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V.. , .I mf. K . a J., . -,-,A ,A , fy, ME. 11, X .. ., 3 ,er- ,,-fg',.,w,! V, K L, . 5 , ,, , W Aff. ' .I .,. - ::- Q' ew A , 'nap' '. A -.1 - ,W , . w 4' , f 4 'Q a .,-LZ., , f .Q 1' "X" Q' gg. I'....' J' K' -wk-3411. A", - ff ki 1 , , . , V ., . 1 M . 5 . N'.N,,e.. ., ' , .4 . - -1 , . ' :rv lf, ,qv ,f,r,, V K ,, f f -v ":7'. -s. a' .- G , , .. , k,, ' 15. .eww .- ' . zz -' , , ,A v. -- , ' v A , . rf M ef A 1 .Qty I -egg 1. Y ' . J w ' Il "Lg, , w fx, J 1 A .L .f rl ,A Q - 1 y Jw f' -, , ll , , . 1i 1 ' . wi' Q 1 4 f , K ,-.agp ,Liam mf!" 1 - " . 1- --,fl 1 , K -. , ' - 1 ' ' .P ' f.1r'.f,f:,.-, ll XIIIAYQW tl! XFSUUW .K k we . , ,,-24,9 if '-4. LV,-. - ,'. rn rllg Ex- -Sf' Ju: , . 1- A . 3: V. jr-A--1 s. 1-, ' Mlu.. -rx , W, . , 1 ., ' n ': 5, I g ---v 1- 1. , .,, ., 4 '7fze Senior: 01644 af qafzww ,Inga saw paeamta fit fqnnual Paacfaclian . 15 I G M51 GWENN BREAM .,.. ,........,....7.... E difor PATRICIA BUSHEY ....,.... .. ,............ E ditor JAMES HOAIC .,....,,. Business Manager JOHN BASEHOAR ..,... Adzfer1'isi11,g Manager CANNON Staff Heads John Basehorc' Gwenn Bra-am M r. I-lcrr 'lamcs Hoalc Pat Bushcy Assistant Staff Heads Mary Mason Sue Schmitt Martha Hcim Kay Coleman Nellie- Larson Circulation Regina Knousc lucz Larmcr Alice Cluck Evelyn Sterm-r Berkley Nauglc Dave Swopc Norris Minter Larry Cool Clubs and Activities Peggy Holtzwortli Mary Louise Rummel janet llflussclman lin-tty 'Raymoncl Dolores Rose Betty Brent AID Photography and Sports Wfilliam Bucklew jack Brcam Nancy Sanders Stanley Allland Carroll Smith Charles Sanders Sidney Shade james Hall Stuart Maeljherson Luther llverly Senior Feature and Art Carla Scheidc Lou Ann Dulaney Anna Mae Bighani Bonnie Bryson Alice Coshun Nancy Britcher Betty Cole Advertising Dian Shuff Regina Kane Bill VVillia1ns Marian Shears -lohn Basehore JoAnn Rebert Fred Herring -leanette Sponsellor Nina Sites Typists Nancy Bushman Dolores Wi11e1nan Shirley King Genevieve VVetzel Barbzn'a Rider Barbara Taylor Katherine McKelvey Four' Production Manager Here's to the man behind the scene who never lost his sense of humor in spite of the numerous and untimely mistakes made by the staff. We, the Class of '52, onfer our humble thanks for the many hours he spent aiding us in producing this edition of the Cannon-Aid. , 1 lx. ROGERS HERR Class Directors From the time we were green freshmen until we became sophisticated seniors, Mrs. Heintzelman and Mr. Haehnlen were the lirst persons con- sulted when a difficult situation or problem came up concerning our class. Through their patient help and guidance the situation became easccl and the problem solved. Not only did they give of their time freely at a crisis but helped plan the program of class activities and then aided in the develop- ment of the program. FRED P. HAI-:HNLEN - ANNA B. iHElN'I'ZliLMAN Dedication To the 1952 football team of Gettysburg 1-ligh School, we dedi- cate this edition of the Cannon- Aid. Not only have they been able to light their way to the Hrst tm- defeated season, but also gave Gettysburg High School their first conference title in twenty years. This was made possible through the ideals of cooperation set forth by the coaches, Ross Sachs and Howard Shoemaker. VVe feel that this team has set a fine example of team work for us to follow through the years. F i Members of the Board of Education GE'l,"l'YSl5 URG Paul M. Rohrbaugh, President Mrs. Erma D. Roppay. Vice President Dr. R. D. KvlCliL'l'l'lZlll1, Secretary The First National Bank, Treasurer jacob G. Applcr Robert H. ljCEll'flOl'lf Ray Kitzniillcr Daniel I. Wiolll? CUMBERLAND Mrs. Letha Hartman, President Edward Eiker, Vice President Emory A. Fox, Secretary B. VV. Redding, Treasurer Russell Durboraw Mrs. Prudence O. Martin Donald S. VVeikert FREEDOM john NW. iNYoods, President Mervin B. Bishop, Vice President Raymond S. Scott, Secretary Guy T. Gordon, Treasurer Addison R. Durboraw Edgar A. McDonnell MT. joY Arthur R. Buehler, President Glenn R. Bowers, Vice President Charles M. A. Shildt, Secretary John VV. Schwartz, Treasurer Austin Shoemaker Six FRANKLIN Melvin J. Kane, President Harry F. Biesecker, Vice President Olmcr Spence, Secretary Eugene O. Kimple, Treasnrer Gift Walter HIGHLAND Allen A. Wfeikert. President Glenn Trostle, Vice President Charles L. Lott, Secretary Ray F. Funt, Treasurer Casper M. Barlup STRABAN Hugh C. Mcllhenny, President Raymond A. Sibert, Vice President Russell M. Spangler, Secretary Ralph VV. Guise, Treasurer VVilliam A. Raber Oren H. Wilson Evx D. BOWER English I English H, Ninth Glade Class Adviser DR LLOYD C. KEEFAUVER AB., AM., Edo. 5 'llf7C7"lWIllC?7lClC7flf of Schools Mtamsi-:Rs or 1952 Your high school education should have taught you to live democratically with satisfaction to yourself and a profit to society. as a home maker, worker and n citizen. lt it has done these things, you are well paid for your four years' work. G. VV. LEFEVER DoRoT H Y M. Bovsiz History, Seventh Grade Class Adviser, Knitting Club NIIEMISEIIS OF 1952 Choose the right goal and work hon- estly to attain that goal. But of first im- portance is the kind of life you choose to live. Material success is quite often not as important as it seems to be. The right goal is the one that will permit you to live at peace with your conscience. L. C. KEEFAUVER MR. GUILE W. LEFEXQER, BS.. MS. High School Principal BETTY' N. BRANDON RONALD' J. BRICAM Business English, Bookkeep- History. Seventh Grade Class ing I, Mask and Wig', Dra- Adviser, Fishing Club matics Instructor Sczm L -.-1 ll.. -l Jonn P. CESSNA Physics, General Science, Science Club, Custodian of Sound and Photographic Equipment KAT1-IRYN WV. DIEHL School Nurse RICHARD A. FOLKENROTI-1 Geography, Junior High Budget, Stamp Club Eight JACK R, CORBIN Industrial Arts ROBERT C. DIEHL Bookkeeping I, Bookkeeping II, Commercial Arithmetic, School Treasurer GEORGE S. FORNEY Physical Education, Athletic Director. Basketball and Track Coach Mvuzs R. Dmxlnmolzrr Mathematics 'tDeceasecl" ROBERT D. Fnmzk Problems of Democracy. World History, National Honor Society, Budget. Chess Club, Sophomore Class Adviser GEORGE W. GLENN Agriculture, Mathematics, F.F.A., Junior Class Adviser FRED P. HrXEH NLIQN Science. Chemistry, Senior Class Adviser, Fishing Club R. RoGI:Rs HERR Algebra, General Mathe- matics, Junior HiglI School Coach, Guidance, Cannon- Aid Adviser GIQRTRUDIQ B. LITTLE Shorthand. Typing, F.B.L.A., Play Ticket Sponsor lVlARY 1. HAli'l'Ll AN l,inglislI Vlll, Red Cross Council RUTII M. 105121111 Typing, Maroon and VVlIite fBusiness5, Quill and Scroll EDXYIN S. LUNGANI-:cIcIiR lQL"l'lI A. AlClI.HENNY English IH, Bridge Club English IV. Student Council, Hobby Club ANNA B. HEIN'I'ZEI.BlAN Latin, English H, Senior Class Adviser, Magazine Sales Adviser 1-QICHARD D. ICRTCK Art Supervisor PA UI, R. MKII RI NG Mathematics, Ninth Grade Class Adviser. Assistant Principal. Attendance Di- rector N ine jfs, , ' s wffifaif V W-4.x.w wxmrie 5f'FfWfiFtfl i?ffu we . 'K 1 1 lfjlnfliiff I ' 25 ? 1 .v ?f 5 N Q l is w e f A , gym wing: we 'j ., f I 1, 5 3-fy T-151 1 .5 Z . ' 1 ii ' J A E E ' K . v ,tm zzfiiziliiiia x w 5 JOHN O'BRIEN American History, Assistant Junior High School Coach ARLENIQ V. ROHRBAUGH General Home Economics F.H.A. Adviser 1 EVA JUNE SCHWARTZ Vocational Home Economics, F.H.A. Adviser, Sophomore Class Adviser Ten N. Louise RAMER Guidance Counselor, Journal- ism Adviser, Maroon and Wliite Cliditoriall, Quill and Scroll Ross H. Sfxcus Health and Physical Educa- tion, Social Studies, Assist- ant Football and Basketball Coach RICHARD B. SHADE Vocal Music, High School Choir EDITH P. REJNHART' Girls' Health and Physical Education, G.A.A. Adviser, Cheerleaders ELMER H. SCHRIVER Agriculture, F.F.A. Adviser JACOB, M. SHEADS On Military Leave Ron15RT E. SHEADS, JR. Biology, Health, Checker Club RUTH A. SPANGLER French, Spanish, National Honor Society RUTH K. NVISLER English I, Junior Red Cross Council, Junior Class Adviser Howmm G. SIIOIQMAKER NVorld History, Civics, Foot- ball ancl Baseball Coach FRED' G. TIQOXELL Algebra, Geometry, Student Council, National Honor So- ciety, Athletic Association Treasurer SHIRLEY J. YOUNG Librarian. Literary Club ALICE SNYDER English VH, Eighth Grade Class Adviser, Etiquette Club, Student Council Ad- viser DONALD A. ULLRICII Science, Eighth Grade Class Adviser, Fire Drill, Nature Club ' ROBERT G. ZEIGLER Instrumental Music Eleven Thanks t00OO Miss SARA NIICKLEY Tzc'cl:'z' MRS. AIABEL FoL1i1QNRoT1-I A'Doc:" NIARTIN UMM." TRESSLER ,215 Q25 ,V..- M Hi izissff-25521affsgs 1 ff m Y - ,:g:::51::::,.:. ,,-- A 92395 .-W , l 2:51551 ' . A -'--'- T -rw 'V3535 I' 'zfffii?3fiZZi?!i.T?ifEi5Z? A . ,..., V ,x Q, -, Q ,-i f S - AA Ji "" -5"1-'. f:'- -2-1 1 11 'S 'Q Q M , A .R A. ..-.2 my I W, A . .Rv i Ay WMMMM wWmWWq'mM':7' H lim" , , ELE T if r ,5:,...,,,. ., 'Q MRS. l5L'1aRrm1.1nu1:, Dietitian: AIRS. ADAMS, MR5 L7L'1.1.1soN, MRS. A1AC'IJUNALD,, AND BlRS TRESSLER 5 Q1 E53 6 .Senior IN THE lime L16-lll' .2 w 1 w w N STANLIQY ICEITH ALTLANU "Mole" C0111 mercial Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 1, Z, 33 Battlefield Club, lg Junior Historians, 2, 3. NANCY RUTH BAKER HNan" COIIIIIICFCTUI Cannon-Aid: Our Own Club, l 5 Red Cross Council. 23 F.B.L.A., 3, 4. JOHN BASEHORE ss-Iohnu Accldenzic Cannon-Aid CAdv. Mgr.Jq Choir, l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 2. 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Council, lg Junior Historians, 2, 3. ANNA NIAE BIGHAM "Anniel' C0'H'l1lI!'7'C'iGl Cannon-Aid, Chorus, 4, Col- 01' Guard, 2, 3, 4, Majorette Club, l, 2: Junior Historians, 3: Play Committee, 4. Sl..1'fl'I'lI lX4'A1uA N M ARc1AR1c'1' BLOU NT "Marian" C0lI1ll'lCl'Cil1I G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, G.A.A.. l, Z, 3, 45 Leaders Club, 11 Dancing Club, 2, Library Staff, 3, 43 Play Committee. 3, 4. ROBERT Lewis BOYD "Bob" Conzmercial Track, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, 41 Battlefield Club, l, Z5 Junior Historians, 3. GXX'fINN SUZANNIQ BREAM "Tookie" Acadeniic Cannon-Aid CEditorials Edi- torjg Student Council, 2, 3, 4 CSecy.Jg G.A.A. Cabinet, 4 CPres.J 5 G.A.A., l, Z, 3, 45 Mask and Wig, 2, 3, 45 Na- tional Thespians, 3, 4 CPres.Jg Choir, 2, 3, 4, Majorettes, 4, Ass't 'fleadi Majorette Club, 1, 2, 33 "Cheaper by the Dozen," "You Can't Take It with You", Play Committees, 1, Z. 3. 4, National Honor So- ciety. JOHN DOUGHERTY BREAM KKJ'aCkH A ca demic Class Treasurer, 23 Cannon- Aidg Student Council, lg Football, 1 QMgr.j, Z, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 4, Base- ball, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 42 Chorus, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3g Orchestra, 1, 2, 33 Battle- field Club, 1, 2, 3: "You Can't Take It with You." BETTY Loc BRENT :aBetSyn Acadciizic Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club, 15 Nurs- ing, Z, 35 Red Cross, 45 Play Committee, 4. NANCY CAROLINE BRITCIIER "Nance" Academic Cannon-Aid5 Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A., 1, 25 Choir, 35 Chorus, 2, 35 Orchestra, l, 2, 35 Journal- ism, l, 2, 3, 4. XVILLIABI DUDLEY BUCKLEW llBuCk!! A cad emic St. Paula High School, lg Kenwood High School, 25 Cannon-Aidg Maroon and White, 3, 45 Football 3, 4: Basketball, 35 Track, 3, 4: Bridge Club, 3, hlournalisni Club, -1: "You Can't Take It with You." PATRICIA KATHERINIZ BUSHEY xcpattyrs Academic Cannon-Aid CEd. Picturesjg Maroon and White CGirls' Sports Editorbg Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Student Council, Z, 3 fClass Rep., 41 5 G.A.A. Cabinet, 45 Choir, 2, 35 Chorus, 2, 45 Red Cross Council, lg Journalism Club, 2, 3, 45 "Turn Back the Clockf' "You Can't Take It with You"5 Play Commit- tees, l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society. EDYTHE SMILEY BUSHMAN HEdieU Academic Maroon and White CCircula- tion Mgr.j5 Choir, 2, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, 3, 45 Our Own Club, 15 Play Committee, 1. NANCY ANN BUsHMAN IINanCyvr Commercial Cannon-Aid5 Maroon and White, 1, 25 G.A.A. Cabinetg G.A.A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club, l, 25 Play Committees, 3, 4. MARY JANE CLAPsADDLE ilMary!! Commercial Dancing 2, 3. BETTY LEONA CLARK nBetty,u Commercial o.o.c., 1, Battlelield Club, 25 Junior Historian Club, 3- Seven feca CLYDE KING CLEVELAND "Cleve" Commercial Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball, 1, 2, 35 Track, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 4g Battlefield Club, 1, Z, 3. ALICE JANE CLUCK ulyanieu Home Economics F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN COLE :sBettyvr C'01IIH1K?7'C'l:G1 Cannon-Aid, Maroon and Wliite CCo-News Editorj, Z, 3, 45 Student Council, 1, 3, 4, Majorette Club, lg Journalism Club, 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Play Committee, 4, National Honor Society CSecy.j. ANNA ESTELLE COLVARD "Stell" Commercial Battlefield Club, 1, 23 Junior Historians, 3, F.B.L.A., 4, Play Committee, 4. Eighteen LARRY LEVERNE CooL "Cooley" Agriculture F,F.A., 3, 43 Battlefield Club, 1, 2. SARA ALICE COSHUN "Cush" Acadcnzic Vice President, 4, Cannon- Aidg Maroon and Wliite, 42 Quill and Scroll, 43 Student Council, 1, Z, 35 G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 4: Choir, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club, 1, Z, 3, 43 Library Staff, lg Play Committees, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society. JANET LOUISE CRISWELL asisu Home Economics Majorette Club, l 3 Battle- field Club, 23 Music Club, 35 Play Committees, 4. ALBERT LoUIs CULLISON .lskipu Agriculfilrc Baseball, lg F.F.A., 3, 4, Hobby Club, 1, 2. THOMAS KEN NETI1 CULT' lCTOm!! A endemic-Agriculture Football, 23 F.F.A., 3, 4, Battlefield Club, lg Science Club, 2. VIVIAN ANITA DELLINGER "Vive" Commercial Class Treasurer, 45 Battle- field Club, 1, 2: Junior His- ZOUHUS, 39 Play Committee, JOHN DONALD DILLON "Donnie" Agriculture F-F-A-, 1, 2, 3 CConductOrD, 4 Creporterj. JEANNE LOUISE DILLON "Jeannie" Academic Biglerville High School, l, Z, 3. LOU ANN DULANEY IGLOHQJ C ommercial-A cadcmic Nathaniel Hawthorne Jr. High, lg Thomas Jefferson High, Z5 Cannon-Aid, Ma- roon and White, 45 G.A.A., 35 Red Cross Council, 33 Journalism, 45 Play Com- mittee, 4. DORIS MARY EBERHART "Eberhart" A cademic Battlefield Club, l, 33 Nurs- ing Club, 2. JOHN WILLIAM EBERHART "John" General Football 1, Z, 33 Baseball, 2 fMgr.J 3 Battlefield Club, lg Junior Historians, 2, 3. CRETA MYREE EPLEY 'lCreta" A cadcmic Cannon-Aid g Quill and Scroll, 43 Maroon and White, 3, 4, Mask and Wig, 41 Choir, 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Staff, 13 Science Club, lg Nursing Club, Z, Journalism Club, 33 Play Committees, 3, 43 National Honor SO- ciety. N iuetecn H. LUTHER EVERLY "Lucifer" Academic Cannon-Aiclg Maroon and White, 4g Student Council, 1g Basketball, 1, Z5 Track. 2, 4, Choir, 3g Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4g Science Club, 1, 3, 45 Fish- ing Club, 2, "Turn Back the Clock." HERBERT L. FETTER "Herb" Commercial Shippensburg High School, 1, 25 Basketball, lg Indus- trial Art Club, lg Photog- raphy Club, 2: Battlefield Club, 3, Science Club, 4. BETTE LOUISE FISSEL "Bette" Commercial Choir, 23 Chorus, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Coun- cil, 1, 2, Dancing, 4, Play Committee, 4. ROBERT WILLIAM Fox HDad7! Commercial Basketball Manager, Z, 3, 4, Stamp Club, 1 CSec.jg Play Committee, 4. Twcn ty JANET MARIE GEISLER lIDO11yry Home Economics F.H.A., 1, Z, 35 Choir, 1 Chorus Choir, 1, F.H.A Club, 2, 3, 4. GERALEEN Po1.IIAIxI1Js GERRALD nGerryn Commercial Rising Sun High, lg Choir 3, 45 Chorus, 2, Junior His- torians Club, 25 Red Cross 33 Dancing, 43 Play Com- mittee. RAYMOND C. GOODERMUTH 'lGoldie" General Maroon and White, 2, 3, 43 Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Z, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, Z, Orchestra, l, 2, Jour- nalism Club, 2, 3. PATRICIA JANE GRACE Ilpattyrv Commercial F.H.A., 1, 2, Hobby Club 3, F.H.A. Club, 1, 2, 35 Red Cross, Z CSecretaryj, 4 CPresidentj. I ANNA MAE HAL1. "Annie" Home Economicx F.H.A. Club, 1. JAMES EDWARD HAI.l. "Hallie" Academic Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3 CCo-Sports Editorjg Football, 3: Intra- mural, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track CManagerH, 1, Z, 3, 4: Jour- nalism Club, 1. JAMES ALBERT HANREY CKRCYU Commercial Baseball, 3, 4, Battlehelcl Club, 1, 2. JEAN ELI-ZANOR HAR AI AN "Jeanie" Commercial Choir, 2: Chorus, 2, Hobby Club, 1, F.B.L.A., 3 fRe- porterj, 4 QPresidentj. RICHARD CHARLES HARRIEL "Dick" Commercial Football, 1, 2, 3, 49 Track, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 4, "You Can't Take It with You." MARIE BLANCHE HARRIS "Reds" C 0 mmercial Bedford High, 33 Choir, 23 Chorus, 25 Band, 1, 23 Mafjorette Club, 1, 23 F.B.L.A., 43 Play Commit- tee, 4g "Beauty and the Beef." JAY CALVIN HARTINIAN lKJayU Commercial Fishing Club, 1, 43 Science, 2, Battlefield, 3. J. RICHARD HAY t4DiCkH Commercial Cannon-Aid, Track, 25 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 1, 23 Battlefield Club, 35 Journalism Club, 4g Play Committee, 4. Twenty-om' 1V1ARTl'lA LOUISE HEIM acMartyvs Academic Cannon-Aid: Maroon and VVhiteg Student Council, 43 G.A.A., 1, 2. 3, 4: Mask and VVig, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 4: Cheerleading, 1, Z, 3, 43 Na- tional Thespian, 43 Journal- ism Club, 1, 2, 3. 43 "Turn Back the Clock", Play Com- mittees, 1, Z, 3, 4, National Honor Society. FRED MCCI.EIAF HERRING "Freddie Commevfcial Class President, Z, 3, 4: Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4 QBusiness Managerj 3 Student Council, Z, 3, 43 Battlefield Club, 2, Bridge, 4: Junior Historian, 3: Quill and Scroll, 4 fPres- identlg National Honor So- ciety. WILLIAM TIIoMAs HEYsER CKBHIYY Commercial Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball, l, 2, 35 Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Intramural, 4. JAMES CLETUS HOAK HJirn77 Academic Cannon-Aid fBusiness Man- agerl 3 Student Council, 2, 3, 45 Football Clntramuralj, 2 Track, 2, 3, 4, Science, 1, 2 Baseball fManagerj, 13 Bat- tlefield, 3, "Turn Back the Clock." Twenty-two MARGARET ANN HOLT'ZWORTII iKPeggy7! Academic Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 1, 2. 3, 43 Choir, 2, Chorus, Z3 Band, l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1. 2, 3, 43 Leaders Club, lg Nursing, Z3 Journalism, 35 Committee, 4. REGIINA ELIZABETI-I KANIC ArReggieu Academic Cannon-Aidg G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, Z3 Majorette, 1, 2, 3, 4 fhcadjg "You Can't Take It with You", Play Play Committee, 4. NIARIE ELSIE KELLER HR-ee!! Coufzuzercial-Home Ec F.H.A., 1, 2 CSecretaryl, 3 CPresidentJ, 4 CSecretaryj3 Play Committees, 4. RICHARD LEE KEBI PER "Dick" Agriculture F.F.A. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. XfVII.I.Is IDE.-KN KEPNER "Willie" G me ral Science Club, 1: Our Own Club CTreasurerJ. 3. ROSAl.l'1li NIARY ICIDVVELL "Rosie" Collznzercial Biglerville, 15 Cannon-Aidg Choir, Z, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, 3, 45 Square Dancing Club, 15 F.B.L.A. Club, 2, 45 Play Committees, 45 National Honor Society. SIIIRLEV VIRGINIA lilNG "Shirley" C'0l!lIll8l'Cill1 Class Officer CCorresponcling SecretaryJ, 4 5 Cannon-Aidq Majorette Club. 15 Junior Historians, ZZ Music, 3: F.B.L.A., 45 Play Commit- tee, 4. REGINA lVlARGARET KNOU SE "J eannie" f:0'I'lHI1L'7'Cil1l Cannon-Aid 5 Dancing Club, 3, 45 1'.H.A., 2. INEZ LAR M ER "Tennessee" H ome Economics Cannon-Aid CCirculationJ 5 F.H.A., 1 CHistorianj, 2, 3 CTreasurerJ, 45 Chorus. NELLIE LOUISE LARSON "Nell" Academic Vice President, 15 G.A.A. Cabinet, 43 Cannon-Aitl CBusiness Managerjq Ma- roon a1Id White, 1, 2, 3, -l CFeature Editoi-D5 Student Council, 2, 3, 4 CVice Pres- identjg Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3. 45 Mask and Wig, 3, 45 Chorus, 25 Journalism Club. 1, 2, 3, 45 "Beauty and the Beef"5 Play Committees, 1, 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3. 45 NatioIIal Thespians, 3, 45 National Honor Society. JANET REBECCA LENTZ "Janet" Commercial Cannon-Aidg Student Coun- cil, 45 F.B.L.A., 3, 4 CVice Presidentj. JOHN NICSHERRY LITTLE .llohnu , Commercial Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural, 45 Battlefield Club, 35 Chess Club, -4. Twenty-Ilw. c LENA LOUISE LUCKENBAUGH "Squeenie" Home Economics Majorette Club, 1, 2, Danc- ing Club, 3, F.H.A., 4. STUART BRUCE MACPHERSON "Sneakie" Academic Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, Z, Choir, lg Journal- ism Club, 25 Battlefield Club, 3. HELEN MAE MCDANNELL :AI-Ioneyv Co1n111e1'cial New Oxford, 1g 0.0.C., 1, 2 5 Dancing Club, 3 5 F.B.L.A. Club, 4. JAY P. MCDANNELL llJay!! Agriculture F.F.A., 3, 4. Twcn t y- four CATHERINE ELIZABETH MCKELVEY "Katie" Commercial Chambersburg High School, l, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid, Band, 4. EDITH KELLER MARTIN HEdieU Home Ecofzouz-ics Cannon-Aid, Student Coun- cil, 1, 25 F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurerDg Nursing Club, 2. MARX' CATHERINE MASON "MOusey" A cademic-Comzizercial Class Officer QRecording Secretaryl, 4, Cannon-Aid CCO-Editorial Editorb 3 Stu- dent Council, 3, 43 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4, G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club, lg Li- brarian Staff, 2, 3, 41 "You Ca1I't Take It with YOu": National Honor Society. DORIS ELLEN MILLER "Doris" Home Economics G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette Club, l 3 Red Cross Council, Z, 3, 4. JACKIE LEE MII,I.ICI! "Meatly" Academic Student Council, 25 Foot- ball, lg Choir, 3, 4: Chorus. 3. 43 Band, 3, 4: Fishing. Club, 1, 2, Battlefield Club. 3, Science Club, 4, "Turn Back the Clock", Play Corn- mittees, l, Z, 3, 4. NCJIQIRIS L. MIN'Fl4l1i "Norriel' Academic Football, 1: Mask and Wig, 4, Fishing Club, l, Z, Bat- tlefield Club, 35 Science Club, 4: "Turn Back the Clock": Play Committees, 2, National Thespians, 4. ALBIEIQT LEWIS MUN PER HAI!! Academic Choir, lg Battlefield Club, 2, 35 Chess Club, 4. JANET DEE KIUSSIZLMAN AlJan?! Academic Cannon-Aid: Student Coun- cil, 1, Z, 3 CTreasurerJ, 4 fPresidentjg G.A.A., 3, 4, Mask and Wig', 3, 43 Chorus, Z, Red Cross Council, 13 Dancing Club, Z, Battlefield Club CPresidentj. 3, "You Can't Take It with Young Play Committees, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society. BERKLEY EUGENE NAUGLE HBEHYY Comnzercial Cannon-Aid, Band, 1, Z, 35 Orchestra, 1, 2, 33 Science Club. 1, 2, 43 Battlelielrl Club, 3. FREDERIC ALEXANDER OYLER lAFred!7 A cadmnic Cannon-Aid, Baseball, 1, 2, F.F.A., 43 Choir, 35 Chorus, 3: Band, l, 2, 35 Battleneld Club, 33 Fishing Club, 2, F.F.A. Club, 45 Boys' Octet, 3. AIELVA EILEEN PA1 NTER "Eileen" C amnzercial Cannon-Aid, G.A.A. Cab- inet, 43 G.A.A., 1, 2. 3, 43 Majorette Club, 1, Journal- ism Club, 2, Art Club, 35 F.B.L.A. Club, 4. ELIZABETH ANNE RAYMOND nBettyn Academic Cannon-Aid, C1.A.A. Cab- inet, 4: G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir, Z, 3, 4: Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Leaders Club, lg Danc- ing Club, 2. Twenty-Jive JO-ANNE MARIE RERERT NJOdyY! Commercial Class Treasurer, 1, Cannon- Aid, Student Council, 23 G.A.A. Cabinet, 4g G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, Leaders Club, 1, F.B.L.A. Club, 43 Play Committee, 4. BARBARA ANNE RIDER uBObbyn Commercial Cannon-Aid, G.A.A. Cab- inet, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club, lg F.B.L.A. Club, 43 Play Committee, 4. BETTY DOLORES R0sE "Dorie" Commercial Cannon-Aid, G.A.A. Cab- inet, 4g G.A.A., 2, 3, 43 Majorette Club, 1, Z, 3: F.B.L.A. Club, 45 Play Com- mittee, 4. PHILIP ARTHUR ROTH HPhil!! Agriculture F.F.A., 1, Z3 Choir, Z, 3, Chorus, 2, 3: Band, 1, 2, 3, Chess Club, 3. Twenty -.fix XVILLIAM EDWARD RUDIISILL "Rudy" Commercial Football, 13 Track, 1, 2: F.F.A., 3, 43 0.0.C., 1, 2. BARBARA ANN RUM MEL "Babs" Home EL'-Cl071lII1L'7'ClU-l F.H.A., 2, 3 CSecretaryj, 4 CP1'CS1ClCl1t,Q Choir, 1, 3, Chorus, Z, 33 Red Cross Council, 1, NlARY LOUISE HARR1liT RUM MEL "Mary Lou" Academic-I-lomc Economics Cannon-Aid, F.H.A., 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, Chorus, 2, 3, Battlefield Club, 15 Red Cross Council, Z, 3, 4. C1-IARLES M. SANDERS "Charlie" Academic Cannon-Aid: Maroon and White, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3, 43 Mask and Wig, 3, 43 Bat- tlefield Club, 1: Science Club, 2 CSec1-etaryj, 3 CVice Presidentb, 4 CPresidentJg Play Committees, 3, 4, Na- tional Thespians, 4. NANCY BELLE SANDERS "Nan" C-011lH1Cl'Cif1l Class Treasurer, 33 Cannon- Aid3 Maroon and White CCo-News Editorjg Student Council, 1, Z, 4: G.A.A. Cab- inet. 4 CVice Presidentj: G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Mask and Wig, 4g Choir, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Journalism Club, 1, 2, 33 Play Commit- tees, 3, 43 National Thes- pians3 National Honor So- ciety. CARLA SC H EIDE "Splinter" Academic Bayside High School, 1, 23 Cannon-Aidg Chorus, 3, 42 "Turn Back the Clock." SUZANNE JANE SCH M11"r "Suzie" A cademic Cannon-Aidg Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3, 4 CEditorj3 G.A.A. Cabinet CTreas- UFCFBZ G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Mask and VVig, 2 3, 4 CSec- retaryjg Choir, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 2. 3, 43 .I01l1'113liSl1l, 1, 2, 3, 43 "You Can't Take It with You"3 Play Commit- tees, 1, 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: National Thes- pians, 43 National Honor Society. NIILDRED ELIZABETH SCHWARTZ "Millie" Commercial Student Council, 43 Chorus, 2, 33 Battlefield Club, 13 0.0.C., 23 F.B.L.A., 33 Play Committee, 4. 1 SIDNEY PHILIP SHADE Hsidl! A cademic C a n I1 o u-A i d CPhotogrn- pherj 3 Maroon and XfVhite, 3. 4 CPhotographerD3 Choir, 1, Z, 3, 4g Chorus, Z, 3, 4g Band. 1, 2, 3, 4 CStudent Directorj 3 Science Club, 2, 3 CVice Presidentj, 43 "You Can't Take It with You"3 National Honor Society. MARIAN MAE SHEARS "Marian" Academic Cannon-Aidg Maroon and White, 3, 43 G.A.A., 1. 2, 3, 43 Mask and Wig, 43 Choir. 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Battleheld Club! Dancing Club, 23 Journalism Club, 3, 43 Play Committee, NIARY DIAN S HUFF 6lDeb!7 Academic Cannon-Aid: Student Coun- cil, 23 G.A.A., 1, 2. 3, -13 Bimd, 1, 2, 3, 4 CColor Guardjg Majorette Club, 1, 2, 33 Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3. 43 "You Can't Take It with You." ROBERT GEORGE SIGNOR HBOb!7 Commercial Basketball, 1, Z: Baseball, l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Historian Club, 3g Science, 1. Twenty-sezfcn NINA ELAINE SITES "Nina" Academic Class Officer CSecretaryj, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid, Student Council, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet fSenior Delegateb. 4, G.A.A,. 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council, 1, Dancing Club, 2, Junior Historian Club, 3 CSecretaryj : Bridge Club, 4. SAMUEL MILTON SOLLENBERGER "Hot Rod" Academic The British School, South America, Clas s Officer fPresidentj, 1 , Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 4, Stu- dent Council, 1, Football, 1, Science Club, 1: Chess Club, 3, Journalism Club, 4, "Turn Back the Clock." VVAYNE EVAN' SPENCE "Pepsi" Agricultiufc Football, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, EEA., 1, 2, 3, 4. C. JEANETTE SPONSELLER "Jeanette Academic Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 fColor Guardlg Drum Majorette Club, 1, 2, 3, Play Commit- tee, 4. Twciity-eight EVELYN GRACE STERNER "Pinky" Academic Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 3, 4, Chorus, 4, Majorette Club. 1, Nursing Club, Z, 3, Bridge Club, 4, Play Com- mittee, 2. Dixvm PERRY SWOPE "Dave" Commercial Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, Chorus, 2, 4, Band, 1, 2, Orchestra, 1, 2, Red Cross Council, 1, Science Club, Z: junior Historian, 3, "You Can't Take It with You." BARBARA ANN TAYLOR llBarbY! Commercial Anniston High School, Can- non-Aid: G.A.A., 2, 4, Choir, 2, Chorus. Z, Band, Z, Majorette Club, 2, Danc- ing Club, 4. J0sEPH ALLEN TEM PLE HJOe7, C'071'lH1'L'7'lIilll New Cumberland High School, Basketball, 3, Base- ball, 3, Dancing Club, 3, 4. PIIYLLIS JUNE TRESSLER 6iPhyl7J CU11174IE7'C1:GI 0.0.C., l, 21 Junior His- torians, 35 F.B.L.A., 4. CHARLES EDWIN WAGNER "Charlie,' Academic Science Club, 1, Junior His- torians, 2, Chess Club, 4. STRATHER RAY WEATHERLX' ..Ray,, A gricullure F-F-A-, 1, 2, 3 fReporter1, 4 CSecretaryj . ELIZABETH ANN VVEIKE1t'r "Betty Ann" Academic Class Officer CVice Presi- dellfl, 33 Student Council, 1, 2: Chorus, 2, Dancing Club, Z, Junior Historians, 3, Red Cross Club, 4. GENEVIEVE, LORAINE WETZEI. I IJennyu Commercial Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Majorette Club, 1, 2, Junior Historians, 3, F.B.L.A., 4, Play Com- mittee, 4. ANNE REvNoLDs WEVER "Anne" A cademic Leaders Club. lg Dancing Club, 23 Nursing Club, 3, Red Cross Council, 4. KENNETH ELWOOD VVILLIA M s nIKenvs Agriculture F.F.A., l, 2 fAssistant Pres- identl, 3 fVice Presidentl, 4 CPresidentj. WILLIAM JAMES WILLIAMS NBi11H A cademic Student Athletic Representa- tive, 4g Cannon-Aidg Stu- dent Council, lg Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4g junior His- torians, 1, 35 Science Club, 25 Bridge Club, 4, "You Can't Take It with You." Twenly-11 inc DOLORES llfl'ARV WINEMAN "Doot" Academic Cannon-Aid: Student Coun- cil, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Cabinet, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Mask and Wig, 3, 4: Chorus, 23 Cheer- leading, 3, 43 Red Cross Council. 1: junior His- torians, 3, Play Committees, 1, 2, 3. CHARLES LUTHER WORTZ "Cl1arliel' Academic Football, 13 Basketball, 2g Battlefield Club, 1. Thirty CIQENNETH EUGENE WORTZ K6Ken!! Comulcrcial Basketball, 1, 2, Baseball, 3 Battlebeld Club, 1. LE. AP YEAR OPERATION BOILER TEACHER 15' Unis' P' cz' Q2 aoogsefflfsee 5eivI"6 PICNIC Rm! Name: STANLEY kXl.Tl.ANll Svrvcnz .Vm11e: "Mole Cliarartvi' Rolf: Othcer in Air Force or Navy. Bit Paris: Hunter and football player. Fznwwilr Jlrwif: XVinning the championship in football. Raul Nuinrt' NANCY BAKER Sl'7'C'l'Il Name: "Nancy" CiltIl'Kll'f!77' R010 : Secretary lin' Paris: Dancer and skater. l'lCI'Z'IH'Iit' qlilotiw: Trip to the Farm Show. Rm! Nainr: JOHN BAsEHoRra .Sll'l'f'f'H Name: "John" Clzufurtvi' Role: G-Burg College student. Hit Pu1't.r: Band and choir member and radio an- nouncer. lT0'Z'0I'ifF .lflo2iz'e: First day in G.H.S. Real Name: iANNA MAE BronAM .S'r1'cmr Name: 'fAnnie" Cliarurtrr Role: Secretary. Iii! I'a1'f.r: Basketball player, swimmer and skater. FtIT'07'l'ft' .ll0t'ic': Receiving driver's license. Rval .Vaimw RIARIAN B1.o1PN'r .biA'l'l'l'lI .Vame: "Marian" Cliuiurfm' Rolf: Stenographer. Hit l'qrt.r: Photographer and swimmer. liatim-:tr ll'I0t'1'e: First time she took her driving test fshe didn't passl. Rm! Nanzf: GNVENN BREAM Screen A7-U-1118! "Tookiel' Clicirrzrim' Role: College student at Ursinus and Phys U Ed teacher. Bit Pm'l.r: Athlete, majorette, and Cannon-Aid editor. I7ar'n1'itr llorfiv: Passing driver's test. Raul Nmnc: JACK BREAM St'I'I'l'll Name: "Jack" Clznrarfvr Role: College student. lfit Purt.r: Athlete. Fntfwifr ill0t'z'f.' Army-Navy football game, 1946. Real Nauw: BETTY BRENT .Sll'I'1'C1I Nauzru' "Betsy" Clzuraffcr Rolf: Nurse. Bit Parts: Athlete and photographer. lirirwwifv .llm'iv: Learning to drive the car. lilliffj'-i'IUIl lffvllnerrlgilmgl f"'SlCDtrsI Real Xanic: NANCY BRl'I'k'HER - . i -- .5t'l'CC'I1 A fllIIt'.' 'Nancy Clzciruvfm' Role: Fashion designer. Bi! Paris: Spectator at football and basketball games, seamstress and musician. Fuwrite il'f0T'Z'I'J The day G.H.S. decided it needed an orchestra. Rm! Name: XV1I.1.1Ari Blickmzw Scrceii Name: "Buck" Clzararfcr Rolf: College student studying advertising and public relations. lfil Parts: VVater skier, actor, football player, poet, bridge player, uke player, swimmer, dancer and shrimp eater. FG?'l7I'ffC .l10t'iv: Tying the boys' record in water ski jumping at Canadian open championship in Toronto. Rm! Na1ne.' PATRICIA Hosni-:v .S'va'r'c'1z Nrmze: "Sparky" Charavtez' Ralf: Physio-therapist. Bit Pa1'1's: Singer. prize Fighter in Student Council and dancing partner in the jitterbug with "Marty" Fntwrita ,llc-Vic: Acquiring a license to operate a vehicle. Rm! Nanie: Enrrn Br'snMAN Srrcciz Nunn? "Edie" Cliaracfez' Role: Technician. Bit Puffs: Vtfalker, waitress at Bankerfs, "Sleeping Beautyf, artist. Fazforifc Moria: Learning to drive the car. Rm! Name: NANU' l2L'snMAN Screeiz Nanif: "Nancy" Clzaracfea- R010 : Typist or VVAF. Hit Parts: Athlete, writer of epistles. Fatinrile ,ll0t'z'c': Last summer's trip to Florida. Rm! Nanzv: x'lARY Cl.AI'SADDl.Ei Srrrczz .Nl'llIIt'.' "Mary" Clzarurfvr Rolf: Secretary. liz! Pa1'fs: Dancer, swimmer, pianist, radio listener. Iiaffoififc Movie: My hrst date. Rm! Name: B12'r'r'v CLARK 5L'l'Ul'lI Nrnm': "Betty" Clzarartvr Rule: Clerk or bookkeeper. Hit Parts: Athlete, hillbilly music fan, onlooker at football and baseball gaines. Fu-1'0rifc .lI01'1'i': ,SX TAKE 2 Q5 X? gb QB' .fvpp arfm Cnrl' x . "i , X STAR sr 93 MW V' S M .4 IRAN D W ' E I 7 J A 0' -'- JUNIOR MRS VVISLER C lass Adviser Albright, Viola Bachinan, Edwin Bagot, Williain Baral, Carol Barr, Peggy Lou Beegle, john Bender, George Bender, Valjoy Bigham, James Bixler, Betty Bower, Fred Boyer, Carole Brearn, Williani Bruinbaugh, Connie Bryson, Bonnie Buehler, Arthur Carter, John Carter, Richard Cease, Martha Clapsaddle, Dolores Clapsaddle, john Clapsaddl, Paul Coleman, Kay Coleman, john Collins, Dewey Colvard, Bobbie Thirty-four President .......,,.,.... . ..., V....,,,,,... , . .... HELEN SCHWARTZ Vice President ....a.a. lalal.,,,.,.,......... . SUsAN LIGHTER Crabill, Joe Davis, Nita Dayhoff, Richard Deatrick, Polly Decker, VVi1liam DeHaas, William Dentler, Donald Diehl, Anna Mary Dillman, Willialii Dolly, Dale Dolly, Faye Eckert, Ray Eicholtz, Paul Eversole, Richard Fair, Margaret Felix, Rodney Fiscel, Marlin Fiscle, Ellen Flickinger, Richard Fortenbaugh, Ann F rew, Dolores Geigley, Shirley Anne George, Mary Anne Guise, Joyce Hall, Duane Hankey, Barbara Hankey, Janet Hartman, Lee Hartman, Lois Hartzel, Jay Hill, Randall Hixon, Robert Howe, Gertrude lnskip, Anita jones, Frances jones, james jordan, Frank Keefer, Bradley Keefer, john Ketterinan, Nancy Kime, Darlene Kiinple, Louise Kint, Doris Kleppinger, Connie Klinefelter, Fern Knox, Doris Knox, Williain Krout, Curvin Lariner, Jackie LeVan, Susanne Lighter, Susan Lightner, Eileen CLASS Secretary ,.., ,..,,.,.....,....... .,, T .,., . ,...7,A N IARLIN FISCEL QU. GLENN Treasurer -. .. A., . ,, ..,, .,. r HERBERT WETZEI, C1085 Adviser Little, Jeanne Rebert, Jack Sponseller, Doris Livingston, Dolores Reed, Peggy Stillgflf, Leo McDannel1, Alice McDannell, Evelyn Mcfilaughlin, Dorothy McGlaughlin, Kenneth Manahan, Sheila Maring, Betty Martin, Joanne Miller, Barbara Miller, Marie Miller, Robert Miller, Ronald Moritz, Patricia Murray, Maureen Neary, Barbara Neely, Delores Orner, William Parr, Dorothy Pennington, Phelps Peters, Gerald Plank, Harold Plank, JoAnne Plank, Shirley Plank, W'alter Ray, Richard Reaver, Genevral Reedy, Richard Sadler, Barbara Sanders, Ethel Sanders, Joan Sanders, Joyce Sanders, Leo Schratwieser, Marilyn Schultz, Kenneth Schutt, Fred K Schwartz, Helen Scott, Sam Scott, Sarah Sease, Edward Shields, Nancy Shindledecker, Marlin Shriver, Carolyn Shultz, Loring Singley, June Sites, Lloyd Sixeas, Jay Skinner, James Smith, Eleanor Speelman, Helen Sponseller, Charlotte Steinour, Leo Strausbaugh, Robert Swope, Norma Taughinbaugh, Anna Temple, Lois Thomas, Darrel Thomas, John Thompson, Ralph Tonsel, Wayne Topper, Dorothy Tressler, Betty Trimmer, Marion Trostle, Jean Walter, Richard Warren, Sylvia Washington, Shirley Weikert, Hilda Wetzel, Herbert Whited, Robert Williams, Sylva Winter, Jack Witherow, Mary Yingling, Joan Ziegler, Suzanne Thirly fi e SOPHGMORE MISS SCHQVARTZ Pfegidgm ,,,., .,,..-,M,. .....,. ..,,,,,, P r 1 YLLIS RAFFENSIERGI R C1055 Adyiger Vice President ,... v. . ..,.,,..A..., PATRICIA RIGGEAL Arentz, Joseph Asimus, Sandra Baker, Fred Baker, Phyllis Barnes, Barbara Barnes, David Baughman, Peter Baumgardner, John Bolen, Doris Bowman, Sally Boyd, Richard Bream, Fred Brennan, Anna Bridendolph, Janet Brown, Richard Bushey, Joseph Carey, George Cargas, Patricia Caufman, Esther Chapman, Clifford Cluclc, Douglas Coldsmith, Patricia Coleman, James Creager, Raymond Crist, Mary 7 hu ty-six Crouse, Roger Crowl, Lewis Culp, Terry Dayhoff, Ramona Deardorlf, Joanne Dillman, Robert Drake, William Dubbs, Shirley Dunkinson, Shirley Felix, Lorraine Flickinger, Shirley Fox, Virginia Gilbert, Shirley Goodermuth, Terry Hankey, Barbara Harner, Gloria Hartley, John Hartman, Rosemary Heller, Anna Hepfer, Ronald Hertz, John Hughes, Joan Jacoby, Irene Kane, Larry Keefer, Janet Keefer, Richard Kennell, Charles Kepner, Ruth Ketterman, Paul Kimple, Barbara Knox, James Knox, Sam Kump, Helen Landsperger, Jean Lightner, Kenneth Linn, Betty Jo Little, Carolyn Lobingier, Glenda Long, Marguerite Lott, Cherie McDannell, Anna McDannell, Dorothy McDannell, Phyllis Manahan, Shirley Martin, Elton Mickey, Nancy Mickley, Eugene Mickley, Suzanne Miller, Gerald Miller, Joseph CLASS Treasurer -..- .... -0 Milne, Barbara Moritz, Annabelle Moritz, Shirley Moser, Patsy Munshour, Richard Musselman, Joyce Musser, Stanton Myers, Dale Neary, Sonia Nett, Joyce Null, Edward Oates, Norma Overcash, Ralph Oyler, Phyllis Oyler, Sally Penn, George Pepple, Lowell Peters, June Plank, Arlene Plank, Kathryn Ralfensperger, Phyllis Re, Vincent Richardson, Delmar Riggeal, Glenn Riggeal, Patricia Secretary ............. -. ..,,, -, ............l. ROBERT RO'HRBAUGIi MR. BIDLER JAMES KNOX Class Adviser Rohrbaugh, Robert Rosenberry, Hazel Roth, Daniel Rudisill, Jean Sanders, John Saunders, Carl Saunders, Mary Louise Schmitt, Jay Schriver, Pat Schwartz, Nadine Sease, Dorothy Sentz, Patsy Settle, Yvonne Shealer, Richard Sherman, JoAnn Shindledecker, Leroy Shull, Ruth Shultz, Shultz, Shultz, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Albert Helen Shirley Carroll Dorothy Kenneth William Snyder, Betty Snyder, Dora Snyder, Shirley Staley, George Sterner, Albert Sterner, Kenneth Stevens, Oscar Strausbaugh, Mary Stultz, Jane Swope, Eva Thompson, William Thompson, Yvonne Topper, Joyce Warren, Edward Weaver, Jack Weishaar, Barbara Wells, Elizabeth Wetzel, Robert Wherley, James Wilson, Peter Witherow, Barbara Wood, Watson Zeien, Roger Zepp, Glenn Thirty seven FRESHMAN MR. NIEHRING Class' Adviser Abel, Robert Adams, Dorothy Arentz, Margaret Barnes, Phyllis Barnes, Robert Barrick, Jean Becker, Joseph Bowling, Joanne Bowmaster, John Boyd, Gene Boyer, Anna Breighner, Pat Breighner, Richard Brent, Spencer Burgner, Dolores Bushman, William Carter, Donald Carter, Doris Clapsaddle, Martha Clapsaddle, Ralph Claybaugh, Doris Thirty-eight Cleveland, William Cole, John Collins, Ronald Colvard, John Craig, Kay Crouse, Ted Cullison, Marlin Cullison, William Dellinger, Gerald Dellinger, Virginia Dillon, William Donley, Jane Douglas, Nancy Dracha, Clarence Dulaney, Pam Durboraw, Melvin Evans, Paul Everly, James Ferrebee, Anna Fetter, Donald Filsinger, Henrietta President ,...7.....,,... Vice President ......... F iscle, Dorothy F iscle, Edgar Fissel, Claudette F ohl, Barbara Fox, Henry Fox, Joseph Gifford, David Gilbert, Robert Golden, Clair Gormley, Thomas Grace, Fred Gray, Mary Guise, Fred Guise, Ulala Harner, Guy Hart, Rhea Hartman, Francis Hartzell, Glenn Hartzell, Jean Heagy, Darwin Hetfner, Charles RONALD WILLIAMS PAT BREIGHNER Heflin, Richard Herring, Mary Hewitt, Charlotte Heyser, Fred Huntzberger, Gary Kane, Edward Horton, Grace Fidler, Glenn Kennell, John Kessel, Donald Knox, Kenneth Landis, Nancy Lawver, Gladys Leatherman, Henry Leist, Doris Lescaleet, Janice Little, Donald Little, Sandra ' Little, William Livingston, Charles McDannell, Barbara CLASS Secretary T ,,,.A -, T'rea.mrer .....,. McElroy, Harold Manning, Barbara Matthews, Betty Maust, Vicki Mehring, Joyce Mickley, Linda Miller, Kenneth Millhimes, Harold Millhimes, Margaret Minter, Robert Mitchell, Richard Mumper, Jayne Musselman, Richard Neth, Nancy Olson, William Oyler, Isabel Paris, James Parr, Barbara Patterson, Charlene Pennington, Richard Pittenturf, Allen Plank, Carol NANCY NET1-I CARL WESTERDAHL Plank, Ruthetta Price, Archie Raffensperger, Doris Raffensperger, Thomas Ramer, Nancy Recker, Dorothy Reed, joan Rentzel, Walter Rhodes, Mary Lou Rhodes, Wayne Ridinger, William Riffle, Eugene Riggeal, Carole Rudisill, Charles Scharf, Elise Scott, Nancy Scott, Viola Seibert, Mary Settle, Elinor Shaffer, Shelby Shetter, Edward Shindledecker, Kenneth Shull, Darius Shull, Donna Sibert, David Singley, James Small, Samuel Smith, Delores Shaeinfer, Shelby Shealer, Billie Mae Smith, Lorna Smith, Ray Snider, William Snyder, Anna Spence, Cloyd Staiger, Karl Sterner, Charles Strasbaugh, Sandra Stull, Shirley Stultz, Doris Stultz, Lloyd Swisher, William Swope, LeDane Temple, Shirley MRS. BOWER C lass Adviser Thomas, David Thompson, Margaret Trimpy, Rachel Wachter, Virginia Waddell, Paul Wagnild, Sigue Wfalhay, Ruth Warren, Jane Weikert, Robert Wenschhof, Kitty Westerdahl, Carl Wetzel, Marie Williams, Ronald Williams, Ruby Witherow, Doris Witter, Gloria Wolfe, Elaine Wolff, Sandra Wyatt, Opal Welty, Rosemary Thirty-mue EIGHTH Miss SNYDER Class Adviser Adams, Shelby Armistead, James Baker, Darlene Baker, Julia Baker, Maryanna Baltozer, Alminda Barley, Helen Barney, Robert Biesecker, Dale Bigham, Lenora Black, James Black, Shirley Bondurant, Robert Bowmaster, Verna Bream, Jay Bream, Peggy Jo Brechbiel, Noah Brent, Stephen Britcher, Susan Brown, Virginia Butterfield. John Carbaugh. Linda Clapsaddle, Edith Cleveland, Phyllis Forty Coshun, John Crouse, Irene Crouse, Tim Crowl, Judith Currens, Joyce Darrah, Barbara Davis, Etta Deckert, Janet Dillon, John Dracha, Dorothy Butler, Loretta Dubs, Reba Eggleston, Shirley Eiker, Nancy Elledge, Thomas Fidler, Raymond Fiscle, Roxey Fissel, Martha Flickinger, Roger Foreman, Shirley Forsythe, Barbara Fox. Floranna Fridinger, Ronald Furney, Fred President .....,,..........,..........,,,r. NIERLE GORMAN Vice Presirlwzt Gigous, Donald Gigous, Ronald Gilbert, James Ginevan, Catherine Gordon, Richard Gorman, Merle Green, Virginia Greenawald, Edith Guise, Nancy Hall, Robert Harmon, Howard Harmon, Nancy Hartman, Waldo Heldt, Elizabeth Heller, Carolyn Hibner, Duane Himes, Dorothy Hollinger, Gladys Hollinger, Roy Holoka. Ann Huntzberger, Elvin Johnson, Rolf Johnson, Sandra Kaseberg, Erika ROBERT BONDURANT Keller, Roland Kennell, Janet Kennell, Nancy Kennell, Shirley Kendlehart, Joyce Kepner, Kenneth Kerrigan, Barbara Kessel, Robert Kiessling, Rachel Kime, Nancy Kimple, Dorothy Kint, Sandra Klinefelter, Janet Klocker, Barbara Koontz, Karene Kriner, Floyd Kunkel, Jack Larmer, Shirley Lighter, Molly Lowe, Williani McCleaf, John McCleaf, June McCleaf, Wanda McDanne1l, Alice GRADE Secretary ,,A,.. A. T7'6drY1,t7'6I' ,,,,...wA..., McDannell, Floyd Mcllhenny, Hugh Manahan, Calvin Maring, Donald Maring, Franklin Matthews, Margaret Matthews, Mary Matthews, Sophia Mickey, Barbara Miller, Donald Moritz, Doris Moser, Donald Mumper, Jean Murray, Johneta Myers, John Nail, Nancy Naugle, Dean Paddock, Eleanor Palmer, Deanna Paris, Freddie Jo Pennington, Peter Pensinger, Sondra Pfeffer, Helen ssss. JOYCE KENDLEHART MR. ULLRICH PHYLL1s CLEVELAND Class Adviser Plank, Judith Plank Miriam Potter, Russel Reed, Susan Rentzel, Donald Reuning, Jane Reynolds, Robert Ridinger, David Ridinger, Irvin Riggeal, Nancy Schriver, Roland Seymour, Mary Shanebrook, Arthur Shaner, Geraldine Sharrah, Richard Sheppard, Edgar Shetter, Barbara Shindledecker, Sonja Showvaker, Dale Shriver, Paul Shull, Dawn Satterthwaite, Don Newman, June Shull, Harriet Shultz, Anna Shultz, Janet Shultz, Joyce Shultz, Merle Shultz, Pearl Shultz, Russell Smith, Betty Smith, Donald Snyder, Fred Spence, Aurelia Sponseller, Nancy Staley, Edward Starner, Laureen Steinour, Donald Steinour, Rodney Stotler, Arlene Stouck, Forrest Stough, Richard Stuckey, Gladys Stull, Lorena Stultz, Barbara Tate, Larene Thompson, Virginia Tonsel, Joseph Topper, Joyce Treher, Albert Tressler, Charles VVagaman, Shirley Weaver, Shirley VVeaver, David Weaver, Joyce Wleimer, Del Hasrocky, Antionette Weimer, Honor Welsh, Stella Wentz, Gerry Wentz, Sandra Wetzel, Mac VVhite, Earl White, Gerald Wolf, Donna Wolf, Rodney Woods, Williaiii Yingling, Larry Forty-one SEVENTH M155 BUYER President . , L .,nw -,.,.....Kv,, .,., ...,.,,A S A LLY SMITH Class Adviggy ViCe' P7'CSid61fll' ...,,, . ....., RONALD HANKIEY Aughinbaugh, Helen Austin, Juanita Baker, Loretta Baker, Margaret Barnes, Alexandra Barney, Ronald Barrick, Ray Bondurant, Rebecca Bowers, Franklin Bowling, Bonita Bowling, Marie Bowmaster, Martha Bowmaster, Mary Bream, John Brent, Mary Bridendolph, Charles Brown, Grace Brown, Shirley Brumbaugh, Carol Ann Byers, Merle Carey, Carl Cassatt, Merle Chapman, John Clapsadclle, Joseph Forty-two Crist, John Cullison, Clair Cullison, Charles DeVivo, Donna Dick, Shelby Dubs, Robert Eckert, Ann Feathers, Joan Feathers, Joseph Fetter, Larry Fissel, John Fleming, Kathryn Forsythe, Donald Forsythe, Rosalee Fox, Shirley Geyer, John Gulden, Joyce Hankey, Phyllis Hankey, Ronald Harman, Ray Hartzell, Crosby Hay, Janet Heagy, David Heffner, Ralph HeHin, Glenn Henry, Wilbur Herring, Larry Hess, Robert Hewitt, Shirley Hoak, Gene Huffaker, John Hughes, Fred Johns, Mary Kane, Kermit Kelley, Nancy Kelly, Robert Ketterman, Carolyn King, John Kitzmiller, Thomas Klinefelter, Bruce Klinefelter, Junior Faber, Hubert Knipple, Floyd Knouse, Francis Kriner, Ronald Kroushour, Marlin Larmer, Juanita Lawther, Dorothy Lawver, Melvin Leatherman, Harold Lightner, Charles Lightner, Regina Little, Glenn Little, Richard Lower, George Luckenbaugh, Mary McDannell, Mae Mason, Mary Meade, Eugene Mehring, Lucy Mickley, Rita Miller, Ann Miller, Glenda Miller, Jean Miller, Roger Miller, Ronald Mummert, Kenneth Myers, Katrina Naugle, Fred Naugle, Glenn Nett, David Nutter, Carolyn GRADE - .S ecretary . .........,....,.....,...,.,, . YNVQGSMVGV ,,,,,,., Oliver, Shirley Painter, Ruth Pennington, Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Little, Robert Lemaster, Glenn Peters, Harry Plank, Albert Plank, Cletus Plank, Roy Price, Marlene Price, Nell Pyle, Richard Raffensperger, Carolyn Reaver, Florence Reaver, Mary Rebert, Elaine Redding, Sandra Reel, Donna Reese, Anna Rice, Lois Rider, Mary Ann Riley, 'lean Rohrbaugh, Robert Rudisill, Fred CAROLYN RAFFENSPERGER MR. BREAM SANDRA REDDING Class Adfzfisez' Sanders, Donald Sanders, Ralph Sanders, Shirley Schmidt, David Scott, Philip Scott, William G. Scott, William H. Settle, Gerald Shaffer, Mick Shaffer, Clyde Shaner, Nancy Sheaffer, Doris Schaffer, Roy Poole, Albert Satterthwaite, Patsy Shindledecker, Ronald Shultz, Glenn Shultz, Melvin Simpson, june Simpson, Wilda Smith, Jacob Smith, Mary Smith, Sally Snead, Faye Snyder, Simon Speelman, Arnold Speelman, June Speelman, Preston Speelman, Shirley Spence, Betty Spence, Donna Spence, Harman Stahley, Robert Staiger, Janet Staiger, Jeanne Staley, Samuel Sterner, Nancy Sterner, Shirley Stoner, Doris Stough, Louise Stuckey, Janet Taughinbaugh, Iere Taylor, Adrienne Taylor, jonathan Thomas, Terry Tipton, Peggy Stull, Robert Sudolski, john Topper, Robert Stalb, Marie Vanderwall, Joyce Wagnild, Jon VVallen, Della Washington, Charles Weaver, Joan Weber, john Weikert, David Wenschhof, Faye West, Billie VVetzel, Raymond Wheeler, John Wherley, Marlin Whited, Rose Marie Wicker, Donna Wilkinson, Laura Williams, Theodore Wilson, Barbara Wise, Martha Witherow, Allen Wolff, Nancy VVyatt, Pauline Ziegler, Charles Williams, Carolyn F orty-three g--Y Real Name: CLYDE CLEVELAND Screen Na-me: "Cleve" Character Role: College student or service man. Blt Parts: Hunter, nsherman, football, basketball and baseball player. Favorite lllotfie: Vllinning the conference championship. Real Name: ALICE CLUCK Screen- Name: "Janie'l Character Role: Waiti'ess. Bit Parts: Horseback rider, Maroon "Chevie" driver, seamstress. Favorite Movie: Locking myself in the boiler room the night of the Halloween dance Cshe was look- ing for a hammerj. Real Name: B1-:TTY COLE Screen Name: "Betty" Character Role: Secretary. Bit Parts: Sports participant, movie fan. Favorite Movie: A vacation in New Jersey. Real Name: ESTELLE COLVARD Screen. Name: "Stell" Character Role : Telephone operator. Bit Parts: Swimmer and television fan. Favorite lllovie: Getting my driver's license. Real Name: LARRY COOL Screen Name: "Cooley" Character Role: Marine and poultry farmer. Bit Parts: Roller skater, dancer, bowler, sportsman, spectator at professional baseball games. Favorite Movie: Skating games. Real Name: ALICE COSHUN Screen Name: "Cush" Character Role: "Probie'l at Harrisburg Hospital School of Nursing, bride and mother. Bit Parts: Senior Extension member, sports partici- pant, bike rider, seamstress. Favorite llilovie: Life is a stageg whole life is thrilling. Real Name: JANET Ciz1sxvEI.L Screen Name: "Sisl' Character Role: Telephone operator. Bit Parts: Reader, basketball player and swimmer. Favorite Movie: Seeing the Ice Capades. F arty-four E U lm'E1lI'Elll'il3 f""5ltatf'a Real Name: ALBERT CULLISON Screen Name: "Skip" Character Role: Farmer. Bit Parts: Volleyball and basketball player, roller and ice skater, movie fan, swimmer. Favorite Movie: Trip to the farm show with the "Ag" boys Cjust boys?D. Real Name: TOMMY CULP Screen Name: "Tom" Character Role: Successful farmer or Air Force pilot. Bit Parts: Model airplane builder, sportsman, motor- ist, football participant, movie fan. Favorite Movie: Day I killed my first deer. Real Name: XFIVIAN DELLINGER Screert Name: "Viv" Character Role: Secretary or beautician. Bit Parts: Softball player, TV and radio fan. Favorite Movie: When elected treasurer of senior class. Real Name: DONALD DiL1.oN Screen Name: "Donnie, Character Role: Farmer in partnership with his father. Bit Parts: F.F.A. member, football spectator. Favorite Movie: Receiving my Keystone Farmer De- gree. Real Name: JEANNE DILLON Screen Name: "Jeannie" Character Role: Nurse. Bit Parts: Ice and roller skater, reader and Hpajama wearer." Favorite Movie: First formal dance. Real Name: Lou ANN DULANEY Screen. Name: "Lou" Character Role: Interior decorator. Bit Parts: Bowler, loafer. Favorite Movie: Going to my first college dance, be- ing able to attend G.H.S. Real Name: Doms EBERHAR1: Screen Name: "Eberl1art" Character Role : Nurse, then WAVE. Bit Parts: Roller skater, swimmer, spectator at foot- ball games. Favorite Movie: Trip to Long Island, New York, last summer. QXQ Q? T A K El W3 S52 3 GQ ADDED Affrachon: IN H124 STR R 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row, Left to Right: Creta Epley, Nancy Sanders, Betty Cole, Mary Mason, Martha Heim, Nellie Lar- son, Janet Musselman. Second Row: Sidney Shade, Pat Bushey, Gwenn Bream, Rosalee Kidwell, Suzanne Schmitt, Fred Herring. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right: Fred Herring, Nina Sites, Pat Bushey, Gwenn Bream, Kay Coleman, Janet Mussel- man, Nellie Larson, Betty Cole, Nancy Sanders, Martha Heim. Second Row: Dale Dolly, Robert Hixon, Anne Fortenbaugh, Alice McDannell, Helen Schwartz, Sara Scott, Suzanne Ziegler, Mr. Troxell. Third Row: Miss Mcllhenny, Robert Rohrbaugh, Dan Roth, James Coleman, Raymond Creager, Pat Moser, Gloria Harner, Phyllis Raffensperger. Fourth Row: Donna Shull, Opal Wyatt, Ronald VVil1ianis, Dolores Burgner, Vicki Maust, Jeanne Hartzell, Donna Spence, Miss Snyder. Fifth Row: Merle Gorman, VVillian1 Woods, Sue Stuckey, Elizabeth Heldt, Jody Bream, Molly Lighter, Sally Smith. Sixth Row: Jack Crist, Mary Mason, Shirley Fox, Donna Reel. Not on Picture: James Hoak, Ken Smith, Jane Reuning. F orty-seven gqbya-Nuorj John Basehore Robert Boyd Creta Epley Luther Everly Betty Fissel Richard Hay Catherine McKelvey Jack Miller Sidney Shade Marian Shears Edwin Bachinan Carol Baral Polly Deatrick William Decker Daune Hall Jeanne Little VVilliam Orner Ethel Sanders Carl Saunders Sam Scott Fred Baker David Barnes Fred Breani George Carey BAND Joanne Dearclorff Douglas Cluck Gloria Harner Paul Ketterrnan Joyce Musselinan John Sanders Dora Mae Snyder Qscar Stevens Robert Barnes Ronald Collins Jane Donley Henry Fox Joyce Mehring Nancy Neth Eugene Riffle Lorene Tate Rachel Trimpey Ruth Walliay Nancy Eiker Rolf Johnson Roland Keller Roger Miller Philip Scott Forty-nin MIN CHORUS CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Shade, Sandra Asimus, Cherie Lott, Betty Maring, Carole Boyer, Suzanne Schmitt, Geraleen Gerrald, Genevieve Wetzel, Anna Mary Diehl, Gwenn Bream, Evelyn Sterner, Carla Scheide, Alda Klinefelter, Joyce Topper. Second Row: Pat Schriver, Phyllis Raffensperger, Jane Stultz, Betty Snyder, Shirley Gilbert, Lorraine Felix, JoAnne Deardorff, Barbara Barnes, Esther Coffman, Ramona Dayhoff, Anna Mae Bigham, Nancy Sanders, Fay Dolly, Joyce Musselman, Patsy Sentz. Third Row: Rosalee Kidwell, Marian Shears, Peggy Reed, Joanne Martin, Suzanne LeVan, Pat Bushey, Martha Heim, Nina Sites, Edith Bushman, Alice Coshun, Betty Raymond, Creta Epley, Kay Coleman. Fourth Row: Jerry Peters, David Swope, VVilliam Knox, Jean Little, Sylva Williaiiis, Hilda Weikert, Susan Lighter, Helen Schwartz, Ann Fortenbaugh, Nancy Shields, Connie Kleppinger, Shirley Geigley. Fifth Row: Richard Hay, James Jones, Leroy Shindledecker, Richard Munshour, Carroll Smith, Daniel Roth, Williani Dillman, Jack Knox. Sixth Row: Jack Miller, Robert Miller, Donald Dentler, William Decker, Leo Steinour, Wil- liam DeHaas, Rodney Felix, John Basehore, Peter Baughman, Paul Ketterman, Sam Scott, Sidney Shade. Seventh Row: Marlin Shindledecker, Vlfilliam Bream, Jack Bream, Stanton Musser. Fifty-one CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: Marian Shears, Lorraine Felix, Jeanne Little, Nancy Sanders, Phyllis Raffensperger, Carole Boyer, Jane Stultz, Fay Dolly, Mary Sentz. Second Row: Betty Snyder, Shirley Gilbert, Eileen Lightner, Hilda Wfeikert, Helen Schwartz, Kay Coleman, Creta Fpley, Joanne Deardorff, Sandra Asimus, Anne Fortenbaugh, Peggy Reed, Geraleen Gerrald, Shirley Ann Geigley, Mr. Shade. Third Row: Susan Lighter, Barbara Barnes, Anna Mary Diehl, Edith Bushman, Connie Klep- pinger, Pat Schriver, Gwenn Bream, Nancy Shields, Betty Raymond, Suzanne Schmitt, Rosalee Kidwell. Fourth Row: Richard I-lay, jack Miller, Jack Wfeaver, James jones, Leroy Shindledecker, VVilliam DefHaas, Peter Baughman, john Basehore, Robert Miller, Leo Steinour, VVilliam Decker, Roger Crouse, Richard Munshour, Sam Scott. Fifth Row: Vtfilliam Bream, Marlin Shindledecker, Paul Ketterman, Donald Dentler, Stanton Musser, Rodney Felix, Jerry Peters, VVilliam Dillman, Carroll Smith, Daniel Roth, jack Knox, Sid- ney Shade, Jack Bream. Fifty-two JOURNALISM CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Joseph, William Bucklew, Martha Heim, Nellie Larson, Rodney Felix, Pat Bushey, Suzanne Schmitt, Fred Herring, Betty Cole, Nancy Sanders, Edith Bushman, Raymond Goodermuth, Sidney Shade, Miss Ramer. Second Row: Darrell Thomas, Jack Winter, Ginger Reaver, Peggy Reed, Suzanne Ziegler, Sara Scott, Marian Shears, Alice Coshun, Creta Epley, Nancy Britcher, Charles Sanders, Luther Everly. Third Row: Phelps Pennington, Martha Cease, Barbara Hankey, Mary Anne George, Dolores Frew, Bonnie Bryson, Alice McDannell, Kay Coleman, Edwin Bachman, Curvin Krout. Fourth Row: Sandra Asimus, Ethel Sanders, Jean Little, Sylva Williams, Hilda Weikert, Susan Lighter, Helen Schwartz, Nancy Shields, Anne Fortenbaugh, Gloria Hai-ner, Elizabeth Wells. Fifth Row: Suzanne Mickley, Joyce Musselman, JoAnne Deardorff, Yvonne Settle, Carroll Smith, John Hartley, James Coleman, Anna McDannell, Pat Schriver, Joanne Sherman. MAROON AND WHITE STAFF First Row, Left to Right: Miss Ramer, Richard Hay, Samuel Sollenberger, Nellie Larson, Pat Bushey, Martha Heirn, Suzanne Schmitt, Betty Cole, Nancy Sanders, Alice McDannell, Rodney Felix, Edwin Bachman. Second Row: Dora Mae Snyder, Betty Snyder, Peggy Long, Lou Ann Dulaney, Ginger Reaver, Peggy Reed, Ziegler, Marian Shears, Helen Schwartz, Nancy Shields. Suzanne Third Row: Irene Jacoby, Dorothy Smith, Shirley Gilbert, Virginia Fox, Barbara Hankey, Mary Anne George, Anne Fortenbaugh, Hilda Weikert, Elizabeth Wells, Joanne Sherman. Fourth Row: Ramona Dayhotf, Janet Keefer, Sandra Asimus, Ethel Sanders, Jean Little, Sylva Williams, Gloria Harner, Pat Schriver, Anna McDannell. Fifth Row: Lorraine Felix, Barbara Witherow, Suzanne Mickley, Joyce Musselman, Joanne Deardorff, Yvonne Settle, James Coleman, Pete Wilson. Fifty-three MASK AND WIG Martha Heim, Nancy Sanders, Pat Bushey, Hilda NVeikert, Kay Coleman, Susan Lighter, Norrie Minter, Dolores Wineman, Ann Fortenbaugh, Phelps Pennington, Gloria Harner, Darrel Thomas, john Hartley, Pat Schriver, Phyllis Raffensperger, Janet Musselman, Gwenn Bream, Suzanne Schmitt, Curvin Krout, Sara Scott. Creta Epley, Suzanna Ziegler, Mary Anne George, Sylvia Warren, Joyce Sanders, Helen Schwartz, Nellie Lar- son, Ginger Reaver. QUILL AND SCROLL Pat Bushey, Edith Bushman, Betty Cole, Alice Coshun, Creta Epley, Martha Heim, Fred Herring, Nellie Larson, Nancy Sanders, Suzanne Schmitt. Fifty-four FUTURE FARMERS GF AMERICA First Row, Left to Right: Richard Flickinger, Joe Crabill, Larry Cool, Wayne Spence, Kenneth Williams, Ray Weatherly, Dale Dolly, Donald Dillon, William Orner, John Clapsaddle, Mr. Schriver. Second Row: Paul Clapsaddle, James Singley, Ted Crouse, Glenn Zepp, David Seibert, Kenneth Sterner, Ed Null, Richard Ray, Daune Hall, Leo Sanders, Robert Whited. Third Row: Tom Culp, Jay McDannell, Albert Cullison, Wm. Dillon, Richard Shealer, Glenn Riggeal, John Sanders, Ralph Clapsaddle, George Carey, Henry Leatherman. Fourth Row: Walter Plank, Charles Kennell, Wm. Cullison, Archie Price, Harold Plank, Joseph Miller, Lowell Pepple, Vincent Re, Ken Lightner, John Baumgardner. Fifth Row: Darwin Heagey, Fred Grace, Richard Musselman, Don Dentler, John Coleman, Wm. Rudisill, Melvin Durhorow, John Colvard, Cloyd Spence, Wm. Ridinger, Gerald Dellinger. Sixth Row: Edgar Fiscel, Charles Sterner, Burnell Plank, Herbert Werzel, Ralph Thompson, Richard Reedy, Richard Brown, Albert Shultz, Joseph Arentz, James Wherley, Francis Hartman. Not on Picture: Richard Kemper, Fred Oyler, Arthur Buehler, Loring Shultz, Richard Breighner, Richard Hefiin, Bill Smith, Harold Millhimes, Mr. Glenn. F. H. A. First Row, Left to Right: Miss Rohrbaugh, General Adviser: I. Larmer, S. LeVan, B. Hankey, Reporter: J. Hankey, Vice President: B. Rummel, President: M. Keller, Secretary: E. Martin, Treasurer: M. Rummel, A. Gluck, Miss Swartz. Second Row: R. Kepner, J. Topper, A. Plank, D. Bolen, L Luckenbaugh, P. Luckenbaugh, A. Klienfelter, N. Mickey, A. Moritz, N. Ketterman. Third Row: P. Kimple, H. Kump, S. Flickinger, D. Knox, J. Bridendolph, A. Brennan, B. Kimple, E. Fissel, P. Grace, J. Giesler. Fifty-five F. B. L. OF A. First Row, Left to Right: Dolores Rose, Genevieve XVetzel, Shirley King, Janet Lentz, Jean Harman. Miss Little Cadviserj. Second Row: Eileen Painter, Helen McDannell, Phyllis Tressler, Barbara Rider, Jo-Anne Rebert, Rosalee Kidwell. Third Row: Marie Harris, Sally Bowman, Peggy Lou Barr, Carol Baral, Estelle Colvard, Nancy Baker. CHESS CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Fidler, George Ben- der, VVilliam Drake, Perry Stauffer, George Staley Leo Steinour. Second Row: John Beegle, Charles Wagner, Wil- liam Bagot, Randall Hill, Fred Bower, Albert Mumper BRIDGE CLUB FISHING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Longanecker, Fred First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Haehnlen, jay Hart Herring, Nina Sites, William Bucklew, William Wil- man, Robert W'erzel, Pat Hurtz, Larry Kane. hams. Second Row: Harold Hughes, Richard Overcash Second Row: Anna Mary Diehl, Joyce Guise, Norma Delmar Richardson. Swope, Faye Dolly, Connie Kleppinger. Third Row: Evelyn Sterner, Shirley Anne Geigley, Joanne Martin. I zfty-six LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First Row, Left to Right: Jackie Larner, Faye Dolly, Marilyn Schratwieser, Dolores Livingston, Frances Jones, Alice Mc- Ilalanngl, Sue Lighter, Dian Shutf, Patricia Grace, Mary Louise Rummel, Anna Mae Bigham, Mary Mason, Barbara Rummel, iss oung. Second Row: Nancy Scott, Virginia Wachter, Jane Warren, Joanne Martin, Darlene Kime, Mary Witherow, Shirley Plank, Norma Swope, Patricia Goldsmith, Anita Inskip, Shirley Dubbs, Dorothy McGlaughlin, Hazel Rosenberry, Nancy Mickey. Third Row: Allen Witherow, Jere Taughinbaugh, Larene Tate, Eileen Lightner, Marion Trimmer, Ann Brennan, Romona Dayhoff, Patricia Cargas, Janet Bridendolph, Doris Carter, Mary Louise Saunders, Martha Wise, Annabelle Moritz. Fourth Row: Adrienne Taylor, Lorena Stull, Katrina Myers, Glenda Miller, May McDannell, Charlene Patterson, Shelby Shaffer, Doris Witherow, Deanna Palmer, Honor Weimer, Molly Lighter, Nancy Nail, Stella Welsh. Fifth Row: Freddie Jo Paris, Mary Jane Smith, Faye Snead, Joyce Weaver, Kareen Koontz, Shirley Kennell, Janet Klinefelter, Gladys Lawver, Delores Smith, Lillian Snyder, Johneta Murray, Edith Clapsaddle, Judy Plank. Sixth Row: Nancy Riggeal, Linda Carbaugh, Joyce Topper, Carolyn Heller, Donna Wicker, Nancy Wolff, Janet Staiger, Mary Bowmaster, Elaine Rebert, Shirley Sanders, Carol Brumbaugh, Janet Stuckey, Juanita Larmer. Seventh Row: Robert Ziegler, Ronald Hankey, Hubert Faber, Noah Brechbiel, Donald Moser, Max Wetzel. SENIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB Ed vlairst Row, Left to Right: Mr. Cessna, Oscar Stevens, Sidney Shade, Sam Scott, Jack Miller, Charles Sanders, Wm. Knox, 4 arren. Second Row: Norrie Minter, Robert Dillman, Ronald Hepfer, Kenneth Smith, Sam Knox, Berkley Naugle, Roger Crouse, Carroll Smith, Leroy Shindledecker. Third Row: Terry Culp, Wm. Bream, Joe Bushey, Douglas Cluck, Fred Baker, Phelps Pennington, Herbert Fetters, Ray- mond Creager, Dale Myers. Not on Picture: Pete Baughman, Fred Brearn, Luther Everly. l Fzfty-seven JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Karl Staiger, Noah Brechbiel, Peter Pennington, Henry Fox, Jim Paris, Treasurer: Jim Everly, Secretary: Mr. Cessna, Adviser: Bill Snider, President: Bill Swisher, Vice President: Donald Miller, Jonathan Taylor, Rich- ard Pyle, Donald Carter, Robert Ziegler. Second Row: John Tellas, Gene Boyd, Kermit Kane, DelWeimer, Rhea Hart, Robert Minter, Paul Evans, Robert Barnes, Robert Hall, Stephen Brent, Floyd McDannell, Richard Stough, Floyd Kriner, Ray Smith. Third Row: Richard Pennington, John Bowmaster, Richard Sharrah, Jon Wagnild, Terry Thomas, Crosby Hartzell, Donald Maring, William Lowe, Edward Kane, David Weikert, Glenn Hartzell, David Thomas, Charles Livingston, Sam Small. Fourth Row: Glenn Naugle, Charles Rudisill, Fred Guise, Howard Harmon, Dale Biesecker, John Butterfieldn Franklin Marmg, Hugh Mcllhenny, Rodney Steinour, Edward Staley, Gerry Wentz, Allen Witherow, Fred Snyder, Donald Smith. Not on Picture: James Black, Charles Cochran, Ronnie Collins, John Geyer, Larry Herring, Dorothy Himes, Samuel Hughes, Robert Kelly, Charles Lightner, Albert Plank, Cletus Plank, Philip Scott, Floyd Stultz. NATURE CLUB Filigst Iltow, Left to Right: Mr. Ulrich, Doris Sheafier, Rita Mickley, Barbara Klocker, Edith Clapsaddle, Rose Marie Whited Judy an . Second Row: Mary Rider, Phyllis Hankey, Janey Hay, Irene Crouse, Erika Kaseberg, Dorothy Dracha. Third Row: Carol Brurnbaugh, Joyce Vanderwall, Nancy Kelly, Joyce Currens, Shirley Speelman, Mary Reaver. Fourth Row: Eugene Meade, Ronald Shindledecker, Jack Crist, Tom Kitzmiller, David Nett, David Schmitt. Fifty-eight STAMP CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Folkenroth, Shirley Fox, Donna Reel, Lillian Snyder, Mary Alice Johns. Second Row: Alexander Barnes, Ann Baker, Donna Wolf, President, Molly Lighter, Secretary-Treasurer, Eleanor Paddock. Not on Picture: Della Mae Walleii, Donald Satterthwaite. HOBBY CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Bower, Barbara Manning, Shirley Black, June McCleaf, Dorothy Kimple, johnetta Murray, Dorothy Himes, Janet Kennell, Joyce Kendlehart, Phyllis Cleveland, Susan Britcher. Second Row: Nancy Landis, Shelby Shaffer, Isabel Oyler, Margaret Millhinles, Betty Matthews, Donald Moser, Robert Kessel, Nancy Shaner, Louise Stough, Doris Stoner, Shirley Larmer. Third Row: Linda Mickley, Joseph Clapsaddle, Joseph Feathers, Lauren Starner, David Weaver, Robert Bondurant, Elvin Huntsberger, Samuel Heighes, John Kennel, Janet Deckert. Fifty-nine RED CROSS COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right: Miss Hartman, Anne Wever, Carol Boyer, Joyce Sanders, Patricia Grace, Signe Wagnild, Wanda McCleaf, Sandra Johnson, Charlene Patterson, Eilene Lightner, Shirley Dunkinson, Mrs. Wisler. Second 'Row: Doris.Claybaugh, Adrienne Taylor, Ruth Ann Painter, Elaine Rebert, Anita Inskip, Sylvia Warren, Dolores Neeley, Clair Golden, Richard Little, Robert Abel, Betty Brent, Mary Louise Rummel. Third Row: Mary Herring, Joanne Bowling, Nancy Scott, Doris Raffensperger, Mary Seibert, Richard Munshour, Richard Boyd, Cletus Plank, Gene Hoak, Shirley Sterner, Hazel Rosenberry. Fourth Row: Patsy Breighner, Barbara Kerrigan, Nancy Kennel, Janet Klinefelter, Margaret Matthews, Betty Smith, Stella Welsh, Deanna Palmer, Honor Weimer, Helen PfeH'er. Fifth Row: Anna Shultz, Suzanne Stuckey, Freddie Paris, Helen Barley, Nancy Kime, Sophia Matthews, Doris Moritz, Marlon Woomer. ETIQUETTE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Martha Bowmaster, Rebecca Bondurant, Mae McDannell, Joyce Mehring, Virginia Brown, Vicki Maust, Mary Bowmaster, Carolyn Ketterman, Janet Stuckey. Second Row: Margaret Baker, Vivian Luckenbaugh, Jane Bigham, Sondra Pensinger, Doris Leist, Jody Bream, Elizabeth Heldt, Jane Reuning, Barbara McDanneIl. Third Row: Eleanor Settle, Viola Scott, Shirley Foreman, Jean Barrick, Opal Wyatt, Carol Reggal, Donna Shull. Fourth Row: Ann Holoka, Nancy Neth, Sandra Strausbaugh, Sandra Wolff, Dolores Burgner, Jane Mumper, Anna Boyer, Shelby Shaffer, Miss Snyder. Sixty KNITTING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Barbara VV'ilson, Marie Bowling, Anna Reese, Lucy Mehring, Sally Smith, Aurelia Spence, Donna Spence, Bonita Bowling, Ann Ecker, Mary Brent, Juanita Austin. Second Row: Shelby Dick, Joan Feather, Shirley Oliver, Mary Luckenbaugh, Dorothy Lawther, Jean Miller, Martha Fiscel, Jane Brown, Helen Aughinbaugh, Shirley Fridinger, Glenda Miller. Third Row: Reba Dubs, Gladys Hollinger, Kareen Koontaz, Nancy Sponsellor, Joyce Topper, Carolyn Nut- ter, Barbara Peters, Donna DeVivio, Geraldine Shaner, Lois Rice, Betty Pennington. JUNIOR HIGH FISHING CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Breani, Kenneth Knox, Roger Flickinger, Merle Shultz, Vlfilliam Vlfoods, Ro- land Schriver, Howard Luckenbaugh, Joseph Becker, Fred Heyser, Tim Crouse. Second Row: Williain Cleveland, Kenneth Miller, Thomas Ellidge, Erle Wliite, Marlin Cullison, Ronald Fridinger, Larry Yingling, Albert Treher, David Ridinger, Jackie Kunkle, John Coshun, Charles Tressler. Sixty-one Sixty-two "TURN BACK THE CLGCKU EVClyI1 Qliviej P2l.l1'1161' ..,,......A...,.............,.,.,,,,.,.A........., .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.M,,,,, K ay Colenqan Mrs. Anna Palmer ,.,.. ... ,.,,,..,., . , ,-, G inger Reaver Sally Palmer ---L ...,,...... Irene Isherwood ...,rr Maybelle Harrison Hilda .....,...,.,........l,l,.,.. Barbara Bannister Phyllis McSorley ..i, Charles Hill ......,,v,.., Johnnie Stone ...,.,,,..,,. Mr. Arthur Palmer - .....,.. ....., G loria Harner Susan Lighter Carla Scheide Ann Fortenbaugh Sandra Asimus Alice McDannel - .... af-- f......,.... Sam Scott ........ Perry Stauffer Sam Sollenberger Larry Palmer ,i...,,s,, A ,,..,.....,.. ..., ....,,.,..,.. ,.,v.... N o r r1e Minter Ollie Bannister ....i... .... L ,a.A.......a,,,,.,......, .,.......,.,.....W.,a........V .,.a.,,,, i , - Bill Decker Chubby Bascombe ,....,,,,s,...,..,.........4.,,...........,..,,.....,..,,... . ...........,....,... Luther Everly Jay Sixeas Charles Sanders james Hoak Jack Miller Martha Heim Pat Bushey Suzanne Ziegler Sara Scott Directed by Miss Betty Brandon l UYUU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" Penny Sycamore ..........,v.....TT.AT,,,,,,.,.,,,.,.ATT.,............,.,,.N................,v.,,,,,.v,,,. Pat Bushey Essie S. Carmichael ...... AA,,.,.. S uzanne Schmitt Rheba ........A.............. .., ,S..,,,..., Mary Mason Paul Sycamore .,,.,,. . oo,,,. , S ....... Don Dentler Mr. DePinna ,,,oa,, ' ' ' N Bill VV1ll1ams Ed Carmichael ......... . ., D .c,,,,,... .,..... S iclney Shade Donald ..,o,,..,,aaa. . .,,c ...,.. ,,,, R i chard Harriel Grandpa Vanderhof ...,.. ,.........,,,.., D ave Swope Alice Sycamore .,..,.. ,,,.,,,. Janet Musselman Mr. Henderson ,...,o. e,,.,c.....,, I erry Peters Tony Kirby .,,,.,l,,. ........, B ill Bucklew Mr. Kholenkov ,.....,c ,. na--- Jack Bream Gay Vllellington ....,, . ,..i c,,, ,..,....-,,.,. .,....,. D 1 an Shuff Anthony Kirby, Sr. . ,,,.., ,,,,.,c.,,,,,,,...,.,,......,...,......, S am Scott Mrs. Kirby ...o,.,.oc, M ,,,.,,.,,,,.,,.,,i,..........,o.,.... Gwenn Bream Government Agents ..,,,,,oc,,,,, ,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,c ,,,,,-,,,,,, D a rrel Thomas, Charles Sanders Duchess Olga Katrina ,,,,,,o,- , ,,,,cco.--,,,,,,4 Yv,, o,,A,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,co,,,,,,,,o..,....,,,,,, R egina Kane Directed by Miss Betty Brandon Sixty-thre ,,.- IhlUli'l5 H513 f""5l!E1trs .ILL . Rval .Vazznw Jonx EBIZRIIART .Sit'l'L'l?lZ- tVt1Illl'.' "Roach" Clzczrnrfcr Role: Proud wearer of the Navy blue. Bit Pn1'f.r: Football player and onlooker. Far'm'zfv .ll0r'i6: Playing in Hanover football game. Real .VUIIICI CRIQTA EPLEY 5'r1'm'n Name: "Cretan Cltarartvr Role: Nurse. Bit Paris: Band and choir member and square dancer. Fu-z'm'ife ,lltwivf Being selected as a member of the high school choir. Real Name: LUTHER EVERLY St'I'CL'l1 Name: "Luther" Clzurartcr Role: Mason and photographer. Bit Parts: Band member, hunter, fisher. swinnner. Favorite .llm-10: Being shot at during hunting season. Rm! Name: Hlil!BERT FETTIZR Screen Name: "Herb" Cllurautci' Role: Serve in the armed forces. Bi! Parts: Hunting, hslnng, and cruising around in a car. Fat'o1'ilc illo1'iz': Being lost while hunting deer for dearj. Real Name: BETTE FISSEI. Srrcvii Name: "Bette" Clmwzrfrr Role: Nurse. Bit Parts: Skater, basketball player and French fries eater. Fuz'urilc illowie: My first senior prom. Real Name: ROBERT Fox SCl'ECll Nnuzc: "Dad" Cltaractcr Role: Sailor and business owner. Bit Parts: Basketball manager, athlete, loaier. Fatforite Moziic: First major league baseball game. Real Nmnc: JANET GEISLER v Svrvcn Nauw: "Dolly" Cl1a1'arlc'r Role: Practical nurse. B11 Pa1't.r: Dancer, sewer, and reader. Fazforzle M0-vm: Learning to drive a car. Real Name: GERALIZEN GlfIlRzXLD Screen Name: "Gerry" Clm1'arlc'r Role: Vilorking for the government in Washington. Bit Paris: Hiker, roller skater and member of the gang. Favorite .llot'iv: First dinner dance. Sixty-four Real Name: RAYMOND GO0IlliRMU'1'H Srrccrz, Name: "Big Goodieu Cln1rnrIt'1' Rule: Coach. Bit Pn1'l.r: Football, basketball, track, swimming and other games. liararifc .'l'Iuz'ic.' XK'hen I slipped from a three meter board at Caledonia Park and almost killed myself. 1 lxral Nuznv: PATRICIA GRACE SC'l'L'l'll Nannr: "Patty" Clzamrlri' Role: Telephone operator. Bit Pm'f.r.' Skating, talking on telephone and playing different games. Fnrvwilc Qllmiiv: Going steady. Real Name: :XNNA HALL Swartz Nrzllzf: "Annie" Clmrarlvz' Role: Telephone operator. Hi! Parts: Playing basketball and volleyball and read- 1ng. l7!IT.'!Il'1'lC .ll uric : Raul Name: JAMES HAl.l. Srrccn Name: "Hallie" Clzaracfcr Role: U. S. Navy or college. Bit Paris: Football, basketball, swimming and bowl- lll 4. 3 . . Fn:'o1'ifv Jlozfiv: A day in Carlisle with HI'IO2l.klC.U Real Name: JAMES HANKEY Screen Name: "Roy" Cl1Gl'lIL'fl'l' Role: The service. Ili! Parts: Baseball and basketball. 1:t1'Z'tIl'l'1'l' illoffie: Playing intramural basketball. Real Nazizc: JEAN HARLIAN Srrcciz Name: "Jeannie Cliarartw' Role: Typist. Hit Part: Dancer, skater, reader, traveler. Fll'Z'01'llU rllozuct F1I'St tram trip. Real Name: RICHARD HAIQRIEL Screen Na-me: "Dick'l Clzarncler Role: Armed Forces. Bit Paris: Sports and dating a certain brown eyed girl with a wrinkled nose. Fmforifc N0'Uic: Scoring a T.D. for G.H.S. AKEAGW 49639 652559 Q53 Ni, P656 V .SPo'H.lclh'l' .S.POY"'S ff 2 GettVSbL11'g Football Warriors Undefeated First Time In Local History I Hut Warriors Stun Hagerstown With A lm,erCeHaff Talks 6-0 Wm In Impressive Deblit neakgxotggn l2.7 Pflon . on wins 10 M Deng-' ' G' Ve W 'Da-'S C,-W5 ' ns VAN geaaloc' Ion 0 afffo I svola O-7-0 . Ver Squliers ?ihr'xXYx097' s , Warriors Roll U E . NNag00iS O , P asv GNBS gore n ve' Sh'PPensb F QQ I . QQ . 0 . llfg Qr kasxailixigve' Cigliisquei-23A Slxth v"t0'7 W'fh0U't Defeat Ctoqlaixa W Warriors D WAQB df-ab, on Tons ll Own Her I' '67 Heay Eff 65.y' S el' 7.0 41? 0,9 022, Y Ra, ard D - 900' 00, . 13' '7 S10 ash. d"'Wf"'fml"'t'64, rm Mae Play 0 Tames T ,4'Si5'l'3dl9Q- Wok 01' 27-0 To R ornada Team i'5f000h'Warriors' Climax Undeieaied Streak Tauri:-undefeated 0 Season WithGreat Victory rve In A Raw Over Mechanicsburg 13 To 0 Mr. Shoemaker and Mr. Sachs receive trophies from Mr. Small, representing the merchants in town. Two of the "cats" who swallowed the "canary," The boy with the bucket and towel. 5i.1'ty-.vewlz 1 g A N 4 - u "1 Y VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, Left to Right: Marlin Fiscelif, Richard Harrielg, Dave Swopezl, Jack Breamif, Bill VV1lll3lllS William DeHaas. Second Row: Robert Foxx, Mgr.g Clifford Chapman, Richard Dayhoff, James SRl1'lIlCI'T, Richard Carter Pob ert Hixou"', john Carter"', William Decker, Mgr. "'Lettermen Seventy-two Dec Dec Dec Dec. Ian. Jan. jan. jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb F eb Feb Feb Feb. Feb VARSITY RECORD Gettysbwg Ofwfvonwzf Hagerstown fx Aj ,...... ,... 3 8 46 York Q H D ............. 34 56 Red Lion QAJ ....,.. 51 41 Alumni CHQ .r... , ....,.. Z8 on Shippensburg QHD ........ 49 39 Carlisle QAJ ......,,....... -- 36 52 Hershey C H Q ,.,,,. ,...... 4 3 36 Way11esbor0 CAD .......,., 35 48 Chambersburg QHD ...... 49 44 Hanover CHD ..,............. 36 50 Mechanicsburg Q A J .... 44 48 Delone QHD .........,,..., 36 39 Shippensburg QAD .,.... 52 25 Carlisle Cl-lj ............ 41 42 Hershey Q A D ...,.....,.. 30 67 VVay11esboro Q H J ......,. 48 55 Chambersburg CAQ ....., 46 73 Hanover C Aj ,................... 38 55 Mechanicsburg C H J ....,... 56 34 Delone CAD ....,............o..., ............ . ........ 5 2 47 Woii-7 Lost-13 JUNICR VARSITY BASKETBALL Jay Schmitt, Paul Ketterman, George Penn, Peter Baughman. Robert Rohrbaugh, Jay Sixcas, Ronald Miller, George Bender, john Beegle. Stanton Musser, Albert Sterner, Fred Baker, Daniel Roth, Elton Martin, Roger Zeien. Dec Dec. Dec. jan. jan. Jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Geftysll 7 Hagerstown CAD ...,. ..... 2 S 11 York CHD ...,......,... ., 28 14 Red Lion CAD ..... . 7 4 Shippensburg CHD -. 43 8 Carlisle CAD -. .........., ..... 3 6 11 Hershey CHD .............., ....,..., 3 3 15 Waynesboro CAD ........ii.. ,,,, , -- 27 18 Chambersburg CHD -. 33 22 Hanover CHD .... . ........,.... .. 20 25 Mechanicsburg CAD ,. 47 29 Delone CHD ,,..,,..w,,,..,,. -, 36 I Shippensburg CAD .- 43 5 Carlisle CHD .....,...., .. 30 8 Hershey CAD ,...,.,... ,,,, . . 33 12 Vlfaynesboro CHD ........,. -. 38 15 Chambersburg CAD .. 27 19 Hanover C AD ....,..,.,e,.,. ,. 28 22 Mechanicsburg CHD .. 43 25 Delone CAD ....,...........,,w,,s.. ................. , .. 28 VVO11-14 Lost--5 mfg Ojvjvoumzf 22 36 5 22 23 22 l2 31 36 32 23 24 34 32 22 53 43 35 27 Setfcnty-tlz rc E I S P' BASEBALL First Row, Left to Right: Hankey, Heyserx, Littlex, Singleyi, Fordi Buppff, Signorif, Fiscelk, Rohrbaugh'k, Penn". Second Row: Kennel? Cmanagerb, Martin, Sixeas, Wortz, Hixon, Temple, Bream, Spence, Bender, Day- hoff Cmanagerj. 'kLettermen April May BASEBALL RECORD Boiling Springs Gettysburg Shippensburg .... Boiling Springs Chambersburg ........ Delone ..,........,..,, Hanover ......... Delone ....,.,.,....... Chambersburg ......., Shippensburg .... Hanover ......... LETTERMEN 1 7 -- 14 1 6 2 19 -. 17 10 5 Ojvpmzcmt 5 2 ll 3 3 10 6 13 1 9 Rohrbaugh, Penn, Signor, Heyser, Bupp, Singley, Ford, R. Miller, Little, Fiscel S6w1z,ty-five TRACK First Row, Left to Right: Baughman Cmanagerjg DeHaas4', Keefer, Flickinger, Hoak, R. Millerif Wil liamsf, Musser, J. Carterf, Sanders, Crousef, Miller? Hall Cmanagerj. Second Row: Myers Cmanagerjg Kepnerf, Goodermuthff, Beeglefi Sanders"2 Harrielg, McCorm1ck"' R Carteri, Saundersg, Brearn, Shultz"', Weanerlk, Cleveland, Raffenspergerit fmanagerj. Third Row: Coleman, Heliin, Crouse, Keeler, VVillian1s, Kepner, Thrush, Ketterman, Plank, Hill W7l11tCd Creager, Carter, Decker, Livingston. Serfenty-slim April 17 April 21 April 27 May 4 May 17 Crouse Sanders Weaner Goodermuth McCormick NVilliams TRACK RECORD Chambersburg 59 Gettysburg .,,.....l............., 6595 S.S.T.C. INVITATION Carlisle .v...,..............,,...., 54.08 Steelton ...... 40 Hanover ......... 25.83 Chambersburg 25.33 Gettysburg ........ 21.08 Gettysburg ........ 85 M Middletown ...... 36M Hershey ......... Z8 Gettysburg ........ 84 Hanover .......,. ...... 5 S Hershey ........................... 8 CONFERENCE NIEET Carlisle .................,.......... . 76 Chambersburg ..... 55 Gettysburg ........ 42 Hanover .................. 25 Mechanicsburg ..,... 4 Hershey ............... 0 LETTERMEN Beegle Sanders Carter Shultz Del-Iaas Skinner Miller, Robert Tonsel Miller, Ronald Carter, R. Raffensperger, Mgr IUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Managers: Bill Olson, Robert Minterif, Richard Little. First Row, Left to Right: Ted Crouse":, Walter Rentzelif, David Thomasfk, Karl Staigerf, Donald VVilliams"', James Paris"', Merle Gormanx, Paul Evansx, Carl Westerdahl'f. Second Row: Donald Smith, David VVeaver, Donald Littlef, Charles Livingstonff, Sam Staley". Fred Furney", Gerrald VVhite"', Robert Bonduranti, Russell Potter, VVilliam Bushman"'. Third Row: Joe Tonsel, Jack Crist, Jonathan Taylor, William Woods, William Snyder, Jake Dracha, Dale Biesecker, Peter Pennington, Roland Keller. ziloettermen. Delone .............. Boiling Springs Hershey .......... JUNIOR HIGH RECORD Opponent Gettysburg VVaynesboro ....... Hanover ......,... Mechanicshurg ....,........,... ............... o,.. Won-2 T i ed-1 Lost-3 SiC'Z'61lfjl-SC"Z.'f'11i JUNICR HIGH BASKETBALL J.V.'s: Fred Furney, Rolf Johnson, Peter Pennington, William VVoods, Donald Smith, Roland Schrlver Roland Keller, Jack Kunkle, Jack Crist. Tommy Kitzmiller, Jon Vllagnild, Charles Lightner, Eugene Meade Gene I-Ioak. Joe Tonsel. Varsity: Ronald VVilliaxns"', David Gifford? David Thomas"', Robert Vlleikertgk, Merle Gorman Rlchaid Pennington? Ted Crouse, Karl Staigerdi Ronald Collinsyt, Charles Livingston"', Jake Dracha. Managers: Carl Westerdahlx, David Weaver. i:Lettermen. 5-F'Z'Fl1fjl-Piflllf Carlisle .....,. Hanover ........ JUNIOR HIGH RECORD L Shippenshurg ...... ,,..... Carlisle .,.....,...., ...w, VV L NV VV Vtlayneshoro ,.... .,,.... L Biglerville .,,...., ...... Biglerville ..,... .,.... X N' Vllaynesboro ......,, ....... Hanover .......,,.,a.. .... L Mechanicshurg ..,,.. .,,.. Mechanicshurg ,,........,,.. L Chambersburg Chambersburg ..,.. ,,.,,. W Shippenshurg ...... ....... W'on-6 Lost-8 L L W GAA CABINET First Row, Left to Right: Eileen Painter, Marian Blount, Nancy Bushman, Martha Heim, Suzanne Schmitt. Gwenn Bream, Nancy Sanders, Mary Mason. Mrs. Reinhart. Second Row: Dolores Rose, Barbara Rider, Nina Sites, Nellie Larson, Dolores XVineman, Io-Anne Rebert. Betty Raymond, Pat Bushey. Third Row: Pat Schriver, Joyce Mehring. Peggy Jo Bream, Sara Scott. Each spring members of the Girls' Athletic Association are given awards, which are based on the number of points each member has accumulated by par- ticipation in the various sports. Wlieli a girl has acquired forty-five points, she receives a minor G, sixty-tive points, a class numeral: and eighty-live points a major G. Any girl who has been in G.A.A. for three years and has earned forty-eight points by the end of her junior year is eligible for membership in the cabinet. These awards were earned under the old point system which has been revised this year to include the junior high. Lightner, Patty Moser, Doris Fissel, Carolyn I-lann, Doris Lightner, Patty Bream, Gwenn Bushey, Pat Hann, Doris Mountain, jean Smith, Janet Lou Williams, Gracie Blount, Marian Bushey, Pat Myers, Barbara GAA AWARDS-MAY, 195 1 MA.lClR G Wickerhaxii, Eleanor Moser, Doris Mumper, Mona Mumper, Mona Wilsoii, Linda '51 NUMi2RALs Myers, Barbara Sanders, Patty '52 NUMERALS Bushman, Nancy Heim, Martha Bushman, Nancy Mason, Mary Painter, Eileen Raymond, Betty Rebert, JoAnn Rider, Barbara MINOR Larson, Nellie Raymond, Betty G Rose, Dolores Sanders, Nancy Schmitt, Suzanne VVineman, Dolores Bryson. Bonnie Fortenbaugh, Anne Bream, Gwenn Tavvney, Patsy VVickerham, Eleanor VVilliams, Gracie Rebert, JoAnn Sanders, Nancy VVineman, Dolores Frew, Dolores George, Mary Anne Sanders, Joyce K. Scott, Sara VVarren, Sylvia Ziegler, Suzanne Seventy-Him' SENIOR HIGH GAA First Row, Left to Right: Betty Brent, Dian Shuff, Jeannette Sponseller, Regina Kane, Joanne Jones, Shirley VVashington, Dolores Livingston, Suzanne Schmitt, Nancy Sanders, Martha Heim, Gwenn Bream, Mrs. Reinhart. Second Row: Reggy Reed, Sara Scott, Helen Schwartz, Susan Lighter, Doris Sponseller, Nina Sites, Nellie Larson, Dolores VVineman, Marian Shears, Peggy Holtzworth, Alice Coshun, Betty Raymond, Jo-Anne Rebert. Third Row: Janet Keefer, Anna Heller, Lorraine Felix, Shirley Singley, Martha Cease, Jane Stultz, Barbara Xvitherow, Norma Swope, Charlotte Sponseller, Anne Fortenbaugh, Alice Mc- Dannell, Mary Mason. I Fourth Row: Pat Riggeal, Joanne Sherman, Yvonne Settle, Doris Bolen, Mary Lou Saunders, Pat Schriver, Gloria Hafner, Joanne Deardorff, Dora Mae Snyder, Betty Snyder, Dorothy Sease, Sally Oyler, Shirley Snyder, Joyce Nett. Fifth Row: Irene Jacoby, Pat Moser, Patsy Sentz, Phyllis Raffensperger, Elizabeth Wells, Anna McDannell, Sandra Asimus, Shirley Gilbert, Virginia Fox, Janet Bridendolph, Shirley Manahan, Mary Strasbaugh, Shirley Dubbs. Sixth Row: Mary Witlierovv, Barbara Sadler, Ginger Reaver, Marian Trimmer, Dorothy Staley, Joan Yingling, Ramona Dayhoff, Pat Cargas, Rosemary Hartman, Ruth Shull, Jean Rudi- sill, Sonja Neary, Bonnie Bryson, Sylvia WHY1'611. Seventh Row: Naomi Tellas, Shirley Dunlcinson, Joyce Musselman, Suzanne Mickley, Bar- bara Neary, Betty Maring, Beverly Myers, Pat Coldsmith, Sally Bowman, Anna Mary Diehl, Eileen Painter, Marian Blount, Nancy Bushman. Eighth Row: Barbara Hankey, Joyce Sanders, Dolores Frew, Suzanne LeVan, Cherie Lott, Barbara Weishoiir, Joan Hughes, Norma Oates, Janet Musselman, Barbara Rider, Dolores Rose. Ninth Row: Suzanne Ziegler, Sylva XfVilliams, Hilda Weilcert, Faye Dolly, Gertie Howe, Mary Anne George, Pat Bushey, Genevieve Wetzel, Evelyn Sterner. Eighty JUNIGR HIGH GAA First Row, Left to Right: Janet Staiger, Mary Jane Smith, Adrienne Taylor, Billie VVest, Donna Wicker, Jean Staiger, Betty Smith, Stella NVelsh, Dotty Dracha, Donna Spence, Ann Baker, Carol Brumhaugh, Shirley Sanders, Phyllis Cleveland, Joyce Kendlehart, Jody Bream, Virginia Brown, Irene Crouse. Second Row: Sandra Redding, Elaine VVolf, Dolores Burgner, Sandra Strasbaugh, Pam Du- laney, Sandra Wolf, Nancy Neth, Joyce Mehring, Jean Hartzell, Shirley Black, Carolyn Ketterman, Betty Pennington, Doris Lust, Vicki Maust, Elizabeth I-Ieldt, Mary Herring, Glenda Miller. Third Row: Joan Reed, Carol Plank, Susan Reed, Harriet Shull, Nancy Wolf, Bonita Bowl- ing, Jane Reuning, Sandra Johnson, Elizabeth Pfeffer, Aurelia Spence, Doris Witheroxv, Joanne Bowling, Virginia Wacliter, Anna Boyer, Jane Warren, Mrs. Reinhart. Fourth Row: Nancy Shane, Wilclzt Simpson, Gladys Hollinger, Edith Greenawald, Molly Lighter, Nancy Guise, Jane Bigham, Honor VVeimer, Floranna Fox, Deanna Palmer, Eleanor Pad- dock, Lorna Smith, Gladys Lawver, Charlene Patterson, Jane Mumper, Shirley Temple. Eighty-on SHORTS ON SPGRTS Hockey Champs gl: fy-ftwn Basketball Champs Volleyball Champs Championship Football Team Squaws qv-f Qjllilfllftli lllil I I uf"65lQE1rfi Real Name: MARIE HARIQIS Screen Name: "Reds" Character Role: Stenographer and U. S. Air Force. Bit Parts: Romantic movies, reader, singer, skater, dancer. lfarorile Morfie: Going steady. Rl'Ul.Nlll1llFf JAY HARTINIAN Screen Name: "Jay" Character Role: Petroleum distributor. Bit Part.r: Delivering petroleum, outdoor sportsman. Favorite Moific: W'hen fishing, pulling in one fish after another. Real Name: RICHARD HAY Screen- Name: "Dick" Character Role: Radio work. Hit Parts: Playing in the band, jam sessions, compe- tition with "Sid" Shade on the clarinet. Fatorite Moe'ie: Playing in Alfie LeVan's band in my freshman year. Real Name: MARTHA HEIBI Screen- Name: "Mart" Clzaractef-IRole: Director of public relations and ad- vertising. Bit Parts: Cheerleading, dramatics, yearbook and Maroon and White work, dancing. Farforilc Movie: Camping at Caledonia. Real Name: FRED' HERRING Screen Name: 'fFreddie" Character Role: Take over the business world. Bit Parts: Watch the moon rise over Mt. Hope, hunt, shoot and be merry. Faiforilc Movie: First kiss from my last choice. Real Name: WILLIAM HEYSER Screen Name: "Hooks" Character Role: College after service. Bi! Parte: Football and basketball. Favorite Mavic: Football and basketball. Fazfnrilc Movie: Touchdown in Chambersburg game. Real Name: JAMES HOAK Screen! Name: "Jim" Character Role: Go to Tile schoolg maybe college. Hit Parts: Intramural basketball, track, dancing and skating. Faziaritc Mor-ie: A clay in Carlisle with "Hallie," Real Name: MARGARET HOLTZXVORTH II Screen. Name: Peg Cliaractvr Role: Army Nursing Corps. I lift Parts: Sports, traveling, cooking and reading. l'ill'Z'0l'lAlt' Movie: A certain snowy evening. as Real Name: REGINA KANE I Screen Name: "Reggie" Character Role: Nurse then wife. I Hit Parts: Basketball, bowling, skating and dancing. Favorite Movie: First approach on the football field as head majorette. Real Name: MARIE KELLER I I Screen Name: "Marie" Character Role: Secretary. I Rit Parts: Movies, sports and square dancing. Favorite Movie: When I became president of the F.H.A. Real Name: RICHARD KEBIPER Screen Name: "Dick" Character Role: Machinist. Bi! Parts: Football and bowling. Favorite Movie: Cleaning out a furnace air-duct while there was current going through it. Real Name: WILLIS KEPNER Screen Name: "Willie" Character Role: Apprenticeship at General Electric in New York. Bit Parts: Shooting, hiking, driving, bike riding. Favorite Movie: First and only ride on the roller coaster at Hershey. Real Name: RosALEE KIDNVELL Screen Name: "Rosie" C lzaracter Role: Secretary and receptionist. Hit Parts: Music, sports and playing canasta. Favorite Movie: Seeing Perry Como in person at the Music Festival. Real Name: SHIRLEY KING Screen, Name: "Shirley" Character Role: Secretary. Bit Parts: Skating, dancing, reading and eating. Favor-ite Movie: The first football game in my fresh- man year. Eighty-three ,.- UIHIEIITE H513 I thbglhillffg Real Name: REGINA IQNOUSE Screen Name: "Jean" Clzaracter Role: Secretary. Bi! Pa1'l.r: Dancer. piano player, seamstress, radio listener. Far'01'z'fe .Hottie : Real Name: IXEZ LARMER Screen- Name: "Tennessee" Clzaracfcr Role: Nurse. Bn' Parts: Sports, dancing, good movies. Fariarzfe Movie: Dancing with the "certain someone." Real Name: NELLIE LARSON Screen Name: "Moose" Cliaracter Role: Merchandising work. Bit Paris: Cheerleading, dramatics, sun bathing, swim- ming. Farm-ifc lll0t'ie.' Climbing around the edge of Oak Ridge Tower at the age of seven. Real Name: JANET LENTZ Screen Name: "Janet" Cliaractez' Role: Secretarial work. Bit Paris: Sports and movies. Far'a1'i1'e Marfie: Vacation in Baltimore. Real Name: JOHN LITTLE Screeez Name: "Seah" Cl1a1'aete1' Role: Navy man. Biz' Parts: Sports. Ftl'Z'07'llC M'0rlie: The baseball game with Chambers- burg. Real Name: LENA LUCKENEAUGII Screen Name: 'lSqueenie" Clzaeczrtcz' Role: Typist. Dil Parts: Roller skating, dancing, reading "True Storiesf' FHT'lIl'l'lU Movie: Roller skating with six sailors. Real Name: STUART TXTACPHERSON Swami Name: "Sneaky" Clzaracfcr Role: U. S. Coast Guard. Bit Parts: VVoodlawn, sleeping, eating, the gang. Farcrife Illarfie: Trip to Hanover during the senior year. Eigl1fy-fam' Real Name: HlEl.lZN MCDANNELL Screen A ame: "Honey', Clzaraclcr Ralf: Bride of a certain guy in the Air Force. Bit Parts: Dancer, reader, theater spectator, and in- dulger in good food. Farwrite lllarfie: Learning to drive. T Real Name: JAY MCDANNELI. Screen, Name: t'Jay" Clzalracter Role: Serviceman in the United Forces. Bit Paris: Sports and loafing. Farvrile Mattie: Taking a ride in a Ford? 5 7 7 Real Name: CATHERINE MCKELVEI' Screen Name: "Katie" Character Rale: Secretarial work. Bit Paris: Reader, dancer, ice skater, hunter Cl, and playing basketball. Favorite ll'l0T'1'!?f VVhen a certain senior says "Hello," Real Name: EDITH MARTIN Screen, Name: "Edie" Character Role: Elementary teacher at Shippensburg State Teachers College. Bit Parts: Square dancer and reader. l:ll'Z'Il7'lfl7 Jlfntfic: Cruise on the Hudson River fnight or day? ?j. Real Name: MARY NIASON S'c1'een Name: "Mousey" C'hav'actcr Role : College student and Wife. Bit Parts: Sports, Cannon-Aid staff, and Watching Dick play sports. Farforite M0rf1'e: Asked to the Senior Prom by Dick in my freshman year. Real Naazc: DORIS MII.l.IER Screen Name: "Doris" Character Role: Working in Harrisburg. Bit Parts: Basketball player and movie goer. Far'm'i1'e Mattie: Being on the top of a Ferris wheel when it broke down CVVhat happened? il. Real Name: JACKIE NIILLER Screen Name: "Meatly" Cliaracfer Role: College student or member of the Air Force. Bit Parts: Sports, sleeping, loaling, and bowling. Favorite Mattie: Being in an auto accident. W lf TAKE 55 Keg? N Q QRQKAQ QS Advsrhssnsnis 6 . , 3 9 yoga o W s5'Z+'3'312 Nd 3190906-A 4 EIB " , , HENNIG'S BAKERY THE SHETTER HOUSE DINING ROOM AND CATERING at 48 Chambersburg Street ROMAYNE lVlll..l..ER'S HOMEMADE CANDIES 50 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. FOR INSURANCE Telephone 300 PHILIP R. BIKLE Compliments of T 0 B E Y ' S FASHION CENTER FOR WOMEN 13 Baltimore Street Best Wishes From BRINGMAN'S INSURANCE AND SERVICE 151 York Street Gettysburg, Pa. P.O. Box 224 35 York Street Bakers for G.H.S. Cafeteria SHERMAN'S STORE Complete Line of Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Shoes for the Entire Family 20 York Street Compliments of Jack 8: Jill Shoppe Carlisle Street RUMMEL GROCERY Meats, Vegetables and Frozen Foods Call 42-Z We Deliver Phone 633-X C. R. Topper, Prop. Topper's Serv. Sta.A Atlantic Gas and Motor Oils Auto Repairing - Lubrication W h' as mg Corner E. Lincoln Ave. and Harrisburg Road Hotel Gettysburg Beauty Salon Margaret L. Spangler Owner - Operator Phone 779 Gettysburg, Pa. Radios, TV, Records Baker's Battery Serv. Opposite Post Otice Compliments of Coffman Jewelers 51 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg News and Sporting Goods Everything for Sports Also School Sweaters Bowling 51 Chambersburg Street BLOCHER'S Jewelry Since 1887 25-27 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. De Luxe Restaurant "Serving the Community For 32 Years" 53 Chambersburg Street Phone 171-X Gettysburg, Pa. Steven Svarnas, Prop. Compliments of CITY MARKET 9 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments oi Jennie Wade Museum Eighty-six Telephone 677 or 491-Y APPLER'S GULF SERVICE Anything for the Automobile Jacob G. Appler treet HOTEL GETTYSBURG "On the Square" Compliments of WARNER BROS. 'iff MAJESTIC and STRAND Henry M. Schart, Manager Gettysburg, Pa. REA 8: DERICK, INC. DRUG STORE ON LINCOLN SQUARE FISSEL-BRITCHER AGENCY Phone 434 sonic Building Gettysburg P BRITCHER 8: BENDER DRUG STORE 27 Ch mbe burg St t G tty b g P Compliments of FAIRFIELD CUT-RATE Ruth and Ernie Haines C g tlt t th S Ot th Class t1952 Sf? I Swope s Atlantic Service Station 150 Carlisle Street Gettysburg, Pa. Ph 77 C g 1 lt t Class of 1952 il? RAYMOND HOME FURNISHINGS FURNITURE AND CARPETS L l Sq E'h- Compliments of Battlefield Service Station 1 . 1 Congratulations, Class of 52 We invite you to make use of the facilities offered by this store, whether it be to shop with us, to meet your friends at Murphy's. or to seek employment with our Company, in the event that you decide upon a retail C81'891'. G. C. MURPHY COMPANY Gettysburg's Leading Store Compliments of Shuman's Cut-Hate 39 Baltimore Street Compliments of Delivery Service - Phone 788 Geiiysburg 'A-uiopal-is Texas Hot Wiener H dBEDD1NE.S d Cc, ERNIE'S ar ware' Palm' mo an DISTRIBUTORS Chambersburg Street Home Supplies 22 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg - Waynesboro, Pa. Westminster, Md. - Hanover, Pa.. O. H. HUSTETTER BUILDER, INC. Hanover, Pa. Since 1907 Compliments of JOHN H. BSASEHORE General Insurance GEFTYSBURG. PA. CLASS OF 1923 Eiyll ty-eight Compliments of HELEN-KAY 59 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg National Museum "Home ot the Electrical Map" Prowell's Millinery Hats and Handbags of Distinction 51 Frederick Street Hanover, Pa. Service Supply Co. 17-21 York Street Gettysburg Hotpoint Appliances Dupont Paints Philco Radios Cannon Shoe Store 8 Center Square HANOVER, PA. SHOES FOR ALL Best Wishes ot A Friend Rose-Ann Shoppe Ladies' and Children's Wear Baltimore Street Compliments of Gay Jewelers Swartz's Television and Records 14 Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. BENN'S "Smart Wear tor the High School Lad" Compliments of Sweetland - Bookmart Plaza De Soto and Plymouth Motor Cars PI-lIEL'S GARAGE J. A. Phiel, Prop. 438 York Street Lincoln Square Gettysburg, Pa. phone 369 Gettysburg, pa, DEN GLER BROS. GROCERY GREEN GOODS AND GROCERIES Frozen Foods 29 York Street Phone 97 CHAMPION NATIONAL GARAGE CO. D. C. Forney, Prop. C. S. Menchey, Mgr. Servicing and Selling 43 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pa. Aufomobiles fgr the P4151 40 Years Phone 360-X Thomas George PACKARD CARS S LT E E E 0 S Columbia Jewelry Co. "C1eaning With a Conscience" First National Bank Building LAUNDRY, CLEANING, STORAGE Hanover Penna- llO High Street Hanover, Pa. Eighty -nin e GETTYSBURG LODGE NO. 1526 Loyal Order ol lVloose BANKERT'S ICE CREAM AND RESTAURANT On Route 140, South of Gettysburg Compliments of y BLOSER BABY SHOE CO Gettysburg, Pct. Central Penna. Business College Established 1922 323 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa. SUMMER TERM BEGINS IN IUNE Central Pennsylvanials Greatest Business Sc Adams County Electric Appliance Company FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service -Z 31C ' F A B E R ' S Lincoln Square Free Show Everyone Welcome AUTOMOBILES - TRUCKS C. W. EPLEY Gettysburg, Pct. n Daily 9 to 9 - Sunday Congratulations to the Class of 1952 GREEN CABLES TOURIST COURT C. L. Butt, Prop. Sponseller's Fruit Mkt. Route 30-West of Gettysburg QUALITY FRUIT OF ALL KINDS QUALITY DRESSED FRYERS In Any Quantity Delivered in Gettysburg and Vicinity W. C. Horner and Sons Phone 935-R-6 Newman's Market Fairfield, Pct. Compliments of Pumphrey's Esso Servicenter Fairfield, Pa. Compliments of PALM LUNCH Phone 207 Emmitsburg, Md. Ralph Irelan, Prop. Compliments of LOBELL'S EXCLUSIVE LADIES' FASHIONS Nationally Famous Compliments of Pumphrey's Food Mkt. MT. SIDE DRIVE-IN CALEDONIA, PA. Meet Your Friends Here SHOP SEARS AND SAVE Sears Roebuck and Co. 42 Frederick Street Phone 3881 HANOVER, PA. RAYMUND'S YOUR MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE WITH SENSIBLE PRICES 8 York SIZTECIZ Hanover, PB.. Complete Repair Department Stenger Music House 110 Baltimore Street HANOVER, PA. R. Feeser F. Bowman Compliments SWAM ELECTRIC CU., INC. sk Hanover, Pa. Designers and Builders Plumbing and Heating il? CETTYSBURG CONSTRUCTION CO. Sir Skill - Integrity - Responsibility iff 225 South Frcmklin Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Ninety-one Compliments of B. P. O. ELKS N U. 1045 ' Menchey K. U. Deardorfl V Music Service 1 110 York Street Gettysburg lf f Phone 695 A J 18 York Street Hanover, Pa. INSURANCE Always First to Show the Newest STRINE'S SHOES Hanover, Pa. Compliments of SYLVIA'S RESTAURANT 6 Miles West of Gettysburg Lincoln Highway - Route 30 REEL TIRE SERVICE 250 Buford Avenue Gettysburg, Pa. Phone 224-Z Recapping - Vulcanizing and Service Station A. R. LEVAN AND SON Plumbing and Heating Contractor 271 Baltimore Street Phone 670 Nizmty-f O CAPITOL THAILWAYS it CONVENIENT, SCHEDULED BUS SERVICE HARRISBURG, From Gettysburg to POTTSVILLE, SHENANDUAH, HAZLETON, WILKES-BARBE, and it SCRANTON Charter Coaches Available for Both Charters c-u u u lntrastate and Out-of-State Tours :-: 'Sight-seeing Trips The Citt Box 35 Chambersburg Street Greeting Cards and Gifts McCauslin Auto Sales Dodge - Plymouth Cars Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks 334-36 York Street Relax and Enjoy a Magazine Tonight Patronize Your Local News Dealer L. E. Smith News Agency Home Cooked Food l' in I 523 Baltimore Street EQHJ S UQ Miles from Lincoln Square Gettysburg' Pa' E y Spudnui "A Daily Dip, That's Our Tip" For Real Potato Chips EAT UTZ'S M. C. Nace Store Gifts and Ladies' Apparel "On the Square" Hanover, Pa. Fred H. Swisher Wallpaper and Paper Hanging Gettysburg R. D. 1 I Lloyd s ot Hanover Sam M. Kramer, Prop. Men's and Women's and Chi1dren's Wear JEWELRY 18 Carlisle Street, Hanover, Pa Phone 2-4270 N. O. Sixeas G-E Appliances and Furniture 62 Chambersburg Street Flowers for All Occasions Wayside Flower Shop N'inety-fhrc H H Congratulations to the Class of '52 RRRRRRR, RRRRWRRR CLYDE WILLIAMS AND sou Tools, Paint, Oil, Glass and Sporting Goods GULF FUEL OH' KEROSENE ' COAL 35 Hanover Street Phone 843 HANOVER. PA- GETTYSBURG, PA. Compliments of TOMS CREEK STOCK FARM Horses A Specialty GEORGE W. GINGELL FAIRFIELD, PA. E. D. 2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52-FROM THE GANG OF '53 Dot Hoot Ginger Barbara I oyce Compliments of BENDER'S CUT-RATE STORE 12 Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG, PA. GIFT SHOP-WE CATER TO PARTIES Peace Light Inn and Tourist Court "On the Battlefield at Entrance Peace Light Memorial" 18 MODERN BRICK CABINS Phone 80 DAVE'S PHOTO SUPPLY 52 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg. Pa. CAMERAS - SUPPLIES - PHOTO FINISHING Photographic Headquarters in Gettysburg Compliments of ALBERT J. LENTZ Post 202 AMERICAN LEGION Adams County Farm Bureau Co-op Association Gettysburg, Pa. FEEDS - PHONE 390 - SEEDS Buy Co-operatively and Save The Difference for Yourself Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. SERVING RURAL HOMES IN FOUR COUNTIES WITH ELECTRICITY DAVE OYLER MOTORS Steinwehr Avenue Phone 757 MERCURY AND LINCOLN DEALER Compliments of The John C. Lower Co., Inc. WHOLESALE GEOCERS ' Gettysburg, Pa. Ninrly-four Compliments Best ot Ll1Ck WiSOlZkeYlS of I Shoe Store Class ot 52 , Men's, Women's, Chi1dren's B E N D E B S F shoes 1'0I'f1 Francis L. Wisotzkey I 117 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. A Fflend Gettysburg, Pa- Congratulations to the Class ot 1952 il? U55 fans cgfuclio Cannon-Aid Photographers Sf? Portrait, Wedding, and Commercial Photography 34 York Street Phone 856 Gettysburg. Po. Com hmems Thompson College P 205 South George screen, York, P B-emmells of Phone 2715 18 North Fourth Street Pfllll Manufacturers Harrisburg, Phone 4-0258 , Member of 54 Chambersburg Street American Associalliion of Commercial Co eges Gettysburg, PCI. Company National Federation of Private School Association Ninety-fir Glenn L. Bream INCORPORATED OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC - GMC Sales and Service 100 B f d A Gettysburg P ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ik DISTRIBUTED BY AERO OIL COMPANY New Oxford, Pa. Phone New Oxford 123 Thanks to 9 1Ve G1fts That L t Th G' ' Shoe Box From Ihe Harold H. Reuning B tt r Shoes Fitted B rt Mark Tfgng T0Okie Jeweler d 44 Baltimore Street PUUY HANOVER, PA. GETTYSBURG, PA. iz?-rw-V ,.-.,,:,g:::,:5:Qi? lil" ,giiiif 713 QM ij 21.-zykx .A WN GETTYSBURG POST NU. 15 VETERANS UF FOREIGN WARS Extends 'to Gettysburg High School Students and Faculty warmest telicitations and prays that Graduates of Get- tysburg will always keep he- tore them the Four Freedoms -Freedom ot Religion, Free- dom of Speech, Freedom from Fear and Freedom from Want. Hershey's Tailor Shop Donald H. Hershey TAILOR AND HABERDASHER GEO. M. ZERFING Hardware on the Square "When It's Flowers . . . Remember Ours Murray's Greenhouse AND FLOWER SHOP CLEANING AND PRESSING Gettysburg, Pa. R. D. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. Opposite Court House Gettysburg, Pa. Phone 465'W ADAMS COUNTY NOVELTY COMPANY Manufacturers FINE CARVED TABLES sir GETTYSBUBG. PA. E. DONALD SCOTT Dealer in Iohn Deere Farm Machinery Coffman-Fisher Co. Department Store Where Styles and Quality Meet a Low Price Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes Men's and Boys' Clothing and Mariin's'Shoe Siore RAND - TRIM TREAD and POLL PARROT SHOES . Furnishings I Surge Milkers - Papec Cutters Wom , d Chtld en, For the Fqmlly ens an 1 r s Fairbanks and Morse Water -fReady-tO-Wea1-H G tt b , P . Systems Lincoln Square Gettysburg, Pa. e ys mtg a Ninety-eight Union Emblem Co. Pahnyra, Pa. it CLASS RINGS PENNANTS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS IEWELERS TO CLASS 1953 if? P H. Nissley, Mgr. The H and I-l Machine Shop PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Automatic Repairing Complete Wreck Service Body, Frame and Fender Service Du Pont Duco Painting From A Scratch To A Complete Car South Washington Street Compliments of PRUSPERITY CLEANERS Railroad Street Compliments of DUFFY-lVl0TT COMPANY ASPERS, PA. Cremesr s flowers Meadow Valley ir Abaiioir RELIABLE SERVICE and if QUALITY ALWAYS gi? WHOLESALERS E. HOME DRESSED MEATS 219-227 E. Walnut Street ii? HANOVER, PA. Your Flower Phones: 3791-92 Gettysburg Pa Phone 790 Ninety mm' Farm Bureau Insurance Co. ORNDORFF-'S GROCEBY AUTO. LIFE, AND FIRE Phone 45-Z Sterling F. Musselman, Rep. PROMPT DELIVERY Phone Gettysburg 686-W Compliments ot WARREN CHEVROLET SALES Emmltshurg Recreat1on Center Lincolnway East Genysbmglpa C. A. Hctrner Phone 424 Phone 212 Compliments of MORRIS GITLIN GETTYSBURG MOTORS, INC. DEALER IN ALL CHRYSLER -ELYMOUTH an KINDS OF TUNK INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Rear ot Carlisle Street Phone 28 SALES AND SERVICE Gettysburg, Pa. Congratulations to the Class ot '52 from KNOUSE FOODS f Makers ot Lucky Leaf Fine Foods PEACH GLEN CHAMBERSBURG ORRTANNA SCOTLAND One hundred JOHN S. TEETER AND SONS, INC. General Contractors Crushed Stone Producers e eTe r -' fx A ' -: - .' . 2 1 M U ,. ' ,ft,f'fV""" N S os Phone 696 t-If ,:,,s . l , mil!!! 4"- .. ,?"l"l1H EWZQAZ4 i 7' -I' -V 'ff ,. -QW: :-a:-f::-i-.fn!f'2if4?+-1af.'esi-"'fwi -""'f:7:- COmP1imemS Of ' Compliments of Robert P. Sn der Mcqlgilvifcllgiery Kiddies' Paradise can 42-z INSURANCE Free Delivery 108 Baltimore Street Justice of the Peace FRESH VEGETABLES AND GETTYSBURG, PA. Kadel Building, Gettysburg, Pa. FROZEN FOODS Phone 627 Phone 175 For Duality Milk Products HOMOGENIZED, PASTEURIZED AND CHOCOLATE MILK Compliments of Harris 'Brothers Department Store GETTYSBURG, PA. Ice AND ice CREAM 1 ALso DELVALE AND DUNCAN Hmas ICE CREAM Comphments of GETTYSBUBG DAIRY DOUQMY gf HMHGY uct: AND STORAGEJ DRY GOODS Compliments of Compliments of Adams County Motors , I FORD SALES AND SERVICE T01 n Teen H8I1lC6Y S Grocery - 16 B 11' sf f , Yoggiggsglgglgysgfets Gegyjsisl Pie Abe, Glenn and lunie One hundred one Enjoy Regularly I THE MILK VOTED BEST IN THE STATE Q 'T ' I D .,-lla SDM I Winner of First Prize 1952 Penna Farm Show . W PENN nnrnrns, INC. Gettysburg Phone 1020 GETTYSBURG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 South Franklin Street GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 643-Y Modern Materials for Better Building S. Blaine Miller W. H. Musser, Jr. Educated People Save It is told that Indians of Paraguay plowed all day with oxen and then killed the oxen for supper. The primitive mind gave no thought to the morrow. The habit of saving is the mark of the edu- cated man and woman. Also, it is one of the privileges enjoyed in a tree America. BE SMART - SAVE REGULABLY The First National Bank ot Gettysburg, Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of GETTYSBURG Tl-IROWING COMPANY R. E. Berkheimer, Pres. 1814 1952 THE GETTYSBURGP NATIONAL BANK On York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Peoples Drug Store The Rexall-Kodak Store ik' DRUGS - soDAs - SUNDRIES C01-poration TOILETRIES - STATIONERY Member of Federal Reserve System ik Construetive Banking Since Colonial Days 1814 1952 25 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa One hundred two THE TIMES AND NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY GETTYSBURG, PA. Sf? Equipped to Produce Any Kind of Printing Sir Printers of the CANNON-AID. "MAROON AND WHITE" AND MANY OTHER SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS The Ge11YSbuf9 High 5211001 EeCffSn5iff3fZZdfZFr3ZFo1yn F 1 Alumni ASSOCIHIIOII Q21 First Vice President Mrs. Harry B k Welcomes the Class of 1952 SGCIGTUTYI Oma FUTHSY To the Association T surer: Gladys Kelley CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 fl? GENERAL EN GRAVIN G, INC. 8-10 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER, PA. ik Producers of Pine Half Tone and Line Engravings on Copper, Zinc and Magnesium LAYOUT - ARTWORK - DESIGNING TELEPHONE LANCASTER 5251 One hundred pv- I E1l51'E1I?Blll'6l5l I t"6SlQ'ElEi'Sl Real Name: NORRIS MINTER Screen Name: "Norrie" Character Role: First the service and then to rear a family. Bit Parts: Actor, dancer, swimmer, ice skater, and fan of good food. Favorite Movie: The fall play-"Turn Back the Clock." Real Name: ALBERT NIUMPER Screen Name: "Al" Character Role: Unknown. Bit Parts: Basketball and baseball fan. Favorite Movie: Becoming the proud owner of a Model A Ford. Real Name: JANET MUSSELBIAN Screen Name: "Jan" Character Role: College Coed. Bit Parts: Riding horseback, swimming, president Stu- dent Council, member of Mask and Wig, and cruising around in the family car. Favorite Movie: Student Council Conference at Lan- : caster-met Jerry? ? ? Real Name: BERKLEY NAUGLE Screen Name: "Ben" Character Role: Seeker of a good job. Bit Parts: Fisher and hobby work. Favorite Movie: Acquiring the skill of how to operate a motor vehicle. Real Name: FREIJERIC OYLER Screen Name: "Fred" Character Role: Working with a Construction Com- pany. Bit Parts: Enthusiast of the great outdoors, and choir and band member. Favorite Mowe: Racing Police Cars. Real Name: EILEEN PAINTER Screen Name: "Eileen" Character Role: Telephone Operator. Bit Parts: Reading and writing letter Cfrom whomb, being sports-minded in G.A.A. Favorite Movie: First lesson in learning to drive a car Cwhat's so special about the first lessonl. One hundred four Real N ame: Brarrv RAYMOND Screen Name: "Betty" Character Role: Physical Education Teacher. Bit Barts: Playing basketball, roller skating and bowl- Ing. Favorite lllovie: The day we left for Princeton, N. I. Real Name: JO-ANNE RI-:BI-:RT Screen Name: "Jody" Character Role: A stenographer in the Waves. Bit Parts: Watching sports on TV, dancer, and a member of Senior Y-Teens. Real Name: BARBARA RIDER Screen Na-me: "Bobby" Character Role: Secretary and then a WAF. Bit Parts: Traveler, athlete, and ice cream slinger at Rea and Derick's. Favorite Movie: Trips to Philadelphia, South Dakota and other places? ? Real Name: DoI.oREs Rose l Screen Name: "Done" Character Role: Secretary to a handsome boss. Bit Parts: Sports, reading, traveler. I u Favorite Movie: My summer trip to Philadelphia. Real Name: PHILIP Rorn Screen Name: "Phil" Character Role: Aviation mechanic. Bit Parts: Flying, listening to classical music. Favorite Movie: First Solo Flight. Rea-l Name: WILLIAM RUDISILI, Screen N anne: "Rudy" Character Role: Clerk and stockroom man. Bit Parts: Sports, cards and table tennis. Favorite Movie: First time I drove a Service Supply Co, Truck. Real Name: BARBARA ANN RUMMEL Screen Name: "Babs" Character Role: Missionary. Bit Parts: Roller skater, Bible picture collector, and seamstress. Favorite Movie: Home Ee teacher when Miss Schwartz was sick. .,.- Q:Il5l'C1l'.?l5lll'il5l I Wiltaralu Real Name: lX'lARY LOUISE H. RUMME1. Screen Name: "Mary Lou, Character Role: Office worker. Bit Parte: Red Cross, F.H.A. seamstress, bike rider. Favorite lltovie: First day of high school. y Real Name: CHARLES SANDERS Screen Name: "Charlie' Character Role: Electrical Engineer. Bit Parts: Sports, swimming, roller skating, running around with the gang. Favorite illovie: Entered in my first track meet. 1 Real Naaie: NANCY SANDERS Screen Name: "Nancy Belle" Character Role: NN orking with people. Bit Parts: Sports, dancing and working with people. Favorite Movie: This past Christmas. 7 Real Name: CARLA SCHEIDE Screen Name: "Splinter" Character Role: Housewife or Singing Star. Bit Parts: Roller skater, swimmer, piano and ac- cordion artist. Favorite lllovie: My first Broadway Production, "As the Girls Go." Real Name: SUE SCIIMITT Screen Name: USusie" Character Role: Merchandising. Bit Party: Listening to Debussy's music, and any form of dancing. Favorite Movie: Tap solo in the Minstrel show Ctwo years agoj. Real Name: TVIILDRED SCHWARTZ Screen Name: "Millie" Character Role: Typist and filing clerk. Bit Parts: 'Watching TV, sports spectator, singing, and lover of food. Favorite Movie: 4-H trip to State College. Real Name: SIDNEY SHADE Screen Name: "Sid', Character Role: A top-ranking veterinarian. Bit Parts: Photography, hamburger eater, and piano and clarinet artist. Favorite Movie: VVhen introduced personally to Alta and Dawn Burg, National Baton Twirlers. Real Name: ATARIAN SHEARS Screen Name: "Marian', Character Role: Elementary teacher. Bit Parts: Participant and spectator of sports and traveling. Favorite Movie: One week-end in New York City. Real Name: DIAN SHUFF Screen Name: "Debbie" Character Role: "R.N." in some lucky hospital. Bit Parts: Basketball player, horseback rider, and a stand-in for Esther Williams. Favorite Movie: Fishing in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean. Real Name: ROBERT SIGNOR Screen Name: "Bob" Character Role: Typist. Bit Parts: Athletics, especially baseball. Favorite lllovie: Chambersburg baseball game. Real Name: NINA SITES Screen Name: "Snapper" Character Role: Success homemaker. Bit Parts: G.A.A. basketball and cheerleader. Favorite Movie: Fall dance my freshman year. Real Name: SAMUEL SOLLENBERGER Screen Name: "Hot Rod" Character Role : Student at Gettysburg College. Bit Parts: Playing basketball, dancing and eating. Favorite lllovie: The day I came back to G.H.S. Real Name: VVAYNE SPENCE Screen Name: "Pepsi" Character Role : Sell Pepsi Cola and Cloverdale prod- ucts or farming. Bit Parts: Playing sports and playing cards. Favorite Movie: Helping to win the South Penn Championship. Real Name: JEANETTE SPONSELLISR Screen Na-me: "Jeanette" Character Role: Nurse. l Bit Parts: Playing basketball and dancing. Favorite Movie: Crabbing at Annapolis, Md. Real Name: EVELYN STERNER . Screen Name: "Pinky" Character Role: Nurse. ' Bit Parts: Swimming, basketball, and reading. Favorite Movie: My first date. One hundred five ,,.- . lhl'C1ll'L'Illlil5l h I ut""5lCE1rre3l Real Name: DAVID Sworn Screen Name: "Dave" Character Role: Business manager of the Aero Oil Company. Bit Parts: Playing football, golf and swimming. Favcari-ge Movie: Two long shots in the Alumni Game 9 1. Real Name: BARBARA ANN TAYLOR Screen Name: "Barb" Character Role: Private Secretary. Bit Parts: Dancing, sports, and roller skating. Favorite Movie: First ride on a roller coaster. Real Name: JOSEPH TEMPLE Screen Name: "Unconscious" Character Role: In the navy. Bit Forts: Basketball, swimming, billiards, and danc- mg. Favorite Movie: Stuck in the snow at a girls' house at North Cumberline. Real Name: PHYLLIS TRESSLER Screen Name: "Phyl" Character Role: Secretary and a June bride. Bit Parts: Dancing, basketball, reading. and cooking. Favorite lllovie: My first date. Real Name: CHARLES WAGNER Screen Name: t'Cbai-lie" Character Role: Air Force and aviation. Bit Parts: Fishing, hunting, model airplanes, and sport- ing events. Favorite Movie: First taste of ocean water at Ocean City. Real Name: RAY W'EArHERi,Y Screen Name: 'ARay" Character Role: Traveler and farmer. Bit Parts: Outdoor sportsman, bowler.- Favorite Movie: F.F.A. trip to State College. Real Name: ELIZABETH ANN NVEIKER1' Screen Name: "Betty Ann" Character Role: "Digger's" wife. . Bit Parts: Basketball player, dancer, swimmer and cook. Favorite Mode: First day in G.H.S. when I had my diamond. One hundred six Real Name: GENEVIEVE W ETZEL Screen Name: "Jenny" Character Role: Typist. Bit Parts: Hockey and basketball player and cook. Favorite Movie: My First date. Real Name: ANNE WEVEII Screen Name: 'tAnne" Character Role: College student at Ursinus. Bit Parts: Football and basketball spectator, pianist and roller skater. Favorite Movie: ? ? ? ? Real Name: KENNETH WILLIABIS Screen Name: "Ken" Character Role: Successful farmer. Bit Parts: F.F.A. member, hunter, guitar player. movie fan. Favorite lrlovie: First day in G.H.S. Real Name: WILLIAM WILLIAMS Screen Name: "B-ill' Character Role: Insurance Investigator. Bit Parts: Football player, hunter, ping-pong player. Favorite Movie: The Chambersburg football game Ql95lJ. Real Name: DoLoREs XVINEMAN Screen Name .' "Dootl' Character Role: College student, man chaser. Bit Parts: Cheerleader and dancer at W'oodlawn. Favorite Movie: Camping at Caledonia. Real Name: CI-IARLES Woarz l Screen Name: "Charlie" Character Role: Oiiicer in the Air Force. Bit Parts: Basketball player and swimmer. I Favorite Movie: Falling through the ice while skating. Real Name: :KENNETH VVORTZ Screen Name: "Ken" Character Role: Officer in the Air Force. Bit Parts: Sports of basketball, baseball, golf, and swimming. Favorite Movie: A frightening Cfirstj car wreck. AUTOGRAPHS M Q? 'poggw A 3 K af Xi 'X XFN K0 1 'Q mate V21 Vfwn MQW! fl .- Q 5595-- Z f 5 7 ' ' 0 Q 33,0 00 Yi " .ffff 00' Z .1 x I S - X 040 x " 5- 00, . J 'LN V J 0 jf! if 0 I ,, .Inns XM 9 X 0 if-QQ C' f 1 f2V2f1 I K 0 'f' '- , G , " "fn, N A 4 'Z' Q .-9: .. an 4-. t '. , . - Q 5 -MP? .af '- X '- ' " ' 1' I K if x ,V ' , ,, Xi I X 4' M it X , X X - E U- ,- lf , , 1- .nv X I H1 I I V 1 f ,gf1,',.X 'E ' ,f'L57'li 's . 1, X ' 2 IFJ f X X X Ziff 471' :- -' fz ,LX . X , 4 ,, ,X P X- X . 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