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X ff U 1 , 'l 9 y 1 l 6 l 2 V, v CANNON-LXID Published by the Class of 1962 Gettysburg High School Gettysburg, Pennsylvania TABLE OF CONTENTS YOUR SCHOOL'S PERSONNEL 0 administration 0 faculty YOU, THE STUDENT 0 seniors 0 underclassmen YOUR LIFE AS A STUDENT 0 academic activities 0 school service 0 student honors 0 student entertainment 0 sports YOUR ADVERTISERS your school's f W personnel Every day at Gettysburg High School someone does something or says something that will help you, the student, to learn and to grow mentally, physically, and morally in the right direction. Among these people are those on the administrative staff and your teachers Who every day help you along the road to adulthood. Some of you who read this will have received your diploma indicating that you have met state and local requirements for graduation from this high school. Let us hope sincerely that you do not believe that you have learned all that is nec- essary to lcnow to live a satisfactory and suc- cessful life in future years. We must continue to study and learn each day we live. Adults do this in one way or another to hold their jobs, to secure better positions, and to experience the personal satisfaction of learning new and worth- while things. I congratulate you upon reaching this important point in your educational life and I hope you will continue to learn constructively in school or out of school. I-I. EDGAR RIEGLE Superintendent of Gettysburg Schools Behind the Scenes: These Men Tackle As superintendent of the Gettysburg Joint School System, Mr. Riegle is doubtless a man with responsibilities. He carries out the policies and decisions of the School Board, always having in mind what is best for the schools. One of his many duties is the selection and hiring of teachers for the Gettysburg Schools. Another of Mr. Riegle's duties, although he says it is a pleasure, is shaking hands with graduating seniors as he hands them the diploma with the other hand. This process confuses most seniors and also wears out Mr. Riegle's hand. Mrs. Mabel Follzenrotb, secretary to the Superin- tendent, checks over fnancial ledger. GETTYSBURG JOINT SCHOOL SYSTEM Oren I-I. Wilson ...........,.,,......A.................. President Robert H. Deardorff .,.,.,,...,............. Vice-president H. Edgar Riegle .......... ,.... D istrict Superintendent Richard A. Folkenroth ,,.... Administrative Assistant Kenneth G. Reinharr, Jr. ....,...,...,,.............. Secretary The First National Bank of Gettysburg .. Treasurer Q Brown, Swope, and MacPhail ..........,. - ...... Soliciters x if K Richard A. Folkenrotb, Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of Elementary Education, aids Mr. Riegle with his duties. e Problems of Education First Row, left to right: H. E. Riegle, T. Oyler, C. Shriver, K. Reinhart, O. Wilson, R. Deardorff, G. Bowers, J. Settle. - Second Row: R. Gitt, C. Rohrbaugh, G. Trostle, T. Allen, Oyler, R. White, C. Ketterman, D. White, R. Schultz, M. Rice. Third Row: Heikkinen, N. Plank, P. Waybright, G. Sterner, W. Hay, W. Jacobs, H. Waybright, O. Omer, I-I. Mcllhenny, L. Spangler. Secretaries to the Principal, Miss Louella Kline- felter and Miss Dorothy Fidler issue absence excuses to students. in the You the student have important decisions to make. You must decide whether or not the present ways of the world are to be tolerated or rejected. The tools which you forged here, especially those of thinking and reasoning, should give you formidable weapons and make it easier for you to make those decisions. There is one other tool which has not been fully forged here, however, for this tool comes from the heart. "Courage" is the name of this tool-courage to stand up for what is right and vehemently reject what is wrong. CLIFFORD B. SNOWBERGER Principal Mr. Snowberger helps to distribute the morning mail in the teachers' mailboxes front offices Those of you who have graduated from Gettysburg High School must continue to foster the desire to im- prove yourself intellectually, to assume responsibility for acceptable behavior and to conduct yourself with dignity. In addition I would suggest that you do not alibi for your short comings, but put forth your best effort to correct them. May you so continue your education and work that you as a student and citizen will be a credit to your- self, your family, your school, and your community. PAUL R. MEHRING Assistant Principal Secretary, Mrs. Lucille Sanders, takes dictation from her boss, Mr. Mehring. folm Hololza indicates to Mr. Mebring that be DID pay his bills at the cafeteria. GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Miss Louise Ramer checks a list of those students Mr. Donald Tiziani reads over one taking the Merit Scholarship tests. studenfs school record. the student supplements his education Rick Sclmbart receives his test results from Mr. Tiziani. The guidance office is a lively place. Seniors flock in the door asking, "Miss Ramer, will you help me fill out an ap- plication?" or "Mr. Tiziani, may I drop math?" The counselors help the under- classmen select what course to sign for, what electives to take, and the vocation suited for the student. Also they gladly arrange for scholarship tests to be taken and proctor many such tests. A guidance teacher is employed this year for the first time to teach courses in human relations and guidance in the ninth grade. LIBRARIANS ,A ,gap vxfnxxgia-,r Miss Wentz checks student file cards for Miss Quigley checks out books at the main desk over-due books. through guidance and library research 7,596-7,597-7,598y7,599-7,600!!! In the middle of a large pile of books in the library, Misses Mary Quigley and Susan Wentz mop their brows and sigh in relief. The last book has been accounted for and the librarians can close up shop for the year. From September to May the library has been a place of much activity with students doing reference work, selecting books, and reading magazines. With aid from the librarians, pupils are able to find anything from Masterplots to the latest copy of "Reader's Digest." Mrs. Donna Hertz fles for librarians and guidance counselors. 1 ' , Mr. Kenneth G. Reinhart reads over one of the many reports which come into his office. Secretaries Miss Redding and Miss Timlin prepare the bi-monthly payroll. Miss Ellen R. Miller checks lrer records to see how many cases of flu she had in january. BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. Reinhart has charge of the business and finan- cial end of management of the Gettysburg Joint School System besides being secretary of the Joint Board. He is assisted by secretaries Miss Donna Redding and Miss Pat Timlin, both Gettysburg High School alumnae. His many duties include management of the board's general fund, attention to the payroll, bills, and finan- cial reports, and supervision of both maintenance of school buildings and cafeteria operations. The business managerls department thus makes possible efiicient and smooth-running educational facilities. NURSE Good heavens! . . . 1 broken leg, 2 cases of measles, and 23 cases of type-B flu this month! Few students fully appreciate the essential work of our school nurse, Miss Miller. While she carries on her duties of directing the school health program and scheduling physical examinations, Miss Miller is, in addition, always on hand to provide efhcient treatment in rhe case of accidents or sickness. CAFETERIA STAFF First Row, left to right: E. Weaver, R. Bowling, H. McSherry, E. Rowe, G. Raffensperget I Keefer E. Rothhaupt. Second Row: A. Lower, N. Treher, H. Witherow, M. Rebert, N. Herring, D. Tressler M Dttzler J. McCleaf. "I-Ielp! I didn't mean to drop my tray!" Right on hand to aid this distraught stu- dent is a member of our loyal custodian staff. , The busy day of our janitors include many duties which begin early in the morn- ing and end as the last light is turned off. "Don't criticize until you've tasted it." This sign accompanied a chef's delight which was the creation of our cafeteria staff. These ladies have faithfully served meals to the hungry students who storm the cafeteria each day. After the noon time rush, the worlc of preparing for the next day begins. C C CCUSTODIANS Seated: H. Small, C. Nett, C. Huston Standing: R. Taclcetr, M. Tressler Noi in Picture: C. Shriver. W. Miller your teachers prepare you for the future Beginning of a hectic day: 8:15 in the principal? office. Rules! Rules! Rules! Close your books, pass in your homework, define these words, write this equationg these are all commands which are given each day by the students' commanding officers, the faculty. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. Besides issuing assignments and giving tests, teachers instruct, give extra help after school hours, and take part in extra curricular activities. After arriving at 8:15 each morning, teachers begin their daily ritual of instruction, facing a new group of eager students each period. At lunch teachers and students adjourn to the cafeteria. A few minutes of soli- tude in the lounge, more classes, and teachers finish out the school day. After 3:30 there are make-up tests to be given, projects to sponsor, reports to file, and questions to answer. Finally, the teachers are free to leave the confinements of the school building and go home to grade papers, correct tests and plan lessons. Who said a teacher's life was easy? DONALD E. BICKEL, Civics Coach the fellows Cast the vote Know your stare government MAIUANNB K. ADAMS, Earth science, General science Use the telescope See the falling star Study the planets 14 JEAN M. Blcxnr., Spanish Meet the Cannon-Aid deadline - Click the castanets Remember the personal "a" RONALD BREAM, Arithmetic 8th grade Remember the formulas Add correctly Find the percent w , , ' 1 Fx, 3 , A 'll E:-Si-1, Donor:-:Y M. Boylan, American History 8th grade Swing that ruler Paste the current events Quiz the students DANIEL R. BRADY, Social Studies, English 71h grade ' Draw the map Remember the date Q Name the capital x" EnwARn R. BROWNLEY, Health JACK R. CORBIN, Industrial Arty Watch the chromosomes Paint the scene Learn the organs Check the dimensions Take that pulse Steady with the lettering 15 EUGENE A. DEARDORFF, Chemistry, Physics Find the molecular weight Don't add water to acid Take out a quarter sheet C. MERRILL ECKERT, World History, World Cultures 10th grade Win Jayvees! Tell about the Hundred Year's War Describe Hannibal's jour- ney ROBERT C. DIEHL, Bookkeeping and II Add the credits and debits Include a 571 increase Get a new book of vouchers MARGARET P. DEITZ, Eng- lish Iolh and 11th grades Increase your margin Turn in your article Don't forget the 5 nwfsu JAMES R. FEATHER, Business English Office Practice, Business Math Buy a goodwill share GEORGE E. FARLEY, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Practice makes perfect Mimeograph 25 copies "1 Advanced Math Find the tangent of 67 degrees Solve the triangles 16 Prove these identities ROBERT D. FIDLER, Problems of Democracy, Economics, World Cultures Conserve quiz papers Recruit lodge members Flunlc seniors BETTE M. FORNEY, Health, Physical Education Explain the heart functions Point out the systems Coach Junior High cheerleaders GEORGE S. FORNEY, Physical Education, Ath- letic Director Coach the boys Make the basket Correct the referees ALLAN R. GRAY, Industrial Arts Drive the sports car Take care of Homeroom 203 Sand that corner GEORGE W. GLENN, Vocational Agn culture Grow the best corn Know the best methods Encourage the Ag winners JOHN P. GREGOR, Algebra I and II, General Math Check the formulas Make a hypothesis Prove the rule PAUL W. GROVE, General and Vocal Music FRED P. HEAHNLEN, General Science, Arithmetic 7th grade Study your science Multiply correctly Keep the lab clean Watch the director Add the final consonants Hit the high notes MARY I. I-IARTMAN, English 8th grade Watch the double negative Don't say "ain't" Know your spelling words ANNA B. I-IEINTZELMAN, Latin I and II Conjugate the verb Decline the noun Use the subjunctive 18 BETTY R. HINKLEY, Art Clean the brushes Use more paint Mold the clay KENNETH C. I-Lays, General and Vocal . Music, Band Assistant Read the music Keep in tune Take your horns home lish 9th grade Dot the "Ps" Cross the "t's" Use good punctuation L1L1.1AN JACKSON, Mathematics, General Science, Algebra I Solve the equation A Study the rock formation Know the multiplication tables ELMER JOHNSON, Reading Keep order in the classroom Look at the words 1 Read faster Nan. A. JUSTICE, Instrumental Music Play in tune Stay together Rosin your catgut Donor:-IEA B. HOFFMAN, Eng- ANITA I-IORCH, Human Relations, Guidance, 9th grade Keep good study habits Get along with others Develop a good personality ELIZABETH H. JOHNSON, Special Edu- cation Take lield trips Learn by books Watch television 19 l CWA PATRICK KELLY, Geography Learn the states and cap- irals Make reports Plan enrichment projects PAMELIA DI. KISTLER, Biology, General Science Disect the frog Study the "V" of life Choose your project NANCY V. KIRK, G e n e ral Homemaking Combine ingredients Stir the cake Bake it at 350 degrees 'QT9' BERNICE S. KRUMRINE General Homemaking Thread the needle Press the seams Fit the pattern DONALD E. LAWVER, General Math, General Science Find thc unknown factor List the planets Buy "Nutrio-Bio" CHARLES R. LEADER, Industrial Arts 20 Select your project Watch your fingers Make copper trays GILBERT D. LEASE, Special Education Listen to records Read the books Draw pictures CORNELIUS -I. MANDERS, Latin, French, German, Public Speaking Translate French Review the verbs Read the German GERTRUDE LITTLE, Shorthand,-Typing I Dictate the word Tap the keys jot down the notes EDWIN S. LONGANECKER, English nth grade Quote Shakespeare Interpret Hamlet Review the grammar CHARLES LILLEY, List the parts Capitalize the Coach V.'s English of speech name NANCY J. Munoocx, Social Studies English 71h grade Read the history Drill the grammar Supply the answer joHN O'BRuzN, Drivers Education Adjust the mirror Move the seat Put it in gear EDITH P. REINHART, Physical Ed- ucation Blow the whistle Put on the pinney Exercise often SUE S. RITTER, Social Studies, English 715 grade Memorize the dates Know the continents Find Denmark on the map SHARON L. OWENS, Art Swish the brush Trace the outline Carve the block '2 Zoe M. RIDINGER, Biology Know the flower parts Discuss circulation Remember your project RUTH A. ROLAND, Typing I and II Don't peek at the keys Increase your speed Set the margins CARL M. Scuoswnomsz, General Problems of Democracy Discuss government powers Know your Congressman Say what you mean -42. gi. EVA JANE SCHWARTZ, Vocational Homemalzing Mend the dress Add some Hour Design your dream house ELMER H. Sci-IRIVER, Vocational Ag- riculture w Move the tractor Leave the Held fallow Plant the vegetables JACOB M. SHEADS, American History A 11th grade Fight the battles Quote the generals Support the Democrats ROBERT E. SHEADS, SR., Biology, Gen- eral Science Explore the science world Study animal structure Dissect the frog MARY E. SMITH, Social l Studies, English 7tl1 grade , Direct the plays i Probe our history l Correct grammatical er- A rors 23 ALICE M. SNYDER, English 10th grade, French I Travel abroad Explain Julius Caesar Talk about France JOANNE C. SNYDER, Arithmetic 7th grade Explain mathematical procedures Add the problem Find the average J i f.. Z' l f EE EE CQ is SHIRLEY I-I. Spam, Reading 7th grade Survey reading problems Suggest better methods Guide Junior High cheerleaders A. JOAN THOMAS, English 12th grade Compare the poems Know the literary periods Write an essay Joi-IN K. SPECK, Civics, American His- tory 11th grade Rebuild U. S. political parties Describe civic affairs Learn about the government l 1 w I i DONALD A. ULLRICH, Head Teacher at Lincoln, General Science Keep order at Lincoln School Don't yawn in class Answer the question a ugu r RUTH S. WISLER, English 9111 grade DAVID W. Wooos, General Math, Alge bra I Write the equation Memorize the theorem Solicit the acls Correct the sentence Compare the theme Malce the report JACK E. WISE, English 10th grade Spell the word Recite the poem Throw tlie javelin GEORGE D. YOUNG, American History Sth grade, Physical Education Match the ores Make the taclcle Swing the bat ROBERT T. Yousn, Plane Geomelry Aclcl the numbers Measure the sides Calculate the problem Ronsm' G. ZEIGLER, Instrumental Musir Blow your horn Read the notes Keep in step OFFICERS Seated: Martha Chambers fSecretaryj , Carolyn Kime QVice Presidentj . Standing: John Maclay lPresident, , Richard Weikert seniors remember their busy, wonderful year Who said it was easy to be a senior? Probably an underclassman who has not as yet experienced the busy and many times hectic senior life. The 1962 graduates will look back on this school year as one filled with activity-from the magazine sale in September to the unforgettable class trip in May. Perhaps the largest problem confronting a member of this class was the future life ahead after graduation Seniors worried about tests, studies and marks, and nervously awaited college board and job application results. ftreasuretj . Miss NANCY Kmx ADVISERS MR. ELMER SCHRIVER Aside from the serious senior activities, members of the class found time to participate in sports, school publications, dramatics, musical groups and various other extracurriculars. Class planned social activities included the Fall Dance, a lively Christmas party, and the spring trip. To raise money, the class sold magazines and sponsored various dances after basketball games. Possibly the most memorable of class parties was the Junior-Senior Spring Prom when the gymnasium was transformed by eager hands into a wonderland. A dynamic class life, sparked by individual excellence, has caused each member of the Class of 1962 to benefit both mentally and socially from his school career at Gettysburg High. Elaine Prosser and John Lott SENIOR PROM ATTENDANTS Richard Crist and Janet White t., ,.... X., 5- .Q SENIOR PROM KING AND QUEEN Guy Weikert and Martha Chambers w A . you, the student Reflecting the personality of your school are the students with whom you work every day: the students who shared with you the laughter and the disappointments, the excitement and the hard Work. - RICHARD EDWARD ACKLEY Dick Academic Track, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 3, 4 ltreas- urerlg Band, 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Band, 2, 33 Coin Club, lg Rus- sian Club, 2, Laboratory Science Club, 35 National Honor So- ciety, 4. In plays he's a trick maker In real life'he,s a heart taker. DELORES LOUISE ADAMS Dee A cademic Play Committees, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Ma- roon anrl White, 4 lassistanr eclitorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aicl, 4, Coin Club, lg F.T.A., 2, 3, 4 lvice presiclentlg Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 4. Right hand girl on Maroon and White We think she,ll make out all right. JOANN DAVIS ALSTON jo Academic Play Cast, 3, 4g Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and White, 4 lar: editorlg Quill and Scroll, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Coin Club, lg Journalism Club, Zg Spanish Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. As art editor she is way above pdf As a nurse she will go far. CHARLES BENNETT ASHBAUGH Charlie General Color Guard, 1, 2, 35 Collectors Club, 25 Russian Language Club, 3. This dark-haired lad is really smart Has real talent when it comes to 471. RAYMOND MICHEAL BAKER Mike General Cannon-Aid, 43 Coin Club, lg Shop Service, Z, Hi-Y, 3: Auto Mechanics Club, 4. Here's a fellow who's a real panic We think he is a good mechanic. BARBARA ADA BARRIGA Barbi Academic Colegio Del Santisimo Sacra- mento, 2g Choir, lg Maroon and White, 43 Quill and Scroll, 45 Cannon-Aid, 4 llayout editorlg Spanish Club, 3 lsecretarylg National Honor Society, 4. A dark eyed lass with lots of class At any test she's sure to pass. RONALD RAY BEELER Beegle General Football, l, 4, Track, 2, 3, Coin Club, 1, 23 Stage Craft Club, 33 Auto Mechanics Club, 4. A tall, handsome Warrior with lots of style Who always hears a friendly smile. CARL WAYNE BELL Wayne Commercial Franklin High School, 1, 2, 3, Auto Mechanics Club, 4. Polite and quiet this new stu- dent seems to be But he's really well liked you see. SHARON IRENE BIXLER Sharon General Choir, lg Cannon-Aid, 43 Coin Club, lg Drarnatics Club, 2, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. Always ,friendly and willing to aid Any one of the many friends she has made. JANET KATHRYN BLACK 1 an Commercial Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, Cannon-Aid, 43 Coin Club, lg Typing Club, 25 F.B.L.A., 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. Black is her name but her future is bright . As a secretary she will he just right. ' EDITH MARGARET BOYER Peggy General Student Council, 25 G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4g Play Cast, 49 Mask and Wig, 4g Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Can- non-Aid, 4, Coin Club, 1 lpres- identlg Spanish Club, 35 Civil War Rouncl Table, 4. To sing a song is her delight She's talkative, short, and very polite. CHERIE LLOY BREAM Shari Commercial G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 ltreasurerjg Play Committees, 4, Choir, 1, 2, Cannon-Aicl, 4 lhead typistjg Coin Club, 1 lsecretaryjg Typ- ing Club, 2, F.B.L.A., 3 lsecre- taryj, 4 ipresidentl. She can type any letter There is no one any better. The Students Most Likely to Succeed Barclay Collins and Cathy Roth JANET CLARA BREAM janet Academic G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4g G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 43 Maroon and White, 4, Junior High His- torians, lg French Club, 3. This tall gal is Judy's twin Always together through thick and thin. JUDITH GRACE BREAM Judy Academic G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Cabinet, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4s Maroon and White, 4, Junior High Histo- rians, 1. Full of charm and lots of grace A smile is always on her face. MONTSERRAT CASTELLS M ontsy A cademic Instituto Nacional de Ensenanza Media, Luis cle Peguera, 1, 2g Choir, 43 Spanish Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 45 Na- tional Honor Society, 4. This smiling Spanish senorita Is very pleasant and "muy honitaf' MARTHA CI-IARLENE CHAMBERS Martha Academic Kenmore Junior High School, 15 Class Oflicer lsecretaryl, 3, 45 Play Cast, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 3, 45 National Thespians, 45 Cannon-Aid, 4 leditorl 5Jour- nalism Club, 25 Dramatics Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 45 National Honor Society, 4. A real smart cookie who's going to go places Wherever she is there're bright happy faces. Josam-1 ALBERT CLAYBAUGH, JR. Joe General Basketball, 15 Band, 1, 25 Checker Club, 15 Stage Craft Club, 35 Auto Mechanics Club, 4. A real nice boy, on the drums he's neat There isn't a rhythm that he can't heat. GERALD LEROY CLEVELAND Jerry General Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir, 25 Typing Club, Z5 Shop Service Club, 3. H ere's a guy with lots of dash Who has a car that sure does flash. EDWINA JOY CODDINGTON joy General Susquehanna High School, 15 Cannon-Aid, 45 Dramatics Club, 2, 3. Friendly and charminglittle lass Enjoys those jokes in P.D. class. JENNINGS BARCLAY COLLINS Barclay Academic Student Council, 1 lpresidentj, 2, 3 ltreasurerl, 45 Play Cast, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, l, 2, 3, 4 fpresiclentl 5 National Thespians, 2, 3 lvice ptesidentj, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, Z, 3, 45 Dance Band, 1, 2, 35 Maroon and White, 2, 3, 45 Cannon- Aicl, 45 Coin Club, 15 Student Play Directing, 2, 35 National Honor Society, 4. Barclay is an all around guy We're proud he went to Gettys- burg High. WILLIAM ROBERT COLVARD, JR. Crunch Vocational Agriculture Coin Club, 15 F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 lvice presidentJ. Tall, blonde, well-mannered, too He always has a friendly word for you. DAVID WILLIAM COSHUN Slug Vocational Agriculture Football, 1, 35 Track, 1, 3, 45 F.F.A., 1 lassistant presidentj, 2, 3 ltteasurerj, 4 fsecretaryl. A jiery temper and muscles has he A future farmer he wants to he. RICHARD GORDON CRIST Dick Academic Class Olllcer, 2 lvice presidentJ5 Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 45 Track, 1, 25 Choir, 15 Ma- roon and White, 45 Cannon- Aicl, 4 fsports eclitorlg Hi-Y, 2 lpresidentlg Varsity Club, 4. A real neat hoy with a '61 car And as a dentist he'll go far. JANE ELIZABETH CRONE Ianey Academic Student Council, 15 Play Com- mittees, 35 Choir, 15 Cannon- Aicl, 45 Library Club, 1, 25 Spanish Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. Within this girl a friendly spirit prevails And with good prom decora- tions she never fails. KEITH ELWOOD CROUSE Keith General Archery Club, lg Shop Serv- ice Club, 2g Auto Mechanics Club, 4. With Civil War news he is ,quite handy With girls and cars he is quite a dandy. FAYNE MAE CULP Fayne General Choir, 1, 25 Majorettes, 1, Z, 35 Dramatics Club, 1, 2, 3. When you walk into a room, you know she's there. She has bright sparkling eyes and pretty blonde hair. JAMES CAREY DAVIES C. H. Davies Academic Athletic Representative, 45 Foot- ball, 1, 3, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Play Com- mittees, 3, 43 Mask and Wig, 3, 4g Cannon-Aid, 45 Coin Club, lg Audio-Visual Club, 2, 3, 4. A blonde-haired boy who knows a lot about sound. There is never a dull moment when he's around. The Best Student Athletes jim McCleaf and fudy Singley JAMES HERBERT DECKERT Jim General Football, Zg Baseball, 2, 45 Shop Service Club, 1, 2, 33 Auto Mechanics Club, 4. With girls he's never a quitter In baseball he's quite a hitter. DRUSILLA JANE DEITCH Dru Academic Student Council, 23 Play Com- mittees, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Cannon-Aid, 43 Coin Club, lg Spanish Club, 3. A's and B's she will always see She's certain to succeed wherever she'll he. SHERRI LYNN DEITZ Sherri General Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club, lg F.B.L.A., 35 Art Club, 4. With her dark brown hair and her flirtatious smile, She almost makes the day worth- while, M 1e i, RONALD LESLIE DETTINBURN Red: General Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3 ltreas- urerj. Our Izzy Ron, red-headed and ta I Does wonder: with a basketball. KAREN ELISSA DIRNER Karey Academic Lock Haven Senior High School, 1, 2, 3. New arrival to Gettysburg High We're glad she didn't pas: us by. SUSAN LOUISE DRACHA jose General G.A.A., 1, 23 Choir, 1, 2. Never a dull moment when Sue's around 5 The center of attention wherever she's found. THOMAS DUANE Dewey Academic Football, 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4g Baseball, 3, 43 Track, lg Cannon-Aid, 43 Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club, 4g Civil War Round Table, 4. Sports should be his middle name, With a tiny pigslein he won his fame. CHARLES WILLIAM DUTROW Bill Vocational Agriculture F.F.A., 3, 4 lpresidentj. As presiding officer of the F.F.A. He learns more about farming every day. ' FRANCIS VICTOR DUTROW Fran Vocational Agriculture F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. This friendly boy we're sure will be A farmer with proficiency. SUSAN 'CAROLE ECKER Suzi Commercial Choir, lg Dramatics Club, lg Library Service Club, 25 Civil War Round Table, 4. A more personable girl, there will never be, But :he :till likes the Can- federacy. LARRY ALLEN ECKERT Spud: General Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Track, lg Hi-Y, 1, 2, Varsity Club, 4. With his powerful pitching arm He certainly does the team no harm. RODNEY MAURICE FAIR Rod General Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 1, Z, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 1, 39 Shop Service Club, 23 Varsity Club, 4. He excels in football and track For these sports he has a knack. BETTY ANN FERRELL Betty Academic Shippensburg High School, ls Martha Falconer High School, 2, 33 Civil Wat Rouncl Tahle, 4. Hailing from Philly, this new addition to our school Determines to make good grades as a rule. ' PAUL Lao FITZWATBR Leo General Russian Language Club, 23 Spanish Club, 3. This fellow has a ready wit, ln school affairs he does his bit. MARY FRANCES FLICKINGER Flick General G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Civil War Round Table, 4. This lass is not very tall, But she really gets an the ball. I The Friendliest Students Tom Duane and Martha Chambers MARTHA JANE FOOTE Marty Academic Class Oilicer, 1 ltreasurerlg Play Committees, 33 Cannon-Aid, 43 Spanish Club, 3. This soft-spoken girl has lots of fun With a sweet smile for everyone. SAUNDRA RAY FOUST Sandy Academic Student Council, 33 Play Com- mittees, 33 Choir, 1, 3, 43 Band, 23 Maroon and White, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 4i Cannon- Aicl, 43 Spanish Club, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4. lust as sweet as candy That's our gal Sandy. JUDITH ANN FUNT Judy General G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Council, 1, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4. Office work fills this girl's day, And she rounds it out with G.A.A. EQ JAMES GREEN Jim Vocational Agriculture Model Club, 15 Checker Club, Z5 Coin Club, 35 F.F.A., 4. Future farmer and proud to be He does his job well with dignity. LINDEN WILLIAM GREEN Linden General Student Council, 15 Football, 35 Choir, I, 2, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. A nice young man who never speaks in haste He does his work well and lays nothing to waste. PATSY JEAN GULDEN Pat Commercial F.B.L.A., 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. Acting out a skit in English class Brings fond memories to this quiet lass. LINDA JEAN HAMILTON Lirmy General Play Committee, 3, 45 Choir, 15 Cannon-Aid, 45 Dramatics Club, 2, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. With decorations she's very clever Proms and dances will be for- gotten never. CON NIE MINERVA HARTMAN Connie Academic G.A.A., 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 45 Maroon and White, 4 lnews editorj 5 Quill and Scroll, 45 Red Cross Council, 1, 2, 3 lpresi- dentJ5 F.T.A., 2, 3, 4. A future teacher she hopes to he She served her school faithfully. EDWARD WILLIAM HEISER Squeeze Academic Class Oflice, 1 lvice presidentl, 3 ltreasurerjg Student Council, 45 Basketball, 25 Track, 1, 25 Play Committee, 35 Cannon- Aid, 4 laclvertising managerJ5 Hi-Y, 1, 25 Spanish Club, 3. A whiz with Trig and a pretty girl, too There are no limits to what he can do. ROBERT HUMPHREY HELDT Bob A cad emic Student Council, 1 5 Cannon- Aid, 4 lbusiness managerjg Coin Club, 15 Russian Club, 25 Spanish Club, 35 Mask and Wig, 4. Knows a lat about cars and languages, too He's a smart young man with success in view. BONNIE LEE HESS Bonnie Academic Play Committee, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Dra- matics Club, 2, 35 F.T.A., 2, 3, 45 Civil War Round Table, 4. A hrorvn-haired girl with lots of style She wants to be a teacher and that's worthwhile. GERALD LEE HESS Jerry Academic Student Council, 1, 25 Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4 lmanagerjg Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y, 1, 25 Civil War Round Table, 4 lvice presidentl. Now here's a very nice guy Even though he's a hit shy. DALE JAY I-IIKES Tex Academic Football, lg Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y, 1, 2gLab Science Club, 3. A clean cut boy in Physics Class He studies well and certainly will pass. EDGAR LAVERE HOPE Ed General Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track, 3, 49 Auto Mechanics Club, 4. In sports this boy can show them how In mechanics, too, he makes his bow. JUDITI-I ANN HOFE Judy Commercial G.A.A., 1, 25 Play Committee, Zg Choir, lg Cannon-Aid, 43 Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. Any six-footer's delight Because of her small height. The Best Agriculture and Home Economics Students David Coshun and Elva Valentine GWENDOLYN VIRGINIA HOLLABAUGH Ginny General G.A.A., lg Pen Pal Club, 25 Russian Language Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. This gal is small and very sweet Makes friends with whomever she may meet. JOHN CHARLES HOLOKA H ons A cademic Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3g Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Track, lg Choir, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4 fbusiness managerlg Can- non-Aid, 45 I-li-Y, 1, 2, 3 lvice presiclentlg Civil War Round Table, 4 itreasurerl. A handsome captain of the foot- ball team Humorous, friendly, and full of steam. SHARON EVELYN HORNOR Sharon Academic Boiling Springs High School, 1, 25 Play Committee, 3, 4s Mask and Wig, 43 Choir, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4 fnews eclitorjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Cannon- Aid, 4g Dramarics Club, 3 ipresiclentjg F.T.A., 4. This little bo-peep .Writes newspaper heads in her sleep. DORIS JANE HOWERY jane Academic G.A.A., lg Dramatics Club, 2, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. A red headed pixie From way down in dixie. BONITA ANN HUGHES Bonnie General Play Cast, 3, 4g Mask and Wig, 3, 49 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Coin Club, lg Dramatics Club, 2, F.T.A., 2, 3. An actress who is cute and pert With the lvoys she likes to flirt. LYDIA BLANCHE IMLER Lydia Academic Class Ofhce, 1 lpresidentlg Stu- dent Council, 1, 23 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 4 leditor in chiefjg Quill and Scroll, 4g Cannon-Aid, 45 Ping- Pong Club, 13 Journalism Club, 2, Civil War Round Table, 4g National Honor Society, 4. Late reporters give her the blues But she always gets out the monthly news. RICHARD OWEN JACOBY Jake General Coin Club, Ig Civil War Round Table, 4. In the air his future he'll claim On theground he'll do the same. BERNARD EUGENE KECKLER Bernie Academic Basketball, 2, Band, 1, Z, 3, 4g Hi-Y Club, 3, 4. At making us laugh he is a whiz Everyone marvels at that 'Wit of his. IRENE PATRICIA KELLER Irene Vocational Home Economics Pen Pal Club, lg Library Service Club, 25 F.H.A., 3, 4 lvice presidentj. Whether it's making cookies or baking bread She'll see that her family is kept well fed. GLADYS LOUISE KIDWELL Kitty Commercial Carlisle High School, lg Can- non-Aid, 4g Civil War Round Table, 4. Loyal, kind, and pleasant, too She helps us out with all we do. DORIS JEAN KIESSLIN G Doris General G.A.A., 15 Play Committee, 35 Dramatics Club, 1, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4. Blonde hair and blue eyes Has no trouble collecting guys. CAROLYN MAE KIME Kim Academic Class OHice, 4 lvice presidentjg Student Council, Ig G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Play Committee, 3, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Maroon and White, 3, 49 Quill and Scroll, 43 Can- non-Aid, 4, Coin Club, 15 jour- nalism Club, 23 Spanish Club, 33 Civil Wat Round Table, 4. Always talking and lots of fun "Miss Congeniality" is the title she's won. DOROTHY DURBORAW KINT Dotty A cademic Class President, 25 Student Council, l, Z5 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 43 Play Cast, 3g Mask and Wig, 3g Choir, 1, 2, 35 Band, 1, Z, 3g Maroon and White, 3, 4g Span- ish Club, 3. Full of sweetness and kind to all There's always a smile when she goes Jmvn the hall. RICHARD ALLEN KITZMILLER Kitzie A cademic Basketball, lg Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Civil War Round Table, 4. He plays baritone in the high school hand, And if he can't do it, no one can. JUDY MAY KUNKEL Judy Academic Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 4g Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, 4 Qcap- tainjg Campus Improvement Club, lg Dramatics Club, 2, 3. As captain she leads us in our cheers Medical Secretary is her future, it appears. The Most Comical Students Sue Dracha and john Hololza JANET ELAINE KURTZ Kurtzie Commercial Dramatics Club, 1, 33 Library Service Club, 2. Friendliness and lively spirit are her traits Always kind and courteous to her classmates. THOMAS ROY KUYKENDALL Tivanger Commercial Football, 1, Z, 43 Archery Club, -Ig Laboratory Science Club, 3. A mighty fine player on the football team He's got lots of heart and is on the beam. ALAN BRAY KYNOR Buzz . Academic Here's a fellow lean and tall Everyone knows he's on the hall. WILLIAM JAMES LITTLE Bill General Delone High School, 2, 3, Foot- ball, lg Track, 45 Coin Club, 1. He's a real cute boy who likes to play ball He appears to be congenial and friendly to all. EDWIN SNYDER LONGANECKER, JR. Snyde Academic Football, 1, Basketball, 2, Choir, 1, 2, 33 Band, 1, 2, 35 Maroon and White, 3, 4 lphotographerjg Quill and Scroll, 4, Cannon- Aid, 4 lphotographerlg Trop- ical Fish Club, lg Coin Club, Z. The photographer for the Ma- roon and White Smile and say "cheese" when he's in sight. DAVID BENSON LOTT Dave Academic Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Com- mittees, 3, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 49 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Coin Club, lg Spanish Club, 23 Laboratory Science Club, 33 Cannon-Aid, 4. A good-lookin' boy, kind of quiet and shy, He's a top notch student and a real nice guy. JOHN CHARLES LOTT John Academic Class Office, 3 lvice presiclentlg Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4 lvice presidentlg Choir, 1, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 lpresiclentjg Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 lco-sports editorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lvice presiclentlg Cannon-Aid, 4 lco-photographerlg National Honor Society, 4. A real smart boy with lots of style And in our class he's most ' versatile. JAMES DOUGLAS McCLEAF Jim General Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Science Club, 3g Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4. ,lim is the dark-haired lad Who started the touchdown fad. LINDA ANN MCCLEAF Linda Commercial Student Council, lg G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 43 Dra- matics Club, 1, 25 Cheerleaders, 2, 3, 4 lco-captainlg Maroon and White, 3, 43 Quill ancl Scroll, 4. Her uniform is Maroon and White Her cheer is "Fight Team Fight." RICHARD MCCLEAF Frenchie General Football, 1, 33 Track, 2, 33 Audio-Vsiual Club, 3g Hi-Y, 4. Short and French, he gets his name On the cinders he'll get his fame. LYNNE LOUISE MCCOY Lynnie Academic G.A.A., 4, Play Committees, 3g Mask and Wig, 4, Dramatics Club, 2, 3, Civil Wat Round Table, 4. She has quietness as her -way But she's in there fighting for G.A.A. JAY HOWARD 5 MCKENRICK Iay General Laboratory Science Club, 3. So handsome and friendly is this guy So full of fun and not a bit shy. JOHN BRUCE MACLAY, JR. 10511 Academic Class OEce, 4 lpresidentlg Stu- dent Council, 4g Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4s Maroon and White, 3, 4 fco-feature eclitorjg Cannon-Aid, 4g and Scroll, 3, 45 Stamp Club, lg Journalism Club, 23 Labora- tory Science Club, 35 National Honor Society, 4. A future chemist who likes to write As Co-feature Editor for the Maroon and White. LARRY McCREA MICKLEY Mick General Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 43 Ping-Pong, lg Hi-Y, 2, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. A shy guy off the field But on the gridiron he 1von't yield. BARBARA KAY MILLER Barb Academic G.A.A., 3, 4g Play Committees, 35 Mask and Wig, 4g Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club, 2, French Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. The other half of the blue-eyed twins With her giggles many friends she wins. The Most Talkative Students Richard McCleaf and Carolyn Kime BONNIE FAYE MILLER Bonnie Academic G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Com- mittees, 3g Mask and Wig, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club, Z5 French Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. Only by her more sporty whims Can she he told from her sister twin. HOWARD LUTHER MILLER Lefty General Football, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Track, 1, Z, 3g Campus Im- provement Club, lg Checker Club, 2g Hi-Y, 4. Basketball is his favorite game He is in our hall of fame. RUTH ANN MILLER Bubbles Commercial Typing Club, 23 Bulletin Board Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. A typist of the first degree She's a girl who always agrees. WILLIAM JOSEPH MOSSER, III Bill Vocational Agriculture Football, 2, F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Often :een on a tractor Plowing fields is an important factor. JERRY REED NETH jerry Academic Track, 4g Play Cast, 3s Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Band, 1, 2, 33 Span- ish Club, lg Hi-Y, Z, 3 lChap- lainl. On the land, sea, or in the air If there's any trouble you know he': been there. GARY LYNE NETT Emlexs General Football, 1, 3, 45 Track, 2, 35 Auclio-Visual Club, lg Archery Club, Zg Hi-Y, 3. Our football team'.v right end A :mile to all he'll lend. KAREN SHEILA PARKER Sheila Academic G.A.A., 2, 3, Play Cast, 3g Mask and Vfig, 3, Journalism Club, 2. On her horxer :he like: to ride While writing poetry on the side. RITA LUCILLE PI-IEIL Rita Vocational Home Economic: F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 lvice pres- identj. A very active girl in F.H.A. She can do anything short of lzaling hay. WILLIAM PAUL PINKO Bill General Football, 3g Basketball, 1gTrack, 2, 3, 43 Tropical Fish Club, lg Coin Club, 2. Here': a fellow with lots of pep In track he's really hep. IRA LUTHER PLANK Ira General Football, lg Mask and Wig, 3, 45 Red Cross Council, 1, 2, 33 Stage Craft Club, 3, 4. Big hearted guy with a friendly laugh A real bug on stage craft. CONNIE LEE PLITT Tex Academic Central York High School, 13 Maroon and White, 4. This pretty girl with greenish eye Has her mind on a certain guy. JANE KATHRYN POTTORFF Janie General Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Science Club, 1, 2, 4. Library experience can help her track Any hook that you may lack. EDNA ANN PRESLEY Eddie Commercial Gray High School, 1, 23 Bul- letin Board Club, 3. West Virginny is this gal's homeland A sharp, Southern dialect she'll always command. ELAINE RUTH PROSSER Elaine Academic Student Council, 4g G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. Cabinet, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and Whim, 3, 4 lco-sports editorlg Quill and Scroll, 45 F.T.A., 2, 3 lsecretaryl , 4 lpresidentj 3 Span- ish Club, 2, 3 lvice presidentjg N'ational Honor Society, 4. This year's President of F.T.A. Any sport she'd like to play. AMELIA ANN REBERT M e Me General Cannon-Aid, 45 Dramatics Club, lg Typing Club, 23 Bulletin Board Club, 35 Civil Wa: Round Table, 4. She's always helpful and does her share And for art she has a certain flair. The Biggest Flirts Judy Weishaar and Dick Crist MICHAEL ANTHONY REDDING Mike Vocational Agriculture choir, lg F.F.A., 2, 3, 4. A lively boy with lots of zest In ftzming he'll be one of the est. ROSEMARY REDDING Rosy Commercial Bulletin Board Club, 3. This dark-haired lass Is a whiz in Shorthand class. PHILIP LEE IQEDMAN Phil A cademic Student Council, 23 Football, lg Basketball, lg Track, 2, 3, 43 Play Cast, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 45 Maroon and White, Z, 3, 43 Tropical Fish Club, lg Spanish Club, 2, 3. As circulation manager for the Maroon and White He arranges those ads so they fit just right. ELLIS HARVEY RENTZEL, JR. Iunie Vocational A gricul ture F.F.A., 1 lassistant secretaryl, 2, 3, 4 ltreasurerl. Around the farm you'll final this lad When he's with you, you're never sad. LUXIE ANN RILEY Lux Academic G.A.A., 13 Cannon-Aid, 45 F.T.A., 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. In the crystal ball we see a teacher Possessing kindness as a main feature. CATHARINE ELLEN ROTH Cathy Academic Student Council, 2, 39 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 43 Play Cast, 3, 45 Maslc and Wig, 3, 4, National Thespians, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 laccompanistlg Maroon and White, 3, 4 lfea- ture eclitorjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lpresiclentlg National Honor Society, 4. A wonderful actress upon the stage Also adds color to the feature page. BETTY RAMONA RUDISILL Betty Vocational Home Economics F.H.A., 1, 2, 3 ltreasurerl, 4. Cooking will some day he This girl's most important duty. EARL JAMES RUDISILL Slim General Coin Club, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. A real swell guy 1vho's nice to everyone When "Slim's" around you sure have fun, '5' LYMAN DWIGHT SCI-WVARTZ Lemon General Mask and Wig, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 35 Mechanical Drawing Club, 1, 25 Stage Craft Club, 3, 4. In music, stage work, and M. D. This guy works enthusiastically. GEORGE LEE SCOTT Scotty General Audio-Visual Club, 2. In shop "Scotty" shines Mid the paint and turpentine. JAMES MORRIS SCOTT jim Academic Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4g Cannon-Aid, 4g Dramatics Club, Z5 Russian Language Club, 3. He plays his tuba in the band And never asks for a helping hand. HARRY THOMAS SEASE, JR. Hernie General Football, 13 Choir, l, 25 Auto Mechanic Club, 4. His sense of humor makes him a clown And when he's near no one will frown. JACK MATTHEW SEASE .lack General Thurmont, Md. - Thurman: High School, 1, 2, 3. A new addition to our school, Working with cars, he's no fool. PEGGY ROSE SHANER Peggy Commercial French Club, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. She likes nothing complicated or full of frivolity A future secretary she wants to be. DONALD HARVEY SHARRAH Dan Vocational Agriculture F.F.A., 1, 2,'3, 4. A more quiet lad will never he found lt's so seldom that he utters a sound. The Quietest S tudents Patsy Gulden and Donald Sharrah DARLA JEAN SHAULL Jeanie Commercial F.B.L.A., 4 ltreasurerj. This secretary is efficient and always on the hall She has a real cute smile and is friendly to all. DOROTHY MARIE SHINDLEDECKER Dottie General G.A.A., 1, 23 Dramatics Club, 25 Typing Club, 3g F.B.L.A., 4. So very short and so 'very sweet With a lively smile that is hard to heat. KERMIT RAYMOND SHINDLEDECKER Kerm General Auto Mechanics Club, 4 lpresi- clentj . With cars he is a time spender Fixing a window, wheel or fender. OE?-a an L-2,2 JUDY LEE SINGLEY Judy Commercial G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 13 Civil War Round Table, 4. Among her delights are G.A.A. sports She's a skillful player on our G.H.S. courts. DONNA LEAH ROSE SMITH Donna A cademic G.A.A., 3, 45 Play Committees, 33 Mask and Wig, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 4g Spanish Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. This gal is full of kindness and joviality A mighty fine nurse she'll someday be. DEAN HARLAN STEINER Steine General Play Cast, 3, Mask and Wig, 3, 45 Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, I-Ii-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4. This young man is a real nice guy Thanks to him we have Senior Hi-Y. L MARGARET MURRAY STEINIGER Peggy Academic Play Committees, 3g Cannon- Aid, 4 lieature eclitorjg Jour- nalism Club, 23 Spanish Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. A nicer girl would be hard to ind, She's got responsibility and is never behind. LLOYD A. STERNER, JR. Lloyd General Coin Club, 1, Civil War Round Table, 4. Short guy who's quiet and shy Any task he's 'willing to try. MAYNARD ROBERT STUCKEY, JR. Stuck General Football, 1, Z, 33 Track, 2, 3, 4, Choir, lg Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4. This clean-cut boy has many friends, His work in athletics never ends. CHARLES EDWARD SWOPE Charlie General Football, 1, 3, Track, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. He jigures out problems without paper or rule Probably one of the best math students in school. JOAN MARIE TAWNEY joanie Commercial Play Committees, 3, 4g Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Ping-Pong Club, '15 Typing Club, 2, F.B.L.A., 3 ltreasurerJ, 4. Give her a typewriter and let her go She 'won't stop working until you say so. DOROTHY JEANNE THARP Dorothy Academic Play Committees, 33 Journalism Club, 2, Russian Language Club, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. Her temperament makes her like to argue And with "Prof" many discus- 'sions she does pursue. MARILYN WELLS THOMAS Toni Academic Play Committees, 3, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 3. She's our dancer full of grace Tall in stature, cute in face. FREDERICK JAMES TILBERG Frog Agriculture-Academic Track, 2, 3, 4 fmanagerlg Play Cast, 35 Mask and Wig, 4 lvice presidentlg Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4g Hi-Y, 13 F.F.A., 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. His speech on Soil Conservation Won him acclaim thru the Nation. CAROL JEAN TRIVITT Jeanie Vocational Home Economics F.H.A., 1, 2, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. A future homemaker she's sure to be If you don't agree just wait and see. The Most Musical Students Guy Weikert and Eileen Zeigler 'JOSEPH RICHARD UTZ, JR. ' Dick Gene ral Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 1, Z, 35 Track, 1, 2, 33 Var- sity Club, 2, 3, 4. It is in sports that this guy thrives For a winning score he always strives. ELVA MAE VALENTINE Elvis Vocational Home Economics Choir, lg F.H.A., 1, 2 ftreas- urerj, 3. Some day a good homemaker she will make Because a vocational course she did take. SHELBY LEONA WADDELL Shelby Commercial Richard Montgomery High School, 1, 23 Play Committees, 3, F.B.L.A., 35 Civil War Round Table, 4 fsecretaryl. From South of Mason-Dixon Line That Rebel charm is her sign. NANCY JEANETTE WASHINGTON Nancy Commercial G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4g Choir, 1. As a secretary she,ll go a long, long way Performing her chores each and every day. CHERYL ELAINE WEAVER Cherkie General G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4g G. A. A. Cabinet, 4 fsectetarylg Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4g Ping-Pong Club, 1, Red Cross Council, 3 ltreas- urerjg Civil War Round Table, 4, F. T. A., 1, 2, 3. In hockey, basketball, or games of any sort She gives the team her utmost support. ALLEN RICHARD WEIKERT Dick A cademic Class Oflice, 4 ltreasuretjg Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4g Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Stamp Club, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. With musical ability Dick is blessed For G-burg High he has always done his best. GUY WILBUR WEIKERT Guy Academic Student Council, 1, 4 fptesi- dentjg Basketball, 1, 2, Play Cast, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 3, 4, National Tbespians, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, I, Z, 3, 45 Maroon and White, 45 Cannon-Aid, 43 Hi-Y, 35 Na- tional Honor Society, 4. Heads the government of our school And with the girls he is real cool. LARRY GRANT WEIKERT M ousie General Football, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. "Mousie" is the name he's known by most Of a pleasing personality he can boast. J UDITH LOUISE WEISHAAR Judy Academic G.A.A., lg Choir, 1, Major- ettes, 3, 4 lheadjg Cannon-Aid, 45 Dramatics Club, 2, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. This red-haired girl is really grand You'll always find her at the head of the band. GARY BRANDON WHITE Rabbit General Football, 4, Basketball, Z, 43 Baseball, 4g Hi-Y, 43 Civil War Round Table, 4. "Rabbit" is this chap's common name For this and politeness he has Won his fame. JANET ELIZABETH WHITE Janet Academic Student Council, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 fpresiclentlg Play Committees, 3, Mask and Wig, 49 Maroon and White, 4g Quill and Scroll, 4g Cannon-Aicl, 4g National Honor Society, 4. Roses were given to this queen When she reigned at Halloween. CONWAY SCOTT WILLIAMS, JR. Conway Academic Play Committees, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 45 Choir, 13 Cannon- Aid, 4g Audio-Visual Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 finstructorl. This l2oy's a whiz around the stage Cars and electronics are his rage. CARL GIRBERT WOERNER Carl Vocational Agriculture F.F.A., 1, 2 lassistant treasurerJ, 3 lsentinelj, 4 lconductorJ. Here's a boy who rates an A For faithful service in F.F.A. SHELVY JEAN WOERNER Shelvy Academic Play Committees, 35 Red Cross Council, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. A Spanish Club picnic she'll always remember And her senior year which he- gan in September. BARBARA ELIZABETH YINGLING Barb Vocational Home Economics F.H.A., 1, 2 fsecretaryl, 3 fsecretaryJ, 4. As a future homemaker she's the best Her future cooking will pass the test. DORIS JEAN YINGLING Doris Academic Class Office, 2 fsecretarylg Choir, 1, 3, 43 Band, 1, 25 Maroon and White, 45 Cannon- Aicl, 45 Coin Club, Ig Spanish Club, Zg Bulletin Board Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. As a reporter for the Maroon and White She digs for the news with all her might. EILEEN SUSANNE ZEIGLER Eileen Academic Class Ofiice, 3 fpresidentjg Stu- dent Council, 1, 2, 33 Play Committees, 3g Mask and Wig, 3, 4 fsecretaryjg Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Majorettes, 45 Maroon and White, 4 fnews editorJg Quill and Scroll, 4 fsecretarylg Cannon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 3, 43 Civil War Round Table, 4g National Honor So- ciety, 4. Voted the most musical girl in the class Her sweetness and charm are hard to surpass. The Most Versatile Students Janet White and John Lott ff... N,1 E ..anW1 f First Row, left to right: V. Bowling, R. Bowling, S. Colclsmith, B. Allison, A. Bream, A. Christophersen, R. Coshun, M. Bucher. Second Row: Brooks, R. Carbaugh, C. Bushey, Culp, L. Bowers, R. Bowers, L. Clapsacldle. Third Row: R. Biesecker, Briclenclolph, R. Baker, T. Collins, D. Breighner, R. Coddington, W. Clapsaddle Fourth Row: R. Beeler, K. Baumgarclner, K. Bigham, C. Crone, W. Bowling, D. Appler, D. Callahan. Not in Picture: Brown, R. Carey, B. Beard. First Row, left to right: C. Dettinbum, F. I-less, M. Dirzler, K. Heifran, Gulden, B. Davis, Dubs. Second Row: C. Dillman, C. Fetter, F. Eyler, R. Holland, C. Hostecter, S. Gaston, S. Fox. Third Row: I-I. Dick, G. Dick, C. Forsythe, E. Heimerer, D. Freed, I. Glenny, Hoover. Fourth Row: R. Doaks, Fox, C. Fritz, T. Gilbert, L. Helwig, W. Geiman, I-Iartzel. Not in Picture: E. Deatriclc, B. Glenn, T. Goshorn, Doersom, R. Eiker. First'RoW, left to right: S. Nett, E. Hull, C. Kim, G. Maltese, E. Jordan, Kime, W. McFeaters. Second Row: A. Neal, D. Little, C. Baker, W. Kennell, G. McDannell, W. Larmer, R. Kuykendall, A Knouse. Third Row: R. Leatherman, J. Myers, E. Leatherman, K. Neely, J. Lupp, M. Maring, L. Legore, T Miller. Fourth Row: D. jones, D. Miller, W. Lutz, G. Nelson, L. Keefer, Longaneclcer, D. Miller, H. Mc- Dannell. Not in Picture: Jeffcoat, G. Ketterman, D. McKenzie. ADVISERS Mr. Allen Gray, Miss Mary Quigley l L OFFICERS Seated: Sandy Coldsmith ftreasurerj, Peggy Ditz- ler fsecretaryj. Standing: Conway Bushey fvice-presidentj, Richard Schubart fpresidentj. -migu1n.n:nf:ug:f11n-lar wins nu-innli 4 First Row, left to right: D. Shade, F. Poole, M. Sanders, S. Reed, E. Price, L. Raffensperger, M. Sargeant, M Rich. Second Row: Schwartz, E. Shelleman, M. Shultz, M. Peterson, A. Ruclcelshaus, V. Rider, P. Shultz, R Shultz. Third Row: G. Redding, P. Plank, M. Shealer, G. Plank, R. Schwartz, R. Shade, Paddock, R. Rosenberger. Fourth Row: A. Newell, L. Schartiger, Redding, P. Olson, G. Reimer, C. Root, W. Shindledeclcer, R. Schubart Not in Picture: H. Ray, P. Riggs. Forward march! The junior class under the brilliant command of unoiiicial class sponsor, Colo- nel Jacob M. Sheads, took its customary lead in field maneuvers this year. With a burst of driving energy, the juniors soundly defeated the Seniors in . the fall magazine drive, poclceting ap- proximately one thousand dollars as a re- sult of their perseverance and hard work. Mid-term found members of the class anxiously awaiting both the arrival of col- lege board results and class rings. Careful plans were being laid out for the spring prom. After varsity pledge initiation day, dur- ing which junior boys carried innumer- able stacks of books and picked up count- less pieces of waste paper for seniors, the tired initiates were already scheming re- venge for next year's batch of boys. In the early spring the class play gave juniors a chance to exhibit their artistic and dramatic talents. Excellent planning for the junior-Sem ior Spring Prom brought the furious ac- tivity of this year's class to a highly enter- taining and successful climax. Varsity Club Pledge Day signifes bard work, candy bars, and demerits to junior initiates. Tom Collins seems to he pleased with the college boards results which Miss Louise Ramer, guidance counselor, has shown him. JUNIOR CLASS First Row, left to right: S. Wetzel, D. Wolff, L. Trostle Second Row: W. Skidmore, S. Witherow, K. Skidmorei Third Row: L. Sterner, S. Wise, D. Valentine, E. Swan Fourth Row: Waite, S. Shuyler, G. Trostle, K. Singley: juniors, Barbara Beard and Sandy Coldsmith, proudly display their shiny new rings to fellow classmates Dick Simpson and Ed Zeigler. B. Speelman, D. Stone, B. Smith, J. Walhay, P. Tawney. R. Simpson, R. Spangler, R. Eiker, C. Sprigg, R. Smith. B. Beard, D. Woodward, L. Smith, F. Wilde. E. Zeigler, T. Whittinghill, M. Wagner, W. Stouclc. l- mg am m:mmsan1 SOPHOMOR l First Row, left to right: S. Bowers, B. Chaplin, A. Bucher, E. Chaplin, Cassatt, D. Chapman. Second Row: L. Angell, D. Bucher, S. Clapsaddle, E. Altoif, R. Carey, L. Bream, Cool. Third Row: A. Bushman, R. Carbaugh, T. Bulleit, N. Bow, R. Barb, E. Bigham, Bream. Fourth Row: P. Adams, S. Bloom, R. Britcher, Biggins, M. Cartzendafner, R. Baumgardner, W. Benson. . Not in Picture: M. Carson. First Row, left to right: R. Cullison, R. Fairman, L. Cowan, Dellinger, M. Dorr, B. Ditchhurn, Freed. Second Row: R. Deitch, L. Flohr, L. Cronlund C. Cullison, L. Gillard, Crone, M. Crabhs. Third Row: D. Dick, R. Flohr, Forsythe, D. Dove, D. Deardorff, S. Gastley, E. Elledge. Fourth Row: C. Fisher, R. Deitz, R. Gilbert, R. Doersom, Z. Goshorn, Eiker, D. Doyle. Not in Picture: R. Crandall, C. Eyler, R. Forty, P. Geyer. CLASS First Row, left to right: Hess, C. Greiner, R. Hollabaugh, W. Gulclen, V. Greenwald, D. Her ring, H. Guise. Second Row: L. Helwig, S. Hartman, B. Hay, M. Hartman, S. Hull, T. Henniger, K. Gotwalt, G. Hartman. Third Row: D. Hockey, N. Helfriclc, V. Hoffman, S. Hoalc, P. Heflin, D. Greenawalt, Guise B. Hartman. Fourth Row: D. Heagey, M. Green, J. Hoffman, R. Hartzell, E. Hoak, G. Guise, H. Hartman. 5 I First Row, left to right: P. Leatherman, E. Jackson, D. Lord, D. Keckler, B. Kann, L. Keckler. Second Row: P. Kump, G. Kujovich, L. Legore, F. Keys, D. Koontz, W. Keefer, D. King, R. Jones. Third Row: Kammerer, N. Kuhn, M. Kerlin, B. Johnson, A. Karrasch, G. Kump, D. Kennell. Fourth Row: W. Jones, S. Kelley, L. Johnson, K. Kime, T. Kelly, E. Kump, Kunkel. Not in Picture: M. Kelly. First Row, left to right: R. Miller, L. McDannell, S. McCrorie, S. Moritz, S. Monn, C. Plank, C. McCleaf. Second Row: Plank, B. Mosser, C. Miller, K. McDonnell, D. Mumper, C. McCans. Third Row: R. Mickley, Newman, M. Nutter, L. McFeaters, K. Newman, K. McCullough. Fourth Row: G. Martin, J. Newell, Nett, Mcllhenny, Orndorff, L. Miller, S. Nimtz. Not in Picture: R. Newman, Null. SOPHOMORE First Row. left to right: M. Shorb, K. Shindleclecker, L. Rinehart, S. Shultz, Potter, L. Presley, Rose, G. Strausbaugh. Second Row: Shultz, V. Plank, S. Riflle, S. Shriver, B. Reecl, M. Singer, E. Schultz. Third Row: D. Shriver, H. Riclinger, S. Rohrbaugh, B. Sease, D. Shull, Redding, R. Reaves Fourth Row: R. Selby D. Schwenk, Riley, T. Shealer, Saum, R. Sietz. Not in Picture: P. Plank. First Row, left to right: Tully, C. Valentine, Taughinbaugh, S. Tauscher, 'C. Stone, N. Stevens, R. Swisher. Second Row: Trent, L. Speelman, Toms, Tuckey, B. Taclcett, M. Spidle, Topper. Third Row: S. Spranlcle, E. Tilberg, Tawney, M. Treas, M. Stone, R. Sowers. Fourth Row: R. Tharp, C. Sleichter, C. Tipton, R. Stokes, J. Teeter, D. Thomas. Not in Picture: M. Shorb, R. Topper, J. Townsend, E. Tressler. CLASS First Row, left to right: K. Ketterman, G. Wagaman, R. Wills, C. Witter, S. Weilcert, E. Wheeler, S Wieder, D. Weikert, Sharrah. Second Row: Woods, D. Baker, C. Eylet, R. Young, N. Wansel, K. Wetzel, D. Koontz, R. Mathna. Third Row: V. Williams, E. Wilt, M. Wolff, L. Weilcert, K. Waddell, C. Wagaman, N. Voss, D. Wil- kinson, B. Watson. Fourth Row: D. Woodward, E. Althoff, H. Weikert, R. Wagner, Waite, S. Welsh, Maddox. Not in Picture: P. Wenschhof, S. Williams, S. Williamson, P. Wilson, Waddell. First Row, left to right: R. Decker, R. Cockle, W. Deardorff, M. Cottrell, B. Cool, G. Binkley, A. Eigner, J. Crilley, C. Dettinburn. Second Row: E. Elliott, Eyler, M. Doyle, L. Dillman, L. Cromer, F. Ditzler, L. Black, M. Bucher. Third Row: K. Caulflelcl, S. Crist, M. Ecker, C. Dearclorlf, L. Deitch, L. Eberhart, R. Carlaaugh, D. Car- baugh, K. Dick. Fourth Row: W. Cullison, S. Cook, G. Cole, L. Cluck, G. Davis, B. Eden, T. Cline, E. Dutrow, D. Doa First Row, left to right: S. Bream, A. Bushey, K. Boyer, D. Brodbeck, Brantner, S. Bender, V. Baker, M. Adelsberger. Second Row: L. Bucher, R. Bowersox, R. Bowers, J. Bigham, G. Alston, D. Codclington, A. Baumgardner, T. Brown, Carey. Third Row: T. Barriga, A. Biesecker, M. Ayre, M. Biesecker, K. Caldwell, B. Bixler, Bowl master, Bowers. ks. NINTH A. Bucher, Beinhart, L. ing, S. Bow- Fourth Row: R. Bollinger, B. Baker, W. Beaston, T. Benner, L. Brent, -I. Baker, T. Callahan. 58 wws wav. . . - :sz-.HH :Q .fx rg Y, First Row, left to rigl7t:. R. Fox, R. Fox, R. Ginevan, W. Forsythe, R. Hyson, M. Harmon, P. Fazenbaker J. Hoover. Second Row: S. Green, M. Hole, K. Hartman, C. Folkemer, C. Harvey, P. Hill, R. Fiscel, Hoclc. Third Row: R. Hanlcey, P. Hess, N. Forsythe, G. Hamalcer, L. Hofe, H. Hull, B. Hostetter, C. Hook J. Jclcson. Fourth Row: R. Fitz, T. Heflin, D. Finlcboner, T. Gilbert, B. I-Iinkle, K. Fissel, D. Guise, G. Herring. Not in Picture: D. Fidler, R. Forsythe. GRADE First Row, left to right: S. Lear, L. Kepner, W. Kuykendall, C. Kuhn, N. Johnson, McNair, D. Jacobs, E. Jelfcoat, T. Knox. Second Row: B. Kessel, M. Kriclc, B. Linebaugh, B. Keclcler, R. Lawver, L. Kuhn, B. Lane, G. McCann, D. Kravetz, D. Little. Third Row: J. Lawver, S. Lott, P. Keeney, E. Johnson, L. LeGore, G. Look, S. Jackson, L. Keller, P. Johns. Fourth Row: R. Kint, T. Malinoslcy, K. Kitzmiller, B. Jones, D. Liss, Logan, R. Kelley, Kennell. Not in Picture? D. Jacoby, D. Lutz. First Row, left to right: P. Olinger, C. Musselman, S. Musser, N. Murdock, E. McGlaughlin, P. Mc- Cleaf. Second Row: R. Miller, G. McDannell, G. Mickley, K. Mumaw, G. Miller, Person, W. Mellors, J. Musselman. Third Row: L. Mallow, K. Orwig, M. Nett, V. McCleaf, S. Nett, Mickey, G. Myers, Nary. Fourth Row: A. Mulberry, E. McFarland, P. Miller, Matthews, F. Myers, F. Pittenturf, P. Menges, S. Newell, B. Moorhead. Not in Picture: McNair. NINTH First Row: S. Shoemaker, S. Reedy, L. Riley, D. Shultz, R. Richardson, Presley, Rohrbaugh, Ramos. Second Row: R. Richardson, D. Rice, M. Pinko, S. Redding, Redding, G. Reeves, G. Schaut, R. Plank, E. Plank. Third Row: N. Rummel, L. Sease, Ptout, R. Schneider, V. Schultz, S. Reimer, E. Sachs, L. Riley, Plank. Fourth Row: E. Plank, R. Schultz, D. Sanders, D. Reever, P. Riley, T. Pritt, Rowe, E. Pottorff. Not in Picture: T. Rohrbaugh. I LL L First Row, left to right: R. Selby, C. Singley, D. Singley, D. Snyder, L. Smith, L. Shepard, H. Speelman M. Speelman. Second Row: R. Schwartz, A. Stahle, L. Simpson, P. Shealer, L. Shainline, C. Shelleman, Sietz E Speelman. Third Row: Shaffer, V. Slonalcer, P. Seymour, P. Shue, K. Stansbury, Staley, B. Scott, M. Smith Fourth Row: R. Sell, R. Smith, R. Sharrah, M. Sheacls, Not in Picture: Shultz, C. Smith. GRADE R. Speir, C. Simmons, Smith. First Row, left to right: S. Thompson, D. Weaver, S. Swope, D. Swope, P. Wasliington, C. Wansel, L. Tocldes M. Wilt. Second Row: E. Walter, R. Weiltert, B. Zeigler, Weaver, Zinn, Third Row: L. Swiger, D. Weaver, P. Wills, S. Topper, L. Starner, Fourth Row: Waybright, E. Wenschhof, T. Weikert, nl. Wormley, IIE Y. Not in Picture: M. Staub, N. Swope, Topper, Weaver, J. Zinn, N. Weikert, Zeigler, D. Yingling. C. Wetzel, D. Washington, F. Sterner. E. Thomas, Wolfe, W. Wirth, W. Star N. Weilcert. O -n '11 I-4 O 5 cn C4 S-0 Q52 :sg E-:BSL OES" --AZ mg!! -'JGQ -437: Ms gin Ear 'E Q5 f' Q ggi 9 9: GQ Iv-JZ'-'Z MUPPUQ SOPHOMORE CLASS Flamboyant ties, 1890 hair-cio's, sneakers and wild checkered vests were set this spring by sophomore ringleaders as THE STYLE of dress for senior boys. Adjustment to senior high life was obviously no great problem for sophomores, now in their Hrst year of senior high school. Other less imaginative but important activities in which tenth graders partic- ipated were dances, plays, the operetta "Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow," and various sports. sophomores also held their share of responsibility in many school organizations. A ,, ... ,N ri it 'T' 1. tres- H ef'-ef iff era, 1 , 1' rs, web? ADVISERS Mrs. Betty Hinckley N Mr. Donald Bickel ADVISERS Miss Dorothy Boyer, Mr. George Glenn. OFFICERS Seated: Mary Biesecker fpresidentj, Sally Crist fvice presiclentl. Standing: Carolyn Musselman ftreasurerj, Linda Hoff fsecretaryj . Among other things, ninth graders this year took a day trip to the Adams County Court House in accordance with their governmental stucliesg built volcanos, rockets, and grew crystals in Earth Science classesg and for the first time struggled with courses in Guidance and Family Living. Menmbers of the freshman class decided in the fall what course of study they would follow during their four years at Gettysburg High. They worked diligently in the all-school operetta, in the Spring Night of Music and in the junior high one-act plays. These lively underclassmen are eagerly awaiting next year when they will join the roll of the senior high school students. E OFFICERS Seated: Cheryl Schaffer ftreasurerj, Nancy Ro- senberger fpresidenti. Standing: Phyllis Ackley fsecretaryl, Virginia Dearclorff fvice presidentl. I G H T H G R A D . E , 4 OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Seated: Andrew Teeter fvice presidentj, Larry White ftreas- urerj, Bruce VanDyke fpresidentj, Barbara Collins fsecretaryl. Standing: Miss Joann Snyder, Mr. Fred Haehnlen Qadvisersj. Did you ever ask for the ofiice and be sent to the gym? Late arrivals to class, confusion in the halls, new names and faces, are some of the perils facing the newest members of G.H.S., the eighth graders. The enthusiasm of Lincoln School overflows the rooms as each pupil strives for recognition in his new and at times confusing role as a high school student. A new list of activities, and a variety of subjects broaden the curriculum and widen their outlook on school life. ADVISERS Miss Mary Hartman, Mr. Charles Lilley. SEVENTH GRADE If you could observe the bustling daily life of Lincoln School where the lively seventh graders are housed, you would see that it functions as almost an entirely separate unit from the high school build- mg. Seventh graders publish their own small but in- teresting newspaper, "The Lincoln Log." They study in an integrated program of English and Social Studies for half of the school clay. The test of the time is devoted to art, music, math and other classes. This system was designed to aid the unexperienced seventh graders' adjustments to the platoon system of classes upon transferring to the high school building. In the spring the Lincoln students hold a Eurasian dinner in connection with their social studies pro- gram. Foreign dishes and costumes are the main features of the banquet. First row, left to right: P. Aclcley, C. Bishop, B. Arnsberger, Baker, Bous, N. Baker, B. Bell R. Carver. Second Row: B. Baker, B. Clapper, Baker, C. Codori, L. Cluck, B. Adams, J. Baker, N. Conner. Third Row: L. Bushey, R. Baltzley, W. Bucher, L. Bowers, G. Carr, L. Coclcle, P. Bere, A. Baker. Fourth Row: Althoif, E. Baker, G. Boring, Alberts, F. Andrews, P. Bolen, K. Black, Bollinger. Not in Picture: L. Bell, Bollinger, R. Chaplin, S. Conner. First Row, left to right: K. Currens, M. Declcer, L. Dillon, Davies, R. Dubbs, Fleming, E. Eller. Second Row: D. Dellinger, M. Ficller, B. Cullison, Dengler, O. Fissel, V. Dearclorff, L. Fisher, L. Cronluncl. . Third Row: D. Follcenroth, L. Gantz, M. Gastley, S. Fiscel, L. Dunkleberger, Crone, R. Daugherty, L. Fox. Fourth Row: C. Deardorff, W. Deatriclc, M. Eyler, R. Deitch, D. Eisenhower, Coscia, B. Crandell, J. Culp. Not in Picture: B. Dirner, S. Engleberc, M. Fike. ID'-AECJ'-'rn WUPFUQ First Row, left to right: G. Helfrick, Helfriclc, L. Harbaugh, S. Hann, B. Hanson, Hoke. Second Row: D. Gorman, K. Gebhart, M. Herring, P. Jelfcoat, V. Hikes, T. Helwig, W. Hill, W. Horner Third Row: C. Hankey, G. Harvey, D. Hubbard, B. Hixon, C. Hinckley, P. Green, H. Hull, H. Imler. Fourth Row: M. Hawn, L. Henry, D. Hoffman, K. Howe, D. Herring, H. Gochenour, C. Heyser, S. Jack- son. Not in Picture: L. Herring, S. Hess. First Row, left to right: M. McCadclen, M. Leatherman, Keller, Malcolm, M. Martin, D. Mc- Dannell, McCoy, W. Kravetz, D. McCans. Second Row: M. Lawrence, M. Keefer, L. McCleaf, R. Little, S. McCarney, C. McCleaf, D. Kargas, D. Kr-oft, M. Mayer. Third Row: L. Kinley, L. McCleaf, M. Kessel, S. Metz, L. LeGore, B. Liss, P. Kindig, P. Kunkel. Fourth Row: I. Lawver, G. Kynor, L. Kane, G. Klocker, S. Markley, B. MacPhail, B. McFeaters, Keller. Not in Picture: L. Lawver, D. McCans. First Row, left to right: B. Nimtz, Pirzer, R. Miller, Miller, Pritt, A. Miller, D. Nath, L. Mummert, T. Newman. Second Row: B. Musselman, M. Myers, S. Miller, Reed, Pickering, R. Moser, H. Nixon, R. Paris, R. Raf- fensperger, Myers. Third Row: S. Nunamaker, L. Parish, M. Reynolds, S. Musser, B. Nunamaker, M. Miller, A. Plank, D. Recard. Fourth Row: R. Peake, G. Reber, C. Raifensperger, C. Richardson, R. Plank, C. Myers, E. Price. Not in Picture: W. Nace. EIGHTH First Row, left to right: M. Sargeant, D. Rohrhaugh, Schwartz, R. Shultz, K. Sanders, Sheeley, D. Shaef- fer, C. Shafer. Second Row: T. Rose, P. Shultz, L. Sanders, V. Shellemen, Shanoltz, D. Sheely, Shultz, N. Rosenherger, A. Shultz. Third Row: L. Shealer, C. Schwartz, K. Schuhart, B. Sanders, D. Sharrah, P. Shultz, Richardson, L. Shin- dledecker. Fourth Row: R. Rosenberry, R. Scott, Shank, E. Rohrbaugh, E. Sanders, F. Schwartz, S. Shields, F. Shafer. Not in Picture: M. Shaner, L. Shindledecker. First Row, left to right: D. Slayhaugh, M. Smith, F. Sconesifer, S. Sowers, D. Starner, L. Thomas, C. Thomp- son J. Sculrz. Secimd Row: R. Thompson, P. Taughinhaugh, L. Thompson, L. Street, M. Snowberger, D. Staub, M. Toddes, D. Snyder. Third Row: Singley, M. Simpson, D. Thomas, Thompson, C. Smith, P. Tipton, T. Spahr, C. Smith. Fourth Row: C. Stoner, R. Teeter, C. Stoner, A. Slegal, S. Strausbaugh, A. Teeter, Spriggf C. Smith. Not in Picture: O. Sterner. GRADE First Row, left to right: Weber, R. Williams, G. Wisotzkey, L. Verdier, D. Wagaman, E. Wetzel, J Voss, Wansel, M. Woodward. Second Row: A. Wetzel, D. Weaver, L. Trent, L. Young, V. Weaner, L. Topper, T. Wallace, D. Toomey B. Urz. Third Row: D. Weikert, R. Williams, D. Wishard, S. Williams, B. Tally, A. Trostle, L. Zhea, B. Wright K. Wilde. Fourth Row: M. Williams, W. Deal, B. Vannoy, M. Walhay, R. Woodward, D. Witherow, A. Zettle, R Zepp. Not in Picture: A. Williams, S. Williams. 3 First Row, left to right: C. Clapsaddle, C. Cluck, Anders, B. Brantner, E. Biesecker, D. Adelsberger, E. Blanchard, Brodbeclc. Second Row: Bender, F. Beechinor, L. Bucher, B. Bulleit, E. Bergdale, D. Bream, H. Bowmaster. Third Row: M. Biggins, D. Bowers, M. Brennan, B. Bloser, C. Bush, L. Brown, S. Cline, M. Clapsaddle. Fourth Row: D. B1-earn, Allison, Bittinger, D. Beaston, R. Bowers, W. Bulleit, V. Baker. Not in Picture: R. Boyer. First Row, left to right: P. Cluck, B, Collins, C. Davies, -I. Dillon, C. Cool, V. Glenny, B. R. Deardorff. Second Row: K. Dick, R. Doersom, W. Dillon, L. Early, Eckert, Cool, E. Dellinger. SEVENTH Crawford, Third Row: M. Cook, A. Eisenhower, B. Eyler, G. Ford, H. Ford, S. Cool, R. Davis, D. Dayhoif. Fourth Row: M. Cluclc, R. Conover, D. Eden, Cullison, S. Dague, W. Dague, C. Cross. Not in Picture: R. Eilcer. A . MnMmkhmHMnfHmm SJLMGRGmMjJhhVJkmTiMMwyNVHmmm googffnfolo. B. Goclmenour, s. Gulden, N. Haolaob, T. Hoffman, E. Howaoo, 1. Hofffao, P. Harman, G. ITI13f:zaL?ohal. K. Hooiona, L. Holland, L. Goof., T. Hodges, G. Haokoy, T. Goof., T. Hess, D. Haaalaob, R. Ziiffiuia.. J. Gauaghoa, R. Hanisko, J. Hoioof, G. Hoooaogoa, T. Hoffman, T. Hamilton, J. Hafoa, N. H aaao osmmo GRADE First Row, left to right: McCoy, M. Kropp, B. johnson, S. Kershner, S. Lear, E. Hung, L. Keckler, D Lewis, L. Little. Second Row: C. Lott, K. jones, P. Little, R. Kuhn, L. Legore, Martin, S. Keefer, L. Kripple, W. Kynor, D Lolxuis. Third Row: McDannell, K. McDannel, S. Laughman, Maddox, K. Kump, A. Kammerer, R. Mace. Fourth Row: M. McFarland, S. Mallow, D. Jacoby, S. Kindig, E. Knox,' T. Keckler, T. Kuhn. Not in Picture: P. Johnson. l First Row, left to right: D. Myers, L. Miller, W. Musselman, T. Marvon, D. Miller, Martin, P. Pentz, Newell. Second Row: S. Monforte, K. Moritz, W. Mickley, Phillips, M. Murdock, L. Nunemalcer, M. Norman, S. Phiel. Third Row: Oller, S. Plank, C. Monn, S. Moorhead, T. Powell, Murray, I-I. Oyler, E. Musser Fourth Row: I. Miller, R. Newman, M. Nye, N. Myers, E. Mumaw, S. Miller, G. Overton. Not in Picture: B. Pender. SEVENTH l First Row, left to right: R. Sachs, E. Rhoades, R. Shealer, Sanders, D. Scott, L. Schwartz, L. Saylor, Ritchie. Second Row: L. Reedy, L. Rudisill, D. Rohrbaugh, D. Schmitt. G. Ramos, L. Qually, D. Sadler, A. Rogers. Third Row: T. Redding, A. Rice, S. Showers, D. Prout, B. Sentz, M. Rich, D. Sanders, I-I. Sessner. Sessner. Fourth Row: E. Prout, I. Prout, L. Runk, G. Runk, L. Pritt, W. Pritt, D. Rider. Not in Picture: K. Richardson, Roberts. Nu. First Row, left to right: Stevens, D. Shultz, C. Slay baugh, C. Stemer, A. Teeter, D. Trostle, E. Sponsel ler, M. Spahr. Second Row: B. Simmons, N. Speelman, S. Strickland, S. Stevens, D. Trostle, M. Tauscher, P. Strausbaugh. Third Row: S. Teetet, Shue, D. Scrausbaugh, B. Starner, B. Van Dyke, C. Swinn. Fourth Row: P. Shull, P. Speelman, Singley, D. Timmerman, D. Smith, E. Tocldes, B. Snyder. Not in Picture: R. Shupe, R. Smith, F. Suclers. GRADE First Row, left to right: S. Weikert, White, D. Wright, D. Wolf, G. Weikert, R. Warren, Wilkins, R. Wolf. Second Row: S. Waybrant, Waite, L. White, L. Wiseman, W. Weikert, Waybright, L. Waite, C. Wieder. Third Row: N. Zinn, P. Wolf, R. Wetzel, C. Woodward, M. Varner, W. Wilkinson, L. Zern. Fourth Row: Wagaman. L. Whitney, R. Zepp, D. Warner, S. Yingling, K. Zentz, V. Wirt, L. Woerner. Not in Picture: T. Whittinghill. your life as a student The chance of acting in a play, singing in the choir, participating in sports and school government, varies your life as a student and serves to broaden your life as an individual. .-w-F4 ,rf iii 55911 Hs 'HH 11 -' The student learns as he explores the world of books. the many sides "What a busy day!" This exclamation may he made by a Gettysburg High School student rushing to an after school meeting, then to a game or dance that evening. In addition to his academic activities, which in- clude homeworlc, research on a term paper, and extra-credit projects are the many and varied extracurriculars. High on the list of time-consuming ac- tivities is school service. Students help their school by serving as hall monitors, student council representatives, and in other ca- pacities. Also important is entertainment at school functions by our singing group, The student serves his school . . . The armband on the sleeve of this hall monitor indicates that he is serving by acting as 4 "traffic policeman" while classes change. 7 of a student s life "The Casuals Four," or by GHS's "actors" and "actresses," Assemblies, Christmas pro- grams, and dances give the student a chance or develop his dramatic talent. Participating and competing in athletics, whether a var- sity basketball game, intramurals, or a GAA playoff, allows him to release his built-up energy and teaches him good sports- manship. If a student accomplishes a high goal, he is honored by his fellow students. The life of a student at Gettysburg High consists of many hours of challenging, in- teresting, and enjoyable experiences. The student on the athletic field and in the gym . . . Physical education and participation in sports is a vital part of the student's life at Gettysburg High School. a :lg Q59 ,t in These, trophies in the display case are proc of the many honors which a student can receive for outstanding work. l The student entertains . . . Backstage a trombone the piano, a trumpet, and a music book all wait to be used on the opening night of the all-school operetta In chemistry class, Elaine Prosser awaits the reaction of one of her experiments. "I did it wrong, I'll have to start all over again!" The student learns by doing. Through practice and patience the student acquires knowledge in many fields, from foreign languages and journalism, to ofiice procedures and printing. Directions must be read as carefully in the home-ec room as in the chemistry lab. The student at Gettys- burg High learns through the helpful guid- ance of his teachers, but he himself must shoulder the responsibility and "tackle the books." Four plans of study are offered at Gettysburg High Sschoolg the Academic, the Commercial, the Vocational, and the General courses. For the more advanced students, the College Academic Preparatory course is now available. the student Mr. Feather explains office procedures to com- , merical students, Dorothy Slrindledecker and Dean Steiner. joe Orndorjf perfects his French accent by using the records provided for the students attend- ing foreign language classes. Down in the print shop, Kenny Shindledecker and John Saum learn to operate the hand press by printing tickets for a Saturday night dance. learns R.: pl , P . in t 5 W t ua ,gan-1 , 'V .s 5-,r n . ' -t .- A Qitgggf, ' Y A , i ' . i K ' f 1 Q To add color to his American History classes, Col. Sheads compares Marilyn Monroe to the flappers of the "Roaring Twentiesf' Mrs. Deitz's junior journalism class looks over a recent issue of the Maroon and White which will be their responsibility next year. In the home-ec room Peggy Shealer and Barb Zeigler add ingredients to what they hope will be a cake. 77 they learn by doing FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: Miss Schwartz faclviserj, S. Reed, D. Valentine, I. Keller, R. Phiel, Q Dubs, S. Fox. Second Row: N. Weikert, S. Shultz, C. Valentine, B. Rudisill, E. Wilt, R. Shultz, M. Aclelsberger E. Valentine. Third Row: L. Vfeikert, Kammerer, N. Rummel, B. Yingling. Not in Picture: P. Shultz, Shultz, Nary, E. Swan, Waddell, E. Tressler. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: R. Bowling, M. Dirzler, S. Nett, E. Boyer, L. Rinehart, M. Dorr. Second Row: Taughinbaugh, E. Zeigler, L. Riley, D. Dearclorif, B. Hess, D. Adams, E. Pros- ser, Alston. Third Row: S. Sprankle, T. Bulleit, N. Voss, C. Hostetter, E. I-Ieimerer, B. Hull, S. Colclsmith, J. Lupp. Fourth Row: L. Bream, Eilcer, B. I-lay, A. Bream, K. Newman. Fifth Row: N. Kuhn, M. Wolff, C. Hartman, D. Deitch, S. Horner, A. Knouse. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: Mr. Glenn fadviserj, Person, G. Miller, R. Weilcert, D. Yingling, S. Redding, L. Black J. Redding, Mr. Schriver fadviserl. Second Row: R. Kint, Wolf, M. Bucher, B. Larmer, T. Shealer, T. Rohrbaugh, F. Tilberg, D. Bucher, R. Flohr. Third Row: R. Redding,.L. Flohr, W. Mosser, H. McDannell, R. Hartzell, B. Baker, R. Kuykendall, L. Bowers, M. Shorln. Fourth Row: W. Beaston, Baker, C. Dutrow, F. Dutrow, F. Keys, M. Wagner, W. Clapsaddle, R. Bollinger, E. Rentzel, D. Sharrah. Fifth Row: P. Riggs, M. Redding, S. Witherow, W. Keefer, R. Bowers, R. Coddington, R. Cullison, R. Simpson, C. Woerner. Not in Picture: S. Clapsaddle, L. Scharriger, D. Coshun, Kunkel, Green, R. Seitz, W. Colvard, G. Trostle, R. Spangler. l l FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: Miss Little fadviserj, C. Dertinburn, M. Sanders, D. Shindledeclcer, C. Bream, R. Smith, G. Maltese, E. Presley. Second Row: B. Davies, Schwartz, R. Holland, Crone, Shaull, Tawney, P. Tawney, R Sowers. Third Row: R. Leatherman, K. Waddell, E. Leatherman, Myers, E. Shelleman, V. Plank, R Swisher. Not in Picture: Brown, F. Eyler. the student While members of the Student Coun- cil decorate for a dance, Ed Heiser steadies the ladder as Bonnie Smith adds a finishing touch. Backstage, the crew for the senior play did a good job with sound effects. junior High Band students practice a piece which they will later play at an assembly program. Mr. Woods keeps Delores Adams, his student 80 n ,,, secretary, busy typing tests. we we s a ' af In 1' :fn Jaguar ,. SCFVCS 'Mr. Brownley instructs students in the use of audio-'visual "Keep the noise DOWN!" These words may be heard from the capable hall monitors who serve their school at lunch time and between classes. Cadet teachers, preparing for future ca- reers, bravely face the classes in the elementary schools and in Gettysburg High School. Busy teachers are glad to have the commercial students help them. These girls pound the typewriter keys and toil in the oflice practice room to make copies of tests and to perform other chores the teachers have for them. By delivering absent slips to teach- ers, students serve their school and at the same time take a leisurely walk through the halls. Those talented students with artistic ability dec- orate the gym for dances and the cafeteria for the holidays. These are just a few of the ways in which the student serves G. H. S. In one way or another each student does his part. equipment for a lyceurn. Carl Woerner and Charles Dutrow service a tractor for a local farmer. Elaine Prosser, president of F. T. A., relieves a teacher at Keefauver school as part of the cadet teaching program. SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Miss Thomas fadviserl, M. B. WolH:, B. Allison, G. Weikert, Lott, R. Rosenberger Second Row: E. Prosser, S. Nett, White, S. Tauscher, E. Heimerer, B. Smith, M. N. Sargeant, F. Hess. Third Row: R. Miller, E. Heiser, C. Bushey, R. Schubart, Davies, B. Collins, Maclay, D. Crist. student councilz a training ground By hanging bells and spraying snow, Council member: create atmosphere for the Yuletide dance. "There are too many tests on Fridayln This is one of the complaints brought to the teachers by the Student Council. Because it is involved in the real and important problems of the school, the Student Council. a training ground for leaders, gives the student body an opportunity to "sound of." The officers are elected by the Senior High School and the members by homerooms. To he a member, a high academic average is required. This organ- ization sponsors dances, arranges buses for away games, decorates, conducts school elec- tions, and does many other things for the good of the students. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Voss, Weaver, P. Olinger, D. Weaver, M. Ayre, S. I-Iann Mr Grove adviser Second Row: S. Swope, C. Musselman, N. Rosenberger, P. Stoner, N. Johnson, S. Musser A Miller A Bushey Third Row: P. Ackley, P. Kargas, L. Cluclc, M. Bisecker, S. Crist, V. Dearclorf, C Shaffer K Schubart Fourth Row: B. Baker, B. Zeigler, L. Hofe, C. Richardson, D. Eisenhower, A. Stahle D Guise D Rice for leaders JUNIOR HIGH Mr. Paul Grove smsrn- A '--,J-A -.aft . rw--1 SENIOR HIGH Miss Joan Thomas cannon-aid staff toils to CANNON-AID STAFF HEADS Seated: Barbi Barriga flayout editorj, Cherie Bream fhead typistl, Martlia Chambers feditorl, Bob Heldt fbusi- ness managerl, Peggy Steiniger fcopy editorl. Standing: Ed Heiser fadvertising managerj, Dick Crist fsports editorj, John Lott fphotographerj. ADVISERS Mrs. jean Bickel and Mr. David Woods look over last year's "headache" before beginning a new edition of Cannon-Aid. March 1 deadline! The announcement of these words to the Cannon-Aid staff produced many groans and "Oh, No's.?' After this shattering news, the layout staff spent many long evenings after school cropping pictures and making attrac- tive page layouts. The feature staff also toiled un- der the bright lights of the Cannon-Aid room, writing copy and captions. The typing staff could be heard pounding the typewriter keys. The pho- rographer ran through the halls snapping last min- ute pictures. The advertising staff even managed to be excused from study halls to ask for ads up- town. The sports staff checked facts and figures with the coaches. Because of cooperation among staffs the deadline was met. The final work of the business staff came in the spring, distributing an enjoyable yearbook to the students. produce yearbook February 28, 1:45 . . . Deadline, March I! CANNON-AID STAFF First Row, left to right: E. Longaneclcer, E. Heiser, Lott, P. Steiniger, M. Chambers, C. Bream, B. Barriga, R. Crist, R. Heldt. Second Row: Hofe, E. Zeigler, L. Riley, E. Boyer, D. Smith, G. Kiclwell, L. Hamilton, B. Hess. Third Row: Kunkel, B. Hughes, S. Fousr, Crone, C. Weaver, Tawney, D. Deitch, D. Yingling. Fourth Row: E. Coddingron, G. Hess, J. Weishaar, C. Kime, L. Imler, M. Foote, D. Adams, S. Horner. Fifth Row: A. Rehert, R. Baker, Davies, Neth, M. Thomas, Alston. Sixth Row: White, R. Aclcley, Maclay, B. Collins, G. Wleilcerr, C. Williams, L. Green. Not in Picture: S. Bixler, J. Holoka, F. Tilherg, D. Lott, T. Duane, J. Black, Mrs. Bickel ladviserj, Mr. Wwds fadviserJ. maroon and white records school year for posterity w i l ADVISERS Mrs. Margaret Deitz and Miss Ruth Roland look over the latest issue of the paper to see how they can improve upon it. MAROON AND WHITE STAFF HEADS Seated: Linda McCleaf ltypistj, Eileen Zeigler fnews editorj, Cathy Roth lfeature editorj, Lydia Imler leditorj, Joann Alston fart editorj, Janet White ftypistj. Standing: John Maclay ffeature editorj, Delores Adams fassistant editorj, Connie Hartman lnews editorj, Elaine Prosser fsports editorj, Sharon I-lornor fnews editorj! John Lott lsports editorf, Phil Redman fcirculationj. i M 1 MAROON AND WHITE STAFF IIir3't.Row, left to right: Miss Roland fadviserj, Lott, D. Adams, L. Imler, E. Prosser, C. Roth, Mrs. Deitz a viser . l Second Row: E. Longanecker, P. Redman, Alston, E. Zeigler, S. I-Iornor, C. Hartman, Maclay. Third Row: C. Plitt, Kunkel, C. Kime, R. Crist, L. McCleaf, B. Barriga, S. Foust. Fourth Row: D. Yingling, M. Thomas, B. Collins, G. Weikert, White, G. Plank, L. Keefer. lv "Maroon and White" reporters check the accuracy o their spelling in the "writer's Bible." This year the "Maroon and White" attained for the first time an All American rating from the National Scholastic Press Association. Accurate, complete, and in- teresting reporting combined with an energetic stall: made this achievement possible. Within the black print you can find a complete cov- erage of all sports activities illustrated with exciting pic- tures. Years later faithful alumni can look back through preserved issues of the "Maroon and White" to com- Apare the number of students on the honor roll, learn the success or failure of the football and basketball teams or determine the leaders in the student body. The school paper truly plays an important and valu- able part in the school life of the students of Gettys- burg High School. First Row, left to right: G. Weikert, L. Mallow. Second Row: L. Sterner, Eiker, B. Hostetter, D. Koontz, P. Olinger, Weaver, L. Simpson, S. Nett, R. Deitch. Third Row: Mr. Zeigler fdirectorj, R. Fairman, R. Weikert, C. Hook, S. Gaston, Logan, R. Eiker, D. Miller, K. Got walt, L. Eberharr, K. Caulfield, S. Bream, L. Kepner. Fourth Row: K. Fissel, T. Gilbert, R. Jones, E. Tilberg, R. Decker, H. Weikert, Eyler, Maclay, K. Hartman, E. El- liott, L. LeGore, T. I-Ienninger, M. Green, Scott, K. Newman. high stepping and stirring music: "Dress to the right . . . lift those knees!" Fresh from band camp at Camp Swatara the Gettysburg Senior High School Band made a snappy appearance at foot- ball games and parades during the school year. They participated in Halloween parades, Christmas parades, the Dedication Day exercises at the National Cemetery, and the Memorial Day parade. Featured in the band this year was the color guard fully attired in civil war uniforms and carrying old mus- kets and a 35-star flag. Due to favorable response to these uniforms similar ones were purchased for the en- tire band to be used during the centennial and later for special patriotic occasions. Also featured in the band front were the majorettes whose lighted baton and pom-pom routines added much to parades, half-time shows, and lively pep rallies. Mr. Robert Zeigler, director, helps students to save their allowances by adjusting their instruments himself. First Row, left to right: R. Shade, B. johnson. Second Row: Walhay, Kime, Schwartz, R. Bowersox, B. Zeigler, Lott, L. Keckler, Woods. Third Row: M. Dorr, S. Weikert, D. Lott, B. Keckler, B. Collins, R. Ackely, A. Weikert, S. Wieder, D. Weaver L. Hofe, M. Mar-ing, P. Miller, M. Bieseclcer, B. Hay. Fourth Row: N. Kuhn, F. Tilberg, K. Kitzmiller, R. Kitzmiller, G. Hess, R. Coshun, S. Bloom, Lawver, A. Kar- rasch, R. Hyson, D. Dague, N. Murdoch, E. Johnson, P. Shealer, S. Lott, B. Dicchburn, S. Riflle, Doersom. Not in Picture: P. Johns, E. Tressler, M, Hartman, S. Nett, E. Zeigler, Bream, R. Reaves, R. Spangler. trademarks of senior high band u 4 - 1 ,r Y V f . x.. ii. ' . MAJORETTES COLOR GUARD Kneeling: S. Nett, M. Hartman, S. Spranlcle. R. Spangler, D. Baker, R. Schwartz, R. Deicch. Standing: E. Zeigler, Weishaar fhead majorettel. .X . ,., ,. ,,,-3. 1 First Row, left to right: Baker, P. Kunkel, L. Rudisill, A. Rice, W. Dague, S. Dague, A. Slegal, L. Dunlcleber- ger, Eckert, E. Baker. Second Row: T. Keclcler, Dengler, T. Groft, D. Weilcert, K. Herrick, N. Rosenberger, D. Staub, D. McDanne1l, C. Hinckley, L. White, V. Glenny, Allison, D. Rohrbaugh, H. Imler. Third Row: P. Shue, W. Dillon, R. Zepp, R. Zepp, B. Van Dyke, L. Keclcler, L. Bushey, D. Hoffman, L. Mc- Cleaf, A. Teeter, Myers. Not in Picture: R. Bowers, W. Deal, W. Hill, R. Shultz. junior high band's music sparkles "All right, calm down! Now, give it all you've got! Ready? And 1, and 2 . . ." Junior high band members displayed new enthusiasm and musical ability under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Hays during his first year at Gettysburg High School. As did the senior band, they played for several half- time junior high shows, at pep rallies, and the Veteran's Day and Memorial Day parades. Altogether the marching band consisted of eighty-nine members, of the seventh and eighth grades. This in- cluded a band front of ten majorettes and two banner carriers. This year was highlighted by the spring concert in April, when the concert band played compositions of N such composers as Bach, Purcell, Mozart, Rubenstein, x Bartok, and an original march composed by Mr. Hays. Mr. Kenneth Hays, director, leads his band in 4 rousing march. First Row, left to right: Schwartz, B. Sentz, M. Brennan, B. Clapper, R. Kuhn, W. Bucher, N. Baker, D. Folken- roth, Martin, C. Davies. Second Row: Mr. Hays fdirectorj, R. Deitch, B. Nunamaker, B. Brantner, B. Pender, L. Thomas, D. Toomey, S. Nunemaker, P. Strausbaugh, B. Adams, R. Shupe, C. Swinn, C. Slayhaugh, D. Bream, M. Myers, C. Smith. Third Row: F. Swartz, Weber, H. Ford, S. Teeter, Pickering, Singley, A. Biesecker. with members' enthusiasm MAJORETTES 1. Hoover, L. Cluck, P. Ackley, S. Reimer, B. Moorehead. P. Smith, D. Snyder, D. Kargas, C. Codori, B. Phiel. 91 the student attains Competition has contributed greatly to the attaining of honors by Gettysburg High School students. Con- stant rivalry for honor roll grades, for scholarship and citizenship awards has attributed to the diligent work put forth by students. This year a great interest has been shown in many outside affairs, such as speech con- tests and agricultural projects. High on the list of Get- tysburg's honorable students are those popular girls who are chosen annually to reign as queen of various activ- ities including the Halloween Parade, the Football Hop, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Also rated highly are those boys who participate in sports and have produced many rewards for Gettysburg High School. janet White smiles to the crowd as she is announced ar Gettysburg? frst Halloween Parade Queen. Spelling champs, Phyllis Ackley, Barbara Clapper, and Margaret McFarland read the dictionary in preparation for another "Spelling Bee." many and varied honors Molly Ayre, junior High queen, applauds the enter- tainment of the "Football Hop." Mr. Shriver presents an award to Fred Tilberg who is one of the winners of the F.F.A. Na- tional Public-Spealcing Contest. john Holoka and jim McCleaf obtained a place on the "All County" football team for their athletic ability during football season. john Maclay, Cathy Roth, and Barclay Collins, our senior geniuses, receive Letters of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Tests. i QUILL honors given for talent and hard work Honoring the outstanding students of scholastic, dra- matic, and literary ability Gettysburg High School of- fers four honor societies for the qualified students. Un- like the various clubs offered to the students to join, the National Honor Society, National Thespians, Mask and Wig, and Quill and Scroll vote in their members according to their ability. The Mask and Wig and the National Thespians are N A T I O N A L H O N O R concerned with dramatics. Credits given for acting and committee work entitle a student membership in the Mask and Wig and National Thespians. Quill and Scroll members are composed of Maroon and White staff heads, typists, and reporters who are voted in by the club. Teachers recommend students whom they think are worthy of membership in rhe National Honor Society. The list is screened and voted on by the faculty. S First Row, left to right: B. Barriga, L. Imler, White, D. Adams, M. Castells, C. Roth, E. Prosser M O Chambers. C Second Row: F. Tilberg, R. Aclcley, Maclay, B. Collins, G. Weikert, Lott. Not in Picture: E. Zeigler. I , E T Y AND SCROLL First row, left to right: Mrs Deir: fadviserl, C. Roth, J Lott, B. Barriga, Miss Ro land fadviserl. Second Row: Maclay, L Imler, White, C. Hart man, S. Hornor, D. Adams P. Redman. Third Row: Kunkel, I Alston, L. McCleaf, C Kime, E. Prosser, S. Fousr Firsl Row, left to right: G. Wei- lcert Davies E Elliott P Recl 1 .lr 2 - a ' ' man, I. Plank, Miss Mcllhenny faclviserl, L. Schwartz. Second Row: C. Hartman, M. Chambers, Weishaar, L. Simp- son, M. Hartman, D. Adams, K. Schubart, L. Street, K. Bishop, Tawne y. Third Row: D. Lott, K. Hartman, R. Fairman, R. Bowersox, Pick- ering, D. Neth, E. Prosser, S. Spx-ankle, L. McCoy, B. Hess, E. Jordan. MASK AND WIG Firsl Row, left to right: L. Green, Maclay, B. Heldt, C. Williams, R. Ackley, B. Collins, F. Tilberg. Second Row: C. Coclori, N. Rosenber- ger, D. Kargas, E. Boyer, B. Hughes, J. Kunkel, White, C. Roth, S. Horner. Third Row: L. Cronlund, B. Miller, B. Miller, L. Shainline, D. Doyle, E. Heimerer, R. Rosenberger, R. Schu- bart, Mcllhenny. NATIONAL THESPIANS First Row, left lo right viserj, M. Chambers, B Collins, G. Weikert, C Roth. Second Row: I. Plank R. Ackley, Davies, L Schwartz. Miss Mcllhenny fad- 5'E t as f Q, "Prof" Fidler and his chess club devise a fool-proof plan for checkmate. Twisting to Chubby Checker's rec- ords at dances and listening to our own singing group "The Casuals Four" gives the student a chance to relax and forget the "hard" day spent at school. During the football season, the students had a period of recrea- tion at the pep rallies every Friday of a home game. Led by the cheerlead- ers, the noisy, cheering students let the football team know that they were behind them. Thanks to the ef- forts put forth by the cast and com- mittees, the students enjoyed the Sen- ior play. Participating in activities such as these is an important part of school life. the student entertainsg Harry Sease, foe Claybaugb, and Ron Beeler prepare a car for the "West Confederate Drag-o-Way." "The Casuals Four," our school combo, can be counted on to liven up social events. Teachers don't always know whafs going on during class!!! he relaxes Ronnie Dodks, "G-Burg's Chubby Checker shows students how the twist is done. Members of the cast and crew gather after the ffldl curtain call of the senior play, "The Man on the Stairs," for a party. Mr. Pfeffer applies last minute lourhes to Edie Boyer? make-up before the curtain rises. J First Row, left to right: M. Rich, P. Ditzler, C. Dettinburn, F. Hess, K. Helfran, M. Dorr, L. Imler, E. Zeigler, C Kime. Second Row: S. Foust, D. Deardorfl, Freed, Kunkel, C. Hosteter, S. Deitz, B. Hull, Walhay, M. Bucher, B. Smith, M. Sargeant, Swartz, Kime. Third Row: K. Roth, L. McCleaf, C. Weaver, E. Heimerer, B. Allison, E. Prosser, L. Raifensperger, Lupp, Al ston, L. Keclcler, C. McCanns. Fourth Row: N. Bow, M. Peterson, D. Yingling, K. McCoullough, S. Gaston, L. Bream, D. Doyle, T. Thomas, L Legore, M. Maring. Fifth Row: D. Schwenk, Tawney, M. Treas, R. Rosenberger, R. Jones, B. Bieseclcer. Sixth Row: K. Kime, R. Miller, G. Hartman, R. Brircher, Mcllhenny, Lott, H. Weikerr, P. Redman. senior choir: talent, hard work Mr. Paul Grove, choir director, prepares to lis- ten to a practice record of the spring operetta, "Mr, Crane of Sleepy Hollow? Do . . . Re . . . Mi . . . drifted from the choir room during the school weeks as the 110 voice senior choir re- hearsed for various school and community performances. Under the direction of Mr. Paul Grove the choir an- nually sings many numbers for holiday assembly pro- grams. Most important and exciting to rhe members of the choir was the "Night of Vocal Music" held in the spring. Both choir members and townspeople alike looked forward to this event, mainly to hear the delight- First Row, left to right: E. Boyer, B. Hughes, D. Smith, S. Weikert, E. Riffle, Taughinbaugh, S. Wieder, Hess. Second Row: L. Sterner, V. Williams, B. Miller, M. Hartman, B. Miller, M. Nutter, S. Nett, E. Jordan. Third Row: D. Adams, T. Bulleit, M. Wolf, S. Hull, D. Greenawalr, D. Stone, L. Johnson, A. Ruckelshaus, D. Deitch. Fourth Row: Bream, Bream, Tawney, S. Wise, A. Bream, Eiker, N. Kuhn, S. Sprankle, R. Coshun. Fifth row: D. Lott, Neth, R. Shade, R. Schubart, Scott, R. Reaves, M. Shealer, A. Weikert. Not in Picture: Teeter, R. Deitz, D. Jones, B. Collins, G. Weikerr, T. Gilbert, L. Green, D. Hikes, D. Steiner. 'x combine for memorable performances ACCOMPANISTS Left to right: Freed, Eiker, S. Nett, C. Roth. ful combination of voices, but also tosee the lovely girls i in their pastel gowns and the handsome boys in white dress jackets. Talented choir members got a chance to "show-oil" singing special solos, accompanying dance routines, and furnishing bongo backgrounds to the dance numbers. A favorite with the audience was the group's rendition of "The Gettysburg Address." To be a mem- ber of the choir requires talent and hard work but the reward is great when the audience's applause begins. glee clubs give students opportunity NINTH GRADE GLEE CLUB First Row, left to right: T. Barriga, S. Musser, S. Swope, P. Olinger, W. Kuykendall, C. Musselman, B. Phiel, j. Lawver, L. Riley A. Eigner, S. Topper, S. Crist. Second Row: B. Bixler, C. Kuhn, N. johnson, C. Hook, D. Weaver, L. Hofe, C. Shelleman, L. Bucher, V. Slonaker, S. Nett, C Caldwell, K. Stansbury, B. Hostetter, E. Johnson. Third Row: S. Newell, L. Mallow, K. Orwig, S. Reimer, A. Biseclcer, M. Ayre, M. Ecker, P. Shue, N. Swope, C. Deardorff, S. Bowmaster, L. Painter, C. Wetzel. Fourth Row: B. Scott, A. Stahle, L. Deitch, B. Zeigler, K. Caulfield, P. Shealer, J. Xveaver, L. Shainline, L. Simpson, J. Zinn, V McCleaf, H. Hull, M. Nett, B. Moorehead. Fifth Row: D. Rice, S. Bream, R. Fox, M. Biesecker, N. Murdock, S. Smith, L. Sease, S. Lott, G. Miclcley, R. Hyson, L. Kepner. Sixth Row: D. Guise, L. Cromer, R. Finlcboner, K. Fissel, R. Schwartz, P. Miller, G. Reaves, W. Lane, R. Bowersox. Seventh Row: J. Rowe, R. Speir, D. Liss, W. Jones, E. Thomas, J. Logan, R. Schultz, B. Keclcler, G. Alston, J. Eyler. Not in Picture: S. Jackson. The Glee Clubs provide an opportunity for the student to express his talent and to develop appreciation for many types of music other than rock 'n roll. Much experi- ence is also gainedeby members in the field of music. Students are chosen to participate ACCOMPANISTS Standing: M. Bieseclcer, D. Weaver. Seated: S. Swope, P. Olinger. to develop talent, music appreciation EIGHTH GRADE GLEE CLUB First Row, left to right: D. Weikert, T. Rose, K. Gebhart, D. Neth, N. Rosenberger, M. Sargeant, B. Dirner, T. Newman, J. Singley, D. McCans, Hoke, R. Carver. Second Row: L. Young, L. Thompson, C. Schwartz, K. Sanders, K. Schubart, P. Ackley, B. Baker, L. Dunkleberger, C. McCleaf, L. Cluck, P. Kunkel, A. Plank, B. Sanders, Voss. Third Row: V. Deardorff, C. Shaffer, M. Hawn, H. Hull, M. Gastley, S. Sowers, D. Hubbard, C. Hankey, J. McCoy, B. Nune- maker, S. Fissel, E. Sanders, S. Hann, S. Metz. Fourth Row: C. Street, B. MacPhail, D. Adams, C. Stoner, 1. Thompson, B. Clapper, J. Baker, M. Snowberger, L. Parrish, M. Reynolds, B. McFeaters, S. jackson, D. Staub. Fifth Row: A. Miller, L. Cronlund, C. Codori, H. Imler, B. Hanson, L. Harbaugh, P. Taughinbaugh, B. Liss, M. Mayer, C. Hink- ley, C. Bishop, D. Folkenroth. Sixth Row: B. Deatrick, C. Heiser, D. Kargas, S. Nunamalcer, S. Markley, B. Vannoy, Spriggs, E. Rohrbaugh, P. Bolen, L. Henry, A. Teeter. Seventh Row: J. Pickering, T. Helwig, J. Dengler, B. Deal, C. Stoner, D. Eisenhower, R. Deitch, R. Teeter, F. Swarm, W. Hill, R. Zepp. on the basis of attitude, scholarship, reli- ability, cooperation, musicianship, and talent. Varied performances allow for a variety of selections and enable the student to con- tribute both his talent and his interest in order to provide a captivating program. ACCOMPANISTS Standing: C. Codori, V. Deardorif, B. Baker. Seated: N. Rosenberger, C. Shaffer, S. Hann td Wim x, -. v-,a 1 , ,,, fa-f 5' V wx' i ,va -5 w 1 , 5 X Cf x 'F ,xy . . ' I 1 ' I . n 4 - 1 isqn ' X S5 N --1. X , ' if , ' Y 1 Q . if ,. 11 . x ,, ..... X ,, .45 xx-V ,gh .vi l '-Q-,f:f'g.1g' , I 1f +.-I+. x1 -'jf' ' ' as ah I ,1 S-5 1 xi? ew 2 ' - L 154 xi" -5 -59,5 2 . 'Af Th A V --W Gygax - ,. I ' Ei gffla' - 32 4 -S ,. - -ff 5, fix-W 4 5 bw ,W w on the athletic field, in the gym "Ready for the kickoff?" A lively part of the student's life is participation in athletics. By com- peting in football and basketball as well as base- ball and track, the student acquires qualities such as good sportsmanship and team work. Girls are given a chance to display their athletic ability in sports such as soccer, hockey, softball, and volley- ball. Building pyramids and doing exercises are a familiar sight during gym class. Under the youth physical fitness program the student is given an opportunity to improve himself physi- cally. From the football field to the gym to the baseball diamond, sports are enjoyed by players and spectators alike. Q G. A. A. sports develop skills for those interested in spending time after school. The "right and wrong of it" is demonstrated by senior girls on the pull up bar. Juniors await their turn to test jumping 1 s skills in gym class. Back Row, left to right: B. Beeler, R. Doaks, E. Hofe, P. Plank, E. Ziegler, Longanecker, D. Schwenk, D. I-Ieagey. Middle Row: Holoka, D. Coshun, G. Guise, L. Eckert, G. Nett, T. Kuykendall, Riley, G. Plank. Front Row: E. Kump, Newman, T. Duane, L. Mickley, McCleaf, R. Utz, Davies, R. Fair, C. Swope. The GHS Gridders . . . VARSITY FCOTBALL The Maroon and White were led by Captain John Holoka and Co- Captain Jim McCleaf, both making the All-County team and also gaining recognition for All-State in this district. The backfield was comprised of McCleaf at fullback, and shifty halfbacks Dick Utz and Larry Mickley, with Tom Duane calling the signals. The Warrior line was bolstered xby such stalwarts as "Chula" Plank, Earl Kump and Ron Doaks, also nominee Coach YUUUS for All-State from this district. Although the Youngmen compiled a 1-7-1 record, they scored 97 points, l more than any squad in the last seven years. Ah, Come 011, "Big Red." Mr. Young plans attack with quarterback Duane. Duane options for sizeable gain. A true indication of the Warriors' "never-say-die" spirit was shown in their initial contest, which they dropped to powerful Westminster, 18-6. jim McCleaf streaked 84 yards for the lone Gettysburg tally. In their second game, the Tribe lost a hard-fought 12-0 decision to neighboring Biglerville. The next time out the "Big Red" walloped Bermudian Springs 33-0 for their only victory of the campaign. After dropping three more contests, the Youngmen battled the Thunder- bolts of Littlestown to a 25-25 deadlock in the Their feelings are evident. I SOUTH PENN LEAGUE STANDING Wins Losses 'Chambersburg ,,..,,... .,,,, 2 0 'Carlisle ..r....,........, ,,,,,,,,, 2 0 Hanover ,....,..,,, ,,,,, 1 2 Gettysburg ......,. .-,,.,,,, 0 3 'Co-Champions Ties 1 1 0 0 most thrill-packed tilt of the season. Jim Mc- l Cleaf scored three touchdowns on long runs in this game. The Warriors put up a stiff front before bowing to Waynesboro 23-13 and then were beaten 46-0 by Carlisle in the year's finale. "Chubb Plank returns with kickoyf. Cheerleaders help "build up" Warriors before game. Warriors labor for Friday's tilt. Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Touchdown against Littlestown! Thunderbolt brings down McCleaf with "shoestring" tackle. SCHEDULE 6 ......................,..................... Westminster 18 0 ........ ..............,. B iglerville 12 33 .,,.,, Bermudian Springs 0 0 ...,.... ........,.. C hambersburg 41 7 ..,..... ,..,..,............ I-I anover 25 14 ...,.. ...,.... M echanicsburg 34 25 ..,.., r...... L ittlestown 25 13 ...... ..... W aynesboro 26 0 ..,.... .,,,,. C arlisle 46 Coach Schoenborn shouts encouragement from sidelines. Col. Slveacls and Mr. Eckhart collect admission-as usual! Under the crossbar and onto the gridiron. Sm-nous J. Davies T. Duane L. Eckert R. Fair E. Hofe J. I-Iololca LETTERMEN T. Kuykendall E. Kump J. McCleaf Longaneclcer L. Miclcley G. Nelson G. Net: P. Plank R' Um Som-xoMoRBs jumons J. Newman B. Beeler J. Riley R. Doaks The "Big Red" huddle for pre-game strategy G-Burg fans rejoice as the Warriors tally. N , , W, "Ooo! That smarts!" Coach Lilley? trouble: ended in a fne season. . . FOUTBALL Young Warriors Manage 4-2 Record ' Gettysburg's JV's compiled one of their finest records in years. The junior Warriors managed an impressive 4-2 record for their year's work. The JV's successfully opened their South Penn Confer- ence play with a nip and tuck 13-7 victory at the expense of Chambersburg. The young Warriors ran into stiffer opposition when they fell to Littlestown 19-6. A solid defense proved it can be just as valuable as a strong offense when the young Braves won their second game of the season with a thrilling 7-6 victory over Han- over. After a scoreless opening period, quarterback Newman swept end for the touchdown and fullback Ken's plunge for the extra point provided the winning margin of victory. The victory over Hanover seemed to pave the way for the JV's who showed a strong offensive punch in their next two outings, trouncing Waynesboro 26-7, and running over hapless Boiling Springs 34-6. The junior Warriors not only did a ine job on offense for the season but held their opponents to 60 points in six outings. Junior varsity coach, Mr. Charles Lilley, is looking for- ward to another winning season next year. First Row, left to right: D. I-leagey, L. Helwig, Nett, Newman, R. Young, M. Cartzendafner, P. Kump. Second Row: R. Miller, Riley, R. Baker, L. Johnson, W. Jones, K. Kime. Third Row: L. Legore, G. Guise, D. Miller, R. Sietz, Bigham, R. Selby, G. Nelson. 'ip- Heagey put: cooler on Thunderbolt. The desire to see more action is clearly expressed. Newman "hips" the pigskin and sweeps end. "joe the Jet" Riley totes payload for long gain. Gettysburg Gettysburg ' Gettysburg - Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg SCHEDULE 13 ........,................,..,....,,.,. Chambersburg 6 ...... ,,..,.. L ittlestown 7 ....., ..,..,. I-I anover 26 ,..... ..,..... W aynesboro 34 ..... ..,..,,, B oiling Springs 6 ,t.,,t ,...,,.,t B iglerville 1 1 7 9 6 7 7 4 The Warriors stand ready at the opening jump against the Squires. , 1 Coach Forney Gary Nelson tries in vain to get o shot in Waynesboro game. ff RSITY BASKETB LL The Gettysburg High School Warriors did little to provide a winning season this year, but in return provided the fans with thrills that will be long remem- bered in Gettysburg High. The team was green and inexperienced and surprisingly enough this was the first season in Mr. Forney's coaching career that he did not have a returning letter- man. After being tripped in their hrst two outings the Warriors met highly rated Westminster on their home floor. The Owls took a commanding 10-point lead into the last period, but behind the screams of the crowd and the hustle they displayed, the Warriors tied up the score with a mere 10 seconds left. At this time a brawl broke out and in the process Dick Crist was fouled. Calmly enough the latter stepped to the line and converted his first of two fouls to give Gettys- burg High School one of its most thrilling victories in history. Ironically, this was the only victory they were to see all season. Losing the next three games by decisive margins, the Warriors met Westminister on the lattets floor only to be handed a 51-50 setback. In their next game the Warriors met the Thundering Herd of Carlisle, who won the South Penn Title and en- tered the District playoff with an unblemished 22-0 record. The Warriors pro- vided them with their biggest scare of their campaign. Trailing by 15 points en- tering the last quarter, the Warriors came back with 10 straight points only to see the Herd freeze the ball with over two minutes left. Being caught in an eight-game losing streak, the Warriors went all out against Delone High only to be out lasted in the final minutes by a much taller club. Jim McCleaf poured in 20 points. ' The final game of the season between Biglerville and Gettysburg brought a packed house to the Gettysburg High School gym. The game was nip and tuck going into the final minutes in which Biglerville took a one-point lead. With 26 seconds left, Dick Crist drove in for a last shot and was fouled. At this time the latter sunk both tosses to give the team the lead only to see it wiped out when Bill Sanni duplicated Crist's feat with 4 seconds to go and to give Big- lerville at 43-42 victory. Tom Duane, honorary captain, lead his team with 14 points. In the annual All Star Selection of the Sportscaster's, writers and coaches, Dick Crist was named to the second team having topped his team with 99 points in 8 South Penn games and 195 for the season. With four returning lettermen -in John Longanecker, Bob Crandall, Gary Nelson, and Ed Ziegler, Coach Forney eyes a good season next year as Gettys- burg High School enters the Blue Mountain League. First row, left to right: McCleaf, Davies, R. Dettinburn, Longanecker, T. Duane. Second row: M. Reimer fmanagerj, C. Sleichter, D. Crist, D. jones, E. Zeigler, G. Nelson, G. Hess lmanagerl. SOUTH PENN STANDINGS Fmsr HALF SBcoND HALF Won Lost Won Lost Carlisle ....,,.. ,..... ...... 4 0 Carlisle ........ ..... ...... ,,.,,,. 4 0 Chambersburg ..,.,.... ...... 3 1 Chambersburg ....... .... 3 1 Hanover ............... .... . 2 2 Hanover ............. .... 2 2 Biglerville ...... 1 3 Biglerville ........ - .... .- 1 3 Gettysburg ..,.... ...... 0 u 4 Gettysburg .... ....... 0 4 Tom Duane puts one in for G'.H.S. as Waynes- Dick Crist tries to recover the ball as Bigler boro player fails to stop him. -ville foes close in. Dave jones, jim Davies, Dick Crist, and Tom Duane battle for rebound in practice session. Boys plan pre-game strategy in balls of G.H.S. LETTERMEN Sm-uons Jumons Dick Crist Bob Crandall Tom Duane James Davies Ronald Dettinburn James McCleaf Jerry Hess, manager John Longaneclcer Gary Nelson Edward Ziegler Ziegler bits for two against Delone. Team breaks from huddle for more artion. All eyes are on john Longanecker as be sets for two against Biglerville Mr. Gregor and "Snuffy" Smith check tickets as fans enter the game. FACTS AND FIGURES Crist ..., McCleaf . Duane Zxegler ......... ....... Nelson ,...,.. Longanecker Crandall ,. G PMFT 65-100 20-27 29-48 12-30 9-17 6-17 2-5 F72 65? 74? 60? 4070 53? 35 ? 40? PTS 195 116 105 54 51 50 18 'rdiedsn Detlinburn takes two while jim McCleaf settles for one as warm-ups begin. There's never a dull moment when these seven are around. jump! Bob! jump! Bob Crandall U32 and Dick Cris! fxzj wait for while surrounded by the Canners. l rebound ll 3 f ve , A K. .. LQ? 3 19 ' ""'s! Q-f NX -hz T- . A m-T' X sy i N " N-A ' '. K -. .. Q ' . an .f-4 Q YN r it B ,ww Q. we , , .5 QQ. if fl ws: ix ix .vw-V Q K ., xl -. N. QJKN x X 5 ,,, , It H. f .id 5 sf f' X' X if Q .4 1 wr, fxs-N511 'ini-,',1' . 1 iw? ' PE? 11395:-Q-f 1' A I 'il i 1 9 . 'ala WMV ,r -A UN First Row, left to right: B. Britcher, S. Olsen, R. Jones, J. Newman, D. King, E. Tilberg, R. Baker. Second Row: R. Stokes fmanagerj, G. Hartman, B. Deitz, K. Bigham, S. Bloom, L. Gilbert, Teeter, C. Bushey, G. Hess fmanagerl. LV. BASKETBALL SOUTH PENN STANDINGS Coach Eckhart G .H .S . 31 ...... 44 ..,... ........ 33 ...... 37 ...... 25 .,,... SCHEDULE Chambersburg Carlxsle .............. Hanover ......., Gettysburg ....,. Biglerville .... Opponent West York ........ .......... 3 8 York Suburban ........ ...... 4 6 Westminster ....,. ..,... 1 3 .. .... Delone ....... . Hanover 38 ...... ..... . Westminster 27 . .... . 23 37 ....,. ........ 34 , ..... 30 na.. 29 .1 Z8 39 38 24 ....... Carlisle -. 41 Waynesboro 61 Chambersburg ,....... ..,,,. 4 2 Biglervxlle .....,., ...... 3 1 Delone Hanover Carlisle 49 ...... ........,. W aynesboro .... 28 ..,,.. ,....... 29 ,,..,. 20 47 64 34 Chambersburg .,.... ,.,,.. 5 7 Biglerville . ..... 25 Jmrvss Dzv1s1oN Won Lost ...-.. 6 2 - .... - 4 4 2 6 1 7 Steve Olsen shows good form against Westminster 115 First Row, left to right: W. Skidmore fmanagerl, D. Shriver, B. Beeler, Neth, R. Young, R. Dettinburn, B. Little, G. Plank, E. Hofe, C. Swope, B. Pinlco, P. Redman, M. Stuclcey, G. Cleveland, B. Colvard, B. Lutz, F Tilberg fmanagerl. Second Row: B. Linebaugh, Deckert, McCleaf, R. Schwartz, D. Rice, E. Walters, W. Shindledecker, Zeig- ler, Brooks, D. Coshun, K. Fissel, E. Kump, L. Clapsaddle, W. Stouclc, M. Kriclc, C. Harvey, D. Coddington S. Lear. Third Row: D. Lott, D. Ackley, Maclay, D. Heagey, E. Thomas, W. Kennel, R. Spangler, M. Shealer, K Bigham, W. Jones, G. Rohrbaugh, B. Hinkle, M. Harmon, M. Sheads, B. Eden, Waybright, F. Meyers, D Yingling. Fourth Row: Eyler, C. Simmons, A. Bushman, W. Keefer, D. Cockle, R. Shultz, E. Tilberg, E. Zeigler, S Witherow, C. Sprigg, Biggins, E. Hoalc, D. Jones, C. Tipton, Mcllhenny, H. Weilcert, M. Pinko, P. Geyer K. Kime, M. Doyle, B. Mosser. 1 96 1 SCHEDULE 1962 TRACK Coach George Forney's cindermen, with hopes of improving their 1961 season with a record of two wins and three losses in dual meets, have only one returning letterman, Jim McCleaf. Hopeful candidates for the dashes include McCleaf, Philip Redman, and Ron Dettinburn. In the distance events Jerry Neth, Charles Swope, and Ruben Spangler show the greatest prospect thus far. Going over to the field events, WarrenStouck, Earl Kump, Maynard Stuckey, and Dave Coshun will handle the discus throw and shot- put, while Bill Pinlco will heave the javelin. Rounding out the field events are Bill Little and Ken Bigham in the broad jump and high jump with Gerald Cleveland experienced in the pole vault. 116 G.H.S. 39 1f2 ...,..........,.......................,........... Chambersburg 87 112 G.H.S. 57 516 .......... ,,...... W estminster 69 If 6 G.H.S 72 .......... ........ I-I anover 55 G.H.S 37 112 .......... ........ Ca rlisle 73 Biglerville 48 1f2 G.H.S 83 1f2 .. ......,. ........ W aynesboro 43 1f2 G.H.S. 60 2f3 .......... ........ B iglerville 66 113 W. Stouck, E. Kump, M. Stuckey, and D. Coshun show form in pre-season action. First Row, left to right: R. Fox, K. Hartman, R. Fissel, D. Eisenhower, G. Folkermer, W. Deal, Waybright, C. Harvey, W. Hornor. Second Row: R. Peake, Rowe, C. Richardson, T. Heflin, B. Baker, W. Jones, R. Plank, T. Rohrbaugh, G. Herring, W. Linebaugh, C. Smith, M. Krick, R. Paris. Third Row: G. Miclcley, D. Gorman, T. Spahr, S. Miller, E. Walter, C. Raffensperger, S. Green, D. Kravitz, B. I-Iinkle, M. Herring, M. Harmon. Fourth Row: T. Helwig, J. Zeigler, D. Coddington, M. Sheads, F. Myers, T. Gilbert, M. Eyler, M. Keefer, R. Finkboner, M. Doyle. I-'Vg , ... T.. rrf e ... ,,. eef, A FGOTBALL The young Indian Braves got off to a rather poor start this season by suffering a 28 to 0 defeat in the initial game with Chambersburg Faust. The two teams kept the scoring columns on even terms the first half, but the Faust gridders came back strong in the second half and scored 28 points. The final score of this contest endowed each member of the team with the incentive to win. With this in mind, the "Little Warriors" became an outstanding group of players and romped over Waynesboro 35 to 0 in the following game. This was a preview of the type of play to be seen in the forth- , comm outings. They re my boys! Butgthe "Bickel-lads" were not to see another win for quite a while, for in the next three games in the con- ference, they were unable to obtain the rallies necessary LEAGUE STANDING A for their opponents' defeat. This was a provocation to Wan Lorr these fine young men so that when they returned to the Chambersburg Central ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 0 striped field for the last time this season, they downed Chambersburg Faust ....... - ...... 3 1 Hanover 7 t0 0. Washington Township ,,,.,,, .,,,,.,, 2 2 The play and teamwork exhibited by the "Warriors- Gettysburg ,....,,,,.,.,,,,,.,. -. ,,,,,,,, 2 3 to-be" was a preview of an outstanding team of the Hanover , .,,,, ,.,,,,,, 2 3 future in the Senior High. Waynesboro -.. ,..... .- 0 4 It's time for the kickoff. Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg Gettysburg SCHEDULE 0... .,.t..ts................,........V 35 ,.,, . 13 0 ...t.. ,s,4..,.,,. 0 ,.,, . ,.,,,,., , 7., .,....,....,..,,, tt.V., . . Lads wait to receive letters. Chambersburg Faust 28 Waynesboro 0 Chambersburg Carlisle 19 Washington Twp. 13 Central 7 Hanover 0 LETTERMEN B. Baker "'M. Doyle R. Finlcboner TVM. Harmon ,"K. Hartman 'Service letters D. Lutz T. Heflin G. Herring W. Jones M. Krick W. Linebaugh R. Plank C. Richardson T. Rohrbaugh J. Rowe C. Smith JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, left to right: B. Kessell, B. Hinkle, A. Bushey, R. Fox, D. Kronitz. Second Row: T. Gilbert, Eyler, M. Krick, D. Finlcboner, C. Folkemer, R. Speir, Zeigler fmanagerl. Third Row: D. Doaks, D. Liss, E. Thomas, W. Jones. Coach Schoenborn Finishing their season with a 5 wins and 7 losses log, Coach Schoenbotn's Junior High cagers don't have much to show for their eiforts in the columns. The scrappy little Braves finished in fourth place in the South Penn when the final tabulations were made. But, the facts and iigures of the newspapers don't tell how the game was played or how hard they practiced. Only the players them- selves lcnow that by observing any one of the Junior High games this season, it could readily be seen that the young Warriors were giving it all they had. This, no matter how the statistics read, makes a winning team. SCHEDULE G .H .S . Opponent 19 ...... ......... C arlisle ..... ......... 4 4 37 ......... ............. C arlisle ..... - ....... 34 SOUTH PENN STANDINGS I ii iiigl eeS1i1i111,,l3Z.TZii'3'i..113 ..,. ..,. i iii SZ Wan Lan 25 ...... ....... C hambersburg F.F. .......... - .... 29 Central ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 11 0 34 ...... ...... W ashington Twp. ..... -- ...... 31 Hanover ...,. ..... 6 4 36 ................. W35hlI1gt0n TWP. ..... ... ...... 31 Faust .,,,,,,,,,,,... ..,. 5 4 22 .... .......... W aynesboro ....,.... ......... 3 3 Gettysburg ...,,.,, .,.. 5 7 23 ...... ...... C hambgrsburg F.F. ............,... 30 Waynesboro , ..,,,.. - .... 4 6 35 ...... .............. H RIIOVCI .. ........... .....---. 26 Carlisle ....,,.......,...,.... .... 2 4 25 ...... . ..... Chambersburg Cent. ............ ... 64 Washington Twp. ........ .... 1 9 27 ................ Chambersburg Cent. ................ 60 I.V. BASKETBALL Coach Bickel's battalion ended one of the best Junior High jayvee seasons it ever had by handing out ten losses to their league opponents while suffering only two themselves. The delightful dribblersi seemed to carry the preceding football season onto the hardwood to gather greater glory. The blithe boys put the topper on their scintillating season by sinking Central 42 to 26. The two things necessary for a winning team: ill Boys with the ability and desire to win, and, f2j a coach who knows how to concentrate these abilities and desires on the weaknesses of the top opponents. These factors were very much in evidence in the Jayvee basketball l l Kit Richardson rips the cords for two in final game of the season. team this year. 115 ii nu.: -i T51 ' . 5 Coach Bickel First Row, left to SCHEDULE G.H.S. Opponent soUTH PENN STANDINGS ---'--'--' --""--- 2 ---" -- JAYVEE DWXSXON 22 .......,. .... . ..., W aynesboro ...,. ,,.., L Won Lvff 22 ,..,.................... Hanover ............. Gettysburg ..... ..,..... 1 0 2 35 Carlisle ....... L.. 5 1 52 Central ....... . ........ 7 4 32 Hanover ..... ....... 6 4 29 Waynesboro ,.,......., --- 3 7 22 Faust ,...,,.,,..,,...,,........t .... 2 7 25 Washington Twp. ........ ...... 1 9 42 42 right: L. Helwig, W. Horner, S. Teeter, K. Herrick, Second Row: M. Simpson fmanagerj, A. Miller, L. Shindledecker, C. M. Herring. Chambersburg F.F. .- Washington Twp. -. Washington Twp. -. Waynesboro Chambersburg F.F. ....... ,. Hanover Chambersburg Cent. Chambersburg Cent. L. White, T. Bous. Raffensperger, R. Teeter, Heiser, Third Row: B. Crandall, D. Bream, D. Herring, K. Richardson, D. Eisenhower, D. Bream, Allison. SENIOR HIGH GAA First Row, left to right: Mrs. Reinhart fadviserl, E. Wheeler, M. Flickinger, Funt, E. Boyer, B. Miller D Hockey, B. Watson. Second Row: P. Ditzler, A. Bteam, M. Bucher, L. McCoy Third Row: White, E. Prosser, R. Coshun, C. Kime, J Fourth Row: C. Weaver, S. Coldsmith, L. Raffensperger Fifth Row: S. Gaston, Lupp, B. Reed, M. Hartman, A. Sixth Row: S. Sprankle, C. Roth, S. Gastley, L. Cronlund, B. Hess, B. Miller, B. johnson. Singley, S. Reed, Guise. C. Bream, Bream, S. Tauscher, S. Hoak. Ruckelshaus, B. Hull, S. Nimtz, Forsythe E. Heimerer, Bream, Bream. Not in Picture: N. Bow, B. Ditchburn, S. McCrorie, S. Wieder, K. Elledge, L. Miller, C. Stone, S. Williamson D Smith. girls' athletic association: good w sophomore in the showers! Edith Boyer and Ann Ruckelxhaus spring after the ball during a lively championship playoff game. t. , "You get 20 demeritsln A senior GAA member may be heard saying this to an un fortunate sophomore girl who if she sur vives the initation, becomes a member Hockey in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring are enjoyed as classes compete among themselves The highest honors are the minor ' G and the major "G." To receive them a certain num ber of points must be earned. A girl gets 1nuch satisfaction from being a member of GAA. The opportunity is presented to learn skills in sports, but above all to develop fair play and good sportsmanship. One highly enjoyed aspect of GAA is the ehance when you become a senior, to soak some lowly . t A il JUNIOR HIGH GAA First Row, left to right: Brantner, Hoover, L. Cluck, C. McCleaf, A. Eigner, M. Mayer, L. Harhaugh, M. Martin, C. Hinckley, Mrs. Rinehart faclviserj . Second Row: L. Dunkelberger, M. Snowberger, C. Single y, S. Reedy, P. Seymour, P. Aclcley, C. Bishop, C. Coclori, B. Hansen. Third Row: V. Deardorlf, Jackson, M. Reynolds, M. Ayre, S. Crist, Thompson, B. Arnsberger, D. Follcenroth, L. Young. Fourth Row: S. Markley, B. Vannoy, K. Dick, P. Hess, B. Wright, S. Jackson, B. Baker, M. Walhay, M. Hawn. Fifth Row: K. Stansbury, P. Shue, M. Ecker, N. Rosenberger, H. Hull, C. Stoner, L. Coclcle, Bowers, D. Kargas. Sixth-Row: S. Newell, Zinn, S. Nunamalcer, D. Adams, P. Bolen, B. MacPhail, B. Sietz, Staley. Not in Picture: M. Bray, A. Teeter, D. Jacobs, G. Harvey, L. Parrish, L. Painter, A. Biesecker, C. Smith. sportsmanship, skills in sports Orders to these sophomore initiates from the upperclassmen were these among others: wear one shoe and one boot, make up only one side of your face, and wear a wild apron! GAA CABINET First Row, left to right: Bream, A. Bream, E. Heimerer, E. Wheeler, J. Bream, Bream, Second Row: White, E. Prosser, C. Bream, D. Kint, C. Roth, C. Weaver. ' 123 all for SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row, left to right: D. Deardorff, B. Allison, E. Heimerer, D. Doyle. Second Row: A. Ruckelshaus, Kunkel, B. Smith. The cheerleaders wildly applaud "our boys" as they lead a cheer in lronor of those on the basketball team who received varsity letters. "All for Gettysburg stand up and hol- ler!" The words of this fight yell echo through the bleachers under the leader- ship of the cheerleaders. To promote school spirit, the cheerleaders do any- thing from arousing enthusiasm at pep rallies to leading the band down the football field. The duty of the cheerlead- ers is not only to make sure the specta- tors leave the game unable to tall: but also to encourage good sportsmanship. g-burg stand up and holler!! JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row, left to right: E. jeffcoat, C. McCleaf, M. Ayre, S. Crist, L. Young. Second Row: W. Kuykendall, V. Deardorff, Thompson. Cheerleaders ut the stri es on the cand cane for P P 7 the "Peppermint Ball," lveld to raise money for their new uniforms. ,sn Mrs. Kenneth Reinbart, adviser, and Judy Kunkel, head cheerleader, look over possible pep rally :kits your advertisers Many businessmen, both owners of large companies as well as small stores, by placing an ad in our yearbook show that they support, and above all have faith in the student at Gettysburg High School. Without the backing of these people it would be impossible to publish this yearbook. Best Wishes to the Class of '62 from JAMES GETTYS CHAPTER FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Gettysburg High School TIMES AND NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY if Specialists in MAGAZINES - DISSEHTATIONS - SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS ik P blishers of Adams County's Only Daily Newspaper THE GETTYSBUHG TIMES CARLISLE STREET PHONE ED 4-1131 GE:r'rYsBUEG, PA GETTYSBURG GARMENT, INC. 106 N. 'Stratton Street Phone ED 4-4311 Congratulations and Best Wishes from GETTYSBURG CONSTRUCTION C0 and BEAUTIFUL COLT PARK Congratulations to the Class of 1962 U55 fans Sfucfio Cannon-Aid Photographers Portrait, Wedding and Commercial Photography 34 York Street Phone ED 4-5513 Gettysburg, Pct. CLASS RINGS AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS Compliments ot iff SELBY'S Bonr sHoP UNION EMBLEM C0- PALMYRA, PA. Body Rebuilding and Painting Fifth Street We Are Pleased to Provide the Standard School Rings lor Gettysburg High School 'iff 1 H. N' 1 y W. G. "Skip" Mooney ' W' 'v F'-' " --- . ' Wpflovac-f'Q'f 7 S P , ,jf t . ,- ' "K"'y"7 ,5. f l f!!.!.E.'!:,,9 ii E Good Luck to the " "w:- -- F- V A I b gf' AQ .E Class of 62 From '. A" I f Compliments of I JAMES GETTYS CHAPTER S W 0 P E S "BB" SERVICE OPTHE ii? Lubrication - Oiighange - Repairs FUTXBERIILEQCEIEEIE UF TWO LOCATIONS GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL Ccrr11s1e cmd Water Streets St h Avenue and S. Wcxshingto Str t Compliments of GETTYSBURG SHOE COMPANY DIRECT TO YOU GAS Gt LINCOLN WAY EAST, ROUTE 30 and CORNER OF WEST AND HIGH DITZLER'S MUSIC SUPPLIES 12 Baltimore Street GETTYSYBURG, PA. THE CAROL ANN SHOPPE 119 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone ED 4-5638 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of INVESTORS' LOAN CORP Lincoln Square GETTYSBURG. PA ROY E. COLDSMITH, INC. ROOFING - SIDING - SHEET METAL CONTRACTOR 310 West High Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-3187 Compliments ot TEXAS LUNCH 58 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. ADAMS COUNTY NOVELTY COMPANY iff Manufacturers PINE CARVED TABLES Gettysburg, Pa. 19 62 f - -Qb Compllmenis ' - of WIVI. A. BIGHAM Beal Estate and Insurance 121 Buford Avenue ED 4-3817 GET TYSBURG. PA. CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE Compliments of CANNON-AID STAFF "HEADS" AND ADVISERS MARTHA PEGGY BARBIE CHBBIB DICK IOHN ED BOB MBs. BICKEL MB. woons PONTIAC The Most Popular Medium Priced Car PONTIAC TEMPEST The Family Size Economy Car Automatic Transmission Repairing Complete Body Shop Facilities Full Line of Repairs for All Automobiles THE H 8: H MACHINE SHOP South Washington Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone ED 4-3145 or 4-3146 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Founded 1832 A College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for Men and Women y and Au' Force Reserve Curricula in Music n Bus s Administrcxtlon Officer Training Corps and ysiccrl Educatio Nationwide Insurance Sterling F. Musselman, Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Congratulations from THE SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL A Compliments of Gettysburg Lodge No. 1526 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE I1 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT CGEORGE'SJ VARSITY DINER COpen 24 Hours? CARLISLE STREET GETTYSBURG PA WE DO OUR OWN BAKING Compliments of TWIN HEMLIOCK PHEASANT FARM Pheasanis O Mallard Ducks Ph 642 8622 F ield R. D. 2 FAIRFIELD PENNSYLVANIA READY MIXED CONCRETE CONCRETE DRAIN TILE GENERAL CONREIE WORK MCDERMITT, INCORPORATED Box 231 GETTYSBURG, PA. OH Phone EDgewood 4-2131 Compliments of Yingling's Implement Sales and Service MINNEAPULIS MOLINE, FOX NEW HOLLAND, FRICK Phone 359-4848 Gettysburg R. D. I LITTLESTOWN PENNSYLVANIA S!g,lMI I E BATTLEEIELD "Always Good Tas1e" ii ax? C GETTYSBURG. PA Russell Maitland EDgewood 4-2175 HETRICK'S SERVICE CENTER Phone ED 4-1320 General Repamng Use Cars Road Service, Storage 1ooY kS i G ty bu1g,Pu. compliments of u friend Best Wishes to the Class of KEYSTUNE HIDGEWAY COMPANY NORTH FOURTH STREET GEPTYSBURG. PA, Off' ED 4-1181 Iohn Reimerx' Compliments of SNYDER'S BODY SHOP of is PRDSPERITY We Specialize in Auto Body and Fender Repairing if if? Phone ED 4-5915 RAILROAD STREET FAIRFIELD ROAD GETTYSBURG PA MEADOW VALLEY ABATTUIR, INC. Compliments of Si? FEA B E R I S Wholesalers 'Lincoln Square Home Dressed Meats is G ttysbuxg, Pct. Phone ED 4-2187 Compliments of MASK AND WIG Sheaffer Bros., Inc. iff Automotive Parts Machine Shop Service Mustang Replacement Engines ik Phone ED 4-2137 204 Ch mbersburg Street G tty burg, Pa CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '62 We invite you to make use of the facilities offered by this store, whether it be to shop with us, to meet your friends at Murphy's or to seek employment with our company, in the event that you decide upon a retail career. G. C. MURPHY CO. Gettysburg Building Supply Company 225 S. Franklin Street GETTYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-3107 HOME IMPROVEMENT HEADQUARTERS S. Blaine Miller W. H. Musser, Mgr. Compliments oi HILLCREST MEMORIAL GARDENS BIX-SWAY MEN AND BoY's SHOP 24 Chambersburg Street GETTYSBURG, PA. DAVE'S PHOTO SUPPLY Complete Camera and Custom Hi-Fi Service 244 STEINWEHR AVENUE GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '62 K. O. DEARDORFF KEN DEARDORFF Brokers Life - Fire - Casualty - Allied Lines - Bonding llO York Street Phone ED 4-4713 Over 35 Years Service to Policyholders KUHN'S AMERICAN SERVICE AMERICAN PRODUCTS WASHING, LUBE, MINOR REPAIRS Phone ED 4-4212 525 York Street Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 LOWER'S BARBER SHOP Congratulations to Class of 1962 4 THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK GETTYSBURG, PA. York Street Office West Street Office Phone Biglerville 677-7481 Shue's Plumbing and Heating R. D. 3 GETTYSBURG, PA. Chester S. Shue Charles "Junie" Kerrigan Painting Contractor FLOOR SANDING AND REFINISHING 131 S. Fourth Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-6144 Compliments ot THE BATTLEFIELD CHAPTER oi the Future Farmers Congratulations t th Class of 1962 SUPPLY COMPANY of Amerwa 27 North sermon sneer Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of C0mP1im9n1S Of Mary-.lo Beauty Salon Gettysburg Throwing Co. Congratulations From WEISHAAR BROS., INC :fir Home Appliances Sheet Metal- Plumbing Heating - Roofing - Sidings The Senior High Band is 37 BALTIMORE STREET Phone ED 4-1159 ROSE-ANN SHUPPE Educated People Save It is told that Indians of Paraguay plowed all day with oxen and then killed the oxen for supper. The primitive mind gave no thought to the morrow. ' f ' ' th k of the educated man EQ? The habit 0 saving is e mar ' and woman. Also, it is one of the privileges enjoyed LADIES' AND CHILDRENS In 3 free Amema- , BE SMART -- SAVE REGULARLY READY-TO-WEAR . 371 Interest per Annum Paid on Savings Accounts Rose Smith Littleton, Prop. of Gettysburg, Pa. 38 York Street Gettysburg . Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation On Lincoln Square Since 1857 ZIEGLER'S STUDIO it 69 W. MIDDLE STREET Phone ED 4-1311 HOTEL GETTYSBURG "On the Square" ' iff Henry M. Schart, Manager GETTYSBURG I Compllments ELKS HULL'S LODGE ELECTRIC N0.1U45 SERVICE PEOPLES DRUG STORE Y P WISOTZKEY'S SHOE STORE Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes "The Latest in Siyles" ltimore Street Phone ED 4-5644 Getty Compliments of ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE I- HAROLD MILLER 214 W. Middle Street Phone ED 4-4611 Gettysburg. KW 5' Fine , of Pecan Candies Souvenirs and Country Ham 2 Miles South on U. S. Route 15 Gettys Lodge No. 124 INDEPENDENT ORDER DF ODD FELLOWS Chartered August 18, 1845 Compltmems GILBERT'S HUBBY SHOP 230 Steinwehr Ave. on Rt. 15 to Wash., D. C. GEFTYSBURG, PA. MAJESTIC THEATER phone ED 4.5715 Complimems of REMMEL'S PRINT SHUP 54 Chambersburg Street 16 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pct. GETTYSBUHG, PA. R 1Ph B 1 Y. O SETTLE'S ELECTRIC SERVICE C mphmems of GETTYSBUHGI PA- GETTYSBUHG POST NO 15 Phone ED 4-4134 4 2685 V,15',W, WENTZ'S FURNITURE Serving You Since '22 121 B 1t'more Street GybgP. KELLER'S ESSO SERVICE 243 Steinwehr Avenue y Phone ED 4-4511 ESSO PRODUCTS HARRY D. RIDINGER INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE BROKER Gettysburg, Pa. 112 B ltimore Street Phone ED 4 2213 Compliments Compliments of of SCHWARTZ FARM SUPPLY BLOSER BABY SHOE CO. C"mP11me"'S, WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP oUUUNEUAUM's, INC. Phone ED 46194 Hanover, Pa. 425 S. Washington Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments ELAINE LYDIA of my 321125 FUTURE BUSINESS CAROLYN LEADERS OF AMERICA Compliments of THE AVENUE DIN ER COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE lust One Block From School BRITCHER 8: BENDER DRUG STORE DRUGS - TOILETRIES - STATIONERY SICK ROOM SUPPLIES 27 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. SHEALER'S MOTOR CLINIC 28 North Stratton Street Phone ED 4-1797 LAWN MOWER AND SMALL ENGINE REPAIRS Seniors: You missed your chance to fiunk, recoup your loss by fainting at commencement. Duane Johnson, Bookseller 29 Carlisle Street CLocall 140 W. High Street CCcrrlisleJ We Pay Top Prices for Used Diplomas ' Compliments of Compliments . . . DALE'S TIRE SHOP Battlefleld Gulf Service Statlon and Steinwehr Avenue and Baltimore Street ED 4 8113 Phone ED 4-5617 Compliments of ' BASEHORE INSURANCE IOHN W. BASEHORE Compliments of DON'S BARBER SHOP On the Square in Biglerville Class of '52 FIVE STAR RESTAURANT if Compliments of "Good Food andigriendly Service" 4 Miles South of Gettysburg on U. S. 15 Gettysburg, PQ, R. D. 2, Gettysburg Phone ED 4-1342 Compliments of FOR THE FASHIONS YOU LOVE GETTYSBURG. TUBEY'S FURNITURE CENTER Gettysburg, Pa. Shopping Center Gettysburg, Pa. C mpliments of THE ULD BUZZARD HUNT AVENUE, INC. RAMBLER SALES AND SERVICE ED 4-2189 Compliments of L. E. Smith Wholesale Distributor 302 York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. CULLISON 'S SALES NEW AND UNCLAIMED Rear 331 S. Washington Street Phone ED 4-1811 GETTYSBURG, PA. PEACE LIGHT INN AND TOURIST COURT Air-conditioned Cottages and Motel SERVING ALL MEALS Phone ED 4-1416 - Compliments ot JACK AND JILL SHOPPE Chambersburg Street Compliments of KEN N IE'S MARKET, INC. Where You Get More of the Best for Less 45 S. FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of KUHN'S MILLINERY POE THE LATEST IN FASHIONS 130 Chambersburg Street Rose B. Sanders. Prop. Phone ED 4-5544 LAMP POST TEA ROOM MINTEHS O D '1 ' 7 a.mIJiR 9:RIJyp.m. F SERVING BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER WE DELIVER Mrs. Edna Tuckey, Prop. Approved by Duncan Hines can ED 4-3116 GETTYSBURG AERIE 1562 F.O.E. 54 Years of Service in the Community 125-127 Chambersburg Street GETTYSBURG. PA. HANOVER HARDWARE CO BUILDERS' HARDWARE Tools, Paint, Oil, Glass and Sporting Goods HANOVER, PA. HERSHEY'S MEN 'S SHOP TAILORS AND HABERDASHERS Opposite Courthouse HENNIG'S BAKERY 35 York Street Bakers for G.H.S. Cafeteria Adams County Motors Corp. FORD - FALCON -T-BIRD Gettysburg, Pa. FORD MOTORS Tharp's One Hour Cleaner And Shirt Service Sir Gettysburg Shopping Center DICK'S SUB SHOPPE SUBMARIN ES AND PIZZAS 168 Carlisle Str t GETTYSBURG, PA. LARSON'S COURT SAYLOR'S GULF SERVICE Robert Saylor 103-111 Carlisle Street Gettysburg, P Ph ED 4-4517 GEO. M. ZERFING HARDWARE, INC. GETTYSBURG - LITTLESTOWN Compliments of J. MILTON BENDER HARRY E. BENDER PATRICK D. MGDERMITT Complete Insurance Service AGENT, NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES NOTARY PUBLIC 137 Baltimore Street Phone ED 4-6118 BLOCHER'S IEWELRY SINCE 1887 25-27 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, P . ARNOLD'S SHELL SERVICE I X. .4 A 250 Buford Aven FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS Phone ED 4-1812 CHARLES S. LUPP Radio and TV Sales and Service 350 York Street GETTYSBURG. PA Phone ED 4-4913 THE SHOE BOX GETTYSBURG, PA. C mpliments of C. E. WILLIAMS AND SONS GULF FUEL OIL EXCAVATING Phone ED 4-5511 137 Baltimore Street ' BAKER'S BATTERY SERVICE RCA, PHILCO. ZENITH SALES AND SERVICE 135 Baltimore Street ED 4-4410 GALLAGHER 8: SANDERS' 24-HOUR ICE SERVICE Crushed and Blocked GALLAGHER'S FOOD MARKET W. Middle Street Gettysburg, Pa. JOHN S. FUNT WELL DRILLING Phone Biglerville 677-8937 Compliments of HESS ANTIOUE SHOP Antiques Bought and Sold R. D. 6 GETTYSBURG, PA. ED 4-5931 239 Chambersburg Street HOWE'S SUNOCO SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1962 SUNOCO PRODUCTS AND KELLY TIRES IUDY EILEEN S.GH. Green Stamps ED 4-2297 SI Buford Avenue SENIOR HIGH M AIORET-I-ES REC-PARK DIN ER The Best Food Possible For the Lowest Possible Price Owners-Tom and Ruth Wolf 247 West Street ED 4-9064 Gettysburg, Pa. Opposite A8zP LOCALLY OWNED AND MANAGED Serving 7,220 Rural Members in Adams, Cumberland and York Counties Along 1,500 Miles of Line Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. GETTYSBURG PENNSYLVANIA Phone ED 4-3197 SIMPSON MACHINE at WELDING co. Ernest H. Simpson, Prop. 4th and Water Streets P. O. Box 252 Gettysburg. Pa. Best Wishes Hess DURACLEAN Rug-Furniture Cleaning Dial ED 4-5949 GETTYSBURG, PA. H. E. BRINKERHOFF Compliments of WOLFE'S RESTAURANT On Lincoln square HERRINC'S ELECTRIC SERVICE irs and Electric Heating Installations, Repa Phone Gettysburg ED 4-4176 The Family Department Store FRIENDLY COURTEOUS - CHEERFUL SERVICE Lincoln Square ROBERT R. IVICCOY Agent NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING GETTYSBURG, PA. BENDER'S GIFTS Lincoln Square Greeting Cards Gifts - Jewelry Compliments of ANGELL'S TEXACO Steinwehr Avenue Extd. Gettysburg, P-a. AND SON Local and Long Distance Moving SERVING 26 EASTERN STATES Phone ED 4-3614 Congratulations to the Class of 1962 a, friend GETTYSBURG 5:li:ErgDSir:Zii Congratulations to the SCI'IMITT'S MUSEUM INC REDDINGS PEI-ERS DECORATION Hardware, Paint, Auto FUNERAL HQME Carpet . Furniture .Home of the and Home Supplies Telephone ED 4.5815 Slip Covers , Dnaperies Chambersburg Street Electric Map" 30 York Street Gettysburg, Pa. 321 Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-4118 . HOTEL mdmg as BEAUTY SALON RESTAURANT WASHETTE DOUGHEHTY 158 E. Water Street Margaret L, Spangler Chambersburg Street 6' HARTLEY Owner - Operator Dry Goods, Notions and The Fastest Cleanest Phone ED 4,4017 STEAKS ' CHOPS Underwear Wash in Town Gettysburg Pa SEA FOOD EAST END Gr:rTYsBURG N, O, SIXEAS Compliments of PLANING MILL NEWS AND GE PPLIANCES so WEST - A Custom Mm work Gettysburg' Pa' 62 Chambersburg Street Route 30 Gettysburg, Pa. MCCLEAI-"S MORRIS GITLIN Compliments of Compliments GROCERY DEALER IN ALL GLENN L. BREAM of Meats KINDS OF JUNK Rear of Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-1216 Oldsmobile - Cadillac GMC Trucks HOAGIE HOUSE 246 YORK STREET GETTYSBURG, PA. Vegetables and Frozen Foods Call ED 4-1368 We Deliver ROBERT P. SNYDER General Insurance Second Floor Plaza Building SHBRM1-tN'S STORE Complete Line of Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Shoes for the Entire Family 20 York Street LeVAN'S FASHIONS Compliments of STUART"S MOTEL Compliments of ARCTIC LOCKER SYSTEM Frozen Food Locker - Processing and Frozen Food Gettysburg ED 4-4116 Compliments THE GIFT BOX 29 Chambersburg Street Greeting Cards and Gifts Congratulations W. T. GRANT CU. Compliments of WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP Chambersburg Street Trone and Weikeri Men's Shop Center Square HANOVER. PA. Home Mutual Life Insurance Company Plaza Building Gettysburg, Pa. INSURED SAVINGS PLANS ACCIDENT AND HEALTH INSURANCE CARVER'S STATIONERY CO. Wedding Invitations SMITH CORONA Portable Typewriters Office Supplies and Equipment ED 4-3706 195 Miles Out Biglerville Road CODORI ROOFERS Rear 46 York Street ROOFING - SIDING SPOUTING ED 4-1413 Compliments of EDDIE'S CLEANERS 49 Steinwehr Avenue 126 E. King Street MARTIN OPTICAL CO. Prescriptions Filled Lenses Duplicated Replaced Contact Lenses Zenith Hearing Aids Compliments of HARTMAN HOBBY SHOP GETTYSBURG LITTLESTOWN 118 Baltimore Street 28 Chambersburg Street Phone ED 4-2913 359-4194 Gettysburg, Pa. BENN'S QOQXQMAKEPQOQ Compliments gf Mews and Boys wear Compliments it ' 1- GETTYSBURG -gg and BOOKMART 6 N11 - S, F- H. A. HANOVER PLAZA 4f14N WN QNEWRO WESTMI STER SHOPPING CENTER TEETER STONE, INC. Sir Crushed Stone Products il? Phone ED 4-3165 GETTYSBURG, PA. Best Wishes Class of '62 CHARLES NEIBERT SUBURBAN MOTEL Route 15, lk Mile North Gettysburg, Pa. REA AND DERICK fir Lincoln Square and York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Com liments of Compliments of IACOBY-,S Compliments of P DAVE OYLEH GIFT sHoP HANKEY's MOTORS BANKERS GROCERY LINCOLN - MERCURY Between Gettysburg INSURANCE Abe, Glenn and Junie METEOR DEALERS Steinwehr Avenue Gettysburg, Pa. and Biglerville Phone Biglerville 677-7733 Grandview Terrace Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of C0mPlimeHfS to IOHN'S C m liments 0 P IEANNES Class of 1962 DISCOUNT BARN of BEAUTY SALON BEAUTY BY Toys SANDY'S Air Conditioned Dryers ROSALIE Juvenile Furniture RESTAURANT 142 Hanover Street 217 N. Stratton Street 3 Mi- E. U, S. Route 30 ' Gettysburg, Pa. ED 4-3827 ED 4.3972 GETTYSBURG Compliments Compliments of IAMES P. NETH Complete Radiator HARDWARE STORE HARTZEL'S BAKERY MR. AND MRS. Service Hardware I Kitchen Breagi, Refills, Buns BILL DAYTON Utensils -Lawn Boy W2 'mfs PA. Lawn Mowers Ph0Ile Biglerville F' t ' Cook 677-7020 mes m ware ED 44790 43 Baltimore Street FISSEL-BRITCHER CORBA-N'S EsTEP's Complimgnts of Masonic Building W1'1'HERQW'S 270 S. Washington Street Gettysburg, Pa. GRQCERY ED 4-2255 ' - ltimore Street h Corean McM1ll1on B3 P one ED 4,3414 Owner and Operator compliments of A FRIEND IN GETTYSBURG 9 a.m. till one huur after dark-send lor Free color Folder Hs f-Sbul0lI3-I Famous... HL sronvsoou PARK --wonro's Mosr BEAUTIFUL STORYLANDH "World's Most Enchanting Woodland" Located on Route 134, the Taneytown Road SPECIAL GROUP RATES AUTOGRAPHS

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