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 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1955 volume:

.. Q I 3 -4 .,, ,, 'm I J , . ' J 1 ' xi 1 , , .4 Q, , Y., ,Q . , 7. F r 5 ,,. EQ E 9 g E Z 5 Q 3 3? if if ii QE 9? 3 w ls F sf 2 1 3 ci 5 5 fi' ft fx .Q 2 if 5 L1 Q 39 QQ 5 2 as Q. 5 5 9 S 3 23 E 2 2 Y, 3 X 2 2 g S Q Q1 35 5 F2 X 5 il ga SQ M 4 5 33 Q gx E 22 G s QE sa ES! ai! EE ,,,,,,m,m,-.,f .NY V--W. ,,,.,,w,--M , :,mm.Wv.....,M- - .A-N-www.,-. ww...,,. - - f mm ,., . , ,ww MW-MM-M.-.-W., 4.-- V- wfM-M--.-m.- - V-M-W..-..--1 Dvdivufcd TO OUR PARENTS Our Guiding Light We the Senior Class of 1955, wish to express our sincere appreciation to our parents for their guiding light during the past twelve years. We do know now, in a small degree that without your untiring efforts, we never would have attained this goal along the road of life. Yours has not been an easy task, we're sure. If we've seemed ungrateful we know you have forgiven our shortcomings, because they are the unusual faults resulting from youth and inexperience. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for all you have done and will endeavor to show our appreci- ation in the years to come by being the kind of young men and women which you expect us to be. Administration SUPERINTENDENT Carl Stebbins P RINC I PAL F1oydMaurer s E C R E T A R Y 3 Barbara Byram V, ,,ri in , gk ' 3 sg 2 0 xx X Oscar Binkley, Clerkg Darrell Wetzel, Presidentg Arthur Lavyg Robert Klipstine, Vice President: Roy Foryg Robert Hartle. dmdc Haculfy 'hs Edith Arnold Oma Martin Mrs. Lephart First Second lst. and Znd. Lorene Wesche Frances Stoltz ' Genevieve Albright Third Fourth Fifth Sanford Snyder Virgile Vanscoyk Richard Miller Sixth Seventh Eighth High chan! ffaculty Don Potter Lorene Bucholtz Commercial English Gif' I v v , E5 ig ,, W M wan, iifigilf ,Q vi. M we ww? -V 1' gm . N A A Miglia,fSg'?'1H'wMW...UMM swag? N I -'ws-ll5,5gjyl,K r I G Mi f,w...,, -aw-N. .Ww,,,,.. X V wa .. Egg-fx. Agrggfw p gf?g,kM,,,4 ,mn - .Any if-S 3431.5 s E W ,wf N. 5' ww ,fxfvfi 'itrvrpi' geflip Nw Uv Q. ifwiikfs MQQQQ Wvwyiwigg- 1. 8, -hwawap, ,H-Q Wm. X , g3M5.ew,'e . w :gg X v 'gh ' ' H -'ESA N'-ffirlfvv M9-Lai? fT"'2i1.a:.f, N igif'l1:,w. -wk ig? ljjui-WWW , A Wk, M ' .wg ff r ,,.wg1.--Wiwf wr W. 'xgf4'M,, 59. wilif i +55XSS:gall.X15gysfvQaum :gi,jx,,sgw,Lii,QAh5ifyw5 'A , ' - J W'SxUf!"'Mh4ff'f 'Q iw L2 Q 5 f iM5ul x sh ' Vglge c Mikal, My ,K , 1 5- Wx -ff me ' - i fbzgplf, K -- , R, ffz' gg xv msjyvi. wjiw N, H mf .fl WY f William Nixon Mabel Starr Coach Home Economics 'SM ' WTP ws. 4 253' n janitor Raymer Sem an Hanks Ruth Powell Helen Ross Ruby Miller Bus Drivers Cecil Burkett Lowell Unger Roland Erisrnan Bill Brewer Bill Keiser Arthur Unger ,,, Lowell Baker Scuio rs Virgin ia Brubaker Iva. Barga. 2 Marcella Burns Karen Boze I A. . an Chrlstfn Norma mar Senior Luann ab Cue cuss . -X ner Wi' g Welma Clark n '- CLASS COLORS Navy and White .T im Evans H: a E - rls f ,C 'nan if 5 f , gf ,N S , Q. , .,!,. 5 - Q , ,f 6331: , HQ 3 JM WWA 'f S W X " .NS K ex .a H1 J Q 1 Q1 : w.X:.wS1:w,m-,f'z :mf 11 xf ' my si Si A fx we i A , iff ff' 1 R , :ix , K W gh , jig.. 'Sig Patric . za Detric k 1955 Opal Garb ,1- Robert Mangold JF- CLASS FLOWER Pink Roses Merlin Miller T a r g ' Marion Skile s Connie Painter Adele Stoltz Seuwrs ,. 1955 Jerry Tr Tren' ent LarrY C LASS OFFICERS President - Welma Clark , V1ce Pres1dent Margery Martm Secretary and Treasurer Adele Stoltz CLASS MOTTO Today We Followg Tomorrow We Lead. Last Will And Cestammt We, the members of the Class of 1955 of Gettysburg High School, having completed 11 our twelve years of school, being of sound mind, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, making void all former wills which we have heretofore made. ITEM l. We hereby will and bequeath to the faculty our deepest appreciation for their unfailing guidance and help which they have given us. ITEM ll. We, the Senior Class of 1955, will and bequeath to the Junior Class the headaches of being a Senior. I, LOWELL EDWARD BAKER, will my curly hair to Larry Witwer. I. 1, 1. 1. I, 1, 1, I, 1. I, I, I, I. 1. I. I. I. I. I. I. 1. L IVA MARTHA BARGA, will my ability in sports to Betty Zacharias. KAREN ELAINE BOZE, will my short hair to Mary Alice Newbauer. VIRGINIA MAE BRUBAKER, will my typewriter to Nancy Ross. LYDIA MARCELLA BURNS, will my ability to play baseball to Sharon Laughman. NORMA JEAN CHRISTMAN, will my seat at basketball games to Harold Arnett. MARABELLE JANE CISSNER, will my position as editor of the Cardinal to any- one who likes to correct stencils. WELMA BLANCHE CLARK,will my position as class president to any junior girl who can get into office. PATRICIA ANN DETRICK, will my position as picture editor of the annual to any- one who thinks they can tackle the job. LUANNA BREWER ERISMAN, will my blonde hair to Margaret Denlinger. JIM FRANKLIN EVANS, will my knowledge of government to Mr. Nixon. OPAL IRENE GARBER, will anything I have to anyone who wants it and thinks he can get it. JACK LEE GARBIG, will my ability to skip school to Herb Hill. ROBERT LOUIS MANGOLD, willmy ability to get along with people to Dean Clark. MARGERY ANN MARTIN, will my height to Jane Lecklider. MARCIA MARLENE MILLER, will my ability to play ping-pong to Mr. Nixon. MERLIN SANDERSON MILLER, will my big feet to "Squeek" Strobel. NANCY MAXINE MYERS, will my majorette suit to anyone who wants it. CONNIE SUE PAINTER, will my quietness to Janet Eley. MARION JAMES SKILES, will my ability to attend school to David Skiles. FRANCES ADELE STOLTZ, will my front seat in government class to any brave government student. JERRY LEE TRENT, will my twin to a green-eyed blonde. LARRY ELDON TRENT, will my driver's license to Jim Arnett. 511155 Praphecy "And replacing Ralph Edwards for this very special life we're to portray tonight is Welma Collins, the wife of our producer." "Now I'm going into our theater audience to find our principal subject for to- night. Well, look who is seated here, one of the women you often read about in the society column, Luanna Alspaugh, wife of the man who made it possible for us to have colored phona-vision. It's nice to have you with us, Mrs. Alspaugh. Right here beside her is Marabelle Fisher. She and Eddie have just finished a new record soon to be released. Over here on the other side I see another familiar face. It's that of General Robert Mangold who is serving in the Marines. He deserves to have his life portrayed for all his bravery in H-bomb combat. Sorry, it's not you, General, but seated right here is our subject. Yes, you, Don Potter, now in charge of all our public schools on the east side of New York. Come with me on stage, Professor Potter. Our first surprise is someone you haven't seen in six years. "I gave you a special rate when I removed a wart for you." "Adele Stoltz?" Yes, now a very famous surgeon. Come on out, Miss Stoltz. Why, who's this accompanying her? None other than Jim Evans, the man who found a cure for corns. In order to get everyone in our half-hour show we're going to make a steady stream of them. You will all get together at a big party held in your honor afterwards. Next is Marcella Burns, the only Missionary Nurse that got to go along on the first trip to the moon. Following her is Margery whom you recognize from seeing her holding the candles while her husband, Liberace, plays his piano from coast to coast on television. Why, here is the famous Iva Barga. She is now a star singer on several programs and has one of her own, The Nationwide I-Iayride, which is on another network. We have here the man who owns the largest construction company in the United States, Marion Skiles. He is now working on the blue prints for the construction of abuilding twenty-five stories higher than the present Empire State Building. Follow- ing him is the coach of the Dayton Flyers, Merlin Miller. We hear the team hasn't lost a game since they have been under your coaching, Mr. Miller, and would like to congratulate you. We now have the man who furnished transportation for all our guests present tonight, Jack Garbig, now owner of T.W.A., and with him is his private secretary, Opal Garber. Miss Garber is getting married to Mr. Rockefeller next month so congratulations are in order for her, too. Next is Pat Detrick who has become a famous dress designer of New York. She now has her own shop on 5th Avenue. Well, look who is coming in now. It's Nancy Lucous. She and her husband now own the largest cattle ranch in the world. Of course, it is in Texas where every- thing is the largest. Following her is Karen Boze who is now a leading hair stylist. She is giving up her career to soon become the wife of the vice-president of The Kroger Company. Oh, look who is coming out now! It is the owners of the eighty- seven Trent Garages you will find scattered throughout the United States, Larry and Jerry. You have probably seen Larry riding around New York in his custom made cars, and Jerry flying up and down Broadway in his sport cars. Following them is afamous counselor, Marcia Miller. Miss Miller gives advice in her column, "How to Catch a. Husband", which is found in the New York Times. With Miss Miller is the editor of the nation's best selling book on etiquette, Connie Painter. We wish to congratulate you on this great work, Miss Painter. Here is Virginia Brubaker who has replaced Ruth Lyons since she retired. Next is the title holder of the world's wrestling championship, Norma Christman...Miss- Christman has a bout coming up next Friday night to defend her title. Last of all is the "King of Maple Syrup" Lowell Baker. He formed America's greatest team when he married Aunt Jemima. Now, Mr. Potter, would you tell everyone what all of us have in common with you? "I was your class instructor twenty years ago at Gettysburg High School" Q 3 2 3 g E 9 Z E E Q G 5 5 u 3 I Q E E 3 al 5 5 E E 5 5 Q H Q Q 5 Q 5 s 2 5 E 3 3 I 45 s X E , 4 1 6 w H 9? 2 xxxx N H N--W N V M U ... - - - - V - V V Y , 'Q juniar 611155 Myra Jane Bowman Larry Brewer Linda Class Ronald Eley Dick Fine Mildred Flora Ted Griffith Herbert Hill Jack Horner Charles James John Keller Jane Lecklider Richard Marker Donna Miller Lawrence Miller Tommy Miller Gale Rhoades Gene Riffle Norma Jean Root Dixie Sando Charles Sell Jim Steele Carl Stroble Patsy Unger Roger Wehrley Betty Lou Wetzel Th1s page sponsored by SECOND NATIONAL BANK, Greenville, Ohio, phone 40 and 200 Linda Applegate Harold Arnett .Tim Arnett Pat Derr Barbara Detrick Carol Eley Eldean Glick Richard Hahn Phyllis Hartzell Rebecca Hathaway Donna Hill Robert Howard Ronald Johnson Francis Lavy Elaine Lyme Lester Lutz Kenneth McNutt Judy Miller Esther Mott Robert Nixon Mary Riffle Nancy Ross Evelyn Shoenleben John Small Roger.Spahr Alice Stebbins Dean Stoltz Sophamorc 611155 This page sponsored by PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK, Greenville Ohio phone 68 75i335i?!K Hreshmun 611155 Mx: mmf: if I 2 5 w wmkga 6 if -Z 5 fx we 1 X, A .W-,.1-qw, ,V - Enisg-E, V 9 ,I 1, ' Ronnie Baker George Bartram ' 4 -u 2 , It ',,.a . ., 3 1 .Hg . W fm. ft YK. " .F ' W5 , ,. , n fl? ag --5 Wayne Burns Delores Butts Osa. Butts Q Q Charles Didier .Taney Eley Mary Lou Fine Julia. Fourman Donald Hoblit Mary Lou Keihl Gary Kingrey Theodore Kissinger Sharon Laughman Charles Linder Lowell McGlinch Donna Jean Miller Herbert Miller Sheldon Miller Shirley Miller fu Mary Alice Newbauer Janice Reeder Sharalyn Sando David Skiles Luther Strobel E 46 I Carl Sampson Carolyn Wetzel Larry Witwer Marcha Wombold Betty Zacharius This page sponsored by ADVOCATE, Greenville, Ohio, phone 223 and 344 Rosemary Garbig Thelma Flora Edith Sell Moleta Hathaway Patricia Kissinger Donald Painter Stephen Miller Judith Hostetter Juanita McMiller Galen Henderson Harold Knecht Rebecca Binkly Margaret Denlinger Sharon Griffieth Sharon Young Ronda Stahl Carolyn Christman Eugene Via Bruce Powell Sandra Rhoades Joyce Stephens Marvin Miller Billy Clark Mary Sander Sandra Routson I Lorena Long Barbara Brickler Dorothy Trittschuh Judy Fout Jimmie Lecklider Roger Class ' Judith Reed Patsy Ditrner Valdis Daiga Alden Shoenleken Berlyn Keiser Karen Wion ' Dorothy Lamb Rebecca Sampson Mary Supinger Judy Richard Larry Wertz tfiglztlz Grade This page sponsored by IDDJNGS AUTO PARTS Greenville Ohio phone 448 Seventh Grad: if 0 gzgg., X .,,.4..w , q, X 'W 4 Y f ,. W Y 1. Nl . u It M u lbw' x Q' 'A , s .iz ,P .Lf ,gf ,1i'fwfw wwf W- , it 'iff,lgm:,lg,'SL1., ff :gf .msfw igflrlw' if g.2pW,l,f Aim V I 3125 ' if fy: 3. 1' gas - - ig.: in 1,2 2. ' K 153 Q93 si This page sponsored by MCVAYS, Greenville, Ohio, phone 416 Jackie Miller Douglas Miller Connie Baker Mary Hartzell Sara Lou Newbauer Janet Miller David Miller James Cunningham Dick Shafer Ronnie Snyder Phyllis Class Carolyn Steele Erlene Miller Mary Knecht Jerry McGlinch Ronald Stephens Larry Richard Larry Linder 'Kay Paulus Patricia Smith Phyllis Wilt Lucille Flora Don Vanatta Dean Hill Jimmie Marker Michael McClurg Gail Fair LaJean Tegtmeyer Vereena Flory Elnora Wombold Jerry Neff Billy McKibben Jerome Hoschouer Robert Monnier Carol Miller Janet Spahr Miriam Via Norma Zacharias Ted Shade Larry Hostetter John Kingrey Frederick Rhoades Craig Miller Sharon Hubbard Sharon Miller Kenneth Wion Robert Sampson Patricia Sando-E Karen laughmanf Lewis Stahl Larry Studebaker Alice Beck Sharon Key Glen Sell Gerald Burns Patsy Arnett Janet Didier Ronald Lyme Charles Painter Marie Skiles Sue Monnier Juris Daiga Scott Flory JoAnn Johnson Judy Reeder Robert McAlpin Eugene Butts Sherian Hoffman Carole Mangold Douglas Applegate Gary Bowman Theresa Bowman Lewis McGlinch Dewain Sargent Buford Flora Micheal Reed Raymond Burton Freddy Witwer Sixth '24 51' tl Vi ,P Q Q, i' 7 yi 'arf - is H- A - X 3 1 X nt, I 'QQ' -iw 34Nl31i?'ajuf Grade Q5 Z 1 Vfff' ,545 ff :mafia 'J' 2 in ,il ,,. Af- 5 ,VFX , 1 ' uf wig, X' J H. In , , Q . 4 s . i1i"L 'inf Q tk -3,,Mig,x X , 5' 1,-ag e" K ig x fr f .1 iff f- kk f 5 "' w .M ,:,,.U,. J fi? 'R'I"j , l , 5- ,, f I ,grusanzf , , .Q W 3 v-.2 ' ".Q,!gvf,ff , wet - Y ffi' , fm:g55?ftw ' H zfzwfggz M X I K 'T xx, 1... ,gp IF - rigs. ,ifE355'M" . 7 7 fn 5-5f'?liti,, S W L5 xx XX AN i K 1 Fl wa ,Us A-Q. A N V , S .WI ,K 5 'Kas 'Q' JC ua r K, A ff i 4 ,, , ,1 Q .1 f A W , nfs awk P 5 '-mi? es Q saga. f , , .M W., ,M .T :awe . 415' zgggiiif " Q 's QT X 1 5 U? S 5 -A is 'Z-f .il , 35, ' fn 9 K 1 N ar wr ,... t. EV! I is S X K 1 T 1 wa? p J,,, ,iff n 'V A f zhmw Q is o "N f 1 K .M X ki gf if ' ui i , .. if , i,, MILA" K fi X4 IQ- Sat 5 1 A ,553 5, it M 'Ins 15 In 'r iii 5' e .,,, gpm , X - in t :f1:.,.:: r T 5 551 1 1 B, it , 13 W . ts,.2, :,,, ,,.., ,q,,q,: P t 3 ztiz YK ' kiwi, J- .,.,: f N. ae SV J vi I L L ael X K 1 tw w r R m fix 3 -T H323 J :L R :v..,,, an i U, 1 W' t .pix E if 'F 5 f , 0 5, .A 133 A4 K . lr A 1, ,W .,, , f e f 1 ' ' ' " L h,' This page sponsored by FOURMAN'S MEN'S SHOP, Greenville, Ohio, phone 332 Qiftlz Gratle J' if S WK X 1 xg 'Qc' X s K . Ronald Via Richard Root Lee Bixler Stephen Deeter Ronald McClurg Anita Snell Linda Lou Smith Karl Keller Morris Copeland Jean Horner Barbara Christman James Lutz Robert Hoffman .Lucy Miller Nancy Hartzell Larry McNutt Kirby Keiser Mary Alice Henning Susan Lavey John Dillon Melvin Witwer Karen Karn Donna Kay Barton John Steele Gary Fourman , Berneice Paulus Donald Brickler Marvin Ullom Donald Sande r This Page Sponsored by GRAYS JEWELERS, Greenville, Ohio, phone 326 5'aurth Grade Paul Morton Dennis Grossman Gary Small Eddie Lofton Kenneth Via Connie James Ethel Garber Larry Buckingham Carl Wagner Margaret Wetzel Marilyn Miller Eddie McKibben Kenneth Wombold Sharon Netzley Linda Newbauer Donnie Lecklider Donald Keihl June Gibboney Connie Sue Coning Bobby Wilt Lanny Brenner Beverly Day Jean Sponangle David Vanatta Bruce Sampson Darlene Youst Dianna Beck Doyle Derr ,Robert Lecklider Barbara Hess Hariet Steele William McClurg Kevin Keller Not Pictured: Judy Brewer Jane Gibboney This page sponsored by WIELAND'S JEWELERS, Greenville, Ohio, Phone 469 I lx ,M N . . . .1 ,Ragga wiifw , ff 10 ,., 3 fi A ug...-v'i""' ,W-ww' f , f, ,Rm ff 4 gk! Q1 . 5 3 'V lQ'..Q,igEifi?v Q . 4"L 3593 - ' ' 'Y l . i wlgf v i H, J i ii i ' h, if JG? 1: ' ' v I B' Zfhird Grade ity Donald Overholser Dennis Christian Tommy Hill Ronald Hahn David Dawson Nancy Beaver Gayle Michael Billy Sando Terry Hess Irene Snell Valda Strauts Leonard Didier Eugene Fout Michael Lecklider James Shives Robert Wolfe Gerald Trittschuh Penny Johnson Bererly Neff Judy Arnett Bruce Enochs Karen Koeller Dixie Wills Gary Studebaker Ronald Schultz Melvin Swiger John Lavy David Class James Christman Marietta Sargent Delta Copeland Leslie Long Ronald Hoffman Brenda Miller Shirley Miller Jerry Richards Valentina Kondra This page sponsored by VIETOR-HOUSTON MARKET, Greenville, Ohio, phone 803 f, :wud Grad: I Q3Timmy Smith B 'Georgia Swabb ' 'Gary Fritz x4Diana Stephens Delores Hartzell - Larry Smith '-Larry Unger 'Steven Kingrey Donna Karn ,fwDennis Root fi ' X 'Judy Spahr kv,Patsy Koeller fi P 'L , an y A,: , f Pix. l . nfs' 2 Wayne Wetzel S . laine McC1urg X J ? QQ imrny Marker 'fy 5' 3 3 6 i " f,Timothy Netzley S 15 A, 'A J 5525 Q, ,fffonnie Snyder " 'K -f r kfiqimrny Unger , A ' 1 ' , , O V N z It Brenda Bang XA Q 3? Wi? 'Carol Linder , 5' y Q3 fi 5 Max Steele , , , .V ,Sue Ann Bowman Qg fi Linda Grewe - Larry Simmons a V Q Roger Buchanon 4 .r 2 lk, if W? f 5 A Kathy Lawson if B' al Y , Kenny Enochs xE,f" 1 Jane Witwer 1 . Qi L12 5, ,L LF EQ jig if' Barbara Hoffman Larry Wagner S 1 S H ,, , rif"-r' H p 'A H t A 1 H O 'W i 1. if is . , V W f w '.','fG1en Hollinger f S W XX fm ' , iw 'Qjoan Brickler .Q ' KRoberta Hathaway f CZfDonna Jeanne Byers This page sponsored by McCLURG'S BOOK STORE, Greenville, Ohio, phone 504 4 ?irst Ami wand Grade . ,E Lf, 5 - r v. J 9 if X53 K - N.. I K it x 1 , W iiiveo A it-'Q 'V A Ja- f fgizii-, BN 1 xx , 'N-155 A . M , I , F I xt, , .:.. 13" g,...,...', " " ' 4' ZF if it E rf? Q 1 Q, 3 as X 552' , 1 N 'Ng Y 1, g ig X "iw Q 'X 1 , a: ,,,x ,,,. E. K Q li ' . A M a n , ' 1. '- f a Tommy Hillfgf Diane Grossman ,' Darlene Jonesx A ' Gary Beaver xg' x . Richard Marker Gerry Michael ' Carolyn McGlinch Leland Miller Maurice Ary Jane Werts Karla Keller Terry Kochersperger David Arnett Connie Sargent f f Joanna Hendersoni-g Nikolas Kondra -- George Richard Xf- Sylvia Long Becky Youst Robert Stephan Linda Bixler Kathy Paulus Debby Koeller Barbara Crick Dean Brock Herbert Hoening T1'1iS Page SP01'1S0red by HAMBURGER SHOP, Greenville, Ohio, phone 321 Dennis Wetzel Nancy Rhoades Joan Arnett Rodney Applegate X Jimmy Deeter Brenda Keiser Deborah Maurer Kenneth Lang Samuel Sponaugle Linda Garbig Anita Sander Kenneth Karn Billy Hartzell Gary Hill Marcis Daiga Tommy Hess Victor Arnett Linda Riegle Judith Wion Steven Hawes Michael Thompson Karen Ullom Gloria Hostetter .Terry Marker i Donald Snell Connie Hill Rebecca Williams Vija Strauts John Christman Sharon Ullom Ralph Henning Larry Kruckeberg Qirst Grade This page sponsored by CRAWFORD'S PRODUCE, Greenville, Ohio, phone 622 Hafctcria Library This page sponsored by GREENVILLE BAKING CO., Greenville, Chi Jim Evans VARSITY Roger 'Wehrley Merlin Miller l Hhccrlcaders Myra Jane Bowman Esther Mott Betty Lou Wetzel Adele Stoltz TEAM Dean Clark X--...,,,-,-.. COACH W1111am N1xon 3 Richard Marker John Kelle r ' MANAGERS Bob Mangold Luther Strobel l6'ask e tba!! Kes: was Kaseball Team junior High BASKETBALL TEAM CHEERLEADERS e Ch: New Zrampquline q M This page sponsored by BOUGHBEND FRUIT FARM, 4 Miles East of Gettysburg on Rt. 36 9uture Hamemakers Of ,America Bottom Row: Mrs. Starr, Advisor, Jane Lecklider, Sharolyn Sando, Donna Miller, Esther Mott, Carol Linda, Club Sister, Elaine Lyme, Julia Fourman, Opal Garber, Carolyn Wetzel. Second Row: Nancy Ross, Norma Christman, Pat Derr, Connie Painter, Patsy Unger, Betty Zacharius, Myra Jane Bowman, Rebecca Hathaway, Donna Hill, Alice Stebbins. Third Row: Marsha Wombold, Mildred Flora, Janice Reeder, Welma Clark, Marcella Burns, Connie Studebaker, Karen Boze, Linda Class, Evelyn Shoenleben, Shirley Miller. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Kiehl, Norma Root, Dixie Sando, Iva Barga, Carol Eley, Marabelle Cissner, Barbara Detrick, Marcia Miller, Linda Applegate, Janet Eley. President - Karen Boze O F FIC E R 5 Vice President - Nancy Myers Treasurer - Myra Jane Bowman Parliarnentarian - Iva Barga Degree Chairman - Jane Lecklider Reporter - Mildred Flora Secretary - Betty Lou Wetzel Historian - Esther Mott Song Leader - Marabelle Cissner This page sponsored by FRANK H. JOBES 8: SON, Printers 8: Publishers, Greenville, Ohio, phone 618 5'uture Zzrmcrs Of ,Amvriva Bottom Row: Richard Marker, Jack Horner, Dick Fine, Carl Strobel, John Small, Mr.Stauffer,Advisor. Second Row: George Bartrum, Tommy Miller, Gary Kingrey, Ted Griffith,Bob Nixon, Wayne Burns, Luther Strobel. Third Row: Torn McGlinch, Dave Skiles, Gayle Rhoades, Charles Sell, Roger Spahr, Jim Arnett, Lawrance Miller, Charles Didier. Fourth Row: Bob Mangold, Eldean Glick, Harold Arnett, Lester Lutz, Dean Clark, Paul Barga, Lowell Baker, Roger Wehrley. O F F IC E R S President - Jack Horner Sentinel - John Small Treasurer - Carl Strobel Secretary - C. J. Flora Vice President - Dick Fine Reporter - Dick Marker This page sponsored by CORNELLS MEN'S WEAR, Greenville, Ohio, phone l3l 4711 Che Shay Left to right---Mr. Stauffer, Bobby Nixon, John Small, Ronnie Johnson, Roger Spahr and Harold Arnett. Left to right---Eldean Glick, Lester Lutz, and Dean Clark. This page sponsored by HENRY MILLER, Pioneer Seed Corn Representative ll- Cams Marabelle Cissner Pat Detrick .Tudy Miller Barbara Detrick Adele Stoltz Miss Bucholtz Myra Jane Bowman Nancy Ross Margery Martin Carol Eley Karen Boze Norma Root Luanna Erisman Alice Stebbins E sther Mott Jane Le cklide r O F F I C E R S President - Margery Martin Reporter Karen Boze Vice President - Luanna Erisman Song Leader - Marabelle Cissner Secretary-Treasurer - Adele Stoltz Miss Bucholtz - Advisor Centinnal Chairman - Pat Detrick This page sponsored by CEDAR POINT AUTO SUPPLY, Greenville, Ohio, phone 683 Hz- ll Mr. Maurer Ronnie Eley Merlin Miller Charles James Jerry Trent Bob Mangold Roger Wehrley Jim Evans Jim Arnett Larry Trent John Keller Carl Strobel Larry Brewer OFFICERS President - Jim Evans Vice President - John Keller Secretary - Merlin Miller Treasurer - Carl Strobel Chaplain - Larry Brewer Mr. Maurer - Advisor This page sponsored by JIM'S AUTO SALES, Greenvilleg Ohio, phone 1334-R Prince Of Peace DOWN: ACROSS: John Keller Jane Lecklider Marabelle Cissner Mary Alice Newbauer Carol Eley Rebecca Hathaway David Skiles Welma Clark Judy Miller Miss Bucholtz , Advisor Norma Root Adele Stoltz Marcella Burns Alice Stebbins Evelyn Shoenleben Donna Miller This page sponsored by BRADFORD NATIONAL BANK, Bradford, Ohio, phone 3423-1 Jrlajaretles Margery Martin, Mary Lou Fine, Linda Applegate, Karen Boze, Luanna Erisman, Nancy Myers Gettysburg High Salma! Hand 5 0I'll5' Girls Glen' 611111 I 5 Operctla OPERETTA LEADS Adele Stoltz, Welma Clark, Dick Marker, Jim Evans, Gene Riffle, Marabelle Cissner Nancy Myers, Esther Mott. This page sponsored by Minnich Brothers, Bradford, Ohio, phone 3339-1 ewspapcr Staff Editor--Marabelle Cissnerg Assist. Editor--Betty Wetzelg Features--Luanna Erisman and Pat Detrickg Grade News Editor--Virginia Brubakerg Sports--Norma Christrnang Exchange Editor- -Nancy Myers, Business Manager--Opal Garberg Circulation--Connie Painter and Marcia Millerg Typists--Office Practice Class. Annual Staff Editor--Karen Bozeg Picture Editor--Pat Detrickp Assist. Picture Editor--Opal Garberg Class Prophets--Welrna Clark and Adele Stoltzg Ads--Bob Mangold, Nancy Myers, Larry Trent, Mar- gery Marting Advisor--Mr. Potter. This page sponsored by BRADFORD LUMBER COMPANY, Bradford, Ohio, phone 3416-1 Snapshots LOWELL BAKER Class Play 3,4 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 3,4 IVA BARGA F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Parliamentarian 4 Mixed Chorus l,2 Spring Musical 2 KAREN BOZE Salutorian Class Reporter 3 Class Plays 3,4 Annual Staff 4, Editor Y-Teens Z,3,4 Reporter 4 F.H.A. 3,4 Pres. 4 Band 4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Girl's Chorus 4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 3,4 VIRGINIA BRUBAKER All School Play 2 Class Play 4 Cardianl Staff 4 Prince of Peace l,2,3,4 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Girl's Chorus 4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 3,4 MARCELLA B URNS Class Play 3 Prince of Peace 4 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2 Spring Musical 2 NORMA CHRIS T MAN Cardinal Staff 4 Prince of Peace l,3 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 4 Girl's Chorus 4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 3,4 MARABELLE C ISSNER Class Play 3,4 Cardinal Staff 4, Editor tutor Statistics Prince of Peace 3,4 Y-Teens Z,3,4 Song Leader 4 F.G.A. l,2,3,4 Parl. Z Pres. 3 Song Leader 4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Spring Musical 2,3,4 Operetta 3,4 WELMA CLARK Clas s Officer Sec. l Vice-Pres 3 Pres. 4 All School Play 2 Class Play 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Prince of Peace l,2,3 Y-Teens 2 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Sec. 3 Mixed Chorus l,2,4 Operetta 4 Musical 2,4 PAT DE TRICK Class Play 3 Cardinal Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Prince of Peace 2 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Centenial Chairrna Band 3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Girl's Chorus 2 Spring Musical 2,3 Operetta 3 LUANNA ERISMAN Class Officer Reporter 2 Class Play 3 Cardinal Staff 4 Prince of Peace 1,2 Y-Teens Z,3,4 Vice-Pres. 4 F.F.A. Queen 4 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 3,4 J IM EVANS Class Officer Pres. 2 Class Plays 3,4 All School Play 2 Hi-Y Z,3,4 Pres. 4 Sec. 3 ,4 I1 Prince of Peace 2,3 Band 1,2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Spring Musical 2,3,4 Operetta 3,4 Baseball 1 Basketball l,2,3,4 Track 3,4 OPAL GARBE R Class Play 3 Cardinal Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Prince of Peace 1,2 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Spring Musical Z J' AC K GARB IG All School Play 2 Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus l Baseball 1,2,3 Basketball l,2,3 B OB MANGOLD All School Play 2 Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y Z,3,4 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Reporter 2 Basketball Manager 4 MARGERY MARTIN Class Officer Vice-Pres. 1,4 Sec. 2 Pres. 3 Validictorian Class Play 3,4 Annual Staff Prince of Peace 1,2 Y-Teens Z,3,4 Sec. 3 Pres. 4 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 4 MARC IA MIL LER Cardinall Staff 4 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Spring Musical 2 MERLIN MILLER Class Play 3 Hi-Y Z,3,4 Treas. 3 Sec. 4 Baseball 3 Basketball Z,3,4 NANC Y MYERS Class Play 3,4 Cardinal Staff Annual Staff Prince of Peace 1,2 Y-Teen 2 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Vice-Pres 4 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Spring Musical 2,3,4 Operetta 3,4 C ONNIE PAINTER Cardinal Staff 4 F.H.A. 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Spring Musical 2 MARION SKILES Class Play 4 Prince of Peace 1 ADELE STOLTZ Class Officer Pres. 1 Vice-Pres 2 Sec.-Treas. 4 Class Play 3,4 Annual Staff Prince of Peace l,2,3,4 Y-Teens Z,3,4 Sec.-Treas. 4 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,4 Spring Musical Z,3,4 Operetta 4 Cheerleader 3,4 LARRY TRE NT Class Play 3 Annual Staff Hi-Y Z,3,4 Basketball Z,3,4 Track Z,3,4 Chorus l .TERRY TRENT Class Play 3 Hi-Y Z,3,4 Chorus l Basketball Z,3,4 MILLER Compliments of FURNITURE BEST FOR LESS PHONE 7Ow STORE Open every evening until nine except Monday S Hubbard MILLER HUBBARD FUNERAL HOME Phone 100 GETTYSBURG MARKET Compliments of SHAFER'S GARAGE Gettysburg , Ohio Phone Z8 Compliments of KELLER'S FEED MILL Horatio lGreenvi11e R.R.5Q Ohio Phone Bradford 3443-5 Grain, Feed, Seeds, Coal, Fence For Insurance See HARRY LUZENA HI-WAY RESTAURANT SERVING Sunday Dinners Plate Lunches - Sandwiches ' Homemade Pies Soups - Fountain Service Phone Gettysburg Z Gettysburg Ohio Compliments of BAKER 81 CLARK FERGUSON DEALER Phone 45M Gettysburg Ohio Compliments of APN LEONARD O.CURTNER General Insurance - Real Estate Bonds - Notary Public Phone 48 Gettysburg Ohio Compliments of Compliments of GE-TYSBJRG EQUITY POWEl.l.'S GARAGE EXCHANGE Ph0ne31M Gettysburg Ohio Gettysburg Ohio Compliments of I Cl55NER'S GARAGE FERTILIZERS, INC. And Frame Straightening Distributors of Anhydrous Ammonia Painting And Body Repair Plant Location Horatio, Ohio Phone 321713 Telephone 5151 R. R. 42, Bradford R. R. 1, Box 285 New Harrison Ohio Covington Ohio Compliments of Compliments of PETERSIME INCUBATOR COMPANY M IL-ER'S GARAGE Gas, Oil, General Repairs Phone 23M Phone 61M Gettysburg Ohio Gettysburg Ohio CQLLEETQKMQE lQfiL'lQlQAL mic t 3 Qmnum, -V H U 15' nun f p -T, X ig FJ X Q X. C it V f i W WALTER F. wsscn-ls L--,' 2 L 2, ' L A '15 i '- i i ':T 1 ' 34 Q , ti ' , Erin I . ' ' C 5 ,. ' .. . f, Q, tips ,y C ourte s y of Gettysburg Brunch GREE VILLE ATIO AL BA K GREENVI LLE, OH IO Complete Banking Facilitie s Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -S Q I i E B 5 : in 5 Z E E P 3 .1 I W 3 1 5 E 3 5 Q 2 n 2 i 5 E E E 4 1 5 'I i E ,m

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