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9522 SYM CANNQN-AID Published by THE CLASS OF 1961 GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHGOL GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA N J GETTY BURG 1, f ff ' X-.ffzfy " M .4--' 'Q . W' -Sr' .sf Q ,, 4 p-" ,- H . , ,,. .A 1. Q- ,,..vv , an .1 N I ,,.. Lf. -7 .v ', ' ftrrs-u-gf,':,'fQa.-5':f-9 A ...wig-i 4. w F I .34 gw, O-. 'M ' . ' ,-7' . ., K x Q--3.XF,A5.,f.,,,f 'N '-gf , K K K A wvxpvp V Q it . H x - . - i ' - .ff ' ' 11 fi .25 X .GM, ,,-"Aly - 'Q , ' x . A ..v..:'v:1::-a- ,.,q. ,. -2- - wifi' if 5 2 Q , ff 'ww ww- ff- fb mm fs fi' QHELHTIUIIQH - C '-'wwe lkin. , ff- ,fn A- A - '-"'fF'w.l "Yi . M. . K . . A - 15. -JH ,--T Q' '24 I Q "ff-f "Jr Z -1 'T1w:a1---'-N w A , Hx 713 L' 'Y' 9 1 . 1' Q , Yi - . 1 4, . Q ' M' p 1 gg 1 ' jf H -M -. f Q W...'.,:Q..h,.:.-. ,A x ga. W- 5 if L 'QQ st ,Q ,lf g 1 J' , y I . , , -Q f M ei? . M 'TU 'PV ' 1- 2 A 1 N 1 MW.. , ,Ai ff K' A f f lisp- -. 'gzgigf-if! ,g"x,, Nh :S S A Q x x?gQ,E' b g. , n vmMxNH Q .i-gov : 3, .- ,s .1,.,, ,wika . V 1 .Q Q1 ,gqsff-..f...,f.?'5:l1iMg . , 4 M. ages .- 4 f .. if -,. 5 ' . - A Q . , - W v.,',.ff- I xi ' 3,-.1 M ' Q V. H. Q .:.,i.N... . 'iffy ,,,,,A't.qN V. .wwyxr , 55255 P ..:gfi-.3- X x. Qfglxfdiiugfifrq X9 3.3,-,,, - - 'f'f""'- - 1 ggi. , Ln l . , ., A N- .3-A :fluff - e , . ,A A K, , M P W . P Q M M. 'L fhilgffwgrvis-M--L"' W, .af -. - - F L " ,, , y my M- - U X - H QW. ,,,- -w-- Ne- f K ., . , . - , .9 +. -A WM - -K ' '.I..-,pv9!"'--- - IK ' .1 - . B. . 1 px,.,. ,.vw--- S , iisfijn-:.4?:i5.kir-If N K A kb -n In " , , xS"xk"fA'3' ' ' ' A. L:,Ni.1.:s.3l , 5: Gym M 2- K g?vLw:I'5'.3- , K fig . Q .-gm.-xiv he-,gin wkf . page hm GETTY BURG HIGH SCHCDGL PENNSYLVANIA page four ' 1960-1961 was a representative school year for the students of Gettys- burg High School. Upon returning to classes in the fall, they . . . scrutinized new teachers . . . cheered the teams on-sometimes in victory, sometimes in defeat . . . made new friends . . . created stronger bonds with old friends . . . joined clubs . . .' rehearsed for plays . . . sold tickets, candles and pea- nuts . . . contributed to class treasuries and organized drives . . . welcomed the fourth foreign exchange student . . . groaned over homework assign- ments . . . attended assembly and lyceum programs . . . crammed for examinations . . . enjoyed a record number of snow holidays . . . and squirmed as teachers Hlled out report cards in class. However, 1961 saw changes too. Seventh graders moved to Lincoln School. Underclassmen visualized graduation from the new senior high school. Educational standards rosefdemanding more specialized courses. High honor lists diminished in size. Editors planned the biggest and best yearbook ever. ' A All of these things helped make 1961 a year to remember. THE EDITOR oooooooooo oooooooxooooooooooooo Contents ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF ...I ,..A.I Page 6 FACULTY .....,... - Page 16 SENIOR CLASS ...I.,.. Page 24 UNDERCLASSIVIEN .... .. Page 44 ACTIVITIES ,I,. .... Page 56 STUDENT LIFE .,... .A ........ Page 76 CLUBS .....I ..,...., P age 84 ATHLETICS ..v,..,,., LL.,,. Page 96 ADVERTISEMENTS ...... - ..... Page 118 , eeeeee 6000000000000 AND STAFF Pdgf 587611 GETTYSBURG JOINT SCHOOL BOARD First Row, Left to Right: R. Schultz, G. Sterner, H. E. Riegle, R. Guise, T. Allen, K. Reinhart, G. Trostle W. Hay. i Second Row: P. Waybright, D. White, Settle, H. Hall, M. Stuckey, C. Bowmaster, T. Oyler, M. Rice, D Nichols, C. Lott. - t Third Row: N. Plank, Woods, R. Scott, R. Maddox, G. Bowers, Schwartz, W. Williams, R. Dear dorff, E. Bulleit, O. Orner. ' t Not in Picture: A. Kane, A. Durboraw, F. Bowersox, R. Weaner, H. Knouse, C. Rohrbaugh, S. Wolf, H Blye, H. Mcllhenny, O. Wilson, L. Spangler. K During the past few years, the academic standards of Gettysburg High School have been greatlylelevatecl. This improvement would not have been possible if it were not for the Gettys- burg Joint School Board. These men and women, through foresight and understanding, have tried to prepare the student body for the increasingly technical life which lies ahead of them. A The class of 1961, realizing what a great service they have received, wishes to express its deepest thanks to those who have worked to better our chances in the future. page eight SUPERINTENDENT l OF SCHOOLS y Mn. I-I. Euan RIEGLE Y Serious and conscientious, Mr. H. Edgar Riegle has a very wide variety of responsibilities as superintendent of the Gettysburg Joint School System. ln charge of both the elementary and secondary school programs, Mr. Ri-egle administers the policies handed down by the school board. The hiring of new teachers is a result of his efforts, and the importance of a smooth-running school is always his concern. SECRETARY TO THE SUPERINTENDENT . Mus. MABEL I-I. FOLKENROTHV page nine PRINCIPAL Mn. CI.1FFoRn B. SNOWBERGER SECRETARIES TO THE PRINCIPAL Top: Miss Dokon-nr E. Fmuzn Bottom: Miss LOUELLA G. KLxNEFEL'rER page ten A smile, a firm but fait hand, and the ability to speak effectively are qualities displayed by our high school principal, Mr. Clifford B. Snowberg-er. Along with his numerous responsibilities, Mr. Snowberger can often be seen enthusiastically urging the students to do their best or cheering the team toward victory at a game. As the high school's public relations man, Mr. Snowberger, going in circles in his swivel chair, meets students gra- ciously as well as many visitors to the school. All of us can sincerely say that Mr. Snowberget has helped us personally at some time during the two years of his principalship. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mn. PAUL R. MEI-:RING That good-natured and congenial man whom we often see carrying out his duties in the cafeteria or at the desk in his office is Mr. Paul Mehring, assistant principal of our high school. Mr. Mehring is known to all and to those who forget their lunch money he is an especially good friend. He is in charge of the attendance records of the school and serves as the principal's right-hand man in many other capacities. SECRETARY TO THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Miss Lucius P. SHUYLER page eleven GUIDANCE GUIDANCE COUNSELORS MR. DONALD B. TIZIANI AND Miss N. Louise RAMER page twelve Aiding development so that the student will be more capable and able to adjust to living is the ultimate object of the guidance program. Development is accomplished by having educational, vocational, and personal potentials advanced to the fullest extent. To facilitate these advancements the program has two phases. The first is group guidance carried on in homeroom and subject class groups. In this phase the homeroom teacher and the home- room play the important role of clearing center for group problems. The second phase is individual guidance which meets specific needs. Here the guidance counselors, school nurse and high school principal are directors. SECRETARY TO GUIDANCE COUNSELORS AND LIBRARIANS Miss DONNA J. I-IETRICK LIBRARIANS Miss SUSAN K. WENTZ AND Miss MARY T. QUIGLEY LIBRARY The Gettysburg High School library is used to supplement the student's regular work and -to provide recreational reading. This library possesses a collection of seven thousand books and many pamphlets and magazines. At the present time the room can seat 106 students, or more in the event of a special test or meeting. Besides the main library there are five smaller adjoining rooms, three being used for conferences and meetings while the other two are used as worlcrooms by the librarians. The facilities of our library are becoming more inclusive and more advanced. Through these advancements the students of Gettysburg High School will be offered many more beneficial op- portunities. page tlnirt eu BUSINESS MANAGER MR. KENNETH G. REINHART, JR. SECRETARY TO THE BUSINESS MANAGER Miss DONNA R. REDDING p ge fourteen NURSE Miss ELLEN R. MILLER CAFETERIA STAFF Kneeling, Left lo Right: H. Mcsherry, M. Rehert. First Row: E. Weaver, G. Raifensperger, E. Rothhaupt, D. Rowe, I. Keefer. Second Row: R. Bowling, N. Treher, H. Witherow, D. johnson, D. Tressler, McCleaf, N. Ditzler, N. Herring. Not in Picture! A. Lower. CUSTODIANS First Row, Left to Right: H. Small, C. Nett, C. Huston. Second Row: C. Shriver, R. Tackett, M. Tressler. The class of 1961 wishes to express most sincere thanks to the school cafeteria staff and the custodians. By the diligent labors of the cafeteria staff in preparing our lunches and those of the janitors in main- taining the building, many imperative and never ending johs have been performed with extreme efficiency. page fifteen page seventeen ENGLISH Seated: Mrs. Dorthea B. Hoffman, Miss A. Joan Thomas, Miss Mary I. Hartman, Miss Alice M. Snyder, Mrs. Ruth S. Wisler, Mrs. Margaret P. Deitz. Standing: Mr. Jack E. Wise, Mr. Cornelius Manders, Mr. James R. Feather, Mr. Elmer johnson, Mr. Edwin S. Longaneclcer fdepartment headj. page eighteen English is offered in grades seven through twelve, the only subject required in all six grades. Grammar and spelling are emphasized, as always. The amount of composition a student does weekly has been increased during the past year in order to meet the national standard. Book reports are required to strengthen the student's desire to read and to broaden his literary baclcground. FOREIGN Four years of Latin, three years of Spanish, and two years of French are offered by the foreign language department. Language classes study vocabulary and grammar, talce dicta- tion, carry on conversations, write short compositions, read novels, magazines, and newspapers in the particular language which they are studying. The courses emphasize the strengthening of vocabulary and pronunciation via the daily study of words. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Left to Right: Mr. James R. Feather, Mr. G. Donald Young, Mr. Edward R. Brownley, Mrs. Edith P. Reinhart, Mrs. Bette M. Forney, Mr. George S. Forney fdepartment headl. Our physical education department is one of the best in the state. Courses are offered that help the student attain a high degree of physical and mental coordination. With group sports, such as touch football, field hockey, basketball, volleyball and softball, the students learn how to co-operate with others and carry responsibilities in group eiforts. Calesthenics, mat work, archery, rope climbing, track, bar work and other individual sports help the student perfect his own physical skills. LANGUAGES Left to Right: Mrs. Anna B. Heintzelman fdepartmenr headj, Miss Jean M. Mc- Anally, Mr. Cornelius Manders, Miss Alice M. Snyder. page nineteen FINE ARTS page twenty S. Deardorff. Encouraging students to realize the aesthetic beauties of modern culture is the purpose of the fine arts department. Elective courses are presented that supplement the sudent's interest in art and music. Art is required in Junior High School, but is offered as an elective in Senior High. It may be taken as a major by interested students. For those interested in music, a wide program is scheduled. Music study must be talcen as a Junior High subject. Interested students of all grades may participate in glee clubs, bands and the music theory club. PRACTICAL The practical arts department is one of interest and versatility. Teaching students the practical mechanics of creating useful and decorative objects, the general shop area presents working areas of wood, metal, leather and plastic. The agriculture course is designed for pupils who plan to pursue an occupation related to agriculture. Skills useful to the farmer are learned and put into practice. A course in homemaking provides opportunities for learn ing to perform household duties capably, making the best use of leisure time, and promoting wholesome family, community and international relationships. Left to Right: Mr. Stephen I' Poleskie, Mrs. Joyce M Kemp ton, Mr. Robert G Zeigler fdepartment headj, Mr Neil A. Justice, Mr. Paul W Grove Not in Picture: Mrs Elmira SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Zoe M. Ridinger, Miss Joanne C. Snyder, Mr. john P. Gregor, Mr. Carl M. Schoenborn. ' Second Row: Mr. Donald A. Ullrich fdepartment headj, Mr. Edward R. Brownley, Dr. Donald E. Lawver, Mr. Eugene A. Deardorff, Mr. Robert T. Yoder. Third Row: Mr. Robert E. Sheads, Mr. Fred P. Haehnlen, Mr. David W. Woods, Mr. Ronald Bream. Fourth Row: Mr. William R. Cadle. The science and math courses presented at Gettysburg High School teach the student the fundamental principles governing life and the basic laws of the universe. Science courses available are beginning and advanced science, biology, physics, earth science and chemistry. Elementary math, Algebra I and H, plane and solid geometry, and plane trigonometry are the courses taught in the math department. ARTS Seated: Miss Nancy V. Kirk, Mrs. Berenice S. Krumrine, Miss Eva jane Schwartz. Standing: Mr. Allan R. Gray, Mr. Elmer H. Schriver, Mr. George W. Glenn, Mr. Charles R. Leader, Mr. Jack R. Corbin fdepartment headj . page twenty-one SEVENTH GRADE INTEGRATED The Integrated Program is designed to bridge the gap between elementary school, in which a student has only one teacher, and high school, in which a student has many teachers. This is effected in the seventh grade by combining the English and world history' courses. It provides, more than any other course, a broad back- ground in several basic fields of knowledge. Mrs. Nancy Murdock, Mr. Charles W. Lilley, Mrs. Shirley H. Speir, Mrs. Mary E. Smith fdepartment head, . Not in Picture: Mrs. Emylsu Martin. BUSINESS EDUCATION After studying in the business education department of Gettysburg High School, a student has a broad background of knowledge in business requirements. Courses such as bookkeeping, business math, business English, typing, and shorthand prepare the student for such occupations as i bookkeepers, accountants, secretaries, stenog- raphers, clerks, and receptionisrs. Also of- fered is a course in office practice, in which the student receives valuable experience in operating modern office equipment. Mr. James R. Feather, Miss Gertrude B. Little, Miss Ruth A. Roland, Mr. Robert C. Diehl fdepartment headj. page twenty-two SOCIAL STUDIES Seated: Mr. C. Mcrrill Eckhart, Mr. Jacob M. Sheads, Miss Dorothy M. Boyer, Mr. Robert D. Fidler lde- partment headj. Standing: Mr. John O'Brien, Mr. Donald E. Biclcel, Mr. G. Donald Young, Mr. Patrick Kelly, Mr. Carl M. Schoenborn. Social studies courses are offered which cover every age and every area of the globe. Students begin in the seventh grade with world history, American history in the eighth, civics in the ninth grade, world history in the tenth, American history in the eleventh grade and problems of demoracy and economics in the twelfth. All these courses include a weekly study of current events. SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Virginia P. Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Johnson. page twenty-three page twenty-five GARY EUGENE ADAMS General Number 1 in the senior line-up. Stage Craft Club, 2 lstage managerl, 4, Collectors Club, 3s Archery Club, l. WILLIAM EDGAR ANDERS General Prowers and prowl combined for a great woodsman. Campus Improvement, 15 Tropical Fish, 23 Collectors Club, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. CAROL LEE ANDREWS Vocational Home Economics Sugar and xpice mixed well. F.H.A., Z lvice presidentj, 3, 4g Danc- ing Club, l. HARRY AUGHINBAUGH General Lawrence Welle with a "mean" baton. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band, 35 Tropical Fish Club, Zg Collectors Club, 33 County Band, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. EDWIN JAMES BAKER General The football team'x right hdild man. Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 lmanagerlg Shop Service Club, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 43 Commercial Film Club, 2, Athletic Trainers Club, lg junior High Social Dance Club, 1. CHARLES RICHARD BECKER General From the balls of G.H.S. to the :bores of Tripoli. Football, lg Track, 2, 3, 4g Color Guard, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid 4, Col- lectors Club, 3g Bulletin Board Club, Z5 Shop Service Club, 4. GLADYS FRANCES BECKER Commercial A sunny smile and tr shorthand book. Cannon-Aid, 49 Typing Club, 33 Bridge Club, 2. CHARLES LEROY BOLLINGER General Peter Pan in a model car. Football, l lmanagerlg Track, 1, 2, 3, 4g Plays, 35 Play Committees, 3g Mask and Wig, 4g National Thespians, 4, Choir, lg Cannon-Aid, 45 Tropical Fish Club, lg Campus Improvement Club, lg Archery Club, l, 2g Bulletin Board Club, 2, Stage Craft Club, 23 Journalism Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 2. ILA JEAN BOWERS Academic Byrd' flies high in everything. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4 lco-news editorlg Quill and Scroll, 4 lvice presidentlg Cannon-Aid, 43 Jour- nalism Club, 2, 3g F.T.A., 2, 3, 4 lvice presidentlg Dance Line, 4, Junior High Historians, lg National Honor Society, 4. DONALD GEORGE BOWLING Vocational Agriculture Happier! when out-of-doors. F.F.A., 1 lassistant presidentj, 2, 3, 4 lsecretaryl . JEAN MARIE BOWMASTER Vocational Home Economics Her voice is ever soft and low. F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU BOWMASTER Commercial Mana Lisa smile on a Mary Bowmaster face. Cannon-Aid, 4g Bridge Club, 25 Typing Club, 3g National Honor So- ciety, 4. RICHARD D. BOYER Commercial Sleillful bowler makes ten pins fly. Choir, lg Ping-Pong Club, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4. ROBERT L. BREAM Commercial Largest producer of smiles and grins. Football, 1, 4, Baseball, 3, 45 Wrestling Club, lg Coin Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. MARIAN MARGARET BRYAN Academic Foreign languages and slvy glances. Play Committees, 33 Maroon and White, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4g Red Cross Coun- cil, lg Library Assistant, 1, 4, F.T.A., 4g Dramatics Club, l. JACK P. BUCHER Academic Horses vs. lrorseless carriages. Class treasurer, 45 Student Council, I 25 Football, 1, 2, 45 Track, 1, 2, 3 Plays, 1, 33 Maslc and Wig, 49 Choir I, 2g Campus Improvement Club, 2. DONALD LEWIS CARVER, JR. Academic Santa Fe specialist. Band, I, 2, 3, 4 lmanagerlg Orchestra, 33 Audio-Visual Club, lg Instru- mental Music Club, 4. KENNETH JAMES CHAPMAN Academic A quiet rea' headed "clvap." Baseball, 3, 43 Spanish Club, 2, Coin Club, 33 Audio-Visual Club, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. CLARENCE M. CLABAUGH General The peuple's choice. Football, 2, 35 Coin Club, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. CAROL L. COMELITTI Commercial Cute and quiet will-1 a cerlain charm. Hornell High School, 1, 29 Allegany Central School, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. WILLIS MONROE CONOVER, JR. Academic The .spirit of '6z. Class Vice President, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 43 Journalism Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, National Honor Society, 4. MARIE LUCILLE COOVER Academic Sheill be a teacher with clasx. Student Council, 1, Z, G.A.A., 3, 4, Ci.A.A. Cabinet, 43 Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, 2, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 2, 3, 4 ltreas- urerlg journalism Club, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Dance Line, 4, junior High Historians, lg National Honor So- ciety, 4. FORREST EUGENE CRAVER, III Academic Chip off the old block. Student Council, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, Plays, 35 Play Committees, 23 Mask and Wig, 3, 4, Choir, lg Cannon-Aid, 4 lad- vertising managerjg Tropical Fish Club, 1, Dramatics Club, 1, Civil War Round Table, 4. NANCY LEE CULLISON Commercial Wear: a halo of happiness. G.A.A., 1, 2, Cannon-Aid, 45 Red Cross Council, 1, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. TIMMY TAYLOR CULP Vocational Agriculture The Senior Class' tallest elf. Baseball, lg Track, lg F.F.A., l, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN FRANCES CUNNINGI-IAM Commercial Dale Evans with a Queerfx accent. St. Pascal Baylon High School, 1, Z, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. MONA LEE CURRENS Academic A hlithe spirit with nothing of the coward about her. G.A.A., l, Zg Library Service Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Council, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT T. DEAN Academic M usclex and brain: with half-time energy. Class Secretary, lg Class President, 3, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 45 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball, 25 Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Plays, 35 Maroon and White, 45 Var- sity Club, 3, 43 A.F.S., 3, 4 lpublicity chairmanlg Junior High Historians, lg Dramatics Club, l, 2, Collectors Club, 4. BARBARA ANN DICK Vocational Home Economics Betty Crocker of G.H.S. F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 lpresidentl. MARY ETHEL DILLON Commercial Breaks :peed limit: while taking dictation. Student Council, 1, 2, Cannon-Aid, 43 F.B.L.A., 3, Pen Pal Club, 13 Civil War Round Table, 4. CHARLES DITZLER, III General All around discs for an all around guy. Football, 1, 2, Basketball, 23 Play Com- mittees, 1, 2, 35 Mask and Wig, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2g Dance Band, 1, 35 Cannon- Aicl, 4. PAUL FLEMING DORR, JR. Vocational Agriculture Grease monkey in left Held. Football, 1, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball, Z, 4, Track 33 F.F.A., 1, 2 las- sistant chaplainj, 3 fsecretaryl, 4. PAUL WILLIAM DUANE Commercial Monkey shines making for merrimenl. Football, Ig Audio-Visual Club, l, 2, Stage Craft Club, 3, ROGER JAN ECKER Academic Perry Mason dribbling down court. Student Council, 4g Football, 1, 2, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, lg Track, 2, 3, 4, Plays, Zg Choir, 1, 3, 45 Band, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4 lco-sports eclitorjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 Cannon- Aid, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 4, Latin Club, Z lpresidentjg Journalism Club, 3, 43 Civil War Round Table, 4g Cross Coun- try Club, 2, National Honor Society, 4. MARK KURTZ ECKERT Academic Speed demon of the finders. Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 4g Track, I, 2, 33 Choir, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. JOY ANNE FAIR Commercial joyful fitlerbugger. Plays, 33 Choir, 1, 4, Band, lg Cannon- Aid, 4g Dance Line, 4g Civil War Round Table, 4. BARBARA ANN FISCEL A Commercial Commercial whiz kid. Choir, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. PATRICK FLINN Vocational Agriculture Great White hunter. Football, 43 F.F.A., 1, 2, 3 lchaplainl, 4 lconductorl . CHRISTOPHER THOMAS FLYNN Academic Renown for bis discussions and friendliness. Play Committees, lg Campus Improvement Club, lg Cbess Club, 2, Science Laboratory Club, 4. RONALD ROY FREW Academic A king of parts-all automobile. Student Council, 1, 3 ltreasurerl, 4 lprssidentlg Football, lg Basketball, 1, Zg Plays, 33 Maroon and White, 2, 3, 43 journalism Club, 2, Quill and Scroll, 4. EDWARD HENRY GASTLEY General Football fiend favors fair sex. Class Treasurer, 1, Football, l, 3, 45 Baseball, 45 Track, 35 Archery Club, 1, Z, Coin Club, 3g Varsity Club, 4. LINDA LEE GERRALD Commercial A diamond bright smile. Plays, 3, Play Committees, 3, Ma- roon ancl White, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4' F.B.L.A. 3 treasurer ' Brush and , , l l. Palette Club, 25 Pen Pal Club, 1 itreasurerlg journalism Club, 2, 3. ROY WILLIAM GIFFORD, JR. Academic - Aspires to assume the role of an M.D. Basketball, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Committees, 35 Choir, 13 Latin Club, 2 lrreasurerlg Typing Club, 3. RAY EARNEST GOLDEN, JR. General Farmer in the dell with little to tell. Stage Craft Club, Z, 3, 4, Campus Improvement Club, 1. EDGAR MILTON GREEN General Sawdust trail to a printing press. Choir, 1, 3, 4, Audio-Visual Club, l, 3, 4 linstructorlg F.T.A., 4. XVALTER PHILIP GRIEST, JR. General 100 words a minute-no typewriter. Student Council, 1, 45 Football, 1, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4 lbusiness managerlg Tropical Fish Club, 1, 25 Spanish Club, 2, 3 lvice presiclentlg F.T.A., 4. CAROLYN LOUISE GUISE Academic Grant's maker or breaker. Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, lg Maroon and White, 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4, Dance Line, 3, 45 Ping-Pong Club, 2, Journalism Club, Z, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4. BARBARA MAE HARBAUGH Commercial Future secretary digs pop music. Cannon-Aicl, 4, F.B.L.A., 3 lvice presiclentjg Brush and Palette Club, 2, Pen Pal Club, 1 Qsecretarylg Civil War Rouncl Table, 4. ELAINE ANN HARMAN Academic Typing and shorthand are Iver speed. G.A.A., 2, 3, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Typing Club, 33 Dramatics Club, 1, 2. SANDRA KAY I-IARTMAN Academic-Commercial Kitten on the keys with no erasures. G.A.A., lg Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and White, Z, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Dance Line, 3, 4, Civil War Round Table, 43 Red Cross Council, 13 Jour- nalism Club, 2, 3. ELWOOD VINCENT HARTZELL Vocational Agriculture A green thumb + knowledge : laluc ribbon. Track, 1, F.F.A., 1, 2 ltreasurerl, 3, 4 lchaplainlg Stage Craft Club, 2, Chess Club, 23 Wrestling Club, 1. GEORGE DEWEY HAYBERGER Academic Like a phonograph, he talks continually. Basketball, lg Track, Z, 33 Band, lg Red Cross Council, 2, 3. BETTY JANE HEFLIN General A quiet and athletic miss. G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 45 Choir, 1, Bulletin Board Club, 2, F.B.L.A., 23 Typing Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. HENDRATI INSIJAH SOEKIRNO Vocational Home Economics Surprise package from A.F.S. S.G.K.P. Negeri Surabaja, l, 2, 35 F.H.A., 45 F.T.A., 4. RONALD EUGENE HERRING Academic Sports and math equal an all around guy. Basketball, 1, 2g Track, 2, 39 Choir, lg Coin Club, 3. JENNIFER LOUISE HESS Academic Juliet in Indian dress with sralps. Class Secretary, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, 33 Plays, 35 Mask and Wig, 3, 4, Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Quil and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 45 Cheerleader, 2, 3, 43 Dance Line, 3, 4, journalism Club, 2, 3, F.T.A., 4, Civil War Round Table, 4, National Honor Society, 4. RICHARD CARL HESS Academic Good spirits are his by-product. Track, 3, 4, Archery Club, 25 Audio- Visual Club, lg Chess Club, Z, Col- lectors Club, 33 Laboratory Science Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BARBARA ANN HETRICK Commercial Adds a little sunshine to the darkest day. G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Bulletin Board Club, 25 F.B.L.A., Z, 3 lpresidentlg Red Cross Council, 1, 23 Nurses Aide, 3, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4 ltreasurerjg County Chorus, 4. TERRY LEE HISE Academic A future scientist with great knowledge of history. Student Council, 1, Z, 3, Football, 1, 23 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball, Z, 3, 49 Track, lg Choir, lg Russian Club, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4g Varsity Club, 4. ALLAN SWARTZ HOKE Academic Pianissima in manner. Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, District Chorus, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Bible Club, l ltreas- urerjg Music Theory Club, 23 F.T.A., Z, 3, 4 lparliamentarianlg Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4g State Chorus, 4. DONALD WILLIAM HOWE Commercial Talkatisfe trickste r. Stage Craft Club, 2, 3, Social Dance Club, 1, Library Assistants, 25 Chess Club, 2. MARY BETH HUGHES Commercial Fine figure in bookkeeping. Class Secretary, 2, 33 Plays, 3g Play Com- mittees, 3, Mask and Xvig, 3, 4, Choir, l, 2, 3, 4, Majorettes, 2, 3, 4 fheadlg Dance Band, 3 fvocalistlg Maroon and White, 2, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 4 fhead typistjg Ping-Pong Club, Ig F.T.A., 25 Journalism Club, Z3 Dramatic Arts Club, 2 lvice presidentlg F.B.L.A., 35 Dance Line, 3, 4 fchoreographerjg County Chorus, 3, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4. CAROLYN LOUISE HULL Academic Ethel Barrymore bills high on bonor roll. G.A.A., 1, 2, Plays, 33 Play Committee, 3, 43 Maslc and Wig, 3, 45 National Thes- pians, 3, 4 fpresidentlg Choir, 1, Z, 3, 45 Maroon and White, 3, 4 Kco-feature edi- torjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Dtamatics Club, 1 fsecretaryl, 2, 3, Journalism Club, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4, National Honor Society, 4. KENNETH PRESTON HULL Academic Six volts times bard work equals a sparky future. Student Council, 4, Football, 2g Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4 fmanagerlg Baseball, 3, 4, Play Committees, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 3, 4, National Thespians, 3, 45 Choir, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4, Can- non-Aid, 4, Audio-Visual Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Stage Craft Club, 2, 3, Varsity Club, 43 National Honor Society, 4. LINDA LOU HULL Academic Weekend waitress serves happiness during the week. Play Committees, 3, 4, Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4g Band, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4, Ping- Pong Club, I, 23 Journalism Club, 2, 3, F.T.A., 3, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4. SANFORD PETER HYSON Academic Progress is bis most important product. Class President, 2, Class Vice President, 35 Student Council, 2, 3, 4 Qvice presi- dentlg Plays, 3, Play Committees, 2, 3, 45 Maslc and Wig, 3, 4 Qvice presidentlg Choir, 1, 4, Band, 1, Z, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4 leo-news editorjg Quill and Scroll, 4 lpresidentlg Cannon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 43 Journalism Club, Z3 County Band, 4, A.F.S., Z, 4, National Honor Society, 4. NANCY MAY JACKSON Commercial Dances rings around everyone. G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, Russian Language Club, 35 Social Dance Club, lg junior High Historians, 1, Civil War Round Table, 4. JANET LEE JANUSZEWSKI Academic A bustling bit of brunette. Pen Pal Club, Ig Bulletin Board Club, 2, Russian Language Club, 3. WILLIAM FRASER JARVIS Academic Adventurers: advocate of humor. Plays, 3, Choir, 1, Z, 3, Dance Band, 3g Russian Language Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. DAVID OLIVER JOHNSON Academic Bob Hope with a trombone. Student Council, 1 fpresidentjg Football, 2, Track, 4g Plays, 33 Play Committees, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 3, 43 National Thes- pians, 3, 4 ftreasurerjg Choir, l Kpresi- dentl, 3, 43 Band, 1, Z, 3, 4, Dance Band, 1, 3, Maroon and White, 3, 4g Cannon- Aid, 4 feditorjg Journalism Club, 2, F.T.A., 4, County Chorus, lg County Band, 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 Dis- trict Chorus, 4g Instrumental Music Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4, State Chorus, 4. JEFFREY HOWARD JOHNSON Academic Topsy turvy over trombone. Track, 1, 23 Choir, 1, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band, 23 Orchestra, 33 Music Theory, 2, Journalism Club, 3, Red Cross Council, 2, 4. KEITH JOHN KAHWAJY Academic Enjoys life, liberty, and the happiness of pursuit. Springfield Technical High School, 1, Zg Track, 33 Play Committees, 3, Mask and Wig, 3, 4g Stage Craft Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. PAULA ELAINE KARGAS Academic This "Kar" never runs out of gas when talking. G.A.A., 2, 3, 45 Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and XVhite, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 45 Dance Line, 3, 45 Civil War Round Table, 43 F.T.A., 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club, 2, 33 Mask and Wig, 45 County Chorus, 4. BONNIE ELAINE KEEFER Academic The Senior class' Christmas present. Student Council, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Committees, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4 ffeature editorjg Library Assistants, lg Ping-Pong Club, lg Journalism Club, 2, 35 F.T.A., 43 Dance Line, 45 Civil War Round Table, 4. WILLIAM LOWER KETTERMAN Academic A track star who likes to run around. Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4 lpresidentlg Archery Club, l. WILLIAM RICHARD KINT Academic Pigskin hero who smiles miles. Class Vice President, lg Class Treasurer, 23 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 45 Spanish Club, 2 ftreasurerl, 3. CHARLES DAVIS KORTE Academic Good will ambassador of G. H. S. Class Vice President, 23 Student Council, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, Plays, 33 Play Com- mittees, 33 Mask and Wig, 3, 45 Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, County Chorus, 3 45 Maroon and W'hite, 2, 3, 4 lassociate editorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 journalism Club, 23 National Honor Society, 4. LAWRENCE ROBERT KUJOVICH Academic Good chemist with a constant air pressure. Plays, 3, Mask and Wig, 4, Cannon-Aid, 43 .Chess Club, 15 Hi-Y, 1, Z, 3 fchap- lainlg Civil War Round Table, 43 National Honor Society, 4. RICHARD DALE LAWVER Academic High jinx and high times. Football, I, Basketball, lg Ping-Pong Club, 2, Audio Visual Club, 1. LOIS ANN CATHERINE LEGORE Commercial A certain smile that charms. G.A.A., 3. 4g Choir, 15 Band, 13 F.B.L.A., 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. BETTY LOU LEMASTER General joyous as a Sunbeam between two clouds. Bloomsburg High School, 15 G.A.A., Z5 F,B.L.A., 3. EDWARD JAMES LITTLE Vocational Agriculture M ixchievous mechanic. F.F.A., 1, z, 3, 4. PAULA CHRISTINE LUPP Academic Sweetness and charm, ingredients for a happy future. Class Treasurer, 15 Student Council, 25 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 45 Plays, 35 Play Committees, 35 Mask and Wig, 3, 45 Choir, l, 3, 45 Band, l, Z, 3 Qvice presidenti, 45 Orchestra, 35 Cannon-Aid, 45 Journal- ism Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 45 County Band, 2, 35 District Band, 2, 35 State Band, 2, 35 F.T.A., 3, 45 Dance Line, 45 Ping-Pong Club, 1. SARAH ANN McCULLOUGH Academic Speed demon in talking. Plays, 25 Play Committees, 35 Choir, 25 Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 fart editorj5 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Cannon- Aid, 45 Cheerleader, 3, 45 Dance Line, 45 Civil War Round Table, 45 Journalism Club, 2, 35 F.T.A., 2, 3, 4. THOMAS MICHAEL McKENNEY Commercial America? midnight Maverick. Class President, 15 Football, 15 Choir, 15 Campus Improvement Club, 15 Archery Club, 25 Civil War Round Table, 4. GREGORY STRINE MAITLAND General Freckles and red hair aid in his devilishness. Class Representative, l, 25 Student Council, 15 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY MALLOW Academic-General Pretty to walk with and witty to talk With. G.A.A,, 15 Play Committees, 2, 35 Cannon-Aid, 45 Civil War Round Table, 45 Dance Line, 45 Red Cross Council, 15 Russian Languave Club, 35 F.T.A., 3, 45 Spanish Club, 35 Dramatics Club, 2. RAYMOND ERVIN MENGES, Jr. Academic Lives under the hand of the law. Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 fcircula- tion managerh Chess Club, Z5 Russian Language, 3, 4. RONALD EDWARD4 MICKLEY General Tackles football to get his kicks. Football, 2, 3, 45 Track, 1, 35 Hi-Y, 3 ftreasurerj. EUGENE BERNARD MILLER General Mischievous Casanova. Football, l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 1, 25 Hi-Y, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. LEONARD EUGENE MILLER Academic Sportsman unlimited. Basketball, 2, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 45 Hi-Y, 3. BRENDA SUE MINTER Academic Leading lady linguist, Student Council, 1 ftreasurerl, 25 Play Committees, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 2, 3 ftreasurerj, 4 lpresidentlg Nation- al Thespians, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 laccompanistjg Cannon-Aid, 4 fart editorlg Dramatics Club, 2 lpresidentl, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4, Music Theory Club, 25 County Chorus, 3 laccompanistlg F.T.A., 2, 3 lvice presidentj, 45 National Honor Society, 4. DIANE CAROLE MOSER General Tooted her way to the top of the band. Choir, 13 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 lpresidentlg Cannon-Aid, 4, F.B.l...A., 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. PATRICIA LORAINE NARY Academic Cute trick on the basketball court. G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, Z3 Choir, lg Tropical Fish Club, l, 2. EDWARD LOUIS NETT Vocational Agriculture Tall brunette with a wicked plow. Track, 13 Band, 1, 2, F.F.A., 1, 2, 3 lsentinell , 4. RICHARD WINTON NOBLE General Iovial jokester. Color Guard, 2, 35 Safety Patrol, 1, 2, 35 Tropical Fish Club, 1, 2. RICHARD LEE NOEL Academic jackpot bowler from' a towering height. Student Council, 1, 4, Football, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, Baseball, 4, Band, 1, 29 Cannon-Aid, 4 lsports eclitorlg Cross-Country, 13 Latin Club, 2 lvice presidentlg Rus- sian Language Club, 3, National Hon- or Society, 4. CASSIE ANN NUTTER Academic-General Pratter clratttr in little notes. G.A.A., l, 2, 4, Choir, 1, Band, 3, Bulletin Board Club, lg Pen Pal, lg Russian Language Club, 1. BARTON WILLIAM OLINGER Academic Collector unlimited. Class Treasurer, 35 Play Committees, 3, Choir, 1, 2, Band, 1, 25 Cannon- Aid, 4g Science Club, lg Tropical Fish Club, 1, 2, Russian Language Club, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH OR NER General Cashtowrz cutie catches compliments on twirling. Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorettes, 1, 2, 3 lsecretaryl, 45 Dramatics Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. ANNA MARGARET BETSY OYLER Academic-General Perpelitally pcramlmlating in gym class. G.A.A.. 1, 2, 4, Pen-Pal Club, 1, 2, Bulletin Board Club, 25 Dancing Club, lg Russian Language Club, 4. EDWARD PAAUWE Academic Have camera will travel. Huygens Lyceum, Voorburg, 1, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid, 4. JAMES EDWARD PADDOCK Vocational Agriculture Farm boy with a :ure-fire future. Football, lg Traclc, lg Choir, lg Tropical Fish Club, lg F.F.A., l lassistant vice presidentj, 2, 3, 4, Shop Service Club, 2. DORIS MARIE PETERS Vocational Home Economics Cook: like a pro and knows how tu sew. G.A.A., lg F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council, 3 lassistant treasurerl, 4: Dancing Club, lg Bulletin Board Club, Z. PAUL ROSS RAMER Academic A picture ana' a thousand words. Student Council, 1, Football, lg Plays, Z, 3, Play Committees, 3, Mask and Wig, 2, 3, 45 National Thespians, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and White, 2, 3 lphoto- graphex-J, lassistant business managerlg 4 lphotographerj, lbusiness managerh Quill and Scroll, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4 lhead photographerlg Ping-Pong Club, lg Civil War Round Table, 4g Audio Visual Club, 1, 2, Journalism Club, 2, 3. ANN ELIZABETH REAVER Academic A secretive lass with a lot of class. G.A.A., 3, 4, Plays, 39 Mask and Wig, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, Cannon- Aid, 4, F.T.A., 3, 43 French Club, 33 Dance Line, 4. R. WILLIAM REAVER General Small stick of T.N.T. Football, 1, 23 Tropical Fish Club, lg F.F.A., l, Zg Shop Service Club, 2, Senior Hi-Y, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. XVILBUR JOSEPH REDDING General Cheerful boy with a bright smile for everyone. Collectors Club, 2, 3, Civil Wat Round Table, 4. PATRICIA VIRGINIA REED Academic Charm and calisthenict. G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 lpresidentlg Play Committees, 35 Orches- tra, 1, 2, 45 Journalism Club, 3, Archery Club, 1, 2. GUDRUN JANE RICE Academic High fashion in bold type. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4 lsecretarylg G.A.A., 1, Z3 Plays, 3, 4, Play Com- mittees, 2, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 3. 4g National Thespians, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 leditorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Cheerleader, 1 lco-raptainjg Cheerleading Club, lg Jour- nalism Club, 2, 3, Dance Line, 3, A.F.S. Committee, 43 National Honor Society, 4. JANET CHANNING RICHARDSON Academic Number one blushing champion. Student Council, 1 lsecretarylg G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4g Play Com- mittees, 3g Choir, l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, l, Z, 3, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4, Cheerleaders, I, Zg Music Theory Club, 23 Civil War Round Table, 4. THELMA ELIZABETH RIDINGER Commercial-Vocational Home Economics Fire engine redhead. Dancing Club, lg Bulletin Board Club, 25 F.B.L.A., 23 F.H.A., 3, 4 lfirst vice presidentlg Pen Pal Club, l. HOWARD AUGUSTUS RILEY Commercial Boy with radiating friendliness. Athletic Trainers Club, lg Commercial Film Club, 2, Civil War Round Table, 4. STANLEY EUGENE RINEHART General Daniel Boone with a jigsaw. Shop Service Club, Z. NANCY JANE ROHRBAUGH Academic A smile that warms all. Cannon-Aid, 4, Pen Pal Club, 1 lpresi- dentlg Junior High Historians, 1g Red Cross Council, 23 Journalism Club, 33 F.T.A., 4. CYNTHIA JANE ROSENBERGER Academic Makes friend: by being one. Student Council, 1 lvice presidenrj, 2, 4, Plays, 2, 3, Mask and Wig, 4, National Thespians, 4 lsecretarylg Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 laccompanistlg Band, I, Orchestra, 2, 3, District Orchestra, 3, Maroon and White, 3, 4 lnews editorjg Quill and Scroll, 4, Cannnon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 2, 3 lsecretaryj, 4 fpresidentlg journalism Club, 33 Music Theory Club, 29 Dance Line, 3, National Honor Society, 4. PATRICIA JO-ANN ROWE Academic A career in physical education is down pat. Student Council, 33 G.A.A., 1, 2, Plays, 3, Mask and Wig, 3,4 lsecretaryjg Choir, lg Majorettes, I, 2, 3, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4g Cannon-Aid, 4, Dance Line, 3, Civil War Round Table, 43 Journalism Club, 2. THEODORE SHULL Vocational-Agriculture Farm work during the day, evening 'work later. F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD LEE SHULTZ Vocational-Agriculture Plearantnes: preside: when he's present. F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 lsentinelj. RAY EDWARD SIBERT Vocational-Agriculture Buffalo Bill on a tractor. Commercial Film Club, 15 F.F.A., 2, 3, 4. BARRY E. SIXEAS General The tall, silent type. Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 2, Track, lg Choir, 1, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY KATHRYN SLEICHTER Academic Amazing Amazon. Student Council, 1, 23 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Cabinet, 45 Play Com- mittees, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 4 ltreasurerlg Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4g Maroon and White, Z, 3, 4 ico-sports editorjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Cheerleaders, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club, 2, 39 Dance Line, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 4. ,IORENE ELIZABETH SLENTZ Commercial Cute gal who loves to smile. Choir, 1, Red Cross Council, 1 lsee- reraryjg Bulletin Board Club, 2, 3. DALE R. SMITH General Balances supply and demand in the bakery business. Football, 1, Z, 3, Track, lg Archery Club, 2, Shop Service Club, 4. DONNA SMITH Commercial Confederate in enemy territory. Stonewall Jackson High School, 1, Z, 3, F.B.L.A., 4. WILLIAM HEYSER STANSBURY General A loquacious salesman. F.T.A., 1, 23 Pen Pal Club, 15 Junior High Historians, lg Red Cross Coun- cil, 4. FRANKLIN CHANEY STATLER, JR. General With a kind heart he makes fountains of gladness. Class Secretary, 1, Basketball, 1, Track, lg Commercial Film Club, lg Brush and Palette Club, 1. MARGARET ELLEN STERN ER Commercial Commercial whiz soon will balance budgets. G.A.A., 1, 23 Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Can- non-Aid, 4, F.B.L.A., 2, 43 Typing, 33 Journalism Club, 23 Ping-Pong Club, l. JEAN MARIE TARANTINO Academic Carefree pixie with enchanting charm. Student Council, lg G.A.A., I, Z, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 lvice presidentjg Play Committees, 33 Choir, 1, 45 Ma- roon and White, 3, 43 Cannon-Aid, 4g Ping-Pong Club, lg Dance Line, 4, Joumalism Club, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Arts Club, 25 Civil War Round Table, 49 F.T.A., 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. SHIRLEY MAE TODDES Academic Michelangelo and giggles. Student Council, 1: Pen Pal Club, 1 lvice presidentlg Brush and Palette Club, 2 lvice presidentlg Journalism Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. ELAINE MARIE TOPPER General Loves laboring in the library. Play Committees, 33 Bulletin Board Club, 2, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4. YVONNE KATHLEEN TROSTLE Academic Talented artist draws many compliments. G.A.A., 13 Play Committees, 33 Ma- jorettes, 1, 2, 33 Cannon-Aid, 4g Dance Line, 33 F.T.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 fli- brarian and historianjg Civil War Round Table, 43 Majorette Club, 13 Ping-Pong Club, l. JAMES DARYL TUCKEY Academic Runner on the track and slide rule. Track, 43 Cannon-Aid, 43 Laboratory Science Club, 43 Ping-Pong Club, 1. DONALD HARRISON WADDELL, JR. General Six feet two and neat too. Football, l, Z, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Film Club, Z3 Civil War Round Table, 43 Varsity Club, 3, 4g F.T.A., 4. LOIS JEAN WILES Academic-Commercial Feature page girl. Choir, lg Maroon and White, 3, 4 lco-feature editorlg Quill and Scroll, 43 French Club, 3, 43 Journalism Club, Z. NELSON WILES Academic An artist with a colorful future. Choir, lg Spanish Club, 2, 3, 43 Social Dancing Club, lg Library Assistant, 2. GENE RICHARD WILLIAMS Vocational Agriculture Arden! agriculturist who achieve: awards. Audio-Visual Club, I3 Campus Im- provement Club, 13 F.F.A., 1, 2 lsec- retaryl, 3 lvice presidentl, 4 lpresi- clenrl. WILLIAM EMANUEL WIRT Academic A hunter deluxe. Student Council, 1, 23 Track, 43 Ping- Pong Club, 1. RAYMOND WILLIAM WISLER Academic Clean cut cut-up. Chess Club, Z3 Archery Club, 23 Span- ish Club, 2g Laboratory Science Club, 4. DIANE LEE WOLF Academic The best things rome in small packagex. Student Council, 1, 23 G.A.A., 1, 2, 33 Plays, 33 Mask and Wig, 3, 43 Choir, I, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and White, 3, 4 ftypistjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lsecretary-treasurerjg Cannon-Aid, 43 Cheerleaders, 1, 2, 3, 4 fC3Pl3iH,Q Journalism Club, 2, 33 Cheerleading Club, 13 Dance Line, 3, 4g National Honor Society, 4. CAROL ANN WOODWARD Academic The Amy Vanderbilt of G.H.S. G.A.A., lg Play Committees, 3, Spanish Club, 23 Red Cross Council, 3 ftreasurerlg Civil War Round Table, 45 F.T.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN ZIEGLER Commercial Needles, pin: and a can opener. G.A.A., lg Play Committees, 33 Red Cross Council, 1 fpresidentj, Z ftreas- urerlg F.B.L.A., 3g Spanish Club, 33 Civil War Round Table, 43 Library Club, Z. page forty fpresidentj . SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS Mrs. Zoe Ridinger and Mr. jack Corbin. SENIOR CLAiSS OFFICERS Jennifer Hess fsecretaryj, Willis Conover fvice presiclentj, Jack Bucher ltreasurerl, Robert Dean KING and QUEEN Mary Beth Hughes and Ronald Frew. Iiflary Betla ana' Ron and the attendants were selected by their flassmates to reign over the junior-Senior Prom in May. ATTENDANTS Top: Cynthia Rosenberger and David Johnson. Bottom: Kit Sleichter and Greg Maitland. page forty-one MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CHUCK KORTE AND CYNTHIA ROSENBERGER M OST FLIRTATIOUS JENNIFER HEss AND MOST TALKATIVE DICK LAWVER PAULA KARGAS AND Ross RAMER -ah My f- . MOST STUDIOUS ROGER ECKER AND CAROLYN HULL Who's MOST COMICAL MOST QUIET CHIP CRAVER AND SALLY MCCULLOUGH BETTY HEFLIN AND JEFF JOHNSON page forty-two MOST MUSICAL MOST VERSATILE ALLAN HOKE AND PAULA LUPP GUDRUN RICE AND RON FREW Who MOST FRIENDLY MOST ATHLETIC SANFORD Hy-SON AND DON WADDELL AND PAT REED DIANE WOLF Q L LL L L L 1 I . Av. ' ,A ff gf. --, , E'LAE I f x' wr- I IP DK 7 ":, Iggy 1A + A A ' ff ' 2- I + R YEA A' I .L T ,L S ellgfsbw f In ' kgfixiiz xhv' K . I .L I E Q L T A I 5 I A I A 5 BEST AGRICULTURIST AND MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT HOME ECONOIVIIST BARBARA HETRICK AND BILL CONOVER GENE WILLIAMS AND BARBARA DICK page forty-Ihr page forty-fve First Row, Left to Right: Miss Kirk faclviserl, D. Durboraw, M. Chambers, E. Boyer, S. Bixler, Black, C. Bream. Second Row: M. Foote, F. Culp, Bream, Bream, B. Bari-iga, Alston, L, Hamilton, S. Foust. Third Row: S. Ecker, Crone, Copeland, S. Dracha, S. Fisher, tl. Funt, M. Flickinger, Coddington. Fourth Row: P. Gulclen, Goshorn, D. Deitclu, D. Baltzley, D. Aclams, Baker, Davies, T. Duane, L. Green, P. Fitzwater. Fifth Row: W. Colvarcl, Green, R. Dettinburn, D. Coshun, R. Fair, B. Collins, R. Ackley, R. Doaks, K. Crouse Not in Picture: R. Baker, R. Beeler, M. Castells, Claybauglm, G. Cleveland, G. Crabbs, R. Crist, Deckert, D. Doss, C. Dutrow, L. Eckert, Goshorn, Green. First Row, Left to Right: Kurtz, Kunkel, L. McCleaf, B. Hughes, L. McCoy, I-Iowery, B. A. Miller. Second Row: V. Hollabaugh, L. Hartlaub, C. Hartman, S. Parker, M. Paauw-3, R. A. Miller, B. Hess. Third Row: R. Pheil, G. Kidwell, D. Kiessling, N. Nelson, Hofe, C. Kime, L. Imler, B. K. Miller, B. Hess. Fourth Row: I. Keller, G. Mickley, D. Hikes, C. Fritz, Neth, E. Heiser, G. Hess, L. Mickley, McClay. Fifth Row: R. Jacoby, A. Kynor, R. Kitzmiller, B. Keckler, E. Longanecker, D. Lott. Not in Picture: Lott, McCleaf, Holoka, D. McKenzie, McKenrick, T. Kuykenclall, H. Miller, G. Nett I. Plank, R. I-Ieldt, E. Hofe. JUNIGR CLASS Fir5tR0n1, Left to Right: Mr. Schriver laclviserj, C. Trivitt, L. Smith, P. Sh:-mer, P. Steiniger, Weishaar R. Riddlemoser. Second Row: D. Yingling, M. Staley, E. Valentine, B. Yingling, D. Smith, L. Riley, S. Woerner, D. Tharp J. Tawney. Third Row: S. Waddell, E. Zeigler, Black, M. Thomas, C. Weaver, E. Prosser, C. Roth, Singley, Shaull, R. Redding, E. Presley. Fourth Row: A. Relaert, F. Tilberg, Scott, D. Sharrah, H. Ray, P. Redman, R. Weilcert, C. Williams, G. Weikert R. Weikert. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Seated: J. Locr fvice-presidenrj, E. Zeigler fpresidentj, M. Chambers fsecretaryj, E. Heiser ftreasurerj. Standing: Miss Nancy Kirk, Mr. Elmer Schriver fadvisersj. W V m-rnsxnuanaunimrswmfwfs .s. N-xffef1.g w2':sf . . -, 1.1 , , . ,. ,asf-Mzrww ew-mr: 7 OPHOMGRE CLASS First Row, Left to Right: Miss Quigley, ladviserj, C. Dillman, C. Dettinburn, M. Ditzler, V. Bowling, Dubs, C. Fetter, B. Glenn. Second Row: C. Baker, B. Davis, E. Deatriclc, S. Fox, J ham. Third Row: C. Fritz, C. Ashbaugh, P. Geyer, W. Geiman R. Bowling. Fourth Row: R. Eilcer, H. Dick, G. Dick, C. Forsythe, D Coshun, D. Freecl, L. Boyclen, R. Bieseclcer, Culp. Fifth Row: D. Applet, C. Bigham, Fox, W. Clapsacldle, Sixth Row: G. Crone, R. Baker, D. Callahan, L. Bowers, W. Bowling. Not in Picture: Brooks, K. Crouse, R. Doaks, S. Drach . Brown, S. Gaston, S. Coldsmith, I. Glenny, B. Cunning- , L. Gilbert, T. Collins, B. Allison, A. Bream, M. Bucher, .Breigl1ner, D. Dillman, Bridenclolph, B. Beard, R. R. Carey, C. Buslzey, R. Bigham, R Carbauglm, Cline. R. Bowers, K. Baumgardner, Daersom, L. Clapsacldle, a, C. Evans, L. Follcemer, A. Forsythe, Gulclen. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Seated: M. Ditzler fsecretaryj, S. Coldsmith frreasurerj, R. Schubart fvice-presiclentj , S. Nett fpresiclentl. Standing: Miss Mary Quigley, Mr. Allen Gray faclvisersj. I First Row, Left to Right- K. Heffran, T. Goshorn, E. jordan, Lupp, Hoover, R. Leatherman, B. Mickey, E Price. Second Row: R. Holland, C. Kint, L. LeGore, M. Maring, Kime, Pottoroff, F. Poole, C. McCabe, K. Neely J. Myers. Third Row: W. McFeaters, E. Leatherman, N. Kroft, L. Raifensperger, M. Peterson, D. Raifensperger, E. Heim- erer, E. Hull, F. Hess, S. Nett, C. Hostetter, G. Redding. Fourth Row: L. Keefer, Jeffcoat, L. Helwig, A. Knouse, E. Kump, R. Kuykendall, D. Little, G. Plank, A. Newell Fifth Row: R. McCleaf, Paddock, D. Miller, D. Jones, Longanecker, D. LeVan, T. Oyler, A. Neal, W. Lutz J. Hartzell. Sixth Row: W. Kennell, W. Pinko, D. Miller, B. Larmer, G. McDannell, T. Miller, P. Plank, P. Olson. H. Mc- Dannell, R. Redding. Not in Picture: G. Ketterman, G. Maltese, Matha. First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Gray fadviserj, L. Sterner, S. Shultz, Waddell, B. Speelman, C. Splain, E Showers, M. Sanders. Second Ron-': A. Rayford, S. Wetzel, S. Wise, Schwartz, P. Shultz, V. Rider, D. Valentine, S. Reed, L. Weikert Third Row: R. Smith, B. Smith, M. Sargeant, A. Ruckleshaus, L. Treadway, P. Tawney, M. Shultz, D. Wollf, E Shelleman, P. Wagerman, D. Shade. Fourth Row: L. Smith, VV. Skidmore, M. Reimer, R. Rosenberger, S. Stahle, C. Schultz, R. Schuhart, R. Shade, K Singley, Walhay. Fifth Row: E. Ziegler, T. Whittinghill, M. Shealer, R. Simpson, R. Spangler, S. Witherow, L. Schartiger, G. Trostle J. Waite, W. Stouck. Sixth Row: R. Schwartz, W. Shindledecker, S. Shuyler, D. Woodward, M. Wagner, K. Skidmore, F. Wilde, C Spriggs, Townsend, H. Trivitt, P. Riggs. Not in Picture: L. Trostle, D. Sadler. .-s -.. f n 1 - -1 ailasl-xe fi 7 5 First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Kempton faclviserj, B. Cool, Dillinger, M. Crabbs, Freed, D. Doyle, D. Dear- clorff, E. Bigham, R. Barb. Sefond Row: S. Bowers, G. Flory, D. Dove, Crone, L. Cronluncl, N. Bow, T. Bulleit, L. Bream, K. Elledgz, -I Bream. Third Row: R. Miller, R. Doersom, B. Evans, M. Boyer, Cole, C. Cullison, B. Ditchburn, M. Dorf, Eiker. Fourth Row: B. Cocldington, D. Bucher, S. Clapsaddle, Bigham, A. Bushman, T. Benner, R. Carey, C. Fisher, B. Benson. Fifth Row: D. Dick, M. Divivo, R. Carbaugh, S. Bloom, R. Flohr, P. Adams, D. Baker, R. Baumgardner, E Durrow. Sixth Row: R. Britcher, R. Fairman, B. Dietz, R. Dietch, D. Bream, A. Dykeman, M. Cartzenclafner. NINTH GRADE First Row, Left to Right: E. Jackson, L. Keclcler, P. Leatherman, D. Hoclcey, S. Hoalc, V. Hoffman, Forsythe, L Helwig, P. Gipe. Second Row: L. Johnson, N. Kuhn, B. Hay, S. Hartman, Hess, N. Helfriclc, S. Hull, B. johnson, P. Heflin, D Greenawalt. Third Row: W. jones, T. Henninger, K. Kime, S. Gastley, M. Hartman, Guise, Kammerer, D. Kennel, C Greiner. Fourth Row: R. jones, G. Kujoviclm, R. Harmon, G. Hartman, T. Januszewslci, R. Golden, A. Karrash, L. johnson D. Neagy, B. Hartman. Fifth Row: M. Green, Hoffman, Z. Goshorn, W. Goulden, D. Koontz, K. Gotwald, Kunkle, R. Hollabaugllr, H. Hartman. Sixth Row: E. Hoalc, R. Gilbert, H. Guise, R. Hartzell, K. Ketterman, D. King, G. Kump, F. Keys, L. Flohr, I Hoffman, P. Kump. 3 First Row, Left to Right: E. Presley, S. McCrorie, B. Reed, K. McCullough, K. Newman, L. Rinehart, S. Moritz, V. Plank. Second Row: M. Kerlin, Null, L. Miller, Potter, Sharrah, C. Plank, B. Shepherd, K. McDannell. Third Row: S. Nimtz, M. Nutter, S. Monn, W. Scott, M. Mansberger, L. McFeaters, R. Selby, Newman, F. Shealer. Fourth Row: K. Shindledecker, Mcllhenny, Maddon, R. Sower, E. Riflle, D. Lord, C. McCans, D. Mumper, J. Newell, Orndorff. Fifth Row: R. Mickley, D. Ridinger, R. Reaves, S. Rohrbaugh, R. Miller, B. Sease, Riley, D. Schwenk, Saum, Rose, R. Sites. Sixth Row: Sharrah, R. Newman, B. Mosser, E. Schultz, K. Sensening, E. McDannell, Redding, L. LeGore, J. Nett, C. McCleaf. Not in Picture: L. McDannell. PRESIDENT ............ ..... , - GILBERT Kujovrcl-x SECRETARY ......... ............... L INDA BREAM Vice PREsmENT .,.,.. .............. R ov FAIRMAN TREASURER ........ ..... M ERIAL HARTMAN First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Bickel fadviserl, Tuckey, S. Tauscher, B. Tackett, M. Spidle, R. Swisher, S. Weider, Taughinbaugh, M. B. Wolff. Second Row: Topper, N. Voss, Shultz, L. Speelman, S. Shriver, S. Sprankle, Trent, E. Tressler, E. Wilt, C. Valentine, P. Wenschof. Third Row: N. Stevens, A. Snyder, K. Waddel, Tully, B. Watson, P. Wilson, S. Williamson, E. Wheeler, S. C. Witter. Fourth Row: Tawney, Teeter, C. Sleichrer, C. Tipton, R. Tharp, G. Guise, D. Weikert, R. Young. Fifth Row: Shultz, C. Wickline, G. Wagamen, D. Woodward, N. Wansel, E. Tilberg, M. Treas, Woods, D. Wilkinson, C. Wagaman. Sixth Row: R. Wills, R. Wagner, K. Wetzel, R. Topper, Waite, H. Weikert, R. Stokes. Not in Picture: D. Shriver, D. Shull, R. Sietz, R. Sowers, G. Straushaugh, V. Williams, K. Wirth. First Row, Left to Right: Miss Boyer Qadviserj, A. Eigner, K. Caulfield, M. Ecker, A. Bucher, S. Crist, M. Ayre, G. Binkele, Cool, D. Cline. Second Row: D. Carbaugh, Brantner, Crilley, A. Bucher, B. Bixler, S. Bender, E. Brown, W. Deardorff, I.. Eberhart. Third Row: M. Biesecker, S. Englebert, K. Dick, V. Baker, A. Barriga, C. Deardorff, P. Burcluam, A. Biesecker, S. Bowmaster, M. Cottrell, M. Adelsberger. Fourth Row: G. Davis, C. Dettinburn, E. Henry, R. Bollinger, C. Daldwell, Carey, L. Deitch, Bowers, E. Bucher, D. Gilden, R. Hankey, L. Bucher, R. Carbaugh. Fifth Row: D. Coddington, R. Fiscel, T. Brown, G. Herring, D. Doaks, Bowers, Baker, Bigham, S. Greene, K. Boyer, L. Cromer, L. Cluck, R. Fitz, A. Bunlaart, R. Bowersox, G. Alston. Sixth Row: B. Baker, S. Bream, T. Bushey, R. Cockle, T. Gilbert, L. Baumgardner, S. Cook, W. Cullison, M. Coleman, B. Eden, R. Decker, D. Dague, D. Brodbeck, L. Dillman, G. Bivens, M. Doyle, F. Ditzler. Not in Picture: A. Bobo, W. Beaston, Cascia, E. Chaplin. PRESIDENT ............. ........ R ADCLIFFE SCHULTZ SECRETARY ....... ....... N ANCY Munoocx VICE PRESIDENT ,,.. .,...... ........., .................. L I N DA SIMPSON TREASURER ..,.,,,.,,....,........,......................,. PAUL MILLER First Row, Left to Right: Lawver, E. Jeffco:-xt, D. Jacobs, W. Kuykendall, L. Hofe, L. Keller, H. Hull, S. Jackson, N. Johnson, S. Kuhn. Second Row: L. Gillancl, P. Jolms, Jackson, L. Legore, P. Hess, B. Hostetter, E. Johnson, E. Evans, D. Fidler, J. Hoover. Third Row: V. Greenwald, D. Jacoby, P. Hill, R. Ginevan, E. Elliot, B. Keckler, R. Hyson, C. Hook. Fourth Row: Hoch, L. Kepner, W. Lane, K. Kitzmiller, L. I-Ieflin, M. Harmon, M. Hofe, R. Kelly, D. Little, G. Gehrm. Fifth Row: D. Guise, W. Jones, K. Hartman, M. Krick, R. Finkboner, R. Fox, R. Fox, K. Fissel, D. Liss. Sixth Row: Kennel, L. Kuhn, S. Lear, G. Klocker, R. Kessel, L. Knox, R. Kint, L. Lawver, W. Linebaugh, R. Lawver. Not in Picture: B. Hinkle, C. Folkener, C. Eyler, B. Jacoby, D. Koontz, V. Fink. f wx f :.a- .Q .1-. we-au... vs.-.ah Aiax.. qs.wss s.... ' see-.1 ...amxatu.. i s4 First Row, Left to Right: L. Shainline, B. Phiel, M. Nett, L. Sease, B. Scott, S. Reecly, P. Seymore, P. McCleaf, N Murdock, S. Musser. Second Row: S. Reimer, B. Moorhead, S. Lott, N. Rummel, Plank, G. Meyers, E. Sachs, S. Newell, C. Mussel- man, P. Olinger, L. Riley. Third Row: McNaire, K. Orwig, L. Painter, S. Nett, L. Mallow, Mickey, Rohrbaugh, R. Prout, S. Moor, M Shaner, F. Miller, P. Petoney, A. Mulberry. Fourth Row: Presley, Nary, R. Schwartz, D. Rice, G. Mickley, R. Miller, P. Nelson, D. Lutz, R. Plank, E Plank, L. K. Riley, M. Miller, C. Singley. Fifth Row: F. Henturf, Rowe, G. Reaves, Logan, R. Miller, M. Pinko, F. Meyers, S. Redding, T. Pritt, J Matthews, E. Pottorlf, G. McCann. Sixth Row: Ramos, P. Menges, D. Reaver, Person, D. Sanders, W. Mellors, G. Miller, Redding, C. Schaut E. Price, T. Rohrhaugh, G. Rease, B. Singley, R. Stahle. Not in Picture: R. Schultz, V. McCleaf, G. McDannell, L. Malinosky, Plank. EIGHTH GRADE First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Glenn fadviserl, L. Swiger, D. Swope, S. Swope, D. Weaver, A. Stahle, Weaver L. Starner, P. Wills. Second Row: S. Topper, C. Shellman, B. Seitz, Shaffer, C. Wetzel, Zinn, P. Smith, P. Shealer, B. Zeigler, L Simpson. Third Row: N. Weikert, N. Swope, P. Washington, M. Sraub, D. Washington, Speelman, L. Zhea, R. Sell, D Yingling, J. Wormley. Fourth Row: V. Slonaker, M. Wilt, D. Shultz, F. Sterner, D. Snyder, L. Tocldes, K. Stanslnury, P. Shue, L. Smith bl. Staley. Fifth Row: R. Weikert, Smith, S. Shoemaker, C. Wolfe, C. Simmons, F. Ward, R. Speir, Wayhi-ight, R. Smith R. Sharrah. Sixth Row: W. Wirth, E. Wenschof, Wolf, E. Thomas, Ziegler, R. Selby, C. Smith, S. Thompson, E. Walters W. Starner, C. Smith. Not in Picture: D Weaver, Speelman. First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Murdock faclviserj, A. Baker, C. Bishop, C. Codori, A. Bashore, R. Bollinger, IVI Bucher, K. Black, Baker. Second Row: G. Boring, P. Bere, L. Bowers, K. Currens, L. Gantz, D. Folkenroth, V. Dearclorff, F. Dykman, E. Eller R. Chaplin. Third Row: Culp, Baker, B. Clapper, L. Dunkelberger, R. Daugherty, M. Fidler, D. Dellinger, Cron-e, S. Fiscel O. Fissel. Fourth Row: C. Deardorif, M. Bolen, B. Arnsberger, B. Adams, L. Cluck, P. Aclcley, B. Baker, L. Dillon, M. Kike J. Gallagher. Sixth Row: W. Deal, Bollinger, Dengler, R. Deitch, R. Carver, Davies, L. Cronlund, L. Fisher, M. Cham plain, M. Eyler. Seventh Row: Fleming, R. Dubbs, E. Baker, Althoff, M. Decker, L. Black, L. Bushey, W. Bucher, R. Eilcer D. Eisenhower. SEVENTH GR DE First Row, Left to Right: D. Hubbard, B. Hixon, M. I-lawn, L. Harbach, H. Hull, C. Heyser, L. Henry, H. Imler Second Row: D. McCans, M. Lawrence, M. Mayer, B. MacPhail, S. Hann, C. Hanlcey, M. Gastley, V. Hikes, G Green, G. Henninger, D. Gorman. Third Row: G. Kynor, S. Metz, D. Hoffman, Hoke, B. Liss, Miller, Keller, S. Jackson, W. Hornor, L. Her ring, T. Helwig. Fourth Row: L. McCleaf, D. Jacoby, Malcolm, B. McFeaters, McCoy, C. McCleaf, D. Kargas, P. Kunkel, L Hartlaub, S. Hess, Helfrick, G. Helfriclc. Fifth Row: S. McCarney, M. Keefer, D. McDannell, McDannell, M. McCadden, L. Kane, P. Jeifcoar, A. Miller W. Hill, R. Harman, D. Herring, M. Herring. Sixth Row: R. Little, M. Leatherman, S. Markley, D. Kroft, P. Kinclig, L. LeGore, L. McCleaf, L. Kinley, K. Howe P. Green, Gipe. I First Row, Left to Right: Miller, S. Musser, B. Nunemaker, M. Reynolds, L. Parish, Myers, T. Newman, D. Neth. Second Row: N. Rosenberger, R. Rosenberry, W. Pritt, M. Miller, Oller, Pritt, R. Moser, S. Nunemaker, W. Nace, W. Nimtz, F. Shafer. Third Row: L. Cluck, A. Plank, C. Myers, R. Peake, R. Paris, N. Myers, Reed, L. Mummert, S. Miller, M. Myers, S. Sharrah. Fourth Row: M. Sargeant, A. Shultz, L. Sanders, Schultz, E. Sanders, L. Shealer, E. Rohrbaugh, D. Recard, R. Plank, W. Shields. Fifth Row: K. Schubert, K. Sanders, V. Shelleman, M. Shultz, Schwartz, Pitzer, R. Ralfensperger, l-I. Nixon, C. Richardson, C. Raffensperger, Pickering, F. Schwartz, S. Shields, Shank. Sixth Row: Shanoltz, C. Schwartz, B. Sanders, D. Schultz, Sheeley, T. Rose, L. Shindledecker, D. Sheely, D. Rohrbaugh, Richardson, R. Scott. PRESIDENT ............. ........ L ARRY SHINDLEDECKER SECRETARY ...... ...... R Icl-:ARD HARMON VICE PRESIDENT ...... ................... C AROL CODORX TREASURER ...... ..... ..... J U nv THOMPSON First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Lilley fadviserj, D. Starner, C. Smith, S. Sowers, F. Stonesifer, L. Streett, M. Smith, A. Teeter, D. Slaybaugh. Second Row: B. Tully, C. Wilson, O. Starner, R. Shultz, Stultz, Singley, M. Snowberger, A. Slegal, S. Straus- baugh, C. Stoner, Sprigg, D. Snyder. Third Row: Voss, L. Trent, P. Taughinbaugh, L. Thompson, Thompson, R. Thompson, D. Staub, L. Thomas, P. Tipton, M. Simpson, T. Spahr. Fourth Row: B. Utz, A. Trostle, L. Young, B. Vannoy, M. Toddes, B. Wright, D. Wagaman, E. Wetzel, D. Weaver, C. Whittle, C. Stoner. F ifrh Row: Wagaman, D. Thomas, K. Wickline, D. Witherow, D. Weikert, A. Zettle, Weber, L. Topper, M. Williams, L. Verdier, G. Wisorzkey, R. Zepp. Sixth Row: M. Walhay, Wansel, E. Wetzel, R. Woodward, K. Wilde, A. Williams, V. Weaver, C. Thompson, R.Wishard, R. Teeter, P. Shultz. page ffty-:even CANN N- ID First Row, Left to Right: Miss McAnally fadviserj, R. Ramer, W. Griest, B. Keefer, M. Hughes, D. Johnson B. Minter, R. Noel, F. Craver, Mr. Woods fadviserj. Second Row: Fair, M. Sterner, Hess, D. Wolf, P. Lupp, S. McCullough, Tarantino, R. Ecker, S. Hyson K. Hull. Third Row: W. Conover, R. Dean, K. Sleichter, P. Rowe, C. Bollinger, L. Miller, A. Hoke, B. Olinger, C Becker, C. Ditzler. Fourth Row: L. Gerrald, W. Kint, Richardson, I. Bowers, M. Dillon, B. Harbaugh, B. Herrick, L. LeGore, E Harman, N. Rohrbaugh, Y. Trostle. Fifth Row: C. Rosenberger, C. Hull, M. Bowmaster, G. Becker, S. Hartman, C. Guise, L. Kujovich, M. Coover L. I-lull, A. Reaver. Not in Picture: P. Kargas, N. Mallow, R. Menges, P. Reed, D. Tuckey, E. Paauwe, N. Cullison, D. Moser. Ed ilor David Johnson Business Staff Walter Griest Charles Becker Charles Bollinger Marie Coover Carolyn Guise Elaine Harman Sandy Hartman Barbara Herrick Allan Hoke Puala Kargas Lois LeGore Paula Lupp Nancy Mallow Ray Menges page fifty-eight Leonard Miller Pat Reed Jean Richardson Margaret Stemer Daryl Tuckey Advertising Staff Forrest Craver Linda I-lull William Kint Barton Olinger Ann Reaver Pat Rowe Diane Wolf Feature Staff Bonnie Keefer Ila Bowers Linda Gerrald Jennifer Hess Carolyn Hull Sanford Hyson Larry Kujovich Nancy Rohrbaugh Cynthia Rosenberger Jean Tarantino Arr Staff Brenda Minter NVillis Conover Joy Fair Sally McCullough Yvonne Trostle Sports Staff Richard Noel Roger Ecker Ken Hull Kit Sleichter Photographers Ross Ramer Charles Ditzler Edward Paauwe Typing Staff Mary Beth Hughes Gladys Becker Mary Bowmaster Nancy Cullison Mary Dillon Barbara Harbaliglm Diane Moser 1 Q 1960-61 L STAFF HEADS Seated: Bonnie Keefer ffeature editorj, David Johnson feclitorj, Brenda Minter fart eclitorl, Mary Beth Hughes fhead typistj. Standing: Walter Griesr fbusiness managerj, Ross Ramer fphotographerl, Richard Noel fsports editorl, Forrest Craver fadvertising manager, Advisers: Mr. David Woods, Miss Jean McAnally. Editing the Cannon-Aid is like putting together a huge scrapbook for the entire school, especially the seniors. In- formation and pictures are collected and sorted and shuf- Hed until every derail is perfect. Then the pages are arranged and rearranged until the Cannon-Aid staff finally agrees on the layout. Advertising, yearbook sales, and typing of the manu- script are additional facets of producing the Cannon-Aid. We seniors have spent many hetic, but happy, hours producing our memories of Gettysburg High. All the crises, deadlines, and problems have been met and solved. The publication of this yearbook is an unforgetable experience to which the succeeding classes have to look forward. page fifty-nine SENICR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right: Miss Thomas faclviserj , G. Rice, R. Frew, B. Collins, S. I-Iyson, Mr. Woods faclviserj . Second Row: W. Griest, R. Dean, C. Rosenberger, I. Bowers, R. Noel, K. Hull. Third Row: R. Crist, C. Bushey, L. Keefer, Lott, E. Zeigler, S. Faust, C. Roth, White. Fourth Row: D. LeVan, R. Bigham, S. Srahle, R. Rosenberger, D. Freecl, B. Allison, B. Smith, S. Nett, F. Hess AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COMMITTEE First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. D. Hoffman, Mrs. L. LeVan, Mrs. C. Smith, E. Zeigler, Miss N. Ramer, Mrs. R. Martin., Second Row: S. I-Iyson, R. Dean, Mrs. B. Miller, S. Nett, L. Shindlecleclcer, C. Kortc, Mr. -I. Feather. Not in Picture: B. Collins, G. Rice, R. Frew, Bricker, Miss Thomas, Mr. C. Snow- herger, Mr. P. Grove, G. Kujovich, R. Schultz, G. Hartman. page sixty IUNIOR HIGH STUDENT CGUNCIL First Row, Left lo Right: Mr. Grove fadviserl, N. Kuhn, D. Deardorfi, G. Hartman, K. Newman, N. Murdock, S. Reimer. Second Row: L. Deitch, W. Kuykendall, L. Simpson, P. Smith, C. Caldwell, P. Olinger, D. Weaver, L. I-Iofe. Third Row: R. Schultz, D. Liss, S. Tauscher, L. Bream, B. Hay, M. Dorr, M. Hartman, M. Ayre. Fourth Row: P. Miller, R. Fairman, R. Jones, R. Miller, G. Kujovich, R. Reaves, Woods, B. Benson. SEVENTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government at Gettysburg High School consists of Junior High and Senior High Student Councils. Both groups dis- cuss and act upon matters which arise from questions and ideas of the student body and the faculty. In the past year both councils undertook community projects and spon- sored funcl-raising projects. At the request of the student body, Senior High Council scheduled pep rallies and arranged for busses to away football and basketball games. This year the American Field Service, which operates within the Student Council, sponsored a dual exchange student program for Gettysburg. Charles Korte spent the summer and one school semester in Nor- way, and Hendrati Insijah from Indonesia d l d' G b H' h Second Row: C. Codori, P. Aclcley, V. Deardorff, Mrs. R. Mar- Ifsrrstllfe egifresglhfgl Zgssioiftys mg lg tin fadviserl . First Row, Left to Riglvl: A. Zettle, L. Shindledeclcer, R. Teerer, A. Miller. Third Row: Thompson, C. Richardson, D. Eisenhower, M. Reynolds. page sixty-one MAROON AND WHITE First Row, berger, S. Left to Right: Mrs. Deitz fadviserl, C. Hull, S. Hyson, R. Eclcer, M. Sleichter, G. Rice, C Rosen McCullough, I. Bowers, L. Wiles, R. Ramer. Second Row: M. Hughes, L. Gerrald, Hess, D. Wolf, D. Johnson, W. Conover, P. Rowe, P. Kargas Tar antino, M. Coover. Third Row: E. Paauwe, L. Hull, B. Keefer, S. Hartman, C. Guise, M. Bryan, R. Frew, Holoka, K Hull R. Menges. Not in Picture: C. Korte, Lott, P. Redman, Miss Roland fbusiness adviserl. Editorial and business staffs comprise the "Maroon and White." The editorial staff is res- ponsible for editing the newspaper, for which the business staff handles finances. Each year when senior staff members relegate their positions to journalists of the under classes, the new staff members give recognition to the retiring staff at a banquet. juniors and seniors who have been recommended by advisers, can be honored by receiving membership to the local Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for journalists. QUILL AND SCROLL F irsl Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Deitz fadviserj, H-ess, C. Hull, I. Bowers, S. Hyson, D. Wolf, G Rice P Rowe, Miss Roland fadviserj. Second Row: L. Wiles, S. McCullough, B. Keefer, D. Johnson, C. Korte, R. Eclcer, C. Guise, K. Sleichter C Rosenbcrger, XV. Conover. page sixty-two MASK SL WIG First Row, Loft lo Right: D. Steiner, P. Redman, F. Vffard, R. Fairman, R. Rosenberger, R. Schubart, F. Tilberg. Second Row: C. Korte, M. Hughes, Hess, C. Hull, S. Hyson, B. Minter, P. Rowe, K. Sleichter, D. Wolf, Miss Nlcllhenny fadviserj. Third Row: Bucher, D. Johnson, L. Kujovich, G. Weikert, B. Collins, G. Rice, C. Rosenberger, P. Lupp, E. Heimerer, M. Chambers, M. Hartman, C. Ditzler. Fourth Row: E. Jordan, C. Roth, B. Hughes, K. Kahwajy, C. Bollinger, F. Craver, S. Parker, E. Zeigler, D. Durboraw, K. Hllll, R. Schultz, Davies. DRAMATICS Opportunities throughout the year are given to students to obtain dramatic ex- perience in both acting and committee work by participating in the production of full-length plays and one-act plays. This experience is available to all interested stu- dents. Faithful work in acting and serving on committees provide credit toward mem- bership into Mask and Wig Dramatic Club, and in turn, membership into the National Thespian Dramatic Society. NATIONAL THESPIANS First Row. I.cft ro Right: D. Johnson, C. Hull, B. Collins, C. Rosenbcrger. Second Ron-': B. Minter, G. Weikert, G. Rice, Miss Mcllhenny, fadviserl. Third Row: R. Ramer, K. Hull, C. Bollinger. page sixty-three SENIOR CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: E. Boyer, B. Hughes, L. McCleaf, B. Miller, B. Miller, C. Hostetter, B. Hull, D. Wolf, Hess, C. Hull, S. Nett, T. Hess, L. Imler, Kunkel, C. Roth, S. Orner, E. Harman, D. Smith, J. Schwartz, Kime, C. Rosenberger, B. Mintet. Second Row: Mr. Grove fdirectorl, Fair, B. Showers, I. Bowers, A. Reaver, L. Hull, B. Keefer, E. Jordan, P. Ditzler, C. Dettinburn, M. Hughes, R. Biesecker, L. Schwartz, T. Collins, D. LeVan, Neth, C. Kime I S. Foust, E. Zeigler, D. Durboraw, E. Prosser, T. Thomas, C. Weaver, Tawney, D. Deitch, Bream, Bream. Third Row: S. Gaston, C. McCabe, Alston, G. Rice, Richardson, D. Yingling, M. Bucher, Walhay, M. Reimer, R. Rosenherger, R. Bigham, L. Green, Lott, B. Smith, E. Heimerer, M. Sargeant, M. Peterson, L. Raffensperget, Lupp, D. Freed, S. Hartman, C. Guise, Tarantino, R. Coshun, M. Coover. Fourth Row: D. Adams, A. Bream, B. Allison, L. Sterner, S. Wise, S. Stanley, G. Crone, R. Schuhart, I. Scott, R. Shade, A. Holce, W. Conover, M. Shealer, C. Schultz, D. Hikes, D. Steiner, R. Weilcert, D. Lott, M. Mar- ing, L. LeGore, M. Sterner, P. Kargas, K. Sleichter, B. Herrick, P. Lupp. Fifth Row: R. Ramer, S. Hyson, L. Miller, D. johnson, R. Eclcer, B. Collins, G. Weikert, L. Gilbert, D. Jones, M. Green. ACCOMPANISTS Seated: S. Nett. Standing: C. Roth, C. Rosenberger, B. Minter. page sixty-four VOCAL MUSIC The vocal music program in the Junior- Seniot High School provides opportunity for the students who are interested in sing- ing. All music is given professional treat- ment in such a way as to merit worthy performances. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Grade Choruses and the highly selected Senior High School Choir par- ticipate in numerous school and community programs during the school year. NINTH GRADE GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to Righz: C. Witter, Hess, S. XVeicler, S. McCrorie, E. Wheeler, J. Trent, S. Hull, Taughinlaaugh, M. Wollf, S. Weikert, D. Lord, L. Rinehart, M. Dorr, D. Dove. Second ron-': Mr. Justice Iclirectoi-J, L. Keckler, M. Hartman, J. Gipe, D. Greenawalt, E. Rilfle, V. Williams, N. Bow, K. El- ledge, H. Weikerr, D. Deardorlf, T. Bulleit, C. Cullison, S. Tausher, S. Hoak. Third Row: C. McCanns, J. Freed, B. Johnson, B. Houser, M. Nutter, R. Jones, R. Reaves, D. Weikert, T. Henninger, J. Tec- ter, A. Karrasch, S. Gastley, D. Doyle, P. Heflin, Crone, S. Munn. Fourth Row: N. Kuhn, J. Eiker, S. Sprankle, S. Shriver, K. McCullough, L. Bream, L. Johnson, J. Kunkle, W, Jones, J. Taw- ney, R. Stokes, G. Hartman, R. Miller, B. Britcher, M. Green. Fifth Row: R. Wagner, S. Bloom, Saum, A. Bushman, M. Treas, B. Harman, D. Ridinger, Nlcllhenny, K. Kime, R. New- man. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS First Rauf, Left to Right: Mr. Grove fdirectorj, B. Phiel, D. Swope, S. Swope, C. Musselman, S. Musser, S. Bowmaster, S. Jackson, R. Hyson, D. Rice, L. Kepner, N. Murdock, A. Stable, H. Hull, S. Newell, S. Bender, B. Bixler, C. Wetzel. Second Row: L. Zhea, T. Barriga, L. Riley, E. Johnson, S. Lott, J. Lawver, C. Deardorlf, C. Shelleman, S. Netr, C. Hook, R. Fox, F. Ward, J. Logan, B. Lane, N. Swope, L. Mallow, L. Painter, A. Eigner, S. Topper. Third Row: P. Olinger, C. Kuhn, W. Kuykendall, B. Hosretcer, C. Caldwell, L. Hofe, M. Ecker, P. Johns, R. Carbaugh, U. Slonaker, L. Bucher, L. Smith, S. Brearn, R. Schwartz, G. Reaves, R. Bowersox, R. Weilcert, K. Orwig, P. Shue, A. Biesecker, C. Stansbury. Fourth Raw: S. Reimer, S. Crist, L. Deitch, D. Weaver, B. Moorhead, L. Shainline, J Zinn, J. Weaver, P. Shealer, C. Mick- ley, R. Decker, K Fissel, L. Cromer, C. Caulfield, M. Biesecker, L. Simpson, B. Ziegler, E. Evans, M. Ayre. Fifth Row: Rowe, L. Cluclc, D. Guise, P. Miller, R. Schultz, R. Finlclzoner, B. Jones, E. Thomas, R. Speir, D. Liss, E. Elliott, P. Hill. page sixty- five FHA T First Row, Left to Right: Miss Schwartz fadviserj, B. Rudisill, T. Ridinger, B. Dick, C. Andrews, B. Yingling. Second Row: I-I. Insijah. D. Peters, L. Boyden, B. Miclcey, Shultz. Third Row: Goshorn, Bowmaster, C. Valentine, E. Wilt, E. Tressler. Fourth Row: R. Phiel, G. Mickley, Dubs, A. Forsythe, J. Gipe. Fifth Row: 1. Keller, E. Valentine, S. Reed, D. Valentine. Not in Picture: C. Trivitt, B. Glenn. During the past year, the members of the Future Homemalcers of America presented programs related to homemalcing, including skits, guest speakers and movies. They assumed responsibility for maintaining the re- freshment stand at the football games and sponsored numerous social activities, including hayrides and skating parties. The hard-working members of the Future Farmers of America assist in maintaining the refreshment stand at the games and participate in contests at various fairs and shows in this area. Since the F.F.A. is a club for Agriculture students, all activities are conducted to help train members for rural leadership. FFA First Row, Left to Right! Mr. Glenn fadviserj G. Williams, C. Woerner, F. Dutrow, D. Yingling, D. Coshun, Mr. Schriver fadviserj. Second Row: F. Tilberg, T. Culp, P. Flinn, C. Dutrow, D. Bowling, Paddock, E. Little, T. Shull. Third Row! R. Simpson, D. Buch-er, R. Cullison, Hoffman, S. Clapsaddle, R. Sibert, E. Hartzell, W. Mosser. Fourth Rowi M. Shorb, R. I-Iartzell, B. Larmer, L. Schartiger, S. Witherow, R. Red- ding, H. McDannell, E. McDannell, W. Clapsaddle. giftln Row: R. Flohr, R. Seitz, L. Bowers, R. Bowers, W. Keefer, T. Shealer, T. Stans- ury. Not in Picturef W. Colvard, Green, E. Rentzel, D. Sharrah, R. Shultz, R. Spangler. page sixty -six JUNIOR HIGH RED cRoss COUNCIL Firxt Row, Left to Right: Miss Hartman fad viserl, C. Wetzel, N. Johnson, S. Swope, B Bixler. Second Row: Freed, R. Stokes, S. Shoe- maker, K. Hartman. Third Row: D. Lord, N. Bow, D. King, D. Caulfield, C. Cullison. Fourth Row: S. Lott R. Carbau h D. Raffens- g perger, H. Weikerg, P. Nelson. , SENIOR HIGH RED CROSS COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Xvisler fad- viserj, C. Weaver, C. Hartman, Baker, D. Baltzley. Second Row: Myers, V. Rider, S. Gaston, D. Peters. Third Row: R. Smith, R. Jacoby, W. Stock, I. Plank. The Red Cross Councils, which are branches of the National Junior Red Cross, were instituted at Gettysburg High School in 1941. Each year they carry out projects for members of the armed forces in hos' pitals, the homeless and institutionalized adults and children. The purposes of the councils are ren- dering service wherever the need arises, promoting good will between the United States and other nations, and improving health and developing safety by means of instruction. page sixty-seven NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the Nationa Honor Society is the highes award that a student may re ceive for all-around exc-ellenc and is awarded only to senior who are superior in scholar ship, leadership, character, an service. Membership, not t exceed 15 per cent of th graduating class, is determine by the faculty. First Row, Left to Right: D. Wolf, Tarantino, M. Coover, Hess, C. I-lull, K. Sleichtcr, I. Bowers. Second Row: R. Eclcer, W. Conover, B. Minter, C. Rosenberger, G. Rice, C. Guise, M. Bowmaster, R. Noel, K. Hull. Third Row: B. Olinger, D. Johnson, S. Hyson, C. Korte, L. Kujovich, R. Hess. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row, Left to Right: A. Holce, D. Johnson, B. Minter, E. Boyer, E. Prosser, M. Coover, Y. Trostle, C. Rosen- berger, I. Bowers, P. Lupp. Second Row: M. Bryan, I. Glenny, A. Reaver, L. Hull, B. Keefer, Tarantino. S. Coldsmith, M. Ditzler, Lupp, S. Nett, F. Hess. Third Row: B. Hess, D. Adams, B. Hughes, L. Riley, C. Hartman, C. Weaver, D. Deitch, P. Kargas, P. Reed, N. Mallow. Fourth Row: C. Hostetter, B. Hull, A. Bream, S. Hyson, W. Conover, E. Zeigler, D. Durboraw, S. Gaston, R. Bow- ling, D. Waddell, M. Green, A. Knouse. The Future Teachers of America is an organization open to senior high students who desire to acquire full knowledge of opportunities and requirements for a teaching career. Actual experience is available through the cadet teaching program, which functions at both the elementary and secondary level. This year the club has conducted interesting programs dealing with varied aspects of teaching. As a fund-raising project the group sold Christmas candles. To Finish the busy year, an F.T.A. banquet was held. page sixty-eight FBLA The Future Business Leaders of is composed of commercial who perform services for school and community. This year were in charge of play tickets conducted surveys to discover well the commercial students being prepared to meet the of the community and the local men. First Row, Left to Right: M. Sterner, D. Smith, C. Bream, Tawney, Miss Little fadviserj. Second Row: S. Waddell, Black, P. Gulden, C. McCabe. l LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First Row, Left to Right: K. Caulfield, N. Johnson, A. Eigner, C. Deardorlf, W. Kuykendall, K. McCullough, A. Bucher, B. Phiel, D. Swope, Hoover. Second Row: Miss Wentz fadviserj, P. Seymour, E. Topper, M. Currens, M. Bryan, Pottorff, I. Glermy, Miss Quigley fadviserj. Third Row: D. Adams, R. Swisher, C. Wetzel, L. Deirch, D. Hockey, L. Simpson, S. Gastley, E. Elledge, S. Bow- master, L. Smith, R. Hyson. Fourth Row: V. Hollabaugh, L. Swiger, IVI. Cottrell, L. Riley, M. Staub, T. Bulleit, S. Moritz, Tuckey, A. Knouse. Not in Picture: Gulden, S. Coldsmith, B. Seitz, S. jackson, Lawver, Myers, M. Smith. Student librarians voluntarily forfeit study halls to work in the library, and some work before and after school. A team of two is scheduled for each period. Each assistant alternates duties with his co-worker. Some of the duties are charging materials, slipping books, arrang- ing shelves, preparing notices for overdue and reserved books, Filing materials, preparing dis- plays, assisting in taking inventory, and -other duties relating to library techniques. Much responsibility is placed upon the apprentice, librarians. page xixty-nine SENIOR DANCE LINE First Row: M. B. Hughes fchoreographerj. Second Row, Left to Right: Hess, Fair, S. McCullough, D. Wolf. Third Row: A. Reaver, N. Mallow, I. Bowers, Tarantino. Fourth Row: P. Kargas, C. Guise, P. Lupp, M. Coover, B. Keefer. Not in Picture: S. Hartman. One of the liveliest groups this year was the Hi-Lites, a modern dance group composed of senior girls, with Mary Beth Hughes as choreographer and director. Besides presenting many snappy performances at the Fall Dance, basketball games, and the senior class Christ- mas party, the girls studied the history of dancing and the lives of famous dancers. STRING ORCHESTRA Left to Right: P. Reed, B. Moorhead, A. Stahle, S. Reimer, Richardson, Mr. Justice fadviserj, Hoffman D. Schwenlc, Brantner. The orchestra has been recently formed and played at the Junior High Christmas program as well as at the Instrumental Night of Music. At the tri-weekly meeting, the members leam music appreciation and prepare for future programs. page seventy JUNIOR HIGH BAND Flutes E. Baker B. Hostetter A. Slegal L. Dunlcelberger P. Olinger J. Weaver S. Nerr L. Simpson P. Johns Bells A. Basehore Alto Saxoplvones R. Weikert C. Hook J. Bowers B. Phiel D. Follcenroth D. McCans Tenor Saxophone J. Logan Comets H. Imler D. Rohrbaugh K. Caulfield L. Eherhart L. Kepner C. Wilson S. Bream D. Staub N. Rosenberger N. Swope D. Weikert R. Zepp J. Dengler M. Myers W. Shields R. Speir Horns L. Mallow D. Neth Clarinet: B. Zeigler D. Weaver R. Bowersox R. Harman L. Hofe P. Miller B. Clapper J. Schwartz R. Hyson R. Deitch B. Nunemalcer S, Lott Trombone.: D. Dague W, Deal L- Thomas K. Hartman N. Murdock D. Hogman E. Johnson J. Lawver Sousaphones P. Shealer K. Kitzmiller J. Singley M. Kriclc 5' xi? Snare Drums B. Adams F' Ward C. Eyler R. Decker R. Finkhoner R' Elkef M. Bieseclcer J' Gallagher R. Carver Baritones Bass Drum C. Simmons K. Fissel W. Hill F. Schwartz MAJORETTES First Row, Left to Right: B. Morehead, P. Smith. Second Row: D. Snyder, S. Reimer, M. Bieseclcer. page seventy-one SENIOR HIGH BAND l Flutes L. Sterner J. Eiker J. Bream D. Koontz Saxophone.: D. Moser E. Tressler R. Fairman M. Hartman R. Spangler S. Gaston ftenor saxj R. Eiker fbaritone saxj R. Deitclx fbassoonJ Horn: B. Johnson R. Shade Sousaplvones J. Scott F. Tilberg M. Green Baritones R. Kitzmiller G. Hess R. Coshun page seventy-two Drums S. Nett fbellsj A. Karrash fbellsj J. Doersom fclrum T. Gilbert R. Jones E. Tilberg H. Weikert R. Selby J. Maclay S. Hyson Clarinet: D. Carver fOboeJ E. Zeigler J. Wallmay J. Woods L. Keclcler J. Lott D. Durboraw J. Netll - M. Mating J. Kime B. .Hay . S. Wieder T. Januszewski majorJ Riflle Ditchburn Tawney Weikcrt fE-Hat Clarmet Lupp fAlto Clarmet Schwartz fBass Clarinet C ornel: H. Augl1inlJaugl'1 Weike1't Ackley Collins Lott Gotwalt M. Dorr Weike1'r Keckler Reaves I-Ieagey Miller Trombone: J. Johnson Johnson LeGorc Henninger Longanecker 1-2-3 .... Forward .... march! The Gettysburg Senior and Junior High School Bands were on the march this year pro- viding valuable services to the school' and community. The bands appeared at football games, pep rallies, assemblies, the Tenth An- nual Night of Music, the Hal- loween and Memorial Day pa- rades, and thc Dedication Day ceremonies at the National Ceme- tery. A highlight on the agenda of the Senior Band was a trip to the New York Coliseum to play a salute to former President Eisenhower. Always seen with the bands were the faithful major- ettes who added a bit of zest to every engagement with their snappy routines. Mary Beth Hughes lhead majorettel MAJoRETTEs Left to Right: Susan Orner, Barbara Beard, Judy Weishaar, Mary Beth Hughes. S E N I 0 . R S Susan Orner page seventy-tlvree l w w l Top: Diane Wolf. Top: Sally McCullough Bottom: jennifer Hess. Bottom: Kit Sleichter. Those girls who endeavor to keep the true meaning of "spirit" alive in the hearts of athletes and spectators, be it in victory or defeat, are our Gettysburg High School cheer- leaders. The cheerleaders have a big responsibility in arousing school spirit and good sportsman- ship in the school's athletic contests. They work hard to instill in the students a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to their schoolg to increase the attendance at the school athletic contests and obtain the cooperation and respect of the students. page .vevenly-four SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row, Left to Right: Hofe, I-less, A. Ruclcelshaus, L, McCleaf, D. Wolf. Second Row: B. Smith, S. McCullough, K. Sleichrer, B. Allison, E. I-Ieimerer, Kunlcle. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row, Left to Right: D. Dearclorff, D Doyle, M. Ayre, K. McCullough. Second Row: A. Bucher, B. Reed, S. Crist Third Row: W. Kuylcendall. page seventy-five Pdgf JC7C11ly-KQV!!! AUTUMN EXCITEMENT . . . Warrior mascots, Gijrord, Crarer and Bollinger, await football half-time performance. Students, band members and cheerleaders follow Friday night action. Football fans cheer Warriors at pre-game pep rally. Our undefeated Spider football team is paid tribute by Mr. Snowberger and local athletic directors and citizens. page seventy-eight . . . with football games, dances and fall play Band members board a bus for the Eisenhower tribute in New York City. Singer-composer Judy Kunkel, accompanied by Catby Rolla, entertains at tbe annual Fall Dance. Eying his foes, Colonel "Mr, Democrat" Sbeads prepares for bis skirmisb with tbe Republican Party. Martba Cbambers, Nancy Nelson and Catby Roth are tbree busband-hunting actresses in the Junior Class play, "Three Blind Mice." page seventy-nine Sally McCullough and Ray Wisler portray Mary and Joseph in the manger scene from the Christmas tableau. CHRISTMAS JQY .. Ninth Grade Glee Club performs for junior High Christmas program. Director Grove's Senior Choir provides Christmas music preceeding the open- ing of the stage tahleau. page eighty . 1 f ws Underclassmen prepare for the holidays wieli homeroom parties. . . . with music, feverish deadlines and parties Maroorz and White and Cannon-Aid staffs toil after school to meet their Christmas deadlines. page eighty-one "Prof, Ficller reads "Post" jokes as Dick Lawyer states MID-TERM ACTIVITY . . . the problems of democracy! Miss Roland supervises Martlra Foote and Dick Crist in typing techniques. Mr. Lanfafer explains a dificult problem to bi algebra students. lllr. Deardorjf shows Gudrun Rice and Diane Wolf the method for liberating oxygen while four male chemists page eighty-two strike out on their own. . 3 Y . . .in lab sessions, cafeteria and library , il -, Students utilize library facilities for researclv work. cn Hull tells Mr. lllclrring wlvcrc' to go . . . in flu' cafetcrial Eileen Zeigler, class president, displays rings for fellow juniors. Candid camera catches senior boys engulfng food for thought. page eighty-three page eighty-fo page eighty-fre SPANISH CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Miss McAnally fadviserj, N. Wiles, B. Barriga, W. Ketterman, E. Prosser, P. Ditzler, M. Bryan. Second Row: Alston, E. Boyer, B. Hughes, D. Durboraw, C. Kime, D. Smith, S. Woerner, L. Riley. Third Row: Crone, P. Steiniger, M. Foote, M. Thomas, D. Deitch, E. Shelleman, K. Heffran, W. McFeaters. Fourth Row: M. Castells, P. Fitzwater, W. Skidmore, R. Shade, R. Biesecker, A. Knouse. Not in picture: L. Green, L. Hartlaub, E. Heiser, R. I-Ieldr, P. Redman. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLUB FRENCH CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Ficiler fadviserj, V. First Row, Left to Right: B. Miller, Lupp, B. Miller, Hollabauglu, D. Tharp, N. Rohrbaugh, L. LeC1ore. M. Currens, Mr. Manders fadviserj. Second Row: R. Menges, C. Ashbaugh, M. Maring, Second Row: B. Beard, L. Wiles, Bream, C. Weaver. W. Bowling. P. Shaner. Third Row: B. Olinger, L. Kujovich, Scott. Third Row: T. Collins, P. Geyer. page eighty-six l u BULLETIN BOARD CLUB First Row, Left to Right: K. Neely, M. Staley, E. Presley, R. Redding, E. Topper. Second Row: C. Dettinburn, R. Bowling, M. Bucher, D.Ymgling, R. Miller, A. Rebert, Y. Trostle, Mr. Feather fdviserl. Not in picture: Brooks. CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Sheads fadviserj, B. Minter, P. Kargas, P. Rowe, K. Sleichrer, Richardson, B. Conover, K. Kahwajy, R. Mickley, B. Hetrick, Mr. Wise fzdviserj. Second Row: C. Comelitti, N. Cullison, C. Cunningham, Hess, D. Wolf, C. Hull, B. Heflin, B. Lemaster, L. LeGore, D. Moser, E. Harmon. Third Row: M. B. Hughes, L. Gerrald, B. Harbaugh, M. Dillon, A. Reaver, L. Hull, B. Keefer, M. Coover, J. Tarantino, S. McCullough, P. Zeigler, P Lupp. Fourth Row: C. Woodward, A. Hoke, K. Chapman, R. Bream, F. Craver, C. Bollinger, C. Ditzler, M. Eckert, W. Anders, W. Jarvis, H. Aughinbaugh, S. Orner. Fifth Row: B. Fiscel, S. Hartman, N. Mallow, P. Dorr, F. Statler, D. Waddell, G. Hayberger, C. Claybaugh, E. Miller, W. Reaver, H. Riley. Sixth Row: Januszewski, S. Toddes, Slentz, R. Ramer, C. Guise, Fair, E. Nett, R. Noble, T. McKenny, R. Boyer, W. Redding. Not in Picture: Bucher, T. Hise, R. Eclcer, D. Lawver, N. jackson, G. Maitland. page eighty-seve SENIOR HIGH DRAMATIC CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Deitz fadviserj, F. Culp, M. Chambers, L. McCoy, Baker, D. Balrzley, B. Hull, R. Schubart, S. Horner, L. Imler. Second Row: Weishaar, Schwartz, P. Tawney, D. Shade, M. Peterson, M. Sargeant, E. Heimerer, A. Ruck- elshaus, E. Jordan, Hoover, C. Hostetter. Third Row: L. Hamilton, I. Glenny, Kurtz, C. Schultz, T. Gilbert, Coddington, Kunkel, Howery, S. Bixler, B. Hess. STAMP CLUB NINTH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Sheacls fadviserj, R. Hyson, L. Cluclc, R. Bowersox, G. Miclcley. Second Row: D. Guise, B. Mellors, T. Henniger, R. Keclcer, D. Dague. Third Row: Crone, Dellinger, R. Selby, P. Menges, Z. Goshom. Fourth Row: G. Shaut, G. Miller, R. Kelley, L. Kuhn, E. Wengchof. Not in Picture: B. Hixmlcle. page eighty-eight First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Cadle fadvis-erj , Freed, C. Tipton, Mcllhenny. Second Row: B. Ditchburn, M. Mansberger, D. Lord, R. Stokes. Third Row: A. Bushman, R. Miclcley, Nett, R. Doer- som, T. Benner. Fourth Row: B. Moser, Maddox, C. Fisher, R. Baum- gardner. VARSITY CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Nlr. Bickel faclviserl, E. Miller, R. Eclcer, K. Hull, E. Baker, D. Waddell, E. Gastley, G. Haybcrger, R. Doaks. Second' Row: R, Dean, Townsend, Davies, R. Utz, Mccleaf, Holoka, P. Plank, E. Ziegler, D. Coshun. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Brownley Qaclviserl, W. Lutz, M. Green, Davies, C. Williams. Second Row: R. Hollabaugh, R. Schwartz, F. Ward, K. Fissel, L. Kepner, E. Walter, M. Hofe, B. Lane, T. Knox. Third Row: Fox, S. Bloom, M. Reimer, K. Higham, M. Shealet, D. Applet, Waite, Teetcr, R. Tharp, R. Britcher, C. Evans, K. Wetzel. Not in Picture: J. Mathna, R. Deitch, H. Weikert. LABORATORY SCIENCE CLUB Fin! Row, Left to Righl: Mr. Dearclorff faclviserl, D. Hikes, L. Nliller, T. Kuykendall, lVlcCleaf, lVlcKenrick, B. Kim, G. Plank, W. Kennell, K. Skidmore, D. Turkey, C. Sprigg, F. Wilde, R. Carbaugh, R. Hess. Seated: C. Flynn. ALL SPORTS CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Young faclviserj, R. Carbaugh, Biggins, R. Young, Bowers, G. Austin, R. Sell, Rowe, Mr. Schoenborn fadviserj. Second Row: G. Bivins, K. Hartman, R. Finkhoner, M. Krick, B. Jones, K. Kitzmiller, B. Keckler, F. Myers. Third Row: B. Harman, M. Pinko, R. Bumgarclner, A. Beinhart, K. Kime, G. Guise, Riley, Saum, M. Cart- zenclafner, Tawney. Fourth Row: D. Riclinger, B. Evans, G. Davis, T. Hefllin, G. Herring, B. Sease, D. Weikert, Reclding, P. Kump. Fifth Row: L. johnson, R. Gineven, A. Dykman, B. Baker, T. Rohrbaugh, S. Redding, E. Tilberg, Kunkel, D. Doaks, N. Wansel. Sixth Row: E. Thomas, P. Nelson, R. Fox, R. Fox, E. Plank, E. Schultz, B. Harmon, Newman, C. Sleichter, J. Newell, D. Bream, W. Jones, Speelman. Seventh Row: R. Smith, D. King, B. Greiner, M. Shoemaker, R. Plank, D. Lutz, Baker, S. Green. Bigham, E. Dohorff. MATH CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Bream fadviserj, K. Stansbury, L. Painter, M. Netr, L. Mnllow, R. Richardson. Second Row: P. Shue, S. Topper, C. Smith, R. Newman. Sharrah, S. Nett, D. Shultz. page ninety CHEERLEADING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Forney faclviserl, A. Bucher, S. Crist, D. Doyle, B. Reed, K. McCullough. Second Row: M. Cottrell, B. Seitz, V. Baker, P. Hess, E.-Ieffcoat, P. Seymour, D. Jacobs, S. Reecly, C. Kuhn, R. Prout. Third Row: S. Musser, E. Johnson, S. Lott, L. Riley, P. Slmealer, Weaver, H. Hull, S. Sprankle, S. Schriver. Fourth Row: N. Johnson, L. Shainline, L. Tocldes, D. Golden, M. Barriga, C. Musselman, S. Newell, G. Binlcele. Not in Picture: A. Bobo. KNITTING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Lawver, E. Sachs, C. Hook, Miss Kirk faclviserj. Second Row: R. I-Ianlcey, B. Scott, L. Miller, M. Adels- berger, Hoover. Not in Picture: M. Staub. SPELLING BEE CLUB First Row, Left to Right- Miss Hartman faclviserj, A. Bieseclcer, A. Mulberry, R. Carbaugh, L. Keller. Second Row: S. Bream, S. Bowmaster, C. Wemel, C. Shelleman, G. Wagaman, K. Orwig, B. Ziegler. Third Row: R. Fitz, P. Hill. i page ninety-one SHOP SERVICE CLUB l First Row, Left to Right: G. Ketterman, D. Smith, E. Baker, Declcert, Mr. Gray fad- viserj, S. Rinehart. Not in Picture: C. Becker, G. Cleveland. STAGECRAFT CLUB First Row, Sealed Left to Right: R. Beeler, Cla- baugh. Second Row: Mr. Corbin Qadviserl, G. Trostle, D. Howe, G. Adams, Waite, R. Golden, L. Schwartz, I. Plank, P. Duane. PEN PAL CLUB First Row, Left Second Row: L. Gilland. Third Row: D. J. Presley. Not in Picture: page ninety-two to Right: L. Sease, Shaffer, P. McCleaf, Crilley, R. Sowers, N. Rumm-el, R. Swisher. Topper, D. Fidler, W. Deardorff, E. Evans, Ramos, S. Thompson, G. McCann, D. Mumper, Carhaugh, K. Dick, C. Miller, K. McDonnell, P. Leatherman, V. Greenwald, Cool, D. Cline, V. lVIcCleaf, R. Selby, Mr. Johnson faclviserj. JUNIOR H1-Y First Row. Left to Right: M. l Treas, M. Boyer, R. Golden, B. Gilbert, Ziegler, R Weikert. Second Row: E. Richardson, M. DeVivio, D. Dick, C. Sim mons, G. Cole, T. Brown. Third' Row: R. Wills, D. Ken nell, K. Gotwnlt, J. Wornxley, D. Shull, C. Dettinburn, G Kump. Fourth Row: L. Lawver, H. Hartman, Hoffman, R. Law ver, J. Mathews, D. Sanders. E. Alrhoff. Fifth Row: D. Woodward, R Fiscel, C. Wolf, Waybright, D. Yingling, S. Lear, Wolf. SENIOR HI-Y First Row, Left to Right: Mt. Diehl fadviserl 1. Neth, T. Duane, I-Ioloka, D. Steiner. Second Row: M. Stuckey, R. Baker, L. Eckert R. McCleaf, N. Redding. Third Row: R. Doalcs, Hartzel, W. Gci man, R. Fair, R. Baker. Fourth Row: M. Wagner, A. Neal, L. Hel wig, G. McDannell, D. Little. Fifth Row: G. Crone, C. Baker, K. Baumgard ner, K. Singley, L. Mickley. Not ir: Picture: R. Dettinburn, D. Jones, B Keclcler, Longanecker, G. Nett, D. Miller G. Weikert, G. White. NIOR HIGH HISTORIANS First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Eckhart fadviserl, Rose, K. Shindledeclcer, E. Elliott, B. Shepard, V. Plank, E. Presley, D. Rice, A. Bushey. Second Row: D. Reaver, D. Little, P. Wenschoif, D. Dove, N. Helfrick, Brantner, S. Mority, McNair, P. Johns, T. Everhart. Third Row: Jackson, S. Monn, L. Shepard, Rohrbaugh, Mickey, D. Broaclbeck, K. Boyer, W. Starner, L. Cromer. page ninety-three JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS CLUB First Row, Lefl to Right: P. Burcham, L. Bucher, S. Jackson, M. Ecker, M. Wfolff, B. Hostetter, D. Phiel. Second Row: L. Rinehart, T. Bulleit, Taughinbaugh, N. Bow, W. Scott, K. Caulfield, M. Bieseclcsr, B. Bixler. Third Row: B. Johnson, B. Howser, E. Rifile, Eilcer, A. Karrasch, Logan, R. Speir, T. Gilbert, S. Hull. SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS CLUB page ninety-four First Row, Left to Right: E. Wemel B. Utz, R. Thompson, Miller, J McCoy, B. Wright, L. Cluclc, S Hann. Second Row: M. Snowherger, P Ackley, B. Arnsberger, C. Smith, J Shanholtz, P. Green, L. Thompson Mrs. Speir faclviserj. Third Row: B. Liss, F. Dykman, P Sheely, C. I-Iankey, C. McCleaf, L Kinley. Fourth Row: V. Shelleman, P. Bolen L, Henry, s. Heysef, B. lVIacPhail, J. Crone, M. Toddes, B. Vannoy. Not in Picture: L. Young, S. Shaffer, D. Folkenroth, V. Deardcrff, Wan- sell, D. Kargas, L. Harhach, B. Hix- on, D. Adams, S. Marlcley, M Smith, B. Nunemaker, Thompson SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS First Row, Left to Right: R. Carver, McCoy, C. Shalfer, Voss, S. Hann, A. Basehore, C. Wilson, L. Harbach, N. Rosenberger, Singley, D. McCanns. Second Row: Mrs. Deardorff fclirectorj, M. Sarge:-mt, K. Schubart, V. Weaxl-er, B. Liss, S. Sowers, M. Mayer, C. Schwartz, K. Sanders, L. Thompson, B. Sanders, P. Taughinbaugh, R. Eiker, D. Hubbard, D. Follcenroth, L. Cluck, L. Young, E. Sanders, Baker, C. Codori, I-Iolce, T. I-Ielwig, K. Bishop, H. Imler. Third Row: L. Dunkelberger, A. Slegal, L. Parish, L. Cronlund, V. Deardorif, C. McCleaf, Thompson, R. Daugh- erty, L. Street, M. Snowberger, M. Gastley, D. Staub, Sprigg, B. McFeaters, C. Hanlcey, H. Hull, D. Kargas, R. Teeter, Pickering, R. Deitch, D. Rohrbaugh, T. Newman. Fourth Row: M. Leatherman, W. Deatriclc, F. Schwartz, K. Wickline, L. Henry, S. Fiscel, B. Baker, P. Aclcley, S. Nunemalcer, P. Kunkel, A. Plank, B. MacPhail, C. Heyser, M. Filce, A. Miller, D. Eisenhower, Gallagher, B. Vannoy, S. Jackson, B. Adams, B. Nunemaker, M. Reynolds, B. Clapper, R. Zepp, W. Hill, W. Deal, D. Hoff- man, D. Weikert. Not in Picture: V. Shelleman, P. Shull, K. Gebhart. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC CLUB First Row, Left to Right: S. Reimer, A. Stahle, B. Moorhead. Second Row: D. Carver, Mr. Justice fadviserj, P. Reed, Johnson, Bream, D. Schwenk, D. Johnson. page ninety- ve page ninety-seven VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: R. Smith, C. Baker, C. Swope, N. Redding, W. Lutz, S. Olson, D. Miller, R. Baker, R. McCleaf Longanecker, D. Coshun, Fox. Second Row: R. Fair, T. Duane, E. Gastley, E. Miller, R. Mickley, R. Utz, McCleaf, Davies, L Mick ley Bucher, L. Gre-en. Third Row: Mr. Gregor Qassistant coachl, Mr. Young fhead coachj, P. Plank, P. Flinn, E. Kump M Shealer L. Eckert, R. Dean, W. Pinko, W. Kint, M. Stuckey, E. Baker, Mr. Schoenborn fassistant coachj Fourth Row: Holoka, G. Nett, E. Hofe, R. Ecker, D. Waddell, E. Ziegler, R. Doaks, D. Jones. From the Westminster game in early September to the Carlisle disaster in early Novem- ber, the Warrior football tide ebbed and ebbecl until it could be considered to exist no longer. The Gettysburg High Warriors, 1960 version, displayed the least impressive brand of football ever seen at GHS by stumbling through a nine game slate without a victory or even the slightest semblance of one. The opponents of the hapless Maroon and White eleven racked up a walloping 318 points to G-burg's 37, averaging about the same number of points per game as the Warriors scored all year. Coach Young's boys several times, notably in the Littlestown and Nighthawk encounters, powered their way toward paydirt like rambling rhinos early in the game, but unfortunately bobbled their scoring opportunities and immediately thereafter collapsed and handed over easy victories to their opponents with hardly a battle. A few optimists had still hoped for at least a single victory when the finale rolled around with the South Penn Conference Champs, at Carlisle. The final defeat at the hands of the mighty Herd to the tune of 68-0 fan all-time record for the number of points scored against a G-Burg football squadj made unbelievers out of the most avid Warrior fan. However, credit must be given to the coaching staff and the boys on the squad who gave their all throughout the season, knowing that a winning season was far out of reach. SOUTH PENN LEAGUE STANDING Won Lost Carlisle ................. .... 4 0 Chambersburg .... ..... .... 3 I Waynesboro ......... .... 2 2 Hanover ........... .... 1 3 Gettysburg ....... .... 0 4 page u rely eight Don Waddell, End Bob Dean, Fullbaclc ' ' - X Q 5 x 1 5 " s. 5 " ,. ..,x. 5, V-A - -Q: -:- qw:-11:-xr v z ,, Q ...,.. XXX N , XX Nm .3 .... ,,r,..., lx .,,,,, :.,.:: K S ' . ' sl S' Q59 a Q K-.4 ,- 51. wow? x r wx. do .nn . .5 .mx Nyc . .N - . X - r H2 ' - ,-. Civ: S if' 2 i , X - . . ' - . ' 5 5. -33:3 , -S T t ' - 1- Q. H Ronald Miclcley, I-Ialflnaclc E IGRS Eugene Miller, Quarterback i r Pat Flinn, Tackle Ed Gastley, Halfbaclc Bill Kint, Guard Jack Bucher, Halfbaclc Bob Bream, Tackle Roger Eclcer, End page ninety-nine GHS 6 6 0 0 6 6 7 6 0 page one hundred VARSITY COACHES Mr. Carl Schoenborn, Mr. Don Young fheacl coacbj , Mr. John Gregor. LETTERMEN Dave Cosllun Ronald Doalcs Roger Eclcer Larry Eckert Don Ed Gastley fhonorary co-captainj SCHEDULE Westmhmster .,,. ,.,.,, M Biglerville Hershey - ...,.. Ed Hofe John Holoka Paul Plank Waddell fhonorary caprainj Ecl Ziegler OPP 34 33 25 27 Chambersburg ..,... ........ Hanover 26 37 Mechanicsburg ...... ........ 32 Littlestown Waynesboro Carlisle 36 68 x :img .I 9' il M EK' in 1, ,, f 2 I2 Qx 6 I , rss ,f A ,fi ,4- - vs, . , 9 gs J I J a ' A by Q I 9 wif Backs Dean and Gastley lea Z if sh X Y? 3 6 . ,Sn Q . I K da is -f , 8355 ,xr 'fis- QT 3 2 az Q' T X.-Q X X. X 3 ,,pwuv.a N QSQ NA Q .E :lg Vs Ax A ll xx 1 X' X if X + 3 R ! 9 9 pw v f ,gf pn P is gg 9 wi Q .5 sx. 1 5 ii S ami SENIOR HIGH VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: K. Hull fmanagerj, G. Maitland, T. Hise, T. Duane, R. Dettinburn, McCleaf, G. Hess fmanagerj. Second Row: H. Miller, R. Crist, M. Eckert, R. Noel, D. Waddell, R. Ecker, R. Doalcs, R. Utz, Davies. The Gettysburg Warriors enjoyed their best season in thirteen years. Directed by Coach George Forney, the Warriors advanced all the way to the District 3 finals. Sparked by the combination of a strong corn- petitive spirit and splended team eifort, the mighty Wlarriors chalked up a commendable overall slate of 16-5. Ist half SOUTH PENN STANDINGS Carlisle ........... Chambersburg Waynesboro ..... Hanover ....,. Gettysburg ...,... Biglerville ..... GHS 48 55 ....... ........, 53 55 .,..... 43 ....... 31 ....... 58 ....... 34 ....... 54 ,..,.... 65 ......, 36 .... ....... ..., . page one hundred two Won Lost 3 1 ":Gettysbu Zndl half Won Losl 5 O 'Gettysburg .......... Chambersburg ........ Carlisle .......... , .... . Waynesboro .... Hanover -. Biglerville . .............,. .....,..,.... , rg defeated Carlisle for South Penn Championship. SCHEDULE O West York ....... ..... .. York Suburban Westminster .... . ..,... Delone Alumni ,---. ,. Hanover ........... ,,.,. . .. Cedar Cliff .. Carlisle ....... .... . Waynesboro .- Biglerville ....... ..... . Chambersburg . GHS 1 2 3 4 5 Opp. 38 59 . ........ . ...... -. Hanover ...... . 56 . ..... ....... D elone -. 43 63 ....., ........... C arlisle ...... ....... 5 2 70 ........ Waynesboro .. 56 62 ..... . .... ..... C hambersbu rg ...... .. 49 55 ....... Biglerville .,,., ..,, . ,, 26 38 .. ..... ........... C arlisle .... .,.,..., .,.,, , . 37 50 ...... ....... C edar Cliff ......... ..,.,,, 4 2 58 ....., ......... So lanco ,,.,.., ,,,..,, 4 3 39 ,..... ......... R eacling ....... . ....., 57 SENIORS FACTS AND FIGURES G FGQ21 my Rb Pr: RogerEcker Esker 21 44 56 145 205 Terry Hise Eckert 21 41 64 103 249 Hise 17 36 67 33 22 Maitland 21 33 63 112 159 Miller 21 31 58 116 213 Noel 16 40 50 30 7 Waddell 21 43 73 137 169 Mark Eckert Greg Maitland Donald Waddell Kenneth Hull Diclc Noel TEAMWGRK LEAD THE FORNEYMEN WIN SOUTH PENN TITLE After winning the second half of the South Penn Con- ference, the Warriors again met Carlisle, the first half winners, for the championship. The encounter took place on February 24 on a neutral court at Chambersburg. This spine-tingling contest will never be forgotten in the basketball memoirs of GHS. Going nip-and-tuck for the first three periods, the Warriors held a 29-26 lead going into the last quarter. The score see-sawed in this period but the Warriors managed to come out on top, 38-37, ro become the South Penn Champions of the 1960- 61 season. Nlr. Snowberger rs presented the Championslvip Trophy by Captain Roger Ecker at the basketball assembly. Carlisle fans warclv the Warrior squad in action. Two for Waddell and tlgegtteanz. tie- , s page one lmmfreal four Q RRIQR T0 VICTCRY Earning the South Penn title automatically placed the Warriors in the semi-finals of the District 3 playoffs after drawing a bye for the first round. On the night of Wednesday, March 8, the team traveled to the Hershey Sports Arena to meet Solanco of Lancaster County. The Warriors, again spurred by the great teamwork they showed in league play, heat Solanco 58-43. Next came the game with Reading on Monday evening, March 13. The Warriors were only trailing 36-33 going into the final frame but were unable to pull ahead. The Forneymen bowed to Reading 57-39, thus ending a thrilling season for players and fans of GHS. "CHAMP " N ACTIO Ecker tries in -rain to block Daye's slvot Nlaitland scores after stealing the ball from an astonislved Solanco man. in the Solanco game. Eckfrfs :hot is blocked by Haggerty in Reading game. page one lmnrlred five' Paul Dorr Roger Eclcer Mark Eckert Dick Crist racks up two more against the Canners. "Lefljv,' Miller out-rebounds a York Suburbanite. page one lrnmlrea' six LETTERMEN Terry Hise Richard Noel Greg Maitland Donald Waddell Howard Miller Kenneth Hull, manager "Sandy" Eckert rips the cords for two as a host of Warriors surrounds the basket. "Rag" Ether taps ball to Greg Maitland for a fast tnfo. SENIGR HIGH JV BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: R. Schubart, T. Collins, S. Olsen, C. Bushey, Longanecker, T. Whittinglmill, Nl. Shealer. Second Row: K. Hull fmanagerj, K. Bigham, T. Gilbert, E. Ziegler, D. Jones, C. Schultz, R. Bigham, M. R . CIITICF. Coached by Mr. Merrill Eckhart, the junior Varsity compiled an overall log of 5-12. Although the young Warriors did not play ball too cautiously all season and were spasmodic most of the time, they managed to put together a few good quarters in winning their five games. SOUTH PENN STANDINGS Jayvee Division Won ' 9 Carlisle ,.... . ........, .... . . Chambersburg .... . ...... 7 Hanover .,......... , ..... .7 Biglerville ..... ..,..e 4 Gettysburg . ., 2 Waynesboro , .. . .... . ..,.,,..,,..,, 1 SCHEDULE GHS O West York Chambersburg York Suburban Hanover Westmimter Delone Delone Carlisle Hanover Waynesboro Cedar Cliff Chambersburg Carlisle Biglerville Waynesboro Cedar Cliff Biglerville ost 1 3 3 6 8 9 Opp. 45 51 49 41 42 58 28 56 Top scorer Bob Bigham notches an easy lay-up. page one lmndrvd ,rev l 1960 BASEBALL s time F s st First Row, Left to Right: P. Dorr, W. Fissel, G. Maitland, T. Hise, J. Davies. Second Row: R. Baker fmanagerl, K. Hull, R. Waddell, Holoka, K. Chapman, L. Eckert, K. Skidmore fmanagerj. Third Row: B. Rentzel, B. Grosholz, D. Coldsmith, B. Shoemaker, B. Furney, H. Nichols, T, Fox, E. Hess. Not in Picture: S. Olson, L. Helwig, R. Bigham, R. Smith. SCHEDULE GHS 2 ,..,,,,, ....... B oiling Springs 0 :PGI-IS 7 - .... ,........... Hanover 3 'GHS 8 ,,,.,.,, ,,,,,...,..... B iglerville Z SGHS 6 ........ .,,,.....,.. . Biglerville 14 KGHS 0 ,,,,,,,, ...... C hambersburg 7 WYGHS 1 ........ .... . Chambersburg 3 XGHS 7 ,,,,,,,, ...... W aynesboro 6 GHS 17 . .. . ,...... . Delone 4 GI-IS 0 ,,.,, ,, .......... Delone 9 GHS 8 . ..,. . Westminster 2 ikConference games LETTERMEN SENIORS JUNIORS Donald Coldsmith Wayne Fissel Terry Fox Terry Hise Robert Furney Ken Hull Robert Grosholz Greg Maitland Erwin Hess Hardy Nichols William Shoemaker SOPHOMORE Wfilliam Rentzel Qmanagerl Jim Davies The 1960 baseball season was one of success. Receiving fine pitching from Don Coldsmith and Wayne Fissel, the Warriors compiled a six-win, four-loss record. They finished third in the South Penn Con- ference, outranlced only by the league champions, Chambersburg and Biglerville, which participated in ,more conference games. When the Wlarriors traveled to Chambersburg to play, they were still in the thick of the conference race. The Warrioris, who were the only team left with a chance at the conference title, were leading 1-0 as the game went into the late innings, but Chamlrrsburg secured the runs necessary to put the game, and the Warrior hopes, out of reach. From this point on, the Youngmen, who had an all-around well balanced team, were out of league play, but went on to defeat Delone and Westminster. Foul weather led to the cancellation of four of the fourteen games and left the Warriors with a winning season. page one hundred eight 1960 TRACK First Row, Left to Right: B. Pinko, G. Cleveland, R. Fair, D. Golden, J. Spence, D. Waddell, C. Becker, B. Bollinger, R. Det- tinburn, G. Hayberger, M. Small, Gulden. Second Row: D. Ackley, J. Maclay, D. Lott, D. Hess, T. Hilger, L. Miller, W. Griest, D. Dillon, E. Hartzell, R. Herring, R. Mickley, G. Nett, D. Scott, P. Redman. Third Row: R. Schubart, C. Schultz, J. Longanecker, D. Utz, A. Newell, J. Paddock, J. McCleaf, R. Rosenberger, D. Little, E. Kump, R. Ecker, E. Ziegler. Fourth Row: P. Plank, M. Stuckey, R. lVlcCleaf, C. Baker, M. Shealer, B. Ketterman, E. Heiser, D. Crist, M. Eckert, L. Mick- ley. Fifth Row: E. Lochbaum, E. Gastley, J. Townsend, R. Gifford. MEET RECORDS Shippensburg Invitational Meet lDidn't Place, Carlisle .... ..... .......................... ....... 6 3 Biglerville ...... ....... 5 9 Gettysburg ........ ....... 3 7 Gettysburg ........ H ..... 72 Vi Hanover ............ ...... 5 3 Ui Gettysburg ........ ........... ....... 7 5 V5 Waynesboro .. ....... Hu .... M.. ....-.. 51 V2 Cedar Cliff 55 Sreelton ......., -. - ...... ...... - Gettysburg ........ ..- 51125 Hanover ............ ...... 4 l Gettysburg .... . ................................. - ........... .... - 78 ,742 Chambersburg .................................................. ...... 4 3 17:2 South Penn Conference fTie for fourth, LETTERMEN sEN1oRs Richard Golden Jason Gulden Richard Scott Mike Small lhonorary captain, James Spence JUNIORS Roger Ecker George Hayberger William Ketterman Donald Waddell FRESHMAN James Townsend Excitement, victory and defeat characterized the 1960 track and field season. The Warriors, who fared exceptionally well in dual meets by winning three and dropping none, were not quite so for- tunate in meets involving three or more contestants. Led by captain Mike Small, the Warrior cinder- men tied for fourth place in the conference meet, came in third in a quadrangular meet at Hanover and failed to place in the Invitational Meet at Shippensburg. Mike Small, James Townsend and Jason Gulden led the Forneymen in the dashes, while strong support in the longer runs was furnished by William Ketterman and Roger Ecker. Adding more vic- tories and prestige to the season were the field events handled by Richard Scott, Donald Waddell and George Hayberger. When comparing the ratio of wins to losses, the 1960 track and field season must be considered a successful one. page one hundred nine SENIOR HIGH G.A.A. l 1 First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Reinhart fadviserl, C. Nutter, A. Oyler, P. Nary, P. Reed P Lupp Tar antino, K. Sleichter, P. Rowe, P. Kargas. Second Row: S. Parker, S. Reed, L. Raffensperger, A. Ruckelshaus, S. Coldsmith, E. Jordan P Ditzler Lupp, Richardson, B. Miller, D. Smith. Third Row: White, Bream, S. Gaston, R. Coshun, A. Bream, M. Bucher, E. Heimerer B Miller Bream, B. Hetrick, L. LeGore, B. Hefiin. Fourth Row: A. Reaver, B. Keefer, M. Coover, Singley, M. Flickinger, C. Bream, C. Hartman C Weaver E. Boyer, E. Prosser, L. McCleaf, C. Kime, D. Durboraw. page one hlllldffd ten The Girls Athletic Association's main purpose is to promote good sportsmanship and love of sports throughout the female part of Gettys- burg High School. During the year, many sports are played. In the fall the hockey sticks chop the girls' athletic field until it looks like a duffer's golf course. After hockey weather has succumbed to frosty weather, volleyball becomes the main sport. After volleyball season, the major winter sport, basketball, finds itself in the spotlight. When the weather becomes fair again, softball makes its debut. Participation in sports activities is rewarded by accumulation of points. A Minor G is awarded with 70 points, numerals with 90 points, and a Major G with 110 points. The highest award which can be received is the golden pin and is awarded annually to the girl who has acquired the most points from seventh through twelfth grades. G.A.A. CABINET First Row, Left to Right: P. Reed, Tarantino, P. Nary, P. Lupp, Mrs. Reinhart fadviserj. Second Row: B. Herrick, K. Slcichter, Richardson, C. Roth. Seniors move in to score During GAA initiation, the seniors tally winning shot. sophomore demerits. page one hundred eleven JUNICR HIGH VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row, Left lo Riglvl: C. Sleichter, Saum, K. Kime, R. Harman, C. McCleaf, N. Wansel, D. Weikert, J Redding, P. Kump, A. Dylcman, G. Hartman, R. Young, Newman. Second Row: D. Shull fmanagerj, M. Cartzendafner, Nett, B. Sease, Biggins, R. Selby, G. Guise, D Bream, W. Jones, D. Schwenlc, D. Heagey, Riley, R. Miller, R. Fairman fmanagetj. Not in Picture: Tawney. Bouncing back from two early season losses to Shippensburg's Greyhounds 14 to 0 and to Chambersburg Faust 33 to 7, the Gettysburg Junior High gridders romped home to a 4 and 2 season's log and a third place berth in their league race. Coach Biclcel's Braves squeaked by Waynesboro 6-0 after an opening defeat at the hands of the league titlist Faust Crew. A loss to the Greyhounds offset by a thrilling 12-7 triumph over the Bulldogs of Washington Township evened the young Warriors' record at 2 and 2. In their final two contests the Braves topped Chambersburg Central 7 to 6 and a scrappy Hanover outfit 20 to 6. It was a total team effort and steadfast defensive play that boosted the Braves over the hump in the middle of the season after they had dropped two important games. Coaches Bickel and Kelly certainly deserve plaudits for the excellent way they handled the Junior High eleven all season. page one hundred twelve GI-IS 7 . 6 .....,.. 0 ........, 12 ......... 7 . ....... . 20 ....,,,,. SOUTH PENN QJUNIOR HIGHJ l STANDING Won Lost Chambersburg Faust ...,... 5 0 Shippensburg .,.......... ,,,... 4 1 Gettysburg .....,.. ...... 4 2 Hanover ................,.. . ....... ..... 2 3 Chambersburg Central ,......... 2 3 Waynesboro .........,.....,..,. . ......, l 4 Washington Township 0 5 LETTERMEN Doug Bream Walton Jones joe Riley Charles Carrzendafner Gary Guise Robert Harmon Gary Hartman 'Daniel Heagy Kenneth Kime Ronald Miller James Nett james Newman SCHEDULE Opp. , ,,,, Chambersburg Faust ..., ,, 33 Waynesboro 0 Shippensburg 14 Washington Township Chambersburg Central 6 Hanover 6 David Schwenlc Barry Sease Robert Selby Charles Sleichrer Jack Tawney COACHES Mr. Donald Biclcel and Mr. Pat Kelly. page one hundred thirteen SPIDERS First Row, Left to Right: Gallagher, G. Alston, D. Fox, R. Smith, C. Smith, R. Hartman, S. Shoemaker, R. Selby, M. Pinko, R. Fox, E. Thomas, M. Leatherman. Second Row: K. Richardson, M. Doyle, P. Miller, M. Krick, T. I-Iefilin, R. Finkboner, B. Keckler, Culp, M. Keefer, M. Simpson. Third Row: Mr. Maloney fcoachl, R. Doaks, Baker, G. Herring, B. Baker, R. Plank, T. Gilbert, B. Jones, R. Speir, Mr. Lilley fcoachj. Not in Picture: B. Harmon, P. Nelson. GI-IS 21 ,, , 19 ,, 2O,, COACHES Mr. Charles Lilley and Mr. 'John Maloney page one hundred fourteen SCHEDULE Opp. Boiling Springs 0 Chambersburg Central ....... .,... 0 Biglervllle 0 The Junior High Spiders, coached by Mr. Maloney and Mr. Lilley, wrapped up the first undefeated, untied and unscored-upon season in che annals of football at Gettysburg by lambasting Bigler- ville's Little Canners, 20-0. Previously, the splendid Spiders had clobbered Boiling Springs and Chambersburg Central. The crushing defensive play of the Spiders frustrated all their opponents and allowed their sharp passing combination and swift running attack to knife up huge chunks of ground on offense. The combination of quarterback Finkboner to either left end Jones or right end Doaks clicked for 4 TD's all season and a good portion of the team's offensive yardage. When they needed the short gain for first downs, the Spiders called on the services of Ron Plank who also racked up a pair of six-pointers in addition to carrying the brunt of the ground attack. Congratulations to our victorious Spiders. JUNIOR HIGH G.A.A. First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Reinhart ladviserj, S. Hartman, K. Waddell, A. Eignor, L. Keller, Hoover, S. Reedy, D. Jacobs, S. Newell, L. Swiger, C. Cullison. Second Row: B. Watson, S. Swope, D. Greenawalt, W. Kuykendall, S. Gastley, K. Elledge, S. Bender, P. Wash- ington, E. Brown, B. Cool. Third Row: S. Nimitz, S. Sprankle, W. Scott, Brantner, A. Snyder, Tully, Guise, P. Heflin, Kam- merer, L. Stamer, K. Stansbury, M. Crabbs. Fourth Row: Bowers, C. Deardorff, L. Rinehart, L. Cronlund, E. Bigharn, L. Helwig, D. Wilkinson, D. Washington, P. Wills, P. Pentoney, N. Weikert. Fifth Row: M. Ayre, Zinn, S. Crist, A. Bucher, D. Swope, D. Mumper, D. Hockey, Forsythe, S. Hoak, S. Tanscher, V. Hoffman, L. Riley, N. Swope, L. Zhea. The Junior High Girls' Athletic Association is a smaller version of the Senior High organization. Hockey in the fall, volleyball and basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring comprise the agenda for the young lasses. Points are awarded by participation in these sports and a Minor G can be earned by the end of the freshman year with the accumulation of seventy points. A player doesn't oflicially obtain membership into the G.A.A. until initiation in the sopho- more year, but the Junior High G.A.A. prepares her for the more skilled games of the Senior High G.A.A. This organization's main purpose is to teach physical fitness and good sportsmanship to every member. By actually playing the games, technical as well as physical training is relayed to the players. page one hundred ffteen JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: M. Boyer, E. Tilberg, R. Stokes, R. Jones, R. Harman, N. Wansel, G. Hartman. Second Row: L. Johnson, R. Deitz, C. Sleichter, D. Bream, R. Seitz, Kunkel, R. Britcher, D. King, Mr. Schoen- born fcoachf. SOUTH PENN STANDINGS GHS SCHEDULE OPP Won I-0Sf 11 ...,. ........ I-I anover .. . ., 60 Hanover ,,.,,,., ,.,,,,, ,, ,,,, 10 0 25 ..,... . Waynesboro ,, 29 Chambersburg Central ,,,,,, ,,,,, 9 I 28 ...,. ........... S l1ippEnSlJul'g ....., ..... ,. 42 Waynesboro ,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,, 7 6 4 35 ..... ,.,,.,.,, C hambersburg Faust ......,. ,,,, , ,, 38 Shippensburg ,,,,.,,,,.,.,,, ,,,,, 4 5 30 ...,.,. Washington Township ,...,. 18 Chambersburg Faust H, W. 4 9 43 .......,.... , ..... ..... S hippensburg .............. 39 Gettysburg ,,.,,,.,,,,,.r,A.,,,,,, ,.,,, 3 7 30 ...,..,....,.,.... Chambersburg Faust .....,.. ....... 3 4 Carlisle ............. . ......... ..... 3 5 24 Washington Township 26 Washington Township .,.,,. ...., 1 9 35 --'-' ------'---- W aYne5b0f9 '--------- ------- 3 4 34 .,.., .........,.. I-I anover .......... ....... 4 5 The Junior High Varsity, coached by Mr. Carl Schoenborn, began its season by losing its first four games. As the season progressed, the team began to improve and play more im- pressively. In their fifth encounter, the Braves walloped Washington Township, 30-18. The team went on to win its next home game by upsetting Shippensburg 43-39. The Braves exhibited their best form of the season by capitalizing on fast breaks and playing highly- spirited ball throughout the contest. During the second half of play, Gettysburg managed to win one more game which was against Waynesboro. Doug Bream snared a rebound with 30 seconds remaining and dropped in the winning goal to nip the Indians, 35-34. The varsity lost their last three games and finished with a 3-7 log. page one hundred sixteen JUNIOR HIGH JV BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: R. Hartman, R. Fox, C. Raffensperger, R. Teeter, M. Kriclc, L. Shindledeclcer, T. Spahr, A. Bushey. Second Row: Bowers, C. Richardson, D. Doalcs, E. Thomas, W. Jones, D. Liss, D. Eisenhower, R. Finlc- boner, Mr. Biclcel fcoachl . SCHEDULE SOUTH PENN STANDINGS GHS Opp. Won LOSV 21 -... .... .. ......... Hanover ....... Z7 Shippensburg ...... .... . . ..... 8 1 28 ........ Waynesboro ...... . 12 Carlisle .....,......., - .....,...... ....... 5 3 18 .....,,, . .....,..... - Shippensburg ........... ....,. 3 0 Washington Township ,...., ....... 6 4 24 Chambersburg Faust , 21 Hanover ......,.,,.,..,.,.,....... ....... 6 4 30 ....... , ...,. .... W ashington Township ....., ,..... 1 6 Chambersburg Central ...... .....,. 5 5 15 ............. . Shippensburg .......... . 28 Chambersburg Faust ...... ..,.... 6 7 32 ....... ,.,....... C hambersburg Faust .,A. 33 Gettysburg .. ...., ...,.,. 3 7 30 ,.,,. ,,.., ,,.. W a shington Township ...... 31 Waynesboro ....r 1 9 31 .- .... . ......,..... Waynesboro ...,. . ..... 38 15 ,.,,. ..,.,,,.. Hanover .,,.... .. 28 The Junior High Jayvees were only able to sport a 3-7 record for the 1960-61 campaign. Continually led by the fine performances of Donald Doalcs and Dick Finkboner, who av- eraged 9.8 and 9.4 points, respectively, Coach, Don Biclcel's reserves beat Waynesboro, Ship- pensburg, and Washington Township during the first half of play. The jayvees could not post a. win in the second half. Three games were lost by a total of 9 points. Chambersburg Faust squealced past Gettysbur, 33-32, Washington Township beat them, 31-30 in the final seconds of the game, and the jayvees succumbed to a blistering 23 point spree by Waynesboro jayvees in the last quarter of play. page one hundred :eventeen page one hundred nineteen BEST WISHES Comphm of PBUSPERITY CLEANERS SPANISH if ILROAD STREET SHRYUCK'S MEADOW VALLEY TV SERVICE ABATTOIR, INC. it at "m21E1Z2ft?S1IEl E553 Wholesalers RECORD PLAYERS Home Dressed Meats it sv Congratulations to Class of 1961 Congratulations 'ik' W. T. GRANT CO. THE GETTYSBURG ik NATIONAL BANK k Street Office West Street OH GETTYSBURG. PA. one hundred twenty GETTYSBURG SHOE COMPANY PEOPLES DRUG STORE THE REXALL-KODAK STORE Drugs - Sodas - Sundries - Toiletries - Stationery Y k Street Gettysburg, Pa. WISOTZKEY'S SHOE STORE Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes "The Latest in Styles" 117 Baltimore Street Phone ED 4-5644 Getty burg. Pa. Compliments of Phone ED 43197 SNYDER'S BODY SHOP SIMPSON as MACHINE 81 WELDING CO. We Specialize in N Ernest H. Simpson, Prop. Auto Fender Repairing 4th and Water Streets P O Box 252 ik G HY bufg' Pa' Phone ED 4-5915 FAIRFIELD ROAD GETTYSBURG PA WENTZ'S FURNITURE Serving You Since '22 121 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, PC1- K hdd - WE CONGRATULATE THE 1961 CLASS AND WE WISH ITS MEMBERS SUCCESS IN THEIR IOURNEY THROUGH LIFE EDCEWOOD LANES ROUTE 15 SOUTH Brunswick for Better Bowling GETTYSBURG. PA. WEISHAAR BROS., INC. Sheaiter Bros., Inc. il? if Home Appliances Automotive Parts Sheet Metal-Plumbing Machine Shop Service Healing " RUUHHQ " sidings Mustang Replacement Engines if? il? 37 BALTIMORE STREET Phone ED 4-2137 Phone ED 4-1159 204 Chambersburg sneer Gettysburg, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS compnmems of CLASS OF , 61 MASK AND WIC We invite you to make use of the iorcilities offered by this store, whether it be to shop with us, to meet your friends at Murphy's or to seek employment with our company, in the event that you decide upon ct retail career. G. C. MURPHY CO. Compliments of ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE 214 W. Middle Street I. HAROLD MILLER Phone ED 4-4611 Gettysburg. Pa. p g In mired manly-two Compliments of 1960-61 EDITION Congratulations from THE MAHOON AND WHITE STAFF OF 1961 of the G dr S 11 BASKETBALL Clfmff Rggg- Ila Kit Sanford Iennifer Cynthia Diane if Carolyn Ross Lois Ray SOUTH PENN CHAMPS Mrs. Deitz Miss Roland Congratulations from THE SENIOB HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of BATTLEFIELD EARTHIVIOVING ii? Russell Maitland GETTYSBUBG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 South Franklin Street GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA Phone ED 4-3107 wir MODERN MATERIALS FOR BETTER BUILDING vi? S. Blaine Miller W. H. Musser, CAN N ON-AID STAFF "HEADS" and ADVISERS hdd REA AND DERICK Congratulations THE STORES OF SERVICE From if Lincoln Square and York Street GETTYSBURG. PA. RUSE-ANN SHUPPE Educated People Save It is told that Indians of Paraguay plowed all day with oxen and then killed the oxen for supper. The " ' d no thou ht to the morrow. ik, primitive mln gave g The habit of saving is the mark of the educated man and woman. Also, it is one of the privileges enjoyed LADIES' AND CHILDRENS 'U a free emma' BE SMART - SAVE REGULARLY READY-TO-WEAR 3'7b Interest per Annum Paid on Savings Accounts Rose Smith Littleton, Prop. of Gettysburg, Pa. 38 York Slfeei Gettysburg. PCI- Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation On Lincoln Square Since 1857 ZIEGLER'S STUDIO Sir 26 CARLISLE STREET Phone ED 4-1311 HOTEL GETTYSBURG "On the Square" il? Henry M. Schari, Manager page lv J ed twenty-four YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOIVIE AT fGEORGE'SJ VARSITY DINER COpen 24 Hours? CARLISLE STREET GETTYSBUHG PA WE DO 'OUR OWN BAKING Compliments of TWIN I-IEIVILOCK PHEASANT FARM Pheasanis O Mallard Ducks Phone 159 Fairfield R. D. 2 FAIRFIELD PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Ying1ing's Implement Sales and Service MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE, FOX NEW HOLLAND, FRICK Phone 180 Gettysburg R. D. 1 LITTLESTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Nationwide Insurance Sierling F. Musselman, Represeniing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE p lvdd Good Luck to the Class ot '61 From JAMES GETTYS CHAPTER Compliments of SUPERIUR DISTRIBUTING CO. or THE 'ik Cgkgg and Snacks AMERICA CLUB 'ik GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL GETTYSBUHG PA Phone ED 4-1157 PONTIAC Class Rings Awards and Invitations THE QUALITY NEWCOIVIEH THE TEMPEST is Sir Automatic Transmission Repairing C mplete Body Sh p Facilities UNION EMBLEM CO. Makers ot the Standard F 11 L' e of Repairs For All Automobiles ik School Ring tor H gl H Gettysburg MACHINE SHOP H South Washington Street PALM-YHA, PA GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone ED 4-3145 or 4-3146 Paul H. Nissley, Mgr. Felt Awards hdd -' Compliments ot Gettysburg Lodge No. 1526 LOYAL ORDER OE MOOSE Gettys Lodge No. 124 INDEPENDENT ORDER OP ODD PELLOWS Chartered August 18, 1845 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Founded 1832 A College ot Liberal Arts and Sciences for Men and Women y and Auf Force Reserve Curricula in Music Education Business Adrmntstrauo Officer Training Corps and P 'ccrl Educcrtio Best Wishes to the Class ot 'Bl KEYSTONE RIDGEWAY COMPANY ORTH FOURTH STREET GETTYSBURG, PA. ' ED 4-1181 Iohn R imer I1 Compliments YOUR DUNLUR TIRE DEALER Comments of I and AVENUE DINER S lust One Block From School Phone ED 4-5617 Compliments Trone and Weikert Men's Shop ot GETTYSBURG MOTOR LODGE Center Square HANOVER. PA. C mpliments FAMOUS FASHIONS Of Gettysburg' Pa- GETTYSBURG POST NO. 15 Chambersburg, Pa. C. E. WILLIAMS AND SONS GULF FUEL OIL EXCAVATING Phone ED 4-5511 137 Baltimore Street GEO. M. ZERFING HADWARE, INC. GETTYSBURG - LITTLESTOWN PEACE LIGHT INN AND TOURIST COURT Air-conditioned Cottages and Motel SERVING ALL MEALS PATRICK D. MCDERMITT Complete Insurance Service AGENT. NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES NOTARY PUBLIC Phone ED 4-1416 137 BCIIfiI1'1OI'e Street Phone ED 4-6118 GETTYSBURG AEHIE 1552 Adams County Motors Corp. FORD - FALCON -T-BIRD 54 Years of Service in the Community Gettysburg, Pa. 125-127 Chambersburg Street GETTYSBURG PA. FORD MOTORS lv d dwenl-'19 DICK'S SUB SHOPPE SUBMARINES AND PIZZAS 168 Carlisle Street GE'1'TYSBURG, PA. DITZLER'S MUSIC SUPPLIES 12 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Compliments of COFFMAN .IEWELERS 16 Baltimore Street STEER. 0 Call Enterprise 1-3747 LAUNDRY. CLEANING. STORAGE GETTYSBURGI PA- 110 High Street Hanover, Pa. DIRECT TO YOU GAS ONNAKEPSO at All-ITG? Compliments of 3. KW LINCOLN WAY EAST, ROUTE so and F. H. A. CORNER or WEST AND HIGH EW Compliments of F A B E R' S Lincoln Square ARNOLD'S SHELL SERVICE I4 K I 4 250 Buford Avenue FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS Phone ED 4-1812 CENTRAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA THE SHOE BOX GETTYSBURG. PA. ANNA E. THOMPSON Iustice of the Peace 48 YORK STREET Phone Day-ED 4-2095 ED 4-4757 Residence: 118 E. Middle Street FIVE STAR RESTAURANT Tir "Good Food and Friendly Service" il? 4 Miles South of Gettysburg on U. S. 15 R. D. 2, Gettysburg Phone ED 4-1342 page one hundred twenty-nine Compliments ot WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP Chambersburg Street Heller and Keller Motors 243 Steinwehr Avenue Phone ED 4-4511 ESSO PRODUCTS Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments MINTER'S STANLEY-WARNER FOOD MARKET WE DELIVER MAJESTIC THEATER Call ED 4-3116 Tharp's One Hour Cleaner And Shirt Service til' Gettysburg Shopping Center CILBERT'S HOBBY SHOP 230 Steinwehr Ave. on Rt. 15 to Wash., D GETTYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-5715 Compliments ot TEXAS LUNCH 58 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg. Pa. REMMEL'S PRINT SHOP 54 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Ralph Barley, Owner Roger's Sunoco Service Center 687 York Street Phone ED 4-3642 Finest Service In Historic Gettysburg, Pa. HARRY D. RIDIN GER INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE BROKER 10 Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-2213 ROYAL .IEWELERS GUARANTEED WATCHES AND DIAMONDS Take Up to a Year to Pay 42 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. Coffman-Fisher Dept. Store The Family Store IN BUSINESS 71 YEARS Lincoln Square page one hundred thirty Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 LOWER'S BARBER SHOP Compliments oi JACK AND JILL SHOPPE Chambersburg Street Compliments of KENNIE'S MARKET, INC. Where You Get More of the Best for Less 45 S. FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of KUl'lN'S MILLINERY EOE THE LATEST IN EAsH1oNs' 130 Chambersburg Street Rose B. Sanders, Prop. Phone ED 4-5544 LAMP POST TEA ROOM Open Daily 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. SERVING BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER Mrs. Edna Tuckey, Prop. Approved by Duncan Hines EVERYTHING MUSICAL MELODY MART Instruments - Sheet Music - Music Books Instruction -Records - Record Players Accessories - Studio Rentals Les Michener, Prop. 100 York St. Phone ED 4-5112 Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of GREENEBAUM'S, INC. HANOVER HARDWARE CO. BUILDERS' HARDWARE Tools, Paint, Oil, Glass and Sporting Goods HANOVER, PA. HERSHEY'S MEN 'S SHOP TAILORS AND HABERDASHERS Opposite Courthouse HENNIG'S BAKERY 35 York Street Bakers for G.H.S. Cafeteria HETRICK'S SERVICE CENTER Phone ED 4-1320 General Repairing Use Cars, Road Service, Storage 100 York Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of INVESTORS' LOAN CORP. Lincoln Square GEFTYSBURG. PA. page one hzmdred thirty-one BIX-SWAY MEN AND BOY'S SHOP Compliments oi CLIFF AROUETTE'S SOLDIERS MUSEUM 777 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compumems of Cornp1imen's of . . . CAROLYN EII.EEN Baitletleld Service Station SANDY LYDIA Steinwehr Avenue and Baltimore Street ELAINE IUDY ED 4-6113 DQTTY Bonnie Jenny Kit Linde SETTLE'S ELECTRIC SERVICE Butchie Sally Judy Ann Rear of Wol.f's Supply Parking Lot Elsa Barb SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS GE'l'TYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-4134 - 4-2685 CULLISON'S UN CLAIMED FREIGHT NEW AND UNCLAIMED Rear 331 South Washington Street PHONE ED 4-1811 GETTYSBURG. PA. SPANGLER'S CITIES SERVICE 135 Buford Avenue PHONE ED 4-5116 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '61 K. O. DEARDOREF KEN DEARDORFE Agents Life - Fire - Casualty - Allied Lines - Bonding 110 York Street Phone ED 4-4713 Over 34 Years Service to Policyholders DAVE'S PHOTO SUPPLY 244 Ste-inwehr Avenue Gettysburg, Pa. EQUIPMENT - HI-FI COMPONENTS Photographic Headquarters in Gettysburg CHARLES S. LUPP Radio and TV Sales and Service 350 York Street GETTYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-4913 NEW USED Duane E. .Iohnson Bookstore "MORE ATMOSPHERE THAN AIR" 44 N. Washington St., and 31 Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. 15 N. Pitt St., Carlisle, Pa. BOUGHT SOLD page one hundred thirty-two SAYLOR'S GULF SERVICE Robert Sctylor Compliments of BASEHORE INSURANCE 103-III Carlisle Street Gettysburg. PCI. IOHN W. B ASEHORE Phone ED 4-4517 Clcrss of '52 Compliments of J. MILTON BENDER HARRY E. BENDER IEWELRY SINCE 1887 25-27 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pct. THE CAROL ANN SHOPPE 119 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-5638 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of THE OLD BUZZARD ROY E. COLDSIVIITH, INC. ROOFING - SIDING - SHEET METAL ADAMS COUNTY FARM FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS CONTRACTOR Compliments of 310 West High Street Gettysburg. Pct Qeluale ICE CRERM "Always Good Taste" il? GETTYSBURG, PA. EDgewood 4-2175 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 LF SUPPLY COMPANY 27 North Stratton Street Gettysburg, Por. page one hundred thirty-th Swat I, W Compliments "t HULLS Fine ELECTRIC Pecan Candies SERVICE Souvenirs and Country Ham 2 Miles South on U. S. Route 15 TEETER STONE,INC ii? Crushed Stone Products ri? Phone ED 4-3165 GETTYSBUHG PA 1,d.1h'.f Congratulations to the Class of 1961 YY U65 fans cgfucfio Cannon-Aid Photographers il? Portrait, Wedding and Commercial Photography York Street Phone ED 4-5513 Gettysburg, P ADAMS CUUNTY NOVELTY COMPANY ik' Manufacturers FINE CARVED TABLES Gettysburg, Pa. CETTYSBURG GARMENT, INC. 106 N. Stratton Street Phone ED 4-4311 Congratulations and Best Wishes from GETTYSBURG CONSTRUCTION CU and BEAUTIFUL COLT PARK tfnrty-nx HORN, CRONE, HORN 12? Photo Engravers for the Cannon-Aid Sir PINE AND BOUNDARY STREETS YORK, PENNSYLVANIA TIMES AND NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY 'ir Specialists in MAGAZINES - DISSERTATIONS - SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS 121' Publishers of Adams County's Only Daily Newspaper THE GETTYSBURC TIMES ' CARLISLE STREET PHONE ED 4-1131 GETTYSBURG, PA page one hundred thirty-:svn . SCHMITT'S MARTIN DAVE S INTERIOR FISSEL-BRITCHER OPTICAL CO. WALLPAPER AND DECORATION AGENCY Prescriptions Filled , Lenses Duplicated PAINT Carpet ' Fumltufe Masonic Building Replaced Slip Covers - Draperies 117 Carlisle Street Gettysburg, Pa. Chambersburg Street Phone ED 4-4118 Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-3414 Contact Lenses Zenith Hearing Aids 35 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. U Congratulations to the Compliments of Comphmems Class of 1961 C I. t f ARCTIC LOCKER of Ofnp lfnen S 0 F F d SANDYS FUNERAL HOME LINCOLN L0c52fZfeB,02gsiigg an rozen o RESTAURANT Telephone ED 4-5815 LOGS Gettysburg 321 Carlisle Street ED 4-4116 N O SIXEAS JONES, Compliments of Compliments of G-E APPLIANCES DELICATESSEN ASSOWEZTES BANKERS FURNITURE 31 Baltimore street S INSURANCE G Route 30 62 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg, Pa- 238 Baltimore Street , C gr t lations BENDER S GIFTS EAST END 024niaH3Y,S Compliments of Lincoln Square Greeting Cards Gifts - Jewelry PLANING MILL Modern Kitchens Custom Mill Work BEAUTY SHOP 145 West Street ED 4-1914 Owner Mary V. Woodward HARTMAN HOBBY SHOP Lincoln Square MORRIS GITLIN DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF JUNK Rear of Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-1216 Delivery Service Phone ED 4-5211 REDDING'S Hardware, Paint, Auto and Home Supplies 30 York Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of GLENN L. BREAM Oldsmobile - Cadillac GMC Trucks CARVER'S STATIONARY CO. SMITH CORONA Portable Typewriters ED 4-3706 195 Miles Out ' Biglerville Road Compliments of ANGELL'S TEXACO Steinwehr Avenue Extd. Gettysburg, Pa. Congratulations and Best Wishes MR. AND MRS. CHARLES S. I NEIBERT McCLEAF'S GROCERY Meats Vegetables and Frozen Foods Call ED 4-1368 We Deliver Compliments of COREAN'S BEAUTY SALON page one hundred thirty-eight Edward N. Stine ' HOTEL COUNTRY KITC Trading as Compliments GETTYSBUBG HEI' BEAUTY SALON HQME BAKERY DOUGHERTY of Margaret L. Spangler . 5: HART!-EY BILL DAYTON Owner - Operator 3 Miles South On Dry Gegisgrlilvzgflns and Phone ED 44017 Emmitsburg Road Gettysburg, Pa. Com liments of CLYDE H. MARKLE Compliments of P GETTYSBURG Special Agents GH:-T AND HANm'S NEWS AND National Life Insurance GOODY SHOP f V rm t GROCRRY SPORTING GOODS 0 e ,on HOMEMADE cANmEs U Gettysburg, Pa- Harrisburg Road Abe'G1e'm and "ume GETTYSBURG, PA. 8 Carlisle Street THE BATTLEFIELD I SWIMMING PQQL BIGHAM S Compliments GETTYSBURG Baltimore Pike FRESH AND SMOKED off NATIONAL We Miles From MEATS HOAGIE HOUSE MUSEUM. INC- Lincoln Square "A Daily Dip, That's 57 Breckenridge Street Gettysburg, Pa. 246 YORK STREET GETTYSBURG, PA. "Home of the Electric Map" Our Tip" SHE-RMANS STORE H 15: BRINKERHOFF Compliments Complete Line of Compliments AND SQN Of Men's and Boys' Local and Long MR. AND MRS. Clothlng and Furnishings BQQKMART Distance Hauling h f h 20 York Street Phone ED 4-3614 Compliments Compliments ROBERT P. SNYDRR of THE GIFT BOX C0mpliIl'1el'1tS GFTTYSBUBG 29 Chambersburg Street General Insurance of HARDWARE STORE Greeting Cards and Second Floor STUART'S MOTEL 43 Baltimore Street Gifts P1323 Building KUHN'S BENN'S AMOCO SERVICE M d B W IACOBY'S en's an oys' ear AMoco PRODUCTS GIFT SHG? , LeVAN S Washing, Lube GETTYSBURG B t Gett b rg Minor Repairs and eavgiegiglergils FASHIONS h ED - P one 44212 HANOVER Phone Biglerville 327-M 525 York Street page one hundred thirty-nine CODORI ROOFERS Rear 46 York Street ROOFING - SIDING SUBURBAN MOTEL Route 15, V2 Mile North SCHWARTZ'S WASHETTE 158 E. Water Street Compliments of IEANNE'S BEAUTY SALON Air Conditioned Dryers Gettysburg, Pia, The Fastest Cleanest 142 H St t SPOUTING - anovel' Tee Wash In Town Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of , CHRIS' IORDAN S RESTAURANT DPIXETQEQER RE2f12g?J'jBiIiIT Esso SERVICENTER Chambersburg Street LINCOLN - MERCURY Kenneth apd Kathryn 237 Buford Avenue STEAKS - CHOPS COMET DEALERS Wright Phone ED 4-3535 Steinwehr Avenue 90 Buford Avenue Gettysburg pa SEA FOOD Gettysburg, Pa. ED 4-5933 sLARSON'S COURT Compliments of POST NO. 1342 CATHOLIC WAR VETERANS Bonneauville, Pa. WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP Phone ED 4-3194 425 S. Washington Street Gettysburg, Pa. 19 61 Compliments CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE Compliments of SWOPE'S "BB" SERVICE Lubrication A Oil Change Repairs TWO LOCATIONS Carlisle and Water Street Steinwehr Avenue and S. Washington Street page one hundred forty 1.-m.m--nraumunznn ll l I 11 x 1 I 1

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