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HBP QB:-Ugsuuia uf 1549 Eg ivuiur Qllazs C52-Ugzbuvg, 0911 'Hnl I 177'ur'?wUr'h We, the Annual Staff of the Gettysonian of 1949, have endeav- ored to bring together in this vol- a true picture of school liie in Gettysburg High School. For the past few years the yearbook has been printed with the idea of keep- ing alive through the years the many pleasant memories of school days. The members of your class wifl become scattered as the years pass. May this annual be a means of re- freshing your memories with pleas- ant associations of your youth. With this one thought i.n mind we present to you the Gettysonian of 1949.- Bvhi tafinu We dedicate the Gettysonian of 1949 to one whose loyalty to the students is an inspiration to all who know her. To her who began her school life with us and is still here to see us leave, we affectionately dedicate this volulne to MISS EDITH ARNOLD aah!! uf' Uuufvufp ...-,...... BOOK I Administration BOOK II Class es B OOK III Athletics B OOK IV Activities Abu inizrfrafiun Quark uf Zburahuu Mr Oscar Blnkley clerk Mr Vear1Reck Mr Ray Keller Mr Arthur Lavy vzce preszdent Mr Clem Brewer Mr Robert Khpstme, pres1dent Av , . l , ' 7 . - . MR. C. P. BUNN Superin All miuisfraiiuu MR C. L. WILLIAMS Principal GE NEVIE VE ALLBRIGHT Fifth Grade CARY BROWN Sixth Grade DOROTHY ARNETT Music LORENE B UCHOLT 2 Englibh Latin EDITH ARNOLD Fir st Grade RALPH GAUVEY English J-Fill' BERNICE BATTEN Commercial 5 OMA MARTIN Second Grade RUSSELL PEARSON ALBERT PORTER Physical Education History Vocational Agriculture VIRGIL VANSCOY K Seventh Grade LORENE W ESCHE Third Grade FRANCES STOLTZ Fourth Gr ade MARY ZVIAYER Home Economics -J uv 5.-has In the eastern corner of Gettysburg And high upon a hill Though many a birthday it has had We see it standing there still. We see a long brick building Through shrubs and trees and swings Sweet memories to you who knew it once This little poem brings. Let us go into this building And have a look around Things within this building hold A secret of great profound. Many beloved old rooms are stlll there But the one we love most of all Where anything can happen and does Is the dear old study hall. Twelve long years have been spent here In a little world all our own We will soon be scattered here and there Into various parts unknown. And as we leave old G. H. S. And friends who are there yet We give our thanks to the faculty For memories we won't forget. - Alice Dunevant - Gflaszva vahiua 12 LORENE ARCHEY Chorus 1 Z 3 43 Cardinal Staff 35 Y-Teen Z 3 4, Reporter 3: Athletic Association 3 4: F. H. A. 1 Z 3 4, Secretary and Treasurer Z. ARVILLA ASHMAN Franklin l Z 3: Athletic Association 45 F. H. A. 4: Cardinal Staff 4: Chorus 4. DONALD BREWER Band l Z 3 4, President 4: Orchestra 3 45 F. F. A. 12 3 4, President 4: Student Council 4, President 4: Class Play 3: Class President 4: Parlixnentary Procedure 3. JOANNE BROWN Band 1 2 3 4: Orchestra l Z 3 4: Chorus IZ 3 4: Cheerleader 3 4: Y-Teen Z 3: F. H. A. IZ 3 4, Reporter Z: Cardinal Staff Z5 Athletic Association 3 4. DOROTHY CHRlSTlAN Band 1 Z 3 4: Orchestra l Z 3 41 Chorus 1 2 3 44 Cardinal Stall Z1 Y-Teen Z 3:'F. H. A. l Z 3, Historian 3. EUGENE CRICK F. F. A. l Z 3 4g Chorus l Z RUBY DICKEY Band l Z 3 43 Chorus l Z 3 41 Orchestra 4: Y-Teen Z 3 4. ALlCE DUNEVANT Band 1 Z 3 43 Orchestra l Z 3 4: Chorus 1Z34:F.l-l.A,1Z34: Y-Teen Z 3 4: Annual Staff 4: Cardinal Stall 3 4: Athletic As- sociation 3 4: Class Secretary 1, Reporter 4: Prince of Peace. FRANK ELLIOTT Basketball l Z J 4: Baseball Z 3 4: Athletic Association l Z 3, Vice- President 5, President 4: H1-Y Z 5 Class Play 3. GLENNA FIELDS Band Z 3 4: Chorus l Z 3 4: F. H. A l Z 3 4: Y-Teen Z 3 4: Cheerleader 4: Class Play 3, LEON FIELDS JR. Chorus l Zi Basketball l Z 32 Baseball lg Athletic Association 45 F. F. A. l Z 3 41 Parlixnentary Procedure 3. Jl.Nl FLORY Chorus l Z: Basketball l Z 3 4: Baseball 12 3 4: Track 3 4: F. F. A. l Z 3, Treasurer 3: Hi-Y 45 Athletic Association 3 4, Vice-President 4. . , K V ...wa-.of-1. ,Wff..,.:,, , 5 , w 5 ' GLENNA GARRETT Band 1 Z 3 4: Vice-President 4: Chorus l Z 3 4, Vice-President 49 Orchestra l Z 3 4, President 45 Athletic Association 3 4, Secretary 4, Annual Staif 4: Cardinal Staff l Z 3 4, Y-Teen Z 3 4: Class Play 35 Miami Z: Class Vice-President l, Secretary 3: Prince of Peace 4. GLENNA GREWE Band Z 3 4: Chorus 1 Z 3 4, Treas- urer 41 Athletic Association 3 4, Treasurer 43 Y-Teen Z 3 4: Class President 3, Vice-President Z5 Cardinal Staff Z 3 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 43 Annual Staff, Editor 4, Student Council Z 35 Class Play 3, Prince of Peace 4. SUE HOUSE Band l Z 3 4: Orchestra l Z 3 4, ChoruslZ341F.H.A. lZ34, President Z 3, President in Darke County, Secretary 4g 'I-Teen Z 41 Class Play 3: Annual Staff 45 Cardinal Staff 43 Student Council Z 432 Class Secretary 4, Reporter 1 3. MARY LAVY Band 4, Orchestra 45 Chorus lZ34,F.H.A,lZ34g Athletic Association 3 45 Y-Teen 254, s .,..,.. ...Wws W.. .. .. ... -1-at DICK MENKE Chorus l Z5 Hi-Y Z 3 4, Basketball Manager 33 Athletic Association 3 4, A Vf ,iQg,rj?3 DARLENE MILLER T "-' I , Basketball Z 3 45 Baseball l 2 3 4, N- , ff 3 Hi-Y Z 3 4g Athletic Association 3 4, 3 1' I 1 V Class Play 3. P -A Ls, if ' ' Q 114- K 1 ' . W 47 , -1,5 , 1 ' rx: ,V , -1' ,ff l .l - W Q 144 JANICE MOTT Band l Z 3 4: Orchestra l Z 3 4: Chorus l Z 3 4: Class Play 3: Y- Teen Z 3 4: Annual Staii 4: Cardinal Staff 4: Class Treasurer Z 3 4: Miami 3: Prince of Peace 4. DAN NEASE Band l Z 3: Orchestra 3: Track 1 Z 3 4: Baseball l Z 3 4: Basketball 1 l 3 4: Hi-Y Z 3 4, President 4: Class President Z: Student Council Z 4: Cardinal Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3. DUANE NETZLEY F. F. A. l Z 3. ROY SCHULTZ Chorus 1 2: Basketball l Z 3: Track l l 3: Baseball l Z 3 4: Hi-Y Z: Student Council 4: Athletic Association 4: F. F. A. l Z 3 4, Vice-President 4, Re porter 3: Parlimentary Pro- cedure 3. ROY SHOENLEBEN ROY SKlLES F. F. A. ll 3 4, Treasurer, 4: Chorus l Z: Track Z 3 43 Baseball l: Hi-Y Z: Prinre of Pears lg Parlimentary Procedure S, 'q e vii: it are Q W Qfx -my - Q 2, . V' iz I ' L , 'I WS- 1.9 M - 4 7 ' , X - ive. .' f 1 wwf :mei ,. ' - ff t. wr tl ,. ' :LW .' ' 1' I MX: 939' ,asia .4 .2 . . N5-'F gil? ,V Silas.-'gh A ,i . gg 5 , - ,mi-, ,- in :if t. il. . fi fn :gi 'A " . fw'+'a,f . 'f - , ' 35 ' . 1-My Q,-.--Y .. JUANITA SWABB Band l Z33'Chorus l Z 3 45 Orcliestra Z 3: Y-Teen Z 3: Athletic Association 3 43 Class Play 3. RUTH WARNER Band 43 Chorus 1 Z 3 45 Y- Teen Z 3 4: Athletic Associ- ation 3 4: Annual Staff 45 Stu dent Council 4: Class Play 3 Miuni 3: Class Vice-Presb dent 4. DARLENE WEHRLEY F. F. A. 1 Z 3 4: Athletic Association 4: Track 3 43 Basketball 43 Baseball 3 4. BETTY WENTWORTH Band Z 3: Chorus 12 3 4g F. H. A. 1 Z 3, Treasurer 2: Y-Teen 2 3: Class Play 3: Athletic Association 3 4: Class Treasurer 1. KENNETH WESTFALL Chorus 1 Z: Basketball l Z 3 4: Baseball 1 Z 3 4: Track l Z 3 4g Athletic Association 3 45 Hi-Y Z 3 4, Vice-President 4: Class BOB WION Athletic As sociatlon 4: Baseball 4: F. F. A. 1 2 3 4 euinr 4 is arg ln the fall of the year 1945, a jolly group of freshmen filled the study hall. With the aid of their advisor, Miss .Tune Ross, they elected Frank Elliott as their president. As usual they endured the traditional initiation pranks and en- joyed the party given them by the sophomores. Their sophomore year was a very busy one. Mr. Boyd Olinger was their advisor. Dan Nease was the president. These sophomores planned several parties and "get to- gethers," but the girls' slumber parties seerned to be the big thing. The boys enjoyed crashing parties whenever the opportunity was theirs. When this group became juniors, the trustworthy president was Glenna Grewe. The class was very proud uf their newly re- ceived rings. They workeddiligently selling refreshments at the ball games as a money making project. In the spring they took the seniors on a trip through the Ohio Caverns and an old castle. The rest of the day was spent at Indian Lake. The play, "A Case of Springtin1e," under the direction of Mrs. Marguerite Stoltz, was a big event. Now here are the seniors with big ideas and high hopes for each one of their classmates. Don Brewer led the class as pres- ident: Ruth Warner served as vice-president: and Sue House was the pencil pusher. The faithful treasurer was Janice Mott and the re- porter, Alice Dunevant. Class funds were built up by magazine sales, and a Thanksgiving market. The class play entitled, "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn," was presented May 5 and 6. The Senior Class of 1949 desires to ex- press their sincere appreciation to the fac- ulty for the interest shown them during their four years in G. H. S. and hope that their time shall not have been spent in vain. OFFICERS 17 in-uinr will We, the Class of '49 of Gettysburg High School in the County of Darke and the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and judgment and realizing that we have reached that important stage in our life where we find it both necessary and proper before taking our next step onward to more celestial spheres, and being conscious and pain fully aware that on May 19, 1949, we shall part from said High School, do hereby de- clare this our last will and testament and dispose of our property and talents in the manner following to wit: ARTICLE I We, the Class of '49, will our textbooks to the future seniors. ARTICLE ll r We, the Seniors of '49, bequeath the following: l, Lorene Archey, will my knowledge of shorthand to Martha Schultz. I, Arvilla Ashman, will my detention slips to Phyllis Johnson. I, Don Brewer, will my drumsticks to Billy Brewer. I, JoAnne Brown, will my cheerleading outfit to the next cheerleader. I, Dorothy Christian, will my clarinet to anyone who can play it. l, Eugene Crick, will my F. F. A. work to anyone who will take it I, Ruby Dickey, will my long fingernails to anyone with short ones. l, Alice Dunevant, will my blue eyes to Ralph Laughman. I, Frank Elliott, will my butch haircut to Harold Collins. l, Glenna Fields, will my sports ability to Marlene Bowman. I, Junior Fields, will my ability to stay home to Bill Keller. I, Jim Flory, will my height to Jack Alspaugh. I, Glenna Garrett, will my musical ability to Eddie Buzzard. I, Glenna Grewe, will my editorship of the annual to anyone with patience. I, Sue House, will my ability to keep a man to the junior girls. I, Dick Menke, will my mustache to Duane Morton. I, Darlene Miller, will my ability in basketball to Joyce Morton. l, Janice Mott, will my first chair in orchestra to Betty Johnson. I, Dan Nease, will my pitching ability to Wayne Didier. I, Duane Netzley, will my glasses to Verl Keeler. I, Roy Schultz, will my weight to Slirn McMiller. I, Roy Shoenleben, will my basketball ability to Harold Collins. I, Roy Skiles, will my giggles to Joyce Morton. I, Juanita Swabb, will my typing ability to Joyce Morton. I, Ruth Warner, will my blonde hair to DoLores Shade. l, Kenneth Westfall, will my ability to hate girls to Bill Stoltz. I, Betty Wentworth, will my majorette suit to anyone who wants it. I, Robert Wion, will my temper to Ben Hudson. I, Darlene Wehrley, will my ability to ignore girls to Ralph Hoblit. 18 f FORTY NINERS We are not the type oi class To sit around and pine, For things we hate to strive for We're the Class of '49. Of course, we have our pastirnes Our parties are divine, But when it comes to business, That's the Class of '49. When asked for recitations l'll lay you eight to nine You'll always get an answer From the Class of '49. Now when it comes to too much play That's where we draw the line. No snowballs thrown at teachers By the Class of '49. We have respect for all our elders And our teachers are all fine No crooked halos or clipped wings In the Class of '49. And when it comes to comparison, "There's just no class like minef' We're just as proud as we can be Of our Class of '49. Of course, we're only human And it's tough to wait on time But we'l1 be the happiest brats alive In the SPRING OF '49. --Alice Dunevant 19 s V Z0 JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: Joyce Morton, Gene Luke, Lester Sell, Edwin Buzzard, Harold McMiller, Benjamin Smith, Floyd Brewer, Ralph Laughman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Arnett, Ben Hudson, Bill Miller, Judy Griiiieth, Marlene Bowman, Martha Schultz, Lois Martin, Nancy Luzena, Wilma Hahn, DoLores Shade. THIRD ROW: Virginia Skiles, Roberta Chetwood, Betty Johnson, Evelyn Pence, Phyllis Trent, Martha Brenneman, Joanne Collins, Dorothy Etzler, Rita Curtner, Sara Hawes, Della Lavy, lla Jean Fourman, OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS Here are the juniors proudly wearing their class rings which they received last September. ln order to build up class funds, the group has set up a candy stand in school and a. concession stand at basketball games. Everyone enjoyed their play, "Great Caesa.r's Ghost," presented on December 7 and 8, 1948. Officers are Nancy Luzena, president: Gene Luke, vice-president: Martha Schultz, secretaryg Joanne Collins, treasurerg and Betty Johnson, reporter. SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Charles Etzler, Wayne Didier, Harold Garber, Lavon Miller, Hollis Flora, Bill Stoltz, Harold Collins, Jacob McGlothin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Porter, Marjorie House, Doris Baker, Betty Ross, Barbara Monnier, Phyllis Archey, Doris Bowman, Janice Miller, Betty Jo Dickey, Kitchel Studebaker. THIRD ROW: Ralph Hartle, Mary Cunningham, Phyllis Johnson, Vera Dickey, Winiired Minton, Eldean Purtee . OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS Last year the sophomore class of '51 were considered "greenies". But all twen- ty-seven of them soon proved to the upper- classmen that they could work and earn themselves a place in high school. Two new girls, Betty Dickey and Mary Ann Cunningham, entered this year. Officers of the class are Melvin Coning, president, Wayne Didier, vice-president: Harold Collins, secretary: Hollis Flora, treas urer: and Eldean Purtee, reporter. The freshman initiation party and the Christmas party were the big social events of the year. Z3 FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Cecil Pugh, Bob Blocher, Duane Morton, Kenneth Miller, Ralph Hobllt, Walter Wirrig, Clayton Statler, George Laughman, Hollie Burke, Jack Linder. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Zwayer, Alvin Miller, Marvin Small, Wade Flore, Ruth Fields, Janet Nease, Dorothy Garber, Donald Horner, Jack Alspaugh, Chester Burns, Eugene Hawes. THIRD ROW: Wilda Kendall, Betty Lou Dickey, Janeva Etzler, Norma Garbig, Mary Anna Petersime Priscilla Burke, Carolyn Powell, Evelyn Lavy, Phyllis Shaifner, Janice Long, Jeanette Skiles. FRESHMAN CLASS The class of '52 entered high school with an enrollment of thirty-three students and their advisor, Mrs. Zwayer. The freshman initiation was followed by a wiener roast and hay ride. Ten of the boys are on the basketball squad. Other boys and girls take part in band, orchestra and chorus. Class officers are Wilda Kendall, Pfesidenfi Jack Alspaugh, vice-president: Janet Nease, secretaryg Donald Horner, treas- urer: and Carolyn Powell, reporter. OFFICERS Z4 EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Eldon Shoenleben, Tom Pence, DeWayne Miller, Tom Brown, Robert Burns, Norman Didier, Bill Mangold, Phillip Jones, Darlene Wion, Chalmer Unger, Lester Bixler. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Williams, lda Mae Darding, Patsy Clark, Etta Mae Flora, Calvin Sell, Charles Wise, David Johnston, Billy Brewer, Leo Bax-ga, Shirley Cottrell, Joan Schultz, Dixie Hollinger. THIRD ROW: Ralph Farmer, Eldon Miller, Bud Ditmer, Myrtle Merica. Esther Fern Petersime, Anna Mae Ditmer, Evelyn Coning, Alma Jean Martin, Lawrence Shafer, Albert Hartzell. EIGHTH GRADE Thirty-nine boys and girls entered the eighth grade last fall. The results of their first task, election of officers are Eldon Miller, president: Etta Mae Flora, vice-president? and Esther Fern Petersime, secretary-treasurer. The class was sorry to lose Mrs. Stoltz, their home- room teacher in November, but is happy that Mr. Gauvey has come to finish the year with them. Class parties this school term included a hay ride, a Christmas party, a skating party, and a Valentine party. Z5 SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Betty Williamson, Marilyn Lecklider, Phyllis Lecklider. Norman Miller, Merlin Keeler, Harold Zacharias, Marlene Small, Gene Shoenleben, Shirley Jasenski, Harrison Monnier Ray Lavy, Ralph Lyme, Marilyn Eley. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Henderson, Martha Sell, Barbara Byram, Janice Hahn, Danny Binkley, Hadley de Bordeaux, Wayne James, Phyllis Hartle, Kathleen Small, David Anderson, Jimmie Grote SEVENTH GRADE On September 7, 1948, a group of twenty-nine girls and boys were eagerly waiting at the door of the seventh grade room, ready to conquer that first year of Junior High. Days came and went, and with them also came many new experiences--both pleasant and unpleasant. Oi course, there were no more recesses, but there was that new class, phys- ical education, which all enjoyed. Then there was the thrill of attending all assembly programs, which heretofore had not been their privilege. A These two things, along with the fact that now there were several teachers instead of just one to guide them, gave them that grown-up feeling and helped them to realize they had a certain responsibility to fulfill. 26 SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Lowell Baber, Merlin Miller, Eugene Etzler, Marcella Burns, Beverly Oldham, Dorothy Sander, Connie Painter, Harvey Crick, Treva Dickey, Jerry Trent, Larry Trent, Robert Shaifner, Opal Garber. SECOND ROW: Mr. Brown, Marion Skiles, lva Barga, Adele Stoltz, Luanna Erlsman, Patricia Cottrell, Wilma Clark, Evelyn Sullenbarger, Arden Coning, Melvin Lavy, Robert Mangold, Norma Christman. THIRD ROW: Janet Morton, Nancy Myers, Johnny Flcry, Johnny Brickler, Margery Martin, Betty Johnston, Norma Farmer, Donald Shilt, Robert Long, Junior Class, John Farmer, Virginia Brubaker. SIXTH GRADE The sixth grade is proud of its size this year--forty boys and girls. There are two sets of twins in the class, June and John Farmer and Jerry and Larry Trent. Five of the girls twirl batons with the band and three pupils play in the orchestra.. Everyone is working very hard to become good junior high students next year. 27 FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Gayle Rhoadea, Jerry Linder, Johnny Keller, Errol Dean Schafer, Teddy Grifiieth, Stephen Bright, Donna Miller, Janice Schultz, Annette Jaaenski, Tommy Miller, Charlton McKibben, Lawrence Miller, Jane Lecklider. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Albright, Connie Studebaker, James Marshall, Jack Horner, Herbert Hl.ll, Carl Strobel, Linda Lou Class, Margaret Lavy, Charles Sell, Charles Allan James, Norma Jean Root, Myra Jane Bowman, Mildred Flora. THIRD ROW: Jimmie Fields, Alice Vandegriit, Ronald Eley, Larry Brewer, Paul Sixnmons, Bobby Class, Richard Fine, Harold Arnett, Ramon Lavey, Dixie Lee Sando, Patsy Unger. FIFTH GRADE On September 7, 1948, thirty-three girls and boys enrolled in the fifth grade. During the year they have enjoyed three parties, a Ha11owe'en party, a Christmas party and program and a Valentine party. The group has been very enthusiastic about the weekly picture shows and the assembly programs. This class responded very generously in purchasing Christmas seals and contributing to the March of Dimes. Z8 FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Rebecca Hathaway, Donna Hill, Ruger Spahr, Richard Hahn, Jerry Partin, Frances Lavey, Patricia Oldham, C. J. Flora, Wanda Grooms, Clifford Howard, Elaine Lyme, Nancy Ross, Garth Jasenaki. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stoltz, Judy Miller, Barbara Bowman, John Hartzell, Lowell Hawes, Phillip Bright, Robert Howard, Kenneth Beasley, Mary Jane Johnston, Evelyn Shoenleben. THIRD ROW: Carol Eley, Bobby Nixon, Paul Barga, Esther Mott, Linda Applegate, John Small, Ronald Johnson, Charles Bunnell. FOURTH GRADE A group of fourteen girls and seventeen boys are en- rolled in the fourth grade. They are a happy and studious group, striving to become worthy citizens. They enjoyed having a part in the various school pro- grams. The boys and girls contributed to the Christmas seal fund and the March of Dimes. Winners in the Farmers' Institute poster contest from the fourth grade were C. J. Flora, Phillip Bright, and Rebecca Hathaway. 29 THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Jimmy Sullenbarger, Betty Jane Sharp, Billy Rhymer, Herbert Miller, Mary Alice Newbauer, Delorls Shaifner, Sheldon Miller, Wayne Burns, Julyia Ann Fourman, Shirley Miller, Sharalyn Sando, Roy Cain, Luther Strobel. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wesche, Osa Mae Butts, Leonard Monnier, Sharon Laughman, Mary Lou Fine Charles Didier, Marcia Wombold, David Skiles, Janice Reeder, Janet Eley. THIRD ROW: Donna Iean Miller, James Smith, Ronald Baker, Emerson Keller, Donald Hoblit, Charles Linder, Paul Bunnell, Betty Zacharias, Deloris Jane Butts, Mary Lou Keihl. THIRD GRADE Last September thirty-three girls and boys came tripping into the third grade room eager to journey over the sea of edu- cation. Every child has enjoyed the programs in which they have taken part, the parties they have had, the visits made by the parents and friends, and all the jolly times they had together. This has been a happy and profitable year: but now that the journey is almost over, it is hard to say goodbye. However, everyone will take with him many pleasant memories of the third grade at Gettysburg School. 30 SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: Rebecca Binldey, Barbara Brickler, Sharon Young, Jimxny Lecklider, Carolyn Christrnan, Marilyn Sharp, Eugene Via, Sharon Griffieth, Edith Sell, Judy Fout, Sandra Routson, Marvin Miller, Dorothy Trittschuh, Donald Painter. SECOND ROW: Miss Martin, Lorena Long, Moleta Hathaway, Bruce Powell, Trudy Arnett, Thelma Flora, Dorothy Hoffman, Mary Sander, Karen Wion, Sandra Sue Rhoades, Berlyn Keiser, Patsy Dinner, Margaret Denllnger, Tl'!lRD ROW: Janet Spahr, Lorena Vandegrift, Judith Reed, Richard Keller, Charles Hawes, Roger Class, e Billy Clark, Frances Bright, Marion Partin, Harry Rhymer, Stevie Miller, Joyce Stevens, Juanita Mclviiller. SECOND GRADE The second grade is a group of forty-two happy boys and girls. Several of the children took part in the Pet Parade at the Community Fair. The entire class sang carols for the Christmas pro- gram and also sang for the Farmers' Institute. vu FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Douglas Applegate, Robert Monnier, Billy McKibben, Betty Jean Schultz, Kenneth Howard Kenneth Hawes, LaJean Tegtmeyer, Carol Miller, Donald Sander, Jackie Miller, Miriaxn Via, Jerome Haschouer, Erlene Miller, Douglas Miller. SECOND ROW: Miss Arnold, Ronald Snyder, David Miller, Phyllis Jean Wilt, Lucille Flora, Vereena Flory, Patricia Smith, Mary Hartzell, Freddie Porter, Dean Hill, Sara Lou Newbauer Phyllis Class, Ronald Stephens, Danny Hollinger. THIRD ROW: Larry Lavey, Joe Hart, Connie Baker, Jerry Neff, Elnora Wombold, Michael Oldham, Larry Linder, Norma Zacharias, Jimmie Partin, Paulette Long, Ronald Dearing, Kay Paulus, Ned Overcash. FIRST GRADE The first grade has a. total enrollment of forty-seven boys and girls. The first year in school has been a very busy and en- joyable one. The children have learned to read stories, to count and write numbers, to write, and to spell. They have enjoyed many birthday parties and special prograrn, as well as playing and working together. 32 Antlvfirs Individual placing in the County Meet TRACK ROY 515195. Gene Luke. Darlene Wehrley, Dan Nease, Kenneth Westfall, Eddie Buzzard, Bi1l.'Sto1tz, Mr. Porter. TRACK Four track meets were scheduled for the season, but two were rained out, the Arcanum-Monroe-G. H. S. meet and the Houston-G. H. S. meet. Gettysburg managed to beat Bradford 32-19, but lost to New Madison 52-48. Several trackmen were entered in the Dunbar Relays at Dayton but were unable to score any points. However, the team won second place in the county. ran as follows: 100 Yard Dash ........ ZZO Yard Dash. . . . . . 440 Yard Dash. . . . Half Mile .... . Shot Put. . . . Discus . . . . High Jurnp. . . Broad Jump. . Pole Vault . . Half-mile Relay. . . . Mile Relay . . . . Dan Nease, first Dan Nease, first Junior Null, fifth Roy Skiles, second Harold Clark, third Kenny Westfall, third Kenny Westfall, fourth Jim Flory, fifth Harold Clark, fifth Dan Nease, third Ned Denlinger, first Pence, Buzzard, Null, Nease, fourth Stoltz, Wehrley, Luke Denlinger , fourth Kenny Westfall scored one point in placing fifth in the Shot Put at the District Meet at Springfield. 34 BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Roy Schultz, Frank Elliott, Darlene Miller, Harold Collins, Mr. Porter, Walter Witrig, Gene Luke, George Laughman, Jack Alspaugh. SECOND ROW: Darlene Wehrley, Dan Nease, Ralph Laughman, Jim Flory, Eddie Buzzard, Harold McMil1et, Ralph Hoblit. BASEBALL The beginning of the baseball season found Gettysburg with six returning lettermen--Jim Flory, Kenny Westfall, Frank Elliott, Darlene Miller, Dan Nease, and Darlene Wehrley. Gene Luke, Roy Schultz, Ralph Laughman, and Harold Collins were capable replacements of the players who graduated last year. The teams record stands at three wins and four losses. The scores were as follows: Gettysburg l 1 Gettysburg 3 Gettysburg 7 Gettysburg Z Gettysburg 9 Gettysburg 3 F rankl in 5 Hollansburg Z Arcanuxn 8 Monr oe 8 New Madison 10 Union City 9 Pitching records were Westfall, W-l, L-03 Flory, W-Z, L-Z: and Nease, W-0, L-Z. Flory, Westfall, Laughman, and Schultz lead in the con- test for the highest batting average. 35 VARSITY SQ UAD Mr. Porter, Harold Collins, Frank Elliott, Darlene Miller, Kenneth Westfall, Jim Fiory, Dan Nease, Darl ene Wehrley, Bill Stoltz, Joyce Morton, Bill Keller. Managers: Floyd Brewer, Eddie Buzzard. VARSITY GAMES Z 7 Rus s ia 3 5 Ar c enum 3 3 F rankl in 5 3 Ans onia 3 7 Holy Angels 3 0 Jacks on 4 7 Staunton 4 6 Houston 41 G. H. S. 30 Franklin 58 G. H. S. 33 Hollansburg Z5 G. H. S. 48 Union City 26 G. H. S. 47 Monroe 30 G. H. S. 35 Bradford 32 G. H. S. 32 New Madison Z3 G. H. S. 37 Palestine 33 G. H. S. 39 Anna 36 Marlene Bowman, Glenna Fields, JoAnne Brown DoLores Shade RESERVE' GAMES . S. 23 Russia Z6 G. H. S . S. 14 Arcanum 34 G. H. S. . S. 19 Franklin Z7 G. H. S. . S. 9 Ansonia Z2 G. H. S. . S. 18 Holy Angels 9 G. H. S. . S. 18 Jackson 26 G. H. S. . S. 17 Staunton Z8 G. H, S. . S. 31 Houston B G. H. S. F ranklin Hollansburg Union City Monr oe B radford New Madis on Palestine Anna RESERVE SQUAD FIRST ROW: Wayne Didier, Ralph Hoblit, Jack Linder, Walter Wirrig, George Laughman, Kenneth Miller, Marvin Small, Jack Alspaugh. SECOND ROW: Mr, Porter, Eldean Purtee, Harold Collins, Kitchel Studebaker, Hollie Burke. Bob Blocher, Lavon Miller. 37 Arfiuifivs ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Dan Nease, Jack Alspaugh, Eddie Blizzard, Ralph Laughman, Gene Luke, Joyce Morton, Junior Fields, Lavon Miller, Harold Collins. SECOND ROW: DoLores Shade, Glenna Grewe, Janice Mott, Glenna Garrett, Lorene Archey, JoAnne Brown, Sue House, Winifred Minton, Doris Bowman, Roberta Chetwood, Wilma Hahn, Glenna Fields, Martha Schultz, Ruth Warner, Phyllis Trent. THIRD ROW: Marlene Bowman, Alice Dunevant, Betty Wentworth, Lois Martin, Jean Fourman, Della Lavy, Arvilla Ashman, Rita Curtner, Betty Johnson, Nancy Luzena, Eveyln Pence. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Porter, Darlene Miller, Ben Hudson, Dirk Menke, Jim Flory, Kenneth Westfall, Roy Schultz, Harold McMiller, Darlene Wehrley, Eldean Purtee, Frank Elliott, Mr, Bunnell. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is a comparatively new group here at Gettysburg. It was organized two years ago and is now open to the upper four classes. This Association sets dates for try-outs in cheerleading, decides admissions for games, and does other various activities throughout the school year. Officers for the year 1948-'49 are: Frank Elliott, president, Jim Flory, Vice-President: Glenna Garrett, Secretary: Glenna Grewe, Treasurerg Mr. Porter, and Mr. Bunnell, Advisors. 40' CARDlNAL STAFF FIRST ROW: Joanne Collins, Janice Miller, Vera Dickey, Betty Johnson, Nancy Luzena Glenna Grewe Alice Dunevant, Janice Mott, Glenna Garrett. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Powell, Eldean Pu: tee, Lavon Miller, Harold Garber, Frank Elliott Dan Nease Wilda Kendall, Mrs. Batten, CARDINAL STAFF Editor . . . Co-Editors. . Art Editor. . . Sports Editor . . Reporters Freshman. Sophomore Junior. . . . . . Senior. . . . Music. . . Hi-Y . . . Y-Teens . F. H. A. . . F. F. A. . . Church . . . Advisor . . . 41 . Glenna Grewe . . Vera Dickey Nancy Luzena B etty J ohns on . . Lavon Miller . Danny Nease Carolyn Powell Eldean Purtee Betty, Johnson Alice Dunevant Glenna Garrett Janice Mott . Frank Elliott .Betty Johnson Wilda Kendall Harold Garber Joanne Collins Janice Miller Arvilla Ashman Glenna Garrett Janice Mott . Mrs. Batten FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Wayne Didier, Donald Horner, Kitchel Studebaker, Leon Fields, Jr., Cecil Pugh, Duane Morton, Bob Blocher, Bob Winn, Marvin Small. SECOND ROW: Charles Etzler, Wade Flora, Harold Garber, Hollis Flora, Mr. Pearson, Don Brewer, Harold McMiller, Roy Skiles, Roy Schultz, Eugene Hawes. THIRD ROW: Ralph Hartle, Walter Wirrig, Kenneth Miller, Jacob McGlothin, Darlene Wehrley, Eugene Crick, Jack Linder, Chester Burns. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The following boys were elected to offices in F. F. A. the past year: Don Brewer, president: Roy Schultz, vice-president: Hollis Flora, secretary, Roy Skiles, treasurer: Harold Garber, reporterg and Harold McMil1er, sentinel. The Chapter was well pleased with the success of the Community Fair which they and F. H. A. sponsored. Don Brewer and Roy Skiles attended the National Conven- tion in Kansas City last November. Other activities in which the group participated were officer training school at West Milton, the "pest war," a musical program for the Grange, a speech sontest, and entries in the Darke County Fair. 42 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Janeva Etzler, Carolyn Powell, Doris Baker, JoAnne Brown, Dorothy Christian, Phyllis Archey, Betty Ross, Evelyn Pence, Phyllis Trent, Dorothy Garber, Phyllis Shaiiner, Norma Garbig. S House, Martha Brenneman, SECOND ROW: Lois Martin, Evelyn Lavy, Wilda Kendall, Nancy Luzena, ue Marjorie House, Mrs. Zwayer, Betty Johnson, Janice Miller. Judy Griiiieth, Roberta Chetwood, Wilma Hahn, Ruth Fields, Janet Nease. THIRD ROW: Alice Dunevant, Betty Jo Dickey, Glenna Fields, Mart a c u , y Petersime, Lorene Archey, Janice Long, Della Lavy, Sara Hawes, Jean Fourman, Barbara Monnier, Arvilla Ashman, Priscilla Burke, Betty Lou Dickey, Jeanette Skiles. h S h ltz Doroth Etzler, Mary FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers held their first meeting in September at which time the following officers were elected: Martha Brenneman, presidentg Betty Johnson, vice-presidentg Janice Miller, secretaryg Judy Grifiieth, treasurer: Wilda Kendall, reporterg Arvilla Ashzman, historian: Marjorie House, parliamentariang Mrs. Arthur Lavy, club mother, and Mrs. Zwayer, advisor. ln October the club helped the F. F. A. make the Community Fair a success. At the December meeting, it was announced that the president was leaving Gettysburg School. Everyone was sorry to see her leave, but the vice-president has led the group well for the remainder of the year. 43 Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Ruby Dickey, Mary Cunninghaxn, DoLo:res Shade, Lois Martin, Marjorie House, Betty Ross, Evelyn Pence, Phyllis Trent, Doris Bowman, Marlene Bowman, Della Lavy. SECOND ROW: Miss Bucholtz, Nancy Luzena, Sue House, Janice Mott, Phyllis Archey, Betty Johnson, Janice Miller, Roberta Chetwood, Wilma Hahn, Martha Schultz, Glenna Fields, THIRD ROW: Glenna Garrett, Glenna Grewe, Alice Dunevant, Lorene Archey, Ruth Warner, Juanita Swabh, P hyllis Johnson, Vera Dickey, Winifred Minton, Jean Fourman, Barbara Monnier, Betty Dickey. Y-TEENS The forty-three members of Y-Teens meet the first Monday night of each month, many times meeting jointly with the Y. W. C. A. Officers for the year are Joanne Collins, presidentg Vera Dickey, vice-president: Nancy Luzena, secretary, Marlene Bowman, treasurer, and Betty Johnson, reporter. The girls and their advisor spent a great deal of tirne this year writing a new local constitution. The group sponsored a formal Valentine varty on February 12. A King and Queen of Hearts reigned at this event. 44 HI-Y FIRST ROW: Bill Stoltz, Harold Collins, Gene Luke, Frank Elliott, Eldean Purtee, Lavon Miller, Melvin Collins, Joyce Morton, Bill Keller. SECOND ROW: Ben Hudson, Darlene Miller, Kenny Westfall, Jim Flory, Dick Menke, Ralph Laughman, Eddie Buzzard, Mr. Bunnell, Dan Nease. HI-Y The initiation of new members in Hi-Y was held at the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Butten was the speaker. Officers for the year are Dan Nease, president: Kenny Westfall, vice president: Joyce Morton, secretaryg Darlene Miller, treasurerg and Dick Manke, reporter, Mr. Bunnell is advisory Rev. Bartlett, ministerial ad- visor, and Mr. Luzena, business advisor. Mr. Bunnell and three members attended the district conference at Lima last year. 45 Wilma Hahn, Marjorie House, Betty Ross, Vera Dickev DON BREWER W 46 FIRST ROW: B. Monnier, J. Mott, R. Curtner, D. Christian, W. Kendall, R. Dickey, G. Garrett. SECOND ROW: M. Petersime, Mrs. Arnett. B. Johnson, J. Collins, B. Dickey. Band activities began in the fall when the band made its first appearance at the Community Fair. The next big event was the band contest at the Bradford Purnpkin Show where the group took second place. lg Qatar KNEELING: G. Grewe, Martha Schultz. FIRST ROW: A. Dunevant, D. Lavy, M. Lavy, B. Stoltz, G. Fields, D. Brewer, L. Martin, N. Luzena, E. Peterslme, I. Nease, W. Hahn, M. House, B. Ross, V. Dickey, R. Warner. SECOND ROW: S. House, N. Myers, L. Erisman, M. Morton, P. Cottrell, C. Studebaker, G. Luke, E. Purtee, H. Collins, J. Morton, J. Alspaugh, K. Studebaker. When basketball season rolled around, the band was busy preparing programs for home games. All of the members are looking forward to the festival at Pleasant Hill. Officers for the year are Don Brewer, president: Glenna Garrett, vice-president.: Nancy Luzena., secretary: Sue Hlouse, treasurer: Janice Mott, librariang and Betty Ross, publicity. 47 FHTTH ROW: rrhrsfra Barbara Monnier Glenna Grewe FIRST ROW: SE COND ROW : THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: M. Lavy, D. Brewer. R. Dickey, W, Kendall. D. Christian, J. Brown, A. Dunevant. L. Martin, N. Luzena, E. Petersixne, J. Nease. M. Martin, M. Lecklider, A. Martin, P. Hartle. SIXTH ROW: J. Mott, S. House, E. Johnson, J. Hahn. G. H. S. is very proud of its thirty- one piece orchestra. The group played for the junior and senior plays, Farmers' Inst- itute, and other school activities. 48 AT PIANO: G. Garrett, Mrs. Arnett. FIRST ROW: B. Ross, W, Hahn, M. House, V. Dickey. SECOND ROW: M. Petersixne, B. Dickey. THIRD ROW: E. Purtee, H. Collins, J. Morton. FOURTH ROW: K. Studebaker, R. Curtner. The following officers were chosen: Glenna Garrett, president: Joanne Collins, vice-president: Sue House, secretary: Lois Martin, treasurerg Harold Collins, libra- riang and Vera Dickey, reporter. 49 Glenna Fields, Martha Schultz Ruth Warner CHORUS FIRST ROW: Helen Class, Ruth Fields, Wilda Kendall, Janice Long, JoAnne Brown, Sue Houae, Betty Johnson, Judy Griffieth, Nancy Luzena, Rita Curtner, Evelyn Pence, Phyllis Trent, Dorothy Garber, Carolyn Powell. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Arnett, Barbara Monnier, Betty Ross, Glenna Grewe, Janice Mott, Glenna Garrett, Lorene Archey, Dorothy Etzler, Winifred Minton, Doris Bowman, Roberta Chetwood, Wilma Hahn, Glenna Fields, Martha Schultz, Ruth Warner, Ruby Dickey, Phyllis Archey. THIRD ROW: Doris Baker, Janice Miller, Dorothy Christian, Evelyn Lavy, Janet Neaae, Loil Martin, Jean Fourman, Betty Dickey, Della Lavy, Sara Hawes, Betty Lou Dickey, Norma Garbig, Phyllis Shaffner, Betty Wentworth, Alice Dunevant, Arville Ashman. FOURTH ROW: Marjorie House, DoLores Shade, Marlene Bowman, Ralph I-loblit, Marvin Small, George Laughman, Gene Luke, Ralph Laughman, Dan Nease, Lavon Miller, Eldean Purtee, Harold Collins. Bob Blocher, Vera Dickey, Phyllis Johnson, Mary Cunningham Mary Petersime, Janeva Etzler, Jeanette Skiles. CHORUS The chorus is composed of boys and girls from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Its purpose is to acquaint the members with part harmony and to teach them to sing together and blend their voices. Officers for the year were Nancy Luzena, president: Glenna Garrett, vice-president: Lois Martin, secretary: Glenna Grewe, treasurer: and Janice Miller, reporter. The group sang in the annual Christmas program and for the Farmers' Institute. Small sections of the chorus often appear in school and community functions. 50 STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: Gene Luke, Martha Brenneman, Ruth Warner, Don Brewer, Glenna Garrett, Joanne Collins, Nancy Luzena, Mr. Bunnell. STANDING: Roy Schultz, Dan Nease, Wayne Didier, Melvin Coning, Eldon Miller, Jack Alspaugh Wilda Kendall, Janice Hahn. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has now had three years of successful organization in our school. It is composed of the presidents and vice-presidents of each class, the presidents of the organizations, and two representatives from the seventh and eighth grades. Mr. Bunnell and Mr. Williams are the faculty advisors for this year: Don Brewer is the president. It is the duty of the Student Council to discuss matters re- lating to the students and the school, to arrange assemblies, ana to plan picture shows. 51 we YPBEU B US DRIVERS Mr. Unger, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Kiser, Mr. Fields, Mr. Williams. Mrs. K1 COOKS ipstine, Mrs . Ross JANITOR Mr. Seman SEPTEMBER 7 14 17 Z1 Z4 OCTOBER 1 4 5 8 12 15 19 NOVEMBER 1 5 8 9 10 12 15 16 19 Z3 Z5 ,Snhuu Qzevlru ar School Opens Baseball Game, Palestine Baseball Garne, Franklin Assembly Program Hi-Y Meeting Baseball Game, Hollansburg Baseball Game, Arcanum Baseball Game, Monroe Y-Teen Meeting Baseball Game, New Madison Baseball Game, Union City F. H. A. and F. F. A. Meeting Seniors' Pictures Taken Hi-Y Meeting Y-Teen Meeting Basketball Game, Russia Marine Concert fSeniorsQ Operetta Operetta Basketball Game, Arcanum Assembly Program Basketball Game, Franklin Basketball Game, Ansonia Basketball Game, Holy Angels Thanksgiving Vacation Begins I Q. v x x lm - I 9 C?5,1Q,lxUV!lf':' 'xxx-as v X Q if fa- itlrrifl-fix UP' :II V- IIHHII I f' 'P H" 1' sway' E W' "ll-QQ la In H ff:-gm IW! g W will S5 DECEMBER 3 f 6 . 1 . I K . 3 xl' JQMW' 10 sf 1, lx . ,MMR 14 1 2 1 W R4 Q , yf, 15 f r E ,M 'ff 17 1fWWMN.XsEX lX-XXNZ ' li' Q Z1 X 23 Z4 1 JANUARY 3 H HPP7 EW 11 N 7 -X ' 18 E nv Z0 .1 tn Z1 f U 28 FEBRUARY 1 ....:- , 2 E 9 A A 3 4 x-- J.: 7 L A 8 S 'fs' 3 12 qs .3 15 s "X - , , -'1 54 Basketball, Jackson Y-Teen Meeting Junior Play Junior Play Basketball Game, Staunton Basketball Game, Houston Y-Teen, Y. W. C. A. Meeting Basketball Game, Franklin Basketball- Game, Hollansburg Christmas Program Chr istmas Vacation Begins Second Semester Y -Teen Meeting Begins Basketball Garne, Union City Assembly Program Basketball Game, Monroe Basketball Game , Bradford Assembly Program Basketball Gaxne, New Madiso Basketball Game , Palestine Farmers' Institute Farmers' Institute Basketball Game, Anna F. F. A. and F. H. A. Meeting Y -T een Meeting Y-Teen Valentine Party Hi-Y Meeting ll. MARCH 5 7 8 9 11 15 APRIL 4 IZ 19 ZZ 26 Z9 MAY Z 5 6 10 11 15 17 19 20 24 Junior High Tournament Begins F. F. A. and F. H. A. Meeting X ,fl Miami Jacobs Program Blind Program Hi-Y Meeting Y-Teen Meeting Us I M Y-Teen Meeting F. F. A. and F. Hi-Y Meeting Baseball Game, Baseball Game, Baseball Game, Y-Teen Meeting Senior Play Senior Play H. A. Meeting Jacks on Ansonia Palestine County Track Meet F. F. A. and F. H. A. Meeting Senior Trip Begins Baccalaureate Hi-Y Meeting Commencement District Teachers' Meeting Last Day of School 55 XXXW K F WX K1 Xxyx i ' XX I A is? 11 YN Cfanvgl-u'l'ul af I an B VE'-Kfgvy 4 ,i1..i.- sr aww r guwu The Annual Staff of 1949 wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the following: TO Mr. Charles Williams for his help and adviceg TO Mr. Carl Stocker for his photo service: TO Sue Ann House for her excellent printing: TO the Senior Class for their efforts in pro- ducing and selling this volume 3 TO Mrs. Noel Batten, our annual advisor, who gave her time and talent that this volume might be produced: TO Faculty and Students for their co-operation during the past school year. 56 ANNUAL STAFF SEATED: Darlene Miller, Dan Neue, Ruth Warner, Don Brewer, Glenna Garrett, Glenne Grewe, Alice Dunevanf., Mrs. Batten. STANDING: Mr. Williams, Bob Winn, Janice Mott. Rub so Editor ...... . Assistant Editor . . . Sports Editor . . . Art Editor . . . . Literary Editor . . Advertisements . . Secretary .,,,,,. Circulation Manager. . . Business Manager . . Advisors ...... 57 . Glenna Grewe .Glenna Garrett . . . Dan Nease , , , Bob Wion .Alice Dunevant Darlene Miller , , Ruth Warner . . Janice Mott . . Don Brewer , , Mrs. Batten Mr. Williams he fab Viefor-Huston COMPLETE FOOD O MAT MARKET GREENVILLE, OHIO lddings Auto Ports G REENVILLE PARTS FOR ALL CARS TRUCKS AND TRACTORS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MARTIN AND OHIO STREET PHONE 448 OHIO Miller's Garage GAS 4' OIL 4' GENERAL REPAIRS CRANE SERVICE GETTYSBURG, OHIO PHONE 31M COMPLIMENTS OF JIM'S AUTO SALES BETTER USED CARS PHONE 1334-R GREENVILLE, OHIO W. O. Sargent Telephone 30 Bradford, Ohio For A Clean Deal In Dirt, Contact SARGENT BROTHERS 1007, Service Is Our Motto John Sargent Telephone 7305 Greenville, Ohio Greenville RAY Compliments Of H A N S B A R G E R Quality Appliances Since 1930 Dependable Service S ON Ohio CONIPLINIENTS OF Schermunds Jewelry GREENVILLE OHIO BUY YOUR GRADUATION WATCH AT Groy's, Jewelers EVERYTHING IN JEWELRY 601 SOUTH BROADWAY GREENVILLE OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF The Second National Bunk GREENVILLE OHIO MARTINK HOTPOINT, UNIVERSAL RANGES, REFRIGERATORS DISHWASHERS, WASHERS, SINKS, IRONERS GENERAL ELECTRIC RADIOS, SMALL APPLIANCES, HOUSEWARES MIXMASTER TOASTMASTERS, IRONS, WILLIAMSON HEATING EQUIPMENT, COAL, GAS AND OIL HEATING EQUIPMENT, STOKERS AND BLOWERS PHONE 7 5 5 616 SOUTH BROADWAY GREENVILLE OHIO FULL LINE OF MASTER MIX FEEDS SEED if FERTILIZER if COAL Gettysburg Equity Exchange PHONE 40 'I' PHONE 300 GETTYSBURG, OHIO ARCANUM, OHIO Gettysburg Market GROCERIES MEATS DRY GOODS GETTYSBURG PHONE 55 OHIO Darke County Farm Bureau CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION GREENVILLE VERSAILLES CASTINE 576 74 288-3 West Manchester FARM BUREAU FEEDS MIXED WITH YOUR CRAINS FIELD SEEDS, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, GARDEN SEEDS FENCE, ROOFING, FERTILIZER, COAL, PAINTS, CEMENT SPRAY MATERIALS OWNED AND OPERATED BY DARKE CO. FARMERS Edwin F. Nickol, Inc. MONUMENTS 'I' MARKERS MAUSOLEUMS A SHRINE MEMORIAL A SURFACE BURIAL VAULT 701 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 1 16 VERSAILLES OHIO Leonard O. Curtner GENERAL INSURANCE W' REAL ESTATE BONDS 'V' NOTARY PUBLIC PHONE 48 GETTYSBURG OHIO Kessler Flooring Compony LINOLEUM 'V' RUBBER ASPHALT TILE 4' VENETIAN BLINDS 306 BROADWAY PHONE 7 54R GREENVILLE OHIO Fourmcm's Men's Shop FEATURING RICHMAN BROS. CLOTHING 327 SOUTH BROADWAY GREENVILLE OHIO THIEBEAU AUTO SALES Your Ford Dealer Phone 14-395 Versailles Ohig TRENTS AUTO PARTS New And Used Parts Implements - Cars - Trucks - Tractors 4 Miles East of Greenville, Ohio - Phone - Greenville 3003-R Compliments Of POULTRY PRODUCERS ASS'N A Reliable Market For Quality Eggs and Poultry Versailles Phone 46 Ohio H A H N' S G A R A G E General Repairing Parts - Oil - Garber Power Seeders Phone IZF33 Gettysburg Ohio Compliments Of GETTYSBURG LUMBER COMPANY Gettysburg Ohio Compliments Of W Y A N S G A R A G E Gas - Oil - General Repair Pointer Creek Ohio C omplime nts Of F R I T Z E. M A R T I N JEWELER Greenville Qhio Compliments Of W A G N E1 R B A K E R Y Greenville O1-,ig Complime nts Of PASTIME RECREATION Tick-Hill Bradford Ohio C O Z Y C O R N E. R Where Good Food And .Tolly Crowds Meet. Chicken - Steak - Chops On Route 721 Bradford Ohio Congratulations From SUTER MEAT MARKET Greenville Ohio LITTMAN PONTIAC SALES Genuine Pontiac Parts Phone 45 Versailles Ohiq HAMBURGER SHOP F. A. Luce 100 Martin Street Greenville Ohio Versailles Compliments Of G E O. H. W O R C H LUMBER CO Phone 50 MPANY, INC. Ohio Greenville C omplime nts Of F F E R I E S T R A Authorized Ford Tractor Sales and Service Phone 19 Z CTOR SALES Ohio G reenville STOCKER'S FASHIONS Ladies And Misses Wearing Apparel 130 East 4th Street Phone 12.9 Ohio Dry Cleaning Gr eenville DEARDOFF Made To Measure Clothes Laundry Service Phone 977 414 Sycamore Rug Cleaning Ohio KYL.E'S BARBER SHOP D. A. Kyle Gettysburg Ohio H I - W A Y L U N C H A Good Place To Eat Meadow Gold Ice Cream Magazines - Candy - Cigarettes Phone Z Gettysburg Ohio PI-IIL'S HOME MARKET Groceries - Vegetables - Fruits - Meats Phone 14 Gettysburg Ohio WE VV ISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE. 9 w x - Sign iklrrr Sw- .-......,X WA L S W 0 RT H Lnn..1.,,..a 1. n.-,una L Iuuwon-rn no-rm: mm-.., n. . u. s A. 69

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