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k X! X LIBBIS gf F S XJ THE SEMQEQJEYR GMES QF 111952 ZQJRESEMQES fa! NfJ?!! -r"7'y,f sfzh A225 i 4 if-fi-?'l X if ff ff X 4XAMW5?4jL MPH X ,' I 3 " .g f f f I K X 'skgtxgh E5 I t r -X, 5 ,M jj 'Q vga. .45 if , ,J "fSf5 f f ', Wf I ts? -X F, fa MW. f GL "' -2 K' qxiklzx, S- QE f?RQSEEGTEMGu "' --Q rw- 1- V ' 1111. L--fjfjflif-:Q-' Ugg, - -ff f 'A' fi 214:-P-.Y F--- fflfflwv' X ' A , ff" lfy ,ff 155' ' ' 'n , C3 . A N 63" ,ff A f- 5 ' V ,, ,, "' , , ' 4 f Z If va gr I X , 1 , A -352,75 X -Liz ,, ff 1 1, i f X' K' p, ! A? ,Z 1 J , A , f '- syiu 'Lk ,f ' - 5, ,gi -1 I ,, , ly Y, I -xi '1-Y W ffi, 4 ,f , , .ff f' " Y 'V' -53 ijt f k J g g?fi'f' J- f'--S129 'fflj-' ., ,,,x Y Y f , P QPF- -ff' My .. .fgvwr X K N F' , '-4' ' " "xj'j"M f V4 x - Xxx ' ' " 7 y i ,11 VV f - - f " f' If -Rx 1 x xxx - X WX, , i jf, , XV N ,J y , wvf V! V, , VV 7n If , y. ,Tn,,Q':,,77' Ai V ff I ,X ff V ff I ,ry ' ffl if f If jf I ' yaf QX ' VA .' W Ef f f ff! 1' ' I 1' 7,17 f X rf! ' , gf! Q!! VV lfffwf X ' ' X ' 1 f 1, X ,, " fifff K' V 'f f' , WU ff! 11 X 4 ,, . ,m f , - v f fffff ' ,'-, -I' 4 ff I 2 f g fl N . ' 4' "W v 1 I " f' 'f fy I If 171' I I Y ry X iff! 1' A " I fi 1 ff 1 'fr ,fl ,,,' J, 1 flh 'mx , ,A 1 , ff' ,,f' 5 , 4 1 f I 1 . ,' If ' I ,' f , 1' 'Q ffsj... in f " ' X " V " 1' ff! f I V f I ' s fy M 1 In f ff -4 rif w ,w N 1 M' xii X 'f:'?'1?i.g 7 ' f ' fx AM! 1 f M! " f f' ff fy!! "ff Yl4xn , 5-TX Q 5 iQ' J. ' -4-in ,s fl f f If fy V, H ' W H I I I X I f by fu' I I . N V "' .-'- - f M! f f f ff f 3 1 m Rgfiigx 9 rife - f f f 4 V7 1 1 - i iix X' N- g , ,X ' Xsi. f ' -' f' ' , -. X'-x--.K 'A 2: ,px ,zj':7 QA f 'I f ' f ' ' 1 i 'igiik Sig- vt' . 1 X ' 1' ' 4' X ml it as x1 V ' f f, f1sY"- 'X 1 .V J' A ' IA 1:1,, v - -5, - T - , , 1t4 f , . ' Z, , 4 3 Q 15, +1115 I 2 ' , Y Y f' Q, G N 'VIC ' fi -Qi' S k i Y- - if iii ' V n : 14 f ,Z 'A , A . 1 S ns' .- -3,-,i 'fi' wr -4' v Q 0' f I Jw+:l ?::iSffV+fe! + A g f 5 . L Y Q gf f H 1 If ' T ' 3 f 153 77 , 1-ti f? .L 59 if 'L TC, D ' - 1 iff-f ' ' "- Q- x'- 2 , - 4 -5 g "5 -,:1' :in I 37:15 f ' f - :2z:Q'f'f:4 ' f 'Lf -D "4-if ' , Y ' at - Wei ' s r -5711, V " :I4 "1 5 f' if-25, 4, - xi :-1. J- 2' 1,9322- 53- ls A TS' fs - 1'-' Q 'Af , f if 13 f ,fff f1 ': -. T 1 ' F - , 714655. 3 A .gg is W f ' -G-l-S-1-.. .TQ ' ',239:i1f" ' --f E 'g " -fi--'W " iv Ql,,,W,, X - .K .lb 1 .Lf ffkx, ff W f Of IM CP 75 Kgs Q f Uhen the mountains of success seemed to rugged to climb and our picks and shovels too heavy to carry, many of us would have fa1led if we had not been guided by one whom we all respect and admire. In behalf of the entlre student body, we, the Seniors of 1951 wish to express our s1ncere thanks to Mrs. Bals for the countless ways in which she has made it possible for us to better enjoy our hlgh school years, and at the same time be better prepared to face the future. We feel that no student has or will graduate from Mrs. Bale' classes w1thout having been taught to appreciate the value Q fairness, responslbility and honesty. ,Lf KFNXMX K 3 XUCQ K' fl X4 -xx Q ,QA 'f A . j -Q"-xl- LHA .ff f , 1 'X It 44. . .,..4,w, ,.f Y ' A!! I Cf Xu 1 'gf ll XX - ff , X 1 14 'XY C Q if ' K J I Af x F335 QV t9 .yn b 1 Eine ' 4,53 5' Q0 ,.' CC .3 N X x93 x V5 X m XXWXI C 'P fQX'X l1,xXS v'vffYX' V' , A x F .V fer ff Xfffxdq nl! K' G5 if U , 1 A C67 9 ' O1 y f F K , y, 5 . ,ff P -- fy Kg J, vwlfgyc 'fig V, LQ ' "'-1 'CU i wif QI K' X Y X Editor ess st G+ Edltor Busines Panager sst Buslness Nrr odu tion Vpr Leroy Smith Davlne hast Duth Nurray mhwyreuo mc nyder 1 , , X W Y 1 ,WL Xa 'r'A 'Z wg'-'-4"--4" Pkotogra her Art odltor Activltl s oditor Features Ldltor ooort Aitor N. Dicx Bolin Jerry Peterson Ruth Hlley YatHy Hood 1ober+ Mood ,Al 'A' "v X of X 4 tak, f K 1 I X X W Y t V X 4 1 , -4 fe 5 t w , Q, fi. ' Y' wt , , 4 ! Kr 4 , 1 Y X ,V f E I X ,1 Ai Y, K , ' Egg X ' f 4 x W w ,f , Xx ' W xy .xx i .rbi l!fl!,fff 1 , X -t , I .U . X li- . f . 'A . A j X I .- 1 l.'Q"'7"'IfQy 1 -A f ' 'f ......... . 5 1 ...A U , A ' 'e T ......... :r lc H, t:.:QT y 3 h A 'A 9 F ..::.. .:::?A AJ' irminifltmtinn 1 lf sfo " 'J 5-,1 Yd- GLEN QHA'ER LEROY POPE Suoerlntendent HOWELL OLDHAV English English Assistant Coach Music CQ f X QP gg! SxbfxN ff Ak :Z XX nv' 1.1! ! -Q We-,,i,isi I ' 'f xg ffl 4 ,f ADELAINE BALS VVR1OI ATDPWQCN Commercial Industrial Arts 'ii as 41 5. ANN ANDERSON WIL A LARQFV Social Studies Home Uconomics 1 Vathemat cs FL R LI? Drincipal Coach Q. -x , , x a i 5 K ' X ' X , , f , , b . M f . 1 G . .14 A: ' C3 X7 s'q 1 ' I fir ' 4 H u-- ,Q -'Q ' ' , f-4" Q, F , 1 f',:,L-,, f -1 X- , f f, s, sf I. -,-.,? O'. 1F. , , , ,f I ' I 1' 'V If AU! ,jf . I ff, F. MH " . ' fr I A LW ..,r,W-h s,f. V. H' Y U! v 7. 1 U1 A L 1- nn., 1 . ,JA 1 ix. A X P . X Y ' Y 5 - 1 j L I 'A , A.n:1F HRLEY RADE FACULT Q ci X JU NE WREDE First Grade VERA SMITH Fourth Grade 01? NOLA ZIMMERMAN RUSQELL 10 Eighth Grade Seventk Gra LLICT R - Sbun MARY HRA.OSTA GLALVS ETT7'W Third Grade Kinderrarten ELSIE JAGWVAN Fifth Grade Ay-4'-'B ,4-in RLTH I E Sixtk Grade fm Y' RT T Q Qecc d Grade xx , - f I H , ar ,XO "3 4 l I ,4 Y W W Ng, ,4 -H , V 1 Zi. ,- . G ag M A V Q 'J Q U .. ,TTY 4 OYf'.,OIf 1 f Ei , 4, 4 1 CCWH! PP Kama! 756771 in A , Q 'N 6 ff ff ffpgfw Kwai H111 III ffm... 410' in-1 YJ ,4 if 0 72512 ill 'An- L I gollli 1911 .q,l11r-lane W... 1911 5 ge -mel ml Ill-- 1 I' 5' .fl-I un nu , 'tit 3 4 'W m' l'! ' nit it 'v.-i H ZF! ,Q .- Ill UH' ve!-if mmf 'E X f f X 'v ' if 25 Z f l JJ f L A ' 'N - D L -- - XM-XX .X x ' , A 1, 4 7 I I 5. ,f' i' flf!'ff! ,I Af!! .X 9 1 Q j, f - ' K If I f K' 1 ' xx ' h H ' ,,AY' x I . A X, 5' E ff , an K L if fi xx x xx D 1 gg, X A ' A I K , " fi Q ,,, ig 9 1 Q2 cg, A f W si , n I ,Q T74 M ,. . X - ' : ' j"A X x 1 4' l- wg, Q ,D ' 1 . li 5, 1 ' ...J . sn ' ,, f " Hzniurs flip .4:X fun ff 5mm QU'-5 T-ur RICHARD BOLIN LORETTA CHRAMOSTA 'The best wav to fight a woman 'Count that day lost with your hat, grab it and run" whose low descending sun views from thy hand Class Officer 2 Boys'Glee 1 2,3 U no worthy action done M1xedChorus 1 2,3, ,Octet 1 2,3, Boysloctet ,Band 1, 2, 3 ,Smal G1r1s'G1ee 1, 2, 3 M, Band 1 2,3 Instrumental Groups l,2,3,h Foot Pep Club 3,Perfect Attendance 3 Basketball l,2,3 i,Baseba11 3 Track l,2, Annual Staff -Wim Swv' SYLVIA CHRAMOSTA BERT CLEVENGER 'Happiness untold awaits them, 'There 15 ng wgpkmgn, w en the parson consecrates them what so ever he be, who may both work, Girls'Glee 1, 2, 3 M Mixed Cho well and hastily rus , sand 1, 2, 3 M,Pep Club 3 M5 w p n Typing Pin 3 Boys'Glee 1, 2, 3 ,Class Play 3 . H g". 6.1: x. ,I . X . N3 F iNn- Q X A 1 ' I is . .ln . v- . W' I M. I ,biz . 1 . M' 9 L' i 1 ' 9 ball lt,2w,3w,hw3A1l-Conference M3 O NJN' ,LLB . LL. ' 1 " '- an, gi., uf A 'QN Qtr" 1 h .ll - - 9 3 ' ' M' Y 9 ' S u ol o 0 g bf' 433-Q, p "1 41 DORIS CLEVEWCER BONNIE COPELAND 'She is a woman, Keep your face to the sunshine therefore may be woo d and you cannot see the shadow She is a woman, therefore may be won Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, Gir1s'u1ee 1, 2 , Pep Club 2, Iii '1f"' 'When words are scarce, they are seldon spent in vain G1r1s'J1ee 3 M O w D m Typing Pin 3 Perfect Attendance 1 T DEMA JEAN GEORGE 'The only sure thing of luck is that it will change Student Council 3 Mixed Chorus 2 3,h, G1r1s'e1ee 1 2,3, , Band Dramatics 1,2,3,7 , one Act Play Class Play 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Pep Club Officer 3 v n , , 5 , . .VY Ll-:V N , 3' 3- ' P 64 1 I 4 " 4 I MARY DELGADO . E In .W C ' LL . .1 . ' 1 , , . 7 , I 0 D ' F 9 M' 33 P 2' - 3: ' - 3 WAYNE GODFREY Do not say all you know but always know what you say student Council , nonor Roll 1,2 3,L,Boys'Glee lfC,3, ,Mlxed Cqorus 3, ,Eoys'Octet 4 ClassPlay 3 oot ball l,2,3 M All Conference Basketball l, Student Mana er 4 N41 rx'R1CIA HTLTY Let us be such as help me 11fe of the future Student Council 2, Honor Roll 3,L, Class Offic r 2,u, Jirls'Ulee 2 M1X6d Cnorus 1, Perfect Attendance 4""' f-mr:-1 k'hl "ig ROUNLY KAUP HI love me" Bo s'J1ee 1, 2, 3 , MIX d C orus 1 2 3 , Boys'Octet a, Wootball atu ent Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff u inr- rRnJ KJRChK 'The only way to 6et the best of an argument is to avoid it otball 1 S' al 6 2, M ,Basketball l,2, O N Ty,1ng Pin 3 6 iv C A ,LA 'C Wmef' A 1 ll ll . c lv H ' .U - - ll, i- A I . . . " 14. ' e L ' 0 f' rw ,I-L: LL' : :F - A ' 1 J - f, W5 ' ' I HS 3- ,r 4 '. S 1 , I . L. S ga' gi .l, ff 1 X , 1 1 n , 0 . i J J- it ll Y P , M' .J 9 A N, V, , M' ' . Boy ' e 3, ug EO , 2, N 2 . . - ja, 4- 3g M ',p,q 'LD 'Cb-n RUBY LOEWENSTEIN BARBARA MANFULL 'What we earnestly aspire o be, 'Counting time is not so im or that in some sense we are tant as making time count Mixed Chorus 2 3 M Gir1s'Glee 1 Honor Roll 1 Girls' Glee l,2,3, , 2 3 Trio , Pep Club 1,2 Pep Club 3, , Pep Club Officer Cheer Leader l 2 3 457' 'fix X WCZ3' DAVINE MAST RUTH MURRAY 'The future is a convenient place for dreams.' Valedictoriang Student Council lg Honor Roll l,2,3,hg Class Officer l,2,3g Mixed chorus 2,3 ug Girls' Glee 1, 2 3, bg Sextet LgPep Club 1, 2, 3, Lg Pep Club Officer Agua- jorette 1, 2, 3, bg Class Play 35 One Act Play My A5 w. p. m. Typing Pin 3: Annual starr h. nEverything happens to everybody, if there is time enough.' Honor Roll l,2,3,h5 Class Officer 1, 33 Mixed Chorus 1,2, ,hy Girls' Glee 1,2,3,hg Sextet 3, 5 Pep Club l,3,hg Pep Club Officer 31 MS wpm. Typing Pin 33 Annual Staff M. if A . 1 AQfR'l' 1 M ' t n ' pn - n 5 n ' M' , , hs ?' , , M. .3,h: L' M. KA ' iv 4CI" MARL JE ACCONNELL 'Memory is the diarv that we all carry about with us Mixed Chorus 3 L, G1rls'Glee 1,2 , u, Sextet Octet Trio Solo 3 u Pep Club 3 Perfect At tendance 2 1 1' "il C: X JLRRY PETERSON HA man of pleasure a man of paints Student Council 2 Honor Roll 2 Class Officer 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3, Bo1s'Glee 2,3 Octet 2 BoJs'Octet Class Plav 3, One Act Play M Annual Staff 453' ' 1 RUTH hLAIuL HILEY LEROY S'ITH HAction is the proper fruit of 'It is well to have a theory, knowledge Honor Roll l,2,3 L ClassOfficer ,4,Se2tet 3 M Octet 3 M Trio Q Solo 3 Band 1,2 3,u,Small Groups 1,Pep Club l,2,3 Nayorette 1,2 Drum lalorette 3 Class Play 3 G rls'Stete 3 S w Tfplng P10 3 Annual Staff u and sit in the center of it H Salutatorian, Student Council 1,3 2, Nixed Chorus 1 2,3,h,Boys'Glee 1 2,3,b,Octet l,2, ,Boys'Octet Band 1,2,3,h,Smal1 Groups l,2,3, , Football l,2,3 A Basketball l 2 Baseball 3, , Track l,2, Class Play 3,0ne Act Play L Boys' State 3 5Ow p m Typing Pin 3,Per rect At: l,2,3,b, Annual staff u is 2 . ' n ." ' LU A LC 'B 3 3 " ' 9 ' I 3 1 , 'g g , - bg 1 h ,hi n 3: U3 ' L, : AL f X ' Q , X 'C -C ri I - ll A4 ' ,vs M: ' S fixed Chorus l,2,3,b:Gir1s'G1ee 1, Honor Roll l,2,3,b: Class Officer 4:2 ifi l ' 1 L s Z 3: J-lsi ' . : 1 ' , -' bs ' ... ,Lf I v 5 ' a b' H , , 15 , 5 ee, seg , 1 ' 3 O , p, gg, 1' ae,3-1:-,lisa-5 ' : A' We . . "' : Q . . . H ' - Q. 'iv WF wr Q VJ LORRAIWF SMITH NANCY Q 'YDPR nArguments out of a prett 'She's lovely, sFe's envxved mouth are unanswerable Student Council M, Honor Roll 1,2, irls Glee 1 9,3,h Dranat cs 3,U, Fla S nfPlCGP 1, 1xed Chorus lass Play 3, Pep Club 3, 1, 2 3, Gir1s'blee l 9 3 Flass Plaj 3 O w D m TyD1ng P1n 3, Annual Qtaff A 41, Y Sr VIRGITIA QTALL KATHD 7 but more love is re11sYed by the wisest men 111-13'G1ee 1, 2, I Pep Club 1, mor- Roll 1,Q,3,'1 Cl Wh er rls G1 e l,?,3, ,Drawat ns 1, 1,On A t P1 y 2,1 Flass P a Pep Club 1,9, Pep Cldb Of Pi er 3, M, Annual Staff K 1 4 ' vw J. I n X ' U'Q - G J , ,- eg .1 1 3g -J S .Q , f' Q 0 N O 'Y J 4 J sen s J 3 5 'QA' o A ' V 0 K 'x "x , 1 I A .wR1lE VPOD nTh6P6 is no remedy for love, HA little nonsense, now and then, A .n . 1 ' 1 '. . Q n 3, 43 H , , Vg -ass V. Q, 1. F1 I D Ll, v 1 2, 3. A, 11. V , '-. - AJ' 2,1,1- Q- Q - a , 4: J- -1 Y 33 1 A 3,13 . 1 - 1 c ' - M' H 'O' iff' ROBERT WOOD 'If I would rule the world quietly, I must keep it amused ' Mixed chorus 1,2,3,h, Boye'Glee 1, 2,3,l4,0ctet LL,Boys'Oct-et I-I.,Bl8k0t ball l,24,34,u4,Footbal1 1i,24,34, 14,-ss, All conference 3,l4,, Baseball 3, LL, Track l,2,3, ,Half Blue Numeral 3 Perfect Attendance 3 Annual Staff M A,, , 4111.144 44 Hxvfnrmm Sopluflafnttalt V f 3' ' H' N - ' , id f -""3Lf' r, w , H ' ffl 'fl W it a 4 , 4 I " 'A r a 55, 'Q fi 9' 4' Q aggl nf: c ,4 rl: 1 "HI X 4 ' Q, fx AN a l be 5 am, -af f'.fA'f I -, ,mf ' -ss--el f-1-'ea 2 as - - :z"",, .Q -, Q-, ei , 41- , , f' x fjliiiq. , ? fx -ea -2 ' I' vK""'!s, If-1, 1 l Q X - 'Q A .. 45 l K B ,S .. 62-3' 'v ' 4 ' " S R in-s? ,a1:-f1'2P Mbiazf nf Zim ag? As we open our cherished memory book of years gone by, we find that our school days are the most memorable, since there wasn't much to remember before that Meek and hesitatingly we entered Gibbon Grade School, we were Esther Camo, Frances Flitton, Rose Hibberd, Marlene McConnell, Ruth Murray, Rita Musil, Frank Musil, Joyce Pember, Leonard Pember, Ronald Power, Betty Stibal, Louise Reeder, Joy Tatum, Dick Webster, and Katherine Wood As the years went by we gained the knowledge of the three R's, and the com pulsory rules under which we had to labor Well, grade school in its own little way proved to be interesting Later on we gained Josephine Berumen, Bobby Clifton, Donald De la Motte, Dixie Johnson, Davine Mast, Elsie Oliver, Marvin Wade, and Robert Wood, while we lost Ronald Power, Marlene McDonnell, Joyce Pember, Louise Reeder, Frances Flitton, Betty Stlbal, Frank Musil, Dick Webster, and Rose Hibberd One thing we think we shall never forget was the war years, with those years came the buying of war stamps, the rationing of food, the shortage of um, and eventually the ending of World War II, all of which we experienced dur ng our grade school days Please note even though there was a shortage of gum, the waste basket still seemed to have an abundance. Time marched on, thus we did the same, but as we marched with the even rhythm of time, we lost and found more industrious K"""7 students Those found were Evon Gltt, Nancy Snyder, Marlene Mcfonnell, Ruth Riley, Ruby Loewenstein, Rodney Keup, Billy Thomas, Rex Stibor, Alan Gallup, Emma Jean Kephart, and Mary Low Schlupe, while we lost Leonard Pember, Josephine Berumen, Esther Camp, Bobby Clifton, Dixie Johnson, Elsie Oliver, and Marvin Wade Yes, indeed, we shall always remember grade school days Maybe it was just the homey atmosphere of spit balls, water guns, notes, profile drawings of the teacher, whatever it was we notice there is only one teacher of the group that At last, we left behind grade school and glanced through the high school doors with uncertainty We had heard stories of initiation and were a little leary as to what the upper classmen might forecast for our future Stumbling and blushing, we entered the G H S corridor, looking around for signs of booby traps, and rushed into our homeroom to find Dirk Bolin, Loretta Fhramosta, Sylvia Chramosta, Bert Clevenger, Doris Flevenger, Ronald Burnham, Bonnie Cope land, Mary Delgado,Donald De la Iotte, Dema George, Wayne Godfrey, Robert Jones, Rodney Keup, Fred Korcek, Ruby Loewenstein, Barbara Manfull, Davine Mast, Mar lene Mc onnell, Ruth Murray, Rita Vusil,Jesse Onate, Ruth Riley, Lorraine Smith, Leroy Smith, Nancy Snyder, Virginia Stall, Katherine Wood, and Robert Wood enrolled We, as freshmen, went through the usual procedure of managing to get to the wrong clas es at the wrong time, falling flat on our faces while trying to impress the upper classmen, experiencing the watermelon feed snake dance and the freshmen initiation, which officially declared us Gibbon High School stu dents. After we survived the freshman year we stared the sophomore year in the Pace with a happier thought now we were superior over one class, we could boss , N6 taught us left in grade school. They shall remember those years, tool!! them around for awlile Dnrlnf thls J ar re cxlned Patricia Hllty and Jerry Peterson and lost Ronald Purnham, Qobert Jone , and Jesse Onate We really had not too much to brag about as yet, except we were a step higher toward our foal Them came a happy time of our life when we were proud juniors Vith this year we received our class rings, gave our Junior lass Play, wrirh was a suc cess, and the Junior senior Banouet This year we gained one more student, Patricia avenee, and broke our record by losing none We finally made itll!! To many it seemed about time, but this year wr came excepting the teachers and the school board, but why mention trlflea at this glorious moment! This year when we enrolled we iound that we had gained none but lo t two, Datricia Cavenee and Rita Musil Our journey through school has been a happy memorable occurxence, and we shall always keep it written in our book of memorie , because there shall never be anything quite like school Our school days will never come back to us again Of this year we shall always remember the work we spent on our annual, tre Senior Class Play, the Junior Senior Prom, and the everyday association of our classmates 4 un1-q Q . 1 ' 1e, v ,f c c ' ' 0 Y , . . ,s . U J a - A a . Q, A 3 ' X , '. - - rw A I N 1 , J O ,M , . - 3 back to wear the crown of the mighty seniors. Now we can look down on everyone, . ' , s ' - I s , Q A O A . My , . ff 'lk f'-ft. -hflilrfr - YHHS--......, F ffl! 'I fi 4 J U-f-ra WI bl, E E' Qfguf NU, etgile request We, the seniors of 1951, being of sound body and unsound mind bequeath the following articles to the following persons to use as directed fwarning, an overdose might be serious I To the juniors we leave the superior feeling of being a senior, providing they don't become too radical To the sophomores we bequeath the gum under the desks, if they will leave some fresh gum in its place. To the freshmen we leave dear old Gibbon High with hopes that they give her the care to which she has been accustomed To the faculty we will some effective hair rinse, to wash away those gray hairs, and also the up coming senior classes, providing they aren't too hard on them To the grade school we leave the years ahead, to use to the best possibili ties, and all of the fun we had in the bygone years, Individually and hesitatingly we leave our assets following lucky persons Dick Bolin, will my famous line to the sheik of the Robert Wood, will my intelligence to Leonard DeBrie, Ruth Murray, will my diamond to the African diamond and liabilities to the junior class who will be needing it mines for research work, and my ability to get along with college men to Peggy Reed. Nancy Snyder, will not will anything, because I have already said 'I will' to someone else Davine Mast, will my little black book from the years gone by to any junior girl on the prowl, Ruby Loewenstein, will Ronnie Nutter to anyone who thinks they can keep him as long as I have. D Bonnie Copeland, will all my giggles to anybody who may roam the portals of GI H! Se I, Dema Jean George, will my sweet disposition to be employed for the general improvement of the junior class. In I, Marlene McConnell, regret that I can't leave my heart to the following senior classes, because I have left my heart to so many I forgot where I left off. Bert Clevenger, will my 6' 2' basketball team, In Pat Hilty, will my share in wants to get out I, to Jack S1gler's 6' lg' to add to Mr. Lierley's which may need it in future years. the salt mlnenin lower Siberia to anyone who of the 'draft- , ahfg, " -..g f lg r2'41i-cry... X ,.p5f 1 vig., A A -. 1 ijp fil ' ' A' .,, Q fm 'a:. UL "' H-L , ' N31 C nf' i ' 1 " I Esaprx . , ' ,p-- ' " 1-- ,im., 5? 'ffl V .lv fZ.iE:.' , " , - if fn ' 5 --P: .. -,,-,.-,e 4 , 517 ,-0a-f - h ig D I U . . O 0 I, . I, o In In Q In I Barbara lanfull, will my glasses to Mr. Pope, so he may better see the possi- bilities of his English classes. In Loretta Chramosta, will my saxophone to anyone who has enough wind to keep it running,and a bottle of water in case you get thirsty before Mr. Oldham puts away his baton. Rodney Keup, will my beautiful muscles and extra' pounds to Robert Moffett, and my boxing gloves to anyone who thinks they can beat me. Sylvia Chramosta, will Gibbon to the girls who are simply wild about Ravenna. Fred Korcek, will the knowledge you didn't know I had to someone who thinks they can use it Doris Clevenger, will my wide collection of 10 cent diamond rings to some grade school girl who would like to have them Virginia Stall, will my real blonde hair to Rheta Knott, so she will have all blonde hair instead of just a third Leroy Smith, will my good citizenship grades to Kenneth Ritterbush, and also my ability to take care of the freshmen girls to anyone who thinks they can do better Wayne Godfrey,will my traffic tickets to anyone in the junior class who fears they will get more Mary Delgado, will my neatnes to anyone who thinks they will be needln it Jerry Peterson, will "old reliables Clegsl to anyone who thinks they will be needing them and who needs the exercise Ruth Elaine Riley, will my red hair to the Partman twlns so they may be bright in clas Lorraine Smith, will my desire for boys with blue Plymouth to any glrl who likes boys with Buicks Kathy Wood, am leaving, isnft that enoughU9999099997999999U999999999999999999 ix' 29 6,1 X sails Class Officers President Katkerine Wood Vice President Leroy smith Secretary Ruth Riley Treasurer Pat Pilty ' A I C I 0 U 4 1 A - I . 9. C ,ff ll 1 r SX- ., ,- .--ff" F f Q, - -'R i lv g, V V..-.rl K I . 4 1 ' .Q W' Y? , ,L V ! l .bg A - , 1 Y '. -- 5 ' - K 2 7 1 'A' Q 4 5 4 1 L Y a I " - Q X-Y gy" xe Yds: f ,f . O . " 0 0 ' -, . . . U I . Q. i f XXX, ff ,f N fl? Z A IS 'fl' xg- 1-5 -ii' 6.1 4-Ji 1 dw' ik UHF - 'r' 'Y + GENIUS IIYTQ X212 FuZurfe Lonely Polecat Valley Blubber Island, Alaska May 19, 1970 Dear Mr Shafer, In the lonely mine shaft I find myself thinking of the class of 'Sl ' When one is in such a desolute place, naturally one's thoughts are only in a desolute manner Since I haven't conversed with any of the 'Sl ers recently, I'd like to know just what the occupations of that group are Sincerely, Snodgrass Blowhard Gibbon High School Gibbon, Nebraska May 21, 1970 Dear Snodgrass, Your concern is greatly appreciated by all, needless to say, you are not the first to write inquiring of the whereabouts of the 'Sl ers Fred Korcek has been in the minting business for years, he just received a notice that the wooden nickels he has been minting has caused a lumber shortage in Oregon Mary Delgado is pursuing tigers in King So1omon's mines, to the natives in Africa she is known as 'Bring 'nm Back Alive Delgado Davine Mast is married and has proven 'Cheaper by the Dozen a faulty statement. I inquired further and found that she and her marriage partner have a marvelous baseball team of their own which has played in all of the big leagues. Rodney Keup is now a great author. He has just finished his new book, nF1ery Saga of the Old South.' His main character was Sarabelle Frizzlcpuss, fairest flower of the deep south, who is a great friend of his. Bonnie Copeland is down at the State Penitentiary teaching the fundamentals of baking and steel works. The officials think they are going to have to dis- continue this course because of loss of bars and teeth. Doris Clevenger and Virginia Stall are operating a cafe for truck drivers only in El Paso, Texas. They are featuring dinners just like dear old Mother used to make. Bert Clevenger is now in great despair. He has just heard he has to pay S5000 fine for shipping his mother in law in a wooden box across the state line without a trucking permit. This is considered inter-state commerce. Barbara Manfull has just found out that'Untrue Love Episodes' has accepted her life story for publication. f .I - ,'f., ,X ,IX 272-" ' -H 12,, g i -- .ffff . YY YY Y ' RISK! K V' gf -N , "A if f"s1o fl,-I' - ,, -. X ,I 4' '-- - -.?,,9""-".g:f,5' , -zirsc :wir a --1, ',f1i: X- -.-" ' 'f "'fQg11:.::. j, , 1f".::u-ef, Wg ggi . V 'ig ' 5:1 , v N.. -gp - vi gl -.lj ,- ff ' -+4,y ax gf V 1.3 FE., 1 Y - :::f.,"' 14 R Y 'xx' ll -'P F - ,ggi I I 7, . QV XY l V F 7 ' ' 3- ,,,,, ,1 1 1 1., -1-, In Y ' X ' ' v qi ,- f Q-4 , I tix if ' I I ,l I - di- Q ,, , -ff-4 N1 V f - . H X1 ' ' 'Lf 'I 41, M- Mizz. fl" 9 H- as as 1:9 2. of - 1- V- fri- vfyfe arf W H Q - - , C F , -A he-ff: ,iff gr:.fQQ,!-:Q -ig-75,1 l ' ,- W1 L 'W ' " " ,,,,,,,,- ".' 1-Y , ,rr I ,, , V P H A 6-7 YY- mrinlid Aw-73, JCL! H -rl- AC ' 1 Y, V . C " U Q I- -' i:i:1Ql,,f1 i.j,iT +,,. ffflt' If ,, , , 1 ,f W W fr li...-f-j'vQ"" A -, 0 Q I . - Q 0 I ' e Q e Q I1 e N Pat Hilty is married and living in Wyoming She informed me that they had considerable competition at the county fair, but they finally won the blue rib bon on their prize heifer Nancy Snyder, during her spare time in her home has invented a combination knife, fork, spoon, and safety razor She feels her beloved husband can use the razor Cwe remember him as a graduate of ' 97 Ruby Loewenstein is in congress She represents New York, and she is sup porting a bill to have school on Saturdays and night school for those who want to go to college It is surprising how much the students are supporting it also Robert Wood just discovered what the thing is He deducted the conclusion While he was just walking along minding his business, when it fell on his head and caused him to have a brain concussion He regrets that the knock on the head caused him to forget what it was Marlene McConnell is a 'Lady Flat Foot in North Platte, Nebraska, The town has changed considerably since she took over her job Ruth Riley is a proprietor of 'Freckles Anonymous,' for red heads only A graduate of '52 is her partner and we hear they are quite prosperous Wayne Godfrey is still in the farming business He bet on Sam, his hired man, in the hog calling contest and won 3500 Jerry Peterson used to be a mortician but since he has to dig too low to scrape up some cash for his beloved wife Cyou all remember the graduate of 523, he gave it up, and is now quite famous for the new version of plane for the Leroy Smith has just received his doctor's degree, a Nobel prize, and three thousand dollars for a secret formula, X 23 Z, which he sold as a combination all brand vitamin, hair restorer, furniture polish, and corn remover, which has been turned over to the atom1c energy commission for further development as a secret weapon Lorraine Smith has given up being a chorus girl and has decided to do bal let Lately she has contracted to do a dance for Joseph Stalin in Russia, pro viding he doesn't walk out on her when she dances to the 'Star Spangled Banner ' Dema Jean George is selling electric hot pads to the natives in Africa She has finally convinced them that they will have some use for the pads Dick Bolin is proprietor of Dick's Studio He has taken our seniors' pic tures for years and we commend him highly. He was going to enter politics and kiss babies, but he figured Alben Barkley was too much competition for him Sylvia Chramosta invented a new medicine that is superior to Hadacol One day while cooking dinner for her husband, she mixed some ingredients together that raised the hair off his head Now she is trying to invent something that will make his hair grow again Ruth Murray is married and likes it. Both she and her husband own several oil wells in Texas They plan to venture to Africa to investigate the diamond mines Loretta Chramosta is a hair designer for bald headed women. She is quite famous for her designings She had a nervous breakdown when she found that it is quite probable that hair restorer can make your hair grow again. Kathy Wood is at present in New York City in the Empire State Building She has her own office and her occupation is being a psychoanalyst She psycho analyzes problem parents for distressed children I hear many perplexed children come to her in hopes of parent reform I+ . If Il . n . I army--1t's the shape of a fly, only on a larger scale, of course. l1l'llU1'5 etlsleeo Gold, Front Row, Left to Right Glen Zimmerman, Joan Vohland, Donna Howell, Roland Catlin, George Zimmerman, LaBerta Power, Delorls God frey, Mary Martinez, Joan Kinney Middle Row Mrs Larsen, Rheta Knott, Bob Catlin, Suzanne Linden stein, Gailen McMullen, Margaret Reed, Dale Herter, Norma Erpelding, LaVonne Weston, Marilyn Wrede, Mr Anderson Back Row Gary McConnell, Herbert Korcek, Leonard DeBrie, Jack S1gler,Kenneth Ritterbush, Wayne Cudaback, Milton Young, Ronald Power, John Pedersen, Harold Jones Not in picture Joan Benge, Richard Moffett, Leland Stubblefield ffm rg W Xi -A Class Officers President .Donna Howell Vice President. Jack Sigler Secretary Marilyn Wrede Treasurer Norma nrpelding .ac ' ' 3 bits , ' n 5 - 2 L I 4 - l m r-9 fc 1 lf? ' 'A 1 'I x fo , . ' KA. H ' ,. R if ,,jg' f f - Q -e 1 M New . f M a-4,1 p 1 e, ' ' I' I -if gf- . ' hx 'xi 3 ' M ., A 4' I ff A 1 :xxf A ,. A4 s ' I. ' 'x M, 'I N Y - is QJ ,I lb M It J' Us CME FMT Reverend Nilliam Spence Ronald Power Hope Spence.. Norma Erpelding Hartzell Jack Sipler Eileen LaBerta Power Dr Romer Wayne Cudaback Louise Suzanne Lindenstein Joan Vohland Molly Delo is Godfrey Ronnie John Pedersen M MEMEYEW Letty Marilyn Wrede Mrs Sandow Donna Howell Mrs Digby Georgie Peggy Reed Robert Catlin Mrs Cambridge Lavonne Weston Mrs Jellison . Major Cooper Rheta Knott Harold Jones Bishop Sherwood Ronald Catlin Reverend Fraser Spence Leonard DeBrie 1? ' it ! MM y,4 M . .soot ocoooele I 0 ouenoeoeec eco: liilltllllltllili l OICCIOIOODOOIOO ooeoouoeeoeuvntooae 4 N eoosouooooticollol 0 - ltoooitltllltili VIH ' U Iitiloloo OU Maria .................... f fi ... .......... . ff H Fl H H will 1' TQM 1? PM I M' M 5 X R , 1 1 n s, 1 1 VJCK cv ' " ' . M M H 5f ' n f N V - . In M - L n- -C . QQGQL Z7Zbzn4l?f when the Spence family walked into the new parish, it Q was quite a shock That's where the trouble began, and having two hlvh Stab school age, trouble getting into children, didn't help matters any Reverend Spence finds the church 0u,aLi Ar 55 building starting to disintegrate, the congregation split into warring factions, the choir a cross between the oevi1's grand isoned mother and a swarm of mountain wildcatsfand the town was being bigotry But this is only a part of their troubles Z spite of the many complica tions the outcome was much in their favor This brought down the curtain on an 1 spiring and laugh packed entertainment The success of the play 7ffia,5.w M41 7 21+-f.f? was made possible by the other members of the class who mad up the pro duction staff, and by the capable direction of Mrs Larsen. nJjhl1lIlllflI'f5 PD w? cf BCX5 of? Front Row, Left to Right Carl Rockefeller, Helen Bennett, Deloris Lyons, Patty Stall,Tan1oe Donaldson, Joan Plevenger, Nancy West, Carol Murray, Charles Delgado Middle Row Marlene Thomas, Brunson Brown, Claudine Panady, Fldon Keup, LHPPY Parks, Dale Skow, Lois Reed,Maynard Thomas, Betty Crowell, David Case Back Row Mr Pope, Shirley Copeland, B111 Ross, Ronald Smlth, Ch rles Burnham, Dale S1ckler,Bud Kelly, Alvin Hartman,Duane Johansen Not in picture Robert Anderson, Arthur Hartman J Class President Lois Reed Vice Uresident B111 Ross Secretary Helen Bennett Treasurer Arthur Hartman QJIL1 II IT Q Qu Y T1 SYQR N ffsff Emir 5:-Q, MA QILV 6 Qs- CQCFNQR gm ka? A 4 I WA K QQ ,f A "' ' 3 RQ . l 9 A N . kk xl 'la ' A 1' - 3 4, ' ' M... in 5? i D Q .. A Q --:V ,- j 3, 1 - f " "' 4 k ' ' 'V ' A - 1' Y, 5 , S QIPQRLN o-, 1 f ' 1 . QL" ' H ' ., 'Q' V ll ' Y Q2 VLA 1 im, ' S . , L. l', -X QI, H V ' I 1 1 1 .fm U ,M X6 XR Q s , 3 5 n Ah :I i m -N xl X ., nw -N f,,:4g,gS' do E.. 5 . .V , - V ,., 'dl I gui , , , ' Up ' Q s. '- M X L 9 ,Q Q .. I 101, fb X lr.. ' ' If' MF, ity.: l if 1 Q6 Fi lf J. ' XX, --' -V r A V 5 M' ,, I 5 K . Ajit: fl K . in 'ff g 'X jf - '-4 X 7 2 gl 1935111111311 6 XC V9 F ,JL 2-X ' l f -4 , O ij, Q u J ft X! ' ,DJ GQ 9 krf X -gl DU Frort Row, Left to Right Sharlene Herter, Stanley Musil, Russell Colling, Betty Anderson,Dean Yockey, Ray Thomas, Donna Hawke, Margaret Delgado, Patsy Wiebold, Robert Moffett Middle Row Mr Oldham, Marlyn Jean Boltz, Phyllis Hilty, Darlene Puttergill, Eugene Chramosta, Terry Hagge, Janice Weston, Jim Catlin, Raymond Camp, Janice Cline, Alona Webb Back Row Janice Homan, Virginia Sutton, Ruby Livingston, Virginia Cudaback, Rupert Andrade, Marvin Shafer, Neil Scarborough,Gary Schnel ler, Don Pedersen, Marion Gion, Carolee Carter, Theo Crowell Absent Frankie Onate ff" 'zx ass Officers President Neil Scarborough Vice President Janice Homan Y ,wx I- 1. 7 3,1 C1 f W, , w ff 'i H ix - ' Jixn, F? , .. K' ggi I, Qu' 'Es V! Secretary and Treasurer..Russe1l Colling E21 ggi, f The Fle amen Initlation Tue fish School uditorimn 'T sept hher 10, 1 po, 7 do B r It was a wonderful night for the sophomores when tqey introduced the freshmen to Gibbon Iigh School through initi tion! The boys c me dressed as girls, with their hair in pin curls The girls came dressed as boys with half of their hair in pin curls and the other ialf 1D braids E ch freshman was equlpped with an onion and a blind fold First on the a enda, a freshman, accomoanied h a soohomore, went all over town and took the dog and cat census Upon return'n every one w s asxed to remove their shoes and tocxinbs Qnd cold spauhetti served the puroose of flshworms for them to valk on an of nslop nd one of flower paste didn't feel too pleasant on b re feet I ke un experts :ent to worfI'! Lipstick, eye shadow, rou e, and oo uer wer sme red on the faces of the alre dy suffering fres1men tr wl1n under a bench and mamin the rounds on the floor proved to we a lot of fun ffor the on looklng sophomoresj falxing up and uhvin from a two foot 'gang zlanx was next for the unlacky freshmen fhen all of the gue ts of honor had undergone the precedinf, they :ere allowed to sit down and rest C J The lucky people had the honor of being ln conte t, an etr tnrowing contest, and raw eg s were used for that After tue floor mad been cleared of all waste,a d noe was enjoyed b all,a ter vmich a lunch of sandfic es and not chocolate was served So, without too many unfortunate mismass, the freshmen of '90 'bl went t1rou 1 the usu l p ocedure of entering ibbon Wlrh 3' 0 F5 ft uw GRADE EIGHT Front Row, Left to Rlght Dick Nilliams, Pearle Clevenger, Everett Gardner, Jane Vohland, Jim Wiebold, Marilyn Keup, Dale Albin, Mickey McConnell Middle Row Larry Donaldson, Violet Mast, Betty Murray, Maxine Reed, Larry Doyle, Sharon Rhoadarmer, Nancy Loewenstein, Clara Mae West Back Row Connie Richardson, Salvador Martinez, Jim Wynn, Phyllis Lyons, Jerry Firme, Bob Kelly, Jack Bender, David Benge, Mrs Zimmer man Not in picture Alma Jensen, Margaret Castaneda, Virginia Latham JUNIOR HIGH TRI VALLEY TOURNAMENT The Gibbon Junior High was host to the Tri Valley basket ball tournament February 19, 21, and 22 The opening night Gibbon romped over Amherst by the score of 33 to M1 he next night Gibbon defeated Shelton, 30 to 18. The last night they defeated Wood Riv er, 26 to 12. The starting five were Marvin Shafer, David Benge, Bob Kelly, Salvador Martinez,and Neil Scarborough. The Gibbon Junior High football team played three games and was victorious in each contest. The strong line play of the Junior Buf faloes was evident, having their goal line crossed but once during the season. 3h Shelton 6 19 Shelton O Ml Ravenna O 25 rf S? tj, gh' I 1 Il. -, O , f' ,IN -. M . 4 f- if ' bv in L ' ' 2 ef, . V4 ,. ,vii . . I T 9639099 on of? nfw GRADE SEVEN Front Row, Left to Right Doris Aanfull, Donald Miller, Jon Bosse, Donald Gearhart, Roger Erpeldlng, Gary McMullen, Sidney Sutton, Ernest Martinez, Pauline Wood, Bobby McMullen, Josephine Farias Middle Row Janice Hagge, Margurette Maret, Mavis Bals, Mark Clev enger, Bruce Bundy, Srirley Keiper, Paul Farias, Dale Wrede, Rojane Rasmussen, MOHlCB Ross, Jack Clark Back Row Mr McCol1ister, Joan Smith, Carolyn Blanchard, Buddy Stall, Charles Smith, Nildred DeBrie, Audrey Applegate, Beverly Dan cer, Duane Frazier, Freddy Reed, Angel Figueroa Not in picture Pattie Cudaback, Bill Sickler X !,q JUNIOR HIGH PEP CLUB -,I NQ5 ,.- ,fc ' U ' H vs lb ' . - .Q ' H t .. 'H' Q 1 Q I I ' 'ff.' L wb if V fat, -Q i I A V x X V , 7 , " f 7--ii, Xian XX Ml' lm X of , The Student Council, an organization formed of two rep resentatives from each class in high school, is proving its worth by increasing the understanding between the faculty and students At these informal meetings of faculty and held September 28, 1950, with Mr. The first meeting was students, our problems and cisions are made in regard differences are discussed and de to school entertainments Shafer, Mrs Larsen, and Mr Oldham as sponsors Repre sentatives from the classes were Seniors, Nancy Snyder, Presidentyand Wayne Godfrey, Juniors, Suzanne Lindenstein, Secretary and Jack Sigler, Sophomores, Janice Donaldson and Charles elly, Vice President, Freshmen, Phyllis Hilty and Marvin Shafer, Treasurer These members have been present at all school dances and parties and have helped in the preparation of these ac tivities ,po-AM DRIVER EDUCATION A new subject, added to our schedule for the first time this year, is our driver education course It is designed to teach correct motor vehicle operation, including proper knowledge of signals and laws This system is a great im provement over the usual trial and error method of learning to drive The 'driver' car was donated to the school by John Turner, Chrysler Plymouth dealer. Mr. Shafer is the in structor, and the course, lasting one semester, is open to students who will be sixteen years of age or older at the close of the course, so they may qlalify for their driver's license. The course includes sixteen hours of actual driv ing, forty hours of associate instruction behind the wheel, and twenty hours of book work. .A 5 i , ' ff? n , W V y Q1 JW - M A f - .4 -M , .jg N -is 'C 'rl NY ,, g H1 Q' ' . Q A -' S, 1 vii -1 'X wus the second wee. of sc ool, and the student c,e 1 vv1lJ e eroisin, tnoir vocul chords,1t oews it :us e 1 or i od omorus t gouts r olinen L llantly led tqem into tae musvc roow, mnd after e snort es lon of tnret or fOu1 TOUIS, me selected tnlrts seven members to name uo he roll In the wefxs th t follonef tdef 1FdC+1CPd we rtlly for toe CONlH contests They were determlned to live uo totneir usual buperlor e lnt C 5 PwOHD Y Cworus presented thris+m s oro rum to all DUN l 1H r de seven to twelve mee Chorus entered 1U e candle li Ht aro cessionel to tee stralns ol O Come All Ye eitnlul, played b the Chorus eCCOWQ3DlSt, Claudlne Cened Pollowinf the procession a selectvon of Christmas c rols wus sung. Tnis included two vocel solos by Ierlene IcConnell in llent i Q and Ruth leine Wiley i Ho Li tl Towr Of Wetn lenem 1 Ctr wus verse was FGCWUGF oetafew toe sin 1D o tee curols Jeulee Donald on ine on lsuqus story Wa reul bJ Donna Jowell, w ile tne Prorus un1e ' t 'QNC Tvod e lfn fmt , i I ua . f' , L Cgw A X 'E J , I TF' X F 1 rug K1 Z J l at It :" ' Y - e H A Q , s w W- T ag j ' ff 3: "1 - ' ' ' s I 'x th dag f - m K I tr' s. M . ' . P1 fb ' ' ' r L M L f . s s' , H -1 ' -1 ' 4- ' y- e Y f Y t l . . e' ,ax v 1 7 y o ' U' , ' e e' ' -Tr . ,LQ l- - , ' ' , A ' U ree Q. T'Ci 'Wil 'T,QLS n'- midi Un December 22 tee Iixed .9 'H ' s 4 a ' oo.e L Q ff A pi s ' Q a S ., - Q 1 . ' f- ,- ,e - J J Q- 4 A . ' 0 Tl A 9 . F' .' H ' Lv .A Q H x ' ' n P y . 4 'I 'J' A , L . , a -Q ' . , ' f 1 fe -' vv 1- - ,. rv , H Q Y Lit, 2 n o n , t e :. ,, T- . . H 1 .A ist.. 'T 5 l 1 . Vee. .1 Q Q f u .Q ,l by Q A : Q - f S and Carol Kurrey. '. m,r' ,uf llll, s ' -'s ec W P L ' . , . , H 1 - , o. . s h,fr,d 'I Ce. L, . Th- N 1 iLEt Cleer. Tnwhms Lil R ,M mcmwglggfyxwm 'W' MUSIC EVENTS Community Pro ram ix lri Valley Music Festival April 2 N District Music contest April 13 and 114 Boys Glee, Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, Band, and Small Groups performed in these events fmufs can EE About tne middle of October, the Girls Glee was reduced to forty six members These sweet female voices echoed through the quar er of Gibbon Hivh every Monday and Jednesday V . 1 I L 1 A k A1 1 S A mu I7 ..-----......-..------------ CJ . Y Q M - ------- I . l A ,Q -, b g Q Y I a , , . ,N X i .' It . f K 'Nw 1 ' P . . ,f A' Us . 5' A , , , ' 'f K I xv 1 ,B ,, Q Z, ,WMM ' ,. ,.. 1 .. . - rr 1- I I' . s U, .. . , fl H nw' DN C9 SWS GJD wee F9 gg P , O , ' 'tx K X ' 1 r .Q , A 'FT i 5 K 3 i . Q 5 ' I w N , , I ' r. ij V On October 13, 1950, the Boys Glee was reduced to thirty-two members. Each Tuesday, the classrooms were filled with splendid music. Once in a great while a faint flat-note floated across the room to Hr. Oldhamg but it did him no good to look inquisi ned. A ' U A Rgx, fx 5, ' 1 1 Rd? A X Us N n Q Q 1 K' hi K ' - f 1 d- 4 -fc . K Q X '. ' gg 2 f ' 0 ' 4 9 , G - T . f P YA' i Q, Y, , I ' 5 rw. 3. ,O . 1. ' " O Al 5 ' ' ' 5 0 5 a t'velJ over all the innocent, sniling faces, so he HA RMINY ls. GJLDFIY 'E 4 ,, A o v- FW nerelj contln 'BDO NU Q if An awful groan from the slide trombone, ff 5 An off key grunt from the bass, K7 A squeaky reed, a leaky valve, A trumpet man blue in the face The din was loud and yet It was the way our high school band Sounded when they first met J But that was in September last, And a laugh I'll probably hear, when I make the boast tnat we learned the most And sounded good, at the end of the year The sibbon School Band organized at the beginning of the year under the able leadership of Mr Oldham There was a large group of new members from the lower grades bringing the total number to forty pieces Officers elected for the year are President, Leroy Smith, Vice President, Claudine Canady, and Secretary,Janice Donaldson The band has played at football and basketball games, and for pep rallies throughout the year Tnrough the cooperation of the Board of Education, miscel laneous donations, and magazine sales by the students from Jr des five through twelve, the purch se of new uniforms was financed The uniforms arrived in time for the District Music Contest and other activities near the close of the term The new uni forms are very attractive and are a great improvement over the old ones Q1 ,ffgtgr - 4 .-,Z . , . 55 , I p 17 A sour note?.....Yes, quite a few, ' so a S ' If ' E O FJ E .1 U ox X wif W at X fffx XSX fi? 1? Q, 6 X X x 456612 ,QOWK 1 X X X-. . V5 Q I! rs' x XX i i k I 4 1 I HX Hx in aj . . gf sf S , K ,Q I Y - A X hA X! QW , X Xl xxx r,- X, x YL 44,9 4, Q, M1 1 M X Yr? XXX '- X Xxx XKXXR ,XXL X X k A- if f p ' Si nf V, Xxx X NXY4 X xt. x, 1 ' f T 'S X i if f f Ib-L .1 ,Ka X f Qf'1"U, X1 ff Q X Ig! xXx ' 'Xx 'Wig D xxx :gn , 5, R Xb-' Ax vm' :HQ K ' A ? Qtaxx X Q ' Q T X4-5. . X. k X1 xy n , -V .N , E? X X xx X 'ie X XX A ' X X x lf' "VZ X XX j g N5 XX , XX X xx XX N f 77 X WPA 60 P 68 -19.9, Q59 '10 ff xaja 4-he ll sd" l IWVE.-Q room What are those yellow monstrosities scattered all over the house, dining room, bedrooms, even the bathroom99999 You've guessed itll They belong to Penelope Graham, the maladjusted artist, this, shall we say, 'slowly going crazyn household It is the night of the 'Ask Your Sweetheartn dance, but vivacious Susan and artistic Penelope are no place to be found It seems they were going to dash' down to the Teen Toggery to buy Penny a gown Wel1,as you might have known, they have been none for hours, and it is now seven thirty of the big night That is only part of this fascinating story of an unusual and talented girl who would rather have paints and canvasses than a danc ing gown, who prefers the company of Van Goph's 'Self Portrait' to an evening with the local 'swcon kingul There's Penny's father who tried to understand hen and her mother who sends Penny's easel hurtling to the floor, and her aspirations crashing down around her ears Penny brings home the remarkable 'Mister Vincent to nsit or his portrait, because he bears a striking resemblance tr the great Van Gogh In fact, Mister Vincent sweeps her off her feet, and they have a wonderful evening at the nAsk Your Sweetheartu dance So, as th story ends, a beautiful friendship begins Penny Graham Kathy Wood Caroline Graham Devine V885 Cynthia Dalrymple Suzanne Lindenstein Susan Graham Donna Fowell Mister Vincent Jerry Peterson Ted Mathews. Leroy qmith Henry Graham... ............. .... Ronnie Power Director Mrs. Larsen lrxem 6 I had X -Y I El' 1 'H Q " . 4 gk Q ' 9 LP , . EE'T!ig F LN -- What is this, a 'Studio-Shrine?n ...... No, it is the Graham living ..,...... in w - ' . . A Q . ' Y lf If fu F36 wf K Zhy M laE xl ,U Can ffa ,,, ,K Una 5 X X Nl,-nw FQ BF km-Q21 Mp 7 Pe ffaff' HAMA! lf'- Z 'iw' R nan l X213 lf- AV, fx sfrxwg , i'7 J I f qw f ,gp , - 'L ' nr" A , Nfl! L: eww- ,,, - ff-,,H A Y-ix-R ix if ' x. NNN-, f Q wh L Qru , o' , 4 , , 'I ,ff x L W-. V Aw' . , , I ,X X . 4"'A"4 W4 N- ' xx . ,f N .S wi x 1 , ui W t A X xx . -' XX , VX- W U - , W x ,L -Q , Q O , x , Ur-f ll , Q a I X 5 f X X H - - : 1 . ' X w N N K u I ' X vqj X J X I , 5 'N xx 3' ' u 4 , -.4 , Q X , .' Us .3 f.,.1, ga qi - ,Xf,.Q X K. H 12 A-P. f -4 w V Q " S2 . X -. x 5 R' ' ,I - l X 7 ,. , . Tp ,'f'-v:q---- ' A T -X ww 92+ I . .U ,Q ' f. Q ' as ' 4 r ' K Ls ' ' Q Q ' - -T ' 1 1 X ' N ,Q u Q' .U vs sf +14 2 Z V N f p- S 3 I 5 Q K -, v-1 '1f"--'-v'- 1 3 ,: ,..,, Q L If , c G b ,Ri 3 A 1' ' 'f y 4" y Q x w N 1, I , I iii' W 3' M '11, , 1 af H :gm Q , 1 . 0 J , , "4 ' N L , N 2 1 3- f :E-ld-F gif - E - A --aa M f ! i , we f , Q 2 ---I I ,K Z 3 ' 1 X 55' , L N Q' W , -"' A A iff w ' 4 . 4 32 1, - I l , , . Q, V I , I Y -,Q 3 Q H, YN5 Na, Q, X3 W, A ' Q 'N K X' . E N H v. f . "E i: 1 1 2 - XX ' h N X 4 f :Q W 2 I Q 9, L- w I. ' Q - - Q 2 . ggff X ,Q A .Q "S 5 J Vo: f ' W 51 N I ,t J 31,2 A U T I vu- ii XA vs ,Q 1' L I Q N Ev? Y , 1 ' S - . 3: 14' 'M . ' 1 4 1, fa- 'I 1 , , A 4 5 1 Qibhxri- M 1 -'MQ' Y Of Quin W x-if 'Y 0:59, ch! 'S no-'ff are ni Ir.: lon -N 'un Ip! Xiy 2211 -.1 nl ' - Y ' M A . y' . 1 , 1 f " L f' ' ' :ff ' ,' 'fl '- 'diff Rf 1-ff, i ... 4: I-fv'. A fi ' A V Q '- - Y' 0 y,. . f 53,-f 6,1 . . ' U . , 6 U 3 I-riff' . I ia, "T 2 X Pi1f".f" J I ig H. V ,X,' J., '- -' f.-1-Q. QI! 1 n .5 ' S VA . 'Z "I, 1a 1 - ' f 4 W " ' fr' I 1 1, ' ,-. , ,D .JA my ,AL '- 1 'X QP ' Q ' " A , 5 ,Q I-1 ,,W, 2 1 V 8 .- NF , E E2 2 - f ,F 557. , . u ' M' A ,, ' ' " V . - 4 sf- - . U 7,-A , V ' . - ""' 2 - a n rn - 9 F ,J T ' 3- E P L The Pep Club held its first meeting during the second week school under the leadership of Mrs Anderson By popular vote, chanpe was made in the constitution This year for the first time membership in the Pep Club was not restricted to a given number of girls, but was open to all girls with an average of nc or above The cheer leaders were chosen by the entire student body, and the drum majorette, twirlers, and mascot were selected by the high school faculty, as in former years Officers for the year were President, Davine Ma t,V1ce President, Katry Wood, Secretary, Nancy Snyder, Treasurer, Marilyn lrede, Food Chairman, Barbara Manfull, and Assistant Food Chairman,LaVonne Weston The drum majorette was Ruth E Riley, twirlers, Davine Mast, Rheta Knott, Norma Erpelding, LaEerta Power, and mascot,Mary Lee Rose Cheer leaders were Ruby Loewenstein, Nancy Snyder, Donna Howell and Suzanne Lindenstein The Pep Club made no changes in their uniforms this year, except for new majorette hats and beanies The organization attended all games and pep rallies and performed special drills for the home games during the holiday season. The food chai an and committees sold food at all games. N :e,l':'ggg1,,,,g xg r LZ X ll ....::,:I - J LL U th Qwev a'Jh:, !a3-9 Agi- i,.:l-n..,, -J-, R"f,' ' A Y VV Aw P C U B of , A . . 8. A H J I U s s V' u C CJ!! ' i'x I ,ad W 312-2. 1 ' 4 'U f f +wfyf.m - ' J yn 'VMI glliv ...wa Q -1 A A J .V , ,I f., ,,, e .fx N ,Q 'V , hr W - va- E-V-iTfH.x ji f 41 Av I V7 , fhff - P d 0 Vwf fl -,'4-7: ,.ff'f , ! ' '4w - -- ' - ' auf' -9'L-- ' fs- "K d A A ,r , C :H-- 4' +A -S ' M ". A - I-S X, 1 f sw j, flfflxncffva f fx Mill 2 N X f C D Cl O. ' , A Q xxx v , ,V ,-- I .'.' A .-, - fjpfcvwf' .vu f :Q I " G f ' , 2 f 1 G , 1 , J E 'f ,, v-J . JE in f f J ' it f '. X A 1 rf 1 ' - Q4 Q rl fl nf! 7 fngm Lv N, , ,- f X -r Q ,V X f ' 1 X-wx ri Y f g ,fix - 'y' z ' ' ' -4 4 , I f ,ff "1 Q 1 x 1 , X , if Q X Q IG . 5 L 2, X ,, 'CL x -4 , '21 st, A X4-. ii fx A I, ,1 X V' , I6 w ""." L , 1 fi I , rv ,gjklf ,J ' f K 910 Front Row, Left to Right Dale Albin, Dale Wrede, Dick Wil liams, Donnie Miller Back Row Bruce Bundy, Jimmie Wynn, Charles Smith, Bob Kelly, Russell Mc ollister, co ordinator. One of our school's newest organizations, formed at the begin ning of the school year, is our Student Patrol, sponsored by the Board of Education There are eight member that make up this patrol They are chosen out of the seventh and eighth grade with four from each grade They serve on the patrol for one semester. At the end of the semester new members are selected Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and the ability to exercise responsibility The duty of the patrol is to direct traffic in the school zone during the time when students will be crossing the intersections These hours are from 8 LLB to 9 OS, ll OO to 12 OS 12 ,lg to 1 O5 3 oo to LL 05 The members of the patrol have been provided with traffic stop signs to use in their work, and belts and rain capes to be worn during inclement weather The members of the patrol have done a fine job throughout the year,show1ng a great interest and pride in their work of protect ing the safety of our Gibbon school children, and we think they are being greatly benefited by having the importance of safety impressed upon them so strongly They, and all of us who observed their work, will be better future citizens because of their example Members for the second semester are: Eighth grade,David Benge, Larry Donaldson, Everett Gardner, Jimmie Wieboldg seventh grade, Roger Erpelding, Ernesto Martinez, Gary McMullen, Duane Frazier. V 'gif Op ' Y STUDENT PATROL : : ' : : 3 : g , 8 n 'L 'M 9 WNY EXPHLQ E Entertainment galore' This year's assembly programs held great interest for grades, high sctool, and faculty alice First in the course of amuse ment came Dee Jay Nelson, herpeto loglst, a well known author'ty on snake Following Nelson came the Jallace Chime Rinvers, who were v ry dlfferent 4 Brown, the magician, substituted for Albert Wilcox, bass baritone, wlile the elodeers were canceled altogether Next on the agenda wa Archery by Don and Ginger, which in our e timation wa the most en ofable of the program This program was very relaxing a Don was a very talented comedian, as well as an expert in arckery The next entertainment on fur calendar of events was on cience vhi h infolved Robert T Edgar, a marvelous lecturer L t, but not least,were Dwlght L a ar e E 'oc varieties of song and ooetry 'Vx -::5: ..s -M, , '-.P 'E eek freshmen, ml hty seniors, and the rest of tho Gibbon high school students joined force for the annual snale dance vaternelon feed rn Qeptenber lh, llqi At seven o' lock everyone met at the school hcuse tr soac the bewlldered freshmen, build a bon fire, introduce the team, and exercise their vocal chords in sc ofl yells After thi ordeal, every able bodl d ind vidual joined in a sna'e dan e over to the Davis oar 'hen the wourner over to the park wa comoleted, everyone in dulged in eat4nU wntermelons There were a few individuals who thought others needed a bath, and took measures toward this cause All in all it vas an vening thoroughly enj yed, thus we close another event by saving 'It was funllln ffa Ah ow NI The records have it that this year's dances sup orted a lar e attendance The student council sponsored the dances, Jltn the exception of a benefit dance given bf the juniors for the our pose ralslnc funds for the junior s nior pro Tne most slectacular OL the dances wa. the 1HPlStW3S dance ,i en on Deccnber 22, l9SO whicn at racted a corpara ivclg l -j crowd The dance which was held on January 2h,l9Sl, was to strength- en the polio fund All in all the dances this year were enjoyed by each and every high school student who participated I On November 10, 1950 the stu dents of Gibbon High solemnly ob served Armistice Day The band played the 'Military Escort Marchn which ushered in the Color Guard fRussell Colling, Gary McConnell, and Gailen McMullenJ. The audience stood during the March and remained standing while Kathy Wood gave the invocation After the invocation, Rodney Keup led the audience with the Pledge to the Fhag, and then the audience jo1ned in and sang America Jerry Peterson gave the Armistice Day address, followed by the band playing the nNatirnal Anthem Vveryone stood and remained stand ing for the retiring of the Color Guard Dick Williams and Ronald Power played nTaps QE 'N ? IM- ,A ia Flashllll Gibbon High students voted for the officials of their choice on November 7 1950 The election results showed that the majority of the high school voted The total number who voted were 76 this is 63 per cent of e schocl enrollment The senior class was high in percentage with 57 per cent Next cane the junior class Wltf a 61 per cent, and the freshmen followed closely with eo per cent, The sophomores were less conscious of their suffrage priv ileges, as they came in with h8 per cent The election was held so that the students may see the impor tance of our suffrage rights 1951, the boys pep rally which On January 23 staged a marvelous was thoroughly enjoyed by every one Jerry Peterson was the master of ceremonies for the Mildew Socks O P U station First on the program was a wrestling bout for the heavyweight championship of Mildew County, between Gorgeous Bughead CBud Kelly! and Rosilini from Ar entina CBill Ross? The referee Wayne Cudabackl showed no favoritism toward either wrestler, even though he practically mani cured Bughead's fingernails, there was no favoritism shown And fin ally the victor Rosilini from Argentinalllil Next on the agenda was the I Smell You program when the nouncer CLeroy Smithl quizzed various contestants First the gorgeous 199991 Mrs Ima Freak KRobert Wood! Her question was, 'How many drops of water go over Niagara Falls daily9 She took a stab at a large number, and natu rally she was wrong but she won a ro the was mover The next contestant was Archibald Aristobules McFleegel CEldon Keupl, who carried a two barrel cap gun on his person,and he too was quizzed but guessed the wrong answer Last, but not least came Mr I Am Stupid lwayne God freyk who was supposedly very stupid, but he fooled the audience by guessing the right answer and won ten silver dimes ::-ff A- GW ',l L3 u ' e Oni .1 fs :Nz ' m 5 Y sk ' :I rw f I 'l 1 ' ' U 5 h n. l 5 M 3 1 Q X , X f' 1 , J a L' 9 IX .' e ' X .3-, I 1 1 l I 1 Q - O Q ? . . - n .N ' , X . 1 N ...... . A ' D . H ' 0 m av' , ,JW - A ' ' ' ' ' lg2yy5fmM'., xx s,ss my ,, 2 aG:a',feer I, - W .5 g 444 J-li - 'Af 3?E3 9 Cffxy , f Y gijigg ,I f , box of 'Rip-and-Tearn hair re- 2 . f G 1 YQ? 1 F M A - remayv - . 933512 , ' ,T I ,T,5gQQ?WVL W iw? f . Y ylajw ,V . A 'I r :jf sg lg- A - is lifes? .Qi lt.ai1 lx , - - Taz- f ' - "V i ""':' - A O Q l A ll I l S th III 4 O . . . , A 2 - IIIIIII 15 O V V .4 'fif' ' . , - " l ,I vii A4'1 rf' f43EK 'qga C0l2,"'- 1 Ahoy, Mates! Welcome aboard the good shin G H S In the Mess Hall we flnd spring frled chicken wlth all the trhn min s enouvh t fill any hearty seamen The waitres e are sopho more girls adorned in gay sailors' costumes Sit back now, relax, and listen to the yarns of the seas told by the Fqntain and First Mates T put a little salt in the program, here are several musical numbers set to the oc a ion Next, let's sten to the de k for a lork at the tropical moon shining on the rolling wales dance band 1 playing a dreamy tune to the sway of the ship, so get in the mood and have a glori ous time Sorry to interrupt, Mate, but here we are at port again Time t close the log, ending a memor able and enjoyable vojave Farewell, Seniors of 1951, and may you always walk the gangplank to success! e T f "5L'1i 1. 158 IPAQ dv fx lf IFE! 14353 Kiffk KU N I f IW his Fufqhulfzfl Snl' 7 69 L a, .1 J ff" Front Row, Left to Right Fred Korcek, Wayne Cudaback, Ronald Power, Jack Sigler, Leonard DeBrie, Charles Kelly Second Row Rodney Keup, Student Mgr , Ronald Smith, Robert Wood, Herbert Korcek, Dick Bolin, Leroy Smith, Wayne Godfrey, Clarence Lierley, Coach Third Row Dick Moffett, Student Mgr , Eugene Chramosta, Dal Skow, John Pedersen, Don Pedersen, Eldon Keup, Marion uion, Jailen McMullen, Russell Colling, Leroy Pope, Assistant Coach Back Row Larry Parks, Duane Johannsen, Rupert Andrade,G8P McConnell, Milton Young, Marvin Shafer, Dale Sickler, Neil Scar borough, Alvin Hartman, Bill Ross ANSLEY Ansley defeated Gibbon in the first game of the season by a score of 12 to 7 BERTRAND The Buffaloes did not look like green horns the second Jame of the season when they won over the Bertrand tean, 26 to 6 LOU? CITY The Red Raiders lost a hard fought game by the score of 7 to 6 RAVENNA The Buffaloes suffered their worst defeat of the season when Ravenna romped over them to the tune of 26 to O. ST. MARY'S St. Mary's lost to Gibbon by the decisive score of 25 to 13. J M' ,J C 7 ff? ' 1 pl OJ, pri I A n n 0 0 C5 F? P' f-T aa - A f ef fi M131 i' . 5 I' g-1645 5 ' 1 "'UfFf9l'2 667 'N vu- f f L" 1,2 .74 I y , x " x M e A 1 - , Y CENTRAL CITY Central City took the Buffaloes by a score of 19 to O OXFORD The Buffaloes managed to hold the Oxford team the first half of the game, but durinb the second half Gibbon slowed down and the game ended in Oxford's favor with a score of lh to O LIDCHFIELD The Buffaloes were victorious the last game of the season when they defeated Litchfield, 20 to 13 19' 1 W 1' Pof ,Q IM ""':r- - Q Emfzfk me P Ohleg as- rugl suicmons vQl I -Ill: if N 111 It W HEY ' Q.. V A H lr- Q34 'wad , M 1. it ffl' -55--' ' -ff 121.-.4-.-1 , C N-'53 - ,L ". hs ,A ' ' . iq .-rl ,A " A I 'Q' an gif, ls., .,.a'L4,-.. B ,-he I - 1 1' y J., 3 4 4- 5' " . il LKJ- f4P'h .ikg if u 1 14, - V F W Q' Q' I k ' - g A , ' , x " fl ,w 4, 1 ' h V f , 6, r B - -gi, Afc, W.. Ji,,, ll G 1, -B -- B '- .- f rw ' B ,B I ' 0 - Hun' .LT Q ' " ' 1 X' 5 t L iff. Y f 14 IH , ' Y 53221- 5, '-"S 12' 14.,..,,, N- .1 A 1 T' 'f re W B . . K o 3 M, l' gif? Ji.9F.7ff2a?7 -4' Nwcf ss ,ff fan Back Row, Left to Right Herbert Korcek, Marvin Shafer, Wayne Cudaback, Ronald Power, Charles Kelly Middle Row Clarence Lierley, Coach, Wayne Godfrey, Student Manager, Bill Ross, Gary McConnell, Leroy Pope, Assistant Coach Front Row Robert Wood, Leonard DeBrie, Jack Sigler, Leroy Smith, Dick Bolin GAME STATISTICS The Buffaloes opened the season with a victory over Hampton to the tune of EO to 5 The boys showed a strong offense, but their defense was in need of improvement, The Buffaloes were picked to lose to Cambridge, but because of the playing of the Gibbon team, the final score was 53 to 28 with Gibbon on the high end Pleasanton held the Buffaloes to a score of to 25 in a rough game Everyone was throwing the ball away, and it soon turned into a madhouse game Loup ity's Red Raiders came down to let Gibbon win its fourth con secutive game of the season The Buffaloes maintained an ever growing mar gin to end the game with a final score of 6 to 39 The Buffaloes repeated the score of the preceding game, 6h to 39, but with Roseland this time. This game made the fifth win and it was the fifth in the season. M Wood River gave Gibbon a set back when they came and won over us 39 to 7. The Buffaloes started out the New Year right by beating Ravenna 39 to 31. Gibbon was ahead at the end of each period and outplayed Ravenna all through the game. g V . 'Mfg X f ,I , , V st 4 5 rg b ' f 3 X v W xv: Q ' n X :J Q f , 1 N lf -- I ' ,u 'r 4 ii? f M . I bl S . Q T LL: . ' ' The Whippets of Minden, a rated B team, gave Gibbon another loss, to Eake us six wins and two losses so far in the season. The final score was 8 to 63. The Gibbon Buffaloes came back after the Minden game to rack up 80 points to 9helton's 15. Elm Greek lost to Gibbon by a score of 67 to 23. The Gibbon second team played most of the second half. The Buffaloes took a decisive stand at the beginning of the Ansley name and led all the way through to a final score of 69 to 31. The Haymakers rolled over Gibbon for the Buffaloes' fourth loss of the season. Cozad maintained a margin throughout the game, the final score being M? to 55. Tozad was also a rated B team. The Shelton Bulldogs showed much better ball-handling in this gamebF8N in the previous game. This enabled them to hold the score down. Despite their efforts, the Buffaloes still beat them by a score of M6 to 33. The Buffaloes ran up against a fast St P6C1ll3 team During one Dvricd, the third, Gibbon outscored St ecilia s six points The rest of the tlme they were on the short end of the scoring The final score was 62 to M6 in favor of St P8Cl1l8'S Overton came close to repeating last year's upset score, but Gibbon was able to stay ahead mo t of the time and finally won by a score of 57 to 'U The Buffaloes gave tle spectators a rip roaring ball game Friday eveninp when they played sn ary's from Grand Island In Gibbon's first OVGPtlW8 vane of the season, they beat the Cathedral team 66 to ol ...- Qi 1 7 The tourna,ent o ened on olday ni ht Vebru rr 19, with Gairo and easartor, 1 ll a helton and Cv rtor, battlinv it out The ninht followinr ood Plver beat Elm reek a d iboon beat Albers by a s ore of 70 to 36 On Thurscay night food River olaved Overton and won Gibbon also won their a e with Plea anton by e ore of fx to 39 Friday nivht ca e t f n l with Gibbo d off ller oatt n or fir t and senond Ula e, lrod w1V6P won by a s ore of Cf to L8 OJerton won the con olation pa e fro Ulea anton, thus wlnninr the third Ula rcnhv 1 . J . . l F' ' A, . . J .. . l J. I f -. I ' - . s V, , Ef . . M . J 1 o . U. . , . fa , A Q T T , , , , , lf!!! 1' x If 1 e .. C . . ' 1 2 U M I fi ' 4 L. ' 1 T , Mia , If Yi Y I 5 .fyiali - SN 0 . '- , ,Q of - 1 6. . Y on Ak X" v w My jk , X 1 fn , f ' ' ' ,tj f.!,Kg',1 ,q 7 fl f TRI-VALLEY TCURNAYVHT 'n p If r J fn, , . , ,e 1 1 , , Pl, T . as ve s 9 .N ,. 1 e L t Q - . , ' T' S 'I n G ' U ,f 'na t f' 1 , 0 N W 'J 1 L L n 'Y L Q m , el. ' , se o nl , ' fm, he r5.2 s A 1 n an T .1 ?"A 'fe ll F T . S . , 5 to ' 7: M' e A ,y I . ' . s 5 m. m . . sr H . ' U . , .ce t I U. W YAUV H4393 vr Z 1163- an We -gina? fr bo bww X 'f .sn W5-'f.?' rfvdncl Mila! Q72 74 wfn 7 rf? kpfnlyf 4 'E yvn ft' XQMUML fl If-fri. z f rf fi 9" Y 4 , I ' v ' 1: . 5 E' -511' Xxx wx A 9' I - '- f I ' ' x 4' x X I f Ml , fig Q , .fi 1' -, ' . ,.'L A ff , K h f Q ,if 7811, ?1f'7lQ"L' Q5 . ur .,y 5 A 'Q ki VFW '-'M Af " ' ' -W' "4-Q. .fi v V - .21 , A- g A ' t M f' . 1' 'Qt 4 'iq 2 U Y . . 3 I Y E ' x i hils x, ll' I Q hr I 5 a ' N- kt' '4 if LAK. 1 R J ' - Q Q wh- ' ' ' ' M I 0711 , f . 'ff I Q5 A 7M,.,W. -W 1 . I N TJ ff If Q! Ye f P-I -- Front Row, Left to Right Carl Rockefeller, Ronald Catlin, John Pedersen, Robert Wood, Eldon Keup, Dale Skow, Charles Delgado Middle Row Clarence Lierley, Coach, Alvin Hartman, Ronald Power, Herbert Korcek, Bud Kelly, Larry Parks, Bill Ross, Leroy Pope, Assistant Coach Back Row Milton Young, Charles Burnham, Wayne Cudaback Jack Sigler, Leonard DeBrie, Marvin Shafer, Dale Sickler TRACK MhhTb Kearney Invitational Track Meet Kearney District Meet Kearney Hastings Invitational Track Meet Hastings .qiifwo Tri Valley Track Meet Kearney X l I lvl Lymy U H .5-ga gn-Hg f 4x ,.ffP1'-if Y ei .f-"- ix? -JXAKSK Lvhx-X Wgfgigvi f 'ff' F WF x Bti' -1 fgcggicif ff? 'wa L- i 'fuer f 4,215 'T I gnwgl O I ' .0 I .... ... ................... ... J X nee ..- V - OOIOOIIOOIO DOI , , f sq, A A -- f' 1 I li y f- 1 A A I' 4 " A Ji. W' 'lvl ' f 's ' - , - V 1 I 1 ,fl I It "Ann, VMI! "1 : 1 N, ,gl I .9 91113 qv A tg , fn! M ,M 1111. fnr:l'1.u,f .,., 4, ' L T W1 1 wt ww" ff W' M fp ,, ' A" N -4:r:,.f-ff 1 in ,sf T T f f 'vjf Qavt-,,,if 4, ' l s X A 7 "' Q., Qt A . A ., 1. X ,x ' v-.4 , r A' 'ff " "4 ff RA? -X 'Ne-I X R - 3 - - ' s, ,L 'R as . ' QLQC' waz 5-5 bfgw VK' X ig' -3 V X ' .4 -jQ:fg:f' lixkw-,Aj as e - 4, 'R '-T ff .f1p,,aez5'f,g an as so -R- M 1 l . v-D , ' ,NK gx,'N -I U Q :Eil T .Y T V - -211. e , ,R - .lfffffff T-35:5 'V ln 1 - 'L 2 R ggflfsa- 14 Q dffieiiii--in fi ' I A , HD Front Row, Left to Right Robert Wood, Bill Ross, Dick Bolin Robert Andrade, Eldon Keup Second Row John Pedersen,Neil Scarborough, Leroy Pope,g0ach B801 ROY Leroy smith, Marvin Shafer, Wayne Cudaback,Jack Sigler, Leonard DeBr1e, Herbert Korcek aff ff Rodney Keup of Gibbon High de cided to take up boxing this year Rodney was trained by Max Weller who is an ex professional boxer. Rodney showed good spirit and could take the blows and give them, too In the first fight Rodney was paired with Lovelace of Lexington Lovelace KO ed Rodney in l minute 18 seconds of the third round Rodney took a decision from Jim Evertts of Lexington in his second fight. Neice from the State Industrial School decisioned Rodney 1n three rounds. Rodney broke even in the second fight with Evertts. Evertts deci- sioned Rodney this time. 5175? rar' rf I fs? 9117, por' I I" ,V ,' R '51 NV rj, -jf .rf 0 ms. M, l L wi M X, I Y, C , -A wx Rf' I lr 511, 1-R, L 1 I y, X I , 'f 2 I f , I, ., 4 1 'pil 4,-ft ff 'L - ,A ,f - ,1 " f f , , 7 1-Q, R4 ff--A ilnfrfi i lg as QQ 6 5 NEBRPSKH CENTRFWL TELEPHONE EUMPHNV Lora N I FILWHYS WELEGME wr-as R U.. ST R 41.457 EI VFTS SEFQUM Sc HOO L. 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