ffiwfl Zur rujjs hu' the pl-Gisznf firces of ETEZCO1 life r-:Fiji f5f?".'9f :re iherisiezi :ni '.'fT',ISiCT1- ally st3...pCf5 H119 firfzily Qtp 'L ,I Ttiifzpcfes Lest if '15 Gxyff-Fifaj by Cf-fsrfze Lliley: Tizzzi .1 5 :isis ffirt. my flif- fr hQif1i.f'Q1 iifafztii fzrff I T314 ir. '.":iY. MP rifsirifm '.'.' 'rid T'.',1fxI.. Tk lfzs' 'f sifh' if rier'rx:r',' ilvxr Thff29 2-:ill rizzifzfxf Ci, lnly Ppgfi hilgrr' 'fin 'Th3zI',--A T53 h'k'Ef'9 'i Yr.-5 --'- 2 C13':1:1.' The ?f1i..,r "HES 1753? 'Lf flhkz-in I-DTE! Sfihwil rfeipvii- fully preseri' ti "tu The 17' C-ditiin 'f the Evil? Nz! n, Memoriam In Memory of Sam L. Butler Iuly ll, 1885-February 12, 1950 In grateful appreciation for services ren- dered, for the many kind deeds to the students, teachers and citizens of the Gibbs Community, the senior class of Gibbs High School unani- mously and respectfully pay this token of honor to Sam L. Butler, caretaker of Gibbs School from 1946 until his death, February 12, 1950. H D LAKIN B S Umversny of Tennessee Pr1r1c1pc11 Enghsh 0 sS?90l'L5 0l".'5 Va? Mrs. Mabel Acufi W, M, Lafhm 5 ow 2 Y"f7 1 " MRS. MABEL ACUFF A B. S. University of Tennessee V English-Music W. M. LATHAM A. B. L. M. U., M. A. University of Tennessee Science LESTER KNISLEY B. S. Carson-Newman Colleqe Social Science MISS AGNES HARTMAN B. S. in Voc. Home Ec. University of Tennessee Home Economics MAX CLENDENEN B. S. A. M. S. University of Tennessee Agriculture Y MRS. TRULA BRICKEY B. S. University of Tennessee Librarian 'J' 4' Q ROBERT COLSTON . B. S. M. S. Phys. Ed. University of Tennessee Coach ci Physical Education H. R. NEAL A. B. LLB. M. S. University of Tennessee Mathematics-Enqlish MRS. O. C. NEAL Clei lc MRS. NIILDRED TAYLOR Eighth Grade if MRS. LENICE CLAPP Seventh Grade NGA CLCUL MRS. NEVA CARDWELL First Grade MRS. AVIS SHARP Second Grade MRS. LELA CLAPP Third Grade MISS BLANCHE BELL First and Second Grade MISS BURNETTA SHARP Fourth Grade MISS EMMA DUNN Fifth Grade MRS. MARY ROBINSON Third and Fifth Grade MRS. CLAUDINE GENTRY Sixth Grade MISS BARBARA ANDERSON Music MR. RAYMOND LOVETT Seventh Grade 1 'F A3 'F ns. ,i if we 'T .M Wham Fu'stRow Iean Beeler coedrtor Mrldred Iones Coe-dxtor Rose Chesney secretary Second Row Ieanette Mynatt treasurer Mane Clevenqer feature edxtor Thxrd Row B111 Lett art ed1tor Carson Dalton sports edltor Inset-Larry Murphy advertrsmq ed1tor , if I' I 4 v. in w-'S' f . 'ef - Y A 'sq i C I Eau r ., M 5 C14 I ..., s f I . 1. y . ig - , ' z ' , ' : "'l I I I 1 I - , . lim Q D me X my W1 X55 A A f? x gg E g 1 qjsffj la QwN?YA1x5W?5?f.Q?g Mi emom ? i 5 xlx 5 lu! " I 4 'W - x if Q ,J rs U 0 A f . Q- gm , - l 1 S f N I 'B' i ' n A X----3 - II, X ' ff-"'?-'-f??'.I .-.-:H---, I 1 -JV 1 - ,- 5:45,g. + .li Y--1f .N:- 3 -lg -0- ' Y K I, X fy, ' ix w Y I X I A Q xx x""X "fIX"f"' Z xi-X Ne! ,u-X 5 a gi- + G3 670144 ,!Q45fOlf'gf In the fall of 1946 fxfty s1x students usually referred to as freshmen converged at G1bbS Htgh School from Corryton Rrtta and Thompson for the purpose of further1ng the1r formal educatton At our f1rst meetmg for organ1zat1on we elected the follow1ng to dtrect us through the hecttc freshmen year Sam Peters Presrdent Roger Damel V1cePres1dent Iune Rucker Secreta yTreasurer and Mlldred Dan1el Reporter Our rnterests were taken up thls year by sports Clubs May Day Festlval and the general ortentatlon process expected of us At the begxnnmg of our sophomore term a more settled group returned for another year of work Our number was greatly reduced due to several causes such as work too dxf f1cult marrrage and other rn erests Thls year we elected Larry Murphy Presldent Roger Dan1e1 V1cePres1dent M1ldred Iones Secretary and V'1rg1l Iones Treasurer Agamn our actrvltxes lncluded sports clubs and Stunt Ntght In our tumor year we elected Wayne Rucker Pres1dent George HGlfl9ld Vtce Presldent and Ieanette Mynatt Secretary and Treasurer By th1s tlme our number was shghtly over th1rty We were busy sponsorrng Stunt Nlghf lo ra1se funds for the Iunxor and Sen1or Banquet wh1ch was held at Whlttle Sprmgs Hotel Another thlng of rmportance was that of the g1rls basketball team wlnmng the runner up trophy 1n the tournament at Ollver Sprmgs Wtth the help of the Iunlor Athletes thts was the se ond year the g1rls had brought home the tro- Dhy Thls year we fmally enrolled as d1gn1f1ed sentors There were only twenty srx who had weathered the storms of the three prevlous hrg 1 school years and st1ll possessed enough deter m1nat1on to complete the prescrrbed courses necessary for graduat1on Thls be1ng our most xmportant year we elected the followlng to hel guxde us through our last hrgh school days Lee Sharp Presxdent Larry Murphy Vlce Pres1dent and lean Beeler Secretary and Treasurer Lookrnq rnto the future there are twenty f1ve senxors am: rouslfy awaxtmg the Iumor and Sen1or Banquet Class Play and last of al1 commencement, after wh1ch we hope to erther further our educatron or pursue some useful lxne of work worthy of our efforts and a credlt to Gtbbs Hlgh School l 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 I , - . . , , . 1 1 1 . , ' 1 1 W - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . 1 1 . . . . . . 1 11 . 11 . ' . f- 1 V . . . . T . 1 Y ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - 'Ev fi "W 665- 5f,.,, om... LEE SHARP PRESIDENT Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Sharp, Corryton, Tenn. Route No. l. Class President '50, Hi-Y Club '50, Presi- dent '50, Mr. Iunior '49, F. F. A. '47-'50, Secretary '50, Music Club '48, Chorus '48, Stunt Night '48-'49, Con- cert '48, Contestant for Mr. Gibbs '50, Basketball '47, Basketball manager '49, Letter Club '50, Voted most versatile '50. LARRY WADE MURPHY VICE PRESIDENT Son of Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Murphy, Rogersville, Tenn., Box 96. Advertising editor oi Eagle '50p Class Treasurer '47, Class President '48, Class Vice Presi- dent '50p F. F. A. '47-'50, Stunt Night '49p Mr. Gibbs '50, Hi-Y Club '49, Football '50, Voted cutest '50, Hi-Y Club '50. IEAN BEELER SECRETARY-TREASURER Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beeler, Corrvton, Tenn. Route No. 3. Coeditor of Eagle '50, Class Secretary '50, F. H. A. '47-'50, Stunt Night '49, May Day '47, Eaglettes '50, Pep Club '50, Voted loudest '50, li qi 3 0l'LLOI"5 MILDRED IONES Dauqhter ot Mr and Mrs Ed Iones Corryton Tenr' Rout No 3 Coeduor ofliaqle 50 Class Secre tary 48 Mtss lumor 49 F H A 47 50 Vlce Prest dent 49 Presxdent 50 SIJHlN1Ql'll 48 49 Letter Club 48 50 Secre ary 49 50 Basketball 47 50 Cocap tam 49 Captam 50 Soitoall 48 49 Queens atten dant 47 Eaqlettes 50 Voted fI"OSlVeI'SGl1lG 50 M1 A R 50 Contestantt ss or M1ss F H A 50 BILL LETT Son of Mr and Mrs C F Lett Corryton Tenn Route No 3 Art ed1tor of Eagle F F A 47 50 V' F A basketball 48 Vars1ty basketball 49 50 Basketball co captam 50 Football 50 Co captaxn 50 Letter Club 50 MUSIC Club 49 50 Chorus 4 Stunt N1qht 49 Concert 49 Voted most athlet1c 50 H1Y Club 50 Treasurer 50 BOBBY M if CKELVEY Son of Mr and M IANE FINCHUM Dau h q ter of Mr and Mrs M V1ll9 T C Fmchum Knox enn Route 12 F H A 41 50 MUSIC Club 48- 50 Chorus 48 Glee Club 48 Stunt N1qht 48 49, Concert 48 Eaqlettes 50 Se retary 50 May Day 47 Pep Club 50 Voted dumbest 50 rs S R MLKelvey Corryton Tenn Route No 3 F P A 47 50 MUSIC Club 48 50 Chorus 49 Concert 49 Stunt N1 h lazxest 50 H Q t 49 Voted 1Y Club 50 4 in 5 Q.. eniord RUTH BATES Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Bates, Corryton, Tenn. F. H. A. '47-'50, Music Club 48-'49, Chorus '48 '49, Glee Club '48, Concert '48-'49, Stunt Night '49 Basketball '49-'50, Co-captain '50, Letter Club '49-'50, Eaglettes '50, Voted most athletic '50, Contestant for Miss F. H. A. '49, ag CHARLES GRAVES Son of Mrs. Mary I. Graves, Corryton, Tenn., Route No. l. F. F. A. '47-'50, Varsity basketball '47, F. F. A. basketball '48-'50, Hi-Y Club '50, Stunt Night 'Lu '49 GEORGE HATFIELD Son of Mrs. Della M. Hatfield, Corryton, Tenn Class Vice President '49, F. F. A. '47-'50, Treasurer '50, Hi-Y Club '50, Secretary '50, Baseball '48-'49 Basketball '49-'50, Captain '50, Letter Club '50 Stunt Night '49, Voted most intelligent '50. '33 CAROLE WHITTLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Whittle, Conyton, Tenn., Route No. 2. Miss Gibbs '50, F. H. A. '47-'50, Eaglettes '50, Vice President '50, Pep Club '50. 'nf L.- lj' CLARENCE ACUFF Son of Mrs Allle Acuff Corryton Tenn R No 3 F F' A 47 50 F outa F A Basketball manager F F A Basketball 47 H1Y Cl eniom IEANETTE MYNATT Dauqhter of Mr. and Mrs Earl M ton, Tenn Rout . , Gibbs '48-'50, aqle '50, Class Sec. QS Treas. '49, F. H. A. '47-'49, Stunt Night '48, E ' 50, P ' aqlertes 50, President ep Club 50, Voted laziest '50. ub 4950 BERNELL KITTS Son of Mr and Mrs VV1ll1arn Kltts Corryton Tenn Route No 3 F F A 47 50 Muslc Club 49 Chorus 49 Stunt Nlqht 49 Concert 49 Basketball 49 Letter Club 50 Baseball 49 Voted loudest 50 H1Y Club 50 ROSE CHESNEY Daughter of 'vlr and Mrs I L Chesney Knox vxlle Tenn Route 12 F H A 47 Musxc Club 50 Eaqlettes 50 Stunt Nxqht 49 Contestant for MIS Cwxbbs 50 Pep Club 50 Tre 'bt 'Wg s asurer 50 . ynatt, Corry- ., e No. l Halls '47 Treasurer of E eniord BERNA DENE PYLES Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Pyles, Corryton, Boute No. l. F. l-l. A. '47-'50: Music Club '48-'50, Chorus '48, Glee Club '48, Concert '48, Stunt Night '48-'49, Eaglettes '50, Treasurer '50, Voted quietest ill CARSON DALTON RAY THOMPSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thompson, Carry- ton, Tenn., Route No. I. F. F. A. '47-'50, F. F. A. Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Dalton, Corryton, Tenn., Route No. l. Sports editor oi Eagle '50, F. F. A. '47-'50, F. F. A. Basketball '47-'49, F. F. A. Varsity Basketball '50, Stunt Night '49, Baseball '47-'49, Hi-Y Club '49-'50. lah: delegate '49, Stunt Night '49, Voted quietest '50, Hi-Y Club '50. gf' RUTH CLAPP Wav ff. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Clapp, Luttrell, , Tenn., Route No. 2. Class Pianist '48, Music Club '48-'50, Chorus '48, Glee Club '48, Concert '48, Stunt Night '48 '49 F H A '47 '50 F H A ianis' - , . . . - , . . .p , Eaglettes '50, eniom 'Q MARIE CLEVENGER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. VV. Clevenqer K ville, Tenn. Route No. l2 A 4 Central o Eaqle 50 May Day 47 Music Club 50 secretary 50 F. H. A. 47-50 Cheerleader 50 Pep Club 50 Voted cutest 50 Eaglettes 50. ROBERT GEORGE Son of Mr cmd Mrs B W George Fountarn Cxty Tenn Route No 13 F F A 47 50 Musto Club 49 50 Chorus 49 Concert 49 lub StuutN1qht 49 H1Y 50 SHERMAN MORTON Son of M r and Mrs P A Morton Knoxvxlle Tenn Route No 12 F F A 47 50 State Conventlon 49 MUSIC Club 49 50 Chorus 48 Concert 49 Stunt Nlqht 49 H1Y Club 50 buff DORIS TINDELL Daughter of Rev and Mrs S E Ttndell Knox vxlle Tenn Route No 12 F H A 47 49 MUSIC Club 48 50 Chorus 48 Glee Club 48 Concert 48 Stunt Nlqht 48 Eoglettes 50 Sqt at Arms 50 Pep Club 50 nox- .G1bbS 47 48 50 9 Feature editor f 'Q' Son of Mr and Mrs I E Le Y Club 49 50 Voted dumbest 50 Route No 1 H1 el'LLOI":5 VIRGIL IONES Son of Mr and Mrs T M Iones Corryton Tenn Route No 3 Class Treasurer 48 F F A 47 50 F F A Basketball 48 H1Y Club 50 'ima GEORGE LETT t Corryton Tenn REMA CLAPP BUTLER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross C. Clclpp, Corry- 1 F H A '4l- 49 Reporter '49 Concert ton, Tenn. Route No. . . . . usic Club '48-'50 Chorus '48, Glee Club 48 48 Stunt Night '48- 49, Eaqlettes '50, Voted most lmellecluql '5o. 64454 W VVe the senior class of Gibbs I-Iigh School declare this our first last and only will and testament We leave our stubbomnes to anyone who tirds they cant overcome it and our unity to anyone who needs it To our sponsors Mrs Acutt and Mr Latham we give our deep appreciation for the help they have been to us this year To the members of the Junior class we will the following personal traits and belongings I Clarence Acuff will my gym figure to Herbert Booker I Ruth Bates will my chemistry book to Maxine and Nadine Smith I lean Beeler leave my collection of snapshots to Bobbie lean Needham an Barbara Berry so they can add pictures to their billtolds Rose Chesney will my assortment of clothes to Ioyce Barnes Ruth Clapp will my giggle to Louise Borutt and Gertrude Spires Marie Clevenger leave my funny books and love letters to Luella Campbell Carson Dalton will my collection of Jokes to David Cassldy lane Finchum will my ability to talk in class to Mary Evelyn Snodderly Robert George leave my height to Denny Lett Charles Graves will my cute smile to Richard Lett and Curtis Weaver Mildred Iones will my A s to Carl Fleming Virgil lones will my 75 in English to D C Thomas and Tommy Monroe Bernell Kitts will my ability to dance to Wayne Snodgrass Bill Lett will my pos1t1on as football captain to Charles Dezeam George Lett will my glasses to Bobby Dyer Larry Murphy will myself to Sammie Butler Bob McKelvey will my ability to cut classes to Dennis Tablet and Iune Clapp Ieanette Mynatt will my affections to Wllliam Anderson Berna Dene Pyles leave my loudness to Ina Kames Lee Sharp leave my barber s license to Paul Dezeam Sherman Morton leave Elizabeth Smallman to I P Iones Ray Thompson leave my blond hair to Imogene and Clau ene Lakin I Carole Whittle w1ll my ability to get a boy friend to Kathleen Bishop and lravis Burkhart I Doris Tindell will my temper to Martha Boles and Mary Lee Ivey I Rema Butler leave my excess diamond to anyone who wants it L , , ' ' d I, , ' ' . I, ' , I . Il l . . . . . . I, , . ' , I, George Hatfield, will my basketball ability to Roy Clapp. I, , ' . . I, , ' ' . I, , ' ' ' ' - . I, I , . I, , ' ' . I, , ' iz ' . 'MANS in CW W DJ um OH whzia 'Emma NF mO?4L 150 Z QOXQY: mls 5 Sm QED O Enom N OBO iv: F m EQ COA EO H kgm ASU-km O04 Q0 ,Wm ,EOD Dcam 55,2 0 252 no EE :CEE A .hob SUE TEOQ NLL932 EEA C9000 QED Mano M: 5 :EOM UEU E 20 Um OP-OOO mggko ma EAU GMZOQU Enom ED J: L DEL no UQ A5250 :Ur-Q?U'V NICE QAE D L Sm 5050: QVOE E Dom CDB to Um z Bum Our-SC O in .D Hx Ei EH ii? C - A ,fi HV H it :HH KV VVI- 'MN Q-:ENS g H, 7 vp mir! Tu- W WH :H :H M VM :i W M in 1 E25 HMV- 4 TL: AH L , IN ,Q :I L A --H M U23 :Null g--' U in L5 .ALMA V , EET 'VHMZM by vw' W, H ,ii V. H L TEV- NYHA LT -x-, HV' fi : Z E HH: W U ,K Am Ah Q I I :lik K: 25,7 L RATE' 8 2 L iw T In A I dh-FHWA KV: I 'J F V Vw ,'.,f Nm IQPQ ,NNW TNQ M EA L E A ,H 3: QE-:fig xml -uri nf- i :CQ AVN If Ui: 7? ,.., H Mm Vg MK :QA :E -V iy :Flin HA ,M U mriiiw 'fm 'U M I Um mfg : m WI M haf H Hifi: -N h R: M EW: iw 'V TE: H ah 'N Y : :E Mk our T :JIM IAVH. M Nm Ti Z: Mm E iii Mlm :gg JM .HIM Ioiniwbl A -I U W :EN VH .MU H -,.4- in Ki H Q F C 5 T It -H TNTDAU -M K-24: ml :I M LMT: M-:Huw ,STH Nr'-M L :KA-T Uh : H il M55 WVU-LL , -X M :EVM MIIMZVJHJ U T:-HH? N,-:fu - g if TW MQW' H V- Hi 6:52 hw: lU L In V A 9 A 2-15: M M N754-My 'F T F 125 bfi? HH Wh id hx:-Iii, ii L L I W E5 NATM :N HUA M :Mi TE p MW HA : h X - M H H KZ I I 1 Geotqe Let! une Fxnchum 'LAZIEST Ieaneffe MYDGH Bobb1e McKelvey Cfaaa Snperfafbuea UCUT MOST sg . Mildred Yom' l'a"'YMl1m1:rXM me Sham! une Clev 'avec lean B QUE-TEST ILQUDE'-ST eeler Bemeu Kms Berne De ne pylesxli Gy Tho 'nzpsgn 361,55 ,SifLloe1ja,fLue5 Ruth A191550 Mos R T em Q Bu UV1-ELLEC Ue run MOST Q1 Let! rxceor 98 H 'life 3qxesf'5 ld C7 gig! 744 Q' LL Urole Whlftle Larry Murphfl The Semor Class of 1950 conducted the l1fSl Mr and Mxss Gxbbs contest whxch two of thexr members won They obtamed the largest amount of money whxch was used to help oubhsh the annual WL 25,419 MILDBED IONES Mxldred 'ones was rhosen for thls honor by the popular vote of the students and also by thu, faculty L55 L' 5 r. 1: 5 '44 . . . fag y , f ' fx fxfpx Q f EJ XMI? aff if Q CXYXXJUCQ QR Q I-" I r- IXLVLLOIAJ L A w M x N Qs! a fa? P Q39 ' ' , 211 K X 5147 I W fx - 4 J , 5 '37 4,3 0' A 8,015- x'Q 6 , H Q94 I y-"5 5 5 ' 1 f J INA KARNES President DENNY LETT Vice-President IUNE CLAPP Secretary DENNIS TABLER Treasurer CARL PLEMING BARBARA BERRY MARY EVELYN SNODDERLY WAYNE SNODGRASS IMOGENE LAKIN CLAUDENE LAKIN f . MFLLOP5 SAMMIE BUTLER TOMMY MONROE GERTRUDE SPIERS RICHARD LETT BOBBIE IEAN NEEDHAM D. C. THOMAS MARY LEE IVEY WII.LIAM ANDERSON NADINE SMITH MAXINE SMITH LOUISE BORUFF IOYCE BARNES LUELLA CAMPBELL MARTHA BOLES KATHLEEN BISHOP TRAVIS BURKHART ozniorfi PAUL DEZEARN ROBERT COLSTON Sponsor GJ flgxfgf X Q g... x""Q KLVQW X fy ff7"5,x xggp 0I7fL0l"815 ll QS ' I' ,X?x , .Y 2 'F- K 75 ... Rx --" V1 gf - 'X K Iliff. 1 ' Y.--a- - A A-f ' 4 N s -1 ' ,L . I , f + - 1 .-- ,x l :: 3 ' , - Q Q. Q I 7 .3 Mtn Y H? 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BOOKHR BETTY GRAVES IOHNNIE MAE TROUTMAN 1 Q 2 3 ' WW ,, Y .4 f ' a Q4 Q33 ,S:.f' -B w 'mf fling V815 lf1fL8lfL ',,f .,-0 07' xxx f Z S ,Kwan ffl-"Qg"? F- dWL.ta1xM of " E 'XT ' I Q x gvfr ' QX :N ' I N f N his f X S Q ? EN N j LL c-3' - I -5. ' Y x ' ff J X f RQ L- w ,ff ,E ' MQ ' - X X " j--'....::.. N 'X If ' ' 'NX' Ns-HWAM f lslggg NCTX-I 'r 1' v ,xXQ,.NJ' fx? N X49 Q. -F'-Cxrf TX'-S a an 1 A 4' F 3 .-- X X .As 1 .', ll' ff. --,nl JMN XJ' If , -' gg 4' xxx v -:- X I J E i 3 e AT? N -L .I -""- .3 Es 2 C? - -J ks-'Eb '. .i s N " A "Qi: Q-'Fra' 'sr -".'- , aa. " ' T . 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A Betty Graves Presldent Wxlma I-'mchum Vice Presrdent Kathleen Bxshop Head Cheerleader Lue Cardwell Secretary FIRST ROW Slurley Renf o Sara Anderson Mane Clevenger Carole Whrttle lean Beeler Iane Frnchurn Dor1s Tmdell Ieanette Mynatt SECOND ROW Francrs Keaton Wllrna McClain Iohnnle Mae Troutman Ann Czrubb Sue Cardwell Ehzabeth Smallmon Mary Evelyn Snodderly Luella Campbell THIRD ROW Barbara Anderson Spcnsor Mary K McCar1er Irene Peters lhelma Corurn V1v1an Cleve-nqer Myrtle Clapp Mabel Brooks M, Rose Chesney .ass .r,o.,a, osoo,,h...s,...,,s, - . ,.,,, , sr,..,.... , ,.,,.,,,,,, T reasurer T I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' I I I I I ' I I I I 1 1 ' I - 1 1 I I I ' 3 4 alq Qu Ae 3:41 IQILZ If , nw' 1 ? 'in 4? 151' 5' LS' , i . . 1 3 9 Q IPL! Wx' t w. Q 00 Sfljg 600 354,54 LCQP5 V412 Wing KNEELING-Sue Cardwell Treasurer Lue Cardwell Reporter 'TANDING Ioyce Barnes Vlce Presldent Sarnrme Butler H1stor1an june Clapp Parh mentarran M1ldred Iones Presldent Wrlma Frnchum Pramst Betty Graves oecretary Sarah Anderson Song Leader MQ 1 jjj If lum- YNEELING-Denny Lett Vrce Presrdent Lee Sharp Secretary Max Clendenen Adv1sor STANDING-Wayne Snodgrass Sq: at Arms Denrns Table Presrdent Ge-orqe I-latheld Treasurer Iames Huddleston Reporter M C' 1 , . be Qi K I '44 1,5 lllgggr 4 an -B ' K A' i ll 'E , I B- l 'S on X ws - FIRST ROW Ieanette Mynatt Pres1dent Carole Whlttle Vce Presxdent lane it Fmchum Secretary Berna Dene Pyles Treasurer Dons Tmdell Sgt at Arms Chesney Marte Clevenqer Ruth Clapp Emma Dunn Sponsor 95 SECOND ROW-Mildred Iones, Bema Butler, Ruth Bates, Iean Beeler, Rose w , X Jrryffr Lee Sharp Presxdent George Hcxtheld Secretary Bernell Kms FIRST ROW-Charles Dezearn Carl Flemmq Robert George Sherman Morton bobby McKe1vey Wlllrarr Anderson Larry Murphy Clarence Acuif Iames nrddleston LECOND ROW Paul Dezearn Tommy Monroe Charles Graves Dennrs Tablet V1rq11Iones George Lett D C Thomas Ray Thompson Max Clendenen Advisor - lft Denny Lett or oooo oroo...., ......r,r,r rooroorrr.o.....,oooo C C C V ice President 1" . 00 5 6Zl?,Li0l"5 Tmcx Dczruel Hc1ze1Pc1rker Mlldred Clcxpp Hele rluddleston Mary L.1ttre11 Sam Butler Gllbert S1mmons 6 , , . 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DUN N I I Compliments of W H EAGLE, SUPREME COURT CLERK KNOXVILLE MOTOR COMPANY T C WARWICK LESTER KNISLEY LOIS DALTON McGHEE and REICHE KITTS LUNCH P NICELY PAINT COMPANY MR AND MRS CLARK DRUMMER G R LETTS FEED MILL AYTCHIE BURNS COUNTRY PLAYHOUSE W R O L MR AND MRS CRANFIL MORTON THE MASTERS FAMILY MERCURY RECORDS CHARLIE SPRADLING PAUL STEVENS JIMMY GOSE SCRUGGS EQUIPMENT COMPANY MR AND MRS GILBERT TROUTMAN MR AND MRS JOHN CORUM LINDSAY HDWE AND VARIETY STORE 2306 N CENTRAL BARBARA ANDERSON BRUNETTA SHARP BLANCHE BELL BUDS and PETES AUTO TRIM SHOP 2015 N CENTRAL LINDSAYS IESSOI SERVICE 2301 N CENTRAL BUD ZACHARY EDWARD G HILL County Tax Assessor H. . CARL STORY QUEEN BARBER SHOP 425 Umon Avenue Earl Frazler ALLEN SMITH 81 CO 011 Aff! nut ,wma ml MR 81 MRS O C NEAL Fountoln Cnty Super Market North Broadway Phone 6 1287 Grocerues Fruat Fresh Meat IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY General Electric Products Fixtures Wmng Electrncal Applnances 420 Umon Avenue Phone 3 4105 Knoxvulle Tennessee WHITTLE SERVICE STATION Washington Puke Gas Onl and Grocerues Open from 600 AM tnll IOOO PM Skelton Dairy Equipment Everythnng for the dalry Dustrnbutors for Hnnman Mnlkers Esco Farm Coolers 81 Freezers Tel 4-5210 1915 N Broadway Knoxville Tenn Compliments of TERMINAL GARAGE 2 5135 ' - 1 - 1 I i J. . -QV lllrlllll ND lf- I!- O I L ff' . Z, ,1 1119 M Compliments of - . I - - . I .. , . . I I . I 1 : . . ' 1 . I ' ' Co. I . . I ' 1 . I . I I - Compliments of JOHNNY BOND Columbia Records Melody Ranch A Compllments of rchle Grandpoppy Campbell Statuon W R O L . McGlNNIS STORE Emory Road Grocenes Gasolnne PAY CASH GROCERY Wholesale Drstrlbutors Del Monte Foods Jackson Avenue Complnments of HERMAN R PARKER Nelson Peters Prop We buy and sell New and Used Furnuture 1105 McCaIIa Avenue Knoxvulle School of Beauty Culture East Tennessee s Largest Beauty School Phone 3 9826 Marmello 405 Umon Avenue Over Cole s Drug Store Corner Unlon and Market Knoxvnlle Tennessee COPELAND MOTOR CO Generators Starters Batteraes Electrnc Works Gulf Gas 8. Onl 4610 N Broadway Fountain Cnty Tennessee l co. I I PETERS FURNITURE co. Compllments of BYERLEY S CAFETERIA 1506 Wesl' Cumberland Near U T Campus Coopers lnshtute of Busnness Inc 720 N Fufth Phone 2 3623 A techmcal school of busmess on the jumor college level SMITH 8- NICELY 712 Luttrell Street Staple 8. Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats Phone 3 7155 3 7156 Mullers Rug and Dry Cleaners 500 State Sl' Tom Armstrong Harold Vanderpoole TIRE SERVICE Fifth Ave at N Gay Phone 4 9821 Kelly Sprmgheld Tlres Wnllard 81 Exnde Batterues 5 JEWELERS 520 MARKET ST KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE Complnrnenfs of WEAVER FUNERAL HOME 303 Market St Knoxville Tenn Reach For SWANS HOLSUM BREAD - I - - 1 . , , . ' I . I I 0 I - I 2'ii .k,A.:2-4-" ,- VAT A QF . - . . - . NIEQ, lr- 'e 'Z flu Xfxx . I l ' 1 . I l O Clothmg Store 317 Wall Avenue Knoxvulle Tenn Complsments f Comphrnents of PARKER BROS Inc Hardware Roofing Harness Saddies 41 Fueld and Garden seeds 8 20 22 Walnut 311 E Jackson Ave Knoxvnlle 12 Tennessee Underwood Clothmg Co Clothung For Men and Young Men 34 Market Square KNOXVILLE TENN Commercial National Bank Knoxvnlle Tenn F W WOOLWORTH Barney Ray L E Bl e Roy ond Bible Motor Sales FOUNTAIN CITY FLORIST Used Cars Sold on Terms 1037 N Cenhal Ave. Phone 4 7464 KOpposute Sears? lil F5 - - M s E R ' s .5 ' 0 El Cooper Bedding Co. Inc. - 1 , . s ' 1 I I . . 'bl , or I Compluments of GALO CE CREAM GE TRY ORTUARY 102 Fountom Ave Phone 6 4481 li.. Compluments of EMERY STORES 'I'l6 W Vme Ave H KRESS and C0 10 25c STORE I We congratulate the faculty and the student body of Glbbs Hugh School for the fme work they are domg The Home of Good Milk I I I I ' I ... l .. I - - - I I , I , , I . . I I I I I I, ' AVOND.AXl,li FARMS I S. . . I I I 5- - ' I cLE AN 409 S Gay 5 10 2513 Store Knoxville Tenn t Tennessee Armoture 81 Electrlc Co Commercnal 8. Industrial Waring New 8. Rebuilt Motors CHARLES G ROOS Merchant Tailor for Men and Women Corner Gay at Unlon CHANDLER 8: CO INC Bulldung Materials Congratulations Good Washes From REDMOND MOTORS GOOD AUTOMOBILES EASY TRADERS 612 614 N Broadway Phone 4 3333 GODDARD FLORIST 413 West Clmch Ave Phone 4 1459 Knoxvrlle Tenn A G WOOD GROCERY Emory Road Phone 6 3577 R O S 1321 N Broadway M L L ' S I l I . I . I I . I . . A I . . . I ' 428 W. Depot St. Phone 3-6141 I - I l I . . - - - E BKNK 0F KNIIXVILLE THAT FRIENDLY BANK Member of Federai Deposn lvsurance Corporahon PHCINE HALL'B X CHANGE 390 Repamng Towmg Service GAS 0 OIL 0 TIRES it E' C rw- '3l'!.'I I HALL5 X ROADS AUTD SERVICE CH RLIEJCINES KERN JONES 7 D AW W B GE TRYS STORE Q S-Xxx Grocenes Gos 81 OII W Tazewell Plke Zfguzffmfziwlfml FRIENDLY SERVICE I V V A L A ll ll 'T ' ' . ' . ' 45.4 :ml,::z,TLE . I! 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Winegar - Suite 412 I Phoenix Cleaners 6120 W Clmch Phone 3 9163 Branch No 1 Branch No 416 W Church 1639 W Cumb Phone 3 3312 Phone 3 1211 Compliments of BL XX LR X101 OR now In our new building 701 East Jackson Ave Dealers For McCormrck Farm Machmery Farmall Tractors Bolens Huskn Garden Tractors International Refrrgeratlon Dlamond T Motor Trucks Phone 5 2143 DAIRY QUEEN Ice Mvlk Products 3418 North Broadway 44 West Church Dependobnlufy Since 1884 ' sl - ' 1MP1,L:M13N'1e COMPANX - . P . . at . . 2 - - - I N N ' I EO EST N NO COUNTY FOUNTAIN CITY BANK MYNATT FUNERAL HCME M mb d C P L I M E N F A m b u I a n c e 6-1 1 12 "Six-Eleven-Twelve" GIBBS COMMUNITY CLUB LOWE BIWTHERS 4-2714 c I W THOROUGH BUSINESS TRAINING PAYS LARGE DIVIDENDS Knoxvlllo Council Ol Busmoss Schools THE SUCCESS YOU ATTAIN DEPENDS ON YOUR TRAINING We the members of the KNOXVILLE COUNCIL OF BUSINESS SCHOOLS recommend that yo choose an esrabl shed BUSINESS COLLEGE that has p O ed Iself thro gh yea s of s ccessful REPUTABLE B sness College you a e assu ed of fa r t eatmenl ope at on By atte d ng a standa d cou ses of nst uct on a d easo able ares of tu hon ECUTIVES of th s g eat d st al a ea recogn e the DIPLOMAS of these mem BUSINESS EX ber schools as cert f cares of p of c ency and ach e erne t FOR FULL PARTICULARS COMMUNICATE WITH ANY OR ALL OF THE MEMBER SCHOOLS KNOXVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE All Members Are Accredzted Schools and Are Centrally Located rn Knoxvn Ile Tennessee THE INSTITUTE BOOK ROOM C plete L e of s B oks Com S day School a d Ch st as Suppl es s ts c e t We Ca y t Its O Phone 3 0666 512W Market St Knoxville Tennessee Best Wrshes zogrlle Class of 50 Compliments of AUSTIN CATE She ff Kno Co SEARS ROEBUCK AND C0 1000 N Central Ave Phone 29611 JUSTUS 8. 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Suggestions in the Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) collection:

Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 65

1950, pg 65

Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 43

1950, pg 43

Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 11

1950, pg 11

Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 12

1950, pg 12

Gibbs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Corryton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 25

1950, pg 25

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