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.r ,. .env we IJ., Ev am. , f ,-r i YE-4TN.E7 N 'W' 8 Q 9 E5'N-"E5 41 X-IFKQ if Q A x 19 Qi 34 cfmu u-AID GUILE W. LEFEVER is 34 cmuou-mu rfledication., GNMWD C60 Mr. Guiie Lefever, teacher, counsellor and friend, who by iris impartial judgment and wholesome guidance has endeared himself to tfre high scfvooi students, tive class of 1934 dedicates this edition of tive Cannon-Aid. 19 3 L1 CANNON-AID Gonrems FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS 4 19 3 4 cfmnon-mu LLOYD C. KEEFAUVER Superintendent of the Gettysburg Public Schools page xxx , . 19 311 CANNON-AID MRWOLF MISSSPANGLER MRHAEHNLEN MISSMCILHENNY NHSSLARSON 'Aw an 2. x NIRVBAKER MRTHONIAS MISSSCOTT MUSARAMER MCU WY -Q Q4 Q6 ,E Y K., 0 Q- ,- ' gp , 211' i .i A s i 1 MRLONGANELKER NHS5.LITTLE MISS- GREEN MISSMUMPER nv W K Q W 7 l' ' k ' sgj.. N' Msss.BmNoLs wm, rumen MRSMEINTZELMAN MRFORNEY MxssAsNYuER v4 as CANNON-AID FACULTY L. C. KEEFAUVER 7,,,,,,,, GUILE W. LEFEVER ,...,,,. GUY WOLF ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, RUTH SPANGLER ,..... F. P. HAEHNLEN ,,,,..,,, RUTH MCILHENNY.. ,,.. .. MARTHA LARSON. ,,,.., .. IRA Y. BAKER ,,,.....,,, HAROLD THOMAS ,...,,... RUTH SCOTT ....,...,T.,., N. LOUISE RAMER ,............., EDWIN L. LONGANECKER ....... GERTRUDE L1TT1.E........... RELDA GREEN .,..,.,, . ,,.,..,,, ANNA MUMPER ......, DOROTHY BRINDLE ...... ROBERT FIDLER. ...,.,.,.....,.,.,., ANNA B. HEINTZELMAN ...,.,,.., GEORGE S. FORNEY ............ MARY JANE SNYDER .,......., 3 '-I . ....... Superintendent . ......... Principal ..,....COmmercial ........French Science .......English ............., Latin .........Mathematics . ...... Mathematics ...........English .......History .. ...English ..... Commercial Biology, Health Music History ,... Latin, English Science, Health .. .Librarian page xeven page eight is 34 CANNON-AID SENIOR CLASS HISTORY HE students of the freshman class who entered Gettysburg High School in 1930, entered full of pep, enthusiasm, and plans. Little did these newcomers know of the hardships that were to follow, of the 108 that entered only 77 were able to stand the strain. This class did not allow its activities to remain dormant until the senior year, but instead made a name for itself while the members were still freshmen. The 1934 class inaugurated the custom of a freshmen party. Following this highly successful affair its parties through all four years were enjoyed by the class and its friends. The third year at high school brought forth the junior play which proved that the school did not have to rely on the Seniors for dramatic ability. This play, "Climbing Roses", was well presented by a capable cast including Robert Williams, Kathryn Gitt, Merville Zinn, Ted Thomas, Betty Swope, Eleanor Hershey, Vida Rebert, Henry Roth, Keith Fischer, Helen Benson and Isabelle Beal. Not only were members of the class of '34 making themselves known in dramatic activi- ties but they were also becoming active in athletics, in scholastic tests, and in the journalistic Held as they assumed responsibility for the publication of the school paper. The social activities of the Senior year began with the Hallowe'en Dance. In an atmosphere of spooks and goblins the students danced to the melodious strains of Paul Ecker and his Checkers. Time flies-but its progress was as slow as freshmen going to classes when compared with the speed with which the senior teams sold magazine subscriptions. It was a neck and neck race until the last day when Charlie Abell's team nosed out Clarence Kitzmiller's to win the Crowell Publishing Derby and free plates of ice cream. The outstanding event in high school dramatic circles is the Senior Play. 'flt Pays to Advertise" found many of the class behind the footlights. Clarence Kitzmiller and Charles Abell again captained the two teams of ticket sellers. Included in the accomplishments of the Seniors is the ability to dance, live, laugh, love and dance some more. The Senior Prom will offer splendid opportunity for the class to entertain alumni and friends at a spring dance. High school days and high school plays and sorrows will be only a memory now that the plans for a two day trip to Washington are about to be realized. Plans for the commencement pageant are now under way. The theme will be centered around "Education in Pennsylvania." And thus the Seniors part, sadly, to go their respective ways, well pleased with their four years of high school. is 311 CANNON-AID lill L'Q A f l Q ' i'p,g. jimi , , w 'f , I I I 'n Jn.. 'W Un f , -,fs few J f w w V I I 1, 'gn gags ' :fi ?f"S 'I D59 -J E, nl 'V V442 1- My 1 . f,'51ff7mZ?, ' 14392527 Qf . f w 0,3 - 'IM A Q , 11: 22 f g W e Q., 'HW WH WP 'X 71,1 Hi: :t Srmmrg ix . ,nu-A W' X357 Kim , Mr If yifflgl I A Jfj f ,,,v , 25' 425 Txxx xx T, - -Q1 A. X W V, f -L Z ww y- kk 5117- x 5' 'T'wfXlQslMgY Y, Arial!" . X H 1 f , . -4-m -- mf X is CANNON-AID 3'-I CHARLES VINCENT ABELL "Charlie" Commercial Basketball 131, Baseball 121, Art Club 121, Hi-y 131, Chess Club 141, Year Book Staff 141. "fl lvero in the eyes of rnaiclens PAUL E. ANZENGRUBER "Bud,' Commercial Baseball 121, Football 11, 2, 3, varsity 41, Basketball 141, Track 13, 41, Scout Club 111, Hi-y 121, Chorus 13, 41, "The Count and the Coed" 131, 1'Ric1ing Down the Sky" 141, "It Pays to Aclvertisel' 141. "The atlvlete Wlvo lvas 'Won famef, ISABELLE MARGARET BEAL "Issy" Acad. anal Comm. Art Appreciation Club 121, Ma- roon ancl White 12, 3, 41, Mask and Wig 13, 41, "Climbing Roses" 131. "Ready, steady, fall of fun- A dear little girl you will never shun." MARGARET BERNICE BOWERS "Peg" A carlemic Latin Club 111, Camera Club 111, Sewing 121, Etiquette 13, 41. "If learriings were gold, rvlvat a for- tune tlvou Wouldsit lvola'," page ten fair." MARY JANE APPLER "App" Academic Basketball 12, 41, Marionette Club 111, Pep Club 111, Tap Club 121, Etiquette Club 131, Maroon and White Staff 13, 41, Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41, Year Book Staff 141, t'Pickles" 111, "In Old Louisiana" 121, '1The Count ancl the Coecll, 131, "Riding Down the Skyl' 141, "It Pays to Ad- vertisen 141. "The four Pls does Mary jane por- tray- Popularity, personality, pep and playf' HELEN IRENE BENSON "Bcrzson,' Academic Glee Club 111, Gym Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Maroon and White 11, 2, 3, 41, Girls, Athletic Association 141, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 41, Mask ancl Wig 141, "Climbing Rosesv 131, "The Count and the Coecln 131. "She possessed a peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever slre sairl ur flillf, JOHN GREENAWALT BREHM "johnny" Academic Camera 111, Mathematics 12, 31, Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41, Chess Club 131, Business Manager of Nla- roon and White 13, 41, Year Book Staff 141, "The Count ancl The Coeclv 131, "Climbing Roses" 131: "Third Floor Front" 141, 'glr Pays tn Advertiseu ".4 song arm' a :lance to star! the :lay off riglztfj CARLETON BREAM BIESECKER "Bee" Commercial Dramatic 111, Hi-y 12, 3, 41. "Says little but means much." EILEEN BERNETTE BUTT "Dearzl' General 11, 21, Girls, Athletic Association 13, 41. Basketball 11, 2, 3, 413 Tapping "To know ber is to love lverf' ELEANOR S. CLUCK "Clucleie" Classical Basketball 1413 Pep Club 111, Marionette 1113 Health 121, Etiquette 131, Girls' Athletic Association 141. "Bul1l7ling over with constant joys Eleanor is lileed hy girls and lwysf' EDWARD GORDON CRIST "Ed" Classical Latin Club 111, Mathematics 1213 Hi-y 131g Chess Club 1419 Year Book Staff 141g Class Treasurer 11, 2, 41. "To know him is to love himf' 19 CANNON-AID 3'-I KATHLEEN GERTRUDE BUTT rfjaken General Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Tapping Club 11, 211 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 13, 41, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 415 Secretary of Class 11, 2, 31. "As an athlete she has made her name Helping G-burg march to fame." CATHERINE L. CHAMBERLAIN "Cat,' Classical Latin Club 111, Gym Club 121, Camera 131, Library 131, Maroon and White 141, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 41. "Beneath this mild exterior, there lies a deal of misrhieff' GENEVIEVE MAY CLUCK Academic Marionette 11, 31. Camera Club 1213 Mixed Chorus 141, Mask and Wig 1413 "The Third Floor Frontv 141, "Riding Down the Skyu 141. "All that a dignifed senior should he." HAROLD WILLIAM CULP "CulpyU Scientific Football 11, 2, 3, varsity 41g Track 12, 3, 41, Camera Club 1113 Latin 121, Mathematics 131, Hi-y 1415 "It Pays to Advertisey' "There,s daggers in merfs srnilesf, MILDRED ELMIRA CLEVELAND "1Will', Commercial Basketball 131g Penmanship 11, 21g Stenography 131g Shorthand Club 141. "She never sits down wizb a tear or frown, But she paddles her own canoe." WALTER EPLEY COSHUN "Cushion" Scientific Latin Club 1113 Mathematics 12, 31, Chess 1413 Year Book Stalf "Of comrades he had manyf' RUTH E. DAUGHERTY "So-Bigv Commercial Band 12, 3, 41, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 415 Girl Reserves 12, 3, 41, Mixed Chorus 131, Camera Club 111, Sew- ing Club 1213 The Merry Stenog- raphers 131, Shorthand 141, i'The Count and the Coed" 131, Corre- sponding Secretary 141. "Attentive to her work: true to her friendsf, page eleven is 311 CANNON-AID FRANKLIN ROMANE DEARDORFF "Bud" Commercial Football 11, varsity 2, 3, 41, Track 11, 2, 41, Gym Club 111, Garden 121, Hi-y 13, 41. "None but the hrave deserve the fairf' DAVID GULDEN DEITCH "Ditch" General Track 121, Football 13, Manager 141, Camera 111, Gym Club 111, Hi-y 12, 31, Chemistry 141, "Climb- ing Rosesl' 131. "None hut himself can he his parallel." HELEN ELIZABETH ECKARD A cademic Latin Club 111, Penmanship 121, Etiquette 131, Chemistry 141. "She knows most who speales the leastf' HADWIN KEITH FISCHER "ElsieD Scientijic Football 11, 2, varsity 3, 41, Basket- ball 12, varsity 3, 41, Camera Club 111, Maroon and White 11, 2, 3, 413 Hi-y 13, 41, Mixed Chorus 131, Mask and Wig Club 141, Year Book Staff 141, Orchestra 141, "Climbing Rosesy' 131, "The Count and the Coedl' 131, "Third Floor Front" 141, Class Presi- dent 141, "It Pays to Advertise" 141, Honor Society 141. "To love, ana' to he loved hy his companionsf, page twelve DRUID CASSATT DEITCH "Ditch" General Camera Club 111, Hi-y 12, 31, Chemistry 141, "Climbing Roses" 131. "They are Wise who sayest littlef, DONALD COLLINS FEESER "Don" Academic Dramatics 11, 21, Library 131, En- gineering 141, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41, 'qlt Pays to Advertisen 141. "I woke one morning ana' found mye self farnousf, RICHARD LAWRENCE FOX "Faxey" Commercial Gym Club 111, Hi-y 121, Mixed Chorus 13, 41, "The Count and the Coed" 131, "Riding Down the Sky" 141. "l3orn to he loved hy fair maidens." HELEN MARGARET FIDLER "Fia'ler" Classical Marionette 111, Sewing 111, Health Club 121, Library Club 131, Mask and Wig 141, "Climbing Roses" 131, "The Third Floor Frontv 141. "I love its giddy gurgle, I love its fluent flow, I love to wind my mouth up, I love to hear it gof' FREDERICK HARMON FURNEY "Harm" Scientific Basketball 13, 41, Football 11, 2, varsity 3, 41, Maroon and White 11, 2, 3, 413 Hi-Y 13, 41s Honor Society 13, president 41, Year Book Editor 141, Class President 111. "Almost everything that is great has been done by youth." LEAH KATHRYN GITT "Kotty,' Academic Basketball 141, Marionette 111, Sewing 121, Maroon and White 11, 2, 3, 41, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 41, Mask and Wig 13, 41, "Climbing Rosesi' 131, "Pickles,' 111, "In Old Louisiana" 121, "Riding Down the Skyn 141, t'It Pays to Advertisen 141, Honor Society 141. "Introducing Miss Gitt-a budding rose of sophistication." PAUL HOWARD HARBAUGH "Harl7augh', Commercial Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Gym Club 111, Hi-Y 12, 3, 41- "A man among men." 3 19 '-I CANNON-AID THELMA IRENE GALLAGHER "Rerzie', Commercial Sewing Club 11, 21, Etiquette 131, Shorthand 141. "Who Wouldn't walk a mile to see that sweet maid smile?', SARAH ALICE GEHR "Sally" General Dancing Club 111, Gym 12, 31, Chemistry 141. "And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knewf' JOHN ADAMS GUISE "Guisey" Commercial Baseball 121, Basketball 13, varsity 1419 Band ll, 2, 3, 41? Camefa 1113 I-Ii-y 12, 31, Chess Club "And with a grace of manners few could equal." MARY MINERVA HEAGY "Mickey" Academic Basketball 141, Camera 111, Art Appreciation and Garden 121, Eti- quette Club 141. "Mary's quietness is just a shell cov- ering a heart of gold." JAMES WILLIAM GILBERT JR. "Jimmie" Scientific Camera Club 111, Scout Club 12, 3, 41, Mask and Wig 141, Chemistry 141. "He takes the duties of his life with great seriousnessf' JEANNE ELEANOR HAMILTON "Ieanne', Classical Basketball 141, Marionette Club 111, Health 121, Sewing 131, Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 41: "The Empty House" 1315 "Riding Down the Skyv 141. ff Everyone likes her-confess-donlt ? you. " VERNA MARION HECK "Heckie,' Academic Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Dramatic Club 111, Gym Club 121, Tapping 131, Girls' Athletic Association 141. "Look after your French vocabulary, your dance steps will take care of themselves." page thirteen A friend that's steady and true blue, is cannon-mo ELEANOR ALICE I-IERSI-IEY Scientific Basketball 12, 3, 41, Latin 111, Dancing Club 1113 GYU1 Club 1212 Tapping 131, Girls' Athletic Association 141, "Climbing Rosesy' 121- "Smooth runs the water Where the brook is deepf' ANNIE ALICE I-IOLOWKA Academic Mixed Chorus 141 . "Her good sportsmanship takes her a long wayf' VIRGINIA BENNETT JONES "Ginny" Classical Maroon and White 12, 3, 41, Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41, Dramatic Club 111, Mask and Wig 13, 41, Honor Society 141, Year Book Staff 141, "The Empty Housew 1319 uRiding, Down the Skyl' 141, Class Secretary 141, "It Pays to Advertise" 141. "Deperidahility in "Ginny,' We fnd. She's a very obliging girl with an ex- cellent mind." CLARENCE EDW. KITZMILLER "Kit1y,' Scientific Basketball 11, 2, varsity 3, 41, Base- ball 1varsity 21, Latin 111, Mathe- matics Club 12, 31, Chess 141, Year Book Staff 141, Class Vice-president 131, Honor Society 141. "Small, hut has great ability in sports and studies." page fourteen E. LUCILLE I-IORNER Academic Basketball 12, 3, 41, Latin Club 111, Camera 111, Gym Club 121, Etiquette 13, 41, Maroon and White 13, 41- "And when she entered, mirth arrived before, And gloom 'Went pell-mell to get through the doorf' MAYBELLE KADEL "Kadel,' Academic Health 111, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41' Sewing Club 121, Etiquette Club 131, Marionette Club 111, "Pickled, 111, 1'The Count and the Coeclw 131, "Rid- ing Down the Sky" 141, Year Book Staff 141, Maroon and White 141. "Fair of face with a sunny smile, Maybelle's a friend thatls quite worth- Whilef, ANN LUCILLE MAUST Academic Basketball 11, 41, Marionette Club 111, Girl Reserves 11, 21, Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41, Gym Club 12, 31, Tapping Club 111, "The Count and the Coed" 131, "Riding Down the SW' 141. "Rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, Who relishes a joke and rejoices in a punfj 3'-I 1 NAOMI MARGARET KING "Kingy" Commercial Penmanship 11, 41, Sewing Club 121, Stenogi-apher's Club 131. "lf silence Were golden, Naomi should glitter." ELSIE VIRGINIA MCPHERSON "Ginny" Classical Basketball 11, 41, Dramatic Club 111, Pep Club 111, Gym Club 121, Etiquette Club 131, Chemistry Club 141. "I have no other but a Womarfs reason I think him so because 1 think him so." 1 , 9 CANNON-AID 3'-I 1 1 Wx 5 , . s si as, . JEAN S. NEWMAN Academic Latin Club 1115 Camera 1115 Dra- matics 12, 315 Etiquette 141. "The warmth of general courtesy, The calm of self-reliancef, ROMAINE ALICE PLANK "Red5D Commercial Basketball 11, 2, 3, 415 Penmanship Club 1114 Gym 121: Tapping 1315 Girls, Athletic Association 141. "Vivacious and real-headedf' -1- 2 , L W2 " QW' BETTY KATHRYN MILLER rfB0Opu Commercial Basketball 11, 2, 3, 415 Sewing Club 1115 Gym 1215 Tapping 1315 Girls' Athletic Association 141. "She lures the males into her lair By the blue of her eyex and the gold of her hair." EDGAR ALLEN MILLER "Dorn Academic Football 13, 415 Marionette 1215 Hi-y 1315 Chemistry Club 141. "Strength lie5 in silencefj CHARLES EDWARD PITZER "ChingJ' Commercial Gym Club 1115 Scout 1215 Hi-y 1314 Chess 141- "He has an infuperable averxion to any kind of laborf' VIDA ADELA REBERT "Babe,' Claxsical Marionette Club 1115 Sewing 1215 Etiquette 1315 Mixed Chorus 1415 "Climbing Rosesl' "Vida,x like the measles--always wailing for something to break out." RUTH ANNA MILLER "Boots" Classical Sewing Club 1115 Art Appreciation and Garden 1215 Etiquette Club 1415 Glee Club 111 . ff - The reason chewing gum manufac- turer: don't go lvanleruptfy EDDIE PLANK, JR. "Edu Academic I-Ii-y 12, 3, 415 Maroon and White 13, 415 Cheer Leader 141. "A contriving head, a persuasive mind and a hand to execute mixchieff, WILLIAM CHARLES RIFE "Willie" Academic Track 12, 3, 415 Mathematics Club 111: Chess 1319 Hi-Y 12, 41- "l was born a farmer but not to be one." page fifteen 19 'P' . .1 ,ww Wuxi' CANNON-AID JOHN ROSENSTENGEL rfRO5yu Academic Football 13, varsity 413 Mixed Chorus 13, 413 Hi-y 1313 "The Count and the Coed" 1313 "Riding Down the Sky" 141. "May you give us a few brilliant flashes of silencef, GEORGE HENRY ROTH Classical Maroon and White 12, 3, 413 De- bating 1413 Mask and Wig 1413 "Climbing Roses" 1313 "Third Floor Front" 1413 Honor Society 1413 "It Pays to Advertise" 141. "Boisterous in speech, in action prompt and boldf' ROBERT HERBERT SHRIVER "Bob" Commercial Football 1113 Maroon and White 11, 2, 313 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 413 Mathematical Recreation 1213 Hi-y 1413 Band 11, 213 "Count and the Coedl' 1313 Class Treasurer 131. "He batb a daily beauty in bis life." DORSEY ELVEN STONER "Stoney" Academic Latin Club 1113 Math. Club 12, 313 Maroon and White 13, 413 Chemistry Club 141. "Accuse not nature, she bas done ber partf, page sixteen CHARLES DONALD SHEELY "Po0cbU A cademic Football 12, 3, varsity 413 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 413 Camera 11131-li-Y 12, 3, 413 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 413 Latin Club 1113 '1Ricling Down the Sky" 1413 Class President 12, 31. "Gentle in manner, but 'vigorous in deed." LOTTIE MAE STALEY "Staley" Commercial Baslcetbell 11, 2, 3, 413 Sewing Club 1119 Gym 1215 Tapping 131: Girls' Athletic Association 141. "Grace ana' strength in all sportsf, WILLIAM DANIEL STOOPS "Bill" Commercial Band 11, 213 Camera Club 1113 Gym 1113 Scout 1213 Hi-y 1313 Engineering 141. "Taste tbe joy that springs from laborf, 3'-I CLYDE HERBERT SPANGLER "Spangler" Classical Track 12, 3, 41g Latin Club 1I1 Camera Club 1113 Scout 1213 Marion ette 1313 Chemistry 141. "Beware tbe fury of a patient marif EVELYN K. STRICKHOUSER "Striclei" Commercial Penmanship 1113 Sewing Club 121 Stenographers 1313 Etiquette 141. "True to ber friends, true to ber self, true to ber duty always." HAZEL ROBERTA TIPTON "Raffles" Commercial Dramatics 111, Gym 11, 21, Ma- roon and White 12, 3, 41, Glee Club 111, Etiquette 141, Year Book Staff 141- "Her ambition-dancing, Her bobby-misunderstood xclwol- boysfi CHARLOTTE L. WALTEMYER FfCl7d7l0flE,, Clasyical Mixed Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41, Girl Reserves 11, 2, 3, 41, Sewing Club 111, Maroon and White 12, 3, 41, Marionette 111, Honor Society 141, "The Count and the Coed" 131, Year Book Staff 141, "It Pays to Adver- risew 141. fPCl7dTlOlf6,5 neat, Cl7arlotte's sweet, Cl7arlotte's modest and dixcreetf' is CANNON-AID 3'-I BETTY REINECKE SWOPE A "Betty,' Classical Basketball 141, Dancing Club 111, Sewing 111, Tapping 121, Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41, Maroon and White 121, Girl Reserves 131, Dramatic Club 13, 41, "Climbing Rosesi' 131, "The Count ancl the Cocclly 131, "Pickles" 111, Class Vice-president "Of arms and a man I singf' 1Virgil1. CARYL WINFRED THOMAS "Cul1l1y" Clasxical Football 13, varsity 41, Basketball Manager 141, Camera 111, Math. Club 12, 31, I-Ii-y 141. "A diamond in the rough." CRAWFORD WALTER TROSTLE "Honey,' Scientific Football 1varsity 1, 2, 3, 41, Basket- ball 11, varsity 2, 3, 41, Track 11, 2, 3, 414 Gym Club 1115 Hi-v 12, 3, 41- "My only books were womarfs looks, And follyis all they tauglvt mef, RUTH KING WEIKERT "Blondie,' Commercial Basketball 141, Sewing Club 111, Penmanship 121, Stenographers 131, Etiquette 141. "A fair exterior is a silent recom- mendalionf' EDMUND WELLS THOMAS, JR. "TealU Academic Baseball 121, Camera 111, Mask and Wig 141, Math. Club 121, Hi-y 131, Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41, "In Old Louisianai' 121, "Climbing Rosesly 131, "The Count and the Coed" 131, "The Third Floor Front" 141, Class Vice- president 121, Maroon and White 13, 41, Year Book Stal? 141, Rifle Club 111, "Riding Down the Sky" 141, "It Pays to Advertise" 141. "He seems of cheerful yesterday! and confalent tomorrowsfi ELIZABETH M. TROXELL "Betty,' Academic Mixed Chorus 141 . "Small in stature We'll agree, "But big in intelligence is Betty. 1: HAZEL OLIVER XVILLIAMS C l axxical Basketball 141, Girl Reserves 11, 21, Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41, Sewing Club 121, Gym Club 131, Etiquette Club 131, "The Count and the Coed" 131. "Don,t argue with me, I know l'm riglvtf' page .vcventeen 19 yux 3 ll cfmuou-Ano ROBERT H. WILLIAMS EVERETT WILLS RUTH KATI-IRYN WITHLROXV "Huck" Scientific "Will5ie', Academic-General "Rul1inoff" Commercial Football 11, 31g Gym Club 111, Track 11, 21, Football 12, 3, 411 Basketball 13, 41g Sewing Club 11 Hi-y 1213 Mask and 'Wig 12, 3, 41g Dramatics 111, Rifle Club 1115 I-Ii-y 21, Tapping 131g Orchestra 141 Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 413 Rifle Club 12, 3, 413 Orchestra 12, 3, 41. Girls' Athletic Association 141 1111? MHYOOUI f'11'ldv1Whlf9u12, 3, 415 "He gets Wisdom in a fortunate Way, "A friend to all In Old Louisiana 121 The Count lVl7o gets Wixdorn at anotlvefx ex- A foe to none and the Coedn 1315 "Climbing Rosesl' pemej' 131g "The Third Floor Front" 141g "Riding Down the Sky" 1415 Class Vice-president 1415 "It Pays to Ad- vertise" 141, "Good at jiglvt, but better at play." CHARLES A. WOODWARD MERVILLE EUGENE ZINN "Woodie" Commercial "Bud" Scientific Football 11, 2, 3, 41g Baseball 121g Latin Club 111, Gym Club 111, Math. Club 121g Hi-y 13, 41, "Exceealingly Wise, fair spoken and Camera Club 111, Latin 121, I-Ii-y 131, Mixed Chorus 12, 3, 41g Band 111 21 31 413 Orchestra 117 21 315 "Climbing Roses" 1313 "Riding Down perxuadingf, the SlfY,, "To avoid being criticised, say noth- ing, do nothing, be notlvingf, Motto Colors "No steps backward" Brown and Gold OFFICERS FOR 1934 Presidentw ,,t,t ,,t,c i . .,,t,,t ,,,,, . . ,,,,,,, Y, , ,,,, , KEITH FiscHER Vice Presidentw, ,, Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary, ,L Treafureru , ,, page eighteen A ssistant Treasurer, , , ,,,,c ROBERT WILLIAMS ,,,,t,,,.V1RG1N1A JONES WHRUTI-1 DOUGHERTY EDWARD Ciusr c,,,, IVIAYBELLE KADEL CANNON-AID FRESHMEN 1931 SOPI-IOMORES 1932 page ninctcel page twenty 5- A 311 9 MM" CANNON-AID A CHALLENGE Forward, my worthy comrades, class of thirty-fourg Welve reached the end of book-toil, life has opened wide its door, We've hnished lesser learning taught us by our sires, We must learn now through experience to climb to nobler spires. Harlc! to the call of duty! The world does forward strive. Life is swift and arduous, and only the strong survive, No longer may we shirlc our taslcs, and stop to play, But conquer all those obstacles that face us day by day. Unsheath the sword of knowledge, sound the battle cry, Enter life's ceaseless struggle with defiance in your eyeg Ascend the upward path, with hope beneath your breast,' With steps so firm you'll reach the top-youire bound to pass life' Lift high the torch of wisdom, let truth lead you on To reach those goals you've set, and to ascend success, throne, Strive on, fellow classmates, with all your power and main, And every honest effort will be crowned with worthwhile gain. But in these years to come, when parted we shall be, And scattered by the hand of fate-,tis then we,ll think of thee, O Gettysburg, the alma mater we adore, And of that steadfast group of friends-the class of thirty-four. S test -DoRsEY STONER, '34, 19 3 ll f CANNON-AID 11 1 , - 'K If L SSES c twrzrl I9 311 CANNOIPAID 'P WI C JUNIOR CLASS President ,, 7 7 , ,, JOHN DEARDORFF Vice Presidenl ,, ,,,, 7,7, H AROLD SHARPE Secretary ,,,, ,,7, , JEANNE MYERS Trcaxurer W ,,,,,7, , .,,, JOHN BOLLINGER Sponmr , v.,, Miss MARTHA J. LARsoN Colors Flower Blue and Wlmite Mountain Laurel Motto "Esse quam vided" fBe genuinej. Barrick, Dorothy V. Biggs, Jean Elmira Bigham, B. Eleanor Bigham, Mary Belle Bollinger, John W. Bower, Jeannette Bowers, Pauline E. Bowling, Elizabeth Bucher, Irene Bumbaugh, Grace Bupp, Edith Bushman, Eileen Bushman, Horace Byers, Goldie Irene Chamberlain, Ruth Codori, Aurelia Conti, Thomas Crouse, Dorothy V. Currens, Ada M. Currens, Eugene M. Deardorif, John E. Eiker, Hazel V. Fischer, Robert H. Fissel, E. Blair Fissel, Janet E. Fitzgerald, Jeanne Fleming, Helen M. Folkenroth, Richard A. Foulk, Ruth A. Garlach, Eleanor F. Gladhill, Robert D. Goodermuth, Mary E. Halterman, Elva V. Hanson, Robert Harbach, Harrison F. Harbaugh, Marjorie C. Harbaugh, Raymond E. Hartzell, Mahlon P. Hawbaker, Margaret E. Heagey, Ruth A. , . 19 CANNOINPAID JUNIOR CLASS ROSTER Holowka, Marie Holowka, Michael Hudson, Edward D. Hull, Stanley W. King, Valeria E. Knox, Fred V. Knox, Samuel D. Kuhn, Walter R. Lawver, John A. Lindner, Beula Lochbaum, Marie Lynch, Eric E. McCleaf, Dale R. McCleaf, Paul F. McCleaf, Roland McDermitt, Lorraine McKenclrick, Harold A. Mcllhenny, Mary E. Martin, John R. Meals, Kathryn Menges, Frances I. Menges, Raymond Mickley, Janet E. Millhimes, Helen E. Moose, Margaret A. Motter, Erma G. Myers, Jeanne E. Nace, Esther L. Null, Catherine M. O'Connor, George F. Phiel, Arthur V. Plank, Anna Mary Pretz, Mary L. Reaver, Evelyn Katherine Rebert, Mary F. Reibold, Marion Ridinger, William H. Riley, Eugene H. Roberts, Edith C. Rohrbaugh, Mary E. 3'-I Settle, Stanley C. Sharetts, Beatrice V. Sharetts, Catherine E. Sharpe, Harold R. Sharrah, Mildred Shealer, Coretta E. Shealer, Jean Shealer, Leonard M. Shields, Glenn R. Shoop, Evelyn V. Shulley, Frances L. Smith, Clarence C. Socia, Marvin W. Spangler, Clyde R. Spangler, Jeannette R. Spangler, Pauline T. Sponseller, Irene A. Stanton, Albert S. Starry, Dale W. Steinour, Pearl M. Stevens, M. Ethel Storrick, M. Virginia Swisher, M. Rebecca Swope, Dorothea Mae Tawney, Christine M. Tilberg, Cedric W. VanDyke, Marlin H. Walker, Francis S. Weaver, Donald G. Weaver, Dorothy I. Weaver, Jeanette E. Weikert, Bernard H. Wierman, Mary Elizabeth Williams, Clara A. Woerner, Hazel M. Worthington, Neibert W Yeagy, Willis H. Yingst, Harvey Zinkand, Dorothy A. page twenty three 19 CANNON-AID 3'-I SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Prvvizlcnt Via' Prcvidvnt Scvrcfary Trcamrcr S'f7U71S'IW Flower Anwriczln Bmuty Rose ,,,MRS. AN PHILIP EVIQIII-IAIQIK GEORGE AMICK LOIS KADFL MARION SHEELY NA B. HHIN'I'ZI'II.MAN Colors Blue and Gray Rfwi 19 CANNON-AID 3'-I SOPI-IOMORE CLASS ROSTER Amick, George H. Armold, Monica K. Baker, Donald P. Biesecker, Helen V. Bilheimer, Mary G. Binning, Charles Bollinger, Carleton E. Bowling, C. Frances Brannon, Myrtle V. Brown, Dorothy H. Brown, Kenneth C. Carter, Edward Carver Leila V. Cessna, john P. Chamberlain, M. Evelyn Clapsaddle, Arlene B. Cleveland, John E. Cook, E. Clare Crabill, E. Annabelle Crouse, john M. Darling, Marie M. Daugherty, Mildred E. Dayholf, Bernice M. Donaldson, Sidney C. Eckert, Ethel Edna Eckert, Mary Elizabeth Everhart, Donald Everhart, Philip Everhart, Rachel E. Eyler, Truman R. Fissel, Marie A. Fissel, Edith M. Fortna, Wayne B. Galbraith, Helen E. Gilbert, Harry C. Gilbert, Llovd R. Grant, Marjorie Guise, Merle E. Hamm, Kenneth Hankey, Lloyd Harness, james H. Hayberger, George A. Heck, John Hoffman, Margaret L. Hughes, Frederick Jones, Ferdinand R. Kadel, Lois Kendlehart, James L. Knox, Milford A. Kroushour, Edna M. Lackner, Charles Larson, Margaret E. Little, Clyde L. MacDonnell, James M. McKenrick, George Mickley, Earl C. Moticka, Mary K. Mumper, William Myers, Adam Nicely, Imogene Nunemaker, Miriam Nuss, Iohn W. Olinger, George W. Orner, Kathryn M. Cyler, Kenneth A. Penn, William C. Plontz, john H. Reaver, Adelle M. Redding, Bernard W. Redding, Lillian Rothaupt, Rurhanna Sachs, Glenn W. Sachs, Rodney E. Sadler, Margaret Schwartz, Ruth M. Scott, Margaret K. Shaner, Francis A. Shealer, Ruth P. Sheelv, Marian L. Shields, Della M. Shirk, Mary E. Shuman, Charles R. Smith, Ruth I. Snyder, Alice D. Snyder, Betty Jane Snyder, Caroline Snyder, Francis T. Snyder, Harry L. Spangler, Florence E. Spangler, Roy E. Spence, Nelson O. Sprecher, Galen E. Stahle, john C. Stites, Earl L. Strickhouser, Erma M Swisher, lulia I. Tawney, Kenneth M. Thomas, Marqaret Thorne, Bertha E. Timbers, Dolly Toomey, Josephine E. Toomey, Mary E. Trimmer, Edna L. Troll, Vivian Troxell, Fred R. Waters, William Weddle, E. Catherine Wfeikert, Francis W. Weikert, Willard Wentz, Valentine Wentz, Wayne F. Yingling, John N. Zepp, Miriam Arlene Ziegler, Reginald page twenty vc X4-0X is 3 4 CANNON-AID page twenty-six FRESHMAN CLASS President 7,,,,,,, 7 7 7,,,,,,, ,7,., 7 ,,,, 7 77 7 MAXINE MCGREAGOR Vice Presidentm 7 77 77 7777 ELMIRA SLAYBAUGH Secretary 77777 7 7777 JANICE HARBACH Treasurer 7 77777777 ARTHUR WARMAN Sponsor 7,7777777777 77777777 M Iss RELDA GREEN Colon' Flower Blue and Gold Arbutus M otto "Put your backbone where your Wishbone is." CANNON-AID 3'-I FRESHMAN CLASS ROSTER Adams, S. Evelyn Andrew, Marie L. Arendt, Catherine R. Armold, Monica K. Beard, Adeline M. Beard, Helen S. Becker, Joseph C. Beitler, Donald H. Benner, Anna Mary Benson, Sara E. Bierer, Norma Black, Edna Mae Bosak, Amelia C. Bosak, John Boughton, Sibyl E. Bream, Thelma L. Bupp, Pauline E. Bushman, Ruth Carver, Irene M. Clay, Viola Cleveland, Jean Marbella Cleveland, Raymond N. Collins, Vivian M. Conti, Evelyn Crabill, Frances M. Cullison, Quay V. Culp, Jean L. Culp, Verna Currens, Louetta G. Davies, Robert M. Deatrick, George R. Deatrick, George Deatrick, Ralph M. Dengler, Anna Duttera, George H. Eckert, Lawrence H. Eckert, Richard Eiker, Elmer E. Frazer, Mary C. Funkhouser, R. Virginia Gleim, Robert P. Strausbaugh, Betty M. Swope, Betty I. Swope, Mary Frances Tate, James Tawney, James E. Thomas, Clair S. Thomas, Jean Troll, Arthur Edward Gouker, June F. Grimm, Dorothy Lee Harbach, Janice Halterman, Harry L. Hardman, Helen M. Hargreaves, Betty Heck, John E. Hess, Doris E. Hevner, Edwin Hinkle, Edward E. Hofe, Ruth M. Hoffman, Anna C. Hoffman, Jeanne E. Hoffman, Mary C. Horner, Mildred A. Jacobs, Catherine E. Keefer, Theodore C. Keller, Jay C. Kelley, Josephine E. Kendlehart, John L. Kessel, Jean M. King, Donald Dale Knox, Wilbur N. Lee, Evelyn C. Lefever, Robert L. Linn, Francis I. Linn, John S. Little, Paul F. Livesay, Robert G. MacPherson, Oliver G. McIntyre, Josephine E. Martin, George R. Martin, Irene E. Martin, William Mashburn, Marion McElroy, Betty C. McGlaughlin, Romaine McGreagor, Maxine C. Meals, L. Kenton Miller, Catherine E. Van Dyke, Ross Walker, Ruthe Anna M Wansel, Joseph E16 Wa.rman, Arthur W. Warner, Kathryn E. Weaner, Robert W. Weaver, Martha Louise Weaver,Ralph MontineaufJr.J Miller, Harold E. Morris, Richard W. Motter, Cora M. Mundorlf, Nellie L. Myers, Dorothy M. Myers, John H. Myers, Kathleen M. Null, Richard B. Oyler, Jack Oyler, Thomas O. Reaver, Helen Reaver, Lucille D. Rebert, Anna L. Redding, Louis Norton Redding, Robert W. Redding, Nellie R. Reynolds, Walter A. Riggeal, Inez M. Riley, Anna M. Ross, Raymond R. Sentz, John Settle, Margaret L. Sharrer, Mary M. Shealer, Grayson D. Shears, Donald Shears, Dorothy L. Sheifer, Sara Jane Shields, Ellen Shultz, Rita A. Slaybaugh, Elmira F. Small, Philip W. Smith, Ruth Anna Snyder, E. Blanche Snyder, Mabel Spangler, Arlene Stanley, Richard E. Stanton, Catherine L. Stanton, Cora G. Starry, Gladys Sterner, Edith L. Stock, Bernard Weddle, Margaret Weikert, Donald Spangler Wentz, Ruth Annabelle Wisler, Mary Kathryn Woodward, William E. Worthington, Miriam Zinkand, Kathryn Zinn, John B. page hvenly :even is 3 L1 CANNON-AID is 34 CANNON-AID CDXQ, 5 BQCA 0 'ff U u, r qkf Wdrcf Achvuims 19 :fu CANNON-AID HONOR SOCIETY OOD character, high scholarship, ability to be a leader, and willingness to serve are qualities which the student must attain to become a member of the National Honor Society. The Gettysburg chapter of the National Honor Society was organized early in the autumn of 1931. The symbol of the organization is the lceystone, at the bottom of which are inscribed the four letters-S. C. L. S.-which stand for the four qualities of membership. The organization is limited to Seniors and Juniors, elected twice during the school year. Harmon Furney, of the class of 1934, was elected to the Honor Society on March 15, 1933. In the first semester of their Senior year, Virginia Jones and Charlotte Nvaltemyer were initiated as representatives of the class of 1934. Kathryn Gitt, Clarence Kitzmiller, Keith Fischer, and Henry Roth from the class of 1934, Virginia Storrick, Robert Hanson and Cedric Tilberg, class of 1935, were formally initiated in assembly, March 28, 1934. Members of the National Honor Society are elected by the faculty of the high school. Mr. Baker, Mathematics teacher, and Miss Larson, Latin teacher, are the advisers of the club. The ofhcers of the active organization are: President . .. .. HARMON FURNEY Secretary .. CHARLOTTE WALTEMYER Treasurer . . VIRGINIA JONES page thirty is 34 CANNON-AID HI-Y CLUB HE Hi-y is one of the largest and most active clubs of the high school. The member- ship consists of boys chosen from the three upper classes. The aim of the club is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian living. The program of the past year has been profitable both socially and financially. Splendid tallcs from local speakers, ping-pong tournaments and short hilces provided the members with wholesome recreation. The members having obligated themselves to furnish gold footballs and basketballs to the Senior members of these teams, they worked whole-heartedly to secure the amount of money required. The sum needed was obtained from the proceeds of informal dances held after several of the basketball games and from candy sales at the games. The club holds its annual banquet in May and at this time the awards are presented to eligible team members. It is to Mr. Forney, faculty advisor, that the club owes much of its success. His efforts have guided the Hi-Y club into paths of unselfish service. OFFICERS President ...,..,..... ......................... ......... H A RMON FURNEY Vive President ,,,,,.,,,,. . ,. ...,. CRAWFORD TROSTLE Secretary-Treasurer ...... .,,... . HROMANE DEARDORFF Adviyor ,,,t,,,,,,....,.., ................. M R. FORNEY page thirty-one A, M if :Y ffr Q HIALLL' Ifnrly-In 4 1 9 3 ll unuou-mn AW '23, I N UQ 32. is gk f + ,ky we TSR bf K 1 wi. k lx. 'ga ' fx, fi 2 if mi iw S 5 , N Qiifii N R 11 xxx? digg f A V12 i I A M ' A Rfk A 'X ix W , V5 N N ya' li .Qiiifxwkig Q H S Q Q 6 4 i 1- QT Sk- WA is S Q K X as -I M . L' 55' N 1- ' is fx V' QQ-xg A ,xg V gg: A H , X we W Q. n is 311 CANNON-AID MASK AND WIG CLUB HE Mask and Wig Dramatic Club under the guidance of Miss Ruth Mcllhenny, presented "The Third Floor Frontv, a three-act comedy, as the annual athletic play, December 8, 1933. Genevieve Cluck, Helen Fidler, Keith Fischer, Henry Roth, Ted Thomas, Robert Williams, Eileen Bushman, Ada Currens and Jeanette Spangler were in the CEISU. A one act play directed by the Maslc and Wig, "The Blue Teapotn, was presented before the County School Directors' meeting and also the annual meeting of the Adams County Agricultural Extension Bureau. The cast of characters included Charles Abell, Catherine Chamberlain, Charlotte Waltemyer and Robert Williams. In the second performance Eddie Hudson replaced Robert Williams. Officers of the Mask and Wig are: President ,,,,t.,, , t.,e....,... ......,.. ,,...,r.,.t,,.. H E NRY ROTH Vice President ,.....,... ,.,,.,.r.,, R omairr WILLIAMS Secretary r.,,,t,,,,,,,,,, - .,,,t. ....,.,,. . ....,,, ,.,.,,,,,,t... V IRGINIA JONES Treasurer ,,,,,,,t,,t.,.,,...............,.....,...............,......,.,,..........,,....,, ROBERT HANSON Other members of the club are: Isabelle Beal, Helen Benson, John Brehm, Genevieve Cluck, Helen Fidler, Keith Fischer, James Gilbert, Kathryn Gitt, Eleanor Hershey, Beula Lindner, Raymond Menges, Arthur Phiel, Betty Jane Snyder, Jeanette Spangler, Betty Swope, Ted Thomas, Harvey Yingst, and Merville Zinn. Miss Ruth Scott, of the faculty, assists in directing the activities of the club. ' DEBATING HE Debating Club of Gettysburg High School, conducted as an extra-curricular activity, had an interesting program of debates during the late winter and early spring months. This club was organized several years ago for the purpose of promoting interest in debating in the local high school and in the town. Gettysburg High School's debating team is a member of the Southern Pennsylvania Inter-scholastic Forensic League. The other members of this league are: Shippensburg, Car- lisle, Chambersburg, Waynesboro and Hanover. Preliminary debates are held between the teams of the tri-school division to determine the league winner at Gettysburg College in April. Debates outside of league competition were held with Washington, Baltimore and the Gettysurg College Freshmen. The question debated was the nation-wide subject for high schools, "Resolved that the United States should adopt the essential features of the British system of Radio Control and Operationf' page thirty three 19 3 L1 CANNON-AID 19 'Vim 'Yew' CANNON-AID YEAR BOOK STAFF Faculty Adviser MISS SPANGLER 3'-I Editor-in-Chief Business Manager HARMON FURNEY TED THOMAS Assistant Editor CHARLOTTE WALTEMYER Editorial Staff CHARLES ABELL EDDIE CRIST CLARENCE KITZMILLER BETTY SWOPE MARY JANE APPLER KATHRYN GITT VIDA REBERT HAZEL TIPTON WALTER COSHUN VIRGINIA JONES HENRY ROTH Business Staff HENRY ROTH MAYBELLE KADEL JOHN BREHM EDDIE PLANK Art Editors KEITH FISCI-IER DONALD SHEELY Typist JOHN GUISE MAROON AND XXXHITE STAFF MR. ROBERT FIDLER Editor-in-Cfuief HENRY ROTH News Editor VIRGINIA JONES MARY JANE APPLER ISABELLE BEAL HELEN BENSON JEANETTE BOWER CATHERINE CHAMBERLAIN RUTH CHAMBERLAIN AURELIA CODORI THOMAS CONTI KEITH FISCHER Faculty Advisers MISS LOUISE RAMER Associate Editor RAYMOND HARBAIJGH Editorial Staff HARMON FURNEY KATHRYN GITT JEANNE HAMILTON ROBERT HANSON HARRISON HARBACH MAHLON HARTZELL LUCILLE HORNER ERIC LYNCH MARY E. MCILHENNY MR. HAROLD THOMAS Business Manager JOHN BREHM, JR. Associate News Editor VIRGINIA STORRICK FRANCIS MENGES EDWARD PLANK VIDA REBERT RUTH ANNA ROTHHAUPT DONALD SHEELY FRANCES SHULLEY DORSEY STONER CEDRIC TILBERG HAZEL TIPTON WALTEMYER JOSEPHINE TOOMEY CHARLOTTE HORACE BUSHMAN JOHN DEARDORFF RAYMOND MENGES Business Staff ROBERT SHRIVER TED THOMAS ROBERT WILLIAMS page thirty-five 19 3 L1 CANNON-AID is an CANNON-AID GLEE CLUB OR the past several years, one of the most active organizations in Gettysburg High School has been the glee club of mixed voices. This chorus is composed of about seventy voices, and three successful operettas have been presented by them. This music club is under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Brindle, supervisor of music in the Gettysburg Public Schools. In 1932 the operetta Q'In Old Louisiana", starring Josephine Codori and Eva Sachs, was presented. "The Count and the Coed" was presented in 1933 with many of the members of the class of '34 taking prominent roles. Those who took part were Betty Swope, Charlotte Waltemyer, Keith Fischer, Robert Shriver, Richard Fox and Paul Anzengrubet. In 1934 "Riding Down the Sky" was presented to one of the largest audiences ever attending a high school performance. Virginia Jones and John Rosenstengel portrayed the leading roles as "Carmelita" and "Ben" respectively. Other members of the class taking prominent parts were Merville Zinn, Robert Williams, Betty Swope, Mary Jane Applet, Kathryn Gitt, Paul Anzengruber and Richard Fox. The characters all portrayed their roles in a pleasing manner and revealed the great amount of time spent in the preparation of this musical performance. During each Christmas season the chorus presents a program dealing with the events appropriate to this occasion. In 1933 the Cantata "King All Glorious" was presented and in 1932 the pageant "The Christmas Story" was given. The first "Spring Revuen of the choral club was given in March, 1933. This proved successful and a second revue was given in May, 1934. These programs represent the com- bined eiforts of both the glee club and the orchestra. GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL BAND Director, E. S. LONGANECKER HE Gettysburg High School Band, since its organization in 1929, has become an inte- gral part of the life and activities of the school. From a few members, with little or no equipment, and with little support and enthusiasm, the band, now under the direction of Mr. Longanecker, has grown in membership, has enlarged its equipment with a selected library of music, instruments and uniforms, and has come to have the cooperation of the school and community as well as to have sufficient enthusiasm to encourage beginners in the grades to take up instrumental work. Various athletic events, patriotic and community parades, the annual band contest of the National Forensic League, and public concerts provide much opportunity to play and the incentive for the boys and girls to strive to belong to the band. Development of technique on an instrument and an understanding of music for enjoy- ment are the goals for which each member strives, while balance in instrumentation, unity and perfection of tones of the ensemble, and interpretative execution are the aims of the band as a unit. page thirty seven 79x CANNON-AID 19 3'-I "IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE" CAST Mary Grayson CHARLOTTE WALTEMYER Johnson ,,77,,,,,7 ., E DONALD FEESER Comtesse de Beaurien MARY JANE APPLER William Smith ,,,, , . 7,,, HAROLD CULP Rodney Martin ,7,,,..,,, . H ROBERT WILLIAMS Miss Burke ,,,,,r.,,,E,,,, ,,,,,, KATHRYN GITT Cyrus Martin ,,,, . ,, JOHN BREHM George McChesney,s PAUL ANZENGRUBER Ambrose Peale ,, , KEITH FISCHER Charles Bronson ,,e,e Y EDMUND THOMAS Marie ,,,, ,,s, N IIRGINIA JONES Ellery Clark., ,,,,,,,,, ,,r, , ,,,, H ENRY ROTH "It Pays to Advertisef' the Senior play, presented April 27, was enacted solely by mem- bers of the Senior class. It was evidently a success, judging from the reaction of its thrilling moments upon the audience. The plot was woven about a millionaire soap king, Cyrus Martin, who made a bet with John Clark, a rival soap manufacturer, that Cyrus, son, Rodney, would earn more money in a year than Clark's son, Ellery. Then in order to make his son go to work, Cyrus asked Mary Grayson to cause his son to fall in love with her. Mr. Martin disinherited Rodney, hoping the incentive of his love would force Rodney to work. The son got in touch with a "live-wire" advertising booster, Ambrose Peale. They combined their talents to form the "B" Soap Company, "unlucky for dirtfl The main purpose was to advertise "U" soap, so strenuously to Cyrus, that he would buy the company. The Comtesse de Beaurien who was to help the company, turned out to be a fake. Meanwhile, just as the soap company seemed a total failure, the boys' sensational advertising finally succeeded. After a great sale of soap, Cyrus Martin agreed to back them, thus assuring their continuous success. Mr. Martin was very proud of his son, and Rodney and Mary were married. We owe the success of our play to Miss Mcllhenny, Miss Scott and Miss Ramer. Due to the recent illness of Miss Mcllhenny, Miss Scott and Miss Ramer helped direct the play. pn e tlvnty-eiglvt X I9 Q 34 CANNON-AID SPORTS Hmll Track Ba-ikfllmll page forty 'V 19 3 4 cannon-Alu FOOTBALL Coach .,,, 7,,,,777,,,,. . Faculty Manager ,.,. Student Manager ,,,77,, Furney, H. Slleely, D. .. Thomas, C. Socia, M. ,,,,, . Yingling, Deardorff, R... . Culp, H. Bushman, H. Hudson, E. Deardorff, .... GEORGE S. FORNEY GUILE W. LEFEVER DAVID G. DEITCH LETTER-MEN .End End , ...End ........Tackle Tackle .....Guard . .. ..... Guard Trmbers, C .........., Tawney, K. ,.,.,, . Fischer, K ............ . Trostle, C.. ............ .. Anzengruber, Rosenstengel, P. .... J. ...,.,. , Everllart, P. ........... . DAVID DEITCH, Manager NON-LETTER-MEN ., .. End . ..., Tackle Tackle Knox, M ........., Stanton, A. ......., Settle, S. .... .. .. ......... Guard Center ..,.....Quarterbaclc ..........HalflJaclc .....,....I-'Ialfbaclc ...........FulllJaclc I-Ialfbaclc ...........Center ..........I-lalfbaclc .,..,.....Halfback Fglkenrgfh, R, , N ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, Tackle I'-larbaugh, P .......... ............... F ullbaclc Miller, E. ,. . ,.,. . Guard Woodward, C. ., ,......Quarterlnack Wellcert, W. .. ................................ HalfbaCk SCHEDULE G.burg Opponent I9 . .. ,Hagerstown . 6 5 ---.---ff-ff-f Y01'k -f---------- - 9 6 . . ., Chambersburg 6 6 -V-V --ff Sl'1iPP9l1SbUfg 6 6 Lefnoyne V , 0 7 .. ., , ,. Carlisle . .......... . 0 7 Mechanicsburg 7 21 . HJFIOVU V 0 I2 Charlestown 0 I9 3 lr CANNON-AID Guxse, J .,,,,,,,,,, 7,,,,7, Kitzmiller, C .,. 7,7 77 Trostle, C. 3 , 7 BASKETBALL LETTER-MEN ,Forward Socia, M .,.,,,,,, ,Forward Fischer, K .7,,,,... Center Everhart, P .,,,,,.., C. THOMAS, Manager NON-LETTER-MEN Furney, H .,,,,,,,,,. Sheely, D .,.,,,,,, Knox, M .,,-R,,,,,,,, ,rW,33,Cenrer 7, Guard Guard ,,,,Guard rr,,,,,,,,Guard e, Guard Bushman, H .,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, Guard Weikert, W .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , Guard Deardorff, I .,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, G uard Forward Shaner, F .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. ,,,,.,,,, F orwarcl Anzengruber, P .,,,7u,,u ,777,,77, F or-ward Gilbert, J .,,...,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, F orward Sachs, R .,,,,,,,,, ,. H ,, , ,Forward Guise, M. ,,.,,,7,,,,7 77,7,777,...,.,,7,77,,,,,7 C enter Yingling, ,,,,7,,,,,,,,7, ,,,, ,,,, , , ,Center Fischer, R .,,.., .e.,e,,,e,,,,,,,, SCHEDULE G-burg 32 , ,,,,,, , 29 ,,,, 36 16 2I 36 34 36 29 W, 26 ,, 29 26 , , , 38 , . 34 1 1 24 Red Lion Mechanicsburg , , Shippensburg W York ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Hanover Lemoyne ,, Carlisle N . Chambersburg Mechanicsburg ,,,,,,,,, York ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. W Shippenslnurg ,,,,,, Hanover ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Lemoyne Chambersburg ,,,,,,,, ,, , Carllsle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Opponent 33 ,,,,,,, 10 3 9 ,nn , 2I 24 I5 18 II , H16 23 16 28 , 31 I2 , ,,,, 26 page forty-one 19 311 CANNON-AID L. Q! C. Trostle C. Trostle C. Spangler C. Spangler G. Hayberger G. Hayberger E. Stires M. Socia M. Socia J. Yingling S. Settle page o ty-two TRACK 100 YARD DASH S. Settle 220 YARD DASH G. Hayluerger HALF MILE J. Becker ONE MILE R. Spangler BROAD JUMP S. Settle HIGH JUMP J. Yingling POLE VAULT K. Oyler SHOT PUT J. Dearclorff DISCUS J. Deardorff JAVELIN C. Trostle RELAY H. Culp Yingling G. Hayberger A. Stanton P. Everhart C. Thomas C. Thomas H. Culp M. Socia P. Anzengruber - R. Dearclorfl E. Hudson E. Hudson P. Anzengrulner is 34 CANNON-AID is 311 CANNON-AID SENIOR CALENDAR September 5-School reopens, with the usual chatter, jokes, and long faces prevailing throughout the halls. 7-Fischer is back, with dirty hands, clean conscience, and ambition to become class president. tl-Margaret Bowers, Jean Newman and Ruth Miller have already demonstrated their studious habits. 13-"Honey', Trostle has just applied for a season's pass to Prof. Fidler's room. "jake" Butt sits in the last seat, first row. 15-Eileen Butt: "Did you see that flower in the making?,' "jake" Butt: "Who's that?" Eileen: "Bud," who did you think I meant?" 18-fBill Stoops, busily fishingj Stranger: Catching any? Bill: Yeh lholds up string of suckersj, wonder what they'd say if they could talk? Stranger: Probably that you owe the law S2t.5o, for fishing without a license, I'm the game warden! 22-"I-Ienu Spahr: You had better hold on to me "Izzy,', after all, I donlt think I'm so bad looking. "Izzy,': Yes, but what is your opinion, against two billion others. 25-fTwo Deitch brothers wrestling, have tied themselves up in a knotj. David: If I knew which one of us was me, I'd break your neck. 27-johnny Guise and janet Fissel are often seen in the Sweetland together. October 2-Cubby Thomas went along with the team to play football, but owing to the fact that he left one of his shoes at home, was forced to watch the game from the bench. 4-Clarence Kitzmiller: Who was that young lady I saw you with the other night? Charles Woodward: That was no lady, that was my girl friend! 6-Someone asked Willie Rife if he ever ran through a stop sign. Willie said, "No, I always go around them, but they fine me anyway." 9-First teacher: What is quieter than quiet? Second teacher: I don't know, what is?" First teacher: Mary Heagy! 11-Richard Fox and Jeanette Bower were seen shopping the other evening. x3-Edgar Miller: Friday the 13th, this sure is an unlucky clay. Harold Culp: "How Come? Edgar Miller: "Well, we have school, don't we? 16-Hazel Tipton says she is going to study twice as long this year at home as she did last year. That makes twenty minutes, instead of ten. sv 18-Helen Fidler claims Biglerville is a nice place, if you know the right fellows. zo-Lillian Mumper was seen the other night with a certain academy boy. 23-Maybelle Kadel is always popping in and out of rooms, looking for some one. 25-Charlotte Waltemyer and Virginia Jones were received into the local chapter of The National Honor Society. 27-Lottie Staley was riding around in a yellow Chevrolet roadster the other night with a certain person named "Jim". 30-Henry Roth was in a mystery play the other day, but we didn't see Henry anywhere. Maybe that was the mystery part of the play. November 1-Verna Heck walked down the street the other night with a college student as an escort. 3-"Eddie" Crist has just gotten up enough nerve to ask Marjorie Grant to accompany him to Satur- day's football game. 6-Mary jane Applet and Harold Culp are often seen conversing together, and not about books either. 8-Walter Coshun says, that after reading over the history of some of the "safe-crackersl' in New York, he is convinced that they're not what they're cracked up to be. to-Evelyn Strickhouser was seen in the back row of the Majestic theater the other night with the boy friend. page forty-four 1 9 3 Li CANNON-AID 13-Virginia McPherson has returned to G-Burg High, after a brief stay in a Carlisle school. 15-Dorsey Stoner claims he is rhe owner of the only ''stream-lined-hair-cutv in America. 18--Johnny Rosenstengel and a number of boys went for a ride the other night and got stuck in the mud. johnny said that the farmer was willing to lend them two mules to pull them out, but, johnny said, we couldn't convince the mules to budge an inch. They walked home. zo-Clarence Kitzmiller, High School's greatest woman hater funtil nowl, has at last been struck with Cupidls arrow. After much stuttering and blushing, he finally admitted it was Mildred Daugherty. 24-Edgar Miller is very interested in horses. He says they raise line breeds in Carlisle. 27-Jean Hamilton claims she has fallen in love, but she says, all people make mistakes. ZQLHHZEI Williams says that "Shawl', Irwin, is wonderful. December 1-Lucille Horner is the proud owner of some very fine original poems. 4-Kathryn Gitt, who lives exactly one block from the school, rides back and forth to school every day. 6-Donald Feeser plans to have himself photographed in the near future. 8-Charles Pitzer inaugurates the custom of coming to school late. 13-An all musical program was featured in Assembly with music taken from the works of Pennsylvania's four greatest composers. x5-"Ted', Thomas said that Johnny Rosenstengelis party was very exciting. He beat Johnny in twenty consecutive games of checkers, and then went home. 18-Ruth Weikert and "Moony" Morris, a local college boy, were seen together the other night. 21-Christmas Cantata was given in Auditorium with great success. 22-EVEIY one excited and uraring to go," on their Christmas vacation. january 3--AHRE gflausra I sure wrote a line ballad, didift we, Charley? Charley Woodward: We sure did, i n't I? 5-Mechanicsburg arrived for the lirst basketball game of the season. 8-Betty Miller is often brought to school by her boy friend from the Academy. lo-John Brehm won the Declamation Contest. Anne Maust was a close second. 12-Romaine Plank is often seen sitting out in front of the school in a car with her boy friend from Academy. 15--Bettie Troxell, a charming young lady from Hanover, is now a Senior student in G-Burg High. 19-Eddie Plank drove up to the school with the radiator boiling over. Eddie claims that is was stream- lined, but after one look at the radiator, we were convinced it was steam-lined. 22-Catherine Chamberlain is again amongst us, after a short stay at a high school in Florida. She finally decided that G-Burg was the best. 24-John Rosenstengel was seen the other night riding around with "Shirkey". 26-Irene Gallagher is often seen walking down "then street, in Cashtown. 29--D0h3ld Sheely has fallen at last, for a certain young lady by the name of "Sis'y Mcllhenny. Annie Holowka is now a member of our class. 30-First Boy: I'm fully convinced that eyes sometimes lie. Second Boy: Why? First Boy: I just saw Robert Williams go down the hall without Betty Swope. February 2-Richard Fox told Jeanette Bower that love is certainly grand, but there is too much repetition. 5-Virginia Jones is often heard singing, "There,s something about a soldier, that is fine, fine, f1ne.', 7-John Guise is still buying sodas for Janet Fissel. Johnny says, "It's an old American custom." 9-Fourteen degrees below zero. Vida Rebert walked to school from Bonneauville. 12-Romane Deardorff is now adorning the front seat of his car with Marion Mashburn. 14-Robert Shriver insists that the lower classmen are all right, especially Jeanne Hoffman. 16-D. A. R. Essay. May the best one win. 510.00 first prize. 85.00 second prize. page forty-fv 7753 1 s 3 Li CANNON-AID IQ-EVCICII Wills is now bestowing his favors on a young lady from 'Waynesboro by the name of Helen Madison. 21-Sarah Alice Gehr again sets the pace with a new becoming coilfure. 23--Ruth Witherow says that Truman Eyler is musically inclined, and that he's making great progress. 26-The Senior Class, through their representative, Keith Fischer, presented a beautiful bouquet to Miss Mcllhenny, who is recovering from an appendicitis operation. 28-Genevieve Cluck and John Brehm are seen daily together, struggling over their French. March 2-The "unbelievable" has happened. Helen Eckard did not know her French today. 5--Paul Harbaugh: What do we have in English, today? Zinn: The life of the nervous javclin thrower. Harbaugh: Whois that? Zinn: Shakspeare. 8-Prof. Fidler: I know a country where they use stones for money. Some stones weigh 250 lbs. Clyde Spangler: Gee, I bet their debts are heavy. 12--Eleanor Cluck is always singing, 'iWho,s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?i' 14-Eleanor Hershey, as is her custom, came to school this morning with "Bil1,' Ridinger. I6-The operetta was given with great success to a capacity house. 19-Harold Culp is about to give up the butcher business. He intends to sell fruit, mostly lemons. 21-Spring is here. The time when all young menis thoughts turn to love, and the final examinations. 23-They tell me Bernice Snevel is quite a poet. But don't hold that against her. 26-Naomi King seems to be well acquainted with a certain young man by the name of John Shultz. 28-Clarence Kitzmiller, Kathryn Gitt, Keith Fischer and Henry Roth were received into the local chapter of The National Honor Society. April 3-Everyone back from their Easter vacation, with the usual expression, "I'1l never eat another piece of candy." 4-Mildred Cleveland also takes up for the lower classmen. We wonder if a certain Junior boy, by the name of Clyde Spangler, hasn't something to do with that. 7-Harmon Furney was seen at the Freshman party with a certain girl named Anna Rebert. xo-Mr. Lefever succeeded today in burning a sleeve out of his brand new suit. Mr. Lefever says some- thing must have gone wrong, somewhere. 11-Chemistry program was given in Auditorium, and was conducted very well by a few of the famous Senior 'iChemisteers." 13-Carlton Biesecker seems to be taking a big interest in Della Shields. At least he walks her up street every evening after school. 14-Marvin Socia and Frances Shulley were sitting together at the Junior party. Someone asked Socia why his face was so red. Socia claimed it was the lights. 17-John Brehm took Monday off to go sucker fishing. He said the only bites he got were off the sandwiches he took along for lunch. 27-The Senior play, "It Pays to Advertise", was given to a fair sized but appreciative audience. 30-Seniors went to Washington to see the sights, Helen Benson and James Gilbert, Eleanor Cluck and Romana Deardorif were among the party. May 2-Bud Deardorff, Ted Thomas, Eleanor Cluck, Robert Williams, Vida Robert and Robert Shriver are not at school because of illness. Keith Fischer is stricken in Trig class. Miss Spangler, Mr. Haehnlen and Mr. Fidler seem threatened with a similar malady. 4-Keith Fischer's fourth reconciliation with Anna Catherine Hoffman was brought about today, after two weeks of utter loneliness. Such language! 12-Charles Abell and Ruth Dougherty both said that the show was good. Is this a coincidence? page forty-six is 3 L1 CANNOIPAID 'P 'W is 34 CANNON-AID SENIOR CLASS PROPI-IECY It was a warm May day in I942 when the telephone rang in my ofhce in the Times building. I answered it, "There's a big fire on Bill Rife's farm," the voice was hysterical. I could get no more infor- mation from that source. "Grab a camera," I shouted. Dorsey Stoner, our cameraman, grabbed his coat and followed me to the car. We shot out into the street, nearly running over Dr. Keith Fischer. At our command he clambered into the seat. "Big fire, may need your help!" I yelled. We spun around the new square f just completed by Donald Sheely and Co.! and went out Cham- bersburg street, dodging the debris on the street from the new tailoring establishment of Jim Gilbert which was in the process of completion. "What were you doing when we picked you up?' I asked Keith. "Oh, just drumming up business for Miller, Shriver, and Culp,', he replied. "Yes, but Eddie's a doctor, Bob's an undertaker and Harold's a florist!" I protested. "Correct, and in the right sequencelv he snapped. We drove on in silence until we approached the line of cars heading for the fire. It seemed that all Gettysburg was going to the fire. Charlie Abell was in the line in his grocery truck. "Ginny" jones, "Kotty" Gitt, and Jeanne Hamilton, local teachers, were trudging toward the fire. Their car could get no farther in the crush of traffic. At last, we, too, were forced out. "Bud" Anzengruber and "Honey" Trestle, the college coaches, waved to us. We walked toward them in the mud. Lawyer john Brehm and Eddie Plank, the college swimming coach, joined us for awhile. Then we came upon Vida Rebert, Helen Benson, and Sara Gehr, local nurses doing first aid work among burned and exhausted firemen. We left Keith there. I saw "Cubbyy' Thomas lying there with a broken leg. He had been struck by a falling rafter and now Dr. Eddie Crist was setting the leg. Then we went to the Ere line. Fire Chief Bill Stoops paused a moment to get a drink from a nearby bucket. i'Hey Chief!" I yelled, "Any idea how it started? ,,,, U "Spontaneous combustionf' he said and grinned. In front of us the two Deitch boys of vaudeville fame, and Bud Deardorff, manager of the Sweet Pea Fruit Farm, were wrestling with a hose. Richard Fox, either of Penn State or State Pen, I forget which, came running from the pumper. Some men were running past. I saw Don Feeser who contributes his sax appeal over a national network with his saxy band. Walter Coshun, bookie for "Ed" Crist, "Harm" Furney, local valentino, "Bud" Zinn, brewer, and Clyde Spangler, farmer, went past. Then a wall crashed and flames shot out. Everyone ran back, Helen Eckard, winner of the Noble prize, tripped and nearly fell, Johnnie Guise, representing an old established insurance firm helped her to her feet and ran on beside Genevieve Cluck, the movie actress, and "Mil" Cleveland, the little girl who made good in a big way. Mary jane Appler, another actress, and "Issy" Beal, wife of a local grocer, were wandering through the crowd distributing coffee and cakes. The two Butt girls, now Mrs. Trostle and Mrs. Anzengruber, were helping with bandages. We bumped into Catherine Chamberlain and Annie Holowka, modern novelists. They were frightened but I told them there was no danger. page forty-eight 5--i is 3 ll CANNON-AID Then the roof fell and the following rushed by: Hazel Tipton, beauty expert, Lucille Horner, the poetessg Everett Wills, the screen star, passed yelling something that sounded like 'Huck" Williams is in trouble. Two screen stars are trouble if kept together. Someone stuck a cup of coffee into my handg it was Hazel Wfilliams, a fellow worker on the Times. She was gone with Ruth Weikert, the teacher, before I could touch het. "Hey, Stoneyf' but Dorsey was goneg I went in search of him. He was helping a contingency of nurses and teachers, who had been pressed into service. I saw Betty Troxell, waving her arms, yelling something to Lottie Staley and Ruth Miller. Ann Maust was there. I greeted het, "How's the C. W. today?" Naomi King grinned as Lil Mumper, Romaine Plank and Btty Swope came up. I inquired what they had been doing since they left school. "Light housekeepingf, they replied simultaneously. Another trio approached, Elinore Hershey, the athlete, Maybelle Kadel, the Y. W. C. A. worker, and Verna Heck, the interior decorator, passed us and moved on into the crowd. Charlotte Waltemyer, a dean in a well-known college for women, Ruth Dougherty, Abell's helper, Irene Gallagher, stenographerg Paul I-Iarbaugh, Democratic candidate for governor, Eleanor Cluck, now busy with a career, Virginia McPherson, chemistry teacher, "Rosy", successor to Joe Pennerg Mary Heagy, a shop ownerg Evelyn Strickhouser, her partnerg Charlie Woodward, the big business man, and Ruth Witherow, his bookkeeper. Dorsey leaned over and said, 'iThis looks like Sunday afternoon on the boardwalkf, I turned toward him as someone bumped me. It was Carleton Biesecker, the Mennonite preacher who had succeeded Billy Sunday. He yelled at Betty Miller, the dress maker, and Jean Newman, the librarian, before disappearing into the crowd with Charlie Pitzer, the astronomer. ACKNOXX7 LEDGMEN T The Cannon-Aid staff of the class of 1934 takes this opportunity to thank the following persons for the assistance which was received from them in publishing this book: Miss Spangler, Miss Little, Miss McIlhenny, Mr. Longanecker, Mr. John Mumper, Mr. Clyde Mumper, The Gettysburg Times, and Our Advertisers. page forty-nine 3' 19 3 4 cfmnou-Alu AUTCGRAPI-IS is 3 4 cfmuou-AID You Are Engaged in the most important business in the world-the business of getting ahead in it. This bank Wants to help you, Whatever your work or our business however small our wa es or lar e Y 2 Y g g your income. Add to your plans and your ambitions the strength and help of the long accumulated experience of this bank. On Center Square Since 1858. The First National Bank Gettysburg, ------ Pennsylvania 1814 1934 You and a Savings Account A partnership that goes for Success and Happiness 3 Per Cent Interest A Green Savings Account Book Will Help You Get The Thing You Want The Gettysburg National Bank On York Street Cldest Strongest Page fifty , . is 311 CANNON-AID me fifw-1 S H U M A N ' S CUT-RATE-STORE 34 Baltimore Street Best Place to Eat At Lowest Prices PROPRIETARY MEDICINES STATIONERY ATHLETIC GOODS COFFMAN -FISHER CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Merchandise of Merit Price Reasonable Centre Square Gettysburg, Pa. I-IENNIG'S BAKERY 35 York Street Bakers for G. H. S. Cafeteria DAILY DELIVERY Phone 323 PATRONIZE Your Home Town Merchant The JOHN C. LOWER CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Gettysburg, Pa. OYLER TIRE CO. Distributor GOODRICI-I TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES Phone 407-88 60 YEARS OF SERVICE lT,",f', ",, f. M T ., H' ' ,'." W fi K4 Hmomms 19' 'ARAU ifnfhz 'il T IHIAIMIIMIAIKEIRMJ RBIROTE-ilElRS:fi I HM:-Ensiovvu KMGETTYSBUIRG QQ THURMONT liilhlil llI,liiiliILIUil.llll.ll:lllillll.l.ili.lllil.l.l..l. i'..i- ii- will H . I , ...HRH Near National Cemetery Gettysburg Pennsylvania ICE, ICE CREAM and PASTEURIZED MILK Gettysburg Ice 86 Storiage Co. C. B. DOUGHERTY, Mgr. WHEN YOU NEED DRUGS OR DRUG SUPPLIES Try our Store First PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE 25 Baltimore Street IBN is 3 4 cannon-Am FOR INSURANCE BREHM Telephone soo THE TAILOR PHILIP R. BIKLE See DUBBS 66 PITZER H. T. MARING TAILORS Be Well Dressed-Appearance Counts PENN ANTS, BANN ERS, PILLOWS Add dignity, color and spirit to your school work by the use of Felt Pen- nants, Banners, Pillows, Emblems, Caps, Berets and Cheville letters. No order too small to receive our attention. Catalog Free. Standard Pennant Company Big Run, Pa. I-I. B. BENDER ac SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS FOR AIR CONDITIONED HEATING SYSTEMS, SHEET METAL WORKS, ETC. THE HOME STUDIO HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER Thompson's Restaurant Carlisle Street page fifty-three ty-four fl-5X is 3 4 cannon-Am GETTYSBURG COLLEGE ffounded in 1832j 1. Is a distinctively small, thoroughly Christian, fully accredited men's col- lege of limited enrollment offering cultural courses in the Arts and Sciences. 2. Is the college mother of nearly 6000 men and women, many of whom have contributed conspicuously in the vari- ous fields of human endeavor. Get- tysburg ranlced third among Pennsyl- vania Colleges in the percentages of living alumni appearing in the 1931 volume of WHO'S WHO. 1-IANCDVER STEAM BAKERY 257 Baltimore Street BREAD GROCERIES Iewelers for Gettysburg High School Since... 1912 BLOC1-1ER,S I-IENRIETTA I-IERSH BLOCHER-1915 WENTZ'S FURNITURE STORE I9 3 4 CANNON-Am STALLSMITI-I'S LIVE WIRE ELECTRIC CO. NEWS STAND DRUG STORE G' E' REFRIGERATORS HOME APPLIANCES Center Square Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg, Pa. , THE TROY LAUNDRY CO. S LAUNDERERS, CLOTHING AND SHOES Gettysburg, Pa. DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS Hagerstown, Maryland Branch Off. I4 Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa Phone 94-W. I-IALEY,S HOME CURED MEATS OF ALL KINDS MICKLEY'S BEAUTY SHOP 29 Chambersburg St. DOUGHERTY at HARTLEY GROCERIEQ FRUITS A In bLlS1I'1BSS S1I'1CC DRY GOODS Wholesale and Retail Gettysburg Pennsylvania 61 COMPLIMENTS OF GETTYSBURG STEAM LAUNDRY When looking for the Best BEST BARBER SHOP on the Square SEFTON 66 HOFFMAN Props. 4-Barbers-4 Meet Your Friends at the VARSITY BARBER SHOP We Cater to High School Trade SPEED-SAM-HYKES COMPLIMENTS OF BREAM ec PLANK USED CAR MARKET First Class Shoe Repairing at MYERS' SHOE SHOP 119 Baltimore St. GERVUS W. MYERS COMPLIMENTS OF THE ROSE ANN SHOPPE ROSE SMITH, Prop. 116 Baltimore St. COMPLIMENTS OF HARRIS BROS. 30-32 Baltimore St. GEO. M. ZERFING GENERAL HARDWARE PAINTS, ETC. Center Square, Gettysburg, Pa. Phone 59-X P1180 fffw-he fl-5X 19 3 L1 CANNON-AID GILBERT'S PRESS SHOP J. W. GILBERT, Prop. 52 Chambersburg St. Gsgtysburg, Pa. NOTICE In all kinds of work or play, one of our duties is to eat the right kind of food. Bread is important because it gives more vitality and energy. Buy your bread of SPANGLER'S BAKERY Phone 83-W Biglerville, Pa. PI-IIEL'S GARAGE PLANK'S DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CASH MEAT MARKET N. L. PLANK, Prop. SALEs AND SERvicE 438 York St. Gettysburg Phone 369 23 York St. Phone 199 Sow. Ren reo.Excfmncro 6 Rzmunto WE DELIVER C.L. EICHOLTZ. New Oxfordgatb A Modern and Complete Printing Plant The Times and News Publishing Co. Gettysburg, Pa. "IllI' Equipped to Produce Any Kind ot Printing Printers ol the Maroon Sr White and many other School Publications 5 5 5 1 5 E 5 Z 5 E 3 I su E 5 Q 5 5 E 3 5 3 Q 5 E s ,G 5 3 2 E 2 E 5 if S li Q s i I

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