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M» ' » ra FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO . . . COMMJ i9 (pI0 [g Captain Stokowski is a native of Chicopee, MA. In 1976, he graduated from Southeastern Massachusetts University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology. After attending Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He was commissioned an Ensign in 1977. Sea assignments included Main Propulsion Assistant and Combat Infor- mation Center Officer in USS COCHRANE (DDG 21), Weapon Office in USS THORN (DD 988). He was also assigned to the staff of the Com- mander Second Fleet NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic, responsible for Fleet long-range training and readiness. Captain Stokowski has deployed to all oceans, the Black Sea, and several times to the Persian Gulf From 1996 to 1997, Dennis Stokowski was Commanding Officer of the destroyer MOOSEBRUGGER (DD 980) homeported in Mayport, FL. During this tour, " MOOSE " served as flagship for U.S. Commander, South America. " MOOSE " earned four of four Warfare Excellence Awards, the Battle Efficiency " E " , and the Admiral Arleigh Burke Award as the most improved command among the ships, submarines, and aircraft squadrons in the Atlantic Fleet. Ashore Captain Stokowski served in the Pentagon on the Joint Stsiff Operations Directorate (J-3), Special Technical Operations Directorate. He also served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in the Surface Warfare Directorate heading the Tomahawk cruise missile office. He spent a year as the Navy Federal Exeuctive Fellow at the Brookings Institution, an independent research institution in Washington, D.C. Most recently, he was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in the Qua- drennial Defense Review Office. Dennis Stokowski earned a Master of Science degree in Operation Research from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He is a graduate of the Joint and Combined Staff Officer School of the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA. A proven sub-specialist in Operations Research and Defense Meritorious Service Medal (2), Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (3), and Navy Achievement Medal. LCDR Wilkenson attended Northwestern University through the NROTC Scholarship Program and graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor ' s degree in Nuclear Engineering. Following commissioning he reported to USS LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG 8), ser ' ing as Machinery- Division OfTicer, Gunnerj Officer, and then as Navigator. He made two western Pacific deploy-ments and participated in Operation PRAYING MANTIS, the 18 April 1988 retaliatory strike against Iranian oil platforms and naval assets following the mining of USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (FFG 58). Next. LCDR Wilkenson attended the Naval Postgraduate School, enrolhng in the Weapons Systems Science Curriculum. He conducted research in Free Electron Lasers and in June 1993 graduated with distinction, earning a Mas- ter ' s degree in Physics. From May 1994 through November 1997, LCDR Wilkenson ser ' ed consecu- tive sea tours as Engineer Officer in USS KLAKRING (FFG 42) and in USS BARRY (DDG 52), each including a Mediterranean deployment. A highlight of these tours occurred in 1996, when BARRY received the BATTENBURG CUP for the finest ship in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, the Golden Anchor Award for the best people programs, and the Arizona Memorial Trophy for best over- all fleet combat readiness. LCDR Wilkenson most recently served as the Second Tour Division Officer Detailer in the Surface Warfare Assignment Branch at the Navy Personnel Combat in Millington. TN. LCDR Wilkenson ' s awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (four awards I. the Navy Achievement Meal (three awards), the Combat Action Rib- bon, and various service awards. LCDR Stader attended USNA and graduated in 1988 with a Bache- lor ' s degree in General Engineering. Following commissioning, he reported aboard HARRY W HILL (DD 986) as Gunnery officer, CICO, and A-Ops. His second division officer tour was abroad COWPENS (CG 63) as CICO. Both ships were out of San Diego, LCDR Stader partici- pated in Operations Desert Storm Watch and Operation Southern Watch. Next, LCDR Stader attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Mon- terey, CA where he earned his Master ' s of Science in Joint Command, Control Communications, Computers and Intelligence (JC41). His first department head tour was the Operations Officer on CUR- TIS WILBUR (DDG-54). He started the tour in San Diego then shift- ed homeport to Yokosuka. Japan. His second department head tour was as the Operation Officer on YORKTOWN (CG 48) out of Pascagoula, MS. LCDR Stader most recently served as the Second Tour Department Head Detailer in the Surface Warfare Assignment Branch at the Navy Personnel Command in Millington, TN. LCDR Stader ' s awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (5), the Navy Achievement Medal (2), and various service awards. .a -,-r- ' •«■-, S Hl ' PS ISSI09 C The mission of USS GETTYSBURG is to be prepared to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea, in support of national tasking. GETTYSBURG is equipped to operate offensively in a high density, multi-threat environment as an integral member of a carrier battle group or surface action group. GETTYSBURG is capable in multiple warfare areas including air defense, undersea warfare, surface warfare and strike warfare. GETTYSBURG is equipped with the AN SPY- IB phased array radar. This radar system incorporates sig- nificant advances in the detention capabilities of the Aegis Weapon System, particularly in its resistance to enemy electronic countermeasures. Using the SPY- IB and ship ' s Mark 99 fire control system, GETTYSBURG can guide its vertically launched Standard Missisles to intercept hostile aircraft and missiles at extended ranges. To provide point defense against hostile air tragets, GETTYSBURG is equipped with the Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS). GETTYSBURG is equipped with a potent USW com- bat system. Long-range land attack cruise missile capa- bility is provided by Tomahawk missiles, which are launched from the Vertical Launching System. Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles are capable of destroying hostile surface ships well beyond the horizon. The two 5 " 54 cal- iber guns, in conjunction with the Mark 86 Fire Control System are used against surface ships, air contacts, and to support forces ashore. GETTYSBURG ' S weapons are supplemented by the AN SLQ-32V(3) electronic warfare suite, which includes passive detection systems, decoys, and active electronic countermeasures. USS GETTYSBURG is powered by four quick response LM2500 gas turbine engines coupled to two controllable, reversible pitch propellers. This com- bination give GETTYSBURG tremendous maneuver- ability and a top speed in excess of 30 knots. S I ' P ' S CO JAfRSlcrE%IS ' TlCS Length Beam 573 feet 55 feet Speed Draft (keel) 30+ knots 24 feet Draft (Navigation) Displacement Accommodations 31.8 9,600 tons 35 Officers 33 Chief Petty Officers 326 Enlisted Sensors AN SPY- IB Radar AN SPS-49 Air Search Radar AN SPS-55 Surface Search Radar AN SPS-64 Navigation Radar AN SPQ-9 Surface Surveillance and Tracking Radar (4) AN SPG-62 Illuminators AN SQS-53D Hull Mounted Sonar AN SPR-19 Towed Array Sonar AN SLQ-(V)3 Electronic Warfare Suite Propulsion (4)LM 25U0 Gas Turbine Engines; 80,000 Shaft Horse Power (2) Controllable Reversible Pitch Propellers(2) Rudders Weapons MK 7 Mod 7 Aegis Weapon System (2) MK 45 5 754 Caliber Light Weight Gun Mounts (2) MK 41 Vertical Launching Systems (2) Harpoon Missile Quad-Canister Launchers (2) MK 32 Mod 14 Torpedo Tubes (2) M 15 Mod 3 Close In Weapon System MK 36 Mod 2 Super Rapid Blooming Off-Board Chaff System (4) 50 Caliber Machine Guns (2) SH-60B LAMPS III Helicopters armed with Hellfire and Penguin !A. ' DA ' ymS ' LiA Sunrise over the Mediterranean ; ' i Line handlers at UNREP station eight r r ■ ' !!iSH;AKS ' a ' «v ' - ' iX ys ' ftiif ' V ' ' ■ •■ " ' ■--, " Normal recovery of Cutlass 474. I hope they turned SPY off this time! ICFN Bennett and IC2 Harner -iiijilt--f jmm Captain Stokowski, LTJG Crawford, and LT Beck watch as 5 rounds hit GM ' .- and KCs test tluw tiiuii iiiiia duniij; a GL ' NEX. the beach. GETTYSBURG rides ofTinto the sunset. 5 fA C!A1 L GM2 Denmark takes the plunge as everyone looks on. The one and only way back to the ship. ENS Bart and YNSN Thomas enjoy the cool water of the Mediterranean sea. The jumping line just keep growing and growing. SN Hawkins, BM2 Ramer, GM2 Cole, EN2 Mcdaniel, LCDR Chidester, AW2 Richardson, Hiller serves as boat safety crew and jump judges. w H Mm{0% M ' EO lp ' RC A view of the cliff-side entrance to the port of Mahon. USS GETTYSBURG anchored out just past the fort. Taking pride in a job well cone at the COMREL in Mahon. Admiral Faragaut is one of the many sailors buried here. GETTYSBURG ' S OflTicers out for a night at a reception held by Mahon ' s Navy League mem- bers. 10 Crew members prepare to clean and whitewash an old cemetery as part of the ship ' s first COMREL. A quick glance at the fort from the liberty boat on the way to the pier. P.nathtaking portraits of Europe while walking through small resi dtntial streets. 11 Vi ' B Visits Chief of Naval Operations . . . arriving. 12 CMC and the CNO engaged in conversation. k J r • A Admiral Ulricli (COMENTBATGRU) Captain Stokowski receives a plaque for the ship from the answers questions in the helo hangar. (From left to right) Back row: ENS Tim Derbyshire, LTJG Nate Brown, Fourth row: LTJG Marc Goode, LT Bobby Brown, ENS Tom Haines, ENS Dar- ryl Pittman, LTJG Lou Failla, LTJG Seth Stone, LT Clay Davis, LT Brendan Burke Third row: LTJG Marc Crawford, LCDR Bill Guarini. LCDR Craig Bowden, LCDR Wyatt Chidester, ENS Kenny Harris, LT Darrel Wesley, LT Keith Beck, ENS Chris Coffey, LTJG David Balsiger, ENS T.J. Farina Sec- ond row: LTJG Larry Lobis, ENS Tammy Martin, LCDR Sue Talwar, LTJG Dawn Bales, LTJG Kim Meek, ENS Marianne Bart, ENS Katie Carlyle, ENS Cindy Posey, ENS Adrienne Stoudt, ENS Andrea Hosp, ENS Ryan Wilcox, CW02 Tom Bushman, LCDR Ed Ganun Front row: LCDR Wade Wilk- erson, CAPT Dennis Stokowski, LCDR Paul Stader. Left: ENS Posey, LTJG Meek, LTJG Bales, and ENS Carlyle enjoying the view at the ancient theater in the ruins of Ephesus. Above: Some of the officers taking in some karaoke while on liberty in Malaga, Spain. 14 Left: LT Brown attempting to show his stuff in the galley. Below: CHENG, SIWO. WEPS. CHAPS, and the CO take a break in Turkey. I Middle leftl A few ofiicers enjoy the iew in .Split. Croatia. (Above! Taking time to pose after a dining in. (Left) Air Boss and OPS .... a pizza serving team. 15 cwnm ccoinA, iiMjy Statue located in the shopping area just off the coastline. Statue and lighthouse on the pier in Civitavecchia harbor J sftort train ride azvay ... The first glimpse of the Roman Col- iseum. 16 STG2 Graves, FCl Davis. FCl Jones, FC3 Regan, FC2 Vineyard, and FC3 Paga pose in front of the coliseum. 17 Overview of the ancient ruins of Rome. 18 Arch between the Coliseum and the Ancient ruins. A look up at the Spanish steps. 5»- y . z, - ' . r w St. Peter ' s Basilica berore the Pope ' s morning mass. J! ' ' " ' ? L!A!BO%!DAJ Although GETTYSBURG was underway for the week- end that signifies the end of summer, they were in port for the hohday. The officers and crew celebrated Labor Day with a barbeque and Cap- tains Cup competition. The Captain ' s Cup competition included basketball, volley- ball, horseshoes, darts, soft- ball, football, and tug of war. All departments competed, some were even victorious in individual events, but in the end Combat Systems out- scored all other departments and walked away with the (Top) The players that made the difference. (Bottom) Engineer ' s first place volleyball team. Captain Stokowski gives an update on department totals. 20 21 9 !AL!A.QA, S JlI t 0S3 Lindblom sits down for a rest in the park next to the pier. Come on Warrant, we haven ' t been gone that long!!! 083 Hudman, CTR3 Anderson. EN3 Jernigan and SH3 Lawrence pass the time during some much deserved hberty. Fountain in the center of turn-a-bout where Malaga ' s parks join with modern buildings. 22 FC3 McClendon, FC3 Dorsey, and FC3 Webb walk along top a pierside wall after a momine at the beach. Malaga ' s bullfighting arena and other buildings overlooking the Mediterranean i OSl Findall relaxes for a picture in front of Malaga ' s pier and parks. FC3 Dupre, SH3 Sunsdahl, SN Sledzianowski, BM3 Haselhoff, BM3 Schevey. MS2 Peters and RP2 White enjoy a day out shopping in downtown. SK2 Frankhouser, BM2 Nelson, BM2 Hardy, CTT 2 HoU-Pheonix have fun while dancing at a local pub. 23 %tady on Arrivat (Left) USS KEARSARGE (Middle left) USS THORN (BOTTOM LEFT) ENTERPRISE Battle Group together as one. 24 (Left) USS STOUT i BELOW j USS ARCTIC i Bot- tom) USS ENTERPRISE MM - i-L USS ENTERPRISE BATTLE GROUP USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64) USS PHILIPPINE SEA (CG 58) USS THORN (DD 988) USS NICHOLSON (DD 982) USS STOLTT (DDG 55) USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) USS MCFAUL (DDG74) USS NICHOLAS (FFG 47) USS JACKSONVILLE (SSN 669) USS PROVIDENCE (SSN 719) USS ARCTIC (AEO 8) USS KEARSAGE (LHD 3) USS PONCE (LPD 15) USS CARTER HALL (LSD 50) CARRIER AIR WING EIGHT FCl Davis, CSC, instructs FC3 Webb, RSC, on changing the parameters of SPY. " STm icsig w Tc " BM2 Ramer gets his hands dirty FC2 Dillon shows his game face while working in his tan. while keeping armed vigil in Malta. 26 QMS Lopp takes a dead accurate bearing, while ENS Harris faithfully guards the helm. Meanwhile, the Captain and his kids enjoy a breath of fresh sea air during an UNREP. OSl Cox and 0S2 Martin exchange a dis- course on the ethics of safe navigation, and FC3 McClendon put his expert knowledge to use changing a tape in the computer room ... kids don ' t try this at home. After a long week underway, the Officers and crew eagerly await Sunday ' s arrival. On most Sunday ' s the ship observes holiday rou- tine. Holiday routine means no quarters, no work ... just watch, a lot of relaxing, and barbe- ques. 28 29 AMH2 Depew, ADl Green wait, ADl Schmid, AW2 Hawkins, ATS Weisenboin, and AW2 Richardson stop to pose for a quick picture while out on liberty. -i i» % YN2 Bracy and 0S2 Bellamy STG2 Gallaher and together during one of GETTYS- Millspaugh get dressed BURG ' s steel beach picnics. step out in Croatia. FC2 up to TMSA Hernandez, FC3 McClendon. FC2 Leapard, FC2 Dillon, FC3 Dorsey, FC2 Nicholls, ET.3 Ortiz get together in front of the ancient ruins of Rome. FC2 Johnson. FCl Jones, and FC3 Keith help to celebrate FC2 Vine- yard ' s birthday. 9-Caving fun lokzntvtr zve can r. .. A group of GETTYSBURG crew wave as they leave the ship to help with a COMREL in Mahon, Menor- % ' TM2 Dail, FC2 Vineyard and GMl Bond relax after manning the rails while entering port. BM3 HaselhofT, RP2 White and MS2 Peters sit down for dinner at Hard Rock Caft. 33 9v[mi3 ' lLL% J ' RmlC ' E Left: Landscape view of a cliff and the countryside. (B elow) Golden statue atop Notre Dame Basillica. Ili33 1 jk 1 B- 5 ' Cathedral just up the hill from the GM2 Groff overlooks the mountains main harbor. while on an MWR sponsored tour. 34 LCDR Bowden, LT Davis, STG2 McCord, and IC3 Smith-Corso enjoy wine tasting on a trip to ANignon. Beautifully detailed sarcophagus is surpris- ingly well preser ' ed. Old monument seen close to the vineyards in Avignon. One of the many vineyards in Avignon which produces some of France ' s finest wines. 35 Left: Front view of Notre Dame in Paris. Right: Golden cross and statue inside Notre Dame Cathedral. ITC Vergara, SKCM Head, FCC George, SKI Mills, and PNC Pacella sit down for drink at a Paris cafe. .d%; nh r i ?AR The Arch De Triumph stands in the middle of Paris streets for all to ..• 0S» SKI Mills stops for a souvenir picture from the MSI Lymon, IT2 Lyles, and AT2 Brooks have top of the Eiffel Tower. fun during their two day trip to Paris. MlAllliJJihilJUii « ' « • ' « «..:£;•« Marvelous architecture as seen from the back of Notre Dame Cathedral. 37 m)Vm{CL w(ts 0!p s o piM s SWV: [9{pE94 ' nM CDR (Sel) Wilkenson CDR (Sel) Tal war LCDR Bowden LCDR Chidester LT Brown LTJG Bales LTJG Stone LTJG Meek STGC Simpson STGC Salley STGC Udager GMC Bond GSEC Gutierrez GSMl Thompson ADl Green wait AZl Colquitt GM2 Adams STG2 Matheson FC2 Brown 0S2 Modesitt STG2 Bynum PN2 Moore ET2 Fletes MS2 Murillocordova CTT2 Holt-Pheonix AW2 Richardson FC2 Honeyman EN2 Schmidtzinsky FC2 Kaelin GSE2 Speller GM2 Keul FC2 Leapard 0S2 Stvron EN2 McDaniel BM2 Ramer YN3 Chowning GSM3 Beltre GM3 Birk SH3 Lawrence QM3 Lopp EW3 Luxem 0S2 Quinones GM3 Sallet GSM3 Santiago IC3 Smith-Corso SH3 Sunsdahl GSE3 Torreszapata AT3 Weisenbom 0S3 Whitely BM3 Williams GM3 Lang 5 ' WO QPJILUFI ' E ' D LTJG Meek ENS Wilcox ENS Stoudt ENS Posey ENS Carlyle ENS Coffey 38 nm TS ' WS l M ' HSS ' I(E ' E9iLIS ' 3tE 0(3E, ' ELISTE ' ES ■LS ' iv: QtuiLij rfv SN (SW) Acosta 0S2(SW) Anzaldo 0S2(SW) Boyee FC3(SW)Binert STG2 SWi Broadbent 0S2(SW) Cameron 0S2(SW) Clark TM2(SW)Dail DC2(SW) Encalade CTOl (SW) Green IT2(SW) Hayes FC2(SWiHonevman CTRl (SWiGrifrm OS2(SW I.Jordan MSI (SWiLvmon BM2iSW)McCool CMDMCiSW SSiMcLain CTRC(SW) Moore STG2(SW I Nicholas ET2(SWi Perrv CTR2(SWiSandlin OSl (SW) Vanhoose 0S2(SW I Williams FC2(SW) Vineyard SK2(SW) Alexander AMS2 lAW SWi Aronson 0S2(SW) Bellamy YN2(SW)Bracy FC2(SW) Brown MS2(SW) Canty OSl (SW) Cox FC3 (SW) Dorsey FC2(SWiFerrel EM3(SW I Hatfield GSM2(SWiHenry STG2(SW)Gallaher ITS (SW) Johnson IT2(SW)Lvles 0S2(SW) Martin EM2(SWiMcCroy SKI (SW) Mills BM2 I SW) Nelson SK2(SW)0zaeta GSMl (SWiPilley 0S2(SW) Scott EWSN(SW)VermiIya RP2(SW) White FC2(SWlYoung FC2 Brown 0S2 Cameron FCC Collins AMH2 Depew GMC Fussnecker ET2 Perrv- MS2 Peters MS3 Rodriguez MS3 Rodriguez AW2 Richardson FCC Sexton QMl Tovar GSM2 Henry GMl Lindgen DC2 McCrae TMl Ramirez STGC Udager ITl Upshaw 0S2 Anzaldo 0S2 Bellamy AD3 Elder FC3 Webb FCl Edmonds IT2 Stewart AT3 Sheets 0S2 Boyce OS2 Johnson IT2 Cook FC2 Leapard FC3 King GSM3 Hurley GSM3 Johnson GSM2 Bjomestad FCCS Osuna GSE2 Christian CTR2 Sandlin GSM2 Gibson CTR2 Agidius 39 coimjs MTss Back row (Left to right): GMC Guy Budiselich, MAC Andrew Pickering, ATC David Singley, OSC Edward Lambert, PNC Anthony Pacel- la, FCC Berry George, DCC WilUam Davis, GSEC Curtis Giles. Middle Row: ITC Susan Vergara, BMC Anthony Bozzella, CTRC Scott Moore, MSC Denise Alston, FCC Kim Campbell, EWC Daniel Undheim, EMC Thomas Harrington, GSMC Anthony Edwards, GMC Scott Fussnecker, ETC Edward Oldham. SHC Jeffrev Kinney, FCC Robert Collins. Front row: ENC Victor Davis, FCCS Alfredo Osuna, OSCS Lloyd Coore, EMCM Edgar Strickland, CMC James Mclain, SKCM Gary Head, STGCS Henry Rodgers, GSCS Keith Carison, HMC Rory Miller. Left: PNC Pacella, CMC Mclain, FCC Collins, EWC Undheim, EMC Har- rington, and CTRC Moore hang out for a drink under the gazebo on the beach. S ' PLi cKp Tm The GETTYSBURG chapter of the Hajduk national soccer team. Left: EM3 Burns says, " what ' s up " while CAPT Stokowski recognizes some more people from GETTYSBURG. A view of Split Harbor from the top of the main shopping spot. LT Wesley, GMC Fussnecker. FCl VanGilder, and GSM2 Rodriguez do a little planning before the ships COMREL. Below: BM3 HasslehofT. RP2 White, and MS2 Peters go for a ride. STG2 Gallaher takes time out from his leisure activities to take a photo with a local hostess. 43 STGC Udager and STG2 Gallaher enjoy a smash sandwich after a night on the town. GMl Lindgren spends a day of his Hberty raking leaves in one of GETTYSBURG ' S COMRELS. " How much further to Dubrovnick? " TM2 Dail and GM2 Denmark take time out to relax while on liberty. 44 CAPE, an over city view of Split. 45 It was the high tide of the Confederacy; the farthest North General Robert E. Lee would ever march his men, and it proved to be a crushing blow to the South. The Union victory at the small town in njral Pennsylvania affected politics around the world. The Confederate defeat at Gettysburg dashed their hopes once and for all, that European powers would recognize the South as an independent state. The war lasted nearly two long years beyond Gettysburg, and General Lee would once again lead his forces to victory, but never again on Northern soil. The tide of the Confederacy began to ebb when the Union soldiers, giving their " full measure of devotion, " stood firm at the Angle and repulsed Pickett ' s charge. Gettysburg became a battlefield more by chance than by design. On June 3rd, after his stunning victory at Chancellorsville against a vastly superior force, Lee marched north again in an attempt to take pressure off Vicksburg, then under siege. He passed through western Maryland and into Pennsylvania, with Harrisburg, its capital, as the objective. Union forces under General Joseph Hooker paralleled his route in order to protect Washington and Baltimore, but Hooker resigned as Commander of the Army of the Potomac and was succeeded by General George Gordon Meade. Lee ordered his army, by then almost at the Susquehanna River, to turn back toward Cashtown, and units of the two armies met by chance at Gettysburg on June 30th. The next day the battle was on as Confederates drove the Union through Gettysburg to a line formed by Gulps Hill, Cemetery Ridge, and Little Round Top south of town. Lee moved his forces to Seminary Ridge, almost a mile fromo the Union Une, placing them in a north- south arc that stretched almost five miles. The fighting that started late on July 2nd continued until 10 o ' clock at night as Lee sought to turn the Union flanks before Meade could concentrate all his forces. General James Longstreet, who was to attack the critical left flank, would spend the remainder of his life denying that his delays cost the Confederacy a victory at Gettysburg; but it was not until 4 P.M. that his cannon roai-ed into action preceding the attack. By then, fresh Union troops had moved into the Wheat field and Devil ' s Den, names that by nightfall would become immortalized by the blood of thousands of dead and wounded soldiers. Nor was General Dick Ewell ' s attack on the other flank an unmitigated success; it lacked coordination and was bogged down as additional infantry units and cannons joined General Meade ' s line of blue. Delays had cost Lee a decisive victory. July 3rd, Union regulars regained ground on their right flank, putting both flanks in almost impregnable positions. This forced Lee to make a frontal assault on the center of the Une, where a breakthrough would divide the Union army and win the battle. Longstreet had objections, as he always did, but Lee was determined. " The enemy is there, and I am going to strike him. " he said, pointing to Cemetery Ridge. What followed has gone down in history as a symbol of Southern courage, under the name of Pickett ' s Charge. Seen from either side of the battlefield, from the Angle and the Copse of Trees on Cemetery Ridge, the heroism of the charge was evident. Almost a mile of open field slpes gradually down from one ridge and up to the other. There is no protection, no place to pause. The wave of 12,000 gray men, led by bright regimental flags, advanced at a walk most of the distance, their lines being shredded by double canister shells and sharp shooting riflemen in the Union defenses. The Rebels charged at a nan only for the last quarter-mile into a baiTier of smoke created by the deadly firing from the ridge ahead. It was a magnificent en " oi-t that almost worked. The Confederates breached the blue Union line neai- the Copse of Trees but were too few and too exhausted to hold the ground. The farthest point that the Confederates were able to advance up Cemetery Ridge has become knowTi as the " high water mai ' k " of the Confederacy. As they drew back across the open field their casualties continued to mount, and when the 50 minutes of combat was over, more than 5,000 Confederate soldiers had fallen. The next day was the 4th of July, the birthday of the United States, and the battle did not resume. Lee ' s losses during the three days of battle, a staggering 28.000, represented more than a third of his 75,000 man army. Lee could no longer press the fight and ordered the retreat. Meade, who had lost 23,000 of his 97,000 men pursued, but the chase was rendered ineffective by Confederate rear-guai ' ds and heav ' rains. Lee ' s retreat was made even more bitter by the dispiriting news that Vicksburg had fallen and the South was cut in two. It was apparent that Gettysburg had been a serious Confederate defeat, but it was not until later in the war, that the real significance of the battle was understood. Today, the battle is widely recognized as the turing point for the Civil Wai " . A tnae milestone in our country ' s history, the Battle of Gettysburg ultimately ensured the presei-vation of the American Republic. Starting in the upper left corner and going clockwise: Cannon on Gettysburg Battlefield; Aftermath of Pickett ' s charge on DeviFs Den; Modern Battlefield and graves of unknown soldiers; General George G. Meade of the Union Army; General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy 48 »»- 49 I COM ' B ' T LCDR Bill Guarini LT Keith Beck Combat System Officers LTJG Marc Goode Weapons Officer 50 ST ' STECKS FCCS Alfredo Osuna IV Combat Systems Maintenance Manager Combat System Officer of the Watch Tactical Action Officer in Combat Information Center. 51 CE (DlVlSIO i ContbatiUcbrcmic CEOl: ET2 Lyle Fletes, ET2 Jason Perry, ET2 William Anderson, ET3 Jessica Ikley, ET? Jeffrey Akins. " IF IT ' S WORKING, WE ' RE NOT!!! " J Division Officer: LTJG Larry Lobis 4 01: A ICE02: Front row: ET3 Kristina Proffitt, ET3 Kristofer Ortiz, ET3 Mathew Jacobsen. Middle row: ET3 David Aboudaoud, ET3 Richard Jamison, ET3 Derek Bieder, ET2 Wesley O ' Briant Back row: ET3 Michael Esch, ET3 Shawn Vilmaire, ET2 Jeremy Harris. C7 " DWmo i Back row: (Left to right) FCl Nathan Rathjen, FC2 Jonathan Jones. FC2 James Dillon, FCl Robert Jones, FC2 Richard Lea- pard, FC2 Mason Nicholls, FC2 Michael Hynes, FC2 Jon Ripley Middle row: FC3 Christopher King, FC3 Matthew Paga, FC2 Jason Vineyard, FC3 Michael Binert, FC2 Jacob Rolfes, FC3 Melanie Carter, FCl Timothy Gable, FC3 Caleb Griffin, FC3 Rus- sell Keith Front row: FCC Robert Collins, FC3 Kelly Regan, FC3 David Webb, FC2 Richard Johnson, FCl Robert Davis, FC3 Matthew Dorsey, FC2 Veleka Brown, FC2 Jeremy Millspaugh, FC3 Anthony McClendon, LTJG Marc Crawford. The Aegis Weapon System is the most sophisticated naval weapon system. The Fire Con- trolmen of CF Division, some of the most highly trained sailors in the Fleet, are respon- sible for its maintenance, and operation. The ability to detect, classify, track, and destroy, over 500 enemy tar- gets, makes GETTYSBURG the premiere Air Defense plat- form ever to sail the Seven Seas. The Aegis Weapon System consists of the SPY-IB, GET- TYSBURG ' S primary air search radar, the Mark 99 Fire Control System, the Opera- tional and Readiness Test Sys- tem, the Aegis Weapon System Computers, Control and Dis- play System, and the 400 Hz Power Conversion Equipment. FCl Jones, FCl Davis, and FC2 Millspaugh have some fun before man- ning the rails. 55 Wji cDin isi09i Top row (Left to right): STGC John Simpson, STG2 Sean Nicholas, STG2 Randall Broadbent, TM2 Leynell Dail, STG2 Barlow Matheson, STG2 Damon McCord, STG3 Addison Hamilton, STGC Doug Udager, Middle row: STGCS Henry Rogers, STG2 Blaine Gallaher, TMSN Edard Hernandez, STG3 Clark Walker, STG2 Eric Graves, TMl Mike Ramirez, LTJG Dawn Bales, STGC Kenny Salley. Bottom row: STG2 Timithy Bynum, STG3 Elizabeth Earl, STG3 Roberto Manzanares, TM2 Gary Soule. STGSN Beaton and TMSN Hernandez help recover a rex torp. Weapon away!! 56 ■ni WA03 STG2 Nicholas and STG2 Walker keeping us safe from the dangers beneath. 57 Wf ifmsio9ig%wfsmtg ' s-gw{s Left to right: FC2 Shawn Honeyman, ENS Thomas Haines, FC2 James Kaehn, FC2 Mark Stanton, FCl Kevin Bacheller, FC2 WilHam Ferrell, FCC Kim Camp- bell, FC2 Shawn Shema, FC2 Richard Gregg, FC2 Johnny Field, FC2 King Hud- dleston, FC2 Charles Ford, LTJG Seth Stone. WORK IT MAY, SHINE IT MUST, SO WHEN SHE SINKS, SHE ' LL NEVER RUST. 59 WQ (Division LTJG Stone gives a VBSS boarding Back row (Left to right): GMC SELECT Curtis Bond, GM2 Lawrence Adams, uM3 Jonathan Birk, GM2 Timo- brief. thy Groff, GMC Scott Fussnecker Front row: GM3 John Sallet, GM2 Frank Denmark, GMl Donald Lindgren. sSa iW-=f-- -X . " TT ' iFT 1 ENS Tom Haines, Ordnance Officer U5 ' ; ' ' :m ' ■? h ' : -m: The MK 45 Sin 54 cal Light Weight Gun Mount in conjunction with the MK 86 Gun Fire Control System is used to complete Naval Gun Fire Support, Anti-Air and Anti-Surface Warfare Mis- sions. It can fire a 70 pound projectile, at a rate of 20 rounds per minute, over 10 nautical miles with a high degree of accuracy. It is a highly automated unmanned mount. MSKUWHUia WOK (DlVlSI09i Back row: GM2 Royce Keul, FC3 Loren Sorenson, FC3 Glenn Hair, FCl Mathew Van Gilder, GM2 Jay Schulte, FCl Charlie Edmonds, FC3 Andrew Watrous, FC2 Robert Young Middle row:FCl Troy Dunn, GMl Leonard Oglesby, GM2 Jamie Green, GM3 Kelly Rice, FC2 Derick Rice, FC3 Casey Dupre, GM3 Julie Lang. Front row: GMC Guy Budiselich, ENS Cynthia Posey, FCC Berry George. FC3 Hair and FCl Vangilder enjoy a night on the town in Falaraki, Rhodes. WM Division is also called the " ship ' s Strike Division. It is our job to maintain and operate the ship ' s Vertical Launching System, Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Con trol System and the Harpoon Weapon System. Dedica tion and quality leadership have made this one of the finest divisions on USS GETTYSBURG in terms o readiness, performance, and personal achievements. Our continual state of readiness enables GETTYS BURG to be called upon a moments notice to defend our selves from surface attackers or to launch a deadly Tom ahawk salvo deep into an enemy ' s territory. KNS Posey presents FCl Edmonds with his certificate of reenlistment. Left: FC3 Dupre pulls a classic photo prank on FC3 Watrous. CMC presents FC2 Young with his ESWS certificate. WM I Nj DIVISION FC2 Rice in Paris. FC3 Sorenson takes the look out as GETTYSBURG pulls into Rhodes Greece. RUN! GM3 Rice has a gun! GM3 Lang makes sure her weapon is clear and safe. ■wmnnTwwtiimiiiriini Operations Department is responsible for not only the tactical employment of the ships sensors and weapons systems, but also for the entire battle group ' s air defense. Operations Department provides deck seamanship expertise, ship to shop and ship to shore communications, and intelligence gathering. The assistant oper- ations officer, CIC officer, 01 division offi- cer, communications officer, first lieu- tenant, and the signals warfare officer assist the operations officer. Left: Operations Officer LCDR Wyatt N. Chidester Spirit Lake, Iowa Right: Assistant Operations Officer: LTJG Milton Butler III Lambert, Mississippi CIC Officer: ENS Danyl B. Pittman Columbia South Carolina First Lieutenant: Andrea Jennifer Hosp Bloomfield Hills, Michigan ENS Communications Officer: Adrienne M. Stoudt Boyertown, Pennsylvania Signals Intelligence CW02 Rich Wilson Nashville, Tennessee ENS OI Division Officer: ENS Kenneth G. Harris Fort Walton Beach, Florida Officer: Automated Data Processing Officer: Katherine H. Carlyle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania o ? o tliello C) s ITl Ceaser troubleshoots an e-mail V problem. y The Team comes together to troubleshoot server problems. rv t.riai. - i. J.ifl I27 a m$ ' . [ - f - s • - X. i Verifying user accounts is a dail ' :- task for IT3 Johnson. EN2 McDaniel codes a few new inkes for the Log-on Script. " S With repairs complete, IT3 Johnson inspects the server for loose parts and cables. S!v -S) " -vO v EN2 McDaniel checks ' his messages for virus ' ■ ' notifications and . possible network intrusions. ■r ' OfiNS Carlyle as seen from " Big Brother " O " After completing the maintenance, ET3 Francis secures the Server ' s chassis. .ct v ET3 Francis retreats to the only available office space (the top of a filing cabinet). ET3 Francis reviews the IT-2 1 Trouble Call log. 4t : .. ■ § . Gettysburg ' s ADP division is a veritable resource of talents comprised form several different rates. Ensign Katherine Carlyle heads up the division as the Automated Data Processing Officer. She is back by Chief Master at Arms Andrew Pickering who functions as the divisions Leading Chief Petty Officer. Information Systems Technician First Class Petty Officer Surface Warfare Thomas Ceaser acts as the divisions Leading Petty Officer and is responsible for the ship ' s Information System Security Management. Repair Parts Petty Officer (RPPO ) Engineman Second Class Darren McDaniel is the divisions Work Center Supervisor. The responsibilities of EN2 McDaniel require him to schedule and assign maintenance tasks as well as ordering replacement parts for damaged or degi ' aded equipment. The technical side of the divisions has acquired the talents of Electronics Technician Third Class Chris Francis and Information Systems Technician Isheria Johnson. Working as a team the entire division is responsible for maintaining, operating, troubleshoting, and repairing over one- hundred workstations, six servers, and nearly fourty printers. In addition to the equipment, the ADP crew is responsible for providing service and support and training to well over three hundred users. Outside internal network the ship also maintains an external internet connection which allows ships crew to send and receive e- mails from and even view the occasional internet greeting card sent by loved ones. With such a small division and so many responsiblities the division is constantly handling an influx of trouble calls, but working together, no task seems to big to overcome. The ADP Team (from left to right): ENS Carlyle. IT3 Johnson. ET3 Francis. EN2 Mcdaniel. ITl (SW) Ceaser, MAC Pickering OC (DIVISI091 OC DIVISION is made up of Signalmen and Information Technicians. The Signalmen, start the communication network on the bridge utiliz- ing flashing lights, semaphore, and flag hoists. The Information Technicians handle all communi- cations exterior to the ship. Whether it ' s satellite communications, HF voice or data communica- tions. It ' s keep us connected to the rest of the world. Below: ITC Susie Vergara, SM2 Brian McCrackin, SMSN Richeleiu Mon- toya, SMI David Petrich, SMS Lonzo Brown, ENS Adrienne Stoudt. Back row: IT2 Markus Hayes, ITl Vasquez Upshaw, IT2 Timothy Cook, IT2 John Lyles, IT3 Nathaneal McCoy Front row: ENS Adrienne Stoudt, ITl Edward Hawkins, IT3 Georgearis Tango, IT2 Timothy Stewart, ITS John Meshensky, ITC Susie Vergara. :?? ; SK-.: :.:; " - ' :M ;:ii. : . v :Mm:-i 68 Below: OC rubbing elbows with the captain. SMI keeping a watchful eye on the situation. 69 an ' DiVisi09i I Front row (Left to right): SA Melinda Smith, SN Thomas Hawkins, SN Deanna Copsey, SA EmiHe Frazier, SN Joshua Sikes. Middle row: ENS Andrea Hosp. BM2 Thomas McCool, BM2 Paul Ramer, BM3 Stephanie Schevey, BM3 Robert Haselhoff, BM2 Tyrone Hardy, BM2 David Nelson, BMC Anthony Bozzella, Back row: SA Lamar Morrison, SA Michael Cunningham, SN Justin Brown, BMl Michael Chapman, SN Horace Curry, SN Linda Daugher- ty, BM3 Kyle Williams. Above right: SN Hawkins forgets his cover on the bridge. Top middle: Vertical replen- ishment is an important deck evolution. Top left: SN Grimes, ready for swim call. Left: " Cause everj- girl is crazy about a sharp dressed paint locker dude " Lower left: SN Morrison looks on as SN Daugherty keeps GETTYSBURG on a steady course. Lower right: What was that you want me to pass, GENERAL QUARTERS? The Leaders of 01 Division, OSCS Lloyd Coore, ENS Darryl Pittman, ENS Ken- neth G. Harris, OSC Edward C. Lambert. Left to right: OSCS Lloyd L. Coore, 0S2 Michael Jord- na, 0S2 General Rodgers, 0S2 Bryan Boyce, 082 Matthew Modesitt, OSl Erik Findall, 082 Corinthians Styron, 083 Lorinda Whitely, OSSN Marcus Mason. 081 Hassan Cox, 082 Dennis Johnson, 083 Jennifer Lindblom, ENS Kenneth G. Harris, 0S2 Geraldo Anzaldo, 0S2 Ricky Mullings, 082 Scottie McClain, OSSN Lee Robinson, 083 Collin Hughes. Left to right: ENS Darryl Pittman, 082 Fred Williams, 082 Akua Clark, 0S3 Nigel Loggins, OSSN William Birkman, OSl Michael Vanhoose, OSC Edward Lambert, 082 Timothy Martin, 082 Michael Bellamy, 083 Terry Beelow, 082 David Scott, 082 James Cameron, OSSN Joshua Snyder, OSSN Brandy Stamps, 083 Brian Fetner, 083 Steven Cook, 083 Jose Quinones, OSSN Kenneth Tweedle. 082 Rodgers stop to chat with 0S2 Anzaldo, and 0S2 Scott. V » -V» 0S3 Hughes, OSl Findall, 0S3 Lindblom, and 0S2 Martin pockets now empty at Marmaris Carpets in Turkey. Cookie, Scottie, Kevin, and Ricky wait patiently for the RHIB ride to the liberty boat in Menor- ca, Spain. Left: 0S2 Mullings. 0S2 Bel- lamy, 0S2 Boyce, and 0S2 McLain on station for naviga- tion detail. Right: 0S2 Clark and OSl Cox in operation " Bullet Train " to Paris. Surface side manned and ready for Navigation Detail. 0S2 Clark, 083 Fetner, dS2 Modesitt, and 0S3 Loggins. jAHHHHH!!!! Greece. Cookie, " How was that Hotdog, aTCDin isi09i First row (Left to right); EW2 Terrance Harvey, CT03 Sean Ellefsen, CT02 Douglas Clayton, CTR2 James Sandlin, EW3 Leah Luxem. Second row: CTOl Kmberly Green, CTR3 Mindy Anderson, EW3 Celeste Vermilya, EW2 Valerie Parker, CTM3 Matthew Cobble, LCPO: CTRC Scott Moore, CW02 Thomas Bushman Third row: ENS Franklin Gasperetti, EWC Daniel Undheim, CTRl Rafael Rodriguez, CTR2 Jason Agidius, ISl Randy Husser, EW2 Christopher Floyd, CTR2 Sean Baldwin, CTT2 Dion Holt-Phoenix, CTR2 Tom Scanland, CTRSN Cody Daigle. Stop looking at us, get back to work, go clean something. X NEWS FLASH: CT ' s spotted doing manual labor on 22 OCT. First time CT personnel seen working outside of SSES Since beginning of cruise. 74 This guy says he works here. OT girls just want to have fun. Cntptologic Technicians. Electronic Warfare Technicians, and on Intelli- gence Specialist make up OT Di ision. We are one of the smallest dixnsions onboard GETTYSBURG, yet our mis- sion is one of the biggest. Our priman,- mission is to provide time sensitive indications and warn- ings of hostile threat emittei-s to GET- TYSBURG. ENTBATGRU, and National level consumers. Our Intelligence Specialist pro ides daily operational and threat awareness briefs to the commanding officer. OT di -ision is also responsible for the uploading and maintenance of the Super Rapid Blooming Onboard Chaffe iSRBOC) Decov Launching SvstemiDLSi WHOOPS!! Its the rock of Gibralter - " No matter how hard we try. he just keeps coming back. Who ' s that guy? 75 M LCDR Craig Bowden CHIEF ENGINEER C U X o L £ C T O ••• ▼« ' ' 76 " Engineering Cfiiej ' Petty Oncers shine after CPO froclqng ceremony ' Engineering ' Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance oj alT propulsion, efectricaf and mechanic a[ auTC- iliary systems, as iveil as damage controC on gETI ' S ' B ' U ' Jig. The Chief Engineer is assisted in his duties By the fMain ' Propulsion Slssistant, the ' Damage Con- trol Jlssistant, the J u?(iCiaries Officer, and the ' Etectricaf Officer Left: GETTYSBURG POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY repre- senting in dress whites. Top Left: GETTYSBURG FAMOUS FLYING SQUAD stand proud! 77 %!A mVlSI09i Left to right: ENl Junious Johnson, ENFN David McCracken, ENFN Geoff Smith, EN2 Schmidtzinsky, ENFN James Holland, ENFN Antoin Thagard, EN2 Joseph Napolion, EN2 Rusty Jernigan, ENS Christopher Coffey, ENFN Tavares Littleton, EN2 Tim Gibson, ENS Mike Flowers, ENFN Jonathan Oliver, ENFA Roland Tomlinson, ENC Vic- tor Davis, FN Joshua Williams. Bottom left: ENS Jernigan, ENFN Smith, and ENFA Carbonellizaso take a break to pose for a pic- ture. Bottom right: EN2 McDaniel takes part in local games to kick off a pub crawl toga party in Rome. 78 Top left: Auxiliaries own " GETTYS- BURG BOYS! " Middle Right: EN2 Schmidtzinskv. and EN ' 2 Jernigan, pre- sent BMC Bozzella with a token of friend- ship. Bottom right: GOTCHA MIKE!!!!11!!!! TfL WlSIOOt Top left: EM2 Williamson and FN Williams rig up and over lights. FN Chatmon troubleshoots a light fixture EMS Hatfield, ENS Wilcox and EM-2 McCroy relaxing at a pub. The personal of EE Division main- tain the ship ' s entire 60Hz electrical distribution system and auxiliaries. The Electricians Maters are respon- sible for maintaining hotel services for the ship such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and galley equipment. Furthermore, EE division ensures all personal electrical gear is safe for shipboard use. AuLL ' Above: EM2 Williamson runs tags to perform maintenance. Left: EMI Morris and EM2 McCoy sit and plan the afternoon. Right: EMC Harrington finds out the CO ' s at sea cabin is not 68 degrees! EM 81 Top right: " GSM2 Rodriguez, do you like movies about gladiators? " Above: GSMl Pilley turned left while his motor bike went right ... OUCH!!!!!! uss GETTYSBURG POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY GSMFN Brantley, FN Greene, GSM3 Bailey and GSMFN Mayfield wait their turn at the plate in CAPTAIN ' S Cup Softball. GSMl Sandlin and EN3 Webb paint a space No, seriously CHENG, we can fix this!!!! for the American Embassy in Valetta, Malta. Congratulations, GSEC Select Gutierrez you ' re amazing, you know that!!!!!!!! 82 T.M I1 ISI09{ Back row: i lea to right) GSE3 Ben Robinson. GSM3 Jerome Smith, GSM2 Sam Bjornestad, GSE3 Marcin Malezska, GSMl Karl Rolves. GSM2 Paul Henrv, GSCS Keith Carlson. Middle row: GSM3 Eunviades Beltre. FN Anmano Greene. GSM3 David Hurlev. GSE2 Jimmv Speller, GSM2 Frank S. Rodriguez III, GSM3 Marcus Ma ' field, GSMl Mark Pilley, GSM2 Mike Gibson. Front row: LTJG David Balsinger, GSMC Anthonv Edwards, EN3 Alefia Webb, GSMFN Sharee Frazier, FN Mike Fernandez. GSE3 Rudv Torres-Zapatta. GSMFN Leann Brantley. GSMl Reginald Sandlin, GSEl Rey Gutierrez, GSEC Curtis Giles. " njim i9i GSEC Guiterrez and GSE2 Christian stand he proper watch in Central Control Station. GSE3 Galvan Gomez, GSE3Maleszka, and FN Shavers represent engi- neering at the COMREL in Mahon, Spain. FN Greene is shown the error of his food service attendant ways, courtesy of GSMl Pilley and GSM3 Robinson. 83 C lVlSI09t Back row: (left to right) DCC William Davis. HTFN Douglas Hinson, DCS Michael Hostetler, DCFN William Schroeder, DCS Noah McArdle, MRl Shawn Emans. Middle Row: DC2 Mark McCrea, HTFN Michael Ribeiro, HT2 Charles Daniels, DCFN Anuar Pintovelasco, LTJG Kimberly Meek. Front row: DC2 Michael Encalade, DC2 Richard Armstrong. The HT, DC, AND MR Shops make up ER Divi- sion. The DC men are responsible for maintaining the ships fire fighting equipment. The HT ' s and MR ' s are responsible for all welding and brazing. In addition, they maintain all permanently installed fire-fighting systems. Repair Division, as a whole, is responsible for maintaining the ship ' s sewage system, and the chemical, biological radiological defense systems. As instructors for all their shipmates, ER Division has trained the entire ships company in damage control and ship- board fire fighting. VI K 85 SU P LfY Supply Officer: LCDR Sue Talwar The Supply Department ' s mission is to provide comprehensive logistics support and services to GET- TYSBURG and her crew. This support comes in a wide variety of services, including repair parts, food service, ship ' s store, barber shop, post office, laundry and disbursing. 86 mi - ' ' -1 li f f f Above: SK3 Rodriguez busy breaking out parts. GETTYSBURG ' S Supply Department is proud to provide service to their shipmates. S-1 (DiVlSIOOt Front row: SKI Leonard Mills, SKI Kenneth Zilka. Middle row: SKCM Gary Head, DC2 Michael Encalade, PC2 Joshua Foy, PCI Frank Johns, SK2 Jeffrey Alexander, SK2 Melissa Kesil. Back row: SK2 Michael Frankhouser, SK2 Tyree Lewis, SKSN Carlos Bright, STG2 Joe St. Martin, SKSR Frank Small, SKSN Shady Awar. SK2 Frankhouser enjoying the hot weather. Getting the night started with beer on the pier. . i A. f It was an exciting deployment. Long, but well worth the liberty in beautiful foreign countries. mm I • 1 »H o r ■ m-. v. ■ij i Kr Jj S-2 mVlSI09i First row: (Left to right) ENS Tammy Martin, MSI Edward Johnson, MSC Denise Alston. Second row: MS2 Racaddo Murillo, MSSN Jessica Garcia, MS3 Ralph Rodriguez. Third row: MS3 Michael Keller, MS3 Johnny Pinckney, MS2 Eric Combs, MS3 Theron Brown, MS2 Fernando Canty, MS2 Bennie Massey, MSI Ottric Lymon, MS2 Eric Peters. MSI Lymon, COMFAIRMED, AND MSI Johnson pose for a picture amidst the CNO ' s visit. 90 SN Curry, MS3 Keller. QM2 Edwards. MS3 Picknev. SK2 Gilhuys. MS2 Canty. EMS Bums. SKSN Bright, MS3 Brow-n enjojing a little liberty. S-3 S-4 SH3 O ' Rourke tries to sit still as SH3 Atwell concentrates on a very difficult haircut. Left to Right: ENS Carolyn Austin, SH2 Robert Parker, SH3 Donald Atwell, SH3 Jermaine Johnson, SHSN HoUey Jackman, SH3 Rafe Lawrence, DK3 William Jones, SH3 Stephen Sunsdahl, SH3 Thomas O ' Rourke, DKl Talbert Townsel, SHC Jeffrey Kinney. 92 SHC Kinney gives a half smile as SH2 Parker explains how well his division is doing. ENS Austin, DKl Townsel and DK3 Jones put on their game faces when it ' s audit time!! 93 9 ' l MMl9i(DT,TM!JM ' E9t r ' . • • NAVIGATOR: LTJG Nate Brown g: • ASSISTANT NAVIGATOR: ENS Marianne Bart CHAPLAIN: LT Darryl Wesley 3M COORDINATOR: EMCM Edgar Strickland CHIEF MASTER AT ARMS: MAC Pickering NAV ADMIN chiefs enjoying Iibert:y. 95 • ■si- K- »fB n I! - 1 NXOl-NAVIGATION (Left to right): QM3 Bradley Lopp, QM2 Andrew Mobuig, QMl Todd Gibson, QMS Robert Mike, QM2 Kyle Edwards, QMSN Walter Bealer. (not pictured) ifS : MHOl-MEDICAL Left to right): HMC Rory Miller, HM3 Aisha Murry, SA Matthew Holmes, HM3 Damian Young. NX02 NX04-ADMINISTRATION- (Left to right): PNC Anthony Pacella, RP2 James White, PNl Carl Frank, PN2 Michael Fish, PN2 James Moore, ENS Marianne Bart, YN3 Anthony Chowning, YN3 Christin Beard, YNl Gregory Barnes, YN2 Sandra Davis, YNSA Darius Thomas, NCI Leslie Ramdass, YNSN Mark Jordan, YN2 Brian Bracy. ■VV:- - ' M-i ., v ji- ' I juinnannMiMrMinni HSL 46 " DTfTS UNLEASHING HELL!! Left to right: LTJG Louis Faiella, LT Brendan Burke, LT Clay Davis, ATS Jonathan Weisenborn, AT2 Vincent Brooks, AZl Bobby Colquitt, ADl James Greenwalt, AD3 Maurice Elder, AE3 Terry Johnson, AEl Steven Brooks. AM2 David Aronson, AW2 Jeffrey Richardson, AT3 Clinton Sheets, AW2 Timothy Hawkins, ADl Kevin Schmid. AM2 Mathew Depevv, LCDR Edward Ganun, ATC David Singley, LT Bobby Brown. Above: CUTLASS 474 beginning another day of air operations. Top Right: Aircraft wash for 474. Right: ADl Greenwalt, and AD3 Elder work- ing hard to complete " D " phase inspection. 98 Right: Gl lMATORS preparing t.. unleash hell ' Middle left: After crossing the Atlantic Oc ean, mem bers of the Air Dept. stopped at thi- first watering hole in Mahon, Spain for local food and beverages. Mid- dle right: The Slaying Seven pre- pares for another day of protecting ' democracy. Lower left: Did any- body say hot pump crew swap ' Lower right: ATC Singley and his hit nun ilC ' ETM Above left: The Gateways of Valet- ta welcomes you to Malta. Above right: Overlooking the holiday ensign and the barrel of mount. 52 minutes before colors Sunday evening. Left: 0S3 Loggins and EMS Burns take the " mike " to start Malta off right. STGC Salley looks on as he celebrates his first night as a chief selectee. Lower left: A boat travels across Valetta ' s harbor. Lower right: Enjo3ang the view of mysterious Malta. lA J O PE TIO • f H 1 i ' • 1 H 1 t t 5 ' H H I hmE? ' ' ■ ' V H I wL_«i 1 " C 1 Vertica Replen ishment SN Grimes holds on to a bridge wing mounted pipe as GETTYSBURG starts a series of 30-30 ' s during a breakaway. 103 Plane Guard and Fly Bys. 104 Rendezvous with m m V H IHW " «T Ckk l2l§ ENS Pitman is " like a kid in the candy store " while taking his first ride on a donkey. FC2 Dillon, FC2 Nicholls, and STG2 Graves get some shade from a castle entrance. A look at one of the many streets within the castle filled with restaurants and stores. GSMl Pilley, GSM2 Henry, and GSMl Rolves spend a night close to the ship and save some money while relaxing at beer on the pier. FC2 Millspaugh. FC2 Vinevard. FC2 Dillon. FC.3 Keith, STG2 Gallaher, FC3 Regan, FC2 U-apard, FC2 Nicholls, FCl Jones, STG2 Graves, and FC2 Ripley party in Falariki the night life filled spot in Rhodes. EM3 Hatfield, GSE.-? Gomez, GSE3 Malesz- ka. and GSM2 Rodriguez inside the walls of the castle otherwise known as old town. emorium September 1 1 , 2001 September II. 2001 will forever he remembered as a clay of inconceivable loss and incomparable human suffering. Dumbfounded and unbelieving, the World watched as the greatest nwnuments to American prosperity, the twin towers of New York ' s World Trade Center, and its central bastion of military might. The Pentagon, were cast down amidst smoke and rubble. The pictures were there in front of us. clear in the morning light and brutally honest, yet the accompanying words seemed hollow and incomprehensible ... terrorists had taken over three separate airliners and plunged them into these landmarks, with cold disregard for the lives of the innocent. A fourth plane had crashed in the wooded hills of Penn- sylvania, stopped only by the heroics of its doomed passengers from wreaking even more destruction. The heart of our most populous city lay bathed in glass, dust, and blood as its citizens gasped desperately for air. literally choking on the ruins themselves. Thousands dead. Countless more injured. It was the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, and worse than that even, for it came at the hands of a faceless enemy. We. the GETTYSBURG, watched and mourned with our countrymen, who, though an ocean away, stayed bound fast by our sides by a flag and a purpose. To our fall- en brothers and sisters, know this: We will never forget. " The resolve of our great nation is being tested. But make no mistake: We will show the world that we will pass this test. God bless. " - President George W. Bush, Septem- ber J J, 2001. y • ' .rtHifiT WMi ' {.. " gr ■ - - " This is a conflict without battlefields or beachheads, a conflict with opponents who believe they are invisible. Yet, they are mistaken. They will be exposed, and they will discover what others in the past have learned: Those who make ' war against the United States have chosen their own destruction. Victory against terrorism will not take place in a sin- gle battle, but in a series of decisive actions against terrorist organizations and those who harbor and support them. ' " - President George W. Bush, September 15, 2001. OS2 Nehamon Lyons IV, U. S. Navy March 4, 1971 - September 11, 2001 NfCK Qon ' t darken Ihoso big brown Don ' t frofymmm home in Ihe sky. _yiw meant rijdt to so many. The h6S you touched those who didn ' t know you ( Justico witf bo served f Butit doesn ' t dear the pain. W affMtitintho next day ' s brief ruin. Godoponedtjp his skies for fvst a brief few, bi fkmw0hat fie did it in memory of you. W ' i jj S i y Friday the rain had dried, tears remained for us to cry. f kmi iftit you gjya bottgu cA And I hopeyoi Hkeep yourswe»sml n ymrh face. Even thoi h God chose us to now be apart Piease know that your memory, arxfsnvhwiSfoiwenemairy, outhoettfsf " BAirrLfL 9 s 112 CS(E1A M)(Din:i09 [3 TO i 1 i — fi« - 1 ■ mir ' j«» L |l ! -Ty 1 L ■ Alexis Nicole Birkman May 16, 2001 7 lbs 1 oz Father: OSSA Birkman Jakeem Jalel Burns August 4, 2001 8 lbs 12 oz Father: EM3 Burns Aidan James Bynum July 13, 2001 7 lbs 1 oz Father: STG2 Bynum Angele ' ana Maria Christian August 28, 2001 Father: GSE2 Christian 114 tht. jm iLTf H IS i Ezekiel Caleb Gregg July 13. 2001 8 lbs 14.6 oz Father: FC2 Gregg Brittany Jewel Sallet September 6, 2001 7 lbs 9 oz Father: GM3 Sallet Da id Eugene Scott Jr. ■ July 26. 2001 4 lbs 11 oz Father: 0S2 Scott Katelyn Marie Small August 22, 2001 6 lbs 11 oz Father: SKSR Small 115 With the commercial center of Marmaris just min- utes away, sailors were able to enjoy everything from haggling over the price of a hand-woven rug to soaking away the stress in a traditional " Turkish bath. " While walking through the winding streets of the shopping district everyone was greeted as a friend, and business never started until a drink was shared. When the ship finally got underway it seemed that she sat just a little lower, because no trip to Turkey would be complete without purchas- ing some traditional native wares? Middle: " My friend! I have a special deal for you. " 116 4 feiiiptlUI Middle Left: Who wants to be a millionaire? Euro-Terminator 117 Top Left: How retarded could I possibly be? Above and Right: At the shrine to Artemis. Middle: The long road to Ephesus. 118 The scenic ride home While in Turkey our sailors had the opportunity to visit places like the salt formations of Pamukkale and the Roman city, Ephesus. Sights such as the ancient Ephesian Library, and the " Home of the Virgin Mary " were among favorites seen by GETTYSBURG sailors. They were also able to visit an ancient wonder of the world. The Temple of Artemis, and the shrines dedicated to her. Other, more interesting, sights left sailors with tales of monkeys and belly dancers. GrofTs best Samson impression. 119 LA MM)([yEL 9 [Sl; rnALJ First view of the USS EMORY ' S LAND (AS-39) the Mediterranean sub tender that The main monument in the middle of the U.S. -Italian joint was taking on over 300 repair jobs from GETTYSBURG. naval base. Above right: La Maddelena was the turnover spot for CW02 Bushman and CW02 Wilson. Right: PNC Pacella and CMC Mclain make a toast to GETTYSBURG on a job well done. J ' TE ' WO ' RSQOsig OU Above: 0S2 Williams and QM3 Mike play dominoes on the mess decks while CTM3 Cobble studies ESWS in the background. Right: LCDR Talwar takes advantage of her lunch break to hit the treadmill. " Trying to find something to do in the middle of nowhere. " Left: IT2 Cook and 0S2 Johnson take advantage of new MWR equip- ment in the weight room. Below: FCl Davis and FC2 Brown prepare for the PRT on GETTYS- BURG ' S track. 121 O OM ' ECOMlO lg 122 HIIIIIIIWHill 123 ) V i I y i ) i V ■_i»SM " y Y. K tslsl T J 0V[UCO (DTS ' E ' KVT, WELCOOKT. 09 { ' E! 125 Deployment Statistics Total Mihs Tmveted: 40,542 Straifs Tmnsited: Strait of GibraiarfS Hme , Strait of Messina(S tim . Strait of Bonifacio, Countrios V% ed; Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Number of Days Underway: 119 Number of Day Inport 64 Total Grocery Bitt: $421,542 Meak Fed: 134,208 Pounds of Ctiicken: 13,335 ._ Hamburgers Served: 14,684 Hotdogs Served: 9, 130 Cups of Coffee Made: 26 9, 834 Galhns of White Mi»(: 3,461 Gallons of Cttocohte M9k: 516 Dozens of Eggs: 5,330 Cookies Baked: 35,070 GaUons of Fuel Burned: 4, 865, 8 Galhns of Water Made: 2,270, 5 ' 754 Projectiles: 400 CIWS 20MM Rounds: 7, 100 .50 Cal Rounds: 4, 800 i2Am M-60 Rounds: 6,000 fMM Rounds: 3, 190 2MM M-14 Rounds: 1,260 fA Rounds: 760 BP ' Special Thanks To CAPT Dennis Stokowski LCDR Paul Slader LT Keifh Beck " " tr Bobby Brown LTJG Kimberiy Meek LTJ6 Larry Ljobis ENS Ryan Wilcox ENS Adrienne Stoudt ENS Darryl Pittman ENS Melissa Donaldson CMC James Mclain MAC Andrew Pickering FCC Robert Collins PNC Anthony Pacella IT1 Thomas Ceaser CT01 Kimberiy Green PN1 Cari Frank FC1 Kevin Bacheller FC1 Robert Davis FC2 Jason Vineyard BM3 Robert Haseloff C RUIS ' E ' BOO ' K COMMl ' TTDE SK2 Frankhouser, FC3 Dorsey, FC2 Brown, RP2 White, FC2 Gregg, DCFN Schroeder, FC3 Soren- son, CTR2 Baldwin, 0S3 Lindblom, ITS Meshensky, GSE2 Rodriguez, EM2 Gebhart. ENFN Smith, ET3 Francis, GM3 Birk, STG3 Hamilton, ET3 Ikley, FC2 Rolfes. 128 Proofreaders and Editors: ENS Farina, LTJG Craw- ford, FC3 Dorsey, FC2 Brown T I BHI ' : J. v ' ' QT-t .

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