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'- Q ,o.uuQ2v I bl + J 41 V 43, W Wwgsr nf- 'SS"5gf'1?p" ' 2? 755511 km 'L f,, wir gf , V 3 , G if 5,952 Y .W ,, ,, - , 1, l-IF' f in-3 sms 1' NT- 1' 'fi' I 2: , . fi M. , ' ffm. Q., ,.-1,1 A N KTM .-, . V My-M . .w.g,,., 8: Q M, 1 Y f 1 ,QE f .JE A2253 r Ai i FOREWORD This is your life at Gettysburg High. We hope that fond memories will he recalled for all who glance through these pages. THE EDITOR CCNTENTS ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS page tb page four SPECIAL RECOGNITION Mn. GUILE W. LEFEVER In gratitude for his many years of service, we dedicate this Cannon-Aid to Mr. Guile W. Lefever. In 1927, Mr. Lefever assumed the principalship at Gettysburg High School and was a leader and friend to all for forty-two years. During this time the band, Mask and Wig, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, National Thespians, and Future Busi- ness Leaders of America were established. Mr. Lefever helped to initiate the Agriculture and Home Economics Departments and to plan for the new junior-Senior High School. Thank you, Mr. Lefever, for leading us through the "best" years of our lives. GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHCOL We have had many experiences while studying in the classrooms of Gettysburg High School. As wide-eyed seventh graders, we entered these halls for the first time. All was new to our youthful eyes. In eighth grade we witnessed the opening of the new wing of the school. As ninth graders we had the distinction of being the leaders of the junior high. When we were sophomores we selected class colors, silver and blue. In our junior year wc received our class rings. How proud we were then! Now we are seniors. All the good times and bad, the fun and excitement, the joy and sorrow, are about to come to an end for us. Year by year we have grown in knowledge and experience until we are now ready to face whatever the world has to offer. In the familiar halls and classrooms of our Alma Mater we leave a part of ourselves. We shall never forget the years spent here. page five -,Q-11-1 5-,4'5 6 X f i . J , fx f"M X EADH39 2 . f ,, ,, x.2 X 1 -1 S Q Q 'Q bf ffx 'QA' V, 'eTf:-N 'sf i ff Vx.. Striving To guide Us in The right direction by giving freely of their time dm z'fzz'5imfz'01z GETTYSBURG SCHOOL SYSTEM JOINT SCHOOL BOARD Firvt Row, Left to Right-L. Spangler, C. Bowmaster, H. E. Riegle, R. Guise, T. Allen, K. Reinhart, Schwartz Second Row-G. Trostle, W. Hay, Woods, C. Rohrhaugh, N. Plank, R. Scott, G. Bowers, A. Durhoraw, R Weaner, R. Newsham. Third Row-P. Wayhright, G. Sterner, R. Schultz, D. White, T. Oyler, D. Smith, D. Nichols, R. Deardorff O. Omer, E. Bulleit. Not in Picture-J. Settle, Bieseclcer, H. Hall, M. Stuclcey, F. Bowersox, H. Knouse, C. Lott, S. Wolfe, R Maddox, H. Blye, H. Mcllhenny, O. Wilson. For the past six years the class of 1960 has witnessed the growth of Gettysburg High School. This growth has been in both the physical plant and the academic standards of our school. It is now time to express our thanks to the people who have made this growth pos- sible. The members of the Gettysburg Joint School Board have given unceasingly of their time in order that we might have these things. It is our hope that the successes of our class will he a testament to the worlc these people have done in order to provide us with an education. page eiglvt MR. H. EDGAR RIEGLE Superintendent The year of your graduation, 1960, begins a new decade in world history-a very important period for the world in general and for you in particular. Many changes have taken place since you entered high school and you can be sure that there will be many more changes in the decade ahead. We can expect many changes in technology and in social living. There is one area in which any change should and must be opposed. This area is the one which would tend to undermine or destroy our belief in the dignity and worth of the indi- vidual. Our culture and our political beliefs and practices have been founded on the premise that each person is important to himself and to our society in general. Our public schools exist because our forefathers believed every person should have an opportunity to develop to his full potential. We hope you do this. Please accept my congratulations on your graduation from our High School. We wish for you a good future! H. EDGAR RIEGLE MR. CLIFFORD B. SNOWBERGER Principal COMMENCEMENT You may have asked the question as to why we use the word commencement in our program for high school graduates. The correct connotation of course is that it is the act, fact or time of commencing. Actually you are commencing the greatest adventure of life. I might even say that it's like approaching the crossroads at an intersection. If you know where you are going, you are happy, secur-e and confident. If you donlt, you may make the wrong turn and find yourself in the opposite situation. I am sure many of you know where you are going. I sincerely believe that whatever road you take will lead to success and happiness. You have proven that you have will power and determination by earning your diploma and fulfilling all responsibilities toward it. Now life in all of its thrills, exciting experiences and challenges awaits you. God willing may all of your dreams come true. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you, the seventy-fourth senior class of Gettysburg High School, and commend you for the fine record you as a class have attained. CLIFFORD B. SNOWBERGER The class of 1960 wishes to express its deepest appreciation to the faculty for the guidance and understanding they have given us in our years of public education. They have given willingly of their time to assist with our extra-curricular activities and offered sympathetic guidance in our programs and careers. The seniors fully appreciate the patient instruction' they have given us that will help us to lead more useful lives. The personal interest they have shown in our work and the inspiration they have given us has meant a great deal to us. page ni e ENGLISH Miss F. Ann Rutherford, Mr. james R. Feather, Miss A. Joan Thomas, Miss Mary I. Hartman, Mr. Edwin S. Longaneclcer, Mrs. Virginia W. Steiner fReplaced by Mrs. Nancy B. Murdoclcj, Mrs. Margaret P. Deitz, Mrs. EmyLu F. Martin, Mr. Charles W. Lilley, Miss Alice M. Snyder, Mrs. Ruth S. Wisler, Mrs. Mary E. Smith. Not in Pirlurv-Mr. Jack E. Wise. p Il, Iwi FOREIGN LANGUAGES Miss jean M. McAnally Mrs. Anna B. Heintzelman Miss Alice M. Snyder. Maw? Www SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Charles W. Lilley, Mrs. Barbara S. Vogel fReplaced by Mr. Norman Vogelj, Mr. Donald E. Bickel Mrs. EmyLu F. Martin, Mr. Robert D. Ficller, Mrs. Virginia W. Steiner fReplacecl by Mrs. Nancy B. Mur dockj , Mrs. Mary E. Smith, Mr. C. Merrill Eckhart, Mr. G. Donald Young, Mr. Jacob M. Sheads. HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Berenice S. Krum- rine, Miss Eva Jane Schwartz, Miss Nancy V. Kirk. GR MUSIC Mr. Paul W. Grove, Mr. Willian1 C. Neal, Mr. Rob- ert G. Zeigler, Mrs. Elmira S. Deardorff. f jaws 4 as ni f, o .... 3,j5ggfg,'5 2? SCIENCE Mr. Robert T. Yoder, Mr. Robert E. Sheads, Mr. john P. Cessna, Mrs. Zoe M. Ridinger, Mr. Fred P. Haclmlen, Mr. Donald A. Ullrich, Mr. Edward R. Brownley. p y., twefvc PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. George S. Forney, Miss F. Ann Rutherford, Mrs. Ada M. McGregor flileplaced by Mrs. Edith P. Reinhartl, Mr. G. Donald Young. MATHEMATICS l l Mr. john P. Gregor, Mr. Carl M. Schoenborn, Mr. Ronald Bream, Mr. David W. Woods, Mr. Robert T. Yoder, Miss Joanne C. Snyder. Not in Picture-Mr. John P. Cessna. page thirteen LIBRARIANS Miss Susan K. Wentz, Miss Mary T. Quigley pdgf f0lA7IC6Yl l 3 ART Mrs. Mary B. Ryman, Miss Joyce A. McCloskey. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Allan R. Gray, Mr. Jack R. Corbin. wxx SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Shirley H. Speir, Mrs. Virginia P. Ward. AGRICULTURE Mr. Elmer H. Schriver, Mr. George W. Glenn. GUIDANCE Mr. Donald B. Tiziani, Miss N. Louise Ramer. page fiftce 53 7 I7 7 V QZDCV HEALTH AND SAFETY Mr. Edward R. Brownley, Miss Ellen R. Miller, Miss F. Arm Rutherford, Mr. john O'Brien. -Y. Y 7 .. - ...t1.. . .K . .Vs .Q-. U .....---4 . BUSINESS EDUCATION Mr. james R. Feather, Miss Gertrude B. Little, Miss Ruth A. Roland, Mr. Robert C. Diehl png? .flxlf E . "Silence is golden." Witlo a song in their hearts. "The play? the thing." Buddies. Quiet-but not for long. Boys Wil! be bOy5- "Here'.r the way it's donef, page seventeen s ,,, s c- MR. PAUL R. ME1-:RING MR. KENNETH G. REINHART Assistant Principal Business Manager page eighteen SECRETARIES Seated-Mrs. Johneta Stouch, Mrs. Mabel Folkenroth, Mrs. Phyllis Wagaman. Standing-Miss Lucille Shuyler, Miss Doro- thy Ficller. As our school years draw to a close, We wish to show appreciation of the jobs done by the office and business staffs. They have worked diligently to make our school years a success. Every day our cheerful secretaries have busied themselves with typing, fling, and otherwise helping in any way possible. They are to be commended for their fine jobs. The business staff has the responsibility of handling the business and fnancial matters of the school. Efficiency on their part has helped to produce the hne school and high standards we have today. Many thanks to all of these people. CAFETERIA MAINTENANCE CAFETERIA STAFF Kneeling, Left to Right-M. Phiel, H. McSherry, E. Rothhaupt, E. Weaver, M. Rebert. First Row-S. Smith, C. Eyler, E. I-Ioke, N. Treher, D. Rowe, I. Keefer, G. Raifensperger. Second Row-H. Witherow, McCleaf, P. Ditzler, A. Lower, D. Tressler. Not in Picture-R. Bowling. I 1 3 3 CUSTODIANS Seated, Left to Right-C. Nett, R. Smith, W. Nett. Standing-M. Tressler, C. Shriver. The class of 1960 wishes to express its thanks to the ladies who Worked in the cafeteria and to the men on the janitor staff. We shall never forget those satisfying meals after a hard morning's work. Thank you, ladies, for the many hours spent in preparing our noon lunches. Nor can we forget our janitors, who were always willing to open a door so We could get a hook. The seniors realize these johs have not been easy and appreciate the fine service which you have rendered to our school. page nineteen ,fin fe ll 2 r lll rl vw! Future leaders in the American way lollowimg tlwe tradition ot Gettysburg I-liglw School iz Z0 rs SENIORS In the future years, the seniors of 1960, loolc- ing through this Cannon-Aid, will fondly recall many things. There were the games that we thought we just had to wing the proms-oh, how we could have danced all night, the many clubs, which gave us experience for the futureg and then, of course, our classes. There seemed to be so many, and the old hand on the clock never moved fast enough. Yes, it will seem very strange next year and in the years to come to be the alumni instead of students of Gettysburg High School. OFFICERS Seated-Jason Gulden lvice presidentl. Standing, Left to Right-Pat Timlin lsecretaryj, Donna Red- ding ftreasurerj, Trudy Rowe lpresidentj. ADVISORS Mr. Fred Haehnlen, Miss Eva Jane Schwartz. page twenty two We have received much valuable help and advice from our advisors, Miss Schwartz and Mr. Haehnlen. They have always been willing to offer a steadying hand, helping us to make decisions and working hard to make our school years enjoyable and suc- cessful. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreci- ation hy saying simply, "Thank you for everylhingfy KING and QUEEN ATTENDANTS Donald Coldsmith and Barbara Kay Smith Robert Furney and Gertrude Rowe janet Johnson and james Roth P 1. U'-f FACING THE FUTURE WIT Bxexecker Bzggms Bzxler sh' , 1. 'N 1. Adams K. Adams Anders Baker Baltzley JOYCE ELAINE ADAMS Vocational Home Economics "joy" Typing ,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,..,...,,.,,,, Itching Fingers. F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Historians, 3. KENNETH CHARLES ADAMS General "Ken" Army , ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,A.,,,. A Man in Uniform. Checker Club, lg Ping-Pong Club, 2, jun- ior Historians, 3g Collectors Club, 4. ROBERT DAVID ANDERS General "Andy" Navy ,, .,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, S ailing, Sailing. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Club, lg Col- lectors Club, 3, 4 lpresiclentj. ROBERT EARL BAKER Academic "Babu Music Teaching ,,,., .... ,,,,, , , Do, re, mi. Choir, 1, 2, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band, 2, 3g Boys' Chorus, 2, Cannon-Aid, 43 Music Theory Club, 2, 3, French Club, 4, F.T.A., 2, 3, 4. ff' .nv lf' cull NANCY MARILJB , 'ZEEYS Q L Vocational Homi 5.4511 is yr' 'jglabsu Beauty CulturVJ'U7.Z.yrWe:yeations Choir, 11ijF.lA.A.,L9, 3,N4 vic esidentl. ip i uv K 1171. mx U! ,fleARnOb1' ANN 'BIIESECKER Corfifnert'Dgl', lcjlvrw V 3lCarol" Secretary ,, ,,,, J "Kitten ormhfe Keys." Catglon-Aid? I5-Art editorjg Ren Pal Club, lg, panish , 2, 3, 4 cretarylg So- cial 2E'ancingJClula! ZQK ational Honor Soci ,Gly Ly, , Z ALICE JANE BIGGINS Commercial "Sha" Merchandising Girl in the gray flannel suit Student Council, 3g Cannon-Aid, 4, F.B.L.A., 4g Spanish Club, 2, 3 lvice presidentjg Dramatics Club, 3g Bridge Club, 3, Social Dancing Club, 2, Pen Pal Club, lg Mask and Wig, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BARRY C. BIXLER General "Bix" Merchandising "A penny saved, a penny earned" Choir, 4, Band, 29 Archery Club, 3, Ping- Pong Club, 4, Russian Club, 1, Collectors Club, 23 Stage Craft Club, lg Junior His- torians, 1. J L Cv My '. , f , J , - J' WV 01,1555 1, 'J' 'XZ y, N 5, r X 1' 1. N J, Kofi if f s 1 Vi! 1 M ' C if , If gf' v Lf . 1'Q,f0'2 ,, 1 i W 1 ,f ,, xlib, J F ,., A M, L, Ulf' Aw A , " ' H Uv LEAR MINDS N IG, IDEALS J! A fm A N X V1 J , ll, JJ 1 M Bowers Bowmaster Boyd Bricker Brumbaugh RONALD -lOHN BOWERS BONITA CATHERINE BOYD Genffdl "Ronnie Vocational Home Economic: "Bonnie" Air F0rC2 ,,ff, ,,,,, . .. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. R eaching for the stars. Beauty Culture ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.u,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,., , ,,,,,,,,,,,, Wash and set. Bancl, 2, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 1, Social Dancing Club, 1, 29 G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, F.H.A., 1, 2, 3 fsecretaryj, 4 fpresidentjg Tropical Fish Club, 2, 3, Junior Historians, 3, Collectors Club, Recl Cross Club, 1 fvice presidentlg Junior Historians, 3, 3, 4- 'X D Ping-Pong Club, 1, 2, Social Dancing Club, 1, Z, Library As- UA' JCL J sistant, 1, 2, 3, 4, Nurse's Aid, 1, 2. ,1 i . ' yi jfl! A-ll UI , , I, A jul' D ,J JAMES PARK BRICKER if U A ' Academic , "-limi' w u JOA il R QT WXWMMTE I H College ,,,,,, ,,.,,,,, ,,,,, ,..,.i,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ten o'clock scholar. 0 Hai ,I ffl me Student Council, l, 2, 3, Football, 33 Basketball, 1, 2, Base- 9 IHFY - - -f---ff ' -f-f-f ,V ----f'f - W1 ink! ball, 23 Plays, Z, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 3, 4, National Thes- armon. 104, Scr ook' ub, 1, panblpffflu , pians, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, Boys, Chorus, 2g Social a cing B 2' Li rary As stant g Nat' nal GX Cannon-Aid, 4 lsports editorjg Tropical Fish Club, 1, Music Society, 4. , , i DJ W M it Theory Club, 3, Spanish Club, 4: National Honor Society, 4. l MARY COLLEEN BRUMBAUGH Academic I ary" College ,,,,,,, . Hara, ahead. Stud tu ouncil, glg,A.A., ,t3,4g l s' 3 Choir, 1,' , 4g l, 2, 'ce presi , 4, Girls orus, 2' nty Ban , , 2, 3, 4, Di rict Baw 2, 3, 5 M oon and Whi'te, 2, ,4, Cann i , 4 ffeatllyi cditorj' nch Clu , Music "!bQoryv,Club, g Jour- n im Cl b,, Z 33 T.A., 43 amatics hub, 45N Q51 in ,Sc ll, g Nat'o7fM Qocie ' 4 A , U X ,J , X GU :N W N fm , lf Something you eat? SE x 1 A i ,Milan ill My N I O R S,,,,giii2f f' 9430! .i DWW, fl "Q"'!' Bucher Clark Coldsmitlv Cronlunsl Crouse Davir Deardorff Decker Degnan Deilz METHA RIGGEAL BUCHER DONALD KENT DAVIS Academic "Metlva" Academic "Rebel" Teaching .. Time for Recess. Air Force "Happy Landing." Cannon-Aid, 4, Scrapbook Club, 1, Library Service Club, Z, 3, Dramatics Club, 3, 4. JOYCE ELAINE CLUCK Commercial "fone" Secretary . Nine to Five. Student Council, 3, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3 lsecretaryl, 4, Social Dancing Club, 2. DONALD COLDSMITH Academic "Donnie" College Campus Capers Football, 1, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, 2, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. KARA MAY CRONLUND A carlcniic "Kara" College "Dictionary, please." Yeadon High School, 1, 2, Choir, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Junior Historians, 3, French Club, 3, Russian Language Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4. WADE LEON CROUSE Atarlerlm' "Bul7,i Navy "Swab the Deck." Audio-Visual Club, 1, 2, 3, Audio-Visual Maintenance, 2, 3: Chess Club, 1, 2, 3, Checker Club, 1, 2, junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Collectors Club, 3. Football, 2, 3, Track, Z, 3, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4, Junior Historians, 3, Collectors Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. DELORES KAY DEARDORFF General-Commercial "Delores" Secretary . . . Coffee Break. Junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. NANCY ANN DECKER Commercial "Nan" Secretary .. . Clock Watcher G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, Social Dancing Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, KATHLEEN DEGNAN Academic "Kathy" Teaching '1Elle par francais." Student Council, 1, 2, 3 ltreasurerl, 4, Rlays, A3, , Mask and Wig, 3 4 lsecretaryl, Choir 1 2 3, 4 irls' Chorus, 2, Cannon- id 4 lad 4 , J, m us Improvement i , i r 1 Q gf Club, eval , , erleader, 2, 3, 4 lcaptainl, F,T. secretary , 4, Russa Language Club, 3, junior Histisri s, 3, Civil ar Roundt able, 4, National Thespians, 4, National Honor Society, 4. PAUL HAMILTON DEITZ Acadernic HPaul" College 3'Here's your slide rule-live!" Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, District Chorus, 3, 4, Audio- Visual Club, 1, Z, 3, 4, Math Club, 3, Shop Service Club, Z, Latin Club, Z, Art Club, 3, County Chorus, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BEVERLY ANN DELLINGER Commercial "BMD Beautician ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,, ,,,,,.,.. "Case of the Platinum Blondefw Red Cross Club, 25 Civil War Round Table, 3. DONNA JEAN DETTINBURN Commercial "Donna Secretary W ..,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,, ,,,,,,,.,.,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,. ,,,, , ,,,,,,, , , , ,,,, ' 'File it.'y G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Red Cross Club, lg Civil War Round Table, 4. , RICHARD IGNATIUS DILLON A cademic "Dick" Air Force ,,,,,,,, H ,,,,, ,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, r , ,,,, , Above it all. Student Council, lg Track, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 lpresidentj' Shop Service Club, 3, Social Dancing Club, 1, 2. 1 PATRICIA KATHERINE DURBORAW Commercial "Pat" Secretary , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,, , , , ,,,,, "Very truly yours." G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G,A.A. Cabinet, 4 lvice presidentjg Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Maroon and Wfhite, 3, 4g Cann -Aid, 45 Civil War Round Table, 4, Journalism Club, 2, County B nd, 4. K Q! LV 1 , 1 WV ff gellmgfr I1 l KJN A Hlglj :EC l A , ettxnlnurn I ' if. ,, y, , f ,H , U lem n i t m G l , V LJ, my L f, ine ess ,Q ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 uxbasten, ur e eltsf' Al ffl ,X ., , 31j4, r, 1, ll g C reader, ,lien Cl b,,1gl' Pin ng ' b, g or to 'ang 33 EB. ., 46 urse, Qld, 1, g ibragr ' Asfi' nt, 3 , COIL ty Chorus . ,' ' U' ' LU' N L1 ll gl f fe JU N , Q U .3 lj i , fo uv 'Oli Q, ,QA fl if f J ' , lllf LEDJRA MAH FIDLER AComme cial ', 4 "SurieU Bookkeeping ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, F a cts and figures. Pen Pal Club, lg Junior Historians, 33 Red Cross Club, 4. Wlmfs so funny, girls? 'Q . , . TF' 2:5 . Z . Dillon Durlnomw Eckert Fidler hu y "2fS2fiw.?gTfa5l iffy W Mes 15,55 'WWW I ' U' Wggkwmkmc, FRIENDLY C Fiscle Fissel Flynn L. Fox T. Fox wwfjl we Fuhrman DONNA RAYE FISCLE Commercial "Donna" Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,...,.....,,.,,, 40-hour week. Class Secretary, 13 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 fsecretaryjg Band, 1, 2, 3g Cannon-Aid, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4 fsecretaryjg Archery Club, Z. JOSEPH CARLTON FISSEL Academic "Boots" State Barber College .. "Off with his head." Basketball, 1, 2, 49 Band, 1, 2, 3. RETURN TIMOTHY FLYNN Academic "Tim" College ,,,. You can always spot a Frosh. Student Council, 1, 2, 33 Football, Z, 3 lmanagerlg Choir, 13 Band, 13 Cannon- Aid, 45 Ping-Pong Club, 1, 2, junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Table, 43 Laboratory Science, 3. a x 'J g- :Yf 'U f XJ ' ' UN Lvaixrox Acadeqia ' "Polk Chops" rfingin b, 44... l'Un, deux,.,trois." ,v M N " , 4- irlsfzhor s, 25 C - so kLg,AiitXQr ed 7.w?Ec1ub,XQ Q, - nch Emp 4r'gount horwt JV ff, . ' 1 1 I L Furney Gebrm TERRY GLENNROY FOX Academic "Terry, College ...... ...,,,.....,, S ly Fox on campus. Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, Maroon and White, 3, 4 Qco-sports editorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Junior Historians, 35 Ping-Pong Club, 1, 29 Journalism Club, 2, 35 Trop- ical Fish Club, 1, Social Dancing Club, 2, County Chorus, 4. MICHAEL GENE FUHRMAN General "Mike" Mechanic . . . ......,..,. Grease monkey. Choir, 2g Band, 33 Civil War Round Table, 4, Junior Historians, 35 Audio Visual Club, 1, 2, Stamp Club, lg Bridge Club, 3. Aa mic Qgaalfiia' Elbwlizm WJ 5 A EY ' J ur" College , .... f'ti eptember. Student uncils , g Foo , , 2 3, 1 , 4,133 ,,1, ,sikygxfe all, 1, 2, ,Ulf ' H ,27 43 ifY U 1, ni Histo ' ns, 3 fpresident - rc , Civil War Round abl , Chorus, 1, 4, National H or ociety, 4. 5 a Q ss Club, g Ping-Pong lj, 3, JOHN ANTHONY GEHRM Academic "john" College . ....... ..........., H eavy schedule. Basketball, 4g Collectors Club, 3, 4 ftrcasurerj. NTHUSIASTIC AND TALENTED C1 yd JJ GM en if Groslvoltz Guise Gulden ROBERT LEROY GROSHOLTZ Academic "Gracie State Policeman ,,,,,,,,,,.. . ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, "Pull overl' Football, 4, Basketball, 3g Baseball, 3, Track, 13 Chess Club 2, 35 Junior Historians, 3, Varsity Club, 3, 4. GEORGE ROBERT GUISE Academic "George College , ,,,,,, ,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, C o l lege goes "Beat.' Student Council, lg Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Junior Historians, 3, Russian Club, 4. , JASON L. GULDEN Academic place' Archery Club, 3, French Club, 3' Varsity Club, 3, 4. Third year Spaniards. a s 1 College , ,, Typical college Joe. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, Z5 Baseball, 2, Track, 1, 3, 4, junior Historians, 33 SE NIO w U04 L aw W I lf' R S ol' f' liifl lfyjlvlhlat Hamrne Hankey QW, HM VNV V r on Hartlaub Hartrgian Hay Heffnxp W flin Heimerer dxf, 1 lv oR1s LOUISE HAMME ., V' - Y ARBAUGH HARTMAN 1 l -C2355 1 B Wh H In I I jfyoigmigixlglgrixi 8 W h rrcgiuayu ca re ry . ., " atis up, ." y icu e ...,., s 3 ,,,,,,,, . . ,,,, .. . " it a moo moo ere." vliyl ay omiitt es Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, if il' FA., , , 4. o , Z5 M and White, 2, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 F. ,, , YU 3,95 Civil W ound Table, 45 Journalism Club, 2, 35 nty AN K ' ROBERT Lx AY f' orus, I, 4. M ati A Agrifblitlzre i "Bobby" NJ Ag ture 3. .. ,,,, if . . . "Don't fence me inf' RONALD LEE HANKEY OJ F .A., 2, ip si e , reasurerl. Vocational Agriculture "Poo,4!'l 3' CA I HEFFNER Mechanic . Mr. FJX-' A demic "KatieD FF-A-v li Zi 3, 4? C0ll9Cf0"5 Club, 3, 4' Dgching ,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. ,,,,, A n apple for the teacher. A Vstudent Council, 2, 3, ecretaryJ5 Play Committee, 45 Choir, RONALD HARRY HARMAN 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' C s, 25 County Chorus, 1, 45 Maroon General "Ron" and White, 3, 45 Ca non-Aid, 45 Dramatics Club, 15 Pen Pal L, . FBCZML Club, 1 isecretaryJ5 Ping-Pong Club, 25 F.T.A., 3, 4 itreas- motyplst ' ' " " " ' urerl5 Junior Historians, 3 ivice presidentl5 Quill and Scroll, Varsity Club, 1, 2, 35 Junior Historians, 15 Civil War Round Table, 1. SANDRA JEAN I-IARMON General "Sandy,' Secretary Short cut to success. Student Council, 15 G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus, 25 Maroon and White, Z, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Cheerleader, 1, 3, 45 Campus Improvement Club, 15 Journalism Club, 2, 35 Ping-Pong Club, 25 Junior Historians, 35 Junior High Cheerleading Club, 3 linstructorJ5 Civil War Round Table, 45 Quill and Scroll, 45 County Chorus, 1. GLADYS E. HARTLAUB Vocational Home Economics "CookieU Waitress "May I help you?'l G.A.A., 15 Choir, 15 F.I"I.A., 2, 3, 45 Junior Historians, 3. 45 National Honor Society, 4. NANCY LOUISE HEFLIN General "Nanci WAF's .. . .. .. . .. . Woman in Air Force blue. G.A.A., 15 Maroon and XVhite, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Pen Pal Club, 15 Campus Improvement Club, 15 Red Cross Club, 1, 4 fsecretaryJ5 F.B.L.A., 2, 35 Journalism Club, 3. MARIANNE CAROLINE I-IEIMERER Academic "Carolyn" Teaching .. .. ...... .. . .......... .. .. Second childhood. G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Play, 45 Play Committee, 35 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus, 25 Maroon and White, 3, 4 fco-news edirorJ5 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Campus Im- provement Club, 15 Latin Club, 25 F.T.A., 3, 45 Junior His- torians, 35 Bridge Club, 35 Journalism Club, 2, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 45 National Thespians, 45 County Chorus, 45 Na- tional Honor Society, 4. KATI-IRYN E. I-IELLER Commercial "Kathy" Marriage , ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,, ,, "Keep the home fires burningf, G.A.A., lg Social Dancing Club, 2, Junior Historians, 3g Civil War Round Table, 4. ERWIN DWAYNE I-IESS General 'Tiffin Navy ,, , ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Girl in every port. Chess Club, 2, 3, Junior Historians, 3, Collectors Club, 3. DONNA JANE HETRICK Commercial "Dorman Secretary , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ' 'Dear Sir . . .77 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Choir, I, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus, Z, Maroon and White, 3, 4 fstaff typistj, Cannon-Aid, 43 Cheerleader, 3, 4, Campus Improvement Club, lg Pen Pal Club, 1, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Junior High Cheerleading Club, 3 finstructorlg Junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4. BARBARA ANN GERTRUDE HIBNER Academic "Barb" College , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , , H ,,,, ,,,, , Miss Touchdown, U. S. A. Student Council, 3, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 1, Z, 4 lpresidentlg Mask and Wig, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 2, 5 Maroon and White, 3, 4 lco-sports editorjg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4 lphotographerjg Campus Improvement Club, 1, Dramatics C ub, Z3 Ijridge Club, 3, Ping-Pong Club, 2, F.T.A., 3, 4, Literary Club, 3, Junior Historians, 3, journalism Club, 2, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 4, County Chorus, 4, National Honor Society, 4. - JUD LI DA HOFFMAN Heller 77,6 . M, nj, gr!-jfjudyv H855 olleg ,,,, i ,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,, , 0 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, D mitory Doll l ice Preside t - 'N-lgfident 2 ' :ark ' a ,3,, cil, , 3, .A., lx, 2, 3, 4, Fk Choir, d!9gZ?3, 4, , irl 3 horus, Zfyfdounty hprus, 1, 4, Maro ang W it , 3 45 on- id, feiiitorj us I rove- Axy en , lg Pe lub 1, Ju I-Iistoriayy, g Russia b, I ' aborato Scienc Clulflj H-irnalis ilub, 3, Fix KE 3, 3 Nl-XJ ra atics mb: 2 Ping l' 3,51-this and Wig, Quill and W A Sewing 4, Na i onor 4 g U MONICA HUGHES Academic "Monica', Homemaking ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,, "TV dinners again?l' Fairfield High School, 1, 2, 3. "You learn and Fil learn." Hetrick Hibner Hoffman Hughes' i i , M wi' fl wfL3l'.,mi iw 0-I GCN FND!! Wlm Q, aw, owl: T0 HAVE ATTENDEI ffdlhilljiiyj flip if vw JJV My Q! Kexlen baum Wie? ef lolvnson Kajimura Keefer Kennell Kessel JANET DEAN JOHNSON Academic "janet" College .. .. "Wake up, Little Janetf, Student Council, 1 lpresidentj, 2, 3, 4 fpresidentl, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 1, 3, 4, Plays, 1, 33 Play Com- mittee, 4, Mask and Wig, 3, 4 lpresidentlg Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 lpresi- dentlg County Chorus, 1, Girls' Chorus, 2, District Band, 2, 3, 4, County Band, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Campus Improvement Club, 1, Dramatics Club, 2, F.T.A., 3 lpresidentj, 4, A.F.S. Committee, 4g Quill and Scroll, 4, National Honor Society, 4. MASAKO KAJIMURA Academic "Mirsie, College . ,,,,, "Translation, pleasef, Toyo Eiwa High School, 1, 2, 3, G.A.A., 4, Choir, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4, County Chorus, 4. VICTORIA MALVINA KEEPER General "ViclQyU Airline Hostess ,,,,, . ,,,,, . . Sky Queen. Cannon-Aid, 4 lhead typistl, Cheerleader, 1, Junior Historians, 3, Russian Lan- guage Ciub, 4. LEONARD EUGENE KENNELL Vocational Agriculture "Leonard" Agriculture "How does your garden grow?" F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Kiessling Kint SAMUEL L. KESSEL Academic "Sam" College .. .,,, Get ready for the grind. Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 35 Ping-Pong Club, 1, 2, Civil War Round Table, 4. SANDRA KESTENBAUM Commercial "Sandy" Secretary .. "When's payday?" F.B.L,A., 3, 4, Library Assistant, 4. JOANNE LOUISE KIESSLING Commercial "Joanne" Secretarial School ,... 90 words a minute. G.A.A., 1, Play Committees, 4, Choir, 1, Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Dancing Club, 13 Pen Pal Club, lg F.B.L.A., 39 Civil War Round Table, 4. JUDITH ANN KINT General "Judy, Sales Clerk .. .... "Charge it!" Pen Pal Club, 1, Junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Talsle, 4. ETTYSBURG HIGH SCHGOL Knox THOMAS LEE KNOX General Photography ,,.,,.,,,,.,v,.,,,...,,.,,,,,,,,..,..,,,,,,v...,...,,..,.... Kuhn E. Kuykendall R. Kuyleendall Larmer frTOm:: "Say cheese." Stamp Club, 25 Junior Historians, 3, Collectors Club, 3, 4. ANNA MAYE KUHN Commercial Nursing ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,..,,v,,, Pen Pal Club, lg junior Historians, 3. "Anna Mayep' Time for incision. EDWARD LEROY KUYKENDALL Vocational Agriculture "Eala'ie,, National Guard ....................,.........,......,...... "Forward March." Maroon and White, 3, 4 lcirculation managerjg F.F.A., 1, 2, 3 ltreasurerl, 4. RALPH EUGENE KUYKENDALL Vocational Agriculture "Ralph" Agriculture ...................................... A. "How now, brown cow?l' F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Recl Cross Club, 1, 3. JAMES A. LARMER Vocational Agriculture "Reds" Photography ......., "Watch the birdie!" Track, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4 lphotog- rapherjg Ping-Pong Club, 1, Wrestling Club, 2, Collectors Club, 3, Archery Club, 35 F.F.A., 1 lassistant treasurerl, 2 lassistant vice presidentj, 3 lvice presidentj, 4 lpresidentjg National Honor Society, 4. Please, Santa? SE NICJRS Leatherman Lentz Lupp McCarney McClcaf Mcfilaugblin Maring Mickey G. Miller L. Miller DOROTHY ROMONA LEATHERMAN ROBERT L. McGLAUGHLIN Vocational Home Economics "Dottie', Vocational Agriculture "Babu WAF's .,,. , .,,,, , ,, Lost in the clouds. National Guard ,,,,,, ,, ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , Public Defender. F.H.A., l, 2, 3, 4, junior Historians, 35 Library Assistant, 4. BARBARA ANN LENTZ Commercial "Barb,' OH-ice Work , ., , ,,,, ,, "We all make mistakesfy Red Cross Club, 15 Junior Historians, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. ROBERT EUGENE LUPP Academic "Bob" College ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,.,., , , ,,,, ,,,,,,.,... ,,,,,,,,,,, F o reign Intrigue. Student Council, l5 Choir, 15 Band, l, 2, 3, 45 County Band, 2, 3, 45 District Band, 2, 35 Maroon and White, 3, 45 Cannon- Aid, 45 Journalism Club, 35 F.T.A., 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 45 Music Theory Club, Z5 Quill and Scroll, 4. LINDA GRAYCE McCARNEY Academic "Linda" Medical Secretary ,, , . ,, ,, "What's a 'lobotomy'?'l Maroon and White, Z, 3, 4 lfeature co-editorl5 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Cannon-Aid, 45 Cheerleader, I, 3, 45 Campus Improvement Club, 15 junior Historians, 35 Bridge Club, 35 journalism Club, 2, 35 Red Cross Club, l. LAKE REGINA McCLEAF Vocational Home Economics "Lake" Secretary , Al,, ,, ,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,, K Q Take 3 letter." Class Secretary, lg F,B.L.A., 15 F.H.A., 1, Z5 Bridge Club, 1. F.F.A., l, 2 lassistant treasurerl, 3, 4 lsecretaryl5 Geology Club, I5 Square Dancing Club, lg Social Dancing Club, 25 Collectors Club, 35 Archery Club, 3. GARY EUGENE MARING Academic "Gary" Electronics , . . , , l'Lights Out!" Track, 35 Square Dancing Club, 15 Social Dancing Club, 25 Junior Historians, 35 Laboratory Science Club, 35 Collectors Club, 3, 45 Geology Club, 1. FRANCES MICKEY Academic "Francie" Nursing , ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, H ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, C lara Barton, II. Pen Pal Club, 15 Junior Historians, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. GARN ET MARIE MILLER General "GarnetD Beautician , , , ,,,,,,,,,,, "Long, medium or bald?" Red Cross Club, 15 Civil War Round Table, 4. LUCILLE MARIE MILLER Academic "Lucy,' Medical Secretary , ,, ,,,,,,, . ,. ., .. "Roll up your sleeve." Student Council, 2, 35 Play Committees, 45 Bancl, 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club, 15 Pen Pal Club, lg Music Theory Club, 25 Journalism Club, 35 French Club, 4. SUZANNE ARLENE MOOSE A cademic "Sui, Flight Nurse ,,,A,,,, , ,,,,,,, . ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,, F l ying Florence Nightingale. Northern joint High School, 1, Z, 3, Band, 4, Spanish Club, 4. BETTY ARLEN E MORITZ Vocational Home Economic: "Betty', Home Economist .,,..,.,..,...., .,,...,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,, P a n cake on the ceiling. Bible Club, 1, Nurses Aid, 2, Bridge Club, 33 F.H.A., 3, 4. NANCY RUTH MOSER General "Moe', Airline Hostess ,,,,,, ,,,, .,.,.,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,., ' ' S o mebody's missing." Red Cross Club, 4, Library Service Club, 4, F.H.A., 1, 2. GEORGE C. MUNKERT A carlemic "Munle" Coast Guard .,.. ,,,,,, . ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The sea around us. Massapequa High School, 1, 2, 3g F.F.A., 4. Moore Moritz SUE CAROL NEELY General "Sui, Beauty Culture .........,....,..... ....................... . ,,,,. D o-it-yourself beauty. Social Dancing Club, lg Future Nurses Club, 2, junior Historians, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. CLARENCE KENNETH NETT General "Kenny" Navy ........................,...........................,....................... t'To see the sea.'y Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Square Dancing Club, lg Geology Club, lg Social Dancing Club, 2g Tropical Fish Club, 25 Junior Historians, 3, Col- lectors Club, 3, 4. Do I loole like that? Morer Munkert Neely Nez: READY TO TAKE THE NEX J. Newman S. Newman Nichols Nowiclzi Olson 1 Patterson JULIA EILEEN NEWMAN Academic "Judy" Nursing , "Did you call me, doctor?" Class Treasurer, 2, Choir, 1, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Library Service Club, 1, 2, Ping-Pong Club, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Journalism Club, 3. SUE CAROLE NEWMAN Academic "Sue" Medical Secretary ,, Patience for patients. Student Council, 3, 4, G.A,A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 ico- news editorlg Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 fpresi- dentl, Junior Historians, 3, Journalism Club, 2, 3, F.T.A,, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, M. HARDY NICHOLS, JR. Academic "Nick" Dentist "You'll wonder where the yellow went . . ." Student Council, 4, Football, 1, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, Z, 3, 4, Stamp Club, 1, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Chess Club, 2, 3, Junior Historians, 3, Varsity Club, 3, 4. DAVID ROBERT NOWICKI Academfc "Dawn College , , Math, Music, and Mischief, Plays, 4, Mask ancl Wig, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 fstudent clirectorjg Cannon-Aid, 4, Audio Visual Club, 1, 2, 4, Audio Visual Maintenance, 1, 2, Music Theory Club, Z, 3, F.T.A., 3, 4, Dance Band, 2, Dis- trict Band, 4, County Band, 4, National Honor Society, 4. E. Plank N. Plank MARTIN LUTHER OLSON Academic "Marty,' Teaching , , Lesson plans, tests, research. Student Council, 1, Football, l, 2, 3 lmanagerlg Basketball, 1 fmanagerj, 2, Baseball, 33 Choir, 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual Club, 1, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 3, Tropical Fish Club, 1. JEAN PATTERSON Academic "Pal" Nursing , ,, ,, Hypodeemic Nerdle. Maroon and White, 3, 4 fco-feature edi- torjg Cannon-Aid, 4, Red Cross Council, 1, Pen Pal Club, 1, Journalism Club, Z, Latin Club, 2, Quill and Scroll, 4. ESTHER JEAN PLANK Commercial "Esther" Stenographer ,, Chained to her typewriter. Bible Club, 1, Spanish Club 2, Civil War Round Table, 4. NORMAN LUTHER PLANK, JR. General Hlndianu Forestry . .,,, ,, , ,, "Timber!!" Track, 1, 2, Collectors Club, 2, 3, 4, Junior Historians, 3. TEP UP THE LADDER T0 SUCCESS R. Plank Redding Reimer Rentzel Rolvrlvaugln ROBERT LEROY PLANK DONALD JOHN REIMER Vocational Agriculture "Bohn Academic "Don" Army .. .. . .. ,,,, "Shoulders baclcll' College .. . . . . .. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, . . . .. "Good-bye Ford." F.F.A,, 1. Student Council, 4, Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, 25 Trop- ical Fish Club, 1, 2, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Chess Club, 2, French Club, 3, Russian Language Club, 3, 45 Laboratory Science Club, I, 1,1 3, Junior Historians, 33 F.T.A., 3, 45 County Chorus, 1, 4. X A A RASS-12513956 p Comm f -1 1 N MDM, U WILLIAM 1-IENERY RENTZEL Sec ' VTO typ or not ype' Vocational Agriculture "Bill" Clas reas r, 1,569 4yE.A. .' ., 2, 3,S49j' G.A.A. inet, Marines ' usempef Fidelisjy 4 ltr , s r gl, Ch ir, R 2, 3,' , an , , 2, 3 ftre urerl, Football, 1, Z, 3 fmanagerj, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Track, lg 4 ftre erjA.x9an o id, 4, ampus mprovement Club, 1 F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club, Russia Lang-uagejgsltln, 35 Dramaticu ub, 4. 1, Z, 3, 4, LARRY W. ROI-IRBAUGH General "Raugl1l7allH Travel , Have diploma, will travel. Football, 2, 4, Junior Historians, 3. "These are tlve timer that try men's soulxf' M , if .. CWM M ifivflfwwwljft . Alifgljlfulh L ., aLl s E N I o R s J ,,wf,,?fWl my Roth Routsong Rowe Sanders Schwartz I. Scott R. Scott Sentz Slvarralv Sheely JAMES ROTH JANET LOUISE SCOTT Acazfcfnic 'flimf' Commercial "Scotty College , . . ., r .. Beatnik at Bluffton. Secretary . . "Good afternoon-Scott's Potsf Class Vice President, 2, Class President, 3, Student Council, Choir, 1, Red Cross Club, 4 lvice presidentl, Junior His- l, 2, 3, 4 fvice presidentl, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, torians, 3. Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Boys, Chorus, 2, Cannon-Aid 4 fbusiness managerl, Math Club, 3, County Chorus, 1, 4, National Honor S0Ci9fYv 4- RICHARD L. SCOTT MARILYN JOAN ROUTSONG Vocational Agricullure "Diclq' Academic "Marily1z" Army .. . . Honorary KP. Captain Teaching .. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, . .. 3 R's. Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, Z, 3, 4, Varsity Club, Z, 3, 4, Choir, 1, Girls, Chorus, 2, Junior Historians, 3, Campus Im- provement Club, I, Spanish Club, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 2. GERTRUDE DE-YOE ROWE Academic "Trudy" College F.T.A. pays off. Class President, 4, Student Council, 1 fvice presidentj, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Nlajorette, 1, 2, 3, 4 fheadjg Girls' Chorus, 25 Maroon and White, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, F.T.A., 3 lvice presidentl, 4 lpresidentlg Bulletin Board Club, 2, journalism Club, 3, Russi1n Club, 3' National Honor Society, 4. RONALD NSIN T SA S D General qi "Sleepy" Navy WNJ . ' or Clankor. Football, , Bask , 5 rac 1, H o ians, 3, P'ng-Po o rs presi . CH A mic W Schwarlzien ege the D X ist. oun mmit 1 o rians ramat C ub e r u 5 l , C I Cl 4 lv cl O EC :WY 'lg ' 5 ' ,R I . S bi r 'l1,Z,3 ,la ' ,Chi51,2, 4, s' C r , 2, oo hit , 45 C Mn-Aid, g ,lu H' , 3 l , , F. 3, 4, I t CI , ill cl , C t h 1, 4, ,Qxlati r ciqswjy nk Ping-Pong Club, 2, 3, F.F.A., 4. ia ie' i - OM RALD IZJSEN Z Y tzie , 6, CEMF' 95 U M .. e t ul ' . ll eaui ar baade otb . 9.9133 ella. le uw , G s' rue C on- , 4, ati l Q Fre C,llbgg sia iflub, F. orus, If . MARY KATHLEEN SHARR Commercial "Mary' Marriage . Guess whols boss? Social Dancing Club, 2, Red Cross Club, 2, 3 fsecretaryl, junior Historians, 3 lsecretaryl, Civil War Round Table, 4, Mask and Wfig, 4. CHARLES DAVID SHEELY Academic "Skip' Air Force "He's got high hopes. Football, lg Basketball, 1, Track, 1, 2, 3, Collectors Club, 3 fvice presidentl, 4, junior Historians, 3, Tropical Fish Club, 1. .br 65' O, pp-eff wwf ,jf WILLIANI G. SPIOEMAKER Wdzc ,JL K "Show" A C, ege zfcyk' . ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, ' ' Campus Howl." 6' Carlisle h School , Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, W f-xl,7324gL sity 4g Civil War Round Table, 4. 1 xx , . -"l 0' qw ,,NNANEIY LEE sl-IULL ocatinkha H me fco 0 fig "Nancy" iyiLService . ,,,,,,,, . Uncle Sam's little helper. oir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus, 2, F.H.A., 3, 4 lhistorianjg Junior 4 Historians, 3, Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Library Service Club, Z, 33 Bulletin Board Club, 25 County Chorus, 4. RONALD LESTER SHULTZ Vocational Agriculture "Ron" Agriculture . "Bringing in the Sheaves. Chess Club, lg F.F.A., Z, 3, 4. RUTH ELIZABETH SIBERT Academic "Rutl7ie,' College . . .. . . Phys. Ed. whiz. G .A., 1, , 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, District Band, 3, 43 County Ba , 2 , 4, F.T.A., 3, 4. My EDWARD C. SIMPSON Acaa' 71- "Erin U "Navy Blue and Goldf, 4, Track, 1, Zg Choir, lg Audio Visual Club, lg 4 A 5 , 1 yy ' X CCP: aiv 1 . iv Table, 4. -. F 'J .J QMQGINI 1 PsoN rig? t Msg ov "Rita" Guardian of the young. lg G. ,A. , 2, 3, 4, Choir, 1, Z, 3, 45 Girls, sand hite, 2, 4, Cannon-Aid, 43 F.T.A., 3, 4, VN 0-f l 3, 3 ridge 33 Spanish Club, Z5 junior Senior diplomats solve . i f the problems of democracy. if Shultz Sflnert E. Simpson R. Simpson .al LEADERS IN ATHLETICS X Y f 0 bl' J C' '1 J iq 1 LL D J Xl LJ LX XVO' N Mg, . f L X X Q ,w sf I lv ,f X, . 'N , nj K VY LV I I x . V ve NAX Y ' Jw. ju , .1 ' V yi? 0, ln 1 y XI? Spence ,lull I ,' xl Le". , 1 ' hx ' T K MICHAEL D. SMALL 4 Alinfljfemic "Milee', C0 ege .. ,,,,. ,.,,. , The roacl to success. Small B. Smith D. Smith Snead Speelman Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4. BARBARA KAY SMITH General "Kay"' Dramatics ,i,,.,,, "Lights, camera, actionln Class President, 1, Class Secretary, 3, Stu- dent Council, 1, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Plays, 1, 3, Mask and Wig, 3, 4 lvice presiclentj, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 2, State Chorus, 3, District Chorus, Z, 3, Cannon-Aid, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4 fstaff typistjg Bridge Club, 3, Literary Club, 2, Dramatics Club, 3, Journalism Club, 2, Campus Improvement, 1, County Chorus, l, 4. I DONALD EUGENE SMITH Academic "Smilly,' College , ,.,,, ,,.,,.,.,,, , W Names anrl dates. Plays, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 3, 4, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, Maroon and Wlhire, 3, 4, Cannon-Aicl, 4, Stamp Club, 1, Z, Dramatics Club, 2, 4, Junior Historians, 3, French Club, 3, Journalism Club, 3, National Thespians, 4, County Chorus, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 4. Steiner Stultz JAMES HANSFORD SNEAD Academic "Speaa'ie" College .. ., ...,.....,..,..,.,,,, Fraternity type. Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Civil War Round Table, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 4. DOLORES SPEELMAN Com merrial "Dolores" Secretary ..., Paper clips and rubber bands. G.A.A., 1, Typing Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2. JAMES EVERETT SPENCE Academic "lim" Air Force I ,,..,,,.,,,, ,. ,, , "Roger and Out," Football, 1, Basketball, 1, 2, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4 fbusiness managerl, Cannon-Aid, 4, Sports Club, 1, Spanish Club, 2, 4, Junior Historians, 3, Tropical Fish Club, 2, Laboratory Science Club, 3. PAUL WIESVON STEINER Atademic f V "Paul" Entomology and Zoology Twentieth Century Noah. Biglerville High School, 1, Band, 2, 3, Maroon and White, Z, 3, 4 leclitorl, Quill anal Scroll, 4, F.T.A., 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club, Z, National Honor Society, 4. CECELIA MARGARET STULTZ Com me rcial "Pouch" Secretary ........ Checks and cloublechecks. Civil War Round Table, 4. CHOLARSHIP, AND CITIZENSHIP Swartz Swope Tlvarp Thomas MARJORIE ANN SWARTZ Genera! "Margie', WAF's ,, ,, Big chuckle, little "Waf.'l G.A.A,, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid, 4, Literary Club, 2, Archery Club, Z, junior Historians, 33 Dramatics Club, 4, PATRICIA ANN SWOPE Academic "Pat' Nursing , ,, wfhanlc you, fall again., Literary Club, Z, Archery Club, 1, Junior Historians, 2 Dramatics Club, 4, Student Council, Z, G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, Majorette, 1, Z, 4, ff Wie LEILA JOANN THARPi,94fY"v ff' ffl Academic Nursing ,...,.,,,,,,.,.,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,.,.,,.,,,.......,....i.,,,,,.... A c ng . ,jlfb Service Club, 2, Bridge Club, 2, 3' Latin Club 2 Language Club, 3. 1, Choir, 1, Cannon-Aid, 4, Library Assistant, 1, 2, j6 u7:9 i a Q an ROBERT EDWARD THOMAS General-A cademir: "Bob" Navy .,,r,,, ,,,,, Y , ,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ..,. , . .. "Ship ahoyl' Band, lg Chess Club, 1, Z, 35 Russian Language Club, 3, junior Historians, 3, Collectors Club, 3, 4 fsecretaryl. PAULINE ANN TIMLIN Commercial "Pain Teaching ,,,,, , .,,, , ,,,, , .,,, Roll-Call! Fels Junior High School, lg Frankford High School, 2, Class Secretary, 4, Choir, 4, Majorette, 4, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, junior Historians, 3, Journalism Club, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. Office practice in the ojfice practice offce. SE NIORS Trussell Waddell Weaver Weber ' TL!! Webster lVeikert Wheeler Wieder .Wil ho WQ4 ' ll filiw W JAMES DEWEYLEE TRUSSELL rl UD H N WEI ATL ll Q General Mfiml' Acade ic ' I , "Ju ' Military Service Uncle Sam, here he comes! usi Sch ol pr , lv 'fgfbjexec ti s rig? nd. , Audio Visual Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3. Secret 2, mmt Co cj, 1, , oir, 1, 3, 4 ld nd, 1 2, 3 lsec ryJ lsecret Girls' o s g Maroon ite, 2, 3, -n ws e torJg ui 'an c l, E ROY JOHN WADDELL M U 'se aryl ltreasu e J, Jou ism Club, , 3, Pal I Ag"f'4It""f R07 , 1, nch lpre entl, Dra tics ub, 2' Air Force "Ready for take-off." .A. Mask anblj ig, 4, I I Football, 1, 4 lmanagerlg Baseball, 3 lmanagerl, 4, Band, 1. jj I V BETTY MAY WHEELER PATRICIA ANN WEAVER Cvmmffffdl "Bw" Academic "Pat" Nursing , "Woman in White." College l'Adventures in Journalismf' G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, Plays, 4, Red Cross Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 2, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 lco-news editorj, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, 4, Pen Pal Club, 1, Journalism Club, 2, 3, Dramatics Club, 2, French Club, 33 Mask and Wfig, 4, National Honor Society, 4. JANE ELIZABETH WEBER General "Janey" Laboratory Technician The microscope and I. G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, Z, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 2, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 lco-feature editorlg Pen Pal Club, 1, French Club, 3, Journalism Club, 2, County Chorus, l, 4. LESLIE WEBSTER General "Lei, College Essay due on Monday. Choir, l, 2, 3, Girls, Chorus, 2, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4, Junior Historians, 3, Journalism Club, 2, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. Club, 1, 2, 3 lsecretaryl, 4 lpresidentlg Nurses Aid, 1, Z, Pen Pal Club, 1, Future Nurses Club, 2, Mask and Wig, 4. MICHAEL CHARLES WIEDER General "Mike" Military Service "Attentionl" Choir, 1, 2, 3, Drum Major, 1, Z, 3, 4, Junior Historians, 3: French Club, 3. RICHARD GLENN WII5ON General "Dick, Air Force Eagles in the sky. Baseball, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4. HARRY W. WOOD Academic "Woody" College All work and no play. Student Council, 1, Z, 3, Civil War Round Table, 4, Cannon- Aid, 4. BONNIE JEAN WRIGHT General "Bonny" Beauty Culture ,, ,,,, ,,,..., , ,,,,. ,...,,,,,, .,,.,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,, ' ' C u t and Curl." G.A.A., 2, 3g Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, lg Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club, 25 Junior Historians, 35 French Club, 3g Journalism Club, 2, 3. I ,ESE 3 ' MA I-IA 1396125 , , W A . artlvav S Yf-YY--4 time . . fl ' , 2 1, irls' horus, 23 ren h Club, 3, 4g R an , ., 2, , County Band, 4. JOHN GARY ZIEGLER Academic "j4fIq" CDU!-Ige Yrff ...YYVY.., - VYYYYQ..Y.YV......YYYV.....A..Y....YY,.....,YY,.,.,,,,.......Y,.. ' QEX Libraf' Laboratory Science Club, 35 Civil War Round Table, 4. "Whom shall we blow up today?" Wright Zepp Ziegler Our Royal Court. "Stand bark Tafcrzlczl Hia. Tricky TRIGHNX. 4 "- ' Some fame running. Gcvfvfvfc, gubfvlv. page fully-fum 'XMEET ARIZCNAH A two-act operetta, sponsored by the Senior Class of 1960, is the first operetta presented in some hfteen years. Larry Benson ,,..,,, Lettie Blair ,,....,,r Rennie . ,,s,,.r,,, . Emily ,,.r,,, CaPPY Guldy ,,.,..,,,,.., Aunt Lavinia Antonio ..,,,.,.., Carlotta ,,,, Maria ,,,,.,,,s,,,,..s. ,.s,, ,..,,,,,...,,,, Carlos ,.,s,,,..,, Tom Wilder IXLQQLQQQITSLQQ5 DRAMATIS PERSONAE Bertie ,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,s,,..,,,,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,,, Tonita Sunrise ,,,,..r,,,.r..,,,,s.s..,,,.sv.,s,,,.,.,,ssss Donald Smith . ,,,, Doris Hamme Jason Gulden Kay Smith Donald Reimer . Robert Furney Janet Johnson .. Terry Fox Donna Hetriclc Olywn Schwartz Donald Coldsmith . ,,,t,,, James Roth . ,,,,,. . ,,,,v.,,,...,,,, Hardy Nichols Masako Kajimura Upon the death of Colonel Blair, no will is found leaving "Ride 'Em Hard Dude Ranch" to Larry Benson adopted by Colonel Blair, or to Lettie Blair, the Colonel's niece from back east Vermont. Lettie comes West with Aunt Lavinia, who whoopies day and night. Emily who cime along with her dudines, falls in love with Rennie Antonio and Carlotta have a wild love affair which ends in marriage while Maria, the Mexican servant weeps for them. Tom Wilder, a lawyer friend of Larry, comes to the ranch for a rest and ends up impersonating Arizona Tom, an ex-two-gun sheriff. Guldy, the manager, and Larry come to odds over the whereabouts of the will while Cappy, the Corral Boss, tries to make Larry and Lettie love each other. In the end, Larry falls in love with Lettie and the will is found. Arizona Tom also finds his true love, Tonita Sunrise, an Indian Princess. Singing and dancing and a gay Mexican Fiesta keep the play on a cheerful note. page forty-fn' MOST STUDIOUS WHO'S WHO Progress is our most important product. C. HEIMERER, P. Dslrz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BIGGEST FLIRTS BIGGEST EATERS Seek and ye shall fnd. Thefll U7 tomorrow- J HOFFMAN J RUTH D. HAMME, D. REIMER You lose more lmndkerchiefs thatway ' I ' B. WRIGHT, D. COLDSMITH MOST ATHLETIC BEST HOME ECONOMIST MOST FRIENDLY i Beauty and the Beast. The way to a marfs heart .... Divided we fall. B. FURNEY, B. I'-IIBNER B. Boyo J, JOHNSON, T, Fox page forty-six MOST VERSATILE 1 BEST TYPIST MOST QUIET Anything wet-an do,tl1ey can do better. If at first you don't succeed. Now bear this! J- JOHNSON, RUTH M. SHARRAH R. PLANK, D. SPEELMAN BEST AGRICULTURIST MOST TALKATIVE MOST MUSICAL A farmer? work if never done. Mgpf-glglv-glbrg. The Lost Chord. J. LARMER S. NEELEY, M. OLSON M. BRUMBAUGH, D. NOWICKI MOST COMICAL BEST DANCERS Can I offer you a lift? Cha cha cha? B. WHEELER, J. TRUSSEL R. SANDERS, D. FISCEL page forty-:even I .1 V f f -- ts' " -z iff ., tt? .fgx K I 7 v - -, - 52 :il 5 tx f ' """ y' ' 'M t i il Ready and willing to dedicate themselves to Gettysburg High School r wlerflzzysmen M E if lfirxt Row, Left to Rigl7tfMrs, Ryman facivisorl, E. Cline. C. Hull, Hess, S. Hartman, M. Ditchburn, E. Harmon, N. Second ROWJP. Chronister, M. Bowmaster, G. Becker, N. B. Heflin, E. Carey, Januszewski, B. Dick. Third ROWHM. Bryan, B. Herrick, M. Dillon, B. Harbaugh, C. Bollinger, M. Green. Fourth Row-J. johnson, D. Anders, K. Hull, M. Eckert, T. Carver, W. Griest. Fifth Knw4T. Culp, E. Baker, D. Bowling, C. Becker, R. Adams. Sixth Row-E, Hartzell, G. Hayberger, P. Dorr, B. Jarvis, A. L. Gerald, I. Bowers, B. Fiscel, B. Dean, M. Hughes, S. Hyson jackson. Cullisun, C. Andrews, Bowmaster, L. Hull, M. Coover, C. Guise D. johnson, F. Craver, R. Frew, R. Bream, B. Conover, R. Gilford Hise, R. Ecker, C. Flynn, R. Boyer, K. Chapman, R. Golden, D Hess, T. Hilger, D. Hemler, D. Howe, I. jeffcoat, E. Gastley, G Hake, R. Herring, T, Davis, W. Fissel, H. Aughinbaugh, P. Flynn JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Barton Olinger ftreasurerj , Robert Dean lpres- iclentj, Sanford Hyson fvice presiclentj, Mary Beth Hughes fsecretaryj, Mr. jack Corbin, Mrs. Mary Ryman fadvisorsl, P480 fiffy WAITING THEIR TURN TO REACH THE TOP I- fmfial funiors. Do I hear fifty? Ifrxl Row. Lefl to Riglvtvlxflr, Corbin Iadvisorl, A. Oyler, D. Shinclledeclcer, C. Nutter, B. Olinger, D. Moser, P. Reed, N. Rolzrbaugh, S. Todcles, P. Rowe, K. Sleichter. Serena' Row-D. Peters, P. Lupp, A. Reaver, N. Mallow, B. Stuclzey, B. Kecfer, Tarantino, Y. Trostle, C. Rosenberger, S. Orner, D. Wolfe, G. Rice, B. Minter. Tfirnl Row-E. Little, G. Williams, R. C. Woodward. Iiourtfv Row-T. lVIcKenney, D. Smith, Stansbury, N. Wiles. Fifzh Row-W. Ketterman, K. Kahwajy, Sixth Row-D. Lawver, G. Maitland, E. Not in Pirture-B. Sixeas, R. Sl'1ultz, P. Silzert, B. Lemaster, L. l.,eGore, T. Ridinger, Slentz, E. Topper, L. Wiles, P, Nary. B. Reaver, Paddock, R. Mickley, L. Miller, Tuclcey, W. Wirt, R. Wisler, T. E. Miller, W. Kint, D, Waddell, R. Noel, R. Ramer, L. Kujovich, C. Korte, R. Menges. Nett, T. Shull, S. Rinehart, W. Riley, H. Riley, R. Noble. Kargas, N. Sterner, S. McCullough, Richardson. page fifty-one SHCJWING GREAT PROMISE FOR THE FUTUF SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Robin Riddlemoser ftreasurerl, Richard Crist lvice presidcntl, Dorothy Durboraw fpresiclentj, Doris Yingling fsecretaryl , Miss Joan Thomas, Mr. Elmer Schriver fadvisorsl. lfirrt Row, Left to Right-Miss Thomas ladvisorl, B. Hess, Howery, D. Baltzley, Baker, D. Durlooraw, D. Crist. Hofe, D. Kiessling, F. Culp, C. Kime, E. Boyer, Black, B. Hughes, S. Bixler, M. Chambers. Second RoWfD. Deitch, P. Gulden, S. Dracha, Copeland, S, Eclcer, 1, Hurtz, Crone, M. Foote, R. Bobo, P. Cole, C. Hitt, IB. jnrvis, V. Holfabaugh, Funt, P. Bechtel. Third Row-D. Adams, M. Fliclcinger, S. Detriclc, S. Fisher, S, Foust, L. Hamilton, Kunlcle, C. Bream, Judy Bream, Janet Brenm, S. Deitz, Alston, L. Hartlaub, C. Hartman. linurtfv ROW!-J. Goshorn, M. Giherson, S. Hippensteel, I. Keller, L. Green, R. Aclcley, R. Helclt, D. Coshun, R, Dettinburn, lf. Hole, E. Heiser, B. Hallett, B. Collins. Fifth ROWYW. Colvard, D. Hikes, P, Firzwarer, C. Ashbaugh, C. Dutrow, R. Fair, G. Cleveland, F. Dutrow, R, Kitzmiller, G, Hess, L. Eckert, Davies. Sixth Row-R. Fuhrman, G. Cmblns, Clahaugh, R. Beeler, B. Keclcler, Hololca, K. Crouse, T. Kuykendall, Declcert, R. Balcer, Not in Picture-M. Currens, P. Duane, T. Duane, Eyler, Green. n......,,W,a,f . A f - page ffty-two til. Fin! Row. Left to Right-Mr. Schriver fadvisorl, Tawney, H. LeVan, B. Miller, R. Riddlemoser, D. Yingling, L. McCoy, B. Miller, R. Lester, O. Williams, D. Walker, R. Wilt, E. Valentine, B. Rudisill, B. Yingling. Second Row-L. McCleaf, G. Mickley, R. Phiel, S. Parker, B. Scott, D. Smith, Shaull, L. Smith, N. Washington, J. Taylor, N. Nelson, P. Steiniger, Weishaar, M. Staley, B. Miller. Third Row-D. Tharp, E. Ziegler, L. Imler, C. Weaver, C. Roth, E. Prosser, M. Thomas, White, R. Miller, Singley, R Redding, M. Shaner, L. Riley, S. Woerner. Fourllv Row-L. Schwartz, D. Yingling, C. Woerner, D. Steiner, G. Weikert, Lott, E. Longenecker, D. Lott, R. Weikert, J Neth, W. Mosser, D. Shatrah, McClay, C. Williams, Fifth Row-J. Scott, A. Kynor, L. Mickley, C. Swope, L. Sterner, H. Sease, L. Weikert, H. Ray, F. Statler, Ruclisill, K. Rohr'- haugh, P. Redman. Sixth Row-G. Scott, G. Nett, I. Plank, lVlcKenClrick, W. Redding, R. Utz, C. lVlcCleaf, D. MacKenzie, lVlcCleaf, M, Stuckey, M. Redding, H. Plank, E. Rentzel. Not in Picture-R. Jacoby, F. Tilberg, C. Trivitt, G. White, R. Lesser. Tl7ey're not really studying! F ree-for-all . page fifty-threu f- ahh E' 1 A 1 wx 4- - , WW Q,- L Y 'L 5 fe' L wwf. .W x V' Ly, ,4 . ps V h ...M WW W wr my ,gs in . U X5 Ji? ,x S i 4 W W X V M -1 . ,.,,.. . Q , ,, Q 1 , Q 1' U .. , if Q? Ffh ' xxw, , D. K N K sit X . Q- fwxwxw WW, WM N if 5 .Q dur , ' filwz' ,-, gf, 1 .V .7 X. .,,,Q- Q-wwg Ha fr W .W ., ,fffxvgs at 3,35 'J xi X ' Q' 4 g bw , x...., X ,.. , i QSN ig-gi, Q 5 YA we Ai. - xkA.xf - K, MSW iA....,.... will -XM 33 5' U ik " k Q' Y .4 3 'NN . X, Q . N .S M I E Sk sd GEARED TO MOVE FORWARD IN "HIC-H" First Row, Left to Right-D. Ralfensperger, E. Price, N. Kroft, B. Mickey, C. Hostetter, F. Hess, F. Kessel, McDannell, E. Leatherman, J. Myers, F. Poole, C. Kint, J. Lupp, R. Holland. Second Row-K. Neely, B. Hull, M. Peterson, E. Jordan, D. Naugle, S. Nett, E. Heimerer, Kime, L. LeGore, B. Houser, L. Raffensperger. Third Row-K. High, D. Miller, D. Little, Paddock, R. Miller, W. McFeaters, R. Leatherman, L. Keefer, L. Helwig, Jeffcoat, G. Plank, J. Longenecker, D. Miller. Fourth Row--A. Newel, D. Minter, D. LeVan, A. Knouse, B. Larmer, P. Olson, V. Newman, C. Madsen, P. Plank, E. Kump, D. Jones, E. Lockbaum, W. Kennell. Fifth Row-G. Ketterman, G. McDannell, A. Neal, R. Kuykendall, S. Kelley, Hoffman, Hartzell, W. Pinko, C. Mayer T. Kump, W. Lutz, T. Oyler, T. Miller. 1 LEFT . . . First Row. Left to Right--Mr. Gray fadvisorl, M. Shultz, S. Reed, L. Trostle, P. Shultz, S. Stahle, L. Treadway, C. Splain E. Showers, B. Speelman, Schwartz, B. Smith. Second Row-J. Wansel, Townsend, V. Rider, M. Sanders, L. Shultz, S. Shultz, L. Weikert, A. Ruckelshaus, M. Sargeant L. Sterner, S. Wise, P. Tawney, M. Smith. 1 1 Third Row-J. Waddell, E. Ziegler, D. Wolff, C. Shelleman, P. Wagerman, Walhay, M. Reimer, C. Schultz, R. Rosenberger R. Schubart, G. Trestle, XV. Shindledecker. , Fourth Row-R. Wills, L. Smith, H. Wirth, K. Sanders, R. Wenschhof, H. Weikert, Townsend, W. Stouck, G. Redding, F. Wilde, Waite. Fifth Row-R. Shade, C. Spriggs, R. Smith, D. Sadler, K. Singley, M. Shealer, R. Simpson, L.Schartiger, C. Shaffer, R. Schwartz, P. Riggs. Sixth Row-R. Spangler, W. Skidmore, K. Skidmore, S. Shuyler, M. Wagner, E. Whittinghill, E. Ziegler, S. Witherow, G. Reed, J. Sachs. Page fifty-fire MODELS OF PEP AND ENTHUSIASM OFFICERS E I G H T H President-Anne Weinberg Vice President-Mary Dorr Secretary-Demaree Deardorff G R A D E Treasurer--Kay Newman Advisors-Miss Joyce McCloskey, Mr. David Woods lim! Row, Left to Kight4lVliss McCloskey ladvisorj, B. Chaplin, G. Flary, L. Helwig, M. Dorr, D. Deardorff, D. Doyle, C. Cullison, D. Dove, B. Cool, Guise, M. Carson, M. Crabbs, Gipe. Second Row-J. Forsythe, E. Bigham, K. Elledge, L. Bream, T. Bulleir, D. Greenawalt, S. Gastley, B. Ditchhurn, Freed, L Cronlund, Dillinger, S. Bowers, P. Gipe, R. Barb, Bream. Third Row-J. Eilcer, M. Hartman, B. Hay, S. Hartman, P. Hefiin, Crone, B. Gilbert, B. Harmon, G. Hartman, M. Boyer D. Heagy, D. Bream, R. Baumgardner. Fourth Row-N, Helfriclc, M. Green, R. Britcher, P. Adams, R. Carey, R. Dietch, C. Fisher, B. Benson, R. Fitz, A. Bushman, S Bloom, T. Benner, L. Angell. Fifth Row-B. Evans, M. Cartzendafner, K. Gotwald, L, Flohr, R. Golden, Z. Goshorn, H. Hartman, R. Arendt, D. Dick, J Higgins, L, Flohr, E. Henry, E. Dutrow. Sixth Row-fR. Flohr, D. Baker, Sharrah, R. Bruce, R. Dietz, G. Guise, R. Hartzell, M. Hammer, R. Docrsom, A. Dylcman H. Franklin, P. Gipe, G. Groft, H. Baker, Seventh Row-B. Hartman, W. Gulden, T. Cline, R. Greenawalt, T. Henninger. RIGHT . . . Ffrxt Row, Left to Right-Mr. Woods fadvisorl, E. Tressler, N. Voss, R. Swisher, A. Roberts, L. Rinehart, Taughinbaugh, A Weinberg, C. Witter, C. Walker, C. Valentine, M. Spiclle, N. Stevens, S, Tauscher, B. Taclcett, R. Sowers, Tuclcey. Second Row-E. Wheeler, S. Weilcert, S. Wieder, P. Wenschoff, L. Speelman, Schultz, B. Watson, E. Wilt, Sharrah, M Wolff, S. Shriver, W. Scott, Trent, Topper. Third Row-S. Rohrbaugh, C. Sleichter, D. Schwenlc, R. Selby, G. Strausbaugh, E. Richardson, R. Stokes, R. Seitz, E. Shultz B. Sease, H. Weilcert, D. Weilcert, M. Treas. Fourth Rowgj. Tawney, Shultz, D. Shull, M. Shorb, Sharrah, N. Wansel, Wormley, Waite, R. Wagner, C. Tipton R. Tharp, E. Tilberg, Woods. Fifth Row-R. Young, Saum, Rose, Teeter, R. Tate, R. Topper, R. Stanley, B. Singley, Richardson, D. Shriver, R Weaver. page fifty-wx First Row. Left tu Right-N. Johnson, C. McCanns, E. RifHe, D. Lord, S. Hull, S. Hoak, S. Miller, K. Newman, S. Nimtz, B. Johnson, L. Keckler, Potter, B. Jacoby, V. Hoffman, B. Reed, K, McCullough. Serona' Row-S, Moritz, C. Miller, S. Monn, D. Mumper, Null, N. Kuhn, N, Plank, M. Needham, L. Kump, D. Hockey V. Plank, L. Price, M. Nutter. s Tlvira' Row-E. Jackson, Hess, S. McCrorie, D. Koontz, T. Januszewski, Mcllhenny, G. Kujsvich, R. Miller, Newman J. Newell, K. Ketterman, Redding, Hoffman, R. Reaves, R. Kent. i liourlfz Row--D. Kennell, L. Johnson, L. Knipple, Riley, P. Kump, Price, E. lVl:Da'1nel, K. lVlcDa1nel, G. Kump, B Hollabaugli, R. Myrick, Kunkel, C. lVlcCleaf, D. King. Fifth Row-M. Plank, L. Miller, R. Price, G. Reese, E. Jarvis, Starner, T, Paris, D. Ridinger, R. Newman, R. Jones, K Kime, L. LeGore. page fiffy-xcvwz 1 1: mv-. . ,, www, .qv -as H1 U S Nw N4 xl! A M N x psf ' :t , 1 a Q ,, .9 fe 5 W if Q 51 1... w bM.M A j Q1 -2 5-X AMW. - Sf V '46 L Em' T A 1' , ,c , . 51 ' tba: .f ' g, 1 ,- aw MJ .K Ly Q kewl H ,.x,i.w N? Nix X FQ? .M ,. lim 1 -YP' XR A-new 5-is E New J f xy. ,. X 1 x xv Qv"""'N LEARNING THE TRICKS CF THE GRADE First Row. Left lo Kigl7lfD. Jacoby, R. Hankey, P. Petoney, M. Kessel, B. Phiel, McNair, B. Nlorehead, S. Lott, Lawver, L. Keller, L. LeGore, S. Musser, C. Musselman, S. Reedy, D. Jacobs. Second Row-H. Johnson, N. Murdock, Mickey, L. Painter, P. Olinger, C. Kuhn, S. Nett, L. Mallow, W. Kuykendall, N Johnson, E. Jeffcoat, S. Newell, M. Nett, P. McCleaf, V. McCleaf. Third Row-B. Keckler, F. Myers, P. Johns, S. Englehert, Nary, Plank, G. Myers, A. Mulberry, M. Miller, F. Pitten- turf, Reed. Fourth Row-T. Pritt, G. Klocker, R. Kessel, D. Lutz, E. Pottorff, S. Lear, L. Lawver, R. Miller, D. Miller, G. Miller, W. Lane, D. Kiessling, Ramos, S. Redding, B. Redding. Fifth Row-M. Krick, L. Kepner, D. Liss, Price, L. Malinosky, R. Kelley, E. Plank, R. Plank, T. Knox, M. Pinko, W. Jones, L. Kuhn, D. Little, Kennell, G. Reeves, W. Mellors. Sixlh ROWME. Price, P. Miller, K. Kitzmiller, G. Mickley, Madsen, P. Nelson, Logan, Mathews, R. Lawver, P. Menges W. Linehaugh. 7 LEFT... Firrt Row, Left to Right-Mr. Lilley fadvisorl, N. Weikert, D. Washington, P. Washington, D. Swope, L. Riley, S. Reimer, C. Singley, A. Trostle, S. Swope, D. Snyder, L. Toddes, Staley, Smith, P. Smith, P. Wills, L. Starner. Second Row-L. Simpson, K. Stansbury, S. Topper, C. Shellaman, P. Shue, M. Stauh, D. Schultz, P. Seymour, F. Sterner, L. Smith, R. Woodward, N. Rummel, Speelman. Third' Row-S. Straushaugh, Zinn, L. Shainline, A. Staley, P. Shealer, Weaver, L. Shepard, L. Riley, Rohrbaugh, V. Slonaker, E. Sachs, L. Sease, B. Ziegler. Fourth Row-J. Shaffer, C. Wetzel, L. Zhea, G. Wolf, E. Wenschoff, D. Yingling, F. Ward, D, Rice, R. Schwartz, L. Schmidt, R. Selby, S. Shoemaker, Waybright. Fifth Row-R. Weikert, Shank, R. Sharrah, R. Thomas, M. Wilt, D. Sanders, C. Smith, R. Smith, R. Speir, W. Starner, C. Smith, C. Simmons, D. Weaver. Sixlfv Row-W. Wirth, R. Sell, T. Rohrbaugh, Rowe, Walker, E. Walters, Wolf, C. Wolfe, R. Schultz, E. Thomas, Zeigler, S. Thomas. page fifty-nine 0 W7 Q U V 4 AMX r K, Q1 f Q J . O f'Xf'S I ei? o 39 Q! crvmwm Z 4 0 1' A 0 QW J ' ,D Q ,X ROUND TABLE, 'OFSVWS' m XJ ' O C x 0 4 Z Q if Z X L90 url.- Q Z O 0 V ja br- , 1 4, ' QA C . 45 Wvy 5 1' Q9 r NX r Broaden The curriculum of The school by encouraging many interests dz' 21 z'fz'e5 1960 CANNON-AID STAFF HEADS Seated-James Bricker fsports editorj, Vicky Keefer fhead typist Mary B baugh ffeature editorj, Judy Hoffman feditorj. Standing-Kathy Degnan fadvertising managerj , James Roth business mana Carol Biesecker fart editorj. As you look through this book in the future we of the Cannon-Aid staff hope that it will serve as a reminder of good times and friends. As this year has passed, We have watched the scattered pieces of this annual take form until we have what we believe is an interesting and informative book. It has not been simple-collecting names, dates, and nicknarnesg taking pictures and more picturesg canvassing the town and the school for ads to pay for the book: ftting the information and pictures attractively into the allotted spaceg and endless other last minute detailsg but the seniors on the yearbook staff have had a memorable and enjoyable experience doing it. Working together has given us a satisfying experience which we shall remember for many years. We hope that you will enjoy owning the 1960 Cannon-Aid as much as we have enjoyed producing it. 4 1 page sixty-two ADVBORS Miss Jean McAnally, Mr. David Woods. CANNON-AID STAFF First Row, Left to Right--Miss McAnally fadvisorj, C. Biesecker, Roth, Bricker, Hoffman, K. Degnan V Keefer, M. Brumbaugh, Mr. Woods ladvisorj. Second Row-J. Trussell, N. Heflin, D. Hetriclc, B. Hibner, P. Durboraw, M. Bucher, B. Boyd, L. Tharp, P Weaver, O. Schwartz, C. Heimerer, D. Dettinburn. Ylvzrd Row-J. Larmer, D. Hamme, R. Simpson, Newman, Cluck, K. Cronlund, D. Fiscle, P. Timlin, Bowmaster, B. Smith, M. Swartz, Johnson, K. Heifner, L. McCarney, D. Redding. Fourth Row-K. Nett, Snead, A. Biggins, Patterson, L. Fox, T. Rowe, S. Harmon, Spence, R. Lupp, D Nowiclci, R. Baker, R. Bowers. Not in Picture-H. Wood, D. Smith, T. Flynn, K. Heller, D. Sentz, M. Sharrah. Fdrlor- Judy Hoffman Buymcss Staff- james Roth Robert Baker Metha Bucher Kara Cronlund Linda Fox Doris Hamme Sandy Harmon Nancy Heflin Katherine Heller Robert Lupp julia Newman Donna Redding Olywn Schwartz Donna Sentz Pat Timlin Advertising Staff- Kathy Degnan Joyce Cluck Trudy Rowe Rita Simpson james Spence Marjorie Swartz James Trussell Photographers- Barbara Hibner James Larmer Arr Staff- Sports SMH-- Carol Biesecker Alice Biggins Jean Patterson Leila Tharp Harry Wood Feature Staf- Mary Brumbaugh Catherine Heffner Carolyn Heimerer Janet Johnson Linda McCarney David Nowicki Barbara Kay Smith Donald Smith Pat Weaver James Bricker Tim Flynn Barbara Hibner James Snead Typing Staff- Viclcy Keefer joan Bowmaster Donna Dettinburn Pat Durboraw Donna Fiscle Donna Hetriclc Mary Sharrah page sixty three uwm ' md 'Ilan wqunillltl' is Sw X . :W Nm 3' 'E L mwxmwmvfwxf J - ww-Q W:."f it X Q51 1 ,wmv x . 1 ASSSNNA Q-ff? 11 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row, Left to Right-B. I-Iibner, johnson, C. Heimerer, P. Weaver, S. Newman, K. Degnan Serond Row4T. Rowe, K. I-Ieiiner, O, Schwartz, M. Brumhaugh, A, Biggins, C. Biesecker, Bow master, Hoffman. Tfvira' Row-R. Furney, Roth, P. Deitz, D. Smith, D. Nowicki, P. Steiner, Larmer, Bricker JAMES GETTYS CHAPTER OF FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row, Left to Right-D. Nowicki, R. Simpson, B. Hihner, T. Rowe, K. Heffner, B. Minter, C. Rosenherger, j. KunIcIe, B Hughes, C. Bream, E. Boyer. Second Row-S. McCullough, D. Hamme, IVI. Kajimura, K. Degnan, S. Newman, M. Coover, I. Bowers, C. Woodward, C. Heima erer, Hoffman, M. Brumhaugh, Johnson. Third Rowell. Tarantino, C. Weaver, E. Prosser, D. Sentz, M. Zepp, O. Schwartz, D. Adams, L. RiIey, C. Hartman, B. Hess Fourth Row-Y. Trostle, D. Reimer, D. Smith, P. Lupp, R. Baker, P. Steiner. Not in Picture-Janet Bream, Judy Bream, D. Deitch, L. Fox, A. Hake, P. Kargas, P. Shaner, R. Sihert, L. Smith, T. Stansbury. page sixty-five MAROON AND WHITE First Row, Left to Right-J. Weikert, D. I-Ietrick, K. Smith, T. Fox, B. I-Iibner, L. IVIcCarney, P. Steiner S New man, P. Weaver, C. Heimerer, Weber, Spence, Patterson, R. Menges. Second Row-M. Hughes, N. Hefhn, S. McCullough, Tarantino, D. I-Iamme, R. Simpson, M. Coover I Bowers O. Schwartz, K. I-IefIner, Hoffman, M. Brumbaugh, Johnson. Third Row-P. Timlin, Newman, L. Miller, P. Rowe, T. Rowe, S. Harmon, R. Lupp, D. Smith, D Davis P Durboraw, B. Wright, R. Ramer. Nur in Picture-Mrs. Deicz faclvisorj. Editor Co-New.f Edirari Co-Feature Editor: Co-Sporls Editors EDITORIAL STAFF Paul Steiner Carolyn Heimerer Sue Newman Patricia Weaver Judy Weilcert Linda McCarney Jean Patterson jane Weber Terry Fox Barb I-'Iibner Nvwr Reporterx-YIVI. Brumbaugh, D. Goldsmith, P. Durboraw, D. Gifford, D. Hamme, S. Harmon, D. Herrick R Simpson, L. Webster, B. Wright, K. I-Ieffner, N. Heflin, Hoffman, R. Lupp, L. Miller, Newman O Schwartz, P. Timlin, I. Bowers, M. Coover, L. Gerrald, C. Guise, I-Iess, M. Hughes, C. I-Iull, L I'IuII Hyson, D. johnson, P. Kargas, B. Keefer, C. Korte, S. McCullough, R. Ramer, G. Rice, P. Rowe, K Sleichter J. Tarantino, L. Wiles. Feature Writers-J. Johnson, K. Smith, T. Rowe, S. I-Iartman, D. Wolf. Sporls Writers-D. Davis, R. Frew, D. Smith. Staff Typisls-K. Smith, D. I-Ietriclc. Staff Pfmtographcr--R. Ramer. BUSINESS STAFF Huvinevv Nlanager ,. .. James Spence Circulation Nlanager Raymond Menges Afvixtant H14,vi11c,v,v Manager Ross Ramer page sxxtyesfx .IOURNALISM CLUB Fin! Row, Left to Riglvt-Mrs. Stauh fstudent teacherl, Mrs. Deitz faclvisorl, P. Steiniger, Weishaar, S. Deitz, J. Kunkel, Crone, L. Wiles, S. McCullough, Tarantino, B. Keefer, B. Stuclcey, C. Rosenberger, P. Lupp, C. Guise. Second Row-S. Parker, -Iucly Bream, Janet Bream, S. Tocldes, K. Sleichter, D. Wolf, G. Rice, Hess, N. Rohr- haugh, Alston, C. Roth, T. Thomas, E. Prosser, D. Adams, D. Tharp. Third Row-LI. Taylor, C. Kime, L. Imler, M. Chambers, C. Bollinger, W. Conover, R. Frew, R. Ecker, R Ramer, S. Hyson, D. Johnson, C. Korte, B. Collins, Maclay. Fourth Row-E. Longaneclcer, D. Crist, Johnson. QUILL AND SCROLL First Row, Left to Right-Miss Roland fadvisorj, S. Harmon, T. Fox, B. I-Iibner, Weikert, L. McCarney, S. New- man, C. I-leimerer, P. Weaver, Mrs. Deitz Qaclvisorj . Second Row-M. Brumhaugh, K. I-Ieffner, T. Rowe, Hoffman, Spence, R. Lupp, P. Steiner, D. Smith, O. Schwartz, Johnson, D. Hetriclc, Patterson. page sixty-seven SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR First Row, Left to Right-B. Minter, C. Rosenherger, E. Boyer, B. Hughes, Hess, B. A. hfiller, B. K. Miller. C. Bream, D. Wolf, D. Hetrick, L. McCleaf, C. Kime, D. Hamrne, S. Orner, D. Durhoraw, Zeigler, Kunkle. L. Eckert, C. Roth, B. Smith, D. Smith, E. Harmon, Mr. Grove Idirectorl. Second Row-C. Hull, I. Bowers, B. Fiscel, B. Keefer, L. Hull, Alston, S. Deitz, M. Kajimura, johnson D. Deitch, M. Sterner, C. Guise, Weher, P. Kargas, P. Lupp, Bream, Tawney, T. Thomas, E. Prosser. Third RQWAA. Reaver, B. Wright, P. Weaver, C. Heimerer, C. Weaver, Weikert, R. Simpson, L. Fox, L. Web- ster, K. Degnan, D. Redding, M. Hughes, S. Harmon, T. Rowe, K. Heffner, O. Schwartz, S. Hartman, Hoffman, B. Hihner, L. Imler, Bream. Fourth Row-D. Sentz, N. Sliull, D. Adams, G. Rice, K. Cronlund, P. Timlin, R. Baker, Scott, D. Lott, Neth, P. Redman, R. Weikert, D. Hikes, A. Hoke. Fifth Row-D. Reimer, P. Deitz, Roch, D. Smith, W. Jarvis, D. johnson, W. Conover, L. Green, L. Miller, M. Green, C. Korte, Johnson, M. Brumhaugh, K. Sleichter, D. Gifford, B. Hetrick. Sixth Row-R. Furnev, M. Olson, Gulden, P. Steiner, Bricker, M. Wieder, G. Weikert, B. Collins, R. Ecker, R. Ramer. SENIOR HI-Y First Row, Left to Riglvf-D. Steiner, T. Dunne J. Holoka, D. Hikes, B. Keckler. Second Row-J. Reaver, E. Miller, R. Crist, F Dettinhurn, G. Nett, E. Hofe. Third Row-L. Kujovich, E. Heiscr, L. Eckert, I Miller, M. Stuckey, R. Micklev. Not in Picture-Mr. Feather fadvisorj. page rixly-eight ORCHESTRA Violins-E. Zeger, A. Stahle, D. Schwenlc, R. Greena- Clarinet-J. Johnson, P. Lupp. walcl, D. Miller, Hoffman, S. Reimer, T. Gilbert, Bagwon-D. Nowicki G. Reeves. Cello-B. Moorehead, C. Rosenberger. Bass-M. Giberson. Oboe-D. Carver. Flute-L. Sterner Horn-R. Shade, R. Rosenberger. Tympani-J. Maclay. Director-Mr. Neal. Not in Piclure-J. Richardson. DANCEBAND First Row, Left to Right-C Ditzler, S. Gaston. Second Row-R. Aclcley, H Aughinbaugh, B. Collins, John son, D. Johnson. Not in Picture-P. Miller, T Gilbert, M. Giberson, W. Jarvis D. LeVan, T. Gilbert, M. Hughes Mr. Neal fdirecrorj. page sixty-nine 7 DRAMATICS CLUB lflrxt Row, Lcft to Right-Miss Thomas faclvisorj, Alston, N. Nelson, Weislmaar, S. Dcitz, B. Miller, L. Mc- Coy, B. Hess, B. Miller, Howery. Svmrid Row--D. Redding, S. Omer, I.. Hamilton, M. Foote, M. Swartz, M. Bucher, M. Brumldaugh, D. Smith, G. Weikert, P. Swopc. Tlwml Row-I.. Tharp, R. Simpson, Scott, B. Minter, C. Hull, Kunkle, B. Hughes. Nor in Picture-C. Kime, Coddington. STAGE CRAFT CLUB SHOP SERVICE CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Mr. Corbin fadvisorj, G. First Row, Left to Right-T. Kuylcenclall, Mr. Gray Crabhs, R. Golden, L. Schwartz, K. Kahwajy, P. Duane. faclvisorj, K. Crouse, R. Baker, R. Fair. Deckert. age i4'1'i'rilv MASK AND WIG NATIONAL THESPIANS First Row, Left to Right-D Smith, C. Heimerer, K. Degnan J. Bricker, Miss Mcllhenny fad visorj. Second Row-B. Smith, G. Rice B. Collins, B. Minter, johnson No! in Picture-K. Hull. First Row, Left to Right-R. Furney, Bricker, D. Smith, K. Degnan, B. Smith, Johnson, B. Minter, Hoffman, D. Hamme, Miss Mcllhenny faclvisorl. Second Row-T. Fox, Gulclen, M. Hughes, O. Schwartz, Weikert, B. Hilnner, G. Rice, C. Heimerer, P. Weaver, A. Biggins, S. Newman, M. Sharrah, R. Simpson, C. Hull, M. Kajimura, D. Herrick, B. Wheeler, C. Bollinger. Third Row-K. Hull, R. Ramer, D. Reimer, D. Coldsmith, H. Nichols, B. Collins, D. Nowicki, S. I-lyson, P. Duane, K. Kah- wajy, L. Schwartz, Roth, Trussell. Not in Picture-G. Adams, D. LeVan, R. Rosenberger, K. Heller, T. Rowe. page veverlty-one page scwrzty-tivo FRENCH CLUB First Row, Left to Right-R. Sibert, M. Zepp, L. Wiles, L. Fox, Miss Snyder faclvisorj. Second Row-L. Miller, R. Baker. SPANISH CLUB First Row, Left to Right-J. Netli, W. Ketterman, W. Kim, N. Wiles, P. Redman, D Lott, L. Green. Second Row-Miss McAnal1y fadvisorj, C. Biesecker, W. Griest, R. Dillon, S. Foust, 1 Bricker, Spence, R. Lupp. Third Row-M. Bryan, S. Moose, M. Routsong, Bowmaster, N. Decker, M. Thomas E. Prosser, Newman, L. Hartlaub, D. Yingling. No! in Pirture-J. Cluck. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Mr. Ficller fadvisorl, Hoffman, V. Keefer, N. Jackson, N. Mallow, januszewski. Second Row-P. Fitzwater, I. Jeffcoat, R. Ackley, R. Held, W. Jarvis, R. Noel, G. Guise, R. Golden, T. Hilger, D. Reimer, R. Menges, B. Olinger. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Firxt Row, Left to Right-Miss Little fadvisorj, D. Moser, B. Hetricli, B. Harlnaugli. Second Row-S. Kestenbaum, L. LeGore, B. Lemaster, M. Dil- lon, A. Biggins, M. B. Hughes, Miss Riddell fstudent teaclierj. page Seventy-lhrcc FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Fin! Row, Lefi to Rigl7l4lVliss Schwartz lndvisorl, E. Valentine, N. Sllull, B, Boyd, N, Baltzley, D. Leatlierinan, L. lVlcClenf. SEFOYIJ Raw-+L. Boyden, B. Miclcey, R, Lesser, R. Plwiel, R. Wfilt, B. Rudisill, B. Yingling, V. Hollalmugh, D, Walker, Third Row-E. Carey, T, Ridinger, S. Reed, O. Williains, Dubs, G. Mickey, R, Miller, McDannell, B. Jarvis, li. Dick. lioiuth Row --J. Bowmaster, D. Sadler, Adams, B. Moritz, G. Hartlaulw, C. Andrews, C. Hitt. Not in Pifturc--D. Peters, D. Valentine, C. Trivitt. BATTIiEFIEl.D CHAPTER OF F. F. A. lfirit Row. Lcfl to Right--V-Mr. Glenn ladvisorl, P. Flynn, P. Dorr, E. Nert, G. Williains, Hartman, j, Lzirmer, R. lVIcGlnngl'1lin, Mr. Schriverl advisorl. SQTUIIGI Row-J, Brooks, R. Miller, C. Woerner, W, Colvard, S. Witherow, R. Redding S. Clapsaddle, R. Shultz, R. Hanlcey. 'flvira' Row---C, Dutrow, R. Spangler, Eyler, D. Coshun, F. Dutrow, B. Larmer, R. Beeler, L. Schartiger, W. Dick, Fointlv Row-J. Johnson, G. Reed, K, Sanders, Hoffman, D. Yingling, W. Fissel, K. Rolwrbaugh, C, Shaffer, H. McDonnell. Fifth Row-D. Bucher, R. Fuhrman. W. Moser, XV. Rentzel, R. Scott, E. Little, Paddock, D. Bowling, lf. Hartzell, T. Culp, Sindh Row-T. Shull, G. Munkert, R. Kuylcendall, L. Kennell, E. Rentzel, M, Redding, D, Slmrrah, R. Sibert. R. Simpson, W. Clapsadclle. page wwrifv-fi LIBRARY SERVICE CLUBS First Row, Left to Right-D. Adams, P. Tawney, Kime, L. LeGore, S. Shriver, Pottorff. Second Row-Miss Wfentz Iadvisorl, I. Keller, M. Currens, Crone, S. Eclcer, Kurtz, Mickey, M. Smith S. Tauscher, Miss Quigley Iadvisorj . Third Row-N. Moser, S. Hippensteel, Copeland, R. Deitch, R. Hyson, M. Wolff, Tuckey, Taughinbaugh L. Riley. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Firxt Row, Left to Right-F. Ward, D. Rice, T. Gilbert, Kunkel, S. Rohrbaugh, T. Bulleit, S. Tauscher, S Gastley. Second Row--Miss Wentz Iadvisorj, Kurtz, S. Eclcer, C. Woodward, N. Moser, Rottorff, D. Adams, S Kestenlnaum, V. Hollabaugh, L. Riley, Miss Quigley fadvisorl. Tlnira' Ron'-K. Caulfield, D. Weaver, Taughinbaugh, S. Reimer, N. Kuhn, A. Weinberg, K. McCullough, E Topper, Null, B. Boyd, Gulclen, I. Glenny. Fourth Row-A. Bucher, D. Leatherman, M. Currens, Crone, Kime, S. Wise, Linda LeGore, Lois Legore, S Coldsmitla, P. Tawney. pagv ,Vl"VCIIf:V 7 BULLETIN BOARD CLUB l"1n'I Kung lmff tu K1g,IJ!-Mrs. Ryman fad- visorj, I.. Hckcrt, Warren, I. SIentz, E. Topper. SCHOOL PATROL Top to Bottom-M. Green, R. Noble, C. Becker, Nett, R. MicIcIey Ziegler, R. Schwartz. Not in Picture-IVIr. D'Brien faCIvis0rI. CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE lfirxf Row, Lcfl to Right-M. Kajimura, L. Webster, KiessIing, C. StuItz, D. Dettinbilrn, P. Durboraw. M. Sharrah, K. Heller, D. Hetrick. Second Row-D. Hamme, S. NeeIy, K. CronIuncI, D. Fisclc, Kim, F. Mickey, K. Degnan, S. Harmon, P. Timlin. Tlvira' Row-G. MiIIer, E. Plank, B. DeIIinger, D. Deardorff, B. Lentz, D. Davis, S. Kessel, T. FIynn, E. Simpson. Fourlfv Row-Mr. Slleads IacIvisorI, ZiegIer, M. Fulmrman, B. Shoemaker, R. Furney, Snead, M. SmaII, R. WiIscmn, R. Harman. Nut in Picture-VV. Crouse. nge wwrzty-.fix VARSITY CLUB First Row, Left to Rigfvt-Mr. Biclcel fadvisorl, R. Putney, Snead, W. Shoemaker, M. Small, D. Cold- smith, W. Rentzel. Second Row---J. Gulden, H. Nichols, R. Dean, R. Grosholtz, R. Eclcer, D. Waddell, D. Scott, L. Rohrhaugh. Third Row-J. McCleaf, E. Miller, R. Utz, Hololca, E. Baker, G. I-Iayberger, R. Harman. COIN CLUB Firxt Row, Left to Right-R. I-Ianlcey, E. Hess, R. Thomas, R. Sanders, B. Anders, Gehrm, R. Bowers, K. Nett. Second Row-W. Redding, N. Plank, H. Aughinbaugh, R. Herring, C. Ashbaugh, C. Becker, G. Maring. Third Row-Nlr. Eckhart faclvisorl, C. Sheely, B. Bixler, T. Knox, G. Adams, B. Gastley, B. Anders. page seventy-:even AUDIO VISUAL CLUB liirxt Row, Left to Righty-R. Hollabaugh, R. Fairman, R. Deitz, G. Kujovich, F. Ward, L. Kepner. Second Row-J. Mclllwenny, R. Thatp, C. Tipton, R. McCleaf, M. Reimer, M. Shealer, D. Minter. Third Row-Mr. Cessna fadvisorl, G. Scott, Teeter, P. Deitz, D. Nowiclci, M. Green, K. Hull, M. Ol- son, Davies, C. Williams, Trussell. TYPING CLUB First Row, Left to Right-M. Bowmaster, D. Shinclledeclcer, B. Heflin, C. Bream, Black. Second Row-G. Becker, E. Harman, A. Rebert, Tawney, S. Bixler. Third Row-G. Cleveland, F. Statler, R. Miller, R. Gilford, D. Hemler, R. Riddlemoser, Hofe, B. Miller, M Staley, M. Sterner, Cioshorn, Miss Roland fadvisorl. page seventy-eight JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Left to Riglvt-Mrs. Martin fadvisorl, T. Bulleit, Freed, K. Neuman, B. Hay, M. Dorr, T. Collins C. Shultz, B. Smith, S. Nett, D. Swope, M. Ayre, L. Hofe, C. Caldwell, S. Crist. Second Row-J. Lawver, A. Stable, D. Weaver, Weaver, L. Simpson, E. Hull, M. Smith, E. Heimcrer, B Allison, D. Dearciorii, N. Kuhn, IVI. Bucher, A. Bream, D. Naugle, D. Kiessling, Reecl. Third Row-E. Bigham, S. Rifile, IVI. Spiclle, A. Weinberg, S. Weikert, S. IVIcCrorie, Hess, L. Gilbert, D. Le Van, R. Rosenberger, S. Stable, G. Hartman, Culp, Walhay, F. Hess, M. Mating, S. Wise. Fourth Row-R. Miller, R. Plank, D. Liss, D. Guise, B. Benson, R. Miller, G. Plank, R. Bigham, C. Bushey, E Tilbert, Woocls, R. Shultz, Eyler, F. Myers. Not in Picture-Mr. Tiziani Iadvisorj. JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right-Miss Hartman Iaclvisorj, D. Wolff, B. Howser, L. Sterner, S. Coldsmith, S. Wiecler. Serond Row-S. Hartman, L. Riley, L. Painter, E. Johnson, P. Shealer, Tawney, G. Miller, A. Dylcman, L. johnson, S. Gaston. Third Row-D. Lord, W. Scott, Bream, L. Bream, E. Price, A. Bowling, A. Bushey, Wallcer, IVI. Kriclc. page Jeventye 7 JUNIOR HI-Y First Row, Left to Right-Mr. Young fadvisorj, S. First Run", Left to Riglar-R. Giherson. R. jones. R. Rohrhaugh, Redding, G. Shultz, D. Riclinger, B. Seese, Harmon, G. Guise, L. Helwig, W. Gulden. R. Reeves. Semnd Row-B. Harmon, D. Lutz, R. Gulden, Z. Svmnrl Row-J. Price, D. Sadler, lxlewman, A. G0Sl10m, H- HHYYIUJU, G- MCD3nU0ll- Neal, W. Shinclledeclcer, R. Schwartz, Sachs. Tl7fYl1' Row-XV. Geiman. P. Geyer. D. Sanders. S. Third Row4lVl. Pinlco, R. Selhv. lj. Planli. Riley, Green, D- Little' P. Olsen, G. Redding. No! in Picture- -lVlr. Yoder fadvisorl. liirvt Row, Lvff to R1gf7tAlVlr. Grove ladvisorl, R Balcer, C. Balcer, E. Althofl, A. Newell, R. Bieseclcer G. Cole, K. Baumgardner. SL'l'U7ld Row--D. Dellinger, D. Brenm, D. Appler, G Crone, Fox, V. Newman, I.. Clapsnddle, P. Kurnp 'lifvinl Row-Fl. Wirth, R. Doalcs, Townsend, D Baumgarclner, T. Benner, M. Boyer, R. Carhaugh. lfozcrtlv Ron'-R. Selhy, Nl. Doyle, W. Lane, C. Smith C. Fisher, R. Doersom, R. Arendt, R. Fox. Fifth Row-J. Madsen, G. Austin, K.Boyer,T.HeHin, R. Lawver, R. Evans, R. Evans, R. Sharrah. I.. Baum gardner. page eighty Fifi! Rong Left to Right-Mr. Kelly ladvisorl, B. NVeikert, B. Singley, Wormley, N. Wfansel, S. Bream. Svcoria' Row-K. Gotwalt, K. Kline, R. Smith, C Wolf, R. Smith, D. Weilcert. 'lifzird Roni'-IVI. Wagner, Ziegler, B. Stiner, .I Waylwright, I.. Angell, E. Walters, Wolf. Fourth Row-H. Weilcert, G. Kump, S. Shuyler, C Singley. T. Oyler, T. Windhill, E. Ziegler, F. Wilde lfiffly ROIVAR. Doalcs, Biggins, W. Stock, H Wirtln, Townsend, R, Young, D. Woodward, B. Wills JUNIOR TRI HI-Y First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Steiner Qadvisorl, S. Nett, P. Olinger, B. Phiel, S. Reedy, N. Murdock, H. Hull. Second Row-M. Adelsberger, S. Musser, D. Jacoby, D. Ficller, S. Topper, M. Staub, Crilliey. Third Row-R. Woodward, S. Bender, McNair, P. Seymour, W. Deardorff, A. Mulberry, M. Miller. First ROW, Left to Right-Miss Kirk fadvisorl, P Leatherman, L. I-Ielsig, N. Helfrick, K. McCullough B. Reed, P. HeHin. Second Row-C. McCans, N. Voss, L. Shultz, S Shultz, E. Jordan, R. Coshun, A. Ruckelshaus, C. Hos- tetter. Third ROW-C. Miller, L. McFeathers, G. Johnson W. McFeathers, Gulden, B. Davis. Not in Picture-K. McDannell. CHEERLEADING CLUB First Row, Left to Right-K. Dick, P. Hess, P. Washington, C. Deardorff, L. Dutch, S. Swope, S. Musser, D. Jacobs, M. Nett, W. Kuykendall, C. Singley, M. Ecker, A. Trostle, D. Washington, N. Deikert, Speelman. Second RUWHA. Biesecker, M. Biesecker, M. Ayre, E. Jeffcoat, E. Evans, Brantner, A. Boho, D. Golden, R. Hankey, P. Pentoney, B. Bixler, K. Caldwell, A. Bucher. Third Row-D. Swope, L. Shainline, S. Newell, D. Cline, L. LeGore, C. Bucher, L. Smith, T. Sterner, D. Snyder, L. Sease, V. McCleaf, K. Stansbury, Staley. Fourtfv Row-M. Kessel, S. Englebert, K. Stanslnury, Myers, D. Doyle, A. Weinberg, D. Deardorff, L. Keller, C. Musselman, P. Shoe, S. Bowmaster. Not in Picture-Miss Rutherford fadvisorl. page eighty- 7 0 NINTH GRADE GLEE CLUB lfrrvt Row, 1.cft to Rigf7f4S. Nett, C. Splain, E. Showers, K. Neely, C, I-Iostetter, Gulden, D. Naugle, P. Dirz- lcr, C. Dcttinhurn, Ii. Jordon, F. Hess, B. Smith, Schwartz, Kime, Mr. Grove fclirectorl. Swami RUWAI.. Weilccrt, Waddell, E. Zegcr, IVI. Bucher, E. Hull, IVI. Smith, B. Allison, IVI. Sargeant, D. I.cVan, R. Roscnhcrgcr, T. Collins, R. Bieseclcer, R. Schuhart, D. Minter. Tlninf Konfgli. Eylcr, I.. Raffensperger, V. Rider, IVI. Sanders, D. Wolff, Walliay, R. Bigham, S. Srahle, E. Hvimcrcr, R. Coshun, I.. I-cGorc, A. Bream, IVI. Maring. lfmcrtfv Ron'--S. Wise, I.. Stcrner, S. Gaston, B. I-Iowser, E. Shelleman, Lupp, R. Holland, R. Shade, R. Car- lmugh, D. Miller, I.. Smith, R. Eilcer, IVI. Reimer, Culp. lfzftfv RUHQ-R. Simpson, Fox, IVI. Shealcr, I.. Gilhert, C. Schultz, C. Crone, D. Jones, W. Lutz. page eigfw!-Iwo SPELLING BEE CLUE First Row, Left to Right-Mi, Hartman fadvisorl , A. Roberts, f Jackson, Shaffer, Bowers, I Swope, C. Musselman, Smitl C. Kuhn, N. Johnson. Second Row-C. Hook, Jacl son, P. johns, C. Starner, L. Pric IVI. Shaner, Potter. Third Row-M. Cartzendafne A. Karrasch, G. Mickley, B. Bo ser, Bigham, K. Arndt, S. Cool R. Ginevan. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS First Row. Lefl to Right-S. Wieder, S. McCrorie, E. Wheeler, C. Witter, S. Hull, Hess, Taughinbaugh, M. Wolff, N. Voss, S. Weikert, D. Lord, T. Bulleit, M. Dorr, S. Tausher, C. Cullison, Mr. Grove lclirectorl. Second RonfD. Mumper, S. Moritz, R. Sowers, R, Swisher, B, Reed, K. Elleclge, Tuckey, C. Miller, D. Weikert, T. Janus- zewski, Rose, C. McCleaf, E. Tilluerg, Saum. Third RowgK. McCullough, L. Keckler, M. Hartman, B, Johnson, S. Riflle, D. Grcenawalt, D. Denrclorff. L, Rinehart, li. Ditchburn, A. Weinberg. S. Gastley, J. Crone, D. Doyle, Fourth Row-L. Bteam, C. McCans, L. Johnson, S. Schriver, N. Kuhn, A. Bushman, P. Heflin, C. Walker, D, Koontz, Gipe, R. jones, T. Henniger, A. Riclinger, M. Greene. Fifzh RowfR. Dietch, E. Schultz, D. Schwenk, R. Britcher, Mcllhenny, M. Treas, G. Hartman, R. Reeves, M. Hammer. Sixlh Row-H, Weikert, Teeter, R, Newman, Tawney, Kunkel, T. Cline, D. Heagy, R. Bruce, Hoffman, C. Sleichter. Acrornpanirts-J. Freed, Eiker. SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS Scatea'4A. Stahle, D. Weaver, First Row. Lefl to Right-P. Olinger, S. Swope, B. Hostetter, P. Schue, S. Bowmaster, A, Eigner, C. Musselman, Smith, W. Kuykendall, M. Cottrell, D. Swope, B. Phiel, S. Reimer, S. Crist, C. Caldwell, C. Dearclorff, Mrs. Deardorff fdirectorl. Second Row-C. Hook, H. Hull, L. Zhea, P. Johns, C. Shellman, S. Strausbaugh, B. Bixlcr, E. Evans, R. Carlaaugh, M. Bie- secker, C. Kuhn. Third Row-V. Slonaker, E. johnson, N. Murdock, S. Nett, L. Kepner, Mickey, L. Painter, S. Topper, Zinn, L. Shainline, B. Moorehead, C. Wfetzel, M. Ayre, A. Bushey. Fourth R0nf4j. Lawver, S. Lott, R. Bowersox, L. Hofe, L. Smith, A. Biesecker, S. Newell, K. Stanshury, L. Deitch, P. Nelson. A. Beirihart, J. Madsen, D, Lutz. Fifth RowfG. Reaves, D. Kiessling, R. Hyson, Shank, K. Caulfield, P. Shealer, B. Zeigler, L, Simpson, Weavevr. Sixlh Kmvfj, Logan, W. Lane, S. Cook, L. Cromer, R. Schwartz. Sevenlh Row-W. Jones, E. Thomas, L. Cluck, D. Miller, C. Mickley, R. Schultz, D. Guise, Eyler, R. Finkboner, P. Miller, R. Speir. Not in Picture-L. Bucher, S. Bream. page eighty-three JUNIOR HIGH HISTORIANS First Row, Left sf 17' fl A to Riglvt-Mr. Lilley fadvisorj, D. Mumper, L. Reinliart, M. Nutter, V. Plank, L. Weikert. Second Row-S. Third Row-B. Fourth Row-C. Nimitz, S. Moritz, E. Johnson, S. Lott, F. Poole. Keclcler, Ramos, R. Speir, E. Elliot, R. Stokes, S. Bloom, Logan. Simmons, S. Shoemaker, T. Paris, A. Knouse. First Row, Left to Righl-Mr. Bickel fadvisorj, E. jackson, S. Hull, Hostetter, C Dettinburn, M. Ditzler, I. Glenny. Second Row-E. Deatrick, S. Fox, Eilcer, M. Hartman, G. Wagaman, D. Wilkinson M. Crabbs, M. Carson, B. Cool. Third Row-G. Gelirm, M. Green, A. Bushman, W. Bowling, M. Hammer, D. Baker D. Broclbeclc. Fourth Row-T. Cline, R. Britclaer, R. Bruce. page eighty-four .MXN-mmwxunm ,,..,.,,g,, .. .,..v,. Q-NNMNQNQNM ....W-f.,-V.,-W...-.Wm Wm m,,.,..,,, ,WW.M.mmwwmwm.,,m,u.wm.WW...M.,,WmM.M W-...M....,.. w-:,,.....,.. -B-Qwvw wlwq' x ui is w-Q4-hmwf 4 , -uu- mw if V m Q, N"' :W 3 ima! xx A if wg Q X. Q Y ' U 5 2 . Qsfffsf QM? if x ww- ,-.w W1-.wmv W . ,M ,.....u.,- Q "" "' "A' ' 'W Affvv , . ,M .Q K' ,X , Q - X I 9, N X W ,. ...- W, YN f- --Y . M - ir , M A Q ., Wm L ' Q91 Q if 2 M , ' Y! t V fit. K K 'V M1 jtsq-P 'npugr G A4r""T:x if NWN, A V F 5 4- 1' xv li A b A M U an All , a .N . S an ge 3 V i K fig: N A1 'F 4554 gm? P is x 5 H A f A Q! if Q xf-vs ww 5? vgggf 4 s "'lEE'f" , -mf 'NW ,aww SENIOR HIGH MAJORETTES Left lo Right-S. Omer, Y. Trostle, P. Timlin, B. Smith, T. Rowe, P. Rowe, M. Hughes, F. Culp. JUNIOR HIGH MAJORETTES Iffz lo Right-B. Beard, P. Wagerman, K. Neely, C. Witter. age eighty-wx 1 xi fy f 3 W. i wx .-f ww 5 3? ,5 4: Q: 'ff 2 A Q, Y. E fx 5 5 5 5 5 ,v Si s . 1- is f- Q X i aw 213 lg, 'K is ,ry 4 Q E xx ff 1 3 H W is ig ag xg Q RB' A fu ' Y 'Wi A Q N . Q 'B " A - W, in 3' ' up 1 Q? S wfh yi' W ,W Y F Us Q, -S if EQ Xi if Y .gg 2 is ,. Q ' , ,4 ig, K ' Mlm-f H A my K -f -1 K tg W - Q E fb ix M, .. ,. Q .. f'-9 .W X M is S, . 33? fly: 'P sz wif in is J 5,2 ig: radar Www' t K i 5 'W fi' iff- XM f X 9 9 va is 5 S 5- K Q R 'Q' Q 5 NH gr W' all ,f J .nxuhyr IA 'f Q if X W 71 'ggi ax ?ZL'Z' ,im ,P W J . My A ' 5 5 af af A.:1 'V rg " as 1,, 1 . S5 .,,A Ki M Q lv u F Fi '1- JUNIOR HIGH SCHCOL BAND 1. Doersom ldrum majorj, Mr. Zeigler fdirectorj. First ROW, Left to Right-L. Keckler, L. Hole, S. Wieder, B. Ditclilnurn, S. Riflle, B. Zeigler Second Row-R. Deitch, R. Hyson, E. johnson, N. Murdock, Woods, T. Januszewski. Third Row-R. Bowersox, Lawver, D. Guise, Logan, D. Dague, B. Hay. Fourth Row-J. Tawney, P. Shealer, S. Lott, R. Finkboner, L. Zhea, D. Heagy. Fifth Row-S. Weikert, D. Weaver, S. Brcam, D. Liss, Gehrm, K. Caulfield. Sixth Row-M. Dorr, L. Eberhart, K. Gotwalt, R. Speir, R. Reaves, N. Swope. Seventh Row--F. Ward, E. Tilberg, R. Jones, W. jones, Eyler, R. Schultz. Eighth Row-R. Selby, M. Green, M. Krick, K. Kitzmiller, R. Decker, H. Weikert. Ninth Row-J. Eiker, P. Olinger, Weaver, S. Nett, L. Mallow, B. johnson. Tenth Row-K. Hartman, R. Deitz, B. Hostetter, D. Koontz, T. Henninger, R. Bruce. Eleventh Row-R. Fairman, M. Hartman, B. Phiel, E. Tressler, C. Hook, P. Miller. Twelfth Row-C. Simmons, P. Johns, L. Kepner, L. Simpson, R. Weikert. Banner Carriers-C. Kint, R. Swisher. Not in Picture-R. Sell. page eighty-eight HEAD MAJORETTE COLOR GUARD Trudy Rowe DRUM MAJOR 5' 5 Mike Wieder .ff 8 1 5 Left to Right-R. Bowers, C. Aslubaugh, C Becker, K. Nett. SENIOR MAJORETTES Left to Rigfvf-Pat Timlin, Barbara Kay Smith, Trudy Rowe, Pat Swope. page eighty-nine SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS lfirvf Row, LL-fr tu Right-ij. Hofc, Hess, S. Harmon, D. Wnulf. Sumnd Rauf-R. Riddlcmoscr, S. IVIcCulIougI1, Kunkle. 'ffninf Run'-I.. Mcfflcaf, D. Herrick, K. Degnan. lfuurrlv Rmvll.. Nlcffarncy, K. Sleiclutcr. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS iii! I f . ,M , X. M, g Donna Herrick, Sandy Harmon :gr rm 1 SENIOR CHEERLEADERS W Kathy Degnan, Linda McCarney JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First ROW, Left Io Right-D. Deardorff, D. Doyle, A. Weinberg. Second Row-B. Smith, B. Allison, S. Nett, Myers. page nine Sf Q.. f"' r- 453 Q..-X kj -V48 0 13 '74, L, 5i IQ X m G4 Safe 1 . vw" XI1' isn'T Whether you win or lose... it's how you play the game M le 1765 VARSITY FCGTBALL LETTERMEN Seniors Richard Scott Robert Furney Robert Grosholz jason Gulden Nick Nichols l,arry Rohrbaugh Williani Shoemaker Edward Simpson Mike Small Jim Snead Don Coldsmith Y vw. I juniors Ed Baker Robert Dean Bill Kint Ronnie Mickley Eugene Miller Don Waddell Sopfwnwrcx john Holoka Jim McCleaf Dick Lltz page ninely-four Go Warri0r.'.'.' SCHEDULE G 6 Westiiiinster l 4 Shippensburg 0 Chambersburg 0 Mechanicsburg 0 Middletown 0 Hershey 12 Wayneslnoraw 6 Carlisle 0 Hanover 1 LEAGUE STANDING W L Hanover 7 0 Hershey 6 l Chambersburg 5 2 Carlisle 4 3 Middletown 2 4 Gettysburg l 5 Mechanicsburg l 6 Waynesboro l 6 COACHES Mr. Pat Kelly, Mr. Don Young Uveaa' coacfvj, N Ned Brownley ftrainvrl, Mr. Carl Schoenbor .Q 3 xx xi I ....4,..i .,., T .,,,.,.,.,.,.....,............. 5 .,.,,.., 3 b I "f?fag . gi. A.,2.:, "':--":::'1 1 "':"A':"" i "1' T' 1? 1'1' , 5 Q . ,M -as B. Grosholtz B. Furney D. Colclsmith J. Gulden N. Nichols L. Rohrbaugh ENIORS D. Scott B. Shoemaker E. Simpson M. Small J. Snead R. Waddell, manager B. Rentzel, manager ,. . . X QQ B. .,-,, . 17' , M53 arg? ' :" I.. WL"" page ni n ety- five VARSITY TEAM First Row, Left to Right-E. Gastley, T. Kuykendall, T. Duane, D. Utz, lVlcCleaf, L. Mickley, B. Reaver, R. Fair, E. Miller, R. Mickley. Second Row--E. Hofe, B. Dean, T. Clabaugh, E. Baker, B. Kint, Holoka, Gulden, B. Shoemaker, Snead, I. Plank. Third Ron'-E. Simpson, D. Coldsmith, N. Nichols, M. Small, D. Waddell, B. Grosholtz, D. Scott, B. Furney, L. Eckert. SUMMARY OF GAMES Our Warriors first took the hom: field against the Westminster Owls. They got off to a slow start in the first quar- ter which proved to be the ball game. The Warriors dropped the opener 12 to 6. Two weeks later the Shippensburg Greyhounds visited G-Burg and went home with their tails dragging. It was a second half game for the Big Red as they stormed off the field with a 14 to 6 victory. The Youngmen opened the South Penn League against Chambersburg and made a really good showing for them- selves. It was a hard fought battle all the way until the G-Burg 11 gave way in the last quarter. The Warriors lost 19 to 0. The Maroon and White lost their second league game to a 40-year rival, Mechanicsburg. Our boys looked really great until they lost the first string quarterback, Nick Nichols, for the remainder of the season by an injury. The Warriors lost a close one 6 to 0. The following week we traveled to Middletown to challenge the Blue Raiders. Although missing two scoring chances in the first frame, the Warriors looked sharp and battled this one to a scoreless tie. The Gettysburg ll then played host to Hershey who proved to be more than a bargain. The Warriors were com- pletely outclassed and beaten 32 to 0. Our tribe thoroughly scalped the Waynesboro Indians on the latter,s field. Again it was a last stanza thrust which this time gave the Warriors a 12 to 6 victory. The final game of the 1959 edition of the Gettysburg Warriors will long be remembered and long distasteful. The boys couldn't get any kind of a start and were badly minced by the league champion Hanover Nighthawks. The Hanoverites rolled up a disheartening 65 to 0 victory to give Gettysburg a 2-6-1 record. page ninety-:ix JUNIOR HIGH AND SPIDER FOOTBALL JUNIOR HIGH SCHEDULE SPIDER SCHEDULE G O G O 13 Chambersburg Faust ,77,, 13 . I I 12 Waynesboro ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, I3 6 Bollmg SPfmg5 f 15 6 SITIPPCUSPUYS ff-' ---'ff-ff - frrf f f f 35 0 Chambersburg .. . 7 0 Chambersburg Central .. . , 21 0 Washington Township t,,,, . 33 0 Hanover ' 0 7 Hanover . .. , 20 0 Biglerville . , 6 LETTERMEN Robert Beeler John Longaneclcer Chester Schultz Gary Guise Lawrence Clapsadle Donald Miller Edward Zeigler Kenneth Kime Larry Helwig Steve Olson Mik-e Shealer Ronald Miller Carl Kump Glenn Plank Jim Fox fmanagerj Joe Riley JUNIOR HIGH TEAMS First Row, Left to Right-M. Hofe, C. Simmons, R. Fox, M. Doyle, D. Lutz, R. Schultz, Walker, C. Smith, R. Finlcboner, R. Fox, M. Harmon, M. Pinlco. Second Row-J. Fox fmanagerj, C. Sleichter, W. Starner, P. Miller, T. Bushey, D. Doalcs, T. Heflin, R. Plank, P. Nelson, Eyler, Rowe, K. Hartman, R. Selby, R. Fiscel, W. Eden, M. Krick, R. Smith, Waybright, W. Lane W. Jones. 7 Third Row-Mr. Lilley fcoachj , B. Sease, R. Smith, P. Olson, M. Boyer, R. Harmon, R. Jones, K. Kime, G. Hart- man, R. Bruce, R. Selby, D. Minter, Longaneclcer, R. Miller, Newman, Tawney, D. Schwenlc, P. Planlc, -I Riley, Mr. Biclcel fcoachj. Fourth Row-Mr. Maloney Icoachj , M. Shealer, G. Plank, C. Baker, D. Miller, S. Helwig, E. Kump, W. Stouclc, D. Jones, C. Schultz, E. Zeigler, D. Bream, G. Crone, P. Seyer, G. Guise, R. Giberson, Mr. Gregor fcoachj . page ninety-seve JUNIOR HIGH COACHES SPIDER COACHES Mr. Don Biclcel, Mr. John Gregor. Mr. John Maloney, Mr. Charles Lilley ...A , ,..-, S 'E Hold that line, Spiders! 1 L, ly-vlgfvi VARSITY BASKETBALL First ROW, Left to Right-G. Maitland, M. Eckert, Roth, T. Hise, Bricker, S. Kessel, P. Dorr. Second Row--K. Hull fmanagerj, N. Nichols, D. Coldsmith, R. Ecker, M. Small, Townsend, B Grosholtz fplayer-managerj . LETTERMEN Seniors Vlike Small ll-lonorary Captainj Robert Furney Donald Coldsmith lames Roth Sam Kessel? lobert Grosholtz' Flardy Nichols if luniors loger Ecker Sireg Maitland Donald Waddell irerfmzan lames Townsend 9fService West York York Suburban Westminster Delone Alumni Hanover West Shore Carlisle Waynesboro Chambersburg Biglerville Delone Hanover West Shore Carlisle Waynesboro Chambersburg Biglerville JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right-B. Keckler, R. Dettinburn, Davies, T. Duane, D. Utz, G. White, McCleaf, D. Crist Serond Row--K. Hull fmanagerl, G. Weilcert, C. Ashbaugh, B. Collins, R. Doalcs, Holoka, E. Heiser, Hess managerl . JUNIOR VARSITY West York York Suburban Westminster Delone Hanover West Shore Carlisle Waynesborro Chambersburg SCHEDULE Biglerville Delone Hanover West Shore Carlisle Waynesboro Chambersburg Biglerville JUNIOR HIGH SCHEDULES Varsity Hanover Chambersburg lFaustl Waynesboro Chambersburg fCentrall Biglerville Washington Twp. Hanover Chambersburg fFaustl Washington Twp. 21 Waynesboro Chambersburg fCentrall Biglerville junior Varsity Hanover Chambersburg fFaustl Waynesboro Chambersburg fCentrall Biglerville Washington Twp Hanover Chambersburg fFaustl Washington Twp Waynesboro Chambersburg fCentralj Biglerville IIILIKLIL' Ollf' IHHILITL I JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Ifirvl Row, Luft to Right-J. Fox, S. Olson, Longaneclcer, IVI. Shealer, R. Bigham, D. Applet, K. Bigham, L. Gilhcrr, If. Zciglcr, C. Schultz, Hartzcll, D. Jones, B. Pinlco, B. Lutz, R. Schuhart, C. Bushcy, T. Collins, Zeigler. Svmml RUWYIXA. Reimer fmanngerl, E. Tilhcrg, Newman, G. Hartman, D. King, R. Butcher, C. Sleichtcr, Thomas, R. Doaks, D. Brenm, IVI. Hammer, Kunkel, R. Deitz, R. Schultz, R. Finlcboner, IVI. Kriclc, IVI. Boyer, A. Buslicy, R. Brucc Imanagetl pi nc fviarizlrwl lnfn , I Z r ,, IFIIX , I ijt I A IN I I f nf X , it . , , y . , L! .. 5 ' X , .,- ' COACHING STAFF Mt. Merrill Eckhart Ijunior varsityl Mr. George Forney Ivarsityl. Mr. Don Biclcel fjunior higlij. Mr. Carl Schoenhorn Ijunior high 1959 BASEBALL First Row, Left to Right-R. Swope, R. Stokes, B. Shoemaker, T. Fox, Greg Maitland, M. Olson Second Row-R. Waddell fmanagerj, Gary Maitland, T. Hise, C. Fair, N. Nichols, D. Cold smith, Mr. jones fcoachj Third Row-B. Rentzel fmanagerl, S. Weikert, R. Sprankle, B. Furney, W. Fissel, B. Lockbaum B. Grosholz. BASEBALL LETTERMEN R. Sprankle B. Lockbaum Gary Maitland S. Weikert T. Fair R. Stokes XV. Shoemaker H. Nichols B. Furney D. Coldsmith D. Wilson R. Grosholz T. Fox Greg Maitland T. Hise MEET RECORDS Chambersburg ,,,,,, , ,, ,, ,,,, ,, , , Gettysburg ,,,,, Biglerville ,, Gettysburg . Carlisle . , , Steelton ...,,, Gettysburg Hanover , 75 52 65 32 51 67 , 5726 ,, 33 M SCHEDULE G. O. G. 24 Boiling Springs ..... 8 Shippensburg .. 2 Shippensburg . ,.,,. .. . , 3 Chambersburg 4 Delone ,,,,,, H ,, , ,, , 6 Waynesboro ,. 3 Waynesboro 4 Hanover ..... 4 Delone .. .,...., . .. 3 Boiling Springs 5 Chambersburg ,, O Hanover Seniors Sophomores R. Cliglelancill Riddlemoseri R. Dean R Noel R. Co smit L. e m r T. Crista' F. Skildnijoiex R' Edie? H Miller T. Crouse Witherow"' R' Herring D Waddell B. Fairbl' H. Kint W- Keffefman S. Hartley"' fmanagerj YLettermen juniors R. Golden S. Kessel Frejhmen J. Guldenx R. Scott G. Haybergerit M. Smallx R- UYZ W Swvpe F. Williams fmanagerj XV. Skidmore fmanagerl page ore buna' ed th ec Vg .. .,,.. M., ...,. ' ...,x :rx 3 gf' W' Q SYN ,X xl . . Q ,,.. ,Q G Q K K . f L uf. 4 x Q Q. NL: "" -"' . G. A. A. CABINET First Row, Left to Right-P. Durboraw, B. Hibner, D. Fiscal, D. Redding. Second mwflVIrs. McGregor fadvisorj, Johnson, B, Wheeler, Ciuck, D. Hetriclc, G. Rowc. In the battle that goes on tlzruitglr life, I ask but a field that is fair: A courage to strive and to dare. If I should Win, let it be by the code, With my faith and my fwnur fveld high. If I should lose, let me stand by tln' mad Ami efvecr as the winners go ivy. A chance tlvat is equal with all in tfre strif C p.1,1.gc nnvl ll f fi fig ff- 1 f fqWwn gf 'Q X2-Nffg - 'ii w ,ij-,-,glfid I annum. gf fef W GH vi HSM lll'wF' 1 llk QNX' Thanks To those who purchased ads To help us produce this hook fl fverfiyam 611 Z5 EQQE5Q2E5ii555S525EE2EEEQZQEEEQEQZQEEEQEQZQZQ5QEE5QSE5fiQQiiEEifQEQEEEQSEEQEEEZEQEQEESQ 125?E55EE5Z255ESE5ESEI?3E5E?i5?535E?i5i?E?E?i5E555E5525if555EE555555?EEEEEEESEEESEEESEESEE CONGRATULATIONS from OHTTYSHUHO SHNIOH HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL wir The Student members of the Gettysburg High School Student Council strive for these aims: CD To provide a suitable means ot organization for school attairsg CZD To stimulate a better cooperation between students and their teachers, and l3l To establish higher standards of character, leadership, scholarship, and school spirit to be achieved by giving the school citizen an oppor- tunity to exercise his democratic rights and guarantee his privilege. d ANNA E. THOMPSON Justice of Peace 48 YORK STREET Ph D y-ED 4-2095 N't -ED 4-4757 Residence 118 E. Middle Street CLAIR L. BOLLINGER DETECTIVE AGENCY 48 YORK STREET Specializing. 1. INVESTIGATIONS OP CRIMINAL AND DOMESTIC MATTERS 2 COLLECTION AND REPOSSESSION OF DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS Member NTERNATIONAL DETECTIVE AGENCY FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE Congratulations and Best Wishes from GETTYSBURG CONSTRUCTION CO. H11 d BEAUTIFUL COLT PARK GETTYSBURC GARMENT, INC. 106 N. Stratton Street Phone ED 4-4311 ADAMS COUNTY NOVELTY COMPANY 'ik Manufacturers FINE CARVED TABLES Gettysburg, Pa. Nationwide Insurance Sterling E. Musselman, Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE 147 C 1 le Street G 6 ttysburg P Compliments oi Gettysburg Lodge No. 1526 Loyal Order ot Moose Compliments ot TWIN HEMLOCK PHEASANT E ARM Pheasants Mallard Ducks Ph 159 F t ldR Fila P yl GETTYSBURG COLLEGE A College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for Men and Women my and Air Force Reserve , , , u T g C P l'1CU. G 111 l1S1C 'll an C 1 M Ed 1 B Suggs Adm t t ysicct D2 Congratulations to the Class ot 1960 af Ugg llama cgfucfio Cannon-Aid Photographers 13? Portrait, Wedding and Commercial Photography 34 York Street Phone ED 4-5513 Gettysburg, P TIMES AND NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY ik Specialists in YEARBOOKS - DISSERTATIONS - SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS iff P blishers of Adams County's Only Daily Newsp p THE GETTYSBURG TIMES CARLISLE STREET PHONE ED 4-1131 GETTYSBUHG PA a' Compliments of Ying1ing's Implement Sales and Service Minneapolis Moline, Fox New Holland, Frick Ph 180 GtybgRD1 Ll P yl Best Wishes to the Class of 1960 ELKS ll' KEYSTONE RIDGEWAY CORP North Fourth Street LODGE N0 ' GETTYSBURG, PA. Off ED 4 ll8l Iohn I. R YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT fGEORGE'Sl VARSITY DINER fOpen 24 Hoursl CARLISLE STREET GETTYSBURG, PA. WE DO OUR OWN BAKING dd CONGRATULATIONS GETTYSBURG MOTOR CLUB 1 Sq G tty burg, Pcx. BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS From the SPANISH CLUB PONTIAC The Car With the Fresh Point of View il? AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REPAIRING COMPLETE BODY SHOP FACILITIES FULL LINE OF REPAIRS FOR ALL AUTOMOBILES at- The H 81 H Machine Shop SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET GETTYSBURG. PA. Phone ED 4-3145 or 4-3146 Patrick P. McDermitt Complete Insurance Service ii? AGENT. NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES iff NOTARY PUBLIC Office: 152 Hanov St t Phone ED 4-6118 hundred fourteen Complimenis of S' E- Keeler ZEBJ-I'IN'G'S Snyder's Body Shop PLUMBING We Specialize in AND HEATING for AUTO Bloglgi 11131125 FENDER Ph ED 4 3939 Ph ED 4 5915 42511191 F f1dRd Gtlybg Complimems of TOBEY'S C. E. WILLIAMS YOUR DUNLAP 75? AND SONS FAMOUS FASHIONS FUEL 011, AND COAL and gy EXCAVATING AND Gettysburg, Pc: TOP SOIL Phone ED 4-5617 Ch mbersburg Pct. 35 H St t C mpliment Compliments of of LARSON'S COURT W ALH AY,S J. Milton Bender Harry E. Bender FURNITURE SWOPE'S AERO ATLANTIC SWOPE'S AERO ATLANTIC NORTH STATION SOUTH STATION 150 Carlisle Street Steinwehr Avenue Phone ED 4-3148 Phone ED 4-1017 wi? il? OPEN 24 HOURS ROAD SERVICE OPEN 7 A.M. TO IO P.M. lv d d ffteen Support The "Warriors" Athletic Teams and Your Gettysburg High School BUUSTER CLUB GETTYSBUBG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 South Franklin Street GETTYSBUHG, PENNSYLVANIA Phone ED 4-3107 if? MODERN MATERIALS FOR BETTER BUILDING if S Blaine Miller W. H. Musser. Ir. Sheatter Bros., Inc. if Automotive Parts Compliments of 1959-60 EDITION Machine Shop Service of the DD BASKETBALL Phone ED 4-2137 WAHHIUBS 204 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg. P ROSE-ANN SHUPPE WEISIIAAB BHUS., INC. 75? Sf? LADIES, AND CHILDRENS Home Appliances-Sheet Metal READY-TO-WEAR Plumbing - Heating Booting - Sidings if ik' R Smnh M1810 P P 37 BALTIMORE STREET 38 Y k S' ' G "Y b 9 P Phone ED 4-1159 hda' Warren Chevrolet Sales if Chevrolet and Buick Sales and Service il? Lincolnwcry East Gettysburg Phone ED 4-3191 Phone ED 4-1030 Compliments ot MASK AND WIG Educated People Save It is told that Indians of Paraguay plowed all day with oxen and then killed the oxen for supper. The primitive mind gave no thought to the morrow. The habit of saving is the mark of the educated man and woman. Also it is one of the privile es enjoyed in a free America. BE SMART - SAVE REGULARLY 376 Interest per Annum Paid on Savings Accounts il? The First National Bank of Gettysburg, Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation On Lincoln Square Since 1857 Compliments of PROSPERITY CLEANERS ik' RAILROAD STREET MEADOW VALLEY REA Ann DERICK ABATTUIR INC THE STORES OF SERVICE il? I A 1 N Wholesalers Lincoln square and York street Home Dressed M9315 Gettysburg, Pa. ig? Gettysburg, Po. Phone ED 4-2187 p g hundred 5 t GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '60 FROM JAMES GETTYS CHAPTER OF THE FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOO' ZIEGLER'S STUDIO Sf? 26 Ccirlisie S Phone ED 4-1311 off ca CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '60 e invite you to make use of the focil ered by this store, whether it be io sho th us, to meet your friends at Murphy's o seek mployment with our company, t h t d d even 1 CI you eci e upon cr r reer. G. C. IVIURPHY CO. Complimenis oi POST 1342 CATHOLIC WAR VETERANS BONNEAUVILLE wiv SPONSORING 1960 STATE CONVENTION IN GETTYSBURG Congratulations to TV Class of 1960 is il? IZEQZLZRQEQQZZSQEQ fififif GETTYSBURG NATIONAL Phone ED 4-1712 BANK dd HENNIG'S BAKERY 35 York Street Kathy Sandy Butchie Linda Donna Ienny SR. HI CHEERLEADERS B k f G.H.S. Cafeteria Sally Iudy Linda Kit Robin Iudy Compliments C pl-ments of of JENNIE WADE HOUSE HALL OF PRESIDENTS CETTYSBURC AERIE 1562 F.O.E. 125-127 Chambersburg Street GETTYSBURG, PA. C mplimenis of THE OLD BUZZARD ARNOLD'S SHELL SERVICE X ff 250 Buford Avenu FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS Phone ED 4-1812 PEOPLE'S TRANSFER HOUSEHOLD MOVING AND STORAGE Gettysburg, Pa. RICHARD SMITH Phone ED 4-2431 Congratulations, Class of '60 Congratulations Class of '60 D. L. Wm HT' K. 0. DEARDOHFF G S KEN DEARDORFF BEAUTY SALON 344 S. Washington Street GETTYSBUHG, PA. Phone ED 4-5016 AGENTS Casualty - Fire - Auto - Allied Lines - Bonding Phone ED York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Over 33 Years Service to Policyholders DIRECT TO YOU GAS at LINCOLN WAY EAST, ROUTE 30 and CORNER OF WEST AND HIGH SMITTY'S MOBIL SERVICE 249 York Street Phone ED 4-5397 SPECIALIZES IN SERVICING pqgeo lv dd' WISUTZKEY'S SHOE STORE Men's, Women's, and Chi1dren's Shoes "The Latest in Styles" 117 Baltimore Street Phone ED 4-5644 Gettysburg, Pa. CULLISION'S UNCLAIMED FREIGHT Rear 331 South Washington Street PHONE ED 4-1811 GETTYSBURG, PA. Compliments Compliments ot of BATTLEFIELD V-F-W- EARTHIVIOVING Post NO. Russell Maitland Compliments of ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE I. HAROLD MILLER 214 W. Middle Street Phone ED 4-4611 Gettysburg, Pa. WE CONGRATULATE THE 1960 CLASS AND WE WISH ITS MEMBERS SUCCESS IN THEIR IOURNEY THROUGH LIFE EDGEWUOD LANES ROUTE 15 SOUTH GETTYSBURG, PA. bllfldffd twenty PEOPLES DRUG STORE THE REXALL- KODAK STORE Drugs - Sodas - Sundries - Toiletries - Stationery York Street Gettysburg, Pa. 19 60 CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE Congratulations H 0 T E L G E T T Y S B U R G From "-on the square" The Senior High Band if Compliments of GETTYSBURG SHOE COMPANY WENTZ'S FURNITURE Serving Yo 121 Baltimore Street u Since '22 Gettysburg, Pa. ROYAL .IEWELERS GUARANTEED WATCHES AND DIAMONDS Take Up to a Year to Pay 42 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of DUTCH CUPBOARD 523 Baltimore Street Phone ED 4-6117 Your Conn and Selmer Dealer COMPLETE REPAIR DEPARTMENT ROY E. COLDSIVIITH, INC. ROOFING - SIDING - SHEET METAL STENGER MUSIC HOUSE coN'rRAc'roR 110 Baltimore Street Hanover, Pa. 310 VVest High Street Gettysburg, Pa. R. Feeser Phone ME 3-6243 F. Bowman Phone ED 4-3187 Compliments of FOOD MARKET COFFMAN .IEWELERS WE DELIVER 13 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Call ED 4-3116 DICK'S SUB SHOPPE SUBMARINES AND PIZZAS 168 Carlisle Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Compliments of BASEHORE INSURANCE IOHN W. BASEI-IORE Class of '52 ADAMS COUNTY FARM FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS Compliments of CONEWAGO DAIRY THE CAROL ANN SHOPPE 119 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone ED 4-5638 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of GETTYSBURG MOTOR LODGE Compliments of GREENEBAUM'S, INC. p ge one hundred twenty! HARRY D. RIDIN GER INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE BROKER 10 Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-2213 Compliments of MARTY'S DELICATESSEN 31 Baltimore Street ANNA BIERER SPECIALTY SHOP Hotel Annex Specialty Shop Compliments of PEACE LIGHT INN Phone ED 4-1416 Coffman-Fisher Dept. Store The Family Store Compliments of Future Business Leaders of America BARB IN BUSINESS vo YEARS gigs SQEQY fffljgfi Lincoln Square MARY MISSB?-l1?'?TLE MARY BETH USED NEW Duane E. Johnson Bookstore "MORE ATMOSPHERE THAN AIR" 44 N. Washington Street BOUGHT SOLD DITZLER'S MUSIC SUPPLIES 12 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Heller and Keller Motors 243 Steinwehr Avenue Phone ED 4-4511 ESSO PRODUCTS Gettysburg, Pa. LAMP POST TEA ROOM Open Daily 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. SERVING BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER Mrs. Edna Tuckey, Prop. Approved by Duncan Hines Compliments of WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP HANOVER HARDWARE CO. BUILDERS' HARDWARE Tools, Paint, Oil, Glass and Sporting Goods Chambersbur Street 9 HANOVER, PA. p ge one l7IH1d76t1' twenty-tlvrec SAYLOR'S GULF SERVICE Robert Saylor 103-111 Carlisle Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-4517 DAVE'S PHOTO SUPPLY 52 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. ir CAMERAS - SUPPLIES - PHOTO FINISHING Photographic Headquarters in Gettysburg REMMEL'S PRINT SHOP 54 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Ralph Barley, Owner MORRIS CITLIN DEALER IN ALL KINDS 'OF IUNK 'ik Rear of Carlisle Street Phone ED 4-1216 THE SHETTER HOUSE DINING ROOM AND CATERING at 48 Chambersburg Street Compliments of TEXAS LUNCH 58 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-3197 Simpson Machine 8: Welding Co. Ernest H. Simpson, Prop. 4th and Water Streets P. O. Box 252 Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of JACK AND .IILL SHOPPE Chambersburg Street Famous Hot Wiener Lunch Corner York Street and Broadway Hanover, Pa. E. T. Mavros and George T. Tsitsibelis, Props. Compliments of KUHN'S MILLINERY FOR THE LATEST IN FASHIONS 130 Chambersburg Street Rose B. Sanders, Prop. Phone ED 4-5544 The Wayside Flower Shop Phone ED 4-3194 425 S. Washington Street Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hetrick's Service Center Phone ED 4-1320 General Repairing Used Cars, Road Service, Storage 100 York Street Gettysburg. Pa. page one lmnu'red twrnty-four Tharp's One Hour Cleaner And Shirt Service T E E ll. E 4' S can Enterprise 1-3747 if? LAUNDRY, CLEANING, STORAGE Gettysburg Shopping Center 110 High Street Hanover, Pa CHARLES S. LUPP BLUCHEHS RADIO AND TV SALES AND SERVICE 350 York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. IEWELRY SINCE 1887 25-27 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of FABEPUS Lincoln Square Compliments of INVESTORS' LOAN CORP. Lincoln Square GETTYSBURG, PA. PENN DAIRIES, INC. R. D. 4, on Highway Route 15 BAN KERT'S RESTAURANT SEE US Gettysburg Pennsylvania AFTER THE GAME FIVE STAR RESTAURANT Compliments 72? "Good Food and Friendly Service" il? M 4 Miles South of Gettysburg on U. S. 15 R. D. 2, Gettysburg Phone ED 4-1342 GILBERT'S HOBBY SHOP Roger's Sunoco Service Center 230 Steinwehr Ave. on Rt. 15 to Wash., D. C. 687 York Street Phone ED 4-3642 GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone ED 4-5715 Finest Service In Historic Gettysburg, Pa. page one hundred twenty-fi FISSEL-BRITCHER Geri. Reynolds House MARINES MCCLEAF-S AGENCY OLD TIME REC-PARK DINER GROCERY Meats Masonic Building Gettysburg, Pa. Phone ED 4-3414 COUNTRY STORE Candy, Nuts and Gifts Opposite A8zP FAMOUS FOR REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Vegetables and Frozen Foods Call ED 4-1368 Phone ED 4-5191 We Deliver Dance to the Rhythmic Beat of GETTYSBURG WOLF'S J NATIONAL FURNITURE and His Orchestra MUSEUM, INC. STORE x 9 A is s. 12 "Honra cf the Two Taverns X 1 ' 53" " 'E Electric Map" s x K. V l- . Phone 434-J 5 'B "A - BF ' A - Q if v ' xn Q C- ': 5 val' J? , 4 fm I X scHM1TT's ' I- f INTERIOR A 'gigs ' ,K - ' DECORATION Compliments of Have Gained Popularity in Eight States -Af 49 High Schools if 8 Hotels fk 18 Colleges gk 64 Theaters if 71 Clubs if 73 Fraternities if 6 Ballrooms 29 E. Lincoln Ave. Phone ED 4-5112 Gettysburg, Pa. Carpet - Furniture Slip Covers - Draperies Chambersburg Street Phone ED 4-4118 Bernard I. Stock 38 N. Washington Street TEETER STONE, INC. Crushed Stone Products Phone ED 4-3165 GETTYSBURG, PA. page one hundred twenty-fix Compliments ADAMS COUNTY BRITCHER 6' Compliments Compliments ELECTRIC BENDER of of APPLIANCE CO. F . .d n S 1 DRUG STORE MR. AND MRS. SANDY'S rxgi a1re aes . ROSS A. SCHRINER RESTAURANT 31 Cafllsle Street 27 Chambersburg Street ED 4-5412, Gettysburg THE BATTLEFIELD SWIMMING POOL Baltimore Pike 1112 Miles From Lincoln Square "A Daily Dip, That's Compliments of DAVE OYLER MOTORS LINCOLN - MERCURY EDSEL DEALERS Steinwehr Avenue ROBERT P. SNYDER General Insurance Second Floor Plaza Building Compliments of KENNIEIS MARKET Where You Get More of the Best for Less 45 S. Franklin Street Our Tip" Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments For Real Potato Chips Edward- N. Stine Compliments SANIUEI.. SHIRK Tradmb as THE GIFT BOX 5' SON' INC. EAT DOUGHERTY UTZ'S 5, HARTLEY 29 Chambersburg Street 4 B d 0 ma way Dry Goods, Notions and Greeting Cards and Hanover, Pa. Hanover, Pa' Underwear Gifts SHERMAN'S STORE N. O. SIXEAS HOTEL Compliments of GETTYSBURG Complete Line of Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Shoes for the Entire Family 20 York Street Gas and Electric Appliances - Furniture 62 Chambersburg Street BEAUTY SALON Margaret L. Spangler Owner - Operator Phone ED 4-4017 Gettysburg, Pa. HANKEY'S GROCERY Abe, Glenn and Junie Compliments of SENIOR HIGH MAJOBETTES HERSHEY'S MEN 'S SHOP T d R P t T' li 1'Q'Q,tyR0Q",fe Kiy QSM? TAILORS AND HABERDASHERS Mary B. Hughes Yvonne Trostle Sue Omer FHYHC CHIP Opposite Courthouse Miss McCloskey BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS From BULLETIN BOARD CLUB Elaine Topper Iorene Slentz Linda Eckert HANSFORD'S BODY SHOP SPECIALIZES IN LATE MODEL USED AUTO PARTS 492 Miles East On U. S. 30 page one hundred twenty-xeven DAVE'S Congratulations to the Compliments Class of 1960 ' WALLPAPER AND BOOKMART LQVAN S PAINT PETERS FASHIONS FUNERAL HOME PLAZA 117 Carlisle Street Telephone ED 4,5315 Gettysburg, Pa. 321 Carlisle Street S'MYSER'S IACOBY'S Compliments of . ARCTIC LOCKER C0mPl11'fl9HtS CARD SHOP GIFT SHOP of VARSITY CLUB Greeting Cards For Every Occasion 36 Frederick Street Hanover, Pa. Between Gettysburg and Biglerville Phone Biglerville 327-M Delivery Service Phone ED 4-5211 REDDING'S Hardware, Paint, Auto and Home Supplies KUHN'S AMOCO SERVICE AMOC0 PRODUCTS Washing, Lube Minor Repairs K :Sf B ICE CREAM BAR Own Make Ice Cream SYSTEM Frozen Food Locker - Processing and Frozen Food Gettysburg ED 4-4116 - Compliments of HOAGIE HOUSE and Candy 246 YORK STREET 30 York Street Phfme ED 4-4212 GETTYSBURG, PA. Gettysburg, Pa. 525 York Street HARRISBURG ROAD BIGHAM'S Compliments of BIX-SWAY COUNTRY KITCHEN HOME BAKERY FRESH AND SMOKED WALTER H' FISSEL YOUNG MEN MEATS GENERAL STORE AND 3 Miles South on 57 Breckenridge Street Phone 586-J-3 BOY'S SHOP E -t b R d mml S mug oa Gettysburg' Pa' Littlestown, Pa. Oplggiillio SCHWARTZ'S ' Compliments W ASHEITE C0mP1im0I1tS Prescriptions Filleid Lenses Dup icate C Repgafed of 158 E. Water Street of ontac enses Zenith Hearing Aids STUARTS MQTEL ALL WASH 35 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. ACCEPTED AT CUSTOMER'S RISK BILL DAYTON Compliments GETTYSBURG BENN'S H' E':1f1gNgg1LHOFF of NEWS AND Men's and Boy's Wear Local and Long HARDWARE STORE and SERVING 26 I EASTERN STATES 43 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. HANOVER Phone ED 4-3614 page one hundred twenty-eight BEST OF LUCK CAN N ON-AID STAFF "HEADS" and ADVISURS Compliments of CLIFF ARUUETTE'S SOLDIERS MUSEUM 777 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. EVERYTHING MUSICAL MELODY MART Instruments - Sheet Music - Music Books Instruction - Records - Record Players Accessories - Studio Rentals Les Michener, Prop. 100 York St. Phone ED 4-5112 Gettysburg, Pa. OB so I? ' PQ? S' I 'Q 'QINIEN HWQE 0-. - fi' I Q 4'P0N- Q5 YNAKFIP5' -EM F. H. A. Compliments of The Shelter House il? Superior Distrlbutmg Co. DINING NOONI IINII CATERING iff ik? at 48 Chambersburg Street Cokes and Snacks Compliments oi if DICK IIM BOB Gettysburg, Pct. Phone ED 4-1157 MIKE page one hundred twenty Compliments of Autographs A W f j V ,5 KZ fwvf?-Wiwot V . 5-Q 77,,,0fv'fff,f.k. fffjfww 4 -zz" M ?7f' Qfj0.fv1 , J ,M W MIM' qffjffxfyl W V6fMiff,w ffMf5'W' I WJ 7 6' Q ,-3 ff ,MJ wid, Wfff ' .1 Kaz!-Qi' Q gif ' ff 7' N may C W, f ' ' -W-A'-.,.w, - Q , .M , ." 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