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5, Yllrflhnn With humble sincerityand immeasurable gratitude we, the seniors of 1952, dedi cate this Annual to each instructor who has guided us, faithfully and unstint ingly, on the path of learning to our From the very start ofour educational career they took upon themselves the duty of making us gain in knowledge and wisdamalthough ittook unlimited patience and unceasing perseverence on their part As we go into the future,making gains and advances, our thoughts will return and our hearts will give credit to those instructors for preparing us for this future Yet we realize that our greatest respect and deepest appreciation can only partly repay them for their years of guidance to make us worthy citizens of this new life which we are now enter ing long sought goal4graduetion. X ,W ADNNx?xSEg , w gg, 014 M N0 f , Q ffazulig SEATED Miss Miss Kiss Miss Miss Irs. Maxwell: Witham Fredericksen Carlson Schmitz Hake: STANDING M H I S l J Miss A I P I R I F Anderson Wilfahrt Sega Bertelson Nelson Steaje Gislason First and Second Grades Secretary Home Economics, Annual Advisor, Junior Class Advisor Commercial, Business Law, Sophomore Class Advisor, Paper Staff Advisor Six and Seventh Grades Girls' Phy Ed English, Dramatics, L brary, Freshman Class Advisor Superintendent, Senior Class Advisor, Eighth Grade Hi: ory Social Science, History, Health,Boys'Phy Ed , Coach, Sophomore Class Advisor Seventh and Eighth Grades, Assistant Coach Third and Fourth Grades Music, Freshman Class advisor Science, German, Physics,Junior Class Advisor, Junior High Coach Principal, Mathematics, Senior Class Advisor BOARD OF EDUCATION Alfred Strohschein President Rudolph Klukas Clerk George Eckert Treasurer Gerhart Loftness Walter Hauser Elmer Kading Carolyn Bode President, Alice Ziegler, Joanne Brunner Secretary, George Olson Vice President, Bob Esser, Jim Stadtherr, Kenneth Kramer, Hr Anderson JI . J. : . N. z P. z . E' g . a 0 H. 1 r. . U z . r. . T: n U ' . . Miss B, Dummer: Fourth and Fifth Grades. . r. , : . . T. .. S O R . N r. . ' ' z Tp n 2 O 0 SITTING Evelyn Havemeler, Jerome Petersen, Lorraine Bruns, Celine Isakson, Joanne Brunner, Joyce Ohland, Nancy llikkelson STANDING Edward Lentz, Joe Eckert, Lester Biermann, Winston Bullemer, Richard Brunner, Kiss Fredericksen nnual Siaff Co editors Joanne Brunner, Celine Isakson Business lhnager Lester Biermnn Music and Social Reporter Kiel n Havemeier S orts Joe Eckert dvard Lentz C ass and Grade Reporters Winston Bullener, Richard Brunner Photography Joyce Ohhnd Typists Lorraine Bruns lancy Hikkelson Advisor ss Fredericksen L" - OOIOIOOCOOOOIOOOCIO OIOOOOODOIOOCCOUIOOOICOUOOII ODOOOIOOOOICCOOOIQ 5 ' OIlOllOOOlllIs:iOIOOIICOIOOICIIOIIOO Advertising!IOIICIOIIO0000CCDOOllllOlOlOIO..Jerole ::::.. .:::OOOOIOllOOlillhi f , Qofff A tibia, ix 1 flfvg-,gf f SEATEDn Joanne Brunner, Barbara Boettcher, Joan Zettle, Joyce Onland, Joe Eckert, Celine Isakson, Evelyn Havemeier, Yvonne Buschmeyer FIRST ROW: Miss Carlson, Lorraine Bruns Lorna Vorwerk Elaine Bode, Sally Wilson, Allen Hager, James fucks, Richard runner, Muriel Rettmann sgconm ROWg Nancy Mikkelson, Leorda Kramer, Janice Templin, Janice Thran Margie Lehman,Carolyn Bode,Esther Taggatz, Janice Rettmann, Betty Rubischko THIRD RCU: Beverly Olson, Mary Ann Messner, Eunice Fenske,Jean Stark Phyllis Schreiner, LaVonne Taralseth, Jeanette Brlese, Joan riese, JoAnn Rathmann, Lorraine Fahrenknmp, FOURTH H0913 Ronald Vorwerk, Joseph Dietl Curtis Boeder, Leonard Biermann Lester Biermann, George Schwe ss, Jerome Petersen, Richard Boeder, Deforest Boeder, Roger Johnson apex' Staff Bditbl' J oanne Brunner Co Assistant Bditors Joyce Ohland and Joe Eckert Business lanager Curtis Boeder Stencil Cutters Ronald Vorwerk, Lorraine Bruns Lester Biermann, Leonard Biermann Joan Zettle fypists Esther Taggatz, Margie Lehman Lorraine Fahrenkamp, JoAnn Rathmann Barbara Boettcher, Lorna Vorwerk limeographers Evelyn Havemeier, Joe Dietl lancy likkelsmn, Jeanette Brlese Stapling and Distribution Lavonne Taralseth, Yvonne Ruschmeyer Leorda Kramer Grapevines Beverly Olson, Joan Briese Runice Fenske, lary Ann lessner Sports Richard Brunner, Allan Hager James licks Reporters lurial Rettmann, Evelyn Hawemeier Celine Isakson, Carolyn Bode Janice Rettnann, George Schweiss Lester Biermann, Lois Pagel Janice Thran Elaine Bode Janice Templin, R chard Boeder Charlotte Glaeser Jean Stark Betty Rubischko Winston Bullemer Phillis Schre ner Sally lilson oger Johnson, orraine Kiehn Deforest Boeder Advisor. . . liss Carlson 6 15 1 Artists.........:::::' .:Z:Celine'lsahson.and'Jerome Petersen I I L 0 gent P Supeiintgfaerson 9111? fgifba IOYTG11 alison Class lotto: 'Not at the top, but climbingn Class Colors: Royal Blue and White Class Flower: White Rose Suzanne Loftness and David Schiltz i Evelyn Havemeier is km A staunch supporter of our team, Evy ne'er surrendered, For her smile and friendliness She'll always be remembered Girls Basketball Declamation Class Play Mixed Chorus Annual Staff Library Club Class Secretary Paper Staff CTransferred from New in her junior year 7 Lee Dreier ,4 ,4 ,4 Ulm Leighton Spaude wx GW . ,uw 4f'7' new An old sea dog Is this classmate of ours, with his sincere attitude Above all he towers Basketball ,2,3,k Football ,2 Track Baseball l,2,N Class Play Band Paper Staff Student Council Esther Taggatz new 'ah Jia 'ins U'-mi Lee is our artist Whos drawings could bring fame, Esther 15 8 Quiet girl Especially during classtime Not SS shy as She may ook, Did his ambitions flame She can always find enjoyment Just by brows1ngthroug1abook Basketball 1,2,3,k Football 2,3 4 Declamation Baseball Paper Staff 2,3,4 Class play Speech Club Fggtball play 1 Class Treasurer Class vice President M Library Club A ,af y k v P, on--ueuq3 esecsasal '.asouapoou3 neue cruel ,3 :nouns acooo3 oneness ooeoua2 lil IOOUQ4 0000 ltli .ns vooa3 M cola sconce? "':::::::?:4 """'::::....:::5g3 ...........3 ... .....2 y , t P fi xi JPN , df P 13 .t,,f"'V!f ' 2 Yi ,- , mm va s f l my YJ, . 1 . 00:Z....::gg Ulillilllillllp ..... 11? 1 "'::::::::::: "":..':::::t - ...O scans cool Barbara Kramer As one of our cheerleaders Barbara did excel, And everything she did was certainly done well Girls' Basketball l,2,3 ChssPhy Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Glee Club ,2 Speech Club Girls' Quartette , Girls' Sextette Curtis Boeder As a make up slip collector Curtis always led the class But also many other records His willingness did surpass. B ........'...'. Mixed Chorusaaaaoaoosoaa Paper Steffen: aaoa2,3, Speech Club... ....... George Schweiss X 'gill' env At running the projector George was always handy, At playing his cornet He was really dandy Basketball Declamation Band Mixed Chorus , , Paper Staff Brass Quartette Trumpet Trio l,2,3,k Class Vice President Speech Club 777 7 7 Noreen Drews E Here we have a senior g r Her name is Noreen Dre We know shedl be a big success In anything she'll choose. Class P1ay.............. Mixed Chorus... ....2, Glee Club..... .... ,2 Speech Club.... ....1 ie. ' 'if 000a00aa0 anal e0eaaa0aoa00a0e ,,,. ,..,.,1 Cheerleader...........3, Class play... ......3,t Ul""" ua0o00a00a0oaa1 2 3 aaaoea0 00001 ,,.,,.1 2 3 lf ....... .....1 ,,,,,,,,,,,3 4 'v""3l" 0ao000000l+ 0000000003 ,,,,,, ' 00002 ..... ..... ...1 F 5 A syasa 4 - 5 V I .1 . s s jgQ get - 1 1, ' 3 V85 1 3 U M sk u M 1 1 Joan Briese JOBIIIIS Brunner 91 A Happy go lucky girl We have in Joan Briese, Not even for a moment Will her friendship freeze Girls' Basketball 1,2 3 Mixed Chorus 2 4 Glee Club Paper Staff ,4 Speech Club Class Play Margie Lehman 'L--17" Margie was ou' queen year, Quiet and refined, When we think of Homecoming, We'l1 have her reign in mlnd Class Play Pa er Staff 2,3s4 Li rary Club Homecoming Queen 4 Girls' Basketball l,2,3 ff Efficient, active, always busy This describes Joanne, If she has a job to do, She'll do the best she can Girls' Basketball .L ,2 ,3 Declamation Class Play Jr Cheerleader Sr Cheerleader Band 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Glee Club Annual Staff 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff , , Trumpet Tri0 12 v4 Girls' Quartette Student Council Girls' Sextette Speech Club Annual Co Editor Paper Editor Class Secy Treas Ralph Schroeder di not complete Where no red hair exist, But Ralph is our member On the red head list . z Q ' Hmjjjj ' ......ZfI....1 9 9 lOlllOOO0IllOlQ,2 '...........3?g .... ...3 O COOUIOOII .... ....1 o oonnaon3,4 .... '...4 oconoouocanullly DOOOOOI, OCllllllllll.1,2 .ifffffl 2,31+ Brass Quartette.........4 counsel Q3 ......3,4 oooooocook .......2,3 .............l - .... ...4 IOOOOQQI DOI4 ' oonnooooz 09' , .A yi fix ,S oooooonoooooo3 ' 2'1" Qllliill A 5 E OOOOIOODIIO4 Muriel Rettman James Stadtherr J 'NK Murieldoesnw say too mucn In class or otherwise, Yet she'sa better friend, Then you might realize Paper Staff Library Club ,4 Robert Esser bsser 1s our tallest lad, Six feet five or more, laryAnn lessner wi I A girlvithlnts ofcharacter Is our friend, Mary Ann To someday be a secretar Is her future plan Girls' Basketball l,2,3 His great skill at basketball Always ran up Gibbon's score Basketball Football Track Baseball Football Play Student Council 4 s2s3 74 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 gif il ? As our Homecoming King We chose athletic Jim For being a go getter luch credit goes to him 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 Basketball Football Baseball Track Football Play Class Play Band Mixed Chorus Student Council Class Vice Presid 2,3,4 ,4 ent 3 JoAnn Rathmann JoAnn is always happy, And so very nice, Just follow her example This is good advice Girls' Basketball 2,3 Class Play Paper Staff ,4 Library Club A f, " 1 V5 I CCIIOUIOOIII4 llilllll, Ulll IQU3 'll' easel, . OIIIICCIU1, noooooansq0eoooe1,h ICUQICIIIO1 sloloccueoesc3 eouoeoonoeaool, ll.lOCllll,2 3 aeco1,3 B -C5 5S .Y lj ks K J rg lkf fi Library Clubcoeoeooosooo4 N a t hy af, efiafi-Q 5, ! ooooeoel g - ...fIfIfIfff....1,1+ Ollllllfl OOIIUICIIUOQI3 ooleeooonol ,,,,,.,..,34 Kenneth Kramer Here we havea Happy Hustler Who wears the cutest grin, This plus his personality Harry friends fcrhim willwin. Basketball l,2,3,l+ Kenneth lessner Football 1,2,3 Baseball l,2,3,4 Football Play Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Student Council Class President H86 BTUIIS Kenneth To sit in the nn tmthek Buxnes always on une go row, H89 finds it hard in study hall To work and concentrate, But with the manyfriends She will always rate Girls' Basketball l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Glee Club ,2 Speech Club 1 shehas Carolyn Bode lusic is her interest, Carolyn is her name, Her ability at speaking Has won hargreat acclaiub Declamation 1,294 Band 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Glee Club ,2 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Brass Quartette Student Council Pres Library Club l,2,3 Class Sec'y Treas To argue and to win, If you're not really sharp, You're lost Yuma yu: begin Girls' Basketball Class Play Mixed Chorus 2,3, Glee Club ,2 Q f ...'.::::...'..1 ueo:::::::oo1 "'::::....4 oooloeoos K "'4 X VV - 0010013 I? 455 1 gfil Marilyn Pockrandt V F 'SY .. I'lI1,2 ...:::':::..1 Lester Biermann Celine Isakson Lester li es to study hard, But he also likes his fun, His neatness and his manners will please 'most anyone Football , Declamation 2,3,k ChssPhy , Annual Staff , Paper Staff 2,3,k Speech Club Class President Student Council LaVonne Taralseth s"!lf A serious minded girl LaVonne seems to be, But don't be mistaken, She's friendly as can be Glee Club School Paper Library Club Class Play H 'lm-. 69 At drawing and artistlc work Celine always did excel, Andwith hercharm andefficiency We know she will do well Girls' Basketball l,2,3 ChssPhy , Jr Cheerleader Sr Cheerleader , Band 1,2,3,k Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Glee Club ,2 Annual Staff 1,2,3,N Paper Staff l,2,3,h G1r's' Quartette , Class President Homecoming Attendent 3,k Speech Club Annual Co Editor Ronald Vorwerk 'aa-6-s "7 we Ronnie may look oashful, But he's friendly and so ne When you have a job for him He never will retreat Class Play Band Mixed Chorus Paper Staff 2,3, 8 J f .1-.uns A 4, eeeeeoceeeeue3,+ 00' uoooeeae eeeeeceoeoeo3l+ ..... .....3 M . .... ..... 1 ence eseuu e ooooeee3l" IIIffIlI....1 "1""'IIIIII ........2 .. .... .......1 qos ueos3 000:00 l ""'II....31+ coeeoeuuol eceeuoeeezjesl " no aeeo ooh' ,wg R+: m -ui , Wi! S 1.465 I vw .FJ , '- r ooosaeosuooeooel """"'0""a use nook' eenoeooooeexk ..,, ,,. ooo eeeo I+ Beverly Olson '15 '18 '4""'lhv Bev is an active girl She's always on the go She's everyones pal And really swell, we know Girls' Basketball 1,2 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,k Glee Club , Paper Staff , Library Club , Speech Club Phy Ed Assistant Class Play DQED Bruns 'alas Jerome Petersen T alflir sd' Rommiek grammar hint so good, English rules he does upset, But his v1t,his Jokes,and humor Have pleased all those he's met Track Declamation ,2 ChssPhy , Band ,2,3,k Mixed Chorus 1,2, Annual Staff , ,3, Paper Staff ,3,k Student Council Speech Club Class Sec'y Treas Yvonne Ruschmeyer 'UN Yvonne's not the type of girl Who easily gives up, Dean doesn't care for books But She keeps Tight OD ffying For classes tests or speeches, Until 5h6'S at the t0P- But he'd like to be a farmer, And for that goal he reaches. Girls' Basketball-----1:2 Class Play........ ....N Trackoooccoeoulneeconical C1ub,,,,, ,,,,l-Q Baseba11..... ....2 Paper Staff,,,, ,,,,k Class Play... ....k Glee Club..... ..,,1 H P M PM ,x 435' wi? V :EQ C ,hs 1 jfl iiglsh an ,,sgfY 'J 1 H . e ..... ::: ' """::::":::::i'1 neocon naeooon 1 2 ones ooooooe3 I+ eaooueeoeoe3k neeseneocoeoool .::::::::::?.1 ::::::1'2 E 0 0 oueoeaa to olel 0002 Cilllililiilll IUOOOIICD2 lllllliilliill ' eoeonool Q, Xk'1lf 9 Glass liinsinrg Twelve short memorable years ago our class entered Gibbon Public School as first graders Miss Emma Zwemke teacher mother , nurse and friend to all started us on the long path of e ucation In our first year we learned the essentials reading and writing but most important o all, we learned how to sing, play and get along wit each other Before each reading session we marched up to our little red chairs where we could be separated from the second graders It always remained a mystery to us how other grade could get along without the little chairs Our second year brought us back to Miss Zwemke and washigh lighted when we were introduced to the m sterious process of adding and sub tracting which than seemed highly complicated to us Probably none of us will ever forget the annual rythm band program when we donned our green and white caps and capes and performed with instruments varying from sticks to clappers for our proud parents The third grade found us in a new room with a new teacher, Miss Dolan Complicated multiplication and division problems were onl a fewof the new things that we were introducedto Everyone of us drea ed seemed much more difficult than printing During our fourth year we organized ourclub, the 'Happy Helpers' we held our meetings every week during which we elected 'helpers' to aid Miss Peterson,ourteacher, in cleaning theroom, washing the boards and dusting erasers Someone was also elected to pass the wastepapef basket each day before we were dismissed A job that everyone wanted and did hisbest to get was that of monitor for each time Miss Peterson left the room the monitor had the privilege of taking charge This was the year that we became regular little Rembrandts Our artistic genius flared as we made portraits of our classmates, landscape sketches and pictures of animals, etc We also started memorizing poems Buciin ham Palace, although it was long and hard, was one of our favori es The fifth grade took us to the other end of thehall and Miss Fag erlie Each morning before we started classes we all gave our pledge to the flag This was repeated at the beginning of each class meeting along with a patriotic song At each weekly meeting we called roll by a different method Everyone would have to respond with the name of a bird, animal, flower, vegetable, etc We all enjoyed the reading per iods during which Miss Fagerlie would read us stories from the books in our library The Caddie Woodlawn series was a favorite of everyone 0ur artistic talents turned towards soap carving, wood work, sewing, and embroidery Our sixth year in school brought us back to the same room but to a newteacher, Miss Erickson Thisyear we became quite a play conscious class We gave appropriate skits for each holiday Our Halloween party included a program given by us for the num of the grades and our mothers We put on a three act play which we made up as we went along and also recited a few poems and sang several songs Everyone who was in the play wud remember the commotion we caused when the piano tipped over while we were moving it between acts During both the fifth and sixth grades autographbookswere very popular with us Everyone brought 0 . -- n n -- A . the last class in the morning. This was penmanship. Learning to write his to school to be signed at least tw1ce a year We got our first taste of Journalism when we published a paper Gibbon Grade Gleanlngs We wrote the articles for it and our teacher typed it and ran itat! on the ditto The sixth grade was the last year that we were allowed to appear in the annual Christmas operetta which was one of the high lights of each school year In the springtime we went on several short hikes to better acquaint us with nature The day we entered the seventh grade we felt quite grown up for now we were upstairs As seventh and eighth graderswe also enjo ed having more than one teacher for in addition to Miss Schmitz, we d Miss Anderson for music and eit er Mr Webster or Miss andm nn for phy ed Instead of having our parties during school hours we had our Halloween and Christmas parties in the evening The Halloween parties were always started by having a scavenger hunt which sent us hunting all over town to find the various items Our ninth year made us a part of the high school lo longer were we considered members of the 'grades' Those of us who had been here before found ourselves in a much larger class than we had ever had 35 There were so many strange faces and places but these strange faces soon became more familiar and in no time at all we were one big happy class The sophomores did a good Job of initiating us into high school life We'll probably never forget the nightgowns, bibbed over alls, green sweaters, etc that we were obliged to wear that day Being 'frosh' entitled us to have a new and varied schedule of subjects each with a different teacher As sophomores we were allowed to do the 'honors' at initiation time For the first time in our high school career we were allowed to choose our elective suojects This also was the f1rst year that any of us could drive cars to our class picnic so we used this to our advan tage and packed up after our last exam for an impromptu picnic With our junior year came the production of our first class play, c osen for our banquet We worked hard and long on it but ourwork was well rewarded for on May 17 we gave a very successful banquet for the seniors and faculty Needless to say, nobody will ever forget our class picnic at St Peter and Mankato' The first important event when we returned to school in the fall for our last year was the arrival of our class rings They really made us feel like seniors Soon we were taking care of all the little de tails that confront a senior ordering invitations, caps and gowns and calling cards, having our graduation pictures taken and ordered etc A high light of our senior year was the very successful football and basketball season This was the first yearthat we had ever experienced the excitement and thrill of district and regional tournaments W again displayed our dramatic talent when we presented our class play, on May 2 Early in the year we decided that our class colors wou be royal blue andwhite, our flower the white rose, and our motto 'Not at the top, but climbing ' On April 23lt Anderson announced that Joanne Brunner was the valedictorian and Celine Isakson was tin slnta torian Five other members Lester Biermann, Barbara Kramer, Marilyn Pockrandt, and Esther Taggatz attained an average of 90 or over Of the original first grade class eight members Esther Taggatz, Jalal Stadtherr Yvonne Ruschmeyer, Jerome Petersen, Marilyn Pockrandt, Beverly Olson, Celine Isakson, and Joanne Brunner traveled the twelve years together E. . Seve tee t Summer, on November 17. Treasure Island was the theme O . e me ' On Hay 28 we willtake our last step in our high school career. We vonder1t've!Elever forget the fun we had at play practice--the excite- ment of the basketballtournaments--the wonderful times we had at Home- coming festivities--those non the spot' impromptu tests--the thrill of getting band uniforms--allthe fun we had preparing for the Junior-senf lor banquet the arguments we had at ourclasa meetings rushing to meet the Annual deadline the time we vent on a picnic and someone stepped into the potato salad senior skipdays how much we felt like senio when we received ourclass rings the time ve had memorizing lines from path i"Is this a dagger Yes, we have so many, many things to remember And one thing is certain we'll never forget an of the things that have made our hig school days the best days of our lives Q-IA -Q 14 it .. '23 Q 9 'wage T IMS .MFI GR 0,9 '54'1p Con' fo' rs lp Lid' Sv' ff , Neff? fff4"" ? ' X ff 1? 11-5 s nfjfy? 2221: I " ' 0 In vE fxfs f' 4.5575-""" fb' ,4lh5X2hf.!zilliiig ---- -- rs Mac .... ni: ---- ..- ' h YL. ., ,f ff l ,V . I E L-5 v L, . " I g - e ON '5' 9 lp mg? Cl t ' -f xl , T' pays 4: A X 17 t , Y Z u 0' I .'x Q 117' 5 xx :I f 'NOX are It 'd Ulf - XX fy l .. P, qxt X ,, ,, m I xrgxvff gs Six , ' Q , 'Nl,,..4.2:L' , .. A... - , - , a-2-t'?.f"'.:'cs if ffl We, the seniors of make and declare this To G H S we will thezespect,1nnor, and ass 117111 1952, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby our last will and testament continued success in all its undertakings and prestige whichit has achieved through the years To the Freshmen we will our ability to get along with the teachers To the sophomores we will the unused reference books, magazines, and fine library in the hopes that theywill use them toteir advantage To the juniors we will our successful skip days, our privilege to be first in the lunch line during the last six weeks, and all the rest of the advantages that go with being a senior I, Lester Biermsnn, will my ability to get good marks to Harlys Draeger in the hopes that she will control it before a brainstorm sets I, Carolyn Bode, will my speaking ability to Jim Berle and my large volume or jokes to Burnebl Podratz I, Curtis Boeder, will my ability to collect make up slips to any junior who would like to make a scrapbook of them I, Joanne Brunner will my editorship to Joyce Ohland and Joe Eckert who did such and excellent job as assistants Now you can have spring fever all year! I, lae Bruns, will my habit of writing letters to Leo Fischer. Bet ter stock up on stationery, ink, etc , Leo! I, Joan Briese, will my skill and like for dancing to Rueben Bulle mer School dances will really be lively next year! I, Lee Dreler, will my ability to doodle in class to any junior who desires such artistic skill I, Noreen Drews,w.lll my tendency to take my time to all the Juniors who have to rush, a characteristic of all seniors I, Robert Esser, will my six foot five inch frame to Dennis Walter Williams Arena, here I come! I also will my ability to get one hour assignments done in the three minutes between classes to any junitrwho as busy as I all I, Evelynhveme1er,d.ll my strong voice and tendency to get excited games to Lorraine Bruns I, Celine Isakson, will my artistic ability and knack for drawing to Ermice Fenske I, Barbara Kramer, will my sixth and seventh grade study period to Glen Carlson and my natural curls to any junior girl who is tired of setting her hair G in. I, Dean Bruns,1ll1 my ability to day-dream in class to Paula Campa. is at . I, Kenneth Kramer, will my curly, black hairtoleonard Biermam and my ability to make last minute speeches to any junior who likes tocome to English class prepared I, Margie Lehman, will my crown to Lorna Vorwerk who made such a lovely attendant I, Kenneth Messner, will my privilege of sitting in the front seat in all of my classes to Barbara Boettcher Now you'll have to behave! I, laryAnn Messner, will my interest in Winthrop to any junior who would like a change I, Beverly Olson,ulll my punetuglit Q71 and ability to always just 'bake 1t"t0 anyjunior who wants to get p aces butrbesn't have the time I, Jerome Petersen, will my car to any junior who can afford to buy gas, oil, and twine to hold the doors shut! I also will my large vo cabulary of bad grammar to Elmer Klukas who 'ain't' so good in gram mer as I am I, Marilyn Pockrandt,will my knack to argue to Lorln Temnlln! Looks like an exciting social studies class I, -TOAHII Ratbllann, willny giggle to Bob Brunner hoping that he will use it at the proper t1mes. I, Muriel Rettlann, will my like for old time music to the juniors who enjoy dancing I, Yvonne Ruschmeyer,vi1l myabilit to make conversation to Dennis Woods One word of caution this should be used after school hours! I, Ralph Schroeder,wil1.m red hair to Joan Zettle Now the juniors will have at least one red head' I, George Sehweiss, will my fine bass voice to Darlene Buerkle Jos hun, here I come' I, Leighton Spaude, will my ability to conduct qu1etC?l,orderlyC?J class meetings to the next senior president Better study up on Rob I I, James Stadtherr, will my dribbling ability to Clifford Black and my crown to the junior boy chosen by the students I, Esther Taggatz,wil1 my quietness to Lorraine F8l1I'0l1kB-HIP Q1-110t6I' study halls next year' I, LaVonne Taralseth, will my quietness in class to Edgar Taggatz. Sounds as if quieter classes are in the forecast' I,Bbna1d Vorwerk, will my shyness and neatness to any member of the junior class who desires these qualities 712, e K . msd 3149333 Pemnmemn ' -' Glass Drnpheng Many progressive years from now, in 1962, I was checking the files at the internal revenue office for Uncle Sam As I was doing this I decided to check the records of some of the prominent leaders in their fields Running through the files I found, under theB's, one of the leading disc jockeys, Lonesome Lester and his Midnight Serenaden The records sweeping the countryat this timeare piano duets played by Carolyn Bode and Joselturbi Their new arrangement ofGershwin's 'Rhapsodie in Blue is rated highly by the music critics Captain Curtis now a very famous manfor having brokenCurt Carlsen's record for staying on a ship longer than any otheruan He was known as Curtis Boeder in his high schools days The next card I picked upwaslnbelievable It stated Joanne Brunner, R N , had found a cure for the long dreaded disease, leukemia I called myloyal, efficientsecretary, Joan1 iese,to look into this information After a little trouble Miss Briese found that MissErunner'sco partner, Celine Isakson, had contributed a lot to the field of medicine They are both stationed at the Los Angeles Naval Hospital Celine just came back from rescuing Sailors from a wreckage at sea Accordingto the record I noticed that Dean Bruns had found the most unusual hog ralsing system we have heardof By his method you can have equipment Forthis scientific invention Deanhas put Gibbon on the map Keeping up the records of the Bruns' I found Mae Bruns as a John Powers model at Macy's Department Store in New York where she iscne of the leading models Mae always did have a swell figure' As I went out for coffee this morning, I picked up a magazine and founda feature story about the presidentofthe Amateur Ham Association, Leelreier. I remembered that Lee always did like to tinker in his high school days Noreen Drewsis busily sewing her way to fameas the head of Dayton's dress altering department As her pastime she designs dresses for socialites Accordingto the record she uses the penznme, Cheryl Marie There is a rising young star who is being compared to Helen Hayes She is starring on Broadway in a modern version of Romeo and Juliet I was surprised to find that her name was Evelynlhvemeier, formerly of Gibbon The next record from Gibbon was that of Barbarakramer Her ambition of becoming an elementary teacher was successfully carried out Barb will long be remembered for writing the book,Hgg to Punish Children W sely Kenneth Kramer, who is managed by Robert Esser, recently took the heavy weight championship of the world They seem to be a wonderful combination with Kramer's strength and Esser's brain' This pair has proven to have paid their income tax, accordlng to my record, unlike the former heavy weight champion, Joe Louis 0 " O . I ll hogs ready for market in one month. It doesn't require extra labor or i . - """ ""'-'- Madame Pompadour, the famous beauty salon on Times Square, is man aged by Margie Lehman Twoof her most loyal patronsare KennethandMary ann Messner, the ever popular dance team starring on television They recently completed a two month appearance at the famous Stork Club The internationally famous matador,Beverly Olson, has just returned from her command performance before the King of Spain She truly dis played her bullfighting skill when she recently killed hertwenty fifth bu l The next card I ran across really surprised me It said Rommie Pe tersen had taken Groucho Marx's place on the show,'You Bet Your Life I never thought that Rommie's remarks would be put to work Marilyn Pockrandt has really made a name for herself She recently became the first woman jet pilot proving that women are just as cape ble as men The next card I picked up was that of JoAnn Rathmann Itstated that she was the head secretary for the C I 0 Then I remembered reading about her in the newspaper when she recently took top honors in the international secretarial contest for having accomplished the remark able feat of typing 250 words per minute According to the files Muriel Rettman is busily conducting tours through the nHouse of Tomorrown at the World's Fair Some ofthe things she demonstrates are the radar stove, headless sewing machine, andfbot pedal faucets meyer Yvonne married a Woolworth and when he died he left the entire estate to her She always did have a flair with money' Under the S's was a card with a large income notationof a Montana rancher From further observance I found this man to be Ralph Schroe der Then I remembered seeing something in the newspaper about Ra1ph's shorthorn cattle nThe Young Man with the Hornn, reviewed a week ago, has a new star, George Schweiss My secretaryadvised me to see the show because George is really a sensation I do recall that George played solo cornet in the school band I found another millionaire under the S'snamely Le1ghtonSpaude Af ter getting out ofthe navy Leighton went to North Dakota wherehe owned some rich land After three unsuccessful trys of finding oil his engi neer finally struck a rich vein making him the North Dakota oil king James Stadtherr's wishof being abaseball player has been fulfilled His fine playing has enabled the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the World Series pennant He has recently chalked up his 200th homeruns In the field of theology I found Esther Taggatz worki among the Apache Indians. It was recorded that the Rockefellers bui t a school for Miss Taggatz's under privile ed Indian children and that she was conducting extensive research to improve the welfare of the Indians Also in the higher income bracket I found LaVonne Taralseth a very prominent home economist Through testing and experiments, LaVonne had discovered a new vitamin, Z, essential for the b1o0d The last card of members from the class of '52 was that of Ronald Vorwerk He's famous as the originator and writer ot the comic strip, 'Fearless Fosd1ck', the largest comic strip in the world Ronnie al ways was good at art. From my observations I not only checked income tax reports for Un cle Sam, but concluded that the graduating class of '52 did very well a .5 F.W. woolworth, the chain store,1s capably managed by Yvonne Rusch- O M vie 'A' W- :-:gy .1 s, J x,4L 3416 I' '53 A 'x Ol 2 1 e , .X +0-S 'bierzgz' fefirff ,G 'R 'rl' ' " ' 'u 7 4. X .P , 7 , i X I if , 4 -' V fly' , 141 f .7 f f vs ifi':'QI-N f ,iq X r..v.-' fl: . :jf ,0- ,v Q A QI f 'Q --1 I 1 . X Mfifiav' .1 up '--4, Tv i W, " ' X - -ix Y- ,. ,sm ,- f f A if-Q AWG' ,1 mg, I 'f X vf Q, F ff X J lf iff X 4 rg pf UU ,f f I i mv ...I ik , -bw .r.,,' w 576 'S if : -L51 if Eff' 5 Q sgk- x digg," A 549, .7134 ff f' f ff I 'TN- ,W If fn 325' f ' '- X ff J I it f X jj uv, I' 1 fb f 1 5 N if 1 S Z riff , X ff gi f X ,f I' 'Gul X'f '5 f f l 0 f S . Qs 4 A U , Wh., f f 1 if ff 5 . mx 5 A Cqi v 2 ,S ,. on .I A 4, A UHJTCCMTD xx ' Y -ll liflfn 'A f.f"9i1vQff T-- ii df?Ni5':'L3f"':l - 4: "f-- ' kw- , , V. .' .. .-V , x"'f'x , QX QTA5 rg, X Q , ' A ff"-' Vw' "Y '3 he-3 ,KU H X fqk l, ! ,L ,, Q R y"2,'fe? " HL . ', . , A : ' I 5s, . Q ffl . 5 ,Y ,L 'Q-'A V ' ' 'A ,ff f- .V 1 ' "mf-lf: ' A 4:i.,fl ' , HG.-1. . , , . I , f ff - --rf , f if W, 'H f f 'fff' f ,: - , ,' e fu," , . f ,?' J -N 'X K Cjzffli X ' ,ff ' ,f A ,, .f -1 A , 2 , ,ly Kg ' nf--' . ' ,Q -M f - -I'-51-1-'.. . " ' W" 'i 2, -'5' 'gi ' ' 1"12f.g. f 'I ' ' x - xv' Y X X, fj : .-Hr fi ' '51 f' X ' 3' ,AA M. we X 1 .X 4 ': 'r IS' V y 's ff, S f 1 , L, .i . - , . ,V ,iii I X y ff, tl Q A bf V 'f W5 I rl ,I VJ -2 ,f, f- pf .ff , x 'L M. f 5.5 ', ' ' f ? H55-K V 'ff f 2 ,, 7 xx ,g,5.94gi5A', "3-v, if Nf, f ' ' 'L xf, V . f , fl Na .r . 'f . 'L Y Mfr ' 4 1 ' '-ff "' ' , ,fgywf-4. 5--1-'fe-',T X , ' p Am '15 41,210 f 7 ,. ' - :ff " 14' . "" " 41" ,. aff ff fi, ,4 '- '- 42-"iii ' 1 ' .Tx 'f I an ' " 'Q V Q. , QX nigga .f ,' ,vis 1 --1 - , f Vfzf " 'f f f fu ' .-1 f f "wf'TQ ,ff , , " " '- XA?" 06 ' ' '- R3 A-. ". F5 'f-2.,"..f, ' " ' .. f' " . ' 1 ,I g ll ff , ,V , ' f ,f , , f , , ..-.1 4.11"-"" 1' f ,f, N , ' f xifv. :gf-..-,-f1,.-:':' I I X , , ff, " V f 1 , , ' ,f . v :uf-sw-'f.-, f , gf , If f I 1 ' ' . :1v,.'a.f,'w '24 A f ' ,f 6' f ' ff' ' ' -' f 'f , -ff ff - X ' I, 4 ,. A-fifi PE' XQIX , ' f ' 'ff ' " A 'R f' " ie-.f-f'L"r'-7:5 -Q f " ' V v f. X ff! ,fri 1,535-LZ:il.5:.L1:-,, :zu A V , ty Q 1, , ' , :f - ' "tu: 57,1 if-' f ' ,' 'F . , , , ,,:.,,:... , , V , ,D K X VM? , ,' -1,5-"f C oy' f D ,ff X ff V gym! 1,1 J 'V ' 4 I fdgigf? . I 'u ff 1.1 ,X 1 'I f , " I v , , I p 'f x f fx ff "' A 1-'Iv'-,f.' 1 'A - ' 'Z -- .n Q ' -. , , V , . ,.., ,.,,... -. J f , ' . .-.Zta , g1:::' i x 1, I , ,QQ -, ,V , 'gay 7 ' ' ' ,g' ,' ., A 5 N f fs? , , 3 'o " ff f- ' 4" 1' 54 .-255' ff if f f. V, 5' .5 527 K ,ja - ' Y ff ' ' fa 5 i 5' 3 5' 7-25-- V , . , , f' 4: , , f , f' 7,51 5 -, k. ,f '-f-ff" ' X -- ' , , M, ' " MJT ' Q4 ,, - 5 ' ' ' , ' Y- ,, 15 " I 1 -' X , :Q, . N , YJ ., A, , , ..,-. , H ,- .h , , I r,.qf.f ' .,1.i'i-1 y Kf- x ggiff f- 'f , f 'f ' "ff - ', ' 'ff ' ' f ff Q ff lv X f ff" N f f! 'f"':'V - Fw V f w ,ff L' 'aff' ' 1 9453 -' '- Y , . AY ' ,M - X " ' ff f XX f ' X ' f -V f f X . N A ,f ' ' 7 ,f X x X xx XXX X- . ' ' x f 1 X X x ff I If X -XX X. xx X kk K V' , I I I , I, A xx -QX XX ,X XXX A Lk ,- f f , x NX f X X X X X ,f x XX RX XX X X XX ,f X X x X XX . R X XL V x K X 97 MMP' AP: I FIRST ROW Darlene Buerkle, Joan Zettle, Paula Campa, Lorna Vor werk, Joyce Ohland, Lorraine Fahrenkamp, Eunice Fenske SECOND ROW Mr Stedje, Dennis Walter, James Berle, Robert Brun ner, Joe Eckert, Leonard Biermann, Leo Fischer, Miss Fredericksen THIRD ROW: Barbara Boettcher Lorraine Bruns, Edgar Taggatz, Reu ben Bullemer, Dennis Woods, C ifford Black, Glen Carlson, Burnell Podratz, Marlys Draeger ii-+ M Men HA FIRST ROW Elaine Bode, Joyce Boelter, Grace Lenz, Sally Wilson, Shirley Lundgren, Douglas Kramer, Deforest Boeder,Donald Melquist, Wallace Ohland, Betty Rubischko, Janice Rettmann, MaryAnn Fischer, Miss Carlson SECOND ROW Mr Wilfahrt, Roger Johnson,George O1son,Whldo Larson, James Mayer, Arden Sjogren, Nancy Mikkelsen, Leorda Kramer, Janice Thran, Jeanette Briese THIRD ROW: Dean Buerkle,Barton Stadtherr,Robert Pockrandt, Ernest Ohland, David Halvorson, Neil Stark, Merton Freyholtz, Jean Stark, Janice Templin, Phyllis Schreiner. FOURTH ROW: James Micke, Edward Lentz, Richard Gruenhagen, John Johnson, Gene Isakson, Joseph Dietl, Lowell Peterson,Ardeen Borth, Richard Boeder, Lonnie Taralseth. ' , ,Q rli 'f A I 'X TMJ N RN b 5 I 'fbi I il :lf R, 1 u -Q lll J if I S' W 1 A R , n I . H , fw 5 l?s: fi P 'J 5 B S 3 ca -.. E dyym y, R3 K A 5- 4 E r 1 ' 0.1, . L wkfgg. -9. R ""' 1' fr 'W I I - rs T ,Q . ' 0 I ' . I , wr- 'N R .1 , .H 'M I ' ' R f th I .Ai 0 GN 2 j ' ' F7 ' V 0 . g I' e . f'Nf f'N -QV LLM. -E57 ff' FIRST ROW Mr Nelson, Mabel Evense Marlys woods, Evelyn Peetsch, Marlene Vorwerk, Celie Mae Schauer, ry Jane Berle, Patsy Kramer, Elaner Campa, Irma Freyholtz, Mrs Hake. SECOND ROW: Allan Hager, Warren Schwecke, David Kent, Lyle Melquist, Lesl a Lehrke Lyle Dahl, Stanley Halverson, Darlene Penk, Lorraine Knenn, Charlotte Glaeser THIRD ROW Dennis Harms, Harry Berger, Richard Brunner, Winston Bullemer Patrick Stadtherr, Eldon Nuessmeier James Wletheff, garlene rewe, Yvonne Meyer, Alice Ziegler, D ores Kramer, Susan ar sen in'-s Fm has , g 3 5 f 1 ' 1, 3 f'w Q V , f 4 x , J- + rf R J All S . Q C 1 . g 4 6 el I 2 t S f I x I faff, , 1' 'H 3 I ,s' 'Q 5 N,av7zRi2 P e 9 2 I O ' h Q F1 . l I O w? 1, LJ J, Q 1:3 an gf If 1 K' , , glgvnsy '.': IV, 1 ' b Q Lx 1 L 3 1 S . 2 A 1' FIRST ROW David Pfister, Laverne Melquist, Richard Durnan, Darlyn Grosam, Danny Halverson, Kenneth Bethke, Marlene Melquist, Jane Hanslick SECOND ROW Dianne Boettcher Mary Ann Brunner Shirley Boeder, Anna Lou Peterson, Jerry Reitter, ichard Briese, arvey Totman, Richard Rathman Gloria Carlson, Marilyn Kreft, Mr Sega LHIRD ROW Terry Olsen, Richard Isaksen,Wi1mer Boeder, James Rieke Richard Havemeier, Norman Deering, Delmar Petersen, Barbara Lentz Janette Peckrandt, Janice Pettis FIRST ROW Miss Schmitz, Gerald Geraldim Evans Jean Johnsen, Bonnie Je McGowan, Leon Brey, Beaman. SECOND ROW Phyllis Pockrandt, Melvin Neyers Walter Hauser, Kenneth Ziegler, Richard R1eke,, Otto Templin, Anthony Korkemeien THIRD ROW Lyla Lagerstedt, atricia King, Evelyn Lentz,Duane Willreth, Margaret Rubischke, Michael Kerkemeir, Jerome Larson, Harlow Halverson, Donald Wanstrom, nareld Taggatz, Maureen Jacobsen. . and 'ID and' FIRST ROW Kathy Bullemer, Richard Monson, Karen Kraft, Dee Ann Dickmeyer, JoAnne Gislason, Paul Koblas, Ronald Fritzgerald, James Zitzmann, Adelaine Schiltz SECOND ROW LaVonne Boeder, Ronald Berger, Eileen Fenske, Lonni Glaeser, Edith Kiecker, Barbara Dahl, Gerald Carlson, Carol Huner nerg, Betty Bullemer THIRD ROW Miss Dummer, Noel Biebl, Patrick King, Brenda Will roth, Carolyn Pfiester, Lois Rubischko, Howard Linsmeier, Melva Peterson, Barbara Boeder, Dickie Isakson 0 KJ and' FIRST ROWx John Messner, Anna Marie Strauch, Diane Jacobson Karen Melquist Carol Fenske, Gary Stadtherr Charles Durnan Lois Templin, haron Glaeser, Vincent Melquis , Leon Stadtherr SECOND ROW: Miss Bertelsen, David Hager, Patty Messner, Eileen Lagerstedt, David Hunerberg, Gene Mattes, Norman Ziegler, 01-V911 Olson, Marvin Melander, Marcia Wolter, Elizabeth Olson, Genevieve Pockrandt 1 A qi lm FIRST ROW: Francis Korkemeier Suzanne Loftness, Kathy Glaeser, Carol 011111, Victoria Campa, on Gislason, Ella Pfister, Diane Willrotn., Jeanette Stadtherr, Larry Heller SECOND ROW: David Schiltz, Gary Thiem, Laurie Dickmeyer, Gayle Beaman, Larita Mi1brett,Stephen Larson, Patricia Ziegler, Charles Isakson, June Boeder THIRD ROW: Ray Rassmason, Marlene Carlson, Joan Willroth, M8715 Bethke, Gary Pautz, John Hanslick, Sharon Mueffleman, David Kad n ing , Claire Wanstrom O iii' ,fs - R si it el A. , .O ,, A lie? 'alas Y V' f 'gh 5 , -' 5 7-5 f ,sn .Q . fl ri 1 fr 3 O : Q - I : e , ' - 'U R I R "., if ,., L, X t la W Q SN, Wk . ,v'.., ,eff A an-R 'Edn D e Q ff as S fs 'Y O I f , ig Q z 2 t . X U A4 ilgif- . ,WM W V' L A L - A , ts six A r V X '.i I QMS was 4 K 7 ly A L . :X A S K S ... I . L I v mf ' JI .1 N, 5 B ' c . W O ffonihall Eeam KNEELING Joe Eckert, Lee Dreier, Gene lsakson, Kenneth Kramer, Bob Esser, Edward Lentz, Jim Stadtherr, Patrick Stadtherr STANDING Mr Wilfahrt, Harry Berger, David Kent, James Micke, Waldo Larson, Lester Biermann.Allen Hager, Lyle Dahl, Dennis Wal ter, lr Sega The Wildcats had a very successful football season ending up in second place in the conference with a very impressive record of six wins and one loss This record, incidentally was the best football record in the history of Gibbon igh School The Wildcats WDe Feathered De Bag1es'20 18 to win their Homecoming game on October 12 For the sixth consecutive year Morgan took the Tomahawk championship The starting lineup was Larson and Esser ate Kramer and Isakson at tackl J Stadtherr and Eckert atha fback P Stadtherr at quar erback and Lentz at center Nex year's team will be minus five seniors Ken Kramer, Bob Esser, Jim Stadtherr, Lee Dreier and Lester Biermann Sept Gibbon Echo Gibbon Morton Oct Gibbon Winthrop Gibbon Fairfax Gibbon Franklin 6 5 Gibbon Gaylord 6 K o " ' . ek ' . L Q lk --16 ------ 0 CT, " 21 Gibbon--la Morgan---21 CTD " 28 --1 ---la CHD . 5 --1+l -1 CTD ' 12 --20 --18 CH, ' 19 ---7 -- tr? ' 2 --33 --- CHI iliumecoming ztinities ocfobe' '2 B r e OX KigJ'i Stdth lgiLhm 1 n"'i,, EJ emor I-neerleader Celine Isakson r J Barbara Hama Danna Br otstrlct I0 ulllier gfN'fLgM T8 11:1 he 86? e ,091 X X 91 4,3 ogy ifaaakeihall Exam KIEELING Joe Eckert, Kenneth Kramer, Robert Esser, Lee Dreier, Jim Stadtherr, Dennis Walter Patrick STANDING Mr Wilfahrt, Leighton Spaude, Jim Micke, Stadtherr, Edward Lentz,George Olson,Waldo Larson, Gene Barton Stadtherr, no Sega Isakson, A new and very impressive record wee eet this year Gibbon Wildcats when they wen the Tomahawk Conference ienlhlba the District 10 championship gpleeedthird in 3 ploy Dffl,K1'0 .mdeteated In conference pl!! H114 bat 0111? three games out Of the twenty five played They lost their chance torepresent Region 3 inthe state tournament by losing a closely contested game to Glencoe, SH-53 All members of this championship tea: will be returning exceptfive seniors Bob Esser, Jim Btedtnezr Ken Kramer, Lee Dreier and Leighton Speedo Gibbon Henderson Franklin Stewart Morgan Gaylord N U Trinity l Fairfax Morgan Echo Sleepy Eye Gaylord Franklin Winthrop Fairfax N U Trinity Winthrop Wabasso Fairfax Sleepy Eye 3 New Ulm Glencoe 67 Tracy H G A Sl six! ulxlxl High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point Point ll D D ll I1 ll ll Il Mb ll D ll Il Il I1 Hin I1 Mtn by the champ Region Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Eckert Esser Kramer Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Esser Kremer Esser Esser Kramer Esser Kramer Esser --sv ----- as cm ra - --22 : Z --2? D. M. L. c.---kg 2 - --iz n 1- ::66 -:::1,1,. Q53 Man- --18 H " --62 -------- 32 cn Ha - --22 1 2.2 zu' " e e ' n-' -- " H --72 D. M. L. c.---E2 Eng, Ma - --20 H f' --52 ------- 32 T Ma - -15 - H --S ........ 31+ can na- --23 -' -1 -- a ---------- 32 cm mn- -2 " " -47 Morton -------- R im High Point mm-Kremer-1'+ : :--as ss- W- -u ------- nl "' " " --59 ------ 33 cn nn- --24 " " --50 ------ 32 tri Ma - --13 " " --58 ------ -39 can Ma- --26 I 3"ZZ ' ' '25 E33 2 ' "2-'S : 2--22 -----'23 ess' If - -52 " N --m+ ---- 3 call. Men- --B - I' --52 ------ -as gem. re - --27 w H -- -.----- c.A. - - - "--53 --------- EZ cG.A.J Han- --23 KNEELING Waldo Larson, Patrick Stadtherr, Edward Lentz, George Olson, Gene Isakson STANDING Mr Wilfahrt, James Micke, Lyle Dahl, Allen Hager, Harry Berger, Richard Brunner, Mr Sega The unior high team again copped the Tomahawk Conference Junior igh Tourney for the third time in four years They throp and then surged ahead to overpower Morton for the tru phy The second team set a remarkable record by going through the season undefeated both in conference and non conference play I RNELLING David Kent, Lyle Dahl, uames nlexe, Allen nager, harry Berger STANDING Darlyn Grosam, Jerome Larson,Terrance Olson, Jerry Beit ter, Richard Brunner, Norman Doering, Richard Isakson, Mr Stedje Il tl gained entrance to the finals by beating Franklin and Win- If I 1 Baseball tfeam KNEELING Joe Eckert James Stadtherr, Kenneth Kramer, Robert Esser, Edward ientz, Dean Buerkle STANDING: George Olson, Gene Isakson, Patrick Stadtherg James Micke, M Wilfahrt For the second time in three years the Wildcats won the Tomahawk Conference championship in base ball They ended a highly successful season with a fine record of three wins and no losses The lineup was as follows: Buerkle, pitcher, Kramer, catcher, Lentz, first base, licke, second base, J Stadtherr. shortstpp, J Eckert third base, I Eckert center fieldg Olson, left field, Isakson, right ield The team lost only one senior, Will iam Eckert Gibbon 6 Fairfax 5 Gibbon ll Winthrop l Gibbon ll Franklin 3 V-'A xv 6 f cfufiry x 2 Illflv mano ms FIRST ROW Carolyn Bode, Eileen Monson, Diane Boettcher, Darlene Buerkle, Elaine Bode, Janice Thran, Burnell Podratz, Lois Pagel, Barbara Boettcher, Nancy llikkelson, Sally Wilson SECOND ROW Lois Ahlbrecht, Joanne Brunner, George Sohweiss, David Kent, James Micke, Eldon Huessmeien linston Bullemer, Dennis Harms, Harold Taggmtz, Richard Briese, Roger Johnson. THIRD R017 Shirley Bodder, Celine Isakson, Richard Brunner, Lyle Dahl, Allen Hager, Patrick Stadthern John Johnson, Lowell Peterson, Deforest Boeder FOURTH ROW Harry Berger James Stadtherr Curtis Boeder. George Olson, Edgar Taggatz, Ronald Vorwerk, Joe Eckert, Edward Lent: 'X f hw IN 'N' , ,f u was s,.,-,f A new milestone was passed by the GJ 8 band when they got their long waited uniforms The wool gabardine suits have gray trousers with a wide maroon stripe edged in golddown the side The rich maroon jacket has a modified mandarin collar and a gray convertible collar which may be worn either open or closed A maroon West Point shako het with a white shield, sold emblem, and large gold plume, white anklets, an wine shoes complete the uniform This year, besides the annual spring concert and miie festival, exchange concerts were given with the Winthrop and Gaylord High Schools The band, mixed chorus, and smaller musical groups par ticipated in these programs n X I. .f C - DJ SSA ' .5 , r. J' 6 ' A 1,6 lf., bf X lw ,K I 1 Q Jeanette o ce Grace Lanz, Darlene Buerkle, Delores Kramer, Joan Zettle, Charlotte Glaeser Sally Wilson, Noreen Drews, Evelyn Havemeier Lorraine Kuehn,Marilyn Pockrandt, Nancy Mikkelson, Leorda Kramer, Mr Nelson THIRD ROW Lorraine Bruns, Barbara Boettcher, Alice Ziegler, Mae Bruns, Marlene Vorwerk,Beverly Olso Celine Isakson,Joanne Brunner, Roger Johnson, Winston Bullemer, Ric ard Brunner, Douglas Kramer FOURTH ROW Edward Lentz, Glenn Carlson, Ronald Vorwerk, Deforest Boeder, Robert Brunner, Dean Buerkle, Joe Eckert, George Schweiss Gene Isakson, Kenneth Kramer 'Ll Jane Hanslick, Jean Johnson, Janice Pettis SECOND ROW: Harvey Totman, Richard Durnan Darlyn Grosam, Laverne Melquist, Melvin Neyers, Walter Hauser,Davld Pfisteg Danny Halvor son, Donald Wanstrom THIRD ROW: Janette Pockrandt, Barbara Lentz, Lyla Lagerstedt, Patricia King, Mary Ann Brunner, DianneBoettcher, Marilyn Kreft, Gloria Carlson, Shirley Boeder, Margaret Rubischko, hr. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: James Rieke, Richard Isakson, Terry Olson, Richard Rathman,Duane W1llroth,Jerome Larson,Richard Briese,Norman Doering, Delmar Peterson, Jerry Reitter. ,f N ti A A ' , ' lv 1V,.,I. 9 Y ' 5 SECOND ROW: Barbara Kramer, Joan Briese,Carolyn Bode.Patsy Kramer, 1 ---,---- ----.--..-., .-.-..-, ..e-.,,.,., Ou Lan Girls Oftet 6 Yi I' Aa '30 1 pf' Fw NSS uortet' F' I f Ztoel' Dim WON N3 www ai- S5 ve 'L Evelyn 283 de lil ohnsogzgdesg'-La 1' Car Ox-VTX ' P1113 1 0 Canice Hake BT 31899 Jenner, tit Byers ' r lu QP ef! 1858 1 3 Les W Q 0 xg 7 ggggI?gR Hthm O' , L BQ ani! M urs 01713 egfcsjg, H5361 Rfetgig Evelyn Selle nel' e e Rust- Dar Haven HI 9 Br Ver e lene 3 9 er our ese Y 0 so P, un uerk v John s Lavonne T 11 Lo1-Aff: Feng ed 8 8 a e p ralseth, Marg! abrezfkaglfy he e Lehm 911 gsf mi? 1. .!""f-4 Q . ' as , 7 A' s' 313 '-' - M . A' afm. W 1,151 6,8 V +111 11,63 swift J Asif' ZW Hmmm I 3 1 Q ,K if '2 ' Xxx Har K Q. XA Q L nee 5 509 Osek ig. 5- ore Heder L ' HES, E? , -' ' ' I me . 2 V 5 xi " 5 K I Y . . f. C L 'A I. . -L A , 'J . , . Ann 1' Y ' ck J 9 Hn nn, tt B Q 1' RD R 1' . 1 E 11 B 1. at ff .s f 3 ,,.,f'-' -' ': 4' Q ':A:! .. I. QQ J' fM,iA i 1 W V m .Junior Qflass 13lag On November 16, l95l,the Junior class presented NGabriel Blow Your Hornln under the direction of Mrs. Helen Hake. It was warmly accepted by a large and enthusiastic audience despite the bad weather. The opening curtain found Gabriel chewingon a pipe watch- ing Zerusia, his wife, scrubbing the floor. His daughter, Daisy Mae, was also being kept busy by Gabriel They were getting ready for Miss Thelma Sm1th's house party which she was giving for her niece, Janet The purpose of the party was to get Janet's mind off Herbert Brown, Jr with whom she was in love Miss Thelma invited some of Janet's friends to the party including Harold Dillion, a young broker Harold was Miss Thelma's choice for Janet It finally came out that Miss Thelma and Herbert Brown, Sr had beenin love when they were young, accountingfbr her dislike for Herbert, Jr Herb, Jr came to the cabin disguised in a beard to be near Janet By the time the third act curtain fell the confusion cleared up with Janet and Herb Brown, Jr an Miss Thelma and Herb Brown, Sr getting together, however Gabrielstill maintained that 'city folks don't have any sense'n Members of the cast included, Gabriel Pennington, Joe Eckert, Zerusia Pennington,Jban Zettel,Da1sy Mae Pennington, Lorraine Fahrenkamp, Miss Thelma Smith, Lorraine Bruns, Janet Smith Joyce Ohland, Eleanor Barnes, Lorna Vorwerk, Mildred Clyde Barbara Boettcher, Pete Wright, Leonard Bier mann, Frank S evans, Clifford Black, Herbert Brown Jr , James Berle,Herbert Brown, Sr ,Dennis woods, Harold D llion, Elmer Klukas Scenes from the play .Tl Lehman 1 Drews 'va Krieg -Izkq Ss QUQP sth R8 thmsan 0 65 C13 Xu 1 00 1 s 5 etm909 Muriel W Rettmahf S013 Q ee 12 18" ll schmeyer Boas 5 I Yorvlefk R Sgbr 096191- din Po cbandt QZJ7?7WZZis.,f::..vpjMW Mygl Q 29" 1 Q 2 ' Ng, 23.2 U B V , ' 9 'a -S' Q 'PX 'S'5jA W 9 fv J'-, QA14 A ii! 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Suggestions in the Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) collection:

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 27

1952, pg 27

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 81

1952, pg 81

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 79

1952, pg 79

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 35

1952, pg 35

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 63

1952, pg 63

Gibbon High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Gibbon, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 6

1952, pg 6

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