Gettysburg High School - Cannon Aid Yearbook (Gettysburg, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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3 1 4 i 1 1 1 i i 3 Y GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHUOL GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA PICTURE EDITOR, ..,. I cccc WRITE-UPS EDITOR. BUSINESS M.ANAGER-. IIIIIII.III,.. SENIOR WRITE-UPS Phyllis Menchey fchr.J Carol Heatwole Mary Heintzelman Frederick Rodgers Howard Fox Daniel Hoffman CIRCULATION John Keefer Delma Carn Joyce Keefer Christine Coover Catherine Small SPORTS Luther Sachs fchr.J Floyd Reynolds Anna Mae Hanlcey CANNON-AID STAFF Elizabeth Ford ADVERTISING MANAGER.,... Nancy Shanebrook Winifred Jones CIRCULATION MANAGER- s,,....,sss,... Doris Karas Richard Johnson ADVISER ,.,......,,,,.. .......,,,,,. M iss Ruth A. Spangler FEATURE SNAPSHOTS Peggy Ann Smith fchr.J Ann Louise Stock Doris Jean Kitzmiller Betty Wenschhof Alma Rhinehart Jay Hershey TYPING Barbara Klinefelter fchr.J Myrna Bream Harriet Armistead Charles Rodgers Mary Lazos Jeannine Stambaugh ART Jean Bream fchr.J Fannie Rae Strohm Dorothy Bell FACULTY AND CLASSES Roxey Stamlnaugh fchr.J Evelyn Heagey John Snyder fchr.J Mary Lou Kranias Lorraine Hemler Treva Keefer Richard Hess John Donmoyer ADVERTISING William Tipton Ann Raffensperger Elizabeth Blocher Jane Ramer June Kump CLUBS Martha Martin fchr.J Lois Small Janice Rehert page three , 4 - 4 page four iff' BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS Mr. Mahlon P. Hartzell, secretaryg Mr. George T. Raifenspergerg Nlr. Paul M. Rohrbaughg Mr. Charles B. Benderg Mr. Ralph Z. Oylerg Dr, Lloyd C. Keefauver, superintendent of schoolsg Mr. Charles M. Sheely, vice presidentg Mr. Charles S. Black, president, Y 75 Chirlie . '-Q X- P 'OD JQBYI S 5eam,g7rszQ30JOe Sam foo! ff , Aj SXHKTR' sawsfsiarxtfgf E' 'UST .W I " W QS "rw infill:-1 ' gllfllqluflffk ,S J e -l1l1lx .----.. -.-.-.- l.Qlg1v nil-lild!!!!'B 'Qf l I lg as ,flillllilllllllrxy get 4:::::::::::: A, ,feggllllulanllll am, ,.QfQ,0:::::z2::::::3ggx glhvgf' lllllllllllllqggv l..,..1.-l-li fe , liggas :::::::::::: '- Q6j2.fd2ff uf-H Wlllllllll' Q A 4 ig I Q ' 5 !E1 l Ulil' 9' . 2: 'L Bill Ella? H f::':::'1:j ii W ISS Q. 5 Q-QS -' 0 ' f' I K 1 X 0. . ' J I '-..--" 2 Q : I T E p W E . A ' e N - W I 5 KH naw Tx f T, f gig we f K A " A A X ' 1 1, YGBTYI DR. LLOYD C. KEEFAUVER AB., AM. SUPERINTENDENT OF GETTYSBURG SCHOOLS Gettysburg College University of Maryland Columbia University page six MR. GUILE W. LEFEVER B.S., M.S. PRINCIPAL OF HIGH SCHOOL Shippensburg State Teachers, College Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College Columbia University CLASS ADVISERS F... I ' ' i Q f K l of Mns ANNA B HBINTZI-I MAN of,-'MR. ROBERT E. SHEADS ' G ' A if 5 " ,,., , 'E 17- 44 , X 13 Q Sag, Q We are grateful to our advisers, Mrs. Anna B. Heintzel- man and Mr. Robert E. Sheads, for their cooperation with us in the past years. Mrs. Ridinger, adviser for our first three years, resigned last year and Mrs. Heintzelman as- sumed the position. All three of them helped faithfully to guide us through our various class activities and for this we are duly grateful. We hope they will he proud of us in the future and we take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for their guidance. A ., 'ij M page seven N CESSNA, JOHN P. A.B. Physics, Pre-Flight, Science Sophomore Class Adviser Science Cluh Gettysburg College FHJLER, ROBERT D. A.B., M.A. Problems of Democracy World History Chess and Checker Club National Honor Society Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvania Columbia University DIEHL E T C. .S. ommercial School Treasurer l msburg State Teachers' Temple University FORNEY, GEORGE S. B.S., M.S. in Ed. Health Education Athletic Coach College Shippensburg State Teachers, College Pennsylvania State College Northeastern Coaching School KEEFAUYER, HELEN R. vt, B.S. Home Eco ' s junior Red s Council A 'ser Penn nia Stage College 'gl ettysburg College LONGANECKER, EDWIN S. Bs. in Ed., MEA. English III Drum Maiorette Cluh Band and Orchestra Shippensburg State Teachers' College Ithaca Military Band School University of Virginia Duke University MUNms, RUTH M. B.S. Typing journalism Adviser Freshman Class Adviser Shippensburg State Teachers' College page eight HAEHNLEN, FRED P. BS., lVl.S. Chemistry, Science Athletic Coach Fishing Clulz Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College LI'I"l'LE, GERTRUDE B. A.B. in Comm. Ecl., M.Ed. Shorthand, Commercial Arithmetic Sophomore Class Adviser F.B.L.A. Adviser Incliana State Teachers' College Bowling Green Business University Boston University - University of Pittsburgh MCILHENNY, RUTH A. A.B., A.M. English I, English IV Student Council - West Chester State Teachers, College Cornell University University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College NEITHAMMER, Doius V. B.S. Health Education junior Class Adviser G.A.A. Adviser G.A.A. Club T ' West Chester State Teachers, College HEINTZELMAN, ANNA A.B., M.A. English II, Latin Senior Class Adviser Gettysburg College Columbia University B. RAMER, N. LOUISE B.S., M. in Ed. American History Guidance Counselor journalism Adviser Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College SCOTT, RUTH K. A.B., A.M. English I Dramatic Coach Mask and Wig Gettysburg College Columbia University Pennsylvania State College SHEADS, JACOB M. A.B., M.A. American History, Civics Freshman Class Adviser Battlefield Club Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College SCHRIVEB, ELMER H. B.S. Agriculture Junior Class Adviser F.F.A. Adviser Pennsylvania State College SHADE, RICHARD B. Mus. Ec.l.B. Vocal Music Music Cluh High School Choir Director Susquehanna University Eastman School of Music New York University Westminster Choir College SHEADS, ROBERT E. B.A., M.A. Biology, General Mathematics Senior Class Adviser Stamp Club Gettysburg College SHOEMAKER, HOWARD G. A.B.S. Civics, World History Athletic Coach Gettysburg College Temple University STINSON, ROBERT E. B,F.A. Art Supervisor University of Illinois TROXELL, LOUISE H. B.S. Librarian Party Club Millersville State Teachers' College SPANCIQER, RUTH A. A.B. French, Spanish, English Cannon-Aid Adviser National I-Ionor Society Gettysburg College . Columbia University Sorbonne University Temple University TROXELI., FRED G. AB, A.M. Mathematics Student Council National Honor Society Athletic Association Treasurer Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State College New York University WAGAMAN, KATHRYN R.N, School Nurse Home Nursing Beth-Israel Hospital Pennsylvania State College P485 111718 CASUAL COMMENTS HARRIET ARMISTEAD-Wild about candy and swimming, dislikes chemistry, people making excuses, her name tag "Bumstead," future is a blank. DOROTHY BELL-LOVES good movies-and a certain alumnus. Home- work hater, people complaining, pet saying "Yeah!,' Known by her mother of pearl ring and 1944 G.H.S. class ring. Bright future ahead as a housewife. BETSY BLoc1-TER-Crazy about sports, hot fudge sundaes, brown hair, color blue, dancing, shoe-strings fpotatoes?D. Dreads going to school on Monday, stuck-up people and waiting for slow-pokes. Pet saying "Gee." Known by her "silly laugh and fast walkf' a future physical education teacher. JEAN BREAM1Bigg6SE admiration-opposite sex, food and sleep. Distasteful-onion eaters, also dislikes seeing a movie twice. Fa- vorite expression "Holy Mud," recognized by her shadow, Peg, and four identification bracelets, one of our future fashion de- signers. MYRNA BREAM--Favorite is food-particularly banana splits, abomi- nates bobby socks with high heeled shoes, her popular saying "For Heaven's Sake!" Identified by her shell frames. Future secretary. GENEVA BOWLINGZCIKVES popcorn and chocolate frosts-dancing too, dislikes conceited and inconsiderate people, favorite saying i'By Crackyf, tagged by her little feet, typewriter pounder. DONALD BUCHER1Pf9f6fS sports, short blue-eyed chicks fmust be slickl, another onion hater-also dislikes fiirts and women drivers, often heard to say "Is that right?" Tagged by a gray '40 Chevro- let falways loadedj. Future land we quotel i'Who knows?- I don't.,, DELMA CARN-Enjoys sports, good jokes, ice cream and chewing gum, dislikes stuck-ups, homework and redheads, her pet saying is "No Kiddingf' Identification tag-a certain boy called, "Bob,,' another office assistant. KEITH CLAPSADDLE-Likes traveling and sports, irritated by hav- ing to wear a hat, expresses himself by "Gee Whizf' known as "Shorty,,' plans to do factory work in the future, EUGENE CoLE-Crazy for ice cream and football, dislikes show-oifs. ultis clear out of this world" is his pet saying, recognized as tall and lanky-also by his walk, plans to come back to school-only as a teacher this time! CHRISTINE CoovER-Enchanted by Blue Waltz perfume and loves roller skating, can easily do without homework, nice and extreme hairdo's, uttered from her lips we quite often hear "Aw Shucksf, Identification tag-"stupid expressionsf, Plans to be a beautician. HELEN CURLEY1CfHZY about spaghetti and dancing, doesn't ap- preciate show-offs or pumps with anklets, most popular saying "Give Me Strengthf, tagged by her shadow, Martha Keckler. Plans to be a nurse. KATHRYN DEANER-Likes practicing the piano!!! and hiking, dis- likes show-offs, girls smoking, gum crackers in movies, often heard saying 'iYou,re Not Kiddin'." Recognized by her big feet and quiet manner, plans to be a secretary in the future. ANNA LoUisE DECKER1L0V9S marshmallow sundaes, and movies, bright plaid shirts, dislikes blue and green together, plaid blouses with plaid skirts, pet saying "For Heaven's Sakef, Known by her red hair, plans to be a secretary in the future. DONALD Doerzsoivr-Wild about Hying and hunting, dislikes car cowboys, doesnit say much. Identification tag-Don, a future Hyer. page ten JOHN DONMOYERZCYBZY about cars, irritated by teachers showing favoritism, girls smoking. Pet saying fand we quotej "Not suit- ablef, Recognized by a black 1941 Ford with spotlight, plans to be an engineer. DALE ECKERT-Goes all out for girls with long hair, sports and vacations, his tag is a blue '36 Ford, is always saying "Roger," despises train rides and too much homework, would like to be a "Gentleman" Farmer. BOB EIKER-LOVES people who enjoy his jokes, is forever saying, "Wh V, C ld ' ' h' h at a monster. ou nt miss im on t at motor scooter fwith "pin-upsvl, loathes stuck-up women, goes in for anything mechanical. RICHARD FELIX-Known for his friendly ways, crazy about Hershey bars, simply detests all Democrats, his pet saying, "Well, here I am," not quite sure of his future, ELIZABETH Fono-just wild about dancing, red shirts and Cornel Wilde. If you hear, 'lOh, my heavens," thatis Betty, could shoot snobbish people, could you miss her with that long hair? Here comes a secretary. HOWARD Fox-Interested in railroads, onions to speakers who don't know when to stop. "Holy cowf' that's his pet expression, is a band man who plays a horn, intends to be a railroader. CHESTER GEIMAN-Travel tops his list of likes, thumbs down on homework and people who talk too much. "Gee whiz," that's Chester, is known for his deceiving quietness, interested in bookkeeping. ANNA MAE HANKEY-Tears around in a '38 Ford, believes in the saying, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today,', detests stuck-up kids, just wacky about sports, she'll be a swell secretary. EVELYN HEAGEY-Plans to follow in her sister's footsteps and be a nurse, attracts people with those black rimmed glasses, simply adores all kinds of clothes, and oh how she hates two-faced people. CAROL HEATWOLETAKCYBCES her friends by that swell disposition, the two Smalls are her constant companions, just a whiz at sports, oh! just can't stand chemistry and conceited people. "My achin' back!,' yep, thatis Carol. MARY HEINTZELMAN-SEUES herself with pretzels all the time, couldn't mistake this for anyone else. i'For cracking ice box cookies," just listen to that laugh, phooey to snootish people, you guessed it right, she wants to be a nurse. LORRAINE HEMLER-"Whoserbutton', is only said by "Rainy,U can't understand why anybody would want to show off or be an apple polisher, possesses tiny, wee laugh, also another girl in white fnursej. MAYBELLE HERR-A lover of football games and movies, always shouting, 'iOh! Darn," known by those blonde bangs, despises homework and catty people, thinks nursing would be swell and doctors simply fascinate her. JAY HERSHEY-C3H,E get enough of pork chops and is partial to brunettes with personality plus, always telling people to, "Take it easy," attracts people with that blonde hair and blue baseball cap, doesn't appreciate snappy girls, here comes a lawyer. JOSEPH HESS-W0hd8fS why girls act better than they really are, thinks football and ice cream are out of this world, couldn't mistake him when he says, l'Let,s go, fellowsf' his tag is his curly hair, the future will find him a mason. , n-nwg l N l lg? KW Q f-X. I GeTl3fsb JE sz? W X ,- Q' -El- QQIA Q f'sb 1 q!.lA yn 47' nVg 0:. fi EES IT: oKeT LJ? iii-A 3 Q -555 gvqivsg .v I '1' ' in XVQFS5 wwagaiv Swv? e , Q Qin gm' , . f-,- X M 9 W X I Z 5 Ng. J IGBYYN rf" Y-.qi S 9 iffy., 0 Q xi V ,ln-,All . HARRIET LOLA IJMIESTEAD "Bumstead" Taylor High School, Pa., 1, 2, General, Cannon- Aid, Recl Cross Council, ' Chorus, 43 MA Case of Spring- time." DOROTHY Lou BELL "Dot" Coolidge High School, Washington, D. C., 1g Central High School, Washington, D. C., 2, Home Economics, Cannon- Aid, Chess and Checker, 3, 4. ELIZABETH oo B . "Betsy" , a as re lg, 5 aroon and l 'e,1,Z,,3 c it ,4gS dent ',3,4, 1G.A.A., , , s, 3, 4, High S ' 4, croll, 3, 4, Service, 4, Jour ' , 45 a- tio al Honor Society. 0 I-V 3 bl i . fl . ew 3 7' AQ ARI REAM "Jean" .wclet Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3, 4, Red 3 Council, 3 lvice presidentjg G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Servic ,'1, 2, 3, Journalism, 3. I MY R RE 1 Mamie" -af Ac , on-Aid, aroon an ite, 3, , horus, 3, 4, Personality Deve ment7'3g ism, 4, National Honor Society lpresi ntl, Qui a . DONALD DEARDORFF BUCHER "Don" Academic, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 32 ,Chess and Checker, 4, "A Case of Springtimef' H I Q ,HJ 5, ' ' if E. DELMA ELlZAmT:xI6Al5NI!3 if 1 QI "DeIma" 1, , :IVA '.x.1' Y Commetcialgf annon-Ai G.A.A.,?11, 2, 3, Band, 3, 4, Orchestizayli, 4. I Agp, ll j ,Q ,X I f WJ., K. ,J I 5' page twelve GENEVA GERTRUDE BowL1NG Commercial, G.A.A., 1, Nursing, 4. 'iomllp luicifa Ol 5 349' ' Q X I Q 6 I KEITH EMORY CLAPSADDLE ,f'CIapp3i" Agriculture, Chess ancl Checker, 4. A -J EUGENE IGNATIUS COLE ' "Doc" Commercial, Academic, Class treasurer, 4, Student Coun- cil, 2, 3 fvice presiclentj, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l fmanagerj, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3 fmanagerj, Varsity G, 3' Chess, 4, National Honor Society. CHRISTINE VIOLA COOVER "Glu-is?' -- General, Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 4, Service, 2, History, 3, Chess and Checker, 4. HELEN KATHERINE CURLEYQ : ! V, "Patsy" Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 3, , Servinfg, 2, . 1 KA'I'IHIIn'N ELIZABETH DEANER ' "Deaner" Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 2, Chorus, 4, History, 3, Music, 4. ANNA LoUIsE DECKER "Anna Louise" Commercial, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Music, 3, Chess and Checker, 4. DONALD EDWARD D0ERsoM "Don" Commercial, Football, 1, Track, 3, 4. U Joag U . "Johnny" cademic, Cann i ' , 4 ftreasurerlg Chess and Chec a t efield, 4, " Trouble", "A Case of Springtime." page tbirtefn If f Y 4 If 1 5' .. . ,, H A EY ox, JR. Ardze cade ', Can - id, Maroon and White, 3 fcircula- ' ana tudent Council, 1, Bancl, 1, 2, 3, 4, Ogstra, , 4, Chorus, 3, 45 High School Choir, 3, 4, ' fyd S ll, 3, 4, Service, 1, Z, 3, 4, Science, 3, 4. CHESTER LER0Y GEIMAN "Chet" General, Bancl, 1, Service, 1, 2, 3, Chess and Checker, 3, Battlefield, 4. NA M NKEY A "Anna Mae" , ,z I ic1pG.A.A.,1, , 2, 3, 4, Musi , 3., Q ,U EVELYN MARIE HEAGEY "Evie" Acaclemic, 1, 2, Home Economics, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 4, Nursing, 4, f page fourteen 5 DALE DORSEY' ECKERT "Dale" Agriculture: F.F.A., 1, Z, 3, 4. ROBERT THEODORE EIKER "Bob' Agriculture, F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 F' ,Ji-If ARD FELIX ' "Dick" mmerc om ELIZABETH LOUISE FORD Commercial, Cannon-Aid -e i rl' ent uncil, 3 .A.A., , 3, 4, C r , , 4, High Scho hoir, 3 ervice, , ' tional Honor Soc . U CAROL ELIZABETH HEATWOLE "Carol" Academic, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 3, 4, G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, Chorus, 4, Journalism, 3. N S MARY ' H LELM Cann Cl ite 3 di A e , i , arf h' fe '- to iefl, 4 .A.A., 1 , 3, hor , , , 4, Quill cr , Mask nd Wi , 3, 4g rice, 2, 3, 4, journalis g 4, NVQ a Lifev, "A Cue of Springtime." Lo IINE lANcIs.I-IE ER j' Mfny2'i A mic, annon-Aid, Stu' ent I cil, ZM3 fvicf presi- ' dentl, 4, G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, ervice, ,2, ' 'ty Development, 3, Nursing, 4, National 0 ciety , A , R12f6fa2,f4' MAYB'ELLE EM' I ggi! l aybellev ' 4. II-QQ Academic, o 341 . fjpvzs I f 'N 1 xx ji' I I I ,c , . gwovw, I- rrpunkyx Academic, Class vice presidenl, , Cannon-Aicl, Student Council, 3, 4, Representative ' Athletic Board, Football, , Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, J. HENRY HERSHEY I 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Z, 3, ' 3, 4, Varsity G, 3, Music Theory, 4. JOSEPH LEROY HEss "Joe" General, Red Cross Council, 1, Football, 1, Z, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, Z, 3, 4, Varsity G, 3, Chess and Checker, 4. RICHARD EUGENE HEss "Lightning" General, Cannon-Aicl, Football, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 'fi-ack, Z, Chorus, 3, 4, I-Hgh School Choir, 3, 4, Varsity G, 13, Chess and Checker, 4. DANIEL WILLIA HOFFMAN J "Dan" Agriculture, Cannon-Aid, F.F.A., 3, 4. p.,,.dq as V page ffteen f MAURICE WILLIAM KANE, JR. "Killer" Loyola High, Baltimore, Maryland, City College, Baltimore, Maryland, 3, Academic. DORIS JEAN KARAS "Doc" Academic, Cannon-Aid fcirculation managerlg G.A.A., lg Chorus, 3, 4, Personality Development, 3, "A Case of Springtime." . . 1 f MARTHA ANN KECKLER NMf:ie" Commercial, Future Business Leaders, 3, 4. ' JOHN HERMAN KEEFER "Johnny" Agriculture, 1, 2, Academic, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, F.F.A., 1, 2, Track, 3, 4. , page sixteen JULIA MARIE HULL "Judy" Commercial, G.A.A., 15 Chorus, Z, 4, Nursing, 4. V10LA ELIZABETH J EFFCOAT "W hitey' Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Service 3, 45 Future Business Leaders, 3. RICHAR ALBERT JOHNSON "Goan" 1 ' -Aid Q S' s ger Football, 2, g oys o ng, . ' WINIFRED RAE JoNEs "Freddie' Academic, Cannon-Aid lco-editorjg Maroon and White 3, 4, Red Cross Council, 3, G.A.A., 1, 2, 33 Chorus, 3' Service, Z, 3, 4. -:' y, Qu, ., 1 ll! JOYCE MARIE KEEPER "Joyce" Commercial, Class recording secretary, 43 Cannon-Aid, High School Choir, 3, Service, 4, Personality Development, 3. TREvA MAE KEEFER "Terry" Home Economics, Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 1, Chorus, Z, 3, Service, 1, 2, 3, 4, Personality Development, 3, 'QA Case of Springtime." RUTH ELIZABETH KEPNER "Ruthie" Academic, Chorus, 2, 3, Service, 3, Personality Develop- ment, 3, Nursing, 4. DORIS JEAN KITZMILLER "Dow-ie" Commercial, Class secretary, 3, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 3, 4, Red Cross Council, 4 fpresidentl, G.A.A., 1, 2, Band, 2, 3, Orchestr, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Serv- ice, Z, 3, Journalism, 3, I Y . Xudc A , , Ag g - BARBARA ZECK KLINEFELTER "Bobbie" Commercial, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3, 4 fco-news editorl, Student Council, 1, 4 fsecretaryl, G.A.A., 1, Z, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 fsecretaryjg Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, 4, Service, 3, 4, Journalism, 3, "Heart Trouble", "A Case of Springtimev, and Wig. National Honor Society, Mask KMARY hou Nl "'Kra k" erc Cl, nncln-Aid 'Maroon an WI , 2, ' . .1 , 'Ban,3, Fie,2,, un's, can , . 3 qi. 0 JUNE' Jw' IN' "Kum1Pie" o erci ann . ' i Marco nd White, 3,4, G.A.A., I, fs, 4 hens, 2, MQ' schooi Choir, 3, service, 1, 3, er nhli. evelop fent, 3. I . - f 9 ,I MARY LAZOS "Mary" Commercial, Cannon-Aid, Personality Development, 3. page seventeen .0 . V 0 I . .' JAMES E R EECH "Peter" G e 5 Bas hall, 1, Track, 4. X? PAUL ROMANUS LINGG "Bud Commercial, Football, 1, Z, 3, Basketball, 1, 2. DELORIS GAII. LI'rTI,E "Door" rr 1 'fp 1 1 .AJUQ MARTHA LIZAB RT ' "Marcy" Home Ecnbno ics, 1, 2, A clerk, 3, 4, Cannon-Aid, Per- sonality Development, 3. 11 LIS LOUI cg-AW "Fifi" y I Acade ' n-Aid, Ii and White, 3, 4, Red - Ct? ncil, , G.A , 2, 4, Chorus, 3, 4, Service, 2,1 , 4, Journalism, 3, Quiu a cl Scroll, 4. BETTY ELIZABETH MILLER Q'Betty" Boonsboro High School, Boonsboro, Maryland, l, 2, Aca- demic, Chorus, 3, 4, Music, 3, Nursing, 4. EVELYISI MAE MILLER "Evelyn" Commercial, History, 3, Nursing, 4. page eighteen Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Service, 2, 3, Personality Development, 3. N GILB C RICK "John eu ' Tratdi, 3, 4. 2- X W Gi. I Q . 7 I Q 0 JACK KENNETH MOSER "Jackson" Commercial, "Heart Trouble." .5 'A 11, HARRY OLIVER MYERS "Harry'Z, E Academic, Bancl, 1, 4, Orchestra, 4, History, 3, Chess and Checker, 4. ANN E IZABET RAFFENSPERQER "Ann" Aca c' n-Aid, r a W 'te, 1 G- ' s 31 1 1 2 5 0 7 .J 1 H' ool Choir i3 rvice, 1 , urn g " se of Sprin i .' ' MADELINE DORE1'HEA RAFFENSPERGER "Teeney" Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders, 3. JANE ' MARIE RAMER "Janie" Academic, Class secretary, 1, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 2, 3 fco-feature eclitorj, 4, Student Council, 3, Red Cross Council, 2, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 fvice presidentl, Service, 1, 2, 3, journalism, 3, "Ir's All in Your Headn, National Honor Society, Mask ancl Wig fcorresponcling secretaryl. JANICE HELEN REBERT "Janice" Commercial, Cannon-Aid, G.A.A., 1, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, His- tory, 3, Nursin ,,4. ' C J ,, ' , IDN TH 'QINE D "Ida" fy . fp fi e a, r . FLOYD THOMAS REYNOLDS "Skeeter" Agriculture, Cannon-Aid, F.F.A., 3, 4, Football, 4, "A Case of Springtime? page nineteen V 0' Y' if 'I V 0 ck- jg 1 REDER Aww RDDG RS f P "Fred" xYAca ' as v'AQSresid t 3 Class president Z3 C551 Qld ,M an 2 3 4 Student Coun- d 1 2 3' 4 1551 Q , If 9 , 0 ' i 3 a A 1 9 1 i ci,, 4 rewiag t Football manager, 3 4, X1Bask al, 1,' , 3 Track, , Z, 3, 4, Ban , , , , OrcDstra,Q 2, 3,145 Chorus, 4, Service, 1, 2, Varsity Gi 3, Music, 4, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, 4. LUV VNEWS up 5 ' 'luten 3 ident 4 tba l 21 i 11 tiliniei, N nal onbr So t 5 , e , la ur , se ar , ' ,' 5 Ca n Aid tud Co 1, 4, otb , ,' 0 t 11 man- a ' B ' ' r 3' 'r 3 4, MADELINE FRANCES RHODES "Maddie" New London High School, New London, Pa., 1, 2, Avon- Grove High School, Avon-Grove, Pa., 33 Commercial, Chorus, 45 Typing, 35 Battlefield, 4. ALMAL LOU RINEHART f'Alma" Academic, Cannoh-Aid, Chorus, 45 Service, 3, Personality Development, 3, Nursing, 4. JAMES SUMNER ROBERTS ' "Bolo" General, Red Cross Council, 1, Football, 1, Basketball, 1, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3,45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Cooking, 3. CHARLES AJSEY RODGERS ,"Charlie" Academic: Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 3 lbusiness managerj, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 43 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1, 2, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 fpresiclentjg Na- tional Honor Society lsecretaryj. .f A f' l V V i JUNE CATHERINE SANDERS "June" Commercial, Red Cross Council, 4, Chorus, Zg Personality Development, 3. if A AR? LOUISE SANDERS "Sandy" 4 Comix cial, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Nursing, 3. 4 Q g '- A x A" QX K ,Q ew ,W ' J' DOROTHY SARA SCOTT "Scottie" Commercial, G.A.A., 1. 'i Y RU SHAN 00K X "Shaney" Aca X ' nno id fadve mg - gerj, Red Cross oun ftreas jg A. 1, 2, 3, ' , nd, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orc a, 1, 2 , 45 C s, 2, 3, 4, Hig School Choir, 49 ice, 1 , 43 " of Springtime." 'x LINDY LEE SHANOLTZ "Neute" Agriculture, F.F.A., 2, 3, Service, 1, 2, 3, 4. i WILMER ALLEN SHARRAH " "Sha:-rah"' X Commercial, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Jrack, 3, 4, Varsity G, 3, Chess and Checker, 4. 4 u 7 Y" I' f , ,ffufw ii ' W y 4 fiw' I 'l A .- DALE EDWARD SHEFFER "Pm-kyn Academicg'Sru:lent Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 4, Service, 2, 3, 4. A - ' C 'GIERALDINE M1LnRED SHETTER "Gerrie" x Academic, G.A.A., 15 Chorus, Z, 3, 4g History, 35 Nursing, 4. . Q GLADYS MAE SHRIVER "Glad" Home Economicsg' Chorus, 4, History, 3, Nursing, 4. RUTH ELEANOR SHUPE ' "Ruthie', Academic, Class vice president, 4, Red Cross Council, 3, 45 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 43 t'What a Lifevg Mask and Wig. page twenty-one wolf' +Mh'1'.,ffff, ,S J . .,,,,L,f""'s'Pc.,,,e, ,af Vo! .I . l r J N 1 ER "Johnny" a icg no i 3 o I, 4. lr . to PHYLLIS JEANNINE STAMBAUGH "Neen" Acaclemic, 1, Commercial, 2, 3, Home Economics, 4, Can- non-Aidg High School Choir, 2, Service, 3g Sewing, 3. B RoxEY ADELE STAMBAUGH "Roxey" Academic, Cannon-Aid, Chorus, 2, 3, 4g Service, 2, 3, "A Case of Springtime." . THOMAS GEORGE STEINBERGER Academic, Track, 33 History, 3, Fishing, 4. ai' K ' I 4' I NV-" If 0178 page twenty-two Q f:T0mn: CATHARINE CECILIA SMALL "Cacky" Commercial, Cannon-Aid, CiA.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, 45 Service, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess and Checker, Lois ANGELA SMALL "Toots' Commercial, Cannon-Aiclg G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, Z 3, 4, Service, 1, Z, 3, 4, Chess and Checker, 3. PEGGY ANN SMITH "Peg" Commercial, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, Z, 3, 4, Red Cross Council, Z5 G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, 3, 4g High School Choir, 2, Cheerleader, 1, Z, 3, 4, Service, 2, 3, 4. PHILIMINE LORRETTA SMITH V "Smitty' Commercial, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Personality Development, 3 Ym . YVVV Y e W 2-V V N Y W eYYYY l f E 4, .3 V DONALIJ EUGENE STERNER "Pickle" General, Maroon and White, 3 fsports editorj, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. ti ' l , " 1 . , ,I f Q lv-I-I MW ELIZABETH STERNER "Marie" ' AI-Iome Economics, Personality Development, 3. I fi , 9 IM .ie , AN oUIsE 'V I nn" f h om , Cla re po ' ecretary, 4, Ca i Id, M a and h' , 2, 3, .A.A., 3, 4, Chee ader, 1, , 3, 4- ism, 3, NA Case of Springtimef, K- WILLIAM IVAN STRALEY "Bill" , Commercial, Sc' ce 3,qQ,"'A Casdedof Springtime." Q ,f...,,q,fl 1 ' fi' 9 , efI i E 2-.V 7 . 'flux 4 -Q I FANNIE RAE STROHM .gl rcRaeu Academic, Class secretary, 2, Cannon-Aid, Maroon and White, 1, 2, 3, 4 foo-feature editorj, Student Council, 1, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 3, Band Majorette, 1, 2, 3, 4, Service, 2, 3, "Heart Troublen, "A Case of Springtimeu, Mask and Wig lrecorcling secretaryj. DORIS MARGARET TAUGHINBAUGH "Taughie" Home Economics, Chorus, 3, 4, Personality Development, 3. lib ,I .52 WILLIAM BURTON TIPTON "Tippy" 1. 'L' lc" Academic,-sfallinhon-Aid, Eootball, 'Z' I nd, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 3, 4, ih SCl'i'C6lLCl'l0ilI, 4, ask and Wig, 3, 4 lpresHEf'Ej, Scie e, 3, Fish C4, "I-lea, t,Ql"roul3le", Q'It,s All indxour Head", 'QA Case Springtime? U EMIQIA JAYNE TONSEL ujaynen Academic, Maroon and White, 3, 4, G.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Service, 3, 4, Journalism, 3. page twenty-three page twenty-four A, ' .Xa or Y, 3. V' Swv. Y gf 0' yu' WALTER MILLER TROSTLE Jume Academicg Red Cross Council, 2. THELMA MARGARET VocEL Thelma Comrnercialg Personality Development 3 My BETTY JEAN WENSCHHOF Betty Taneytown High School, Taneytown, Maryland 1 Z Com mercialg Cannon-Aidg Maroon and White, 3 4 Personality Development, 3g Journalism, 4. ep-fbi SENIOR OFFICERS President .,........ .....,,,, Vice President ,.,,,,.. - ,....,. Treasurer ..,.......,,.,,,.,,. Recording secretary ......., Corresponding secretary ........,,, Student Council president ..,........ Athletic Council representative ..,,.. Luther Sachs Ruth Shupe Eugene Cole Joyce Keefer Ann Stock Fred Rodgers jay Hershey 1. Most Basliful-Chester, Maybelle 2. Class Characters-Krank, Cookie 3. Best Dancers-Bobbie, Lute 4. Best School Spirit-Rainy, Don 5. Most Talkative-Door, Tip 6. Most Quiet-Ruthie, John 7. Date Bait-Arm, Jay WE PRESENT Keenest Wit-Bolo Most Athletic-Betsy, Joe Jolliest-Mary, Bud Most Mischievous-Cacky, Apple Polishers-Rae, Jack Show-offs-Janie, Maurice Tallest and Shortest-Jean, A Dick Charlie, Pickle, Half-Hour. page twenty-ive CASUAL CGMMENTS DANIEL HOFFMAN-Thinks bangs are just oomphl Doesn't care for red hair, his tag D. Hoffman, Sec., very much interested in farming. JULIA HULLTGOBS for CMPs in a big way, turns her nose up at "stuck-up kids,', is forever saying, "Oh my gollyf' can be easily recognized by Howers and ribbons in her hair, plans to be a secretary. , VIOLA JEPFcoAT--Simply devours pretzels, candy and ice cream, anklets with pumps sour on, sight, always saying "Oh, girl," very often seen traveling with Treva Keefer, her future's un- decided. RICHARD Joi-1NsoN-Thinks beef steak is luscious, isn't well pleased with the high price of movies and shirts, yells "Suffer," can be seen on his bicycle fmotor at lastl, future lies in U. S. Army. VVINIFRED JoNEs-Loves men with short curly hair, hillbilly music and Buick convertibles, turns her back on two-faced people, likes to say, "Well, jeeperslu Easily identified by bangs and red-hot temper, has an undecided future. MAURICE KANE--Adores Jeannine, dancing and sleep, dislikes missing 'llay up shots" in basketball, "My aching backf' An- swers to name of "Killer,', his future is undecided. DORIS KARAS-Likes shrimp, chemistry, slacks and cats, dislikes hats, peanuts, rainy weather, always calling 'lHi ya, Kid,', often seen with Bette Lou and Pat, future is in medicine as an ob- stetrician. MARTHA KECKLER-FOUd of dancing, thinks "stuck-up" people are awful, timidly says, "Oh, Gee,', known by her quietness and Don, future lies in being a secretary. JOHN KEEPER-Thinks school is wonderful, but thinks homework is unnecessary, often says, 'QOh, heckln Identified by his quiet- ness, hope for future is to be a teacher. JOYCE KEEFER-SWOOHS to "Stardust,', despises tricky lines, is forever saying, RHI, girl,', tagged by that special guy named "DIck,U desires to be a secretary. TREVA KEEPER-Thinks eating, dancing, maroon and blue are wonderful, casts a scornful glance on sarcastic people and those who ujumpv to conclusions. "Are you sure, are you positive?" Identified by Freddie, Ann and Viola, greatest desire is to be a beautician. RUT1-I KEPNER-Lover of chocolate milk, cake, thinks wasps are hideous creatures, often heard remarking, "Thais a laugh and a half," easily identified by expression of feelings on her face, wants to be a nurse. L DORIS JEAN KITZMILLER-Thinks good music and travel are O.K., thinks rainy weather is just the opposite. 'QYou like that, huh?v Answers to "Kitzie,', future is a secretary. BARBARA KLINEFELTER-Lik9S swimming, dancing, singing, a cer- tain someone's black wavy hair. The combination of blue and green, and GT. tests in shorthand sour on thought. Forever saying, Q'Oh, my word,', known by her radiant smile, future is secretarial work vs. marriage, MARY Lou KRANIAS-SEYS her motheris spaghetti, and Ernie's Hot Dogs are for her, casts a scornful glance on grouchy people, unconsciously says 'QDoggone it," answers to the name of Krank, greatest desire is to get married and settle down. JUNE KUMP-Swoons to Vaughn Monroe's "Fishing for the Moonl' and dancing, turns her back to ushow-offs," uHey there," identified by Listerine smile and Joyce, future is to be a secretary. page twenty-six MARY LAzos-Thinks French fries and coffee are delish, pumps with anklets are ridic, forever saying "Holy Beck," always seen with Deloris and Ida, desires to become a beautician. JAMES LEECI-I-Oh! those blue eyes, where John McKenrick goes, he goes, pet greeting is 'QI-Iello Buddy," dotes on French fries and waffles, likes women, despises conceited and bragging people. PAUL LINGG-"Bud,', oes for ood steaks interested in s orts , , g s , V , H P , dancing, and sleeping, lucky, has no dislikes, heard saying 'twhat you got in the box, Doc,', hopes to be an accountant. DELoRIs LITTLE-Known by her laugh, seen with Mary Lazos and Ida Redding, pet reply is "Well, I don't know," prefers coffee and shoestrings after school, dislikes tall girls with short boys, the future is indefinite. , MARTHA MARTINZCIBZY about white cats and Greyhound buses, hates people who are always pushing, wonders who invented homework, says "Oh! My!" Always wears white socks and a friendly smile, wants to be an elementary teacher. JOHN MCKENRICK-Seen with Jim Leech, dislikes show-oifs and braggarts, big interest is sports, always saying 'QI flubbed up," the service is his future. PHYLLIS MENCHEY-R9C0gHiZEd by her giggle, has a fancy for Indians fanytime, anywherej, simply hates Sen Sens, heard saying 'QLo-o-ve itlyl Also expects to be an elementary teacher. BETTY MILLERiKiH3lf hour," frequently remarks "My Cowl' Loves music and bicycling, abhors braggarts, the future is un- decided. EVELYN MILLER1LikES to sleep and listen to the radio, passion for sports and driving, detests show-offs and public speaking, seen with Geraldine Shetter and Janice Rebert, hopes to be a beautician or secretary. JACK MosER-Known as Doedoe, likes his girl, wants a longer lunch period, can be heard saying "My aching back,', itis the Army for him. HARRY MYERS-Always has shiny shoes, heard saying "Wise up," detests studying, likes sports, some girls, and trapping, expects to be a mechanic. ANN RAFFENSPERGER-Wears a certain I.D. bracelet, seen with Treva Keefer, likes to eat, dislikes people exaggerating true facts, pet greeting, "Hi, girl,', a prospective kindergarten teacher. MADELINE RAFFENSPERGER1KH0WH by her pigeon-toed walk, ex- claims about everything with "Yel Gracious!" Big moment is sports, detests show-offs and braggarts, wishes for a secretarial position. JAINE RAMERKKHOWH by her legs lthe shape of themj, pet saying is "I-Ioly Cow," just loves hamburgs in milkshakes, dislikes people who are never on time, expects to be a laboratory technician. JANICE REBERT-Id6DfifI6d with Evelyn Miller, "My Wordli' Wonders who invented eating herring fish, detests braggarts, enjoys dancing, eating, driving, and sleeping, a future secretary. IDA REDDING-Seen with Deloris Little and Mary Lazos, pet saying is "I-Ioly Cowlv Likes '46 Pontiacs fwonder why?J, dancing is her speed, also goes for black dresses and long hair, thinks jealousy is terrible, doesn't like yellow and red combinations, dis- likes arguing, a future beautician. FLOYD REYNoLos-Recognized by a camouflage jacket and saying "Holy Mackerel," prefers sociable people, can always eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and Cake, thinks girls who smoke are ridiculous, one of those future farmers. CFISS 2 + ' ' .., 1- ,f 5 J. ' 9 7:5 5:':-- ' -6 5 . . Oflfsfiih 1 Z X es iiRsQ'S ""N!- 5 5 rf rf' -0 :!.l ' ,I ' z E uiiS!'9W ' X ' wi llxll 'N mi -it:4',"X Bus iQ! i PW" 'l ala! -U57 iff W5 4, 1 4 4,-J l'slEl!lE' Y 7 y 5 E59 I F XR My JU 1oR President-Galen Keeney Vice President-Russell Campbell Serrelary-Genevieve Koontz Andrew, Frederick Arendt, Janet Barnes, Earl Barnes, Geraldine Baughman, Mary Kay Bender, Charles Bisbing, Raymond Blocher, David Bollinger, Donald Bower, Mary Bowling, Betty Bracey, Marianne Brenizer, Marian Brent, Virginia Bucher, Paul Bupp, Anna Campbell, Russell Carter, Esther Chrismer, Mary Louise Clapsaddle, Arthur Cole, Mary Louise Conover, Sarah page twenty-eight Conti, Elvira Coshun, Ethel Crabill, Willie Catherine Davis, Helen Diehl, Ruth Jeanne Donaldson, Douglas Dougherty, Dolores Dubbs, Ida Dunkinson, Reginald Eberhart, Helen Eilcer, Shirley Englebert, Grover Fair, Kenneth - Felix, Dean Eerrar, Dale Flohr, Helen Forry, Jean Foth, Robert Gardenhour, Patsy George, Stella Gigous, Robert Gleirn, Patricia Grieb, Geoffrey Haller, Richard Harner, Jean Helwig, George Hemingway, Thomas Hertz, Barbara Hill, Elizabeth Hoff, Donald Hull, Betty Hutter, Margel Jacobs, William Kaiser, Richard ' Karrasch, Ruth Keefer, Patricia Keeney, Galen Knouse, Marian Koontz, Dorothy Koontz, Genevieve Leedy, Robert LeGore, LouEtta Linebaugh, Faith Little, Clyde CLASS ' Treasurer-Alice Plank Class Advisers-Miss Doris Neithammer, Mr. Elmer Schriver McKenney, William Mattingly, Ethel May, LaVaughne Meals, William Miclcley, Marguerite Miller, Richard Myers, Delores Naugle, Winifred Qyler, Evelyn Plank, Alice Rebert, Patricia Ridinger, John Riley, John Rohrbaugh, Freda Rohrbaugh, Mary Roth, Barbara V Sanders, Darlene Sanders, Earl Sanders, James Schmidt, Paul Sease, Kathleen Settle, Jack Settle, John Shealer, Robert Shetter, Robert Shull, William Singley, Betty Slaybaugh, james Small, Jean Small, Lorraine Smith, Mary Louise Snider, Mary Solleberger, Raymond Sponsler, Patricia Sterner, Doris Swope, Ruth Ann Taughinbaugh, Dale Thompson, Isaac Thompson, Violet Toddes, John Trostle, Gerald Waybright, Paul Xwaybright, Richard Weaner, David Weaver, Donald Weaver, Doris Weigle, Mary Wetzel, Anna Wherley, Betty Wherley, Eileen Whired, Judith Williams, Clyde Woodward, Marion Yingling, Jacob page twenty-nme aw OPHUMURE President-Bruce Westerdahl Vice President--William Snyder .1 Secretary-Nancy Ogden Andrew, Myrtle Aughinbaugh, John Baker, Nancy Barnes, Betty Beamer, Arnold Benner, John Bigham, Miriam Bolen, Gloria Bream, John Brown, Anne Bryson, Barbara Bucher, Lillie Burkholder, Peggy Bushman, Margaret Bushman, William Carroll, Clare Carter, Harriet Clapsadclle, Marion Clapsaddle, Mary Cole, Robert Coleman, Richard Coover, Marion Coshun, Doris Crabill, Martin Crouse, Ned Cruze, Shirley Dayhoff, Harold Deaner, Richard page thirty Deardorlf, Jane Deatriclc, Thelma Dellinger, Betty Diehl, Frederick Diveley, Vashti Doersom, Barbara Donaldson, Guy Dornburg, Robert Dorsey, Betty Dudash, Paul Eisenhart, William Evans, Mary Fair, James Feaster, Freda Finlcboner, Lois Fissel, Frank Fissel, Joyce Fridinger, Virginia Gastley, Ellie Gindlesperger, Glenn Group, Mary Hankey, Harold Hankey, William Harner, Robert Hartman, Lorraine Hemingway, Wallace Hemler, Esther Herring, Earl Herring, Richard Hess, Thomas Hoffman, Joyce Hossler, Jean Hottle, Robert Jacoby, Ruth Jones, David Kane, Eugene Kane, James Keefer, Janet Keefer, Mary Kennell, Darlene Kepner, JoEllen Killalea, Patricia King, Madeline Kleinfelter, Stuart Knox, Joan Knox, Richard Kump, Ronald Kuykendall, Ila Lee, Mary Leedy, Marjorie LeGore, Lorraine Linebaugh, Ross Lippy, Elizabeth Little, Berry Long, George CLASS Treasurer-Patty Winterll McLaughlin, Jean McKenrick, Catherine McSherry, Janet March, Frederick Martin, Vincent Mason, Dolores Metz, Mary Jean Miller, George Miller, Marie Morelock, Bradley Moser, Charles Moser, Dixie Musselman, Marian Myers, Ethel Myers, Helen Nett, Virginia Niebler, David Nunemaker, James Ogden, Nancy Oyler, Jane Paris, Patsy Pittenturf, Edward Plank, Anna Reever, Mae 00-9 Class Advisers-Miss Gertrude Rhine, Paul Rhodes, Ella Mae Ridinger, Lake Riley, Jane Rogers, Charlotte Rothhaupt, Doris Routsong, Jacquelin Sanders, Doris Sanders, Mary Jane Sanders, Mary Louise Sanders, Robert Schultz, Jay Schwartz, Violet Scott, Emma Shaner, Richard Shealer, Patricia Shetter, Janet Shindledecker, Delores Shindledeclcer, Virginia Shultz, John Shultz, Marian Signor, William Smith, Harry Snyder, William Soder, Barbara Little, Mr. Jack Cessna Spangler, Richard Steiclc, Ralph Steinberger, Robert Sreinour, Marcus Sterner, Ralph Stick, June Storm, William Striclchouser, John Svarnas, Mary Tate, Jean Tawney, Ann Taylor, Helen Vaughn, Betty Waltemyer, Jeanne Xwaybright, Joyce Wentz, Richard Westerdahl, Bruce YVetzel, Jeanne Williams, Jean Vffilliams, Robert Winter, Patty Wolfgang, Anna Woodson, Robert Woodward, Janet Ziegler, William page thirty one FRESHMAN President-Robert Sachs Vice President-John DeHaas Secretary-Dolores Dracha Adams, Margaret Alrland, Elaine Arentz, Mark Armistead, Richard Arndt, Richard Baral, Philip Bender, Nancy Berry, Maxine Bieseclcer, James Bieseclcer, Kenneth Bigham, Catherine Bollinger, Caroline Bowling, Herbert Bracey, James Brearn, Barbara Breighner, Ray Bridendolph, Helen Bucher, Doris Bucher, William Butt, Nancy Carey, Ida Caslcey, Charles Caskey, Geraldine Cassatt, Charlotte Chamberlain, Genevieve Chrismer, Madeline Clark, Jeanine . Codori, William page thirty-two Coffelt, Harry Cole, Helen Coleman, Norma Cooper, Howard Cornwell, Chester Crouse, Ross Currens, Wanda Deardorif, Kenneth DeHaas, John Dolly, Carol Dolly, Richard Dracha, Dolores Dunkinson, Audrey Durboraw, William Englebert, Violet Felix, Helen Forry, Yvonne Geiman, Geraldine George, Niclcey Gigous, Janice Gindlesperger, Ray Gotwald, Elizabeth Green, Harold Gulden, Melvin Haehnlen, Eugenia Harner, Charles Harner, Glenn Harris, Edith Harris, Elizabeth Hartley, Robert Heim, Vera Herring, Phyllis Hess, Kenneth Huff, Mary Louise Huff, Sarah Mae Keefer, Donald Kepner, Clyde Kepner, Lois Kessel, Alex Ketterman, Betty Kime, Betty Kitzmiller, Charles Klinefelter, Dorothy Krick, Robert Kuhn, Leo Kump, James Lawver, Burton Lawver, Edwina LeGore, Richard Levan, Alfred Lewis, Dorothy Little, Barbara Lock, Sidney Long, Jacqueline Longeneclcer, Ruth Lowe, Judy CLASS Treasurer-Robert Shealer Class Advisers-Miss Ruth Mundis, Mr. Jacob M. Sheads McCleaf, Martha McDannell, June Mclntire, Rose lVIcKenney, Janet McKenriclc, Theodore Martin, Jean Mattingly, Richard Mayberry, Betty Mellas, Harold Menges, Donald Miller, Caroline Miller David Miller Harold Miller John Miller Joseph Miller Paul 7 Millhimes, Pauline Mitchell, Kimon Moritz, Charles Moser, Robert Mumper, Sandra Munley, Ann Musselman, Barbara Musselman, Dorothy Musselman, George Myers, Martin Painter, Virginia Palmer, Roxanna Pepple, Gailya Plank, Mary Plattenburg, Irvin Poppay, Sally Ralfensperger, John Reaver, Glenn Rhodes, Jo Ann Rigqeal, Ivan Rudisill, Harold Sachs, Robert Sanders, Clair Saunders, Barbara Schultz, Donald Scott, Elba Scott, Richard Seibert, Betty Shealer, Robert Shelleman, Goldie Shields, Ward Shindledecker, Clair Showvaker, Donna Showvalcer, Geraldine Shriver, Mary Shriver, Wilmer Shryock, Anna Singley, Mary Sites, John Sitler, Ralph Smith, Catherine Smith, Edna Smith, Helen Snicler, Anna Sponseller, Dorothy Sterner, Catherine Stevens, Patricia Stock, Joan Stotler, Betty Stover, Mildred Swope, Kathryn Tawney, Mary Taylor, Dorothy Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Janet Thoreson, Alice Topper, Bernard Trout, John Trout, Thomas Waddell, Reuben Walter, Robert Waybright, Dorothy Waybright, Jay Wenschhof, Catherine Wentz, Anna Wetzel, Irene Williams, Nina Witherow, Betty Witherow, Jane Witherow, Laura Wolfe, Jean Wolfe, Joan Wolfgang, Lewis page thirty-three THE PASSING PARADE OF SENIORS-1, On leave from KP? 2. The girls he left behind. 3. Troublesome Taylor. 4. Our gift to Oklahoma. 5. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, 6. Cutie with a camera. 7. Tea is over. 8. Hungry-Hesses. 9. Lunch over? 10. Which is the mascot? 11. Putt!! Putt!! 12, Where are your mothers, girls? 13. Struggle's over for the day. 14. Gangway. page thirty-four V gan nl ' s.: 4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM Ylll I 7 ,Q j jf,f AI IYIIII GNE 984. V 3 0 4 , 4 page thirty-six . ,,7 VARSITY FOOTBALL RESULTS Sept. 13 McSherrystown ,.,., 20 York Catholic .,,.. 27 Carlisle -Q ,,.,.,..,, Oct. 4 Hanover ......., 11 Waynesboro ..... 19 Shippensburg ,,,.,,, 25 Chambersburg ......... Nov. 1 Hershey ,.,,.,..,..,... 8 Mechanicsburg ,...,,, Total ,,,.. LETTERMEN D. Bucher 3, 4 E. Cole 3, 4 J. Hershey 3, 4 J. Hess 1, 2, 3, 4 C. Rodgers 3, 4 N ,COLE STERNER SHEFFER BUCHER SNYDER F. Rodgers 3, 4 fmgr.J L. Sachs 3, 4 fmgr.J W. Sharrah 3, 4 I , D. Sheffer 3, 4 l D. Sterner 3, 4 l l , . , ,,.., . 1 G.H.S. OPP 6 13 19 J 0 0 26 7 6 6 18 19 0 0 14 0 42 12 39 69 158 J HESS RODGERS HERSHEY l SHARRAH REYNOLDS J. Ridinger 3 J. Sanders 3 W. Shull, 3 R. Coleman 2 G. Donaldson 2 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL RESULTS Oct. 9 17 31 Nov. 7 14 Biglerville ........... McSherrystown ....... Carlisle ................. Hanover Jr. Hi ..,.... Hanover V. ...... . Total .... .... G.H.S. OPP 25 0 13 24 O 25 0 12 0 0 38 61 ii , . - lfiiii, 13 First row: Charles Rodgers, Dale Sheifer, Jay Hershey, Wilmer Sharrah, Donald Sterner, Joe Hess, Eugene Cole, Donald Bucher, John Snyder, Richard Hess, Floyd Reynolds. Second row: Fred Rodgers fmanagerj, James Sanders, William Snyder, Jacob Yingling, William Shull, Eugene Kane, Guy Donaldson, Bruce Westerdahl, Robert Shetter, Robert Foth, Paul Schmidt, Richard Knox, Luther Sachs fmanagerj. Third row: Jack Ridinger, Clair Bucher, Robert Williams, Reginald Dunlcinson, Robert Hottle, Richard Coleman, John Shultz, John Aughinbaugh, Harold Dayhoff, David Blocher, Ronald Kump, William Bushman fmanagerl. Coaches-George Forney, Howard Shoemaker. fNi19llf34V Le First row: Eugene Sanders, Kenneth Biesecker, Charles Kitzmiller, Robert Steinberger, Herbert Bowling, Paul Rhine, Edward Pittenturf, Robert Smith, Martin Myers. Second row: Harold Hankey fmanagerj, Irvin Plattenburg, Joseph Redding, Paul Miller, Francis Carter, Leo Kuhn, James Nunemalcer, Bradley Morelock, Robert Walter, Robert Krick fmanagerj. Third row: Ralph Sterner, John Benner, Harold Mellas, Thomas Hess, Richard Spangler, William Williams, Richard Tonsil, Robert Sachs, Robert Cole. Coach-Fred P. Haehnlen. page thirty-seven First row: Dale Shelfer, Jay Hershey, Eugene Cole, Donald Sterner, Joe Hess fhonorary captainl, James Roberts. Second row: Robert Williams lmanagerl, Fred Rodgers, Bill Eisenhart, Bruce Westerdahl, Ray Solleberger, Kenneth Fair, Charles Rodgers, Robert Shetter fmanagerl, Third row: Don Bollinger, Galen Keeney, Don Clapsaddle, Reginald Dunkinson. LETTERMEN Eugene Cole 3, 4 Charles Rodgers 4 Kenneth Fair 3 Joe Hess 3, 4 Fred Rodgers 4 Bill Eisenhart, 2 Jay Hershey 4 Dale Sheflrer 4 Bruce Westerdahl, 2 VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS G.H.S. OPP. G.H.S. OPP Dec. 10 St. Francis Prep ,,,.,,,,, ,,,, 2 9 25 28 Chambersburg ..,,.. ,,,,, 2 8 52 13 York ,,,,,,..s,....,............... .... 3 1 47 31 Shippensburg ,..... ,,,,, 2 9 20 17 Harrisburg Catholic ,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 40 Feb 4 Delone Catholic ,,,,,, W ..... 45 30 20 York .,.As,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,. 2 9 40 7 Mechanicsburg .,.. ..... 3 6 26 Jan. 3 Harrisburg Catholic .... 36 40 11 Hershey ,,,,,,,,,,,,. r,,,, 2 9 42 7 Mechanicsburg ,.,...... ,,,, 3 9 25 14 Carlisle ,,,, .... ,,s,, 4 0 43 10 Hershey ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 6 34 18 Hanover ,...... ,,,,, 4 6 38 14 Delone Catholic ..., 25 39 21 Waynesboro ,,,,,,, ..r.r 4 5 34 17 Carlisle ,,,,,,,,,.,. ,,,, 4 3 37 25 Chambersburg ,..... ..... 3 4 59 21 Hanover , ,,,, 36 49 28 Shippensburg ..,..... 35 40 24 Waynesboro . ,,,, 38 29 - -- Total ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 7 3 9 789 page thirty-eight Dec. Jan. First row: Bill Striclchouser, Pete Kuhn, Guy Donaldson, James Nunemaker, Bill Bushman, Ronald Second row: Douglas Knox, Charles Kitzmiller, Paul Miller, Bill Snyder, Robert Sachs, Kenneth Third row: Charles Shealer, Charles Caskey, Ned Crouse, Chester Cornwell, Harold Dayhoff, Robert Kump. Dearclorff. Kriclc. 10 St. Francis Prep ,,,, 13 York ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,, 17 Harrisburg Catholic 20 York ..,....,,,,........... 3 Harrisburg Catholic 7 Mechanicsburg ,,,,.. 10 Hershey ,....,,......,, 14 Delone Catholic ,,,, 17 Carlisle ,,,,,,,,..,...... 21 Hanover ,,,,,, 24 Waynesboro JAYVEE BASKETBALL RESULTS G.I-I.S. OPP. 28 12 21 50 16 14 , W 15 51 27 17 21 26 27 29 Z7 19 24 15 14 29 16 26 eb G.H.S. OPP. 28 Chambersburg ,,,,,,, .... 2 3 36 31 Shippensburg ,,,, ,,,. 3 1 21 4 Delone Catholic ..,, .,,, 2 6 29 7 Mechanicsburg , 24 25 11 Hershey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..., 2 8 34 14 Carlisle ...,., ,,,, 3 2 34 18 Hanover ,, ,,., 17 20 21 Waynesboro ,.,.,. ,,,, 3 8 22 25 Chambersburg ,,,,,,, ..., 1 7 26 28 Shippensburg ,,,,,, ,... 2 9 22 Total ,.,.. ......., 5 01 557 page tbirly-nine page forty First row: Fred Rodgers, Richard Heintzelman, John Scott, Dave Rasmussen, Al McDonnell, Paul Settle, George Gorman, Nelson Mattingly, Charles Rodgers. Second row: John McKenrick, Clair Hemler, Donald Doersom, Joe Hess, Donald Sterner, Tom McLaughlin, Wilmer Sharrah, Jay Hershey, William Striclchouser. Third row: David Woods fmanagerl, John Settle, Kenneth Fair, James Sanders, Robert Shetter Bruce Westerdahl, Robert Hottie, Dave Blocher, Donald Bucher, Paul Bucher fmanagerj. TRACK SCHEDULE G.H.S. OPP. April 26 Mercersburg ..,.,,,,,,, .... 8 0 48 May 11 Conference Meet ' Gettysburg .,.... ,,,, 8 O 1,42 Hanover ...... 53 Sf 6 Carlisle ...,.,...... 38 1f3 Chambersburg ,,,,,,, 34 1X3 18 Carlisle ...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, r,,. 6 8 40 23 Hanover .,.,,...........,...... ,,,, 7 4 39 28 Harrisburg Catholic ,,.,,.. ,.,. 7 2 41 LETTERMEN G. Gorman, 4 C. Hemler, 3 W. Sharrah, 3 R. Heintzelman, 4 Hershey, 3 D. Sterner, 3 N. Mattingly, 4 Hess, 2, 3 D. Blocher, 2 A. McDonnell, 3, 4 P. Settle, 4 L. McLaughlin, 3 J. McKenriclc, 3 F. Rodgers, 3 R. Hottle, 1 B. Westerdahl, 1 INTRAMURAL SPORTS TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS Donald Bucher. Joe Hess. SENIOR LEAGUE BASKETBALL WINNERS AND CHAMPS First row: Richard Felix, .James Leech, Don Weaver. Second row: Walter Trostle, Donald Doersom, Clyde Little. F Not on picture-Keith Clapsaddle. JUNIOR LEAGUE BASKETBALL WINNERS First row: Robert Woodson, Harry Smith. A Second row: Edward Pittenturf, Robert Wil- liams, Robert Weiland, Frank Fissel. page forty-one ........l.- First row: Richard Kaiser, John McKenrick, Second row: Richard Johnson, Eugene 'Cole, page forty-two s GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Blocher, Betsy Bream, Jean Carn, Delma Carter, Esther Coover, Christine Curley, Helen Ford, Betty Hankey, Anna Mae Heagey, Evelyn Heatwole, Carol Arendt, Janet Baughman, Mary Kay Bower, Mary Bowling, Betty Bracey, Marianne Brenizer, Marian Bupp, Anna Cole, Mary Louise Conti, Elvira Coshun, Ethel Davis, Helen Diehl, Ruth Jeanne Dougherty, Dolores Dubbs, Ida Andrew, Myrtle Baker, Nancy Barnes, Betty Bigham, Miriam Bolen, Gloria Brown, Anne Bryson, Barbara Bucher, Lillie Burkholder, Peggy Bushman, Margaret Carter, Harriet Carroll, Clare Clapsaddle, Marion Clapsaddle, Mary Coover, Marion Coshun, Doris Deardorff, Jane Diveley, Vashti Adams, Margaret Altland, Elaine Bender, Nancy Bollinger, Caroline Bream, Barbara Butt, Nancy Caskey, Geraldine Chrismer, Madeline Clark, Jeanine Cole, Helen Dracha, Jane Dunkinson, Audrey George, Nickey Gigous, Janice Gotwald, Susan Haehnlen, Jeannie Harris, Edith Miss Donis NEITHAMMER, ad-rirer SENIORS Heintzelman, Mary Hemler, Lorraine Jeffcoat, Viola Klinefelter, Barbara Kranias, Mary Lou Kump, June Little, Deloris Menchey, Phyllis Raifensperger, Ann Raifensperger, Madeline JUNIORS Eiker, Shirley Forty, Jean Gardenhour, Pat George, Stella Gleim, Patricia Harner, Jean Hill, Betty Jo Hull, Betty Keefer, Patricia Koontz, Dorothy Koontz, Genevieve Knouse, Marian Mattingly, Ethel SOPHOMORES Dorsey, Betty Evans, Mary Felix, Peggy Finkboner, Lois Gastley, Ellie Group, Mary Hoffman, Joyce Killalea, Patricia King, Madeline Knox, Joan Kuykendall, Sue Lee, Mary Leedy, Marjorie Mason, Dolores McLaughlin, Jean McSherry, Janet Moser, Dixie Musselman, Marian FRESHMEN Harris, Elizabeth Ketterman, Betty Herring, Phyllis Huff, Mary Louise Klinefelter, Dorothy Lawver, Edwina Lewis, Arlene Little, Barbara Long, Jacqueline Longenecker, Ruth Martin, Joyce McCleaf, Martha Mclntire, Rose McKenney, Janet Millhimes, Pauline Miller, Caroline Ramer, Jane Shanebrook, Nancy Shupe, Small, Small, Smith, Smith, Stock, Ruth Catharine Lois Peggy Ann Philimine Ann Louise Strohm, Rae Tonsel, Jayne Naugle, Winifred Oyler, Evelyn Rebert, Patricia Rohrbaugh, Freda Roth, Barbara Sanders, Darlene Small, Jean Smith, Mary Louise Snider, Mary Sponsler, Pat Swope, Helen Swope, Ruth Ann Weaver, Doris Whited, Judith Ogden, Nancy Routsong, Jacqueline Sanders, Doris Sanders, Jane Scott, Emma Schwartz, Violet Shealer, Patricia Shetter, Janet Soder, Barbara Stick, June Svarnas, Mary Jane Tate, Jean Taylor, Helen Vaughn, Betty Waltemyer, Jeanne Wetzel, Jeanne Williams, Jean Winters, Pat Mumper, Sandra Munley, Ann Musselman, Doroth Painter, Virginia Palmer, Roxy Plank, Mary Poppay, Sally Rhodes, Jo Ann Saunders, Barbara Seiberr, Betty Smith, Catherine Smith, Delores Snider, Anna Stevens, Patsy Stock, Joan Stotler, Betty Stover, Mildred page fort Y y three Ann Phili GAA CABINET Front row: Madeline Raffensperger, Catharine Small, Carol Heatwole, Peggy Ann Smith, Mary Lou Kranias a Mae Hankey, Deloris Little, Jane Ramer, Lois Small, Nancy Shanebrook. Back row: Miss Neithammer fadviserj, Jayne Tonsel, Barbara Klinefelter, Ann Louise Stock, Esther Carter mine Smith, Ann Raffensperger, Mary Rohrbaugh, Ruth Shupe, June Kump, Betty Ford, Mary Heintzelman Viola jeifcoat, Helen Curley. 455 CHEERLEADERS Betty Jo Hill, Patricia Rehert, Catharine Small, Barbara Klinefelter, Ann Louise Stock, Peggy Ann Smith, Dorothy Koontz, Ruth Ann Swope. page forty-four Going our wa Line up, girls. Barter up. He's OUT!! y? IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS 5. On your mark. 6. OUR football team. 7. Sling it, Joe. 11. 8. The big four in football. 12. Maroons-light!! He made itll How goes it, M Sisterly love. iss Ramer? page forty CASUAL COMMENTS MADELINE Rnonss-Chief likes are adventure, sports, dates fediblej and people, becomes disgusted with scratchy fountain-pens, two- faced people, homework, and spinach, if you hear the word "Shucks" Madeline will be the speaker, Avon Grove class ring identifies her, here's a future secretary or old maid school teacher. ALMA RINEHART'-LOVES traveling and basketball, shrinks from show-offs and gossipy people, pet saying is "Honest to Pete," deep sighs tell her tale, she sees nursing in her future. JIM ROBERTS-Jim tries to adapt himself to the surroundings, likes almost everything, known by the name "Bolo,v his future is still undecided. CHARLIE RODGERS'-HHS a deep passion for athletics and chocolate cake, turns thumbs down on girls wearing high heels, mTainyt easy" is his pet saying, Peggy Ann will lead you to Charlie, teaching is in his future. FRED RoDGERs-Centers his attention on dancing, athletics, devil's food cake, and music, shuns burned potato soup, identified by his twin brother, hopes to become a civil engineer. LUTHER SACI-Is-Wild about sports and eating, loathes Lebanon bologna, Switzer cheese, Q'What,s your trouble bubble," dis- charge button, hopes are high for junior business executive. JUNE SANDERS1PCE pastime, movies, snubs people who act sophis- ticated, "My Lause," easily known by 'Qfrecklesf' future house- wife or secretary. MARY LOUISE SANDERS-Canit do without eating, talking and L.S.H., never seen working hard, "Well, my word," slim and talkative, a future beautician, Donor!-n' ScoT'r-Always seen with Raif fhurryingl. Oh those ice skates, dislikes snakes and olives, "Well, I'll be switched," an- other secretary. NANCY SHANEsnooK-Glasses and clarinet, could listen to radio continuously, dislikes practicing piano, :'Character,,' Spanish translator. LINDY. SPIANOLTZ-If you hear a roaring motorcycle, it's Lindy, against women drivers, always recognized by turtle-neck sweater, itis going to be the Merchant Marines for this boy. WILMER SHARRAI-I-Beautiful maroon shirt, thinks nothing can compare with football, dislikes stuck-up people, future undecided. DALE SHEI-7FERTuP0I'kY,,7 his passion, chicken, ice cream and sports, could murder noisy people, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me," future clerk. GERALDINE SHETTER1Ad0f6S polite boys, seen tagging after Evelyn Miller, despises turnips. Ah! Gorshl Beautician. GLADYS SHRlVER'BlOHd hair and Judy, loves all kinds of food, high-hatted people are a dislike, undecided future. RUTH SHUPE'fOUl' black haired Southern gal, English is her favorite, while chemistry bores her, "My gollyl" heads this lady's pet expressions, another "Nightingale" CATI-IARINE SMALL-A Sweetland fan, dotes on cokes and shoe- strings, shadowed by 'zToots', and Carol, Beech-Nut gum gorges Cacky," but "Rudy'i adores her, future beautician. Lois SMALL-Loves Al, dislikes boys who gossip Qthat's for girls, tooi, always says "I-loly Mud,', travels with Cacky or Carol, a future secretary. page forty-.tix PEGGY ANN SMITH-Simply adores dancing, "Stardust,,' snow, and "CHARLIE," detests gossipers and show-offs, always declaring, "It's a little dittyf' seen with Carlitos, fancies being a secretary. PI-IJLIMINE SIvuTH-Thinks movies and ice skating are swell, turns her nose up at sweet potatoes, "Holy Cow," known for talking a great deal, desires to become a beautician. JOHN SNYDER-Likes anything mechanical, thinks the half-hour lunch hour is ridiculous, forever asking, "You like that, huh?" Always seen with a vehicle that's different, hopes to be an engineer. JEANNINE STAMBAUGH-F3hCi9S dancing, and sleep, turns her back to boastful people, favorite expression is "Holy Cow!" Known by her changeable eyes, beautician. ROXEY STAMBAUGH-Ad0fCS tall men, dancing, turns her nose up at steamed cabbage and two-faced people, always says, "Noi" Known by her shortness, future is a laboratory technician and housewife. ToM STEINBERGER--LOVES all kinds of sweets, despises "show-offsi' and teachers' pets, usually found discussing sports, future lies in teaching history. DONALD STERNER--Thinks pie, cake, and sports are 'swonderful, dislikes girls foh yeahJ and cowboyin in cars, "How can you tellf' known by '41 green Chevrolet, small blue cap and an- swers to name of 'tPickle," desirous of becoming a flyer. MARIE STERNER--Fond of bowling, potato chips and strawberry sundaes, turns her back to people who act sophisticated, always remarking, "My Gully," identified by solemnity, future's a beautician. ' ANN LOUISE STocK-Fancies mid-nite snacks and rainy weather, people with unpolished shoes, plaid skirts and reindeer sweaters are displeasing, always remarking, "Everything's in an uproar," tagged her lucky number "B," desirous of obtaining a clerical position with the air lines. WILLIAM STRALEY-Adores girls, eating and taking trips, thinks girls' smoking is quite unladylike, always says, "Holy Smokes!" Identified by brown wavy hair and pencil behind ear, has an undecided future. RAE STROHM-COHCBHCIHCES on her steady, dancing, and yellow, thinks cabbage is horrible, always saying "Isn't that dear," a col- lege freshman is her joy, the crystal ball says "Angel of Mercy." DORIS TAUGHINBAUGH11-hiHlCS of nothing but good food, and Tabu perfume. People who try to show-off are out, "Oh's for Pete's sake,', a big laugh and a smile tag her, a beautician for the future. WILLIAM TIPTON-Fishing and chocolate cake are tops, teacher's pets are definitely out, 'QSuffer and Misery" is a pet saying, "Tippy', identifies him, a future lawyer. JAYNE TONSEL-LOVQS tailored clothes, mother's fried chicken, Alan Ladd, good records, dislikes conceited boys, two-faced girls, a pair of golden earrings dangle, a language teacher is next. WALTER TRosTLE-Wine, women and song suit him. Goody- goody boys and stuck-up girls are off the list, always says "Can,t say it,', seen in a '38 Ford, future is flying. BETTY WENscI-II-IoF-Craves ice cream, hiking, potato chips, pars- nips, speed tests in typing are definitely out, wants to be com- mercial teacher and perhaps a housewife. l i 'Room 20191 Q .,,, 514. in X, YXZ ff! , Tl-IIS mms gx f ML, X-, lk- ' fi , Vlonmlani Class Neeffnq JI? Tuescf-ml Lniceum Sig ' HJWA Wednesdaui Uggimblni . Z A -0 Thuvsdaw Clu S in I iwrvzdaq H ,prom H f ,N ffflfgf f """T" f " ',"f!! V! ,f f 1 f f f ff X f X X! X X, f f W X X ff ," If X X STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Miss Mcllhenny fadviserl, Mary Jane Svarnas, Fred Rodgers lpresidentj, Ruth Jeanne Diehl ftreas- urerl, Barbara Klinefelter Csecretaryj, Galen Keeney fvice presidentl, Ethel Coshun, Freda Rohrbaugh, Mr. Troxell fadviserl. Second row: Elizabeth Blocher, Patsy Paris, Lorraine Hemler, Ruth Longeneclcer, Sally Poppay, Nina Williams, Anna Wetzel, Janice Gigous, Caroline Bollinger, Sue Kuylcendall. Third row: Luther Sachs, Bruce Westerdahl, David Neibler, Jay Hershey, William Bushman, Charles Rodgers, Dale Shelfer, Robert Sachs. Fourth row: Robert Hottie, Russell Campbell, William McKenney. RED CROSS COUNCIL First row: Jacqueline Routsong fpublicityl, Joyce Fissel, Barbara Bryson fsecretaryl, Doris Jean Kitzmiller fpresi- dentl, Barbara Soder ftreasurerl, Arthur Clapsaddle fvice presidentl, Miss Keefauver fadviserl. Second row: June Sanders fsocialj, Patricia Gleim, Joan Knox, Patricia Rebert, Pauline Millhimes, Mary Tawney, Helen Cole. Third row: Harriet Armisteacl, Ruth Shupe lprograml, Mae Reever, Donald Shultz, Yvonne Forty Qservicej. page forty-eight MAROON AND WHITE STAFF First row: Ann Raffensperger, Betty Wenschhof, Phyllis Menchey, Carol Heatwole, Myrna Bream, Fred Rodgers, Elizabeth Blocher fnews editorj, Barbara Klinefelter lnews editorj, Mary Heintzelman feditorj, Charles Rodgers fbusiness managerj, Jane Ramer ffeature editorj, Rae Strohm ffeature editorj, Donald Srerner fsports editorj, Ann Louise Stock, June Kump, Peggy Ann Smith, Howard Fox fcirculation managerj. Second row: Miss Mundis Qadviserl, Nancy Baker, Emma Scott, Jane Deardorlf, Sue Kuylcendall, Mary Jane Jo Hill, Freda Rohrbaugh, Joan Knox, Marguerite Miclcley, Ethel Coshun, Betty Davis, Patricia Rebert, Barbara Sponsler, Miss Ramer fadviserj. Marianne Bracey, Ruth Jeanne Diehl, Doris Rothhaupt, Clare Carroll, Barbara Bry- Kennell, Anna Wetzel, William McKenney, Donald Bollinger, Russell Campbell, Not on picture-Doris Jean Kitzmiller. Svarnas, Patricia Shealer, Betty Bowling, Patricia Gleim, Helen Third row: Winifred Jones, son, Jean Waltemyer, Darlene Charles Bender, Richard Kaiser. JOURNALISM CLUB First row: Lorraine Hartman, Nancy Baker, Jane Deardorlf, Betty Wenschhof, Ruth Ann Swope, Ruth Jeanne Diehl, Myrna Bream, Phyllis Menchey, Marianne Bracey, Betty Jo Hill, Freda Rohrbaugh, Ethel Coshun, Anna Wet- zel, Marguerite Mickley, Janet Arendt, Lillie Bucher, Peggy Burlcholder, Violet Schwartz, Mary Group, Patricia Winter. Second row: Miss Ramer Qadviserj, Janet McSherry, Myrtle Andrew, Anne Brown, Marion Coover, Emma Scott, Doris Rothhaupt, Nancy Cgden, Clare Carroll, Sue Kuylcendall, Mary Jane Svarnas, Patricia Shealer, Janet Shetter, Joan Knox, Darlene Kennell, Mary Plank, Wanda Currens, Lois Kepner, Margaret Adams, Helen Bridendolph, Jeanne Waltemyer. Third row: Lois Finkboner, Jeanne McLaughlin, Dixie Moser, Carol Dolly, Jacqueline Long, Dorothy Waybright, Jean Wolfe, Janet McKenney, Arlene Lewis, Anna Shryoclc, Catherine Sterner, Deloris Wenschhof, Eugenia Haehn- len, Nina Williams, Nancy Butt, Elaine Altland. Not on picture-Miss Reichert and Miss Lehman fadvisersj, Nancy Bender. P435 + forty-nine 4 Page iffy Armistead, Harriet Blocher, Elizabeth Bream, Myrna Curley, Helen Deaner, Kathryn Decker, Anna Ford, Elizabeth Fox, Howard Heatwole, Carol Heintzelman, Mary Herr, Maybelle Andrew, Frederick Barnes, Geraldine Baughman, Mary Kay Bollinger, Donald Bower, Mary Bracey, Marianne Brenizer, Marian Carter, Esther Clapsaddle, Arthur Cole, Mary Louise Conti, Elvira Coshun, Ethel Andrew, Myrtle Aughinbaugh, John Baker, Nancy Barnes, Betty Benner, John Bigham, Miriam Bolen, Gloria Brown, Anne Bryson, Barbara Burkholder, Peggy Bushman, Margaret Carroll, Clare Carter, Harriet Clapsaddle, Marion Coover, Marion Coshun, Doris Crabill, Martin Crouse, Ned Cruze, Shirley Dayholf, Harold Deaner, Richard Deardorff, Jane Deatrick, Thelma Bowling, Herbert CHORUS Hershey, Jay Hess, Richard Hull, Julia Jeffcoat, Viola Karas, Doris Keefer, Joyce Kepner, Ruth Kitzmiller, Doris Klinefelter, Barbara Kranias, Mary Lou Kump, June Menchey, Phyllis SENIORS Miller, Betty Raffensperger, Ann Ramer, Jane Rebert, Janice Rhodes, Madeline Rinehart, Alma Rodgers, Charles Rodgers, Fred Sachs, Luther Shanebrook, Nancy Sheifer, Dale Shetter, Geraldine JUNIORS Crabill, Willie Catherine Davis, Helen Diehl, Ruth Jeanne Dougherty, Dolores Dunkinson, Reginald Eiker, Shirley Fair, Kenneth Forry, Jean Gleim, Patricia Harner, Jean Helwig, George Hill, Elizabeth Hutter, Margel Kaiser, Richard Karrasch, Ruth Keeney, Galen Koontz, Dorothy Koontz, Genevieve LeGore, Lou Etta Linebaugh, Faith May, La Vaughne Myers, Delores Oyler, Evelyn Plank, Alice SOPHOMORES Dellinger, Betty Diveley, Vashti Dornburg, Robert Dorsey, Betty Evans, Mary Felix, Peggy Finkboner, Lois Fridinger, Virginia Gastley, Efiie Group, Mary Hartman, Lorraine Herring, Richard Hoffman, Joyce Hottle, Robert Jacoby, Ruth Keefer, Janet Keefer, Mary Kennell, Darlene King, Madeline Kump, Ronald Kuykendall, Ila Lee, Mary Leedy, Marjorie LeGore, Lorraine Little, Betty McLaughlin, Jean McSherry, Janet Martin, Vincent Mason, Dolores Miller, Marie Morelock, Bradley Moser, Dixie Musselman, Marian Myers, Ethel Myers, Helen Nett, Virginia Niebler, David Nunemaker, James Ogden, Nancy Plank, Anna Rhodes, Ella Mae Rogers, Charlotte Rothhaupt, Doris Routsong, Jacquelin Sanders, Doris Sanders, Mary Jane FRESHMEN Shriver, Gladys Shupe, Ruth Small, Catharine Small, Lois Smith, Peggy Ann Stambaugh, Jeannine Stambaugh, Roxey Stock, Ann Louise Srrohm, Rae Taughinbaugh, Doris Tipton, William Rebert, Patricia Rohrbaugh, Mary Roth, Barbara Slaybaugh, James Small, Lorraine Snider, Mary Sterner, Doris Swope, Ruth Ann Waybright, Paul Waybright, Richard Weaver, Doris Weigle, Mary Schwartz, Violet Scott, Emma Shealer, Patricia Shetter, Janet Shultz, John Shultz, Marian Smith, Harry Snyder, William Spangler, Richard Steick, Ralph Steinour, Marcus Stick, June Strickhouser, William Svarnas, Mary Tate, Jean Tawney, Ann Waltemyer, Jeanne Waybright, Joyce Weiland, Robert Westerdahl, Bruce Wetzel, Jeanne Woodward, Janet Chamberlain, Genevieve Shelleman, Goldie DIREC1'0R Mr. Shade pdgf fifty-one HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR First row: Mr. Shade fdirectorl, Dixie Moser, Janet McSherry, Ethel Myers, Jean McLaughlin, Mary -lane Svar- nas, Lois Finlcboner, Patricia Shealer, Violet Schwartz, Janet Woodward, Clare Carroll, Betty Jo Hill, Ruth Ann Swope, Alice Plank. Second row: Mary jane Sanders, Joyce Hoffman, Marian Musselman, Nancy Shanebroolc, Doris Jean Kitzmiller, Elizabeth Blocher, Marian Brenizer, Mary Bower, Ethel Coshun, Ruth Jeanne Diehl, Dolores Dougherty, Nancy Og- den, Ann Raffensperger, Barbara Klinefelter. Third row: Robert Dornburg, Galen Keeney, Harry Smith, Howard Fox, Robert Hottle, Bruce Westerdahl, Wil- liam Snyder, William Striclchouser, James Slaybaugh, Donald Bollinger, Arthur Clapsaddle, William Tipton, Kenneth Fair, Reginald Dunlcinson, Richard Kaiser. Q MUSIC THEORY Front row: Jane Sanders, Janet Woodward, Alice Plank, Effie Gastley, Mary Evans. Back row: Richard Herring, Harry Smith, Marcus Steinour, Donald Bollinger, Jay Hershey. Not on pictureflfvelyn Oyler, Kathryn Deaner, john Benner, Fred Rodgers, Mr. Shade ladviserj. page ffty-two ORCHESTRA John David Benner, Raymond Bisbing, Donald Bollinger, Arthur Clapsaddle, Richard Deaner, Kenneth Deardorff, Mary Evans, Howard Fox, Lorraine Hartman, David Jones, Galen Keeney, Doris Jean Kitzmiller, Marion Musselman. Harry Myers, Helen Myers, Alice Plank, Ann Ralfensperger, James Roberts, Charles Rodgers, Jane Sanders, Nancy Shanebroolc, James Slaybaugh, Mildred Stover, William Tipton, John Trout, Thomas Trout. Mr. Longaneclcer-leader. BAND John David Benner, Raymond Bisbing, Donald Bollinger, Mary Bower, James Bracey, Delma Carn, Arthur Clap- saddle, Marion Clapsaddle, Ross Crouse, Richard Deaner, Kenneth Deardorff, Ruth Jeanne Diehl, Carol Dolly. Mary Evans, Howard Fox, Lorraine Hartman, David Jones, Galen Keeney, Doris Jean Kitzmiller, Alfred Levan, William McKenney, Donald Menges, Marion Musselman, Harry Myers, Alice Plank, John Raffensperger. James Roberts, Charles Rodgers, Fred Rodgers, Robert Sachs, Robert Sanders, Nancy Shanebrook, Robert Shealer, Ralph Sitler, James Slayhaugh, Barbara Sponsler, Mildred Stover, Rae Strohm, William Tipton. Mr. Longaneclcer-director. Page ffty-tb ree page Hfly-four CANNON-AID GROUPS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Charles Rodgers lsecretaryl, Elizabeth Blocher, Myrna Bream lpresidentl, Jane Ramer, Fred Rodgers. Second row: Eugene Cole, Elizabeth Ford, Barbara Klinefelter, Lorraine Hemler, Luther Sachs. QUILL AND SCROLL First row: Jane Rarner fvice presiclentl, Mary Heintzelman ftreasurerj, Charles Rodgers lpresidentl, Barbara Klinefelter fsecretaryl, Elizabeth Blocher. Second row: Miss Ramer ladviserl, Howard Fox, Phyllis Menchey, Myrna Bream, Fred Rodgers. Page iffy-17 SCIENCE CLUB First row: Mr. Cessna fadviserl, Delores Smith, Betty Hull fsecretaryj, Howard Fox fpresidentl, William Strick- houser ftreasurerl, David Jones fvice presidentl, William McKenney, Alfred Levan, Richard Armistead. Second row: Donald Menges, Ann Munley, Patricia Killalea, Judith Whited, Winifred Naugle, Jean Harner, Robert Hartley, David Weaner. Third row: John Aughinbaugh, James Slaybaugh, Harold Hankey, Robert Dornburg, William Straley, Donald Elliott, William Bushman. Fourth row: Thomas Trout, David Niebler, Richard Knox, Robert Gigous, john Raifensperger, John Trout, Jack Settle. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First row: Shirley Eiker, Dorothy Koontz, Ida Dubbs, Elvira Conti fsecretaryl, Lorraine Small fpresidentj, Jean Forry fvice presidentj, Barbara Roth ftreasurerj, Mary Snider, Miss Little Cadviserl. Second row: Mary Louise Chrismer, Helen Flohr, Thelma Deatriclc, Mary Louise Smith, Stella George, Patricia Gardenhour, Helen Eherhart, Helen Swope. page fifty-six Third row: Marie Miller, Martha Keclcler, Doris Weaver, Margel Hutter, Geraldine Barnes, Marion Knouse. BATTLEFIELD BULLETS First row: Mr. Sheads iadviserj, Catherine McKenrick, Eleanor Little, Richard Dobbins, Jack Ridinger fpresi- dentj, Patsy Paris isecretaryj, Ella Mae Rhodes, Madeline Rhodes, Ida Carey, John DeHaas. Second row: Richard Arendt, David Miller, Ralph Sitler, Earl Sanders, Robert Walter, William Codori, Melvin Gulden, Charles Caslcey, Ray Gindlesperger, Third row: Chester Geiman, Kimon Mitchell, Donald Weaver, Jr., Glenn Hafner, Richard Felix, Ray Breighner, Richard Mattingly, Harold Rudisill. Fourth row: Dean Felix, John Donmoyer, Geoffrey Grieb, Paul Miller, Richard Haller. Not on picture: Harold Mellas, Theodore McKenriclc, Charles Shealer ftreasurerj, Charles Harner, Bernard Topper, Leo Kuhn, Clyde Kepner, Betty Little. CHESS CLUB First row: Mr. Fidler fadviserj, Donald Bucher, Dorothy Bell, Christine Coover, Anna Louise Decker, Jane Riley, Gloria Bolen, Shirley Cruze, Ronald Kump. Second row: Bradley Morelock, William Bucher, Robert Hottle, James Sanders, Eugene Cole, Joseph Hess, Dale Sheffer, Harry Myers, Keith Clapsaddle. Third row: George Long, John Toddes, William Meals, Paul Schmidt, John Schultz, James Kane, Thomas Hess, Glenn Gindlesperger, Lewis Wolfgang. Not on picture-Mary Clapsaddle, Richard Hess, Fred Shultz, Wilmer Sharrah. page fifty-:even Patri LIBRARY STAFF First row: Mrs. Troxell fadviserj, Janet Woodward, Thelma Deatrick, Sue Kuykendall, Mary Jane Svarnas, cia Shealer, Janet Shetter, Betty Seibert, Dorothy Musselman, Anna Snider, Virginia Friclinger. Second row: Betty Mayberry, Janet McSherry, Helen Myers, Darlene Kennell, Janet Keefer, Virginia Nett, Lillie Bucher, Joyce Martin, Pauline Millhimes, Doris Coshun, Caroline Bollinger, Ethel Coshun. Third row: Helen Cole, Nancy Baker, Freda Dayholf, Margel Hutter, Jacqueline Long, Barbara Bryson, Nina Williams, Nancy Butt, Janice Gigous, Clare Carroll. Fourth row: Jeanne Wetzel, Lois Finkhoner, Jeanne Waltemyer, Jacquelin Routsong, Mary Group, Nancy Cgden. NURSING CLUB First row: Miss Wagaman fadviserj, Julia Hull, Ruth Kepner fsecretaryl, Lorraine Hemler lpresidentj, Delores Dougherty, Evelyn Miller, Geraldine Shetter, Betty Miller, Janice Rebert, Marian Brenizer. Second row: Geneva Bowling, Marion Shultz, Mary Sanders, Gladys Shriver, Janet Keefer, Marion Woodward, Mary Weigle, Jo Ellen Kepner, Maxiile Berry, Janet Thomas. page ffty-eight Third row: Jean Williams, Alma Rinehart. DRUM MAJORETTE CLUB First row: Marjorie Leedy, Dorothy Klinefelter, Ruth Jacoby, Joan Stock, Geraldine Caslcey, Phyllis Herring, Dorothy Musselman. Second row: Helen Taylor, Jeanne Wetzel, Sarah Mae Huff, Caroline Miller, Audrey Dunkinson, Violet Englehert. Third row: Lorraine LeGore, Sally Poppay, Ruth Longenecker, Anna Snider, Vera Heim, Catherine Swope, Bar- bara Bream. Fourth row: Jo Ann Rhodes, Mary Keefer, Edith Harris, Elizabeth Harris, June Stick, Catherine Smith, Mr. Longanecker fadviserJ . PARTY CLUB First row: Madeline Chrismer, Jane Dracha, Helen Myers fpresidentj, Caroline Bollinger fvice presidentj, Betty Seibert ftreasurerj, Ethel Myers fsecretaryj, Joyce Martin, Nickey George, Mrs. Troxell faclviserJ Second row: Roxanna Palmer, Judy Lowe, Sandra Mumper, Virginia Fridinger, Mary Jean Metz, Doris Coshun, Virginia Nett, Betty Mayberry, Ann Tawney. page fifty-nine i FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row: Reuben Waddell, Philip Baral, Fredericlc Andrew, Richard LeGore, Dale Eckert, Richard Waybright fsecretaryj, Floyd Reynolds ftreasurerl, Paul Waybright fpresidentj, Daniel Hoffman fvice presidentj, Dale Taughin- baugh freporterj, Mr. Schriver fadviserj, Vincent Martin, George Musselman, Kenneth Hess, Richard Scott, William Durboraw, Harold Miller. Second row: Jay Waybright, Alex Kessel, Joseph Miller, Richard Reaver, Earl Herring, Martin Crabill, James Fair, Richard Spangler, Harold Green, Kenneth Bieseclcer, Robert Harner, Paul Rhine, Robert Woodson, Lake Rid- inger, Ivan Riggeal, Charles Moritz. Third row: Isaac Thompson, Richard Mills, Ned Crouse, William Shull, Guy Donaldson, Howard Cooper, Richard Coleman, William Eisenhart, Richard Wentz. Not on picturefLindy Shanoltz, Robert Eilcer, Richard Miller, Raymond Solleberger, John Riley. page .fixty FISHING CLUB Front row: Stuart Kleinfelter, Thomas Steinberger, Donald Hoff fpresidentj, Russell Campbell fsecretaryj, Galen Keeney ftreasurerl, William Ziegler, Mr. Haehnlen Qadviserj. Back row: Robert Leedy, Charles Bender, William Jacobs, Gerald Trostle, Richard Kaiser, George Miller, Clyde Little. Not on picture-William Tipton fvice presidentj. MASK AND WIG First row: Mary Heintzelman, Nancy Shanebroolc, .lane Ramer lcorresponcling secretaryl, Rae Strohm fre- corcling secretaryj, John Donmoyer ltreasurerl, William Tipton fpresidentl, Galen Keeney lvice presidentj, Ethel Coshun, Patricia Sponsler. Second row: Betty Jo Hill, Helen Davis, Barbara Klinefelter, Dolores Dougherty, Mary Kay Baughman, Ruth Shupe, Patricia Rebett, -lean Harner, Miss Scott ladviserl, Ruth Jeanne Diehl, Patricia Gleim, Ruth Ann Swope. Third row: William McKenney, Gerald Trestle, Donald Bollinger, james Slaybaugh, Robert Gigous, Robert Shealer, Wfilliam Meals, Dale Ferrar. STAGE CREW N. Baker, M. Baughman, C. Bender, E. Blocher, D. Bollinger, H. Bowling, Bracey, R. Campbell, C. Carroll, H. Cole, C, Coover, M. Coover, E. Coshun, H. Davis, Deardorff, V. Dively, I. Donmoyer, D. Dougherty. R, Felix, D. Ferrar, R. Gigous, P. Gleim, E, Heagey, M. Heintzelman, B. Hill, Hoffman, T. Keefer, G. Koontz, M. L. Kranias, A. Levan, McSherry, W. Meals, B. Moser. N. Ogden, E. Oyler, S. Poppay, I. Redding, F. Rohrbaugh, Routsong, N. Shanebroolc, B. Shealer, A. Shryoclc, Slaybaugh, H. Smith, P. A. Smith, P, Smith, M. Steinour, W, Straley, A. Tawney, G. Trostle, D. Weaver. page .fixly-one A IT'S ALL IN YGUR HEAD Mrs. Prescott ,,,, Mr. Prescott ,,,,,,, Melissa ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Mitch ,,,,,,,, Isabelle .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Enoch Twitchell Anna Lucasky ,,r,, Peter Wesley ,,,,,, Gurney Shaw .,.,.., Belle Lamont ,,,,., Sally Cramer Ruth Jeanne Diehl William Tipton Arlene Lewis Robert Shealer Patricia Sponsler William Meals Mary Kay Baughman Galen Keeney William McKenney Jane Ramer Caroline Bollinger The Prescotts inherit an ancient house which is supposedly haunted by a ghost. As soon as they settle them selves in their new home mysterious happenings take place. Melissa and Mitch try to solve the problem with the help of Peter. Enoch Twitchell, a cranky old man, tries to scare them all from the house. The Prescotts finally discover, through a very interesting trick, that Mr. Twitchell is not what he pretends to be and the mystery is S0011 solved. page sixty-two Presented lay the Mask and Wig Directed by Miss Ruth Scott A CASE OF SPRINGTIME Bob Parker .,.,,7 , Louella, maid .,..... Eddie Abernacker Mr. Parker ,,,...,AA..,,,,,, - ,.....,.., . Mr. Abernacker, principal ....,.i,, Mrs. Brunswick of P.T.A. ,,,,,, , Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. James of P.T.A. Hill of P.T.A. ,.., , Bright ..,,,,,,,,,,.. Parker ,,,,, Betty Parker ,,,,, Dickie Parker ,..., Gwen Anderson .,,,.., Joan Abernacker .,,,,,, Detective ,,,r,,...,,.,,, John Donmoyer Mary Lou Kranias Mary Heintzelman Donald Bucher William Tipton Floyd Reynolds Ann Raffensperger Treva Keefer Roxey Stambaugh Nancy Shanebrook Harriet Armistead Doris Karas Barbara Klinefelter Ann Louise Stock Robert Moser Arlene Lewis Rae Strohm Luther Sachs William Straley It's all about the hilarious but sympathetic troubles that come down on Bob, a high school senior, when he falls for Joan, who can't help it that she's the principal's daughter-and then she decides to throw him over for a "college mann! There is some trouble with the P.T.A. ladies when they walk into booby traps set up by Bob's younger brother. Events take a sudden and delightful turn and the play ends with Bob on the top of the world. Presented by the Senior Class Directed by Miss Ruth Scott page .vixty-three page sixty-foul MIRIAM KEENEY, 1946 CANNON-AID NEWS EDITOR, PRESENTS TO GENERAL DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER COPY OF 1946 CANNON-AID When General Eisenhower came to Gettysburg on May 27, 1946, to be the commence- ment speaker, he was the recipient of a copy of the 1946 Cannon-Aid, which carried a photo- graph of the famous five-star general, Through the courtesy of Gettysburg College's president, Doctor Henry W. A. Hanson, the opportunity was given to several 1946 graduates to present their annual and to photograph the occasion. X f vf' ' ix 'H 1 ,V. ,, 59 W,,, :W - f f . Q' H K iv Q X X f I 4 f Q 3311 3 , 9 ggi?-. qv I N X N 5 b G X rn ,th FO I 5 3. W Q A 1' "N I f A N W V07 X- , 'iv 0 QQWQQQ Qt- ggwgyw 4-6.92684 " 'U W wie, B5 tts- WI! -' 1 ..AA4f' f ream Complhizewzts Of S M I T T Y ' S C On the Cainpusj HOT DOGS HAINIBURGERS SOFT DRINKS ICE CREAM Chas. C. Smith, Prop. C07l'Lf7I'i'77lC'1IZIS of 3 Evans Food Store FRESH IVIEAT, PRODUCE AND GROCERIES Also SODA FOUNTAIN ALWI E BRICK COMPANY NEW OXFORD, PA. Sf? BRICKMAKERS SINCE 1851 BEST WISHE5 C0lllf71i77l6lIf5 TO CLASS or ,47 of ERAZIER STUDIO B. P. O. ELKS PHILA., PA. NO- 1045 The GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION VVELCOIVIES TI-IIS CLASS OF 1947 to their animal "Get Togethery' Friday Evening, May 30 President, LeRoy H. VVinebrenner, '18 First Vice President, Dr. Robert H. Breani, '24 Second Vice President, Walter S. Mountain, 3rd, '46 Secretary, Sara Jane Maust, '41 Treasurer, Gladys Raymond Kelley, '18 Statistician, Oma Furney, '39 hzsurc Yom' Future with zz course at CENTRAL PENNA. BUSINESS COLLEGE 323 Market Street Harrisburg Pennsylvania Approved by the Sfafe Cozlznziffee on Busizzess School Standards Ask Your Teacher About joining the march of the multitude of High School students in the money-saving parade made possible through the School Savings System at the First National Bank OF GETTYSBURG O11 Centez' Square Sirzce 1857 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The H. SL H. Machine Shop PONTIAC SALES ik SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING Complete wreck service-body, frame and fender repairing. Dupont Duco Painting from a scratch to a complete car. S. XYASHINGTON ST. GIQTTYSBURGV, PA. Warren Chevrolet Sales Serving Buick Cars Chevrolet Cars and Trucks PEOPLES DRUG STORE The Rafal!-Kodak Store DRUGS-SODAS-SUNDRIES TOILETRIES-STATIONERY 25 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone 175 for ADAMS COUNTY MILK PRODUCTS HOMOGENIZED AND PASTEURIZED MILK ICE and ICE CREAM BY Gettysburg Ice SL Storage Co. GQUWMQ eazzeaa bi Gefffwwi eazzeae FOR INFORMATION SEE HENRY W. A. HANSON, PRESIDENT Thompson College GILBERTS AecoUN'rANeY, BUSINESS, AND TAU-ORING AND DRY CLEANING SECRMARIAL COURSES J. VV. Gilbert, Proprietor 1-1pfv1'oz'Ur1' f01' GJ. Trai111'l1g 94 CHAUBFRSBURC STRFM YoRK, PA. - HARRISISURG, PA. Plmlle 20'Y WESTMINSTE TUDIO wil? School cmd College Photoglfalplzy--C0111lvzorcial Photogmphy il? CHARLES F. NIAGEE, Proprietor' VVESTMINSTER, MD. C. W. EPLEY Collzfjvlillzezzts of E bl. I I mn Sta rsmer .. HIGH GRADE AUTOMOBILIES F. and T. Lunch cE'rTrSm'Ru 400 102 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg, Pa. C0111,pIi1Ize11ls of GETTYSEURG MOTOR HQ G' ARMISTEAD CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH ' AND Everythmg INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS fTOm SALES AND SERVICE 56 to S1400 and up GETTYSBURG, PA, Adams County Novelty Company il? Iwazzzzfactzzlfcm il? GETTYSBURG PENNSYLVANIA N Cgffnlanflzvighef CQ, GOODYEAR TIRES, TUBES DEPARTMENT STGRE BATTERIES lVl1ere Style and Qualify MIT! a Lois' Price lilvclrical Applicllzcvs for flzc' I-101110 DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, SHOES CAR v H ME , I Q 1 MENS AND BOYS' CLOTHING AND O SUI In UP45 AND FURNISHINGS VVOMEN'S AND CHILDRENS ' HREADY-To-WEAR" Servlce COmpaDV Center Square GETTYSBURG PA. 17-21 York St. Get'IySlmrg', Pu. Phone 697 O Tllllcjqif Dglzixxilcg b'EEDS Collzjvlizlzwzfx SUIDPLY SERVICE V1 ' FERTILIZERS of I-Iarclwarc. Pamt, Auto and Home Supplres INQFCTICIDFQ Z2 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Va. A C0'lll17Ii1llC'll'fS of Central Chemical Deugler Brothers, Grocery EEQS13?SE,i? 27 York Street CO' Buford Ave. C0lllf7IT'IllCllfS of Prosperity Cleaners RAILROAD STREET KLINEEELTER ELECTRIC SERVICE HOTPOINT RANGES, REERIGERATORS VVATER HEATERS, VVASHERS ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE AND WIRING BIGLERVILLE, PA. GLENN L. BREAM OLDS-CADILLAC-GMC SALES K SERVICE lj. S. TIRE DISTRIBUTOR EXPERT MECHANICAL PAINT, BODY DEPTS. 100 Buford Ave. Gettysburg, Pu. CUlllf7IlAlIlClIf.Y of Columbia Iewelry Co. HANUVER, PA. iervi11gb4i1fl?el1i1gg EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP r X t , . . D uPZ?tO3?i5e:S 6 C0,,,f,1,,,,g,,fs 27 BZ1lt1l1lOI'Ebt1iCl I Featuriuv' a 'omp cte HUIEEEDIEAEQRS V Line of Ifeauty Service 1 A of Phone 23 , Evelyn R. Adams Natrorral , G C Blue Rldge arage O' THE SHETTER HOUSE D. C. Forney, Prop. CO' , , C. S. Meuchey, Mgr. DININIS Room AND CA'rER1NG 12,14 C1 I, b g 5. Seven Stars, Pa. 1 .1 GFTTEIQBZQET PI 48 Chambersburg St. A FINE LINE OF GROCERIES and MEATS Reddings Grocery LVL' Aim to Please Chambersburg and Franklin Streets C'011zjvIi11ze11ts Of W E N T Z ' S FURNITURE STORE G1s'1'TYsHURG QServin, xou since 'ZZJ J egg? 7 25-27 Ch2l1llbC'1'SbL1l'g Street GE1'TYSl4lTRG, PENNSYLVANIA C0111pI1f111fc1ztx Of GETTYSBURG THROWING C 0 M P A N Y R. E. BERKHEIMER, Pres. C0111,p11'me1zfs F.0.E. No. 1562 Adams Co. Farm Bureau Co-op. Assfn GIETTYSBFRG, PA. FEEDS. SEEDS, FERTILIZICRS, HTC. Buy C0-0pc1'af1'veIy and Save the Dijjfermzve for Yomxvelf Phone 390 page seventy-two RAMER INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENCY ' Mary Ramer Eberhart 41 Baltiinore Street GETTYSBCRG. PENNA. Remmel's Print Shop A 54 Chzunbershurg Street ' Gettysburg, Pa. George Spies Industries, Inc. CHICAGO - PRINCETON uT11G Best Class Rivrzlgs IWade"' SCHOOL -IEVVELRY, INVITATIONS DI PLOMAS A. XV. Steller, Representative VVELCII, VVEs'r VIRGINIA GIFT SHOP IVE CATER T0 PARTIES PEACE LIGHT INN AND TOURIST ooURT GETTYSBIIRG, PA. "On H10 Hciftlefivlzl at EllI'l'tIlIt'P Peace Light IW01110rir1I" 18 Modern Brick Cabins Serving Luncheons, Dinners and Platters Phone 80 IN THE NEWS 1. Three Musketeers. 2. You don't say'?? 3. Sisterly chat. 4. Somethin' funny? 5. One of our good neighbors. 6. Why all the books? 7. We look at the photographer. 8. The other end of the camera. 9. On the back way to school. 10. Waitin' for the bus. 11. Whei-e's Donmoyer? 12. Headed for the suburbs. 13. "Weasel," 14. A recl-headecl G.I. 15. Our senior G. I.'s. 16. "SufIer"! 17. At the polls, 18. Let's eat. E. DONALD SCOTT Denim' in JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY SURGE MILKERS - PAPEC CUTTERS XYAYNE FEEDS .Phone 322-VV Gettysburg HOTEL EBERHART Glio. F. EBIERHART, PROP. THE SHOE BOX "Better Shoes Fitted Bettcfrl' SPORT-DRESS-EVENING For A11 the Family GETTYSBURG, PA. THE STANDARD PENNANT COMPANY UFIOWCYS for All Occasion? 7VIanufacfm'ers of HIGH SCHOOL AED COLLEGE .PENNANTS The Wayside Flower PILLONYS, BANNERS, EZMBLEMS Phone 629-Z George S. Gibson Big Run, Pennsylvania GALLAGHERS C01lLf7Ii17'L6l1fS ADAMS COUNTY of MEAT MARKET COLD STORAGE CO West Middle St. ' THE TERRACE ESTABLISHED SINCE 1917 Also a line of HOUSE Groceries GETTYSBURG, PA. OF GOOD FOOD REA ER'S TAXI Compliments WEEfWAH CLASS OF 1944 TELEPHONE 209 Adams Co. Motors Corp. Compliments of FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN T 0 B E Y 7 S York and Liberty Streets PHONE 274 Weaver's jewelry Store Wfatche5-Clocks-Silverware C0'11Lf?Iil'1'I611f5 Of I-IANKEYS GRQCERY South VVashington Street PRINTCRAFT GRADUATION NAME CARDS and ANNOUNCEMENTS Sir The Choice of .Df.S'Cl"li71l'i1Ill,fillg Seniors it PRINTCRAET CARD CDMPANY 1814 1947 Couzplizzzents of The Gettysburg National Bank On York Street GETTYSBURG, PA. lllembcr Fedeml Deposit I1l61l7'U1'lCz? Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System Constructive Banking Since Colonial Days 1425 E. Eim st. sermon 5, Pa. 1814 1947 C011z,plzfme11fs A Co'11zj7li1f11m1fs Justice of the Peace JOHN H. Complhnezzts of BASEHORE of GENERAL INSURANCE BREAMS STORE Gettysburg, Pa. C ASHTOWYN Class of 1923 COI'I'If7IiHl-CIIIS of HARRIS BRCTHERS DEPARTMENT sToRE GETTYSBURG, PA. De Luxe Restaurant 53 Chambersburg St. GETTYSBURG, PA. P110 IE 171-X IN DINNERS AND A LA CARTE SERVICE All Kinds of Sandwiches Co1'1'1pIi11'ze1f1t.r MiekIey's IACQDBS Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor "ON THE SQUARE" HENRY M. SCHARF, llffalzagcf' CHAS. W. JACOBS VVILLIAM P. JACOBS Center Square GETTYSBURG Chambersburg St. Gettysburg GUY MICKLEY, Owner Cren1er,s Flowers Since 1879 S2 RELIABLE SERVICE and QUALITY ALWAYS S12 F. E. CREMER, 'Florzlvt 219-227 E. XValnut Street HANOVER, PA. Your Flower Phones: 3791-92 your Complete Cleansing Institution C 011'zj1lime11ts of 1l1f M111 Q ' BRGTHERS C0 ff C 'L Brrtcher SL Bender THEATRES of Drug Store MAJESTIC . 27 Cha1nbe1'sbu1'g Street and C1ty Market STRAND Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg, Pa. SHEEEER'S PARK L I P P Y 7 S Hozzzf of Home-,lladc Irv CVCUIIIV john A. Sheffer, Prop. R. D. 3, GETTYSBURG, PA. TAILORS cnorcu MEATS and GROCERIES RQMAYNE MILLER'S HABERDASHERS S2 York St HOME-MADE CANDIES 52 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg REEL TIRE SERVICE 250 Buford Ave. Gettysburg, Pa. RA C0 DS PhO11C 224-Z UIQ-RE 1 R RECAPPING VULCANIZING GENERAL TIRES 85 TUBES , MISS BAKER S C0111pli111,P11t.r of I S H U M A N ' S CUT RATE STORE COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Battery Service SHOP Opp. Post Office W , Hankev and Plank Garage Compmnems C0mPIimem.S Authorized Nash Dealers of Equipped to handle all work of York St. Extended Gettysburg, Pa. ANNA CULPS Hershey's Tailor Shop Donald H. Hershey Service Station Specialty Shop NIERCHANT TAILORING, DRY CLEANING AND REl'AlRlNG Phone 44-Z F. L. GROFTS ELEcTRIc.LELAif3iDcg1IQIixI3xlgEIijEPAIRING Comphmms 123 VV. Middlel St. K Gettysburg, Pa. PM 644-W R1-3coRD sHoP of C071Ll7I1'711011fg Of First Nat. Bank Bldg. . 3 Beatrice S Einkboner's Gulf Station SOO York Street Gettysburg, Pa. Open Evenings BEAUTY SHQP Riffle and C fnlf ? I. Shulley Q M om lllllll Y 0 GROCERY Q Q Phone 45-Z H a1'd'wa1'e 011' the Square FW1C1'07 H01110 FRIIITS VEGETABLES GETTYSBURG. PA. GETTYSBURG STZXELE PENNSYLX AN IA CROCERIES THE TIMES AND NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY GETTYSBURG, PA. wiv Equipped to Produce Any Kind of Printing Sf? P1'1.71'f87'S 0 f the HMAROON AND VVHITE' AND MANY OTHER SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS C0Hll.JH71mm C0n1,pIi11zc11t.v of KNOX'S of Texas Hot FOOD MARKET . . W1ener 344 S.w'aS11mgf0n sf. Dgughefty SL Hartley VVE DELIVER ERNIEJS 13110112 261-W DRY GGODS Chambersburg St. Af1D,S Bggufy ShQppQ Cozzzplizizclzfs 3 S 238 Baltimore St. of ALL LrNEs OF BIAJEISTIC BEAUTY CULTURE SODA BIRDS EYE GRILL .4 V i L Phone 606 FROZhk P00155 VVM. VVALDO SIIIELDS :ANN M. CROUSE 4lIf"'f'fff" Gettysburg School of Aeronautics Stinson and Aeronca Sales and Service-Student Instruction-Battle field Tours by Air-Veterans' Training Under the G.I. Bill of Rights All Flying Is SzzjDe1'tfised cmd Done by G0t'e1'11111Umf Ceiftzfjicatcfci Irzfst1'uct01's Come Cut and Fly the "Aeronca,' The Wmld's Safest Light Plane Sh-11-h-li-A Wonderftil Graduation Present From Mom and Pop Wfould Be Flying Lessons and an Excellent Method of Preparing for the Present Air Age PHQNE G-BURG 671 FOR PARTICULARS Richard Bircher, Owner On the Munnnasburg Road Leon XYiZ6llHEll1, Manager , C0mpIi11zc111's of C. A. Swisher ma G JOSEPH E. TOCCI' V INSURANCE SMITH 31 Stevens St. ELECTRICAL QETTYSBURG TELEVHUNE 300 coNTRAcT1NG Phone 345 -VV VV E DELIVER PHILIP R. BIKLE and REPAIRS Phone 624-Y 202 S. Stratton St. t X m,f., Q. V li. .. M ,H A i - ' 1 . page ei glzty 14 .WILLIAMS GRQUP PHOTOGRAPHER EUR 1947 CANNON-AID WUODLAWN PARK AND RESTAURANT 1.incoln Higliway, XYest of Gettysburg DANCING 9:00 TO 12:00 C'011g1'af1fIa1'i011s 10 1110 SENIORS OF CLASS OF 19-17 Swope's Atlantic Service Station 150 Carlisle Street Gettysburg, Pa. Phone 77 1V1itchell's Restaurant Gettysburg, Pa. On the Square Since 1925 HENNIGS BAKERY , ' 35 YORK STRICICT , 'BAKiQRs Fon G.H.S. Sandwiches-Soft Drinks-lce Cream CAFETERIA Chicken and Steak Dinners ' ' ' A Clubs, Sororities. Colleges, Schools, Fznnilies Daih.Deliw1.x phone 323 Wiclcoine ' PICTORIALLY, SPEAKING b , 1. Senior Class Officers - 2. Athletic Council Representative and Student Council President. 3. Cannon-Aid Staff Heads. 4. Miss Keefauver and cherry pie champ. 5. The tea room. 6. Blocher and Blocher. 7. Wliereis the door, Richard? 8. Hemingway and Hemingway. 9. Of? to lunch. 10. Una profesor de espanol. 11. Coy seniors. 12. "Smoe.,' 13. The editors. 14. Why so silly? 15. What's the trouble here? 16. Don't wallc-run. 17. The "hat," 18. Sheads and Sheads. 19. Where's the other half? 20. Troxell and Troxell. 21. Thanks for the smiles. FABER' A CENTER sQuAR1a FOUNTAIN SERVICE BREY1iR'S ICE CREAM 1898 A 1947 WEANER'S DAIRY E. XV. XVEANER, Plior. Milk and Cream Phone 545 Gettysburg, Pa. 1898 1947 GETTYSBURG AUTOPARTS CO. , 30 voRK srnizm 1 Gli'lf'1'YSB'L'RG. PA. ' PHONE 547-568 MARINGS Rea SL Derick, IHC. KELVINA1A'lTi?EEEEISQCQERATORS BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY ox THE SQUARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SHEET METAL VVURK RUSEANN Sweetland S' S Home-Made Candies LADIES, Incorporated SODA and FOUNTAIN ik Baltimore Street GETTYSBURG Baltimore Street PA. General Contractors ...ll COIlIf?ll.lllCl1ff.S' ik Complimelzfs Of G b CRUSHED STCNE of ettys urg PRODUCERS College A Phone 700 FRIEND Book Store C011I'P1i'l1"l'L'7ltS of KEEPER TRUCKING SERVICE Cyrus J. Kc-efer, Prop. ComjvIime1zt.v of GETTYSBURG, PA. Phone 124-Y Adams Adams Adams Adams INDEX TG ADVERTISERS County Cold Storage Company County Farm Bureau Co-op Association County Motors Corporation County Novelty Company Alwine Brick Company Ann's Beauty Shoppe Armistead, H. G. Baker's Battery Service Basehore, John Beatrice's Beauty Salon Bender, Charles B. Benderas Funeral Home Bikle, Philip R.-Insurance Bierer's Specialty Shop Blocher,s-Jewelers Blue Ridge Oil Company B. P. O. Elks Bream, Glenn L. Bream, R. D. Britcher and Bender Butt,s Diner Central Chemical Corporation Central Pennsylvania Business College City Market Coffman-Fischer Company Columbia Jewelers Cremer's-Flowers Culp's Service Station De Luxe Restaurant Dengler Brothers' Grocery Dougherty and Hartley Epley, C. W. Evans' Food Store Evelyn's Beauty Shop Faber's F. and T. Lunch Finkbonerls Service Station First National Bank F. O. Eagles Frazier Studios Gallagher,s Meat Market Gettysburg Airport Gettysburg Autoparts Gettysburg College Gettysburg College Book Store Gettysburg High School Alumni Gettysburg Ice and Storage Gettysburg Motor Sales Gettysburg National Bank Gettysburg Throwing Company Gilbert's Dry Cleaning Green's Record Shop Groft's Electrical Service H. and H. Machine Shop Hankey and Plank Hankey,s Grocery Harris Brothers Hennig's Bakery Hershey Tailor Shop Hotel Eberhart Hotel Gettysburg Jacobs' Brothers-Grocery Store Johnny Knox's Food Store Keefer's Trucking Service Klinefelter's Electrical Service Lippy'sf-Men's Furnishings Majestic Soda Grill Maring's Mickleyls Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor Minter's Store Mitchell's Restaurant Modern Miss Shop Murphy's National Garage Peace Light Inn People's Drug Store Prinrcraft Card Company Prosperity Cleaners Ramer's Insurance Rea and Derick, Inc. Reaver's Taxi Service Reddingis Grocery Redding's Supply Service Reel's Tire Service Remmel's Print Shop Riflle and Shulley Romayne Miller Candies Rose-Ann Shop Scott, E. Donald Service Supply Company Shaney's Meat Market Shefferls Park Shetter House, The Shoe Box Shuman's Cut Rate Store Smith, J.-Electrical Contracting Smitty's Spies, George-Industries, Inc. Standard Pennant Company Steele's Sweetland, The Swisher, C. A.-Grocery Store Swope's Atlantic Service Station Teeter, John S., and Sons Terrace, The Texas Hot Wiener Thompson Business College Times and News Publishing Company Tobey's Warner Brothers-Theatres Warren Chevrolet Sales Wayside Flower Shop Weaner's Dairy Weaver's Jewelry Store Wee-Wah Wentz's Furniture Store Westminster Studio Williams-Photographer Woodlawn Zerfing, George M.-Hardware V. I. ff? '. f i' - sf 3 .X y A w x if 4.- 0. Q., ,-.J N , i.!f,,, ' .T r -s' gf gg 7- !-1 2-. il . - f W: ,V If -pil ' 'E ' 'um ,f, Q, 1 wa rp f 1 , f fe, 4, V K .: A vm . , 'lin H . K ?"' ' . V 235,11 . wikrf K 'Civ 553 aff? i. - aiu, ' I QL"-' " 1,1-e::'!" . , , - 1. Q3 ' E f A V. al' 1 T ' . gf. 'si -' 5- 47 :ff ' I mf,-L i '- Fm' , ' 'Yi .L ' ff .' ' ' ip' ' V . Ei- -ijt ' ., .5 an , V +C! W j., ,- E .fl f 1 57: , 1 7 ' Q1 . .111 rg: ,Q . y, 206 - f. A 1 an s :Q . M fi E A 2' Y' 955' : ,, -. Qc , . .1 , f f 2 1 :Af I W - 3 0 y ,1 y, , X - , w X .11 6 1 , A, ,-e ff f 4 V 1 N X V I 1,- 5 wf Q, f f x 2 x r 1 N 'f , x ' X X r - 4 ,f 2 1 , l 1 , v . N

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