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F51 Az 4 45 1: m. wx, 's 2 s 7' J mf CZQ E y K., LIBRIS5fxQw R gf X ,rf W,-f SQ EUCCDQDU 3 DDASDYQ ff 1"'o h 'IT SQ IHIQDCKDU DDASXJYS' L A 71 W rg J A R 9 ki' 191,19 K K gf uw 1 I uf ic, Q ui g 'T x Q 12, 1 54, A lla. il, eg 5 . . . x ' Vg. in ' .4 'I 'W 'il Ib J A lm c' -- ' M ,," 4, DDD ANR GDB DD QHCQDU MDW .N 4' l"""""" K5 UQUUUAU2 DDASDYS 'Ti il d JI 'Tl 'NJ JI A Qfssgza M M W ri z cr. Q' 5 'NJ -G y N TRU! ANTDHN9 W HM M MN AN HRH H EU My M DWI? H G 53 X9 .JI 5 s 'J 5 I qb4 'Q' V V Y 9 'ml W fi J., - IAVY 3:3-if , , .ff ' L2 F 4 ,I I A ww-44+ f 9 v m I: Q 53- xi 41 W Eggers Q MEMS Q QJ MD BUD QP fl uumw JQDH W1 4' R Wjiqiggshiggfi " Ag m DEM Hii QDHRS3 Swim Hai Q L2 in W C7 Q X 1 J sX 9 I7 SJ J, 1? il 'iw ' 2 fb ' U k 'il 1 V 'U V il I 41 1-FJ I v 'R' '. f- f "'i?'T?'d' Tl 77 J Q X . , ,iii XI: W 5 f Nm J I 1 Q Q.: -1 l ' 'N 33 GDN XWFVIJK JI M33 BAMRDQ S IL GND H iff ig QW- Hiatt 'ax ii are 5555 58:5 BAYLSDU H UW IBDEZMKU 1 Tl 17 TJ QS f . Z- 1 1 I X X 4 . 5 . '59 , V 1- ' V 1' N V vb, R .ay ' P761 1 .1-'fx' , . - uf . .f-'SP' -3 , , ' 645 1 ' . H - ' ' r 9. '- XA NW .-,ig F ' 'q -P 's ' D. 1 'S ' . ' I K X Y S03 ' g. 1 2 ' :av HA y 'tffil bv ?9. . 1 a S." "' "' 44. 'fn' ' ' Us ,Y 25 "'ws "4'z M ' " 'f' " '- ,-. N... t , . 1 ,- L 1 QA. o 'iii-iii:-4,:3" ,',', A-2 J V Js . 'I' - h ,X 1 ' -', , .,5Q3fQ1. 1 1""Z., X ,H ' 3. ina, , 'v ' rf 'L A. -"X 'N v-,Q ,J L . - . F '. s A , , Q " x ' , - . ' - A '44 5 ng H 7 . - QQTEA , - A 1 . Q Q l Y' A' H YSRBVASLQ YCCDUHQ GQQUHUAUSN HN GMM HQ GD IL N 43 1 4 W X 'H '43 H A xr- ' Q " 3 N XXL' 1 , -' X is fm Y I i A H . . 1 Mx.. J 1 t ' ' Q W A J 33 GDN N IMD TU GDN M33 SU AKVTDA hmm WV' XS ' X16 Lv I X Q KF 1 X' 5 it 1 if ,914 7 if U Tl A rw 7 4 g -Q TI Tl Ik. A , . ,144 , Q ,, 4 Q Q O' X10 Q O Qs A s 'Q sx at , ,.l. , 0 '," ga- I - S' 55 1 , W Y' 7 1 r N Q Q IX, I 7 N3-Q MUG N YWDQ W QHRD Ak S 33 SP? G CCDLUMDU UA QDHQ MCQHUDS V U il X1 0 A dl ff , Wg. 51 141 41 '. ,, 4" 'Zu Q, Xb-LA W1 ' Q1 J A A KJ Tl A YI lk Q RAY WILLIAMS In gratitude Rr the many years of service on our school board, we the Seniors of l9S2,w1sh to dedicate this annual to Ray Williams. Mr. Williams has been a member of the school board for seventeen years. During this time, he has given unselfishly of his time and efforts to improve the Gibbon Public Schools. A few of these accomplishments were a new grade school building, aud1toriwm,addit1on of two grade school rooms, vocational agriculture, and home economics. , 33 0 I, 'Nl ,ff f 1422, 2 I --v E uf U .-a-.E.'-sill -. S39 I' 4 ...5 m.. .nl 5::::""m .E sv., ,., 15--li AN OLD CLASS BOOK 3 Adam N Reiter Perhaps you have it tucked away In some forgotten nook, which fate is scarcely fitting For a treasured 'Mem'ry Book' And doubtless too, you're occupied With toil and hopes and fears, And lack the time to tread again The path of by gone years Quite like the cover's musty And the edges frayed with age Yet, there's much of clinging interest On each yellowed, ancient page, And deep within your being, You'l1 experience a glow Wher you view again the faces That you knew so long ago It's worth an evening's musing, And you'1l find it pleasant, too, Just to stir up 'auld acquaintance With those classmates that you knew, You'll relish scenes and stories And perhaps you'1l risk a grin, When you read about a 'fracas' That your special gang was in. You'll marvel at the 'Prophecies' This 'Wonder book' relates, And dwell upon the destined lot, Of these, your youthful mates For some must be of high repute, Still more of less degree Nhile many plod a simple way Just 'folks' like you and me! A few You'll pause a moment When you turn the pages back, To gaze on those whose likeness Should be 'kem'ry etched in black' Whose names once graced the roster, Ere the summons came to 'pass' But still vithin your Class Book They are 'Lembers of the ClassX' An oasis in Fancy, this, And green throughout the years Where one may rest a pensive hour Amidst the smiles and tears-- Ah, Friend! There's rich reflection That you shouldn't overlook, In between the faded covers. . . Of your Old Class Book! T I il . t -3- 5, Q .nf X X Q-.ak iyf, :,ti V Q ' S --- l 4 j '7 - gf- 1 a .- H ffl 13-:ETEE- 'Tifzl' E-'5 X T v T f 1 rig! .L Il! ff -ov IQ m 1 - .2 f n ,-Q J Y., '--AF' . 5'f. " N a' A' '-"' "A 1 ff' a s I 'S' alllu 1' it qllhl l -Q , - if I I .. X Z, I ',: sz QQ. f'a THE 1952 YEARBOOK presented by TH SENIOR CLASS made possible by the Annuall Staff Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Features Editor Activities Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Photographer Sponsor composed of Suzanne Lindenstein LaBerta Power Donna Howell Manager Norma Erpelding LaVonne Weston John Pedersen Marilyn Wrede Jack Sigler Joan Vohland Mr Shafer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Suzanne Lindenstein Vice President Gary McConnell Secretary Donna Howell Treasurer John Pedersen E Production Manager........ ...Gary McConnell MINI T 9 We ' wb, ff X-ff . f K I N W gig C 'u , x -- XX 5.x J' x A F GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Front Row, Left to Right Mrs Elaine Johnson, Mrs Alvah Zimmerman Mr Russell McCol1ister, Mrs June Wrede, and Mrs Cladys Beltzer Miss Elsie Hageman HIUH SCHOOL FACULTY Front Row, Left to Rlght J Vernon Anderson, Hr Leroy Pope, hm Glen Shafer, Mr Howell Oldham, and Mr Alfred Bang SOD Back Row Mrs Adelaine Bals, Mrs Nilma Larsen, and Irs Ann Ander O - . , Q 0 9 ' ' s 8 13, . . l go ,i,f ' I 0 s , Back Row - Miss Mary Chramosta, Mrs. Ruth Ice, Mrs. Jim Clark, and if V I Q .oi h - ll ' I H7 1 . ' a ilk' N1 n 7 f X U f, Q C Q sf w ROBERT CATLIN 'It is better to play than do nothing Basketball 1 Boys' Glee 1,2, Junior Play 3 -Qs: JOANN BENGE 'Better a blush in the face than a spot in the heart.n Band l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus kg Girls' Glee l,2,3,hg Pep Club 2,3,u. 4:9 J 4ll' RONALD CATLIN 'I'm here, even if I don't tell everyone FFA Officer M, FFA r l N l an . A , 5 ' -0 O 'll so ' 1 X Y . - 1 1... r un F 'Q ' Track 23 Boys' Glee 23 Junior Play 33 s. A ' . l' LEONARD DEBBIE WAYNE CUDABACK 'I always get the better when I argue alone Class Officer 2gFootba1l 14,2-4,3-rr Lp!- Baeketball 2 34 he Track 2 3 M Baseball 34 5, Mixed Chorus 3, , Boyd Glee 1,2,3, One Act Play Stage Mana ger 2, Junior Play 3 352 'He blushes all is safe ...-nil' Class Officer l,2, Football l,34,h4 Basketball 14 24,34, 4, Track l,34, Baseball 34 , All Conference Foot ball 3 A11 Conference Basketball 2,3, All State 3, Junior Play 3, Dramatics ,PFAM NOKIA ERPELDING 'The future is a convenient place for dreams Class Officer Student Council Mixed Chorus , Girls' Glee l,2,3 ll Junior Play 3 Dramatics l O 1 p m Typing Pin 3, Annual Staff , Honor able lention 1,2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Pep Club Officer Majorette 3 Accompanist 3, Librarian 3 DALE HERTER nLife is just one th ng after another DELORIS GODFREY 'The most completely lost of all da s is the one on which I6 have not laughed Girls' Glee l,2, Junior Play 3 Dramatics 1 2,3,h SO v p Typing Pin 3, Honorable Mention 2,3, Pep Qub 3, Librarian 2,3, Track 3 M Baseball M, Boys' Glee 'Tn 5 DONWA HOWELL To all my friends I leave kind thoughts Class Officer 3, , Student Council 2 Mixed 2 3 M 3, One matics w p m Chorus 1,2,3,h, Girls' Glee 1, Girls' Sextet 3 dixed Octet Act Play 3, Junior Play 3,Lra l 2, Girls' State 3 O Typing Pin 3 Honorable Men tion 1,2 3, Pep Clubl,2,3, , Pep Club Officer , Cheerleader 2 3 M Annual staff u .3 . , if ' Y l ,X M: : . 9 3 a .mo Q A M: M. li H 1 , ' 'C'- FFA M. ' ' 2' Mfg? 'I W CX I M' i : - . - , 3,M: . a is S- 0 o 0 A . y LL. L' 9 1 3 QQ. .,....... JOYCE KINNEY HAROLD JONES 'The secret of success in life il for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes Boys' Glee 1,2, Junior Play 3 Student Manager 3e,u4, FFA u, FFA officer A Mixed chorus 2,3Jl Girls' Glee 1 2,3, , Mixed Octeig 3 Dramaticsg 1,2 Libra rian l,2,3,ll go RHETA KNOTT 'The cruellest revenge of a woman is often to remain faithful to a man " lixed Chorus 2,3,ll Girls' Glee 1,2 3, , Vocal Solo 3, , Junior Play 3 Dramatics 2, Pep Club l,2,3 M, Major ette 1,2,3, Drum llajorette fp 2 V 1 3 hr' .n S " . I 'A' ' C 3 S "Q,uiet? You should know her better." 4' - L,- ' ' - -3 lo v L . .3 .tl 41 . EK I N s N :N it -' ' 1 l L+- Il- : L x 'M' T -sw SUZANNE LINDENSTEIN HERBERT KOQCEK nOne way to get ahead and stay ahead, is to use a head ' Football l,2+,34,hn, Basketball l,2, 3 A Track l,2,3 M Baseball 2,3 M Mixed Chorus 3,h, Boys' Glee 1,2,3 M FFA M 'A young lady with plenty of dash! She chose her Romeo from the senior class U1 Class Officer M, Student Council 3 Mixed Chorus 3 A Girls' Glee 1,2,j One Act Pla 3, Junior Play 3 L+ y w,p m Typing Pin 3 Annual Staff Honorable Mention l,2,3, Pep Club 1, 2 M Pep Club Officer U,Cheerleader HARY LOEFFELHOLZ 'I have never been hurt by anything I d1dn't say Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee 1,2,3,h Dramatic: 2,3, Pep Club 2,3 i an . 'J . 2 . X 97 .nn J: , :n A . , R 1 I 1 . - . :O ... 3. Q 1,3 ' 3, - ' ie .rv ' : MARY MARTINEZ 'A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market ' Girls' Glee 1,2 IDNNA MATZNER nL1fe is easy, smooth an slow, do what comes and let the rest go ' Pep Club 2,3, Honorable Mention 3 More men are sorry for speaking than keeping silent ' Class Officer M, Football 34 A Bas ketball 3 hi Mixed Chorus 2 Boys' Glee l,2,3 A G 5 ' 23 d , fy 'J l Q GARY MCCONNELL . 'qs .. V n :F , w,n3nu: lg, GAILEN MCMULLEN 'ly memory is the thing I forget with ' Football 2,3, 6, Basketball l,2,3,h4 Nu... lixed Chorus Boys' Glee l,2,3 M Band l,2,3 RICHARD MOFFETT nl know who my grandfather was, but I'm more concerned what his grandson will be Basketball 1,2 Track 1, Baseball 2, Perfect Attendance l,3, Student Hana ger 3+ M4 can Q JOHN PEDER SEN 'A bashful boy of the FFA He will be a farmer some day Class Officer Football 24,34, 4 Basketball 1 2,3, 4 Track 2, Base ball 2,34,h, Boys' Glee l,2, Junior Play 3 Boys' State 3 Annual Staff I+, Honorable Mention l,2,3 FFA lp, FFA officer M. Q? 'I U , h Lu - : 1 S I+: , : 1, V' I .. , Q I .Q 1 . In Q , . 4 f V 4 , .. ix . L , . .1 3 O '15 it I ' n hs 1+ s 1 M 3 ' ' s z 6 'Wd .I PEGGY REED nl can resist everything except temptation " Band 1,2,3,h, uixed chorus 3 M Girls' Glee l,2,3, , Girls' Sextet , Junior Play 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3 , Perfect Attendance l,2,3 50 I p m Typing Pin 3, Honorable Mention 1,2,3 Instru mental Soloist l,2,3, , Student Band Director M, Pep Club 2,3,h, Pep Club Officer ll HQ!! f H JACK SIGLER 'Let us be such as help the life of the future ' 3,h, Football 24, 34 4 Basketball 14r,2-n-,3-xf 4 Track l-H-,241-,341-, -I-, Base ball 3-11-, All Conference Football 2,3, All Conference Basketball l,2,3 Boys' Glee 1, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff M, Student Manager 1 xg' LELAND STUBBLEF IELD ,gg 'He uno sitteth upon a tack yea! he shall rise Football 1, 2, Basketball l, Track l ' Baseball 3,h, Boys'Glee l,2,3, FFA ff 1, . qi ' 'FO 3 M. it . lp ,, X. Y' ,Q f f f 1 ,' S' 4 q Q Q . H O ,J I Class Officer 1,2,3g Student Council ,V , ' 9 14- 3 N :LF P ll- ' Z' W . ' ' A v . O , -- I ." 'B . . ui I JOAN VOHLAND "' 'Never refuse a good offer ' Class orr1eer 1, Band 1,2,3,h, sized Chorus 2 3 M, Girls' Glee 1 2,3 Junior Pla 3, Annual Staff Pep Club 1,2,3, , Cheerleader LAVONNE WESTON 'No words can express her infinite sweetness ' ',-slit Girls' Glee 1 2,3,h Junior Play 3 Dramatics 1,2, Perfect Attendance 1 ,3, Annual starr L, Hmrrable Mention 3, Pep Club 2, , , Pep Club Officer ,h, Librarian ,593 41 IARILYR WREDE 'Her mind is here, but her heart is elsewhere class orf1cer 3 Band l,2,3,h, Mixed Cho us 2,3,h, Girls' Glee 1,2 Vocal Solo 3 M Junior Play 3 I p m Typing Pin 3, Annual Staff X. Honorable lention 1,2,3, Pep Club 1 2 3 Pep Club Officer 3,h, lajor- ence L Q cl gr 1 1 ' R :uf g., K' ho , . v N xx I fha 3 I 3 A 2 Q 0 , . 14-- 3 ' 0 I Ein, l', 'lily I I V -f in '1:' Q' ' ' .3,h: f I 3 3 0 L s nu' ' , MILTON YOUNG 'Never speak sense when nonsense will answer the purpose as well Football 2 3 Track l 2,3 f In GEORGE ZIMMERMAN E Laeser was short Napoleon was short an Ivm not SS can myself ' ""' Baseball 3, FFA 1' L-' WX X Y 2 ,E Class of CLASS COLORS Silver and Powder Blue CLASS IOTTO Face the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you CLASS FLOWER Scarlet Rose Q' -., I ull - fxxn . will Y ' If gl ' fix 'f 1 - 41' J I X f' n '- Y Il N U N H ' QWwm,. - s f' '- " 'ix - ., 4, . a W , 3 v 4: . My s M it ' , o X X x X vxvluxi' ZMMEW. I I . FN 1t"' ' . ai: :Y 3 -EXBWQ JSE, V X 1 CLASS HISTORY On that memorable day, September just four years ago, a group of green frightened freshies entered Room 5 at Gibbon High School We were as follows Joann Benge, Ronald Catlin, Robert Catlin, Wayne Cudaback, Leonard DeBr1e, Norma Jean Erpeldlng, Jeanine Farris, Deloris Godfrey, Dale Herter, Donna Howell, James Isaac, Richard Johnson, Harold Jones, Lorraine Kenton, Joyce Kinney, Rheta Knott, Herbert Korcek, Suzanne Lindenstein, Mary Loeffelholz, Mary Martinez, Delores Martinez, Gary McConnell, Gailen McMullen, Myrna McNair, Richard Moffett, Glendon Moller, Kenneth Rltterbush, Arnold Sealing, Jack Sigler, Rex Stibor, Leland Stubblefield, Joan Vohland, Lavonne Weston, Marilyn Wrede, Milton Young, George Zimmerman, and Glen Z1mm9PmlDdl1 We made Mzthrough initiation all right,and started getting acquainted with one another The officers of our freshman class were President Myrna McNair Secretary Joan Vohland Vice President Jack Sigle Treasurer Leonard DeBrie Representatives in the Student Council were LaBerta and Ronald Power After the school year and summer vacation were past, we were only too happy to return again and be greeted once more by our cheerful classmates Seeing their smiling faces made us realize that we really had missed them during vacation One student, Harold Cepel, was added to the enrollment, and Rex Stibor, Myrna McNair, Lorraine Kenton, Mary Loeffelholz, and Glendon Moller were dropped The first event of importance was election of class officers President Wayne Cudaback Secretary Leonard DeBrie Vice President Jack Sigler Treasurer Arnold Sealing Donna Howell and Harold Cepel were chosen for the Student Council. lr Nelson was again our class sponor At the end of the first semester, Richard Johnson changed schools, and Delores Martinez dropped at the end of the year As we entered our junior year, thirty strong, we began to really feel the superiority of being upper classmen It was exciting to choose and receive our class rings On December 3 we presented our junior class play, 'One Foot in Heaven Under the guidance of Mr Anderson and Mrs Larsen, our banquet was a successful highlight of the year Officers were President Donna Howell Secretary Marilyn Wrede Vice President Jack Sigler Treasurer Norma Erpelding Jack Sigler and Suzanne Lindenstein served on the Student Council Ahl We finally reached the last rung of the ladder! Seniors, at last! This was the most important and busiest year of our high school career Our class officers were: President - Suzanne Lindenstein Secretary Donna Howell Vice President - Gary McConnell Treasurer John Pedersen Jack Sigler and Norma Erpelding were on the Student Council. We gained Donna Matzner and Mary Loeffelholz in our class enrollment, but lost Ronald and LaBerta Power, and Kenneth Ritterbush. On lay 16, as we marched down the aisle to the 'Preist's larch,' we realized this was the closing of four of the best years of our lives. I+, I 1.1-Jer-r ',,1 e 2 O Our class sponsor was Mr. Nelson. O O Q I O D C O I! O O 0 e 2 O 0 CLASS PROPHECY This is the year 1902. Wonder what our high school classmates are doing Let's take a look hop aboard the magic carpet and whishhhh here we go! Look at the scyscrapers! This must be it is .New York! There's Donna Matzner hurrying to work She's a lady reporter for the New York Times Her specialty is the obituary column Let's fly over and see our old friend, Milton Young, in Chicago, the windy city It's a rumor he raises turkeys in his pent house. See that sign board over there Isn't that a picture of Joann Benge? It is! uDrink Selpmid for Dlmples like Mine Tall corn looks like we must be in Iowa There's the university Peggy Reed attended She is now a noted researcher in chemistry Her latest discovery is a chemical which attracts men when placed on one's big toe. My, hasn't Omaha grown! We ought to stay over and watch Mary Mar tinez's television show Everyone with a heavy heart listens to uMerry Moments with Mary W By the way, Herb Korcek is the latest singing sensa tion of the radio His theme song is 'So Tired ' Erpelding waving from the cockpit She looked real nice in her airline stewardess' uniform, didnlt she? Jack Sigler has made quite a name for himself as coach at Nebraska University We hear he's doing some coaching on his own at home There's our rival town, Shelton Rheta KKnottJ is using the leader ship she learned as head majorette in Gibbon High School, as she is now leading the Life of Riley, Don't some of those faces look familiar around Gibbon? There's Dale Herter, the well known cattle rancher He flies his cattle to Omaha by means of the Stubblefield privately owned and operated airline Out southeast of Gibbon, there is George Zimmerman's Dairy Farm which supplies Gibbon and vicinity with milk and dairy products. Gibbon is well kept up on the news now that Gailen fHa1f Moon? is editor of the Gibbon Ripsnorter Joan Vohland provides the home town paper with her excellent photographs of women wrestlers There's John Pedersen's homestead He has been selected the Farmer of the Year Could have something to do with his training in GHS Dick Moffett is home on furlough from the National Guards Upon his return, he is up for promot4on as he now has ther'equ1red twelve whiskers. Letfs leave our home town and travel west in search of our other old classmates That little school house on top of the hill is where Mary Loeffelholz teaches the 3 RVs. She is a favorite with all the pupils Look over there in the mountains of Colorado Isn't that Suzanne lLindenste1nD and Leonard DeBr1e looking over their herd of sheep Looks like they're wooly' doing well No, .nat red you see doesn't mean we're in Russia. That's LaVonne Westonls cherry orchard In the distance you can see her pie baking factory The sign says 'LaVonne's Luscious Cherry P1e.' OO. OO -- ' .H It's a plane, 1t's a's a plane, and that's Norma Jean O 0 ll ,II C 'I l O . - A three ring circus means fun Haven't we got ti e to stop? Wayne Cudaback finally found a very suitable vocation He is billed as the funniest clown in Barnum and Ba1ley's circus On to Cali.forn1a Professor Bob Catlin of California Univershq teaches driver's education His rules are very strict, his students must be able to drive on one wheel and skid not less than 30 feet each stop Bright lights and glamour usher us into Hollywood. Marilyn Wred has put her art ability to work and is dreaming up new characters for Walt D sney Let's kaave this bright California sun and travel north Ronald Cat lin is a famous surgeon in Portland, Oregon His specialty is appendec tomies He has it so perfected in detail that he can perform the complete operation in 1 min 30 sec Brrrl No wonder, this is Alaska. However, Harold Jones seems to cloth coat I've often wondered where Gary McConnell moved to All the girls in Lower Slobovia are simply crazy about him since he is their hero on the basketball team Hold on to your heads, we're flying over Borneo That exploration party down the e is led by Joyce Kinney She is gathering material for her next book, HOW TO GET AHEAD Jolly, old bean, here we are in England Donna Howell, the first woman president of tH6 United States, is over visiting Queen Elizabeth She's presenting a much larger budget next year so she can afford music lessons to keep up with Harry Truman's piano playing and vacations So, after we have found our old classmateq it is time to return home Even though they are scattered over the world, we will always remember them as our dear classmates of good old GHS, class of 1952 CLASS WILL I, Joann Benge, leave my cute dimples to Everett Gardner, to help promote romance in Gibbon High I, Robert Catlin, leave my orneriness to M Anderson as if he has an under supply I, Ronald Catlin, leave my quietness to Jack Carpenter, eo he won't get eighth hours all the time I, Wayne Cudaback, leave my gift of gab to Virgene Lange, so GHS won't get stale from silence. I, Leonard DeBrie, leave my 'Toni' to Hickey McConnell Good luck, look what it got me I, Norma Erpelding, leave my typing speed to I . Oldham, so he can get his tests typed out on time. I, Deloris Godfrey, leave my good grades in American Government to David Case Study hard! I, Dale Herter, leave my grin to Lowell Johannsen, so there'll be a jolly GHS in the future. like it up here. Mrs. Jones is tired of ermine coats....she wants a nice - 0 . -- I, Donna Howell, leave my quiet voice to Claudine Canady The Hart man twins can use it, too h I, Harold Jores, leave my redhead, but I'l1 be back at seven to pick er up I, Joyce Kinney, would leave my sparkler to brighten up GHS, but I'm too fond of it myself I, Rheta Knott, leave my long hair to any girl who thinks she won't have the temptation to cut it off I, Herbert Korcek, leave my ability to sleep to someone with an over supply of bed sore ointment I, Suzanne Lindenstein, leave my pep and volume to all future cheer leaders of GHS Keep up the school spirit!! I, Mary Loeffelholz, leave my bashful manners to Bill Ross Then we won't be able to tell when he is around I, Mary Martinez, leave my giggles to Irs Larsen Take good care of them, as they've had plenty of use I, Donna Matzner, leave my sister, Normalee, to Gibbon High School, so I can keep up on all the news I, Gary McConnell, leave my hot rod and my blonde to any lucky boy who can afford gas and eats Now, mayve someone else will be the first one outz1'the school when the bell rings I, Richard Moffett, leave my hard and tedious job as waterboy to James Slater, if he thinks he can carry the water jug I, John Pedersen, Leave my interest in F F A to Jimmy liebold, so he won't have to live in a city all his life I, Peggy Reed, leave my stature and natural blonde hair to Robert Loeffelholz I'm keeping my pen pals I, Jack Sigler, leave my extra inches of height to Dick Williams CPlus some athletic ability J I, Leland Stubbelfield, leave my bass voice and nickname to Larry Parks, so he may be heare in English class I, Joan Vohland, am leaving the Buick to my sister, Jane, since 1t's a nice doo dad to have in the family I, LaVonne Weston,leave my ability to cook to Raymond Camp so he will gain some extra pounds I, Marilyn Wrede, leave my natu allycurly hair to laxine Reed, so she Cin get her beauty sleep without pin curls I, Milton Young, leave my ability to give speeches in English class to Helen Bennett, so she can have more practice for the original oratory contest I, George Zimmerman, leave my excess height to Virginia Cudaback, lo they can't nickname her Half pint " O ' e e e ' I, Gailen McMullen, leave my slowness of movement to Bob Moffett. O . O I ' e O WE 2 'fr f 'NP' ,LJ K ""' f Us 5 JUNIOHS Front Row, Left to right Claudine Canady, Janice Donaldson, Helen Bennett, Carol Murray, Nancy Nest, Mona Mason, Delores 'yons Second Row Mrs Anderson, Patty Stall, Normalee Matzner, Marlene Thomas, Betty Crowell, Lois Reed, Mr Anderson Third Row Carl Rockefeller, Charles Del ado, Brunson Brown, David Case, Maynard Thomas Top Row Duane Jonannsen, Larry Parks, Charles Kelly Dale Skow Alvin Hartman Not in picture Artnur Hartman, Bill Ross President Helen Bennett Secretary Janice Donaldson Treasurer Bud Kelly Charles Collins Milliceht Collins Lorna Collins Dennis Collins Pandora Diana Wentworth Mrs Judith Wentworth Sidney Lanfield JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Charles Kelly Lois Reed Claudine Canady Bill Ross Mona Mason Carol Murray Janice Donaldson Carl Rockefeller Mr Collins a widower, decides to marry again and invites his frlend, Mrs Wentworth, and her pretty daughter Dlana for a visit The Collins young people, feeling for their father's welfare, determine to upset the venture, Millie, by belng haufhty to the guests, young Lorna, by hypnotiz ing Diana into leavlng, and good natured Dennis, by following his sister's advice But what a comeuppance Dennis falls for Diana, Lorna hypnotizes herself instead of her victim, and Millie is physically brought to apolo gize by the determined Pandora, their loved cook and up bringer When imaginative Millie's supposed millionaire beau appears in his garage attendant's uniform, it's the end With the help of the production staff and the capable direction of Mrs. Larsen, the play was a big success. I A'. i v D 1 , 1 e ' 1 W, C M' , 3 if 43 EOM rf N fc fN Ki i Ql's SOPHOMORLS Front Row, Left to ri5ht Sharlene Herter, Margaret Delgado, Betty Anderson, Carolee Garten Janlce Cllne, Marljn Boltz, Donna Herman, Phyllis Hilty Second Row Darlene Puttergill, Virginia Sutton, Rub, Livlngston, Virglnia Cudaback, Janice Neston, Janice Homan, Patsy Niebold Third Row Bob Chapman, Jim Catlin, Raymond camp, Bob Yocxey, nugene Chramosta, Ray Thomas, Bob Moffett Top Row Terry Hagge, Donald Pedersen, Marvin Shafer, Neil Scar- borough, Frankie Onate, Mr. Pope. Not in D1CtUP9 Garrle Schneller I President Patsy Nlebold " Vice rresident - Marvin Shafer s 1 sv" 1 f Secretary-Treasurer - Janice Homan IARCH OF TIME FOR SOPHOIORES Another day begins Pauline and her boy friend are getting home Bedtime for all youngsters Duane's watch must have stopped, Patsy is just going home M Anderson is dreaming up a hard World History test Neil Scarborough is lighting fire crackers again Virginia Cudaback lets out a yell in her sleep Carolee Carter gets up because she forgot to put the cat out Jim Catlin starts doing the chores. The town kids start getting up for school Things start buzzing at the school house Classes pass Eugene and Donald are just getting to school Everyone wakes up to go to the next class. The Home Ec girls hurry to class Robert Moffett leaves Voc Ag class with orders from Bang to report to the assembly Dean and Terry start their daily routine ol walking up and Smith's is crowded with students stocking up with candy to last all afternoon Students come straggling back to school Janice W and Darlene are primping before the mirror Marlyn and Raymond hurry in as the last bell rings Marvin is asking Janice H how to work an algebra problem in assembly Mr Anderson calls order in the assembly Sharlene, Phyllis, Ray, Frank, Janice C all report to Oldham's second English class Ruby is working on her Home Ec Students begin to break up gab sessions and wander home for their evening meal Ahl What a meal! Margaret and Virginia 3 are sure to be studying by now Patsy, Donna, and Janice are getting ready for dates Marvin is trying to get his dad's car again Garrie Schneller started through town with his dad's Chryslen All underaged children are going home to bed Betty is sure to be asleep by now End of a perfect day Good night! I l O . I O . Q I I I O l U O U . . .lr. I down stairs. I I U C I O l O F O , Mr. I O I O O Q O I O E EN PEQQ 9969 Q EI ua Q 9 N 104 FRQSHMLN Front Row, Left to right Maxine Reed, Sharon Rhoadarmer, Nancy Lcewcwsre r Jane Vohland, Marylin Keup, Clara Mae West, Glennadele Cxawloxd, Carolyn Catlin Qecond Row M1ckey McConnell, Jimmy Wleboll, Vlolet Mast, Betty Murray, Connie Richardson, Arlene Kuchera, Virgene Lange, Everett Gardner, Bob Loeffelholz, Dick Williams Third Row James slater, Dale Albin, Larry Donaldson, Larry Doyle, Jacxie Carpenter, Lowell Johannsen, narl Sands, Bob Kelly, Lynn Young Top Row Jimmy Wynn, Jerry blrme, Doug helch,Don Cllne, Don Schmldt, Jerry Krlha, Donald Moss, David Ben e, Mr Oldham Not in picture Salvador Martlnez Dresident Jerry Kriha Vice President Sharon Rhoadarmer Secretary Jane Vohland I 1 Treasurer Bob Kelly On September 7 1951 36 lowly freshmen were initiated into GHS by the sophomores The boys came dressed as girls with blue ribbons and green ribbons in their hair The girls came dressed as boys with their hair in thirteen different braids, each braid being tied with a different colored ribbon Each freshman was equipped with an onlon, a blindfold, and a toothbrush First on the list, the freshmen took their little toothbrushes and, provlded with plenty of soapy water, commenced to scrub the sidewalk on the north side of the school They were then paired off and sent around town to take the dog and cat censu There were a few bumped heads when the freshmen decided to find out if they were really being made to crawl plank and jumping two feet to the floor came asa surprise to the fresh men Upon returning to the school house the freshmen removed their shoes and stockings They were then made to eat the onions whhh they had brought A pan of paste and water and one of slop were not too pleasant to e bare feet The suffering freshmen were then decorated with lip stick After the floor had been cleaned of all wastes, a dance and a lunch of doughnuts and punch were enjoyed by everyone So without anyone getting hurt or killed, the freshmen of U51 52N went through their ini iation into dear old Gibbon Hlgh OWL Y , i , 1 I 6 jr S D I under benches. Walking up a gang- ll ll U 5 X' EIGHTH GRADE Front Row, Left to right Doris Manfull, Patty Cudaback, Delores Herman, Billie Chapman, Pauline Wood, Marguarette Meret, Mavis Bals, Janis Hagge Second Row Bobby McMullen, Jack Clark, Donald Gearheat, Gary McMullen, Bruce Bundy, Dale Wrede, Sidney Sutton, Roger Erpeldlng, Jon Bosse Third Row Rojane Rasmussen, Shirley Keiper, Alice Nielson, Monica Ross, Joan Smith, Beverly Dancer, Mildred DeBrie, Audrey Applegate Top Row Mrs Zimmerman, Charles Smith, Duane Frazier, Fred Reed, Buddy Stall Not in picture Ernesto Martinez, Donald Miller, Margaret Castenada JUNIOR The Junior High first team penter, Donald Cline, Bob Kelly, Dick Williams The members of HIGH ACTIVITIES basketball squad consisted of Jack Car Fred Reed, Charles Smith, Doug Welch, and the second team were Jack Clark, Roger Erpelding, Jerry Firme, Duane Frazier, Ralph Knott, Gary L1ndenste1n,Ernie Martinez, Gary Mclullen, Donald Miller, Donald Richardson, Buddy Stall, Sidney Sutton, Jim liebold, and Dale Wrede Three games were won and three were lost ment, the trophy was won They were cheered on by the Junior High twenty seven members under the direction of leaders for the 1951 1952 season were Mildred Monica Ross. The pep club was present at all In the Junior High tourna pep club, which consisted of Mrs Zim erman The cheer DeBr1e, Barbara Leonard, and 88.111680 ! SIXTH DRADL Front Row, Left to right Sharon Clark, Shirley Roos, Marjene Myer, Sonya Aldrich, Alta Albin, Nancy Guthriq Shirley Donaldson, Thais uuthrie Middle Row Barbara Wiebold, Patricia Coon, Barbara Cline, Patricia Patterson, Carolyn Torske, Rosita Garcia, Janis Rasmus en, Donna Schnase Top Row Ronald Daily, Steven Odell, James Cllne, Jean Walker, Ann Wilson, Lorraine DeBr1e, Bradley Dwiggins, Mrs Ice, James Anderson Not in picture David Castenada, Arthur Martin z di SEVLWWH SHADE Front Row, Left to right Linda Hasge, Beverly Bundy, Josephine Farias, Marlene Schnase, Judith Keup, Lee Del Howard, Kay Carter. Middle Row Ralph Knott, Ronald Richardson, Tomise Onate, Elaine Brandt, Joyce Dancer, Barbara Leonard, Benny Garcia, Howard Gearhart. Top Row Donald Richardson, Roger Daily, Bobby Firme, Gary Torske, Gary Lindenstein, Donald Anderson, Nr. McCollister. Not in picture Josephine Farias, Paul Farias, Milton Blomquist, Elida Zamarripa. 4 - 4 V vz, W F ' 4 Bl -, A Y, , Q ,, , 1 .' '- A ' " ' f . x V . . I, J? . l v e A ' 1 ,S 'rdf I Q ' , , vi, 1 'A ' "H A A 3, ,M ,M X -. is V v - Y A, . il I 'K A H4 N I 2 . . . - A 3 . X .j fi a' ,Q . , -- I -A - D' ' ,, 1 a . 1 , - A . "0 I 7 I - hir 0 . ' A 1' x . 'V 1 X n ' ' E . C 2. FOURTH GRADF Front Row, Left to right Dorothy Martinez, Elleen Herter, Sharon Blanchard, Karen Lyons, Kay herrell,Rose Castenada, Dorothy Jean Swedlund, Doris Frazler Middle Row Robert Vaszuez, Kenneth Meret, Steven Clark, Rex Bender Kenneth Kenton, Wendell Roos Top Row Jerry Reed, Lar y Fatlin, Doyle Prazler, Mrs Clark 'IV 5.8 0 "N FIFTH GRADE Front Row, Left to right Linda Keup, Elaine Meret, Rozellen Giddings, Mary Lou Peterson, Sherry Odell, Karen Josefina Gonzalez, Larry Lee Vohland Middle Row Charles Hunt, Richard Spaulding, Carol LeAnn Donaldson, Eck, Mary Onate, Nutter, Carolyn Codner, Doris Neilson, Janet McFadden, Karen Smith, Francisco Garcia, Roger Myer Top Row Junior Castenada, Warren Camp, Mearl Plunkett, Emery Cudaback, Larry Schinkel, Neil Bateman, Nahlon Howard, Miss Hageman Not in picture Roger Blomquist flE ',. 5 QW., l 'Q' ', r-Q ' L' - 3 su V' ' . U' i-ff' .L Q f' I . . ' ' J . . .3 " " I I i xl I h Y A Y Y E Y 10134 , ' 9 I p ' 12 XT? ,A 55' ' ' 3' , , s ' , v v o W dn , . P L ' . l T - . . O " 1 ' F 1 1 I o n H . f -L -- , 'J N ' 1 V 1- Y N V ann x, -A r E' -Q. ? 'VF lg 'xi I iff' v 5, , xx " yi , f' 4 ' I . A 1 1' V, - - - rl W ' 1 9 Q ' A H 0 ' Q QL? SECOND GRADE Front Row, Left to right Cheryl Hagge, Mary Lee Rose, Sherrill Plunkett, Sandra Learned, Sherry Wilson, LoAnn Marsh, Joyce Cline, Barbara Kelly Middle Row Alan Keup,Marion Harvey,Kenneth Guthrie, Wesley Merrell, Merle Lyons, Leslie Jurgens, Graig Nutter, Jerry Coon, Warren Catlin Top Row Larry Weakley, Robert West, Bernard Lyons, Roger Cudaback, Sammy Castenada, Ray Vasquez, Tony Reyes, John Clark, Mrs Johnson QL! I THIRD GRADE Front Row, Left to right Joyce McMullen,Jennie Hunt, Jane Williams, Carol Rasmussen, Patty Thomas, Janet Palmquist, Pamela Carter, Bernice Onate, Judy Little Middle Row Gus Vasquez, Dale Gearhart,Mary Ann Clark, Janet Walker, Susan Bateman, Emily Gonzalez, Jo McFadden, Alan Sigler, Larry Anderson, Marvin Swedlund. Top Row Jim y Wilkens, Henry Jurgens, Bradley Bundy, Donald Shafer, Steven Reeds, Royal Hansen, Steven Nutter, Miss Chramosta. , K J v V Y AQ 4 A w ., 6 0 .L wg 561 X' ' Q f 5:3 -V J' Q ? W y 1 I 40 I V 4, KINDERGARTEN Front Row, Left to right Robert Wilkie, Joe Rayburn, Jean Eck, Virginia Willis, Ruth Gonzalez, Patricia DeBrie, Linda McKeon, Janet Schamber, Louetta Keener, Robert Albin, Gary Landry Middle Row Gene Harvey, Jack Oldham, Lynn Rogers, Gail Clark, Mary Garcla, Frances VanV1eet, Richard Castenada, Ronald Coon, Mickey Ross Top Row Martin Peterson, Jerry Harris, Kurtl Lauen Richard Shafer, Bruce VanV1eet, Oscar Neilson, Mrs Beltzer Not in picture Naomi Gonzalez 1 J lx WIRST GRADE Front Row, Left to right Susan Reed,Lo1s Ann Howard, Dorkus Farias, Joy Vohland, Mary Kay Reeds, Verla Rasmussen, Cheryl Schlattman Middle Row Mike Bang, Ardyce Wilke, Sharon Wilcox, Clara Wilcox, Rita Castenada, Virgil Giddings Top Row Mrs Wrede, Sammy Keener, Bobby Kelpen John Wilkens, Arthur Bergmann, Jimmy Daily Not in picture Petra Reyes .. - I "I " ' Q A. .. . .., .6 . - , I 2 'U .x I R V Q 17 w " , 4 " L ' A ' . ,' :nfl lx ., 4: N N I MB ' Y' ' 'u Y , ' - Y H . 0 ' o fa. CBL ll. 1- - , .Q ,. 1 3. . . ' - x 1' g I - I Y I O , ,WM I o - . .1 n "V, . I 'f I ' ' ,-? A L A 1 ' '?. ' i H- It -P H . 4 x., E fS5 N K ,R v ' , h - N ' - V W 1 W .A 'La . -v -LQ , g., L "- K e- .1 1 . . I ' 0 Q' A TIVI E xnxx ffpx X SQA N FQ f 'af x f7i 75 'N Q N ftp'-L49 X1 i 'wifi X, ,..... ff 0 Q E ' rl? 7 Y 41 T W 3' 'SOC ix ,Y x , , x mx - ' X, zu. xx x . f x f X , 5 X X f ' Ayfcf V NX ix X-gi !.1- vaf.gQ,g X : If '- ss, - X I- Q . 1, fl! sb Q- ff n . R f df' fl XX N N of2I . Y 's xx Iv! x l X X 1 Q X XX -UL LJJgd1 If X I 'XXX X 1 Ax x Vx Q S V 5 J K 2 I: f, ig , XC, sq J 3 f X 4,, J f 2 fx -A 0 Y .X J 2 i ff f X ,X I1 Xx""'f! t4 4 V ' I K X 5 , jg j 45: I QF XXL i Q' I I ' AA X A I , 1 1 xg f Q , f f x f ' V ' xy 3 I' ' ' N Y 1-H 51. xx X I I , f x ig Q s, .A -X X , ' ,. rv NK f If 2 xy , ' ,V V 4.71.79 . ' I, A XXQA ' f F' QQ? X, I xx: , ' X'g X 75 I 1 W' ' QQQQ -I XX H -Y O 5 '. Tx Sf S QDQINGX 3QlNG V W A b STUDEHT COUNCIL Each year, two representatives,a boy and girl, are chosen from each class to take part in the Student Council The following were chosen Senior Class Norma Erpelding and Jack Sigler Junior Class Lois Reed and B111 Ross Sophomore Class Ibnna fimanand Neil Scarborough Freshman Clma lhncy Loewenstain and Jerry Kriha The first meeting was held on September 1, 1951 with In Shafer as the sponsor Officers were chosen as follows President Jack Sigler Secretary B111 Ross Together the sponsors and representatives from the classes meet to plan school entertainment The Student Council is in charge of the new pop machine installed near the entrance of the gymnasium The profits will go for a school dance at the end of the year 4 f , I ' ! W f N x f H fs 'At A db F 0000000 v7 L ,-Q l 44 PEP CLUB The Pep Club held lts f1rst meetlng durlng the second weex of school under the leadership of Mr Anderson Agaln thls year, the membership in the Pep Club was not restrlcted to a rlven number of girls, but was open to all girls with a SChOlBSClC average of VCU or BDOV6 The high school faculty selected the drum majorette, tWlPk?PS, and mascot, as 1n former years The cheer leaders were chosen by the entire student body Officers for the year were President, Donna Howell, V1ce President, Norma Erpelding, Secretary, Suzanne Llndenstein, Trea urer, LaVonne Weston, Food Chairman, Peggy Reed, Assistant Food Chairman, Nancy Nest The drum majorette for football season was LaBerta Power and the drum magorette for basketball sea on was Rheta Knott Tuirlers were Claudine Canady, Janlce Homan, Norma Erpeldlng, farllyn Nrede, and mascot, Susan Reed Cheer leaders were Helen Bennett, Donna Howell, Suzanne Lindenstein, and Joan Vohland The Pep Club members made no changes in thelr uniforms this year, except for the new magorette UD1fOPWS They were made of whlte corduroy w1th gold brald on them The or anlzation attended all Eames and performed special drllls for the home Lanes durlng the hollday season The food cnairman and CONmlTt99S sold food at all nome bames Committees also olanned pep rallies for home games H 1 .lf b V S. 5' ' y fl G Yr . I Q, I G, ,G Y 7 Q ...' 4 A S ff! , bug , . U 5', me-. at S - - Q, r, ve lp 'H ., R A J . - d , C q ,A ny' c N-A u . . O O . 0 S l fn I I ' . . . S .A . ' l I A ' 0 n 1 1. . Ao , 1 ? ' ' 7 . 1 ' M . ', I OYIICC HOYHOD A 2 Ki ., v RheTo Knoff Susan Reed 9' 5 1 'I n La Berfa Power MQ X WYCJC .. Erpeld f . y U V , L .., Q r ' I 'D 'A" I N Nw - I A , 2 T J- ' ril n 'WL' ' 4 Q -' Af, o .--!4A' 1,-h V. F N x ' 4 Y I. 15, ' V ' -5,44 " "1 -9 'Q .:-' I 1 ' - 'ZZ9-E ' " ' l',.?Lf' ,,,, nad, ' Norm ina pw W C L-Z, w w Qi . WH I 23 M C6-Igzgd, L de sT 3 Vofwland ' Z I vw' Y I FY Q QP! Q k- :gy m A-iff 1 . al! '1- ix X94 X kk JJ x Hong.. ! ,ig QNX M l Cfgf 'Q I J L L 120 ,, X, A ...N 0 '44 J , ,Y fi ...-17 r" T 6 q5HNy 6 f Q W, fa N., 25 any EF :ri 'w ff 5- QM 1' Q , 1 Q , - rv V. X - Av, W ' Ona .Zh ? X S I l f 'X ' ,Y N Y- ,X U Q -I ,U A K J f F1 ' - :Jx qi' F x L I ' Ax X , N 15 1 A I -. , . A 5 xx J' Af' O ' f ., 'M' kk 'Q' I ' - 3"?"x ,cf - Q - . , . ' , , if ' . A A ,. V 1 . x ggi X Q X-. 3-x 5 V v ' , A Q-M .Q X ,2. I L. Q L? Lf I' f-?,1,' l El ff 'Q x 43 XR i X " L 'H' 5 . sy 1- LH X ' X' "-W gl .. . 3. 7 ' A ,7,4f ,uf A 5 Q 4 . X1 Q X M' y V" M ,- 'uv XV - A - - . X 1 I-T-1-I-. g i , ' I ff-5 fi' x1,,,f..f 5'-7 , 'f"'3ff:f:Q.,t 3'-W7 "- .. X4 -'Q A' ' 1 1 I X g:f:1:1:frf" - , ' ' ...4 A kv , ,, 1 uf' - - x f --2' Q , , ' 232312 ,J rs Q f . QV n ' "X x' A 'A - xx Qs-3 F 'W xx ! f N ki 2 A ' .xx i I r . " ' Z i X B If if 1 N , , sf hh A J .y Yi' x ' x 'Vflx ' f T , f I' 5 X f S' ' ' " H . 1 sq .. ' M -j J -.Q I, X I , .A F gg if ac! ,nf ' 5 L xl F .v 5 . ,wx -7! rt 4 , , ' Xijf 1 . yfp -f" "5 ' XX V' 1 O , 2 X A I ,FF 3-Nfzaq 4 F 3 f .. M M1 ,. , , fm 1' f 3, X , X- fx , ' Q, X ja 'Q X - Q73 aj, X Jil Ky ' I V F A 1 . .,:g5Q fa! H, . "A, X " , N ,Q I , n Q TY! : :g I 4 , f R , f lx K V ' I 'f i',f':J K A It 4 xx ' gr I ix Y - ' ' .- 51453 '! ILS.-LX 1 3 'J 4 I a-fx We iii ta W Q. Y r V I uf A X. I gh. a x AV A S- 1 f' Q ni Q -f-1. ' ' Q I gf 44 ! 'Ri 'f Q I .. ' 5 3 1 x ' 1 g . IK t F 5 A ' -x P 1 A I "i- -M ' p 'A 521' r ' LI . , YZ" -'W' 'x 4 ' W W' 1- I W I ww- ,E t .. g -'nh 1 - ' Q t i 4' E! num sg, ll' 2 . -' LA -'l.1-- n ', . , qi.-5,' .. -'wp . ' - into in N .NN 4-5- li. 5 'ev J N'- BAND During the first nine weeks of school, the late sleepers in the school area were awakened by the oompah pah of the high school band wasn't easy for the band members to get to school at eight o'clock for their playing and marching rehearsals but they were greatly rewarded when they were selected as one of the flfty flve bands to travel to Llncoln for Band Day They looked pretty sharp ln thelr new uniforms and were rated good on marching The Harvest of Harmony at Grand Island was the second spec'al event for the band After the parade, the bands went to the St lary's football field All bands were allowed eight minutes ln which to perform Gibbon was rated ugood plus October 25 was another date for the Plbbon band The whole groun went to doldrege to oartlclpate 1U a 4 s r oarade After the parade, everyone heard a concert by th npres1dent's o r band,n th LHl'6q t tes farlne Band gi V X, x N 4 1 X 0, ' ' ' P it . .s Q C 1 H - ' - A 1 ,h N 'dxf f 1 " ' ef ' M fz, ' gif I :A 1 v 3. , .W,Qf, V, N iFEa4w3 'Q - :fr ' ' I d t :li .n . I - . It 0 o ,fi A O I J. Q A . - Q A . . . A PS-ga Ad L 1 . ' .e ' W- e ' 'c s S a A1 MIXED CHORUS MIXED CHORUS EVENTS Tri Valley Vocal C1in1c in Shelton on March 31 Massed Mixed Chorus District Contest in Grand Island on April 18 19 Local Mus1c Program ln Apr11 STATE MUCIC CLINIC The mornlng of November 15, flV6 students climbed aboard the nnew yellow limousine' Qschool busl for three days' participation in the State Music Cllnic at York More passenaers were picked up at Shelton and Mood Rlver, the Journey was underway Carl Rockefeller, Bud Kelly, Ronald Power, and Donna Iovell sang ln the chorus of six hundred Peggy Reed played the flute ln a band of 193 The 6V6H1Hg of November 17, tne orchestra, band, and chorus presented a two hour concert After the concert, our bus headed for Glbbon wlth a group of worn out, but happy, musicians nf-, DOOD4' 0000 fun O 0 npgefxmv 2 fb 0 H Pf1f'N C r-F,-F Q rw FAB'-H'qo5"Stl5P '-if "'.'5W' if i .1 vii' wise- z:.H::,v' ta arid' fw fl i' 44 i:l.?-.xv -' vw I1 Q fl? i 'T -Q36 4' I fa 4 if- x A 1 .44 1 .-. .fn-fra L' f' ..... Z' A " '-zslllfwl' in 1 st :xii -an Ma H5141 .', I ' . rf' 4: x S"-Qfr-v 'mr 11 ima 'N 12 51- JFK.. E-'-ffl "" gr, f Q Y :LQ -iv li? in fr-xr 1 Q vihfif in 1' 5 I 00' lu as 9-P Sw an. J! 1 il i I v' 1? LA' . X I .Av my! W fx "X .5 ' : , . Am 1 . I . ,, 71 .L 45 '-' a , . ' s , -Y ,,,'L 1 : , F ka! A ' ' W f , fff Q I x ' ' "El -. , ' I 5 I 0 , 1 ' ' ' 1 ., Y ah 4 KW ' 5 - Q 5 1 r- Q 1 -..Y 'iffii 5 , J W fr: it' ie ww., , ' lf? an 1 421, . if , 1 ' ' v., - ',- 1 - ,W , V .V 1 If , in- ' 'gf Q . W E ' .f -. f A- -Q ' 4 f ' A' 'T f-A .M , x - ..,,,. 6 'lv V ml 1 , I ' X' I-- ' 1 "". '.. I A x , 1 , . N - 8. Q V, A 1 , x - - ., 4 ,- . iq W, H f Y, Q . . 2 ' ' ' fav fy' qv ' ' 5 L ' ,. K A - - T xl i V A ' ' .4 '- - , jizz' ,, ' ' K 'Ta 1-x -W 4 . Q fl- 1.3 L -eff" , 1 .L W , , 1' 4 ' X J 'r - Q ' X -V C I Q 2 5 ' ' 1 r . I K - Q I A I 4 Ah, Q. A vQ'! -5 W or ' X . ' ,, . ' 1 V 4 57 , ' Y .Vx . " i rq 1 rrvx ' AVA i lb' 43 fs .fa ' f'f R . 1' bp ' W ' L x A . 1 5- f I V ., 1 Q U3 - A X I 1 Q f 1 14 - s ' ' I SALL k jk!! if D -TWA 4.4 lf45usv'L ,J X LN TJ A W8 Z1 Y'-'Q X 1 Xu! it JG? If J' fl fb x.,...,, v Q39 1' ' 'Um' 1' H' ,Q ,K .1 1 ' , L7 ' -Q 2 ' , Q 'fx 215 f 'fr A -fig f A' ' W - ' 1- -- 1' x' K .fi -. L xx 3' lf: I - v' E ' 2: ' A 1' ' . 21' 2, S L1 fy ' ' ffgl X 5 ,, me 2 A 5 vf, gag? ,iw 'J .h XS . K Z-flg- 4" ' 1"'f? X fb Qf , A , i V ' Lf! ,5 , H, 'L '- XA ' A K 6 -1 W - r . -xi -Q 4 W F' E" : Uv' Nix N , I I s up , W 1 , K f e: f uP .fr - , I V '-:Q ' fx Avy Q KX 4 - fc' .53 K : Q K-If , f"' V ' S Vi - Qi? 5' bg , , . , . . U 3 L V Ik 1 8 Sw , ,, !i41gf. ,xp ,Q L ' --X 1 if Mi M B ' X rf, " SSS A A LJ A VX 43 fi pets? PBX XEMM ff Jfwt A13 R X X u W ML ff'-" Q, L4 .gk x2 4 -al ,ff ii" f ff Cx ,EQ fm, Av X EXMA Q If mimi Liu F9 , i fl? Q '7 ' 553 AF' 'SZW' 4 . 7 Q 1 x ' if Q J .. 0 59, Jug, . . , XX 'gr . Lv ' I mg ' I I V, - ' w ' fl A X X IQ . 1 f -- , F' 'fi b . X.:-ji, :fri V , ' si - Q N , 'lf f' - - F ,. x L ng! f V ,V h Z4 ll l"'y1" 5 V I f 'O X , 'Q 5 5-'P' J' 0 'K .. .A gl 2 r.,Z'f7-4" ..:" 1' A i f f n O W9 4 N. rv, ' U , gf, , , - ,. X f agifiiff I I b A 5 -34 -- fQ3,- . fbrl' ,As 4,--. K ' nf' ' ' 9' 4 g, . A Q , . V K i ,Ag ix X Q 1 f X 1 . f ff 15 -V + N psig ,- f I ,f , I " L, I U-ui K I 'N ,.: , f X f K , 0 I ..-Q X , ' ,IQ 4 nl if j X ' r ,,- M N- V ITS 1 J ' ' I x 'P ' Y Q" X K : XO y f Q .-2 K Q n, V I, nb fx, W 4941 N 1 : 'ii :A I X .r.:q. '35 e 4 W Az .A Shy N ,Q E-'S I l H ' . if I Q-, V 1 A V A l L' '7 ' fl G4 M r '- ,ff ' "1 ' . 'B V , ' .. . , I fqfah g 1 .' Cl! . O- xx' .g:: i k sq-5, Y . ' A ' ' 1 v A 4 'wwf """1'f '-' - Qxemlanmuaiknmm 3 Dar-cclor lvl pope 41' 'W Cla A c Cavuacly Iv-:le prc+al' e O a+ Qaymond Camp Hummer us Qcad Carl pckefelle Q W SCuSSaoh gg 1,1 Donna H l T I A Y Qead n Carol lvluv-ra I3 J Kelly D zimalc R ad Wad o Newscdsl n Helen Be n 'H' C3971 ee l 0 H+ Exlempo aneous Speak n bex ggi!! 9, - Y l W . - r. 'Q 5 v, K 9? 9 6,9 f ff N X u in Q O yff Z r iv r ory o ing r H J ,. Di O Q RQ ' ' V L' ' -.,, 6 vi owel 'F ff'f'9x'-12 5 ll poedrr 3 NA ,fl fx . Q D y ,J r i e inj l i 3 , H X f F3 FQ CJ l 1 Origins r off r I 3 ONE-ACT PLAY Fog on the Valley Characters Sarah Lawson, a kindly, vigorous neighbor buzanne Lindenstein Judith, Norr1e's stepmother, newly widowed Donna Howell Cathy McCullough, a neighbor girl Claudine Canady Reverend Harkins, a forthright preacher Charles Kelly Clem Bailey, who wants more land Bill Ross Norrie Carson, Dave Carson's son Bob Kelly Before he died, Dave Carson had despaired of ever compromising the bitter feud that had raged in his cabin between Judith, his wife, and Norrie, his moody, seventeen year old son When Dave's fir t wife had died at Norr1e's birth, the father and son had become inseparable compan ions Little wonder, then, that this lonely boy resented the coming of Judith as his stepmother she with the delicate hands and superior air Small wonder, too, that as the Reverend says uThe devil's about set to L the trigger inside 'em bothl' When sensitive, headstrong Norrie returns from his father's grave, he brings his saddleba s from the attic and announces that he is leaving the valley Nor can the Reverend's logic or the tearful pleading of Cathy in a final, never to be forgotten clash of temperaments, do Norrie and Judith come to inevitable grips with their misunderstandhgsznd resentments resentments which, in the white heat of emotions turned loose, are sud denly, startlingly, and convincingly shattered The fog lifts sunlight floods the valley, and Dave's dream as the hopes of Judith Norrie, and Cathy stand forth in bright promise q::::::- ff 4,11 i H 'E ,,f e Il pul ' McCullough, the valley girl who loves Norrie, alter his decis1on....0nly 1.2 A , if 5 N 1 ff ! . 'S-1 1 1 ' M D15 an rr q 'be 'A .gf IS A new subject, Voc tional Agriculture, was added this year There are three classes, a total of no students, with Mr Alfred Bang as the instructor e course is open to all boys interested in future farm ing On September lo 1951, thirty of the Vocatlonal Agriculture students organized to join the Future Farmers of America Thus, the F F A C p ter of Gibbon was started They meet one evening of each month Officers were elected as follows President John Pedersen Treasurer Charles Delgado Vice President B111 Ross Reporter Harold Jones Secretarv Duane Johannsen Sentinel Ronald Catlin N N Out. d 98 Q Eumumuw Q aia The doorman I, X Slemnnmr W OM mamqumil e hat check I 8 Pl takes Your hat Q 1 O OV D 90Orta e5 ba Y XLS 8 6259610 416 'ine 6501, 'Wx' A-1 XX-eg, , Q09 6209 A 596' O vo G of 9 056133 So Q, 1, dw I e 1001. b Qwilsob e 126110 Ogle or 0 ltbelg o .5QfQQya 9 cv ? 01 b 5? cv i d Th 1 .E X. r ,L la xr I Qc :J ,J ur 00 no -0,5 'S 19' Ceo e bt Abe X ' J nb 6 6 JQQ 0 1' 8 0 bbs 6 6 Nz ? 0 Q, w 02 e eff ::v1L , 93 43 fling B99 86 E-1: S X 0' f 0 f Q 'O 2 " -fl - QQ' 8 w . 'M I ',A Q-O6 -C Q g, 0 1' I' I . 721 iw 80 D 8 t Gp 8 Sb 8 12 S . 0 4 SQJ lib 1' y bl u On October 3 Charles Kelly, tackle on dm Gibbon High School foot ball team, represented the Gibbon II team over KGFW He told the names and weights of the players, and said that Gibbon was undefeated, however, the following Friday we suffered our first defeat from Ravenna Bud said we was to play Shelton on October 20, which was their homecoming game, but Shelton dthlt have a chance In con clusion, Bud was asked about some of his personal interests and views on sports ,ug On October 19, John Cress and an assistant, resented a ro am of 1 egM'5wg grace, prezdision and sill? 1 ituhhdr Mrs trampoline and balance act emiahmi the history and development and gave many interesting highlights on trampoline, tumbling, balancing, and safety techniques His comedy antics were also a highlight on the program Three students from the audience volunteered to put on their own act on the trampoline, which resulted in many laughs It was a delightful program for everyone. September 27 marked the day of great anticipation for students of Gibbon Schools Why? Our first National Assembly Progrmmll Sylvia and Jerry Delicath entertained us with music on the Hammond organ and vocal solos by Jerry Even the smallest fry enjoyed his interpretation of a Hollywood 'character who turned out to be Donald Duck Sylvia played many beautiful selections on the organ including a foot solo in 'Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Other features were 'Old Man River,n 'Sing a Song of Six Pence, 'Whiffenpoof Song, and a medley of popular tunes Every one agreed this was one of the finest National Assembly Programs ever to visit Gibbon We may not enjoy all at once the fruits of research and the develop ments which may make a physical paradise here in our nation, but we will see, in a measurable span of thmq great progress in industry, agriculture, medicine and power Mr Orville Roberts explains un important facts about the peace time uses of atomic power on January 26, to the Gibbon High School His talk was made interesting and educational as Mr Roberts told us the facts in language we understood and enjoyed Captain Paul W Dry spoke to us on February ll He is a veteran of 16 years' sea duty in the U S Merchant Karine He has made five trlps around the world and has visited 5 countries He explained the equipment that is used on the sea. He made the talk more interesting by demonstrat ing how to send an automatic and manual S. O. S. on a wireless. , B. l. ' 'Th' r C .O U -'fb st ' . F we , ,Ar ,F S B " . g W., e 159' ft . - 1 3 f i 2 3 3 l v N' . ' f n A 1 'X y mb' ' ' He .X Q . 0 W 9 W - w I . n . , Q I D LL . I ' F l qi' Qi STOP mop STUDENT PATROL The School Safety Patrol has been in operation since the beginning of the year, with members of the seventh and eighth grades, who had the ability to take the responsibility and desired to help tm school children, participating Gary Lindenstein, Ralph Knott, and Benny Garcia were the members from the seventh grade, and Buddy Stall, Don Gearhart, Don Miller, and Duane Frazier, from the eighth grade for the first semester When the second semester began,Hi1ton Blomquist and Donald Anderson replaced Bennie Garcia The boys are on duty whenever the children go to and from school 9.79839 CANDIDATES yguqgg-5 Helen Bcrmcll 1 q Carl Rockefeller Q5 ., ' 4 Ai san I N L-gy, ' '- 5- ? I 'IL -e Aix ,Al W ' 9 N MHLE TIC K X'-..,,, 1 A Z 5 MQ? X X ff 4 , QI, K M33 ! I, fi QQ Q N D 2 flfig : t iii? X "f" ff 1- I z WB ' 1 -A""'Yrg ' as as fy , U we FOOTBALL Gibbon High's Buffaloes were well fortified with fourteen lettermen back from last year's Tri Valley champion temm These were Nayne Cudaback, Leonard DeBrle, Alvin Hartman, Arthur Hartman, Charles Kelly, Herbert dorcek, Gary McConnell, Gailen Mclullen, Larry Parks, John Pedersen, Ronald Power, Bill Ross, Neil Scarborough, Marvin Shafer, and Jack Sigler. The boys started right, by winning three straight games, then they lost one They bounced back with another win string at three and split the final tilts to make an excellent record of seven wlns and two losses The Buffaloes also defeated Shelton to take the eleven man Tri Valley crown ANSLEY For the second ye r in a row the first game of the season was played on our home field, with the always tough Ansley team With but two weeks' practice, both teams displayed some fine football Gibbon scored a 13 to O win with Ross accounting for 6 points on a pass play, and Sigler getting 6 through the line DeBrie's educated toe got one of the extra points BERTRAND Gibbon journeyed to Bertrand for the second game and gave the host team a lesson in how football is played. The final score was Gibbon 13, Bertrand O. LOUP CITY This was a close game, and it took some heads-up footballby Bill Ross to pull it out of the fire. At the half, it was O to 0 and no one was going anywhere, but in the third period a pass intended for Ross went over his head and was deflected by a Red Raider who tried to knock it down. The ball bounced high behind the visitor and was taken by Ross on the dead run. He scored before the Raiders could believe what they had seen. DeBr1e got the extra point for insurance. Our line proved once again their .P 1 Q Q H,? t' V 2 1 I I y. 72'-re" 62 8 "4 it fa., i T3 KJ' T KJ A' L7 .5 strong defensive ability, as they kept the goal uncrossed in another of these first games The result was Gibbon 7, Loup City O RAVENNA Our line was crossed here in fact, three times, as Ravenna handedthe Buffaloes their first loss, 1 to lj We had tough luck when one touch down we made was called back because of an off side It's part of the game, though' One of the officials suffered a few bruises, too He was wearing the same color as Ravenna's team and was mistaken for one of the players by 'Killern Kelly i205 pounds! He was carried from the fleli and was satisfied to be a spectator for the rest of the evening ST MARY'S The Ramblers were the victims of a determined bunch of boys and absorbed a 26 to O shellacking in a game played in a high wind Yes, the Buffaloes stampeded back into the win column on the third city field Larry Parks dazzled the spectators with a beautiful bit of running for a third period score, and Ron Power intercepted a would be lateral pass in the Rambler backfield to score untouched in the fourth stanza SHELTON Our visit to the Bulldogs' home grounds proved very successful We won the game 25 to 7 and brought home the Tri Valley eleven man football championship Sigler passed for three touchdowns, two to DeBrie for 70 and 75 yards each, and the other went to Herb Korcek This game spoiled Shelton's first homecoming CENIRAL CITY Bison to win The score was 19 to 7 in favor of the Gibbonites The local team played a determined game their best of the season It marked the first time Gibbon had won over Central City on the home gridiron OXFORD It was cold the night we journeyed to Oxford, and so was our team Though Oxford had won only two games, they played heads up ball to land us our second defeat 13 to 7 It doesn't pay to be over confident LITCHFIELD We played this game without Jack Slgler, who was out with a pulled muscle Litchfield scored first, and though we got a score, the Trojans were ahead of us at the half 13 to 7 It looked bad for the localstecause Litchfield had lost only one game all season. After the half the Buffaloes started using the HTH formation and just about ripped the Trojan line to shreds We gained two more touchdowns to win a thriller 19 13 For the following seniors it was the last high school football game Cudaback, DeBrie, Korcek, McConnell,McMullen, Pedersen, Power, and Sigler Our Junior High football team played only one game this year, swamp ing Shelton 26 to O Two other games had been scheduled but both were canceled by the opposition The second team played two games, winning from Shelton, 7 to O, and being tied by the Ravenna reserves, 6 to 6 We wouldlike to take this opportunity to thank the Pep Club for their encouragement, the band for their music, and the officials who did a great job at each game We would like to thank Ray Williams and Bill Carter, who did such a good job on the public address system, and the teachers who stood at the gate each game Especially we would like to thank our coaches, Mr Pope and Mr McColl1ster They made us the success that we were We would also like to thank the businessmen of Gibbon for making it possible to have the programs for each game And last, but not least, we would like to thank you Mr and Mrs Public, for the splendid support you always give! We appreciate your interest in us Gibbon surprised the sports writers, who had picked the Central City BENGE CHRAHO TA CUDABACK DLBRIL If IR Mb. ALVIN HARTMAN ARWHUXHARTMAN JOHANNQEN B KLLLY C KTLLY KORCEK McCONlELL MCMULLEN D PhDERShN J PWD RSLN POWER ROS CAQBOQO SHAFER SI L R SKOW NILLlAAS FOOTBALL PLAYERS A freshman that packs a lot of weight in the world--a second Kelly Fresh from the country and most of the teams that we played, wished he had stayed there His block1ng was super Made All Conference The coaches tried three years to get "Cut to tackle low, but guess he ju t hated to stoop from his 6 ft l in His specialty the necktle tackle Made All Conference Donk specialized in grabbing passes and kicking ex ra points, but he was always a thorn in the opponents' offense Made All Conference A freshman that will come along We're countlng on you next year Played a lot of football, and carried messages in and out for Mr Pope A good tackler who will see lots of action next year You have a blg reputation to live up to Killer Kelly speciallzed in football in general Even carried the ball in our last game A good hard contact man lAsk the o ficial'J Made All Conference Made over from guard, Herb did well at end, catching several touchdown pas es and stopplng a lot of end runs of the opposition 'Lover' had lots of ability and helped e team in difficult places Not too big, but plenty tough Good at defense He was the other half of Pope's me enge crew to that ball Another freshman that will come along Good on defense and a vicious tackler A star on defense who twinkled a few times on offense Would rather not tackle anyone if he can get them to stumble over his big number twelves Tsk' Tsk' If it's near him, he can catch it what klno of glue Qld you use, Billo Bill was good on defense as well Good luck next fear, Pruney Made All Conference A rugged Sophomore that really stopped them in the line Another Sophomore that looked good He will take S1gler's place next year H1t 'em with those pas es, Marv wade All Conference human bat ering ram Just ask some The little red head of the teams we played Made All Conference Didnw play much this year, butshould be regular next season Just like a toy terrier small but not afraid of anything big O , if O . A O ' 0 v A --h -ii Q U I O -- I - I V - ll ll V t . ' o 1 ,w A 0 , O - ' I O N' I . W . . M n ll - . J . N o L, o F 0 ' o . A ' ' f th . O O I . ss r r . PARAS Plenty fast and good for a scatback. Just learn to hang on O .4 .Q....Q. - . - E. O' . 'V 0 . . . , .. . . H L-4 I , u ' ll - ' . . 0 f , 'avoir ' J A .A wJ-. I o Y . . ' s . . N ' Q G E. --a C . e ' 0 'V A O H - I -- O B DUKE: VAXJIAJVAJI Bi CC QDNFUYUQU NCCTZT' X 6 Marvin Shafer Charleskelly A fx GSP Q' I ml .Tack S aler B ll Ross '-i Eugene Ch amosT: Wayne C4-mclaback . iii! L eohord De B 2: 'il' imJ 1' .nj BASKETBALL We started this basketball season C1951 19521 with eight lettermen, but only two regulars, from last year's squad They were Leonard DeBr1e and Jack Sigler Our starting line up for the first game was mostly an experiment with Jack Sigler and Marvin Shafer as guards, Wayne Cudaback at center, and Leonard DeBrie and Bill Ross as forwards Our team was to see many changes before the season ended Dale Skow joined our first five after the Minden game and we carried six men on the varsity from then on We did have a tall squad, probably the tallest team ln the history of our school, and we had a good bunch of reserves, too, in Bud Felly, Gailen McMullen, Gary McConnell, Neil Scarborough, Bob Kelly, Charles Smith, and Herb Korcek Yes, we were rather a green bunch at the start and all we really looked forward to was a fair season,but under the capable tutelage of the Veteran Glen Shafer, our team surprised many people, including ourselves We soared to a very successful season, dropping two B competition, Minden and Cozad To even the count with the Class B schools, we put the saids under Loup follows December December December December December C1ty Ravenna, and Fullerton Our scheduled games were 1 't n Fullerton St Cecilia Ravenna ton Hampton January Minden January 42 Pleasanton January Shelton January 45 Loup City January Elm Creek February l Roseland Jaruary Ansley February 5 Wood River January Cozad leoruafj 3 February 11 to 16 T V T February 22 t M ry's '- T I rx I ' . A N I S ' " B 3 , U IU s A " , 1 . 5 - ' , , , 1 C 4 J f ' ,, ' - - , I ,f - 3 ' 1 , -- x I . 1 U. 5 K E D - 'MM A, K ' X " 'L' . A -. , ' ' , , as D q--- ---- 1 ' C'---Sxelto 7--- ---- ' ' --- 1l-- l1--- --- . 1h-- . 15--- --- 18-- 18--- 7 ' ' X '---Uvor,, " n 'Q n "3 0 ia During these games we found out many new things First d'a1, Leonard DeBrie proved to be one of the highest scorers in the state, averaging around 23 points per game You just couldn't stop Lennie under the basket Jack Sigler proved to be one d'the best rebound men in the state, and it was his fine defensive work that kept us in the win column most of the time Our most aggressive player was BiILRoss,who was always an aggravation to the oppositions passing game Bill interceped many passes just as they were leaving the passers' hands BiD.was a good shot, too, and our second highest scorer His timely shooting kept us in several games Wayne Cudaback was our fourth man Some nights nCud couldn't miss and would rack up 21 points, then maybe the next game he'd pot the first shot at the game and never make another po1nt,but he got a lot of rebounds and his height was always a big help Marvin Shafer helped Jack Sigler clean the boards and his shooting was improving fast at the end of the season, especially after Jack went to the center spot He racked up 18 points against Wood River in the district tourney and was good enough to make the District Tourney Team as selected by John Conant of the Grand Island Independent CSigler and Ross made the mythical team, tool Dale Skow started as center for the second string, but after playing good ball against the taD.M1nden nwhippets' he was carried on the varsity Dale saw a lot ofaction at the last of the season and he proved that Coach Shafer was right in keeping him on the varsity Gary McConnell, second team leading scorer, was a good shot and was a whiz at fast breaks Gailen McMullen developed into quite a playen considering that he was all thumbs at the start He was willing and tried hard He was the regular forward on the second team Neil Scarborough filled the gap at center when Dale Skow was moved to the varsity Neil handled the position very well and will be a contender for the first team next year defensive play was good and he could be depended upon to gdsa few from out court Herb Korcek got a slow start,because of a crushed foot, but Herb came on strong at the season's close Bob Kelly saw some action on the second team, and was a star on the Junior High team that won the Tri Valley Championship Others WDC played on the second team part time were Onate, Reed, Smith, Pedersen, Williams, Welch, Cline, Bundy, and Carpenter We had bad luck overtake us at tournament time In the Tri Valley tournament, Leonard DeBr1e was ill and Gibbon lost the final game to Shelton a team we had previously beaten twice Before losing to Shelton, we trampled Amherst in the first round and squeezed by Pleasanton in an overtime in the semi finals to gain the second place trophy DeBr1e Sigler, and Ross were selected for the All Conference team Between the Tri Valley and District tournaments, 'Lady Luck again frowned on the Buffaloes Leonard DeBrie was lost for the entire District Tournament when he sustained a badly sprained ankle on St Hary's court in Grand Island The fans were quite down hearted, but the rest d'the Buffaloes became a determined team with a fighting spirit that carried them through the District tournament We downed Wood River 6h to 36 in the opening round We bested St Mary's at Grand Island 65 to AB, and got sweet revenge by swamping Shelton 60 to A3 in tne finals The Buffaloes played inspired . n nBudn Kelly was the play-maker on the second team this year. His - - , , - W ball all the way with Shafer and Skow doing yoemen Cudaback hitting from the corner, Ross breaking up netting points from ell angles, and Sigler playing career -controlling the ballat both boards and making like precision On Friday night, March game at Lexington Arnold a tall and scrappy outfit and their defense kept the the basket For a time, it 7, Gibbon was paired with work as the guards, play after play and the best ball of his points with machine- Arnold in a play off had won the District meet at Ravenna and had Gibbon got away to a nice lead at the quarter sandhill boys away from the close vicinity of looked as though the Buffaloes would walk away then some accurate sharp shooting from far out by Arnold's guards put the red and white suited players out in front 27 to 26 at intermission The third quarter was falrly even,w1th the Gibbon crew gaining the upper hand In the final period, the Buffaloes played like veterans and the pressure became too great for the less experienced boys from Custer County and they folded Gibbon won their state berth S2 to 39 Gibbon was very successful in earning their way to the State Basket ball Tournament in the 51 52 basketball season The first night they met the Wakefield quintet,and were successful in winning the first game M2 31 Gibbon played again on Friday afternoon and beat the Friend team by a score of AO to 30 Gibbon had therefore won enough games to be able to Play in the finals of the tournament Saturday morning they had to play Chadron Prep in the finals Gibbon played excellent basketball on the floor, controlled both boards,had fine passing, but could not hit the buckets,whlch cost the Gibbon quintet the State Championship Gibbon lost the ball game 35 to 2b This was the first time for a Gibbon team to play in the finals of the State Tournament All of Gibbon was proud of the team for being the first Gibbon team to be State Runner up 'J e 5 f fv N AU. Wulf, fi he M Z :rg 'fl JG: ,Y fx. .Q Xe - X ! A r F I Z PML -1245 W Q FH P rw :T 'wi PPV? 6' lr ZF- 2555: im Y f ' ,rx w i I 1 .L , we fa f , QN ERT 1 1, If, U X. x , X f x 5 V l "N fu lx , fd -M X Wk., N .lr L ' ,654 fff NL? 7 S M 0 ' 75 X144 J 'QP Q1 .V Ile la, Z 4291 EZ? QQ 7 5: I Q ff X f -5: Q 4 ! 44 R QQ.. O N G T U L A T To the Seniors Best of Luck to a NIFHTY FINE CLASS Lumb rd Leschlnsky Studio fll.. Phone Get Your Printing Advertising Sale Bills Printed at the 4 REPORTER OFFICE LET US PRINT IT FOR YOU Phone Phone ------- EILWR KLEINKAUFS IT TAVERN Lunch Liquor Beer reen 52 Phone 86 SHOP AND SAV? ALICE'S 'LADIES' AND NEN'S RLADY TO YEAR GIFTS fe Give SRH Green Stamps IOOD GROCERY -MEAPS FR SH FRUITS AN V TABIVS 15-KQIQI PW Q WI-'32 " 'ww 2.1-sz SCHINKWL IMPLELENT COKPANY OLIVER SALES R S RVICE Phone red B FLOR ' Call Green 9 for Appointments Flora Reed BmAUTY SHOP L T OSBORIK WALTOR 'li Ru L STAT' INSURANCE FARM LOANS I L L R K E I'OC8I'l9S R heats Phone ll GI.-JBOIM, L Bn rNv Aiwa? V'- fir 3'v"7'F?' K x una-' auak, .5 Young Men's Clothing OUR CLOTHhS MUST MAKE GOOD WE WILL! HIRSCHFELD'S KEARNEYQ NEBRASKA -I C' AJ AT ' .' I I. af' 4 - - - - - - - - - - - 88 I - G I 'S E QMD T E X A c 0 f1f:s'x 4 ,I SERVICE 'Z' --'rs' A Jggbyq '.bx:' .o o 0 Q- Phone ----------- NO. A Phong ------------ 179 1 1 if . . T'. ' 4. A S " I U 1 - - sw HU I TA E' ' A B ' S M A T L G . , -OR nm " fi Q 1,5 fo J I I " ' ,..- - 1 S rw n'1l11S W It tally RRAY RVI PHI IPS ODUCT IR PAIR H C-RE STANPS AQ 1' ' Yo 'fs .ELNLR5 nu Q - Ax I I SEARS SEARS SHOP IF AIR CONDITIOHED COIFORT Roesock ROEBUCK QV! Ill! - --ZQQHHIQQIII..---a -lil f f 4 g,1-1 f11""1--'-l SEARS ROEBUCK AND COIPAIY 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR IONEY BACK" t ni lw h 1' JS , 1 Wx ' M U ' S S E C E L L 66 P R S - - - 'I' E R E I N G S 8a E N I 41' jf 'ff ,, V' 1.,.. ij Nffff, P fx ,-- . "' f-Yf, ,I r'- Q-I ,. Ib Q 0 - ' il "ll -0.1.3345 nlllllllliiiiilg Q . W- ' A JL' " 1-X -n I I 45.1, C A and 0' Co S - 111 ,V ,f X - -u-i:i::::: I Ii F 4 A6 AA L AYS IELCONE QIITH o D KAIL 3R1ft'S Ice uream pts serum school ou,pl1es D oKn "N Congratulations to Seniors of from FARVIFR A Food Pla 'S CAWV ce to Eat I Tools in e 1872 23 lruuu We fill presc nnsmmmns riptions RAY DRUG MUR Ph r business of Thank you for you being a customer is a matter SRU Preen Stamns Your pride with us M 'ORNER TAIERN nches Liquo leboard Lu rs Shuff one 11 A W T . gig. at " ' f ng ue K' 4 I . J U , , ,Q V' ' 7-,v V N xP'! 'A I A ,, ,N ell - - . Q10 ' N I 1 M -- 4 ligd!L 3IE.,OIf, NLBfuAi ' ,, - '52 Ariculzure Lisp at ,"ALK2f.'.5 HX D -'AHB J S C u -: ' ,y u if 5 V 0 , -3 A .u '. A u 4..! ., 'A 4. iiiwiu . T L s R BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT SANDWICHES c f- w HOME MADE PIES """"' 4 ICE CREAM f N cow DRINKS E N D O a m 10 OO m Phone 19 E R D B E IUNERAL HOIE O Y e altb ul JDTVICS J LILIER ODBTRSON J P ODB R N FUNERAL DIRECTORS Go by the sign of the flying red horse OILS GREASES ac Mobllgi-.IS TIRES TIRE NEPAIRING GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT phone 167 NANNIE'S SERVICE STATION Phone Gr 96 F. J Firms Tank Wagon Service FARRIS k LEONARD SERVICE STATION GAS OID GREASING atqowb A010166 Phone Gibbon A T H E E X C H A N G B A I O N, BUSINESS OFFICES ow'- I L A S - Green 91 P R E S I D E N T k G E N E R A L I A N A G E R Red 91 E A A T N I L L H G O ' R S O N N E I E N-L U N C H O O H D " ' I 5 e rs of 5 .,"g'y Q9 ' .S 2 ' f- f- A dx aiiwr ' ' ' 1 F 3 x"'?U.Y . . G EMSO' Xi O P E V E R Y A Y G I B B O N - S H E I T 0 N 5:3 . . : p. . 3 xxx I - - - - 26 N E B R A S K A C E N T R A L T E L E P H 0 N E C O M P A N Y L O C T E D I N E N K B U D I N G G B B N E B R K A TYPEWRITERS SALES SERVICES RENTALS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES TREADWAYS CENTRAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY 2012, Central Avenue Kearney, Nebraska K E N N Y' S Meats and Grocerles Gives You e Q u Il Everyday Tow Prices Phone 18 SRH Green Stamps T B HORD GRAIN CO DEALERS GRAIN, FEED, SALT, k COAL ED PLUNKETT MANAGER Phone 7 GIBBON, NEBRASKA Green Stamps VERN REED -WELDING BLACKSHITHING AND REPAIR WORK E F O R meyizbhn FEEDS NONSTOCK CO OPERATIVE L G I B B O N, N E B R A S K A S r v i c e-- a 1 1 t y aff? lfx eg? ---- 5 S. R H. on Sack Feeds PHONE ------ 214, F E D S U N B E A H F E E D E V E R Y P U R P O S E I G I B B O N F E E D I I L C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S PHONE O I I O YOUR RAvK AT UR W CRW M E M B h R D L Q W PFONE 1 C x Qtgflihl -- T O - T H E - S E N I O R S -- F R N T I E TURKEY CO--OP N R B E S T G R A D E A T U R K E Y S ------------------ 87 E X C H A N G E B A N K ' . - Y I YO A SER'I - F E E R A L D ' P O S I T I N V U R A N J E C O R P O R A T I O N ss 4' I Liz 0 Q 3 Q Q 3 'I 1 o I 0'W'4N,. oeposlrs 2 URJSQDEQEIB ASPROvl0EolN1uE BANKING ACT OF 0933 R D E R N O W 1 x 4 f 5 'ff xx O N. w. 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