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' 1 '- 1 ' A -'Q -- . .-f ,J ou, -' ei Presenting The 1940 CANNGN -AID "Though time waitetfa for no man As we snuggle up life? grade Remember the Class of '40 By this 140 Cannon-Aid. U3 J Published Annually bythe Graduating Class at the Gettysburg High School T ......:::it3EElE3fttt't1 gig, S2i't "' . . . YF? I-222212. .1-:rt i' t iiitialli aiaaeaeee Etiiiitzitit ----- ""l-fees! 2 --11' - f i i iii i yer.-!!l :EEF .1--' -, 'aiiiiggi alll! 57-52523 15' -gin " gina? 1 " ii: 'F -,:!5l ....i:u.rL-ia. 15222: -5' V YY Lv V N- if iI.:5EQQQ1g?QiEEli ggggg' F--3 gtjgk amy: -ez-r-'if gg 5 +-we ft-fig t Tflffsifrxsiifif i - a , , -, , u f5E5li'l'He,i?3.: fl5'51Zi-1, fi mfr.. . A- -, A , Pifililti 1:4 fr-fi ifii::.F2fffaff+-5:11Aff-.111-fistteafgre2::1fneilwP':'.'srsnfz-will efggl.-'isis-'.::4'4Ll iss' .- ' ' i r i ' 524 'ifffi-2 va?-2. f 1-1-2 fi- l 212 ' is-za ttf' if L iii. Y ' fi '1+':"f' ' "'f'1ii2Hf,lz1. -i 'f"'t?2' 4 lfffti PG- F1 152' i ' ' iitise?Zg-iii ,ii ' fzlf-f!tifQ,-'k sl ' G tfslt- '- A l1Q3,j,,1Lii,14gi:r,T' i i.imapfiv2fTn f.gaEt-L-5pfif-7F3Q5Z1Z,g'i Eff' I' , : +4 A-1. I In I r ' i f - 7,--:g'iuM-i a " "' ifZ:'is.2fA1 - lfiiszz,--9?-23 ,, ,J ' ,..-:"':-1 M- ' -- if in L:-if f G ,f f -a A - in ,T f f' 1: :"' '.f -- 1 1-nv: n y wi 1, 5 fu a s Y T" 'K "'t 1 V -'Q 321:27 um -. pf--,,j' . 3, Q,1.Z'f, - W ,df -.i.1.-.., , yl Gettysburg, Pennsylvania U3 ADMINISTRATION So thoughtful of the students, Aiding them through school Teaching them the ways of life Teaching them life's rule. Ever working with them, Helping them to do What will help them on in life That's brave and clean and true. This is the work of teachers, This is the teachers' aim To teach the students how to live And play a clean, fair game. IH DFFICE X ..--J "VVl7ist1c vlvile yozfre d d 5 ' 1 Q .Q - . is 4 FN BCDARD CDF EDUCATION Foreground-left to right: Mr. Wilmer E. Roth, Mr. Charles S. Black, Mr. Lloyd C Keefauver, Superintendent of Gettysburg schools. Background-left to right: Mr. Ralph Z. Oyler, vice-president, Mr. Charles B Dougherty, Mr. Edgar C. Moser, Mr. Mahlon P. Hartzell, secretaryg Mr. Arthur E. Hutchison, president. Representing the people on the one hand and the youth on the other is a great responsi- bility. The members of the school board willingly assume that responsibility, and sacrifice time and energy from their own vocations to perform that duty faithfully. Theirs is an altruistic service of the highest order, performed without remuneration-yea, often without thanks. Let us show our appreciation by emulating their service and leadership. E61 l MR. G. W. LEFEVER PRINCIPAL Mr. Lefever has at all times given us wise counsel. In dealing with our problems he has been patient, kind and understanding. Not only has he helped us to overcome the difii- culties and right the wrongs, but also has he remembered to rejoice with us when success smiled upon our efforts. MR. L. C. KEEFAUVER SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Keefauver has endeared himself to the boys and girls of Gettysburg by his keen intellect, ready wit and fair dealings. In spite of infrequent contacts, we have long been realizing rhar his interest in our personal growth has been constant and genuine. U1 Guile W. Lefever .. Nliriam E. Wfaltemyer LaRue Krause Elmer H. Schriver Dorothy Brindle ,,,.,,,, Anna E. Mumper Robert C. Diehl rrr,,, THE FACULTY Principal Latin Debating Home Economics Freshman Class Adviser Agriculture Future Farmers of America Music Commercial Subjects, General Mathematics Ruth A. Mcllhenny ,e,,r ., ...A,,,,e,,,,,,,,, ....,e,,,,, ,..,, e.,,,,....,,,..,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,.e,r.e, . . . English Dramatics, Mask and Wig, Home Room Council Gertrude B. Little ,t,,,t,,,,.....,....t,t, ,.,,. .,,..,t,t,,...,..,,,,,........,,,,.,...,..,,,,,.....,.. C o mmercial Subjects Anna B. Heintzelman ,.... . ..... . ..,................... .. ..... ........ E nglisln Senior Class Adviser Edwin S. Longaneclcer , .... .... ,.....,... ........... . , ..... ........... . ,....... E n g lish Band and Orchestra Ruth A. Spangler , ,....., ...., . ,... . ......., ,.,..., , . . ....... ,............, . . ......,. .... .... F r ench, English National Honor Society, Cannon-Aid I8 X... W7 Ti-IE FACULTY Rclda Green ,,,,..,, ,,., ,.,...,7,,,...7 7 ..,,,,.,Y.,, ,,7,, B iology, Physical Education G.A.A., Sophomore Class Adviser j. Guy Wolf ..,, 77 ,,,,, ,,Y,,,, 7 77 7 .,,, 7 7 7 77 Commercial Subjects Junior Class Adviser N. Louise Ramer 77 ,,Y,Y,,..., ,7,.. 7 . 77 ...,,,7... ,.7,. 7 ..,Y,Y7,7,,..,,,77,....,7,i,.i. Social Studies Maroon and White Editorial Staff, Quill and Scroll Inez Fields ,,.. ..r.ttt, ..., ,.,...tVtr...,,ttt ,,... t,t, ,.,tC,,r...t.r,..,...t.,,.....,,i... ...r. N u r s e liiizabeth Weaver 7 .... VV,,,s.. V,ts, ,YVV,,,s 7 ..,s 7 . Librarian Home Room Council Fred G. Troxell ..sss, r,,. 7 7 7 7 7 77 777777 . 77 . 7777 7777 7 77.. 777.777 . 7 7 Mathematics National Honor Society, Home Room Council, Freshman Class Adviser George S. Forney Robert D. Fidler john W. Black .7.,.7..7777.7. C. Russell Gilbert Coach of Athletics roon and White usiness Staff 77 777777..777777 7777 777777.77777777777 7 Assistant Coach of Athletics Ruth K. Scott ....7777 7.7.7..7 ...7 7 7..... .77777 7 77777 7 7 ...7.7 7 77..77777...77777777 7 7 7 Fred P. Haehnlen Dramatics, Junior Class Adviser Assistant Coach of Athletics i 9 fl Biology, Physical Education Social Science, I 7 Biology, Chemistry, Studies Physics History English Science THE CLASS OF 1940 Seniors, we,re but freshmen Entering the school of life Bucking up against the task Of overcoming strife. Were one of many classes With little experience too But We'll gain recognition By the things we do. Some of us to collegesg To secondary schools may go Others into life must enter Reaping what they sow. For life's not full of joy, Nor running o'er with Woe! But We'll meet the woes and joys As We come and go. So when we doff our caps and gowns And in life take our places, We'll buckle down, not with frowns, But smiles upon our faces. Work may be hard and long But training We've all had To overcome the hardest toils Whether they he long or had. U03 Z4 My NYY- ff, ww We 'Nm' if Q I N 1 if M AQ, fb xt "IU been a lo But, we made iff 5111 s. X' we 1' JI' 'P+ f ffn :Vp l 11- J 21' rx .,: Q. x 1 1 J 11 . ,Li ,U ...ff-m 7 -' A' .fl u . b' X - X5-:Q . -Q. Q. ,f J: ' Nxil ff f ' . : .f X 'f-15" ' fu , 7 'f . , , 1 " 5 ,, ' N ' 5 ' CM, Y X- 6 - v ' '- -'-0 , . 34? 1 fn r 'vw ' -:Q , ' 'W' f - 'vw' 5 5 2 ' if fx. fF9"'f U , X N A ,.s.ffi1-zz. - xg' 1 ff.-...ff , I N , . 4 , l. ,S 32 04-.44 'FA 1, M542 If .fvia v xx , :fi f 4 U ,xg 7' .75 X ' Z2 3,2 I wg .X -' 4,,f, ' if A' .ww QQ:-' 1 .1 Af ' nf-x ,! X 4 15 1' f, 0D WE' ,.: -5!EE?i'Jv'5,.f'i' ' - 'ma - ' fs" .' . . -- . f N56 53-1+' Q' . -A 1' ' N V--. - : --me If MSU.. ng pull MRS. ANNA B. I-IEINTZELMAN 1940 CLASS ADVISER Mrs. Heintzelman has throughout the four years of our high school course ever concerned herself with our welfare. Unselflshly has she labored in our behalf, assisting us in our quest for knowledge and for pleasure. If we in the course of the day failed in our accomplish- ments, it was Mrs. Heintzelman who helped us to remember and to do. May she have pleasant memories of the class of 1940. U21 AUDREY J. SHOOP Corresponding Secretary COMMERCIAL H-Ieanneu Cannon Aid fsenior Featuresj Class Corresponding Secretary 43 National Honor Society uill and Scroll 3 43 Mask and Wig 43 Maroon and White Feature Writer 3 Feature Editor 3 4 G.A.A. 13 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 3 Home Room Council 23 Home Room Sec. 1, Pres. Z, Pres. 33 Dramatic Club 1 Maroon and White Club Z, 3, Cannon-Aid 4, Girl Reserves 13 Spring Fever Freckles The Chimes of Normandy." None knew thee but to love thee, Nor named thee but to praisef' ACADEMIL "Wentzie" Class Recording Secretary 4 G A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4g Hockey 3, 4g Track 1, 23 Chorus l 2 J 4 Girls Chorus 3 Home Room Treasurer 2, 3g Etiquette Club 1 lTreasj GAA Cabinet Z 3 4 fPres.l3 "The Chimes of Normandyf, Grace and strength in all sportsfi WAYNE ARTHUR BUCHER ACADLMIC "Buch" Cannon Aid fBusmess Staffl Class President 3, Treasurer 4g National Honor Society Varsity Basketball 2 3, 43 Varsity Track 3, 4, Varsity Football 23 Class Basketball 1 Class Track 1 2 Home Room Council 33 Home Room President Z, Vice President 3 Chess Club l 23 Photography Club 33 Chemistry Club 4g "Apron string Revolt In Old St Louis," "The Pirates of Penzancef' ROBERT WAYNE STONER President , H ALJADEMIC P Bob Cannon-Aid lActivitiesl3 Class President 43 Mask and Wig 43 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3 lCapt.l, 4g Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 43 Chorus 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Council 3, Home Room Pres. 23 Scientific Club 1 lS8C.lQ Camera Club 2 lPres.l, 3 lPres.lg Model Airplane Club 4 lsponsorl, 'lThe Chimes of Normandy." "Nor is the Wide World ignorant of hir worth." ROBERT I-IARTMAN Vice President f W W H ACADEMIC 'UID Cannon-Aid lsports Writerlg Class President 1, Vice President Z, Vice President 43 National Honor Society, Mask and Wig 3, 4 QV, Pres.l, National Thespians 43 Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 13 Sportsman's Club 23 Music Club 33 Chemistry Club 4, "Violin Maker of Cremona," uspring Fever," "Apron String Revoltf, "Ereckles," "ln Old St. Louis," "Pirates of Penzance," "The Chimes of Normandyf' "lVere there no Women, men might live like goth." CLASS OFFICERS L. JEAN WENTZ Recording Secretary Treasurer "A man of markf, wi THOMAS ADAMS COMMERCIAL "Torn,' Science Club 13 Radio Club 23 Typing Club 33 Battlefield Club 4. "Songs be could make, ana' well inditef' ETHEL BEARD ACADEMIC "Skeets" Jamaica High School 1, 23 Mask and Wig 43 Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Dramatic Club 3, 4 lPres.13 "The Phantom Tiger," "Apron String Revolt, ' "Freckles,,' "The Chimes of Nor- mandy." "Music is well said to be the speeclr of angelsf, if if' ff, 1 if MARTIN BEARD ACADEMIC "Bud" Jamaica High School 1, 23 Mask and Wig 43 Varsity Football 33 Class Baseball 33 Class Basketball 33 Chorus 3, 43 Sportsman's Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 "Apron String Revoltf' "Small Town Girl,', 'lFreckles.', "surpassing in strengllr, superman." MILDRED LOUISE BEITLER COMMERCIAL "Millie" Maroon and White Typist 43 G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Chorus 1, 23 Home Room Council 33 Home Room Librarian 33 Library Club lg Dramatic Club 2, 43 Typing Club 3. "Kindness is not to be repented off, U41 FREDA J. BENNER ACADEMIC "Benner" Volleyball 3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Room Treasurer 33 President 33 Li- brarian 43 Knitting Club lg Library Club 23 Home Ec. Club 33 Chemistry Club 4g 'QThe Reefer Man." "In every smile a chain of friendship." 1, ll . kj 5 f I' 'Y -' WILLIAM A. BIGHAM ACADEMIC "Bill" Track 33 Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V. Football 23 J.V. Basketball 2, 33 Class Baseball 13 Class Basketball 2, 4g Chorus 13 Band 1, 2, 43 Home Room Treas. 13 Budget Ofhcer 1, 2, 3, 43 Battlefield Club lg Radio Club Z3 Sportsman's Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. "Friends his truth proclaim, foes his couragef' HAZEL V. BUOHL COMMERCIAL "Tudie" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 33 Hockey 3, 43 Basketball 2, 33 Base- ball 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Home Room Sec. 13 Attendance Officer 4g Dramatic Club 1, Z3 Typing Club 33 G.A.A. Cabinet 43 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3. "All lore is sweet, given or returnedf' CAROLYN E CARTER COMMERCIAL "Pearly William Penn High School 1, Z3 G.A.A. 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Basket- ball 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Volleyball 3, 43 Chorus 43 Girls' Chorus 3g Music Club 33 Home Ec, Club 43 Girl Reserves 3, 4 lPres.j. "She makes friends by being one." VICTORIA I. CHAMBERLAIN COMMERCIAL "Tory" Cannon-Aid lTypistJ3 Maroon and White lTypistl 4g C1.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Hockey 43 Volley- ball 2, 33 Football In Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus l, 2, 33 Dramatic Club l, 2, 33 Typing Club 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4. "Beauty is part of the finished lan- guage by which goodness spealesf' SARA ANN COFFMAN ACADEMIC "Sara Aim" G.A.A. 1, Z3 Basketball 33 Volleyball Z3 Chorus 1, 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Room Banker 1, Sec. Z, 33 Dramatic Club 13 Music Club 2, 33 Chemistry Club 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 lSec.J. "Cheerful, amiable and sincere" BETTY LOUISE COLEMAN COMMERCIAL "Bets" G.A.A. 1, 23 Football 1, 23 Basket- ball 1, 2, 43 Hockey 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Knitting Club 13 Chess Club 23 Typ- ing Club 3, 4. "Her quietness is just a shell covering a heart of gold." DOROTHY E. COOK COMMERCIAL "Dottie" Knitting Club 1, 23 Typing Club 3, 4. "Says little but means much." wi MARY ANN COSTON ACADEMIC "Macx' Etiquette Club 1, Z, 33 Chemistry Club 4. "Silence is more eloquent than wordsf' RUTH AR DELIA CRABILL COMMERCIAL "Ruthie" Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 23 Library Club 13 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, vllflodesty is the beauty of women." db, ,Av ,l"r. , CLARENCE CROMER ACADEMIC "Bud" Cannon-Aid lsenior Inclividualsl 3 Mask and Wig 43 Maroon and White lBusincss Stalfj lg Football Manager 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Pres, 1, 2, Treas. 4, Vice Pres. 4g Maroon and White Business Club 13 Sportsman's Club 23 Camera Club 33 Chemistry Club 43 "Grass is Always Greenerf' "Apron String Revolt," "Freckles," "The Chimes of Normandy." "Love e-iery girl a little and a little girl a lot." RAY MARCH CULP ACADEMIC "Culpy" Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Sec, 1, 2, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 43 Dramatic Club 13 Radio Club Z3 Sportsman's Club 3, 43 "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "If he keeps on as before, He will soon be six feet four." DOROTHY IRENE DAY COMMERCIAL "Rcnir:H Maroon and White lTypistJ 45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Home Room Attend- ance Olhcer 2, 3, Secretary 45 Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. "Little girls do big thingsf, ERLE ROBERT DEARDORFF ACADEBIIC "Bob," Cannon-Aid lsubscription and Cir- culation ManagerJ5 Class President 25 National Honor Society QTreas.J5 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Maroon and White lNews Reporter 1, 25 Circula- tion Manager 3, 4J5 Handbook lBusiness ManagerJ5 Varsity Track 3, 45 Track 25 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 35 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Home Room Coun- cil 45 Home Room Pres. 1, Banker Z, V. Pres. 35 Newspaper Club 1, 25 Maroon and White Business Club 3, 45 "Pirates of Penzance," "In Old St. Louisf, uThe Chimes of Nor- mandyf, "True Wisdom is the price of happinessfi L. ANNE DEATRICK GENERAL "Andy,' Cannon-Aid lArtJ5 G.A.A. 1, 2, 45 Baseball 15 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Home Room Sec. 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, lPres.J5 Typing Club 3 1Sec.J5 Chemistry Club 45 Girl Reserves 1, Z, 35 "The Chimes of Normandy." "A true sense of art combined with amhitionf, BETTY JANE DEATRICK COMMERCIAL "Bee Jay Deen Cannon-Aid 1ArtJ5 National Honor Society5 Maroon and White iArt Editorj 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 25 Hockey 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Band 1Drum Majorettel 45 Home Room Treas. 1, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 45 Dramatic Club 1 1TreasJ, 25 G.A.A. Cabinet 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 1Treas.J 45 'QFreckles,,, "The Chimes of Normandyf, "ln framing an artist, art hath thus decreed To make some good, but others to exceed." 16 HARVEY WEANER DICKERT GENERAL "PoozieD Cannon-Aid lSnapshotsJ 5 Varsity Track 3, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Track 1, 25 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Home Room Council 25 Home Room Pres. 1, V. Pres. 25 Scientific Club 15 Sportsman's Club Z5 Pho- tography 3, 45 "In Old St. Louis." "And step by step, since time began, VVe see the steady growth of manf' ELLEN CATHERINE DIEHL COMMERCIAL "Came" G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 45 Football 1, 25 Base- ball 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Typing Club 35 G.A.A. Cabinet 4. "Youth will have her swingf, BETTY JANE DILLMAN COMMERCIAL "Betty" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Z, 35 Track and Fielcl 1, 25 Hockey 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 15 G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 45 Library Club fSec.J 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, QTreas.J, 3, 4. "Love is the heart of arts, the art of heartsf, CHARLES DILLMAN, JR. COMMERCIAL "Charley" Class Baseball 2, 35 Battlehelcl Club 1, 45 Radio Club 25 Typing Club 3. "He'll play a small game rather than stand out." GRACE WINIFRED DUBS ACADEMIC "Gracie" Cannon-Aid lAdvertisingl3 Mask and Wig 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3g Hockey 3, 4, Chorus l, Z, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 33 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3 lPres.lg Chemistry Club 43 Girl Re- serves l, 2, 33 "The Darkest Hour," "Freckles," "The Chimes of Nor- manclyf' "So jolly and fair, with a pleaxing airf' LEONARD W. EBERHART COMMERCIAL "Pete,' Chorus I, 23 Home Room Treas. 3g Battlefield Club lg Radio Club 23 Typing Club 33 Camera Club 4. "Ah, what delight to be a soldier!" MILDRED ECKERT n COMMERCIAL "Milly Library Club Ig Etiquette Club 23 Typing Club 3, 4. "Silence is more musical than song." JOHN FELIX 1: COMMERCIAL "johnny Scientific Club 1, 23 Indian Lore Club 3, Battlefield Club 4. "Choose thy friends like thy hooks, few hut choicef, 17 ESTHER FLEMING COMMERCIAL "lime" Mask ancl Wig 43 G.A.A. Z, 3, 4, Vol- leyball 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 33 Home Room Treas. lg Librarian 2, 33 Library Club lg Dramatic Club 23 Typing Club 33 G.A.A. Cabinet 4 lSec.l3 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g "Apron String Revolt." "She is a rainbow to thy right." C. EUGENE FLICK ACADEMIC "Gene" Class Basketball 3g Home Room Treas. 23 Surveying Club 23 Sports- manls Club 3g Chess Club 4. "Men of few Wordr are the best." ROBERT B. FORTENBAUGH ACADEMIC "Forty" Cannon-Aid lBusiness Managerlg Class Treasurer 13 National Honor Societyg Quill and Scroll 3, 4 lV. Presb, Mask and Wig 43 Ma- roon ancl White 1, 2, 3, 4 lAclv. Managerlg Handbook 3 lBusiness Managerjg J.V. Football Z, J.V. Basketball 23 Track 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 Class Track 1, 2g Class Baseball 1, Z3 Class Basketball 3, 4g Chorus 1, Z, 4g Maroon and White Business Club 1, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid Club 4g "The Darkest Hour," "Freckles," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandyf, "On earth there is nothing great but man: In man there is nothing great hut mimi." GEORGE MALCOLM GILBERT COMMERCIAL "Ted" Cannon-Aid lAdvertisingJ3 National Honor Societyg Mask and Wig 3, 4g National Thespians 43 Varsity Football 3, 4g Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3g Home Room Budget Offi- cer l, Z, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4g Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3 lV. Pres.l, 4 lPres.lg "Apron String Revolt," "Spring Fever," "The Grass Is Always Green- erf' "More in the Office," "Freckles," "Pirates of Penzance," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "Love, hope, and faith--these are signs of note and characterf, RICHARD GILBERT ACADEMIC "Dick, Varsity Track 3, 4, Class Track 1, 2, Chorus 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "Apron String Revoltf, "A nice unparticular man." MARTHA GOODERMUTH COMMERCIAL "Martyn Volleyball 3g Knitting Club 1, Library Club 2, Typing Club 3, 4. "Thy moa'esty's a candle to thy merit." EMILY IRENE Z. GOTWALD ACADEMIC "Emmy" Lebanon High School 1, Cannon-Aid fActivitieslg National Honor Societyg Quill and Scroll 4, Maroon and White 1News Reporterl Z, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4g Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, De- bating Team 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Home Room Pres, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Ma- roon and White Club 3g Cannon-Aid Club 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3 fPres.l, 4 lPres.lg "Freckles.H "Thy merit wins the soulf' JAMES LAVERE HAFER ACADEMIC "jim" Cannon-Aid lSr1apshotsl, National Honor Society 1Pres.lg Quill and Scroll 3 lTreas.l, 4 lPres.Jg Mask and 'Wig 4 fTreas.lg National Thespians 4, Maroon and White lBusincss Staifl 1, fAssoc. Business Managcrl 2, fFeature Eclitorl 3, 1Etlitor-in-chiefl 3, 4, J.V. Football 2, Basketball Manager I, 2, 3, Varsity Manager 4, Class Basketball 1, Track 1, 23 Cheerleader lg Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Council 3 1Vice Presjg Home Room Pres. Ig Treasurer Zg Maroon and White Club 1, 2, 3g Cannon- Aid Club 4, "Spring Fever," "Apron String Revolt," "Christmas Carolf' "Freckles," UIII Olcl St. Louisf' "The Chimes of Normandyf, "Born for success he seemed, VVill7 grace to win and heart to holrlf, WINTHROP R. HA NAWALT ACADEMIC "Wirnpy', Cannon-Aid fBusiness Stafflg Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Mask and Wig 4, Maroon and White lBusiness Staifl 1, 2, lSubscription Managerl 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Room Vice Pres. 13 Treasurer 35 President 4, Maroon and White Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "The Grass Is Always Greenerf' Q'The Darkest Hour," "Freckles.'i "California here I come." ROBERT H. HANKEY COMMERCIAL "Bohn Home Room Secretary Ig Battlefield Club Ig Radio Club 2, Typing Club 3, Chess Club 4. "Life is not life at all Without deligbtf, CHARLES W. HARBAUGH ACADEMIC "Willie" Cannon-Aid QSenior Incliviclualslg Mask and Wig 3, 4, National Thes- pians 4, Maroon and White fSports Writerl 3, 4, Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Track 3, Class Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Class Track 25 Class Baseball 23 Chorus 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Pres. 43 Dra- matic Club I, Z, 3, 4g "The Phan- tcm Tiger," "The Violin Maker of Cremonaf' "Spring Feverf, "The Reefer Man," "Freckles," "In Olcl St. Louis," 'QThe Chimes of Normandyf' "Ever arm o human lie is y ' JY romantic. BARBARA HARTMAN ACADEMIC "Babu Home Room Attendance Ofhcer 43 Knitting Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, 3g Chemistry Club 4. "A good' heart is better than all the beads in the world." BETTY ELAINE HAYBERGER ACADEMIC "Haybergcr" G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Hockey 4, Track 1, 2, Library Club lg G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. "A little nonsense now and then. Is relished hy the best of men." REGINA D. HEAGY ACADEMIC "lean" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Track 1, Z, Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Library Club 1, G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4. "She has the social smile, the sympa- thetic tear." SELMAR W. HESS ACADEMIC "Hessie" Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Track 1, 2, Scientific Club 1, Camera Club 2, Radio Club 3, Chess Club 4. "When thereis a woman in the case You know, all other things give place." LEWIS S. HEYSER ACADEMIC "Fu1zy,' Cannon-Aid lsubscription and Cir' culationj, Class Baseball 2, 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, Home Room Bud- get Officer 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, Radio Club Z, 3 lPres.j, 4 lTreas.l, "Thirst,'3 "The Reefer Man." "Mer: love to wonder, and that is the seed of science." U91 ROBERT P. KEBIL .AGRICULTURE "Bob" Class Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4, Class Track 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 2, 3, 4, Home Room Attendance Oihcer Z, 3, Treas. 4, Dramatic Club 1, Sportsman's Club 2, F.F.A. 3, 4. "Little strokes fell great oaks." HELEN RUTH KEEFAUVER ACADEMIC "Keefie" Cannon-Aid lActivitiesl, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, lSec.J, Maroon and White lNews Reporterj 1, 2, lNews Editorl 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, Z, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, De- bating 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Council 2, Home Room Treas. 4, Maroon and White Club 1, 2, 3, Cannon-Aicl Club 4, Girl Reserves l, Z, 3, 4, "Freckles," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandyf' "Rich in good Works." GLADYS VELMA KELLEY ACADEMIC "G'ay,' Cannon-Aid lorganizationslg Quill and Scroll 4, Maroon and White 1, Z, 3, 4, lNews Reporterl, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 4, Home Room Sec. 1, 2, 3, Maroon and White Club l, Z, 3, Cannon-Aid Club 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, lSec.J, 3 lV. PI'es.l, 4, "The Chimes of Nor- mandy." "Full of great aims and bent on 'hold emprisef' LOIS A. KIDWELL COMMERCIAL "Kitty" Cannon-Aicl QTypistl, G.A.A. 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Base- ball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Home Room Treas, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Typing Club 3, 4. "Presence of mind and courage In distress Are more than armies to procure successf, ANNA MAE KUHN COMMERCIAL "Kuhnie" Volleyball 23 Knitting Club lg Library Club 23 Typing Club 33 Commercial Club 43 Girl Reserves 1. "Maidens must he mild and meek, Swift to hear and slow to speakf' DORIS LIPPY ACADEMIC "Doris" Cannon-Aid lSnapshotsJ3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 33 Hockey 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus lg Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Home Room V. Pres. 33 Budget Officer 43 Secretary 43 DI'a- matic Club 1, 23 G.A.A. Cabinet 33 Chemistry Club 43 Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 43 "The Family Upstairs." "How far that little candle throws its lneamsln ANN MASTERS LYNCH HOME ECONOMICS "Nancy" Mask ancl Wig 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Basketball 1, Z, 33 Baseball 1, Z, 3, 43 Football 1, 23 Hockey 4g Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 De- bating 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 33 A Cappella Choir 33 Dra- matic Club 1, Z3 G.A,A. Cabinet 43 Girl Reserves 1, 23 'lPhantom Tiger,', "Finders Keepersf' "Suitable for Charity," "In Old St. Louis." "A sight to make an ala' man youngf' GEORGE MARCH, JR. ACADEMIC "George" j.V. Basketball Z, 33 Class Basket- ball 1, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room V. Pres. 13 Sec. 23 V. Pres. 3, 43 Inclian Lore Club 13 Sportsman's Club 2, 3, 4 lSEC.-Tf6dS.,j "Pirates of Penzance," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "The game is more than the player of the gamef, f20 MILDRED J. MCINTYRE GENERAL "Millie" Dramatic Club 1, 23 Typing Club 33 Library Club 4. "She walks the wav of friendly heartsf, ROBERT MCKENDRICK COMMERCIAL "Bob" Chess Club 1, 2, 43 Indian Lore Club 3. "He preferred to be, rather than to seem goodf, HELEAN F. MCLAUGHLIN COMMERCIAL "Helen" Dramatic Club 13 Typing Club 23 Home Ec. Club 33 Library Club 4 lPres.J . "With sweetness fresh as any rose SARA JANE MCPHERSON COMMERCIAL "Sally, Dramatic Club 13 Typing Club 23 Home Ec. Club 33 Business Club 4 lPres.J. " ,Tis impossible to love and be wise., y , ROBERT THEODORE MEHRING GENERAI. "Sharif, Class' Baseball lg 'Class Track 2, Maroon and White Business Club lg Chess Club 2, 4, Typing Club 3. "I dare do all that may become a man, Who dares do more is none," AUDREY MITCHELL ACADEMIC "Mitch" G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Hockey 3, 45 Knitting Club lg G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4g Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3. "A live wire never getr stepped an." MARY ELIZABETH MOORE COMMERCIAL "Moe" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, Z, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1, Z, Knitting Club lg G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves I, 2, 4. "A true friend is a friend forever , . ROBERT MORGAN A IC "Bob" non-Aid lSenior Individuals, 9 ass V. Pres. lg National Honor Societyg Mask and Wig 3, 4, Na- ional Thespians 4, Debating Team 3, 4, Debating 2, Chorus 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Council 4 lPres.l, Home Room Sec. lg V. Pres. 2, Budget Ollicer 3, In- dian Lore Club 1 lPres.jg Debating Club 2, 3, 4 lPres.jg "Apron String Revolt," "Spring Fever," "The Grass Is Always Greener," "The Darkest I'Iour," "Freckles,,' "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "Much is to he ,raid on both sides." I21I WAYNE C. MURRAY COMMERCIAL "Ball" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 1, In- dian Lote Club 25 Typing Club 35 Chess Club 4, "Apron String Revolt." "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast." LEWIS MYERS ACADEMIC "Lau.'e' Cannon-Aid lSenior Featuresl, Ma- roon and White lFeature Writer! 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Track 3, 4, Class Basketball lg Track 1, 25 Base- ball 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 15 Sportsman's Club 2, 3, 4. "There was never a poet who dia' not have hir heart in the right place." PATRICIA JEAN MYERS ACADEMIC "Pat" Cannon-Aid lClubsj, Mas and Wig 3, 4, National Thespia 4, Maroon and White lNe eporterj 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, , Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1 , 3, 4, Hockey 43 Volleybal , 3 4, Football 1, 2, Track g C orus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' , rum Majorjg Home Room Sec. 5 Dramatic Club 1, Z5 Maroon and White Club 35 Chemistry Club 43 "A Mad Breakfast," "Spring Feverf' "Apron String Revolt," "Freckles," "In Old St. Louis," l'The Chimes of Normandy." "Tell me, pretty maiden, are there any more at home like you?" C r ' A Cappella Choir 3g Band Q19 HARFORD ODBERT ACADEMIC "Harpa" Monessen High School 1, 2, 35 Or- chestra 4g Music Club 4. "May dame fortune smile on you, But not her daughter, Mir: Fortune." CAROLYN MARY OYLER ACADEMIC "Sparky" Mask and Wig 4, G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Football 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Hockey 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 4, Home Room Sec. 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, Sec. 4, Library Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 lTreas.j, "Spring Fever," 'QFreckles," "The Chimes of Normandy." Sl7e's pretty to walk Willv, Ana' Witty to talk With." HARRY S. OYLER ACADEMIC "Eagle" J.V. Football 1, Z, 3, Class Basket- ball 3, 4, Home Room Attendance Oflicer 4, Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4, Sportsman's Club 2. "As a Wil, if not the first, at least in tlre 'very first linef' HELEN CATHERINE OYLER COMMERCIAL "jitterbug" Hockey 4, Baseball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, Z, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, Z, Cheerleader 2, 4, Chess Club 1, Dra- matic Club 2, 4, Business Club 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, "Pirates of Pen- zance." "Living requires but little life, doing requires much." RICHARD H. PI-IIEL COMMERCIAL "Dick" Cannon-Aid lBusiness Stalfj, -I.V. Football 1, Z, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Treas. 1, Z, Indian Lore Club 1, Sportsman's Club 2, 3, 4, "In Old St. Louisf' "Pirates of Penzance," "The Chimes of Nor- mandy." "A merry lveart maleellv a clveerful countenance." 221 JANET E. REBERT ACADEMIC "Pesty" Cannon-Aid lEditor-in-chiefl, Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll 4, Mask and Wig 4, National Thespians 4, Maroon and White 3, 4, lFeature Writerl, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Hockey 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Z, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Budget Olhcer 2, 3, Library Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, Maroon and White Club 3, Can- ncn-Aid Club 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 lV. Pres.l, "The Phantom Tigerf' "Apron String Revolt," "Miss Mobray's Big Moment," "Freckles," "The Chimes of Normandy." "A heart to resolve, a head to con lrive, a hand to executef' AGNES REDDING COMMERCIAI. "Agnes" Cannon-Aid lTypistJ, Maroon and White lTypistj 4, Handbook lTyp- istl 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Football 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Home Room Banking Officer 1, V. Pres. 4, Knitting Club 1, Library Club 2, Typing Club 3 lTreas.l, 4. "A sweet girl graduate in her golden hair." JOSEPH REDDING AGRICULTURE "1oe,' Home Room Budget Officer 1, Scien- tific Club 1, Surveying Club 2, 3 lPres.l, 4. "As happy as any in the World, for the whole world seems to smile upon mef, la I n RICHARD RIDINGER ACADEMIC "Dick" Class Basketball 2, 3, Home Room Treas, 3, Pres. 4, Indian Lore Club 1, Battlefield Club 2, Surveying Club 3, Chemistry Club 4. "The office of the scluolar is to clreer, to rise, to guide menf, MARY A. E. RILEY ACADEMIC 1-25 COMMERCIAL 344 "Mary', Cannon-Aid lClubsJ5 Baseball 2, 45 Hockey 45 Basketball 45 Home Room Treas. 15 Knitting Club I5 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. "Maidens' hearts are alwayx soft." EDWARD R. RINEHART ACADEMIC "Eddiei' Class Basketball l, Z, 35 Class Track 15 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 35 Home Room Pres. 35 Banking Oiiicer 45 Indian Lore Club 1 lSec.lg Battlefield Club Z lTreas.l5 Surveying Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Nor- mandy." "Beneath that mild exterior there licx a world of mischief." MARGARET ROTHHAUPT ACADEMIC "Margie" Cannon-Aid lAdministrationj5 Base- ball I5 Volleyball 15 Home Room Pres. 45 Knitting Club 15 Library Club 25 Home Ec. Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. "Nothing can he purchased which is better than a rloxe friend." FREDERICK R. ROWE ACADEMIC "Dick" Cannon-Aid lAdvertising Managerl5 Class Treasurer 2, 35 Mask and Wig 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 lTreas.l5 Maroon and White lAsst. Circulation Managerj 1, 2, 3, lBusiness Man- agerl 3, 45 Class Basketball 35 Home Room Council 35 Home Room Pres. l, 25 Vice Pres. 45 Attendance Officer 45 Maroon and White Business Club 1, 2, 35 Cannon-Aid Club 45 "Spring Fever," "Apron String Revolt," "Christmas Carol," "A Bed of Petuniasf' "Love is the xoul of a true Irishman." E233 FRANK ROYER GENERAL "Peimuts', Cannon-Aid lCirculationl5 Band I, 2, 45 Orchestra 45 Hoine Room Presi- dent 1, 35 Treasurer Z5 Budget Officer 45 Scientific Club 15 Surveying Club 2, 3, lSec.j 4. "His worth if warrant for hir Welcomef' JAMES W. SANDERS ACADEMIC "jim" IV. Football 2, 3, 45 Class Basket- ball 1, Z, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 1, 25 Radio Club 35 Typing Club 4. " confidence there if friendrhipf' Xtaxew EMAX-cis' C. LEREW SANDERS AGRICULTURE "Blondie" Mask and 'Wig 45 Class Basketball 1, Z5 Class Baseball 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Dramatic Club I5 Scientific Club 25 EEA, 3, 45 "The Phantom Tiger," l'Freckles.l' "Caeyar's dead, l.irxroln's dead, and I'm feeling sick." FRED DENNIS SCHWARTZ COMMERCIAL "Schwartz" Home Room Treasurer 45 Scientific Club 15 Surveying Club 25 Typing Club 3, 4. "The nolzle acl: which he did are not Written, for they are many." AGNES SCOTT ACADEMIC "Scotty" Cannon-Aid lsnapshotslg Mask and Wig 43 Chorus 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 2, 3g Knitting Club lg Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4g "One Little White Lie," "Christmas Carol," "A Bed of Pe- tunias,', "Freckles.,' "You are the most unscottijieal of your countrymenf' MARY LOUISE SENTZ COMMERCIAL "Sentzie" Knitting Club lg Library Club 2g Typing Club 35 Commercial Club 4. "Deeds not wordsfl DORIS M. SHEALER COMMERCIAL "SUN C a n n o n - Aid lAdministrationlg G.A.A. 2g Basketball 25 Volleyball Z5 Hockey 3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Secretary I, 2, 45 Home Room Treasurer 35 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3g Cannon-Aid Club 45 Girl Re- serves l, 2g "In Old St. Louisf' "The Chimes of Normandy." "I have a little shadow that goes in and out with mef, DOROTHY M. SI-IEALER COMMERCIAL "Dot" Cannon-Aid lOrganizationlg G.A.A. lg Basketball 2g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 39 A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4g Budget Officer 43 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 49 "In Old St. Louis." "Strange to relate but Wonderfully true That even shadows have their shadows toof' 24 GEORGE SHEALER GENERAL "George,' I-Ii-Y Club Ig Camera Club 2, 3g Chemistry Club 4. "Tallesl of boys or shortest of men, He stood in his stockings just four foot tenf' EDWARD L. SHIELDS COMMERCIAL "Ed" Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Foot- ball 1, 2, 3g Class Basketball lg Class Baseball 2, 3, 4g Chess Club Ig Sportsman's Club 2g Radio Club 3g Dramatic Club 4. "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of othersf, NINA L. SHINDLEDECKER COMMERCIAL "SusieU Chorus 1, 2, 3g Girls' Chorus Z, 35 A Cappella Choir 39 Home Room Banking Officer 4g Knitting Club Ig Etiquette Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 4. "Silence is a fine jewel for a womanf, STERLING SHINDLEDECKER COMMERCIAL Sterlingv Scientific Club 1, Z3 Battlefield Club 3, 4. "Silence is gain for many of mankind," ANNETTE SHUMAN ACADEMIC "A nnetten Class Secretary 33 Maroon and White llzeature Writerl 33 G.A.A. 1, Z, 3g Football 13 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 3g A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Council 43 Home Room Vice Pres. lg Banking Ofhcer 33 Library Club lg Dramatic Club 23 Maroon and White Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 "Small Town Girl," "Finders Keepers." "And lveayenk soft azure in her eyes ix feenf' jANE PHYLLIS SMALL COMMERCIAL Mjaniel' Chorus 1, 23 Knitting Club I3 Dra- matic Club Z3 Typing Club 33 Com- mercial Club 4. "A constant friend is d thing rare and hard to jindf' FRANCIS SMITH COMMERCIAI, "Smitty" Hi-Y Club 1, 23 Typing Club 33 Library Club 4. "The truly generous is the truly Wiief' LOTTIE BELLE SMITH COMMERCIAL "Grandma" Hockey 4g Volleyball 33 Baseball Z3 Knitting Club 13 Dramatic Club Z3 Typing Club 3, 4 lSec.lg "Frecklesf, "Ability to do or my tlve kinder! Things in the leindext wayf, wi ROBERT ANDREW SMITH COMMERCIAL "Smitty" Scientific Club lg Radio Club 23 Typ- ing Club 3g Chess Club 4. "Worle bears rvitnesf who does well." A. EVANGELINE SORLIE ACADEMIC "Eva" Knitting Club 1, '23 Debating Club 33 Library Club 4. "Little friend! make good friends." RAYMOND W. SPAHR GENERAL "Monk" Class V. Pres. 33 Mask and Wig 3, 43 Class Basketball 1, Z, 3, 43 Home Room Treasurer 43 Science Club lg Sportsman's Club 23 Dramatic Club 33 Chemistry Club 4. "No mind is thoroughly well organ- ized that is defcient in a sense of humor." JEAN SPANGLER GENERAL "frank" Cannon-Aicl fGirls' Sportslg Mask and Wig 4g National Thespians 43 Maroon and White lFeaturesl 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 23 Football 2, 3, Hockey 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4g Volleyball 2, 3, 4g Track 33 Cheerleacl- er Z, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus Z, 3g A Cappella Choir 33 Home Room Sec. I, 2, 43 Banking Oflicer Z3 Attendance Officer 33 Knit- ting Club KV. Pres.l 13 Sewing Club 23 Dramatic Club 3 fSec.I 43 "An Evening At The Blakesf' "Apron String Revoltf, "The Reefer Man," "Freckles," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "A friendly heart with lots of friends." MARGARET SPANGLER COMMERCIAL "Margie"' Cannon-Aid lClassesl, Maroon and White lFeature Writerl 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Home Room Banking Ofticer 2, 45 Attendance Olhcer 35 Knitting Club 15 journalism Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2. "Good goods come in small packages." MARIE STERNER COMMERCIAL "Marie, Volleyball 25 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus 35 Knitting Club 15 Dramatic Club 2, 4 lTreas.l5 Typing Club 3. "Nothing endures but personal qualitlesf, PAUL F. STERNER COMMERCIAL "Sterner" Home Room Banking Ofhcer 45 Science Club 15 Radio Club 25 Typing Club 35 Chess Club 4. "Beneath the rule of men entirely great The pen is mightier than the sword." ROBERT N. STERNER COMMERCIAL "Babu Class Basketball 2, 3, 45 Class Base- ball 1, Z, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Home Room Treas. 1, Chess Club 1, 25 Sportsman's Club 3, Typing Club 4. "His talents are more of the silent fld5X.U 26 ANNA E. SWISHER ACADEMIC "Anna" Cannon-Aicl lSenior Inclividualsj 5 Class Sec. 25 National Honor Society Mask ancl Wig Z, 3 lTreas.l, 4 lPres.l 5 National Thespians 45 C1.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Z, 3, 4, Football 2, 35 Hockey 45 Volleyball Z, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Chorus 25 A Cappella Choir 35 Home Room Sec. 3, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Chemistry Club 45 "The Family Up- stairsf' "Spring Fever," "Freckles," "The Chimes of Normandy." "Beautiful faces are those who wear lfVhole-souled honesty printed theref' MICHAEL TATE COMMERCIAL "Mike" Varsity Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Baseball 1, Z, 3, 45 Class Volleyball 2, 35 Class Track 1, 25 Home Room Pres, 15 Chess Club 1, Z5 Typing Club 35 Sportsman's Club 4. "There's honor, manhood, and good fellowship in theef, ELEANOR K. TAUGHINBAUG1-I COMMERCIAL "Taughie" Cannon-Aid lTypistl5 Chorus 2, 45 Girls' Chorus 23 Home Room V. Pres. 45 Knitting Club 1, 2, Typing Club 3g Dramatic Club 45 "The Grass Is Always Greenerf' '1Cheese It,', "The Chimes of Normanclyf' "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue growsf, RICHARD W. TAWNEY COMMERCIAL "Dirk" Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 45 -I.V. Bas- ketball Zg Varsity Track 3, 45 Class Basketball 15 Class Track 25 Class Baseball 15 Chorus 15 Home Room Pres. 1, 35 Treas. 45 Chess Club 15 Sportsmanys Club 2, 4 lPres.j5 Typ- ing Club 3 lPres.l5 "The Pirates of Penzance," "Freckles." "Longer liveth a glad man than a sad." GROVER THOMPSON COMMERCIAL "Doa'die" -l.V. Football Z, 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Baseball 2, 3, 4, Home Room V. Pres. 4, Attendance Officer 4, Chess Club 1, 2, Sports- Inanls Club 3, Typing Club 4 lPres.l. "A band' as liberal as tlveligbl of day." l QA? C . JQMJJW. GEORGE E. TIMBERS COMMERCIAL "Timl' Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Track 1, Baseball 1, 2, Sports- man's Club 1, Z, 3, 4. "Deny thy merit if you can' ANNA MAE ULLRICH COMMERCIAI. "Annie" Mask and Wig 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Council 3, Knitting Club I, Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4, "Spring Fever," "Apron String Re- volt," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normandy." "True lo her friends, true to herxelf. True to her duly always." GRACE VIRGINIA WALTEMYER ACADEMIC "Gracie" Cannon-Aid lSenior Individualsl , National Honor Society, Mask and Wig 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Maroon and White l, 2, 3, 4 iNews and Headlinesl, G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, Hockey 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Debating Team 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room V. Pres. 2, Budget Oliicer 3, 4, Ma- roon and White Club 1, 2, 3, De- bating Club 4, Girl Reserves l, Z IV. Pres.l, 3, 4, "Spring Feverf' "Freckles," "The Chimes of Nor- mandyfl "Modes!y if the ritadel of beauty ana' of virtuef, H71 I .Q JOHN WILWM WA NER U l be ACADEMIC I I ' " Varsity Ty 3, 4gxfl.V. all l, 2, 3, Cl s asketball 1, Z, , 4, Class Track : 2, H Room V. Pres. YE ss Club ' Scientific Club 2, Hia Ia ic C , Chemistry Club 4. "lil inxberal virtuous ana' you will be happy." ROBERT WATSON COMMERCIAL "Bob" Class Basketball Z, 3, 4, Class Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Home Room Pres. 4, Indian Lore Club 1, Chess Club 2, Typing Club 3, 4. "As merry as the day if long," MAURICE S. WEAVER ACADEMIC "Marte" Cannon-Aid iSnapshotsl, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Mask and Wig 4, Maroon and White Business Staff 1, Reporter Z, Sports Editor 3, 4, -I.V. Football 2, Varsity Football 3, Class Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Class Track l, Home Room Attendance Ollicer Z, Treas. 3, Sec. 4, Maroon and White Business Club 1, 2, Journalism Club 3, Photography Club 4, "Finders Keepers," "Miss Mobray's Big Moment," "Freckles." "Sir, your wit amblef well, it goes easily." MARY LOUISE WENTZ ACADEMIC "Mary" Cannon-Aid lAssociate Editor and Senior Inclividualsl, National Honor Society lSec.l, Quill and Scroll 3 lSec.l 4, Maroon and White 1, Z, 3, 4 lNews and Headlinesj, Handbook lEditor-in-chiefl 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, Z, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus Z, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Council 2, 4 QV. Pres.l, Home Room Pres. 2, Maroon and White Club 1, 2, 3, Cannon-Aid Club 4, Girl Re- serves 1, 2 lPres.l, 3, 4, "Apron String Revolt," "The Darkest Hour," "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normanclyf' "A Workman that needelh not to be a5l7amea'.', MARY ARLENE WITHEROW COMMERCIAL "Spinach" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Chorus Z, Home Room Attendance Olhcer 4, G.A.A. Cabinet 3, 4 lTreas.j, Girl Reserves 1, 2. "To love the game beyond the prize." HELEN ZINN COMMERCIAL "Zinnie" Cannon-Aid lAdvertisinglS Maroon and White Typist 3, 4, G,A.A. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Hockey Z, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Home Room Attendance Olhcer 3, Budget Officer 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, "Freckles,1' "In Old St. Louis," "The Chimes of Normanclyf' "Never idle, never still, Always talking, talk the Will." BETTY ZINKAND COMMERCIAL "Betly'y Cannon-Aid lClubsj, Maroon and White fNews Reporterj 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, Basketball 1, Volleyball 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Maroon ancl White Club 1, Z, 3, Dramatic Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, "The Chimes of Normanclyf' "Manners, not gold, is a Womand best adornmentf' CLASS COLORS --ffff Blue and Gvld CLASS FLOWER ..,,, -f--a-f- F Ofg-'?f"nf?"10f CLASS Morro ,,,, ,,,, ' 'Never unprepared" 1281 ,- aw-v - 7 PRESENTING- Thomas Adams Ethel Beard Martin Beard Mildred Beitler Freda Benner William Bigham Wayne Bucher Hazel Buohl Carolyn Carter Victoria Chamberlain Sara Ann Coffman Betty Coleman Dorothy Cook Mary Ann Coston Ruth Crabill Clarence Cromer Ray Culp Irene Day Robert Deardorif Anne Deatrick Betty jane Deatrick Harvey Dickert Catherine Diehl Betty Dillman Charles Dillman Grace Dubs Leonard Eberhart Mildred Eckert john Felix Esther Fleming Eugene Flick Robert Fortenbaugh Ted Gilbert Richard Gilbert Martha Goodermuth Emily Gorwald james Hafer Winthrop Hanawalt Robert Hankey William Harbaugh Barbara Hartman Robert Hartman Betty Hayberger Regina Heagy Selmar Hess Lewis Heyser Robert Kebil Helen Keefauver Gladys Kelley Lois Kidwell Anna Kuhn Doris Lippy Nancy Lynch George March Identification Tag Nina Singing Humor f?J Typing Speed Knowing Lessons Ford Coupe Hair-cut '39 Chrysler Her "G,' Giggle Hair Ribbons Beautiful eyes Quietness Reserved Library Aid UG!! LONG green car Arguing Wavy Hair Sports Clothes Tallness Freshman girl Dancing "Phil" Blushing Walk Speed Demon Pleasing Personality Noisy "Mike" '39 Chevrolet Laugh flDink?Y Car Ui Blue eyes Bracelets "Stop-lightu sweater California Hair-cut "Casanova" Brown eyes !lG!s!! "Chick" Basketball "Small,' girl lFuzzyl Hair comb Smallest of all Dry humor Violin Sports clothes Mary Jewelry "Hair-doos" Slick hair Hobby Guitar Singing Sports Typing Collecting stamps and coins Sports Sports Knitting Dancing Dancing Reading Sports Bicycle Reading Reading Collecting records Sports Typing Reading Dancing Dancing Photography Dancing Collecting recipes Sports Collecting photographs Photography Piano Hunting Dancing Traveling Sports Building model planes Messing around Collecting pictures Collecting stamps Photography Nature Reading Cartooning Reading Music Sports Sports Traveling Radio Sports Music Music Scrapbook Reading Music Working at flower shop Sports E291 ' 'KW T"'v'WK"Z' 'V' Pet Peeve Noisy Classrooms "Gushing,' Girls P. D. Hurrying Being called "William" Women's chatter Snooty people Mushrooms Impatient people Arguing Making speeches Reading Making speeches Reckless driving Pests Homework Cheating Homework German hair cuts Bad color combinations Untidy persons Leaving a dance Bright fingernail polish Baseball A dog "The Lone Ranger" Bragging Studying Lessons Getting up in morning Homework Swearing P. D. Boasting Studying Getting up in the morning "Onion breath" Twins Handshakers Two tests on same clay Person who can't take a joke Keeping someone waiting Loafing French Boiled cabbage Telling lies Getting up early in morning Squash Boasting Waiting Forgetful borrowers Boys Conceit: Future Plans Stenographer Study music College fcofedl Secretary School teacher School College Ofhce work Stenographer Stenographer Nursing Secretary Commercial work Nursing Olhce work Annapolis College Secretary Mathematics College Temple Univ. Indeiinite Learn to cook Secretary Employment Nurse Mechanic Oflice work Engineering Help doctor Aviation Lawyer Business Chemistry Secretary History teacher Journalism Forest Ranger Anything College Nurse Football coach Marriage Nurse Aviation Aviation Getting a job Home Ec. teacher Study music - Stenographer Beautician Technician Beauty culture College THE UNDERPUPS Though underclassmen we still are With graduation pretty farg Far away. Treading through the rain and snow Back to school next fall we'll go Until May. Then another class will part With a sad and Weeping heart From our school. Still behind them they will leave Underclassmen to receive The elders' rule. U03 V -a 'T I ' -t 'i fly fa . 1! A 'T' M x ,, Q my f:X3.Vj-:wi-X' X Qlkj' , ! Yg1f'Q'x31xii5H'xN E'XQfi A '1 , A-','f,vX f ' A+ - ,,..fi53ll5+-f'- 1 ,. f U , fl ,f it m xkifzqff ?1j1iQEZg1?5f-? ,, I' ! wi ly "ng .inf 'X fi. , ' - Y""f4f4-'-T-'-is ... Li ln Y 7iEi1','C'.1?,- WI . 3 7 L-Zuazitxvi Al -2,1-,ill ,q ' v 5 . Y l!41 ..!x Y H 1 Q..-kJCf:?:'li 5:f1'f'????fl f 4' X ' 1-71. f'5'I x iF!LEum15,:'.1l" ff'-I-,S." YJ' M ' Nvfvt. o', o',.'rl, NWA! 1, Y, W' Q iw, .,,, , 14, ,l fx - K 1 5iW, 191 I-5.-'-'fs-'l i if V :f5?'P?'i'6: U Y' M f f ' N1 f- w--. V Y W W 1f'1:ff::Q:-:. TW M rf M " ,ig ,41nH,al5 i1g'f:rg:Ig.,g -, f g 2 , 1H.I-V L' Q+.MWr' 7E ' lx,-3-?i wx i l1'2'W - J' , W l 'ff 0"-I-TS . ' 'l HI , AX , -1 W w p-: Av --f-fuk 'Qu N1 M 'LN VV J ' f " V ' , on o lwfg, Um L,5 uw me 1 , ,-Smdv. ffffffv ffl! dw 1 H 4??P1 VC.W0ndCf?'?yfng' 5313 President ,,,, ,. V :ce President ,, Secretary ..,,,,,,, Y reaxurer Class Sponsors Alexander, Ida May Althoff, Catherine Andrew, Hazel Aughinhaugh, Sidney Beard, Elinor Bencholf, janet Benner, Donald Benner, Lloyd Benson, William Berger, Joseph Bollinger, Mary Boyd, Anna Brindle, Ernest Brown, Pearl JUINIICDR CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM KEEEAUVER ROBERT THOMPSON BETTY HAND . THEODORE HORNER O, Mlss RUTH K. SCOTT, MR. GUY WOLF Carter, Lester Cashman, Miriam Clapsaddle, Eugene Cline, Thomas Coffelt, Charles Conover, Irvin Cromer, Lloyd Crushong, Josephine Cunningham, joseph Daley, Elizabeth Deardorff, Richard Dellinger, Esther Doersom, Charles Edwards, George U23 Edwards, jean Eiker, Gwendolyn Fair, Donald Fissel, George Fridinger, Betty Fulton, Henry Guise, Fred Hall, Robert Hand, Betty Hankey, Fred Hardman, Dorothy Hawhaker, Lyman Hess, Gene Hess, Harold Hess, Helen I. Heyser, janet Hoffman, Daniel Holce, Robert Horner, Theodore Johnston, jean Keefauver, William King, Melvin King, Olga Kroushour, Thelma Larson, Allen Lawver, Ruth Marsden, Catherine Martin, Ruth Maust, Sarah McKenriclc, Rosetta Mehring, Marcella Menchey, Carl Miller, Joan Moyer, Miller Moyer, Ola JUNIGR CLASS Myers, Charles Nell, Catherine Nell, Irene Null, Mabel Oyler, Price Plank, Arlene Plank, Nadene Plank, Orlo Price, Donald ' l Ray, Richard Redding, Constance Rider, Francis Rightnour, Merlene Robinson, Gra Sachs, John Saylor, Betty L. Schwartz, John Sharrah, Howard Shanoltz, Eugene Shetter, James Shoop, Edwin Shulley, Albert W JNL- Shultz, Della Smith, James Snyder, Samuel Spangler, Grace Spangler, Helen Spangler, Mary L. Stevens, John Stitt, Paul Stoner, Clarence Swisher, Audrey Thomas, James Thompson, Robert Tinney, julia Trew, Mary 2 Wehler, Esther!! Weilcert, Anna Widder, Robert Williams, Charles Williams, Elmon Wolff, Mary Jane Zinkand, Jean . 'ni UH ....ll..... SCDPHCDMORE CLASS President ,,,,,,,,, FRED FABER Vue President ., ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, A L ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R QBER1- KNOX Sfffffdfy YV7777 -Y7ff. 7 .. A YYw..., WINIFRED MILLER ifffdfufff -----,f,, Y H W V frfrrrrrfrfrffr 77f-f-Vf.,A, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.A,., ,,,,,,77,.,..,,,,,,, R 0 B E RT KISSINGER Sponsors Miss RELDA GREEN, MR. ELMER H. SCHRIVER Adams, Evelyn Anzengruber, Mary Arendt, Francis Barr, Yvonne Beard, Anna Benner, Mary Berger, Mary C. Biesecker, Mildred Bishop, Anna Bosak, Elizabeth Bower, Arvilla Bowling, Howard Boyd, Martha Bo d Vir iniavf ' Bumbaugh, Russell Carbaugh, Robert Carter, Francis Chapman, Helen Charles, Justine Clapsadclle, Janet Cluck, Kathryn Coffman, Chqmr es n X Cole, Bernardbvi M! e Coleman, Georg Conti, Florence Crabill, Rosalee Currens, Jean Currens julia Y 9 t g ' 9 Bream, Harold H Deardorff, Dale Bream, Harry 'H -JW Dickert, Louise Brinclle, Jean Bucher, Evelyn Dickson, McCrea Doersom, Richard 534 Drawbaugh, Dorothy Eckert, Eugene Eckert, Rosa Belle Eiker, Carrie Epley, Robert Faber, Frecl Fair, Anna Felix, Gladys Finkboner, Leone Finkboner, Richard Fissel, Max Fleck, James Folkenroth, Rae Fridinger, Charles Fry, Benton Fry, Kirwood Garrett, Lewis Geiselman, Esther Geiselman, james Gelwicks, Lorraine Glenn, John Golden, Galen Gulden, Frances Hanawalt Barbara Hankey, Carl W Harman, Bernard Harner, Betty Harner, Glenn Harner, Grace Hartman, Wanda Helwig, Sterling Hemler, Amelia Hershey, Vivian Hertz, Robert Heyser, Stephen Hoffman, Sara Hopkins, jamesh " Hudson, Irene J, 1 ' f 1 Kapp, Lorraine Keeney, Dorothy Kessel, Elaine Kinneman, john Kinsey, Harold Kissinger, Robert I' Kirzmiller, Georgejin Klinefelter, Lois 4 Knouse, Hazel Knox, Robert Kuhn, john Kuhn, Mary L. SGP!-IGMCDRE CLASS Mackley, Donald Martin, Mary Meadows, Doris Mickley, Margaret ' ,I Mehring, Chester " 'Y Miller, James K: if Miller, Merlin Miller, Mildred Miller, Robert Miller, Winifred Mitchell, Kathleen Moore, james Moser, Louise Myers, Mary Landis, Betty I augle, Richard Laughlin, Mary V unemaker, Arlene Lingg, Kathryn ff V ' A unemaker, Ruth.. Linn. Mildred ,NDA4 Pittenturf, Marjorie MacPhail, john 4 McCleaf, Clarenc McCleaf, Phyllis McDonnell, Betty McGlaughlin, Irene McGlaughlin, Kathaleen McGlaughlin, Jay McPherson, Donald McPherson, Elizabeth ,H .M Pittenturf, Mary j. Pitzer John Blank, Eleanor Rosensteel, Dorothy Ross, Evelyn Ross, Willis Rothhaupt, Eva Rutter, Rutter, Annabelle Mary , :J " Saby, Margaretawlvf , " Sanders, Rita vuxy Sherman, Shirley ll Shields Shields Shields , Dale , Leocla , Wayne by Shriver, Chester Shriver, Rosella Shryock, Robert Plank? Davidfaaagf fain-.4 smith, C912 C WW . amer Marg t K 1 Raver,, Ervin Redding, Henry Reichelderfer, Oliverp Shultz, Mildred lonaker, joseph Smith, Charles Smith, Grace Smith, Harvey Herbert - Smith, Mildredm Smith, Winfield Spahr, Robert Spangler, Jeanne Staley Ray , Riis, Ward ml Starryi Bettyfwf 1 I ,,' 1, ' 1 ff. Staub, Dorothy f lb Stevens, John Steiniger, Henry Stoner, Charles Stover, Ruth Strausbaugh, Paul Swope, Earl Taughinbaugh, Myrl Tawney, Harry Tinney, Franklin Trew, Margaret Troxell, Harry Walker, junior Warman, Clayton Waybriglit, Wilbur Weilgert, Josephine Weitzel, Betty Wenschhof, Mary Weygandt, james Williams, Lillian Wilson, Warren Wiser, Elizabeth' , Witherow, John ' Witter, William Woodward, Lawrence Woodward, Madelyn Worthington, Harold 5351 ,i. President ,,,,.,,, Vice President Secretary ,,...,,, Treasurer Class Sponsors Altland, Comer Arendt, Charles Arentz, Wayne Beard, Mary Benner, Mabert Benner, Ruth Bieseclcer, Betty Biesecker, Mildred Bishop, Robert Boehner, George Bowers, Raymond Bowling, Ruth Brown Charlotte Brown, Violette Buzby, Elizabeth Carter, janet Carter Lillian Cashman, David Cole, Donald FRESHMAN CLASS Cole, Sterling Conover, Guy Cook, Mary Cool, Agnes Coston, William Crabill, Pauline Curley, Norma Dailey, William Dillman, James Drake, Donald Dubs, Ann Dubs, Pauline Englebert, Marian Enoch, Ronald Everly, Cathelene Feeser, Catherine Felix, Elwood Felix, ldamae Fiscel, Nina WALTER SPEAR BERTRAM LARKIN KATHRYN MUSSELMAN Momus STEINOUR Miss LARUE KRAUSE AND MR. FRED G. TROXELL I36 Fissel, Gaylard Foullc, Harry Frazer, Bernard Frock, Shirley Fulton, Harold Gelwicks, Bernardine Gilbert, Lavora Glenn, Doris Golden, Nadine Gorman, Donald Gotwald, Mary Gress, Mildred Hafer, Sebastian Hanawalt, Lois Hankey, Donald Hankey, Ralph Harner, Luella Harness, William Hartman, Robert I-leagey Agnes Heck, Nancy Heiges, Corrinne Hemler, June Hemler, Victor Herr, Erma Hess, Laberne Heyser, Margaret I-Iilry, Robert Hossler, Marian Huff, Dorothy Jacoby, Betty Jennings, Anna Karas, Charles Keefer, Clyde Kepner, Charlotte King, Alda King, Donald King, Robert Koontz, Franklin Landis, Alverta Larkin, Bertram Larson, Andrew Little, Gerald Long, William Martin, Mary McMillion, Fay McMillion, Mary Menchey, Francis Menchey, Marian Millard, Richard Miller, Betty . Minter, Patricia Mitchell, john Mortensen, Ludwig Musselman, Kathryn Myers, Norman Null, Madylin Nye, Melvin Odhert, Arthur Oyler, Donald Plank, Fred Raffensperger, George Reaver, Paul Rebert, Betty ll FRESHMAN Redding, Edward Redding, Jeanette Redding, jeanne Redding, Richard Redding, Vera Redding, Verna Redding, William Reed, Joseph Rider, Vera Ridinger, Philip Rifiie, Maybelle Riley, Betty Riley, Mildred Rohrhaugh, Dora Rosensteel, Mary Rosensteel, Ruth Roth, William Royer, Charles Rudisill, Claude Rudisill, Ruth Sachs, Ross Sager, Frances Schell, Wanita Schwartz, Phyllis Scott, Raymond Scott, Sara CLASS Sharrah, Betty Sharrah, Janet Shealer, Evelyn Sheffer, Howard Sherman, Max Shields, Helen Shoop, John Showers, Gladys Shryock, William Shull, Annetta Shultz, Evelyn Small, Nadine Smith, Caroline Smith, Hazel Smith, Joseph Smith, Weldon Sollenherger, Grac C Sollenberger, Herbert Spahr, james Spangler, David Spear, Walter Stanton, Samuel Starry, Dorothy Steinour, Morris Stevens, Betty Stitt, Mary Stoner, James Svarnas, George Swinn, Clarence Swisher, Dorothy Swope, Richard Thomas, Paul Thompson, McCrea Timmins, William Tipton, Betty Toddes, Eddie Trimmer, Ralph Trostle, Donald Trostle, Jeanette Van Dyke, Lena Weaner, Arthur Wcigle, Betty Weikert, William White, Dorothy Wlmittinghill, Thom 35 Wickerham, Donald Wisler, Margaret Wolf, Pauline Woodward, Robert Woodward, Wynona Young, Norris Zurgable, Kathryn iii-1-1 WIT!-I THE REFEREE Girls and boys partake in sports, Basketball and other sorts, Building themselves physically, Mentally and morally. In these games of different hall Sportsmanship comes first of all With the thought of give and take, Young folks, men and Women make U81 -Fil X M Wvcfrc 0 Q fu! 5293 I TW .W As "' K' Z' CX Q C4771 Win . FOOTBALL First Row Second Row DWG. Timbers 7 ,,,,,,, 7 Guard R. Ray ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, C e nter XW. Shealer ,,,, 7 7 Back XF. Carter ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, E n d MFL. Myers 7 ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, B a ck M. Fissel .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, E nd AW. Bigham 7 ,,,,,r rrr,,,, ,r,,,, E 1 id C. Stoner .,,r ,,,r. 7 Guard JMR. Fortenbaugh Center XH. Bowling ,,,,,... , ,.,,, Tackle XG. Gilbert 7 7 ,,t,, t,,,, T ankle TR. Thompson ,,,. End YW. Harbaugh ,,,,,, ,,,t,,t,, C enter Kinneman 7 ,,t,, ,,,..,, G uard XR. Phiel t,,,, ,,t,, 7 77 77777 Guard R. Knox 77777 77.7777 77.777777 B a ck ""'O':R. Hartman 7777 77777 B ack P. Oyler .,777777 Guard 3""0':lVI. Tate 77 7777 Back Sachs Tackle ,':Represents number of G's earned in football. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. lxlov Nov 7 14 21 28 Nov. . 11 Nov. . 25 1939 SCHEDULE Shippensburg, Home 7777 Chambersburg, Away 7 lVlcSherrystown, Away 7 77 7 Mechanicsburg, Home Wfaynesboro, Away 7777 Hershey, Home Carlisle. Away Hanover, Home 77 I 40 Third Row TH. Dickert 77 7777 777777 77777 M g r. J. Fleck . 777777777 77777777 7777777.77 G u ard XR. Sachs 777.7777 Back G. Tate 7. 777777 7777777. T ackle XR. Staley 777777 777777.7777 B ack F. Faber 7777777777 7777 7 77 Tackle J. Witherow .7777777 Back F. Hankey XC. Cromer DWR. Tawney G-Burg 3 0 7770 7 6 6 77 6 0 0 Back Not on picture Opp. 0 19 6 6 26 12 0 7 SENIORS OF TI-IE GREDIRON ROBERT HARTMAN WILLIAM HARBAUGH LOUIS MYERS XVILLIAM BLOHAM GEORGE TIMBFRS MICIHAEI, TATE RICHARD TAWNEIY TED GILBER1' RICHARD PHIEI. ROBERT FORTENDAUGI-I NVILLIAM SHEALER I41I FGRNEYMEN IN ACTION George Timbers, valiant G. H. S. guard, has stopped, with much grunting and groaning, the mighty charge of Luciano, Hershey bril- liant back. The resulting fumble was the cause of much worry and trouble to the Hershey griclclers. This shows very clearly the use of the forward lateral, G-Burg's most consistent ground gainer, in action against Hanover. The only difficulty was that the ground gaining was done at the wrong times. It,s very plain to see that this is one of those tense moments be- fore the old None, two, hikel' is given. Hersheymen were the bat- tling opponents when this shot was taken. l'Last Minute Dope" is the title assigned to this snap of Coach For- ney and the Nboysn a few seconds before the opening whistle of the struggle with Hanover. BASKETBALL Y. First Row Second ROW Third ROW F. Hankey D. Wickerham L. Carter S. Snyder B. Larkin H. Bream D. Plank G. Boehner G. Svarnas "'R. Sachs F. Carter S. Hafer MVV. Bucher H. Kinsey H. Tawney "'T. Cline G. Kitzmiller Kuhn "'L. Myers E. Clapsaddle Hopkins """"'R. Hartman D. Oyler XE. Shields M. Sherman Hafer--Mgr. XRCPFCSCHIS number of G's earned in basketball. G-burg O Dec. Frederick ...... ...... 2 2 16 Dec. Martinsburg ....., 24 15 Dec. Patterson Park ,,,,,, 34 37 Jan. Hershey ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 4 28 Jan. Waynesboro ,,,,,,,, ,,.... Z 0 24 jan. Hanover ,,.,,,,,,,,,., ...,., 2 1 38 -lan. Mechanicsburg ..,,.. 41 32 Jan. Chambersburg ,.,... 31 28 jan. Carlisle ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,., 3 4 26 Jan. Shippensburg ,..,,, 39 29 Feb. Hershey .. .,..... .. 33 27 reb. Waynesboro ,. ....,. 33 30 Feb. Hanover W ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 0 19 3"Feb. Mechanicsburg ,,,,,, 19 17 l'eb. Chambersburg ,, 26 19 Feb. Carlisle ...........,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, 2 9 24 Feb. Shippensburg . ,..,., 39 37 4 Game postponed until March 1. E431 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . . , , ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,, .Secretary . , , , , ,,,,,, , , Y,,Y,,,, Treafurcr , , ,,,Y W ,YYY LEADERS OF SPORTS Hockey: Audrey Mitchell, Hazel Buohl. Tennis: Basketball: Regina Heagy, Betty Hayberger, Thelma Dancing: Kroushour. Bicycling: Volleyball: Betty Hand, Mary Bollinger, Josephine Skating: Crushong. Archery: Baseball: Esther Wehler, Elizabeth Daley. Typists: Hiking: Mary Moore, Rae Folkenroth, Ruth Stover. Reporters: 1940 Numerals Mildred Beitler Hazel Buohl Victoria Chamberlain Betty Jane Deatrick Catherine Diehl Betty Dillman Esther Fleming Emily Gotwald Betty Hayberger 1940 Letters wer Mildred Beitler Betty Jane Deatrick Catherine Diehl Betty Dillman Betty Hayberger Regina Heagy HOCKEY , bAsKE1'BAu. were awarded to the MOTTO OF THE G.A.A, In the battle that goes on through life, I ask but a field that is fair: ,. , ,,,. JEAN WENTZ . ESTHER FLEMiNG . ARLENE WITPIEROW Betty Jane Deatrick, Betty Dillman. Dorothy Hardman, Catherine Diehl. Eva Rothhaupt, Elaine Kessel. Nancy Lynch, Dorothy Staub. Ida May Alexander, Mabel Null. Hazel Buohl, Betty Dillman, Catherine Diehl. Sara Jane Maust, Ruth Martin. A chance that is equal with all in the strife, A courage to strive and to dare. If I should win, let it be by the code. Wfith my faith and my honor held high, If I should lose, let me stand by the road And cheer as the winners go by. --BERTON BRAYLEY following: Regina Heagy Helen Keefauver Lois Kidwell Doris Lippy Nancy Lynch Audrey Mitchell Mary Moore Patty Jean Myers Carolyn Oyler e awarded to the following: Helen Keefauvei Nancy Lynch Mary Moore Audrey Mitchell Patty Jean Myers Carolyn Oyler Janet Rebert Agnes Redding Anna Swisher Grace V. Waltemyer Jean Wentz Mary Louise Wentz Arlene Witherow Helen Zinn Janet Rebert Anna Swisher Jean Wentz Mary Louise Wentz Arlene Witherow Helen Zinn CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS TO 1940 CLASS 5441 1939 Scaxon . 1938-39 Season .l -.I GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIDN SEN IORS Beitlet, Mildred Buohl, Hazel Chamberlain, Victoria Coleman, Betty Deatrick, Betty Jane Diehl, Catherine Dillman, Betty Dubs, Grace Fleming, Esther Hayberger, Betty Heagy, Regina Kidwell, Lois Keefauver, Helen Lippy, Doris Lynch, Nancy Mitchell, Audrey Moore, Mary Oyler, Carolyn Rebert, Janet Redding, Agnes Swisher, Anna Waltemyer, Grace Wentz, Jean Wentz, Mary Louise Witherow, Arlene Zinn, Helen JUNIORS Alexander, Ida May Bollinger, Mary Crushong, Josephine Daley, Elizabeth Dickert, Louise Edwards, Jean Hand, Betty Hardman, Dorothy Heyser, Janet King, Olga Kroushour, Thelma Lawver, Ruth Marsden, Catherine Martin, Ruth Maust, Sara Jane McKendrick, Rosetta Miller, Joan Moyer, Ola Dean Null, Mabel Plank, Arlene Plank, Nadene Redding, Constance Saylor, Betty Lou Shultz, Della Mae Spangler, Grace Spangler, Helen Spangler, Mary Louise Trew, Mary Jane Wehler, Esther Wolff, Mary Jane Zinkand, Jean SOPHOMORES Barr, Yvonne Beard, Anna Berger, Mary C. Bosak, Elizabeth Bower, Arvilla Boyd, Martha Biesecker, Mildred Bucher, Evelyn Chapman, Helen Charles, Justine Clapsaddle, Janet Conti, Florence Currens, Jean Currens, Julia Eiker, Carrie Folkenroth, Rae l 453 Geiselman, Esther Gelwicks, Lorraine Gulden, Frances Hanawalt, Barbara Hartman, Wanda Hemler, Amelia Kapp, Lorraine Kessel, Elaine Klinefelter, Lois Knouse, Hazel Landis, Betty Laughlin, Mary Lingg, Kathryn Martin, Mary Louise McCleaf, Phyllis McGlaughlin, Irene McGlaughlin, Kathaleen Miller, Winifred Mitchell, Kathleen Moser, Louise Myers, Mary Nunemaker, Ruth Pittenturf, Marjorie Pirtenturf, Mary Jane Plank, Eleanor Ramer, Peggy Rosensteel, Dorothy Rothhaupt, Eva Saby, Margaret Sanders, Rita Sherman, Shirley Shields, Leoda Spangler, Jeanne Starry, Betty Stover, Ruth Trew, Margaret Weikert, Josephine Weitzel, Betty Wenschhof, Mary Williams, Lillian Wiser, Betty Beard, FRESHMAN Mary Benner, Mabert Bowling, Ruth Brown, Charlotte Brown, Violette Buzby, Betty Carter, Lillian Curley, Norma Gelwicks, Bernadine Glenn, Doris Gotwald, Nlary Hanawalt, Lois HRFDCF, Luella Heagy, Agnes Heiges, Corrinne Hershey, Vivian Hossler, Marian Jennings, Ann Martin, Mary McMillion, Mary Menchey, Marian Miller, Betty Minter, Patricia Musselman, Kathryn Null, Madylin Rebert, Betty Redding, Jeanette Redding, Jeanne Redding, Verna Rider, Vera Riflle, Maybelle Rosensteel, Betty Rosensteel, Mary J Rudisill, Ruth Schwartz, Phyllis Sharrah, Janet Shields, Helen Small, Nadine Starry, Dorothy Tipton, Betty White, Dorothy Zine WCDRK AND PLAY Clubs in our school are many, If one Wishes to join anyg If a club agrees with you, This club you should choose Each cluh has an aim, Although not the same, Extra-curricular has joys, Which teaches girls and hoys wx 471 ii,---2 "1 promise you MASK AND WIG President 7 77 7 ,7Y,, 7 77 77 77 77 ANNA SVUISHER Vire President 7 777777 ROBERT I-IARTMAN Secretary 7 7 77 7 PATTY JEAN MYERS Corresponding Secretary 77777 7777777 R OBERT WIDDER Treasurer 7 7 7 7 77 JAMES HAFER Seated: Nliss Ruth Mcllhenny fAdviserJ, Jean Spangler, Audrey Shoop, Patricia Myers, Robert Hartman, Anna Swisher, James I-Iafer, Robert Widder, Grace V. Walte- niyer, Betty Saylor, Janet Hebert. Standing-First row: Nancy Lynch, Clarence Cromer, Frederick Rowe, Catherine Nlars- tien, Maurice Weaver, Martin Beard, Winthrop I-ianawalt, Sara Maust, George Gilbert, Robert Fortenbaugh, Elinor Beard. Standing--Second row: Carolyn Oyler, Agnes Scott, Albert Shulley, Robert Morgan, William Keefauver. 'XWilliam Harbaugh, Robert Stoner, Ida M. Alexander, Grace Dubs. Not on picture: Ethel Beard, Esther Fleming, Lerew Sanders, Edward Shields and Anna Niae Ullrich. Honorary members: Betty Jane Deatrick, Emily Gotwald, Doris Lippy, Lottie Smith, Richard Tawney and Mary Louise Wfentz. Students become members of the Mask and Wig upon satisfactorily appearing in four play acts, directed hy the dramatic directors. Stage hands are also eligible for membership, depending upon service rendered. The Mask and Wfig sponsored four one-act plays during the year, "Miss lVlobray's Big Moment," "The Bed of Petuniasf, "The Reefer Man." and "The Darkest Hour." The club also sponsored uApron String Revolt" for the benefit of the athletic association, and cooperated with the upper classmen in the production of the junior play, "That Girl Patsy," and the senior play 'Trecklesf' Seniors who have appeared satisfactorily in three acts and will have no further oppor- tunity to complete the requirements have been made honorary members. T481 CAINIINICDINI-AID STAFF Editor-in'Cf7ief Assistant Editor Husincss Maizagcr A civcrtising Marzagcr' Subscription illlanagcr Senior Personnel Mary Louise Wentz Grace Virginia Walteniyer Anna Swisher Clarence Cromer William Harbaugh Robert Morgan Art Betty Jane Deatriclc Anne Deatrick Clubs Mary Riley Patty jean Myers Betty Zinlcand Organizations Gladys Kelley Dorothy Shealer Classes Margaret Spangler EDITORIAL Snapshots james Hafer Agnes Scott Harvey Dickert Doris Lippy Maurice Weaver Typists Agnes Redding Lois Kiclwell Eleanor Taughinbaugli Activities Helen Keefauver Emily Gotwald Robert Stoner Athletics Robert Hartman jean Spangler Administration Doris Shealer Margaret Rothhaupt wi JANET REBERI MARY Louisa WIENTZ ROBERT FORTENBAUGH FREDERICK ROWE ROBERT DEARUORFF BUSINESS Advertisements Wayne Bucher Grace Dubs Robert Fortenbaugh Ted Gilbert Richard Phiel Helen Zinn Typist Victoria Chamberlain Snbsrriptwns Winthrop Hanawalt Louis Heyser Frank Royer QUILI. AND SCRQLI. Preyidfnf H , , JAMES I-IAFER Vice President ROBERT FORTENBAUGH Sccrclary ,. I'IELEN KEEFAUVER Treasurer , FRED ROWE Seated: Audrey Shoop, Mary L. Wentz, Emily Gotwald. Robert Fortenbaugh, james Hafer, Frederick Rowe, Helen Keefauver, Grave V. Waltemyer, janet Rebert. Standing: Mary L. Spangler, Helen Spangler, Robert Deardorff, Ernest Brindle, Wunthrop Hanawalt, Maurice Xweaver, Wfilliam Keefauver, Joseph Cunningham, Sara Nlaust, Gladys Kelley, Miss N. Louise Ramer, Adviser. Membership in the Quill and Scroll is awarded to junior and senior stall members of the "Maroon and White,,' for outstanding work done in journali3m. To be eligible for membership a student must be in the upper third of the class. have clone outstanding work in the field of journalism and be recommended by the advisers. The local chapter of the ulnternational honor society for high school journalists" received its charter in 1936. Quill and Scroll members are responsible for the publication of the annual handbook, and "Rose Dayw is sponsored by them to help finance this publication. l 50 l NATIGNAI. I-IGNCDR SGCIETY Presia'ent JAMES HAH-:R Vin' 1'resia'enl ROHERT HARI'MAN bvcretary NIARY Louisic Wiliw rz 'fieavincr ROBERT DIQARDQRH-' Seated: Janet Rehert, Mary L. Weiitz, Robert Hartman, james Hafer, Rohert Dear- dortl, Helen Keefauvet, Emily Gotwald. Standing: Anna Swisher, Robert Fortcnhaugh, Grace V. Wfaltemycr, George Gilhert, W'ayne Bucher, Betty Deatriclc, Rohert Nlorgan, Audrey Shoop. Seniors who are superior in character, scholarship, leadership, and service, are awarded membership in the National Honor Society, which is the highest award received hy high school students. A group not exceeding fifteen percent of the graduating class is selected hy the faculty in two elections a year, fall and spring. The local chapter received its charter in 1931. l5ll Berger, Joseph Berger, Mary C. Dearclorff, Richard Eclwarcls, Jean Glenn, Doris Glenn, John Hafer, Sebastian Hanawalt, Barbara Hanawalt, Lois Keefauver, Williaiii Brindle, Ernest Charles, Justine Cline, Thomas Cunningham, Joseph Drawhaugh, Dorothy Fulton, Henry JGURNALISM CLUBS Miss RAMER, ADVISER Keeney, Dorothy Larkin, Bert Macphail, John Martin, Ruth Maust, Sarah Jane McMil1ion, Mary Miller, Joan Moyer, Ola Pittenturf, Mary Ramer, Margaret Salvy, Margaret Saylor, Betty Lou Shielcls, Helen Shulley, Albert Shultz, Della Mae Spangler, Helen Spangler, Mary L. Williams, Charles Wolff, Mary Jane Zinlcand, Jean BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Miz. BLACK, Anvzsiziz Guise, Fred Hartman, Wanda Hawlnalcer, Lyman Lingg, Kathryn McCleaf, Clarence Mehring, Chester Miller. Winifred U21 Plank, Orlo Sharrah, Howard Spahr, James Trew, Margaret Weikert, Josephine Worthington, Harold MARQQN AND WHITE Editor-in-Chief ,. .. . . . .H , . Y,,7,77 JAMES HAFER, '40 News Editor HELEN KEEFAUVER, '40 Feature Editor AUDREY SHooP, '40 Sports Editor MAURICE WEAVER, '40 Art . .V H ,. B. DEATRICK, '40, IRENE NELL, '41 Photographer , , ,, , JAMES HAFER, '40 News Reporters-Emily Gotwalcl, '40, Mary Louise Wentz, '40, Gladys Kelley, '40, Grace V. Waltemyer, '40, Patty Myers, '40, Betty Zinlcand, '40, Ruth Martin, '41, Jean Zinkand, '41. feature l'Vriters-Janet Rehert, '40, Annette Shuman, '40, Jean Spangler, '40, Mary Louise Spangler, '41, Margaret Spangler, '40, Lewis Myers, '40, Mary Pittenturf, '42 Melha Walters, '42, .Sports W'riters-William Keefauver, '41, Sara Maust, '41, John Macphail, '42, John Glenn, '42. Typists-Agnes Redding, '40, Victoria Chamberlain, '40, Helen Zinn, '40, Mildred Beitler, '40, Irene Day, '40. BUSINESS STAFF Business Nlanager . , FREDERICK ROWE, '40 ilclverlising Illanager ROBERT FORTENBAUGH, '40 Circulation lllanager . , .. ROBERT DEARDORFF, '40 Subscription Manager , ,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,,,, , WINTHROP HANAWALT, '40 Assistants-Joe Cunningham, '41, Orlo Plank, '41, Ernest Brindle, '41, Tom Cline, '41, Clarence McC1eaf, '42, Harold Worthington, '42, Harold Miller, '41, ADVISERS Miss N. LoU1sE RAMER MR. JOHN BLACK U31 First Row Doris Shealer Dorothy Shealer Patty Jean Myers Carolyn Oyler Jean Spangler Anna Ullrich Esther Fleming Catherine Diehl Miss Brindle, Directress Agnes Redding Victoria Chamberlain Jeanne Shoop janet Rebert Margaret Spangler Caroline Carter Eleanor Taughinbaugh SENICDR CHCDRUS Second Row Grace Dubs Freda Benner Helen Zinn Anna Swisher Nancy Lynch Jean Wentz Betty Zinliand Ann Deatriclc Marie Sterner Helen Keefauver Emily Gotwald Grace Waltemyer Mary L. Wentz Third Row Robert Deardorlf Robert Morgan George March William Shealer Robert Fortenbaugh james Hafer Robert Hartman Martin Beard Ray Culp Richard Phiel Ted Gilbert William Harbaugh Edward Rinehart Richard Gilbert Robert Stoner Not present when picture was taken: Clarence Cromer, Betty jane Deatriclc, Gladys Kelley, and Annette Shuman. im First Row Carl Menchey Samuel Snyder Ernest Brindle Grace Spangler William Keefauver jean Johnston Donald Price Albert Shulley Richard Deardorff JUNICDR CHORUS Constance Redding Jean Zinlcand janet Benchoff Mary Bollinger Catherine Marsden Ola Dean Moyer Betty Hand Mabel Null Irene Nell Helen Spangler Nadene Plank Catherine Nell Not present when picture was taken: Olga King, Kathleen Plank, im Third Row Rosetta McKendrick Helen Hess Anna Weikert jane Wolff Elinor Beard Elizabeth Daley Miss Brindle, Directress Esther Wehler Ida Mae Alexander Sarah jane Maust Ruth Martin Josephine Crushong Mary Louise Spangler and Betty Lou Saylor. SOPHCDMQRE Cl-ICDRUS First Row Miss Brindle, Directress Margaret Trew Jean Brindle Madelyn Woodward Margaret Ramer Phyllis McCleaf Lois Klinefelter Betty Starry Mildred Linn Ruth Nunemaker Mary Laughlin Betty Landis Anna Fair Evelyn Bucher Dorothy Drawhaugh Margaret Mickley Evelyn Ross Carrie Eiker Florence Conti Second Row Mary Benner Herbert Smith Chester Nlehring Harvey Smith Julia Currens Ann Duhs Dorothy Stauh Elaine Kessel Ruth Stover Wanda Hartman Lorraine Kapp Kathaleen Mitchell Mary Myers Winifred Miller Mary L. Martin Dale Deardorff Mac Dickson Helen Chapman Third Row Mary Berger Louise Moser Barbara Hanawalt Lorraine Gelwicks Josephine Weikert Justine Charles Kathryn Lingg Amelia Hemler Anna Beard Dorothy Keeney tm Jeanne Spangler Eleanor Plank Shirley Sherman Leoda Shields Martha Boyd Arvilla Bower Janet Clapsaddle Fourth Row Irene Hudson Leona Finkboner Mildred Biesecker Clarence McCleaf John Glenn David Plank John Macphail Harry Troxell Harold Kinsey Max Fissel Oliver Reichelderfer Clayton Warman Henry Redding Franklin Tinney Robert Shryock Lewis Garrett l lil B First Row Marian Menchey Betty Rehert Party Minrer Charles Myers Ted Horner Rohert Shryoclc David Plank Ernest Brindle Robert Sterner William Keefauver Irene Hudson Anna Louise Jennings Betty Starry BAND Second' Row Party jean Myers Betty j. Dearrick janet Benchoff Virginia Boyd Elaine Kessel Kathleen Mitchell Helen Chapman Mildred Smith Dorothy Stauh Mary Myers Lorraine Kapp Harry Troxell john Glenn Ida Mae Alexander Mr. Longaneclcer, Director D71 Third Row Charles Fridinger William Harness james Thomas Lester Carter john Sheffer Carl Menchey William Ogden joseph Redding Lerew Sanders Wayne Shields Charles Williams Lloyd Benner Robert Deardorll: Frank Morgan DRAMATIC CLUBS MAROON AND WHITE Miss Mcllhenny, Adviser JUNIOR MASK AND WIGGERS Maroans Beitler, Mildred Benchoff, Janet Bower, Arvilla Boyd, Martha Bucher, Evelyn Crabill, Rosalee Crabill, Ruth Dickson, Mac Everly, Cathelene Gelwicks, Lorraine Gilbert, George QV. Pres.J Gilbert, Richard Harbaugh, William Hemler, June Hershey, Vivian Hudson, Irene Jennings, Anna Johnston, Jean Kapp, Lorraine Linn, Mildred McDonnell, Betty McLaughlin, Jay Minter, Patty Moser, Louise Naugle, Richard Nell, Catherine Smith, Joseph Starry, Dorothy Swisher, Dorothy Trew, Mary Jane fSec,J Whites Adams, Evelyn Anzengruber, Mary Beard, Anna Beard, Elinor Beard, Ethel lPres.J Boyd, Anna Buzby, Betsy Cashman, David Chapman, Helen Deardorff, Dale fTreas.J Dubs, Pauline Dubs, Ann Englebert, Marion Gelwicks, Bernardine Heck, Nancy Nunemaker, Ruth Oyler, Donald Oyler, Harry Pittenturf, Marjorie Plank, Arlene Plank, Nadene Rightnour, Merlene Sherman, Shirley Shields, Edward Shields, Leoda Starry, Betty Stitt, Mary Wolf, Pauline Zinn, Helen Mr. McCormick, Adviser Althoif, Catherine Andrew, Hazel Barr, Yvonne Benner, Ruth Boyd, Virginia Brown, Violette Colfelt, Charles Dellinger, Esther Eckert, Rosabelle Gilbert, Lavora I-Iarner, Luella Heagey, Agnes Heck, Norma Heiges, Corrinne Heyser, Margaret Klinefelter, Lois Marsden, Catherine Martin, Mary McCleaf, Phyllis McGlaughlin, Kathleen Robinson, Grace fSec.J Scott, Agnes Shoop, Jeanne Smith, Herbert IV. Pr Spangler, Jean Sterner, Marie lTreas. Stevens, Betty Ullrich, Anna Weigle, Betty Widder, Robert lPres.J Wisler, Margaret Zinkand, Betty E531 es.J J ROYAL KNIGHTS OF THE STAGE Miss Scott, Adviser Cashman, Miriam Clapsaddle, Janet Conti, Florence Curley, Norma Day, Irene fSec.J Edwards, George Frock, Shirley Harman, Bernard Herr, Erma McGlaughlin, Irene lTreas.J McKendrick, Rosetta Menchey, Marian Miller, Betty Musselman, Kathryn Nell, Irene Null, Madylin Odbert, Arthur Redding, Constance Redding, Jeanette Redding, Jeanne Redding, Verna Rosensteel, Betty Shealer, Evelyn Showers, Gladys Shultz, Mildred Small, Nadine Smith, Harvey fPres.J Spangler, David Taughinbaugh, Eleanor Tipton, Betty Wenschhof, Mary White, Dorothy Wickerham, Donald QV. Pres Wiseman, Evelyn Wiser, Betty Woodward, Robert First Row Carolyn Oyler Jean Spangler Mary Moore Audrey Mitchell Betty Hayberger Betty Dillman Hazel Buohl Esther Fleming Elizabeth Daley Esther Wehler Ruth Lawver Barbara Hanawalt Emily Gotwald Sara Maust Mary Martin Mary J. Wolff Della Shultz Ida M. Alexander Patty Minter Anna Jennings Betty Reber: Nancy Heck Mary L. Wentz Sara A. Coffman Mildred Linn Berry Starry GIRL RESERVES .Second Row Margaret Heyser Maybelle Riflle Dorothy Starry Cathelene Everly Dorothy Hardman Doris Lippy Norma Curley Mary Gotwald Marian Menchey Mary Rosensteel Helen Shields Madylin Null Doris Glenn Mary McMillion Mary Pittenturf Florence Conti Mary Cook Martha Boyd Carrie Eilcer Erma Herr Third Row Helen Keefauver Audrey Shoop Victoria Chamberlain Eva Rothhaupt Louise Moser Kathryn Lingg Advisers: Mrs. John Rice, Miss Virginia Barton, Mrs. Patterson, Miss Zeiters, Mrs. Jennings Collins, Miss Violet Laclcner, Miss Anna Crouse, Miss Evelyn Conti. wi Mary C, Berger Phyllis Schwartz Lois Hanawalt Ruth Rudisill Corrinne Heiges Jeanne Spangler Margaret Saby Lorraine Kapp Esther Geiselman Evelyn Bucher Helen Chapman Fourlh Row Margaret Rothhaupt Anne Deatriclc Betty Jane Deatrick Grace Waltemyer Josephine Weiltert Justine Charles Arlene Plank Helen Spangler Nadene Plank Constance Redding Jean Edwards Wanda Hartman Ola Moyer Joan Miller Arvilla Bower Janet Rebert ORCHESTRA First Rowe-Grace Spangler, Mary Louise Spangler, Sara Ann Coffman, Olga King, Gladys Kelley, Emily Gotwald, John Glenn, Doris Lippy, Robert Deardorff. Second Row4Ruth Martin, Mildred Smith, Lorraine Kapp, Dorothy Staub, Elaine Kessel, Eugene Eckert, Harry Troxell, Rolvert Hartman, Third Row4Franlc Morgan, Walter Spear, George Fissel, Lewis Myers, Robert Shryoclc, William Keefauver, Charles Fridinger, Mr. Longaneclcer, director. ETIQUETTE CLUB First Row--Nlary Catherine Beard, Martha Bluel:-augh, Julia Currens, Gwendolyn Eilcer, Ruth Zimmerman, Lorraine Rider lPres.l, Evelyn Shultz lSec.l, Alda King lTreas.l, Charlotte Kepner, Lena VanDylce, Mildred Gress, Mrs. Heintzel- man, adviser. Second Row-Ida Mae Felix, jean Claybaugh, Lucille Geiman, Mary Coolc, Pauline Crabill, Nina Fiscel, Vlfanita Schell, Mildred Miller, Betty jane Harrier, Wynona Woodward, Myrtle Stoner. Third Row'Vera Redding, Betty Sharrah, Kathryn Zurgable, Alverta Landis, Annetta Shull, Grace Harner, Anna Bishop, Evelyn Ross, Janet Sharrah, Fay McMillion. Not on picturefRuth Bowling. i601 . b Wi? ., 4 HGME RQCDM CCDUNCIL SL-ntcl Robcrt Dmrclorff, Sarah jane Nlaust fs:-cj, Robert Nlorgaxn Qprcsj, Mzlry Louise W'cntz 1V. l'rvs.J, M4lI'Y jane Wfollf, lm-.lnnc Spangler, Smntlmg -Violctlc Hrown. Annette Sbuman, janet Sbarrab, George Raffenspcrger, john Glenn. John Nlacplmll, Paul 'IwIl0111.lS, Robert Sbryoclc, Harry Pmrcam. lloyd Benner, Ann Jennings, Wfynonn Xvoodward, DEBATING TEAM Sanur-d Mr, ffidlc-r fAdviseri, EITIIIY Gotwald, Robert lWorg4m, Graft- V. Wnltclmmycr, M185 XYXJIICIHYPI' fAdv1hcr3, Standnng fflmrles. XXVIIIIJINS, Robert Sbryoclc, john lW.1vPbnil, jobn Glenn, -Iamcs Smith. Not on pxrturr 'Tr-J Horner Iffll l i i PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First Row-Sterling Cole, Charles Myers, Donald Trostle, Harry Troxell fTreas.l, Torn Cline fSec,l, Mr. Gilbert lAdviserl, Samuel Snyder lPres.l, Carl Menchey KV. Pres.l, Harvey Diclcert, Donald Price, Samuel Stanton. Second Row-William Coston, Harold Fulton, James Geiselman, Leonard Elnerhart, Maurice Weaver, Norris Young, Allen Larson, Price Oyler, Eugene Hess, Weldon Smith. FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA First Row-Glenn Harner lReporterl, John Sachs, George Coleman, James Nliller, Stephen Heyser, John Schwartz, Mr. Schriver fAclviserl, Richard Ray, Robert Epley QV. Pres.l, Robert Kebil, Paul Reaver, Francis Rider. Second Row-W'ilbur Wayhright fTreas.j, Eddie Toddes, John Witherow, Brady 'Weilcerg Lloyd Benner lPres.l, Irvin Conover, Walter Sell, Richard Swope, Chester Schriver, Jr. fSec.l, Francis Arendt, Eugene Shanoltz. Third Row-Charles Arendt, Laberne Hess, William Long, Robert Bishop, Huston Simpson, Richard Doersom, Lerew Sanders, john Stevens, Dale Shields, Sterling Helwig, junior Walker. Not on picturefl-larold Hess, Theodore Horner, Franklin Koontz, Warren Wilson. E621 SPCDRTSMAWS CLUB First Row Richard Finkhoner, john Kuhn, Benton Iiry, Miller Moyer, Jay lVlcLaughlin, Rohert Hertz, -lohn Pitzer, Rohert Thompson QV. Presb, Nlr. lforney lAdviserl, Richard Tawney lPres.l, George Nlarch lSec.-Treas.l, Ray Staley, Nlirhael Tate, Rohert Hoke, Charles Doersom, James Weyggaiidt. Second Row Lawrence lxwoodward, james Fleck, Edwin Shoop, james Hopkins, Donald Nlackley, Bernard Cole, -lo- seph Slonalcer, Ray Culp, Robert Hall, Richard Phiel, John Kinneman, Wiiineld Smith, Charles Stoner, Galen Gulden. Third Row- Oliver Reiehelderter, Harry Bream, Earl Swope, Robert Knox, Charles Coffman, Willis Ross, lirantis Carter, Paul Straushaugh, Max liissei, Howard Bowling, james Shetter, Fred Faher, Lewis Myers, George Timhers. BATTLEFIELD CLUB First Rowfliertram Larkin, lVlacCrea Thompson, James Dillman, Max Sherman, Ross Sachs, George Svarnas, Richard Redding, Gaylard lfissel, john Stevens, Williain Dailey, Clayton Warman, Ronald Enoch, Gerald Little, Robert King. Second Rowfhflr. Wolf if-Xdviserl, Raymond Bowers, Nlelvin King, Wayne Arentz, Paul Thomas, Nlyrl Taughinhaugh, George Tate, Francis Bridinger, Donald McPherson, Ralph Trimmer, Henry Redding, Franklin Tinney, Henry Steininger. Third Row,---Ralph Plankey, William Timmins, Thomas Whittinghill, Charles Dillman, George Raffensperger, james Thomas, George Boehner, john Felix, Sterling Shindledecker, Thomas Adams, Rohr-rt Spahr, Williaiii Harness, Carl Hankey. Not on picture Harold Bream, Arthur Wearier, Williaiix Witter. 1651 F -Q 64j CHESS CLUB Seated-Paul Sterner, Robert Smith, Charles Watson, Eugene Flick, Mr. Fidler fAdviserj, Jay Charles lTreas.j, Wayne Murray. Standing-Merlin Miller, Robert Han- lcey, Robert Mehring, Clarence Nuss, Selmar Hess. Not on picture-Robert Miller. SURVEYING CLUB Front Row-Lewis Garrett QSec.j, James Smith, Joseph Redding fTreas.j, Ervin Raver, Russell Bum- baugh. Standing-Mr. Troxell fAdviserj , Frank Royer, Donald Benner, Wayne Shields fPres.D, Clarence Stoner QV. Presj. Not on picture-Lloyd Cromer. TYPING CLUB Front Row-Julia Tinney, Helen Hess, Gloria Kriembring, Ruth Lawver, Audrey Swisher, Anna Weikert 1Treas.l, Grover Thompson fPres.l, Lottie Smith lSec.l, Dorothy Cook, Agnes Redding, Victoria Chamber- lain, Lois Kidwell, Louise Diclcert. Back Row-Fred Schwartz, Miss Little fAdviserj, Mildred Eckert, Betty Coleman, Marcella Nlehring, Robert Sterner, Betty Fridinger, Betty Hertz, Pearl Brown, Robert Watsoiu. Not on picture-Martha Goodermuth QV. Presj. CHEMISTRY CLUB Next to table---Mary Coston, Sara A. Coffman, Patty Myers, George Shealer, Richard Ridinger, Grace Duhs, Doris Lippy, Robert Hartmati fPres.l. Back Row--Anne Deatrick, Annette Shuman fTreas,J, Edward Rinehart, Anna Swisher, Clarence Cromer. Raymond Spahr, Wayne Bucher KV. Presb, Freda Benner fSec.l, Margaret Rothhaupt, Barbara Hart- man, Mr. Haehnlen 1AdviserD. Not on picture-Martin Beard, Wil- liam Higham, Carolyn Oyler, and John Warner. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling--Helen Shields, lVlaLvert Benner, Jeanne Redding, Bernard Frazer. First row, seated--Sarah Jane Maust. jean Spangler, janet Rehert theadb. Helen Oyler, Esther Wehler. Back Row f--Harvey Smith, Margaret Ramer, Clayton Warinan, Kathryn l.ingg, Herbert Smith. CGMMERCI!-XL CLUB Seated M- Amelia Hemler lSeC.l. Arlene Nunemaker, Anna Fair KV. Presb, jane Small, Carrie Eiker. Nina Shindledeclier, Sara McPherson 1Pres.l, Dorothy Rosensteel, jean Currens, Mary Benner, Mildred Smith, Kathryn Cluclc. Standing-Frances Gulden, Madelyn Woodward, Robert Carbaugh, Hazel Knouse, Mildred Bieseclcer, jean Brindle, Elizabeth Bosalc, Gladys Felix, Sara Hoffman, Charlotte Brown, Mary L. Kuhn, Betty Weitzel, Mr. Diehl lAdviserl. Not on picture-Anna Kuhn, Eleanor Plank, Rita Sanders fTreas.l, and Mary Sentz. i651 66 I-IOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row-Miss Krause IAdviserI, Mary Jane Rosensteel, Maybelle Rifile, Mary Laughlin, Betty Landis ITreas.I, Ruth Rudisill ISec.j, Sidney Aughinbaugh IPres.D, Betty Rebert IV. Presj, Mary Martin, Carolyn Carter, Lillian Williams, Josephine Williams. Back Row-Catherine Feeser, Janet Carter, Olga King, Janet Heyser, Eleanor Plank, Dorothy Huff, Betty Jacoby, Nadine Golden. Not on picture-Rosella Shriver. MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB Kneeling4Victor Hemler, Richard Millard, Comer Altland ISec.I, Guy Conover, Elwood Felix, Donald Drake. Standing-Robert Stoner fAdviserJ, Walter Spear, Claude Rudisill, Charles Royer IV. Ptesj, James Sanders, Norman Myers ITreas.l, Donald Cole IPres.I. LIBRARY CLUB Seated-Esther Geiselman, Leone Finlcboner ISec.I, Helen McLaughlin IPres.I, Betty McPherson IV. Pres.I, Doris Meadows ITreas.J. Standing-Marion Hossler, Miss Weaver fAdviserI, Margaret Mickley. Not on picture-Mildred Mclntyre, and Evangeline Sorlie. MUSIC CLUB Front Row-Frances Sager, George Fissel ITreas.I, Jeanne Spangler, Robert Shryock IPres.I, Grace Spangler 1Sec.I, David Plank, Phyllis Schwartz. Back Row-Mr. Longanecker IAdviserI, Eugene Eckert, Sara Scott, Kathleen Mitchell, Mary Myers, Harford Odbert. Mildred McIntyre Helen McLaughlin Sara J. McPherson Robert Mehriiig Audrey Mitchell Mary Moore Robert Morgan Wayne Murray Lewis Myers Patty Myers Harford Odbert Carolyn Oyler Harry Oyler Helen Oyler janet Rebert Agnes Redding Joseph Redding Richard Ridinger Mary Riley Edward Rinehart Margaret Rothhaupt Dick Rowe Frank Royer James Sanders Lerew Sanders Fred Schwartz Agnes Scott Mary Sentz Doris Shealer Dorothy Shealer George Shealer Edward Shields Nina Shindledecker Sterling Shindledecker Audrey Shoop Annette Shuman jane Small Francis Smith Lottie Smith Robert Smith Evangeline Sorlie Raymond Spahr Jean Spangler Margaret Spangler Marie Sterner Paul Sterner Robert Sterner Robert Stoner Anna Swisher Michael Tate Eleanor Taughinbaugh Richard Tawney Grover Thompson George Timbers Anna Ullrich Grace Waltemyer John Warner Robert Watson Maurice Weaver Jean Wentz Mary L. Wentz Arlene Witherow Betty Zinkand Helen Zinn PRESENTING Luminous eyes Naturally curly Big UI sister Tallest of all Ribbons Basketball Intelligence Nsaxw Nice teeth Talker Pen for pipe York Desk drummer Dancing Zippers "Vickie" Black fur hat Eagle Scout Intelligence Soph. girls "Dick" Black sweater "Rev." Royer Gray car "Sheriff" look Brown eyes Dramatic ability White moccasins "The Shadow" Diamond Smallness Basketball !lTom7? "Don Juan" "Chatterbox" Absence slips Black hair Half-day pupil Squeal Quietness Youngest senior Arguing Talkative A smile "Margie" Soberness "Essen tie Piano vs. Stage "Marcia" "Essie" H.H.S. ring uMargien junior girls 315 S. Wash. S Blonde hair ttMaryn Loud stockings Hair-cut QQAnna,, Basketball "Gracie" "Page boy" Tan coat Wavy hair hair L. Sleeping Art Dancing Hunting Dancing Dancing Debating work cigarette Orchestra Collecting packages Dancing Fiddling Music Drumming Dancing Music St swimming Pictures of movie stars Photography Scouting Reading Swimming Match covers Records Airplanes Airplanes Hunting Hunting Nature study Waving hair Art Dance programs Walking Radio construction Scrapbook Collecting songs Music and impersonations Post cards Orchestras Hunting Match covers Reading Poems Stage work Name cards Menus Scrapbook Wood carving Athletics Aeronautics Sl Reading Football Piano Sports Hunting 8: fishing Athletics Stamp collecting Debating Hunting Hunting Photography Sports Attend meetings Sports Piano Post cards radio i 67 1 Pet Peeve Boasting Person talking while trying to read Turnips Bragging Monday mornings Giving speeches Inequality of oppor- tunity in school Symphony orchestra Cats Studying Women Gt oysters Static High School Getting up Poor sport Lessons Romance Homework Talkative person Homework Writing letters jitterbugs Lessons Stingy people School School Unhelpful criticism School Conceited people Forward people Homework School Speeches Senior English Hats Washing dishes Speeches School "Lottie Belle" English Girls smoking Cyclorama Studying Called "Shrimp" Snobs Talkative people Dishonesty Getting up early "Gushing" Hilly football field Speeches Poor sports Dishonesty Singing Being late Spinach Book reports Handshakers Dictators Arguing Algebra tests Clumsy people Not having own way Boasting Future Plan: Nursing Fashion designer Marriage Farmer Nursing Stenographer Lawyer Orchestra work Coaching College Doctor Nursing Big-time orchestra Dancing school Nursing Secretary Aviation College Indefinite College Nursing Retire Aviation School of aeronautics Tramp Mechanic Teacher Beauty culture Florist Flower shop Indefinite Mechanical engineer Secretary Commercial announcer Business college Secretary Secretary Aviation mechanic Old maid Business Teacher Navy . Nursing Beauty culture Secretary Aviation Stenography Physicist Nursing Coach Secretary Business College Forestry Commercial teacher Business college College Pharmacy Accountant Politician Physical education College Physical Ed. teacher Business college Home Ec. teacher IN THE SPOTLIGHT There are some pictures beyond this page That have occurred upon the stageg But things occur upon the stage That arerft photographed beyond this page Between the scenes We miss some sights, That don't occur behind footlightsg No pictures have we of these sights That happen far behind footlights. Behind footlights with make-up on Night of the play, and all fears goneg Such pictures are beyond this page Of acts and scenes upon our stage. T681 6 91 VI "Romeo, Romeo, Wfverefore art lfrou, Romeo.9,' J APRQN STRING REVOLT Opening the 1939-1940 dramatic season, "Apron String Revoltf, a comedy in three acts was presented by a double cast in the high school auditorium October 11 and 13. Miss Ruth Mcllhenny and Miss Ruth Scott, dramatic coaches, directed the production, which was sponsored by the Mask and Wig dramatic society for the benefit of the Athletic Association. The plot centers around David, a high school football star and an all around boy. His mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Holt, a widow, is trying to develop David's paternal instincts with the aid of magazine articles on child care. David is slapped by the football coach, Mr. Henry Fenstermacher, and when his mother discovers this, she is enraged. Ashamed to have his mother light his battles for him and resenting his mother's attitude toward the coach whom David considers "a real gentlemanf' David packs his football sweater and leaves home. His mother is grief stricken when she finds out David left home because of her and not the coach. Later on she has a nervous breakdown when she hears David has supposedly killed a man. The coach comes to the rescue and clears David of the crime. Henry then wins Eliza- bcth through David and everything turns out romantically right. Elizabeth Holt Annabelle Madden ,, ,, Mrs. Alden , ,, , Mrs. Lanigan , David Mary Lou, , 1'1enry Fenstermacher Cast of Characters Betty Lou Saylor Ethel Beard ,Catherine Marsden Janet Rebert Mabel Null Mary Louise Wentz Jean Spangler Anna Ullrich Robert Hartman Robert Morgan Messenger Boy Miss Martin ,, 'Wade ,,rrr,, rrrr, 7 Grocery Boy ,,,,, Clancy , ,,,, ,, Ann Louise Jennings black, Esther Fleming Ted Gilbert Martin Beard Bernard Cole Robert Kissinger Patty Jean Myers Irene Hudson James Hafer Fred Rowe William Keefauver Richard Gilbert Wayne Bucher Wayne Murray Ernest Brindle Clarence Cromer "Freclcles," a dramatization in three acts, talcen from the novel of the same name by Gene Stratton-Porter, was presented by a double cast chosen from members of the class of 1940, in the high school auditorium, April 17 and 19. Rehearsals were under the direction of Miss Ruth Mcllhenny and Miss Ruth Scott, of the English department. The action of the play takes place in the midst of the Limberlost country in Indiana. Here Harvey McLean operates a large lumber mill. To the Duncan homestead comes a lad named "Freclcles,' who has escaped from an orphanage, where he was abused and mistreated, determined to pursue his own course and make a new life for himself. Freclcles convinces McLean that he is the person to fill the position of guarding the vaiuable trees in the Limberlost. There are two men working in the lumber camp, who conspire against Freckles. They are Freddy Wessner and Black jack. They approach Iiieclcles and ask him to help them in their plan to steal some of McLean's most valuable trees. However, Freclcles remains faithful to his trust, refusing to have a hand in anything dishonest. In protecting McLean's interest, Freclcles almost loses his life, but he manages to frustrate the clever plans of the timber thieves. In the end, the mystery surrounding Freclcles, birth is cleared up in a startling and unexpected fashion. Freclcles is then free to marry the girl of his choice, Angel, whom he calls his "swamp angelf, FRECKLES Mrs. Walt Duncan Nellie The Widder Wessner Constable Walt Duncan Essie Wessner Miriam Grey Harvey McLean Emily Gotwald Jeanne Shoop Lottie Smith ,lean Spangler Agnes Scott Anna Ullrich Winthrop Hanawait Lerew Sanders Carolyn Oyler Petty Jean Myers Betty jane Deatrick Grace V. Waltemyer Martin Beard Richard Tawney 711 Black jack Freclcles Freddy Wessner Angel Lady O,More Lord O'More Amy Lawrence Robert Fortenbaugh Maurice Weaver Clarence Cromer Robert Morgan Robert Hartman Williain Harbaugh Grace Dubs Anna Swisher Ethel Beard janet Rebert Ted Gilbert james Hafer Helen Zinn Helen Keefauver THE CHIMES QF NCDRMANDY Ted Gilbert , Y 7 Samuel Snyder Henri, Count di Corneville , , , , H H , H Greniclieux, a Sailor Gaspard, a Miser , William Harbaugh ljailli, the Villa e Governor Robert Hartman g Germaine , , , Janet Rebert Serpolette W ards or Gaspard ""' Ethel Beard Gertrude -4 ,Q ,, Patty Jean Myers Manette Gmb of the village ' " " " ' Mary Louise Wentz Accompanists , , Mary Louise Spangler and Ruth Martin CHORUS OF VILLAGE MAIDENS-PEASANTS-MEN SERVANTS- COACI-IMEN-MAID SERVANTS Helen Keefauver Grace Spangler Clarence McCleaf Gladys Kelley Anne Deatriclc Edward Rinehart Grace Waltemyer Betty jane Deatriclc Ray Culp Helen Zinn Betty Hand William Keefauver jean Wentz Grace Dubs Ernest Brindle jean Spangler Betty Lou Saylor Carl Menchey Nadene Plank Patty jean Myers John MacPhail Carolyn Oyler " Mary Louise Wentz Robert Fortenbaugh Anna Swisher Mary jane Wolff Ida May Alexander jean Johnston Eleanor Taughinbaugh Betty Zinkand Audrey Shoop Anna Ullrich Richard Phiel Robert Deardorff Albert Shulley Harold Kinsey Clarence Cromer Max Fissel George March John Glenn James Hafer Robert Stoner Donald Price Robert Shryoclc Oliver Reichelderfer Robert Morgan Richard Deardorff David Plank A condensed version of 'lTlie Chimes of Normandy," a light French opera by Robert Planquette, was presented in the high school auditorium on March 15 by members of the Iunior and Senior Choruses. The operetta was directed by Miss Dorothy Brindle and Miss Ruth Mcllhenny. L 72 1 - SENIGR FALL DANCE lrilashl Seniors of G. H. S. sponsor successful dance- In an autumn of setting colored foliage, corn shocks with scarecrows peeping through from unexpected places, and a crystal globe which reflected the various colored lights, the class of 1940 sponsored the annual fall dance in the new gym, Saturday, November 18. The Gettysburg Collegians with Arlene Spangler, G. H. S. alumna, as vocalist, provided the music. Due to the combined efforts of the co-chairmen of the publicity committee, Anne and betty Jane Deatrick and Ted Gilbert, head ticket salesman, the dance was very well attended by the seniors, underclassmen, and alumni. Jeanne Shoop and Eddie Shields were rewarded for their decorative efforts by numerous compliments from classmates and outsiders. Everyone was grateful to James Hafer and his orchestra committee for securing the ' Collegiansf' All agreed that the orchestra was "O.K.', Blue programs with gold dancing hgures on the front were the contribution of Clarence Cromer and his program committee. Clever invitations for the chaperones, the faculty, were designed and delivered under the supervision of Jean Wentz, chairman of the invitation committee. As the successful evening rapidly came to a close for many, Wayne Murray and his all-male restoration committee stepped in to restore the gym to its original condition. A great deal of credit goes to Robert Hartman, general chairman of the dance com- mittees and to Mrs. Heintzelman, class adviser, for their helpful suggestions and untiring elliorts towards making the dance a success. l.73l Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. jan. Feb. Feb. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May 15 20 11 11-13 18 29 8 21 17-18-19 2 7 15 3 5 6 10 12 17-19 20 25-26 11 CALENDAR OE EVENTS Stoner elected President of Class of 140, Hartman, V. Pres.: Bucher, Treas.g Wentz, Recording Sec., Shoop, Corres. Sec. Grace Dubs chosen as head of magazine sales. J. Rebert, M. L. Wentz, R. Fortenbaugh, F. Rowe and R. Deardorlf chosen as heads of Cannon-Aid of '40. "Apron String Revoltn given as annual Athletic Play. Senior Fall Dance held in new gym. Honor Society inducts M. L. Wentz, R. Deardorfl, Hafer, H. Keefauver, J. Rebert, and R. Hartman. M. Wolff stars in junior play "That Girl Patsy." "The Christmas Carol" features Christmas assembly, followed by vacation. Mid-year exams consume students' time. Four one-act plays produced by dramatists and comedians. "The Bed of Petunias," "The Reefer Man," "Miss Mobray's Big Moment," and "The Darkest Hour." Juniors assume responsibility of "Maroon and White" as seniors retire. "Chimes of Normandy," operetta, presented with Rebert, E. Beard, G. Gilbert, W. Harbaugh, R. Hartman, M. L. Wentz, P. Myers, and S. Snyder as leads. G. Gilbert, A. Swisher, W. Bucher, G. Waltemyer, B. Deatrick, E. Got- wald, R. Morgan, A. Shoop, and R. Fortenbaugh inducted into National Honor Society. Home Room Council sponsors a leap year dance. G.H.S. Debating Team presented loving cup at Forensic League Banquet. Members of the G.A.A. go to Hanover for Play Day. S. Maust named editor of the 1940-41 Handbook. Retiring staff of Maroon and White tendered banquet by new staff. James I-Iafer acts as toastmaster. "Freckles," senior play, presented by complete double cast. First track meet held at Shippensburg. Seniors embark on long-awaited trip to Washington. Spring Dance, last function sponsored by seniors, held in new gym. E741 PATRCDNS Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Adams Mr. and Mrs. James B. Aumen Mrs. Sarah Benner Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bigham Rev. David Wright Boyd Misses Bream and Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carbaugh Mr. james Ernest Carter Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Culp Mr. Robert C. Diehl Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Dougherty Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh Mrs. Robert Fortenbaugh Mrs. Fred P. I-Iaehnlen Mrs. W. L. Hafer Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Keefauver Mrs. Gladys R. Kelley Mr. I. Robert Knouse Larson's Ridge House E751 Mr. Mr. Mrs. Dr. G. W. Lef ever and Mrs. john Linn Earl Gilbert McClellan and Mrs. j. Ellis Musselman Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Rebert Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Riley and Mrs. Edward Rinehart and Mrs. W. E. Roth and Mrs. Frederick R. Rowe Zachary N. Samios Mr. and Mrs. E. Shindledeclcer Nlr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Spangler and Mrs. C. E. Swisher Miss Miriam E. Waltemyer Mr. and Mrs. William G. Weaver Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Wentz Miss Margaret E. Wentz Mr. Mr. L. A. Westenberger and Mrs. Roy E. Zinn BENI. J. MOORE PAINTS BUILDING MATERIALS SACI-IS HARDNVARE STORE I GENERAL CONTRACTING I Farmers' Marketway YORK STREET VYQ give Ask Your Teacher lOff4 discount on all merchandise About Joining the March of the Multitudes of High School Stu- dents in the lXfIoney-Saving Parade Made Possible Through the School Savings System at the First National Bank OF GETTYSBURG O11 Center Square since IS,-'jf' Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio A Modern ancl Complete Printing Plant The Times Publishing GETTYSBURG, PA. and News Compan Equipped to Produce Any Kind of Printing Printers of the NMAROON AND WHITE" ancl Many Other School Publications U61 REMMELS PRINT SHoP C0"'f"""t"'I-' of TEXAS HoT WIENER ERNIES CIIANI HERSIIURG STREET 54 CIIAM 1:15RSBURG STREET Phone 83-Z IILWN L' BRUXM THoMPSoN COLLEGE 95 Used CMS YORK-HARRISBURG All Reconditioned and Guaranteecl . . U LA 8: A'I6Il1lJC1' of Al11L'IilCZ1l1 ASSllCIIltllJll of Sales and Service i CUIIIIIICFCIZII Colleges First Class lefflllif Shop National Council of Business Iiclucation C.-l0lllf71l.lllC7l1lS Of MIN'1'1iR'S STORE BLQCHERS .fcrvcl01's Siazcc 1887 25-27 C11AM1sERS1ale3Ro ST. GETTYSBURG, PENNA. RUMAYNE M I I.LER'S lloine-Maile Czuulie Party Orders and Gift IIZICICZIQCS Our Specialty DE LUXE RESTAURANT 53 Clizunlmerslmrg St. Gic'1"1'x'Sl:Uuu, l'A. Phone 171-X C Dinners and A La Carte Service All Kincls of Szlnclwiclies CREMERS "Flowers" .S'1'1zc'v 1879 C0l1lf7!I'IIlC7lfS of I . D NELLIES Reliable SCTYICC and Quality .Xlwziys I". Ii. CREMER, Iflorisf 219-227 E. VValnut St. H ANOVER, PA. Your Flower Phones: 224, 671 BEAUTY SHOPPIZ CIIAMBI Rsmflzcz ST. Gettysburg Ice SL Storage Co. Pasteurized Milk Also Ice and Ice Cream PHCDNE 175 E771 TAI-Kr O ler Tire Co Stallsmith Music Store y ' Headquarters for Sheet Music and Columbia, Victor Bluebird, and ' . . f Z ' 1 1 I9IA'frl1JllfI,r X oc thon Records GOODRICH TlRES-BA'lvl.'lfRlES Q .. C 0lI1ff7llllZL'lLfS . vf 103-111 CARL1sL1c Phqmg C0llLf7lI.llIUllf.Y Hopefuls "Hilce!!' of Holcl that smile! 1 I Mother's helpers C0llIf7lllllClIlS Eternal Triangle H. T. Waiting for the girls Typing expert 'W hy the books? 0 Store . - just in time! 10 White washer in actionf?J ll This way out 12 One of victors. , 13 You "may" and "can" ftalce the picturel S 14 juniors 15 Iris an effort 16 All out! F ' 17 Clock watchers M k 18 Whereis the car? ar 19 History mistress Z0 "Certainly NOT!" S D9 Chambersburg' 21 Haffv and fhe girls tgre Street 22 206 going down I Z3 Looserung up fro winj 13110110 171-VV 24 "There are smiles-H liklili IJELIVERY SIQRVICE 25 26 27 "Hey-your move!" Hard work Rooters JVSTICE OF THIS PICACIE Iohn H. Basehore GENICRAI. INSURANCE Ci1c'l"l'Ys1slfRt:, PA. Atlantic Service Station RAYMOND MENGES, Prop. Champion Shoe Repair Shop Full Equipment l.CIl'fjL'Sf in .-ldanzs Cozzufy At Gettysburg' Shoe Shine Parlor o A'l'TliN'l'ION, LADIICS VVe sew all shoes by the Landis-Loek Stitch Method Lubrication Service - Wasliiiig' o Lee rims 43 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg, Pa Buford Ave. Phone 107-Y Gettysburg, Pa. -- wi i 80 PHlEL'S GARAGE VVishes the Class of 1940 A Happy and Prosperous Future R63 SL DCflClC, lnc. j. A. Pnncr., PROP. ,, ,M M We , Drug Stores BILNDER S CUI RAll1 SFORIL 16 l3Al.'r1M0Rlz ST. G1s'r'rYs14URG, PA. C. li. BENIJER, Prop. of Service Dress, Sport and S N A P S H 0 T S Evening Shoes THE SHOE BOX 117 llultimore St. GIQTTYSBURG, PA COIllf71f1lIt'IIf.S' of Watching the birdie "This is a Study Halllv "Sh! Here he comes!" "Up therein School's out "Oh Johnnie!" "Bench-warmerslll Whew! The long and short of it This is how Miss Green Hurry it upl Arriving in style Our friend Reading Press Conference Camplimclzts Of BREHM fRemember?j Let's go 1 1 y Q Twirlers B1LNn1LR s La.. ag... In the scrap of things Come out, we know you Meet the cheerleaders 22. Hang-out 23. "Get it right, Proff' Gettysburg 24. Our Betty and Bob 25. "Man about town" l'C11I1SylV!1l1lZl 26. "Ground sticks, etc. IQENDLEHARTS THE JGHN C. LOWER 1'Ho'1'o smavieu NVe did the group work in this Hcltllllltlll-.'liffH CQ., . 24 Hour Service on AIIIZIYCIII' Finishing 454 VV. Minnus Phone 105-X I VVHOLESALE GROCERS C01llf'!il1lf'11f-Y of 9 BU'l'T'S RESTAURANT Dinners - Fountain Service - Luneheons C'1c1"1'Ys1:URG PA. , ., , I , I5-17 YORK ST. Ci1c'1"l'Ysln7RG, PA. tm GETTYSBURG COLLEGE QCO-EDUCATIONALD The College Mother of Hundreds of Gettysburg High School Gradu- ates VV ho Have Become Eminent, Is Deeply Interested in Equipping You for a Life of Honorable Service. The Class of 1944 ls Now Being Enrolled. The Alumni Association cordially invites the Class of 1940 to attend the annual banquet on Wednes- day, May 29, at 6:00 P. M., in the High School Gymnasium. o COIlgl'Llf1lICllil'0lIS 10 Ihre SENIORS Hotel Gettysburg HON THE SQUARE, T'TENRY M. SCHARF, Manager Jewelry of The Better Sort Since 1893 1. E. APPLE COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEVVELERS LANCASTER, PA. Makers of the Gwlfyslmrg High School fctuelry Traditional Quality-Service-Expert Craftsinanship GlLBERT'S TAILORING and D RY CLEAN l NC ji. NV. Gilbert, Proprietor 24 CHAMBERSBURG STREET Phone 20-Y Only START SAVING NOW! T here's no better, more appreciated gift for the young Cl Few graduate than a savings account at a strong bank--no better time to open one than now. And no better place to do it Weeks than this big institution where thousands save safely. Tm THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK C37-aduation XTORK STREET, CTETTYSBURG, PA. MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. IIISIHY? Your I'illflU'0 Ilylifll a Course at "ClfN'l'RAL PENN" lt Pays to Attend a School Witli an iistzihlishecl Reputation Central Pennsylvania Business College Central l,Cl1llSj'lV1llllZlYS Greatest Business School L. G. BALFGUR CG. ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Known wherever there are Schools and col leges. jewelers to the Senior Class of Ciettys burg High School. Represented by NV. G. Ross Couzfvlimclzts Of CRGMliR'S BEAUTY SALON 323 luARKI'1T llARRlSHURG, ,l'A. HUSES FGR HIGHLIGHTS GF THE YEAR Sept. Lost: one grand and glorious vacation. If . found f?l please notify any one of 588 G.H.S. F IGI students. S - 3 Oct. Flash! Bud, Ethel, and Elinor Beard appear at school four consecutive mornings!!! Nov. jim Hafer's "stop-light" sweater scares Joe Redding into slowing clown to 60 on the school driveway. DK . Dec. G.I-I.S.'s "Champion Chewersn requested to join Anti-Gum League. Chief non-conform- ist: "Monk', Spahr. TELEPHONE jan. Dick Tawney, Mike Tate, Grover Thompson, and Leonard Eberhart found home three nights in succession. Reason-Mid-year Exams! 0 Feb. Wayne Bucher and Dick Rowe have their XG suitcases already packed for the Washington trip. March Dick Ridinger found guilty of combing his R hair in school. The excuse?-Leap Week! April Lewis Myers seen "tripping the light fantas- CO. tic" at the Leap Week Dance. May ':Wimpy', Hanawalt attempted to have "Quill and Scroll" meeting. EVERYTHING FOR SPORT 313 M:XRKli'l' S'rREE'r HARRISBURG, PENNA Phone 3-6067 183i 84 C0mf1l1'11z1'111's of PARKERHOUSE PASTRY SHOP 1 A c K ' S "l"lmvcrs for .1-ll! fJCt'LlSIi0Il.YH 5 C1 1 A M BERSIZIYRG STR121c'1' AUToMo'1'1v1i R151'A1R1No The I-ISLI-I. Machine Shop A. E. Hutchison, l'l'lIf7. Complete wreck service. body, frzune and fender repairing. Dupont Dneo painting, from a scratch to Il complete car. o s. WASHINGTON sT. G1i'1"1'Ys1sU11o. PA. COFFMAN- FISHER CO. DEPARTMENT STORE ll'l10r1' Sfylf and Quality Meet ll Lou' l"ri1'c Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Men's and Boys' Clothing and V Furnishings VVUIIICIES and Chil1lren's "Really to Wear" O CENTER SQUARE G1s'1'TYs1xURo, PA. SNAPSI-IOTS 1. Learning how 2. "And then he said-" 3. Mr. Forney represented 4. Latin whiz 5. Headlines, subheads and 6. Subscription mgr. 7. No need to study 8. Smallest Seniors 9. Knitting socks 10. "Well, boys?" ll. "This is our bench!" 25 inches to fill 12. "Huh!" 13. Springs Avenue 14. "How do you feel?" 15. Frosh 16. "Where's Ted" 17. "Stick 'em up!" C0I11f7fI.IlIL'llfS of M... Harris Bros. Dept. Store G1cT'1'vs11URo, l'A. St'l'T'l'1'IlIg 111111 .vvlling 111ri0111o!rilv.f for 1110 ffrm' 28 yr'ars-- l 'AC li A R I J 18. Exams IHQUSQN 19. Chief Rod Wave: SARS 20. Play practice ' 21. "Fix 'em up" ZZ. National Honor Society 23. Peep! Garage 24' out in from ll. j. Forney Estate 25' 3 men l?l and a Fordlipl CA111. S. Nll-INCIIEY, .llgfz 26. Typing Class f?J I2-14 CllZllIlllCl'SllllI'5.! St. G1c'1"rvs111rR1:, l'A. C0l11f71IillIL'1lfS Of WARNER BROS. MAJESTIC and STRAND THEATRES PEOPLES DRUG STORE THE 1112XAL1..-Kc o Drugs - Soclas Toiletries - Stationery C0I7If71I'lllL'llf.Y of REEL TIRE SERVICE Thr Iit'IIf'I'1II 7'1'1'r' jIlH'S JDAK STORE - Sundries u long way fn nuzkv 11 f1'1'a'11d. Opposite Post Olhce 25 liALT11v1oR12 ST. G1a'1"rYs11UR1:, l'11:NNA. E851 FABERYS CENTER SQUARE 1 Fozmfailz Svrz'ir0 35 Wk Street Iaiznvnirs IcI5 CREAM I BAIQIQRS Fon G.H.S. CAFIQTIQRIA . PEOPLES CASH STORE DAILY I1IcI,IvIf:RY Phone 323 FO" NHC G"0CmCs Gettysburg The CHAMBERSBURG Steam BUSINESS CULLEGE The NIEMORIAL SQUARE Laundry CIIAMBERSBURIQ, I'I-:NNSYINANIA and COURSES RUG CLEANERS Executive Sec1'etarialU,, Business Aclniinistration S,,,, eighteen l11011tllS , S,,,SSSS eighteen inonths Studio ' RAX' RUPP Qcnerzrl 1g.L1Sll1CSS,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,S,,,,,, eleven n1ontlIs C . Civil Service ,SS,,, ,, ,,,S,,,,,,, , ,,,,SSS,, eleven nionths JOHN A. MUMPER Pro xrietor - - - 1 lxlenientziry Accounting i,,,, ,,11111C111011tllS Prop. S2llCSlH311Sl1i11 I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S ,,,,, 1 Iine Inonths Stenographic ,,,,,,,,,,,,S, ,,,,,S .,,,S,,S 1 1 me months 0N,,A.i,, pm, Olga, 1 Q V Trimmer S -H A ef PPl'.Y0l1fI1lfj' is flewlojved flzrnuglz S544 jvflrfirifmffolz in group acfiziify. 340290 more .ACTIVITIES Orchestra Basketball Qhoys and ffirlsj - Glec Cluh Baielmall H'f7h Q-Takers QIj1'ZlIll2ltlC Cluhj Tennis York Street 5511001 .1 X Fi Summer School Fall Opening' IJ,,10f0gl'flPlLC'V Upening, june 17 September 10 G tt 'b P . 6 ys urg! a Catalogue upon request vmawmrsnsl ' 0 The Soldmghelz, Emagqgiigepi reel W ay S ld C C.L.ElCH0LTZ"E'.432S2"' Flgwef Shgp DK STRAUSBAUGIYI PLANING MILL , FfjR M1'IIfw0rk,a11d Lumber "K N BUILDING MATERIALS 425 5- STREET Phone 370 Rear of Carlisle St. GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA T863 ' i' CDUR J. F. Apple Co., Jewelry Atlantic Service Station, R. Menges Balfour Co., jewelers Basehore, john H., Insurance Bencler's Cut Rate Store Bender's Funeral Home Bikle, Philip R., Insurance Blocher's-Jewelers Bream, Glenn L.-Automobiles Brehm, The Tailor Butt's Restaurant Central Pennsylvania Business College Chambersburg Business College Champion Shoe Repair Shop Coffman-Fisher Co.-Department Store Cremer's--Flowers Cromer's Beauty Salon Delecto Dairy De Luxe Restaurant Eicholtz-Typewriters Ernie's-Texas Hot Wieners Faber's--Fountain Service First National Bank Gettysburg College Gettysburg High School Alumni Association Gettysburg-Harrisburg Transportation Co. Gettysburg Ice 61 Storage Co. Gettysburg National Bank Gettysburg Steam Laundry Gilbert's-Tailoring and Dry Cleaning H. Bl H. Machine Shop ADVERTISERS Wentz's Furniture Store 87 Harris Bros.--Department Store Hennig's Bakery Home Studio Hotel Gettysburg -Iack's-Flowers John C. Lower Co.-Wholesale Grocers Kendlehart's Photo Service Majestic Theatre H. T. Maring Store Minter's Store Myers' Market National Garage Nellie's Beauty Shoppe Oyler Tire Co. Parkerhouse Pastry Shop People's Cash Store People's Drug Store Phiel's Garage Rea 61 Derick, Inc.-Drugs Reel Tire Service Remmel's Print Shop Romayne Miller's-Candies Sachs--Hardware Store Bl Contracting Shenk Bc Tittle Shoe Box Stallsmith Music Store Strausbaugh Planing Mill Thompson College Times 61 News Publishing Company Trimmer's-5-10-25c Store Wayside Flower Shop .vzmzmzmmummsi-mnmxuugwwunaam mvmm-um-v'. su. ' wa af. 1-1 f 1 1 '- W '- x -x.u-w.,r:nz:r-wzfwmmmml-,w',:vw'n4.-..'- - - E ,- 3 gage: I u z -4 i -2 4 Q .x '1 r A u S 1 ,. Ay, " -c ' EL.. iw .gwdzgl--,Z - l 1 H 'T' 1 T - h Q f ,, . . ',L1',,, - x 4 F 4 3 Q rfi, , gal , ffliwif Y, V I V " w -tk 11. 1 Q21-4, 1151 '51, - -Q, , ' 5,5 '+ 'i.g ,wr - : .-gm -W -A ' 1 f-gk. -i. Ci, - . -, ' YQ- :Li . --.. . rv ,gxvf-. H 5 ', Qfr., -9- . ' - " "-- ' - -' 371 M -13. , gf.. 1:-.1-.1 ' 3' 1, 'if uf A . A 511 T-1' 'Fc :'75f5f"?QfQin'qi'l:X5Q '1-"-Q V 31 ' -, ' lf,-:G ' ' - - - f- 1,1 nf' 1, -'Q ,,.. w..:u2gf.w.4-fag 4-rf,- . 'f jsi ' 'f ,.. 1 1, r.:",...f4Q'l ' ' -'

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