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ik P? f4.fat.xf, Af M 4.1-:din M ' , A. 4 -1 1- .. f ,. .u,.f '., -- 'A H--P' 4 ' 55 Gu fi' -7'1" '34' f 1"E?i"5!- 1 fl-:-"ff", 1,141-- Lhf i. ' 31 Jw f '. '1':2'f1- - was - .f-- A ' ww 1 - ,- - , . V 1, - . .- - . - - - ' A " A 'L' 'm"'4"""" ':"""5"a' "'?f'f'7'm"N ""-'Zn'-WW2g.,2f ufiiih?3kff m 4!Mi!i"14TE93 CARDI AL Contents ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS FAVORITES ATHLETICS JUNIOR HIGH ELEMENTARY ADVERTISEMENTS Presented by The Senior Class of Gettysburg High School Gettysburg, Ohio Vol. XV. Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1962, Gettysburg High School, do hereby dedicate this Year- book to Mrs. Walter Wesche. During these past eighteen years, Mrs. Wesche's concern for her students, devotion to duty, and her demonstration of true humility merits her a high rating in the teaching profession. :Z ..5 What do you mean, you overs1ept?" MR. FLOYD MAURER MR. STEVE DRUMMOND Executive Head High School Principal Miami University, B. S. , M. S. Fairmont, A. B. Algebra I Physical Education, Science School Board GETTYSBURG SCHOOL BOARD - SEATED: Oscar Binkley, Clerkg Robert Flory, Presidentg William Sherry. STANDING: Floyd Maurer, Executive Headg Ronald Jones, Vice Pres.g Leo Witwer. "One more year of climbing up and down these stairs will do me in for sure." Elementar Teachers MISS ARNOLD Qlfirstj MRS. SNYDER QS6COYld and Thirdj V MRS. KNUTSEN QFourth and Fifthy MRS. WELCH MRS. MORRISON clijrgtj fSecondj MRS. WESCHE MRS. STOLTZ. QThircD Qliourthj MRS. ALBRIGHT MR. SNYDER Qlfifthj qsixrhp ,v x v N 05305 2 'img' N G3 . EQ CQNI? Q f fm , V m' , Xl N '51 MRS. MOYER fGrade School Musicj funior High Faculty MRS. VANSCOYK MRS. RUTH NEHER Ohio Northern University Manchester College X . W Q X 0 Faculty l MISS LEWELTA POGUE MR. REEVES Earlham College 1 year Earlham College Graduate of Indiana University A. B. A. B. degree High School Coach and Mathematics University of Michigan, A. M. degree English and Spanish MR. MALCOLM B. LEVENSTEIN MR. WILBUR LONG University of Arkansas, Manchester College B.A. , L. L.B. B.S. Arkansas State Teachers College Business Education Social Studies and Latin Annual Advisor MR. GERALD HEWUS Baldwin -Wallace College B. A. Music Faculty MRS. IACQUELINE YOUNG Miami University B. S. Home Economics MR. OREN COLLINS Ohio Northern University B. S. Science MR. EDWIN JOHNSON Ohio State University B. S. Vocational Agriculture School Personnel scnoor SECRETARY, Mrs. Betty coming BUS DRIVERS: Arthur Unger Bill Brewer Lloyd Rhoades Cecil Brown Lester Rhoades Lester Powell Ray Lavy CUSTODIANS Mr. and Mrs Raymer Sernan COOKS: Helen Ross, Stevens, Helen Unger Marjorie Who asked you, Freshman? RONNIE BENNING "Agriculture" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Sentinel 3, Assistant Treasurer 4. DON BRICKLER "Agriculture" Sentinel for the FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Parlimentry Procedure Team. DONNA KAY BARTON "Home Economics" FHA 1, 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 4. LEE BIXLER "Academic" Vice-President 3, Annual Staff 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Band 1, 2,3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Student Council 1, Scholarship Team 1,2,3,4, Prince of Peace 1,2,3, Treasurer of Hi-Y 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec. of Hi-Y 3, Chorus 1, 2, Vice-President Band 2, Music Contestant 1, 2. BARBARA LOUISE CHRISTMAN "Home Economics" FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Queen Candidate 4. KENNY COATES "Business" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y King 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4,-Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4. JOHN DILLON "Academic" Class Officer, Pres. 2, 3, 43 Chorus 13 Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 43 Class Play 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Treas. 43 Annual Staff 4, Asst. Editorg Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK I. DRAKE "Academic" Class Play 4, Asst. Director3 Hi-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN LOUISE CONNER "Academic" FI-IA 13 Y-Teens 13 Class Play 3, 43 Chorus 1. STEVE DEETER "Agriculture" FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Asst. Treasurer, 23 Treasurer 43 Vo. Ag. Project Award 3, 43 Class Vice Pres. 23 Chorus 13 Class Play 33 Parliament Procedure Team. NANCY HARTZELL "Home Economics' Chorus 23 FHA 1, 2, 43 Y-Teen 3, 43 Class Play 3. JEAN HORNER "Home Economics" FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Pres. 3, 43 Annual Staff 4, Business Mgr. 3 National Honor Society 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Class Play 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 33 Cardinal Editor 43 Homecoming Court 1, 43 Chorus 23 State Homemaker Degree 4. KIRBY KEISER "Agriculture" I FFA 1,2,3,4g Hr-Y 2,3g Basebari 1. KARL KELLER "Academic" Class Officerg Freshman - Secretaryg Sophomore - Treasurer, Senior - Vice President, Annual Staffg Ir. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4, Basketball 4g Prince of Peace 11, Chorus lg Baseball 1, 2. BERNICE PAULUS "Business" FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Historian 2, Annual Staff, Ir. Class Playg Band 4g Sr. Class Play: Chorus 2, Cardinal Staff. RICHARD LEE ROOT "Agriculture" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4: Asst. Vice President 3g Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Parliamentary Procedure Contestg Sr. Class Playg Chorus 1, 2, 45 State Judging Teamg 1st Place Project Award 1, 2. SUSAN LAVEY "Business" Class Officer, Secretary 45 Y-Teens 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 4, Christmas Queen Candidateg Homecoming Queen Candi date, Chorus 2, Class Play 3. LUCY KAY MILLER "Home Economics" Class Officer: Reporter 3, Secretary 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Degree Chairman 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Community Pair Queen Candidateg Homecoming Queen Candidate. ALBERTA MAE SAFFIN "Business" FHA 2,3,4, Sec. 3, Treas. 43 Annual Staff, 43 Chorus 2, 33 Student Council 3, Reporter3 Class Play 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Scholarship Team 43 Prince of Peace 1, 2, 33 Christmas Queen 43 Y-Teens 43 Betty Crocker Homemaking Award 43 State Home- maker Degree. RONALD VIA "Agriculture" FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, Asst. Director. ROBERT WELCH "Academic" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4. MELVIN WITWER "Academic" Class Officer, Vice Pres. 1, Treas. , 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 43 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 4. LINDA LOU SMITH ' "Business" Class Officer, Treas. 1, Sec. 33 FHA 1,2: Student'Counci123 FHA Queen Candidate 1,23 Y-Teens 2,33 Chorus l,2, Sec.-Treas. 23 Cardinal News Staff, Asst. Director 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Class Play Asst. Director 3, 4 ROBERT HOFFMAN "General" Class Play 3, 4. Susan Lavey, Secretaryg John Dillon, Presidentg Karl Keller, Vice Presidentg Melvin Witwer, Treasurer . . CLASS MOTTO . . . "IN MY END IS MY BEGINNING" . . CLASS COLORS . . . "CRIMSON AND WHITE" . . CLASS FLOWER . . . NAMERICANA ROSE" "Senior Graduation - May 25, 1962" Now we're young adults" LEE BIXLER - Salutatorian MELVEN WITWER - Valedictorian 9 Trip SENIORS AT THE CAPITAL Betty, Oren Lee, and Jack Mount Vernon Lincoln Memorial "Would you believe it - nex be a seniorf' t year I'll N "rf-fv-Q f Edmund Barga Dianna Beck Lanny Brenner Judy Brewer Larry Buckingham Connie Coning Ethel Garber Jane Gibboney June Gibboney Christine Holaday Connie James Kevin Keller Don Lecklider Robert Lecklider Ona Lindemuth Right to Left: Connie Coning, Sec. 5 Dianna Beck, Student Council Rep. Q Connie James, Pres. 3 Ona Lindemuth Treas.g Don Lecklider, Vice Pres. Bill McC1urg Charles McKibben Marilyn Miller Roy Miller Linda Newbrauer David Small Jean Sponaugle Janice Troutwine Marvin Ullom David Vanatta Kenneth Via Carl Wagner Margaret Wetzel Kenneth Wombold Darlene Youst NO COMMENT! GET READY EDI "What do you mean, I copy everything you do?', I- Ralph Boone Dennis Christian Dave Dawson Judy Fenstermaker Eugene Fout Ronald Hahn Tom Hill Penny Johnson Gunter Keryluk Eva Kluss Valentina Kondra Mike Lecklider L to R: Tom Hill, Presidentg Jim Shives, Secretaryg Judy Fensterrnaker, Student Council Rep. Q Les Long, Vice Pres. g Bill Sando, Treas. THIS is TYPING CLASS??? 5 Q? 39 i lb S l , lv o 1PW!u Leslie Long Brenda Miller Shirley Miller Donald Overholser Ierry Richard Bill Sando Jim Shives Donald Shuff Garry Studebaker Melvin Swiger Terry Townsend Gerald Trittschuh ' -iw .,,.L5 , mXXxX ni if X32 il? X-' .15 1 Mrlgyxg xW X X-A a .., JIT x N35-.2 La--03 Fwslumew "Boy -these crew cuts they give you are sort of chilly!" Brenda Bang Brenda Becker Joan Brickler Sue Ann Bowman Donna Jean Byers David Class Marilyn Conner Gary Fritz Kay Gessler Deloris Hartzell Roberta Hathaway Joanna Henderson Tom Hill Barbara Hoffman Darlene Jones Jeff Kettlehake John Kissinger Terry Kochersperger Nicolas Kondra Carol Linder Paul Long James Marker Richard Marker Tim Netzley Linda Paulus Raymond Petijean George Richard Dennis Root James Smith Diana Stephens Steven Trissell James Unger Larry W agner Leon Weaver Wayne Wetzel Jane Witwer L to R: Wayne Wetzel, Treas.g Donna Jean Byers, Sec. : Terry Kochersperger, Pres. 5 Student Council Rep. 3 Gary Fritz, Vice Pres. Snap Shots ngamigatfmns "Yak. . . Yak. . . Yak. . . One more meeting like this and 1,11 quit the club!" Stnofent Council Left to Right: Dave Dawson, John Dillon, President, Dianna Beck, Vice President, Brenda Miller Judy Fenstermaker, Treasurer, Don Lecklider, Terry Kockersperger, Darlene Youst, Secretaryg Mr. Drummond, Advisor. Honor Society TOP ROW: Lee Bixler, Vice Pres. 5 Melvin Witwer, John Dillon, Treas.g Christine Holaday, Leslie Long, Mr. Maurer, Advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Horner, Connie Coning, Secretaryg Connie Jai-nes, Pres.g Alberta Saffin, Eva Kluss, Dianna Beck. Chorus FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Brenda Bangg Carol Linderg Linda Newbauerg Joanna Hendersong Roberta Hathawayg Marilyn Millerg Penny Johnson. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Robert Leckliderg Mike Leckliderg John Kissingerg Darlene Youstg Christine Holadayg Donna Bartong Richard Rootg Melvin Witwerg Mr. Hewus fDirectorj. L to R: Darlene Youst, Vice Pres. g Richard Root, Librariang Penny Johnson, Secretaryg Melvin Witwer, Presidentg Brenda Bang, Librarian. Kevin Keller - Prince of Peace v Q f wp XJ I as xa- C L Senior Band FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Connie Jamesg Jane Witwerg Dianna Becky Kathy Paulusg Patsy Brewerg Linda Bixlerg Brenda Millerg Kenneth Womboldg Sue Ann Bowmang Roberta Hathaway. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Connie Coningg Brenda Bang: Darlene Jonesg Lee Bixlerg Judy Fenstermakerg Donna Jean Byersg Deborah Maurerg Sylvia Long: Margaret Wetzelg Gerald Trittschuhg Terry Townsendg Gary Gesslerg THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Linda Riegleg Darlene Youstg Penny Johnsong Dave Dawsong Ronnie Raikesg Micheal Witwerg Christine Holadayg Mel- vin Witwerg Leslie Longg Linda Newbauerg Ron Hahng Karla Keller. STANDING, Left to Right: fDirectorj Mr. Hewusg Bernice Paulusg Jean Hornerg Don Shuffg Mike Leckliderg Leland Miller: Robert Lecklider. OFFICERS '25 4? s ff Left to Right: Margaret Wetzelg Jean Hornerg Kenneth Womboldg Christine Holaday. Connie James Majorettes Judy Fensterma-ker Paula Kochersperger C 1 , X Di anna Beck Linda Newbauer I Diana Stephens Darlene Youst Hi- Y TOP ROW: Kirby Keiser, Larry Buckingham, Ken Wombold, Bob Welch, Kenny Coates. SECOND ROW: Ron Hahn, Dave Dawson, Lee Bixler, Steve Deeter, Mr. Drummond, Advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Root, John Dillon, Karl Keller, Charlie McKibben, Don Lecklider. Left to Right: Mr. Drummond, Advisorg Karl Keller, Presidentg John Dillon, Vice President: Kevin Keller, Secretaryg Don Lecklider, Treasurerg Richard Root, Reporterg Charlie McKibben, Chaplaing Student Council Rep. Dave Dawson. Y- Teens BOTTOM ROW: Connie James, Margaret Wetzel, Brenda Miller, Darlene Youst, Dianna Beck, Connie Coning, Christine Holaday, Mrs. Coning. fAdvisorj SECOND ROW: Diana Stephens, Brenda Bang, Marilyn Conner, Joan Brickler, Roberta Hathaway, Donna Jean Byers, Darlene Jones, Alberta Saffin, Linda Newbauer, Judy Fennstermaker, Carol Linder, Ona Lindemuth, Jane Witwer. TOP ROW: Margaret Wetzel, Song Leader. SECOND ROW: Darlene Youst, Reporter: Dianna Beck, Secretary-Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Coning, Advisor: Christine I-Ioladay, President: Connie James, Adv. Council Rep.: Connie Coming, Vice President: Brenda Miller, Student Coun- cil Rep. FHA. BOTTOM ROW: Christine Holaday, Alberta Saffin, Judy Fenstermaker, Darlene Youst, Valentine Kondra, Brenda Miller, Donna Jean Byers. SECOND ROW: Diana Stephens, Jean Horner, Bernice Paulus, Lucy Miller, Darlene Jones, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Miller, Dianna Beck, Janice Troutwine, Mrs. Young fAdvisorj. THIRD ROW: Ethel Garber, Jane Witwer, Susan Lavey, Roberta Hathaway, Barbara Christman, Joanna I-lender son, Delores Hartzell, Brenda Becker, Sue Ann Bowman, Penny Johnson, Kay Gessler. Christine Holaday, State Secretary Left to Right, TOP ROW: Jean Horner, Presidentg Darlene Youst, Student Council Representativeg Christine Holaday, Vice Presidentg Alberta Saffin, Treasurerg Janice Troutwine, Historiang Lucy Miller, Degree Chair. Dianna Beck, Parlia- mentarian. BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Miller, Reporterg Penny Johnson, Sec.g Judy Fenstermaker, Rec. Leaderg Advisor, Mrs. Young. FFA BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Johnson QAdvisory, Donnie Shuff, Lanny Brenner, Carl Wagner, Richard Root, Donnie Lecklider, Steve Deeter, Bill McClurg, Tom Hill, Paul Long, ,Tim Marker. SECOND ROW: Dennis Christian, Kenny Via, David Class, Dennis Root, Ronnie Hahn, Leon Weaver, Ralph Boone, Gerald Trittschuh, Raymond Petitjean, Jim Unger, Terry Townsend, Larry Wagner. TOP ROW: Roy Miller, Kirby Keiser, Don Brickler, David Small, Ronnie Benning, John Kissinger, Don Over- holser, Ronnie Via. OFF IC ERS 9 Mr. Johnson - fAdvisorj Richard Root - Vice Pres. Don Lecklider - Pres. Steve Deeter - Treasurer Bill McClurg - Reporter Carl Wagner - Secretary Lanny Brenner - Sentinel 1" -- 39' My X A., B .Q U . "j'1-lg , 4' 5 vm I ardinal Staff Annual Staff BACK ROW: Mr. Levenstein, Adv.: John Dillon, Assist. Editor, Jean Hor- ner, Bus. Mgr.g Alberta Saffing Bernice Paulus, Melvin Witwer. FRONT, L to R: Karl Keller, Editorg Lee Bixler. L to R: Bernice Paulus, Produc- tion, Jean Horner, Editor, Lucy Miller Prod. g Mr. Long, Advisorg Linda Smith, Assist, Editor. .--l , . W ,f . . wa N l 1 X ff I v ". . . so What's wrong with me being voted Most Handsome? Senior Class Play Gerard ------ Lindy Williams - - - Arnold Q. Henly- - - Miss Irene Hamilton - - Larry Malone - -W- - - Goody Gulfopper - - - "The Prof" ------ Francis -------- Mrs. Mildred Guntlock Mrs. Margaret Blickle - - P. Oliver Burkholder - Lieutenant Shaw- - i - Extra Students - - - High School Band - - Director ----- Assistant Directors - - CAST ------- LEEBIXLER ALBERTA MAE SAFFIN - - - - - KARL KELLER ' ' JEAN HORNER - - - ROBERT WELCH BARBARA CHRISTMAN - - - - - - KARL KELLER " " ' ' 'IOHN DILLON - - -BERNICE PAULUS - - CAROLYN CONNER - - - - MELVIN WITWER - - - RICHARD ROOT - - SENIOR CLASS MEMBERS - - - - - - - SENIOR BAND - - MR. OREN COLLINS - - - -LINDA SMITH RICK DRAKE Up with the mitts, Buddy! One more move and I'll blow her brains out! funior Class Play What was in those pills?" Celeste Nelson- Nina Quigley - - Frankie ----- Mrs, Nelson- - Mr. Nelson - - - Granny ---- Mr. Quigley- - Dr. Brown - - Madeline- - - Harry Schuster - Daphne ----- Claude ----- Henry the helper Student Director Look what happened when the lights went out. " Wilbur Maxwell- - Hercules Nelson - - Director- - - - - - C AST - ROBERT LECKLIDER - CHARLES MCKIBBEN MARGARET WETZEL - - -DARLENE YOUST - - DIANNA BECK - - CONNIE JAMES - - DON LECKLIDER CHRISTINE HOLADAY - - - -KEVIN KELLER KENNETH WOMBOLD - - - -CONNIE CONING - - - - -ED BARGA - -MARILYN MILLER - - DAVID VANATTA - - - CARL WAGNER - MR. OREN COLLINS - - ONA LINDEMUTH Homecoming JI L.: Susan Lavey and Kenny Coates, Jean Horner and Don Brickler, Lucy Miller and Karl Keller Queen and Escort Linda Smith and John Dillon Flower Girl -.Lori Lynn Horner Crown Bearer - Craig Fenstermaker is . . my Jean Horner - Lucy Miller - Susan Lavey Pal 5211150 CfO1'I'H6f QI-16910 CFOWUS Linda Lori Lynn Horner - Linda Smith Smith Homecoming Queen for 1962. Community Fair QW 2206 KING and QUEEN Alberta Saffin and Kenny Coates my - 9 6 tme 5 ,BQ Dream Boat John D111on Twistin' Hearts Winners of the Twist Contest fr. and Sr. Prom MAY I HAVE YOUR ORDER, PLEASE?" "OUR CHAPERONS" "I GIVE, WHAT?" "WHAT A LOVELY PROM! Pizza Dance Having a Pizza Dance was one of the Senior's high- The pizzas were so good that fourth and fifth helpings lights of the year. Karl, Steve, and Richard must were consumed. Right Kenny and Larry? We all won- have been the supervisors, at least they are sure doing dered if Carolyn would become hoarse from yelling a good job of inspecting. for so many pizzas, or could she be yawning? NO! ! Doing, the twist sure creates an enormous appetite and And then the fun begins. Clean up time class. We that is just what we wanted. It looked like Darlene all worked hard, but Rick was so worried about getting and Don would be back for more for they were really dishpan hands, and it looked like Barbara and Melvin twisting up a storm. Bob Welch isn't doing such a had a little difficulty in forcing the oven door shut. bad job of it either. We finally made it and the dance was perfect. Well almost. Sellwr Da " A LITTLE BIT MORE" L n OUR SA LUTA TORIAN and VAL EDI C TO RIANlf YY CAN DO .1 THYNK HE N ,. 1 DO 4 45 Atldem "How can l get my letter, staying in the showers all the time?77 BILL MCCLURG Gettysburg G ettysbur g Gettysbur g Gettysbur g Bethel Newton Houston Bradford LARRY BUCKINGHAM GARY STUDEBAKER Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg TOM HILL BILL SANDO Franklin- Monroe Bethel Mississinawa New Madison CHARLIE MCKIBBEN Gettysburg 62 Gettysburg 51 Gettysburg 62 Gettysburg 56 Gettysburg 33 Gettysburg 55 Gettysburg '77 Gettysburg 60 KENNY COATES New Madison 66 V ersailles 65 Ansonia 81 Westmont 69 Arcanum 66 Verona 62 Russia 63 Franklin - Monroe 69 JOHN DILLON BOB WELCH DON BRICKLER KARL KELLER MR. REEVES, Coachg KENNY WOMBOLD Managerg NICHOLAS KONDRA, Manager Varsity Cheerleaders PENNY JOHNSON Captain 192 Q.. CONNIE JAMES I I K YU-L DARLENE YOUST JUDY FENSTERMAKER ,2- "f f 1 Reserve Cheerleaders Left to Right: Dianna Beck: Captain Margaret Wetzel Left to Right: Jerry Richard - Don Overholser - Leslie Long Garry Fritz - Terry Kocher- sperger - David Dawson - Jim Shives - Wayne Wetzel Reserve Players , E Q YQ QA .. Tm ck ROW 1: Donnie Overholser, Terry Kochersperger, Bill Sando, Jim Shives, Dave Dawson ROW 2: Bob Welch, Gary Studebaker, Tom Hill, Jerry Richard, Jim Unger. ROW 3: Coach Mr. Ron Reeves. "Get in shape for track, Tweet, Down and Back. " So this is high schoolw Jammu High Ioan Arnett Charlotte Beisner Linda Bixler Elaine Brickler Michelle Drake Linda Garbig Gary Gessler Ronnie Grilliot Steven Hawes Connie Hill Gary Hill Gloria Hosterter Karla Keller Brenda Keiser Carol Kissinger Mona Lindemuth Neil Long Sylvia Long Deborah Maurer Jerry Marker Donovan Markland Kenneth Meade ighth male Leland Miller Tom O'Conner Kathy Paulus Steve Paulus Ronnie Raikes Jill Reece Nancy Rhoades Linda Riegle Anita Sander Lee Sherry Kay Shuff David Smith Larry Smith Sam Sponaugle Ronnie Sprenkel Robert Stephan Michael Thompson Sandy Thompson Gail Townsend Dennis Wetzel Becky Willaims Becky Youst Teacher: MRS. VANSCOYK Seventh Roger Allread Jimmy Archie Steven Barga Wayne Barton Penny Becker Stephan Besecker David Brant Patricia Brewer Aloha Coming Scotty Crist Karen Deaton Karen Etter Eldon Garber Alfred Goehrich Wilbur Harpest Brenda Hickey Charles Hines Linda Horner Bill Kinnison Kenny Knich Florence Langston Lurena Langston Carol Leugers Linda Long Grade Linda Low man Cathy McKibben Marvin Miller Julian Miok Scheryl Morrison Jonathan Netzley Maria Petitjean Dixie Rhoades David Sander Scherrie Sander Jonnette Schives Larry Simmons Darlene Smith Sharon Sprenkel James Stephan Patty Stoltz Jeanne Thompson Lindsay Trissell Karen Ullom Sharon Ullom Jennifer Weaver Micheal Witwer Charles Youst Teacher: MR. COLLINS J. H. Cheerleaders .TEANNE THOMPSON LINDA HORNER JILL REECE SANDY THOMPSON J. H. Players TOP, Left to Righty Neil Long, Chuck Youst, Ron Grilliot, Ronnie Sprenkel, Tom O'Conner, Robert Stephen, Bill Kennison. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Marker, Steve Hawes, Dennis Wetzel, Mike Witwer, Alfred Goerich. I H. Band FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Aloha Coningg Rebecca Williamsg Paula Kocherspergerg Naomi Harpestg Sheryl Morri- song Jim Markerg Steven Longfellow. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Linda Hornerg Brenda Keiserg James Stephang Charlotte Ludwigg Cheryl Jonesg Michael Witwerg Becky Youstg Linda Longg Dixie Rhoadesg Gary Hill. THIRD ROW Left to Right: Wayne Beisnerg Lynn Conwayg Tim Netzleyg Kathryn Holadayg Robert Stephang Karen Etterg Joanna Hendersong Richard Marker: Bradley Maurer. STANDING: Mr. Hewus fDirectorjg Wilbur Harpest. f. H. Contestants Left to Right: Michael Witwerg Gary Gesslerg Leland Millerg Ronnie Rakiesg Patricia Brewer: Karla Kellerg Linda Riegleg Sylvia Longg Linda Bixlerg Deborah Maurer . Left to Right: Linda Garbig, Karla Keller, Michelle Drake, Mona Lindemuth, Kay Shuff. L to R: Steve Beasecker, Dennis Wetzel, Alfred Manager Leland Miller and Coach Mr. Drummond Goehrich, Scotty Crist, Neil Long, Ron Raikes, Steve Hawes, Michael Thompson, Billy Kinnison, Ron Grilliot, Mike Bennett, Mr. Drummond. "They say that high school homework even tougher." Fzrst Grade Lonnie Applegate Alberta Arnett Jim Brandt Randy Brenner Allen Brewer Richard Brewer Rhys Bowman Gay Burnett Gerald Crist Blane Davis Douglas Drieling Ricki Drummond Rita Fair Terry Floyd Robert Goehrich Sally Hartzell Bobby Hittle Bruce I-Ioblit Elaine Hoblit Vicki Hufford I immie Lear Walter Linder Frank Moxley Teacher: MISS ARNOLD First racle Leona Barge Ray Burnett Richard Dershem Gina Johnson Martin Johnson Jennifer Keller Lon Laughman Mary Lavy David McCoy Timothy McC-lothin Karen Marker Merlin Markland Deanna Miller Randy Miller Stephen Miller Stephen Wayne Miller Sandra Mullins I ohn Raffel Kathi Rossman Jewell Schafer Tony Schultz Pula Smith Patty Stephenson Linda Stiver Debra White Teacher: MRS. WELCH Second rade John Archey Debra Arnett Tamara Aukerman David Aultman Dennis Baker Gregg Blurnenstock Mary Alice Bowman Elaine Brewer Roberta Case Peggy Crawford Brenda Curtner Roberta Erisrnan Glen Etter Joyce Gilbert Michael Hartzell Patricia Hawes Becky Jo Hufford Susie Keller Richard Lear Connie Lowman Krista Long Brice Mikesell Bradley Miller Edith Miner ' Eugenis Mitchell Christine Paulus Rebecca Fair Tim Rhoades Barbara Richard Julia Rismiller Vicki Schultz George Sherry Janice Skiles Kenneth Smith Linda Stephenson Tamala Wehrley Teacher: MISS MORRISON Second and Tlurd male Betty Dershem Diana Fair Benita Hershberger Larry Hill Barbara Hittle Wayne Hoblit Ida Mae Hoffman Sue Kean Mike Shives Doris Sprenkl John Lindemuth .Tack Long Marilyn Marton Tommy McMiller Donald Miller Kathy McG1othin David Netzley Bob Rhoades Patty Rhoades Stephen Rismiller Judy Rismiller Karen Rose Janet Schafer Debbie Smith Suzan Stanton Jerry Valentine Daniel Weaver Teacher: MRS. SNYD Third Gracie Richard Barton Steven Beasley Steven Brandt Roxanne Brickler Regan Bowman Ronald Crist Sharon Derr Roberta Fair Claude Fenstermaker James Gibboney Janice Harpest Donald Hartzell Tommy Hartzell Steven Hartzell Linda Hickey Barbara Hoblit Marvin Hoblit Gary Hufford Mark Johnston Carlton Jones Boyd Kean Pamela Knick Jeannine Kochersperger Rosa Lee Land Hazel Langston Scott Laughman Scott Linder Tom Menke Diana Mullins Mike Richard Sandra Smith Martha Snyder Steven Sponaugle Jane Sprenkel La Monta Stephens Hazel Stiver Steven Via Teacher: MRS. WECHE Bonnie Applegate Cheryl Applegate Marcia Archey Sharon Archey Pamila Arnett Scott Auderman Susan Bang Steven Becker Leanna Besecker Diane Beisner Randall Bowman Sarah Bowman Michael Brandt Dean Brewer Rodney Brickler Barbara Erisman Kenneth Etter Raymond Gilbert Larry Hartzell Kathy Keller Joyce Keiser I oyce Hinkle Harry Kinnison Sammy Kissinger James Leugers Randy Linder Becky Long Ricky McConnell Rebecca Maurer Donald Miller Diane Miller Donald Raffel Vincent Sherry Pamela Tipple Dennis Weaver Susan Wehrley Stephen White Teacher: MRS. STOLTZ Fourth Grade Fourth and Grade Terry Brewer David Keller Harvey Linder Wayne Long Steven Longfellow Cheryl Lowman Ann Marker Cynthia Meadows Mike Menke Bruce Mikesell Gordon Miller Terry Miller Sharon Paulus Becky Reed Chris Ritz Linda Sander Joyce Schafer Cheryl Schultz Jeannie Schultz Connie Sherry John Shuff Mary Jean Smith Linda Sprenkel Steven Ungericht Georgina Witwer Teacher: MRS. KNUTSEN Billy Archey Eddie Arnett Gary Baker Sammy Bang Karen Beck David Beisner Ruth Binkely Harry Bowman Jim Brandt David Brewer Mary Byard Mary Case Roseanna Davis Peggy Grilliot Beverly Hagan James Hartzell Linda Hartzell Carol Hickey Jerry Hittle Norman Hoblit Eddie Hodge Jerry Hodge Kathy Hollinger Sylvia Hostetter Larry Hufford Jimmy Kinnison Donna Lavey Ronald Markland Jayne Reece Michael Rhoades Clarence Richard Dona Rossman John Snyder Ned Unger Linda Valentine Bruce Williams Teacher: MRS. ALBRIGHT F rude l Sixth Grade Timothy Bang Wayne Beisner Lois Boone Joe Brandt Dean Burk Miriam Burns Merrill Byers Donald Christian Jane Coates Steven Conner Linn Conway Connie Curtner Nina Etter Twila Gessler Naomi Harpest Billy I-Iartzell Leta Sue Hines Carol Hoblit Marlene Johnson Sheryl Jones Mary Kissinger Paula Kochersperger Sharon Low man Shirley Marker Betty McC1urg Ricky McMil1er Bradley Maurer Forrest Miller Gary Miller Linda Overholser Alan Petersime Mary K. Raffel Nancy Rismiller Stephen Ritz Sharon Smith Lee Thompson Cynthia Valentine Joyce Witwer Teacher: MR. SNYDER BOY I HOPE IT'S GOOD! IS IT DONE? HIDE AND SEEK COME DOWN I KNOW YOU'RE UP THERE! X awe! 098' wh '5 , N46 sh! QXXSG 401 P wow? FV Ole 'iw Off fp, '42,- Z COME W' :Qi MW wi" A Come on in, we have some real bargainsln Suttons Super Market - - Cha1mer's Garage ---- Gettysburg Sohio Service - - Browns Barber Shop ---- Stutz Garage ----- Sower's Shell Service - - Pitsburg City Service - - Sowry's Service ------- Ward Jones Chevrolet Sales - - Cain Sohio 85 Restaurant - - - The People's Bank Company - - Gerlach's Bootery ------- C. J. Paulus -------- First National Bank ----- Service Beauty Supply, Inc.- - Grubbs Supply, Inc. ---- Greenville Television - - Grilliot Alignment - - - Blue Bowl Gift Shop - - Suter's Meat Market - - Mabel 's Toy Fair --------- Morrison Brothers 84 Corporatecl Battens Electric Service ---- Greenville A 8a N General Store Cedar Point Auto Supply, Inc. Gerschuh's ---------- Judy Typewriter ---- Niley's Cities Service - - Fintons Show Shop - - - Sellman's Inc. - - - Engelken Pharmacy ------ Stover Feed 84 Grain Co. , Inc. Gettinger's Sunoco Service - - - A. R. Mote, Nationwide Ins. - Rapid Printing 85 Supply Co. - - Fourman's --------- Pauline's Beauty Shoppe - - HESSLER LINOLEUM 325 South Broadway Greenville Ohio Boosters - - Aracanum, Ohio - Bradford, Ohio - -Gettysburg, Ohio - -Gettysburg, Ohio - -Pitsburg, Ohio - - Pitsburg, Ohio - - Pitsburg, Ohio - - Laura, Ohio - - Laura, Ohio - - - -Laura, Ohio - - Versailles, Ohio - - Versailles, Ohio - - -Versailles, Ohio - - Versailles, Ohio - -Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - -Greenville, Ohio - -Greenville, Ohio - Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - -Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - Greenville, Ohio - Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville Ohio - - Greenville Ohio - -Greenville Ohio - -Greenville Ohio - -Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio - - -. - - Greenville, Ohio - - Greenville, Ohio -----L17 -4736 GREENVILLE NATICNAL BANK Complete Banklng F3C111t16S in Gettysburg Ohlo Most of the Young Couples in the Miami Valley Buy Their Furniture, Appliances, Rugs, at SELLMAN'S IN COVINGTON Because Selections Are Larger, Sellman's Guarantee Everything and Best of All, Prices Are Lower BRADFORD NATIONAL BANK I Savings Rate 370 Interest Is Guaranteed and All Deposits Insured Up to SIU, 000 by the FDIC. Open Friday Evenings 5:00-6:30 Bradford, Ohio HI- WAY RESTAURANT Gettysburg Ohio Phone GI 7-4101 Sunday Dinners - Plate Lunches Short Orders Home Made Pies - Home Made Soups Sandwiches Sodas - Sundaes - Malts - Shakes Fountain Service A Linda at Your Service! Meadow Gold Ice Cream Carry Out Service - HI-WAY RESTAURANT open v Days a week Week Day Hours - 7:45 A. M. - 9:00 P. M Gettysburg, Ohio Sundays - 10:00 AQM. - 5:00 P, M. SHAFER'S GARAGE Phone G1 7-4141 North Bridge Street Gettysburg, ohio TROUTWINE AUTO SERVICE Buick Pontiac Chevrolet Fleetwing Products N Phone OWen 2-8373 Arcanum, Ohio ERNIE MYERS FORD, INC. Fine Quality Us ed Car s Sales and Service Greenville Ohio MILLER'S FURNITURE N. L. KENDALL Mgr. .m . .1 I '-sw' X Q, fjwl- 4 is ff 3 C. L. BLUMENSTOCK Asst. Mgr. Quality - Furniture Since 1878 Phone GI 7-2345 Gettysburg, Ohio ElKENBERRY'S IGA "Quality Groceries and Meats" Phone GI 742791 Gettysburg, Ohio GEORGE H. WORCH LUMBER CO. "Everything for the Builder" Delivery Service Phone LA 6-4501 LA 6-4511 Versailles, Ohio CITIZEN'S STATE BANK Read the GREENVILLE DAILY ADVOCATE Your Neighbor Does! Member of FDIC For Home Delivery in Gettysburg Broadway at Call BILLY KINNISON Washington Greenville Ohio GI 7-2822 Best Wishes GREENVILLE to Class of BOWLING LANES, INC. 1962 Compliments of 1137 Dayton Road Air Conditioned Cocktail Bar I S Automatic Pinsetters SUPER MARKET Snack Bar Open Bowling Restaurant For League Reservations Covington, Ohio Phone LI 8-2117 Greenville Ohio CLARK FEED s. GRAIN co. FRISCWS BIG BOY MOOD FUR li 7' 0 .Jil- Stop in at Your Nearest Frisch's Big Boy Restaurant Farm Buildings - Farm Supplies Salt - Fertilizers Located at Feeds - Coal Gettysburg, Ohio Phone GI 7-2211 Greenville, Ohio Compliments of McVAYS SPORTING GOODS Phone LI 8-3245 323 Broadway Greenville, Ohio PETER SIME INCUBATOR CO. Gettysburg, Ohio WORLD'S first and largest manufacturer of mammoth electric incubators and brood-units, with repre- sentatives in 52 nations. Manufactured also in Belgium, France, Australia, Spain, Israel, and Uruguay. VISIT ORS ALWAYS WELCOME STOCKER FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulanc e Service Gettysburg, Ohio Bradford, Ohio Phone GI 7-2191 Phone HI 8-8301 Compliments of GREENVILLE BAKING COMPANY Greenville, Ohio Q -4 Z wus WM PASTRIES 'Ml BREAD Bakers of Butter Top Products KELLER'S GRAIN 8: FEED Horatio, Ohio Feed - Farm Supplies Grain Storage Phone HI 8 -4435 R, 45 Greenville, Ohio E. W. O'BRIEN 8. SONS F LORISTS Greenville , Ohio Compliments of the DARKE COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS AS. I - .. I MIDDLETON STOCK YARDS New Madis on, Ohio DAVE W. BREWER Your Farmers Fertilizer Agent Also Hauling Hay, Grain and Gravel Phone Gettysburg GI 7-4363 Z ' F 'K ROBERT D. SINK ,Ns-Q-., f Q JEWELER .9-.J Ky W mfg g Phone I ow 2-8100 Keepsake Arcanum Diamonds Ohio ALSWELL EXCHANGE, INC. Dealer in Grain - Feed - Coal Seeds - Fertilizer Grinding - Mixing 9+ 'fr-5:23 PURINF Mrnowf, 5.-I-I-'I "-' ' EARL SCHULTZ, Mgr, Our Specialty O s I+ ' 'g n r msg ffl' 148 Harrison Avenue Bradford, Ohio GARBIG BROTHERS GARAGE Jaysville, Ohio, State Route No. 49 R.R. 1691, Greenville, Ohio TIIIICIKS Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Sales and Service Phone LI 8-5120 MARTIN'S HATCHERY Gettysburg Phone GI 7-4191 ' Buy Starcross -- 288 -- Leghorns for Bigger Egg Profits We Hatch Year 'Round BOUGHBEND ORCHARD Home Grown Fruit Cider in Season One Mile East of Bradford on U. S. Route 36 DALE sToLTz, P1-op. C ompliments of PROPANE SUBURBAN GAS SERVICE Route 127 1 Mile North Greenville, Ohio LI 8-5525 LI 8-4630 STELVIDO FEED 8: GRAIN CO. Master Mix and Marlou Feed Feed and Farm Supplies MASTEF Stelvideo, Ohio X R.R. 1545 Greenville, Ohio -f-1 THOMPSON-ETTER MUSIC CO. 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Laura, Ohio REED-BROTHERS GRAW' JEWELRY Store for Men and Boys China - Silverware - Samsonite Luggage Curlee Clothes Hearing Aids Portis Hats Lee Work Clothing Van Heusen Shirts Metcalf Neckwear McPerth Sweaters Sir Jack Sportswear Complete Wedding Service Invitations and Reception Rentals 601 South Broadway Greenville, Ohio Phone LA 6-4021 Versailles, Ohio GETTYSBURG EQUITY EXCHANGE EDWIN F. NlcHol., INC. Coal - Feeds - Seeds - Grain - MQNUMENTS Gen. Mdse. custom Grinding and Mixing "The Shrine Memorial" Liquid Molasses - Seed Cleaning A Surface Burial Vault Gettysburg, Ohio Phone GI 7-2931 P. o. Box 265 701 E Phone LAfaYette 64171 ast Main Street Versailles, Ohio WEAVER BROS., INC. Compliments of S. S. SHUFF AND SONS Buyers of Quality Controlled Eggs Massey-Ferguson Sales Poultry Phone LA 6-3331 Versailles, Ohio Rural Route 1792 Arcanum, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes f' Z Phone LI 7-9021 to the Class o 6 THE SECOND Restaurant and NATIONAL BANK Window Service Member of HF-inest Hamburgers in Townu the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 100 Martin Street Greenville, Ohio Greenville' Ohio MCCLUNGG oAKvlEw BOOK STORE UPHOLSTERY SHOP OFFICE SUPPLIES ' ' ' nlu I M II I ZIA I IIiII'1'e55f121E1:2:z1T ee' ' ,ff ,,,,, . ,.,,,,,, NW It 521 Broadway H Ph0T1C LI 8-3725 Quality Upholstering Greenville Ohio Greenville, Ohio JAY'S Ec onomy Meats Bradfor d, Ohio THE PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK of Greenville IIVESTIGATEMMSAVIIGS... Jw 3 f K Drive-In- Service Walk-In-Service Member of F, D. I. C. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE FOX PHARMACY Complete Line of Tires -. on the Farm Service V Lack.. :-'.t"" LWW, ur V Westinghouse 4 if Television and Appliances DEPENDABLE Dlzueclsr 603 S. Broadway Greenville, Ohio Ph. LI 8-1179 Phone OW 2-8451 Arcanum, Ohio Best Wishes From u Sales - Service JOHN MAY CHEVROLET Greenville, Ohio Ph. LI 8-3115 E LSON FORD Versailles , Ohio MILLER'S GARAGE General Repairs Auto Tractor Phone C-I 7-2101 Gettysburg, Ohio We seven tired but contented people hope that we have workeda tangled mass of plans, pictures, and names into an Ocaleean that youwill be proud of. To the graduating class we extend our sincere congratula- tions and bestwishes for a happyand successful life. Karl Keller John Dillon Melvin Witwer Lee Bixler Jean Horner Albe r ta Saffin Bernice Paulus l 5 L f I i f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Th6 WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 'I I ' ' 1 'I ' UP x ' -if-' 5" , fff ' ?3. le yr' TF P?1 f.' E'5 '?f v . 1 1.1, , 2? , 'EQ ,. .' f, , :w 5 -'H hggfbvi Us .S -ff x. . ' . , , , 1 N x -kr: U1- . . Q :R A . , N Q xc fax S. 'N X M K ixlx Q N I Q gl 'A ,J Q5 xq. 1 XE 4 . B235 'w . , . . - . Mtn ,, ! X W 1 gr- -- 1 -- .Q-.Y.-:.s. 5.e3,h3Q:,S ., V , ' :Lia su m W x t- ha hkkw.

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